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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Marriage Date Groom Bride Place Groom's parents Brid's parents
June 17, 2000 Dennis Therrien Patricia Clark Lyndonville, Vt. Ralph Therrien of St. Johnsbury and the late Beverly Therrien. Hazel Clark of Lyndonville and the late Raymond Clark Sr.
July 15, 2000 Sean Donovan Tanya Douse St. Johnsbury, Vt. Patrick and Barb Donovan of Troy, Vt., and Carmen and Rick Menard of St. Johnsbury. Everett and Alice Douse of Waterford.
July 22, 2000 Sean Fitzpatrick Murphy Abigail-Kate Henderson St. Johnsbury, Vt. Howard and Donna Murphy of East Burke and Green Valley, Ariz. Gary and Mary Henderson of Walden
Aug. 5, 2000 Andrew James Brown  Alana Michelle Helfrich Geneseo, N.Y. James and Lorraine Brown of St. Johnsbury Rebecca Brandt-Helfrich of Fredonia, N.Y. and the late Michael Helfrich.
Aug. 12, 2000 Mark Blodgett Stacey Sleurs St. Johnsbury, Vt. Pairin and Frank Berryman of St. Johnsbury and Elaine and Keith Blodgett of Charlotte, Vt. Deborah and Myron Broe of St. Johnsbury and Diane and Roland Sleurs of East Greenwich, N.Y.
Aug. 19, 2000 Jeffrey Alfieri Brandy Fournier St. Johnsbury, Vt. Roger and Lorraine Bass of Twin Mountain, N.H. Thomas and Sandra Fournier of St. Johnsbury.
Oct. 7, 2000 Jason Burnett Candy Goss Peacham, Vt. Michael and Julie Burnett of Barnet Charles and Connie Goss of Peacham
Oct. 7, 2000 Thomas Sabot Napolitan Marie Elizabeth Tremblay Feeding Hills, MA Mrs. Katherine Napolitan of Feeding Hills and the late Joseph Napolitan. William and Elizabeth Tremblay of St. Johnsbury. 
Oct. 14, 2000 Bryce Alan Limlaw Kyle Beth Trischman Bradford, Vt. Bruce and Ruth Limlaw of West Topsham  
November 4, 2000 Michael Jay Pariseau Andrea Lee Holmes Enosburg Falls, Vt. Frank and Joan Pariseau of Enosburg Falls. Reginald and Laurel Holmes of Sutton, Vt.
Jan. 1, 2001 Lee Ronald Bender Mary LaForge Russell Avon, Colo. Joyce and Royce Bender of Alva, Okla.  
Feb. 24, 2001 Leslie Patrick Royer Dawn Marie Francis St. Johnsbury, Vt. Doug and Candi Royer of St. Johnsbury Thomas and Jean Francis of St. Johnsbury
March 4, 2001 Shawn Edward Arnold Deborah Susan Block Norman, Okla. the late Flora Louise McInnis Arnold of Saint Johnsbury. Dr. Robert J. Block of Norman, and the late Nancy Block.
March 31, 2001 Matthew Nelson Gina Walter Exton, Pa. Fremont and Marsha Nelson of Ryegate Evelyn DeNigris of New Jersey and the late Richard Walter
April 7, 2001 David W. Peck Rebecca D. Farrow Dover, Del. Jerold and Deborah Peck of North Danville John and Patricia Farrow of Dover, Del.
April 7, 2001 Eric W. Brown Paula M. Cornell East Burke, Vt. the late Wesley "Tom" and Judith Brown Ruby and Richard Gorham of East Burke and Robert and Jeannie Cornell of Lyndonville
April 12, 2001 Richard Brian Ball II Rachel Lynn Ventura Honolulu, Hawaii Richard and Brenda Ball of Passumpsic and Reginald and Sriamporn Welcome of Lunenburg. James Ventura and Lois Magnusson of Hawaii Kai Honolulu, Hawaii, and Karen Ventura of Bonita Springs, Fla.
April 14, 2001 Shane Giguere Christine Roby West Richmond, Va. Mike and Claudia Giguere of East Haven, Vt. Arthur "Pete" and Pearl Roby of Douglasville, Ga. 
April 20, 2001 Thomas Mongeon Angela Bernard Barre, Vt. George Mongeon of Burlington and Joy Dubuque of Williston James and Sharon Bernard of Barre, and the granddaughter of Beverly Goodenough of St. Johnsbury
May 5, 2001 John Thomas LaCroix Hallie Fae Stevens Littleton, N.H. Jeannette and Joseph LaCroix of Littleton. Linda and David Davis of Waterford and Mark and Martha Stevens of Newport. She is the granddaughter of Muriel and Harley "Sam" Bly of Newport and Madeline Stevens of Newport and the late Morillo Stevens.
May 12, 2001 Wayne Paul Hewes Melissa Jean Rivers North Woodstock, N.H. Robert and Nancy LaCourse of Thornton Ed and Carol Wheelock of Gilman and Wilson and Sheila Rivers of Pittsford
May 19, 2001 Michael J. Allen Mya M. Hill St. Johnsbury, Vt. Edwin and Virginia Allen of East St. Johnsbury Jon and Kathy Hill of North Concord
May 25, 2001 Gerard Poginy Kim Santo St. Johnsbury, Vt. Barbara Poginy of St. Johnsbury and the late Andre L. Poginy Sr. Bonnie and Charles Santo of Glover
May 26, 2001 Michael Powers Carrie Parenteau West Burke, Vt. Buzzy and Theresa Powers of West Danville Roger and Pamela Parenteau of West Burke
June 2, 2001 Paul Zavala Stephanie Fichera Parkland, Fla.  Dr. and Mrs. Julio Zavala of Englewood, Fla.  Bud and Karen Fichera of Coral Springs, Fla., and formerly of Lyndonville
June 9, 2001 Carlton Parton Sonia Stevens Plainfield, Vt. Kay Parton of Plainfield and Charles Parton of Barre, and grandson of Jessie Holt of Barre. Duane and Gail Stevens of Marshfield, and granddaughter of Rowena Miles of West Burke.
June 9, 2001 Jesse Colin Laflamme Sandra Coleman DuBarry - Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Laflamme of Monroe, N.H. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. DuBarry V of Newtown Square, Pa
June 9, 2001 Joseph Fox Michelle Ziter Lyndonville, Vt. Michael and Cheryl Fox of Derry Herb and Barb Ziter of Waterford
June 9, 2001 Shawn McCaffrey Michelle "Mimi" Keenan Lyndonville, Vt. Patrick and Raylene McCaffrey of Lyndon Corner Kerry and Jeannette Keenan of St. Johnsbury
June 9, 2001 Kendall J. Beck Jr. Bobbi Lyn Sargent Ryegate, Vt.   Robert Sargent
June 16, 2001 James Joseph Armstrong Christine Elizabeth Fraser Burlington, Vt. Tim Armstrong of Walnut Creek, Calif., and Tammarra Grim of Chester Richard and Cynthia Fraser of South Ryegate and the granddaughter of Maxine Hoisington of Ryegate and Daniel S. Fraser of Norwich.
June 16, 2001 Peter Nobile Karilyn Prue Lunenburg, Vt. Violet Nobile of Berlin, formerly of Lunenburg, and the late Nicholas Nobile. Kenneth and Aurora Dwyer of North Danville.
June 16, 2001 Todd Simcox Lena Palmieri St. Johnsbury, Vt. John and Kathleen Simcox of Medway, Mass. Joseph and Susan Palmieri of Lyndonville
June 22, 2001 Erik Westbrook Hemmett Vicki Marie Chorneyko Lyndon, Vt. Paula and the late Westbrook Hemmett of St. Johnsbury. Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Chorneyko of Chatham, Ontario
June 30, 2001 Bobby Lee Bell Michelle Rutledge Danville, Vt. Robert Bell of Walden and the late Jacqueline Bell Butch and Pat Forget of Lyndonville
June 30, 2001 Sean Rolfe Danica Emery East Burke, Vt. Timothy and Dianne Rolfe of St. Johnsbury Dana and Patty Emery of Lyndonville
June 30, 2001 Shawn E. Tetreault Kimberlee C. Evans Passumpsic, Vt. Douglas Tetreault of Whitefield and Pearl Tetreault of Groton Joyce Evans and Bruce Marston of Passumpsic, formerly of Swampscott, Mass. She is also the daughter of Richard Greene of San Mateo, Calif.
July 1, 2001 Scott Boulay Susan Welch Kannapolis, N.C. Bernard and Doris Boulay of Lyndonville James and Shirley Liberty of Lyndonville
July 4, 2001 Henry McReynolds Jennifer Ann Stevenson North Danville, Vt. Everett and Martha McReynolds of North Danville Norman and Penny Stevenson of West Barnet
July 7, 2001 Dean Levitan Natalie Begin Stowe, Vt. Elliott and Elaine Levitan of Richboro, Pa. Ernie and Vivi Begin of Waterford
July 7, 2001 Joshua Isaac Drown Amanda Barbara Niles Derby Line, Vt. Gary and Neena Marston and Brent Drown Frank and Dolores Niles and Jane Blais
July 14, 2001 Christopher Ernest Maynard Christine Ann Smith Lowell, Vt. Frederick and Betty Maynard of St. Johnsbury Priscilla and Russell Matten of Lowell
July 14, 2001 Darcy Nelson Jenny Eastman Sharon, Vt. Fremont and Marsha Nelson of Ryegate Edwin and Vicky Eastman of Strafford
July 14, 2001 Joey F. Valley Katrina M. Davis Sutton, Vt. Francis and Nancy Valley of Barton Brenda Davis of Barton and Russell Davis of Lyndonville
July 14, 2001 Justin Roy Freeto Kristin Shae Hodgdon Lyndonville, Vt. Dan Freeto of Lyndonville and the late Judy Freeto Rick and Kathy Hodgdon of Granby, Sue Simonds of Sheffield and Harry Simonds of St. Johnsbury.
July 14, 2001 Timothy John Fleurie Lori Ann Peck North Danville, Vt. Elizabeth Faulkner of St. Johnsbury Jerold and Deborah Peck of North Danville and the late Carla Blewitt Peck
July 15, 2001 Luke Elwood Andrea Church Andrea's home Marilyn and Dave Elwood of Waterford, Vt. Phil and Evelyn Greenband of Rohnert Park, Calif.
July 18, 2001 Buddy Foster Hillary Chase Littleton, N.H.    
July 21, 2001 Sean Heywood Robin Stimson Carmen Vogt residence John and Rachel Heywood of McIndoe Falls David and Judith Stimson of Bath, ME.
July 24, 2001 John "Chuck" Prokocimer Diana Griffith Lyndonville, Vt. Adolph and Priscilla Prokocimer of Mountainside, N.J., and father of Jessica and Justin Prokocimer. the late Marjorie Stewart and the mother of Stacy and Troy Griffith
July 28, 2001 Buddy Foster Hillary Chase Littleton, N.H.    
July 28, 2001 Corey Allen Marquis Elia Danielle Spates Newport, Vt. Bruno and Karen Marquis of Newport Center Doug and Vivian Spates of Newport
July 28, 2001 Eric Demers Brooke Morehouse Lunenburg, Vt. Daniel and Betty Demers of Lyndonville Claudette Morehouse of Concord and John Morehouse of Douglas, Wyo.
July 29, 2001 Sean Philip Daly Leisha Myung Ruhlman onboard the Essex on Lake Champlain Denyse and John Daly of St. Johnsbury Carroll and Donald Ruhlman of St. Johnsbury
July 31, 2001 Andrew Powers Tanya Ribble Waterford, Vt.   Rev. Terry Ribble, father
Aug. 4, 2001 Anthony Lolli Denise McDowell-Russell East Burke, Vt. Anthony and Helen Lolli of Blacksburg, Va. Francis and Carol McDowell of White River Junction and the late Janet Royer McDowell
Aug. 4, 2001 Arnold W. Lockwood Theresa M. Houde Lisbon, N.H.    
Aug. 4, 2001 Christopher Sanville Mona Evans Newbury, Vt. Hank and Connie Sanville of Pike Elaine and Bill Signs of East Concord, Vt., and Nelson Evans of South Ryegate
Aug. 4, 2001 David Taylor Gibson Tara Leigh Cross Hartland, Vt. George and Carol Gibson Ronald and Virginia Cross
Aug. 4, 2001 Douglas Colby Krista Day Lyndonville, Vt. Donald and Marilyn Colby of Wilder Edward and Phyllis Day of Lyndonville
Aug. 4, 2001 John D. Gould Amber R. Hopkins Lyndonville, Vt. John E. and Ellen Gould of Lyndon Peter and Janice Hopkins of Lyndonville
Aug. 4, 2001 Matthew Johnson Deborah Anne Wright Littleton, N.H. Thomas and Helen Johnson of Natick, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright of Littleton
Aug. 4, 2001 Scot Christopher Punderson Sandra Ann Baker Ryegate, Vt. James and Barbara Punderson Jr. of Virginia Beach, Va. Peter and Murdena Baker of Groton
Aug. 11, 2001 Jeremy James Peck Nicole Elyse Heffernan May's Landing, N.J. Jerold and Deborah Peck of North Danville Ronald and Michelle Heffernan of Tuckerton and Bellmawr, N.J.
Aug. 11, 2001 Nicholas Wright Jeannette Sylvain St. Johnsbury, Vt. David and Lori Wright of Barnet Patrick and Rose Sylvain of St. Johnsbury
Aug. 11, 2001 Randall Gaulin Tonya Noyes South Burlington, Vt. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaulin of South Burlington Mr. and Mrs. Emery Noyes of East Burke
Aug. 18, 2001 Denis Lee Royer II Richa Ann Lussier Lyndonville, Vt. Denis Lee Royer I and Janis Wells Patione Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lussier
Aug. 18, 2001 William David Hayes Catherine Louise Lavoie Newport, Vt. Kenneth and Marie Hayes of Kirby George and Claire Lavoie of Newport
Aug. 18, 2001 William S. Thompson Jr. Lisbeth Marie Racine Brattleboro, Vt. Patricia Thompson of Derby Line and the late William S. Thompson Sr. Conrad and Theresa Doyon of St. Johnsbury
Aug. 19, 2001 Noah Elwood Jeanna McNally York Harbor, Maine David and Marilyn Elwood of Waterford, Vt. Betty Snider of Caribou, Maine
Aug. 22, 2001 Matthew Trombley Lianne Williams North Hero Island, Vt. Dale and Nancy Trombley, Montpelier Paul and Norrine Williams of Lower Waterford
Aug. 31, 2001 Daniel Wolf Amanda Weatherhead Paradise Cove, Oahu, Hawaii Sandra Gunning and Steven Wolf of Beloit, Wis. Karen Fankhauser, of Newport, Vt., and Randall Weatherhead of Elk Grove, Calif.
