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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Name Town Issue Date
"Old Mary", age about 98, last Tues., died on town farm, wid of "John" Barton 5/11/1885
_______, skeleton recently found in woods near Island Pond, unknown person Island Pond 11/21/1887
Abbot, Lottie, age 100, widow of John Bickford & Jonathan Abbott (obit) Glover 11/25/1889
Abbott, Asenath Widow, age 86, April 6, broken hip several weeks ago Albany 4/12/1886
Abbott, Bertie, age 16 y 5 m 3 d, July 25, eldest son of George & Elvina Abbott South Barton 8/1/1887
Abbott, David, age 81, March 8, 1847, to Barton 1796, wife Sarah Keyser (long history notice) Barton 2/20/1888
Abbott, Davis S., age 87, Thur last, son in law Charles Chapman, of David Abbot early settler (full obit) Barton 5/18/1885
Abbott, Jonathan, died 1861 (history) Glover 11/25/1889
Abbott, Lottie, age 100 today, last week, son is Dana Bickford (11-25) Glover 11/4/1889
Adams, Abial, age about 81, April 1 Newport Center 4/6/1885
Adams, C. W. Mr., age 70, Friday, suicide by laying on the tracks, wife died years ago, son lives in Mich. (obit) West Burke 11/11/1889
Adams, E. P. Mrs., 17th inst Newport Center 12/23/1889
Adams, James O., Mon., stroke of paralysis, bro is Rev. Ezra Adams, at Boscawen, NH (full obit) Lyndon 2/14/1887
Adams, Rhoda, age 93, April 18 Burke 4/22/1889
Addison, Chessie E., age 9 mos, Nov 19, dau of Thomas H. & Ida M. Addison West Derby 12/5/1887
Addison, infant, recently, of Thomas Addison, of cholera infantum Newport of W. Derby 11/28/1887
Aiken, G. L., funeral Feb 1 South Troy 2/9/1885
Aiken, George, May 3, of brain fever Barton 5/9/1887
Ainsworth, baby, age 3 mos, Thurs., of Will Ainsworth, died during the night Hardwick 4/30/1888
Ainsworth, L. M. Mr., Tues., killed at Barre granite quarry, buried Hardwick Hardwick at Barre 5/30/1887
Alcott, Merrill, age 13, Aug 18, son of Rev Mr. Alcott Brownington 8/23/1886
Alden, George G., age 21 y 11 m 17 d, Sept 6, of late Jesse & Mrs. Sarah K. Alden, of typhoid fever (obit) Barton Landing 9/9/1889
Alden, Marion Louise, age 10 m 11 d, April 29, of Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Alden New York 5/6/1889
Aldrich, Timothy C., age 42 y 10 m 20 d, Jan 8, of consumption Barnston at Los Angeles 1/25/1886
Alexander, ___ Mrs., Wed., wife of Eugene Alexander West Derby 2/20/1888
Alexander, _____ Mrs., wife of Mr. Alexander, leaves infant girl a few weeks old Brownington ? 8/31/1885
Alexander, Ernest, age about 9, last Mon., of Eugene Alexander, run over by train (obit & family history) Barton & West Derby 4/15/1889
Alexander, Fred, age about 35, Sept 3 Brownington 9/7/1885
Alexander, Fred, Sept 3, died suddenly, leaves an orphaned little boy (item) Evansville 9/7/1885
Alexander, Infant, last week, of Eugene Alexander, buried Brownington Newport 5/11/1885
Alexander, Kate Miss, last Wed., of Mrs. T. B. Alexander, of diphtheria West Derby at Newport 6/10/1889
Alexander, Myrtie M., age 28 y 1 m 2 d, May 8, wife of Edward Alexander, of consumption West Burke at Charleston 6/28/1886
Alexander, Myrtle Mrs., May 8, dau of E. J. Bruce, of consumption W. Charleston of W. Burke 5/17/1886
Alexander, Nettie E. Berry, age 26 y 3 m, Sept 14, wife of Ervin Alexander Brownington 9/19/1887
Alexander, Nettie, last Wed., wife of Ervin H. Alexander Evansville 9/19/1887
Alexander, Ora W., age 21 y 7 m 12 d, Dec 10, of palsy Evansville & Brownington 12/13/1886
Allard, baby, buried Friday, of Jo. Allard, of measles Newport 8/13/1888
Allard, Carrie A., age 13 y 10 m 11 d, April 7, of Alanson Allard, heart disease & consumption Evansville 4/26/1886
Allard, Carrie, child of Alanson Allard, of consumption, second child within a year Evansville 4/12/1886
Allard, Henry, age 72, Jan 14 Sutton 1/17/1887
Allard, Henry, age 72, last Fri., suicide, children Mrs. J. S. Bigelow of Barton, A. T. Allard of Irasburg Sutton (item) 1/17/1887
Allard, Henry, Nov 10, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Allard, Mae E., age 14 y 9 m 12 d, May 24, of consumption Brownington 6/1/1885
Allard, May, age 13 mos, April 9, only child of Edward & Etta Allard, of pneumonia West Burke 4/15/1889
Allard, Roy, age 2, recently, only son of Robert Allard Jay 3/5/1888
Allbee, Charlie, age 14, recently, died at brothers in Whitefield, NH, spinal meningitis (item) West Burke at NH 2/15/1886
Allbee, Lorenzo, maybe Thurs., brother of Mrs. Grow Brownington at Island Pond 2/6/1888
Allen, __ Mrs., March 13, sister in law of Harvey Allen who died the same day (3-15 item) St. Johnsbury 3/22/1886
Allen, Adverdo D., age 1 y 7 m 21 d, May 17, of consumption Newport 6/8/1885
Allen, baby, 6 weeks, recently, of Will Allen, found dead in it's bed Newport Center 5/3/1886
Allen, Harvey, March 13, buried Barton, at St J for brother's Golden Wedding Ann. (3-15 obit) Barton at St. J. 3/22/1886
Allen, Herbert S., last Friday, of typhoid fever (obit) Craftsbury & Newport 12/10/1888
Allen, J. Harvey, recently, of Hardwick, of injuries received in the army Barton at Hardwick 8/22/1887
Allen, J. P. Mr., age 90, 11th inst., father of Mrs. P. M. Seaver, died Lee, NH W. Charleston 7/18/1887
Allen, James, age about 55, Friday, leaves wife & 5 children Craftsbury 6/25/1888
Allen, Jennie (Stanford), wife of C. S. Allen (12-12) Irasburg 12/19/1887
Allen, Jennie G., age 24, Nov 30, w/o Clayton S. Allen, d/o Samuel Stanford, of quick consumption Irasburg 12/5/1887
Allen, Jennie L ., school aged, March 4, dau of Wyman Allen, of consumption Greensboro 4/2/1888
Allen, Jennie L., age 15 y 4 m 27 d, March 4, dau of Wyman H. & Phebe J. Allen, of consumption N. Greensboro 3/26/1888
Allen, Lizzie Miss, last Sun, of Edward & Laura (Ford) Allen, g-dau of Lewis Ford, Esq., throat trouble (item) Craftsbury of Barton Land 7/29/1889
Allen, Melinda Mrs., Sunday, lived with late Dorman Bridgman, of apoplexy Hardwick 5/23/1887
Allen, Ora Mr., aged man, 16th inst, of paralysis Evansville 4/20/1885
