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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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After locating a name, you can view the actual census page
by clicking on the link above that section.
The link looks similar to this
Census Page VT.10-16-4

Additional information you can get from actual census;
Names of spouse & childern, ages, martial status,
sometimes maiden names.

The census pages can also be found at the
US National Archives site.

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Census Page  VT.10-28-34 (map) Census Page  VT.10-29-5 (map) Census Page  VT.10-29-14 (map) Census Page  VT.10-30-1 (map)
Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city)
Blair, Sglas Lodger Flood, Ronald S.   Williams, Frank C.   Convent of Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus
Elsworth, Winefred   Welch, Curtis D.   Branch, Clara G. Hse Kpr  (St. Mary, Star of the Sea Church)
Hilliker, A. Stanley   Keith, Harold N.   Rowe, Melvin   Sr. Renee of St. Joseph Head
Crawford, Clarence   Harris, Guy   Rowe, Arthur   Sr. Mary of the Assumption  
Heyer, Eva   Fairbrother, Clinton   Donahoe, Donald   Sr. St. Gerard Majella  
rest of page is blank   Ramsdell, Herman   Edwards, Bertha   Sr. Seraphinc  
Census Page  VT.10-28-35 (map) Crandell, Delilah Daug. Hudon, Joseph A.   Sr. Honorat  
Newport (city) Wallace, Melbourne   Blodgett, Louise   Sr. Rose of St. Joseph  
page is blank   Crawford, S. G.   Rivard, George   Sr. Mary of the Nativity  
Census Page  VT.10-28-36 (map) Crawford, Vernon   Harris, Willard   Sr. Beatrix of Jesus  
Newport (city) Wright, Gladys S.   Farr, Murray   Sr. Theresa of Mont Carmel  
Cramwell,Jean Superintendent Stetson, Myrtie Mother Macdearmid, George   Sr. Mary Timothy  
Worboys, Vida Reg. Nurse Johnson, Virginia Servant Guay, Leonard   Sr. Theresa of the Holy Ghost  
Sequin, Glenor Reg. Nurse Gendron, Emma   Ricard, Maurice   Sr. St. Bernard of the Immaculate  
Deaette, Margaret Reg. Nurse Farsell, Laura   Rickaby, Elwin P.   Sr. Agnes of the Infant Jesus  
Bergeran, Ida Reg. Nurse Sias, Leon Lodger Wheeler, Henry   Sr. Isabella of Jesus  
Hayes, Harriette Reg. Nurse Turner, Clesson E.   Farman, Willard B.   Sr. Elizabeth of Notre Dame  
Asselin, Desange Reg. Nurse Burlton, Albert E.   Buchanan, W. Neal   Sr. Mary Wilfrid  
Chase, Rachel Reg. Nurse Census Page  VT.10-29-6 (map) Austin, Albertie   Sr. St. Odilon  
Galli, Lucy Reg. Nurse Newport (city) Linston, John G.   Sr. Mary Georgette  
Hockins, Percilla Reg. Nurse Burlton, Genevieve Wife Census Page  VT.10-29-15 (map) Sr. St. Philibert of Eucharist  
Whitehead, Barbara Student Badger, Effie   Newport (city) Sr. Bernadette of Jesus  
Hayes, Ruth Student Brooks, Jphn Father Miles, Rebecca   Sr. Mary Simon  
Hancock, Gertrude Student Ryan, Theresa   Nicole, Lucien   Sr. Remi - Marie  
Ames, Jessie Student Prevost, Antoine   Normaudine, Louis Lodger Sr. Homer of Eucharist  
Cabnette, Cescilla Student Lyon, Paul   Doe, Mabel S. Lodger Sr. Edmund of Jesus  
Andwas, Margaret Student Cruso, Joseph   Murphy, James   Sr. Mary Eva  
Smith, Persis Hse kpr Miller, Ernest   Varney (Smith), Uirnie   Sr. Jeanne Agnes  
LaBonte, Fleunette Maid Lanoue, Armand J.   Wilkir, Charles   Sr. Ann Marie  
Laythe, Margaret Maid Willis, John   Prouty, Ellen B.   Sr, Theresa of Lisieux  
Bailey, Rebecca Dietitian Fontaine, Alfred   Kipp, Frederick   Sr. Octavie of Divine Heart  
Bickford, Stephen Mechanic Duval, Charlie   Bromllette, William H.   Sr. Jean of Breboeuf  
rest of page is blank   Roy, William   Smith, William V.   Sr. Rose Emile  
Census Page  VT.10-28-37 (map) Marcotte, Antonio   Labbre, Leon   Sr. Robert of Jesus  
Newport (city) Hutchinson, Sadie F. Servant Nedeau, Gaston   Sr. Claire - Marie  
page is blank   Akin, Hazel Lodger Census Page  VT.10-29-16 (map) Census Page  VT.10-30-2 (map)
Census Page  VT.10-28-38 (map) Bean, George   Newport (city) Newport (city)
Newport (city) Lackard, Walter Son Nedeau, Arline Wife page is blank  
Dailey, Patrick (jailer) Alger, John   Smith, Clyde Lodger Census Page  VT.10-31-1 (map)
Good, Francis Prisoner Census Page  VT.10-29-7 (map) King, Hilton Lodger Newport (Town)
Gagne, Paul Prisoner Newport (city) Tredo, Earl Harris Lodger Lavois, Frank  
Martineau, Louis Prisoner Alger, Marion E. Wife Connore, Michael Lodger Hammond, Earl  
Spitzburg, Arthur Prisoner Despins, Jeanne Servant Ames, Fritz Lodger Macomber, Ashley Hired hand
Buck, Harold Prisoner Trenpe, Victor Lodger Burkewitz, Alfred   Brown, Warren  
Hyland, Burt Prisoner Fairbrother, Hugh   Clarke, James   Brown, John Sr.  
