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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


1935-St. Johnsbury Directory-1935
Abbreviations-In the following pages, appr, apprentice; assn, association;
av, avenue; blk, block; bldg, building; bkpr, bookkeeper; c, corner; com trav,
commercial traveler; ct, court; do, ditto; emp, employed; h, house; ins, in-
surance; mkr, maker; mis, miles; n, near; opp, opposite; opr, operative and
operator; pi, place; rd, road; ry, railway; sq, square; rem, removed; r, rooms;
res, residence; S O Co, Standard Oil Co; sten, stenographer; supt, superinten-
dent; treas, treasurer; ter, terrace; R D, rural delivery; E, East; N, North;
S, South; W, West; wid, widow; dist, district
C P R R Canadian Pacific Railroad
E&TF&Co E&T Fairbanks & Co
M C Lellan's McLellan's
MCRR . Maine Central Railroad
N E T & T Co New England Telephone & Telegraph Co
N L Co or N Lumber Co Northern Lumber Co
S Const Co Swan Construction Co
St J Gas Co St Johnsbury Gas Co
St J & L C R R St Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad
St. Johnsbury and Lamoille County Railroad
St J Ctr st Johnsbury Centre
TSG&ECo Twin State Gas & Electric Co
USA United States Army
U S N United States Navy
ABARE GUY D (Dorothy L), salesman Counsell & Son, h St John
" ---see Hebert
Abbott Dora M Mrs, h rear 116 Main
" Essie S (Mrs Wallace D), teacher Vocational School, h 116 Main
" Harriett E, dist agt Vermont Children's Aid Society, r 18 Central
" Hazel E, artist, r rear 116 Main
" Lewis B (Lillian D), sealer E & T F & Co, h 20 Pine
" Lillian D (Mrs Lewis B), prin Fairbanks School, h 20 Pine
" Lillian M, prop The Elms, h 5 Park
" Louise, student,, r 48 Summer
" Mary J, wid Edwin M, dom, h 8 James
" Mildred Mrs,, teacher Portland St School, r 48 Summer
" Wallace D (Essie S), office mgr Cary Maple Sugar Co and treas Maple Grove Candies Inc, h 116 Main
Achilles Helen H (Mrs Norman E), bkpr Brightlook Hosp, res Cabot
" Norman E (Helen H), emp C H Goss Co, res Cabot
Adams Bemice L Mrs, r 128 Concord av
" Charles E, farmer, r A R Taft, Concord av, R D 1
" Emma, wid B Frank, h 21 Pleasant
Adams Olin D (Carrie F), h 49 Summer
" Rosealma Mrs, h 14 Elm
Addy Julia, wid Edward, r 3 Spring
Advent Christian Church, Rev Susie May Dow pastor, Sunday services 10:30 a m and 7:00 p m, 26 Pleasant
Aiken Doris E, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Herbert F (Myrtle E), farmhand, h River ext ...
" Ila L, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Paul M, clk, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Philman, farmer, r River ext
" Ruth V, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Verne C (Sadie), emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Mt Vernon
Ailes Merton V, clk Fred R Clifford, r do
" Milton E, r 4 Autumn
Ainsworth Doreen E Mrs, r 25 Hastings
Albert Dept Store, Henry Cohen prop, dry goods and clothing, 91 Railroad
Albiser Alice J, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r 8 Mt Vernon
" Henry.B, asst bkpr Swift & Co, r 8 Mt Vernon
" John A (Evelyn H), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 High
" John B (Theresa), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Mt Vernon
Albright Stanley (Edna), salesman, r 93 Railroad
Aldrich Harry (Edna), truck driver, r E St Johnsbury
" Katherine M, wid Alexander, h 33 Clarks av
Allan Edward (Mary Jane), polisher, h 78 Concord av
Allbee Rachel B, clk Charles Millar & Son Co, r 17 Mt Pleasant
Allen Hardware Co Inc, 67 Railroad, pres-treas, Herbert W-Allen
" Herbert W, pres-treas Allen Hardware Co, r St Johnsbury House
" James (Maude), teacher, h 47 Cliff
" Lawrence, mgr 75 Railroad, r 1 Cherry
" Viola, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Allgrove Gordon (B Elsie), prop Moose River Greenhouse, h E St Johnsbury rd
Allison Arthur I (Ellen B), plumbing, heating and gas fitting rear Merchants Bank bldg, h 21 Main
" Helen I, wid Fred A, r 21 Main
Alston Elmer G (Florence), emp Hooker Reed Co, h 39 Perkins
" Reginald Elmer, const wkr, r 39 Perkins
" Reginald M (Doris), plumber C H Goss Co, h Mt Vernon
Amadon Frank W, r 11 Tremont
Amberg W Howard, retired, r John H Holldway
American Legion, W R Knapp Post 58, Com, Albert W Barney; fin officer, Willard H Ward. Meets Friday 8pm
AMERICAN OIL CO Paul W Gilman distributor 127 Railroad
Ames Darrill, emp .St J Garage, r 12 Webster
Amey J Clark (Carrie), salesman Corner Garage, h 49 Spring
Amidon Cyril H (Esther A), prop C H Ainidon, h 41 Spring
Anderson Alice (Mrs Horace E), clk Waterman's, h 2 Russell av
" Evelyn, teacher Stark School, r R D 4
" Horace E (Alice E), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 2 Russell av
" Johannes (Clara E), janitor E & T F & Co, h 50 Cliff
" Leslie, r 2 Russell av
Annis Estella E, wid Austin, h 8 Pine
" Jarrod (Mildred), emp A E Counsell & Son, h 54 Railroad
" John F, retired, r G Allgrove
" Julia, wid Myron, h 54 Railroad
" Marshall, emp G H Keneson, r do
Antle G Harold, painter, h 39 Main
" George (Bertha), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Mt Vernon
" Martha, wid James, h 44 Central
Arkley William H (Inez M), woodwkr, h 50 Pleasant
Arkley's Novelty Shop, William H Ardley prop, woodworkers 15 Concord av
Armstrong George, retired, r Henry W Cook
Arnold Claude C (Alice), fireman Central Sta, h 5 Cherry
" Lyndon H, clk Vt Bureau of Education, r 5 Cherry
Aaron Ida Mrs, h 112 Portland
" Rose R, r 112 Portland
Ash Albert C (Ruth L), lab, h 156 Portland
" Charlotte, wid Lauren K, chiropodist 54 Railroad, h do
" Floyd R, tool grinder, r 82 Concord av
" Gladys L, clk W T Grant Co, r 82 Concord av
" Henry L (Isabelle L), emp town, h 140 Portland
" Kathleen E, r 82 Concord av
" Kermit H, farmhand, r 82 Concord av
" Marshall L (Josephine), emp city, h 18 Duke
" Robert W (Helen S), h 82 Concord av
" Roy C, emp Goldberg's Garage, r 82 Concord av
Ashton Merle J (Elma A), yard clk C P R R, h R D 1
Ashworth George R (Harriet M), treas. St Johnsbury Hotel Co, r St Johnsbury House
" Margaret, asst treas St Johnsbury Hotel Co, r St Johnsbury House
Asselin Alberta, bkpr 96 Railroad, r 76 Pearl
" Antoinette, r 76 Pearl .
ASSELIN GUSTAVE J (Emma M), (Star Granite Works), h 164 Railroad
" Petronilla L, seamstress, h 76 Pearl
Astbury Albert D, painter, r 9 Mt Vernon
" Blanche L, dressmaker 9 Mt Vernon, r do
" Richard E, const wkr, r 9 Mt Vernon
" Richard J (Rose M), h 9 Mt Vernon
Astle Francis L, stock clk P & L Ignition Co, h Water, St J Center
" Leroy, auto mech, r Water, St J Ctr
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co The Great, Daniel F Driscoll mgr 67 Main, Harold
M McEwan mgr 121 Railroad
Atwood Bessie, wid William B, h 40 Spring
" Dale S B S B O (Glen R), osteopathic physician 65 Railroad, h 7 Clinton av
" Simon D, supt Mt Pleasant Cemetery, h 39 Mt Pleasant .
Audette J Raymond (Doris M), train disp St J & L C & M & W R R, h 10 Dundee
Austin Arnon D (Glendola), painter E & T F & Co, h 11 Tremont
" Charles H (Elizabeth), janitor N Cong Church, h 82 Main
" Herbert Q, r 11 Tremont
" Stunner B (Geraldjne), salesman Swift & Co, h 6 Webster
Ayer Arthur H (Julia E), farmhand, h N Danville rd
" Henry, emp E & T F & Co, h E St Johnsbury
Bachand Joseph D (Juliette), dentist 83 Eastern av, h 158 Railroad
" Yvette J, nurse 83 Eastern av, r 158 Railroad
Bacon Lillian A, clerk Burleigh Optical Co, h 22 Clarks av
" Perley Mrs, hskpr 162 Railroad, r do
Badger Edgar-E (Eva A), retired, h 17 Summer
" George W (Mary P , emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Valley
" Glenn C, auto mech, r 17 Summer
Bahrt Albert, student, r 8 Railroad
" Nellie, student, r 8 Railroad
Bailey A Miles, retired, r 15 Clarks av
" Annabelle, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Ethel M. teacher Maple St School, r 18 Church
" Forrest E (Cassie), gen agt C P R R, St J & L C R R and M C R R, h 13 Jones
" Mary H, inst and dean of girls St Johnsbury Academy, r Brantview
" Merrill C (Gertrude), emp Quality Cafe, r 138 Portland
" Nellie A, h 15 Clarks av
" Ray P (Mina), (A H Gleason & Co), h 36 Summer
" Ronald E (Mildred N), shipper Maple Grove Candies (Inc), h 23 Cliff
" Stanley r 13 Jones
" William S (Agnes), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Tremont
Baird Curtiss, r 6 Almshouse rd
Baker Anna S, wid Richard S, h 29 Spring
" Rosario, carp, h 100 Railroad
" Ruth, teacher Arlington School, res Lyndon Center
" Violet, wid Perley, hskpr 164 Railroad, r do
Balch Harry E (Jessie A), welder E & T F & Co, h 9 Orchard
Baldwin Frederick G (Amelia M), stock clk T S G & E Co, h 55 Pleasant
Baldwin Hairy J, salesman, r 18 Main
" James H (Lillian L), carp, h 20 Summer
" Nathalie G, sten, r 20 Summer
" Richard P (Edith A), foreman C P R R, h 1 River
" William C, retired, r 20 Main
Ball Harley, r 30 Railroad
Ballou---see Blue
Bamberger Thomas R (Pearl M), lab, h 61 Eastern av
Bandy Eloise, dom 46 Railroad, r do
Banks Bertha, sten C Mills, h 31 Summer
BARBER CLYDE L (Floy L), prop The Lone Pine and contractor and builder 10 Winter, h do, see page 232
BARIGHT MARY LOUISE v-pres Goodrich Store Inc, r 102 Main
Baril Diana A, hskpr, r 17 Maple
" Ernest, emp E & T P & Co, r 17 Maple
" Eusebe, h 17 Maple
" ---see Berry
Barnard Ella J, wid John C, h 167 Railroad
" Grace P, r 167 Railroad av
Barnes Merrick V (Julia S), insp State Dept of Agriculture, h 9 Church
Barney Albert W (Marion A), pres Barney Bros, h Concord av, R D 1
" Bros Inc, automobile dealers 26 Railroad, pres Albert W Barney, treas Frank L Barney
" Evelyn A, emp Maple Grove Candies, r 22 Maple
" Frank L (Florence R), treas Barney Bros, h 9 Lincoln
" Marion A (Mrs Albert W), bkpr Barney Bros Inc, h Concord av, R D 1
" William H (Sophronie), prop Maple St Garage, h 22 Maple
Barquin Emelio C, h 36 Railroad
Barrett Alberton L (Carrie L), const wkr, h 2 S Main
" Alphy J, emp C H Goss Co, r 32 Concord av
" Dicea P, wid George P, h 72 Portland
" Ellen M, r 72 Portland
" George A, emp AH Gleason& Co, h 57 Lafayette
" George P Jr, r 72 Portland
" Leon F (Dagmar E), emp C P R R, h S Main, R D 2
" Louise H, sten Maple Grove Candies Inc, r 36 Railroad
" Philemon A (Antoinette), mech C H Goss Co, h 32 Concord av
" Richard E, student, r 72. Portland
" William W (Lucy J), clk First Nat Stores, h 72 Portland
Barry Geneva C, hskpr 100 Railroad, r do
" John, adjuster Trav Ins Co, r 30 Summer
Barter Lucinda, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Bartlett Charles G.(Kathryn V), lineman T S G E Co, h 17 Pearl
" Gertrude S, wid Harry A, h 5 Caledonia
Barton Gladys I Mrs, h 18 Railroad
" Mary C, maid Brightlook Hosp, r 71 Summer
Bassett Frederick H (Nancie A), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 64 Lafayette
" John E, retired, r 19 Church
Batchelder Carl J (Hildred L), dep comm of education, h 27 Summer
" Clyde H (Florence A), clk C H & G H Cross, h 4 Charles
" Joseph, emp Palmer Bros, r 9 Belvidere
" Lloyd, teacher St J Academy, res inq do
" Sylvia D, wid George B, r 3 Lafayette
" Webb S (Gertrude A), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Nelson
Bates Ruth E, nurse 22 Church, r do
Bean Ethlyn, r 32 Mt Pleasant
" Fred E (Ethel I), carp, h S Main, R D 2
" Howard R (Shirley), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Leo (Evelyn T), lab, h R D 2
" Ralph E (Marjorie D), lab, h 32 Mt Vernon
" Roy M, molder E & T F & Co, h High, R D 2
" Russell (Evelyn), lab, r St J Ctr
Beard Curtis A, r Town Farm
Beaton Irene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Jessie, teacher Portland St School, r 34 Pearl
Beaucage Rosario W (Blanche R), lab, h 156 Portland
Beaudry Ovila J (Flora M), emp M C R R, h 85 Railroad
Beaulieu John (Eva M), h 66 Concord av
Beauregard Donald, emp Manchester, N H, r 12 Maple
" Edward, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 30 North av
" Wilfred J (Amelia), emp E & T P & Co, h 12 Maple
Beck Aloysius J (Beatrice A), billing clk E & T F & Co, h 64 Spring
" August (Effie), foreman E & T F & Co, h 42 Mt Vernon
" C Benson (Eva), emp C P R R, h 12 Oak
" Conrad A, student, r 2 Highland av
" Conrad F (Nellie H), salesman, h 60 Concord av
" Darwin W, emp Gustave Guyer, r 21 Mill
" Fannie, clk E & T P & Co, r H V Conly off Mt Vernon
" Fred C (Mildred H), sec-treas E & F Fairbanks & Co, h 18 Spring
" Henry J (Carrie), retired, h 49 CM (2)
" James W Jr, stone cutter, h 61 Pearl
" James W Sr, retired, h 63 Pearl
" John A, foreman E & T P & Co, h 2 Highland av
" Joseph K (Magdalene), janitor E & T P & Co, h 9 Main
" Katherine E, sten Melford, Mass, r 42 Mt Vernon
" Margaret E, r 63 Pearl
" Mildred R, r 63 Pearl
" Oscar E (Ethel J), acct E & T P & Co, h 61 Cliff
" Pauline H, emp Portland, Me, r 60 Concord av
" Rennie, wid Ernest E, h 21 Mill
" Royce F, emp Boston, Mass, r 18 Spring
" Sigmond E, clk Flint Bros, r 60 Concord av
" Sybil H, student, r 18 Spring
" Theodore C (Florence), clk C PR R and M C R Rand St J L C R.R, r 19 Cliff
" Theron E, const wkr, r 21 Mill
Bedard Alfred (Virginia), emp S J & L C R R, h 8 Wright av
" Alphonsine, wid Barthelmew, h 44 Portland
" Archie A (Harriet M), mech Barney Bros, b 14 Lafayette
" Arthur J, lab, r 44 Portland
" Eugene (Anna), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Passumpsic
" Eugenie, wid Ferdinand, h 42 Maple
" Firmin E, lab, r 2 Passumpsic
" Frederick L (Mabel S), foreman 125 Railroad, h St J Ctr
" Louis H, clk Corner Garage, r St J Ctr
" Matilda M, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 15 Maple
" Pearl C, wid James, h 15 Maple
" Robert, clk Willey's Food Shop, r 2 Passumpsic
" Roger I, clk Gauthier's Pharmacy, r 2 Passumpsic
" Vekna H, emp McKenzde's Lunch, t15 Mapie
" ---see Bedor
Bedell Calvin E (Anne M), agt Prud Ins Co, h 66 Concord av
Bedor Ernest H (Madeline L), musician, Sh 54 Spring
" William, lab, r 4 John
" ---see Bedard
Beer Owen F (Alice M), emp St J Gas Co, h 48 Lafayette
" Richard F, r 48 Lafayette
Beford Delphine Mrs, h 2 Clarks av
" Jeannette M, r 2 Clarks av
" Oswald, farmhand, r St J Ctr
Begbie M Charles (Freda), molder E & T F & Co, h 5 Pine
Begin Charles B (Cordelia), barber shop 48 Main, h 6 Washington av
" Lena, maid 27 Church, r do
Belanger Alfred A (Grace), grocer 131 Railroad, h 135 do
" Camffle A (Jeannette), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 High
" Emma, wid Thomas, h 130 Portland
" George H (Clara J), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Orchard
" Germaine M, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 21 Orchard
" Henry J (Georgianna), emp Albert S Juneau Inc, h 95 Portland
" Lucy L, emp Palmer Bros, r 21 Orchard
" Millard O (Ethel), emp S J & L C RR, r21 Orchard
Belden Henry C (Florence M), emp E & T F & Co, h 43 Cliff
Belisle Leo P (Delina), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Marion av
" Pearl (Mrs William), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 26 Central
Belisle Radiator Co, William J Belisle prop, 84 Eastern av
" William J (Pearl), prop Belisle Radiator Shop.h 26 Central
Bell Marion A, sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 4 Church (20)
Belleville Louis Jr, mech St J Garage, h 93 Main
Bemis Natalie L, sten French & Bean, r 39 Lafayette
" William A (Maisie L), sec to town mgr, h 39 Lafayette
Benedict Charles, emp E & T P & Co, r L C Benedict
" Lucien C (Mable G), custom woodworking St Johnsbury Ctr, h do
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, St Johnsbury Lodge No 1343, 44 Railroad, E R, Frederick O Moore; sec, Oscar E Beck; treas, Milton Julian;.steward, Dana Courtney. Meets 1st and 3rd Fri Oct to May G A R Bill 7:30 pm, June to Aug 3rd Fri at 8 p m
Bennett Alice M.Mrs, h 138 Railroad
" Benjamin J (Florence), emp C H & G H Cross, h 120 Railroad
" Charles (Annie B), h 10 Belvidere
" Charles I (Ethel A), sealer E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Clarence A (Nellie C), monumental dealer 6 Maple, h 126 Railroad
" Dorothy, teacher Passumpsic, r 11 Clarks av
" Florence E, mgr Lakeview Hotel Greensboro, r 40 Cliff
" Foster R (Gertrude E), h 3 Oak
" Fred E, clk 75 Main, r 40 Cliff
" G Clifford, const wkr, r 138 Railroad
" George A (Marie A), emp 75 Main, h 30 Spring av
" George Henry Rev (Elsie A), rector St Andrews P E Church, h 56 Summer
" Gordon H (Beatrice E), priv sec and claims agt E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Howard (Mary), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Spring
" John L (Edith A), emp Hotel Moore, r 141 Railroad
" Leona E, emp C & Cosgrove Co, r St J Ctr
" Lillian C, clk N E T & T Co, r 40 Cliff
" Mary R (Mrs Howard E), asst lib St Johnsbury Library, h 19 Spring
BENNETT R & SON (Robert and Robert J Bennett), groceries and meats 76 Main, see p 240
" Raymond P (Alice S), foreman E & T F & Co, h 9 School
BENNETT ROBERT (Mary Jane), (R Bennett & Son), h 40 Cliff
BENNETT ROBERT J (R Bennett & Son), r 40 Cliff
" Walter J (Gladys P), lab, r 22 Concord av
" Wilfred (Wilhemina), farmer, h St J Ctr
Benoit G Bernard (Harriette C), h 109 Concord av
" George E (Katherine), barber 29 Portland, h 117 Concord av
" Lloyd G, student, r 117 Concord av
" Louis C (Rose H), pres-sec St Johnsbury Garage Co, h 147 Main
" Reginald P (Marion), emp Shell Petroleum Products Co, h 11 Harrison av
BERNIER BERNADINE (Mrs Paul E), (Bemier's Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor), h 79 Portland
BERNIER PAUL E (Bernadine), prop Bernier's Barber Shop & Beauty Parlor, h 79 Portland
" Ralph (Irene M), emp 7 Eastern av, h 9 North av
BERNIER'S BARBER SHOP & BEAUTY PARLOR Paul E Bernier prop, 7 Eastern av, see p 247
Berry Clarence M (Eva B), mgr Berry-Ball Dry Goods Co, h 4 Church (53)
" Herbert N (Stella J), electrician, h 12 Ely
" Hugh S (Aldiene), com trav, h 10 Emerson
" Miles A, emp Saco Maine, r 12 Ely
" ---see Baril
Berthiaume Simeon J (Eva L), lab, h 10 Prospect av
" Stanislas, sexton Church of Notre Dame, h 10 Prospect av
BERUBE ALEX (Marie), mgr E T & H K Ide, St Johnsbury Ctr, h do
" Edward, student, r A Berube
Bessette Wilfred (Annie), mach, h 33 Hastings
Best Burton J (Rpsetta H), carpenter, h St Johnsbury Ctr
" Dayton H (Ila M), sta attd Cray's, h 95 Eastern av
Bickford Earl R (Edith M), emp E & T F & Co, h 24 St Mary
" George L (Edith), farmer, h 3 Elliot
" Howard, lab, r 3 Elliot
Bigelow Hazel A, wid Ralph, r 8 Pine
" Ruth, student, r 8 Pine
Bijolle Alice, dom, r 24 Elm
" Joseph (Malvina), laborer, h 24 Elm
" Joseph Jr (Georgia E), lab, h 24 Elm
" Moses, laborer, r 24 Elm
" Peter F (Carrie), h 140 Portland
BILL LESTER A (Ruth), mgr Twin State Gas & Electric Co, h 1 Edgehill rd
Bilodeau J Desire (Rebecca), barber Avenue Hotel Barber Shop, h 15 St Mary
" John P, student, r 15 St,Mary
Bingham Katherine M, h 8 Church
Birch Louise, sten St J Production Credit Assn, res Danville
" Louise N, wid Charles H, h Danville rd
" Lucy M (Mrs Perley. D), teacher Portland St School, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Perley D (Lucy M), h Pleasant, R D 4
Birchwood Apartments 71 Main
Bishop Ellen, wid Ora, r 50 Lafayette
" William A (Margaret A), foreman N E T & T Co, h 29 Church
Blackler Grace M, wid Thomas W, r 22 Church
Blair Alcide J (Elsie), trucking 69 Main, h do
" Francis R, student, r Gilbert G Blair
" Gilbert G (Florence F), ins agt, h Danville rd, R D 3
' Oliver, lab, r Brown ct
" R Wayne, clk, r Gilbert G Blair
Blais Adrcinne, emp 87 Railroad, r 5 Bagley
" Ernestine, r 80 Railroad
" Napoleon J (Emma M), carpenter, h 80 Railroad
Blake Albert J, agent, h 8 Pleasant
"Austin K, cook Quality Cafe, r 95 Eastern av
" Charles Mrs, h St J Ctr
"Elizabeth H, retired, r 8 Pleasant
BLAKE HAROLD D (Beatrice M), prop Quality Cafe, h 47 Cliff
" Leon S (Alice G), lab, h 4 State
" Robert (Gertrude E), mach E & T F & Co, h 3 Spring
Blanchard Joseph (Myrtie), laborer, h 2 Clarks av
" Rene, emp 65 Main, r 19 St Mary
Blodgett Cathelena, wid Herbert R, asst St J Athenaeum & Library, r 84 Summer
" Clara C, wid Perley, r 38 Summer
" Donald F (Bertha S), salesman, h 6 Western av
" Edwina M, musician, h 93 Railroad
" Emma L, wid Volney B, h 120 Portland
" Evelyn M, student, r St J Ctr
" Harley (Helen), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Harry C (Daisy M), com trav, h 8 Boynton av
" Helen, r 41 Lafayette
" Helen (Mrs Harley), bkpr W T Grant Co, h St J Ctr
" Herbert W (Lena P), retired, h 8 Western av
" Martha C, public sten 84 Summer, r do
" Mary E, wid Ernest S, h 56 Pearl
" Pearl W (Ethel), emp Ides, h 41 Lafayette
" William Edmund (Mabel W), emp E & T F & Co, h 31 Cliff
" William M, concrete cont 75 Pearl, h do
" Winthrop W (Agnes H), master mech E & T F & Co, h 27 Cliff
Blossom Frank E, emp Allen's Hardware Co, h 65 Railroad
Blue---see Ballou
Bocash Alfred C (Elma G), fireman St J F D, h 25 Caledonia
Boisvert Auguste (Celia), h 5 River
" James F (Grace S), emp Goldberg's, h 65 Eastern av
" Oliver A (Lura L), truck driver, h 126 Portland
Boivin Charles F (Jeannette), emp St J & L C R R, h 33 St Mary
" Gerard P, clk A & P Tea Co, 65 Main, r 9 High
" Joseph F (Ahna), emp E & T F & Co, h 9 High
Bona Angelo, prop St johnsbury Fruit Co, h 49 Main
" Louis, emp 45 Main, r 49 do
Bond Fred A, lab, r 207 Railroad
Bonett Percy A (Beatrice M), emp Ides, h 53 Portland
Bonette Charles O (Flora M), h St J Ctr
" Earl F, r St J Ctr
Bonette Perley S (Beatrice M), painter, h St J Ctr
Bortfilio Nicola, shoe repairer, r 65 Eastern av
Bonnett Lois G, nurse Hardwick, r 16 Perkins
" Samuel W (Grace A), lab, h 16 Perkins
" Stanton (Susan), carpenter, h St J Ctr
Boomer Andrew F (Ida), prop Boomer's Furniture Exchange and prop Boomer's Dance Halls, h 21 Portland
" Elizabeth, r 30 Railroad
Boomer's Dance Halls, Andrew F Boomer prop, 25 Portland
" Furniture Exchange, Andrew F Boomer prop, new and used furniture 27 Portland
Borland Elizabeth, wid James T, h 84 Main
Boston Store, Samuel Shapiro prop, dry goods 77 Railroad
Boucher Aimee A (Cordelia D), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Concord av
" Albert J, r 183 Railroad
" Arthur, pressman Cowle's Press, h S Main, R D 2
" Elmire, wid Alfred, h 183 Railroad
" Eugene R, student, r 17 St Mary
" Georgianna Y Mrs, hskpr 100 Main, r do
" Lucy Mrs, maid 16 Winter, r do
" Rena H, clk Willey's Food & Lunch Shop, r 19 St Mary
" Rosanna, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 19 St Mary
" Rose, wid Alfred, h 19 St Mary
" ---see Bushey
Boudreau Ernest J (Bertha J), clk East End Mkt, h 139 Railroad
Bouffard George E (Dulcina E), salesman Swift & Co, h 2 Higgins ct
Bourne Clive K (Anna C), asst sales mgr Caledonia Mills, h 4 Church (34)
Bourque Clarice, r Maple
" Harry, retired, r 6 Elm
" Sophronie, wid Oliver, h 6 Elm
" ---see Burke
Boutin Albert (Althea), policeman town of St J P D, h 28 Summer
" Althea (Mrs Albert), clk Merchants Nat Bank, h 28 Summer
" Cora, r 21 Elm
" Flossie, clk Newport, Vt, r 21 Elm
" Onesime (Zephenne), carp, h 21 Ehn
" Raoul J (Marie A), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
Bovee Ernest O (Lura M), emp E & T F & Co, h 48 Central
Bowen Casper, retired, h 46 1/2 Railroad
" Frances, wid Francis, r 46 1/2 Railroad
Bowman Hazel P, hskpr 39 Mt Pleasant, r do
Boyce Wyman, emp E & T F & Co, r C J Bennett, St J Ctr
" Robert K (Priscilla A), emp. U S Fisheries, h 104 Main
Boynton Charles F (Clara C), ins 85 Summer, h do
Bradley Chancey Z (Geneva L), emp St J House, h 77 Portland
" Charles W (Stella), emp N E T & T Co, h 50 Caledonia
" Grace, wid Louis A, h High, R D 2
Bradshaw Cassia, r Town Farm
BRAGG HELEN B (Mrs Percy W), treas Goodrich Store lac, h 102 Main
BRAGG PERCY W (Helen B), pres Goodrich Store Inc, h 102 Main
Braley Charles G (Edith R), town clk and town and village treas, h 24 Boynton
" Brantview", girls' dormitory St Johnsbury Academy, Park c S Main
Brewer Frank Irwin (Ida), farmer, h St J Ctr
" Truman W (Beulah), h St J Ctr
Brickett Arthur L (Viola E), truck driver, h 2 Union
" Geraldine G, clk Waterman's Inc, r 7 Caledonia
" Gladys M, bkpr 46 Main, r 7 Caledonia
" Louis J (Beulah G), eng St J & L C R R, h 7 Caledonia
" William A (Mildred J), emp E F Tinker, h Danville rd, R D 3
Brickey Guy (Virginia M), lab, r 8 Harrison av
" Virginia M (Mrs Guy), prop Virginia's Beauty Shop, r 8 Harrison av
Briggs Harry W (Elvira), truck driver 26 Bay, h 22 Green
Brigham Alan, emp Smith's Cut Price Cash Store, h 22 Webster
" Joseph W, r William F Thompson
" Merle S (Lena), opr Western Union Tel Co, r 51 Summer
BRIGHAM SHIRLEY K (Susan E), prop Brigham's Drug Store, h 38 Summer
BRIGHAM'S DRUG STORE Shirley K Brigham prop, 39 Main, see p 247
Brightlook Hospital, pres, Edward H Ross M D; v pres, W lliam A Ide; sectreas, Richard A Levasseur; supt, Grace Gummo, 10 Summer
Brock Leonard (Agnes), (Walker & Brock), res W Barnet
" William J (Waver I), bkpr Roy D Skinner, h E St Johnsbury
Brodien Co lins A (Jennie M), tailor 51 Main, h 3 Lafayette
" George B, clk Parker Drug Store, r 3 Lafayette
BRODIEN JOHN B (Alene), (Gilman Bros), r 54 Eastern av
Brookdale Farm, Walter H Webb prop, 216 Railroad
Brooks Abby P, wid Arthur R, r St Johnsbury House
" Angus McL, student, r 23 Boynton av
" George N, r 4 State
BROOKS H STANWOOD attorney-at-law and certified public accountant 36 Main, r 22 Mt Pleasant, phone 186, see p 243
" House Apartments, Anna T Ferrin prop, 89 Main
" Ida P, wid Hubert W, h 22 Mt Pleasant
BROOKS JONAS H pres Passumpsic Savings Bank and v-pres C H Goss Co, h 23 Boynton av
" Mary McL, student, r 23 Boynton av
" Percy C, pres E & T Fairbanks & Co, res Chicago, Ill
" Roy, emp D Knbwlton & Son, f do
" Samuel McL, student, r 23 Boynton av
Brotherhood Locomotive Fireman & Enginemen Chap'No 282, pres.E J Cotechairman, D A Henderson; sec-treas, Charles L Rathbun
Birbugh Edward E, student, r 88 Summer
" Edward N (Helen E), foundry supt E & T F & Co, h 88 Summer
" Madelyn N, student, r 88 Summer
Brouillard Ernest J (Cora J), laborer, h 6 Washington av
Brown Alfred F, r 8 Assisqua av
" Alice K, r 2 Spruce
" Annie M, treas Gary Maple Sugar Co, h 2 Spruce
" Augusta M, wid Charles F, h 8 Assisqua av
" Bailey W, student, r 101 Main
" Calvin, emp Boston, Mass, r E St Johnsbury
" Calvin E (Alice S), clothier 99 Eastern av, h 101 Main
" Cecile P, teacher, r 11 Spring
" Charles H, gardener, h 50 Pleasant
" Elsinore L, r 82 1/2 Main
" Ernest P (Minnie), ins agt, h 11 Spring
" Ernestine M sec to prin St Johnsbury Academy, r 11 Spring
" Evelyn D, dom A B Dow, r 8 Assisqua
" Frances S, r 2 Spruce
" Frank O (Cora I), mach Hooker Reed Co, h 25 Mt Pleasant
" Gilbert O, patternmkr E & T F & Co, r 25 Mt Pleasant
" Harley S, painter, r 2 Pearl
" Harold P (Mabel), h 11 Highland av
" Harry A (Olive A), eng St J & L C R R, h 5 Caledonia
" Hibbard V, emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Higgins ct
" John H, emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Louise M, teacher, r 11 Spring
" Marjorie E, sten, r 25 Mt Pleasant
" Myra, wid Peter, h E St Johnsbury
" Norris F (Ellen J), elec welder E & T F & Co, h 139 Main
" Oscar C, r 8 Assisqua
" Royce A (Almena), emp E & T F & Co, h 36 Lafayette
" Stetson M, aviator U S A, r 101 Main
" Tracie T, r 39 Eastern av
" Vera M Mrs, clerk E & T F & Co, h 82 1/2 Main
" Waldo E (Dorothy T), truck driver C H Goss Co, h 10 Union
" William J (Carrie M), painter and paperhanger 97 Eastern av, h do
Brownlow Charles H (Agnes H), elec Reliamce Electric Co, h, 11 Green
"Esther, E, r 11 Green
" Martha E, wid Robert, h 11 Green
" Robert J, magazine agency, stationery and job printing 11 Green, r do
Brunell Block, 119 Railroad
Brunelle Alfred J, carpenter, h 21 St John
" Alphee E (Dorothy M), teller Citizens Sstyings Bank & Trust Co, h 9 Bagley
Brunelle Edmond H (Cordelia), prop Ed's Cafe, h 1 Portland
" Edward Napoleon, prop Pete's Real Estate and painter and decorator 19 Portland, h do
" Jeanette H, emp Prevost's Shop, h 1 Portland
" Joseph (Augustine H), retired, h 69 Pearl
" Ryno A (Alice M), sub carrier P O, h 5 1/2 Bagley
Brunette Celina, wid Henry L, r 6 Almshouse rd
Buck Alice A, emp Jenk's Studio, r 3 Simonds av
" Avis L, r 3 Simonds av
" Chester J (Margaret), emp Am F & H Co, h 24 Lafayette
" Clarence J (Mabel), h 3 Simonds av
"Ethel M, student, r 3 Simonds av
" Irving M (Gladys), retired, h 39 Cliff
" Milton E, student, r 3 Simonds av
" Margie, wid William, h 39 Cliff
Buckley Harry (Kathaleen), const wkr, r 38 Railroad
Buell Ralph C (Kathleen), fireman St J P D, h 17 Cherry
Bugbee Charles (Belle), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Fred R S (Mabel D), sta.opr T S G & E Co, h St J Ctr
BUICK MOTOR CAR AGENCY Robert R Wakefield, 68 Eastern av
Bundy Michael Sr (Clara), emp State Highway Dept, h 10 Oak
" Nellie F, wid Fred G, h 10 Mt Pleasant
" William G (Versa Z), truck driver, h St J Ctr
Burbank Florence L, asst cashier The Prudential Ins Co of America, r 30 Summer
" Leo C (Marian), mech Padham's Garage, h 3 Duke
" Nat B (Mrs), supt of schools h 4 Church (3)
" Silas J (Bertha L), emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Cliff
Burke William (Mildred), emp St J & L C R R, h Danville rd, R D 3
Burby Angelina V, wid George, dressmkr 2 School, h do
Burchu Edward (Angeline), farmhand, h 22 Elm
Burden Douglas J, sand blast opr E & T T & Co, h 5 Deer
" John C (Emma), h 86 1/2 Eastern av
Burdette Leon R (Gertrude E), truck driver, h 127 Concord av
Burke Albert E, r S J Ctr
" Alexander J (May), farmer, h St J Ctr
" Anna F, teacher, r 34 Summer
" Fred J (Esther M), emp E T & H K Ide, h 140 Main
" Gaston A, r 140 Main
" John F, emp Carey Maple Sugar Co, r 16 Main
" Robert H (Alice F), homeopathic physician 34 Summer, h do
" ---see Bourque
Burleigh Natt, prop Burleigh Optical Co, res Tilton, N.H.
