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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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After locating a name, you can view the actual census page
by clicking on the link above that section.
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Census Page VT.10-16-4

Additional information you can get from actual census;
Names of spouse & childern, ages, martial status,
sometimes maiden names.

The census pages can also be found at the
US National Archives site.

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Census Page  VT.10-26-1 (map) Census Page  VT.10-26-10 (map) Census Page  VT.10-26-20 (map) Census Page  VT.10-27-6 (map)
Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city)
Stark, Herbert G.   Natole, John Jr. Son Durocher, George Son Rublee, Clair  
Harkness, Ervin J.   Wright, Benjamin   Lahue, Maurice   Bradford, Beverly Maid
Stephens, Norman   Corliss, Howard    Cass, Lee E.   Keith, Steve  
Pickle,Henry Lodger Wheeler, Norman S.   Kendall, Wahlon   Hurst, Richard  
Dowina, Leonidas   Brigham, Allen C.   Downing, Arnold W.   Cleany, Walter  
Reed, Earl G.   Leithead, Josie   Cofran, Robert F.   Kinsley, Berton  
Hunter, Viola Servant Coburn, Lyle   Carlson, Edward   Whitcomb, Roger  
Bradley, John   Darley, Herbert L.   Estelle, Alex F. Hired Man McPhee, Ruth Maid
Blair, Ida M-in-Law Darley, Nellie D-in-Law Page, Russell   Badger, Mary H.  
Prouty, Genevieve S-Daug. Leach, Lenny GG-son Webster, Agnes   Smith, Etta Lodger
Forntain, Eda Servant Beebe, Auston J.   Copeland, Sophronia Mother Lister, Charles  
Rooney, Walter   Fitch, Perry M.   Abbott, Charles E.   Tollerton, Harold  
Lee, Preston   Pautre, Pauline J. Servant Morse, Harry P. Lodger Drown, Nellie  
White, Ai J. F-in-Law Census Page  VT.10-26-11 (map) Arkin, William   Magoon, Viola Lodger
Talbot, Roxie Jean   Newport (city) McCauley, Charles P.   Marten, Ida  
Lee, Ethel S.   Leavens, Merle O.   March, Herbert Lodger Prouty, Winston  
Slack, Elmer A. Brother Mosher, Bea   Scott, Newton   Backus, Conie Step Daug.
Slack, ---tie ? Sister Armstrong, Jennie    Census Page  VT.10-26-21 (map) Census Page  VT.10-27-7 (map)
Census Page  VT.10-26-2 (map) Armstrong, Viola Daug. Newport (city) Newport (city)
Newport (city) Zanjogna, Joseph   McKenzie, Donald   Backus, Elizabeth Step Daug.
Johnson   Wentworth, Merrill J.   Sisco, David W. Lodger Tatao, George  
---?--- M-in-Law Aiken, Pearl D. Hse-kpr Bigelow, Rudolph J.   Berard, Joseph  
Powell, John   Hawkins, Fernco W.   Hutchinson, Chester   Carr, Lynn  
---?---   Allen, Arthur Hired Man Ross, William E. Jr. Lodger Blanchard, Carroll  
---?---   Allbee, Herbert Hired Man Barkin, Joseph O.   Bishop, Clyde  
---?---   Meader, Theron L.   Brouillette, John J.   Dunn, Mildred Lodger
---?---   Laythe, Marion Servant Hartley, Alfred   Ingals, Ferne Lodger
---?---   Cook, John W.   Cushing, Patricia M. Step-Daug. Hacket, Doris Lodger
Sanders, Robert   Blay, Marion   Baker, O. Willard J.   Day, Earnest  
B--?--, Gasper   Tillotson, Charles    Peters, Elosia A. G-Mother Blair, John  
Elder, Alwa   Holder, Ernest   Worboys, Olga Servant Kimbell, Russel Step Son
Martin, Eva Servant Murphy, Gertrude Daug. Cushing, Harry   Blaix, Arline Daug.
Griffen, William Lodger Census Page  VT.10-26-12 (map) Housten, Charles D.   Colby, Wessly  
Labounty,George Lodger Newport (city) Rowell, Harold L.   MacLean, Donald  
Blodah, Donald Lodger Holden, Geraldine  Daug. Hayes, George W. F-in-Law Camirand, Leo  
Blay, Albert Lodger Murphy, Marguerite G-Daug. Hanson, Benny   Census Page  VT.10-27-8 (map)
Blake, Reymond E.   Corrow, Leon J.   Young, Alma F.   Newport (city)
Drew, Forrest D.   Revoir, Emile J.   Fisher, Arthur W.   Camirand, Diane Daug.
