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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


Name Town Issue Date
______, Harriet ?? Charleston ? 8/5/1854
Alden, John Dea., age 77, May 22 Greensborough 6/17/1854
Aldrich, Margaret, age 26 y 3 m 27 d, Jan 27, wife of Chester Aldrich Westmore 2/21/1856
Allbee, Lyman Hart, age 1 y 2 m, 14th inst, of Lewis & Julia E. Allbee Morgan 3/10/1855
Babcock, Leander J., age 24, 5th inst (obit) Burke 9/16/1854
Bailey, Samuel, age 72, 11th inst, formerly of Peacham (obit) North Troy 10/20/1855
Bailey, Susan Ella, age 1, 26th ult, of Royal & Susan Bailey Charleston 2/3/1855
Baker, Lydia Goodrich, age 90, May 24, wife of Capt William Baker Greensborough 6/17/1854
Bangs, Amos, age (8)1, Aug 29 Jay 9/4/1856
Barnard, James Edmond, age 18 y 3 m, May 19, of J. G. Barnard, died Osage, Iowa W. Charleston 6/5/1856
Barron, Ann Mrs., age 59, July 12 Lyndon 7/29/1854
Barter, Phebe, age 89, 8th inst, wife of Robert Barter Jay 12/20/1855
Bates, Mary Ann, age 18, Nov 11, dau of William P. & Ann Bates Farmington, IL 12/13/1855
Baxter, Carlos, age 51 y 1 m 17 d, Sept 18 Albany 9/29/1855
Baxter, Phebe, age 89, 8th inst, wife of Robert Baxter Jay 12/13/1855
Bean, ___ Mrs., age 36, Sept 27, wife of Andrew Bean Charleston 9/30/1854
Bean, ___ Mrs., age 36, Sept 27, wife of Andrew Bean Charleston 10/7/1854
Bean, Mary A., age 36, Sept 26, w/o Andrew Bean, d/o Zaetheus & Dorcas Senter Charleston 10/21/1854
Bean, Samuel, age about 75, 15th inst Morgan 9/30/1854
Bennet, James, Elder, age 69, Feb 14 Forrestville, NY 4/3/1856
Bennett, Laroy Delos, age 16, April 28, of N. & Caroline E. Bennett Barton at Lawrence, MA 5/8/1856
Bigelow, Justin, age 73, July 5 Barton Landing 7/14/1855
Bingham, Homer, age 33 y 5 m, Oct 9, of Ripley & Betsey Bingham Burke 10/14/1854
Bingham, Homer, age 33 y 6 m 27d, Oct 9, of Ripley & Betsey Bingham (obit) West Burke 10/28/1854
Blake, Jane M., age 26, 25th inst, w/o Charles Blake, d/o Jarvis & Rebecca Bartlett Salem 7/29/1854
Blanchard, Ann, age 37 y 7 m 21 d, 18th inst., wife of James Blanchard Potton, CE 2/21/1856
Bovee, Lucy R., age 19 y 6 m 5 d, July 12, dau of Courtland & Eliza T. Bovee Danville 8/12/1854
Brown, Martha A. Miss, age 21, Oct 10, dau of Joseph F. & Sophrona S. Brown Barton 11/29/1855
Brown, Mary A. M., age 7 y 2 m 12 d, June 24, of Chester & Calista W. Brown Craftsbury 7/7/1855
Bruce, Sarah C., age 26, Sept 11, dau of Thomas K. Bruce Westmore 9/23/1854
Bullock, George W. , age 11 m 18 d, Aug 26, of John & Elizabeth Bullock Charleston 9/4/1856
Bundy, Isaac, age 82, Nov 9 Burke 11/11/1854
Buzzell, Willie Eugene, age 3 y 11 m, Sept 14, of Enoch R. Buzzell Shelburne Falls, MA 9/22/1855
Camp, George, age 23, April 14 Morrisville 5/12/1855
Caswell, Martha A., age 28, Jan 26, wife of Alonzo F. Caswell Island Pond 2/17/1855
Chapman, Joseph, age 72, 10th Barton 4/10/1856
Chase, Charles M., age 9, Sept 13, of Nathan & Delight W. Chase Charleston 9/22/1855
Cheney, Westly W., age 26, 8th inst Albany 7/14/1855
