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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Name Town Issue
( ms), Patty Miss, age 2(4), dau of Col. Jo( ) ( ms) Peacham 3/24/1818
( )roson, Nathaniel, age 71, 25th ult Grafton at Salisbury 4/6/1824
___, son, age 14, 1st inst, son of James ________ Norwich, Vt 5/13/1817
____, Abigail,, age 77, wife of Robert _____ Esq. Newport, RI 1/22/1808
___ridge, George & ____, 3d inst, age __ & 7, sons of Mr. C___ __ridge Norwich, Vt 5/13/1817
Abbott, Anna, age 36, wife of Capt. Samuel Abbott Williamstown 5/25/1824
Ackerman, Barnet, age 74 Portsmouth 4/20/1824
Adams, William, age 2, 16th, son of Lynde Adams Brookfield 11/25/1823
Adams, Caroline, age 4, Sept 11, dau of Lynde Adams Brookfield 11/25/1823
Adams, Emily, age 21, Sept 19, dau of Maj. Reuben Adams Brookfield 11/25/1823
Adams, James Rev. Londenderry 4/29/1817
Adams, John, merchant, drowned Hartwick 5/28/1815
Ainsworth, child, of Danforth Ainsworth Calais 8/30/1825
Ainsworth, Hezehiak, age (5)8 Hanover, NH 9/10/1816
Allen, infant, of Alanfon Allen Montpelier 11/19/1816
Allis, Mary, age 71, 5th inst, wife of Hon. Elisha Allis Esq. Brookfield 8/17/1819
Almy, Job, Capt., died on the coast of Africa Tiverton, RI 7/1/1808
Ames, Fisher, Hon., July 4 Dedham, MA 7/15/1808
Andrews, Louisa, age 2, dau of Thomas Andrews Calais 4/9/1812
Aplin, Olive Widow, age 45, Jan 25 Chelsea 2/10/1824
Atherton, Joseph, age 19, 4th inst Burlington 12/13/1814
Atwood, Hosea, died at Plymouth, MA Woodstock, VT 2/8/1825
Averill, A., Ensign, age 86, revolutionary pensioner Westminster, Vt 10/25/1825
Avery, Jesse, age about 45, 13th inst Orford, NH 2/24/1824
B(audinot), Elias Hon., 24th ult Burlington, NJ 11/27/1821
Bacon, Fanny Miss, age 18 Williamstown 8/12/1817
Bacon, Frederic, age 42, of Prefton, NY Lyndon, VT 3/18/1808
Badger, E., Capt., age 88, revolutionary pensioner Bristol, RI 10/25/1825
Bailey, ___ Widow, age 84 Barnet 4/16/1822
Bailey, Elizabeth, Mrs., age 89 Berlin, VT 6/17/1808
Bailey, James, Esq., age 86 Peacham 5/13/1808
Ball, ___ Mr., last June, killed by his son Charles Ball, sent to Windsor for life Bridport 2/15/1825
Bancroft, Amasa Capt., last Thursday Plainfield 2/13/1812
Barber, John, age 50, printer of the Albany Regifter Albany, NY 8/5/1808
Barker, Daniel, age 58, Wed last Montpelier 5/18/1824
Barnard, John, age 31, 24th ult Montpelier 6/3/1823
Barnes, Mary, age 47, 4th ult Ferrisburgh 5/18/1824
Barron, Amelia, age 27, 6th inft, wife of Maj. Wm. Barron Corinth 4/23/1816
Bartram, Archibald, age 27, of the Society of Friends Philadelphia 8/5/1808
Bates, Jonathan, age 63 Williamftown 9/9/1808
Bates, Joseph, age 37, Feb 27 Brookfield 3/2/1824
Bates, Joshua, age 91 Cohasset, ME 9/17/1816
Bates, Reuben, age 24, 1st inst Berlin 11/4/1823
Bates, Tirza, age 5, Sept 17, dau of Thomas Bates Brookfield 11/25/1823
Bayler, child of Mr. Albartis Bayley Brookfield 8/17/1819
Bayley, 2 children of Edward Bayley Brookfield 8/17/1819
Belcher, __ Mrs., 24th inst, w/o Samuel Belcher, hung herself, deranged (obit) Roxbury 4/30/1822
Bellows, Phebe, relict of Gen. Benj. Bellows, sis of Hon. Caleb Strong Walpole 2/11/1817
Bennet, Rodolphus, age 51, 16th inst Chelsea of Brattleboro 2/3/1824
Bennett, Humphrey Esq., age 29, 4th inst., of consumption Danville 1/20/1824
Benton, John, age 62 Wethersfield, C (CT?) 3/11/1808
Bettis, John, age about 100, 19th inst, revolutionary pensioner Calais 8/30/1825
Bigelow, Edmund Esq., age 73, May 17 Middletown at Fairhaven 6/22/1824
Bill, Samuel Jr., age 35, April 12 Gilsum, NH 5/11/1824
Billings, John, age 44 Portsmouth 4/20/1824
Billings, Mary, age 60, 9th inst, wife of Stephen Billings Lebanon, NH 8/23/1819
Bissell, Ezekiel Dr., age 60, 13th ult Randolph 6/15/1824
Bixby, Lois Widow, age 7(1), 30th, formerly of Hopkinton, MA Williamstown ? 12/4/1807
Black, child, age 15 mos, of Lt. Afa Black Dummerfton, VT 4/15/1808
Blake, Abigail, age 41, wife of John W. Blake, Esq. Brattleborough 12/23/1808
Blake, Mary, age 35, 12th inst, wife of Amplius Blake Esq. Chelsea 12/23/1823
Blanchard, Joel, age 57, 4th inft Peacham 7/23/1816
Blanchard, Pamely Miss, age 28, dau of widow Mary Blanchard Peacham 12/11/1821
Bliss, John, age 30, June 21 Glover 7/7/1814
Bliss, Lydia, age 81, relict of Capt. Abel Bliss, leaves 8 children Calais 4/4/1820
Bliss, Simeon, age about 30, 21st inst Calais 3/30/1824
Boen, Bezela, Capt., age 58 Rehoboth, RI 6/3/1808
Bois, Sarah, Widow, age 90 y 8 m Worcefter, Vt 1/22/1808
Bolster, Nathan, age 66 Sullivan at Keene, NH 3/4/1823
Booth, Joshua, about 55, died of rabies (item) Lempster, NH 2/11/1817
Borden, child, of Samuel Borden Montpelier 5/27/1808
Bostwick, Betsey, age 2(4), 9th ult, dau of John H. Bostwick New Haven 10/1/1816
Bourne, Mary Mrs., age 75 Bofton 1/15/1808
Boutwell, Lydia Widow, age 98, 31st ult, formerly of Amherst, NH Duxbury 4/12/1825
Bowman, Frances, March last, wife of Capt. Joseph Bowman Montpelier at Gardner, ME 5/25/1824
Boyd, James, age 30, 11th inst Montpelier 10/17/1824
Boyle, James H., Maj., Baltimore 3/19/1816
Bradford, William, Maj., age 63 Barre 11/5/1816
Bradley, Stephen Row, age 1(4), son of Hon. S. R. Bradley, died Deerfield Weftminfter, VT 7/8/1808
Bridge, Ebenezer, age 81, 13th inst, revolutionary officer Hartland 2/25/1823
Brown, ___ Mrs., wife of Seth Brown Montpelier 1/21/1813
Brown, child, of Joseph Brown, drowned in a lime vat Peacham 7/11/1815
Brown, child, of Seth Brown Montpelier 1/21/1813
Brown, Francis Rev., age 36, 27th ult Hanover 8/20/1820
Brown, Jane, age 101 y 8 m, March 21, relict of Samuel Brown, native of Ireland Corinth of Chester, NH 5/4/1824
Brown, Jofeph Peacham 3/3/1808
Brown, John W., Cincinnati, OH 1/22/1808
Brown, John, editor of that place Cincinnati, OH 1/29/1808
Brown, Joseph, 14th ult, drowned while drunk Hoallowell at Pittston, ME 6/8/1824
Brown, William, Hon., age 66 Waltham of Bofton 7/23/1816
Buel, Elias, Efq, age 40, late Deputy Sheriff of Chittenden Cty Waterbury 9/23/1808
Bufhnel, Samuel, age 101 Salifbury, NY 4/8/1808
Burbank, Bathsheba, age 58, 6th inst, wife of Capt. Silas Burbank Moretown 6/14/1825
Burbank, Hannah, age 78, Jan 30, wife of David Burbank Deerfield 2/22/1825
Burbank, Lucy, wife of Gen. Caleb Burbank Millbury, MA 2/17/1824
Burdick, Olive, age 28, wife of Ira Burdick, inflammation of the brain Waitsfield 4/30/1822
Burgefs, Benjamin, Dr., age 70, 13th ult Gofhen, Con 1/15/1808
Burt, Margaret Mrs., age 80 Hawley 1/15/1808
Cadwell, Nelly, age 56, 10th ult, wife of Buckley Cadwell New Haven 5/18/1824
Cahoon, John Capt., age 48, April 18 Lyndon 5/3/1825
Caldwell, James Esq., age 84, Feb 25 New Boston 4/20/1824
Camp, Erastus, age 32, kicked in head by a horse Orange 4/16/1822