Allen, William, April 14, father of Mrs. P. P. Ball of Sutton, died at Brattleboro asylum, buried Sutton Sheffield 4/27/1885
Ames, Addie, age 34 y 2 m 6 d, Feb 16, wife of Hollis Ames, of pneumonia Holland 2/21/1887
Amsden, Leon, Tues last, buried Craftsbury, killed by boiler explosion (long item) Wolcott of Craftsbury 3/22/1886
Amsden, Mr. __, prior to March 29 issue, wife is Ella Amsden Craftsbury 4/12/1886
Anderson, James, age 84, Nov 17, born Scotland, came here over 36 years ago (item) Albany 11/21/1887
Anderson, Lottie, age 20, Feb 2, dau of Dea. James Anderson, of typhoid pneumonia (obit) Craftsbury at S. Albany 2/6/1888
Anderson, Lottie, funeral last Sat., sister of John Matthie Glover at Craftsbury 2/6/1888
Andrus, Charles, age 2 y, recently, son of Joseph Andrus, drowned in his father's mill pond Hubbardton 6/11/1888
Andrus, Horace E., age 35, Jan 3, of L. G. Andrus, buried Craftsbury Hardwick 1/9/1888
Applebee, Ella Mrs., recently, sister of Henry Smith Brownington at St J. 10/28/1889
Arnold, Mr., recently, of pneumonia, brother of Mr. Arnold of Hardwick Highgate 3/19/1888
Arthur, Mr., oldest man in town, buried 8th inst., born Scotland Glover 5/10/1886
Aspinwall, J. Rev., recently, formerly preached here in 1840, died at Wisconsin Craftsbury 11/21/1887
Austin, ___ Mrs., age 41, 19th inst, wife of David Austin, of consumption East Burke 4/27/1885
Austin, Elijah, age 94, 19th inst Greensboro 4/23/1888
Austin, H. F. Rev., recently Coventry 10/21/1889
Austin, Lomira Ann, age 66, Aug 14 Greensboro 9/12/1887
Austin, Oren Mr., Nov 1, feeble many years, of erysipelas, leaves invalid wife & 2 daus (obit) East Albany ? 11/4/1889
Austin, Oren, age 69, Nov 1 Brownington 11/18/1889
Averill, ___ Mrs., age 46 y 7 m, June 26, wife of Rufus Averill Westmore 6/29/1885
Avery, George, age 93, Sept 23 Lowell at Kansas 11/18/1889
Ayer, child, some time ago, of Charles Ayer, of lead poisoning from well, others in family sick Lyndon 6/8/1885
Ayers, ___ Mrs., recently, at St. Johnsbury, buried Wheelock Wheelock 7/27/1885
Babbitt, E. G. Mr., old citizen, funeral Friday Greensboro 5/30/1887
Bacon, ___ Mrs., wife of Rev M. Bacon Coventry 12/9/1889
Badger, ___ Mr., old citizen, funeral 23d, father of Ambrose Badger Hardwick 2/27/1888
Badger, ___ Mrs., 28th, wife of George Badger, diseased liver & kidney & gall duct (9-19) Irasburg 8/29/1887
Badger, ___ Mrs., age 76, April 15, wife of Olin Badger Irasburg 4/23/1888
Badger, ____ Mrs., age 66, June 4, wife of Philip D. Badger Greensboro 6/10/1889
Badger, Clarissa (Hammond), recently, sis Mrs. Chaffee of Lowell, MA, of Bright's Disease (item) Craftsbury 6/17/1889
Badger, Enoch, age about 81, Feb 20 Hardwick 2/27/1888
Badger, Ezra, age 82 y 9 m, March 9 at O. F. Badger's, lived Irasburg, Holland & Derby (obit) Barton 3/14/1887
Badger, infant son, age 3 m 7 d, Oct 30, of Edgar E. & Eva A. Badger Greensboro Bend 11/9/1885
Badger, Joseph, age 75, Nov 30 Greensboro 12/9/1889
Badger, Sarah, age 37 y 9 m, May 27, wife of Charles M. Badger, leaves 7 children Irasburg 5/31/1886
Bagley, Ezra, noted cornet player of America, won top prize at Paris Exhibition, died England Craftsbury 8/2/1886
Bagley, Gideon, age about 70, Nov 12 Albany 11/21/1887
Bagley, Gideon, last week, buried Tues, died suddenly East Albany 11/21/1887
Bailey, __ Mrs., age 80, March 27, wife of Abijah Bailey, of pneumonia Craftsbury 4/2/1888
Bailey, ___ Mrs., last Friday, widow of John Bailey, leaves 6 children Coventry 5/2/1887
Bailey, Clorinda Nye, age 31 y 6 m, Dec 8, wife of Clark D. Bailey Irasburg 12/12/1887
Bailey, Frank L., age 31 y 8 m, June 24, bro of Dr. W. E. Bailey, at Center Point, TX, consumption (see 7-20) Craftsbury & Newport 7/6/1885
Bailey, Fred Dr., died in Calif, leaves wife & 3 children East Hardwick 12/17/1888
Bailey, Fred, age 26, 10th inst, brother is Herbert Bailey, of consumption, had just returned from CA Greensboro 11/19/1888
Bailey, Johnny, 4th inst., died at East Albany, of lung disease Craftsbury 4/12/1886
Bailey, Willie, age about 25, recently, of Bright's disease, ill a long time, disowned by his relatives (item) East Craftsbury 8/27/1888
Baker, __ Mr., funeral Fri., father of O. W. Baker of Boothbury, ME, buried Newport Newport at W. Burke 7/2/1888
Baker, George W., about 50, Sunday, oldest son of Mrs. Dorothea Baker (item) West Charleston 8/30/1886
Baker, Simon, last week, of cancerous tumor of the stomach, buried Newport Newport at Burke 7/2/1888
Baker, son, last week, youngest son of Rev. John W. Baker of Farmington Falls, ME, drowned Greensboro 12/13/1886
Baker, W. F. Mr., about 32, Monday, son of Mr. C. L. Baker, leaves a wife, of consumption (item) Greensboro at Northfield 6/29/1885
Balch, Abner, Nov 12, buried Bath, NH Hardwick 11/19/1888
Ball, George, died yesterday, of typhoid fever Newport 6/29/1885
Ball, William, age 27, 20th inst, son of Marvin Ball, suicide by shooting himself (item) Newark 4/27/1885
Balsh, ___ Mrs., old citizen, buried last Tuesday East Charleston 10/29/1888
Baraw, ____ Mrs., buried Friday, wife of Ambrose Baraw, of dropsy Jay 3/5/1888
Barber, ___ Mrs., Monday, wife of Asa Barber, of a wasting illness Sheffield 8/22/1887
Barber, infant son, Dec 10, of Mr. & Mrs. Aldis Barber Sheffield 12/14/1885
Barber, Lewis Deacon, old citizen, Wed West Glover 12/10/1888
Barber, Lewis, age 80 y 8 m, Dec 5 West Glover 1/7/1889
Barker, Henry F., Nov 30, died at his dau Mrs. Root in Sheffield Sheffield of Westfield? 12/6/1886
Barker, John, age 85, funeral Thur, totally blind for 46 years (obit) Passumpsic 6/1/1885
Barker, Thomas, old citizen, 18th inst, he came to town 46 years ago (item) Lyndon 2/25/1889
Barnard, Henry F., age 69, April 29, at Lawrence, MA, of heart disease Barton at Lawrence, MA 5/7/1888
Barnes, child, buried Thurs., only child of Moses & Etta Percy Barnes Jay 4/19/1886
Barnes, Emma, age 23, May 12 (item) West Burke 5/14/1888
Barnes, Philander, age 76, Nov 6 Westfield 11/18/1889
Barnes, Philander, old resident North Troy 11/11/1889
