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_______ (thanks) M/M A. F. McDougall, M/M H. B. Orcutt, Mrs. F. N. Folsom & dau Barton (mother-grandmother) 3/9/1903
__lmer, Ella, Mrs., last week, dau of Mrs. Nins of W. Charleston, buried W. Charleston W. Charleston at Boston 6/6/1904
Abar, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Joseph Abar, dau Mrs. Donneville Newark at W. Burke 1/15/1900
Abbott, __, Mrs., recently, sister of Russell Rexford of Beebe Plain Magog 7/2/1900
Abbott, George W., age 64, last Wed, of S. D. Abbott, mbr Co D 4th Vt Regt (obit) South Barton 9/7/1903
Abbott, George W., age 64, Sept 2, brother of Mrs. Eliza Chapman of Irasburg South Barton 9/14/1903
Abbott, James B., age 57, June 19 Boise, Idaho 7/2/1900
Abbott, James B., born Barton Sept 23, 1842, Co D 1st VT Cal, lived in UT & Idaho (item) Barton at ___ 7/2/1900
Abbott, James N., age 72 y 6 m 6 d, Dec 6 West Glover 12/17/1900
Abbott, James N., born Glover May 31, 1828, died Dec 6, leaves wife & dau  (obit) West Glover 12/17/1900
Abbott, James, Wed., invalid 6 years West Glover 12/10/1900
Abbott, Maria Skinner, (History), died 7 years ago, w/o O. B. Abbott, of Barton Land Holt, Mich 12/24/1900
Abel, infant child, age 5 weeks, last Tues., of Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Abel Newport Center 5/19/1902
Adams, __, Mrs., funeral Thurs., w/o Orrin Adams Newport Center 1/25/1904
Adams, Cephas, Dr., Fri?, bro of Mrs. Orange Badger of Derby, buried Derby Tues  Derby at Portland, ME 4/15/1901
Adams, Clarence, funeral yesterday, invalid many years, leaves widow & son West Derby 5/14/1900
Adams, Delphia, age 60, Jan 19, w/o O. J. Adams Newport Center 2/1/1904
Adams, Fannie, Mrs., last week, sister of Mrs. J. O. Drew & Mrs. H. P. King of Glover Northfield 1/25/1904
Adams, Frank H., March 22, leaves wife & child, of consumption, died Orlando, FL Newport at FL 4/1/1901
Adams, Ira, son is Dr. George Adams of W. Derby, died Springfield, MA, buried VT (item) W. Derby at MA 12/24/1900
Adams, Laura Fish, Thurs., only son out west Derby 8/26/1901
Adams, O. J., Mrs., funeral last Thurs., M/M Richmond Adams of Richford attending Newport Center 2/1/1904
Aiken, grandson, age 3 yrs, May 1, grandson of John Aiken Irasburg 5/5/1902
Ainger, Sally, Mrs., Thurs, died at Charles Coppens, ill a long time Wheelock 1/15/1900
Ainsworth, G. P., Dr. (history) formerly of W. Charleston, now of Rooks Cty, KS W. Charleston    6/6/1904
Ainsworth, P. B., about 93, July 28, dau is Mrs. Vornarx Morgan Center 8/5/1901
Ainsworth, Seymour, born Woodbury Sept 22, 1854, April 21, married Clara Philbrook  (obit) Lyndon 4/30/1900
Albee, George, Sunday, drowned when sail boat capsized, leaves wife & 2 daus Springfield 7/29/1901
Aldrich, __, Mrs., funeral June 27, aunt of M/M Edwin Curtis of Sutton West Burke 7/6/1903
Aldrich, Lydia (Alexander), Mrs., June 25, great sufferer many years East Brownington 6/29/1903
Aldrich, May E., age 23, Feb 28, (thanks) M/M A. L. Aldrich, Myrtie Aldrich, O. E. Roundy West Burke 3/9/1903
Aldrich, May, age 23, last Sat., dau of M/M A. L. Aldrich, of tubercular peritonitis (item) West Burke 3/2/1903
Alexander, Ernest (work history) son of Harris Alexander of Evansville St. Albans 7/25/1904
Alexander, little son (thanks M/M Myron Alexander, M/M A. H. Allard, M/M L. A. Drown) Evansville 11/18/1901
Alexander, little son, Mon., of M. Alexander, of spinal meningitis, buried Brownington Barton 11/18/1901
Alexander, Mary (thanks) Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Alexander, Mrs. M. M. Heath Brownington 6/15/1903
Alexander, Mary Ella, born Nov 29, 1887, died June 1, d/o Alfred & Orpha Alexander (obit) Brownington Center 7/20/1903
Alexander, Mary, Miss, June 1, of typhoid fever Brownington Center 6/8/1903
Alexander, Myra M. (Gaskill), age 35 y 5 m 6 d, March 20 West Burke 3/25/1901
Alexander, Myra, Mrs., age 32, last Wed., leaves husband & 2 children & 4 sisters West Burke 3/25/1901
Alger, Florence, Miss, young lady, Sun., d/o George Alger  (item) Glover at Irasburg 10/3/1904
Alger, Florence, young lady, ill a long time, aunt is Mrs. Chauncey Miles (item) Irasburg 10/10/1904
Allard, __, Mrs., age 72, last Fri., w/o Jason Allard, of heart failure & pneumonia (item) West Burke 6/22/1903
Allard, __, Mrs., May 12, w/o Olin Allard, of cancer West Burke 5/21/1900
Allard, Albert, recently, bro of Mrs. Mary Tripp of Barton, leaves wife & 2 daus (item) Canada 9/14/1903
Allard, Marie, age 13, last Mon., d/o Mrs. John Harper by her 1st husband, typhoid fever Newport at Batesville 4/18/1904
Allchurch, twin dau, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Allchurch Barton at Hyde Park 8/4/1902
Allen, __, Mr., (thanks Mrs. Lola Allen, Lovell & Bernice) Craftsbury 10/21/1901
Allen, __, Mrs., funeral last Mon., w/o Ed. Allen, niece of J. C. Allen & Z. R. Leonard families Craftsbury 2/12/1900
Allen, ___, Mr., recently, hanged himself, due to poor health West Charleston 12/23/1901
Allen, Addie (thanks), Myron H. Allen, Charles H. Cole, Leah I. Cole Barton Landing 1/19/1903
Allen, Addie May (Cole), sister Mrs. Fida Moulton of Nashua, NH, buried Coventry near mother Barton Landing 1/12/1903
Allen, Addie May, Jan 3, w/o Myron H. Allen, leaves husband & 4 children, buried Coventry (item) Barton Landing 1/5/1903
Allen, Charles, funeral last Thurs., John Wheelock, Hattie Thurber & Laura Brooks attending Salem-Derby 5/14/1900
Allen, E. P., funeral Dec 25, bro-in-law of Freeman Bean of W. Glover St. Johnsbury 1/1/1900
Allen, George, recently, bro of Mrs. Willard Heerman of Coventry, died Lawrence, MA Coventry at MA 1/19/1903
Allen, Henry H., age 45, Tues., of apoplexy, leaves wife & 2 children, bro & 2 sis (item) Craftsbury 10/14/1901
Allen, Hollis, recently, buried in Coventry village cemetery West Charleston 12/2/1901
Allen, Jane (Hazelton), age 65, Fri., w/o W. H. Allen, leaves husband, 2 daus & 5 sons (obit) Greensboro 11/14/1904
Allen, little child, buried Thurs., of Mr. Allen of W. Wheelock Greensboro Bend 11/17/1902
Allen, Merle C., age 8 y 4 m 26 d, March 12, of Myron H. Allen, buried Coventry (items) Barton Land at Newport 3/16/1903
Allyn, Rachel H., Dr., age 93, July 11, born Charleston April 25, 1810 (obit) East Charleston 7/20/1903
Ames, Arthur, last Tues., of typhoid fever, formerly of Holland Newport 3/21/1904
Ames, Arthur, last Tues., typhoid fever, coachman for Dr. Bogue, buried Holland, single Newport 3/14/1904
Ames, Arthur, last week, funeral Thurs, of typhoid fever, died Newport Derby 3/14/1904
Ames, Nathan S., age 83 y 6 m, Oct 23, son is W. F. Ames, ill some months South Albany 10/28/1901
Amsden, B. B., Wed. Greensboro Bend 10/13/1902
Anderson, Eva, Mrs., age 26, Oct 19, w/o George F. Anderson, buried Craftsbury (item) Craftsbury at Greensboro 10/27/1902
Anderson, infant son, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Anderson Glover 5/19/1902
Anderson, John, age 66, last Wed (Oct 15), ill over a year, buried East Craftsbury  (item) South Albany 10/20/1902
Anderson, John, born Glover Oct 1836, died Oct 15, wife #1 Matilda Moodie South Albany 11/10/1902
Anderson, John, wife #2 Sarah Farr, leaves 2 sons & dau, buried East Hill  (obit) South Albany 11/10/1902
Anderson, Mary Urie, Mrs., Dec 19, son Eugene, invalid many years West Glover 12/31/1900
Anderson, Mary, Mrs., Dec 20, ill several years Glover 12/31/1900
Anderson, Mr. (thanks) Sarah H. Anderson, Ora H.,  Merton F. & wife, L. Maud Anderson South Albany 11/3/1902
Anderson, William, age 36, Oct 1, born Glover, died in Ct hospital  (items) S. Albany & Glover 10/8/1900
Anderson, William, age 36, Oct 1, died in New Haven, CT Glover at CT 10/15/1900
Andrews, __, Mrs., recently, mother of  Prof Andrews of Derby Maine 12/17/1900
Andrews, A. F., Mrs., last Fri., cousin of A. L. Aldrich of West Burke Gouldsville 5/13/1901
Andrus, William F., March 7, s/o Horace Andrus, died Brattleboro N. Craftsbury 3/23/1903
Angell, W. F., Mrs., age 38, June 19 Hardwick 6/27/1904
Angell, W. F., Mrs., young woman, June 19, leaves husband & little dau (item) Hardwick 6/27/1904
Annis, Myron, age 83, June 2, at Grandson's Louis Loomis in Collinsville, born Bath, NH (obit) North Craftsbury 6/9/1902
Annis, Myron, aged citizen, last Monday Craftsbury 6/9/1902
Annis, Myrtie, Mrs., age 18, Aug 27, dau/o Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Gaskill, consumption North Troy 9/2/1901
Applebee, J. T., age 73, Wed., leaves wife & daus Mrs. Julia Davis & Mrs. Cora Piper (item)  East Charleston 2/19/1900
Applebee, J. T., Mrs., age 67, last Wed., daus Mrs. Cora Piper & Mrs. Julia Davis (item) East Charleston 4/23/1900
Arnold, M. W., Mrs., age 79, April 3 West Derby 4/9/1900
Arnold, M. W., Mrs., Tues., of pneumonia West Derby 4/9/1900
Arthur, William, about 66, Wed, of pneumonia, buried E. Craftsbury East Craftsbury 2/23/1903
Arthur, William, age 68, Feb 18 Greensboro 3/9/1903
Arthur, William, age 69, born Scotland, died Wed., of pneumonia, leaves widow & bro (item) Greensboro 2/23/1903
Asburn, little child, Jan 31, of Mrs. Ethel Asburn, of diphtheria West Derby 2/8/1904
Astbury, child, Sunday, of Mrs. Ethel Astbury, of pneumonia West Derby 2/1/1904
Astley, Almer, age 27, Oct 19, murdered by Ernest Bronson, at Gline's Corner, PQ (item) Derby Line & PQ 10/28/1901
Atherton, S. Adolph, Col., recently, died in Dubuque, IA Glover at IA 4/30/1900
Atwood, __. Mrs., this week, died Lisbon, NH Glover at NH 6/20/1904
Austin, B. J., recently, of pneumonia, died at Fredonia, NY, leaves helpless wife Lowell 3/7/1904
Austin, child, recently, of Charles Austin formerly of Lowell Fredonia, NY 9/24/1900
Austin, Leon, almost 18, Tues., of late Mrs. W. H. Austin, of pneumonia Hardwick 5/12/1902
Austin, Lucy B., born Feb 20, 1810 of David Wright, died July 24, wid/o S. Boynton Cheney (obit) Lowell 8/4/1902
Austin, Lucy B., married Dec 1874 Enoch Austin of Cambridge, he died 1889 (obit) Lowell 8/4/1902
Austin, Lucy B., Mrs., age 92 y 5 m, July 24 Hyde Park 7/28/1902
Austin, S. S., about 78, week ago Sunday Greensboro 9/30/1901
Austin, W. H., Mrs., born Fletcher in 1849, Tues., of pneumonia,  Hardwick 5/12/1902
Avery, George, born 1836 Lowell, VT, Tues., killed by rr, buried Wakefield, KS  (obit) Lowell at Kansas 4/14/1902
Babbitt, Grace, age 14, Mon, d/o George Babbitt, suicide by drowning Landgrove 4/4/1904
Babbitt, Sarah Wilson, age 91, Tues,. wid/o A. C. Babbitt, dau is Mrs. Albert Worcester Greensboro at ST. J. 2/11/1901
Babcock, I. B. , age 80, last Sat., dau is Mrs. George W. Buzzell of Barton West Derby 4/8/1901
Babcock, I. B., age 80 y 3 m, April 6 West Derby 4/8/1901
Babcock, I. B., April 6, leaves wife & dau's Mrs. Buzzell & Mrs. Mudgett  (item) West Derby 4/15/1901
Bachelder, Alice, age 9, Aug 7, uncle is Bert Mack, of spinal meningitis (item) Holland 8/15/1904
Badger, Earl, age 6, March 27, youngest son of H. A. Badger, of diabetes (item) Barton Landing 4/4/1904
Badger, Orange, Sun., son is Dr. Badger of Coventry Derby 7/6/1903
Bagley, Luceba, Mrs., age 77, July 22, leaves 3 daus, 3 sisters, after long illness  (obit) East Albany 7/27/1903
Bailey, Bennie, May 21, eldest son of Mrs. Mary Bailey, acute Bright's Disease (item) West Burke 5/30/1904
Bailey, C. M., Mrs., last Thurs., after long illness East Hardwick 4/2/1900
Bailey, Chandler, funeral last Sun North Troy 4/29/1901
Bailey, Chandler, Sat?, uncle of C. M. Bailey of Newport North Troy per Newport 4/22/1901
Bailey, Dennie, Sat., oldest son of Mary Bailey, of typhoid fever, ill two days Troy 5/23/1904
Bailey, Grover, age 17, last Tues/Wed., s/o Clayton Bailey, accidently shot himself (items) Beebe Plain 2/2/1903
Bailey, Henry, funeral last Thurs, died at sis in Coaticook, PQ, buried w/wife & son West Burke 12/22/1902
Bailey, little son, 17th, son of Bert Bailey, ill for some time Morgan 5/25/1903
Bailey, S. Jane, age 73, Feb 18, wid/o Harvey Bailey, of heart disease, died Asotin, Wash. (item) East Hardwick 2/29/1904
Bailey, Sarah, Miss, age 74, March 5, bro is Rev. John Bailey, died Rogers, Ark E. Hardwick at Ark. 3/21/1904
Bailey, Sarah, Mrs., age 77, last Fri., son is Charles Bailey Newport 1/6/1902
Bailey, twin babies, funeral Dec 4, of Enoch Bailey Hardwick 12/15/1902
Bailey, William, recently West Burke 4/6/1903
Baker, Alger, recently, born Craftsbury, died Brockton, MA Craftsbury at Brockton, MA 2/26/1900
Baker, Eunice, Mrs., over 80, died some time ago, old resident West Burke 11/7/1904
Baker, Rose McNiel, Mrs., brought here Wed., buried Thurs at Newport, died Megantic Derby 3/11/1901
Balch, F. A., age 57, last Wed., born Charleston, accidently drank photographic chemical (obit) St. Johnsbury 7/15/1901
Balch, F. A., last Thurs/Wed?., sis is Mrs. Emma Page of W. Derby St. Johnsbury 7/8/1901
Balch, Susan L. Stoddard, born Burke Feb 21, 1846, w/o F. A. Balch  (obit) East Charleston 2/19/1900
Baldwin, __, Mrs., aged citizen, Sunday, mother of Mrs. George Ford Barton Landing 11/12/1900
Baldwin, E. B., Thurs., bro of Mrs. A. D. Chandler & late Porter Baldwin of Barton Sharon per Barton Land. 5/11/1903
Baldwin, Eleazar Blackman, Hon., age 85, May 7, s/o Eleazar Baldwin MD (obit) Barton at Sharon 6/1/1903
Ball, Bert, Mrs., Sat., of consumption Barton Landing 12/22/1902
Ballard, Austin, age 10 (item - run over by load of gravel - item 11/9 seems just fine now) Barton Landing 11/2/1903
Ballou, P. G., Mrs., age 68, last Fri., sis of Mrs. E. N. Randall & Mrs. Osman Dwyer (item) Marlboro, MA & Barton 9/22/1902
Bancroft, Diana, Mrs., age 67, last Wed., leaves mother Mrs. Christiana Jenkens (item) Newport Center 3/28/1904
Banister, H. G., fell through barn feed hole, crushed head, buried North Troy (item) Jay 12/12/1904
Banta, Martha, June 5, wid/o David Banta of NYC, son-in-law Elijah S. Cowles (item) Coventry 7/1/1901
Barber, Edith, age 13, July 2, eldest dau of Aldis Barber, of blood poison Sheffield 7/7/1902
Barbin, __, Mrs., age 78,  March 25, w/o Joseph Octave Barbin, ill some time Newport 4/2/1900
Barker, Julia A.,  Oct 1, born Barton June 15, 1840, w/o Rinaldo A. Barker, d/o Maj. Horace Pierce (obit) Barton at Chicago 10/6/1902
Barlow, __, Mrs., 14th, w/o Fayette Barlow, died Manchester, NH Coventry at NH 3/28/1904
Barnard, __, Mrs., yesterday, w/o Edward Barnard of Barton Barton Landing 2/29/1904
Barnard, Catherine Jones, age 86, Feb 28, wid/o Edward Barnard, born Waitsfield  (obit) Barton Landing 3/14/1904
Barnes, __, Mrs., age 64, Nov 30, w/o Darius Barnes, d/o Bethuel Stone, buried Montgomery (item) Westfield 12/7/1903
Barnes, Ann, Miss, Feb 11, bro-in-law Wm. Boynton, buried W. Derby, died Boston West Derby at MA 2/26/1900
Barnes, Julius G., age 68, Jan 24, leaves wife & sons Lewis & Carl, buried W. Derby Newport at Belmont, MA 2/2/1903
Barnes, Naomi, died Nov 30, 1903 Westfield 2/29/1904
Barnes, Neomi, Mrs., recently, leaves husband & daughter Irasburg 12/14/1903
Barney, __, Mrs., last Wed, w/o William Barney, very suddenly East Charleston 4/28/1902
Barney, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Joseph Barney, dau/o Mr. Wilcox of Westfield Woodsville, NH 4/8/1901
Barney, Clyde, May 10, rr accident near Sparwood, B. C., former resident (item) Newport 6/17/1901
Barney, Eva, Mrs., age 24, funeral Aug 12, d/o M/M Norman Cloud  (item) East Charleston 8/27/1900
Barney, Eva, Mrs., last week, funeral today Morgan Center 8/13/1900
Barnum, __, Mrs., Thurs., w/o Ernest Barnum, died in a coughing fit w/TB  (item) Brownington at Newport 5/13/1901
Barnum, Mattie, age 27, Thurs., d/o W. H. Clement, w/o Ernest Barnum  (item) Newport 5/13/1901
Barnum, Mattie, Mrs., age 27, May 9 Newport 5/13/1901
Barrett, Frank, Fri., killed by cars St. Albans 2/23/1903
Barron, L. D., age 86 y 10 m 12 d, last Tues., leaves wife, son E. W., & dau is Mrs. Wm Fort (item) West Charleston 6/13/1904
Barrows, __, Mr., (thanks Mrs. Emma Barrows, W. D., D. A. & A. M. Barrows) Barton 12/16/1901
Barrows, Hamblet, Dec 10, leaves wife & 5 children, of pneumonia (item) Irasburg 12/16/1901
Barrows, Hamlet, age 65, Tues., w/o late Jesse Barrows, of pneumonia  (obit) Barton 12/16/1901
Barrows, William L., age 66, Dec 2 Coventry 12/23/1901
Barrows, William L., funeral Dec 4  (obit) Coventry 12/9/1901
Barry, __, Mr., (thanks Mrs. E. W. Barry, E. D. Barry, Mrs. Ada Boaman & Katherine Barry) West Glover 5/21/1900
Barry, __, Mr., Tues., died suddenly while milking, fought in Civil War, wife & 3 kids West Glover 5/21/1900
Barry, Ella, Mrs., funeral last Fri., w/o Frank Barry, sis Mrs. Will Hawkins of W. Glover Sheffield 10/26/1903
Barry, Willard, old resident, last Tues., buried Irasburg cemetery W. Glover & Irasburg 5/21/1900
Bartlett, __, Mrs., age 67, week ago Sun., w/o Alvin G. Bartlett Newport at Newton, MA 12/8/1902
Bartlett, __, Mrs., last week, mom of Homer Bartlett of Craftsbury Johnson 2/8/1904
Bartlett, Alvin, last week Island Pond 10/15/1900
Bartlett, Freeman H., age 73, funeral Sat., leaves wife & 2 sons & 1 dau (obit) Newport Center 3/10/1902
Bartlett, young dau, Thurs?, of Charles Bartlett, of appendicitis at New Haven, CT Barton at CT 9/1/1902
Barton - town changes of businesses and other modernizations Barton 1/7/1901
Barton Landing - town history and buildings & business are listed Barton Landing 12/31/1900
Barton, Emily, Mrs., recently, sister of Luke Miller of Westfield CT 4/18/1904
Barton, Harold, age 1 y 3 m, Sept 22 Barton 9/29/1902
Barton, Joseph Sr., age 65,  last Tues., buried Barton, suddenly of heart trouble (item) Exeter, NH 11/18/1901
Barton, little son, age 1 y 3 m, last Mon., of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barton Barton 9/29/1902
Barton, son, age 6 mos, last Thurs., of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barton, of pneumonia Barton 4/30/1900
Bashaw, Lila E., age 10, Nov 12 Albany 12/10/1900
Bashaw, Lila, little girl, last Mon. Irasburg at Albany 11/19/1900
Bassi, M. Adelia B., 21st, d/o Joseph & Mary Barker, leaves husband, died Delaware, Wisc (item) Glover at Wisc. 6/27/1904
Batchelder, __, Mrs., age 70, last Tues., w/o Charles Batchelder, had surgery (item) Newport 6/3/1901
Batchelder, __, Mrs., May 28, w/o Charles Batchelder Newport per Barton 6/3/1901
Batchelder, 2 children, ages 2 y 5 m & 3 wks, of Amos Batchelder, buried together West Charleston 3/31/1902
Batchelder, E. H., Mrs., age 4(3), July 9 East Charleston 7/13/1903
Batchelder, E. H., Mrs., age 43, July 9, of consumption, leaves husband, 2 sons & 2 daus (item) E. Charleston & Holland 7/13/1903
Batchelder, Geneva M., about 2, May 17, youngest dau of E. H. Batchelder Charleston 5/25/1903
Batchelder, Hiram, age 87, last Tues., bro of late Mrs. C. M. Bailey, buried Danville (item) East Hardwick 1/28/1901
Batchelder, Jennie (Smith), Mrs., July 6, leaves husband & 4 children, buried Holland (item) Holland at Charleston 7/20/1903
Batchelder, Jennie Smith, last Thurs. Charleston per Holland 7/13/1903
Batchelder, son, age 3 mos, last Thurs., of M/M Edward Batchelder, whooping cough E. Charleston 1/15/1900
Bates, __, Mr., elderly man, Fri., son is Harlow Bates, buried Greensboro  (item) West Glover 7/28/1902
Bates, Allen J., age 73, July 2, leaves wife & son Bernice & 3 daus (obit) Westfield at Richford 7/18/1904
Bates, Alonzo D., Wed., of apoplexy, niece is Mrs. Frank Wheeler Derby Line 2/24/1902
Bates, Henry, last Wed., young man, died at sister's in W. Somerville, MA Newport at MA 12/9/1901
Bates, L. M., Mrs., recently, mother of Mrs. O. H. Rawson of Newport Westford 7/2/1900
Batten,  Marjory, infant, 4 mos, July 6, of Albion & Hattie Bailey Batten East Hardwick 7/16/1900
Baxter, __, Mrs., age 68 y 7 m, Nov 7, w/o Hiram Baxter Coventry 11/12/1900
Baxter, __, Mrs., age 68, last Wed., w/o Hiram Baxter, dau is Mrs. Wells  (obit) Barton at Coventry 11/12/1900
Baxter, __, Mrs., Friday, of heart disease, lived w/Mrs. George Lockhart West Derby 9/24/1900
Baxter, __, Mrs., last week, sister of Mr. George Hazen of Bath, NH Barton 11/12/1900
Beach, Martha, Mrs., age 71 y 2 m, July 2 West Glover 7/18/1904
Beach, Martha, Mrs., Friday West Glover 7/4/1904
Beach, Martha, Mrs., July 2, son is A. M. Beach West Glover 7/11/1904
Beals, L[athan], age 13, Tues., stomach injured when horse fell  (item) Greensboro at N. Walden 7/30/1900
Bean, __, Mrs., funeral last Fri., w/o Joseph Bean, sis/o Mr. Wm. Brunning of Barton North Hatley, PQ 3/3/1902
Bean, __, Mrs., July 31, w/o Joel Bean, of cancer, buried W. Burke Lawrence, MA 8/10/1903
Bean, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Heman Bean, M/M Ernest Smith of W. Burke attending Lawrence, MA 9/12/1904
Bean, __, Mrs., yesterday, w/o Freeman Bean  (2/25 buried East Cemetery)+A753 West Glover 2/18/1901
Bean, Adaline G. Howard, age 80 y 10 m, Feb 17, w/o F. F. Bean West Glover 3/4/1901
Bean, Adaline G. Howard, born Winchester, NH April 11, 1820, w/o F. F. Bean (obit) Glover 2/25/1901
Bean, Bertha May, age 27 y 11 m, March 10, d/o M/M Isaac D. Bean, of TB (item) Troy 3/16/1903
Bean, Charles, born June 16, 1830 Coventry of Daniel Bean, died Wed (full obit) Lowell, MA 10/12/1903
Bean, Charles, recently, bro of Mrs. S. G. Percival & George Bean of Coventry Coventry at Lowell, MA 10/12/1903
Bean, Charlotte, Miss, age 85, Sun., buried at Common, mentally unstable (item) North Craftsbury 6/17/1901
Bean, F. F., age 85 y 5 m, Feb 26 West Glover 3/4/1901
Bean, F. F., Feb 26, one of 12 children of Samuel & Phebe Bean  (obit) West Glover 3/11/1901
Bean, Frank, age 64, April 13, had 11 children - 10 surviving   (correction item) Westfield 4/25/1904
Bean, Frank, age 67, April 13, had 11 children, leaves widow, of blood poisoning (item) Westfield 4/18/1904
Bean, Freeman, Feb 26 West Glover 7/8/1901
Bean, infant dau, age 1 day, of Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bean Glover 1/13/1902
Bean, Orpha C. Whipple, age 76, July 17, wid/o S. G. Bean Newport 7/23/1900
Bean, Orpha Whipple, buried last Thurs., wid/o Silas G. Bean, died at _____? Coventry 7/23/1900
Beard, M. H., age 25, 18th inst., uncle W. J. Lampher, killed by tree, buried Hyde Park (item)  Craftsbury 1/28/1901
Beaumont, Harriet Leigh Riff, recently, w/o Austin Beaumond, buried Barnston Corner (item) Beebe Plain at Manchester, NH 9/3/1900
Beckwith, Silas, about 75, last Sat., fell through barn floor he was fixing (item) West Burke 9/28/1903
Beckwith, Silas, brother Alson Beckwith of Iowa here for funeral on Tues. West Burke 10/5/1903
Bedell, James, recently, died after hiding his money Lowell at Burlington 3/3/1902
Bedell, Sarah, Mrs., age 74, Thurs., mom of Mrs. T. T. Daniels, buried Lisbon, NH Hardwick 9/23/1901
Beede, Hilas, last Mon., leaves wife & three children (item 6/17 buried Center Cem) Brownington 6/10/1901
Beedle, Thomas, Thurs., of heart trouble, leaves children  (item) Newport Center 10/27/1902
Belfast, Jesse, last Sat., bro of Mrs. Joseph Paquette, died suddenly [died Boston] St. J. per Barton 4/1/1901
Belfast, John, recently, father of Mrs. Joseph Paquette of Barton, fell dead St. Johnsbury 2/24/1902
Bell, __, Mrs., Wed., w/o Theron Bell, buried Manchester, NH West Burke 11/2/1903
Bell, Charles J. (history) born Walden 1845, currently running for governor Walden 6/6/1904
Bell, infant son, Oct 7, of Mr. & Mrs. D. J. Bell Hardwick 10/13/1902
Bell, Mary, Mrs., last night, long time resident, of stomach cancer Barton Landing 10/5/1903
Bell, Mary, Mrs., Oct 4, sons James & Wm & dau Mrs. Henry Burns, buried Passumpsic (item) Barton Landing 10/19/1903
Belmont, Evelyn, little dau, July 7, of Thomas Belmont Hardwick 7/18/1904
Belval, __, Mrs., last Fri., w/o Peter Belval, killed when hay wagon ran over her neck  East Burke 7/22/1901
Bemis, Nahum , age 73, disappeared last Dec, body found in brook (item) Chester 3/30/1903
Benay, C. G., age 84, April 9, leaves wife & one dau Barton & Greensboro 4/23/1900
Benham, Catherine, Miss, last Mon., died suddenly Burlington 4/27/1903
Bennett, __, Mrs., aged resident, last Thurs., w/o Charles Bennett, long & painful illness Holland 10/6/1902
Bennett, E. O., Friday, ill several years, son is James Bennett West Charleston 9/16/1901
Bennett, E. O., funeral Sept 15 West Charleston 9/23/1901
Bennett, Genevieve, buried last Wed. West Charleston 9/3/1900
Bennett, Sarah C., Mon., burned by boiling water in bath at insane asylum (item) Waterbury 2/23/1903
Bennett, young child, Tues., of Walker Bennett Newport 11/24/1902
Benoit, Eugene, age 42, suicide at Everett, MA, worked in Boston 17 yrs (item) Newport at MA 11/24/1902
Benoit, Eugene, last Sat, body brought to Newport Center for burial Boston 11/17/1902
Benton, Charles, born 1829, died yesterday, s/o late Alexander Benton, insane?  (item) Barton 10/7/1901
Benton, William, Nov 17, nephew is C. H. Dodge, of heart failure, buried Marshfield Lowell 11/26/1900
Berard, Napoleon, Tues., killed in train crash at Lennoxville, Que.  (item - also 3/21 item) Sweetsburg, PQ 3/21/1904
Bernard, Rosalie, age 17, Dec 24 Newport 1/1/1900
Berry, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o George Berry, died at St. J. hospital Sheffield 2/29/1904
Berry, __, Mrs., last Tues., w/o Moses Berry, son Jonathan Berry, ill a long time Sutton 2/8/1904
Berry, __, Mrs., Monday, funeral Thurs. Derby 3/7/1904
Berry, __, Mrs., Sat., w/o Harvy Berry, did not hear train & was crushed at rr crossing Sutton at St. J. Ctr 1/12/1903
Berry, Harvey, Sat., did not hear train & was crushed at rr crossing (item) Sutton at St. J. Ctr 1/12/1903
Berry, little child, age 11 days, last night, of Mr. & Mrs. Berry Westmore 7/9/1900
Berry, Nancy, Mrs., last Tues., sons Franklin, Leslie, Byron, Jefferson, Marcus & Wm, dau Mrs. Ed Peavey (item) Sutton 1/14/1901
Berwick, __, Mrs., (thanks) Mr. William Berwick, Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Ferrill Barton 5/4/1903
Berwick, Ellen, recently Barton 6/1/1903
Beseau, Delina, Mrs., age 54, March 20 Newport 4/9/1900