Camp, Rebecca, wife of Charles Camp, of dysentery Berlin 11/25/1823
Camp, Stephen, age 54 Bennington 4/6/1824
Campbell, Alexander (General), age 70 Steuben, ME 1/22/1808
Capron, Polly Miss, age 57, Sept 15 Swanzey, NH 11/1/1825
Carleton, Harriet, age 7, 28th inft, child of Timothy Carleton Barre 11/19/1816
Carleton, Osgood, Esq., of Bofton Litchfield, NH 7/23/1816
Carpenter, Jason Lyon, age 14, last Wed., of Jason Carpenter Esq., killed by falling tree Waitsfield 11/19/1822
Carpenter, Polly, 23d ult, wife of Reynold Carpenter Bennington 9/10/1822
Carpenter, Susanna, age 105 Royalton, VT 2/1/1820
Carpenter, Tabitha Miss, age 23, 4th inst Strafford 11/22/1825
Carter, Leonard W., age 3, Dec 1st, son of Andrew Carter Marshfield 12/11/1821
Carter, Phoebe, age 64, June 4, wife of Oliver Carter Marlboro 7/16/1816
Cary, John, age 89, buried with musket ball in arm from war of 1756 Providence, RI 5/4/1824
Chandler, Perley, Capt., age 38 Chelfea 11/20/1807
Chapman, Asa Hon., age 24, Sept 24 New Haven, CT 10/11/1825
Chapman, Dorcas, age 23, 1st inst, w/o Ezekiel Lee Chapman, d/o John Bennett Dummerston of Hoosack, NY 7/12/1810
Chase, Jonathan, age 55, 5th inst Westford 6/21/1825
Chase, Mary, age 55, 21st ult, wife of Daniel Chase Cornish, NH 6/15/1824
Childs, Achsah, age 43, 9th, consort of Abner Childs Esq. Moretown 4/15/1823
Childs, Infant, age 2 weeks, 7th inst, of Abner Childs Esq. Moretown 4/15/1823
Choat, Mary Widow, age 82 Thetford, VT 12/16/1808
Church, Ebenezer, age 57 Royalton 12/16/1808
Church, Thomas L., Lieut., age 20, 9th inst, son of Charles Church Esq. Hancock 7/23/1822
Clapp, Samuel, age 22 Royalston 8/12/1808
Clark, child, of Thomas Clark Barnet 11/17/1814
Clark, Lydia Miss, age 21, dau of Edward Clark Peacham 12/14/1824
Clark, Marget, age 44, 12th inft, confort of Benjamin Clark Craftsbury 6/20/1815
Clark, Polly, age 23, Feb 1, dau of Reuben Clark Cabot 2/13/1821
Clark, Rachel, age 43, May 24, dau of Alexander Clark Shelburne, MA 6/30/1814
Clark, Rebecca Mrs., age 106 Cornwall, VT 5/20/1808
Claxron, James, age 23 Washington City 2/5/1822
Cleaves, child, of Mr. Nathaniel Cleaves Montpelier 5/28/1816
Cleaves, Edwin, age 16 mos, 5th inst, youngest child of Mr. N. Cleaves Montpelier 8/15/1815
Clough, Nehemiah Lt., age 38, of spotted fever Canterbury 4/29/1817
Cloutman, Daniel, age 68 Salem 3/11/1808
Coats, ___Mrs., wife of Peres Coats B( ) 3/18/1823
Cobb, Emily, age 2, 6th inst, dau of Seth Cobb Stowe 3/30/1824
Cobb, Mary Ann, age 3 mos, dau of Silas W. Cobb Moretown 12/13/1814
Cobb, Sally, Miss, age 28 Hardwick ? 9/1/1814
Cobleigh, John Lieut., age 74, June 8 Chesterfield, NH 6/21/1825
Cobleigh, Louisa, age 1 y 9 m, dau of Oliver Cobleigh Northfield ? 12/4/1807
Coffin, Mary, age 13, of spotted fever Canterbury 4/29/1817
Col( ), Rebecca, last Thurs., wife of Deacon Salvin Col( ) Montpelier 3/12/1816
Collier, Thomas T., age 15, 8th inst, son of Isaac Collier Hardwick 8/30/1825
Colton, Betsey, age 44, 10th inst, wife of Col. Moses Colton Fairhaven 6/22/1824
Conant, dau, age 8 mos, dau of James Conant Hardwick 6/9/1814
Conant, Ifrael, Capt., age 32, 12th inft Merrimac 6/24/1808
Conant, Lucy Miss, age 26, 9th inst Brownington 6/18/1812
Converse, Henry, age 4, son of Francis Converse Northfield 12/4/1807
Converse, Shubal Esq., ae 56, 23d ult Randolph 4/8/1823
Corbin, Mr., of small pox, of Wendal, NH Fryburg 5/6/1808
Corfs, Sally, age 42, Aug 12, confort of Capt. Jacob Corfs Duxbury 9/3/1816
Cotton, John, age 108, revolutionary pensioner Litchfield 6/22/1824
Cox, James, Capt. Portsmouth 9/16/1808
Crafts, Samuel C., age 24, son of Hon. S. C. Crafts Craftsbury 1/11/1825
Cressy, Johnathan, 26th ult Chesterfield 5/18/1824
Crofman, Mina, age 13 mos, 17th ult, dau of Zenas Crofman Efq. Hardwick 4/2/1816
Crosby, Elizabeth Widow, age 63, June 14 Brattleborough 7/18/1815
Crosby, John O., age 23, April 6, eldest son of Dr. John Crosby (obit) Montpelier of Ashby, MA 4/14/1818
Crosby, Oliver Dea., age 81 Billerica, MA 10/11/1825
Crosby, Samuel Esq., age 83, Sunday last, of Winchendon, MA Montpelier 12/13/1814
Crosman, __ Mrs., age about 80, 28th inst, wife of Stephen Crosman Peacham 5/3/1825
Crosman, ___ Mrs., wife of Abner Crosman, Esq. Peacham 2/6/1812
Crosman, Hannah, age 31, 5th inst, wife of Zenas Crosman, Esq. Hardwick 7/16/1816
Crowell, Nathaniel, age about 23, May 17, son of Shiverick Crowell Barnard at Springfield 6/15/1824
Cummins, Jacob, age 55, 15th inst Berlin 8/23/1825
Cummins, Martha, age 48, Dec 22, wife of Jonas Cummins Calais 1/13/1824
Currier, Anna, age 22, dau of Joseph Currier of Plainfield Berlin 12/23/1808
Currier, Betsey, age 30, Dec 11, widow of Jonathan Currier Jr., of consumption Enfield, NH 2/1/1825
Currier, Ednah Mrs., age 58, 10th inst Berlin 4/20/1824
Currier, Jonathan Jr., age 33, Nov 21, of consumption Enfield, NH 2/1/1825
Curtifs, Judfon, age 85 Trumbull 3/11/1808
Cutler, Prudence, Widow, age 67 Greensborough 2/4/1823
Dagget, Simeon, age 37 Montpelier 2/18/1823
Dana, Caroline Elizabeth, age 21, 18th inst, dau of Hon. Judah Dana (obit) Freyburg 11/19/1822
Dana, Dolly Miss, age 20, Feb 20, dau of Hon. Daniel Dana Guildhall 3/11/1808
Dana, Joanna, age 30, 28th ult, widow of Capt. William Dana Calais of Lebanon, NH 6/7/1825
Dana, Mary Miss, age 16, dau of David Dana Peacham ? 9/10/1822
Dansforth, Samuel Dr., age 40, left wife and 7 children Calais 4/23/1812
Darling, William, Capt., Jr., age (3)1 Montpelier 12/11/1807
Davidson, Mary, Nov 23, relict of Benjamin Davidson Fitzwilliam, NH 12/17/1822
Davis, __ Mrs., age 80, Thurs last, widow of Col. Thomas Davis (obit) Montpelier 3/4/1823
Davis, Asenath, age 21, 8th inst, dau of Gen. Parley Davis (obit) Montpelier 11/10/1818
Davis, child, age 11 mos, child of Mr. Samuel Davis Hardwick ? 9/1/1814
Davis, Clarrissa Miss, age 21, April 25 Barre 6/21/1825
Davis, Dolly, wife of Maj. Nathaniel Davis Montpelier 7/12/1810
Davis, John, age 71, 24th ult, a Revolutionary Soldier Montpelier 4/1/1823
Davis, Mofes, age 31, printer of the Dartmouth Gazette Hanover, NH 8/5/1808
Dexter, Samuel, Hon., age 54, 4th ult Athem, NY 5/14/1816
Dickenfon, John Efq., author of Farmer's Letters Wilmington, Del 3/11/1808
Dickey, Hannah, age 38, wife of Nathaniel Dickey Danville 9/10/1816
Dickinfon, John Efq., former president of commonwealth of Penn Wilmington, Del 3/18/1808
Dobbins, Thomas, printer Baltimore, MD 3/18/1808
Dodge, Betsey, age 62, April 3, wife of Phinehas Dodge Esq. Chelsea 5/4/1824
Dodge, Child, of Mr. Asa Dodge Barre 3/24/1818
Dodge, Eleazer, age 20, last Wed, parents live in Barre, buried Barre Montpelier at Williston 11/5/1822
Dodge, Elisha, age 27, Dec 7, died at Alton, IL New Boston, NH 2/1/1820