Lacharite, Owen   Nutting, Homer B.   Reid, Jesse   Dexlair, Delvia  
Census Page  VT.10-26-3 (map) Hoy, Allen K.   Census Page  VT.10-26-22 (map) Ponton, Eugene  
Newport (city) Griffin, Clarence   Newport (city) Mooney, Gordon  
Lacharite, Catherine Wife Dugalls, Pearly O.   Deane, Harry B-in-Law Bowley, Clarence  
Blanchard,Harry   Colburn, Orrin T.   Parker, Claude B.   Mitchel, Alice Hsr-kpr
Duckless, Ander C.   Odell, Earl K.   Vigneau, Bessie L.   Aitken, James  
Duckless, Clayton E.   Temple, Homer Lodger Mooney, Arthur A.   Aitken, William Lodger
Sheltra, Arthur J.   Peacock, William   Mooney, Ackland   Spaulding, Ona  
Assaff, Lewis   Census Page  VT.10-26-13 (map) Davis, Sydney G.   Shermani, Emma  
Bailey, Forest    Newport (city) Census Page  VT.10-27-1 (map) Page, Harold  
Hinman, Gertrude   Peacock, Robert J. Son Newport (city) Hogaboom, Eva M-in-Law
Hoag,Harley C.   Vancour, William E.   Davidson, William   Keilty, Joseph Lodger
Bean, Claire E.   Ames, Fritz B. Step-Son Chouinand, Gesad   Lalime, Kendell  
Hinman, Carroll   Addison, Gordon W.   Choquette, Yvette Maid Dean, Louis  
Hall, Fred   Ouimet, Agnes Sisterr Sheehe, Gertrude   Skinner, Maynard  
Manning, Athol   Sias, Charles W.   Pinardi, Angela Lodger Sweat, Alton  
Census Page  VT.10-26-4 (map) Richardson, Jennie Lodger Coats, Arnold Wesly Lodger Census Page  VT.10-27-9 (map)
Newport (city) Searles, Ona S.   Fortin, Aline Lodger Newport (city)
Manning, Marrion J. Wife Pickle, Maurice   Stevens, Lillie   Sweat, Marion Daug.
Corrien, Ralph W.   Saunders, Alden B.   Mollica, Catharine   Martineau, Adeland  
Ross, William W.   Twiner, Donald H.   Laffee, Margaret Mother Rush, Edna  
Rowell, Nath L.   Wilson, Ralph H.   Sammon, Joseph   Gardyne, John Brother
Alexander, Jenny   Crosier, Walter   Harding, Claude Jr.   Allen, Howard  
Chapman, John G.   Keith, John B.   Parker, Robert   Schoolcraft, Henry  
Greene, Elizabeth M-in-Law Bean, Ralph H.   House, Alice Lodger McAllister, Beryle Daug.
Greene, Eunice S-in-Law Census Page  VT.10-26-14 (map) Flint, Minnie   Gilbert, Earnest  
Goodnough, Charles B.   Newport (city) Dane, Harriet B.   Makefield, Howard  
Hanson, Walter W. F-in-Law Bean, Mildred L. Wife Wetherby, Frances G-Daug. Haine, Clyde S-in-Law
Smith, Ruth E.   Bean, Florence Mother Norway, Earl   Leach, Robert  
Scoffield, Anna E. Lodger Litchfield, Frank J. F-in-Law Willey, Stacey   Hamen, John  
Johnson, Oscon H. Lodger Brown, Alfred F.   Census Page  VT.10-27-2 (map) Duchesneau, Orien  
Census Page  VT.10-26-5 (map) Hart, Ray R.   Newport (city) Villeneuve, Eugene  
Newport (city) Dawson, Elmer A.   Willey, Clara J. Wife Luxfond, Rose Maid
Flint, Walter E.   Vanier, Ouide O.   Young, Fred   McFarlane, Earnest  
Allbee, Myrtle E.   Willey, Clinton   Young, Elizabeth Wife Census Page  VT.10-27-10 (map)
Johnson, Edward A.   Richard, Don C.   Smith, Raymond B.   Newport (city)
Briggs, Charles A.   Census Page  VT.10-26-15 (map) Rickaby, Earnest H.   McFarlane, Iva Jane Daug.