Barnes, Thomas J., age 69, July 11 Irasburg 7/20/1885
Barnes, Thomas, Friday, had a paralytic shock a year ago Coventry 7/13/1885
Barney, A. Mrs., died about 12 yrs ago, casket stolen from grave at Center Cemetery Charleston 10/19/1885
Barrett, ___ Mrs., recently, wife of Lester Barrett, at Stratford, NH West Charleston 11/1/1886
Barrett, Caroline, funeral Friday, died at Tilton, NH, buried Hardwick Hardwick 6/24/1889
Barrett, James C., died 1887 Rutland 1/16/1888
Barrett, Moses E., age 62, Sunday, overseer of the poor for 12 years St Johnsbury 7/11/1887
Barry, Moses, age 61 y 6 m, Sept 22 Holland 10/7/1889
Bartlett, ___ Mrs., age 69, June 20, wife of Michael Bartlett Sutton 6/24/1889
Bartlett, Alice H., age 18 y 4 m 13 d, Oct 13, dau of J C & E H Bartlett Barton 10/19/1885
Bartlett, Dolly D. Mrs., age 84 y 7 m 18 d, Oct 21, mother of J. C. Bartlett Barton 10/21/1889
Bartlett, John C., age 51 y 1 m 17 d, Oct 20, of paralysis (item) Barton 10/21/1889
Bartlett, John, Aug 26, son is Charles Bartlett Morgan at Kittery, ME 9/26/1887
Bartlett, William A., age 55, last Tues, after long & painful illness, leaves wife & mother & dau. (obit) Morgan 12/3/1888
Bashaw, J. J. Mr., recently, was run over by the gravel train while laying on the tracks, drunk? St. J at Walden 8/20/1888
Batchelder, Lucy, 7th, dau of George Batchelder, after long & severe illness Morgan 5/14/1888
Bates, ___ Mrs., Mon., wife of late Edwin Bates, of pneumonia, buried Derby, leaves several small children Derby at New York 4/9/1888
Bates, Edwin, Nov 27, unknown long & severe illness, born Derby, to NYC as a boy (item) Derby of New York 11/28/1887
Battles, Hattie, age 23, May 20, of consumption Sutton 5/25/1885
Bean, ____ Mrs., wife of Nathan Bean, at Chelmsford, Mass Glover 2/25/1889
Bean, A. J. Ms., last week, at Mass Glover 11/15/1886
Bean, Charles, age 24, April 28, died suddenly Westfield 5/7/1888
Bean, Ellen (Clark) Mrs., at Concord, Mass, Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Dwinell attended funeral Glover at Concord, MA 11/15/1886
Bean, Harry, oldest son of Charles Bean, died at Lowell, MA Coventry 1/18/1886
Bean, Mary, age 93, April 17, wid/o John Bean, mom of Mrs. Henry Downing & Mrs. Aaron Drown (4-30) South Barton of Victory 4/23/1888
Bean, Sarah, wife of late Eldad Bean Glover 8/23/1886
Bean, Simon, age 81, July 7, of Hatley, PQ Glover 8/3/1885
Bean, Willard, buried last Wed., died at sister's Mrs. Norris at Burke, moved west 18 years ago Sutton at Burke 7/12/1886
Beattie, David H. Hon., 24th inst., at Beattle, ME Island Pond 12/30/1889
Beauclerk, Harry, age 7, July 28, of S. W. Beauclerk, drowned while swimming (item) Irasburg 8/1/1887
Beck, son, age 13, last Thurs., of Thomas Beck, drowned while playing on the logs in Newark West Burke 6/17/1889
Bedell, Amanda Mrs., age 74, buried Fri, mother of M. C. Bedell (item) Westfield 6/29/1885
Beede, ___ Mrs., last week wife of Howard Beede, of consumption at home of Alvin Washburne Troy 2/27/1888
Beede, Nellie E., age 27 y 4 m 2 d, Sept 10, wife of Geo A. Beede Irasburg 9/16/1889
Belden, Polly, age about 85, Feb 10 Burke 2/14/1887
Belknap, John, age 48, last Tues, drowned when his boat went over a dam (obit) St Johnsbury 12/3/1888
Bell, Carrie Miss, age 47 East Hardwick 2/9/1885
Belville, John, recently Brownington 2/13/1888
Bemis, ___ Mrs., age 72, April 4, wife of John Bemis Burke 4/9/1888
Bemis, Fred, age 17, Tues, only son of Isaac Bemis, of malignant diphtheria East Burke 7/11/1887
Bemis, Fred, funeral week ago Sunday, of diphtheria East Burke 8/1/1887
Bemis, I. D., Mrs., April 11, had been sick a long time East Burke 4/19/1886
Bennett, ___ Mrs., wife of George Bennett (who is son of E. O. Bennett), in Oregon West Charleston 3/11/1889
Bennett, C. D. Mrs., 1st inst., of cancer Holland 2/8/1886
Bennett, J. Harvey, age 88, Dec 14, at Johnson at Mr. Pike's Irasburg 12/23/1889
Benoit, 2 children, last week, of Eugene Benoit, of diphtheria West Derby 3/29/1886
Benoit, Alexis, July 21, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Benoit, child, recently, of Eugene Benoit, buried Newport Center, lost 2 children by diphtheria several yrs ago Newport Center at Boston 5/27/1889
Benoit, Eliza, July 28, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Berry, ___ Mrs., last Sun., wife of Marcus Berry, bro is Osborn Drown of Melrose, MA Sutton 6/6/1887
Berry, child, buried last Monday, of Byron W. Berry Sutton 9/16/1889
Berry, Ernest, age 10 y 1 m 16 d, April 16, of Byron & Mattie Berry, run over by a wagon (item) Sutton at West Burke 4/22/1889
Berry, Hattie Loveland, May 2, wife of Charles Berry Irasburg 5/4/1885
Berry, James, Tues, native of Maine, served 8 years in army & navy (item) St Johnsbury 3/15/1886
Berry, Jonathan, age 68, June 20 Sutton 6/24/1889
Betters, dau, age 8, last week, of John Betters, of rheumatic fever Newport 1/31/1887
Bickford, Comfort Mrs., age 84, Feb 3 Sheffield 2/9/1885
Bickford, John, died 1839 from effects of his wounds, widow married Jonathan Abbott in 1848 (history) Glover 11/25/1889
Bienvenue, P. A., Sept 22, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Bienvenue, Telesphore, Sept 27, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Bill, Asa, age about 17, Feb 1 Burke 2/7/1887
Bingham, Levi, age 75, Feb 15 Lowell 2/20/1888
Bishop, Corlista, age about 55, Nov 2 Newark 11/5/1888
Bishop, Silas, age 83, recently, died at Groton, Mass Evansville 12/31/1888
Black, Almira (Baldwin), age 76, Feb 4, widow of Timothy Black (item) Coventry 2/14/1887
Blair, Peter, age 82, last Mon., suffered with paralysis over 4 years, born Scotland, wife Eliza Roger (obit) Stannard 3/26/1888
Blaisdell, Franklin, 10th inst, suicide by hanging Hartford 2/20/1888
Blake, ___ Mrs., 12th inst., wife of W. W. Blake, at Dennis, Kansas East Hardwick 4/23/1888
Blake, ___ Mrs., 22d ult, wife of John F. Blake, at Springfield, MA, niece is Mrs. W. B. Godding E Burke 4/6/1885
Blake, ___ Mrs., age 69, Oct 12, wife of Moses Blake Derby 10/24/1887
