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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Abbott, Edwin Morse, Ida of Newbury Boltonville  May 1 5/5/1876
Abbott, Harrison P. Parkill, Helen J. Brookfield  Oct 22 10/27/1876
Abbott, Martin of Glover Hill, Miss Caroline Frances of Greensboro Greensboro  Oct 23 11/1/1872
Adams, Clarence E.  Gaines, Ann Eliza of Troy Lowell  July 21 7/28/1876
Adams, Ethan G. H. of Cabot & Montpelier Fyler, Mrs. E. A. of Lyndonville Williamstown, MA  July 15 7/23/1875
Adams, Frank W. Benoit, Miss Lizzie N. Newport Ctr  July 4 7/9/1875
Adams, Gordon C. of Brooklyn, NY Squire, Miss Ella M.                April 2 4/18/1873
Adams, Henry A. of Harrisville, NH Eastman, Miss Julia W. of St. Johnsbury Dublin, NH  Oct 22 10/30/1874
Adams, Rev. B. S. of Cabot Cole, Eliza A. of Stark, NH Marshfield  June 16 6/25/1875
Adams, Theron A. of Derby Haselton, Miss Lilla of Charleston W. Charleston  March 22 3/28/1873
Agan, John L. of Cambridge, NY Luce, Miss B. L. of Stowe Stowe  June 3 6/12/1874
Aiken, A. J. of Troy Aiken, Mrs. Laura J. of Newport Newport Ctr  Nov 6 11/12/1875
Aiken, Mayhew P. of Milwaukee, Wis Keyes, Miss Emma A. of Newbury Newbury  June 23 7/9/1875
Aikens, George Chase, Mrs. Mary M. Rochester  May 1 5/14/1875
Ainsworth, James B. of Calais Colburn, Amy J. of Worcester Calais  Nov 7 11/17/1876
Albee, John M. of Brighton Webster, Oliva of Morgan Island Pond  Oct 31 11/10/1876
Alden, Otis H. of Middlesex Nelson, Philura L. of Middlesex Montpelier  Oct 16 10/20/1876
Aldrich, Albert E. of S. Troy Huntley, Miss Flora of S. Troy Coventry  Nov 10 11/20/1874
Aldrich, Elias of Burke Moulton, Mrs. Lucy L. of Burke East Burke  Oct 3 11/1/1872
Aldrich, N. E. of Burke Dennison, Carrie A. of Burke St. Johnsbury  March 15 3/17/1876
Aldrich, Wesley N. of Glover Lackey, Miss Edith A. of Wheelock Morrisville  Oct 27 10/30/1874
Alexander, Edward of Rutland Race, Miss Sarah J. of Rutland Rutland  Dec 31 1/10/1873
Alexander, Hiland of Montpelier Alexander, Mrs. Adeline of Montpelier Montpelier  Nov 29 12/13/1872
Alger, James A. of Glover Benoit, Nellie of Newport Newport Ctr  Oct 17 10/22/1875
Allan, William G. Titus, Miss Loraine of Rutland              Feb 5 2/14/1873
Allard, Albert A. of Barton Stevens, Olive A. L. of Melbourne, PQ Barton  Jan 20 1/30/1874
Allbee, Lewis of Barton Landing Christie, Mrs. Jennette F. of Barton Landing Barton Landing  Feb 19 2/27/1874
Allen, Ethan Hoag, Mercy R. of Grand Isle Grand Isle  March 24 4/4/1873
Allen, George of Barnston Bean, Miss Lavina of Barnston Barnston, PQ  Nov 10 11/13/1874
Allen, Stillman D. Way, Frank E. Warren  Oct 2 10/6/1876
Allyn, Joseph R.  Green, Lucy J. Charleston  Aug 26 9/3/1875
Ames, Charles G. of Island Pond Cheney, Miss Sarah H. of Island Pond Holland  Nov 27 12/6/1872
Ames, Hollis J. of Holland Clapper, Miss Addie E. of Irasburgh Holland  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Amidon, John Q. Ricker, Harriet A. Burke  May 31 6/9/1876
Amsden, Sidney L. Grimes, Miss Maria J. of Newfane                April 14 5/2/1873
Anderson, John B. of Montpelier Ferris, Miss Sarah E. of Northfield Montpelier  April 17 4/23/1875
Andrus, Azro G. of Wolcott Campbell, Miss Mary R. of Hydepark Hydepark  March 17 3/26/1875
Andrus, Horace E. of Craftsbury Rockwell, Mina of Troy Coventry  Oct 18 10/27/1876
Armington, Lorenzo E. of Sheldon Turck, Mary of late Abraham Turek of Glasco Glasco, NY  Dec 18 12/27/1872
Armstrong, Henry E. of Vergennes Taft, Miss Fannie P. of Burlington Burlington  Dec 23 1/10/1873
Ash, Bishop of Irasburgh Prouty, Mrs. Augusta of Littleton Littleton, NH  Dec 27 1/8/1875
Atherton, Charles F. of Bellows Falls Dow, Miss Ida A. of Bellows Falls Bellows Falls  Oct 11 10/20/1876
Atkins, Charles of Stowe Pottle, Miss Minnie C. of Lawrence, MA Montpelier  Oct 15 10/23/1874
Atkins, Charles of Stowe Pottle, Miss Vinnie C. of Lawrence, MA Montpelier  Oct 15 10/30/1874
Atwood, D. P. Lincoln, Katie E.  Woodstock  May 4 5/14/1875
Atwood, Lyman B.  Hebard, Miss Lavinia M. of W. Randolph W. Randolph  March 18 3/28/1873
Aulis, William of Lyndon Welch, Miss Lucy of Lyndon St. Johnsbury  Sept 1 9/4/1874
Austin, A. C. of Barton Landing Keeler, Miss Sarah of Moira, NY                      Aug 19 9/4/1874
Austin, Harry M. of Bradford Danforth, Melissa L. of Bradford Newbury  Nov 18 11/27/1874
Austin, Levi R. of Westford Bushnell, Miss Mary J. of Williston Fairfax  Dec 21 1/10/1873
Ayer, Martin F. of Glover Weed, Miss Louisa W. of Stannard Greensboro  Dec 7 12/20/1872
Ayers, Warren H. Sanger, Sarah G. Lyndon Center  June 16 6/25/1875
Ayers, William of Rutland Aldrich, Miss Lizzie N. of Shrewsbury              Feb 4 2/14/1873
Babbitt, Henry A. of St. Johnsbury Stevens, Abbie M. of Greensboro & W. Williamsport, PA  Oct 5 10/20/1876
Bachelder, Timothy C. Smith, Emma of Stannard Glover  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Bachelder, William W. of Newport Kelsey, Miss Hattie E. of Danville Danville  Oct 21 10/30/1874
Bagby, George R. of St. Johnsbury Lowell, Mary E. of Danville St. Johnsbury  Jan 19 1/22/1875
Bailey, David J. of Dummerston Stickney, Miss Ada L. of Dummerston Keene, NH  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Bailey, Erastus C. of Claremont, NH Bailey, Miss Jennie S. of Lyme, NH St. Johnsbury  Oct 21 10/23/1874
Bailey, Truman F. of Craftsbury Fisher, Miss Martha J. of Craftsbury Hardwick  Sept 6 9/15/1876
Bailey, William of Concord Hudson, Miss Mary J. of Concord Concord  Nov 26 12/4/1874
Bailey, Winfield S. Goodhue, Miss Hattie of St. Albans              Feb 19 2/28/1873
Bain, A. L. Wilmot, Miss Katie                June 25 7/4/1873
Baker, George A. of Malone, NY Carman, Augusta S. of Highgate                  Jan 7 ? 1/17/1873
Baker, O. W.  Garland, Miss Mae Barton Landing  April 18 5/1/1874
Baldwin, Henry W.  Hill, Miss Mary A. formerly of Woodstock Fountain Township, KS Feb 14 3/26/1875
Ball, George E.  Webb, Flora E. of Ferrisburgh                 Jan 8 ? 1/17/1873
Ball, Rev. Aaron of W. Bradford Smith, Miss Laura of Sheffield St. Johnsbury  April 17 4/25/1873
Banks, George N.  Richardson, Mrs. Lydia E. of Westminster Bellows Falls  March 10 3/28/1873
Bannister, Clarence W. of Albany Simonds, Miss Ella M. of Albany Albany  Feb 12 2/19/1875
Barber, Alphonse of Sheffield Simpson, Miss Ellen of Sheffield Sheffield  Jan 11 1/23/1874
Barber, Henry A. of Pownal Robinson, Deliah H. of Pownal N. Pownal  Jan 12 2/4/1876
Barker, Francis W. of Sutton Holmes, Miss Julia A. of Sutton Sutton  Aug 8 8/14/1874
Barlow, Edward Smith, Mina T. of Burlington              Feb 12 2/21/1873
Barnard, William M. of Newport Allen, Sarah Ida of J. T. Allen, Esq. of N. Newport  May 16 5/22/1874
Barnes, Edson C. of Irasburgh Wheeler, Gertrude M. of Chelsea Chelsea, MA  Sept 8 9/17/1875
Barnes, G. M. D. of Lowell, MA Gray, Miss Nellie of Coventry & Lowell, MA Irasburgh  Oct 26 11/1/1872
Barrett, George A. of Winooski Barker, Miss Mary F. of Burlington Burlington  Dec 26 1/3/1873
Barron, Oliver L. of Hartford Allen, Kie L. of Randolph              Feb 4 2/14/1873
Barrows, Henry of Hancock Smith, Miss Emma of Roxbury Roxbury  Nov 10 11/19/1875
Barrows, O. B. of Stowe Cole, Miss E. L. of Morristown Morrisville  Dec 15 12/18/1874
Barrows, Schuyler H.  Fay, Mrs. Ada of Woodstock Woodstock  Jan 31 2/12/1875
Barry, Napoleon of St. Johnsbury Nolin, Miss Emma of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury   July 28 8/1/1873
Basset, Alfred of Cambridge Horner, Miss Laura of Cambridge Johnson  June 24 7/3/1874
Bassett, Henry E. Twombly, Anna Bell Barton Landing  Sept 4 9/17/1875
Batchelder, Albert J. of St. Johnsbury Chadwick, Miss Della S. of St. Johnsbury West Burke  March 7 3/12/1875
Batchelder, Charles M. Holden, Miss Mary of Montpelier Montpelier  March 25 4/4/1873
Batchelder, Edwin E. of Danville Buckminster, Ella L. of Waterford Waterford  Nov 13 11/29/1872
Batchelder, George W. of Johnson Wilson, Mrs. Almina of E. Montpelier Johnson  March 12 3/17/1876
Batchelder, W. F. of Lyndon Hartwell, Miss Helen M. of E. Haven W. Burke  March 4 3/13/1874
Batcheller, C. N. of Randolph Fields, Miss Martha V. of Northfield Windsor  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Battles, Luther of Newbury McDonald, Miss Katherine of Newbury St. Johnsbury  Oct 15 10/23/1874
Beach, Joseph T. of Burlington Tabor, Cora E. of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier  Jan 19 1/28/1876
Bean, Alfred of Victory Quimby, Miss Esther M. of Lyndon Center Lyndon Center  June 30 7/3/1874
Bean, Amos P. of Glover Day, Miss Ellen S. of Sheffield Sheffield  March 13 3/20/1874
Bean, Leonard C. of Ripton Powers, Miss Alma L. of Ripton E. Middlebury  July 3 7/10/1874
Bean, William of Wheelock Goss, Mrs. Calista M. of Wheelock Danville  July 9 7/14/1876
Beane, Charles T. of Newport Rowell, Miss Lillian of N. Troy North Troy  Sept 17 9/25/1874
Beckley, Oran of Barre Littlefield, Mrs. Mary M. of Barre Montpelier  March 31 4/10/1874
Bedell, John P. of Hydepark Conley, Minnie of Bakersville Waterville  May 30 6/5/1874
Beebe, Hoel S. of Beebe Plain, PQ Morrill, Miss Clara A. of Derby Derby  Dec 24 1/9/1874
Beede, Hylas of Brownington Cheney, Miss Alice of Brownington Brownington  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Benjamin, Edwin P. of Boston, MA Hume, Miss Florence I. of E. Swanton                July 4 7/11/1873
Benjamin, James M. of Williamstown Exford, Jane E. of Pownal   1/24/1873
Bennett, Freedom Dana, Miss Abbie of Charleston              Feb 4 2/14/1873
Bennett, Ira B. of St. Johnsbury Wright, Miss Clara of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 20 1/23/1874
Benton, Leonard K. of Stanstead, PQ Curtis, Mrs. Julia D. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  July 4 7/14/1876
Berry, Franklin of Sutton Smith, Lovina of Sutton Sutton  March 11 3/19/1875
Berry, Herbert of Alton, NH Garland, Martha of Sheffield Sheffield  Nov 10 11/17/1876
Berry, Horace MD of Cambridge, MA Peckett, Carrie F. of Bradford Bradford  April 9 4/17/1874
Berry, William N. of West Burke Carpenter, Miss E. A. of West Burke West Burke  March 21 3/26/1875
Betters, John B. of Derby Duhame, Miss Matilda of Stanstead, PQ              Feb 8 2/14/1873
Bickford, Chester Doten, Miss Alice O. of Randolph                 Jan 15 1/31/1873
Bigelow, Elmore I. of Barton Landing Booth, Miss Isabella of West Burke West Burke  July 4 7/10/1874
Bingham, Byron H. of Springfield Coolidge, Miss Ella M. of Felchville                July 4 7/18/1873
Bingham, Henry S.  Loring, Fannie T. of Bennington                 Jan 2 ? 1/17/1873
Bishop, Franklin P. of Sutton Hartwell, Miss Lorinda H. of Sutton West Burke  May 30 6/5/1874
Bishop, John C. of Wolcott Benjamin, Gertrude M. of Hardwick Hardwick  Oct 17 10/27/1876
Bishop, Truman G. of West Burke Taylor, Mrs. Lydia W. of Charlemont, MA Greenfield, MA  Dec 18 1/3/1873
Bixby, Newton M. of Wolcott Jones, Miss Sarah A. of Wolcott Hardwick  Nov 10 11/13/1874
Black, John of Hardwick Chase, Miss Jennett of Sheffield Sheffield  Dec 20 12/25/1874
Blair, Augustus Goosey, Miss Mary of Johnson                June 14 6/27/1873
Blair, Samuel M. of Milton Libby, Miss Loella L. of Barnston, PQ Newport  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Blake, Charles M. of Melburne, MA Mitchell, Miss Jennie S. of Craftsbury Craftsbury  Nov 28 12/13/1872
Blake, John of Stanstead, PQ Brown, Lucia A. of Stanstead, PQ                       March 18 3/26/1875
Blake, Truman G. of Derby Ward, Ellen A. of Derby Newport  March 15 3/20/1874
Blanchard, Ferdinand of W. Windsor White, Miss Alice G. of Woodstock Woodstock  April 25 5/7/1875
Blanchard, Fred of Montpelier Camp, Miss Lucia E. of Stowe Stowe  Oct 17 10/20/1876
Bliss, H. Willis Cheney, Marion Glover  Sept 15 10/1/1875
Blodgett, Hiram H. of Randolph Ellis, Miss Mary S. of Barnard Bethel  Dec 24 1/10/1873
Blodgett, Volney B. of Waterford Nutting, Miss Adell M. of Barnet St. Johnsbury  Nov 14 11/29/1872
Blood, Silas Nichols, Ruth of Stamford                   Jan 21 1/31/1873
Boardway, Peter of Charleston Scribner, Ellen of Brownington Charleston  Dec 20 12/31/1875
Boden, Edward H. of Newport Parker, Miss Eliza E. of Newport Newport  Nov 6 11/27/1874
Bondett, David of Lyndon Fisher, Mrs. Sarah of Lyndon St. Johnsbury  Dec 18 12/20/1872
Bonett, Reuben D. of Newport Blanchard, Miss Lucinda of Mansonville, PQ Newport  July 18 7/30/1875
Booth, Dennis E. of Essex Slocum, Francis A. of George Slocum, Esq. of S. Burlington S. Burlington  Dec 25 1/3/1873
Bordieu, Mack Wells, Mrs. Lydia of Barton                June 14 6/20/1873
Bow, James of Sheffield Drown, Miss Henrietta of Sheffield Sheffield  March 20 3/26/1875
Bowley, Zadoc B. Miller, Eliza A. Newport  April 27 5/5/1876
Bowman, Edward of Manchester Maranville, Miss Emma R. of Rutland                June 26 7/4/1873
Bowman, Henry of Westmore Livingston, Miss Mary of Westmore Westmore  Nov 9 11/29/1872
Bowman, Joseph A. Chase, Abbie Elizabeth of Springfield                  Jan 15 ? 1/31/1873
Boyce, Alonzo of Newbury Gardner, Miss Marteca of Ryegate Wells River  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Boynton, Ozias of Coventry Dow, Miss Mary C. of Coventry Newport  Dec 31 1/8/1875
Bradford, George of Sherbrooke, PQ Newell, Miss Ellen of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 28 1/29/1875
Bradley, Charles H. of St. Johnsbury Butterfield, Miss Kate C. adopt dau of G. W. Cook Esq. of St J St. Johnsbury  Sept 9 9/20/1872
Bradshaw, William Gray, Miss Josephine E. St. Johnsbury  Aug 16 8/25/1876
Bray, Joseph of Melbourne Morrison, Mrs. Elizabeth A. of Barnston Melbourne, PQ  Jan 11 2/12/1875
Bray, Thomas O'Farel, Annie St. Johnsbury  Sept 18 9/22/1876
Breed, A. H. of Lynn, MA Frizzell, Miss Marietta of Canaan Canaan  Nov 27 12/13/1872
Brewer, Edward of Charleston Danforth, Laura of Island Pond E. Charleston  March 7 3/19/1875
Bridge, Adrian of Orange, MA Moody, Mrs. Laura of Castleton Castleton  Dec 30 1/10/1873
Briggs, Clarence M. of Athol, MA Graves, Miss Alice of Lyndon Lyndon  March 30 4/9/1875
Briggs, Rodolphus D. of Bridgewater Grandy, Miss Ella B. of Sherburn Woodstock  March 24 4/4/1873
Brigham, Levi of Lowell Newman, Mrs. H. M. of Hydepark              Feb 12 2/21/1873
Brigham, Rolla  Doane, Minnie of Bakersfield W. Enosburgh  Dec 2 12/8/1876
Brinsmald, James H. of Burlington Barker, Miss Linda E.                June 11 6/20/1873
Bristol, Ira of W. Sandgate Sweet, Miss Edna Jane of W. Arlington Bennington  Dec 23 1/10/1873
Brockway, Adna F.  Garland, Anna E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Brooks, Charles R. Katell, Miss Jennie M. of St. Albans St. Albans  March 25 4/4/1873
Brooks, Daniel G. of Morgan Elliot, Miss Lorinda L. of Morgan Morgan Ctr  Dec 29 1/10/1873
Brooks, Ezra Jr. of Littleton Lewis, Miss Hattie M. of Littleton Littleton  Jan 16 1/29/1875
Broughton, Thomas K. M. of Washington Wilder, Miss Fannie L. of Washington Washington  June 17 6/26/1874
Brown, George D. of Barnard Perkins, Susan J. of Barnard Bethel  Feb 7 2/18/1876
Brown, George W. of Stowe Cobb, Miss Ellen of Morristown Morrisville  Sept 25 9/29/1876
Brown, J. S. of Lyndon Davis, Miss Emma of Lewiston, ME   12/22/1876
Brown, James A.  Cochrane, Miss Fannie N. of Grand Isle Grand Isle  March 22 4/4/1873
Brown, James E. of Warren Keyes, Miss Ellar R. of Middlesex Fayston, July 4 7/10/1874
Brown, John A. of Albany Hunt, Miss Flora E. of Albany Newport  Jan 28 2/5/1875
Brown, Joseph H. of NH Cobb, Marcia N. of Coventry Coventry  May 17 5/28/1875
Brown, Philander of Alburgh Hill, Miss Eunice of Swanton Swanton  Dec 23 1/3/1873
Brownel, C. W., Jr. of Burlington Brigham, Elva M. of Brandon Brandon  Oct 12 10/15/1875
Brush, Newel L. Hall, Miss Gratia E. of Brattleboro                March 25 4/11/1873
Bryant, Edward A. Ingram, Emma A. Brattleboro  May 4 5/14/1875
