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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Name Town Issue Date
( ), child, age (3), 3d, child of Jonathan M. ( ) Orange 5/9/1826
Abbott, Nancy, age 37, consort of Jacob Abbott, Esq. Groton 8/21/1827
Adams, child, age 1 year, of Rufus Adams Randolph 5/9/1826
Adams, Hannah, 16th inst Brookline, MA 1/9/1832
Adams, Lucinda, age 14, dau of Joseph Adams Middlebury 6/30/1829
Adams, Mary W. Miss, age 31, 8th inst Rockingham 4/28/1829
Adams, Miriam, age 54, wife of Jesse Adams Esq. Cavendish 1/18/1831
Adams, Roswell, Esq., age 75, March 23 Brookfield 4/7/1829
Aiken, Elizabeth Widow, age 90, 23d ult Benson 2/10/1829
Ainsworth, Rebecca, age 71, June 13, wife of Amariah Ainsworth Tunbridge 6/28/1831
Alden, Elijah, Esq., age 82 Strafford 2/6/1832
Alden, Josiah, Capt., age 80 Strafford 2/6/1832
Aldrich, Isaiah, age 78, 28th ult Hartland 7/10/1827
Alford, ___ Mrs., age 93 St. Albans 1/6/1829
Allen, Ammi B., age 30, 12th inst Norwich 4/17/1827
Allen, Jude, age 93 Norwich 6/28/1831
Allen, Mary Widow, age 77, 18th ult Eaton, L. C. 2/8/1831
Ames, Mary Widow, age 79, Nov 12, died with Stephen Cole family Charleston 4/17/1827
Amsden, Joel Capt., age 51, 15th ult Lebanon, NH 2/9/1830
Anair, Solomon, age 66, July 31, fell from load of hay and broke his neck Chelsea 8/10/1830
Andrus, Amanda, age 4, Feb 2, dau of Merrill Andrus Orange 2/6/1832
Arbuckle, Jane, age 73, Sept 27, wife of Joseph Arbuckle, of consumption for 9 years Berlin 10/5/1830
Arnold, John Fray, age 18 months, 20th inst, of Dan Arnold Hinesburgh 10/5/1830
Arnold, Josiah Capt., died Winchester, NH St Johnsbury 3/23/1830
Arnold, Samuel, age 35 Brandon 6/30/1829
Arnold, Samuel, age 35 Brandon 7/7/1829
Ashcraft, William, age 81, Oct 13 Northfield 10/24/1831
Atherton, Ozias, age 42, last Friday Moretown 4/12/1831
Atkins, Philander, age 28, May 30 Waterbury 6/9/1829
Atwater, David, age 67 Woodbridge, CT 7/7/1829
Austin, Mary Widow, age 54 Orwell 4/28/1829
Austin, Samuel Rev., age 70, 4th inst, late President of UVM & pastor at Worcester, MA Glastonbury, CT 12/28/1830
Avery, David, 3d inst, prob fell from a log while while cutting timber, recently married Coventry & Cornish, NH 3/22/1831
Ayer, Calvin, age 19, 8th ult St Johnsbury 6/2/1829
Ayer, William, age 74, June 6, patriot of the revolution Fisherfield, NH 6/26/1827
Ayres, Moses, age 35 Milton 6/30/1829
Babbitt, A(rn)on, Mr., age 27 Bethel 3/17/1829
Bacon, Samuel, age 24, Wed last, only son of Widow Bacon Peacham at Berlin 7/3/1827
Bagley, Caroline Frances, age 2, 25th ult, dau of Philip & Sophia Bagley West Topsham 4/12/1831
Bagley, Jonathan J., age 2, 27th ult, son of Nathan Jr. & Nancy Bagley West Topsham 4/12/1831
Bagley, Jonathan, age 70, Revolutionary Soldier Brandon 8/24/1830
Bailey, Caroline Eliza, age 3, June 27, dau of Jesse Bailey Barnet 7/17/1827
Bailey, Ednah, age 14 mos, 5th ult, dau of George W. Bailey Elmore 2/3/1829
Bailey, James, Esq., age 51, 6th inst Athens 1/23/1832
Bailey, Sally, age 44, Feb 11, wife of Caleb Bailey Middlesex 3/1/1831
Bailey, Webster, age 82, Feb 7 Newbury 3/2/1830
Baker, Deborah, wife of Col. Samuel Baker Greensboro 12/12/1831
Baldwin, Edwin, age 9, 7th inst, son of Benjamin P. Baldwin, Esq., of spotted fever Bradford 3/21/1826
Baldwin, Maryette, age 2, Feb 26, dau of Dr. Eleazer Baldwin Strafford 3/13/1827
Bancroft, Edward, age 24, 26th ult Waterville 1/12/1830
Banister, Ruth Mrs., age 100 y 5 m 16 d, 3d ult Bethel 3/13/1827
Barber, Peter Esq., age 73, patriot of the Revolution Antrim, NH 6/30/1829
Barbour, Ruth Widow, age 84, 5th inst Burke 10/31/1831
Barker, Sarah, age 64 y 9 m, Nov 25, wife of Lt. Peter Barker, consumption for 10 years Grafton, NH 12/26/1826
Barnes, ___ Mrs., Oct 2, wife of Joseph Barnes Montpelier 10/10/1831
Barnes, Solon T., age 14, 17th ult Stowe 2/6/1832
Barrett, __ Mrs., age 43, 8th inst, wife of Martin Barrett Esq. Strafford 2/15/1831
Barrows, Ruth, age 49, Jan 27, wife of Ebenezer Barrows Stow 2/6/1832
Bartholomew, Timothy Esq., age 85, Feb 20 (item) Thetford 3/1/1831
Bartholowmew, Mary, age about 36, Feb 5, wife of George Bartholowmew Brownington 3/16/1830
Bartlett, Mary, age 21, Aug 6, dau of Hon. Ezra Bartlett Haverhill, NH 8/24/1830
Barton, Joseph Maj., age 80, officer of the revolution Reading, MA 5/22/1827
Bassett, Lydia, age 84, widow of Seth Bassett Hinesburgh 3/29/1831
Batchelder, Increase, Dea., age about 83, July 7 Northwood, NH 10/23/1827
Batchelder, Joseph, age about 55, Oct 6, son of Dea. Increase Batchelder Northwood, NH 10/23/1827
Batchelder, Martha, age 70, May 19, wife of John Batchelder, of palsy shock Kensington at Epson, NH 6/16/1829
Batchelder, Mary, age 44, April 1, 1827, w/o Abraham Batchelder Jr., d/o Increase Batchelder Northwood, NH 10/23/1827
Batchelder, Nancy, age about 80, Sept 15, widow of Dea. Increase Batchelder Northwood, NH 10/23/1827
Bates, Miriam Widow, age 62, Aug 8 Brookfield 8/25/1829
Bates, Ralph, age 19, April 27 Castleton 5/4/1830
Bates, Sally, age 26, 29th ult, wife of Rhodolpus S. Bates Waitsfield 6/9/1829
Bayley, Caroline Francis, age 2, March 25, dau of Philip Bayley West Topsham 4/5/1831
Bayley, Jonathan J., age 2 , 27th, son of Nathan Bayley Jr. West Topsham 4/5/1831
Baylies, infant son, 18th inst, of Horatio N. Baylies Montpelier 3/29/1831
Baylies, Mary, age 51, Sat last, wife of Nicholas Baylies Esq. Montpelier 2/9/1830
Baylies, Nicholas, Dea., age 91 Uxbridge, MA 2/22/1831
Beack, Samuel S., Maj., 11th inst Whiting 4/28/1829
Beal, Bathsheba, age 90, March 2 Washington 3/9/1830
Bean, Daniel, age 22, Dec 17, drowned in Lake Memphremagog Newport of Potton, L. C. 1/18/1831
Bean, Dydia Mrs., age 69, May 31 Berlin 6/22/1830
Bean, Ebenezer, age 72, Feb 2(6) Berlin 3/2/1830
Bean, Jemima Miss, age 20, 15th ult, eldest dau of Ebenezer Bean Berlin 10/3/1826
Bean, John, Capt., age 47, 6th ult Chelsea 2/6/1832
Beck, Nicholas F., Esq., age 34, Adjutant General of the state of New York Albany NY? 7/20/1830
Bedel, George W., age 18, 14th ult, son of Joshua Bedel, accidently shot in the head Fayston 6/30/1829
Bellows, Charity Widow, age 80 Weybridge 6/30/1829
Bellows, Ezra, age 80, revolutionary pensioner Springfield 6/22/1830
Bemis, Martha, 23d ult, dau of Jonathan Bemis Marlboro, NH 3/17/1829
Benedict, Noah B., Esq. Woodbury, CT 7/26/1831
Benjamin, Ozias, age 32, died at Bushford, NY Berlin 12/15/1829
Bennet, Arthur, age 73, 9th inst Woodstock 4/28/1829
Bennett, Amy Mrs., age 58 Burlington 12/28/1830
Bennett, Arthur Esq., age 73 Woodstock 4/14/1829
Bessy, son, age 12, 25th ult, accidently shot by younger brother, sons of Anthony Bessy Enosburgh 4/10/1827
Bigelow, John, age 67, fell dead while driving his team Westminster 7/7/1829
Bingham, Elias Dea., age 75, May 17 Cornish, NH 6/16/1829
Bishop, Maria, Miss, age 19, 31st ult, dau of Levi Bishop, Jr. Randolph 8/9/1831
Bixby, George, age 22, 27th ult, son of Theophilus Bixby, Esq. Fayston 7/6/1830
Bixby, Solomon, age about 40, 3d inst, leaves widow & 9 children, from broken ankle by a log Chelsea 5/12/1829
Blanchard, Abel, Capt., age 66, 12th inst Peacham 8/21/1827
Blanchard, Allen, age 32 Bellows Falls 1/20/1829
Blanchard, Amos, Esq., age 56 Greensborough 4/14/1829
Blanchard, Elizabeth Widow, age 89, 15th ult Barre 6/9/1829
Blanchard, Francis, age 72, April 1, revolutionary soldier at Battle of Bunker Hill Roxbury, MA 6/26/1827
Blanchard, infant, 1 week, last Friday, of Ralph Blanchard Montpelier 7/5/1831
Blanchard, Sarah Ann, Miss, age 16, Oct 30 Orange 11/7/1831
Bliss, Ellis, age 70, Aug 22 Bradford 10/20/1829
Bliss, Joshua, age 74, 1st inst., soldier of the Revolution Calais 12/7/1830
Bliss, Nancy Mrs., age 66, March 24 Haverhill, NH 4/13/1830
Bliss, Oramel V., age 10, April 16, eldest son of Lemuel Bliss Marshfield 5/25/1830
Blodgett, child, age 9 months, 26th ult, of Samuel Blodgett Randolph 5/9/1826
Blodgett, child, Feb 20, of Joseph Blodgett Randolph 4/8/1828
Blood, Edmund, age 31, March 28, of Worcester & formerly of Boston Dunham, LC 4/20/1830
Blush, Volney Mr., age 20 Williston 1/23/1832
Boardman, Harriet Maria Miss, age 18, 10th inst, dau of Widow H. Boardman Morristown 12/14/1830
Boardman, Laura K. B. Miss, age 22, 9th ult, of typhus fever, dau of Widow H. Boardman Morristown 12/14/1830
Bohonnon, Betsey Miss, age 43, 6th inst, of consumption Montpelier 5/12/1829
Bowen, Ellen Miss, age 19, only dau of Gen. Daniel Bowen Weathersfield 1/18/1831
Boyden, Caroline Miss, age about 24, last Wed., dau of Darius Boyden, Esq. Montpelier 12/19/1831
Brackett, Henry W., age 3 mos, 5th ult, only child of Sewal Brackett Waterford 10/3/1826
Bradley, Hugh, age 38 Burlington 3/3/1829
Bradley, Stephen R., Hon., age 76, [Dec 9, 1830 date handwritten in] Walpole of Westminster, VT 12/28/1830
Brazier, Mary Salstonstall Miss, age 54, dau of William F. Brazier Esq. Weathersfield of Groton, MA 11/10/1829
Briggs, Abigail Mrs., age 34 Bennington 7/3/1827
Brigham, Elizur, age 29 St. Albans 1/18/1831
Brigham, Sarah Widow, age 72, Aug 30, formerly of Marlboro, MA Roxbury 9/8/1829
Brooks, Thomas, age 54, on return visit to Ohio to see sons, died Lockport, NY Montpelier 11/3/1829
Broughton, Esther Mrs., age 70 Brandon 8/24/1830
Brown, Amasa, age 57, June 1 Worcester 6/5/1827
Brown, Amos, 10th inst, veteran of '76 Strafford 8/22/1826
Brown, Anne, age 76, 16th inst, wife of Eleazer Brown Washington 1/23/1832
Brown, David, brother of Catharine Brown Creek Path 11/10/1829
Brown, Eunice, age 64, 16th ult, consort of Samuel Brown Norwich 4/17/1827
Brown, Jacob, age 74 Sharon 3/23/1830
Brown, Lucy, age 67, July 30, consort of Jonathan Brown, of numb palsy & lethargy Williamstown of Brattleboro, MA 9/29/1829
Brown, Miss Nancy Pomeroy, age 17, May 15, dau of Amasa Brown Worcester 6/5/1827
Brown, Nancy Por(tnoy), age (13), 15th inst, dau of Amasa Brown Worcester 5/22/1827
Brown, Purchis, Mr., age 35, 17th inst Waterbury 8/30/1831
Brownson, Harry, Esq., Richmond 4/14/1829
