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Nelson, Charles T., about 31, Jan 5, son of Ethan S. Nelson, of typhoid pneumonia, leaves wife Barton 1/7/1895
_____, man about 40, hair & mustache iron gray, body floating in lake, buried Derby   (item) Newport & Derby 7/10/1899
_____, Mr., last week, brother of Mrs. C. R. Ladd of Sheffield, died at Sutton, Que. Sutton, Que. 3/21/1898
_____, Mr., last week, father of Mrs. Emerson Way of West Burke, died at Lyndon Lyndon  3/21/1898
_____, Mrs., last week, mother of Mrs. A. L. Pettengill of Troy, died Dunham, Que. Dunham, Que. 3/7/1898
______, Mr., recently, father of Mrs. John Watkins of Westfield, died at Massawippi Massawippi 5/23/1898
______[prob Mr. Lewis], Mr., telegram Sat., brother of Mrs. Hollis Thrasher of Coventry, died Smith Mills, PQ Smith Mills, PQ 12/2/1895
_______, Alexander, recently, brother of Mrs. H. P. King of Wheelock, congestion of the brain Wheelock at Boonville, MO 9/12/1898
__ton, L.___ Mr., recently, drowned cutting ice, wife is dau of late Timothy Holt of Derby Derby at Newbury 2/4/1895
Abbey, M. H., Rev., age 73, Jan 8, died suddenly during service, buried Sutton, leaves wife & 2 daus  (obit) West Charleston 1/14/1895
Abbott, __, Mrs., 9th, aged mother of Mrs. Fred Holt of Derby, buried Derby Barton Landing 9/18/1899
Abbott, __, Mrs., last Sun., sister of Herbert Parker, died at niece's Mrs. Geo Parker Barton Landing 9/11/1899
Abbott, Mr., recently, brother of Oscar Abbott of Derby, frozen to death in snow in overturned sleigh Woodstock 2/7/1898
Abbott, Timoth D., 24th inst., of pneumonia North Troy 10/28/1895
Abel, __ Mrs., July 1, wife of Rodney Abel, of consumption Troy 7/15/1895
Achilles, __ Mrs., age 23, Tues., w/o Horace Achilles, d/o Daniel Abel, husband & 3 kids, buried Dunkin (item) North Troy 10/19/1896
Adams, __ Mrs., funeral Sat., w/o Ira Adams West Derby 5/10/1897
Adams, __ Mrs., funeral Sunday, mother of Alva Adams of Greensboro Bend Greensboro Bend 3/29/1897
Adams, __ Mrs., Thurs., wife of James Adams, after weeks of pain, buried E. Bolton, PQ West Derby 2/8/1897
Adams, ___, Mrs., funeral Sun., mother of Mrs. L. A. Kent  Jeffersonville 1/18/1897
Adams, Abner, last week, cousin of Mrs. F. S. Gray of Troy, died Lowell, MA Troy at Lowell, MA 6/13/1898
Adams, Alanson, old resident, Tues Derby 6/14/1897
Adams, Florence, young lady, April 3, died at Waterbury E. Brownington at Waterbury 4/18/1898
Aiken, Ernley, last Wed., student, funeral Friday, only son Troy 10/25/1897
Aiken, John, age 81 y 5 m 26 d, March 31 Irasburg 4/8/1895
Aiken, Louise, Mrs., age 75, May 21, widow of John Aiken who died several weeks earlier aged 81  (item) Irasburg 5/27/1895
Aiken, Mr.,  last week, father of Rev. O. E. Aiken of Coventry Bolton   10/14/1895
Ainger, Jesse, Deacon, age 74, 9th inst, after long illness Sutton 1/24/1898
Ainger, Jesse, last Sunday, of dropsy & heart trouble Sutton 1/17/1898
Ainger, John, age 22, last Sat., only s/o William & Mary Ainger, strangled by breaking of quinsy sore West Burke 3/13/1899
Ainger, John, March 11, only son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm Ainger  (item) Island Pond of West Burke 3/20/1899
Ainger, Mary, age 66, last Tues, w/o John Harris Ainger, from heart trouble & grip  (obit) Sutton 7/6/1896
Ainsworth, __ Mrs., age 58, Dec 28, wife of Joel Ainsworth Hardwick 1/3/1898
Albany, history and buildings & shops in village in 1840 by owner, long item    
Albee, Marion, age 44 y 11 m, Jan 20 Craftsbury 1/28/1895
Albee, Mary, funeral Wed., dau of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Albee of Arlington, NJ, died Derby at A. J. Albee's Derby 4/18/1898
Aldrich, Arnold, age about 71, Dec 15, died at John Aldrich's, buried Stewartstown, NH Wheelock 12/21/1896
Aldrich, Bessie, Miss, Feb 23, d/o Myron Aldrich of Compton, buried Whitefield, NH, of TB   (item) Sutton at Berlin, Germany 4/17/1899
Aldrich, Elias (family info) bro Isaac, sis Mrs. Mary Jillson & Mrs. Susanna Stevens & Mrs. Robert Gilfillan East Burke 11/7/1898
Aldrich, Elisha, age 94, last Fri, bro of Mrs. Mary Jillson of Sheffield South Wheelock 9/18/1899
Aldrich, Mr., age 64, Nov 8, of Barnston, PQ at West Glover W. Glover of Barnston, PQ 11/16/1896
Aldrich, W. S., about 80, Dec 11, father of John Aldrich Wheelock 12/27/1897
Aldrich, W. T., age 76, Dec 10 Wheelock 12/20/1897
Alexander, __ Mrs., age 75, April 4, wife of John Alexander Newport 4/8/1895
Alexander, George, young man, Sunday, of Newport Barton Landing of Newport 7/11/1898
Alexander, Harris, age 81, Jan 7  (item) Evansville 1/16/1899
Alexander, Hugh, age 72 y 4 m, Sept 3 Evansville     9/20/1897
Alexander, Hugh, recently, died at nephew's in Evansville Evansville & West Burke 9/13/1897
Alexander, infant son, age 4 d, Aug 3, of Alfred P. & Orpha (Heath) Alexander Brownington Center 10/5/1896
Alexander, infant son, Aug 3, of Alfred P. & Orpha Alexander Brownington  8/24/1896
Alexander, son, July 10, only son of Eugene Alexander, died suddenly, buried West Derby Barton 7/18/1898
Alfred, __, Mrs., age 46, funeral Sun., w/o Frank Alfred, d/o Robert & Priscilla Edes, buried West Derby  (obit) Newport 8/7/1899
Alfred, F. E., Mrs., Thurs Newport 7/31/1899
Alger, __ Mrs., last week, w/o George Alger, sis Mrs. Albert Alger, leaves husband & 4 children (item) Glover 3/13/1899
Alger, Albert, last Friday Irasburgh 5/3/1897
Allard, Wilbur, age 18, Oct 5, of Alfred Allard Sutton 10/16/1899
Allbee, __ Mrs., last Friday, wife of Cyrus Allbee, great sufferer for many months West Charleston & Morgan 6/24/1895
Allbee, Basil, age 1 y 10 m, last Mon., youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Don Allbee, of pneumonia (item) Troy 3/22/1897
Allbee, Cyrus, July 10, died at dau's Mrs. O. L. Tarr   (item) Morgan 7/18/1898
Allbee, Mary (Woodard), 21st, leaves husband & 2 sons & 2 dau's, long & painful illness  (item) Morgan per Holland 7/1/1895
Allbee, Warren, last week at S. L. Leavitt's, of heart trouble, buried S. Troy Craftsbury 1/28/1895
Allen, Clyde Fenelon, infant son, May 2, of Mr. & Mrs. Warren C. Allen Barton 5/9/1898
Allen, Dan, 10th inst., ill many weeks East Brownington 11/18/1895
Allen, infant dau., June 13, of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Allen Craftsbury 6/17/1895
Allen, J. W., funeral last week, father of Mrs. J. C. Davison of Newport Craftsbury 5/23/1898
Allen, James, old war veteran, June 26, of heart failure West Charleston 7/11/1898
Allen, Job, May 14, of apoplexy  (item) North Craftsbury 5/23/1898
Allen, Joel, last Friday, from injuries received last winter West Derby 8/30/1897
Allen, John, attended funeral Clark Allen & family, Miss Lucretia Allen, Zuar Leonard & wife all of Craftsbury Lyndon 7/20/1896
Allen, John, recently, while on visit to dau in Athol, MA, student at old Glover Institute  (item) Lyndon at Athol, MA 7/13/1896
Allen, N. S., Mrs., Nov 15, after week of intense suffering, sis is Miss Cornelia Robinson  (item) West Charleston 11/23/1896
Allen, Olive C., Mrs., age 78, last Tues., son Leander Allen  (item) North Troy 4/12/1897
Allen, Olive, Mrs., Oct 16, widow of James Allen, leaves 3 daughters & 1 son Craftsbury 10/21/1895
Allen, Wallace G., age 24, recently, of a shock, bro George sis Mrs. Frank Stearns, buried Coventry  (item) Coventry at Nashua, NH 12/20/1897
Aller, Homer, last week, son of Alex Aller, of inflammation of the bowels Beebe Plain 12/5/1898
Allison, Wesley, age 27, Nov 9 Newport 11/18/1895
Allton, Lillian, Nov 8, sick a long time  (item) West Charleston 11/15/1897
Allyn, Adelaide, funeral Sat., w/o Alpha Allyn, died at dau's in Lyndonville, invalid, buried E. Charleston  (item) E. Charleston at Lyndonville 8/15/1898
Allyn, Adelaide, Mrs., age 86 y 3 m, Aug 6 E. Charleston at Lyndonville 8/15/1898
Alston, Garvin, age 72, Jan 10 East Craftsbury 1/23/1899
Alston, Guy, funeral last Friday, step father of J. A. Campbell of Glover Craftsbury 1/16/1899
Anderson, __ Mrs., about 45, last Wed., w/o James Anderson, grip & several shocks, 4 kids  (item) East Craftsbury 5/10/1897
Anderson, __ Mrs., last Wed., w/o James Anderson East Craftsbury 5/3/1897
Anderson, Agnes, Miss, age 57, Nov 28 Glover 12/26/1898
Anderson, Agnes, Miss, last Mon, lived with C. W. Williams North Craftsbury 12/5/1898
Anderson, David, Fri., son is J. C. Anderson of East Albany, died at Wm Arthur's East Albany & Greensboro 2/3/1896
Anderson, David, funeral Monday, buried Glover in Anderson Cemetery, last of large family of boys (item) Greensboro & E. Albany 2/10/1896
Anderson, Frank G., age 29, June 4 Albany 6/21/1897
Anderson, Frank G., born Glover Aug 18, 1868 of Thomas & Mary Urie Anderson  (item) South Albany 6/21/1897
Anderson, Frank G., last Fri., ill for 2 years, married Miss Walter Reynolds last year  (item) South Albany 6/7/1897
Anderson, Garvin, recently West Glover 3/6/1899
Anderson, Guy, young man, last week, leaves wife & two small children  (item) Glover 2/27/1899
Anderson, James M., March 13, leaves wife & 6 children  (item) (Mrs. Esther Anderson) South Albany 3/16/1896
Andrews, Lyman, last Tues., died at nephew's J. S. Andrews Troy 2/22/1897
Andrews, Robert, age 11 weeks, last Mon., of A. V. Andrews, of cholera infantum St. Johnsbury 9/30/1895
Annis, __ Mrs., age 73, last week, wife of William Annis, of apoplexy, buried Albany  (item) Albany at Newport Center 10/28/1895
Applebee, Riley, age 3, last Tues., of M/M A. J. Applebee, playing with matches set clothes on fire (item) Holland 9/25/1899
Archambeault, Phillip, Sunday, express team driver, buried at Dunham, PQ Newport 2/24/1896
Ariel, infant son, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ariel, of cholera infantum, buried Jay Jay at Keene, NH 10/10/1898
Arkley, Mr., last Friday., brother of John Arkley of Barton, died Leeds, PQ Leeds, PQ 5/23/1898
Arkley, Ransom Z., young man, Feb 12, of John Arkley, of asphyxiation from gas leak  (item) Barton at Concord, NH 2/15/1897
Armstrong, Mabel, Sunday, w/o Chauncey Armstrong, leaves husband, father & 2 kids, of consumption   (item) Coventry     2/3/1896
Armstrong, William, Oct 8 Morgan 10/17/1898
Arnold, Frances, Mrs., May 30 Hardwick 6/6/1898
Arnold, Mary B., Mrs., Fri, dau is Mrs. C. H. Dockham, buried CT West Derby 10/23/1899
Arsino, Jerry, age 64, March 8 Newport 3/18/1895
Ashmore, __ Mrs., last week, w/o Geo Ashmore, sis's Mrs. J. W. Brown & Mrs. H. Lapierre of Evansville New Rockland, PQ 2/22/1897
Ashmore, Nancy, Nov 17, niece of Mrs. A. Wilkie of Barton, leaves parents & bro & sister  (item) Barton at Richmond, PQ 11/30/1896
Atkins, John, Tues., leaves wife & 5 children & a sister, buried Westmore Evansville 4/25/1898
Atkins, Lena Maud, Feb 11, dau of John Atkins Evansville 2/18/1895
Atwood, Mark, Rev., age 77, March 14, son S. M. Atwood, dau Mrs. F. J. Campbell, born Rochester, VT  (obit) St. Johnsbury 3/21/1898
Austin, ___, Mrs., last Tues., w/o Alfred Austin, leaves husband & 18 mos dau  (item) Lowell at Fredonia, NY 4/3/1899
Austin, A. C., age 70, today, of erysipelas in the head, leaves wife, 4 daus & 1 son  (item) Barton 4/3/1899
Austin, A. C., funeral Wed., buried Barton Landing Barton 4/10/1899
Austin, Chandler, recently  (item 4/17 dau Nellie here from Boston, MA) Irasburg 4/10/1899
Austin, Effie, last week, dau of E. S. Austin of N. Craftsbury N. Craftsbury at Morrisville 5/8/1899
Ayer, __ Mrs., about 84, Dec 25, buried Goss Hollow in St. Johnsbury Sheffield 12/30/1895
Ayer, J. P., Mrs., recently, lived with N. D. Sawyer's, M/M John Woodman attending, buried Glover Hardwick 11/9/1896
Babbitt, A. C., last Friday, born Greensboro 1810, married 1835 Sarah P. Wilson, buried St. J.   (obit) Greensboro at Waterbury 4/6/1896
Babbitt, Julia, Miss, recently, d/o Henry A. Babbitt, niece of Mrs. Etta Stevens Blossom of Greensboro Montpelier 9/18/1899
Badger, Louisa, Miss, age 78 y 2 m, June 7 East Craftsbury 6/29/1896
Bailey, __ Mrs., aged lady, widow of James Bailey, of pneumonia, son is Alvin Bailey Morgan 12/2/1895
Bailey, __ Mrs., Jan 26, mom of Mrs. Charles Clark, buried Westfield Evansville 2/4/1895
Bailey, __ Mrs., last week, wife of James Bailey, of pneumonia Derby 11/25/1895
Bailey, __ Mrs., last week, wife of Royal Bailey, of consumption Barton Landing 2/10/1896
Bailey, ___, Mrs., about 88, April 20, w/o Samuel Bailey, dau's Mrs. S. D. Bugbee, Mrs. Eliza Lowell, Nancy Bailey West Burke 4/24/1899
Bailey, Alvin, about 50, last Tues  (item) Morgan & Derby 11/2/1896
Bailey, child, recently, of Birt Bailey Morgan 3/1/1897
Bailey, Clarence, son of Jennie (Bugbee) Bailey, remains brought here for burial last week West Burke 7/17/1899
Bailey, Clark, aged citizen, last Wed., ill for several years Coventry 4/20/1896
Bailey, Harvey, age 72, 21st, leaves wife and one son of Washington  (item) Westfield prob 3/1/1897
Bailey, infant dau., several days old, of Mr. & Mrs. P. B. Bailey, of heart failure Barton Landing 9/27/1897
Bailey, John, age about 25, July 17 West Burke 7/22/1895
Bailey, Kate, Miss, last Monday, buried at West Derby West Derby 3/4/1895
Bailey, Mary E., age 70,  Jan 27, w/o Jennison Bailey, d/o D. John Streeter, buried Westfield  (item) Brownington & Westfield 2/4/1895
Bailey, Napoleon, July 10, died day after his house burned down  (item) Newport 7/18/1898
Bailey, Ora, age 5 y 4 m 5 d, Feb 25, son of Bert & Delia Bailey Morgan 3/1/1897
Bailey, Ward S., Mr., age 76, 6th inst, son is Walter S. Bailey  (item 6/10) East Hardwick 7/15/1895
Bailey, Warren, July 19, sick a long time, buried Coventry, leaves widowed mother  (item) Brownington & Coventry 7/25/1898
Baker, [Phil]eas, Sat., crushed between railroad cars, leaves wife & small child   (item) Newport 12/13/1897
Baker, C. L., Tues Greensboro 10/16/1899
Baker, Dean, age 96, Dec 6, died at dau's Mrs. James Borland Greensboro 12/16/1895
Baker, Edward, March 19, of consumption, leaves wife, buried Gardner, MA Craftsbury of Gardner, MA 3/23/1896
Baker, George, age 42, May 26 Wolcott & Craftsbury 6/3/1895
Baker, Huldah Dwinell (history), died March 3, 1859 age 65, wife of Thomas Baker Glover 12/23/1895
Baker, Lewis & family (history) taken to home in Canada by overseer of the poor, were town charges Lowell 4/11/1898
Baker, Mary A. (Batchelder), born Barre Aug 17, 1826, Dec 3, leaves husband & sons John & Edwin  (item) Greensboro at Burlington 12/12/1898
Baker, Myra Jameson, March 18, w/o Ernest Baker, of consumption (item 3-28 leaves husband, mom & 3 kids) West Glover 3/21/1898
Baker, Myra Jameson, Mrs., Sat., leaves husband & 3 small kids, of consumption  (item) West Glover per Irasburg 3/21/1898
Baker, Myra, Mrs., bros Fred & Harry Clark of NY, funeral last Monday, leaves 3 small children  (item) West Glover 3/28/1898
Baker, Phileus, age 28, Dec 11 Newport 12/13/1897
Baker, Thomas (history), from Keene, NH, 3 sons & 2 daus, died Oct 27, 1850 age 57 Glover 12/23/1895
Balch, Grace, Miss, Oct 25, niece of Mr. & Mrs. G. B. Stoddard of E. Charleston, of pneumonia  (item) St. Johnsbury 10/31/1898
Baldwin, __ Mrs., April 8, dau is Mrs. William Willis of West Charleston, buried Troy West Charleston 4/13/1896
Baldwin, __ Mrs., last Wed., wife of Brad(  ) Baldwin, dau is Mrs. Curtis Elkins, buried N. Troy, of paralysis  (item) West (Charl)eston 4/13/1896
Baldwin, Charles D., Dec 8, leaves wife & 7 children, bro of Mrs. George Ford, of heart disease, born Coventry (item) Barton Landing at Melrose, MA 12/16/1895
Baldwin, Emeline (Thrasher), Mrs., last Tues. Inflammation of bowels, son-in-law is Jonah Kidder, leaves 6 kids Coventry 6/24/1895
Baldwin, J., Mrs., last week, sister of Mrs. I. K. Lombard of W. Derby, of heart disease Dixville, PQ 6/5/1899
Ball, __ Mrs., Sat., w/o James Ball, had shock, leaves husband, 4 kids, dau is Mrs. Roy Davis (obit) West Burke of Newark 10/31/1898
Ball, __ Mrs., w/o James Ball, bro Henry Packer of Newark, sis Mrs. J. H. Silsby & Miss Emily Packer of CT West Burke of Newark 10/31/1898
Ball, __ Mrs., wife of Eleazer Ball, buried West Burke last Friday West Burke at Sutton 9/19/1898
Ball, __, Mrs., yesterday / Sunday, wife of N. P. Ball, leaves husband & 3 sons  (item) West Derby 2/13/1899
Ball, two little sons, buried March 19, of James Ball Wheelock 3/29/1897
Barber, __, Mrs., buried last Fri., mother of John Barber Sheffield 10/30/1899
Barker, Charles, recently, buried Thursday, died at sister's Mrs. Dr. Root in East Burke Sutton at E. Burke 7/13/1896
Barker, Clark L., age 71, Oct (  ), heart issue, wife died 10 mos ago, sons John W. & Edwin A.  (obit) Greensboro 10/23/1899
Barlow, George, recently, only son of Fayette Barlow, mbr Co. L., buried Malone, NY w/mom  (item) Coventry at Burlington 9/19/1898
Barnard, C. J., Mrs., recently, four daughters here for funeral Newport 3/27/1899
Barnard, Caroline J., age 77, March 22, widow of George Barnard Newport 3/27/1899
Barnard, Edward, almost 83, last Mon., born Claremont, NH, married Miss Catherine Jones (obit) Barton 3/27/1899
Barnard, Rev. Mr., (history) born Exeter, ME, now pastor for Barton Congregational Church (item) Barton  (item 7-31) 7/17/1899
Barnes, __ Mrs., Thurs., w/o Rev. Mr. Barnes, of diabetes, married 14 months, buried Laconia, NH  (item) Barton  11/9/1896
Barnes, Grace (Weeks), age 25, Nov 5, wife of Rev. E. L. M. Barnes Barton 11/9/1896
Barnes, Lee, young man, last week, only son of Darius Barnes, wagon broke on hill & he was thrown out Westfield 5/15/1899
Barney, Eli, age 3 y 10 m 5 d, March 5, of Joseph H. & Ellen (Wilcox) Barney, of quick consumption Woodsville, NH 3/23/1896
Barney, William, last Friday East Charleston 10/23/1899
Barrager, [Eliza], Mrs., 25th, leaves husband & daughter  (item) Morgan Center 7/1/1895
Barre, Joseph, 17th, buried Lowell Westfield 6/26/1899
Barrett, Susan, May 1[0], wid/o Wm Barrett, died at step-dau's Mrs. Frank Holmes, invalid 15 years  (item) Morgan 5/18/1896
Barrows, __ Mrs., aged lady, early last week, after long & severe illness Barton Landing 7/19/1897
Barrows, __ Mrs., July 11, wife of Jessie Barrows, buried Irasburg  (item) Irasburg at Barton Landing 7/19/1897
Barstow, Frederick M., Thurs., of Ex-Gov J. L. Barstow, fought in civil war, of typhoid fever  (obit) Shelburne 3/27/1899
Bartlett, __ Mrs., age 65, Jan 22, wife of Joseph Bartlett Barton Landing 3/11/1895
Bartlett, __, Mrs., Feb 12, w/o Byrum Bartlett, leaves aged husband & son  Morgan 2/20/1899
Bartlett, ___ Mrs., age 65, Jan 22, wife of Joseph Bartlett, after long illness Barton Landing 1/28/1895
Bartlett, Alonzo M., recently, bro of Esquire Bartlett of Barton, dead in bed at Lowell, MA (item) W. Glover at Lowell, MA 2/14/1898
Bartlett, Byrum, age 90 y 8 m 24 d, June 21 Morgan 7/3/1899
Bartlett, Byrum, born Sept 22, 1808 Morgan, last Wed., married Clarissa Bryant, leaves son Wm (obit) Morgan 6/26/1899
Bartlett, Leonard, recently, son of late John Bartlett, of consumption, sis Mrs. J. W. T. Kendall of CA (item) Barton Landing at CA 2/4/1895
Bartlett, Michael, age 85, last Thurs, dau Mrs. Charles Taft of Troy, NC, buried Sutton  (obit) West Burke at NC 11/20/1899
Bartlett, Persons, recently, died in MA Morgan at MA 6/19/1899
Bartlett, William, nearly 80, Jan 10, dau is Mrs. Frank (     ), from England age 20    (item) Morgan 1/13/1896
Barton, __ Mrs., May 21, widow of Rev. R. H. Barton, from a shock at dau's Mrs. R. C. Hall  (item) Sheffield 5/31/1897
Barton, history and buildings & shops in village in 1840 by owner, long item Barton 1/7/1895
Barton, infant, 2 months, buried yesterday, of Joseph Barton, 7th child's funeral in family, only 2 kids left Barton  11/15/1897
Bashaw, __ Mrs., July 1, w/o Lewis Bashaw, of bronchial pneumonia, leaves husband & dau (item) Albany 7/6/1896
Bassinet, __ Mrs., Nov 29, w/o Joseph Bassinet, ill a year Holland 12/5/1898
Bastin, __ Mrs., age 82, Jan 10, ill for many years, buried Wolcott Albany & Wolcott 1/13/1896
Batchelder, Frank, Tues., had surgery recently Derby 5/30/1898
Batchelder, J. W., Mrs., buried at Newport beside child  (item) Barton 1/18/1897
Batchelder, J. W., Mrs., last Fri., leaves husband & 2 sons, of typhoid pneumonia  (item) Barton at St. Johnsbury 1/11/1897
Batchelder, W. M., Mrs., Sat., prob out of state West Derby 2/24/1896
Bates, C. K., recently, niece Miss Harriet Bisbee of Chicago here Derby 9/19/1898
Bates, Charles K., born Derby 1843, of Jacob & Maria (Stewart) Bates, married 1888 Mary Hinman (obit) Derby at New York City 8/29/1898
Bates, Charles K., last Sat. Derby    8/22/1898
Baxendale, infant dau, about a month old, of Rev. & Mrs. J. T. Baxendale, of whooping cough Westfield of Peacham 12/4/1899
Baxter, Myron S., Dr., last Tues., of Port[us] Baxter, bro of late surgeon J. H. Baxter, of apoplexy (item) Derby Line 1/14/1895
Baxter, Stephen W., age 56, recently, leaves widow 3 daus & 1 son, bro of Hiram Baxter (obit) Barton at Washington 6/15/1896
Beach, __ Mrs., last Tues., aunt of Mrs. Joseph Clough, of pneumonia Albany at Barton 2/28/1898
Beach, Ellsworth P., age 71, April 9, native of town  (item) West Glover 4/13/1896
Beach, Harriet A. Gray, age 73, March 16, w/o Solomon Beach, 5 children, died Valley Ctr., Kansas (item) W. Glover at Kansas 4/6/1896
Beach, Mr., recently (thanks wife Mrs. E. P. Beach & Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Beach) West Glover 4/27/1896
Beadle, infant son, March 16, of Mr. & Mrs. George Beadle Newport Center 3/22/1897
Bean, __ Mrs., wid/o Levi Parsons Bean died 1863, d/o Nathan Taylor of W. Hatley, married 1856  (item) Barton at Suffield, Can 2/8/1897
Bean, C. F., Mrs., April 4, leaves husband & little daughter East Charleston 4/17/1899
Bean, Ella L. Clark, Mrs., age 30 y 7 m, Dec 25, wife of Carlos/Carl Bean, leaves 3 bro's & sis  (item) Westfield 1/3/1898
Bean, Hannah, Mrs., recently, died at sister's Mrs. L. D. Farr Morgan 6/20/1898
Bean, Horace, remains brought to Newport from Charlestown, MA last Mon., funeral Tues. Newport at Charlestown, MA 9/14/1896
Bean, Ida Walcott, age 23, March 10, wife of Carl Bean Glover 3/21/1898
Bean, Ida, age 23, last Thurs., w/o Carl Bean, d/o Andrew Walcott, gave birth Wed, of convulsions (item) Glover 3/14/1898
Bean, Lizzie, age 10, May 17, dau of Charles & Jessie Bean East Charleston 5/25/1896
Bean, Nathan C., age 76 y 8 m, July 20, of Bright's disease S. Chelmsford 7/29/1895
Bean, Nathan C., last Sun., lived W. Glover for 35 yrs, died Chelmsford  (item) W. Glover at Chelmsford 7/29/1895
Bean, Nettie L., age 23 y 6 m, June 24  (item) Westfield 7/1/1895
Bean, Samuel, April 7, leaves a wife  (item) Morgan 4/13/1896
Bean, Wells, age 84, recently, sister Mrs. Ruth Wright of W. Glover, buried in native town in Canada W. Glover at Lowell, MA 2/6/1899
Beane, Clara M., about 33, died Denver, Col., of consumption Sheffield at Denver, Col. 7/15/1895
Beaudette, Fred, Thurs., was drunk driving, thrown from sleigh into brook where he drowned  (Item) Newport & Derby 1/24/1898
Bedell, H. G., Mrs., Wed, long & painful illness West Derby 12/20/1897
Bedell, infant, about 4 mos old, buried last Sat., only child of M/M Herman Bedell West Derby 11/15/1897
Bedell, Mary A. Ricker, Nov 1, w/o James Bedell, great sufferer of bilious fever for 3 mos  (item) Lowell 11/7/1898
Beebe, Francis D., last Mon, ill several years, buried Beebe Plain  (item) Westmore 11/16/1896
Beebe, Francis Dennison, age 70 y 4 m 2 d, Nov 8 Westmore 11/16/1896
Beebe, Wesley, age 89, Wed Beebe Plain 5/4/1896
Beede, Mary (Rogers), born Oct 1808, married Nathan Beede, 4 sons & 4 daus, buried Albany  (obit) Albany at Westfield, MA 7/3/1899
Beede, N., Mrs., last week, dau's Mrs. Jane Wheeler, Mrs. Ellen Bryant & Miss Abbie Beede Albany 7/3/1899
Beede, Nathan "Jack", age 52, Jan 7, of pneumonia Albany 1/13/1896
Beedle, Winfield B., age 15, April 5, third son of Charles C. Beedle, of TB, bro's Claude & Karl  (obit) Barton at Keene, NH 4/11/1898
Belknap, F. A., age 64, Jan 21    (item 2-14 Fenelon A. Belknap) Barton 1/24/1898
Belknap, Fenelon A., Fri., mbr Co I, 15th Vt Regt, grip & malarial poisoning, leaves wife & 2 daus   (obit) Barton 1/24/1898
Bell, ___, Mr., recently, brother of Walter Bell of Westfield Enosburgh 3/20/1899
Bell, John W., age 77, last week, leaves wife & son Hardwick 10/18/1897
Benham, N. S., Mrs., Feb 11 Derby 2/17/1896
Benjamin, Ella, age 1 y 11 m 16 d, June 16, of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Benjamin Craftsbury 6/21/1897
Benjamin, Ella, infant, last Wed. of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Benjamin Craftsbury 6/21/1897
Bennett, __ Mrs., age 57, last Friday, w/o William Bennett, sons Albert & Alfred Beede  (item) Irasburgh 10/10/1898
Bennett, __ Mrs., last week, mother of Augustus Bennett of Barton Landing, died in Canada Canada 9/27/1897
Bennett, George, recently, son of E. O. Bennett of West Charleston, died in CA W. Charleston at CA 3/21/1898
Benton, Reuben P., born Barton, died recently, in 1843 went to Boston, died Somerville, MA   (item) Somerville, MA 10/11/1897
Berckman, Eunice, recently Holland 3/21/1898
Berry, __ Mrs., April 30, wife of Willis Berry, dau of Mr. Gibson of Sheffield Sheffield 5/10/1897
Berry, __ Mrs., Aug 8, wife of Ed Berry, of appendicitis West Derby 8/15/1898
Berry, Allen, old veteran, Sat., died at N. H. Piper's West Charleston 3/16/1896
Berry, Cora, age 22, March 7, wife of Amos Berry Sutton 3/13/1899
Berry, Cora, last Tues., w/o Amos Berry, d/o William & Vana Green, of grip & consumption (item) Sutton 3/13/1899
Berry, little child, yesterday, of Mr. & Mrs. George Berry Barton 10/9/1899
Berry, William, last week, from cancer, had worked at steam mill many years, buried Sutton   (item) Sutton at Lyndonville 5/18/1896
Best, baby son, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Berton Best Troy 5/16/1898
Betters, George, age 20, funeral Sat., of consumption, Lewis Douglass of Coventry attending West Derby at Concord, NH 10/14/1895
Bickford, __Mrs., July 10, w/o Eugene Bickford, leaves husband, son Genie of Boston, dau Mrs. Freeman Shedd Sheffield 7/15/1895
Bickford, F., Mrs., March 11, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Gould of Orford, NH, leaves husband & 2 week old son Sheffield 3/16/1896
Bickford, H. D., age 74, Aug 24 Barton 8/31/1896
Bickford, Harriet "Aunt", funeral today, widow of Stephen Bickford Glover 11/2/1896
Bickford, Hezekiah D., age 74, last week, leaves widow, son S. M. Bickford, dau Mrs. G. W. Clark  (item) Barton 8/31/1896
Bickford, infant son, Aug 31, of George H. & Alice A. Bickford Bennington 9/7/1896
Bickford, Mary, recently, dau of Mr. & Mrs. George D. Bickford, buried Glover Glover 2/11/1895
Bickford, Pearl Mae, age 2 y 6 m, buried last Sat., of Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Bickford Barton 10/9/1899