Bryant, Henry D. Cheney, Miss Delia S. Morrisville  Nov 8 11/13/1874
Bryant, J. of Holland Hill, Miss Eliza of Holland Morgan  Feb 21 3/13/1874
Buchanan, David of Boston, MA Nelson, Martha C. of Wm. J. Nelson Esq. of Ryegate Ryegate  March 17 3/27/1874
Buck, Abner N. of Fairfax Ballard, Miss Amanda T. of Fairfax Fairfax  Jan 14 1/24/1873
Buck, D. C. of Troy Willey, Flora Z. of Troy Troy  Jan 1 1/14/1876
Buck, H. Dunlap, Mary Ryegate  Aug 24 9/1/1876
Buck, Warren M. of Reading Damon, Mary J. of Windsor                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Bullis, Chester of Newport Stevens, Miss Sarah L. of Newport Newport  Dec 15 12/27/1872
Burbank, William H. Hoyt, Helen M. of J. Q. Hoyt of Barnet Barnet  May 10 5/18/1877
Burbee, Joseph M. Quinn, Katie Barton  May 30 6/9/1876
Burdick, George O. Morris, Abbie J. St. Johnsbury  Dec 23 12/29/1876
Burke, A. E. of Hydepark Savage, Miss of Eden Morrisville  Nov 10 11/20/1874
Burke, Oliver Lonto, Sophronia St. Johnsbury  Jan 26 1/30/1874
Burke, William A. of St. Johnsbury Blake, Miss Alice A. of St. Johnsbury Lyndon  Dec 4 12/13/1872
Burnham, Horace A. Kidder, Miss Cora L. of Brattleboro                June 30 7/11/1873
Burnham, Rev. Benjamin of Groton age 81 Tuttle, Mrs. Deborah of Newbury age 76                April 2 4/18/1873
Burrage, Henry G. Gaylord, Miss Mary E.  Stanstead  May 4 5/7/1875
Burrand, Eugene G.  Nephew, Mrs. Mary S. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Feb 17 3/14/1873
Burton, William F. Hubbard, Rosalind of Charleston Brownington  Dec 9 12/17/1875
Bush, Chester K. of Fairfield Hillam, Miss Charlotte A. of Sheldon Sheldon  Jan 6 1/15/1875
Bushnell, Gordon J. of Nora Springs, Iowa Newcomb, Miss Lizzie J. of Waitsfield Waitsfield  Feb 9 2/19/1875
Bushnell, Homer, M. D. Welch, Miss Eudora E. of Pownal                April 21 5/2/1873
Bushnell, J. H. of Williston Howard, Miss Etta B. of Middlebury Middlebury  April 8 4/17/1874
Butler, Elisha of Northfield Butler, Mrs. Sophia L. of Northfield Northfield  April 17 4/23/1875
Butler, George C. of St. Albans Taplin, Miss Addie B. of E. Corinth Bradford  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Butler, Harmon of Sheldon Nutting, Miss Louise of E. Berkshire E. Berkshire  May 12 5/28/1875
Butler, Johnny of Pleasant Valley (Cambridge) Dike, Luella of Fletcher Fletcher  Sept 21 10/1/1875
Butler, Warren C. of Jay Magoon, Mrs. Mary I. of Stanstead, PQ Westfield  Nov 11 11/22/1872
Butson, William of Topsham Vance, Miss Maggie of Barnet Barnet  March 13 3/23/1877
Butterfield, B. F. of Rutland Vose, Miss Ella J. of Rutland Rutland  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Butterfield, John F. Chamberlain, Miss Eliza J. of Dummerston              Feb 3 2/14/1873
Butterfield, N. S. of Burlington Harrington, Miss Mary E. of Kirby                 Jan 11 1/24/1873
Button, Freeman C. of Essex Ayer, Mrs. Fanny W. of Burlington                June 27 7/4/1873
Butts, Harvey  Butts, Miss of Jericho Cambridge  March 10 3/20/1874
Butts, Harvey of Cambridge Butts, Miss Thankful M. of Jericho Georgia  March 10 4/24/1874
Callender, Charles E. of MA Richards, Miss Carrie E. of Panton Vergennes  Oct 14 10/23/1874
Calley, David  Moore, Miss Ida of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Nov 5 11/13/1874
Cameron, James of Glover Vance, Lizzie M. of Albany Albany  Sept 6 9/15/1876
Cameron, W. G. of Barnet Cripe, Miss Lizzie of Osceola, IL Barnet  Aug 27 9/4/1874
Camp, George H. Brigham, Ronia A. of Randolph                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Campbell, Josiah C. of Charleston Goodwin, Miss Mary J. of Charleston E. Charleston  Dec 9 12/20/1872
Campbell, Talbot H. of ST. Albans Rowell, Nellie V. of St. Albans Windsor  Nov 8 11/20/1874
Carey, Edward L. of Troy Gilman, Miss Sarah of Westfield Irasburgh  Aug 29 9/4/1874
Carlton, C. P. of Whitefield, NH Bell, M. E. of Burke Burke  June 1(4) 6/23/1876
Carpenter, A. M. of Corinth Locke, Helen of Corinth Bradford  Oct 23 10/27/1876
Carpenter, Edgar E. of Hydepark Holoway, Miss Alma I of Hydepark Morrisville  Dec 16 12/25/1874
Carpenter, Frederick of Georgia Prentiss, Miss Frederika of Georgia Georgia Plains  July 14 7/24/1874
Carpenter, Lafayette of Ryegate Dennett, Miss Jennie of Ryegate Barnet  Dec 15 12/25/1874
Carpenter, Norman A. of Huntington Sayles, Miss Cynthia M. of Enosburgh Enosburgh  Dec 18 12/27/1872
Carpenter, Norman A. of Huntington Sayles, Miss Cynthia M. of Enosburgh Enosburgh Dec 17 1/10/1873
Carpenter, William C. of Hardwick Hutchins, Kate A. of Wolcott Wolcott  Sept 16 9/22/1876
Carr, Charles A. of Laconia Knapp, Miss Jennie L. of Littleton Littleton, NH  Feb 20 3/9/1877
Carr, Ernest  Bickford, Miss Sarah St. Johnsbury Ctr 3/12/1875
Carr, Ethan of St. Johnsbury Pierce, Miss Esther of Danville                April 9 4/18/1873
Carr, J. W. of Calais Ingraham, Miss Florence of Washington Calais  Oct 1 10/9/1874
Carron, Thomas S. of St. Johnsbury Young, Miss Ida M. of Concord St. Johnsbury  July 1 7/16/1875
Carry, Carlos B. Emerson, Mary C. Northfield  June 18 6/23/1876
Carter, Charles C. of Hyde Park Taylor, Miss Caroline V. of Hyde Park N. Hyde Park  May 1 5/4/1877
Carter, Heman E., Esq of Hardwick Hutchins, Miss Mary P. of Wolcott Wolcott  March 18 3/26/1875
Carvill, James of Underhill Duffee, Miss Mary of Cambridge                July 8 7/18/1873
Caswell, William Edson Mattison, Miss Jennie of Shaftsbury                July 2 7/18/1873
Chadwick, Chauncey R. of Bethel Spaulding, Miss Eliza A. of Bethel Bethel  Dec 17 1/1/1875
Chamberlin, Bush T. Badger, Miss Sarah of Irasburgh Lunenburg  Oct 25 11/6/1874
Chamberlin, George W.  Harrison, Mrs. Eliza W. of Bossier Parish, LA Newbury  Dec 11 12/20/1872
Chamberlin, R. C. of W. Concord Badger, Miss Sarah of Irasburgh Westfield  Aug 25 9/4/1874
Chamberlin, Rev. John E. of Bakersfield O'Hara, Betsey A. of Glover                July 3 7/11/1873
Chandler, George M. Whipple, Miss Rosa J. of Northfield                   Jan 15 ? 1/31/1873
Chandler, John N. Staples, Nettie F. of Hardwick                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Chaplain, O. G. Brown, Ada Lyndon  April 18 4/28/1876
Chapman, Blaisdell of Corinth Dickey, Miss Lizzie of Newbury Corinth  Jan 1 1/15/1875
Chapman, Marvin W. of Williston Johnson, Lucia P. of Williston Williston  April 14 4/23/1875
Chapman, William A. of Peacham Somers, Lizzie of Barnet Barnet  June 1 6/11/1875
Chase, Alden of Fletcher Wells, Miss Sarah V. of Luther Wells Sr of F. Fletcher  Dec 8 12/25/1874
Chase, Asahel C. Drew, Irene G. Glover  Sept 22 10/1/1875
Chase, Dennis Hovey, Miss Emily of St. Johnsbury              Feb 2 2/14/1873
Chase, George H. Gould, Miss Sarah M. of E. Montpelier Montpelier  March 15 3/28/1873
Chase, T. Abel of N. Troy Wright, Miss Alvira A. of Jay Richford  Dec 28 1/8/1875
Chatfield, Frederick of Derby Hyde, Miss Emma of Derby West Derby  May 2 5/8/1874
Cheney, William P. of Windsor Williams, Millie S. of Craftsbury                  Jan 11 ? 1/31/1873
Chesley, O. W. of Sheffield Eastman, Addie M. of Lyndon                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Chickering, Solomon B. of Danville Whitcher, Lottie E. of Walden St. Johnsbury  Sept 29 10/8/1875
Childs, A. P. Cady, Miss Sarah P. of Bennington                July 8 7/18/1873
Church, William K. of Townshend  Howard, Miss Fannie C. of Rockingham Saxton's River  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Church, William K. of Townshend  Howard, Miss Fannie C. of Rockingham Saxton's River  Dec 24 1/10/1873
Clapp, DeWitt C.  Spear, Miss Glen N. of Burlington                  Jan 20 1/31/1873
Clark, Albert J. of Castleton Tebado, Miss Ella L. of Castleton Castleton  March 14 3/27/1874
Clark, Arthur G. of Stanstead Clark, Miss Mary V. of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ  Feb 6 2/12/1875
Clark, Caleb J. Horsby, Lucy of Readsboro                June 22 7/4/1873
Clark, Charles R. Crane, Mrs. Lucinda Vershire  Feb 3 2/11/1876
Clark, Chauncey W. of Stanstead, PQ Foster, Miss Jerusha M. of Glover Glover  July 7 7/17/1874
Clark, G. Lloyd  Crosby, Miss L. Alice Montpelier  July 23 7/30/1875
Clark, George M. of Irasburgh Wheeler, Ella of Troy Troy  Oct 12 10/22/1875
Clark, George of Montpelier Goodrick, Alice of Manchester                  Jan 3 1/17/1873
Clark, George W. of Randolph Bass, Miss Mary L. of Williamstown Williamstown  Dec 14 12/25/1874
Clark, Gideon E. of S. Chicago, IL Tilden, Mary L. of Sheldon Sheldon  March 19 3/27/1874
Clark, Joseph H. Hamblet, Mrs. Eliza P. of Barton                 June 21 7/11/1873
Clark, William M. LaFleur, Miss Nina Jane of Morrisville                July 15 7/18/1873
Clarke, Joseph of Hanover, NH Gale, Miss Ellen M. of Barnard                June 23 7/4/1873
Clay, E. Payson of N. Thetford Southworth, Miss Annie of W. Fairlee W. Fairlee  Dec 3 12/20/1872
Clement, Eugene L. of Victory Cummings, Miss Isabel of Victory West Concord  July 31 8/6/1875
Clement, William of Danville Dean, Martha I. of Sutton Sheffield  Dec 6 12/8/1876
Clendenning, J. S. of Newport Crawford, Miss A. E. of Newport Troy  Feb 12 2/18/1876
Cleveland, Dr. Edward S. of Lawrence, Mich Frost, Emma E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury   7/28/1876
Clifford, Jefferson of Danville Heath, Mrs. Julia A. of Danville St. Johnsbury  Sept 3 9/8/1876
Clifford, L. C. Hill, Emma St. Johnsbury  Nov 25 12/3/1875
Clifford, Murray E. of Danville Burnham, Eva L. of St. Johnsbury Danville  March 21 3/23/1877
Clough, Henry A. of North Troy Poor, Sarah E. of North Troy Coventry  Oct 14 10/27/1876
Clough, James of Northfield Edwards, Miss Carrie A. of Roxbury                June 22 7/4/1873
Cobb, C. M., Esq. of Albion, Mich Sears, Mrs. Lurenda of Morrisville Morrisville  Feb 10 2/18/1876
Cobb, Myron A. of Stowe Smith, Miss Florence C. of Wolcott Hardwick  March 19 3/16/1877
Cobleigh, Alonzo Hyde, Mrs. Julina E. of Hydepark Morrisville  Sept 30 10/6/1876
Codding, O. P. of Cambridge Miller, Miss Emily A. of Johnson Johnson  Oct 1 10/9/1874
Cofran, Frank A. of Littleton, NH Graham, Miss Martha C. of Peacham Peacham  June 1 6/9/1876
Colby, William G. McMeal, Betsy of Fairfax                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Colby, William H. of Rockport Knowlton, Rebecca J. of Rockport Rockport, MA  May 16 5/28/1875
Cole, A. J. of Newport Welcome, Miss Julia of West Derby              Feb 11 2/21/1873
Cole, Calvin B. Williams, Miss Fannie A. E. Hardwick  Feb 11 2/19/1875
Cole, Henry H. of Bethel McCullough, Miss Clara E. of Bethel Bethel  Jan 19 1/30/1874
Cole, Orville D. of Marshfield Twiss, Miss Flora E. of Wolcott Wolcott  Nov 3 11/12/1875
Cole, Samuel of East Haven How, Mrs. Maria D. of Danville East Burke  April 9 4/10/1874
Collier, James M. of Hardwick Knights, Miss Ezoa S. of Walden Montpelier  Feb 3 2/13/1874
Collins, John  Sulham, Miss Sarah of Greensboro Greensboro  Oct 22 10/30/1874
Colton, Simeon of Lyndon Leavitt, Clarisa of Barton Landing                June 24 7/4/1873
Connell, William J. of Omaha, Neb. Chadwick, Miss Mattie of A. G. Chadwick, Esq. of St. J. St. Johnsbury  Sept 24 9/27/1872
Conner, Franklin H. Leach, Miss Julia B. of Irasburgh                July 3 7/11/1873
Conners, John Floody, Miss Rosa of St. Albans                May 6 5/16/1873
Connor, John J. of Troy, NY Carpenter, Miss Lottie H. of Burlington                June 7 6/20/1873
Conro, Henry W. of South Hero Hodgkins, Miss Emeroy C.                March 26 4/11/1873
Converse, Hon. Julius, Gov of VT Martin, Miss Jennie of Woodstock Columbia, NH  Monday 5/16/1873
Conway, Timothy of Coventry McCauley, Alice M. of Coventry           May 20 5/28/1875
Cook, Edwin M.  Sprague, Miss Sarah M. of Wallingford                April 19 5/2/1873
Cook, Joseph H. Parker, Cynthia E. Glover  Dec 9 12/17/1875
Corey, Simeon F. of Norwich (has several wives) Tilden, Mary A. (other wife Mrs. Delia Sargent) Norwich some time ago 3/16/1877
Corliss, Andrew S. of Cabot Brown, Miss Cora E. of Peacham Marshfield  Nov 6 11/12/1875
Corliss, John P. Cunningham, Miss Hattie A. Bradford  July 17 7/30/1875
Corliss, Samuel C. of Topsham Willey, Helen of Topsham Topsham  Dec 11 12/17/1875
Corliss, Windsor of Newark Webster, Miss Lucia C. of Newark Newark  Dec 31 1/8/1875
Courser, George W. of Johnson Pike, Ruth A. of Johnson Hyde Park  Feb 24 3/13/1874
Coveney, Michael Nelson, Marguerite St. Johnsbury  Nov 27 12/1/1876
Cowles, Julius E. of New Haven Thompson, Miss Emma M. of Weybridge Weybridge  Dec 17 1/3/1873
Cox, L. M. Raun, Isabella Salem  Jan 3 1/14/1876
Craig, John  Smith, Jane of John M. Smith of Greensboro E. Hardwick  May 16 5/22/1874
Craig, Matthew of Peacham Somers, Miss Clara J. of Danville Danville  Dec 23 1/1/1875
Cram, Fred of Roxbury Davis, Mary of Roxbury Roxbury  Dec 9 12/17/1875
Crampton, Augustus of Enosburgh Rawson, Alice of Montgomery Montgomery  Dec 6 12/8/1876
Crandall, Thomas G.  Kinne, Viola P. Brownington  Sept 16 9/24/1875
Crane, Daniel of Danville Snow, Miss Nancy of Barnet Barnet  Jan 1 1/5/1877
Crane, John H. of Danville Badger, Abby J. of Danville Cabot  July 29 8/6/1875
Crawford, George of Bennington Ctr. Watson, Eliza A. of Bennington Bennington  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Cree, Oria W. of Marshfield Bartlett, Mrs. Mary G. of Plainfield Plainfield  Feb 9 2/18/1876
Crocker, Amasa of Northfield Porter, Mrs. L. M. of Northfield Northfield  Dec 22 1/10/1873
Crockett, Oren D. of Plainville, MA Aldrich, Miss Maria L. of Weathersfield Weathersfield  March 23 4/2/1875
Crossett, Burtram J. Smith, Florence A. Waterbury  Aug 29 9/1/1876
Crowell, Henry H. of Westminster W. Miller, Miss Martha L. of Westminster W. Westminster West  Dec 11 12/27/1872
Cummings, Albert H. of Newport Blake, Miss Idella of Derby Newport  April 19 4/25/1873
Cummings, Tarrant S. Rogers, Miss Mary H. of Newport                June 18 6/27/1873
Cunningham, Ira of St. Johnsbury Bolton, Julia of Newbury St. Johnsbury  April 20 4/28/1876
Cunningham, N. W. of Newbury McDuffy, Miss Laura E. of Newbury Bradford  Feb 23 3/13/1874
Cunningham, Robert P. of St. J. Day, Miss Jessie D. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  July 2 7/10/1874
Currier, John A. of St. Johnsbury Graves, Miss Abby J. of Cabot Cabot  July 3 7/10/1874
Currier, Rodney L. of Wolcott Kusic, Miss E. A. of Stowe Stowe  June 11 6/18/1875
Curtis, W. E. of Lowell Watson, Miss Ella of Lowell Lowell  Dec 5 12/18/1874
Cuthbertson, H. M. of Greensboro Babbitt, Miss Sarah A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  June 14 6/18/1875
Cutler, Edward of Stowe Burt, Miss Amanda of Stowe Stowe  Nov 2 11/13/1874
Cutler, Eli  Crossman, Miss Sarah M. of Morristown Morrisville  July 19 7/24/1874
Cutler, George D. of E. Montpelier West, Miss Laura J. of E. Montpelier Montpelier  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Cutler, Marcus M. of Montpelier Wing, Mrs. Mary H. of E. Montpelier                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Cutler, Rev. Calvin of St. J. Sanford, Miss Martha E. Medway, MA  Aug 18 9/3/1875
Cutter, Albert E. of Hartford Gibson, Miss Jennie A. of Pomfret Woodstock  March 16 3/28/1873
Cutting, Orlando G. Sargent, Miss Mary H. W. Concord  July 3 7/9/1875
Cutting, Oscar of Lyme, NH Hackstaff, Alice E. of Craftsbury                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Daggett, Chester C. of Troy Nelson, Ella D. of Troy Coventry  Sept 9 9/22/1876
Dalyell, Alexander of Holyoke, MA Forsyth, Mrs. Laura D. of Fairfax Fairfax  Dec 21 1/10/1873
Damon, George S. of St. Johnsbury Cutting, Abbie J. of Montpelier Montpelier  Jan 20 1/30/1874
Dana, Richard S. of Springfield Pratt, Frank of Woodstock              Feb 12 2/21/1873
Dana, William C. Allen, Miss Emma Charleston  April 9 4/17/1874
Daniels, John A. of Newport Goss, Miss Martha H. of Lyndon Lyndon  Oct 10 10/20/1876
