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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue
( )lmer, James of Navy Colby, Mifs Nancy of Navy Navy 2/27/1816
(Nich)ols, Mr. Martin, Miss Abigail Braintree 3/30/1824
__ner, S___ Esq. of St Albans Webb, Miss Sally North Hero 28th ult 10/29/1816
Abbott, Jesse Buzzell, Miss Sarah Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Adams, David Efq. of Waterbury Atkins, Mifs Abagail of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Adams, Moses Folsom, Miss Mary Tunbridge 31st ult 1/14/1823
Allen, Hon. Heman of Colchester, VT Hart, Miss Elizabeth L. of Saybrook, CT New Haven 11/4/1823
Allen, Rev. Jacob Dame, Miss Mercy Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Alvord, Gotton M. of Brookfield Bigelow, Miss Deborah of Brookfield Brookfield 8/17/1819
Amsden, Samuel Haseltine, Miss Abigail of Moretown Stowe 4/30/1822
Atkins, James Coburn, Miss Harriet of Elihu Coburn Esq. Cabot 1/6/1824
Auftin, David of Waterbury Wright, Mifs Pamelia of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Auftin, Orin of Waterbury Hovey, Mifs ___ of Piermont, NH Waterbury 5/28/1816
Ba(iley), Paul Nye, Miss Hannah Berlin 6/2/1818
Babcock, Levi of Arlington Galusha, Miss Julia of Shaftsbury Shaftsbury 3/26/1822
Babitt, Mr. Scott, Miss Betsey Craftsbury Jan 13 1/20/1824
Bacon, Israel Clarke, Miss Peggy Strafford 8/30/1825
Bacon, Josiah of Montpelier Gray, Miss Lydia of Barnard Barnard 2/5/1822
Bacon, Josiah of Montpelier Gray, Miss Lydia Barnard 3/5/1822
Bailey, Flavel Chamberlin, Miss Mary Peacham 5/13/1808
Bailey, Parsons of Peacham Kincaid, Miss Jerusha Topsham 12/14/1824
Ball, Luther of Cabot Lakeman, Miss Laura Peacham 12/10/1822
Bancroft, Dr. Nathaniel of Plainfield Boyden, Miss Hannah of Montpelier Montpelier 1/29/1822
Barber, Truman A. Esq. of Alburgh Griggs, Miss Nancy 29th ult 10/29/1816
Barnard, John of Montpelier Arms, Mrs. Rebecca W. Boston 3/4/1823
Barnard, Linus of Waitsfield Hyde, Mrs. Lucy Berlin 23d inst 3/29/1825
Barnes, Charles of Waterbury Goodwin, Mifs Polly of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Barnes, Ira of Plainfield Coburn, Miss Lucy of Cabot Cabot 1/6/1824
Barney, Hiram of Milton Church, Miss Sophia of Montpelier Milton 20th ult 3/2/1824
Barron, Col. John of Bradford age 57 Smith, Miss Charlotte of Norwich age 27 Fairlee 5/30/1811
Batchelder, Joseph Jr. Johnson, Miss Chloe Plainfield 1/28/1823
Batchelder, Thomas Muchmore, Miss Martha Portsmouth 5/16/1811
Baylies, Horatio N. Barnard, Mrs. Rebecca W. Montpelier 20th inst 12/28/1824
Bennet, Humphrey Esq. Mattocks, Miss Celinda Danville 3/24/1818
Bennet, William Daget, Miss Lidia Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Bennett, Ira Ha(rle)y, Miss Hulda Calais 3/5/1822
Bettis, John Sears, Miss Sophia Calais 3/18/1823
Bickford, Thomas of Waterbury Goodwin, Mifs Betfey of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Bigelow, Zelottus Jr. Steele, Miss Elizabeth L. Brookfield 12/14/1819
Biglow, Capt. Barna of Brookfield Griswold, Miss Lois of Randolph Randolph 12/30/1808
Black, John Hutchins, Miss Laura Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Blaisdell, Parrit Jr. of Montpelier Standish, Miss Betsey of Montpelier Montpelier 1/8/1822
Blake, Amplius of Chelsea Lamb, Miss Fanny Barre 11th inst 5/18/1824
Blanchard, Col. Jacob of Peacham Cameron, Miss Thomas Jefferson Ryegate 27th ult 2/10/1824
Bliss, William Cummings, Miss Patty Calais 4/8/1823
Bowles, David Sawyer, Miss Mary Barre 4/29/1823
Bradford, Rodney Farrington, Miss Mary Barre 3d inst 4/8/1823
Brass, Joseph age 19 of Baltimore Hagon, Mrs. Ann age 58 of Baltimore Baltimore 8/25/1818
Brigham, Alvan of Fayston Baxter, Miss Flora of Moretown Moretown 12/25/1821
Broadway, Thomas Esq., age 85 Bowler, Miss Mariah age 15 Amelia Cty, VA 8/19/1817
Brock, Claudius of Barnet Howard, Miss Chloe Peacham 10/28/1823
Brown, Alfred of Coventry Huntoon, Mifs Roxana of Brownington Brownington 4/23/1816