Cushing, Alfred F.   Newport (city) Montgomery, Esther   Curtis, Justin  
Comier, Cedoic   Lyon, Claude E.   Morrin, Arthur   Blodak, Edward  
Feeley,?nwda Lodger Fountain, Hawley   Hill, Fredrick   Illard, Reynolds Lodger
Comier, George W. Father Weeks, Annie M.   Linquest, Harold   Lamothe, Hilbar  
McCarthy, Charles E.   Dussault, Armand   Hamilton, Lillian   Jaron, George  
Alderson, Samuel E.   Hildreth, John   Manley, Ruth   Taylon, Charles  
Frealey, Ralph   Gardner, Lucille Hse-kpr Freehart, Helena   Mason, Frank B-in-Law
Huntt, Franz A.   Benner, Franklin   Greenwood, Hormisdas   Ranney, Guy
Sinclair, William F   Cleland, James E.   Greenwood, Dolon J. Son Bean, Niles  
Census Page  VT.10-26-6 (map) Lafountain, Ernest   Barnett, Earl   Villeneuve, Vernon  
Newport (city) Judd, Arthur   Wood, Harlow   Brouillette, Joseph  
Sinclair, John Son Buchanan, Josephine   Duffy, Harrison   Case, George  
Ellis, Guy O.   Rogers, Charles G-Son Rivand, Emile   Rushlou, Walter  
Fairbanks, Grace A.   Wilson, Curtis E.   Census Page  VT.10-27-3 (map) Norway, Kinston B-in-Law
Pane, Georgia Lodger Census Page  VT.10-26-16 (map) Newport (city) Baraw, Harold  
Whiting, Victor   Newport (city) Mailoux, Dorothy   Census Page  VT.10-27-11 (map)
McLellan, Samuel S.   Dewars, Peter Lodger Pelletier, Louis Brother Newport (city)
Donaghy, Eva A.   Barber, Pearl H.   Duffy, Elizabeth   Baraw, Janice Daug.
LeClair, ---?deni A.   McGowan, Blanche   Brown, Winfred   Lumbra, Carlton  
Sanbone, Della Servant Gauthier, Nelson Lodger Coburn, Fred H.   Johnson, Althea Maid
Hitchcock, Clay S.   Kelly, Damon   Morin, Alfred    Piper, Ivan  
--?--, Verma   Kelly, Gordon Son St. Souveus, Bernard   Leonard, Gordon  
Blake, Isabel E. Niece Leware, Nelson F-in-Law Cangill, Everett   Thayer, Asa  
Darling, Gertrude   Dartey, Selah   Ouimet, Thomas   Lyon, Jay  
Whitehead, Luke E.   Hanson, Oscar   Tatro, Leon   Lynch, Thomas W.  
Rickers, Chauncy   Brown, Sydney   Currier, Bertha S-in-Law Clark, Melbourne  
Sanborn, Joseph F-in-Law Lapierre, Ernest H.   Bly, Joel B.   Brainer, Alonzo  
Coll, Reginald   Hardy, Raymond E.   Gibson,Walter   Eggleston, Jessie M-in-Law
Bowen, Clarence F-in-Law Cushing, Silas J.   Piette, Louis   Rahue, Nelson
Burns, Robert B.   Labounty, Hiram B.   Vance, Frank   Haine, Pearl  
Parmerter, Lawrence   Census Page  VT.10-26-17 (map) Bowen, Arland Nephew Census Page  VT.10-27-12 (map)
Census Page  VT.10-26-7 (map) Newport (city) Lacasse, Alec   Newport (city)
Newport (city) Labounty, Iva D-in-Law Sachariot, Henry   Willey, Raymond  
Allbee, Lemuel P.   Wood, Clayton N.   Census Page  VT.10-27-4 (map) Lurfond, Helen  
Pierce, Hubert    Seguin, Albert J.   Newport (city) Lorimer, Archie  
Moffett, Albert E.   Holbrook, Stanley   Holbrook, Samuel   Fox, Evertte  
Hitchcock, Stanton    Burns, Beulah   Allston, Fredrick   Davis, Riley  
Niles, Lida   Johnson, Richard Father Joyal, Emma   Donneau, Francis  
Sanborn, C.W.F.   Sheehan, George R.   Sisco, Henry   Griggs, Ima  
Cobleigh, Adva B.   Corey, Alden E.   Sisco, Ralph   Sanborn, Branley S-in-Law
Wagoon, Donald A.   Jeffrey, Walter   Corley, Ivah   Kirford, Wallace  
Bowley,Eugene A.   Kimball, Annie   Kirkner, Lita   Allen, Andrew  
Nash, Chester   Marquis, Armandase   Martin, Mary B. Mother Lahar, Joseph J.  