Daniels, Joseph of Lincoln Turner, Miss Ellen of Lincoln Lincoln  Nov 14 12/24/1875
Daniels, Thomas of Danville Webb, Miss Phoebe of Danville Danville  Feb 24 3/13/1874
Darling, Edson of Hydepark Peck, Miss Helen M. of Hydepark Hydepark  March 17 3/19/1875
Darling, F. E. Snell, Addie M. Enosburgh  June 8 6/16/1876
Darling, Ferdinand of S. Wheelock Mansfield, Miss Orilla J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Nov 6 11/13/1874
Darling, James B. of Ryegate Sly, Alice of Ryegate Ryegate  March 7 3/10/1876
Darling, James B. of Ryegate Sly, Alma E. Ryegate  March 7 3/17/1876
Darling, Peter H. of Groton Miller, Mrs. Melinda of Ryegate Barnet  Feb 6 2/16/1877
Darling, Will of Glover Brown, Miss Ella of Sheffield Sheffield  Feb 14 2/23/1877
Davidson, Alexander, Esq. of Ryegate Nelson, Miss Isabel of Newbury Ryegate  Nov 12 11/29/1872
Davis, Albert of London, Eng. Cole, Maggie M. of London, Eng. St. Johnsbury  Dec 23 12/29/1876
Davis, Amos of Johnson Cobleigh, Martha of Hyde Park Morrisville   Jan 17 1/30/1874
Davis, C. F. of Newport Rowell, Miss Ida K. of Albany Albany  Dec 11 12/20/1872
Davis, Charles A. George, Miss Mary E. of Morrisville                July 2 7/18/1873
Davis, D. Westly of Chester Mead, Miss Ella of Chester Chester  Dec 21 1/10/1873
Davis, George F. of Charleston Spencer, Miss Martha A. of Westmore Charleston  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Davis, Ira Gibbs, Sarah age 15 Stowe  21st 3/13/1874
Davis, Samuel A. of Barre Spaulding, Miss Lizzie S. of Barre Northfield  Dec 24 1/10/1873
Davis, Thomas of Stanstead, PQ Best, Miss Louisa of Stanstead, PQ Derby  April 5 4/16/1875
Day, Ira L. of Barton Landing Austin, Miss Electa A. of Brownington Brownington  Oct 22 11/1/1872
Day, Samuel Broom of Royalton Fay, Hannah W. of Bethel              Feb 11 2/21/1873
Day, Sylvester F. Kelsey, Flora of Danville Danville  April 25 5/7/1875
Dean, Benjamin F. of St. Johnsbury Bonett, Emma H. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH  Sept 27 10/15/1875
Decamp, D. E. of Charlestown, NH Horton, Martha A. of Royalton Bethel  April 14 5/14/1875
Demeritt, Morris of Craftsbury Leach, Miss Emma of Eden Albany  Dec 6 12/20/1872
Demeritt, Rev. John P. Bromley, Lucy H. of Pawlet Pawlet  Dec 10 12/20/1872
Denison, Adorno of Northfield Dutton, Miss Addie V. of Middlesex Middlesex  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Denning, John W. of Lawrence, NY Grant, Miss Lydia of Irasburgh Irasburgh  Sept 28 10/11/1872
Devell, Francis of Sorell, PQ West, Sarina of Milton                June 27 7/4/1873
Dewey, Edward W. Stewart, Miss Maria L. of Peacham                  Jan 15 ? 1/31/1873
Dickey, L. W. of Bradford Gitchell, Miss Eva A. of Bradford Bradford  April 3 4/16/1875
Dike, Dallas L. of Fletcher Bell, Ella of Fletcher Fletcher  Sept 21 10/1/1875
Dike, E. C. Needham, Miss Sarah J. of Bristol              Feb 4 2/14/1873
Dix, John of Hartford Harrington, Miss Ida M. of Hartford  Woodstock  Dec 23 1/3/1873
Doane, George W. of Troy Percy, Miss Elizabeth of Troy Newport Ctr  Oct 2 10/11/1872
Dodge, George of Lunenburgh Slapp, Della of Hardwick Hardwick  June 10 6/16/1876
Dodge, O. T. Cawstick, Miss Martha Tunbridge  July 20 7/30/1875
Dole, Willey F. Crane, Eva J. Danville  Dec 18 12/22/1876
Donaghy, Richard of St. Johnsbury McNay, Miss Elizabeth of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Dec 25 1/1/1875
Donald, Dan of Morrisville Ober, Miss Emma L. of Morrisville Morrisville  Sept 23 10/2/1874
Donaldson, William A., MD of W. Burke Hopkins, Miss Mary L. of Salem Salem  May 20 5/29/1874
Doten, Fred W. Dana, Mary E. Pomfret  Jan 24 1/28/1876
Dow, Wallace L. Fairman, Lillian A. of Albany Groton  Jan 1 1/16/1874
Dow, William B. of Johnson Hayford, Marion E. of Johnson Johnson  Jan 5 1/14/1876
Drennan, John S. of S. Hardwick Gaylord, Miss Cornelia M. of late Asa Gaylord of Derby Stanstead, PQ  Sept 3 9/27/1872
Drew, Charles F. of Irasburgh Wheeler, Addie E. of Glover Troy  Feb 28 3/10/1876
Drew, Dr. A. E.  Williams, Jennie V. North Troy  Dec 9 1/7/1876
Drew, Erastus of Danville Anderson, Amelia M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Dec 25 12/29/1876
Driver, George A. Lawrence, Mina M. Charleston  Sept 2 9/8/1876
Drown, Charles L.  Corse, Nellie A. Newport  Feb 14 2/18/1876
Drown, Hiram of Newport Peabody, Miss Ella W. of Newport Newport Ctr  Dec 22 1/3/1873
Drown, Hiram of Sheffield Chase, Mrs. Mary L. of Sheffield Sheffield  Oct 22 10/30/1874
Drown, Lucias A. Bickford, Ida F. of Brownington Brownington  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Drown, M. A. Stone, Miss Alice H. of Hardwick Hardwick  March 10 3/19/1875
Drown, Marvin H. of Brownington Woodward, Miss Della S. of Barton Barton  Nov 18 11/27/1874
Drown, R. A. of Danville Varnum, Martha A. of Peacham Peacham  Sept 14 9/22/1876
Drown, Silas of Sheffield Reed, Miss Polly of Sheffield Wheelock  Oct 21 10/30/1874
Dudley, A. J. of Newport Field, Miss May E. of S. M. Field, Esq. of N. Newport  Jan 8 1/17/1873
Dudley, Orrin P. Claflin, Alma C. Brookfield  Aug 6 8/11/1876
Dumas, Joseph H. White, Alma Northfield  Jan 26 2/4/1876
Duncan, Charles L. of McIndoes Falls Shaw, Miss Joanna M. of S. Peacham S. Peacham  Dec 22 1/1/1875
Dunham, Edward J.  Burke, Miss Sophia A. of Morrisville Morrisville  March 8 3/19/1875
Dunton, Charles H. of Rutland Chandler, Miss Emma of S. Charlestown, NH Bellow Falls  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Dunwoodie, W. E. of Troy Eastman, Mary J. of Troy North Troy  Nov 21 12/6/1872
Durphy, Edward G. of Hartland Stronach, Mary A. of W. Windsor Woodstock  March 6 3/19/1875
Dustin, Dr. Charles W. of Craftsbury Lyon, Miss Hattie M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury  Dec 17 12/25/1874
Dutton, Henry H. of Craftsbury Lyon, Jennie P. of Craftsbury Craftsbury  Feb 23 3/3/1876
Dwight, Henry of Constantinople, Turkey Griswold, Miss Della M. of Morrisville Liverpool  April 19 5/8/1874
Dwinell, Dwight J. Merriam, Miss Julia L.  Glover  June 2 6/11/1875
Eastman, Carlos F. Whitcomb, Miss Lucina of Hyde Park                April 17 5/2/1873
Eastman, Charles M. of Waterloo, PQ Bailey, Emma D. of Troy North Troy  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Eastman, Milo of St. Johnsbury Matthews, Miss Mary A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Feb 10 2/12/1875
Eastman, Scott of Corinth Batchelder, Jennie of Waits River Corinth  Aug 23 9/3/1875
Eaton, Charles Woods, Laetetie L. (Safford) Newport  June 8 6/11/1875
Eaton, Frank A. Frost, Alice                June 26 7/4/1873
Eaton, Frank A. Frost, Alice                June 26 7/11/1873
Eaton, George E. of Danville Walker, Miss Josie E. of P. T. Walker of D. Danville  Dec 4 12/13/1872
Edmunds, Luther R. of Middletown Shedd, Miss Delia A. of Rutland Rutland  Dec 25 1/3/1873
Edson, Alvaro D. Douglass, Miss Isabel of Stowe Morrisville  Feb 6 2/12/1875
Edwards, Amos of N. Danville Church, Miss Jennie of N. Danville N. Danville   June 1 6/11/1875
Edwards, Enos M. of Morristown Douglass, Miss Arville of Morristown Morrisville  Dec 1 12/11/1874
Eldridge, Willard of Albany George, Miss Mina of Albany Albany  April 22 4/30/1875
Elliott, Joseph M. of Barton Cassidy, Mary of Barton Barton  Nov 4 11/12/1875
Ellis, Lincoln J. of Springfield Weeks, Marcella of William S. Weeks Esq. Clarendon  March 10 3/20/1874
Emerson, Austin F. of Wheelock Smith, Miss Fidelia of Monroe, NH              Feb 18 2/28/1873
Emerson, Reuben Graves, Lucinda Lyndon   Jan 22 1/30/1874
Emery, Samuel J. Spring, Mary of Eden Albany  Jan 1 1/7/1876
English, George W. of Marshfield Severance, Miss Ella M. of J. L. Severance of C Cabot  Feb 19 2/27/1874
Erskine, Fred L. Waterman, Mayette Roxbury  Feb 1 2/4/1876
Estes, George R. of Greensboro Brooks, Delia of Barton Hardwick  Oct 18 10/30/1874
Esty, Aaron W. of Leicester Jay, Mary E. of Orwell                  Jan 5 1/17/1873
Evarts, William W. Abell, Miss Lillian E. of Georgia                  Jan 15 ? 1/31/1873
Everett, Hugh M. of St. Johnsbury Clark, Miss Lilia L. of St. Johnsbury W. Concord  Dec 25 12/27/1872
Ewins, George L. of W. Berkshire Bowen, Miss Miranda C. of W. Berkshire W. Berkshire  Feb 14 2/23/1877
Exley, Charles Davis, Miss Eugenie St. Johnsbury  July 5 7/14/1876
Fairbanks, Henry  Page, Ruthy B., of Phineas Page of Newport St. Johnsbury  May 5 5/8/1874
Fairbanks, Ira H. S.  Wait, Miss Lucia L. Georgia  Oct 23 11/15/1872
Fairbanks, Melvin E. of Springfield Williams, Miss Lestina E. of Bridgewater Rutland  Dec 19 12/27/1872
Fairbrother, Horace W. of Coventry Kimball, Marcia E. of Barton Barton Landing  Jan 4 1/9/1874
Fairchild, Truman of Derby Chandler, Miss Emma A. of Derby Derby  Sept 6 9/11/1874
Farmer, Jacob S. of Island Pond West, Miss Lois A. of Newark Barton Landing  June 1 6/12/1874
Farnham, Francis of Moretown Young, Mary of Morrisville Morrisville  Feb 14 3/17/1876
Farnham, John L. Priest, Miss Emma M. St. Johnsbury  Nov 2 11/17/1876
Farnham, Newell R. of Williamstown Braman, Miss Ella M. of Washington Montpelier  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Farnum, Lycenia J. of Peru Full, Mrs. Eunice L. of Westfield Westfield  Jan 1 1/14/1876
Farr, James L. of Vernon Banks, Mrs. Julia M.                May 1 5/16/1873
Farrington, D. Carlos of W. Danville Stevens, Miss Emma F. of Walden Danville  Nov 25 12/1/1876
Farwell, Joel C. of Weathersfield Jones, Miss Jennie E. of Reading Chester  Dec 7 12/20/1872
Fay, Benjamin W. Crocker, Miss Emma R.                June 11 6/20/1873
Fay, L. G. of Sharon Livermore, Miss Ella M. of Barnard W. Randolph  March 28 4/10/1874
Felch, George W. of Waterford Fuller, Miss Levina C. of Roxbury                June 9 6/20/1873
Ferrill, William J. of Jay Chase, Miss Helen R. of Jay Jay  Jan 31 2/12/1875
Field, James A. of Craftsbury Colby, Miss Mary E. of Barton Craftsbury  Dec 16 1/3/1873
Fields, Harvey of Jericho Havens, Miss Rhoda C. of Shelburne Shelburne  March 11 3/20/1874
Fish, David  of St. Paul, Minn Allison, Miss C. A. of Windsor              Feb 3 2/14/1873
Fish, Henry C. of Washington Page, Belle M. of Hyde Park Hyde Park  March 15 3/17/1876
Fish, Lewis of Bethel Flint, Mrs. Lucy of Randolph Randolph  March 10 3/27/1874
Fisher, Caleb Bond, Mrs. Mary Cabot  Jan 27 2/6/1874
Fisher, Nathaniel T. of Holyoke, MA Raymond, Mary A. of Windsor S. Hadley Falls, MA  Dec 22 1/3/1873
Fisk, Charles J. Morrisett, Miss Julia A. of Waterbury                June 8 6/20/1873
Fisk, William H. Gaskell, Ivah B. Littleton, NH  Oct 24 11/3/1876
Flanders, Elben C. of Albany Folsom, Miss Maria of S. Barton                July 17 7/25/1873
Fleming, James R. of Walpole, NH Simpson, Miss Sarah of Burlington Burlington  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Fleming, Zobiskie Harlow, Miss Agnes E. Somerville, MA  Aug 31 9/11/1874
Fletcher, E. of Lowell Hill, Almeda of Colchester Lowell  Sept 19 10/1/1875
Fletcher, J. W. of Burke Durkee, Miss Carrie E. of Newark W. Burke  Jan 1 1/8/1875
Flint, E. C. of Montpelier Griswold, Jennie L. of Waterbury Waterbury  Sept 13 9/22/1876
Flint, Jonas B. of Charleston Dodge, Miss Ella N. of W. M. Dodge, Esq. Barton Landing  June 12 6/18/1875
Flint, Willis of Barton Landing Dodge, Miss Etta M. of W. M. Dodge, Esq. Barton Landing  June 12 6/18/1875
Follansby, L. F. of Granby Dudley, Miss Merriam E. of Granby Granby  Nov 24 11/27/1874
Folsom, Joseph B. of Greensboro Staples, Miss Nellie A. of Hardwick Morrisville  June 2 6/5/1874
Folsom, William W.  Folsom, Mrs. Alice Taylor of S. Walden Peacham  Sept 10 9/18/1874
Forbes, Frank of Williston Comstock, Lucia of S. Burlington                 Sept 24 10/2/1874
Forbush, W. Fred Carrier, Mrs. Lucy L. of Brattleboro                May 4 5/16/1873
Ford, Charles F. of Barton Landing Ward, Miss Mary L. of Barnston, PQ Barton Landing  July 4 7/10/1874
Forrest, John of S. Barton Brackett, Miss Clarissa of Lawrence, MA S. Barton  Dec 27 1/9/1874
Forskeith, Frank T.  Morrill, Martha J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  May 25 5/29/1874
Foss, Fayette I. of Boston Gray, Miss Abbie J. of Sheffield Sheffield  Dec 7 12/18/1874
Foster, Capt. H. E. Kingsbury, Miss Persis of Derby Derby  Jan 26 1/29/1875
Foster, George F. Dale, Lizzie E. Island Pond  Dec 28 1/7/1876
Foster, Truman R. of Berlin Cushman, Emma A. of Manchester, CT S. Manchester, CT  June 19 6/23/1876
Franklin, William McNay, Miss Janett St. Johnsbury June 1 6/4/1875
Frasier, Z. A. of Barre Burnabee, Eva L. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  May 17 5/21/1875
Freeman, E. L. of Richmond Pelton, Ruth of Jericho Jericho  Oct 3 10/8/1875
French, Carlos W. of McIndoes Falls Carpenter, Mrs. Hannah of McIndoes Falls McIndoes Falls  Jan 2 1/8/1875
French, Collins of Sutton Smith, Mrs. Mary J. of Sutton Sutton  Aug 24 8/28/1874
Frizzell, Amansa of Canaan Matthews, Miss Lizzie of Bloomfield Canaan  Nov 27 12/13/1872
Frost, George S. Lake, Eva J. of Thetford Post Mills  July 3 7/14/1876
Fuller, Allen Gallup, Mary H. North Troy  March 2 3/12/1875
Fuller, Dr. G. A. of Warren Perkins, Miss Alice E. of Warren Warren  June 19 7/3/1874
Fuller, Eliakim F. of Bakersfield Doane, Miss Martha A. of Bakersfield Enosburgh  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Fuller, Warren of Newport Waller, Candace P. of Enosburgh Enosburgh  Aug___ 9/3/1875
Fullerton, John H. of Brattleboro Fullerton, Miss Lydia S. of W. Townshend                April 21 5/2/1873
Fullington, Forris B. of Cambridge Morse, Miss Delia M. of Johnson Johnson  March 10 3/20/1874
Fullington, Fred H. of E. Cambridge Taylor, S. Emma Barton  March 16 3/26/1875
Gabbie, Thomas of Greensboro McClelland, Miss Mary A. of Greensboro Greensboro  March 4 3/12/1875
Gadley, John M. of St. Johnsbury Norris, Lydia A. of Stanstead, PQ St. Johnsbury  March 17 3/23/1877
Gaffield, Rufus of Craftsbury Martin, Melissa V. of Newport Albany  Nov 13 11/19/1875
Gage, Benjamin A.  Young, Miss Arvilla C. Lyndon  Jan 13 1/15/1875
Galbraith, James R. Service, Annie of Barnet                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Galime, Edward of Newport Bernard, Phoebe of Newport Newport  Dec 14 12/24/1875
Gallagher, William Crane of Eberhardt, Nev. Rowe, Miss Ella S. of Peacham Peacham  March 18 3/28/1873
Gamage, James A. of Damariscotta, ME Hodgkins, Miss Lettie M. of Jefferson, ME St. Johnsbury  Dec 19 12/22/1876
Garland, Charles H. of Barton Ainger, Miss Helen A. of Sutton Sutton  July 19 7/24/1874
Gaskill, Herbert F. of St. Johnsbury Blodgett, Carrie D. of Monroe, NH Barnet  April 21 4/27/1877
Gaskill, L. F. of St. Johnsbury Gustin, Miss Ella J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury   July 22 7/25/1873
Gates, Edmund H. of W. Topsham McCann, Miss Jennie of W. Springfield, MA W. Topsham  Jan 1 1/8/1875
Gates, Horace of Littleton Stearns, Miss Mary A. of Littleton Littleton, NH  March 1 3/9/1877
Gates, S. L. of Ryegate McLeran, Miss Mary H. of Barnet Barnet  Nov 11 11/22/1872
Gauthier, Joseph of St. Johnsbury Terrier, Miss Luce of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  May 18 5/21/1875
Gay, Milo F. of Charleston Berry, Miss Carrie of Brownington              Feb 27 3/7/1873
Gaylor, Heman A. Bowley, Helen S. Newport Center  March 15 3/24/1876
George, Everett R. Taplin, Estella C. of Corinth Bradford  July 4 7/14/1876
George, Frank C.  Taplin, Hattie E. Bradford  Jan 26 2/4/1876
George, Frank J. of Middlesex Darling, Thana K. of Middlesex Montpelier  Nov 1 11/10/1876
Gibb, Charles S. of Derby Foster, Alice A. of Irasburgh Newport  Dec 25 1/9/1874
Gibson, Oscar Dunn, Nancy E. Ryegate  March 9 3/17/1876
Gibson, William J. of Johnson Titus, Eva E. of Wolcott Wolcott  Sept 6 9/15/1876
Giddings, W. Albert Goddard, Laura A. of S. Reading                  Jan 7 1/17/1873
Giffin, Henry M. of Sugar Hill, NH Osgood, Miss Emma of Hardwick                April 7 4/18/1873