" Optical Co, Natt Burleigh prop Roscoe C Burleigh mgr, (wholesale opticians), 33 Main
" Roscoe C (Berta), mgr Burleigh Optical Co, r 30- Summer
Burleson Emily F Mrs, h 165 Railroad
Burnette Selina Mrs, r Town Farm
Burnham Martha E, wid George C, h 17 Main
Bums Chester R (Dorcas), emp 2 Paddock, h 4 Church (45)
" James (Frances), florist 2 Paddock, h 25 Webster
" Nelson A (Beatrice) florist James Burns, h 56 Cliff
" Simon (Jennie), lab, h St J Ctr
" Thomas R Rev (Elsie J), pastor Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, h 15 Central
Burrill Virginia L, r 26 Central
Burrington Vivian, wid Ray, h S Main, R D 2
Burroughs Thomas F (Emily M), violin teacher 83 Eastern av, h 33 Main
Burrows Alfred E (Ruth T), emp E & T F & Co, h 85 Summer
" Alzada, wid William H, r 5 South
BURROWS CLAYTON A (Clara M), pres A B Noyes Ins Agency, h 6 South
" Edwin G Ruth E), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 1 Webster
" Ernest E Rose J, emp E & T E & Co, h 21 Winter
" Leslie, emp E & T F & Co r 21 Winter
BURROWS RONALD P (Frederica A), treas A B Noyes Ins Agency Inc and v-pres-treas Swan Const Co, h 124 Main
Burt Charles, laborer, r 14 Oak
Burt Guy A (Flora C), 14 Oak
Bushaw Annie Mrs, r 18 Railroad
Bushey George W (Anna L), trainman St J & L C R R, h 38 Perkins
" ---see Boucher
Business & Professional Women's Club, pres, Florence J May; cor sec, Laura E Doloff. Meets on call of pres, 29 Summer
Buskey Mary E Mrs, clk C H & G H Cross, h 147 Railroad
BUSSIERE J ALFRED sec-treas Corner Garage Inc, res Lyndonville
Buswell Elizabeth L, wid Edgar S, h S Main, R D 2
Butler Beverly, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" G Julian, r 36 Pleasant
" Rudolph R (May), (Jackman-Butler), h 36 Pleasant
Butt Hilda V (Mrs John A), waitress, h 5 Pine
" John W (Hilda V), baker, h 5 Pine
Butterfield Charles D (Clara J), foreman T S G & E Co, h 6 Pearl
BUTTERFIELD ELSIE H (Mrs Foster G), rooms 16 Main, h do, see p 241
" Foster G (Elsie H), foreman E & T F & Co, h 16 Main
" Harry E, r 45 Maple
" Paul B, opr Caledonian-Record, r 17 Summer
Byers Thomas, retired; h Danville rd, R D 3
" Thomas Jr (Mabel E), carpenter, r Thomas Danville, R D 3
Byl Alan J, student, r 32 Western av
" Frederick M (Mary S), plant eng E & T F & Co, h 32 Western av
" Howard, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Main
C & O OIL CO, Charles S Cray mgr, gas and oil wholesale office 80 Portland
CADILLAC MOTOR CAR AGENCY R R Wakefield mgr, 68 Eastern av
Calacci Leah, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 30 North av
Caldbeck Agnes E, wid George W, h 31 North av
CALDBECK-COSGROVE CORP wholesale and retail dealers in lumber and builders' supplies 30 Bay, pres and gen mgr James Cosgrove, see p 245
" Edward M, r 5 Elm
" Francis G, student, r 31 North av
" Lillian, h 5 Elm
" Mary J, student, r 31 North av
" Matthew J, student, r 31 North av
" Virginia, student, r .31. North av
Calderera Theresa, emp St J Hosp,
CALDERWOOD ALVI P (Marion), clk C A Calderwood Inc, h 9 Pearl
" Block 46 Eastern av
CALDERWOOD C A INC furniture and funeral directors 46 Eastern av, pres, Mrs Ida Calderwood; treas, C Roy Calderwood; clk, Alvi P Calderwood, see bottom edge
CALDERWOOD, C ROY (Mae), treas C A Calderwood Inc, h 11 Pearl
CALDERWOOD IDA wid Charles A, pres C A Calderwood Inc, r 9 Pearl
" Marjorie R, student, r 11 Pearl
" May P, wid C Sherman, prop Calderwood's, h 30 Summer
" Wesley R, emp C A Calderwood Inc, r 11 Pearl
Calderwood's, Mrs May P Calderwood prop, rooms 30 Summer
Caldwell Eber (Susan E), sta fireman E & T F & Co, h Mt Vernon byd limits
" Fillmore, emp Palmer Bros, r Eber Caldwell
" Norma, emp N Haverhill, N H, r Eber Caldwell
Caledonia County Bar Association, pres, Arthur L Graves; v-pres, Sumner E Darling, Hardwick; sec-treas, Jutten A Longmoore. Meetings annually in Sept
" County Court House, Eastern av c Main
" County Farm Bureau Association, W A Dodge county agent, 111 Railroad
" County Jail, Frederick R Flint sheriff, 15 Cherry
" County of- - -County auditor G W Jones St Johnsbury
" County of, county clerk, G Clinton Frye; dep co clk, Mrs Lyla B Cole
" County of- - -Court asst judges, Charles A Stanford Hardwick, Nelson A Park, S Ryegate; State's attorney, Sterry R Waterman, St Johnsbury; judge of probate, Walter W Wesley, St Johnsbury; sheriff, Frederick A Flint
" County of- - -Dep sheriffs, A O Berry, West Burke; J Ward Gillis, Danville; V W Rand, Hardwick; William E Frazier, Hardwick; Ralph B Foster, Groton; William P Russell, Kirby; C F Chase, Mclndoes Falls; Ashley F Munger, Peacham; George K McDonald, S Ryegate; Harold M Stone, Lyndon; Bernard A Wilcox, St Johnsbury; Robert F Stenson, St Johnsbury; Carroll E Lafoe, St Johnsbury Centre; James R Rock, Wheelock; William G Welch, Groton
Caledonia County of- - -jail commissioners, W A Taplin, Arthur H Gleason and Robert Wakefield
" County of- - -municipal Court, Nathan A Norton judge
" County of- - -probate court, Walter W Wesley judge, Main c Eastern av
" County of- - -religious education, pres, John Steele
" County of- - -road commissioners, Richard S Hooper, Frank W Ford, Fred J Tewksbury
" county of- - -treasurer, Milton L Julian
" Fruit Store, Vincent Palase prop, 91 Eastern av
CALEDONIA FUEL & SUPPLY CO Harry M Day prop, 6 Day ct, see p 240
" Garage, Charles B Carr prop, 24 Railroad
CALEDONIAN-RECORD PUBLISHING CO INC publishers St Johnsbury Republican 106-107 Eastern av, pres, Herbert A Smith; treas, Mrs Gertrude A Smith, see p 4
Calhoun Florestine B (Mrs John S), music teacher 4 Church (35), h do
" John S (Florestine B), musician, h 4 Church (35)
Call Claude B, h 29 Maple
Callahan William J (Viva), sales mgr T S G & E Co, res West Barnet
Cameri Arthur J (Rosa j), salesman, h 34 Concord av
Camire John J, r 34 Concord av
Camp Hattie E (Mrs Horace G), dressmkr 61 Portland, h do
" Horace G (Hattie E), wood wkr Am F & H Co, h 61 Portland
" Nettie A, bkpr Summerville Wood Yard, r 61 Portland
Campbell Annie, wid Frederick, asst lib St Johnsbury Athenaeum & Library, r 10 Ely
" Archibald N (Minnie), emp St. J & L C R R, h 6 Harrison av
" Carl R, r 6 Harrison av
" Edward H, retired, r St J Ctr
CAMPBELL JAMES B (Elmere W), lawyer 71 Railroad, h 24 Summer, see p 143
" Marjorie R, student, r 6 Harrison av
" Robert C (Gladys D), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
Campion Bernard W (Bertha M), clk Gulf Store Plant, h 47 Pleasant
Canadian Pacific Railroad frt office, Forrest E Bailey gen agt, Railroad n depot
" Pacific Railroad (Centervale), station agent St J Ctr
" Pacific Railroad, Kenneth M Taylor ticket agt, Charles L Rattigan baggage master, Forrest E Bailey gen agt, depot Railroad
" Pacific Railroad News Stand, Marie J McLeod mgr, C P R R Depot Railroad
Canning Albert T, clk Public Market, r 17 Main
" Ellen, wid Charles, r Water, St J Ctr
" Grace M Mrs, h 17 Main
" Joseph G (Mary I), emp N Cad Auto Co, h 17 Mt Pleasant
" Maxine B, r 17 Main
Cannon James A (Cecelia M), gen supt St J & L C R R, h 52 Spring
Canty John M (Mary E), veterinarian State of Vermont, h 35 Spring
" Mary M, wid John, r 35 Spring
Caplan Abraham, prop Caplan's Army Store, h off Federal
" Joseph, prop Green Mt Fruit Market, r Abraham Caplan
Caplan's Army Store, Abraham Caplan prop, 98 Railroad
Cardinal-see Cargenel
Carey-see Cary
Cargenel-see Cardinal
Carlson Kathleen M Mrs, clk T S G & B Co, r 45 Portland
" Telny, supt Swift & Co, r 6 Webster
Carno Joseph (Hazel K), lab, h 2 Bagley
Carpenter Charles W (Harriet), fireman St J F D, h 32 Spring
" Lottie, wid John, hskpr 69 Summer, r do
" Walter C, emp U S Bureau Fisheries, r 32 Spring
" William M, emp E&TF&Co, h27 Pleasant
Carr Charles B (Gertrude A), prop Caledonia Garage, h 116 Concord av
" Ernest W, laborer, r 93 Eastern av
" Frank L (Mertie F), clk C P R R and rooms 1 Cherry, h do
" Helen W, wid Harry H, teacher Summer St School, h 4 Church (54)
Carr Mark H (Amy), carpenter J M Swan Co, h 87 Portland
" Martin T (Ruby M), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Cliff
" Morris (Aurore), emp Cross Bakery, r 31 Maple
" Robert R (Florence L), farmer and milk dealer Parker av, h do
" Rupert Q (Olive), emp E & T F & Co, r 7 Green
" Ruth A, r 116 Concord av
" Theodore A (Grace K), janitor Summer St School, h 26 Spring
Carreau Rudoph (Anna M), h 6 Pearl
Carrick Catherine, waitress Quality Cafe, r 41 Eastern av
" Frederick G, farmhand, h 41 Eastern av
" Rose D Mrs, dressmkr, r 33 Eastern av
Carrier Arthur j (Ruby M), truck driver, h 47 Maple
" Louise, wid Louis E, h 21 St Mary
" Wilbrod V, carpenter, r 21 St Mary
Carrigan Alfred J (May E), chef St J Hotel, h 3 Central
Carriveau---see Corriveau
Carroll Celenere, wid John T, h 166 Railroad
" Ernest F, r 15 Clarks av
" Leo J (Lucille B), supt St J Gas Co, h 166 Railroad
" Madeline, sten Searles & Graves, r 166 Railroad
Carruth---see Corruth
Carson Walter, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Main
CARTER ACNES (Mrs Elbert L), teacher St Johnsbury Academy, h 9 Main
" Allan E, U S N, r 6 Mountain av
" Arvilla S, wid Edward F, r 71 Main
" Effie, wid Sullivan, r 46 Lafayette
CARTER ELBERT L (Agnes W), carpenter and contractor 9 Main, h do, see p 234
" Warren E (Berenice A), emp St J & L C RR, h 6 Mountain av
" William H (Margaret H), emp Lisbon, N H, h 46 Lafayette
" Winifred G, wid John, r 21 Clarks av
Cartier Henry (Marie A), mason, h River ext
Cary Annie M, wid George C, h 104 Main
CARY CLINTON P (Alberta R), v-pres Cary Maple Sugar Co and v-pres Maple Grove Candies Inc, h 68 Concord av
CARY MAPLE SUGAR CO INC, office and plant 167 Portland, pros, Preston Herbert; v-pres. Clinton P Cary; v-pres-treas, E H Schneider; sec, Charles A Shields, see p 239
" ---see Carey
Cassidy Beatrice (Mrs Walter M), clk frt office C P R R, h 28 Railroad
" Dennis J (Margaret M), mason 23 School, h do
" Dennis J Jr, mason, r 23 School
" Donald T, laborer, r 23 School
" Josephine Af wid Frank S, mgr The Grey Shoppe, b. 85 Railroad
" Philip S (Josephine), emp E & T F & Co, h 137 Portland
" Raymond G (Lila A), mason, h 2 School
" Walter, car inspr St J & L C R R, r 5 Jones
" Walter M (Beatrice), yd clk C P R R, h 22 Railroad
Castonguay Fernando A (Lumina T), emp E & T F Co, h 174 Railroad
Castonia Beatrice, wid John, r 3 Prospect
Caswell Harley A, plumber, tin and sheet metal wkr 1 Caledonia, h do
" Harold R (Hazel C), plumber, h 17 Pearl
" Mabel N, wid George W, hskpr Franklin O Cobh, r do
Catharin Forrest R (Eleanor M), sta opr T S G & E Co, h 18 Pearl
Cavanaugh James, baker C H & G H Cross, r 137 Railroad
Center Garage, Ector A Mttngeon prop, auto repairing St J Ctr
Chabot George A (Virginia), clk First Nat Store, r 2 Higgins ct
Chaffee Arthur L (Mabel), mach, h Water, St J Cyr
" Carroll B (Luvia B), salesman Gilman Bros, h 5 Emerson
" Kathleen, teacher Barton, r Water, St J Ctr
" Luvia B (Mrs Carroll A), dressmkr 5 Emerson, h dp
" Phyllis, student, r Water, St J Ctr
" Thelma, r Water, St J Ctr
Chalmers E Mildred (Mrs John A), emp Willey's Food & Lunch Shop, h 71 Summer
" John A (E Mildred), emp C H Goss Co, h 71 Summer
" William W, student Boston, Mass, r 71 Summer
Chaloux Fred A (Adelaide M), mach E & T F & Co, h 38 Webster
Chaltra Mina, wid Peter, r 7 Green
Chamberlain George F (Sophia E), plumbing 9 Caledonia, h do
" Ralph A (Diana E), emp Hovey; & Chandler, h 53 Portland
Champany Thelma M, cashier Tegus Palace Theatre, r 31 Summer
Chandler Charlotte E, r 95 Main
" Clarence E (Ruth K), emp S O Co, h 109 Concord av
" Helen E, asst to Dr W H Fitch, r 95 Main
" John P, student, r 95 Main
" Lottie C, wid Edward C, h 95 Main
" Pauline Mrs, r 17 Boynton av
" Samuel A (Ruth V), (Hovey & Chandler), h Centre rd
Channell Vivian, nurse 5 Part, r do
Chapman Francis W (Nellie B), clk State Liquor Store, h 9 Belvidere
" Nelson D (Marion W), com trav, h 162 Railroad
" Paul S, clk First Nat Stores, r 162 Railroad
Charette Clyde D (Anna E), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Cote's ct
Chartier Frank (Emily), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
Chase Albert, student, r E St Johnsbury
" Arthur E, student, r St.J Ctr
" Beulah, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Elmore H (Sarah A), postmaster St J Ctr and pattern mkr, h Post Office bldg, St J Ctr
" George (Carrie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Hazel J, sten E & T F Co, res E St J
" Kathleen, nurse Brightlook Hosp,
" Kathleen P, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Mary L, sten Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 29 Summer
" Mary Lee, student, r 18 Church
" Merton (Frances), r R D 2
" Ralph H (Helen), farmer, h E St J
" Sarah A (Mrs Elmore H), asst postmaster, h St J Ctr
" Theodore W (Julia S), agt N E Mutual Life Ins Co, h 18 Church
" Theodore W Jr, student, r 18 Church
Cheever Arthur S, com trav, h 25 Summer
" Clinton (Iris), mach C P R R, h 168 Railroad
" Frances E, r 25 Summer
" Glenn A (Christina B), mech C H Goss Co, h 2 Harvey
" Iris M (Mrs Clinton F), bkpr 2 Prospect av, h 168 Railroad
Cheney Esther, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Stanley, sailor Merchant Marine, r 69 Main
Chesley Florence, clk Merchants National Bank, h 24 Pearl
" Gertie E, wid Frank, r 14 Cross
" Harry A (Mina V), pres-treas Chesley & Lowell Inc, h 5 Lafayette
" William H (Katherine M), mgr Hotel Moore, h 122 Railroad
" & Lowell Inc, 35 Bay and 51 Portland, pres-treas, Harry A Chesley
Chester Erizaiene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Chickering Evelyn R, r 14 Caledonia
" Ira W (Blanche L), painter E&TF & Co, h 14 Caledonia
" Katherine E, dom 72 Pearl, r do
" Solomon B (Charlotte E), retired, h 126 Main
Choiniere Napoleon (Lena), emp E&TF & Co, r 7 Harvey
" Romuald (Yvonne S), moulder E & T F & Co, h 4 Passumpsic
" Simone M, hairdresser 57 Eastern av, r 7 Harvey
Choquette Henry J (Lois E), h 58 Portland
Chouinard Eli, plumber C H Goss Co, h 200 Railroad
" Mary, waitress Brightlook Hosp, r 18 Central
Christie James (Evelyn M), chief of police, h 7 Cross
" Mabel F, wid Frank, h 34 Eastern av
" Thomas, emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
Church Abram (Eliza), farmer, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" of the Messiah (Universalist), Rev Thomas W Horsfield pastor, 47-49 Eastern av. Sunday services 11:00 a m and 6 pm, Sunday school 10:00 p m
CHURCH RICHARD L (Dorothy F), mgr laundry dept Palmer Bros, h 13 Charles
" William C (Rita M), clk E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
Ciattoni Peter (Angeline), h 32. Caledonia
Citizens Savings Bank Bldg, 61-65 Railroad
CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST CO pres Gilbert E Woods; treas, Wilbur J Farr, 6l Railroad, see back cover
CITY DIRECTORY LIBRARY maintained by H A Manning Co at St Johnsbury Athenaeum & Library
Clark Alice G, r 34 Clarks av
" Amy E, wid Calvin L, h 19 Pleasant
" Archie (Emma), clk C H Goss Co, h 55 Summer
" Bert, emp E & T F & Co, h 29 Railroad
" Cora M Mrs, domestic, h 79 Railroad
" Elden, emp 65 Main, r 4 Day ct
" Emily L, h 34 Clarks av
" Emma (Mrs Archie), nurse 55 Summer, h do
" Grant F (Mullaney's Garage), h 15 Mt Pleasant
" Harry W (Vera P), letter-carrier, h 3 Clinton av
" Helen D, wid Ellery F, r 129 Raihroad
" Ina P, r 22 Pearl
" Janette, r 75 Portland
" Kate, wid Albert, h 56 Railroad
" Kenneth D, r 79 Railroad
" Leslie B (Dorothy S), baker Willey's Food Shop, h 17 School
" Melvin J, truck driver, r 67 Pearl
" Nina A, bkpr 189 Railroad, r 72 Pearl
" Omer R, lab, r 67 Pearl
" Patrick (Annie E), lumberman, h 67 Pearl
" Susan E, r 34 Clarks av
" William (Nellie R), emp E & T F & Co, h N Danville rd
" William H (Charlotte E), const wkr h 167 Railroad
" William L (Dorothea B), deputy col U S Int Rev, h 4 Church (29)
Clarke Myralee, night supr Brightlook Hosp, r do
Clarkson Leonard, salesman Nat Biscuit Co, r 36 Summer
Cleary Edward (Lula M), retired, h 14 1/2 Tremont
" Lester G (Agnes M), emp N Cadillac Co, r 14K Tremont
" Lula (Mrs Edward), emp Sherburne's Restaurant, r 14 1/2 Tremont
" Maud, prop Don C Stiles Co, h 1 Portland
Clement Fred A (Louise W), prop W B C Inn, h 46 Railroad
Clifford Benjamin S, r 68 Pearl
" Bruce, stockman W T Grant Co, r 174 Railroad
" Charles H, clk Landry's Drug Store, r 174 Raihroad
" Doris K phone opr Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 85 Railroad
" Edith M, office nurse 122 Railroad, r 70 Pearl
" Elizabeth J, wid Frank A, h 38 Summer
" Fred R (Eva), jeweler and optician 59 Eastern av, h Mt Vemon
" Gertrude T, clk W T Grant Co, r 174 Railroad
" Guy D (Jennie), emp Peck Co, h 68 Pearl
" Guy O, farmhand Mildred A Deoss, r do
" Katherine M Mrs, h 5 Green
" Mary K, bkpr Converse Sales & Service, r 5 Green
" Ray S (Martha M), clk E & T F & Co, h 12 Main
" W Hugh (Adelene M), com trav French & Bean Co, h 50 1/2 Cliff
" Wallace L, lineman T S G & E Co, res R D 3
Clouatre Alexis E (Diane), prop East End Market, h 93 Portland
Clough Dean S (Minnie A), mgr shoe dept 101 Railroad, h 6 School
Cloutier Napoleon, emp State, h 111 Concord av
" Octavie, r 111 Concord av
Club House, part of St Johnsbury Academy, 7 Main
Coakley Carlyle E, emp Barney Bros, r 68 Portland
" Harold F (Persis G), clk C P R R, r 68 Portland
" William P, retired, h 68 Portland
Coates Herbert (Ella), market gardener, h St J Ctr
Cobb Franklin O (Virginia A), com tray, h Danville rd, R D 3
Coburn Gerry W (Flora A), frt trucker C P R R, h 152 Railroad
Coe C Roy (Leora E), agt Prud Ins Co, h 19 Federal
Cogley Clarence, r 46 1/2 Railroad
" James D (Mary J), farmer, h E St Johnsbury, R D Concord
" Lucy M Mrs, h 4 Simons av
Cohen Harry, clk Albert Dept Store, r 4 Church (22)
Cohen Henry (Rose), prop Albert Dept Store, h 4 Church (22)
" Robert (Eleanor), cattle dealer 4 Church (37), h do
Colbath Archie B (Nina), dialman E & T P & Co, h St J Ctr
Colburn Gladys, sten Public Schools, r 32 Spring
" Qscar E (Ethel), carp, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Susie W, wid Thomas J, hskpr 2 Highland av, r do
Colby Ambrose E (Corralin), foreman J M Swan, h E St Johnsbury
" Clarence F (Lydia A), emp NET&TCo, r H C Powers
" Edwin R, retired, r E St Johnsbury
" Hall Dormitory, St Johnsbury Academy, 5 Main
" Joseph P (Edith E), foreman J M Swan, h 127 Concord av
" Lloyd, emp 107 Railroad, r 127 Concord av
Colcord K Russell (Kathleen L), emp N E T & T Co, h 4 Church (41)
Cole Alice, wid Lucius C, h 99 Railroad
" Charles E (Edith A), auto painter, h 6 Harvey
" Elizabeth, emp Harper Method Beauty Shop, r 32 Central
" Emily, wid Daniel, r 7 High
" Fred P (Cora B), cond St J & L C R R, h 19 North av
" George H (Ellen), h 12 Green
" Leo H, emp St J Garage, r 12 Webster
" Lila B (Mrs Perley H), sten Judge Frye, h S Main, R D 2
" Perley H (Lila B), truck driver, h S Main, R D 2
" William H (Etta J), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 Caledonia
" Winifred V, wid Rush J, r 21 Pearl
Coleman Michael H (Rosa), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Harvey
Collins Albert H, emp C C C, r 18 Railroad
" Carroll G supt Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 24 Caledonia
" Carroll L (V Florence), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 18 Railroad!
" Dora E, r 18 Railroad
" Frederick G, emp E & T F & Co, r Alphonso S Copp
" Gordon M (Doris J), truck driver, h 64 Concord av
" Lorenzo C, r 18 Railroad
" Roy K (Frances D), fireman St J & L C R R, h 71 Lafayette
" Sidney, lab, h 29 Maple av
Virgil I, clk Maple Grove Candies, r 24 Caledonia
Colonial Apartments, Harley E Richards supt, 4 Church
COLONIAL RESTAURANT Fred M Willey prop, 58 Main, see p 241
Colvin Selena, wid William, dom, h 40 Central
Compton F E & Co, Charles H Morse mgr, encyclopedias 7 Orient
Comstock Beverly, emp N Danville, r E C Comstoek
" E C, Edgar C Comstock prop, general auto repairing, Main, St J Ctr
" Edgar C (Lucia M), prop E C Comstock, h St J Ctr
" Lucia M (Mrs Edgar E), dom, h St J Ctr
" Winona, r E C Comstock
Conant Anna L, h 117 Main
CONANT DAVID S (Mary Ellen), (Shields & Conant), h 11 Church
" Katherine R, teacher, r 11 Church
Concord Candy Kitchen, Cunavelis Bros props, conf, ice cream and soda, 89 Railroad
Conley Arthur L (Jennie), mech E & T F & Co, h 142 Portland
" Frederick H (Lefie L), emp E & T F & Co, h 74 Eastern av
" Harold F (Edna M), cleaner Palmer Bros, h 24 1/2 Summer
Conlin Augustus, chemist Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 56 Spring
Conly Dorothy M, bkpr Palmer Bros, res R D 1
" Douglass, student, r 12 Lincoln
" George W, emp Charles Millar & Sons Co, r R D 1
" Harry V (Mary), farmer and milk dealer, h Mt Vernon
" Herbert W (Glen M), plumber 36 Portland, h 12 Lincoln
" Mildred F, r 12 Lincoln
" William H, plumber, r 12 Lincoln
Connecticut General Life Ins Co (Harris & Turner), special agents, 65 Railroad
Conner Irving L, student, r 2 Tremont
" Preston L (Thelma), emp A B Noyes Ins Co, h 69 Concord av
" Russell H (Vera F), h 2 Tremont
Constant Joseph (Anna C), mach E & T F & Co, h 8 Higgins ct
CONVERSE SALES AND SERVICE Charles W Ladd mgr, distributors Frigidaire and Delco Products, 73 Railroad, see front cover
COOK CLINTON D (Anna K), gen contractor 38 Cliff, h do, see p 232
" Floyd A (Bernice T), mgr F W Woolworth Co, h 23 North av
" Henry W (Emily A), factory acct E & T F & Go, h Mt Vernon byd limits
" Mary J, wid John E, h 29 Caledonia
Coombs Hazel M (Coombs Vulcanizing Service), r 40 Caledonia
" Howard W (Norene S), (Coombs Vulcanizing Service), h 45 Caledonia
" John (Isabelle), gen foreman StJ&LCRR, h2 Washington av
" Kathleen E, sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 40 Caledonia
" Malcolm E (Coombs Vulcanizing Service), r 40 Caledonia
" Rita, r 40 Caledonia
" Vulcanizing Service (Hazel M Howard and Malcolm Coombs), 184 Railroad
" Wm W (Susie M), road master St J & L C R R, h 40 Caledonia
Coomer Maurice W (Beulah H), salesman, h 2 School
" Yvonne Mrs, clk W T Grant Co, r 47 Maple
Cooper Flora Mrs, r 42 Pleasant
Copeland Ivy M, wid Henry P, hskpr 8 Assisqua, r do
Copp Alphonso S (Florence), emp village, h S Main, R D 2
" Gertrude, wid George W, h E St Johnsbury
" Wendell I, draftsman, r A S Copp
Corbett Chandler J (Maude C), carp and builder 5 Brown ct, h 14 Cross
" David R, h 33 Western av
" Maude C (Mrs Chandler J), sten Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 14 Cross
Corey Paul, prop Corey's Billiard Parlor, h 46 Railroad
" Raymond W, emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 49 Summer
Corey's Billiard Parlor, Paul Corey prop, 46 Railroad
Corfield Valerie, wid Thomas, r 30 Mt Vemon
Corliss E Sears (Berdena J), Uneman T S G & E Co, h 9 Emerson
" Henry, r 123 Portland
Cormier Alexander H, farmhand, r 33 Maple
" Alfred J (Germaine), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, f off 31 Maple
" Joseph N (Yvonne R), emp Swift & Co, h 10 Maple
" Telesphore (Alice L), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h 29 Maple
" Thaddeus A (Margaret E), sub letter carrier, h St J Ctr
" Thaddeus T (Clara), emp E & T F Co, h 9 1/2 Mt Vernon
CORNER GARAGE INC cars and general repairing 126 Railroad, pres, David I Grapes; v-pres, Mrs Grade M Grapes; sec-treas, J Alfred Bussiere, see p 228
Corribeau-see Corriveau
Corriveau Adelard A, r 10 Clarks av
" Antoinette M, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 10 Clarks av
" Cora, wid Achilles J, h 4 Church (25)
" Emma, wid Alphonse, r 10 Clarks av
" Gideon J, retired, r 25 Pleasant
" John B, emp E & T F & Co, h 27 Central
CORRIVEAU JOSEPH G(Dora E), (Star Granite Works), h 10 Railroad
Gorruth Beatrice M, r 21 Summer
Cosgrove Dermot J, student, r 119 Main
" George Emmett, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 119 Main
COSGROVE JAMES (Maud E), pres and gen mgr Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, h 119 Main
COSGROVE JAMES M (Mrs), clk Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, h 4 Church (10)
" Kevin M, student, r 119 Main
Costa Dominick (Maria), fruit and tobacconist 31 Railroad, h 4 Costa -av
" Joseph, salesman 31 Railroad, r 4 Costa av
" William (Mina), prop Royal Lunch, h off Caledonia
Cota Blaine A (Alida M), painter, h 6 Cote's ct
" -see Cote
Cote Alcidas A (Armande), moulder E & T F & Co, h 26 Caledonia
" Alcide, emp Lancaster, N H, r 8 Cote's ct
" Alice, clk E & T F & Co, r 71 Railroad
" Ernest (Leonide), eng St J & L C R R, h 8 Cote's ct
' Gertrude A, clk Willey's Food Shop, r 8 Cote's ct
" Gervais (Adeline), janitor 71 Railroad, h do
" Homer, painter, r 32 Pearl
" John, painter, r 46 Railroad
Cote Josephine, wid George, h 35 Maple
" Leo, watchmkr Lurchin & Lurchin, r 30 Summer
" Louis B, student, r 8 Cote's ct
" Margaret, emp Palmer Bros, r 71 Railroad
" Oliver A (Dorilda), fireman St J & L C R R, h River ext
" Rita, clk Smith's Grocery Stores, r 8 Cote's ct'
Couillard Arthur E (Elaine E), sign painter 71 Railroad, r do
Counsell A E & Son, Merrick M Counsell prop, farm implements 50 Railroad
" Merrick M (Eva A), prop A E Counsell & Son, h 44 Spring
" Merrick M Jr, emp A E Counsell & Son, r 44 Spring
Countryman Alonzo L (Anna M), baker, h 3 Prospect av
" Margaret E, att Dr D S Atwood, r 3 Prospect av
" Marion M, sten C H & G H Cross Co, r 3 Prospect av
COURCHEINE JOSEPH H (Josephine), prop Shoe Hospital, h 81 Eastern av
Courchesne Henry E, carp, h 24 Railroad
Courteau Adrienne, emp Smith's Cut Price Store, r 6 Marion av
" Alcide (Ora), mach E & T F & Co, h 45 Maple
" Arthur, emp C H & G H Cross Co, r 6 Marion av
" Prank J (Lena M), emp St J & L C R R, h 6 Marion av
" Gertrude, r 6 Marion av
" ---see Short
Courtney Charles, emp E & T F & Co, r 30 Railroad
" Frank C (Zelda E), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Leontine Mrs, hskpr 8 Western av, r do
Couture Albert W (Yvonne A), clk French & Bean, h 13 Costa av
" Henry, laborer, h 24 Concord av
" Henry A (Millicent L), moulder E & T F & Co, h 30 Clarks av
" J Achille (Angelina), barber 60 Eastern av, h 24 St Mary
" Joseph A (Caroline), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 St Mary
" Juliette, emp Burlington, r 21 St Mary
" Michael, concrete wkr, r 13 Costa av
" Oscar W, r 4 West pl
" Pearl Mrs, hskpr Arthur Boucher, r do
" Renette A, emp E & T F & Co, r 24 St Mary
" Rita, dressmkr, r 24 St Mary
" Theodore (Minnie), moulder E & T F & Co, h 4 West pi
" William A, mach, r 24 St Mary
" Yvonne, clk Grey Shoppe, r 21 St Mary
Covell Anna Mrs, maid Brightlook Hosp, res inq do
Cowens Andrew B (Exilia), emp E & T F & Co, h 17 North av
" Elsie M, student, r 17 North av
Cowieson Edwin H (Anne L), mgr Western Union Telegraph Co, h 4 Church (23)
Cowles Ernest H (Lizzie G), pres Cowle's Press and Gift Shop, h 69 Summer
" Kate E, wid Dana O, h 16 Pearl
" Lizzie G (Mrs Ernest H), v-pres-treas The Cowles Press and Gift Shop, h 69 Summer
" Press The and Gift Shop, pres, Ernest H Cowles; v-pres treas, Mrs Lizzie G Cowles, printers and stationers 85 Eastern av
Cowling Dorothy E, student, r G C Cowling
" George C (Nora C), farmer, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Paul A, emp F W Woolworth Co, r G C Cowling
" Ruth E, teacher, r G C Cowling
Cox George W, emp E & T F & Co, r 9 Perkins
" James (Elizabeth), carpenter, h 97 Eastern av
" Joseph W, r 10 Valley
" Pearl C, clk Corner Garage, r 9 Perkins
" Walter H, ins agt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 24 Spring
" William G (Esther), supt Village Water Wks, h 9 Perkins
" William J (Eva), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Valley
Cramer Reverdy A (Grace H), clk employment office E & T F & Co, h 8 Cross
CRAMTON EDWARD A (Dorothy C), physician and eye, ear, nose and throat specialist 33 Main, h 20 Boynton av, office hrs 9-12 M, 1-5 P M, Mon, Thurs and Sat 7-8 p m, office tel 239-M, res tel 239-J, see p 247
" Gertrude H, wid Charles A, h 106 Main
Cray Block, 56-58 Railroad
Cray Bros (Charles S and Eugene P Cray), props Cray's Star Theatre and Cray's Garage, 18 Eastern av
" Charles S (Mary A), (Cray Bros), mgr C & O Oil Co and mgr Cray's Star Theatre, h 15 North av
" Eugene P (Cray Bros), res Bellows Falls
Cray's Garage, Cray Bros props, Railroad c Eastern av
" Star Theatre, Cray Bros props, Charles S Cray mgr, 18 Eastern av
" Tire Service, Charles S Cray prop, 10 Eastern av
Creighton David T (Ona D), emp St J & L C R R, h 6 Cliff
" Marguerite V, student, r 6 Cliff
Crepeau Louis A (Emily L), const wkr, h 2 Brown's ct
" Philip C (Hazel P), lab, h 30 Maple
Crosby Fred M (Josephine M), foreman Cowles Press, h 30 Spring
" George M, emp 85 Eastern ay, r 30 Spring
CROSS C H & GEORGE H INC bakers, confectioners and mfrs "St Johnsbury Crackers," 104-108 Railroad, pres, George L Edson; treas, William L McKee, Montpelier; mgr, John F Scott, see front cover
" Ernest J, r 13 Emerson
" George H, lab, r Kenneth R Cross
" Glen E (Rachel E), salesman C H Goss Co, h
" Isabelle M, r Kenneth R Cross
" Kenneth R, mach E T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Lillian Mrs, hskpr 157 Railroad, r do
" Myrtie S, wid Ernest, h 13 Emerson
" Phyllis S, r 13 Emerson
Crowe Dorothy M, r 2 Buzzell
" Esther A, student, r 2 Buzzell
" George H (Hortense N), mgr ice cream div H B Hood & Sons, h 2 Buzzell
Cruickshank James (Vera), granite carver, h Sr J Ctr
Cummings Charles E (Lillian H), construction wkr, h 34 Main
" Ehner F (Donna B), emp J S Weeks, h 33 1/2 Pearl
" Walter B, emp Smith's Cut Price Grocery, r 120 Portland
" William R, mach E & T F & Co, r 30 Railroad
Cunavelis Bros (Peter D and John D Cunavelis), props The Concord Candy Kitchen, 89 Railroad
" John D (Anna), (Cunavelis Bros), h 3 Allen ct
" Peter D (Violet P), (Cunavelis Bros), h 32 Pleasant
Currier Burton D (Arlene M), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h Center rd
" Emily Mrs, cook, r 38 Summer
" Fred (Blanche L), laborer, h 128 Portland
" R Leo (Flora E), driver French & Bean Co, h 8 Cote's ct
" Walter F (Mae A), meat cutter Swift & Co, h 32 Mt Pleasant
Curtis Charles W (Florence), janitor, h Danville rd, R D 3
Cushing Edna M, clk Goldberg's Auto Service, h 11 Cherry
Cushman Edward (Abbie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Emma O Mrs, r W E Cushman, E St Johnsbury
" George W (Grace E), salesman T S G & E Co, h 28 Main
" Grace E (Mrs George W), prop Junior Conservatory of Music, h 28 Main
" Lillian, student, r W E Cushman
" Lyle S (Mrs Paul J), sten 65 Railroad, h 13 Pearl
" Mabel A, clk Randall & Whitcomb, r 20 Pearl
" Mary E, clk Cowles Press and Gift Shop, h 20 Pearl
" Paul J (Lyle), salesman Charles Millar & Sons, h 13 Pearl
" Wilbur E (Densis), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Wilbur R, student, r W E Cushman
Cuthbert Katherine, nurse, h 4 Charles (36)
Cuthbertson Archie R (Cyrilda), truck driver C H Goss Co, h 33 1/2 Pearl
" Henry B (Ada R), steamfitter C H Goss Co, h 28 Mt Vernon
" Hugh E, student, r 28 Mt Vernon
Cutting Clifford C (Helen C), tel opr C P R R, h 124 Concord av
" George F (Ellen M), eng St J & L C R R, h 33 Lafayette
" Otis B (Nellie M), clk E T & H K Ide, h 20 Raihroad
" Paul L, emp C P R R, r 33 Lafayette
" Rupert B, salesman C H Goss Co, r 46 Railroad
" William B, emp C Millar & Son Co, r 20 Railroad
Cyr Albert, emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Albert J, const wkr, r 6 off River
Cyr Amy (Mrs Bartholomew L), clk E & T F & Co, h 30 Mt Vernon
" Arsene S (Celia M), emp Lyadonville, h 67 Portland
" Bartholomew L (Amy), emp E & T P & Co, h 30 Mt Vernon
" Florence, dom, r 6 off River
" Joseph (Catherine), blacksmith, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Mary A, wid Alphonse, h 2 off River
" Rosilda, maid 106 Main, r do
" ---see St Cyr
" Oscar F (Susie C), farmer, h River ext
Daigle Joseph, truck driver Smith's Cut Rate Grocery, r 30 North
" Joseph truck driver Arthur Smith, r 39 North av
Daignault Alma, wid Edmund, h 22 Elm
" Cordelia F, sten E & T F & Co, r 22 Elm
" Norman F student, r 22 Elm
Daigneault William D (Josephine), mech E & T F & Co, h 5 Duke
Dalton Sarah B, r 32 Central
DAME JOSEPH A REV (PR) pastor Notre Dame Des Victoires Catholic Church h 12 Prospect
d'Amerique Conseil Champlain No 48, St Jean Baptiste, pres, Julian Richards; v-pres, Mrs Adelard Couture; sec, Irene Guyer; asst sec Anna Bedard; spiritual dir, Rev J A Dame; treas, Mrs Marie Dealers Meets at Legion Hall 3rd Tuesday each month
Damm Charles (Rera), trucking 8 Railroad, h do
Damon Fred W, lab, h 5 Prospect av
Dana Charles, farmhand, r Mrs J Dana, Danville rd, R D 3
" Clarence H (Priscilla G), jeweler 78 Railroad, h 9 Dundee
" Florence E (Mrs Harry E), emp Brjghtlook Hosp, h 16 Summer
Harry E (Florence E), taxi service Depot and 16 Slimmer, h do
Jennie, wid Louis, h Danville rd, R D 3
Danforth Irving O (Etta M), emp Swift & Co, h 24 Lafayette
Daniels Aime L (Rose), emp E & T F & Co, h 11 River
" Alfred E, draftsman E & T F & Co, r 2 Higgins-ct
" Arthur R, trucking 2 Higgins ct, r do
" Clayton E (Charlotte A), mach Jackman Butler Co, h 29 Pleasant
Dale A, salesman Charles Millar & Sons Co, r 4 Church
" Earl F (Esther), garden supv Cal Co F Bur, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Fred S, emp E&TF&Co, r 48 Lafayette
" Gertrude P,r 11 River
" James E (Blanche B), bkpr Ides, h 31 Pleasant
" Joseph M (Palmyra), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Higgins ct
" Leslie I (Rose), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Higgins ct
" Moses G (Exilda), emp C P R R, h 2 Higgins ct
" Palmyra (Mrs Joseph M), clk E & T F & Co, h 2 Higgins ct
Darling Basil, prop Victory Auto Stores, r 85 Railroad
" Mary, wid Walter J, h 8 Barker av
" Roderick E (Elaine S), janitor St J Academy, h 8 Barker av
Roxana, wid Walter S, r 20 Spring
" Sarah G, wid Stephen, h 14 Main
" Stephen, farmhand, r 8 Barker av
Dauphin Eugene P (Marguerite H), painter C H Goss Co, h 8 Prospect av
Eugene P Jr, emp Shoe Hospital, r 8 Prospect av
" Everett H, r 15 Bagley
" Henry J (Rosilda), agt Met Life Ins Co, h 15 Bagley
" Lenora, clk Alberts Dept Store, h 15 Bagley
" Lewis E, clk St J Hat Wks, r 8 Prospect av
" Lucia M, r 15 Bagley
" Vena B, emp St J Hosp, r 8 Prospect av
Davenport Clyde A (Bertha), fur buyer and guns and ammunition 33 Mt Pleasant, h do
Davidson George M (Maria L), retired, h 6 Spruce
" Henry M (Beatrice M), auto mech, h 85 Railroad
Davio Andrew M, emp Green Mt Fruit Co, r 32 Caledonia
" Eveline B, r 25 Hastings
" William A (Clair), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 Caledonia
Davis Amy (Mrs Reginald E), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 61 Portland
