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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Abbott, Albert D. of Barton Willey, Dora M. of Wheelock St J Sept 26 10/3/1887
Alexander, E. E. of Burke Gaskill, Myra of Burke W. Burke Dec 8 12/17/1888
Alexander, Erwin H. of Brownington Berry, Nettie E. of Brownington Barton Landing Jan 20 2/1/1886
Alexander, Irving Berry, Nettie Brownington 2/8/1886
Allard, Herbert of Barton Kettle, Miss Ruth A. of Charleston Westmore Dec 31 1/10/1887
Allard, Milo D. of Barton Grammo, Miss Mary M. of Barton Barton Nov 23 11/28/1887
Allen, Clayton S. of Irasburg Stanford, Miss Jennie G. of Irasburg Irasburg Aug 18 8/23/1886
Allen, Edward H. of Hardwick Collier, Cleora M. of Hardwick Hardwick Oct 27 11/5/1888
Allen, John E. of Craftsbury Crane, Miss Mamie E. of Craftsbury Newport Oct 17 10/29/1888
Alston, Walter of Wheelock Woods, Bessie of Stannard Stannard Jan 1 1/7/1889
Anderson, Armour J. of Glover Patterson, Miss Nellie of Glover Glover Jan 6 1/11/1886
Anderson, James of E. Craftsbury McEwen, Miss Jessie of E. Craftsbury E Craftsbury Jan 1 1/12/1885
Armstrong, William M. of Newport Ctr. Wheeler, Miss Alberta M. of Newport Ctr Coventry Dec 25 12/30/1889
Atkins, Charles H. of Westmore Averill, M. Mabelle of Westmore Glover Sept 18 9/23/1889
Ayer, Pike of Wheelock Bickford, Mrs. Harriet of Sheffield Sheffield Oct 11 10/17/1887
Babcock, John C. of Greensboro Bailey, Miss Adella M. of Greensboro Glover March 5 3/7/1887
Bacon, Foster O. of Barnston, PQ Hall, Mrs. Mary Jane of Barnston, PQ Derby May 25 5/30/1887
Badger, Charles of Irasburg Watson, Rebecca of Derby Barton Landing Oct 15 10/18/1886
Badger, Deming E. of St Johnsbury Fisher, May L. of Irasburg Irasburg May 18 5/25/1885
Badger, Henry I. of Derby Twombly, Miss Charlotte E. Morgan Aug 14 8/19/1889
Badger, Hiram of Irasburg Healey, Ida of Irasburg Newport Aug 2 8/8/1887
Badger, Philip D. of Greensboro Knox, Susie of Greensboro Albany Oct 8 10/21/1889
Bagley, H. R. of Charleston Baley, Mrs. Emma M. of Charleston W. Charleston Aug 6 8/13/1888
Bailey, C. M. of E. Hardwick Batchelder, Miss Calista of Danville E. Hardwick Dec 16 12/21/1885
Bailey, Henry G. of Coventry Kent, Miss Hattie M. of Derby Coventry Nov 29 12/10/1888
Bailey, John T. of Coaticook, PQ McSherry, Miss Mary J. of Westmore Westmore May 15 6/3/1889
Bailey, William O. of Greensboro Turnbull, Mary A. of Greensboro Glover Feb 20 2/25/1889
Baker, George S. of Brownington Wilson, Bessie wid of Jonathan Wilson Charleston 7/26/1886
Baldwin, Hammon F. of Wells River Cobb, Miss Katie M. of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 3 11/8/1886
Barber, Aldis A. of Sheffield Chase, Miss Vilinda of Wheelock Sheffield 3/30/1885
Barber, Frank W. of Sheffield Thomas, Idella A. of Wheelock Sheffield Oct 8 10/12/1885
Barrows, Ansel L. of Stowe Loomis, Flora D. of Stowe East Albany Jan 1 1/12/1885
Barrows, Charles of Glover Parker, Miss May only dau of Isaac Parker Coventry Oct 26 10/31/1887
Bartlett, George of Morgan Barrett, Mrs. Annette of W. Charleston W Charleston March 18 3/23/1885
Bartlett, Herbert A. of Morgan Taylor, Miss Emily R. of Morgan Morgan June 24 6/28/1886
Bates, Charles of New York Hinman, Mary of Derby Derby June 20 6/25/1888
Bates, Elmer J of Dunham, PQ Todd, Miss Minnie S. of Derby Derby Feb 15 2/22/1886
Beales, Arthur L. of Walden Blair, Miss Flora B. of Stannard Stannard Dec 23 1/18/1886
Bean Carl of Westfield Bell, Miss Flora of Enosburg Westfield March 10 3/18/1889
Bean, Alvin C. of Hartford Severance, Miss Georgiana of S. Royalton S. Royalton Oct 10 10/15/1888
Bean, Levi C. of Albany Sawyer, Miss Ida M. of Albany Albany June 24 7/2/1888
Bell, James Dana, Miss Ella of Wheelock Wheelock Feb 4 2/11/1889
Bennett, Augustus R. of Barton Grow, Miss Etta of Barton Barton Land Sept 25 10/7/1889
Berry, John of Derby Palmer, Almeda of Derby Derby Nov 7 11/12/1888
Berry, Rev. Royal of Whitefield & Carroll Brockway, Mrs. Caroline S. of Coventry Whitefield, NH Feb 5 2/20/1888
Berry, Willis of Sutton Gibson, Edna of Sheffield Sutton Feb 14 2/20/1888
Bertrand, William of Magoons Point Rexford, Mary A. of Griffins Corner, PQ Derby June 15 7/5/1886
Berwick, William E. of Barton Ferrili, Mrs. Nancy E. of St Johnsbury St J. June 26 7/1/1889
Bickford, Edwin Dana of Somerville, MA Cheney, Miss Fronie L. of Glover Barton Landing July 23 8/5/1889
Bickford, Schuyler Cass, Miss Helen Barton last week 11/22/1886
Bickford, Selden F. of Barton Fay, Miss Annie S. of Brownington Glover June 21 6/27/1887
Bill, George A. of Albany McClary, Miss Jennie of Albany Albany Feb 22 2/27/1888
Bisbee, Wisner B. of Lowell, MA Souther, Alma of Lowell & Denver, Col Lowell Nov 16 11/21/1887
Black, James G. of Greensboro Macomber, Miss Susie A. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury March 15 3/28/1887
Blake, Burton Ruggles, Miss Jennie of Dr. A. M. Ruggles Barton June 27 7/2/1888
Blake, Charlie H. Smith, Hattie A. Barton Landing Jan 29 2/4/1889
Blanchard, Frank A. of Richford Young, Miss Viola E. of N. Troy North Troy July 2 7/11/1887
Blay, Henry of Derby Berneau, Olive of Derby Derby March 8 3/15/1886
Blodgett, Huron of Brockton, Mass Holman, Miss Tamar of Irasburg Irasburg last Tues 6/3/1889
Boardman, Amos W. of Wolcott Knight, Mabel G. of Wolcott Hardwick Feb 16 2/22/1886
Boardman, Ora of Wolcott Paddleford, Miss Katie M. of Wolcott Hardwick July 4 8/2/1886
Boyd, John Palmer, Carrie West Charleston 3/12/1888
Boynton, Clark D. of Derby Eaton, Mary E. of Irasburg Irasburg June 6 6/11/1888
Boynton, Clark of W Derby Eaton, Miss May of W. Derby W Derby June 6 6/11/1888
Bradbury, D. R. of Washington Shannon, Miss S. A. of N. Hatley, PQ Barton Sept 8 9/10/1888
Brainard, Lysander of Morgan Allbee, Jessie F. of Morgan Derby Feb 2 2/8/1886
Brennan, Bartley of St Johns, PQ White, Miss Lulu E. of W. Derby W Derby June 6 6/11/1888
Brennan, Charles S. of Eden Campbell, Eva M. of Eden Irasburg Sept 30 10/8/1888
Brennan, John W. of Barton Landon, Miss Nellie E. of Irasburg Newport Aug 22 8/27/1888
Brewster, Leonard E. of Irasburg Foss, Eva E. of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 20 10/25/1886
Bridges, J. Frederic of NY Stephenson, Miss Sara E. of Lowell Lowell Feb 15 2/20/1888
Bridgman, Adna A. of Hanover, NH Scott, Miss Annie M. of Glover Glover Feb 12 2/18/1889
Brigham, John Crofts, Mary of Lowell South Troy 11/19/1888
Brigham, John of Troy Crafts, Miss Mary of Troy Troy Oct 24 10/29/1888
Brill, George M. of Wheelock Rodger, Miss Etta E. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury Nov 7 11/11/1889
Brooks, Pliny of Coventry Cole, Mrs. Emma C. of Manchester, NH Irasburg Dec 31 1/9/1888
Brown, Henry A. of Wheelock Horner, Mrs. L. S. of Wheelock Stannard Aug 17 8/23/1886
Brown, John Frank of Potten, PQ Farrer, Miss Alice of Potten, PQ Newport Ctr Dec 27 12/30/1889
Brush, Emerson of Hardwick Benjamin, Miss Edith M. of Hardwick Hardwick Oct 27 11/8/1886
Bryant, Edwin L. of Irasburg Lang, Miss Ella A. of Irasburg Irasburg Dec 9 12/19/1887
Bryant, Harris E. of NYC Fletcher, Miss Carrie of Hon S. R. Fletcher Holland Feb 9 2/14/1887
Buchanan, Alex G. of Albany Patterson, Ida A. of Glover Glover Dec 1 12/3/1888
Buchanan, E. McNeal, Miss Nellie Sheffield June 3 6/7/1886
Buck, Erastus of East Charleston Murwin, Miss Louise of East Charleston Barton Landing Nov 24 11/29/1886
Buck, Heman A. of Troy Woodworth, Miss Mabel E. of Westfield Westfield May 29 6/11/1888
Bugbee, Elbert of Burke Curtis, Miss Lilla of Sutton Sutton May 20 5/25/1885
Bulett, Frank of Lowell Richardson, Augusta of Lowell Lowell Oct 14 10/19/1885
