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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
_____, Ephraim Barnet, Miss Persis of N(ewbury) N(ewbury) May (8) 6/6/1850
Abbott, Jeremiah of Barnet Lee, Miss Jane of Danville Danville Feb 21 3/15/1849
Abbott, Jonathan of Glover Bickford, Charlotte of Glover Glover Jan 2 4/6/1848
Adams, Abraham S. Herrick, Miss Harriet of Middlesex Montpelier 18th ult 4/1/1847
Adams, Forest, Esq. of Royalton Skinner, Miss Lucretia of Royalton Royalton Dec 30 1/13/1848
Adams, Jonathan Kenrick, Miss Sarah of Timothy Kenrick, Esq. Lebanon, NH March 27 4/20/1848
Adams, Levi P. of Cabot Chandler, Miss Temperance of Berlin Montpelier 17th inst 1/25/1849
Adams, Luther P. of Lunenburg Chandler, Miss Sarah W. of Lunenburg Lunenburg March 31 4/4/1850
Adams, Samuel of Orange Fowler, Miss Philanda B. of Johnson Groton Sept 9 9/19/1850
Aiken, O. Edmonds, Miss of Irasburgh Albany Feb 3 3/5/1846
Ainsworth, Joel R. of Woodbury Sulham, Miss Tryphena Woodbury Oct 10 11/18/1847
Alden, Jesse of Irasburgh Guild, Miss Sarah K. Coventry April 7 5/6/1847
Alexander, Clark of Berlin Hale, Miss Mary C. of Berlin Berlin Sept 14 9/26/1850
Allen, Hon. Ira H. Parsons, Miss Frances E. niece of Samuel Keyes Highgate July 8 8/10/1848
Ames, Amos of Greensboro Clark, Mrs. Martha of Hardwick Hardwick June 8 6/21/1849
Andrews, John H. of Lowell, MA Joslin, Miss Emeline M. of Waitsfield Waitsfield 9th inst 10/21/1847
Andros, Samuel B. Herring, Miss Priscilla M. Moretown 19th inst 4/22/1847
Armington, Dr. J. L. of Greensburg Wheeler, Miss Martha F. of Royalton, VT Switzerland Cty, Ind 15th 5/10/1849
Atwell, Hollis of Westfield Goodrich, Miss Susan of Barre Johnson Jan 24 2/15/1849
Averill, Col. Oliver Ward, Miss Rebecca Northfield Nov 7 11/15/1849
Averill, George of Northfield Buck, Miss Harriet N. of Northfield Northfield March 20 3/28/1850
B(ates), Dr. Daniel of Plainfield Russ, Miss Olive of Barre   6/13/1850
Babbitt, Franklin Paine, Miss Lucy Hardwick 23d ult 2/21/1845
Babbitt, William E. of Nashua, NH Hutchins, Miss Lucia L. of Middlesex Middlesex 30th ult 11/9/1848
Bachelor, P. M. of Danvers, MA Grow, Miss Mahala O. of Topsham Topsham 3/2/1848
Bacon, Daniel of Williamstown Edson, Miss Sarah R. of Williamstown Williamstown Dec 30 11/7/1850
Bacon, Edmund of Williamstown Atkins, Miss Cordelia F. of Middlesex Montpelier 30th ult 6/7/1849
Badger, John C. of Concord, NH Rublee, Miss Marianne Manchester, NH 21st inst 5/31/1849
Badger, John G. of Danville Eastman, Miss Rhoda of Greensboro Hardwick Jan 24 3/21/1850
Badger, Orange S. of Derby Gibb, Miss Hannah E. of Salem Salem May 17 6/14/1849
Bailey, Dr. F. E. of Detroit, Mich Stuart, Miss Mary of Hardwick Hardwick Sept 7 9/17/1846
Bailey, Ithael S. of Fitchburgh, MA Pattrell, Miss Lucy of Moretown Montpelier 30th 6/4/1846
Bailey, Samuel P. of Woodstock Sprague, Miss Susan Marcella Montpelier 14th inst 9/30/1847
Bailey, Socrates of Berlin Woodbury, Miss Edwina of Berlin Berlin June 25 6/27/1850
Baker, William A. of Greensboro Webster, Miss Samantha E. of Cabot Cabot Sept 28 11/5/1846
Balch, Ezra D. of Northfield Nye, Miss Marthe E. of Northfield Northfield Jan 1 1/10/1850
Balch, John W. of Littleton, NH Stevens, Miss Louisa C. of Barnet Barnet July 23 8/9/1849
Baldwin, E. W. Bassett, Miss Fanny M. of Joel Bassett, Esq. Montpelier 17th inst 5/20/1847
Baldwin, Richard, Jr., Esq. Wright, Miss Mary Ann of Barton Barnston, CE May 22 6/15/1848
Ballou, Henry L. of Medway, GA Farrington, Miss Mary of Walden Medway, GA Nov 28 1/10/1845
Bancroft, Andrew J. of Barre Powers, Miss Hannah H. of Orange Orange Jan 18 1/25/1849
Bancroft, Charles E. of Montpelier Thomas, Miss Diann of Georgia Winooski Falls 15th inst 3/22/1849
Bancroft, Jonathan of Barre Shelpley, Mrs. Roxana of Calais Montpelier Oct 26 11/2/1848
Bancroft, Perrin of Orange Powers, Miss Lucy G. of Orange Barre April 3 4/12/1849
Banfil, David W. Martin, Mary C. Bradford 4th inst 4/15/1847
Banker, David, Esq. of Thetford Russell, Miss Polly of Col. Joel Russell of Strafford Thetford July 15 8/9/1849
Barber, Daniel of Richmond Ferguson, Miss Melinda of Huntington Huntington Nov 25 11/30/1848
Barber, Rev. A. D. of Peru, NY Barnes, Miss Martha E. of H. Y. Barnes Montpelier 22d inst 5/24/1849
Barker, (Hopson), of Northfield Bancroft, Miss Susan of Barre Montpelier July 18 8/1/1850
Barnaby, Edward of Irasburgh Sunbury, Miss Lydia Eaton, CE 1st inst 3/25/1847
Barnard, Rev. Pliny F. of Richmond, ME Hobart, Miss Julia of Rev. James Hobart of Berlin Berlin Nov 4 11/12/1846
Barnett, J. C. of Morrisville Wheelock, Miss Laura L. of John Wheelock Esq. Hinesburgh 18th inst 10/25/1849
Barter, Lewis Wolcott, Miss Jane E. Montpelier April 10 4/30/1846
Bartlett, Henry S. of Macon, GA Cahoon, Sarah Ann of Hon. Geo. C. Cahoon of L. Lyndon 15th inst 3/23/1848
Bartlett, Thomas P. of Plainfield Page, Miss Martha A. of Plainfield Plainfield 8th inst 4/19/1849
Bass, Chester A. of Randolph (Hobart), Miss Emaline of Randolph Tunbridge 5/16/1850
Bass, J. M. of Williamstown Poole, Miss Alma of Williamstown Williamstown last Sun 6/6/1845
Batchelder, Isaac of E. Montpelier Patterson, Mrs. Polly of Plainfield Plainfield April 5 4/12/1849
Baxter, John L. of Montpelier Keyes, Miss C. S. of Northfield Montpelier 9th inst 4/12/1849
Baxter, William of Barton Beard, Miss Mary L. of Troy E. Berkshire 16th inst 12/27/1849
Beckley, Horace Blanchard, Miss Hannah Barre 20th inst 5/27/1847
Beckley, Horace W. Scott, Harriet Emeliene of Hon. Jacob Scott of B. Barre May 1st 5/9/1845
Beckwith, Charleton H. of Northfield Wright, Miss Mary M. of Waterbury Northfield April 11 prob 4/23/1846
Belknap, Daniel of Berlin Culver, Miss Hannah H. of E. Barnard E. Barnard June 21 7/6/1848
Belknap, Lorenzo of Randolph Austin, Miss Betsey L. of Berlin Berlin Sept 16 9/23/1847
Bemas, J. B. of Gray, ME Watrous, Miss Sophia of Montpelier Montpelier July 17 8/3/1848
Benjamin, Samuel W. of Woodbury Foster, Miss Maria S. of Calais Calais March 26 5/2/1845
Bennett, Sidney R. of Montpelier Eaton, Miss Ruth B. of Montpelier East Calais April 18 5/27/1847
Berry, Morrill of Holland Hill, Miss Abigail of Morgan Morgan Jan 5 1/24/1850
Bickford, Hezekiah D. of Glover Cook, Miss Mary A. of Glover Glover Sept 9? 9/23/1847
Bigelow, Thomas B. of Barnard Chamberlain, Miss Sarah of Barnard Barnard July 27 8/5/1847
Billings, Orison of Montpelier Felix, Miss Maria of Montpelier Montpelier 7th inst 11/14/1850
Bixby, Asher of Boston Barron, Miss Lydia G. of Washington Washington 5th inst 4/20/1848
Bixby, Urbane L. of Brookfield Hovey, Miss Mary Ann N. of Brookfield E. Brookfield April 22 7/12/1849
Blackmer, Lucien, Esq of Barnard Richmond, Miss Elvira J. of Maj. Richmond of B. Barnard 5th inst 5/20/1847
Blair, Alonzo of Richmond Stockwell, Miss Mary of Waitsfield Waitsfield June 4 6/29/1848
Blaisdell, E. W., Jr. of Vergennes Robinson, Miss Frances A. of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 19 9/26/1850
Blake, Charles P. of Peacham Lee, Miss Eliza P. of Peacham Peacham Jan 20 2/4/1847
Blake, Enoch of Cabot Rogers, Miss Sarah of Waterford St. Johnsbury 10/9/1845
Blake, Isaac B. of Peacham Pratt, Miss Mary Jane of Peacham Peacham July 1 7/8/1847
Blake, John of Washington Worthley, Miss Sally of Chelsea Chelsea June 20 7/18/1850
Blakely, Silas S. of Chelsea Brewster, Miss Mary E. of Brookfield E. Brookfield June 16 7/12/1849
Blanchard, John B. of Peacham Laird, Miss Helen M. of Barnet Barnet May 18 5/27/1847
Blanchard, Theodore of Peacham Healy, Mrs. Jane of Topsham Topsham March 17 4/6/1848
Blodgett, Charles C. of Schenectady, NY Parker, Miss Jane D. of Duxbury Duxbury 1st inst 1/4/1849
Blodgett, Milo B. of Danville Baily, Miss Zilpha E. of Danville Derby Line April 6 4/22/1847
Blood, Charles of Groton, MA Elder, Mrs. Caroline of Moretown Moretown July 26 7/30/1846
Bolton, James F. of Braintree Boyco, Miss Mary C. of Roxbury Northfield April 2 4/9/1846
Bosworth, J. E. of Berlin Strong, Miss Susan M. of Berlin Berlin Oct 22 11/5/1846
Bosworth, Orin J. of Thetford Yarrington, Laura Norwich 15th ult 3/25/1847
Bosworth, Samuel H. O. Ellis, Miss Mary E. Berlin Sept 9 9/16/1847
Boutwell, Levi of Chelsea Burbank, Miss Eliza of Montpelier Montpelier last Wed 2/7/1845
Bradley, William H. of Warren Souther, Miss Sarah W. of Warren Warren April 5 4/16/1846
Bradstreet, George W., Esq. of Royalton Pierce, Charlotte S. of Phinehas Pierce, Esq. of R. Royalton Jan 11 1/27/1848
Brainerd, Lorenzo F. of Danville Carter, Miss Louisa of Peacham Peacham Feb 25 3/12/1846
Brock, Walter, Esq. of Barnet Prior, Miss Mary of Boston, MA Peacham Feb 3 2/12/1846
Brooks, Albert A. of Royalton Whitcomb, Miss Jennet of Royalton Royalton Dec 24 1/4/1849
Brooks, Alden W. Moulton, Miss Ruth E. Randolph 16th ult 4/1/1847
Brooks, N. P. of E. Randolph Vail, Miss Mary E. of J. Y. Vail, Esq. Montpelier 8th inst 6/15/1848
Brown, Alonzo of Athens Houghton, Miss Eloiza O. of Northfield Northfield May 20 5/31/1849
Brown, Chester G. of Peacham Calder, Miss Eliza A. of Barnet Barnet Feb 9 2/18/1847
Brown, E. F. of St. Johnsbury Proctor, Miss Abby of Montpelier 31st 1/7/1847
