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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Name Town Issue
Abbott, Daniel, age 65 Concord 6/19/1804
Adams, Samuel, Hon., Efq., age 81, Governor of MA Bofton 10/18/1803
Aldrich, child, age 9, of Mofes Aldrich Lyndon 8/14/1804
Appleton, Daniel, age 89 Hamilton, MA 5/5/1807
Ardefoif, John Efq., April 4 (item) Tottenham 6/11/1805
Auftin, Charles, age (4)8 Bofton 8/12/1806
Bache, Benjamin F. Philadelphia 9/28/1798
Bailey, child, age nearly 2, of Enock Bailey Groton 8/28/1800
Bailey, Deborah, wife of Enoch Bailey Groton 8/8/1799
Balch, Sally, age 27, wife of Jofiah Balch St Johnsbury 11/20/1804
Barney, John Capt., age about 77, 19th ult Guilford 3/17/1807
Barney, Rebecca, age about 77, 10th, confort of Capt John Barney Guilford 3/17/1807
Barrett, Elizabeth, relict of Capt John Barrett Springfield 10/7/1809
Barron, Mehetabel, age 60, Oct 31st, confort of Col. John Barron Bradford 11/8/1803
Bartlett, Betfy, Mrs., age 24 Barnet 7/6/1803
Belknap, Jeremy, Rev., age 54 Bofton 7/13/1798
Beverage, Thomas, Rev., age 47 of Cambridge, NY Barnet 7/27/1798
Bigelow, Sally Mifs., formerly of Worcefter, MA Putney 1/13/1807
Billings, Eunice Mrs., age 67 Newark 7/22/1806
Billins, John, age 75 Newark 5/13/1806
Blake, child, age 3, of Peter Blake Lyndon 8/14/1804
Blanchard, Abiel, Capt., age 52 Peacham 1/5/1803
Blanchard, child, of Joel Blanchard Peacham 3/23/1803
Boath, S. Mrs., age 86 Norwich, CT 1/6/1807
Bolton, Mrs., age 24, wife of John Bolton Danville 11/20/1804
Brock, Jane, Mrs., age 90 Ryegate 10/25/1803
Brock, Jenny, age 48, wife of Walter Brock, Efq. Barnet 6/15/1798
Brock, Judith Mrs., age 53, wife of Thomas Brock Newbury 1/13/1807
Brock, Robert, Capt. Barnet 7/6/1803
Brown, John, age 38 Lyndon 5/13/1806
Brown, John, Hon., age 68 Providence 10/18/1803
Brown, Samuel, age 20 Norwich, CT 1/29/1805
Buchanan, John, Jr., age 28 Barnet 3/12/1801
Buchanan, Mofes, age 26, brother of John Buchanan Jr. Barnet 3/12/1801
Bucklin, 2 children, age 5 & 11, of Benjamin Bucklin Lyndon 8/14/1804
Buckminster, Barnes Efq., age 28 Peacham 3/24/1807
Bufwell, Mary Mrs., age 71 Peacham 5/13/1806
Burbank, Mary, age 40, wife of Benjamin Burbank Peacham 4/20/1803
Burton, Mrs., age 48, wife of Rev. Afa Burton Thetford 7/16/1800
C(ovel), Samuel Rev., died at Clinton, Upper Canada Chefhire, MA 1/13/1807
Cahoon, child, of Samuel Cahoon, Efq. Billeymead 6/12/1804
Cahoon, James, age 32 Billeymead 6/12/1804
Calder, James, age 62 Barnet 8/19/1809
Capron, dau, age 3 years, dau of John Capron Greenfborough 6/6/1799
Carey, Richard, Col., early aid de camp to Gen. Wafhington Cooperftown, NY 1/13/1807
Carpenter, child, aged 5, of Rev. Afa Carpenter Waterford 7/17/1804
Chadwich, Paul, 7th ult, shot while surveying land Malta, ME 10/7/1809
Chamberlin, child, Wed last, drowned, of Hon. William Chamberlin Peacham 11/8/1803
Chamberlin, James, Capt. Danville 10/2/1804