Blake, ____ Mrs., and death of child, wife of Wirt Blake at Kansas Greensboro 5/7/1888
Blake, dau., died some weeks ago, funeral last Sunday, dau of N. T. Blake, of diphtheria Newport at Derby 3/25/1889
Blake, John F., 25th ult, son of David L. Blake of Sutton, at Springfield, MA, niece is Mrs. W. B. Godding E Burke 4/6/1885
Blake, Mabel, age 16, Feb 7, dau of Newman Blake, of diphtheria Derby 2/11/1889
Blake, Mary Ann McDuffee, age 45, relict of Isaac Blake Derby 8/30/1886
Blake, Mary Ann Wright, age 46 y 10 m, Dec 5, relict of Samuel C. Blake , leaves mother & 2 sons (item) Barton 12/10/1888
Blake, Mehitable Mrs., age 84, May 13 Sutton 5/18/1885
Blake, Mrs., 4 weeks ago, mother of late Samuel Blake, at the insane asylum Barton at Brattleboro 12/24/1888
Blanchard, Asa, at Concord, NH Glover 3/11/1889
Blanchard, Edmond S., age 44, March 27 Manchester, NH 4/1/1889
Blanchard, James, 30th ult, father of Mrs. George Eaton, fell from load of hay Derby 3/9/1885
Blanchard, Mary Mrs., age 75, March 12, died at Sugar Hill, NH Glover 3/22/1886
Blanchard, S. S., Mr., age 70, Sept 30, leaves bro Rev. H. Blanchard & 2 sisters Glover 10/1/1888
Blay, Freddie, age 12, April 25, son of Frank Blay, of diphtheria Derby 5/3/1886
Blay, Hattie, age 7, Jan 4, dau of Peter Blay Salem-Derby 1/11/1886
Blay, little child, Dec 26, of Peter Blay Salem-Derby 12/28/1885
Blodgett, Emily (Titus) Mrs., March 18, age 76 y 11 d, of consumption Wheelock 4/5/1886
Blodgett, Emily (Titus), March 18, dau is Mrs. H. W. Spaulding, of consumption, buried Center E Albany at Wheelock 3/22/1886
Blodgett, Joseph, age 85, March 26, came here from NH about 58 years ago Stannard 4/9/1888
Blodgett, William, age 44, April 24, of pneumonia Stannard 5/6/1889
Blunt, 1 of family, recently, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Bly, John, age about 70, Jan 7 E Charleston 1/11/1886
Bly, John, last Friday East Charleston 1/4/1886
Boardman, Charles E., Thur., brother of Mrs. C. C. King, funeral at Greensboro, of typhoid fever (10-29) W. Glover at St. J. 10/22/1888
Bodette, David, age about 70, Wed., thrown out of sleigh & crushed by load (item) Lyndonville 3/4/1889
Bodwell, Ann Miss, buried last Friday Glover 11/21/1887
Bonnett, Leon, some time ago, killed by the cars Newport 9/26/1887
Bonnett, Myra Mrs., last Monday, widow of Leon Bonnett, buried St J, of gastric fever, leaves son Newport 9/26/1887
Bonnette, Gertie, wife of Simon Bonnette, dau of Azro Gray, buried Coventry Coventry at Island Pond 6/6/1887
Bonney, N. E., age 48 y 1 m 18 d, Sept 23 Island Pond 10/7/1889
Bosquet/Buskey, John, drowned several weeks ago at Newport, body found & buried Barton 9/27/1886
Bowley, Cynthia, age 59 y 6 m, Sept 9, wife of Samuel J. Bowley Newport 9/16/1889
Boyden, Delia Mrs., Wed., Hardwick 2/13/1888
Boyden, Delia, age about 77, Feb 8 Morrisville 2/13/1888
Boyle, ___ Mrs., 20th, wife of John Boyle, bedridden for years West Derby 3/26/1888
Boyle, Mary, 20th, dau of John Boyle, of consumption West Derby 3/26/1888
Bradley, Belle, Tuesday, died at A. J. Cole's, of diphtheria (item) Newport 11/23/1885
Bradley, Homer, age 66, Feb 28 Craftsbury 3/5/1888
Bradley, Sewell Esq., age 82, Tuesday, born in Wheelock, to Lyndon about 1870 (full obit) Lyndon Center 9/14/1885
Brady, infant child, Aug 9, of Mr. Brady Hardwick & Keene, NH 8/12/1889
Brainard, Mary Williams, age 35 y 5 m 19 d, Jan 15, w/o L. A. Brainard, paralytic shock, leaves Mom & 5 kids Morgan 1/19/1885
Branch, ___ Mrs., funeral Wed Coventry 2/25/1889
Branch, Ida (Burbank), age 31, Feb 17, wife of Dr. C. F. Branch, died at Sam'l Burbank's (2/25) Coventry 2/18/1889
Branch, James O., age 20 y 9 m, Sept 17, only son of Dr. C. F. Branch, of typhoid fever Newport 9/24/1888
Brenau, Hector, age 16, Wed., at Newport, jumped onto the cars and slipped underneath Barton 9/2/1889
Brennan, John, 10th inst, dropped dead at a neighbors Craftsbury 6/20/1887
Brewer, ___ Mr., recently, father of George Brewer, of apoplexy Coventry 12/9/1889
Brewer, Minnie Hortense Mrs., age 26, June 2, dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Murkland Barton at Boston 6/11/1888
Brewster, Laura, recently, sister of Mrs. S. W. Allen Irasburg 9/28/1885
Bridgman, ____ Mrs., Friday, mom of Geo & Dorman, wife of Dorman Bridgman Hardwick 6/24/1889
Bridgman, Adna A., recently, accidently shot, Mrs. Bridgman is sister of Henry Scott of Craftsbury (item) Glover at Hanover, NH 5/27/1889
Bridgman, D. W. A. , March 11, buried St Johnsbury, of rheumatic fever Hardwick 3/22/1886
Bridgman, Dorman Sr., age 86, June 8, deaf - ran over by runaway team, sons Geo & Dorman Jr. Hardwick (long obit) 6/14/1886
Bridgman, John, old citizen, Oct 1 Hardwick 10/7/1889
Briggs, ___ Mrs., buried last Thursday East Charleston 2/2/1885
Brigham, Mary, age 21, March 10, dau of Rev. S. S. & Mrs. Anna E. Brigham, of consumption (obit) Highgate 3/26/1888
Brigham, Mary, dau of Rev S. S. Brigham Hardwick 3/12/1888
Brigham, Mr., last week, brother of Mrs. John L. Edwards Newport 3/26/1888
Brigham, Mrs., old citizen, buried 17th, had been ill a long time East Charleston 3/26/1888
Brockway, R. E. Mr., 5th Passumpsic 6/21/1886
Brockway, Willard, age 79, Tues, died at E. A. Harris', buried Sutton (5-14) East Burke 3/19/1888
Brooks, ___ , Mrs., buried 4th, dau of late Enoch Badger (M/M Badger died within last 4 mos), buried Hardwick Hardwick at Calais 7/23/1888
Brooks, Augusta (Chamberlin), last Tues, member of M. E. church, leaves husband & child Coventry 6/20/1887
Brooks, Harrison Morton, age 1 month, Aug 16, of William Brooks Coventry 8/20/1888
Brown, ___ Mrs., mother of Charles & Dana Brown of Boston Barton 12/3/1888
Brown, Adolphus W., Thur Newport 2/7/1887
Brown, Amanda Peck, age 73, Nov 25, widow of Daniel O. Brown, of typhoid pneumonia Barton Landing 12/3/1888
Brown, Betsey Mrs., age 93 y 7 m, Dec 15, mom of late Mrs. Milo Farrington Irasburg at Providence, RI 12/31/1888
Brown, Daniel O., age 70, Aug 21 Barton Landing 8/23/1886
