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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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After locating a name, you can view the actual census page
by clicking on the link above that section.
The link looks similar to this
Census Page VT.10-16-4

Additional information you can get from actual census;
Names of spouse & childern, ages, martial status,
sometimes maiden names.

The census pages can also be found at the
US National Archives site.

Click on the VT number
to view the census page.
  Green Highlighted means
unsure of spelling
  Click on the VT number
to view the census page.
  Green Highlighted means
unsure of spelling
Census Page  VT.10-31-8 (map) Census Page  VT.10-31-17 (map) Census Page  VT.10-31-28 (map)    
Newport (Town) Newport (Town) Newport (Town)    
Martineau, Mary Wife Phenix, Armand Son page is blank      
Peabody, Louis   Smith, Claude   Census Page  VT.10-31-29 (map)    
Drown, Ella Sister Regan, Mary Lodger Newport (Town)    
Brown, Arthur Hired hand Edmund, Ernest Hired hand page is blank      
Matten, Elizabeth   Newton, Donald Hired hand Census Page  VT.10-31-30 (map)    
Kelly, Alice Daug. Drew, William   Newport (Town)    
Matten, John   Lenoue, Oliva   Lenous, Adrian Brother    
Pettengill, Harley   Lebrecque, Hormisdas   Merritt, Glenna Cousin    
Corrow, Alberta   Wing, Wesley   Lee, Ettic Lodger    
Young, Raymond   Buck, Archie   Willman, Legh B.      
Wheeler, Hattie   Lenoue, Romes   Adams, Theson E. Boarder    
Wheeler, Julia   Tetrault, George   Whitney. Lettie Cook Boarder    
Lamorey, Cecil   Benoit, Bernard Hired hand rest of page is blank      
Clarke, James B-in-Law Tetrault, Marshell Brother Census Page  VT.10-31-31 (map)    
Wells, Ralph   Boucher, Edwedge M-in-Law Newport (Town)    
Demers, George   Lenoue, Rene   page is blank      
Census Page  VT.10-31-9 (map) Census Page  VT.10-31-18 (map)        
Newport (Town) Newport (Town)        
Demers, John Son Lenoue, Alice Wife        
Lawson, Amos   Martel, Romes Hired hand        
Forbes, Wilbur   Labounty, Ernest          
Beadle, Arland   Coderre, Gilbert          
Morris, George   Novis, Richard          
Bennett, Luna Hired hand Rossier, Crystal Daug.        
Cox, Ernest   Pettengill, Richard G-Son        
Pettengill, Gerald   Norris, Kenneth          
Palmer, Homer   Fontaine, Gerard          
Monette, John   Bowen, Fred          
Wilcox, Ardell   Lamadeleine, Camille          
Baraw, Fred S-in-Law Census Page  VT.10-31-19 (map)        
Columbia, Richard G-Son Newport (Town)        
Regam, Wesley   Lamadeleine, Andrew Son        
Census Page  VT.10-31-10 (map) Niles, Harry          
Newport (Town) Perkins, Raymond Boarder        
Perkins, Dorothy Daug. Kirkland, Thomas          
Brown, Rodney   Jaquith, Mamie S-in-Law        
Lacross, Charles   Horn, Dwight          
Armstrong, Mary   Niles, Orin          
Armstrong, George   Chamberlain, Lee          
Lanoue, Hector   Streeter, Henry B-in-Law        
Young, Charlie   Rossier, Daniel          
Young, Nellie Wife Barnes, Bessie Hse-Kpr        
Nelson, Harold   Regan, Leon          
Chabot, Paul Lodger Matten, Arah          
Briggs, Blanche   Census Page  VT.10-31-20 (map)        
Parry, Meredith Lodger Newport (Town)        
Bickford, Widrow Hired hand Matten, Beverly Daug.        
Twombly, Lawrence   Smith, Lillian Hired hand        
Rogers, Violet Friend Cammett, Therman          
Bartlett, Guy   Norris, Harold          
Keith, Matilda   Connal, William          
Blair, Leopold   Gray, Myra S-in-Law        
Census Page  VT.10-31-11 (map) Cry, Lounzo Hired hand        
Newport (Town) Cry, Leo Hired hand        
Blair, Alice Daug. Demens, Medric          
Place, Will   Cammett, Hattie          
Scott, John S-in-Law Leach, Elizabeth Niece        
Collins, Ernest Brother Armstrong, William          
Olin, Synthia   Callaway, Blain          
Rollins, Gideon   Fissell, Bert          
Coburn, Homer   Rollins, Carroll          
Coolbeth, Albert   Census Page  VT.10-31-21 (map)        
Bates, Heman   Newport (Town)        
Lawson, William   Matten, Lavern          
Hunt, Calwin B-in-Law Rollins, Charles          
Dawson, Ernest Lodger Matten, Edson          