Sept. 1, 2001 Albert "Joey" Despins Leann Fontaine Hardwick, Vt. Albert "Joe" and Sandra Despins of Barnet Fernand and Laura Fontaine of Newport
Sept. 1, 2001 Richard Cooper Sarah Blodgett St. Johnsbury, Vt. Nancy Caron and Bill Cooper of Windsor, Maine Les and Sandy Blodgett of Waterford
Sept. 1, 2001 Scott Judd Pamela Locke McIndoe Falls, Vt. Robert and Lena Judd of Lebanon. Dennis and Linda Locke of East Ryegate
Sept. 2, 2001 Peter J. Bean Brenda M. Wilson Danbury, Conn. Donald and Sharon Bean of St. Johnsbury Bill and Jill Hanlon of Seattle, Wash.
Sept. 2, 2001 Scott R. Milliken Teresa M. Smith Burlington, Vt. Robert Milliken and Cheryl Milliken of Essex Junction David and Andrea Smith of Lyndonville
Sept. 8, 2001 Chad Bigelow Nicole Buzzi Danville, Vt. David and Becky Bigelow of Danville. Joe Buzzi of Lyndonville, and Carol Buzzi of Lyndonville
Sept. 8, 2001 Daniel Mark Simpson Stacey Nicole Johnson Lyman, N.H. Barry and Dianne Johnson of Bridgeton, N.J. John and Terry Simpson of Lyman
Sept. 8, 2001 Robert David Dickerman Julie Sharon Hazelton Greentown, Pa. the late Harold and Elizabeth Dickerman John and Lois Hazelton of Greentown
Sept. 14, 2001 Brett Aaron Colby Gretchen Lynn Durgin Bretton Woods, N.H. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thurston of Lancaster and Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Colby of Lunenburg William and Penny Durgin of Lancaster
Sept. 15, 2001 Corey Crown Jennifer Bearce McIndoe Falls, Vt. Harry and Kathy Crown of McIndoe Falls Cindy Bearce of St. Johnsbury and Wayne Bearce of Barnet
Sept. 15, 2001 Craig Fisher Kimberly Levering Waterbury Center, Vt. Roscoe and JoAnn Fisher of Harvey's Hollow, Danville Walter and Les Levering of Waterbury Center
Sept. 15, 2001 Gregory Clark Misty Cormier Lyndonville, Vt. Robert and Judy Clark of Lyndonville Larry and Brenda Cormier of Danville
Sept. 22, 2001 Nicholas Girouard Kimberlee Gingue West Barnet, Vt. Judy Girouard of McIndoe Falls and Jerry Randall of Danville Maurice and Jan Gingue of West Barnet
Oct. 6, 2001 James John Jenkins Beverly Anne Linzer Ryegate, Vt. Robert and Terry Jenkins of Devon, Pa., and the grandson of George and Pearl Treiber of Manhasset, N.Y., and Catherine Jenkins Perkinson of Lancaster, Pa. Douglas and Wanda Linzer of Barnet and the granddaughter of Lorraine Linzer Stryker of St. Johnsbury, and Wanda Crawford of Westfield, N.J.
Oct. 13, 2001 Eric Noel Dailey Stacey Denise Sevigny Middleburg, Fla. Richard and Karen Dailey of Orange Park, Fla. Gordon Sevigny of Orange Park, Fla., and Joyce and Gary French of Boones Mill, Va.
Oct. 13, 2001 Todd D. Whitcomb Shawna Marcotte Lyndonville, Vt. Douglas Whitcomb of Lyndonville and Donna Fox of Concord Jeffrey and Cindy Hall of West Burke and the late Timothy Marcotte
Oct. 19, 2001 Robert Preston Wheeler Lisa Ann Johnson Kannapolis, N.C. Preston "Skippy" Wheeler of Lyndonville and the late Alice Janet Wandless Nancy Haslam of Lyndonville and Jack Lawson of West Palm Beach, Fla.
Oct. 19, 2001 Troy Lozefski Lora Wheeler Lyndon, Vt. Marie Lozefski of Hallowell, Maine, and the late Felix Lozefski Raymond and Sandra Wheeler of Apollo Beach, Fla.
Nov. 3, 2001 James Deth Fayette Stone East Haven, Vt. Elaine Deth of East Haven Marjorie Marcy of St. Johnsbury
Nov. 3, 2001 Sheb Allen White Katie Ann Lunna Newport, Vt. Julius and Leona White of Irasburg Henry and Sue Mary Lunna of Newport and the granddaughter of Ethelyn Daley of Lyndonville and the late Daniel Daley Jr.
Nov. 9, 2001 Kennan Russ Gabriel Joy Ann Goodwin Sherrills Ford, N.C. Kenneth and Joyce Gabriel of Sherrills Ford Michael and Frances Goodwin of Lyndonville
Dec. 1, 2001 Nicholas Luksha Jr. Angela Dunn Clinton, Mass Nicholas and Catherine Luksha of Sterling, Mass Ray and Kathleen Dunn of St. Johnsbury
Jan. 26, 2002 Abram Whitney Conant Carolyn Grace Donahue South Hero, Vt. Shawn and Judith Conant of Maidstone Daniel and Linda Donahue of Boston, Mass.
Feb. 9, 2002 Scott Andrew Mosse Linda Dawn Chaloux San Antonio, Texas Gary and Carolyn Mosse of San Antonio Rosie Chaloux and Frank Chaloux, both of St. Johnsbury
Feb. 16, 2002 Christopher Haggett Carolyn Hagan St. Johnsbury, Vt. Wendy Bent of Randolph and Thomas and Julie Haggett of Adamant John and Marie Hagan of St. Johnsbury
Feb. 22, 2002 Benjamin Bradley Roy Arinn Frances Wright Littleton, N.H. Ernest and Louise Roy of Bath Allen and Amy Wright of Woodsville
March 20, 2002 Brian Thomas Powers Shelby Sherrer Quatrini Naples, Fla. Jean Halloran of Osterville, Mass., and Thomas Powers of Centerville, Mass Steven and Susan Quatrini of Lower Waterford
March 26, 2002 John Westover Takako Ueda Japan Rachel Westover of Newport Center and the late Robert Westover Shigeyuki and Chieko Ueda of Japan
April 12, 2002 Dale W. McAlister Kimberly Bartlett Evansville, Vt. Donald McAlister of Polk City, Fla., and Donna Hilton of Landaff, N.H. the late Sheldon and Juanita Bunnell
Feb. 15, 2002 Seth Edward Jewell Renee Angela Lussier Waterford, Vt. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jewell of Sheffield Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lussier of Lyndonville
April 27, 2002 Christopher Seth Wilkie Elizabeth Dodd Lawrence Chincoteague, Va. Bill and Lee Williams of Franconia, N.H., and the late W. Jason Wilkie Lynn and Bryan McGuffey of Birmingham, Ala.
April 27, 2002 Kenneth Christie Kimberly Darrell St. Johnsbury, Vt. Vera Christie of Wayne, N.J. Kenneth and Viriginia Darrell of St. Johnsbury
May 4, 2002 David Roy Donna Martin Bethlehem, N.H.    
May 4, 2002 Jeffrey A. Roberts Bobbie Jo Proctor Groton, Vt. Pam Roberts of Wells River and Roger Roberts of St. Johnsbury Sharon Proctor and Elwyn Colbeth of Groton, and Kevin Proctor of Bradford
May 11, 2002 Jeffrey Paul Myers Joanne Patricia Dresser Casco, Me. Thomas and Charlene Blake of Buxton, Maine, and the late Alvin Myers Jr. Bub and Nancy Dresser of Lyndonville, and the great-niece of Gilman and Avis Ford of West Burke
May 11, 2002 Robert G. Brunetti Cheryl L. Rainville Falmouth, Mass James A. and Fedelia Brunetti of Stratford, Conn L. Arthur and Ida W. Rainville of Danville
May 25, 2002 Gregory D. Kimball Cara J. Wenger Lewistown, Pa. Peter and Shauna Kimball of North Haverhill, N.H. Mary Lou Wenger of Mifflintown, Pa.
May 25, 2002 Theodore "Ted" M. Lint Joan (Moore) Olsen St. Johnsbury, Vt. Phyllis Sanborn of Littleton and Theodore Lint Sr. of New York Josephine Moore of Winter Garden, Fla., and the late Dr. John Moore
May 25, 2002 Trent Roy Jessica Lynn Patoine Peacham, Vt. Dale and Marceya Roy of East Peacham Diane Goss of St. Johnsbury and Joseph Patoine of Bath, N.Y.
June 1, 2002 Derek Poquette Krista Lantagne Newport, Vt. Jo Ann Poquette of Burlington and David Poquette of Concord, Vt Craig and Kathy Lantagne of Lyndonville
June 1, 2002 Roland "Tiger" Dufour Jr. Lisa Joslin Concord, Vt. Jerry and Judy Fenoff of St. Johnsbury and the late Roland Dufour Sr. Reginald and Kathleen Joslin of East Concord, Vt
June 1, 2002 Ryan O'Malley Allyson MacQuarrie Saranac Lake, N.Y. James and Wendy O'Malley of Waterford Russell and Michelle Heater of Syracuse, N.Y.
June 2, 2002 Richard Parker Knapp II Crystal Lynn Albertin Richland, Wash Richard and Brenda Knapp of Littleton Michael and Carolyn Albertin of Kennewick, Wash., and Karen Westvik of Sweet Home, Ore.
June 7, 2002 Elvin Dean Switser II Carrie Jean Lepage West Burke, Vt. the late Reg and Fargo Rae Switser Christine and Robert Reed of Orleans and Bob Lepage of Newport
June 15, 2002 Dr. David E. McLean Maida Cisic Lake Tahoe, Nev Michael McLean of Lititz, Pa., and Donna Anderson of Pittsburg, Calif Emir and Fatima Cisic of Bosnia
June 15, 2002 John "Johnny" Wallek III Tamika Michelle "Tammy" Hatch West Danville, Vt. John Wallek Jr. of West Danville and Darla Cochran of Daleville, Va Howard and Joyce Hatch of Walden
June 15, 2002 Larry Marcel Lussier Emily Louise Garand Sheffield, Vt. Larry Lussier Sr. and Sherrill Cote, both of Newport Michael and Tina Garand of Sheffield
June 21, 2002 Todd David Russell Shawn Marie Martin Soldotna, Alaska Mark and Barbara Kittredge-Russell of Lunenburg, and David and Patricia Russell of St. Johnsbury Mary Martin of Apache Junction, Ariz., and Philip Martin of Chicago, Ill
June 22, 2002 Eric Little Lisa Hallee Portland, Maine Marvin and Carmen Littel of Manchester, Maine, and formerly of St. Johnsbury. Donald and Gisele Hallee of Gilman
June 22, 2002 Jeffrey Allen Hale Bethany Ann Peak St. Johnsbury, Vt. Donald and Ernestine Hale of St. Johnsbury George Peak of White River Junction and Linda Peak of St. Johnsbury
June 22, 2002 Michael H. Bickford Anneka P. Trafan Las Vegas, Nev. Robert and Judy Bickford of Newark Linda Palmer of Lyndonville and Foster Palmer of Cape Cod, Mass
June 23, 2002 Bryan Hirschman Wendy Caplan Waitsfield, Vt. Joel and Susan Hirschman of Baltimore, Md Harvey and Patty Caplan of St. Johnsbury
June 29, 2002 Christopher Bell Jill Joslin Miles Pond, Vt. Beth Bell, sister  
June 29, 2002 Gregory Alfred Roy Lisa Diane Willson Wheelock, Vt. Carol Roy of Marshfield David and Diane True of Lyndonville
June 29, 2002 Marc Comtois Meredith Beauvais Burlington, Vt. Andrea and Marc Comtois of Georgia, Vt Elizabeth and Bruce Beauvais of Ryegate
July 4, 2002 Charles Morrison Taylor III  Heather Marie Walker Swiftwater, N.H. Sue and Don Bigelow of Swiftwater and Charles M. Taylor of Georgia Dale and Lisa Walker of Bethlehem, N.H.
July 5, 2002 Quinn Hurlbert Angela Fournier Lyndonville, Vt. Guy Hurlbert and Terry Hurlbert, both of Colebrook, N.H. Jerald and Jean Fournier of Lyndonville
July 6, 2002 Christopher Glen Pearl Gail Michel Lamarre Haverhill, N.H. William and Gwen Pearl of Barnet Bruce and Julie Lamarre of Piermont
July 6, 2002 Philip Andrew Chan Juliette Patton Greene Barrington, R.I. Dr. and Mrs. Don Paul Chan of Concord, N.H., and the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tanych of Lyndonville Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greene of Lincoln, R.I.
July 6, 2002 Tobin Reginald Lussier Sara Lynn Duprey St. Johnsbury, Vt. Reginald and Heidi Lussier of Kirby Roland and Mary Duprey of St. Johnsbury
July 6, 2002 Troy D. Sullivan Katie J. Poulsen St. Johnsbury, Vt. Timothy and Jo-Ann Sullivan of Waterford Peter and Debbie Poulsen of Littleton
July 7, 2002 Benjamin Samuels Juliet Estridge Morgan, Vt.    
July 18, 2002 Charles J. Rice Clarissa A. Rivers South Wheelock, Vt. John Rice of Lyndonville and Sandra Simpson of South Wheelock Scott and Linda Rivers of East Haven
July 19, 2002 William Taylor Shumway Adah Lou Holman Salt Lake City, Utah Larry K. Shumway of Tooele, Utah, and Floralee Shumway of Centerville, Utah Richard K. and Beverly L. Holman of Newark
July 20, 2002 Chad Michael Morin Heidi Elizabeth Fournier Barre, Vt. Chad is the son of James and Suzanne Morin of Lewiston, Maine Richard and Cheryl Fournier of Barre and the granddaughter of Gerald and Clara Aubin of Lyndonville
July 20, 2002 Justin Smith Kathryn Jackson East Burke, Vt. Donald and Valli Smith of Lyndonville Daniel and Rebecca Jackson of West Burke
July 27, 2002 Daniel Frizzell Alicia Comtois Essex Junction, Vt. Kenneth and Grace Frizzell Jr. of East Charleston Claude and Edith Comtois of Derby
July 27, 2002 Robbie Hallett Jennifer Hastings North Danville, Vt Bob and Ann Hallett of Newark Gordon and Cindy Hastings of Danville
Aug. 3, 2002 Dale Jason Gray Holly Marie LaCoss St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Aug. 3, 2002 Dan Currier Catherine Board St. Johnsbury, Vt. Marguerite and Winston Currier of Monroe, N.H.  Pauline and Christopher Fortin of St. Johnsbury
Aug. 3, 2002 Dana Marshall Gray Rosa Amalia Tapia Waterford, Vt. Dennis and Bonnie Gray of Lincoln, Maine Felicita Sandoval of Pomona, Calif., and Rodolfo Tapia of Honduras
Aug. 4, 2002 Gary Fowler Rebecca Tucker Nashville, Tenn.    
