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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


No. Date of Birth Name of the Child
(if any)
Sex Place of Birth Names of Parents Residence of Parents Occupation of Father Place of Birth Father Place of Birth Mother
1 April 4 Hellen Wood female Greensboro George & Eliza Wood Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Scotland
2 July 18 Bryce Young male Greensboro James & Jennett Young Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Greensboro, Vt
3 April 6 John A. Bailey male Greensboro Henry & Betsey (Benedict) Bailey Greensboro, Vt farmer Montpelier, Vt Greensboro, Vt
4 May 31 Eugene M. Cutler female Greensboro Aaron & Marian (Frost) Cutler Greensboro, Vt farmer Hardwick, Vt Glover, Vt
5 June 4 Sydney E. Spafford male Greensboro N. L. & S. A. (Randall) Spafford Greensboro, Vt farmer Salem, Ma Greensboro, Vt
6 Nov. 29 Margarette McLellan female Greensboro John & Martha (Young) McLellan Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Scotland
7 May 3 Stephen Eugene Rogers male Greensboro William & Susan A. (Gauvin?) Rogers Greensboro, Vt farmer Lowell, Ma Starksboro, Vt
8 Jan. 25 Charles Burt Cook male Greensboro John B. & Catherine Cook Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Pensacola, Fl
9 Nov. 2 Lilli Eliza Cook female Greensboro C. A. & Virana R. Cook Greensboro, Vt farmer Westford, Vt Westford, Vt
10 April 14 Etta Henri Downing femaled Greensboro G. A. & Nancy M. Downing Greensboro, Vt farmer Chelsea, Vt Albany, ?
11 July 20 Henry Sherman Miles male Greensboro Thomas E. & Mary Ann Miles Greensboro, Vt farmer Wheelock, Vt Wheelock, Vt
12 Feb. 14 Katie May Paddleford female Greensboro G. B. & Eunice Paddleford Hardwick, Vt farmer Lyman, NH Hatley?
13 Nov. 3 Ellis Grant male Greensboro Robert B. & Margaret Smith Greensboro, Vt farmer Enfield, CT Greensboro, Vt
14 April 23 Millie S. Baker female Greensboro C. L. & M. A. Baker Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Plainfield, ?
15 Aug. 6 Rueben B. Curtis male Greensboro James E. & E. M. Curtis Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Hatley?
16 May 30 Milton A. Barr male illegitimate Greensboro C. A. Dunbar& Martha J. Barr Greensboro, Vt house joiner Craftsbury, Vt Walden, Vt
17 Oct. 7 Edith Stickney female Greensboro C. L. & L. R. Stickney Greensboro, Vt farmer Westford, Vt Fairfax, Vt
18 Aug. 23 George M. Wood male Greensboro M. J. & Annette Wood Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Dalton, NH
19 Oct. 14 Willard A. Reed male Greensboro E. W. & Nancy Reed Greensboro, Vt farmer Kirby, Vt Wheelock, Vt
20 July 18 Duncan S. McFarland male Greensboro Duncan & Susan (Patterson) McFarland Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Glover, Vt
21 Jan. 31 Augustus male Greensboro Hiram & Susan Daniels Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Stanard?
22 Oct. 10 Mary Helen female Greensboro Robert & Helen Esdon Greensboro, Vt farmer Scotland Scotland
23 Dec. 24 Norman Joseph male Greensboro Samuel & Salomia King Greensboro, Vt farmer Glover, Vt Wheelock, Vt
24 Mar. 21 Laura N. Hazen female Greensboro Oscar C. & Mary Hazen Greensboro, Vt mechanic Morristown, Vt Elmore, Vt
25 July 16 Clarence J. Smalley male Greensboro John & Matilda Smalley Greensboro, Vt farmer Fairfax, Vt Elmore, Vt
26 July 23 William S. Sawyer male Greensboro William B. & Julia F. Sawyer Greensboro, Vt farmer Greensboro, Vt Royalton, Vt
27 Oct. 21 Fredric E. Martin male Greensboro Geoge & Julia (Dow) Martin Greensboro, Vt mechanic Waterford, Vt Greensboro, Vt
28 Nov. 18 Charles Y. Critchet male Greensboro William B. & Amanda M. Critchet Greensboro, Vt mechanic Epsom, NH Burke, Vt
29 Dec. 3 Wi_? Byron male Greensboro George N. & Sarah N. Daury Greensboro, Vt farmer Fairfax, Vt Fairfax, Vt

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