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No. Date of Birth Name of the Child
(if any)
Sex Place of Birth Names of Parents Residence of Parents Occupation of Father Place of Birth Father Place of Birth Mother
1 April 4 Hellen Wood female Greensboro George & Eliza Wood Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Scotland
2 July 18 Bryce Young male Greensboro James & Jennett Young Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Greensboro, Vt
3 April 6 John A. Bailey male Greensboro Henry & Betsey (Benedict) Bailey Greensboro, Vt farmer Montpelier, Vt Greensboro, Vt
4 May 31 Eugene M. Cutler female Greensboro Aaron & Marian (Frost) Cutler Greensboro, Vt farmer Hardwick, Vt Glover, Vt
5 June 4 Sydney E. Spafford male Greensboro N. L. & S. A. (Randall) Spafford Greensboro, Vt farmer Salem, Ma Greensboro, Vt
6 Nov. 29 Margarette McLellan female Greensboro John & Martha (Young) McLellan Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Scotland
7 May 3 Stephen Eugene Rogers male Greensboro William & Susan A. (Gauvin?) Rogers Greensboro, Vt farmer Lowell, Ma Starksboro, Vt
8 Jan. 25 Charles Burt Cook male Greensboro John B. & Catherine Cook Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Pensacola, Fl
9 Nov. 2 Lilli Eliza Cook female Greensboro C. A. & Virana R. Cook Greensboro, Vt farmer Westford, Vt Westford, Vt
10 April 14 Etta Henri Downing femaled Greensboro G. A. & Nancy M. Downing Greensboro, Vt farmer Chelsea, Vt Albany, ?
11 July 20 Henry Sherman Miles male Greensboro Thomas E. & Mary Ann Miles Greensboro, Vt farmer Wheelock, Vt Wheelock, Vt
12 Feb. 14 Katie May Paddleford female Greensboro G. B. & Eunice Paddleford Hardwick, Vt farmer Lyman, NH Hatley?
13 Nov. 3 Ellis Grant male Greensboro Robert B. & Margaret Smith Greensboro, Vt farmer Enfield, CT Greensboro, Vt
14 April 23 Millie S. Baker female Greensboro C. L. & M. A. Baker Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Plainfield, ?
15 Aug. 6 Rueben B. Curtis male Greensboro James E. & E. M. Curtis Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Hatley?
16 May 30 Milton A. Barr male illegitimate Greensboro C. A. Dunbar& Martha J. Barr Greensboro, Vt house joiner Craftsbury, Vt Walden, Vt
17 Oct. 7 Edith Stickney female Greensboro C. L. & L. R. Stickney Greensboro, Vt farmer Westford, Vt Fairfax, Vt
18 Aug. 23 George M. Wood male Greensboro M. J. & Annette Wood Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Dalton, NH
19 Oct. 14 Willard A. Reed male Greensboro E. W. & Nancy Reed Greensboro, Vt farmer Kirby, Vt Wheelock, Vt
20 July 18 Duncan S. McFarland male Greensboro Duncan & Susan (Patterson) McFarland Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Glover, Vt
21 Jan. 31 Augustus male Greensboro Hiram & Susan Daniels Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Stanard?
22 Oct. 10 Mary Helen female Greensboro Robert & Helen Esdon Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Scotland
23 Dec. 24 Norman Joseph male Greensboro Samuel & Salomia King Greensboro, Vt farmer Glover, Vt Wheelock, Vt
24 Mar. 21 Laura N. Hazen female Greensboro Oscar C. & Mary Hazen Greensboro, Vt mechanic Morristown, Vt Elmore, Vt
25 July 16 Clarence J. Smalley male Greensboro John & Matilda Smalley Greensboro, Vt farmer Fairfax, Vt Elmore, Vt
26 July 23 William S. Sawyer male Greensboro William B. & Julia F. Sawyer Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Royalton, Vt
27 Oct. 21 Fredric E. Martin male Greensboro Geoge & Julia (Dow) Martin Greensboro, Vt mechanic Waterford, Vt Greensboro, Vt
28 Nov. 18 Charles Y. Critchet male Greensboro William B. & Amanda M. Critchet Greensboro, Vt mechanic Epsom, NH Burke, Vt
29 Dec. 3 Wi_? Byron male Greensboro George N. & Sarah N. Daury Greensboro, Vt farmer Fairfax, Vt Fairfax, Vt

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