Chenley, Susan Maria, age 23, May 5, w/o Albert Chenley, d/o Wm & Susan Smith Danville at Charleston 6/10/1854
Clarke, Susan H., age 36, 9th inst, w/o G. W. Clark, d/o David & Lucy Huggins of Windsor, VT Charleston 2/17/1855
Cobb, George Ephraim, age 8 mos, March 2, of S. M. & Emeline Cobb Charleston 3/31/1855
Cobb, William, age 67, Feb 18 Morgan 6/10/1854
Cole, Delia, age 1 y 9 m 7 d, Aug 21, of W. B. & Deborah Cole Charleston 9/8/1855
Cole, Martha, age 75 y 1 m 21 d, Nov 23, wife of Ebenezer Cole Esq. Charleston 11/28/1856
Courser, Seymour, age nearly 2, 19th inst, of Hiram Courser Jay 2/21/1856
Crafts, Martha Ell, age 2 m 1 d, Aug 8, of James T. & Mary J. Crafts Boston 9/1/1855
Crandal, Joseph, age 76, Sept 24 Charleston 9/30/1854
Croft, Mary Jane, age 25, Sept 20, wife of James T. Croft Boston 10/13/1855
Dearborn, Betsey E., age 43, Jan 20, consort of Wm Dearborn, d/o John & Betsey Allbee (obit) Holland 1/27/1855
Dodge, Alpheus Capt., age 72, July 29, born Smithfield, RI (obit) Derby 8/7/1856
Drown, Polly Mrs., age 52 y 6 m, Sept 9 Sheffield 9/16/1854
Drown, Samuel, age 59, Sept 20 Charleston 11/10/1855
Dudley, infant dau., age 4 mos, Nov 25, of John G. & Mary Dudley Newport 12/13/1855
Eastman, James, age 24, Oct 24, son of Carlton & Lurana Eastman Holland of Hartland 11/4/1854
Elliott, Caroline, age 15, April 24, dau of David & Caroline Elliott Morgan 8/5/1854
Emerson, Foster, age 49, June 14 St Johnsbury East 6/24/1854
Ewens, George Orson, age 1 y 6 m, 17th inst, of George & Elsie Ewens Holland 9/18/1856
Fenton, Franklin Esq., age 59, March 19, died at Kenosha, Wisc. Peacham 5/1/1856
Fifield, Syntha Miss, age 23, Dec 25 Jay 1/24/1856
Fisher, Electa D. Miss, age 17, 12th inst Rock Island, Stanstead 8/19/1854
Flemming, David, age 56, 10th inst Jay 3/20/1856
Ford, Louisa B., age 41 y 11 m 5 d, 20th inst, wife of Lewis Ford Brownington 10/28/1854
Foster, Jane L., age 31 y 8 m, June 5, wife of J. P. Foster Barnet 6/24/1854
Frasier, W. H., age 35, Sept 7, son of William Frasier of Albany Albany at St J. 9/23/1854
Fry, Rebecca A., age 49, Sept 1, wife of H. B. Fry Lyndon 9/16/1854
Fyler, Alford R., age 32, April 2 Burke 5/12/1855
Gates, Eliza, age 47 y 2 m, Aug 7, wife of John Gates Lyndon 8/26/1854
Gates, George J., age 1 y 4 m, Aug 8, son of late James & Laura Gates Lyndon 8/26/1854
Gates, John A., age 2 y 8 m, Aug 2, of John & Eliza Gates Lyndon 8/26/1854
Gilman, Martha, age 42, Aug 29, wife of John W. Gilman Lyndon 9/2/1854
Gilman, Rhoda, age 53 y 6 m 15 d, March 23, wife of Peter Gilman Westmore 4/7/1855
Glines, Chester, age 36, Sept 15, of Jeremiah Glines Esq., died Shaboygan, Wisc W. Derby 10/21/1854
Goodsell, Ellan Louisa, age 7 w 3 d, May 30, dau of James & Latty H. Goodsell Morgan 7/7/1855
Goodsell, Latty H., age 19 y 6 m, May 17, wife of James Goodsell Morgan 7/7/1855
Goodwin, Benjamin, age 82 y 6 m, March 8 W. Charleston 3/20/1856
Goodwin, Sally Widow, age 78, Jan 17 Charleston 2/3/1855
Goodwin, Vilora, age 1, Sept 27, of B. F. Goodwin Charleston 9/30/1854
Gray, Ebenezer M. Dea., age 73, May 27 (obit) Coventry 6/17/1854