Burleigh, Curtis G. of Holderness, NH Welch, Miss Evalyne J. of Peacham Peacham Dec 25 1/3/1887
Burneau, Moses not named West Derby 5/13/1889
Burnham, Harmon S. of Melville, Dak Hadley, Miss Myra A. of Craftsbury Albany Oct 19 10/21/1889
Burnham, Homer W. of Westfield Chaffee, Miss Alma L. of Westfield Westfield March 7 3/12/1888
Burns, Henry of W. Burke Bell, Jennie of Orleans Orleans last week 11/5/1888
Burns, James of Barston, PQ Wilson, Mrs. Mary of Stanstead Derby Feb 21 3/7/1887
Burrows, Everett Gooley, Nellie Brownington 1/11/1886
Bush, Charles T. of Montreal Goddard, Miss Aileen L. of Coventry Barton Landing Sept 12 9/17/1888
Bushaw, Levi P. of Albany Priest, Miss Cora B. of Irasburg Albany Sept 20 9/30/1889
Butler, Sidney D. of Newport Critchett, Mrs. Mary M. of Newport Newport Ctr March 10 3/18/1889
Butler, William A. of Greensboro Smith, Miss Laura E. of Wheelock Albany Oct 25 10/29/1888
Byron, Jerry of Dixville, Can Clark, Miss Sarah M. of St J. Craftsbury Dec 22 1/3/1887
Calderwood, James A. of Glover Wilkins, Viola E. of Glover Glover Sept 19 9/21/1885
Calhoon, Curtis E. of Newport Magoon, Miss Electra of Potton, PQ Newport Dec 24 1/2/1888
Calkins, A. C. Norris, Hattie W. Derby 15th inst 12/24/1888
Cameron, Daniel T. of Barton Ramsey, Miss Samantha of Sheffield Sheffield March 14 3/23/1885
Cameron, Lewis W. of Walden Logan, Miss Victoria I. of Greensboro Greensboro July 30 8/5/1889
Cameron, William of Glover Buchanan, Miss Belle of Glover S. Albany Feb 28 3/4/1889
Camp, Frank E. of Barton Landing Aldrich, Mrs. Florence S. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Jan 1 1/7/1889
Campbell, Dr. J. C. of Albany Vance, Miss Helen M. of Stephen Vance, Esq. Albany Nov 29 12/3/1888
Campbell, J. C. Dr. Vance, Miss Helen of Stephen Vance Esq. Albany Nov 29 12/3/1888
Campbell, Orville N. of Sutton Eaton, Jennie B. of Sutton Sutton July 3 7/6/1885
Campbell, Sherman W. of Sutton Burt, Miss May A. of West Burke West Burke Jan 3 1/9/1888
Campbell, Will of Sutton Allard, Stella of Sutton Sutton July 1 7/12/1886
Campbell, William of Westmore Hamilton, Miss Sarah of Hoosick Falls, NY Westmore Nov 5 11/8/1886
Capper, Pliny B. Ames, Mrs. Laura J. Westmore July 4 7/8/1889
Carpenter, Ernest W. of Omaha, Neb Cowles, Emma F. of J. Cowles West Burke Jan 21 1/30/1888
Carpenter, Ora M. of Charleston Clarke, Miss Jennie C. of Charleston Charleston 1/25/1886
Carron, Frank of Brownington Lapierre, Eva Newport Nov 3 11/7/1887
Cassidy, Dennis J. of St J. Flannagan, Miss Maggie of Albany St Johnsbury Aug 21 8/27/1888
Caswel, W. G. of St Johnsbury King, Miss Mae R. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 27 1/2/1888
Caswell, George A. of Newport Vance, Miss Gertie of Newport West Derby Sept 19 9/27/1886
Chafey, M. Foster of Albany & Ithaca, Mich Clarkson, Maggie C. of Edinburgh, Scotland Windsor, Ont. March 21 4/30/1888
Chaffee, M. L. of Albany Hogaboom, Cynthia of Berkshire Enosburg Oct 12 10/21/1889
Chamberlin, Fred O. of Portland Hall, Miss Aurilla A. of St Johnsbury Portland, ME Nov 7 11/16/1885
Chamberlin, H. R. of Potton, PQ Elkins, Miss Maud R. of Potton, PQ Sutton Oct 28 10/31/1887
Chamberlin, J. Frank of Albany & Minn. Parsons, Miss Eva V. of Minneapolis Minneapolis March 17 4/2/1888
Chamberlin, W. F. of Albany Ball, Mrs. E. L. of Sutton Sutton Aug 25 8/31/1885
Chase, Atherton S. of Sheffield Phillips, Nettie A. of Sheffield Irasburg Jan 24 1/30/1888
Chase, Will E. of S. Framingham, MA Otis, Miss Carrie M. of West Burke W. Burke Sept 24 9/30/1889
Cheney, Albertus A. MD of W. Burke Lyon, Ida L. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 11 1/16/1888
Chesley, Charles H. of Sheffield Berry, Drusilla M. of Glover Glover Feb 15 3/21/1887
Chesley, Frank of Sheffield Willard, Gertie of Sheffield Burke June 2 6/7/1886
Chesley, Omer of Sheffield Masure, Ida of Sheffield Sutton Dec 31 1/7/1889
Church, A. A. Cutler, Miss Eugenie S. Albany Aug 22 9/10/1888
Cilley, Freeman of Barre Knight, Selah C. of S. Newbury S. Newbury April 12 4/18/1887
Clara, Alvah S. of Greensboro Wilson, Miss Lavina M. of Greensboro Glover 7/13/1885
Clark, Alonzo E. of Barton Hall, Fannie M. of Brattleboro Brattleboro Aug 6 8/13/1888
Clark, Alphonso Drown, Minnie West Charleston 3/12/1888
Clark, Charles E. of Johnson Dewey, Miss Mary M of Irasburg Irasburg Feb 2 2/22/1886
Clark, Henry E. of Glover Darling, Hattie G. of Glover Glover Aug 19 8/23/1886
Clark, Joseph Pliny of Irasburg Bullis, Annie C. of Troy Irasburg March 10 3/12/1888
Clark, Lewis W. of Stannard Haviland, Miss Minnie E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury March 30 4/5/1886
Cleveland, H. C. Greenwood, Miss Mary of Lowell Coventry last Mon 1/14/1889
Cleveland, Henry C. of Coventry Greenwood, Miss Mary of Lowell Lowell Jan 7 1/21/1889
Cloud, Herbert J. of Norwich Snelling, Miss Emma E. of Sheffield Union Village Nov 29 12/3/1888
Clough, J. C. Lawrence, Miss Abbie Albany last Tues 1/18/1886
Co(le), Levi of Cabot Hill, Miss Martha of Irasburg St Johnsbury March 17 3/23/1885
Coburn, Clarence E. of Barton Gallup, Lucia E. of Troy Albany Sept 26 10/5/1885
Coburn, Sidney R. of Barton Smith, Jennie of Troy Albany 8/6/1888
Cochran, Frank of Craftsbury not named Craftsbury 8/12/1889
Coe, Horace B. of Burke Jewell, Mrs. Joanna C. of Barton Barton Nov 24 11/28/1887
Coe, Horace of Burke Jewell, Mrs. Joanna of Barton Barton Thanksgiving Eve 11/28/1887
Coffrin, Morris D. of Groton Pierce, Miss Lenora of Stannard Stannard Dec 24 12/28/1885
Colburn, Albert of Craftsbury Powers, Ida of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 21 9/30/1889
Colby, Charles K. of Barton Hawkins, Mary A. of Barton Barton Landing Jan 1 1/7/1889
Colby, Harley Ladd, Dolly of Lyndon Sutton recently 4/12/1886
Colby, Harvey D. of Milwaukee & Derby Badger, Miss Amy H. of O. S. Badger Esq. Derby Aug 1 8/9/1886
Colley, Clarence H. Twombly, Miss Rose Oct 29 10/31/1887
Conant, Nelson of Littleton, MA Adgate, Miss Harriet W. of E. Hardwick E Hardwick 10/5/1885
Conklin, Stephen R. of Montauk, NY Knight, Emma J. of Post Mills Post Mills May 14 5/20/1889
Conley, Clarence E. of Westmore Wilson, Clara B. of Charleston Charleston Oct 11 10/29/1888
Connal, William R. of Newport Ctr Smith, Ada L. of Irasburg Newport June 24 6/27/1887
Conner, I. M. of Barton Landing Metcalf, Miss Estelle of Coventry Barton Landing Nov 24 12/5/1887
Cook, Edgar R. of Barton Skinner, Mrs. Julia M. of Barton Irasburg March 25 3/29/1886
Cook, Edwin A. Esq. of Glover Morse, Miss Carrie A. of Glover Barton Feb 11 2/16/1885
Cook, Milton of Bloomfield Bulkey, Miss Mary L. of Glover Bloomfield Dec (1)3 1/10/1887
Cooper, W. J. of Irasburg Shephard, Miss D. E. of Lowell Troy May 11 5/20/1889
Copeland, Isaac C. of Brookline Niles, Adelia J. of W. F. Niles of Barton Brookline, MA Sept 24 9/28/1885
Corley, John J. of Irasburg Wiggins, Miss L. Alma of Barton Barton Aug 7 8/13/1888
Corrow, Alfred of Derby Dupont, Agnes of Derby Derby March 8 3/15/1886
Corse, Homer W. of Newport Ctr. & Boston not named Boston 12th inst 11/18/1889
Cowles, Albert E. of Craftsbury Rogers, Sadie B. of Craftsbury Craftsbury 3/21/1887
Cowles, P. J. of St Johnsbury Morse, Miss Lilla J. of Rev. J. Morse Derby Sept 9 9/14/1885
Crafts, Jewett Edwards, Mamie Lowell March 24 4/2/1888
Crafts, Warren of Lowell Sleeper, Osee of Lowell Lowell July 3 7/8/1889
Craig, Fred W. of Sutton Berry, Etta B. of Sutton Sutton Dec 24 1/2/1888
Craig, George M. of Sutton Stone, Miss Alma of Sutton West Burke Nov 21 11/26/1888
Crandall, Arthur H. of Derby Jenne, Miss Edith L. of Derby Derby May 1 5/7/1888
Crawford, Andrew of Newport Hitchcock, Miss Alma of Troy Westfield Jan 13 1/19/1885