Bruce, Amanda Miss, age 22, June 2 Randolph 7/7/1829
Bruce, Tabitha, age 25, wife of John Bruce Calais 6/19/1827
Brush, Abner, Esq., age 70, 7th inst Cambridge 10/24/1831
Brush, Ann, age 25, wife of Hiram C. Brush St. Albans 11/17/1829
Buck, Elijah, age 51, 6th ult Arlington 5/5/1829
Buck, Huldah, age 73, 3d inst, widow of Joel Buck, died evening of same day as husband Plattsburgh, NY 6/21/1831
Buck, Joel, age 73, 3d inst, married 53 years Plattsburgh, NY 6/21/1831
Buckland, Timothy, age 70 Brandon 3/29/1831
Bugbee, Abial, age 55, 18th ult Pomfret 5/5/1829
Bugbee, Laura, age about 4, 29th ult, dau of Olverd Bugbee Berlin 4/21/1829
Bundy, Ruth Widow, age 91, June 5 Hardwick 7/17/1827
Burbank, Mercy, age 75, widow of Wells Burbank Peacham 4/8/1828
Burleigh, William Hon., member of Congress South Berwick, ME 7/17/1827
Burnet, Cyrus, age 28, 27th ult, eldest son of Capt. Joseph Burnet, slowly paralyzed over 11 yrs Strafford 4/7/1829
Burnham, Abina Widow, age 67, 3d inst, of numb palsy Brookfield 11/16/1830
Burnham, boy, age about 12, last Wed., son of William Burnham, drowned Burlington prob 8/10/1830
Burnham, Joshua P., Brig. Gen, age 45, last Friday Williamstown 9/26/1831
Burr, Thankful Mrs., age 102, May 31, of cancer Sudbury 7/3/1827
Burt, Mehitabel Mrs., age 74, 3d inst Windsor 7/21/1829
Burt, Ruth Widow, age 72, 2nd inst. Burke of Kirby 10/3/1826
Burton, Betsey, age 44, wife of Jacob Burton Norwich 3/23/1830
Butterfield, Sarah Widow, age 79, 17th inst Stockbridge 3/13/1827
Cady, Stephen Dea., age 79, 3d inst Windsor 7/21/1829
Calkins, Harriet Masten, age 2, 16th, dau of Rev. Charles Calkins Waterbury 4/26/1831
Campbell, Anna Maria, age 46, wife of E. R. Campbell, Esq. Windsor 2/22/1831
Campbell, David, age 18, 15th inst Montpelier 11/23/1830
Campbell, Samuel, age 75, Wed last, formerly of Oxford, MA Montpelier 6/26/1827
Canada, David, age 82, 6th inst Duxbury 1/20/1829
Cannon, George Col., age 77 Waterbury 1/19/1830
Carpenter, Elvira L., age 27, Oct 2, w/o Cephas Carpenter, d/o Capt. Levi Spaulding Moretown at Coburg, U. C. 11/7/1831
Carpenter, Fidelia, age 15, 27th ult Middlesex 4/6/1830
Carpenter, James, age 67, 30th ult, shock of palsy Sharon 2/16/1830
Carpenter, Jonathan Elder, age 67, 2d inst, of diabetes Fayston 6/30/1829
Carpenter, Judith, age 46, wife of Capt. John Carpenter Hanover, NH 5/17/1831
Carpenter, Persis Mrs., age 49 Norwich 1/16/1832
Carpenter, Simeon, age 91, Oct 22, early settler of Norwich, son is Hon. Dan Carpenter Waterbury 11/23/1830
Carr, Benjamin, 4th Waterford 2/16/1830
Carr, Hannah Widow, age 76, Thursday last Montpelier 7/10/1827
Carter, Mahitabel, age 5, since April last, of James Carter Newbury 10/3/1826
Carter, William C., age 25, leaving widowed mother Peacham at Mayhew, PA 4/8/1828
Cate, Charles, age 51, last Nov Marshfield 12/26/1831
Chamberlain, Jane, Oct 22, widow of Hon. William Chamberlain Peacham 11/9/1830
Chamberlain, Rufus C., age 29, Nov 30, of Rufus Chamberlain, inflammation of the bowels Middlesex at Greenfield, MA 12/11/1827
Chamberlin, William, July 11 Peacham 7/20/1830
Chandler, Benjamin, Hon., age 45 Paris, ME 5/22/1827
Chandler, Mary Widow, age 94 Fairhaven 2/22/1831
Chapin, Mary, age about 40, wife of William Chapin West Fairlee 1/9/1832
Chase, ___ Mrs., age 83, relict of Seth Chase Randolph 5/22/1827
Chase, Ebenezer, Esq., age 88, 20th inst Bennington 1/30/1832
Chase, Sarah Widow, age 85, Jan 20 Burlington 1/25/1831
Chase, Simeon Capt., age 31, 16th ult Bethel 5/22/1827
Chassel, Anstiss, age 29, w/o Rev. David Chassel, d/o Hon. J. H. Olin of Shaftsbury Fairfield, NY 1/26/1830
Chipman, Timothy F., Gen., age 70, May 17 Shoreham 6/15/1830
Church, Matilda, age 20, wife of Ira Church Swanton 6/30/1829
Clagett, Clifton Hon., age 66, 25th ult Amherst 2/10/1829
Clapp, Sybel, Miss, age 19, May 17 Moretown 6/28/1831
Clark, Abigail, age 67, wife of Capt. Samuel Clark St. Johnsbury 11/10/1829
Clark, Alden, age 59, last Thurs., suicide by hanging Moretown 3/24/1829
Clark, Alpheus, age 51, died July 3 last [1826] Leydon 8/22/1826
Clark, daughter, sister of Rufus Clark, died about 3 weeks ago Cabot 10/3/1826
Clark, Florilla Mrs., age 34, 23d ult, wife of Russel Clark Peacham 2/13/1832
Clark, Gershom, age 41, 23d ult Windsor 7/10/1827
Clark, John 2d, July (9), 1827, suicide by shooting himself Enosburgh 7/17/1827
Clark, John, age 50 Hampstead, NH 6/30/1829
Clark, Lydia, age 42, May 26, wife of Prescott Clark, dau of Levi Bailey, suicide by hanging Canaan, NH 6/14/1831
Clark, Martha, age 72, Feb 9, wife of Abijah Clark Williamstown 2/20/1832
Clark, Polly Mrs., age 49, March 6th, consort of late Alpheus Clark Leydon 8/22/1826
Clark, Rufus, age 26, 20th ult, native of Cabot, buried Cabot Barnet 10/3/1826
Clark, Thomas, age 88, soldier of the revolution, native of Scotland Peacham 4/24/1827
Clement, Jonathan Dea., age 81, 21st ult Sutton 7/10/1827
Clement, Mr., age 62, 29th, of consumption Randolph 4/8/1828
Clements, Patience Widow, age 101 y 6 m Milton, NH 7/20/1830
Cobb, Azubah, age 62, 10th inst, wife of Binney Cobb, in a fit of apoplexy Woodstock 4/21/1829
Cobb, Mary, age 11, 29th ult, twin dau of Silas W. Cobb Esq. Moretown 4/8/1828
Cobb, Olive, age 52, 16th inst, wife of Silas W. Cobb Montpelier 11/23/1830
Coburn, Dorothy Widow, age 81, 15th ult, widow of Dea. Clement Coburn Cabot 10/3/1826
Coffin, Cazneau B., killed on board ship Hogarth off the Texel by lightning on ship 10/3/1826
Cogswell, infant child, 25th ult, of Harvey Cogswell Randolph 4/8/1828
Colburn, John P., Hon., Judge of Rutland County Court Fair Haven 12/19/1831
Cole, Laura, age 42, 10th inst, wife of Daniel Cole Middlebury 12/28/1830
Collard, John, age 60 Burlington 3/3/1829
Collins, Abagail Miss, age 37 Craftsbury 7/7/1829
Collins, Hannah Mrs., age 82 Monkton 1/6/1829
Collins, Salvin, Hon., age 62, 9th inst (item) Middlesex at Montpelier 11/14/1831
Colston, William, age 72, 12th Windsor 6/22/1830
Comens, Benjamin, age 74, soldier of the Revolution, fought at Bunker Hill Middlebury 11/10/1829
Comings, Fenno Dea., age 43, 24thult Berlin 2/2/1830
Commings, infant child, 3d inst, of Dea. Fenno Commings Berlin 4/8/1828
Conant, Edmund, age 72 Washington, VT at Farnham, LC 7/19/1831
Conant, Samuel S., Esq., age 84 Brandon 12/14/1830
Cook, Joseph, Gen., age 76, 30th ult, early settler of town Cornwall 1/13/1829
Cook, Joseph, Gen., age 76, 30th ult, early settler or town Cornwall 1/6/1829
Corliss, Mary Ann, age 3, since April last, dau of Willoughby Corliss Corinth 10/3/1826
Corliss, Pelatiah, Esq., age 58, 26th ult, of consumption Bradford 4/8/1828
Corliss, Timothy, age 2, since April last, son of Jonathan Corliss Corinth 10/3/1826
Corliss, William P., age 23, 21st ult, of Pelatiah Corliss Esq., of consumption Bradford 4/10/1827
Cornelius, Elias, Rev. Hartford, CT 2/20/1832
Cowday, Luther, age (7)6, 28th ult Tunbridge 5/9/1826
Crafts, Eunice, age 57, 25th inst, wife of Gov. Crafts Craftsbury 9/1/1829
Cram, Mary, age 11 mos, 4th inst, dau of Jonathan Cram Williamstown 8/21/1827
Crane, Mary Ann, age 9, 26th ult, dau of Elijah Crane Brookfield 4/10/1827
Crane, Oliver, age 18, son of Benjamin Crane, killed by falling tree Kirby 12/26/1826
Crocker, Abraham, age 71 Randolph 7/7/1829
Crocker, Abram, age 7(1), 26 th ult Randolph 7/7/1829
Crosby, Abigail, age 29, April 1, wife of Hezekiah Crosby, of consumption Glover 4/13/1830
Crosby, Sarah Widow, age 63, 19th ult Worcester, MA 2/3/1829
Crosby, William, Esq., age 73, died in his sleep Milford, NH 6/14/1831
Crosman, Sally, age 32, 11th inst, wife of Jacob Crosman Montpelier 11/17/1829
Cross, Ichabod, age 93 Shaftsbury 3/27/1827
Cross, James, age 82, 25th ult, elder of the Assoc Pres. Church, from Scotland in 1774 Barnet 5/9/1826
Cross, Joseph Hon., age 75, 16th ult, Revolutionary Patriot Prince George Co., MD 10/5/1830
Crossman, Corneliues M., age 2, son of Rufus M. Crossman Burlington 12/28/1830
Crossman, Stephen, Esq., age about 84, 28th ult Peacham 10/3/1826
Culver, Jeremiah, age about 70 Berlin 3/3/1829
Cummings, Anna, age 85 y 5 d, Nov 8, widow of Capt. Jotham Cumming (obit) Plymouth, NH 12/22/1829
Cummings, Asa Jr., age 42 Sutton, MA 12/28/1830
Curtis, William, age 74, 12th inst, soldier of the Revolution, of lock jaw Orange 10/26/1830
Curtiss, __ Mrs., age 74, 27th ult, wife of William Curtis Orange 7/6/1830
Cushman, Katharine, age 39, Sept 5, wife of Ezra Cushman, dau of Seth Putnam Esq. Middlesex 9/21/1830
Cutler, George D., age 3 y 7 m, 6th inst, son of David Cutler Montpelier 6/16/1829
Cutter, son, age 7, 19th inst, only son of Samuel I. Cutter, drowned Norwich 6/26/1827
Dame, John Hon., age 56, 28th ult Lyme, NH 3/23/1830
Dana, James Freeman, Dr., April 15, late professor of Chemistry at Dartmouth College New York City 5/1/1827
Dana, Jonathan Dea., age 91, 13th ult Pomfret 7/3/1827
Dana, Lucy, age about 45, Wed last, wife of Hon. Josiah Dana, appopletic fit Chelsea 11/3/1829
Dana, Samuel W., Hon., formerly a Senator in Congress Middletown, CT 9/7/1830
Daniels, Betsey Widow, age 36, 18th ult Danville 6/16/1829
Danks, Benjamin, age 29 Hinesburgh 7/20/1830
Darling, Lydia Miss, age 21, Dec 7 Berlin 1/16/1832
Davis, Anna, age 62, 9th inst, wife of Elijah Davis Esq. St. Albans 3/29/1831
Davis, Ebenezer, Capt., age 49, 9th inst Marshfield 12/26/1831
Davis, Nathaniel Edwin, about 2, last Wed., of Nathaniel Davis Jr. Montpelier 1/13/1829
Davis, Obediah, age 97, Revolutionary Patriot Bradford 1/19/1830
Davis, Ruby, age 55, 10th ult, wife of Timothy Davis Montpelier 9/6/1831
Davis, Temperance Ladd, age 20, June 10, dau of Elijah Davis, Esq. Derby 7/20/1830
Day, Benjamin Capt., age 74 Royalton 4/14/1829
Day, Ebenezer, age 57, 21st ult Royalton 2/6/1832
Dean, Harriet A., age 32, 9th inst, wife of Dea. Asa Dean Bakersfield 10/23/1827
Dean, Thomas, Maj. Boston 10/3/1826
Dearborn, Henry, Gen., age 78 y 3 m, 6th inst, Revolutionary Patriot Roxbury, MA 6/16/1829
Delano, Moses, age 64, 11th inst, soldier of the revolution Albany 5/1/1827
