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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
______ of Hill, NH Adams, Mrs. Mary of Derby Derby? - NH? 12/17/1900
Abbott, Charles E. of Newport Clark, Gertrude Coventry - Aug 9 8/19/1901
Abbott, Homer W. of Winchendon, MA Drew, Ellen of M/M Harlow Foss of Barton Barton - Aug 27 - (item) 9/1/1902
Abbott, Lee R. of Glover & NY (item) Parsons, Mary E. of M/M Walter Parsons Hudson, NY - Nov 11 12/7/1903
Abel, Horace G. Jones, Mrs. Lucy E. Troy - Dec 10 12/19/1904
Adams, Edwin R. of Burke Cook, Miss Etta B. of Burke West Burke - March 19 3/25/1901
Adams, Moses P. of Barton Landing Elms, Nina N. of Lyman, NH Lyman, NH - 19th 11/24/1902
Adams, Perley J. Trowbridge, Miss Luna Griffin Newport Ctr - Dec 25 12/31/1900
Adams, Perley J. of Newport Ctr Trowbridge, Luna Griffin of O. M. Griffen Newport Center 1/14/1901
Adams, Theron Dutton, Mabel of William Dutton Brownington Ctr 9/12/1904
Adley, Robert C. of Lancaster, NH Suitor, Miss Ella M. of Barton Barton - Wed 6/23/1902
Aiken, T. R. Grow, Mrs. Bell of Brownington? Cabot - Aug 12 8/25/1902
Albee, Fred of Troy Brown, Miss Laila of Westfield Westfield - Feb 20 2/29/1904
Alexander, Carroll B. of Evansville Moore, Miss Maggie E. of Evansville Evansville - Jan 23 1/28/1901
Alexander, Rev. Mr. Edwin L. of Glover Aldrich, Miss Edith Francena of Glover Glover - Aug 22 8/27/1900
Alger, A. Dana Drake, Ethel (Effie) of Coventry Barton - Sept 25 10/1/1900
Allard, Olin T. of Sutton Roundy, Mrs. Jennie V. of Sutton Barton - Nov 25 12/2/1901
Allbee, Homer E. of Barton Darling, Miss Myrtie of West Derby West Derby - last Wed 3/7/1904
Allbee, Lemuel Ruiter, Miss Fleda - (item 11-24) W. Charleston - last Wed 11/17/1902
Allchurch, Thomas of Boston (item) Whitney, Miss Grace of James Whitney West Derby - last Thurs 10/7/1901
Allen, Andrew H. of Glover Rogers, Miss Lenora E. of Coventry West Derby - Dec 24 1/14/1901
Allen, Cassius Rash, Muriel Irasburg 12/15/1902
Allen, Elmer J. of Irasburg Montague, Mrs. Anna W. of Irasburg Irasburg - April 11 4/15/1901
Allen, Freeman E. of W. Glover Ayer, Miss Lizzie of St. Johnsbury Ctr St. J.? - May 4 5/12/1902
Allen, Gilbert of Stanstead McLeod, Mrs. Annie L. of Derby Derby - Feb 3 2/12/1900
Allen, Henry Willey, Florence Greensboro Bend - Thurs 4/13/1903
Allen, Walter L. of Springfield Mills, Alice B. of Albany Albany - Oct 15 10/20/1902
Allen, Willard of Craftsbury not listed - [prob Kenyon, Helen] Northfield - last Tues 9/30/1901
Ames, John C. of Berlin, NH Holloway, Molly, wid/o Eli Holloway of Glover recently 9/16/1901
Ames, Ray Osgood, Almeda Holland - last Thurs 8/31/1903
Ames, Rev. Charles O. of Rochester, NY Ballou, Miss Lucila of Derby NY? - Dec 13 12/24/1900
Anderson, George Webb, Miss Eva Craftsbury - Wed 3/5/1900
Anderson, George W. of Glover George, Miss Goldie E. of Glover S. Albany - Oct 19 10/31/1904
Anderson, Jas. of E. Craftsbury Hinman, Mrs. of Canada Canada 10/12/1903
Anderson, Merton F. of Craftsbury Shute, Miss Elsie of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Sept 27 10/1/1900
Anderson, Morton B. of Albany Williams, Miss Florisse L. A. of Albany S. Albany - June 1 6/6/1904
Anderson, Walter L. of Barton Eldredge, Miss Sybil of Albany Albany? - Aug 27 9/1/1902
Anderson, Walter L. of Glover Eldredge, Sibil of A. Eldredge of E. Albany East Albany 9/1/1902
Anderson, Walter L. of Glover Eldridge, Miss Sibil P. of Albany Albany - Aug 27 9/8/1902
Arbuckle, Eugene of Wolcott Robbins, Mary of Major Robbins Craftsbury - Thurs 10/5/1903
Arbuckle, Herbert W. of Craftsbury Devigino, Miss Delia of Wolcott Craftsbury - Nov 16 12/23/1901
Ariel, Mitchel Honsinger, Hattie Jay - Jan 1 1/6/1902
Armstrong, Leslie of Wheelock Edwards, Miss Lottie of Wheelock Wheelock - Dec 3 12/7/1903
Arthur Kimball of Derby & MA Sherman, Miss Minnie Maud of Boston Boston, MA - Sept 19 9/24/1900
Atkins, Owen of Hardwick Hodgdon, Miss Ella M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury - July 15 7/21/1902
Atwood, Rev. Alfred Ray of Lowell Brandt, Miss Matilda Ava of OH Nottingham, OH - Sept 19 9/9/1901
Austin, C. E. - (item) Whitney, Miss Flora L. (of Barton?) Minneapolis, Minn June 17 6/29/1903
Austin, George of Rev. Austin of Albany Clifford, Edith of N. E. Clifford - (item) Essex Junction Nov 20 11/25/1901
Austin, Hubert Helse, Flora of Greensboro Hardwick - Nov 23 11/28/1904
Averill, Thomas J. - (item) Cole, Miss Ethel M. of Mrs. J. A. Cole Newport - Aug 25 9/1/1902
Bailey, C. M. of East Hardwick Batchelder, Miss Harriet of N. Danville N. Danville - Thanksgiving 12/8/1902
Bailey, Elmer E. Spaulding, Carrie O. Craftsbury - last Wed 9/17/1900
Bailey, H. E. of Elmore Sprague, Miss Lillian M. of Cabot Walden - July 4 7/23/1900
Bailey, O C. of M/M R. E. Bailey of St. J Johnson, Miss Cora of Danville Danville - last Wed 9/16/1901
Baird, Hoel St. James, Miss Jennie Newport - Jan 3 1/7/1901
Baird, Horace Wheeler, Mrs. of Stanstead, PQ West Derby - last Tues 6/20/1904
Baker, Herbert L. of Philip Baker Ludlow, Miss May G. Newport - Wed 6/30/1902
Baker, Robert R. of Newport Tevyaw, Miss Jessie M. of Newport Westfield - Sept 3 9/12/1904
Baldwin, E. G. of Barton Chase, Miss Daisy Anna of Calais N. Montpelier - last Thurs 4/6/1903
Baldwin, Rollin Page, Miss Susie Irasburg - last Wed 5/6/1901
Ball, Charles of Newark Lucia, Mrs. Addie of Newark Newark? - Jan 10 1/21/1901
Ballentine, Clarence not listed - [prob Pearce, Inez] Hardwick - [prob Oct 7] 10/24/1904
Barnes, C. J. of Morgan Center Barry, Miss Frances of Newport Morgan Center 2/5/1900
Barnes, Clarence of Iowa Chapman, Miss   7/16/1900
Barney, Glen Croft, Miss Grace Morgan - Feb 3 2/8/1904
Barney, Lewis S. Maxfield, Miss Annette Morgan Ctr - 27th ult 5/4/1903
Barnum, Ernest Clement, Miss Mattie Newport - Oct 18 10/29/1900
Barr, Edgar of Greensboro Bend not listed - [prob George, Ineze] from MA Greensboro Bend - last Wed 7/1/1901
Barry, Nathan C. of Brownington Cote, Miss Emma M. of Barton Albany - Dec 20 12/24/1900
Bartlett, Lennie M. Cobleigh, Mrs. Addie West Burke - last Tues 2/1/1904
Bartlett, Percy of Hanover, NH Potter, Miss Jane of James Potter, Esq. Barton Landing - June 29 7/4/1904
Basford, W. G. of Barton Lyon, Miss Blanch of Westmore Westmore - Aug 14 8/19/1901
Batchelder, Ernest Brooks, Miss Edith Coventry - last Tues 9/14/1903
Batchelder, J. Wesley of Barton not listed - [prob Devard, Katie] St. Johnsbury - [prob Dec 10] 12/30/1901
Batchelder, Roy E. of Charleston Willard, Miss Grace of Derby W. Charleston - March 9 3/14/1904
Batchelder, Roy E. of E. Charleston Willard, Miss Grace of Derby Derby - March 9 3/14/1904
Bean, Arthur Leroy of Barton (item) Richmond, Grace of Kendrick Richmond Newport per Barton last Wed 9/7/1903
Bean, Carl of Glover Lang, Isabelle of Glover Glover - last Wed 6/25/1900
Bean, Ernest F. of Westfield McEwen, Miss Myrtle A. of Kingston, PQ Westfield - Jan 6 1/13/1902
Bean, Freeman H. of Glover Anderson, Mrs. Luda F. of Glover Glover - Oct 30 11/3/1902
Bean, M. A. of Glover Drew, Florence of Glover Glover - Aug 15 8/27/1900
Bean, Martin Drew, Florence of Levi Drew Glover - last Wed 8/20/1900
Beaumont, Austin Riff, Latie of Beebe Plain Manchester, NH 5/21/1900
Beck, Frederic Carl of St. Johnsbury Houston, Mildred Sybil of Troy Troy - Wed 6/15/1903
Bedell, James of Derby Little, Lula of Barton Landing Barton Landing - April 2 4/7/1902
Belknap, Ray L. of Barre Cheever, Delia W. of Barre Walden - May 30 7/1/1901
Bell, George Chaffee, Miss Myrtle Greensboro - Nov 5 11/10/1902
Bellows, Mr. of Lowell not listed Johnson 1/14/1901
Belmont, J. H. Dwinell, Miss Ethel Hardwick - last Wed 7/22/1901
Bennett, William of Irasburg Jones, Mrs. Ruth G. of Irasburg Irasburg - May 12 5/21/1900
Berry, Alvin Putney, Lura Brownington - last Mon 1/8/1900
Berry, Athol of Brownington Fox, Mabel of Brownington Brownington 4/25/1904
Berry, Ervin of Wilder not listed - [prob Howard, Mae] W. Burke [prob Hartford Sept 24] 9/29/1902
Berry, Nathan of Brownington Coaty, Emma of Barton Landing Barton Land - last week 12/31/1900
Berwick, Enoch of Sherbrooke, PQ Plowman, Harriet Amelia of Sherbrooke, PQ Barton - May 20 5/27/1901
Bessie, Herbert of Enosburgh/Sutton Whitaker, Miss Mattie of Lowell, MA Lowell, MA 10/26/1903
Bickford, Edward Bickford, Mrs. Eunice North Troy - last Mon 11/19/1900
Bickford, Harrie M. Gilman, Miss Emma A. of Sheffield Evansville - July 9 7/18/1904
Bilton, Raymond of N. Craftsbury Smith, Ruth F. of Mrs. E. Smith of St. Cyr St. Cyr 10/26/1903
Bishop, Harley of Newark Chappell, Miss Amy of Westmore West Burke - Feb 10 2/19/1900
Bishop, I. B. of West Derby Miller, Miss Edna of Derby Line - last Tues 11/18/1901
Bishop, William Henry, Jr. (item) Hodsden, Gertrude of Carl B. Hodsden Island Pond - June 14 6/20/1904
Blair, Hollis W. of Barton Call, Miss S. Lillian W. Brome, Que - Nov 6 11/12/1900
Blake, Dr. J. M. of Barton (item) Hull, Miss Mabelle of Fairfax Fairfax - last Thurs 1/4/1904
Blake, Frank C. Parker, Miss Mabel of H. B. Parker of NT North Troy - April 23 4/28/1902
Blake, Fred C. not listed Barton 1/22/1900
Blake, John not listed Derby 1/8/1900
Blake, John Sanborn, Nellie Sheffield - last week 8/25/1902
Blake, Newman Sloan, Mrs. Mamie Derby 8/13/1900
Bliss, Oscar Ladd, Mrs. Floss Craftsbury - Nov 25 11/30/1903
Blood, C. H. of Barton Spaulding, Miss Blanch of H. G. Spaulding Barton - last Mon 5/27/1901
Blunt, F. O. of Newport Bullard, Alice of Manchester, NH Manchester, NH - last Tues 9/23/1901
Bly, John of E. Charleston (item) Beach, Miss Lillian of Georgeville, PQ Georgeville, Que - Sept 2 9/7/1903
Bocash, Alfred C. of Sheldon Ovitt, Elma J. of Barton Barton Landing - last Thurs 6/30/1902
Boden, John A. of B. C. Boden Beede, Miss Mary J. of Brownington Coventry - Oct 10 10/21/1901
Bonneau, Arthur of Groveton, NH Deschamps, Miss Alvine of Lowell Lowell - Dec 24 12/30/1901
Borland, Clark M. of Glover Young, Annie M. of George L. Young West Glover June 1 6/6/1904
Borland, J. C. Lyman, Miss May Glover 10/24/1904
Borland, John C. - (item) Lyman, Mae West Glover - Wed 10/24/1904
Borland, John C. of Glover Lyman, Miss Mae of Glover West Glover - Oct 19 11/14/1904
Bornett, Archie of Cabot Lamora, Milina of Walden Walden - May 20 5/28/1900
Bowen, Clarence of W. Charleston Cuttin, Miss Katie of Brownington West Charleston 11/19/1900
Bowker, Archie of Barton Vigneault, Miss Eliza of West Derby Newport - July 16 7/23/1900
Boyce, Earl L. Danforth, Miss Vinnie E. Island Pond - Feb 19 2/24/1902
Brahana, Thomas of Lowell Stephenson, Nellie of John Stephenson of L. Lowell - Nov 28 12/2/1901
Brainard, Ernest of Newport Stoddard, Lula of Lyndonville Lyndonville - Wed 6/13/1904
Brevoout, Wallace Longeway, Bertha Beebe Plain 5/28/1900
Brewster, Perley Hill Shepard, Lenora of J. S. Shepard of B. Barton - April 11 4/16/1900
Bridgman, E. G. of Hardwick Warner, Miss Ida of Hardwick Hardwick - last week 4/1/1901
Broadbent, Fred (of Brownington?) Dyson, Miss Sarah S. of Plattsville Plattsville, Wisc - July 2 7/21/1902
Brooks, Clinton of Manchester, NH Dwyer, Annie of Amasa Dwyer Brownington Center Aug 4 8/10/1903
Brooks, Leroy C. - (item) Jenness, Grace Mabel of Oliver Jenness Sheffield - June 28 7/14/1902
Brooks, Leroy C. of Sheffield Jenness, Miss Grace M. of Sheffield Sheffield - June 28 7/7/1902
Brown, Fred C. of Barton Landing (items) Patterson, Effie of A. D. Patterson of S. Albany Albany - Feb 12 2/17/1902
Brown, Henry of Barton Landing Wallace, Miss Bessie of Lyndonville Lyndonville - June 24 6/29/1903
Brown, Irvin of Wheelock Sisco, Miss Belle of Sheffield Sheffield - May 6 5/11/1903
Brown, W. L. Wright, Miss Bessie D. Burlington - last Wed 9/8/1902
Brunning, Adelbert E. of Glover Skinner, Miss Adra of Glover Glover - Sept 14 9/19/1904
Bryant, Jonathan Dutton, Miss O. P. Morgan Ctr - Feb 11 2/16/1903
Bryant, Mr. Dutton, Miss Olive Albany 2/23/1903
Bu[rt], Martin of Lunenburg Smith, Mrs. Nettie of Lunenburg of Ed Doane Troy - Nov 29 12/10/1900
Buchanan, Franklin A. Anderson, Annie B. Irasburg - last Thurs 11/16/1903
Buck, E. H. of Billings, Mont Marvin, Miss Blanche Newport Ctr - Dec 24 1/5/1903
Buckwell, Jack of Los Angeles (item) Boden, Grace of E. H. Boden of Duarte, CA Newport - Nov 12 11/30/1903