Crawford, James of Newport Ctr Lanpher, Amy of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr 7/13/1885
Crawford, Josiah F. of Newport Cutting, Miss Marcia of Newport Newport Center Sept 12 9/21/1885
Currier, Fred E., Rev of Jay Bartlett, Miss Fannie O. of Jay Jay May 12 5/24/1886
Curtis, D. Eugene Wheelock, Miss Emogene C. of Lowell Lowell Sept 22 9/27/1886
Curtis, H. M. of Sutton Rice, Miss Mary E. of Sutton Sutton June 6 6/11/1888
Curtis, Orrin T. of Sutton Hodgdon, Ellen of Dayton, NY Sutton July 4 7/23/1888
Cushman, Henry B. of Irasburg Trull, Addie I. of David Trull of ST J. St Johnsbury April 8 4/13/1885
Cutler, Charles F. of Glover Cameron, Jennie of Glover Glover Nov 20 11/29/1886
Cutler, Henry R. of Glover Dwinell, Miss Alice E. of Glover Glover June 1 6/3/1889
Davis, C. F. of Derby Center Gaines, Miss Ella sister of Dr. Gaines Newport 12/5/1887
Davis, Eugene Col. Hoyt, Sophronia of L. D. Hoyt of Westfield Westfield Jan 1 1/7/1889
Davis, George H. of Lebanon, NH Nelson, Miss Lizzie G. of B. M. R. Nelson Barton July 18 7/23/1888
Davis, Herbert H. of Stanstead, PQ Boyle, Jane S. of Derby Line Derby March 1 3/15/1886
Day, Frank P. of Glover Day, Angie B. of Wheelock Derby Oct 2 10/8/1888
Dewing, Edwin W. of Glover Drew, Miss Mary of Glover South Albany Nov 22 11/29/1886
Dexter, Harley L. of Glover Anderson, Miss Jennie A. of Glover W. Glover Dec 25 1/3/1887
Dexter, Jeremy of Whitefield, NH Beals, Miss Alice F. of Walden Walden Nov 4 11/8/1886
Dimic, Jason H. of Hardwick Pearsons, Flora of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 6 11/11/1889
Dixon, Albion I. of Neponset, MA Pinkham, Miss Jennie H. of Stanstead Derby Aug 10 8/16/1886
Dodge, John Hammell, Widow of Westfield Jay 7/16/1888
Dole, Charles S. of Danville Hamblet, Alice E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing July 25 7/30/1888
Dow, George B. of Albany McCaffrey, Miss Belle of Albany Hardwick Dec 24 12/28/1885
Dow, George N. of Ripton, VT Tolman, Miss Nora E. of E. Craftsbury E. Craftsbury Jan 1 1/12/1885
Downing, Charles Hayward, Mrs. Roxanna Sutton July 3 7/12/1886
Doyle, Thomas J. of Westfield Ruby, Miss Laura of Troy Westfield May 19 6/11/1888
Drenan, Warner S. of J. S. Drenan Silloway, Miss Alma of East Elmore Hardwick last Sat 9/2/1889
Drew, Osman C. Hashlaw, Augusta M. Barton Landing Jan 9 2/4/1889
Drown, Elmer G. of Brownington McManis, Miss Azubie of Brownington Westmore Nov 27 12/9/1889
Drown, Frank Berry, May Sutton last week 11/4/1889
Drown, Herbert of Sheffield Drown, Miss Lucy of Wheelock Wheelock 12/14/1885
Dunn, Sim. S. of Newport Winslow, Nellie L. of Newark Westmore July 3 7/13/1885
Dusham, George Morey, Florence Westfield 8/23/1886
Dutton, Ernest Parker, Miss Alice Brownington Jan 17 2/6/1888
Dutton, J. V. Wakefield, Miss Nellie Hardwick Last Sat 4/26/1886
Dutton, Lamson M. of Morgan Parker, Idella of Morgan Derby June 14 6/20/1887
Dutton, Nelson Wade of Morgan Pillsbury, Kate Iola of Morgan Derby June 16 9/10/1888
Dutton, Walter A. of Hardwick Place, Miss Ellen C. of Hardwick Hardwick July 17 8/2/1886
Dutton, William W. of Woodbury Still, Miss Nellie of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 2 12/7/1885
Dwyer, Henry H. of Salem-Derby Collins, Carrie of Coventry Coventry Oct 22 11/14/1887
Eaton, Thomas W. of Chicago Litch, Miss Olive of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 25 12/31/1888
Edmunds, Joseph A. of Irasburg Rock, Miss Emma J. of Chelsea, MA Barton Land Dec 24 12/30/1889
Elliott, Augustus of Morgan Labaron, Emma divorced w/o Lewis Jondro of Holland Morgan Dec 6 1/11/1886
Elliott, Dennie P. of Morgan Bush, Miss Ida M. of Morgan Morgan Aug 14 8/19/1889
Elliott, Robert of Westmore Cheney, Mrs. Jennie C. of Westmore Barton April 7 4/12/1886
Ellis, R. not named Sutton last week 5/23/1887
Emerson, Frank A of Barre Downing, Mary E. of Wolcott Hardwick Sept 16 9/24/1888
Emerson, Howard of Coventry McLam, Miss Jennie of Coventry Coventry March 10 3/15/1886
Evans, George E. of Boston, MA Metcalf, Lizzie A. of Irasburg W. Burke Dec 28 1/7/1889
Evans, Rev Jacob of Walden Rossier, Miss Clara L. of Worcester, MA Barton Sept 11 9/14/1885
Fairbanks, Horace K. of Newport Coburn, Miss Abbie M. of Westfield Newport Sept 9 9/12/1887
Fairchild, Frank M. Whitney, Miss Edith M. W. Derby Dec 31 1/7/1889
Fairchild, Frank M. of W. Derby Whitney, Miss Edith M. of W. Derby W. Derby Dec 31 1/21/1889
Falcomer, Alexander of Newport Carpenter, Miss Etta of Troy Troy Feb 5 2/13/1888
Farr, William H. of Albany Rodgers, Mary C. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 4 9/12/1887
Farrell, John O. of Stanstead, PQ Keefe, Mrs. Jennie W. of Stanstead, PQ Derby June 8 7/4/1887
Farrington, Charles G. of Walden Bailey, Miss Nellie M. E Hardwick 10th 6/14/1886
Fe(ru)s, John R. of Stanstead, PQ Heath, Miss G. Lily of Derby Derby Jan 1 1/10/1887
Felch, St. Clair B. of Westmore McKay, Miss Ann of Westmore Westmore April 6 4/11/1887
Fellows, Albert C. of Charleston Stevens, Luna A. of Charleston Derby Dec 7 12/19/1887
Fellows, Bert Stevens, Luna East Charleston 12/12/1887
Ferguson, Rev. Aristide T. of Sutton Turville, Nellie M. of Sutton (or Nellie Flint?) Sutton April 17 4/30/1888
Fifield, Owen S. of Potton, PQ Mills, Minnie of Potton, PQ Newport Feb 4 2/13/1888
Finley, E. F. of Lowell Porter, Miss Eliza of Lowell Lowell Oct 13 10/21/1889
Finley, James R. of Charleston Moore, Miss Abigail Isabella of Derby Derby Line Jan 31 2/7/1887
Finney, Lambert of E Burke (item) Bloker, Miss Alice E. of Kensett, Iowa East Burke 4/27/1885
Fish, Harry S. of Barton Robinson, Miss Alice C. of Barton Glover Oct 29 10/31/1887
Fisk, Clarence R. of Barton Sargent, Miss Falora Barton Jan 16 1/21/1889
Flanders, Eben C. of Albany Hyde, Mrs. Florence V. of Albany S. Barton July 31 8/15/1887
Fletcher, Charles S. of Coventry Wilson, Miss Lizzie M. of New Ipswich, NH E Jaffrey, NH 12/28/1885
Fletcher, Wyllys D. of Brownington Gray, Lilla F. of Brownington Barton Landing April 17 4/27/1885
Flinn, James of Holland Converse, Miss Lilla of Holland Holland Feb 8 2/13/1888
Flint, George Gilman, Mrs. George C. Newport last Thur 8/15/1887
Folsom, Francis A. of St J. Peterson, Miss Flavia of B. F. Peterson St J Barton Jan 5 1/9/1888
Folsom, Harley E. (of Lyndonville?) Darling, Miss Jennie L. of Auburndale, MA Auburndale, MA 1st 12/12/1887
Forbes, John of Stanstead Woodrow, Miss Martha A. of Barnston Barton Sept 29 10/11/1886
Ford, Elmer S. of Peacham Libby, Miss Cora M. of Peacham Peacham Dec 2(4) 1/3/1887
Fort, Albert E. of Hardwick Abbott, Miss Florence E. of Albany Albany Aug 14 8/20/1888
Fortune, William E. of Charleston Colby, Miss Emma E. of Brownington Derby Oct 3 10/15/1888
Fountain, Frank of Magog Achilles, Emma of Potten Derby Oct 12 11/28/1887
Franklin, Rev. Mr. of Free Baptist Church not named Wheelock Nov 25 12/6/1886
Frye, George M. of Danville Palmer, Miss Sarah M. of Albany Albany Nov 26 11/30/1885
Fuller, Dunton of Troy Drown, Miss Bertha of Troy Newport Ctr Jan 1 1/21/1889
Fuller, Henry J. of Irasburg Place, Elsie of Irasburg Irasburg May 31 6/4/1888
Fuller, Jay M. of Irasburg Chillson, Miss Mattie of Newport Newport Oct 3 10/15/1888
Gage, Henry L. of Westmore Maxwell, Minnie G. of Brownington Barton Landing June 27 7/30/1888
Galbraith, Alfred E. of Rapid City, Dak Darling, Miss Annie O. of W. Derby W. Derby Dec 31 1/7/1889
Galbraith, Alfred of Dakota Darling, Miss Annie of West Derby W. Derby Dec 31 1/7/1889
Gale, Herbert L., MD of Barre Bickford, Miss Elizabeth d/o Mrs. Joseph Owen Barton Nov 13 11/18/1889
Gallup, Denison A. of Glover Cass, Frances L. of Glover Glover July 4 7/6/1885