Brown, Alva of Peacham Bradley, Miss Lucy Danville 6/10/1823
Brown, Anson D. of Waterbury Clark, Miss Morosy Berlin 12/14/1824
Brown, Archelaus of Berlin Strong, Miss Pamela of Berlin Berlin 2/18/1823
Brown, Harry Porter, Miss Amy Danville 6/11/1822
Brown, Lemuel of Waterbury Beffey, Mifs _____ of Stow Waterbury 5/28/1816
Brown, Lucious English, Miss Lucinda Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Brown, Purchase of Waterbury Wells, Miss Mary of Waterbury Waterbury 4/30/1822
Buck, Chester Fisk, Miss Martha Northfield 4/8/1823
Buck, Ira Carpenter, Miss Polly Williamstown 4/14/1818
Buck, Mr. of Bucksport, ME Sommerby, Miss Sarah of Berlin Berlin 12/25/1821
Buswell, James of Peacham Pratt, Miss Chloe of Peacham Peacham 4/16/1822
Buswell, William S. Powers, Miss Susan Marshfield 12/9/1823
Cadwell, A. D. H. Hutchins, Miss Polly Montpelier 25th ult 1/6/1824
Cahoon, George C. of Danville Baylies, Mary R. of Nicholas Baylies Esq. of M. Montpelier Thur last 11/1/1825
Cahoon, Rev. Charles Scott, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury 9th inst 6/22/1824
Calfe, Benjamin P. of Washington Bartholomew, Miss Betsey of Washington Washington 2/22/1825
Cammins, Ira Putnam, Miss Caroline Montpelier 12/23/1823
Camp, Doct. Joel G. Hopkins, Miss Roxana Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Camp, Job G. Persifield, Miss Susan Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Campbell, Henry Holmes, Miss Eliza Montpelier 11/20/1821
Campbell, Rufus Huntington, Miss Roxana Montpelier? 26th inst 12/28/1824
Carr, Samuel Hatch, Miss Olive Montpelier 12/14/1819
Carter, Cyrus Hawley, Mrs. Cynthia Burlington 4/30/1822
Caryl, Willard Esq. of Barnard Browning, Miss Patty of Barre Barre April 20 5/11/1824
Cate, Isaac M'Knight, Miss Clarrissa Montpelier 1/14/1823
Ch(assell), Rev. David of Cambridge, NY Olin, Miss Anstiss of Hon. John H. Olin Shaftsbury 11/27/1821
Chadwick, Rufus York, Miss Mahala Randolph 9/28/1824
Chamberlain, Schyler of Craftsbury Scott, Miss Eliza of Craftsbury Craftsbury 9th inst? 6/22/1824
Chamberlin, Henry of Strafford Bailey, Miss Mary of Berlin Berlin 3/26/1822
Chandler, __ Mr. Blake, Mifs Mehitabel Peacham ? 4/1/1808
Chapman, Cyrus, Esq. Cheeny, Miss Rachel Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Clark, Dr. Alfred Simons, Miss Mindwell Johnson 3/12/1816
Clark, Griffin Abbott, Miss Julia Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Clark, Jeremiah 2d Barrett, Miss Edna Strafford 1st inst 11/10/1825
Clark, Luther Esq. of NYC Brown, Miss Catherine Windsor 19th inst 5/11/1824
Clark, Russell Foster, Miss Florilla Peacham 6/10/1823
Cleaves, Charles Rodney Hawley, Miss Sally Waterbury 1/14/1823
Coban, Harry of Hancock Robison, Miss Melinda P. of Strafford Strafford 12/14/1819
Cobb, Silas W. of Moretown Throup, Mrs. Polly of Randolph Randolph 10/31/1815
Coffin, Molton of Waterbury Cooley, Mrs. Afeneth of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Cole, Elijah Jones, Elizabeth of Edward Jones Durham, ME 29th ult 10/25/1825
Cole, Reubin Jones, Mary of Edward Jones Durham, ME 29th ult 10/25/1825
Collins, Salvin K. Clark, Miss Adeline Montpelier 4th inst 12/9/1823
Comstock, Edson of Washington Foster, Miss Cloe Orange 9/28/1824
Convers, Ira age 16 Lumberton, Miss Lucinda age 13 Marshfield 23d ult 11/1/1825
Cook, Jofhua Jackman, Mifs Sarah Corinth 11/12/1816
Cooper, Ira of Rochester Goodenough, Miss Betsey of Hancock 25th inst 12/18/1821
Corbin, Dr. James Jr. of Newport, NH Nichols, Miss Betsy Burlington 3/2/1824
Cottrill, Mahlon Couch, Miss Catharine S. Montpelier 9/10/1822
Covill, Simeon of Willifton Smith, Mifs Sally of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Crane, Joshua Air, Miss Catharine G. Northfield 4/8/1823
Crosby, Samuel L. of Montpelier Gaylord, Miss Nancy of Berlin Berlin 11/20/1821
Crouch, James Clark, Miss Sally Montpelier 12/10/1822
Currier, David of Peacham Thompson, Miss Alma of Peacham Peacham 4/16/1822
Currier, Jacob of Sut(ton), NH Smith, Mifs Betfey of Irasburgh Irasburgh 2/27/1816