Census Page  VT.10-28-39 (map) Rivard,Louis   Carter, Leonard   Lebrecque, Wilfred  
Newport (city) Lang, John   Barbin, Octave   Brown, Archie  
page is blank   Grow, Wilbur Partner Gardner, Fred   Herrick, Muriel Daug.
Census Page  VT.10-28-40 (map) Green, Charles   Friset, Olive   Farrar, Donald Hired hand
Newport (city) Moffatt, William   Bouffard, Aristide   Chaput, William  
Peltier, Mary Louise   Antetomaso, Antoniette   Fournier, Arthur   Census Page  VT.10-31-2 (map)
Viens, Augestine Asst. Green, Bernier M.   Census Page  VT.10-29-17 (map) Newport (Town)
Fenreau, Alexandrine Lodger Wiberg, Doris Daug. Newport (city) Chaput, Leo Paul Son
Lester, Rose Lodger Renihan, Marion Lodger Arkin, Abraham   Farrar, Daniel  
Brooks, Rosalie Lodger Bowley, Belle Lodger Tetreiwlt, Geargette Servant Spaulding, B. S.  
Ballerd, Helen Lodger Lelinre, Orrin Paul Lodger Savage, Bernard   Vaillancourt, Frank  
Berry, Elizabeth Lodger Newton, Gertrude Lodger Burns, Pliny   Gosselin, Albert Hired hand
Handfield, Henry Lodger Census Page  VT.10-29-8 (map) Marrow, Grace M.   Quinten, Theodore  
rest of page is blank   Newport (city) Magoon, Emma Mother Normandin, Albert G-son
Census Page  VT.10-28-41 (map) Gingras, Alise   Rycher, Waldon J.   Theberge, Lucien  
Newport (city) Lapierra, Henry J.   Lachance, Norbert   Armstrong, Warren  
page is blank   Hight, Harroon   Gueilbert, Saura Cousin Mitchem, Gerald Hired hand
Census Page  VT.10-28-42 (map) Mulloirey, Joset M.   Larouche, Leo Assistant Farrar, Harry  
Newport (city) Burke, Joseph Lodger Noble, Reginald   Census Page  VT.10-31-3 (map)
Patton, Lester   Boutain, Florence Lodger Longe, Bert D.   Newport (Town)
Rushlow, Howard  Lodger Spaulding, Gennie   Casson, Bernard   Perrault, Armand  
Parker, John (14-80) Father Martin, Ernest   Guilbert, Charles   Maxfield, Walter  
Willis, Elsworth Lodger Harrington, Robert   Hill, Albert R.   Hunington, Ralph  
Lauckton, Esmond  Lodger Folsom, Emma   Census Page  VT.10-29-18 (map) Griffith, John Hired hand
Kilby, John Half-Bro. Baker, Leitha Lodger Newport (city) Gardner, Claude  
Clement, Howard Son Perkins, Hubert Lodger Hill, Ezra A. Brother Hammond, Margaret M-in-Law
Paige, Harriet  Maid Gibson, Fred Lodger Leonard, Fred   Hall, Collins Lodger
Root, George F.   Essoff, Helen   Thomas, Arthur B-in-Law Hammond, Dwight  
Huntington, Elijah C.   Census Page  VT.10-29-9 (map) Tabor, Carroll E.   Beans, Mary  
Lemere, Maynard C.   Newport (city) Hardy, Nellie   Walton, Charles  
Dillingham, Florence H. Lodger Needleman, Louis   Sheehee, J. H.   Libbry, Frank  
rest of page is blank   Crandall, Rachel Servant Snay, Joseph   Corkins, Albert Hired hand
Census Page  VT.10-28-43 (map) Clarke, Alexander   Demontigny, Joseph   Joslyn, Everett  
Newport (city) Davis, Carroll   Bernard, H. Sister Vance, Thedor  
page is blank   Martin, Jennie W.  Servant Jones, J. Marcus   LeBlance, Hormidas Hired hand
Census Page  VT.10-29-1 (map) Bellows, Forrest H.   Sweet, Olin   Bullis, Alfred  