Gilcrease, D. of Hardwick Shurtleff, Miss Sarah J. of Walden Hardwick  Feb 23 3/5/1875
Gilfillan, William L. of Barnet Aiken, Vianna V. of Barnet S. Peacham  Sept 2 9/17/1875
Gilkerson, Albert S. of Barnet Stevenson, Miss Elizabeth P. of Barnet Barnet  Sept 5 9/11/1874
Gilson, Albert W. of Leominster, MA Fairbanks, Miss Percie of Nat'l Fairbanks Esq. of Springfield Springfield  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Gleason, George R. of Kirby Vinton, Miss Ella M. of Kirby Kirby  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Glidden, William D.  Moulton, Miss Laura of Cabot Marshfield  Aug 13 8/14/1874
Goodhue, Wallace S. Haight, Ellen E. St. Albans  July 25 8/4/1876
Goodrich, Charles E. of Hardwick Cass, Miss Julia E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury  March 17 3/19/1875
Goodrich, Charles H. of Hardwick Cate, Miss Lucy L. of Hardwick Hardwick  Jan 23 2/2/1877
Goodwin, Lewis T. of Charleston Bishop, Miss Rosalla of Brighton Charleston  Dec 31 1/10/1873
Goodwin, William H. of St. Johnsbury White, May B. of Wells River Wells River  Sept 20 9/29/1876
Goss, George W. of Clay Cty, MO Pierson, Mrs. Julia A. of Barnet Barnet  Sept 9 9/17/1875
Gould, John of Weathersfield Briggs, Miss Lottie E. of Ludlow Ludlow  March 18 3/27/1874
Gould, John T. of Heath, MA Gillett, Cora B. of Whitingham                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Goulett, Willie Blanchard, Mary E. of Norwich                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Gowdey, Charles L. of NYC Sweet, Julia A. of Burlington                May 8 5/16/1873
Graham, Andrew of S. Albany Brock, Miss Agnes of S. Albany S. Albany  Dec 9 12/24/1875
Graham, Willie M. of Greensboro Fayer, Miss Katie A. of Glover E. Craftsbury  Jan 1 1/8/1875
Grant, David Clay, Helen Lincoln 6/25/1875
Graves, Abel Miles, Sarah E.  Irasburgh  Sept 7 9/15/1876
Graves, Dr. E. E. of Boscawen, NH Williams,  Mattie A. of Hon. L. N. Williams of Essex Essex  Dec 18 12/27/1872
Graves, Fred I. of Barnard Keith, Miss Eva I. of Pomfret                June 18 6/27/1873
Graves, George E. of Rutland Sheldon, Mary E. of Middlebury                June 25 7/4/1873
Graves, George H.  Gregg, Miss M. P. of Waterbury Stowe  June 3 6/12/1874
Gray, Almon of Wheelock Berry, Harriet of Glover South Wheelock  Sept 8 9/24/1875
Gray, Edward K. of Coventry Richardson, Alice E. of Morristown St. Johnsbury  March 23 3/31/1876
Gray, James R. of Ayer, MA Thrasher, Miss Myra H. of Coventry Newport  Sept 2 9/11/1874
Gray, Nelson Mudgett, Hattie N. Cambridge 4/28/1876
Gray, Wells C. of South Barton Gray, Miss Abby A. of Sheffield                April 12 5/2/1873
Greeley, George W. of Putney Witham, Miss Mary A. of Brattleboro Putney  Dec 2 12/13/1872
Green, Rufus of Barton Hayward, Mrs. Sophia of Westmore                May 9 5/16/1873
Greenbank, George W. of Danville Green, Miss Mattie W. of Danville North Danville  June 26 6/30/1876
Greene, Lorenzo M. Durkee, Miss Ella of Stockbridge                April 2 4/18/1873
Greenwood, Simon Cutting, Miss Orelia Richford  March 18 3/27/1874
Griffin, George M. of Cambridge Gibbs, Miss Mary of Fairfax                July 5 7/18/1873
Grinnell, Lannie of Pawlet Vail, Miss Mary of Danby                May 1 5/16/1873
Griswold, Luther of Hydepark Watson, Miss Mary A. of Lynn, MA N. Hydepark 9/18/1874
Grout, D. D., M.D. of Wolcott Jones, Miss Nettie A. of Barre                July 2 7/18/1873
Grover, Lyman of Wells Pratt, Mrs. Susan of Middletown                April 15 5/2/1873
Grow, George E. of St. Johnsbury Hall, Miss Flora A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Feb 16 2/23/1877
Guptil, D. A. of Montpelier Nutting, Miss Marcia A. of late Wm Nutting of M. Montpelier  Dec 9 12/20/1872
Guptil, Hosea of Montpelier Warren, Mrs. Edelia of Wolcott Morrisville   June 28 7/3/1874
Hackett, Columbus of Calais Wheat, Miss Polly of Calais Calais  March 23 4/10/1874
Hadley, Charles F. of Eden Stone, Miss Lizzie A. of Eden Lowell  Dec 31 1/10/1873
Hadley, George L. of Morristown Bailey, Mrs. Ellen J. of Bethel Morrisville  July 14 7/16/1875
Hadley, James A. of St. Johnsbury Colby, Mrs. Caroline B. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  June 26 6/30/1876
Hadlock, Hubbard E. of Berlin Doton, Miss Sarah E. of Berlin Barre  Dec 1 12/13/1872
Haines, Cephas C. of Greensboro Calderwood, Miss Clara of Greensboro Glover  Dec 25 1/3/1873
Haines, Moses S.  Hoyt, Miss Delia R. of Cabot                April 1 4/18/1873
Hale, Oren H. of St. Johnsbury Estabrook, Miss Mary A. of W. Lebanon W. Lebanon  April 23 5/2/1873
Hall, Charles  Lee, Abbie of Victory St. Johnsbury Ctr April 26 5/5/1876
Hall, Edwin N. of Bolton Kennerdy, Mrs. Harriet S. of Jericho Jericho  Dec 17 12/27/1872
Hall, George H. of Passumpsic Page, Emma J. of Henry Page, Esq. of St. J. Sacramento, CA  Jan 1 1/19/1877
Hall, George of Concord Dean, Ella of C. F. Dean St. Johnsbury  May 2 5/5/1876
Hall, Isaac of Lisbon Ash, Mrs. Clara C. of Lyman Lisbon, NH  Nov 25 12/4/1874
Hall, J. E. of Brattleboro Lyons, Miss Josephine of Tere Haute, Ind.                June 24 7/4/1873
Hall, James of Neponset, IL Hooker, Miss Isabella B. of Peacham Peacham  March 4 3/12/1875
Hall, John F. of Bethel Thayer, Miss Laura L. of Royalton                June 16 6/27/1873
Hall, Martin T. of St. Albans Tisdale, Susan A. of St. Albans Georgia  Dec 24 1/2/1874
Hall, Oscar F. of E. Corinth Smith, Mary of Washington Washington  Nov 25 12/17/1875
Hallett, Ephraim J. of St. Johnsbury Rice, Miss Emma V. of Greensboro                 Jan 11 1/31/1873
Hamel, Albert C. of Morristown Scott, Miss Alma L. of Hyde Park                April 15 5/2/1873
Hammond, George P. of Marlboro, NH Newton, Miss Martha J. of Saxton's River                April 21 5/2/1873
Hancock, Hubbard Wood, Ruba Barre  Oct 17 10/27/1876
Hannet, George of Walden [see Hammett] Oliver, Miss Mary D. of Walden Walden  Jan 7 1/22/1875
Hard, Zadock Davis, Miss Alma of Arlington              Feb 20 3/7/1873
Hardy, Mr. of Boston, MA Parker, Jennie d/o Dr. L. F. Parker of Peacham Peacham  June 23 6/26/1874
Harris, C. E. of East Burke Morse, Miss Emma D. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr March 29 4/2/1875
Harris, Henry J. of Stowe Goodrich, Miss Nancy W. of Morristown                   Jan 21 2/7/1873
Hart, Daniel M. of Morristown Soles, Miss Amy of Morristown Morristown  Jan 1 1/8/1875
Hart, John H. of Wolcott Little, Miss Mary E. of Morrisville Morrisville  March 12 3/20/1874
Hartshorn, Abel of Danville Underwood, Miss Mary H. of St. Johnsbury              March 3 3/7/1873
Hartshorn, Horace B. C. of Lyme Hadlock, Miss Sarah O. of Lyme Lyme, NH  Oct 12 10/18/1872
Harvey, Charles A. of Waterford Johnson, Miss Mary A. of Waterford West Burke  Feb 7 2/20/1874
Harvey, Charles of Derby Burnet, Miss Elizabeth of Derby Derby Line  June 15 6/25/1875
Haskins, Dr. George B. Glidden, Miss Ella of Arlington                May 5 5/16/1873
Hastings, Thomas J. of Morgan Colburn, Miss Lovilla L. of Albany W. Charleston  March 12 3/28/1873
Hastings, Winfield S. of Waterford Abbey, Jane of Littleton, NH Waterford 2/12/1875
Hatch, Charles E. of Craftsbury Chatman, Nellie of Stowe Morrisville  Oct 2 10/6/1876
Hatch, Dillon Frank Brooks, Myra of Burlington              Feb 19 2/28/1873
Hawkins, Charles H. of Lyndon Center Clifford, Miss Minnie B. of Lyndon Center Lyndon Center  July 8 7/10/1874
Hawkins, George A. of Danville Weeks, Miss Abby A. of Danville Danville  Oct 21 11/8/1872
Hawkins, Horatio of Rutland Woodruff, Miss Ada of West Windsor West Windsor  March 23 4/2/1875
Hawley, Charles  Morton, Helen M. of Hyde Park, MA                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Hay, Rev. James of Derby Edwards, Miss Lizzie of Derby Derby  June 15 6/19/1874
Hayford, Chandler of Johnson Button, Miss Mary J. of Hyde Park Johnson  July 16 7/23/1875
Haynes, George E. Smith, Miss Estella A.  Wilmington  Dec 25 1/3/1873
Haynes, J. H. of Rutland Garvin, Miss Frances A. of St. Albans                April 22 5/2/1873
Hazen, William E. of St. Johnsbury Haskell, Miss Henrietta D. of Woodstock Woodstock  April 27 5/5/1876
Heald, William F. of Weston Clayton, Miss Jennie of Jamaica Brattleboro  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Healey, Joseph F. of Concord, NH Langmayd, Annie E. of Coventry Coventry  Dec 21 12/31/1875
Heath, Gardner L. of Plainfield Willis, Martha C. of Marshfield Danville  Nov 30 12/8/1876
Heath, Willard C. of Newbury Gould, Emma Gean of Barnet                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Heaton, Charles H. Morse, Sadie L. Montpelier  March 28 3/31/1876
Hemenway, George Gilbare, Selinda of Alburgh                   Jan 6 1/17/1873
Hemenway, Merritt  Loveland, Miss Ella of Waterville Waterville  Jan 19 1/29/1875
Hemingway, Sylvanus of Waterford Farrow, Miss Ellen of Peacham Peacham  Nov 26 12/4/1874
Henderson, Robert of Stuart, Iowa Evans, Miss Ellen L. of Peacham Peacham  Jan 9 1/19/1877
Hennigan, John Q. of Ashburnham, MA Gaylord, Miss Clara A. of Stanstead Stanstead  Nov 11 11/20/1874
Henry, Gen. William W. of Burlington Heaton, Miss Lillie of Waterbury Waterbury  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Henry, George A. of Royalton Bostwick, Miss Hattie of Burlington Burlington  Dec 4 12/13/1872
Henry, Hugh, Esq. Ordway, Miss Alice A. of Chester                May 1 5/16/1873
Herrick, George F. of Westminster Tyler, Miss Susie E. of Underhill Underhill  Sept 27 10/2/1874
Herrin, James A. of St. Johnsbury Waters, Miss Nellie A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  June 15 6/18/1875
Herring, F. W. Randall, Miss Jennie L. Lyndonville  July 20 7/30/1875
Hescock, Frank Bellows, Miss Anna                June 29 7/11/1873
Hewes, Nelson R. of Winhall Batchelder, Ella L. of Peru Peru  Feb 29 3/10/1876
Hibbard, Arthur E. Sargent, Caroline S. of Brookfield                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Hibbard, Henry G. of Orwell Ray, Addie A. of Hampton                  Jan 8 ? 1/17/1873
Hicks, James of St. Johnsbury Burbank, Miss Viola N. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 1 1/5/1877
Hill, Andrew J. Grandey, Miss Susan L. of Rutland Rutland  March 26 4/4/1873
Hill, Charles T. of St. Johnsbury Young, Miss Julia C. of Waterford W. Concord  Nov 15 11/27/1874
Hill, Henry H. of Greensboro Winchester, Mary J. of Stannard S. Danville  Nov 26 1/9/1874
Hill, Hiram C. of Waterford Gaskill, Lydia M. of Waterford St. Johnsbury  Oct 20 10/29/1875
Hill, Joseph P. of Cabot Stone, Miss Demis D. of Cabot Danville  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Hill, Silas H. Humphrey, Miss Clarinda A. Barnston, PQ  Feb 13 3/12/1875
Hill, Willard of Waterford Weeks, Miss Hannah W. of Danville Littleton, NH  Oct 14 10/23/1874
Hindman, Alex H. Osgood, Mrs. Angeline H. of Barnet                March 27 4/11/1873
Hines, John N. of Wolcott Severance, Miss Julia W. of Montpelier                May 1 5/16/1873
Hinsman, Charles B. of St. Johnsbury Bagley, Katie R. of Ira A. Bagley, Esq. of St. J St. Johnsbury  Dec 24 12/27/1872
Hiscock, Joseph H. of New York City Daggett, Kate L. of New York City St. Johnsbury  Feb 7 2/11/1876
Hitchcock, Russel P. of Westfield Farr, Miss Cynthia M. of Albany Albany  Oct 22 10/30/1874
Hoar, John E. Sears, Miss Jennie R. of Bennington                July 3 7/18/1873
Hobb, Cresser of Cambridge Corey, Miss Jennie of Cambridge Cambridge  April 25 5/4/1877
Hobson, Job of Providence, RI Keefe, Miss Clara of Newbury              Feb 3 2/14/1873
Hodgdon, George R. of Danville Willey, Miss Luvia A. of Lyndon Lyndon  Jan 20 1/23/1874
Hodge, Orrin of Corinth Miles, Miss Electa of Waits River E. Corinth  June 25 7/10/1874
Hogaboom, Henry W. of Westfield Stacey, Miss Josephine L. of Westfield Westfield  Dec 14 12/27/1872
Holden, George N. Carr, Zora E. Barre  Sept 10 9/15/1876
Holland, Herbert J. of Dummerston Campbell, Miss Mary A. of Putney Dummerston  Dec 4 12/20/1872
Holman, Harris Hubbard, Miss Ellen L.  West Randolph  Dec 18 12/27/1872
Holman, Heber T. of Braintree Thompson, Miss Mary L. of Waterbury W. Randolph  March 5 3/20/1874
Holman, Justin Lamb, Emma W. Randolph  July 25 8/4/1876
Holmes, Rodney of Waterville Farrar, Miss Aletha of Waterville Waterville  Dec 14 12/25/1874
Holt, Clement B. of Woodstock Bell, Ellen A. of Hartland Woodstock  March 9 3/19/1875
Hood, George E. of Vershire Avery, Fanny R. of Thetford Vershire  July 19 7/30/1875
Hooper, William of Ticonderoga, NY Dryden, Miss Lucy of Hanover, NH St. Johnsbury  Feb 20 2/27/1874
Hopkins, Anson S. of St. Johnsbury Leath, Miss Mattie F. of Memphis, Tenn NYC  June 14 6/23/1876
Hopkins, Francis H. of Northfield Ordway, Miss Anna B. of Barre Montpelier  Feb 3 2/13/1874
Hopkins, L. H. of Stanstead, PQ Drew, Miss Lavinia L. J. of Derby Derby  Feb 10 2/20/1874
Hopkins, Selden of Charleston age 60 Hancock, Miss Elizabeth of Brighton age 20 Charleston  Aug 30 9/11/1874
Horn, James E. of Newport Ham, Miss Abbie A. of Bath, NH Newport Center  Dec 25 1/8/1875
Hosford, Frank L. of Thetford Currier, Mary G. of Ryegate Ryegate  Jan 19 1/28/1876
Hosford, Frank L. of Thetford Currier, Mary G. of Ryegate Ryegate  Jan 19 2/4/1876
Hosmer, Charles E. of Lyndon Sanger, Ella M. of Lyndon Lyndon  Dec 30 1/8/1875
Hosmer, William of Lyndon Forrest, Mrs. Irene E. of Burke E. Burke  Dec 30 1/10/1873
Hough, Richard of Grinnell, Iowa Thom, Miss Sophia of Passumpsic & Can.                       Jan 1 1/24/1873
Houghton, P. C. of St. Johnsbury Morse, Miss Hannah of Waterford Stowe, MA  Jan 27 2/5/1875
Houghton, Silas H. of Lyndon Shurtliff, Miss Sarah S. of Lyndon Lyndon  Dec 19 12/25/1874
Howard, Alfred of St. Johnsbury Dutton, Hattie J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Feb 3 2/6/1874
Howard, Frank W. of Braintree Martin, Miss Eva P. of Randolph W. Randolph  Feb 4 2/13/1874
Howard, George T. of Boston, MA McClary, Miss Katie of Albany Albany  Oct 5 10/16/1874
Howard, Hiram H. of Morristown English, Miss Emma E. of Hydepark Hydepark  May 22 5/28/1875
Howard, Myron C. of Northampton McClure, Abby M. of Guilford Brattleboro  Dec 24 1/10/1873
Howe, David of Thetford Wells, Eva of Townshend Athol, MA  Dec 16 12/27/1872
Howe, Eber W. of Barnston, PQ Lovell, Miss A. of John Lovell of Barnston               Dec 25 1/1/1875
Howe, J. Lewis of Cambridge, MA Currier, Julia W. of J. H. Currier, Esq. of Ryegate St. Johnsbury  Jan 13 1/19/1877
Howland, Charles W. of Burke Bennett, Miss Stella M. of Kirby East Burke  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Hoyt, Charles of Lyndonville Ayers, Miss Jennie L. of Barton Barton  Oct 21 10/30/1874
Hoyt, Edgar of Craftsbury Stewart, Mrs. Marcella of Morrisville Morrisville  Nov 20 12/6/1872
Hubbard, Chelsea W. of Vernon Hunt, Miss Ellen M. of Brattleboro Brattleboro  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Hubbard, E. E. of Barre Tilden, Julia A. of Barre Barre  April 19 5/4/1877
Hubbard, James of W. Lebanon, NH Chamberlin, Mary A. of Weathersfield Weathersfield  Dec 24 1/21/1876
Hubbard, Thomas J. of Concord Waters, Miss Ellen of Dalton, NH Waterford  Aug 27 9/4/1874
Hubbell, Charles F. Burton, Miss Christiana ST. Albans  April 9 4/17/1874
Hubbell, Sylvanus of Danville Yetta, Miss Hattie of St. Johnsbury Danville  Jan 30 2/12/1875
Huckins, Joseph P. of Plymouth, NH King, Miss Laura F. of Danville Danville  Dec 31 1/10/1873
Hudson, Frank A. of Concord Elliott, Miss Nettie of Littleton, NH Concord  Nov 26 12/4/1874
Hughes, William H. of Fairhaven Jones, Miss Mary L. of Fairhaven Castleton  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Hulburt, David of Dalton, NH Elliot, Edna L. of Dalton, NH W. Concord  April 14 4/27/1877
Humphrey, Abial F. of Berlin Sargent, Miss Myra H. of Warren Warren  April 19 4/23/1875