Bigelow, J. S., (thanks - Mrs. J. S. Bigelow, Henry Bigelow & Avery & Hattie Bigelow) Barton 7/25/1898
Bigelow, Justin, age 83, yesterday/Sunday, born Brownington, leaves wife, 2 sons & 2 sisters  (item) Barton 7/18/1898
Bill, Joel, age 74, Oct 12, buried at Burke Wheelock 10/23/1899
Bisbee, Lewis, recently, bro-in-law of Governor Grout, died Chicago Chicago per Derby 5/16/1898
Bishop, Adeline, Mrs., age 59, last Fri.    (item) West Burke 9/14/1896
Bishop, Lucy, about 28, last Fri., w/o John Bishop, d/o A. Lampman, of Bright's disease  (item) Barton & Cowensville, PQ 1/23/1899
Bishop, Lucy, age 27, Jan 19, wife of John Bishop Barton 1/30/1899
Bishop, W. H., last week, father of Mrs. Harry Burgess of Newport Norton Mills 7/3/1899
Blair, __ Mrs., last Thurs prob, son is George Blair of Jay Newport 7/19/1897
Blair, __, Mrs., age 62, March 14, w/o Wm Blair, formerly Mrs. Martha E. Gardiner of Manchester, NH (obit) Greensboro Bend of Stannard 3/27/1899
Blair, James, recently, bro of John Blair, buried Beebe Plain village cemetery Springfield, MA 8/7/1899
Blair, John, age 81, July 14 Newport 7/19/1897
Blake, [George H.], Col., (long item related to his funeral) Barton 3/7/1898
Blake, Bennett, Hon., age 87, March 1, died Nacogdoches, TX, born Sutton Nov 11, 1809 of Samuel Blake (obit) Sutton at Texas 3/16/1896
Blake, child, last Tues., of Sadie Blake Sheffield 12/13/1897
Blake, Daniel, Rev., last week, Mr. & Mrs. George Burnham of Barton attending Fitch Bay, PQ 11/28/1898
Blake, Daniel, Rev., recently, dau is Mrs. C. Royce of East Charleston Fitch Bay, PQ 12/5/1898
Blake, Ella, Mrs., funeral Wed., w/o T. G. Blake, leaves husband, son & dau & mother, of consumption  (item) West Derby 11/21/1898
Blake, F. A., Mrs., June 18, died at Mary Fletcher Hospital in Burlington, buried Barton Barton at Burlington 6/19/1899
Blake, Frances A., June 18, born Nov 10, 1843 Woodbury of Curtis & Mary Burnham, w/o Geo Blake (obit) Barton 6/26/1899
Blake, George H., born Sutton April 27, 1836 of John C. Blake, died last Sat., wife Frances Burnham Barton    (obit) 2/28/1898
Blake, George, old resident, buried last Mon.at W. Derby, sis is Mrs. Samuel Gardner of Holland West Derby at Holland 4/19/1897
Blake, infant child, 5th inst, of Mr. & Mrs. L. D. Blake Morgan Center 9/19/1898
Blake, Lewis, old resident, last week, dau is Mrs. Martin of NY, son is Israel Blake of NY Beebe Plain at NYC 5/8/1899
Blake, Lovina, Miss, about 75, Dec 7 Sutton 12/27/1897
Blake, Lovina, Miss, about 75, last Tues., of pneumonia, lived with Mrs. Reece, bro lives in Texas  (item) Sutton 12/13/1897
Blake, W. L., age 27, Feb 16 Newport 2/28/1898
Blay, child, age 5 mos, Aug 8, of Peter Blay Derby 8/10/1896
Blay, little child, buried March 26, of Joe Blay, of diphtheria Derby 4/3/1899
Blodgett, __ Mr., last week, brother of Sumner Blodgett of Glover, died at Jaffrey, NH Glover at Jaffrey, NH 5/13/1895
Blodgett, __ Mrs., buried May 15, w/o Wm Blodgett, buried Derby  East Charleston 5/25/1896
Blodgett, __ Mrs., May 12, w/o Wm Blodgett, bro is Austin Foss of MA, sons Fred, Wm & Raymond East Charleston 5/18/1896
Blodgett, Everett, age 31, Nov 3, bro of Frank & Harry Blodgett, of consumption, buried Lyndon Ctr.  (item) Lyndonville at Newport 11/11/1895
Blodgett, Sumner, old resident, Sat., leaves wife & two daughters, of pneumonia  (item) Glover 2/21/1898
Blood, E., age 67, Fri., from NH to live w/son C. H. Blood, pneumonia, buried NH  (item) Barton & NH 3/8/1897
Boardman, __ Mrs., buried last Tues., w/o Moses Boardman, died at W. Woodbury, buried Greensboro Greensboro at W. Woodbury 8/23/1897
Boardman, Emily, Mrs., Monday, ill for some weeks Hardwick 5/2/1898
Boardway, Peter, July 11, sick a long time Evansville 7/15/1895
Bodette, Fred, Thurs., was drunk driving, thrown from sleigh into brook where he broke his neck  (Item) Derby 1/24/1898
Bodwell, Arthur, last week, brother of Mrs. N. Graves of West Glover McIndoes 9/20/1897
Bogue, little son, died in winter in CA, of Dr. Homer Bogue, buried Irasburg  (item) Irasburg 7/15/1895
Bolton, Henry, last Mon., caught on revolving shaft at mill, leaves dau's, Gladys, Clara & Effie (item) Troy 3/8/1897
Boothman, __ Mrs., recently, mother of James Boothman of Holland, died NH, of paralysis Holland at NH 1/13/1896
Boothman, Ruth H. Porter, age 78, Jan 2, w/o Thomas Boothman, formerly of Amesbury, MA (obit) Holland 3/2/1896
Bostridge, __ Mrs., recently, niece of Mrs. Holtham & Mrs. Orcutt of South Barton, died MA Mass 3/14/1898
Bostridge, Ida, Mrs., age 38, Feb 25, eldest dau of John Stanley Attleboro, MA 3/21/1898
Bowen, Ladd, young man, last Mon, sick a long time West Charleston 7/3/1899
Bowker, __ Mrs., funeral 15th, wife of Webster Bowker  (item) Mansonville & W. Charleston 10/25/1897
Bowles, P. P., last week, sister is Mrs. J. O. Thrasher of Newport Philadelphia 3/27/1899
Bowley, William G., age 73, last Mon, of heart disease, oldest native born citizen, dau Mrs. G. M. Kendall   Newport 5/31/1897
Bowley, William, age 73, funeral last Thurs., always lived in Newport, sis Mrs. John Aiken of Troy  (item) Newport 5/31/1897
Boyce, __ Mr., age 88, last Mon., son is A. R. Boyce, had a shock last spring  (item) West Burke 10/19/1896
Boyce, A. R., recently, of pneumonia W. Burke at Barre 2/6/1899
Boyce, Mr., last week, brother of A. R. Boyce of West Burke Barre 6/10/1895
Boyce, Richard, age 88, Oct 6, father of A. R. Boyce West Burke 10/12/1896
Boyd, __ Mrs., buried May 1, mother of Mrs. Daniel Chaplin  (item) West Charleston 5/9/1898
Boyden, A., Sat. Troy 11/14/1898
Boynton, Charlie, Friday, from a hemorrhage of the lungs West Derby 4/1/1895
Boynton, G. L., age 74, March 12, leaves wife Lydia & dau Jennie   (item) Holland 3/21/1898
Boynton, George F., age 11, recently, son of C. F. Boynton, of meningitis St. Johnsbury 12/27/1897
Bradley, __ Mrs., Dec 16, wife of Horace Bradley Wheelock 12/20/1897
Bradley, Sarah, Mrs., funeral last Fri., Bradley Ingalls, Mrs. Jos Ingalls & Mrs. Lucy Drown attending Sheffield 10/2/1899
Brahana, __ Mrs., June 14, w/o Patrick Brahana, d/o Andrew Richardson, of measles & pneumonia (item) Lowell 6/21/1897
Brahana, Mamie E., age 22 y 4 m 2 d, June 14, wife of Patrick H. Brahana Lowell 6/21/1897
Brewster, __ Mrs., last Friday, wife of Horace Brewster, sick a long time Brownington 10/26/1896
Brewster, Horace, July 6, died Barton Landing, buried Irasburg Irasburgh at Barton Landing 7/12/1897
Bridgman, John V., remains brought from Boston Thurs for burial, was a commercial traveler Hardwick at Boston 3/28/1898
Brigham, J. M., Mrs., died recently at Lisbon, NH at her son's, buried Derby last Wed. Derby at Lisbon, NH 1/9/1899
Brock, Margaret, Mrs., last Tues., dau is Mrs. Thomas McCarthy of Boston South Albany 8/10/1896
Brockway, A. F., Sept 15, leaves wife, son & dau, of consumption, died in Pasadena, CA Barton Landing at CA 9/25/1899
Brockway, Josiah, aged citizen, Tues., leaves wife & kids Alvah W., Edward W., & Mrs. A. O. Blake  (item) Sutton 1/24/1898
Brooks, __ Dr., age 78, last week St. Johnsbury 3/25/1895
Brooks, __ Mrs., age 37, March 1, wife of Franklin Brooks  Barton 3/4/1895
Brooks, Alvah, infant, Fri., of John Brooks Jr. Coventry 9/20/1897
Brooks, child, buried Tuesday, only child of Charles Brooks, buried Barton Landing Coventry 5/27/1895
Brooks, dau, age 16, last Sun., of Frank Brooks, of typhoid fever  (item) Barton 2/3/1896
Brooks, Fred J., age 39, Aug 30, town blacksmith, buried at St. Johnsbury Center Wheelock & Sheffield 9/7/1896
Brooks, George, age 11, today, of Israel Brooks, during rough play hit in stomach caused appendicitis Barton 6/19/1899
Brooks, Grace Ethelyn, age 2 y 6 m, Dec 6, of Will & Mabel Brooks South Barton 12/18/1899
Brooks, Grace, child, 6th inst, of Will & Mabel Brooks  (item) South Barton 12/11/1899
Brooks, Joseph, age 75, last Tues, mbr 11th Regt Vt Vols, Canadian by birth  (item) Barton 7/20/1896
Brooks, Phala, Mrs., March 28, leaves husband & dau Mrs. Hattie Cheney, of cancer, buried S. Cemetery  (item) Morgan at Hanover, NH 4/3/1899
Brooks, Pliny, Friday, youngest son of late Childs Brooks, of cancer, leaves wife and son  (item) Coventry 5/24/1897
Browley, W. J., Mrs., Thurs. Newport at West Derby 4/25/1898
Brown, __ Mrs., Oct 11, wife of Calvin Brown, invalid for a long time West Charleston 10/17/1898
Brown, __ Mrs., Sept 14, w/o Waldo Brown, of gastric fever, leaves husband & 2 children (item) West Derby 9/19/1898
Brown, __, Mrs., last Sun., w/o Silas Brown, leaves husband & 2 small children North Craftsbury 9/18/1899
Brown, A. K., Mrs., age 89, remains brought here Wed for burial from NH where she lived with a niece West Charleston at NH 5/30/1898
Brown, Abel, Dr., age 94, Nov 1 Newport 11/7/1898
Brown, Alfred M., last week, wife is Inez (Owen) Brown, leaves aged mother, at Cherry Valley, MA  (item) Barton at MA 12/23/1895
Brown, Alfred, old citizen, last Thurs., died at George Heerman's, leaves 5 children   Coventry 7/26/1897
Brown, Dexter (reunion) dau's are Mrs. J. D. Kelley, Mrs. Alex Frasier, Mrs. Alonzo Kinsley, Mrs. John Kelley, Mrs. R. B. Rouse, Miss A. Bernette Brown, Mrs. M. C. Gladden  Albany & Waterville 6/24/1895
Brown, Elisha, age 90 y 10 m 12 d Irasburgh 12/27/1897
Brown, Elisha, recently, remains brought to Glover for burial Glover  10/21/1895
Brown, Elisha, recently, remains brought to this cemetery & buried next to wife Glover 12/20/1897
Brown, Eliza Haines, age 87, Oct 16, wife of Elisha Brown, died at Wallace Smith's Irasburg of Glover 11/11/1895
Brown, Flora May, age 34, Sept 10, w/o L. V. Brown Eden 10/2/1899
Brown, Frank N., Jan 14, of consumption, buried Manchester, NH Albany 1/21/1895
Brown, George N., young man, last week, of Oscar Brown of St. J. Ctr., died Ashville, NC Barton at Ashville, NC 1/3/1898
Brown, Helen Norton, last week, brother is E. A. Norton of Glover St. Johnsbury 2/4/1895
Brown, infant son, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose Brown, buried Albany Lowell, MA 10/16/1899
Brown, J. W., age 58, May 15 Evansville     6/1/1896
Brown, J. Whipple, about 90, March 20, born Barton, married #2 Susan Kimball  (obit) Barton at Bedford, NH 3/16/1896
Brown, James W., 15th inst., born Melbourne, PQ May 28, 1848, leaves wife & son  (item) Evansville & Barton 5/25/1896
Brown, James, school boy?, last Thurs., of Edmund Brown, accidently shot self with revolver (item) Newport 4/12/1897
Brown, James, young man, Thurs., killed by train, leaves widow & child  (item) Northfield 7/3/1899
Brown, Miles, last Wed., leaves wife & sons Leslie & Arthur & dau's Mrs. Otis Bullard & Mrs. Eva Wells (item) Irasburg 8/14/1899
Brown, Mr., aged resident, last Tues, died at Wallace Smith's Irasburgh 7/12/1897
Brown, Seth, Friday, complained of pain in his neck, died next day (item 7-11 buried West Derby) Brownington 7/4/1898
Brown, Whipple, remains brought here for burial from Bedford, NH Barton 5/18/1896
Bruce, George, age 47, Tues, leaves wife & 5 children Jay 6/14/1897
Brunell, Milo, recently Wolcott    8/26/1895
Brush, infant son, age 6 weeks, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brush Irasburgh of Hopkinton, NY 10/31/1898
Bryant, (  ) N., age 74, last Sat., native of Sutton, son Frank & dau Mary, buried Mt. Pleasant (item) St. J at Lawrence, MA 5/11/1896
Bryant, __ Mrs., Sept 23, w/o Bartlett Bryant, of cancer of the stomach, died at A. C. Bryant's  Derby at Irasburgh 9/30/1895
Bryant, Abel, age 63, Sept 6, bro of C. W. Bryant of Westfield, of pneumonia Bolton, PQ 9/18/1899
Bryant, Arthur, funeral Monday at Lowell, MA, brother of Harris Bryant of Holland, of pneumonia Holland at Lowell, MA 6/6/1898
Bryant, Charles, recently, uncle of C. W. Bryant of Westfield Bolton, Que. 1/31/1898
Bryant, Clarence J., age 10 y 8 m, July 11, of Will Bryant, from intense pain in head  (item) Westfield 7/15/1895
Buck, __ Mr., funeral the 5th, father of Erastus Buck of Newport Center East Charleston 3/13/1899
Buck, Charles, Tues., son of D. H. Buck, found unconscious and died soon after  (item) Troy  3/6/1899
Buck, Cora, recently, only sister of F. W. Tenney, leaves husband and son Albany at Minneapolis 2/13/1899
Buck, May, age 6, Thurs., of George & Maggie Buck Coventry 12/5/1898
Buck, Myron, about 69, March 2, leaves wife, dau & 5 sons, sis Mrs. J. T. Applebee  (obit) East Charleston 3/6/1899
Buckley, Patrick, Friday, died at Montreal hospital Derby at Montreal 1/10/1898
Bucklin, Ina May, age 8 mos, March 7, of Fred A. & Hattie B. Bucklin Canaan, NH 3/16/1896
Bucklin, Verna G., age 2 y 8 m 27 d, Jan 21, of Mr. & Mrs. F. A. Bucklin Canaan, NH 1/27/1896
Bugbee, Hiram, age nearly 82, Jan 20, died suddenly, leaves wife & 2 daughters West Burke 1/23/1899
Bullard, ___ Mr., recently, brother J. N. Bullard of Troy attending Manchester, NH 1/2/1899
Bullock, __ , Mrs., Nov 9, wid/o John Bullock, dau's Mrs. Bridges & Mrs. John Dudley  (item) West Charleston 11/23/1896
Bullock, Betsey (Tilton), died July 9, 1886, w/o Chandler Bullock  (item) Lyndonville 11/30/1896
Bullock, Chandler, born April 18, 1832, died yesterday, married Betsey Tilton 31 yrs ago  (obit) Lyndonville 11/30/1896
Bullock, John, remains here on 14th, bro of James Bullock, buried W. Charleston  (item) Westmore 2/17/1896
Bunson, Mr., Sunday, from overdose of morphine West Derby 12/13/1897
Burba, Aaron, died in 1872 after 50 years of marriage  (item) Westfield 2/24/1896
Burba, Lucinda Hitchcock, age 94 y 29 d, 11th, wid of Aaron Burba, born Westminster (obit) Westfield 2/24/1896
Burba, Lucinda, one of 16 children, married Jan 1821 Aaron Burba, had 8 kids, 2 now alive (obit) Westfield 2/24/1896
Burba, Mrs., 11th, grandson is Homer Hitchcock of Providence, RI here for funeral Westfield 2/17/1896
Burbank, __ Mrs., aged lady, last Tues., mother of S. Burbank, buried Irasburgh Barton Landing & Irasburgh 9/12/1898
Burbank, M. H., funeral Wed., George & Jeff Cree & families of St. J. here for funeral   Wheelock 8/22/1898
Burbank, Milo H., Aug 15, after long illness, buried beside wife who died a few years ago  (item) Wheelock 8/22/1898
Burke, Helen, Mrs., last Sat., dau is Mrs. Belle B. Shaw Morrisville 2/6/1899
Burke, Peter, age 60, Sat., dropped dead in town  (item) Berlin 5/17/1897
Burnard, Zuel, was drunk driving, thrown from sleigh into brook where he drowned  (Item) Derby of Norton 1/24/1898
Burneau, Thomas, Thurs., was drunk driving, thrown from sleigh into brook where he drowned  (Item) Newport & Derby 1/24/1898
Burnham, L. P., funeral Tues., sister is Mrs. George H. Blake of Barton Hardwick 1/9/1899
Burnham, Luther, died Sunday, of pneumonia, bro is Alfred Burnham of Sutton Hardwick 1/9/1899
Burno, Catherine Sawyer, Mrs., age 76 y 9 m, March 22 Lowell 3/29/1897
Burno, Catherine, Mrs., funeral Wed, resident 42 years, sis of Charles & John Sawyer  (item) Lowell 3/29/1897
Burns, Henry (item) he attempted to murder his wife by poison, long item, wife of Barton Landing Sherbrooke 4/12/1897
Burrington, Joseph, age 64, last Sat, prob heart failure, froze to death in a field, buried E. Burke   (item) Lyndon at S. Wheelock 1/13/1896
Burrington, Lucy, age 89 y 4 d, April ___, widow of Wilbur Burrington Lyndon 4/13/1896
Burrington, Lucy, Mrs., age 89 y 4 d, April 1, widow of Wilbur Burrington Esq. who died 1863 (obit) Lyndon 4/20/1896
Burrows, Everett, Feb 23, leaves wife & 2 children Brownington 2/25/1895
Burrows, G. Everett, age 31, Feb 23 Brownington 3/4/1895
Burt, Eliza Al, Mrs., about 65, Jan 16, aunt of Horace Williams of Montpelier, of pneumonia  (item) West Burke 1/31/1898
Burton, Mr., last week, sister is Mrs. G. E. Young of Troy Warden, PQ 1/23/1899
Bushey, daughter, age 14, Jan 30, dau of Joseph Bushey, burned to death in house fire  (item) North Troy 2/7/1898
Bushey, Eddie, age 13 months, April 28, only son of Edmund Bushey West Burke 5/6/1895
Buskey, Joseph, age 40, last Thurs., leaves wife & 3 children, mill board thrown into stomach (item) South Barton 11/22/1897
Buswell, John Cromwell, born Glover Oct 8, 1821, age 77, Oct 6, sons Arthur & Charles  (obit) Barton 10/10/1898
Butler, Ida, age 31, Jan 31, w/o Clayton B. Butler, d/o Edward Hitchcock, of paralytic shock  (item) Barton at Lyndonville 2/8/1897
Butler, Mrs., died Sat.    (item 12/27 buried in Newport Center) Derby 12/20/1897
Butler, Sanford O., age 53 y 8 m 14 d, April 5 Newport Center 4/25/1898
Butterfield, Edward, aged citizen, last Mon., leaves widow & 4 sons & 2 dau's  (item) Sutton 8/9/1897
Button, Alonzo, recently, father of Albert Button of Troy, died Richford Richford 5/24/1897
Buxton, __, Mrs., age 74, last week, sister of Mrs. W. D. Tyler, son is Dr. Haynes Buxton Irasburg at Guthrie, OK 9/11/1899
Buxton, Mary, Miss, last week, died at A. D. Mathews', invalid & helpless for many years Barton Landing 6/8/1896
Buzzell, __ Mr., recently, father of George Buzzell of East Burke Granby 4/11/1898
Cade, C. W., recently, buried Cabot West Derby 1/31/1898
Calderwood, John, Wed., of inflammation of the bowels  (item) West Glover 7/29/1895
Calhoun, __ Mrs., Jan 7, of stomach cancer, buried Newport  (item) Coventry 1/18/1897
Calhoun, Nellie, Miss, drowned Aug 16, of F. C. Calhoun of Chicago  (items) Greensboro of IL 9/11/1899
Calkins, A. J., Mr., age 70, last Wed., ill for 2 yrs, leaves wife & 4 kids, buried Island Pond (item) Morgan Center 3/21/1898
Calkins, Horace, recently, brother of W. H. Calkins of Morgan Morgan at Worcester, MA 3/13/1899
Callahan, __ Mrs., recently, mother of Mrs. Carter & Mrs. George Reed, died Belfast, Ireland West Derby 10/31/1898
Cameron, D. T., recently, dau is Mrs. Hugh Carr of Manchester, NH  (item) Glover 7/15/1895
Cameron, D. Twing, age 68 y 8 m, June 8, of heart disease (obit) Barton & W. Glover 6/17/1895
Cameron, D. Twing, born Montpelier, married Miss Phoebe Williams 47 yrs ago, married Miss Ranney in 1885 West Glover 6/17/1895
Cameron, D. Twing, last Sat., of heart disease, leaves wife & 3 daughters  (item) Barton of W. Glover 6/10/1895
Camp, Mr., recently, of pneumonia Craftsbury 4/8/1895
Campbell, __ Mrs., funeral Friday, brother in law's are F. J. & Sherman Campbell of Newport Sutton 4/15/1895
Campbell, Bertha, age 15, dau of Mr. & Mrs. A. R. Campbell, died Albany  (item) Albany of Morrisville 3/16/1896
Campbell, Bertha, Miss, last Thurs., of double pneumonia, buried Morrisville  (item) Albany of Morrisville 3/9/1896
Campbell, J. W., Mrs., May 12, of paralytic shock  (item) East Hardwick 5/18/1896
Campbell, O. N., Mrs., last Tues., d/o Charles Eaton, leaves husband & 2 kids, buried Sutton  (obit) Sutton at Lebanon, NH 4/15/1895
Campbell, W. J., Mrs., last Friday, leaves husband, dau age 8 & son age 6, of consumption  (item) Albany 9/5/1898
Canty, __ Mrs., last Tues., w/o John Canty, ill a long time, leaves husband & 5 kids, buried St. J. (item) South Barton 3/15/1897
Carbee, Eusebia S., age 59 y 8 m 18 d, Jan 12, d/o late Wm & Eusebia Smith Carbee Bath, NH 2/6/1899
Carey, Cyrus, age 83 y 10 m, Dec 24, children Dana Carey & Mrs. Ann E. Ryder  (item) Westfield at Ashland, NH 1/3/1898
Cargill, Infant child, funeral Sat., of Mr. & Mrs. Wilber Cargill, buried Morgan Center East Hardwick 3/6/1899
Carlino, George, last Tues., died at town farm Newport 8/16/1897
Carney, John, aged citizen, last Tues, son Will Carney of Burlington attending funeral Derby 6/5/1899
Carpenter, __ Mrs., age 90, yesterday, mom of Mrs. Peter Rash, fractured hip days ago  (item) Barton 10/25/1897
Carpenter, __, Mrs., age 83, last week, mother of B. F. D. Carpenter, of cancer Barton Landing 10/30/1899
Carpenter, Harriet, age 83, Tues., wid/o Marshall Carpenter, buried Derby  (item) Derby at Barton Land. 10/30/1899
Carpenter, J. M., recently, died Littleton, NH, leaves wife in Newport Newport at NH 7/3/1899
Carpenter, Mary (Haynes), recently, died suddenly  (item) Barton Landing at St. J. 11/4/1895
Carr, __ Mrs., last Tues., sister is Mrs. Ed. Lanou, ill three weeks Irasburgh 9/20/1897
Carr, J. L., age 48, recently, born Scotland, lived in Glover some years, married Josie Bodwell in 1879  (obit) Glover at Omaha, Neb 2/20/1899
Carroll, Eugene, age 17, Aug 22, of Joseph & Louisa Carroll Wolcott 9/7/1896
Carrow, __ Mr., recently, father of Andrew Carrow of Coventry Newport 5/13/1895
Carson, __ Mrs., Tues., widow of Whiting Carson, died at dau's Mrs. Asa Lamb Newport 7/22/1895
Carter, Joseph, about 70, last Thur., of cancer, funeral Thurs at Barton Landing, bro Alex of Holland  (item) Barton 2/18/1895
Carter, Joseph, age 73, Feb 13  (thanks from Hester A. Carter & family) Barton 2/25/1895
Carter, Mr., Wed., very ill, unable to lie in bed for 2 years  (item) Derby 7/5/1897
Case, __ Mrs., recently, mother of Austin Case Jay 3/27/1899
Cass, Albert, born Greensboro in 1836, March 13, leaves bro Louis, widow, 3 sons & 3 daus (obit) Craftsbury 3/20/1899
Cass, George B., age 72, last Thurs., leaves wife & 7 children, uncle Vernon Rand of Hardwick  (item) Barton 12/26/1898
Cass, O. J., Mrs., last Mon, ill some time, brother Selden Rowell of Nashua, NH attending South Albany 10/9/1899
Cattanach, J. C., Rev., last Mon., of diphtheria, buried Newport Newport at Boston, MA 5/1/1899
Chaffee, Aaron S. & Polly W. (Family reunion), long item many names listed East Enosburgh 7/4/1898
Chaffee, Beckley D., March 18, prob slipped and hurt head at work, leaves wife & 3 children  (item) Hardwick 3/27/1899
Chaffee, Reuben, age 81, Dec 31 Albany 1/3/1898
Chaffee, Reuben, age 83 y 9 m, Dec 31 Albany 1/10/1898
Chamberlain, __ Mrs., recently, w/o Emmett Chamberlain, sis is Mrs. Henry Baraw of Troy Troy at Nashua, NH 7/18/1898
Chamberlain, B. F., age 92, Thurs., father of Mrs. (  ) W. Tiffany  (item) Greensboro at Stannard 7/22/1895
Chamberlain, Sabina J., Mrs., last Mon., of hemorrhage of the brain, d/o Rev. John Chamberlain Glover 4/5/1897
Chamberlain, Sabina, age 55 y 10 m 5 d, March 29, w/o Asa Chamberlain, dau is Mrs. Rivey Gray  (item) Glover 4/5/1897
Chamberlin, __ Mrs., recently, w/o Asa Chamberlin, formerly of Sheffield, died Glover Glover 4/12/1897
Chamberlin, Abbie, Mrs., Dec 15, of heart disease, buried Albany  (item) Barton Landing & Albany 12/23/1895
Chamberlin, George W., age 87, Jan 27 Irasburg 1/30/1899
Chamberlin, George W., last Fri., born Barton Nov 1812, married Marilla Tucker in 1839, 2 dau's  (obit) Coventry 1/30/1899
Chamberlin, George, last Mon prob, dau is Mrs. J. L. Lewis of North Troy, died Newbury Newbury 4/12/1897
Chamberlin, Janie Murphy, age 26, May 30, wife of George Chamberlin Lowell 6/8/1896
Chamberlin, Jennie May, infant, June 1, of George & Janie Chamberlin Lowell 6/8/1896
Chamberlin, Joel, age [8]3, Feb 15, one of 13 kids, only 1 alive Albany at Carlisle, MA 2/27/1899
Chamberlin, Joel, age 82 y 3 m, Feb 15 Albany at Carlisle, MA 2/27/1899
Chamberlin, Marilla B., age 88 y 4 d, May 13, w/o George W. Chamberlin, leaves husband & 2 dau's  (item) Irasburg & Coventry 5/16/1898
Chandler, A. D., Mrs., last Friday Derby 11/25/1895
Chandler, E. L., last Tues, born May 1849, married Julia Gallup who died last June, kids Fred & Eva  (obit) Barton Landing 1/23/1899
Chandler, E. L., Mrs., last Wed., d/o late Nelson Gallup, leaves husband, son & dau  (item) Barton Landing 6/20/1898
Chapell, Willie A., recently, previously ran the American House Hotel  (item) East Charleston 8/31/1896
Chaplin, __ Mrs., last Friday, wife of Samuel Chaplin West Charleston 6/24/1895
Chaplin, Achsa, Mrs., age 67 Binghamton, NY 4/25/1898
Chaplin, Achsa, Mrs., funeral Wed., remains brought from NY last week, buried Glover Glover at NY 4/25/1898
Chaplin, Fred, April 21, of pneumonia  (item 5/9 son of Daniel Chaplin) West Charleston 4/25/1898
Chaplin, H. S., age 82 y 7 m, Jan 14, funeral last Sat, had lived here 50 years, leaves feeble wife Glover 1/21/1895
Chaplin, Samuel C., age 71 y 8 m 13 d, Nov 22, mbr of 10th Regt Vt Vols, of Waterford & Charleston Derby 12/14/1896
Chapman, __ Mr., funeral last Wed., bro of Mrs. W. P. Kaiser & Mrs. E. C. Hatch of Craftsbury Stowe 2/6/1899
Chapman, __ Mrs., recently, mom of M/M W. P. Kaiser & M/M Chas Hatch, buried Stowe  (item) Craftsbury  7/6/1896
Chapman, __, Mrs., buried last Thurs, w/o David Chapman, died W. Wrentham, MA, buried Sutton Sutton at MA 9/11/1899
Chapman, Ernest, age 2 y 10 m, Aug 21, youngest child of Thomas & Alma Chapman Barton 9/21/1896
Chapman, J. Charles, age 69, May 22, died suddenly, possibly of heart disease, leaves wife  (item) Barton 5/25/1896
Chapman, little child, last week, of Mr. Chapman Barton 8/24/1896
Chappell, __ Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Walter Chappell, dau is Mrs. French, of pneumonia  (item) West Burke 12/7/1896
Chappell, Annie, Mrs., recently, cousin W. G. Sanborn at funeral, husband died recently  (item 1/11) East Charleston 1/4/1897
Chappell, Walter, funeral April 13, dau is Mrs. Eugene French, shattered mind & body many years West Burke 4/17/1899
Chappell, Willie, about 36, Aug 22, born W. Burke, married 1891 Anne Stevens, dau Esefa age 2  (obit) East Charleston 9/7/1896
Chase, A. C., Mrs., Sun., leaves husband, of consumption (item) (item 4/19) Greensboro 10/11/1897
Chase, Alice, Feb 8, dau of Mr. & Mrs. B. N. Chase  (item) North Troy 2/17/1896
Chase, Burt, recently, bro is W. E. Chase of West Burke, died Framingham, MA Framingham, MA 2/28/1898
Chase, Elmer, recently, body brought here last Sat., of Walter H. Chase Sheffield at Springfield, MA 3/13/1899
Chase, Irene P. Drew, age 40 y 10 m 25 d, Oct 10, w/o I. P. Chase, of tubercular consumption Greensboro 10/25/1897
Chase, Irene, buried Tues., w/o Asa Chase, buried Glover Greensboro & Glover 10/18/1897
Chase, Mabel A. (Doubleday), Feb 23, w/o R. H. Chase, of consumption Morrisville 3/6/1899
Chase, William, Hon., last Sun, died at St. Johnsbury, buried Wheelock, of a shock  (item) Glover at ST. Johnsbury 8/2/1897
Cheney, __ Mrs., about 45, Dec 9, wife of Harry Cheney, several weeks of intense suffering West Burke 12/13/1897
Cheney, __ Mrs., age 40, Dec 8, wife of Henry Cheney Sutton 12/27/1897
Cheney, __ Mrs., last week, aunt of Mrs. Donaldson & Miss Hopkinson of Derby Derby Line 2/21/1898
Cheney, __ Mrs., recently, w/o Dwight Cheney, ill since birth of child, died of consumption  (item) Barton at Sheffield 4/12/1897
Cheney, __, Mrs., recently, thanks William & Emeline Cheney Barton 10/16/1899
Cheney, Alvin B., about 28, last Monday, of rheumatism of the heart, member of Co. L, 1st Vt Infantry Newport 1/9/1899
Cheney, Fannie, Miss, funeral Tues., d/o Myron Cheney of Hyde Park Hyde Park 6/27/1898
Cheney, Fred P., last Wed., feeble for some time, leaves wife, dau & sons Reuben & Fred  (obit) Glover 12/28/1896
Cheney, Lilla Lawson, March (2  ), w/o Dwight Cheney, sis Mrs. Hiram Cleveland, leaves new baby  (item) Sheffield 4/12/1897