Newport (city) Davis, Robert W.   Britch, Stanford   Sanville, Elsie S-in-Law
Garrett, Charles   Dubray, Effie L. M-in-Law Niles, Evelyn   McIver, Merle
Mason, Paul G-son Moore, Porter J.   Beaulieu, Alfred   Archambault, Maurice  
Mason, Hazel   Williams, Sam C.   Clapper, Virginia Lodger Census Page  VT.10-31-4 (map)
Bishop, William G.   Cole, Henry   McPherson, Donald   Newport (Town)
Harrigan, Margaret M-in-Law Rawcliffe, Robert A.   Cloutier, Jean Charles   Archambault, Florence Daug.
Smith, Benjamin H.   Spear, Rufus W.   Turcotte, Theodore Lodger Lavoie, Joseph  
Labbee, Dennis   Skeldon, John   Woods, Ralph Lodger Mossa, Eva Hired hand
LaFountain, Henry   Gardner, Eleanor P.S. Daug. Therault, Alphonce Lodger Powers, Jesse  
St.Onge, Lionel   Curran, Frank A.   Bryant, Alfred H. Lodger Morse, Allie B-in-Law
Ronderu, Rita Servant Magoon, Fred   Census Page  VT.10-29-19 (map) Graveline, Albert  
St.Germaine, Louise   Census Page  VT.10-29-10 (map) Newport (city) Raymond, Abraham Helper
Squires, Mae Lodger Newport (city) Chicoine, Patrick   Sherwell, Frank  
Mutch, Elizabeth   Magoon, Edith Wife Lamothe, Ernest   Lebueque, George  
True, Christine   Scott, Ernest A.   Brouillard, Frances Servant Couture, Marcel Hired hand
Chamberlaine, Edith   Guilbert, Hector   Demars, Mabel   Austin, Ellis  
Forcier, Conrad   Brown, John E.   Rice, James   Magoon, Meada  
Ellis, Roy A.   Plowffe, Eglantine   Hartshorn, Leslie   Snay, Aida Inmate
Libby, Betty Lou Niece-in-Law Bishop, Alfred E.   Brigham, Mary C. Hse Kpr Bullis, Alma Inmate
Bedor, Julia M.   Slater, George   Bissonnette, Albert   Bowley, Ralph Inmate
Taylor, Robert A   Hansford, Thomas Uncle-in-Law Nadeau, Lucine S-in-Law Currier, Frank Inmate
Census Page  VT.10-29-2 (map) Akin, Aubrey   Beauregard, Frank   Bullock, Joseph Inmate
Newport (city) Page, Karl   Cox, Floyd   Davis, Jack Inmate
Williamson, Marjorie   Lontine, Joseph   Flanders, John   Ward, Omey Inmate
Bowen, Allison H.   Needleman, Ed N.   Haskett, Clinton W.   Gogen, John Inmate
Kay, Rose   Blay, James W.   Aubin, Olive   Provenches, Sidney Inmate
Hurley, Leota Daug. Haselton, Lyman   Census Page  VT.10-29-20 (map) Vance, James Inmate
Thompson, Raymond Lodger Census Page  VT.10-29-11 (map) Newport (city) Fountain, Nelson Inmate
Souther, Sterling Lodger Newport (city) Newman, William   Pelkey, Moses Inmate
Turcotta, Delena   Perro, Guilbert   Achilles, Warren F-in-Law Decelle, Ray  
Prue, David E.   Meyette, Edwin B-in-Law Scott, Cora Aunt-in-Law Magoon, Guy  
Maloney, Leo A.   Fox, Kathleen Servant Moore, Harry T.   Census Page  VT.10-31-5 (map)
Rousseau, Ernest   Piette, Guilbert   Jaques, Arthur S-in-Law Newport (Town)
Derick, Lawrence   Davis, Roy O.   Lavoie, Rosaire Boarder Magoon, Richard Son
Lanpher, Wesley   Paradis, Ida   rest of page is blank   Desrochers, Oscar  
Streeter, Tlore Lodger Woodard, Royal   Census Page  VT.10-29-21 (map) Chorcher, Henry Helper
Siberty, Annie Bertha   Vance, Olive   Newport (city) Trottier, Pratrice  