Humphrey, Edward G.  Hunter, Miss Almeda D. St. Johnsbury  May 16 5/18/1877
Hunt, Daniel S. of Chelsea Bicknell, Miss Hannah L. of Tunbridge Tunbridge  Dec 10 12/20/1872
Hunt, E. A. of St. Johnsbury Lewis, Miss Emma L. of Johnson St. Johnsbury  Sept 14 9/17/1875
Hunt, Frank of Ryegate Arthur, Miss Jessie of Ryegate Ryegate  May 6 5/15/1874
Hunt, Frank R. of Salisbury Reed, Mary of Salisbury Salisbury  Nov 30 12/13/1872
Hunt, Joseph of Galliopolis, OH Perry, Miss Adelaide A. of Shoreham Shoreham  Dec 23 1/3/1873
Huntington, George A. Burnham, Hattie L. E. Montpelier  June 20 6/23/1876
Hunton, Charles H. of Rutland Chandler, Miss Emma of S. Charlestown, NH Bellows Falls Dec 24 1/10/1873
Hurlburt, Asa L. of St. Johnsbury Houghton, Elvira L. of Lyndon                June 25 7/4/1873
Hurlbutt, Ozro B. of Hanover Mann, Miss Lizzie S. of Natic, MA Littleton, NH  March 1 3/9/1877
Hurley, M. V. B. of Windsor Walker, Clara A. of Cornish, NH Morrisville  July 18 7/21/1876
Hutchins, William of Wolcott Gardner, Mrs. Octava C. of Craftsbury                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Hutchinson, Alden P. Dearth, Miss Hattie P. of Danville                May 1 5/16/1873
Hutchinson, W. W., MD of Enosburgh Stone, Miss May E. of Enosburgh Enosburgh  Oct 28 11/6/1874
Hutton, Charles Smith, Anna A. St. Johnsbury  May 15 5/19/1876
Hyde, C. D. of North Troy Willis, Miss Florence of Albany S. Hardwick  Feb 28 3/12/1875
Hyer, Charles of Paddock's Village Wheeler, Matilda of St. Johnsbury Ctr St. Johnsbury  June 19 6/23/1876
Ide, George P. of Lyndon Sias, Emma J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Oct 14 10/15/1875
Ide, Rev. George H. of Hopkinton, MA Bowles, Katie of Newport Newport  April 27 4/28/1876
Ingalls, William Sawyer, Mary of Townshend                  Jan 6 ? 1/17/1873
Jackman, Henry E. Gould, Miss Hattie M. Irasburg  May 9 5/15/1874
Jackson, Aaron B. of Gardner, MA Chaffee, Mrs. Dona B. of Lyndon                June 24 7/4/1873
Jackson, Thomas E. of Montpelier Norton, Nancy of Malone, NY                April 3 4/18/1873
Jenkins, Milo R.  Pierce, Miss Eva R. of Fairlee              Feb 5 2/14/1873
Jenkins, W. H. Frye, Alice J. St. Johnsbury  Aug 23 9/1/1876
Jerome, George S. of Troy Flint, Nellie of Troy Morrisville  Dec 31 1/14/1876
Johnson, Arthur F. of St. Albans Carlton, Miss Ida M. of W. Newbury Bradford  April 7 4/16/1875
Johnson, Herbert L. of Bristol Fits, Miss Lottie M. of New Haven Bristol  July 1 7/9/1875
Johnson, J. of Lyndonville Wilson, Miss B. of Clifton, PQ Compton, PQ  Nov 12 11/29/1872
Johnson, James B. of Washington, DC Crane, Miss Emma L. of Bridport                May 6 5/16/1873
Johnson, John of Bethel Richmond, Miss E. D. of Bethel Williamstown  Dec 1 12/13/1872
Jones, David of Stockbridge Knight, Harriet L. of Stockbridge Stockbridge  Feb 8 2/18/1876
Jones, Ezra N. of Lowell, MA Newton, Miss Isabel A. of Northfield Northfield  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Jones, F. H. of Troy Gallup, Miss Laura of Troy North Troy  Oct 6 10/16/1874
Jones, George W. Stoddard, Miss Della of Wolcott                July 4 7/18/1873
Jones, Henry C.  Heywood, Miss Eda J. of Windsor                May 7 5/16/1873
Jordan, John of Westford Lamb, Miss Jennie of Fletcher Fairfax  Jan 6 1/15/1875
Judson, Eugene of Sunderland Boardman, Miss Lucy of Arlington              Feb 11 2/21/1873
Keath, Horace O. of Cabot Peck, Mary of Peacham Cabot  April 28 5/4/1877
Keith, Benjamin F. of N. Haverhill, NH Gammell, Miss Jennie M. of Barnet W. Barnet  Dec 1 12/11/1874
Keith, George L.  Hovey, Miss Augusta of Jay Troy 2/20/1874
Kelley, Alfred B. of Lyndon Dunklee, Miss Rubie J. of Burke Lyndon  Dec 25 1/8/1875
Kellogg, Rev. Ira P. of Monkton Bostwick, Miss Mercy H. of Hinesburgh Hinesburgh  Dec 21 12/27/1872
Kelton, Francis P. of E. Montpelier Colby, Joanna A. of Newbury Newbury  Jan 19 1/28/1876
Kenaston, Jesse G. of Sheffield Bickford, Miss Mary A. of Danville Danville  Oct 7 10/16/1874
Kendall, Byron L. of Johnson Jones, Miss Lizzie M. of Johnson Johnson  June 23 7/3/1874
Kendall, Peley R. of Barton Landing Perry, Miss Helen E. of Providence Providence, RI  Jan 26 2/5/1875
Kendall, Sumner V. of Royalton Marsh, Sarah of Sharon                May 4 5/16/1873
Kenerson, C. H. of Cabot Farrington, Belle C. of W. Danville Montpelier  May 27 6/11/1875
Kenfield, C. S. of Hyde Park Ritterbush, Miss Emma Frances of Johnson Johnson  Dec 22 12/27/1872
Kennedy, George E.  Merchant, Alice of Bradford                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Kennedy, George E. of Bradford Merchant, Miss Alice of Bradford Bradford??     Jan 1 1/10/1873
Kent, Casper R. of Newport Morrison, Miss Abbie M. of St Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  June 30 7/9/1875
Kezar, Milo G. of Topsham Field, Miss Lizzie M. of Topsham Waitsfield  March 5 3/27/1874
Kibby, George W. of Montpelier Foster, Tina E. of Montpelier Barton  Aug 2 8/11/1876
Kidney, John R. of Peacham Inman, Mrs. Sylvia of Peacham Cabot  Feb 8 2/11/1876
Kilby, F. H. Lamb, Miss Lydia McIndoes Falls  March 7 3/23/1877
Killam, Albert Johnson, Mrs. Lucretia S.                June 10 6/20/1873
Kimball, Frank of Peacham Strobridge, Miss Belle L. of Barnet Barnet  March 23 4/2/1875
Kimball, George W. Kimball, Miss Ida D. of Barton                April 16 5/2/1873
King, Charles J. of Littleton Fitch, Louise of Littleton Littleton  April 6 4/28/1876
King, Constant Q. of Boston Blodgett, Emma L. of Bakersfield                June 29 7/11/1873
King, William Finley, Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Nov 27 12/4/1874
Kinney, Hammond C. Williams, Miss Clara A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  June 18 6/19/1874
Kinney, William C. of Barnet Gibson, Miss Katie M. of Barnet Barnet  Nov 17 11/27/1874
Knapp, George White, Etta St. Johnsbury  March 27 3/31/1876
Knight, Wilder of Westfield Sisco, Miss Ellen of Coventry               Jan 16 1/24/1873
La Page, Leon J. Willard, Carrie B. St. Johnsbury  Jan 18 1/26/1877
Ladd, Chester B. Day, Joanna Sharon  May 22 6/4/1875
Laffo, Isaac T. of Barton Williams, Miss Ellen of Troy Glover  Jan 1 1/8/1875
Lamb, Albert M. Bliss, Emma A. W. Randolph  July 22 8/4/1876
Lampher, Arthur B. of Lyndon Parnell, Maria E. of Sheffield Sheffield  Feb 17 3/3/1876
Lampher, Jonas G. of Pomfret Buck, Martha Jane of E. Bethel E. Bethel  April 2 4/7/1876
Lamphere, Herbert C. of Hyde Park Bailey, Miss Addie M. of Hyde Park Lowell  Oct 23 11/1/1872
Lamphere, Joseph B. of Groton Carter, Abbie J. M. of Barnet Barnet   4/27/1877
Lampson, Wallace C. Smith, Miss Ida of Peru Manchester  March 17 3/28/1873
Larabee, George W.  Armstrong, Miss Libbie Newport Center  Aug 29 9/3/1875
Latham, G. Carlisle of East Burke Bradley, Miss Clarissa of Lyndon East Burke  Oct 3 10/18/1872
Lauder, David Jr. of St. Johnsbury Gallagher, Maggie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Dec 16 12/17/1875
Lawrence, Caleb N. of Barton Brown, Freelove O. of Irasburgh St. Johnsbury  March 11 3/30/1877
Lawrence, Henry S. of Newport Caswell, May A. of Lyndonville St. Johnsbury  Oct 25 11/3/1876
Lawrence, Loren W. of Windsor Winslow, Mrs. Ann Jane of Windsor Windsor  Dec 23 1/3/1873
Lawrence, Loren W. of Windsor Winslow, Mrs. Ann Jane of Windsor Windsor  Dec 23 1/10/1873
Lawson, W. B. of Woodbury Hall, Miss Mary R. of Woodbury Hardwick  April 7 4/23/1875
Leach, Alden C. of Fletcher Wells, Miss Sarah W. of Fletcher Fletcher  Dec 8 12/18/1874
Leach, Frank J. of Irasburgh Slater, Miss Nela of Belvidere Cambridge  Oct 20 10/30/1874
Leach, Henry W.  Doton, Miss Electa of Pomfret                    Jan 23 2/7/1873
Leach, Justin S. of Fletcher Wilson, Miss Nellie V. of Fletcher Fletcher  April 25 5/1/1874
Leach, Myson B. of Fairfax Farnsworth, Miss Laura of Fairfax Fairfax  Feb 4 2/13/1874
Learned, Sidney R. of St. Johnsbury Murdock, Miss Mary M. of Lawrence, MA East Burke  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Learned, Willis A.  Hotchkiss, Miss Hattie of Fairfax                June 11 6/20/1873
Lee, Daniel of Sutton Hayward, Mrs. E. B. of Sutton Sutton  Sept 9 9/18/1874
Leet, John of Albany Kellen, Mrs. Mary M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh  Dec 13 12/25/1874
Lewin, Henry Curtis, Mrs. Alma M. St. Johnsbury  June 18 6/23/1876
Lewis, Eben M. of Barnard Ellis, Rosa of Barnard Woodstock  Feb 16 2/26/1875
Lewis, Lathrop of Middlesex Benner, Miss Emeline of Manchester, NH                May 1 5/16/1873
Lezer, Lewie J. of Newport Ryder, Miss Lizzie of Newport Newport  Feb 25 3/5/1875
Lincoln, Capt. Willard of Boston Pino, Miss Nettie E. of C. B. Pino, Esq. of Georgia Georgia  Jan 23 1/31/1873
Litch, Milo Paddleford, Miss Ella Greensboro   12/8/1876
Litchfield, Charles O. of Newport Meacham, Miss Mary of Albany Albany  Sept 17 9/29/1876
Little, Rev. J. S. Barnard, Isabella H. St. Johnsbury Center  Sept 14 9/22/1876
Livingston, Fred B. of Burlington Thomas, Miss Stella L. of Morrisville Morrisville  Jan 1 1/8/1875
Livingston, George Boynton, Miss Elmira L. of Coventry              Feb 12 2/21/1873
Locke, Simon K. of Barton Campbell, Mrs. Cordelia of E. Charleston Derby  Sept 11 9/22/1876
Londerville, Joseph Jr. of Stanstead, PQ Richardson, Jane Ann of Stanstead, PQ Derby  May 27 6/4/1875
Longeway, William of Stanstead, PQ Cole, Miss Etta E. of Stanstead, PQ Derby  March 30 4/9/1875
Longmore, Samuel of Canada Norton, Jennie D. of Canada St. Johnsbury  Jan 18 1/26/1877
Loomis, Charles H. of Sparto, Mich Heath, Mary A. of Johnson Johnson  July 24 7/28/1876
Lord, Eben K. of Morgan Adams, Miss Sarah L. of Eden Johnson  Jan 24 1/29/1875
Lorimer, Benjamin of Beebe Plain, PQ Cummings, Ella d/o Lorenzo Cummings Newport  July 1 7/3/1874
Lorimer, Benjamin of Stanstead Holmes, Miss Lucretia of Eaton Newport, PQ  Sept 24 10/11/1872
Loveland, Oscar F. of Irasburgh Wells, Miss Emma C. of Albany Albany  Dec 31 1/8/1875
Loveland, Oscar F. of Irasburgh Wells, Miss Emma C. of Albany Albany  Dec 31 1/8/1875
Lucas, Edward F. Smith, Mary Antoinette of Burlington                June 18 6/27/1873
Lucas, Howard  Carr, Miss of M. W. Carr of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Dec 14 12/27/1872
Lumsden, G. W. Gabbie, Jeanette B. Greensboro  Jan 28 2/6/1874
Lund, Jonathan of Groton Height, Miss Louise R. of Barnet Peacham  Sept 24 10/4/1872
Lund, Oliver L. Cale, Miss Angelia of East Haven                April 5 4/18/1873
Lyford, Martin V. B. of Woodbury Danforth, Ellen of S. Barnston, PQ Woodbury  Nov 4 11/12/1875
Lyman, L. G. of Duxbury Wells, Miss Belle C. of Calais Calais  April 5 4/10/1874
Lyon, Henry O. of Waterford Bugbee, Miss Ada E. of Waterford St. Johnsbury  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Lyon, Royal M. of Craftsbury Allen, Miss Mary R. of Craftsbury Craftsbury  Feb 2 2/12/1875
Lyon, Sidney L. of Craftsbury Woodbury, Miss Kate G. of Craftsbury Newport  March 10 3/19/1875
Ma(ss)ey, Hillard of St. Johnsbury Harlow, Miss Nellie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Feb 17 2/18/1876
Mack, Henry R.  Williams, Louise L. of Warren Williams Hardwick  Jan 1 1/14/1876
Macomber, Isaiah of Greensboro Robinson, Miss Margaret of Sheffield Glover  Sept 2 9/11/1874
Magoon, Charles Proctor, Nettie of Lyndon St. Johnsbury  Dec 15 12/17/1875
Mahoney, Daniel A. of Reading Fletcher, Ella M. of Woodstock Woodstock  Dec 6 12/18/1874
Maley, John of Leyden, MA Brooks, Miss Hattie E. of Leyden, MA Brattleboro  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Mallory, J. N. of Sudbury Powell, Miss Maggie of Middlebury                June 28 7/11/1873
Manchester, Horace S. of Waterville Divoll, Mrs. Hannah P. of Johnson St. Johnsbury  July 4 7/14/1876
Mandigo, Michael of Shrewsbury Drinkwater, Frances of Rutland                  Jan 11 1/17/1873
Mann, Eugene O. of Randolph Peavy, Orra C. of Brookfield Brookfield  Nov 1 11/10/1876
Manning, Robert W. of Groton Blair, Miss Emeline A. of Barnet Barnet    Oct 21 10/30/1874
Maranville, James P. of Tinmouth Gates, Miss Lora of Middletown Middletown  March 18 3/27/1874
Marden, Dr. A. L. of Weathersfield Chandler, Miss Aurilla M. of Presque Isle, ME Charleston, SC  May 1 5/14/1875
Marsh, Fred P. Washburn, Miss Abbie E. of Woodstock                   Jan 30 2/7/1873
Marshall, George E. of Brooklyn, NY Hatch, Miss Emma Frances of Woodstock Woodstock  March 25 4/4/1873
Marshall, Henry L. Bickford, Miss Helen M. of Johnson Johnson  Jan 27 2/5/1875
Marshall, Myron E. of Clarendon Morse, Miss Mary M.                May 9 5/16/1873
Marshall, Thomas F. of Brownington Robinson, Miss Marcella of Brownington Brownington  Nov 26 12/4/1874
Marston, Rev. Moses of Minneapolis Marrs, Mrs. Isabel C. of Hyde Park Hyde Park  July 3 7/16/1875
Martin, Chapin A. of Clifton, PQ Manning, Miss Nellie W. of Nashua, NH Lyndon Ctr  Aug 18 9/18/1874
Martin, Charles Wolfe, Achsa A. Springfield  May 20 6/4/1875
Martin, Edwin of Claremont, NH Petrie, Miss Lillie of N. Hartland N. Hartland  Dec 18 1/3/1873
Martin, Howard P. Pitkin, Ann Marshfield  Jan 25 2/4/1876
Matthews, Stephen M. of White River Jct Gilbert, Miss Florence E. of Concord St. Johnsbury  June 10 6/12/1874
Maxfield, C. O. of Lynn, MA Lackey, Miss C. E.                June 28 7/11/1873
Maxwell, John of St. Johnsbury Dougherty, Miss Viola of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Nov 22 11/24/1876
May, Elisha of St. Johnsbury Arnold, E. Annie Storrs of Braintree Braintree, MA  Dec 12 12/20/1872
Maynard, Ellison S. of Enosburgh Nichols, Miss Helen R. of Enosburgh Enosburgh  March 12 3/20/1874
Mayo, Edward O. of St. Albans Turner, Miss Eliza of Georgia St. Albans  Dec 9 12/13/1872
McCardy, Matthew S.  Morrill, Miss Lydia E. St. Johnsbury E. Aug 15 8/25/1876
McCarty, J. J. Chaffee, Bianca G. Berkshire  Dec 6 12/8/1876
McClary, Andrew of Albany Jones, Mrs. Corilla of Albany Albany  Dec 17 12/25/1874
McClary, H. C. of Chicago, ILL Nelson, Flora M. of Woodbury Barton  Sept 9 9/17/1875
McClary, M. Eugene of Newport Ford, Patie M. of Barnet Barnet  Aug 2  8/4/1876
McClure, William of Jay Esetell, Mrs. Sarah of Newport Newport Ctr  Dec 15 12/24/1875
McCormick, Anthony  Shea, Helen St. Johnsbury  Nov 22 12/1/1876
McCuen, N. J. of Vergennes Allen, Miss Kate H. of Vergennes Vergennes  Dec 24 1/3/1873
McDowell, Robert of Sheffield Leavett, Miss Emma J. of Gilford, NH Sheffield  May 30 6/4/1875
McFarland, Daniel C. of Danville French, Mrs. Diana D. of Burke W. Burke  Feb 17 2/19/1875
McFarland, Daniel C. of Danville French, Miss Diania D. of Burke W. Burke  Feb 17 2/26/1875
McFarland, George of Worcester, MA Wells, Mary of Coventry Coventry  May 6 5/14/1875
McFarland, Nathan of Hyde Park Hammett, Mrs. L. P. of Montpelier Morristown  March 15 3/24/1876
McGregor, Charles of Hartland French, Ellen M. of Hartland Woodstock  Feb 9 2/18/1876
McGuire, James H. of Troy Chafey, Miss Harriet C. of Albany              Feb 5 2/14/1873
McIntosh, C. N. Everett, Miss Ella E. of Roxbury Windsor  Dec 25 1/10/1873
McIntyre, B. G. of San Francisco, CA Bradford, Miss Rosa B. of Randolph Randolph  Jan 6 1/9/1874
McKillop, Peter S., MD of Kingsey Falls, PQ Hadley, Miss Caroline C. of Highgate                June 25 7/11/1873
McKinnon, Robert of St. Johnsbury Newell, Miss Mary E. of St. Johnsbury   1/24/1873
McLain, Walter T. of Concord, NH Park, Miss Arabella M. of Concord, NH Ryegate  Nov 21 11/29/1872
McLam, John Dickson, Martha J. Ryegate  Oct 3 10/13/1876
McLamb, Alexander Shields, Jennie Barnet  June 7 6/9/1876
McLaughlin, Peter of Groton McKinley, Miss Lucy A. of Barnet Barnet  Feb 9 2/19/1875
McLean, Thomas R. of Canada Welton, Miss Emily of Canada St. Johnsbury  July 1 7/3/1874
McLellan, John H. of Glover Clark, Miss Ada E. of Glover Glover  Sept 3 9/11/1874
McLeod, Robert of Bethlehem, NH Stewart, Isabel of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Nov 16 11/20/1874