Buell, William Critchett, Mrs. Jane Glover - last Sat 5/16/1904
Bugbee, Leroy Roundy, Carrie West Burke - Feb 4 2/10/1902
Bullis, Mr. Foster, Miss Hattie Westfield - recently 1/1/1900
Bullock, George of Morgan Walker, Sarah E. of Holland Derby - Feb 10 2/19/1900
Bullock, William Peasley, Miss Lucy Derby - Dec 24 1/4/1904
Bundy, Byron - (item) Daniels, Miss Carrie Sutton - last Thurs 8/24/1903
Burbank, William C. Hatch, Edith N. Craftsbury - May 6 5/12/1902
Burbick, Clarence Hardy, Leona sis of Nelson Hardy West Charleston - last Tues 8/18/1902
Burroughs, Homer Hopkins, Miss Jennie Morgan Center - June 4 6/20/1904
Buswell, John of W. Burke Ingalls, Mrs. of Sutton [see item 11-10] Sutton? - Oct 30 11/3/1902
Button, Frank Larabee, Myrtie Troy 2/9/1903
Buzzell, J. P. of Sutton Nichols, Mrs. Almira of Brownington Sutton - Oct 30 11/3/1902
Buzzo, Thomas N. of Barton Shepard, Mary E. of Barton Irasburg - March 1 3/5/1900
Cady, Edward M. of Eden Shatney, Alma J. of Lowell Albany - Dec 25 1/14/1901
Cady, Frank R. of Westmore McCoy, Cynthia of Barton Westmore - Nov 1 11/5/1900
Calderwood, George A. Longe, Miss Minnie South Albany - 7th 10/17/1904
Calkins, George M. of Morgan Nichols, Alice M. of Derby Derby - Nov 29 12/10/1900
Calkins, George of Charleston Nichols, Miss Alice of Derby Derby 12/3/1900
Call, James B. S. of Magog, PQ Call, Mrs. Clara V. of Magog, PQ Derby - Oct 11 10/14/1901
Callahan, Edgar Frederick Bailey, Miss Eda Newport Ctr - 24th 11/16/1903
Callahan, Edgar Frederick Bailey, Miss Eda Newport Ctr - last Tues 11/30/1903
Cameron, Ralph Lockwood, Mrs. Anna Newport - last Wed 2/5/1900
Cammett, George Robert Rogers, Blanche M. of William Rogers Newport Center - Oct 20 10/24/1904
Campbell, J. W. Simonds, Miss Gertie of Greensboro Greensboro - Wed 2/16/1903
Campbell, J. W. of Hardwick Simpson, Gertrude of Mrs. M. J. Simpson Greensboro - Wed 2/16/1903
Card, George Keyser, Ida May Barton Land - last Wed 5/6/1901
Carey, Mahlon Largeness, Miss Rose Troy - last Wed 10/3/1904
Cargill, Burnie of W. Charleston Elliott, Miss Ola of Morgan Morgan - April 6 4/13/1903
Cargill, Ora of E. Charleston [Moore, Eliza] [Charleston - Dec 31] 1/5/1903
Carpenter, Carl Wells, Miss Bertha Barton - last Mon 1/14/1901
Carpenter, Carl A. of Irasburg Wells, Bertha E. of Irasburg Barton - Jan 7 1/21/1901
Carpenter, D. J. Flint, Miss Viola of Irasburg? Barton - last Mon 1/14/1901
Carpenter, Don J. of Irasburg Flint, Viola S. of Irasburg Barton - Jan 7 1/21/1901
Carpenter, Ray of Barton Landing? Pendridge, Isabel of St. Johnsbury - last Wed 9/16/1901
Carpenter, Raymond of NYC Pendridge, Isabel M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Sept 11 9/23/1901
Carpenter, Theodore Willis, Miss Gertrude of Mrs. Ben Townshend West Derby - Sept 6 9/15/1902
Carpenter, Theodore (item) Willis, Miss Gertrude of Mrs. B. Townshend West Derby - Sept 6 9/29/1902
Carten, John Leo of Portland, ME Hall, Miss Rena of Island Pond West Charleston 1/21/1901
Carter, Clarence A. of Coventry Smith, Miss Elizabeth A. of Newport Newport? - Last Wed 12/2/1901
Carter, H. E. of Albany Perkins, Miss Ada of Barton Barton - last week 9/29/1902
Carter, Herbert E. of Albany (item) Perkins, Ada M. of C. M. Perkins of B. Barton - Sept 24 9/29/1902
Chadbourne, Charles A. of St. J. Lorimer, Miss Alice of Derby/Newport Newport - July 17 7/22/1901
Chadbourne, Walter Flint, Miss Ethel Barton 9/28/1903
Chaffee, Myron of Westfield Marston, Miss of Westfield Westfield 5/12/1902
Chamberlain, A. Benton s/o Mrs. M. L. Elkins Eaton, Miss May of Lowell, MA Lowell, MA - Sept 9 9/7/1903
Chamberlain, Herbert not listed - [prob Bedell, Alta] Coventry - [Feb 10] 4/2/1900
Chamberlin, Herbert B. of Coventry Bedell, Miss Alta A. of West Derby West Derby - Feb 21 3/5/1900
Chamberlin, Herbert of Coventry Bedell, Alta of West Derby W. Derby - last week? 3/5/1900
Champagne, John [Bl]ay, Miss Phoebe Derby - [March 22] 3/24/1902
Chapman, Guy of N. Hatley, PQ not listed - [prob Magoon, Bertha] Minton, PQ - June 17 6/22/1903
Chappell, Gerald of Henniker, NH not listed - [prob Etta Mae Colby] Henniker, NH - March 9 3/14/1904
Charles, B. J. of Farmersville Holman, Mary E. of Irasburg Farmersville Sta, NY 2/9/1903
Charles, Buchanan James Holman, Miss Mary Etta of Irasburg Farmersville Sta, NY Feb 1 2/9/1903
Chase, Ward of Charleston Lord, Miss Lula of Morgan Morgan 9/24/1900
Cheney, Arthur Leach, Miss Nellie Albany Center 6/8/1903
Cheney, Dwight C. of Sutton Whitcher, Eva A. of Sutton Sutton - Jan 1 1/14/1901
Cheney, Dwight of Sutton Whitcher, Miss Eva of West Burke West Burke - Jan 1 1/7/1901
Cheney, Will Chappell, Miss Bertha West Burke 7/6/1903
Chickering, Silas of West Burke Stone, Miss Estella of Sutton (item) West Burke - last Wed 9/28/1903
Childs, Dana Calderwood, Amanda Greensboro Bend - March 8 4/9/1900
Christie, G. Leo Drew, Miss Elsie M. of Glover Glover - Nov 5 11/10/1902
Christie, Joel Batchelder, Mrs. Emma of Greensboro Glover/Greensboro - April 30 5/4/1903
Church, Charles P. of W. Charleston Bailey, Mrs. Adeline F. of Brownington Brownington - Nov 17 11/24/1902
Church, E. P. Lee, Mrs. Irasburg - last Sat. 11/3/1902
Clark, Adna M. of Barton Corruth, Miss Eva L. of Everett, MA Barton - Aug 8 8/13/1900
Clark, Albert of Sutton Gray, Miss Myra of Robert Gray Sheffield - last Tues 2/26/1900
Clark, Albert of Sutton Gray, Miss Myra M. of Sheffield Sheffield - Feb 21 4/9/1900
Clark, Allen Putney, Miss Maud of Brownington Irasburg/Brownington 7/21/1902
Clark, Charles of Sherbrooke Hinkson, Miss Clemma g-dau of Alonzo Wood Troy - Dec 23 1/25/1904
Clark, Harry - (item) Applebee, Miss Lena of Holland W. Charleston - last Wed 8/24/1903
Clark, Harry Herbert of Boston Green, Miss Anna Belle of Newport Newport - June 17 6/8/1903
Clark, Henry of Glover Gray, Miss Lola of Barton Glover - Wed (item 5/4) 4/27/1903
Clark, Noble of M/M Simeon Clark Gilbert, Miss Ella of Morrisville West Derby - last week 11/2/1903
Clark, Preston of W. Charleston not listed, of MA [prob Patten, Mrs. May] [prob Charleston - Feb 19] 3/3/1902
Clark, Walter of Wolcott Cross, Miss Lena of Amos Cross Westfield - Sept 10 9/16/1901
Clay, E. P. of North Thetford West, Mrs. Flora of White River Jct W. Charleston? - Last Wed 6/29/1903
Clement, Robert Rawson, Miss Nina Newport 9/7/1903
Clement, Robert H. - (item) Rawson, Miss Nina of Newport Newport - Wed 9/21/1903
Clifford, Eugene of Newport Lyford, Miss of Stanstead Newport? - Last Wed 11/4/1901
Clifford, G. H. of Barton Landing Hitchcock, Alice of W. Albany W. Albany - last Tues 3/11/1901
Clogston, Charles of C. S. Clogston of Barton Watkins, Miss Lula of Benj Watkins of Newport Newport - last Wed 5/19/1902
Clough, Ernest Hibbard, Miss Grace Newport - last Sat 10/17/1904
Cobb, Mark Norton, Miss May of Glover Northfield 4/8/1901
Cobleigh, H. W. (per West Burke) Wade, Mrs. Boston - last week 12/9/1901
Coburn, Charles H. of Barton Rice, Miss Emma M. of Barton Barton - last Wed 9/1/1902
Coburn, Roy W. of Barton Landing Dunham, Miss Flora B. of Barton Landing Brownington Ctr - Aug 25 8/17/1817
Coburn, Walter G. of West Derby Ashman, Miss Lizzie of Beebe Plain, PQ West Derby 9/8/1902
Coe, Arthur Carter, Mrs. West Burke - last week 1/18/1904
Colburn, Bert Shout, Daisy N. Craftsbury - last Sat 2/18/1901
Colburn, Bert of Craftsbury Shute, Miss Daisy of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury - Feb 9 3/4/1901
Colburn, Roy W. of Barton Landing Dunham, Flora B. of Barton Landing Brownington Ctr - Aug 15 8/24/1903
Colburne, Fred of N. Craftsbury Hayes, Hattie M. of Stafford, NH N. Craftsbury - last Tues 12/2/1901
Colby, Charles R. of Barton Gray, Ada F. of Barton Albany - Sept 23 10/15/1900
Colby, Corydon Harris Gadupee, Caroline V. of Derby Line Derby Line - Dec 16 12/14/1903
Colby, Reginald of Lowell Goss, Miss Jennie Barton - Feb 26 3/9/1903
Cole, Irving Dale, Miss Stella Newport - last Wed 6/29/1903
Collins, E. R. of Greensboro Bend Campbell, Clara of J. W. Campbell Hardwick - last Wed 5/25/1903
Collins, Edward of I. D. R. Collins Colby, Miss Ruth - (item) Newport - Wed 7/13/1903
Colodny, Mr. of Newport not listed   2/11/1901
Cone, Rev. Mr. J. Henry of Westfield Smith, Miss Flora Grace of Troy (item) Troy - Dec 31 1/6/1902
Cook, C. B. MA - not listed Greensboro at MA 11/17/1902
Cook, C. B. of Greensboro McCuaig, Miss Mary of S. Framingham, MA W. Medford, MA - Nov 12 12/8/1902
Cook, George C. of Barton Burney, Miss Jennie M. of N. Woodstock N. Woodstock, NH - March 12 3/17/1902
Coombs, Nelson of Hardwick Bruso, Miss Gertrude of Richford Richford? - Last Tues 12/2/1901
Corlis, Fred P. of Newark McQueen, Miss Eva May of Newark Barton - June 5 6/18/1900
Corliss, Benjamin of Orford, NH Gilbert, Helen N. Craftsbury - Jan 29 2/10/1902
Corliss, Charles Guyette, Miss Eva Lowell - Mon 8/4/1902
Corliss, Leon Hand, Miss Mabel of E. Charleston Island Pond - Dec 5 12/28/1903
Corrow, Nelson of Westfield Currier, Miss Orilla of Westfield Lowell - Oct 1 10/8/1900
Cota, Edward Ducharme, Sadie of Paul Ducharme of W. Lowell - June 24 7/15/1901
Counter, Charles Scott, Miss Carrie W. Charleston - Aug 4 8/1/1904
Counter, Charles - (item) Scott, Miss Carrie of Mrs. Sarah Bennett West Charleston Aug 4 8/8/1904
Counter, Mr. of West Charleston Bennett, Miss Carrie West Charleston 7/25/1904
Courser, Guy S. Daniels, Lula M. N. Albany 8/31/1903
Courser, Guy S. of Albany Daniels, Lula M. of Albany Albany - Aug 26 9/14/1903
Cousens, Charles E. of W. Derby Greene, Wilma A. of C. E. Greene of W. Derby West Derby - last Wed 3/30/1903
Covey, Harmon A. - (item) Parker, Miss Sarah of Lowell Lowell - Dec 5 12/10/1900
Cowles, Clarence of Stowe Glidden, Miss Olla Craftsbury - last week 6/24/1901
Cowles, Henry W. of Barton Perkins, Miss Mabel of Woodsville, NH Barton - June 25 6/30/1902
Cowles, Herbert Hill, Lillian D. of Irasburg Irasburg - 26th 3/4/1901
Cowles, Herbert of Barton Landing Hill, Lillian of M/M George K. Hill of I. Irasburg - last Tues 3/4/1901
Cowling, George of St. Johnsbury Warner, Miss Norah of Brownington Sheffield - last week 8/19/1901
Cowling, George of St. Johnsbury Warner, Miss Norah C. of Sheffield (item) Sheffield - Aug 14 8/19/1901
Cox, Frank E. of Walden Fletcher, Ada E. of Selon Fletcher of Hardwick Hardwick - Feb 20 2/25/1901
Creed, J. Leroy of Northfield Smith, Miss Sarah of Barre Barre - Oct 12 10/31/1904
Cross, Harvey of Island Pond Holden, Miss Grace L. of Bloomfield Island Pond - July 23 7/28/1902
Crow, Norris of Charleston Ross, Florence of Westmore Westmore - Sept 3 9/8/1902
Crowley, Fred W. of Agawam (item) Clark, Bertha E. of Gilbert Clark of Ludlow Agawam, MA 9/29/1902
Cummings, Archie not listed West Charleston - ???? 7/21/1902
Cummings, George R. of Charleston Flanders, Sarah of Eli Flanders of B. Barton - 5th 6/10/1901
Cummings, James of Hardwick Fuller, Mrs. Winnie E. St. Johnsbury - Oct 31 11/7/1904
Cummings, Rennie Achilles, Miss Nina Newport - last Wed 9/19/1904
Cunningham, John of Newport Garfield, Miss Lula Barton - Last Tues 6/29/1903
Currer, Elmer Decker, Olive Newport - June 24 7/2/1900
Currie, George of Barton Stevens, Muriel of Coventry Barton - May 1 5/12/1902
Currier, Nelson Kidder, Miss May Irasburg - last Tues 6/17/1901
Curtis, Allen of Barre not listed - [prob Moore, Lina] per Sutton [prob Barre May 6] 5/20/1901
Curtis, George E. of Lowell (item 1-26) Stickney, Bertha of J. G. Stickney Newport Ctr. - Jan 21 1/19/1903
Cushing, Alfred F. of Derby Albee, Alice A. of Charleston W. Charleston - Sept 20 9/26/1904
Cushing, Charles E. of Goffstown Thompson, Miss Mary of Goffstown Goffstown, NH 10/20/1902
Cushing, Fred of Derby Allbee, Miss Alice of W. Charleston W. Charleston - Sept 20 9/19/1904
Cushing, Timothy Labounty, Miss Emma Derby - Wed 2/26/1900
Cushman, Edward Gaylor, Mrs. Mertie Newport Ctr - Thanksgiving 11/28/1904
Cuthbertson, Henry of Greensboro not listed New Haven, CT 6/20/1904
Cutler, Ai M. of Barton Simpson, Miss Mabelle R. of Barton Land Barton Landing - June 3 6/16/1902
Cutler, Ai M. of Barton (item) Simpson, Miss Mabell R. of Barton Land. Barton Landing - June 3 6/9/1902
Cutler, Henry R. Miles, Ida of M/M W. W. Miles of Barton Barton - today 1/1/1900