Brown, Hiram A. of Danville Knapp, Miss Lucretia A. of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier 23d ult 10/4/1849
Brown, Orren R. of Bradford Doton, Miss Eliza J. of Montpelier Montpelier May 16 5/27/1847
Brown, William P. of Tunbridge Hutchinson, Miss Emeline E. of Tunbridge Tunbridge Dec 9 12/23/1847
Bryan, George S. Bickford, Miss Melissa A. Waterbury Nov 29 12/13/1849
Bryant, Henry M. Marshall, Miss Aurora F. Waterbury Aug 3 8/16/1849
Buck, Walter J. of Brookfield Smith, Miss Sophia H. of Randolph Randolph July 4 7/6/1848
Bugbee, Benjamin Metcalf, Mrs. Nancy Orange April 29 5/13/1847
Bugbee, Dr. Ralph, Jr. of Waterford Barker, Miss Mary of Concord W. Concord Nov 18 12/23/1847
Bullock, A. A. of Wells River McMaster, Miss E. M. Strafford Nov 23 12/19/1850
Burnham, Cyrus B. of Strafford Reed, Miss Mary Jane of Rock Island, CE Stanstead, CE 9th inst 9/18/1845
Burnham, Joseph S. of Williamstown __oy___, Miss Mary of Barnet Barre May 1st 5/16/1850
Burr, Warren of Thetford Eastman, Miss Sarah A. of Vershire Post Mills 18th ult 5/4/1848
Burton, Dr. Levi Jenness, Miss Sarah of Hon. Jonathan Jenness W. Topsham 20th inst 11/27/1845
Bushwell, James of Barton Niles, Miss Clarissa of Barton Barton Sept 15 9/25/1845
Butterfield, James of Lincoln Williams, Miss Mahala of Northfield Northfield Dec 23 1/1/1846
Calder, William G. of Barnet Ward, Miss Ann C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 12 1/4/1849
Cambridge, Philip Strong, Mrs. Sarah Thetford Jan 31 3/25/1847
Camp, Abel, Jr. of Elmore Wheelock, Harriet of John Wheelock, Esq of Hinesburg Morrisville 22d inst 5/30/1850
Camp, Erastus C. Platt, Miss Caroline E. Orange April 15 4/23/1846
Camp, H. H. of Montpelier Baylies, Miss Caroline R. of Montpelier Montpelier 23d inst 8/31/1848
Camp, Rev. William L. of Landgrove Healy, Miss Jane D. of Peacham Peacham Dec 31 1/25/1849
Cardell, James of Warren Bradley, Miss Mary M. of Warren Warren April 5 4/16/1846
Carleton, Jeremiah, Esq. Coburn, Miss Caroline of Marshfield Marshfield 10/21/1847
Carnes, Philander of Barre Preston, Miss Charlotte G. of Montpelier Worcester 4/9/1846
Carns, John of Barre Baldwin, Miss Mary of Orange Orange April 8 4/12/1849
Carpenter, H. H. of Manchester Fuller, Miss P. A. of Vershire Vershire March 22 4/5/1849
Carpenter, Quincy M. of Waterbury Townsend, Miss Leanora of Williamstown Montpelier 16th inst 5/18/1848
Carr, Harvey of E. Montpelier Russell, Miss Emeline T. of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier Oct 31 11/7/1850
Carroll, Christopher Stephenson, Miss Betsey Lowell 5th inst 12/20/1849
Carroll, George of Richmond Johnson, Miss Susan of Williston Feb 3 2/12/1846
Carter, Amasa K. of Peacham Ross, Miss Eliza A. of Waterford Waterford Sept 5 9/26/1850
Carter, H. W. of Amherst, NH Wilson, Miss Julia E. of Chelsea Chelsea May 1 5/18/1848
Chamberlain, Martin C. Rowell, Miss Philena Albany Feb 1 3/5/1846
Chamberlin, Lewis Esq. of Plainfield Nelson, Miss Polly of David Nelson of Orange Orange 9th inst 1/17/1845
Chandler, George B., Esq. of Danville Colby, Miss Helen M. of Auburn Auburn, NH May 27 6/11/1846
Chandler, George P. of Peacham Gilman, Miss Mary A. of Cabot Cabot Oct 30 11/29/1849
Chandler, Lyman W. of Berlin Rich, Miss Elizabeth M. of Berlin Berlin July 2 7/4/1845
Chandler, Samuel A., Esq. of Peacham Wilkins, Miss Sophia of Pembroke Pembroke, NH June 23 7/8/1847
Chandler, Samuel of Berlin Beckley, Miss Adeline of Barre Barre March 31 3/15/1849
Chase, Sylvester W. of Berlin Butterfield, Miss Emeline M. Moretown Nov 23 12/4/1845
Cheney, Elias E. Clark, Miss Abigail M. St. Johnsbury 12/17/1846
Cheney, James M. of Williamstown Townsend, Miss Fanny L. of Williamstown Williamstown June 23 7/8/1847
Cheney, Moses E. Chamberlin, Mary M. of Lot M. Chamberlin, Esq. Barnard 24th 5/28/1846
Childs, Samuel Parker, Miss Sarah of Elmore Barre Aug 12 8/14/1845
Christy, John R. H. of Woodbury Page, Miss Mary M. of Plainfield Plainfield Sept 15 9/26/1850
Chubb, Anson W. of Corinth Waterman, Miss Orlana A. of Orange Orange 10th inst 4/19/1849
Cilley, John of Tunbridge Chamberlain, Miss Sarah Strafford 18th inst 3/28/1845
Claflin, Augustus of Barre Scott, Miss Rocina of Barre Barre March 11 3/25/1847
Clapp, Denison S. Ainsworth, Mrs. Priscilla Woodbury 5th inst 8/28/1845
Clapp, E. L. of Worcester Read, Miss Elizabeth A. of Worcester Worcester Jan 26 2/7/1850
Clapp, Isaac of Malden, MA Spofford, Miss Elizabeth R. of Bakersfield Brattleboro May 30 6/10/1847
Clark, Bradley M. of Middlesex Chapin, Miss Orpha of Middlesex Middlesex Nov 25 12/3/1846
Clark, J. M. of Sharon Whitcomb, Miss Keturah Hartford 1/20/1848
Clark, John of Middlesex Collier, Miss Helen M. of Worcester Montpelier Sept 25 10/10/1850
Clark, Nathan S. of Middlesex Blodgett, Miss Maria E. of Randolph Randolph 15th inst 10/22/1846
Clark, Owen of Middlesex Kyan, Miss Mary of Middlesex Middlesex Sept 7 9/17/1846
Clark, Samuel J. M. of Windsor Holton, Miss Nancy Maria of Moretown Moretown July 5 7/9/1846
Clarke, George W. of Waterbury Dennis, Miss Mary of Danville Danville Nov 22 11/30/1848
Clement, J. H. of Titusville, PA Stevens, Miss Jane D. of Barnet Barnet July 23 prob 8/9/1849
Clogsden, Spencer of South Strafford Dow, Miss Julia of Rochester Rochester Aug 29 9/20/1849
Clogston, Spencer of Strafford Dow, Miss Julia of Hancock Hancock 29th ult 9/20/1849
Clough, S. F. of Waterbury Allen, Miss Alma A. of Waterbury Waterbury 8th inst 4/12/1849
Cobb, Stephen S. of Schoolcraft, Mich Goss, Miss Lucy A. of Samuel Goss, Esq. of Mtpl Montpelier 21st inst 7/29/1847
Coburn, Solomon of Chelsea Perkins, Miss Lucinda O. of Chelsea Chelsea 5th inst 2/28/1845
Cofferin, Silas M. of Waterbury Adams, Miss Martha Paulina of Williamstown Williamstown Sept 16 9/27/1849
Cole, Charles C. of Charlestown, MA Lockling, Miss Semantha T. of Lyndon Lyndon June 24 7/11/1845
Colley, Maj. Joel W. of Woodbury Rich, Miss Flora of Calais Plainfield 17th inst 6/28/1849
Collins, John A. Scott, Miss Rachel A. of Greensboro Walden 4th ult 4/26/1849
Comings, Fenno L. of Northfield Carpenter, Miss Arma A. of Moretown Moretown Nov 8 12/14/1848
Comins, James M. of Northfield & Cabot Mitchell, Miss Charlotte of Greenfield Greenfield, MA Nov 29 12/27/1849
Comstock, Orville of Craftsbury Dow, Miss Samantha of Albany Irasburgh 5th inst 6/17/1847
Conant, Samuel D. Pearson, Miss Louisa Ann Irasburgh Oct 21 11/16/1848
Cook, George H. of Cabot & Danville Wheeler, Miss Paulina P. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 14 4/16/1846
Corey, James M. of Hartland Crown, Miss T. H. M. of Milton Milton 25th ult 11/20/1845
Cory, Milo of Hardwick Paine, Miss Sarah Ann of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 2 12/23/1847
Cottrill, L. H. of Oshkosh, Wisc. Keyes, Miss Sarah A. of Oshkosh, Wisc. Oshkosh, Wisc 7th ult 8/1/1850
Cottrill, William Hutchins of Montpelier Hall, Miss Frances Ella of late Dr. Chas. Hall of B. Burlington 14th inst 6/22/1848
Cowles, Timothy Jr. of Peacham Shaw, Miss Cynthia of Barnet Barnet Aug 29 10/5/1848
Cram, Alvin of Berlin Wood, Miss Fidelia E. of Moretown Moretown Dec 7 12/11/1845
Crane, George H. of Brookfield Dewey, Miss Sarah Northfield 4/8/1847
Croxford, John of Barre Thurston, Mrs. Mary Ann of Orange Orange March 27 4/4/1845
Cull, Richard T. of Eden Stevens, Miss Francis Maria of Daniel Stevens of N. Northfield Oct 14 10/23/1845
Cummings, Lucius Ellis, Miss Lucina Montpelier 14th inst 6/25/1846
Cummings, William M. Rice, Miss Harriet only dau of N. Rice, Esq. Berlin Oct 2 10/16/1845
Cummings, William of Berlin Rice, Miss Harriet of Berlin Berlin Oct 2 10/9/1845
Curtis, C. C. of Troy Perley, Miss Lusena of Enosburgh Enosburgh Oct 4 10/11/1849
Curtiss, Benjamin W. of Montpelier Colburn, Miss Betsey of Cabot Cabot Feb 23 4/2/1846
Curtiss, Francis Richardson, Miss Julia M. Orange 10th inst 4/18/1845
Curtiss, N. B. Smith, Miss Cynthia Orange July 4 7/9/1846
Cushman, Hon. Gustavus S. of Bangor, ME Hosford, Miss Harriet of Thetford Thetford 3/21/1845
Cutler, Ira of Orange Richardson, Miss Almira B. of Manchester, NH Lebanon, NH Sept 17 9/27/1849
Cutler, Lawson Cummins, Miss Mary Ann Montpelier 26th inst 8/27/1846
Cutler, Ora Thurston, Miss Diadama Orange Jan 1 1/11/1849
Cutting, C. S. Newcomb, Miss Susan West Derby 3/11/1847
Daggett, Phylarman of IL Willey, Miss Mary of Derby Derby Sept 18 10/9/1845
Daggett, Royal M. of Derby Weeden, Miss Adaline L. of Derby Derby April 19 5/6/1847
Damon, John H. of Cabot Coffin, Miss Nancy K. of Cabot Cabot Sept 8 9/10/1846
Dana, Charles S., Esq. of Danville Sinclair, Miss Arvilla H. Hardwick 14th inst 2/24/1848
Dana, Charles, Jr. of Woodstock Loomis, Charitie S. of late Hon. Jeduthan Loomis Montpelier 16th inst 2/24/1848
Dana, James M. of Montpelier Warren, Miss Ruth M. of Morristown Elmore 1st inst 12/12/1850
Dana, Royal of Peacham Taylor, Miss Betsey Jane of Peacham Peacham Jan 1 1/8/1846
Dana, William V. of Plainfield Murray, Miss A. E. of Babylon Babylon, LI, NY Aug 19 9/2/1847
Daniels, Moses of Rowley Ewell, Miss Julia of Walden Rowley, MA Dec 27 2/14/1850
Darling, Moses of Warren Ryan, Mrs. Uceba of Warren Roxbury 3d inst 4/11/1850