Gardyne, Charles of Westfield Elkins, Mary of Hon Wm G. Elkins of N. Troy S. Troy Wed 12/23/1889
Gardyne, E. G. Elkins, Miss Susie E. of North Troy North Troy June 19 6/24/1889
Garneau, Fred G. of Barton Landing Underwood, Hattie B. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Dec 24 12/28/1885
Gaskell, James of Burke Wishart, Alice of Burke Burke Jan 1 1/7/1889
Gaskill, Wilbur E. of W. Burke Warren, Miss Nellie A. of L. W. Warren West Burke Dec 28 1/2/1888
Gelo, Samuel B. of Lowell Thornton, Miss Celia of Lowell Johnson Jan 23 1/28/1889
George, James H. of E. Hardwick Hill, Miss Cora of West Concord W Concord 12/7/1885
Gilbert, Rev George H. of Dorset Gates, Miss Flora L. of Rev M. A. Gates of B. L. Barton Landing June 26 7/12/1886
Gilkerson, Albert of E. Hardwick Giffin, Miss Sarah of E Hardwick E. Hardwick 11/16/1885
Gilman, Dr. Wilber F. of Brownington Bryant, Miss Jennie M. of Brownington Barton July 3 7/8/1889
Gilman, Harry H. of Westmore Atkins, Mrs. Ellen M. of Westmore St Johnsbury March 12 3/15/1886
Gilman, James H. of Lyndon Peak, Mattie H. of Peacham Barton July 3 7/5/1886
Gilmore, A. J. of Morgan & Lewiston, ME Hagan, Victoria C. of Lisbon, NH Lisbon, NH July 22 7/22/1889
Gilmore, Arthur Jr. of Albany Gould, Miss Inez B. of Barton Glover June 30 7/5/1886
Gilmore, Joseph H. of Morgan Gray, Minnie B. of Morgan Island Pond March 24 3/30/1885
Gleed, Hon. P. K of Morrisville Fleetwood, Mrs. Laura J. St Johnsbury 5/11/1885
Glines, G. M. of Morriltown, Ark Cowles, Miss Myra H. of Albany, Vt Little Rock, Ark April 9 4/26/1886
Glover, Leslie of Irasburgh Ordway, Miss Helen of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 28 12/2/1889
Goodell, H. J. of Atlanta, GA & Burke Way, Miss Ida of West Burke Sutton Aug 27 9/5/1887
Goodrich, C. E. of Craftsbury Taylor, Miss M. J. of Greensboro Glover March 3 3/9/1885
Goodrich, Drury E. Bailey, Grace Hardwick Jan 20 1/26/1885
Goodrich, George W. of Newport Peabody, Elsie of Newport Irasburg Aug 17 8/23/1886
Goodsell, Chet Clapper, Miss Hattie Morgan Thanksgiving 12/5/1887
Goss, Burt F. of Irasburg Tite, Edith A. of Newport Irasburg March 10 3/19/1888
Gray, Aaron 2nd of Sheffield Horne, Lettie M. of S. Wheelock Sheffield March 6 3/11/1889
Gray, Dr. F. S. of Westfield Aiken, Miss Alice H. of Troy Troy March 28 4/9/1888
Gray, Nathaniel W. of Coventry Ross, Eunice of Tunbridge N Pomfret, VT Sept 10 9/14/1885
Green, William S. of Charleston Kettle, Hattie R. of Charleston Westmore Aug 8 8/15/1887
Griswold, Oscar Humphrey, Miss Hattie Brownington last week 2/8/1886
Grow, Orson A. of St Johnsbury Grow, Emma J. of Lyndon Littleton, NH Oct 26 11/2/1885
(Guin), Will(is) of Lyndon Brown, Miss R. H. of Westmore Barton Oct 5 10/10/1887
Hall, Charles Miles, Miss Minnie of J. Miles Brownington Jan 1 1/28/1889
Hall, Frank L. of Barton Landing Croft, Miss Carrie of Barton Landing Barton Landing Oct 26 10/31/1887
Hall, George A. of Burlington Hicks, Miss Julia A. of Fairfax Hardwick Jan 6 1/10/1887
Hall, John H. of Hardwick Underwood, Addie E. of Hardwick Hardwick March 18 3/22/1886
Hall, Sylvester of Sheffield Bradbury, Almira of Sheffield Glover 8/19/1889
Hallock, Dr J. Henry of Spencer, NY Merrill, Ada J. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 20 9/27/1886
Hamblet, George A. of Glover French, Miss Phebe J. of Glover Glover Feb 17 3/1/1886
Hamblett, George French, Miss Phebe of Glover Glover 2/22/1886
Hamilton, James of Holland Young, Mrs. Cemira R. of Holland Holland Oct 22 11/11/1889
Hancock, John of E. Hardwick Livingstone, Carrie of E. Hardwick E Hardwick 12/14/1885
Hannant, Fred S. of Holland Jondro, Clara B. of Holland Derby Nov 17 12/20/1886
Harriman, Hamilton Z. of Craftsbury Rogers, Lottie E. of Craftsbury E. Albany Jan 2 1/7/1889
Harris, Henry E. of North Troy Wilson, Minnie G. of Hon H. C. Wilson of Troy Troy Aug 7 8/12/1889
Harris, Ulysses Albert of Newport Smith, Lucy Anna of Newport Newport July 16 7/25/1887
Hart, Loren Twombly, Miss Hannah of Wm Twombly Barton At Reno, Nev 5/13/1889
Haskell, Charles E. of Wolcott Quimby, Miss Jennie P. of Wolcott Hardwick Sept 4 9/9/1889
Hawkins, William G. Jr. of Barton Simpson, Miss Katie M. of Sheffield Barton Dec 19 12/21/1885
Hawley, George E. of Irasburg Clifford, Martha E. of Irasburg Irasburg June 1 6/6/1887
Hay, John of Boston, MA Kelley, Miss Anna of Derby Derby Aug 15 8/20/1888
Heath, Charles C. W. of Lowell Urie, Miss Allie of Glover Albany Dec 29 1/3/1887
Heath, Leslie W. of Holland Hall, Miss B. of Holland Holland Dec 31 1/4/1886
Henderson, Rev George W. Harris, Miss Mamie of New Orleans Craftsbury? Tues 4/8/1889
Henry, George A. of Whitefield, NH Scoble, Carrie M., of Whitefield, NH E. Craftsbury Sept 1 9/5/1887
Herrick, Bert of Newport Ware, Miss Alma of C. J. Ware Coventry recently 11/11/1889
Hight, William of Newport White, Mary Jane of Derby Derby Aug 30 9/10/1888
Hilliard, Charles J. of Barton Moore, Maria of Charleston Charleston Oct 6 10/22/1888
Himes, W. A. Green, Mrs. Roxana Newport last Tues 9/12/1887
Hinman, Isaac of Derby Willson, Hattie M. of Charleston Derby Oct 27 11/16/1885
Hitchcock, Eddie of Coventry Betters, Jennie of Irasburg Coventry March 13 3/14/1887
Hitchcock, Mark Martin, Miss Jennie Westfield 5/20/1889
Hodgdon, Gilman I. of Craftsbury Edgerly, Mrs. Euphie L. of Craftsbury Hardwick Jan 1 1/10/1887
Hodgdon, Jas. of Craftsbury Wells, Miss Esther of Craftsbury Albany Aug 25 9/10/1888
Holman, Bion B. of Irasburg Shoemaker, Miss Emma G. of Ellis, Kan. Ellis, Kan Oct 29 11/7/1887
Holmes, Frank A. of ST J. Heath, Miss Emma C. of Bristol, NH St J/Sutton July 16 7/25/1887
Holmes, Isaac E. of Sheffield Libby, Violet M. of Sheffield S. Barton Dec 13 12/19/1887
Holmes, Lewis of Jefferson, NH Hitchcock, Miss Ella J. of Barton Barton Sept 26 10/3/1887
Hopkins, Fred H. of Derby Davis, Miss Delia of Bolton, PQ Derby Nov 19 11/28/1887
Horn, George W. of Holland Fowler, Katie A. of Holland Derby June 23 6/27/1887
Horner, Lucius of Troy Sweetney, Miss Emily of Swanton Newport Ctr Dec 15 1/7/1889
Howard, Erastus Shedd, Mrs. H. A. E Hardwick Jan 2(6) 2/9/1885
Howard, Rev H. E. of Derby Day, Miss Carrie E. of Wheelock Wheelock Oct 14 10/18/1886
Howard, Rev. H. E. Day, Miss Carrie E. of Ira Day Brownington at Wheelock 10/18/1886
Howe, George of Brownington West, Miss Lila J. of Derby Derby Jan 1 1/10/1887
Howe, Harry Fulton of Lisbon, NH Drown, Miss Mary Eliza of S. Barton S. Barton March 26 3/28/1887
Hoyt, Russell age 83 Patterson, Mrs. Lucy age 75 of S. Albany Craftsbury 10/10/1887
Hoyt, William B. of Craftsbury Kimball, Miss Nettie M. of Haverhill, NH Craftsbury April 30 5/11/1885
Huckins, Wallace of Beebe Plain Parrington, Carrie of Beebe Plain Derby Aug 20 8/22/1887
Humes, Edward J. of Pawtucket, RI Niles, Miss Margie H. of Barton Barton Aug 9 8/13/1888
Hunt, Charles J. of Ocean Grove DeHart, Mrs. Nellie dau of Rev. Geo Hovey of NJ Asbury Park, NJ Sept 28 10/18/1886
Hunt, Dennison M. of Newport Benway, Nora of Newport Newport Ctr Oct 25 10/29/1888
Hunt, L. M. of Barton Taylor, Lydia of Stanstead, PQ Barton Oct 22 10/29/1888
Hunt, Seymour A. of Westmore Humphrey, Ida of Burke Newport Sept 27 10/4/1886
Huntington, Dana G. of Albany Williams, Ella A. of Bolton, PQ E Albany Feb 24 3/8/1886
Huntley, Russell T. Merrill, Hattie of Littleton, NH Dec 19, 1864 12/30/1889
Huntley, S. S. Mahon, Widow Jay 4/11/1887
Hutchins, Charles of Lowell Adams, Emma of Lowell Hyde Park July 1 7/12/1886
Ide, Edwin H. of Newport Alexander, Laura A. of Newport Newport Oct 19 10/31/1887
Ingalls, Clarence Chaplin, Winnie West Charleston 11/1/1886
James, William C. of Victory Horsford, Mrs. Esther of East Haven Granby Aug 12 8/16/1886