Cutting, C. R. of Newport Brown, Miss Hattie L. of W. Derby West Derby? 6/13/1904
Daggett, Alfred Waldron, Alice of Rev. J. D. Waldron Morgan 6/29/1903
Daggett, Fred Farr, Miss Alice Morgan - Wed 6/29/1903
Dailey, Roy Baker, Miss Nellie of Batesville West Derby - June 27 7/4/1904
Dailey, W. R. of Derby Black, Miss Carrie M. of Coventry Derby - June 13 6/4/1900
Dailey, W. R. of Derby (items) Black, Carrie of Henry Black of Coventry Coventry - last Wed 6/18/1900
Dale, Harry of Newport Greenleaf, Etta of Leland Greenleaf of W Derby West Derby - last Wed 10/28/1901
Dane, Will Barber, Effie Sheffield - Dec 4 12/16/1901
Danforth, Fred B. Grow, Mrs. Gertie Evansville - last Mon 7/11/1904
Danforth, H. Ewens, Miss Ethel Morgan Center - Nov 11 11/23/1903
Danforth, S. Eugene of Barton Dudley, Mrs. Jennie Barton - Mon 4/27/1903
Daniels, Harry A. of Craftsbury Anderson, Miss Annie L. of Craftsbury South Albany - Nov 5 12/10/1900
Darling, Charles M. of Lyndonville McCauley, - Miss Mary of Lyndonville Lyndonville - last Thurs 9/8/1902
Davidson, William B. of Barton? Arthur, Miss Margaret B. S. Ryegate - Nov 27 12/01/1902
Davis, D. F. of Springfield Annis, Miss Nora of Albany Albany - Nov 28 12/3/1900
Davis, George at Maine not listed Maine 10/31/1904
Davis, George E. of Dudley Davis of Mexico Foss, Emily of Mrs. Monira Foss of ME Saco, ME 11/7/1904
Davis, Harry E. Hall, Alice of Lancaster, NH Lancaster, NH - Aug 27 9/1/1902
Davis, Harry F. of Sheffield Hall, Miss Alice of Lancaster, NH Lancaster, NH - Aug 27 8/25/1902
Davis, Henry of Albany Center Garvin, Miss Maude of Craftsbury Newport - Wed 9/14/1903
Davis, Leon of Craftsbury Stearns, Miss Tressa of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Sat 12/5/1904
Davis, Perley A. of E. Charleston Whitman, May I. Lyndon - April 21 4/27/1903
Davis, Roy E. - (item) Holbrook, Laura A. of Samuel Holbrook Newport - Tues 8/8/1904
Davis, Royden Elder of Newport Ctr Holbrook, Miss Laura Abba of Glover Newport - Aug 2 7/25/1904
Davis, Solomon N. of Walden Patch, Miss Lizzie M. of Johnson Walden - Feb 11 2/17/1902
Davison, Charles of Lyndon Brearson, Gertrude A. of Lyndon Barton - June 26 7/6/1903
Davison, P. W. Burton, Miss Lizzie of Albany Craftsbury 1/7/1901
Day, Charles E. of Sherbrooke, Que Tenney, Mrs. Jennie L. of Barton Barton - last Wed 10/3/1904
Day, Forest of Albany McAllister, Miss Cora Barton - May 11 5/11/1903
Day, Frank C. of Albany Hyde, Miss Ina M. of Mrs. E. C. Flanders E. Albany - Dec 25 12/31/1900
Deblois, Amos Gilbeault, Julia of Westfield Lowell - Nov 24 12/12/1904
DeLarm, Ernest Nye, Miss Sadie West Charleston 9/17/1900
DeLarm, Ernest of Newport Nye, Sadie of Lewis Nye of W. C. West Charleston - last Tues 9/24/1900
Demars, Eugene Demars, Mrs. Mary Greensboro Bend - May 9 5/16/1904
DeMars, Fred of Greensboro Lapete, Mary of Barton Barton - last Sat 6/18/1900
Denison, Arthur Wirt of Cambridge, MA March, Miss Clare D. of Newton, MA Newport - Wed 7/13/1903
Derusha, Elbridge Tatro, Miss Lena West Derby 9/8/1902
Derusha, Emery F. Hartley, Myrtle L. West Derby - last Thurs 6/20/1904
Dewing, Joseph Lyman, Miss Ila of N. T. Lyman West Derby - last Thurs 6/1/1903
Dewing, Joseph W. Lyman, Ila M. of Glover Glover - May 28 6/8/1903
Dixon, George A. of Rev. J. A. Dixon Smith, Miss Susie of Hardwick Hardwick 4/11/1904
Dixon, J. A., Rev. of Hardwick? not listed Calif? 6/13/1904
Dixon, Rev. J. A. Wiles, Miss Elizabeth Hardwick - May 1 5/23/1904
Dobbins, George of Hammond, Ind. Lyon, Miss Susie of N. Craftsbury? Ind? 1/11/1904
Dodge, Clarence A. of Berlin Woodworth, Miss Myrtle L. of Barton Barton - June 15 6/20/1904
Dodge, O. A. Graves, Miss Mildred of N. E. Graves Barton - Oct 2 10/7/1901
Dodge, O. A. of New London, CT Graves, Mildred E. of Barton Lyndonville - Oct 2 10/7/1901
Donaghey, George W. Lafleur, Miss Georgianna Albany - Feb 7 2/12/1900
Donald, George Dunsmore of MA Jarvis, Miss Elizabeth of Barton (item) Springfield, MA - July 10 7/14/1902
Donaldson, Rev. S[ylvester] Pomeroy, Miss Mary A. of Franklin Franklin - [June 2] 4/20/1903
Doneghy, Fred Darling, Miss Eva West Derby - Wed 11/5/1900
Donovan, Fred G. Perry, Laura N. Craftsbury - Dec 21 12/30/1901
Doran, Abner G. of West Paris, ME Sinard, Miss May of Island Pond Island Pond - Wed 9/23/1901
Dority, Arthur Jones, Coraella Brownington? - Last week 5/21/1900
Dougherty, Arthur Jones, Miss Cora E. of Brownington Barton 5/21/1900
Downing, P. B. of Hartford Beck, Miss Frances of Manchester, NH Barton - last Wed 1/22/1900
Drake, Samuel Currier, Etta bro is Ernest Currier of S. Sheffield - last week 9/10/1900
Drenan, Carl of Woodbury Guernsey, Miss Myrtie of Calais N Craftsbury - last Thurs 8/19/1901
Drew, Arthur S. of Barton (item) Ruggles, Ida R. of Margaret Ruggles Barton - last Tues 7/15/1901
Drew, Frank M. of Portsmouth Rich, Miss Laura L. of Portsmouth Portsmouth, NH - June 30 7/9/1900
Drew, Frank of Glover Rich, Laura of Glover Glover? 7/2/1900
Drew, Frank of Glover Dunn, Miss E. Maud Glover - Wed 11/30/1903
Drew, Wesley C. of Glover Heath, Miss Gertrude E. of Barton Glover - Oct 22 10/27/1902
Drew, Wesley C. of Glover [Shores], Miss Winnifred Glover - last Sat 2/22/1904
Driver, Albert L. of Morgan Wood, Mary E. of Derby Coventry - last Wed 10/22/1900
Drown, Ezra C. Duke, Miss Lizzie South Barton - last Thurs 8/24/1903
Drown, Frank of Burke Bugbee, Miss Julia of Burke West Burke - Jan 4 1/8/1900
Drown, Mr. of Danville Simpson, Miss Alice of W. Glover   1/8/1900
Drown, Willie B. of E. Brownington Hopkins, Miss of Island Pond E. Brownington ? 1/7/1901
Dudley, Fred of Barton Landing Smith, Bertha of Brownington Barton Landing - Last Mon 3/18/1901
Dumett, Adam M. of Barre McFarlane, Miss Mable F. of Barton Barton - June 11 6/16/1902
Dummett, Adam of Barre McFarlane, Mabel of Walter McFarlane Barton - last Wed 6/16/1902
Dunmore, Arthur J. Kennedy, Miss Elizabeth Island Pond - Feb 23 3/2/1903
Dunn, James A. of Albany Cutler, Myrtie J. of Albany Albany - May 24 6/6/1904
Dunn, James of Albany Cutler, Miss Myrtle of Albany Albany 5/30/1904
Duquette, Arthur Griffin, Lillian of J. D. Griffin of Charleston West Charleston - Oct 7 10/12/1903
Durgin, Clyde Farr, Miss Effie of Morgan West Derby - March 27 4/2/1900
Duval, Eli of Burke Powers, Miss Florence Brownington Ctr 5/20/1901
Dwinell, Carroll Mason, Miss Ida M. Hardwick - July 3 7/18/1904
Dwinell, Rolland not listed - [prob Baldic, Eva] Glover - [prob June 25] 7/9/1900
Dwinell, Rolland Wood, Mrs. Sarah Glover - Thurs 10/13/1902
Dwyer, James W. of Derby Willey, Miss Lottie of Manchester, NH Manchester, NH Oct 28 1/8/1900
Dyer, Nelson of Sheffield not listed [prob Trussell, Mary E. Hall] [prob White River Jct Sept 12] 10/8/1900
Dyke, Fred of Barton Gaskill, Miss Maud of West Burke   9/28/1903
Dyke, Fred of Barton (item) Gaskill, Miss Maud of E. L. Gaskill West Burke Oct 6 10/12/1903
Eastman, Charles of Lyndon Gray, Cora of Sheffield Sheffield - March 19 3/28/1904
Eastman, Edward Niles, Ada of Jason Niles at W. Charleston W. Charleston - last Thurs 8/24/1903
Eastman, Fred of Craftsbury McCaffrey, Miss Lizzie of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury - Feb 27 3/4/1901
Eckles, Clarence Rowan, Miss Ethel Barton Landing - Sept 2 9/14/1903
Edmonds, Arnold - (item) Hunt, Miss Helen niece of L. P. Jenne Derby - last Tues 12/28/1903
Edmunds, John Alger, Mrs. Sarah Irasburg - March 5 3/10/1902
Edwards, William J. Smith, Etta Marion of M. J. Smith of Barton Barton - today 1/1/1900
Edwards, William J. of Barre Smith, Miss Etta M. of Barton Barton - Jan 1 1/8/1900
Elerick, Vernal L. of Richford Powers, Maud of Barton Berkshire - 8th 7/22/1901
Emerson, Charles R. of Lyndonville Magoon, Miss Isabelle of Barton Barton - Dec 30 1/4/1904
Estell, Fred Kinnie, Miss Myrtie Newport - last Wed 3/11/1901
Ewens, George Peavy, Maud Morgan 6/18/1900
Farman, Albert of Newport (item) Brown, Miss Ada of Westfield Lowell - Nov 9 11/14/1904
Farmer, Dr. Frank E. of Waterbury Baldwin, Miss Lulu Lyndonville - 20th inst 5/25/1903
Farr, Edgar Hogan, Miss Mattie of Glover Craftsbury 1/7/1901
Farr, Erwin Waterman, Miss Eleanor Hardwick - Dec 2 12/7/1903
Farr, Herbert Carpenter, Miss Laura of Walden E. Craftsbury - June 19 6/30/1902
Farr, Wilbur of St. Johnsbury Keeler, Miss Edythe East Hardwick - 22nd 6/29/1903
Farrant, J. R. Goodell, Miss Abby E. Newport - last Mon 9/3/1900
Farrant, John R. Goodell, Miss A. E. Newport - Aug 27 9/10/1900
Farrell, G. S. of Hardwick Rockwell, Miss Lilla D. of Troy West Derby - last Wed 5/27/1901
Farrington, William A. of Barton Dunham, Miss Bertha of Barton Land. Barton - last Thurs 10/8/1900
Farrington, William A. of Barton Dunham, Miss Bertha of Barton Land. Barton Land - Oct 4 10/15/1900
Fay, Herbert T. of Westford (item) Jackson, Miss Clara of L. A. Jackson Greensboro - Nov 5 11/10/1902
Felker, Zabiskia M. of Albany Marckres, Alice E. of Eden Irasburg - April 30 5/21/1900
Fifield, Ernest of Ryegate Rood, Miss Ina [Irene] of Morgan Newport Ctr - Jan 10 1/15/1900
Fifield, Ernest of Ryegate Root [Rood], Irene of Newport Center Newport - Jan 10 1/22/1900
Finnegan, Arthur P. of Lowell Dyer, Margaret of Lowell (long item) Lowell - Nov 28 12/9/1901
Finnigan, Arthur P. of Lowell Dyer, Margaret of Michael Dyer of Lowell Lowell - Thanksgiving 12/2/1901
Fish, Clinton Dwight (per Irasburg) Kidder, Miss Kate Sunderland, MA - last Tues 12/30/1901
Flanders, Ernest G. Farran, Blanche E. E. Hardwick - Feb 21 2/26/1900
Flemming, __, Mr. Ranney, __, Mrs. N. Craftsbury 11/28/1904
Flemming, Peter Lowery, Edith Brownington Ctr - Oct 15 10/21/1901
Fletcher, Clarence of Albany Robbins, Lola of N. Craftsbury Albany - 15th inst 3/23/1903
Fletcher, George of Brownington Badger, Mrs. Mary of Barton Landing Barton Land? - Last Wed 2/5/1900
Fletcher, William E. of Barton Basford, Adaline F. of Barton Barton - March 16 3/25/1901
Flinn, Herbert of Holland Calkins, Miss Sfa of A. J. Calkins of Morgan Derby Center - Feb 11 2/16/1903
Foley, Martin J. Donaldson, Miss Lena Island Pond - Dec 24 12/30/1901
Folsom, Joseph of S. Barton Brown, Miss Grace F. of Bristol, NH Bristol, NH - last Wed 12/24/1900
Ford, Harry of Barton Landing Churchill, Miss Kate of Barton Landing Boston - last week 4/4/1904
Ford, Homer B. of Geo Ford of B. Landing Brulie, Miss Salome of Boston Brooklyn/Boston - Dec 24 1/12/1903
Fordyce, Walter of West Derby Gibb, Miss Hattie of West Derby West Derby - 28th 4/2/1900
Foss, Carl H. of Plainfield Rogers, Miss Lillian H. of Walden Walden - June 25 7/7/1902
Foss, Cortes Emery, Miss of N. Hyde Park Irasburg prob - Feb 21 2/26/1900
Foss, Cortez L. of Hyde Park Emery, Rose Ella of Eden E. Craftsbury - Oct 2 10/6/1902
Foss, Emery J. - (long item) Kinney, Miss Eva of Edson Kinney of L. Lowell - last Thurs 6/4/1900
Foster, Howard of Westmore Fairbanks, Miss Leora of Westmore Westmore - Oct 9 10/15/1900
Fowler, John Dow, Miss Daisy Greensboro - last Wed 6/16/1902
Frasier, G. V. Boomhower, Mrs. S. E. Barton - May 19 5/26/1902
Friend, George E. of Barton Forrest, Miss Laura of South Barton Barton - March 31 4/2/1900
Frost, William B. Peron, Miss Alice Derby Line - last Mon 6/3/1901
Frumjau, Arthur P. of Lowell Dyer, Miss Margaret of Lowell Lowell - Nov 28 12/2/1901
Fuller, Floyd of Hardwick Moore, Miss Ursula W. Charleston - Dec 7 12/19/1904
Fuller, J. Harold of Lyndon Houghton, Caroline S. of Lyndon Lyndonville - July 7 7/18/1904
Fuller, Will N. of Brownington Campbell, Myrtie R. of Brownington Derby - May 23 5/28/1900
Gaffrey, Charles of St. Johnsbury Hall, Miss Ida of West Burke West Burke - March 21 3/26/1900
Gallup, Perley Bushey, Lena Brownington Ctr 11/26/1900
Gardner, Alfred S. of Massawippi, PQ Carr, Mary S. of Massawippi, PQ Derby - Aug 26 9/10/1900
Gardner, Charles of Westfield Before, Mrs. Orilla of Barton Barton - Jan 12 1/19/1903
Garey, Thomas of Barton Brown, Mrs. Anna of Montreal ST. Albans - March 5 3/16/1903
Garfield, Rev. John P. of Enfield, CT - (item) Owen, Miss Julia F. of O. D. Owen of Barton Barton - Dec 30 1/5/1903
Garland, Walter J. Buck, Jennie M. Holland - last Wed 6/24/1901
Garno, Irvin of St. Johnsbury Canning, Miss Maria of E. Charleston E. Charleston - April 4 4/15/1901