Davenport, Fernando C. House, Miss Lydia Ann Williamstown March 20 3/28/1850
Davenport, Nathan of Danville Goald, Miss Emily of Walden Hardwick Sept 8 9/26/1850
Davis, Abner B. of Springfield Perkins, Miss Melita L. of Chelsea Chelsea April 17 4/26/1849
Davis, Asa H. of Marshfield Howland, Miss Harriet E. of Montpelier Barre 19th inst 3/28/1845
Davis, Charles J. of Boston, MA & Danville Sias, Miss Sally C. of North Danville N. Danville Dec 6 12/27/1849
Davis, George B. of Danville Thompson, Miss Flora S. of Danville Danville Dec 6 12/20/1849
Davis, Gilman of Northfield Spalding, Miss Maria of Roxbury Roxbury March 31 4/4/1850
Davis, Isaac F. of Danville & Brooklyn Osborn, Mrs. Catherine of Brooklyn, NY NYC 4/4/1850
Davis, Parley Dodge, Miss Cynthia K. Montpelier 22d inst 10/30/1845
Delano, D. W. Lease, Miss Adaline Waterbury Aug 30 9/14/1848
Delano, Joseph R. of Hardwick Vincent, H. Jane E. of T. W. Vincent Esq. of W. Walden 11th inst 8/19/1847
Delano, Lewis Howe Warner, Miss Eliza of Col. A. Warner Hardwick Aug 31 9/2/1847
Deming, O. E. of Montpelier Cutler, Mrs. Susan D. of Montpelier Montpelier 12th inst 10/15/1846
Demmon, George C. of Waterbury Braman, Miss Hannah A. of Berlin Berlin Jan 8 1/11/1849
Denison, Charles E. of Woodstock Stevens, Miss Harriet N. of Newbury Newbury 20th inst 12/6/1849
Denison, Daniel B. Kibbey, Miss Lucy C. Burke April 12 5/3/1849
Dewey, Charles Tarbox, Miss Betsey Montpelier 2d inst 5/11/1848
Dewey, Dr. J. Y. of Montpelier Tarbox, Mrs. of Randolph Randolph Aug 4 8/7/1845
Dewey, Horace P. Taylor, Miss Rosetta F. Bradford April 29 5/10/1849
Dickerson, Orange W. of Washington Flint, Miss Nancy of Williamstown Williamstown Jan 10 1/25/1849
Dickey, Peter M., Esq. of Orange Barrows, Mrs. Diantha of Washington Orange Nov 8 11/19/1846
Dickinson, Elijah Nelson, Miss Margaret of Groton W. Fairlee Jan 16 2/10/1848
Dimick, F. B. of Boston Vinton, Miss Charlotte J. of Granville, VT Boston Sept 28 10/9/1845
Dinsmore, Denison of Topsham Peake, Miss Sarah Ann of Orange West Topsham March 2(4) 4/25/1850
Dinsmore, R., Esq. of Brookfield Farr, Miss Eliza of Williamstown Williamstown 9th inst 4/25/1845
Dix, Jonathan Brown, Miss Julia Ann Orange Aug 11 8/15/1850
Dodge, Alexander P. of Marshfield Wood, Miss Abigail of Marshfield Marshfield 16th inst 10/25/1849
Dodge, Dennison of Royalton Dean, Miss Mary Jane of Sharon Royalton April 8 4/26/1849
Dodge, Gilman B. Luce, Miss Clarissa R. Montpelier 4th inst 7/8/1847
Dodge, Joseph of Barre Marsh, Miss Electa of Montpelier Montpelier 8th inst 5/23/1845
Dodge, Justus of Barre Nye, Miss Julia A. of Barre Barre 12/4/1845
Doe, Dr. John of Cabot Damon, Miss Lemira of Cabot Cabot March 8 3/16/1848
Dole, William M. of Danville Weeks, Miss Julia A. of Danville Danville March 22 4/8/1847
Doty, Charles of Craftsbury Phelps, Miss Abigail of Woodbury Woodbury May 2 5/18/1848
Douglas, Charles of Danville Church, Miss Juliett of Underhill Underhill 12th ult 5/21/1846
Dow, Abial B. of Walden Durant, Miss Sally R. of Walden Walden April 8 6/13/1850
Dow, Albert M. of Irasburgh Gates, Miss Fanny M. Stanstead, CE Sept 5 10/15/1846
Dow, Gilbert of Burlington D[ow], Mary of Derby D(erby) Center May [7] 5/23/1850
Dow, Luther C. of Craftsbury Dewey, Miss Lavina Irasburgh April 5 5/6/1847
Dow, Samuel of Greensboro age 62 Stevens, Miss Lovina of Goshen Gore age 19 Greensboro Feb 7 2/18/1847
Dow, Simon C. of Strafford Morse, Miss Mary West Fairlee 11th inst 3/28/1845
Downer, Thomas R. of Thetford Kinison, Miss Maria of Waterville, NY Thetford Dec 5 1/4/1849
Downer, Wooster of Sharon Hubbard, Miss Rosamond P. of Berlin Berlin Sept 30 10/9/1845
Downing, Loren M. of Williamstown White, Miss Caroline A. of Williamstown Williamstown April 10 5/3/1849
Drew, Samuel S. of Dorchester, MA Nichols, Miss Abby M. of Randolph Randolph Ctr Sept 26 10/5/1848
Dumeaus, Albert Trabot, Delia Montpelier 24th inst 3/29/1849
Dumeaus, Peter of Montpelier Maihlot, Julia of Montpelier Montpelier 25th inst 2/1/1849
Dunham, Samuel C. Meserva, Miss Hannah Bethel 2/14/1845
Dunsyre, James Jr. of Danville Huntress, Miss Almira of Danville Newport Feb 12 3/5/1846
Durant, Norman, Esq. of Tunbridge Curtiss, Miss Ellen E. of Hon. J. A. Curtiss of W. Warren Jan 21 2/19/1846
Durfee, Charles of Tunbridge age 16 Fuller, Miss Sarah of Queeche age 15 Queeche April 23 5/18/1848
Dutton, Reuben Campbell, Miss Sarah J. Hartford Oct 5 10/15/1846
Dwight, Henry C. Esq. of Franklin, LA Arms, Miss Sarah E. of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 14 10/2/1845
Dwinnell, Albert of Calais Rich, Miss Irene D. of Calais Calais 10th inst 4/18/1845
Eastman, ( )bert of Haverhill, NH Rice, Miss Esther L. Worcester Jan 4 1/14/1847
Eastman, Jackson of Strafford Gilman, Miss Sarah of Strafford Stratford 5th inst 3/28/1845
Eaton, G. A. of Morristown Waterman, Miss Fanny of Montpelier Montpelier 24th inst 7/2/1846
Eaton, Nathaniel Harvey editor of the North Star Trussell, Miss Lucy Ann Danville May 21 5/30/1845
Edgerton, John H. of Brookfield Nye, Miss Betsey of Brookfield Northfield 7th inst 2/17/1848
Edminster, Dr. D. P. H. of Fayetteville Shafter, Mary L. of Hon. Wm. R. Shafter Townshend 3/14/1845
Edson, Lucian H. of S. Woodstock Paine, Miss Adeline A. of Randolph Randolph Dec 16 12/23/1847
Elliot, J. W. of Grafton, NH Stebbins, Miss Helen M. of Thetford Thetford April 8 5/3/1849
Elliott, Alvah C. of Fletcher Goldthrait, Miss Christiana Middlesex 13th inst 1/20/1848
Ellis, J. W. Burton, Miss Rosette Montpelier 25th inst 1/3/1845
Ellis, L. N. of Berlin Stebbins, Miss Juliette of Berlin Berlin Feb 20 3/1/1849
Elmer, Richard F. of Barre Fowler, Miss Hannah M. of Barre Barre March 1 3/8/1849
Emerson, George of Stoneham, MA Sanborn, Drintha F. of Chelsea Chelsea June 14 7/6/1848
Emery, Silas G. of Tunbridge Littlefield, Miss Catherine M. of Brookfield W. Brookfield Nov 11 11/15/1849
Ervin, Benjamin S. of St. Johnsbury Turner, Miss Fanny Wells River 7th inst 3/25/1847
Everett, Rev. Joel S. of Halifax Haynes, Seraphine of Dea. Henry Haynes of S. Southbridge 12th ult 3/7/1845
Fairbanks, Charles of St. Johnsbury Woodworth, Miss Laura R. of George W. Woodworth Saratoga Springs Jan 2 1/24/1850
Fanning, Michael of Ashland, MA Gould, Miss Harriet N. of E. Montpelier Montpelier Oct 3 10/11/1849
Farnham, William C. Lyman, Miss Elizabeth W. Tunbridge Dec 9 12/16/1847
Farr, Dr. Asahel of Peacham Wheeler, Miss Martha J. of Peacham Peacham June 1 6/15/1848
Farr, Loren R. of St. Johnsbury Jackson, Miss Calista A. of Cabot St. Johnsbury Dec 30? 1/6/1848
Farr, Pardon D. of Danville Gilson, Miss Lucy L. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 30 1/6/1848
Farrow, Theodore D., Esq. of Peacham Stewart, Miss Phebe F. of Barnet Barnet Jan 13 2/11/1847
Farwell, William Morse, Miss Martha G. Barre March 13 3/15/1849
Fassett, Cephas of Hydepark Davis, Miss Cyrena North Troy 19th ult 11/12/1846
Faunce, Elijah of Kenosha, Wisc. Partridge, Miss Ellen S. of Randolph Randolph July 29 8/8/1850
Fellows, Ruel D. of Manchester, NH Jones, Miss Mary Jane of Bradford Bradford March 21 4/5/1849
Felton, Samuel M. of Boston Lippett, Maria Low of late Warren Lippett, Esq. Providence 21st inst 10/31/1850
Ferguson, A., Esq. of Huntington Lyon, Mrs. Marancy C. of Waterbury Waterbury Dec 29 1/8/1846
Ferguson, James F. of Hydepark Wiswell, Lydia of Hydepark Hydepark Sept 25 9/27/1849
Ferrin, D. F. of Craftsbury Washburn, Miss Lois P. of Woodstock Woodstock 4/5/1849
Field, Andrew E., MD Nelson, Miss Clarinda Orange Feb 29 3/2/1848
Fields, Bennet B. of Derby Lindsay, Miss Clarissa O. of Stanstead, C.E. Newport Dec 22 1/14/1847
Fish, Benjamin E. of W. Randolph Gleason, Miss Martha L. of Royalton Bethel 22d ult 1/6/1848
Fisher, Edwin P. of Cabot Collins, Miss Mary L. of Danville Danville May 17 5/25/1848
Fletcher, William of Lancaster, MA Smith, Miss Drucilla of Henniker, NH Henniker, NH 10/9/1845
Flint, Alonzo of Montpelier Russell, Miss Caroline A.   5/4/1848
Flint, Jesse of Middlesex Davis, Miss Polly of Montpelier Montpelier Thurs 1/21/1847
Follett, Norman of Pomfret Leonard, Miss Augusta of Royalton Royalton June 20 7/4/1850
Foster, Daniel of Peacham Carpenter, Mary of Marshfield Marshfield March 14 4/4/1850
Foster, Lemuel of Tunbridge Mudget, Miss Mary of Tunbridge Royalton 27th ult 9/20/1849
Fowler, Edson Dodge, Miss Clarinda Orange Nov 21 12/5/1850
Freeman, Bradford K. of Barre Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth of Montpelier Barre Feb 13 3/1/1849
Freeman, Charles F. of Brookfield Abbott, Miss Sarah of Piermont, NH Brookfield Dec 26 4/5/1849
Freeman, Nathan of Tyngsborough, MA Corey, Miss Jane A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 13 4/30/1846
French, Flavius J. Crosby, Miss Ruah T. Hardwick Feb 25 4/1/1847
French, Fordyce M. of Glover Hazen, Miss Martha West Hartford 27th ult 3/22/1849
French, L( ) Clark, Miss Susan Hardwick 3(0)th ult 1/10/1850
French, Lindol of Glover Morse, Miss Elvira J. of Barre Barre 18th inst 6/21/1849
French, Norman of Montpelier White, Miss Emily L. of Walden Walden Dec 8 1/10/1845
French, Selo Q. C. of Montpelier Rand, Miss Amelia E. of Stratford Montpelier Jan 1 1/10/1845