Currier, Samuel of Stow Amsden, Miss Nancy of Stow Stow Jan 19 2/13/1812
Dana, Jofiah Lee, Mifs Huldah Peacham 4/1/1808
Dana, John Page, Miss Betsy of Hardwick Walden 1/14/1823
Danfor(d), Mr. of Ashford, CT Danforth, Miss Clarissa Weathersfield 14th inst 1/29/1822
Darling, Philip Nichols, Miss Polly Northfield 4/8/1823
Davis, ____ Mr. of Williamstown Parker, Miss Hannah Barre 5th inst 5/18/1824
Davis, Ira of Stanstead, LC Haton, Miss Polly Duxbury 4/8/1823
Davis, Jacob Nye, Miss Sally Berlin 1/14/1823
Denny, Rodolphus Frizzle, Miss Eliza Northfield 1/27/1824
Dewey, Asahel Lucus, Miss Welthy Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Dewey, Dr. Julius Y. of Montpelier Perrin, Miss Mary of Berlin Berlin Thur last 6/14/1825
Dewey, Henry Dutton, Mifs Amelia L. Berlin 4th inft 4/9/1816
Dodge, Andrew Jr. Kelton, Miss Aartemissa Montpelier 3/4/1823
Dodge, Joseph Thomson, Miss ___ Barre 3/24/1818
Dodge, Nathaniel Clark, Miss Polly Barre 1/6/1824
Dodge, Thomas Jr. Sprague, Miss Lefa Montpelier, last Sun 7/11/1811
Donoghue, William Orvis, Mifs Martha Windfor 3/19/1816
Dorr, Hollis of Coventry Gardner, Mifs Loifa of Coventry Coventry 2/27/1816
Doty, Edmund Burgess, Mrs. Betsy Montpelier 12/30/1823
Downs, Bartlet A. Upe, Miss Elizabeth Charlestown, S.C. 8/25/1818
Drake, Larned Esq. Darling, Miss Polly Braintree Sept 20? 11/6/1821
Dudley, Jonathan Reed, Miss Eliza Montpelier 11/19/1822
Dudley, Willard of Montpelier Knap, Miss Polly of Moretown Moretown 4/30/1822
Dutton, Major Ormond of Montpelier Dorr, Miss Mary Keene, NH 11th inst 2/24/1824
Eaftman, John Annis, Mifs Martha Corinth 11/12/1816
Eaton, Lyman Hubbard, Miss Philinda Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Eaton, Timothy Densmore, Miss Sarah Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Edmunds, Charles of Hardwick Pollard, Miss Mary D. of Barre Barre 13th inst 6/23/1825
Egarfon, Benjamin of Waterbury Atkins, Mifs Sophia of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Ellis, John of Berlin Buck, Miss Caroline of Stockbridge, MA Stockbridge, MA 2/8/1825
Emerson, John Sloan, Miss Jerusha of Barre Calais 19th inst 10/28/1823
Emory, John of Washington Richardson, Miss Sarah Orange 9/28/1824
Farnfworth, John Hartshorn, Mifs Abigail Danville 3/12/1816
Farnham, Afa Whitney, Miss Rhoda Waterford 3/12/1816
Farnsworth, Hon. Joseph D. of Fairfield Richardson, Miss Nancy S. Montpelier 23d inst 2/24/1824
Fay, Apollos Hudson, Miss Celia Hardwick, MA 8/12/1817
Fields, Johnson of Peacham Health, Miss Polly of Peacham Peacham 8/20/1820
Fifher, Timothy of Irasburgh Johnfon, Mifs Millefon of Irasburgh Irasburgh 4/23/1816
Fisk, Perrin B. Blaisdell, Miss Azubah Montpelier 5/9/1815
Fisk, Richmond Matteson, Miss Urania Shaftsbury 4/6/1824
Flagg, Daniel Carter, ___ Widow Corinth 11/12/1816
Flagg, Daniel of Berlin Wright, Miss Selinda of Hanover, NH Hanover, NH 2/8/1825
Flanders, John age 69 Baily, Miss age 62 Berlin 1/14/1823
Flint, Jesse of Worcester Davis, Miss Fanny of Middlesex Middlesex 12/13/1814
Folsom, Shadrack W. of Chelsea King, Miss Asenith B. Tunbridge 1st inst 1/14/1823
Forbes, Charles of Windsor Cheney, Persis H. of Col. Wm. Cheney of N. Newport, NH Mon last 6/15/1824
Foster, Daniel of Newburyport Tullar, Miss Charry of Rev. Martin Tuller of Royalton Tiverton 6/13/1811
Freeman, Nathan of Plainfield Freeman, Mrs. Efther of Plainfield Plainfield 5/2/1815
French, Otis Thompson, Miss Clarissa Barre 1/13/1824
Fuller, Leonard Smith, Miss Sally Brookfield 24th 3/2/1824
Gale, Dr. Paul of Barre Baker, Widow of Middlesex Middlesex 14th inst 3/19/1822
Gaylord, Asa Barker, Miss Eleanor C. Montpelier 28th ult 1/4/1825
Gerry, Salmon Lowel, Miss Polly of Walden Marshfield 12/9/1823
Gery, Bachus P. Dwinell, Miss Orra Marshfield 1/11/1825
Gilman, Doct John of Calais Curtis, Miss Ruth of Col Caleb Curtis of Calais Calais May 27 6/22/1819
Gilman, Lt. Harvy Markham, Miss Nancy Montpelier 7/18/1815
Gilman, Solomon Marsh, Miss Chloe Calais 3/5/1822