Brown, F. C., Mrs., last week (Dec 27 ?), at Boston, mom of Alfred Brown & Mrs. C. S. Skinner of Barton Land. Barton Landing at Boston 12/31/1888
Brown, Fred Leroy, age 2 y 7 m 7 d, Sept 27, only child of Henry & Clara Brown, buried Nashua, NH (item) Irasburg of Hudson, NH 10/8/1888
Brown, George D., age 58, at Providence, RI, of pneumonia Irasburg 5/11/1885
Brown, George N., 30th, of Oscar Brown of St J. Center, drowned at upsetting of sail boat (item) Barton at Madison, Wisc 8/9/1886
Brown, Mary J. P. Mrs., age 66, March 1 Barton 3/7/1887
Brown, Mary, 4th, dau of Lucius Brown, suicide by paris green (potato bug poison) (long item) Lyndon 9/14/1885
Brown, Mary, last Thursday, have been an invalid for over 24 years, leaves aged mother (item) Evansville ? 4/29/1889
Brown, Minnie (Caswell), last week, at S. Acton, Mass, of consumption, leaves husband & 2 yr old son Barton 9/16/1889
Brown, Minnie Caswell, age 26 y 11 m 8 d, Sept 15, wife of Clarence W. Brown South Acton, MA 9/23/1889
Brown, Reuben, age 82, Tues, of pneumonia Jay 3/14/1887
Brown, Rufus, age 85, Jan 10, father of James Brown Lowell 1/19/1885
Brown, Sewell, Wed, killed by bursting of balance wheel in lumber mill Marshfield 12/16/1889
Brown, Terviah Mrs., age 95 y 1 m 10 d, Aug 26, dau of Perley Church, mom of John Brown of Westmore (obit) Waterford 9/16/1889
Brown, Terviah Mrs., age 95, Aug 26, at West Waterford Westmore 9/23/1889
Brown, W. O., M.D., age about 68, May 9, late of Providence, RI (obit) Barton 5/14/1888
Brown, Webster, age 25, recently, suicide (also his brother committed suicide a few days since) Brattleboro 6/11/1888
Bruce, Bertie, age 10, April 16, adopted son of Charles M. Bruce Newark 4/23/1888
Bruce, Pattie J Mrs., age 82 y 2 m 20 d, Nov 27, 1884 Charleston 9/14/1885
Bruno, Joseph, age 72, March 15 Lowell 3/18/1889
Brush, Jesse P., recently, wife is dau of T. O. Brown of this town Lowell ?? at Iowa 3/15/1886
Bryant, Emma Ellen, age 17 y 8 m 22 d, Dec 28, youngest dau of A C & Sarah L Bryant Irasburg 12/28/1885
Bryant, Emma, funeral Dec 30 at A. C. Bryant's house Irasburg 12/28/1885
Bryant, George R., age 75 y 9 m 6 d, Sept 27, thank you note from B. M. & W. G. Bryant Irasburg 10/22/1888
Bryant, George R., age 76, born Weathersfield, VT 12-21-1812, to Irasburg 1822, ill a long time (obit) Irasburg 10/22/1888
Bryant, infant dau., Nov 5, of H. T. & C. L. Bryant, of whooping cough Holland 11/12/1888
Bryant, Sarah Jane, age 43 y 1 m, Aug 30 Holland 9/7/1885
Buchanan, ____ Mrs., recently, wife of James Buchanan, leaves husband & 2 kids Barton 8/2/1886
Buck, D. E. Mrs., (3d) inst. South Troy 10/10/1887
Buck, Jesse, age 87 y 3 m, 25th inst, married for 62 yrs, wife survives him (obit) Westfield 10/1/1888
Budd, ___ Mr., father of Sidney Budd Derby at Canada 9/23/1889
Budd, girl, Jan 20, dau of Mrs. John Burroughs, buried Hardwick, of diphtheria Morgan Ctr 1/26/1885
Bugbee, Sophia Drown, age 54, Dec 9, wife of Henry Bugbee Sutton 12/16/1889
Bullard, R. W. Mr., about 45, Sunday, fell out of boat and drowned (item) (8-10 body found) buried Sweetsburg Craftsbury of Stanstead Jct. 8/3/1885
Bullock, Halsey, age 56, 26th, of apoplexy (item) Lyndonville 8/5/1889
Bundy, ___ Mrs., wife of Isaac Bundy, at Madelia, Minn., brother is Asahel Bundy of St J St Johnsbury 11/15/1886
Burbank, ___ Mrs., age 65, June 9, wife of Milo Burbank Wheelock 6/10/1889
Burbank, Don H. C., age 17 y 1 m 25 d, Aug 17, of Stephen & Emma Burbank, of typhoid fever Barton Landing 8/20/1888
Burbank, Enoch, age 65, Oct 25, complained of cold feet then died suddenly Albany 11/7/1887
Burgess, L. W. Mrs., age 63, Dec 22 Lowell 12/28/1885
Burneau, A. Mr., Sat, injured a year ago while working in a cellar - a stone fell on him Newport 8/23/1886
Burneau, Freeman, recently, ill only 3 days Newport at Richford 9/26/1887
Burnham, ___ Mrs., age 77, 15th, widow of Joseph Burnham, son is Walter Burnham Westfield ? Troy? 1/24/1887
Burpee, B. C. Mr., 12th inst West Glover 2/20/1888
Burpee, George, young man, May 30, son of B. C. Burpee, died Haverhill, MA, of pneumonia Greensboro 6/8/1885
Burpee, Mary Miss, Dec 1, her mother Mrs. Burpee lost husband & six children - moving to Keene, NH (obit) Greensboro 12/9/1889
Burr, babe, of Sanford E. Burr Derby 4/19/1886
Burr, Mabel, age about 10, April 12, of Sanford E. Burr, of diphtheria Derby 4/19/1886
Burr, Sarah E. Goodnow, age 35, March 30, wife of Sanford E. Burr (4-19) Derby 4/5/1886
Burroughs, Atlanta Miss, age 68, March 10, sister is Mrs. David Philbrick, of consumption Brownington 3/21/1887
Burroughs, H. Mrs., funeral last Friday East Charleston 12/26/1887
Burt, Winchester, age 77, last Monday West Burke 6/15/1885
Bushaw, Mary, 21st inst., eldest dau of Henry Bushaw, congestion of the lungs West Charleston 9/30/1889
Bushey, Joel Jr., last week, severe illness of gastric trouble, buried Catholic cemetery (item) Barton 5/6/1889
Busky, John, drowned Friday while swimming at Magog, Que. Barton 7/26/1886
Butler, Anna, Sept 25, dau of John J. & Eliza Butler, of consumption (obit) Albany 10/7/1889
Butterfield, Samuel, died at dau's Mrs. Carrie Hill, he of Dracut, Mass, buried Lowell, Mass Westmore 5/9/1887
Buzzell, ___ Mrs., 8th inst., had been an invalid for years East Craftsbury 11/19/1888
Buzzell, Jonathan, last week on the poor farm Barton 12/30/1889
Cady, Charles C., age 3 y 7 m, Jan 8, of diphtheria Westmore 1/19/1885
Cady, Friend H., age 6 y 9 m, Jan 7, of diphtheria Westmore 1/19/1885
Calhoun, A. D. , recently Newport 9/30/1889
Calkins, Martha Miss, 12th inst Morgan 10/24/1887
Cameron, ____ Mrs., Monday, wife of William Cameron West Glover 7/5/1886
Camp, ____ Mrs., Jan 3d, former wife of Dr Adams, wife of Ira Camp, buried Barton Barton at Derby 1/10/1887
Campbell, Ann M. Jenne, age 46 y 6 m 18 d, May 6, wife of Oscar F. Campbell Derby at Tunbridge 6/4/1888
Campbell, George, age 18 y 6 m, Jan 30, of Oscar F & Ann M Campbell, consumption of bowels Tunbridge, VT 3/8/1886