French, William H., Esq. Byington, Miss Elmira E. Williston 9th inst 2/25/1847
Frost, Sumner, Esq. Gould, Mrs. Lydia dau of Moses Blake, Esq. Derby Jan 28 2/7/1850
Fuller, James T. Goodwin, Miss Comfort Ann Glover 12/18/1845
Fuller, Jonas of Calais Bancroft, Miss Martha of Calais Calais Dec 13 12/17/1846
Fuller, Mark of Mechanicsville, NY Smith, Miss Melvina of Barre Barre 27th ult 2/4/1847
Fuller, William of Glover Miles, Miss Tryphena of Sheffield Glover Jan 30 3/7/1845
G[erry], Eli P. of Cabot Bartlett, Miss Sara A. Cabot May 18 6/6/1850
Galbraith, Walter of Passumpsic Stuart, Miss Sarah H. of Hardwick Hardwick Jan 1 1/14/1847
Gamble, Stephen of Waterville Lilly, Mrs. Mary of Sterling Sterling 8th inst 12/11/1845
Gibbs, Calvin C. of Sutton Curtis, Miss Mary C. of Sutton Irasburgh April 1 4/18/1850
Giffin, James Slapp, Miss Sally Hardwick 2d inst 3/25/1847
Gilbert, Samuel J. of Brownington English, Miss Juliet C. of Brownington Irasburgh Feb 10 2/26/1846
Gilchrist, Walter of McIndoes Falls Ricker, Miss Betsey D. of Bath, NH Lyman, NH 4/22/1847
Gile, Abel, Jr. of Walden White, Miss Mary Ann of Walden Walden Dec 21 12/28/1848
Gilfillan, Joshua of Stark Cty, IL Way, Miss Ann Eliza of Peacham Peacham April 29 5/7/1846
Gilpillan, Daniel H., Esq. of Wilmington, OH Pattridge, Miss Helen S. of Peacham Peacham 1st inst 8/15/1850
Gleason, Henry of Randolph Buel, Martha of Sharon Sharon Sept 13 9/27/1849
Glidden, Mark of Danvers Batchelder, Miss Mary Jane of Danvers Danvers, MA Oct 20 11/7/1850
Goff, Luther F. of Barre Smith, Miss Arabel M. of Barre Barre 5th inst 9/20/1849
Goodall, Samuel H. of Bath Nelson, Mrs. (Sarah) of Haverhill Haverhill, NH May 22 6/6/1850
Goodrich, Charles S. Bugbee, Miss Sarah Orange? April 9 4/18/1845
Goodrich, Follensby of Williamstown Harrington, Miss Berthia S. of Williamstown Williamstown April 19 5/3/1849
Goodwin, James K. of Tunbridge Hayward, Miss Malvina of Tunbridge Tunbridge Nov 25 12/16/1847
Goodwin, John M. Clark, Miss Betsey Newbury March 28 4/19/1849
Goss, John of Cabot Coburn, Miss Emma M. of Cabot Danville Oct 17 10/31/1850
Goss, William H. of Waterford Cobb, Miss Laura of Derby Derby March 17 4/1/1847
Goudey, Niven L. of Nashua, NH Woodbury, Mrs. Martha N. of Amos Strong of Mtpl Montpelier Dec 19 12/23/1847
Gould, Ashley of Derby Brown, Miss Mariette of Derby Derby April 4 5/6/1847
Gould, Joseph of Montpelier Gray, Miss Roxana of Montpelier Montpelier April 16 4/23/1846
Gould, Linsey of Montpelier Palmer, Miss Emily M. of Ashland, MA Montpelier Oct 24 11/2/1848
Gould, Marcus of Montpelier Ripley, Miss Sarah C. of Montpelier Montpelier 17th inst 1/29/1846
Gr[anniss], W. C. D. of Montpelier Baldwin, Lucia L. of Hon. Daniel Baldwin of M. Montpelier 3d inst 6/13/1850
Graham, Dana of Leominster, MA Grant, Miss Lucy M. of Northfield Northfield 19th inst 1/27/1848
Granger, Rev. Pliny N. of St. Johnsbury Chandler, Miss Jane of Peacham Peacham June 10 6/20/1845
Grant, Hiram of Edwardsville, W. T. Beckwith, Miss Julia E. Northfield April 11 4/23/1846
Graves, Cecil of Waterbury Knight, Miss Mary Jane of Barre Barre 8th inst 7/29/1847
Gray, Azro of Coventry Andrews, Miss Mary Eliza of Wolcott Wolcott March 25 4/25/1845
Gray, George of Worcester, MA Morgan, Miss Charlotte W. of Calais Montpelier 8th inst 10/12/1848
Gray, John of Montpelier Gallup, Miss Sarah of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 28 10/4/1849
Green, Benjamin W. Kimball, Miss Eliza A. Montpelier April 7 4/11/1850
Green, William F., Esq. of Worcester, MA Collins, Eliza T. of Boston Craftsbury 7th inst 2/25/1847
Greenleaf, L. L. of Derby Kellam, Miss Elizabeth of Irasburgh Colchester 7th ult 12/7/1848
Grosvenor, Thomas J. of Montpelier Vose, Miss Nancy Ann of Montpelier Montpelier Nov 20 12/5/1850
Grout, Carlos B. Johnson, Miss Mary E. of Chelsea Cohoes, NY March 24 4/20/1848
Hagar, Joseph F. of Morristown Burke, Miss Louisa A. of Morristown Stowe Oct 2 10/18/1849
Hale, A. J. of Pittsburgh Higgs, Martha G. of Joseph Higgs, Sr., Esq. of PA New Castle, PA July 24 8/7/1845
Hale, Amos P. of Lyndon Sturtevant, Miss Laura of Craftsbury Danville 12th ult 5/6/1847
Hale, Loami of Corinth (Tenny), Miss L(avina) of Corinth Corinth 5/23/1850
Hale, Loren Brown, Miss Roxana of Concord Waterford 4th inst 1/20/1848
Hall, Walter of Greensboro McDon(ald), Miss Mary of Danville Greensboro 2d inst 11/16/1848
Harding, Gardner J. of Lowell McGaffey, Miss Martha E. of Barnston Stanstead, CE Feb 14 3/15/1849
Harding, Hon. John of Lowell French, Mrs. Phila Irasburgh 16th inst 5/31/1849
Harrington, Daniel of Williamstown Cowdery, Miss Betsey of Brookfield Brookfield April 22 5/6/1847
Harris, Levi H. of Danville Dyer, Miss Eliza of Royalton Bethel May 17 5/27/1847
Harris, Reuben of Moretown Scagel, Miss Mary Ann Waterbury Ctr 4/9/1846
Hart, Leonard of Middlesex Thayer, Miss Mary of Middlesex Montpelier 18th inst 11/22/1849
Hartshorn, George W., Esq. of Canaan Bean, Miss Alice M. of Josiah Bean of Kirby Manchester, NH May 21 6/13/1850
Harvey, Ezra of St. Johnsbury Bailey, Miss Lucy of Troy N. Troy Jan 1 1/29/1846
Harwood, William L. of Boston Rosebrook, Miss Emily C. of Guildhall Guildhall June 2 6/21/1849
Haselton, John Hayes, Miss Lucy A. S. Strafford 5th inst 4/20/1848
Hatch, George of Newbury Vance, Miss Hannah Groton 9th inst 12/30/1847
Hathaway, Lora of Woodbury Silley, Miss Judith of Worcester Worcester Dec 4 2/14/1850
Hathorn, Ira H. of Terra Haute, Ind. Stowell, M. Eliza of Hon. Henry Stowell of Cambridge Cambridge 25th inst 10/4/1849
Hawes, Albert of Chelsea Williams, Betsey Ann of Elisha Williams, Jr., Esq. Chelsea Feb 10 3/2/1848
Hawkins, William G. of Charleston Allen, Miss Clarissa B. Barton Nov 23 12/18/1845
Heath, George W. of Boston Blake, Miss Mary E. of Corinth Corinth Jan 26 2/10/1848
Heath, Moses Abby, Miss Susan J. Derby 25th ult 1/14/1847
Herrick, Col. E. B. of Morristown Ainsworth, Miss Ruth T. of Bethel Bethel 2d inst 2/10/1848
Herrick, William T. of Essex Hale, Miss Laura C. of H. Hale, Esq. of Chelsea Chelsea Feb 17 3/2/1848
Hill, Franklin W. Crossett, Miss Lucy A. Waterbury Dec 15 1/6/1848
Hill, H. H. of Strafford Eastman, Miss Rosetta of Strafford Stratford 5th inst 3/28/1845
Hill, J. M. of Danville Thurber, Miss Abigail of Montpelier Montpelier last Sun. 9/24/1846
Hills, Almond of Waterbury Keyes, Miss Lucy Jane of Moretown Montpelier Sept 18 10/2/1845
Hinkson, Daniel Waters, Miss Mary Ann Worcester May 10 5/18/1848
Holcomb, Myron of Starksborough Walbridge, Miss Susan of Montpelier Montpelier Oct 23 10/30/1845
Holmes, George R. Wilson, Miss Harriet N. Derby Sept 17 10/9/1845
Holmes, John R. of Northfield Lease, Alma R. of Plainfield Marshfield Jan 15 1/25/1849
Holton, Alanson of Northfield Daniels, Miss Eliza Ann of Montpelier Montpelier Dec 5 12/14/1848
Holton, Amos of Boston Chamberlin, Miss Emily W. of Westfield Westfield 1st inst 1/31/1845
Holton, Amos of Boston Chamberlin, Miss Emily W. of Westfield Westfield Dec 1 2/21/1845
Hood, Albert O. of Chelsea Craig, Miss Betsey M. of Dr. Samuel Craig of B. Braintree June 6 6/20/1850
Hooker, L. H. of Plainfield Blanchard, Miss Sarah Peacham 6th inst 4/15/1847
Hooker, Loren H. of Plainfield Bancroft, Miss Abigail M. of Plainfield Plainfield 5/24/1849
Hopkins, Cassius H. of Cabot Heath, Miss Harriet A. of Nashua Nashua, NH March 12 4/16/1846
Hopkins, Hermon D. of Montpelier Spalding, Miss Caroline M. of Waitsfield Waitsfield 20th 7/5/1849
Houghton, Davis R. of Fitchburg, MA Beard, Miss Louisa of Orange Orange March 8 3/14/1850
Houghton, John Ballou, Miss Elizabeth Waterford March 10 4/1/1847
House, Oliver C. of Berlin Cummings, Miss Martha of Berlin Berlin Jan 1 1/11/1849
Howard, Asa W. of Fairlee Martin, Miss Jane Bradford 2d ult 3/25/1847
Howard, Bela of Springfield, NH Comings, Miss Orrel F. of Berlin Berlin 1st inst 5/16/1845
Howard, Charles of Irasburg Blake, Miss Maria S. of Salem Salem 27th ult 12/5/1850
Howard, Oliver M. of IL Woodworth, Mrs. Miranda B. of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 28 10/8/1846
Howard, Samuel of Randolph Chandler, Miss Mary M. of Berlin Northfield May 21 5/30/1850
Howard, Sargent R. of Barre Carleton, Miss Emily R. Woodstock 17th inst 2/25/1847
Howe, James H. of Troy, NY Kasson, Miss H. Maria of Burlington Burlington 9th inst 3/16/1848
Howland, James M. of Montpelier Templeton, Miss Mary of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier June 6 6/13/1850
Hoyt, Asa 2d of Craftsbury Dutton, Miss Elvira M. of Craftsbury Cabot? March 24 4/2/1846
Hubbard, Benjamin F. of Waterville Miller, Miss Juliana M. of Johnson Dec 7 1/18/1849
Humphrey, Harry G. of Richmond Thomson, Miss Maria L. of Jericho Montpelier Feb 20 3/7/1850
Hunt, Chauncey of Worcester Kemp, Miss Lucinda of Worcester Worcester Jan 16 2/7/1845
Hunter, Fry of Albany Vance, Miss Laura Glover Oct 4 12/18/1845
Huntington, Harry of Washington Mattoon, Miss Sophia C. of Orange Chelsea July 22 8/12/1847
Huntington, John Metcalf, Miss Maria Irasburgh 1st inst 1/15/1846
Hunton, Augustus P., Esq. Paige, Miss Caroline of Dr. Alfred Paige Bethel 2(8)th ult 5/10/1849