Chesley, __ Mrs., Wed., wife of Joseph Chesley, leaves husband & 8 children  (item) Sheffield 11/9/1896
Cheval, Alfred, remains arrived Fri., taken to asylum 1 year ago, leaves wife & son  (item) Coventry at Waterbury 10/11/1897
Childs, __ Miss, (thanks from Mrs. F. L. Childs & Dana Childs) Craftsbury 12/28/1896
Childs, __ Miss, Nov 19, ill a long time Craftsbury 11/30/1896
Chilson, Hannah, Mrs., age about 70, March 6 Newport 3/9/1896
Chilson, Henry, Oct 28, bro-in-law of Mr. L. L. Sanborn of Coventry Albion, NY 11/13/1899
Christie, __, Mrs., (thanks J. P. Christie, Mrs. Lulie Jenness, Roy S. & G. Leo Christie) Glover 9/11/1899
Christie, __, Mrs., buried last Wed., w/o Joel Christie Glover 9/11/1899
Christie, Olive A. Ayers, age 61 y 7 m, Sept 4, w/o Joel Christie Glover 9/11/1899
Chubb, Dennison, Nov 14, leaves wife & 4 children  (item) Hardwick 11/22/1897
Church, __, Mrs., May 16, w/o Calvin Church, dau is Mrs. Henry Pickle, buried Cowansville, PQ Brownington 5/22/1899
Church, C. P., 84 next May, funeral last Tues., niece is Mrs. Addie Chaffee of Hardwick  (item) Greensboro Bend 4/19/1897
Church, Susie Pierce, age 28, Aug 15, wife of S. Dana Church Derby Line 8/19/1895
Churchill, __ Mrs., last Tues., w/o George E. Churchill, d/o Wm. P. Dodge, heart disease, buried Barton Land (item) Barton Land at St Cloud, Minn 5/6/1895
Churchill, F. H., Mrs., Sun., leaves husband & three children  (item) Barton Landing 4/12/1897
Clapp, Florence, only dau of Rev. O. D. Clapp, graduate of Moody's School at Northfield, MA Coventry at MA? 1/23/1899
Clark, __ Mrs., Feb 10, widow of Barna Clark who died in Jan of the grip, died Condon, Oregon at dau's  (item) W. Charleston at Condon, OR 3/2/1896
Clark, Alfred, about 50, last week, of lead poisoning from lead pipe in cider barrel  (item) Glover 2/4/1895
Clark, Alfred, age 50, Jan 30 Glover 2/4/1895
Clark, Annie (Moore), age 76, Sept 5, wife of J. Clark, died at E. C. Rowell's  (item) East Albany  9/13/1897
Clark, Bessie (Metcalf), age 31, Aug 28, of consumption Malden, MA 9/26/1898
Clark, child, buried last Monday, youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Clark, buried Pine Grove West Derby 8/17/1896
Clark, Cyrus, Sat., ill  a long time West Charleston 12/11/1899
Clark, Ephraim, aged resident, Oct 9, died suddenly, had a shock several months ago West Derby 10/19/1896
Clark, Ezra, recently, funeral Tuesday, buried Glover, died Wakefield, MA   (item 4/13) Glover at Wakefield, MA 4/6/1896
Clark, G. F., 14th, bro-in-law of Mrs. Walter Bell of Westfield Norwood, NY 12/25/1899
Clark, George T., 15th, long & painful illness, born Morgan, mom is Mrs. H. G. Jameson (item) Irasburg at Norwood, NY 12/25/1899
Clark, George, funeral last Sunday, drowned while bathing at Woodstock Derby at Woodstock 9/5/1898
Clark, George, old resident, Jan 6, of pneumonia, buried Sutton   (item) Sutton 1/9/1899
Clark, George, Sept 2, adopted son of Mrs. Beulah Clark, drowned while bathing, buried Derby Derby at Woodstock 9/12/1898
Clark, George, son Bryon Clark of Boston, MA here for funeral Sutton per W. Burke 1/16/1899
Clark, Heman, Friday, of typhoid pneumonia, leaves wife & 3 children  (item) Derby 5/17/1897
Clark, infant son, age 2 1/2 mos, April 8, of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Clark Irasburgh 4/13/1896
Clark, Jacob M., age 71, Dec 21 Centreville, NY 1/14/1895
Clark, Jacob M., Dec 21, of Rev. Jacob S. Clark, struck by train at Centerville, NJ  (item) Morgan of Elizabeth, NJ 1/21/1895
Clark, John, age 76 y 5 m, Dec 14 Albany      12/20/1897
Clark, John, recently, bro in law of Mrs. Beulah Clark of West Derby, died Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL 10/10/1898
Clark, Mary (Scott), Mrs., age 74 y 5 m, April 10, wid of Silas Clark, of dropsy & heart disease  (item) W. Glover at Laconia, NH 4/15/1895
Clark, Mary C., Mrs., age 59, March 9 Glover 3/21/1898
Clark, Mary, Mrs., last week, Alex Davis attending funeral Glover 3/21/1898
Clark, Nettie Wallace, (Jeanete Baldwin), about 50, Nov 5, born Coventry, professional singer  (obit) Coventry at Boston 11/14/1898
Clarke, __, Mrs., nearly 78, last Tues, w/o William E. Clarke, son Preston & dau Mrs. J. R. Holton (item) W. Charleston 11/13/1899
Clarke, Mabel N., June 5, of G. W. Clarke of I Pond, sis Mrs. O. M. Carpenter of St. Louis, buried I. Pond (item) W. Charleston at St. Louis 6/10/1895
Clarke, Max, age 2 m 15 d, April 8, of Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Clarke Irasburgh 4/20/1896
Clay, Earle E., Aug 7, only son of E. B. & G. L. Clay Glover 8/8/1898
Clement, infant son, Feb 19, of Frank D. & Hattie Clement Eden 3/1/1897
Cleveland, Lilla, little girl, Fri., of H. C. & Mary (Greenwood) Cleveland, of diphtheria  (item) Coventry 10/18/1897
Cleveland, Milo, age 73, Dec 26, leaves wife, 2 sons & 3 daus, died Cedar Rapids/Albion, Neb. E. Brownington at Neb. 1/18/1897
Cleveland, Mr., Monday, father of Hiram Cleveland, sick a long time, buried at Wolcott Sheffield 5/27/1895
Cleveland, Ray, Sunday, son of Mr. & Mrs. (   )ter Cleveland, of dia(be)tis West Derby 2/17/1896
Climax, Oral, last Wed., of ulceration of the stomach Coventry 3/22/1897
Cloud, Andrew J., nearly 81, last Fri., leaves wife, 3 sons & 1 dau  (item) East Charleston 7/12/1897
Cloud, E., last week, father of N. Cloud of East Charleston, died Sutton Sutton & E. Charleston 7/18/1898
Cloud, Ed., last week Fri?, bro of John Cloud, born East Charleston, died North Woodstock, NH  (item) E Charleston at N. Woodstock 11/28/1898
Clough, __ Mrs., June 30, wife of Solomon Clough, after a long illness Irasburgh 7/6/1896
Clough, Willie "Jack", died Northampton, MA, body brought to W. Charleston last Fri.  (item) W. Charleston at MA 10/2/1899
Coapland, infant (thanks - Charles Coapland, Etta Coapland, D. R. Cobb & Eliza Cobb) South Albany 9/26/1898
Cobb, Adeline, age 82, March 26, nephew is George Cobb  (item) Morgan 4/5/1897
Cobb, Noel Ira, age 20 y 8 m, Dec 21, of Dea. I. A. Cobb, injured at (mill?), hemorrhage of artery (item) West Derby 12/30/1895
Cobb, Noel, Saturday West Derby 12/23/1895
Cobleigh, C. (Watson), Mrs., Feb 19 Lyndon 2/27/1899
Coburn, __ Mrs., last Sat., w/o Hollis P. Coburn, long illness, funeral & buried at East Albany  (item) South Barton 2/7/1898
Coburn, __ Mrs., w/o Henry Coburn, remains brought to Craftsbury Wed., died Lowell Craftsbury at Lowell 3/14/1898
Coburn, Ada, Mrs., 13th inst Newport Center 3/4/1895
Coburn, Forrest, last week, bro of Andrew J. Coburn of Troy, died Lowell, MA of pneumonia Lowell, MA 2/1/1897
Coburn, Lily, Nov 5 Brownington 11/14/1898
Coburn, Rosa, funeral Sat., remains brought from Vergennes last Fri, bro is Nelson Coburn Vergennes per Craftsbury 4/4/1898
Coburn, William, age 65, April 15, suffered from cancer many years, buried Village cemetery Sutton & St. Johnsbury 4/24/1899
Coburne, __ Mrs., 14th, wife of Willie Coburne, from cancer North Troy 2/18/1895
Cochran, Hammond, age 1 y 10 m, Feb 25, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cochran Craftsbury 3/11/1895
Cochran, little boy, recently, son of Charles Cochran, got into powerful medicine and was poisoned Craftsbury 3/4/1895
Cochran, Will, funeral last Thurs., nephew of Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Bridges of Craftsbury Wolcott 5/23/1898
Coe, Herbert, Jan 28, son of late Mortimer Coe, of pneumonia, buried family lot at Burke Hollow West Burke 2/6/1899
Coffran, John, age 88, May 7, buried Wheelock South Wheelock 5/16/1898
Colburn, __ Mrs., aged lady, last Thurs., wife of Luther Colburn, of cancer, died at Herman Prescott's  (item) Barton 11/8/1897
Colburn, Ira, age 87, Aug 22, dau is Mrs. Geo Bickford, leaves 6 dau's  (item) East Albany & Glover 9/2/1895
Colburn, Jane, Mrs., age nearly 79, Nov 6, of cancer Barton 11/15/1897
Colburn, Luther, age 83 y July 11 Barton 7/19/1897
Colburn, Luther, born 1815, died July 11, of Ira Colburn, married Jane Scott 1837, leaves 9 dau's (obit) West Glover & Barton 7/19/1897
Colby, __ Mrs., last Mon., w/o Charles Colby, d/o W. G. Hawkins, recently lost infant  (item) Barton 9/30/1895
Colby, __, Mr., Tues prob., grandfather of Miss Bernice Wheeler Charleston 12/25/1899
Colby, George A., age 33, last Monday, suicide by drowning, ill a few days, leaves widow & 2 children (item) Ludlow 11/11/1895
Colby, Mary A., age 34 y 5 m 5 d, Sept 23, w/o Charles Colby, d/o W. G. Hawkins Barton 9/30/1895
Colby, Mary Jane, Miss, last Sun., ill a long time West Charleston 7/12/1897
Cole, __ Mrs., wife of John Cole, her remains & their children's moved from Newark to W. Burke West Burke 8/10/1896
Cole, Alanson, born Walden June 18, 1823, last Mon, Co H 1st Vt Cavalry, leaves wife & adopted son (obit) Greensboro Bend 11/13/1899
Cole, Alvah, age 3, last Tues., of M/M James A. Cole, inflammation of the bowels, buried Brownington  (item) Barton 10/25/1897
Cole, Frank, age 23, March 30, only child of John Cole  (item) West Burke 4/6/1896
Cole, infant, last Mon., of Charles Cole Coventry 2/14/1898
Cole, John T.,  recently, the blind soldier Walden per E. Hardwick 7/1/1895
Cole, Lucy D., Mrs., age 81, recently, wid/o Asa Cole who died 1875, of peritonitis, moved west in 1856 (obit) Charleston at Watertown, Wisc 1/24/1898
Cole, Orra, last Monday, suddenly, leaves wife  (item) Greensboro Bend 3/16/1896
Colley, Daniel S., recently, baggage master & brakeman on B. & M. R. R., died Lexington, MA  (item) Barton of Bedford, MA  12/19/1898
Collier, __ Mrs., Dec 1, wife of James Collier Hardwick 12/6/1897
Collier, A. P., age 82, last Tues  (item) East Hardwick 3/4/1895
Collier, Stephen, buried last Wed., died at Belmont, NH, Mrs. Collier died 4 yrs ago, buried Craftsbury  (item) Craftsbury at Belmont, NH 3/21/1898
Collins, __ Mrs., recently, w/o Homer Collins, remains brought from Irasburgh last Sat. Coventry at Irasburg 4/20/1896
Collins, D. A., Mr., Sunday, sis-in-law is Mrs. Martha E. Nelson, to Chicago for burial Barton 6/5/1899
Collins, Ella F., age 23, Feb 28 Newport 3/7/1898
Collins, Nellie, age 15, April 10, only dau of James Collins, of consumption  (item) Lowell 4/13/1896
Collins, Samuel, about 37, Sat., suicide by shooting himself, had been ill, sis is Mrs. Wm. Bearworth Newport at Derby 10/21/1895
Colliston, __ Mrs. (thanks Wm. Colliston, Mrs. Emma Lovewell, Mrs. Abbie Moffit, Mr. W. Rice Sellon) (item) Barton 1/25/1897
Colliston, __ Mrs., funeral Wed., w/o William Colliston, bro is Mr. Sellon  (item) Barton 1/25/1897
Colliston, __ Mrs., today, wife of William Colliston, of a shock, resident 30 years  (item) Barton 1/18/1897
Colton, Pomeroy, Ex-Gov, age 67, Sept 10, s/o John Colton & Phoebe Morey  (obit) Irasburg 9/16/1895
Conant, Augusta, Mrs., recently, from effect of ether & having teeth pulled, bro is J. D. Goodrich   (item 9/14) E. Hardwick at Peacham 8/31/1896
Conant, Charles (history) born 1826 of Ebenezer Conant, married Jane Sherburn of Manchester, NH Craftsbury 10/19/1896
Conant, Mr., recently, brother of Charles Conant of Craftsbury Craftsbury at Manchester, NH 2/8/1897
Conell, C. W., Mrs., funeral last Thurs Newport Center 6/26/1899
Connal, Lucius, Sept 30, of consumption Newport Center 10/5/1896
Conner, Frank H. (thanks Mrs. Julia B. Conner, Willis C., Myra E. & Blanche M. Conner) Barton Landing 5/23/1898
Conner, Frank H., last Fri., of quick consumption, leaves wife & several kids, at Brownington Barton Landing & Brownington 5/16/1898
Connor, Ernest, age 8, July 26, of Irving Connor, drowned while bathing in river  (item) Barton Landing 8/1/1898
Constantine, baby, recently, a few days old, of Philip Constantine Westfield 7/29/1895
Cook, __ Mrs., died in January, widow of Erastus Cook, died in Mass., buried at West Newport Newport Center at MA 5/13/1895
Cook, __ Mrs., recently, w/o James Cook, aunt of William Niles, died of cancer in Mass. Coventry at MA 1/28/1895
Cook, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Dana Cook, married 35 yrs, invalid many years  (obit) Barton & Glover 3/27/1899
Cook, Anson, recently, died suddenly at mother's in CT West Burke at CT 5/11/1896
Cook, Betsey S., born March 7, 1803, of David & Mary Stevens of Plainfield, NH, died Jan 9, ae 94 y 10 m 2 d West Charleston 1/24/1898
Cook, Betsey S., married John Cook of Lebanon, NH in 1825, to Charleston 1850, 11 children, 6 alive  (obit) West Charleston 1/24/1898
Cook, Charles, aged 76, last Thurs., died at son-in-law's James McFarlane, born & buried at Glover  (item) Barton 1/9/1899
Cook, Justin E., age 48, March 11, of pneumonia   (item 3-22) West Glover 3/15/1897
Cook, Justin E., March 11, leaves 2nd wife & son Lyman P. Cook of ME, 4 bro's & 2 sis's, of pneumonia West Glover 3/15/1897
Cook, Mary Coleman, age 58, March [22], wife of Dana Cook  [VTVR says age 43] Barton 3/27/1899
Cook, Oscar J., age 25 y 4 m, Nov 22 Denver, CO 11/27/1899
Cook, Oscar J., born Barton July 16, 1874, died last Wed, son of H. P. Cook, buried Barton (obit) Barton at CO   11/27/1899
Cook, William, aged citizen, last Tues, at home of H. H. Cook Glover 10/23/1899
Coolbeth, __ Mr., recently, father of George Coolbeth of West Glover Eden 2/22/1897
Cooledge, Wm. G., Mrs., funeral Tues, bro's Leonard, Geo, Henry & Alpheus Sylvester  (item) Johnson & Irasburg 5/1/1899
Coon, __ Mrs., last Wed, after long illness North Craftsbury 2/6/1899
Cooper, John, buried last Friday, son is Benjamin Cooper of Elmore Westfield at Elmore 3/1/1897
Cooper, Joseph, age 70, Dec 9, heart disease, leaves widow & sons Henry & Frank (item) Coventry 12/13/1897
Copeland, Daniel, age 1, Sept 11, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Copeland Albany 9/19/1898
Copeland, infant son, Sept 11, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Copeland, of cholera infantum  Albany 9/19/1898
Copeland, John, age 43, Sept 26 Craftsbury 10/9/1899
Copeland, John, last Tues. Craftsbury 10/2/1899
Copeland, Martha Sanborn, age 58, last week, w/o Dr. Copeland, sis/o I. W. Sanborn, of pneumonia Lyndonville   11/25/1895
Corey, J. H., last Friday, at New Jersey, long time summer resident at R. S. Twombly's, leaves wife  (item) Barton at NJ 11/29/1897
Corey, J. Harvey, age 72, Nov 26, married Sarah A. Davis, leaves invalid wife  (obit) Barton at Elizabeth, NJ 12/6/1897
Cota, __ Mrs., last Wed., wife of Peter Cota, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Peter LaPete Barton 2/6/1899
Courser, __ Mr., last week, son is E. H. Courser of Troy, died in Canada Canada 10/11/1897
Courtney, John, funeral last Friday Newport Center 6/26/1899
Cowell, Sarah, age 74, June 20, wife of Rev. S. W. Cowell Newport Center 7/3/1899
Cowell, Sarah, June 20, w/o Rev. S. N. Cowell Newport Center 7/3/1899
Cowens, George, age 22, last Mon, from stomach or bowel problem from heavy lifting (item) Barton of Rock Island 12/27/1897
Cowett, __ Mrs., last Tues., wife of Andrew Cowett, of the grip Newport 4/8/1895
Cowles, __ Mrs., funeral last Mon., w/o Harry Cowles, L. E. Thayer & A. R. Cowles of Newport went to funeral Morrisville 6/22/1896
Cowles, Forrest, age 17, Jan 21, of Jefferson Cowles, of typhoid fever  (item) Albany at St. Johnsbury 1/28/1895
Cowles, H. Forrest, about 17, Jan 20, of typhoid fever  (item) Albany  2/4/1895
Cowles, Harvey, recently, lived part of the time with F. G. Metcalf's family, died St. Johnsbury Coventry at St. Johnsbury 2/1/1897
Cox, Maria, last Monday, wife of L. O. Cox, married about 4 years ago  (item) Lowell 6/15/1896
Crafts, Ephraim J., age 68 y 8 m, Dec 11 Lowell 12/18/1899
Crafts, Ephraim J., Dec 11, married Charlotte Allen 46 yrs ago, had 9 children  (item) Lowell 12/18/1899
Crafts, Mamie (Edwards), age 28, Nov 25, wife of Jewett Crafts Piermont, NH 12/2/1895
Craig, __ Mr., funeral last Sat., father of Robert Craig of Wheelock Peacham 2/21/1898
Craig, James, last week, A. Craig & wife, R. Craig & wife & Hugh Mathewson & wife of Wheelock attended Peacham 2/28/1898
Craig, oldest dau, last week, of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Craig, of diphtheria, died Peacham while on a visit Wheelock 11/22/1897
Crandall, __ Mrs., aged lady, last Tues., wife of Ezra Crandall, leaves son & 4 dau's  (item) Brownington  2/24/1896
Crandall, __, Mrs., Thurs., w/o Homer Crandall, buried Newport  (item 10/9) Derby 9/25/1899
Crane, Carrie E., Tues., w/o Dr. E. M. Crane, buried at Wolcott, sick only 4 days  (item) Hardwick 4/3/1899
Crane, Mary A., infant, age 10 mos, June 3, of Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Crane Newport 6/8/1896
Crane, W. D., Hon., age 70, March 11, found dead in bed Newport 3/14/1898
Crane, W. D., Mrs., yesterday, leaves husband, June 3rd lost 10 month old child  (item) Newport 7/6/1896
Crawford, __ Mrs., age 71 y 11 m, Jan 11, w/o John L. Crawford, of heart trouble Newport Center 1/18/1897
Crawford, John L., age 84 y 10 m 26 d, Dec 2 Newport Center 12/26/1898
Crawford, Maria M., age 72 y 3 m 25 d, Nov 2, wid/o Josiah Crawford Brownington 11/13/1899
Crawford, Maria M., Nov 2, born Chambly, Can July 8, 1827 of James & Rebecca Lee, w/o Josiah Crawford (obit) Brownington & Newport 11/13/1899
Croft, ___, Mr., recently, of William Croft Derby 2/20/1899
Cross, Bartlett, age 80, Oct 12, married Caroline Rice 1839 in Sutton, went west 1852, died Wakeman, OH Sutton at Wakeman, OH 10/24/1898
Cross, G. Darius, recently, died Bridgewater, NH Sutton at Bridgewater, NH 4/25/1898
Crossfield, Onias, funeral last week, his wife dau of Samuel Bean, Freeman Bean attending from Glover West Glover at Canada 2/27/1899
Crossman, Betsy, Mrs., Sept 28, after long illness, buried St. Johnsbury Center  (item) Sheffield 10/5/1896
Crowe, James, buried Cargill cemetery, funeral at his father's Morgan at Glover 7/31/1899
Crowe, James, yesterday, ill many years with many diseases, leaves wife & 7 children Glover 7/17/1899
Crowley, John, age 54 y 1 m 14 d, Feb 24, born Albany, of heart trouble, leaves wife & 5 sons  (item) Albany 2/28/1898
Cummings, Dow, age 7, Feb 14, son of Charles Cummings Irasburg 2/18/1895
Cummings, Jotham, old resident, recently, sufferer for many years   (item) West Charleston 10/17/1898
Cummings, Patrick, funeral Oct 5, leaves wife & one dau  (item) Barton at Fall River, MA 10/12/1896
Cummings, Patrick, Oct 3, late of Barton at Fall River, MA Barton at Fall River, MA 10/12/1896
Cummings, Royal, age 56 y 11 m 2 d, April 3, of apoplexy, of White River Jct at Hanover, NH White River Jct. at Hanover 4/8/1895
Cummings, Royal, April 3, married Augusta Sanborn of Glover about 1864, died Hanover, NH  (item) Barton & Newport 4/8/1895
Cupples, William, last Mon., weeks of suffering from blood tumor on throat, leaves mother, buried Fitch Bay, PQ West Derby 2/28/1898
Currier, __ Mrs., April 27, w/o John W. Currier, d/o John E. Chamberlin, buried Newbury (obit) North Troy at Boston 5/4/1896
Currier, __ Mrs., April 5, wife of Lewis Currier, after three years of great suffering West Derby 4/13/1896
Currier, __ Mrs., last Mon., leaves husband & large family of children West Derby 4/19/1897
Currier, Joseph, age 77, April 17 Newport 4/25/1898
Currier, S. B., (history) injured from being shot, went to Florida to recover, now preaching? Barton 10/12/1896
Currier, son, age 13-15, last week, of Lewis Currier who beat him badly, injured & drowned (item) West Derby & Newport 12/30/1895
Curtis, __ Mr., telegram last Thurs., son of Orren Curtis, died at Nashua, NH W Burke at Nashua, NH 1/25/1897
Curtis, __ Mrs., funeral Tuesday, wife of Bennett Curtis Sutton 5/25/1896
Curtis, Mary Jones, age 20, Aug 4, wife of Fred Curtis Westfield 8/16/1897
Curtis, Mary Jones, age 20, Wed., wife of Fred Curtis, inflammation of the bowels  (item) Westfield 8/9/1897
Curtis, Nora Berry, funeral Fri., wife of Haskill Curtis, suicide, buried Newport Newport at Brooklyn 8/16/1897
Curtis, Sarah, funeral last Tues., wid/o Bennett Curtis, dau is Mrs. Curt Bugbee, d/o Dea Joseph Rice (obit) West Burke 6/1/1896
Curtis, Thaddeus F., young man, Jan 20, only s/o Orrin T. Curtis, leaves widow  (item) Sutton at Nashua, NH 2/1/1897
Cushman, __ Mrs., Fri., wid of Judge I. N. Cushman, son is H. B. Cushman, buried Irasburg yesterday  (item) Newport of Irasburgh 9/5/1898
Cuthbertson, Bruce H., age 76, last Tues/Wed., leaves wife & 3 sons, of paralysis   (item) Greensboro    10/25/1897
Cutler, Alice, yesterday, of Col. Henry R. Cutler, of peritonitis, mother died Feb 1893   (item) Barton 2/15/1897
Cutler, Harry L., age 43, June 13 his birthday, 2nd son of Orin & Mary J. (Leavenworth) Cutler, of consumption Barton at Stoneham, MA 6/20/1898
Cutler, Harry Leavenworth, married Edna Wentworth April 7, 1881, leaves widow and son, buried Barton  (obit) Barton at Stoneham, MA 6/20/1898
Cutler, J. O., Mr., age 75, May 1, at son-in-law's L. F. Babbitt at Northampton, MA, buried Greensboro  (item) Greensboro at MA 5/6/1895
Cutler, Nancy, Mrs., some time ago West Glover 4/22/1895
Cutler, Orin, age 88 y 3 m 22 d, born Feb 9, 1810, May 31, married Mary Leavenworth May 25, 1840 (obit) Barton 6/6/1898
Daggett, Bertha, dau of Hollis Daggett, died in Boston, buried Newport last Sat., only bro died last fall (item) Newport at Boston 7/8/1895
Daggett, Emily, Mrs., June 29, great sufferer for a long time  (item 7-12 son George Daggett) West Charleston 7/5/1897
Daggett, Hollis, age 66, Thurs., leaves wife & 2 daughters Newport 2/3/1896
Dailey, Rose, recently, very suddenly West Derby 2/17/1896
Damon, __ Mrs., last Tues., Josie & Vinnie Prindle here from Manchester for funeral Glover 2/15/1897
Damon, Angeline, Mrs., age 79, last Thurs., son in law is Joseph Barton  (item) Barton 4/17/1899
Dan[ie]ls, Mary, recently, sister Mrs. Sarah Danforth of Haverhill, NH  Greensboro 10/23/1899
Dane, Abbie J., age 62, April 5 Newport 4/8/1895
Dane, George F., age 61 y 4 m 11 d, May 30 West Derby 6/3/1895
Dane, George F., Thurs., of consumption, leaves wife & children Charles Dane & Mrs. Jennie Story (item) West Derby 6/10/1895
Danforth, __ Mrs., recently, wife of George Danforth, of paralysis Island Pond 4/27/1896
Danforth, George, funeral Jan 30 at Island Pond, died Brockton, MA Morgan Center at MA 1/31/1898
Danforth, Henry, about 60, recently, of valvular disease, leaves wife & several children   (item) Barton 3/28/1898
Danforth, Henry, last week buried Littleton, NH where most of his family are buried (item)(item 4/15/95*) Barton 4/4/1898
Danforth, Walter, age 21 y 9 m, Aug 28, of Mr. & Mrs. L. Danforth, buried Island Pond  (item) E. Charleston   9/5/1898
Daniels, __ Mr., last week, sister is Mrs. T. W. Drew of Barton Woodbury 8/22/1898
Daniels, __ Mrs., age 48, Tues., w/o Allen Daniels, leaves husband, dau & 2 sons, of a stroke  (item) Craftsbury 6/27/1898
Daniels, Abram, last Wed. S. Wheelock  4/17/1899
Daniels, Ira, age 21, March 12, only child of Mitchell Daniels, of consumption Lowell 3/15/1897
Daniels, Martha Flint, Feb 7, wid/o Wm H. Daniels, of the grip, buried Irasburg w/husband & 2 kids (item) Barton & Irasburg 2/14/1898
Daniels, Martha, Mrs., age 60 y 7 m, Feb 7, dau of late William S. Flint of Irasburg Barton Landing 2/14/1898
Daniels, Mary, Miss, Friday Greensboro 10/16/1899
Daniels, Mary, Mrs., old resident, last Wed Wheelock 10/30/1899
Daniels, William H., age 59, July 10 Barton Landing 7/13/1896
Daniels, William H., Friday, mbr Co l, 1st Vt Cal., of malarial fever, leaves wife & 2 bro's in NH (item) Barton Landing 7/13/1896
Darling, __ Mrs., last Saturday, wife of John Darling Sutton at Sheffield 1/10/1898
Darling, A. K., last Monday, son of Ezra Darling of W. Derby W. Derby at Island Pond 3/4/1895
Darling, Ezra F., last Friday, after long & painful illness West Derby 3/28/1898
Darling, John, last Wed., died Sheffield, buried South Wheelock  (item) Sheffield & Wheelock 3/21/1898
Darling, Manley, age 77, Aug 30, of Medad Darling, born Groton, VT Oct 4, 1821, bro A. H. Darling of Albany  (item) Albany at Exeter, NH 9/5/1898
Darling, Manley, wife #1 Rowena Edmunds of Irasburg, #2 Miss Harvey of Nottingham, NY died May 1893 Albany at Exeter, NH 9/5/1898
Darling, Martha, last Wed., ill a long time, bro C. J. Darling, sis Mrs. Richard Boment Glover 1/25/1897
Darling, Mary J. (Dunsire), Mrs., buried West Burke last Friday W. Burke at Fitchburg, MA 2/27/1899
Darling, Salma, Mr. (History only), of Ezra Darling, to Rock Island, IL 20 yrs ago, civil engineer Derby of San Jose, CA 7/8/1895
Davenport, H. C., last Tues, partial stroke 2 yrs ago, leaves wife & 2 children, buried W. Derby  (item) Morgan Center 6/28/1897
Davidson, Lucinda, age 42, Oct 13, d/o J. W. Allen of Craftsbury, w/o J. C. Davidson  (item)  Davison?? N. Craftsbury at Newport 10/17/1898
Davis, __ Dr., funeral last Sun., Frank Mitchell & wife & W. J. Avery of Newport attending Burke 8/16/1897
Davis, __ Mrs., last week, dau in law of George Davis of West Burke St. Johnsbury 3/23/1896
Davis, Bert, about 16, July 30, drowned while bathing, funeral last Tues  (item) Newport Center 8/7/1899
Davis, C. B., Dr., last Fri., leaves wife & kids Fred, Gilbert, Mrs. E. Eastman, Mrs. F. Mitchell, Mrs. Walter Avery West Burke & Sutton 8/16/1897
Davis, Eleazer, age 92, Tues., old resident West Burke 8/1/1898
Davis, infant son, March 24, of Mr. & Mrs. J. Davis of Boston, MA Newport Ctr of Boston, MA 3/29/1897
Davis, Lewis, funeral last Wed., dau is Mrs. Mary Folsom, buried Barton West Derby & Barton 4/18/1898
Davis, Mr., April 9, prob wife is Mrs. Ida Masta Davis, died Somerville, MA formerly of Barton (item) Barton at Somerville, MA 4/12/1897
Davis, V. N., July 30, leaves widow & two children, after long illness East Charleston 8/10/1896
Davison, __ Mrs., recently, Mr. & Mrs. Wm Bassett & Mr. & Mrs. F. J. Lilly of Hyde Park attended Craftsbury 2/13/1899
Davison, Etta Graves, recently, w/o H. D. Davison, leaves husband & 4 kids, died Guelph, Ont (item) W. Derby at Guelph, Ont 6/20/1898
Davison, Nellie (Hoyt), Mrs., w/o Jute Davison, buried last Fri. at N. Craftsbury, remains from Springfield, MA N. Craftsbury at Springfield 5/9/1898
Davison, P. W., Mrs., age 27, last Tues., leaves husband & two small children Craftsbury 2/13/1899
Day, ___ Mrs., funeral Monday, w/o Edward Day, mother of Mr. S. Day of St. Johnsbury Wheelock 1/23/1899
Day, Ella C., age 41, Aug 26, died Berlin, CT Berlin, CT 11/14/1898
Day, Ella, age 44, recently, w/o Milton P. Day of NY, d/o David Hall of E. Berlin, CT, buried Coventry  (item) Coventry at E. Berlin, CT 11/14/1898
Day, Jacob, age 71, Dec 12 Sheffield 12/26/1898
Day, Lucius, recently Jay 11/1/1897
Dean, infant dau., recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Dean Barton Landing 1/18/1897
Dean, Nelson, last Fri., of pneumonia, wife is at Brattleboro asylum, he was going blind  (item) Sutton 6/10/1895