Davis Annie B (Mrs Jesse J), treas Davis Fur Farms, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Annie M, wid Park K, r 32 Mt Pleasant
" Beatrice, wid Wilmer, h 4 Summer
" Clarence N (Ella M), emp C P R R, r 13 High
" Floyd E (Bernice I), emp Purina Grain Mill, h 14 St John
" Fur Farms Inc, N Danville rd, R D 3, pres, Jesse J Davis; treas, Mrs Annie B Davis; sec, Albert E Smith
" George J (Florence E), trucking 36 Cliff, h do
" Goldie, r 5 1/2 Bagley
" Jesse J (Annie B), pres Davis Fur Farms Inc, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Norman E (Ethel P), lab, h High, RD2
" Reginald E (Amy L), emp Corner Garage Inc, h 61 Portland
" Ruth, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Susan, wid Henry E, h St J Ctr
" Wayne F (Cora L), law clk S R Waterman, h 8 Mt Pleasant
" William C (Ava C), mgr Shell Eastern Petroleum Products, h 38 Pleasant
Dawson Clark A (Margaret F), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 Hastings
DAY ALICE C (Mrs Harry M), emp Caledonia Fuel & Supply Co, h 6 Day ct
" Clinton E (Lottie M), clk E & T F & Co, h 53 Cliff
" E Edna, h 41 Pleasant
" Florence H, cashier N E T & T Co, r 41 Pleasant
DAY HARRY M (Alice C), prop Caledonia Fuel & Supply Co, h 6 Day ct
Dean Andrew W (Susie L), emp E & T F& Co, h 43 Cliff
" Chauncey W, emp E & T F & Co, h 71 Summer
" Florence R, dom, r 43 Cliff
" Herbert E (Evelyn B), retired, h 28 Pleasant
Dearborn Ray H (Liva), com trav, h 1J.5 Concord av
" Winona A, opr N E T & T Co, r 115 Concord av
Deforge Alfred C (Catherine M), emp E & T F & Co, h 128 Portland
" Claire O, clk E & T F & Go, r 128 Portland
" Ephraim L (Bernadette M), moulder E & T F & Co, h 5 Elm
" George (Irene F), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Elm
" Iris D, clk Brigham's Drug Store, r 15 Elm
" Lawrence E (Bernadette), salesman, h 10 North av
" Maurice T, student, r 15 Elm
" Rita L, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 5 Elm
Delaney Bernard, C C C, r Parker
" Bernadette D, student, r 3 Roosevelt av
" Charles (Bertha M), eng St J & L C R R, h 3 Roosevelt av
" Frank E (Sarah C), com trav, h Parker av
" Kathleen M, r 3 Roosevelt av
DELOSA ONOFRIO (Arlene E), prop Portland St Cafe, h 14 Elm
Delworth Frank E (Carrie B), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
Demars Raymond, lab, r R D 4
Demay Marjorie, clk W T Grant Co, r 8 North av
Demers Alcide J, emp E & T F & Co, h 190 Railroad
" Cecile (Mrs Donat E), clk 101 Railroad, h 10 Elm
" Celina, wid Julian, r 190 Railroad
" Donat E (Cecile A), clk 82 Concord av, h 10 Elm
" Edgar J (Sadie M). retired, h 53 Pearl
" Fedora E (Marie G), foreman E & T F & Co, h 20 St Mary
" Robert, r 190 Railroad
Dennis Eugene (Helen), clk A H Gleason & Co, h 47 Spring
Denonville Earl R (Ethel), emp village, h 6 Gilman av
Deoss Harvey (Alice), h River rd
" Hattie M, wid Cyrus, r Mildred A Deoss
" Mildred A, h Pleasant, R D 4
Dern Jacob J (Helen), foreman St J & L C R R, h 48 1/2 Railroad
Derosia Leo (Ruth), mill wkr, h 12 Green
Derusha William, lab, r 33 Church
Descoteaux Napoleon J (Anna L), emp St J & L C R R, h River ext
" Wilfred A (Beatrice L), emp St J & L C R R, h 10 Marion ay
Desilets Edmund J (Verlie E), mach E & T F & Co, h 14 Charles av
" Fabiola L, dressmkr, 8 Maple, r do
" George (Maude), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Maple
" Napoleon J (Florence), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Tremont
Desmarais Onile (Yvonne), lab, h 65 Pearl
Desrochers Albert W (Mary D), barber New Avenue Hotel, h 60 Portland
" Anita J, emp Quality Cafe, r 60 Portland
" Cecelia G, opr N E T & T Co, r 15 Passumpsic
" Fedora T, emp Waterbury, r 5 North av
" Felix J (Marie A), lunch peddler, h 3 1/2 North av
" Herbert P, r 60 Portland
" Louis S, emp Moore & Johnson, r 60 Portland
" Norman, r 60 Portland
" Placide W, clk 11 Eastern av, r 60 Portland
" Raymond, clk Stevens Paint Store, h 5 North av
" Ronald A, emp E & T P & Co, r 60 Portland
Destroismaisons Albert A, emp Maple Grove Candy Co, r 65 Pearl
" Anita E, emp Quality Cafe, r 65 Pearl
" Armand O, painter, r 65 Pearl
" Eli P, emp E & T F & Co, h 65 Pearl
" Germaine, clk Concord Candy Kitchen, r 65 Pearl
" Roland, clk Palmer Bros, r 65 Pearl
" ---see Mason
Devenger Walter W (Mamie), emp E & T F & Co h 14 Western av
Devereaux Doris, waitress, r 18 Main
DEVEREAUX M W prop M W Devereaux Corp, r 13 Portland
DEVEREAUX M W CORP auto agency 13 Portland, pres, M W Devereaux; v-pres, B B Scribner; sec-treas, Ray M Hewey, see p 229
" Sherman P (Claris), emp Converse Sales & Service, h 34 Pleasant
Dickerman Clayton L, box wkr E & T F & Co, h 49 Main
Dickinson John, com trav; r 4 Charles
" Joseph (Ellen E), h 4 Charles
Dimick William A (Dorothy), emp village Water Dept, h 18 Webster
Dinsmore Albert H (Bertha L), supt U S Fisheries Station, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Francis L (Elsie H), ins agt, r A H Dinsmore
" Leon (Katie), mill wkr, h 28 Summer
Dionne Eugene L (Marguerite D), prop Dionne Welding, h 153 Railroad
" Welding, Eugene L Dionne prop, electric and acetylene welding, portable equipment, automobiles, farming implements, etc, repaired 32 Portland
DIRECTORY LIBRARY maintained by H A Manning Co at St Johnsbury Athenaeum & Library
Dodge Clara, wid Nelson, r 3 Jones
" Ralph S (Mary C), agt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 3 Jones
" Warren A (Pauline K), county agricultural agt Caledonia County Farm Bureau Associations, h 8 Dundee
Dolgin Harry (Frances), prop Summerville Garage and prop Dolgin's Auto Parts, h 113 Portland
Dolgin's Auto Parts, Harry Dolgin prop, 113-115-116-118 Portland
DOLLAR CLEANERS Hedley V Rundle mgr, 28 Eastern av
Doloff Fred H (Lillian E), custodian Masonic Temple,.h 15 Mt Pleasant
" Laura E, clk E & T F & Co, r 15 Mt Pleasant
Domey Abner E (Mary O), emp Texas Oil Co, h 4 Green
" Richard G, student, r 4 Green
Donaghy Addison A (Evangeline) (Sanitary Dairy), r St J Ctr
" Elizabeth wid Henry, r 32 Perkins
" Ernest E (Genevieve), rooms 18 Main, h do
" William J (Sanitary Dairy), h Water, St J Ctr
Donahue Eva N, wid George F, h 52 Spring
" Francis G, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 52 Spring
" Helen M, asst cashier N E T & T Co, r 52 Spring
" Henry T (Florence W), emp E & T F & Co, h 40 Spring
" Kenneth, construction wkr, r 69 Main
Donayan Leona S Mrs, hskpr 5 Elm, r do
Donley John A, prop The Glen, r do
Donna Leo (Marie), mech, h Concord av, R D 1
Dopp Frances K, r R D 2
" Harland S, r R D 2
" Marion F, dom, r Simon R Dopp
" Simon R (Florence J), truck driver, h S Main, R D 2
Dorman Amelia L, wid Cleveland, r 6 Belvidere
Doty George E (Mary L), retired, h 6 Clinton av
Douglas Carrie I, wid Charles, r 78 Summer
" Eugene W (Pearl G), emp town, h 20 Concord av
" Walter A (Vida A), collector T S G & E Corp, h Danville rd, R D 3
" William E (Flora N), retired, h 16 Pleasant
Douglass Francis A (Marjorie A), salesman Fuller Brushes, h 6 Spruce
" Hubert C (May B), street comm St J village and road comm for town, h 9 Pleasant
" Victor L (Catherine), painter George Stevens, h 163 Railroad
Doupheim-see Dauphin
Dow Archie B (Cora M), real estate 178 Railroad, h do
" Barbara O, student, r 178 Railroad
" Edwin J, r 99 Railroad
" Susie May Rev, pastor Advent Christian Church, r 20 Lafayette
Downer Lila (Mrs Ola), matron Nurses Home Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Ola (Lila), eng Brightlook Hosp, r do
Downing Roy C (Marcia A), mech Corner Garage, h 17 Maple
Downs James M (Anna J), emp E & T F & Co, h 84 Eastern av
Dowse Walter J (Margaret), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 Hastings
Doyle Bert E (Mary E), dentist 21 Eastern av, h 24 Mt Pleasant
Drake Lewis W (Gladys E), com trav, h 4 Church (9)
Dresser Gordon T (Madaline D), truck driver C A Smith, h 23 Perkins
" Robert, student, r R P Wood
Drew Cora, wid George S, h 32 Railroad
" Eliza M, maid 119 Main, r do
" Florence E, teacher Lyndon Ctr, r 32 Railroad
" Lawrence R (Madalyn H), emp Mt Pleasant Cemetery, h 8 Harvey
" Ralph E (Cora M), chauffeur, h 111 Portland
" Raymond H (Petrena), truck driver H P Hood & Sons, h 10 Morris sq
Driscoll Daniel F, mgr A & P Tea Co, r St Johnsbury House
Drolet Marianne M (Mrs Noel), emp Palmer Bros, h 27 Elm
" Noel (Marianne M), painter, h 27 Elm
Drouin Alphonse E.tchr of piano 85 Railroad, h do
" Block, 81-85 Railroad
" George (Eva), painter E & T & F Co, h 23 Pleasant
" Iris J, r 23 Pleasant
Luce M, r 85 Railroad
Rudolph A (Blanche E), lab, h 22 Concord av
Wilfred, musician, r 17 High
Drown Arthur E (Ethel), farmer, h Pleasant, R D 4
Arthur E, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
Damon W (Thelma M), sta opr T S G & E Co, h 41 Cliff
Edna K, clk, r 13 Harrison av
Elizabeth J, wid Fred, h 3 Prospect
Emily A Mrs, emp Sherburne's Rest, h 13 Harrison av
Ena, maid 50 Spring, r do
Eric (Amanda), truck driver, h 17 High
George H (Lonnie E), retired, h St J Ctr
Jedd E (Mary E), eng St J & L C R R, h 12 Mt Pleasant
" Lloyd, truck driver St Johnsbury Trucking Co, r 59 Portland
" Maurice E, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
" Merle, com trav, r Pleasant, R D 4
" Muriel U, student, r 12 Mt Pleasant
" R Wayne, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
" Roscoe F (Mary), sta opr T S G & E Co, res RD 1
" Wendell, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
Drummond David H (Addie D), attd Log Cabin Service Sta, h 5 Pine
" J Lloyd, emp E & T F Co, r 4 Valley
" James B (Marion H), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Valley
" ThomasO, clk E & T F & Co, r 4 Valley
Dubois Alfred P, r 4 De r av
" Arthur J (Lucy M), painter, h 18 Elm
" Demerise M, wid Magliore, h 4 Drouin
" Edgar F, emp E & T F & Co, r 5 Deer
" George H, r 4 Clarks av
" Isaac (Emily), emp E & T F & Co, h 47 Maple
" Joseph, lab, h 5 Deer av
Dubois Loretta M, r 4 Clarks av
" Margaret Y, dom, r 4 Drouin
" Roselba H Mrs, hskpr 5 Deer av, r do
" ---see Wood or Woods
Dubuc William J (Dora), emp E & T F & Co, h 13 Mt Vernon
Dubuque Dell L (Delia), emp E & T F & Co, h 13 Mt Vernon
" Marion C, teacher, r 13 Mt Vernon
" Virginia D, student, r 13 Mt Vernon
Duby Henry (Alice), waiter 119 Main, h 33 St Mary
Ducharme Euliss (Genevieve), lab, h 75 Portland
Duclos Abraham (Emma), emp St I Gas Co, h 17 St Mary
" Albert (Mary), lab, h 71 Main
" Eugene L (Doris), auto mech, h 17 High
" Odelle, wid Ledger, h 12 Oak
Dudley Carl E (Mabel F), foreman T S G & E Co, h 9 Bagley
Duffett Harriett, r 7 Cherry
Duffy Avis Mrs, emp Palmer Bros, h 1 Portland
" Clifford B (Edna), lab, h 36 Cliff
Dugar Burt (Edith W), h 10 Pine
Duguay Herbert (Jessie W), lab, h 30 Eastern av
" Joseph W (Eva B), lab, h 45 Pearl
" Margaret G, r 43 Pearl
Maurice, student, r 43 Pearl
Dumas Alcide, emp E & T F.& Co, r 55 Pearl
" Bella, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 55 Pearl
" Edmond J (Edith E), meat cutter, r 55 Pearl
" Exelia, wid Napoleon, h 71 Railroad
" Maud, wid Joseph, h 55 Pearl
" Oaey J (Mary J), emp E & T F & Co, h 25 St Mary
" Paul E, emp New Avenue Hotel, r 71 Railroad
Dumont Evangeline M, student, r 12 Clarks av
" Theodule G (Regina M), blacksmith 186 Railroad, h 12 Clarks av
" William A, salesman, r 16 Main
Dunbar H Guy, prop Dunbar's Orchestra and music teacher 147 Railroad, h do
" Mary Mrs, r 147 Railroad
Dunbar's Orchestra, H Guy Dunbar prop, 147 Railroad
Duncan Charles, emp 15 Portland, r 127 Railroad
Dunham William C (Lena B), emp Swift & Co, h 3 Belvidere
Dunn John D, farmhand, r Mrs E S Buswell, S Main, R D 2
" Marcel P, clk, r 154 Railroad
Duperon---see Parro
Duperron Edward, r 29 Maple
" Isaac (Adeline), teamster village, h 29 Maple
" Parmelia, r 29 Maple
Durand Arinand, farmhand, r 33 Hastings
" Fred (Louise), lab, h 33 Hastings
Durfee William C (Dorothy L), elec, h 63 Pearl
Dussault Albert P, truck driver, r 80 Portland
" Amanda M, r 88 Portland
" Emile N (Alphonsine M), truck driver, h 88 Portland
" Margaret F, student, r 88 Portland
" Walter F, truck driver, r 88 Portland
Dustin Chelis R (Lucy A), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Hastings
Dutchy'e Cafe, Walter J Schultz prop, 32 Eastern av
Dutil Archille J, carpenter, h 5 Bagley
" Archille J Jr (Rose), emp E & T F & Co, h 1 Bagley
" Rose (Mrs Archille J Jr), prop Dutil's Beauty Parlor, h Bagley
Dutil's Beauty Parlor, Mrs Rose Dutil prop, 1 Bagley
Dutile Jules (Bertha), prop North End Market, h 23 Concord av
Dutton Harold, emp Waterbury, r 4 Deer
DUVAL DAVH) J (Leona) painter and paperhanger 5 Allen ct, h do, see back cover
" Frances Mrs, h 5 1/2 Bagley
" Frank, lab, r 5 Allen ct
Duval Harrison B (Alberta N), lab, h: 67 Eastern av
Dvryer Alice S, hskpr St Aloysius Rectory, r do
" Dorothy G, sten C H Goss Co, r 18 Main
" John W Rev, rector St Aloysius Catholic Church, h 86 Main
" Leslie I (Anna), truck driver, h 11 Mt Vernon
Dyke Charles H, h River ext
EAGER ERNEST H (Marion M), janitor St J Academy, h 14 Pearl
East End Market, Alexis E Clouatre prop, meat market 80 Concord av
" St Johnsbury Congregational Church, Rev William Millard pastor, Sunday services 10:45 am and 7:15 p m, Sunday School 12:00 m, East St Johnsbury
Easter Floyd (Edith), attdt Portland St Filling Station, h 19 Caledonia
Eastman Albert E, r Fire Station
" Alfred, emp N E T & T Co, r 18 Central
" Beulah F, clk W B Eastman, r 4 Frost av
" Earl O (Kathleen A), lathe opr, r 4 Orient
" Harold D (Emma), foreman C H Goss Co, h 6 Oak
EASTMAN HOWARD C mgr Log Cabin Service Station, h 53 Spring
" Madeline O Mrs, sec Charles Millar & Son Co, r 8 Clinton av
" Neva A, student, r 6 Oak
" Sidney, r 17 Maple
EASTMAN WELCOME B (Carrie F), druggist 36-38 Eastern av, h 4 Frost at, bus phone 616, res phone 545, see p 247
Eddy Bernice B, wid Edmund, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Orchard
" Maurice L, emp E & T F & Co, h 18 Orchard
Ed's Cafe, Edmond H Brunelle prop, 119 Railroad
EDSON GEORGE L pres C H and George H Cross (Inc), re3 Montpelier, Vt
Eggleston John E (Jessie M), bridge builder B & M R R h 14 Pearl
Elias Stephen, billiards 12 Eastern av, res Waterbury
Elliot-see Elliott
Elliott Charles A (Sarah B), gate tender C P R R, h 8 Clayton
" Edna G, clk McLellan's, r 120 Railroad
" Eva M Mrs, h 120 Railroad
" Fred N (Clara), emp C H & G H Cross, h 24 Clarks av
" Harold R, r 164 Railroad
" Leta E, emp 93 Railroad, r 120 do
" Lyman J (Edna M), emp E & T F & Co, h 26 Railroad
" Ora, signalman C P R R, r 164 Raih-oad
" Selina A Mrs, h 164 Railroad
" Waldo F, const wkr, r 120 Railroad
Ellis Gladys (Mrs Theodore M), emp Bernier Beauty Parlor h off Federal
" Helen, sten Prud Ins Co, r 54 Eastern av
" Henry W (Mabel M), retired, h 4 Church 2).
" Theodore M (Gladys), emp. 63 Railroad, h off Federal
" Winifred G, instr St Johnsbury Academy, r 80 Main
Elms The, Lillian M Abbott prop, rooms 5 Park
Ely Caroline D, asst St Johnsbury Athenaeum, h 9 Church
" Luther E (Marion), lab, r W H Oliver
Emerson Delia C, wid John W, h 2 Prospect ay
Emery Annie B Mrs, emp Palmer Bros, h 99 Railroad
" Charles G (Hazel L), lab, h 43 Concord av
" Hiram S (Lizzie B), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Duke
Emmons Arthur F (Pauline L), emp E & T F & Co, h 24 Mt Vernon .
" Frank C (Clara), retired, h 3 High
" Henry V, emp Montpelier, r 3 High
" Horace F (Isabelle R), pressman Caledonia Record, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Janet, clk WT Grant Co, r 24 Mt Vernon
" Lena B, hskpr 30 North av, r do
" Rita I, phone opr N E T & T Co, r 3 High
" Susie, r 69 Main
Emond Clara S, wid John L, h 31 Pine
" Cyrilda B, student, r 31 Pine
" Joseph A, emp E & T F & Co, r 29 Pine
" Ronald, farmhand, r 29 Pine
" Zeoa, wid Frederick, h 29 Pine
Endicott Johnson Co (Merit Shoe C»), 75 Railroad
Ennis Avi G, emp C P R R, r 21 Eastern av
Estabrooks Maud S, h 22 North av
" Ray H (Laura), supt 131 C C C Camp, h 2 Warren av
" John, emp E & T F & Co, h 39 Eastman
Estes Margaret Audrey, teacher St J Academy, r "Brantview"
Evans Moody H, retired, r 29 Lafayette
Everest Winifred Mrs, h 20 Central
Evergreens The, Michael Flaherty prop, rooms 173 Railroad
FADDEN EUGENE E (Gertrude L), emp St J & L C R R, h 22 Church
Fahy Kathleen O, r 5 South
FAIRBANKS CORNELIA T librarian St Johnsbury Athenaeum and Library, h 6 Park
" E & T & Company, scale mfrs 34 Western av, pres, Percy C Brooks; v-pres, Charles H Morse, sec-treas, Fred C Beck; gen mgr, A B Jacobus
" Fannie R, wid George, r 11 Belvidere
FAIRBANKS JOSEPH (Luella M), lawyer Washington, D C and pres St Johnsbury Academy, res Washington, D C
" Lona A Mrs, r 8 Barker av
" Museum of Natural Science, Mabel A Shields curator, 81-83 Main
" Ruthy P, wid Henry, h 12 1/2 Western av
" Wesley M (Mary), driver Swift & Co, h 42 Spring
Fair Grounds, S Main Fair Ground Hill
" Ground Gardens, Lyster Morton prop, florists S Main, R D 2
Faire David W (Nona E), mgr Cray's Theatre; h 56 Railroad
Fales Beatrice M, r 86 Portland
" David W (Alice R), frt loader C P R R, h 86 Portland
" Glenn E (Maud), shed foreman C P R R, h 49 Caledonia
Faneuf---see Phaneuf
Farmer Edward B (Clara M), teacher St Johnsbury Academy, -b 20 Main
FARMER FRANK E (Lula B), v-pres Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co and physician and surgeon 20 Main, h do
" Howard H, student, r 20 Main
" Ruth, teacher Summer St School, r 20 Main
Famham Bert A (Inda M), h 26 Lafayette
" John, mill opr, r 17 Summer
" L Dow, lab, r 8 Pearl
Farr Charles L (Pearl B), emp E & T F & Co, h 42 Maple
" Collin J, clk Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, r 104 Main
" Maggie B, wid George W, h S Main, RD 2
" W Stuart, public accountant 59 Main, r 104 do
" Walter G, emp E & T F & Co, r Mrs Maggie B Farr
FARR WILBUR J (Edith M), treas Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 104 Main
" Wilbur W (Julia R), h St J Ctr
Farrell Lizzie E wid Patrick, r 35 Concord av
Farrow Harold A, chef St J House, h 7 Pearl
Fassett Carrie F, wid Charles, h 21 Winter
Faucher Amanda M, wid Charles, h 4 off River,
" Joseph N, patrolman St J P D, r 4 off River
" Mary, r 4 off River
Faufaw Clinton R (Bertha M), mech Devereaux Motor Co, h 113 K Concord av
Fay Arthur G (Mabel E), painter 5 Jones, h do
" Gerald L, driver Palmer Bros, r 5 Jones
" Stanley R, guardman T S G & E Co, r 5 Jones
Pelch George C, piano tuner 5 Cherry, h do
Fenoff Charline, janitor Bible Hill School, r R D 4
Ferlazo Dorothy E Mrs, h 21 1/2 Pearl
" Richard E, student, r 23 1/2 Pearl
Fernandez Consuelo J, r 34 Mt Vernon
Ferrin Anna T, h 89 Main (2)
Ferris Clarence, trucking 23 Caledonia, h do
Fields Adelore (Lena), emp Cross Bakery, h 55 Pearl
" Albert, auto mech, r 124 Railroad
" Delbs, baker C H & G H Cross, res inq do
" Fred L, blacksmith 5 Caledonia, r do
Fields Napoleon (Celia M), retired, h 1 Cross
Filgate Annette M, clk Dollar Cleaners, r 136 Railroad
Filhon Allan (Mary), steam eng, h 25 Maple
Fillmore Marion, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Finn John E (Delia), lab, h 12 Lafayette
Fmnegan Rupert (Charlotte), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Caledonia
Firestone Isadore (Jennie), ins agt Prudential Iris Co, h off Federal
First Church of Christ Scientist, Sunday services 10:45 a m, mid week service 7:30 p m, Main c Prospect
" Congregational Church, pastor supplied, Sunday services 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m, Sunday School, 11:45 a m
" National Bank, pres Homer E Smith, cashier R A Pearl, 37 Main
" National Stores Inc, grocers, Harold O Page, mgr 105 Portland, Chfiord J Smith mgr, 123 Railroad; James E Ryan, meat dept mgr; Julian Richards, mgr groc dept 66-68 Railroad
" National Stores, Vincent G White mgr, grocers 53A Main
Fish---see Poisson
Fisher Edward D (May), retired, h 55 Spring
" Floyd E (Imogene), lab,.r 41 Maple
" Francis E (Marion), truck driver, h 74 Portland
" Helen Mrs, bskpr 135 Railroad, r do
" Leon E (Caroline), h 41 Maple
" Nettie, wid Joel H, prac nurse, h 8 Church
" Theodore, emp St J Trucking Co, r 41 Maple
" Theophilus C (Mary J), watchman E & T F & Co, h 71 Main
Fisk Howard T.J, clk 13 Eastern av, r 54 Main
" Mabel G, clk First Nat Bank, r 4 Church (28)
" Robert S (Jessie), sealer E & T F & Co, h 54 Main
Fitch Hazel W (Mrs Perry), beauty parlor 124 Railroad, h do
" Marion M, asst Dr W B Fitch, r 100 Main
" Perry M, r 100 Main
" Perry M (Hazel), h 124 Railroad
" Willis B (Marion M), physician and surgeon 122 Railroad and prop Hotel Moore, h 100 Main
" Wilmer H Jr (Edith H), dentist 122 Railroad, h 15 Boynton av
Fitzgerald Arthur M (Mary A), mech C H Goss Co, h 43 Caledonia
" James, janitor St Aloysius Church and Rectory, r 86 Main
" William J (Florence), h 3 Almshouse rd
Fitzpatrick Lyle P (Susan O), mach, h 1 Harvey
Fitzsimons Norton T (Helen M), motor vehicle insp State, h 46 Spring
Flaherty Michael H (Pauline), prop The Evergreens and conf 173 Railroad, h do
Flanders Adelbert C (Emily M), coml artist, h 6 Prospect av
" David W (Sarah J), retired, h 6 Prospect av
" Harry (Carrie), emp N E T & T Co, r 33 Eastern av
Flannery Daniel, emp Cary's Maple Sugar Co, r 7 Assisqua
Fleck Ida Mrs, hskpr R H Paine, r do
Fleming Doris (Mrs S Bert), r 8 Charles
" Gordon E (Doris H), emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Howard R, r Mrs Jessie Fleming
' Isaac J (Emma E), foreman E & T F & Co, h 20 Orchard
Jessie, wid Mathew, milk dealer Crow Hill, R D 2, h do
' Mattie L, wid Samuel V, h 86 Eastern av
' Norman J (Mila I), emp E & T F & Co, h 20 Orchard
' Ollie, r 17 Main
" Rachel, wid Mathew, r 20 Orchard
Fletcher Beulah C, r 99 Main
" Philip A (Sophie M), retired, h 99 Main
" Sidney W, specialty salesman, h 35 Concord av
Flint Bros, Raymond W Flint prop, druggists 55 Main
" Frederick A (Adine L), sheriff Caledonia County Jail, h 15 Cherry
" Isaac B (Mary), frt cond St J & L C R R, h 7 Jones
" Lona M (Mrs Bernard H), clk Hovey & Chandler, res Lyndon Ctr
" Mabel S, wid Charles C, h 87 Summer
" Raymond W, prop Flint Bros, r 87 Summer
Flood Alvan S (Allena B), emp Converse Sales & Service, h 24 Mt Pleasant
" Dwight S, student, r 26 Mt Pleasant
Floyd's Dress Shop, Floyd W Holmes mgr, 73 Eastern av
Flynn James E (Bessie T), emp E & T F & Co, h 73 Pearl
" John F (Elizabeth K), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Mt Pleasant
" Katherine E, bkpr A S Juneau, h 7 Spruce
" Mary. A, r 7 Spruce
Foan Fred C Jr, student, r 12 Webster
" Mabel P, wid Fred C, h 12 Webster
Foley Elias T, com trav, r 48 Summer
Follansbee Frederick L (Katherine), sec French & Bean Co, h 80 Main
" Katherine C, music teacher 80 Main, r do
" Robert B, emp Forestry dept N H, r 80 Main
Folsom James I, retired, r 10 Mt Pleasant
" Vera M, hskpr 29 Maple, r do
Fontaine Homer, const wkr, r 43 Maple
Forbes Emily J, wid John M, h 10 Prospect av
Forcier Delphis J, (Viola E), emp E T & H K Ide Co, h 4 Elm
Ford Blanche W, wid Howard A, h 134 Main
" Harry W (Matilda), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 8 Charles
" John W, bkpr C H Goss Co, r 114 Main
" Josie L, wid L Wallace, h E St Johnsbury
" Mabel, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r 10 Winter
" McCoy P (Dorothy A), lab, h E St Johnsbury
" Sophronia G, clk T S G & E Co, r 13 Belvidere
" Wendell B (Irene), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 8 Charles
Forsythe William M, emp E & T F & Co, r 16 Main
Fortier Joseph M, carp, h 114 Railroad
Fortin Alphonsine, wid Joseph, h 43 Maple
" Hermel, r J R Fortin
" Homer F, emp St J Hat Works, r 43 Maple
" Loraine C, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 43 Maple
" Lydia, wid Joseph R, h Centre rd
" Marie J, clk Boston Store, r J R Fortin
" Rodolphe R, plumber, r J R Fortin
Foshey Maude G Mrs, hskpr R E Lowery, r 39 1/2 Pleasant
Foster Frank, farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Luther E, plumber, h 1 Elliott .
Foumier Alfred J (Angelina), emp E & T F& Co, h Center rd
" Alphonse, mason, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Beatrice, r A Fournier, Danville rd, R D 3
" Delma C, student, r 21 Mt Vernon
" Elodia A, r 23 North av
" Emma, wid Thomas A, h 3 Prospect
" Eugene R Rev, priest Littleton, N H, r 23 North av
" George, farmer, r A Fournier, Danville rd, R D 3
" Joseph, emp C P R R, r A Fournier, Danville rd, R D 3
" Joseph B (Rosana), molder E & T F & Co, h 21 Mt Vernon
" Norman, r 3 Prospect
" Olliver, student, r 23 North av
" Raymond A, student, r 21 Mt Vernon
" Richard T (Annie M), janitor C P R R depot, h 23 North av
Fox Carroll H (Julia H), traffic mgr E & T F & Co, h 54 Summer
" Dennis W (Anna S); sawyer Skinner Lumber Co, h 2 Drouin
" Eva C, wid Albert S, dom, h 19 Portland
" Warren D, lumber wkr, r 2 Drouin
Foy Mary, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Foye James M, carp and builder 21 Summer, h do
" Martin J carp 21 Summer, r do
Franklin Gertrude M, h 5-7 Summer
" Harold Earl (Eva H), com trav, h 5 Mt Pleasant
Frechette Bernard A (Mildred E), clk, r 77 1/2 Summer
" David S (Melina), h 77 1/2 Summer
" Lucille V, clk Alberts Dept Store, r 77 1/2 Summer
Fredette Joseph (Evelyn), h River ext
" Rosanna, wid Max, r River rd
Freeman Cora E Mrs, h 10 Pleasant
" Ellsworth T (Edith), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 School
" Warren A, upholsterer 2 Bay, r 2 Buzzell ct
French Charles P (Elsie M), retired, h 18 Pearl,
" Edward R (Marion M), salesman French & Bean Co, r 34 Spring
" Etta W Mrs, r 6 Union
" Harold O, clk E & T F & Co, r 20 Summer
" Robert E (Caroline), pres French & Bean Co and v-pres and dir First National Bank, h 80 Summer
" & Bean Co, pres, Robert E French; sec, Fred L Follansbee; treas, Mildred H Smith, wholesale grocers 25 Railroad
Friend Daniel S (Josephine M), h 61 Pearl
" Eleanor M, student, r 61 Pearl
Frisbee Franklin S (Gladys R), patent attorney E P T Fairbanks & Co. h 4 Church (52)
FRIZZELL CLIFFORD H (Emma G), painting contractor 4 Elm, h do, see p 234
" David, retired, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Ernest E (Rosie D), painter, h 67 Pearl
" Fred L, carp and builder Danville rd, R D 3, r D Frizzell do
" Rose (Mrs Ernest E), emp Avenue Coffee Shop, r 67 Pearl
Frost Harriet E, wid Percy, nurse 53 Summer, h do
Frye Esther, bkpr Morrill & Hawkinson, h 73 Portland
FRYE G CLINTON lawyer Court House and county clerk and mgr The Merchant's Collection Agency, h 7 Mt Pleasant, phone 264-W
Fulford Lulu M, h 21 Eastern av
Fuller Beraice H (Mrs Clyde E), private kindergarten 21 Spring, h do
" Clyde E (Bernice H), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 21 Spring
" Eleanor L, teacher Portland St School, r 21 Spring
" Elizabeth A, clk and proof reader C Record Pub Co, t 21 Spring
" Henry H, student, r 21 Spring
" Margaret H, sten P Miller, r 21 Spring
" Ruth, nurse Brightlopk-Hosp, r do
" William W (Gertrude B), lab, r 2 Harrison av
Furse Herbert L, student, r 35 Western av
" Herbert W (Mary E), pur agt E & T F & Co, h 35 Western av
G A R CHAMBERLIN POST No 1, W T Reed com; M H Evans S V C; Alice Parker, acting adjutant. Meets at G A R Hall 1st and 3rd Sat
G A R Hall, 65 Railroad
G A R Relief Corps No 4, pres, Mrs Annie Davis; chaplain, Mrs Mary Whiting; see, Olive Brown; treas, Beulah Brickett; patriotic instr, Mabel Fay. Meets 1st and 3rd Thurs GAR Hall
Gabarioult Luciene, maid 12 Prospect, r do
Gadapee Charles (Florence M), emp E & T F & Co, h 40 Portland
" Florence M (Mrs Charles), clk 97 Railroad, h 40 Portland
" Francis (Olive E), barber, h 29 Summer
" Kenneth E (Nellie M), emp Mary Maple Syrup Co, h 23J3 Pearl
" Leonard E (Pearl R), watchman Caledonia Mills, h 135 Railroad
" Lysle W, r 40 Portland
" Nellie M (Mrs Kenneth E), opr.N E T & T Co, h 23 1/2 Pearl
" Olive E (Mrs Francis), lino opr Cal-Record, h 29 Summer
" Robert A, milk insp N E M P A, r 30 Pearl
" Ronald A, emp U S Dept of Agri, r 30 Pearl
" William (Katherine), emp E & T F & Co, h 30 Pearl
Gadley Annie R (Mrs David O), packer C H & G H Cross, h 17 Emerson
" Benjamin L (Phebe J), retired, h 20 Spring
" David O (Annie R), h 17 Emerson
Gadue Robert, undertaker A S Juneau, r 24 Central
Gaffney A Bruce, r 6 Prosp ct
" Arthur B (Rachel I), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Prospect
" Clarence E (Ann M), frt tructor C P R R, r 6 Prospect
" Jeannette P Mrs, r 35 North av
" Raymond E, emp St J & L CR R, r 6 Prospect
Gage Audrey B (Mrs Donald R), music teacher 6 Church, h do
" Carrie, wid Elbert E, h 4 Church (20)
" Donald R (Audrey B), school of music (vocal and piano), 6 Church, h do
" Eugene, emp Metropolitan Life Ins Co, r 1 Orient
" William A chiropractor 42 Eastern av, h 1 Orient
Gagne Fernand, emp Willoughby Diner, r 10 Hastings
" Mary Rose Mrs, h 10 Hastings.
Gagne Philip J, emp Willoughby Diner, r 10 Hastings
Gagner Alice I, r 9 St Mary
" George J (Anna), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 North av
" Lawrence, waiter Ed's Cafe, r 9 St Mary
" Marguerite A, r 14 North av
" Norman R (Elosia M), emp E & T P & Co, h 20 St Mary
" Rose, wid Cyrille P, h St Mary
Gagnon Alfred L (Cordelia O) barber 12 Portland, h 2 Costa av
" Horace (Alexandria), driver St Johnsbury Trucking Co, h 10 Elm
Galbraith A Elizabeth, r 17 Spring
" Albert E, lumberman, h 1 School
" George T, ry postal elk, h 17 Spring
" John S (Alice W), retired, h 118 Main
" Marion A, student, r 118 Main
Gale Bessie B, wid John N, h 4 School
Gallagher Daniel W (Mabel B), insp E & T F & Co, h 37 Cliff
" Elbert T, lawyer N Y City, r 37 Cliff
" Jennie M, r 1 Cherry
Gallup Dyer D (Susie A), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Hastings
Gammell Frank E, lab, r River ext
" John A (Lorraine), lab, h River
Gannon Lewis A (Phyllis B), gen store and postmaster E St Johnsbury, h do
Garand Albert J (Hazel I), farmhand, h 1 Brown's ct
" Raymond, truck driver, r 38 Maple
" Samuel A (Marie), trucking 38 Maple, h do
Garde Mabel G Mrs, sten F W Kelley, r 16 Main
Gardner Bert L (Blanche J), car repairman C P R R, h St J Ctr
Garfield Edson E (Florence E), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Lafayette
" Lucius E (Reta C), clk 75 Main, h 65 Eastern av
" Stanley F (Ruth I), mgr N H Acceptance Corp, h 11 Cliff
Garvin Austin (Madeline F), r 3 Cherry
" Madeline F (Mrs Austin), linotype opr Caledonia Record, r 3 Cherry
GATES MARY I MRS v-pres E T & H K Ide, h 10 Park
" Ruth A, hskpr 110 Main, r do
Gaudette Joseph (Marion), laborer, h 46 1/2 Railroad
Gaudreau Victor (Dorothy), emp E & T F & Co, h 52 Spring
" Victoria Mrs, r 6 Almshouse rd
Gaughtem Alton G, inspector E & T F & Co, h 21 Clarks av
Gauthier Albert R (Doris), collector Montgomery Ward Co, h 13 St Mary
GAUTHIER ALPHONSE E (Bertha D), prop Gauthier's Pharmacy, h 14 Spring
" Matilda, wid Joseph A, h 194 Railroad
" Vina, r 194 Railroad
" Vina E, maid 7 Mt Pleasant, r do
GAUTHIER'S PHARMACY Alphonse E Gauthier prop, 70 Railroad, see front cover
Gauvin Ernest (Veronique), sec hand C P R R, h 20 Elm
Gay---see Guay
Gelinas Juliette, emp Palmer Bros, Laundry, r 16 Elm
" Thomas (Aldea), emp E & T F & Co, h 49 Main
George Luella Mrs, hskpr 12 1/2 Western av, r do
Gero Douglas E, washman Palmer Bros, r 78 Summer
" Harold L (Charlotte L), emp E & T F & Co, h 38 Cliff
" John L, r 38 Cliff
" Marguerite I, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 78 Summer
" Scott A, salesman, r 78 Summer
" William H (Pearl D), h 18 Central
Gervais Edward J (Marjorie), lab, r 7 Harvey
" Herbert H (Dorothy M), shipping clerk Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 155 Portland
" Irene (Mrs Ovila N), emp Palmer Bros, h 156 Railroad
" Marie, wid Napoleon, h 7 Harvey
" Ovila N (Irene), driver Palmer Bros. Laundry, h 156 Railroad
Gibbons Norman H (Ethel), carp, h 53 Caledonia
Gibbs Dorothy, hskpr 3 Prospect av, r do
" Ethel M, r 6 Alaishouse rd
" Euranie M Mrs, r 6 Almshouse rd
Gibson Daniel J (Ruth H), painter, h 16 Cross
" Etta M, wid William M, r 2 Prospect av
Gibson Jesse H (Florence), emp Dolgin's Auto Parts, r 2 Prospect av
" Joseph, plumber C H Goss Co, h 5 State
" Mary, r 22 Church
" W Joseph, h 2 Prospect av
" William M (Mary), dist highway comm office rear 17 Western av, r N Danville
Giguere Harry A (Alexandria), emp E & T F & Co, r 1 High
" Joseph H (Sarah), emp E & T F & Co, h 1 High
" Leo S, musician, r 1 High
" Raymond C, musician, r 1 High
" Yvonne M, dom, r 1 High
Gilbert Allan G, emp C H & G H Cross Inc, res Barnet
" Lawrence E (Martha N), emp E & T F & Co, h 69 Main
" Maude E, wid Amassa G, r 147 Railroad
Gile Ellen H, wid Noah F, r 69 Summer
Gillander Robert M (Florence M), woodwkr E & T F & Co, h 4 Clayton av
GILMAN BROTHERS (Daniel T and Lindol H Gilman and John B Brodien), real estate, live stock and hay Western av, see top margins
GILMAN BROS GARAGE Paul W Gilman prop, automobile storage and trucking 127 Railroad, see top margins
" Cecil (Olive), lab, h 29 Maple
GILMAN DANIEL T (Nellie B), (Gilman Bros), h 64 Eastern av
GILMAN LINDOL H (Gertrude E), (Gilman Bros), h 66 Eastern av
" Myles S (Etta H), printer Cowles Press, h 5 Charles
GILMAN PAUL W (F Carlotta), prop Gilman Bros Garage and dist American Oil Co, h 129 Railroad
" Sallie R, wid Frederick D, h 129 Railroad
Gilson Fred C (Winnie M), com trav, h 64 Portland
" May, wid Alvah, hskpr 31 Mt Pleasant, r do
Gingras Isaac, emp E & T F & Co, h 175 Railroad
" Pierre (Marie), emp E & T F & Co, h 49 Main
Girl Scouts Inc, Mrs Edith H Twombly director. Meets evertday except Sunday for recreation at 7 Cherry
Girls' Community League, pres, Mrs Arthur G Sprague; sec, Mrs Agnes T Hafner; treas, Mrs H W Blodgett, girl scout headquarters and recreation club 7 Cherry
Giroux Laurent L, painter, r 18 Elm
" Rosalie, wid Elie, h 18 Elm
Givoni Marian, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Gleason A H & Co (Arthur H Gleason and Ray P Bailey), groceries, meats and provisions 46 Main
" Arthur H (Lillian E), (A H Gleason & Co), h 44 Summer
" Emma Mrs, r 54 Railroad
Glen The, John A Donley prop, gas, oil and refreshments Railroad c Hastings
Glynn Mary A, wid James, h 2 Prospect av
Gochie George E (Edna M), pensioner, h Danville rd, R D 3
Goddard Merrill, r Town Farm
Godin Joseph (Marieanne), lab, h 55 Eastern av
Goldberg Israel (Cecelia), (Goldberg's Auto Service), h 5 Russell
" Max (Goldberg's Auto Service), r 131 Portland
" Philip (Eva), junk dealer 131 Portland, h do
Goldberg's Auto Service (Max and Israel Goldberg), gasoline and auto accessories 121 Portland
Goldstein Arnold L, r 111 Portland
" Barney (Minnie), emp Dolgin's Service Station, h 111 Portland
Gonneville George A (Anne L), agt Ry Ex Agency, h Undercliff rd
Goodall Charles F (Margaret), standard adjuster E & T F & Go, h 6 Autumn
Goodenough Warner W, farmer, h St J Ctr .