Chamberlin, Louis, age 68, wife of Deacon Abel Chamberlin Peacham 4/7/1807
Chamberlin, Olive, age 42, wife of Afher Chamberlin, Efq. Peacham 8/27/1801
Chamberlin, Samuel, age 78 Peacham 6/9/1802
Chamberlin, Timothy, age 28 Danville 8/21/1804
Chamberlin, Ziba, age 29, w/o Ephraim Chamberlin, d/o Stephen Crofman Efq. Deweyefburgh at Peacham 2/3/1802
Chandler, Clarke, age 60 Worcefter, MA 6/19/1804
Clark, Adeline, age 4, dau of Jonas Clark, late of Dublin, NH Shipton, Lower Canada 3/17/1807
Clinton, George Jr., late Rep in Congrefs from NY New York 10/7/1809
Cobb, Ebenezer, age 107 y 8 m 6 d , 8th ult (obit) Kingfton, MA 1/13/1802
Cochran, dau, age 10, 26th ult, dau of Peter W. Cochran, poisoned Wheelock 9/9/1809
Cole, 2 children, age 9 & 17, of Jeffe Cole Lyndon 8/14/1804
Collins, Samuel Rev. Craftfbury 1/13/1807
Colt, Jofhua, Member of Congrefs New London, CT 9/28/1798
Cook, Noah, age 35, merchant Charlemont, MA 12/13/1803
Cramb, Daniel, age 32 Waterford 7/29/1806
Crofman, child, of Mr. Zenas Crofman Deweyfburgh 8/13/1805
Curran, John Wafhington 4/7/1807
Cutler, John, age 25, fon of General Cutler Savannah of Brookfield, MA 9/30/1809
Cutler, Mrs., left husband and four small children, suicide Montpelier 6/25/1801
Dean, Eleanor Mifs, age 29 Windfor, VT 10/7/1809
Delehay, James R. Bofton, MD 9/30/1809
Dickens, Sarah, Mrs., age 105, husband previously died in his 96th year North Salem 12/6/1799
Dow, son, age 2 years, burned & died on 3d inst, of Thomas Dow Jr. Danville 4/9/1801
Duchifnay, Antoine Ju( )ereau, Hon., Efq., of Lower Canada Quebec 1/20/1807
Dunbar, David, Efq. Danville 3/13/1804
Eaftabrooks, Experience Rev. Bath, NH 3/2/1798
Eaftman, Mary, age 53, wife of Robert Eaftman Concord, NH 9/1/1802
Eames, Hezekiah, age 28, late of New Braintree, MA Hardwick 3/30/1803
Elkins, child, of David Elkins Efq. Peacham 1/6/1807
Elkins, Judith, age 48, wife of Col. Jonathan Elkins Peacham 4/7/1807
Elliott, Experience, age 65, relict of late Col. John Elliott Guilford 5/5/1807
Fields, Richard, 16th (item) Claremont, NH 1/8/1805
Fifk, child, age 4, of Mr. Fifk, Efq. Lyndon 8/14/1804
Fifke, Rev. Dr., age 67 Brookfield, MA 12/6/1799
Fletcher, Mrs., wife of Samuel Fletcher Waterford 1/31/1799
Fofter, Ephraim, Capt., age 72 Peacham 11/15/1803
French, child, age about 4 months, of Mr. Daniel French Hardwick ? 3/17/1807
Fuller, Abigail, age 70, confort of Maj. Jofiah Fuller Rutland, MA 10/7/1809
Fuller, Jones, age 53, March 21,wife Mary, son is Zenas Fuller (item) Shoreham, VT 6/1/1798
Gardner, James A., age 35 Barton 10/7/1809
Gill, Rebecca, wife of Mofes Gill, Efq. Lieut. Governor Princeton, MA 4/13/1798
Gofs, Daniel, Capt., age 69, 10th inst Lancafter, MA 12/23/1809
Goodrich, Mifs Thurh, age 20, 21st ult., dau of William Goodrich Middlebury 3/16/1803
Goodrich, William, Major, age 61 Vergennes 6/12/1804
Gould, Gideon, age 28, wounded at Fort Conftitution Portfmouth, NH 9/30/1809
Grant, Polly, wife of Oliver Grant Weathersfield 9/16/1806