Decker, Ed., body brought from N. Troy on Tues, buried in village cemetery Troy 5/8/1899
Demas, Guy, young son, last Sat., of Edward Demas, horse cart overturned on him  (item) Waterbury 7/12/1897
Demick, William, age 75 y 11 m, July 5 Morgan 7/19/1897
Demick, William, last Mon Morgan 7/12/1897
Dennonville, __ Mrs., last week, sick all winter West Burke 3/4/1895
Denonville, Mr., old citizen, last week, son is Joseph Denonville West Burke 7/5/1897
DeOsse, __, Mrs. w/o Orlando DeOsse, bro U. G. Tollman & sis Mrs. Rollston of Craftsbury attending Wheelock 11/27/1899
DeOsse, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Orlando DeOsse Wheelock per Craftsbury 11/20/1899
Deuxchambeau, child, on School St., recently, of scarlet fever West Derby 12/28/1896
Devereaux, Richard, age 70, July 23, son is Horatio Devereaux  (item) Barton 7/31/1899
Dewey, H. K., last Sat., born Waterford July 22, 1832, leaves invalid wife & 2 dau's  (obit) Barton 9/5/1898
Dewey, Hiram Kinne, age 66 y 1 m 12 d, Sept 3 Barton 9/5/1898
Dexter, Louise B., (thanks - Mrs. Ida Sherburne, Charles Dexter & Roy Dexter) Glover 6/28/1897
Dexter, Louise B., age 63 y 1 m 5 d, June 20, wid/o John Dexter, d/o Chas Bancroft, married 44 yrs (obit) Glover 6/28/1897
Dilly, George, aged citizen, last week, ill a long time, was soldier in British service  (item) Barton 10/14/1895
Dimick, Tabitha, Mrs., Sunday, son is J. H. Dimick Hardwick 4/18/1898
Dixon, A. C., recently, father-in-law of Mrs. A. F. Blodgett of St. Johnsbury, of heart disease St. J. of Bangor, ME 5/13/1895
Dixon, John, about 50, July 1 Craftsbury 7/6/1896
Dochesny, Mary E., age 60, March 14 Albany 3/20/1899
Dodge, __ Mrs., Friday, wife of William Dodge who is ill Derby 8/16/1897
Dodge, Andrew Jackson, age 71, April 13, born Jan 11, 1825 Montpelier, married #2 Lucinda Snow  (obit) Lowell 4/20/1896
Dodge, Andrew Jackson, married Sept 9, 1855 Sarah C. Snow of Montpelier, 2 living children (obit) Lowell 4/20/1896
Dodsworth, John, recently, funeral of former resident attended by G. M. MacDiarmid & O. S. Dane Newport at West Farnham 1/30/1899
Doloff, Frank, recently, killed by falling tree, sister is Mrs. O. C Woodruff of West Burke Newark at Washington 1/9/1899
Donaghy, __ Mrs., recently, wife of Robert Donaghy, died at Boston hospital after surgery  (item) St. Johnsbury at Boston 12/27/1897
Donaldson, Samuel J., Dr., some months ago, probably out of state? Derby 4/1/1895
Doneghy, Richard, age 47, April 2, of heart disease St. Johnsbury 4/12/1897
Donney, Oscar, Sat. Newport 8/14/1899
Dorman, O. S., age 70 y 6 m, April 23 Newport 4/25/1898
Doubleday, Philena H., born Troy 1838, Nov 5, w/o M. E. Doubleday, moved to Mich 1883  (item) Jay at Michigan 11/23/1896
Douglass, __ Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Lewis Douglass, husband & 7 children, bro Bartlett Betters, funeral at Newport  (item) Coventry 4/15/1895
Douglass, Eliza (Betters), age 53, April 11, mom of Mrs. C. T. Bean of Newport, buried Newport (item) Coventry 4/15/1895
Dow, Jonathan E., age 53, Fri., wife is Amy Nelson of Barton, buried Minneapolis beside son (obit) Barton of Minn. 5/24/1897
Dow, Leland L., age 1 y 25 d, Feb 25, of James B. & Ellen Dow Albany 3/1/1897
Dow, Lloyd L., age 1 y 25 d, Feb 25, of James B. & Ellen A. Dow Albany 3/22/1897
Dow, Miss, recently, buried Coventry, died Newport Newport 6/20/1898
Dow, Neal, age 93, last Sat., died at Portland, ME Barton at Portland, ME 10/4/1897
Downing, __ Mrs., Sept 3, wife of Jacob L. Downing, leaves husband & dau Abbie  (item) South Barton 9/12/1898
Downing, Abbie J., age 17 y 7 m, Sept 10, dau of J. L. Downing South Barton 9/11/1899
Downing, Abbie, school aged, 3rd inst, dau of Jacob L. Downing  (item) South Barton 9/11/1899
Downing, Sarah, age 46, Sept 3, wife of S. L. Downing, of consumption South Barton 9/12/1898
Downing, Stella Bogue, June 7, long & painful illness, leaves husband & dau Alice, buried Irasburg Bristol & Irasburg 6/14/1897
Doyle, Zenas, April 5, brother is S. N. Doyle West Burke 4/13/1896
Dragon, infant son, Sun., of Mr. & Mrs. A. T. Dragon, buried Coaticook  Derby 9/18/1899
Dragon, Joseph, age 77, found dying in the woods some time ago, son took remains to St. Hyacinth  (item) Coventry 4/13/1896
Dragon__, Mr., Friday, about 75, Canadian, found sick in the woods, had a train ticket to St. Hyacinth Coventry 4/6/1896
Drake, __ Mrs., last Tues., w/o David Drake, of consumption, leaves husband & 6 kids, buried W Newport  (item) Coventry 9/7/1896
Drake, Grace, age 13 y 11 m, Jan 13, of consumption, buried W. Newport, mom died recently  (item) Coventry 1/18/1897
Drew, A. S., Mrs., funeral Sunday, buried in Mass., leaves aged husband  (item) West Derby 9/5/1898
Drew, Freelove, Mrs., over 80, last Wed., buried Glover  (item) Barton Landing 2/24/1896
Drew, Joseph, age 84 y 7 m, May 16, after long illness Glover 5/18/1896
Drew, son, recently, of N. H. Drew of South Glover Glover 8/29/1898
Drew, William, long time resident, Friday   (item 9/16 of pneumonia) Glover 9/23/1895
Drown, __ Mrs., Feb 16, wife of Samuel Drown  (item) East Brownington 2/21/1898
Drown, __ Mrs., recently, wife of Samuel Drown, bro is Rev. Charles Clark of Ryegate  (item) East Brownington 3/7/1898
Drown, __ Mrs., Sept 12, wife of Herbert Drown, leaves husband & 2 dau's, buried Sheffield  (item) Wheelock 9/20/1897
Drown, Cyrus, aged citizen, Dec 23, leaves 3 sons & several daughters Newport Center 1/13/1896
Drown, H. V., Mrs., funeral Tues., age 27, d/o H. Eastman of Wheelock, leaves husband & 2 dau's  (item) Sheffield at Wheelock 9/20/1897
Drown, Hannah, last week, w/o Wm Drown who died 1891, sis of Joseph Owen, married 1852, to Wisc 1857 (item) Barton at Beaver Dam, Wisc. 12/27/1897
Drown, Hiram, age 82, Friday, nephew is Melvin Drown of S. Barton, leaves 2 brothers & sister  (item) S. Barton of Coventry 5/29/1899
Drown, little son, recently, of Job Drown Methuen, MA per E. Brownington 2/27/1899
Drown, Martha, Mrs., 8th inst, mother of Mrs. J. G. Parlin of W. Charleston  (item) (item 4/8 age 93) Brownington 4/22/1895
Drown, Mr., last week, dau is Mrs. Clark of Coventry Newport Center 12/30/1895
Drown, Nathan, over 90, last Sun West Burke 10/11/1897
Drown, Orville (History only) mbr Co A, 11th VT, wounded & captured, lives Washington, DC Barton 7/22/1895
Duchesney, __, Mrs., March 14, had epilepsy for 30 yrs, recently fell downstairs which caused death Albany 3/20/1899
Ducklas, Harold, age 3 m 27 d, Nov 13, of Harry & Winifred Ducklas Albany  11/15/1897
Dudley, James, old resident, Thursday West Charleston 1/16/1899
Duke, Charles W., age 42 y 2 d, May 14   (item 5-22) South Barton 5/15/1899
Duke, Charles W., Sunday, bro is P. H. Duke, after long illness South Barton 5/15/1899
Dunbar, Marvin, Thurs., leaves wife Craftsbury 8/16/1897
Dunn, __ Mrs., 20th, wife of Mike Dunn, of pneumonia, leaves husband & one child (item) Brownington 2/25/1895
Dunn, Esther (Shippee), age 64 y 5 m 7 d, Jan 23, w/o Thomas Dunn W. Newport at E. Coventry 1/30/1899
Dunn, Ida, age 25, Feb 20, wife of Michael Dunn, of pneumonia Brownington 3/4/1895
Dunton, Calvin, age 86, March 22 East Charleston 4/1/1895
Durivage, E. D., Mrs., last Friday, leaves husband & large family Lowell 6/27/1898
Dusham, infant child, buried July 27, of Paul Dusham of Westfield Lowell & Westfield 7/31/1899
Dutton, __ Mrs., age 86, recently, born Glover, w/o Alonzo Dutton, leaves son & dau  (item) Glover at Norwich, VT 10/11/1897
Dutton, Amanda Rice Going, age 55, May 27, wife of Dea. David I. Dutton Brownington 6/17/1895
Dutton, Amasa P., born Royalton June 24, 1820, died Feb 6, married Miss May Mason Feb 18, 1845 (obit) East Craftsbury 2/21/1898
Dutton, Amasa P., Judge, age 77, Feb 6  (sons Rev. John of MA, Edward of VT & Henry of NH) East Craftsbury 2/14/1898
Dutton, David, died 13th, born W. Glover April 24, 1828 of E. C. Dutton & Sarah Bliss, wife #1 C. Emeline Gilbert Brownington  (obit) 9/26/1898
Dutton, David, Sept 13, ill for a number of weeks Brownington 9/19/1898
Dutton, George, last Tues., suicide, buried at West Derby (item 5/1 buried Village Cemetery) W. Derby at Fairfield 4/24/1899
Dutton, infant, recently, of (W)ade Dutton of Haverhill, NH, buried Morgan Center Haverhill, NH & Morgan Ctr 4/27/1896
Dutton, Ira, age 77, Dec 17, great sufferer for many years, buried Marshfield  (item) Craftsbury & Marshfield 12/26/1898
Dutton, John B., age 72, recently, born W. Glover, went west in '49, bro of Dea D. I. Dutton (item) Brownington at Calif. 12/21/1896
Dutton, Lottie (Goodsell), age 35 y 7 m 15 d, June 16, wife of Chauncey M. Dutton Barton 6/21/1897
Dutton, Lottie, last Tues/Wed, w/o Chauncey Dutton, leaves husband & 3 kids, buried Brownington  (item) Barton & Brownington 6/21/1897
Dutton, Martha A., age 57, last Tues., d/o Rev. Alonzo Dutton, of consumption, at Norwich  (obit) West Glover at Norwich 4/11/1898
Dwinell, Joseph, Sat., leaves wife & sis Mrs. Stebbins, Mrs. Lawrence & son Dwight, dau Mrs. L. Nye  (item) Glover 1/30/1899
Dwinell, Solomon (family history), wife Mary Brown, from Keene, NH, had 5 kids, died aged 87 Glover 8/5/1895
Dwire, __ Mrs., Sept 25, w/o Francis Dwire, buried Pine Grove West Derby 10/3/1898
Dwire, baby, age 9 mos, of Ed. Dwire Salem-Derby 3/1/1897
Dyer, John, recently, son of Michael Dyer Lowell at New York 1/2/1899
Dyer, John, Sept 3, of Michael Dyer, overcome by heat while handling ice in NYC, buried Lowell  (item) Lowell at NYC 9/12/1898
Earl, A. A., Mrs., funeral last Thurs., Artemus Larabee & family of Craftsbury attending Morrisville 3/8/1897
Earle, A. A., Mrs., recently, buried Hyde Park, died at Morrisville Newport at Morrisville 3/15/1897
Eastman, Dustan C., Monday, leaves wife & no kids, ill several weeks  (item) Greensboro 4/6/1896
Edmunds, __ Mrs., last Sat., w/o John Edmunds, of consumption, leaves husband & 2 children Irasburgh 6/20/1898
Edmunds, Eva, Jan 9, dau of Gerry Edmunds, of brain fever, buried Westfield Glen Sutton, PQ 1/25/1897
Edmunds, Mattie, last Tues., w/o Dr. Geo F. Edmunds, d/o Andrew Somers, of paralysis  (item) Bristol & Irasburg 5/29/1899
Edwards, J. L., Hon., funeral on Tuesday Newport 10/28/1895
Edwards, J. L., Hon., last Sat. Newport at Walden 10/21/1895
Edwards, John L., recently, practiced law over 50 yrs Orleans County 2/10/1896
Eggleston, __ Mrs., nearly 81, 18th, wid of John Eggleston, lived with son in NH, of a shock  (item) E. Burke at Berlin Falls, NH 10/28/1895
Eggleston?, Mrs., (mother of  M/M I. D. Eggleston, Ora W. Eggleston, M/M Isaac Gage & M/M Horace Randall) E. Burke possibly 4/13/1896
Elder, __, Mrs., age 94, last week, w/o Hugh Elder, mother of J. G. & Hugh Elder Jr. Beebe Plain 5/8/1899
Elder, __, Mrs., funeral last week, grandmother of Mrs. Ed Browning of Lennoxville Beebe Plain 5/22/1899
Eldridge, Mary Lyon, age 78, Dec 21, born Craftsbury Nov 22, 1817, 4 sons & 4 daus  (obit) Albany 12/30/1895
Elkins, Curtis, April 6, of cancer North Troy 4/13/1896
Elliott, child, 7th inst., only child of Wilmer & Susie Elliott Morgan Center 4/15/1895
Elliott, Eli, born Feb 4, 1826 Magog, PQ, March 9, dau's Mrs. G. C. Brown & Mrs. Tom Cairns  (obit) West Charleston 3/20/1899
Elliott, Eugene, age 18, 26th, suddenly of stomach trouble, 4th death in family in year  (item) Morgan Center 7/1/1895
Elliott, Hannah Houghton, age 78, Dec 18, w/o Nathaniel Elliott, sick a long time  (item) Morgan Center 12/23/1895
Elliott, John, age 85, last Thurs., nephew is H. H. Elliott, ill 3 days, L. P. Brooks attending Morgan Center 11/27/1899
Elliott, Laura, age 66 y 5 m, Sept 20 Holland 10/4/1897
Elliott, Laura, Mrs., Sept 20, son is Chancey Elliott  (item) Morgan 9/27/1897
Elliott, Leon, 15th, died at father-in-law's Alonzo Ewens, hemorrhage of the bowels & typhoid fever (item) Morgan Center 12/23/1895
Elliott, Nathaniel, aged citizen, Sept 19, long & painful sickness  (item) Morgan Center 9/28/1896
Elliott, Samuel, buried last Sunday, died Holland, buried Morgan Center Holland & Morgan Ctr 10/25/1897
Elliott, Willie, Oct 11  (item 10/11 of kidney difficulty) Morgan Center 10/18/1897
Ellis, __ Mrs., age 66, July 10, w/o Rev. G. W. Ellis  (item) South Albany 7/15/1895
Ellis, __ Mrs., age 78, March 12, widow of Charles P. Ellis  (item) Barton at Claremont, NH 3/30/1896
Ellis, Florence, age 20, Dec 8, only child of Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Ellis of Providence, RI   (item 12/20) Glover at Providence, RI 12/13/1897
Ellis, William, recently, died at West Danville while on a visit E. Hardwick at W. Danville 7/5/1897
Ellsworth, __ Mrs., last Thurs., killed at St. Johnsbury, lived Barton Landing & Newport Newport at St. Johnsbury 8/17/1896
Ellsworth, May, age 20, Friday, team crossing RR tracks and was hit, run over & died  (item) Sutton at St. Johnsbury 8/17/1896
Emerson, __ Mrs., funeral Mon., wife of Charles Emerson, funeral at Hyde Park Hyde Park 5/17/1897
Emerson, Louis A., recently, killed in train accident at Smith's Mills, body carried to Newburyport, MA  (item) Newport 4/15/1895
Emerson, Margaret, Mrs., age 67, last Wed., w/o B. F. Emerson, leaves husband, 2 sons & dau  (item) Barton 9/12/1898
Emmons, George, last week, very suddenly Wheelock 1/20/1896
Emmons, John, age about 45, March 4 Morrisville 3/16/1896
Emmons, John, recently, of consumption, died at Morrisville  (item) Barton & Barre 3/16/1896
Esdon, Robert,  old citizen, funeral last Monday, son is Robert Esdon Jr., leaves wife & 7 children Greensboro Bend 11/4/1895
Fadden, Mr., funeral on Wed?, James Pope & wife & Mr. Fadden of Greensboro Bend attending Canada 5/9/1898
Fairbanks, __ Mrs., Feb 4, w/o Franklin Fairbanks, died Springfield, MA, dau is Mrs. Dr. Herrick of MA  (item) St. J at Springfield, MA 2/11/1895
Fairbanks, Franklin, Col, recently St. Johnsbury 5/6/1895
Fairbanks, W. E., age 49, April 5, long illness of liver trouble, leaves wife & 2 sons  (item) East Burke 4/13/1896
Fairbrother, __ Mr., recently, died at his son's home East Hardwick 11/2/1896
Fairbrother, __ Mrs., Wednesday, wife of Thomas Fairbrother, buried Glover on Sat  (item) Coventry at East Burke 3/18/1895
Fairbrother, __, Mrs., about 80, last Fri., died at son's in Coventry Barton Landing 9/18/1899
Fairbrother, Eleanor Hoffman, age 84, March 13, wid of David Bean, w/o Thomas Fairbrother, buried Coventry (obit) East Burke 3/25/1895
Fairbrother, Thomas, age 87 y 10 m, Oct 26 East Hardwick 11/16/1896
Farnham, eldest daughter, recently, of Rev. J. W. Farnham, died in China Wheelock at China 10/28/1895
Farnsworth, James A., Hon., age 61, last week Bellows Falls 11/11/1895
Farnsworth, Russel, recently, bro of Mrs. O. D. Clapp of Coventry, died Topeka, Kan.  (item) Coventry at Topeka, Kan 2/8/1897
Farr, __, Mr., last Tues., of heart disease Irasburg at Boston, MA 9/18/1899
Farr, __, Mrs., March 24, w/o Wm Farr, leaves daus' Mrs. C. Elliott, Mrs. E. Nichols & Mrs. A. Waterman Morgan 4/3/1899
Farr, Henry, young man, last Sun., of O. L. Farr, drowned in Salem Pond while swimming  (item) Derby of Morgan 7/22/1895
Farr, Phoebe, Mrs., about 53, last Tues., buried at Newark West Burke 2/1/1897
Farrall, Maggie, Miss, Jan 9, suffered 4 years from bronchial consumption West Derby 1/16/1899
Farrar, __ Mr., recently, father of Charles G. Farrar of Newport Keene, NH 9/30/1895
Farrar, Daniel, aged citizen, May 22, of cancer Newport Center 6/3/1895
Farrar, Oscar, April 23, of pneumonia Newport Center 5/2/1898
Farrell, J. E., Mrs., age 25, last Tues., leaves husband, father, mother & brother, buried Groton, MA  (item) Newport 8/10/1896
Fay, __ Mrs., (thanks - Herbert Fay, Mrs. H. N. Fay, Rufus Buzzell & Mr. & Mrs. S. F. Bickford) Barton 10/4/1897
Fay, __ Mrs., last week, w/o Herbert Fay, sis of Mrs. S. F. Bickford, buried Barton  (item) Barton at Somerville, MA 9/27/1897
Fay, Ella J. Buzzell, age 37, Sept 23, wife of Herbert A. Fay Somerville, MA 10/4/1897
Fay, Martin, young man, Dec 18, at home of Merrill Drown  (item) Hardwick 12/27/1897
Ferrill, Ellen, age 10 mos, last Thur., of Mr. & Mrs. Harley Ferrill (thanks Mr. & Mrs. Wm Berwick)  (item) Barton 10/18/1897
Field, Amy A. Whipple, age 79, Oct 5, widow of Henry M. Field West Derby 10/7/1895
Field, Amy A., Mrs., funeral 7th, resident many years West Derby 10/14/1895
Field, Amy Ann, Mrs., Saturday West Derby 10/7/1895
Field, P. B., old resident, recently, died at Fairfax  Jay at Fairfax 10/25/1897
Fields, Leonard, old resident, Nov 25, buried Newport Newport at Denver, CO 12/4/1899
Fields, Oma, last Tues., of Mrs. Hannah Rogers of W. Derby, killed by caving in of sand bank (item) W Derby at Bath, NH 5/31/1897
Fifield, Lucy, born Montpelier on May 6, 1838 of Erastus & Arabella G. Hubbard, w/o Hon. B. F. Fifield  (obit) Montpelier 4/3/1899
Finlay, Alec, recently, died in Montana West Glover at Montana 2/13/1899
Fisher, ___, Mrs., funeral last Thurs, Mr. & Mrs. A. Fisher of Craftsbury attending Albany 5/29/1899
Fisher, Abbie, Mrs., May 2 Hardwick 5/9/1898
Fisher, Jennie Gertrude (Hamilton), age 36 y 4 m 25 d, May 23 Albany 5/29/1899
Fisher, Laura, Mrs., last Friday, had been ill all winter Sutton 4/8/1895
Fisher, Mr., recently, son lives in West Glover (item 4-3 son Henry returned west, here w/bro G. A. Fisher) Wolcott 2/13/1899
Fisher, son, age 3, Thurs., of Ed. Fisher, relapse of scarlet fever West Derby 1/20/1896
Fitch, __ Mrs., buried May 22, mother of Mrs. Baxendale of Westfield, died Johnson Johnson 5/31/1897
Fitz, Hulda, Mrs., age 83 y 7 m, widow of Walter F. Fitz, body brought to Albany Fri. for burial  (obit) Albany at Macon, GA 6/10/1895
Flanders, Willie, Oct 13, of typhoid fever Sheffield 10/21/1895
Flemming, Thomas, age 52, Nov 14 Newport 11/20/1899
Fletcher, ___, Mrs., May 8, w/o George Fletcher, leaves husband & dau Brownington 5/15/1899
Fletcher, Ernest, age 14, Feb 24, of Carl B. & Lona Fletcher Richford 3/1/1897
Fletcher, Frederick, Col., aged man, last Wed, son is Col. T. C. Fletcher  (item) St Johnsbury 1/17/1898
Fletcher, Helen A., Mrs., age 57, last Thurs., wife of H. T. Fletcher, buried Felchville  (item) Newport 1/27/1896
Fletcher, Hiram, age 90, March 5 West Burke 3/13/1899
Fletcher, infant, age 2 mos, buried last Wed., of Mr. Fletcher Glover 2/1/1897
Flint, Ella, last week, dau of John Flint Coventry at Fairfax 3/1/1897
Flint, infant son, July 29, of Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Flint Irasburg 8/7/1899
Flint, Libby W. West, age 56 y 11 m, Aug 7, wife of S. H. Flint Newport 8/9/1897
Flint, Mary, Mrs., age 88, Jan 19 Sutton 1/23/1899
Fogg, __ Mrs., Dec 7, wife of Charles Fogg West Burke    12/16/1895
Follett, Louis, age 47, Nov 15 Newport 11/20/1899
Follett, Louis, Wed., died suddenly, had a shock months ago, leaves wife & 2 dau  (item) Newport 11/20/1899
Folsom, Abel B., recently, of late Andrew Folsom, died Lewiston, Idaho, out west many years (item) S. Barton at Idaho 1/3/1898
Folsom, Freeman, April 30, of Andrew Folsom, one of 16 kids, but 3 alive, died Salem, Oregon S. Barton at Salem, Oregon 5/23/1898
Folsom, son, age 6 mos, Sunday, of Fred Folsom Sheffield 3/4/1895
Folsom, William, age 78, May 31, died at town farm, buried Hardwick Wheelock 6/6/1898
Forrest, infant, buried last week, of Mr. & Mrs. F. Forrest of St. J., buried Glover St. Johnsbury 6/1/1896
Forrest, J. E., Mrs., age 61, April 16, leaves husband & daus Mrs. Burt Wheeler & Mrs. Erton Shorey  (item) West Burke & St. Johnsbury 4/20/1896
Forsyth, __ Mrs., recently, niece of Mr. Norris, while caring for them while ill taken ill & died  (item) West Burke 3/2/1896
Foss, __ Mrs., age 87, last Mon., w/o Jonathan Foss, leaves husband age 93 & 2 dau's & 1 son East Hardwick 7/20/1896
Foss, Jonathan, age 93, May 6, lived in town about 50 years East Hardwick 5/16/1898
Foss, Moses, about 80, Sat., married 57 yrs, thrown from wagon, leaves wife  (item) Evansville 10/10/1898
Foss, Moses, age 79 y 10 m 17 d, Oct 8 Evansville 10/24/1898
Foss, Selden, (thanks from M/M Harlow Foss, Dr/Mrs L. E. Brewster, Nellie Foss, Isadore Foss) Irasburg 9/28/1896
Foss, Selden, age 18 y 10 m, last Fri., of Harlow Foss of Hopdale, CA, of typhoid fever  (item) Irasburg 9/7/1896
Foster, Homer, last Friday, of Rodney Foster, of pneumonia Westfield 2/14/1898
Foster, Ira, recently, son is Ned Foss Beebe Plain 3/6/1899
Foster, Leonard W., last Wed., brother of E. E. Foster of Barton, dau's Glenn Foster & Luda Anderson (item) Glover 1/31/1898
Foster, Rufus, funeral last Friday, Masons of West Burke attending Newark 5/16/1898
Foster, Theresa, age 34 y 3 m 2 d, Aug 18, w/o Charles M. Foster, sis of Maria Katz & Alfred Schwartz  (item)  San Francisco, CA 9/12/1898
Foster-Merrill, Rita, Mrs., last Mon., dau of Charles Foster, buried in NH  (item) W. Charleston of NH 5/15/1899
Fox, little son, 14th inst., of Dana Fox, of cholera infantum East Brownington 10/24/1898
Frasier, __, Mrs., age 47, last Tues, w/o G. V. Frasier, buried E. Burke  (item) Barton & E. Burke 7/17/1899
Frazier, Olive Snelling, Mrs., July 8, in failing health a number of years  (item) Sheffield 7/18/1898
French, Inez, Miss, only dau of D. C. French, died Binghamton, NY, of contagious disease  (item) Barton Landing at NY 7/19/1897
French, Inez, Miss, young lady, last week, died NY, buried Glover  (item) Glover at NY 7/19/1897
French, John H., recently, husband of Ellen M. (Baxter) French - dau of late Harry Baxter, at Beloit, Wisc. (item) Barton at Beloit, Wisc. 2/4/1895
French, Lynward, recently, nephew of Augustus French of Barton, died Fall River  (obit) Fall River, MA 8/29/1898
Frizzell, Lottie, Mon Aug [26], widow of George Frizzell Newport Center 9/2/1895
Frost, Amanda, about 80, last week, M/M H. W. King & Mrs. Wright of Wheelock attending Glover 11/13/1899
Frost, Daniel, recently, buried Sutton, died Lyndon Lyndon 4/6/1896
Frost, Rollins, aged man, Jan 15, of grip & pneumonia Sutton 1/23/1899
Fuller, __ Mrs., age 28, 6th inst., w/o Denton Fuller, dropped dead, leaves 2 kids plus 2 week old babe (item) North Troy 9/9/1895
Fuller, __ Mrs., recently, d/o Prentice Robinson  (3/2 item Mrs. Willie Fuller, of consumption) Brownington  4/13/1896
Fuller, child, last week, youngest child of (  )ton Fuller, Mrs. Fuller died a few years ago North Troy 4/13/1896
Fuller, Fontenelle, age 26 y 3 d, March 26, w/o Willie N. Fuller, d/o J. Prentice & late Eloise J. Robinson, consumption Brownington  4/13/1896
Fuller, Hawley Leigh, age 16 y 11 m, May 9, of pneumonia Barton Landing 5/13/1895
Fuller, Howard, age 7, last Tues., only child of Mrs. J. M. Fuller, fell from boat & drowned  (item) Newport of Springfield 8/2/1897
Fuller, James, notice on Tues., sister is Mrs. Alanson Adams of Derby, buried Derby Boston, MA 3/13/1899
Fuller, Leigh, school aged, last Thurs., of Rev. J. K. Fuller, of pneumonia  (item) Barton Landing 5/13/1895
Fuller, Levi K., Gov., Sat. Barton at Brattleboro 10/12/1896
Fuller, Ora, Friday, of typhoid fever, buried Derby, mother cared for him Derby at Craftsbury 1/10/1898
Fuller, Willard, Feb 28, of pneumonia, leaves widow, buried Knowlton, Que.  (item) West Derby 3/8/1897
Fullington, __, Mrs., funeral Friday, wife of John Fullington, sister of A. B. Carpenter of Irasburg Irasburg at Cambridge 3/6/1899
Fullington, John, funeral last Monday, A. B. Carpenter attending from Irasburg Irasburg at Cambridge 3/6/1899
Gage, __ Mrs., last Sat., wife of Elihu Gage, of heart disease Craftsbury 8/26/1895
Gage, E. S., age 62, last Wed. Craftsbury 6/14/1897
Gage, Ellen Ainger, wife of Richard Gage, remains brought to Sutton last Tues for burial Sutton & East Burke 2/25/1895
Gage, Minnie, age 27, Oct 10, wife of Henry Gage Westmore 12/23/1895
Gage, Minnie, Mrs., last Tues., leaves husband & 2 small children Westmore 12/16/1895
Gallagher, Alice, infant, Sept 7, of Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Gallagher Albany 9/19/1898
Gallup, B. S. (history of his farm) livestock, barns and other farming items mentioned East Charleston 3/1/1897
Gallup, Carrie, Miss, Feb 27, of rheumatism, sister Mattie Gallup here from Springfield, MA (item) E. Charleston at Westmore 3/4/1895
Gallup, David, age 73, last Tues, buried Troy, kids O. A. Gallup, E. A. Gallup & Mrs. C. E. Coburn (obit) Barton 10/30/1899
Gallup, Nelson, age 76, born Franklin, married Cynthia Smith Nov 1, 1852, died Dec 24, kidney disease (obit) Barton Landing 1/4/1897
Gallup, Nelson, last Thurs. Barton Landing 12/28/1896
Gardner, Peter, funeral Fri Westfield & Lowell 12/4/1899
Gardner, Peter, last Wed., of pneumonia Westfield 12/4/1899
Garland, __ Mrs., age 82, Oct 22, wife of Asa Garland, grandson is Ora B. Willard  (item) South Barton 10/28/1895
Gates, __, Mrs., Sept 27, w/o Rev. M. A. Gates, buried St. Johnsbury, leaves husband & 3 kids (item) Barton Landing at Manchester 10/9/1899
Gaughn, Thomas, age 58, Jan 13 Newport 1/23/1899
Gay, __ Mrs., Friday, wife of Carl Gay, sick many years, leaves husband & 3 kids  (item) Barton Landing 11/30/1896
Gay, ___, Mrs., Friday, w/o Charles Gay, leaves husband & dau Mrs. Mabelle Leavitt West Derby 5/15/1899
Gee, William, young man, killed while logging in NH, leaves widowed mom & 4 brothers  (item) Morgan 1/4/1897
George, Clara, age 31, June 2, w/o Norman George, d/o Kendrick Richmond, married 6 mos, buried Newport  (item) Newport at Fairlee 6/8/1896
Gerrish, Anna Fifield, age 80, May 1, widow of Calvin Gerrish Barton 6/3/1895
Gerrish, Anna Fifield, Mrs., Sat., mom of Mrs. Hiram K. Dewey, of cerebral hemorrhage, buried Concord (item) Barton of Concord, NH 6/3/1895
Gerrish, H. F., Major, Jan 24, brother of Mrs. H. K. Dewey, of the grip & pneumonia Barton at Concord, NH 1/30/1899
Gibbs, __ Mrs., last Sat., mother of C. S. Gibbs  (item 11-4 hemorrhage of the bowels) Barton Landing 12/2/1895
Gibbs, Warren, born VT, died last week in Chicago  (item) VT at Chicago 5/17/1897
Gilbert, Bessie, age 4 m 9 d, Feb 24, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gilbert Westfield 3/1/1897
Gilbert, infant dau., last Wed., of Mr. & Mrs. C. Gilbert Westfield 3/1/1897
Gilbert, Marshall, Wed., suicide by poison, body found in a barn  (Item) Craftsbury 6/28/1897
Gilbert, Moses, recently Albany 12/21/1896
Gilbert, S. S., Mr., age 64, Sat., found dead in bed after several shocks, leaves son & 2 dau's (item) Newport 2/24/1896
Gilbert, Stephen, body taken from Newport vault to Brownington for burial April 29 Brownington  5/4/1896
Gilbert, Thomas L., last Tues., funeral last Thurs. at Lowell, buried Lowell, of the grip  (item) Westfield & Lowell 3/22/1897
Gilfillan, baby, last week, of Dr. Gilfillan Beebe Plain 5/9/1898
Gillespie, John, Dr., last Thurs., of stroke of paralysis Elizabeth, NJ per Barton 2/20/1899