Gilson, John Stearns, Miss Lucy Reading March 31 4/20/1824
Goodenough, Capt Asa Spafford, Miss Patty Hancock 12/25/1821
Goodhue, Rev. Josiah T. of Williston Hooker, Miss Betsey of Dr. T. Hooker Rutland 6/22/1824
Goodman, John Percy, Miss Wealthy Morristown 9/16/1808
Goodrich, Rev. Allen of Middletown Webster, Miss Julia of Noah Webster Esq. Amherst, MA 10/29/1816
Gould, William of Barton Whitney, Mifs Lucinda of Glover Glover 4/23/1816
Grant, James Smith, Miss Nancy Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Gray, John Castle, Miss Dilia Middletown 9/10/1822
Gray, John Jr. M'Knight, Miss Sally Montpelier 24th ult 12/3/1822
Grow, Asa Kibbee, Miss Mary Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
H(imel)y, Robert of Barre Dutton, Miss Relief of Berlin Berlin 4th inst 11/20/1821
Hagar, Thomas of Montreal Fitch, Mifs Mary of Weybridge Weybridge 11/20/1807
Hale, Henry Norris, Mifs Ruth Corinth 11/12/1816
Hale, Jonathan Hale, Mifs Rhoda Corinth 11/12/1816
Hammond, John A. of Middlebury Keeler, Miss Fanny B. of Middlebury Middlebury 11th inst 3/23/1824
Hammond, John C. Esq. Ladd, Miss Nancy Thetford 4/20/1824
Harrington, George Y. of Burlington Pem(aman), Miss Adelia A. Granville, NY last Wed 2/4/1823
Harris, Thomas J. Esq. Smith, Miss Emeline of Gen. F. Smith Strafford 12/6/1825
Harvey, Capt Alexander of Ryegate Cameron, Miss Betsey of Ryegate Ryegate Nov 27 12/18/1821
Harvey, Nehemiah of Montpelier King, Miss Sophronia Newport, NH 11/5/1822
Haskel, Aretas Silver, Miss Sally Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Hatch, Eli Dove, Miss Eunice Stockbridge 12/11/1807
Hathaway, Elnathan of Calais Baffett, Mrs. Efther Montpelier Wed last 2/20/1816
Hathaway, Lot of Montpelier Watson, Miss Roxalena of Lyndon Lyndon 12/9/1823
Hathaway, Paul Hamblin, Miss Clarissa Montpelier 12/9/1823
Health, John of Peacham Fields, Miss Polly of Peacham Peacham 8/20/1820
Henry, David Collamer, Miss Betsey Burlington 9/10/1822
Henry, Gilman of Pomfret Vickery, Miss Jerusha of Pomfret Stowe 16th inst 3/30/1824
Herrick, Johnathan Cole, Miss Drucilla M. Calais 1/4/1825
Hewitt, Daniel Edwards, Miss Betsey Montpelier 2/22/1825
Hidden, William of Albany Pember, ( ) of Randolph Randolph 18th inst 3/30/1824
Hoit, William Skillinger, Miss Abigail Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
House, Eleazer Johnson, Miss Aphea C. Moretown 11/10/1818
Howard, William Sargent, Miss Hannah Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Howes, Joseph of Montpelier Wilder, Miss Patty of Norwich Norwich 6/10/1808
Hoyt, Fowler W. of Manchester Ripley, Miss Cynthia R. of Rutland Rutland May 1 5/18/1824
Hubbard, Calvin Pingrey, Miss Dorcas Montpelier 6/11/1822
Hudson, Jacob of Waterbury Locke, Miss Arathusa of Duxbury Duxbury 4/30/1822
Hull, Caleb F. Towsley, Miss Maretta Burlington 25th ult 1/14/1823
Hunt, Simeon Folsom, Mrs. Elizabeth Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Huntington, Charles Brown, Miss Sally Montpelier 20th inst 11/29/1825
Huntoon, Bemsley of Montpelier Nye, Miss Florinda of Berlin Berlin 5/28/1812
Hutchins, H. L. Burbank, Miss Abigail Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Ingalls, Waldo of Brookfield Webb, Miss Minerva Barre 1/13/1824
Ingham, Hon. Oliver of Canaan Newell, Widow Catharine Peacham 3/12/1816
Ives, Levi of Ludlow Smith, Miss Nancy Reading 4/20/1824
Jackman, Levi of Berlin Flint, Mifs Hannah of Berlin Braintree 4/4/1815
Jennings, Stephen Quimby, Miss Roxana of Woodbury Calais 1/27/1824
Jillson, Warren Adams, Miss Laura Williamstown 4/14/1818
Johnson, Andrew Benton, Miss Polly Moretown 9/28/1824
Johnson, Franklin Brown, Miss Parmelia Worcester 3/25/1823
Johnson, George Manly, Miss Parmy age 13 Milton 1/14/1823
Johnson, Moody Wilson, Miss Amy Brookfield 9th inst 12/16/1823
Jones, Daniel of Randolph Pratt, Miss Rhoda Hancock 16th May 6/22/1819
Jones, Watfon of Montpelier Warner, Miss Betfey of Randolph Randolph 3/26/1816
Jordan, Armond, of Duxbury Wells, Miss Cynthia of Duxbury Duxbury Nov 27 12/25/1821
