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Family Trees & Genealogy files of Members
of the NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy
Descendants of Born Other Surnames in the Document File Submitter / Owner Date File Added
Jonathan Adams May 1811 Old pictures Phil Somers / Wally Rider Dec. 26, 2015
Zelotes O Sargent unknown Old pictures Alijandra Mogilner May 31, 2014
Polly Reed 1807 Boynton, Gates, Swett, Hutchinson, Chickering Frederick Evans Sept. 20, 2013
Chickering abt 1882 Dodge, Marcotte, Amidon, Paquin, Norris, Balch Paul DesTroismaisons May 20, 2011
Clifford - Heath, Morse, Underwood, Massey Bill Marquis April 26, 2011
GrosLouis, Isaie unknown Brouillard, Marcotte, Paul DesTroismaisons January 10, 2011
Derosier, Fred Oliver 1875 Dodge, Drew, Rice, Heath Steve Locke January 5, 2011
Kennedy, Joseph 1888 Bouvier, Sargent, Skakel, Bennett, Lawford Carol Dickinson December 22, 2010

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