Bickford, __, Mr., last week, of cancer of the stomach Glover 5/18/1903
Bickford, Fanny, age 4 y 6 m, Nov 12 Barton 11/16/1903
Bickford, Fanny, age 4, last Thurs., of M/M L. J. Bickford Barton 11/16/1903
Bickford, G. H., Mrs., (injured) hurt in RR accident - list of injuries Hardwick 3/28/1904
Bickford, Guy (thanks) M/M Ira Bickford, M/M Albert Williams, M/M George Bickford East Brownington 6/27/1904
Bickford, Guy, age 15, June 19   Holland 6/27/1904
Bickford, Guy, age 15, June 19, of Ira Bickford, died suddenly (items) East Brownington 6/27/1904
Bickford, Harrie, Mrs., young woman, Friday, leaves husband & 3 small kids (obit) Evansville 6/15/1903
Bickford, Lisle, age 2 y 4 m, Dec 11, son of Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Bickford Barton at Montreal 12/21/1903
Bickford, Lisle, little son, last Fri., of L. J. Bickford, buried w/sister Fanny (item) Barton at Montreal 12/14/1903
Bickford, Merle, age 5, last Mon, of Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Bickford  (item) Barton 5/21/1900
Bickford, Merle, child, today, dau of Mr. & Mrs. L. Bickford, of membranous croup Barton 5/14/1900
Bickford, Nancy Crane, age 94 y 6 m, Jan 16 Milwaukee, Wisc 2/2/1903
Bickford, Nancy Crane, recently, to be buried Glover in spring (item) Glover at Milwaukee, Wis 2/2/1903
Bickford, Owen, age 65, May 12, Mbr Co C 1st Regt IL Vol, buried S. Albany  (item) Glover 5/25/1903
Bickford, Owen, last Wed., ill several weeks, buried South Albany South Albany 5/18/1903
Bicknell, __, Mr., last week, died in Johnson, former teacher at Sheffield Johnson 5/2/1904
Biddell, Francis H., age 40, Nov 20 Newport 12/8/1902
Biddell, Francis H., age 40, Thurs., of apoplexy, born England, married Carrie Miles (obit) Newport 11/24/1902
Bigelow, Henry (thanks) Mrs. J. M. Bigelow, Miss Erla Orcutt, M/M F. A. Bigelow Barton 11/30/1903
Bigelow, Henry, age 30, last Mon, of Mrs. J. M. Bigelow, of pneumonia (item) Barton 11/30/1903
Bill, Dwight S., age 61, born & buried Albany, VT., bro Dr. Curtis Bill of Bridgeport, CT (item) Ct of Chicago, IL 8/20/1900
Billadou, infant dau, age 4 days, Feb 12, of M/M Arthur Billadou Barton 3/18/1901
Billings, Sarah, Mrs., age 70, Feb 27, buried Sutton, PQ Newport 3/7/1904
Bird, __, Mrs., last Sun. East Albany 10/7/1901
Bishop, Belle (thanks) H. W. Bishop, M/M Charles Platt, John, Albert & Eben Bishop West Glover 12/12/1904
Bishop, Belle, age 61, Nov 28, w/o Harvey Bishop, of diabetes, d/o Nathan Russell (obit) W. Glover at Craftsbury 12/12/1904
Bishop, Charles (thanks) M/M H. W. Bishop, Mrs. C. D. Platt & Bishop Brothers Craftsbury 7/4/1904
Bishop, Charles, April 17, of pneumonia Holland 4/23/1900
Bishop, Charles, June 24, of H W. Bishop, quick consumption, buried Stratford, NH Craftsbury 6/27/1904
Bishop, Charles, last week, dau Mrs. John Searles of Derby Holland 4/23/1900
Bishop, Eugene, funeral Friday, bro is Harley Bishop of Sutton Burke Hollow 9/8/1902
Bishop, H. W., Mrs., age 61, Nov 28, buried Stratford, NH next to son Charles (obit) Craftsbury 12/5/1904
Bishop, Helen S., high school girl, June 15, of Rev. E. A. Bishop, murdered in Delaware (item) Montpelier 6/29/1903
Bishop, John, Thurs., bro of Mrs. Harry Burgess, train ran over him, buried Dixville, PQ (item) Newport 9/7/1903
Bixby, __, Mrs., March 25, wid/o Rev. Moses Bixby Providence, RI 4/1/1901
Bixby, Moses, Rev., March 20, bro of Mrs. John Parlin of W. Charleston (item) Providence, RI 4/1/1901
Bixby, Solomon, recently, bro of Mrs. John Parlin of W. Charleston Lakeport, NH 3/25/1901
Black, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Dr. Madison Black, sis-in-law of H. F. Black of Coventry Hartford, CT 4/14/1902
Blackburn, Florence, (history) of Liverpool, England, goes to visit father & family Barton Landing 10/5/1903
Blair, Alexander, recently, died at Stanstead Junction Beebe Plain 8/4/1902
Blair, Lillian Laplant, Sat., w/o Capt. Howard K. Blair, d/o John Laplant  (item)(item 6/10) West Derby 6/3/1901
Blaisdell, __, Mrs., old resident, brought from Plainfield and buried last Sat Barton Landing 8/3/1903
Blaisdell, Edward, last Mon., killed in train incident, he of Portland  (item) Gorham per I. Pond 3/18/1901
Blake, __, Mr., funeral Mon, Mrs. Lacina Pearl & Mrs. A. Clark Harvey of St. J. attending E. Hardwick 11/19/1900
Blake, __, Mrs., Tues, w/o Newman Blake Derby 1/8/1900
Blake, Arvilla, last Thurs., wid/o M. F. Blake, buried Sutton, died Lawrence, NH S. Barton at NH 5/5/1902
Blake, daughter, Sunday, d/o Freeman Blake, of pneumonia West Derby 2/23/1903
Blake, E. D., funeral last Thurs., bro-in-law of Eva Geer of Barton Newport 3/18/1901
Blake, Ed., Sunday, of typhoid fever West Derby 3/11/1901
Blake, Edward G., funeral Wed, leaves widow & 4 young children West Derby 3/18/1901
Blake, Grace, yesterday, only dau of Truman Blake, of diphtheria, buried Pine Grove West Derby 5/28/1900
Blake, Henry, age 83 y 9 m, Nov 9, dropped dead from heart failure  (obit) Hardwick 11/19/1900
Blake, Israel, last week Derby 2/29/1904
Blake, J. L., Mrs., Oct 22, ill several years, died Manchester, NH, former resident E. Charleston 10/31/1904
Blake, James L., about 75, Feb 29, ill several years  (item) Morgan Center 3/12/1900
Blake, Orra, Fri., leaves widow, dau, parents, 2 bro & 2 sisters, buried Pine Grove (item) West Derby 12/30/1901
Blake, Rosanna, Mrs., age 86 y 6 m, last Friday, of tonsillitis  (items) Greensboro & Hardwick 10/12/1903
Blake, True, born Sutton July 4, 1813, married 1851 Mary Hayes & Emily Bean Blake Normal, IL per Sutton 9/22/1902
Blake, True, leaves wife #3 Emma , sons Charles E. & Walter T, dau Mrs. Charlotte Myers  (obit) Normal, IL per Sutton 9/22/1902
Blanchard, __, Mrs., April 5, w/o Timothy Blanchard, of pneumonia Lowell 4/14/1902
Blanchard, __, Mrs., March 28, w/o Wallace Blanchard, of consumption Troy 4/7/1902
Blanchard, __, Mrs., Thurs., of cancer Derby 6/27/1904
Blanchard, D. W., Mrs., Sunday, ill two weeks Newport 6/29/1903
Blanchard, Daniel, age 63, April 10 Barton 4/13/1903
Blanchard, Daniel, age 63, last Fri., of heart failure, buried Peacham  (item) Barton 4/13/1903
Blanchard, Mary Jane, Mrs., funeral last Tues., bro is Benj W. Thrasher of Saxtons River Coventry at Newport 7/6/1903
Blay, Gertie, age 10 mos, April 3, of Joe & Nora Blay Westmore 4/7/1902
Blay, Moses, last Monday, of Peter Blay, drowned in river while bathing Derby 7/18/1904
Bliss, Albert, Monday, suicide by drowning Marshfield 8/3/1903
Blodgett, Freelove, Mrs., Thurs., leaves two daughters, ill a long time Glover 9/15/1902
Blood, Melville G., Nov 21, bro/o C. E. Blood of E. Charleston Lowell, MA 11/30/1903
Blount, F. C., Mrs., age 47 y 9 m, May 13 Newport 5/21/1900
Blount, F. O., Mrs., May 13 Newport 6/4/1900
Bodwell, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Wellington Bodwell, son is Austin Bodwell, buried at Griffin Beebe Plain 2/5/1900
Bogue, Delia, Mrs., last Wed., from a shock, funeral held at Eden Lowell & Eden 12/24/1900
Bogue, Willard, last Thurs. Glover 4/29/1901
Bolton, Arlene, age 9, Wed, of Dr. & Mrs. G. W. Bolton, subject to spasms  (item) West Burke 5/27/1901
Bomhour, John, July 21, accidently killed in paint mixer  (item) Bellows Falls 8/3/1903
Bonneau, George, recently, buried Monday at Island Pond, drowned I. Pond at N. Stratford 4/27/1903
Boomhower, Alonzo, recently, s/o Mrs. G. V. Frasier, drowned on Joe's Pond Barton at Danville 10/26/1903
Booth, Mary E. Cutting, age 72, March 28, wid/o Erastus Booth, leaves 2 daus (obit) Troy 4/7/1902
Booth, Mary, Mrs., Thurs., ill 2 weeks Troy 3/31/1902
Boothe, __, Mrs., last Wed, w/o William Boothe, leaves husband, son & 3 daus West Burke 11/24/1902
Borland, John, age 72 y 8 m, June 16, of heart failure Glover 6/30/1902
Borland, John, born Feb 16, 1830 Strathaven, Scot., died June 16, wife Philena Recard (obit) Glover 6/23/1902
Borland, John, married #2 Harriet B. Mason in 1873, she widow of Capt. Dan Mason Glover 6/23/1902
Borland, Philena V. Recard, died 1869, married June 1861, wife of John Borland Glover 6/23/1902
Bostock, __, Mr., Sept 8, just sold business, found shot to death, prob murder (item) Wells River per Barton 6/24/1901
Bosworth, A. W., Mrs., last Wed Island Pond 12/9/1901
Boudva, __ Mr., Dec 25, fell out of sleigh and run over by train while drunk (item) Richford of Montgomery 1/4/1904
Bowen, __, Mrs., aged lady, last week, ill a few days  (item 7-6) East Albany 6/29/1903
Bowen, Alison, old resident, last Thurs., dau Mrs. Edith Dwire West Charleston 5/23/1904
Bowen, little child, last week, of Mr. Bowen, from the measles West Charleston 5/13/1901
Bowker, Archie, age 27, last Wed., killed in train accident  (items) (of Mansonville) Derby per Barton 10/8/1900
Bowles, Charles Parker, April 12, sis Mrs. D. M. Camp, buried Coventry Newport 4/21/1902
Bowles, George Park, , sis is Mrs. Samuel Burbank & Mrs. Camp, buried Coventry Coventry at Newport 4/14/1902
Bowles, Parker, remains from Newport last Mon, sis is Mrs. Samuel Burbank (item) Coventry 4/21/1902
Bowley, Abner G., age 69, Dec 26 Newport 1/1/1900
Bowley, Eliza, Jan 6, w/o Z. P. Bowley, niece of Henry Bowley Newport Center 1/11/1904
Bowley, little dau., age 7 mos, last Fri., of M/M Charles Bowley, smothered? Barton 11/4/1901
Bowman, Autentia C., age 69, last Thurs., w/o Baxter Bowman, died at Waterbury Newport Center  1/11/1904
Bowman, N. P., Mrs., funeral last week, M/M E. A. Bemis of Island Pond attending St. Johnsbury 6/20/1904
Bowman, Walter (reunion) photo taken, names listed of 22 present Burke    11/28/1904
Boyle, __, Mr., last Tues., ill many years West Derby 1/20/1902
Boyle, James, last Mon., suicide by cutting his throat, buried West Derby (item) Derby 3/5/1900
Boynton, __, Mrs., last Tues., wid/o Ira Boynton Coventry 5/21/1900
Bradley, A. M., Mr., last week, father of Mrs. C. C. Davis, at Springfield, MA MA per Newport 3/4/1901
Bradley, Henry, funeral Mon West Derby 10/22/1900
Bradley, Henry, old resident, Sat., leaves wife, & son & dau & step children (item) West Derby 10/15/1900
Brady, __, Mrs., age 52 y 2 m 7 d, Dec 6, w/o Charles N. Brady, of Bright's disease (item) Newport 12/14/1903
Brady, Peter E., age 26, Jan 17 Newport 1/22/1900
Brahana, __, Mr., age 78, buried Monday, son T. Brahana, dau Mrs. T. C. Fisher Lowell 11/14/1904
Brahana, __, Mr., funeral today, son D. A. Brahana Lowell 11/7/1904
Brahana, John, age 78, Nov 5, born Ireland, leaves wife, 4 sons & 2 daus (obit) Lowell 11/28/1904
Brainard, Julia E, buried April 2, wid/o Leroy Brainard, d/o J. H. Wolcott  (item) E Charleston at Lowell, MA 4/11/1904
Brainard, S. L., Mrs., last week, bro is W. H. Calkins of West Charleston Burke 2/1/1904
Brainard, Sophia, age 86, Jan 26, son Loren Brainard, dau Mrs. Albert Stoddard, buried E. Charleston (item) Sutton 2/1/1904
Brainard, Sophronia, Mrs., buried Thursday at village cemetery in E. Charleston Burke 2/1/1904
Braley, __, Mr., Feb 17, bro-in-law of Mr. Streeter of Derby Derby of Danby, NH 2/25/1901
Brayton, Janet Barclay, Mrs., last week, former resident, died Colorado Springs East Craftsbury 9/7/1903
Brayton, Janet Barclay, Mrs., Sept 1, thrown from carriage, in Colorado Springs (item) East Craftsbury 9/14/1903
Bresson, E., Mrs., about 40, Thurs., of consumption Salem-Derby 11/17/1902
Brewster, Homer E., about 45, Wed., of consumption  (item) Coventry 11/23/1903
Brewster, Homer E., last Wed., of consumption, leaves wife  (item) Coventry 11/16/1903
Brewster, M., Sept 21, buried Irasburg (item 9/23 injured severely) Brownington 9/30/1901
Brewster, Myron, Sept 22, bro of G. B. Brewster, buried Irasburg Brownington 9/30/1901
Bridgman, __, Mrs., age 77, last week, w/o George W. Bridgman Barton at Norwich 3/12/1900
Bridgman, Caroline Frances Dane, age 77, March 8, wid/o George W. Bridgman Norwich 3/12/1900
Briggs, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Henry Briggs, son is Fred, after lingering illness Newport Center 6/15/1903
Briggs, H. N., Mrs., June 10, leaves husband, 2 sons & dau, brother & sister (item) Newport Center 6/22/1903
Briggs, Henry, young son, Thurs., of Charles Briggs Newport 9/9/1901
Briggs, Luella, last Tues., w/o Fred Briggs, ill only a few days  (item) Newport Center 9/5/1904
Brigham, Charles, age 86, Jan 13, Boston post office clerk for 50 years Newport at Boston 1/22/1900
Brigham, Jane, age 93 y 5 m 11 d, July 11, nephew is A. Frank Harding (item) Lowell 7/15/1901
Broadbent, __, Mr., recently, sis is Mrs. Oliver A. Dwyer of Brownington Ctr (item) England 3/17/1902
Broadbent, __, Mrs., last Thurs., mother of Mrs. Oliver Dwyer, died Lawrence, MA MA per Brownington 9/3/1900
Broggi, Henry, Nov 3, accidently killed while hunting, leaves wife & 3 children (item) Northfield 11/11/1901
Bronson, Louisa D., funeral Thurs., M/M Wm Simpson of Greensboro attending Hardwick 8/18/1902
Brooks, __, Mrs., age 74, Sept 9, w/o Joseph Brooks, mom of Saril Brooks, died suddenly (item) Barton 9/15/1902
Brooks, Charles, last Friday, of pneumonia, leaves wife Coventry 12/14/1903
Brooks, Myrtie, age 3 y 6 m, last Sat., of M/M C. J. Brooks, of diphtheria  (item) Coventry 10/31/1904
Brown (reunion) sis' Mrs. Julia Powers, Mrs. A. W. Wilson, Mrs. A. D. Gilson, Mrs. O. G. Chaplin, Mrs. Chas Weeks East Burke 9/23/1901
Brown, __, Mr., recently, father of George Brown of West Charleston Way's Mills, PQ 1/21/1901
Brown, __, Mrs., age 82, Jan 7, w/o John Brown North Craftsbury 1/11/1904
Brown, __, Mrs., aged lady, last Wed., mother of James Brown  (item) W. Derby of _ay's Mills, PQ 12/2/1901
Brown, __, Mrs., funeral Sunday, w/o Sylvester Brown Newport Ctr 1/12/1903
Brown, Albert, funeral last Tues., uncle of George & Will Tillotson of Craftsbury Wolcott 9/1/1902
Brown, Allan D., Rev., April 3, Brights disease, died Waynesville, NC, buried Brattleboro  (item) Norwich 4/11/1904
Brown, Allen A., age 57, June 6 Lowell, MA 6/17/1901
Brown, Allen A., June 6, of John Brown, cerebral hemorrhage, wife Nettie Stoddard (obit) Westmore at MA 6/17/1901
Brown, George, last Fri., drowned while working logs on river, leaves wife (item) Troy at Westfield 5/21/1900
Brown, infant dau, Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Brown, hemorrhage of the lungs Newport 2/11/1901
Brown, infant son, of Ambrose & Lottie (Saunders) Brown, died MA, buried Albany Albany of Ayer, MA 4/8/1901
Brown, Jennie, Dec 26, w/o Arthur Brown, d/o Ida Clark Woodard, buried Westfield, MA (obit) Glover at Ohio 1/18/1904
Brown, Lee, born Holland April 29, 1879, Mon., of George Brown, leaves wife & parents (obit) Newport & Derby 3/28/1904
Brown, Lee, young man, last week, s/o Mr. & Mrs. George Brown West Charleston at Newport 3/28/1904
Brown, Lucy, Miss, Sat. West Derby 8/25/1902
Brown, Monroe, last Sun., died suddenly Greensboro Bend 1/13/1902
Brownlee, Claude, age 81, March 23, born Scotland, leaves wife, of pneumonia  (item) E. Craftsbury & Greensboro 3/31/1902
Bruce, Jonas, Sept 4, ill many months, buried Wheelock Sheffield 9/12/1904
Bruce, Mary., age 3, funeral last Wed., d/o Almond Bruce, fell into pail of hot water Craftsbury at Wolcott 9/14/1903
Brush, __, Mrs., last Mon., w/o Emerson Brush, of pneumonia East Hardwick 2/18/1901
Bryant, Edwin E., Gen., born Milton, VT Jan 1835, died Aug 11, on train to Wisc (item) Toronto of Wisc. 8/17/1903
Bryant, Henry W., Thurs, leaves wife & 2 sons, ill a week Caswell's Mills 3/2/1903
Bryant, Sarah, age 54, Feb 18 Waterbury 3/9/1903
Bryant, Sarah, Miss, funeral Fri, sis Mrs. Albert Webster, died Waterbury Coventry  2/23/1903
Buchanan, __, Mrs., funeral last Sat., only sis of Mrs. J. A. Crosier, died Ryegate Glover 10/10/1904
Buchanan, Daniel, died Sept 1, 1892 per wife Maria's obit Barton Landing 2/15/1904
Buchanan, F. A., Mrs., age 34, Aug 13, leaves husband & 2 daus  (item) Irasburg 8/20/1900
Buchanan, F. A., Mrs., funeral last Wed., Joseph, Ellery & Pliny Webster attending Irasburg 8/20/1900
Buchanan, Maria, born Derby Oct 13, 1820, died last Mon., w/o Daniel Buchanan (obit) Barton Landing 2/15/1904
Buchanan, William, Dr., funeral last Wed, bro of R. T. Buchanan & Mrs. Geo Urie W. Glover at Cambridge 6/2/1902
Buchanan, William, Dr., recently, leaves wife & little son, buried Cambridge (obit) Cambridge per Albany 6/23/1902
Buck, __, Mrs., murdered Wed. by husband while drunk, w/o James Buck (long item) Hardwick 12/9/1901
Buck, Avis Arlene, age 5 m 17 d, May 13, of John & Lizzie Buck, of whooping cough (item) East Charleston 5/21/1900
Buck, Harold, about 20, last Wed., of consumption, buried Melrose, MA MA at Barton 11/4/1901
Buckley, William, young man, April 25, of lung trouble Wheelock 4/28/1902
Buckwell, infant son, July 31, of J. W. & Grace (Boden) Buckwell, at Duarte, CA Newport at CA 8/15/1904
Buell, Sarah, Mrs., last Mon, of typhoid fever West Burke 5/28/1900
Bugbee, Adna, Mrs., Nov 4, ill several weeks West Burke 11/7/1904
Bullard, Clarence, remains brought here last Wed. Brownington Center 3/28/1904
Bullard, Gates B., Dr., born Feb 1, 1829 Plainfield, NH, died Sept 4  (item) St. Johnsbury 9/9/1901
Bullard, J. U., Mrs., Sept 19, leaves husband and dau, of a lingering illness Troy 9/29/1902
Bullis, Hattie, age 18, May 23, w/o Will Bullis, d/o Rodney Foster, of consumption Westfield 6/3/1901
Bullock, __, Mrs., June 19, w/o George Bullock, dau of Mrs. John Walker Morgan per Holland 6/24/1901
Bullock, __, Mrs., w/o George Bullock, body to W. Charleston for burial last Fri. Morgan   6/24/1901
Bullock, child, buried Tues., only child of Mr. & Mrs. Jonas Bullock Derby 2/2/1903
Bullock, James, Sunday, died in his sleep, bro George Bullock Morgan 11/7/1904
Bullock, Martha P., March 22, of M/M W. B. Bullock, of scarlet fever  (item) Newport at Springfield 3/31/1902
Bumps, N. M., Mrs., Aug 1, son Dana Bumps, dau Mrs. H. W. Turner (items) Craftsbury & W. Burke 8/6/1900
Bundy, __, Mrs., funeral Sept 23, wife of Charles Bundy West Burke at Sutton 9/29/1902
Bundy, __, Mrs., last week, mother of Mrs. Fred Lindsay of West Burke Peacham 2/5/1900
Burbank, Gertie S., Mrs., Jan 24 East Hardwick 2/3/1902
Burbank, Stephen, last Wed, from accident injuries   (see item 8/22) Barton Landing 8/29/1904
Burbic, __, Mrs., last Tues., dau is Mrs. Fred Goodall Holland 10/26/1903
Burdick, C. J., age 37, last Mon., of apoplexy at Knowlton, PQ sanitarium, buried Hardwick (item) Newport 7/11/1904
Burdick, Cassius, funeral last Thurs., cousins M/M E. S. Miller of Westfield West Derby 7/11/1904
Burke, __, Mrs., July 9, w/o Forest Burke, suicide by hanging, had been ill Randolph 7/20/1903
Burneau, infant child, Jan 6, of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burneau Newport 1/18/1904
Burnell, Frank, Thurs., leaves wife & daughter North Craftsbury 8/17/1903
Burnham, Gideon, June 1, suicide by shooting, leaves wife & 4 small children (item) Woodbury per Hardwick 6/13/1904
Burnham, Wilmer, about 34, Dec 21, crushed in cavern of frozen manure when it fell Hardwick at Woodbury 12/26/1904
Burns, E. D., funeral last Fri., son is Albert Burns of Newport Burke per Barton 9/23/1901
Burns, E. D., Sept 18, leaves wife, 5 sons & 3 daus, station agent  (item) West Burke 9/23/1901
Burpee, B. C., Mrs., age 76, Sept 8, died at Keene, NH, buried Greensboro Greensboro at NH 9/19/1904
Burroughs, __, Mrs., funeral last Thurs., w/o Ralph Burroughs Coventry per Morgan 8/22/1904
Burroughs, L. H., Mrs., March 27, of cancer, leaves husband & son & father (item) Morgan 3/31/1902
Burrows, Stephen, (thanks) Mrs. Stephen Burrows, Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Burrows Brownington Center 5/23/1904
Burrows, Stephen, age 66 y 9 m 6 d, May 16 Brownington Center 5/23/1904
Burrows, Stephen, born Coventry Aug 10, 1837, died last Mon., of Moody Burrows (obit) Brownington Center 5/23/1904
Burt, Louisa, Mrs., age 71, last Thurs., stomach cancer, leaves son Nelson (item) West Burke & Newark 2/12/1900
Burt, Russell, age 88, 23rd, dau Mrs. Clarence Gibb West Derby 11/28/1904
Burwick, Nancy Ellen, born Sept 1, 1847, last Sat., w/o Wm Burwick, d/o Willard Bonett (obit) Barton 4/27/1903
Bushnell, Edward, recently, died in NY, buried Derby Line Derby Line at NY 6/17/1901
Buskey, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Joseph Buskey, d/o Mrs. B. Butler of Quebec  (item) Westmore 2/8/1904
Buskey, __, Mrs., leaves husband Joseph, dau's Mrs. Henry Buskey & Mrs. Mary Butler & son Henry Westmore 2/8/1904
Buskey, infant son, last Wed., of A. Buskey, buried Newport Jay 3/19/1900
Buskey, little dau, funeral last Wed., of Henry Buskey Westmore 5/14/1900
Buswell, __, Mrs., Oct 7, w/o John Buswell, great sufferer for months Sutton 10/15/1900
Buswell, Mary Lyman, age 82 y 4 m 20 d, March 29, wid/ Asahel Buswell, buried Barton (obit) West Glover 4/6/1903
Butler, __, Mr., recently, father of Rev. G. S. Butler, buried North Troy Attleboro, MA 3/30/1903
Butler, Ezra C., March 9 (March 8?), leaves wife & son, ill a long time Albany 3/17/1902
Butler, John P., age 93, Nov 30, sons Jay & Stewart, buried Irasburg  (item) Albany 12/8/1902
Butler, S., recently, died at dau's Mrs. L. Percy in Marlboro, buried Jay Albany 3/30/1903
Butler, Stewart, last week, at Lyndonville, formerly of Albany Albany 5/30/1904
Buxwell, Mary Lyman, age 82 y 4 m 20 d, March 29 Barton 4/13/1903
Buzzell, [Lucelia], Mrs., age 52, April 7, w/o George Buzzell Barton 4/13/1903
Buzzell, __, Mrs., (thanks) G. W. Buzzell & Mrs. Lena M. Owen Barton 4/13/1903
Buzzell, __, Mrs., age 52, last Tues., w/o Geo Buzzell, of cerebral hemorrhage (obit) Barton 4/13/1903
Buzzell, J. W., Rev., old resident, Aug 23, of stomach cancer  (item) Troy 8/31/1903
Cabana, Leon M., Dec 8, of pneumonia, former resident of Island Pond Buffalo, NY 12/16/1901
Cadella, baby boy, age 7 mos, April 22, of Mr. & Mrs. V. C. Cadella, of pneumonia Hardwick 4/30/1900
Cady, Frank, age 28, buried April 22, of typhoid fever, leaves widow & little child Sutton 5/2/1904
Cahill, Frank, aged resident, May 21, died suddenly at Mackville Hardwick 5/30/1904
Calderwood, __, Mr., (thanks M/M Wm Calderwood, M/M Dana Childs & Sadie Calderwood) South Albany 12/16/1901
Calderwood, David, last Mon., buried St. Johnsbury, died Lakeport, NH, of the grip Greensboro 4/9/1900
Calderwood, Eddie, age 29, Dec 2 Craftsbury 12/23/1901
Calderwood, Eddie, Dec 2, sister is Mrs. Childs of Brockton, MA East Craftsbury 12/9/1901
Calderwood, John B., Tues., bro of Alex Calderwood of Craftsbury not listed 4/16/1900
Calderwood, John, recently, died at Nashua, NH, born W. Glover West Glover 4/23/1900
Calderwood, Laura, Miss, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Robert Calderwood, of shock E. Craftsbury at Nashua, NH 4/21/1902
Calderwood, Vida, May 4, youngest dau/o David Calderwood, long & painful illness East Craftsbury 5/12/1902
Calderwood, Vida, Miss, age nearly 29, May 4 West Glover 5/12/1902
Calderwood, Vida, Miss, last night West Glover 5/5/1902
Caldwell, C. A., last Mon., found dead in his bed, had been ill Rock Island 5/13/1901
Callehan, James, last week, Mrs. Julia Allbee of W. Charleston attending Bethlehem, NH 10/22/1900
Cameron, David, born July 12, 1822 Ayrshire, Scot., died June 19, to USA 1842 (obit) Glover 6/23/1902
Cameron, David, leaves bro Matthew Nesbit, bro John Borland just passing 3 days ago Glover 6/23/1902
Camp, H. W., funeral last Wed. North Wolcott 3/10/1902
Campbell, __, Mrs., last Sun., w/o Seth Campbell Derby 12/28/1903
Campbell, Abram, funeral last Sat., uncle of G. E. Campbell of Newport Center Beebe Plain 8/6/1900
Campbell, Bessie, Miss, about 20, Aug 28, d/o Gabriel Campbell, drowned in Lake Morey Fairlee of NH 9/2/1901
Campbell, Everett, age 5, funeral Nov 20, s/o John Campbell, burned to death (item) West Swanton 11/30/1903
Campbell, Forrest, age 9, last Sat., of Mrs. John Campbell, buried Ryegate  (item) Barton 10/3/1904
Campbell, J. C., Dr., last Thurs., remains arrived Fri., buried Albany, bro of Mrs. Porter Bailey of Barton Attleboro, MA 3/28/1904
Campbell, J. C., Dr., March 24, of pleuro-pneumonia, died Attleboro, MA  (full obit) Albany at MA 4/4/1904
Campbell, John A., age 56, last Mon., born Scotland, married twice, buried S. Ryegate (obit) Glover at Sheffield 7/6/1903
Campbell, John A., last week, dau is Miss Nettie Campbell Sheffield 7/6/1903
Campbell, Lodoska, Mrs., age 70, March 31, wid/o Alonzo Campbell Lowell 4/14/1902
Campbell, Sarah (Moulton), born Stanstead Oct 6, 1827, w/o John Campbell, 6 children  (obit) Brownington Center 5/14/1900
Campbell, Sarah Moulton, age 62 y 6 m 13 d, April 19, wid/o John Campbell Brownington 5/14/1900
Campbell, Sarah, Mrs., last Thurs. Brownington Center 4/23/1900
Campbell, Thirzah Hunt, age 72 y 9 m 26 d, Dec 8, w/o S. P. Campbell Greensboro 12/17/1900
Campbell, Wilbur J., age 32, Sat., leaves son & dau, aunt is Mr. P. B. Bailey of Barton (item) Albany at Barton 5/12/1902
Canning, Ralph, age 8, July 4, court case re: manslaughter by two school boys Brownington 7/27/1903
Canning, Ralph, age 8, July 4, of Thomas Canning, inflammation of the bowels, buried Charleston Brownington 7/13/1903
Caples, James, old resident, Sat, sister is Mrs. Anna Elsie Irasburg 12/2/1901
Caples, T. Bert, about 39, last Thurs., leaves wife, of lung hemorrhage  (item) Irasburg 10/20/1902
Capron, __, Mrs., Wed., w/o Dexter Capron, thrown from wagon  (item) Pomfret 6/10/1901
Carby, Dr., recently, sister is Mrs. M. M. Kelsey of Derby Derby? 2/5/1900
Carby, Thomas, last week, sister is Mrs. N. R. Richardson of West Burke Lancaster, NH 2/26/1900
Carey, Marvin G., age 76, inflammation of the bowels, leaves widow & 3 kids (item) Westfield at Brattleboro 8/5/1901
Cargill, Charles, last Sat., dau is Mrs. Edward Winchester, of cancer of the face Stannard of Greensboro Bend 1/14/1901
Cargill, infant child, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. W. Cargill East Hardwick 4/2/1900
Carney, Eddie, young son, buried last week, of Mrs. John Carney, of consumption Derby 10/27/1902