Sept. 7, 2002 Patrick Kenneth Borie  Jessica Browne Lafferty Peacham, Vt. Jean-Paul and Mary Kay Borie of Marseilles, France E. Bruce and Rebecca Lafferty of Peacham
Aug. 10, 2002 Brian William Somers Bobbi Jan Warner Wells River, Vt. Donna Mosholder of Monroe and Brian Somers of McIndoe Falls Jan and Bob Warner of East Ryegate
Aug. 10, 2002 Dan Thompson Jen Brown St. Johnsbury, Vt. Otis and Linda Thompson of Lyndonville Richard and Anne Brown of Lyndonville
Aug. 10, 2002 Gary Cochran Kari Robinson Walden, Vt. Ronald and Ann Cochran Lynn and Roy Ashmall
Aug. 10, 2002 Justin Joe Lemieux Kelly Ann Rouelle St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Aug. 10, 2002 Michael B. Marek Meredith Fleming Neylon Berg, Germany Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Marek of Stuttgart, Germany Mr. and Mrs. William Patrick Neylon of St. Johnsbury
Aug. 17, 2002 Jacob Simpson Tina Marie Buzzi Lyndonville, Vt. Allison Gratton of Deerfield, Vt., and Bruce and Christine Simpson of Jericho, Vt Joe Buzzi of Lyndon, and Doug and Carol A. Butynski of Lyndonville
Aug. 17, 2002 Jon Paul Prue Tara Elizabeth McCaffrey Lancaster, N.H. Rose Crosby of Waterford and Richard Prue of Victory Patrick and Raylene McCaffrey of Lyndon
Aug. 24, 2002 Michael Paul Priest Carrie Elizabeth Carpenter St. Johnsbury, Vt. Fred and Debra Priest of St. Johnsbury Deborah and George Carpenter Jr. of North Concord, Vt
Aug. 24, 2002 Roger Metras Margaret Gregory Weirs Beach, N.H.    
Aug. 24, 2002 Sean Surat Jennifer Simanskas Calais, Vt. Darleen Surat of Peacham and Charles Surat of Thetford Mr. and Mrs. John Simanskas of Calais
Aug. 31, 2002 Tim Ulrich Lisa Shepard St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Sept. 7, 2002 Joe Desrochers Tammy Anderson Lunenburg, Vt.    
Sept. 7, 2002 Thomas Joseph Ketchum Bethany Ann Daniels Groton, Vt.    
Sept. 7, 2002 Timothy Michael Armstrong Amy Lynn Soden South Wheelock, Vt.    
Sept. 14, 2002 Nathan Choiniere Angela Johnson Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 28, 2002 Dana L. Wilkins Crystal Ann Bedor Sheffield, Vt. Harold and Thelma Wilkins of Lyndon Susan Bedor of Wheelock and the late Stephen Bedor
Sept. 28, 2002 Jamon Leo Renaud Gretchen Rae Piper Lancaster, N.H.    
Sept. 28, 2002 Michael Achilles Kimberly Leonard Poland, Maine Kenneth and Frances Achilles of St. Johnsbury Norman and Rosemarie Leonard of Poland, Maine
Oct. 5, 2002 Daniel Colby Casey Ann Ainsworth Lisbon, N.H. Paula Colby of Bethlehem, N.H., and Dale Colby of Lyman David and Diane Ainsworth of Lyndonville
Oct. 19, 2002 Mark Christopher Garand Megan Jaine Blodgett Augusta, Maine    
Oct. 19, 2002 Matthew Allen Gilman Jessica Lynn Ham Sheffield, Vt.    
Oct. 20, 2002 Patrick Jason Donovan Nini Farahnaz Khosrow-Shahi Hanover, N.H.    
Oct. 26, 2002 Wyeth Miller Towle Gina Theresa Zuccaro West Harwich, Mass.    
Nov. 30, 2002 Ronald H.R. Smith Christina M. Maloon Cumberland, Maine    
2003 ? Andrew Paulson Juanita Frances Shafer Westmore, Vt. Elaine McLaughlin of New Jersey and the late Andrew Paulson Brent Shafer and Carol Davis of Vermont
Feb. 6, 2003 Michael Sullivan Denise Reiner Bahamas    
Feb. 22, 2003 Joshua Swartwood Shanna DelaBruere Island Pond, Vt. David Swartwood Roland and Tammy DelaBruere of Island Pond
Feb. 25, 2003 Bernard "Kenny" Timson III Melissa Laliberte Concord, Vt. Bernard Timson Jr.  
March 1, 2003 Anthony Lethlean Beverly Lamont Christchurch, New Zealand    
March 1, 2003 Gordon Chaffee Cindy Locke-Welton Newport, Vt.   Felicia Welton, daughter - Sean Welton, son
March 7, 2003 John E. Sanderson Cassie L. Heywood Middlebury, Vt. Margaret Sanderson and Don Rauch Robert Heywood of Lyndonville and Jane Chamberlain of Middlebury
March 15, 2003 Allen Walter Porter Merry Lisa Savoy South Burlington, Vt.   Saleena Porter, daughter of the couple
March 25, 2003 Michael C. Demars Kari J. Taylor Disney Polynesian Resort   Rhonda Taylor
April 12, 2003 Nicholas Hale Peg Herpok North Haven, Conn.    
April 12, 2003 Scott Brady Johnson Kimberley Ann Dickerman Orr's Island, Maine    
April 19, 2003 Donald E. Blake Karen M. Rodliff Lyndonville, Vt. Deanna Wheeler, sister Andre Owen Bedard, grandson
April 26, 2003 Patrick Lloyd McKinstry Julie Kate Winters Williamstown, Vt.    
Before June 2003 Daniel Newland Judy (Caron) Zentz Manassas, Va. Darren Newland, son Lucy Caron of Lyndonville and the late Albert Caron - Judy's son, Dan Zentz and his wife Charity
May 11, 2003 Ronald J. Zisselsberger Suzanne L. Cray Newport, Vt. Karin Zisselsberger Robert J. Cray, son
May 17, 2003 Paul Leduc Michelle Anne Gauvin St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
May 24, 2003 Samuel Hamilton Eaton Jennifer Laurel Blair Franconia, N.H. Anne Eaton, sister Pamela Blair, sister
June 7, 2003 Thomas Christopher Cilwik Lara Nicole Hueth Irasburg, Vt.    
June 8, 2003 Mark Bradford Hall Suzanne Joy McReynolds Hillsborough, N.H.    
June 14, 2003 Christopher J. Grenier Rebecca A. Perry West Burke, Vt.   Paul Perry, brother
June 14, 2003 Jeffrey Thomas Welch Karen Rae York Lyndonville, Vt.    
June 21, 2003 Chad Christopher Jones Alyssa Marie Gorham Walpole, N.H.    
June 21, 2003 David Paul Lahar Mary Ellen Frizzell East Charleston, Vt. Paul and Elizabeth Lahar of Newport, Vt Robert and Audrey Frizzell of Charleston, Vt.
June 21, 2003 Gregory A. Downer Kerryanne Barnett East St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Robbie and Marianne Barnett
June 21, 2003 Ryan Flay Anthony Rachel Elizabeth Graves Gastonia, N.C.   William Graves
June 28, 2003 Andrew Causey Cari Lynn Prue Bethlehem, N.H.    
June 28, 2003 David Sean Clagg Beth Theresa Collette Brandon, Vt. Thomas Clagg, brother Richard Collette of South Portland, Maine
June 28, 2003 Joshua Sewell Frost Elisabeth Ann Lake Northfield, Vt.    
June 28, 2003 Martin L. Larrabee Michelle L. Thresher North Danville, Vt.   Brandon Thresher, son
June 28, 2003 Matthew Lindstrom Beth Ellen Coutu Molly's Pond, Vt. Rev. Brent Lindstrom Mathew Coutu, son - Sherri Ann Bearce, sister
June 28, 2003 Paul Gordon Walker Kristy Lynne Harris East Haven, Vt.    
July 5, 2003 Dwayne Edward Roger Perron Rhonda Marie Dion Lyndonville, Vt.    
July 5, 2003 Neil Omer Chartier Jillian Provin Farnsworth Plymouth, Vt.    
July 5, 2003 Toby Lee Walls Sarah Rose Crane Barnet, Vt.    
July 6, 2003 Christopher Michael Tyler Jesse Kara Whalen ?    
July 12, 2003 Cory Ryan Thompson Ashley Denise Locke McIndoe Falls, Vt.    
July 19, 2003 Brett C. Austin Nicole Peabody Bonners Ferry, Idaho    
July 19, 2003 Jamie Michael Fontaine Amy Marie French Troutville, Va. Christie Fontaine, sister  
July 19, 2003 Jason Christopher Nye Jennifer Dawn Wentworth Killington, Vt.    
July 19, 2003 Paul Ouellette Sara Austin North Danville, Vt.   Jay and Maggie Austin of North Danville
July 19, 2003 Ryan Travis North Bethany Marie Spencer Newport, Vt. Sharon Vilcins, sister Jessica Angell, sister
July 26, 2003 Albert J. Potter Angela C. Blaisdell Lancaster, N.H.    Melissa Abbott & Jessica Blaisdell, sisters
July 26, 2003 Andrew MacDonald Jennifer Dubois Jefferson, N.H.    
July 26, 2003 Michael Dale Stone Hillary Ann Labounty Sutton, Vt.    
July 26, 2003 Robert Paul Berthiaume Renee Marie Lamore Montpelier, Vt.    
Aug. 2, 2003 Eric Furs Kati Scott ?    
Aug. 2, 2003 Jonathan Scott Boxer Nicole Elisabeth Montany East Barnet, Vt.    
Aug. 2, 2003 Leon Raymond Turmel Tammy Lynn Houghton West Burke, Vt.   Terri Shatney, sister - Kristina Houghton Garrity and Abbey Turmel, daughters
Aug. 7, 2003 Marlon G. Brown Melody L. Hartshorn Montego Bay, Jamaica Patricia Peat of St. Andrew, Jamaica, and Alfred Brown of St. Catherine, Jamaica Constance Hartshorn of Littleton and the late Jerry Hartshorn
Aug. 9, 2003 Nicholas Mazur Suzanne Routhier Bloomfield, Vt.    
Aug. 15, 2003 Jeffery Young Traci-Lee Schwartz Littleton, N.H. Cathy Lewis, mother  
Aug. 16, 2003 Christopher Chad Royer Jaime Laura Barrett Jay, Vt.    
Aug. 16, 2003 Seth Powers Anna Savage Waterford, Vt.    
Aug. 23, 2003 Erik Barnes Debra Candreva White Plains, N.Y.   Fred and Lillian Candreva of Rye, N.Y. 
Aug. 23, 2003 Scott Ambrose Hook Jessica Lynn Noble Marshfield, Vt. Arlene Lareau of Marshfield Calvin and Nellie Noble Granby
Aug. 24, 2003 Roger Metras Margaret Gregory Weirs Beach, N.H.    
Aug. 25, 2003 Matthew Jay D'Ercole Nicole Bethany St. Peter Playa del Carmen, Mexico Don and Sue D'Ercole of Gorham, N.H. Karin St. Peter of Lancaster, N.H. and the late Richard St. Peter
Aug. 30, 2003 F. John Clifford III Angeline Anne Richard ?   Dennis and Sylvia Richard - Jade Richard, daughter of the bride
Aug. 30, 2003 Russell Nadeau Fabienne Plantin East Burke, Vt.    
Aug. 31, 2003 Brien Marc Chartier Rumi Oba Karuizawa, Japan   Nariko Oba of Namazu, Japan
Sept. 6, 2003 Justin J. Hayes Kara R. Lantagne Newport, Vt.    
Sept. 6, 2003 Nathan Ryan Emmons Christine Carolyn Rice Sutton, Vt. Susan Dupuis of Monroe, N.H., and James Emmons of Danville Richard and Judy Rice of Sutton
Sept. 20, 2003 Brian Scott Douglas Sarah Claire Lenz Yarmouth, Maine Michael and Christine Douglas of St. Johnsbury David and Rebecca Lenz of Freeport, Maine
Sept. 20, 2003 Eric Thomas Blake Molly Stark Dwyer ?    
Sept. 20, 2003 Richard Keach Jr. Kate Follensbee East Burke, Vt.    
Sept. 27, 2003 Martin Willard Sanborn Janeen Wernecke Fennimore Newbury, Vt.    
Sept. 27, 2003 Timothy Montgomery Tamra Smith Chelsea, Mich. B. Douglas and Cecile Montgomery of Lyndonville Thomas and Angela Smith of Chelsea
Oct. 1, 2003 Jim T. Carr Gloria A. Welch Monroe, N.H. Olive Carr of Ozark, Ala. Evelyn G. Harris of Monroe and the late Edward Harris
Oct. 4, 2003 Jeffrey Allen Wilkins Kelly Lynn Joslin Lancaster, N.H. David and Theresa Wilkins of Waterford Reg and Kathy Joslin of East Concord
Oct. 11, 2003 Christopher Angel Rangel Kotie Rae Fenoff Sugar Hill, N.H.    
Oct. 11, 2003 David Hoppe Abigail Hartshorn Bretton Woods, N.H. Harry and Diana Hoppe of Essex Junction Bruce and Barbara Hartshorn of Lancaster, N.H.
Oct. 11, 2003 Kevin B. Sargent Jr. Bridget G. Bourgeois St. Johnsbury, Vt. Gloria Sargent of Danville, and Kevin B. Sargent Sr. of Lancaster, N.H. Goldie Bourgeois of St. Johnsbury, and the late Wilfrid Bourgois
Oct. 11, 2003 Ruel Duncan Carmichael Crystal Rene Thresher Peacham    
Oct. 12, 2003 Jerry H. Daniels Jr. Heather Machell Cheyenne, Wyo. Dora and Jerry Daniels Sr. of Florida Amy Haselton of Groton, Vt., and Chris Machell of Michigan.
Oct. 25, 2003 David W. Singleton Marcy L. Nelson Lancaster, N.H. David and Kathy Singleton of Chesapeake, Va. Ken and Bobbie Nelson of Ryegate
Oct. 25, 2003 Jeffrey A. Roberts Billy Jo Rounds West Barnet, Vt.   Stanley Rounds of Northfield, Vt., and Patsy Murray of East Ryegate
Oct. 25, 2003 Robert Knight Kristiana Dudley St. Johnsbury Center, Vt. Audrey Knight of Lyndonville, Vt., and the late Norbert Knight Florence Dudley and Ken Alger of Wells River, Vt.
Oct. 25, 2003 Scott Dutcher Jennifer Knapp St. Petersburg, Fla. Hazel Dutcher of Gulfport, Fla., and the late Robert Dutcher Larry and Sandy Boudle of Groveton, N.H.
Nov. 1, 2003 Dana Lefaivre Erika Young Orleans, Vt.    
