Old Postcards of Vt.

Old Postcards
of Northern Vermont

By Janice Boyko

Northeast Kingdom
St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt

Do you have old postcards of the
Northeast Kingdom area,
Send a copy and I'll display them here.

Last postcard added on
March 10, 2009
Page 1 - Barton, Vermont
Page 2 - Newport, Vermont
Page 3a - Saint Johnsbury, Vermont
Page 3b - Old Pictures of St Johnsbury
Page 4 - Lyndonville, Vermont
Page 5 - Passumpsic, Vermont

Page 6 - Greensboro
Page 7 - Miscellaneous
Page 8 - Hardwick, Vermont
Page 9 - Guildhall, Vermont
Page 10 - Danville, Vermont

Page 11 - Albany, Vermont
Page 12 - Lunenburg, Vermont
Page 13 - Island Pond, Vermont
Page 14 - Barnet, Vermont

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Slide 1

Guildhall Falls & Bridge (1910)

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 2

Postmark 1911

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 3

The Guild Hall

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 4

Church and Courthouse

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 5

Elm Street, looking North

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 7

Main Street

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 8

Guildhall Groveton NH bridge

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 9

Guildhall Benton Library (1920's)

Guildhall, Vermont

Slide 10

Elm Street & Library
Guildhall, Vermont

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