Carpenter, __, Mrs., Friday, w/o Ira Carpenter, buried East Burke West Burke 7/13/1903
Carpenter, __, Mrs., funeral Sunday Newport 10/10/1904
Carpenter, __, Mrs., July 10, w/o Ira Carpenter, 2 sons attending West Burke 7/20/1903
Carpenter, __, Mrs., June 22, wid/o Wm Carpenter, leaves son & dau, bro Geo Gary (item) Barton at Burlington 7/2/1900
Carpenter, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Theodore Carpenter, d/o D. Hiram & Sarah Fox (obit) Brownington Ctr & Westmore 1/13/1902
Carpenter, A. B., Dec 3 Irasburg 12/7/1903
Carpenter, A. B., Thurs., after operation for hernia Irasburg 12/7/1903
Carpenter, Addison, Thurs., leaves wife, 4 sons & 2 daus, had rheumatism for years (item) Irasburg 12/7/1903
Carpenter, Adeline (Brown), Mrs., Fri., of apoplexy, son is W. M. Brown of Barton Land Troy 10/3/1904
Carpenter, Bertha Wells, April 5, w/o Carl Carpenter, leaves baby 4 days old Irasburg 4/11/1904
Carpenter, Bertha Wells, eldest dau of Samuel Wells  (item) Irasburg 5/2/1904
Carpenter, Cora A. Fox, age 39 y 3 m 19 d, Jan 8, w/o Theodore Carpenter Brownington Center 1/20/1902
Carpenter, Hiram H., age 87, June 1, after long illness Troy 6/9/1902
Carpenter, Lydia, Mrs., age 79, last Wed., wid/o Dr. W. W. Carpenter, of heart trouble (item) West Burke 10/19/1903
Carr, Lucy (Goddard), Mrs., Feb 17, formerly of town died in NY Caswell's Mills 3/2/1903
Carr, Lucy, Mrs., Feb 17, sis of Winchester, Charles & Thomas Goddard, died Dickinson, NY Holland at NY 3/23/1903
Carrick, Ruth, Mrs., Aug 24 West Burke 9/1/1902
Carroll, Mamie, recently, d/o John Carroll of Coventry  (item 12-23 is still alive) Coventry at Manchester, NH 12/16/1901
Carroll, Thomas, March 23 Island Pond 3/30/1903
Carter, __, Dr., funeral last Friday Lyndon per Barton 4/25/1904
Carter, __, Mrs., age 93, Dec 29, son is Cyrus Carter, buried Derby Holland 1/4/1904
Carter, E. G., Dec 5, leaves wife & son H. E. Carter, of brain softening  (item) Albany 12/9/1901
Carter, Edward G., age 76, Dec 5 Albany 12/23/1901
Carter, Joseph, recently, former resident E. Charleston at NYC 1/11/1904
Casavant, Charles A., age 42, Wed., wife died in Feb, leaves 3 daus, suicide (item) Richford 6/10/1901
Case, Worcester, funeral last Fri., uncle of Mrs. H. J. Stannard of Barton Coventry 10/22/1900
Case, Worcester, last Wed., born Coventry Dec 25, 1825 of Rev. Lyman Case  (obit) Coventry 10/22/1900
Cass, __, Mrs., age 69 y 10 m 27 d, July 9, w/o Geo Cass, died Woodsville Barton at NH 7/13/1903
Cass, Elvira, age 70, last Thurs., wid/o Geo Cass, heart disease, died Woodsville (item) Barton 7/13/1903
Cass, J. M., funeral last Sun Lyndon 8/1/1904
Cass, Lewis, June 12 Craftsbury 6/20/1904
Caswell, G. R., last Thurs  (item) Holland 2/18/1901
Causebrook, Evelyn, Mrs., age 47, last Wed., great sufferer Island Pond 8/26/1901
Centon, Almira, Mrs., buried last Monday Westmore 2/18/1901
Chabot, Almont, little boy, last Thurs., of diphtheria West Burke 2/8/1904
Chadbourne, __, Mr., last week, bro-in-law of Mrs. John Lorimer Newport at St. J 8/10/1903
Chadburn, Edward Flint, age 2 m 2 d, Aug 17, of M/M Walter G. Chadburn Irasburg 8/22/1904
Chadburn, infant son, Aug 17, of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Chadburn Irasburg 8/22/1904
Chadburn, little son, age 2 mos, funeral Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Chadburn Barton 8/22/1904
Chaffee, __, Mrs., age 96, recently, w/o William Chaffee, leaves husband age 98 (item) Lowell at Eden 7/4/1904
Chaffee, __, Mrs., last Sat., ill a long time Irasburg 4/8/1901
Chaffee, C., Mrs., about 40, last week, died at dau's Mrs. George Bell, great sufferer Albany at Greensboro 7/11/1904
Chaffee, Capitola, Mrs., June 29, son Reubin & dau Mrs. George Bell, buried Wolcott (item) Greensboro 7/11/1904
Chaffee, F. C., Mrs., Thurs., dau is Mrs. George Bell, died suddenly of throat trouble West Glover 7/4/1904
Chamberlain, Alonzo, born Glover May 7, 1818, died Oct 16, left VT 1855, blind  (obit) Clay Cty, Iowa & Glover 11/3/1902
Chamberlain, Henry, born 1831 Irasburg, April 12, leaves wife & dau, buried Barton (obit) Barton at Newport 4/21/1902
Chamberlin, __, Mrs., Fri., w/o Nathaniel Chamberlin, ill only 1 week Lowell 1/12/1903
Chamberlin, __, Mrs., funeral Tues., buried Troy in the North Hill cemetery Lowell 1/19/1903
Chamberlin, __, Mrs., recently, former wife of Silas N. Ainger, bro is John Conant Lowell per Troy 1/19/1903
Chamberlin, Alba, last Tues., ill 3 days, leaves ill wife Greensboro 3/23/1903
Chamberlin, Emma, Mrs., Sat., leaves husband, brother & sister, great sufferer (item) Albany 7/28/1902
Chamberlin, Frank, recently, s/o Wilbur Chamberlin of Albany Minneapolis, Minn 7/22/1901
Chamberlin, Fred, last week, of Wm Chamberlin, of consumption, leaves wife & child (item) Craftsbury at Iowa 8/11/1902
Chamberlin, H. D., born Jay July 11, 1841, died May 10, of pneumonia  (obit) Jay 5/16/1904
Chamberlin, Henry, born 1831, April 12, dau Mrs. M. E. Dodge, buried Barton (obit) Newport 4/21/1902
Chamberlin, John E., age 70 y 8 m 26 d, Wed, married 42 yrs to Adelaide Fletcher (obit) Barton Landing & Albany 10/6/1902
Champion, __, Mrs., Oct 6, died at dau's Mrs. Laura Clapper at Willoughby Lake (item) East Charleston 10/14/1901
Chandler, __, Mrs., last week, w/o John N. Chandler, died at Battle Creek, Mich Greensboro at Mich 5/18/1903
Chandler, Fred, Feb 1, buried East Hardwick, leaves wife & children North Craftsbury 2/8/1904
Chandler, Gertrude (correction - age 7 y 6 m) (prev listed as Gertrude Graham) North Craftsbury 9/30/1901
Chandler, John N., Aug 22, died at Waterbury asylum, there for several months Greensboro 8/31/1903
Channell, Hector W., young man, last Sun., of Mr. H. A. Channell, of typhoid pneumonia West Derby 1/20/1902
Chapin, N. F., age 73, last week, of pneumonia, buried Newport  (items) Newport, NH 3/10/1902
Chapin, N. F., died recently in Newport, NH (memorial service) Barton 3/24/1902
Chaplin, Daniel, Friday, of a shock, sister is Mrs. C. F. Worthen West Charleston 9/7/1903
Chapman, L. A., nearly 80, funeral Tues., dau Mrs. Geo. Fogg of Sutton (item) Boston, MA 4/11/1904
Chapman, little dau, Feb 27, of Mr. & Mrs. O. S. Chapman, buried Rhode Island Hardwick 3/7/1904
Chapman, Thomas, age 74, today, leaves wife & 8 children, buried Broome, Can. (item) West Derby 11/2/1903
Chase, __, Mrs., recently, mother of Rev. I. P. Chase of Newport Center Berlin 2/24/1902
Chase, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Will Chase, died at Brattleboro Sheffield 10/10/1904
Chase, Aurilla Minor, Mrs., about 80, recently, grandmother of Mrs. Edwin Aldrich of Brownington Ctr Martinsville, PQ 4/20/1903
Chase, C. M., born Lyndon Nov 6, 1829, died Sat, heart failure, leaves wife & kids (obit) Lyndon 11/10/1902
Chase, Ethel Lillian, age 1 y 8 m 4 d, June 16, of Ward & Lulu Chase Morgan 7/6/1903
Chase, Ethel, little child, June 16, of Ward Chase, ill several weeks (item) Morgan 6/22/1903
Chase, I. P., Mrs., Thurs., funeral Sat, of pneumonia Newport Center 2/15/1904
Chase, M. C., Rev., 18th, after long illness West Derby 4/23/1900
Chase, Mary, age 57, last Thurs., w/o Rev. I. P. Chase who is also sick, buried Irasburg (item) Newport Center 2/15/1904
Chase, Mary, Thurs., wife of Rev. I. P. Chase, leaves husband & daughter Coventry at Newport Ctr 2/15/1904
Chase, Walter, young man, last Sat., killed in rr accident at Shelburne (2 items 1-12) Craftsbury 1/5/1903
Chatsey, A. L., Mrs., recently, sister of Mrs. C. C. Wheeler of North Troy, of consumption Springfield 3/11/1901
Cheney, __, Mrs. Beebe Plain 12/10/1900
Cheney, Eliza (Hildreth), Mrs., Oct 2, sons Homer & John Hildreth, dau Gertie Hildreth & Mrs. Gardner (item) West Charleston 10/7/1901
Cheney, Granville, last Friday, prominent citizen Albany 11/26/1900
Cheney, Harry, age 78, Dec 3, ill several months West Burke 12/9/1901
Cheney, J. H., Thurs., leaves widow & adopted son, very ill several weeks (item) West Burke 1/5/1903
Cheney, Sarah, age 60, funeral today, wid/o Dr. Cheney, died Stanstead Junction PQ per Barton 11/19/1900
Chesley, __, Mrs., funeral Mon., w/o Jerome Chesley, Charles & Joseph Chesley of Sheffield attending Lebanon, NH 4/25/1904
Chesley, Alvah, Tues Sheffield 6/24/1901
Chesley, infant son, buried last Wed., of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chesley Sheffield 10/1/1900
Chipman, __, Mr., recently, father of Frank Chipman of Westfield Northfield 11/5/1900
Christie, Elisa Bush, nearly 75, July 15, w/o Reuben Christie Glover 7/20/1903
Christie, Eliza (Bush), born Sept 10, 1828, died Wed., w/o Reuben Christie, of consumption (obit) Glover 7/20/1903
Christie, R. C., Mrs. (thanks) Mr. R. C. Christie, M/M J. R. Christie, Francis & Gladys Christie Glover 7/27/1903
Christie, R. C., Mrs., funeral July 18 Glover 7/27/1903
Christy, W. W., recently, former resident of Newport, died Boston Newport at MA 1/7/1901
Church __, Mrs., last week, w/o Charles Church, dau is Mrs. Merton Wilson  West Charleston 12/30/1901
Church, M. E. (work history) native of Derby, left 25 yrs ago, married in VA Falls Church, VA 8/29/1904
Church, Sarah, Mrs., last Wed., great sufferer, leaves husband & 1 son & 4 daus (item) West Charleston 12/30/1901
Cilley, __, Mrs., funeral last week, niece of A. L. Aldrich of West Burke Heathton, PQ 3/12/1900
Cilley, child, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. John Cilley Lowell 2/29/1904
Clapper, __, Mrs., last week, mother of H. Clapper of W. Charleston Holland 9/17/1900
Clapper, Sidney, last Sun., s/o Jonathan Clapper, subject to fits & drowned (item) Barton Landing 12/23/1901
Clapper, Sidney, young man, froze to death after fit, buried Pine Grove cemetery Barton Landing 12/23/1901
Clark (family reunion) Cephas Clark family settled 1818 - many names Glover 8/22/1904
Clark, __, Mrs., age 87 y 6 m, last Sun., w/o Cushman Clark Stanstead 10/7/1901
Clark, __, Mrs., Aug 8, w/o Charles Clark, d/o Judge Fletcher  (item) Derby 8/24/1903
Clark, __, Mrs., funeral last Mon., w/o Albert Clark Sutton 8/1/1904
Clark, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Simpson Clark, dau is Mrs. C. F. Percival of Barton (item) Springfield, MA 4/4/1904
Clark, __, Mrs., Oct 9, w/o Rev. Charles Clark, of pneumonia, dau Mrs. H. E. Gowan Hardwick 10/17/1904
Clark, __, Mrs., Sat., w/o Charles Clark, died suddenly Derby 8/10/1903
Clark, Alvah, age 19, last Thurs., of George Clark, killed by train (buried Glover)  (item) Barton Landing 7/14/1902
Clark, Amasa, sons T. J. & Chester here paying creditors owed from 25 years ago (item) Glover at Wilmington, MA 12/26/1904
Clark, Belinda, age 88 y 4 d, Feb 23, wid/o Amasa F. Clark, resided Wilmington, MA 30 yrs (obit) Glover at MA 3/2/1903
Clark, Betsey Fox (thanks) Mrs. Sarah M. King, Mrs. Abby R. Flood & Mrs. Edna C. Clark Glover 4/18/1904
Clark, Betsey Fox, born Dec 9, 1812 of [Win]throp Fox & Betsey Cook, w/o Calvin Clark (obit) Glover 4/18/1904
Clark, Betsey, Mrs., age 91, Fri., dau Mrs. Sarah King & Mrs. Abbie Flood (item) Glover 4/11/1904
Clark, Charles E., April 19, of pneumonia, funeral at Wolcott Barnet 4/27/1903
Clark, Chester W. (political history), son of Amasa F. Clark, elected to MA legislature Glover 1/14/1901
Clark, Della, Mrs., age 40 y 7 m, Dec 4, d/o Ora Allyn, leaves husband, & 3 children  (obit) E. Charleston at Pittsfield, MA 12/22/1902
Clark, Esther, age 90, Jan 23, wid/o Su[mner] Clark, died Brooklyn, NY West Glover at NY 2/15/1904
Clark, Ezra W., (history) now representative of Plymouth Dist of MA Glover 11/14/1904
Clark, Fred, Sept 5, nephew of Mrs. Oliver Dwyer of Brownington, of diphtheria Methuen, MA 9/21/1903
Clark, John, aged resident, Friday, leaves wife, buried Morrill cemetery West Derby 6/13/1904
Clark, John, last Friday West Derby 6/6/1904
Clark, Josephine, Miss, recently, dau of Albert Clark of Stanstead Plain, consumption Derby Line 1/28/1901
Clark, Leonard, last week, niece is Mrs. C. F. Percival of Barton  (item) Springfield, MA 4/4/1904
Clark, Lucinda, Mrs., recently, d/o late Joseph Ward, sis/o Mrs. Frank Bean Westfield at Fairfax 3/30/1903
Clark, Myra, Mrs., age 29, buried July 25,  d/o Robert & Mary Gray, w/o Albert Clark (obit) Sutton 8/8/1904
Clark, Myrtle, child, Feb 23, of Mansel & Maud Clark, buried Brownington Ctr (item) Irasburg 2/29/1904
Clark, Perley, Mrs., funeral last Wed., dau in law of Jarius Clark of Craftsbury Randolph 1/13/1902
Clark, Sophia Seymour, May 8, w/o John Clark, of consumption, sis Mrs. Alex Deblois (item) Westfield 5/11/1903
Clark, William M., age 75 y 17 d, Aug 25 Coventry 9/5/1904
Clark, William, aged citizen, Aug 25, buried East Burke Coventry 9/5/1904
Clark, young son, s/o late Frank Clark of Irasburg, buried Wednesday at Troy Troy & Irasburg 11/7/1904
Cleaveland, __, Mrs., age 81, Oct 29, w/o Milo Cleaveland, died Cedar Rapids, Neb (item) East Brownington 11/21/1904
Clement, __, Mrs., buried May 29, w/o James Clement, died at son's in Newport Irasburg 6/6/1904
Clement, Rosina, Mrs., age 87 y 2 m, May 27, wid/o Dea James Clement, buried Irasburg (item) Newport 5/30/1904
Cleveland, Ruth, age 1 y 7 m 9 d, today, from convulsions Coventry 12/15/1902
Cleveland, Ruth, age 1 y 7 m, Dec 15, of M/M Henry C. Cleveland Coventry 12/22/1902
Clifford, __, Mr. (thanks) Mrs. G. H. Clifford, R. Lawrence Clifford & Carroll M. Hitchcock Barton Landing 5/9/1904
Clifford, __, Mr., remains brought last Wed, buried in Russell Hitchcock lot at Westfield Barton Landing 5/2/1904
Clifford, G. H., age 48, yesterday, of typhoid pneumonia, ill two weeks Barton Landing 4/25/1904
Clifford, Henry, funeral Sat. Barton of Irasburg 2/23/1903
Clifford, Henry, last Fri., leaves wife & many children, after painful illness Irasburg 2/23/1903
Clifford, infant son, buried May 7, of Mrs. Alice Clifford of Albany, father died several weeks ago Westfield 5/16/1904
Cloud, __, Mrs., about 70, last Mon., w/o Andrew Cloud, children John, George & Mrs. Ivory Goodwin (item) East Charleston 3/26/1900
Cloud, Jane (Bly), age 55, March 24, w/o Norman Cloud, of cancer  (item) East Charleston 3/30/1903
Clough, Solomon, about 80, last Sat., leaves 2 sons & 2 daus  (obit) Irasburg 2/4/1901
Cobb, __, Mrs. age 69 y 4 m 12 d, April 21, w/o Lysander Cobb, d/o M/M Edward (obit) Hardwick 4/28/1902
Cobb, D. R., Mrs., last Thurs., leaves husband & dau Mrs. Charles Copeland South Albany 10/12/1903
Cobb, Frances, born Albany Oct 6, 1818, died March 1904, of Aaron & Sally Chamberlin (obit) Albany at CA 4/18/1904
Cobb, Frances, wid/o Charles Cobb, bro Dea. S. B. Chamberlin, died Stockton, CA (obit) Albany at CA 4/18/1904
Cobb, Lysander, about 75, Feb 4, dau Mrs. Fred Angell, of pneumonia (item) Hardwick 2/8/1904
Cobb, Marquis J., age 25, April 23, crushed by load of wood, leaves wife & son (item) Glover at Stowe 4/27/1903
Coburn, H. P., born Lyndon 1829, died today, buried E. Albany, leaves 3 sons & sister (item) Barton 6/30/1902
Coburn, H. P., buried East Albany, son is Roy of Barton Landing Barton 7/7/1902
Coburn, Myra Lois, born April 7, 18(  ) Barton, of Charles & Lois Dwinell, w/o Wm Coburn (obit) Glover at Everett, MA 1/22/1900
Coburn, Olive B., Miss, age 88, June 1, failing many years North Craftsbury 6/9/1902
Coe, David, Sept 11, leaves widow, son & 2 daus, ill a long time  (item) West Burke 9/22/1902
Coe, Flora (Brewer), Mrs., last Tues., leaves husband & young child West Burke 10/1/1900
Coe, Joanna, Mrs., about 87, last Fri., found dead in her room, dau Mrs. Charles Cheney Sutton per Barton 10/20/1902
Cofran, __, Mrs., buried Monday Derby 2/2/1903
Coker, A. M., last week, bro-in-law of Mrs. Parsons of Island Pond Saco, ME 5/30/1904
Colburn, Bert, Mrs., last Tues., leaves husband & 3 little children North Craftsbury 4/2/1900
Colburn, Bert, Mrs., recently, bro-in-law is T. Colburn of Evansville Craftsbury 4/2/1900
Colby, __, Mrs., (thanks) Walter E. Colby, M/M George Porter & M/M E. M. Porter Barton 9/7/1903
Colby, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Roswell Colby, dau Mrs. Clarence Wheeler, buried W. Charleston Barton 10/3/1904
Colby, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o George Colby, sis Mrs. J, Dickerman, of Newport Derby 2/23/1903
Colby, __, Mrs., last week, mother of Mrs. H. P. Cook, died Roslindale, MA, buried Barton Land Barton at MA   5/30/1904
Colby, __, Mrs., today, w/o Walter E. Colby, of cancer Barton 8/17/1903
Colby, G. W., Dr., born Oct 2, 1834, died Sept 13, married 37 yrs Emily Kincaid (obit) Sutton 9/21/1903
Colby, George, Dr., Sun., dau's Mrs. B. U. Wells & Mrs. Wylie Willard of Glover Sutton 9/14/1903
Colby, Hannah, Mrs., Sept 28, dau is Mrs. Clarence Wheeler, & Mrs. John Scribner (obit) Barton Landing 10/24/1904
Colby, Mary (Kellam), age 84, May 25, wid/o John Colby, died Roslindale, MA Barton Landing 5/30/1904
Colby, Mary (Kellam), Mrs., age 84 y 2 m 20 d, May 25 Roslindale, MA 5/30/1904
Colby, Melinda, Miss, Sat., ill many months Derby 3/21/1904
Colby, N. M., Wed., leaves invalid wife and one son, ill for some time West Derby 8/8/1904
Colby, Roswell, born Oct 11, 1833, died Dec 19, of Enoch & Cynthia Colby  (obit) West Charleston 1/22/1900
Colby, W. E., Mrs., funeral last Tues., d/o George Porter, leaves husband & son & bro E. M. Porter Barton 8/24/1903
Cole (family reunion) L. P. Cole, Mrs. A. M. Stone, C. B. Cole, Geo E. Cole, Stephen Cole Barton Landing 9/29/1902
Cole, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Fernando Cole, died Springfield, MA, former resident W. Charleston at MA 3/2/1903
Cole, A. C., Sept 17, remains brought from Waterbury for burial at Center East Charleston 9/26/1904
Cole, Fernando, Sept 17 at Waterbury, leaves sister Mrs. Davis, & 2 sons & a dau (item) East Charleston 9/26/1904
Cole, John, age 12, Friday, accidently shot by playmate  (item) Poultney 11/14/1904
Cole, Minnie, school aged, Mon, of Mr. Cole - stone cutter, inflammation of the bowels Newport 2/29/1904
Colley, Charles, age 67, Oct 9, formerly of Barton Landing Lyndon  10/20/1902
Collins, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Hamden Collins Coventry 12/9/1901
Collins, __, Mrs., Thurs., w/o Hamilton Collins, d/o Wilder Knight, had 12 kids (item) Coventry 9/16/1901
Collins, Martha (Knight), Mrs., age 69, Sept 12 Irasburg 9/23/1901
Collins, Oscar E., age 59, Feb 12 Newport 2/19/1900
Collins, Oscar, remains brought to Coventry last Wed, leaves wife & 3 children Coventry at Newport 2/19/1900
Colt, Joseph, recently, at asylum in Waterbury Brownington Ctr 4/7/1902
Combs, infant dau., Nov 6, of Mr. & Mrs. Combs Newport Center 11/11/1901
Comstock, Clarence W., age 38 y 6 m 16 d, Dec 1 Barton 12/8/1902
Comstock, Clarence W., born May 15, 1864, last Mon., of D. Comstock, of pneumonia (obit) Barton 12/8/1902
Conant, __, Mr. (thanks) Mrs. Clara A. Conant & Rollin Conant Albany 6/29/1903
Conant, __, Mr., 9th inst, wife is Clara (Lawrence) Conant formerly of Albany Morrisville    6/15/1903
Conant, __, Mrs., age 75, last Mon, w/o Charles Conant, leaves husband, son & 3 daus (item) Craftsbury 3/12/1900
Conant, Charles, age 20 y 4 m, Oct 30, of consumption, buried East Hill  (item) Westfield 11/4/1901
Conant, Edward, Mon, principal of Randolph Normal School Randolph 1/12/1903
Conant, James, last Tues., leaves wife, bro & sister, of consumption Westfield 8/6/1900
Conant, Mary J., Mrs., age 83, May 20 Greensboro 5/25/1903
Conant, Seth, recently, had a shock  Morrisville per Albany 6/8/1903
Conant, Sophronia, Mrs., Jan 13, wid/o James Conant, of peritonitis  (item) Westfield 1/21/1901
Conklin, Edward, age 25, drowned recently at Silver Lake Franklin 7/6/1903
Connal, Peter, old resident, last Mon Newport Center 11/19/1900
Converse, Jennie, Miss, age 30, Sunday, suicide by hanging, was to have surgery for a tumor Montpelier at Middlesex 10/13/1902
Cook, __, Mrs., age 72 y 8 m 22 d, Sept 20, wid/o Charles C. Cook Barton 9/29/1902
Cook, __, Mrs., age 72, Sept 20, wid/o Charles C. Cook, of shock, buried Glover (item) Barton 9/29/1902
Cook, __, Mrs., age 79, Wed., wid/o George Y. Cook, nephew Henry Harlow, sis Mrs. Houghton  (item) Irasburg 11/18/1901
Cook, Edith, Miss, age 19, last Mon., only dau of Mr. & Mrs. Leone Cook Yarmouthville, ME 7/23/1900
Cook, Edith, Miss, niece of M/M C. W. Cook & M/M E. R. Cook of W. Glover Maine 7/23/1900
Cook, little girl, age 2, last Wed, of George Cook, feeble a long time, buried Coventry (item) Barton Landing 3/10/1902
Cook, Mary Bulkley, recently, wid/o Milton Cook, of consumption  (item) Coventry per W. Glover 12/17/1900
Cook, Mary, Mrs., Tues., of consumption  (item) Coventry 12/3/1900
Cook, Myrna, youngest child of George Cook, buried Friday at Coventry Barton Landing 3/10/1902
Cook, Truman, last Sat., bro/o Dana Cook of Barton, dau Mrs. Ezra Clark Craftsbury 3/3/1902
Cook, Truman, March 1 (March 2), dau is Mrs. Benjamin [Ma]son, buried Glover  (items) N. Craftsbury & Glover 3/10/1902
Cook, Truman, recently, bro of Mrs. Wm. H. Brunning of Barton Glover 3/10/1902
Cooke, __, Mr., killed in train wreck last week at S. Braintree, MA, father of town West Derby at MA 10/10/1904
Cooledge, __, Mrs., funeral Tues., w/o Edgar Cooledge, buried Lowell (item) Lowell at Johnson 6/2/1902
Cooledge, Rosetta, age 77 y 3 m 11 d, June 19 Barton 6/27/1904
Cooledge, Rosetta, age 77, June 19, w/o Edward Cooledge, of cerebral hemorrhage (item) Barton & Lowell 6/27/1904
Cooledge, Rosetta, Mrs., age 77, buried Lowell, former resident Barton 7/4/1904
Cooper, __, Mrs., recently, sister of Mrs. E. C. Hunt of Westmore Canada 11/21/1904
Cooper, J., Mrs., died Tues., had a shock Jan 27th West Derby 2/5/1900
Copelan, infant son, buried Monday at Burlington, of Mr. & Mrs. A. Copelan West Derby 2/5/1900
Copeland, Laura (Brainard), last week, leaves mother & sister, died Lowell, MA E. Charleston at MA 6/10/1901
Copeland, Laura B., Mrs., recently, aunt of H. W. Brainard of W. Derby Lowell, MA 6/10/1901
Copeland, Laura, Mrs., recently, died at Lowell, MA, former resident West Charleston at MA 6/3/1901
Corliss, Dennison, recently, of a shock, former resident W. Burke at Spencer, MA 1/11/1904
Corliss, George H., Thurs., killed in train accident near Springfield, VT VT 7/29/1901
Corliss, Theron, buried last week, of consumption Glover 6/11/1900
Corrow, Infant son, buried last Wed., of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Corrow Craftsbury 7/28/1902
Cota, Emma, young girl, Feb 12, of typhoid fever, of Mansonville  (item) Newport 2/15/1904
Cota, infant, March 23, of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cota, of pneumonia East Charleston 3/28/1904
Couburn, Myra Dwinell, Mrs., young lady, leaves 4 children, of appendicitis (item) Glover at Malden, MA 1/1/1900
Counter, Fred (thanks) Mrs. Fred Counter & son, Frank, Walter, George, Edward & families, M/M Eli Currier, M/M Joseph Gouchee   8/10/1903
Counter, Fred, July 7, born Salem, VT April 10, 1860, buried Woodmont cemetery (obit) E Burke at Charleston 7/20/1903
Counter, Fred, July 7, leaves wife & little son, caught in mill pulley (item) East Charleston 7/13/1903
Courser, James, age 77, March 3, leaves wife & 8 children Three Villages 3/11/1901
Courtney, __, Mrs., last Tues., dau is Mrs. Sylvester Drown, buried Canada Newport Center 5/12/1902
Cousens, Warren (thanks) M/M H. K. Cousens, Annie M. & Lena W. Cousens West Derby 3/28/1904
Cousins, Warren E., Tues., s/o Holland Cousins, killed in train crash at Lennoxville, Que.  (items) West Derby 3/21/1904
Coventry (town history) long article on early settlers Coventry 11/5/1900
Covey, B. R., Mrs., March 5, of gall stones, former resident of Lowell  (item) Johnson 3/9/1903
Cowan, George, age 10, July 16, of John L. Cowan, drowned in pond, buried Newport Worcester, MA & Newport 7/25/1904
Cowan, Gerald, age 10, July 16, of John L. Cowan, drowned in pond, buried Newport Worcester, MA & Newport 7/25/1904
Cowles, Charles W., Dr., old citizen, buried Thursday, of heart failure Derby Line 5/28/1900
Cowles, Chester W., Dr., recently, born Peacham May 26, 1822, married Hortense Chase in 1850 (obit) Derby Line 6/4/1900
Cowles, D. O., funeral last Sat. Hardwick per Greensboro 3/24/1902
Cowles, Dana O., age 31, Thurs., of pneumonia, leaves mother, wife & 2 children (obit) Newport at Hardwick 3/24/1902
Cowles, Dennison, yesterday, of a shock, died in St. Johnsbury Barton at ST. J. 1/28/1901
Cowles, Jefferson, 27th ult  (sister is Mrs. C. H. Green) (obit) St. J per Barton 2/4/1901
Cowles, R. W. (reunion) 6 children plus many names listed Irasburg 8/10/1903
Cowles, Sophia, Miss, recently, formerly of E. Craftsbury Johnson 12/28/1903
Cox, Lewis, age 73, Fri., 1st wife Edna Page, 2nd wife Maria Quincy, 3rd wife Belle Worthen (obit) Lowell 12/16/1901
Cox, Willie, recently, funeral at Ogdensburg, NY, M/M B. J. Cox attending NY per Morgan 8/4/1902
Craig, Nettie, Miss, funeral last week, H. A. Blake & Robert Craig families attending Peacham per Sutton 11/12/1900
Crandall, Charles L., age 65 y 7 m 7 d, June 8  (item 6/24 buried W. Charleston) Derby 6/17/1901
Crawford, __, Mr., last Tues., son is James Crawford, from a shock West Charleston 9/24/1900
Crawford, __, Mr., remains brought here from Prescott, AZ Newport 10/3/1904
Crawford, George, Dec 29, ill two weeks, of sunstroke last summer & cancer (item) Newport Center 1/6/1902
Crawford, George, last night Newport Center 12/30/1901
Critchett, Sylvester, age 76, last Tues, leaves wife, carriage maker (item) Glover 3/7/1904
Croft, William, funeral last Tues., dau is Mrs. E. A. Bowley, funeral at Salem-Derby West Derby 12/12/1904
Croft, William, last week Salem-Derby 12/5/1904
Croker, Anna Atwell, last Thurs, died at Hyde Park Barton Landing 9/2/1901
Crosby, Azro, nearly 86, last Sat., dau is Mrs. Adna Johnson Holland 11/17/1902
Cross, Edgar, age 40, Wed., suicide by shooting Brandon 11/16/1903
Crow, __, Mr., recently, former resident of West Glover Morgan 8/13/1900