Nov. 1, 2003 James Phillips Rebecca Bengston St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Oct. 18, 2003 Waldo F. Taylor Jr. Rebecca M. Shippa Makena, Hawaii    
Nov. 22, 2003 Michael P. Abair Felecia L. Clough Barre, Vt. Philip and Angela Abair of East Longmeadow, Mass. David R. and Eva Clough of Essex, Vt.
Dec. 27, 2003 Dale Youngman Donna DeCoff Bradford, Vt. Ken Youngman of Wells River, Vt., and the late Eleanor Youngman John DeCoff Jr. of White River Junction, Vt., and Polly Bartlett of Wilder, Vt.
Dec. 31, 2003 Ben Robinson Paige Loomis Danville, Vt. Bill Robinson of Lyndonville and late Linda Robinson. He is the grandson of Beverly Robinson of Lyndonville and the late Donald Robinson, and Bill and Beverly Villeneuve of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Tom and Jan Loomis of Lyndonville. She is the granddaughter of Caroline Parow of Lyndonville, the late Stanley Parow, and the late Muriel and William Loomis.
Jan. 2, 2004 Theodore Francis Foster Samantha Ann Bailey Walden, Vt. Richard and Dawn Bailey of Hardwick Richard and Dawn Bailey of Hardwick
Jan. 3, 2004 Brian Jeffrey Benway Kelley Jean Chase Newport, Vt. Cecil and Bonnie Benway of Raymond, N.H., and the late Henry and Audrey Webb Wayne and Jean Chase of Passumpsic, Vt.
Feb. 14, 2004 Brian W. Carley Aline Margaret Alarie St. Johnsbury Center, Vt.    
Feb. 14, 2004 Jeffrey P. Liberty Catherine A. Hanks Lyndonville, Vt. Peter Liberty of Lyndonville and Karleen Kelly of Littleton, N.H. Jackie and Jerry Leigh of Canaan, Vt., and Rick Hanks Sr. and Cindy Liberty of Waterford, Vt.
Feb. 14, 2004 Brian W. Carley Aline Margaret Alarie St. Johnsbury Center, Vt. Joyce Carley Hume and Robert Allen Carley, both of Belleville, Ontario, Canada Clement Alarie of Winooski, Vt., and the late Eleanor Alarie
Feb. 28, 2004 John Carney Wendalyn Russ Columbus, Ohio James and Marlane Carney of Boardman, Ohio. Louis and Angela Russ of Morgan, Vt.
Feb. 29, 2004 Jeffrey Dean Percy Kaija Lium Kawaihae, Hawaii David and Elizabeth LaFleur of Lyndonville, Vt Judith Howland of North Concord, Vt., and Narragansett, R.I., and Sten Lium of Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
March 6, 2004 Stephen Anthony Little Laura Ellen Hale Quechee, Vt Glen and Peggy Little of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Margaret S. Hale of Cape Cod, Mass
March 27, 2004 Paul Gaboriault Holly Toadvine Costa Rica Gloria Gaboriault of Island Pond, Vt., and the late Renald Gaboriault Shirley Toadvine of Hebron, Md., and the late Theodore Toadvine Sr.
April 3, 2004 Michael Simpson Wendy Davis Waikiki, Hawaii Janet Gilman of Lyndonville, Vt., and Reginald Simpson of East Haven, Vt. Gardner and Joyce Davis of Barnet
April 16, 2004 Carl Baloun Theresa Compton Bloomfield, Iowa   Mary McBey of Downsville, La., daughters, Jessica and Nichole
April 17, 2004 Peter Maneen Jr. Tina C. Burns Cabot, Vt. Peter Sr. and Judy Maneen of Milton, Vt., and Sheri and Tom Rehm of Black Mountain, N.C. James and Mary Ann Burns of Essex Junction, Vt.
April 20, 2004 Duane Paul Coute Cathy Lee Gorham the island of Antigua Bob and Sheila Coute, formerly of Bethlehem, N.H. David Gorham of North Walpole, N.H., and Bonnie Cassady of Lyndon Center, Vt.
May 16, 2004 David Alan Riffe Sheri Anne DeBarge Palmetto, Fla. Margaret and Verne McGrew II of McIndoe Falls Earle and Theresa DeBarge of McIndoe Falls
May 22, 2004 Benjamin Young Tanya Llave South Burlington, Vt. Joseph and Jeannine Young of Derby, Vt. Patrick and Librada Simmons of Bradenton, Fla.
May 22, 2004 Christian Gerald Cedrone Aime Marie Matteis Dover, N.H.    
May 22, 2004 Christopher David Lloyd Kathryn Eleanor Conte Vail, Colo. Bernard and Theresa Lloyd of Prince Frederick, Md. Tom and Cathy Conte of Danville, Vt. She is the granddaughter of Lois Ward and the late Wesley Ward, Tom and Alison Conte and John Fecteau and the late Eleanor Fecteau.
May 22, 2004 David Robert Barron Erica Hadley Houskeeper Weston, Vt. Douglas and Sally Barron of Springfield, Mass. - Paul Barron, brother Elizabeth O'Leary of Manchester, Vt., and J. Robert Houskeeper of Hudson, Fla. - Margaret Ohrn, sister
May 22, 2004 Jesse W. King Erica A. Clough Littleton, N.H. David and Sherry King of Loudon John and Colette Clough of Littleton
May 22, 2004 Ken Edwardson Anna Patoine Lincoln, N.H. John Edwardson of Port Jefferson, N.Y., and Trudy Ewart of North Fort Myers, Fla. Vic and Kathy Patoine of Wolcott, Vt.
May 29, 2004 Anthony Robert St. Peter Margaret Suh Cuddihy Bethlehem, N.H. Karin St. Peter of Lancaster, N.H., and the late Richard St. Peter Thomas and Nancy Cuddihy of Bethlehem
May 22, 2004 Benjamin Young Tanya Llave South Burlington, Vt.    
May 29, 2004 Scott S. Blood Melissa K. Page Ryegate, Vt. Steve and Lori Blood of Ryegate, Vt. Frank and Janice Page of Groton
June 6, 2004 Jere Kendall Brenda Blackie Belmont, N.H.    
June 12, 2004 Aaron Bair Emily Dyer Groton, Vt.    
June 12, 2004 Daren P. Smith Tara L. Huntoon St. Johnsbury, Vt. Suzanne Smith of St. Johnsbury and the late Dale Smith Scott and Sue Stuart of Monroe, N.H., and Rose and Patrick Huntoon of Greenville, N.C.
June 12, 2004 Nathan Haile Helen LeClair Lyndonville, Vt.   Muriel LeClair, mother - Margaret Gilman, sister - Dominick Haile, son - Robin Haile, daughter
June 12, 2004 Robert Charles Heald Nicole Larissa Achilles St. Johnsbury, Vt. Donald and Paula Heald of Valrico, Fla. Everett and Shirley Achilles of Riverview, Fla.
June 19, 2004 David John Simpson Erin Elizabeth Ricker Island Pond, Vt.    
June 19, 2004 Jason Gregory Darling Meghan Lautner Bahler Pinehurst, N.C.    
June 19, 2004 Justin Franklyn Passut Sharon Ann Kimball Newport, Vt.    
June 19, 2004 Kevin Robert Snook Sr. April Lee Elliott Portsmouth, N.H. late Raymond and Mildred Snook late Lewis Henry Elliott and Betty Jean Mitchell Elliott.
June 26, 2004 Brian Harbaugh Rachel Friedman Bretton Woods, N.H. Russell and Judith Harbaugh Sr. of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Jack and Mary Ellen Friedman of Island Pond, Vt.
June 26, 2004 Jason Robert Starr Heidi Lynn McMann Jay, Vt. John and Claudette Starr of North Troy Keith McMann of White River Junction, and Paula Connary of Holland, Vt.
June 26, 2004 Keith Todd Farias Brandy Lee Beaulieu Jefferson, N.H. Michelle Minnick of East Ryegate, Vt., and William Farias of Lisbon, N.H. Oscar Beaulieu of Lancaster, N.H.
June 26, 2004 Kyle Nannen Stephanie Johnson Brunswick, Maine Howard and Janet Nannen of Harpswell. Patricia and Jonathan Johnson III of Littleton, N.H.
June 30, 2004 Richard E. White Jill Carroll Las Vegas, Nev.    
July 1, 2004 John F. Urie Samantha Cazorla ? Douglas and Lisa Urie of St. Johnsbury, Vt. grandson of Sally and John Briggs of Lunenburg, Vt. and James and Elizabeth Urie and Georgia and Ralph Laine of St. Johnsbury Christopher and Jean Cazorla of Merritt Island, Fla.
July 3, 2004 Bryan Paul Aubin Ryan Paige Weiland Burlington, Vt.    
July 3, 2004 Curtis Hastings Larrabee Jennifer Lynn Lawson Newport, Vt. Garey and Jane Larrabee of West Danville Effie Brown of Derby, Vt., and the late Jerry Lawson
July 3, 2004 Daniel Ethan Brodien Katie Elizabeth Latulip Newport, Vt.   Erin and Holly Latulip, sisters
July 3, 2004 James T. Hedgepath Rebecca Ann Smith Lexington, S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hedgepath of Anderson, S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Smith of Lower Waterford, Vt.
July 16, 2004 David Anthony Paronto Amy Elizabeth Nott Davidson, N.C.    
July 18, 2004 James S. Kendall Michelle S. Sabo Burke Hollow, Vt.    
July 23, 2004 Gordon Harold Perkins Jennifer Lee Saltzman Dixville Notch, N.H.    
July 23, 2004 John Windsor Hodgdon Nicole Elaine Swallow Lancaster, N.H. Vaughn and Dorothy (Hodge) Hodgdon of Guildhall, Vt. - Jennifer Hodgdon, sister William and Nancy (Bell) Swallow of Rehoboth, Mass. - Natalie Taylor and Naomi Swallow, sisters
July 24, 2004 Tim Angell Adriane Rolfe Littleton, N.H.    
July 31, 2004 Adam Tanych Alivia Beth Bertolini Kirby, Vt.    
July 31, 2004 Eric Barrett Sarah Smithson Baldwinsville, N.Y.   David and Mary Anne Smithson of Baldwinsville
July 31, 2004 Jonathan J. Davis Christina L. Sylvester Sutton, Vt.   Robert and Linda Sylvester of Sutton
Aug. 14, 2004 Glen Locke Jennifer Carlson Bradford, Vt.   father, Ronald Carlson and stepfather, David Kerrigan
Aug. 14, 2004 Jesse James Remick Gillian Alice Guest Concord, Vt.    
Aug. 14, 2004 Kenneth Scott Glidden Jennifer Grace Crawford Tucson, Ariz. Scott and Gena Glidden Thomas and Jeanne Crawford of Lincoln, Neb.
Aug. 14, 2004 Mark A Dilley Shannon Marie Martin South Hero, Vt. Elaine and Alfred Dilley of Lyndon, Vt. Susan and Arnold Martin of Swanton, Vt.
Aug. 19, 2004 John Mark O'Meara Amy Challstrom Mandeville Hardwick, Vt. Carol Lynn O'Meara and Owen Patrick O'Meara of Englewood Joyce Challstrom Mandeville and John Terry Mandeville of East Hardwick, Vt.
Aug. 21, 2004 Glenn Chamberlin Nicole Dansereau Lancaster, Pa.    
Aug. 21, 2004 Robert Brown Angela Currier Lancaster, N.H.    
Sept. 4, 2004 George Petras Shannon Bell Chios, Greece    
Sept. 4, 2004 Gregory Vincent Lepine Rachel Marie Patoine St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Sept. 5, 2004 Richard John Hammer Dr. Stacey Lauren Richman Livingston, N.J.   Amy Horowitz, sister
Sept. 11, 2004 Benjamin Frank Curless Elizabeth Anne Gregory New London, N.H.    
Sept. 11, 2004 Christopher Kent Jackson Aeron Monette Green Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, Canada    
Sept. 18, 2004 Daniel Cole Erin Latulip Sugar Hill, N.H.   Katie Brodien, sister
Sept. 18, 2004 Donald Stimpson Terri Shatney Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 18, 2004 Gerry Gray Diana Miller St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Tammie and Theresa Newland
Sept. 18, 2004 Robert LePage Jr. Lorri Clapper Derby, Vt. Carole Fylstra, mother Carolyn Clapper, mother
Sept. 25, 2004 Eric Palmer Deborah Doyon St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Conrad and Theresa Doyon of St. Johnsbury
Oct. 2, 2004 David Cook Laurie Geoffrey Newport, Vt. Daniel Cook, son Kim-Marie Geoffrey, sister
Oct. 2, 2004 Kevin Daniels Sarah Redder Kirby, Vt.    
Oct. 2, 2004 Mathew Robinson Michelle McDonald St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Oct. 2, 2004 Troy David Lund Jennifer Jean Mayville Colchester, Vt.    
Oct. 9, 2004 Rob Green Lovelle LaCourse Lyndonville, Vt.    
Oct. 11, 2004 Canaan Morgan Johnson Brandy Christina Catherine Liberty St. Johnsbury, Vt. Susan and Don Bigelow of New Hampshire, and Mike Johnson and Jill Wagner of Carbella, Fla. Cindy Liberty and Rick Hanks of Waterford, Russell McReynolds of North Danville; and stepdaughter of Robert Magoon of St. Johnsbury
Oct. 14, 2004 George Garlin Jr. Kristina Olsen Kihei, Maui, Hawaii   brother, Scott Olsen
Oct. 16, 2004 Jason Mitchell Jennifer O'Meara Lyndonville, Vt.    
Oct. 23, 2004 Derek Edward May Megan Stroop Davidson, N.C.    
Nov. 27, 2004 John Paul Mulchay Laura Everling Hollywood, Calif.    
Dec. 18, 2004 Matthew Conley Angela Tiedeman St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Dec. 19, 2004 Pete R. Lara Cindy Elliott Wichita Falls, Texas    
Dec. 24, 2004 Rodney "Squeek" McCoy Michaell LaCroix Lyndon, Vt.    
Jan. 18, 2005 Joseph Priest Trisha Boewe  ? ? Ruth Priest of St. Johnsbury Joyce and Chris Boewe of Madison, N.H.
Jan. 21, 2005 Tunc Diptas Monica Jo Montany Arlington, Va.   Eugene and Gail Montany of Peacham
Feb. 14, 2005 Wade Michael Shepard Jolene May Kennison ? Hardwick, Vt. ? Michael and Janette Shepard of Groton, Vt.; and the grandson of Bertram and Barbara Fenoff of Newbury, Vt., and Don Shepard of West Topsham, Vt.  Bernard Kennison and Doleda Kennison, both of Hardwick, Vt.
March 30, 2005 DeWayne Paul Spencer Priscilla Pearl Tetreault Concord, Vt.    