Gillis, Francis, recently, brother of Robert Gillis of Brownington, died Staceyville, Iowa Brownington at Iowa 12/25/1899
Gillman?, __ Mrs., last Tues., mother of Allen Gilman of Lowell West Glover    11/15/1897
Gilman, __ Mrs., about 21, Feb 26, wife of George Gilman, of consumption, leaves husband & 2 kids Sutton 3/9/1896
Gilman, Ambrose, recently, uncle of O. C. Miller of Newport Shelburn Falls 6/7/1897
Gilman, David, age 77, June 22, had been helpless for many months West Burke 6/29/1896
Gilman, David, June 21, born Chelsea July 5, 1799, of Zeeb & Hannah Gilman, wife #1 Betsey Perkins (obit) West Burke 7/6/1896
Gilman, David, wife #2 Emily Burgess who died about 10 yrs ago, lived Carroll, NH & Derby (obit) West Burke 7/6/1896
Gilman, George, Tues., leaves wife & sisters Mrs. Allbee of Derby, Mrs. Howe of Carroll, NH  West Burke 5/15/1899
Gilman, Lillian May Cutler, age 19 y 10 m 10 d, April 25, w/o Peter J. Gilman, buried Sheffield, of consumption  (item) Wheelock at Sheffield 5/2/1898
Gilman, little child, Friday, of George Gilman Sutton 5/27/1895
Gilman, Nellie, age 25, last Wed., dau of Charles Gilman, drowned trying to cross dam  (item) Barton 7/26/1897
Gilman, Will C., last Wed., son of Mrs. G. H. Flint, of heart trouble  (item) Newport 8/22/1898
Gilman, William E., (thanks from T. G. W. Gilman, J. A. Gilman, B. L. Gilman, Mrs. Francis Hill) Morgan Center 3/18/1895
Gilman, William E., age 73, Friday, after long illness, leaves 4 sons & 2 daughters Morgan Center    3/11/1895
Gilmour, Agnes Spier, age 60, Nov 8, wid/o David Gilmour, born Scotland, married 1861, of shock (obit) West Glover 11/22/1897
Gilmour, Jesse, age 19 y 5 m, May 31, S. E. Cass of Lowell, MA attending West Glover & S. Albany 6/5/1899
Gilmour, son, of Mr. & Mrs. A. Gilmour (thanks) South Albany 6/5/1899
Gilson, David, heirs sold his place  East Burke 4/4/1898
Gladden, __ Mr., last week, father of Edward Gladden of Coventry Franklin 8/8/1898
Glazier, Janes, 11th inst., born July 13, 1823 Weathersfield, VT of James & Sallie Glazier  (obit) VT & Haverhill, NH 12/18/1899
Gleason, Emily, Miss, recently, former teacher at the Academy, died at Montpelier Montpelier per Barton 9/27/1897
Gleed, Philip K., Hon., born 1834 Granby, Que., died last Tues, of Rev. John Gleed  (obit) Morrisville 7/12/1897
Glines, __ Mrs., 19th, wife of Augustus Glines, son A. Glines of Newtonville, MA, buried MA (item) West Derby 9/23/1895
Glines, Asahel, age 84, Nov 18, leaves wife, 5 daughters & 2 sons  (item) Newport Center 11/21/1898
Glines, Jerry, funeral Sunday at bro's in West Derby West Derby at Boston 2/4/1895
Glines, Jerry, old resident, last week, died in Mass, buried West Derby West Derby at MA 2/11/1895
Glines, Sylvester, recently, sis-in-law Mrs. Henry Hayes, died at Boston, buried Derby Derby at Boston, MA 2/21/1898
Goad, little son, about 1 year, last week, of Mr. & Mrs. George Goad Barton 4/25/1898
Goddard, Clara E. Brownell, age 30 y 9 d, Jan 5, wife of Charles Goddard, of hemorrhage Holland 1/18/1897
Goddard, Edith, last Mon., died at her father's in Lowell, MA Coventry at Lowell, MA 7/19/1897
Going, George W., age 65 y 3 m 11 d, April 6 Brownington 4/12/1897
Gonyaw, daughter, this winter, dau of Ed Gonyaw, prob of typhoid fever Lowell 1/16/1899
Gonyaw, Delia, age 17, Wed, youngest dau of Edmond Gonyaw, of typhoid fever  (item) Lowell 10/31/1898
Gonyaw, infant dau, Thurs., of Lewis Gonyaw, Jr., of inflammation of the bowels Lowell 1/9/1899
Gonyo, Frank, son of Mr. Gonyo who died last Sun. died very suddenly Friday morning at Waterford Waterford per Wheelock 7/27/1896
Gonyo, John, last week, very suddenly Wheelock    12/23/1895
Goodall, __ Mrs., last Thurs., after long illness, buried Lyndon Sutton 1/11/1897
Goodell, __ Mrs., last Mon, wife of Albert Goodell, of epilepsy, leaves husband & one child  (item) Coventry 4/5/1897
Goodell, child, age 3 mos, buried last Wed., of Albert Goodell, of pneumonia Coventry 12/21/1896
Goodell, George, age 82, Oct 30, leaves sons Albert & Homer Coventry 11/6/1899
Goodrich, __ Mrs., age 70, Sat., w/o Augustus Goodrich, son is Fred A. Goodrich  (item) Greensboro 7/22/1895
Goodrich, Albert, last Tues., died very suddenly, brother is G. K. Goodrich, leaves wife North Craftsbury 5/1/1899
Goodrich, Almira Howard, age 76, Sept 29, wife of C. G. Goodrich Newport 10/5/1896
Goodrich, C. E., last Wed., leaves wife, son & dau Craftsbury 9/11/1899
Goodrich, C. G., born Enfield, NH Jan 9, 1820, Aug 26, of apoplexy, left estate to town to build library (item) Newport 8/30/1897
Goodrich, Howard, age 9, last Mon., of Guy Goodrich, drowned at Morrisville, buried Craftsbury Craftsbury at Morrisville 7/12/1897
Goodrich, infant, last Thurs., of Albert & Betsy Goodrich, buried village cemetery Craftsbury 2/20/1899
Goodrich, Mary, Miss, young lady, last Thurs., of typhoid fever South Albany 9/26/1898
Goodrich?, Philo, last week, brother of Rena Goodrich of Greensboro, died Woburn, MA  (item) Greensboro at Woburn, MA   3/29/1897
Goodro, Henry, 13th inst., from cancer North Troy 1/21/1895
Goodwin, George, last Tues., of cancer Glover 9/19/1898
Gordon, __ Mrs., recently, wife of Leslie Gordon, Frank Glidden of Sutton attending Sutton   11/4/1895
Gordon, Kate Glidden, last Friday, wife of Lewis Gordon, of dropsy (item) Sutton & Craftsbury 10/21/1895
Gorman, Leon, funeral last Friday, died at dau's in MA, buried Sheffield Sheffield at MA 6/15/1896
Goslant, Mary, Mrs., aged lady, Tues, ill a long time, buried Newport Salem-Derby 8/14/1899
Goss, Malcom W., age 16, Oct 3, of W. W. Goss, of diabetes, died Lakeville, CT  (item) Greensboro 10/12/1896
Gould, __ Mrs., recently, son Will Barrett came from NY for funeral Derby 2/4/1895
Gould, Harriet, Mrs., last Thurs., died at nephew's Edwin Bryant, of cancer, buried Derby  (item) Coventry & Derby 10/31/1898
Gould, Harriet, Mrs., Oct 27, of cancer, buried West Derby Coventry & West. Derby 11/7/1898
Gould, Leonard, recently, native Vermonter, went west in 1855 Chicago, IL 8/14/1899
Gould, Matt(  ), recently, w/o Hiram Gould of Boston, d/o William Spear of Derby  (item) Derby of Boston 2/4/1895
Graham, John H. (history) lived Barton 1850's, first teacher of academy Melbourne, Canada 7/27/1896
Grandy, C. E., about 58, last Fri., bro is L. C. Grandy, born Washington Cty, buried Pine Grove  (item) West Derby 1/18/1897
Grandy, Oscar C., infant, Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. M. C. Grandy, g-son of Mr. & Mrs. O. C. Miller of Newport Burlington 2/6/1899
Grant, __ Mrs., age 79, last Thurs, w/o Aaron Grant, died at Lowell, MA Irasburgh at Lowell, MA 6/13/1898
Grant, Delia Russell, Mrs., Nov 19, w/o Allen Grant, very painful illness of a few days  (item) Lowell 11/28/1898
Grant, Ruth, age 10 mos, funeral June 23, of Mr. & Mrs. Wm B. Grant, buried Irasburgh  (item) Irasburgh at Manchester, NH 7/6/1896
Gravelin, Albert, age 61, last Wed., of pneumonia, Mrs. died 1886, buried Centre cemetery  (obit) Brownington 2/27/1899
Graves, __, Mrs., age 78, yesterday, w/o John D. Graves, son Clarence Graves, married in 1842 (obit) Barton 6/5/1899
Graves, Lydia M. Farnham, age 78 y 2 m, 12 d, June 4, w/o John D. Graves Barton 6/12/1899
Graves, Willie, age 51, yesterday, of William Graves, ill several years  (item) Barton 10/3/1898
Gray, __ Mrs., Sat., wife of Percival Gray, leaves husband & 8 daughters  (item) Sheffield 10/14/1895
Gray, __, Mrs., May 30, wife of Andrew Gray, M/M A. M. Gray of Morgan attending Brownington 6/5/1899
Gray, Alice Richardson, last Fri., w/o Edward Gray, of pleuro-pneumonia, leaves adopted son  (obit) Coventry & Craftsbury 3/1/1897
Gray, Alice, Mrs., age 40, Feb 27 (item 3/15 E. K. Gray auctioned stock since Mrs. death) Coventry 3/1/1897
Gray, Alonzo, funeral June 4 Sheffield & Sutton 6/12/1899
Gray, Arvilla H., age 82 y 3 m, Feb 13, wid/o Isaac Clark Gray, buried Keene, NH Glover 2/27/1899
Gray, Arville H., Feb 13, w/o Isaac Gray, d/o Joseph Gray, born Nov 20, 1816, buried Keene, NH  (obit) Glover 2/20/1899
Gray, Emma Blake, Mrs., last Tues., wid/o John C. Gray, son Rivey Gray Sheffield 10/24/1898
Gray, Fanny, Mrs., age 62 y 11 m, Feb 20 Irasburgh 2/24/1896
Gray, Franklin, old resident, last Thurs., leaves son & 2 daus Sheffield 9/18/1899
Gray, infant dau, died about 14th, 2 days, of Dr. & Mrs. Gray Troy 12/20/1897
Gray, J. A., Mrs., Wed., ill nearly 2 years, had surgery over the winter, leaves husband & 3 children (item) Morgan Center 6/27/1898
Gray, John, last Sunday, leaves wife, son & daughter, mother & father, Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Gray attending Sheffield 3/4/1895
Gray, John, recently, son is Riley Gray Sheffield 2/25/1895
Gray, Laban, age 49, Feb 18, of erysipelas  (thanks Mrs. Dellan Gray & sons & brothers)   (item) Holland 2/28/1898
Gray, Laban, last Friday, leaves wife & 2 sons, suffered 2 weeks with erysipelas (item) (thanks Mrs. Dellan Gray) Holland 2/21/1898
Gray, Mortimer Moore, age 11, last week, of M/M H. E. Gray of Somerville, MA, buried E. Albany E. Albany at MA 12/18/1899
Gray, Myra H., Mrs., age 45, July 21 Colorado Springs 8/1/1898
Gray, Myra, recently, wid/o J. R. Gray, d/o Chas & Harriet Thrasher, on visit, of lung trouble, buried Coventry (item) Coventry at Colorado 7/25/1898
Gray, Olin Leonard, age 82 y 7 m, last Mon., of Joseph Gray, wives Persis Crane & Amy Partridge  (obit) Glover 7/29/1895
Gray, Paul, about 80, last Friday, lived with Mr. Townsend West Burke 1/17/1898
Green, Betsey L., Mrs., age 75, Sept 27 East Albany 10/24/1898
Green, child, age 6 mos, Tues., only child of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Green, of cholera infantum West Derby 8/15/1898
Green, Tinney, Mrs., Oct 24, leaves husband & 2 small children  (item) Hardwick 11/1/1897
Greenwood, Lewis, last Wed., son of Frank Greenwood, of dropsy Derby 4/1/1895
Greenwood, Mamie, last Mon., youngest dau of Frank Greenwood, of scarlet fever, died Concord, NH Derby at Concord, NY 2/18/1895
Greenwood, Mrs., mother of E. F. Greenwood, remains of her, son & dau all moved to new cemetery Lowell 9/14/1896
Grey, Hiram, age 78, Dec 24, brother Joseph Grey of Morgan here for funeral East Brownington 1/2/1899
Griffin, [Ala]nsford, Sat., leaves wife & 6 children, after lingering & painful illness  (item) Morgan 3/30/1896
Griffin, __ Mrs., July 31, died at dau's Mrs. Curtis Barney of E. Charleston, buried Johnsville, PQ E. Charleston 8/5/1895
Griffin, Mark, age 85, Sept 13, of paralysis West Derby 9/21/1896
Griffin, Mary, Miss, young lady, Nov 17, d/o J. D. & Mary Griffin, ill 3 weeks  (item) West Charleston 11/29/1897
Grondin, Dr., recently, from excess drinking Derby 1/31/1898
Groome, Mell, recently, little nephew of Elva Carr of West Burke, died Lancaster, NH W. Burke at Lancaster, NH 3/22/1897
Grow, __ Mrs., funeral Thursday, wife of Hubbard Grow, double funeral w/husband Glover & Lyndon 2/25/1895
Grow, __ Mrs., recently, w/o Samuel H. Grow, mom of C. C. Grow of Barton Bradford 10/19/1896
Grow, Alberta, Jan 14, buried Brownington village cemetery Brownington at St. Johnsbury 1/18/1897
Grow, Fannie, Mrs., age 94, Nov 22 Brownington 11/28/1898
Grow, Hubbard, funeral Thursday, son in law is W. H. Richardson  (item) Glover & Lyndon 2/25/1895
Guild, C. L., Rev., about 65, Jan 2, leaves wife & dau Mabel & son Frank, buried Buckland, MA  (item) Greensboro 1/9/1899
Guild, Daniel, last Thurs., bro is Ezra Guild, son is Luther Guild of Coventry, leaves 4th wife  (item) Coventry at Northfield 1/20/1896
Guild, Job, body brought here for burial, had been living with his son, bro Ezra Guild of Boston Barton Landing at Kansas 1/30/1899
Guild, Lora, Miss, eldest dau of Rev. C. L. Guild Greensboro 7/8/1895
Guild, Lora, Miss, young lady, Monday, after surgery at Boston, buried Buckland, MA  (item) Greensboro at Boston 7/1/1895
Guild, Mr., recently, father of Miss Guild (probably a school teacher) North Craftsbury 1/9/1899
Guyer, C. B., April 28, died suddenly, had been caring for sick wife all winter    (item) Newport at Wolcott 5/9/1898
Guyer, C. B., last Friday, suddenly of heart trouble Newport at Walcott 5/2/1898
Hackett, __ Mrs., last Wed., wife of William Hackett Holland 4/6/1896
Hackett, dau, March 23, of Mr. & Mrs. Hackett, of scarlet fever Newport 4/1/1895
Hackstaff, __ Mrs., age 83, last Mon, ill several months, buried Lowell, dau is Mrs. Lewis Shufelt Craftsbury 2/22/1897
Hadley, __ Mrs., age 75, last Thurs., died at Mrs. Metcalf's, invalid six years, buried Concord, NH Irasburgh 8/30/1897
Hadley, E., funeral last Sat., nephew of Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Leavitt of Craftsbury Morrisville 3/28/1898
Hadley?, ____Mrs., May 30, dau of Mrs. Hadley of W. Derby, leaves husband, buried W. Derby W. Derby at Brooklyn, NY 6/7/1897
Hadlock, __ Mrs., age 92 y 7 m, July 1, w/o Hiram Hadlock, daus Mrs. E.N. Randall & Mrs. O. Dwyer (item) Barton 7/5/1897
Hagar, Abraham, Feb 11, born Aug 29, 1825 Worcester, MA, buried Lowell next to wife (obit) Newport Center 2/24/1896
Hagar, Abram, (thanks M/M Sylvester Rollins, M/M Henry Squires, M/M Elmer Rogers, Berton Hagar) Newport Center 2/24/1896
Hagar, Abram, age 70 y 5 m 13 d, Feb 11, of pneumonia Newport Center 2/17/1896
Hager, Effie, Miss, Nov 9, dau of J. F. Hager, ill several years, buried at Morrisville  (item) Barton 12/14/1896
Haines, Moses, age 76, June 17, leaves widow & 3 sons & 2 daughters  (item) Greensboro 6/24/1895
Hale, George, age 53, last Mon., leaves wife, son & 2 dau's  (item) East Hardwick 4/17/1899
Hall, __ Mrs., July 8, w/o Edwin Hall, long & painful illness of cancer Hardwick 7/18/1898
Hall, __ Mrs., last week, J. C. Allen & family & Z. R. Leonard & family of Craftsbury attending Hardwick 7/18/1898
Hall, __ Mrs., old resident, last week, died at town farm from a shock, husband dead Barton Landing at Barton 1/9/1899
Hall, Ashael, April 23 Hardwick 5/2/1898
Hall, Bertha, Miss, age 20, Jan 14, dau of L. G. Hall of W. Burke, buried Lyndon Center  (item) West Burke 1/23/1899
Hall, Bertha, Miss, funeral last Tues., cousin Bert Hall of Barton attending funeral West Burke 1/23/1899
Hall, Charles, last Monday, ill about 3 months West Burke 11/14/1898
Hall, Daniel, Jan 31st, of consumption, lifelong resident, son William Hall of Fitchburgh, MA Holland 2/7/1898
Hall, infant son, age 8 mos, last Thurs., of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hall, of spinal meningitis  (item) Barton 2/21/1898
Hall, J. C., Mrs., last Wed, sister of F. A. Balch of St. J., leaves husband & son, of a shock  (item) East Charleston 6/28/1897
Hall, Jennie, Miss, last week, dau of John Hall, of typhoid fever, buried Irasburg Barton Landing 10/30/1899
Hall, John, Thurs., of typhoid fever, died at S. Gray's Glover 8/12/1895
Hall, Lilla (McGaffey), Dec 25, buried Glover  (item 1/17 sis Laura Mathie of Glover) Glover at Lebanon, NH 12/27/1897
Hall, Nettie, Miss, last Tues., after long illness Irasburgh 8/31/1896
Ham, __ Mrs., 12th, wife of Prof. Ham of the [prob Lyndon] Institute Johnson 12/27/1897
Hamel, John B., age 35, 8th (6th?), of appendicitis, leaves widow & young son, buried Lowell  (item) Westfield 3/15/1897
Hamel, Joseph, last Wed., leaves wife & adopted dau, worked on RR over 30 yrs  (item) Newport 1/24/1898
Hamilton**, __ Mrs., recently, died in child birth, sis Mrs. B. C. Berry of Barton took baby (item**) Magog 8/30/1897
Hamilton, James, funeral Wed., leaves wife & 2 children  (item) St J. per E. Charleston 7/20/1896
Hammond, __ Mrs., buried May 6, w/o Oscar Hammond, invalid for years, dau is Mrs. C. C. Tower West Derby 6/6/1898
Hammond, __ Mrs., Tues., mom of Charley Hammond, Mr. Hammond died 10 yrs ago  (item) Barton 7/8/1895
Hammond, infant, 22nd inst., of A. L. Hammond, of bronchial fever Newport Center 5/30/1898
Hammond, Oscar, old resident, April 11, leaves invalid wife near death, and 5 children  West Derby 4/20/1896
Hammond, Rebecca G., Mrs., age 87, July 2 Barton 7/8/1895
Hancock, __ Mrs., last Wed., w/o Fred Hancock, from the grip, leaves husband & 9 month old son (item) Irasburg 5/6/1895
Hancock, Ina (Story), May 2, wife of J. Fred Hancock Irasburg 5/6/1895
Hancock, J. M., Mrs., last Monday East Hardwick 11/7/1898
Hancock, Lucy, age 69, Feb 3, wid/o Isaac M. Hancock, d/o Benjamin Perry, of cancer, leaves 4 kids  (obit) Coventry 2/18/1895
Hannah, Ernest, infant son, last Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. Hannah, of cholera infantum Barton 9/12/1898
Hannant, Elizabeth, Mrs., age 87, Nov 27, kids R. L. Hannant, F. G. Hannant & Lizzie Hannant Gould  (item) East Albany 12/13/1897
Hannett, Mr., recently Holland 12/4/1899
Hanson, __ Mrs., buried last Thurs., w/o Wallace Hanson, d/o James Achilles West Derby 10/31/1898
Harding, Charles C., Sept 3, bro-in-law of L. E. Thayer of Newport, died on trip to London, Eng (item) Lowell at London 9/13/1897
Harding, Charles C., son of Mrs. E. C. Harding of Lowell, bro C. B. Harding of Barton  (item) Lowell at London 9/13/1897
Hardy, __ Mrs., recently, mother of Mrs. Dr. Cumings of Morgan Troy 5/25/1896
Harlow, James (story about incurable spinal paralysis that was cured by local Dr.) Irasburg 3/6/1899
Harlow, L., Rev., recently, of apoplexy, Cong. pastor here for 3 years  (item) Coventry at Post Mills 10/19/1896
Harriman, Asa, April 28, of heart failure while helping put out a fire  (item) North Craftsbury 5/23/1898
Harriman, Asa, last week, uncle of Mr. & Mrs. Corry Rawson of Hardwick Craftsbury 5/9/1898
Harriman, F. L., Aug 12, soldier prob at Ft Ethan Allen in Burlington  (item) Newport prob at Burlington 8/29/1898
Harriman, little daughter, 22nd inst., of H. Z. Harriman Craftsbury 3/30/1896
Harrington, A. B., Mrs., March 21 Hardwick 3/28/1898
Harris, __ Mr., age 75, last week, of pneumonia  (item) East Burke 3/4/1895
Harris, __ Mrs., Thursday, widow of Charles Harris who died 2 weeks ago, of pneumonia East Burke 3/11/1895
Harris, C. A., Tues., of pneumonia East Burke 2/25/1895
Harris, Charles A., age 75, recently, president of the National Bank for last 5 years, of pneumonia Lyndonville of E. Burke 3/4/1895
Harris, Willard, age 66, Monday, early pioneer, buried Plainfield beside his wife & children  (obit) Newport Center 1/28/1895
Hart, __ Mrs., about 55, July 5, w/o William Hart, of heart failure West Burke 7/11/1898
Hart, __ Mrs., Feb 7, wife of William Hart, long & serious illness, buried village cemetery Wheelock 2/11/1895
Hartwell, Ira, age 80, last Tues, body wasted but mind clear, buried Troy  (item) Westfield 6/8/1896
Harvey, __, Mr., last week, father of Mrs. Badger of Coventry, died Apple Grove, PQ Coventry at PQ 12/25/1899
Harvey, Frank, old resident, last Tues, sis in law is Mrs. Lucina Harvey  (item) Coventry 7/1/1895
Harvey, Will, age 25, Oct 30, of N. B. Harvey, died Lancaster, NH, buried E. Burke, leave wife (item) E. Burke at Lancaster, NH 11/11/1895
Harvey, Will, last Wed., son of N. B. Harvey of West Burke, buried W. Burke W. Burke at Lancaster, NH 11/4/1895
Haselton, baby, recently, of Herbert Haselton Beebe Plain 6/19/1899
Hastings, Mrs., last week, sister of Mrs. David Hitchcock of Westfield, cancer tumor surgery (item) Kingsley, Canada 10/5/1896
Hastings, Thomas J., age 50, Jan 18, born Brighton, wife Lovila Colburn, adopted son, bro Edward Hastings (obit) Glover 1/24/1898
Hatch, __ Mrs., nearly 80, 5th inst., wife of Edwin Hatch, ill many years   (item) Craftsbury 7/13/1896
Hatch, Carlos, age 72, March 5 Craftsbury 5/6/1895
Hauver, Abbie Green, Jan 1, wife of W. Hauver, leaves husband & son West Derby 1/7/1895
Hauver, Ethel, Aug 3, youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Amasa Hauver West Derby 8/5/1895
Hawkins, Edward, Nov 17, great sufferer for a long time W. Charleston & Derby 11/20/1899
Hawkins, T. C., Mrs., 27th ult, of pneumonia, mom of Mrs. F. G. Burdick Barton at Lyndon 3/4/1895
Hawley, __ Mr., last week Barton Landing 1/25/1897
Hawley, A., Jan 25, ill several weeks Irasburgh 2/1/1897
Hawse, infant son, April 18, of Charles Hawse Barton Landing 4/22/1895
Hayes, Mr., old man, Feb 8, from a shock Westmore 2/24/1896
Hayward, son, age 2 weeks, Feb 21, of W. S. Hayward Westmore 2/25/1895
Hazelton, Nina, Miss, last Wed., d/o Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Hazelton, complication of diseases  (item) Barton Landing 8/1/1898
Hazen, __ Mrs., age 53 y 9 m 15 d, Feb 4, wife of O. C. Hazen, buried Glover  (item) Barton & Glover 2/11/1895
Hazen, __ Mrs., last Mon., w/o O. C. Hazen, shock of paralysis, leaves husband & 3 sons, buried Glover Barton 2/11/1895
Hazleton, Harvey, age 86, last Wed  (item) Troy    5/9/1898
Healey, child, age 5 months, buried last Sat., of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Healey Irasburgh 3/28/1898
Hearse, young child, buried Sunday, of Michael A. Hearse, at Pine Grove cemetery  (item) West Derby 7/27/1896
Heath, A. H., Rev., funeral March 19, of paralysis of the bowels  (item) St. Johnsbury 3/27/1899
Heath, C. C. W., Mrs., age 32, last Wed., d/o James Urie, of paralysis of the heart, son Clyde (item) Barton & Glover 2/21/1898
Heath, Cyrus, old citizen, March 3, son-in-law is Alfred Alexander, leaves wife & 2 dau's   (item) Brownington 3/18/1895
Heath, J. F., Mrs., funeral Tues, leaves husband, son, daughter, mother, brother & 2 sisters West Derby 1/9/1899
Heath, J. F., Mrs., last Sat. West Derby 1/2/1899
Heath, John E., age 82 y 4 m 27 d, June 28, wife is Mary A. Heath, son W. J. Heath East Albany  7/5/1897
Heflin, Jennie, funeral 21st, brother is Reuben Johnson of Newport Center Sheldon 1/27/1896
Heine, Maggie Hanson, age 34, Aug 7, wife of Rev. R. Heine, leaves husband & 4 small children  (item) Sheffield 8/10/1896
Hendrix, Laura Smith, age 85 y 4 m 25 d, 20th inst, wid/o Luther Hendrix  (item) Westfield 6/28/1897
Hendrix, Luther, age 82 y 8 m, April 3, leaves widow & 3 children, of heart failure  (obit) Westfield 4/8/1895
Herrick, __ Mrs., Feb 20, wife of Rev. W. T. Herrick, leaves husband & son  (item) W Charleston at Castleton 3/4/1895
Herrick, ___, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Jehial Herrick Newport Center 11/27/1899
Herrick, Sophia, Mrs., funeral Tues., son John Percy of Mansonville, PQ, paralyzed several yrs (item) Newport Center at Mansonville, PQ 4/17/1899
Herrick, W. F., Rev., Nov 9, died Castleton, former pastor of Cong church here W. Charleston at Castleton 11/30/1896
Hibbard, __ Mrs., recently, wife of Charles Hibbard, in Derby vault, buried Troy on Monday Troy 5/10/1897
Hibbard, child, recently, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hibbard, granddau of Mrs. Hackett of Newport Burlington 11/13/1899
Hibbard, Lucy L., Mrs., age 97, Dec 31, son is C. A. Hibbard of Burlington Newport at Burlington 1/6/1896
Hickok, Horatio, April 2, summer resident of Greensboro, died Burlington Burlington 4/11/1898
Hildreth, __ Mrs., old lady, this week, at Mr. Allen's, of the grip East Hardwick 3/30/1896
Hildreth, Denison, Fri, bro of C. B. Hildreth, dropped dead haying (item 7-18 buried Brownington Ctr) West Charleston 7/11/1898
Hildreth, Irvie, age 27 y 8 m 7 d, March 11, wife of Fred L. Hildreth Newport Center 3/16/1896
Hildreth, son, July 24, of Mr. & Mrs. Hildreth Albany 8/1/1898
Hill, __ Mrs., last Wed., w/o Abner Hill, d/o Walter McFarlane of Barton, leaves husband & 3 children   (item) Greensboro 3/21/1898
Hill, Clara E., age 2 y 18 d, May 12, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hill Morgan 6/12/1899
Hill, Edward B., age 75 y 7 m 21 d, Sept 6, sons George Hill & Arthur Hill of Providence, RI Irasburgh 9/9/1895
Hill, Ernest, 24th, son of C. B. Hill of Richford Westfield at Richford 3/1/1897
Hill, Mary T., Mrs., recently, remains brought from Burlington last Monday for burial N. Craftsbury at Burlington 5/16/1898
Hill, Zana (Drew), last Sat., funeral Tues., wife of Dr. Hill of Lowell Lowell & Glover 12/23/1895
Hill, Zana B. (Drew), age 33, Dec 21, wife of Dr. Hill Lowell 1/13/1896
Hill, Zana, Mrs., funeral last Thurs., wife of Dr. H. H. Hill, buried Glover in Drew family lot  (item) Lowell & Glover 12/30/1895
Himes, Rebecca, age 84, Dec 6, wife of Alfred Himes Newport 12/14/1896
Hinman, Celestia, Mrs., age 63 y 9 m 6 d, d/o late Chauncey Ketchum, died Grass Valley, Oreg Craftsbury at Oregon 10/31/1898
Hinman, Harry, Hon., recently, died at Boston, leaves son & daughter, former resident of Derby Derby at Boston 9/20/1897
Hinman, Jason, married Carrie Taplin June 29, 1893, buried last Fri. Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, St. J.  (obit) Sea Girt, NJ of NY & St. J 8/1/1898
Hinman, Jason, Sun., born 2-14-1862 Holland, of heart disease, bro Dr. C. S. Hinman, buried St J. (obit) W. Charleston at NJ 8/1/1898
Hinman, son, age 16, last Friday, of Mr. & Mrs. John Hinman, after short illness West Derby 11/29/1897
Hinton, Ernest, age 5 y 5 m 19 d, Nov 18, of Tom & Addie Hinton, aunt is Mrs. Sophia Green Westmore    12/2/1895
Hitchcock, A. C., Mrs., funeral last week, sis in law of M/M P. S. Hitchcock of Barton Westfield 11/2/1896
Hitchcock, baby, age 9 mos, last Thurs., dau of S. E. Hitchcock, of measles & complications  (item) Barton 6/7/1897
Hitchcock, Calista L. Jenkins, age 76, Oct 27, w/of Aaron C. Hitchcock, native of Kirby, one of 11 kids (obit) Westfield 11/2/1896
Hitchcock, Celestia L. Jenkins, age 76 y 6 m 4 d, Oct 27, w/o Aaron C. Hitchcock Westfield 11/2/1896
Hitchcock, Ephraim E., age 75 y 4 m 11 d, Jan 13, died NYC Westfield at NYC 1/31/1898
Hitchcock, Ephraim Eaton, age 75 y 4 m 11 d, 13d inst, son of Caleb Hitchcock, of kidney trouble (obit) Westfield at NYC 2/7/1898
Hitchcock, Ephraim H., died recently at New York City Westfield 1/24/1898
Hitchcock, Ephraim, wife #1 Melinda Burba 1846, #2 Elizabeth Gibson 1863, #3 Mrs. Lizzie Leslie Westfield at NYC 2/7/1898
Hitchcock, Homer, age about 16, April 6 Newport 4/12/1897
Hitchcock, Newton, born July 4, 1808 Westfield, of David Hitchcock, married 3 times  (obit) Westfield at Troy 5/24/1897
Hitchcock, Newton, Mon., at son-in-law's Lovell Chaffee Troy 5/10/1897
Hitchcock, Russell P., age 60, Dec 17, of Bright's Disease, buried Westfield  (obit) Westfield of Albany 12/25/1899
Hitchcock, Russell, Dec 17, ill for some time Albany 12/25/1899
Hitchcock, son, funeral last Friday, son of James Hitchcock, Andrew Corrow of Coventry attended Newport 4/12/1897
Hitchens, dau, Monday, of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hitchens, buried Pine Grove West Derby 11/9/1896
Hodgdon, Porter, buried last Mon., old soldier North Craftsbury 5/17/1897
Hodgdon, Porter, Friday Craftsbury 5/10/1897
Hodge, __ Mr., age 52, last Wed., died at son-in-law's Lorenzo Thayer Irasburgh 5/17/1897