Campbell, Mary, 28th, wife of Sherman Campbell of Lebanon, NH, dau of Mrs. Sarah Buel of W. Burke W Burke at Lebanon, NH 4/2/1888
Campbell, May (Buell), age 23 y 3 m 9 d, March 28 W Burke at Lebanon, NH 4/2/1888
Campbell, Myron, age 38, May 19, of consumption Sutton 5/25/1885
Campbell, Robert, died in 1865 at Morgan Morgan 1/30/1888
Caouette, Alfred N., July 22, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Caples, Daniel, age 58, July 3, sick 9 years and confined to bed most of it, 3 years totally helpless Irasburg 7/20/1885
Caples, Nancy Mrs., age 89, Oct 25 Irasburg 11/5/1888
Carl, Louis, recently, brother is Theodore Carl, run over his neck by team drawing logs Montgomery 3/4/1889
Carpenter, Chester W., age 73, Sat., of pneumonia, buried East Burke (item) Lyndonville & Kirby 12/24/1888
Carpenter, H. S. Mr., recently, bro in law is H. S. Root, buried Newport, Mrs. Carpenter came with body Newport at Arizona 3/19/1888
Carpenter, Lydia A. Bartlett, age 70, March 10, wife of Salmon Carpenter, of pneumonia N. Hyde Park 4/30/1888
Carpenter, Mary Fletcher, died Sept 18, 1854, married Jan 8, 1840 to Warner Carpenter West Burke 11/2/1885
Carpenter, Samuel, age 32, buried Sunday, had been ill some time East Burke 11/19/1888
Carpenter, Warner W. MD., age 73, Oct 25, of Joshua & Emily (Wells) Carpenter, born Kirby Dec 13, 1812 (full obit) West Burke 11/2/1885
Carr, Flora A., age 19, Jan 5, dau of E. L. Carr, of consumption West Burke 1/9/1888
Carr, Flora Miss, young lady, last Thur, ill a long time West Burke 1/9/1888
Carr, Sally Mrs., age 82, April 2 Wheelock 4/11/1887
Carrigan, E. C. Mr., recently, of apoplexy Barton 11/12/1888
Carter, ___ Mrs., age 84, Aug 15, wife of David Carter Sheffield 8/24/1885
Carter, Melissa Mrs., age 68, 18th, buried Hardwick Center Craftsbury 1/26/1885
Carter, Melissa, age 68 Craftsbury 3/16/1885
Cass, __ Mrs., age 72, Nov 9, wife of Hiram Cass, of stomach cancer Barton at Cambridge, MA 11/21/1887
Cass, ____ Mrs., about 50, Aug 17, wife of Samuel Cass, died at sister's Mrs. L. J. Campbell of Sutton (item) Sutton of Plymouth, NH 8/19/1889
Cass, Horace, nearly 80, last week, father of Mrs. Elisha Gage E. Hardwick at Craftsbury 4/9/1888
Cass, John, age 79 y 10 m, Dec 26 Craftsbury 1/2/1888
Cass, Matilda, Mrs., age 86 y 8 m, Nov 12 Barton 11/19/1888
Chadbourne, dau, age about 2, 21st inst., only dau of Lorenzo Chadbourne Albany 8/29/1887
Chadbourne, Lena May, age 2 y 14 d, Aug 21, only dau of Lorenzo & Florence Chadbourne Albany 9/12/1887
Chadwick, Susie R., age 12, Nov 20, dau of Charles H. & Alma M. Chadwick, died at Bangor, ME Barton 11/25/1889
Chaffee, ___ Mrs., age 92, Sept 27, widow of Aaron Chaffee Troy 10/7/1889
Chaffee, Aaron S., age 84 y 6 m, Feb 9 Westfield 2/14/1887
Chaffee, Ellen (Way), age 38, Sept 7 Albany 9/10/1888
Chamberlain, B. A., Mrs., Aug 17, of pneumonia Glover 8/19/1889
Chamberlain, Electa, age 78, Sept 30, wife of Erastus Chamberlain Coventry at Concord 10/3/1887
Chamberlain, Martin C., age 71 Albany 8/3/1885
Chamberlain, T. C., age 73 y 8 m, Jan 19 Irasburg 1/30/1888
Chamberlin, Achsah Delano, died in 1829, married Eli Chamberlin in 1819 wife #1 Albany 10/19/1885
Chamberlin, Anna, age 87, April 15, wid of Samuel Chamberlin, prev wid of Mr. Spalding, dau Mrs. Judkins Barton (4-30) 4/23/1888
Chamberlin, Betsey Hidden, died 1855, married Eli Chamberlin in 1830 wife #2, sister of late Gen Hidden Albany 10/19/1885
Chamberlin, Clark, last Thur, injured some weeks ago by falling tree Irasburg 1/23/1888
Chamberlin, Eli Esq., age 94 y 3 m 7 d, Oct 13, married Achsah Delano in 1819, of kidney disease (long obit) Albany 10/19/1885
Chamberlin, Erastus, age 81, Feb 18 (3-2) Craftsbury 3/9/1885
Chamberlin, Erastus, died at Irasburg, Wed ? Coventry 3/22/1886
Chamberlin, Helen, age 6, Oct 9, of Rev John Chamberlin of NY, of heart disease Craftsbury of NY 10/15/1888
Chamberlin, Maria Lawrence, married Eli Chamberlin in 1857 wife #3, still alive Albany 10/19/1885
Chandler, ___ Mrs., age 62, Nov 13, wife of Daniel Chandler, of pneumonia (item) Derby 11/19/1888
Chandler, Daniel, age 77, Nov 20 Derby 11/29/1886
Chandler, dau, recently, dau of Rev. F. D. Chandler E Hardwick 4/13/1885
Chandler, Grace, age 14, 23rd, dau of Rev & Mrs. F. D. Chandler, buried N. Haverhill, NH East Hardwick 4/6/1885
Chaplin, Nettie Miss, 24th ult, of quick consumption Lyndonville 5/4/1885
Chapman, Charles, buried last Thur at Coventry Village cemetery Coventry & Irasburg 5/9/1887
Chapman, John, Sept 2 Coventry 9/7/1885
Chappel, ____ Mr., recently, wife Eliza Chappel, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ira Chappel West Burke 9/14/1885
Chappel, Charles, age about 51, Oct 31 Westmore 11/5/1888
Chappell, Zepheniah, Friday, of Swanton, killed when train fell into a washout on tracks (item) Hardwick 5/30/1887
Chase, ___ Mrs., age 79, Jan 28, wife of Calvin Chase Wheelock 1/30/1888
Chase, Ambrose, at Waterville, moved from Jay in 1855 Jay at Waterville 11/23/1885
Chase, Francis, died at Brattleboro, buried the 8th W Charleston 7/13/1885
Chase, infant dau., June 1, of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Chase Lowell 6/4/1888
Chase, Infant dau., Nov 11, of A. C. & Irene Chase West Glover 11/22/1886
Chase, Lucy M., age 20 y 18 (d), Oct 18, of sugar diabetes West Glover 11/1/1886
Chase, M. E., Mr., old town resident, a few days ago Jay 1/2/1888
Chase, Mary (Church), Mrs., last week W. Burke at Walden 6/17/1889
Chase, Mr., old man, recently, likely by suicide Newport 7/12/1886
Chase, Newton, March 15, father of Abel Chase, killed in house fire Jay 3/19/1888
Chase, P. E., Hon., Tues., found dead in bed at his brother's in Townshend, CT Mt. Holly 5/27/1889
Chase, Rebecca, age 97 y 9 m 3 d, Feb 20, wid/o Joseph Chase, born Douglas, MA (full obit) Barton Landing 2/22/1886
Cheeney, Aurilla W. Bugbee, Feb 17, relict of late Carlton Cheeney, of pneumonia Newark at Burke 2/23/1885
Cheever, ____ Mrs., elderly lady, Tues., wife of Nathan Cheever East Hardwick 9/13/1886