Dodge, Jofiah Montpelier 2/5/1808
Dodge, Rhoda, 18th inst, wife of Andrew Dodge Jr. Montpelier 4/30/1822
Dodge, Solomon Jr., age 36, 7th inst Calais 3/16/1824
Dodge, Tabitha Mrs., age 83, 7th inst Underhill 12/21/1819
Dorothy, Alvin, about 2, drowned last Wed, son of Jofeph Dorothy Alftead 7/8/1808
Doton, Susanna, age 58, Nov 24, wife of Ephraim Doton, of consumption Moultonborough 12/14/1824
Doty, Thomas, age 65, 23d inst Montpelier 12/28/1824
Drew, Joseph, executed for murder of Ebenezer Parker on the 21st ult Portland 8/12/1808
Dunham, Sarah, wife of Jofeph Dunham, died at Moretown Brimfield, MA 7/1/1808
Dunn, Dr. Henry, drowned B. N. 5/28/1815
Durfee, Triftam, died on the coast of Africa Tiverton, RI 7/1/1808
Durkee, Anne, wife of Capt. Stephen Durkee Waitsfield 11/21/1811
Durkee, Jane, age 3, 16th ult, only dau of Capt Stephen Durkee Waitsfield 10/10/1815
Dutton, Horace, age 22, 12th inst Windsor 4/30/1822
Dyer, Thomas, Col., Windham, CT 6/10/1808
Earl, Hannah, age 1(0), dau of Jacob Earl of Wallingford Barre ? 11/19/1816
Eaton, infant child, of Mr. Obadiah Eaton Montpelier 6/27/1815
Eaton, William, Gen. Brimfield, MA 6/20/1811
Edgerton, Benjamin S., Capt., 14th inft Randolph 10/22/1816
Edgerton, Sophia Miss, age 20 Cabot 7/4/1811
Edmond, David Esq. Vergennes 4/6/1824
Edson, Minerva Mr., age 29 Randolph at Moretown 8/25/1818
Edson, Thomas, young man, died Sept 7, on boat to Quebec (item) Shrewsbury 6/27/1811
Edwards, William, traveling bookseller of Boston murdered by Mr. Nash Harrington, ME 9/16/1808
Eells, Sally, age 43, wife of Capt. Edward Eells, of consumption Middlebury 6/7/1825
Efty, John, 26th ult, drowned, son of Stewart Efty Weftmoreland 7/8/1808
Egoff, Michael, age 99 Carlifle, PA 5/13/1817
Elkins, James, 22d ult, suicide by hanging Norwich, VT 11/10/1825
Elkins, Jonathan, Deacon, Peacham 12/16/1808
Elkins, Jonathan, Jr., age 2(4), Oct 22, son of Col. Jonathan Elkins, yellow fever Peacham at New Orleans 11/19/1822
Ellfworth, Job, Efq., June 27 Greenfboro at Hardwick 7/9/1816
Ellis, son, age 5, son of Jabez Ellis Efq. Berlin 4/4/1815
Ellis, William, age 18 months, 22d ult, son of Augustus Ellis Williamstown 3/1/1825
Ellsworth, Oliver, Hon., late Chief Justice of Supreme Court of US Windsor, CT 12/11/1807
Emerson, Daniel, Rev., age 38, 16th inst, of Daniel Emerson Esq. of Hollis Dartmouth, MA 12/2/1808
Emerson, Eleanor, 7th inst, wife of Rev. Joseph Emerson Liecester, MA 12/2/1808
Emerson, William, Rev., age 42 Boston 5/30/1811
English, James, 1st inst Marshfield 10/11/1825
Eustin, William, age 75, 6th inst, Governor of Mass (obit) Boston 2/15/1825
Evans, Richard, Hon., age 39 Hopkinton 7/30/1816
Evans, Sally, age 37, April 6, w/o of Jacob Evans, d/o Dea Ezra Carter of Fryeburg, ME Greensborough 6/2/1814
Ewing, John, merchant Charlefton 2/12/1808
Farrington, William, Capt., age 74 Lyman, MA 12/16/1808
Farwel, William, age about 75, last Thurs Barre 12/16/1823
Farwell, William Rev., age (73), Dec (14th) Barre 2/3/1824
Fasset, Jonathan, age 80, 21st ult, Revolutionary officer Bakersfield 8/2/1825
Fay, Jemima, age 72, March 22, wife of Thomas Fay Reading 4/20/1824
Fessenden, Elizabeth, Madam, widow of Rev. Thomas Fessenden Brattleboro 3/24/1818
Fiefield, Samuel Col., age 56, 31st ult Orange 6/8/1824
Fifield, G. W., Mr., age 22 Orange ? 4/16/1822
Fifk, David, age 64 Orwell 6/3/1808
Fifk, Emma, age 24, wife of Daniel Fifk Montpelier 9/9/1808
Fitch, Benjamin, age 46, 21ft ult, murdered by John Getty of Hebron Salem 5/7/1816
Flood, James, revolutionary pensioner Portland, ME 10/25/1825
Forbes, David, Efq., age 71 Brookfield 4/22/1808
Forbes, Elizabeth Miss, age 21, Saturday, dau of Gen. Abner Forbes Windsor 3/5/1822
Foster, Nathaniel, age 68, 26th ult Orange, VT 4/30/1812
Fowle, Samuel, age 72, 18th inst, wounded at Battle of Bunker Hill Woburn at ? 6/21/1825
Freeman, Jonathan, Hon., Esq., age 62 Hanover, NH 9/16/1808
French, Carlos Lorenzo, age 1 y 7 m, only child of Samuel French Jr. Hardwick 11/27/1807
French, Harvey Haverhill, NH at Boston 12/14/1824
French, Jonathan, age about 35 Hardwick 10/28/1823
French, Lucy Mrs., age 22, wife of Daniel French Hardwick 11/20/1807
French, Lydia, Mrs., age 54, Sunday last, wife of Samuel French, Esq. Hardwick 9/1/1814
French, Mary, age 8, dau of Samuel French Craftsbury 7/22/1808
Fuller, Martha, age 50, 5th ult, consort of Abraham Fuller Ferrisburgh prob 5/18/1824
Fuller, Mary, age 62, 20th inst, relict of Levi Fuller Surry, NH 2/1/1825
Fuller, Stephen Rev., age 66, 12th inft., paftor at Verfhire New Haven 5/7/1816
Fuller, Thomas, Dea., age 69, Dec 1 Hardwick 12/30/1823
Furgefon, __ Mrs., wife of James Furgefon (and child) Barnet 11/17/1814
Furman, Moore Efq., age 80 Lamberton, NJ 4/15/1808
Gage, Dover, advanced age, black man, taken from Africa (obit) Dover 2/5/1822
Gaige, Stephen, Feb 11 Cabot 2/17/1824
Gardner, Oliver Capt., age 81, revolutionary pensioner East Greenwich, RI 10/25/1825
Gates, John, age 74, revolutionary soldier (obit) Albany 10/18/1825
Gaylord, Hezekiah, age 75, 7th inst Berlin 4/8/1823
Gibb, Lucretia, age 85, Nov 9th, w/o Thomas W. Gibb, d/o Capt Barnah( ) Dorr Hardwick & Montpelier 11/20/1821
Gibbs, Louis Widow, age 87, 3d inst, formerly of Framingham, MA Gilsum, NH 6/14/1825
Gibson, Esther, age 81, 6th ult, consort of Joseph Gibson Rockingham at Walpole, NH 2/8/1825
Gilbert, __ Mrs., wife of John Gilbert Peacham 11/20/1807
Gilbert, Abraham Esq. , age 60, Brandon 11/20/1807
Gilbert, Galen O., age 14, last Thur., son of Mrs. Wakefield Montpelier 1/21/1813
Gilchrist, Alexander Esq., age 62, March 3 Barnet 4/6/1824
Gilkerfon, child, of John Gilkerfon Barnet 11/17/1814
Gilman, child, age 2, of Andrew Gilman Williamstown 9/10/1822
Gilman, John Dr., age about 33, 9th inst, of lung fever Calais 2/15/1825
Gilman, Thomas, age 20, 29th ult, died Bofton Gilmantown, NH 5/6/1808
Goddard, ___ Mrs., age 48, wife of Hon. John Goddard Portfmouth, NH 7/29/1808
Gofs, Abel, age 27 Hardwick 4/22/1808
Gofs, Evelina, age 12, last Thurs Montpelier 9/3/1816
Goodenough, Jeffe Mr. Berlin 7/7/1814
Goodenough, only child, age 18 mos, of Mr. Ashbel Goodenough Peacham 12/11/1821
Gorton, Benjamin, age (86), 22d inst Brattleboro 2/1/1825
Goss, John, Jun., age 3(9) Greensborough 5/27/1808
Goss, Samuel Pierce, age 3 wks, 28th ult, son of Samuel Goss Montpelier 9/1/1815
Goss, Ziba Mr., age 49 Topsham 6/7/1825
Gould, ____, age 19 mos, youngest dau of Ambrose Gould Hollis, NH 12/11/1807
Greenleaf, Daniel, age 46, Dec 22 Worcester, MA 1/11/1825
Gregory, Ifasc, Deac., age 81 Afhby 3/19/1816
Griswold, And., Lt., age 75, revolutionary pensioner Norwich, VT 10/25/1825
Griswold, Roxana Miss, age 17, 14th inst Randolph 3/30/1824