Garvin, Thomas of Chicago Randall, Miss Lena A. of Chicago Chicago, IL - Jan 21 2/3/1902
Gavin, Ed of Montgomery Lothrop, Edna of E. H. Lothrop of Barton L. Montgomery 7/18/1904
Gaylord, Harry Allen, Miss Myrtie Newport Ctr - last Tues 8/11/1902
Gebbie, Alpha Babcock, Mellie of J. C. Babcock of C. East Craftsbury - Wed 9/8/1902
Gebbie, Alpha John of Greensboro Babcock, Miss Mellie of Greensboro Greensboro - Sept 3 9/8/1902
Gelo, Arthur of Lowell & Ayer, MA Newton, Nellie of Fred Newton of Lowell Lowell - Dec 25 12/30/1901
Gelo, Elmer E. of Lowell (item) Kinsley, Miss Amy G. of Rufus Kinsley Lowell - July 15 7/20/1903
George, A. R. of Newport Lafrance, Miss Mabel of West Derby West Derby - Dec 12 12/19/1904
George, Arthur of Newport Lafrance, Maude of West Derby Newport - Dec 12 12/19/1904
George, James Chamberlain, Miss Bessie Sheffield - Sept 11 9/15/1902
Gerow, Peter of Irasburg Gerow, Jennie of Derby Coventry - Nov 3 11/11/1901
Gilbeau, Ed Kennison, Ava Westfield 1/12/1903
Gilbert, Bernie of Westfield Goad, Miss Louise of Montgomery Montgomery - last Mon 4/1/1901
Gilchrist, George of Lowell? Sanborn, Miss Bernice Eden Mills - 12th 10/19/1903
Girard, Edward of Barton Beauregard, Emma of Joseph Beauregard St. Johnsbury - last Tues 11/11/1901
Gleistien, Henry of Chicago Pike, Miss Mabel of Irasburg & IL Chicago 11/4/1901
Glodgett, Julius Sargent, Miss Della almost 15 Lowell - March 31 4/14/1902
Goad, Will Smith, Miss Ada Barton - last Mon 12/30/1901
Goding, Arthur of West Burke Murray, Miss Alma of Westmore Westmore - Sept 8 9/17/1900
Going, Ernest A. of Irasburg Emerson, Miss Anne L. of Barton Landing Barton - last Tues 11/28/1904
Going, Ernest A. of Irasburg Emerson, Miss Anne L. Irasburg - Nov 22 12/5/1904
Gonya, Fred A. of Island Pond Rich, Miss Mae Belle Bar Harbor, ME - Oct 31 11/11/1901
Goodale, Ward R. Collins, Miss Mae of Derby Manchester, NH - Jan 1 1/22/1900
Gordon, Robert Berry, Miss Ella of Brownington Brownington? - June 27 7/29/1901
Grant, Allen Hoyt, Miss Flora Lowell - July 27 8/6/1900
Graves, Charles D. of Lyndonville (item) Ingerson, Agnes A. of Hezekiah Ingerson Lyndon - Sept 11 9/23/1901
Gray, Burney of W. Charleston McFarlane, Miss Clara of Barton Barton 10/8/1900
Gray, Charles L. of Glover Speir, Jean M. of Glover Glover - last Thurs (June 25) 6/29/1903
Gray, Chester Pierce, Bessie E. Charleston - July 14 7/18/1904
Gray, George Cargill, Miss Ruth of Morgan W. Charleston - last week 4/4/1904
Gray, George Cargill, Ruth Morgan - March 30 4/4/1904
Gray, J. A. Thomas, Mrs. Lizzie of Newport Lunenburg - 19th inst 4/23/1900
Green, Edward of Coventry Bolt, Nellie of Montgomery Coventry - Friday 11/9/1903
Green, Edward of Coventry Bolt, Nellie of Montgomery Coventry - Nov 6 11/16/1903
Green, Ernest of Holland Needham, Miss Inez of Island Pond Island Pond - last Wed 10/12/1903
Greene, Michael of Craftsbury Laflame, Miss Phoebe of Montgomery Craftsbury - Dec 24 1/25/1904
Greenwood, Frank Sr. Gendron, Miss Georgiana Derby - last Week 4/28/1902
Greenwood, Fred, Jr. of Derby not listed Derby? 9/23/1901
Gregory, Daniel of Rev Albert Gregory Ayer, Miss Buryl L. Lyndonville - Dec 30 1/4/1904
Gregory, Harry of Rev. A. Gregory Wallace, Miss Sarah C. of St. J. Albany - June 2 6/6/1904
Gregory, Orin of North Troy Marston, Miss Jennie West Derby - last week 10/29/1900
Grey, Gibson Piper, Mrs. Lydia Greensboro Bend 10/27/1902
Grey, Gibson of Wheelock Piper, Mrs. Lydia of Greensboro Bend Greensboro Bend - last Thurs 11/10/1902
Griffin, J. D. Piersons, Miss Ina W. Charleston - last Thurs 7/6/1903
Grow, Archie R. of Newport Riches, Miss Lillian of Newport Newport - Nov 22 11/26/1900
Grow, Edwin A., Jr. Lawrence, Miss Louise E. Barton - Oct 19 10/28/1901
Grow, Harry C. of Barton Chester, Miss Gertrude J. of Marbleton, Que Bradford - last Wed 9/10/1900
Guyette, Duffy of Albany Freeheart, Louisa of Barton Barton - last Thurs 3/4/1901
Hadley, William Hoyt, Mrs. Will N. Craftsbury 6/18/1900
Hall, Fred Dudley of Newport Gates, Dora Emma of F. P. Gates Newport - Nov 8 11/14/1904
Hall, Mr. Noyes, Mrs. Sheffield 6/30/1902
Hall, Thomas A. of Lancaster, NH King, Florence May of J. C. King of S. Sheffield - last Wed 11/21/1904
Hamilton, Ed[mund] not listed, [prob Buswell, Lillian] of St. J. St. Johnsbury - last Wed 9/8/1902
Hancock, Burnice Kendall, Cornelia of Cornelius Kendall of C Coventry - Aug 3, 1899 3/5/1900
Hancock, J. E. of Hardwick Weston, Miss M. Adeline of Simondsville Hardwick - Aug 14 8/19/1901
Hancock, Orville D. of Irasburg Goodnough, Bertha of George Goodnough Coventry - last Wed 11/18/1901
Hancock, William H. (item) Collins, Kathleen Coventry - last Thurs 1/18/1904
Harden, Harry of St. Johnsbury Bryant, Miss Nettie of St. Johnsbury West Derby - last Wed 6/30/1902
Harlow, Arthur of Irasburg Dow, Miss Maud of Albany Irasburg - Feb 10 2/22/1904
Harriman, D. J. of Wolcott Tripp, Mrs. Adeline of Barton Barton - last Mon 1/29/1900
Hartwell, Charles M. Moulton, Miss Elsie E. Barton Landing - March 4 3/9/1903
Haselton, Melvin Rowland, Miss Etta Troy - Wed 10/8/1900
Hassler, John, Jr. of Evergreen, CA Wheeler, Mineola of F. S. Wheeler of CA W. Charleston at CA 11/17/1902
Hastings, Dr. F. R. Furguson, Miss Avis of New Brunswick New Brunswick - last Wed 12/3/1900
Haven, Harry of Somerville, MA Knight, Miss Sarah of Derby Line Derby Line 9/24/1900
Hawley, Bert of Barton Williams, Miss May of N. Wolcott Glover - Nov 24 11/26/1900
Hayes, George W. Webb, Miss Rosena M. Derby Center - Feb 25 3/4/1901
Haywood, Erwin W. of Derby Derusha, Helen A. of Derby Derby - Sept 25 9/30/1901
Hazelton, Cyrus of Eden Crane, Mrs. Hattie E. Craftsbury 6/11/1900
Hazen, Frank of Meriden, CT (item) Paddock, Mary Crafts of N. Craftsbury N. Craftsbury - Sept 28 10/3/1904
Heath, C. C. W. of Barton Keating, Miss Kate of Barton Barton - last Tues 8/25/1902
Heath, Jed not listed West Derby - 3rd 2/5/1900
Heath, Justin of S. Wheelock Pillsbury, Miss Grace of Barton Barton - Oct 14 10/26/1903
Herrick, J. H. of Newport Dickinson, Miss Eva Lena of Fairfield Newport Center - Jan 28 2/19/1900
Heyer, Mr. [Oliver] (of Holland?) not listed - [prob Champeau, Adah] [prob Holland - Oct 10] 10/22/1900
Hibbard, William S. of Barton Thorpe, Miss Mabel S. of West Glover Glover - Nov 16 11/23/1903
Hildreth, Charles of W. Charleston not listed West Charleston 3/21/1904
Hildreth, John of West Derby Blake, Miss Addie of West Derby West Derby - Oct 30 11/4/1901
Hildreth, Will Lower, Cora of John Lower Barton Landing - June 2 6/8/1903
Hill, Charles W. of Concord, NH Percy, Mrs. Electa of Newport Concord, NH - Jan 12 1/19/1903
Hill, Emery of Barton Briggs, Miss Grace E. of Newport   8/26/1901
Hinton, Will Hudson, Addie of H. J. Hudson E. Charleston - Dec 2 12/7/1903
Hobson, Harry of H. H. Hobson [Perkins], Miss Josephine Berlin - March 23 4/4/1904
Hodgeman, Clarence of Lowell Lamphere, Edith of Hyde Park Hyde Park - Oct 26 10/31/1904
Hodson, Robert E. Reilly, Miss Etta Island Pond 11/4/1901
Hogaboom, Horatio J. of Barton Woodworth, Miss Cassie E. of Barton Barton - Dec 24 12/29/1902
Holbrook, Dudley Harrison Munsey, Miss D. Blanche of Meredith, NH Newport - Dec 30 1/5/1903
Holbrook, E. A. McCallister, Miss Lizzie Irasburg - last Wed 6/17/1901
Holloway, Will Joseph of St. J. Hawkins, Miss Edith S. of St. J. (item) St. Johnsbury - July 1 7/13/1903
Holmes, Elmer Atkins, Emma Morgan - Dec 31 1/12/1903
Holthaus, C. Lewis of Baltimore (item) Tower, Charlotte M. of George Tower Barton at DC - Tues 7/18/1904
Hook, Arthur M. of Boston Perley, Miss Florence of Barton (item) Barton Landing - Sept 25 9/30/1901
Hooker, Sanford Walcott, Miss Daisy Hardwick - March 1 3/7/1904
Hopkins, B. Smith of Owosso, Mich Childs, Miss Maude - (item) Barton - last Tues 7/1/1901
Horn, John of Holland Taplin, Mrs. of Barnston, Que. Holland? - Sept 13 9/17/1900
Horn, Nelson of Troy Scott, Hattie of Glover Troy - March (2th) 3/19/1900
Horton, Albert Baird, Miss Laura Danville - last Wed 9/30/1901
Hovey, H. W. (Ma)nsur, Miss Mary W. Derby Line - Wed 9/30/1901
Howard, Bernard F. of Woodbury Morse, Miss Grace Emma of Hardwick Hardwick - Wed 11/19/1900
Howard, Perley Henry of Barton Thornton, Myra May of Barton Westmore - Aug 6 8/11/1902
Howe, Carl Morton of St. Johnsbury Burns, Miss Florence May of W. Burke West Burke - Dec 2 12/9/1901
Howe, George Powers, Miss Flora of Brownington East Albany - Jan 3 1/12/1903
Howe, Mr. of Barre Kilby, Miss Flora of Newport Ctr Newport Center - Aug 22 8/27/1900
Hoyt, Noyce C. of Westfield & TX Riley, Miss Mary of Houston, TX (item) Waco, TX - Aug 7 11/25/1901
Hubbard, Allen of Newport Young, Miss Pearl of Newport Newport - tomorrow 4/1/1901
Hubbard, Allen of Newport Young, Miss Pearl of Newport Newport - last Tues 4/8/1901
Hume, Dr. Arthur of Boston Blount, Miss Helen of Newport Newport - Nov 27 11/25/1901
Humes, Dr. Albert A. of Boston Blount, Helen L. of F. O. Blount of Newport Newport - last Wed 12/2/1901
Hunt, Fred of Coventry Porter, Maud of Mrs. Kate Porter of W. Derby West Derby - last Wed 11/25/1901
Hunt, George H. of Brownington Maxfield, Miss Lilla of Morgan Newport - Feb 19 3/2/1903
Hunt, Orange of Barton Batchelder, Jessie of E. Charleston E. Charleston - Dec 17 12/21/1903
Hunter, Victor F. of Barton (item) Allchurch, Miss Louise of Barton Barton - Jan 1 1/6/1902
Huntley, Mr. of Waterbury Tabor, Grace of Eld. George Tabor Morrisville 1/13/1902
Huntoon, Sydney A. of Glover Hall, Miss Nellie of Wheelock Glover - Aug 14 8/19/1901
Hurlbut, H. F. of Hyde Park McGinnis, Mrs. Etta of Hyde Park Irasburg - May 12 5/21/1900
Hutchinson, Dea. Nathaniel F. of Lowell Clark, Miss Martha A. Lowell - March 29 4/9/1900
Huzzy, James of Holland Broe, Miss Ethel of Holland Holland - Dec 25 12/28/1903
Ingalls, W. H. of Brownington Ctr Bartlett, Miss Eva of Haverhill, NH NH? 5/28/1900
Ingalls, William D. of Barton Landing Lewis, Cora M. of Glover Barton - April 5 4/7/1902
Ingerson, Frank Heath, Lena of J. F. Heath West Derby 9/28/1903
Insham, Mr. of Rutland Wright, Mrs. Mae Amherst, MA 1/14/1901
Jackson, Charles H. Page, Miss Ella of Mrs. S. E. Page Barton - Feb 25 3/2/1903
Jackson, L[ewis] A. Babbitt, Miss [Fran]ces of Greensboro Greensboro 6/27/1904
Jenkins, Henry E. of Coventry Hodgson, Miss Florence of Thornton, NH Coventry - last Wed 11/9/1903
Jenne, Frank J. of Derby Streeter, Miss Clara J. of Derby Derby - Sept 17 9/19/1904
Jenness, Bert of O. H. Jenness of Sheffield Nutting, Miss Cora of Westmore Westmore - last Wed 10/15/1900
Jenness, Burt of Derby Battles, Miss Minnie of Barton Barton 10/14/1901
Jerome, John Marden, Miss Bertha D. Glover - June 1 6/9/1902
Jervah, Fred Bailey, Miss Gertrude of Mrs. A. L. Page West Derby - Sept 10 9/15/1902
Johnson, Charles E. Hall, Nellie M. Island Pond - June 5 6/3/1901
Johnson, Glen M. Hancock, Lillian Coventry - next Wed 9/12/1904
Johnson, Glenn of Barton (item) Hancock, Lillian of Asa Hancock of Coventry Coventry - Sept 14 9/19/1904
Johnson, Irving of Holland Cass, Ada of E. A. Cass (item) Morgan - Nov 28 12/3/1900
Johnson, Martin B. - (item) Sheehan, Miss Katherine Barton - Aug 31 9/5/1904
Johnson, Willis of Bolton Salls, Bertha of Potton, PQ Troy - Dec 27 1/1/1900
Jones, Carl of Craftsbury Preman, Miss Sadie of Wolcott Craftsbury? - Last Wed 1/13/1902
Jones, Edgar C. of Lowell, MA Titus, Miss Mabel E. Westfield - last week 11/12/1900
Jordan, E. J. Rice, Miss Laura North Troy - Wed 11/19/1900
Keir, Ernest of Hardwick Curtis, Miss of Worcester, MA St. Johnsbury - Feb 2 2/10/1902
Kelley, Ernest M. of Jay Andrews, Miss Amy A. of Troy Westfield - Aug 4 8/17/1903
Kelley, George J. of Attleboro, MA Lymons, Miss Geraldine of W. Roxbury, MA MA - Oct 15 10/24/1904
Kelley, George J. of Attleboro, MA Hopkins, Miss Geraldine Symons of MA MA - Oct 15 11/7/1904
Kelley, William G. of Holland Washburn, Miss Bertha of Newark West Burke - Aug 11 8/20/1900
Kelley, William H. of Westfield Scott, Miss Susie E. of Newport Newport - June 15 6/20/1904
Kellogg, Rev. C[hester] W of Greensboro [Miller, Ester], dau of Mrs. Miller   12/2/1901
Kendall, Walter of E. Barnet not listed - [prob Nettie Smith] [prob Barnet - April 7] 4/11/1904