Goodreaw Victoria Mrs, r 6 Almshouse rd
Goodrich Genevieve, prin Arlington School, r 2 Emerson
" Julia E, wid Henry J, h 10 Harrison av
GOODRICH STORE INC plumbing, heating, sheet metal work, hardware, paint etc 109 Railroad, pres, Percy W Bragg; v-pres, Mary Louise Baright; treas, Helen B Bragg, see p 234
Goodsell Archie L (Emma F), carpenter, h 17 Mt Vernon
Goodwin George (Phoebe), lab, h E St Johnsbury
Gorham Augusta M, h 17 Church
Gorham John D (Muriel S), emp E & T P & Co, h 14 Church
" Joseph (Sarah A), retired, r 14 Church
" Roy A (Vera), emp T S G & E Co, h 139 Railroad
" William, r 14 Church
Goslant John B (Rose), h 123 Main
Goss Amelia, wid Ezra, r 7 Pearl
GOSS C H COMPANY THE Packard, Dodge and Plymouth motor cars and Dodge Bros trucks, sales and service, plumbing and heating 17-19 Central, phone 330, pres-treas, Charles H Goss; v-pres, Jonas H Brooks; asst mgr, John W Tann, see front cover
" Caroline L, sten Met Ins Co, r 8 Pearl
GOSS CHARLES E prop Railroad Street Service Station, res Wilder
GOSS CHARLES H (Mary L), pres-treas C H Goss Co, h 10 Highland av
" Dorothy L, bkpr C H Goss Co, r 125 Portland
" Elizabeth, wid Edward J, r 36 Cliff
" Prank H (Mabel E), carpenter, h 124 Concord av
" Harold G, r 124 Concord av
" Harry, clk 52 Portland, r 8 Pearl
" Horace P (Alberta A), plumbing foreman C H Goss Co, h 125 Portland
" Leonard C (Charlotte S), milk dealer St J Ctr, h do
" Leonard F (Marion M), auto repairing 8 Pearl, h do
" Martha, wid William, h 125 Portland
" Thelma E, r 124 Concord av
" Willard, r 55 Eastern av
" Winnie B, wid Ulysses G, h St J Ctr
Gosselin Agathe, emp Cambridge, Mass, r 3 Prospect
" Donald (Millicent), blacksmith C P R R, h St J Ctr
" Francis, emp Cray's Garage, r 3 Prospect
" George A (Albertine), mach opr E & T F & Co, h 28 Clarks av
" Georgianria, wid Luger, h 3 Prospect
" Maurice, r D Gosselin
Gould Veda, r 26 Boynton av
Govo Glendon A, salesman Walker & Brock, r 165 Railroad
Goyet Edmond J (Exilia E), emp E & T F & Co, h 33 Concord av
" Isidore W, r 33 Concord av
" Medora J, r 33 Concord av
" ---see Guyer. Goyette
Goyette---see Goyet, Guyer
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Thomas R Burns pastor, 11 Central, Sunday services 10:30 a m and 7 pm, Sunday School 12 m, Mid-week services Wed 7:30 p m
" Teresa M, teacher Summer St School, h 31 Slimmer
Gracey Mary B, wid John C, h 33 Church
Grady Ferdinand W (Florence L), mach E & T F & Co, b 36 Mt Pleasant
" Gardner (Caroline), milk dealer S Main, R D 2, h do
" James A (Mabel D), mach E & T F & Co, h 9 School
" John L (Wilhelmina), emp Gardner Grady, r do
Graham Bertha, wid Sherman R, emp Harvey's Music Parlors, h 4 Cross.
" Gertrude F (Wilfred Beauty Shoppe), h 21 Eastern av
Granger Earl C, r 6 Brook
" Frank B Jr (Laura E), welder E & T F & Co, h 5 Hastings
" Henry, salesman, r 24 Central
Grant Arthur E (Phebe S), farmer, r H C Spaulding
" Blanche P, wid Errol C, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Edwin; E (Amelia C), clergyman and farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" John H (Marguerite), farmhand, r Mrs Blanche P Grant, Crow Hill, RD2
GRANT LAWRENCE L (Mary W) electrical contractor, supplies, fixtures, etc 95 Eastern av, h 11 South, see p 233
" Mary W (Mrs Lawrence L), sten 65 Railroad, b 11 South
" Perley H (Edna), h Water, St J Ctr
" Richard, truck driver, r 120 Railroad
" Viola Mrs, r P H Grant
" W T Co, Ernest E O'Connor, mgr 84 Railroad .
GRAPES DAVID I pres Corner Garage Inc, res Lyndonville
" Florence, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Forrest I (Margaret), salesman Corner Garage, res Lyndonville
Graveiin Elmer F, truck driver, h 5 Elm
GRAVES ARTHUR L (Margaret M), (Searles & Graves), h 61 Pleasant
" Edmund S, student, r 61 Pleasant
" Helen L, h St J Ctr
" Martha M, wid William A, h 41 Lafayette
Gravitt Pauline Mrs emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h R D 2
Gravlin Fred, emp E & T F & Co, h 14 1/2 Maple
Gray Alba C (Ida M), com trav, h 74 Pleasant
" Bernie, janitor Pierce's Mill School, h Pierce's Mill
" Delia Mrs, emp Maple Cabin, h 18 Central
" Edward A (Maude B), milk pedlar, h 73 Lafayette
" Edwin A (Mary A), farmer, h St J Ctr
" Eunice A, hskpr 7 Bank pi, r do
" Harold (Thelma), emp St J Gas Co, h 147 1/2 Main
" Harry E (Ida J B), prop Summerville Wood Yard, h 19 Harrison av
" Katherine Ide, wid George M, mgr Maple Grove Inn, h 10 Park
GRAY LELAND F (Lillian B), supt Twin State Gas & Electric Co, h 35 Pleasant
" Martha J, wid Don, r 8 Orient
" Olin A (Celestia M), milk pedlar, h 50 Lafayette
" Warren L (Bessie A), farmer, h St J Ctr
" William H (Sadie L), emp E & T F & Co, h 42 Cliff
Green Benjamin P (Marguerite E), painter, h Morris sq
" Kathleen M Mrs, r 97 Eastern av
" Mountain Fruit Market, Joseph Caplan prop, 96 Railroad
" Nellie, wid Charles R, h 4 Green
" William M (Jennie M), r 4 Morris sq
Greene Roy H, r 4 Morris sq
Greenwood Charles A, emp Royal Lunch, r 58 Pearl
" Clifford T (Virginia B), musician, h 82 Concord av
" Elmer J, moulder E. & T F & Co, h 135 Railroad
" Frank W (Agnes E),. forest ranger, h 5 Hastings
" George, messenger Western Union Tel Co, r 5 Hastings
" George A (Delina), prop Royal Lunch, h 58 Pearl
" Homer E, mgr A E Smith, r 5 Hastings
" J Albert (Rose), emp Ry Ex Agency, h 39 Maple
" James L (Nina E), painter, h 61 Pearl
" Julian E, r 39 Maple
" Leo, r 39 Maple
"Oliver A, chauffeur, r 5 Hastings
" ---see Vertbois
Greer George R (Florence), emp E & T F & Co, r C E Hatch
Gregoire---see Gregware
Gregware Albert, lab, r 75 Pearl
" Joseph (Arlene R), retired, h 75 Pearl
Grenier Alphonse P (Eugenie), retired, h 62 Pleasant
" Arthur J (Ruth), emp E & T F & Co, h 167 Railroad
" Bertha, r 62 Pleasant
" Charles A, emp Montreal Canada, r 62 Pleasant
Grey Shoppe The, Mrs Grace Poison prop, ladies ready-to-wear 79 Railroad
Grimes Edwin F (Winnie A), prop Grimes & Somers, h 6 Cross
" & Somers, Edwin F Grimes prop, contractors and builders and dealers in lumber, mason supplies, etc 38 Bay
Griswold Flora R, wid Henry, h E St Johnsbury
" Margery F, r 93 Portland
" May A, wid Charles F, h 93 Portland
Gross Frank (Thelma), emp E & T F & Co, r St J House
" Thelma (Mrs Frank), emp St Johnsbury House, r do
Grout Barton F (Belle G), mach, h E St Johnsbury
Grove Cemetery, Eugene Shastney sexton, E St Johnsbury
Grover Hester, teacher St J Academy, r "Brantview"
Guay---see Gay
Guible Etta Mrs, r 27 Central av
Guild Helen F, librarian and historian Brightlook Hosp, r 41 Summer
Guilmett Peter, canvasser, r 6 Almshouse rd
Guimont Victor, retired, r 152 Railroad
Guldbrandsen George, teacher, r 4 Church (50)
" Gulbrandsen (Mrs), chemist E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (50)
GULF REFINING CO C H Goss Co distributors, 17-19 Central
Gummo Grace, supt Brightlook Hosp, r do
Gustin Homer A, emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Cross
" Viola, hskpr 21 St John, r do
Guy William (Beatrice), carp, h St John
Guyer Adelard M (Irene), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Railroad
" Amie A, emp Gustave Guyer, r 192 Railroad
" Archie J (Delina R), emp C P R R, h 10 Pleasant
" Elizabeth E, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 192 Railroad
" Eva J, wid Alphonse F, h 17 Maple
" Felix, lab, r 138 Portland
" Geneva E, student, r 17 Maple
" Gustave (Ora), trucking 192 Railroad, h do
" J Henry (Grace), mason, h 1 1/2 Brown's ct
" Joseph A (Rose), mason, h 1 1/2 Brown's ct
" Leon, retired, h 10 Pleasant
" Melvena Mrs, emp Willey's Rest, r 65 Eastern av
" Rosalie, wid Frank, h 31 Maple
" Walter H (Glady I), lab, h 138 Portland
" William A, mason, r 1 1/2 Brown's ct
" William H (Minnie), moulder, h 52 Portland
" ---see Goyet, Goyette
Gyles Robert L (Margaret M), mech, h 5 Garden
HACKETT GEORGE H, gas sta attd, r 14 Mt Pleasant
" Lester, elec, r 21 Federal
" Ruth A, r 14 Mt Pleasant
" Williaim E (Cena M), emp C H Goss Co, h 14 Mt Pleasant
Hadley Harlan A (Beatrice), emp E & T F & Go, h 90 Summer
" Vernon H, student, r 90 Summer
Hafner Arthur H (Agnes T), emp E & T F & Co, h 89 Main (1)
Hagan Agnes C, r 3 Hancock
" Beatrice M R, r 3 Hancock
" Bernard J (Eva), lab Village, h 11 River
" George M, student, r 3 Hancock
" James B (Ella H), emp town, h 53 Pleasant
" John O (Mary E), emp Village, h 3 Hancock
" Lillian E, student, r 53 Pleasant
" Mary D, phone opr, r 53 Pleasant
Halcrow Guy A (Edith), janitor Colonial Apartments, h 4 Church (60)
Hale Frank H (Mary E), asst dist mgr John Hancock Life Ins Co, & 1 Spring
" Harry P, retired, r 1 Spring
" Henry, emp E & T F & Co, r 42 Cliff
" Julia, wid Orivs E, h 42 Cliff
" O Dean (Jennie E), clothing dealer 53 Main, h 18 Green
Hall Albert M, einp E & T F & Co, h 157 Railroad
" Alice E, music teacher 6 Park, r do
" Dean A (Ima J), mach, h Water, St J Ctr
" Everett S, bkpr Swift & Co, r 91 Portland
" Franklin, emp C H Goss Co, r 93 # Main
" George (Myra M), trucking St J Ctr, h St J Ctr
" George H (Mary J), emp Maple Grove Candies, h 29 Caledonia
" James A (Winifred), emp E & T F &Co, h 12 Bagley
" Minot A, clk Hotel Moore, r 157 Railroad
" Martha J, h 13 Highland av
" T Wendell, clk Lancaster, N H, r 13 High
" Thomas A (Florence), foreman E & T F & Co, h 13 High
" Vefma C, dom, r 157 Railroad
" Walter C (Annie), mach, h St J Ctr
" William D (Hazel C), emp Walker & Brock, h 55 Portland
" Winona M, student, r 157 Railroad
Hallett Erastus H (Flora B), carp, h 10 Cross
" Mary A Mrs, sum res S J Ctr
Ham Lois, teacher Portland St School, r 8 Orient
Hamburger Philip (Esther), furrier 98 Railroad, h do
Hamilton Elba (Gertrude G), salesman, h 31 Spring
" John E, emp E & T F & Co, h 50 Western av
" Lillian G, nurse 9 Church, r do
Hancock John Life Insurance Co, Frank H Hale asst dist mgr, 83 Eastern av
Handy Gabriel S (Anna), prop St Johnsbury Ice Co, h 43 Lafayette
'' Mary G, emp St J House, r 43 Lafayette
" Natzie G, student, r 43 Lafayette
" Richard G (Mary), emp St J Ice Co, h 19 Elm
" Rose A, r 43 Lafayette
" Samuel G, emp St J Ice Co, r 43 Lafayette
Hanes Gilbert S (Madeline M), h 30 Western av
Hanks Joel E, r 34 Main
" Julian M (Susie K), lab, h 10 Hastings
" Mayhard F, const wkr, r 34 Main
" Ralph K (Vera A), emp E & T F & Co, h 43 Cliff
" Vera A (Mrs Ralph K), nurse, h 43 Cliff
Hansen Annie E, hskpr 5 Spring, r do
'' Clayton F, truck driver A H Gleason & Co, r 97 Eastern av
" Dorothy, r 7 Pearl
'' Mildred Mrs, cook Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Milo A, painter, r 18 Central
" Wallace H, carp, r 97 Eastern av
Harbaugh Calvin A (Iola L), lab, h 24 Portland
Harding Harry, woodsman, h 4 Drouin
" Verna, teacher Arlington School, r 2 Emerson
Hardy Arthur S, emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Green
'' Atwood N (Doris M), truck driver Palmer Bros, h 27 Cliff
" Raymond E (Rebecca R), emp Craft's Trucking Co, h 14 Lafayette
" Wendell W (Mildred), r 22 Green
Harper Method Beauty Shop, Bessie R Warner prop, hairdressing 63 Main
HARRAN NELSON B (Marion M), (Tillotson & Harran), h 29 Perkins
Harriman Beulah A Mrs, h 41 Eastern av
" Helen, h St J Ctr
" Mary H, wid Fred S, h 15 Summer
Harris Frank E (Myra L), (Harris & Turner), h 21 Boynton av
" Fred W, frt checker C P R R, r 46 Railroad
" Lora E Mrs, hairwkr, h 41 Eastern av
" William E (Clara F), janitor. Methodist Church, h 12 Green
" & Turner (Frank E Harris and Rex W Turner), agts Connecticut General Life Ins Co, 65 Railroad
Hart Edwin J (Jeanne A), h 41 Spring
Hartshorn Gertrude, h 56 Railroad
" S Bell, wid L Barnard, h 84 Summer
Hart well Frieda Mrs, r 10 Harrison av
Harvey Anna, teacher, r end of Harvey
" Charles E, sec-treas St J Production Credit Assn, res Barnett
" Clyde F (Edna M), clk frt office C PR R, h 16 Summer
" Ehnore W, student, r 81 Summer
HARVEY LYMAN K (Evelyn B), prop Harvey's Music Parlors, h 34 Pearl
" Marion B Mrs, tailoress 93 Railroad, h do
" Mary, wid Henry, h end of Harvey
" Olive L, student, r 81 Summer
" Ruth; nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Thelma R, r 81 Summer
" Walter C (Rose E), retired, h 20 Pearl
" Wilford C (Etta M), com trav C H & G H Cross, h 20 Pearl
" William E (Ruth E), emp L L Grant, h 81 Sumimer
HARVEY'S MUSIC PARLORS Lyman K Harvey prop, pianos, musical merchandise and radios 43 Eastern av, see p 248
Harwood Frank, h 53 Main
Haskins Alice Cf r 62 Concord av
HASKINS AUGUSTUS S (Alice R), optometrist and manufacturing optician 71 Railroad, h 62 Concord av, phone 597-M, see back cover
" Harlan D, emp Harvey's Music Parlor, r 62 Concord av
" Mildred L, r 62 Concord av
Hason Dorothy A, waitress, 7 Pearl
Hastings Loren V, pres-treas Northern Lumber Co, h 164 Railroad
Hatch Charles E, retired, h Danville rd
" Ralph, stone cutter, r 137 Raihroad
Hawkins Charles W (Doris M), prop St Johnsbury & Montpelier Bus, h 34 Mt Vernon
Hawkinson Arthur W (Edith L), prop Morrill & Hawkinson, h 4 Cary pl
Hawley Guy D (Mabel F), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 8 Liberty
" Richard P (Eldora O), emp E & T F & Co, h 83 Summer
Hayes George F, emp C H & G H Cross, r 57 Pearl
HAYES JEREMIAH J (Marion A), (Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc), h 22 Boynton av
" Marjorie G, waitress Avenue Coffee Shop, r 57 Pearl
" Maude B, wid William, h 57 Pearl
" Pauline E, r 57 Pearl
Hazelton Eva, wid Homer W, h 26 Central
Healey Alice E, student, r 31 Church
" Herman A (Helen A), com trav, h 31 Church
" Martha C, wid Bertram, h 20 Clarks av
Healy Alexander (Arkleys' Novelty Shop), h 2 Pearl
Heath Alice, wid Frank, r 5 Allen ct
" Amelia, student, r Perle M Heath
" Andrew C (Marion E), emp St J Trucking Co, r 151 Railroad
" Doris E (Mrs Floyd C), opr N E T & T Co, h 18 Orchard
" Floyd C (Doris E), emp A F & H Co, h 18 Orchard
" Helene, student, r Perle M Heath
" Lynn G (Celia W), h Center rd
" May E, wid William L, t Sunset Home
" Merle H (Myra A), loco gen foreman St J & L C R R, h 3 Tremont
" Perle M (Mrs), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Robert L (Lydaina L), farmer, h N Danville
" Robert W (Lena E), truck driver, r 100 Railroad
" Willard B, student, r R L Heath
Hedrick Charles W (Marion E), branch mgr Purina Mills, h 34 Central
Hemmingway Edith, r 2 Union
" Glenn (Agnes), h 2 Union
Henault J Charles, emp Henault Press, r 170 Railroad
" John B (Bertha), prop Henault Press, h 170 Railroad
" Joseph A, emp E & T F & Co, r 139 Railroad
" Juliette E, emp 77 Eastern av, r 170 Railroad
" Marie A, prop Henault Novelty Shop, h 139 Railroad
" Novelty Shop, Marie A Henault prop, 77 Eastern av
" Press, John B Henault prop, printers 77 Eastern av
Henderson Alva S, r 8 North av
" David A (Mae V), eng St J & L C R R, h 9 St Mary
" Etta A, wid David A, h 8 North av
" Pearl V, cashier Ry Ex Agency, r 21 Pearl
Heon Albert J (Rosilda), stone cutter, h 175 Railroad
" Alfred J, truck driver, r 175 Railroad
" Arthur L, painter C H Goss Co, h 17 Webster
" Arthur P (Angelina M), emp St J & L C R R, h 35 Maple
" Clara J, wid George, r 17 Webster
" Edward, stonecutter, r 43 Maple
" Marie, wid Napoleon, h 43 Maple
HERBERT PRESTON pres Maple Grove Candies and Cary Maple Sugar Co, r Hotel Moore
Herran---see Harran
Hess Ruth M, wid Rush M, teacher, h 4 Church (39)
Hevey Arthur (Alphonsine), farmer, h E St Johnsbury rd
Hewey Jennie B Mrs, r 39 Pleasant
HEWEY RAY M (Madaline E), sec-treas M W Devereaux Corp, h 39 Pleasant
Heyer Albert S, mach E & T F & Co, r 30 Cliff
" Carl W (Edith E), beam marker E & T F & Co, h 12 Emerson
" Charles A (Matilda L), dept comm G A R, h 30 Cliff
Heywobd Myrtle, wid Frank, h 40 Central
" Wendell F, student, r 40 Central
HIBBERT JAMES (Twin State Typewriter & Office Supply), r 1 Cherry
Hickey George S, plumber 22 Pearl, h do
Hicks Lillian, hskpr 98 Main, r do
Higgins Ellie B, h 86 Summer
" Floyd M (Florence), truck driver Gulf Ref Co, h 165 Railroad
" Harold H (Jane), mgr Corner Garage; h 5 Dundee
Higgins Pearl W Mrs, hskpr 16 Elm, r do
" Vina M, r 17 Maple
High Edith E, sten E & T F & Co, r 38 Western av
" Elsie M, clk McLellan's Stores, r 38 Western av
" Irene E, clk McLellan's Stores, r 38 Western av
" Ruth H, bkpr Hovey & Chandler, r 38 Western av
" William (Ethel M), plumber E & T F & Co, h 38 Western av
Highway Express Inc, 76 Portland, pres-treas, Daniel Zabarsky; sec, Harold Shiro
Hill Alice S Mrs, h 4 Deer av
" Archibald, r 3 Cottage
" Benjamin C (Mary), emp Menut & Parks, h 3 Cottage
" Benjainin L, r 3 Cottage
" James W, emp Municipal Airport, h High byd limits, R D 2
" Karl M, milk dealer 37 Spring, h do
" Wilbur C (Edna), mech, h 10 Ekn
" William M (Stella E), const wkr, h 22 St Mary
Hills Marguerite, teacher St J Academy, r "Brantview"
Hinman Carrie T, wid Jason, asst at Athenaeum, h 2 Spring
HINMAN GEORGE acct E & T Fairbanks & Co, r 2 Spring
" Isabell, dressmkr 33 Main, h do
Hoar Charles E (Emma W), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Union
" Edward W (Marion M), driver S O Co, h 6 Union
" Marjorie R, teacher Barton, r 6 Union
Hodge Loraine G, sten Twin City Typewriter & Office Supply, r Elmer Lewis, S Main, R D 2
Hodgkms Persis C, wid Levi M, r 64 Portland
Hoernle Charles L (Mary), clk E & T F & Co, h 3 Russell av
Holbrook Max 0 (Stella M), battery repairer C H Goss Co, h 21 Federal
Holder Leonard, teacher, r 45 Western av
" Warren J, plumber, h 1 Portland
Holland Donald S (Theresa M), emp C M S Co, h 70 Portland
" Roy C (Jennie), paints and wallpaper 17-19 Portland and undertaker and funeral home 111 Main, h 109 do
Holloway Helen M, student, r 11 Harrison av
" John H (Cora), emp E & T F & Co, h High, R D 2
" William J (S Edith), truck driver, h 11 Harrison av
Holmes Etta A, wid Frank A, r Clarence Colby
" Floyd W (Agnes L), mgr Floyd's Dress Shop, h 9 Clinton av
" George E (M Anna), cook C C C, h 21 Ehn
Home Bakery, Ferdinand J Nadeau prop, 43-45 Pearl
Hood Clement (Gladys), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
" H P & Sons (Inc), creamery, George H Crowe mgr ice cream division, 213 Railroad
Hooker Elmer E (Vera D), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Spring
" Nancy J, wid George W, r 6 Brooks pi
" Reed Co, Morton J Reed prop, gen machine and repair work, 1 Perkins
" Sadie A, nurse, h 4 Brooks pi
Hopper Gordon E, student, r 4 Washington av
" Oscar W (S Bertha), carp, h 4 Washington av
Horsfield Thomas W Rev, pastor Church of Messiah, r 42 Pearl
Horton Charles H, student, r 2 Highland av
" Claire E, dietitian Brightlook Hosp, r dp
Hotel Moore, Willis B Fitch prop; William H Chesley mgr, 141 Railroad
Hough---see Huff
Houghton Darwin A (Bertha J), farmer Danville rd, R D 3, h do
Houston Charles B (Nettie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 27 Pleasant
" Sybil R, wid Bradley, r 18 Spring
Hovey Alice M Mrs, h 26 Green
" Carl D (Bertha A), (Hovey & Chandler), h 23 Spring
" Franklin G, D M D, dentist 33 Main, h 2 Brooks
" Helen L, clk Montpelier, r 23 Spring
" Howard C (Marjorie S), musician, r 1 Orient
" Lilla F, wid Marcus J, h 2 Brooks pl
" Marjorie S (Mrs Howard), hskpr Dr Gage, r 1 Orient
" & Chandler (Samuel A Chandler and Carl D Hovey), dept store 97-99-101 Railroad
Howard Dorothy, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Richard Mrs, janitor Stark School, r R D 4
Howe Charles H (Maude H), jeweler and watchmkr and railroad watch insp 90 Railroad, h 25 Pearl
" George E, optometrist 111 Railroad, r 25 Pearl
" Inez, wid Bert D, grain broker,, h E St- Johnsbury
" Muriel P, emp 90 Railroad, r 25 Pearl
" Raymond, emp Howe's Jewelry Store, r 25 Pearl
Howland Irene, student, r 4 Clarks av
" Wilbur R (Florence), agent John Hancock Ins Co, h 4 Clarks av
Hoye Catherine M, student, r 25 Elm
" Thomas E (Kate), emp town, h 25 Elm
Hoyt Clara B, nurse 54 Eastern av, r do
" Herman E (Elsie), clk P O, h 20 Perkins
" Ned P, reporter, r 2 Pearl
" Ray W (Lura B), const wkr, h 138 Railroad
Hubbard Elizabeth, r 10 Main
" Lillian, waitress St Johnsbury House, r do
" Maurice E (Lewella), in charge U S Fisheries Sta, h N Danville rd, R D 3
Hudon Arthur (Zilda), blacksmith 4 Boomers ct, h 112 Concord av
" Joseph A, emp St Johnsbury House, r 112 Concord av
" Leopold, emp St Johnsbury House, r 112 Concord av
" Roland E, emp St Johnsbury House, r 112 Concord av
Hudson C Ruth, teacher Arlington School, r 8 Orient
" Harold H (Katherine B), driver C H & G H Cross, h 144 Railroad
" Harriet Ella, wid Amasa, r 4 Church (31)
" Ronald, student, r 112 Concord av
Hufi---see Hough
Hughes Archie J, painter, r 157 Railroad
" Ernest C, emp E & T P & Co, h 100 Railroad
Hulburt Hattie, wid Charles, r St J Ctr
Hull Mamie Mrs, hskpr 21 Caledonia, r do
" Marguerite E, r 3 Alinshouse rd
" Rosamond M, r 3 Almshouse rd
Hume Susan B, r 42 Pleasant
HUMPHREY CEDRIC W (Cora), contractor and builder 68 Pleasant, h 38 do, see back cover
" Earle C (Hazel D); clk Browns Cigar Store, h 37 Pleasant
" Frank E (Mabel), prop Humphrey's Quality Market, h 47 Pleasant
" Lomer L, emp Manchester, N H, r 38 Pleasant
" Marion L, shipping clk Palmer Bros, r 38 Pleasant
Humphrey's Quality Market, Frank E Humphrey prop, grocers 116 Railroad
Hunt Charles F, stone ctr, r 4 State
" Margaret A, wid Alexander C, h 40 Lafayette
Hunter Avis G (Mrs Donald), asst bkpr C H & G H Cross, h 12 School
" Donald (Avis), lab, h 12 School
" Walter G (Prusia M), tel opr C P R R, h 10 Orient
Hurley Beatrice M, sten Reliance Elec Co, r 5 Portland
" Bertha, wid Daniel J, clk Randall's Dept Store, h 5 Portland
" Helen M, h 3 Prospect
Hussey George S, asst mgr W T Grant Co, r 20 Summer
Hutchins', Paul W Hutchins prop, grocers St J Ctr
" Paul W (Lelia X), prop Hutchins', h St J Ctr
Hutchinson Ernest A, emp Davis Fur Farms, r do
I O O F TEMPLE, 109 Railroad
IDE ET&HK coal and grain 21 Bay and St Johnsbury Center, pres-treas William A Ide; v-pres, Mrs MI Gates; sec, Glenn V Mooney; mgr, St Johnsbury Center, Alex Berube, see p 239
IDE RICHARD E clk E T & H K Ide, r 129 Main
IDE WILLIAM A (Blanche S), pres-treas E T & H K Ide and v-pres Brightlook Hospital, h 129 Main
"Idlewood" homestead of R C Holland, 109-111 Main
Impey- Hugh E, student, r 1 Belvidere
IMPEY JAMES A (Rose B), prop James A Impey Agency, h 1 Belvidere
IMPEY JAMES A AGENCY James A Impey prop, general insurance 3 Portland, phone 736-M, see front cover
" Mary A, wid James, r 11 Cliff
Impey Ruth B, teacher New Brunswick, N J, k 1 Belvidere
Improved Order of Red Men Algonquin Tribe No 9, Sachem, Frank T Lynch, C of R, James B Drummond; Kof W, Thomas L Legendre Sr; Cof W, Martin T Carr. Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday at 8 p m, 31 Portland
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Caledonia Lodge No 6, N G, K E Gadapee; treas, Henry T Donahue; sec, Guy D Hawley. Meets Monday evening at 111 Railroad 7:30 pm
" Order Odd Fellows, Moose River Encampment No 6, fin scribe, OB; Cutting; recording scribe, M H Heath; treas, Earl C Remick. Meets 2nd and 4th Friday
" Order Odd Fellows, Olive Branch Rebekah Lodge, No 4, N G, Florence Chesney; rec sec, Ethel Amidon; fin sec, Mrs Ruth H Gibson; treas, Bazel Coombs. Meets 1st and 3rd Tues 8:00 P M, I OO F Hall
Ingalls Stella G, wid Edward B, r Sunset Home
Ingram George J (Helen G), emp Moose River Granite Co, h 24 Clarks av
" Walter J (Viola M), baggagemaster St J & L C R R, h 6 Orient
Irwin David (Annie), janitor, h 6 Valley
" Dorothy M, r St J Ctr
" Frank, ice cutter, r St J Ctr
" John W, r 6 Valley
" Joseph (Lillian), lab, h St J Ctr
" Mildred L, student, r 6 Valley
Isaac Emelia Mrs, h 24 Concord av
" Wallace,lab, r 24 Concord av
JACKMAN HERBERT W (Elizabeth A), eng St J & L C R R, h 29 Lafayette
" -Butler (Rudolph R Butler and Alexander J Healey), machinists and tool mfrs, 11 Concord av
Jackson Charles K (Mary A), mach E & T F & Co, h 11 Elm
" Elmer M (Ruth T), cond St J & L C H R, h 31 Caledonia
" Emma M Mrs, nurse 124 Railroad, h do
Jacobs Davis M, emp C M S Co, r 29 Summer
Jacobus Alvah B (Georgia B), gen mgr E & T Fairbanks & Co, h 4 Church (59)
James Thomas G (Rosetta), janitor Portland St School, h 4 Simoads av
Jarry Henry R (Beatrice M), h 9 River
" Peter E (Robertine), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 High
Jay Albert F (Madine), lab, h 4 State
Jenks Jennie E, wid Wiljiam H, h 36 Mt Pleasant
" Raymond O (Julia), chauffeur and poultryman 56 Cliff, h do
JENKS STUDIO THE Zenas C Jenks prop, photographers 49 Main, see p 248
" William H, emp Jenks Studio, r 36 Mt Pleasant
JENKS ZENAS C (Gladys J), prop The Jenks Studio, h 13 Mt Pleasant
Jenne Carroll S (Mildred E), agt John Hancock Ins Co, h 2 West pl
" Ruth E, student, r 2 West pl
Jenness Laura A, h 17 Spring
" Martha A, r 17 Spring
Jennison Alice J, wid George, h 20 Caledonia
Jewett Elizabeth (Mrs Harold), pastry cook Brightlook Hosp, h 34 Main
" Frank L, retired, r 93 Portland
" Harold E (Elizabeth H), emp B & M R R, h 34 Main
" Luther S (Nellie B), mgr State Liquor Store, h A Church (38)
" Mary Louise, sten, h 6 Park
Jock Joseph, r A Peavey, St J Ctr
Johnson Annette M, r H F Johnson
" Arthur L (Claudia), truck driver, h 153 Railroad
" B Clark (Helen B), clk Purina Mills, r 41. Portland
JOHNSON BERNARD A (Julia B), (Moore & Johnson), h 41 Portland
" Charles E (Lena), mach, h St Johnsbury Ctr
" Charles H (Lena L) eng St J & L C R R, h 24 Pearl
" Clarence L (Irene E), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Spruce
" Donald R (Mildred G), emp Willoughby Diner, h 23 Clarks av
" Edith B, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 65 Railroad
" Florence M, r 4 Mountain av
" Fred G (Lucia D), clk E T & H K Ide, h 54 Cliff
" Gilbert D, student, r 54 Cliff
" Harley F (Nina P), tiain dispatcher St J & L C R R, h Pleasant byd village limits R D 4
Johnson Harold E, r 4 Mountain av
" Homer, mill opr, r 153 Railroad
" Ida, student, r 4 Mountain av
" Jennie, wid Albert K, r 5 School
" John H (Edith R), emp E E Roy Est, h 4 Mountain av
" Maurice J, r Harley F Johnson
" Merrill C (Una M), fish salesman, h 21 Pleasant
" Nellie K, wid William, h 45 Portland
" Ralph J (Ethel), salesman Singer Sewing Machine Co, h St J Ctr
" Rosald B (Gertrude M), emp Am F & H Co, h 123 Portland
" Rosie Mrs, hskpr 75 Pearl, r do
" Rupert L, cook Tinker's Rest, r 65 Railroad
" Ruth P, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Warren J, r 72 Pearl
Johnston Andrew (Mary I), emp E & T P & Co, h 52 Western av
" Arthur T, emp F S Co, r St J Ctr
" Edith, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 65 Railroad
" Enos A (Agnes), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 High
" Francis E (Bernice), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Harold W, emp E & T F Co, r 52 Western av
" Harvey E (Pearl W), janitor " Brantview," r do
" James (Minnie E), emp F S Co, h St J Ctr
" John P, emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Margaret I, maid Brightlook Hosp, r 52 Western av
" Marion E, clk Singer Sewing Machine Co, h 105 Railroad
" Pearl W (Mrs Harvey C), matron Brantview, r do
" Rupert L, emp Tinker's Quick Lunch, r 65 Railroad
Jones Candace, wid Isaac G, h 28 Pleasant
JONES 6 WILLIAM (Virginia), cashier Merchants' National Bank, h 112 Main
" George H, retired, h 8 Pine
" Hattie (Mrs Orin C), teacher Summer St School, h 3 Central
" Katherine G (Mrs Llewellyn), clk The Grey Shoppe, r 3 Lafayette
" Liewellyn (Katherine G), emp Canada, r 3 Lafayette
" Orin C (Hattie P), music teacher 3 Central, h do.