Cheever, Osias, Friday Walden 1/24/1887
Chesley, James, age 70, May 28 Sheffield 6/8/1885
Chesley, Joel, age 83, Dec 10 Sheffield 12/14/1885
Chesley, Joel, Dec 10 Sheffield 12/21/1885
Childs, Harvey, young man, recently, son of Mrs. Gaskill, died at Sunk City, Minn., blood poisoning Barton at Minn. 2/2/1885
Christie, Robert Rev., age 66, April 21 Sheffield 4/22/1889
Christie, Robert Rev., funeral Wed, buried Highgate Sheffield 4/29/1889
Christie, Robert, Rev., April 21, leaves wife & 1 son (4-29) Sheffield 4/22/1889
Churchill, Lilla (Gray), age 47, Sept 21, sister of Jacob G. Gray, of consumption Barton 9/27/1886
Clapp, Gertie B., age 7 y 22 d, Sept 20, of Mr. & Mrs. George W. Clapp, of diphtheria Lyndon 9/28/1885
Clapper, ___ Mrs., 8th inst., wife of Harrison Clapper (item) Morgan at Island Pond 11/19/1888
Clapper, Sydney Roy, age 3, Aug 11, inflammation of the brain Coaticook, PQ 8/17/1885
Clark, ___ Mrs., last week, mother of Mrs. Frank Clark Glover 11/7/1887
Clark, ____ , recently, of the family of Alfred Clark Glover 1/10/1887
Clark, ____ Mr., age 81, Jan 28, father of Joseph Clark Barton Landing 1/30/1888
Clark, Alma Eliza, infant, May 12, of Lewis W. & Minnie E. Clark, buried Stannard Lyndonville 5/23/1887
Clark, Caroline Mrs., age 82, Nov 19, of typhoid fever Craftsbury 11/22/1886
Clark, Chester W., age 4 y 1 m 25 d, Jan 22, of Alfred C. & Edna C. Clark, of diphtheria Glover 1/31/1887
Clark, Eliza Lyman, Mrs., age 77, Nov 6, of pneumonia, at son-in-law's E. O Randall (item) West Glover 11/18/1889
Clark, Eva G., age 15 y 6 m 11 d, Jan 24, of Alfred C. & Edna C. Clark, of diphtheria Glover 1/31/1887
Clark, F. P. A., Mr., age 70, Feb 6, leaves widow and only son Glover 2/11/1889
Clark, G. W., Mrs., 14th inst., suddenly of a hemorrhage West Charleston 1/21/1889
Clark, Helen M., age 4 y 8 m, Dec 31, of Dr & Mrs. E. W. Clark, of diphtheria Derby 1/11/1886
Clark, Hiram, aged resident, Oct 30 Glover 11/7/1887
Clark, infant, several days old, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Clark Glover 4/20/1885
Clark, James N., several weeks ago Westfield at Fairfax 1/9/1888
Clark, Maria, age 63, Monday, funeral at home of Enoch Page East Burke 4/4/1887
Clark, Mary A., Mrs., Nov 9, dau is Mrs. Nellie Taylor, of erysipelas (item) Hardwick 11/12/1888
Clark, Mary, Friday, dau of George Clark, of consumption, brother Byron Clark Sutton 5/17/1886
Clark, Matie, young lady, funeral Sunday, dau of Frank C. Clark, of typhoid fever Barton of Glover 2/27/1888
Clark, Melissa T., age 54 y 9 m 16 d, Nov 8, wife of Ezra L. Clark, buried Glover Glover at Wakefield, MA 11/11/1889
Clark, Royce W., age 2 y 6 m, Dec 28, of Dr & Mrs. E. W. Clark, of diphtheria Derby 1/11/1886
Clark, Sarah W., age 68, Aug 1 Glover 8/8/1887
Clarke, Kate, recently, dau of Mr. B. D. Clarke, funeral Somerville, MA, buried Coventry West Charleston at Boston 3/15/1886
Clarke, L. W. Mrs., March 26, widow of Judge Clarke, found dead in bed West Charleston 4/5/1886
Clarke, Nancy, age 66, July 13, wife of Hiram Clarke, son Henry Clarke Glover 7/20/1885
Clary, Wilbur H., age 22, July 15, son of Cornellus & Ethel Clary, had been a great sufferer many years Greensboro Bend 7/29/1889
Cleveland, ___ (Dailey), Mrs., last Wed., wife of Henry C. Cleveland, after an operation (obit) Coventry at New York 4/9/1888
Cleveland, Amos, age about 80, Sept 7, bro of late Judge Cleveland, leaves son & dau (obit) Coventry 9/19/1887
Cleveland, Milo Twing, age 4 m 5 d, Dec 2, of Eugene & Bessie Cleveland Dublin, Neb 1/2/1888
Cleveland, Walter, young man, Sat., only child of Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Cleveland, of consumption Coventry 8/3/1885
Clifford, Lilla Hunt, age 18, April 8, wife of Henry Clifford Barton 4/16/1888
Coates, Eliza, Mrs., funeral Jan 31, of consumption, had been an invalid for a long time Newport Center 2/4/1889
Cobb, ___ Mrs., yesterday, wife of Ellis Cobb, dau of Dr J. F. Skinner of Barton (item) Barton at Bennington 12/16/1889
Cobb, Charles P., age 82, Aug 4 Albany 8/8/1887
Cobb, Ellis A., age 49, Sept 18, son of Timothy Cobb, of Bennington, Vt, of pneumonia (obit) Barton 9/21/1885
Cobb, Elmer, age 16/18, Feb 9, only son of Daniel R. Cobb (item) South Albany 2/14/1887
Cobb, Frank, this morning, son of late Timothy Cobb, was in the army out west, mother still alive (item) Barton 4/22/1889
Cobb, Fred W., funeral Tues. Barton 4/29/1889
Cobleigh, Eliza Smith, age 70, Jan 11, relict of late Hosea Cobleigh Burke 1/14/1889
Coburn, ___ Mrs., wife of Elbridge Coburn, last of 6 dau's of Tom Maxwell all dying under age 32 Brownington 12/20/1886
Coburn, Alice Parker, age 7(0) y 2 m 1(4) d, Sept 6, wid of Henry Coburn Albany 9/12/1887
Coburn??, Aunt, aged lady, Dec 29, aunt of Mrs. Coburn Craftsbury 1/4/1886
Cochrane, H. W. Mr., age 77, recently, of heart disease Grand Isle 2/27/1888
Coe, Mary Bugbee, age about 60, Feb 22, wife of Horace B. Coe, bleeding at the nose Burke 3/1/1886
Colburn, ___ Mrs., age (69) y 11 m 12 d, Dec 12, wife of Elbridge Colburn Brownington 12/20/1886
Colburn, William H., age 67, Wed Hardwick 4/11/1887
Colby, J. F. Mr., died this past week Brownington 10/18/1886
Colby, J. Wesley, Aug 5, bro of Dr George W Colby (8-20) Sutton at Pasadena, CA 8/13/1888
Colby, Lucius, estate auction sale of farm & animals Derby 11/16/1885
Colby, Lucius, recently, son of Jesse Colby, killed by the cars at Cincinnati Sutton 12/10/1888
Colby, Millicent Pearl, age 2 y 3 w, April 9, youngest of Dr G W & Emily Colby, of diphtheria Sutton 4/19/1886
Colby, William, age 78, last Tues, of consumption, feeble for several years Barton Landing 5/11/1885
Cole, Elizabeth Smith, Mrs., recently, had been in Vt during last weeks of life of niece Jennie Smith E. Hardwick at Oakland, CA 11/25/1889
Cole, Mattie (Hill) Mrs., funeral Wed., wife of Levi Cole, sister is Mrs. John Colton, died at Cabot Glover / Irasburg 1/10/1887
Colley, Joseph, age 73, Nov 22, died Andover, NH, buried Barton Landing (item) Barton Landing at NH 11/30/1885