Gray, Lucius Wells, age 3 y 9 m, Oct 18, of Hubbard & Mary J. Gray Coventry 11/22/1855
Hackett, Simeon, age 48, May 31 Newport 6/24/1854
Hadlock, Esther A., age 20 y 7 m 16 d, Feb 28, of Ithamar & Lucinda Hadlock (obit) Jay at Lawrence, MA 3/20/1856
Harriman, Clarissa M., age 39 y 10 m, Sept 16, wife of Luther Harriman Lyndon 9/23/1854
Hicke, Simeon, Capt., age 99 y 5 m 2 d, 24th inst, born in Hobarth, MA (obit) Sunderland, VT 2/10/1855
Hill, John, age 82 y 5 m, May 6 Waterford 5/12/1855
Hinman, Lucy, age 1 y 3 m, Sept 25, dau of Dr. Geo. A. & Mary Hinman Derby 9/30/1854
Hobart, George, age 28, 9th inst, died New Jersey (obit) Burke 5/29/1856
Hoit, J. B. Mr., last Saturday, drowned (item) Newport 9/8/1855
Horner, Benjamin F., age 26, Nov 5 North Troy 11/29/1855
Hubbard, George, age about 40, 1st inst. (item) Lyndon Centre 1/17/1856
Hubbard, Samuel A., age 2 y 8 m 17 d, Sept 17, of William & Elvira Hubbard Charleston 9/23/1854
Humphrey, Aziel, age 62, Oct 2(0) Burke 10/28/1854
Hunt, Henry, age 52, Jan 24 Sutton 1/27/1854
Huntoon, Amos T., age 88, Jan 9 Charleston at Albany 1/27/1855
Hutchinson, Samuel, age 79 y 10 m, Feb 11 Charleston 3/3/1855
Ingerson, George, age 2, Sept 11, of David H. & Anna A. Ingerson Lyndon 9/23/1854
Jenny, Edwin C., age 20, last Thursday (item) Stowe 1/31/1856
Kelly, Stella D., age (5)2 y 2 m, 11th inst., wife of Charles L. Kelley Troy of Derby 5/22/1856
Kilby, Thaddeus W., age 16 y 7 m, Nov 18 Newport 12/20/1855
Kill, James, age about 55, Dec 4, formerly of England Greensborough 1/3/1856
Kittredge, Henry, age 2 mos, July 1, of Hon. Moses Kittredge St Johnsbury 7/15/1854
Leroy, Marcy Mrs., recently, murdered by Mrs. Abigail Allen Guildhall 9/1/1855
Lowell, Mr., age about 72, 25th ult (item) Groton 4/10/1856
Lyon, Lovina, age 31 y 9 m, Jan 31, wife of Edson Lyon Salem 2/17/1855
Marcus, Percy, age 6, 3d inst, drowned while bathing Albany 7/14/1855
Marsh, Frederick Vernon, age 5 y 6 m, Nov 28, of Frederic Marsh Greensborough 12/13/1855
McGaffey, Debby, age 79 y 6 m, Oct 12, wife of James McGaffey Lyndon 10/21/1854
McGaffey, Ezra, age 6 y, Aug 4, of Amos & Sarah McGaffey Lyndon 8/26/1854
McGaffey, Lucy, age 3 y, Aug 9, of Amos & Sarah McGaffey Lyndon 8/26/1854
McGaffey, William H. H., age 11, Aug 11, of Amos & Sarah McGaffey Lyndon 8/26/1854
McPherson, Adam W., age 39, Oct 1 Derby 10/21/1854
McPherson, Clara Elsia, age 4, Sept 14, dau of Adam McPherson Derby 10/21/1854
McPherson, Mary Eliza, age 7, Sept 7, dau of Adam McPherson Derby 10/21/1854
Mendall, Charles W., recently, killed by cars on the Concord RR Manchester, NH 9/8/1855
Merrill, Ira, age 70, 10th inst (obit) Barton 12/20/1855
Miller, Mary E., age 28, Aug 18, wife of Charles C. Miller Lyndon 8/26/1854
Miller, William R., age 28, Sept 14, of William & Polly Miller Lyndon 9/23/1854
Morton, Oscar, age about 30, last Monday (item) NH? 1/17/1856
Newton, Olive Wilder, age 41, 18th ult, wife of Benjamin Newton, dau of Abel Wilder Jackson, Ohio 9/8/1855
Ordway, Mr., aged man, last Tues., formerly of Chelsea (item) Westfield 1/3/1856