Green, Gladys M. G-daug. Bowley, Maybelle   Fox, Mildred Servant Dow, Harold  
Kinstry, Leroy Lodger Kipp, Madge Partner Berley, Elmer J.   Hamblett, Emma M-in-Law
Rogers, Nellie   Elie, Lucien   Maloney, Doval Son Doyle, Alton Hired hand
Weishaar, Gustave Lodger Gage, Ralph   Smith, Frances Daug. Messien, Leo  
Post, Georgiana J.   Beanlieu, Alfred   Freeman, Isaac   Drown, Asa
Census Page  VT.10-29-3 (map) McKay, Kenneth   Mullavey, Grace   Rogers, Charles  
Newport (city) Census Page  VT.10-29-12 (map) Bickford, Warren E.   Brooks, Verna Hired hand
Tinkham,Francis   Newport (city) Miles, Raymond   Paulin, Harvey  
Kelly, Darius Lodger Wilcox, Thaddeus   True, Wolliam W.   Census Page  VT.10-31-6 (map)
Roe, Arthur G. Lodger Renihan, Eva Lodger Kirkpatrick, John R.   Newport (Town)
Frazier, Daniel Lodger Ledue, Arthur   rest of page is blank   Poulin, Issai Father
Lane, Herbert E.   Lewis, Alfred H.   Census Page  VT.10-29-22 (map) Huot, Leon Hired hand
Talbot, Almer Lodger Bartlett, Gordon   Newport (city) Fournier, Max  
Reed, Milton   Duchesneau, Edward   page is blank   Dugan, Otley  
Blair, Oliver   Forcier, Oscar   Census Page  VT.10-29-23 (map) Ducklean, Forest  
Lamothe, Onier   Morrow, Cecil   Newport (city) Lunna, John  
Levay, Archie   Renihan, Kate   Potvin, Marie Laura   Beadle, George  
Archer, Warren   Sharon, Lynford Lodger Diette, Ernest Carl   Bowen, Raymond  
Laraway, Cadrick B-in-Law Demars, Joseph   Hall, Fred L. Owner Dubois, Moses  
Fiedeman, Walter   Smith, Ephraim   Bickford, Jessie E.   Wilcox, Bern  
Chaput, Theo   Azur, Joseph   Pepin, Flora P.   Gardner, Effie Lodger
Blair, Henry   Census Page  VT.10-29-13 (map) Wells, Robert H.   Percy, Lester  
Labounty, Adeline   Newport (city) Cobleigh, Alvah E.   Wilcox, Leora Lodger
Census Page  VT.10-29-4 (map) Drew, Lee O.   Sawyer, Ernest   Lebucque, Jean  
Newport (city) Hackett, Dorothy Daug. Lafrance, Ernest S.   Census Page  VT.10-31-7 (map)
Labounty, Arthur Son Cahill, Grayce Visitor Steady, Ralph E.   Newport (Town)
Simpson, Hiram   Renihan, Maynard   Cookson, Thomas   Limoger, Ignace  
Mackle, Harold   Cassidy, Albert Hugh   Goddard, Carl W. Manager Leduc, Rosairio Hired hand
Decoteau, Fred   Kelley, Stuart   Goddard, Louvin   Parenteau, William  
Vigneault, Philip   Hamilton, Margaret   rest of page is blank   Noeway, William  
Goddard, Mary M-in-Law Crawford, Fred   Census Page  VT.10-29-24 (map) Thibodeau, John  
Row, Elvina A.   Sinon, Lena Servant Newport (city) Dubois, Sanislas  
Decoteau, Charles G-son Prouty, Richard   page is blank   Martineau, Henry  
Goddard, Flora Lodger Redmond, John W.          
Masher, Richard   Murdock, Charles          
Azur, Dan   Morse, Lawrence          
Beanlieu, Marie   Rublea, Philip          
Jones, Clearance   Crane, John          
Fifield, Rood   Avery, Flora          
Currier, Maynard              
Charland, Thomas N. Lodger            
Chapman, Emily A. Lodger            

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