Deming, Luther L., MD, age 31, 3d inst, totally blind for 18 years Castleton 2/10/1829
Denerson, George Col., age 77, Jan 10 Hartland 3/17/1829
Densmore, Lydia, 29th ult, wife of Samuel Densmore, married only 27 days Lyndon 1/13/1829
Derby, Benjamin, a Revolutionary soldier Huntington 11/24/1829
Dewey, Loren, age 66 Bennington 12/5/1831
Dewey, Lucy Miss, 20th inst Berlin 8/30/1831
Dewey, Rufus Russell, age 72, 19th ult, fought at Battle of Bunker Hill Westfield, MA 3/13/1827
Dewey, Simeon, age 86, early settler of town Hanover 10/12/1830
Dexter, John Hon., age 64 Claremont, NH 6/30/1829
Dexter, William A., 30th ult, threw himself into the river in a fit Irasburgh 4/8/1828
Dickey, George, age 10, since April last, of Robert Dickey Topsham 10/3/1826
Dillingham, Sarah P., age 24, Sept 20, w/o Paul Dillingham, Esq., d/o Hon. D. Carpenter Waterbury 10/3/1831
Dix, Benjamin, age 70, 25th ult, patriot of the revolution Montpelier 7/3/1827
Dix, Leonard, age 33, 13th inst Montpelier 8/21/1827
Dixon, Gideon O., Esq., July 15th, died near Natchez, LA Jericho 9/15/1829
Doakes, Jamial Widow, age 85, Aug 30 Newbury 11/17/1829
Dodge, Abigail, age 20, last Thurs., twin dau of Jared Dodge Montpelier 2/6/1832
Dodge, Azuba, age 30, Thurs last, wife of Capt. Joseph Dodge Barre 4/20/1830
Dodge, Harry, age 2, since April last, of Simeon Dodge Newbury 10/3/1826
Dodge, Horace, age 2, since April last, of Simeon Dodge Newbury 10/3/1826
Dodge, Mary Ann, age 7 mos, since April last, of Simeon Dodge Newbury 10/3/1826
Dodge, Prussia Miss, age 22, March 31, eldest dau of Asa Dodge, of consumption Barre 4/6/1830
Dodge, Simeon, age 42, since April last--- 25th (of what month?) Newbury 10/3/1826
Doten, Edward, age 35, March 10 Calais of Barnard 3/22/1831
Doty, Catharine Widow, age 86, 1st inst Elmore 3/22/1831
Doty, Deborah, age 25, 4th inst, youngest dau of Barnabas Doty, Esq. Hardwick 5/22/1827
Dow, Isaac, age 52, 11th inst, of lung fever, formerly of Concord, NH Duxbury 3/21/1826
Drake, Isaac, age 65, 15th ult New Haven 3/23/1830
Drew, Adah Mrs., age 51, Feb 25 Danville 3/15/1831
Dudley, Clarissa, age 19, Sept 19 Randolph 10/3/1831
Dugar, Sally, age 4(3), 6th inst, consort of Gload Dugar Calais 7/17/1827
Dunbar, John, age 75, 12th inst, early settler of town Hartland 7/3/1827
Dunham, William, age 101, caught between fire engine and a post on the street Nantucket 4/13/1830
Durgin, Henry, age about 6, son of Silas Durgin, drowned Derby 6/16/1829
Durkee, Charity Miss, age about 30 Thetford 1/9/1832
Durkee, Elmira, age 2 y 10 m, 2d inst, dau of Benjamin Durkee Brookfield 8/21/1827
Durkee, Harvey, age 53, 28th ult Burlington 3/13/1827
Dustin, son, age 11 mos, 16th ult, of Dr. Daniel Dustin Craftsbury 4/8/1828
Dutton, Amasa, age 86 Royalton 10/3/1831
Dutton, Asahel, Capt. Hartford 1/23/1832
Dutton, Mary Dorr, age 26, 6th inst, w/o Maj. Ormund Dutton, d/o Joseph Dorr Esq. Windsor & Keene, NH 6/16/1829
Dwight, Nathaniel, Rev., age 60, bro of late President Dwight of Yale College Norwich, CT at Oswego, NY 7/26/1831
Eastman, David, age 52, April 4 Hopkinton 5/22/1827
Eaton, Dolly Mrs., age 50, 28th ult, consort of Sr. Editor of the Star Danville 3/13/1827
Edgerton, John, age 50 Pawlet 3/27/1827
Edgerton, Sarah Mrs., age 74 Bennington 7/7/1829
Edson, Daniel, age 83, Nov 10 Stow 11/21/1831
Edson, Hosea, age 40, 29th ult Bath, NH 6/16/1829
Edson, Prudence, age 62, June 20, wife of Eliab Edson Randolph 6/30/1829
Eldridge, Betsey, 17th inst, wife of Joseph W. Eldridge, Esq. Warren 3/29/1831
Elliot, Nicholas, age 72 Irasburgh 4/8/1828
Ellis, Nathan, age 75, Oct 19th Montpelier 11/23/1830
Ellis, Reuben, age 75, Oct 19 Montpelier 11/30/1830
Ellis, Susan, age 29, 20th ult, wife of Timothy Ellis, formerly of Plymouth Walden 4/10/1827
Ellsworth, Betsey Miss, 15th inst, of small pox Burlington 1/23/1832
Emerson, Adeline, age 18, Feb 9, of John Emerson Rochester 3/31/1829
Emerson, Daniel, age 15, Jan 29, of John Emerson Rochester 3/31/1829
Emery, Joshua, age 74, 6th inst Walpole, NH 1/30/1832
Emery, Mary, age 60, 2d inst, wife of William Emery Jaffrey, NH 7/10/1827
Estes, Richard Dr., patriot of the revolution Shelburne of Huntington 4/28/1829
Eugley, __ Mr., age 92, 1st ult, native of Germany Waldoboro, NH 3/13/1827
Evarts, Jeremiah, Esq., 11th ult Charleston, SC 6/7/1831
Fairman, Gideon, Col., age 51, 18th ult Philadelphia 4/3/1827
Farewell, Benjamin, age 22, Jan 1 Waterford 1/23/1832
Fargo, Jabez, Esq., age about 60, 4th inst Huntington 6/12/1827
Farnsworth, Stephen, age 64, 16th inst Pomfret 4/28/1829
Farrington, Sophia, Feb 7, w/o Abraham Farrington, d/o Jona[than] Blanchard Chester & Rockingham 3/9/1830
Fay, David, Hon., age 66, 5th inst Bennington 6/19/1827
Felch, John, age 10, since April last Topsham 10/3/1826
Ferris, Polly Miss, age 27 Benson 3/27/1827
Field, Rufus, Jr., age 21, 22d ult Bakersfield 1/18/1831
Field, Sarah E., March 1, wife of Dr. S. Field Barre 4/26/1831
Fisher, Curtis, student of Middlebury College Hatley, LC 3/23/1830
Fisher, Jonathan, age 42, last Thurs. Middlesex 2/6/1832
Fisher, Timothy, age 78, March 17, Revolutionary patriot Burke 6/16/1829
Fisk, Eleanor, age 51, April 8, wife of Col. Mark Fisk Londonderry 5/1/1827
Fisk, Harvey, Rev., age 32, 5th inst (obit) Waitsfield at New York City 3/22/1831
Fisk, Mary, age 76, widow of Jonathan Fisk Northfield 6/12/1827
Fisk, Mehitable, age 56, 1(3)th inst, wife of Nathaniel Fisk Northfield 8/22/1826
Fisk, Valariah, age 80, 25th ult Danby 2/10/1829
Fitts, Samuel, age 34, 30th ult Braintree 4/24/1827
Flagg, child, age 16 months, of Daniel Flagg Berlin 9/29/1829
Flagg, Daniel, age 36, Jan 6 Berlin 1/25/1831
Flanders, Betsey Widow, age 47, April 14 Berlin 4/20/1830
Flanders, Charlotte Miss, age 19 Haverhill, NH 7/7/1829
Fletcher, Silas, age 33, in a fit Milton 4/14/1829
Flint, George, age 4 y 6 m, 4th inst, son of Shubel B. & Philomilia Flint, run over by cart Plainfield 7/14/1829
Flint, Hannah, age 70, 14th inst, widow of Phineas Flint Braintree 4/24/1827
Flyn, Michael, Esq., age 74, 14th inst Bethel 5/22/1827
Forbes, Abner, Gen., 29th ult Windsor 1/6/1829
Forbes, child, age 4, 13th inst, of Samuel Forbes Montpelier 11/23/1830
Ford, Daniel Dea., age 60 Rutland 7/7/1829
Forest, Robert Thetford 10/26/1830
Fosbush, Rufus, Capt., age 72, 27th ult Reading 2/16/1830
Foster, Hannah Widow, age 92 y 3 m Peacham 4/7/1829
Foster, Hiram, age 32, 11th ult Rochester 10/17/1831
Fowler, Mary, age 101 y 5 m, member of Shaker Society for past 45 years, Indian captive 3 yrs Canterbury, NH 11/10/1829
Fox, John, age 79, July 31, early settler of town Lebanon, NH 9/15/1829
Francis, Nancy P., age 31, March 25, w/o Asa Francis, d/o Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Lebanon, NH 4/6/1830
Freeman, Elijah Capt. Waterford 1/13/1829
Freeman, Joanna, age 54, 6th inst, widow of Joshua Freeman Esq. Moretown 11/17/1829
French, Charles, age 7, 13th ult, son of John French Jr. Randolph 2/10/1829
French, Edwin Melancton, age 1 y 7 m, 10th inst, son of David & Betsey P. French Montpelier 7/19/1831
French, Henry O., age 28, last Thurs Montpelier 10/3/1831
French, John Gen., age 67, 14th ult Randolph 6/2/1829
Frothingham, Thomas Maj., age 73, 25th ult, officer of the revolution, at Battle of Bunker Hill Sandlake, NY 7/10/1827
Fry, John, Esq., age 83 Concord, VT 1/23/1832
Fuller, Mary, age 5, 18th ult, dau of Esquire Fuller Brookfield 4/3/1827
Fyler, Roman, Esq., age 58, 2d ult, fell onto the road in March, hurt hip badly Burke 6/3/1828
Fyler, Sally Mrs., age 62, 5th inst Burke 3/23/1830
Gale, Elisha, age 83, Jan 17, revolutionary soldier & early settler of town Williamstown 4/3/1827
Gale, Paul, age 67, 26th ult, revolutionary pensioner Newark 4/17/1827
Gallup, Elias, Esq., age 50, died Demarara, S. A., formerly of VT Vermont 4/13/1830
Gannett, Deborah Mrs., age 67, served in revolutionary war disguised as a man Sharon 5/22/1827
Gates, George Washington, age 3 y 3 m, son of Horatio Gates Esq. Montreal 1/27/1829
Gates, Martha M., Miss, age 17, 25th ult Morristown 1/23/1832
Gay, Elijah, age 56, 24th ult Northfield 2/10/1829
George, Stephen, age 3, since April last, son of Jeremiah George Newbury 10/3/1826
Gerrish, Mary Ann, age 16, June 3(or 30?), dau of Capt. E. Gerrish Boscawen, NH 7/17/1827
Gibb, Charles Horatio, 20th, son of T. W. Gibb, Esq. Hinesburgh 10/5/1830
Gibson, Abraham, age 76, 10th inst Leicester 4/28/1829
Gibson, Jonathan, age 77, soldier of the Revolution, at Battle of Bennington Grafton 6/14/1831
Gifford, Eliza, age 26, consort of Thomas Grifford New Haven 6/30/1829
Gilbert, Eliza, age 21, June 30, dau of Mrs. Bailey by a former husband Barnet 7/17/1827
Gilchrist, Harriet Widow, age 35 Chelsea 11/10/1829
Goddard, Laura Miss, age 17, dau of Dea. Aaron Goddard Reading 1/30/1832
Godfrey, Lucinda, age about 10, dau of Salmon Godfrey Waterbury 4/26/1831
Goff, Nelson Orlin, age 2 y 8 m, 29th ult, son of Eli W. & Sarah Goff Derby 10/23/1827
Goldsbary, child, Aug 31, 1807, of Mr. Goldsbary, crushed by tree Barre 3/21/1826
Goldsbary, John, age 33, 11th inst, of apoplexy Berlin of Montpelier 5/17/1831
Goldthraith, Lydia Widow, age 90, 11th ult Middlesex 9/7/1830
Goodell, David Rev., age 80, March 4 Littleton, NH 3/30/1830
Gore, Amos, age 77, 11th inst Halifax 7/3/1827
Gore, Christopher Hon., age 69 Waltham 3/13/1827
Gorham, John Dr., age 46 Boston 4/14/1829
Gould, child, about 1801-02, of Wm. Gould, ate a head of grass that went into his lungs Barre 3/21/1826
Gould, child, April 1801, of Mr. Gould, drank a bottle of spirits Barre 3/21/1826
Gould, Daniel, age 96, March 11 Montpelier 3/22/1831
Gould, Fanny Miss, age 31, 30th ult Pomfret 1/12/1830
Gould, Mr., April 1783, killed by falling tree Barre 3/21/1826
Gould, Roxana, age 26, 17th inst, wife of Braman Gould Montpelier 2/24/1829
Gould, Sukey, age 47, 10th inst, wife of Ambrose Gould Esq. Hollis, NH 4/17/1827
Gove, John Capt., age 80, March 9, patriot of the Revolution Burlington 3/16/1830