April 2, 2005 Daniel Tanner Heather Ainsworth St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
April 30, 2005 Alex Daniel Allen Stacy Jean Patterson Richford, Vt.    
April 30, 2005 Fredrick William Ahlmann Megan Leah Dean Lunenburg, Vt.    
May 7, 2005 Nathan Lowrey Amanda Avery Littleton, N.H.   Given away by her father and stepfather
May 14, 2005 Mark T. Winter Lyn Osborne McIntosh Landaff, N.H.    
May 14, 2005 Ryan Case Mercedes Robbins Danville, Vt.    
May 21, 2005 Brian P. Lunderville Tina (Bournival) Stanford Lancaster, N.H.    
May 21, 2005 Thomas Ray Beck Mei-Ling Elizabeth Fong Las Vegas, Nev.    
May 28, 2005 Graham Thomson VerLee Katie Elizabeth Nelson Portland, Maine    
May 28, 2005 Jon Fraser Lisa Derrington Lansing, Mich.    
May 29, 2005 Merrill David Haley Cheryl Lynn Davis Littleton, N.H.    
June 4, 2005 Chad Laferriere Anna Rose Stulc Columbia Falls, Mt.    
June 4, 2005 Daniel John Frost Brianna Louise Lee Berlin, Vt. Lawrence Daniels, grandfather  
June 4, 2005 Kevin Montgomery Denise Forest Ferrisburgh, Vt.    
June 18, 2005 Brian Biegert Lisa Ribble Dunmore, Pa.    
June 18, 2005 Martin Donald St. George Krystin Anne Connolly Lancaster, N.H.    
June 18, 2005 Michael Chadburn Stephanie Wallek Concord, Vt.    
June 18, 2005 Seth Richard Carpenter Bethany Sue Barrett Sutton, Vt.    
June 18, 2005 Steven Walker Samantha Buote Bethlehem, N.H.   Linda Quintanilha, sister
June 24, 2005 Peter Camp Amanda Cleary Norwich, Conn.    
June 25, 2005 Andrew Morton Leanne Goulette Waitsfield, Vt.    
June 25, 2005 David C. Evans Brynn M. Reynolds St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
June 25, 2005 Jeremy Matthew Ross Carrie Sue Iwankovitsch South Ryegate, Vt.    
June 25, 2005 Perry Travis Radford Jessica Lynn Dodge Dublin, N.H.    
July 1, 2005 Steve Ayotte Nicole Hunt Madawaska, Maine    
July 3, 2005 Raymond Alexander Gendron Amy Beth Simpson Newport, Vt.    
July 10, 2005 Joseph A. Lund Alyssa C. Bernadino East Corinth, Vt.   Kevin and Glenda Bernadino of Newark, Vt.
July 17, 2005 Jason Flood Sarah Wadleigh Arlington, Va.    
July 22, 2005 Paul David Barrett Honi Bean Colchester, Vt.    
July 22, 2005 Richard Karb Jr. Michelle Lund Rockport, Mass.   David and Dollinda Lund of East Haven, Vt.
July 23, 2005 Brian Christopher Miller Lori Lea Lyndonville, Vt.    
July 23, 2005 Ian Thomas Todd Frances Hathaway Bernard Edinburgh, Scotland   Barbara and Brendon Bernard of London, granddaughter of Bill and Anne Allen of Wheelock
July 23, 2005 Justin Hiley Caldbeck Deidre Hollars Pacific Grove, Calif.    
July 23, 2005 Justin Ouellette Baylow Pforzheimer Sutton, Vt.   Rob Pforzheimer
July 30, 2005 Doug Gilmour Joelle Smith Harbor Springs, Mich.    
July 30, 2005 Peter Thayer Ellis Anne Ide Swainbank York, Maine    
Aug. 6, 2005 Glenn Powers Nancy Belle Bacon West Danville, Vt.   grandparents, Margaret and Romaine Bacon of West Danville, Vt.
Aug. 6, 2005 James Chordas Katherine Jenkins North Stonington, Conn.    
Aug. 6, 2005 Paul Brasseur Amy Lynn Michaud Lancaster, N.H.    
Aug. 6, 2005 Randell Lee DeVoid Angala Marie Godfrey St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Aug. 6, 2005 Thaddeus Graydon Richardson Alissa Dawn Smith Lyndonville, Vt.    
Aug. 13, 2005 Adam John Ranney Kathryn Mary Forest Fairlee, Vt.    
Aug. 13, 2005 Dean L. Mason Tammy L. Britch Lyndonville, Vt.    
Aug. 20, 2005 Eugene Scott Pushee Tori Lynn Guibord Littleton, N.H.    
Aug. 20, 2005 Jason Heinrich Jenna Bird Danville, Vt.    
Aug. 20, 2005 Thomas Perry Tamra Elizabeth Daine Littleton, N.H.    
Aug. 20, 2005 Zachary Cole Casey Stacey Ann Pakus Waitsfield, Vt.    
Aug. 27, 2005 Dale Lasceski Shelly Rainville Geneva, N.Y.    
Aug. 27, 2005 Neil O. Blodgett Christine L. Hanehan Orleans, Vt.    
Sept. 1, 2005 Gary Foster Sarah Jewell Niagara Falls, Canada  Rex Foster of Ottumwa, Iowa, and the late Carol Foster Edward and Elaine Jewell of Sheffield, Vt.
Sept. 3, 2005 Cory Adam Bingham Sarah Beth Briggs Island Pond, Vt.    
Sept. 3, 2005 Seth Cary Doran Andrea Lynn Cotter Andover, Vt.    
Sept. 3, 2005 Shane Christopher Noyes Celina Emily Croteau Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 10, 2005 Daniel Bruce Davenport Celena Denise Welch Gorham, N.H.    
Sept. 10, 2005 James Applebee Devin Goss Ryegate, Vt.    
Sept. 10, 2005 Jesse Allen Smith Debra Lynn Edwards Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 10, 2005 Justin Amidon Krystal Downing Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 10, 2005 Michael Roland Barrett Jennifer Panton Littleton, N.H.    
Sept. 10, 2005 Todd M. Smith Katy E. Goodrich Whitefield, N.H.    
Sept. 17, 2005 Anthony Whitehill Davina Wheeler Barnet, Vt.    
Sept. 17, 2005 Gordon Fraser Michelle LeBlanc St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Sept. 24, 2005 Jeffrey Allen Atherton Joy Ann Bona Enosburg Falls, Vt.    
Oct. 1, 2005 Kenneth Newton Adrian Cenatiempo Machester, N.H.   Ralph and Mary Cenatiempo
Oct. 1, 2005 Michael Patrick Lynch Mary Danielle DuTremble Lyndonville, Vt.    
Oct. 1, 2005 Robert Shaw Jr. Pennie Dixon ?    
Oct. 7, 2005 Nathan Keith Maryann Morin Newcastle, Maine    
Oct. 8, 2005 Dr. J. Taylor Reed Lauren Donnellan Richmond, Vt.    
Oct. 8, 2005 Paul L. Essaff Linda L. Hale Waterford, Vt.    
Oct. 8, 2005 Shawn Sicard Renee Beede Barre, Vt.    
Oct. 12, 2005 Matthew William Kvam Karie Lynn Finn Oranjestad, Aruba    
Oct. 15, 2005 Michael Sherwin Manley Jr. Hannah Jane Nelson Ryegate, Vt.    
Oct. 15, 2005 Ryan Robert Giguere Tiffany Lynn Saunders Chesterfield, Va.    
Oct. 22, 2005 Kevin Lavigne Christy Lewis Barre, Vt.    
Oct. 29, 2005 Eric Michael Gordun Kari Anita Corbin Phoenix, Ariz.    
Nov. 12, 2005 Timothy Chad Letourneau Jennifer Lynn Mayberry Ryegate Corner, Vt.    
Nov. 13, 2005 Ronald William Roy Susan Riczko Panama City Beach, Fla.    
Dec. 3, 2005 Andrew Allen Vanessa Franklyn Klein Woodstock, Vt.    
Dec. 10, 2005 Brian Berry Courtney Faust Irasburg, Vt.    
?/?/2006 Nicholas Jon Blaney Zanna Cecily Carroll Campbell Littleton, N.H.   brother, Andrew S. Campbell
Jan. 28, 2006 Keith R. Pillow Audrey L. Jennings Ocho Rios, Jamaica   Michelle Drake, sister
Feb. 17, 2006 Chico L. Sanville Sarah E. McHarg Brookdale, Pa.    
Feb. 25, 2006 Charles Ryan Frazier Emily Lynne Askren St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Laurel and Natalie Askren, sisters
March 11, 2006 Cesar Abdulio Santos Amy Lynn Dauphin Arlington, Va. Jose Santos and Maria Hernandez of Alexandria, Va. Cherryll and Calvin Bunnell of Barnet, Vt. She is also the daughter of Steve Dauphin of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
March 25, 2006 Joseph Colanero Teresa Wellman Pooler, Ga.   Shelley Crown, sister
April 2, 2006 Scott Geddes Mattie Towle Newbury, Vt. Lynn and Malcom Geddes of Scotland Martha Maloney of Ryegate and Elroy Towle Jr. of Barnet, Vt.
April 8, 2006 Stephen Hodgdon Lisa Corey Danville, Vt.   Scott Corey, brother
April 22, 2006 Jason Patridge Marcy Smith Lyndonville, Vt.    
April 24, 2006 Travis Bugbee Amanda Halpin Punta Cana, Dominican Republic   Phil Halpin
April 30, 2006 William "Bill" F. Bocash Angela M. York Las Vegas, Nev.    
May 27, 2006 Donald Patoine Jr. Erin McHarg East Burke, Vt.   Jessie Therrien, Audra Sicard, and Laura McHarg, sisters
May 27, 2006 Peter B. Trombley Darlene Maynard Littleton, N.H.    
May 28, 2006 John Fyans Marie Carpenter Hudson, Mass    
May 28, 2006 Nicholas James Fortier Karen Rae York Las Vegas, Nev. R. Mark Fortier and Lori E. Fortier of Waterford, Vt. Norman E. York III and Ruth E. York of Lyndonville, Vt.
June 3, 2006 Dr. Gregory James McCormick Dr. Monica Fiorenza Vergennes, Vt.    
June 3, 2006 Jason Clark Sarah Leach Lake Massawippi in Quebec, Canada Johnny Clark, brother  
June 4, 2006 Jacob G. Dunlap Satoko Utsunomiya Wheelock, Vt. Karen Reid, mother  
June 10, 2006 Jared David Lacasse Victoria Lynn Whitehill Passumpsic, Vt.    
June 10, 2006 Raymond Doubleday Sarah Leavitt Lisbon, N.H.    
June 10, 2006 Sam Mason Jr. MaryJane Jones Irasburg, Vt.    
June 17, 2006 James Hemond Jennifer Wood Lancaster, N.H.   Christine Thomas, sister
June 17, 2006 Jason Michael Bellavance Sarah Catherine Steward Bradford, Vt.   Elizabeth and Rebecca Steward, sisters
June 17, 2006 Nathan Adams Jessica Hill Pittsburgh, Pa.    
June 24, 2006 Ben Patoine Tracy Willey Hardwick, Vt. Anna Edwardson, sister Lori Hislop, sister
June 24, 2006 Chris Kendall Johnna Hall St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
June 24, 2006 Jason Richard Taylor Jody Lee Traverse Castleton, Vt. Craig Taylor, brother  
June 24, 2006 John Foran Jessica Roy Sheldon, Vt.    
March 25, 2006 Kevin G. Moss Brandy Lea Craven Sugar Hill, N.H. Daniel R. Moss, brother  
June 25, 2006 Lee Jae Morse Ngoc Thi Phan San Diego, Calf.   Mr. and Mrs. Phan Van Phung of San Diego
July 1, 2006 Martin Cashin Amanda Cobb Monroe, N.H.   Melinda Cobb, sister
July 1, 2006 Ronald Maxwell Debra Perry Island Pond, Vt.   Rev. Dr. Dale Pederson, brother - Andrew and Alexander Perry, sons
July 8, 2006 B. James Barton Jr. Danielle Alicia Lund East Burke, Vt.    
July 8, 2006 Eric Richardson Calhoun Jr. Kate Macdonald Bishop Sugar Hill, N.H. sisters, Carly Calhoun, Nancy Calhoun and Beda Calhoun  
July 8, 2006 Jeffrey A. Bolduc Heidi-Jo Whipple Meredith, N.H.   Nicholas Whipple, son
July 8, 2006 Lewis Matthew "Matt" Brill Jessica Leah Aiken-Hall Sheffield, Vt.   Murrium Aiken, grandmother - Jason Noyes, brother
July 8, 2006 Mark Craig Lantagne Karen Adele Goulding Newport, Vt.    
July 15, 2006 Carl Frederick Irwin III ElizaBeth Ann Shields Barnet, Vt.    
July 22, 2006 Andrew G. McGregor Rebecca R. Smith St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
July 22, 2006 Jonathan Lee Austin-Shortt Sarah Elizabeth Frost Waterford, Waterfordt.    
July 22, 2006 Michael Scott Danielle Restelli Fairlee, Vt.    
July 22, 2006 Wade Lane Eleni Panagoulis Piermont, N.H.    
July 23, 2006 Bradley Ballinger Cheryl Jauch Orleans, Mass    
Aug. 5, 2006 John J. DeGange III Amanda B. Niles Lebanon, N.H.    
Aug. 5, 2006 Lawrence Valery Neveu Lisa Fitzgerald Edson Groton Pond, Vt.    
Aug. 5, 2006 Richard Ciardi Jr. Abigail Gandin Groton, Vt.    
Aug. 5, 2006 Shawn Hill Tanya Noyes St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Aug. 5, 2006 Stephen Ryan Casavant Rebecca Marie Cheesman University Park, Pa.    
Aug. 5, 2006 Thomas R. Betts Katrina L. Hanehan Louisburg, N.C.   Christine Blodgett, sister
Aug. 12, 2006 Aaron Paul Airoldi Alexa Kendall Tomlinson St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Aug. 12, 2006 Kenneth H. Stowe Alice S. Kitchel Peacham, Vt.    
Aug. 12, 2006 Kevin O'Brien Jr. Melissa Gilman Westlake, Calif.    
Aug. 19, 2006 Craig Norton Jennifer Noble Raleigh, N.C.    
Aug. 19, 2006 Dennis Daniels Barbara Worth St. Johnsbury, Vt. Virginia Daniels and the late Paul I. Daniels of St. Johnsbury Ina Worth and the late Delmond Worth of Island Pond, Vt.
Aug. 19, 2006 Eric Chadburn Jaimie Olden Miles Pond, Vt.    
Aug. 19, 2006 Jerrett Gary Turnbaugh Kelly Rochelle Wentworth Lyndon, Vt. Alexis and Jasmine Turnbaugh, sisters  
Aug. 19, 2006 Matthew Tryhorne Mary Tetreault Richford, Vt.   Christopher Tetreault, brother
Aug. 19, 2006 Theodore Robert Legendre Elizabeth Ann Gilding North Danville, Vt.    