Jordan, James of Plainfield, NH Willey, Miss Eunice Middlesex 3/24/1818
Judd, Ira Abbott, Miss Mary Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Keith, Leonard of Barre Choat, Miss Nancy Piermont, NH 5th inst 2/17/1824
Kellogg, Enos Jr. of Montpelier M'Alafter, Miss Peggy Berlin Wed last 4/2/1816
Kelton, Cyrenus G. Templeton, Miss Polly Montpelier 18th inst 2/25/1823
Kelton, Ona of Calais Boyden, Miss Betsy Montpelier, last Sun 7/4/1811
Kibling, Stilman Hatch, Miss Adeline Strafford 11/10/1825
Kidd, Archibald Baldwin, Mifs Louifa Montpelier 12/16/1808
Kilton, Sabin of Irasburgh Davis, Mifs Lydia of Irasburgh Irasburgh 4/23/1816
Kimball, Hezekiah Frost, Miss Mary Topsham ? 12/14/1824
Kinion, John W. Bump, Miss Asenath Shaftsbury 11/27/1821
Knapp, Oliver Cheny, Mifs Clariffa Corinth 11/12/1816
Lamb, Centre Lamb, Miss Amanda G. Barre 25th ult 11/1/1825
Lamb, Reuben A. of Bethel Blake, Miss Alma S. of Chelsea Chelsea 28th ult 11/10/1825
Lamb, Zebina Painter, Miss Susan Middlebury 28th ult 4/6/1824
Lamfon, Jofeph King, Mifs (Posy) Corinth 11/12/1816
Lamphier, Theron Packard, Miss Anna Montpelier 6/2/1814
Langdon, Major James H. of Montpelier Robbins, Miss Nabby of Lexington Lexington, MA 7/7/1809
Laport, Nicholas M'Claflin, Miss Polly Brookfield 19th inst 3/2/1824
Larabee, Benjamin Freeman, Miss Sally Plainfield 10/17/1824
Latham, Arthur Jr. of Lyme Hinkley, Miss Caroline Orford, NH 4/12/1825
Lincoln, Sumner of Western Mass. Smith, Miss Eliza New Haven 2/4/1823
Lindfey, David of Stanftead, LC Ide, Mifs Lucretia of Coventry Coventry 2/27/1816
Livingfton, Amafa Bailey, Mifs Sally Peacham ? 4/1/1808
Lock, David Bickford, Mifs Olivia Corinth 11/12/1816
Loomis, Azro Burbank, Miss Sufan Montpelier 7/7/1814
Loomis, Jeduthun Esq. of Montpelier Brigham, Miss Sophia Salem, MA 10/29/1822
Luce, Mr. Hutchins, Miss Polly Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Lyman, Abel Esq. Bigelow, Miss Ester Brookfield Tues last 1/20/1824
Lyman, George of Troy, NY Robinson, Mrs. Catherine of Bennington Bennington 4/6/1824
Lyon, Stephen Lamb, Miss Rebecca South Carolina Jan 1 2/18/1817
Magoon, Jofeph Carr, Mifs Polly Corinth 11/12/1816
Mallery, Ogden Edmunds, Miss Orra Rochester, NY 2/4/1823
Mann, Samuel Farnham, Miss Lydia Waterford 3/12/1816
Mann, Solomon Jr. of Littleton, NH Killam, Mifs Fanny of Irasburgh Irasburgh 2/27/1816
Marcy, Samuel of Montpelier Day, Miss Lucia Woodstock 1/14/1823
Marfhal, Davis Huntley, Mifs Welthy Duxbury 5/28/1816
Martin, James of Marshfield Sibley, Miss Irena Calais 11/19/1822
Matteson, Daniel Marteson, Miss Almina Shaftsbury 11/27/1821
McFarland, Am( ) Kenney, Widow Rebecca Barnard 3/19/1816
McIntier, Rufus Blackmore, Miss Lois Montpelier, last Thur 2/13/1812
M'Clentock, Luman Brigham, Miss Laura of Norwich, VT Elmore 8/23/1825
Mead, Eleazer of Hinesburgh Nye, Miss Hansey of Montpelier Montpelier 20th inst? 11/29/1825
Mears, Zebadiah M'Donald, Miss Mary Peacham 9/10/1822
Merriam, Luther of Millbury Marsh, Miss Susan G. of Ward, MA Ward, MA 2/17/1824
Merril, Samuel Loverin, Mifs Mary Corinth 11/12/1816
Merrill, Jesse, MD of Salisbury, NH Johnson, Miss Sally of Peacham Peacham Tues last 6/27/1820
Merrill, Timothy Esq. of Montpelier Fassett, Miss Clara of Cambridge Cambridge 1/30/1812
Mills, Samuel Deming, Miss Mary Burlington 12/6/1814
Miner, Amos Hopkins, Miss Betsey Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Minott, Hosea Fisher, Miss Matilda Middlesex 20th inst 11/29/1825
Moffitt, Mr. Cheney, Miss Asseneth Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Moody, David Smith, Miss Patty Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Moor, John Clough, Miss Lenora Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Morfe, Ephraim Wells, Mifs Betfy Peacham 1/15/1808
Morfe, Jofeph of Cabot age 18 Ainfworth, Sally age 16 of Woodbury Woodbury 7th inst 9/12/1815
Morrill, Jeremiah of Tunbridge Morrill, Miss Sally of Danville Danville 3/30/1824
Mulliken, Mofes Walker, Mifs Mary Peacham 5/13/1817