Gove, Nathaniel, Col., age 73, 9th ult Strafford 2/3/1829
Granger, Jonathan N. P., age 23, Oct 23 Randolph 11/7/1831
Grant, Rhoda, age 62, Nov 12, wife of Capt. David Grant Windsor, CT 12/8/1829
Graves, Edmund Hon., age 62, 15th ult Sunderland 7/3/1827
Graves, Increase, Rev., age 79, 24th ult Bridport 1/23/1832
Graves, Joshua W., age about 40, 5th inst Essex, NY 12/19/1826
Graves, Sarah Ann, age 12, eldest dau of Rev. J. M. Graves Jericho 11/10/1829
Gray, Hue, age 63 Montpelier 2/15/1831
Gray, Sally, age 12, 25th ult, dau of Kelso Gray Montpelier 6/12/1827
Green, Sarah, age 66, wife of Dea. E. Green Rutland 11/10/1829
Green, Stephen, age 37, 9th inst Randolph 3/21/1826
Greenleaf, Alonzo, age 6, since April last, of Lovel Greenleaf Bradford 10/3/1826
Greenleaf, Betsey, age 30, since April last, wife of Lovel Greenleaf Bradford 10/3/1826
Grey, Kelso, age 6(2), Wed last (notice - killed by quack doctor) Montpelier 11/2/1830
Griffith, William, age 76, 7th inst Duxbury 10/19/1830
Grimes, Sarah (Brigham) Mrs., age 40, April 10, wife of William Grimes Fayston at Stukeley, LC 6/8/1830
Grimes, William, age 38, 17th Stukeley, LC 6/8/1830
Griswold, David, age 54, 1st inst Winhall 1/18/1831
Griswold, Mary, age 49, 24th ult, consort of Hon. William A. Griswold Burlington 12/1/1829
Grone, Olive, age 14, since April last, dau of Mr. Moody Grone Newbury 10/3/1826
Gross, Ezra C. Hon., age 38, former representative of Congress Albany, NY 4/21/1829
Grow, William, Elder, age 81 Bridgewater 6/1/1830
Gun, Gideon, age 93 Pittsfield, MA 7/10/1827
Hadlock, Benjamin Waterford 8/24/1830
Hagar, Thomas, age 52, 19th ult Middlebury at Montreal 9/1/1834
Hale, Isaac, age 76 Manchester 2/6/1832
Hall, Caroline Matilda, age 24, wife of Dr. James Hall Windsor 11/10/1829
Hall, infant dau., 7th inst, of Elias Hall Middlebury 4/21/1829
Hall, Nancy Miss, age 22, 8th Bellows Falls 4/28/1829
Hall, William, Hon. Rockingham 2/22/1831
Hamblin, Oliver, age 78, early settler of town Brookfield 11/10/1829
Hamilton, Asa, Capt., age 68, Dec 14 Worcester, MA 1/2/1832
Hamilton, Joseph, age 78, 18th ult, revolutionary pensioner Waitsfield 4/8/1828
Hancock, Lydia B., age 44, 26th ult, wife of Capt. Joseph Hancock Orford, NH 2/6/1832
Hand, Elijah, age 22, Oct 31 Peacham 12/5/1831
Handy, George, age about 6, son of Mr. Z. Handy Stow 4/26/1831
Hapgood, David, Esq., age 72, 3d inst Reading 7/21/1829
Hardy, Eunice, age 75, June 24, wife of Benjamin Hardy Esq. Irasburgh 7/13/1830
Hardy, Oliver, age 9, 5th inst, son of Dea. Oliver Hardy, of spotted fever Bradford 3/21/1826
Hardy, Samuel, age 75, Nov 19, native of Mass, solider of the Revolution Kingston 12/19/1826
Harmon, Lucretia, age 76, 7thult, relict of late Capt. Daniel Harmon of Bennington & Vergennes Coventry 3/17/1829
Harran, James, killed from effects of bursting of a swivel Danville 11/9/1830
Harriman, Ebenezer, age 92 y 9 m, Dec 25, 1826 Henniker, NH 10/23/1827
Harrington, Lydia, age 47, 27th ult, wife of Leonard Harrington, Esq. St. Johnsbury 6/16/1829
Harrington, William, age 16, Sept 24, son of Darius Harrington, of a fever Middlesex 11/3/1829
Harris, William Rev., age 65, president of Columbia College New York 11/10/1829
Harvey, Hannah Miss, age 102, 20th ult, at the alms house Milton, MA 7/10/1827
Harvey, infant son, 31st ult, of Nehemiah Harvey Montpelier 4/8/1828
Harvey, Lemuel, age 72, April 13 Hatley, LC 7/10/1827
Harvey, Rufus L., since April last Bradford 10/3/1826
Hatch, Ashur, A.M., age 73, 10th ult, preceptor of Plainfield Academy Brookfield 3/21/1826
Hatch, Enoch, age 48, 1st inst Montpelier 4/6/1830
Hatch, Ruth Miss, age 18, dau of Lewis Hatch Montpelier at Duxbury 12/1/1829
Hawley, Mary Miss, age 27 Danville 3/15/1831
Hayden, Eli Capt., age 77 Hartland 4/14/1829
Hayford, J. P., Rev., age 32, 21st ult Johnson 1/23/1832
Hazeltine, Betsey, age 73, July 7, widow of William Hazeltine, of Haverhill, NH West Topsham 7/20/1830
Hazen, Frances, wife of Rev. Austin Hazen, dau of Hon. I. P. Dana Danville at Hartford 6/28/1831
Heath, Jesse, age 72 Hampstead, NH 6/30/1829
Heaton, Remembrance Widow, age 83, 23d inst, of dropsy Duxbury 10/6/1829
Hedges, Elizabeth, age 48, 15th ult, wife of Lewis Hedges, of consumption Northfield 5/3/1831
Hedges, Hannah, age 84, Sept 23, wife of David Hedges Northfield 10/13/1829
Henry, John V., Esq. Albany, NY 11/17/1829
Herrick, Elisha, Esq., age 69, Sept 26 Morristown 11/21/1831
Herrick, Henry, age 89, 26th ult, soldier in French & Revolutionary wars Danby 2/10/1829
Herrick, Mary L., Miss, age 21, July 20 Morristown 11/21/1831
Hibbard, Dyer F., age 23, Oct 6 Concord, VT 10/31/1831
Hibbard, Timothy, Dea., age 71 Bath, NH 2/10/1829
Hicks, Elias, age 81 Jericho, L. I. 3/23/1830
Higginson, Stephen Hon., age 85, member of Revolutionary Congress in 1778 Boston 1/20/1829
Hill, Hiram, age 28, 9th inst Waterbury 4/26/1831
Hill, Nathaniel, age about 75, Revolutionary Pensioner Pawlet 2/1/1831
Hill, Ralph, age 34, 8th inst Berlin 4/12/1831
Hill, Rebecca, 2d inst, wife of Col. Simeon Hill Waterford 2/16/1830
Hilliard, John Elder, age 45, 5th inst West Topsham 12/15/1829
Hills, Caroline, age 13, dau of Simeon Hills Duxbury 9/15/1829
Hills, Philander, age 11, son of Gideon Hills, drowned Middlesex 8/17/1830
Hills, Samuel, Esq., age 61, 24th ult Surry, NH 6/5/1827
Hine, William Esq., age 47 Colchester 1/26/1830
Hitchcock, Lydia W., age 52, 17th ult, wife of Heber Hitchcock, of consumption Westfield 3/17/1829
Hitchcock, Sarah, age 63, April 2, wife of Gaius Hitchcock Waitsfield 5/4/1830
Ho(lt), Abagail Mrs., age about 80, 19th inst, wife of Mastin Ho(lt) Berlin 8/22/1826
Ho(use), Burnam, age 13, 23d ult, son of Capt. William Ho(use) Orange 5/9/1826
Hoadly, Thomas, age 91, June 20, French war & at Battle of Bunker Hill & Yorktown Hartland, VT 7/21/1829
Hobart, Bathsheba, age 86 y 6 m, Nov 26, w/o Capt. James Hobart - her 4th husband-of 24 y Berlin 12/11/1827
Hodges, George, age 40, of affection of the lungs Williston 1/23/1832
Hoit, Susannah Mrs., age 104, Dec 13 Williston 1/18/1831
Holabird, Timothy, Esq., age 76, 18th ult Burlington 7/3/1827
Holcomb?, Asa R., age 63 Shelburn 1/26/1830
Holden, Eliza, age 3 y 9 m, 10th inst, dau of Elijah Holden Esq. Middlesex 2/15/1831
Holden, Josiah, age 5 y 9 m, 1st inst., son of Elijah Holden Esq. Middlesex 2/15/1831
Holden, Josiah, Esq., age 53, last Thurs. Middlesex 9/6/1831
Holden, William, age 19, 23d ult, son of Timothy Holden, Esq. Charlestown, NH 3/17/1829
Holmes, child, age 3 y, 25th inst., of Fisher Holmes Montpelier 11/28/1831
Holmes, child, age 3, 2d inst, of Fisher Holmes Montpelier 4/6/1830
Holt, Reuben Capt., age 68, March 12, soldier of the Revolution at age 16 Springfield, NH 3/27/1827
Holyoke, Edward Augustus Dr., age 101 Salem 4/14/1829
Hood, Nathaniel, age 66, 13th ult Chelsea 3/3/1829
Hooker, Sarah Miss, age 23 Rutland 1/12/1830
Hooker, Sarah, age 60, 11th inst, consort of Dr. Thomas Hooker Rutland 1/23/1832
Hopkins, Roswell Hon., age 72, formerly Secretary of State of VT Chazy, NY 10/27/1829
Hopkinson, David Hon., age 78, May 14, formerly Chief Judge of Essex County Salem 5/25/1830
Hopkinson, David Hon., age 78, May 14, formerly Chief Judge of Essex County Salem 6/22/1830
Hosford, Almeda Miss Thetford 10/13/1829
Hosford, Ralph, age 30, 11th ult Thetford of Strafford 9/7/1830
Houghton, Mary Mrs., age 54, Jan 6 Orange 1/19/1830
Houghton, Rebecca Widow, age 84, 12th inst Lyndon 1/23/1832
House, Israel, age 74 Berlin 2/1/1831
Houston, Daniel, age 21, 20th ult, on of Isaac Houston, drowned at Albany, NY Hanover, NH 11/24/1829
Howard, Hannah P., Miss, age 27, 29th ult, of consumption Barre 4/17/1827
Howard, John, age 29 Royalton 3/29/1831
Howe, Willard, age 20 Keene, NH of Swanzey 3/13/1827
Howes, Abel, age 3, 20th inst, son of John Howes Moretown 8/31/1830
Howes, Joseph, age 78, 4th inst Norwich 2/15/1831
Howes, Martha, age 75, 8th inst, wife of Deacon Joseph Howes Norwich 4/17/1827
Hows, Sally, age 38, 11th ult, consort of Samuel Hows Warren 5/1/1827
Hoyt, Ezra, Hon., age 62, Aug 5, of consumptive complaint New Haven 8/23/1831
Hoyt, Jonathan, age about 42, 6th inst, formerly of Bradford, NH Eden 9/28/1830
Hubbard, Abigail, age 64, Feb 10, consort of Levi Hubbard Walpole, NH 3/9/1830
Hubbard, Caroline Miss, age 24, Feb 24 Montpelier at Johnson 3/22/1831
Hubbard, child, age 9 months, Wed last, of Chester Hubbard Montpelier 9/28/1830
Hubbard, Eleazer, age 39, Dec 26 Berlin 1/16/1832
Hubbard, Eliza Miss, age 38, 6th inst Franklin 12/28/1830
Hubbard, Samuel, age 58 Worcester 2/22/1831
Hudson, Lot, age 57, 10th ult, after amputation of a limb Brookfield 4/14/1829
Hunt, Harriet, age 6 mos, 9th ult Worcester 1/12/1830
Hunt, Lucretia Miss, age 17, 28th ult Shoreham 10/26/1830
Hunt, Nancy M., age 42, Friday last, wife of Philip Hunt Montpelier 1/11/1831
Hunt, Nancy M., age 42, Friday last, wife of Philip Hunt, dau of Capt. Wm. Morrill Montpelier & Amesbury, MA 1/18/1831
Huntington, Betsey, age 42, 7th inst, consort of Henry Huntington, leaves 8 children Greensborough 4/28/1829
Huntington, Caroline A., age 5 Sharon 3/23/1830
Huntington, Lucy, age 67, 4th inst, wife of Hiram Huntington Chelsea 12/19/1831
Huntley, Aurora, 4th, dau of Ansel Huntley Waterford 2/16/1830
Huntoon, Charles, age 73, Nov 21, a Revolutionary pensioner, killed by falling tree Vershire 12/15/1829
Hurd, Abijah, 23d ult Windsor 10/26/1830
Hurd, Trustram, age 94, March last Barnet 6/16/1829
Hutchins, infant, last Thurs., of William Hutchins Montpelier 12/19/1831
Hutchins, Phebe, age 63, 2d inst, wife of Levi Hutchins Concord, NH 4/14/1829
Hutchinson, Eunice, July 31, 1830, wife of Aaron Hutchinson, Esq. Lebanon, NH 6/14/1831
Hutchinson, infant child, of Timothy Hutchinson Norwich 4/17/1827
Hyde, Sarah, age 27, 14th inst, dau of Elihu Hyde Esq., blind since age 6 Chelsea 4/24/1827
Ide, Clarissa, age 16 y 10 m, 18th ult, dau of John Ide Coventry 12/1/1829
Ide, Ichabod, age 78, Feb 24 Lyndon 3/15/1831
Ide, Truman, age 28, June 11 Windsor 6/22/1830