Crow, __, Mrs., Nov 26, w/o Norris Crow, ruptured blood vessel of the brain East Charleston 12/2/1901
Crow, child, recently, only child of Mr. & Mrs. Norris Crow East Charleston 5/6/1901
Crow, infant, age 2 days, buried Jan 13, of M/M Norris Crow East Charleston 1/22/1900
Crow, twin dau, died in a few days, of Mr. & Mrs. Norris Crow East Charleston 4/8/1901
Crowe, Mrs. William (party) bro John Arthur, dau Mrs. H. A. Dewing, photo taken Glover 10/19/1903
Cummings, Jotham, young man, Sat., of Mrs. Jotham Cummings, buried W. Charleston Portland, ME 12/17/1900
Cummings, Maria, Nov 21, wid/o Patrick Cummings, leaves bro Joseph Norton & dau Mrs. Nelson Barr Barton at Fall River, MA 12/12/1904
Currier, __, Mr., buried Sat., resident many years Irasburg 10/5/1903
Currier, __, Mr., recently, son is Ernest Currier Wheelock 12/7/1903
Currier, __, Mrs., March 1, mother of Mrs. J. A. Gray, died Lunenburg, buried Derby (item) Morgan Center 3/11/1901
Currier, Celia Huntly, Tues., w/o J. H. Currier, after long illness East Hardwick 4/25/1904
Currier, Elizabeth (Turner), Mrs., remains brought from Lunenburg Monday for burial Derby 3/4/1901
Currier, J. H., Mrs., age 54, April 19, leaves father, husband & 3 children Hardwick 4/25/1904
Currier, Lewis, age 73, last Fri., son is David Currier, of pneumonia Barton 2/15/1904
Currier, Sarah, Mrs., last week Island Pond 2/18/1901
Curtis, George, age 32, 22nd, of late Bennett Curtis, bro's Edwin, H. M. & Will (items) Sutton 2/3/1902
Curtis, Morrill, age about 75, July 11, bro's Orrin & Frank Curtis Sutton & W. Burke 7/13/1903
Curtis, Morrill, over 80, funeral July 12, of Thaddeus Curtis, leaves 2 bros (obit) Sutton 7/20/1903
Curtis, W. E., funeral yesterday, cousin of Mr. H. A. Harding of Barton Lowell 3/26/1900
Curtis, W. Ernest, about 50, March 23, of Don B. & Rhoda Curtis  (full obit & photo) Lowell 3/26/1900
Cushing, Fred., funeral last Sun., grandson of M/M Fred Templeton of Craftsbury Jeffersonville 9/3/1900
Cushman, Mabel Gallup, July 31, born April 22, 1866, w/o Dr. J. B. Cushman  (item) East Charleston 8/10/1903
Cushman, Mabel, July 31, w/o Dr. J. B. Cushman, d/o Clinton Gallup, of gastric fever (obit) East Charleston 8/3/1903
Cuthbertson, __, Mrs., week ago Sun., w/o George Cuthbertson, leaves husband & infant dau (item) Greensboro 8/3/1903
Cutler, __, Mrs., aged lady, June 7, very suddenly Albany 6/16/1902
Cutler, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Wm Cutler, aunt of Mrs. A. G. Williams & Mrs. H. G. Perley Dixville, PQ 12/8/1902
Cutler, Ethan, about 50, last Tues., severely ill several weeks, leaves wife Albany 6/20/1904
Cutler, Frank, age 25, Mon, suicide by shooting himself Perkinsville 6/15/1903
Cutler, infant dau, age 21 days, Dec 2, of Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Cutler Albany 12/17/1900
Cutting, Addison, age 67 y 10 m, last Mon., of typhoid pneumonia, formerly of Newport, NH (item) Barton 3/23/1903
Daggett, Esther, Mrs., age 94, March 28, granddau is Mrs. F. A. Brown Newport 4/1/1901
Daggett, George, last Wed., leaves 2 sisters & 1 brother West Charleston 11/25/1901
Daig, __, Mrs., funeral last Fri., w/o Joseph Daig E. Burke per Sheffield 12/26/1904
Dailey, __, Mrs., Dec 5, bro is A. B. Harrington Hardwick 12/14/1903
Dailey, Fletcher, last week, leaves wife & dau, stomach hemorrhage, died Osage, IA (item) Derby at IA 5/25/1903
Dale, George N., Ex-Lieut. Gov., born Fairfax Feb 19, 1834, died Thurs (obit) Island Pond 2/2/1903
Dale, George N., Hon., recently Island Pond 2/2/1903
Dale, Mary L., last Wed., d/o George N. Dale of Island Pond Florida of I. Pond 11/25/1901
Damon, O. B., Dr., Nov 18, born Lyndon, died Gibson, IL Barton at IL 12/5/1904
Dane, __, Mrs., funeral last Sat., w/o William Dane North Troy 6/2/1902
Dane, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o W. H. Dane, ill some time, leaves husband & 5 children (item) Newport Center 6/2/1902
Dane, N. G., Mrs., (thanks N. G. Dane, J. E. Lyon, & Mrs. J. E. Lyon) Barton 12/9/1901
Dane, N. G., Mrs., born May 24, 1828 Stanstead, last Mon., sis/o Wm Walker (obit) Barton 12/9/1901
Danforth, __, Mrs. (thanks) Henry A. Danforth, M/M Don Moulton & Geo. A. Buckman East Charleston 3/30/1903
Danforth, __, Mrs., age 56 y 2 m, March 23, w/o Lorenzo Danforth, leaves son & dau (item) East Charleston 3/30/1903
Danforth, Lorenzo D., age 65 y 5 m 1 d, March 13, buried Island Pond  (item) East Charleston 3/24/1902
Danforth, Lorenzo, last Thurs., of pneumonia East Charleston 3/17/1902
Daniels, __, Mrs., last Thurs., dau is Mrs. Henry Paquin, sick a long time West Derby 9/28/1903
Daniels, Filena, Mrs., age 79, Mon, dau is Mrs. Bradley Sutton 9/7/1903
Dark, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Fred Dark, at Lynn, MA Newport Ctr at MA 5/7/1900
Darling, __, Mrs., aged lady, last week, mother of Jerry & E. G. Darling of Albany Morrisville 12/31/1900
Darling, Pearl, age 8, yesterday, dau of L. A. Darling, of diphtheria East Burke 3/4/1901
Dassance, Almond, July 26 Newport Center 7/29/1901
Davenport, Frank, young man, last Fri, died suddenly while working for RR  (item) Morgan at White River Jct 1/8/1900
David, Grace, Tues., of consumption Island Pond 11/25/1901
Davidson, Cyrus, age 79 y 10 m, last Mon, buried Danville Hardwick 3/11/1901
Davidson, Joseph C., born May 20, 1837, died Tues, married 3 times (obit) Newport 3/23/1903
Davis, __, Mrs., born Oct 20, 1828, Fri., w/o Henry Davis, d/o George & Sylvia Gray French (obit) Glover 6/22/1903
Davis, __, Mrs., Feb 19, w/o William Davis, ill a long time, leaves husband & 1 child Brownington 2/25/1901
Davis, __, Mrs., funeral Tues., son is Stephen Davis Derby 2/24/1902
Davis, __, Mrs., last Mon?, aunt of Mrs. E. C. Stratton of Craftsbury Lawrence, MA  12/2/1901
Davis, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Hubert A. Davis, died Saratoga, NY E. Charleston at NY 3/23/1903
Davis, __, Mrs., w/o Henry Davis, dau is Mrs. Fred Cheney of Manchester, NH Glover 9/7/1903
Davis, __, Mrs., Wed, w/o Dudley Davis Derby 1/22/1900
Davis, child, of Charles Davis, of scarlet fever West Derby 4/15/1901
Davis, Ernest, Jan 18, killed by train near Morrisville  (item) Stowe 1/26/1903
Davis, George B., age 73, last Tues., leaves wife & 3 children Danville 2/12/1900
Davis, Julia E. Redding, age 54, March 25, w/o W. G. Davis, buried Worcester, MA (item) Troy 3/31/1902
Davis, Laura, Mrs., nearly 90, last Wed., had 7 sons, 3 alive, buried E. Charleston  (item) I. Pond & E. Charleston 3/12/1900
Davis, Patience A., Mrs., recently North Walden 9/24/1900
Davis, Roland (accident) of Charles Davis, run over by horse while riding his bike, injured Newport 6/27/1904
Davis, Salma, funeral last Wed, names of some attendees Sheffield 2/26/1900
Davis, Salma, Hon., Sun., born Wheelock July 5, 1830 of Elisha & Arabella Davis (obit) Sheffield 2/26/1900
Davis, Salma, married Mary Ingalls in 1859, children Mrs. Jas King, Mrs. John Phillips, Harley & Harry Sheffield 2/26/1900
Davis, Sylvia Zaphira (French), age 74 y 8 m, June 19, w/o Henry Davis Glover 7/6/1903
Davison, J. C., last Tues. Newport per Crafts. 3/23/1903
Davison, Joseph C., born May 20, 1837, died Tues, married 3 times (obit) Newport 3/23/1903
Dawson, Samantha, Mrs., age 85, April 4, sis/o late Horace Denio, buried Franklin (item) N. Craftsbury 4/13/1903
Day, __, Mrs., last week, mother of Edmund Day of Derby Derby 7/18/1904
Day, __, Mrs., yesterday, w/o Pliny Day Craftsbury 4/13/1903
Day, Agnes, Mrs., Sept 11, buried Lebanon, bro Bert Searles of Boston (item) Brownington Center 9/21/1903
Day, Amanda, last Sun., wid/o Pliny Day of Glover Glover at Craftsbury 4/20/1903
Day, Channing L., age 42, Jan 22 Derby of E. Coventry 1/26/1903
Day, Channing L., age 42, Thurs., s/o late Luke Day, suicide by hanging (item) Coventry at Derby 1/26/1903
Day, infant son, Wed., of M/M Alson Day, died at Boston hospital Sheffield at MA 12/14/1903
Day, Joseph, age 78 (correction on age), June 29, lived in town since age 6 Glover 7/15/1901
Day, Joseph, over 80, last Fri., son is Frank Day Glover 7/1/1901
Day, little dau, buried last Wed., d/o Archie Day, buried Newport Derby 5/16/1904
Day, Luther, age 72, Thurs., found dead in bed Barton Landing 9/15/1902
Day, Pliny, buried last Monday at Village cemetery, died Glover Craftsbury 7/7/1902
Day, Pliny, Sat., of rheumatism of the heart, leaves widow  (item) Glover 6/30/1902
Dean, C. A., funeral May 2 West Burke 5/14/1900
Deblois, Timothy (history) father from France, to Quebec to St. Albans, mother remarried Westfield 1/6/1902
Defour, infant, Nov 3, of Frank Defour Newport 11/10/1902
Degreenia, Freeman, age 59, last Mon., of pneumonia, leaves wife, 5 sons & 4 daus Barton 2/15/1904
Delano, Jane Vincent, Mrs., Sat. East Hardwick 7/7/1902
Delary, __, Mrs., recently, w/o William Delary (item 3-11 ill from childbirth) Morgan Center 3/18/1901
Demar, Lewis, buried Tues., died Waterbury Greensboro Bend 1/11/1904
DeMar, young child, last Friday, of Ben DeMar, of the croup Greensboro Bend 12/31/1900
Denio, Austin, last Mon., leaves wife & dau & son & bro Horace Denio of N. Craftsbury (item) Glover 6/10/1901
Denio, Horace, born Enosburg 1822, last Fri., buried Wells River, married twice (obit) North Craftsbury 5/26/1902
Denison, Alanson, last Thurs., sons Adelbert of Boston & Avery Brownington Center 2/11/1901
Denison, Oscar A., born Dec 13, 1817 Burke, died Feb 7, married 3 times (obit) Brownington Center 2/18/1901
Densmore, Adin, age 25, Sunday, drowned in Ct River while trying to save others (item) Springfield   8/1/1904
Densmore, Charles, born Sept 23, 1849 Sutton, died last Mon, leaves wife, dau & son (obit) W. Burke at Lyndonville 10/19/1903
Devino, Aleck, Monday, murdered, prob by Curtis Pooler  (item) Westford 3/19/1900
Devino, Alex, murdered March 12, 1900 at Westford, VT by Curtis Pooler Westford 12/24/1900
Dexter, [Harley] L., Sunday, kicked by horse in stomach  Glover 8/8/1904
Dexter, __, Mrs., age 90, last Thurs., w/o Samuel Dexter Sheffield 2/17/1902
Dexter, __, Mrs., buried last Thurs., w/o Samuel Dexter, d/o Stephen Dexter (obit) Sheffield & Barton 2/17/1902
Dexter, H. L., (Roy?) leaves invalid wife, 2 children (thanks from Mrs. Jennie Dexter) Glover 8/15/1904
Dexter, H. L., Mrs., Sat., of consumption, leaves two little children Glover 10/24/1904
Dexter, Harley Leroy, age 41 y 8 m 4 d, Aug 7 Glover 8/22/1904
Dexter, William, Sept 4, ill for several years Sheffield 9/8/1902
Dickerman, George, recently, bro of Dr. E. E. Dickerman of W. Burke, buried Lyndonville St. Cloud, Minn 2/24/1902
Dickson, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o John Dickson Newport 5/14/1900
Dickson, __, Mrs., w/o Robert Dickson, d/o Louis Ladeaux of Craftsbury, thrown from carriage Stowe 4/20/1903
Dingman, Charles, age 79 y 1 m 11 d, March 20, of paralytic shock  (item) East Albany 3/30/1903
Dingman, Charles, aged citizen, 25th inst, fought in Civil War, sons George & Edwin (item) Albany 3/30/1903
Dixon, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Robert Dixon, thrown from wagon, leaves husband & 4 kids Craftsbury at Stowe 4/20/1903
Dixon, __, Mrs., Nov 4, w/o Rev. Mr. Dixon, buried Island Pond Hardwick per. B. Landing 11/10/1902
Dixon, John, about 65, Fri., of kidney disease, leave 2 daus, died on town farm (item) Newport 1/5/1903
Dixon, William, age 30, drowned recently at Silver Lake Franklin 7/6/1903
Doane, E., Mrs., age 80 y 6 m 14 d, Nov 19, leaves dau & 2 sons  (item) Morgan Center 11/28/1904
Doane, Edmund, age 82, 6th inst, father of Mrs. Martin Burt of Lunenburg  (item) Newport Center 10/14/1901
Dodd, Rollins J., last week, s/o Rev. L. Dodd, suicide in Boston, formerly of Irasburg Irasburg at MA 3/14/1904
Dodd, Rollins J., March 8, accidently killed by gas poisoning - not suicide (item) Irasburg at Boston 3/21/1904
Dodge, Clarence H., age 43, Dec 25 Lowell 1/13/1902
Dodge, Clarence, Wed., of late A. J. Dodge, sis Mrs. J. K. Little, leaves wife & 3 kids (obit) Lowell 12/30/1901
Dodge, infant dau, Dec 30, of James & Elsie Dodge, buried S. Barton Barton Landing 1/7/1901
Doe, __, Mr., last Thurs., father of Elmer Doe of Barton Landing Veasey, ME 3/21/1904
Doe, Elizabeth, Mrs., recently, sis Mrs. Richard Kendrick of E. Craftsbury VT at Maquoketa, Iowa 10/21/1901
Dolley, Addison, funeral last week, father of Mrs. W. R. Aldrich, died Waterville, ME (item) ME per Barton 9/10/1900
Dolloff, Gertie Hamilton, April 21, w/o B. A. Dolloff, of consumption, buried Fitch Bay W. Derby & Fitch Bay, Que. 4/28/1902
Dolloff, Janet, Mrs., July 7 East Charleston 7/13/1903
Dolloff, Janet, Mrs., Mon., only son Bert Lang, buried Island Pond, of shock East Charleston 7/13/1903
Dolloff, Levi W., born Lowell, MA Feb 17, 1842 of John & Melissa Dolloff, died Lisbon Ctr, ME (obit) E. Charleston at ME 6/29/1903
Domay, Ernest, Sunday, accidently shot Greensboro Bend 11/9/1903
Donegan, Helen, Sat., w/o William Donegan, son Ernie Stebbins of Wisc. Troy 2/25/1901
Dorman, Mary, Miss, March 16, of pneumonia, d/o late Mrs. O. S. Dorman (item) Newport 3/21/1904
Dorman, O. S., Mrs., March 12, of pleurisy  (item) Newport 3/21/1904
Dougherty, child, last week, of Arthur Dougherty Brownington 7/1/1901
Dougherty, Grace, Miss, recently, died at St. Albans East Albany 12/14/1903
Dow, __, Mrs., last Mon., dau is Mrs. Willis, after long illness, buried Albany Hardwick 1/13/1902
Dow, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Luther Dow, dau's Mrs. W. W. Miles & Mrs. E. L. Barstow Hardwick per Barton 1/13/1902
Dow, __, Mrs., w/o Luther Dow, buried Albany Hardwick & Albany 1/13/1902
Dow, Alfred Perry, age 53, July 18, liver cancer, leaves widow & sons John & Herbert (obit) Albany at Lowell, MA 7/22/1901
Dow, Luther, age 79, born Aug 31, married 1847 Lovina Dewey, 10 kids, 6 alive (obit) Hardwick & Albany 9/15/1902
Dow, Luther, last week, dau's Mrs. W. W. Miles & Mrs. E. L. Barstow of Barton E. Hardwick per Barton 9/15/1902
Dow, William G., age 82, Feb 20 Brighton 3/9/1903
Dow, William G., funeral Sun., dau Mrs. Charles Bergoine, leaves wife & 10 kids (item) Coventry at Brighton 2/23/1903
Dow, William G., over 80, 20th inst, sister died several days before him (item) Newport at I. Pond 3/2/1903
Downer, __, Mrs., aunt of Mrs. Rob Shurtleff Greensboro Bend 10/5/1903
Downer, Clara, Miss, last Fri., sister Mrs. Smith, after long illness, buried at Malden Greensboro Bend 7/23/1900
Downing, Almira (thanks M/M H. A. Downing, M/M J. Babcock, M/M B. L. Downing) Barton 2/3/1902
Downing, Almira, Jan 20, of Henry & Mary Downing, died Waterbury insane asylum Barton at Waterbury 2/3/1902
Downing, Charles, buried last Sun., bro of J. L. Downing & Mrs. John Forrest, buried S. Barton Sutton 2/5/1900
Downing, Myra L., age 30 y 10 m 18 d, Jan 19, of Henry A. & Mary J. Downing Waterbury 2/3/1902
Downing, Myra, body brought from MA buried Barton last Mon., niece of Mrs. John Forrest So. Barton at MA 1/27/1902
Doyle, __, Mrs., March 13, w/o Ben Doyle, sis Mrs. James Holtham of Sutton South Barton 3/21/1904
Doyle, B. H., Mrs., age 56, last night South Barton 3/14/1904
Doyle, B. H., Mrs., buried last Wed., leaves husband & dau, ill several months South Barton 3/21/1904
Doyle, Fred, funeral last Mon West Derby 7/16/1900
Doyle, Freddie, age 13 y 5 m, July 8 West Derby 7/16/1900
Doyle, Selim N., about 70, Dec 10, sons H. L. Doyle & Gilbert Doyle of MA (item) West Burke 12/14/1903
Drenan, Harry, young man, last June, died in the Philippines, buried Hardwick (item) Hardwick 9/9/1901
Drew, __, Mrs., (thanks) Wesley Drew & Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Heath Glover 5/25/1903
Drew, __, Mrs., d/o M. C. Heath of Evansville Glover 5/11/1903
Drew, Daniel, recently, wife is also very ill Glover at Arlington, MA 7/7/1902
Drew, Gertie Heath, Mrs., Friday, died Brownington Glover 5/4/1903
Drew, Isaac K., age 82, Jan 19, born Danville, died Los Angeles, CA  (obit) CA per Barton 2/4/1901
Drew, Joseph, age 69, Dec 23 Newport 1/1/1900
Drew, Joseph, age 73, last Mon., of Bright's Disease, leaves 4 sisters & 2 bros (obit) Barton 9/15/1902
Drew, Laura Rich, Mrs.,  young lady, Thurs., ill several months, leaves husband & son  (item) Glover 9/8/1902
Drew, Laura, Mrs. (thanks) husband Frank Drew & sister Fanny Spaulding Glover 9/8/1902
Drew, Nathan, age 93, last Wed  (item) Glover 2/18/1901
Drew, Nathaniel, age 93, Feb 13, of shock Glover 2/18/1901
Drew, Nathaniel, born Wolfboro, NH May 31, 1808, married 1830 Sallie McLellan (obit) Glover 2/25/1901
Drew, Persis (thanks from P. G. Stone & Mrs. L. M. Darling & family) Glover 1/14/1901
Drew, Persis M., Mrs., age 74 y 8 m 6 d, Jan 2 Glover 1/21/1901
Drew, Persis M., Mrs., last Wed., dau is Mrs. Laban Darling  (item 12-17-00) Glover 1/7/1901
Drew, William, age 47, recently, bro of T. W. Drew of Barton, mbr Co I 15th VT Regt (item) Lawrence, MA & VT 3/26/1900
Drew, Winifred (thanks) Wesley Drew, Mrs. Susan Shores, Maude & Elwin Shores, Mrs. Etta Crawford Glover 3/28/1904
Drew, Winifred Shores, age 19, last Wed., w/o Wesley Drew, of pneumonia, buried Granby (item) Glover 3/14/1904
Driver, __, Mrs., funeral last Fri., aunt of Mrs. A. E. Ordway of Barton Landing Charleston 4/2/1900
Driver, __, Mrs., March 28, w/o David Driver, leaves 5 sons & 3 daus  (item) West Charleston 4/2/1900
Driver, infant child, April 20, of Mr. & Mrs. Everett Driver West Charleston 4/27/1903
Driver, Lucretia K., Mrs., born Barton April 6, 1826 of Levi & Abigail Garland, w/o David Driver (obit) West Charleston 5/28/1900
Drown, __ Mrs., last Wed., w/o Prof C. H. Drown of B. Landing, of consumption Graniteville-Derby 3/24/1902
Drown, __, Mrs., (thanks C. H. Drown & Josie Drown) Barton 3/31/1902
Drown, __, Mrs., buried Sunday, w/o Hiram Drown, buried Sheffield East Hardwick 5/21/1900
Drown, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Sylvester Drown, ill several months Newport Center 1/5/1903
Drown, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Warner Drown, Mrs. Eliza Mussey of Henniker, NH attending West Burke 3/14/1904
Drown, __, Mrs., Mon., w/o Job Drown Sheffield 6/24/1901
Drown, __, Mrs., Thurs., w/o Warner Drown, d/o Ira Chappell, sons Warren & Frank, dau Florence (obit) West Burke 3/7/1904
Drown, __, Mrs., w/o Warner Drown, sister Mrs. Alice Meacham of Somerville, MA West Burke 3/14/1904
Drown, Amos B., age 81 y 10 m 3 d, Dec 29, dau Mrs. Isabel Fosdick (obit) Barton at Carver, MA 1/4/1904
Drown, Carrie (Bullock), age 29 y 8 m 24 d, March 20 Graniteville-Derby 3/31/1902
Drown, Clara Kimball, Mrs., died at son Frank's in Springfield, MA, buried Glover Glover of Springfield, MA 4/27/1903
Drown, John, age 58, & brother Samson, last Sat., deaf mutes, killed at rr crossing Brownington 10/6/1902
Drown, Lucy A., age 74, Sept 20, wid/o Horace Drown, leaves bro Bradley Ingalls (item) Sheffield 9/26/1904
Drown, Melissa, Mrs., age 85, April 2, son is Jack Drown, buried Glover Sheffield 4/9/1900
Drown, Samson, age 60, & brother John, last Sun., deaf mutes, killed at rr crossing Brownington 10/6/1902
Drown, Samuel, age 76, last Fri., of Bright's disease, leaves son, 3 sisters & 3 bros (item) East Brownington 4/21/1902
Drown, William (thanks Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Drown, Lula Drown & George King) Evansville 2/11/1901
Drown, William, about 20, Fri., of Marvin Drown, killed by falling tree  (item) Evansville 2/4/1901
Dudley, __, Mrs., w/o Ed Dudley, recently, niece is Miss Chase of Lowell, MA Brownington 2/16/1903
Dudley, E. W., Mrs., Thurs., of stomach cancer, leaves husband Barton/Brownington 2/9/1903
Dudley, Harry, age 34, Wed., of Henry Dudley, of pneumonia  (item) Barton Landing 2/10/1902
Dudley, Harry, funeral last Thurs., sis is Mrs. Charles Lee of Lyndonville Barton Landing 2/10/1902
Dudley, Mary E. (Colby), age 53, Feb 5, w/o Ed Dudley, 1/2 bro Jasper Smith (obit) Brownington Center 2/9/1903
Dufur, Asahel, last week, died Leominster, MA West Derby 6/6/1904
Dufur, Asahel, May 29, niece is Mrs. Melvin Chapell, buried Pine Grove West Derby of MA 6/13/1904
Duke, F. J., age 51 y 4 m 3 d, Feb 6 South Barton 2/17/1902
Duke, Frank (thanks Mrs. F. A. Duke & family, P. H. Duke & family , & M/M A. L. Duke) South Barton 2/10/1902
Duke, Frank J., Feb 6 Barton 3/31/1902
Duke, Frank, born Oct 3, 1850 Barton, married Jane Forrest, of grip & heart failure (obit) South Barton 2/10/1902
Duke, John E., young man, Oct 24, suicide by hanging (item) Montpelier 11/2/1903
Dumas, infant son, recently, murdered by mother Mary Dumas age 28 (item) Granville 7/29/1901
Dunham, __, Mrs., June 15, w/o Norman Dunham, of pneumonia, leaves husband & 3 daus Newport Center 6/24/1901
Dunklee, Ruby, Miss, April 2, of cancer West Burke 4/13/1903
Dunn, __, Mrs., yesterday, w/o Ernest Dunn, of consumption Sheffield 9/12/1904
Dunn, Edward, about 18, last Tues., crushed between rr cars, parents live in Groveton (item) Island Pond 7/15/1901
Dunning, John, last week, died at Waterbury and buried there Wheelock 1/8/1900
Dunton, Henry, funeral last Wed., bro-in-law of Dr. & Mrs. C. L. Erwin of Newport Franklin 4/11/1904
Dunton, Nellie L., Miss, age 63, April 20, d/o late Calvin Dunton, invalid 38 yrs (obit) East Charleston 4/25/1904
Dupont, Joseph, May 12, leaves widow & 8 children, buried Newport (item) Derby 5/18/1903
Durgin, Hattie Faunce, Mrs., Aug 7, worked in Barton many years, died Sandwich, MA (item) Boston, MA 8/18/1902
Durgin, Sarah (Jenne), age 82 y 9 m 10 d, June 8, wid/o Chas E. Durgin Derby at Santa Cruz, CA 6/22/1903
Dustan, __, Mrs., last week, w/o George Dustan, summer resident Craftsbury at_____ 7/27/1903
Dutton, child, of Mr. Dutton, M/M Winslow of W. Charleston attended funeral Morgan Center 1/22/1900
Dutton, dau, age 2, last Tues., of M/M L. M. Dutton, of bronchitis Morgan Center 1/22/1900
Dutton, J. M., Rev. age 53, June 17 Newport 6/25/1900
Dutton, J. M., Rev., yesterday, very suddenly Newport 6/18/1900
Dutton, Kirk, Mr., recently, bro of L. M. Dutton of Morgan Center Pike Station, NH 4/7/1902
Dutton, Lucius, aged citizen, Feb 10, buried Craftsbury Albany 2/18/1901
Dutton, Mason, Rev., funeral last Wed. at Newport Craftsbury 6/25/1900
Duval, __, Mrs., Friday, w/o Peter Duval, of the grip Barton 2/4/1901
Duval, Archie, last week, buried April 9, ill many months, buried Greensboro Catholic Hardwick per Greensboro 4/15/1901
Dwinell, __, Mrs., Tues., w/o Roland Dwinell (thanks Roland Dwinell & M/M Alex Baldic) Glover 3/18/1901
Dwinell, Eva D. Baldic, age 20, March 12, w/o Roland Dwinell Glover 3/18/1901
Dwire, baby, last Mon., of Henry Dwire West Charleston 3/5/1900
Dwire, Daniel P., age 25, July 21, leaves wife & son, typhoid fever, died Hookset (obit) W. Charleston at NH 8/1/1904
Dwire, Daniel, 21st inst, s/o Amasa Dwire, leaves wife & child, died Manchester, NH (item) Brownington Ctr at NH 7/25/1904
Dwyer, __, Mrs., old resident, Oct 15, dau is Mrs. Charles Warboy West Charleston 10/22/1900
Dyer, C. M., funeral Thursday Island Pond 1/25/1904
Eastman, Clara, Mrs., remains brought here & buried last week Sutton at ? 11/25/1901
Eastman, David, funeral last Tues., bro-in-law of Mr. L. B. Willey of Glover Lyndon 7/22/1901
Eastman, Harriet, Mrs., funeral last Sun., Bradley Ingalls family attending Lyndon Center 10/1/1900
Eastman, Laura, Mrs., age 81 y 6 m, last Wed., niece is Mrs. Ellen Gordon of Springfield, MA Greensboro 3/10/1902
Eaton, Dorman B., born Hardwick, died Dec 23, buried Montpelier  (item) Montpelier prob 1/1/1900
Edmunds, Pearl, Mr., Wed, of pneumonia, buried Westfield Derby  2/18/1901
Edmunds, Perley Veniah, age 19 y 11 m, 13th, 8th son of Wm Edmunds (item)(item 2/25) Westfield 2/18/1901
Edmunds, Wallace W., age 32 y 9 m,  May 21, of M/M Wm Edmunds, of consumption (obit) Troy 5/26/1902
Edwards, Henry, age 64, Jan 15 Greensboro 2/12/1900
Edwards, Mary, funeral Thurs., w/o James Edwards, died Rumney, NH, buried Lowell Lowell 2/16/1903
Eldred, James, last Sat., killed in logging accident Craftsbury 2/1/1904
Eldred, James, last week, s/o Anson Eldred, buried Montgomery  (item) Craftsbury 2/8/1904
Eldridge, (family reunion), M/M J. W. Craig, M/M J. G. Beede, M/M H. J Eldridge, more Albany 7/28/1902
Elie, __, Mrs., Fri., w/o Dr. Elie, of cancer of the stomach, buried Sherbrooke Newport 8/10/1903
Elkins, __, Mrs., funeral last Tues., grandmother of Mrs. Charles Sylvester of Irasburg Troy 5/30/1904
Elkins, Hannah, Mrs., Friday Sheffield 4/6/1903
Elkins, Stephen O., died 1875 out west, dau recently married in Jacksonville, IL Wheelock 11/26/1900
Elliott, __, Mrs., last week, son is Mr. J. Elliott of Derby Groveton, NH 11/21/1904
Elliott, David, last week, killed by cars in W. Deerfield, ME, bro of Mrs. Moore (items) Island Pond     3/21/1904
Elliott, Joseph, age 78 y 11 m, July 2 Barton 7/9/1900
Elliott, Joseph, nearly 79, last Mon., dau Mrs. Geo. Goad, born Haverhill, NH  (obit) Barton 7/9/1900
Elliott, Mark, Thurs., killed by cars, worked for RR Richford 8/18/1902
Ellis, G. W., Rev., about 75, Dec 7, of pneumonia, leaves 3 sons, wife deceased (item) South Albany 12/15/1902
Ellis, Irene M., age 5 weeks 4 ds, Dec 23, of M/M Edward Ellis, very suddenly West Burke 12/28/1903
Ellis, J. E., age 57 y 3 m 1 d, March 13 Morgan 3/31/1902
Ellis, J. E., last Thurs., ruptured blood vessel which loading logs  (item) Morgan Center 3/17/1902
Ellis, Kenneth, infant son, last Sun., of Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Ellis Island Pond 5/6/1901
Ellis, Sarah Hemenway, Oct 22, w/o Harleigh Ellis, former resident of Barton (item) NYC 10/31/1904
Elmore, Harriet A., Mrs., age 69, last Thur., niece is Mrs. H. T. Seaver  (item) Barton of Morrisville 10/1/1900
Elsie, Anna, Mrs., Nov 29, dau is Mrs. Badger, of pneumonia Irasburg 12/2/1901
Emerson, B. F., born 1831 Danville, died May 1,  leaves 2 sons & dau  (obit) Barton 5/5/1902