Huntoon, William F. of Montpelier Smith, Miss Mary B. of Providence, RI NYC Jan 3 1/21/1847
Hurd, David Jr. of Peacham Balch, Miss Clarinda A. of N. Danville North Danville March 13 3/28/1845
Huse, George P. Locke, Miss Elizabeth M. of Roxbury Northfield 7th inst? 2/17/1848
Hutchins, Ivory of Boston, MA Cowdry, Miss Orpha A. of Newbury Newbury 9th inst 9/20/1849
Hutchins, Lewis S. of Wolcott Aiken, Miss Marcia M. of S. Hardwick S. Hardwick July 2 7/11/1845
Hutchinson, J. B., Esq. of W. Randolph Gregory, Lucretia M. of Hon. N. P. Gregory Plattsburgh, NY 21st ult 11/15/1849
Hyde, Paul C. of Andover, OH Austin, Miss Mariah of Berlin Berlin June 6 6/13/1850
Hyzer, LeRoy H. of Warren Smalley, Miss Frances O. of Montpelier Barre Feb 13 2/21/1850
Ingalls, Stephen R. of Stanstead, CE Carter, Huldah of Hardwick Derby Line 8th inst 10/4/1849
J(othus), J. S. of Montpelier McAllister, Miss Sophronia E. of Stowe Stowe Feb 15 3/1/1849
Jackman, Benjamin B. of Irasburgh Bush, Miss Lucinda of Glover Glover Sept 9 9/23/1847
Jackman, J. B. of Thetford C_____, Miss Sophia of Fairlee Thetford Dec 7 1/4/1849
Jackson, George B. of Williamstown Martin, Miss Lora of Williamstown Williamstown 19th inst 10/4/1849
Jewett, D. B. of Boston Delano, Miss Lydia M. of Hardwick Hardwick Sept 7 9/14/1848
Johnson, Eliphalet H. of Montpelier McCotter, Mrs. Nancy Ann of Montpelier Elizabethtown, NY Oct 21 1/1/1846
Johnson, F. A. Whipple, Miss Harriet E. Irasburgh Oct 27 11/16/1848
Johnson, Harrison of Montpelier Wheeler, Miss Martha of Barre Barre May 2 5/10/1849
Johnson, Jerome B. of Plainfield Town, Miss Amanda E. Montpelier May 22 5/24/1849
Johnson, Thomas F. Thomas, Harriet of late Elias Thomas of Woodstock Franklin 2(0)th ult 12/19/1850
Jones, Nathaniel Hutchins, Miss Lucy Ann Wolcott Nov 24 12/2/1847
Jones, Willard of Worcester Wilson, Miss Nancy M. of Montpelier Worcester, MA Jan 17 2/11/1847
Joslyn, Albert M. Nourse, Miss Marcia M. Hume, NY Sept 16 9/30/1847
Joyce, Ira Waterman, Miss Nancy M. Sharon 8th inst 4/9/1846
Judd, Francis E. of Mansonville, C. E. Thompson, Adeline P. of Rev. Z. Thompson of B. Burlington 15th inst 5/25/1848
Kathan, Fernando of Berlin Hubbard, Miss Mary G. of Berlin Berlin March 18 3/28/1845
Kathan, Horace of Charleston Hamilton, Miss Mary Derby March 7 4/1/1847
Keeler, Cornelius P. of Hydepark Nye, Miss Lucy Jane of Irasburg Irasburgh June 11 7/27/1848
Keith, Alonzo T. Flint, Miss Laura of General S. B. Flint Montpelier June 27 7/5/1849
Keith, Francis C. Bowen, Miss Harriet C. Montpelier 5th inst 7/8/1847
Kelby, Adolphus M. of Worcester Bailey, Miss Rosamond of Geo W. Bailey Esq. of E. Elmore 7th inst 4/16/1846
Kelley, Richard (L.) of Montpelier Goss, Miss Caroline (B.) of Concord Concord, NH Sept 2 9/19/1850
Kelley, William of Newbury Stebbins, Miss Mary of Newbury Newbury June 20 7/19/1849
Kellogg, Cornelius of Randolph Hebard, Miss Jane of Randolph Randolph May 9 6/13/1850
Kellogg, Hon. Daniel of Rockingham Aldis, Miss Miranda M. of St. Albans St. Albans 30th ult 7/22/1847
Kellogg, Martin M. of Boston, MA Hubbard, Miss Fanny M. of Montpelier Montpelier 17th inst 9/20/1849
Kelsey, Daniel of Warren Spaulding, Miss Julia E. of Bridgewater Woodstock June 5 6/21/1849
Kelsey, Moses M. Brooks, Miss Caroline Derby May 20 5/30/1845
Kelsey, Moses M. of Derby Barbee, Miss Louis of John H. Barbee, Esq. of Bath Bath, NH March 15 3/23/1848
Kelsey, Robert, Esq. of Danville Frost, Mrs. Ann of Derby Derby June 23 7/8/1847
Kemp, Samuel W. Leonard, Miss Cloe P. Worcester 1/31/1845
Kemp, Samuel W. of Worcester Leonard, Miss Cloe P. of Worcester Worcester Jan 28 2/7/1845
Keniston, Ezra A. of Woodbury Fling, Miss Sarah of Lowell, MA Woodbury 13th inst 1/25/1849
Ketchum, Loren of Barre Cook, Miss Martha of Elmore Elmore 3d inst 4/11/1845
Kimball, Brvt Maj. E. A. McLean, Lucretia Helen of Hector McLean, Esq. of C. Cabot 1st inst 11/15/1849
Kimball, Carter of Montpelier Randall, Miss Sarah of Berlin Berlin Feb 5 2/15/1849
Kimball, James Spencer of Strafford (item) Partridge, Miss Clara of Templeton, MA Niagara Falls 10th inst 8/24/1848
King, Nathaniel, Jr. of Tunbridge Whitney, Miss Rebecca F. of Tunbridge Tunbridge Nov 15 12/16/1847
King, Rev. Joseph E. of Newbury Bayley, Miss Melissa Newbury July 23 8/8/1850
Kingsbury, Levi F. of Milford, MA Brown, Miss Judith A. of Peacham Peacham Oct 6 11/7/1850
Kittredge, Lyman O. Macomber, Miss Mary Walden 13th ult 4/26/1849
Knapp, Ahira K. Keyes, Miss Mary Northfield 3/14/1845
Knapp, D. T. of Montpelier Vail, Miss C. A. of Montpelier Montpelier 12th inst 9/14/1848
Ladd, Alphonzo of Johnson Braley, Miss Mary F. of Northfield Northfield Oct 26 11/27/1845
Ladd, Clark of Montpelier Mason, Miss Susan of Danville Danville 1/29/1846
Ladd, Dr. T. E. of Worcester Russell, Miss Harriet N. of Worcester Worcester Dec 5 12/12/1850
Ladd, William G. Horner, Adaline D. of Charles H. Horner, Esq. of C Cambridge, MA 5th inst 9/5/1850
Lamphear, Heman Jeney, Miss Maria Montpelier June 30 7/11/1845
Lancaster, Moses G. Stearns, Miss Chlovilla A. Waterbury April 30 5/11/1848
Lang, Prof. John of Cleaveland, OH Leonard, Miss Tryphena of Worcester Cleaveland, OH Feb 5 2/19/1846
Lang, William Bryant, Miss Mary Irasburgh Jan 13 2/3/1848
Langley, Rufus W. of Cabot Hunt, Miss Mary L. of Leicester Cabot Oct 10 12/23/1847
Langmaid, Willard of Danville Batchelder, Miss Emily of Danville Montpelier July 16 7/29/1847
Lawrence, William of Pepperell, MA French, Miss Sylvia G. Glover 24th inst 5/10/1849
Leadbetter, Increase, Jr. of Weston, MA White, Miss Clarissa M. of Plainfield Plainfield May 11 5/14/1846
Leonard, Jonas A. of Northfield Rice, Miss Ruhama P. of Northfield Northfield July 4? 7/8/1847
Leslie, Charles B., Esq Skinner, Miss Harriet N. Wells River 16th inst 1/24/1845
Levitt, George of Chester, NY Douglass, Miss Mary S. of Chelsea Chelsea May 20 6/21/1849
Lewis, Lyman S. of Duxbury Poland, Miss Malinda A. of Waterbury Northfield 25th inst 10/30/1846
Lewis, Stephen of Montpelier Dewey, Miss Mary Chelsea Jan 26 2/14/1850
Lewis, William of Cabot Weston, Miss Jane of Peacham Cabot May 4 5/25/1848
Libbey, Alonzo of Northfield Ayres, Miss Louvisa W. of Berlin Berlin April 22 5/3/1849
Libbey, Sidney S. of Quincy, MA Coburn, Miss Emily C. of Northfield Berlin April 8 5/3/1849
Locke, Thomas of Barnston, CE Howard, Miss Lydia E. of Berlin Berlin July 16 7/23/1846
Logan, Samuel of Troy, NH Guild, Miss Mary A. Coventry 14th inst 5/31/1849
Long, David of Chelsea, MA Walker, Miss Lydia of Chelsea Chelsea 8/10/1848
Loomis, Gustavus H. Spalding, Ann Eliza of Hon. John Spalding Montpelier June 24 6/27/1845
Lord, Eleazer W. White, Miss Orinda Orange March 27 4/12/1849
Lord, Eleazer Wells White, Miss Ann Sophrona Orange 1/24/1845
Lord, John S. of Stowe Barney, Miss Clarinda of Williston Williston Nov 6 11/28/1850
Lord, Rev. William H. of Montpelier Aiken, Miss Harriet Adams of John Aiken, Esq. of L. Lowell, MA 1st inst 6/8/1848
Lovejoy, Albert of Compton, NH Dunbar, Miss Lucretia M. of Newbury Brookfield 9/4/1845
Loveland, Charles of Berlin Huse, Miss Louisa of Berlin Berlin July 9 7/11/1850
Loveland, Leonard of Berlin Richardson, Miss Catherine of Berlin Berlin April 26 5/7/1846
Luce, Hubbard W. of Montpelier Ray, Miss Harriet C. of Cabot Cabot April 12 5/7/1846
Luce, Timothy L. Fuller, Miss Augusta R. of Montpelier Barre 14th inst 2/17/1848
Lyman, George of Williamstown Shaffer, Miss Rachel of Royalton Royalton May 23 6/15/1848
Lyman, Jasper of Norwich Emery, Miss Nancy of Tunbridge Strafford March 12 4/5/1849
Lyman, Julius B. of Brookfield Crane, Miss Ellen of Williamstown Williamstown July 2 7/25/1850
Lynn, James Smith, Miss Marcia Williamstown 1st inst 1/18/1849
Lyon, James of Williamstown Smith, Miss Marcia of Williamstown Williamstown Jan 1 1/25/1849
(Malc___), Rev. Wil( ) of Newbury Piper, Miss Mary of Newbury Newbury May 2(1) 6/6/1850
Mallory, William of Charlestown Colby, Miss Mary A. of Montpelier Montpelier Dec 17 1/4/1849
Mann, John P. of Montpelier Cross, Miss Judith of Albany Albany 30th ult 6/13/1850
Mann, Rev. John of Hardwick Warner, Miss Mary Jane of Hardwick Cabot 13th inst 8/29/1850
Mann, Seth of Boston, MA Hutchinson, Minora A. of Col. Rufus Hutchinson of B. Braintree Nov 30 12/9/1847
Marsh, George W. of Stoneham, MA Underwood, Miss Elizabeth M. of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 18 12/28/1848
Marsh, Sidney K. Goodnow, Miss Annette I. Montpelier 8th inst 12/11/1845
Marsh, W. S. of Hardwick Strong, Miss Tirzah E. of Montpelier Montpelier 21st inst 10/30/1846
Marston, William G. of Thetford Pung, Miss Caroline M. of Mt. Desert, ME Thetford April 23 5/3/1849
Martin, Elias of Peacham Dana, Miss Lucia of Peacham Peacham Jan 21 2/4/1847
Martin, John of Danville Gilfillan, Miss Jane B. of Peacham Peacham Jan 4 1/25/1849
Martin, Lewis of Marshfield Warren, Miss Mary of Moretown Montpelier Dec 14 1/4/1849
Martin, Samuel C. of Hardwick Moody, Miss Redixy L. of Hardwick Hardwick 7/27/1848
Martyn, Richard Cowdry, Miss Orpha Williamstown 19th inst 5/30/1845
Mason, Alonzo of Berlin Hayward, Miss Lois of Berlin Berlin? 14th inst 5/21/1846