McNally, Charles S. of E. Burke Harford, Ladonna A. of East Haven Barton  Sept 3 9/8/1876
McNeal, Lorenzo H.  Hawkins, Miss Abbie M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 21 1/22/1875
Meacham, Samuel B. of Hydepark Denio, Mrs. May A. of Hydepark Morrisville  May 31 6/5/1874
Meagher, James A. of St. Johnsbury Danforth, Miss Clara of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  June 29 7/3/1874
Merling, Henry of Poultney Kamer, Miss Rosa L. of Rutland Rutland  Dec 17 12/27/1872
Merriam, Claude D. of Charles City, Iowa Vickery, Elizabeth E. of Burlington                July 5 7/11/1873
Merrill, D. F. of Montpelier Dodge, Miss Hannah C. of Barre                May 3 5/16/1873
Merriman, Henry J. of Southington, CT Claflin, Addie E. of Hancock Rochester  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Meserve, Joseph of Corinth Martin, Mrs. Alice of Corinth Corinth 2/27/1874
Miles, Alonzo A. of St. Johnsbury Wheeler, Miss Mary A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  April 11 4/17/1874
Miles, Elias C. of Albany Ames, Miss Eliza J. of Albany E. Albany  Oct 31 11/6/1874
Miles, George H. of Boston, MA Hill, Miss Louise J. of Waterford Waterford  Dec 8 12/11/1874
Miles, Willard W., Esq. of Albany Dow, Miss Ellen M. of Albany Glover  Sept 28 10/11/1872
Miller, Ara J. of Westfield Stevens, Louise E. of Enosburgh Westfield  Aug 14 8/27/1875
Miller, Archibald A. of Boston Nelson, Miss Abbie Jean of Ryegate Ryegate  Sept 29 10/2/1874
Miller, Franklin P. of Westfield Perkins, Miss Carrie A. of Troy Irasburgh  May 29 6/4/1875
Mills, David G. of West Newbury Mattoon, Miss Julia J. of Chelsea Newbury  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Miner, Charles E.  Griffin, Mary F. of Burlington              Feb 11 2/21/1873
Miner, William A. of Lincoln Whitney, Miss Flora L. of Lincoln Rochester  Oct 28 11/12/1875
Mitchell, John, Esq. of Littleton, NH Lonergan, Miss Julia C. of P. P. Lonergan of St. J St. Johnsbury  Nov 19 11/20/1874
Moore, B. F. of Morgan Williams, Miss M. A. of Morgan Holland  June 30 7/14/1876
Moore, Charles P. of Charleston Chaffee, Esther of Charleston Brownington  May 31 6/9/1876
Moore, Frank P.  Moore, Miss Ella M. of Worcester Worcester  Sept 17 10/2/1874
Moore, Henry F. of Aurora, NY Hosford, Miss Delia of Charlotte Charlotte  Feb 19 2/23/1877
Moran, Dennis J. Patterson, Miss Abbie E. of Brattleboro                April 2 4/11/1873
More, W. C.  Amidon, Estella L. of Middlebury Middlebury  March 5 3/13/1874
Morgan, Daniel E. of Barnet Hall, Miss Julia E. of Barnet Barnet  Aug 7 8/13/1875
Morgan, Edgar R. of Hartland Bell, Elsie A. of Hartland Woodstock  March 9 3/19/1875
Morgan, Watson, Esq. Bannister, Mrs. Annette Lincoln 6/25/1875
Morrison, Henry Drennan, Joanna of Waterford Waterford  Jan 28 2/5/1875
Morrow, Samuel McBride, Miss Elverta of Colchester              Feb 18 2/28/1873
Morse, C. L. of Canton, MA Morris, Miss Jennie A. of Brandon Windsor  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Morse, Charles Gaskill, Miss Carrie of Waterford                June 14 6/27/1873
Morse, Gilman of Rochester Spooner, Lovina A. of Bethel Montpelier  Jan 29 2/4/1876
Morse, Herbert L. of Newport Ridgway, Miss Alice of Newport Derby  Oct 11 10/16/1874
Morse, James F. of Brattleboro Sargent, Miss Ann E. of Brattleboro Brattleboro  Dec 18 12/27/1872
Morse, Nixon of Holland Hayes, Miss Mary M. of Derby Holland  Nov 9 11/12/1875
Morse, W. M. of Bennington Jacobs, Eliza A. of Bennington Bennington  Dec 24 1/10/1873
Morton, James C. of Boston, MA Carr, Mrs. Laura A. of Jamaica                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Mosher, F. H. of Stanstead Prim, Miss Ella of Stanstead Derby  Nov 7 11/13/1874
Mott, Hiram M. of Brandon Town, Miss Nellie A. of Stowe Stowe  Dec 8 12/11/1874
Moulton, Benjamin F. of Morristown Rogers, Miss Sarah A. of Brookfield Morrisville  Sept 24 10/2/1874
Mudgett, Charles E. of Hardwick Hall, Miss Alice M. of Hardwick Morrisville  July 11 7/16/1875
Mullikin, Frank P. of Barnet White, Jennie E. of Waterford Barnet  Oct 9 10/15/1875
Munsey, Veloney of Manchester, NH Batten, Miss Emma C. of Manchester, NH Greensboro  Dec 7 12/20/1872
Murdock, Rufus Lucas, Mrs. Lydia of Corinth                 Jan 16 1/31/1873
Murdock, Schuyler of Whitingham Green, Mary J. of Whitingham Wilmington  March 9 3/19/1875
Nason, Clark, of Holland Hussey, Miss Jenette of Derby Derby  July 3 7/14/1876
Needham, Alton C. of Brighton Bramhall, Annie R. of Brighton Island Pond  Jan 17 1/29/1875
Nelson, Azro W. of Hardwick Darling, Miss Nettie N. of Walcott Hardwick  June 4 6/19/1874
Nelson, Carlos W. Miller, Miss Carrie J. of Ryegate                March 25 4/11/1873
Nelson, George of Craftsbury Cass, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury  Feb 23 3/5/1875
Nelson, William Buck, Myra L. W. Charleston  Sept 14 10/1/1875
Newcomb, William S. Smith, Miss Cora Ida of Eden                May 1 5/16/1873
Newell, O. P. Atwood, Miss Abbie of Londonderry                    Jan 14 2/7/1873
Newton, Alonzo of Barton Estes, Flora Jane of Greensboro Hardwick  Oct 18 10/30/1874
Nichols, Henry W. of Middlesex Long, Miss Myraette E. of Middlesex Montpelier  March 26 4/10/1874
Nichols, Lucian Welch, Miss Bertha E. of Brandon                April 17 5/2/1873
Niles, Irving of Brookfield Knight, Miss Louisa of Coventry Coventry  Feb 16 2/26/1875
Niles, Monroe Chadwick, Mattie of Pownal                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Niles, Van D. Thornton, Miss Marie Hardwick  Jan 27 2/11/1876
Norris, Almon E. of Albany George, Miss Clara of Albany Irasburgh  Dec 12 12/20/1872
Norris, Charles W. of Hardwick Doton, Mary of Calais Calais  Oct 18 10/27/1876
Norris, Emery H. of Hardwick Smith, Harriet E. of Greensboro Greensboro  Dec 25 1/2/1874
Norris, Emory of Craftsbury Smith, Miss Hattie of Greensboro Greensboro  Dec 25 1/9/1874
Northrop, Clark H. of Peacham Graham, Miss Alice A. of Peacham Peacham  Sept 5 9/20/1872
Noyes, Edwin A.  Ward, Miss Abbie F. of Pittsford              Feb 27 3/7/1873
Nutt, James D. Sturtevant, Delia of New Haven                July 3 7/18/1873
Nutting, Augustus W. of St. Johnsbury McLane, Miss Flore of Bury, PQ St. Johnsbury  Aug 4 8/8/1873
O'Brien, Albert of Eden Heyford, Miss Fanny E. of Johnson Lowell  Dec 17 12/25/1874
Oderkirk, Aurelius  Clifford, Miss Katie E. of Danville Danville  Jan 30 2/12/1875
Oliver, David of Highgate Buttler, Julia A. of Desrevers, PQ Highgate  March 1 3/10/1876
Orcutt, Hon. J. H. Williams, Miss Lizzie M. of Northfield                April 17 5/2/1873
Orcutt, John C. of Wheelock Fenton, Miss Anna B. of Sheffield Sheffield   9/25/1874
Osgood, Laroy Duke, Miss Ida of Marshfield                June 27 7/11/1873
Osmer, Frank J. of Hartford Bailey, Miss Mary E. of Hartford Hartford  Dec 23 1/3/1873
Ovitt, Curtis D. of Jay Foster, Miss Mary H. of Jay Jay  Jan 31 2/12/1875
Owen, J. F. of Morristown Stuart, Miss Ella of Morristown Hardwick  July 3 7/17/1874
Owen, Rodney S. of Battle Creek, Mich Bourdeau, Sarah A. of Rev. A. C. Bourdeau of B. Burke  Aug 4 8/13/1875
Page, George of Westmore Clark, Miss Eliza Clark of Glover Westmore  March 21 4/2/1875
Page, John W. of Montpelier Higgins, Miss Jennie F. of Bolton Bolton  Sept 21 10/2/1874
Page, Mr. L. B.  Cornell, Miss Lottie Cambridge  July 14 7/24/1874
Page, Roshman D. of Kirby Jones, Katie E. of Granby St. Johnsbury  Jan 1 1/5/1877
Paige, Freeman Drinkwater, Julia of Rutland                   Jan 11 ? 1/17/1873
Paige, Stillman Hankerson, Mrs. Roxana B. Bakersfield  April 8 4/17/1874
Palmer, Charles P. of Concord Hill, Miss Mary E. of Concord St. Johnsbury  Oct 6 10/9/1874
Park, John of Lyndon Tilton, Ellen of Sutton Lyndonville  April 27 5/5/1876
Park, Simon D. of Lyndon Ward, Nellie M. of St. Johnsbury Lyndon  March 3 3/5/1875
Parker, Burton A. of Coventry Sherman, Mrs. Mary of Manchester, NH Newport  Oct 10 10/20/1876
Parker, H. B. of Lowell Burnham, Miss Georgiana M. of Johnson Johnson  April 28 5/7/1875
Parker, Robert  Monroe, Mrs. Amanda A. of Danville Danville   Jan 17 1/29/1875
Parker, Trueworthy L. of Monroe, NH Turner, Mrs. Mary of Barnet Barnet  Sept 22 10/2/1874
Parker, Valentine of Lowell Nye, Miss Nettie of Lowell Irasburgh  Sept 9 9/18/1874
Parker, Wallace G. of Barre Phelps, Miss Emma M. of Barre Barre  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Parsons, Benjamin G. of Roxbury Benedict, Criteria of Northfield Roxbury  Jan 18 1/28/1876
Parsons, John of Fletcher Smith, Miss Mary of Fletcher Cambridge  Oct 21 10/30/1874
Parsons, Josiah J. of Concord Parker, Miss Effie M. of Concord West Concord  June 24 7/3/1874
Patterson, William Thompson, Lena St. Johnsbury  May 2 5/5/1876
Peabody, George of McIndoes Falls McPherson, Miss Abbie of Ryegate McIndoes Falls  Dec 31 1/8/1875
Peabody, Richard Blodgett, Anna  St. Johnsbury  Nov 9 11/12/1875
Peal, David of Greensboro Hunt, Miss Jenett of Fairfax Fairfax  Jan 7 1/23/1874
Peasley, George A. of Stanstead Smith, Mary Jane of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ  Jan 22 1/29/1875
Peck, H. S. of Burlington Aiken, Miss Selina A. of Hardwick Hardwick  Jan 28 2/5/1875
Peck, Marcus  Wheatley, Mrs. A. M. of Brookfield                 Jan 2 1/17/1873
Peeb, David Hunt, Jeanette Fairfax  Jan 7 1/16/1874
Pellerin, Joseph of Rutland Blaisdell, Mrs. Margaret of Mendon Rutland  March 22 4/4/1873
Peniston, Samuel of St. Johnsbury Wilkinson, Miss Lottie O. of Stanstead, PQ Newport  Sept 16 9/25/1874
Perkins, Charles M. of Lowell Souther, Sarah L. of Lowell North Troy  July 1 7/10/1874
Perkins, Charles of Fairhaven Winn, Miss L. E. of Fairhaven Fairhaven  Dec 25 1/3/1873
Perley, Warren of Enosburgh Adams, Miss Arrilla of Enosburgh Enosburgh  Dec 27 1/10/1873
Perrigo, Frank Priest, Miss Jennie St. Johnsbury  May 14 5/22/1874
Perry, Henry Dunklee, Miss Rosa A. of Brattleboro                June 21 7/4/1873
Peterson, Charles G. of St. Johnsbury Morrison, Miss Anna of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Pfaff, John of Grand Haven, Mich Gale, Emma of Stowe Stowe  Sept 4 9/10/1875
Phelps, Henry J. of Concord Loveland, Miss Augusta of Newport, PQ Sawyerville, PQ  Dec 10 12/20/1872
Phelps, Walter M. of Barnet Harvey, Helen D. of Barnet Barnet  Nov 24 12/3/1875
Phillips, Albert E. of Wolcott Spaulding, Miss Martha A. of Wolcott Wolcott  Dec 24 1/1/1875
Phillips, Alson R. Powers, Jane L. of St. Johnsbury Waterford  Jan 14 1/23/1874
Phillips, Everett W. of Townshend Barrett, Miss Stella C. of Brookline                April 5 4/18/1873
Pierce, Alfred J. of Charleston Blake, Miss Betsey S. of Derby Derby  Feb 10 2/20/1874
Pierce, Edwy of Barton Woodward, Miss Abbie of Barton Barton  July 6 7/16/1875
Pierce, Frank O. of S. Londonderry Cone, Ruth E. of Winhall S. Londonderry  Nov 14 11/27/1874
Pierce, Freeman A. of St. Johnsbury Ranney, Miss Olive E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Oct 21 10/23/1874
Pierce, Horace C. of Barton Dutton, Miss Allie L. of Barton Barton  Sept 9 9/18/1874
Pierce, J. B.  Blake, Clarissa A.  Woodbury  March 4 3/10/1876
Pike, Charles W. of Newport, NH Ladd, Miss Nellie E. of Montpelier Montpelier  March 31 4/10/1874
Pitkin, Edmund A. Bliss, Abbie L. Hartford  May 23 6/4/1875
Pitkin, James L. Pierce, Etta H. of Hartford                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Pitkin, Leonard E. of Hartford Langshier, Miss Hattie S. of Hartford Hartford  Dec 21 12/27/1872
Pitkin, Leonard E. of Hartford Langshier, Miss Hattie S. of Hartford Colchester  Dec 21 1/10/1873
Place, James A. of Newport Campbell, Mrs. Ellen F. of Albany Albany  Jan 23 2/5/1875
Platt, Leslie M. Carlton, Rosie C. of Burlington                June 30 7/11/1873
Plumley, Lester of Hatley, PQ Hall, Miss Mary of Hatley, PQ Newport  Dec 10 12/20/1872
Poland, Hon. Joseph Harvey, Miss Julia M. of Montpelier              Feb 8 2/21/1873
Poland, John B. of Burlington Nichols, Lucy of Burlington   Burlington  May 22 5/28/1875
Poor, Joseph of Haverhill, NH Swazy, Miss Lizzie of Newbury Newbury 1/24/1873
Pope, Elmer Hartshorn, Miss Jennie Greensboro   1/12/1877
Pope, George B. Stevens, Hattie L. of Burlington                June 25 7/11/1873
Potter, Charles W. Hurlburt, Miss Rania M. of Vergennes Vergennes  Oct 13 10/23/1874
Potter, George B. of Plymouth Davis, Alice M. of Plymouth Woodstock  March 13 3/26/1875
Prarie, Charles A. of St. Armand, PQ Tittemore, Miss Julia of St. Armand, PQ Highgate  March 5 3/20/1874
Pratt, Alonzo W. of Marshfield Aiken, Mrs. Clara of Danville Danville  June 7 6/9/1876
Prentiss, Edwin of Orange Stone, Emma of Leominster, MA Vernon  Dec 26 1/10/1873
Presby, M. Lewis of Duxbury Beach, Miss Addie of Waterbury Waterbury  July 16 7/30/1875
Prescott, Frank E. of St. Johnsbury Palmer, Miss Rosa P. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  March 25 4/2/1875
Prescott, Wright of Orange Magoon, Abbie of Waits River W. Topsham  Aug 28 9/10/1875
Preston, Charles W. of Barton Knights, Ella of Coventry Coventry  Oct 18 10/29/1875
Preston, Henry E. of Glover Litchfield, Miss Ella L. of Newport Barton  July 11 7/16/1875
Preston, Henry L. of St. Louis, MO Raymond, Miss Mary F. of Bennington Centre                June 25 7/4/1873
Preston, Rev. R. L. D. of Stowe Adams, Lizzie of Luther Adams, Esq. of Morristown Morristown  May 24 5/28/1875
Price, Charles L. Danver, Maggie of Shrewsbury                  Jan 4 1/17/1873
Pride, Abner E. Fry, Anna S. St. Johnsbury  Sept 9 9/17/1875
Priest, Charles H. of Worcester, MA Stevenson, Annie E. Barnet  April 5 4/27/1877
Prince, Louis J. of St. Johnsbury Mooney, Miss Mary of Burlington Burlington  Sept 29 10/2/1874
Prindle, John of Beadle's Troupe Bennett, Carrie Glover  April 2(4) 4/28/1876
Proctor, Frank of Rockingham Whiting, Miss Anna of Rockingham Rockingham  Dec 5 12/20/1872
Proud, W. S.  Quinn, Mary of Pownal                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Quimby, Clark of Washington Farnham, Miss Louisa of Waits River Corinth  Sept 1 9/18/1874
Race, John Jr. of Cornwall Merritt, Miss Emma J. of Cornwall E. Middlebury  July 1 7/9/1875
Ramsdell, Charles A.  Bickford, Miss Emma A. of Newport Center North Troy  Jan 13 1/22/1875
Rand, Geo[rge] E. of Craftsbury Wilkins, Emma G. of Montpelier Cabot  Jan 26 2/4/1876
Rand, V. W. of Morristown Amsden, Miss Susie P. of Hardwick Hardwick  Oct 1 10/9/1874
Rand, Vernon W. of Morristown Conant, Miss Myra L. of Hardwick Hardwick  March 1  3/9/1877
Randall, A. J. formerly of N. Danville Spencer, Laura J. formerly of ILL Genoa, Italy  Aug 14 9/17/1875
Randall, Frank J. of Barnet Gibson, Miss Elba E. of Barnet St. Johnsbury  Nov 15 11/17/1876
Randall, Frank O. of St. Johnsbury Metcalf, Nellie F. of Barre Barre  Nov 30 12/8/1876
Randall, J. J. R. of Rutland Forbush, Miss Hattie E. of Montpelier Montpelier  June 24 7/3/1874
Randall, Julius S. of Pittsford Scofield, Miss Helen A. of Pittsford Pittsford  Dec 25 1/3/1873
Ranney, Charles F. of Lynn, MA Pratt, Miss Carrie D. of Newport Newport  March 18 3/27/1874
Ransom, Judson L. Pratt, Eva A. of Jamaica                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Raymer, George of Madison, Wisc. Bradley, Ella F. of Wm. H. Bradley of Warren Warren  Aug 17 8/20/1875
Raymond, A. C. of Stowe Smalley, Miss Martha of Stowe Stowe  Oct 29 11/6/1874
Recker, Jackson W. of Waterbury Woodward, Miss Della M. of Waterbury Morrisville  May 15 5/19/1876
Reed, Charles L.  Welch, Julia A.  Sweetsburgh, PQ  Dec 25 1/7/1876
Reed, George W. of Claremont, NH Brock, Miss Sarah C. of Newbury Newbury  Jan 4 2/4/1876
Reed, Harvey of St. Johnsbury McLellan, Miss Catherine of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Oct 16 10/18/1872
Reed, Mancer B. of Craftsbury Robbins, Mary A. of Craftsbury Irasburgh  June 13 6/23/1876
Reiker, Nathan H. of Groton Henderson, Carrie of Ryegate Barnet  March 30 4/9/1875