Nafh, Pliny Larkum, Mrs. Fanny Danville 6/17/1808
Nash, John Gale, Miss Abigail Duxbury 9/16/1808
Newcomb, Lt J. D. of US Army Day, Miss Lavinia of Dr. Sylvester Day of Mtpl Sacketts Harbor 8th inst 8/23/1825
Newel, Augustus Barns, Miss Lucretia Charlotte 28th ult 6/17/1823
Nichols, Amrus of Northfield Hutchinson, Miss Sally of John Hutchinson Braintree 1/27/1824
Nichols, George W. Fessenden, Miss Nancy of Rev. Thomas Fessenden Walpole 12/11/1807
Nichols, Isaac of Braintree Lyon, Miss Hannah of Braintree Braintree 12/14/1824
Norais, Ezekiel Wells, Mifs Polly Corinth 11/12/1816
Norcross, Capt. James Blanchard, Miss Elenor Woodbury Nov 26 12/7/1824
Norton, Nathan of Glover Wing, Mifs Sally of Glover Glover 4/23/1816
Nye, Elijah of Berlin Barnard, Miss Electa of Sharon Sharon 2/5/1822
Olmstead, Anson of Elmore Walbridge, Miss Betsey Wolcott 6/11/1822
Ordeway, Zephaniah K. Emery, Miss Anna Reading 4/20/1824
Ordway, Benjamin Gillman, Widow ____ Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Orvis, Uriel H. Boynton, Miss Nancy Montpelier 9/30/1808
Osgood, John Fairchild, Miss Ruth Peacham 7/1/1808
Paddock, Dr. Wm. of Burlington Corning, Miss Emily Williston 4/30/1822
Page, Thomas of Hardwick Ward, Miss Mercy Walden 1/14/1823
Parcher, David of Waterbury Darling, Mifs ______ of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Parker, Josiah Fenney, Miss Lydia P. Montpelier 1/28/1823
Patridge, John M. Emerson, Miss Charlotte of Elisha Emerson of N Norwich 3/5/1822
Patterson, Dr. Anizl of Barre Fellows, Widow Washington 3/19/1822
Paul, James of Northfield Chafee, Miss Sally Williamstown 4/8/1823
Peaslee, Hon. Daniel age 49 Pepper, Miss Lucy age 17 Washington, VT 11/19/1822
Peck, Naum of Hinesburgh Wheeler, Miss Lucinda Montpelier 3d inst 10/11/1825
Perry, Daniel Doty, Miss Betsy Montpelier 3/18/1823
Phelps, Damer of Ft Co( ), NY Warren, Miss Lovicy of Montpelier Montpelier 2/19/1822
Philips, Moses Roberts, Miss Anny Duxbury 4/8/1823
Phillips, Daniel of Duxbury Corss, Miss Chloe of Duxbury Duxbury 4/30/1822
Phillips, Roderick of Duxbury Corss, Miss Thankful of Duxbury Duxbury 4/30/1822
Pierce, Prosper A. Clark, Miss Maria   9/28/1824
Pierce, Samuel of Berlin Bailey, Miss Matilda of Berlin Berlin ? 7th inst 2/15/1825
Pierce, Stephen age 49 Southwick, Mifs Mary age 28 of Barre Calais 9/12/1815
Pitkin, Alfred Washburn, Miss Orpha Montpelier 26th inst 2/3/1824
Pitkin, Truman of Marshfield Davis, Miss Rebecca M. Montpelier 1/14/1823
Pollard, John of Barre Freeman, Miss Adeline of Barre Barre Thur last 5/11/1824
Porter, Dr. Benjamin Fullerton, Miss Sophia Northfield 6/18/1822
Porter, Nathaniel Jr. of Lebanon, NH Walton, Miss Nancy Peacham 1/16/1816
Powers, Heman of Williston Nash, Miss Isabella dau of Benjamin Nash Montpelier ? 10/26/1824
Powers, John Cooke, Mifs Elona Corinth 11/12/1816
Pratt, Maj. Samuel White, Miss Anna of Ebenezer White Esq. of B. Braintree Sept 20 11/6/1821
Prentiss, Ashur Glynn, Miss Sophia Bennington 2/4/1823
Prescott, Samuel of Montreal Pettes, Miss Mary Windsor 10/29/1816
Preston, Charles of Brookfield (Searle), ________ of Randolph Randolph 8/17/1819
Pulcipher, Oran Kings, Miss Judah Kingston 12/14/1819
Putnam, Abijah, Esq. Martin, Miss Margaret Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Putnam, Capt. Isaac Daggett, Mrs. Sally Montpelier 10/26/1824
Rano, Mr. Boman, Miss Lucy Hancock 12/14/1819
Raymond, Thomas J. Topliff, Miss Eunice Bridgewater 16th ult 2/4/1823
Reed, Samuel Gillet, Miss Mary Newbury 1/13/1824
Rice, Amos Houghton, Miss Harriet Middlesex 7th inst 3/2/1824
Richardfon, Lt. Nathaniel M. C. Richardfon, Mifs Betfey of Topfham Orange 5/7/1816
Richardfon, Mafter Benjamin age 19 Root, Widow Lydia age 38 Fairfax 3/12/1816
Richards, Jacob of Navy age 15 Dawing, Mifs Mary of Afcott age 35 Afcott, LC 2/27/1816
Richards, Linus of Barre Tuthill, Miss Maria Montpelier 12/9/1823
Richardson, Dyan of Montpelier Hutchins, Miss L(ouisa) of Montpelier Montpelier 2/19/1822
Richardson, Jeremiah Smith, Miss Belinda Barre 1/13/1824