Emery, "West", Jan 9?, tramping poet in VT & NH, buried Lisbon, NH  (item) Littleton, NH 1/25/1904
Emery, Herbert, drowned Craftsbury of Eden 5/26/1902
Enos, Charles S., age 22, Wed., only son of M/M John Enos, of consumption (item) Newport 6/29/1903
Enos, Charles, body brought from Newport last Friday for burial W. Charleston 6/29/1903
Erwin, Charlie, age 9 y 11 d, April 27, only son of Dr. & Mrs. C. L. Erwin Newport Center 5/4/1903
Estabrooks, Beda, Mrs., funeral last Thursday Lyndon Ctr per Sheffield 4/4/1904
Estelle, Alice, age 7, Dec 2 Newport Center 12/7/1903
Estelle, Merle Alice, age 7, last Wed., d/o Mr. & Mrs. Alex Estelle Newport Center 12/7/1903
Evans, D. L., Rev., last Monday, former Methodist pastor in Newport Newport at Burlington 6/20/1904
Evans, David L., Rev., age 34, Mon., of appendicitis, died Burlington, of Randolph Ctr.  (obit) Craftsbury 6/27/1904
Evans, Effie, Miss, age 25, April 17 Sheffield 4/27/1903
Evans, George, buried last Fri., leaves wife & 3 children, buried Irasburg South Troy 3/28/1904
Evans, Gilbert, last Tues., sister is Mrs. Stephen Foster Derby Line 1/27/1902
Ewens, Burnie, young man, Mon., brain fever after accident, buried Derby Ctr (item) Barton Landing 2/11/1901
Ewens, George, Wed., buried Irasburg Troy 3/28/1904
Ewens, Thomas, last Wed, had a shock a long time ago, former resident of Holland Derby at Charleston 12/01/1902
Fadden, W. H., brothers James, S. J. & Lewis here from Canada for funeral Greensboro Bend 12/19/1904
Fadden, W. H., Dec 7, leaves wife & daus Mrs. D. G. McFarlane & Mrs. J. H. Pope (item) Greensboro Bend 12/12/1904
Fairbanks, __, Mrs., last week, w/o William Fairbanks, buried Broadview cemetery East Burke at Guildhall 11/4/1901
Fairbrother, Luther, 21st ult, bro/o Henry D. Fairbrother of RI, died of exposure (item) Barton at RI 3/3/1902
Fairchild, Ellen, Mrs., Aug 27, leaves two daus, after long illness West Derby 9/3/1900
Fairman, E. P., Dr., age 75, April 6, surgeon in Civil War Co C 17th VT Vol (item) Hardwick 4/11/1904
Fairwell, Addie, age 45, Dec 2 Albany 12/17/1900
Falk, Hannah, Mrs., age 86, dau's Mrs. J. A. Goss & Mrs. John Cook, born Wales (obit) Greensboro 3/4/1901
Farewell, Stillman, aged citizen, 8th inst, dau Mrs. William Courser Albany 7/16/1900
Farman, Clarinda Gibson, March 12, wid/o Safford Farman, suffered from rheumatism (item) Troy 3/21/1904
Farmer, Ida J., age 3, last week, of C. I. Farmer, prob ate strychnine pills  (item) Rutland 4/4/1904
Farmer, Laura A., Miss, young lady, March 3, of typhoid fever Island Pond 3/11/1901
Farnham, Roswell P., Ex-gov, Mon, ill over a year Bradford 1/12/1903
Farr, __, Mr., funeral last Wed., father of Will Farr of Craftsbury Hardwick 9/29/1902
Farr, __, Mrs., Nov 23, w/o George Farr West Burke 11/30/1903
Farr, George, July 14 West Burke 7/23/1900
Farr, infant dau., Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. Will Farr, of spinal trouble Craftsbury 2/9/1903
Farr, Jabez, funeral March 23?, father of Mrs. William Mitson of W. Derby Holland 3/31/1902
Farr, John, last Fri., found dead in barn, of heart disease East Hardwick 9/29/1902
Farrant, Jane, age 73 y 11 m, last Fri., wid/o Thomas Farrant, born S. Wales, Eng (obit) Newport 9/19/1904
Farrar, Edward, Thurs., ditch caved in on him  (item) Waterbury 10/17/1904
Fay, Warren, funeral last Thurs Burke per Barton   8/26/1901
Felch, St. Clair, yesterday, of gangrene  (item 3/30 buried Brownington Ctr) Westmore 3/23/1903
Felch, St. Clare B., age 79, March 22, of fever sores, leaves wife, bro & 2 sis (item) Westmore 3/30/1903
Felker, infant, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Felker Albany 11/10/1902
Ferry, Clayton (thanks) Mrs. Melissa Ferry, George Ferry, Mrs. V. L. Whittemore, Harvey & Leon Ferry South Albany 10/6/1902
Ferry, Clayton, age 24, Sat., of typhoid pneumonia, buried Wolcott  (item) South Albany 10/6/1902
Field, Abbie, Miss, recently, died Lawrence, MA, former resident East Hardwick 11/7/1904
Field, Nathan, born Dec 3, 1842 Greensboro, died May 1, Mbr 15th Reg VT Vol (obit) East Hardwick 5/18/1903
Field, Nathan, Friday, of neuralgia of the heart East Hardwick 5/4/1903
Field, Nathan, funeral Sun Hardwick per Glover 5/4/1903
Field, Nathan, Memorial service by G.A.R. East Hardwick 6/29/1903
Finney, Harrison, age 85, last Wed, buried East Burke West Burke 2/25/1901
Fish, __, Mrs., Jan 10, w/o Lewis Fish, after long illness W. Derby & Newport 1/19/1903
Fish, Kate Kidder, Mrs., last Fri., married last fall  (item) Irasburg at Sunderland, MA 8/18/1902
Fisher, Mary A., age 54 y 10 m 5 d, July 16 West Glover 7/22/1901
Fisher, Mary A., age 55, last Tues., w/o Augustus Fisher, of gastric trouble (item) West Glover 7/22/1901
Fisher, William (thanks) Mrs. Emma Fisher, T. C. Fisher & family, C. W. Fisher & family Irasburg 3/21/1904
Fisher, William, age 63, Mon., long illness, leaves wife & 2 brothers & 1 sister (item) Irasburg 3/21/1904
Fisk, __, Mrs., w/o Seymour Fisk, dau Mrs. William Kimball of Lowell Barton 6/15/1903
Fisk, Betsey C. (Noyes), age 75, June 11, wid/o Seymour Fisk, leaves 4 children (item) Barton 6/15/1903
Fisk, Florence, age 36, Feb 9, leaves husband & 2 kids, d/o M/M Wm Wilson  (item) Barton at PQ 2/18/1901
Fisk, Florence, last Sat., w/o Harry Fisk, had surgery in Montreal & died (item) Barton at PQ 2/11/1901
Fisk, John, last week, father of Mrs. J. B. Cox of Morgan Derby Line 12/2/1901
Fisk, S. N., born Barton Jan 22, 1828, wife is Betsey Noyes, leaves wife, 2 dau & 2 sons (obit) Barton 12/23/1901
Fitz, H. A., last week, former resident of Craftsbury, died Steamboat Rock, Iowa Craftsbury at Iowa 1/19/1903
Flaherty, Patrick, age 76, Aug 28 Island Pond 9/2/1901
Flanders, Edward, (injured story), run over by train, lost foot, leg and hand, still alive Barton at Nashua, NH 12/7/1903
Fleming, Carrie, Miss, young lady, last Fri., leaves parents, of heart failure  (item) Lowell 3/26/1900
Fleming, Martin, Nov 24, of diphtheria, former resident of East Brownington South Glover 12/2/1901
Flemming, Henry M., age 23, yesterday, s/o John Flemming, of diphtheria & heart failure S. Glover per Brownington 11/25/1901
Fletcher, __, Mr., last Wed, of heart failure, son is Fred Fletcher Albany 11/28/1904
Fletcher, __, Mrs. (thanks) F. M. Fletcher & family, M/M C. J. Fletcher Albany 7/11/1904
Fletcher, __, Mrs., about 44, last Wed., w/o Fred Fletcher, leaves husband & 5 kids (item) Albany 6/27/1904
Fletcher, __, Mrs., age 27, last Wed., w/o Will Fletcher, d/o Henry Rash, from consumption Barton & Glover 2/26/1900
Fletcher, __, Mrs., Sun., w/o Will Fletcher, of consumption Glover 3/31/1902
Fletcher, C. H., last Wed., bro of Mrs. J. E. Chamberlin of Barton Landing Albany at Charlotteville, VA 3/24/1902
Fletcher, Ernest, age 27, last Fri., leaves wife Barton 6/4/1900
Flint, __, Miss, last week, d/o Frank Flint, formerly of W. Burke, died MA Pepperell, MA 6/17/1901
Flint, __, Mr., funeral last Tues. N. Troy per Irasburg 7/16/1900
Flint, Herbert, remains brought for burial Sat. at S. Troy, of pneumonia  (item) Newport Center 1/13/1902
Flint, Nancy Adeline, Mrs., age 79, April 13, w/o Charles Flint, buried North Troy (item) Newport 4/21/1902
Flint, Sophia, Oct 17, wid/o Austin Flint, of bronchial pneumonia Troy 10/24/1904
Flint, twin infant, Friday?, of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Flint Newport 7/28/1902
Flood, William P., born Albany July 24, 1829, died Sept 16, wife Abba Clark (obit) Glover at Burr Oak, KS 10/13/1902
Flower, Dora Hammond, Sat., w/o Charles Flower, feeble for several years, leaves 4 children West Derby 3/5/1900
Fogg, Leroy, age 34, Wed, bros Arthur C. & Geo Fogg & sis Mrs. Henry Gaskill & Mrs. Drew (item) West Burke & Sutton 3/7/1904
Fogg, Warner, Tues., soldier of the 15th VT., Co. I, nearly helpless from rheumatism West Burke & Glover 8/26/1901
Folsom, __, Mrs., buried Thurs., mother of Mrs. Piper Greensboro Bend 11/24/1902
Folsom, __, Mrs., formerly Mrs. Joseph Wheelock, funeral last Wed., stepdau Mrs. Ida Niles Sheffield per Coventry 7/6/1903
Folsom, F. N., Mr., age 30, last Sat., leaves wife & dau, of typhoid fever  (item) Barton 2/9/1903
Folsom, Hattie, age 42, Jan 7, w/o H. A. Folsom, d/o Mrs. Daniel Gordon, buried St. J. (obit) Barton at Boston 1/11/1904
Folsom, John, funeral last Thurs. Newport 3/21/1904
Folsom, John, Tues, killed in train crash at Lennoxville, Que.  (item - also 3/21 item) Newport 3/21/1904
Fontain, Joseph, buried March 29, very ill for some time Sheffield 3/31/1902
Fontain, Joseph, March 27 Sheffield 4/7/1902
Forbes, William, last week, son of Sherman Forbes , former resident Cambridge, MA per Derby 4/29/1901
Ford, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Carl Ford, died in Worcester, MA, buried Barton Barton at MA 6/20/1904
Ford, Charlie, Oct 23, paralytic shocks, died Monrovia, CA Barton Landing 11/9/1903
Ford, Justin B., born Braintree March 30, 1840, died Tues, Mbr Co I, 15th Vt Reg (obit) Barton Land of Worcester, MA 6/22/1903
Ford, Laura, Mrs., born Dec 5, 1820 Brookfield, of Justin & Persis Bigelow, last Fri. (obit) Barton Landing 12/16/1901
Ford, Laura, Mrs., prev husband John Paten who died 1857, married Lewis Ford  Barton Landing 12/16/1901
Fordyce, infant child, Mon., of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fordyce Derby Line 5/19/1902
Forest, John H., age 40, Friday, drank wood alcohol from job  (item) Burlington 11/26/1900
Forrest, infant son, last Mon, of M/M Frank Forrest Greensboro Bend 12/01/1902
Fort, William, aged resident, Sunday East Hardwick 7/20/1903
Foss, __, Mr., recently, son in law of Calvin Brown of West Charleston VT? 12/24/1900
Foss, __, Mrs., last week, mom of Mrs. L. S. Alden of Barton Landing Fitch Bay, PQ 4/20/1903
Foss, __, Mrs., Sept 22, w/o Moses Foss Brownington 9/29/1902
Foss, Melissa, Sept 22 (21?), w/o Moses Foss, feeble a long time, son Augustus Foss (item) Brownington Center 9/29/1902
Foss, Oscar, age 72, Aug 11, formerly of Barton, died San Francisco Barton at CA 9/8/1902
Foster, __, Mr., (thanks) Mrs. Josephine D. Foster & Mrs. C. W. Clark Barton 11/9/1903
Foster, A. T., March 31, leaves wife & 4 children  (item) Derby Line 4/9/1900
Foster, Captain, Sunday Derby Line at Newport 11/7/1904
Foster, Ellen (Townsend), buried Wed., w/o Wesley Foster, died Manchester, NH West Charleston 5/23/1904
Foster, Ethan E., age 61 y 7 m 5 d, Oct 31 Barton 11/9/1903
Foster, Ethan, age 60, last Sat., leaves wife, ill many years, formerly of Morrisville (item) Barton 11/2/1903
Foster, Ethan, age 60, Oct 31  (11/9 buried Glover) Barton 11/2/1903
Foster, Ethan, born March 26, 1842 Peacham, married Dec 31, 1864 Josephine Merriam (obit) Barton 11/9/1903
Foster, Joel, age 77, Feb 19, native of Fayston  (item) Montpelier 3/2/1903
Foster, John Gilman (history) born Derby Line March 9, 1859, now Consul-General of US Derby Line 6/29/1903
Foster, W. W., age 68, Aug 15 Denver, CO 8/22/1904
Foster, W. W., age 68, last Mon., born Troy, died Denver, CO, buried West Derby (obit) Irasburg at CO 8/22/1904
Foster, William, funeral Sat. Newport 8/22/1904
Fourdner, John, March 12, leaves wife & child in Scotland  (item) Hardwick 3/21/1904
Fowler, O. W., funeral last Tues. North Troy 3/31/1902
Fowler, O. W., March 22, of pneumonia, resident since 1883 North Troy 3/31/1902
Fox, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Daniel Fox, mom of Mrs. Fred Gray of Holland South Barnston, PQ 1/4/1904
Fox, Hiram (thanks) Mrs. Sarah Fox & Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Fox East Brownington 2/23/1903
Fox, Hiram D., age 67, Thurs., of a shock, leaves wife & child, fought in civil war (item) Brownington Center 1/26/1903
Fox, Hosea C., age 72 y 2 m, March 20 Westmore 3/25/1901
Fox, Hosea C., last Wed., leaves wife, 3 sons & 2 daus  (item) Westmore 3/25/1901
Fox, infant dau, last Tues., of Mr. & Mrs. D. Fox Westmore 9/17/1900
Fox, little dau., recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord H. Fox East Brownington 10/6/1902
Fox, Stella Casson, age 46, Tues., w/o Charles Fox, leaves husband, son & dau (item) Barton Landing 5/18/1903
Foy, Fred, about 30, Wed., of F. H. Foy of Augusta, ME, dead on RR track  (long item) Newport of Richford 4/18/1904
Franklin, Rev. J. R., recently, former Derby 6/9/1902
Fraser, __, Mrs., last week, funeral Fri., w/o John Fraser, buried Beebe Plain Derby Line 12/9/1901
Frasier, __, Mrs., recently, w/o John Frasier, former resident North Craftsbury 1/6/1902
Freeman, __, Mrs., aged lady, March 1, dau is Mrs. Cyrus Durivage Lowell 3/9/1903
French, __, Mrs., recently, w/o George French, sis-in-law Mrs. G. C. Cole of Barton Springfield, MA 2/9/1903
French, Lindol, 2nd, age 78, Feb 7th, of pneumonia Glover 2/18/1901
French, Lindol, born Dec 22, 1822 Glover, last Thurs., of Zenas French  (obit) Glover 2/11/1901
Friend, __, Mrs., age 56, yesterday, w/o Robert Friend, leaves husband, 2 daus, 4 sons (item) Barton 2/19/1900
Friend, __, Mrs., funeral Tues., sis of Dennis Shortsleeves of Lowell Barton 2/26/1900
Frisette, John, age 43, Oct 18 Newport 10/27/1902
Frissell, infant, week ago Sunday, of Mr. & Mrs. Herman Frissell Newport 4/27/1903
Frost, George (military history) he killed commanding officer who was killing their own Barton 7/22/1901
Fuller, [Geor]ge, about 65, Wed, of pneumonia, wife burned to death years ago Glover 4/11/1904
Fuller, __, Mrs., Sat., w/o George Fuller, blind, clothes caught on fire  (item) Sheffield & Glover 4/2/1900
Fuller, Bertha (Day), last Fri., w/o John Fuller, of consumption  (item) Coventry 7/29/1901
Fuller, Elbridge, age 72, remains here the 16th for burial at Troy Westfield, MA per Troy 4/25/1904
Fuller, Elizabeth, Mrs., Nov 5, buried Island Pond next to son David Elliott Island Pond at Groveton 11/14/1904
Fuller, Gilbert, recently, remains brought Thurs for burial in Sheffield Woodsville, NH 4/15/1901
Fuller, Melissa, born Derby June 7, 1844, March 16, of Lewis & Mary Arnold, w/o Joseph Fuller (obit) East Coventry 3/28/1904
Fuller, Nellie, Miss, last Sun., bro is Dana Fuller, ill some months North Troy 1/7/1901
Fuller, Pearl, age 13, Aug 12, only child of M/M Angelo Fuller, of appendicitis West Derby at Newport 8/18/1902
Fuller, Rhoda, Mrs., Thurs. Derby 6/20/1904
Fuller, William L., age 33, Tues., overdose of laudanum for pain (item) S. Wallingford 6/24/1901
Gage, __, Mrs., funeral last Fri., w/o Horace Gage Lyndonville 1/7/1901
Galbreth, __, Mr., last week, father of Miss Mattie Galbreth of Newport Roxville, PQ 2/26/1900
Gale, __, Mr., young man, recently, s/o Mrs. Emily Bickford Gale, of pneumonia (item) Glover at Bath, NH? 2/16/1903
Gale, Frank, about 32, Feb 2, only son of late Amos & Emily Bickford Gale Bath, NH 3/9/1903
Gale, Herbert L., Dr., April 22, buried Barre Alva, FL  4/29/1901
Gale, Herbert L., Dr., April 22, leaves dau Mildred living w/Mrs. A. B. Owen (item) Alva, FL per Barton 4/29/1901
Gale, John, age 71, June 19, born Andover, NH, leaves wife, dau, sister & bros (obit) Newport 6/23/1902
Gallagher, Edward, born Ireland Dec 26, 1813, died Dec 10, to Que 1847, wife died 1877 (obit) North Craftsbury 12/19/1904
Gallagher, Edward, Sat., ill several months North Craftsbury 12/12/1904
Gallagher, Edward, sons John, James & F. M., dau's Mrs. Martin Johnson, Mrs. Nora Sheehan North Craftsbury 12/19/1904
Gallagher, Edward, Sr., recently East Albany 12/19/1904
Gallant, __, Mrs., Thurs., w/o Dennis Gallant, leaves husband & child, buried Craftsbury Albany 4/27/1903
Gallant, Emma (thanks) Dennis Gallant, M/M Victor Gilbert, M/M Eugene Gilbert, Napoleon & Ernest Gilbert Albany 5/4/1903
Gallant, Emma, age 25 y 1 m 23 d, April 23, w/o Dennis Gallant, of consumption (obit) Albany 5/4/1903
Gallant, young child, last Mon., of Dennis Gallant, of the measles North Craftsbury 4/15/1901
Gallat, __, Mrs., funeral Sat., w/o Peter Gallat, buried N. Craftsbury Albany 4/27/1903
Gallup, Mabel, Miss, recently, sister of Mrs. C. Gallup formerly of E. Charleston St. Albans 12/30/1901
Gardner, __, Mrs., Sun., w/o Charles Gardner, ill a long time Lowell 6/10/1901
Gardner, __, Mrs., Thurs., w/o Frank Gardner, of pneumonia West Derby 11/25/1901
Gardner, Calvin, Mon., leaves aged mother West Derby 11/18/1901
Gardyne, __, Mr., funeral last Wed, son is A. H. Gardyne of Brownington North Troy 10/17/1904
Garey, Edith M., age 22, May 8, youngest d/of Maurice Garey, of consumption  (obit) Barton at St. Albans 5/19/1902
Garey, George, about 38, funeral last week, killed in RR accident, sis Mrs. Chas Wilkie (obit) St. Albans at Middlesex 6/23/1902
Garfield, Leon, born Jan 22, 1887 Newark, last Thurs., of peritonitis, buried Newark Barton at Montreal 1/5/1903
Garfield, Ralph (thanks) Mrs. Viola Garfield, G. F., M. C., & Myrtie Garfield, Mrs. N. A. Smith, Mrs. H. M. Whipple North Craftsbury 12/01/1902
Garfield, Ralph, funeral 22nd, father of Mrs. H. M. Whipple of Barton Landing North Craftsbury 12/01/1902
Garfield, Ralph, Thurs., ill for some time, leaves wife North Craftsbury 11/24/1902
Garland, Elcena, Mrs., Feb 22, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Blake, buried Lynn, MA (item) W. Derby at Washington, DC 3/3/1902
Garvin, Charles, buried last Fri. at Craftsbury, leaves wife & son, s/o A. R. Garvin  (items) Wolcott 5/6/1901
Garvin, M. D., Mrs., remains brought last week for interment Hardwick 4/7/1902
Garvin, Samuel, age 92, buried Oct 10, son Alphonso Garvin & 2 daus, buried Craftsbury Danville of Craftsbury 10/28/1901
Gates, Lennie, about 30, Wed., of Curtis Gates, suicide by hanging, buried Lyndon Ctr (item) Lyndon of CT 8/11/1902
Gaudett, Joseph, about 80, last Tues., had 11 children all alive, died chopping wood (item) Irasburg 6/13/1904
Gay, __, Mr., aged man, last Sat., father of Carlos Gay, invalid a long time Barton Landing 11/5/1900
Gaylor, Harry, age 17 y 4 m, Jan 18 Newport 1/26/1903
Gaylor, Harry, yesterday, of typhoid fever Newport 1/19/1903
Gebbie, __, Mr., funeral last Thurs., bro of John Gebbie of Greensboro Montreal 10/13/1902
Gebbie, James, Feb 10, leaves father age 90, wife & 3 children, of pneumonia  (items) E. Craftsbury & Greensboro 2/16/1903
Gebbie, Maggie, Miss, age 61, April 21 Greensboro 4/27/1903
Geer, __, Mr., May 23, ill many weeks West Derby 5/28/1900
Geer, Florence, w/o Calvin Geer, dau of M/M J. A. Joslyn, leaves husband & 2 kids (item) E. Burke per Brownington 3/25/1901
Gervase, little child, last Tues., of Fred Gervase, of diphtheria Hardwick 2/1/1904
Gibbs, __, Mrs., age 67, last Wed, buried St. Johnsbury  (item) Irasburg 5/26/1902
Gibeau, Michael, Wed June 22?, drowned at Livermore, ME Island Pond at ME 7/11/1904
Gibson, __, Mrs., funeral yesterday, wid/o Rev. J. A. Gibson, buried Gibson lot Brownington Center 11/7/1904
Gibson, Sarah, born April 14, 1816 Shrewsbury, Fri., of paralysis (obit) Westmore 6/1/1903
Gibson, Willie, last Sun, of Bright's disease, buried Sutton Sheffield 1/22/1900
Gifford, Marion, Friday Craftsbury 4/27/1903
Gifford, Marion, funeral Mon., buried Wolcott Craftsbury 5/4/1903
Gifford, W. W., age 63, April 29, leaves widow, 2 sons & 1 dau, injured in mill accident Hardwick 5/9/1904
Gignac, A. A., recently, leaves wife & 2 sons, buried Sherbrooke, died Jacksonville, FL Derby Line at FL 1/6/1902
Gilbert, __, Mrs., recently, w/o John Gilbert, dau is Mrs. P. H. Brahana Lowell 11/3/1902
Gilbert, Abbie, last Wed., youngest of Thomas Gilbert, of rheumatic fever  (item) Westfield 12/1/1902
Gilbert, Adeline, age 61, Dec 1, w/o Antwine Gilbert, leaves husband & 10 children North Craftsbury 12/9/1901
Gilbert, Ellen, Miss, age 18, Dec 7, of typhoid fever, school teacher Lowell at Westfield 12/12/1904
Gilbert, Mary, age 69, 18th inst, wid/o Thomas Gilbert, of heart trouble  (item) Westfield 2/25/1901
Gilbert, Sylvia, Mrs., funeral last Tues., d/o M/M Heerman, killed in trolley accident (item) Coventry 9/14/1903
Gilbour, Arthur, son James Gilmour of Waterbury, dau Mrs. Selden Cass of Lowell South Albany 8/5/1901
Gilchrist, __, Mr., last week, Rob Shurtleff & wife of Greensboro Bend attending Walden 5/2/1904
Gilfillen, John, age 81, last Thurs., leaves sons Ethan & Moses & one other (item) Brownington 2/12/1900
Gillis, James, age 86, Sept 29 Graham, MO 10/6/1902
Gillis, R., Mrs., 18th inst, dau's Mrs. J. W. Miller & Mrs. Daniel Gilbride Richmond, PQ per Barton 7/29/1901
Gillis, Robert, last Tues., ill 2 weeks  (item - buried Greensboro) Brownington Center 6/18/1900
Gilman, Clara (Fletcher), Mrs., about 70, Tues., wid/o David H. Gilman  (obit) Westfield & Biddeford, ME 8/6/1900
Gilman, dau, age 9, last Sat., of Frank Gilman Barton 3/24/1902
Gilman, Emma F., Mrs., born Glover Aug 16, 1846, Nov 24, d/o Wm & Mary Burroughs (obit) Glover 11/30/1903
Gilman, John, age 63 y 8 m 8 d, April 30 Hatley, Que 5/2/1904
Gilman, Leander, age 80, Jan 25 Newport 1/29/1900
Gilman, Leander, old resident, Thurs., of a shock Newport 1/29/1900
Gilmour, Arthur, age 79 y 4 m 7 d, July 27 Glover 8/5/1901
Gilmour, Arthur, age 79, Sat South Albany 7/29/1901
Gilmour, Arthur, born Scotland April 20, 1822, funeral Tues, leaves wife & 6 kids (item) West Glover 8/5/1901
Gilpin, William B. (history) voted as town rep., born 1851, married 1875 Hattie Farman Westfield 9/12/1904
Gleason, son, age 13 mos, Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. Bert Gleason Barton 2/11/1901
Glidden, __, Mrs., about 84, Tues., w/o Levi Glidden, sons F. J. & Charles  (item) Craftsbury 6/9/1902
Glidden, __, Mrs., funeral last Fri., Mrs. W. H. Brunning of Barton attending Glover 8/27/1900
Glidden, Emily, Mrs., old resident, Wed., of a shock  (item) Glover 8/27/1900
Glidden, Miranda, Mrs., recently, buried last Thurs., sister of A. B. Glidden West Burke 4/16/1900
Glines, Augustus, buried W. Derby Tues., grandson Roland Glines, died Lawrence, MA West Derby 5/16/1904
Goddard, __, Mr., recently Holland 8/10/1903
Goddard, child (thanks) Mr. Thomas Goddard, Mrs. Mae Goddard & children Barton Landing 9/26/1904
Goddard, little child, last Mon., of Mr. & Mrs. T. M. Goddard Barton Landing 9/26/1904
Goddard, Winchester, Thurs., died suddenly Caswell's Mills per Morgan 8/10/1903
Godfrey, William, last week, suicide by shooting himself  (item) St. Johnsbury 2/25/1901
Goff, L. L., age 77, last Wed., dau is Mrs. E. S. Hill, of heart failure, buried Barre (item) Newport 5/13/1901
Going, Loren B., born July 24, 1847, Sept 5, of stomach cancer, of Volentine Going (obit) Brownington Center 9/26/1904
Going, Loren, (thanks) Mrs. Linda Going, Miss Clio Going, M/M Herbert Aldrich Brownington 9/19/1904
Going, Loren, funeral last Wed., leaves dau Nettie Aldrich, & sister  (item) Brownington 9/19/1904
Going, Loren, last Mon, after long illness Brownington Center 9/12/1904
Going, Loren, wife #1 Estella Mead, wife #2 Linda Savage, leaves wife & 2 daus Brownington Center 9/26/1904
Gonier, __, Mrs., last Fri., of consumption Irasburg 3/30/1903
Gonier, child, about 2 years old, buried last Thurs., of Mr. Gonier Irasburg 8/20/1900
Gonier, infant, last Thurs., of Mr. & Mrs. Gonier Irasburg 5/5/1902
Gonyaw, __, Mrs., Wed., w/o Edmund Gonyaw, after long & painful illness Lowell 5/13/1901
Goodell, Ashel, little boy, last Wed., only son of Albert Goodell, crushed by sled (item) Coventry 4/21/1902
Goodrich, Lewis, last Sat., of Mr. & Mrs. Levi Goodrich, of scarlet fever East Hardwick 3/11/1901
Goodsell, __, Mrs., 23rd inst., w/o James Goodsell, very suddenly in her sleep Morgan Center 8/5/1901
Goodwin, Eliza A., Mrs., born 1824 Bath, NH, died last Tues, dau Mrs. J. E. Hennessey (obit) Barton Landing 4/14/1902
Goodwin, infant child, age 5 days, May 6, only child of M/M E. E. Goodwin West Charleston 5/12/1902
Goodwin, Nancy, Mrs., buried Cabot last Thurs. Barton Landing 5/5/1902
Goodwin, Nancy, Mrs., Tues., dau is Mrs. Hennesy  (item) West Charleston 4/14/1902
Goodwin, Nathan P., about 18, Thurs, from a fever  (item) Sutton 7/23/1900
Gooley, J., last Tues., sister is Mrs. Eugene Burrows of Brownington, buried Canada Brownington of Canada 7/25/1904
Gordon, Will, about 24, last Sun., drowned in Meredith, NH Barton at NH 12/9/1901
Gorham, John, funeral last Tues., cousin of George Gorham of Barton Lyndonville 12/26/1904
Gorham, Loren, Nov 22, bro is J. G. Gorham of Coventry, of pneumonia Coventry at W. Union, Iowa 12/2/1901
Goslant, Gerald E., age 21 mos, Jan 6, of Moses & Annie Goslant, of peritonitis Lanesboro 2/2/1903
Goss, __, Mrs., funeral last Tues, w/o Leonard Goss Danville per Greensboro 10/19/1903
Goss, Clarence, little son, Mon., of W. D. Goss, shot himself while woodchuck hunting East Burke 5/5/1902
Gould, __, Mrs., Fri., w/o Levi Gould, of cancer West Derby 3/24/1902
Gould, George, age 62, Jan 12, of heart disease, leaves wife & 3 children, buried Walden Hardwick 1/19/1903
Gould, James F., born Barton June 4, 1822, last Sat., bro o/late Mrs. Moses Hubbard (obit) Barton 1/13/1902
Gould, James, wife #1 Betsey McNeil, wife #2 Sarah Rice, s/o Nathan Gould Barton 1/13/1902
Govro, __, Mrs., age 66, Feb 15, w/o John Govro, leaves husband & 3 sons (item) Albany 2/22/1904
Graham, George, Sat, of consumption Greensboro Bend 3/7/1904
Graham, Gertrude, age 12, Sun., d/o Mrs. Fred Chandler, buried E. Hardwick (item) North Craftsbury 9/23/1901
Graham, infant son, buried March 13, of Mrs. Bertha Graham Greensboro Bend 3/21/1904
Grammo, baby, (thanks Ed & Edith Grammo) South Barton 4/1/1901
Grammo, Elmer E., age 14 mos 9 d, March 22, of Ed & Edith Grammo South Barton 4/1/1901
Grandy, Grace, about 57, last Tues., wid/o Elbridge Grandy, bro Wm Alexander (item) Evansville & Derby 12/29/1902
Grandy, Grace, Mrs., Dec 23, died at bro's William Alexander, buried Newport Newport at Brownington 1/5/1903
Granger, P. N., Rev., (history) born Nov 26, 1823 Bethel, list of assignments Irasburg 4/18/1904
Grant, Margaret, almost 7, last Thurs., of M/M George Grant, of meningitis, buried Bradford (item) Barton 5/16/1904
Grant, W. B., young man, last Thurs., of typhoid fever, buried Irasburg Barton 1/5/1903