Aug. 26, 2006 Bruce Gary Charland Kerrie Lynn Chamberlain Bethlehem, N.H.    
Aug. 26, 2006 Eric Richard McHugh Jessica Lea Foss East Burke, Vt.   Wayne Foss, farther and Robert LaVigne, her stepfather
Aug. 26, 2006 Jeffrey Rivers Gina Thompson Golden, Colo. Harlan and Theresa Rivers Jeff and Pattie Thompson of Littleton, Colo.
Aug. 26, 2006 Justin Powers Lavely Ginni Ann Bean St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Timothy Jeff Roy, brother
Aug. 26, 2006 Keith Abbott Jennifer Cole Lyndonville, Vt.   Alfred and Anita Cole, grandparents
Aug. 26, 2006 Michael D. Paine Jr. Angela Murgoci St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Aug. 26, 2006 Stanley Micheal MacDonald Dawn Marie Flood East Concord, Vt. Ruth and Howard MacDonald of East Concord Jim and Paula Huard of Wolcott
Sept. 2, 2006 Arvin Anderson Diane Poirier Echo Lake, Vt. Lynne Anderson Bradley and Dr. Karen Oliver, daughters Jeff and Michael Poirier, sons
Sept. 2, 2006 Charles Adam Schneider Monique Anita Perron Concord, Vt.    
Sept. 2, 2006 Geoffrey Philip Pelletier Shannon Lee Mooney Danville, Vt.   Crystal Mooney, twin sister
Sept. 2, 2006 Gregory Alfred Roy Kathleen Anne Fiske Burlington, Vt.    
Sept. 2, 2006 Ryan Lis LaDuke Kristen Josselyn Durham, N.C.   Louis S. Josselyn III - Sarah and Pamela Josselyn, sisters
Sept. 2, 2006 Sean David Franson Kristin Ann Wyand Essex Junction, Vt.    
Sept. 3, 2006 Michael Thomas Egan Kierstin Michelle Shields Littleton, N.H.    
Sept. 9, 2006 Adam Ricci Emma Graves Stevensville, Mont. Joseph and Sharon Ricci William Graves, her sisters, Rachel and Rose, brother Aaron, brother-in-law Ryan
Sept. 9, 2006 Alexander DeLucia Sara Dickenson Bath, N.H.    
Sept. 9, 2006 Jason Goguen Hannah Daniels Peacham, Vt.   Bethany Ketchum and Carrie Daniels, sisters
Sept. 9, 2006 Stephen J. Pilgrim Kasie D. Kenney Franconia Notch, N.H.    
Sept. 12, 2006 Luke Colby Misty Randall Makena, Maui, Hawaii    
Sept. 15, 2006 Seth DelaBruere Michelle Albrecht Island Pond, Vt. Tammy and Roland DelaBruere of Island Pond  Sharon Albrecht of Denver, Colo., and Gerald Albrecht of Whitesboro, Texas
Sept. 16, 2006 Christopher George Willy Karri Lynn Kelsey East Burke, Vt.    
Sept. 16, 2006 Frank Monahan Jennifer Lewis Bethlehem, N.H.    
Sept. 16, 2006 Patrick Joseph Stinehour Debra Linda Harris Littleton, N.H.    
Sept. 16, 2006 Philo E. Marcotte Ana Lynn Goyet North Danville, Vt.   Robert Goyet, grandfather
Sept. 16, 2006 Robert Quinlan Vickery Meaghan Justine Hatch Stowe, Vt.    
Sept. 17, 2006 Paul Sicely Barbara "Bonnie" Rose North Walden, Vt.    
Sept. 23, 2006 Curtis Farnsworth Shyanne Marcotte Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 23, 2006 Daniel C. Knox Erin H. Rutledge Littleton N.H.   Erica Rutledge, sister
Sept. 23, 2006 Michael Monte Stefanie Miller Shelburne, Vt.    
Sept. 23, 2006 Michael Tetreault Christina Castello Woodsville, N.H.    
Sept. 23, 2006 Patrick Scott Grant Elizabeth Sharon Fuehrer Peacham, Vt.    
Sept. 23, 2006 Roy Klember Jennifer Hampton Wilton, N.H.    
Sept. 30, 2006 Adam P. Derosier Amanda J. Bedard St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Sept. 30, 2006 Curtis Frank Cuccia Nicole Lynn Howland East Burke, Vt.    
Oct. 14, 2006 Bradley T. Novak Pamela J. Desrochers St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Billy Wescott, son
Oct. 14, 2006 Douglas Carlo Kitchel Jamie Lynn Grunert Marquette, Mich. Paula Kitchell of Barnet, Vt., and the late Douglas "Bunker" Kitchell Lynn and Joseph Grunert of St. Joseph, Mich.
Oct. 14, 2006 Paul Lemieux Nichole Marland Franconia, N.H.    
Oct. 14, 2006 Ryan Ruland Krystyna Greenwood Lyndonville, Vt.    
Oct. 14, 2006 Steven Parker II Kelly Gadapee Lyndonville, Vt.    
Oct. 15, 2006 Thomas "Tommy" Alton Lucas Erin LaBree Topsail Island, N.C.    
Oct. 21, 2006 Andrew Allen Brown Jessica Louise Barrett St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Oct. 21, 2006 Drew Lazarus Bobbi Jo Adams Sanbornton, N.H.    
Oct. 28, 2006 Robert R. Trahan Amorosa L. Bockman Littleton, N.H. Patricia Gilbert, daughter Glen Smith, son
Nov. 12, 2006 Eric Douglas Campbell Allison Marie Lund Spencer, Mass    
November 22, 2006 Thomas Flocks Candace Brown Las Vegas, Nev.   Robert Brown of Toronto, Canada
Dec. 9, 2006 Michael McHugh Erica Dodge island of St. Lucia Elizabeth Truslow of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Tom McHugh of Madison, Wis Louise Toll of Danville, Vt. and Ralph Dodge of Tulsa, Okla
March 10, 2007 Jonathan Gregory Lasnier Tiffany Sue Aldrich Littleton, N.H. Greg and Amber Lasnier of St. Johnsbury, Vt.  Greg and Shari Aldrich of Waterford, Vt. 
March 20, 2007 Matthew Robinson Maryjane L. Morse Syulita, Mexico Doreen G. Robinson of Hurricane, W.V., and Ken L. Robinson of Concord, N.H. Arlene and Dale Morse of St. Johnsbury
March 25, 2007 Lee Burkert Lisa Stuart Stuart, Fla John D. Burkert and the late Sarah E. Burkert of North Miami Beach, Fla Luther C. Stuart, formerly of Concord, Vt., and the late Carol A. Stuart of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
April 29, 2007 Timothy Scott Higgins Elizabeth Ann Schoppe Woodbury, Vt. Scott and Betsy Higgins of Northfield, Vt. Scott and Clara Schoppe of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
May 12, 2007 Jonathon David Dodge Amber Lea Martel Dixville Notch, N.H.    
May 13, 2007 Jeremy Benton Jan Duval Manchester, N.H. Diane and Scott Silverman of Parks, Ariz Chuck Bogner of Alexandria, Va., and Diann Barber of Hampton, N.H.
May 18, 2007 James Michael Sanville Sarah Elizabeth Kocis Brighton, Vt. Michael and Donna Sanville of Irasburg, Vt Rev. Kocis and Sherry Kocis of Island Pond
May 19, 2007 James Aaron Rafuse Jenny Hastings Larrabee West Danville, Vt. Linda Rafuse of St. Johnsbury and the late Jim Rafuse Jane and Garey Larrabee of West Danville
May 25, 2007 David Burns Ashley Parsons Hellertown, Pa. Robert and Cheryl Burns of Bethlehem, N.H. Dean and Kim Parsons of Pen Argyl, Pa.
May 26, 2007 Charles Woodbury Ashley Teachout Cumberland, Maine Marvin and Cynthia Woodbury of Durham Mark and Abbie Teachout, also formerly of St. Johnsbury and now of Windham, Maine
May 26, 2007 Seth Archer Amber Caron Winston-Salem, N.C.  David and Anitra Archer of Charlottesville, Va. Ed and Karen Caron of St. Johnsbury
May 26, 2007 Tracy Ingalls Kelly LaBree West Glover, Vt. Mary Lou and Gary Ingalls of Lunenburg Susan and Robert LaBree of Lyndon Center
June 2, 2007 Peter James Gee Lisbeth Marie Thompson Hillsboro, N.H. Charles and Paula Gee of Hillsboro Conrad and Theresa Doyon of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
June 6, 2007 Daniel Raboin Sherylin Springer Kings County, Calif. Donald and Bonnie Raboin of St. Johnsbury Center, Vt. Karen Henderly and Michael Springer of Lancaster and Rockbridge, Ohio, respectively. 
June 8, 2007 Christopher Joseph Foss  Kristen Beth Pimental North Dartmouth, Mass Thomas and Marilyn Foss of Lancaster, N.H. David and Patricia Pimental of Marion, Mass
June 16, 2007 Henry Thomas Jr. Jennifer Villeneuve St. Johnsbury, Vt. Henry and Patricia Thomas of Orleans  Robert and Kathy Villeneuve of St. Johnsbury
June 16, 2007 Matthew Amadon Melissa Diebolt Lancaster, N.H. Randy and Sandy Amadon of Lyndonville, Vt. Richard Diebolt of Connecticut and Donna Delnicki of Glover, Vt.
June 16, 2007 Patrick Boutin Sabrina DeGreenia Lyndon, Vt. Christine Boutin-Davio of Lyndonville and Tony Boutin of Lisbon, N.H. Jason and Jossie DeGreenia of Sheffield
June 16, 2007 Russell Anthony Chapman Laura Lynette Caloz Hyalite Park, Montana Russ and Anne O'Connor Chapman of Lyndonville Jack Ward Caloz and the late Virginia Lynette Caloz
June 23, 2007 Jeff Fox Alison Piper Lower Waterford, Vt. Suzanne Fox of Spokane, Wash. Kate and Bill Piper of Lower Waterford
June 23, 2007 Roger Anderson Hamilton Heather Anne Booska Middlebury, Vt. Ned and Carolyn Hamilton of Joe's Pond in West Danville and of Boca Raton, Fla. Norman Booska of Bristol, Vt., and Christine Novak of Middlebury
June 30, 2007 Matthew Phillips Davis Kimberly Ann Ridley Burke Mountain, Vt. Franklin and Virginia Davis of Derby Line Cheryl and Rene Roy of St. Johnnsbury and Thomas Ridley of Lisbon, N.H.
June 30, 2007 Michael J. Alto Sarah L. Goodrich St. Johnsbury, Vt.  Dennis Alto of Embarrass, Minn., and Becky Rogers of Sidney, British Columbia John and Nancy Goodrich of St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
June 30, 2007 William Boykin-Morris Katlyn Brynne Stillings Wallingford, Vt Catherine Boykin and Walter Morris of Lyndonville Shelagh Delaney of Harwich, Mass., and Gildon Stillings of Bristol, R.I.
July 4, 2007 Ernest James Laplant Jeanine Hubbard Thorne West Danville, Vt. James and Shirley Laplant of Middlesex Robert and Lorene Hubbard of East St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Pat Hubbard and her partner Graydon Berry of Sheffield, Vt.
July 4, 2007 Jamie Alan Gammell  Yvonne Marie McCowan Wheelock, Vt. Joyce and Marcel Dionne of St. Johnsbury and James and Lynn Gammell of Greenville, N.C. Jack and Lauriechris McCowan of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Carolyn Reaves Huskey McCowan of Medford, Ore.
July 7, 2007 Aaron Barry Rebecca Hilton Naples, Fla. John and Jean Barry of Madbury, N.H. Les and Debbie Hilton of Lancaster, N.H.
July 7, 2007 Adam J. Hale Julie Bourtelle St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
July 7, 2007 Jason Paul Ward Tanya Lynn Harpin Franconia, N.H. Paul Ward and Jane Liebl, and Bradley and Janice Reynolds of Monroe. Mark and Debbie Harpin of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
July 7, 2007 Kevin F. Mackay Brenda L. Tewksbury Lyndonville, Vt.    
July 7, 2007 Kevin Matthew Howard Maygan Dawn Ruggles Westmore, Vt. Leland and Shirley Howard of Duxbury, Mass Timothy and Laurie Maple of Derby, Vt.
July 7, 2007 Lloyd "Brad" Bradford Jr. Melinda "Mindy" Nolan Shelburne, N.H. Phyllis and Brad Bradford Sr., formerly of Lancaster and now of Largo, Fla Reda Westover of Lyndonville, Vt., and the late Gerald Nolan
July 7, 2007 Michael Richter Emily Whitehill Barnet, Vt. Rev. Marvin and Mari Richter of West New York, N.J. Denzil and Linda Whitehill of Barnet, Vt., and the granddaughter of Eugene and Dale Wheeler of Lyndonville, Vt.
July 7, 2007 Raymond Victor Maurice Cynthia Stever Jerry Bradford, Vt. late Germain E. and Marie Claire Maurice Martina D. and Bruce H. Stever
July 7, 2007 Will Clark Cynthia Vasko Sonoma, Calif. Bill and Rosemary Clark of San Antonio John and Teresa Vasko of Lyndonville
July 11, 2007 Dugan Hinchey Misato Kasugai Ichinomiya, Japan Dale and Catherine Hinchey of Barnet Taka-aki and Taeko Kasugai of Ichinomiya
July 14, 2007 Jason Larry Amadon Michelle Lee Ingerson Lunenburg, Vt. Larry Amadon and Carla Amadon, both of Lunenburg Jim and Wanda Ingerson of Lunenburg
July 14, 2007 Shaun Libby Tanya Trask Bethlehem, N.H. Anthony Libby and Jeanin Joiner-Libby of Jefferson Carol Trask and Robert Brown of Rochester
July 21, 2007 Edward Gamble Tonya Nicole Friend St. Johnsbury, Vt. Sue Murray of North Danville and Garry Gamble of Naples, Fla. Valerie and Randy Friend of Danville
July 21, 2007 Rodney Messier Alicia Spates Newport, Vt. Clifford and Irene Messier of Brownington, Vt., and Carolyn and George Granai of Coventry, Vt. Douglas and Vivian Spates of Derby, Vt.
July 21, 2007 Timothy Clouatre Tausha Veilleux St. Johnsbury, Vt Alex and Lillian Clouatre of St. Johnsbury Marion and Robert Veilleux of St. Johnsbury
July 28, 2007 Jacob Clough Rachel Laughman South Ryegate Rick and Kelly Clough of South Ryegate Robert and Linda Laughman of Dover, Pa.