Orne, Thirza, age 40 y 9 m, May 30, wife of Jas. Orne, dau of David & Hannah Bean Westmore 6/19/1856
Paddock, W. E., Col., age 55, July 27 Craftsbury 8/4/1855
Page, Lemuel, age 23, Jan 23 Westfield 2/3/1855
Page, Sarah Jane, age 6 mos, Aug 24, of Jonathan & Sarah Page Lyndon 9/2/1854
Patridge, Carlos R., age 31, Dec 18, of Oramel & Lucy Patridge Randolph 12/30/1854
Patridge, Jane L., age 18, Dec 24, dau of Oramel & Lucy Patridge Randolph 12/30/1854
Pearl, Lydia S., age 2 y 3 m, Aug 9, dau of Jeremy & Samantha Pearl Lyndon 8/26/1854
Perkins, William H(oson), age 10 y 5 m 27 d, 14th inst, of Peter & Ro(silla) Perkins Jay 8/21/1856
Phelps, Alfred L., age 1 y 10 m, Oct 20, of Morris L. & Susan Phelps Coventry 11/22/1855
Piper, Abagail, age 42, March 3, wife of John Piper, dau of John & Betsey Willard Morgan 6/24/1854
Piper, Charles Pierce, age 1 y 6 m 15 d, 1st inst, of Robert & Ann Piper Charleston 9/26/1856
Porter, Prudence Mrs., age 72, June 6, at son in law's James M. Warner St Johnsbury 6/17/1854
Powers, Fanny M., age 24, Nov 22, wife of Mark Powers (long item) Charleston 12/5/1856
Powers, Fanny M., age 24, Nov 22, wife of Mark Powers, dau of Winthrop Cole Esq. Charleston 11/28/1856
Pressey, Ashley Mr., young man, last Friday, died at Meredith Bridge, NH (item) Chelsea at NH 1/3/1856
Randall, Charles H., age 6 mos, Aug 26, of Miles E. & Abbe M. Randall Lyndon 9/2/1854
Rathburn, Harvey, 16th inst., killed by falling tree (item) Lowell 1/31/1856
Reed, Mary Jane Miss, age 33, April 6, dau of Isaac & Betsey Reed Randolph 4/14/1855
Richardson, Charles, age 3 mos, Dec 4, of David C. & Henrietta G. Richardson Lawrence 12/13/1855
Ricker, Mary Ann, age 47, 19th inst, wife of James Ricker North Troy 7/17/1856
Robbins, Silvanus, age 70 y 1 m 8 d, 14th ult, at son's J. R. Robbins in Elmira, NY Elmira, NY 6/19/1856
Robinson, Peter, age 81, Feb 18, died at son's Austin Robinson North Troy 2/21/1856
Rudd, Sarah Jane, age 4 mos, Sept 5, of James & Mary Rudd Kirby 9/23/1854
Russell, Lewis, age about 34, last Sunday E. Montpelier 12/16/1854
Sanborn, Delia, age 88 y 8 m, July 16, widow of John Sanborn, mom of Dr. B. Sanborn St Johnsbury 7/29/1854
Sanborn, Frederick S., Feb 16, of Charles & Nancy Sanborn Sheffield 2/24/1855
Severens, Hannah, age 56, May 13, wife of Benjamin Severens Derby 6/16/1855
Smith, G. W., age 49, 25th ult Newport 12/6/1855
Smith, Joseph E., age 40, March 30 Randolph 4/14/1855
Smith, Mr. & sister, died mysteriously, died at Mrs. Allen's, disinterred (see 9/1/1855) Bloomfield/Guildhall 1/17/1856
Snow, Susan M., age 25, April 9, wife of A. F. Snow West Derby 4/17/1856
Spaulding, Samuel, age 90, May 13 Sutton & Waterford 6/10/1854
Steele, Mary Ellen, age 1 y 9 m 18 d, 18th ult, of Dea. Sanford & Mary H. Steele Stanstead, CE 9/11/1856
Steele, Sanford, Dea., age 52 y 4 m 21 d, 4th inst Stanstead, CE 9/11/1856
Streeter, Norman, age 16, 11th inst, of Daniel & Mary Streeter Charleston 9/18/1856
Taggard, ___ Mrs., June 11, wife of Archibald Taggard Burke 6/24/1854
Tenney, T. J., Rev., age 47, Oct 8 Glover 10/14/1854