Grant, William, about 30, last Thurs., s/o late Capt Eben Grant, of typhoid fever (obit) Irasburg at Barton 1/5/1903
Graves, __, Mr., (thanks Mrs. Emily Graves & Mr. & Mrs. N. E. Graves) Barton 10/7/1901
Graves, __, Mrs., last week, niece of Mr. Charles Miles West Burke 11/7/1904
Graves, Emily, Mrs., age 84, last Thurs., son is N. E. Graves, buried W. Glover (item) Barton 11/24/1902
Graves, George W., age 78 y 29 d, Sept 21 Barton 10/7/1901
Graves, George W., age 78, last Sat., leaves wife & several children  (item) Barton 9/23/1901
Graves, Jessie (Hubbard), about 47, w/o Charles Graves, leaves husband & sons Charles & John (obit) Barton 8/3/1903
Graves, Myra (thanks) M/M Geo Graves, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Graham, W. H. & R. P. Graves West Glover 9/14/1903
Graves, Myra, Fri., d/o Hiram & Belle Graves, took poison, buried W. Glover W. Glover at Greensboro 9/7/1903
Graves, Sylvia, born Nov 11, 1833, died Nov 30, w/o Myron Graves, bro Winthrop Gove (obit) Holland 12/12/1904
Graves, Sylvia, last Wed., leaves son & 2 daus Mrs. Cora Gould & (E)ffie Palen (item) Holland at Montpelier 12/5/1904
Graves, Washington, buried West Glover, died in Barton Barton & W. Glover 9/30/1901
Gray, __, Mrs., last Fri., mother of Silas Gray, very suddenly, buried Sutton Glover 2/24/1902
Gray, __, Mrs., last Mon, w/o John Gray, leaves husband & 3 little children (item) Sutton 11/9/1903
Gray, __, Mrs., last Sun., w/o Walter Gray, ill several years Glover 9/30/1901
Gray, A. M., Mrs.,  Morgan 6/13/1904
Gray, Alice, June 8, w/o A. M. Gray, leaves husband, dau, 2 sons, step son & step dau (item) Morgan & Brownington 6/13/1904
Gray, Andrew, Feb 7, buried in village cemetery, leaves son Herbert Gray Brownington 2/12/1900
Gray, Anson, nearly 97, buried last Tues, son is Silas, married over 72 yrs, buried Sutton (item) Sheffield 4/2/1900
Gray, Arthur, age 16, Sept 21, eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Gray Sutton 10/6/1902
Gray, Blanche, age 14, April 14, of Mary & Harlow Gray, of blood poison Sutton 4/23/1900
Gray, Charles H., old resident, Jan 4, mbr Co K 10th Vt Vol, leaves widow, 4 sons & dau (item) East Charleston 1/11/1904
Gray, Effie, w/o Orrin Gray, suddenly, buried Nashua, NH  (item) South Barton 2/11/1901
Gray, Emily, Mrs., buried last Sat., husband died 47 yrs ago Sheffield 4/8/1901
Gray, Hubbard, Mrs., age 77, March 9  [error should be Mr. Hubbard Gray] Coventry 3/18/1901
Gray, Hubbard, old citizen, Sat., married twice, leaves 3 children, of the grip (obit) Coventry 3/11/1901
Gray, infant son, last Sun., of Clarence Gray, of cholera infantum Sutton 9/24/1900
Gray, J. G., Mrs., last Tues., leaves husband & dau's Mrs. Harry Squires & Mrs. Lewis Greenwood (obit) Wheelock 6/17/1901
Gray, Julia Ann, Mrs., Sat., caring for ill bro-in-law Henry Hall  (item) Glover 1/5/1903
Gray, Julia, Mrs., funeral Tues., sister Mrs. Henry Hall, died suddenly Glover 1/12/1903
Gray, Leon (history of his rr accident & surgeries on his foot) Holland 2/2/1903
Gray, Luther, recently, remains brought here to be buried Monday Wheelock 5/25/1903
Gray, Milliat, last Thurs., leaves wife, bros Daniel & Frank, sis Mrs. Helen Barrows Coventry 9/24/1900
Gray, Sherlock V., age 58, Oct 31 Sheffield 11/5/1900
Gray, Sherlock V., Oct 31, leaves wife Julia Gray, 5 sisters, 1 bro  (item) Sheffield per Glover 11/5/1900
Green, __, Mrs., Friday, w/o Albert Green, leaves husband, buried St. Johnsbury Derby 7/25/1904
Green, __, Mrs., funeral yesterday Derby 7/25/1904
Green, __, Mrs., last Thurs., mom of Mrs. Amy Hall, of heart trouble, buried Lyndonville Newport 3/17/1902
Green, __, Mrs., old resident, last Sun., w/o Antony Green, married 65 yrs Lowell 8/24/1903
Green, Albert, last Monday, buried St. Johnsbury Derby 10/24/1904
Green, C. K., age 89, last Sat., struck by train, buried Richford  (item) North Troy 10/21/1901
Green, David, age 91, Jan 7, buried Rowell Cemetery in Albany, soldier in rebellion (item) E. Albany at Williamstown 1/22/1900
Green, G. H., aged resident, Oct 9, after long & painful illness Holland 10/20/1902
Green, George Harrison, age 82 y 4 m 21 d, Oct 9 Holland 10/20/1902
Green, H. S., Friday, of typhoid fever & hemorrhage, son Hamilton of MA (obit) Newport 9/12/1904
Green, John, age 57, Oct 13, died at Providence, RI West Burke 10/24/1904
Green, O. E., April 30, died in Boston, buried Newport, leaves wife Newport at Boston 5/7/1900
Green, Rufus, buried Friday at Westmore, leaves wife & dau, former resident Laconia, NH 5/16/1904
Greene, Edwin, last Mon., sis is Mrs. Edward Aiken, of typhoid fever, buried E. Franklin (item) Coventry of W. Enosburg 11/25/1901
Greene, John, age 57, Oct 13, formerly of West Burke Providence, RI 10/31/1904
Greenwood, __, Mrs., last Mon. Derby 7/1/1901
Greenwood, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Frank Greenwood Jr. Derby at Newport 11/24/1902
Greenwood, Josephine Lippens, Mrs., Mon., former teacher at Catholic School in Newport Lowell, MA 11/24/1902
Gregory, __, Mrs., brought here Thurs., w/o Elder Daniel Gregory, buried Brownington Ctr  (item) Barton Land at Hyde Park 5/16/1904
Gregory, __, Mrs., buried last Fri at Brownington Ctr., dau Mrs. Florence Crandall & son Geo Kinnie Hyde Park 5/16/1904
Grey, Charlie, about 23, Tues., of H. A. Grey, from a cold  (item) East Charleston 2/19/1900
Grey, Herbert, age 48 y 3 m 15 d, Nov 24 E. Brownington 12/15/1902
Griffin, __, Mrs., July 16, w/o John Griffin West Charleston 7/21/1902
Griffin, George, young man, Oct 31, typhoid fever, leaves parents 2 bros & 2 sisters  (item) West Charleston 11/4/1901
Griffin, Ora, boy, last Tues., of typhoid fever, third death in family in 10 months (item) West Charleston 9/15/1902
Griffin, Thomas, body found July 9 in river, prob shot in head  (item) St. Johnsbury & Barre 7/14/1902
Griggs, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Ambrose Griggs, dau is Mrs. Erwin Rockwell of Troy Troy? 6/27/1904
Griggs, little son, age 8, last Fri., of Stewart Griggs, buried Pine Grove Newport 2/8/1904
Griggs, twin dau, of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Griggs Newport Center 6/9/1902
Grinnel, Elmile Hyde, Mrs., age 103 y 8 m 12 d, last Mon, GGGrandmother of Geo Anderson Colchester per Craftsbury 3/26/1900
Grout, William W., Gen., last Tues, marr 1860 Loraine Smith died 1868, sis Victoria Grout    (obit & item) Kirby & Barton 10/13/1902
Grout, William Wallace, born May 24, 1836 Compton, Que. (full obit) Kirby/Barton 1/4/1904
Grow, __, Mr., last night, son is C. C. Grow, to be buried in Bradford Barton 8/18/1902
Grow, Gertrude, age 39, last Fri., w/o C. C. Grow, typhoid, leaves husband, son & dau (item) Barton 12/29/1902
Grow, Gertrude, Mrs., age 39 y 8 m 12 d, Dec 26 Barton 12/29/1902
Grow, John, recently, son of late Hubbard Grow of Glover, drowned fording a stream (item) Santa Paula, CA 3/4/1901
Grow, Lewis, funeral last week Barton 3/24/1902
Grow, Louis, born Aug 18, 1860, died March 16, leaves parents, wife & son (obit) Evansville/Brownington 3/24/1902
Grow, Marshall, age 92, Jan 11, grandson Edward Grow, of pneumonia Derby 1/20/1902
Grow, Oliver E., Mon, after long illness, leaves wife & daughter, buried Pine Grove West Derby 12/19/1904
Guernsey, George H., last Wed., built Barton Hotel & ME Church  Montpelier 12/3/1900
Guild, __, Mrs., Friday, wid/o Rev. C. L. Guild Greensboro 8/5/1901
Guild, __, Mrs., last Fri., dau Miss Mabel Guild Greensboro 8/5/1901
Guild, Ezra, last Thurs., s/o late Thomas Guild, married twice, 5 kids survive (obit) Coventry at Manapan, MA 4/13/1903
Guild, Newton, recently, bro of Luther Guild of Coventry, of consumption Jenkins, Minn 7/15/1901
Guthrie, Alma, recently, niece of Rev. & Mrs. Gorse of West Burke Peacham 11/23/1903
Hackett, Avaline (Scott), age 79, 1st inst., leaves sons C. H. Griffin & F. C. Griffin  (obit) Newport Center 5/16/1904
Hackett, Avaline, leaves daus Mrs. O. F. Allenwood, Mrs. Mary Messiah, Mrs. E. M. Grogan & 2 bros   5/16/1904
Hackett, Isaac, funeral Sept 23, married Lavina Blake, had 6 children, 2 alive (obit) Holland 10/7/1901
Hackett, Isaac, old resident, Sept 21, son is J. E. Hackett Holland 9/30/1901
Hackett, Lillian, last Wed., died at Dr. Gilfillan's in Beebe Plain, buried Holland Friday Holland 8/31/1903
Hagar, Bert, Mrs., funeral on Sat. Newport Center 8/27/1900
Hagar, Joseph F., age 87, July 24 Barton 7/28/1902
Hagar, Joseph F., born July 25, 1815, died July 24, married Louisa Burke in 1849 (obit) Barton 7/28/1902
Halcrow, Mary, Mrs., age 80, June 30, mom of H. A. Halcrow of Barton (obit) Bedford, PQ 7/6/1903
Haley, Edd, old resident, last week Derby 11/11/1901
Hall, __, Mrs., born July 16, 1837, w/o Amasa Hall, former w/o Frederick Fairbanks (obit) Troy 12/1/1902
Hall, __, Mrs., funeral last Mon., bro is E. W. Keith of Irasburg South Troy 12/1/1902
Hall, __, Mrs., funeral Tues., w/o Andrew Hall Holland per Barton 10/3/1904
Hall, __, Mrs., last week, w/o George Hall, of heart disease Beebe Plain 4/30/1900
Hall, A. J., Mrs., last Sun., suffered greatly several months Holland 10/10/1904
Hall, Austin, last week, bro of Ransom Hall, sis Mrs. Charles Hildreth & Mrs. Wm Nelson  West Charleston 4/30/1900
Hall, Birdena, young lady, last Sat., of Henry Hall, of heart failure  (item)(item 9/23) Glover 9/16/1901
Hall, Dennis G., age 24, July 25, of appendicitis, buried in village cemetery  (item) West Burke 7/28/1902
Hall, Fred, Mon., son of Mrs. Amy Hall, of inflammation of the bowels, sick a week Newport 12/19/1904
Hall, Fred., funeral last Sat., Mr. & Mrs. Charles Conant Jr. of Craftsbury attending Cabot 3/12/1900
Hall, Fred., last week, of John Hall, of typhoid pneumonia, leaves wife & 2 children (item) Barton Landing 6/4/1900
Hall, Halsey, Tues., after long severe illness Barton Landing 11/28/1904
Hall, Helen, Mrs., age 65, last Sat., long painful illness, d/o Scott & Minerva Keith (obit) Irasburg at S. Troy 11/24/1902
Hall, Herbert, last Mon?, son of Horace Hall, ill for some time Lowell at Watertown 8/11/1902
Hall, James O., son of Rev. Thomas Hall, killed in battle at Peking, China, buried I. Pond Island Pond at China 5/27/1901
Hall, John, last Thurs., of cancer, son Levi takes James & sister back to IL with him (item) Barton Landing 7/15/1901
Hall, little child, last week, of M/M Fred Hall Barton 1/8/1900
Hall, little dau., last week, of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hall, g-dau of J. G. Elder of Beebe Bakersfield 12/23/1901
Hall, M. B., March 22, born Starksboro, married twice, buried West Derby  (obit) Newport at Boston 3/30/1903
Hall, M. B., Mrs., last Thurs., leaves feeble husband, buried Irasburg Newport 5/27/1901
Hall, Marian, Mrs., funeral last Wed., dau is Mrs. Bert Hutchins, buried W. Charleston West Derby 10/28/1901
Hall, Mary Holt, born Andover, MA Feb 20, 1806, Feb 23, w/o Rev. Samuel Hall (obit) Brownington at Lyndon 3/12/1900
Hall, Roscoe (thanks) Mr. & Mrs. A. R. Hall, Shirley F. Hall, Mrs. A. J. Applebee Holland 7/13/1903
Hall, Roscoe, age 1 y 10 m, July 6, of A. R. Hall, from blood poisoning (item) Holland 7/13/1903
Hall, Samantha E., Aug 17, wid/o Austin Hall, dau's Mrs. W. H. Wilson & Mrs. J. H. Carten (item) Island Pond 8/26/1901
Hall, Sylvester, about 80, last Tues., son Riley Hall, died suddenly Sheffield 6/17/1901
Hall, Thirza, Miss, aged lady, Aug 4 Holland 8/8/1904
Hall, William, age 34, last Wed., got lost hunting & died of exposure (item) Barton at Skinner, ME 11/18/1901
Hamilton, __, Mrs., buried Friday, wid/o Capt. John Hamilton North Troy 10/20/1902
Hamilton, __, Mrs., May 30, mother of F. H. Holbridge, last Wed., at Ferrisburg Irasburg 6/4/1900
Hamilton, George Wm., age 11 wks 2 ds, Jan 19, of Dr. & Mrs. Harry F. Hamilton Newport 1/22/1900
Hamilton, little son, of Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hamilton Craftsbury 8/17/1903
Hamilton, son, age 11 weeks, last week, of M/M Harry Hamilton Newport 1/22/1900
Hammond, __, Mrs., age 83, born Bolton, Que., w/o Harvey Hammond, formerly of Coventry Newport 10/10/1904
Hammond, __, Mrs., body brought here last Wed, w/o Harvey Hammond West Derby at St. J. 10/10/1904
Hammond, David Lee, funeral Thurs., buried Pine Grove  (item) West Derby 3/21/1904
Hammond, May, Miss, last week, eldest dau/o Charles Hammond, of shock (item) Barton at Lebanon, NH 11/23/1903
Hancock, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Levi Hancock, catarrh of the stomach (item) Newtonville, MA per Glover 9/2/1901
Hancock, Alice Kidder, almost 90, Thurs., wid/o James Hancock, buried Irasburg (obit) Coventry 7/6/1903
Hancock, Alice, Mrs., funeral Sunday Coventry 7/6/1903
Hancock, Asa (Family photo - including 12 children) in recent issue of New England Homestead Coventry 8/27/1900
Hancock, B. A., funeral Friday, Judson Stevens of Glover & P. B. Hancock of MA attending Coventry 12/01/1902
Hancock, Bern Austin, last Mon., of Asa Hancock, of consumption, leaves wife & child (obit) Coventry 12/01/1902
Hancock, Fern Austin, age 23 y 7 m, Nov 24 Coventry 12/8/1902
Hancock, Horace, died Wed., buried today at Coventry Derby 12/01/1902
Hand, __, Mrs., last Mon., w/o Will Hand, of heart trouble, leaves husband, mom & several kids East Charleston 11/12/1900
Hand, infant child, Thurs., of C. C. Hand, of cholera infantum Newport 7/20/1903
Hand, little child, last Fri., of Will Hand, of pneumonia East Charleston 5/14/1900
Hand, Mrs. Will, last week, sister of Mrs. Pliny Clapper of Westmore East Charleston 11/12/1900
Hand, son, last Thursday, s/o Charles Hand, of typhoid fever Newport 4/25/1904
Hand, W. D., Mrs., funeral last Wed., M/M A. H. Allard & M/M George Bickford attending East Charleston 11/12/1900
Handy, Warren, age 63, Feb 7, got lost on way home, froze to death  (item) East Charleston 2/17/1902
Handy, Warren, funeral 10th inst, uncle of F. B. Land & wife East Charleston 2/17/1902
Hanford, William H., Mon, father of Dr. O. E. Hanford, wife is Adelia Douglass, 2 kids (obit) Coventry 12/28/1903
Hanford, William Henry, age 68, Dec 21 Coventry 12/28/1903
Hanna, __, Mrs., age 67, last Sat., w/o Thomas Hanna, of dropsy  (item) Barton 6/29/1903
Hannaford, Liveria Wooley, Mrs., Oct 16, died Oakland, CA Derby Line in CA 11/5/1900
Hannant, __, Mr., brought here Thurs. from MA, bro of Francis Hannant of Irasburg Barton Landing 5/16/1904
Hanson, Abel, about 71, April 2, went to CA in 1849, Mrs. died 2 yrs ago (obit) Barton Landing at CA 4/22/1901
Hanson, Ralph, age 4 mos, son of Walter Hanson Beebe Plain 10/15/1900
Hardie, Robert Gordon, Jan 9, Mrs. Hardie died Wed after birth of son (item) Brattleboro 1/18/1904
Harding, A. Frank, nearly 70, Wed, of heart failure, s/o late Alpheus Harding (item) Lowell 5/4/1903
Harding, Emily, age 88, Fri., bro is Don B. Curtis, son Carlos of Barton, ill a long time (item) Lowell 7/2/1900
Harding, Emily, Mrs., last Fri., mom of C. B. Harding of Barton Lowell 7/2/1900
Harding, Lorraine A., Mrs., last Mon., ill many years Lowell 6/8/1903
Hardy, __, Mr., young man, funeral yesterday, son-in-law of Mrs. Hadley (3/25 corrected to George Barnard) West Derby 3/18/1901
Hardy, __, Mrs., funeral last Thurs., w/o Charles Hardy, sis of Rev. O. W. Heyer North Troy 9/21/1903
Hardy, Abbey, Mrs., former resident, buried here Sept 17, died Cambridge, MA E. Charleston at MA 9/22/1902
Harlow, James T., March 19, born Irasburg Dec 9, 1844, of Edward & Fanny Harlow  (obit) Irasburg 4/9/1900
Harlow, James, about 60, March 19, sons Arthur & Walter Irasburg   3/26/1900
Harmon, Willie, age 18, Wed, of consumption Island Pond 3/10/1902
Harper, Peter, yesterday, leaves wife & adopted daughter Holland 12/9/1901
Harriman, L. A., age 68, Dec 76, bro George, dau Mrs. Will Tyler, buried Stratford, NH (item) Sutton 12/15/1902
Harriman, Leonard, age 97 y 3 m, Feb 5 East Craftsbury 2/19/1900
Harriman, Leonard, born 1802, died last Mon., nephew is H. Z. Harriman  (item) East Craftsbury 2/12/1900
Harrington, Dean, last Wed, ill 6 weeks East Hardwick 6/3/1901
Harrington, little dau., last week Sun., of Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Harrington Hardwick 3/4/1901
Harris, Carroll, last Wed., typhoid fever, leaves wife & 4 children, buried Morrisville Newport 3/14/1904
Harris, Edwin, born Oct 22, 1837, died Tues, suicide by hanging, wife died recently (item) St. Johnsbury 8/20/1900
Harris, John, age 22, last Wed, bro U. A. Harris, buried Plainfield Newport Center 3/9/1903
Harris, Lottie, Mrs., last week, sis of Mrs. E. M. Thompson of W. Burke, died Milford, MA W. Burke at MA 2/18/1901
Hart, __, Mr., funeral week ago last Sun., nephew is Irving Hartshorn of N. Craftsbury Stowe 5/27/1901
Hart, __, Mrs., buried last Wed., w/o Nat Hart, of blood poison, buried W Derby Hardwick 7/29/1901
Hart, __, Mrs., few days after husband, nephew is Irving Hartshorn of N. Craftsbury Stowe 5/27/1901
Hart, Isabel, infant, July 30, d/o M/M Cyrus Hart, of inflammation of the bowels West Burke 8/8/1904
Hart, twin daus, about 2 days, of Mr. & Mrs. William Hart West Burke 1/20/1902
Hartson, __, Mrs., last Fri., w/o Henry Hartson, son is L. W. Hartson  (item) Greensboro 4/4/1904
Hartson, Laura M., Miss, age 65 y 6 m, Jan 7 Stannard   1/21/1901
Hartwell, Hannah (Magoon), almost 90, Nov 19, wid/o Ira Hartwell, ill for a year Troy 11/28/1904
Hartwell, Hannah, leaves dau Mrs. James Boutwell plus 4 others, of shock & heart (item) Troy & Westfield 11/28/1904
Harvey, __, Mrs., April ___, w/o John Harvey, d/o Burton Johnson Morrisville of W. Derby 4/25/1904
Harvey, __, Mrs., last Wed., leaves dau, of cancer  (item) Holland 6/13/1904
Harvey, Milo Willey, age 76, Aug 5, of neuralgia of the heart, died Hillsboro Bridge, NH Charleston at NH 8/27/1900
Harvey, William, age 76, Aug 5, of neuralgia of the heart Hillsborough Bridge, NH 8/13/1900
Harvey, Willie, recently, bro of Mrs. Mary Sawyer of West Derby Hillsborough, NH 8/13/1900
Haselton, Herbert, young man, Wed., from consumption, leaves wife & 1 child Beebe Plain 6/4/1900
Hastings, Avis Louise Furguson, last Tues., w/o Dr. F. R. Hastings, buried Bathurst, NB (item) Barton 11/2/1903
Hastings, Avis, Oct 27, w/o F. R. Hastings, d/o late Alexander Furgeuson of NH Barton 11/2/1903
Hastings, F. R., Mrs., today, had been ill several weeks Barton 10/26/1903
Hastings, Helen, Wed., school aged West Derby 4/23/1900
Hastings, Henry, little son, last Tues, of Matthew Hastings, of bronchitis West Charleston 1/8/1900
Hastings, Irving, last Thurs., of typhoid pneumonia, just graduated Derby Academy Derby 6/2/1902
Hatch __, Miss, funeral last Tues Danville per Barton Land 4/18/1904
Hatch, E. W., Mrs., age 68, Jan 27 Corinth 2/11/1901
Hatch, Frances, recently, w/o Rev. E. W. Hatch W. Glover at ____ 2/11/1901
Hauver, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Walter Hauver, after long illness W Derby at Lowell, MA 3/24/1902
Hauver, dau, age 13, Wed., only dau of Amasa Hauver, after long illness  West Derby 1/29/1900
Hawes, child, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Wilber Hawes, of the measles  (item) Newport at Megantic, PQ 7/1/1901
Hawes, Edna, Mrs., recently, oldest dau of Cutler Seavey, died in Arizona Brownington Ctr at AZ 6/4/1900
Hawes, Myra Edna, recently, w/o James Hawes, bro Winfield Seavey, died IL (item) Barton Land at IL 6/25/1900
Hawkins, T. C., Thurs., dau is Mrs. Frank Burdick of Barton St. Johnsbury 4/18/1904
Hawkins, William G., born St. J. May 1826, Mon., married 1848 Betsey Colliston (obit) Barton 3/25/1901
Hawley, __, Mrs., buried Dec 20, died at dau's in Springfield, MA Irasburg at MA 12/28/1903
Hawley, __, Mrs., funeral yesterday, ill several weeks Irasburg 12/21/1903
Haworth, __, Mr., recently, bro-in-law of Mrs. M. B. Chafey of Albany Lowell, MA 3/31/1902
Hawse, young child, Thurs., of Wilbur Hawse Newport 6/16/1902
Hay, Sheldon, baby, of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Hay, ill 3 weeks Derby 9/7/1903
Hayden, __, Mrs., age 72, Feb 22, w/o Henry Hayden,  leaves husband & 2 daus (item) Albany 2/29/1904
Hayden, __, Mrs., recently, Lyman Kimball of Boston attending Albany 3/7/1904
Hayes, __, Mr., old resident, fell and broke his hip, died Sat. Derby 11/11/1901
Hayes, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Dorman Hayes, buried at Beebe Plain Westmore at Manchester, NH 11/18/1901
Hayes, __, Mrs., recently, d/o late Frank Beebe, buried in family lot in Beebe Manchester, NH 11/25/1901
Hayes, Emily, last Sat., w/o D. A. Hayes, from electrical operation on tumor  (item) Barton at Manchester, NH 11/18/1901
Hayes, Herbert, age 7 mos, Jan 24, of M/M Bert Hayes Newport 1/29/1900
Hays, Howard, age 15 mos, Jan 4, of M/M Charles A. Hays Newport 1/8/1900
Hayward, Beulah, age 14 y 1 m 14 d, March 23, d/o Wm Hayward Sutton 3/30/1903
Hayward, Roana, Mrs., about 80, last week, wid/o D. D. Hayward, buried Sutton (item) Sutton at Lexington, MA 8/6/1900
Haywood, Beulah, Miss, buried March 26, d/o Will & Emma Hayward Westmore at ____ 3/30/1903
Haywood, Mr., funeral last Fri., aunt of Mrs. J. P. Wheelock & Hattie Thrasher Sutton per Coventry 8/6/1900
Hazelton, Guy, last Tues., of M/M Henry Hazelton, of diphtheria, died Boston (item) Barton Landing at MA 8/15/1904
Hazen, __, Mrs., recently, buried West Glover, names of some attendees (item) W. Glover at Hartford 7/8/1901
Hazzard, Albert J., age 6 mos, Oct 4, of M/M John H. Hazzard, other twin is ill Newport Ctr 10/12/1903
Heath, Earle, baby, Friday, of M/M Leslie Heath Derby 10/26/1903
Heath, Filinda, age 75, Aug 31 Albany 9/2/1901
Heath, Florinda, Mrs., Aug 31, ill several years  (item) East Albany 9/9/1901
Heath, infant, last week, of Mr. & Mrs. John Heath, of brain fever, buried Derby West Charleston 6/9/1902
Heath, Martha, Mrs., age 84 y 1 m 12 d, July 7 Barton 7/16/1900
Heath, Martha, Mrs., age 84, July 7, of heart failure, born NH  (item) Evansville 7/16/1900
Heath, Martha, Mrs., aged lady, last Sat., wid/o George Heath, of a shock Barton 7/9/1900
Heerman, Emily (Brooks), last Wed., w/o George Heerman, born England, of cancer (item) Coventry 9/17/1900
Henke, Mollie, Miss, young lady, last week, died Hartford, CT West Glover 8/13/1900
Heuston, __, Mr., recently, father of Nichols Heuston, died Greenville, ME Derby 6/6/1904
Hibbard, Charles N., born Dec 11, 1840, died Sat, of Wm & Sophronia Hibbard (obit) Barton 2/16/1903
Hickey, James, funeral Friday Lyndonville 4/27/1903
Hickie, James, fought in Civil War, Thurs., leaves wife, 2 sons & dau at W. Burke W. Burke at Lyndonville 4/27/1903
Hidden, Morris, young man, last Fri?, of Jackson & Maria Hidden, in Vancouver, Oreg Oreg per Craftsbury 3/18/1901
Higgins, Mr., last week, bro in law of Mrs. Peter William of Coventry Concord 2/5/1900
Higgins, Thomas, recently,  bro-in-law of C. H. McClintock of Beebe Plain Montreal 11/25/1901
Hildreth, Ann, Mrs., June 12, leaves husband, son Will & dau Mrs. Erwin Willey (item) West Charleston 6/15/1903
Hildreth, L. W., age 73 y 11 m 3 d, April 7 Barton Landing 4/13/1903
Hildreth, L. W., born PQ May 2, 1829, last Tues., wife Abbie Basford, leaves 2 kids (obit) Barton Landing 4/13/1903
Hildreth, L. W., Mrs., age 72, Fri., son is D. W. Hildreth of Newport Barton Landing 10/20/1902
Hill, infant dau., last Wed., of A. F. Hill Greensboro 4/30/1900
Hill, John, Feb 4, died West Derby Newport 2/12/1900
Hill, little son, Nov 28, of Frank Hill, of bronchitis Morgan Center 12/5/1904
Hill, Ruth E., ager 3, June 18, of Hugh A. Hill, drowned in Merrimac River Hooksett, NH 7/6/1903
Hilliard, B. U., last Tues, buried Colebrook, NH Evansville 8/10/1903
Hills, Susie, Miss, recently at Keene, NH Glover at NH 1/15/1900
Hinch, Cornelius, Friday, found dead in room, buried West Derby  (item) Newport 11/9/1903
Hines, __, Mrs., age 32, Thurs., w/o Dennis Hines, suicide, ill a long time (item) Lowell 7/16/1900
Hines, __, Mrs., funeral Monday Eden 6/6/1904
Hines, Catherine, age 73, w/o Horace Hines, Thurs, married 56 yrs, 5 living children (item) Lowell 3/17/1902
Hines, Josiah, funeral last Thurs. Eden Mills per Lowell 3/26/1900
Hinman, C. S., Dr., born Derby Feb 19, 1846, Feb 8, of George & Mary Hinman (obit) West Charleston 2/18/1901
Hinman, C. S., Dr., Feb 8, sister is Lydia Hinman of Waterloo, Iowa Charleston 2/11/1901
Hinman, Clara, born Jan 1830, buried last Mon, wid/o Isaac Marsh, leaves adopted dau  (obit) Holland at St. Paul 9/8/1902
Hinman, George, Thurs. (Aug 8), struck by lightning while haying (item) Derby 8/12/1901
Hinman, Mary E., Mrs., age 75 y 3 m, March 3 West Charleston 3/12/1900
Hinman, Mary, Mrs., March 3, leaves 2 sons & a dau, suddenly of heart trouble West Charleston 3/5/1900
Hinman, Selina, Miss, last week, died Boston, MA Derby at MA 2/5/1900
Hinman, William, old resident, last week, funeral Fri. Derby 2/9/1903
Hinton, James, born England Aug 14, 1823, died Feb 20, leaves wife & 9 children (item) Westmore 3/14/1904
Hinton, James, Feb 20, dau Mrs. Kate Fuller, leaves wife & children  (item) East Charleston 2/29/1904
Hinton, James, recently, grandfather of Mrs. Bert Seavey East Charleston 3/7/1904
Hitchcock, Aaron C., born Westfield July 19, 1823, funeral March 4  (full obit) Westfield 3/12/1900
Hitchcock, Edward, age 83 y 11 m 15 d, Sept 26, ill for some time Barton 9/28/1903
Hitchcock, Henry, last Thurs., son of Lewis Hitchcock of Coventry Coventry at Franklin Falls 11/24/1902
Hitchcock, infant dau, age 5 ds, Wed., of M/M Van Hitchcock Barton 3/2/1903
Hitchcock, Matilda Brown, age 88, Dec 18, wid/o Arad Hitchcock, died Osage, Iowa (item) Westfield at Iowa 1/6/1902
Hitchcock, Smith (reunion) Dea. M. C. Hitchcock, Mrs. Julia Richardson, Mrs. David Janes, Dea. P. S. Hitchcock Westfield 8/22/1904
Hodgdon, 2 children, recently, of James Hodgdon, of diphtheria North Craftsbury 12/17/1900
Hodge, __, Mrs., Sept 5, dau is Mrs. R. Thayer, buried Irasburg Albany 9/15/1902