Kendrick, James F., MD (item) Sherburne, Miss Rose G. of C. F. Sherburne Glover - Dec 4 12/9/1901
Kennison, W. W. Edgerton, Miss Marion Lyndonville - Dec 31 1/6/1902
Kennison, Warren of W. Burke not listed - [prob Edgerton, Marion] [prob Burke] - Jan 1 12/30/1901
Kenniston, Harley Barber, Miss Matie of Sheffield Sheffield - June 29 7/4/1904
Kent, Edward W. of S. Randolph Perkins, Hattie of Mrs. Nettie Perkins Newport Center - last Thurs 9/26/1904
Kilby, John of Newport Center Maxfield, Miss Nellie West Derby - last Thurs 1/4/1904
Kimball, Charlie of Sutton Bruce, Miss Cora of Henry Bruce of Burke Burke - Oct 28 11/4/1901
Kimball, Everett C. Paulette, Mae E. Lyndon Center - last Thurs 3/18/1901
Kimball, Freeman of S. Barton Holtham, Lura of James Holtham Sutton - Last Wed 8/11/1902
King, Chester Mark Blake, Miss Helen May of Island Pond Island Pond - June 22 6/27/1904
King, Claude J. of Glover Paddleford, Maud of E. Paddleford of G. Glover - Aug 15 8/20/1900
King, George Drown, Miss Lula Evansville? - Jan 1 1/27/1902
Kinghorn, Lyman J. Crowley, Miss Carrie M. Craftsbury - April 23 5/2/1904
Kinsman, F. R. of Rutland Wright, Mrs. Mae Branch of Newport Amherst, MA - Jan 8 1/7/1901
Kipp, John P. of W. E. Kipp Sisco, Madge of F. C. Sisco West Derby - Wed 10/17/1904
Kirby, Homer Arthur, Miss Jeanie Glover - last Wed 11/3/1902
Kirkpatrick, William of St. Johnsbury Ainsworth, Miss Lina of Walden Walden - March 20 3/25/1901
Kitredge, Arthur of Newport Sawyer, Miss Lula of Derby Derby - Dec 30 1/4/1904
Kittle, Samuel of Charleston Nicholson, Miss Kate A. of Brighton West Charleston April 10 4/25/1904
Knight, Fred P. of Glover Nelson, Mrs. Ella of Glover Barton - May 29 6/18/1900
Knights, Fred Nelson, Mrs. Ella West Glover - last Tues 6/4/1900
Knox, Wm J. of Mrs. Susie Badger of Albany Slipper, Miss Ida May of John Slipper of Allentown, PA Allentown, PA 1/11/1904
Labounty, Frank of Coventry Connell, Miss Grace of Newport Ctr Coventry - Aug 15 8/17/1903
Labounty, Homer LaFountain, Miss Mary Jane Derby - today 5/4/1903
Lackey, Howard Griggs, Miss Lillian of Holland Derby - June 8 6/13/1904
Lackey, Howard of Holland Griggs, Lillian of Holland Derby - June 8 6/13/1904
LaClair, Ephraim I. of Sutton Thayer, Stella M. of Eugene Thayer of C. Craftsbury - Jan 7 1/13/1902
Ladd, Charles Hatch, Miss C. Floss Craftsbury - Oct 23 11/4/1901
Laflam, John of W. Charleston not listed - [prob Newell, Lilla] of Burke [prob Charleston - Nov 13] 11/18/1901
Lafleur, Herman L. of Albany Whitcher, Hattie G. of Elmore Albany - April 9 4/15/1901
Lafoe, Sam of Brownington Woods, Kate of Charleston Brownington Ctr - Nov 6 11/17/1902
Laird, Austin A. of Walden Davis, Miss Pearl E. of Walden Walden - Feb 21 3/5/1900
Lampher, George N. of Eden Pond, Miss Viva Ion of Wolcott Craftsbury - Nov 16 12/23/1901
Lance, Carroll D. of Cabot Vail, Miss Harriett of Rev. Mr. Vail Evansville - last Tues 8/20/1900
Lang, George Underhill, Mrs. East Charleston - Nov 17 11/25/1901
Lang, William J. of Cabot Borland, Miss Lucy M. of Walden Walden - Feb 6 2/10/1902
Langmaid, Ernest of Island Pond Thayer, Mamie of E. Charleston Holland - Nov 26 12/01/1902
Laourelle, Mr. of Linton, Oregon Wilson, Miss Annie of Derby Oregon - Feb 18 2/9/1903
LaPine, Louis Tinkham, Mrs. L. M. Coventry - March 6 3/18/1901
LaPlant, Frederick of Newport Dazain, Bertie S. of Newport Derby - May 25 6/3/1901
Laviolette, Dr. W. R. Slayton, Miss Bertha of Hardwick Montpelier - June 15 6/27/1904
Lawrence, George of Albany Hitchcock, Anna of Albany Albany - June 5 6/11/1900
Lawrence, John E. of Barton Heath, Miss Lenna of Barton Barton 6/6/1904
Lawson, Luther of St. J. (item) Willard, Olive A. of Geo. R. Willard of Sutton Sutton - last Thurs 9/1/1902
Leavitt, Bert of Newport Bowley, Miss Agnes of Newport Newport - Nov 18 11/23/1903
Leavitt, Carroll Kennison, Miss Avis Newport - last Thurs 11/4/1901
Lebaron, Newton of Morrisville Merrill, Miss Lilla of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Nov 9 11/21/1904
LeClair, Frank of Morgan Wilsey, Eliza M. of Derby Derby - Oct 10 10/15/1900
Leland, W. A. Perkins, Miss Edith Evansville - last Wed 8/15/1904
Lemere, Elmer of Derby Powers, Miss Annie of Derby Derby - last Week 1/1/1900
Lewis, Adelbert A. of Walden Carr, Mabel of Walden Walden - June 13 6/18/1900
Little, Wallace Buchanan, Miss Matie of H. W. Buchanan Barton - Sept 25 10/7/1901
Livingstone, Rev. C. A. Corbin, Miss Alice of Grovenor, NY NY per Coventry 7/1/1901
Lockwood, Adelbert Going, Miss Edith Barton Landing - Dec 19 1/7/1901
Lorimer, Archie Johnson, Miss Minnie Beebe Plain 7/9/1900
Lower, George Ames, Lue - [Arvilla] Barton Landing - July 20 7/29/1901
Lowry, James of Thetford, PQ Ainsworth, Cornelia of Walden Walden - July 1 7/14/1902
Ludlow, Fred J. of Newport Ovey, Miss Alice M. of Newport Newport - Dec 24 1/5/1903
Lumsden, F. G. not listed Greensboro? - Last Wed 4/9/1900
Lumsden, Willis not listed - [prob Batten, Bertha] Greensboro - [prob Sept 30] 10/12/1903
Lunt, Orrin LaClair, Edith of Joseph LaClair South Barton - Sept 28 10/10/1904
Lyford, Sherman H. of Woodbury Gates, Minnie M. of E. Montpelier Cabot 3/5/1900
Lyman, Rev. Joseph B. of Barton Land Harwood, Miss Harriet of Bennington Barton Landing - Aug 6 8/24/1903
Lyon, Byron of Waterville Lawrence, Miss Ethel Lowell - Jan 1 1/5/1903
Lyon, Elmer P. Gilbert, Miss Bessie Barton Landing - May 22 5/25/1903
Lyster, Haddon Lincoln, Miss Mary Lyndon - last Wed 10/22/1900
Macia, Adelbert Collins, Miss Ellen Irasburg - July 31 8/8/1904
Maderson, Harry Palmer, Cora Holland - May 14 5/23/1904
Magoon, Clayton of Greensboro McDowell, Lillian M. of Barton Woodsville, NH - July 12 7/14/1902
Magoon, Henry of South Albany Miller, Mrs. Kate of South Albany South Albany - last week 9/7/1903
Magoon, William S. of West Glover Bean, Miss Julia S., of West Glover Barton - April 9 4/14/1902
Manley, Harry Metcalf, Miss Eva Irasburg - Feb 12 2/16/1903
Manville, Frank W. of Boise City, Idaho Crane, Miss Jennie A. of J. A. Crane Greensboro - Jan 1 1/7/1901
Marckres, Will Stratton, Miss Eva Craftsbury - Oct 26 10/31/1904
Marcy, Will Lyon, Bessie N. Craftsbury - 24th inst 9/30/1901
Marsh, Carmie Coomer, Miss Maggie Glover - last Wed 10/5/1903
Marsh, Carmie S. of Glover Coomer, Miss Maggie M. of Greensboro Glover - Sept 30 10/12/1903
Marsh, Oscar P. of Traverse City, Mich Wright, Myrta of Traverse City, Mich Brownington - Aug 21? 8/18/1902
Marshal, Fred of Capleton Webster, Evelyn of Mrs. Jasper Webster West Derby - Oct 24 11/16/1903
Marshall, Ernest Chase, Myrtie E. Hardwick - Feb 13 2/25/1901
Martel, Fred Buskee, Mrs. Barton - last Tues 9/23/1901
Martin, James G. of Albany McGuire, Miss Ruth of J. H. McGuire of A. Albany - June 26 7/1/1901
Martin, Rupert Bow[ker], Mrs. Mattie West Derby - last Wed 5/30/1904
Martin, Willie Sherbet, Miss Emma of Westfield Montgomery - last Sat 12/3/1900
Marvin, Mr. of Newport ? not listed Newport Ctr last Wed 1/1/1900
Mason, Benjamin Gonier, Miss Jennie Irasburg 1/13/1902
[Ma]son, Hale of Newport Jenne, Miss Ila dau of Corwin Jenne West Derby - Tues 5/16/1904
Mathews, A. D. Stafford, Mrs. Louise Barton Landing - last Wed 5/16/1904
Mathews, H. S. Post, Miss Eva of Irasburg Irasburg - last Wed 2/5/1900
Mathews, Howard S. of Barton Post, Eva M. of Irasburg Irasburg - Jan 31 2/12/1900
Mathias, Mr. L. D. of Chicago Ruggles, Miss Lyllyn of A. B. Ruggles San Francisco - April 2 4/15/1901
Matthews, Elmer of Acworth, NH Daniels, Miss Ina of Alfred Daniels of Albany Albany - June 12 6/16/1902
Maxwell, James of Brownington Parker, Miss Jennie G. of Barton Evansville - Oct 15 10/17/1904
May, Frederic Hough, Miss Kittie E. (item) Barton - Oct 23 10/28/1901
May, W. S. of Barton Tibbetts, Miss Virgie of Stoneham, MA Barton - June 10 6/15/1903
Mayo, Lewis F. of Stowe Allen, Miss Louis of Greensboro Greensboro - March 3 3/11/1901
McArthur, Donald of Albany McDonald, Annie of Albany Albany - Oct 10 10/15/1900
McCaffrey, James Sheehan, Miss Anna of Craftsbury East Albany - Feb 10 2/15/1904
McCauley, James of W. Derby & NH not listed - [prob Swan, Ada] Laconia, NH - [prob Feb 11] 2/17/1902
McClellan, H. B. Decker, Miss Josie Newport - March 20 4/1/1901
McClure, Leo of Bradford Parker, Nettie of Robert Parker West Charleston - June 14 6/23/1902
McCoy, Arthur of Barton Aiken, Miss Calista of Irasburg Westmore - Oct 8 10/15/1900
McCoy, Gilman of Brownington Wilkey, Luda of Brownington Brownington Ctr 1/19/1903
McCrillis, George L. of Boston Elkins, Miss Florence of Salmon Elkins North Troy 5/6/1901
McDonald, James of East Burke LeBay, Miss Carrie of Lyndon Barton Landing Dec 22 12/26/1904
McDougall, W. W. Cargill, Miss DeEtta Newport per Morgan Ctr 3/31/1902
McFarlane, Erwin of Newport McCarthy, Miss Susie of Newark Barton? 7/16/1900
McFarlin, George E. of Westmore Gray, Olie E. of Westmore Barton - June 11 6/16/1902
McGoff, Charles McDaniels, Miss Florence of Glover Barton Landing - 30th inst 1/27/1902
McGoff, Charles C. of Irasburg McDaniels, Florence E. of Glover Barton Landing 2/3/1902
McGuire, D. C. of Albany Marsh, Miss May of Brownington Brownington - July 2 7/11/1904
McKaddie, George of Sherbrooke Pettis, Miss Geneva Newport - Nov 8 11/17/1902
McLam, W. Lloyd Davidson, Miss Jessie M. Ryegate - last Wed 10/20/1902
McLary, Roscoe of E. Craftsbury Ellison, Miss Kate of Albany, NY Albany, NY 12/8/1902
McLean, John of New Rockland (item) Stevens, Amy of John Stevens of S. Sutton - last Wed 5/21/1900
McLellan, Zuar H. of Herbert McLellan Stevens, Miss Inez M. Glover or Canton, NY? 2/8/1904
McLoud, J. H. of Hardwick Conant, Harriet B. of Minneapolis, MN Concord, NH - last week 6/18/1900
McRitchie, Donald of Massawippi, PQ Little, Mrs. Maggie of Massawippi, PQ Derby - Oct 3 10/15/1900
McRown, Charles of Sutton Taft, Mrs. Miranda of Sutton West Burke - Jan 11 1/15/1900
McShane, G. A. Bigelow, Miss Maud Beebe Plain 3/4/1901
Merriam, George Lyndon Beach, Jennie Martha of A. M. Beach W. Glover - May 11 5/16/1904
Merrill, Willie Alfred of Stanstead Magoon, Carrie Lydia of Stanstead, PQ Derby - Jan 20 1/29/1900
Messer, Daniel of Smith Mills, PQ Drew, Ida May of Smith Mills, PQ Derby - Nov 13 11/26/1900
Metcalf, Charles T. Edmunds, Mary R. of Irasburg Irasburg - Sept 3 9/9/1901
Metcalf, Cyrus D. of Irasburg (item) Blackwell, Mrs. Jennie of Worcester Worcester, MA - Aug 4 8/15/1904
Metcalf, Oliver Alger, Minerva Irasburg - Oct 2 10/8/1900
Meyer, John H. of Philadelphia Mossman, Miss Maud of Barton (item 6-29-03) Boston - last Tues 5/14/1900
Michaud, Oscar Martell, Miss Exalia Greensboro - Wed 6/13/1904
Miles, Fred T. of Irasburg Woodard, Winnie T. of John Woodard of Glover Irasburgh - Jan 18 1/22/1900
Miles, Verne F. - (item) Rand, Miss Ethel Mae of Barton Barton - Nov 19 11/24/1902
Miller, Arthur Parker, Millie Greensboro Bend April 30 5/4/1903
Miller, George E. of Beebe Plain House, Emma E. of Beebe Plain Derby - Aug 9 8/13/1900
Miller, Max Merrill of Hiram Miller Gilpin, Miss Lena M. of W. B. Gilpin (item) Westfield - Sept 3 9/9/1901
Miller, Pliny E. of Westfield Rand, Miss Nettie O. of Barton Barton - last Mon 6/29/1903
Miller, Pliny E. of Westfield Rand, Nettie O. of Barton Woodsville, NH - June 22 7/6/1903
Miller, Rufus of Stanstead, PQ Cheney, Vera Belle of West Burke Barton - June 7 6/13/1904
Miller, Theron E. of Craftsbury Calderwood, Miss Jane A. of Glover East Craftsbury 2/19/1900
Mills, Gerald not listed - [prob Stearns, Hattie] Wilmot, NH per Albany 9/7/1903
Mills, Moses of Wolcott Austin, Lizzie E. Hardwick - Wed 11/24/1902
Mitchell, E. J. of Dubuque, Iowa Niles, Miss Martha of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr - last Wed 6/29/1903
Mitchell, George A. Smith, Miss Nellie Lou of Waterville Lowell - Aug 31 9/5/1904
Mix, C. H. of Lowell Schofield, Miss Arvill of Hinesburg Essex Junction - Dec 31 1/6/1902
Mix, Clinton H. of Lowell Scofield, Miss Arvill of Hinesburg Essex Junction - Dec 31 1/13/1902
Moody, Joseph D. Moore, Miss Bessie of Warren Warren - Jan 5 1/11/1904
Moore, Curtis C. of W. Charleston & WY Morrison, Mrs. Lucy L. of Casper, WY Casper, WY - Dec 28 1/13/1902
Moore, Herbert Buchanan, Miss Lillian Barton Landing next week 10/22/1900