Jameson, A. E. of Stannard King, Nellie of Stannard Stannard Dec 25 12/31/1888
Jenne, Edwin E. of Derby Sparlin, Miss Susie G. of Derby Derby Oct 31 11/5/1888
Jenne, Luman E. of Derby Adams, Miss Nellie C. of Derby Derby April 29 5/4/1885
Jenness, George N. of Barton Christie, Miss Lulie of Glover Barton Jan 16 2/8/1886
Jenness, L. Ewens, Miss Maria Holland Jan 7 1/16/1888
Jerome, George S. of Troy Burnham, Mrs. Abbie of Troy Troy Feb 14 2/27/1888
Jerome, John of Glover Holloway, Miss Etta F. of Glover Glover March 16 3/30/1885
Jesseman, Byron of Lisbon, NH Rowell, Mrs. Alma D. of South Albany Lisbon, NH Nov 24 11/29/1886
Jesseman, George of Lisbon, NH Alston, Miss Maggie E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 14 1/19/1885
Jesseman, Ora S. of Sutton Smith, Miss Effie M. of Barton Barton Nov 26 11/30/1885
Jewell, Carl B(ooo), Miss Cora of Georgia Barton yesterday 5/28/1888
Johnson, Charles Moody of Montreal Kingsley, Martha L. of Middlebury Barton April 15 4/20/1885
Johnson, Lorenzo W. of Barnston, PQ Frappid, Ida J. of Hatley, PQ Derby Dec 25 12/31/1888
Jordan, William H. of Somerville, MA Colton, Miss Julia A. of Irasburg Irasburg Aug 8 8/12/1889
Joy, Charles E. of Sutton Drew, Miss Myrtie E. of Francis Drew Sutton Oct 30 11/4/1889
Judd, Alfred A. of Holland Ingalls, Miss Nellie L. of Massawippi, PQ Holland Oct 1 10/15/1888
Kathan, Herbert not named West Charleston 3/26/1888
Keeler, William Gorham, Josie Coventry June 1 6/14/1886
Keith, S. W. not named Newport recently 7/11/1887
Kelley, John of Derby Line Pelaw, Gertrude of Derby Line Derby Jan 16 2/8/1886
Kelley, John of Wolcott Brown, Miss Clara L. of Lowell, MA Wolcott Sept 18 10/21/1889
Kelly, Ira of Derby Adams, Miss Grace of Derby Derby Jan 4 1/9/1888
Kelly, William of Lowell Arel, Miss Jennie of Lowell Jay April 8 4/13/1885
Kendrick, Richard of Craftsbury McEwen, Miss Maggie A. of Craftsbury Irasburg June 30 7/20/1885
Kent, Charles E. of Barnston, PQ Henry, Miss Nettie of Barnston, PQ Derby June 8 6/20/1887
Kilborn, Gary F. of Holland Davis, Miss Hattie E. of Holland Holland June 12 7/2/1888
Kimball, Edward C. of Westmore Larrabee, Miss Alice M. of Barton Barton ? March 4 3/8/1886
Kimball, William H. of Westmore Fisk, Ellen N. of Barton Glover Aug 14 8/19/1889
King, James C. of Sheffield Davis, Miss Emma of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 5 1/12/1885
Kittredge, Truman K. of Newport Ctr Magoon, Miss Una S. of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr Feb 12 2/28/1887
Knox, Fred of Epping, NH Chamberlin, Miss Carrie of Lowell Lowell June 20 6/25/1888
Laclair, Barney of Potton, PQ Norton, Abigail of Barton Barton June 18 6/22/1885
LaCourse, Collins not named Brownington 1/16/1888
Lado, Cornelius of Albany Doying, Betsey M. of Eden Irasburg Oct 5 10/7/1889
Lang, Frank B. of Charleston White, Miss Lilla A. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury Nov 23 11/28/1887
Lang, H. B. of Greensboro Bend Macomber, Miss Mamie of Craftsbury Craftsbury 1/7/1889
Lang, Robert B. of Greensboro Macomber, Mary D. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury Dec 25 12/31/1888
Lanou, Edgar A. of Irasburg Cullen, Cora E. of Glover Irasburg Jan 1 1/7/1889
Lanphear, Waldo C. of Albany Miles, Miss Effie J. of Albany Albany March 13 3/18/1889
Lapier, Harvey of Newport Lindsey, Miss Emma of Derby Newport Dec 24 12/31/1888
Lapier, Harvey of Newport Lindsey, Miss Emma of Marshall Lindsey W. Derby Dec 24 12/31/1888
Laplant, William of Montgomery Seymour, Miss Victoria of Westfield Lowell May 20 5/24/1886
Lathe, Seth R. of Craftsbury Allen, Amanda J. of Craftsbury Hardwick Feb 13 2/18/1889
Laukia, Frank A. of Westmore Page, Myrtie E. of Evansville Barton Landing Nov 26 12/2/1889
Lavene, Fred O. Esq. of Richford McCarry, Miss Viola of Richford Barton Sept (4 or 6) 10/3/1887
Lawrence, Albert Gray, Mrs. Jane E Charleston Nov 1 11/9/1885
Leach, Silas E. of West Burke Ainger, Miss Etta of Sutton Sutton Oct 2 10/7/1889
Leary, Gilbert Lincoln, Miss Alice of West Derby W Derby 3/19/1888
Leazer, S. C. of Piermont, NH Hannant, Miss Ethel G. of Irasburg Irasburg Mar 2 3/9/1885
Lee, Daniel Allen, Mrs. Josephine Sutton 18th 8/30/1886
Leith, George E. of Barton Richardson, Minnie H. of Waterford Waterford Jan 12 1/18/1886
Leland, Herbert Denison, Miss Hattie of A. E. Denison Brownington Tues last 7/1/1889
Leland, Herbert H. Denison, Miss Hattie L. of A. E. Denison of B. Brownington June 25 7/1/1889
Lency, Walter B. of Stanstead, PQ Hand, Miss Flora A. of Stanstead, PQ Derby Nov 17 11/28/1887
Leney, George D. of Stanstead Smith, Lydia E. of Holland Derby May 25 5/27/1889
Lewis, Bert Anderson, Maggie West Glover 5/13/1889
Lewis, J. L. of North Troy (item) Harrison, Miss Georgia of Calif. Oakland, CA June 17 7/13/1885
Libby, Hiram of Barton Toot, Carrie of Lyndon Barton Nov 21 12/5/1887
Litchfield, Homer of Westmore Gordon, Miss Minnie of Newark West Burke March 13 4/8/1889
Little, Frank W. of Hardwick Cross, Miss Ada S. of Hardwick Hardwick 6/1/1885
Locke, O. W. of Irasburg (5-24) Fayer, Miss Lilla L. of Glover St Johnsbury May 19 6/21/1886
Lorden, Daniel S. of Salisbury, NH Colliston, Miss Etta H. of Barton Barton June 24 6/28/1886
Lovejoy, George of Greensboro Nelson, Miss Inez of E. Hardwick E Hardwick Nov 24 12/7/1885
Lund, Charles A. of E. Haven Holloway, Miss Angeline E. of Glover E. Burke March 17 4/9/1888
Lund, Lucius N. of Brownington Morehouse, Miss Ola M. of Brownington Irasburg 24th inst 8/26/1889
Lyon, Ephraim M. of Craftsbury Lewis, Miss Emma of Glover E. Craftsbury Dec 14 12/26/1887
Lyon, J. B. of Barton Devereaux, Miss Alice of Barton Barton Dec 4 12/10/1888
Macdiarmid, George L. of Newport Baldwin, Miss Ida M. of Newport Newport June 19 7/2/1888
Macia, Charles of Irasburg Burt, Alice of Barton Barton Dec 31 1/9/1888
Magoon, William R. of Derby Parkhurst, Viola C. of W. Chelmsford, MA Derby June 24 7/5/1886
Marlesden, Richard of Morgan Noakes, Miss Angelina of Lineboro, Stanstead Stanstead Feb 25 3/1/1886
Marsh, Charles Bartlett, Myrtie only dau of H. F. Bartlett Newport Ctr 2/23/1885
Marsh, Stanley G. of Brownington Vincent, Clara of Brownington Barton Landing Aug 1 8/6/1888
Marston, D. Warren of Derby Bullock, Miss Winnifred B. of Derby Derby Feb 1 2/7/1887
Martin, Alanson J. of Albany Snider, Miss Josephine of Eden Newport July 23 7/26/1886
Martin, C. W. Sherman, Christina Troy Jan 26 2/6/1888
Martin, Frank Goddard, Miss Minnie Westfield last week 6/7/1886
Martin, Frank of Lowell Fletcher, Miss Effie of Lowell Lowell Feb 13 2/25/1889
Martin, James of Troy Sherman, Miss Nellie of Newport Ctr Troy Oct 24 10/29/1888
Martin, Oliver of Albany Barrett, Miss Florine Albany Nov 2 11/12/1888
Mason, Reubin of Glover Walcott, Miss Minnie S. of Glover Hardwick June 27 7/9/1888
Mason, Willie S. of Glover Owen, Maud of Hon C. P. Owen of Glover Glover Dec 24 12/31/1888
Masten, James Sherman, Nettie South Troy 11/19/1888
Mathewson, Charles F of Barton & NY Campbell, Miss Jeanie of M/M Sam Anderson Portland, ME Dec 8 12/13/1886
Mathie, John W. of Glover McGaffey, Laura S of Glover Glover Jan 20 1/25/1886
Matten, Alfred of Newport Leonard, Miranda J. of Newport Newport Ctr Aug 18 8/22/1887
McAllister, James of Lowell Green, Miss Delia of Lowell Montgomery June 11 6/24/1889
McCanna, William of Danville, PQ Havers, Katie of Eli, PQ Barton Nov 6 11/12/1888
McDonald, George of Megantic, PQ Hoyt, Miss Nettie of Newport Newport Ctr Dec 26 1/7/1889
McDougall, Archie of Barton Miles, Miss Carrie E. of Irasburg Irasburg April 8 4/13/1885
McDowell, Thomas of Wheelock French, Mrs. Roxana of Sheffield Wheelock April 23 5/6/1889
