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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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After locating a name, you can view the actual census page
by clicking on the link above that section.
The link looks similar to this
Census Page VT.10-16-4

Additional information you can get from actual census;
Names of spouse & childern, ages, martial status,
sometimes maiden names.

The census pages can also be found at the
US National Archives site.

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  Click on the VT number
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Census Page  VT.10-27-15 (map) Census Page  VT.10-28-5 (map) Census Page  VT.10-28-13 (map) Census Page  VT.10-28-23 (map)
Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city)
Alexander, Maurice   Reneau, Elaine Daug. Myers, Leon   Laberee, Ethel Maid
Hancock, Bertha M-in-Law Eldridge, David Lodger Douglas, George   Wright, Kathelen  
Streeter, George   Webb, William Lodger Watkins,Burt   Foster, Helen  
Hamelin, Charles   Ryan, William Lodger Hasese, Alice  Daug. Gagnon, Zena  
Marcoax, Louide   Hodges, Laurence Lodger Breault, Harriet Daug. Courchisne, Lea Nephew
Cuarier, Elmer   Gerald,  Jay Lodger Foss, James G-Son Prauty, Willard  
Wheeler, Evelyn Daug. Nudgett, Frank Lodger Crosby, Robert   Cadorette, Lena Maid
Decker, Emily S-in-Law Zippel, Frank Lodger Ambroise, Marjorie S-Daug. Clement, Robert H.  
McGee   Thompson, Helen   Albee, Stanley   Brooks, Lauise  
Minkler, Charles   Census Page  VT.10-28-6 (map) Drown, Barbara Maid Gray, Maurice  
Ploof, Charlotte   Newport (city) Carr, Frank   Fountain, Anna Maid
Ladoue, Mildred Maid Stevens, Richard Lodger Bernard, Andrew   Gosselin, Napolean  
Kaarstad, Olav   Blanchard, Marie   Irahan, Louise   Stone, Sheldon  
Taylor, Joseph   Smith, Sherley Lodger Adams, George   Sargent, Erwin G-Child
Phaneuf, Petter   Stone, Laura Lodger Bonneau, Joseph   Leach, Leon  
Census Page  VT.10-27-16 (map) Sandermon, Louise Lodger Census Page  VT.10-28-14 (map) Lapiere, William  
Newport (city) Litchfield, Warren Lodger Newport (city) Davis, William  
Phaneuf, Harold Son Kendall, Thomas   Cote, Evarice   Census Page  VT.10-28-24 (map)
Bernard, Clarence   Deuso, Kate   Drown, Warren   Newport (city)
Pond, Joseph   Pomeroy, Benjaman   Lake, Colin F-in-Law Gibney, Arthur  
Griggs, Stuart   Kipp, Grace   Wood, Charles   Lord, Leonard  
Paronto, Rose Maid Barlin, Philip   Letreault, Lucy   Chaput, Albertine  
Lodge, George   Hunt, Everest   Planders, Dale   Laqace, Joseph Lodger
Jones, Richard Lodger Fifield, William   Daigneault, Ludger   Choquette, Edwidge  
McIver, Leo   Bashaw, Beverly Step daug. Pomerleau, Philip   Moore, W. Leonard  
Gustin, Roy Lodger Smith, Emma M-in-Law Bovert, Arthur   Burt, Earla  
rest of page is blank   Bergder, Wilson   Decotau, Helen M-in-Law Pratt, Joseph  
Census Page  VT.10-27-17 (map) Cusson, John   Bovert, Emeria Sister Geach, Le Roy  
Newport (city) Fuller, Howard   Bugald, Orelle   Census Page  VT.10-28-25 (map)