Jordan Charles, retired, h 2 Union
" Ronald (Ida), emp St J Gas Co, h S Main
Joyce Harry E (Mabel), cflc C H & G H Cross Co, h 44 Portland
" Mabel (Mrs Harry E), clk C H & G H Cross Co, h 44 Portland
Judd Albert L, emp C H & G H Cross, h St J Ctr
Judkins Helen, forelady Maple Grove Candies Inc, h 27 Perkins
JULIAN MILTON L (Beatrice E), asst treas Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 95 1/2 Main
JUNEAU ALBERT S (Mary J), pres-treas Albert S Juneau lac and postmaster, h 146 Railroad
JUNEAU ALBERT S INC furniture and funeral directors 101-10J Eastern av, pres-treas Albert S Juneau, phone 849-M, see front cover
" Henry J (Eugenia), prop Juneau's Garage, h 7 North av
" M Jeanne, emp A S Juneau Inc, r 146 Railroad
" Paul E, emp 124 Portland, r 7 North av
" Virginia M, r 7 North av
Juneau's Garage, Henry J Juneau prop, gen auto repairing, 124 Portland
Junior Conservatory of Music, Mrs Grace E Cushman prop, 28 Main
KAISER KENNETH K (Bernice B), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Morris sq
Kalijarvi G Bernhard (Mary), athletic coach St J Academy, h 10 Park
Keesler Jessie M, wid Algert A, hskpr 17 Western av, r do
Kellar Neil, salesman, r 36 Summer
Kelley Edna C, clk F W Kelley, r 26 1/2 Central
" Fred W, grain and feed 42 Eastern av, h 26 1/2 Central
" John L, watchman E & T F & Co, r Fairbanks Inn
" Mary, wid Harvey M, r 26 1/2 Central
Kellogg Guy T (Augusta), clk P O, h 9 Federal
" Harriett W, wid George W., sten Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Go., r 2 Autumn
Keniston Harry, jan St J Ctr School, h St J Ctr
" Ivers N (Pauline H), emp C Millar & Son Go, h 37 Perkins
Kennison Floyd (Hazel), agt Singer Sewing Mach Co, h St J Ctr
Kettlee Walter E (Nellie), retired, h 49 Pleasant
Kelsey Lawrence R, clk First Nat Stores, r 15 Lafayette
" Ralph C (Lillian N), loc eng St J & L C R R, h 15 Lafayette
Kendall John S (Hazel), clk P O, h S Main, R D 2
Keneson George H (Nellie), prop St Johnsbury Center Ice Co and milk dealer Centre rd, R D 4, h do
" Mary E Mrs, boarding and rooms 4 Pearl, h do
Keniston Harry A (Mildred L), prin St J Center School, h St J Ctn
" Mildred L (Mrs Harry A), teacher Summer St School, h St J Ctr
Kent Phyllis, teacher Albany, r 17 Ely
Keogh Bernard, farm hand, r 47 Spring
" Geraldine M, sten St J & L C R R, r 47 Spring
" Sarah A, wid William, h 47 Spring
Kerr Frank B (Gladys), prop; Reliance Electric Co, h 46 Eastern av
Keyes Arthur, farmhand, r W O Cushman
KEYSAR WAYLAND L mgr Twin State Typewriter & Office Supply, res inq do
Kierney Frank H (Jessie E), mgr Electrolux Inc, h 59 Main
" Ruth E, student, r 59 Main
Kilburn J Elsmore, r 10 Orchard
" John P (Gladys E), mach E & T F & Co, h 10 Orchard
Kimball John M (Charlotte), farmer h St J Ctr, R D 4
" Lewis E (Bernice L), salesman C H Goss Co, h 14 Winter
King Craig L (Leona M), ad comp Cal-Record, r Leon F Pierce
"Jennie M, asst Dr William G Ricker, r 4 Church (27)
John F, emp E & T F & Co, h 85 Railroad
John J, clk 118 Railroad, r 85 do
" Marion E, emp Harper Method Beauty Shop, h 4 Church (27)
" Theodore E (Mary E), carp, h 10 Mountain av
" --- see Roy
Kinne Harry W (Ruth K), com trav, h 12 Western av
Kinsman Margaret, teacher E St J School, r E St J
Kirk Lilla M, wid Charles E, r 15 Summer
Kirkpatrick Lina L Mrs, r 116 Concord av
Kitchen T H, salesman, r 18 Main
Kittredge Enos F (Sadie E), driver Willeys Bakery, h 58 Lafayette
" Everett T, emp C H & G H Cross, r 3 Lincoln
"Frank M (Martha J), farmer, h 147 Main
" Mary A, wid George F, h 3 Lincoln
KITTREDGE ROMEO H (Lillie M), carpenter and contractor 152 Portland, h do, see p 233
" Theodora H, student, r 58 Lafayette
Klaren John, r 9 Summer
" Susan, wid H J, h 9 Summer
Knapp Clara, nurse 7 Cherry, r do
" Dorothy E (Mrs Harry E), hairdresser St J House Barber Shop, h 63 Main
" Geraldus A (Florence M), salesman Worcester Salt Co, h 33 Pleasant
" Harry E (Dorothy E), salesman C H Goss Co, h 63 Main
Knight Allan (Hazel M), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Mt Vernon
" Philip H (Frances E), emp Caledonia Mills, h 9 Emerson
Knights of Columbus, G K, Lucien E Leclarc; rec se, Leco A Toussaint; fin sec, Joseph A Laliberte; treas, Roland Roy. Meets 1st and 3d Wed at 65 Railroad
" of Columbus Rooms, 65 Railroad
" of Pythias, Apollo Lodge No 2, C C, James Impey; K of R & S M, Glenn E Fales, M of F, Henry Ellis. Meets Pythian Hall every Tues 7:30
" of Pythias Hall, 83 Eastern av
Knorring Nicholas A (Merle E), emp E & T F & Co, h 185 Railroad
Knowlton Calvin H, office mgr C H & G H Cross, res Lyndon
" David (Eliza B), (David Knowlton & Son), h Passumpsic rd
" David Jr, student, r F W Knowlton
" David & Son (David and Fred W. Knowlton), milk dealers, Center rd
" Fred W (Nellie), (David Knowlton & Son), h Passumpsic
Krueger Vivian C Mrs, emp Grant Elec Co, r 26 Central
Krug David J (Marion L), com trav, h 30 Webster
LABOUNTY AIMEE (Yvonne), stone cutter, h 10 Spruce
" Antoinette J, emp St J Hosp, r 10 Spruce
" Bertha M Mrs, hskpr 4 Higgins ct, r do
" Cecile, r 10 Spruce
" Delphis, radio sales & service 10 Spruce, r do
" Elphage (Josephine), lab, h 10 Spruce
" Ludolphe (Lucille), stone cutter, h 26 St Mary
LaBranch Joseph, r Town Farm
LaBreck Paul, emp E & T F& Co, h 23 1/2 Maple
Lacasse Arsene, U S Navy, r 33 Maple
" Fred J (Maude J), h 7 Tremont
" Walter E. r St Mary
" William (Adelle), emp St J & L C R R, h 33 Maple
Lachance Albert A (Lillian C), timekeeper, h 10 North av
" Charles (Anna), emp C P R R, h 203 Railroad
" Elie (Georgianna), retired, h 1 Portland
" Ernest V (Jeannette), fireman St J & L C R R, h 31 St Mary
" Jeannette (Mrs Ernest), emp 87 Railroad, h 31 St Mary
" Marie, wid Victor, r 33 St Mary
" Peter E (Ruth G), eng St J & L C R R, h 12 Boynton
" Raymond J (Lucienne C), plumber 31 Eastern av, h 203 Railroad
" Robert A, student, r 10 North av
LaChappelle Joseph (Artiline), lab, r 45 Maple
Lackie Elmer H (Margaret V), market gardener, h St J Ctr
LaClair Eugene A (Germaine O), r 55 Eastern av
Lacourse Annie, wid Albert, h 29 Mt Vernon
" Thaddeus V, r 29 Mt Vernon
LaCroix Donat J (Lucille), emp 26 Bay, h 22 St Mary
" Emile (Ida), emp 26 Bay, h 183 Railroad
LADD CHARLES W (Boris), mgr Converse Sales & Service, h 17 Mt Pleasant
Ladd Ellen M, wid W Wallace, h 89 Main
" Fred M (Glenna M), farmer, h River ext
" Milo E (Jennie A S), h 28 Pearl
" Nellie, wid Luman A, r 28 Pearl
Ladrie Benoit G (Rose A), h 27 St Mary
Laferriere Adeodate, painter' E & T F & Co, r 23 Hastings
" Agnes, wid Felix, h 8 Oak
" Alexander, emp Barre, r 23 Hastings
" Alfred J (Jeannette), clk North End Market, h 147 1/2 Railroad
" Felix, lab, h rear 63 Pearl
" Irene, dom 22 St Mary, r 23 Hastings
" Joseph (Mary E), emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Hastings
" Juliette, rear 63 Pearl
" Romuald, emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Hastings
" Zephron, emp E & T F & Co, r 23 Hastings
" Zoel, r 8 Oak
" ---see Lefevriere
Lafoe Carroll E (Nellie E), supt Town Farm, h do
" Ernest A (Harriet A), emp Am F & H Co, h St J Ctr
" Nellie E (Mrs Carroll E), matron Town Farm, h do
Lafond Albert J (Jane C), baker C H & G H Cross Inc, h 83 Summer
" Charlotte T, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 19 Maple
" Marie E, clk McLellan's, r 19 Maple
" William, blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 21 Maple
Lagare Wilfred A (Linnie A), upholsterer, h 107 Concord av
Lague Marianne, waitress Colonial Restaurant, h 7 Bank pl
Laliberte Catherine A, emp Boston, Mass, r 8 Passumpsic
" Henry J (Marie C), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Hastings
" Hubert, student, r 18 Green
" J Richard, r 18 Green
" Joseph A (Mary Jane), shoe repairing 7 Central, res inq do
" Thaddeus V, pattemmkr, r 6 Passumpsic
" Theodore (Nancy), furniture repairing and antiques 8 Passumpsic, h do
" ---see Liberty
Laliberty Joseph, emp A B Noyes Ins Agency, r 85 Railroad
" Rosalee, wid Theodore, h 85 Railroad
Lalibette Joseph (Mary Jane), repairing 7 Central, h 73 Main
Lamere Clara J, r 130 Portland
" Jane, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 16 Elm
LaMere Clarence, attdt L O Co, 19 Railroad, r 22 do
" Mitchell (Olive), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Raih-oad
Lamoine Henry (Carrie), emp E & T F & Co, h 28 Concord av
Lamont Catherine Mrs, r 30 Pearl
Lamontagne Alfred H (Gertrude E), truck driver, h 13A Portland
" Barth (Amanda), (Lamontagne & LeBlanc), h 10 Clarks av
" Hermanegild (Marion), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Clarks av
" Mary E, r 10 Clarks av
" & LeBlanc (Barth Lamontagne and Valmore N LeBlanc), barbers 61 Eastern av
Lanctot Alphonse N, emp E & T F & Co, r 13 River
" Archie E (Annie); clk P O, h 23 Pearl
" Clara, wid John B, h 13 River
" Evelyn R, r 13 River
" Lester A, r 23 Pearl
" Louis, r 13 River
" Philip B, stockman McLellan's, r 23 Pearl
Landry Block, 103-107 Railroad
LANDRY FRANK M (Marie), mgr Landry's Drug Store, h 160 Railroad
" Georgette O, clk Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, r 156 Railroad
" Ida C, hskpr 7 Marion av, r do
" John R (Meda A), watch repairing 37 Portland, h 7 Marion av
" Julia Mrs, h 7 Marion av
" Maria G, nurse 156 Railroad, r do
LANDRY MARIE E wid Frank G, prop Landry's Drug Store, h 166 Railroad
" Meda A (Mrs John R), clk 64 Railroad, h 7 Marion av
"Rollande L, hairdresser, r 156 Railroad
LANDRY'S DRUG STORE Frank M Landry mgr, druggists 103 Railroad, phone 160, see top margins
Lane Abbie F, wid Henry C, r. 34 Eastern av
" Kenneth H (Clara E), emp Ry Exp Agency, h 44 Caledonia
" Robert W (Cleora E), cond St J & L C R R, h 34 Eastern av
Lang Arthur M (Eva H) letter carrier, h 58 Spring
" Orillor M, wid John, r 58 Spring
" Verna, wid Earl S, h 33 Clarks av
Langdeau Ademard (Maria), h 19 Hastings
" Lionel W, r 19 Hastings
" Maurice D, farmhand, r 19 Hastings
Langlois George M (Josephine), watch rep 21 Mill, h do
Lanpher Ansel O, retired, r 34 1/2 Mt Pleasant
" Voyle W, emp E & T F & Co, h 34 1/2 Mt Pleasant
Lapage John M, emp Gary Maple Sugar Co, r 137 Portland
Lapanne Alphonse J (Julia), prop Summerville Cash Market, h 9 Elm
" J Raymond (Delphina), meatcutter Summerville Cash Market, h 65 Eastern av
" Laurent L, student, r 9 Elm
" Louise, wid Christopher, h 10 Elm
LaPoint Arthur A (Edith P), prop Public Market, h 9 North av
" Clifford L (Evelyn M), emp Ides, h 7 Harrison av
" Elton F (Mildred), clk C A Calderwood, h 40 Caledonia
" Floyd E (Ora), emp Chesley & Lowell, h 4 Wright av
" Frank O (Susie M), foreman Ide's, h 19 Lafayette
" George J (Helena M), bus Lyndonville, h 17 Summer
Lariviere---see Rivers
Larma Ralph W (Edna I), lab, h R D 1
LaRoche Oliver (Esther B), hoisting eng, h 10 Portland
"---see Stone
LaRose Osias (Paula), lab, h 24 Portland
Larramee Leah, dom 84 Main, r do
" Yvonne, dom 170 Railroad, r do
LaRue Burton, track driver, r 4 Duke
" Henry (Anna), truck driver, h 4 Duke
LA SALLE MOTOR CARS Northern Cadillac Co, 68 Eastern av
Lasage Azelia, hskpr 12 Prospect, r do
Laughlin Edward H (Lucienne), emp Willoughby Diner, h 77 Eastern av
" Raymond R, musician, r 10 Lincoln
" Rollie K, emp E & T P & Co, h 10 Lincoln
Laughton Arthur, v-pres Wright Motor Corp and mgr Nat Handle Co, h 4 Church (31)
" Frederick Stuart, student, r 4 Church (31)
" Josephine, h 4 Church (31)
Laurencelle Georgia T, r 44 Pearl
" Henry R, enq 68 Eastern av, or 44 Pearl
" Lionel P, r 44 Pearl
" Mary C, r 44 Pear
" Osias W (Rosa H), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 44 Pearl
Lavalley John M (Eva R), farmer, h St J Ctr
Layering---see Lovering
Lavigne Alfred (Delia), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 St Mary
" Eva M Mrs, h 45 Pearl
" Henry J (Claire A), emp St J & L C R R, h 17 St Mary
" John M, student, r 19 St Mary
" Lena E, typesetter Henault Press, r 19 St Mary
" Lumina, wid Snie, r 170 Railroad
" Oscar J, painter and paperhanger 34 Eastern av, r do
" Rita, clk E & T P & Co, r 19 St Mary
" Stella M, r 45 Pearl
Lavoie Antonio (Mathilda), carp, h 75 Portland
Lawless Martha K Mrs, h St John
Lawrence Carl B (Doris), farmhand, r Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Frank A (Elsie), dairy-farmer, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Leslie J, h High byd limits
" Margaret D, wid Richmond M, h 5 Green
" Ray, trucking Crow Hill rd, R D 2, r do
" Reta, sec Caledonia Co Farm Bureau, r 116 Main
Lawson George R (Stella M), foreman Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 1 Parker av
Lawton Floyd (Margaret), emp E F & F Co, h 31 1/2 Pearl
Leach Frederick, truck driver, r 7 Assisqua av
" Kenneth O. tel opr St J & L C R R. r 9 St Mary
LEACH LAWRENCE P (Anna M), v-pres Passumpsic Savings Bank, h M Portland
Learned Ezra G (Mary E), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
Leavitt Dana S, pres-mgr Swan Const Co, r 144 Portland
" Dudley R (Edith M), prop Dudley's Filling Station, h 26 Caledonia
" Ernest J (Bessie A), cond St J & L C R R, h 2 Mountain av
" Philip F (Dorothy L), carp, h 11 Ely
Leavitt's Filling Station, Dudley Leavitt prop, 143 Portland
LeBlanc Alfred, h off Portland
" Beatrice, dom, r W A LeBlanc
" Beatrice C, student, r 168 Railroad
" Eldridge, lab, r St J Ctr
" Howard J (Ruth E), emp Dolgin's Auto Service, h 98 Concord av
" Irene, student, r W A LeBlanc
" J Edward (Monica M), mach C P R R, h 144 Main
" Joseph M (Irene), emp E & T F & Co, r off Portland
" Valmore N (Madeline J), (Lamontagne & LeBlanc), h 158 Railroad
" William A (Mary A), emp C P R R, h St J Ctr
Lebrun Hermildas, retired, r 88 Portland
Leclerc Charles E, clk L E Leclere & Son, r 149 Railroad
" Ernest C (Helen C), (L E Leclerc & Son), h 25 Pleasant
" Jean (Germaine), driver D Costa, h 55 Eastern av (8)
" L E & Son (Lucien E and Ernest E Leclerc), meats and groceries 117 Railroad
" Lucien (L E Leclerc & Son), h 149 Railroad
" Philip (Agatha), emp E &T F & Co, h 7 Harvey
Lecroix Ludger J, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove, r 146 Railroad
" ---see LaCroix
Ledoux Edward W, painter, r 61 Pearl
" Ellen, wid Alfred, r Town Farm
Lee Alfred E, emp C C C, r 37 Concord av
" Bertha, poultry dealer E St Jbnnsbury, h do
" Donald, emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r St J Ctr
Lee Floyd (Susie E); emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h St J Ctr
" Nellie A, wid Ralph, dom, h 32 Mt Pleasant
" William A (Ruth L), wood wkr Arkley's Novelty Shop, h 37 Concord av
Leferriere---see Laferriere
Lefevre Genevieve M, wid Henry E, h 17 Hastings
Legancy Nancy, student, r E R Rogers, Danville rd
Legare Wilfred A (Linnie), mech C H Goss Co, h 107 Concord av
Legassey Atnos J (Rose M), mgr McLellan Stores, h 4 Dundee
Legault Rosario J, salesman, r 6 Marion av
Legendre Delia E, student, r 17 Clarks av
" Genevieve S, dom, r 7 River
" Jean M (Constance R), emp C H & G H Cross, h 6 Harrison av
" John B (Margaret V), emp C H & G H Cross Bakery, h 17 Clarks av
" Joseph M, barber shop 30 Eastern av, r 156 Railroad
" Leo F (Doris L), emp Goodrich Store, h 112 Concord av
" Marie C, dom, r 7 River
" Mary C, r 7 River
" Theodore C (Robella B), baker C H & G H Cross, h 4 Marion av
" Theresa M, clk Lurchin & Lurchin, r 7 River
" Thomas L (Marie), carp, h 7 River
" Thomas P, stone cutter Moose River Granite Co, h 7 River
Leicht Annabelle, musical dir St J Academy, r Brantview
Lath John H (Emma), foreman lineman St J & L C R R, h 6 Elm
Leithead George R (Clara T), lineman N E T & T Co, h 33 Spring
LeMaine---see Lemoine
LeMear Sara B, emp Monogram Shop, r 30 Summer
Lemere Clara J, r 130 Portland
" Jane N, emp Palmer Bros, r 16 Elm
" Oscar A (Louise C), mach E & T F & Co, h 16 Elm
" Philip J (Caroline), emp St J & L C R R, h 128 Portland
Lemire---see Lamere
Lemoine Henry J (Carrie M), r 28 Concord av
" Louis E (Rose E), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Bagley
Lenton Edwin C (Louise M), r 48 Lafayette
" James, r 13 St Mary
Leonard Mabel A, wid Thomas F, h 70 Portland
" Mary E, wid Raymond, h 36 Pearl
" Orlando, retired, r 36 Pearl
" Paul M (Charlotte M), teller Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h Pleasant
Leslie Arthur E (Alma P), painter, h 100 Railroad
Lessard Edgar W (Beatrice), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Mt Vernon
" Jane (Mrs Lionel), cashier Cray's Star Theatre, h 44 Pearl
" Joseph L (Lucia), janitor St Gabriels' School, h 12 Cherry
" Lionel (Jane), emp E & T F & Co, h 44 Pearl
Lester Merton E (Pearl), com trav, h 4 Church (40)
Letourneau Arthur W (Clara M), emp N E T & T Co, h 38 Pearl
" John A (Nellie), barber shop 89 Eastern av, h 38 Pearl
" Joseph A (Florida), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Stella, wid Charles A, r 79 Portland
Levasseur Hazel B (Mrs Richard A), bkpr Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 13 Pearl
" Richard A (Hazel B), asst cashier First Nat Bank, h 13 Pearl
Lewis Elmer H (Laura M), emp Grimes & Somers, h S Main, R D 2
" Ethel M (Mrs Walter J), bkpr Sherburne's Rest, h 13 Harrison av
" Merton, emp Sherburne's Rest, r 13 Harrison av
" Paul E, farmhand, r Elmer H Lewis, R D 2
" Walter J (Ethel M), bkpr Gilman Bros Garage, h 13 Harrison av
" Wayne K, emp Walker & Brock, r 13 Harrison av
Leys Alexander, truck driver S 6 Go, r 38 Railroad
Libbey Harvey P (Dorothy M), clk First Nat Stores, r Kenneth R Cross
Liberty Arthur H, emp C H & G H Cross Co, r 106 Railroad
" Catherine K, wid Jefferson J, h 106 Railroad
" Philip N (Jennie M), lab, h 15 Clarks av
" ---see Laliberte
LIBRARIES-CITY DIRECTORY maintained by H A Manning Co at St Johnsbury Athenaeum
Liebert Robert (Edith E), steam shovel opr, h 14 Pleasant
Liggett Ethel, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Lillicrap Blanche A, wid Jethro, r Paul J Lillicrap
" Eva (Mrs Paul), clk The Grey Shoppe, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Paul J. (Eva), salesman Int Harvest Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
Lillie Edwin G (Iola), farmer, h St J Ctr, R D 4
Lindsay Helen Mrs, r E H Chase, St J Ctr
Lindsley George W (Muriel A), prop Lindsley's and emp St J Gas Co, fa 17 Tremont
" Lillian, student, r 17 Tremont
" Muriel A (Mrs George W), bkpr Lindsley's, h 7 Tremont
Lindsley's, George W Lindsley prop, gas, oils & conf 15 Passumpsic
Ling Blanche M, clk Prud Life Ins Co, r 13 Elm
" Evangeline M, clk Caledonia Mills, h 13 Elm
" Leonard T, construction wkr, r 13 Elm
" Margaret B, r 9 Clinton av
" Theodore W, emp Gilman, r 13 Elm
Lipsky Bailey G (M Elizabeth), district supt M E Church, h 10 Boynton
Little Edward P (May), retired, h S Main, R D 2
" Fred D (Nora), mgr Portland St Filling Station, h 19 Caledonia
" Lyle D, student, r 19 Caledonia
Littlefield C Louise, wid Josiah, r Sunset Home
Littler Patricia, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Livingston Sara I, r 14 Main
Locke Kenneth G, asst mgr S O Co, gas sta 19 Railroad, r 38 do
Lockwood Ava N, clk M C Lellan's, r 6 Railroad
" Earl M, clk MeritShoe Co, r 6 Railroad
" Jessie, wid Willis, h 8 Railroad
" Merton W (Nellie), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Railroad
LOG CABIN SERVICE STATION George H Palmer prop, gas and oil and auto washing, greasing and polishing, tires and battery service 6 Main, see unname
Logan Andrew J (Alice M), lab, h 36 Webster
" James L (Lydia A), h 4 Caledonia
" William J, retired, r 4 Caledonia
LONE PINE THE Clyde L Barber prop, furnished rooms 10 Winter
Longmoore Duncan (Mae F), emp C P R R, h 41 Pearl
LONGMOORE JUTTEN A (Elizabeth B), (Porter, Witters & Longmoore), h 19 Church
Lord Lawrence A, emp Lyndonville, r 53 Pleasant
" Ralph C (Myra E), pressman Cowles Press, h 8 Forest av
Lorenzo Anthony A, mech, r 136 Railroad
Lougee Herbert A (Charlotte C), h 37 Pleasant
Loveitt Clinton T, com tray, r 4 Church (1)
" Emma E, sten Prud Ins Co, r 4 Church (1)
" Vesta M, cashier Randall & Whitcomb, h 4.Church (1)
Lovejby Charles E (Laura), clk 1 Browns ct, h 33 Main
" Laura (Mrs Charles A), bkpr First Nat Bank, h 33 Main
Lovering Jennie M Mrs, clk T S G & E Co, h 114 Concord av
Lowe Frederick J (Lucy H), carp T S G & E Co, h 30 Perkins
Lowe E Daniel W (Mary C), (Chesley & Lowell), h 3 James
" Margaret E, r 3 James
" Nora A, wid Edward, h 30 Maple
" Perry H (Eva M), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h 7 James
" William H, emp Am F & H Co, r 3 James
" William T (Jennie C), emp D W Lowell, h 43 Caledonia
Lowery Bessie Mrs, clk Willey Food Shop, h 63 Main
Lowrey Bros (Rudolph R and Russell E Lowrey), groceries and meats 6 Concord av and 2 Pleasant
" F Ada, sten C P R R, r 29 Caledonia
" George M (Maude E), clk Lowrey Bros, h 46 Pleasant
" Jessie L Mrs, h 145 Main
" Joseph A (Eva M), lab, h 15 Elm
" Rudolph R (Lowrey Bros), r 46 Pleasant
" Russell E (Hilda D), (Lowrey Bros), h 41 Pleasant
" Walter C, driver Ry Ex Agency, r W E Ward
Lucas Aldrich R, prop Lucas Sign Studio, r 4 Autumn
" Alonzo R (Florence C), car insp St J & L C R R, h 4 Autumn
" Grodon A, emp C H Goss Co, r 4 Autumn
" Jerry J (Clara), truck driver, emp C H & G H Cross, h 30 Webster
" Sign Studio, Aldrich R Lucas prop, 94 1/2 Railroad
Lufkin Mabel E, beautician Prevost Shop, h 85 Railroad
LUMBRA BERNARD L (Maude M), painter and interior decorator 20 Clarks av, h do, see p 231
" Daniel F (Beulah M), letter carrier, h 20 School
" Herbert J (Vera M), mach E & T F & Co, h 15 School
" Horace J (Mary C), emp E & T F & Co, h 18 Tremont
" Marion L, student, r 15 School
Lurinie Arlene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Francis M, farmhand Robert T Silver, r do
Lurchin Verner E (Mary L), prop Lurehin & Lurehiri, h 7 Webster
" & Lurchin, Verner E Lurchin prop, engravers, jewelers, watchmkr, 15 Eastern av
Lyford Annie M, nurse 42 Pleasant, r do
Lynch C R Estate, Harry C Wheeler mgr, patternmkrs 13-15 Mill
" Elbert J (E Rae), draughtsman E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (35)
" Florence I, wid Cornell R, r 27 North av
" Frank T, emp E & T F & Co, r 70 Portland
" Glenn W (Bernice L), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 1/2 Bagley
" John, retired, r 70 Portland
" Mary C, wid Charles T, h 11 Glarks av
" Mildred, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Lynn Samuel J, h Centre rd, R D 4
Lyon Christie B, laundress Brightlook Hosp, r 78 Summer
" Murray E (Blanche), farmer, h Parker av
" Walter E, student, r M E Lyon-Park av
Lyster Alfred H (Margaret S), retired, h 19, Spring
" Allen C, emp Fair Ground Gardens, r Morton D Lyster
" Carl T (Ruth M), h 12 Tremont
" Fannie I, r 20 Tremont
" Martin H, emp Fair Ground Gardens, r Morton D Lyster
" Morton D (Grace), prop Fair Ground Gardens, h S Main, R D 2
" Tobias H (Ida L), retired, h 45 Lafayette
" William A, h 20 Tremont
MAC DONALD A RANDALL, r 100 Railroad
" Angus R (C Myra), lab, h 100 Railroad
" Bums, clk Parker's Drug Store, r 33 Eastern av
" Colin E (Edith A), ins agt Met Life Ins Co, h 42 Pearl
" James L (Adeline D), elec Reliance Elec Co, h 23 Main
" Kenneth (Lottie), emp E & T F & Co, h 33 Western av
" Kenneth Jr, clk First Nat Stores, r 33 Western av
" Marion L, teacher Bible Hill School, r 33 Western av
" Nellie E, wid Murdock, h 29 Railroad
" Vera M, clk McLellan's, r 100 Railroad
MacDonald---see McDonald
MacEachen Mary, dist nurse Met Ins Co, r 29 Church
Machell Carl, farm hand, h N Danville rd
Macie Arthur J (Dora J), emp C H Goss Co, h 7 Green
" Bernard A, emp C H Goss Co, r 7 Green
MacIver Daniel D (Sadie), emp village, h 7 Almshouse rd
" John P, student, r 7 Almshouse rd
" Mildred, student, r 7 Almshouse rd
" Ralph B, r 7 Almshouse rd
Mackay Ivan G, emp E & T F & Co, h 3 Central
MacKay Edwin R (Margaret H), h Undercliffe rd
" W Wallace (Gertrude), laborer, h 9 Deer av
MacLean Gordon K, r 8 Morris sq
" John (Alice), blacksmith 24 Bay, h 8 Morris sq
MacLeod Rachel L, wid Angus, h 10 Prospect
MacPherson Lester A (Wilda W), com trav, h 48 Summer
Madore Florian, trucking 74 Pearl, r do
" Leopold, truck driver, r 74 Pearl
" Telesphore (Regina), lab, h 74 Pearl
Mailloux---see Mayhew
Maine Central Railroad, Forrest E Bailey gen agt, frt office Railroad n depot
MAKER GEORGE A (Winifred M), mill supt Roy D Skinner, h 21 Pearl
Malam Alice M, sten, r 21 Main
" William F (Florence), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Main
Manchester Nellie, teacher Summer St School, r 4 Church (28)
Maniatty Stathes, clk Caledonia Mills, r 136 Railroad
Mann Harold W, r 13 Harrison av
" John M (Hattie), r 13 Harrison av
" Russell J (Isabelle E), emp Am F & H Co, h 13 Harrison av
MANNING H A CO 33 Lyman, Springfield, Mass, see back cover
Maple Cabin, Mrs Josephine Cary Smith mgr, 159 Portland
" Grove Candies Inc, candy mfrs and dealers 167 Portland, pres Preston Herbert; v-pres, Clinton P Carr; treas, Ernest H Schneider; mgr, Harold R Whaley
" Grove Inn, Mrs Katherine Ide Gray mgr, 11 Western av
" Street Garage, William H Barney prop, auto storage 22 Maple
Marchesseault Henry D (Bertha), traffic mgr Caledonian Mills, h 16 Spring
Marcotte Alfred G, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Anita V, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Elizabeth L, clk W T Grant Co, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Fred L, emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Caledonia
" George A (Catherine M), painter, h 25 Mt Vernon
" Georgette C, dom, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Henry (Minola), lab, h 71 Main
" Julia M, nurse St J Hosp, r 31 Summer
" Leonard (Hazel G), farmhand, h Pleasant byd village limits
Marden Harry J (Ella), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Pearl
Marlowe Cornelia J, clk 81 Railroad, r 3 Elm
" Dorothy L, sten Met Life Ins Co, r 3 Elm
" Paul T, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 3 Elm
" Theodore S (Cornelia J), clerk Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, h 3 Elm
Marrow George (Louise M), emp C M S Co, h 49 Summer
Marsh Eugene L (Minnie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 1/2 Pearl
Marshall Albert E, janitor, h 4 Charles
" Fred W (Ruth E), foreman Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 84 Main
" Ruth E (Mrs Fred W), prop Marshall's Beauty Parlor, h 84 Main
" William J, carpenter, r 41 Lafayette
Marshall's Beauty Parlor, Mrs Ruth E Marshall prop, 84 Main
Martel Joseph, r Town Farm
Martell Sadie Mrs, hskpr Charles H Dyke, River ext, r do
Martin Hugh F (Lottie), emp city, h 30 Maple
" Lottie I (Mrs Hugh), emp Sherbume's Restaurant, h 30 Maple
" Raymond A (Angelina), emp Littleton, N H, h 18 Summer
Martineau Lorenda M, hskpr 131 Portland, r do
Marvel Beauty Parlor, Bert Picard prop, 57 Eastern av
Mason Martha, h 17 Emerson
Mason---see Destroimaisons
Masonic Caledonia Council R & S M No 13, T I M, Bernard A Johnson; D M, Theodore A Carr; P C W, Wallace D Abbott; treas, Fred C Beck; rec, Arthur M Lang. Meets 2nd Wed monthly
" Haswell Royal Arch Chapter No 11, R A M E H P, Clive K Bourne; King, Fred H Dollofi; sec, Ernest E Burrows; treas, Morton J Reed; scribe, Natt B Burbank. Meets 2d Fri Masonic Temple
" Mizpah Lodge of Perfection, A A S R T P M, Bernard A Johnson; D M, Alvi P Calderwood; S W, Harold O French; J W, Donald McGregor; treas, ZenoS Waterman; sec, Fred H. Dolloff. Meets 4th Mon Masonic Temple
" Order of Eastern Star Mystic Star Chapter No" 29, W M, E Edna Day; treas, Mrs Daisy M Blodgett; sec, Mrs Bertha Marchessault; W P, Ernest E Burrows. Meets 3d Fri Masonic Temple
" Palestine Commandery No 5, K T E M, Com Harold F Warren; G, Steny R Waterman; C G, Edward R French; treas, Bernard A Johnson; rec, Arthur M Lang. Conclaves 3rd Tues Masonic Temple
" Passumpsic Lodge No 27, F & A M W M, Arthur F Prescott; S W, Clive K Bourne; J W, Edwin H Cowieson; treas, Richard A Levasseur; sec, Fred H Dolloff. Regular communication 1st Thurs of month at Masonic Temple
" St Johnsbury Masonic Association, pres, Arthur W Hawkinson; treas, Clyde A Sleeper; sec, Charles W Hedrick. Meets in Masonic Hall
" Temple, 50 Eastern av
Masse Bernadine, dom, r 30 Railroad
" Evangeline, teacher Fairfield, Conn, r St John c Passumpsic
" Frances, r St John c Passumpsic
" Henry A (Clara M), barber shop 4 Concord av, h St John c Passumpsic, R D 4
" Hubert A, U S N, r St John c Passumpsic
" Isabel, r St John c Passumpsic
" Pauline L, nurse Bnghtlook Hosp, r St John c Passumpsic
Massey Chauncey C (Alice P), h 70 Pearl
Massie Benjamin J (Mildred A), baker, h 19 Hastings
Masten Arlene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Mathews Bertha P, r 110 Portland
" Carl E, r 110 Portland
" Donald E, r 15 Pearl
" Floyd W, student, r 110 Portland
" Luther C (Mary), caretaker B P O E, h 15 Pearl
" Ruth L, emp Wellesley, Mass, r 110 Portland
" William B (Maude E), mach E & T F & Co, h 110 Portland
Matoes George L, lab, h 2 Harrison av
Matson Samuel D (Maybelle F), plumbing and heating 5 Park, h do
Maurice Arsene N (Rose I), mach E & T F & Co, h 4 Orchard
May Adolph G (Anne), prop For All Grain Co Barnet, S Ryegate, h 1 Marshall ter
" Eunice R, r 29 Summer
" Florence J, clerk Post Office, h 29 Summer
" Preston E (Julia L), village clerk and asst town clerk, h 23 Summer
Mayette Walter G, emp C C C, r 2 State
" Walter W (Gladys J), salesman, h 6 Bay
Mayhew Charles (Sarah), farmer, h 2 State
" Charles Jr, farmhand, r St J Ctr
" Clarence, farmhand, r St J Ctr
" Randall, emp W River Jet, r St J Ctr
" ---see Mailloux
Mayo Annie, r Town Farm
" Frederick F (Dometille M), h 22 Concord av
McAllister Frank, cook Sunset Home, r do
Mary G, matron Sunset House, h 8 Prospect
McCaffrey John C (Mary), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, RD2
" Leo H, r J C McCaffrey, Crow Hill, R D 2
McCallum Beatrice, wid C Henry, h Danville rd, R D 3
McCarthy Esther, cashier Met Life Ins Co, h 4 Church (44)
McCauley Russell, musician, h 49 Maple
McClure Derwood E (Georgina L), emp Reliance Elec Co, h 12 Pearl
MoClure Wilfred L (Loretta M), musician, h 17 High
McCondach Winona G, sten Palmer Bros, r 22 Church
McCormick James B (Forrestine D), mech C H Goss Co, h 12 Main
McCray Mary, wid Willis, h E St johnsbury
MeCrillis Addie L, wid Curtis L, h 48 Central
McCutcheon Dorothy J Mrs, r 104 Main
McDonald Beulah A (Mrs John L), emp W W Sprague & Son, h 70 Eastern av
" Hugh, elec E & T P & Co, r 4 James
MCDONALD JENNIE M sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 34 Cliff
" John (Beulah), bkpr East Burke, h 70 Eastern av
" Marion, teacher Bible Hill School, r R D 4
" William H, clk P O, h 34 Cliff
" ---see MacDonald
McElreavy Elsie R, r H W McElreavy , Danville rd, R D 3
" Hugh W (Alberta M), carp, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Norris L, farmhand, r Danville rd, R D 3
McEwan Harold M (Elizabeth), mgr A & P Tea Co 121 Railroad, h 27 Summer
McFarland George E, lab, h 207 Railroad
McFarlin Raymond C (Mildred H), emp Palmer Bros, h 53 Cliff
" William H (Elizabeth M), cont and builder 75 Eastern av, h do
McGaffey Lyle (Myra), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Myra (Mrs Lyle), nurse, h E St Johnsbury
McGee Adeline, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
McGennis Arthur E, custodian U S Post Office, h 27 Central
" ---see McGinnis
McGill Alexander D (Gertrude L), h 24 Green
" John C (Bessie C), fire chief S J F Dept, h 12 Morris sq
" Joseph (Mrs), farmer, h N Danville rd
" Lillian B, wid James J, emp T S G & E Co, h 50 Lafayette
" Louise E, sten Corner Garage, r 50 Lafayette
" Marion D, r 50 Lafayette
" Merton C, r 12 Morris sq
" Norman, emp J McGill, r J McGill
McGinity Edward. J, student, r 14 Green
" John, r 86 Main
" John J, student, r 14 Green
" Margaret, student, r 86 Main
" Paul J, student, r 14 Green
McGinnis Ellery (Mary), lab, h E St Johnsbury
" George D (Mary), carp, h E St Johnsbury
" Gertrude Mrs, nurse, h E St Johnsbury
" Sherman J, farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" ---see McGennis
McGovern Charles A, agt N Y Life Ins Co, h 25 Clarks av
" Ruth H, teacher, r 25 Clarks av
McGowan Elizabeth, dom 115 Main, r do
" Harold J (Lena M), stock clk E & T F & Co, h 2 High
Mc GREGOR DONALD (Frances), asst treas Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 9 Highland av
" Jennie D, wid John, r 9 Highland av
McGuire Ann, clk, r 19 Costa av
" Dorothy L, clk W T Grant Co, r 19 Costa av
" Thomas C, r 19 Costa av
" Thomas M (Cecelia B), emp E & T F &.Co, h 19 Costa av
Mclntosh James W Rev (Rose L), pastor South Congregational Church, h 14 Park
McKee Alfred I (Lena M), (Mullaney's Garage), h 76 Summer
" Dora, dom, r 32 Perkins
" Edgar E (Anna M), carp, h 18 Western av
" Elizabeth (Mrs Robert), laundress Brightlook Hosp, h 32 Perkins
" Ernest H (Charlotte A), chef Willoughby Diner, h 4 Washington av
Mc KEE ERNEST LLOYD (Margaret), prop Willoughby Diner, h 2 Cary pl
" Raymond E, r 18 Western av
" Robert (Elizabeth), watchman Caledonia Mills, h 32 Perkins
" Ronald L (Myrtle A), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h 30 1/2 Perkins
Mc KEE WILLIAM L treas C H & G H Cross. (Inc), res Montpelier, Vt
McKelvey Clarence E (Florence), painter, h 29 Railroad
McKelvey Wendell, painter, r 29 Railroad
McKenzie Melvin A, r 39 Eastern av
" Wilham D (Florence), prop McKenzie's Lunch, h 39 Eastern av
Me Kenzie's Lunch, William D McKenzie prop, 37 Eastern av
McKinstry Clara E, r 18 Harrison av
" Henry F (Grace L), trucking 18 Harrison av, h do
" Howard A, r 18 Harrison av
McLain Albert, emp St Johnsbury House, r do
McLaughlin Anna, wid James, h E St Johnsbury
" Bert A (Edith F), emp F & T F & Co, h 14 Main
" Ldward H (Lucinne), chef Wiiloughby's Diner, r 33 Eastern av
" Fred A, lab, r E St Johnsbury
" Henry A, blacksmith 50 Concord av, h do
" William, emp 50 Concord av, r do
McLean Annie B, wid Daniel, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Christina, wid Daniel, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Daniel F (Corsie), carpenter, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Florence M, r Mrs A B McLean
" Hugh B (Dorothy A), emp 2 Paddock, h do
McLellan Aulsie (Rose A), emp N E Power Co, h 16 Railroad
" Dean P (Portia M), credit mgr C H Goss Co, h 5 Cary pl
" Stores, Amos J Legassey mgr, variety store 72-74 Railroad
McLeod Joseph, emp E & T F Co, r 82 1/2 Main
" Marie J, mgr C P R R News Stand, r 24 Portland
" Osborn E (Bernice L), U S Customs insp, h 30 Western av
McLure Charles J (Sylvia G), lab, h St J Ctr
McMillan Margaret, nurse 54 Eastern av, r do
McNamara George C, r 3 West pl
" James (Elizabeth), h 3 West pl
McPherson Charles (Nellie R), blacksmith St J & L C R R, h 64 Concord av
" Edward, emp St J & L C R R, r 64 Concord av
" William A (Evalyn G), h 64 Concord av
McReynolds Hazel E (Mrs Walter J), sten A B Noyes Ins Agency Inc, h Water, St J Ctr
" James, farmer, r Walter J McReynolds
" Walter J (Hazel), emp Mullaneys Garage, h Water, St J Ctr
McSweeney Emma J, wid Roland M, h 72 Pearl
McVety William J (Margaret E), mgr Singer Sewing Machine Co, h 24 Pleasant
Mead Fred (Leda B), lab, h 78 Concord av
Meagher Roger W, mgr Merit Shoe Co, r 1 Cherry
Meigs Virginia, wid Robert P, h 8 Deer av
Melanson Leo (Beatrice), emp H P Hood & Sons, h 33 Cliff
Melrose Lucina M, wid Willtam, h 16 Church
Menard Leo E (Beatrice A), emp E & T F & Co, h 146 Railroad
MENUT ARTHUR R (Maude), pres Menut & Parks Co and v-pres Vt Orange-Crush Bottling & Maple Products Corp, h 150 Railroad
" Edward S, emp 8 Portland, r 150 Railroad
" Eleanor M, chiropodist Montpelier, r 150 Railroad
" Georgianria A, r 36 Central
MENUT MAUDE G sec-treas Menut & Parks Co, h 36 Central