Graves, Nathaniel, age 53 Waterford 4/30/1801
Green, Peter, Col., age 53 Concord, NH 4/13/1798
Greenleaf, Thomas New York 9/28/1798
Guy, Mary, age 62, wife of Deacon Jacob Guy Peacham 6/8/1803
Haftings, Louifa, age 14 Charleftown 9/9/1809
Hale, Jofeph, age 49 Hardwick 3/17/1807
Hale, Rachel Mifs, age 23 Keene, NH 12/16/1806
Hall, Ebenezer, age 80 Concord, NH 5/7/1801
Hamilton, Samuel Wafhington 4/7/1807
Hand, Polly, Mifs, age 20 Peacham 8/3/1803
Harlow, Avery, age 12, Friday last (item) Dedham & Sharon 8/13/1805
Harris, David, age 80 Concord, NH 10/12/1803
Hartfhorn, Aaron Danville 6/27/1799
Hay, Udney, Col., a member of council of Cenfors Burlington 9/16/1806
Hendrick, Ezra, age 27 Waterford 1/16/1800
Hines, Thomas Rev., a Baptist Missionary North Carolina 4/16/1805
Hoit, John, age 72, the first person born in that town Concord, NH 3/6/1804
Hoit, John, suicide, 2d inst (item) Randolph at Morriftown 6/11/1805
Hoit, Ruth, age 27, wife of Jacob Hoit Concord, NH 8/17/1803
Hopkins, Samuel, Rev., age 83, 20th ult Newport, RI 1/17/1804
How, Lydia Mrs., age 91 Weftmoreland, NH 1/13/1807
Howard, Deacon, of Thetford Hanover, NH 3/24/1807
Howard, Levi, age 35 St Johnsbury 7/22/1806
Humphrey, Ozias Mr., age 26 Burke 12/10/1805
Jacobs, Juftin, age 31, died at Cambridge, MA Bofton 9/30/1809
Jamefon, Jenny, age 41, wife of Alexander Jamefon Barnet 3/30/1803
Johnfon, Francis, age 24 Worcefter 10/7/1809
Johnfon, Sarah Mrs., age 79, 25th inst (obit) Ryegate 10/2/1804
Johnson, Mrs., wife of Mr. Johnson, drowned Newbury 7/6/1798
Jones, Col., fell into a tub and scalded in a diftillery St Albans, VT 4/7/1807
Kellogg, child, of Eraftus Kellogg Peacham 5/8/1804
Kellogg, Elizabeth, age 21, wife of Eraftus Kellogg Peacham 2/26/1801
Kendrick, John Penuel, who recently killed his mother & father Hollis at Amherst, NH 6/4/1805
Kimball, 2 children, age 5 & 2, of Ifaac Kimball Peacham 8/21/1804
Kimball, Asa, Major, age 68 Concord, NH 6/12/1804
Kimball, child, of Mr. Joab Kimball Peacham 9/16/1806
Kimball, Mehitabel, wife of Benjamin Kimball, Jr. Concord, NH 10/12/1803
Kirby, Ephraim Efq., Judge of Louisiana Louifiana 1/1/1805
Latham, Robert, age 32, formerly of Chefterfield, NH Lyndon 5/13/1806
Lee, 2 children, of Mr. Nehemiah Lee Peacham 8/13/1805
Little, George, Esq., formerly commander of US Frigate, Bofton Marfhfield 9/9/1809
Livermore, Jona. Rev., age 80 Wilton, NH 8/19/1809
Locklin, Levi, Capt., age 44 Billeymead 4/7/1807
Loomis, Mary Mrs., age 59 Windfor 1/6/1807
Martin, Elijah, age 60 Peacham 11/1/1803
Martin, Ephraim, age (8)7 Bradford 8/28/1804
Martin, Obedience, Mifs, age 19, dau of Mr. Andrew Martin Peacham 11/16/1798
Mattefon, Zerubbabel, age 72 Shaftfbury 1/31/1799
Matthews, Mrs., wife of Hugh Matthews Peacham 5/28/1800
McCrelis, Abigail, Mifs, age 18 Corinth 8/28/1804
McGaffey, Andrew, age 38 Lyndon 8/14/1804
McKeen, daughter, age 17, last Feb, dau of Robert McKeen Corinth 10/16/1804