Massey, John C. Besette, Miss Rossia M. Irasburgh 29th ult 1/31/1845
Matthews, Oramel D. of Montpelier Spalding, Miss Roxana M. of Morristown Stowe 20th inst 11/29/1849
Mattocks, Dr. Edward S. Smith, Miss Nancy T. Boston 3/16/1848
Maxham, S. B. of Sharon, MA Braman, Julia F. of Berlin Berlin Nov 6 11/9/1848
Maxham, William of Worcester Fifield, Miss Mary W. of Worcester Worcester April 13 4/22/1847
May, Cyrus of Post Mills Smith, Miss Laura B. of W. Fairlee W. Fairlee 7th inst 6/17/1847
May, Isaac M. of New Bedford, MA G_u_t, Miss Sarah E. W. Brookfield Nov 2(5) 1/20/1848
McClure, William F. of E. Randolph Nichols, Miss Orra E. of Northfield Northfield July 4 7/8/1847
McFarland, John S. of Irasburgh Jameson, Miss Sarah Jane of Irasburgh Irasburgh 12th inst 11/20/1845
McGuyre, Dennis Peacott, Miss Philissa Middlesex Sept 27 10/1/1846
McKenzie, Dr. Robert Wilder, Miss Harriet M. of Montpelier New Glasgow, LC 11th ult 2/28/1845
McMaster, Samuel of Strafford Poor, Miss Mary A. of Strafford Strafford Nov 23 12/14/1848
Melville, Rev. Henry of Scotland Chapin, Sarah C. of late Rev. W. A. Chapin of Greens. Greensboro Dec 4 12/26/1850
Melvin, Hugh of Newbury Chrissa, Miss Martha of Berlin Williamstown Sept 16 9/27/1849
Merean, John of Montpelier Gravellin, Miss Mary of Montpelier Montpelier 25th inst 11/1/1849
Merrifield, Charles F. Campbell, Adelaide G. of E. R. Campbell, Esq. Bethel 9th inst 12/23/1847
Miles, Ira of Irasburgh Bush, Miss Nancy of Irasburgh Irasburgh Feb 24 4/18/1850
Mills, Chester Bohonon, Miss Ruth Orange March 31 4/11/1850
Mills, Lyman T. of Orange Emory, Miss Lois of Topsham Orange Nov 5 11/19/1846
Mitchell, James Sargent, Miss Elizabeth A. Irasburgh 1st inst 1/31/1845
Morris, Rev. Ozias S. French, Miss Rebecca of Hardwick S. Hardwick Dec 10 12/23/1847
Morse, Abial age 86 Miller, Mrs. Lucy age 43 Barnard 2/4/1847
Morse, Charles K. of Newbury Slack, Miss Rebecca of Newbury Haverhill, NH 5th inst 11/13/1845
Morse, Charles K. of Newbury Stark, Miss Rebecca of Newbury Haverhill, NH 12/4/1845
Morse, Warren of Williamstown Harrington, Miss Jane of Williamstown Williamstown Feb 14 3/8/1849
Moss, Rosier of Searsburgh Stevens, Miss Eliza Corinth 1st inst 1/10/1845
Moulton, William M. of Northfield Storrs, Miss Merilla P. of Burlington Burlington 19th ult 6/10/1847
Mower, Lewis L. of Concord, NH Edson, Miss Emily M. of Brookfield Brookfield 16th inst 9/20/1849
Muldoon, Thomas D. of Montpelier Daggett, Miss R. M. of Montpelier Montpelier 6th inst 8/14/1845
Murray, William R. of Waterbury Cobb, Miss Maria A. of Waterbury Waterbury March 1(0) 3/21/1845
Muzzey, Rev. Clarendon F. Capell, Miss Mary Ann Jafia, Asia Feb 8 5/4/1848
Nelson, A. W. Wells, Miss Nancy M. Woodbury June 30 7/5/1849
Nelson, Asa B. of Derby Line Goodwin, Miss Miranda A. Rumney, NH July 2 7/29/1847
Newcomb, William F. of Waitsfield Gleason, Miss Louisa Jane of Rochester Rochester 18th inst 5/27/1847
Newman, Capt. William A. Halsey, Louisiana of late Major S. Halsey Vergennes 24th inst 10/4/1849
Newman, Curtis C. of Washington Newman, Miss Emily of Washington Northfield 18th inst 2/24/1848
Newman, James M. of Washington Newman, Miss Ruth F. of Washington Northfield 18th inst 2/24/1848
Newton, Sewell, Esq. of Johnson Proctor, Miss Betsey of Weathersfield Weathersfield Feb 24 3/9/1848
Newton, William S. of Northfield Smith Miss Mary L. of Northfield Northfield March 20 4/19/1849
Nicholas, Athanasius of New York city Langdon, Miss Caira R. of Montpelier Montpelier 11th inst 8/10/1848
Nichols, Timothy of Williston Taggart, Miss Lucinda of Williston Middlesex Sept 24 10/1/1846
Noble, William of West Berkshire Fletcher, Miss Marcia of West Berkshire W. Berkshire 1/31/1850
Norton, Miles of Glover King, Sarah of Glover Glover Dec 14 4/6/1848
Nott, William D. of Cleveland, OH Owen, Miss Emily D. of Montpelier Cincinnati, OH 11th inst 7/24/1845
Noyes, Caleb of Woodbury Phelps, Miss Maranda T. of Woodbury Woodbury March 15 4/13/1848
Noyes, David K., Esq. of Adams, Wisc. Barnes, Lucinda of Capt. Harry Barnes of Chelsea Chelsea June 18 6/29/1848
Noyes, Henry S. of Springfield Verback, Miss Harriet N. of Derby Derby Feb 16 3/8/1849
Noyes, Julius M. of Burlington Haswell, Miss Cornelia of Nathan B. Haswell, Esq. Burlington 22d inst 5/31/1849
Nye, Sylvanus F. Perrin, Miss Eliza Berlin Nov 5 11/13/1845
Orcutt, Jacob Tyler, Miss Sophia M. E. Randolph Dec 9 12/16/1847
Owen, Sylvanus of Barre Stow, Miss Laura J. of Concord Concord April 23 5/30/1845
Owen, W. H. B. Hodges, Miss M. E. of Hon. Geo. T. Hodges of R. Rutland July 7 8/5/1847
P( )tson, Noah S. of Fall River, MA Bosworth, Miss Sarah D. of Berlin Berlin 10th inst 11/14/1850
Pa(ine), Christopher C. of Orange Wil( s), Miss Sally J. of Topsham Orange Jan 29 2/14/1850
Paddock, William G. Davison, Miss Abba L. Craftsbury June 27 8/9/1849
Page, Nathan B. of Danville Farrar, Miss Geraldine P. Peacham 12th inst 1/20/1848
Paine, George S. of Randolph Smith, Miss Emily J. of Randolph Bethel June 28 7/12/1849
Palmer, Jared Boynton, Hannah Brown d/o Nath'l Boynton of Waterford La Grange, Mich Feb 8 4/8/1847
Patch, Hiram of Johnson Eaton, Miss Azuba Sterling 27th ult 1/1/1846
Patch, Joseph of Goshen Gore Blair, Miss Jane of Hardwick Hardwick June 7 6/21/1849
Payne, Samuel T. of Orange Reed, Miss Abigail Plainfield April 2 4/20/1848
Peak, Joseph of Peacham Fyfield, Miss Clarissa of Peacham Peacham Jan 20 2/12/1846
Peaslee, David of Chelsea Stevens, Miss Lucia M. of Newbury Newbury July 25 8/16/1849
Peck, H. N. Blake, Miss Lydia Montpelier 1st inst 3/19/1846
Peck, Jason Fuller, Miss Martha A. Barre May 4 5/9/1845
Peck, Jason of Berlin Perkins, Miss Celinda L. of Melbourne, C.E. Peacham Sept 3 10/5/1848
Perkins, Ira of Plainfield Carns, Miss Eliza of Orange Orange April 8 4/12/1849
Perkins, Winthrop G. of Lawrence, MA Farr, Miss Lovina T. of Corinth Corinth July 3 7/19/1849
Perrin, Cornelius of Berlin Strong, Miss Orlena of Berlin Berlin May 21 5/30/1850
Perry, Elijah, Esq. of Cabot Coburn, Miss Martha B. of Cabot Cabot June 2 7/8/1847
Perry, Frederick M. Whitney, Miss Lucia A. Montpelier May 28 6/1/1848
Phelps, Edward J., Esq. of Burlington Haight, Miss Mary of Stephen Haight, Esq. of B. Burlington 13th inst 8/28/1845
Philbrook, Daniel Bacon, Mrs. Nancy Corinth 5th inst 4/18/1845
Pierce, George of Waterloo, Wisc. Severance, Miss Harriet of Derby West Derby Sept 23 10/15/1846
Pierce, Horace A. of Derby Line Woods, Miss Aurilla A. of Passumpsic Newport Sept 5 9/20/1849
Pike, Alvin of Orange Davis, Miss Altheda of Orange Barre April 15 4/23/1846
Pike, Charles of Warren Vanduzen, Miss Harriet L. of Warren Warren April 2 4/16/1846
Pitkin, Pearly Templeton, Miss Caroline M. Montpelier 4/27/1848
Pitman, J. B. of Rochester, NY & Utica Cady, Miss Mary A. of Northfield Northfield 1st inst 5/4/1848
Platt, Horace of Fitchburg, MA Tyler, Miss Cornelia E. of Vershire Vershire Dec 3 12/21/1848
Plummer, Bradley M. of Groton Brown, Miss Nancy H. of Ryegate Ryegate June 21 8/9/1849
Poland, Luther, Jr. of Montpelier Bennet, Miss M. Clara of Montpelier Montpelier 16th inst 3/23/1848
Pollard, James M. of Burlington Keith, Miss Mary of Springfield Montpelier Oct 13 10/26/1848
Porter, Elijah of Danville Bullock, Miss Mary F. of Cabot Cabot March 16 4/6/1848
Porter, J. L. of Greensborough Richardson, Miss M. J. of Marshfield Plainfield May 7 6/11/1846
Porter, James M. Bartlett, Miss Judith Hardwick May 19 6/11/1846
Powers, Dana of Lunenburg Drown, Miss Jane L. of Dalton Dalton, NH March 6 4/2/1846
Powers, F. W. of Morristown Scott, Miss Mary E. of Rev. John Scott of E. Evans E. Evans, NY 16th ult 9/14/1848
Powers, James of Orange Wright, M(rs.) Mindwell of Newbury W. Topsham Feb 13 2/15/1849
Pratt, Samuel of Worcester Richardson, Miss Alvira of Worcester Worcester April 14? 5/2/1850
Pratt, Sylvester of Marshfield Carr, Miss Eliza of Worcester Worcester April 14 5/2/1850
Prentiss, Henry F., Esq. of Irasburgh Colby, Miss Ruth F. of N. Colby, Esq. of Derby Derby 16th inst 9/25/1845
Preston, Anson of Middlesex Matthews, Mrs. Ruth of Weathersfield Weathersfield April 20 5/7/1846
Preston, Nelson of Waterbury Barnet, Miss Nancy of Middlesex Waterbury 3d inst 2/14/1845
Pritchard, Edward of Bradford Morrill, Miss Ann M. of Pittsfield, NH Pittsfield, NH 6/27/1850
Putnam, Dr. Sumner of Greensboro King, Miss Diana F. of Dr. Nathaniel C. King Montpelier 25th inst 12/30/1847
Putnam, E. D. of Marshfield Stone, Miss Mary A. of Cabot Cabot March 26 4/4/1845
Putney, Lyman L. of Northfield Briggs, Miss Orinda of Northfield Northfield July 4? 7/8/1847
Rand, Frederick, Esq. of Owingsville, KY Harvey, Miss Emily of Hon. Robert Harvey Barnet June 20 7/6/1848
Ransdell, Robert of Washington McAllister, Miss Hannah Jane of Washington Williamstown Sept 30 10/8/1846
Rawson, Joseph of W. Brookfield Prouty, Miss Sarah N. Brookfield Nov 2(8) 1/20/1848
Raymond, George D. of Pomfret Harran, Miss Salome E. of Montpelier Montpelier last Tues 1/17/1845
Read, Warren N. of Waterbury Huse, Miss Julia A. of Waitsfield Montpelier Feb 18 2/25/1847
Record, Erastus of Calais Fair, Miss Lucretia of Calais Woodbury Sept 2 9/27/1849