Thompson, Zadok Prof., 16th inst   1/31/1856
Walker, Phebe, age 57, Oct 21, wife of Thomas Walker, formerly of Stanstead, CE Brownington 10/27/1855
Walter, Leonard, age 74, Oct 21 Burke 12/6/1855
Warren, Ira, Capt., age 49, March 26 (obit) Charleston 3/31/1855
West, Samuel, age 87, Nov 13 North Troy 12/13/1855
Whiting, Mary Emma, age 23, June 28, dau of Dexter & Mary S. Whiting (obit) Johnson 7/7/1855
Willey, Harvey F., age 1 y 10 m, June 21, of Jeremiah E. & Betsey Willey Danville 7/15/1854
Wood, Asaph Dea., age 72, March 14 Westminster, MA 4/3/1856
Wood, Ellen Miss, age 19, Jan 30, dau of Col. Joseph Wood Fitchburg, MA 4/3/1856
Wyman, Isaac, age 67, Oct 8 Glover 10/14/1854
Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Adams, Cephas MD of E. Charleston Cobb, Miss Sarah of Morgan Morgan 4th inst 11/7/1856
Aldrige, George W. of Morgan Kelsey, Miss Martha Jane of Derby Morgan July 14 7/31/1856
Alston, Gowin of Greensboro Campbell, Mrs. Margaret of Morgan Morgan Nov 7 11/11/1854
Applebee, Jeremiah T. of Charleston (M)ack, Miss Martha M. of Charleston Charleston 6/10/1854
Atkins, Henry A. of Charleston Williams, Lydia of Charleston Westmore Nov 30 12/9/1854
Ayer, Loren Bennett, Miss Fanny C. Concord March 25 3/31/1855
Bacon, Zadec M. of Boston Richardson, Miss Emilie A. of Boston NY 1st inst 1/6/1855
Badger, George of Irasburgh Grimes, Mrs. Louisa of Irasburgh Irasburgh 9/22/1855
Bean, Andrew of Charleston Hubbard, Miss Martha M. of Charleston Charleston June 4 6/9/1855
Bean, Silas G. of Coventry Newland, Mrs. Orpha C. of Irasburgh Irasburgh May 22 6/9/1855
Bemis, Adna D. of Westmore Young, Miss Ellen M. of Concord W. Charleston 1st inst 1/3/1856
Bemis, E. H. of Norway, ME Bennett, Miss (F.) A. of S. Paris, ME S. Paris, ME Oct 30 11/4/1854
Blaisdell, John T. of Minneapolis, Minn Gates, Miss Isabella L. of Albany Albany 1st inst 7/14/1855
Blake, Charles of Salem Mansur, Miss Abiah of Morgan Morgan March 18 3/24/1855
Blake, Horatio of Derby Holmes, Miss Annah M. of Derby Charleston 6th inst 6/17/1854
Blanchard, Sidney J. of Potton, CE Abbott, Miss Lucy M. of North Troy North Troy 10th inst 7/24/1856
Brainard, George of Danville Hale, Miss Martha L. of Danville Danville May 31 6/17/1854
Brewster, George B. of Irasburgh Leonard, Miss Mary A. of Glover Montpelier Sept 26 10/6/1855
Broakway, Harrison MD of St J Ctr Blake, Miss Mary of St J Ctr Sutton June 1 7/8/1854
Brown, Harvey D. of Manchester, VT Little, Miss Jerusha C. of Morgan Morgan July 4 7/14/1855
Brown, James of Shefford, CE Addison, Miss Mary J. of Brownington Brownington Aug 19 8/21/1856
Bush, Samuel G. of Irasburgh Pope, Miss Mary A. of Irasburgh Derby Line 6 th inst 6/24/1854
Carpenter, Dr. H. H. of Derby Carpenter, Miss Susan A. of Providence Providence, RI June 4 6/26/1856
Chamberlain, P. B. Abbott, Miss Alice E. of Derby Derby? Aug 17 9/1/1855
Chamberlin, Samuel Spaulding, Mrs. Anna Barton May 2(1) 6/10/1854
Cheney, Nelson of Glover McLellan, Miss Sarah of Glover Charleston 3d inst 3/10/1855
Clarke, G. W. of Charleston Brown, Miss Laura A. of Holland Holland 16th inst 5/19/1855