McKeen, Mrs., age 51, Sept 5 Corinth 10/16/1804
Mears, Oliver, 29th ult, died at Orford, NH Danville, VT 10/7/1809
Mellen, Henry Esq., age 52 Dover, NH 9/2/1809
Merriam, Hezekiah Dr., age 100, his wife of 78 years still alive Ward 10/18/1803
Morrill, Lydia Mrs., Widow, age 88, left 9 children, 69 grand children Danville 10/12/1798
Morris, Mrs., confort of Lewis K. Morris, Efq. Springfield 3/19/1800
Munroe, Mrs., age 31, wife of Daniel Munroe Groton 6/6/1799
Nelfon, Abigail, age 25, wife of Rev. Levi Nelfon Lifbon 1/13/1807
Newell, Azubah, age 59, wife of Lieut. Jonas Newell New Braintree 10/7/1809
Ofgood, Levi, age 42 Peacham 5/28/1805
Olmftead, Naomi, age 25, 16th, drowned herself E. Hartford, CT 10/7/1809
Orr, James, 14th ult, died at Barrington, NH (obit) Barnet 3/5/1801
Page, Unice, age 34, wife of Col. Peter Page Portland, ME 8/13/1805
Paige, Thomas, age 75 Hardwick 6/30/1802
Payfon, John, age 25, died week after father, son of Rev. John Payfon Fitchburgh 6/19/1804
Payfon, John, Rev., age 59, suicide (obit) Fitchburgh 6/19/1804
Pearl, William, 12th inst, died at Lyndon St Johnsbury 9/16/1809
Peck, child, age 5, of Mr. Cas Peck Lyndon 8/14/1804
Perham, Benoni, Efq., age 20, of Chelmsford, MA (obit) Baltimore 6/19/1804
Powers, Peter, Rev., age 74, died at Deer Ifle Newbury, VT 6/4/1800
Pratt, Chloe, age 27, wife of Ifaiah Pratt Peacham 5/8/1804
Prefcott, Oliver, Hon., Efq., age 73 Groton, MA 12/4/1804
Prieftley, Jofeph Dr., age 71 Northumberland, PA 3/13/1804
Prince, Mary, age 53, consort of Rev. Dr. Prince Salem, MA 1/6/1807
Prout, William P., Efq., Newburyport 10/7/1809
Purrington, _____ Capt., suicide after murdering whole family (item)   7/29/1806
Rankin, James, age 83 Littleton, NH 7/17/1804
Richardfon, Jafon, 8th inst, suicide by drowning (item) Woodftock 10/15/1805
Robinfon, Capt., tree fell on him Montpelier 6/25/1801
Ruffell, Mrs., wife of Jethro Rufell Danville 3/2/1798
Saxton, William Dr., age 62 Bofton 1/13/1807
Scott, child, of Dr. William Scott Peacham 3/23/1803
Sias, Benjamin, Efq., 21st inft Danville 12/26/1799
Sleeper, Jofiah, age 20, 3d inst Ryegate 1/6/1802
Smead, David Efq., age 75, Senator & Rep for MA many years Greenfield, MA 1/6/1807
Smith, Cotton Mather, Rev., age 75, in 52nd year of miniftry Sharon, CT 1/13/1807
Smith, Gideon, Dr., age 67 Newbury 5/2/1799
Smith, Jofeph, age 69 Bath, NH 6/30/1802
Smith, Jofeph, Capt., age 64 Barre, MA 10/7/1809
Smith, Mr., killed by falling tree, married a few weeks ago (item) Peacham 7/6/1803
Snell, Perez, Mr., Craftsbury 8/10/1798
Soper, Mr., young man, Thurs last, died in well accident (item) Shelburn 11/15/1803
Sprague, John, Hon., Chief Justice for the County of Worcefter Lancafter 10/8/1800
Stanley, Ruth Widow, age 67 Shaftsbury 7/30/1801
Stearns, Samuel, Doct. Brattleboro 9/9/1809
Stevens, Phinehas, Doctor Barnet 5/16/1799
Stewart, John, Efq., late member of US House of Rep. York, PA at Ohio 10/7/1809