Reed, Charles Keyes, Miss Harriet M. Northfield 3/14/1845
Reed, David M. of Plainfield Welch, Miss Dolly of Plainfield Orange Nov 21 12/5/1850
Reed, Harrison of Williamstown Hatch, Mrs. Emily of Williamstown Williamstown 19th ult 8/2/1849
Reed, Hezekiah H., Esq. Lamb, Mrs. Amanda G. Montpelier 26th ult 2/3/1848
Reed, John of Northfield Rogers, Miss Jane of Northfield Montpelier 16th inst 1/18/1849
Reed, Joseph of NY Reed, Miss Caroline M. of Berlin Berlin Jan 27 1/31/1850
Reynolds, William W., Esq. of Strafford Kibling, Miss Louisa of Strafford Strafford Sept 5 9/20/1849
Rhodes, Charles A. of Montpelier Bansier, Miss Louisa of Montpelier Montpelier 17th inst 7/24/1845
Rice, Fisher M., Esq of Virginia Bowen, Miss Martha L. of Middlebury Middlebury 3d inst 9/11/1845
Rice, Thomas, Esq. of Boston Collamer, Miss Ellen of Hon. J. Collamer Washington, DC 30th ult 8/15/1850
Rich, Albin of Moretown Whitney, Miss Susanna of Brookfield E. Brookfield May 10 7/12/1849
Richardson, D. C. A. of Berlin Andrus, Miss Mandana A. of Berlin Berlin 10th inst 1/24/1850
Richardson, Dr. W. H. H. of NYC Stewart, Miss C. P. of East Montpelier East Montpelier 17th inst 10/24/1850
Richardson, Oramel of Roxbury Morfit, Miss Rebecca E. of Braintree Braintree 8th inst 10/16/1845
Richmond, Lemuel C. of Barnard Richmond, Miss Jane A. of Dr. L. Richmond of Derby Derby Line 15th inst 10/31/1850
Rix, Alfred of Peacham Waldbridge, Miss Chastina Peacham July 29 8/16/1849
Rix, Levi, MD Rix, Miss Lucy Flyn of E. Rix, Esq. Royalton 6/20/1850
Robbins, Charles G. of Chelsea Sanders, Miss Adeline of Boston Boston, MA 12/2/1847
Robbins, George W. of Chelsea Dearborn, Miss ( )line D. of Chelsea Chelsea July 9 8/1/1850
Roberts, Omer of Orford, NH Baker, Miss Julia A. of Morristown Bradford Nov 29 12/19/1850
Robertson, William S. of Tallahassee Worcester, Miss Ann Eliza of Rev. S. A. Worcester Park Hill April (16th) 6/13/1850
Robie, Gardner F. of Corinth Lund, Miss Bloomy Ann of Corinth Corinth Nov 27 12/4/1845
Robie, Hiram R. Smith, Miss Caroline of Richard Smith, Esq. Corinth Oct 17 10/25/1849
Robie, Lewis B. of Bradford Morrison, Miss Fanny C. of Fairlee Bradford July 1 7/19/1849
Robinson, F. W. of Bennington Cool, Lovisa P. of Keyes P. Cool, Esq. of Bennington Bennington 12th inst 5/10/1849
Robinson, John D. S(mi)th, Miss (Mary) Waterbury April 2(4) 5/16/1850
Robinson, Richard of Plainfield Reynolds, Miss Sarah of Melbourne, CE Newbury Dec 2 12/19/1850
Robinson, Rufus D. of Waterbury Hays, Miss Judith of Strafford Waterbury 29th ult 12/13/1849
Rollins, Joseph S. of Orange Bohonon, Miss Nancy of Orange Orange July 4? 7/18/1850
Roscoe, Alfred P. of New Haven Barnes, Miss Elmira of West Addison West Addison 1(9)th ult 4/26/1849
Rose, Jesse of Concord Porter, Miss Mary O. of Peacham Danville Jan 18 2/4/1847
Roundy, Silas of Barton Darling, Miss Margaret of Glover Glover 18th inst 5/25/1848
Rowell, Chase H. of Tunbridge Hill, Miss Sarah A. E. Randolph 16th ult 4/1/1847
Rowell, Guy E. Paige, Miss Betsey Albany 28th ult 3/5/1846
Rowell, Jonathan Chase H. of Tunbridge Hill, Miss Sarah Ann of East Randolph E. Randolph March 16 3/25/1847
Rowell, Levi T. Powers, Miss Hannah Albany 21st ult 3/5/1846
Royce, Willard A. of Warren Barney, Miss Fanny W. of Cambridge Cambridge Dec 30 1/17/1850
Rublee, Chauncey S. Clark, Miss Sarah of Dr. Charles Clark Montpelier 5th inst 6/13/1850
Russell, Cornelius of Andover, NH Andrews, Miss Mary Jane of Randolph Randolph Feb 24 3/5/1846
Russell, Wyram of Albany Dewey, Miss Sarah A. of Chandler Dewey Irasburgh July 4 7/27/1848
S( )u( ), Rev. Robert of Cascade, Iowa Blodgett, Miss Harriet M. of Middlesex Middlesex 16th inst 10/25/1849
Safford, William H. of Royalton Robinson, Emily E. of Calais Calais March 11 3/18/1847
Sanborn, Alexander R. P. of New York Southmayd, Martha C. of Ebenezer Southmayd of Castleton Barnston, CE 18th ult 5/3/1849
Sanborn, Amos of Corinth Smith, Miss Almira of Cabot W. Topsham Sept 23 9/27/1849
Sanborn, Thomas T. of Post Mills Norton, Miss Nancy E. of S. Strafford S. Strafford May 17 6/17/1847
Sanger, William A. Walton, Miss Harriet N. only dau of Calvin Walton S. Boston 9th inst 1/20/1848
Sawyer, George F. of Burlington Houghton, Miss Mary A. of A. Houghton, Esq. St. Albans 14th inst 3/21/1850
Schenck, Dr. W. L. L. of Franklin, OH Bliss, Miss Julia of Calais Calais 17th inst 1/25/1849
Scott, Charles W. Bailey, Miss Sophronia L. Newbury 4/6/1848
Seaver, Gilman W. Rowell, Miss Eliza Albany Nov 27 3/5/1846
Severence, Charles H. of Windsor White, Miss Abiah of Newbury Newbury Feb 19 3/5/1846
Shafter, J. McM., Esq. of Burlington Hubbard, Miss Julia of Montpelier Montpelier Oct 27 10/30/1845
Shepard, George L. of Peacham Amidon, Miss C. L. of Marshfield Marshfield Sept 7 10/19/1848
Sherman, Levi of Montpelier Loomis, Miss Caroline of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 14 9/26/1850
Sherman, Rev. Daniel T. Howard, Clara of Abijah & Submit Howard of Mtpl. Flint Hill, MO Oct 25 12/6/1849
Sherwin, Lyman B. of Stowe Baker, Miss Hannah K. of St. Johnsbury Springfield, MA June 19 7/22/1847
Shirtliff, Otis of Berlin Goodell, Miss Marinda of Cabot Cabot March 12 4/2/1846
Short, Abel Gates, Miss Abigail of Plainfield, NH Hartland May 13 6/6/1845
Simmons, Capt. Bezar Billings, Miss Laura of Oel Billings, Esq. of W. Woodstock 26th ult 4/4/1845
Simonds, Lucius S. of Williamstown Williams, Miss Marcella of Williamstown Williamstown 8th inst 5/16/1850
Simonds, William, Esq. of Johnson Perrin, Mrs. of Berlin   5/18/1848
Simons, Asa S. of Williamstown Poor, Miss Caroline of Williamstown Williamstown 10th inst 4/25/1845
Simons, John of Hartford Judd, Miss Sarah Thetford 18th inst 3/28/1845
Simpson, Cornelius P. Simpson, Miss Susan E. Bradford 17th ult 4/1/1847
Sinclair, Asa C. Eggleston, Miss Zeurah M. of Montpelier Barnet May 24 6/7/1849
Skinner, Dr. S. A. of Charleston Blake, Catharine of Samuel Blake, Esq. of Salem Salem Nov 19 12/5/1850
Skinner, E. B. Bean, Mrs. Laura A. Chelsea 29th ult 4/27/1848
Skinner, Parker G. of Windsor Foster, Miss Pattie W. of Windsor Windsor June 29 7/13/1848
Skinner, Simeon Chapman, Miss Mary Elizabeth Irasburgh 1/8/1846
Slack, F. S. of Wells River Goodenough, Miss Angeline of Montpelier Montpelier Nov 3 11/5/1846
Slack, Joseph L. Austin, Laura Jane of Seth Austin Esq. of Bradford Tunbridge Feb 5 2/14/1845
Slack, Ransom of Albany Bean, Miss Sophronia Glover Nov 27 12/18/1845
Smalley, Ezra of Brookfield Blodgett, Miss Sarah A. of Brookfield Barre Feb 29 3/9/1848
Smalley, Nathan B. of Parna, NY Carpenter, Julie E. of Jason Carpenter Esq. of W. Waitsfield 10th inst 4/18/1845
Smith, Denison K., Esq. of Barre Martin, Miss Caroline of Williamstown Williamstown 24th inst 10/4/1849
Smith, Douglas, Esq. Francis, Rebecca of Gen. John Francis of Royalton Mobile 15th ult 4/6/1848
Smith, G. Percival of Royalton Belknap, Miss Laura of Royalton Royalton 10th inst 2/26/1846
Smith, J. Bradley MD of Brookfield Porter, Miss Phebe E. of Northfield Northfield July 4 8/3/1848
Smith, Nathan of Woodbury Silley, Miss Abigail W. of Worcester Worcester Jan 27 2/14/1850
Smith, R. V. B. of Mount Vernon, NH Brown, Miss Laura S. of Belcher Brown, Esq. W. Randolph 1/20/1848
Snow, John of Chelsea Wilson, Miss M. E. of Chelsea Chelsea 6th inst 1/24/1845
Somerby, J. A. Bennet, Miss Emeline E. Montpelier 1st inst 1/6/1848
[Somers], James Ide, Mrs. Sarah of Waterford [Littleton], NH May (8th) 6/6/1850
Somers, Moses of Peacham Woodford, Miss Sarah of Danville Danville 7th inst 2/21/1845
Somers, William of Hardwick Webster, Miss Louisa of Danville Danville May 17 5/25/1848
Soule, James M. of Montpelier Frary, Miss Salome of Strafford Strafford Dec 28 1/6/1848
Southworth, Adna M. of Cohoes Walker, Miss Harriet A. of Cohoes Cohoes, NY 29th ult 12/28/1848
Spafford, Nathan L. Hedges, Miss Abigail of Northfield Northfield May 15 5/31/1849
Spear, Joshua, Jr. of Randolph, MA Sanford, Mrs. Sally H. of Bethel Bethel June 11 6/22/1848
Spear, William R. of Grafton, MA Weeden, Miss Eveline N. of Derby Derby April 30 5/18/1848
Sprague, Carlos A. of Montpelier & Indiana Wainwright, Miss Emily of Alfred Wainwright Esq. Montpelier April 10 4/25/1845
Springer, John Esq. of NYC Bowen, Miss Sarah H. of Middlebury Middlebury 3d inst 9/11/1845
Stebbins, Anson Strong, Miss Emily M. Berlin 12th inst 1/20/1848
Stevens, (D.) W. of Walden Bayley, Miss Sarah S. of Newbury Newbury Dec 18 1/4/1849
Stevens, Capt. Ira A. of Danville Hall, Miss Mary G. of Cabot Cabot Aug 18 9/23/1847
Stevens, Col. Levi Johnston, Miss Sally Greensboro 20th ult 1/29/1846
Stevens, Pardon, Esq. of E. Montpelier Humphrey, Miss Elvira T. of Berlin Berlin May 23 5/30/1850
Stevens, Solomon, Jr. of Barnet Evans, Miss Ann E. of Danville Danville May 25 6/20/1850
Stiles, Horace Smalley, Miss Betsey C. Albany 29th ult 12/20/1849
Stimpson, Joel G. of Waterbury Stone, Miss Cynthia R. of Cabot St. J Center Aug 8 8/17/1848
Stockwell, Bernice Barker, Miss Abigail Concord Jan 1 2/1/1849
Stoddard, Alfred Smith, Miss Emily Waterford Dec 21 1/6/1848
Stone, George M. of Glover Abbott, Persis M. of Glover Glover March 2 4/6/1848