MENUT & PARKS CO THE coal and wood 8 Portland, pres, Arthur R Menut; v-pres, Mrs Gertrude M Parsons; sec-treas, Maude G Menut, see p 240
Merchant Carl (Fannie), painter cont 27 Maple, h do
" Leroy H (Millicent M), clk First Nat Stores, h 7 Bank
" Mildred B Mrs, r 63 Pearl
" Ralph G (Mae), lab, h 79 Eastern av
" Theron C (Bernice I), auto mech, r 12 Emerson
" Walter F (Fay L), const wkr, h 97 Eastern av
Merchant's National Bank Bldg, 69-73 Railroad
MERCHANTS' COLLECTION AGENCY G Clinton Frye attorney and mgr, Court House, Eastern av c Main, see p 244
MERCHANTS' NATIONAL BANK pres,Charles W Ruiter, cashier, G William Jones, 69 Railroad, see p 3
Mercier Joseph, r Town Farm
" Leo A (Florence M), salesman T S G & E Co, h 51 Cliff
Merit Shoe Co, Roger W Meagher mgr, 75 Railroad
Merrill Carl E (H Evelyn), h Sunnybrook Centre rd, R D 4
" Dorothy, sten H S Brooks, r 4 Cary pl
" J Carter (Bernice), mech eng E & T P & Co, h 70 Eastern av
" Ralph C (Lola G), h 40 Lafayette
Metevier Charles A (Florence E), mach E & T F & Co, h 13 Perkins
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, William H Nolet mgr, 65 Railroad
Mignault Louis P, student, r 19 Maple
" Marie T, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 19 Maple
" Peter (Josephine), emp St J & L. C R R, h 19 Maple
Miles Mabel, wid George A, dom, h 71 Main
MILLAR CHARLES & SON CO Prescott W Stearns mgr, plumbing and heating supplies (wholesale), mfrs lead pipe, solder and C 50 Bay, phone 980, see p 232
" William Rev (Ida D), pastor E St J Cong Church,, h E St Johnsbury
Millard Walter M (Alice E), com trav, h 10 Emerson
Miller Agnes G, pastry cook St J House, r 7 Pearl
" Allison G (Elizabeth), painter, h 14 Summer
" Fred H, emp Goldberg's, r 18 Main
" Goldie E, r 59 Lafayette
" Harry A (Marion W), mgr 191 Railroad, h 40 do
" Joseph G (Marjorie V), chauffeur, h 2 Passumpsic
" Lyle B, truck driver S O Co, r 38 Railroad
" Margaret, wid Thomas, r 59 Lafayette
" William A (Stella L), janitor, h 40 Railroad
Mills Bertram C (Vivian), emp E & T F & Co, h 20 Clarks av
Miltimore Hepsibeth, student, r 91 Main
" Hugh H (Cleona), physician and surgeon 91 Main, h do
" Jack C, student, r 91 Main
" Marshall T, student, r 91 Main
Mitchell Charles F (Nellie M), emp H P Hood & Son, h 18 Passumpsic
" Christie, wid Joseph R, h 71 Railroad
" Earl E, janitor, r 71 Railroad
Modern Beauty Shop, M A Fleurette Savoie prop, beauty parlor 7 Central
" Woodmen of America, Assisqua Lodge No 8149, V C, George E Wilkins, David Irwin, James Flynn; banker, Lucien E LeClair; sec, Harold Roy. Meets 1st Tues GAR Hall
Mofiett Charles H (Mabel U), emp Am F & H Co, h 60 Lafayette
" Clyde L (Clara), emp James Burns, h 56 Cliff
" Edson F, teamster, r 56 Cliff
" Harold R, r 13 Ely
" Harold W (Dorothy W), clk B W Wilcox, h 20 Tremont
" Hazel, student, r 13 Ely
" Herbert J (Nettie E), emp Menut & Parks, h 28 Caledonia
" Perley R (Stella), teamster Menut & Parks, h 13 Ely
" Ralph A (Pauline), sub letter carrier, r 40 Railroad
Mollica Anthony T (P & M Fruit & Produce Co), h 15 Costa av
Monogram Shop, Jeannette E Smith prop, 5 Central
Montgomery Carroll M, musician, r 21 Eastern av
" John (Sadie), retired, h 72 Concord av
MONTGOMERY MILTON E (Dorothy L), office supervisor National Handle Co, h 23 Lafayette
" Reid (Nellie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" True (Alice), carpenter, h St J Ctr
" William K (Vera C), h 21 Pearl
Moody Daniel, lab, r E St Johnsbury
Mooney Agnes L, wid Walter, rooms 29 Summer, h do
" Albert J (Etta M), chauffeur C & O Oil Co, h 8 Gilman av
" Clarence J, r St J Ctr
" Daniel, farmer, h Centre rd, R D 4
" Ernest (Lillian), emp C C C, h St J Ctr
MOONEY GLENN V (Agnes M), sec E T & H K Ide, h 32 Webster
" John, emp E & T F & Co, r St J Ctr
" Joseph F (Bertha P), lab, r Daniel Mooney
" Laura A, emp Newport, r 29 Summer
" Lillian E, r 8 Gilman
" Louis (Margaret), mech, h St J Ctr
" Marguerite E, student, r 32 Webster
Mooney Mary E, bkpr H P Hood & Sons, r 29 Summer
Moore Alvin M, r 30 St John
" Andrew B, traffic mgr Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 100 Main
" Bertha D, wid Herbert E, h 90 Main
" Donald C, r 4 1/2 Western av
" Eleanor, r 42 Main
" Elmer R (Louise E), sub carrier P O, h 7 Belvidere
MOORE FLORENCE E (Searles & Graves), r 6 Summer
" Frederick O, dentist 42 Eastern av, h 79 do
" Harold J, r 30 St John
" Harry L, r 78 Summer
" Harry P, sealer E & T F & Co, r 21 Pearl
" Hartwell D (LeHa F), rooms 3 Cherry, h do
" Helen, student, r 30 St John
" James A (Elizabeth E), cond S tJ & L C R R, h 6 Summer
" Jennie G Mrs, teacher Summer St School, r 17 Spring
" John C, salesman P & M Produce, r 30 St John
" John H, barber, h 16 Elm
" Joseph, emp 68 Eastern av, res Danville
" Leon G, emp P & M Produce, r 30 St John
" Leon J (Caroline B), h 30 St John
" Leslie, emp The Peck Co, r 91 Portland
" Lillias C, student, r 3 Cherry
" Mabel H, wid Harold F, h 4 1/2 Western av
" Marjorie C, r 30 St John
" Mary E, opr N E T & T Co, r 6 Summer
" Minnie B, wid Fred G, r 33 Main
" R Angelina, sten E & T F & Co, r 6 Summer
" Roger H (Vienna R), clk First Nat Stores, h St J Ctr
" Royal A (Katherine), prop Moore's Antiques, h 4 Western av
MOORE SAMUEL A (Charlotte K), (Moore & Johnson), h 29 Central
MOORE & JOHNSON (Samuel A Moore and Bernard A Johnson), clothing, furnishings and shoes, 13 Eastern av, see p 231
Moore's Antiques; Royal A Moore prop, 4 Western av
Moose River Granite Co (Charles V Wame and William J Olliver), 7 Perkins
" River Greenhouse, Gordon Allgrove prop, E St Johnsbury rd
Moran Annie M (Mrs Joseph C), ad comp C Record, h 4 James
" Joseph C (Annie M), h 4 James
" ---see Morron
MORENCY ALCIDE R (Leda B), painter and paperhanger 74 Portland, h do, see p 234
" Armand A, emp Dominick Costa, r 6 Marion av
" August A (Mamie G), painter, h 10 Washington av
" Ernest J (Gertrude A), painter, h 13 Clarks av
" Exelia, wid John A, h 77 Portland
" Jeanette V, hskpr 11 Costa av, r do
" John, painter, r rear 77 Portland
" Lionel A (Cecile), painter, h 4 Marion av
" Lorenzo R, h 8 Marion av
" Madeline M, r 77 Portland
" Margaret, wid Nelson, h 2 Morris sq
" Ralph, painter, r rear 77 Portland
Morey Frank, r Town Farm
" George W (Katherine H), bkpr A E Counsell & Son, h 148 Railroad
Morgan Olive Mrs, h 9 Caledonia
Morin Almonde S, r 20 Gilman av
" Armand E, farm hand, r 20 Gilman av
" Henry R (Rose), h 19 Hastings
" Joseph W (Albertine), farmer, h 20 Gilman av
" L Paul, farmhand, r 20 Gihnan av
" Leo E, r 19 Hastings
" Robert P, farmhand, r 20 Gilman av
" ---see Morron
Morissette Arthur J (Eldea), truck driver, h 36 Lafayette
Morley William H (Hazel M), emp Mullaney's Garage, h High, R D 2
Morrill Calvin F, salesman N Cadillac Garage and (Parrent & Morrill), r 138 Railroad
Morrill Eleazer D, musician, r 93 Railroad
" Ernest L (Effie C), salesman, h Water, St J Ctr
" Kenneth (Ila), emp A S Juneau Inc, h 32 Railroad
" Marion E Mrs, h 6 Buzzell
" Sarah J, wid George H, h 4 Church (28)
" & Hawkinson, Arthur W Hawkinson prop, general insurance 71 Eastern av
Morris Carl M (Clare B), emp E & T F & Co, h Pleasant byd village limits
" Clayton S (Dorothea), moulder E & T F & Co, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Jane Mrs, h Pleasant byd Village limits
" Lindorf B (Mildred B), emp Tillotson & Harran, h 25 School
" Louis S (Mabel A), salesman, h Pleasant, R D 4
Morrison Alfred O (Margaret J), emp E & T F & Co, h 37 Caledonia
" Catherine M, nurse 21 1/2 North av, h do
" Samuel J (Mabel D), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Cliff
" Samuel W (Kathleen D), auto salesman, h 74 Pleasant
Morton Carl A, emp Palmer Bros, r 13 Elm
" Clyde M (Myrtle E), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Railroad
" Cora, wid James A, h 13 Elm
" Virgil G (Luella M), sealer E & T P & Co, h 2 Brook
" ---see Moran, Morin
Morse Anna M Mrs, emp C H & G H Cross, h 59 Portland
" Barbara E, student, r 12 Elm
" Belle C (Betty), cashier Woolworth's, h 46 Eastern av
" Charles H, v-pres E & T Fairbanks & Co, res Chicago, Ill
" Charles H, mgr P E Compton & Co, h 7 Orient
" Charles M, surveyor, r 7 Orient
" Gerald C, student, r 14 Tremont
" Harold W, emp E & T F & Co, r 14 Tremont
" Howard A (Lillian), carp, r 4 Pearl
" Kenneth W, r 14 Tremont
" Lawrence R (Clara E), emp C A Calderwood Inc, h 1 St Mary
" Leslie (Alice), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Lucretia, wid E Allen, r 27 North av
" Murray D (Florence H), weight sealer E & T P & Co, h 12 Elm
MORSE RALPH H sports editor Caledonian Record, h 151 Railroad
" Raymond C (Elsie A), agt Standard Brands Inc, h 4 Concord av
" Walter W (Fairy), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Tremont
MORSE WILLIAM T (Mabel R), public accountant 66 Lafayette, h do, see p 236
Mosher Anna S, wid Thomas J, h 14 Passumpsic
" Charles C, carp, r 14 Passumpsic
" James B (Alice), farmer, h Passumpsic rd
" Mildred Mrs, r 23 Caledonia
" Thomas J, farmhand, r J B Mosher, Passumpsic
Moulton George C (Helen D), emp E & T F & Co, h 9 School
" Ivis, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Max D (Viola L), cigars and tobacco 53 Main, h Danville rd, R D 3
Moyles Gilbert J (Mary S), mach, h 120 Concord av
" Leo V, r 120 Concord av
Mt Calvary Cemetery, Pleasant c St John
" Cemetery (Catholic), association, pres, Barth Lamoutague; treas, A P Grenier; dir, Rev J A Dame , Pleasant c St John
" Pleasant Cemetery, Simon D Atwood supt, Mt Pleasant
" Lodge, Emma M Warner prop, 9 Mt Pleasant
" St Joseph's Convent, rear 10 Charles
Mudgett Claude S, r Claude W Mudgett
" Claude W (Elizabeth), emp C P R R, h S Main, R D 2
" Gilford W, clk First Nat Bank, r Claude W Mudgett
" Valedmar E, r Claude W Mudgett
" Wendell T, emp Caledonia Mills, r Claude W Mudgett
Mullaney's Garage (Alfred I McGee and Grant F Clark), auto service and paint shop, 21 Railroad
Mulliken K Merle (Geneva M), auto mech, h 13 Summer
Mumford Walter H (Lila M), gas attd St J Hotel, h 49 Main
Mungeon Ector A (Jack), (Inez), prop Center Garage, h St J Ctr
" Leo (Esther), emp Center Garage and restaurant St J Ctr, h St J Ctr
Municipal Bldg, 34-36 Main
Munkittrick Allen L (Carrie M), trucking 10 School, h do
Munkittrick Lawrence T (Evelyn E), trucking 19 School, h do
Murabito Carmen (Beulah M) emp C C C, r 65 Railroad
Muriel Beauty Shoppe, Mrs Muriel A Nichols prop, beauty culture and instruction, 93.Railroad
Murphy Albert W (Charlotte J), emp E & T F & Co, h 33, Cliff
" Carl H (Marion A), printer Cowles Press, h 25 Church
" Caroline S, clk French & Bean, r 3 Central
" Charles E, painter, h 93 Eastern av
" Edgar E (Lois M), mason, r 25 Perkins
" George, retired, r Perley D Birch
" George A (Carrie), janitor 61-65 Railroad, h do
" Harold A, student, r 33 Cliff
" Irene M, student, r 24 Lafayette
" James P (Mary J), cont and builder 33 Mt Pleasant, h do
" Kenneth F, student, r 33 Cliff
" Marion A (Mrs Carl H), linotype opr Cal Record, h 25 Church
" Mildred E, r 3 Central
" Mina A, wid Michael J, h 25 Perkins
" T Willis (Mildred R), asst mgr New Avenue Hotel, r do
" Thomas J (Margaret G), prop New Avenue Hotel, h do
" William J (Elsie M), foreman E & T F & Co, h 3 Central
Murray Clifton E (Eva M), elec E & T F & Co, h 34 Railroad
" John W (Elizabeth), emp E & T P & Co, h 20 Lafayette
" Fernand H, emp Home Bakery, r 139 Main
" Ferdinand J (Marie L), prop Home Bakery, h 139 Main
" Sylvia M, r 139 Main
" Victorien A, emp Home Bakery, r 139 Main
Nagle Minnie, wid William, h 12 Winter
" Regis S, emp C A Calderwood & Co, r 12 Winter
" Romeo V, emp New York City, r 12 Winter
Nash Harry P (Dorothy V), farmhand, h 3 Oak
NATIONAL HANDLE CO office supervisor M E Montgomery, 104-108 Portland, see p 246
NATIONAL LIFE INS CO THE W W Sprague & Son agts, 83 Eastern av, see back cover
Nault Augustus J (Georgianna), mech E & T P & Co, h 93 Eastern av
Neeld George Avery Rev (Agnes S), pastor North Congregational Church, h 87 Main
Nelson Allan M, student, r 55 Pearl
" George A (Christina J), fanner, h S Main opp Fair Grounds, R D 2
" George N (Harriet), lab, h 93 Eastern av
" George H (Mary A), retired, h 55 Pearl
" Irving, retired, h S Main, R D 2
" Mary J, state court reporter, h 98 Main
" William J (Gladys), farmer, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Nesmith Ruth A, bkpr Dolgin's Service Station, res Lancaster, N H
New Avenue Hotel, Thomas J Murphy prop, 60 Railroad c Eastern av
" Avenue Hotel Barber Shop (George V and Joseph P Roy props, 62 Railroad
" England Tel & Tel Co, Robert P Nichols mgr, 36 Main, traffic dept Euphemia B Paul chief opr, 41 Main
" Hampshire Acceptance Corp, Stanley F Garfield mgr, 3 Portland
NEW HAMPSHIRE PHOTO ENGRAVING CO 6 Birch, Manchester, N H, see p 235
Newcomb Mary L Mrs, dom, h 99 Railroad
Newell George G (Maude B), clk State Liquor Store, h 13 Belvidere
" Graham S, student, r 13 Belvidere
" Maude B (Mrs George G), asst lib St J Library, h 13 Belvidere
Niblock Edward H (Donalda R), painter, r 111 Main
Nichols Anna P, wid Cameron, boarding and rooms 32 Pearl, h do
" Darwin M Jr (Muriel A), h 93 Railroad
" Dewey S, emp Ide's, r 8 Wright av
" George (Marguerite), lab, h Center rd
" Harry (Fanny), retired, h 8 Wright av
" Lucella, wid Albro F, h Mt Pleasant
" Muriel A (Mrs Darwin M Jr), prop Muriel's Beauty Shoppe, h 93 Railroad
" Richard (Edith), moulder E & T F & Co, h 27 Mt Vernon
Nichols Robert P (Bernice E), mgr N E T & T Co, h 54 Summer
Nickerson Herbert W (Marjorie S), sealer E & T P & Co, h 23 Cliff
" Robert S, student, r 23 Cliff
Nobert Alfred, emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 1 Bagley
Noel Laura R (Wilfred Beauty Shoppe), r 21 Eastern av
Nolan John A (Alice), lab, h rear 99 Railroad
" Martha J, wid John H, h Center rd
Nolet William H (Vivian W), mgr Met Life Ins Co, h 13 Boynton av
Nolin Bros (J Alphonse and Joseph G Nolin), shoes, 17 Eastern av
" J Alphonse (Marie D), (Nolin Bros), h 162 Railroad
" Joseph G (Mabel E), (Nolin Bros), h 9 Bagley
" Jules A, student, r 162 Railroad
Norris Mae B Mrs; hskpr, r 2 Bagley
" Samuel, carpenter, h 14 Cross
North Congregational Church, Rev George Avery Neeld pastor, services Sun 10:30 a m, S S 12 m, Young People's Meeting 6:00 p m. Mid-week Service Wed 7:30 p m, 72 Main
" End Market, Jules Dutile prop, meats and groceries, 17 Mill
NORTHERN CADILLAC CO THE automobiles and repairing 68 Eastern av, pres, H G Bennett; v-pres, C E Rollins; sec-treas-mgr, Robert R Wakefield, see front cover
" Credit Association, Bernard A Wilcox mgr 71 Railroad
" Lumber Co Inc, wholesale lumber 71 Railroad, pres-treas, Lorea V Hastings, sec, Vernon B Tichurst
NORTON NATHAN A judge Caledonia Municipal Court and lawyer Lyndonville, res Lyndonville
NOTRE DAME DES VICTOIRES CATHOLIC CHURCH 10 Prospect, Rev Joseph A Dame permanent rector, Masses Summer 6:46, 8:00 and 10:00 a m, S S, 3:30pm, Winter 8:00 and 10:00 am, see p 230
NOYES A B INSURANCE AGENCY INC insurance 66 Railroad, pres, Clayton A Burrows; treas, Ronald P Burrows, see back bone
NOYES ALVIN C (Harriet F), treas Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 62 Cliff
" Ethel N, wid Warren B, h 95 Portland
" John S, student, r 52 Cliff
" Marion, maid 20 Main, r do
" Maude, student, r 95 Portland
" Wilbur C, student, r 52 Cliff
0'CLAIR WILLIAM A (Clara), (Star Granite Works), h 76 Pearl
O'Connell William F, r Town Farm
O'Connor Ernest E (Lude C), mgr W T Grant Co, h 11 Belvidere
Odd Fellows Block, 109-113 Railroad
Odom Christine L, maid 20 Boynton av, r do
O'Hearn Patrick (Mathilda), emp village; h 3 Parkins
O'Keefe Mary, h 10 Ely
Olcott A Judson Qulia A), retired, h 71 Portland
" Glenn E, farmer, r 71 Portland
" Nettie E, teacher, r 71 Portland
" Nila E, teacher, r 71 Portland
OLDHAM STANLEY R (Catherine H), prin St Johnsbury's Academy, h 1 Main
Oliver Herbert F, cik Gauthier's Pharmacy, r 49 Caledonia
" Hiram P (Grace M), com trav, h 49 Caledonia
" Phyllis M, sten W W Sprague & Son, r 49 Caledonia
" William H (Ina), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
Olliver Charles Wyness, emp E & T F & Co, r 8 Clinton av
" G Edmund, student, r 8 Clinton av
" William J (Nellie K), (Moose River Granite Co), h 8 Clinton av
Olson Eric N (Ardell D), emp Cross Bakery, h 25 School
O'Neil Charles J (Katherine M), emp Gilman Bros Garage,, h 5 Cottage
" John J, clk C H Goss Co, r 5 Cottage
" Lawrence B, emp Peck Co, r 5 Cottage
" Mary J, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 5 Cottage
Orcutt Earl H (Bertha B), pres-treas Vt Orange-Crush Bottling & Maple Products Corp, h 137 Railroad
" Helen F, clk B Paino, r 137 Railroad
" Margaret M, sec Dr E A Cramton, r 137 Railroad
Orland Rose M, r Mitchell Routhier
Oser Gerhard W (Elizabeth E), plumber, h 157 Railroad
" Rita A, r 157 Railroad
Osgood Israel A (Ethel M), mech A E Counsell & Son, h 6 Clayton
" Robert E, r 6 Clayton
Osier Louis E (Ruth A), plumber 109 Main, fa 124 Railroad
Ouellette Adelard (Auretia), emp St J Hosp, r 14 Cherry
Ouimet Edward G (Delia), asst supt St J & L C R R, h 7 Nelson
" Lawrence J, student, r 7 Nelson
" Norman, r 7 Nelson
Ovitt Howard C, farmer, h Crow Hill, R D 2
P & M FRUIT & PRODUCE CO (James R Paino and Anthony T Mollica), 12-18 Portland
Packard Carrie E, wid Alonzo, r 17 Summer
PACKARD MOTOR CARS C H Goss Co, 17-19 Central
" Raymond B (Ida), printer Cowles Press, h 9 Boynton av
Paddock Nellie B, wid Albert J, r 20 Clarks av
Padham Clyde A (Mary L), prop Padham's Garage, h 17 Passumpsic
Padham's Garage, Clyde A Padham prop, 17 Passumpsic
Page Alanta W (Mrs Clay C), matron Girls Com League, h 7 Cherry
" Clay C (Alanta W), driver C H & G H Cross, h 7 Cherry
" Ernest F, emp E & T F & Co, r 6 Duke
" Eugene A (Pearl R), lino opr Caledonia Record, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Gordon S (Anna E), emp N E T & T Co, h 28 Spring
" Harlie F (Shirley A), shoe repairer 34 Portland, h 15 Caledonia
" Harold O (Beryl E), mgr First Nat Stores, h 107 Concord av
" Lois E, student, r 6 Duke
" Mattie B, wid John E, r 65 Railroad
" Stephen P (Minnie), h 6 Duke
Pageau Cleophas, retired, r. 6 Almshouse rd
Paige Eliza J, wid Maurice H, r 32 Mt Pleasant
Paine Albert P (Hope), emp E & T F & Co, h 46 Spring
" Edna (Mrs Ralph H), teacher Summer St School, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Ralph H (Edna), emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Paino Bartolo (Mary), fruits and vegetables 67 Main, h 32 Caledonia
" James R (Angelina), (P & M Fruit & Produce Co), h 11 Costa av
" Sylvester J (Lillian M), clk 35 Main, h 28 Main
Paint and Wallpaper Store, George E Stevens prop, wholesale and retail paint, wallpaper, etc 2 Prospect av
Palace Cafe (Spanish Villa), Nicholas Perkins mgr, 20 Eastern av
" Theatre (Inc), see Tegu's Palace Theatre
Palese Vincent, prop Caledonia Fruit Store, r 91 Eastern av
PALMER BROS Cecil E Palmer prop, laundry, cleaning: and dyeing, for storage and rug cleaning 72-78 Eastern av, see back cover
PALMER CECIL E (Mary L), prop Palmer Bros, h 6 Boynton av
PALMER CHARLES ELLERY mgr Palmer Bros, r 6 Boynton av
PALMER GEORGE H (Laura|C), prop Log Cabin Service Station and prop Palmer's Service Station, h 11 Cherry
" Martha, wid George H Sr, r 11 Cherry
PALMER'S SERVICE STATION George H Palmer prop, 118-18 Portland
Paquin Francis L (Elsie), h 17 Tremont
Parker Alice E, hskpr W T Reed, r S Main, R D 2
" Annie, wid Willis, r 93 Main
" Clayton O, student, r 93 Main
PARKER DRUG STORES INC druggists 116 Railroad, pres, Walter H Parker; treas, Stanley B Parker; mgr, Hazen J Russell, see top margins
" Ella, hskpr F Potter, E St Johnsbury, r do
" Freda, wid Lauris W, h Pleasant byd R D 4
" George W (Daphene C), wholesale doughnut baker, h 93 Main
" Helen A, dom, r W T Reed, S Main R D
" Oscar W (Marcia I), emp E &. T F & Co, h Center rd
PARKER STANLEY B treas Parker Drug Store, res Littleton, N H
PARKER WALTER H pres Parker Drug Store res Littleton, N H
Parkhurst Charles L (Grace E), emp E & T F & Co, h rear 17 Main
" James, emp E & T F & Co, r 17 Main
Parks Kenneth L, emp Swift & Co, r 53 Portland
" Peter (Mary), meter reader T S G & E Co, h 28 Cliff
Parks Ruth L, sten Northern Lumber Co, res R D 4
" William T (Alice G), emp Chesley & Lowell Inc, h 53 Portland
Paro Pamela, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 29 Maple
" William J (May), lab, h 207 Railroad
" ---see Dupperront
Parrent Gertrude (Mrs Jesse M), milliner 138 Railroad, h do
" Jesse M (Gertrude), (Parrent & Morrill), h 138 Railroad
" & Morrill (Jesse M Parrent and Calvin F Morrill), wood dealers and trucking 136J-6 Railroad
PARSONS GERTRUDE M (Mrs W W), v-pres Menut & Parks Co, res Burlington
Partridge Emma F, wid Joseph P, r 104 Main
PASSUMPSIC SAVINGS BANK pres, Jonas H Brooks; treas, Alvin C Noyes, 67 Main, see p 2
Patrons of Husbandry, Green Mt Grange No 1, Master, Walter Hall; sec, Elmore H Chase. Meets 1st and 3rd Sat of each month at Green Mt Hall, St J Ctr
Patton---see Padham
Paul Euphemia B, chief opr N E Tel & Tel Co, r Colonial Apts
Peabody Nancy, wid Lewis, emp U B C Inn, h 69 Main
Pearce Glennice, teacher Four Cor School, r 18 Central
" ---see Peirce and Pierce
Pearl Abner, tel opr Western Union Tel Co, r 2 Cherry
" Lillian M, r 21 Winter
" Margaret M, student, r 32 Cliff
" Raymond A (Alida H), cashier First Nat Bank, h 32 Cliff
" William D (Hope), emp Palmer Bros, h 9 Boynton av
" William H, student, r 32 Cliff
Pease Henry T (Annie), h 48 Railroad
Peavey Albion (Mary), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
Peck Co The, Fairbanks Scales, building supplies, hardware, paints, varnishes, etc, store house and office 100 Railroad, pres, Warren L Peck; v-pres, Philip Hill; sec, Anna L Stanton; treas, George A Smith
" Ira C (Mary L), emp St J & L C R R, h Pleasant, R D 4
" John, r Fred Ladd, River ext
" Kate D, teacher Summer St School, r 80 Main
" May E, wid Charles E, h 80 Main
" Warren L (Dorothy), pres The Peck Co, h 4 Church (49)
Pederson Gustav (Evelyn), blacksmith. E & T F & Co, h 28 1/2 Mt Vernon
Peirce---see Pearce and Pierce
Pelkey Albert D (Yvonne B), mason, h 80 Portland
" Lawrence, messenger Western Union Tel Co, r 40 Portland
" Leon E, r 80 Portland
Pelletier Jeannette (Mrs Maurice), emp Palmer Biros Laundry, h 23 Maple
" Leopold L (Germaine), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Maple
" Maurice (Jeannette C), lab, h 23 Maple
Peltier Telisphore P (Delia), h 38 Portland
Pena Delia, hskpr 36 Railroad, r do
Penney Harry B (Lydia M), lab, r E St Johnsbury
" Sophia Mrs, rRD3
Penniman Harold L (lone B), letter carrier P O, h 14 St John
" Homer N (Clara M), milk dealer, h Mt Pleasant, R D 2
" Howard F, r 14 St John
" Leonard R, student, r Mt Pleasant, R D 2
Pepin Addie M, tailoress Palmer Bros, r 34 Maple
" Annie, wid B John, h 47 Maple
" Armand, asst mgr Tegus Palace Theatre, r 34 Maple
" George V (Alma), h 34 Maple
" Gerald, r 47 Maple
" Irene M, r 34 Maple
" John C (Marie L), mgr 54 Railroad, h 10 Clarks av
" Omer, r 47 Maple
" Roland, opr Tegus' Palace Theatre, r 34 Maple
" Theresa M, student, r 47 Maple
PERHAM JOHN M (Mary S), civil eng and surveyor H Charles and supt St
Johnsbury Airport, h 11 Charles, see :p 233
Perkins Jennie W, wid Napoleon B, r 49 Spring
" Nicholas, mgr Palace Cafe, res Littleton, N H
Perkins Perley N (Dorothy M), mech C H Goss Co, h 6 Drouin
Perowne James J, cabinet mkr, h 19 Church
Perner Joseph, laborer, h 12 Elm
Perngard D H & W J (W J Perrigard and Mrs Almira L Woods), general store 5 Mt Vernon
" Theodore G, r 45 Western av
" W Paul, r 45 Western av
" William J (Florence M), (D J & W J Perrigard), gas and oil 41 Western av h 45 do
Perrigo Gladys M, h S Main, R D 2
" Madge, emp Willey Food Shop, r S Main, R D 2
Perry Bert O (Gladys B), lab, h 207 Railroad
" Charlotte, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Clayton V (Edah G), emp E & T F Co, h 10 Harrison av
" Glenn E (Aiane B), foreman Caledonia-Record, h 32 Clarks av
" Harold C (Florence H), section man C P R R, h 105 Railroad
Peter Pan Kindergarten, Katherine E Scott teacher, 17 Church
Peters Adelbert, const wkr, r 11 High
" Allison J (Louise W), salesman Wright Motor Co, h Water, St J Ctr
" Mary, wid Walter W, h 11 High
" Walter R, r 11 High
" Wesley C, parts mgr N Cadillac Co, r 11 High
Peterson Edward, h 42 Spring
" Raymond W (Fay I), salesman, r 42 Spring
Pete's Real Estate, E Napoleon Brunelle prop, 17-19 Portland
Petty Harry, r R D 3
" Nelson R (Florence R), milk dealer Crow Hill, R D 2, h do
Phillips Hollis A (Norma B), emp state highway dept, h 6 1/2 Morris sq
PHILLIPS NEAL W (Dorothea P), adv mgr The Caledonian-Record, h 17 Costa av
" Tom F, mgr St Johnsbury Hat Wks, h 21 Eastern av
Picard Bert, prop Marvel Beauty Parlor, r 57 Eastern av
" Leonard E (Laura M), truck driver St J Trucking Co, r 19 Portland
" Ludger, emp E & T F & Co, h 55 Eastern av
Piche Alphonse L (Flora M), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 North av
" Charles A, emp N Y City, r 14 North av
Pickett Laura, wid Albert, h 89 Eastern av
" Willie A, const wkr, r 89 Eastern av
Pidgeon H Teresa, wid Thomas D, h 145 Main
" Kathleen E, nurse 145 Main, r do
Pierce Abbott W (Mildred F), agt Prud Ins Co, h 20 Pearl
" Angela F, student, r 47 Cliff
" Dorothy, student, r 19 Boynton av
" Ellsworth F (Hilda F), emp E & T F & Co, r Fred F Pierce
" Frank W, chief train desp St J & L C R R, h 47 Cliff
" Fred P (Iva R), plumber, h S Main, R D 2
" Gladys D, wid Ellery E, r 2 S Main
" Gloria K, r 47 Cliff
" Howard W, student, r 105 Main
" Kate A, wid George S, r 115 Concord av
" Leon F (Flora M), molder E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Lewis, r 19 Boynton av
" Nora, wid George A, r 19 Boynton av
" Olive A, wid Freeman A, h 19 Boynton av
" Raymond, clk C P R R frt office, r 91 Portland
" Robert K (Pearl A), emp C P R R, h 48 Pleasant
" Robert R (Hazel W), office mgr Maple Grove Candies, h 105 Main
" ---see Pearce, Peirce
Pigula Bessie R (Mrs Herman), bkpr Goldberg's Auto Service, h 131 Portland
" Herman (Bessie R), stock clk Goldberg's Auto Service, h 131 Portland
Pillsbury Avis E, wid Harold E, teacher, h 79 Summer
Pilotte Doria E, phone opr, r 146 Railroad
" Joseph M, salesman, r 146 Railroad
" Rose A, wid Peter O, dressmkr 146 Railroad, h do
Pinati Richard, emp C H & G H Cross, r 137 Railroad
Pinard Annie Mrs, seamstress Brightlook Hosp, h 3 Prospect
" Robert F (Rolande J), emp Nadeau's Home Bakery, h 26 St Mary
Piper Arthur H (Ruth E), com trav, h 51K Lafayette
Piper Arthur L (Sadie H), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Wright av
" Genevieve, attd Dr P G Hovey, r 4 Church (58)
" Harold I (Arlene R), const wkr, r 2 Wright av
" Marion E, emp Maple Grove Candies, r 2 Wright av
" Scott E (Sadie M), emp E & T P & Co, h 58 Spring
" Theron D (Evelyn G), clk Goldberg's Service Sta, h 4 Garden
Placey Ernest P, student, r 2 Clarks av
" G Fred (Elizabeth J), janitor Brightlook Hosp, h 2 Clarks av
Platt Orville L (Jessie P), emp E & T F & Co, h 39 1/2 Pearl
Pleasant House The, Max H Ruggles prop, rooms 30 Railroad
Plouffe Adrien (Germaine), emp E & T F & Co, h 20 Ehn
Pocock Allen J (Dorcas E), clk Carey Maple Sugar Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" William A, r Town Farm
POIRIER LEO F asst pastor Notre Dame Victoires Catholic Church, r 12 Prospect
Poisson---see Fish
Poliquin Rosaire (Blanche), milk dealer 20 Gilman av, h 26 St Mary
Pollock Earl D (Irene O), emp U S Dept of Fisheries, h 41 Pearl
Poison Grace (Mrs Hector), prop Grey Shoppe, r Littleton, N H
Pond Grace I, wid Fritz, nurse 5 River, h do
" Joyce R, asst bkpr Chas Millar & Sons Co, r 5 River
Poole Charles, r 4 John
" Della, wid Charles C, h 4 John
" Francis C, truck driver, r 4 John
Pope Mabel J, hskpr 13 Pearl, r do
Porter A William (Irene L), farmer, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Alexander H (Clementine), asst postmaster, h S Main
" Arline A, r A W Porter, Danville rd, R D 3
" Arlton L P, r A William Porter
" Charlotte E, teacher Lancaster, N H, r 34 Mt Pleasant
POSTER DAVID E (Amelia), (Porter, Witters & Longmoore), h 34 Mt Pleasant
" Evelyn M, r A W Porter
" Helen E, teacher Boston, Mass, r 34 Mt Pleasant
" Lucretia, r 72 Portland
PORTER, WITTERS AND LONGMOORE (David E Porter, Harry W Witters and Jutten A Longmoore), lawyers 66 Railroad, tel 46, see p 243
PORTLAND STREET CAFE Onofrio Delosa prop, 35 Portland, see p 241
" St Filling Station, Fred D Little mgr, gas and oil, accessories. 94 Portland
Post Offices: St Johnsbury Post Office 60 Eastern av, Albert S Juneau, postmaster; Alexander H Porter, asst postmaster; clerks, William McDonald Jr, Guy T Kellogg, Myrtie L Underwood,-Archie E Lanetot, Florence J May, John S Kendall, Herman E Hoyt; city carriers, Arthur M Lang, Albert R Spencer, Prank L Bailey, Daniel Lunibra, Thaddius A Cormier, Harry W Clark, Hugh W Spaulding; substitutes, Ralph A Moffett, Elmer R Moore, Ryno Brunelle; rural carriers, Edward C Hastings, Dwight L Wells, Harold L Penniman; messenger, Allen L Munkittrick; one star route leaves daily for Waterford, Vt at 11:00 a m; Office open from7:00 a m to 6:30 p m; Sub-station No 1 at Randall & Whitcomh's 27 Main
" Office St Johnsbury Centre, Elmore H Chase postmaster, office open from 7 a m to 6:30 p m
" Office E St Johnsbury, Lewis A Gannon postmaster
Potter Floyd, r E St Johnsbury
" Frank, laborer, h E St Johnsbury
" Glenn R, student, r 114 Concord av
" John, elec, r 114 Concord av
" Milton E, student, r 114 Concord av
" Roy E (Louise A), elec cont 114 Concord av, h do
Powell Harold G (Helen G), regional dir U S Re-Employment Service, r 10 Park
Powers Bernie, r 42 Caledonia
" Carl Gordon, r Town Farm
" Carl M, r Town Farm
" Carrie E, wid Walter W, r 2 Prospect av
" Charles H (Inez), prop Vt Scale Repair Co, h 180 Railroad
" Charles S, emp Vt Scale Repair Co, r 180 Railroad
" Frederick, r Town Farm
" Henry C (Julia), retired, h Water, St J Ctr
" Margaret, wid Harley W, h 105 Main
Powers Martha M, wid Allen K, h 69 Portland
Pratt Arunah G (Edith E), com trav G H Cross Co, h 48 Cliff
" Madelyn L, student, r 48 Cliff
Preman George L (Etta M), emp St J & L C R R, h 6 Orchard
Presby Wilbur W (Sadie R), mech C H Goss Co, h St J Ctr
Prescott Arthur F (Inez H), books and stationery 87 Eastern av, h 2 Emerson
" C Allen (Madelene), agt Cleveland Tractor Co, h Water, StJ Ctr
" Frank E, r St J Ctr, R D 4
John E (Lula), farmer, h St J Ctr, R D 4
" Rachel R, emp 87 Eastern av, r 2 Emerson
" Rena I, asst sec-treas St J Credit Prod Co, r 2 Emerson
Preston Ira A (Myrtle H), stock clk C H Goss Co, h 5 Roosevelt av
Prevost Charles A (Robertine), physician and surgeon 154 Railroad, h do
" Charles L (May), emp Gilman, h 25 St Mary
" David J (Bertha), barber New Avenue Hotel Barber Shop, h 22 St Mary
" Edward, carp, r 154 Railroad
" J Arthur (Simpne), agt J Hancock Ins Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" J Leo (Rose), barber shop 24 Eastern av, h 19 North av
" John G (Minnie D ), (The Prevost Shop), r 5 Bagley
" Jules E, r 22 St Mary
" Leonie, r 154 Railroad
" Margaret, r 26 Pleasant
" Minnie D (Mrs John G, (The Prevost Shop), r 5 Bagley
" Shop The (John G and Mrs Minnie D Prevost), Millinery, art goods, novelties and beauty shop, 87 Railroad
" Thomas J (Lucienne), agt John Hancock Mut Life Ins Co, h 24 St Mary
" ---see Provost
Priest Alfreda, student, r 58 Portland
" Herbert W (Eva M), const wkr, h 99 Railroad
Proctor Mildred Mrs, r 31 Summer
Proulx---see Prue
Provenchal R John, r Town Farm
Provencher Lionel A, emp E & T F & Co, r 15 Ely
" Ronald J, emp E & T F & Co, r 15 Ely
" Rose Mrs, h 15 Ely
Provost---see Prevost
Proya Loreto (Mary T), clk 65 Eastern av, h do
" Mary T (Mrs Loreta), grocer 65 Eastern av, h do
Prudential Insurance Co of America, Eugene R Rosselot supt, 83 Eastern av
Prue Albert (Alice), lab, r 37 Concord av
" Eugene (Flora), lab, h 37 Concord av
" Florence, r F Prue
" Frank (Grace M), farmer, h Centre rd, R D 4
" Fred, lab, r rear 99 Railroad
" George (Celia), trucking Passumpsic, h do
" James (Victoria), lab, h 99 Railroad
" Joseph E, lab, r F Prue, Centre rd
" Louise R, r F Prue
" Raymond A (Lena), lab, r 37 Concord av
" Rose, dom, r rear 99 Railroad
Public Market, Arthur A LaPoint prop, meats and groceries 19 Eastern av
Puffer Harriet E, emp Boston, Mass, r 16 Winter
" Laura C Mrs, h 16 Winter
" Marion P, nurse 4 Brooks pl, r do
Purina Mills, Charles W Hedrick branch mgr, flour, feed and grain, 3-5 Perkins
Putnam Lewis A, h 45 Cliff
Pye Alice B, r 46 Central
" E Eli, emp Hartford, Conn, r 46 Central
" George M (Elizabeth A), emp E & T P & Co, h 46 Central
" Hedley V, polisher, r 46 Central
QUAIN ELLEN, wid Patrick, r 10 Valley
QUALITY CAFE Harold D Blake prop, 67-69 Eastern av, see p 242
Quimby Albert K (Laura E), agt Met Life Ins Co, h 44 Cliff
" Phoebe A, wid Burney A, hskpr 24 Spring, r do
Quinn Bernard M (Louise), salesman, h 93 Portland
RACETTE ALMA B (Mrs WilUam E), bkpr 25 Bay, r 30 North av
Racette Josephine, wid Joseph, h 67 Concord av
" Margaret, r 67 Concord av
" William E (Alma B), agt The Prud Ins Co, h 30 North av
" ---see Russett
Racicot Herve J, clk 80 Concord av, r 152 Railroad
" Marie C, clk Willey's Food Shop, r 152 Railroad
" Virginia M, wid Jacques, h 152 Railroad
Racine Gideon J (Mary L), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 137 Portland
" Yvonne M, r 137 Portland
Radford Donald K, mgr 12 Eastern av, r 61 Pearl
" Ernest J, truckman C P RR, h 61 Pearl
" Frederick J (Mattie M), cond St J & L C R R, h 87 Portland
" Marion J, student, r 87 Portland
" Myrtle, clk W T Grant Co, r 61 Pearl
RAILROAD STREET SERVICE STATION Charles E Goss prop, Frank E Thurston mgr, 48 Railroad, see p 229
Railway Employees National Pension Asso, Chap 158, chr, Chas L Rathbun; treas, W Carter, Mountain av
" Express Agency, George A Gonneville agt, office Railroad Depot
Ramage Helen, r J A Ramage, E St Johnsbury
" James A (Helen), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Marion, teacher Arlington School, h 75 1/2 Summer
" Ruth E, teacher, r J A Ramage, E St Johnsbury
Ramsey Albert C (Mae C), service mgr N Cadillac Co, h 3 Spring
Randall Block, 97-101 Railroad
" George H (Ruth A), h R D 4
" Harriett J, r R D 4
RANDALL HARRY W (May W), prop Randall & Whitcomb and pres St Johnsbury
Chamber of Commerce, h 128 Main
" Helen W, teacher Northampton, Mass, r 128 Main
" Leola G Mrs, hairdresser The Prevost Shop, h 107 Concord av
" Madeline I, public entertainer, r 17 Boynton av
" Mary, wid Henry, r 8 Belvidere
" Olive T, wid Edson N, h 17 Boynton av
" Raymond H, barber 24 Eastern av, r 19 North av
" Winifred M, chemist N Y City, r 128 Main
RANDALL & WHITCOMB Harry W Randall prop, jewelers, opticians, books, stationery and radios 31 Main, tel 300, see top margins
Ranger Carl H (Prances), asst prin St Johnsbury Academy, h 21 Main
Rann Richard M (Fannie M), plumbing and heating 66 Portland, h do
" Ruth M, sten Am F & H Co, r 66 Portland
Ranney Beatrice M (Mrs Nelson C), teacher Summer St School, h 10 Forest av
" Edith M, sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 48 Summer
" George C, carp, r 6 Brook
RANNEY GEORGE O (Hazel P), general building contractor, painting and paper hanging 162 Portland, h do, see p 233
" Herbert, lab, r E St J
" Jennie E Mrs, r N E Petty, Crow Hill
" Nelson C (Beatrice M), h 10 Forest av
Ransom Addie Mrs, r 9 Jones
Rapp Carl, student, r W E Ward
" Rena, wid Walter, clk E & T F & Co, r W E Ward
Rash Ernest N (Jeanette), emp E & T F & Co, r 5 North av
" Eugene S, r 148 Railroad
" Florence M, wid Joseph, h 17 Cherry
" Floyd H (Dora), truck driver E T & H K Ide, h 23 Mill
" Helen M, dom, r 17 Cherry