Stillman, Samuel Rev., age 70, of First Baptist Church of Bofton Bofton 3/24/1807
Stockwell, Abel, last Monday (item) Chefterfield 12/10/1805
Story, Jeremiah, age 89 Hopkinton, NH 6/19/1804
Sullivan, William B. Esq., age 25, third fon of Hon James Sullivan Bofton ? 1/13/1807
Sumner, Increase, Esq., age 53, Governor of Mass. Roxbury, (MA prob) 6/20/1799
Tarbell, John, Lieut., age 94 Sturbridge, MA 1/1/1805
Temple, James, Efq., age 36 Cambridge, MA 3/23/1803
Thurfton, Mofes, age 79 Hollis, NH 4/24/1800
Thurfton, Mofes, Deacon, age 64 Weftminfter, MA 8/19/1809
Tollman, James, age 13, ftudent at Phillip's Academy (obit) Andover 7/3/1804
Tolman, infant child, of Thomas Tolman, Efq. Greenfborough 6/6/1799
Trumbull, Jonathan, age 69 Lebanon, CT 8/19/1809
Tuttle, Polly Mrs., age 35 Peacham 9/18/1804
Upham, Edward Efq. Northampton 5/5/1807
Varnum, Sarah, age 53, wife of Capt. William Varnum Peacham 1/13/1802
Vaugan, James, age 74 Portland 12/4/1804
Vaugan, Mrs., and a child, days previous to Mr. James Vaugh's death Portland 12/4/1804
Vofe, Solomon, Esq., age (4)1 Augufta, ME 9/9/1809
Wait, William, Capt., died at Medford Malden 9/9/1809
Walton, John, age 106 Penobfcott Bay 1/6/1807
Warner, Jonathan, Gen., 7th inst., of Hardwick, MA Craftsbury 1/12/1803
Way, Nathan, age 25 Peacham 8/4/1802
Weld, Elias, Hon., Efq., age 73 Hanover 5/28/1805
Welder, child, age 7, of Peter Welder Lyndon 8/14/1804
Welfh, Jonas Jun., age 28 Bofton 9/9/1809
Wells, Afahel, age 73 Weft Hartford 1/6/1807
Wells, Archibald, age 73 Hartford, CT 1/20/1807
Wheeler, Martha Mrs., age 37, wife of Amos Wheeler Worcefter, MA 6/30/1802
Whipple, Sally, age 23, wife of Elijah Whipple St Johnsbury 3/27/1804
Whitaker, son, age 14, 22nd, son of Ezra Whitaker (item) Adams 4/15/1806
Whitcher, Mrs., wife of David Whitcher, Efq. Danville 10/12/1798
White, child, age 18 months, of Robert White Peacham 1/5/1803
White, Eunice Mrs., age 77 Verfhire, VT 10/7/1809
Whitney, Nathan, age 81 Hartford 9/16/1806
Whitney, Richard Esq., late Secretary to the Governor of Vt Hinfdale, NH 9/16/1806
Willey, Patience Widow, age 83 Peacham 12/11/1800
Williams, Jere. R., age 22, killed by lightning Glaftonbury, CT 9/30/1809
Williams, Samuel, Hon., age 44, Chief Justice for the County of Rutland Plymouth 3/19/1800
Williams, Urania, age 49, wife of Capt. Oliver Williams Woodftock 1/6/1807
Willington, Prifcilla, Mifs Lexington 9/2/1809
Wing, David, Hon., Jr., Esq., chief justice of County Court Montpelier 9/16/1806
Woods, Amy Mrs., age 40, wife of Lt. Daniel Woods Windfor 1/13/1807
Woodward, (Bezehel), Hon., of Dartmouth College Hanover, NH 9/4/1804
Worcefter, child, of Rev. Leonard Worcefter (see 3/30/1803) Peacham 3/23/1803
Wormwood, Abigail, age 33, wife of Jofeph Wormwood Groton 3/30/1803
Wright, Job, age 8 y 2 m, fon of Nehemiah Wright Efq Derby 9/16/1809
Young, Nehemiah, age 22 Barton 10/14/1806

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