Stark, Beryl Lodger Wallace, Stephen   Shepard, Edward Lodger Newport (city)
Dow, Alice Lodger Census Page  VT.10-28-7 (map) Robitaille, Dominic   Smith, Clifton  
Norton, Charles   Newport (city) Census Page  VT.10-28-15 (map) Livquest, Fred  
Rivand, Adolph   Sockel, Saul   Newport (city) Mason, S. Alton  
Paronto, Florence Maid Brown, Mary   Pierce, Kennith   Bransa, W. Barry  
Demontiany, Joseph   Griggs, Ann   Duffy, Conie   Fournier, Osias  
Prue, Ella   Dubray, Clarence   Wheeler, Mildred   Nault, Vernon  
Brigham, Alec Boarder Post, Charles Lodger Rickes, William Brother Kelly, Jennie  
Marfield, Raymond   Libby, Mae   Laplante, Henry   Taylor, George Lodger
Hartley, Henry   Somerville, Kennith   Labar, Mable   Bowen, Merrick  
Renihan, John   Blanchard, Archie   Sherwood,Laurence   Census Page  VT.10-28-26 (map)
Alger, Ray   Skinner, Roy   Palardy, Antonio   Newport (city)
Alger, Avis Maid Moore, Walter   Brien, Matilda   Moore, Darrell Boarder
Marfield, Gerald   Beebe, John Lodger Miclette, George Lodger Hicks, Ray  
Broucher, Lillian Maid Langevin, Frank   Census Page  VT.10-28-16 (map) Hicks, Gary  
Atkins, Morris   Lahue, Mamie S-in-Law Newport (city) Brown, William  
Bible, Howard   Clapper, Myran   Prine, Vital   Cote, Laurente S-in-Law
Lackand, Agnes   Williams, Charles   Johnson, Fay   Buteau, Rudolph   
Trayhan, Laurie Mother Smith, Nettie Hse kpr Mitcheel, Warren   Parker, Samul  
Lahar, Joseph   Schurman, Charles   Allen, Shirley S-in-Law Lable, Florian  
Squires, Cora   Farguson, Nellie Hse kpr Basley, George   Smith, Irene  
Kennison, Fred H.   Lunderville, Davis   Fournier, Arcade   Dilley, Olive Mother
Census Page  VT.10-27-18 (map) Census Page  VT.10-28-8 (map) Greenwood, Joseph   Baker, Stanley  
Newport (city) Newport (city) Brocher, Adelard   Census Page  VT.10-28-27 (map)
Maquire, William S-in-Law Boardman, Gorden   Barrette, Adelard Lodger Newport (city)
rest of page is blank   Enos, Laura   Census Page  VT.10-28-17 (map) Ward,Denasou G.  
Census Page  VT.10-28-1 (map) Dane, Ernest Brother Newport (city) Willis, Earl  
Newport (city) Farbes, Ruth   Laque, Israel   Watts, Jennie M.  
Handy, Tom   Chase, Giles   Dickinson, Erwin   Wilcox, Craig  
Menard, Victoria M-in-Law Tripp, Violet   Allen, Florence Hse-Kpr Brooks, Clayton  
Green, Clara   Ashland, Homer   Fetreault, Thomas   Kilby, Nellie  
Merrill, John   Samson, William   LaFrance, William   Reynolds, Oscar  
Humphry,Ebw   Jones, Francis   Fournier, Ephram   Brooks, Bernard  
MacQueen, Cody   Waite, Verna Hse kpr Martin, Charles   Stone, Perley  
Kennison, Fred   Williams, Merrill   Cavanaugh, James   Mitchell, Aurilla  
Reece, Edmond   Frahan, Cecile Maid Rogers, Andrew   Bathlon, Philippe Hired man
Rexford, Paul Lodger Poulin, Charles   Census Page  VT.10-28-18 (map) Porter, Alice  
Stewart, Evrett Lodger Johnson, Harry   Newport (city) Census Page  VT.10-28-28 (map)
Hoyt, Charles Lodger Foster, Lettie L.   Clewley, C. William   Newport (city)
Cass, Ernest   Fox, Emma Lodger Demar, Dorthy Maid Salls, Allie E.  