Renfrew, Oscar H. Nelson, Martha A. of Robert Nelson Esq. Ryegate  April 4 4/13/1877
Rhodes, Edward Esden, Miss Aggie of Ryegate Barnet   April 9 4/18/1873
Rice, Christopher E. of Rutland Crandall, Nellie A. of Rutland Rutland  Dec 24 1/10/1873
Rice, Oliver S. of Granby Metcalf, Miss Mary L. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH  Sept 9 9/18/1874
Rich, Hollis F. of Northfield Stewart, Miss Josie A. of Berlin Berlin  July 4 7/10/1874
Richards, Lester S. of Concord Reed, Miss Cynthia of Concord West Concord Nov 17 12/6/1872
Richards, William B. of Greensboro Kittredge, Clara of Greensboro Hardwick  Oct 10 10/16/1874
Richardson, Fayette E. of Waterford Soper, Miss Ella M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  June 15 7/14/1876
Richmond, Willie Trow, Clara J. Newport  Dec 23 1/2/1874
Rider, John A. of St. Johnsbury Hill, Nettie of Johnson Barton  Sept 2 9/8/1876
Riker, George P. Wing, Miss Ella J. of Burlington Burlington  March 13 3/28/1873
Riley, Frederick P. Crawford, S. Helen Newport  April 27 5/5/1876
Ritch, Abial Mason, Mrs. Eliza Walden  Oct 2(5) 11/12/1875
Ritchie, Andrew C. of Barnet Warden, Miss Sarah J. of Barnet W. Barnet  March 19 3/27/1874
Ritchie, John T., Esq. of West Barnet McPhee, Miss Julia of West Barnet West Barnet  Oct 24 11/8/1872
Rivers, Rhoderick Lynch, Miss Mary St. Johnsbury  Sept 24 10/2/1874
Robbins, Adam H. of Derby Johnson, Miss J. A. of Holland               Jan 15 1/24/1873
Roberts, John W. of Craftsbury Abbott, Fanny of J. D. Abbot, Esq. of Barnet Barnet  Sept 4 9/8/1876
Robinson, Alexander of Cornwall Russell, Miss Lucy E. of Bridport              Feb 3 2/14/1873
Robinson, Isaac Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth of Stanstead                July 14 7/18/1873
Robinson, J. S. of Calais Pearson, Mrs. Harriet of Calais Calais  Aug 16 8/28/1874
Robinson, Wallace I. Reed, Lucy Barton  July 26 8/4/1876
Rodgers, Cornelius E. of Albany Tenny, Miss Mary A. of Albany Albany  Jan 4 1/15/1875
Rogers, Alden P. of Hartland Buckman, Eva E. of Hartford Woodstock  May 2 5/14/1875
Rogers, George of Cabot Bancroft, Mary of Montpelier Montpelier  May 16 5/19/1876
Rogers, Orin P. of Peacham Sulham, Miss Mary S. of Danville Danville  Sept 21 9/29/1876
Rounds, Zachary of Danby Tobin, Miss Olive of Danby Danby  Dec 2 12/13/1872
Rowe, George S. Willey, Flora of Troy Hardwick   12/29/1876
Rowe, Henry A. of Irasburgh Howard, Miss Murilla M. of Salem Newport  Feb 4 2/11/1876
Rowell, A. D. of St. Johnsbury Clark, Miss Flora of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Nov 18 11/19/1875
Roy, Joseph W. of Barnet Egelston, Caroline of Barnet Barnet  Dec 23 12/31/1875
Royce, Charles S. Fuller, Miss Jane A. of Richford                June 16 6/27/1873
Royce, Lafayette of Bellows Falls Flanders, Miss Lizzie of Chester Chester  March 29 4/9/1875
Rushlow, John of Newport Maxfield, Miss Mercy of Newport Newport  Dec 28 1/10/1873
Russell, J. W. of Burlington Beecher, Miss Kate of Hinesburgh Hinesburgh  Dec 31 1/10/1873
Russell, James H.  Peck, Miss Harriet A. of Middlebury              Feb 15 2/28/1873
Russell, Oramel F. of St. Johnsbury Wheaton, Miss Tirza of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Feb 20 2/28/1873
Sabin, James T., Esq. of Montpelier Waite, Miss Mary A. of Cambridge                April 15 5/2/1873
Sackett, J. of Morristown Russ, Miss S. I. of Wolcott Morrisville  Oct 31 11/6/1874
Safford, Henry of Hartland Gates, Miss Hattie of Peacham Peacham  April 28 5/22/1874
Sampson, Clarence F. of Ticonderoga, NY Carr, Miss Emma E. of Salisbury Salisbury      12/20/1872
Sanborn, Amos H. of Wheelock Stiles, Carrie C. of Albany Albany  June 26 7/14/1876
Sanborn, George of Barton Kennerson, Suise of Irasburgh Irasburgh  Oct 12 10/22/1875
Sanborn, Lucian of Albany Chamberlin, Miss Diana of Albany Albany  Oct 3 10/16/1874
Sanborn, William of Bradford Paine, Abbie of Bradford Bradford  Nov 25 12/17/1875
Sanders, Daniel J. Trussell, Miss Emily Danville  April 3 4/16/1875
Sargeant, Charles of Stowe Harris, Miss Jennie E. of Stowe Stowe  Feb 23 2/26/1875
Sargent, Fred A. of Brandon Brown, Miss Emma D. of Mendon Rutland  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Sargent, W. B. of Sargentville Welch, Miss Nancy J. of Brandon Pittsford  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Sargent, W. H. of Jay Sweet, Mrs. Pheby A. of Jay Westfield  Nov 10 11/22/1872
Sargents, William H. Fisk, Miss Abby L. of Rutland                   Jan 21 ? 1/31/1873
Savage, George H. of Hartford Miller, Miss Patience of Hartford W. Hartford  Dec 4 12/13/1872
Savage, Jerome of Boston Moore, Miss Fanny of Barnet Barnet  Aug 18 9/3/1875
Sawyer, Charles H. McElory, Miss Martha Moretown  March 27 4/10/1874
Sawyer, Chauncy Martin, Miss Maria of Lowell              Feb 4 2/14/1873
Sayles, George W. Crane, Eva L. Huntington  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Scott, James I. of Menasha, Wisc. Barnes, Miss Nellie L.                March 26 4/11/1873
Scott, Nathan E., Esq. of Urbana, IL Moulton, Augusta A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Sept 28 10/6/1876
Scott, Stanley Elliot, Miss Ursula P. Cambridge  March 16 3/27/1874
Scribner, Benjamin F. of Topsham Cilley, Miss Marrian L. of Topsham Corinth  July 1 7/17/1874
Scribner, Benjamin of E. Topsham Cilley, Miss Mary of E. Topsham Topsham  July 1 7/24/1874
Scribner, Ebenezer of Wolcott Gifford, Miss Martha M. of Wolcott Hardwick  May 1 5/7/1875
Scribner, John L. of Charleston Colby, Ella M. of Charleston Burke  Aug 29 9/3/1875
Seaver, James M. Work, Sarah C. of Williamstown                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Seaver, Wesley M. Hall, Miss Elbra M. of Williamstown              Feb 25 3/7/1873
Sessions, David R. of Worcester Hall, Alpie M. of Worcester Worcester  Aug 1 8/6/1875
Severance, M. of New York Bickford, Miss E. L. of Glover Glover  Feb 21 2/25/1876
Severance, Mizzini of New York City Bickford, Ella L. of Glover Glover  Feb 21 3/3/1876
Shanley, Frederick of Underhill Smith, Miss Ella J. of Cambridge Cambridge 12/4/1874
Shattuck, Ira A. of Hardwick Leckner, Miss Louise E. of Wolcott St. Johnsbury  March 11 3/19/1875
Shaw, F. B. of Stowe Harlow, Malona S. of Stowe Morrisville  Sept 6 9/11/1874
Shaw, James of Barnet Martin, Almira of Peacham Peacham  Feb 1 2/11/1876
Shaw, John M. Abbott, Jessie F. Barnet  March 23 3/31/1876
Shaw, Joseph L. of Burlington Hale, Mrs. Betsey A. of S. Burlington                May 1 5/16/1873
Shaw, Silas Bush, Julia of Newport                  Jan 6 ? 1/17/1873
Shear, LeRoy C. of NY Corser, Mary M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 8 12/15/1876
Shedd, Justus F. Davison, Jennie L. Hardwick  Sept 19 10/13/1876
Sheldon, Samuel B. 2d of Sheldon Seward, Miss Jennie F. of Highgate Highgate  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Shepard, Frank Aiken, Marietta Danville  March 27 4/9/1875
Shepard, Loren L. of Marshfield Benton, Flora C. of Marshfield Barre  May 18 5/21/1875
Shepard, Russell H. of Georgia Lochlin, Mrs. Diantha N. of Fairfax                  Jan 12 1/24/1873
Shepherd, George F. Randall, Miss Sarah J. of Jay Barton Landing  Jan 21 1/31/1873
Shepherd, Lucius of Marshfield Williams, Miss Julia of Hydepark Johnson  March 27 4/2/1875
Sherman, Martin H. Weller, Miss Ellen E. Hinesburgh  Feb 11 2/20/1874
Shields, Alexander of Glover Morse, Maggie L. of E. Craftsbury E. Craftsbury  Sept 15 9/24/1875
Shurtleff, Frank of Eden Coburn, Mrs. Charlotte of Eden Hydepark  Feb 29 2/26/1875
Sias, B. F. of St. Johnsbury Wadsworth, Miss Grace of Leominster, MA Wellesley, MA  June 15 6/19/1874
Sias, Charles E. of late Dr. J. S. Sias of St. J. Hastings, N. Zylda of B. S. Hastings, Esq. of St. J. St. Johnsbury  Dec 22 12/24/1875
Sibley, Clark of E. Montpelier Willard, Miss Susie of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier  Nov 5 11/13/1874
Silsby, Frank W. of St. Johnsbury Watson, Miss Nancy B. of Burke West Burke  Dec 12 12/15/1876
Simmons, Charles A. of Dalton, NH Morse, Miss Mary E. of Dalton, NH W. Concord  Oct 31 11/6/1874
Simon, Moses of Tarer, Iowa Rosenberg, Miss L of St. Albans St. Albans  Monday 2/11/1876
Simonds, Charles F. of Boston Davis, Isabella R. of Brattleboro              Feb 23 3/7/1873
Simons, William Frisee, Mrs. Ellinor of Waterbury                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Simpson, Oscar W. of Sheffield Colburne, Jane F. of Barton Sheffield  Sept 7 9/17/1875
Simpson, Warren Burnside, Mrs. Sheffield  Oct 9 10/13/1876
Simson, Charles of St. Johnsbury Bradshaw, Miss Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Aug 10 8/13/1875
Sinclair, Roswell S. of Lowell Sawyer, Hannah M. of Lowell Hydepark  Sept 5 9/8/1876
Sisco, H. M. Dean, R. L. Cavendish  March 10 3/27/1874
Sivright, James of Newport Carroll, Miss Mary B. of Newport Newport  Dec 15 12/24/1875
Skinner, Aaron of Glover Bailey, Candace E. of Compton, PQ Albany  April 8 4/17/1874
Skinner, C. S. of Barton Landing Brown, Miss Ella A. of Irasburgh Barton Landing  June 1 6/11/1875
Slade, James M., Jr. Rowley, Mary S. Middlebury  Dec 26 1/2/1874
Sleeper, Gilman G. Howes, Clara S. of Moretown                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Sly, Edwin of Newbury Bolton, Martha T. of Newbury St. Johnsbury  April 5 4/14/1876
Smalley, George of Waterbury Hoyt, Miss Viola I. of Lyndonville Lyndon  April 6 4/16/1875
Smith, Andrew J. of Stowe Cobb, Miss Luella R. of Morristown Morrisville  Sept 25 9/29/1876
Smith, Carroll B.  Worthley, Miss Mary A. of West Fairlee              Feb 4 2/14/1873
Smith, Charles H.  Stevens, Miss Mary J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Sept 24 9/25/1874
Smith, Edward of Barnston, PQ Yates, Miss Catherine of Waterloo, PQ Derby  Nov 1 11/13/1874
Smith, Frank P. of Tamworth, NH Humphrey, Miss Alice L. of Burke St. Johnsbury  June 13 6/18/1875
Smith, George E. of Eden Jones, Miss Cordella M. of Johnson Hydepark  Oct 31 11/6/1874
Smith, George Gregory, Esq.  Stephens, Miss of Romeo Stephens of Montreal Montreal   Wed 12/29/1876
Smith, Harlow J. of Chester Blake, Miss Lizzie H. of Cavendish                May 1 5/16/1873
Smith, Hethbert W. of NYC Owen, Miss Mary J. of Bethel                May 1 5/16/1873
Smith, Ira U. of Chester Abbott, Miss Fanny of Chester Chester  Dec 22 1/10/1873
Smith, J. O. of Chester Thompson, Mrs. Robey Ann (nee Parker) of C Chester  Dec 4 12/13/1872
Smith, John H. Parks, Mrs. Sarah E. of Fairhaven                April 8 4/18/1873
Smith, Loomis J. Richardson, Miss Sarah M. of Burlington                April 3 4/11/1873
Smith, Luman F. of Craftsbury Reed, Juliette of Craftsbury Barton Landing  May 22 6/4/1875
Smith, M. J. of Barton Hill, Miss Ann Eliza of Barton Glover  Sept 10 9/18/1874
Smith, Mr. of Washington Luce, Miss Alma of Stowe Stowe    May 6 5/16/1873
Smith, Rev. C. A. of Elmore Baldwin, Miss Abby J. of Wolcott St. Johnsbury  April 28 5/22/1874
Smith, William H. of Strafford Skinner, Miss Ruth E. of Tunbridge S. Tunbridge  Oct 9 10/18/1872
Somers, Guy C. Farnsworth, Abbie Barnet  Dec 18 12/22/1876
Sommerfeld, M.  Horwitz, Rebecca of St. Johnsbury New York  May 17 5/22/1874
Southard, Sidney M. of Vergennes Wright, Lydia M. of Bridport Vergennes  July 2 7/10/1874
Spalding, Frank R.  Larkin, Florence E. Montpelier  Nov 7 11/12/1875
Spalding, Wallace W. of Wolcott Crowell, Ida A. of Hydepark Hydepark  Feb 28 3/5/1875
Spalter, Albert D. of Rumney, NH Benham, Sarah S. of Derby Derby  May 26 6/4/1875
Spaulding, B. M. of Albany Brown, Polly of Sheffield              Feb 4 2/14/1873
Spaulding, John W. of Hartford Newton, Susan A. of Hartford Queeche  March 6 3/19/1875
Spaulding, John W. of Hartford Newton, Susan A.  Hartford  March 6 3/19/1875
Sprague, Walter C. of Randolph Lyons, Miss Henrietta of Randolph E. Randolph   1/15/1875
Squires, Jesse R. of Bradford Barstow, Miss Maggie R. of Bradford St. Johnsbury  Sept 12 9/20/1872
Stacy, Harvey of Westfield Stacy, Miss Martha of Munson, MA Lowell   Nov 24 12/4/1874
Stafford, Thomas B. Paris, Miss Sylvia Danby  March 25 4/4/1873
Stannard, Buel W. of Lowell Farman, Miss Julia of Lowell North Troy  April 20 5/1/1874
Starks, Charles Grout, Mrs. Rosetta of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Oct 20 10/23/1874
Start, M. L. of Worcester, MA Houghton, Miss Emma J. of Bakersfield                May 1 5/16/1873
Steady, Heman S. Carr, Mary A. St. Johnsbury  Dec 5 12/8/1876
Stearns, Daniel of Lincoln Schemerhorn, Miss Delilah of Lincoln Lincoln  Jan 1 1/7/1876
Stearns, George B. Mead, Miss Martha A.                April 2 4/18/1873
Stellman, L. H. Elliot, Rose S.                June 23 7/4/1873
Sterling, Rev. William M. of Newport Drew, Miss Eva E. of Barton Barton  April 16 4/24/1874
Stethern, William G. of Montreal Kelley, Margarette of Montreal St. Albans  Dec 25 1/2/1874
Stevens, Albert of Londonderry Deming, Mrs. Angeline of Chester Londonderry  March 1 3/12/1875
Stevens, Charles H. of St. Johnsbury Ranney, Miss Isabel C. of Westminster, MA Westminster, MA  May 12 5/22/1874
Stevens, Charlie E. of Peacham McLaughlin, Mrs. Lucy A. of Peacham Barnet  Sept 5 9/11/1874
Stevens, Enos of Barnet Whitehill, Mrs. Lizzie of Peacham Peacham  Oct 1 10/9/1874
Stevens, Fred W. of Coventry Cass, Miss Bertha A. of Coventry Coventry  Jan 19 1/29/1875
Stevens, George D.  Chapman, Miss Julia E. St. Johnsbury  Feb 25 2/27/1874
Stevens, James V. of Boston, MA Wilbur, Anna of Waterville Waterville  Aug 20 8/28/1874
Stevens, Oram H.  Stanton, Emma F. of Danville St. Johnsbury  Sept 15 9/24/1875
Stevens, Timothy of Boston, MA Harriman, Nancy A. of Craftsbury                  Jan 8 ? 1/17/1873
Stewart, Hiram of Morristown Ricker, Miss Caroline of Morristown Morristown  July 12 7/23/1875
Stickney, Leon A. of St. Johnsbury Moore, Olive A. of E. Orange E. Orange  May 26 5/29/1874
Stiles, Alba Beane, Mary St. Johnsbury  May 15 5/19/1876
Stiles, Eugene C. Patch, Miss Eliza of Newfane                May 7 5/16/1873
Stoddard, James W. of Townshend Evans, Miss Frederika B. of Townshend Townshend  Dec 1 12/13/1872
Stone, Albert of Richmond Terrier, Sabrina of Richmond Richmond  Dec 26 1/10/1873
Stone, Frederick of Bennington Bolles, Miss Helen A. of Woodford Bennington  Dec 31 1/10/1873
Stone, Matthias J. Gove, Sarah C. Cabot  Feb 29 3/10/1876
Story, George L. of Montpelier White, Morseline D. of Cambridge Cambridge  Feb 13 2/18/1876
Straw, H. E. of Stowe Hodge, Miss Della R. of Stowe Stowe  Oct 31 11/13/1874
Stronge, Amos B. of Morrisville Thomas, Miss Eliza L. of Elmore Morrisville  May 27 6/5/1874
Strople, Robert B. of N. Derby Persons, Miss Ella J. of Stanstead, PQ Derby  Sept 16 9/25/1874
Stuart, Charles C. of St. Johnsbury McLean, Miss Lizzie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Aug 20 8/28/1874
Stuart, Robert R. of Westford Bingham, Miss Lucia A. of Fletcher Fletcher  April 26 5/7/1875
Styles, Waldo L. of Barnet Clowes, Miss Jane of Melbourne, PQ St. Johnsbury  March 5 3/13/1874
Sumner, Hiram S. of Bristol Badger, Miss Emma H. of Starksboro Starksboro  Sept 1 9/11/1874
Sumner, James F. of E. Middlebury Reed, Miss Nellie of Salisbury                May 6 5/16/1873
Sweeney, John S. Stevens, Miss Rose E. Charleston  July 1 7/9/1875
Sweetser, Samuel of Johnson Way, Miss Sarah of Johnson Hydepark  March 15 3/19/1875
Swett, Warren H. of Boston, MA Wellman, Miss Alice I. of Guilford                March 31 4/11/1873
Switzer, Nathan R. of St. Johnsbury Farnham, Luvia A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  May 20 5/21/1875
Sylvester, David of Albany Hunt, Olive of Albany Albany  Feb 12 2/20/1874
Sylvester, George Chamberlin, Miss Emma M. Irasburgh  July 1 7/9/1875
Taft, Fayette L. of Burlington Wolcott, Miss Julia S. of Ripon, Wis.                June 10 6/20/1873