Gross, James, killed by drinking potash Canada 8/19/1817
Grover, __ Mrs., age 69, Sept 18, wife of Amaziah Grover Brookfield 11/25/1823
Hale, Apollos, age 60, Monday, fell on ice and knocked himself out Barre 3/5/1822
Hall, Jofeph, age 87 Taunton, NH 1/22/1808
Hall, Percival, Dr., age 84, a surgeon in the revolution Boston 10/25/1825
Ham, Timothy, age 79 Portsmouth 6/22/1824
Hammet, Hannah Mrs., age (8)2, 18th ult Montpelier 12/6/1825
Hancock, David, age 26, last Thurs, formerly of Mass Montpelier 4/16/1812
Hand, Reuben, Capt., Oct last Peacham 12/10/1822
Harding, George, age 116, he had survived five wives Winchester, NH 11/29/1825
Harding, Sarah Mrs., age 67 Portland ? 1/8/1808
Harper, John A., Hon., late member of Congress from NH Meredith, NH 7/23/1816
Harriffon, Margaret Mrs., age 40, publifher of NY Weekly Mufeum New York 4/8/1808
Harrington, ___ Mrs. Middlesex 11/21/1811
Harrington, child, of Mr. David Harrington Middlesex 7/12/1810
Haskins, __ Mrs., age 72, 25th inst, wife of Samuel Haskins Middlesex 1/29/1822
Haswell, Anthony Esq., age 60, former editor of Vt Gazette Bennington 6/18/1816
Hatch, Joseph, age 40, 14th inst Chelsea at Rochester, NY 4/6/1824
Hathaway, Mary, age 66, 2d ult, consort of Ichabod Hathaway Barre 12/3/1822
Hawes, ___ Mrs., 5th inst., wife of Calvin Hawes Barre 5/13/1817
Hawley, Ezekiel, age 69, 27th ult Waitsfield 10/29/1822
Hayden, Jofiah Hollis, NH 4/2/1816
Hayes, Infant, Sunday last, of William Hayes Montpelier 2/22/1825
Heald, Anna, age 43, April 9, wife of Nathan Heald Temple, NH 5/4/1824
Heald, Caroline, age 11, Friday, dau of Thomas Heald, Esq. Montpelier of Concord, MA 4/14/1818
Heaton, Electa Miss, age 28, June 11, dau of James & Freedom Heaton Waitfield at Antwerp, NY 11/6/1821
Heaton, Freedom Mrs., age 63, March 19, wife of James Heaton Waitfield at Antwerp, NY 11/6/1821
Heaton, James, age 69, Aug 19 Manham, NY 11/6/1821
Heaton, Samuel, age 57 Duxbury 12/25/1807
Hedge, Mr., drowned Windfor 5/28/1815
Henderson, __ Mrs., age 40, 24th, wife of Andrew Henderson Berlin 12/30/1823
Henderson, Lyman, age 20, 27th ult Berlin 12/2/1823
Henderson, William, age 11, son of Andrew Henderson Berlin 1/6/1824
Herd, Nathan, age (85) Peacham 3/24/1818
Herrick, ___ Mrs., age 38, Wed last, wife of Harvey Herrick Montpelier 10/26/1824
Herrick, Ephraim, age 100 Preston, CT 11/29/1825
Hickcock, Elijah, 3d inst Vergennes prob 5/18/1824
Hidden, Ephraim, age 44, April 7, drowned Tamworth 6/8/1824
Hill, ___ry, wife of ________Hill Montpelier 5/13/1817
Hill, child, age 8 mos, of Giles Hill Berlin 4/4/1815
Hill, John, Capt., age 76 Charlotte, VT 6/3/1808
Hitchcock, Betsey, age 31, Feb 25, wife of Stebbins Hitchcock Waitsfield 5/4/1824
Hitchcock, Elizabeth, Mrs., age 100 y 11 m Burlington, Con. 1/8/1808
Holbrook, Paul, Elder, age 58 Montpelier 11/2/1824
Homan, William, age 26, 7th, of consumption Hardwick 6/7/1825
Hopkins, Elisha, Maj. Gen., 26th ult Rupert 11/1/1825
Hopkins, Samuel, Rev., age 81 Hadley 1811
Houghton, Edward L., age 3, Thurs., youngest son of Col. Chester W. Houghton Montpelier 11/5/1822
Houghton, John & Hephzibah & Jonathan, bro & sis, ages 60 to 70 Bolton, MA 4/1/1808
House, John Col., age 81, early settler of Hanover, NH, Revolutionary soldier (obit) Norwich 4/12/1825
Hovey, ___ Mrs., widow of Rufus Hovey Brookfield 8/17/1819
How, Elijah, age 76 Spencer 3/18/1808
Howard, Jonathan, Feb 23 (item) Weftfield 3/3/1808
Howe, __ Widow, age 97 Williamstown 8/12/1817
Howe, ___ Mrs., age 91, died several weeks previous. wife of Charles How Effex, MA 6/17/1808
Howe, Charles, age 91 Effex, MA 6/17/1808
Hoyt, Timothy, age 19, 7th inst St Albans, VT 5/28/1812
Hubbard, Electa, age 11, Dec 1st, dau of R. Hubbard, Esq. Sullivan, NH 12/13/1814
Hubbard, Sally, about 60, wife of Timothy Hubbard Windsor, CT 7/18/1811
Hubbard, Samuel C., age 7, Dec 3, of R. Hubbard, Esq. Sullivan, NH 12/13/1814
Hubbard, Tamar, age 69, Dec 7, wife of Elisha Hubbard, had 16 kids, 14 alive Rochester 1/13/1824
Hubbart, Thomas, age 14, 25th ult, cadet at the Military Academy Norwich 11/19/1822
Hull, William Hon., age 73, Tues, Field Officer in Revolutionary war Newton 12/6/1825
Hunt, Thomas, Lt., died Fort Adams, commander of gunboat No. 11 Watertown, MA 2/12/1808
Huntington, Roxelana, age 20, 16th inst, dau of Dr. Samuel Huntington Greensborough 6/23/1809
Huntington, Samuel Dr., age about 60 Greensboro 12/30/1823
Huntoon, Josiah S., age about 25 Montpelier 10/17/1815
Hurd, Rachel, Widow, age 88, buried at Gilfum Chefterfield, NH 10/3/1815
Hutchins, Joseph, Col., age 72 Middlesex 12/6/1814
Ivers, Thomas, age 84 New York 3/11/1808
Jackman, infant, of Mr. Levi Jackman Berlin 2/11/1817
Jacobs, Stephen, Hon, age (6)1, Monday last Windsor, VT 2/18/1817
Jacobs, Widow, age 82 Montpelier 3/5/1822
Jefferds, Caroline, age 2, Sept 5, of Moses Jefferds Williamstown 12/4/1807
Jefferds, Moses, Jun., age 12, (Sept) 15th, of Moses Jefferds Williamstown 12/4/1807
Jefferds, Orrilla, age 4, (Sept) 12th, of Moses Jefferds Williamstown 12/4/1807
Jewett, James, age 85, 9th ult Hollis, NH 5/27/1808
Jewett, Margaret, age 82, Feb 13, consort of James Jewett Hollis, NH 5/27/1808
Johnfton, Stephen, Dr., age 85 Leominfter 1/15/1808
Johnson, Robert Col., age (8)6, Feb 29, revolutionary officer, early settler of town Newbury, VT 4/6/1824
Jones, Abraham, age 100, native of Germany Charleston, SC 1/15/1808
Jones, Jabez, Esq., age 43 Richmond 9/5/1811
Jones, James, age 75 Lebanon, NH 6/23/1818
Jones, Phebe Widow, age 88, 15th inst Hancock, NH of Ashby, MA 7/29/1823
Jones, Samuel, shot to death by Jacob Lewis of Jefferson Ohio 2/11/1817
Joslin, Ezra, 30th, suicide by hanging (item) Bethel at Waitsfield 7/4/1811
Keating, William, formerly of New York Charlefton 1/29/1808
Keeler, Aaron, Efq., age 58, 22nd inft Hydepark 11/5/1816
Kellogg, Jemima, age 59, 5th inst, wife of Phineas Kellog Brookfield 5/11/1824
Kellogg, Martin, age about 40, Friday last, of consumption Hardwick at Barre 3/29/1825
Kellogg, Mary Ann, age 18 mos, dau of Ira Kellogg Middlesex 9/12/1815
Kendal, Nathaniel Dea., age 56, 1st inst Derby 11/20/1821
Kendall, Adeline Stearns, age 8, Sept 15, dau of Sewall Kendall Roxbury 11/25/1823
Kendall, Betsey, age 53, March 25, wife of Nathan N. Kendall Brookfield 5/4/1824
Kendall, Eber Stearns, age 4, Sept 28th, of Sewall Kendall Roxbury 11/25/1823
Kendall, Temple, Lt., age 91, March 6 Dunstable, MA 3/26/1822
Kendrick, Clark Rev., age 49, 1st inst Poultney 3/2/1824
Kennan, Ruth, age 40, July 10, wife of Isaac Kennan Calais 10/17/1824
Kidd, Archibald, age 24, died St Johns, L. Can Montpelier 9/5/1811
Kidd, child, died last Monday, child of Widow Louisa Kidd Montpelier 4/16/1612
Kimball, Anna, age 48, March 16, wife of Joseph Kimball Swanzey 3/29/1825