" John E, emp village, h 23 Mill
" Sadie G, dom 22 North av, r 17 Cherry
Rattigan Charles L (Mae L), baggagemaster C P R R, h 27 Mt Pleasant
" Eleanor M, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Fred F (Myrtle M), yard clk C P R R, h S Main, R D 2
Reed Calista, wid Josiah, h 28 Perkins
" Carlyle M, emp Hooker-Reed Co, r 34 Perkins
REED FABIAN S (Glenn A), (W W Sprague & Son), h 17 Cliff
" Frank F (Josie), clk, h 3 Elm
" Harold S (Lillian L), com trav, h 15 Caledonia
Reed Hattie W, wid Albert E, rooms 33 Pearl, h do
" Morton J (Ethel M), prop Hooker-Reed Co, h 34 Perkins
" Russell A, student, r 17 Cliff
" Sidney M (Flora), r 28 Perkins
" Winthrop T, retired, h S Main, R D 2
Reid Arnold B, milk pedlar, r 21 Concord av
" Charles H (Martha E), plumber, h 21 Concord av
" Doris S, r 21 Concord av
" Fred, r 10 Portland
" Frederick (Mary), gate tender C P R R, h 9 Clarks av
" Geneva E, r 21 Concord av
Reliance Electric Co, Frank B Kerr prop, elec cont 48 Eastern av
Remick Carl (Mabel), farmer and emp town, h St J Ctr
Renaud Catherine, wid Henry, r 29 Mt Vernon
" Edward E (Vera), painter, h 12 Elm
" Mary Mrs, h 157 Railroad
Renfrew Clinton A, student, r 2 Clayton
" Margaret E, student, r 2 Clayton
" Roscoe A (Reita C), grocer 84 Concord av, h 2 Clayton
REPUBLICAN HOUSE Robert Williams prop, furnished rooms 33 Eastern av, see p 242
Resneck Frances, bkpr St J Trucking Co, r 3 Elm
REXALL STORE Frank M Landry mgr, 103 Railroad, see top margins
Rexford Homer A (M Louise), emp C H Goss Co, h 42 Maple
Reynolds Beatrice A, nurse 9 Church, r do
" Carl J (Madeline), prop Reynolds Cash Market, h 93 Railroad
" Cash Market, Carl J Reynolds prop, meats and groceries 9 Eastern av
" Clayton F, r 6 Brook
" Erville H, farmer, r 6 Brook
" Martha M, h 6 Brook
" Mary B, wid Alfred H, boarding and rooms 71 Railroad, h do
" Maud M, h 71 Railroad
Rheaume Bernadette, dom, r 6 Washington av
" Carmen, cashier McLellan Store, r 6 Washington av
" Corrine, timekeeper E & T F & Co, r 6 Washington av
" Philip L (Delima), elec welder, h 6 Washington av
Rhodes Emma J, wid John J, h 28 Cliff
Rice Reynolds (Ivis P), auto mech, h 194 Railroad
Rich Arthur R (Harriet A), emp Ide's, h 7 Mountain av
"Horace T (Genista L), linotype opr Cowles Press, h 6 Russell av
Richard Annette, r 42 Maple
Richards Clarence (May), farmhand, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Edward (Louise N), emp E & T F & Co, h 17 Clarks av
" Florence, wid Frank L, h 11 Cherry
" Harley E (Julia A), supt Colonial Apts, h 4 Church (8)
" Julian L (Alice L), mgr groc dept First Nat Store, 66 Railroad, h 7 North av
Richardson Herbert A (Bemice B), plumber Goodrich Store, h 27 Clarks av
" Katherine E, wid George, r 1 Mt Pleasant
RICHARDSON SAMUEL E (Grace M), attorney-at-law 65 Railroad, h 1 Mt Pleasant, see p 243
" Vivian, hskpr 10 Mt Pleasant, r do
" Winona E, r 27 Clarks av
Richmond Claude M (Frances R), dentist 65 Railroad, h 103 Main
Rickaby Jane, dressmkr 9 Charles, h do
" Laura, r 9 Charles
" Theophilus (Ida M), h 154 Portland
Rickard Mildred, r 6 Almshouse rd
Ricker Carrie E, wid William A, h 52 Summer
" Elizabeth, emp Brattleboro, r 6 Winter
RICKER WILLIAM G specialist eye, ear. nose and throat, 31 Main, h 6 Winter
" William G Jr, radio station mgr, Montpelier, r 6 Winter
Rike Robert C (Caroline D), salesman, h 6 Belvidere
Rivers Crane A, r 8 Oak
" Lottie W, hskpr E Wilkinson, r E St Johnsbury
" Moses (Albertine), emp village, h 59 Pearl
" ---see Lariviere
Roach Alice, r 3 Prospect
Roach Leo M (Vera), tel opr C P R R, h 143 Railroad
Roberts Alta, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 78 Summer
" Ann L, student, r H Roberts
" Elsa M, cashier C H Goss Co, r 18 Main
" Ethel, emp Maple Grove Candies Inc, r 10 Winter
" Harley (Katherine M), auto mech, h St J Ctr
" Richard L (Florence E), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 St John
" Walter A, r Prospect av
Robillard Alexander J (Rachel), molder E T & T F & Co, h 25 St Mary-
Robinson Eugene A (Sarah J), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Frank E (Eleanor P), emp Corner Garage, h 1 Harvey
" Fred L (Florence C), patternmkr, h St J Ctr
" Fred S, emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Frederick A, filling sta St J Ctr, r Fred L Robinson, St J Ctr
" George E, r Thomas H Robinson
" Kenneth, emp city, r Thomas H Robinson
" Thomas H (Fannie E), retired, h Crow Hill
Robitaille Anthony E (Jennie), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Mountain av
" Lorenzo, emp E & T F & Co, r 12 Mountain av
Roby William (Margaret), musician, h 62 Spring
Rock William J (Madge K), emp Walker & Brock, h 75 Portland
Roderick Clarence H (Rena C), com trav, h 11 Jones
" Faylene A, r 11 Jones
" Joseph F (Florence L), painter, h rear 99 Railroad
Rodgers Alton R, carp, r 7 Mt Vernon
" Charlotte L, dom, r 7 Mt Vernon
" Elwyn G, r 7 Mt Vernon
" John F (Frances E), carp, h 7 Mt Vernon
" ---see Rogers
RODLIFF FREDERICK H (Margaret), teller Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 4 Church (43)
" Walter C (Margaret), mach E & T F & Co, h 22 Webster
Rogers Edward, emp E & T F & Co, r 50 Western
" Ernest R (Lottie B), prop St Johnsbury & Lyndonville Bus, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Etta (Mrs Frank A), pastry cook St Johnsbury House, h 42 Caledonia
" Frank A (Etta), sealer E & T F & Co, h 42 Caledonia
" Fred (Elizabeth), carp, h St J Ctr
" Lila, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Walter E (Clara R), emp E & T F & Co, h 50 Western av
" William, farmhand, r C H Simons
" ---see Rodgers
Rolfe Harry G (Agnes C), janitor Fairbanks School, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Ibrey G (Freda A), prop Rolfe's Market, h 56 Portland
Rolfe's Market, Ibrey G Rolfe prop, 118 Railroad
ROLLINS CARLTON E (Isabelle), v-pres and office mgr The Northern Cadillac Co, h 20 Pleasant
" Heiress E, wid William H H, r 20 Pleasant
Ronan William B, mgr S Oil Co, h 71 Concord av
Rooney Bridget M, h 14 Maple
" Sarah A, lacemkr, r 14 Maple
Root Jessie M, wid George A, h 46 Eastern av
" Mary C, inst St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
Rose Claytori (Mrs), farmhand, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Ross Arthur P (Eva), h 6 Wright
" Edward H (Nellie O), physician and surgeon 36 Main and pres Brightlook
Hosp, h 12 Church
" Guy E (Frances E), emp C A Smith, h 177 Railroad
" Helen C, teacher Chestnut Hill Pa, r 12 Church
Rosselot Eugene R (Emily H), supt Prud Ins Co, h 12 Highland av
Rothera Ellen, nurse 7 Cherry, r do
Rouleau Henry J (Annie), foreman Chas Miller & Son Co, h 10 Pearl
" John (Alexandra), emp E & T F & Co, h 24 Railroad
Rousseau Delphis J, emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Clarks av
" Louis P, student, r 8 Clarks av
" Mary I, r 8 Clarks av
Routhier Ezra, r Mrs Grace Bradley
Routhier Mitchell (Leontine), farmer, h High, R D 2
Rowan W John, retired, r 20 Railroad
Rowe N Dean (Florence), teacher St Johnsbury Academy, h 4 Spring
Rowell Carrie M, milliner 105 Railroad, r 26 Portland
Roy Adjutor L (Regina M), wood chopper, h 15 Clarks av
" Alberta M, emp C A Brodien, h 1 Portland
" Alcide L (Angelina M), emp St J & L C R R, h 23 St Mary
" Alfred W (Antoinette), mach, h 19 Hastings
" Alyre J (Agnes C), h 55 Eastern av
" Annie P (Mrs Joseph P), milliner 105 Railroad, h 24 Portland
" Edgar J (Emma); emp E & T F & Co, h 76 Pearl
" Emil S (Hazel M), h 24 Bay
" Emma, wid Adelard D, h 29 Pearl
" Emma C, wid Joseph, r 27 Central
" Felix, barber r Bagley
" Fleurette E, student, r 29 Pearl
" George V (Florence K), (New Avenue Hotel Barber Shop), h 38 Railroad
" Grace M, clk Smith's, r 111 Concord av
" Harold, rep Modern Woodmen of Am, h 114 Railroad
" John (Hazel), h 35 Concord av
" Joseph P (Annie P), (Avenue Hotel Barber Shop), h 24 Portland
" Josephine, wid Augustus, r 111 Concord av
" Leopold C, emp E & T F & Co, r 76 Pearl
" Louise C, wid Elmer F, h 23 Webster
" Ralph L, emp Palmer Bros, r 76 Pearl
" Roland A, clk Landry's Drug Store, r 76 Pearl
" Rolande B; r 23 St Mary
" WoodrowJ, student, r 24 Portland
" ---see King
Royal Lunch, William Costa prop, 96 1/2 Railroad
Royer Angelina M (Mrs Gideon J), sten E & T F & Co, h 21 Orchard
" Gideon J (Angelina M), emp city, h 21 Orchard
" L Arthur (Rose F), mach E & T F & Co, h 12 Valley
Rudd Annie M, wid Steven, h E St Johnsbury
" Edith M, sten, r Mrs A M Rudd
Ruggles Duane M (Lura F), mach E & T F & Co, h 28 Summer
" Lottie, wid Everett E, r 28 Summer
" Max H (Vesta V), mech and prop The Pleasant House, h 30 Railroad
RUITER CHARLES W (Florence S), pres Merchants' National Bank, h 120 Main
" Elizabeth S, student, r 120 Main
Rundle Effie M, clk Caledonia Mills, r 136 Railroad
RUNDLE HEDLEY V (Lillie M), mgr Dollar Cleaners, Palmer Bros, h 136 Railroad
RUSSELL HAZEN J mgr Parker Drug Store, r 35 North av
" James A (Elizabeth A), cont 7 Emerson, h do
" Merton H (Ruth A), truck driver, h 7 Elm
" Perley R (Maude), driver C H & G H Cross, h 35 North av
" Rhoda B, wid Walter, r Lauris W Parker
" Shirley M, r 7 Elm
" Thomas A (Gladys D), emp J A Russell, h 8 Russell av
" William H (Edith), h 15 Clarks av
Russett---see Racette
Russlow Carrie Mrs, r 23 Pine
Ryan Dora A Mrs, hskpr 21 School, r do
" Joseph E (Mary S), mgr meat dept First Nat Stores, 66 Railroad, h 43 Portland
Ryder Merle C, asst mgr McLellan Stores, r 36 Pearl
SAFFORD CLINTON N, student, r 5 Nelson
" Ernest W (Florence C), cont 5 Nelson, h do
" I Grant (Alice L), painter E & T F & Co, h 9 Tremont
" William O (Myra), emp Brightlook Hosp, res Waterford
Sage Eliza Mrs, r M Routhier, High byd limits, R D 2
Saint Gabriel Parochial School, Sisters of Providence teachers, 12 Cherry
Salmon Abbie, wid Charles, h St Johnsbury Ctr
" Bertha M, r Mrs Abbie Salmon
Sammon Kathleen R, r Morton D Lyster
Sanborn A Clifton (Annie), (Sanborn & Humphrey), h 12 Main
Sanborn Anna E, wid Gardner; h 60 Spring
" Jennie L (Mrs Martin S), dressmkr 16 Western av, r do
" Jessie, wid Frederick, h 29 Railroad
" John W, lab, r 29 Railroad
" Martin S (Jennie L), mach E & T F & Co, h 16 Western av
Sanitary Dairy (William J and Addison A Donaght), St J Ctr
Sargeant Elizabeth M, r 2 West pl
Sargent Ernest D (Ethel), emp F S Co, h St J Ctr
" Genevieve, r Mrs J L Ford
" Isabel, wid Emerson E, clk 101 Railroad, h 40 Portland
" Paul E (Eliza), chauffeur Mrs A L Stevens, r 40 Portland
Savage Hiram G (Ruth I), clk Caledonia Mills, h 16 Passumpsic
Savoie M A Fleurette, prop Modern Beauty Shop, r 18 Green
Schaefer Louis A (Ida M), chef Colonial Restaurant, r 141 Railroad
SCHNEIDER ERNEST H (Sophye G), v-pres and treas Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 26 Boynton av
Schools---see St Johnsbury, town of
Schoppe Arthur W (Marion W), prop South End Service Station, h 48 Caledonia
" Claire E, sten S Waterman, r 48 Caledonia
" Maurice A (Sylvia M), emp 6 S Railroad, h 48 Caledonia
Schultz Walter J (Evelyn L), prop Dutchy's Cafe, h 34 Eastern av
Scott Adams B (Catherine), taxi cab Depot and 174 Railroad, h do
" Carolyn E, student, r 70 Summer
" Clarice Smith, teacher Maple St School, r 77 1/2 Summer
" Dorothy A, opr N E T & T Co, r 78 Summer
" Frank A (Martha E), retired, h 35 Pearl
" Georgianna C, hskpr A T Mollica, r 15 Costa av
" Gertrude E, wid Adam B, h 151 Railroad
SCOTT JOHN F (Helena M), mgr C H and George H Cross (Inc), h 53 Spring
" John W (Jeannette R), retired, h 2 Clinton av
" Katherine E, prop Peter Pan Kindergarten, r 17 Church
" Eatherine G, wid Amos W, h 17 Church
" Lindol M (Margaret E), bond salesman, h 70 Summer
" Melvin B, emp St J Trucking Co, r 151 Railroad
" Walter A (Clarice), driver, h 89 Main
SCRIBNER BENJAMIN B (Mary P), v-pres M W Devereaux Corp and v-pres Merchants' National Bank, h 65 Portland
Scullay George, r Town Farm
Searles Charles A (Laura M), druggist 11 Eastern av, h 121 Main
SEARLES J ROLF (Ida B), (Searles & Graves), h 51 Spring
" Olga M, bkpr Walker & Brock, r 121 Main
" Priscilla M, student, r 51 Spring
SEARLES & GRAVES (J Rolf Searles, Arthur L Graves and Florence E Moore), lawyers 65 Railroad, see p 244
Sears Burtrand R, mach E & T F & Co, r 19 Portland
" Reny M, emp R C Holland, r 19 Portland
" Ronald J, emp E & T F & Co, r 19 Portland
Seaver Harold D (Marion T), field clk N W Power Co, h 3 Dundee
" Howard A (Catherine), sta agt M C R R and agt Ry Exp Agcy, h E St Johnsbury
Selinsk Elizabeth M Mrs, r Mrs A McLaughlin
Service William A Rev, retired minister, r 17 Spring
Severance George I (Emma J), h 12 Forest av
Sevigny Alphonse (Qla), emp Cowles Press, h 2 Prospect av
Seymour Harry R (Margaret), emp E & T F & Co, h 43 Mt Vernon
Shackford Mianda U, wid Luther, r Paul J Lillicrap
Shapiro Ida (Mrs Samuel) clk Boston Store h 19 Elm
" Samuel (Ida), prop Boston Store. H 19 Elm
Shastany Eugene (Emma L), carp. H E St Johnsbury
" Simon, painter, r Mrs I Howe
Shattuck Melissa (Mrs Paul H), sten The Peck Co, r 11 Clarks av
" Paul H (Melissa), ins agt, h 11 Clarks av
Shaw Clara E, wid Albert, h 1 Lincoln
" Ethel, instr nature study public schools, h 9 Church
" Helen A, h 13 Belvidere
'Shaw Ina Mrs, h S Main, R D 2
" Lena E, phone opr, r 1 Lincoln
Shedd Mary, bkpr Lowrey Bros, r 39 1/2 Pleasant
Sheffield Dorrance E (Alice G), physician and surgeon 24 Main, h do
Shell Eastern Petroleum Products Inc, William C Davis mgr, 42 Bay
Shepard Erma, wid Fred G, h 8 Prospect av
SHERBURNE FRANK C (Stella P), prop Sherburne's Restaurant, h 91 Portland, tel 882-W
" Hattie H, r 91 Portland
SHERBURNE'S RESTAURANT Frank C Sherburne prop, 3 Eastern av, tel 161, see back cover
Sherman Everett E, farmhand, r 8 Valley
" Vincent V, r 8 Valley
" Walter G, emp E & T F & Co, r 8 Valley
Sherrer Dwayne B, reporter Cal Record, r 74 Pearl
" Harold J (Julia M), frt clk C P R R, h 74 Pearl
" Paul, r 74 Pearl
Sherry F Henry, r 19 Harrison av
" Paul D (Vera G), salesman Wright Motor Co, h 6 Dundee
" Ralph D (Carrie L), lumber dealer and real estate 19 Harrison av, h do
SHIELDS CHARLES A (Gertrude T), (Shields & Conant), sec C H Goss Co; sec Cary Maple Sugar Co, clk Maple Grove Candies Inc and v-pres Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 7 Park
" John M, student, r 7 Park
" Laura G, teacher New London, N H, r 7 Park
" Mabel A, curator Fairbanks Museum of Natural Science, h 57 Slimmer
" Ruth M, student, r 7 Park
SHIELDS & CONANT (Charles A Shields and David S Conant), attorneys 41 Main, see p 244
Shindle Max (Rose), junk buyer, h 23 Elm
SHIRO HAROLD office mgr St Johnsbury Trucking Co, r 33 Eastern av
SHOE HOSPITAL Joseph H Courcheine prop, shoe repairing 81 Eastern av, see p231
Shores Elizabeth, wid Gardner, h E St Johnsbury
" Ernest, emp E & T F & Co, r E St Johnsbury
" Williain E (Mary), h E St Johnsbury
Short Adrienne, clk 61 Main, r 6 Marion, av
" Louise L, wid George C, h 7 Boynton av
" ---see Courteau
Shurtleffe Charles F (Mary A), retired, h 40 Mt Vernon
Shute Gladys Mrs, hskpr 6 Cote's ct, r do
Sicard Aime, shoe rep 52 Railroad, r 7 North av
" Albert J (Beatrice B), auto mech, h 7 North av
" Irene L, maid 15 North av, r 74 Pearl
" Lucille, emp W B Eastman, r 74 Pearl
" Napoleon J (Josephine), moulder, h 74 Pearl
Silsby Charles E (Marion H), chauffeur, h 70 Eastern av
" Clayton W (Rebecca A), mech N Cadillac Co, h 71 Pearl
" Elwin A, retired, h 5 Spring
" John T (May K), teller Merchants Nat Bank, h 12 Harrison av
Silver Martha A, wid Henry, r 2 Pearl
" Robert T (Tessa), cattle, dealer, h off Portland n village limits
Simanton Charles E, retired, h 26 Pearl
Simmons Charles (Florence), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Merwin, farmhand, r C Simmons
Simonds Frederick M (Eva), emp Northern Cadillac Co, h 55 Portland
Simons Filling Station, George T Simons prop, gasoline and oils 214 Railroad
" George T (Mabelle E), prop Simons Filling Station, h 18 Central
" Hubert G, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Central
" John W (Laura M), salesman, h 26 Lafayette
Simpson Archelaus, carp, r 15 Federal
" Arthur L (Mildred R), truck driver, h 48 1/2 Railroad
" Avis, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Bertha, emp Bangor Me, r St J Ctr
" Dean E (Myrtie M), clk Flint Bros, h 15 Federal
" Delia L Mrs, hskpr 34 Mt Pleasant, r do
" Dorothy, clk Chas Millar Son & Co, r StJ Ctr
Simpson Dwight G (Grace), loco eng B & M R R, h St J Ctr
" Eber J (Fanny), truck driver Cal Fuel & Supply Co, h 71 Portland
" Ethel.teacher Concord, N H, r St J Ctr
" Eva, student, r St J Ctr
" Francis W (Doris A), truck driver, h Centre rd
" Frank J (Christie G), frt cond St J & L C R R, h 15 North av
" George W (Kittie), carp, h St J Ctr
" Howard H (Eva D), emp E & T T & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Jesse E (Anna N), lab, h Water, St J Ctr
" Margaret C, hskpr 15 North av, r do
" Myron F, retired, h 112 Portland
" Oscar M (Lucy), emp E & T F & Co, h 49 Western av
" Richard, emp Montpelier, r St J Ctr
Singer Sewing Machine Co, William J McVety sales mgr, 107 Railroad
Sisters of Providece, teachers St Gabriel School, h 12 Cherry
Skerry Helen M, student, r 10 Hastings
" Kathleen M, student, r 10 Hastings
" William T (Lilla), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Hastings
Skinner Bessie M, wid Cyrus H, h 41 Concord av
SKINNER CHAUNCEY S (Ella A), pres Skinner Lumber Co, res Orleans
" Edgar L (Eva L), agt A L A and naturopath 8 Belvidere, h do
" Gertrude, wid Ephraim, emp Palmer Bros, h 114 Railroad
" Harry P (Myrtie E), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 7 Assisqua av
" Katherine E, teacher, r 25 Church
" Lester H, C C C , r 41 Concord av
SKINNER LUMBER GO pres, Cbauncey S Skinner; treas, Roy D Skinner; lumber and real estate, 61 Bay
" Miriam E, student, r 43 Pleasant
" Ray B (Vivian L), lumberman, h 43 Pleasant
" Ray I (Isabelle R), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 7 Assisqua av
SKINNER ROY D (Helen A), treas Skinner Lumber Co and dealer in lumber, posts, poles, forest products, buildings supplies, Masonite products and specialties 51 Bay, h 26 Church, see p 246
" Ruth A, adv clk Caledonian Record, res Passumpsic
SLEEPER CLYDE A (Helen B), asst cashier Merchants Nat Bank, h 2 1/2 Main (2)
Smart Meldrum (Marjorie G), power house opr Barnet, h 8A Belvidere
Smith Abbie, h E St Johnsbury
" Adelbert S (Mildred H), emp Walker & Brock, r 72 Pearl
" Albert E, sec David Fur Farms, res Groton
" Alexander D (Annie), h S Main
" Ann, teacher Bloomfield N J, r E St Johnsbury
" Arthur E (Myrtie), prop Smith's Cut Price Cash Grocery, h 148 Railroad
" Bernie I (Dorothy), elec L L Grant, h E St Johnsbury
" Carl R (Eva D), machine blacksmith and auto spring repair 6 Harrison av, h 8 do
" Clarence A (Bertha), wholesale groceries and feeds 179-181 Railroad, h 23 Perkins
" Clarice, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Clifford J (Pearl C), mgr 123 Railroad, h 2K Main
" Elmer E, painter, r 46 Railroad
" Elmore R (Frances), mech, h 5 Washington av
" Ernest H (Bernice B), emp C P R R, h 59 Lafayette
" Ethel H (Mrs Lafa), bkpr A B Noyes .Co, h 128 Concord av-
" Frederick C, emp E & T F & Co, h 7 Prospect av
" George A (Alice R), treas The Peck Co, h 17 Harrison av
SMITH GERTRUDE A (Mrs Herbert A), treas The Caledonian-Record Publishing Co, h 35 Cliff
" Gladys R, wid Myron E, bkpr 38 Bay, h 20 Railroad
" Harvey A (Margaret D), clk C A Smith, h 38 1/2 Spring
SMITH HERBERT A (Gertrude A), pres The Caledonian-Record Publishing Co, and editor St Johnsbury Republican, h 35 Cliff
" Herman F (Nellie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 Prospect av
" Homer E (Blanche M), pres First Nat Bank, h 19 Summer
" Jeannette E, prop Monogram Shop, r 2 Main
" John Chester Rev (Elizabeth F), pastor Union Baptist Church, h 130 Railroad
" Kenneth R, student, r 5 Washington av
Smith Lafe E (Ethel H), h 128 Concord av
" Lester (Meda), h 146 Railroad
" Lowell W, city editor, r 4 Cary pl
" Mildred H (Mrs Adelbert), treas French & Bean Co, h 72 Pearl
" Miriam E, r Town Farm
" Morris B, emp E & T F & Co, r 2 S Main
" Nellie A, r 47 Western av
" Susan H, wid Walter P, h 95 Main
" Susie H, wid Orville H, r Mrs Blanche P Grant
" William T, emp E & T F & Co, r 48 Central
SMITH W LOWELL city editor Caledonian-Record Publishing Co, h 4 Cary pl
" ---see Smythe
Smith's Cut Price Cash Grocery Stores, Arthur E Smith prop, 54 Railroad, 61 Main, 46 Portland, Lyndonville, West Burke, Woodsville N H, and Danville
Smythe Helen, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Louis N (Ruby), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 160 Railroad
" Ruby (Mrs Louis N), sten St J Gas Co, h 160 Railroad
" ---see Smith
Snelhag Donald P, draftsman E & T F & Co, r Mrs E M Snelling
" Ethel M, wid Charles H, h N Danville rd R D 3
Jomers Edith, wid Harry H, emp Maple Grove Candy Co, h 77 Portland
" Henry F (Mildred E), h Undercliff rd
Somerville John R, r 3 Prospect av
" May F, wid Charles E, h 46 Cliff
" Paul S, salesman Peck Ce, h 46 Cliff
" Samuel J, caretaker St Johnsbury Academy, h 3 Prospect av
Sons of Union Veterans, C, Clarence E Morse; SVC, Morton J Reed; sec-treas, Wilbur W Farr; chaplain, John Chalmers; Meets 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 p mat GAR Hall
South Congregational Church, Rev James W Mclntosh pastor; Services Sunday 11 a m; S S 10 a m; Y P S 7 p m; Main
" End Service Station, Arthur W Schoppe prop, 6 S Railroad
Southard Rupert B (Kathleen W), elec T S G & E Co, h 2 Forest av
" Will B (Kate), emp B & M R R, h 58 Pleasant
Spader Mary B Mrs, h 5-7 Summer
" Stoddard G, student, r 5-7 Summer
" Vanderbilt R, student, r 5-7 Summer
Spalding Edna L, wid B Milo, h 8 Barker av
" Elzada S, wid George, r 8 Barker av
" Hugh W (Elsie), letter carrier, r 8 Barker av
Spano Frank (Rollande G), emp N E P & E Co, h 81 Summer
" Rollande G (Mrs Frank), printer E & T F & Co, h 81 Summer
Spare Bertha L, wid James A, r 29 Mt Pleasant
Spaulding Arthur (Carrie), foreman Am F & H Co, h 17 Ely
" Blanche, interior decorator 18 Central, h do
" Carrie E (Mrs Arthur), cook New Avenue Hotel, r 17 Spaulding
" Gerald K (Gladys N), mail clk St J & L C R R, h 65 Pleasant
" Herbert C, farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Lalrin B (Mary R), baker C H & G H Cross Co, h 23 1/2 Pleasant
" Ora E (Hazel E), scale expert E & T F & Co, h 75 1/2 Summer
Speare Hattie Mrs, h Town Farm
Spencer Abbie J, wid Jesse, r Sunset Home
" Adelia E, wid Edwin L, h 8 Cherry
" Albert R (Mabelle G), carrier P O, h 36 Spring
" Albion, emp Burlington, Vt, r 62 Spring
" Alice C, wid George C, h 62 Spring
" Catherine G, emp 2 Prospect, r 36 Spring
" Conrad, driver C H & G H Cross, r 36 Pearl
" Mabel L, court reporter, r 8 Cherry
SPRAGUE ARTHUR G (Elizabeth M), (W W Sprague & Son), and gen tsag National Life Ins Co, h 125 Main
" Arthur G Jr, student, r 125 Main
" Richard M, teacher Wells River, r 125 Main
SPRAGUE W W & SON (Arthur G Sprague and Fabian S Reed), gen ins 83 Eastern av, see back cover
" William W, student, r 125 Main
Spring Florence (Mrs George W), musician, h 54 Spring
George W (Florence), musician, h 54 Spring
Stafford Bernard W (Louise), emp E & T F & Co, h 120 Railroad
" Cyrus L (Susie P), painter, h 25 School
Stahl Harris W, student, r 11 Boynton av
" Rudolph M (Augusta W), h 11 Boynton av
" S Jeannette, student, r 11 Boynton av
St Aloysius Catholic Church, Rev John W Dwyer rector, Masses, May 1 to Oct 1, 8:00 and 10:00 A M; Oct 1st to May 1, 8:30 P M and 10:00 A M; S S, 3:00 P M; Benediction, 4:00 P M, 86 Main
STANCLIFF RALPH S airport operator St Johnsbury Airport, h Lyndon rd, see p 248
Standard Brands Inc, Raymond C Morse agt, 2 Concord av
" Oil Co, William B Ronan mgr, 71 Concord av and gas sta 19 Railroad, Harry A Miller mgr
St Andrew's Episcopal Church, Rev George Henry Bennett, pastor, Services, Sunday, 8:00 A M, 10:30 A M, S S 9:15 A M, 56 Main
Stanhope Lindsey L (Dimple E), sta opr T S G & E Co and batteries 69 Lafayette, h do
Stanley Charles A (Elizabeth J), retired, h 38 Spring
" Edwin E (Anna W), com trav, h 89 Main
" Flora M, sten Shields & Conant, r 22 Lafayette
" J Maude, sten, r 22 Lafayette
" Jessie A, wid Harold B, h 22 Lafayette
Stanton Anna L, sec The Peck Co, r 10 Winter
" Harry B (Julia H), salesman C H Goss Co, h 4 Day ct
" Marion H, r 70 Pearl
Staples Don A (Lula E), emp E & T F & Co, h 46 Railroad
" Ward A (Sadie A), mach E & T F & Co, h 1 Spring
STAR GRANITE WORKS (William O'Clair, Joseph G Corriveau and Gustave J Asselin), monuments and memorials 32 Bay, see p 246
Stark Mary A, wid John P C, r 9 Mt Pleasant
State Armory, 50 Main
" Liquor Store, Luther S Jewett mgr, 35 Eastern av
St Cyr Irene, dom, r 172 Railroad
" Napoleon E (Josephine), emp E & T F Co, h 172 Railroad
" ---see Cyr
Stearns Ernest F (Mabelle A), trackman St J & L C R R, h 24 Bay
" Frank J, const wkr, r 24 Bay
" Freda, teacher Portland Street School, r 38 Summer
" George H (Ida M), caretaker St J Academy, h 58 Portland
" Leslie J (Mary E), emp C H & G H Cross, h 120 Railroad
" Lillie R, r 24 Bay
STEARNS PRESCOTT W (Helen B), mgr Charles Millar & Son Co, h 16 Green
Steele Charles W (Charlotte L), mgr Swift & Co, h 72 Summer
" Charles W Jr, sec St Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, r 72 Summer
" Edmund D, emp N Y City, r 72 Summer
" Eleanor L, r 72 Summer
" John L, teacher, r 72 Summer
" Wesley, sec St Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, r 72 Summer
Steeves Hollis P (Ruth W), musician, h 12 Belvidere
Stell Dorothy E, clk W T Grant Co, r Mrs Beatrice McCallum
Stenson Leonard M, student, r 2 Clarks av
" Robert F (Aldea), frt checker C P R R, h 2 Clarks av
Stephen Catherine H, student, r 87 Portland
Sternberg Celon C (Isabel C), clk C A Smith, h 27 Perkins
Stetson Dorothy L, r 51 Lafayette
" Frank, retired, r 17 Emerson
" Harvey B, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 7 South
" Hattie E, wid Charles F, r 101 Main
" Henry C (Flora E), veterinarian 7 South, h do
" John L (Mario R), master mech N E Power Co, h 51 Lafayette
" Linwood L (Flora E), emp C & O Oil Co, h 137 Railroad
" Mary H, student, r 7 South
Stevens E Earle, r 9 Jones
" George E (Maude E), prop Stevens Paint, Wallpaper & Hardware Store, h 25 Spring
Stevens Grace McL, wid Arthur L, h 115 Main
" Henry E (Minnie J), trainman St J & L C R R, h 9 Jones
STEVENS HENRY N v-pres Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co. res North Craftsbury. Vt
" Isabella C, wid Charles H, r 110 Main
" M Exine, bkpr Manchester, N H, r 9 Jones
" Marjorie I, student, r 115 Main
" Maude E (Mrs George E), antiques 90 Portland, h 25 Spring
" Paint, Wallpaper & Hardware Store, George E Stevens prop, interior decorator, 2 Prospect av
Stevenson Annie P, music supervisor Public School, r "Brantview"
" Martha, wid Robert, h 6 Caledonia
Steward Stanley J (Mary), state supervisor vocational schools, h 18 Summer
Stewart Edwin N, r 69 Main
" Maude C (Mrs Neal J), dom, h 69 Main
" Merle D (Dorothy G), mech C H Goss Co. h 24 Clarks av
" Merrill J student r 69 Main
" Neal J (Maude C). h 69 Main
" ---see Stuart
St Gabriel Parochial School, Sisters of Providence, teachers, 12 Cherry
St Hfflaire Amedee (Alice), lab, h 163 Railroad
Stickney Ellen M, r 8 Prospect
Stiles Don C Co, Maud Cleary prop, stationery news and book store, 64 Railroad
" Elizabeth, wid Truman P, h St J Ctr
" Jennie, wid Jesse I, r E St Johnsbury
" Orrin A (Edna), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
Stillman Charles F, retired, r 86 Summer
" Marcus H (Ethel T), h 86 Summer
" Margaret M, student, r 86 Summer
Stilson Bertha O, Latin teacher St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
Stimson Dwight S (Frances M), agt Prud Life Ins Co, h 3 Harvey
Stmson Carl W (Charlotte), janitor Armory, h 9 Tremont
" Leslie C, r 9 Tremont
ST JOHN EMMA L credit mgr Charles Millar & Son Co, r 38 Summer
ST JOHNSBURY ACADEMY pres, Col Joseph Fairbanks; treas, George Hinman; principal, Stanley R Oldham, A B A M, 11-13 Main, see p 238
" Johnsbury Almshouse, Carroll E Lafoe supt, 6 Almshouse rd
ST JOHNSBURY ATHENAEUM AND LIBRARY library and art gallery, Cornelia T Fairbanks librarian, 30 Main, presented to the citizens of the town Nov 27, 1871 by Horace Fairbanks, see p 237
ST JOHNSBURY CALEDONIAN-RECORD Caledonian-Record Pub Co, publishers 106-107 Eastern av, see p 4
" Johnsbury Cemetery Association, pres, Charles W Steele; v-pres, Fred Taylor; sec-treas, Donald McGregor; supt, Simon D Atwood; supt's office 39 Mt Pleasant
" Johnsbury Center Cemetery, Charles Whitney sexton, St Johnsbury Center
" Johnsbury Center Cemetery Association, pres, Erastus H Hallett; sec, Ernest L Morrill; treasi Archie B Colbath
" Johnsbury Center Ice Co, George Keneson prop, Centre rd, R D 4
" Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, pres, Harry W Randall; v-pres, E H Schneider; sec, Wesley Steele; treas, M M Counsell, 59 Main
" Johnsbury Co-operative Savings Building & Loan Association, pres, Zeno S Waterman; v-pres, C W Steele; treas, Fred C Beck; sec, Fabian S Reed, 83 Eastern av
" Johnsbury Country Club, pres, Dr W B Fitch; sec-treas, Glenn V Mooney, Lyndonville rd
" Johnsbury Fair Grounds, S Main 1 mile out, R D 2
" Johnsbury Fruit Co Angelo Bona prop, 45 Main
" Johnsbury Garage Co Inc, repairing, supplies and accessories, 189 Railroad, pres-sec, Louis C Benoit; v-pres-treas, Charles E Woodbury
" Johnsbury Gas Co, Leo J Carroll supt, 133 Railroad
" Johnsbuiy Hat Works, Tom F Phillips mgr, hat cleaning and repairing and shoe shine parlor, 23 Eastern av
" Johnsbury Hebrew Center, Joseph Caplan sec, 94 1/2 Railroad
" Johnsbury Hospital, Sister Florine supt; 9 Prospect
St Johnsbury Hotel Co, props St Johnsbury House, 42 Main, treas, George R Ashworth; asst treas, Margaret Ashworth
" Johnsbury House, St Johnsbury Hotel Co props, 42 Main
" Johnsbury House Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor, Arthur B Sunbury prop,
" Johnsbury Ice Co, Gabriel S Handy prop, 43 Lafayette
" Johnsbury Kiwanis Club, pres, Clarence L Vitty; v-pres; Frederick Hovey; treas, Alvin C Noyes; sec, Irving M Buck. Meets every Mon 5:45 p m at Colonial Restaurant
" Johnsbury Production Credit Association, sec-treas, Charles E Harvey, 127 Railroad
ST JOHNSBURY REPUBLICAN (Weekly), Caledonian-Record Pub Co publishers, Herbert A Smith editor, 105-107 Eastern av, see p 4
" Johnsbury Rotary Club, pres, Arthur G Sprague; v-pres, Sterry Waterman; sec, Edwin H Cowieson; treas, V E Lurchin. Meets every Monday at 12:15 at Colonial Restaurant
" Johnsbury Shu-Fix, Aime Sicard prop, 52 Railroad
" Johnsbury Town Farm, Carroll E Lafoe supt, 6 Almshouse rd
" Johnsbury, town of, agent, J Rolf Searles
" Johnsbury, town of, auditors, Raymond A Pearl, Milton Julian, Wilbur Farr
" Johnsbury, town of, clerk, Charles G Braley
" Johnsbury, town of, collector of delinquent taxes, Bernard A Wilcox
" Johnsbury, town of, constables, Bernard A Wilcox, Fred C Gilson
" Johnsbury, town of, fire department, chief, John C McGill; 1st asst engineer, C Walter Carpenter; firemen, Edward W Hoar, Alfred C Bocash, Claude Arnold, Ralph C Buell, Ernest Rodford substitute
" Johnsbury, town of, grand jurors, H Stanwood Brooks, Sterry R Waterman
" Johnsbury, town of, health officer, Dr R H Burke
" Johnsbury, town of, listers, Elwin A Gray, H Stanwood Brooks, Conrad F Beck
" Johnsbury, town of, manager, Charles S Summer; sec to town mgr, W A Bemis, office 36 Main
" Johnsbury, town of, moderator, Arthur F Stone, St Johnsbury town of Municipal Buildings, Charles S Sumner mgr, office 36 Main
" Johnsbury, town of, overseer of the poor, Charles S Sumner
" Johnsbury, town of, police department, Pearl c Eastern av, chief, James Christie; asst chief, Albert Boutin; officers, Joseph M Faucher, Gerry Coburn; specials, Albert Desrochers, Arthur-Heon and Harry Marden
" Johnsbury, town of, road commissioner, Charles S Sumner; road supt, H C Douglass
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, directors, Mrs Annie M Cary, Edwin A Silsby, Carl D Hovey; supt, Nat B Burbank; see to supt, Gladys C Colbura
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Arlington, Genevieve Goodrich prin, jan after 9 School
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, attendance officer, John B Finley
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Bible Hill, teacher Marion MacDonald, one mile east from St J Ctr, R D 4
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, East St Johnsbury, teacher, Clara Trefen, George Wood janitor, E St Johnsbury
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Fairbanks Village, Lillian D Abbott prin, off Mt Vernon
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Four Corners, teacher, Glenniee Pearce, Mt Pleasant ext 3 miles out
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Goss Hollow, teacher, Virginia Turner, 4 miles northwest of St Johnsbury, R D 2
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Maple Street, teachers, Ethel M Bailey, Clarice Smith Scott, Maple
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Pierces Mill, teacher, Ruth Cowling, 6 miles north of St Johnsbury, R D 4
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Portland Street, Lucy Birch prin, after 95 Portland
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Stark School, teacher, Marion Dubuque
ST JOHNSBURY TOWN OF SCHOOLS-ST JOHNSBURY ACADEMY 9-11-13 Main, pres,Col Joseph Fairbanks; treas George Hinman; faculty: Stanley R Oldham A B A M prin; Annie P Stevenson music; Hester Grover A B, English and Athletics; Winifred G Ellis, A B, English; Newell D Rowe B S, English, social sciences and athletics; Margaret A Estes A B, English and dramatics; Rosa Yeranian A B, French; Edwin B Farmer S B S M-mathematics; Isabel Willey B S, mathematics and athletics; Carl H Ranger A B, science,. asst prin; Mary C Root Ph B, science; Agnes W Carter, secretarial subjects; Lloyd Batchelder B S, bookkeeping and physical education; Bertha Octavia Stilson A B, Latin; G Bernhard Kalijarvi B S, social sciences and athletics; Mary H Bailey. Ph B. history, dean of girls and supervision of "Brantview"; Frederica Burrows. A B, Marguerite G Hills, secretarial subjects; Jean S Goodrich, orchestra; Frances Grover A B A M, English and art appreciation; Alfred Hubbard A B M A, social studies; John L Steele. B S AM vocationa
St Johnsbury, town of, selectmen, Fred W Knowlton, James A Cosgrove, Arthur H Gleason
" Johnsbury, town of, treasurer, Charles G Braley
" Johnsbury, town of, trustees of public money, Charles G Braley, G PT Jones
ST JOHNSBURY TRUCKING CO (Milton J and Harry D Zabarsky), motor freight service, trucking and express 76 Portland, tel 602, see front cover
" Johnsbury, village of, auditors, Raymond Pearl, Milton L Julian, W J Farr
" Johnsbury, village of, clerk, Preston E May, 36 Main
" Johnsbury, village of, collector of taxes, Bernard A Wilcox
" Johnsbury, village of, health officer, Dr R H Burke
" Johnsbury, village of, pres, Arthur F Stone
" Johnsbury, village of, supt of streets, Hubert C Douglass
" Johnsbury, village of, treasurer, Charles G Braley, 36 Main
" Johnsbury, village of, trustees, Russell F Lowrey, Herbert A Wilcox, James A Cannon
" Johnsbury, village of, water works, William G Cox supt, pumping station, rear 17 Mill
" Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad, Forrest E Bailey general agent freight office, Railroad n depot
" Johnsbury & Montpelier Bus, Charles W Hawkins prop, 49 Main
St Louis Charles H (Cora), emp E & T F & Co, h St John c Passumpsic
" Evelyn, clk W T Grant Co, r St John c Passumpsic.
