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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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NEKG of Vermont does not own copyright to the information on this page. Each obituary on this page belongs to the originator. Obituaries are created by the deceased or relatives of the deceased with the help of funeral homes and are published with the intent of informing the public of its content.

NEKG (NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy) of Vermont does own this particular collection, transcription and the presentation of these materials.

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George Joseph "Pucky" Abair, Sr. ....show

Albert A. Alexander ....show

Dennis Dwight Bador ....show

Emerson Francis Baker ....show

Eleanor Nichols Barber ....show

EAST MONTPELIER - Raylene C. Blanc ....show

Montpelier, VT - Charles A. Bloom ....show

Montpelier, VT - Robert W. Bond ....show

East Montpelier, VT - On Monday, May 23, Leon John Boucher ....show

Montpelier, VT - Mary G. Brenneman ....show

Montpelier, VT - Shirley S. Burley ....show

Wells River, VT/ Montpelier, VT - Elizabeth (Bess) Callahan ....show

MONTPELIER - James Norman Ian Cameron ....show

Lake Elmore, VT - Veronica T. "Ronnie" Cano ....show

PORT TOBACCO, MD / BERLIN, VT - Martha J. Carlson ....show

MONTPELIER - Helen M. Carlyle ....show

PLAINFIELD - Margaret F. Carty ....show

MORETOWN - Leo Mario Ciampi ....show

Beverly Ann (Wagner) Clough ....show

Montpelier, VT - Robert Clinton Cody ....show

Shelburne, VT - Jane White Cooke ....show

Berlin, VT - Percy Quentine Coppins ....show

Montpelier, VT - Susan May Coryell ....show

MONTPELIER, Vt. - Careening down a Vermont mountain on the back of an all-terrain vehicle driven by a 16-year-old boy, without having taken the time to find a helmet, John Curran ....show

Moretown, VT - Gordon Chester Currier ....show

Cathy Jean Davison ....show

BARRE - April L. Despault ....show

Montpelier, VT - Kendall Dowen ....show

MASHPEE, MA – John Joseph (Jay) Downs ....show

Timothy Martin Drew ....show

Montpelier, VT - Paul R. Fargo ....show

EAST MONTPELIER - Joan Fitch ....show

WATERBURY - Mary G. Fries ....show

North Middlesex, VT - Barbara Iona Gallagher ....show

CALAIS - Louis Garcia, Jr. ....show

James Lucius Gauthier ....show

Montpelier, VT - March 2, 1953 – November 14, 2011 Garth G Genge ....show

MONTPELIER - Edward Ghiringhelli ....show

SHELBURNE - Janet French Gillette ....show

MORGAN/MONTPELIER - Stanley C. Goodell ....show

Montpelier, VT - Mr. Edward J. Gora ....show

No. Attleboro, MA/Worcester, VT - Lillian Rita Gourlay ....show

Helen S. Guare ....show

Montpelier, VT - VanWyck “Bud” Haring ....show

Ruth Elizabeth Hathaway ....show

Ruth Agnes Heney ....show

MONTPELIER - Sylvia M. Hennebury ....show

Orange, VT - Donna L. Hight ....show

Gary Andrew Holmes, Sr. ....show

Berlin/Greensboro Bend, VT - Mary Alice (Polk) Houghton ....show

Montpelier - Lifelong resident of Montpelier, Ashley Hunting Hudson ....show

Montpelier, VT - Mark Hughes ....show

Edward (Ed) Robert Jangraw ....show

Orange, VT - Jay Jewett ....show

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