Hodges, Ellen, Mrs., Nov 16, in feeble health for a while Brownington 11/25/1901
Hodgkins, Jerry, Mrs., last Thurs Westfield 11/24/1902
Hodsden, __, Mrs., March 16, w/o Albert Hodsden, sons Carlos & William & dau Mrs. J. S. Young (item) Troy 3/25/1901
Hogaboom, __, Mr., recently, body put on train Mon. to former home for burial Walden 4/1/1901
Holbrook, John, Sat.?, leaves wife, died in Glendale, CA Derby at CA  7/9/1900
Holden, Roxa, age 65, May 13 Sheffield 5/23/1904
Holman, Sarah D., Mrs., age 78, Friday, died Lowell, MA at dau's, bro S. D. Holman Irasburg at MA 4/25/1904
Holmes, Horace D., born 1821, recently, always lived in town Derby Line 6/17/1901
Holmes, Joseph, recently, bro-in-law of Mrs. Theodore Wright of Barton Morrisville 10/5/1903
Holmes, Lewis, resident 36 years, last Tues., leaves 3 children  (obit) Sutton 2/25/1901
Holmes, Melissa, Mrs., age 65, Feb 10, bro is Selim Bugbee who was just on trial (item) West Burke 2/19/1900
Holmes, Will, young man, recently, funeral yesterday at West Glover Barton 4/15/1901
Holmes, Williama R., age 24, last Wed., in hospital for surgery  (obit) Glover 4/15/1901
Holsen, Martin B., about 55, last Fri., leaves wife & son, of lockjaw  (item) Newport 8/1/1904
Holsen, Martin, Friday, suffered severely from nail wound in his foot last week West Derby 8/1/1904
Holt, __, Mrs., age 83 in 13 days, Wed., w/o Samuel Holt, son Byron of Boston (item) Derby 5/20/1901
Holt, __, Mrs., buried Thurs at Derby, w/o Timothy Holt Newbury 2/16/1903
Holt, Henry, recently, eldest bro of Mrs. Mina Leighton & Mrs. Diana Hinman  Derby at Buffalo, NY 9/8/1902
Holtham, Ed., age 64, last Thurs., of Bright's disease, buried South Barton  (item) Barton at Newark 5/26/1902
Holtham, John, recently, drowned Beebe Plain 10/22/1900
Holton, __, Mrs., Fri., sister of Rev. C. F. Morse of St. Johnsbury  (item) West Charleston 7/21/1902
Holton, Abbie M., Mrs., old citizen, July 18  (item) West Charleston 7/28/1902
Hood, Calvin H., born Glover 1823, leaves wife dau & 3 sons, buried Glover  (obit) Turner's Falls, MA 2/9/1903
Hood, Calvin, former resident, leaves widow & 4 sons, died Lowell, MA, buried Glover Glover at MA 1/26/1903
Hood, Charles, age 80 y 8 m, April 12 Albany 4/16/1900
Hood, Charles, last Thurs., of cancer in the mouth, leaves 2 dau's & 1 son  (item) Albany 4/16/1900
Hooker, George W., Col., Wed., of heart disease  (item) Brattleboro 8/11/1902
Hope, __, Mrs., last week, mother of Ed. & Edson Hope of Newport Magog 4/23/1900
Hopkins, J. C., age 71 y 3 m 14 d, March 20 Barton at Coaticook 3/26/1900
Hopkins, J. C., age 71, last Tues., sis Mrs. J. F. Wilson, died in Coaticook  (item) Barton at PQ 3/26/1900
Horner, __, Mrs., Tues., w/o Lucius K. Horner, of septicemia, at Montreal hospital (item) North Troy 3/24/1902
Horner, Iris (Cool), Mrs., last Thurs., leaves husband, father & mother-in-law West Wheelock 3/7/1904
Horner, Iris C., Mrs., Thurs., of pneumonia Greensboro Bend 2/29/1904
Horton, M. J., Col., Jan 8 Poultney 1/18/1904
Horton, Samuel B., Jan 3, ill since the early fall Newport 1/4/1904
Hoskins, Dr., last Friday West Derby 6/30/1902
Hoskins, Enoch, last Wed., of apoplexy while digging a ditch Newport Center 11/4/1901
Hosmer, Harriet, Mrs., recently Charleston 10/22/1900
Houghton, James C., March 4, of heart failure, died on trip to Mediterranean Montpelier in Italy 3/10/1902
Hovey, __, Mrs., mother of J. K. Hovey remains moved from N. Craftsbury to Lunenburg North Craftsbury 6/29/1903
Hovey, Alvin, age 76, last Fri., bro of Mrs. Mary Cowles of Albany, died Burr Oak, Kansas Albany at KS 11/9/1903
Hovey, E. A. (his history) VT to Milwaukee in 1855, to Iowa, to VT, back to Iowa (item) Barton & Albany 9/1/1902
Hovey, Fred, Thurs East Hardwick 5/27/1901
Hovey, Marcia Ann Ufford, died Nov 18, born Glover, buried Parkersburg, IA beside husband (item) Albany at Heron Lake, Iowa 12/17/1900
Hovey, Seraph, age 87 y 10 m, April 30, wid/o Andrew Hovey, buried village cemetery (item) Craftsbury 5/7/1900
Howard, __, Mr., funeral yesterday, M/M J. N. Webster & Harlow Foss attending Irasburg 2/1/1904
Howard, __, Mrs., (and son) three weeks ago, w/o George Howard former resident of Irasburg Lowell, MA 1/13/1902
Howard, __, Mrs., age 70, Sun., w/o Dwight M. Howard, of pneumonia Irasburg at Deerfield, NH 4/30/1900
Howard, __, Mrs., last Tues., formerly Miss Thornton Lowell at Elmore 2/2/1903
Howard, Dwight, last week, formerly of Irasburg New Hampshire 3/25/1901
Howard, Erastus, age 88, April 15 East Hardwick 4/23/1900
Howard, H. E., Mrs., buried Thus., w/o Rev. Mr. Howard, buried Glover  (item) Wilder 12/29/1902
Howard, Mary H. Bowen, last Sun., w/o Elbridge Howard, leaves husband, 1 son & 1 dau Chelmsford, MA & Irasburg 1/13/1902
Howard, R. S., age 78, Jan 29 Irasburg 2/1/1904
Howard, Ralph S., age 78 y 9 d, last Fri., leaves wife (obit) Irasburg 2/1/1904
Howard, William, recently, bro of Henry Howard of E. Coventry Albion, NY 4/14/1902
Howe, James, old citizen, last Wed., died suddenly Brownington Center 12/2/1901
Howell, J. T., Mrs., last Sat., leaves husband & mother, very ill several weeks (item) Newport 4/28/1902
Howieson, James A., Aug 12, former resident of Hardwick Elmore 8/19/1901
Hoyt, A. H., Sunday, bro is J. H. Hoyt of Barton Westfield 2/24/1902
Hoyt, Almeda, age 33, long item about conditions of herself - starved & abused Westfield 11/23/1903
Hoyt, Almeda, died Nov 1, 1903  (court item 10/3/1904 murdered by caretaker) Westfield 2/29/1904
Hoyt, Almeda, Nov 1, town pauper, arrested caretaker Mrs. Henry Ostout for abuse Westfield 11/16/1903
Hoyt, Almeda, Nov 1, town pauper, lawsuit possible for atrocious cruelty (item) Westfield 11/9/1903
Hoyt, Flora, Mrs., Fri., suicide while insane, w/o John Hoyt, sis/o C. S. Phillips (obit) Glover 8/19/1901
Hoyt, Hannah Cooper, age 71, Aug 28, wid/o Lorenzo Hoyt, leaves 2 sons 3 daus (item) Westfield 9/2/1901
Hoyt, Hibbard A., age 64 y 10 m, Sun., of pneumonia, buried Newport Ctr.  (obit) Westfield  3/3/1902
Hoyt, J. H., Mrs., age 53 y 7 m, Aug 26 Glover 8/19/1901
Hoyt, Mr., last week, bro-in-law of Clark Royce of E. Charleston Lyndon 4/23/1900
Hoyt, Robert, born 1873, died July 17, of consumption, died Los Vegas, NM (item) Craftsbury 7/27/1903
Hubbard, Lucy D., Mrs., over 60, Aug 1, dau Mrs. A. E. Wood of Northboro, MA (item) Stanstead at MA 8/11/1902
Hudson, __, Mrs., funeral Wed., w/o David Hudson, of cancer Burke Hollow 2/17/1902
Hudson, Adeline, age 70, Aug 29, wid/o Daniel Hudson, dau is Mrs. E. L. Pelsue (obit) E. Charleston at Rutland 9/22/1902
Hudson, George, age 83, Feb 26 Glover 2/29/1904
Hudson, George, age 83, Fri., veteran of Civil War, leaves wife & 2 daus  (item) Glover 2/29/1904
Hudson, George, funeral last Mon., M/M Walter Gray of Derby attending Glover 3/7/1904
Humbert, Marie, Miss, last Thurs., of scarlet fever, student at Stanstead convent Boston at Stanstead 3/25/1901
Humphrey, Charles T. A., Hon., age 78, yesterday, born St J., leaves wife & dau (obit) Barton 12/10/1900
Humphrey, James (history) born England, to USA age 15, 8 of 10 children still alive Brownington 11/17/1902
Hunt, Fred, last Wed, sis Mrs. Gertrude White, of consumption (item) West Derby 4/28/1902
Hunt, Fred, recently, Warren Hunt & wife of Lowell, MA attending West Derby 4/28/1902
Hunt, Jeannette Louise, age 22, Sun., d/o Mrs. M. J. Hunt, of consumption  (item) Derby Line 3/28/1904
Hunt, Ned C., age 17 this July 22nd, June 4, of Frank Hunt & Mary Evans, buried Westmore (items) Barton Landing 6/8/1903
Hunt, Rolla F., age 50 y 3 m, Dec 28, of heart & lung complications Westmore at Lancaster, NH 1/1/1900
Hunter, Earl H., age 5, Sun., of M/M Harry Hunter, ill 3 months, buried W. Derby Newport 2/2/1903
Hunter, little child, of Fred Hunter, from pneumonia East Albany 11/28/1904
Huntington, __, Dr., April 26, former resident, died at son's in Calif. North Craftsbury 5/9/1904
Huntley, __, Mrs., age 90, Feb 16, widow of Loren Huntley, sons Russell & Daniel West Burke 2/26/1900
Huntley, __, Mrs., funeral Sun., mother of D. G. Huntley West Burke 2/26/1900
Huntley, __, Mrs., March 1, w/o Russell Huntley, of pneumonia, buried W. Burke  (item) Malden, MA 3/10/1902
Huntley, David, last Thurs., of typhoid pneumonia Hardwick 6/24/1901
Hurlburt, __, Mrs., funeral Sat., mom of Freeman Hurlburt of Newport Berkshire 1/29/1900
Huse, Hiram A., Wed., lawyer many years  (item) Montpelier     9/29/1902
Hutchins, __, Mrs., Wed., w/o Lyman Hutchins, son is Charles of N. Troy, funeral at Eden Lowell at N. Troy 7/6/1903
Hutchins, Abbie, Mrs., almost 68, 26th ult, wid/o Elder A. S. Hutchins, buried Irasburg  (obit) Barton Land & Irasburg 5/5/1902
Hutchinson, child, age 3 mos., March 11, of Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Hutchinson W. Derby & Newport 3/16/1903
Hyde, child, funeral Sunday, youngest child of Horace Hyde, of the grip Barton Landing 4/9/1900
Hyde, Harry, Sat., of pneumonia Craftsbury at Wolcott 3/16/1903
Hyde, Herbert, about 1 year, last Tues., of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hyde Barton 5/21/1900
Hyland, George, age 13, Dec 1, of George Hyland, of paralysis following diphtheria Island Pond 12/5/1904
Hyland, Maude, Miss, age 19, Nov 22, d/o George Hyland, of diphtheria Island Pond 12/5/1904
Ide, George H., Rev., recently, found dead in his bed at sanitarium, leaves wife Coventry at _____ 3/30/1903
Ide, Jacob, age 94, last Thurs. St. Johnsbury 4/16/1900
Ingalls, baby, recently , of Elwyn & Ina (Campbell) Ingalls West Derby at Vergennes 12/5/1904
Irish, Lena, Miss, recently, sis Mrs. Arthur Titus of Hardwick, buried Morrisville Indian territory 4/11/1904
Jackson, __, Mrs., Sun., w/o David Jackson, suicide by paris green Addison 11/23/1903
Jackson, Sherman Arthur, age 1 y 3 m 17 d, June 30, of Alpha E. & Gertrude Jackson Greensboro 7/7/1902
Jackson, Sherman, Mon., only child of Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Jackson, of spinal meningitis Greensboro 7/7/1902
Jacobs, W. L., (history) prev editor of Monitor, moving to CA Barton 11/14/1904
James, __, Mrs., Wed, w/o Daniel James Lowell 10/10/1904
James, George, 22d ult, leaves widow & 4 daughters  (item) Troy at Ashmont, MA 6/2/1902
Jameson, Henry A., age 43, Dec 17, of late Wm. Jameson, died Boulder Creek, CA Irasburg at CA 12/30/1901
Jameson, Henry Alexander, age 43 y 10 m 4 d, Dec 17, died Boulder Creek, CA VT at CA 1/13/1902
Jameson, Mr., recently, son of late Henry A. Jameson, died Boulder Creek, CA Irasburg 6/23/1902
Jeffries, __, Mrs., funeral last Wed, uncle is Ephraim Adams of Newport Ctr Enosburg 11/21/1904
Jenkins, __, Mr., last week, son Charles Jenkins of West Burke Newport 7/25/1904
Jenkins, Anna Ethel, age 10 mos, last Wed., dau of Mr. & Mrs. Alvah Jenkins West Burke 12/26/1904
Jenkins, Lorenzo J., last Tues., leaves wife & sons Edward, Frank & Henry (item) Coventry 7/25/1904
Jenkins, S. R., Tues., dau is Mrs. H. H. Day, leaves 2 sons & 2 daus, feeble a long time (item) Brownington 6/13/1904
Jenks, __, Mr., last Sat., dau is Mrs. George Goodro of Barton North Troy 10/5/1903
Jenks, Marcellus, born Potton, PQ in 1845, last Wed., old soldier, buried Albany (obit) Barton & Albany 3/31/1902
Jenne, Ella, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Frank Jenne, very ill several weeks Derby 9/9/1901
Jenness, __, Mrs., buried last Sat. at Glover, wid/o John Jenness, died St. J. Glover at St. J. 2/17/1902
Jenness, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Hiram Jenness, of cancer, leaves husband, 2 sons & dau West Burke 10/24/1904
Jenness, __, Mrs., w/o Hiram Jenness, died West Burke, buried Sutton in family lot Sutton 10/31/1904
Jenness, David, age 77, Jan 20, of Phineas & Eunice Jenness, died Monmouth, ME (obit) Sheffield at ME 1/27/1902
Jenness, Eliza, Mrs., age 85, Thurs, buried North Craftsbury  (item) Craftsbury 5/26/1902
Jenness, George W., age 83 y 11 m 26 d, April 10 Barton 4/13/1903
Jenness, George W., born April 14, 1819, last Fri., recently broke his hip (obit) Barton 4/13/1903
Jerome, __, Mrs., April 23, born in Lowell, leaves husband and little son Lowell at Irasburg 5/2/1904
Jerome, __, Mrs., died Sat., w/o Wallace Jerome, 3 weeks after son's birth Irasburg 4/25/1904
Jerome, Alice Powers, Mrs., last Sat., w/o Wallace Jerome Irasburg per Barton 4/25/1904
Jerome, John, aged man, prob Wed., body found in pasture Sat, heart disease (item) West Glover 9/15/1902
Jewell, __, Mr., recently, oldest son of Mrs. Abbie Allyn Jewell, per E. Charleston St. Johnsbury 2/2/1903
Johnson, __, Mr., last week, father of Frank Johnson of Holland, of apoplexy Shrewsbury 2/29/1904
Johnson, __, Mrs., age 82 y 4 m 8 d, last Mon, w/o William Johnson South Albany 10/1/1900
Johnson, __, Mrs., age 84, last week, mom of Ashley Johnson of Derby Bolton, PQ 7/8/1901
Johnson, __, Mrs., Tues, w/o Harrison Johnson, leaves husband & son, buried Pine Grove West Derby 4/11/1904
Johnson, Almon, about 70, Tues., deaf, killed crossing train track (item) Proctorsville 11/7/1904
Johnson, Archibald, Rev., Sept 23, pastor here 1868 to 1871, died Northwood, OH E. Craftsbury 10/3/1904
Johnson, Clifford, age 14, Oct 26, accidently shot by brother  (item) S. Londonderry 11/3/1902
Johnson, Frank, Mon., found dead in lumber yard, was drunk Pownal 4/20/1903
Johnson, James, age (1) yr 6 mos, March 20 Newport 3/26/1900
Johnson, Mary C., Mrs., age 93, Sept 13, dau is Mrs. Mary Robinson, died Jacksonville, FL (item) Barton at FL 9/24/1900
Johnson, Mary, Mrs., born Coventry March 25, 1807 of Jonathan & Mary Pierce (obit) Barton 10/1/1900
Johnson, Ransel, over 80, last Mon, bro of Mrs. Geo. Powers, buried Newark (item) W. Burke at W. Concord 4/16/1900
Jondro, William, remains brought for burial recently, former resident Derby Line 3/2/1903
Jones, __, Mrs. middle aged, Nov 2, w/o Chauncey Jones, murdered by George Briggs (item) Langdon, NH 11/11/1901
Jones, __, Mrs., (thanks Albert Jones, W. C. Jones, A. E. Jones & N. J. Cleveland) Newport Center 4/8/1901
Jones, __, Mrs., married 58 yrs., Wed, w/o Albert Jones, of the grip, buried Glen Sutton PQ  (item) Newport Center 4/1/1901
Jones, Albert (history), sons Curt of Somerville, MA, Erwin of Boston etc Newport Center 1/8/1900
Jones, B. F., Mrs., born Glover April 7, 1826 died Feb 22, 1904 at Kansas City, MO (item) Wheelock at MO 4/4/1904
Jones, L. D., age 60, Sat., after long illness, leaves wife & son, bro Horace of St. J.  (item) Craftsbury 5/28/1900
Jones, Persis, born Sept 9, 1818, last Fri., w/o H. T. Jones, d/o Justin & Persis Bigelow (obit) Barton Landing 1/6/1902
Joslyn, G. S., age 63, yesterday, from a shock, leaves wife & son & 2 sisters & 2 bros (item) Barton at Lebanon, NH 7/23/1900
Joslyn, Ginnethon S., born Waitsfield Nov 30, 1836 of Wm Joslyn, married Susan Currier (obit) Barton at Lebanon, NH 7/30/1900
Joslyn, Joseph, Dec 30, ill a long time, funeral Friday Walden & E. Hardwick 1/4/1904
Joslyn, M. W., Mrs., Sat., of heart failure, died Boston Barton at Boston 6/24/1901
Judkins, Fred., age 35, last Thurs., s/o Mrs. M. A. Judkins of Barton, killed in RR accident (item) Wayland, MA 4/14/1902
Julien, John, robbed & murdered on RR tracks near Alburg, VT  (item) Montreal at VT 12/24/1900
Katen, Elijah, last week, father of George Katen & Mrs. H. C. Gay of Barton Dexter, ME 6/24/1901
Keeler, child, funeral last Mon., of D. Keeler, John Poor of Craftsbury attending Hardwick 6/11/1900
Keenan, Harriet, Mrs., funeral last week, aunt of B. F. Moore of Newport St. Johnsbury 7/30/1900
Keith, __, Mrs., Sunday, w/o Clinton Keith, buried Barre, after long illness East Hardwick 9/7/1903
Kellam, Sabin, about 40, Aug 9, of George Kellam, struck by lightning  (item) Richland, KA per Irasburg 8/19/1901
Kelley, __, Mrs., age 80, May 10, dau Mrs. Osmer Farman, ill a long time  (item) Lowell 5/19/1902
Kelley, __, Mrs., w/o George J. Kelley, Joseph Kelley & dau Mabel of Barton Land attending (item) Attleboro, MA 6/22/1903
Kelley, George W., Dec 12, of heart disease, died in Calif. N. Troy at CA 12/23/1901
Kelley, infant dau, last Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. W. Kelley Holland 12/9/1901
Kelley, Marion Moulton, age 31, Feb 14, w/o Irving Kelley, buried W. Burke (item) Holden, MA  2/24/1902
Kelley, Musa D., age 28 y 5 m 26 d, d/o Joseph & Fronia Blake of Newport, w/o Geo Kelley (obit) Albany at Attleboro, MA 6/29/1903
Kelley, Willard, Wed., ill several weeks Derby 2/4/1901
Kellogg, __, Mr., funeral Tues. Hardwick 11/21/1904
Kellogg, G. Frank, Friday, cousin of E. H. Webster of Barton Boston 10/10/1904
Kelton, William, last Fri., dau Mrs. Herbert Mitchell, ill several months (item) Glover 5/20/1901
Kendall, Cornelius (thanks) Mrs. Melvina Kendall & Mrs. Cornelia Hancock Coventry 9/21/1903
Kendall, Cornelius, Sept 14, mbr 87th NY Regt, of dropsy, leaves wife & dau (obit) Coventry 9/21/1903
Kendall, Merle, Miss,  Sat., d/o Mr. & Mrs. John Kendall Newport 5/18/1903
Kendall, Sylvanus, age 82, Nov 18, buried Lyndon beside wife, son George  (item) Sheffield 11/26/1900
Kendrick, John, age 68, May 3, children John A., Mrs. Robert Young & Mrs. John Richardson Greensboro 5/12/1902
Kendrick, John, age 68, May 3, paralyzed nearly two years  (item 1/27/1902) Greensboro per E. Craftsbury 5/5/1902
Kendrick, John, recently, uncle of Dr. James Kendrick of Charleston & Wm Kendrick of Walden East Craftsbury 5/12/1902
Kennedy, Amanda, age 80, buried Fri., wid/o Michael Kennedy, died at Bradford Troy 10/5/1903
Kenneson, infant, age 2 mos, funeral Thurs., d/o M/M Wallace Kennerson, buried Brownington Lowell 8/1/1904
Kennison, __, Mrs. (thanks) Moses Kennison, Melvin Kennison & Abbie C. Kennsion Irasburg 6/8/1903
Kennison, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Moses Kennison, leaves large family, buried Newport Irasburg 6/8/1903
Kennison, infant, July 26, of Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Kennison Brownington 8/8/1904
Kenniston, Mrs., buried last Wed at Greensboro Village cemetery, sis Carrie Ayers Plainfield 6/25/1900
Kent, James, Nov 13, run over by cars Rutland 11/21/1904
Kerr, John, age 75, last Sat., of pneumonia, leaves wife & several children Barton 2/2/1903
Kerr, William  (thanks Mr. John Kerr & family, Mr. George Kerr & family) Barton 2/10/1902
Kerr, William, last Thurs., s/o John Kerr of Barton, of pneumonia, buried Barton St. Johnsbury 2/3/1902
Kettle, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o John Kettle, great sufferer West Charleston 6/4/1900
Kettle, Carrie, last Fri., had surgery to remove diseased arm in Montreal (item) Barton 6/30/1902
Keys, Jane, Mrs., age 100 y 2 m 26 d, today Coventry 2/22/1904
Keys, Jane, Mrs., age 101, Feb 22, born Bailaboro, Cavan Cty, Ireland  (full obit) Coventry 2/29/1904
Kibbey, William, April 8 Hardwick 4/18/1904
Kibbie, John M., age 19, last Sun., eldest son of Wm Kibbie, of tuberculosis Hardwick 9/30/1901
Kidder, Electa Miner, Mrs., July 4, buried Peacham East Hardwick 7/14/1902
Kidder, Faxon, age 77, last Fri., of heart disease, leaves wife & son William (item) Irasburg 2/23/1903
Kidder, Joseph, Dec 26, buried Peacham East Hardwick 1/6/1902
Kidder, Osman, recently, of typhoid fever in Boston, buried Hovey Cemetery Boston of Albany 1/15/1900
Kidder, Oswald, funeral Tuesday Irasburg at Boston 1/22/1900
Kilburn, Will, recently, at Lineboro Beebe Plain 4/9/1900
Kilby, George, recently, ill several months, died in Michigan Burke at Mich. 9/12/1904
Kilby, Hattie, Miss, funeral July 27, of Mrs. John Rogers, buried Lake Road in Newport West Derby 8/4/1902
Kilby, Hattie, Miss, Thurs., step-father is John Rogers, months of pain West Derby 7/28/1902
Kilgalan, __, Mrs., age 82, 2nd inst, w/o John Kilgalan, buried E. Albany North Craftsbury 4/7/1902
Kilgallan, __, Mr., aged citizen, last Fri. Albany 9/24/1900
Kilgallan, Katherine, age 78, Nov 16 Albany 12/10/1900
Kilgallen, Mary, Mrs., aged lady, April 2, formerly of Albany Craftsbury 4/7/1902
Kilgallon, John, aged citizen, Sunday East Albany 6/24/1900
Kilpatrick, twin dau, March 30, just a few hours old, of M/M Wm. Kilpatrick East Brownington 4/7/1902
Kimball, __, Mrs., April 9, w/o George Kimball, former resident of Holland Derby 4/14/1902
Kimball, __, Mrs., w/o George Kimball West Charleston 4/14/1902
Kimball, C. C., Mrs., Fri., ill a long time, dau Mrs. Eliza Mussey of Henniker, NH (item) West Burke 5/14/1900
Kimball, Dustin, last Mon., ill several months from a shock West Burke 9/17/1900
Kimball, Isaac, Dr., buried Glover next to his wife who died 40 years ago West Glover 10/29/1900
Kimball, Isaac, Dr., last Thurs., former resident of Glover, buried Glover  (items) North Troy 10/22/1900
Kimball, Phillip, aged citizen, Dec 23  [should be Philemon] Westmore 1/1/1900
Kimball, Philomen, born Barton Sept 1821, died Dec 23  (item) Westmore/Barton 1/8/1900
Kimball, Robert J., Col., leaves wife & son W. Eugene & dau's Clara & Annie Randolph at NY 10/12/1903
Kimball, Robert J., Col., Oct 3, born Randolph, VT, buried Brooklyn, NY (obit) Randolph at NY 10/12/1903
Kimball, son, age 3, Sept 30, of Mr. & Mrs. George Kimball, fell from high chair West Derby 10/8/1900
Kimball, Susanna, age 68, wid/o Franklin Kimball, buried Hardwick Sun. (item) Lawrence, MA  8/19/1901
Kimball, W. F., Sept 26, killed in rr accident at Lewiston, ME, leaves wife of Portland E. Charleston at ME 10/3/1904
King (family reunion)  Cephas Clark family settled 1818 - many names Glover 8/22/1904
King, __, Mrs., Feb 19, wid/o Rev. Rufus King, invalid for 8 yrs, leaves dau (obit) Cairo, NY per Lowell 2/25/1901
King, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Ed. King Barton per Westfield 5/13/1901
King, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Frank King, of erysipelas, moved here recently Hardwick 4/1/1901
King, Carlton, little son, yesterday, of Mr. & Mrs. C. R. King of Passumpsic Barton 6/16/1902
King, Effie, Mrs., 5th inst, w/o E. J. King  (obit) Barton 5/13/1901
King, Effie, Mrs., Sun., recently had measles & pneumonia Barton 5/6/1901
King, H. P., age 63 y 8 m, March 23 Wheelock 4/9/1900
King, H. P., born Glover, age 63, married Lydia Frost in 1856, died March 30 (obit) Wheelock 4/9/1900
King, H. P., last Fri., agent for this newspaper many years  (items) Wheelock & Glover 4/2/1900
King, Harriet, Mrs., March 21 Greensboro 3/23/1903
King, Myra, Miss, age 63, last Thurs., died at bro's Charles King in Albany  (item) Barton & Glover 10/1/1900
King, Myra, Miss, age 68, Sept 27, of heart disease Albany 10/15/1900
King, Nora, recently, only child of George King, lost his wife & 4 children in last 5 years Evansville 4/30/1900
King, Rufus, Rev., age 79 y 9 m, Jan 14 Cairo, NY per Lowell 2/25/1901
King, Rufus, Rev., Jan 14, former pastor of Cong Church in Lowell & Westfield Cairo, NY 1/21/1901
King, Rufus, Rev., Jan 14, of pneumonia, died Cairo, NY  (obit) Westfield at NY 1/28/1901
King, Thomas, age 57, Oct 18 Glover 11/5/1900
King, Thomas, age 82, Aug 3, Mrs. died Feb 1899, summer visitor for 20 years  (obit) Barton at Elizabeth, NJ 8/11/1902
King, Thomas, funeral Sat. Glover 10/29/1900
King, Thomas, Oct 18, great sufferer, leaves wife Glover 11/5/1900
Kingsbury, Sanford S., about 65, last Thurs?, bro of Mrs. M. S. Edwards of Derby (item) Derby at Dallas, TX 2/19/1900
Kingsley, William, last week, of cancer Derby 12/8/1902
Kinney, dau, last Wed., of Amasa Kinney, former resident, buried Irasburg last Friday Newport Center 1/20/1902
Kinney, Raymond, age 9 mos, funeral last Thurs., of Foster & Elgie Kinney, of measles Hardwick per Craftsbury 3/18/1901
Kinsley, Ellen  (thanks W. L. Kinsley, Ross C. Kinsley & Bertha Kinsley) Lowell 1/14/1901
Kinsley, Ellen, age 52, Sat., w/o Wm L. Kinsley, of heart failure, leaves husband & son  (obit) Lowell 1/7/1901
Kinsley, Will L., age 57, last Tues., suicide, lost wife recently & in poor health  (obit) Lowell 9/30/1901
Kinsley, William, funeral last Thurs. Lowell 9/30/1901
Kipp, John, age 74, Wed, son is W. E. Kipp (item 7/1 son Henry of Kansas City) Newport 6/24/1901
Kiser, __, Mrs., Friday, w/o Frank Kiser, ill a long time Brownington Center 3/7/1904
Knapp, __, Mrs., last week, dau/o Milton Heath of Barton, of consumption Barton of CT 5/26/1902
Knapp, __, Mrs., Tues., w/o Robert Knapp, d/o Ira Munn, found dead in bed  (item) Stowe 12/01/1902
Knight, Betsey Hill, age 80, Jan 5, wid/o Aldis Knight, of a shock, leaves 3 daus (obit) Irasburg at Starksboro 1/13/1902
Knight, John W., age 4 y 2 m, yesterday, grandparents M/M John Telfer, spinal meningitis Barton 3/9/1903
Labell, Charles, aged man, buried last week Derby 7/30/1900
Labonte, John B., born Derby Jan 20, 1847, March 30, leaves widow & 3 adopted sons, buried Stanstead (obit) East Charleston 4/6/1903
Labounty, __, Mrs., recently, w/o David Labounty, former resident Derby at _____ 10/27/1902
Labounty, John, last week, of pneumonia Derby at E. Charleston 4/6/1903
Labounty, Leon, age 17, Thurs., hitched ride on train, fell off  (item) Newport 11/10/1902
Labounty, Mamie, Miss, age 20, last Fri., of M/M John* Labounty, buried Lowell Barton of Lowell 1/6/1902
Labounty, Mary, Mrs., age 60, Fri., died suddenly, had operation Newport 10/27/1902
Lachance, Ph. E., Rev., May 19, of stomach ulcers, buried St. Helene, PQ (item) Island Pond 5/30/1904
LaClair, Barney, aged man, Thurs., lived on town farm several years Barton 8/4/1902
LaClair, C. B., Mrs., Tues., of a apoplectic shock, buried Fairfield Hardwick 10/22/1900
Ladd, Charles, drowned Craftsbury 5/26/1902
Ladd, Charles, last Sun., mother is Mrs. Batchelder of Hardwick, drowned at Eden Craftsbury 6/2/1902
Ladd, Warren, age 4, Mon., of Rev. & Mrs. G. E. Ladd, fell into tub of boiling water Waterbury 6/10/1901
LaFleur, baby, few hours, Aug 12, of Mr. & Mrs. Walter LaFleur Albany 8/18/1902
Lafontaine, Gilbert, Jan 9, of dropsy, died Salem-Derby Newport 1/18/1904
LaForest, Mrs., Feb 25, taken Wed for burial in New Brunswick Craftsbury  3/5/1900