Stone, Henry M. of Windsor Blake, Miss Catharine L. of Montpelier Montpelier Jan 18 1/22/1846
Stone, Hollis D. of Berlin Stickles, Miss Margaret A. of Berlin Berlin Sept 5 9/5/1850
Strafford, S. Bailey, Miss Achsah M. Barton Oct 26 12/18/1845
Streeter, S. R., Esq. Stone, Agnes widow of C. C. Stone of Chelsea Chelsea Jan 30 2/10/1848
Streeter, S. R., Esq. of Barnard Stone, Agnes M. of Chelsea Chelsea 30th ult 2/24/1848
Strobridge, T. W. of Gainsville, AL & Lyndon Edson, Miss Mary Ann of St. Louis & Randolph St. Louis, MO May 18 6/10/1847
Strong, Elizur B. Fish, Miss Abigail A. of Pierpont, NY Montpelier May 1 5/10/1849
Sullivan, Timothy of Montpelier Crosby, Mary Ann of Montpelier Montpelier March 7 3/19/1846
Taisey, Thomas H. of Groton Turner, Miss Fanny Hardwick 2d inst prob 3/25/1847
Taplin, Caleb of Corinth Colby, Miss Harriet K. Franconia, NH 5/6/1847
Tarbell, William J. of Morristown Gale, Miss Caroline M. of Williamstown Chelsea April 10 4/26/1849
Taylor, Orris, Jr. of Randolph Little, Miss Orra A. of Randolph Randolph 2d inst 3/9/1848
Templeton, M. Matthew R. of Topsham Frost, Miss Nancy of Groton Orange July 4 7/18/1850
Thayer, J. C. B. of Northfield Pratt, Miss Martha J. of Jno. A. Pratt, Esq. of W. Woodstock 7th inst 1/10/1850
Thayer, James E. of Middlesex Sanders, Miss L. K. of Montpelier Montpelier Nov 26 12/3/1846
Thayer, Rev. William W. of Lyndon Paddock, Charlotte of Hon. Eph. Paddock St. Johnsbury 4th inst 3/11/1847
Thomas, A. F. of Montpelier Danforth, Miss Lucinda E. of Lyman, NH Lyman, NH 1/22/1846
Thomas, Josiah A. Way, Miss Martha Jane of Rochester Newton Lower Falls ___ inst 5/23/1850
Thomas, W. C. E. Eames, Miss J. H. of Wells River Galena, IL 5/14/1846
Thompson, John A. of Boston Barnes, Miss Angenette of Barre New York 16th inst 6/18/1846
Thompson, William of New Boston, NH Spencer, Miss Elvira of Rochester, NY Marshfield March 1 3/19/1846
Thorndike, John M. of Windsor Belknap, Miss Sarah E. of Windsor Windsor 9/27/1849
Throop, Charles of Grand De Tour Bosworth, Miss Joann of Grand De Tour Grand De Tour, IL Dec 14 1/8/1846
Thurston, Daniel S. of Montpelier Town, Mrs. Ruth of Montpelier Montpelier April 23 4/30/1846
Tilden, Dennis of Barre Walker, Miss Mary Ann of Williamstown Williamstown Jan 17 1/25/1849
Tillison, Sylvester of Orange Rowland, Miss Hannah of Corinth Corinth April 16 4/23/1846
Tinker, Albert B. of Morristown Waters, Miss Sarah J. Barre 12th ult 4/8/1847
Titus, Lyman of Boston Harvey, Ann of Boston, d/o Silas Harvey of Barnet Boston Jan 1 2/15/1849
Titus, William Henry Harrison Crain, Miss Eliza Bethel 2/14/1845
Towne, Joseph of Montpelier Cutler, Miss Mary of E. Montpelier Montpelier 24th ult 5/3/1849
Tracy, Rev. Joseph Prince, Miss Sarah C. of Beverly, MA Beverly, MA 3d inst 6/20/1845
Tyler, Parley of Northfield Bridges, Mrs. Martha of Northfield Northfield March 9 4/11/1850
Underwood, Silas of Danville Gould, Miss Sally of Walden Danville Jan 1 2/8/1849
Upton, C. W., Esq. of Barre Sherman, Miss Harriet of Berlin Berlin Jan 15 2/8/1849
Upton, Harry of Barre Gay, Miss Clarissa of Randolph Randolph March 6 3/14/1845
Vail, Jackson A., Esq. of Montpelier Augier, Miss Sarah H. of Haverhill N. Haverhill, NH 12th inst 12/28/1848
Vincent, Horace M. of Montpelier Wing, Miss Calinda C. of Barre Barre 12/9/1847
Walbridge, John Billings of Randolph Sessions, Miss Fostina E of Randolph E. Randolph June 11 6/22/1848
Walker, Oliver S. of Williamstown Bixby, Miss Mary of Chelsea Chelsea 27th ult 5/4/1848
Walker, Otis of Barre Brown, Miss Jane of Barre Barre 27th ult 2/5/1846
Wallace, William H. of Picton, Canada West West, Miss Mariette of Geo. C. West, Esq. Irasburgh Nov 16 12/3/1846
Walton, M. Philip K. of Port Henry, NY Lyon, Miss Lucretia G. of Waterbury Waterbury 12th inst 2/21/1845
Ward, Amasa M., MD of Hardwick Stevens, Miss Phebe P. of Franconia, NH Waterford July 30 8/16/1849
Warner, Emroy C. of (South)hampton, MA Paterson, Miss Margaret W. of E. Montpelier Montpelier May ( )th 5/16/1850
Warren, F. H. of Windsor Washburn, Miss Sarah M. of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 1 9/16/1847
Washburn, Gustavus of Montpelier Corey, Miss Sarah A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 23 7/1/1847
Washburn, Oliver of Boston Metcalf, Miss Sarah of Glover Nashville, NH 2/10/1848
Washburn, Peter T., Esq. of Woodstock Hopkins, Miss Almira P. of Glenn's Falls Glenn's Falls, NY 29th ult 8/9/1849
Waterman, A. P. of Fairlee Freeman, Miss Olive H. Waterford July 4 7/8/1847
Waterman, Amos P. of E. Fairlee Freeman, Miss Olive H. of Waterford Waterford July 4 7/29/1847
Waterman, Martin N. Clark, Miss Sophronia Orange April 5 4/20/1848
Waterman, Newell S. Melendy, Miss Sylvia P. Orange April 20 4/29/1847
Waterman, Vernon W., Esq. of Morristown Wales, Miss Arminda J. of Hon. Geo. E. Wales Hartford 4/9/1846
Webster, Cyrus P. of Hardwick Philbrook, Miss Abigail of Hydepark Hydepark 6/10/1847
Webster, Darius D. of Hardwick Pike, Miss Prudence H. Waterford Dec 24 1/7/1847
Weeks, Joseph S. H. of Danville Kelsey, Miss Jane B. of Danville Peacham 17th inst 2/24/1848
Welch, John P. Skinner, Emeline G. of John Skinner, Esq. Charlestown, MA 7th inst 10/15/1846
Wells, Henry K. of Duxbury Ashley, Miss Malinda of Moretown Montpelier Nov 2 11/9/1848
West, George C., Esq. of Irasburgh Hamilton, Miss Christiana of Hartland Hartland 11th inst 10/31/1850
Wheaton, John of Barre Perrin, Miss Emeline of Berlin Berlin March 25 4/8/1847
Wheeler, George D. of Royalton Drew, Miss Maria L. of Tunbridge Tunbridge March 18 4/5/1849
Wheeler, Luman of Morristown Jones, Miss Mary A. of Hon. Nathaniel Jones Wolcott March 25 4/23/1846
Wheeler, Simeon of Woburn, MA Spencer, Miss Mary M. of Marshfield Marshfield Feb 26 3/14/1845
Wheelock, Carlos of Calais Gurnsey, Miss Esther Ann of Calais Montpelier 28th ult 7/12/1849
Wheelock, J. Wilson of Bradford Phillips, Miss Laura E. of Eden Bradford July 4 7/18/1850
Wheelock, John, Esq. of Hinesburgh Sherman, Miss Lucy Ann of Hinesburgh Hinesburgh 2/28/1845
Wheelock, Peter S., Esq. of Boston, MA Hall, Miss Francis Maria of Benj. Hall, Esq. of Boston Bristol, MA Sept 8 9/18/1845
Whipple, Wm. of Croydon, NH Comings, Miss Ednah of Berlin Berlin 1st inst 5/16/1845
Whitcher, Frederick of Cabot Porter, Miss Betsey J. of Cabot Danville Jan 17 1/24/1850
Whitcomb, Joshua of Essex Willey, Miss Diantha of Barre Barre April 18 4/27/1848
White, W. C. of Barre Robinson, Miss Edna A. of Concord Concord March 18 3/28/1845
Whitney, Lewis D. Billings, Miss Luranda R. of Warren Montpelier Dec 5 12/9/1847
Whittlesey, Duron of Plainfield Knapp, Miss Lucy L. of Glover Glover Aug 30 9/14/1848
Wiggen, Nathaniel of Woburn, MA Morse, Miss Mary A. of Calais Calais Aug 4 8/12/1847
Wilder, A. W. Jr. Cleaves, Miss Eliza M. Montpelier Aug 5 8/7/1845
Willey, Charles E. of Walden Sulham, Miss Harriet Q. Danville Dec 25 2/17/1848
Williams, Spencer W. of Northfield Holden, Miss Maria M. of Northfield Northfield Jan 19 1/25/1849
Willington, William of Hinesdale, NH Tenney, Miss Lovina of Royalton Royalton May 29 6/20/1850
Wilmerson, William of Walden Weeks, Miss Claris(ana) of Cabot Cabot 30th ult 1/20/1848
Wilson, Charles of Montpelier & Worcester Wilson, Miss Flora S. of Worcester Worcester, MA 2/26/1846
Wilson, David F. of Barton Leonard, Miss Ellen S. of Glover Glover June 22 7/8/1847
Wilson, Henderson C. of Troy Porter, Miss Mary Ann of Troy Troy Oct 22 11/7/1850
Wiltney?, Charles F. of Wolcott Davis, Miss Hannah O. of Wolcott Wolcott 21st inst 8/30/1849
Wing, Melvin, Esq. Bartholomew, Miss Rhoda F. Montpelier 7th inst 1/21/1847
Winship, A. C. Noble, Miss Caroline P. Moretown Feb 28 4/8/1847
Winter, Ira W. of E. Montpelier Steward, Miss Lorenda of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier Feb 6 2/22/1849
Wolcott, J. R. of Barre Tilliston, Miss Charlotte of Orange Orange 6th inst 5/14/1846
Woodbury, Asa H. of Greensboro Clark, Miss Mary of Morgan Morgan Feb 25 3/19/1846
Woodbury, John of Greensboro Goss, Miss Harriet E. of Hardwick Craftsbury March 18 4/2/1846
Woodbury, Samuel W. of Northfield Benton, Miss Harriet B. of Northfield Northfield 22d inst 4/26/1849
Woods, Morris of Guildhall Beard, Miss Rachel of Newbury Orange 25th inst 10/30/1846
Woodward, Darwin of Hanover, NH Bryant, Miss Rhoda M. Irasburgh Sept 14 9/23/1847
Woodworth, George of Troy, NY Green, Miss Sarah M. of Troy, NY Williston Oct 24 11/28/1850
Wooley, Joseph of Derby Line Hovey, Mrs. Ann B. of Brownington Brownington May 20 6/10/1847
Worthen, Andrew of Orange Woolson, Miss Hannah of Plainfield Plainfield Aug 1 8/12/1847
Worthen, Jacob of Orange Richardson, Miss Irena of Topsham Orange Sept 15 9/19/1850
Worthen, Silas Curtiss, Miss Abigail Orange Nov 2(1) 12/5/1850
Wright, James M. of Northfield Lyon, Miss Antoinette M. of Northfield Northfield Jan 3 1/7/1847
Wyatt, William of Randolph Brown, Miss Sarah of Waterbury Hartford 14th inst 5/27/1847
Wyeth, Hollin N. of Stoneham, MA Stiles, Miss Mary Jane of Moretown Middlesex June 22 6/25/1846
Wyman, John Esq. of Chelsea Patton, Miss Susan Ann of Stanstead Stanstead, CE 23d ult 8/8/1850

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