Moore, Herbert Buchanan, Lillian of D. Buchanan Barton Land - last Wed 11/5/1900
Moore, J. A. Sullivan, Miss Alice of Hardwick Hardwick - Thurs 4/14/1902
Moore, W. A. Thompson, Miss Myrtie M. Island Pond - last Wed 3/17/1902
Moray, Homer not listed Craftsbury? 4/1/1901
Morrie, Luther of Westmore Cheney, Miss Anna of W. Burke West Burke - last Sat 11/2/1903
Moulton, Alvin G. of E. Charleston Cargill, Ethel of Morgan Morgan - Sept 30 10/5/1903
Moulton, Amos B. of Holland Chadsey, Mrs. Susie of Barnston, PQ Holland - Nov 13 11/25/1901
Moulton, Charles [Demeck], Cora Holland prob 2/26/1900
Moulton, Dan B. of Charleston Danforth, Miss Emma G. of Charleston Evansville - June 11 6/25/1900
Moulton, Dr. Starr A. of Boston Elder, Miss Sarah Victoria of J. G. Elder Newport - Wed 6/30/1902
Moulton, E. G. of Holland Tice, Jennie of G. H. Tice Holland - last Tues 9/7/1903
Moulton, Luther G. of Coaticook Heath, Miss Maud of Oscar Heath of B. Barnston 4/23/1900
Moulton, Roy of Derby Rexford, Miss May of Ayer's Flat, PQ - June 3 6/8/1903
Moulton, Wilber R. of Derby Bishop, Lena M. of Stanstead Derby - Feb 16 3/4/1901
Moulton, Wilbur of Derby Bishop, Miss   2/25/1901
Moulton, Will A. of Charleston Batchelder, Miss Cora A. of Charleston W. Charleston - Nov 11 11/16/1903
Mudgett, Milo L. of Newport Babcock, Miss Bertha West Derby - Feb 21 3/5/1900
Munsey, Harry Gochie, Olive West Wheelock last Sat 4/18/1904
Murkland, J. W. Humphrey, Mrs. Mary Barton - May 18 5/25/1903
Nelson, S. B. Wheeler, Miss Flora Barton - April 7 4/18/1904
Neveu, Desire of Bellows Falls (item) Anderson, Gertrude L. of Mrs. Josie Anderson Newport - Nov 18 11/23/1903
Newcomb, A. W. of Orford, NH Woodbury, Miss Inez of Barton Barton? - Oct 10 10/21/1901
Newell, Charles of Sheffield Quimby, Grace Sheffield - June 28 7/7/1902
Newell, George of Lyndon Hunter, Betsey Ann of Sheffield Sheffield - 25th inst 3/5/1900
Newman, Nathan of Morgan? Lapete, Mrs. of Holland Holland? - Last Tues 7/29/1901
Newton, Henry H. of Lowell Wakefield, Mrs. Ida of Montgomery Westfield - last Wed 4/30/1900
Nichols, George B. of Coventry Larned, Miss Jennie D. of Belvidere Lake Homer - July 4 7/15/1901
Nichols, Hobart of H. C. Nichols of Coventry Wheeler, Miss E. E. of NY New York 12/2/1901
Niles, Fletcher of Derby Robbins, Miss Ina of Derby Derby 3/18/1901
Niles, Mosher of Albany, NY Wilson, Miss Carrie West Charleston 6/15/1903
Niles, Perley Stephen Willard, Miss Bertha Ethel Newport Center - Oct 12 10/10/1904
Niles, Perley Stephen Willard, Miss Bertha Ethel Newport Ctr - last Wed 10/17/1904
Nisbet, Robert of Barton Raymond, Miss Edyth F. of Millsfield, NH NH? - Last Sat 4/2/1900
Nisbet, Robert of Barton Raymond, Miss Edyth F. of Millsfield, NH Barton - March 31 4/9/1900
Noon, Edward Barnard, Estella Derby - Sept 20 9/21/1903
Norris, Claude Govro, Sarah Barton - last week 7/15/1901
Northrop, Clark of Marshfield Daniels, Miss Ada Hardwick - July 21 7/25/1904
Norton, Curtis of Gorham, NH Brackett, Miss Mary of Geo Brackett W. Charleston 9/17/1900
Norton, John Palmer, Miss Florence Newport - last Wed 11/4/1901
Norway, Will Morrison, Miss Jessie Newport Ctr - June 30 7/7/1902
not listed Bryan, Miss Maggie Norwich, NH 2/19/1900
not listed Clark, Effie of late George Clark of Westfield Norwood, NY - Dec 27 12/30/1901
not listed Howe, Miss Cora of Dixville, PQ Derby - Nov 13 11/9/1903
not listed Hayes, Miss Ina of Barton & CA CA prob 11/23/1903
not listed - (*history of W. E. Randall) Randall, Lena of W. E. Randall of Glover & IL Chicago? - Jan 21 2/3/1902
not listed - [prob - French, Frank O.] Brock, Miss Mabel of Barnet Barnet - last Wed 7/1/1901
not listed - [prob Abbott, Homer] Foss, Miss [Ellen] Barton - last Wed 9/1/1902
not listed - [prob Arthur Field] Harvey, Lulu Mabel St. Johnsbury - Thurs 9/21/1903
not listed - [prob Downs, Frank] Morse, Miss May [Mary] Bakersfield - Aug 19 8/18/1902
not listed - [prob Griffin, Harry] Adams, Miss Cora of E. Coventry Waterbury [prob Morgan June 12] 6/17/1901
not listed - [prob Hall, Thomas] King, Florence Sheffield - Wed 11/7/1904
not listed - [prob Kittrick, Allen] McVety, Miss Carrie of Derby & St. J St. Johnsbury [prob March 19] 3/24/1902
not listed - [prob Norris, Charles] Walter, Miss Alice Lyndonville - Jan 1 1/7/1901
not listed - [prob Patton, Albert] Barrows, Miss Clara of Coventry Coventry - Tues 10/1/1900
not listed - [prob Perry Dobson] Page, Miss Harriet North Troy - Wed 7/4/1904
not listed - [prob Rogers, Simeon] Holton, Myra of J. B. Holton of W. Charleston Boston - last week [Sept 25] 9/30/1901
not listed [prob Matthews, Elmer] Daniels, Miss [Ina] of A. Daniels of Albany [prob Albany - June 12] 7/7/1902
not listed [prob McGibbon, Fred] Grout, Miss Mary of Derby Derby - last Wed 6/16/1902
Nourse, George of Derby Stone, Miss Winnie of Coventry Coventry - March 26 4/4/1904
Noyes, John R. of Barnston, PQ Hanson, Miss Martha of N. Derby Morgan - June 25 6/30/1902
Nozo, Pliny Gage, Mabel Troy - Wed 7/4/1904
Nute, Lucius D. of Marshfield Miller, Mrs. Nettie L. Troy - Dec 25 12/29/1902
Nye, Edward of L. S. Nye of Coventry Hall, Miss May Washington, DC last Wed 7/22/1901
Olmstead, Charles H. not listed - [prob Swett, Laura May] Greensboro - [prob Nov 14] 11/19/1900
Olmstead, E. H. Hyde, Miss Martha of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick 1/25/1904
O'Neal, George of Walden Howe, Mrs. Ruth of Walden Walden - Feb 20 3/5/1900
Opie, Benjamin McKeage, Mrs. J. H. Hardwick - Sept 12 9/26/1904
Orcutt, Elbert Stuart, Miss Grace West Burke Sept 18, 1901 7/6/1903
Orcutt, Elbert Ellery (item) Stuart, Grace May West Burke Sept 18, 1901 7/13/1903
Orcutt, H. B. of Barton Ufford, Miss Edna of Barton Barton - last Mon 11/25/1901
Orcutt, Harley A. of Greensboro & Boston Donohoe, Miss Catherine of Boston Boston - Nov 20 12/8/1902
Orcutt, Mr. Thomas, Miss Alma Sheffield - Aug 1 8/6/1900
Ordway, Rev. Clyde E. of Windsor (item) Austin, Helen A. of Mrs. O. H. Austin Barton Landing - last Wed 12/3/1900
Orne, Thomas Anderson, Miss Clara E. South Albany - April 6 4/11/1904
Osgood, Forrest Marshall, Miss Nellie Glover - Sept 30 10/6/1902
Ostrout, Charles of Westfield Sullivan, Miss Florence of Lowell Lowell - Dec 24 12/30/1901
Otis, Joseph of West Burke not listed - [prob Statiore, Sara E.] NH - Dec 25 12/30/1901
Otis, S. C. of Sutton Sherbourne, Mary of Lyndon Center Lyndon Center 3/9/1903
Packard, Frederick Bradford (item) Rawson, Mary S. of E. E. Rawson Bennington - Aug 28 9/2/1901
Page, C. A. of Bellows Falls Chase, Miss Alice M. of E. Charleston Bellows Falls - Oct 22 10/20/1902
Page, C. A. of Bellows Falls (item) Chase, Miss Alice M. of E. Charleston E. Charleston - last Wed 10/27/1902
Page, Harry Flinn, Miss Ella Holland - Jan 21 1/26/1903
Palmer, Cecil of Morrisville Lunt, Miss Mamie of Derby Line Derby Line - Wed 10/3/1904
Palmer, Delmar of W. Charleston Stevenson, Miss L. of Kansas City, MO Kansas City 3/30/1903
Papineau, Joseph of Derby & MA Lothrop, Miss Eva Brockton, MA 2/11/1901
Paquette, Joseph F. of Island Pond Toland, Miss Anna A. of Bloomfield Bloomfield - Sept 23 9/29/1902
Parker, Burnie of North Troy Buggy, Miss Maud of North Troy North Troy 10/8/1900
Parker, Carl of Irasburg not listed Irasburg 8/8/1904
Parker, Clarence N. of Barton Rounsaville, Miss Agnes N. of Barton Barton - May 23 5/28/1900
Parker, Frederick Ernest (item) Gay, Marcia of Carlos Gay of B. Landing Barton Landing - Oct 1 10/5/1903
Parker, J. J. of Derby Line Brooks, Miss Ethelwyn of Compton Compton - Sept 25 9/30/1901
Parker, William of Boston Wiggin, Miss Lillian of Coventry Coventry - today/Mon 6/16/1902
Parkhurst, [Henry] Sanborn, Lula] North Troy - last Wed 7/2/1900
Parkhurst, Homer Childs, Miss Eva Craftsbury 1/18/1904
Parlin, Dr. Amos E. Sweeney, Iva B. of Island Pond West Charleston 2/11/1901
Parlin, Dr. Amos E. Sweeney, Iva B. of Island Pond Island Pond - 20th 2/25/1901
Partlow, Alex S. of Troy Bean, Miss Myrtie of Hardwick E. Craftsbury - Nov 10 11/14/1904
Partridge, Levi A. Seitz, Mary Glover - last Wed 11/28/1904
Patterson, Leon F. of Craftsbury Tillotson, Miss Myrtie B. of Craftsbury South Albany - Nov 27 11/30/1903
Peabody, Lewis G. Larabee, Miss Gertie of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr - Tues 8/13/1900
Peavey, Ivan of Morgan Litchfield, Annie West Charleston - April 24 5/5/1902
Percival, C. F. of Barton (item) Clark, Miss Emma Louise of Springfield, MA Springfield, MA - last Wed 3/12/1900
Percival, Fred of Barton Smith, Miss Sadie of Evansville Brownington Ctr - Wed 9/8/1902
Percy, Herbert of Newport Center not listed - [prob Lowell, Sadie] [prob Newport - Nov 1] 11/5/1900
Perry, Clarence of Irasburg Dean, Elva - (item) Coventry - last Tues 11/9/1903
Persons, Fred G. Gray, Grace L. Plainfield - Sept 17 9/29/1902
Philbrook, Carl of Greensboro Aldrich, Miss Bernice of Hardwick Glover - last Wed 12/7/1903
Philbrooks, Fern Grow, Miss Clara West Glover - last Wed 5/9/1904
Phillips, Aden D. of Concord, NH Sherburne, Miss Julia of Glover (item) Glover - Oct 12 10/17/1904
Pierce, Fred Dutton of Barton (item) Kent, Florence A. of S. H. Kent of St. J. St. Johnsbury - last Tues 10/24/1904
Pierce, G. W. Crowe, Miss Blanche West Charleston - June 1 6/9/1902
Pierce, James Donnie, Mrs. Effie A. of Newport Montpelier 12/24/1900
Pike, Bert of Wilmington, Del Palmer, Bertha of W. Charleston West Charleston - June 19 7/1/1901
Piker, Ray Beck, Emma E. Charleston - last Tues 6/4/1900
Piper, George Allbee, Miss Della of Derby West Charleston - last Thurs 11/28/1904
Piper, Rev. Herbert J. of Maine Bean, Miss Myra of Lyndon Lyndon - last Thurs 6/4/1900
Place, Charles C. of Derby Hinman, Mabel G. of Derby West Derby - May 4 5/30/1904
Pope, Craig Barnstead, Miss Hattie MA - Dec 25 12/31/1900
Pope, Walter of Boston, MA Perley, Miss Genevieve of Barton Land. Barton Landing - May 26 6/2/1902
Porter, C[harles] H. Anderson, Mrs. [Esther] S. Albany - last Wed 4/29/1901
Porter, Lee of Coventry Farrell, Mae of Newport   7/16/1900
Powers, H. W. of Lunenburg Keating, Miss Margaret of Barton Barton - today 2/15/1904
Powers, W. E. of Barton Ryan, Miss Nellie of Richmond Barton - today 12/28/1903
Powers, Winfield "Winnie" of Troy Button, Miss Carrie of Troy S. Newport - Feb 10 2/16/1903
Preston, George A. of Barton (item) Desilet, Ruby of M/M O. Desilet of Ascot, PQ Barton Landing - Nov 4 11/16/1903
Preston, George of Strafford Desilet, Ruby Strafford - Nov 4 11/9/1903
Preston, S. H. Jewell, Mrs. Nettie M. Barton - Nov 22 11/26/1900
Prime, Dr. M. F. Folsom, Mrs. Ada Barton - yesterday 7/4/1904
Proctor, William of Barton Landing Bullard, Miss Ida of Barton Landing Barton - Dec 25 12/29/1902
Prouty, Edgary John Bean, Miss Ellen Lowell, MA - June 12 6/18/1900
Prouty, W. R. Lockhart, Marguerite Newport - Oct 20 10/24/1904
Provoncha, Bennie Blouin, Miss Carrie of Brownington Ctr Newport - Oct 12 10/26/1903
Pudvah, John of Charles Pudvah Murphy, Miss Mary of James Murphy Lowell - Thurs 11/26/1900
Pudvah, Medie of Lowell Mitchell, Miss Ida of Lowell Lowell - Sept 16 9/23/1901
Pyer, Clayton Pratt, Alta of H. H. Pratt of W. Derby West Derby - last Wed 8/15/1904
Quimby, Mr. of Lyndonville Carr, Miss Pearl Irasburg - Nov 3 11/9/1903
Quimby, Ralph Gilm[er] Holman, Miss Effie Irasburg - June 29 7/4/1904
Quimby, S. Herbert of Samuel & May Quimby Carr, Mae E. of Hugh & Fannie Carr - (item) Manchester, NH per Glover 1/7/1901
Ray, Llewellyn of Barton Wright, Miss Florence S. of Inverness, Can Barton - July 13 7/20/1903
Ream, Dr. William R. Flanders, Miss Harriet (Barton teacher) Sioux City, IA - Dec 22 12/22/1902
Reirden, Wm W. of Barton Shea, Miss M. Agnes of Barton Littleton, NH - Feb 17 2/23/1903
Reiver, Frank of Montreal Brooks, Miss Hattie E. of Barton Barton - last Tues 11/28/1904
Renell, Martin, Jr. Stokes, Miss Grace M. Island Pond - Wed 4/7/1902
Renihan, Edward of NYC Bruce, Miss Kate of E. J. Bruce of W. C. West Charleston 2/19/1900
Revoir, Joseph Martell, Miss Anestine Newport - Jan 22 1/29/1900
Revoir, Will of Barton Aiken, Miss Mary of Irasburg Irasburg - Dec 28 1/4/1904
Rice, Charles S. of Derby Searles, Edna of Holland Holland - Dec 23 - (Dec 21?) 12/30/1901