July 28, 2007 Steven McKinney Jennifer Fortin St. Johnsbury, Vt. Rev. and Deanna McKinney, who are from Elmira Martin and Betsy Fortin of St. Johnsbury
July 29, 2007 Rick Brown Rachel Colwell Lyme, N.H. Eugene and Theresa Brown of Waterford, Vt. Stephen and Debra Colwell of Otego, N.Y.
Aug. 1, 2007 Michael P. Menard Sherrie A. Bull Westmore, Vt.    
Aug. 4, 2007 Jerry Cote Sharon Graves North Danville, Vt.   Bob and Angie Bean of Sun City, Ariz.
Aug. 4, 2007 Mark Francis Jr. Jennifer French Walden, Vt. Mark Francis Sr. and Virginia Francis of Sheffield, Vt. Diane Harakaly of Waterville, Vt.
Aug. 4, 2007 Paul Carreau Carolyn Bacon Lyndonville, Vt. James and Valerie Carreau of Tucson, Ariz., and Linda and Steve Lee of Lyndonville Darleen Bacon and L. Allen Bacon of St. Johnsbury
Aug. 5, 2007 Timothy A. Wehner Susan R. Holley Washington, D.C. Irina Wehner of Amityville, N.Y. and the late Howard Wehner of Lakeland, Fla. Mary and Howard Holley of Barnet, Vt.
Aug. 11, 2007 Jeff Rawson Rachael Elliott Lyndon, Vt. Ed and Kathryn "Kitty" Rawson of St. Petersburg, Fla John and Martha Elliott of Lyndon
Aug. 11, 2007 Kent Ball Jillian Worden Custer, Wash Russell Ball of West Burke and Michel Richards of Glover, Vt. Della and Jeremiah Kyllingmark of Nooksack, Wash
Aug. 11, 2007 Steven Lee Hersom Jr.  Teresa Marie Walton Springvale, Maine Robin Maynard and Steve Hersom Sr. of Sanford, Maine Denise Walton and Tom Malo of Brookfield, N.H.
Aug. 18, 2007 Aaron Cole Terri Smith Lyndonville, Vt. Jeffrey and Diane Cole of Lyndonville Dennis and Karen Smith of Lowell, Vt.
Aug. 18, 2007 Darrell Martin Sheryl Nason Gastonia, N.C. Dean and Jo Martin of Gastonia, N.C. late Linda Downes of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Stephen and Marcia Nason, formerly of Brockton, Mass., and now of Troutman, N.C.
Aug. 18, 2007 Ryan Skar Courtney Gray Bethlehem, N.H. Jack and Rose Branson and Bob and Rhonda Skar of Wyoming George and Kathy Gray of Lunenburg, Vt.
Aug. 18, 2007 Tiffany Mae Lumbra Timothy Lawrence Kirchoff St. Johnsbury, Vt. Sheila Fenoff-Willett of Williamstown, Vt. Joan and Larry Kirchoff of Lyndonville, Vt.
Aug. 25, 2007 Jeremy Stephen Belldina Seashal Lynn Morse Lyndonville, Vt. Barbara and Lou Belldina of Huttonsville, W.V. Arlene and Dale Morse of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Aug. 25, 2007 Lance Hamlett Melissa Blodgett Lisbon, N.H. Daryl Hamlett and Sharon Youngman, both of Woodsville, N.H. Jeannette and Arthur Blodgett Jr. of Landaff
Sept. 1, 2007 Christopher Norway Vanessa McKee Sheffield, Vt. Milton Norway of Sheffield and Bonnie and Dean Boucher of Derby, Vt. Steve McKee of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Donna and Dave Quesnel of Cornwall, Vt.
Sept. 1, 2007 Edward C. Farr Elizabeth Kennedy Danville, Vt. late Collins and Lucille Farr of Concord, Vt. late Jennie Stevens of St. Johnsbury
Sept. 1. 2007 Ethan Andrew Croteau Debbie Wei Peng St. Johnsbury, Vt. Albert and Nancy Croteau of Lyndon Center. Jingkun Peng and Zhuwu Li of Changsha, China
Sept. 1, 2007 Troy Ranney Heather Young Concord, Vt. Richard and Susan Ranney of Kirby, Vt Michael and Jaye Young of Concord
Sept. 8, 2007 Shawn P. Gingue Sara J. Caccavaro Fairlee, Vt. Paul and Rosemary Gingue of Waterford James and Kelly Winget of Groton
Sept. 8, 2007 Steve Parker Julie Gallivan Danville, Vt.   Richard Gallivan
Sept. 15, 2007 Damon Henderson Katherine Goss Danville, Vt. Mary Henderson of St. Johnsbury and Gary and Wendy Henderson, also of St. Johnsbury Annette Burrington of Danville and Dale Goss of Barnet, Vt.
Sept. 15, 2007 Jeffrey DeStefanis Jolyn Sweet Cazenovia, N.Y. Linda Agen of New Hartford, N.Y., and Dennis DeStefanis of Clinton, N.Y. Schuyler and Debbie Sweet of Littleton, N.H., and Kate and Terry Hawkridge of Clinton, N.Y.
Sept. 15, 2007 Kevin Michael DeFosse Melinda Ann Bellville Littleton, N.H. Patricia and Robert DeFosse of Lisbon Ann Wilson of Concord, N.H., and Michael Bellville of Bethlehem, N.H.
Sept. 15, 2007 Scott Keith Lamonda Jr. Laura Nicole Harvey Barton, Vt.   Nancy and Eric Lanou of Orleans and Dale and Lynn Harvey of Westmore
Sept. 16, 2007 Timothy Lee Taylor Margaret Ann Beadle Lyndon,Vt. Kathy and Terry Taylor of St. Johnsbury Kathleen and William Beadle of St. Johnsbury.
Sept. 22, 2007 Robert Thomas Guyer Stephanie Sue Goss Morgan, Vt.   Nancy J. Goss of Newport, Vt.
Sept. 29, 2007 Benjamin LaCourse Lynne Daniels East Charleston, Vt. Alton and Mary LaCourse, both late, of Island Pond Wayne and Nancy Daniels of Island Pond, Vt.
Oct. 6, 2007 Nicholas Daniels Jeniane Langmaid North Danville, Vt. Peggy Pearl of East Ryegate and Bob Daniels of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Dianne and Don Langmaid of North Danville
Oct. 6, 2007 Robert Boise Holmes Diane Elizabeth Santy aboard the M/S Mount Washington on Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H.    
Oct. 6, 2007 Steven Smith Bethany Drapeau Sanbornton, N. H.   Patricia Drapeau, mother of the bride
Oct. 6, 2007 Todd William Shuttleworth Kelli Hope Fogg Westfield, Vt. Norma Ordway, grandmother Amy Sawyer Fogg of Whitefield, N.H., and Brian Fogg and Jacqueline Scott, also of Whitefield.
Oct. 13, 2007 Nicholas Sylvain Casey Presby Whitefield, N.H. Patricia and J. Thomas Peters of Franconia, N.H., and George and Kay Sylvain of New Durham, N.H. Bradley and Joyce Presby of Bethlehem, N.H.
Oct. 14, 2007 Jeff Corrow Angel Radwich East Burke, Vt. Judy Ingalls of Lyndonville, Vt. Greg and Mary Bassett of Sutton
Oct. 20, 2007 Galen Louis Anderson Mary Anne Placey Essex, Vt. Gayle and Dorothy Anderson of Pocatello, Idaho James and Jeanette Placey of Lancaster, N.H.
Oct. 20, 2007 Scott Olsen Christa Pidgeon Waterford, Maine Joan and Ted Lint, and the late Harley Olsen, of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Chris Pidgeon and Shelby Korona of Rutland
Oct. 20, 2007 Timothy S. Murphy Haidee Soule Merritt New Castle, N.H. Priscilla and John Murphy of Bolton, Mass Mary Jane and Thomas B. Merritt of Littleton, N.H.
Oct. 27, 2007 Alfred Barrett Nedah Alanbar Jay Peak Resort, Vt Linda Barrett of Lyndonville and Gary Barrett of Concord, Vt. Lori and Michael Lawyer of North Troy
Nov. 4, 2007 Arnold Foster Ellen Brumme Franklin, Vt.    
Nov. 17, 2007 Ronald L. Paquette Priscilla G. Bailey Barnet, Vt. late Helen and Leonel Paquette of Colchester, Vt. late Clarice and Frank Goss Sr. of Barnet
Dec. 1, 2007 Clarissa Anne Elliott Nicholas Robert Kendall Woodsville, N.H. Stephan and Barbara Elliott and William of Ryegate William and Sandra Kendall of Ryegate.
Dec. 1, 2007 David Loffredo Gail Charow Jackson, N.H.    
Dec. 3, 2007 Christopher Brown Elisabeth McDonough Montego Bay, Jamaica Jack and Margot Brown of Middlebury, Vt. Barbara and Tom Truex of Wallingford, Vt., and the late Eugene McDonough of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Dec. 24, 2007 Bradley R. Deth Christina B. Coles Newark, Vt. Reg and Gloria Deth of Burke, Vt Larry Nelson Briggs of Newark
Dec. 29, 2007 Justin C. Noble Jenelle M. Barrett St. Johnsbury, Vt. Calvin and Nellie Noble of Granby, Vt. Thomas K. and Patricia Barrett of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Feb. 9, 2008 Carlo Urciuoli Alison L. Crocker Lancaster, N.H.   Sally and Elliott Crocker of St. Johnsbury
Feb. 16, 2008 Daniele Albertini Jennifer Joyce Hill Kua Bay, Hawaii Fiorello and Rosanna Albertini of Brez, Italy Warren Jr. and Irene Hill of Greensboro
April 5, 2008 Jayson Gammell Katrina Salamone Fort Pierce, Fla. Joyce and Marcel Dionne of St. Johnsbury and Jim and Lynn Gammell of Greenville, N.C. Joan Salamone of Fort Pierce, Fla. and the late Michael Salamone. - Michael Salamone, brother
April 11, 2008 Edward James April Hutchinson North Richland Hills, Texas   her father Walter Tochman and stepfather Michael Jette
April 13, 2008 Marty Bohm Carolyn (Ceeg) Johnson Chesapeake, Va.    
April 19, 2008 Lucas Manchester Cassandra Johnson Woodsville, N.H.    
April 24, 2008 Steven Michael Kelley Suzanne Joan Wetherbee Donegal, Ireland Lorraine Toussaint Kelley and the late Philip Kelley, both of Berlin, N.H. James and Virginia Leonard of Reno, Nev., and the late Richard and Joan Hastings of Littleton, N. H.
May 3, 2008 Brent Fowler Kerri Sgarlata Plainfield, Vt.   father, Mark VanLaningham
May 17, 2008 Nate Giroux Ashton Coutu Danville, Vt.   father, Greg Coutu
May 21, 2008 Jason Flynn Monica Williams Bakersfield Calif.    
May 25, 2008 Earl B. Fuller Judith M. Paige Haverhill Corner, N.H. Robert Fuller, son  
June 7, 2008 Carrie Leigh Bailey Derek Boyle Sanborn St. Johnsbury Danial and Barbara Bailey of Concord, Vt. Craig Sanborn from Maidstone, Vt., and Sophia Boyle Hall from Lyndonville, Vt.
June 7, 2008 Derek Boyle Sanborn Carrie Leigh Bailey St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
June 7, 2008 Estan Nicholas Davis Diana Chen Waterford, Vt.   father Chian Ko Chen
June 14, 2008 Justin Walter Hammond Sara Ann Wheeler Hartland, Vt.    
June 21, 2008 Jacob Emery Victoria Oliver Fairlee, Vt.   Michael Oliver, father - Kathryn Oliver, sister
June 21, 2008 Nathan James Anderson Lindsey Irons Bishop Bethlehem, N.H.   Jill Anderson, Megan King and Alise Anderson, sisters
June 28, 2008 Bobby Sholan April Garand Lyndonville, Vt.   Lillionna Sholan, daughter - Emily Lussier, sister
June 28, 2008 Michael Pelow Kathleen Gilman on Lake Champlain, Vt.    
July 5, 2008 Joey Lee Tardif Jessica Lynn Pokines Orland, Maine   father Steven Pokines Sr.
July 12, 2008 Ian Curtis Milligan Leah Marie Pelchat Shelburne, N.H.    
July 19, 2008 Joseph Cedeno Jenis Ellingwood Bethlehem, N.H. William Cedeno III, brother Mark Ellingwood, father -  Aimee Ellingwood, sister
July 19, 2008 Randy Laflamme Jen Field St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
July 19, 2008 Ryan Chapell Amanda Cross Richmond, Vt.   Doug Daggett, her step father
July 20, 2008 Jarrad T. Warner Samantha Peabody Sugar Hill, N.H. Karen and Bobby Jones of Center Ossipee, N.H., and Bruce and Elizabeth Warner of East Kingston, N.H. Tina and Joel Peabody of Franconia, N.H.
July 26, 2008 Ryan Chase Jessica Rouelle Kirby, Vt. David Chase, brother Kelly Lemieux, sister
Aug. 2, 2008 Earl Morrison Carolyn Barkley West Barnet, Vt.    
Aug. 4, 2008 Kristopher Ridley Tanya Reardon at their house Dylan Ridley, son Ashley Reardon, sister
Aug. 8, 2008 Paul Gadapee Jr. Elaina Aloise Sutton, Vt. Paul and Carolyn Gadapee Maria and the late Alfred Aloise
Aug. 8, 2008 Shawn Gilbert Meredith Walsh Peacham, Vt.    
Aug. 9, 2008 Jason Edward Mitchell Leslie Walker Woodsville, N.H.    
Aug. 9, 2008 Mark Oettinger Rebecca Levasseur East Barnard, Vt. late Hanni & Walter Oettinger, also of East Barnard, Vt. Marian and the late Robert Levasseur, of East Barnard, Vt.
Aug. 9, 2008 William Brock Garfield Mary Elizabeth Overman Lyndonville, Vt.    
Aug. 16, 2008 Travis Charles Bailey Amanda Leigh Chamberlain Bartlett, N.H. Clayton and Nancy Bailey of Lyndonville, Vt. Rick and Lee Chamberlain of Landaff, N.H.
Aug. 23, 2008 Jason Poulin Crystal Kane Newport, Vt. Donald Poulin  
Aug. 30, 2008 Bradley Garand Melinda Cobb New Gloucester, Maine    
Aug. 31, 2008 Tulio-Alexis Bran Jeanine Johnston Burke Hollow, Vt.   father and mother, Ray Johnston and Laura and Al Duey (stepfather), in Burke Hollow, Vt.
Sept. 6, 2008 Jason No'l Rebekah Clifford Wells River, Vt. Jean-Paul and Sharon Ann No'l of Lyndonville, Vt.  
Sept. 13, 2008 Jeff Bean Tineka Mitchell Victory, Vt.    