Taisey, Daniel F. of Newbury Laing, Miss Mary Belle of Newbury Piermont, NH  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Talbut, Alpheus D. of Waterbury Fuller, Lucina H. of Athol, MA Montpelier  Aug 16 8/20/1875
Talcott, D. Isham of Williston Thatcher, Ella M. of S. Burlington Burlington  Jan 1 1/9/1874
Tarbell, Edward B. of Keene, NH Wood, Miss Lucy E. of late L. M. Wood of Mtplr S. Woodstock  Dec 3 12/13/1872
Tarleton, Charles A. of Lyndon Barker, Miss Mary E. of Waterford Waterford  Oct 29 11/6/1874
Taylor, Alfred O. of Barton Kidder, Miss Carrie J. of Irasburgh Irasburgh  Dec 2 12/11/1874
Taylor, Farmer of Charleston & PQ Driver, Miss M. M. of Cleveland, PQ Cleveland, PQ  April 28 5/7/1875
Templeton, Dr. C. E. of Irasburgh Bogue, Ada of Irasburgh Irasburgh  Oct 12 10/22/1875
Terrill, L. C. of Underhill Stratton, Miss A. E. of Hydepark Hydepark  Oct 18 10/23/1874
Tessler, Earnest of Brattleboro Davis, Miss Alice of Brattleboro Brattleboro  Dec 21 1/3/1873
Tewksbury, Eugene P. Montague, Miss Emma of Woodstock                    Jan 29 2/7/1873
Thayer, Warren of Spring Valley, Minn Allard, Miss Orinda of Hiram Allard W. Burke  Dec 19 1/1/1875
Thomas, Isaac N.  Gibbs, Mrs. Sarah of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  March 4 3/13/1874
Thomas, William C. of Burlington Harris, Mary of Bennington                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Thompson, Fred Z. of Greensboro Perkins, Helen M. of Kirby Passumpsic  July 19 7/28/1876
Thompson, George S. of Wallingford Dickerman, Miss Franky of Shrewsbury                  Jan 17 1/24/1873
Thompson, Hiram Parsonage, Miss Dinah Starksboro  April 3 4/16/1875
Thompson, James H. of St. Johnsbury Parks, Miss Maria of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Oct 16 10/18/1872
Thompson, Laroy Doe, Miss Julia A. of Topsham Chester  Nov 25 12/18/1874
Thompson, Orlan O. of Woodstock Fisher, Lois M. of Bethel Bethel  Jan 30 2/12/1875
Thompson, Stephen A. of Colchester Vilas, Miss Emily of Colchester Colchester  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Thompson, Ward A. Curtis, Mary E. Lebanon, NH  Dec 25 1/21/1876
Thorp, Edgar W. of Morristown Wood, Etta of Morristown Morristown  Feb 19 2/25/1876
Thorp, George W. of St. Albans Wilson, Miss Helen D. of Fletcher Fletcher  Dec 15 12/25/1874
Thrasher, Hollis Lewis, Emma C. of Coventry Newport  May 9 5/15/1874
Thurston, Rev. Charles A. G. of Greenwood, MA Moore, Miss Anna J. of Barnet Barnet  Dec 5 12/13/1872
Thurston, Rev. John of E. Burke Gilbert, Miss Mary Jane of St. Johnsbury Ctr East Burke  Oct 4 10/11/1872
Tibbetts, W. Horace of Charleston Persons, Lucinda A. of Morgan Holland  Feb 23 3/5/1875
Tichurst, Edwin L. of Stanstead, PQ Mitchell, Miss Margaret of Glover Glover  March 24 4/2/1875
Tinker, Elwin J. of Stanstead Bodwell, Miss Ida A. of Stanstead Beebe Plain, PQ  June 16 6/18/1875
Tisdale, Edwin C. of St. Johnsbury Remick, Miss Ida of Waterford St. Johnsbury  May 2 5/8/1874
Tite, William of Barton Wade, Ada of Lyndonville Glover  Sept 4 9/15/1876
Titus, J. P. of Hardwick Holton, Ella F. of Harry Holton of Wells River. Wells River  March 17 3/20/1874
Tower, Amos M. of Coventry Foster, Miss Nellie E. of Coventry Coventry  Feb 10 2/19/1875
Towle, Mr. H. of Kenduskeag, ME Withington, Miss Electa of Rochester Rochester 1/3/1873
Town, Andrew D. of Bridgewater Clark, Lizzie A. of Cavendish Woodstock  Feb 2 2/12/1875
Townsend, Abner P. of Newport Scott, Mrs. Louisa of Hyde Park Coventry  May 9 5/11/1877
Tracey, Nathan K. of Troy Ramsdell, Miss Anna F. of Troy Newport  3d inst 11/8/1872
Tracy, Azro of Newport Dunham, Miss Ella L. of Troy Newport Ctr  Sept 30 10/9/1874
Tracy, George W. Oaks, Annette of Belvidere                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Trumpass, William S. of Westfield Goddard, Sarah E. of Westfield Lowell  Aug 22 9/3/1875
Tugman, William of Canada McMillan, Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  March 15 3/23/1877
Udall, Arthur H. of Craftsbury Boynton, Mary E. of Wolcott Hardwick  Dec 24 1/2/1874
Underwood, Ladurwick Rhodes, Mrs. Sophronia of Wallingford                 Jan 18 1/31/1873
Updegraff, S. G. Stevens, Susie E. of Greensboro & W. Williamsport, PA  Oct 5 10/20/1876
Valley, G. of St. Johnsbury Garrett, Miss Mary A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury?   Dec 31 1/24/1873
Van Vliet, C. L. Shaw, Miss S. Jennie of Charlotte              Feb 3 2/14/1873
Vose, George H. Cutler, Miss Ida M. of Wolcott Morrisville  March 12 3/19/1875
Walker, Seymour of Middletown Porter, Miss Jane of Clarendon              Feb 24 3/7/1873
Wallace, Frank E. of Rochester, NH Mooney, Alice I. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 6 1/7/1876
Walling, Charles of Woodstock Thomas, Miss Mary G. of Woodstock Woodstock  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Walling, Charles of Woodstock Thomas, Mary G. of Woodstock                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Walsh, William of Wolcott Bixby, Miss Maria E. of Wolcott Barre  July 4 7/10/1874
Walter, Albert H. McVicker, Maggie Lyndonville  April 18 4/28/1876
Walter, O. T. of East Haven Smith, Miss Fannie E. of East Haven East Burke  Dec 12 12/27/1872
Walton, George R. MD of Philadelphia Smith, Miss Clara J. of Rev. C. H. Smith of W. Charleston Ellwood, NJ  Oct 20 11/8/1872
Walworth, D. P. of Coventry Goss, Mrs. Harriet A. of Brownington West Burke  June 3 6/19/1874
Ward, Calvin of Fayetteville Mason, Mrs. Abbie E. of Grand Rapids, Mich Brattleboro  March 8 3/19/1875
Ward, George W. of St. Johnsbury Gilman, Emma of Andover Andover, NH  May 14 5/19/1876
Ward, Rev. C. M. Cooper, Mary Montpelier  April 25 4/28/1876
Ward, William of North Troy Brown, Emma F. of Westfield North Troy  June 21 6/30/1876
Warner, H. P. of Landgrove Newell, Miss Ellen of Londonderry                   Jan 16 2/7/1873
Warren, Guy of Fletcher Davis, Emily M. of Cambridge Pleasant Valley  May 5 5/14/1875
Washburn, Darwin E. of Woodstock Buck, Miss Effie of Reading Woodstock  Jan 1 1/10/1873
Washburn, Darwin E. of Woodstock Buck, Effie of Reading                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Washburn, Jonah Rogers, Miss Orlinda A. of Bethel Bethel  March 14 3/28/1873
Washburn, Simeon J. of Woodstock Doton, Miss Elvira of Woodstock Woodstock  Dec 25 1/10/1873
Waterhouse, William of Danville Watson, Miss Rebecca of Danville Barnet  Dec 1 12/13/1872
Waterman, Erastus H. of Salem Jenne, Miss Mary E. of Derby Derby  Feb 9 2/19/1875
Waterman, Henry S. of Fairlee Boynton, Miss Lonnie of Bradford Bradford  Feb 25 3/13/1874
Waterman, Melvin J. Cambell, Miss Ida J. of Waitsfield                  Jan 15 ? 1/31/1873
Waters, Henry B. of Newport Leonard, Lucy of Richford Newport Ctr  Sept 6 9/15/1876
Watkins, B. of Concord Rice, Miss B. A. of Sutton                March 2(5) 4/11/1873
Watson, Harrison of Georgia Skelly, Miss Margaret of Georgia Georgia  Feb 1 2/6/1874
Watt, Frank H. of Woodstock Bontwell, Ella M. of Bridgewater Bridgewater  March 17 3/26/1875
Webber, W. H. of Boston, MA Brown, Hattie May d/o Capt. H. E. Brown of Thetford Thetford Ctr  Aug 11 8/14/1874
Webster, Charles F. of Irasburgh Farrington, Miss Emma J. of Irasburgh Craftsbury  July 1 7/10/1874
Webster, Pliny L. of Barton Chamberlin, Nellie E. of Irasburgh Irasburgh  Sept 30 10/8/1875
Wedge, Alonzo of Lowell Murphy, Eliza of Westmore St. Johnsbury  Nov 20 12/1/1876
Weeden, Willard of Woodstock French, Maria E. of Hartland Woodstock  May 1 5/14/1875
Weeks, Charles of Danville Brown, Helen M. of Lyndon Lyndon  April 18 4/28/1876
Weeks, George H. of Montpelier Smith, Nancy of Woodbury Montpelier  July 4 7/14/1876
Weeks, William Horace Brown of Peacham Spencer, Miss Eloisia E. of Peacham St. Johnsbury  March 11 3/12/1875
Welch, Elbridge M. of Groton Glover, Miss Julia E. of Groton Dedham, MA  Nov 9 11/15/1872
Welch, Ira of Topsham Heath, Miss Betsey J. of Groton Topsham  May 31 6/26/1874
Welch, Leonard of Groton Miller, Miss Mary S. of Newbury Newbury  March 18 3/28/1873
Wells, George W. of Georgia Ibey, Miss Katie of Caldwell Manor St. Albans Dec 25 1/23/1874
Wells, Horace of E. Fairfield Hall, Miss Alta of E. Fairfield Bakersfield  Dec 3 12/11/1874
Wells, Loomis of Granby Farnham, Miss Hannah C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Nov 10 11/19/1875
West, Samuel M., Jr. of Arlington Lathrop, Miss Mary H. of Manchester              Feb 10 2/21/1873
Wheeler, Arthur H. of Lowell, MA Burnabee, Clara C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Oct 10 10/20/1876
Wheeler, Charles A. of Barton Porter, Miss Elvira of Barton Glover  June 20 7/3/1874
Wheeler, Edwin N. of Ryegate Kenyon, Miss Anna J. of Pomfret Wells River  Dec 14 12/27/1872
Wheeler, Joseph of Dummer Washburn, Mary of Salisbury Milan, NH  Nov 28 12/13/1872
Wheeler, Nicholas of Hydeville Holland, Miss Sarah of Castleton                April 7 4/18/1873
Wheeler, Rufus Erskine, Miss Emily Roxbury  July 1 7/10/1874
Wheeler, William H. of Brownington Ball, Mary A. of Rev. Aaron Ball of Bradford Brownington  April 19 4/25/1873
Wheelock, Winslow of Morristown Alexander, Mrs. Elvira of Morristown Morrisville  Oct 27 11/12/1875
Whipple, Eugene H. of Newport Estell, Miss Lydia G. of Newport Newport Center  Feb 14 2/26/1875
Whitcomb, Albert Esq. of Stockbridge Northrop, Miss Ellen A. of Fairfield Fairfield  Feb 28 3/3/1876
White, C. H. Hardy, Miss Hannah E. of Rutland Rutland  March 23 4/4/1873
White, Charles H. of Sutton Tilton, Lorinda J. of Charleston Charleston  Jan 1 1/14/1876
White, George of E. Topsham Taplin, Miss Amanda E. of E. Topsham Bradford  June 24 7/9/1875
White, Rev. Lorenzo of Montpelier Lathan, Sarah F. of Montpelier Northfield  June 18 6/23/1876
Whitehill, Andrew  Martin, Miss Carrie of Peacham Peacham  Oct 1 10/9/1874
Whitehill, Henry of Ryegate Nelson, Agness of Newbury Newbury  Oct 24 11/3/1876
Whiting, D. G. of Stockton, CA Mosman, Miss Jenette A. of Barton Barton  Dec 24 1/3/1873
Whitney, Arthur E. of St. Johnsbury Paige, Imogene of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  March 12 3/16/1877
Whitney, Foster A. of Lisbon Dodge, Myra of Littleton Littleton  April 14 4/28/1876
Whitney, Henry (has several wives item) Parker, Miss of Summerville   2/23/1877
Whitney, James A. of Tunbridge Diamond, Miss Augusta A. of Tunbridge S. Tunbridge  Sept 14 10/18/1872
Whitney, James P. of Derby Drew, Miss Linney M. of Derby Derby  Dec 30 1/8/1875
Whitney, William H. of St. Johnsbury Parker, Mary E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Sept 25 9/29/1876
Whittemore, Anson of Eden O'Brien, Miss Eliza of Eden Lowell  July 9 7/17/1874
Whitten, Harry H.  Cate, Miss Helen of Cabot St. Johnsbury  Nov 13 11/19/1875
Whitten, John Herman of Burlington Whiting, A. Carrie of Johnson Johnson  June 12 6/23/1876
Whittier, E. A. of S. Starksboro Hawkins, Miss H. D. of Lincoln Starksboro  Dec 2 12/11/1874
Wiggins, Allen of Barton Cobleigh, Meroa of Horace Cobleigh, Esq. of W. Burke W. Burke  Thanksgiving 1/21/1876
Wiggins, B. F. of Barton Wright, Miss Stella of Newport Irasburgh  Jan 20 1/29/1875
Wiggins, Charles W. of Windham Fuller, Miss Emma R. of Chester Chester  March 26 4/4/1873
Wiggins, Charles W. of Windham Fuller, Miss Emma R. of Chester                March 26 4/11/1873
Wiggins, Daniel T. of Barton Batchelder, Miss Alma of Glover                July 4 7/11/1873
Wight, Howard R. of Bethel Gifford, Ellen S. of Randolph Bethel  March 6 3/13/1874
Wilcox, Charles H. of Hardwick Cook, Miss E. V. of Hardwick Johnson  Oct 29 11/6/1874
Wilcox, Mark L. of Holland Todd, Miss Lillia A. of Derby (7/17 says not married) Derby  June 26 7/10/1874
Wilder, Herman F. of Keene, NH Coleman, May Eva of Cavendish                June 28 7/11/1873
Wiley, Lee of Roxbury Simonds, Miss Estelle D. of Roxbury Roxbury  March 29 4/17/1874
Wilkins, Martin D. of Morristown Hunt, Miss Emma L. of Morristown Morrisville  Nov 14 11/20/1874
Wilkins, William H. Amsden, Clara L. of Reading                Jan 1 ? 1/17/1873
Willard, Frank of E. Montpelier Hamlin, Miss Hattie of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier  Nov 5 11/13/1874
Willard, George R. of Sutton Fisher, Miss Adalaide of Lyndon Sutton   Jan 21 1/23/1874
Willard, John E. Smith, Mrs. Sarah G. of Sutton                June 21 6/27/1873
Willey, Clarence of Troy Martin, Miss Annis of Troy Lowell  July 4 7/17/1874
Willey, Dea. Curtis Turner, Emma S. Derby  March 2 3/10/1876
Willey, Edgar J. of Sharon Willey, Estella M. of Norwich Norwich  Dec 15 12/27/1872
Willey, George of Chicago Simpson, Mary of J. W. Simpson Craftsbury  Aug 1 8/4/1876
Willey, George of Hardwick Quimby, Mary of Wolcott Hardwick  Sept 2 9/8/1876
Willey, George W. of Middlesex Magoon, Lorinda D. of Montpelier                Jan 1 1/17/1873
Willey, Lee of Roxbury Simonds, Miss Estelle of Roxbury Roxbury  March 29 4/10/1874
Williamson, Isaac D. of Woodstock Robinson, Miss Georgie A. of Woodstock Woodstock  Feb 9 2/20/1874
Wilson, Caleb S. of Chelsea, MA Pierce, Mrs. E. L. of S. Royalton Royalton  March 23 4/2/1875
Wilson, George R. Gould, Emma J. E. Montpelier  Sept 8 9/15/1876
Wilson, Jerome of Sutton Hanscom, Clara of Sheffield Sheffield  March 13 3/17/1876
Wilson, John of St. Johnsbury Robinson, Miss Lettia of Northfield St. Johnsbury  Nov 20 11/24/1876
Wilson, W. of Richford Buggy, Mrs. Hannah of Troy Lowell  July 15 7/30/1875
Wing, George F. of Burlington Colbeth, Miss Ida L. of Burlington Burlington  March 10 3/20/1874
Winslow, Edward A. Ruggles, Ida M. of Wm. F. Ruggles of Lyndon Topeka, Kansas 4/17/1874
Winslow, Orlando of Westfield Currier, Mrs. Hannah W. of Barton Barton  May 17 5/28/1875
Wood, Horace J. of St. Johnsbury Knapp, Miss Helen of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr  July 3 7/9/1875
Wood, John of Greensboro Robbins, Miss Betsey K. of Craftsbury Craftsbury  Nov 28 12/6/1872
Wood, Lewis R. Jr. of Barton Mason, Miss Elsie of Barton Barton  Sept 25 10/2/1874
Woodbury, Arthur of Nashua, NH Albee, Miss Clara of Newbury Newbury Jan 8  (item) 1/23/1874
Woodbury, Edwin G. Carpenter, Maria M. Craftsbury  March 8 3/17/1876
Woodman, M. S. of Compton, P.Q. Morey, Mary E. of W. Lebanon, NH W. Lebanon, NH  Aug 18 9/3/1875
Woodward, George of Danville Pierce, Miss Etta of Danville Danville  Dec 28 1/10/1873
Worthley, S. M. Gilbert, Mrs. Diana of Derby Derby Line  Sept 20 10/2/1874
Wright, Anson E. of New Haven Eastman, Miss Emma H. of New Haven New Haven  Dec 25 1/3/1873
Wright, F. W. of Bethel Smith, Miss Sarah of Bethel Bethel  April 25 5/7/1875
Wright, Fred D. Spafford, Nellie Greensboro   4/7/1876
Wright, George of Barnard Gilson, Miss Eloise of Bethel Woodstock  Feb 28 3/13/1874
Wright, George S. Stone, Louise L.  Burlington  June 22 6/25/1875
Wright, George W. of Montgomery Williams, Miss Mary J. Delhi, O,  Dec 16 1/3/1873
Wright, Theron A. of Newport Lane, Miss Jerusha of Newport Newport  Oct 22 10/30/1874
Wright, William Henry of St. Johnsbury Pope, Miss Caroline S. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  April 7 4/10/1874
Wyman, James W. of Brownington Day, Miss Ella E. of Coventry Barton Landing  Oct 21 11/1/1872
Young, Alexander W. of Peacham Hunt, Miss Melvina P. of Peacham                 March 24 4/2/1875
Young, Alfred of New Haven Cross, Miss Emily E. of Roxbury Roxbury  Dec 9 12/17/1875
Young, Burt Thompson, Miss Ida A. St. Johnsbury Ctr  Dec 31 1/2/1874
Young, Francis W. of Irasburgh Scott, Miss Emma E. of Newport Derby  June 15 6/11/1875
Young, George of Greensboro Wright, Mary A. of Greensboro Greensboro  Oct 1 10/9/1874
Young, Hosea H. Hall, Miss Minnie E. of Wolcott St. Johnsbury  March 6 3/14/1873
Young, J. N. of Clinton, Iowa Bolton, Mrs. Abby S. of St. Johnsbury Chicago  Oct 7 10/8/1875
Zigler, I. G., MD of Bradwood, IL Merrill, Miss Anna L. of Barton Landing Barton Landing May 21 6/5/1874

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