Kimball, Sally, age 25, Feb 7, dau of George Kimball, formerly of Charlefton, NH Derby 3/26/1816
Kimball, True, Efq., suicide, postmaster of that place Hamftead, NH 7/30/1816
Kimberley, Jacob, age 67 Salem, NY 3/3/1808
Kingsbury, Daniel Capt., age about 65, last Tues Brookfield 8/12/1817
Kiniston, ___ Mrs., died several weeks ago, wife of Asa Kiniston Cabot 11/11/1823
Kiniston, Asa, age about 40, 22d ult Cabot 11/11/1823
Kirkland, Samuel, Rev., age 67 Paris, NY 4/1/1808
Knight, Nehemiah Hon., age 61, Member of Congress Cranfton, RI 7/29/1808
Knowlton, Joseph, age 99 Ward, MA 9/17/1816
Kofs, John Barnet 1/8/1808
Lakeman, Sally Mifs, age 24, April 27, dau of Amos Lakeman Peacham 5/13/1817
Lakin, Ebenezer, Capt., age 36 Plymouth 9/23/1808
Lamb, Polly, age 49, Sunday last, wife of Dr. Edward Lamb Montpelier 6/17/1823
Lampson, Abel, age 24, 22nd ult Waitsfield 5/17/1825
Larabee, Merril, age 12, Tues last, son of Sylvester Larabee Montpelier 1/14/1823
Larabee, Sylvester, age 36, Thurs last Montpelier 3/16/1824
Lawson, William, age 39, 27th ult Montpelier 6/17/1823
Leavitt, Thomas, age 28, fell from scaffold Hampton 4/29/1817
Lebun, Wm., Rev. Father, Apoftolic Prefect of St. Domingo Jamaica 2/12/1808
Lee, Jonathan, age 36, killed by lightning N. Woodstock, CT 5/20/1808
Leflley, ___ Mrs., wife of Jos. Lefley Hollis, NH 4/2/1816
Leonard, Mary Ann, age 13 mos, dau of Calvin Leonard Montpelier 8/30/1810
Leverett, Thomas H., age 21 Windsor 6/18/1816
Lincoln, ___ Widow, age about 80, 27th ult Greensboro 4/2/1816
Lincoln, Abiah Widow, age 93, Jan 16 Westmoreland, NH 2/1/1825
Linn, William, Rev. Dr. New York 2/12/1808
Livingfton, John, age 48 Walpole, NH 5/28/1816
Lockwood, Olive, about 15, 2d ist, dau of Timothy Lockwood Cockburn 6/27/1811
Locky, Andrew, age about 35, last Friday Barnet 4/2/1816
Loomis, Chauncey Hon., 8th inst, of the county of Genesee Albany (NY prob) 4/29/1817
Loomis, Mary, age 41, wife of Silas Loomis Waterbury 12/16/1808
Lowe, Thomas, age 71, 8th ult, a Revolutionary Soldier Townshend 9/28/1824
Lyman, Abel, age 72, 17th inst Brookfield 1/28/1823
Lyon, Abigail Mrs., age 57, died Baltimore, MD Worcefter, MA 7/8/1808
Lyon, James Maj., age 49, son of Matthew Lyon Vt at Cheraw, S. C. 5/11/1824
Lyon, Matthew Col., about 76, Aug 1, died Spadre Bluff, Ark., born Ireland Vermont (obit) 11/5/1822
Madley, Lydia Miss, age 22 Waterford 12/10/1822
Mafon, Caleb, Capt., age 84 Swanzey 6/3/1808
Mann, Margaret, age 34, 4th inst, consort of Samuel Mann Alstead 5/11/1824
Mann, Zara Dr., age 26 Chester 9/10/1822
March, John, age 35 Portsmouth 4/20/1824
Marckers, Rebecca, age 77, Dec (5)th, w/o Samuel Marckers, Esq., of consumption Calais 12/28/1824
Marcy, Hadlock Esq., age 84 Hartland, VT 1/29/1822
Markham, Joshua, age (65), 14th inst Montpelier 2/18/1817
Marsh, Charles, Jr., Esq., son of Hon. Charles Marsh, died Shelby Country, KY Woodstock, VT 8/12/1817
Martin, __ Mrs., wife of Eliphalet Martin Peacham 4/1/1808
Martin, Abagail, age about 25, wife of Henry Martin Peacham 12/28/1824
Martin, Mary Widow, age (60?), Jan 20 Cabot 2/17/1824
Martin, Mary Widow, age 72 Peacham ? 9/10/1822
Mason, Paul, Esq., Wed last, of the measles Moretown 11/25/1822
Matteson, Lucy, 7th ult, wife of T. Matteson Jr. Shaftsbury 4/6/1824
McCurdy, John G., age 40, Aug 2, of Tamer McCurdy of Northfield, VT & Surry, NH Northfield at Batavia, NY 11/2/1824
McCurdy, Lt, young man Dunbarton 12/13/1814
McDonough, Lucy Ann, age 34, 9th inst, w/o Com Tom McDonough, d/o Nat'l Shaler Esq. Middletown 8/23/1825
McIntire, child, age 11 mos, last Sat., of Mr. Rufus McIntire Montpelier 3/12/1822
McLean, Alexander, Rev., native of Ifle of Sky, Scotland Newcaftle, ME 2/12/1808
McMenus, Patrick, buried with mafonic honours St Johnfbury 3/3/1808
Mead, David, age 98 Royalfton 5/13/1817
Mears, D., Mr., age 69, revolutionary pensioner Danvers, MA 10/25/1825
Meech, James B., age 18, son of Hon. Ezra Meech, of consumption Shelburn 2/25/1823
Merrill, James Seymour, age (36), 9th ult, native of CT & resident of VT Savannah, Georgia 11/12/1816
Merrill, Marriett, age 24, 23d ult, wife of Capt. Allison O. Merrill Castleton 9/10/1822
Merrill, Thomas, age 100 y 6 m Hartford, CT 6/30/1814
Miller, Acsah, Sept, child of Jedediah Miller Brookfield 11/25/1823
Miller, Alanson, Sept, child of Jedediah Miller Brookfield 11/25/1823
Miller, Alexander, Sept, child of Jedediah Miller Brookfield 11/25/1823
Miller, Philander, Sept, child of Jedediah Miller Brookfield 11/25/1823
Mills, Abraham, age 37, Dec 29, killed in mill, native of Oldham, Lancashire, Eng. Colebrook, NH 2/1/1825
Mills, William, age 61 Bofton 3/18/1808
Miner, Andrew B., Esq., age 39, 16th ult Waitsfield 11/23/1824
Monroe, John Dr., age about 65 Wheelock 1/20/1824
Montgomery, Myra, age 22, 14th inst., dau of Gen Joab Montgomery Haverhill, NH 4/29/1817
Moore, William, age 27, Brimfield, MA 3/25/1808
Morrill, Samuel, age 84 Danville 4/12/1825
Morris, Valentine, Commodore, last Sunday Winchefter, NY 6/6/1815
Morse, Moody, age 72 Peacham 4/16/1822
Moseley, Theophilus B., age 21, last Tues Montpelier 3/14/1815
Mosely, Samuel Rev., age 36, died among the Indians in Mayhew Vt 10/26/1824
Mower, Henry, Monday last, merchant Woodftock 3/18/1808
Muzzy, Laura, age 18, Dec 3, of Rev. Wm. Muzzy Sullivan, NH 12/13/1814
Muzzy, Sarah, age 5, Dec 3, of Rev. Wm. Muzzy Sullivan, NH 12/13/1814
Nash, John, age 38, Aug 5, died Batavia, NY Duxbury 9/10/1822
Newell, Andrew, age 28 Bofton 3/11/1808
Noble, Shadrach, age 84, May 5 Hartford 6/3/1823
Norton, Ira, about 27, 9th inst, father lives in Pompey, NY Hinesburgh 5/16/1811
Nutter, Heber, age about 30, 10th inst Weathersfield 2/3/1824
Olcott, Peter, Esq., former Lt Governor of Vermont Norwich 9/23/1808
Olin, Gideon Hon., age 79, 21st ult, native of Rhode Island Shaftsbury 2/4/1823
Olney, Simeon H., age 54 Providence 6/3/1808
Orcutt, Mary, Widow, age 100 Bridgewater 12/25/1807
Orne, Ifaiah, Efq., age 53 Wolfsborough 12/16/1808
Owen, Miron, age 6 y 7 m, June 28, son of James Owen Derby 7/11/1811
Owen, son, drowned in Clyde River in Sept 1807, son of James Owen Derby 7/11/1811
Paddock, Betsey, age 39, 29th ult, wife of James Paddock Esq. Barre 10/4/1825
Paddock, Orlena, age 15, dau of James Paddock Esq. Barre 12/10/1822
Page, Abigail, age 58, 11th inst, wife of Nathan Page Ryegate 12/23/1823
Page, Rebecca, age 63, wife of Edward Page Danville 9/28/1824
Page, Reed, Rev., age 52 Hancock 7/30/1816
Page, Susan, age 35, 22d ult, consort of James S. Page Shoreham 5/18/1824
Page, Thomas, age 25 Philadelphia 1/1/1811
Palmer, Aaron Rev., age 40, Wednesday last Barre 2/13/1821
Parfons, Nathan, age 86 Belchertown, MA 1/22/1808