Cobb, William Morse, Miss Harriet Charleston June 27 7/1/1854
Coe, Malachi R. of Brighton Rosebrook, Miss Abigail P. of Brighton Brighton July 1 7/14/1855
Cowen, Z. H. of Holland Marsh, Miss H. H. of Holland Newport July 4 7/7/1855
Curtis, Francis of Newburyport, MA Senter, Miss Laura A. of Charleston Charleston 8/26/1854
Cutting, Hiram A. of Lunenburg Haskell, Miss Maranda E. of Lennoxville Lunenburg Feb 3 3/20/1856
Davis, Albert of Potton, CE Fuller, Miss Barbary of Bolton, CE North Troy 18th inst 7/10/1856
Davis, H. C. of Keene, NH French, Miss S. Saphira of Glover Glover Sept 24 9/30/1854
Day, Luke P. of Coventry Clark, Miss Lydia Ann of Barton Brownington 10/28/1854
Dolloff, Russel of Newark (B)all, Miss Lorenda A. of Newark Westmore 6/10/1854
Doying, Francis of Irasburgh Badger, Miss Sarah of Irasburgh Irasburgh Nov 4 11/10/1855
Drown, Gilbert J. of Brownington Kimball, Miss Clarissa S. of Glover Barton 27th ult 12/6/1855
Fish, Lewis A. of Derby Field, Miss Lorinda O. of Newport Newport Dec 13 12/16/1854
Fisher, N. H. of St Johnsbury Eastman, Miss Annette of N. Troy Derby 5th inst 9/15/1855
Flood, William P. of Sheffield Clark, Miss Abba B. of Glover Glover 16th inst 12/20/1855
Foster, Stephen of Derby Brunswick, Caroline of Duty Evans Esq. New York Dec 11 1/3/1856
Frost, William of Lewiston, ME Gibson, Miss Sarah of Charleston Windsor March 30 4/10/1856
Gilman, Peter of Westmore Drown, Miss Arvilla of Sheffield Newark 16th ult 10/6/1855
Gleason, William B. of Westfield Mann, Miss Malintha of Charleston Charleston March 10 3/20/1856
Goodwin, William H. of Stanstead Eastman, Miss Amelia J. of Stanstead Charleston 20th inst 11/21/1856
Gray, Joseph Jr. of Charleston Bartlett, Miss Abigail C. of Morgan Westmore March 13 3/20/1856
Gray, Selden Humphrey, Miss Mary A. Brownington April 11 4/17/1856
Guyer, Earl of Wolcott Trow, Miss Matilda F. of Wolcott Greensboro Dec 25 1/3/1856
Hamblet, Josiah L. of Morgan Campbell, Mrs. Martha F. of Salem Salem 19th inst 7/22/1854
Hamilton, B. F. of Charleston Bean, Miss M. J. of Charleston Charleston 5th inst 3/20/1856
Hastings, Elias C. of Danville Dunton, Miss Martha K. of Lyndon Lyndon June 27 7/8/1854
Herrick, Seth of Troy Hines, Miss Elizabeth E. of Troy North Troy Dec 20 12/27/1855
Hildreth, F. N. of Charleston Fuller, Miss Eliza of Charleston Brownington June 12 6/19/1856
Hill, Merrill J. of Derby Bates, Miss Jane of Hon. Jacob Bates Derby Nov 29 12/6/1855
Hinman, Isaac Esq. of Derby Hamilton, Miss Mary of Dalton, NH Holland Nov 13 11/22/1855
Hovey, Orange of Albany Hidden, Mrs. Louisa of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 13 12/27/1855
Hoyt, Charles A. of Craftsbury Mason, Miss Harriet of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 21 11/29/1855
Huntress, William D. of Danville Haviland, Miss Jane A. of Danville Danville July 4 7/22/1854
Jenne, Elisha of Orleans Cty Merry, Miss Matilda C. of Magog, CE Magog, CE 28th inst 3/20/1856
Jenne, Harvey of Derby Hopkins, Miss Harriet of Derby Derby? Aug 22 9/1/1855