" Hazel, clk Purina, r St John c Passumpsic
Stoddard Curtis W (Mary E), clk C H &G H Cross, h28 Webster
" Nellie A Mrs, h 85 Railroad
" Wayne M (Maude E), railway postal clerk, h 15 Pearl
Stone Arthur F (Helen L), author and sec St Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce and book dealer 7 Highland av, h do
" Clayton R (Eva M), emp St J Garage, h 174 Railroad
" Clinton E, r 67 Pearl
" Eleanor F, emp Boston, Mass, r 7 Highland av
" Eugene, painter, h 55 Eastern av
" George (Ethel F), h 67 Pearl
" Iona E, waitress, r 67 Pearl
" Laura H, r 7 Highland av
" Marion B Mrs, r 22 Lafayette
" Robert L, newspaper rep, r 7 Highland av
---see Laroche
St Onge Arthur (Amee), carpenter, h 29 Railroad
St Peter A L & Son, Alphonse L St Peter prop, blacksmiths, 80 Eastern av
" Alphonse F, clk C E Brown, r 80 Eastern av
" Alphonse L (Francella C), prop A L St Peter & Son, h 80 Eastern av
" Frederick P, spec delivery messenger, r 80 Eastern av
Streeter Caroline H, r 95 Main
St Thomas Joseph (Delia), emp Cal Mills, h 3 Perkins
Stuart Eugenia, wid Howland H, h 4 Clinton av
" Homer H, student, r 4 Clinton av
" Stella G, wid Leonard A, dom, r B F Grout
Sturgeon Edward R, sawyer Am F & H Co, h 15 Ely
Stygles Leslie G, lab, r 167 Railroad
Suitor Annie M, teacher Summer St School, r 22 Summer
" David, retired, h 22 Summer
" Edwin J, mach, h 33 Pine
" Elizabeth, h 46 1/2 Railroad
" Howard E (Cophine M), clk 52 Portland, h 34 Railroad
" Irvin (Mary), emp A S Juneau Inc, h 2 Bagley
Sulham George H, emp St J & L C R R, h 2 Higgins ct
Summers Henry, h Underclyffe rd
Summerville Cash Market, Alphonse J Lapanne prop, groceries, meats and provisions, 31 Portland
" Garage, Harry Dolgin prop, 116-118 Portland
" Wood Yard, Harry E Gray prop, coal and wood dealers, 136 Portland
Sumner Barbara E, student, r 15 Charles
" Bernard L, student, r. 15 Charles
" Charles E, clk A & P Tea Co, r 15 Charles
" Charles S (Lulu), mgr town of St Johnsbury, h 15 Charles
Sunberg Evelyn G, clk, r 77 1/2 Summer
" Laura A, clk Caledonia Mills, h 77 1/2 Summer
Sunbury Arthur B (Bernice M), prop St Johnsbury House Barber Shop, h 69 Main
" Bernice M (Mrs Arthur B), hairdresser, h 69 Main
Sunset Home, a home for aged women 8 Prospect, pres, Homer E Smith; sec-treas, Frederick H Rodliff; pres board of visi ors, Mrs Charles Stanley; matron, Mary G McAllister
Swan Construction Co Inc, general contractors 144 Portland, pres and mgr, Dana Leavitt; v-pres-treas, Ronald P Burrows; sec, Evelyn Woods
Swanson Emma C, teacher Winsted, Conn, r 49 Cliff
" John (Wilhelmiria), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 49 Cliff
Swasey Doris E, r Eugene A Robinson
" Winona, sten J B Campbell, r S Main, R D 2
Sweet Adlene G, r 8 North av
" Virgil C (Maude M), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 North av
Swenson Ernest C, chauffeur, h 26 Central
Swett Jane, wid Frank, r 15 Caledonia
" Mary E wid George K, r 4 Brooks pl
Swift & Co, Charles W Steel mgr, wholesale meats, 1 Eastern av
TAFT A ROY, farmer and milk dealer Concord av, R D 1, h do
" Laura L, r A R Taft, Concord av, R D 1
TANN JOHN W (Hazel T), asst mgr C H Goss Co, h 27 Church
TAPLIN CARL H (Vera) prop Taplin's, h 12 Harrison av
" Robert G, student, r 12 Harrison av
TAPLIN WILLIAM ARTHUR (Grace H), clk Taplin's, h 10 Main
TAPLIN'S Carl H Taplin prop, clothing, furnishings, etc 43 Main, see p 231
Tatro Fred H (Erlyan M), carp, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Josephine, h 4 Church (5)
" Mary, r 4 Church (5)
" Ruby, nurse Bright ook Hosp, r do
Taylor Beatrice, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Florence (Mrs Floyd E), emp Palmer Bros, h 53 Caledonia
" Floyd E (Florence), trucker C P R R, h River ext
" Frances J, student, r 4 Church (42)
" Frederick W, retired, h 75 Eastern av
" Harry E, emp C P R R, h 2 S Main
" John R (Violet G), salesman Nat Biscuit Co, h 6 Frost av
" Kenneth M, ticket agt C P R R, r 91 Portland
" Leo (Thelma P), const wkr h 105 Railroad
" Robert, r 2 S Main
" William E (Ida), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Park
" William H (Elizabeth A), factory supt E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (42)
Tegu Andrew J (Beatrice), treas Tegu's Palace Theatre, h 1 Allen ct
" Chiano (Mrs John), v-pres Tegu's Palace Theatre, h 37 Pearl
" John (Chiano), pres Tegu's Palace Theatre, h 37 Pearl
" Tegu, J r 37 Pearl
Tegu's Palace Theatre Ine, pres, John Tegu; v-pres, Mrs Chiano Tegu; treas,
Andrew J Tegu; sec Arthur L Graves, 22 Eastern av
Temple Warren S, retired, r 27 North av
Thayer Priscilla, nurse Brightlook Hosp, f do
Therien Wilhelmine wid Joseph, r 147 1/2 Railroad
Therrien Cecile, opr N E T & T Co, r 79 Portland
" Eva, wid Ralph, h 79 Portland
Thibault Beatrice C, clk Boston Store, r 147 Railroad
" Irene H, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 147 Railroad
" Odiana C, r 147 Railroad
" Rosanna, wid Joseph, h 147 Railroad
Thibodeau Eli G (Jessie G), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Drouin
Thistle Helen S Mrs, r 72 Summer
Thomas Horace S (Rebecca), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 School
" Howard F, mach, r 16 School
" Linwood H, draftsman, r 16 School
" Virginia L, r 16 School
" William J, mach E & T F & Co, r 16 School
Thompson Alice P, r 7 State
" Anderson U (Julia Q), ins agt Met Life Ins Co, h 123 Portlan.
" Audna, dom, r William F Thompson
" Francis P, r 7 State
" Harry R, emp Goldberg's Garage, r 7 State
" Helen C, wid Laforest H, h 69 Summer
" James A (Sarah), physician 96 Portland, h do
" John D, emp Goldberg's Garage, r 7 State
" Joseph W (Bertha D) h 7 State
" Maurice E (Olive D), office mgr Cal Mills, h 26 Summer
" Vera M, r 96 Portland
" William F (Velma G), emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Thoresen Henry C (Ida M), prop Thoreson's Garage and prop Thoresen's Log Cabin, h 83 Portland
" Ida M (Mrs Henry C) mgr Thoresen's Log Cabin, h 83 Portland
Thoresen's Garage and Filling Station, Henry C Thorsen prop, 83-85 Portland
" Log Cabin, Henry C Thoresen prop, conf 83-85 Portland
Thorley Edna C, dom, r 2 Bagley
" Peter S (Minola B), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Bagley
Thresher Eleanor, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Thurber Elizabeth, hskpr, r H J Thurber
" Harley J (Nellie), printer, h St J Ctr
" Harley J Jr, r H J Thurber
" John, r H J Thurber
Thurston Charles O (Isabelle J), office mgr C H Goss Co, h 93 1/2 Main
THURSTON FRANK E (Aldal), mgr Railroad Street Service Station, h 140 Portland
Tibbetts Lucinda, wid Horace, h 113 Concord av
Tice George C (Elizabeth F), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Pearl
Ticehurst Vernon B (Winnifred C), mgr 61 Main, h 51 Summer
TIDE WATER OIL CO Harry M Day agt, 6 Day ct
Tierney John P (Lillian R), physician 85 Railroad, h 22 Clarks av
TILLOTSON E HAROLD (Olive W), (Tillotson & Harran), h 18 Perkins
TILLOTSON & HARRAN (Willis M and E Harold Tillotson and Nelson Harran), auto accessories and service station 159 Railroad, see p 229
" Henry A, emp Lowery Bros, h 3 Almshouse rd
TILLOTSON WILLIS M (Edith B), (Tillotson & Harran), h 29 Perkins
Tilton Berta (Mrs Walter), school teacher, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Walter H (Berta), sta opr T S G & E Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
Tinker Ernest F (Lena M), prop Tinker's Quick Lunch, h 2 Main
Tinker's Quick Lunch, Ernest F Tinker prop, 50 Railroad
Tolman Harland A (Ruth), teller Citizens' Savings Bank and Trust Co h 4 Russell av
Tompkins Mabelle A, teacher Summer St School, h 4 Church (56)
Toney Joseph (Lillian), h 28 Concord av
Toussaint Adele, wid Oliver, r 43 Maple
" Albert, lab, r 14 Clarks av
" Alcide F (Laura), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 North av
" Anna Mrs, dom, r 75 Pearl
" Arlene R, student, r 75 Pearl
" Armand P, mach E & T F & Co, r 3 North av
" Delia (Mrs Edward), emp Palmer Bros, h 14 Clarks av
Toussaint Edmour (Xelia), mach E & T P & Co, h 3 North av
" Edward (Delia), painter, h 14 Clarks av
" Ella M, r 75 Pearl
" Leo A, clk A & P Tea Co 121 Railroad, r 21 North av
" Mary J, wid Luc G, h 3 High
" Mazelle E, dom, r 75 Pearl
" Norman L, r 21 North av
" Roland L (Norma D), lab, r 14 Ckrks av
" Sonia R, r 3 North av
" Yvette, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 3 North av
Tower Margaret, county H-4 Club agt Caledonia County Farm Bureau, r 116 Main
Towers Everett P (Jennie W), mach Manton-Gaulin Mfg Co, h 2 Stiles ter
" Frank W, r 2 Stiles ter
Towle Angie H Mrs, r Sunset Home
" Charles, lab, h 157 Main
" George E (Mareia M), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 37 Cliff
" Harold P, student, r 37 Cliff
" Helen A, student, r 37 Cliff
" Marion L, teacher, r 37 Cliff
Towne Percy W (Cora), brakeman St J & L C R R, h 2 Cross
Townsend Ferdinand E (Bernice), chief draftsman E & T F & Co, h 9 Cliff
Trafton G Maynard (Bernette), prin Vocational School, h 79 Summer
Trainor Frances C, wid William H, r 3 Spring
TRAVELERS INSURANCE CO W W Sprague & Son agts, 83 Eastern av
Traynor Craig (Madge), bkpr Smith, h 14 Tremont
" James G, emp French & Bean, h 7 Bank pl
Trefren Clara, teacher Portland St School, r 5 Emerson
" Robert P (Josie M), h St J Ctr
Tremblay Amanda, wid Edward, h 145 Railroad
" Joseph E, emp St J & L C R R, r 145 Railroad
" M Stella, milliner 87 Railroad, r 145 do
Trembley Aime, emp J A Russell, r 12 Elm
" Arthur, emp E & T F & Co, r 12 Elm
" ---see Trombley
Tripp Dean A (Lila H), lineman N E T & T Co, h 38 Central
" Gerald W, r 38 Central
" Helen M (Mrs Ralph C), emp Jenk's Studio, h 1 Clinton av
" Marion A, r 26 Mt Pleasant
" Ralph C (Helen M), emp E & T F & Co, h 1 Clinton av
" Sadie A, wid Leon G, h 26 Mt Pleasant
" Verona M, student, r 38 Central
" William F, student, r 26 Mt Pleasant
Trombley---see Trembley
Trombly Elmer J, clk Welfare Bureau, r 16 Maple
" Mary, wid Elmer, h 16 Maple
True Alden C, emp E & T F & Co, r 10 Caledonia
" Gerald, r 10 Caledonia
" Lewis A (Ruby A), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Caledonia
" Miranda W, wid Adna, r Town Farm
Trush Nicholas (Genevieve), emp Am Handle Co, h 14 Clarks av
Tubman Earl H, r 12 Orchard
" J Henry (Effie), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Orchard
" John M, C C C, r 12 Orchard
" Mildred C, wid Alexander, phone opr N E T & T Co, r 12 Orchard
Tull Maurice E (Florence B), emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Vernon M, student, r M E Tull, N Danville rd
Turgeon Ernest J (Mary J), painter E & T F & Co, h 27 Elm
" Laurent (Celina), retired, h 38 Maple
Turner Reginald W (Rex), (Pearl D), (Harris & Turner), h 3 South
" Reginald W, student, r 3 South
" Virginia, teacher Stark School, r R D 4
TWIN STATE GAS & ELECTRIC CO Lester A Bill mgr, 44 Eastern av, tel 110, see p 236
TWIN STATE TYPEWRITER AND OFFICE SUPPLY dist Royal typewriters, sales and service, W L Keysar mgr, 42 Eastern av, see front cover,
Twombly Barbara E, student, r 4 Harvey
Twombly Dennis B (Lula), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Edith H (Mrs Ellsworth E), dir Girl Scouts, h 4 Harvey
" Ellsworth E (Edith H), com trav C H & G H Cross, h 4 Harvey
" Elwin H, teacher Concord, r 4 Harvey
" Floyd, r D B Twombly, St J Ctr
" Gladys, r St J Ctr
" Herbert C (Elsie I), mach E & T F Co, h 7 Harrison av
" John E (Florence O), musician, h 45 Pleasant
" Kathleen M, student, r 4 Harvey
" Margaret J, teacher Laconia, N H, r 4 Harvey
" Raymond S, clk White River Jet, r 4 Harvey
Tyler Eleanor, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
UBC INN THE, Fred A Clement prop, hotel 46 Railroad
U S Re-Employment Service, Thelma Wright mgr, 50 Main
Underwood Allen C, emp Am F & H Co, h 8 Orient
" Harry G (Elizabeth C), emp E & T F & Co, r 13 Caledonia
" Myrtle L, clk P A, r 8 Orient
" Timothy H, retired, h 13 Caledonia
Union Baptist Church, Rev John C Smith pastor, Sun Services 11am, Morning Worship 10 a m, C E 7 p m, Midweek Wed 7 pm, 132 Railroad
United Commercial Travelers of America, St Johnsbury Council No 230, sectreas, Fred M Crosby. Meets 3d Sat K of P Hall 89 Eastern av
" States Fisheries Station, Albert H Dinsmore supt fish hatchery, N Danville rd, R D 3
" States Government Executive dept from March 4th, 1933 to 1937, pres, Franklin D Roosevelt, N Y; v-pres, John M Garner, Texas The Cabinet; sec of State Cordell Hull Term; sec of treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr, N Y; sec of navy, Claude Swanspn, Vir; sec of interior, Harold L Ickles, 111; sec of agriculture, Henry Wallace Jr, Iowa; sec of commerce, Daniel C Roper; S Carolina; sec of labor, Miss Frances Perkins, N Y; sec of war, George H Dem, Utah; post master general, James A Farley, N Y; attorney general, Homer S Cummings, Conn
" States Internal Revenue Office, William L Clark deputy collector, 59 Main
" States Post Office, see Post Offices
Urie Hazel, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Ruth, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
VALENTINE MILTON G (Marion C), mach E & T F & Co, h 5 Harvey
Valley Raymond J, r 45 Pearl
Vallier Albert, effip C C C, r 24 Elm
" Celina, wid Arthur, h 24 Elm
" Ivan, r 24 Elm
Valliere Conrad B, student, r 10 Elm
" Eugene (Demerise), painter E & T F & Co, h 10 Elm
Vance Bertha, nurse 36 Mt Pleasant, r do
" Marguerite, teacher Portland St School, r 17 Spring
Vancour George (Hazel), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Bagley
" Jeddy E (Alice L), painter, h 157 Railroad
" William H (Mary E), r 157 Railroad
Varelli Philip, emp E & T F Co, r 65 Eastern av
Vear Alton E (Myrtle M), carp, h 13 Railroad
" Clinton J, r 135 Railroad
" Olive G, maid, r 23 Pearl
" William Austin (Rosema A), molder E & T F Co, h 135 Railroad
Veileux Rosanna, wid Joseph, r Town Farm
Veilleux Fabiola A, clk MeLellan Stores, r 39 Pearl
" Frederick A, emp 112 Railroad; h 39 Pearl
" G Edgar (Cordelia), new and used furniture 112 Railroad, h 39 Pearl
" Lauretta D, student, r 39 Pearl
" Yvonne L, emp 65 Main, r 39 Pearl
Vermont National Guard, Co D 172d Infantry, Earl F Daniels capt, Bernard A Wilcox 1st lieut, William B Cutting 2d lieut. Meets every Wednesday 7:30 p m at the State Armory 50 Main
Vermont Orange-Crush Bottling and Maple Products Corp, 20 Bay, pres-treas Earl H Orcutt; v-pres, Arthur R Menut
" Scale Repair Co, Charles H Powers prop, 40 Bay
" State Government, gov, Charles M Smith, Rutland; lieut gov, George L Aiken, Putney; sec of civil and military affairs, Mrs Lua B Edson, Montpelier; treas, Thomas H Cave, Barre City; sec of state, Rawson C Myrick, Montpelier; auditor of accounts, Benjamin Gates, Montpelier; attorney general, Lawrence C Jones, Rutland; sergeant at arms, Dwight J Dwinell, Montpelier; com of industries, Clarence R White, Burlington; com of agriculture, Edward H Jones, Waitsfield; com of banks and ins, L Douglas Meredith, Montpelier; state highway com, Hubert E Sargent, Montpelier; com of taxes, Erwin M Harvey, Montpelier; com of education, Francis L Bailey, Montpelier; com of forestry, Perry H Merrill, Montpelier; com of public welfare, William H Dyer, Montpelier; com fish and game, James Brown, Montpelier; purchasing agt, B N Sisco, Brandon; state librarian, Harrison J Conant, Montpelier; adj gen, Herbert Johnson, Montpelier; chairman public service com, Stephen C Cushing, St Albans; com of finance, Proctor H Page, Hyde Park V
" Rose D, sten E & T F & Co, r 31 Maple
Victory Auto Stores, Basil Darling prop, 10 Eastern av
Vigeant Irene (Mrs John L), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 37 Maple
" John L (Irene), mech Thoresen's Garage, h 37 Maple
Villeneuve Fernande, r 41 Maple
" Laureat, emp Gilman, r 41 Maple
" Mary L, emp Gilman, r 41 Maple
" Philip (Cecile), h 41 Maple
" Rose A, emp Palmer Bros, r 41 Maple
Vinick Peter (Goldie), traffic mgr St J Trucking Co, h 106 Concord av
Vitty Clarence L (Leota C), chiropractor 83 Eastern av, h 51 Pleasant
" Francis W (Shirley), h 17 Church
" Lucian H (Jennie E), retired, h 2 Caledonia
" Shirley (Mrs Francis W), asst supvr Brightlook Hosp, h 17 Church
WAGNER WALTER S (Helen K), clk J Clark Amey, h 32 Central
Waite Charles E (Nellie P), painter E & T F & Co, h 42 Cliff
" Grace A, h 42 Pleasant
Wakefield Alice E, physician 2 Winter, h do
" Alonzo C, gardener, r 28 Caledonia
" Kate E, colonial weaving 2 Winter, r do
" Nellie J, r 6 Park
" Orenzo C, salesman, r 2 Winter
WAKEFIELD ROBERT R (R Adeline) treas-gen mgr The Northern Cadillac Co, h 12 Caledonia
Wakeham John E (Grace A), const wkr, h 7 Bank pl
Waldo Maurice C (Lillian E), carp, r 12 Emerson
Walter Block, 63 Main
" Borden, emp Gilman Bros Garage, r 136 Railroad
" George, teamster, r 32 Mt Pleasant
" George A (Jennie), (Walker & Brock), h 32 Central
" James A, student, r 30 Central
" John A, salesman, r 46 Railroad
" Mary J, wid James, r 8 Forest av
" Priscilla (Mrs Stanley A), sten C H Goss Co, h 30 Pearl
" Ruth E, bkpr Walker & Brock, r 30 Central
" Stanley A (Priscilla), emp Armour, h 30 Pearl
" & Brock (George Walker and Leonard Brock), auto dealers, 81 Portland
Wallace Gordon R (Iva), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 153 Portland
" Henry J (Clara S), farmer, h St J Ctr
Walling Paul (Helen D), salesman, h 2 Nelson
Walsh Edward A, student, r 140 Railroad
" Frank M (Ella G), physician 140 Railroad, h do
" Frank M Jr, student, r 140 Railroad
" Thomas J (Marie), dentist 79 Railroad, h S Main, R D 2
" William T, student, r T J Walsh, R D 2
Walter Ethel (Mrs Gerald A), emp Sherburne Restaurant, h 62 Spring
Walter Gerald A (Ethel F), h 62 Spring
" Lila, wid Horace W, nurse 39 Cliff, r do
Ward Agnes R Mrs, clk Weiner's Dept Store, h 11 Cherry
" Elmer G (Gertrude R), emp E & T F Co, h 57 Portland
" Frank (Nina), retired, h 11 Tremont
" Harold (Bertha), farmer, h 3 Central
" Irving H (Maud B), prop Ward's, h 105 Main
" Mildred G, r 57 Portland
" Osborne, pastry cook, r 18 Main
" Parker B, clk Ward's, r 105 Main
" Robert T (Sarah), com trav, h 18 Summer
" Sheila, r 11 Cherry
" Wesley (Ida H), farmer, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Willard H, draftsman E & T F Co, r 31 Mt Pleasant
Ward's, Irving H Ward prop, men's clothing, 73 Main
Wark Carl B (Florence G), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Charles J (Lizzie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Earl J, farmer, r C J Wark
" Florence G (Mrs Carl B), teacher Summer St School, h E St Johnsbury
Warne Charles V (Beatrice L), (Moose River Granite Co),,h Concord av, R D 1
Warner Bessie R, prop Harper Method Beauty Shop, h 11 Belvidere
" Emma M, prop Mt Pleasant Lodge, h 9 Mt Pleasant
Warrell Benjamin J, driver St J Trucking Co, r 88 Portland
" George T (Jennie), emp Maple Grove Candies, h 88 Portland
" Murline, r 88 Portland
" Phyllis M, emp Caledonia, Mills, r 88 Portland
Warren Harold F (Marion I), pres Warren Motors Corp, h Portland, R D 2
" James C (Reta), treas-v-pres Warren Motors Corp, h Portland, R D 2
" Marion I (Mrs Harold F), see Warren Motors Corp, h Portland, R D 2
" Motors Corp, 27 Railroad, pres, Harold F Warren; pres-treas, James C Warren; sec, Marion I Warren
Washburn Luther I (Olive L), salesman, h St J
Waterman Blodgett block, 91-95 Railroad
WATERMAN STERRY R (Frances K), lawyer Citizen Nat Bank Bldg and state's attorney, h 24 Central, see p 244
" Zeno S (Sarah W), pres-treas Waterman's, h 8 Mt Pleasant
Waterman's Inc, dry goods 95 Railroad, pres-treas Zeno S Waterman
Watson Andrew H (Helen L), emp Manton-Gaulin Mfg Co, h 62 Lafayette
" Jessie Mrs, r 3 Russell av
" Lawrence A (Margaret), emp N E T & T Co, h 46 Summer
Watts Benjamin G (Zadie), painter and paperhanger Water, St J Ctr, h do
Waxman Isabelle, technician Brightlook Hosp, r do
Webb Charles N (Mabel G), night watchman C H & G H Cross, h St J Ctr
"Walter, h Center rd
" Walter H (Effie), prop Brookdale Farm, h 216 Railroad
Webber Guy B (Ada M), const wkr, h 5 River
" William, emp E & T F & Co, r 21 Main
Webster Gordon, C C C, r 8 Pearl
" Lena, wid Earle, r E G Learned
" Phyllis M, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Wedge Glenn R (Mary E), lineman T S G & E Co, h 11 Perkins
" Nellie S, wid Benjamin F, r 162 Railroad
Weeks Carl P (Elgie M), plumber 16 Caledonia, h do
" Clarence B (Eola J), farmer, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Earl, emp Peck Co, r 16 Caledonia
" Ella W (Mrs James S), rooms 31 Pearl, h do
" Gordon C, retired, h 2 Autumn
" Henry R (Lileen), salesman C R D Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" James S (Ella W), grocer 52 Portland, h 31 Pearl
" Rossie B, r 31 Pearl
Weiner Lillian, clk 80 Railroad, r do
" Morris A (Sarah), prop Weiner's Dept Store, h 80 Railroad
" Rose, clk 80 Railroad, r do
Weiner's Department Store, Morris A Weiner prop, 80 Railroad
Welch William F, retired, r 53 Spring
Welcome Albert J (Leila J), lab, r 57 Lafayette
" Clayton W (Mildred E), clk Republican House, h 170 Railroad
Welcome Mildred E (Mrs Clayton N), phone opr NET & T Co; h 170 Railroad
Welfoot Claude C (Addie C), ice cream mfrs S Main, R D 2, h do
Wells Dwight L (Clara F), R D mail carrier, h 5 Elliott
" George G (Linda A), lab, h 30 Maple
" Glee, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Harlow H (Esther M), lab, h 30 Maple
" Lucy P, r 5 Elliot
" Scott (Rosella R), emp Lindsley's, h 20 Tremont
" Scott Jr, r 12 Passumpsic
Wesley Ivis D (Mrs Walter W), registrar of the Probate Court, h 15'Mt Pleasant
" John W (Emma F), physician 19 Mt Pleasant, h do
" Walter W (Ivis), judge of probate court, h 15 Mt Pleasant
West Alice, wid Frank, h 93 Main
" Doris J, student, r 93 Main
" Ethel A, student, r 93 Main
" Harry, r 7 Assisqua
" Paul, lab, h 45 Cliff
Western Union Telegraph Co, Edwin H Cowieson mgr, 24 Eastern av
Weston Carlyle E, r 8 Hastings
" Lyle D H (Esther M S), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Hastings
Wetherell Winton W (Leta), meter reader T S G & E Co, h 32 Pearl
Weymouth Jeannette M, student, r 73 Pearl
" O Leroy, musician, r 73 Pearl
" Percy H (Annie), mach E & T F & Co, h 73 Pearl
Whalen Thomas (Myrtle), mech Corner Garage, h 16 Elm
Whaley Donald C, emp Maple Grove Candies, r 97 Main
" Frances G, wid Fred M, r 97 Main
" Harold R (Elizabeth B), mgr Maple Grove Candies (Inc), h 97 Main
Wheaton Helen L, bkpr Caledonian Record, h 18 Summer
Wheeler Harry C (Bessie S), mgr C R Lynch Est, h St J Ctr
" Lee (Marion), h 95 Portland
" Louise M Mrs, r 151 Railroad
" Mary L, asst Museum of Natural Science, r 57 Summer
" Merle E (Gwendolyn G), emp St J & L C R R, h N Danville rd, R D 3
Wheelock Almond M (Philomene M), cond St J & L C R R, h 3 School
" Clarence A, student, r 3 School
" Edelbert G, student, r 9 Caledonia
" Frank E (Winifred G), painter, h 9 Caledonia
" Russell A, adv asst Caledonian Record, r 3 School
" Ruth, student, r Frank E Wheelock
White Alphonso (Mary E), janitor Arlington St School, h Pleasant c Nelson
" Annie, wid Hastings W, r 5O 1/2 Cliff
" Austin F (Millicent F), clk The Peck Co, h 13 St Mary
" Bertha K, teacher Summer St School, r 38 Summer
" David E, musician, h 217 Railroad
" Dorothy L, sten 3 Portland, r Pleasant nr Nelson
" Elizabeth, student, r 38 Summer
" Ephriam J, emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (57)
" Helen Mrs, dom, r 144 Railroad
" Henry R (Amelia), retired, h 7 Prospect
" Lorna K Mrs, County home dem Cal Co Farm Bureau, h 17 Western av
" Millicent F (Mrs Austin F), emp Palmer Bros, h 13 St Mary
" Vincent, mgr First Natl Stores, r 22 Church
" Wilmont D (Dorothy J), taxi service Depot and 5 School, h do
Whitehill Ellen F, teacher Enfield, N H, r 10 Green
" Fred J (Annie L), mach E & T F & Co, h rear 23 Summer
" George W (Elizabeth), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Green
Whiting Gerald (Elizabeth P), woodsman, h 1 Harrison av
" Mary A, wid George H, h 144 Railroad
Whitman Joseph O (Claudia), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
Whitney Charles (Nellie), sexton St J Ctr Cemetery, h St J Ctr
" Doris E, teacher Montpelier, r St J Ctr
" Marion E, dom 24 Central, r do
" Raymond C (Vera), farmer, h St J Ctr
Whittier Rufus S, retired, h 39 Eastern av
Whorf Edward, retired, r Town Farm
Widger Charles (Ella), moulder E & T F & Co, h 35 Concord av
" Elden C (Eva E), baker 65 Main, h 63 do
" Fred (Mabel), lab, h Bay
" George, emp Willey's Bakery, r River
" Nellie R, r 180 Railroad
Wilcomb Archie D (Mildred S), com trav, h 4 Belvidere
" Ida, wid W D, h 30 Central
Wilcox Bernard A (Margaret A), deputy sheriff and collections, constable and tax collector 71 Railroad and mgr Northern Credit Assoc, h 4 Church (33)
" Herbert A (Agnes M), harness shop 53 Eastern av and letter carrier P O, h 45 Summer
" Margaret A (Mrs Bernard A), sten Merchants Nat Bank, h 4 Church (33)
Wilfred Beauty Shoppe (Gertrude F Graham and Laura R Noel), 21 Eastern av
Wilkie Alvi F, r 5 Washington av
" Bernard G, emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Cote's ct
" Carl R (Anna), drug clerk C A Searles & Co, h 46 Summer
" Carroll D, lab, r 12 Lincoln
" Donald D, attd 48 Railroad, r 46 do
" Edward J, painter, h 157 Washington
" Eleanor C, sten Nat Handle Co, r 5 Washington av
" Esther S, r 5 Washington av
" Frank, emp 46 Railroad, h do
" Harold J, C C C, r 46 Railroad
" Hazel L, clk Hovey & Chandler, h 1 Portland
" Hortense L, emp F W Woolworth Co, r 8 Caledonia
" Ira N (Annie J), mach E & T F & Co, h 8 Caledonia
" Irwin A (May S), mach E & T F & Co, h 5 Washington av
" John E, retired, r 46 Railroad
" Leo O, emp Laconia N H, r 8 Caledonia
" Paul I, student, r 5 Washington av
" Theodore, r 5 Washington av
Wilkins Arthur A (Lura E), lab, h 135 Portland
" Everett E (Geraldine E), const wkr, h 12 Elm
" George E (Evelyn G), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Brook
" Lawrence A (Hazel), emp Ry Exp Agy, h 10 Hastings
Wilkinson Clarence, r 36 Railroad
" Ernest F, lab, h E St Johnsbury
" Ruth I, sten, r 16 Main
Willard Clark C, emp Swift & Co, r 16 Pleasant
" Harold C (Olga A), emp E & T F & Co, h 33 Clarks av
" Martha S, wid William J, h 2 Summer
" Merriman, emp 55 Main, r 33 Clarks av
Willcut John, r Town Farm
" Lucy, emp New Avenue Hotel, r 39 Eastern av
Willey Abbie, wid James, r 50 Spring
" Carl (Laura), emp Oilman Bros Garage, r 129 Railroad
" Carol C, r 32 1/2 Pearl
" Charles E (Frances), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 1/2 Pearl
" Ellen J, wid Henry, r 2 Higgins ct
" Elmer G, musician, r 50 Central
" Ernest E (Ella F), emp E & T F & Co, h 50 Central
" Evelyn, clk W T Grant Co, r 32 1/2 Pearl
WILLEY FRED M (Edna), prop Willey's Food & Coffee Shop and prop Colonial Restaurant, h 50 Spring
" Isabel M, teacher St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
" James F, student, r 50 Spring
WILLEY'S COLONIAL RESTAURANT Fred M Willey prop, 68 Main, see p 241
WILLEY'S FOOD & COFFEE SHOP Fred M Willey prop, 65 Main, see p 241
Williams Annie Mrs, r 33 Eastern av
" Arthur H (Mina O), lab, h 2 off River
" James, emp Corner Garage, h 114 Railroad
" Margaret, waitress Republican House, r 33 Eastern av
" Marion F, clk WT Grant Co, r 2 off River
" Pauline L, r 4 Orient
WILLIAMS ROBERT (Martha) prop Republican House, res Concord
Williams Thomas H (Laura M), lab, h 4 Orient
Williamson Hermon W, farmer, h Pleasant byd village limits
" James A (Avis M), driver C H & G H Cross, h 4 Garden
WILLOUGHBY DINER Ernest Lloyd McKee prop, 48 1/2 Eastern av, see p 242
Wilson Emily T, physician 31 Main, h 4-Church (30)
" William J (Beatrice), emp E & T F & Co, h 11 Elm
Winn Georgia A, wid Charles S, r 118 Main
" Harold E (Laura D), emp E T & F & Co, h 18 Western av
Withers Betty L, student, r 24 Church
" Morye D (Sally B), hardwood rep Northern Lumber Co, h 4 Church (32)
" Pelham B, student, r 4 Church (32)
WITTERS HARRY W (Grace B), (Porter, Witters and Longmoore), h 24 Church
" Virginia A, student, r 24 Church
Wood George (Eva), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" George L (Jennie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 17 Cherry
" Harold B (Dorothy), serviceman T S G & E Go, h 1 Jones
" Julian H (Edith A D), mach E & T P & Co, h 3 High
" Margaret, wid Henry, r 1 Jones
" Reginald J, student, r 17 Cherry
" Richard P (Ethel D), emp Goldbergh, h St J Ctr
" ---see Dubois
Woodbury Charles E (Lura G), v-pres-treas St Johnsbury Garage Co, h 22 Spring
" Fred L, trucking 5 Portland, h do
Woodruff Lyle, musician, h 25 Hastings
Woods Almira L Mrs (D J & W L Perrigard), h 47 Western av
" Charles P (Mary), teamster, h off Federal
" Dorothy S r 75 Summer
" Evelyn M, sec Swan Const Corp, r 47 Western av
" Frederick S (Nellie S), real estate 75 Summer, h do
" George (Eva), janitor E St Johnsbury School h E St Johnsbury
WOODS GILBERT E (Helen S), pres Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 110 Main
" Gordon G, student, r 47 Weston av
" Herbert T (Bertha I), mach, h 15 Harrison av
" James H (Margaret L), teller Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 67 Summer
" Margaret E, wid Carl W, clk Citizens Bank, h 43 Summer
" Raymond M (Alice P), emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd
" ---see Dubois
Woodward George E (Lena M), h 19 Pearl
Woodworth Blanche, wid Don C, h Center rd
" Lyle S (Doris), r 214 Railroad
Woolworth F W & Co, five and ten cent store, Floyd A Cook mgr, 81-83 Railroad
Worthen Dixi F, com trav, h 2 Stiles ter
" Raymond A (Clara B), emp Woodsville N H, h 56 Spring
Wotton Albert E (Vera), mach E & T F & Co, h 41 Summer
" Vera (Mrs Albert E), clk Grey Shop, h 41 Summer
Wright Addie, wid George S, h 1 Jones
" Alfred W Jr, draftsman E & T F & Co, h 8 Union
" Alfred W Sr (Helen F), emp Maple Grove Candies, h 8 Union
" Arthur S (Alice G), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 8 Union
" Burton S (Carrie L), emp C P R R, h 15 Pearl
" Ethel E, dressmkr 41 Cliff, r do
" Frederick (Mary G), emp E & T F & Co, h 3 Parker av
" G Carroll (Christina S), draftsman, r 41 Mt Vernon
" George A, retired, h 41 Cliff
" Guy C (Bertha), h 41 Mt Vernon
" Helen, r River ext
" Irwin, musician, h 17 High
" James N (Harriet), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 127 Concord av
" Laura, wid William, nurse 22 Summer, r do
" Thelma, mgr USA Re-Employment Office, r 8 Union
" Wendell B (Hazel L), sealer E & T F & Co, h 8 Orchard
" William H (Eliza), farmer and milk dealer River ext, h do
Wyman Chester, auto mech, h 65 Railroad
" Hazen (Isabelle A), truck driver, h S Main, R D 2
YATES ELLETA, nurse 54 Eastern av, r do
Yeranian Rosa, teacher St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
" Dennis, r 9 Orchard
" Ezra C (Cecelia M), painter C H Goss Co, h 12 Western av
" Harold N (Daisy A I), manual training instr, h 22 Webster
" Jennie M, bkpr and chief clk T S G & E Co, r 19 Harrison av
ZABARSKY DANIEL (Ida), pres Highway Express Inc and junk dealer 106 Concord av, h do
ZABARSKY HARRY D (Mollie), (St Johnsbury Trucking Co), h 16 North av
ZABARSKY MILTON J (Esther), (St Johnsbury Trucking Co), res Somerville, Mass
" Sylvia H, student, r 106 Concord av
Ziter Nash, opr Cray's Star Theatre, res inq do

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