Ives, Mary, age 22, Nov 30, wife of Warren Ives Topsham 12/11/1827
Izard, George, Nov 23d, Governor of Arkansas Territory   1/13/1829
Jackson, Greely, age 103 Hillsborough, NH 11/10/1829
Jefferds, Moses, age 70, 13th inst Williamstown 5/12/1829
Jenks, Nathaniel, Esq., age 81, Nov 7, leaves 14 children Burke 12/28/1830
Jenne, Latesia, consort of Rev. Prince Jenne Kingston 10/26/1830
Jenness, Julia Ann, age 3, 28th inst, dau of Jonathan & Sally Jenness West Topsham 3/31/1829
Jenness, Sally Widow, age 82, 12th inst Topsham 10/17/1831
Jewett, Daniel Capt., age 85, March 30, office of the revolution, at Battle of Bennington Putney 4/28/1829
Jewett, Ebenezer, Lt., age 82, fought at Battle of Bunker Hill Hollis, NH 3/13/1827
Johnson, infant dau., age 6 months, 9th inst, of Mason Johnson Montpelier 3/29/1831
Johnson, John, age 22, 1st inst Danby 2/10/1829
Johnson, John, age 60 Greensboro 12/14/1830
Johnson, John, age about 60, 18th inst Greensborough 11/30/1830
Johnson, Mary Widow, Feb 10 Williston 3/2/1830
Johnson, Samuel, age 60, Feb 13 Stanstead, LC 3/2/1830
Johnson, Samuel, last Friday Montpelier 10/10/1831
Johnson, Sibbel Mrs., age 75, March 24 Berlin 5/18/1830
Johnson, son, age 10 mos, since April last, of David Johnson Bradford 10/3/1826
Jones, child, age 8 months, 14th inst, of Watson Jones Montpelier 3/21/1826
Jones, Eliza H., Mrs., formerly widow of Rev. Edward Wheelock, died on board ship Corvo   7/26/1831
Jones, Elvira Widow, age about 41 Claremont, NH 1/16/1832
Jones, Jeremiah, age 85, 28th ult Lyndon 3/13/1827
Jones, John Coffin, Hon., age 80 Boston, MA 11/17/1829
Jones, Lydia Widow, age about 74, March 2, wife of Philip Jones Goffstown, NH 3/27/1827
Jones, Nathan, age 74, 8th ult Ashburnham, MA 5/22/1827
Jones, Samuel Maj., age 82, March 22 Berlin 3/30/1830
Joslyn, Henry, age 64, 8th inst, fell from a load of hay & was run over by wagon Cabot 8/21/1827
Kathan, Caroline Matilda, age 10 mos, 9th, dau of John Kathan Jr. Brookfield 8/21/1827
Keith, Abijah, Nov 19, 1804, fell on hay fork Barre 3/21/1826
Keith, child, age 10 months, Sat last, of Rawsel R. Keith Montpelier 9/7/1830
Kellogg, Edward, age 59 Hubbardton 3/23/1830
Kellogg, Electa, age 17, 4th inst, dau of Dea. Erastus Kellogg Peacham 5/12/1829
Kellogg, Jabez, Dea., age 71, of consumption Hanover, NH 1/23/1832
Kellogg, Mabel, age 49, 30th ult, wife of Otis Kellogg Essex 10/26/1830
Kellogg, Margaret V. D. S. Mrs., age 25 Bennington 11/17/1829
Kellogg, Mary Mrs., age 62 Burlington 12/28/1830
Kellogg, William Spencer, age 2 mos, Thurs last, son of Ebenezer S. Kellogg Worcester 1/3/1826
Kemp, Solomon, age 47, a transient person Woodford 11/17/1829
Kendall, Allen O. Windsor 4/20/1830
Kendell, Mary, age 57, 27th ult, wife of Jonathan Kendell, native of Lancaster, MA Sullivan, NH 7/10/1827
Kent, Elisha, age 36 Royalton 3/29/1831
Kidder, John, age 76, 15th ult, early settler of town Braintree 3/21/1826
Killum, Charles, little boy, July 16, 1807, drowned in river on way to school Barre 3/21/1826
Kimball, Amos, age 51, recently of Burlington Glover 1/26/1830
Kimball, Jane, age 44, March 8, wife of George Kimball Lyndon 4/5/1831
Kimball, Mary, age 27, wife of Lucius Kimball of St J., dau of Clark Cushman Esq. Danville & St Johnsbury 8/10/1830
Kimball, Mrs., ( )ult, wife of Richard Kimball Randolph 5/9/1826
King, Ruth, age 74, May 3, widow of Oliver King Chelsea at Worcester, MA 5/10/1831
King, William Col., 28th ult, in a fit Lewiston, NY 6/16/1829
Kinnie, Bradford, Esq., age 64, 28th ult Plainfield 1/6/1829
Knapp, Jonathan, age 100, soldier in the French & Revolutionary War Lyman, NH 2/22/1831
Knapp, Rany, age 41, 27th ult, consort of Silas Knapp Arlington 1/26/1830
Knights, Parmelia, age 27, 14th inst, wife of Arnott G. Knights Waitsfield 1/27/1829
Ladd, Nathan, Esq., age 82, 12th inst, early settler of town, officer in army of independence Chittenden 1/30/1832
Lake, Annis, age 32, wife of Rev. Wisley Lake Bridport 6/30/1829
Lamphere, Mr.____, age 65, Wed last, totally blind, was a puppeteer Montpelier 3/17/1829
Lane, David M., age 38, March 10, of lung fever (item) Northfield 3/22/1831
Lang, Osgood D., age 6, son of William Lang Topsham 7/17/1827
Langdon, James H., Col., age 47, 7th inst (item) Berlin 1/11/1831
Lanphear, Jesse, age 59, 21st ult, formerly of Plainfield, NH Middlesex 9/8/1829
Latham, James, age 82, 25th ult, revolutionary pensioner Northfield 12/12/1831
Latham, Sally Miss, age about 20, 19th inst, formerly of Chelsea Montpelier 3/27/1827
Lathrop, Abigail, age 47, 24th ult, consort of Elder Septimeus Lathrop Groton 3/17/1829
Lathrop, John H., Esq. Utica, NY 7/7/1829
Leathers, Mary, age 27, wife of Nathan Leathers Peterborough, NH 7/10/1827
Lee, Hannah, age 56, 23d ult, wife of Ashby Lee Pittsford 1/6/1829
Lee, Jonathan, age 45 Stanstead, LC 11/17/1829
Lemont, John, Capt., age 85, soldier in French & Indian & battle of Ticonderoga Bath 3/13/1827
Leonard, Daniel, age 75, 12th inst, early settler of town Sharon 7/28/1829
Leonard, Lewis W., age 26, 3d inst Worcester 12/8/1829
Levitt, Samuel, age 41 Cabot 1/16/1832
Lewis, Lucinda, age 57, 26th ult, wife of Solomon Lewis Middlesex 4/3/1827
Lincoln, Mary Miss, age 25 Chelsea 11/25/1828
Litch, James, age 6, June 13, son of Dr. Manasses Litch Montpelier 6/29/1830
Litch, James, age 6, June 13, son of Dr. Manasses Litch, ate poison plant (long item) Montpelier 8/31/1830
Littlefield, Elijah Dr., age 52 Manchester 3/27/1827
Livingston, Lucia Ann, age 17, 15th ult, dau of Capt. Benj. Livingston, of consumption Peacham 7/21/1829
Livingston, Samantha, age 22, 17th ult, dau of Capt. Benjamin Livingston Peacham 5/5/1829
Loomis, Azro, Esq., age 39, 16th inst Montpelier 2/22/1831
Lothrop, Nathan, age 75, April 5 Essex 4/20/1830
Lovejoy, William Hon., age 59, July 29 Lancaster, NH 8/24/1830
Loveland, Mary Miss, age 24, last May Berlin 9/22/1829
Lowry, Phoebe Mrs., age 90, 21st ult Jerico 2/6/1832
Lyman, Elias, Esq., age 63, Nov 21 Hartford 12/7/1830
Lynds, Johnson, age 90 Brattleboro 4/19/1831
Lyon, Lucy Miss, age 19, Sept 29, dau of Josiah Lyon, Esq. Salem 4/17/1827
Mack, Benjamin, age 74, 18th ult, Revolutionary Pensioner Woodstock 3/22/1831
Macon, Edgar Col., 11th ult, died at Key West, native of Vergennes Vergennes 1/19/1830
Mallary, Rollin C., Hon., age 47, 22d inst, representative in Congress VT at Baltimore, MD 5/3/1831
Mann, Edward Oaks, age 1 y 7 m, July 29, son of Mr. Mann Franconia, NH 9/1/1829
Marble, Elijah, age 40, suicide by shooting himself, had been deranged for years Bristol of Fayston 2/22/1831
Marcy, Lucia, age 36, 8th inst, wife of Samuel Marcy Woodstock of Montpelier 1/18/1831
Marsh, Daniel, Esq., age 69, Dec 11 Hartford 12/22/1829
Marsh, Julian, age 29, last Tues Montpelier 7/5/1831
Marshall, Davis, age 39, 3d inst Duxbury 4/14/1829
Marshall, Julius S., 8th ult, native of England, raised in Burlington, VT Chichamauga, Cherokee Nation 9/13/1831
Marshall, T. Widow, age 69, 1st inst Waterbury 12/8/1829
Martin, child, age 7 weeks, since April last, of Bailey Martin Bradford 10/3/1826
Martin, Cyrus W., age 21, 10th ult Jerico 6/2/1829
Martin, John, age 29 Bakersfield 1/16/1832
Martin, John, age 29 Brookfield 1/23/1832
Martin, Samuel, age about 65, 14th inst Poultney 2/1/1831
Mason, Dorathy, age 51, 23d ult, wife of Jacob Mason, Esq. Craftsbury 5/9/1826
May, Charles Lt., age 21, Jan 19, died at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, killed in a duel Vermont 3/9/1830
McClintock, Charlotte Mrs., age 51, 7th inst Elmore 3/31/1829
McCollom, William, age 51, Feb 26 Rochester 4/10/1827
McCullen, William, Rev., age 71 Ira 2/22/1831
McCurdey, James, age 83, Feb 25 Northfield & Surry, NH 3/8/1831
McLentock, William, age 24, Tuesday last, drowned crossing the Lamoille River at Elmore Elmore 6/16/1829
M'Clintock, Charlotte Miss, age 22, 26th ult, dau of William M'Clintock Elmore 6/8/1830
McPhee, John, age 22, Jan 5 Barnet 1/18/1831
Mead, Levi, age 47, 6th inst Deerfield, MA 10/23/1827
Mead, Sarah, age 102, 20th inst, widow of Timothy Mead, had been married twice Manchester 1/30/1832
Meriam, Louisa Miss, age 19, Jan 26, youngest dau of Capt. Jonas Merriam Craftsbury 2/15/1831
Merrett, Ebenezer, age 33, last Nov Montpelier 1/2/1832
Merrill, Lydia, since April last, wife of Samuel Merrill Bradford 10/3/1826
Merrill, Mary R., age 60, wife of Hon. Orsamus C. Merrill Bennington 2/22/1831
Merrill, Sarah Ann, age 17, since April last, dau of John Merrill Corinth 10/3/1826
Metcalf, John Edson, age 4, since April last, son of John Metcalf Newbury 10/3/1826
Miles, Luther, age 58 Windsor 1/12/1830
Miles, Lydia Widow, age 58, 26th ult Middlesex 4/5/1831
Miller, Lavina Miss, age 27 Middlebury 11/17/1829
Mills, E. H., Hon., former U.S. Senator Northampton, MA 5/19/1829
Mills, Edmund W., age 8, so of Hezekiah Mills, died in a fit Montgomery 1/26/1830
Miner, Reuben Dea., age 93, 6th inst Peacham 1/13/1829
Mingo, Fanny, age 25, 28th ult Craftsbury 4/8/1828
Mitchell, Martha Widow, age 85, March 12th Sharon 5/9/1826
M'Lentock, Sally, age 51, 7th inst, wife of William M'Lentock Elmore 3/17/1829
Montague, __ Mrs., 1st inst., wife of Thomas Montague Middlesex 3/10/1829
Montgomery, Matilda Ormond, Miss, age 21, 5th inst, of consumption Hebron, NH 10/23/1827
Moody, Mary M., age 22, wife of Dr. Robert Moody, dau of Hon. Ezra Meach Burlington at St. Augustine, FL 4/14/1829
Moore, Martha, age 60, 8th inst., wife of Col. William Moore Danville 3/27/1827
Morgan, Elmina, age 2, since April last, dau of widow Sally Morgan Newbury 10/3/1826
Morgan, Justin, age 23, 10th ult Wilmington 3/23/1830
Morgan, Samuel, age 58 Rutland 3/23/1830
Morien, Ephraim, age 21, since April last Topsham 10/3/1826
Morrill, Abel Esq., age 88 Danville 11/10/1829
Morrill, Isaac, age 46, Feb 18 Danville 3/15/1831
Morse, Albert, age 19, 9th inst Concord, VT 1/23/1832
Morse, Amos, Dea. Strafford 1/30/1832
Morse, Lucy H., age 6, 18th inst prob, of Nathan Morse, Esq. Roxbury 1/30/1832