Johnson, Rev. of Waitsfield Griswold, Miss Ann of Charleston Randolph Dec 2(6) 12/30/1854
Kelley, Charles L. of Sheffield Phelps, Miss Stella D. of Troy Newport Oct 2 10/7/1854
Kent, Stephen P. of Danville Cushman, Miss Mary Jane of St J. Danville July 3 7/22/1854
Kilborn, Daniel of Charleston Hinman, Miss Rachel A. of Derby Derby Feb 1 2/17/1855
Knapp, Joseph C. of Columbia, NH Elliott, Miss Lavina of Morgan Morgan Nov 11 11/22/1855
Knight, George W. of Richford Tabor, Mrs. Cornelia F. of Morgan Morgan 6/10/1854
Lang, Allec C. of Charleston Handy, Miss Angelia of Charleston Charleston 18th inst 11/21/1856
Lang, Andrew J. of Charleston Doloff, Miss Janette S. of Charleston Charleston Jan 28 2/3/1855
Leonard, Charles S. of Glover French, Miss Serocia of Glover Charleston 26th inst 6/30/1855
Lyon, Edson of Charleston Warren, Betsey of Charleston Charleston June 12 6/19/1856
Mann, Henry E. of Charleston Brown, Miss Harriet P. of Charleston Charleston? March 10? 3/20/1856
Manser, William H. of Morgan Moon, Miss Lucina B. of Holland Morgan Nov 30 12/9/1854
Marsh, C. A. J. of Craftsbury Damon, Miss C. R. of Glover Glover Dec 20 12/30/1854
Marsh, Isaac H. of Holland Hinman, Miss Clara R. of Jason Hinman Esq. Charleston Jan 1 1/6/1855
Marsh, Simon of Morgan Whitehill, Miss Emma Ann of Morgan Morgan 15th 7/31/1856
Marshall, C. G. of St J. Clarke, Miss Mary J. of St J. St Johnsbury July 5 7/15/1854
McGaffy, George W. of Sutton French, Miss Helen L. of Glover W. Charleston 6/10/1854
Morrill, William Esq. of Canaan Badger, Mrs. Sarah of Waterford Waterford July 2 7/15/1854
Morse, John of Charleston Varnum, Mrs. Hannah L. of Morgan Morgan 15th inst 3/31/1855
Morse, Peter of Derby Hinman, Miss Phebe S. of Derby Derby Dec 13 12/16/1854
Morse, Rev. Charles F. of Salem Winter, Eliza D. of Aaron E. Winter Esq. W. Boylston 9/4/1856
Northrop, Harman Jr. of Fairfield Adams, Miss Ann E. of Derby Derby 10th 9/15/1855
Nutter, Joel of Barnet Caswell, Miss Lodema L. of Seth Caswell Stanstead 11th inst 6/10/1854
Nye, L. H. of Charleston Applebee, Miss Laura Ann of Charleston W. Charleston Oct 24 10/27/1855
Oredtt, Charles A. of Burlington Russell, Miss Adaline of Danville Danville May 31 6/17/1854
Parker, Charles L. of Bangor, ME Houghton, Miss Ruth J. of ST J. Lyndon May 21 6/10/1854
Percival, Solon G. of Coventry Bean, Miss Elzada of Coventry Derby Aug 8 9/1/1855
Phillips, Dr. John of Stevens Pt., Wisc Hall, Miss Ellen E. of Rev. S. R. Hall Brownington 5th inst 10/14/1854
Powers, Rev. Mark of Washington Cole, Miss Fanny M. of Charleston Charleston 14th inst 10/20/1855
Randall, Fernando of Glover Colby, Miss Elizabeth A. of Burke W. Charleston 1st inst 1/3/1856
Randall, John of Barnet Mason, Miss Mary Jane of Barnet Barnet June 21 7/8/1854
Randall, Peter B. of Craftsbury Babcock, Miss Lucy N. of Albany Craftsbury July 8 11/29/1855
Rawdon, Horace L. of Craftsbury Grow, Miss Jane of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 13 3/6/1856
Reed, George M. of Northfield Howes, Miss Lizzie of Northfield Montpelier May 14 5/29/1856