Richardson, Lt. Carr of Orange Emery, Miss Sally of Washington Washington 2/22/1825
Roberts, Stephen Russell, Miss Clarrissa Strafford 8/30/1825
Roberts, Ziba of Williamstown Currier, Miss Sarah of Berlin Berlin May 11 5/18/1824
Robinfon, Nathan Efq. of Stow Wheeler, Mrs. Lydia of Woodftock Woodftock 3/3/1808
Robinson, Nathan Jr. of Stow Moody, Mifs Mary of Stow Stow 3/18/1808
Rogers, Dr. Ralph of Antwerp, NY Corss, Miss Sally Waterbury 24th ult 3/4/1823
Rogers, John Hadley, Mifs Hepzibah Corinth 11/12/1816
Rogers, Samuel of Stanbridge, L.C. age 78 Joy, Mifs Elfrida age 15 Richford, VT 1/15/1808
Ross, S(ue)l Roberts, Miss Sally Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Rowell, David Camp, Miss Annias Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Russell, Gideon G. Plant, Miss Sarah dau of Eli Plant Weathersfield 8/12/1817
Sanborn, Thomas Clemeat, Miss Lydia Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Sargeant, Capt. Thomas of Warren, VT Richardson, Miss Laura Tolland, CT Jan 29 3/2/1824
Sargent, Leonard Esq. of Manchester Raymond, Miss Phebe of Manchester Manchester 10th inst 3/23/1824
Scott, Jonas French, Miss Roxelana S. Barre 1/13/1824
Sears, Harper Churchill, Miss Susan W. Stow 2/25/1823
Seaver, Hyman Jillson, Miss Cynthia Williamstown 4/14/1818
Sherman, Royal of Waterbury Pomroy, Widow Abigail of Waterbury Waterbury 4/30/1822
Shippa, Jesse of Hatley Brown, Miss Sena of Hydepark Hydepark 10/28/1823
Sibley, Derick of Montpelier Risley, Miss Abigail of Marshfield Marshfield last Tues 6/11/1812
Simpson, Dr. Martin P. of Piermont, NH Gillet, Miss Cyntha of Hartford, VT Hartford, VT 9/17/1816
Sinclair, Noah of Essex Persons, Miss Lucinda Montpelier last Sun 4/30/1812
Skinner, Nathan of Plainfield Nash, Miss Narcissa Montpelier 12/30/1823
Sleeper, Robert Eafton, Mifs Jane Corinth 11/12/1816
Smith, Capt Sidney Bailey, Miss Phebe of Wm. Bailey Esq. Plattsburgh last Sun 9/3/1816
Smith, Earl Bushnell, Miss Fanny Waitsfield 11/10/1818
Smith, Jonathan S. of Barre Putney, Miss Betsey of Peacham Peacham 12/28/1824
Smith, Josiah of Lexington Wyman, Miss Lucinda of Montpelier Lexington, MA 6/23/1818
Smith, Mafter James N., age 17 Goodenough, Widow Ruhamah age 31 Berlin 3/12/1816
Smith, Maj. Stafford Peak, Miss Betsey Bethel 5/20/1808
Smith, Obadiah Holbrook, Miss ___ Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Smith, Rodney Rider, Mifs Betfey Waitsfield 4/4/1815
Smith, Samuel N. of Windsor Williams, Miss Lois D. of Brookfield Brookfield 2/15/1825
Southwell, Ebenezer L. of Elizabethtown, NY Crosby, Miss Lucy of Berlin Montpelier 16th inst 10/25/1825
Southwick, Samuel Stodard, Widow Montpelier 12/30/1823
Spear, Seavy Merrill, Mifs Sufan Corinth 11/12/1816
Spooner, Thomas McIntofh, Mifs Birfha Barnard 3/19/1816
Sprague, Lambert Sabin, Miss Polly of Woodbury Marshfield 12/9/1823
Stanley, Dea. David age 69 Mellendy, Miss Patience age 58 Keene, NH 10/3/1815
Stebbins, Chester of Boston Harrod, Miss Elizabeth M. of Haverhill Haverhill, MA 12/11/1807
Steele, Jason Esq. Converse, Miss Harriet Randolph 3/26/1822
Stevens, Lemuel of Hanover, NH Kellogg, Miss Mary H. of Montpelier Montpelier 11/27/1821
Stiles, Alvah of Northfield Flint, Miss Sarah of Roxbury Roxbury 3d inst 4/12/1825
Stone, John K. Spooner, Miss Betsey Manchester 9/10/1822
Stowe, William Banifter, Mifs Abigail Windfor 7/30/1816
Strong, Aaron Jr. Phelps, Miss Asenath Berlin 26th ult 11/1/1825
Sturtevant, Cyrus of Barton Wyman, Mifs Phoebe of Irasburgh Irasburgh 2/27/1816
Sturtevant, Ezra of Barton Merrifield, Mifs Lucy of Craftsbury Craftsbury 2/27/1816
Sumner, Henry of Barnet Hoit, Mifs Mary Peacham ? 4/1/1808
Swett, John of Hardwick Gates, Miss Sarah of Morristown Walden 1/14/1823
Tappan, Weare of Newport, NH Atkins, Miss Lucinda of Waterbury, VT Claremont Dec 25 2/11/1817
Taylor, Daniel of Berlin Steward, Miss Sally of Berlin Berlin 6/11/1812
Taylor, Hiram of Berlin Buck, Miss Emily New Lebanon, NY 2/24/1824
Temple, Robert Esq. of Rutland Green, Miss Charlotte Windsor 8/25/1818