Smith, Rubie Maid Elkins, Alice Lodger Poole, Charles   Prouisor, Ernest  
Wright, Louis   Hope, Edson   Keefe, Maurice   Hunt, Winston  
Bole, Harry   Census Page  VT.10-28-9 (map) McCauley, Reginald   Smith, Gerald  
Somers, Homer Step son Newport (city) Dwyer, Rita Maid Massa, William  
Lewis, C. Earl   Guimond, Frank   Smith, Kenneth   Massa, James  
James, Norman V. B-in-Law Hamilton, Samuel   Byers, Austin   Mason, Diana  
Kendall, John   Maloney, Anne   Guyette, Merrill   Gage, Margaret Lodger
Census Page  VT.10-28-2 (map) Prue, Josephine Lodger Taplin, Alfred   Emmons, Edward Lodger
Newport (city) Hall, Thelma   Rivard, Gerald B-in-Law Murry, George Lodger
Gilman, Earl   Homnel, Peater   Hutchison, Gilbert   Allen, Richard  
Foster, Percy   Perhan, Nancy Hse kpr Buzzell, Gerald   Saucier, Henry  
Perrier, Earl   Homnel, Reginald Son Census Page  VT.10-28-19 (map) Walker, Earl  
Lalime, E. Eugene   Crees, Florence   Newport (city) Bouthellier, Helen Maid
Levin, Jesse   McAllister, Lysle Son Wood, Clinton   Spindler, John E.
Weinstien, Robert B-in-Law Provost, Donald Lodger Stein, Robert J. Lodger Nelson, Fred  
Pepin, Delia Maid Cyr, Lea J.   McPhee, Glenn Lodger Census Page  VT.10-28-29 (map)
Shuman, Frank   Creaser, Osmond   Bailey, Sherburne   Newport (city)
Govya, Eva Cousin Doane, Clarence   Bailey, George   Clark, Anson  
Tyler, Rose Maid Hodges, Beverly Step daug. Fish, Lillian Lodger Byrne, Frances Daug.
Benwace, George   Doane, Elizabeth Mother Sessian, Ira   Mayo, Charles  
Davis, Charles   Dean, Homer   Sheldon, Melvin   Fairbrother, Burne  
Frisseld, Ida Hse kpr Cran, Charles   Carr, Jay   Daigle, Antanio  
Bond, William   Peaney, Estille Lodger McCauley, Charles F-in-Law Turner, William  
Blanchard, Christine S-in-Law Berbank, George   Locke, June Hse-Kpr Ledeau, Peater  
Vanier, Albert J.   Creaser, Clyde   Goodfellow, Alice Lodger Williams, Joseph Lodger
Hall, Aurilla Niece Census Page  VT.10-28-10 (map) Brown, Earl   Rocheleau, Gonzague   
Census Page  VT.10-28-3 (map) Newport (city) Towne, Edwin   Mack, Maude  
Newport (city) Phelps, George   Carter, Clarence   Rocheleau, Louis  
Beatty, James   Whitman, Lauris   Humphry, Elmer   Leach, Leslie  
Beatty, Ezzie Mother Blodgett, William   Rivard, Onesine   Lawson, Evelyn Hse-Kpr
Morrill, Edward   Rickaly, Arthur   Census Page  VT.10-28-20 (map) Wright, Maurice  
Desrocher, Henry S-son Parker, Fred   Newport (city) Armstrong, Viola S-Daug.
Brigham, Lloyd   Krasuski, Alfreda Daug. Puffer, Mable   Smith, Carl Lodger
Smith, Lambert   Krasuski, Roman S-in-Law Whitehouse, Melvin   Smith, Donald  
Cushing, Milton   Lanks, Oriale Maid Sylnester, H. Napoleon   Rushlow, Eliza
Seymour, Alva   Billado, Robert G-son Collins, Ernest   Census Page  VT.10-28-30 (map)
McKenny, Florence   Dearborn, Mary E.   Sabens, Kathrine Daug. Newport (city)
Baker, Herbert   Marrissette, Eleanor Maid Hancock, Thelma Daug. Prue, David  
Jones, James Lodger Billings, Dinana   Blake, Betty Maid Lambert, Rodias Lodger
Marshall, Beryl Maid Coutts, Flora Lodger Ford, James   Clifford, Kenneth  
Benwace, Cecil   Farnham, Louise Lodger Coak, George   Pontan. Arthur  
Webb, Dorothy Daug. Hardy, Olin G.   Porter, Jennie Lodger Sabourin, Elizabeth M-in-Law
Ward, Grey   Smith, Mary W.   Rhodes, Eva   Reaux, Ernest  
Schnider, Mable   Gosselin, Wilfred   Lagra, Benjerman Lodger Bushard, Arthur  
Gradagni, G. Donald   Census Page  VT.10-28-11 (map) Lee, Daman Lodger Jacques, Raymond Lodger
Census Page  VT.10-28-4 (map) Newport (city) Stane, Vern   Labar, Austin H.  