Rice, O. F. of Sutton Gilman, Miss Minerva of Hardwick S. Hardwick Aug 14 9/1/1855
Rosebrook, William R. of Brighton Coe, Miss Harriet R. of Burke Burke March 29 4/7/1855
Ross, Henry of Newton, MA Start, Emily Jane of Daniel Start Esq. of B. Brunswick, NY 26th ult 1/6/1855
Rowell, Henry of Troy Sanborn, Miss Almira of Troy North Troy 10th ult 7/17/1856
Rowell, K. W. of Albany Rowell, Miss Lois P. of Albany Greensboro Nov 29 12/13/1855
Russell, Luther Jr. of Lyndon Parker, Miss Marilla of Lyman, NH St Johnsbury July 4 7/22/1854
Ryder, Orasmus of Derby Field, Miss Hellen E. of Derby Newport March 2 3/20/1856
Scott, Dr. C. W. of Irasburg Colton, Miss Martha of Lyndon Lyndon May 29 6/17/1854
Seaver, Salina D. of Wilton, IL Patterson, Miss Janette W. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 7 3/6/1856
Senter, George W. of Charleston McCurdy, Miss Mary Jane of Charleston Charleston Aug 17 8/26/1854
Shelden, Stephen of Potton, CE Dennis, Miss Harriet A. of Potton, CE North Troy 10th inst 7/24/1856
Smith, Oliver of Salem Danforth, Mrs. Lucretia of Holland Holland Aug 7 8/21/1856
Spaulding, Hiram of Island Pond Titus, Miss Malona of Island Pond Charleston June 27 7/7/1855
Stevens, Dea. F. of Troy West, Miss Hannah of Troy North Troy Feb 26 3/20/1856
Streeter, Carlos C. of Charleston Stoddard, Ellen E. of Charleston Charleston Jan 1 2/14/1856
Strong, Lewis J. of Hartford, VT Boyd, Miss Diana E. of Hartford, VT Hartland Jan 12 1/31/1856
Swett, Alpheus of Derby Emery, Miss Ann of Derby West Derby Sept 10 10/20/1855
Titus, Lewis of Charleston Collins, Miss Mary of Charleston W. Charleston Aug (54) 9/1/1855
Towland, Jeremiah of Newark Arland, Miss Mercy E. of Newark Morgan Oct 29 11/4/1854
Trull, David of Burke Jenness, Miss Cornelia of Burke Lyndon April 8 5/1/1856
Trull, Justus of Lyndon Newton, Miss M. A. of Barton Charleston 10th inst 9/11/1856
Underhill, John S. of Charleston Barney, Miss Eleanor M. of Charleston Charleston 20th inst 3/27/1856
Wakefield, A. W. of Lowell, VT Roberts, Miss Eliza E. of Waterville Fletcher Dec 6, 1855 1/3/1856
Waterman, Charles of Albany Harriman, Miss Rosamond of Craftsbury Craftsbury Oct 21 11/29/1855
Watson, John of Derby Day, Miss Eveline M. of Coventry Derby Dec 2 1/3/1856
Webster, L. D. of Keysburg, KY Blasdell, Miss Cynthia E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Oct 9 12/5/1856
West, Erastus of Troy Marsh, Miss Maria of Troy North Troy 30th ult 12/13/1855
Wheeler, E. E. G. of Charleston Tucker, Miss Julia J. of Irasburg Derby 9/1/1855
Wiggins, Frank E. of Barton Barnard, Miss Stella K. of Charleston Osage, Iowa May 3 5/22/1856
Wolcott, Hiram of Charleston Spaulding, Miss Laroda of Island Pond Charleston ? June 27? 7/7/1855
Wolcott, James of Charleston Clough, Miss Chastina of Charleston Charleston ? June 27? 7/7/1855
Woodruff, G. W. of Burke Bemis, Miss Octavia D. of Burke Charleston 5th inst 11/14/1856
Young, David of Magog, CE Clough, Miss Mary Ann of Charleston Derby 6th inst 9/15/1855

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