Tenny, A. C. Taplin, Mifs Lavina Corinth 11/12/1816
Thayer, Levi Barns, Miss Lydia Fayston 12/28/1824
Thornton, Jesse Esq. Carpenter, Miss Lucinda Moretown 23d inst 11/29/1825
Tobey, Richard W. Tucker, Miss Lydia of Calais Calais 10/29/1822
Tophff, Capt James Palmer, Mifs Sarah Bridgewater 3/12/1816
Tossy, Robert Darling, Miss Phebe Groton 9/10/1822
Tower, Chancey B. Warner, Miss Penelope Cornwall 12/18/1821
Town, David of Waterbury McDole, Mrs. Olive of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Towner, Lyman Curtiss, Miss Sally Orange 2/22/1825
Townsend, George Cummings, Miss Harriet Plainfield 10/17/1824
Tucker, Jared D. Tracy, Miss Achsach Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817
Tufts, Thomas Day, Miss Martha Montpelier 20th inst 11/25/1823
Turner, Liman Bruce, Miss Betsey Duxbury 12/3/1822
Turner, William W. Peaslee, Miss Lucinda M. Wethersfield, CT 2/4/1823
Upham, Samuel Jr. of Montpelier Hatch, Miss Sally of Middlesex Middlesex 4/28/1818
Vance, Thomas A. of Braintree Fay, Miss Maria of Braintree Braintree 12/14/1824
Varney, Andrew of Hamburgh, NY Stevens, Miss Mary Montpelier 2d inst 5/17/1825
Vesper, John C. Knights, Miss Eunice Thetford 9th ult 8/30/1825
Vincent, Michael Mitchel, Mifs Hannah of St. Armond, LC Huntsburgh 8/1/1815
Vose, John of Berlin Hill, Miss Betsey of Berlin Berlin last Thurs 6/2/1814
Wade, Charles of Berlin Mowers, Miss Elizabeth of Corinth Corinth 4/29/1823
Waffon, Mofes Dearborn, Mifs Polly Corinth 11/12/1816
Waffon, Robert Rogers, Mifs Betfey Corinth 11/12/1816
Wait, Rufus Galusha, Miss Ruth Shaftsbury 4/6/1824
Walbridge, Daniel of Wolcott Brown, Miss Roxana of Peacham Wolcott 6/11/1822
Walker, Orsemus Waters, Miss Adeline Barre 6th inst 2/15/1825
Wallis, Frederick of Duxbury Marfhal, Mifs Sylva of Waterbury Waterbury 5/28/1816
Walter, David Millingham, Miss Anna Shaftsbury 11/27/1821
Warren, Tolls Bailey, Miss Hannah Berlin 10th inst 10/17/1824
Waters, Elijah D. Hinsdill, Miss Eliza Ann Bennington 22d inst 10/11/1825
Webster, Alfred of Roxbury Harwood, Miss Lydia of Braintree Braintree 12/14/1824
Wheeler, Benjamin H. Lord, Mifs Huldah Middlebury 11/20/1807
Wheeler, Louis Durkee, Miss Susan Randolph 13th inst 2/25/1823
Wheeler, William Smith, Miss Sophia Waitsfield 8/25/1818
Wheelock, Henry Ferry, Miss Eleanor Johnson 3/12/1816
Wheelock, John of Hinesburgh Washburn, Miss Lucretia of Montpelier Montpelier 14th inst 4/20/1824
Wheelock, Perez Cole, Miss Eliza Calais 1/27/1824
White, Capt Ira Reed, Miss Eliza Newbury 1/27/1824
White, Jesse Tucker, Miss Lovisa age 13 Calais 4/8/1823
Whitelaw, James Esq. of Ryegate Harvie, Mrs. Janet of Barnet Aug 29 9/12/1815
Whitelaw, William Harvey, Miss Hellen Ryegate 6/10/1823
Whitney, John of Hardwick Sawins, Miss Phebe of Marshfield Walden 1/14/1823
Willard, John J. of Barre Clark, Miss Lucy P. Montpelier 12/7/1824
Williams, Levi of Northfield Scott, Miss Betsey of Barre Barre 5th inst 2/1/1825
Williams, Nehemiah Gorham, Mifs Abigail Danville 12/18/1807
Willson, Maj. James Jr. of Keene, NH Richardson, Miss Mary L. Montpelier 26th ult 12/2/1823
Wilson, John Dodge, Miss Clarissa Barre 8/19/1817
Wing, Chriftopher C. Wheeler, Miss Nancy Montpelier Thur last 4/2/1816
Wing, David of Montpelier Farwell, Miss Cynthia Barre 30th ult 1/13/1824
Witherell, Elijah of Montpelier Bailey, Mifs Lucretia of Berlin Berlin 12/18/1807
Wood, James Quimby, Miss Pa(t)hune Wolcott 6/11/1822
Wood, Zenas of Montpelier Washburn, Miss Randolph 7/23/1822
Woods, Newel of Waterford Field, Miss Mary Peacham 27th ult 2/10/1824
Woods, Winslow Newton, Miss Lydia Barnard 10th inst 3/30/1824
Worcester, Rev. Leonard of Peacham Woodbury, Miss Eunice of Salem, MA Salem, MA 2/1/1820
Wright, Rev. Chester of Montpelier Whitney, Miss Charlotte C. Royalton 5/30/1811
Young, Nathan of Warren, PA Burton, Mifs Lucy of Irasburgh Irasburgh 2/27/1816
Yourin, Joseph Wright, Mrs. Sarah Tunbridge 1816 2/11/1817

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