Rice, E. Frank of Holland Demick, Miss Mabel West Derby - last Wed 2/29/1904
Rice, E. Franklin of Holland Demick, Mabel of Stanstead, PQ West Derby - Feb 25 3/14/1904
Rice, Frank of Sutton Gaylor, Mrs. Helen of Newport Sutton 3/21/1904
Richard, G. Frank of Lowell Powers, Mrs. Lefa J. Troy - last Thurs 5/4/1903
Richardson, Henry E. of W. Derby Moody, Miss Katherine M. of E. Charleston West Derby - Feb 21 3/5/1900
Richardson, Horace Sylvester, Miss Olive Troy - Oct 8 10/22/1900
Richardson, Will of Westmore Hazel, Miss Mary of Lyndonville Westmore - Nov 11 11/16/1903
Richmond, Clarence - (item) Nye, Miss Florence Burlington - Tues 10/13/1902
Ricker, M. W. Spring, Miss Bell Barton - last Fri 10/5/1903
Rines, Henry of Barton Johnson, Mrs. Jennie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Oct 16 10/27/1902
Ripley, Mr. D. of Boston Smith, Mrs. Nellie (Wheeler) of Brownington S. Boston, MA - May 26 6/30/1902
River, Walter Smith, Miss Ellen Derby Line - last week 4/1/1901
Robbins, Adam H. of Derby Brown, Sarepta F. of Hatley, PQ Derby - Aug 13 8/18/1902
Robbins, George Corrow, Miss Nellie Craftsbury - last Wed 11/26/1900
Robbins, Harry E. of Derby Vinton, Miss Lena M. of Morgan Morgan - Sept 25 9/30/1901
Robbins, Harry T. Campbell, Miss Winnie of Newport Derby - Dec 19 12/10/1900
Robbins, Henry A. of Sheffield Ingalls, Miss Daisy of E. Brownington Barton - Feb 25 3/3/1902
Robbins, Percy Cass, Miss Myrtie Barton - last Tues 11/10/1902
Robbins, Person Alvin of Newport Cass, Miss Myrtie Zelle of Barton Barton - Tues - (item) 11/10/1902
Roberts, Philip Magoon, Miss Lizzie Evansville 4/21/1902
Robinson, Amos R. Pope, Miss Ina Barton - Jan 18 1/25/1904
Robinson, Fred L. Morrin, Miss Josephine of Sheffield Sheffield? - Feb 7 2/12/1900
Robinson, Harry J. Maxwell, Miss Lizzie M. Barton - Tues - (item) 4/27/1903
Robinson, Rawson H. of Sheffield Sheley, Belle of Sheffield Sheffield - June 2 6/18/1900
Rogers, Andrew T. of Albany (item) Ormsbee, Miss Waitie B. of Marshfield Albany - Oct 12 (item 11-28) 10/17/1904
Rogers, Charles of Troy Kendall, Miss Bessie of Newport Westfield - Dec 16 12/21/1903
Rogers, Melvin L. Lawson, Miss Louise Newport Center last Wed 6/6/1904
Rogers, Pliny McKinstry, Miss Eva Greensboro - June 1 6/4/1900
Root, George F. of Newport (item) Baldwin, Miss Ella M. of Allston, MA Allston, MA - Feb 24 (item 3-30) 3/2/1903
Root, George of Newport Baldwin, Miss of Boston Boston - Feb 25 2/23/1903
Rosebery, Prof. W. Guy of Ottawa, IL Grout, Addie Lou of Theophilus Grout Newport 1/29/1900
Ross, George of Portland, ME Parker, Gertrude of M/M G. W. Parker Irasburgh - Dec 25 1/1/1900
Ross, John of NYC Lawrence, Miss Gertrude of DR/Mrs. Gould Newport - Wed 9/15/1902
Ross, Malcolm Stewart, Miss Jessie of Hardwick Hardwick - Nov 9 11/14/1904
Rough, Rev. George Payson of W. Glover Rough, Isabel of Mrs. Isabel V. Rough W. Hoboken, NJ - (item) 7/18/1904
Roundy, Fred McFarland, Miss Maggie West Burke - last Wed 11/23/1903
Rowell, Oney Elwin of S. Albany Graham, Alice Estelle of Andrew Graham South Albany - June 29 7/4/1904
Rowell, Owney E. of South Albany Graham, Miss Alice E. of South Albany South Albany - June 29 7/18/1904
Roy, J. E. of East Barnet Paddleford, Miss Ellen Monroe, NH - last week 8/18/1902
Russ, Arthur E. of Troy Caples, Miss Julia A. Troy - Jan 13 1/18/1904
Ryder, Clarence W. Buswell, Miss Clara E. St. Johnsbury - last Mon 9/9/1901
Rylander, Will of W. Derby & MA not listed - [prob Drury, Eliza] S. Framingham, MA - April 26 4/30/1900
Ryther, Walden of W. Burke Chesley, Miss Jennie M. of Barford, PQ Barford, PQ - last Tues 7/21/1902
Safford, Solomon of Newport White, Hattie of Newport Newport? - June 19 6/27/1904
Sanborn, A. C. of N. Danville Gadupee, Miss Lettie M. of N. Danville W. Charleston 12/8/1902
Sanborn, Willie of Holland Danforth, Miss Gertie of Stanstead, Que. Holland - Nov 26 12/2/1901
Sargent, C. Augustus of Albany Miller, Miss May of Albany Albany - Jan 14 1/20/1902
Sawyer, Charles M. of Derby (item) Freeman, Lillian Garfield of Mrs. Susan Freeman Boston - June 26 7/7/1902
Sawyer, Charles Merle Freeman, Lillian Garfield of S. Boston S. Boston, MA - June 25 6/30/1902
Sawyer, Elden A. of Charleston Piper, Bessie of N. H. Piper W. Charleston 12/01/1902
Sawyer, Nathaniel - (item) Woodbury, Mrs. Anna West Derby 10/24/1904
Sawyer, Wallace E. of Millbury, MA Brennan, Miss Ethel M. of Barton Land. Barton Land - June 24 6/29/1903
Schaner, F. of Boston, MA Vanier, Josephine West Derby 4/22/1901
Schelarman, Oscar of West Derby Zeltzman, Fenni of West Derby West Derby - Jan 31 2/3/1902
Scholes, Joseph Reilly, Miss Jennie Island Pond - Sept 8 9/15/1902
Scott, Amos of St. Johnsbury Perley, Katherine Gould Littleton, NH - Sept 4 9/15/1902
Scott, Charles Alson of St. Johnsbury Graves, Miss Cada Annie West Glover 3/14/1904
Scott, Walter of Albany King, Miss Ada West Glover - last Wed 6/11/1900
Scribner, Don W. Burroughs, Miss Bessie M. Morgan Ctr - Dec 19 1/4/1904
Scribner, Ernest Pike, Miss Grace of Irasburg Irasburg - last week 8/13/1900
Scribner, Ernest C. of Stowe Pike, Miss Grace V. of Irasburg   8/13/1900
Scribner, William J. of Barton Metcalf, Grace of Albany Barton - July 4 7/9/1900
Seaver, Warren of North Craftsbury Lyon, Mrs. Emma of North Craftsbury N. Craftsbury last Wed 9/5/1904
Shattuck, Roy of Orlo Shattuck not listed W. Derby? - June 11 6/17/1901
Shaw, Edwin of Newbury Lyford, Ida M. of Barton Newport - Jan 14 1/19/1903
Sheaff, Charles W. of Barton Dana, Miss Blanche of Barton Plainfield - last Thurs 7/11/1904
Shedd, Bert Gray, Miss Lena of Charleston Barton Landing - last Thurs 11/9/1903
Sheldon, Herbert of Sheffield not listed - [prob Hurlbert, Esthel] [prob Sheffield - Oct 3] 10/8/1900
Shepard, Arthur of Hardwick not listed - [prob Daniels, Daisy] Hardwick per Albany [prob Oct 19] 11/2/1903
Shepard, W. C. Nelson, Ruth E. of West Derby West Derby - Wed 8/8/1904
Sherburne, Burleigh R. of Glover Marsh, Miss Lila A. of Glover Glover - Dec 9 12/21/1903
Sherlaw, Wesley M. of Newport Parker, Miss Lilla M. of Newport Newport Ctr - March 22 3/30/1903
Sherman, Cortis Jenkins, Miss Hila Newport Ctr - last Thurs 11/28/1904
Shields, Willard - (item) Graves, Miss Dora place & date not listed 3/2/1903
Simino, Thomas Mason, Miss Eva Irasburg? 1/13/1902
Simonds, W. Sherman McIntyre, Miss Rose Craftsbury per Hardwick 4/15/1901
Simpson, J. Ernest Nourse, Miss Jennie Holland - last Wed 11/9/1903
Simpson, Lonnie Gray, Hannah Sheffield 11/21/1904
Simpson, Nathan G. of Lyndon Willey, Miss Zaida E. of Brownington Barton Land - Oct 20 10/26/1903
Sinclair, Roy A. of Lowell Benware, Miss Della Sarah of Westfield Lowell - Sept 7 9/12/1904
Sinon, John Dennison, Miss Ann of East Albany Barton - Jan 7 1/12/1903
Sisco, Dana J. of Barton Walter, Carrie B. of Newark East Burke - Oct 28 11/4/1901
Skinner, Roy P. Watkins, Miss Frances E. West Derby - last Wed 9/8/1902
Slack, Francis of Irasburg Grant, Miss Sarah Tyngsboro, MA - Dec 23 1/4/1904
Slayton, Oscar of Wolcott Cowles, Miss Mary Elsie of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury - Aug 1 8/12/1901
Smith, Addison Temple, Miss Carrie Irasburg - Dec 25 12/30/1901
Smith, Arthur L. of Craftsbury Morey, Blanche E. of Troy Troy - May 9 5/20/1901
Smith, Bertram Otis of Barton Landing Sargent, Erla Maude of Barton Landing Brownington Ctr Oct 16 10/20/1902
Smith, Carrol of Troy French, Miss Martha of Sutton, PQ Sutton, PQ - 12th inst 11/17/1902
Smith, Charles Bruce, Mrs. Lizzie Holland - April 12 4/18/1904
Smith, Dana Maxwell, Lennie of Brownington Barton Landing - last week 1/7/1901
Smith, Dana of Barton Maxwell, Miss Lennie of Brownington Brownington - Jan 1 1/21/1901
Smith, Daniel C. of Irasburg Maxwell, Lennie V. of John Maxwell Evansville - Jan 1 1/7/1901
Smith, Fred W. of N. Woodstock, NH Smith, Effie T. of Alvah Smith (item) Coventry - last Thurs 11/2/1903
Smith, Frederick J. of Charleston Heath, Ella of Derby W. Charleston - Sept 22 9/26/1904
Smith, George E. P. of Arizona North, Miss Maud of Tucson, AZ Cloudcroft, NM 10/10/1904
Smith, Herbert of Newport (item) Bean, Miss Grace of George Bean Coventry - Thurs 6/30/1902
Smith, J. Perley Smith, Miss Hattie E. of W. Burke Lisbon, NH - June 26 6/30/1902
Smith, Rev. Milton H. of Wilder, VT Austin, M. Florence of Rev. A. G. Austin of A. Albany - May 23 5/28/1900
Smith, Roy of Boston Moore, Blanche   7/16/1900
Smith, Thomas of Glover Leonard, Miss Gertrude of Irasburg Irasburg - May 3 5/12/1902
Smith, W. J. of NYC Smith, Mrs. Mary Isabel of Newport Derby - Oct 19 10/31/1904
Smith, William H. of Hardwick Folsom, Miss Blanche of Walden Walden - last Wed 4/1/1901
Sneider, Samuel of West Derby Schoff, Miss Jennie of West Derby West Derby - Jan 24 2/3/1902
Snelling, Bert Bullard, Miss Sheffield 8/1/1904
Snider, John of Millbury, MA Taylor, Miss Ida Lowell - Thurs 4/30/1900
Solandt, George (per Westfield) Stoddard, Miss Annie of E. Enosburg Brattleboro - 5th inst 12/16/1901
Spafford, M. H. of Lyndon Brewster, Mrs. Ella Coventry - June 14 6/20/1904
Spaulding, Albert L. of Barnston, PQ Perkins, Eva L. of Baldwins Mills, PQ Derby - Feb 14 2/19/1900
Spaulding, G. C. of E. Charleston not listed   6/25/1900
Spaulding, George C. of E. Charleston Judd, Nellie of Holland Holland - June 17 6/25/1900
Spencer, Fred of Marshfield Sulham, Miranda of Walden Walden - Feb 7 2/10/1902
Spicer, D. of Hardwick Duval, Miss Laura of Greensboro Bend Greensboro Bend - last Wed 4/21/1902
[Sp]offord, Arthur of S. Grove[land], MA Barnum, Clara L. Haverhill, MA - Dec 3[1] 1/7/1901
Spooner, E[rnest] A. not listed - [prob Spear, Blanch] Newport [prob June 14] 7/13/1903
Stanton, Harry B. - (item) Blanchard, Julia of J. H. Hoyt of Glover Glover - Oct 1 10/6/1902
Stanton, Harry B. of Glover Hoyt, Miss Julia B. of Glover Glover - Oct 1 10/6/1902
Stevens, Bion Hudson, Edith of H. J. Hudson E. Charleston - Dec 2 12/7/1903
Stevens, Fred E. of Island Pond Brigham, Miss Nellie of Saundersville, MA Saundersville - Oct 17 11/14/1904
Stevens, Judson T. of W. Glover Lampman, Miss Ella of Cowansville, Que. Cowansville - May 18 5/23/1904
Stevens, O. L. of Island Pond Bachelder, Mrs. May of Holland Holland - last Thurs 12/26/1904
Stevens, Orra G. Murphy, Miss Sadie Island Pond - July 10 6/16/1902
Stevens, William Chesley, Etta C. Sheffield - Dec 23 1/6/1902
Stevens, William H. of Portland, ME Chafey, Margaret E. of M. B. Chafey (item) Albany - June 26 7/1/1901
Stewart, H. B. of Newport? Stewart, Miss Florence Boston - Jan 14 1/19/1903
Stiles, Archie of West Derby White, Miss of Plymouth, NH West Derby? 12/12/1904
Stimpson, William H. Wright, Miss Florence R. Glover - May 20 5/26/1902
Stoddard, Alpheus - (of W. Burke?) Dean, Mrs. Eva Barton - Jan 8 1/13/1902
Stoddard, C. B. formerly of E. Charleston not listed Lowell, MA? - Nov 7 11/12/1900
Stoddard, F. C. of Barton Landing Fletcher, Edith of Barton Landing Barton Landing - last Tues 6/6/1904
Stoddard, J. C. of Barton Landing McFarlane, Miss Flossie of Barton Barton - May 31 6/6/1904
Stone, Fred of Canada not listed recently 2/1/1904
Stott, Harry of Worcester, MA Ford, Miss Lela Willoughby - Sept 14 9/26/1904
Stowe, G. Barton of W. Milbury, MA Stafford, Mina G. of Edwin Stafford of B. L. Barton Landing - June 9 6/16/1902
Stratton, E. S. Childs, Mrs. Frances Craftsbury 3/4/1901
Stratton, Harry Hammond, Leonie West Derby - Thurs 11/5/1900
Sturnburg, Arthur Holloway, Nettie Greensboro Bend - Nov 27 12/1/1902
Sturtevant, Rev. W. F. of North Troy Sheldon, Miss Annah of Bristol Bristol - Aug 28 9/2/1901
Sullivan, Arthur E. of Ways Mills, Can Walker, Miss Cora E. of Ways Mills Can Barton - last Wed 11/21/1904
Sweat, Lyman D. of Brownington Sweat, Mrs. Ida M. of Westmore Brownington Ctr Oct 12 10/26/1903
Sweet, Earl L. of Barton Grimes, Miss Rose L. of Abercorn, PQ Brownington Ctr - Oct 13 10/20/1902
Swett, Lyman of Magog, PQ Swett, Mrs. Ida of Westmore Westmore - Oct 12 10/19/1903
Tanner, J. W. Richardson, Mrs. Minnie of Barton & CO Pueblo, CO 4/20/1903
Taylor, Frank T. of Hardwick Gilkey, Miss Rose of S. Strafford S. Strafford 6/27/1904
Taylor, Fred Daniel of Newport Ctr Davis, Jennie of G. W. Davis of Canaan, NH Canaan, NH - (item) 6/20/1904