Parker, Ebenezer, of Cape Elizabeth Falmouth, ME 2/12/1808
Parker, Ifaac, Capt., age 38 Waterbury ? 9/23/1808
Parker, son, age 9, 8th ult, son of Major B. W. Parker Holles, NH 7/1/1808
Parker, Willard, age 65 Chelmsford 4/22/1808
Parsons, Electa, Jan 30, wife of Rev. Justin Parsons, mother of late Levi Parsons Pittsfield 3/2/1824
Parsons, Isaac Col., age 85, revolutionary pensioner New Glouchester, MA 10/25/1825
Parsons, Levi Rev., Feb 10, died at Alexandria, Egypt Boston?? 6/18/1822
Partridge, Harriet, age 24, 10th inst, dau of widow L. Partridge Norwich, VT of Lyme, NY 12/30/1823
Patch, Nathan, age 73 Worcefter, MA 7/8/1808
Patterfon, Mary, 12th inst., w/o David Patterfon, d/o late Gen Nichols Montreal of Amherft, NH 4/23/1816
Patton, Lydia, age 30, 12th inst, wife of Andrew Patton Stanstead, LC 6/30/1814
Paul, Benjamin, age 20, 9th inst, son of James Paul Esq., of consumption Northfield 12/11/1821
Paul, Elepha, age 54, wife of James Paul, Esq. Northfield 10/29/1822
Pea(v)by, John, age 71 Portland 1/8/1808
Peabody, Ephraim, Efq. Wilton 7/30/1816
Peabody, Hannah, age 80, 16th inst, widow of Col. Stephen Peabody Cambridge, VT of Amherst, NH 8/30/1825
Pearse, Anna Widow, age 88, 2d inst Calais 6/15/1824
Pearse, Sarah, 9th inst, w/o Dr. Robert M. Pearse, d/o late Jesse Tenny Esq. of VT Montpelier at New Orleans 11/29/1825
Percival, Harriet Newell, age 3 y 9 m, 20th ult, only dau of Dyah & Lodema Percival Greensborough 6/4/1822
Perkins, Ayers, age about 45 Stanstead, L. C. 8/19/1817
Perkins, Jonathan Lieut., age 76, Aug 11, soldier of the Revolution Gilmantown, NH 9/28/1824
Perrin, William, age about 30, Wed last Berlin 2/17/1824
Perry, Abigail, age 61, wife of Ifrael Perry Hanover, NH 1/1/1808
Perry, Lucy H., Miss, age 30, last Sat. Montpelier 4/1/1823
Persons, Abigail Mrs., age 59, Jan 30, wife of Timothy Persons Braintree 4/23/1822
Persons, child, age 14 mos., of Theodore Persons, of measles Montpelier 11/25/1822
Persons, infant, of Theodore Persons Montpelier 3/2/1824
Persons, Timothy, age 62, March 22 Braintree 4/23/1822
Phelps, Jerusha, age 32, wife of Frederic Phelps St Johnfbury 6/18/1816
Phelps, John Frederick, age 5, March 2, son of Frederick Phelps St Johnfbury 5/2/1815
Phelps, Julia Marie, age 20 mos, March 1, dau of Frederick Phelps St Johnfbury 5/2/1815
Phelps, Sarah S., age 17, w/o Capt. F. E. Phelps, d/o Gen. Abner Forbes Windsor 5/4/1824
Phipps, David Capt., age 84, patriot of the Revolution New Haven, CT 4/12/1825
Pierce, ___ Mrs., wife of Mr. Pierce Hollis, NH 4/2/1816
Pierce, John, Capt., age 62 Worcefter 4/1/1808
Pierce, Samuel, age 75, Dec 27, early settler of town Jaffrey, NH 2/8/1825
Pingry, Abner, age 40, of measles Montpelier 11/25/1822
Pitkin, Jerusha, age 28, 8th inst, wife of Alfred Pitkin Marshfield 2/25/1823
Pitkins, Phebe, age 32, 25th ult, wife of George Pitkins Marshfield 6/4/1822
Plumer, Beard, (Hon.?), a member of the Senate Milton, NH 10/29/1816
Poor, Phebe, Sunday last, wife of Jesse Poor, of consumption Berlin 5/31/1825
Pope, Louisa, age 9, Oct 16, dau of Lemuel Pope Brookfield 11/25/1823
Porter, Elizabeth, Widow, age 99 y 11 m Lebanon 8/12/1808
Porter, Moses, Brig. Gen., Col. at Battle of Bunker Hill Cambridge, MA 4/23/1822
Prentice, John, Hon., age 61 Londonderry, NH 6/24/1808
Prentiss, Augustus, age 3 mos, last Sun., of Samuel Prentiss Esq., of dropsey Montpelier 5/21/1822
Prentiss, infant dau., Thursday last, dau of Samuel Prentiss Esq. Montpelier 7/29/1823
Prentiss, Lucrentia, Miss, 10th ult, only dau of Doct. Samuel Prentiss Northfield, MA 4/8/1817
Prescott, Mark Kingston, NH 2/18/1817
Pride, Betfey, Mifs, age 47 Brookfield 10/22/1816
Pride, William, died July 15, 1812 (see guardian notice) Brookfield 5/25/1824
Putnam, __ Mrs., age about 45, wife of Capt. Isaac Putnam Montpelier 5/12/1823
Putnam, Edmund, age 15 Calais 11/10/1825
Putnam, Gideon, age 74, 10th inst Cabot 5/3/1825
Putnam, Phila Miss, age 40, dau of Hon. Seth Putnam Middlesex 11/23/1824
Putnam, son, age 15, of Seth Putnam Esq. Middlesex 10/20/1814
Quimby, Timothy, age 68 Springfield, NH 7/30/1816
Ralston, James Esq., Oct 19, native of Falkirk, Scotland Lebanon, NH 12/14/1824
Ramsay, Alexander M.D., age about 70, Nov 24, native of Edinburgh, Scotland Parsonfield, ME 12/14/1824
Randall, Mary, age (34), 1(9)th inst, wife of David Randall Fayston 4/30/1816
Raymond, J. B., Esq., age 67, Capt of militia & former member of Parliament Laprarie, Canada 5/17/1825
Reed, Charles, age 34, 17th inst Strafford 10/25/1825
Reed, Infant, 7th inst, child of John Reed Montpelier 5/10/1825
Reed, Job, age 56, Tues last, was insane & drowned in Lake Champlain Burlington of Montpelier 6/7/1825
Reed, William, age 37 Weathersfield at Pomfret, NY 6/15/1824
Rice, Jullanna Widow, age 68 Barre 1/29/1822
Rice, Katherine, age 4, 3d inst, dau of Mrs. Judith Rice Berlin 4/12/1825
Rice, Mary Mrs., age 100 y 11 m Geneva, NY 1/15/1808
Rice, Thaddeus Maj., age 37, died Fort Gidfon, Mifs Ter. St Albans, VT 7/29/1808
Rich, Charles Hon., a current member of Congress from VT Shoreham 10/26/1824
Rich, Drury S., age 4, Tues., youngest son of Samuel Rich Esq. Montpelier 3/19/1822
Ricker, infant child, of Isaac Ricker Montpelier 4/16/1822
Rider, Dorcas, age 62, Feb 4, consort of Capt. Phineas Rider Waitsfield 2/15/1825
Ridley, Matthias, age 26 Worcesfter 7/7/1814
Ripley, Fanny, age 41, 22d ult, consort of Nathaniel Ripley Weybridge 4/6/1824
Robbins, Susannah, age 42, widow of Capt. Aaron Robbins Roxbury 2/11/1817
Robinfon, Ebenezer Dr., age 84 Plainfield, C (CT ?) 3/11/1808
Robinson, Betsey, age 23, 15th inst, wife of Amos Robinson Jr. Royalton 9/28/1824
Robinson, Jesse, age 53, 25th ult West Fairlee 12/30/1823
Robinson, Moses Hon., age 61, 30th ult Bennington 2/8/1825
Robinson, Nancy L., age 3 y 4 m, dau of Charles Robinson, Esq. Barre 11/27/1821
Robinson, Samuel Esq., age 51 Bennington 2/1/1820
Rockwood, Hannah Miss, age 18, dau of Ebenezer Rockwood Esq. Wilton, NH 12/2/1808
Rodgers, Mary Mrs., age 99 Newbury, MA 4/20/1824
Roe, Seargent, age about 38 (or 98?) Montpelier 10/20/1814
Rofs, James, age 91 Brookfield 3/18/1808
Rogers, John Rev., age 84 New York 6/13/1811
Rood, Humphrey, Maj., Jr. Woodstock 10/29/1816
Rowe, Jonathan, age 61 Kensington 4/29/1817
Royce, Mary Ann, about 15, 2d inst, dau of Capt Ven Royce Cockburn 6/27/1811
Ruft, Normand, age 22, printer O(k)ondaga, NY 8/5/1808
Runnels, Mr., age 5(6), 19th ult, kicked by horse Wilmington 2/18/1817
S(anborn), William M. Esq. Burlington 3/5/1822
Sabin, Noah, Hon., age 97 Putney, VT 1811
Sanborn, John Danville 7/4/1811
Sanborn, Thomas Henry, age 5, Sept 26, son of Col. Richard Sanborn Springfield, NH 10/11/1825
Saterlee, child, of Mr. James Saterlee Middlebury 12/21/1819