Hodge, Joseph L., age 61, Jan 7, of cancer, died at Smithville, MA Albany at Smithville, MA 1/11/1897
Hodgeman, Willard, age 80, Thurs., bro is William Hodgeman  Lowell 9/26/1898
Hodgkins, (   )ald A., Nov 25, killed in tree chopping accident  (item) Westfield 12/6/1897
Hoffman, Nathan, Jan 20, leaves wife & dau Mrs. Goldwaite, of pneumonia  (item) West Burke 1/31/1898
Hogan, Edward, (thanks - Mrs. Elmer J. Douglass, C. P. Hogan & M. W. Hogan) South Albany 3/29/1897
Hogan, Edward, last week, died at Waterbury asylum, buried South Albany S. Albany at Waterbury 3/22/1897
Holbrook, __ Mrs., recently, wife of Edwin A. Holbrook, leaves husband & 2 young children (item) Irasburgh 8/17/1896
Holbrook, Carrie B. (Stanford), age 31 y 5 m 10 d, Aug 4  (item 8/31 infant dau cared for by Mrs. Wm. Barrows) Irasburgh 8/17/1896
Holloway, __ Mrs., Sept 11, wife of William Holloway, great sufferer for some years Glover 9/20/1897
Holloway, J. E."El", last Friday, died from poisoned liquor, maybe murdered by wife & her boyfriend (item) West Glover 3/11/1895
Holloway, William, old citizen, recently, leaves a wife Glover 4/8/1895
Holman, __ Mrs., telegram last Thurs., mother of Rev. M. Holman, died Maine W. Charleston at ME 3/15/1897
Holmes, __ Mrs., almost 82, Feb 28, w/o Lewis Holmes, born Danville, married 1841 Peacham (obit) Sutton 3/8/1897
Holmes, __, Mrs., Sat., w/o Frank Holmes, sis Jennie Heath of Philadelphia & Ida Heath of Manchester (item)  Sutton 5/20/1895
Holmes, Nathaniel, recently, dau Mrs. Hall, son Frank Holmes, veteran of late war, buried Jeffersonville, NH Morgan 7/27/1896
Holmes, Nettie, Mrs., recently, injured in carriage accident when harness broke Barnet 6/17/1895
Holmes, youngest son, May 15, of Ed. Holmes, ill for some time South Barton 5/23/1898
Holsen, Clyde, infant son, Feb 8, of Mr. & Mrs. Martin B. Holsen Newport 2/14/1898
Holton, Will, funeral Dec 10, s/o Henry Holton, Mrs. J. B. Holton & son of W. Charleston to funeral South Barton 12/21/1896
Holton, Willie, 7th inst., here for funeral Mrs. J. B. Holton & Mrs. Jennie (Holton) Foster (item) S. Barton at Littleton, NH 12/14/1896
Holton, Willie, mom Mrs. Benj H. Doyle, leaves young wife, buried S. Barton with brother  (item) S. Barton at Littleton, NH 12/14/1896
Hope, __ Mrs., age 26, Feb 12, wife of Edson Hope Newport 2/27/1899
Hopkins, __ Mrs., old resident, 17th, of pneumonia, with dau Mrs. O. D. Parker West Derby 3/29/1897
Hopkins, __, Mr., recently, brother of Jake Hopkins of Barton Lawrence, MA 11/13/1899
Hopkins, __, Mrs., funeral last week, sister of Samuel Lord of Morgan Derby Line 10/16/1899
Hopkins, Henry F., of David & Priscilla Hopkins, born VT, leaves widow, son & dau  (obit) Lawrence, MA 11/13/1899
Horn, Elsie, Mrs., July 21, ill for some time Holland 8/1/1898
Horn, Jane, last Wed, after severe illness Newport Center 3/6/1899
Horner, __ Mrs., aged widow lady, Dec 18, buried Lyndon  (item) Greensboro Bend of Lyndon 12/28/1896
Horton, W. H., last week, from effects of paralysis St. Johnsbury 2/17/1896
Hosmer, Gladys, age 14, last Mon., dau of Della Hosmer, burned to death when clothing caught fire (item) West Derby 8/22/1898
Houghton, H. O., age 72, Aug 25, born Sutton, died Andover, MA  (obit) Sutton at Andover, MA 9/2/1895
House, Sarah, buried April 9, widow of Selon House Beebe Plain 4/12/1897
Hovey, Ellen, telegram last Sat., bro is J. E. Chamberlin, wid/o John Hovey, buried Albany  (item) Albany at Washington State 5/11/1896
Hovey, Hiram B., age 70, recently, fell off roof, born Troy, in West 40 yrs, wife Miss Humprey (item) Barton out west 11/25/1895
Hovey, Ryan, age 81, March (22), soldier 15th Regt Vt Vol, leaves no relatives  (item) East Hardwick 3/30/1896
Howard, __ Mrs., aged lady, Sat., mother of Mrs. Louise Stafford & Wm. Howard, fell some time ago Barton Landing 9/27/1897
Howard, Edith, Mrs., funeral Nov 22, leaves husband & three sons Greensboro Bend 11/25/1895
Howard, Etta Williams, Mrs., Feb 7, wife of George Howard  (item) Craftsbury & Glover 2/14/1898
Howard, J. W., age 62, April 12, born Irasburg, married Louisa Cowles & Martha Farrington, of cancer (obit) Barton & Irasburg 4/25/1898
Howard, J. W., funeral last Thurs., bro R. S. Howard of Irasburgh Barton 4/18/1898
Howard, S. H., Mrs., last Wed., died at A. Howard in Lowell, MA, of consumption (item) Irasburg at Lowell, MA 9/6/1897
Howard, Samuel H., age 83 y 6 m, Aug 26, resident 80 y, married twice, leaves wife & 3 sons  (obit) Irasburgh 8/31/1896
Howe, ___, Mrs., born Jan 3, 1821 Hatley, PQ, died April 29, w/o James Howe, bro Geo Rexford, of paralysis (obit) Brownington 5/8/1899
Howe, Clarissa Rexford, age 78 y 3 m 26 d, April 29, w/o James Howe Brownington 5/8/1899
Howland, ___ Mrs., buried last Tues., mother of Mrs. L. A. Crandall of Jay Worcester, MA 4/17/1899
Hoyt, __ Mrs., last week, mother in law of C. O. Grimes, buried Hardwick West Derby 8/17/1896
Hoyt, __, Mrs., age 52, last Mon., w/o Charles A. Hoyt, buried Lyndonville Wheelock 2/20/1899
Hoyt, Eleanor, Mrs., age 78, April 6, w/o Elmer Hoyt, sick all winter, died at N. E. Chandler's Wheelock 4/11/1898
Hoyt, Emeline, Mrs., age 83 y 6 m, March 15 South Barton 3/21/1898
Hoyt, Emeline, Mrs., aged lady, March 15, aunt of Mrs. G. I. Drown  (item) South Barton 3/21/1898
Hoyt, H. B., Mrs., June 8, of pneumonia, leaves husband & 4 small children Craftsbury 6/17/1895
Hoyt, Julia, about 15, last Tues., dau/o Mrs. William Hoyt, of diphtheria Craftsbury 12/18/1899
Hoyt, Lorenzo, aged man, funeral Jan 12, town supported him last few years Westfield 1/17/1898
Hoyt, Lucian, recently, son of Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Hoyt Glover 9/27/1897
Hoyt, Nathaniel C., Judge, age 78 y 5 m, July 1, of John & Martha Hoyt, Bright's disease  (full obit) Westfield 7/10/1899
Hoyt, Sally (Thomas), (history), wife of Samuel Hoyt, died 1864 age 75, no children Glover 1/20/1896
Hoyt, Samuel (history), married Sally Thomas, from Windsor, VT, died June 2, 1875 age 84 Glover 1/20/1896
Hoyt, William Harrison, age 81, Dec 27, of Samuel Hoyt, bro's Milton & Charles, son Charles  (obit) Lyndonville 1/3/1898
Hoyt, William, Dec 9 Craftsbury 12/16/1895
Hubbard, __ Mrs., funeral Jan 2 at Glover, wife of Dr. Hubbard, remains buried last week at Glover  (item) Glover at Hardwick 2/1/1897
Hubbard, __ Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Benjamin Hubbard, sis of Harvey Lewis, born W. Glover, of typhoid pneumonia Barton 5/23/1898
Hubbard, Erastus, died Tues, born July 21, 1801 Randolph  (item) Randolph 2/3/1896
Hudson, C. D., Mr., age 72, Sept 25, invalid 12 years, leaves wife, dau & 2 sons, buried E. Haven  (item) East Charleston 10/3/1898
Hudson, David C., Sept 25, 1898 East Charleston 12/12/1898
Hudson, Hattie Sleeper, age 35, Sept 27, wife of Kit Hudson, leaves husband & 5 kids  (item) East Charleston 10/5/1896
Hughes, Katheryn, Miss., age 22, Aug 8, d/o John Hughes, of typhoid fever, buried E. Albany  (item) East Albany at St. Johnsbury 8/16/1897
Humphrey, Abel, age 73, Feb 15, of long standing ailment & bilious difficulty, buried Sunday  (item) Barton & Burke 2/18/1895
Humphrey, Alvah J., last week, of pneumonia East Burke 3/15/1897
Hunt, __, Mrs., almost 87, March 26, w/o Amos Hunt, aunt of C. W. Preston of Barton, buried Cabot  (item) Chelmsford, MA 4/3/1899
Hunt, Cynthia, Mrs., about 65, April 3, sister is Mrs. Geo. Spaulding  (item) East Charleston 4/8/1895
Hunt, D. R., Mrs., funeral Sunday, Mr. & Mrs. Wm Hunt of Troy attending Barton 6/27/1898
Hunt, Eliza, Mrs., Fri., relict of Daniel R. Hunt, son Daniel Hunt, invalid 4 years, early settler of town  (item) Barton 6/20/1898
Hunt, Henry, last week, from effects of drinking iced milk (during heat wave)  (item) Barton Landing & Newark 7/19/1897
Hunt, Lyman H., March 17, of William Hunt, of consumption (item) (item 3-28 bro Fred of Huntington, MA) Newport 3/21/1898
Hunt, Tillie, Miss, Tues.  (item) West Derby 6/20/1898
Hunt, Vangie E., age 16 y 11 m 26 d, March 6, dau of Mr. & Mrs. O. S. Hunt Barton 3/15/1897
Hunter, __ Widow, last Friday, from a shock, funeral at Troy Westfield 1/24/1898
Hunter, Hiram, age 58, last Wed, born Albany, uncle of Clarence & Sidney Coburn of S. Barton, of lock jaw (item) Albany 11/30/1896
Hunter, Stanley, Nov 20, Everett Hunter, Jonathan Hunter, Dennis Hunter & Will Hunter attending Sheffield 11/28/1898
Huntington, __ Mrs., funeral last Tues., aunt of H. C. Pierce & H. P. Cook of Barton, buried Lebanon, NH Nebraska 4/10/1899
Huntly, Loren, age 86, March 15 West Burke 3/23/1896
Huntoon, Mary S., age 63 y 5 m 15 d, Sept 18, wife of Philip Huntoon Barton 9/30/1895
Huntoon, Moses, recently, Wilbur Wilcox of Morgan attending funeral, died NY New York 7/18/1898
Huntoon, Tarain, Mrs., funeral Sat., buried West Derby   W Derby at NY 12/11/1899
Huse, Maynard Henry, age 3 mos, July 5, of J. R. & Sarah J. Huse Newport 7/15/1895
Hutchins, Ben, 21st, invalid many years Lowell 9/30/1895
Hutchins, Myrtie, Miss, April 3, only child of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hutchins, of consumption  (item) West Derby 4/11/1898
Hutchins, William B., aged man, last week, son is Dana N. Hutchins Morrisville 2/13/1899
Hutchinson, ____, Mrs., age 70 y 7 m, May 17, w/o Dea. N. F. Hutchinson, long & painful illness Lowell 5/15/1899
Hutchinson, Prudence, age 83, Tues., wid of Hiram Hutchinson, son S. L. Hutchinson of NY   (item) West Charleston 9/9/1895
Hyde, __ Mrs., 22nd inst., wife of William Hyde, bro-in-law Luther Hyde of Littleton, NH here for funeral East Hardwick 6/29/1896
Ide, Adelaide, young lady, last week, d/o Henry C. Ide, Esq., of typhoid fever, spent 3 years in Samoa  (item) ST. J. at Morrisville 2/28/1898
Ide, Charles, age 68, Jan 11, sons Ed & Harry of Boston here for funeral Newport 1/16/1899
Ide, Charles, recently, former resident, buried last Sat Coventry 1/16/1899
Infant female baby, found dead under bridge, may have been strangled  (item) Coventry 5/13/1895
Ingalls, Laura, Mrs., last Wed., leaves sons Frank & Orman East Hardwick 8/19/1895
Ingalls, little dau., last week, of Will S. Ingalls, buried last Thurs Greensboro 10/3/1898
Ingalls, O. M., recently, suicide at Lansingburg, NY, bro is Frank Ingalls of Sheffield, buried Sheffield  Sheffield at NY 12/27/1897
Ingersoll, Robert G., last Friday, of apoplexy Barton? 7/24/1899
Jackson, L. A., Mrs., Tues, leaves husband, son and daughter  (item) Greensboro 3/29/1897
Jacobs, Mary Carpenter, died several years ago, wife of John Jacobs, died at Pasadena  (item) W. Burke at Pasadena, CA 8/10/1896
James, Betsey, age 77, 31st ult, wid/o Lot P. James, d/o Levi Hitchcock, 2 daus  (item) Troy at Ontario, Cal 9/25/1899
James, Betsey, Aug 31, widow of Lot P. James, died out west Westfield 9/11/1899
Jameson, Ann, Mrs., age 84, last Thurs., died at nephew's Edwin Holbrook  (item) Irasburg 10/5/1896
Jameson, William Locke, June 3, of heart failure, moved to CA 18 years ago   (item) Irasburg at Santa Cruz, CA 6/22/1896
Jay, ___, Mrs., April 14, wife of Alexander Jay, of consumption, leaves husband & son Hardwick 4/24/1899
Jenkins, __ Mrs., funeral last Friday, aunt of Mabel Grange of Irasburgh St. Johnsbury 12/12/1898
Jenkins, Anna B., age 21 y 3 m, June 26, died at Barre, MA, of consumption, buried E. Burke (item) E. Burke at Barre, MA 7/12/1897
Jenkins, Eugene  (thanks from Mrs. E. A. Jenkins, Miss Alice Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. H. Burpee) Barton 11/22/1897
Jenkins, Eugene A., last Fri., got chill, accidently drank rub on tonic, leaves wife & 2 dau, buried E. Burke   (item) Barton 11/15/1897
Jenkinson, __, Mrs., aged lady, last week, living with Mrs. Shilito Westfield 8/7/1899
Jenks, infant son, April 14, of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Jenks Newport 4/18/1898
Jenne, __ Mrs., last Friday, wife of Corwin Jenne, leaves husband & 3 daughters Derby 5/6/1895
Jenne, __ Mrs., recently, wife of Elisha Jenne, of pneumonia, died at Santa Cruz, CA Derby at Santa Cruz, CA 1/23/1899
Jenne, Alice, funeral Wed., sister of L. P. Jenne of Derby (married? single?) Newbury 6/27/1898
Jenne, Whitney, age 75, Fri., died at son-in-law's P. S. Hutchins of W. Derby, died in sleep (item) W. Derby of Abercorn, PQ 1/20/1896
Jenness, Angeline, age 88, April 10, husband #1 Asa Barker of Albany #2 Francis Jenness, buried Albany (item) Barton & Albany 4/11/1898
Jenness, George W. (family history) of Richard Jenness, history of area where he grew up Barton & Sheffield 10/30/1899
Jenness, Katurah, age 80, March 28, sis of George W. Jenness, ill & great sufferer many months  (item) Barton 3/30/1896
Jerome, __ Mrs., last Monday, wife of John Jerome, leaves husband & 4 kids & 4 month old baby West Glover 10/7/1895
Jerome, E. B., Mr., about 81, last week, son is B. B. Jerome of Barton, had lived at Irasburg   (item) Barton at Swansea, NH 6/8/1896
Jerome, Etta, Mrs., age 26, Sept 30, of quick consumption Glover 10/7/1895
Jerome, George, age 44, July 30, bro of Benjamin Jerome, of bee sting with erysipelas setting in (items) Barton & Irasburg 8/2/1897
Jerome, John (history - abuse of his children & baby - wife died some time ago) (item 10-11) Glover 10/4/1897
Jesseman, Ira, age 73, last Wed., son is Gilbert Jesseman, dau is Mrs. Geo Chelsey, typhoid pneumonia Sheffield    4/17/1899
Jewell, Alvin C., age 55, July 29 (thanks from Mrs. Jewell, G. Francis & Carl H. Jewell) Lyndonville 8/9/1897
Jewell, Alvin C., age 55, last Thurs., effects of sunstroke, leaves wife & sons Carl & G. Francis (obit) Barton at Lyndonville 8/2/1897
Jewett, little boy, age 3, last Tues., of Ezra Jewett, log rolled on him from pile in mill yard (item) Derby 4/25/1898
Johnson, __ Mrs., Friday, w/o Frank Johnson, leaves husband and son, buried Lyndonville W Derby & Lyndonville 9/14/1896
Johnson, __, Mr., about 95, last week, father of Rev. W. C. Johnson of Newbury, buried here Barton Landing 9/11/1899
Johnson, Ada, Miss, age 22, Feb 11, of consumption, died at mother's in Pepperell, MA (item) W. Burke at Pepperell, MA 2/24/1896
Johnson, Emily A., recently, born Albany in 1821, d/o Mr. Hight, wid/o W. H. Johnson (obit) Albany at Columbus City, Iowa 2/27/1899
Johnson, Jennie, Sat., w/o David A. Johnson, sis of James Young, leaves husband & 5 kids (obit) E. Craftsbury at Montville, CT 12/13/1897
Johnson, Julia, Miss, June 10, born Oct 1838 St J., sisters Mrs. Solon Robinson & Miss Louise Johnson  (item) Barton at Jacksonville, FL (obit) 6/26/1899
Johnson, Lee, Feb 16, oldest son of A. Johnson, of typhoid fever Derby 2/17/1896
Johnson, Mary, 13th, wid/o Haines Johnson, died at son's Harrison Johnson's, buried Ways Mills, PQ West Derby 2/22/1897
Johnson, William H., Capt., age 78 y 26 d, May 14, born Queenstown, Can., of Alex & Amoret Johnson (obit) Albany at Columbus, Iowa 5/31/1897
Johnson, William, married Emily Hight in 1843, kids Laura Merrill, Clara & Orlo Johnson (obit) Albany 5/31/1897
Johnston, __ Mrs., recently, sis of David Gillis of B Landing, w/o Robt Johnston, to Spring Valley, Minn 27 yrs ago Sutton at Spring Valley, MN 11/30/1896
Jones, __ Mr., recently, father of Jack Jones of Albany, died Springfield Springfield 5/30/1898
Jones, ___, Mrs. funeral Barton Landing 1/2/1899
Jones, Alice, Miss, last Sat., of diphtheria Brownington 9/18/1899
Jones, Dudley, funeral last Thurs., Socrates Udall of Craftsbury attended, died Shady Rill Craftsbury at Shady Rill 12/26/1898
Jones, Eliza, Mrs., recently Hyde Park 1/10/1898
Jones, Harriet Joslyn, age 80 y 6 d, Dec 24, widow of Horace S. Jones  (obit) Barton Landing 12/26/1898
Jones, Harry, age 18, April 17 Sheffield 5/8/1899
Jones, Harry, funeral last Thurs Sheffield & Wheelock 4/24/1899
Jones, Horace S., Judge, age 83, 19th inst., born Waitsfield May 10, 1813, 5 sisters alive, married twice (obit) Barton Landing 5/25/1896
Jones, Horace, remains from Barton Landing, buried Brownington Village cemetery May 21 Barton Landing & Brownington 6/1/1896
Jones, Mattie Patterson, age 42, April 14, wife of Frank Jones Johnson    4/24/1899
Jones, Mattie, Mrs., last week, leaves husband, & kids Theda & Roy & sister Mrs. A. M. Beach Johnson per W. Glover 4/24/1899
Jordan, __ Mrs., last Mon., w/o William Jordan (colored man), leaves 4 kids & 5 day old infant Greensboro Bend & Hardwick 6/21/1897
Jordan, Peter, former resident, killed by train Lowell at Ware, MA 12/4/1899
Joslyn, __ Mrs., aged lady, last Thurs., son is W. J. Joslyn  (item) Barton Landing 2/17/1896
Joslyn, Alice, age 90, Feb 16, widow of Peter Joslyn Newport 2/27/1899
Joslyn, C. E., long time resident, March 31, fought in Civil War, leaves wife & dau, of consumption  (item) Barton Landing 4/4/1898
Joslyn, C. Edwin, Capt., born 1837, Mbr Co D 6th Regt VT Vol., married Jan 1864 Susan Fisher of Cabot (obit) Barton Landing 4/11/1898
Joslyn, Mabel S., Miss, born Feb 15, 1873, died Dec 12, leaves mother & grandmother  (obit) Barton Landing 12/18/1899
Joubert, Herbert W., age 12, April 15 Newport 4/27/1896
Joubert, Lillian F., Miss, age 16 y 6 m, Aug 13 Newport 8/23/1897
Judd, __, Mrs., Fri/Sat., sister of L. M. Dutton of Morgan Center, of typhoid fever Pike Station 12/4/1899
Judd, Damon, last Mon., sick a long time Morgan Center 3/14/1898
Judd, James, Jan 21 Holland 1/28/1895
Judd, Jennie (Dutton), recently, died at Pike Station, NH, of typhoid fever  (item) Morgan Center at NH 12/25/1899
Kathan, Hannah, age 66, June 24, widow of Daniel Kathan East Charleston 7/1/1895
Kathan, Horace, age 82, March 4 East Charleston 3/9/1896
Kay, Roxanna, Mrs., last week, buried Friday at Troy, died Hyde Park at dau's  (item) Troy at Hyde Park 4/4/1898
Kellam, Edward P., age 62, Feb 5, of Sabin Kellam, of heart failure  (item) Irasburg at Topeka, Kansas 2/17/1896
Kellam, Thomas Jefferson, age 41, Feb 4, of John H. Kellam, injured in RR accident (item) Irasburg at Topeka, Kansas 2/17/1896
Kelley, __ Mrs., aged lady, Wed., w/o Willard Kelley--formerly of Newark, leaves husband & 3 sons Derby 2/28/1898
Kelley, __ Mrs., April 9, w/o John D. Kelley, leaves husband & son  (item) Albany 4/11/1898
Kelley, Daniel, aged citizen, last week, dau is Mrs. Z. C. Blake of West Derby Derby 2/7/1898
Kelley, Daniel, born St. J 90 yrs ago, Feb 2, oldest of 11 kids, to Derby 1851, 2 bros & 1 sis alive, son Orrin  (item) Derby 2/14/1898
Kelley, Elizabeth, Mrs., March 7, feeble all winter Wheelock 3/14/1898
Kelley, George, July 16, of paralysis, buried St. Johnsbury Holland & St. Johnsbury 7/22/1895
Kelley, John, age 75, March 11, mistakenly took aconite and was poisoned  (item) Derby 3/18/1895
Kelley, Marette, Mrs., age 52, April 8 Albany 4/11/1898
Kelley, Nathaniel, last Sat Derby 5/3/1897
Kelley, Orren, Thurs.  (item) Derby 2/28/1898
Kellogg, Oren, about 78, Dec 29, of cancer, great sufferer East Hardwick 1/6/1896
Kelsey, __ Mrs., age 83, Feb 4, wife of Ralph Kelsey, born Danville, lived in town 50 yrs  Derby 2/15/1897
Kelsey, Ralph, buried last week Derby 3/30/1896
Kendall, Abbie (Redfield), age 83, Jan 25 Coventry 1/30/1899
Kendall, Abbie (Redfield), Mrs., last Wed., wid of Dr. Samuel Kendall, of the grip, leaves 2 children Coventry 1/30/1899
Kendall, Betsey, Mrs., age 78, June 17 Newport 7/3/1899
Kendall, Elam, 5th inst, buried at Troy North Troy 2/21/1898
Kendrick, William, age about 70, Nov 3 Glover 11/16/1896
Kenerson, Lyman, age 83, Oct 13, dau is Mrs. Harrison Orcutt, son is Edwin of Worcester (item) West Burke 10/19/1896
Kenison, E. A., Mrs., Sat., of heart trouble, leaves husband & 3 children Newport 11/7/1898
Keniston, Nathan, age 82, 2nd inst, feeble for a time, uncle of Mrs. W. A. Lane of E. Hardwick Greensboro 10/10/1898
Kennerson, E. A., Mrs., age 35, Nov 5 Newport 11/7/1898
Kennerson, J. P., Mrs., recently, died at Lowell, MA Morgan at Lowell, MA 12/13/1897
Kennerson, little dau., of Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Kennerson, died from scald burns W Burke at Worcester, MA 6/29/1896
Kennison, infant child, last week, buried Mon., of Burt Kennison Troy 10/2/1899
Kenniston, Mary E., Mrs., age 70, March 21, wife of Nathan Kenniston, ill only a few days  (item) Greensboro 3/28/1898
Kennston, __ Mrs., buried Mon., aunt of Mrs. A. D. Rollins of Greensboro Bend, died Waterbury Cabot at Waterbury 3/25/1895
Kenyon, W. H., last Sat., of neuralgia of the heart, leaves wife Newport 3/21/1898
Kettell, Minerva, Miss, Wed., brought home ill from Manchester, NH, died Derby Derby 8/30/1897
Kettle, James, Wed., of cancer of the stomach  (item) Derby 9/26/1898
Keyes, Eunice, funeral yesterday, w/o Isaac Keyes, d/o late Ira Boynton, leaves husband & 4 kids (item) Coventry 2/6/1899
Kidder, __ Mrs., last week, w/o Oliver Kidder, of pneumonia Holland 7/11/1898
Kidder, Frank, funeral Sat., bro of Mrs. A. S. Barney of Morgan Magog, PQ 11/27/1899
Kidder, Joseph, last Tues., leaves wife & 6 children - youngest 8 mos, buried Lyndonville  (item) Irasburgh 10/31/1898
Kidder, Thomas, last Tues., of a shock Coventry 3/22/1897
Kilburn, Mr., recently, father of Rev. Kilburn, died Athens, Ontario Derby at Ontario 10/25/1897
Kilby, William, Monday Nov 27, of catarrh of the stomach Newport Center 12/4/1899
Killgarlin, Mary, Miss, June 13, of consumption Irasburgh 6/22/1896
Kilpatrick, __ Mrs., recently, sister of William Lowery of E. Brownington, died Wolftown, PQ Wolftown, PQ 5/13/1895
Kimball, __ Mrs., age 58, April 17, w/o Dustin E. Kimball, dau Mrs. Elmer Stoddard & son (item) West Burke & Sutton 4/26/1897
Kimball, Edgar, last week, killed in runaway accident, S. T. Vance of W. Glover & C. H. Vance attended Cabot 8/29/1898
Kimball, Ida, Mrs., Aug 8, wife of George Kimball, died at Greenfield, MA Barton at Greenfield, MA 8/10/1896
Kimball, Ida, w/o George Kimball, of cancer surgery, leaves dau newly married & son age 18 (item) Barton at Greenfield, MA 8/24/1896
Kimball, John, Rev., born Barton of J. H. Kimball, recently, died at San Francisco, buried Barton (obit) Barton at San Francisco 7/12/1897
Kimball, Mattie (Stevens), last Sun., of blood poisoning, had lived in Barton Landing many years Barton Landing at Newport 4/10/1899
Kimball, Mattie (thanks R. M. Kimball, Mrs. Maud M. (Stevens) Wood, Mrs. Alice J. Stevens, Dr. E. G. Stevens) Barton Landing at Newport 4/10/1899
Kimball, R. G., funeral last Tues., attended by W. C. & J. H. Brown - bro-in-law's of Barton Hardwick 5/3/1897
Kimball, Richard G., age 65, April 25 Hardwick 5/3/1897
Kimpton, Wesley, last Thurs., of pneumonia, buried Lowell Troy 1/25/1897
Kincaid, A. E., last week, bro of A. E. Kincaid & Mrs. G. W. Colby Sutton 2/6/1899
Kineston, N., Mrs., recently, aunt of Mrs. Myrtie Lane of Barre Greensboro per E. Hardwick 3/28/1898
King, __ Mrs., age 66 y 3 m, Sept 27, wife of John B. King Westmore 10/12/1896
King, __ Mrs., age 81 y 6 m, Aug 23, of dropsy Albany 9/5/1898
King, __ Mrs., buried Thursday at Sutton, mother of Will King West Glover 8/29/1898
King, __ Mrs., last Fri., w/o Sias King, invalid for years, sis Mrs. Nancy Drew, bro's Joel & Reuben Christie Glover 1/30/1899
King, __ Mrs., last Thurs., wife of Thomas King, summered here 15 years  (item) Barton at Elizabeth, NJ 2/20/1899
King, __ Mrs., Sat., w/o George King, d/o H. R. Drown, leaves husband & 3 small kids  (item) Evansville 1/31/1898
King, Alice Adar, age 4 m 26 d, Feb 5, of Will & Hattie King Westmore 2/15/1897
King, Alice, age 5 mos, Friday, dau of Will King, long & painful illness Westmore 2/8/1897
King, Chester, little son, 18th inst., of George & Effie King Evansville 9/23/1895
King, Effie M. Drown, age 21 y 10 m 27 d, Jan 29, wife of George King Evansville 2/28/1898
King, Frank, last Fri., killed while removing unsafe flagstaff, he of & buried at Gloucester, MA  (item) St. Johnsbury 9/26/1898
King, Gerald Jay, age 1 y 4 m, Nov 24, of George & Effie M. King Evansville 12/5/1898
King, Harold Raymond, age 1 y 4 m, Nov 25, of George & Effie M. King Evansville 12/5/1898
King, John, last Wed., ill a long time Greensboro 10/16/1899
King, twin sons, last week, of Mr. George King Evansville 11/28/1898
King, Zoe, Oct 11, wife of John B. King, leaves husband & 9 children, after long sickness  (item)  Westmore 10/12/1896
Kingsley, __ Mrs., age 76, last Mon., wife of William Kingsley, leaves husband, sister, son & dau Salem-Derby 10/26/1896
Kingsley, ___, Mrs., Sunday, of typhoid fever West Derby 6/26/1899
Kinney, __ Mrs., age 79, last Friday, wife of Hammond Kinney, dau is Mrs. Thompson  (item) Irasburgh 6/8/1896
Kinney, Henry, Feb 4, bro of Mrs. L. B. Thompson, to Oregon 12 yrs ago, of lung disease, leaves wife & dau Irasburg at Oregon 2/27/1899
Kinsley, Amy "Cinnamon", died Jan 1, took care of herself since age 12 by teaching  (obit) Lowell 1/11/1897
Kinsley, Amy, born Dec 25, 1871 Hyde Park of Mrs. J. F. Knowles of Eden, married Ross Kinsley Dec 25, 1894 Lowell 1/11/1897
Kinsley, Mary M. Cinnamon, age 25, Jan 1, wife of Ross C. Kinsley Lowell 1/11/1897
Kipp, infant son, Aug 11, of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Kipp Newport 8/15/1898
Kirk, William, March 23, of the grip Lowell 3/25/1895
Kirtland, Mr., recently, at Montreal per Coventry Montreal 3/21/1898
Kittell, ___ Miss, recently, dau of James Kittell  (see also Kettell) Derby 9/6/1897
Kittredge, S. M., age 72, Feb 24 West Derby 2/25/1895
Knapp, Amelia, Mrs., last Tues., after long illness Island Pond 12/28/1896
Knight, __ Mrs., last Mon, d/o John Telfer, leaves husband & child, buried Barton  West Glover    1/30/1899
Knight, Benjamin L., about 45, July 27 Irasburg 7/29/1895
Knight, Benjamin L., Sat., leaves wife & 4 kids & mother & 2 sisters, cerebral meningitis  (item) Irasburg 7/29/1895
Knight, Z., Mr., old resident, Feb 7 West Charleston 2/14/1898
Knights, Julia Telfer, about 22, Jan 23, wife of Fred Knights West Glover 1/30/1899
Knox, son, recently, young son of Fred & Carrie (Chamberlin) Knox Lowell at Epping, NH 7/10/1899
Labell, little dau, Aug 4, of Mrs. Labell of Methuen, MA, died Brownington on visit to Mrs. Burt Drown Brownington of MA 8/14/1899
Labelle, Ann Enos, Mrs., age 77, Dec 5 Newport 12/14/1896
Labor, Joseph, old citizen, last Friday, son's are Frank & Lewis Labor  (item) Barton 2/13/1899
Labounty, __ Mrs., funeral Sun., w/o Theophilus Labounty, of pneumonia, leaves husband & 5 kids West Derby 5/2/1898
Labounty, Alice, funeral Mon., little dau of Louis Labounty, living w/Eleazer Mitchell  Lowell 10/17/1898
Labounty, Annie, about 10, Feb 25, of James & Julia Labounty, of tonsillitis Lowell 3/2/1896
Labounty, James, Nov 17, after long illness Derby 11/25/1895
Lacourse, infant, last week, of Mr. & Mrs. Collins Lacourse Brownington  10/7/1895
Ladd, Silas, died last fall, bro of Mrs. Riley Roundy  (item) Sutton 2/24/1896