McGann, William Sargent, Miss Minnie Glover 1/14/1889
McGann, Willie of Bristol, RI Sargent, Minnie B. of Glover NYC Dec 30 1/21/1889
McGuire, Dennis L. of Albany Leach, Florence E. of Albany Albany March 6 3/8/1886
McLaren, Horace A. of Greensboro Urie, Miss Minnie H. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury Dec 4 12/9/1889
McLellan, John Dean, Miss Etta L. of W. Burke W. Burke Sept 12 9/17/1888
McLellan, John of Barnet & CA Dickson, Miss Maggie of Barnet Greensboro 10/29/1888
McLeod, Kenneth H. of Canada Chappell, Miss Minnie M. of Westmore Westmore 3/21/1887
Mclloon, Franklin W. D. of Stanstead Foster, Miss Winnifred M. of Barton Barton Nov 18 11/25/1889
McNeal, Willie of Sheffield Davis, Flora M. of Sheffield Sheffield Nov 9 11/12/1888
Melcher, Willie B. of Newark Forest, Miss Nettie I. of W. Burke West Burke April 3 4/8/1889
Merrill, Edwin of Barton Chase, Miss Minnie of Sheffield Sheffield March 6 3/15/1886
Merrill, Willie H. Allen, Miss J. E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 12 1/17/1887
Messer, Charles W. of Lowell Mathews, Sarah A. of Danville, PQ Barton Landing Jan 10 1/14/1889
Messier, George F. of Irasburg Simeno, Josephine H. of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 16 11/19/1888
Meyers, George Preston, Miss Hattie A. Jay 3rd 8/8/1887
Miles, Arthur Gibson, Angie Brownington Dec 25 1/12/1885
Miles, Charles T. of Barton Hawley, Miss Alice M. of Irasburg Barton Nov 9 11/15/1886
Miles, Fred H. of Sutton Bishop, Ardell E. of Newark Glover May 20 5/25/1885
Miller, E. S. of Westfield Lawrence, Miss Rebecca of Lowell Westfield Tues 3/22/1886
Miller, Lincoln H. of Craftsbury Anderson, Miss Janette of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 29 12/3/1888
Mitchell, Thomas J. of Sutton Hall, Myra D. of Guildhall Sutton Dec 28 1/16/1888
Moore, Curtis C. of Charleston Campbell, Miss Edith A. of Greensboro W Charleston Aug 16 8/30/1886
Moore, Daniel E. of Charleston Thayer, Miss Mattie S. of Albany E. Charleston July 9 7/18/1887
Moore, Mortimer B. of Albany Vance, Delia L. of Albany E Albany Oct 20 11/1/1886
Moore, William A. of Magog, Que Coruth, Miss Jennie M. of Magog, Que W. Burke Dec 21 12/26/1887
Morehouse, Dick Folsom, Ida Wheelock 5/7/1888
Morse, James B. of Newport Seymour, Miss Flora M. of Westfield Derby Feb 12 2/16/1885
Morse, Rev C. W. Sleeper, Miss Nettie G. of G. L. Sleeper Coventry last Wed 9/2/1889
Morton, W. J. of Lowell Sawyer, Miss M. J. of Lowell Troy Oct 10 10/19/1885
Nason, William H. of Eaton, PQ Moulton, Alma L. of Eaton, PQ Derby Dec 15 12/24/1888
Nelson, George G. of Hardwick Smalley, Lillian F. of Greensboro Hardwick 6/25/1888
Newton, Samuel A. of Irasburg Cole, Sarah B. of Newport Irasburg Dec 28 1/2/1888
Nichols, Merit A. of Burke Lyon, Persis L. of Westmore Sutton July 21 7/29/1889
Norris, Charles of W. Derby Dailey, Miss Inez of W. Derby W Derby June 6 6/11/1888
not named Moore, Miss Emily sister of Mrs. Geo. Magoon Barton Landing last Wed 9/12/1887
not named Rlan, Miss Lilla of Sutton Valley Springs, Dak. 12/10/1888
not named Marston, Mrs. Blanche widow of Charles Iowa recently 12/31/1888
Nourse, boy age 16 Shattuck, Miss age 15 of late Samuel Shattuck N. Danville (4/15 also) 4/1/1889
Nutting, Edmond of Cambridge Cass, Miss Lucy of Barton Cambridge, MA April 15 5/25/1885
Nye, Fred S. Hazelton, Genie B. Landing Dec 31 1/12/1885
Oldach, Fred of Fitchburg, Mass West, Mrs. Clara Derby 18th inst 6/24/1889
Owen, George of Barton Paine, Miss Nellie A. of Hardwick Barton Oct 22 11/2/1885
Owen, Joseph of Barton (item) Bickford, Mrs. Abbie B. of Montpelier Montpelier July 22 7/26/1886
Packer, Halsey H. of Burke Whitlock, Mary P. of Baraboo, Wisc. Newport Dec 22 12/31/1888
Page, George Smith, Orra Newport Center 9/23/1889
Page, George L. of Ryegate Sawyer, Inez M. of Greensboro Boston June 24 7/6/1885
Palin, William of Holland Graves, Effie D. of Holland Holland Dec 14 12/26/1887
Parker, Dr D. M. late of Albany, Vt Cardwell, Miss Jennie Stillwater, Montana Wed 2/15/1886
Parker, Fred A. of Sutton Chappell, Miss Mattie E. of Westmore East Burke Dec 23 1/2/1888
Parker, Julius R. of Sutton Hastings, Rose J. of Sutton Sutton July 19 7/29/1889
Parker, Ora J. of Minn. Fish, Miss Lula B. of Lewis Fish of W. Derby West Derby Oct 13 10/18/1886
Patch, Charles of Johnson Campbell, Miss Hattie of Lowell Lowell Dec 22 12/26/1887
Peabody, Leon of Troy Dunham, Clara of Newport Newport Center Feb 9/10 2/20/1888
Pearl, H. M. of Lyndonville Dean, Miss Anna Lyndon prob 3/16/1885
Peavey, Arthur L. of East Haven Hancock, Myrtie of Brighton Barton Landing June 1 6/3/1889
Peavey, Ezra N. of Newark Colburn, Miss Belle of Newark E. Burke March 26 4/9/1888
Peck, H. D. Sherman, Miss Cora E. Troy Wed 12/27/1886
Pelow, Israel of Derby Smith, Mary Ann of Derby Newport Nov 1 11/28/1887
Penniman, Homer N. of St J. Lewis, Clara M. Hardwick Dec 25 12/31/1888
Percival, Fred Hunt, Mrs. Helen Glover 11/28/1887
Percival, Fred H. of Glover Hunt, Mrs. Helen M. of Glover Glover Nov 23 11/28/1887
Persons, Willie of Morgan Norris, Miss Nellie of Orleans Orleans 30th 7/4/1887
Peters, John of Albany Peters, Eliza of Albany Albany Jan 6 1/10/1887
Pettingill, O. of West Derby Hoyt, Miss Annie A. West Derby 4/23/1888
Phelps, George H. of St J. Leach, Julia L. of Irasburg Irasburg 10/17/1887
Phelps, Leslie Keeler, Mirtle Coventry last Wed 10/21/1889
Philbrick, Willie J. of Brownington Wilkie, Nellie of Brownington Barton Aug 15 9/2/1889
Phillips, C. S. of Glover Gates, Miss Isora A. of St J. dau of Mrs. Stark Glover Aug 13 9/19/1887
Phillips, Jasper W. of Westfield Hartwell, Miss Carrie of Westfield Newport Ctr Nov 18 12/9/1889
Phillips, M. B. Page, Ada Newport Center 3/26/1888
Piper, Theophilus Benjamin of Barton Leland, Ellen Florella of Barton Barton Landing Nov 23 11/30/1885
Pope, Walter of Lowell Smith, Miss Jennie of Lowell Lowell Feb 20 2/25/1889
Porter, Fred Currier, Etta West Derby 4th inst 2/18/1889
Porter, Fred of W. Burke Stevens, Miss Esther of W. Burke West Burke Sept 11 9/16/1889
Powers, Frank W. of East Burke Wade, Myrtie E. of Barnston, PQ E. Charleston Aug 29 9/5/1887
Prescott, Ceylon R. of Evansville Eddy, Miss Emma G. of Evansville Barton Landing July 4 7/30/1888
Preston, C. W. of Barton Newton, Miss Ella E. of Craftsbury N. Craftsbury Oct 9 10/21/1889
Priest, H. W. of Irasburg Place, Rose M. of Irasburg Irasburg March 28 3/29/1886
Provoncha, Lewis of Holland Trucutt, Sophia of Holland Holland Jan 15 1/31/1887
Ramsdell, Edward Church, Miss Fanny of C. P. Church W. Charleston July 4 7/15/1889
Rand, Foster, J. Ayer, Mina E. Craftsbury Aug 4 8/9/1886
Randall, Amasa of Craftsbury Woodbury, Mrs. Fanny E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 18 8/24/1885
Randall, Isaac N. of Bakersfield Powers, Lettie E. of Irasburg Irasburg March 5 3/9/1885
Randall, Willie E. of Cambridgeport, MA Schofield, Miss Ann of Rev. Wm Schofield Irasburg June 6 6/11/1888
Ranger, Walter E. of Lyndon Bemis, Miss Mabel C. Lyndonville Tues 8/5/1889
Rash, Eugene S. of Westmore Brown, Lilla D. of Westmore Westmore ?? May 23 5/25/1885
Rash, George of Irasburg Johnson, Nettie L. of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 12 10/21/1889
Rayner, Robert Trull, Addie of David Trull of St Johnsbury West Burke last Tues 3/11/1889
Revoir, Napoleon LaBounty, Miss Lena Lowell Jan 4 1/11/1886
Rice, George of North Troy Reall, Miss Bessie of North Troy North Troy 4th inst 4/22/1889
Rich, Austin B. of Glover Haines, Alma J. of Greensboro Glover March 4 3/9/1885
Richardson, Charles F. of Lowell Jerome, Alice of Glover Lowell 7/5/1886