Morse, Lucy, age 38, 26th ult, wife of Major James Morse Calais 7/6/1830
Morse, Nathan Jr., age 15, 18th inst, of Nathan Morse, Esq. Roxbury 1/30/1832
Morse, Nathaniel, early settler of town Royalton 10/20/1829
Morse, Obadiah, age 94, Dec 16, revolutionary pensioner Marshfield 2/13/1832
Moses, Lucy, age 25, Feb 6, wife of William Moses Orange 2/20/1832
Moulton, __ Mrs., 6th inst, wife of M(ios)jah Molton Corinth 12/19/1831
Moulton, Nathaniel, age 65, May 8 Randolph 6/1/1830
Mower, Ann Leach, age 82, 28th ult, relict of Capt. Samuel Mower, formerly of Leicester, MA Woodstock 5/5/1829
Mower, Nahum, Esq., age 51 Montreal 4/6/1830
Munson, Seth, Esq., age 63, 20th inst Moretown 11/30/1830
Murdock, Schuyler Esq., age 35, Oct 24, suicide by cutting throat, leaves wife & 2 kids Montpelier of Whitingham 11/2/1830
Nash, Maria M., Miss, age 19, 13th ult, dau of Col. David P. Nash New Haven 7/19/1831
Nash, Phelanda, age 32, 3d inst, wife of Rev. S. Nash St. Albans 2/16/1830
Needham, Lydia, age 55, 4th ult, wife of John Needham Whiting 7/5/1831
Nelson, David, age 90 Shrewsbury 6/19/1827
Nelson, Johnathan, Capt., age 53 Shrewsbury 6/19/1827
Nelson, Stephen, age 12, 11th ult, son of Charles Nelson Montpelier 4/7/1829
Newell, George, Esq., age 39, 31st ult Charlotte 2/6/1832
Newton, Norman, age about 30, 2nd inst Waterbury 11/23/1830
Newton, Samuel, age 87, May 21 Brattleboro 6/14/1831
Nichols, Sarah, age 4, Jan 27, only child of Mr. Amrus Nichols Northfield 2/6/1832
Nichols, Silas Harvey, age 21 y 7 m 21 d, 17th inst, of typhus fever Middlesex 9/22/1829
Northey, David, age 67, since April last Bradford 10/3/1826
Northway, Francis, age 72 Westford 7/7/1829
Norton, Daniel, age 49, 16th ult Sharon 7/17/1827
Noyes, Calvin, age 79 East Poultney 3/29/1831
Nurser, Jacob, age 114, 14th ult, native of Germany Baltimore 3/13/1827
Nutt, Esther R. Miss, age 21, 5th inst, dau of John Nutt Topsham 1/23/1832
Nye, Mary, Nov 30, wife of Samuel Nye Norwich 4/6/1830
Olcott, Elizabeth, age 82, Jan 23, wife of Timothy Olcott Chester 3/13/1827
Osgood, Fanny Miss, age 32 Cabot 1/19/1830
Osgood, John, age 59 Brooklyn 7/7/1829
Osgood, John, age 8(0), Oct 5 Stanstead, L. C. 10/31/1831
Otis, Richard Dea., age 85, Sept 19, Revolutionary pensioner Canaan, NH 10/5/1830
Otis, Stephen, age 93 Halifax 1/16/1832
Owen, Abner, age 96 Salisbury 8/4/1829
Owen, child, 5th inst, of Ira Owen Montpelier 8/9/1831
Packard, Silas Esq., died at Decatur, IL Royalton 12/28/1830
Paddock, Precinda Mrs., age 44, 5th ult Pomfret 7/3/1827
Page, Casper, age 25, Jan 26, of consumption Bradford at Collins, NY 3/22/1836
Page, Widow, age 76, Feb 4 Orange 2/20/1832
Paine, Amos, age about 34, 1st inst Washington 5/9/1826
Paine, Candace Miss, age 24, Jan 31 Barre 2/6/1832
Palmer, Sarah Jane, age about 5 mos, 16th ult, of Hon. William A. Palmer, of the croup Danville 6/3/1828
Parish, Abigail, age 37, 19th ult, wife of Jacob K. Parish, Esq. East Randolph 3/10/1829
Parker, Marcia M., age 7 Sharon 3/23/1830
Parker, Stephen, age 68, June 4, a revolutionary soldier Rochester 7/17/1827
Parker, Thomas, Capt., age 75, formerly of Chelsea, a revolutionary pensioner Cambridge, VT 7/28/1829
Parkhurst, Ebenezer, Capt., age 86, 12th inst Sharon 1/30/1832
Parkhurst, Phebe Widow, age 29 Whitestown, NY 1/12/1830
Parkhurst, Phineas, age 56 Hartford 9/7/1830
Parks, Jonathan, age 58, by the falling of a frame Lyndon 7/7/1829
Parley, John, age 68, Feb 10 Enosburgh 3/16/1830
Partridge, Apollus, age 46, 18th ult Westford 7/3/1827
Patterson, David, age 64 Rutland 7/3/1827
Patterson, Ephraim, young man, June 1797, killed by falling tree Barre 3/21/1826
Peak, Samuel Dea., age 77, 5th inst, soldier of the Revolution Bethel 10/13/1829
Pearson, Abigail Eaton, age 18 mos, 26th inst, only child of Theodore Pearson Montpelier 10/3/1826
Pease, Lydia Laura Miss, age 20, 26th, dau of Benjamin Pease Orange 2/8/1831
Pease, Watrous, age 24, 7th inst Orange 2/15/1831
Peaslee, Daniel, Hon., age 54, 3d inst Washington 12/11/1827
Peaslee, George Esq., April 22, died at Hartford, CT Burlington 5/4/1830
Peck, Ama, age 52, 1st inst, relict of late Gen. John Peck, in a fit of numb palsy Morristown of Waterbury 6/9/1829
Peck, Mary Hubbard, age 5 mos, 14th, dau of Ansel Peck Berlin 4/21/1829
Peck, Nathaniel Esq., age 55, 11th inst Montpelier 4/17/1827
Peck, young girl, Dec 1, 1796, of late Amaziah Peck, burned by shovel of live coals Barre 3/21/1826
Peckham, Joshua, Esq., age 45 Bakersfield 7/7/1829
Pember, Samuel, age 76, 13th inst, of lung fever Randolph 3/21/1826
Percival, Azel, age 66, June 4 Strafford 6/12/1827
Percival, Thomas, age 35, last Thurs. Montpelier 11/21/1831
Percivel, Jeremiah, age 77, 6th inst Thetford 8/16/1831
Perkins, Cynthia Miss, accidently pierced her ear with knitting needle, died in 4 days Springfield, NH 6/30/1829
Perkins, Ebenezer, age 27, 3d inst Chelsea 11/25/1828
Perkins, Enoch, age 30, 3d inst, son of Benjamin Perkins Chelsea 1/13/1829
Perkins, Joshua, age 15, son of Daniel Perkins Chelsea 12/19/1826
Perkins, Mallisent, age 43, 12th inst, w/o Ansel Perkins, d/o Dr. Ware of Pomfret, VT Charleston 10/20/1829
Perkins, Mary, age 25, 22d inst, wife of Dr. Joseph Perkins Castleton 2/1/1831
Perry, Daniel, age 88 Newfane 6/30/1829
Pettibone, __ Mrs., wife of John S. Pettibone Manchester 10/26/1830
Peverly, Thomas Jr., Esq., age 32, 18th ult, in a fit of apoplexy (obit) Northumberland, NH 5/5/1829
Phelps, John, age 27, Oct 15, of consumption Berlin 10/24/1831
Phelps, son, age 5, last Thurs., of Schuyler Phelps Berlin 9/26/1831
Philbrick, Joseph, age about 80, May 1 (when Mrs. was buried Mr.'s body missing from grave) Hopkinton, NH 5/31/1831
Philbrick, May, age nearly 90, May 5, widow of Joseph Philbrick Hopkinton, NH 5/31/1831
Philips, Moses Byron, age 1 y 8 m 17 d, Dec 27, of Roderick & Grata Philips Duxbury 2/1/1831
Phillips, William Hon., age 78, 26th ult (obit) Boston 6/5/1827
Pickering, Timothy Hon., age 84, 29th ult (obit) Salem, MA 2/10/1829
Pierce, John, age 96 Beverly, MA 1/13/1829
Pierce, Willard, age about 60, 26th inst Royalton 12/7/1830
Pike, S., Mr., Wed last, threw himself into the river after hearing of Mr. Wm. Dexter's suicide Coventry 4/8/1828
Pike, Zulima, age 57, 3d inst, wife of Joshua Pike Waitsfield 5/17/1831
Pingree, Eliza K. Miss, age 18, 7th inst Ludlow 3/17/1829
Pitkin, Hezekiah, age 31, Nov 9, of consumption Marshfield 1/3/1826
Poor, Fanny, age 32, Jan 13, wife of Col. John Poor, after lingering illness of 6 years Williamstown 1/23/1832
Pope, Polly Miss, age 68, died Sherbrook, L. C. Danville 12/14/1830
Porter, Maria Miss, age 21 Orwell 3/27/1827
Porter, Nathaniel, Dea., age 82, April 3, of apoplexy (item) Lebanon, NH 4/26/1831
Porter, William A., April 2, formerly a professor at UVM Williamstown, MA 4/20/1830
Potter, Elizabeth, age 74, relict of Rev. Isaiah Potter Lebanon, NH 1/16/1832
Powell, child, age 6 mos, of Mr. Powell Royalton 3/29/1831
Powers, __ Mrs., age 100, March 19 Windsor 4/20/1830
Pratt, Andrew, Esq., age 73 Berlin, CT 2/9/1830
Pratt, Andrew, Esq., age 73 Berlin, CT 2/16/1830
Pratt, Charles, age 23, died in Penn. Peacham 9/15/1829
Pratt, infant child, 6th inst, of Samuel Pratt Jr. Braintree 4/24/1827
Prentiss, George W., age 37 Keene, NH 3/17/1829
Pride, Martha, age 56, wife of Amasa Pride, Esq., of consumption Waterbury 9/26/1831
Prior, Cynthia, 1st inst., wife of W. Prior, Esq. Vershire 12/5/1831
Purdy, Thomas, age 75, Jan 5 Burlington 1/25/1831
Putnam, child, age 17 mos, since April last, of Jesse Putnam, Esq. Topsham 10/3/1826
Putnam, Isaac Jr., age 23, 11th inst Montpelier 4/17/1827
Putnam, Thomas B., age 24, April 30, eldest son of Jacob Putnam Marshfield 5/11/1830
Randall, John, age 99, on his birthday Springfield 4/14/1829
Ransom, Elizabeth W., age 1, 5th inst, dau of Epaphroditus Ransom Townsend 10/10/1831
Reed, Sarah Ann Miss, age 14, 13th inst Lowell 12/5/1831
Reed, Zadock, age 76, Feb 24, soldier of the Revolution Antrim 3/27/1827
Remick, ___ Mrs., 13th inst, wife of Daniel Remick Calais 5/22/1827
Remington, Zadock, age 44 Castleton 8/24/1830
Reynolds, Tyler, age 57, 22d ult, formerly of Vergennes Windsor 1/6/1829
Rice, Amos, Jr., age 28 Worcester 1/25/1831
Rice, Caroline, age 17, dau of Joel Rice Bennington 11/17/1829
Rice, Edmund, Esq., age 45, 27th ult Waitsfield 6/2/1829
Rice, Samuel, age 26, 5th inst Randolph 3/21/1826
Rice, Sarah, age 2 y 6 m, June 18, dau of Charles Rice Northfield 8/2/1831
Rich, Samuel Dea., age 64 Charlotte 4/14/1829
Rich, Samuel Dea., age 64, 8th inst Charlotte 4/28/1829
Richards, Southard, Dec 22d last, child of Capt. Ira Richards Charleston 4/17/1827
Richardson, Andrew Jackson, 28th ult, infant son of Ezra T. Richardson Berlin 5/12/1829
Richardson, Daniel, age 78, 6th inst, revolutionary pensioner Westford 6/28/1831
Richardson, Edward, age 23, July 3, died in Montreal, L. C. Montpelier 7/10/1827
Richardson, George Sullivan, age 1, 9th, of Johon Richardson, drowned in tub of water Northfield 9/21/1830
Richmond, John, age 52 Bennington 11/17/1829
Rider, Clarissa Miss, age 42, 5th inst Waitsfield 5/24/1831
Ripley, David Capt., age 47, 29th ult Elmore 1/26/1830
Roberts, Josiah, age 77, Sept 23 Elmore 10/3/1831
Robertson, Ruhamah Widow, age 53 Bow, NH 2/22/1831
Robinson, Ambrose J., age about 30, 10th inst, at the lower village Barre 2/15/1831
Robinson, Nancy, age 34, 9th inst, w/o Charles Robinson, Esq., d/o Ezekiel D. Wheeler Barre 6/12/1827
Robinson, William Hammond, age 2, 29th ult, son of William Robinson Calais 1/6/1829
Rockwell, J. O., Mr., age 23 Providence, RI 6/21/1831
Rogers, David, Dr., Sr., age 88 Norwich, CT 7/7/1829
Ross, William A., age 4 y 6 m, 20th ult Berlin 9/13/1831
Rowe, __ Mrs., age 104, 20th ult, wife of Lazarus Rowe who is still alive at age 103 last Jan Lemington, MA 7/28/1829
Rowe, Mary Mrs., age 70 Bradford 11/10/1829
Royce, Stephen, Hon., age 69, 10th inst East Berkshire 7/22/1833
Rublee, infant child, 21st inst, of Luman Rublee Montpelier 3/31/1829