Lindsley, Donald L    Light, John L.   Cusson, Grace   Census Page  VT.10-27-13 (map)
Wilder, Carroll   Hancock, Robert C.   Adams (ab)   Newport (city)
Leonard, Lawrence D.   Census Page  VT.10-26-18 (map) Rivard, Claude   Lahar, Audria Daug.
LeClair, Erma Rose Step-Daug Newport (city) Rowers, Gerald   Foster, Bessie N.  
Census Page  VT.10-26-8 (map) Hancock, Fay J. Daug. Asselin, Alphonse   Streeter, Marqurite Lodger
Newport (city) McGuire, James J. F-in-Law Turcotte, Edward F-in-Law Paradis, Paul  
Kenneson, Ai   Beshaw, Arthur   Blanchard, Oliver   Itz, Patrick John Lodger
Young, Charles Step-Son Parker, Raymond   Rollins, Lila   Marsh, Carmi  
Talley, Roy R.   Stevens, Dorothy Servant Burgess, Earnest   Bouthillier, Antoine J.  
Nelson, Carles A.   Wheeler, William A.   Hills, Orange   Merrll, Elijah  
Thoresen, Fayette  M-in-Law Davis, William F-in-Law Turcotte, Raymond   Smith, Seth J.  
Sweetland, Harry   Lark, London   Census Page  VT.10-27-5 (map) Betts, Elmer C. Lodger
Boulay, Ida E.   Clifford, Eugene J.   Newport (city) Benoit, George  
Leavitt, Agnes A. Daug. Boright, Grace L.   Turcotte, Ester Wife Lippens, Alphonse  
Beebe, Carroll R.   Wyman, John W.   Adams, Theron Lodger Parker, Oliver  
Richardson, Harry   Callahan, John L.   Walker, Walter   Barker, Samuel  
Kimball, Iris Servant Lyman, George   Wilkie, Isabelle   Durgan, Letitia Boarder
Kulhman, Exel    Bedor, Napoleon E. Lodger Monty, Antonia   Stuant, Roland  
Elie, Arthur   Benard, Alma   Nol, Henry   Whalen, Edward  
Stevens, Fred C.   Census Page  VT.10-26-19 (map) Deker, Louis   Percy, Erwin  
Census Page  VT.10-26-9 (map) Newport (city) Richards, Thelma   Libbey, Lilla Roomer
Newport (city) Benard, Jean Daug. Clark, Charles   Census Page  VT.10-27-14 (map)
Stevens, Roland W. Son Shanty, Ethel Mother Dwyer, Ora   Newport (city)
Sanborn, Leata W. Servant Reed, Grant   Chushing, Clara   Talbot, Ruston  
Stephens, John L.   Gendson, Anna Servant Lamere, Lewis Father Vigneault, Edward  
Moose, George H.   Mahoney, Jerhuiah P.   McMullen, Leulla Lodger Griggs, Earl L.  
King, Clyton   Spooner, Ernest A.   Crawford, Rose Lodger Laplante, Albert  
Magoon, Guy D.   Buckland, Arthur   Howard, Sussie   Ray, Charles  
Lizotte, Abbot   Grow, Archie R.   Laba, Stella Niece Hanver, Howard  
Davis, Lydia Sister Seguin, Joseph   Narramore, Valda Roomer Tretreault, James  
Swelt, Harold D.   Mudgett, Mile   Gee, John Robert   Besette, Alfred  
Magoon, Jane   Davis, Royal S.   Walmsley, Lottie S-in-Law Liberty, Earl  
Millett, Elaine  Daug. Whitehill, Leonard J.   Goodwin, Lydia   Whitehead, Richard  
Millett, Kenneth G-son Durocher, Frank   Bouthellier, Raymonde Maid Kennison, Harold  
Millett, James G-son     DuPort, Albert J. Brother Searles, Irene Maid
Davis, Elroy G-son         Neal, William P.  
Natole, John           Jenks, Harold  
            Smith, Ena Maid
            Farant, John  

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