Saunders, Edward, age 61, 20th ult, Revolutionary soldier Rowley, MA 4/12/1825
Saunders, Harriet, died of exposure by her habitual intemperance Nov 12th Baltimore 12/14/1824
Sawyer, Rebecca, age 32, confort of Henry Sawyer, d/o Amos Bailey Swanzey, NH 7/30/1816
Sayles, John Esq., age 101, 1st inst, born Jan 17, 1722 Smithfield (obit) N. Providence, RI 4/16/1822
Scott, Amasa Dr., age 70, 17th ult Norwich 6/8/1824
Scott, Ann, age 57, 16th inst, wife of Dr. Amasa Scott Norwich, Vt 8/23/1819
Scott, Luther, age 58, Feb 11 Greensboro 4/6/1824
Scott, Robert, age 83, formerly of Charlefton Weftborough 3/25/1808
Seabury, Eleazer Hamlin, age 5, Oct 3, of Elisha Seabury Roxbury 11/25/1823
Seabury, Sumner Judson, age 1, Oct 2, of Elisha Seabury Roxbury 11/25/1823
Sears, Frances Mrs., age 87 Milford 3/11/1808
Selfridge, Thomas O., Counfellor at Law Bofton 7/9/1816
Severance, Experience Widow, age 80, 12th ult Leyden, MA 3/1/1825
Sewell, Jona. M. Efq., age 61 Portfmouth, NH 6/3/1808
Shaw, William, Rev., age 74 Marfhfield 7/23/1816
Shays, Daniel Gen., age 84, 2(9)th ult Sparta, NY 10/25/1825
Shedd, Fanny, age 37, 4th inst, consort of Jeptha Shedd Vergennes 5/18/1824
Shepard, Ashbel, age 45, 8th inft Greenfborough 6/24/1808
Shepard, Samuel, Esq., 21st ult, native of Boston Richmond, VA 10/24/1815
Silloway, Esther Widow, age 83, Friday last Montpelier 5/17/1825
Siloway, Hezekiah, age 80 Montpelier 4/23/1822
Silsby, Jonathan Dea., age 70, Jan 2 (obit) Acworth 2/1/1820
Silver, child, age 18 mos, of Isaiah Silver Peacham ? 9/10/1822
Simons, Philinda, age 25, wife of Septa Simons Williamstown 1/6/1824
Sinclair, Julia, age 2, Wed last, of measles Montpelier 11/25/1822
Skinner, Roger Hon., district Judge of the US for NY Albany, NY 8/30/1825
Slocum, David, Capt., died on the coast of Africa Tiverton, RI 7/1/1808
Smead, ___ Mrs., wife of Solomon Smead Esq. also 3 daughters & 1 son Greenfield, MA 2/26/1808
Smedley, Joshua K., Esq., age 38, Wed last St Albans, VT 11/29/1825
Smith, ____, Esq., Dec, Mayor of Vergennes Vergennes 1/1/1811
Smith, Amos, age 21 Stratham 4/29/1817
Smith, Chauncey, age 1 y 10 m, son of Mr. Selah Smith Waitsfield 6/20/1815
Smith, David Capt., age 32 Windsor? 3/2/1824
Smith, George, age 84 Hartford, CT 4/1/1808
Smith, Jofiah, age 41 Danbury, C (CT?) 3/25/1808
Smith, John W., Esq., age 28, of late Rev. John Smith of Dartmouth College London 6/30/1814
Smith, Michael, frozen to death on the 1ft inftant Wheelock 1/22/1808
Smith, Polly, age 37, wife of Calvin Smith Barre 5/13/1808
Smith, Sally, age 23, wife of Amos Smith Jr. Greenfborough 3/3/1808
Snow, Abigail Mrs., age 97 Portland ? 1/8/1808
Soaper, Eunice, age 70, May 19, wife of Samuel Soaper Waterford 6/9/1814
Southmayd, infant child, of Mr. J. C. Southmayd Montpelier 6/21/1825
Spalding, John, age 8 mos, Sat last, only son of John Spalding Montpelier 3/25/1823
Spalding, Lyman M.D. Portsmouth, NH 12/11/1821
Spaulding, Asa, Esq., age 54, States Attorney Norwich, CT 9/5/1811
Spaulding, James Monroe, age 5, son of Nathan B. Spaulding Hardwick 11/25/1823
Spencer, Abagail Miss, age about 24, 23d inst Peacham 12/28/1824
Spooner, Isabella P. Mrs., age 22, 15th inst, of consumption St. Albans 11/22/1825
Stanly, Timothy Hon., age 61, 15th inst, early settler of town (obit) Greensborough 5/3/1825
Staples, Amos, age 33, Thursday last Montpelier 8/20/1816
Stark, John, Gen., age 94, 8th inst, born Londenderry Aug 1728 (obit) Manchester, NH 5/21/1822
Starkweather, Amos, age 57 Northfield 7/11/1815
Stearns, Abraham, age 68, Jan 25 Swanzey, NH 2/1/1825
Stearns, Ifaac, Efq.,, age 86, 23d ult Andover 5/6/1808
Sterlin, Poly, age 4 mos, 1st inst, dau of Jofeph Sterlin Barre 10/7/1808
Stevens, Benjamin, age 63 Goffstown, NH 2/3/1824
Stevens, child, age 2 y 6 m, few days prev to Sept 30, of John & late Submit Stevens Esq. Boscawen 12/6/1825
Stevens, Enos, Efq. Barnet 6/10/1808
Stevens, Submit, age 35, Sept 30, wife of John Stevens Esq. Boscawen 12/6/1825
Stickney, Lemuel, age 80, 10th inst Berlin 5/18/1824
Stiles, Anna, hung herself by her apron Jerusalem, NY 9/10/1816
Stiles, Caleb Barnet 1/8/1808
Stiles, Porter, age 7, Dec 19, son of David Stiles Northfield 1/6/1824
Stiles, Sally Miss, age 22, 4th inst Northfield 12/16/1823
Stockwell, John, age 15, last Wed, fon of Mrs. Ward Berlin 3/5/1816
Stone, Matthias, Dea., age 92, formerly of Claremont, NH Cabot 12/13/1814
Stone, Olive, age 71, wife of Deacon Matthius Stone Cabot 10/13/1809
Strong, Ezekiel, age 24, of Bolton, Con. Berlin 1/29/1808
Strong, Mary Ann, age 59, Dec 30, wife of Capt. Aaron Strong Berlin 1/6/1824
Stuart, Col., drowned about 20 years ago with his bro Dr. Stuart in Ct. River (obit) Barnet & St J. 6/14/1825
Stuart, James Esq., age 28, May 10, of late Col. Stuart of Barnet, of consumption St Johnsbury 6/14/1825
Studdiford, Phebe, wife of Rev. Peter Studdiford Raritan 4/15/1808
Sturtevant, James, age 20, Nov 20, drowned in Ct River Haverhill, NH 12/14/1824
Sullivan, James, age 65, 10th inst, Governor of Mass Boston 12/23/1808
Summerfield, John Rev., age 27, 13th inst New York 6/21/1825
Swetland, Betfey, Mifs, age 27, killed by falling tree Marshfield 5/13/1817
T(own), Katherine Miss, age 2(?), 11th inst Stow 7/15/1808
Tafin, Peter, age 107 Orleans 3/3/1808
Taplin, child, age 2, of Mr. Chittend(en) Taplin Montpelier 3/5/1822
Thatcher, George Hon., age 70, March 6, late Judge of Supreme Court of MA Biddeford, ME 4/20/1824
Thayer, Hannah, age 39, 17th inst, wife of Nathan Thayer Esq. Holles, NH 3/30/1824
Thomas, Samuel, age 13 Vinalhaven, MA 2/19/1808
Thompfon, Abel, Hon., age 61, late Judge of Addifon County Ferrifburg 6/3/1808
Thompson, __ Mrs., wife of Daniel Thompson Berlin 11/11/1823
Thornton, Thomas G., Esq., age 54 Saco, ME 3/30/1824
Thresher, Leonard Mansel, age 2, Sept 26, son of Leonard Thresher Roxbury 11/25/1823
Thropp, Chauncey L., age 26, died in Virginia Randolph 12/28/1824
Thurber, Leonard, age 81 Rehoboth, RI ? 6/3/1808
Thurfton, Sarah, age 45, 9th ult, wife of Adolphus Thurfton Barre 3/5/1816
Thwing, Nathaniel Hon., age 86 Woolwich 4/29/1817
Tinkham, Nathan, age 83, Oct 3 Pomfret 12/4/1807
Tinkham, Sarah, age 8(1), Sept 28, consort of Nathan Tinkham Pomfret 12/4/1807
Toby, Alvan, Rev., age 32, 18th ult Wilmington, VT 1/1/1811
Tolman, Isaiah, age 104 Mattinicas Isl., ME 6/13/1811
Town, Nathaniel, age 19, last Friday, son of Mr. Josiah Town Montpelier 6/23/1818
Tracy, ____ Mrs., age 35, wife of Shelden C. Tracy Shoreham 5/16/1811
Tracy, Esther Miss, age 42, dau of John Tracy Shoreham 5/16/1811
Tracy, Harry, age 13, son of Shelden C. Tracy Shoreham 5/16/1811
Tracy, Safford, age 53, Jan 27, hung himself in his barn Washington 2/18/1823