Runnells, Moses, age 35, 8th inst Cambridge 10/24/1831
Runnels, Mr., Jan 7, 1804, stranger was found drowned in well, suicide?? Barre 3/21/1826
Russ, Albert B., died at Tecumseh, Mis. Hartford 12/28/1830
Rust, Daniel, age 52, 3d ult Alstead, NH 6/5/1827
Sabins, __ Mrs., wife of Dr. Sabins Thetford of Strafford 10/26/1830
Safford, Jacob Dea., age 66, 20th inst Royalton 4/28/1829
Sailsbury, ___ Mrs., age 40, March 30, consort of Mr. L. Sailsbury Randolph 4/8/1828
Sampson, Jacob, age 33 Stamford at Shaftsbury 11/17/1829
Sanborn, Abigail Miss, age 25, 4th inst Corinth 1/30/1832
Sanders, Eri, age about 30 Middlesex 9/22/1829
Sargeant, Moses, age 25, 24th Barre 8/4/1829
Sargent, Enoch, Capt., age 42, Nov 7, in a fit of apoplexy Orange 11/21/1831
Sawyer, Abigail, age 54, June 24, wife of Solomon Sawyer, of consumption Bakersfield 7/17/1827
Sawyer, James Col., age 66 Burlington 6/12/1827
Scott, Catharine, age 60, 13th inst, wife of Col. Joseph Scott Craftsbury 4/24/1827
Scott, William, age 21, 6th inst Colchester 5/11/1830
Scovil, Mr., age 60, 29th ult Berlin 10/3/1831
Scribner, Juan Fernandez, age 21, 9th inst, wife of Capt. Isaac Scribner, of quick consumption Middlesex 2/15/1831
Scribner, Martha Ann, age 3 mos, Jan 21, dau of Capt. Isaac Scribner Middlesex 1/25/1831
Serjeants, Phebe J., age 9, Sept 6 Warren 10/6/1829
Serjeants, Timothy D., age 2 y 6 m, 18th Warren 10/6/1829
Seymour, Lydia Mrs., age 92 Vergennes 7/7/1829
Shattuck, Charles J., age 32, June 4 Stockbridge 6/22/1830
Shattuck, Lucinda, age 24, wife of Charles Shattuck Monkton 6/19/1827
Shaw, Mary, age 8, 2d inst, dau of Abraham P. Shaw, of spotted fever Bradford 3/21/1826
Shaw, Rhoda Widow, age 75, Feb 5 Williston 3/9/1830
Sheafe, Jacob, Esq., age 84, Jan 25 Portsmouth, NH 2/10/1829
Shed, Mary Widow, age 76 Billerica, NH 2/22/1831
Shedd, Charles W., age 20, son of Timothy Shedd Esq. Wells River 12/14/1830
Sheldon, Polly, age 28, 6th ult, wife of Elisha Sheldon, dau of Aaron Sanders Sheldon 7/17/1827
Shelly, Barnabas, age 33, Feb 1 Westmoreland 3/9/1830
Shepard, Horace, age 63, 2d ult Hardwick 4/21/1829
Shepard, Martha, age 58,18th, relict of late Horace Shepard, of consumption Hardwick 1/26/1830
Shepherd, Eunice, age 28, 15th inst, w/o Constant Shepherd, d/o Dea. Andrew Royce Sharon 10/26/1830
Sherburne, John Hon., age 73, Aug 2 Portsmouth, NH 8/24/1830
Sherman, Sidney, age 4, 3d inst, son of Stanley Sherman, clothes caught on fire Fletcher 11/24/1829
Sias, Sally, age 42, consort of Hon. Samuel Sias Danville 12/26/1826
Sias, Solomon, age 16, Oct 23, son of Jeremiah Sias, Esq. Danville 10/31/1831
Silsbee, __ Mrs., age 27, wife of Asaph Silsbee Waitsfield 9/15/1829
Simmons, John Esq., age 53 Middlebury 6/30/1829
Skinner, Aaron, Deacon, age 86, 6th inst Shelburne 8/22/1826
Skinner, Abigail Mrs., age 72, 11th ult Waitsfield 4/26/1831
Skinner, Hannah, age 34, wife of Capt. Harris Skinner Craftsbury 7/13/1830
Slade, Thomas, age 50, 12th inst, native of Alstead, NH, leaves wife & 8 children Montpelier 12/28/1830
Slayton, Samuel, age 79 Woodstock 9/7/1830
Sleeper, Apphia, age 75, wife of N. Sleeper, Esq. Guilford, NH 3/27/1827
Slocum, Holden, Hon., age 81 Dartmouth, MA 5/22/1827
Smith, Artemas, age 36, 12th inst Sudbury 10/23/1827
Smith, Benjamin, fell from a horse Rumney 7/7/1829
Smith, David Herrick, age 3, 8th, son of Oratio Smith Brookfield 8/21/1827
Smith, Frederick, Esq., age 63 Monkton 10/3/1826
Smith, Henry, age 76 Shoreham 1/6/1829
Smith, infant, age 3 mos, 12th ult, of Elias Smith Brookfield 4/3/1827
Smith, James, age 18, 13th inst Montpelier 5/22/1827
Smith, Leonard, age 30 Randolph 5/22/1827
Smith, Lois Miss, age 41, 12th inst Woodstock 3/23/1830
Smith, Louisa Miss, age 23 Randolph 5/22/1827
Smith, Lucinda, age 13, Feb 28, dau of William Smith Esq., of spotted fever Bradford 3/21/1826
Smith, Nathan, Dr., age 65, 25th ult Hartford, CT 2/10/1829
Smith, Olive Louisa, age 36, 9th ult, wife of Josiah Smith Albany 4/3/1827
Smith, Polly Miss, age 46, 5th inst Brookfield 5/22/1827
Smith, Ruth Widow, age 80, 25th ult, died at house of dau Mrs. Ira Day Barre 5/1/1827
Smith, Sybil Mrs., age 101 y 1 m 8 d, May 26, of Daniel & Betsey Worthington Hadley, MA 6/26/1827
Snow, Sally, 16th ult, wife of Norman Snow Pomfret 11/24/1829
Snuggs, George, Major, age 73 Norfolk, VA 12/19/1826
Solcomb, Asa R., age 63 Shelburn 1/26/1830
Southmayd, Edgar Coleman, age 3, 30th ult, only son of Rev. J. C. Southmayd Montpelier 4/7/1829
Southworth, Mary Miss, age 28, died in Mobile, Ala Pittsford 11/10/1829
Sowles, Nancy S., age 21, w/o Col. William L. Sowles, d/o Josiah Wetmore Alburgh 1/26/1830
Spalding, Jerusha, age 59, 7th inst, wife of Reuben Spalding, Esq. Sharon 12/11/1827
Sparrow, William Phelps, Jan 10th, died in Ohio Plainfield, VT 3/21/1826
Spaulding, Alonzo, age 22, 18th, son of Ira Spaulding Shoreham 6/15/1830
Spaulding, Azubah, age 63, July 16, wife of Benjamin Spalding Craftsbury 8/10/1830
Spaulding, James, Jr. age 19, Oct 22, of malignant typhus fever Lempster, NH 12/26/1826
Spear, Lucy, age 47, 7th ult, third wife of Elias Spear Braintree 3/3/1829
Spears, Joshua, age 74, 6th inst, revolutionary soldier Norwich 4/17/1827
Spencer, Clarissa, age 47, 14th inst, wife of Azel Spencer Shaftsbury 10/5/1830
Sperry, A. J., Gen., age 40, 14th ult Plattsburgh, NY 3/23/1830
Spooner, Bethsheba, widow of Eliakim Spooner Woodstock 2/22/1831
Spooner, Louisa Mrs., age 45 Chelsea 5/17/1831
Spooner, Sophia, age 54, April 11, of consumption Hartland 5/11/1830
Starr, James, age 90, participated in the "Boston Tea Party" Jay, NY 2/22/1831
Stearns, ____ Mrs., 19th ult, while on a visit to her daughters in Waterford St Johnsbury at Waterford 10/3/1826
Stearns, Esther Widow, age 86, 3d inst Walpole, NH 3/13/1827
Stearns, Mary, age 71, wife of Daniel Stearns Burlington 2/22/1831
Stearns, Mehitable Widow, age 74, 16th ult, formerly of Mt. Vernon, NH Williamstown 4/3/1827
Stevens, Cyprian Esq., July 27, died Detroit, Mich Vermont 8/10/1830
Stevens, Electa, age 35, Aug 3, wife of Benjamin Stevens Pownal 8/24/1830
Stevens, Huldah Miss, age 23, Feb (10 or 19th), dau of Clark Stevens Montpelier 3/1/1831
Stevens, Leonard Clark, age 9 months, 16th inst, son of Timothy Stevens Montpelier 11/30/1830
Stevens, Mary, age 3, since April last, dau of Reuben Stevens Corinth 10/3/1826
Stevens, Reliance, age 28, 4th inst, dau of Smith Stevens Montpelier 12/29/1835
Stevens, Roxana, age 2, since April last, of Jacob Stevens Newbury 10/3/1826
Stevens, Samuel, age 7, 4th inst, son of Samuel Stevens Montpelier 11/7/1831
Stevens, son, age 4, of Henry Stevens, Esq. Barnet 6/12/1827
Stevens, Thirza H., age 21, dau of Oliver H. Stevens Bethel at Tinmouth 12/19/1831
Stewart, ___ Mrs., age 62, relict of Col. Stewart Barnet at Lyman, NH 8/4/1829
Stickney, William, age about 55 Montpelier 1/26/1830
Stiles, John, age about 12, 28th ult, drowned Bakersfield 4/17/1827
Stinson, William, age 84, 4th inst, early settler of town Barnet 2/16/1830
Stoddard, dau, age 6, of Robert O. Stoddard, probably kicked by horse Waitsfield 9/21/1830
Stoddard, Solomon, age 62 Brookfield 1/30/1832
Stone, Jonas, age 63 Pittsford 3/23/1830
Storrs, Rebecca, Mrs., age 72, 27th, widow of Aaron Storrs, Esq. Randolph 5/9/1826
Story, Asa, Dea., age 79, 1st inst Randolph 2/10/1829
Stowell, Mary Mrs., 11th ult Middlebury 2/16/1830
Stowell, Rhoda, age 30, Dec 15, 1830, of Alladuren & Mary Stowell, of consumption (item) Moretown 2/1/1831
Stratton, Jonathan, age 72, 23d ult Shaftsbury 7/3/1827
Stratton, Maria, age 28, 26th ult, wife of Capt. Caleb A. Stratton, of apoplexy Brookfield 3/13/1827
Strong, Halsey N., age 23, 23d ult, son of Nathan Strong Berlin 7/5/1831
Strong, infant child, 5th inst, of Moses Strong Berlin 4/21/1829
Strong, Levina, age 19, 5th inst, dau of Nathan Strong, deaf & dumb Berlin 5/12/1829
Sturtevant, Polly Mrs., age 20 Vershire 12/5/1831
Swift, Charles, Dea., age 57 Fairfax 12/19/1831
Swift, Mary Seraph Southmayd, age 14 mos, 17th inst., of Rev. W. Swift, of dropsy Bethel 11/30/1830
Taber, Elihu, age 30, 12th inst Calais 8/21/1827
Taber, Laura Mrs., age 29, Tuesday following the 12th, w/of Elihu Taber, d/o John Cutler Calais 8/21/1827
Tabor, Mr., died about 3 years previous to Mrs. Sarah Tabor's death in March 1826 Bradford 3/21/1826
Tabor, Sarah D., Mrs., age 35, 10th inst, dau of James Wilson, Esq., (obit) Bradford & Albany, NY 3/21/1826
Taft, Clarissa Mrs., age 33 Bennington 11/17/1829
Taft, Lois Mrs., age 51, 17th ult, cancer Barre 7/3/1827
Taplin, Caroline, age 24, last Thurs., w/o Horatio N. Taplin, dau of John Walton, of fever Montpelier 8/30/1831
Taplin, child, 13th inst, of Mr. H. N. Taplin Montpelier 9/26/1831
Taplin, son, age 6, son of Doct. C. Taplin, disease of bowels Montpelier 8/22/1826
Taplin, Susan, age 51, 23d ult, wife of Gouldsburn Taplin, Esq. Corinth 3/10/1829
Tarbell, Moses, age 77, soldier of the Revolution at Battle of Bunker Hill & Bennington Mason, NH 3/13/1827
Tayler, John, age next July 4 would have been 4 score & seven, former Lt Gov. of NY Albany, NY prob 3/31/1829
Taylor, Abagail, age 63, 29th, wife of Col. E. Taylor Waitsfield 6/2/1829
Taylor, Ann, age 49, 11th inst, wife of Gates Taylor Williston 12/28/1830
Taylor, Daniel, Capt., age about 60, of cancer Berlin 2/22/1831
Taylor, Elias Col., age 73, 26th ult, pensioner & soldier Waitsfield 6/2/1829
Taylor, Ephraim, age 30, since April last Bradford 10/3/1826
Taylor, infant son, age 1 y 10 m, Jan (5), of David Taylor Marshfield 1/30/1832
Taylor, Jonathan, age 65, since April last Bradford 10/3/1826
Templeton, Harvey, age 1 y 10 m, 9th inst, son of Isaac Templeton Montpelier 8/23/1831
Tenney, Joanna Mrs., age 90 Thetford 3/10/1829
Tenney, Silas Maj., age 70, April 16, early settler of town, soldier of the revolution Hanover, NH 5/1/1827
Thomas, child, age 2 y, child of Ariel Thomas, fell into pail of hot water Waterbury 12/1/1829
Thomas, Isaiah, LL. D., age 82 Worcester, MA 4/19/1831