Newport (city) Scott, Walter   Nutting, Avis Daug. Bernier, Elias Lodger
Gradagni, Elizabeth Wife Lawson, Richard   Stone, Earl Son Census Page  VT.10-28-31 (map)
Shaw, Winnie M-in-Law Hamel, Frank   Landry, Elzar   Newport (city)
Bushey, Roland   Laporte, Elphege   Meletes, Christ   Bates, Eugene  
West, Pearl   Hardy, Rena   Census Page  VT.10-28-21 (map) Fountain, Louvin Partner
Marrow, Willis   Myotte, Vera Daug. Newport (city) Draper, Ruiben Partner
Kirkland, Mallon   Golden, William Lodger Comeau, Eusebe   Hill, Clarence  
Bishop, Dorothy Maid Deverroux, Erbin   Farrell, Alvin J.   Desbens, Leance
Johnson, Emma   Morrow, Earl   Young, Walter   Champagne, Henry  
Turner, Earl Nephew Bryant, Eugene   Borella, John   Lumbra, Richard  
Staddard, Charles   Scott, Myrtle A.   Horskins, Hazle Maid Fields, James  
Glessen, Mertad Step son Terrill, Louis   Lewis, J. Harold   Vance, Uliysses  
LaRose, Joseph   Hovey, Marie   Gallup, Violet   Burke, Lester  
Sessions, Ralph   Hurley, William   Eldridge, Leona   Rattie, Philip F-in-Law
Wyberg, Frank   Lawson, Percy   Labounty, Vera   Parker, Mary J.  
Gibson, Alva   Lamoyhe, Oscar   Henrichon, Leon   Census Page  VT.10-28-32 (map)
Craft, H. Jack   Census Page  VT.10-28-12 (map) Gerry, Bernard   Newport (city)
Warner, Selma   Newport (city) McClure, Rupert   Sockol, Max  
Fairbrother, Kaye   Scott, Walter   Hamblett, Ralph   Fauchs, Henry W.  
Clatman, Claude   Lawson, Richard   Census Page  VT.10-28-22 (map) Morrill, Lillian  
Gingras, Paul   Hamel, Frank   Newport (city) Mossa, Alfred S-in-Law
Lamere, Frank   Laporte, Elphege   Bishop, Grace   Snay, Arthur Lodger
Dore, Irva   Hardy, Rena   Emmons, James   Williams, Wallace  
Bresson, Eva   Myotte, Vera Daug. Fugere, Gilberth Maid Ladeau, Archie  
Stendrup, Rae   Golden, William Lodger StGermain, Rudolph   Canter, Joseph  
Census Page  VT.10-28-5 (map) Devereoux, Erline   Flanders, Arthur   Frahan, Liva S-in-Law
Newport (city) Marrow, Earl   Gendran, Elida   Curtis, William  
Lewellyn, Elmer   Bryant, Eugene   Massey, J. Frank   Wasko, Casimir  
Lyon, Ray   Scott, Myrtle A.   Perkins, Lloyd   Census Page  VT.10-28-33 (map)
Hunt, Lloyd   Ferrill, Louis   Pena, William F-in-Law Newport (city)
Cunningham, Ernest   Hovey, Marie   Conley, Edwin   Howe, Wayne  
Wilder, George   Hurley, William   Story, Larkin W.   Ball, Dwight  
Patterson, Geneva   Lawson, Percy   Buraick, Don  (ab)   Willard, Charles  
Circhton, Arthur   Lamoth, Oscar   Craig, Paul   Young, Lawrince  
Buck, Erastus       Huntic, Edson B-in-Law Norton, Martin  
Muir, Williams Lodger     Wells, Archiball   Beard, Gerald  
Abbott, Walter       Davis, Howard   Percy, Rufus  
Amidon, Ethel Lodger     Miller, Perley   Clapper, Susan G-Mother
Marnin, Ila Lodger         Wheeler, John  
Jarnis, C. Edward           St.Pierre, Dwight  
Judkins, Dorcas           Gilbar, Gordon  
Leanett, Carroll              
Sabaurin, Frank              

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