Gifford, Etta   Horskins, Albert          
Bergeron, Herman   Welcox, Eben          
Larabee, Hattie   Searls, George          
Adams, Ransom Sr.   Phillips, Hattie          
Dugan, Kermit S-in-Law Barnes, Charlie Son        
Miller, Heman Nephew Priest, Frank          
Census Page  VT.10-31-12 (map) Norway, Earl          
Newport (Town) Whipple, Charlie          
Adams, Emma   Census Page  VT.10-31-22 (map)        
Rollins, George   Newport (Town)        
Cammett, Horace   Whipple, May Mother        
Turcotte, Zoel   Hormer, Benjaman Uncle        
Parker, Morton   Tracey, John          
Wiltshire, Alma Maid Bowen, Damon          
Wright, Mary   Rollins, Gertrude M-in-Law        
Brown, Lucy Daug. Lessard, Henry          
Page, Walter   Pettengill, Gertrude      
Temple, Dora   Smith, Elmer Hired hand        
Niles, Pearl   Pettengill, Don          
Kenne, Amasa   St. Laurent, Clema Hse-Kpr        
Despins, Albert   Darby, Edward          
Olin, Gordon   Porter, Merton Hired hand        
Taylor, Edmond   Gendriau, Omer Hired hand        
Census Page  VT.10-31-13 (map) Jewett, Edward          
Newport (Town) Census Page  VT.10-31-23 (map)        
Taylor, Chloe Wife Newport (Town)        
Dow, Carlton   Jewett, Dale Son        
Doane, Hailey Lodger Morris, Raymond          
Baton, Walton   Freeheart, Edgar Hired hand        
Poulin, Arthur   Beadle, Marvin          
Davis, Annie   Place, Kenneth Hired hand        
Pettengill, Ernest Brother Matten, Arnold Lodger        
Coburn, Harold   Bizzell, Arthur          
Tessier, Joseph   Larabee, Anna          
Tute, Herbert   Bownan, Royal          
Nicholson, Norman   Alex, Antonio          
Farra, Raymond   Paging, Adolore          
Pellerin, Ashton   Martin, Harry        
Tinker, Floyd   Eastman, Harlow          
Taylor, Earl   Gibney, Cecil Hired hand        
Census Page  VT.10-31-14 (map) Census Page  VT.10-31-24 (map)        
Newport (Town) Newport (Town)        
Taylor, Arlene Sister Thayer, Merton          
Scott, Silas   Hall, Joshua Hired hand        
Beaudry, Emile   Vance, Clarence          
Brown, John   Dufreane, Leo          
Dailey, William   Tetrault, Amede M-in-Law        
Page, Dwight   Laramee, Leopold          
Bickford, Lillian Maid Sicard, Eugene          
Bowman, Baxter   Rondeau, Joseph          
Sanville, Silverine Maid Therrien, Osias          
Davis, Lydney   Bussiene, Elpheye          
Census Page  VT.10-31-15 (map) Census Page  VT.10-31-25 (map)        
Newport (Town) Newport (Town)        
Tanguay, Emle   Bussiene, Lucille Daug.        
Dumont, Maurice Hired hand Normandin, Alcidas          
Jacques, Aldric   Paging, Leon        
Bernard, Henry   Paging, Edward          
Cotnoir, Lawrette S-Daugh. Logan, Patrick          
Bernard, Irine Daug. Keement, John          
Raymo, Bert   Connal, Clarence          
Blake, Zenas   Connal, Maryette          
Collins, Henry   Baird, Howard          
Hill, Clarence Hired hand Ramsdell, Nettie M-in-Law        
Dinn, Timothy   Collins, Merle          
Armstrong, George   Census Page  VT.10-31-26 (map)        
Census Page  VT.10-31-16 (map) Newport (Town)        
Newport (Town) Collins, Merle Son        
Armstrong, Mary Wife Matten, Russell S-son        
Wilson, Millie S-in-Law Buck, Clarence          
Fortin, Paul   Buck, Arthur          
Sherlau, Floyd   Horskins, George          
Sanborn, Wallace F-in-Law Buck, Harold          
Buck, Herman   St. Onge, Carrie          
Mason, Napoleon Hired hand Collins, Raymond          
Stewart, William Hired hand Wright, Lena          
Sherlaw, Harry   Horton, Marjorie Boarder        
Horskins, Adelbert Hired hand Wright, Kenneth          
Boutin, George   Kittridge, Walter          
Sherlaw, Ernest   Census Page  VT.10-31-27 (map)        
Mossa, Agustus Hired hand Newport (Town)        
Labounty, Eugene   Kittridge, Bertrice Wife        
St. Lawrence, Oscar Hired hand Smith, Richard          
Baton, Edward   Peters, Newton          
Phenix, George   Lunford, Katherine Lodger        
    Libby, David Nephew        
    Kidman, John          
    Louks, Alden Son        
    Bullis, Chester          
    rest of page is blank          

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