Lahue, Lisle Chester, age 4 m 5 d, Dec 6 Barton 12/23/1901
Lahue, little boy, age 4 mos, last Fri., of Chester Lahue Barton 12/9/1901
Lake, J. M., age 66, last Tues., overdose of morphine, prob suicide, ill for years (item) North Troy 5/20/1901
Lamere, __, Mr., last week, son is Lewis Lemere of Derby St. Johnsbury 2/24/1902
Lamere, Mitchel, Sun., leaves wife & 6 children, great sufferer several months Coventry 8/15/1904
Lamphear, __, Mrs., age 71, Oct 4, born Brookfield, VT  (item) Albany 10/8/1900
Lance, William, student, Oct 28, accidently shot himself, adopted son/o Mrs. Lance of Woodbury (item) Hardwick of Woodbury 11/4/1901
Lane, Hiram, Nov 16, Elisha Lane, Augustus Lane & Mrs. G. H. Flint attending, Springfield, MA Newport at MA 11/25/1901
Lane, Mary A., Mrs., Wed., dau is Mrs. G. H. Flint Newport 2/26/1900
Lane, Seymour, born Newport Dec 3, 1844, died Jan 4, of Cephas Lane (full obit) Newport 1/12/1903
Lang, __, Mrs., funeral last Sat. Greensboro 10/28/1901
Lang, __, Mrs., last Thurs, w/o Wm Lang, leaves husband, 3 sons & 2 daus (item) Glover & Greensboro 10/28/1901
Lang, __, Mrs., Oct 24, w/o William Lang, of paralysis Greensboro 11/4/1901
Lang, A. J., March 31, of lockjaw, had leg amputated, did not recover (item) East Charleston 4/7/1902
Lang, Janet (thanks) Mr. & Mrs. Bert Lang, Mrs. R. P. Stevens & family East Charleston 7/27/1903
Lang, Janet, age 66, July 6, d/o John & Melissa Dolloff, w/o Andrew Lang, of paralysis (obit) East Charleston 7/27/1903
Lang, Mary Elizabeth (McFarlane), age 51 y 1 m 6 d, Oct 24, w/o William Lang Greensboro 10/28/1901
Lang, Maurice, last Thurs., drowned, nephew of M/M S. R Fletcher of Holland Tilton, NH per Holland 7/14/1902
Lanou, Glenn, about 12, yesterday, granddau of Mrs. Sabre Lanou, of peritonitis Irasburg 2/2/1903
Lanou, Glenn, age 11, Jan 31, oldest dau of M/M Ed. Lanou Irasburg 2/9/1903
Lanou, infant son, Mon., of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lanou, of pneumonia Irasburg 2/8/1904
Lansing, Rev. Mr., recently, formerly pastor at Albany Albany at ? 6/2/1902
Lapier, __, Mrs., (thanks) Horace Lapier, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Richardson Lowell 8/10/1903
Lapierre, __, Mrs., Wed., w/o Horace Lapierre, d/o Andrew Richardson, very suddenly (item) Lowell 8/3/1903
LaPlant, John, funeral last Tues., leaves wife, 3 daus, dau Mrs. Lillian Blair died recently (item) West Derby 9/2/1901
LaPlant, John, Sat., of Bright's Disease, ill a long time Derby 8/26/1901
Largis, Herbert, recently, s/o late Frank Largis, born Barton, killed coupling cars  (item) Barton at Colfax, CA 4/13/1903
LaRoche, Joseph, buried Thurs., died Derby Brownington Center 4/4/1904
Larrabee, Frank, last week, of Mr. V. Larrabee, drowned at Wells River W. Burke 8/22/1904
Lathrop, L[orton] L., age 7[9], Jan 18 Greensboro 1/25/1904
Laughlin, Mary, Mrs., age 84, died in NY, after brief illness E. Albany at NY 10/15/1900
Laurette, Nelson, age 69 y 3 m, last Wed., leaves widow, of heart failure (item) Westfield 6/2/1902
Lawrence, __, Mrs., age 75, June 23, w/o Horace Lawrence Newport 6/25/1900
Lawrence, __, Mrs., aged lady, last Sat., w/o Horace Lawrence, of heart failure Newport 6/25/1900
Lawrence, __, Mrs., aged lady, last Wed., of the grip Westfield 5/7/1900
Lawrence, Amorette Burdick, age 82, May 2, w/o John Lawrence, had 12 kids, named (obit) Westfield & Lowell 5/14/1900
Lawrence, Cornelia Dwinell, Mrs., born Aug 11, 1819, March 28, sis Mrs. S. H. Stebbins (item) Glover 4/11/1904
Lawrence, Esther, buried last Wed Greensboro 3/10/1902
Lawrence, Hannah J., Mrs., age 88, born Barrington, NH, last Fri., dau is Mrs. C. O. Goodwin (item) East Charleston 3/31/1902
Lawrence, Horace, age 77, Nov 30, born Danville Feb 13, 1825, buried Passumpsic (obit) Newport 12/8/1902
Lawson, Fred Ralph, age 5 mos, Oct 11, of Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Lawson Newport Center 10/19/1903
Lawson, Ruth, Mrs., age 58, 4th inst Newport Center 3/9/1903
Leach, __, Mrs., funeral last Thurs., w/o Moses Leach, sis of Mrs. Major Robbins of Crafts. Wolcott 4/11/1904
Leach, __, Mrs., Mon., w/o Phineas Leach, invalid for years, buried Pine Grove West Derby 7/23/1900
Leach, Alice, about 17, Wed, d/o Phineas Leach, of typhoid fever, buried Pine Grove West Derby 4/18/1904
Leach, Jennie, age 17, last Thurs., d/o Phineas Leach, of typhoid fever, buried Pine Grove Newport 4/18/1904
Leach, R. I., Mrs., funeral Friday Lyndon Center 10/26/1903
Leavitt, Lindsey, age 16, April 7, died suddenly, buried Pine Grove West Derby 4/15/1901
Leavitt, Mary, Mrs., Fri., after long & painful illness Greensboro 3/31/1902
LeBarron, Orra, funeral last Mon., M/M M. H. Brunning of Barton attending N. Hatley, PQ 12/21/1903
LeClair, Agnes, Miss, age 36, yesterday, born Hatley, Que of M/M Isaac LeClair (obit) Barton 9/12/1904
Lecourt, Agnes, age 32, July 6, died St. Johnsbury hospital of heart disease (item) Newport 7/11/1904
Lee, __, Mrs., Oct 6, w/o William Lee, leaves husband & 2 daus ages 5 & 13 (item) North Albany 10/10/1904
Lee, Daniel, age 87, last Thurs., of a shock West Burke 10/1/1900
Lee, Daniel, age 87, leaves widow Sutton 10/15/1900
Lemere, baby, last Friday, of Elmer Lemere Derby 11/16/1903
Leonard, child, about 6, buried Thurs., of John Leonard, ill a long time, buried Barton Glover 3/16/1903
Leonard, Gilbert, age 14, last Thurs., s/o John Leonard, drowned (item) West Derby 11/2/1903
Leonard, Gilbert, age 14, Oct 29 Glover 11/2/1903
Leonard, Gilbert, last Thurs., drowned at Stone Pond Barton 11/2/1903
Leonard, Joseph, Sun., leaves wife & 2 small children, buried Newport Derby 10/24/1904
Leonard, Mary Sarah, about 20 mos, last Thurs., d/o M/M J. E. Leonard Glover 7/27/1903
Leonard, Will, recently, former resident Coventry at Pittsfield, MA 11/23/1903
Leslie, __, Mrs., age 93, Feb 24, w/o Walker Leslie, son is D. B. Leslie, of pneumonia Wheelock 3/4/1901
Lewis, __, Mrs., funeral last Tues., w/o Daniel Lewis Hardwick at ST. J. 5/23/1904
Lewis, __, Mrs., Sat., mother of Rev. S. Lewis of Barton Landing, buried Hardwick St. Johnsbury 5/16/1904
Lewis, dau, age 7 mos, April 9, of Charles S. Lewis, of scarlet fever  (item) Westmore 4/15/1901
Lewis, Emily Tomlinson, Mrs., Fri., sons Merton, Newton & Nelson West Glover 12/3/1900
Lewis, Emily, Mrs., age 73, Nov 30 West Glover 12/10/1900
Lewis, Ethel B., age 7 m 2 d, April 9, of Charles S. & Mary A. Lewis, of scarlet fever Westmore 4/15/1901
Lewis, Euretta (Willard), Tues., w/o Milo Lewis, of heart disease, leaves husband & son (item) North Troy 6/16/1902
Libby, Elijah, aged man, last Friday, of a shock, buried Brownington Center Barton 6/9/1902
Libby, Lucinda, Miss, Tues. Derby & Rock Island 5/19/1902
Libby, Tamson, Mrs., age 79 y 6 m 6 d, March 16, of pneumonia, buried Brownington Barton Landing 3/23/1903
Lightwood, Joseph, Sept 1, of pneumonia  (item) Barton Landing 9/21/1903
Lightwood, Joseph, this morning, of pleuro pneumonia Barton Landing 9/14/1903
Lilley, Patrick, age 92, Oct 6 Hardwick 10/17/1904
Lincoln, __, Mrs., nearly 70, Wed, w/o Samuel Lincoln, buried Lakeroad Cemetery Newport 6/23/1902
Lincoln, Samuel, age 86, last Mon, buried Lake Road cemetery Newport 5/2/1904
Linsley, J. H., Dr., last Sun., of cerebral meningitis  (item) Burlington 2/25/1901
Litch, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Milo Litch, sis of Mrs. J. Kier of Craftsbury Gardner, MA 4/9/1900
Litch, Milo, 22nd, s/o Mrs. M. Litch, buried at Gardner, MA N. Craftsbury at MA 10/26/1903
Litchfield, __, Mr., last Fri. Morgan 12/17/1900
Litchfield, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Daniel Litchfield Brownington 4/28/1902
Litchfield, __, Mrs., Mon., w/o George Litchfield, of cancer, leaves husband & son Frank (item) West Derby 5/26/1902
Litchfield, __, Mrs., w/o Daniel Litchfield, buried April 27 in Brownington Center cemetery Brownington Center 5/12/1902
Litchfield, Alfred, buried Nov 7, died at ______ Westmore 11/9/1903
Litchfield, Fred., age 21, last Mon., of typhoid fever, leaves mother & sister  (item) Morgan 10/21/1901
Litchfield, Fred., young man, last Mon, leaves widowed mother & a sister, buried Morgan W Charleston of Morgan 10/21/1901
Little, __, Mrs. Withers, about 87, last Tues., w/o James Little, son James Withers Craftsbury 9/3/1900
Little, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Arthur Little Craftsbury 10/8/1900
Little, little dau, Nov 29, d/o M/M Wallace Little, of pneumonia, buried Barton Land (item) Vershire 12/5/1904
Livingdale, Johnnie, age 11, Dec 17, of Edward Livingdale, fell under train while stealing a ride (item) Barre 12/23/1901
Livingston, Emma, recently, w/o Luke Livingston, of consumption, leaves husband & 3 kids Coventry at S. Hero 6/2/1902
Livingston, J., Mrs., funeral Tues., cousin of Mr. & Mrs. William Simpson of Greensboro Hardwick 2/1/1904
Lobby, Helen, infant, last Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. Leon Lobby Newport 10/22/1900
Locke, __, Mrs., age 88, May 4, son is F. H. Sanborn, feeble a long time  (item) Lowell 5/13/1901
Locke, Gwendolyn Marion, age 1 mos, Jan 13, of Mr. & Mrs. George F. Locke Irasburg 1/21/1901
Locke, infant dau, Jan 13, of Mr. & Mrs. George Locke Irasburg 1/21/1901
Locke, S., Tues., cancer of the mouth & throat, clairvoyant physician  (item) West Derby 8/6/1900
Lockwood, Austin, recently, went to Mich in the fall  (item 2/25/01 is alive) Lowell, in Mich 1/21/1901
Lombard, __, Mr., leaves wife Mrs. I. K. Lombard West Derby 9/12/1904
Lombard, Russell, recently, uncle of Mrs. O. P. Wright of Westfield Warren, MA 5/5/1902
Long, infant, age 14 mos, buried Tues., of T. Long, buried in Catholic cemetery Lowell 8/1/1904
Longe, Peter, recently, father of Mrs. J. R. Brooks of Coventry Franklin 5/5/1902
Longevine, Adolphus, age 61, today, member ME 1st Sharpshooters, buried Catholic cem. (item) Barton 2/10/1902
Longeway, infant, Friday, of Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Longeway West Derby 12/21/1903
Longly, __, Mr., Tues., found dead in woods, of heart trouble Lowell 12/26/1904
Loomis, __, Mrs., recently, (thanks Austin J. Loomis & family) Barton Landing 8/4/1902
Loomis, Charles (thanks) Mr. Austin Loomis, M/M A. E. Loomis, M/M N. E. Loomis, M/M L. C. Loomis, Herbert & Ella Loomis Albany 8/24/1903
Loomis, Charlie, age 15, Sat., of Austin Loomis, accidently shot himself Albany 8/17/1903
Lord, E., Mrs., very aged, last Thurs, dau is Mrs. L. D. Miles Newport of Colchester 2/19/1900
Lord, Eben K., born Portsmouth, NH Dec 14, 1818, Thurs., dau is Mrs. L. D. Miles, gastritis Newport of Iowa 5/18/1903
Lord, Samuel, Feb 24, leaves 3 sons 1 dau  (item) Morgan 3/2/1903
Lorimer, __, Mrs., March 2, w/o Benjamin Lorimer, son Archie Lorimer Newport at Derby 3/9/1903
Lorimer, __, Mrs., Mon., w/o Benjamin Lorimer, of pneumonia, buried Beebe Plain (item) Derby 3/9/1903
Lorimer, __, Mrs., recently, step-mother of J. A. Lorimer of Newport Granby, Ontario 12/31/1900
Lorimer, John A., born April 21, 1861, last Tues., leaves wife & 2 sons  (obit) Newport 5/26/1902
Lorimer, John,  recently, leaves wife & sons, sisters & brother W Derby & Newport 5/26/1902
Lorimer, William, last Tues., son is Colin Lorimer, of pneumonia, buried Beebe Plain (items) Derby & Newport 2/22/1904
Lorimer, William, over 80, last Sun.,  Beebe Plain 11/5/1900
Lorimer, William, recently, sons Rev. Addison Lorimer & Albert Lorimer (item) Beebe Plain 11/19/1900
Lothrop, C. H., Sat., bro of E. H. Lothrop, ill a long time Barton Landing 2/11/1901
Lothrop, L. L., last Tues., dau is Mrs. __ A. Goodrich, ill several weeks Greensboro 1/25/1904
Louie, __, Mrs., funeral last Wed. Passumpsic  11/28/1904
Lovejoy, Jacob, age 77, last Mon., leaves widow & 3 children East Hardwick 4/1/1901
Loverin, __, Mrs., Mon., w/o Luke Loverin, of heart disease West Derby 6/22/1903
Loverin, Susie (Frye), age 55, June 15, w/o Luke Loverin, of dropsy, born Windsor, Can (obit) S. Newport & Derby 6/29/1903
Lowery, __, Mrs., recently, wife of brother of Thomas & Wm Lowery, leaves 4 kids East Brownington 4/16/1900
Lowery, little son, Thurs., of Thomas Lowery, of diphtheria East Brownington 6/11/1900
Lozby, Fred, age 2, March 28, s/o Charles Lozby, of ptomaine poisoning Proctor 4/6/1903
Luddington, Mr., recently, father of Rev. S. D. Luddington, son formerly of Derby   8/25/1902
Lumsden, Nancy, Miss, last Mon., buried Greensboro, bro John Lumsden Greensboro at Barre 3/30/1903
Lunderville, little child, June 19, of John Lunderville West Charleston 6/24/1901
Lunt, Samuel S., Dea., Jan 6, after long illness West Derby 1/7/1901
Lurette, Nelson, funeral last Thurs. West Derby at Westfield 6/2/1902
Luxford, Corris, last Tues., killed by falling tree, his father died recently  (item) Newport Center 12/2/1901
Luxford, Henry, last Thurs., in war of the rebellion, ill a long time, buried W. Derby (item) Newport Center 4/22/1901
Lyford, __, Mrs., Feb 7, of cancer, son is N. H. Piper of West Charleston St. Johnsbury 2/11/1901
Lyman, Belle C., Mrs., age 54, yesterday, w/o late Nelson Lyman, buried W. Glover  (obit) Barton at W. Glover 3/10/1902
Lyman, Belle C., Mrs., yesterday, d/o David Cameron, of pneumonia  (item) Barton  at W. Glover 3/10/1902
Lyman, N. H., recently Barton 10/7/1901
Lyman, Nelson H., born Glover in 1845, died last Tues., of Bright's disease  (obit) Barton & W. Glover 10/7/1901
Lynch, John, Tues., Private in troop H, 11th Cav., found dead on watch, of vertigo? Burlington of NY 8/26/1901
Lyon, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Leon Lyon, of a tumor, buried Barton/Westmore Westmore at Lynn, MA 2/11/1901
Lyon, Elwyn, last Mon., ill several years with consumption, bro Howard (item) North Craftsbury 4/11/1904
Lyon, Ephraim, last Fri., after long illness North Craftsbury 6/1/1903
Lyon, infant son, yesterday, of J. E. Lyon Barton Landing 7/15/1901
Lyon, Irving, little son, Feb 12, of M/M Herbert Lyon, from diphtheria Caswell's Mills 2/16/1903
Lyon, Lena, Mrs., last week, dau of Cassius Twombly, died Lynn, MA Lynn, MA per Barton 2/11/1901
Lyon, Linnie (Twombly), w/o Leon A. Lyon, died Lynn hospital, stomach ulcer (obit) Westmore 2/18/1901
Lyons, Charles, March 31, shot in drunken brawl at lumber camp (item) Bloomfield 4/11/1904
Lyons, Charles, March 31, shot in feud with others (item) Bloomfield 4/18/1904
Macia, infant son, Wed., of Mr. & Mrs. George Macia, of bronchial pneumonia Irasburg 12/5/1904
Mack, __, Mr., last week, of typhoid fever Holland 11/25/1901
Mack, Orison, about 57, Aug 10, ill several months of heart disease (item) Hardwick 8/22/1904
Mack, Rhoda, Mrs., Sat., of typhoid fever, buried Derby West Charleston 8/19/1901
MacKinnon, little dau, age 15 mos, Feb 13, of Mrs. Ida (Walker) MacKinnon, of pneumonia Barton at
W. Stewartstown, NH
Macomber, __, Mrs., recently, w/o John Macomber, died Merideth, NH, buried Derby Derby at NH 4/8/1901
Macomber, William M., age 70 y 9 m, Friday, son is A. A. Macomber Jay 3/14/1904
Magoon, Bertha, Miss, last Wed., d/o Mrs. George Magoon, of consumption West Derby 7/13/1903
Magoon, Daniel,  (thanks) Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fisher, F. E. Magoon Barton 5/23/1904
Magoon, Daniel, age 74, yesterday, half bro is W. M. Magoon  (item) Barton 5/16/1904
Magoon, Elijah, age 78, born in Canada in 1824, died Oct 25, had 11 children, 5 alive (item) South Albany 11/3/1902
Magoon, Harry, age 24, last Tues., surgery for appendicitis, buried Lake Road cemetery (item) Newport 3/28/1904
Magoon, infant son, Tues., of Mrs. Emma Magoon, grandparents M/M C. E. Green West Derby 2/9/1903
Magoon, Irving F., age 23, Jan 27, of pneumonia, buried Brownington Ctr  (item) Barton Landing 2/1/1904
Magoon, Walter G., age 27 y 5 m 26 d, Jan 15 West Derby 1/26/1903
Magoon, Walter, about 20, Fri., of consumption, leaves wife & child West Derby 1/19/1903
Maguire, __, Mrs., Thurs East Craftsbury 5/26/1902
Malarny, twin babies, last week, of M/M P. Malarny Albany Center 4/20/1903
Manley, Esther J., Mrs., age 96, sis of late Mrs. Edward Barnard, Mrs. Susan Fisher last of family (item) Barton Landing 3/28/1904
Mann, Enoch, Sun., bro-in-law M. B. Cass, leaves wife, sister & brother Evansville 12/29/1902
Manning, Isaac, age 77, last Wed Newport at Batesville 4/11/1904
Mansur, __, Mrs., funeral last week, w/o Orange Mansur, aunt of Mrs. J. H. Rosebrook Island Pond 1/15/1900
Mansur, Mary A., Miss, Aug 12, sis/o Col. Z. M. Mansur, of paralysis  (item) Island Pond 8/19/1901
Manville, baby, age 15 mos, Jan 28, of Mrs. Jennie Crane Manville, at Boise City, Idaho Greensboro 2/9/1903
Maran, Jacob H., Tues., fell off a ladder hitting his head (item) Chester 12/14/1903
Marble, Ella, Mrs., last Sat., sis of Mrs. G. B. Stoddard of Barton Lowell, MA 10/3/1904
March, Andrew S., Nov 3, died Newton, MA Newport 11/9/1903
Marchesi, son, age 2, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. John Marchesi, after long illness Hardwick 4/22/1901
Markwell, __, Miss, Oct 28, sister is Mrs. Magoon, buried at Coaticook West Derby 11/2/1903
Marloo, Bridges, age 18, Jan 1 East Albany 1/29/1900
Marsden, little son, age 4, last Thurs., of Mr. Marsden, of diphtheria Holland 6/27/1904
Marsh, __, Mrs., Fri., w/o Orvin Marsh, leaves husband, 3 daus & 2 sons Brownington 12/15/1902
Marsh, __, Mrs., some time ago, w/o Isaac Marsh, died in Minneapolis Derby at Minn. 9/8/1902
Marsh, Isaac, Dec 17, of heart failure after fall in barn Holland 12/30/1901
Marsh, Isabella A., age 46, Jan 26, in prison for murdering husband George Marsh (item) Northfield 2/8/1904
Marsh, Simon, Feb 4, son is Wm. Marsh, leaves wife, of pneumonia Morgan at E. Charleston 2/8/1904
Marsh, William, Oct 30, leaves mother, widow & 3 kids, buried in Holland (item) East Charleston 11/7/1904
Marshall, __, Mrs., born 1853 Coventry, last Wed., w/o Charles Marshall  (obit) Barton Landing 4/21/1902
Marshall, __, Mrs., Wed., son is Silas Marshall, buried Dunham, PQ East Hardwick 1/25/1904
Marshall, Matthew, age 78 y 8 m, week ago Sun., leaves dau & son  (item) Greensboro 7/14/1902
Marshall, R., Mrs., Dec 7, children Wm, Charles, George, Mrs. Wills & Mrs. D. Fox, buried E. Charleston (item) Westmore 12/15/1902
Marston, Caroline, died Oct 3, 1903 Westfield 2/29/1904
Marston, Caroline, Mrs., age 86, Oct 3 Westfield 10/12/1903
Marston, Caroline, Mrs., Sat., mom of D. O. Marston of Barton Westfield 10/5/1903
Marston, Charles, age nearly 86, March 27 Barton Landing 4/9/1900
Marston, Charles, Dea., advanced age, last Tues., buried Glover beside his wife (item) Barton Landing 4/2/1900
Martel, __, Mr., funeral last Sat., died suddenly Greensboro Bend 4/30/1900
Martel, F[red]., Mrs., age 38, yesterday, leaves husband & 6 children  (item) Barton 12/10/1900
Martin, __ , Mrs., Nov 9, w/o James Martin, ill a long time, buried Troy  Newport 11/18/1901
Martin, __, Mrs., last Sun., w/o William Martin, of neuralgia of the heart Coventry 9/1/1902
Martin, __, Mrs., Nov 5, w/o William H. Martin, died St. Johnsbury Barton 11/14/1904
Martin, __, Mrs., Sat., w/o James H. Martin, dau/o Mrs. Elma Martin of Glover Newport 11/11/1901
Martin, Betsey, Mrs., funeral Nov 1, aunt of Geo Porter & Mrs. J. D. Willey (item) Plainfield at Montpelier 11/9/1903
Martin, George A., age 73, Sat., born Fredonia, NY, editor of New England Farmer (item) Brattleboro 4/25/1904
Martin, Horace, age 63, last Fri.  (item) Troy 2/4/1901
Martin, James, age 52, buried Sat., of pneumonia, sis Mrs. Ralph Garfield  (item) N. Craftsbury at Belvidere 6/16/1902
Martin, John G., age 82, son is Homer Martin of E. Concord W. Glover at E. Concord 8/18/1902
Martin, John, funeral Thurs., of pneumonia Lowell 3/31/1902
Martin, Peter, Mon., burned to death in house fire Barre 6/1/1903
Marvin, __, Mr., recently, sis is Mrs. Hattie Nichols of Coventry Sheldon 7/4/1904
Marvin, A. J., Tues?, son is Delos Marvin of Derby East Swanton 6/11/1900
Marvin, Forest, recently, grandson of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Sawyer of W. Charleston Derby 12/22/1902
Marvin, Forest, young man, last week, of Delos Marvin, in accident Derby at Montgomery 12/22/1902
Marvin, Hoyt, last Wed?, nephew of Mrs. H. C. Nichols of Coventry, drowned Sheldon 3/10/1902
Marvin, Thomas, May 19, of pneumonia Montpelier 5/27/1901
Mason, __, Mrs., age 87, Jan 29, dau is Mrs. Charles Thompson Greensboro Bend 2/5/1900
Mason, __, Mrs., over 80, funeral Wed., w/o Moses Mason, dau Mrs. Charles Thompson Greensboro 2/5/1900
Mason, Ada, Miss, about 18, June 19, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mason, after long illness Hardwick 6/27/1904
Mason, Marvin, age 63, June 28, of neuralgia of the heart W. Somerville, MA 7/7/1902
Mason, Marvin, born 1839 Craftsbury, buried last Wed., leaves wife & 2 sons (obit Barton at W. Somerville, MA 7/7/1902
Mason, Oracy (Cheney), age 82, Dec 2, M/M Oliver Farr attending East Craftsbury 12/9/1901
Mason, Oracy, Mrs., age 82, Dec 2 Craftsbury 12/23/1901
Mason, Sarah, Mrs., buried Dec 1, mother of B. H. Mason of Glover East Craftsbury 12/5/1904
Massey, __, Mrs., Sun, got into fight with other woman, w/o Joseph Massey (item 4/20) East Hardwick 4/13/1903
Masten, Margaret, Mrs., age 79, Feb 2, native of Scotland, buried Sutton (item) West Burke 2/10/1902
Masure, Alice (Berry), last Mon., of consumption, leaves husband & little dau (item) Sutton 12/14/1903
Masure, Linnie, Mrs., age 29, last Mon., of consumption, leaves husband & dau age 3 Sutton 4/23/1900
Mathews, A. D., Mrs., Friday, of heart failure & stomach trouble  (item) Barton Landing 1/26/1903
Maxfield, Earle C., age 1 y 2 m 26 d, Sept 28, of C. J. & L. A. Maxfield, of spinal meningitis Morgan Center 10/7/1901
Maxwell, __, Mrs., May 3, sons are H. Maxwell of Morgan & Thomas of Holland Holland at Morgan 5/11/1903
Maxwell, Mary, Mrs., wid/o Thomas Maxwell, died Morgan, buried Brownington Tues. Brownington Center 5/11/1903
May, Thomas, age 63, April 11, went west 30 yrs ago, died in Otay, CA Barton at CA 4/20/1903
May, Willard F., age 43, Wed, killed by a bull Putney of Winchester, NH 9/15/1902
Mayo, Mary, Mrs., age 23, last Mon., married 9 mos, of typhoid fever Newport 4/18/1904
McAllister, James, March 16, dau is Mrs. Mary Connor of Manchester, NH, of cancer Lowell 3/24/1902
McBride, William, about 7, Aug 9, of James McBride Westfield 8/31/1903
McCaffery, Patrick, age 78, April 23, sons Mark & Thomas, daus Mary & Rosa (item) Albany 4/29/1901
McCaffrey, Thomas, funeral last Thurs., died at Bellows Falls, buried Albany Bellows Falls 12/28/1903
McClellan, Bert, July 21, died in Batesville Newport 7/29/1901
McClellan, Samuel, aged citizen, July 28 Newport 8/5/1901
McClure, Ruth, Mrs., age 70, Aug 1 Glover 8/17/1903
McDaniels, __, Mrs., last week Glover per Newport Ctr 9/30/1901
McDaniels, Margaret (Patterson), buried Jan 5 E. Craftsbury, died St. Louis, MO East Craftsbury 1/11/1904
Mcdonald, Archie, died suddenly, died at North Troy, buried Jay Jay 12/12/1904
McDonald, James, funeral last Tues. Troy 12/5/1904
McDougal, Archie (story) visit to Scotland, relatives listed & locations, history Barton 3/21/1904
McDowell, __, Mr., buried last Sunday Sheffield 6/10/1901
McDuffee, Samuel V., Feb 28, former pastor of Cong church in Barton Springfield, MA 3/14/1904
McDuffy, Homer E., Oct 13, hit on back of head by rr water spout at work (item) Newport 11/16/1903
McElroy, __, Mrs., found dead in bed, leaves husband & 5 little children Lowell 10/5/1903
McElwain, T. A., Mrs., last week, sister of Mrs. W. A. Wylie of E. Craftsbury W. Hebron, NY 4/13/1903
McFarlane, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Frank McFarlane, leaves husband & 2 daus {item} Hardwick at Denver, CO 3/3/1902
McFarlane, Merle V., age 6 y 23 d, Jan 28, of James W. & Laura L. McFarlane Barton 2/4/1901
McFarlane, Merle, last Mon., little dau of James & Laura McFarlane, of scarlet fever (item) Barton 2/4/1901
McFarlane, Viola, Mrs., funeral Fri., d/o Milo Gray, buried E. Charleston Village (item) E. Charleston at Westmore 12/14/1903
McGaffey, Alvin, recently, died Bethlehem, NH, former resident of Beebe Beebe Plain 3/11/1901
McGarry, John, age 60, Tues., quarry rock fell on him, leaves wife & 2 children (item) Pawlet 11/23/1903
McGee, __, Mrs., recently, w/o James McGee, mom of Mrs. S. G. Scott Newport at Sherbrooke 1/15/1900
McGorty, infant, Sat., of John F. & Ollie M. McGorty Lowell 3/16/1903
McGowan, George, recently, bro of Mrs. H. L. Dailey of West Derby Georgeville 7/2/1900
McGuire, Lillias, young lady, d/o James McGuire, drowned in S. Acton, MA, buried Albany (item) Barton Landing 9/2/1901
McIntosh, Mr., recently, father of Mr. McIntosh of the Granite Co of Beebe Plain Toronto 2/19/1900
McKay, James, April 22 Westmore 4/30/1900
McKay, James, funeral Tues., uncle of Madge McKay of Brownington Westmore 4/30/1900
McKeen, Julia A. Stoughton, age 48, March 29, w/o Mr. McKeen  (item) Westfield at Manhattan, KS 4/20/1903
McKenzie, Cecil, Monday, of lockjaw from bullet wound Marshfield 7/20/1903
McKibbon, infant son, age 1 month, of Mr. & Mrs. McKibbon Derby at _____ 7/20/1903
McKinley, Anna, Mrs., funeral April 2 Greensboro & Hardwick 4/9/1900
McKinnie, __, Mrs., Friday, of typhoid fever West Derby 7/4/1904
McLane, Georgiana, Miss, age 32, June 15, died suddenly, of Somerville, MA Westfield of MA 6/22/1903
McLaren, __, Mrs., Dec 30, wid/o Alexander McLaren, leaves son & 2 daus East Craftsbury 1/4/1904
McLaren, Alex., old citizen, last Tues  (item) Greensboro 1/29/1900
McLaren, Alexander, age 74 y 11 m 12 d, Jan 23 Greensboro 2/12/1900
McLaughlin, J., Mrs., about 27, Tues., clothing caught fire in bonfire  (item) Fair Haven 4/11/1904
McLean, Charles, age 34, Mon., murdered Worcester, VT 3/21/1904
McLellan (Family reunion)  some names listed Greensboro 7/14/1902
McLellan, Dorcas, Mrs., age 73, last Tues, sis Mrs. Lydia Palmer of Manchester, NH (obit) West Derby