Sept. 13, 2008 Robert Maurice Poutre Jillian Marie Charles Albany, Vt. Andre and Gail Poutre of Irasburg, Vt.  Linda Peck of Barton, Vt.
Sept. 27, 2008 Jamie Baillargeon James Warriner West Glover, Vt.  P.Jay and Robyn Baillargeon of Wheelock, Vt. Bruce Warriner of Concord, N.H.
Sept. 27, 2008 Peter A. Clifford Ivy Marie Pagliari Walden, Vt.   Frances and David Pagliari of Ravenna, Ohio
Sept. 27, 2008 Steven Gracie Regina Mitchell Westmore, Vt.   her fathers Leon Perry and Steven Mitchell Sr. - Rebecca Cushman, Kasey Cushman, and Sarah Stenson, daughters of the bride.
Oct. 4, 2008 Rose Marie Deth William David Achilles  West Burke, Vt. Kenneth and Jane Deth of West Burke Betty Achilles of Lyndon and David Achilles of Groton
Sept. 6, 2008 Barton David Sexton Jr. Abby Jean Donaher Charleston, S.C.   her older brother, Edward Donaher
Sept. 6, 2008 Luc Martin Lisa Marie Hendershot Holland, Vt. Jackie and Melvin Bowen of West Charleston and Al Martin of Newport  Charles and Mary Hendershot Sr. in Holland, Vt.
Oct. 25, 2008 James W. Grimes Pamela A. Jones Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 27, 2008 Steven Gracie Regina Mitchell Westmore, Vt.   fathers Leon Perry and Steven Mitchell Sr.
Nov. 15, 2008 James Arthur Grady Joanne Marie Fortin West Burke, Vt.   Chris and Pauline Fortin of St. Johnsbury - Louis Patoine, son
Dec. 6, 2008 Nicholas John Bogie Carrie Lynn Daniels Groton, Vt.   Larry Daniels
Dec. 27, 2008 Darleen Gae Chase Surat Michael Thomas Stebelus Peacham, Vt. Joan Chase and the late Raymond Edward Chase III of Andover Mass.  Frederika Stebelus and the late David Thomas Stebelus of St. Johnsbury
Jan. 24, 2009 Pablo Castellanos Kenlyn Jean Ward Walden, Vt.    
March 27, 2009 Pierre Far Amy Rowe Cambridge, England   Jerry and Jane Rowe of St. Johnsbury, and granddaughter of the late Maurice ?
March 28, 2009 Billy Cowles Jennifer Leslie Dade City, Fla. Charles and Sherry Cowles of Lebanon, Tenn Wally and Diane Leslie of Zephyrhills, Fla., formerly of Lyndonville. Granddaughter of Alice Voyer of Hardwick, the late Arthur Voyer and the late Emile and Jeanne Dufresne.
April 4, 2009 Jeff Marsh Karen Mayo at their home Norman and Kathy Marsh of Ashland, N. H. - Olivia, Allison and Evan, children Michael and Priscilla Mayo of Waterford, Vt.
April 8, 2009 Robert Z. Carey Sarah M. Willey Phenix City, Ala.   Brent and Judith Willey of Troy
May 2, 2009 Timothy Michael Bedor Amy Lynn Reed St. Johnsbury, Vt. Charlotte Bedor, of Waterford, Vt. John and Donna Reed of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
May 16, 2009 Benjamin Michael Classen Lindsey Marie Palmieri Bradford, Vt.   Mark Palmieri
June 6, 2009 J. C. Lombardi Lori Catherine Monroe Franconia, N. H. late Rocco and Amy Lombardi. Dr. Richard and Sandra Monroe, of Littleton, N.H.
June 9, 2009 Michael Johnson Jan Paul Rockport, Maine    
June 13, 2009 Denis Paul Doucette Tiffany Anne Santy Waterville, Maine   Brian Santy
June 20, 2009 William Joseph Brucker III Stacy Emily Croteau Orleans, Vt. William and Anne Brucker of Bethel Park, Pa., and the… Robert and Joyce Croteau of Orleans, and the granddaughter of the late Fred and Yvette Croteau of Orleans and the late Alfred and Caroline Eldridge of Ballston Spa, New York.
June 21, 2009 Robert P. Stuart Jr. Melody L. (Angolano) Stuart East Barnet, Vt.    
June 27, 2009 Scott Lawrence Austin Shelly Anne Hale Wheelock, Vt. David Austin, brother father, Rick Hale, and step-father, John Powell - Brooklyn Hale and Mackenzie Bandy, daughters - Zachary Hale, son
July 4, 2009 Daniel Baillargeon Meredith Hawkins Barnet Center, Vt.    
July 4, 2009 Vern Davis June Anne Edwards Partridge Lake, N.H.    
July 11, 2009 Michael J. Leonard Jennifer A. Switser Lyndonville, Vt.   Dean K. Switser Sr.
July 11, 2009 Nathan Driscoll Taylor Katie Lynn DeMasi Danville, Vt.   James DeMasi
July 11, 2009 Timothy Colgrove Bethany Gammell St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Harry Gammell
July 18, 2009 Adam Routhier Maryanne Azur Stowe, Vt. Nathan Routhier Sarah Azur, Tammy Azur, Shelly Azur and Alayna Azur
July 18, 2009 Greg Newland Heather Carroll Waterford, Vt.    
July 18, 2009 Sgt. Jason Kennison Holly Jean Chamberlin Danville, Vt. originally united in marriage on Oct. 18, 2008 David Chamberlin, Danville, Vt.
July 25, 2009 Evan Thomas Hill Amanda Rose Guyer Hardwick, Vt. Thomas and Lori Hill both of Greensboro, Vt. Micheline Gilman and David Guyer both of Lyndonville, Vt.
July 25, 2009 Mark McKay Smith Rosilyn "Rosie" D. Chaloux West Danville, Vt.   daughters:Maria Chaloux of Glen Cove, N. Y.; Diana Chaloux of Kansas City, Mo.; and Linda Chaloux Mosse of San…?
Aug.1, 2009 Jonathan Raymond Raynor Randilee Anne Bunnell Cabot, Vt.    
Aug. 8, 2009 James Hill Tricia Sears Cumberland, Maine   James and Debra Sears
Aug. 8, 2009 William Kempton Jaclyn Ann Vassilowitch Peacham, Vt.   Tom Flanagan, of Barnet, Vt.
Aug. 15, 2009 Benjaman M. Riegel Hillary A. Fisher Concord, Vt.   Richard Fisher, father - Amanda Fisher, sister
August 15, 2009 Nathan Olin Rounds Laura Beth Kelly Rutland, Vt. Henry and Cindy Rounds of Westminster, Vt. John and Rita Kelly of Rutland
Aug. 15, 2009 Seth Andrew Butson Melissa Anne "Missy" Castello York, Maine   Christina Tetreault, twin sister
Aug. 15, 2009 Shane Michael Murphy Lisa Ann Daigneault Hardwick, Vt.   Norm Daigneault, father - Nicole Daigneault, ?
Aug. 22, 2009 Joseph Francis Reed Jr. Kara Mieka Chamberlin Lisbon, N. H.   Lyn Cospito-Chamberlin, ? - 
Aug. 22, 2009 Kyle Amos Day Andrea Jean Morse Newport, Vt. Tonia and Kori Day, sisters Eric Morse and Jonathan Morse, brothers
August 22, 2009 Zachary John Kadamus Kara Zona Susan Jackson West Burke, Vt. Jacob Kadamus, brother  
Aug. 29, 2009 Anthony Matteis Rachel Skrok Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 5, 2009 Andrew James Davidson Michelle Lyn Riendeau Lyndonville, Vt. Riley Davidson, ? Gerard Riendeau, father - Caitlin Riendeau, ? - Christine Riendeau, ? - Macayla Riendeau, ?
Sept. 5, 2009 Leo C. Trombly Jr. Carol Ann Perry Newport, Vt.    
Sept. 12, 2009 James B. Stinson Sara E. Wyand St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Daniel Wyand
Sept. 12, 2009 Justin Pierce Laura Clark South Wheelock, Vt.    
Sept. 12, 2009 Ron Barnes Michelle Montany East Burke, Vt. Emma Barnes, ? Gene and Gail Montany of Littleton, N. H. - Nikki Boxer and Monica Montany Diptas, sisters
Sept. 19, 2009 Craig Taylor Rebecca Taylor Whitefield, N. H.    
Sept. 19, 2009 Homer R. Fitts Margaret L. Guilmette Barre, Vt. late Harold and Alice Fitts late Armand and Leda Lajeunesse
Sept. 19, 2009 Michael LaPoint Cheryl Brown Gilman, Vt.    
Sept. 19, 2009 Timothy Christopher Martel Rebecca Frances Campbell Manchester, N. H.   grandfather, the Rev. Dr. Thomas Campbell
Sept. 26, 2009 Jason Paul Bedor Elizabeth Christina Otto Lyndon, Vt.    
Oct. 2, 2009 Keith L. Gingue Danielle L. Smail Essex Center, Vt.   Jeffrey Smail
Oct. 8, 2009 Brendan James Hatch Julie Catherine Winn shores of Lake Champlain   Thomas and Rosa Winn of North Hampton, N.H.
Oct. 10, 2009 Christopher Schuttinger Nicole Nelson Manchester, N. H.   Gary Nelson
Oct. 24, 2009 Keith Allen Vesely Julie Ann Bouffard Winooski, Vt. Patricia Vesely of Pittsburgh, Pa. Paul and Denise Bouffard of Newport, Vt.
Feb. 6, 2010 Candi Hutchinson Sara Camber St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
Feb. 11, 2010 Jessica Repose Breanna Morse West Burke, Vt.    
Oct. 16, 2010 Daniel Norris Jessica Betts Bethlehem, N. H.    
Jan. 15, 2011 Lance Berry Tiffany Durkee Newport, Vt Russell and Cecile Berry of Lyndonville, Vt. niece of Douglas and Vivian Spates of Derby, Vt.
Jan. 29, 2011 Kenneth Jankowski Heather Machell Brownington, Vt.   grandfather David Machell
June 25, 2011 Peter Castello Suiany Da Rocha Bath, N. H.    
July 30, 2011 Bruce Alan Rowe II Emma Rose Desrochers Peacham, Vt.    
Sept. 10, 2011 Glen Jardine Mary Hever Jay Peak, Vt   father, Thomas Hever
Sept. 10, 2011 Tim Donaghy Erica Poulin Lyndonville, Vt.    
Sept. 24, 2011 Brian Wilson Bogie Amanda Lynn Gilman Berlin, Vt. maternal grandmother, Ruth Wilson paternal grandmother, Geraldine Gilman
Oct. 1, 2011 Kendall Allen Bailey Tiffany Christina Harstad Sheffield, Vt.    
July 14,2012 Drew Cota Jordan Marie Smith St. Johnsbury, Vt Kimberly Cota and Donald Cota Deborah and Dennis Smith
July 14, 2012 Homer Robert Frizzell Melissa Anne Riker Roxbury, N.Y. Bob and Audrey Frizzell of Charleston, Vt. Bob and Lorraine Riker of Point Pleasant, N.J.
Aug. 11, 2012 Malcolm W. Doak Carole Ann Goldsworthy East Burke, Vt William J. Goldsworthy Vivian J. and Malcolm R. Doak
Aug. 25, 2012 Dylan Valentine Karena Thurston Lyman, N.H. Lori Gesing of Bay Village, Ohio, and George Hunt of Whitefield, N.H. Pam and Bill Thurston of St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Sept. 15, 2012 Alan Legacy Ashley Gingue Burke Mountain, Vt Durwood and Sandra Legacy Michel and Joni Gingue
Sept. 15, 2012 Justin Thomas Jennifer Moussette York Beach, Maine Rolla Jay and Susan Thomas Ronald and Donna Moussette
Sept. 15, 2012 Michael Tanguay Carrie Elizabeth Sargent Brunswick, Vt. Faye Tanguay and Richard Tanguay Robert and Elizabeth Sargent
Sept. 29, 2012 Seth Abijah Croteau Ariel Elizabeth Jolley Peacham, Vt. William and Beverly Croteau of South Barre, Vt. Gene and Miriam Jolley of Groton, Vt.
Oct. 6, 2012 Hasan Siddiqui Leona Stein Greensboro, Vt. Saliha and Hans Jaquish of Boulder, Colo., and Tahir and Karima Siddiqui of Fenton, Mich. Karl Stein and Judy Carpenter of Greensboro Bend, Vt., grandmother Alice Carpenter of St. Johnsbury and the late Dick Carpenter.
Oct. 27, 2012 Justin Heywood Michele White Concord, Vt. John Heywood of Mcindoe Falls, Vt., and Rachel Heywood of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Nancy Belden, of Bolton Landing, N.Y., and the late Carl Belden.
Jan. 5, 2013 Peren Lyndsay Mountfort Ashley Victoria Davidson Alma, Mich. David and Alison Mountfort Derek and Jill Davidson
March 28, 2013 Ernest Ingerson III Tanya Reardon North Conway, N.H. Joanne and Ernest Ingerson Jennifer Ingerson and Kenneth Reardon
May 24, 2013 Jared Sylvain Samantha Meek St. Pete Beach, Fla. Douglas Sylvain Donald Meek and Wendy Colby
May 25, 2013 Brody Tuite Olivia Stapleton Jefferson ,N.H.   Dermot Stapleton
June 29, 2013 George Chamberlain Monica Aldrich Clark Mills, N.Y. George and Cindy Chamberlain of Oriskany Falls, N.Y. Max and Maureen Aldrich of Sheffield, Vt.
June 29, 2013 Nathan Petty Brittany Benoit St. Johnsbury, Vt.   Rick and Janice Benoit
July 13, 2013 Nicholas Baker Lauren Colburn West Glover Mark and Jean Baker of Enosburg Mark and Hope Colburn of Glover
July 13, 2013 Stephen Dancho Jr. Elysia Gingue Drums, Pa Stephen and Joan Dancho of Hazleton, Pa. Bernard and Karen Gingue of St. Johnsbury
August 24, 2013 Anthony Powers Brandi Gennette Weston, Vt Darin Martell and Karen Powers, Lyndonville, Vt. Wayne Gennette of Wilbraham, Mass., and Sonya Gennette of North Adams, Mass.
August 25, 2013 Rob Cochran  Colby Roy Peacham, Vt. Andy and Tammy Cochran of Peacham, Vt. Blaine and Diane Roy of Danville
August 31, 2013 Ross Daly Hailey Broderick Burke Mountain Susan and Bob Daly, Rochester, N.Y. Jill and Tom Broderick, East Burke, Vt.
September 1, 2013 Steve Chamberlain Phyllis Perkins St. Johnsbury, Vt.    
September 11, 2013 Roger A. Young Jennifer M. Patoine Concord, Vt. Martha Lyons of Boston and Roger Young Sr. of Tennessee. Diane Goss of St. Johnsbury and Joseph Patoine of Avoca, N.Y.

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