Richardson, George H. of Lowell Pierce, Mrs. Jennie E. of Lowell Barton Oct 13 10/18/1886
Richardson, W. H. of Lyndon Grow, Miss Gertie M. of Glover Glover April 19 4/26/1886
Richardson, W. of Lyndon Grow, Miss Gertie (4-26) Glover last week 4/19/1886
Roberts, Victor E. of Westfield Woodcock, Miss Rose A. of Westfield Newport Ctr Dec 7 12/9/1889
Robinson, Elmer E. of Westmore Orne, Miss Cora M. of Westmore Newport May 6 5/11/1885
Robinson, Herbert E. of St Johnsbury Ufford, Miss Nellie A. of Barton Albany Nov 25 11/29/1886
Robinson, S. J. of Brownington Howe, Miss Jennie of Brownington W. Charleston Nov 7 12/3/1888
Rockwell, L. M. of Troy Stanford, Miss Nettie of Troy Irasburg Feb 3 2/13/1888
Rodgers, C. E. of Greenfield, MA Dow, Mary R. of Derby N Amherst, MA Jan 8 2/9/1885
Rogers, Israel N. B. of Derby Hardy, Miss Harriet G. of Noyan, PQ Newport Ctr Sept 25 9/30/1889
Rogers, John S. of Derby Kibby, Mrs. Lydia A. of Jonesville, Mich Newport Ctr Dec 3 12/12/1887
Rogers, Moses G. of Derby Jones, Mrs. Martha of Chicago Derby Oct 30 11/5/1888
Ronaldson, James of Ryegate Allyn, Lucy J. of Ryegate Charleston June 7 6/15/1885
Root, Charles H. of Craftsbury Anderson, Miss Marion of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 24 12/28/1885
Root, Charles of Craftsbury Anderson, Miss Mary Craftsbury 1/4/1886
Ross, Charles of Waterford Marden, Mrs. Addie J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury March 28 4/1/1889
Roundy, Olin of West Burke Aldrich, Alice of West Burke Sutton Dec 31 1/7/1889
Roundy, Will of Sutton Burns, Miss Laura of West Burke Sutton Dec 23 12/27/1886
Rouse, Warren of Lowell Stewart, Miss Myra of Lowell Lowell Dec 30 1/2/1888
Rowell, Elmer E. of Albany (family history) Wagner, Miss Lizzie San Bernardino, CA Jan 1 1/26/1885
Rowell, Walter Heath, Miss Mabel A. North Troy Wed 10/21/1889
Rowell, Walter B. of Troy Heath, Miss Alice M. of Troy Troy Oct 23 11/4/1889
Royce, Leland J. of Bellows Falls Cannon, Mary E. of Barton Landing Bellows Falls July 10 7/15/1889
Russell, Frank T. of Highgate Fairbrother, Miss Effie J. of E. Albany Franklin Feb 21 2/27/1888
Ryan, R. E. of Leland, Wash Simpson, Clara R. dau of A. A. Randall Vancouver, Wash Oct 29 11/25/1889
S(imsbe), Charles of Barton Daniels, Miss Nellie of Granby, PQ Barton Feb 23 3/23/1885
Sampson, Charles W. of West Hatley Tyler, Hattie M. of Barnston, PQ Derby May 5 5/30/1887
Sanborn, William W. of Barton Switser, Anna F. of Sutton Sutton 6/3/1889
Sanders, Ira Rogers, Jennie Albany Thanksgiving 11/28/1887
Sanders, Ira of Albany Rogers, Miss Jennie L. of Albany Albany Nov 24 11/28/1887
Sandford, Rev E. T. Calderwood, Miss Annie St Johnsbury Tues 7/22/1889
Sawyer, George A. of Albany Hunter, Miss Alice G. of Albany Albany Sept 12 9/30/1889
Sawyer, John G. of Greensboro Bradley, Miss Alice N. of Greensboro Hardwick 7/13/1885
Schofield, John S. of Hyde Park Prior, Mrs. Nora A. of Albany Albany ? Dec 3 12/7/1885
Schoolcraft, Melvin J. of Stanstead McShane, Lizzie of Stanstead Derby Dec 19 12/28/1885
Schoolcraft, Orange of Derby Schoolcraft, Mrs. Miranda of Derby Derby Nov 4 12/20/1886
Scott, Frank E. of Westmore Phillips, Miss Carrie B. of Lowell, MA Lowell, MA Oct 15 11/9/1885
Searle, Charles E. of Hatley, PQ Wade, Mattie E. of Stanstead, PQ Derby April 24 5/3/1886
Seaver, Harley T. of Barton Davison, Amanda of Amory Davison Esq. Craftsbury Jan 27 2/2/1885
Seaver, W. W. of Craftsbury Renfrew, Miss Flora of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 20 1/24/1887
Shatney, Peter of Glover Jerome, Miss Emma of Glover S. Albany Nov 7 11/16/1885
Shedd, Freeman I. of Sheffield Bickford, Effa F. of Sheffield Irasburg Sept 29 10/12/1885
Shepard, Charles H. of Irasburg Buriage, Adelia W. of Lowell Irasburg Nov 12 11/19/1888
Sheppard, Charles G. of Braintree, MA Perkins, Miss Mary of Rev. Sidney Perkins Middleton, MA June 3 6/8/1885
Sherman, Fred Glines, Gertie Newport Ctr. Last week 3/4/1889
Shorey, Timothy P. of Newport Drew, Miss Mamie of Coventry Newport Dec 24 12/31/1888
Sias, A. P. of Albany Curtis, Miss Mary M. of Sutton Albany Sept 1 9/7/1885
Silver, Edgar O. of Boston & Derby Maine, Miss Susan Florence of Providence Derby 4th inst 1/9/1888
Silver, James of Lowell Austin, Miss Anna of Lowell Lowell May 10 5/24/1886
Simonds, A. W. not named W. Derby 18th inst 6/24/1889
Simonds, Nelson C. of Westmore Page, Miss Kittie G. of Westmore Manchester, NH May 20 6/10/1889
Simpson, George W. Conant, Miss Alice T. West Glover ? Sat 12/28/1885
Sinon, John of E. Albany Mullaney, Miss Anna of E. Albany Barton Nov 19 11/23/1885
Sisco, Charles E. of Sheffield Smith, Miss Annie S. of Troy Troy Sept 3 9/10/1888
Sisco, D. J. of Jay Nutting, Georgie of Sutton, PQ South Troy 11/19/1888
Skinner, Carlos of Lowell Newton, Julia of Lowell Lowell Oct 10 10/15/1888
Skinner, Grant of Lowell Corley, Miss Jennie of Irasburg Lowell March 6 3/11/1889
Sleeper, Frank W. of Wolcott Goodwin, Rena C. of Craftsbury Irasburg Nov 17 11/21/1887
Smith, Alba of Evansville Royce, Miss Grace of Boston Evansville July 4 7/16/1888
Smith, Albin M. Elkins, Miss Effie A. of N Troy Nashua, NH Wed 5/27/1889
Smith, Charles H. of Craftsbury Sargent, Miss Myra S. of Glover Glover Nov 10 11/15/1886
Smith, Charles W. Colby, Nora A. of Barton Barton Nov 28 12/2/1889
Smith, E. B. Jr. of Burke Packer, Miss Ellen of Burke Newark 12/6/1886
Smith, Fred E. of Eden Warren, Lucy A. of Eden Irasburg Sept 30 10/8/1888
Smith, George A. of Woonsocket Jameson, Miss Grace W. of Irasburg & RI Woonsocket, RI Oct 10 10/17/1887
Smith, Hiram E. of Wolcott Hubbard, Lilla A. of Wolcott Hardwick Sept 8 9/24/1888
Smith, Jasper A. of Brownington Currier, Mrs. Annette of Brownington Brownington Ctr Jan 3 1/11/1886
Smith, John A. of Glover Lewis, Miss Nettie of Glover E Craftsbury Dec 24 12/28/1885
Smith, John V. of Charleston Chase, Myrtie of Derby Westmore Dec 6 12/17/1888
Smith, Joseph D. of Brownington Farr, Miss Thersa A. of Island Pond Westmore Dec 18 12/23/1889
Smith, Robert L. of Stannard Weed, Iona S. of Stannard Stannard Oct 21 11/9/1885
Somers, Henry of Irasburg Corley, Mrs. Anna of Irasburg Irasburg March 17 3/21/1887
Soule, G. D. MD of Glover McLellan, Miss Mattie of Glover Sheffield Sept 21 9/28/1885
St. Clair, Royal A. of Rousse Pt., NY Jackman, Mrs. Hattie of Irasburg Irasburg 3/28/1887
St. Louis, Charles E. of Greensboro Willey, Sallie S. of Greensboro Barton Dec 3 12/5/1887
Stanton, Will of Barton not named Rhode Island 3/25/1889
Staples, M. S. of Wheelock Stone, Miss Alvira E. of Canaan, NH Wheelock March 30 4/6/1885
Stephenson, Irvin Jr. of Lowell Smith, Miss Mary L. of Chatham Chatham, NY Nov 13 11/25/1889
Stetson, Byron of Berkshire Dingman, Miss Ada of Lowell W Berkshire Nov 12 12/7/1885
Stetson, D. R. Butler, Myrtie of Newport Newport Nov 30 12/5/1887
Stetson, D. R. Butler, Miss Myrtie of Newport Newport Wed 12/5/1887
Stetson, N. B. of Newport Hines, Miss Alice B. of Wheelock Greensboro Bend May 11 5/18/1885
Stevens, A. E. Ladd, Miss Nettie Island Pond July 24 7/29/1889
Stevens, Theodore of Franconia, NH Young, Miss Nettie V. of Glover Glover Mar 13 3/14/1887
Stokes, Frank E. of Concord, NH Shufelt, Miss Julia E. of Lowell, VT Craftsbury Sept 28 10/31/1887
Stratton, Elmer of Craftsbury Davison, Miss Bell of Hardwick Craftsbury Dec 25 12/31/1888
Stratton, Herbert A. of Beebe Plain Watson, Miss Ida M. of Beebe Plain Derby Jan 4 1/10/1887
Sweet, Harvey Green, Miss of Troy Newport Center 3/29/1886
Swerdfeger, H. G. Chandler, Inez Hardwick last Tues 9/12/1887
Swerdferger, Simeon A. of Hardwick McDowell, Sarah A. of Wheelock Hardwick March 26 4/1/1889
Swett, Will Badger, Ruth Newport 2/20/1888