Tracy, Susan, age 19, 16th inst, of typhus fever Washington, VT 8/30/1825
Trimble, William A., Hon., age 35, yesterday Ohio at NY? 12/25/1821
Truxton, Thomas, Com., age 68 Philadelphia 5/21/1822
Tucker, Hiram, age 24, 22d ult, only child of Reuben Tucker Elmore 11/11/1823
Twaddel, Robert Dea., age about 90, 18th inst Barnet 6/7/1825
Tyler, Elifha, Efq., age 65, Jan 21ft, formerly of Bofton Honduras 3/25/1808
Tyler, Fanny, age 42, Tues last, wife of Elijah Tyler Montpelier 4/29/1823
Tyler, Phinehas H., age 11 mos, Sun last, son of Elijah Tyler Montpelier 4/11/1811
Tyler, Phinehas, age 79 Randolph 6/18/1812
Upham, __ Mrs., age 50, last Thurs., wife of Capt. Samuel Upham Montpelier 7/16/1816
Upham, Horace, age 18 Montpelier 11/19/1816
Vail, Abraham, age 73, Oct 30 Pomfret 11/10/1814
Vance, Jane, age 18, dau of David Vance Greenfborough 7/8/1808
Veazie, Martha, age 59, wife of Dea. Elijah Veazie Quincy 7/23/1816
Vincent, Ifrael, age 81 Plainfield 9/9/1808
Vose, Robert, age 56 Berlin 12/14/1819
W(odenbu)ry, Phineas Doct. St Johnsbury at Haverhill, MA 4/8/1817
Waldo, Daniel, age 87 Worcester, MA 12/23/1808
Walker, Abigail, age 53, Nov 20, wife of Caleb Walker Peacham 12/21/1819
Walker, Joel Dea., age 78, 25th ult, formerly of Vershire Peacham 9/10/1822
Walker, Joseph, age 89, Nov 28 (obit) Peacham 12/21/1819
Walker, Nancy, Miss, age 25, dau of Benjamin Walker Brownington 3/14/1815
Wallace, Matthew Jun., age 22 Berlin 2/26/1808
Wallace, Matthew, Esq., age 35, 1st inst Berlin 6/7/1825
Wallace, William, age 23 Henniker, NH 7/22/1808
Wallace, William, Col., age about 60, 4th inst Newbury, VT 8/12/1808
Walton, William, Efq., age 82, formerly of Newport, RI St. John's, N.B. 7/30/1816
Warden, child, of James Warden Barnet 11/17/1814
Warner, Lydia, age 47, 2d inst, wife of Col. Alpha Warner Hardwick 6/18/1816
Warren, ___ Mrs., age 95 Middlesex 7/12/1810
Warren, Ebenezer Hon., age 84, 2d inst., born 1740 in Roxbury (obit) Foxborough, MA 2/3/1824
Watkins, Bradwell, age 61 Poultney 3/25/1823
Watrous, Harriet, age 29, 8th inst., eldest dau of Erastus Watrous, Esq. Montpelier 6/14/1825
Watrous, Nancy, age 28, last Frid., wife of Erastus Watrous, Esq. Montpelier 11/19/1816
Webb, George, Aug 25 Holden, MA 10/18/1825
Webb, Samuel B., Gen., age 52 (obit) Claverack, NY 12/25/1807
Webfter, James, drowned Montreal 5/28/1815
Webfter, Mary, age 7, dau of Hon. Ezekiel Webfter Bofcawen 7/30/1816
Webster, Caroline, Sept 2(8)th, dau of Aaron Webster Roxbury 11/25/1823
Webster, Christiana, age 23, June 25, dau of Aaron Webster Roxbury 8/23/1825
Webster, David Col., age 85, May 9 Plymouth 6/22/1824
Webster, Joseph, age 28 Hampstead 4/29/1817
Weeks, Ebenezer, age 27, Jan 29 Berlin 2/13/1812
Weft, Samuel, Rev., age 69 Bofton 4/22/1808
Wells, George Capt., age 85 Holden, MA 10/11/1825
Wells, John A., age about 23, 27th ult, insane, drowned himself New Hartford 6/22/1824
Wells, Joseph, age 25, April 8, son of Joseph Wells Marshfield at Fairfield 5/10/1825
Wells, Lydia, Mrs., age 84, 24th inst Berlin 7/28/1814
Wells, Noah, age 89 Hawley 1/15/1808
Wells, Polly, age 41, wife of Deacon Elias Wells Duxbury 5/10/1825
West, Benjamin, Hon., age 71 Charleston, NH 8/19/1817
Wheeler, Artemas, Esq., age 26, last Sunday Burlington 2/19/1822
Wheeler, Mrs., age 19, Sat Montpelier 10/29/1822
White, Dan Esq., age 52 Danville 2/25/1823
White, Hezekiah, age 91, revolutionary pensioner Weymouth, MA 10/25/1825
White, Simeon, age 31, 11th inst, of small pox Ashfield, MA 2/3/1824
Whitelaw, Susanna, age 69, March 27, confort of James Whitelaw Efq Ryegate 4/18/1815
Whitney, Eli, Esq., age 59, inventor & mechanic New Haven, CT 2/1/1825
Whitney, Harry, 16th inst, son of Hon. Lemuel Whitney, of consumption Bellows Falls of Brattleborough 4/28/1818
Whitney, Mary, age 23, last Thur., wife of Hezekiah Whitney Montpelier 1/17/1815
Whitney, Peter, Rev., of Mass Northborough 3/19/1816
Whittle, John, age 26, son of Samuel Whittle of Cabot Cabot at Concord, NH 8/12/1808
Wickwire, Joseph Capt., age 88, 2d inst Bennington 6/11/1822
Wiggins, Charles Henry, age 15 mos, last Tues., of Joseph Wiggins Montpelier 10/10/1815
Wilkins, Jonathan, age 75, revolutionary pensioner Mont Vernon, NH 5/4/1824
Willard, Jacob Efq., age 63 Afhburnton, MA 3/18/1808
Willard, John Dr., age 66 Troy, NY 6/14/1825
Williams, David, infpector of naval ftores and provifions Wilmington, NC 3/18/1808
Williams, Mary Mrs., age 80 Randolph 9/28/1824
Williams, Phinehas Capt., age 86, early settler of town Woodstock, VT 1/23/1821
Williamson, Susan E., age 21, w/o Hon. Wm. Williamson, d/o Hon. Phinehas White Putney at Bangor, ME 3/30/1824
Winch, Enoch, age 14, 7th inst, son of Elder Joel Winch Northfield 10/17/1824
Wing, Caroline Matilda, age 1, last Sat., dau of Christopher C. Wing Montpelier 3/24/1818
Wing, infant child, of Joseph Wing, Esq. Montpelier 5/20/1808
Winkley, Samuel, age 77 Barrington 1/1/1808
Winslow, Lemuel, age 23, killed by falling tree Pomfret, VT 1/29/1822
Winthrop, George W., age about 83 (obit) Virginia 8/17/1819
Wise, Ebenezer, age 72, revolutionary pensioner Heborn Hebron? 4/20/1824
Wood, ___ Deacon Barre 6/18/1812
Wood, Hepzibah Miss, 18th ult Kellyvale 8/17/1819
Wood, infant, 21st inst, child of Zenas Wood Montpelier 3/29/1825
Wood, Lydia, age 23, 19th inst, dau of Capt. David Wood Montpelier of Brattleboro 3/23/1824
Wood, Tama, age 39, wife of Daniel Wood Montpelier 1/21/1813
Woodbury, Elisha, Capt., age 84, Sunday last Middlesex 4/30/1816
Woods, ___ Mrs., wife of Hiram Woods Hollis, NH 4/2/1816
Woodward, Rebecca, age 59, 16th inst, wife of Jonathan Woodward Barre 3/30/1824
Woodworth, Elizabeth Widow, age 62, Jan 26 Montpelier 2/13/1821
Wooley, Sarah, Widow, age 79, 20th ult Westminster, Vt 2/18/1817
Worcefter, David, age 23, 13th inft, son of Noah Worcefter, Efq Hollis, NH 3/25/1808
Worcefter, infant child, of Rev. Leonard Worcefter Peacham 9/8/1814
Worcester, Jesse Jr., age 25, Sept 25, of Hol(les), NH Worcester, MA 10/6/1809
Worthington, Elias, age 4 y 6 m, 12th inst, son of Daniel Worthington Northfield 1/20/1824
Wright, Levi Capt., age 51, 9th inst Calais 6/21/1825
Wright, Lucinda, age 3, dau of Levi Wright Calais 12/23/1808
Wright, Mary, age 21 months, Monday last, dau of Rev. Chester Wright Montpelier 3/23/1824
Wright, Simeon, frozen to death on the 1ft inftant Brandon 1/22/1808
Wright, William, age 5, Sun last, son of Rev. Chester Wright Montpelier 6/14/1825
Wyman, Oliver, knocked overboard on Lake Champlain Boston 12/30/1823
Y(eo)mans, Elijah, age 86, 4th inst Norwich 6/22/1824
Young, Algenon Sidney, about 2, 1st inst, son of Daniel Young Montpelier 9/8/1814
Young, Duncan, age 71, July 16 Montpelier 8/2/1825

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