Thomas, Joseph Capt., age 66 Orwell 8/4/1829
Thompson, Aaron, age 57 Peacham 5/17/1831
Thompson, Abijah C., age 36 Georgia 6/16/1829
Thompson, John C., Hon., age 41, June 27 Burlington 7/5/1831
Thomson, William, age 14, 1(5)th inst, son of (Sam)uel Thomson Coventry 8/22/1826
Throop, Elizabeth Widow, age 73, 5th inst Randolph 10/13/1829
Thwing, Mary, age 4 y 6 m, 9th inst, dau of John Thwing Barre 11/25/1828
Tichenor, Daniel, age 74, officer of the revolution, bro of Governor Tichenor of VT Newark, NJ 12/19/1831
Titus, Michael, age 81, 15th inst Calais 6/26/1827
Tolman, Dorothy Widow, age 84,15th ult Vershire 6/16/1829
Totman, Grace Mrs., age 102 y 7 m 10 d Hartland 1/16/1832
Towle, Edward, age 47, 31st ult Haverhill, NH 6/16/1829
Tracy, Joseph Dea., age 65, 10th inst Hartford 4/28/1829
Tracy, Seth, age 38, April last Rochester 7/17/1827
Trumbull, John, Hon., age 81, 10th inst, born April 24, 1750 Watertown, CT (obit) Detroit, Mich. 5/31/1831
Trussell, Sophia, age 39, Feb 21, w/o Benjamin Trussell, d/o Simeon Derby Orford, NH 5/5/1829
Tryon, ___ Mrs., age 24, last Wed, wife of Marvin Tryon Montpelier 8/16/1831
Tuller, ___ Mrs., age 83, wife of Deacon Daniel Tuller Royalton 2/24/1829
Tumbo, Peter, colored man, aged 106 Cavendish 1/30/1832
Turner, Curtis, June 5, infant son of Lyman C. Turner Duxbury 7/17/1827
Tuthill, William, age 60, 18th inst, after 4 yrs of distressing sickness Montpelier 5/24/1831
Tyler, Alvira L., age 10, Sept 24, of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/17/1829
Tyler, Flavel B., age 19, Sept 21, of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/17/1829
Tyler, James P., age 17, Sept 10, of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/17/1829
Tyler, Jesse, age 43, Oct 10, of typhus fever Waterford 11/17/1829
Tyler, Lyman S., age 20, Aug 31, of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/17/1829
Tyler, Royall Hon., age 68, 16th inst Brattleboro 8/22/1826
Upham, __ Mrs., age 32, 2d inst, wife of Samuel Upham Jr., dau of Micah Hatch Montpelier 9/7/1830
Upham, infant, 1st inst, of William Upham Montpelier 8/9/1831
Upham, Mary C., age 25, Dec 22, wife of John A. Upham Stowe 1/30/1832
Upham, Nathaniel Hon., age 55, 10th inst Rochester, NH 7/28/1829
Van Sicklen, James, Dr., age 39 Burlington 9/19/1831
Varick, Richard, Col., age 79, July 30 (item) Jersey City, Col. 8/16/1831
Vidal, Theresa M., Mrs., age 102 St. Marie, L. C. 2/13/1832
Vintin, Samuel, age 26, 27th ult Braintree 3/21/1826
Vose, Thomas V., Esq., age 72 Bridgewater 3/23/1830
W(ats)on, child, age 6 mos, of Benjamin W(ats)on, disease of bowels Montpelier 8/22/1826
Wait, Jeduthun, 26th ult, soldier of the revolution & pensioner Waitsfield 6/2/1829
Waldo, Edward Lieut., age 86, 22d Randolph 2/10/1829
Waler, Benjamin, 5th inst, of small pox Rutland 3/27/1827
Walker, young child, about 1780's, son of late Col. Benjamin Walker, drowned Barre 3/21/1826
Waller, Mary Ann, age 28, 9th inst, wife of Gen. C. C. Waller Middlebury 5/19/1829
Walton, Josiah, age 93, June 25, soldier in French War, wounded at Bunker Hill Temple, NH 7/26/1831
Ward, Olive, consort of J. Ward, died Washington, NH Barnet 10/26/1830
Ware, Laura Miss, age 13 Kirby 11/17/1829
Warner, Betsey, age 49, Aug 10, wife of Dr. Levi Warner Newfane 8/24/1830
Warren, Elvira, age 2, 23d inst, dau of Samuel Warren Middlesex 3/29/1831
Warren, Hilena, age 14, 6th inst, dau of John R. Warren, of throat distemper Marshfield 7/14/1829
Warren, Mary, age 89, 7th ult, wife of Thomas Warren, lived together 64 years Shaftsbury 5/5/1829
Warren, Patience, age 83, Jan 1 Morristown 2/8/1831
Washburn, Hiram, age 20 Hancock 9/7/1830
Washington, Bushrod, Esq., age 47 Mt. Eagle, VA 5/31/1831
Waterman, Lany Mrs., age 49, March 31 Norwich 4/13/1830
Waterman, Mary Mrs., age 91, Jan 28 Orange 2/8/1831
Waterman, Mary, age 16, Friday last, eldest dau of Araunah Waterman, Esq. Montpelier 7/6/1830
Waterman, son, age 9 mos, son of Arannah Waterman, Esq., disease of bowels Montpelier 8/22/1826
Waters, child, Dec 24, 1799, of Capt. Timothy Waters, kicked in head by horse Barre 3/21/1826
Waters, Timothy, Capt., March 20, 1806, of apoplexy Barre 3/21/1826
Watkins, Elizabeth Mrs., age 80, mother of Hon. Henry Clay Woodford Co., Ky 1/12/1830
Watkins, Roswell, age 44 Chester 1/6/1829
Watson, Eber H., age 17, 3d inst, by accidental discharge of a gun Williamstown 11/17/1829
Watson, Sherman, age 39, Oct 9 Barre at Liberty, Ind. 11/21/1831
Watt, William, maybe 22 but prob older, 23d ult (long item re: this mysterious traveler) Clarendon, NY prob of VT 2/1/1831
Waugh, John, age 76, 19th ult Bradford 12/5/1831
Webster, Stephen, age 87, soldier of the French & Indian War New Durham, NH 3/13/1827
Wedge, Hosea, age 32, May 16 Brookfield 7/14/1829
Welles, Arnold, Hon., age 65 Boston 3/13/1827
Wells, Horace Capt., age 53, 5th inst Bellows Falls 4/28/1829
Wells, Paul, age 76, revolutionary patriot Danville 6/26/1827
West, Polly, age 47, wife of Jeremiah West Ellington, NY of Strafford, VT 6/14/1831
Wetmore, Nancy S. Miss, age 25, only dau of Hon. Seth Wetmore St. Albans 1/26/1830
Wetmore, Seth Hon., age 61, 31st ult St. Albans 9/14/1830
Wheatley, Andrew Esq., age 34 Plainfield 10/6/1829
Wheatley, Charles Henry, age 2 mos, 20th ult, of Andrew Wheatley Plainfield 10/3/1826
Wheeler, Ezekiel Dr., Feb 25, 1808, suicide by cutting his throat Barre 3/21/1826
Wheeler, Joseph, age 36 New Haven 3/27/1827
Wheeler, Lydia Miss, age 31, 17th inst Montpelier 2/24/1829
Wheeler, Pamelia Mrs., age 69, March 7 Charlestown, NH 5/17/1831
Wheeler, Sally, age 34, 30th ult, relict of Abijah Wheeler Burlington 7/5/1831
Whipple, Joel, Dea., age (4)6, 12th ult Hardwick 7/3/1827
Whipple, Nathan, age 72, 7th inst Bennington 1/30/1832
Whipple, Paul, age 55, 6th inst Barre 2/16/1830
Whitcomb, Joshua, age 47, 16th inst, of small pox Richmond, VT 1/23/1832
White, Abigail, age 72, 27th ult, wife of Freeburn White, in an epileptic fit Eden 10/17/1831
White, Hiram, age 16, Oct 27 Middlesex 11/7/1831
White, William, age 30, (Jan) 5 W(alden?) 1/30/1832
Whitelaw, James Gen., age 81, 29th ult, native of Scotland, early settler of town Ryegate 5/12/1829
Whitney, (J)en, Mrs., age 24, 24th ult, wife of Newell Whitney Craftsbury 5/9/1826
Whitney, Henry Nichols, age 16 mos, of Dr. Charles W. Whitney, of cynanchea trachealis Troy, NH 3/13/1827
Whitney, Zabad Capt., age 32, 18th ult, son of Jonathan Whitney Esq. of Tunbridge Royalton 5/18/1830
Whitney, Zilpha, 8th inst, wife of Jona[than] Whitney, Esq. Tunbridge 5/18/1830
Wiggins, Caroline, age 8, 14th inst, dau of Nathaniel Wiggins Montpelier 2/24/1829
Wiggins, Joseph, age 84 Concord, NH 11/10/1829
Wilcox, Carlos, Rev. Hartford, CT 6/19/1827
Wilder, Abel, Capt., age 79, 14th inst Norwich 9/26/1831
Willard, Jay Augustus, age 3, 15th ult, son of John Jay Willard Montpelier 1/2/1832
Willard, Mary Mrs., age 89, of cancer, at age 6 taken captive by Indians & taken to Quebec Hartland & Athol, MA 2/10/1829
Williams, __ Mrs., age 54, wife of Daniel Williams Randolph 7/7/1829
Williams, Jane, age 83, relict of Rev. Samuel Williams Rutland 4/14/1829
Williams, John P., Esq., age 48, 1st inst Chester 3/23/1830
Williams, Thomas F., 5th inst, stranger in town, of Great Britain Poultney 7/28/1829
Williamson, Jerusha, age 53, 20th ult, wife of Ransom Williamson, of dropsy Pomfret 5/5/1829
Willis, Eunice Miss, age 17, 3d inst Royalton 3/23/1830
Willis, Mary, age 72, widow of Daniel Willis Enfield, NH 5/1/1827
Willis, Ziba, age 36, died at Cleveland, Ohio Royalton 3/23/1830
Williston, John P., age 29, 1st inst, son of Rev. David H. Williston Tunbridge 4/21/1829
Wills, __ Miss, age 17, only remaining child of Oliver Wills, Esq., of consumption Royalton 3/16/1830
Willson, Clarissa W., age 36, 9th inst, wife of John Willson Montpelier 10/17/1831
Willson, Thomas, age 76, 27th ult Barre 7/6/1830
Wilson, Eady Mrs., age 32, June 1, dau of Abel Andrews Berlin at Chattauga, NY 7/5/1831
Wilson, Samuel, age 21 Windham 11/17/1829
Wilson, Sarah, age 74, Friday last, widow of Samuel Wilson Montpelier 8/17/1830
Wilson, Timothy, age 93, May 19 Sterling, MA 6/21/1831
Wilson, William Hon., age 56, 6th ult, representative of Congress for Ohio Newark, Ohio 7/10/1827
Wood, Alvan, age 35, keeper of Vt State Prison Windsor 7/7/1829
Wood, Harriet, age 23, March 5, w/o Lewis Wood, d/o Dea. Joshua Bliss Calais 3/9/1830
Wood, Henry H., age 13, Wed last, son of John Wood Montpelier 7/27/1830
Wood, Nancy Miss, age 24, last Tues, of typhus fever Burlington 10/31/1831
Wood, Olive, age 36, 18th, wife of Zenas Wood Montpelier 11/25/1828
Wood, William, age 75, fought at Battle of Bunker Hill Hollis, NH 3/13/1827
Woodbridge, Samuel S., Esq., age 26, 25th ult Vergennes 9/1/1834
Woodbury, Luke, Lieut., age 76, March 12, soldier of the revolution Salem, NH 5/1/1827
Woods, Oliver, Esq., age (7)1, Dec 27 Guildhall 1/16/1832
Woodward, Fanny, age 32, 10th inst, wife of John Woodward Bridgewater 4/21/1829
Woodward, Theodore, age 21, 14th inst Randolph 4/28/1829
Worcester, Hepzibah, age 86, July 2, widow of Noah Worchester, Esq. Hollis at Bedford, MA 7/26/1831
Worcester, Jerusha, age 25, 3d inst, dau of Rev. Leonard Worcester Peacham 11/17/1829
Worcester, Jerusha, age 5 m 18 d, dau of Rev. S. A. Worcester New Echota, Cherokee Nation 9/13/1831
Worcester, William, age 22, 30th ult Montpelier 9/7/1830
Worthington, Daniel, age 96, 11th ult, formerly of Hadley, MA Williamstown 3/23/1830
Worthington, Thomas Hon., former governor of Ohio New York 7/10/1827
Worthley, Julia, age 10 mos, April 15, dau of Capt. Samuel Worthley Washington 4/28/1829
Wright, Abel, age 42, Jan 12 Randolph 1/25/1831
Wright, Asa Capt., age about 63, 11th ult Hanover, NH 12/1/1829
Wright, Benoni, Mr., age 73, 22d ult Norwich 2/13/1832
Young, Addison P., age 1 y 7 m, 18th inst, son of Daniel Young Calais 10/27/1829
Young, Alfred Walton, age 10 mos, 31st ult, son of Otis Young Barnet 6/12/1827

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