Taylor, Fred E. of Hardwick (item) Farman, Winnie C. of Warren Farman Westfield - Sept 17 9/22/1902
Taylor, J. Beattie Morse, J. Louise of J. A. Morse E. Craftsbury - last Wed 6/24/1901
Taylor, J. Beattie of Craftsbury Morse, Miss Jennie Louise of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury 7/1/1901
Telford, Sidney B. of Derby Line? Thompson, Miss Vera A. of MA W. Newton, MA - Oct 15 10/21/1901
Temple, Clarence of Albany Center Parker, Miss Pearle of Albany Center Albany Center 9/19/1904
Templeton, C. D. not listed-[prob Mayo, Anna] sis/o Mrs. Frank Hill Montpelier [prob Dec 18] 12/24/1900
Tevyaw, Fuller W. of Newport Corrow, Miss Lizzie Belle of Westfield Westfield - Sept 3 9/12/1904
Thayer, Eugene H. of Craftsbury Parks, Mrs. Lillian Edson of Hardwick Craftsbury - Jan 13 1/25/1904
Thayer, L. E. of Newport Young, Mrs. Emma of Newport Boston, MA - Oct 23 10/29/1900
Thomas, Leslie J. Rickard, Miss Georgia Greensboro Bend June 1 6/13/1904
Thompson, Frank D. Miles, Miss Mabel of Barton Irasburg - Oct 31 10/29/1900
Thompson, Frank D. of St. J. (item) Miles, Mabel of Hon. W. W. Miles of Barton Barton - last Wed 11/5/1900
Thompson, Marcellus J. of Brandon Morse, Miss J. S. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury - Dec 20 1/1/1900
Thrasher, Ned of Newport (item) Ranney, Elsie of George Ranney of St. J St. Johnsbury - June 20 6/25/1900
Tichurst, Allen Bean, Miss Lydia West Glover - Wed 5/11/1903
Tiffin, Albert H. of MA Miles, Miss Minnie of Derby Line   5/14/1900
Tipert, William of Berlin, NH Kendrick, Miss Nellie of Barton Berlin, NH - Dec 10 12/16/1901
Titus, H. F. of Island Pond Whitman, Carrie of Newport - June 22 6/27/1904
Titus, Harry Whitcomb, Miss Bessie Hardwick - Nov 9 11/14/1904
Titus, Harvey of Island Pond Whitman, Mrs. Carrie sis/of Elmer Niles Newport Ctr - last Wed 6/27/1904
Tracy, Adelbert of Mansonville Salls, Gertie of Potton, PQ Troy - Dec 27 1/1/1900
Traverse, Charles Rogers, Eva Barton - last Wed 10/7/1901
Tripp, Harley Wright, Mary Barton Landing - last Wed 9/23/1901
Trudeau, George - (item) Corrow, Florence W. of Geo Corrow Coventry - Aug 27 9/1/1902
Trumpass, Robert T. of Westfield Drury, Miss Josephine of Woodsville, NH Bellows Falls - Dec 31 1/13/1902
Tunbra, Mr. of Montgomery Center Frasier, Mrs. Laura of Coventry - Jan 1 1/13/1902
Twombly, Bertrand of Sheffield Chesley, Miss Ethel of Sheffield Sheffield - Aug 10 8/22/1904
Twombly, Dennie B. of St. J. Campbell, Miss Lula May of St. J. Sheffield - June 26 6/30/1902
Twombly, George E. of Derby Smith, Miss Nettie B. of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr - Oct 23 10/21/1901
Twombly, W. Z. of Barton Noble, Miss Annie of North Troy Barton - May 16 5/23/1904
Udall, Bertram R. of Craftsbury (item) Paterson, Elspeth of James Paterson East Craftsbury - Aug 4 8/8/1904
Udall, D. H. Taylor, Miss Mary E. E. Craftsbury - Sept 10 9/14/1903
Urie, David of East Craftsbury not listed - [prob Morey, Myra]   3/30/1903
Valley, Eugene LeClair, Sophia Barton - today 6/23/1902
Vance, Albert N. of Barton Newton, Miss Maud of Barton Barton - Dec 25 12/30/1901
Vance, Fred W. of Glover Adair, Miss May of Schenectady, NY Schenectady, NY - Sept 8 9/28/1903
Wade, Dr. H. E. of Newport Wright, Miss Estella of West Derby West Derby - Nov 5 11/11/1901
Wahl, Henry J. Butterfield, Miss Jennie M. (item) North Troy - Oct 16 10/22/1900
Wales, Arthur of Cabot Kimball, Miss Grace Cabot 8/1/1904
Walker, Edd D. of Glover Clay, Gertrude L. of Glover Glover - Dec 31 1/14/1901
Warner, B. F. Fairbanks, Miss Florence West Burke - Feb 14 2/23/1903
Warner, George Daniels, Miss Mary Craftsbury - Feb 23 3/11/1901
Warren, Carl R. Johnson, Miss Olea Hardwick - June 20 6/24/1901
Waterman, Arthur J. of Barton Kimball, Kate of Barton Brownington Ctr - Dec 31 1/4/1904
Watkins, Bert G. of Derby Sleeper, Miss Kittie of Charles Drown Newport - last Wed 9/19/1904
Watson, Berton E. of W. W. Watson Smith, Nellie S. Glover - March 2 3/7/1904
Watson, Ira of West Burke Campbell, Miss Flora Lyndon Ctr - last Tues 5/27/1901
Watson, John of Derby Schoolcraft, Emily A. of Boston, MA Derby - Sept 1 9/10/1900
Watson, Joseph (John?) of Irasburg McPherson, Mrs. Jennie of Enosburg Irasburg - 21st inst 12/26/1904
Watts, William R. of Toronto McKelvie, Miss Florence of Derby Line Rock Island - Sept 24 9/29/1902
Webster, Albert Keith, Lillian E. of E. W. Keith of Irasburg Irasburg - last Thurs 12/3/1900
Webster, Carroll B. of Barton Cameron, Ada Blanche of Waterbury Ctr Waterbury Ctr - Sept 4 9/10/1900
Webster, Clarence S. of Barton Tower, Miss Ada J. of Barton Randolph Ctr - Oct 8 10/12/1903
Webster, Homer H. of Bennington Everett, Miss Fannie of Lancaster, NH Cambridge, MA June 19 6/25/1900
Webster, William B. of E. Weymouth Carnes, Annie B. of Mrs. C. M. Carnes of Oaklandvale Saugus - Sept 24 (item) 10/5/1903
Weeks, William of Providence, RI Cass, Mabel of late Albert & Nellie Cass Craftsbury 9/3/1900
Wells, Archibald of Newport Chandler, Miss Hallie of Newport Barton - last Thurs 10/27/1902
Wells, B. U. of Lyndonville Colby, Miss May of Sutton (item) Sutton - last week 6/11/1900
Wells, Dr. Robert M. (item) Perkins, Miss Lena of C. M. Perkins of Barton Barton - July 30 8/4/1902
Wells, Ernest E. Watson, Leonora C. Irasburg - Dec 23 12/28/1903
Wells, John Stark, Miss Agnes Newport - last Tues 4/11/1904
Westover, John Alvin of Magog, PQ Bordo, Susie Ada of Magog, PQ Derby - Feb 25 3/4/1901
Wheeler, Ernest J. Berry, Bessie E. South Barton - last Wed 4/2/1900
Wheelock, Clarence Tillotson, Miss Arlie of Lowell Troy - Oct 30 11/5/1900
Wheelock, Ira A. of Coventry Hancock, Mrs. Cornelia Newport - last Wed 6/13/1904
Whipple, Simon O. McClellan, Mrs. Mary Newport Center - March 12 3/21/1904
Whitcomb, C. S. of Eden Emery, Sarah of Eden Albany - June 4 6/9/1902
White, Arthur of O. A. White McFarlane, Miss Lena Barton - last Wed 10/21/1901
White, Mr. of Walden Blake, Mary of Sheffield   3/4/1901
White, Thomas J. Smith, Miss Stella J. Island Pond - last Tues 11/25/1901
White, W. L. of Barton Gorham, Miss Ada L. of Barton Barton - April 4 4/9/1900
White, Will Leslie - (item) Gorham, Ada Louise of Geo Gorham of B. Barton - last Wed 4/9/1900
Whitney, Frank of E. Craftsbury Campbell, Miss Frances E. East Craftsbury? 12/28/1903
Whitney, Frank of Sheffield Barber, Nellie Wheelock - May 13 5/20/1901
Wiatt, Dr. William of Waltham, MA Moor, Miss Emma Alberta Derby - Nov 10 10/31/1904
Wiggin, Arthur D. of North Troy Buggy, Edyth M. of North Troy North Troy - June 6 6/18/1900
Wiggin, Arthur D. of Wm T. Wiggin of Barton Buggy, Miss Edyth of North Troy North Troy - June 6 6/11/1900
Wilcox, Bernie Kinne, Miss Ella Newport Ctr - last Wed 1/4/1904
Wilcox, Thaddeus Spear, Miss Gertrude Newport - Oct 23 10/14/1901
Wilder, Edmund of Derby Merrill, Miss Berenice of Stanstead Jct Stanstead Jct - June 2 6/8/1903
Wilder, Frank of Derby & Watertown, CT Claxton, Miss - Mary of Waterbury, CT CT - May 21 5/27/1901
Wilder, Wallace Barney, Alice of E. Charleston East Charleston Oct 12 10/17/1904
Wilkie, Charles of Barton Lamere, Miss Isabelle of Derby Newport - last Mon 10/12/1903
Willard, Prof. Harley Adams, Miss Leona of Barnard, VT Sutton 7/27/1903
Willard, Wilbur J. Hall, Miss Maud Sutton? - Last Wed 6/11/1900
Willard, Wylie Colby, Miss Maude of Sutton Sutton - June 15 6/17/1901
Willard, Wylie of Sheffield (item) Colby, Maud Glenn of Dr. G. W. Colby Sutton - June 15 6/24/1901
Williams, A. V. McCoy, Miss Laura of Barton Landing Indian Creek, Mich 18th 6/24/1901
Williams, Albert of Derby, CT Bickford, Blanche of E. Brownington E Brownington - Dec 25 1/1/1900
Williams, Edwin not listed Hudson, NY - Tues 12/01/1902
Williams, Frank C. - (item) Guyer, Mrs. Frances A. Newport - Oct 11 10/17/1904
Williams, Harry of Sheffield Allen, Miss Emma of Lyndon Lyndon - April 24 5/2/1904
Williams, Samuel C. Hamilton, Miss Vinnie of Dr. M. T. Hamilton Newport - Tues 6/20/1904
Williamson, Arthur of Barton Hawkins, Miss Sarah of Barton Newport - last Wed 11/14/1904
Willis, Eugene W. Hunter, Miss Alice L. Derby Line - Dec 31 2/1/1904
Wills, Asa of Derby not listed Wakefield? 3/23/1903
Wilmerson, Henry of E. Hardwick not listed - [prob Emma Betts] [prob Hardwick - Oct 5] 10/10/1904
Wilson, Carl Fayer, Bessie Glover - last week 3/2/1903
Wilson, Clifford W. of Lennoxville, PQ Foote, Annie M. of Derby Line Derby Line - Sept 23 9/29/1902
Wilson, Ernest A. Sinclair, Miss Laura M. Glover/Coventry - May 28 6/16/1902
Wilson, Leo E. of Glover (item) Wiggin, Anna of William Wiggin of Barton Barton - Oct 1 10/7/1901
Wilson, Leon Dopp, Miss Mina Glover - last Wed 4/4/1904
Wilson, William J. of Craftsbury (item) Macomber, Annie of Amos Macomber of C. E. Craftsbury - June 18 6/23/1902
Wing, Guy G. of Derby Hawkins, Mary P. of Derby Derby - Nov 15 11/25/1901
Winget, C. McAllister, Miss Albany 3/4/1901
Winslow, Dr. Guy M. Austin, Miss Clara M. (item) Barton Landing - June 10 6/15/1903
Winslow, E. J. of Brownington (item) Austin, Miss Emma S. of late Judge Austin Barton Landing - Aug 3 8/5/1901
Winter, Charles of W. Burke Hall, Mrs. Effie of Troy Barton - May 17 5/23/1904
Wood, Clinton A. of Chicopee Falls, MA Dow, Miss Josie A. of Coventry & Newport Coventry - last Thurs 7/2/1900
Wood, Clinton of Chicopee Falls, MA Dow, Josie of William Dow of Coventry Coventry - June 28 7/2/1900
Wood, David of Sheffield Chandler, Mrs. L. of Lyndon Lyndon - April 18 4/23/1900
Wood, Fred A. of West Derby Berry, Miss Alice May of Newport Newport 5/26/1902
Wood, Mr. Heath, Jennie of Morgan Montreal - Oct 16 10/7/1901
Woodard, Foster of Holland Smith, Maud of Holland Holland - recently 4/30/1900
Woodcock, Clinton of Troy not listed - [prob Halfpap, Margaretha] of DC? Washington DC [prob June 24] 7/6/1903
Woodruff, Vance Mason, Miss Ada East Craftsbury - Oct 15 10/24/1904
Woodward, George E. of Beebe Plain, VT Emery, Beatrice A of Stanstead, PQ Derby - Sept 25 9/30/1901
Worthen, Samuel of E. Charleston Beede, Miss Blanche of Schenectady, NY E. Charleston - April 10 4/18/1904
Wright, Darwin Powers, Miss Phoebe Brownington - last Sat 8/8/1904
Wright, Frank of Glover Allen, Miss Della M. of Glover Glover - July 16 7/22/1901
Wright, Fred Woodworth, Miss Linnie Barton - last Wed 8/31/1903
Wright, G. H. of Philadelphia not listed - (per Barton) Philadelphia - June 1 6/6/1904
Wright, Herbert J. - (item) Enos, Miss Alice M. of John Enos of N. Newport - last Wed 10/13/1902
Wright, John of Glover Leonard, Miss Alice of Glover Glover - June 4 6/10/1901
Wright, Joseph Burbank, Miss Minnie Island Pond? - Jan 18 1/27/1902
Wright, Joseph H. Demars, Miss Mary Hardwick - last week 12/28/1903
Wright, Leslie of E. H. Wright of Derby not listed, [prob Rice, Emma] of Warren, OH [prob Warren, OH June 25] 7/7/1902
Wright, O. T. not listed Westfield? 12/12/1904
Wright, Robert of Sheffield Orcutt, Miss Carrie of Sheffield Sheffield - Jan 3 1/12/1903
Wright, Willard M. of Barton (item) Black, Miss Mabel of Coventry Coventry - Sept 13 9/17/1900
Writer, John L. of Derby Bradford, Ida May of Derby Derby - March 29 4/9/1900
Wylie, David Allen, Miss Cora Belle E. Craftsbury - Nov 21 11/28/1904
Yates, Allie W. of Newport Chappell, Ethel of W. Derby Newport? - Wed 3/16/1903
Young, Andrew of Hardwick Bailey, Miss Agnes of Greensboro East Craftsbury - Dec 30 1/4/1904
Young, Dr. Lewis Goldsmith, Mrs. Ida Irasburg - Feb 4 2/9/1903
Young, Dr. William A. of Westfield Wright, Miss Ruth R. of Oscar Wright of W. Westfield - Dec 31 1/7/1901
Young, Fred of Albany Mason, Miss Josephine Barton - May 11 5/11/1903
Young, Harry A. of Peacham Cox, Miss Mary E. of Walden Walden - June 20 7/1/1901
Young, John of W. Glover & NYC not listed -[prob Dingman, Jane] of Burlington [prob NYC - April 6] 5/6/1901
Young, Ray of West Derby Bean, Ida of Westfield Westfield - Nov 15 11/24/1902
Young, Robert G. of Albany Kendrick, Miss Annie E. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury - Sept 19 10/15/1900
Young, Robert of Albany Kendrick, Miss Annie E. of Greensboro Greensboro - last Wed 9/24/1900
Young, Royal G. "Roy" of Greensboro Wilson, Florence of J. D. Wilson of G. Greensboro - Aug 16 8/22/1904

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