Swett, William E. of Newport Badger, Ruth E. of Newport Newport Feb 11 2/13/1888
Taplin, Merrick M. of Irasburg (item) Rogers, Susie E. of Hon Charles Rogers Wheelock March 23 3/28/1887
Taylor, F. F. Rogers, Miss Flora of Judge Rogers Wheelock 8/12/1889
Taylor, Prof of Hardwick Clark, Miss Nettie Hardwick Wed 8/1/1887
Taylor, W. M. of Derby Chandler, Miss Flora A. of Derby Derby March 11 3/15/1886
Telfer, John P. of Glover Smead, Miss Bertha E. of S. Albany S Albany March 31 4/5/1886
Temple, Charles of Bakersfield Powers, Miss Belle M. of Lowell Westfield Nov 5 11/11/1889
Thayer, Edward L. of Chelsea, MA Russel, Rose L. of Irasburg Chelsea, MA Oct 31 11/5/1888
Thomas, Joseph of Taunton, MA Butterfield, Nettie E. of Lyndon Barton Sept 8 9/12/1887
Thompson, John of Barnston Bullock, Mrs. Mary C. of Barnston Derby Sept 24 10/1/1888
Thornton, John C. of Hardwick Hazen, Miss Nettie L. of Barton E Hardwick Dec 31 1/4/1886
Tinkham, Dr Day, Clara Brownington 10/18/1886
Tinkham, Scott E. of Brownington Leach, Marion of Derby Derby Feb 21 3/2/1885
Tisdale, Edwin E. of Barton Sargent, Miss Viola E. of Barton Barton May 19 5/21/1888
Tolman, Clarendon S. of Danville Smith, Miss Christy of Winslow, PQ E. Craftsbury Dec 3 12/7/1885
Tolman, William C. of Danville Chase, Sadie of Sutton Sutton Nov 4 11/8/1886
Tower, B. F. Batchelder, Miss Cora Coventry Sept 9 9/13/1886
Tracy, Albert of Newport Center Benoit, Miss Stella of Newport Center Newport Ctr April 29 5/4/1885
Tracy, D. S. Dr. of B. Landing Locke, Mrs. E. S. of B. Landing B. Landing 1/12/1885
Trudeau, Israel Barker, Mrs. Coventry last Sat 10/29/1888
True, Will W. Batchelder, Miss Lizzie Newport last Tues 6/27/1887
Tuck, Mr. of Georgeville, PQ West, Mrs. Dwight of Newport Newport Thur 8/2/1886
Twombly, Charles of Morgan Severens, Miss Alice of Geo Severens of Derby Derby 10/10/1887
Twombly, Fred Johnson, Miss Laura of Massawippi Lyndonville last Mon 12/19/1887
Urie, John A. of Craftsbury Young, Miss Jennie S. of Glover Glover Jan 5 1/10/1887
Urie, John P. of Glover Gilmour, Lizzie E. of Glover E. Craftsbury Dec 25 12/30/1889
Vance, George W. of Albany Newton, Miss Nettie E. of Irasburg Irasburg Dec 2 12/6/1886
Vance, Warren S. of Barton Tichurst, Miss Lilla A. of Glover W. Glover March 22 3/28/1887
Varney, Prof. M. F. of Ortonville, Minn. Washburn, Mrs. A. K. of Lyndonville Big Stone, Dak May 22 8/1/1887
Waite, Charles E. of St J. Mathewson, Nellie of A. B. Mathewson of Barton St Johnsbury June 5 6/14/1886
Wallace, Dennis of Littleton, NH Leonard, Bertha Brownington 12/12/1887
Walte, H. E. of Attleboro Falls, MA Taylor, Miss Anna M. of Morgan Morgan last Tues 11/4/1889
Warren, William (strange child death item) Gibson, Mrs. Elvira North Troy Wed 12/16/1889
Washburn, John of Craftsbury Warren, Miss Myrtie of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 25 12/31/1888
Waterman, J Waterman, Miss Gertie of West Derby West Derby 5/13/1889
Watson, Fred of Lowell Carter, Miss Mertie of Eden Albany Nov 17 11/19/1888
Way, Emerson A. of Burke Chesley, Emily G. of Lyndon Sutton Feb 8 2/15/1886
Way, William C. of W. Burke Corliss, Elva M. of Newark St J Center Dec 29 1/3/1887
Way, Willie C. of Burke Corlis, Miss Elva of Simon Corlis of Newark Lyndon Dec 29 1/3/1887
Webb, Bernice T. of Lyndon Dodgson, Miss Lillian A. of Beebe Plain Derby Sept 14 9/20/1886
Webber, James A. of Lyndon Bradley, Edna B. of Sheffield Sheffield June 18 6/20/1887
Webster, Henry Smith, Miss Jennie of Burke Barton Landing 6/22/1885
Wedge, Ben Dixon, Luvia Westfield 4/22/1889
Weed, Jack of Stannard Smith, Mrs. Cynthia Greensboro 4/11/1887
Wells, Edgar S. of Brownington Aldrich, Miss Vietta H. of Brownington Westmore May 23 6/21/1886
Wells, John T. of Coventry Baxter, Myra of Barton St Johnsbury Dec 30 1/11/1886
Wells, Joseph of Charleston Marshall, Miss Cora of Westmore Barton May 8 5/14/1888
Wemper, Moses of Madison Fisher, Flora E. of Irasburg Madison, Neb Dec 25 1/21/1889
Wentworth, Merrill J. of Troy Percy, Miss Alberta M. of Newport Newport Ctr Oct 20 10/29/1888
Westoner, Charles of Derby Smith, Sarah of Magog, PQ Derby April 9 5/2/1887
Wetherell, Henry C. of Hatley, PQ Elder, Miss Rose L. of Derby Derby Dec 12 12/19/1887
Wheatley, William H. of Hardwick Daniels, Cora of Hardwick Woodbury 1/9/1888
Wheeler, Charles L. of Craftsbury Litch, Nettie S. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 23 12/27/1886
Wheeler, Edwin of Craftsbury Randall, Miss Erminie of Craftsbury Craftsbury March 20 4/1/1889
Wheeler, Elwin M. of Peacham Thompson, Orilla A. of Corinth Peacham Oct 31 11/9/1885
Wheeler, Fred E. of Wolcott Brown, Angie D. of Wolcott Hardwick July 3 7/9/1888
Wheeler, George L. of St J. Bilton, Sarah A. of St J. St Johnsbury July 4 7/23/1888
Wheeler, Harvey E. of Magog, PQ Wheeler, Miss Alice M. of Magog, PQ Derby Feb 17 2/22/1886
Wheeler, Israel J. of Jay Hadlock, Effie of Jay Westfield Jan 1 1/11/1886
Wheeler, Warren S. of W. Burke Easterbrooks, Miss Addie J. of Barnet Glover Feb 23 2/27/1888
Whipple, Harley of Sutton Masure, Miss Della of Sutton Sutton March 30 4/8/1889
Whitcher, Charles Lumsden, Miss East Hardwick 9/20/1886
White, A. J. of Derby Harvey, Nellie dau of O. D. Harvey of Derby West Derby Nov 23 12/5/1887
White, Albert H. of Brownington Wyatt, Miss Lizzie of Derby Barton Landing Jan 13 1/18/1886
White, Charles W. of Greensboro Wylie, Miss Martha L. of Glover Glover Jan 6 1/10/1887
White, Edward L. of Hardwick Norris, Miss Cora B. of Albany Glover Aug 1 8/10/1885
Wilder, Horace of Derby Badger, Miss Hattie S. of Derby Derby Oct 8 11/4/1889
Wilder, Joseph A. of Derby Merrill, Ella R. of Stanstead Derby Dec 1 12/28/1885
Wilkins, Joseph H. of Glover Partlow, Jesse of Glover Albany Sept 19 9/28/1885
Willey, J. D. of Montpelier Porter, Miss C. M. of Greensboro Greensboro March 15 3/19/1888
Willey, J. D. of Montpelier Porter, Miss Chloe Greensboro 3/26/1888
Williams, Orlando of Newport Ctr Morse, Louise of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr 7/13/1885
Willis, Byron J. of Stockholm, NY Anderson, Miss Ellen of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 26 12/7/1885
Willis, Charles E. of Albany Dow, Miss Lottie M. of Albany Albany Jan 1 1/9/1888
Willis, N. W. of Barton Foot, Mrs. Maria of Unadilla Forks Barton at U. Forks Nov 2 11/21/1887
Wilson, Lemuel O. of Morgan Shannon, Miss Rose of Derby Derby Sept 25 10/15/1888
Wilson, Merton of Salem - Derby Church, Miss Blanche of Chas. P. Church W. Charleston Dec 26 1/2/1888
Wilson, Solomon F. of Stanstead George, Mrs. Eveline J. of Stanstead Barton Sept 27 10/1/1888
Wingate, Will Douglas, Rose Coventry Dec 24 12/26/1887
Woodard, Alvin of W. Charleston Foster, Georgia dau of L. R. Foster W. Charleston Nov 16 11/21/1887
Woodard, Anson of Cabot Bowen, Mrs. Mary of Derby Derby July 17 7/20/1885
Woodcock, Milo of Danville Bertrand, Miss Dorcelia of Troy Troy May 14 6/1/1885
Woodward, George G. of Barton Gallup, Hattie D. of Brownington Glover July 4 7/6/1885
Wright, Elwin E. of Brownington Sanderson, Lilla M. of Charleston Westmore Oct 23 11/4/1889
Wylie, John E. of Glover McLaren, Miss Nellie P. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury Jan 18 1/24/1887
Wyman, Charles W. of Fitch Bay, PQ Flanders, Mrs. Ida M. of Fitch Bay, PQ Derby Feb 7 2/20/1888
Wyzanski, Myer of Boston, MA Solomon, Miss Julia of West Burke West Burke July 10 7/15/1889
Young, Bruce Black, Miss Maggie Greensboro Nov 1 11/5/1888
Young, Thomas of Stanstead Laplant, Mrs. Lucy of Westmore Derby March 19 3/25/1889
Young, William D. of Glover Norcross, Miss Bertha L. of Albany E Albany Jan 14 1/18/1886

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