Ladean, J. B., Mrs., recently, sister of Mrs. Chauncey Cole of Troy, died Baldwinsville, MA Newport at MA 3/22/1897
Ladue, __ Mrs., recently, wife of John B. Ladue, died MA, husband a blacksmith Westfield at MA 4/5/1897
LaFleam, J., Mr., March 11, bro-in-law of Mrs. C. Austin, suicide by cutting his throat, not right lately  (item) Jay 3/21/1898
Lafrennie, Clara (Goodhue), age 44, Feb 26, w/o Jesse Lafrennie Lowell 3/6/1899
Lafrennie, Jessie, Mrs., Feb 26, son is Martin of Holyoke, MA, buried Winchenden, MA, of typhoid (item) Lowell 3/6/1899
Lahue, Earl Raymond, age 11 m 2 d, Jan 12 (thanks M/M Chester Lahue & M/M Jarvis) Barton 1/18/1897
Lake, baby, recently, of C. Lake, of cholera infantum Jay    8/19/1895
Lamarsh, __ Mrs., about 50, Tues., died suddenly  (item) West Derby 5/11/1896
Lamore, May, little dau, Thursday, of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lamore Lowell 5/2/1898
Lampher, Marcus P., age 63, recently, dau is Mrs. F. Ellsworth, buried Newport Center Newport 11/4/1895
Lamson, Rev. Dr. C. M., born 1843 in MA, Tues., died suddenly, of heart issue  (obit) St. J of Hartford, CT 8/14/1899
Lane, __, Mrs., last Mon., w/o Elisha Lane, of inflammatory rheumatism, leaves husband Newport 12/18/1899
Lane, Georgia, age 24, Dec 11, w/o Elisha Lane Newport 12/18/1899
Lane, Horace, about 50, Oct 16 Newport 10/24/1898
Lang, A. C., about 69, Jan 31, leaves bro's A. J. & G. W. Lang, sis Mrs. A. J. Rowe  (obit) East Charleston 2/6/1899
Lang, Angela, age 61, Oct 12, w/o A. C. Lang, leaves son F. B. Lang & dau Mrs. C. E. Blood (item) East Charleston 10/19/1896
Lang, Cynthia, Miss, age 86 y 9 m, Aug 14 East Charleston 8/19/1895
Lang, G. W., Mrs., Jan 11, great sufferer, leaves husband, 1 bro 3 sis., buried Island Pond  (item) Evansville 1/25/1897
Lang, J. H., recently, son in law of Mrs. Sophia Miller of Beebe Plain, died Boston Boston 9/26/1898
Langdon, John, Friday, of heart disease Montpelier 9/23/1895
Lange, __ Mr., remains brought here for burial last week Beebe Plain 11/21/1898
Lanpher, Maria L., Mrs., age 83, May 6 Newport Center 5/18/1896
LaPlant, ___. Mrs., aged lady, April 30, funeral Tues, buried Lowell Catholic cemetery Lowell of Westfield 5/8/1899
Lapoint, infant dau., last Tues. of Henry Lapoint Wheelock 5/9/1898
Larou, __ Mr., Dec 20, of typhoid pneumonia East Charleston 12/27/1897
Larrabee, __ Mrs., April 3, widow of Harden Larrabee, great sufferer many years Newport Center 4/8/1895
Lathe, Samuel, age 70, Tues, of pneumonia Craftsbury 2/27/1899
Laurette, Catherine, Mrs., age 64, April 16 Newport 4/24/1899
Lawrence, __ Mrs., last Sat., w/o James Lawrence, after long illness, leaves husband & 2 kids (item) Lowell 1/24/1898
Lawrence, D., over 80, June 22 Albany 7/3/1899
Lawrence, Daniel, funeral last week, uncle of Daniel Skinner & J. B. Clement Albany 6/26/1899
Lawrence, Horace, recently, bro of Mrs. E. H. Hitchcock of Westfield, died Montpelier Montpelier 8/1/1898
Lawrence, Ira, last week, son is Charles Lawrence of MA, lived with Henry Clark, buried Passumpsic West Glover 7/6/1896
Lawrence, Mary Ann, Miss, 26th ult, buried at Passumpsic Glover 5/4/1896
Lawrence, Milo, age 80, Aug 25, of heart failure, buried Passumpsic Newport 8/30/1897
Lawson, child, May 10, of Amos Lawson, of pneumonia Newport Center 5/16/1898
Lawson, infant child, Sept 9, of Mr. & Mrs. Amos Lawson Newport Center 9/18/1899
Leach, __ Mrs., last week, w/o Frank Leach, sis Mrs. Clinton Woodcock of Troy Enosburg 1/17/1898
Leach, A., Mrs., July 12, died at Lowell, MA, after long illness, buried at Troy Albany at Lowell, MA 7/22/1895
Leach, L. G., Mrs., July 10, former resident of Albany, died Lowell, MA, buried Troy Albany at Lowell, MA 7/29/1895
Leary, Gilbert, Aug 20, leaves wife & 2 young children West Derby 8/29/1898
Leary, Myrtle S., age 7 y 8 m, Jan 10, of pneumonia West Derby 1/24/1898
Leary, Myrtle S., buried Jan 12, oldest dau of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Leary West Derby 1/17/1898
Leavens, Eugene, recently, Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Brooks of Morgan attending funeral Newport 4/13/1896
Leavitt, __ Mrs., funeral last Thurs., mother of Mrs. J. McDowell of Sheffield Lakeport, NH 4/25/1898
Leavitt, __, Mrs., last Monday, wife of Dudley Leavitt, after a long illness Greensboro Bend       4/10/1899
Leavitt, Bernard, age about 21, Oct 7 Newport 10/25/1897
Leavitt, Ella, age 27, last Mon., dau of S[tephen] L. Leavitt Craftsbury 8/7/1899
Leavitt, Fred, age about 77, Aug 10 Wheelock 8/16/1897
Leavitt, Lydia O., Mrs., age 91, April 18, dau is Mrs. Egbert Clark, wid/o James Leavitt   (obit) Craftsbury at St. Johnsbury 4/27/1896
Leavitt, son, about 10, buried last Thurs., of Mr. & Mrs. Hiram Leavitt West Derby 4/19/1897
Leland, __ Mrs., 6th inst., wife of Warren Leland, leaves husband & one son East Brownington 4/15/1895
Leland, __ Mrs., w/o Warren Leland, her remains and her 2 children moved from Barton to Center Cemetery Brownington 8/15/1898
Leland, Carlos B., age 64 y 6 m 25 d, June 22  (item) Barton 7/13/1896
Leland, Harvey J., age 25 y 9 m 20 d, Dec 15, youngest son of Carlos B. & Elvira R. Leland Barton 2/18/1895
Leland, John L., age 54, March 7 Barton 5/4/1896
Leland, John M., age 43 y 6 m 2 d, March 1 Barton 3/9/1896
Leland, John, last Sat., born Barton, from rheumatism & diseased hip, leaves invalid wife & son & 1 sister  (item) Barton 3/9/1896
Leland, Joseph P., age 74 y 5 m, May 25 Lowell, MA 6/3/1895
Leland, Joseph, old resident, May 25, son is John Leland Westmore of Lowell, MA 6/3/1895
Leland, Lucy A., age 56, April 29, wife of John L. Leland Barton 5/4/1896
Leland, Warren, age 60, yesterday, of diabetes  (item 11-21 died Nov 12 of pneumonia) Barton 11/14/1898
Leland, William, age 90, March 20, son is C. B. Leland  (item) Barton & Sheffield 3/23/1896
Lemire, John, age 22, Sept 18, hit by train, leaves widowed mother at Wells River (item) Meredith, NH 10/2/1899
Leney, __ Mrs., June 21, wife of George Leney, of consumption, leaves husband & little son (item) Holland 6/29/1896
Leonard, __ Mrs., age 75, Jan 7, mother of O. L. Leonard, of pneumonia  (item) West Burke 1/13/1896
Leonard, __ Mrs., Sunday, widow of Horace Leonard, leaves 2 sons 1 dau Glover 3/25/1895
Leonard, __, Mr., funeral last week, bro of O. L. Leonard of West Burke Groveton, NH 12/25/1899
Leonard, Bethia (Witherell), (history), wife of Noah Leonard, died April 13, 1840, age 84 y 3 m 7 d Glover 6/17/1895
Leonard, Dr., recently, father of Ray Leonard of West Charleston, died Stewartstown, NH W. Charleston at NH 12/25/1899
Leonard, Eva (Johnson), age 29, June 21, w/o S. H. Leonard, leaves husband & 2 sons, buried Troy  (item) Barton 6/28/1897
Leonard, Fernie, age 25, recently, leaves wife, fell off the cars near Boston  (item) Craftsbury at Boston 12/9/1895
Leonard, little child, last week, of David Leonard, of pneumonia, buried Barton West Glover & Barton 11/15/1897
Leonard, Mary Ann (Dwinell), age 68, Jan 24, wid of George F. Leonard, of the grip Glover at Los Angeles, CA 1/27/1896
Leonard, Mary Ann, 24th ult., wid of Geo F. Leonard, d/o Joseph Dwinell of Glover, born Keene, NH 1828 (obit) Glover at Los Angeles, CA 2/3/1896
Leonard, Noah (history), from Keene, NH, 12 children, died Dec 10, age 97 y 10 m 18 d Glover 6/17/1895
Lewis, __ Mrs., age 59, Dec 26, wife of John (Jonathan) Lewis Newport 12/30/1895
Lewis, B. H., age 30, May 9 West Glover 5/15/1899
Lewis, B. H., last Tues., leaves wife & 2 young children, mother & 3 brothers, buried Village cemetery West Glover 5/15/1899
Lewis, D. M., Mrs., last week, sister of Mrs. Eleanor Nelson & Mrs. Pluma Tucker of W. Derby Boston 11/20/1899
Lewis, Harvey, 8th inst, sons Nelson, Merton, Burton & N. A., owned saw mill   (obit) West Glover 9/14/1896
Lewis, Harvey, age 68, Sept 8 West Glover 9/21/1896
Lewis, Henry, aged citizen, 17th inst, solider of late rebellion & Mexican War, buried N Troy, heart failure  (item) Newport Center 3/4/1895
Libbey, baby son, June 8, one of newborn twin sons of Hiram & Carrie Libbey Brownington 6/12/1899
Libby, Walter, young man, Sat., bro of Frank Libby, killed in hunting accident  (item) Newport of Enosburgh 12/30/1895
Lincoln, __ Mrs., last Wed., mother of Mrs. Wright, buried Worcester, MA on Friday Greensboro 1/21/1895
Lincoln, B. F., age 65, born 1831 in MA, last Thurs., of heart disease  (obit) Lyndon 3/30/1896
Lindsay, Allen, age 16, Nov 25 Derby at Newport 11/29/1897
Litchfield, Daniel, last Wed, son is H. Litchfield of Morgan Brownington 4/19/1897
Little, Charlotte, Miss, age 22, March 19, dau of Mrs. James Allen  (item) (item 4-4 sis Maggie Little) East Charleston 3/28/1898
Little, Maggie, recently   (item 8/23 says she's still alive in Montgomery) West Derby 8/9/1897
Livingston, (dau of George Livingston - her husband died Andover, MA, leaves wife & 4 kids) Coventry at MA  12/25/1899
Livingston, Asa S., age 68, April 28, of ulceration of the stomach, born in Peacham  (item) St. Johnsbury 5/6/1895
Lockwood, George, age 78, Jan 22, of heart failure on visit to sister's, buried Westfield  (item) Westfield at Rochester 1/28/1895
Lockwood, Lyman, age 34, Feb 9 Lowell 2/18/1895
Lockwood, Sextus, age 78, Sept 20, resident 30 years, ill a long time, funeral at Kimptonville Lowell 9/25/1899
Logan, __ Mrs., last Wed., wife of David Logan, prob of heat exhaustion, leaves 5 children (item) Greensboro 8/24/1896
Longevine, __, Mrs., age 22, buried last Sat at Catholic cem., w/o Ed. Longevine, died St. J. Barton 7/31/1899
Longley, Alice, age 8 mos., 4th inst, of M/M Herbert Longley Westfield 9/11/1899
Longley, Alice, age 8 mos., Sept 4, of Herbert & Lilla Longley Westfield 9/18/1899
Lonto, Timothy, old resident, last Tues., dau Mrs. Charles Carpenter, buried Stanstead  (item) Derby 12/26/1898
Loomis, Warren W., age 84, June 3, buried Sherbrooke Wheelock 6/14/1897
Lord, __ Mrs., (thanks - Mr. E. R. Lord, Miss Lulu Lord & Mrs. Nancy Adams) Morgan 3/22/1897
Lord, __ Mrs., funeral Mon., dau Miss Lulu Lord of N. Dakota home for funeral Morgan 3/8/1897
Lord, E. K., Mrs., last Wed., leaves husband & one dau & aged mother Morgan 3/1/1897
Lord, Sarah (Adams), about 48, Feb 24 Morgan 3/1/1897
Lord, Stephen, age 84, recently, dau is Mrs. John Salmon, of heart disease, buried in Canada West Glover 3/13/1899
Lorimer, George, old resident, found dead at home last week, lived alone 40 years Beebe Plain 10/2/1899
Lougee, __ Mrs., elderly citizen, last week, shock of paralysis Beebe Plain 6/20/1898
Lovelace, __ Mr., Tues., died at the hotel, remains sent to Glenn Falls, NY for burial  (item) West Burke 2/25/1895
Lovewell, __ Mrs., July 29, w/o Frank Lovewell, recently moved to Newton Lower Falls, MA  (item) Barton at MA  8/8/1898
Lowell, Walter H., age 11 m 19 d, Jan 6, only child of P. A. & Nettie Lowell, of pneumonia Holland 1/18/1897
Lucia, __ Mrs., recently, w/o Michael Lucia, injured in sleigh accident, buried Troy/Mansonville? (item) Newport & Troy 12/12/1898
Lucia, J. B., recently, died at the Waterbury asylum, buried Thurs. at West Burke  (item) West Burke at Waterbury 3/1/1897
Lull, Abbie, funeral Thurs, Jute Davison of Springfield, MA attending, g-parents are Charles Hoyt (item) Craftsbury at Stowe 3/13/1899
Lund, Mary, Mrs., July 25, born Newbury Sept 1, 1812, married Ephraim Lund March 27, 1834 (obit) Morgan Center 8/9/1897
Lunderville, Antoine, funeral last Mon., son is Moses Lunderville  Derby 4/11/1898
Lunt, __, Mrs., age 93 last July, Sept 11, w/o Johnson Lunt, dau is Mrs. Dearborn West Charleston 9/18/1899
Lunt, A. C., last Mon., very suddenly  (item) Craftsbury   1/10/1898
Lunt, Albert C., some time ago Albany 1/31/1898
Lunt, Hattie, grad graded school, last Wed., of Charles Lunt, typhoid fever, buried Derby Line  (obit) Derby 7/19/1897
Lunt, Lydia, Miss, age 99, recently, died a town charge for about 50 years Randolph 5/17/1897
Lunt, Sarah (Boynton), Mrs., age 93, wid/o Johnson Lunt, buried Derby Line  (obit) W. Charleston  10/16/1899
Lynn, __ Mrs., age 76 y 6 m, June 26, wife of William Lynn, of general debility Holland 7/6/1896
Lyon, infant son, born Tues, funeral Thurs., of Mr. & Mrs. Ora Lyon Barton 9/25/1899
Lyon, Mary Allen, Mrs., Sunday, of stroke of paralysis, leaves husband & children (item) Craftsbury 10/30/1899
MacIntosh, __ Mr., last week, son is Walter MacIntosh of Newport, died Boston Newport at Boston 8/19/1895
Mackinnon, James, age 81, Tues., born Iverness, Scotland, from paralytic shock on Sun. (item) Lyndonville 7/15/1895
Macy, __ Mrs., last Friday, wife of Henry Macy, ill a long time Irasburgh 7/26/1897
Magoon, __ Mrs., age 60, March 5, wife of Orrin Magoon, of Bright's disease, leaves husband & 2 daus  (obit) West Derby 3/16/1896
Magoon, __ Mrs., w/o John Magoon, remains to Worcester, MA the 21st w/sis Mrs. D. C. Allbee South Troy 9/28/1896
Magoon, J. S., Mrs., age 38, Sept 19 Newport 9/28/1896
Magoon, James, last Wed., member of police force, suicide by cutting his throat  (item) Hardwick 1/3/1898
Magoon, Reuben, age 76 y 4 m, Feb 3, of pneumonia Brownington 3/7/1898
Magoon, Reuben, Feb 3, buried Brownington Brownington 2/7/1898
Magoon, Reubin, Feb 3, married Miss Maria Marsh 47 yrs ago, leaves wife, son & bro Porter of Danville  (obit) Brownington 3/7/1898
Mahew, young child, last week, of Nelson Mahew Jay 10/14/1895
Maloney, Ernest, buried March 7 at Beebe Plain Derby 3/15/1897
Mandall, Mantie, Miss, age 78, July 15 Derby 7/22/1895
Mandigo, __ Mrs., age 33, 14th inst., wife of Orrin Mandigo, of consumption North Troy 2/18/1895
Mansfield, Jera M., age 71, recently, died at Napa, CA, left Barton in 1846, 3 sons  (item) Barton at Napa, CA 12/14/1896
Marcy, __ Mrs., Wed., wife of Marvin Marcy, ill a long time Craftsbury 1/20/1896
Marnock, __ Mrs., (thanks - Thomas Marnock, Anna M. Brown, May E. Marnock) South Albany 8/30/1897
Marnock, __ Mrs., Aug 21, w/o Thomas Marnock, after months of pain, leaves husband & 2 dau's  (item) South Albany 9/6/1897
Marnock, __, Mrs., recently, dau is Mrs. Annie Brown  South Albany 9/20/1897
Marsh, __ Mr., old citizen, Sunday, from an accident  (item) Craftsbury 4/22/1895
Marsh, __, Mrs., age 99, June 13, mother of Harry Marsh, found dead in bed Holland 6/26/1899
Marsh, George (item) murdered by wife Isabelle & W. C. Buzzell, poisoned Montpelier? 4/12/1897
Marsh, infant son, July 15, of Mr. & Mrs. Zelora Marsh Glover 7/22/1895
Marshall, __, Mrs., Dec 16, wife of George Marshall, died Worcester, MA W. Burke at Worcester, MA 12/21/1896
Marshall, dau, age 14 mos, Sat., of Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Marshall, of measles  (item) Hardwick 5/3/1897
Marshall, little dau., recently, of W. W. Marshall Hardwick 5/17/1897
Marshall, Myrtie (Jenkins), age 38, last Mon., after surgery, leaves husband & 5 kids  (item) West Burke 5/11/1896
Marshall, Rachel, Mrs., Aug 17, at dau's Mrs. George Bickford, ill a long time, leaves 5 sons & 3 daus (Item) Evansville 8/29/1898
Marshall, Thomas, recently, bro/o late Jesse Marshall of W. Burke, buried Burke Hollow  (item) Burke at MA 7/25/1898
Martel, __, Mrs., Wed., long time sufferer Greensboro Bend 11/13/1899
Martin, Alanson, age 27 y 8 m 16 d, of pneumonia Albany 3/16/1896
Martin, Alanson, Feb 28, of Frederick Martin, leaves wife & 3 children, sis Mrs. Charles Robbins  (obit) Albany 3/16/1896
Martin, Alonzo, last Friday, of pneumonia Albany 3/2/1896
Martin, Cortez, 23rd inst, of brain fever, leaves widow & 3 small children  (item) Troy 8/31/1896
Martin, Felix, Feb 15, leaves wife & 2 children, of pneumonia Westfield 2/21/1898
Martin, Frederick, about 70, July 15, of cancer  (item 6/8 tumor covering whole top of head) Albany 8/3/1896
Martin, infant, last week, of Dr. S. S. Martin East Hardwick 2/1/1897
Martin, infant, of Mrs. Tina Martin, body moved from N. Center to S. Troy near her father South Troy 11/16/1896
Martin, Silas, about 60, last Tues., suicide by hanging, leaves wife & one son  (item) Calais 2/3/1896
Martin, Thomas, recently, leaves wife & 2 sons, taught at academy many years  Barton at McIndoes Falls 9/25/1899
Martin, W. Harrison, last Thurs., of heart disease, leaves wife, grandfather of Mrs. Arthur Clough of Irasburg Glover & Barton 11/7/1898
Martin, Willard E., of appendicitis at hospital in Chelsea, MA, bro J. E. Martin, buried Pine Grove West Derby at MA 8/14/1899
Marvin, Florence A., age 4 m 18 d, July 9, of Delos & Ada Marvin West Charleston 7/15/1895
Marvin, Laura Pearl, little girl, Fri., granddau of Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Robbins of Derby Swanton 8/7/1899
Marvin, Leon H., age 18, last Monday, suicide by shooting, crossed in love  (item) Morrisville 11/11/1895
Mason, __, Mrs., age 36, April 14, wife of Ed Mason Newport 4/24/1899
Mason, Abbie, Mrs., last Thurs., son's Reuben & Will Mason & step dau Mrs. A. B. Blake of Highgate (item) Glover 12/26/1898
Mason, Amory N., age 84 y 3 m, May 22, son is R. S. Mason, married Joanna Sewell of ME (obit) E. Craftsbury 5/31/1897
Mason, B. H., Mrs., age 28, Dec 27 East Craftsbury 1/4/1897
Mason, Mamie Permilla, age 4 y 8 m, Feb 10, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mason Newport 2/17/1896
Massey, D. H., age 73, Jan 7, only bro of Mrs. D. H. Webster of Irasburgh Morrisville 1/25/1897
Masta, Emeline (Quimby), age 66, last Mon., wid of Dr. J. B. Masta, dau is Mrs. Davis, of pneumonia  (obit) Barton at Boston 2/6/1899
Mathews, Elbridge, old resident, buried Oct 6 in Troy Troy at Derby 10/10/1898
Mattoon, __, Mr., recently, husband of Mrs. Hannah (Kendall) Mattoon of Coventry Coventry at NY 6/19/1899
Maxfield, James, age 63, Dec 5 Newport 12/14/1896
Maynard, Darius, about 59, June 10, ill a long time, mbr Co B 13th Vt Inf Vol & Co L 1st Vt Cal  (item) Lowell 6/14/1897
McCaffery, __ Mrs., last week, w/o William McCaffery, cousin is Mrs. Joseph Labounty of Lowell Albany 4/4/1898
McCaffery, Nancy, buried March 19 South Albany 3/27/1899
McCaffrey, Mary, age 74, March 1 Albany 3/21/1898
McCaffrey, P., Mrs., (thanks - P. McCaffrey, Mary, Lizzie & Rosetta McCaffrey, Mrs. O. M. Delano & Mrs. Geo. B. Dow Albany 3/21/1898
McCaffrey, P., Mrs., last week, of a shock, great sufferer for ten years, leaves large family  (item) Albany 3/14/1898
McCauley, __ Mrs., buried June 3, wife of Robert McCauley, buried Pine Hill cemetery West Derby 6/7/1897
McCauley, __ Mrs., last week, wife of William H. McCauley, ill a long time Derby 6/7/1897
McClary, Emily Darling, age 76 y 6 m, Sept 27, wife of Isaac H. McClary, ill several years   (item) Albany 9/30/1895
McClary, Isaac H., June 30, married Apr 1840 Emily Darling - she died last Sept, died suddenly  (obit) Albany 7/6/1896
McClellan, Seymore, about 17, Wed, of neuralgia of the heart following rheumatism West Derby 9/28/1896
McClure, baby, about 2 mos, 13th, son of Mr. & Mrs. John McClure West Derby 12/28/1896
McClure, Edward, about 60, Sun., died at sister's Mrs. Edward Ryan at Newport  (item) N. Troy at Newport 4/12/1897
McCornell, William, age 83, Jan 30, bro-in-law of Luther Gray of Wheelock, died Brookfield, MO Sheffield at Brookfield, MO 2/11/1895
McCrae, Kenneth, last week, uncle is Amos Morse, buried Pine Grove, of diphtheria  (item) W. Derby at Springfield, MA 11/27/1899
McEwen, __, Mrs., age 58, March 17, wife of James McEwen, bro Pliny Moodie of Mich attending Craftsbury 3/27/1899
McEwen, __, Mrs., last Fri., w/o James McEwen, leaves husband & adopted dau, bro Pliny Moody  (item) Craftsbury 3/20/1899
McGee, Mr., last Tues West Derby prob 2/13/1899
McGinn, little dau., Feb 26, of Patrick McGinn, of pneumonia, buried Barre Hardwick 3/7/1898
McGuire, John, age 25, recently, mom is Mrs. E. Lingman, died while having tooth removed with ether (item) E. Albany at St. Albans 10/31/1898
McHalland, little son, 17th inst, of Almon McHalland Danville 8/26/1895
McKievey, newborn dau, last Monday, of Mr. & Mrs. R. C. McKievey West Burke 1/23/1899
McKinne, Samuel, age 1 y 6 m, March 22, of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur McKinne Irasburg 4/1/1895
McKown, Dolly, age 67, March 9, wife of Charles McKown Sutton 3/13/1899
McKown, Dolly, aged lady, last Thurs., wife of Charles McKown, from the grip Sutton 3/13/1899
McLear, __ Mr., remains brought here by his wife Mrs. Mary McLear, died Lowell, MA West Derby at Lowell, MA 3/18/1895
McLellan, ___, Mrs., wife of Quincy McLellan, names of those attending funeral  (Item) Glover 8/14/1899
McLellan, Charles, last Mon., bro's alive Hiram & Quincy & sister Mrs. Cheney of Stanstead (obit) Glover 1/23/1899
McLellan, J. Q. A., age 75, last Thurs, dau's Mrs. Young, Mrs. Soule, Mrs. D. D. Bean & Sarah (item) Glover 11/6/1899
McLellan, J. Q. A., Mrs., last Thurs., leaves husband & 4 daus  (item) Glover 8/7/1899
McLeod, Aleck, funeral Jan 3 Derby Line 1/11/1897
McLoud, J. H., Mrs., Oct 1, at sanitarium in NY, M/M B. F. Taylor of Wheelock attending, buried Hardwick  (item) Hardwick at Chatham, NY 10/10/1898
McNabb, John, Capt., last Wed., after long illness (item) (item 7/22 says Capt. Frank, age 89, foot amputated) Derby 8/12/1895
McNamar, Michael, age 83, Dec 21, long time resident, leaves a widow Westmore 1/4/1897
McNeal, Abbie, last Thurs., of scarlet fever Glover 8/22/1898
McNeal, Jane, aged lady, last Wed., invalid many years, buried Sheffield Glover 7/31/1899
McNeil, __, Mrs., yesterday, dau is Mrs. William Cheney, died at Glover Barton 10/9/1899
McNeil, Clarissa (Greene), age 93 y 7 m 18 d, funeral last week, married Isaac McNeil Dec 3, 1830 (obit) Barton 10/16/1899
McNeil, Clarissa (Greene), age 93 y 7 m 18 d, Oct 9, wid/o Isaac McNeil of Barton Glover 10/16/1899
McPherson, Forbes, last Tues Derby 5/11/1896
McQueen, __, Mrs., funeral April 30, w/o James McQueen, funeral & burial? at Newark W. Burke & Newark 5/8/1899
McRoy, John, age 65 (also listed age 63), Feb 14, soldier in the rebellion East Craftsbury 3/4/1895
McSweeney, Mr., funeral last Thurs., father of Dr. McSweeney of Irasburgh, died Glen Falls, NY Glen Falls, NY 10/17/1898
McSweeney, Nellie (Townsend), Mrs., recently, Mrs. S. Townsend of Brownington at funeral St. Albans 12/21/1896
Meacham, Samuel, age 83, Feb 27 Newport Center 3/9/1896
Meehan, Mr., last week, back broken a year ago by falling dirt embankment, town farm resident Barton 2/11/1895
Merriam, __ Mrs., last Mon., wife of William Merriam, of shock of paralysis (item)(item 1/17/98 Annie (Strong)) Glover 7/19/1897
Merriam, Florence (Woodard), age 40, July 31, w/o William Merriam Glover 8/7/1899
Merriam, W. A., Mrs., yesterday, neuralgia of the heart, leaves husband, 4 sons & 1 dau (item) Glover 7/31/1899
Merriam, William, age 82, Jan 1 Glover 1/10/1898
Merriam, William, age 82, last Sat., married twice, 2 kids alive Wm Meriam & Mrs. E. F. Foster  (obit) (1/10) Glover 1/3/1898
Merriam, William, married #1 Charlotte Phillips, #2 Mrs. James French in 1881, father died Jan 1, 1816 (obit) Glover 1/10/1898
Merrill, __Mrs., funeral Wed., wife of Alvah Merrill, of consumption (item 4-6 dau of William Bassford) West Derby 3/16/1896
Merrill, Cornelius P., age 66, March 28, bro of late Orrin H. Merrill & Eli Merrill of Eldora, Iowa (obit) Barton at Iowa 4/4/1898
Merriman, __, Mrs., recently, Mrs. Mildred Sartwell & Mary Blake, & Mrs. Field attending funeral West Glover 8/7/1899
Meserve, __ Mrs., recently, w/o Prof. Meserve, of bronchitis, of Raleigh, NC, died Brookline, MA  (item) Derby at Brookline, MA 10/10/1898
Meserve, John, age 84, last Wed., at son-in-law's Geo W. Reed, leaves wife & dau Mrs. Geo. W. Reed (item) Barton & Wheelock 8/29/1898
Messer, Benjamin, funeral Oct 8 Lowell 10/12/1896
Metcalf, Amos, age 88, Jan 19, very suddenly Irasburg 1/21/1895
Metcalf, Freeman G., age 62 y 11 m, March 26 Coventry 3/29/1897
Metcalf, Freeman, last Fri., born Piermont, NH 1834, leaves wife & 4 kids, of brain tumor  (item) Coventry 3/29/1897
Metcalf, infant dau., April 14, of Mr. & Mrs. Victor Metcalf Irasburg 4/22/1895
Metcalf, infant son, age 9 mos, Aug 29, of Edwin C. Metcalf Reading, MA 9/26/1898
Miles, __, Mrs., funeral Wed., w/o Ezekiel Miles, Mrs. Isaac Pearl & Silas Gray & M/M Edward Hill attending Sutton 6/26/1899
Miles, Aldane, funeral Dec 22, of consumption Sutton 1/7/1895
Miles, Alice Hawley, Jan 31, w/o Charles Miles, leaves husband & 3 little boys  (item) Irasburgh 2/7/1898
Miles, Almira A., born April 20, 1824 Albany, married T. C. Miles Aug 14, 1850, leaves 3 sons & 1 dau  (obit) Albany 1/4/1897
Miles, Charlotte, Mrs., funeral last week, sister of Mr. R. P. Stevens of E. Charleston Sutton 6/26/1899
Miles, daughter, age 2 mos, last Thurs., of W. W. Miles, feeble since birth Barton 4/1/1895
Miles, Dorathy E., age 2 m 17 d, March 28, dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Miles Barton 4/1/1895
Miles, Eunice, Mrs., age 82, May 9, mom of L. D. & W. W. Miles & Mrs. T. F. Wright Barton & East Albany at Newport 5/15/1899
Miles, John, age 68 y 1 m 6 d, July 27 Brownington 8/7/1899
Miles, John, born Sheffield June 21, 1831, died July 27, wife & child, buried Sheffield (obit) Brownington 8/7/1899
Miles, John, last Thurs., ill over 2 years, buried Sheffield Brownington 7/31/1899
Miles, Judith, Mrs., July 5, died at dau's Mrs. Sumner Warner in Sheffield  (item) E. Brownington at Sheffield 7/18/1898
Miles, Martin, Sunday, W. Simpson & wife of Barton, E. Bickford & wife & L. P. Drew & wife attending funeral Sheffield 2/14/1898
Miles, Mrs., last Friday Albany 12/28/1896
Miles, Samuel, Dec 7 Wheelock 12/13/1897
Miller, __ Mrs., prob last Thurs., mother of Henry Miller of Greensboro, died Barnet Barnet 4/11/1898
Miller, __ Mrs., Tues., w/o Gilbert Miller, leaves son A. J. White of Derby & dau Mrs. M. Kimpton (item) West Derby 2/17/1896
Miller, Alvah, last week, of pneumonia North Craftsbury 6/14/1897
Miller, Emily, Mrs., body taken to Glines Corner, PQ for burial a few days ago West Derby 5/11/1896
Miller, John, recently, leaves wife & 4 children Jay  11/1/1897
Miller, Maria - correction age 77 instead of 87 Westfield 5/8/1899
Miller, Maria Kennedy, age 77, April 23, wid/o Henry Miller Westfield 5/8/1899
Miller, Maria, age 87, April 23, wid/o Henry Miller, sis of Chas Kennedy, leaves 2 daus, buried Troy  (obit) Westfield     5/1/1899
Miller, Susan Gilman, age 76, Aug 20, widow of Josiah Miller, of liver trouble  (item) Westfield 8/26/1895
Miller, William, last week Derby 6/1/1896
Miller, Zeri, age 74, last week North Troy 8/3/1896
Milliken, A. H., Rev., recently, to be buried in W. Derby beside his s(on) W. Derby at Lowell, MA 2/17/1896
Milliken, George, sister is Mrs. Short of Newport Portland, ME 8/14/1899
Mills, Bell, Mrs., yesterday, dau of Austin Page, of consumption Irasburg 3/25/1895
Mills, Belle Page, age 20 y 9 m 17 d, March 24, wife of Alson Mills Irasburg 4/1/1895
Mills, Susan, Mrs., age 83, funeral Thurs., son-in-law is Rev. John Chamberlain, bro is Amory Davison  (item) Craftsbury at NY 2/27/1899
Mitchell, infant son, March 8, of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mitchell West Derby 3/11/1895
Mitchell, J., Thurs Sheffield 8/5/1895
Mitchell, John, age 73, last Mon, born & married in Ireland, 10 kids 6 alive, funeral Stanstead  (item) Derby 5/3/1897
Mitchell, Robert, about 60, Tues., of Bright's disease, leaves wife & 4 children  (item) Greensboro 8/5/1895
Mitchell, William, age 79, Nov 29, suddenly  (item 12/20 dau is Mrs. E. L. Ticehurst) West Glover 12/6/1897
Miziner, __ Mr., recently, father of Martin Miziner of Coventry, died in Canada Canada 2/21/1898
Montague, __ Mr., last Tues., of heart disease, leaves wife & large family of children Irasburgh 8/8/1898
Montgomery, Susan Peck, age 45, Feb 3, w/o William Montgomery, of pneumonia Winchendon, MA 3/18/1895
Moody, __ Mrs., age 85, last Fri., w/o John Moody, died at Andrew Cloud's  (item) East Charleston 5/31/1897
Moody, Dorothy Lucia, age 5 d, Aug 28, of Lewis N. & Florence L. Moody Gaysville 9/12/1898
Moody, Dwight L., last Friday, died Northfield, MA Barton at MA 12/25/1899
Moody, Guy, about 18, Thurs., somehow injured his spine lifting bags of grain, died soon after (item) East Charleston 8/23/1897
Moody, Guy, funeral Aug 22, of J. B. Moody East Charleston 8/30/1897
Moody, infant dau., recently, dau of Mrs. Florence (Tower) Moody  (item) Barton   9/5/1898
Moody, Samuel, age 54, March 6, bro is J. B. Moody  (item) E. Charleston & Island Pond 3/14/1898
Moody, Spencer, buried March 9, died at Stowe, buried North Craftsbury N. Craftsbury at Stowe 3/14/1898
Moody, William, aged man, Monday, funeral last Thurs, uncle of Mr. & Mrs. James Anderson of Craftsbury Greensboro 5/1/1899
Mooney, Amanda, April 13, wid/o Ed. Mooney, of a shock & had neuralgia for years West Derby 4/25/1898
Mooney, Amanda, Mrs., funeral last Friday, sons Myron of Minneapolis & Morris of Boston (item) West Derby 4/25/1898
Mooney, young child, last Tues., of R. S. Mooney, of spinal meningitis Newport 5/13/1895
Moore, John A., Feb 17, died Asheville, NC where he went for his health St. J. at Asheville, NC 2/28/1898
Moore, Mortimer G., age 11 y 8 m 8 d, Dec 8 Somerville, MA 12/18/1899
Moore, Robert, age 78, funeral Fri., son Gilman Moore, dau Eleanor Moore, buried Brownington  (item) Lowell & Brownington 6/13/1898
Morey, Frank, age 16, Sat., jumped off train and killed, buried w/parents at Newport Ctr  (item) Newport 7/22/1895
Morey, William Lawrence, age 2 m 9 d, Aug 23, of Albert D. & Minnie E. Morey Portland, ME 9/2/1895
Morrill, A. J., Mrs., recently, was landlady for Clyde River Hotel for years W. Charleston at McIndoes Falls 11/4/1895
Morrill, child, age 4, last week, of Ed. Morrill, of pneumonia West Derby 3/30/1896
Morrill, J. S., Mr., age 86, last week North Troy 8/3/1896
Morrill, Mary, Mrs., remains here for burial Fri., sis of Mrs. Moses Kelsey of Derby, died Chelsea, MA (item) Derby at Chelsea, MA 6/20/1898
Morse, __ Mrs.,  w/o Charles Morse, bro is Edson Chaffee, sis Mrs. Ella Marble & Luna Rollins East Charleston 9/14/1896
Morse, Alma E., age 40, April 28, w/o Frank W. Morse, d/o Samuel Hill Greensboro 5/2/1898
Morse, Aurelius, Mrs.,  age 82 y 11 m, June 15 East Craftsbury 6/21/1897
Morse, Aurelius, Mrs., age 82, last Tues., husband died April 23, 1897 age 80, married 56 yrs (item) East Craftsbury 6/21/1897
Morse, C. I., Mrs., about 40, Thurs., leaves husband & 3 children  (item) East Charleston 9/7/1896
Morse, Deacon, about 75, last Fri., feeble for some time, of the grip, leaves widow & 3 kids  (item) East Craftsbury 5/10/1897
Morse, Deacon, about 75, last Friday East Craftsbury 5/3/1897
Morse, Ephraim S., age 19 y 3 m 11 d, July 29, only son of S. E. & E. C. Morse E. Craftsbury 8/14/1899
Morse, Ephraim, about 18, July 29, only son of Samuel & Lizzie Morse Craftsbury 8/7/1899
Morse, Nelson, age 71, May 10 Cabot 5/16/1898
Morway, __ Mrs., Dec 7, wife of Ephraim Morway  (also listed as Mornary) Troy 12/13/1897
Mosher, __ Mrs., 29th ult, wife of George Mosher, of cancer, ill over 2 years  (item) Holland 5/6/1895
Mosher, __ Mrs., age 43, April 29, wife of George Mosher, of cancer Holland 5/13/1895
Mosher, George, age 40 y 6 m 26 d, July 30, suicide shot himself, suffered from rheumatism (item) Holland 8/3/1896
Mossman, Gertrude C., Miss, age 20, died at grandfather's Benjamin Mossman  (item in CA paper) Barton at San Bernardino, CA 8/16/1897
Mossman, Gertrude, age 19, last Sat., of O. H. Mossman, died San Bernardino, CA, of pleurisy (obit) Barton at San Bernardino, CA 8/9/1897
Moulton, Mildred, age 2, recently, remains brought here by Harvey Spaulding for burial Wheelock 4/1/1895
Moulton, Rachel Eastman, about 52, last Mon, w/o Reuben Crane Moulton, born Sutton,  (item) Sutton at E. Pembrooke, NH 4/27/1896
Mower, Henry, age 64, last Fri., from injuries in RR accident a year ago at Capleton, PQ  (item) Barton at Lyndonville 10/18/1897
Mower, Marietta (Webster), age 52 y 8 m, Sept 14 E. Jeffrey, NH 9/19/1898
Mower, Marietta Webster, Mrs., last week, died at NH per Irasburgh New Hampshire 9/19/1898
Murphy, Patrick, age 77, July 8 Lowell 7/19/1897
Murphy, Patrick, July 8, of cancer, born Ireland, kid's Mrs. John Lanou, Mrs. Fred Revoir, John Murphy (obit) Lowell 7/19/1897
Murray, little child, last week, of Mr. & Mrs. Will Murray West Derby 8/5/1895
Murray, son, age 8, Tues., of M/M Will Murray, of lockjaw after stepping on nail, 3rd child in 18 months  (item) West Derby 6/1/1896
Myers, __ Mrs., recently, Mr. & Mrs. Myers of Jay brought back her 14 month old dau  (item) Jay at Yonkers, NY 8/5/1895
Nelson, __ Mrs., 7th inst, wife of John Nelson Lyndonville & Wheelock 2/11/1895
Nelson, B. M. R., age 65 y 1 m 16 d, Nov 10 Barton 11/16/1896
Nelson, Elder, old resident of Hardwick, recently Hardwick & St. Johnsbury 8/19/1895
Nelson, J. C., Mrs., age 42, March 13, M/M Fred Nelson of Fitchburg, MA attending (item) Wheelock 3/20/1899
Nelson, Mary (Cass), Mrs., remains brought from Hardwick last Wed for burial Craftsbury at Hardwick 9/28/1896
Nelson, Mr., young man, recently, fireman on rr Barton 3/11/1895
Nelson, Niles G., age 72, Sept 3, Mrs. Flora Wentworth & M/M George Lovejoy attending funeral East Hardwick 9/9/1895
Nelson, Samuel, age 89 y 1 m 13 d, May 7, born Wheelock, wife Lucy Richardson died 1868, buried Wheelock  (obit) Barton & Wheelock 5/11/1896
Newman, James, young man, last Wed., drowned crossing flooded bridge, caught in wire (item) North Troy 4/20/1896
Newton, __, Mrs., Sat., wife of Henry Newton, ill a long time, sons George H. & Frank S. attending Lowell 8/7/1899
Newton, Crystal Ann, age about 11 months, Sept 16, of Clinton Newton, of cholera infantum Lowell 10/2/1899
Newton, Mabel R., Miss, age 23 y 11 m, Aug 20 Barton Landing 9/7/1896
Newton, Mabel, Miss, last Thurs., sis of Mrs. Carl Skinner, buried Coventry Barton Landing 8/24/1896
Nichols, Ernest, body brought here May 24, funeral that Sunday  (item) Morgan Center 6/14/1897
Nichols, Ernest, last week, of Stephen Nichols, killed in mill boiler explosion  (item) Barton at Lowelltown, ME 5/31/1897
Nichols, Glenn D., recently, fell from freight train at night, killed near Bradford, funeral at Burke Burke 3/23/1896
Nichols, Hero Merrick, Rev., born Salem June 16, 1822, last week, leaves ill wife & dau Mrs. Oren Ingalls Brownington  (obit) 3/6/1899
Nichols, Hero, Feb 21, buried village cemetery Brownington 2/27/1899
Nichols, Mary (Shepherd), recently, remains brought to Albany for burial Richmond & Albany 12/16/1895
Nichols, Simeon, March 20, nephew of H. M. Nichols of Brownington, died Littleton, NH Littleton, NH 4/11/1898
Nickerson, Mary Nourse, Wed., leaves husband & infant son  (item) Derby 8/7/1899
Niles, __ Mrs., last Sat., wife of W. F. Niles, of heart failure  (item) Glover 4/8/1895
Niles, infant child, last Thurs., of Clayton Niles Newport 8/22/1898
Niles, Maria Daggett, age 63, April 6, wife of W. Frank Niles  (4/15 item step dau Mrs. Copeland of Barton) Glover 4/8/1895
Niles, Mary, Mrs., age 62, Nov 17, wid/o George Niles, of cancer, sons Edward & Charles (item) Coventry 11/21/1898
Niles, Merton F., age 37 y 1 m 5 d, March 19, of W. F. Niles, went west about 15 years ago  Glover & Barton at Mojave, CA 4/11/1898
Niles, Myrtie A., Mrs., age 24, April 5, of consumption  Eden 4/11/1898
Nodd, __, Mrs., age 92, last Fri., son is Jefferson Nodd Barton 10/30/1899
Norcross, Mr. (history) 5 generation photo, Mrs. John Willis, Mrs. E. C. Flanders, Harry Duckless Barton Landing 10/12/1896
Norris, __ Mrs., several weeks ago  (item) West Burke 3/2/1896
Norris, __, Mrs., age 84, yesterday, w/o Benjamin Norris, born Sutton, married 1833, buried Sutton Barton 10/30/1899
Norris, Amos, last Thurs., bro in law of Mrs. C. S. Magoon of Manchester, NH, of paralysis & pneumonia West Derby 12/5/1898
Norris, Augusta, age 69, June 2, widow of Myron Norris who died several weeks ago  (item) Albany 6/8/1896
Norris, Daniel G., about 60, only child of Mrs. B. B. Norris, born Sutton, buried Barton, of pneumonia  (item) Barton at Canada 3/16/1896
Norris, Frank, Feb 27, son of Mr. & late Mrs. Norris, leaves wife & son   (item) W. Burke of Lynn, MA 3/2/1896
Norris, infant, remains moved from Springfield, Vt to Lyndonville, dau of Mrs. Annie Norris  (item) Lyndonville 11/23/1896
Norris, Mark (history), married Betsey (    )  Aug 8, 1791, of Epping, NH, to VT in 1792, no children East Hardwick 1/13/1896
Norris, Myron, age 73, May 18, wife Augusta Norris died last Tues, son is Rev. J. W. Norris  (item) Albany 6/8/1896
Norris, Myron, last Monday, ill a long time Albany 5/25/1896
Norris, Sadie Osborn, recently, wife of Rev. John W. Norris of Albany, had baby & died  (obit) Middletown, CT & Albany 12/30/1895
Norris, Twilight, (body moved from Village Cemetery to the Center Cemetery last week) Brownington  11/18/1895
Northam, __Mr., last Tues, died at grandson's Will Patterson Brownington 8/5/1895
Northam, Dudley, age 74, July 30 Brownington 8/19/1895
Norton, __, Mrs., aged lady, funeral last Monday Batesville per Newport 7/3/1899
Norton, Patsey, Mrs., last Thurs., leaves husband & 7 children Newport 1/13/1896
Nott, H. S., Mrs., last Fri., leaves husband & 5 children  (item) West Derby 9/14/1896
Nye, Charles A., remains brought here Feb 8, buried Irasburgh Judge Nye lot  (item) Irasburgh at NYC 2/17/1896
Nye, Cora Berdena, age 22 last 4th of July, Wed., d/o Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Nye formerly of Newport  (item) Glover at Bradford 3/7/1898
Nye, Laura Applebee, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Lemuel Nye, of heart trouble  (items) Coventry 8/1/1898
Nye, Mattie E., Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Salmon Nye, only child of Josiah B. & Martha L. Wheelock (obit) Coventry 6/12/1899
Nye, Salmon, age 59, Oct 6 Coventry 10/9/1899
Nye, Salmon, Fri., of consumption, wife died 4 months ago, leaves bro & 2 sisters  (item) Coventry 10/9/1899
O'Hara, Bridget, Miss, last Wed., 27 yrs lived w/cousin Mrs. Quinn at Barton, buried E. Albany (item) Barton 4/12/1897
Olmstead, __ Mrs., age 39, Sat., w/o Alfonzo Olmstead, of peritonitis, leaves husband & son (item) Barton 8/23/1897
Orcutt, __ Mrs., age 78, March 19, w/o Samuel Orcutt, leaves husband, son Harrison & dau (item) West Burke 3/28/1898
Orcutt, L. H., age 56, Dec 14 South Barton 12/21/1896
Orcutt, L. H., Dec 14, rheumatism 25 yrs, blind, thanks from Mrs. A. B. Orcutt & H. B. Orcutt  (item) South Barton 12/21/1896
Ordway, __ Mrs., age 77, June 11, wife of George Ordway Irasburg 6/17/1895
Ordway, Alice, Miss, age 48, May 31, heart disease, of Topeka, KA, bro is C. B. Ordway, buried Brownington (obit) Barton Land at Greenfield, MA 6/6/1898
Orne, Della, Mrs., ae 32 y 15 d, Nov 13, born Troy 1866, to Barton age 4, buried Willoughby   (item) Westmore & Barton 11/21/1898
Orne, Della, yesterday, w/o Frank Orne, d/o P. S. Hitchcock of Barton, of neuralgia of the heart   (item) Westmore & Barton 11/14/1898
Orne, Frank, (history) age 28, fell onto hay fork handle penetrating bowels 9 inches, alive Westmore 8/9/1897
O'Rourke, __ Mrs., 17th, wife of Jack O'Rourke, of heart failure West Derby 2/22/1897
Osgood, __ Mr., recently Glover 5/20/1895
Otis, J. P., Mrs., age 46, last week, d/o N. K. Campbell, appendicitis & blood poisoning, buried Sutton   (obit) W Burke at Topeka, KS 11/9/1896
Otis, Mr., recently, of pneumonia Westfield at Springfield, MA 3/6/1899
Otis, S. C., Mrs., last Tues., ill with dropsy & heart trouble for several years  (item) (9/19 Proctor Otis attending) West Burke 9/12/1898
Owen, Albert, about 27, eldest son of Wm Barnard & Charlotte (Martin) Owen, funeral Wed (item) Barton 12/18/1899
Owen, Almira F., age 81, July 8, wid/o Caldwell Owen, heart failure, dau Mrs. Inez Brown of Cherry Valley, MA Barton 7/15/1895
Owen, Bert (thanks Lena M. Owen, Lucelia M. Buzzell & George W. Buzzell) Barton 12/18/1899
Owen, Bert, age 26, yesterday, of rheumatism Barton 12/11/1899
Owen, C. P., Judge, age 54, last Wed., married Annie Chase, dau's Maud Mason & Kate Leonard (obit) Glover 1/23/1899
Owen, Clarence P., Hon., recently Glover 2/27/1899
Owen, Ellery, age 16 y 9 m 14 d, Feb 23 Barton 3/4/1895
Owen, Ellery, young man, Sat., son of late William Owen  (item) Barton 2/25/1895
Owen, Judge, funeral yesterday Barton 1/23/1899
Owen, Pearl & Gladys, age 1 week, March 20, twin daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Bert Owen Barton 3/28/1898
Owen, Sarah B., age 83, Jan 30, widow of Daniel Owen Barton 2/7/1898
Owen, Sarah, age 83, yesterday, wid/o Daniel Owen, mom of O. D. & Milo Owen  (item) Barton 1/31/1898
Owen, Sarah, married Daniel Owen about 1836, 9 kids, 7 alive, son Sanford in Kansas  (obit) Barton 2/7/1898
Owen, twin baby, yesterday, of Mr. & Mrs. Bert Owen Barton 3/21/1898
Paddock, __ Mrs., old resident, last Thurs., wife of James Paddock North Craftsbury 3/22/1897
Page, __ Mrs., about 48, April 18, wife of Alonzo Page Newport Center 4/27/1896
Page, __ Mrs., last Wed., w/o John Page, of pneumonia, leaves husband & 2 small kids   Irasburgh at Barton Landing 4/25/1898
Page, __, Mr., 1st of mo., s/of Mrs. Eliza (Clark) Page of W. Glover, buried Bradford, Ark w/father W. Glover at Arkansas 9/18/1899
Page, __, Mr., recently, youngest son of Mrs. Eliza Clark Page, died in Kansas Glover 9/11/1899
Page, Ai, Mr., last Friday, died suddenly of heart problem, leaves wife, buried Boston, MA (item) Albany 9/16/1895
Page, E. E., age 34, Nov 16, of consumption  (thanks from Mrs. S. E. Page & children) Barton Landing 11/25/1895
Page, Enoch S., age 71, last Friday, of heart disease, born Woodbury, wife is Mahala Clark  (obit) West Burke 1/27/1896
Page, Enoch, age 70, Jan 17, buried at East Burke West Burke 1/20/1896
Page, Florence, about 15, 24th inst., youngest dau of H. K. & Anna Page, of scarlet fever  (item) North Troy 4/27/1896
Page, George W., age 51, June 23 Bradford, Arkansas 7/11/1898
Page, George W., born Ryegate June 16, 1847 of J. C. Page of Barton, died June 23, wife Eliza Clark (obit) Barton at Bradford, Ark. 7/11/1898
Page, infant, Thurs., of Mr. & Mrs. Adolphus Page, Jr. Morgan Center 9/5/1898
Page, J. C., age 74 y 11 m 25 d, Oct 25 Barton 10/30/1899
Page, J. C., age 75, last Wed., leaves wife, 2 daus & son & 2 step-daus, buried Westmore (item) Barton 10/30/1899
Page, John, funeral Wed, buried at Glover Sheffield 11/13/1899
Page, Leroy A., age 19 y 7 m, Sept 3, of George W. & Eliza Page Bradford, Ark 9/18/1899
Page, Mr., last Sat., leaves wife & 6 children, of pneumonia  (item) Barton Landing 11/18/1895
Paige, Carroll, age 5 m 2 d, Jan 27, only son of Harley E. & Martha A. Paige Sheffield 2/4/1895
Paige, Lida E., age 8 y 5 d, Jan 15, of Harley E. & Martha A. Paige Sheffield 1/21/1895
Paine, B. F., Hon., funeral last Sat. at Jay, H. S. Webster of Barton Landing attending Jay at Keene, NH 12/26/1898
Paine, B. F., last Thurs, customs officer Jay    12/26/1898
Paine, Benjamin Franklin, recently Troy? 2/13/1899
Paine, Frank, funeral Dec 24, son of Mrs. Hope Paine  (item) Lowell    1/2/1899
Papineau, Antoine, last week, finger amputated & contracted pneumonia Derby 1/10/1898
Papineau, Eva, about 15, Jan 3, dau of Mrs. Barney of NH, died at Victor Roberts, of bilious fever Westfield 1/7/1895
Paquet, Joseph, aged citizen, last Sat, died while sitting talking to a neighbor West Glover 2/18/1895
Parker, __ Mrs., last Tues., wife of Carlos Parker, died suddenly  (item) Brownington 10/19/1896
Parker, A. C., age 70, last Thurs., resident 40 years, boot maker  (obit) Barton Landing 7/26/1897
Parker, Alvin, Rev., last week, father of Mrs. C. H. McCauley of West Derby Dixville, PQ 8/8/1898
Parker, infant son, May 15, of Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Parker Glover 5/25/1896
Parker, Isaac, Jr., last Mon., died at dau's in N. Troy, leaves son John & dau May w/o Charles Barrows (item) Coventry at N. Troy 7/10/1899
Parker, Margaret, little dau, last Fri., of John T. Parker, died at grandfather's in Beebe Plain Coventry (item 7-24) 7/17/1899
Parker, Mary, last Thur., wife of Corydon Parker, long & painful cancer  (item) Sutton 9/21/1896
Parker, Mary, last Thurs., w/o John Parker, of quick consumption, d/o Hugh Elder of Beebe  (item) Coventry at Beebe Plain 7/11/1898
Parkurst, Sherman W., age 64, Dec 14 St. Johnsbury 12/27/1897
Parlin, E. W., Mrs., last Wed., invalid for many years West Charleston 10/26/1896
Parlin, Emma, Miss, young lady, June 5, youngest dau of J. G. Parlin  (obit) West Charleston 6/10/1895
Parlin, Jesse, buried July 18, son of Charles J. Parlin, buried West Charleston St. J. & W. Charleston 7/22/1895
Parmer, Willard, about 62, Feb 9 Newport Center 2/15/1897
Paronto, Eva, age 16, Wed., dau of Francis Paronto, died at uncle's R. Snider in Newport West Glover at Newport 1/23/1899
Parsons, Leonel Butler, age 8 m 1 d, Aug 11, of membranous croup Newport 8/31/1896
Parsons, M. B., news on Tues., of pneumonia, died elsewhere West Burke 3/14/1898
Partlow, __ Mrs., July 2, w/o Henry Partlow, of hemorrhage of the lungs Troy 7/11/1898
Partridge, Sarah, Mrs., about 80, funeral Thurs., from effects of a broken hip  (item 3-25 & 4-1) West Glover 4/8/1895
Partridge, Sarah, Mrs., age 79, April 2 Glover 4/15/1895
Patch, Florence Thurston, recently, w/o J. Patch, of consumption Albany at Walden 6/6/1898
Patch, H., Mrs., funeral Tuesday Stannard per Greensboro 6/17/1895
Patten, Cynthia, Mrs., age 99 y 5 m, May 10, children all deceased, buried Center Cemetery  (item) Coventry 5/18/1896
Patterson, David G., age 48 y 3 m 27 d, Oct 4 Glover 10/25/1897
Patterson, David, last Tues., dropped dead from heart failure, leaves wife & 4 children  (item) South Albany 10/11/1897
Peabody, Anna, Mrs., last week, dau of E. D. Blodgett, of heart failure St. Johnsbury 1/10/1898
Pearl, William L., age 58, last week, of liver problem, born Sheffield    (item) St. Johnsbury & Glover 12/16/1895
Pearson, Elmina E., Mrs., age 79 y 6 m 14 d, Oct 20 Barton 10/24/1898
Pearson, Elmina, age 79 y 6 m 14 d, last Thurs., wid/o Dr. A. N. Pearson of Berlin, son Dr. J. A. Pearson  (item) Barton of Berlin 10/24/1898
Pearson, Moses B., Dea., age 91, last Sat., wife #1 Eliza Cowles, wife #2 widow of Rev. A. R. Gray  (obit) Coventry  2/6/1899
Pearson, William H., age 52, July 30, sister is Mrs. L. A. Metcalf of Irasburg, died Tampa, FL Irasburg at Tampa, FL 8/12/1895
Pease, Minnie (Adams), Mrs., age 32, Sept 4, wife of Prof. E. M. Pease of Stanford Univ. Palto Alto, CA 9/23/1895
Pease, Minnie, Mrs., recently, d/o Ira Adams of W Derby, leaves husband & 2 children  (item) W. Derby at Calif. 9/16/1895
Peavey, __ Mrs., age 66, Friday, wife of Joseph Peavey, of erysipelas Sutton 10/12/1896
Peavey, __ Mrs., buried 30th, w/o Thomas Peavey West Derby 8/1/1898
Peavey, __ Mrs., buried last Friday, leaves husband Derby/Rock Island 11/1/1897
Peavey, Fitz, May 5, had been very ill West Charleston 5/8/1899
Peavey, J. L., Sat., son is E. Peavey of Morgan, buried Derby Morgan & Derby 1/17/1898
Peavey, Mertie (Hopkins), buried last Friday, d/o D. H. Hopkins of E. Charleston E. Charleston at Island Pond 5/22/1899
Peck, infant son, June 14, of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Peck Sheffield 6/20/1898
Peck, little dau., recently, dau of Charles Peck, of diphtheria, brought to Sutton last Tues for burial Sutton at Manchester, NH 5/20/1895
Percival, Maria D., Mrs., age 75 y 7 d, Oct 12, sons Fred & C. F. Percival, feeble a long time  (item)  Marion??? Glover 10/17/1898
Percival, Orson V., Capt., last week, born Feb 4, 1817 W. Glover, married Maria Frasier 1847  (obit) Glover 12/7/1896
Percy, Dwight L., Jan 20, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lester Percy Newport Center 2/1/1897
Perkins, child, recently, 21 mos., of Frank Perkins, burned to death by exploding lamp  (item) Ferrisburgh 2/3/1896
Perkins, Davidson J., age 62 y 2 m 25 d, March 25, ill 2 years, leaves widow, 2 daus & 3 sons  (obit) Newport Center 4/5/1897
Perkins, Davidson J., age 82 y 2 m 25 d, March 25, son Clarence Perkins from Boston here Newport Center 3/29/1897
Perkins, Jessie, Miss, age 17 (also listed as 16), July 6, of consumption  (item) Evansville 7/13/1896
Perkins, Judith, recently, oldest dau of Rev. Perkins, died at Woolwich, ME, 2nd death since move Derby at Woolwich, ME 1/10/1898
Perkins, Mrs., recently, mother of Rev. Mr. Perkins of Derby, died Woolwich, ME Derby at ME 12/27/1897
Perkins, Page E., age 73 y 10 m, Sept 3, died Fort Dodge, Iowa Albany at Iowa 10/2/1899
Perkins, Parley, Jan 24, eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Perkins, of Bright's disease Newport Center 2/1/1897
Perkins, Ralph, age 14, July 4, only son of Charles M. & Celia Perkins, sisters Ada & Lena, suddenly  (item) Lowell 7/11/1898
Perrin, Georgeanna Pettie, age 38, Dec 9, wife of Alden E. Perrin  (item) Greensboro 12/16/1895
Perry, __ Mr., news last Tues., father of W. T. Perry of Boston working at Newport Boston 9/21/1896
Peterson, B. F., age 70, May 10 Barton 5/15/1899
Peterson, B. F., last Wed, kids Arthur & Ernest Peterson & Mrs. Flavia Folsom Barton 5/15/1899
Peterson, B. F., Mr., born Aug 18, 1828, died last Wed., of lead poisoning, leaves wife & 4 kids  (obit) Barton 5/15/1899
Pettigrew, Mary E., Mrs., last Thurs., son Robert, dau Julia & 3 others, buried Lyndon Ctr  (obit) Lyndonville 10/26/1896
Pettingill, __ Mrs., aged resident, May 16, mother of Mrs. J. W. Bryant  (item) West Derby 5/24/1897
Pettingill, Annie A. (Hoyt), Mrs., recently, w/o O. W. Pettingill, buried Newport   (item) Newport at Manchester, NH 8/29/1898
Petts, John, age 15, recently, of meningitis, leaves widowed mother Craftsbury 8/12/1895
Phelps, Julia, Miss, June 11, eldest dau of Rev. F. B. Phelps, of consumption  (item) Irasburgh at Whiting 6/20/1898
Philbrick, David B., age 70 y 6 m, March 25, of pneumonia (thanks from Mrs. Lucetta Philbrick & kids) Brownington Center 4/1/1895
Philbrick, David, last Monday, eight children alive Brownington 4/1/1895
Phillips, __ Mrs., Sun., wife of C. A. Phillips, died at Boston hospital, buried Newport    (item) Newport at Boston 11/15/1897
Phillips, __ Mrs., wife of John Phillips, buried last Thurs. Glover 9/19/1898
Phillips, Dana, aged citizen, May 7, leaves widow, one dau & 4 sons   Sheffield 5/17/1897
Phillips, Fred, young man, Aug 21, of typhoid fever Irasburgh at Barnet 8/23/1897
Phillips, Fred, young man, recently, of Henry Phillips  (item) Glover at Greensboro 11/18/1895
Phillips, John, age 75, May 25 N. Troy & Newport Ctr 6/5/1899
Phillips, little child, buried last week, of Harry Phillips Glover 3/28/1898
Phillips, Peter, aged citizen, 3rd inst, buried South Troy Newport Center 1/14/1895
Pickel, Van B., Mrs., telegram last Friday, Mr. & Mrs. B. M. R. Nelson of Barton attended funeral Sweetsburg, PQ 7/15/1895
Pierce, Abel, Dr., age 71, last week St. Johnsbury 4/27/1896
Pierce, Emma, Miss, last Wed., dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Wentworth, of consumption, ill many years  (item) Sutton 7/1/1895
Pierce, Warren, age 32 y 5 m, Nov 11, died East Haven at son-in-law's   [g/s says ae 77-4-21] Westmore at East Haven 11/21/1898
Pierce, William, 21st inst., leaves father over 80, buried Brownington Center  (item) East Brownington 3/30/1896
Pike, Avery E., about 65, last Wed., of apoplexy St. Johnsbury 4/12/1897
Pillsbury, Ellen N. (Blake), born Albany Oct 31, 1839, died Nov 4, married March 6, 1859 Henry Pillsbury (obit) Sutton per Barton   (obit) 11/7/1898
Pillsbury, Samuel, funeral last week Derby Line 5/4/1896
Pinney, Sadie, recently, died in Iowa, after long illness Holland 4/1/1895
Piper, Harley, age 3 y 6 m, Sept 10, only son of John & Hattie Piper East Charleston 9/25/1899
Piper, Katie, age 7, Sept 3, leaves mother & father    (item) East Charleston 9/13/1897
Piper, Mary Ann, Miss, about 50, Tues., heart trouble, leaves bro A. D. Piper & sis Mrs. Rachel Doloff  (item) East Charleston 7/11/1898
Pitman, __ Mrs., last week, mother of Mrs. John Miles of Brownington Barnstead, NH 1/28/1895
Poland, Joseph., Hon., age 80, Mon., of Luther & Nancy Poland, born Underhill  (obit) Montpelier 6/13/1898
Pomeroy, __ Mrs., prob Thursday, funeral Sat., sister of F. O. Blunt, died Stanstead, PQ Newport at Stanstead 4/8/1895
Porter, __, Mrs., age 76, June 28 Wheelock 7/3/1899
Porter, Eleazer, old citizen, last week, from removal of gangrene sore on his hand  (item) North Troy 4/1/1895
Porter, Electra, age 55, last Tues., w/o Perry Porter, d/o Joel Trull  (obit) West Burke 12/21/1896
Porter, Fred, age 3 y 7 m, last Tues., of Edward M. Porter, playing w/matches, burned badly (item) Barton Landing 7/18/1898
Porter, Fred, Sr., last Friday, leaves wife & 5 children, originally from Bolton, PQ West Derby 8/14/1899
Porter, William, funeral last Sunday, of typhoid pneumonia North Derby 12/23/1895
Post, Dorman, age 4 y 4 m 1 d, Feb 4, only son of Albert Post, of whooping cough & congestion of the lungs Irasburg 2/4/1895
Post, W. D., age 78 y 11 m 21 d, Feb 15, died at Brattleboro, buried Irasburg Irasburg at Brattleboro 2/18/1895
Potter, __ Mrs., age 37, July 6, leaves husband & 7 year old son Irasburgh 7/12/1897
Potter, Carrie, age 37 y 9 m, July 6, wife of Waldo Potter Albany 7/19/1897
Potter, Douglass, age 55, Wed., suicide by oil of wintergreen  (item- also 2 of his sons committed suicide) Rutland 11/11/1895
Powers, __, Mrs., about Thursday, wife of T. Powers, was in hospital, buried Newport Newport at ? 7/10/1899
Powers, baby, age 4 weeks, of Charlie Powers Sale