Colley, Lucinda Mrs., last Thur., wife of William Colley, resident 25 years (9-26) Brownington 9/19/1887
Colley, Nathaniel, age 76, March 9 Brownington 3/21/1887
Colley, Nathaniel, last Wed, died suddenly of heart disease Brownington 3/14/1887
Collier, Elsie, young lady, May 3, of cancerous tumor Craftsbury 5/18/1885
Collins, __ Mrs., died 2 years ago, after being married 70 years, wife of Nathan Collins Craftsbury 1/31/1887
Collins, Caroline Mrs., Thur, her father age 95 is still alive but just barely [Dea. Nathan] Craftsbury 1/24/1887
Collins, Eddie, age 25 y 10 m 25 d, Feb 16, son of Stillman Collins, of abscess on his hip Coventry 2/20/1888
Collins, George D., age 32 y 11 m, March 29, oldest son of Hamilton Collins, leaves wife & 1 child Coventry 4/2/1888
Collins, Nathan Dea., age 94 y 9 m, 22nd, fell & broke his hip Dec 27, born in Ira, VT (obit) Craftsbury 1/31/1887
Collins, Rev. Mr., reference to early g/s death in town 1807 Craftsbury 7/25/1887
Collison, Albert W., 17th ult., son of James R. Collison, buried Bradford Barton 9/2/1889
Colton, Alfred, last Sat, after long illness Irasburg 7/27/1885
Comeau, Joseph, Sat., died at Lyndonville, had legs nearly cut off by train Lyndonville at Newport 3/7/1887
Comstock, Samantha D., age 59 y 2 m 23 d, April 3, wife of Orville Comstock, of pneumonia Johnson 4/23/1888
Conant, ___ Mrs., last Monday, wife of Seth W. Conant, of a tumor & dropsy, blind for a year or two East Hardwick 6/22/1885
Conant, Anna M., age 17 y 1 m 12 d, July 17, last dau of J. S. & Sophrona Conant Westfield 7/25/1887
Conant, Eliza P., age 24, Jan 14, wife of Charles Conant, of consumption Craftsbury 1/23/1888
Conant, Ezra D., age 85, born Irasburg in 1802, left VT in 1847, at Somerville, Mass (obit) Barton 9/26/1887
Conant, Hattie Mrs., Thur., dau of Dr Adgate, at Littleton, Mass East Hardwick 10/24/1887
Conner, ___ Mrs., age 68, Oct 27, wife of Moody Conner Irasburg 11/2/1885
Conner, ___ Mrs., last week, mother of F. H. Conner Irasburg 11/2/1885
Connor, __ Mrs., age 42, Feb 25, wife of John Connor, buried at St Albans, of pneumonia Craftsbury 3/7/1887
Cook, ___ Mrs., last Mon., wife of Amos Cook, dau of Nathan Norton, born in Glover (item) Glover 8/8/1887
Cook, Cecil Orlo, infant son, July 9, of J. W. & A. H. Cook Charleston 7/18/1887
Cook, Charles P., about 41, Nov 27, of James Cook, of consumption, leaves wife & son in west Barton of San Francisco 11/29/1886
Cook, Jesse E., age 2 y 3 m, Sept 25, of J. H. & Adda Cook Irasburg 10/18/1886
Cook, Sarah, age 68, Aug 1, wife of Amos Cook Glover 8/15/1887
Cooledge, Milton, formerly of Lowell Lowell 1/2/1888
Coomer, A. B., Mrs., last Wed., w/o Burt Coomer, buried E. Hardwick, of heart disease, leaves 3 week old baby Greensboro 6/24/1889
Cooper, ___ Mrs., age 59, July 20, wife of John Cooper Westfield 7/26/1886
Corbine, James, age 40, recently, brakeman, fell from moving freight train Wallingford 8/15/1887
Corey, ___ Mrs., age 58, May 31, wife of Schuyler Corey Craftsbury 6/7/1886
Corey, ___ Mrs., age 68, May 4, wife of Roswell Corey, had been ill several years Barton 5/6/1889
Corey, Allen, Feb 11, died at Santa Cruz, Calif, leaves wife & 2 kids & 2 adopted kids (item) East Craftsbury 3/15/1886
Corey, Roswell, age 76, June 25 Barton at Craftsbury 7/6/1885
Corliss, Lucie (Webster), age 37, Oct 8 Spencer, MA 10/18/1886
Corliss, Mr., aged gentleman, funeral yesterday, ill a long time & great sufferer Glover 10/15/1888
Corrow, Willie, buried last Monday, consumption of the bowels Irasburg 6/29/1885
Cotter, Dan., Friday, train fireman, killed in train wreck (item) Danville 8/3/1885
Counter, ___ Mrs., age 88, last week East Burke 11/7/1887
Counter, infant child, Sept 4, of Mr. & Mrs. George Counter East Burke 9/21/1885
Counter, Joseph, age about 60, Feb 25, buried St. Johnsbury Burke 3/1/1886
Courtney, Jonnie, last week, son of John Courtney Newport Center ? 8/17/1885
Courtney, Lois, 4th inst, wife of Martin Courtney, leaves husband & infant daughter Newport Center 8/12/1889
Cowen, Eugene, age about 21, last Monday, killed by cars at North Concord, VT (item) St J & Whitefield, NH 10/22/1888
Cowles, ____ Mrs., Nov 17, wife of Albert Cowles Craftsbury 11/22/1886
Cowles, Rebecca Mrs., age 80, May 6 Craftsbury 5/13/1889
Craig, ___ Mrs., age 19, June 7, wife of Fred Craig, leaves infant son Sutton 6/17/1889
Cram, Sarah O., age 54 y 6 m 12 d, Feb 7, wife of Abner G. Cram E Greensboro 3/30/1885
Crandall, Chester H., age 4 y, March 1(8), youngest son of Charles Crandall Derby 3/23/1885
Crandall, dau, recently, of Charles Crandall Derby 3/23/1885
Crandall, Joseph P., age about 80, Oct 28, entirely deaf since age 6, wife died about 7 yrs ago (item) S Albany at Brownington 11/18/1889
Crandall, Willie Harry, age 3 y 2 m 8 d, Sept 1, son of T. G. & V. P. Crandall Brownington 9/6/1886
Crane, ____ Mrs., last Wed., wife of Romanus Crane, softening of the brain, funeral from home of J. A. Crane Greensboro 7/22/1889
Crane, Romanus E., age 76, Dec 18 / Dec 17, found dead in his barn (item) Greensboro 12/20/1886
Crawford, Charles, age 20 mos, Wed., only child of Charles & Abbie Crawford Newport 7/16/1888
Cree, ___ Mrs., age 86, July 28, relict of C. J. Cree Wheelock 7/29/1889
Critchett, Aaron, some time ago, bro Herbert L. Critchett of Boston Newport 10/8/1888
Croft, Nora Miss, last Sat., died at Barton Landing Irasburg 1/28/1889
Croft, Nora N., age 17 y 4 m 12 d, Jan 26 Barton Landing 2/4/1889
Crosby, Gertrude, age 18 mos, Dec 14, of John Crosby Derby 12/23/1889
Crosley, Harold, little boy, Wed., son of Alden Crosley Jay 10/18/1886
Cross, Henry J., age about 58, May 22 Lowell 5/27/1889
Cullen, Willie E., age 27, Nov 20, grandson of Luther Colburn, fell 3 stories to his death (item) West Glover 12/10/1888
Culver, David, age about 58, July 17 South Barton 8/6/1888
Cummings, Jasper, age 56 y 5 m, June 4, kicked 4 weeks prior by a horse, born in Scotland (6-11) (obit) Coventry 6/25/1888
Cunningham, John T. G., age 86, Jan 25, leaves widow & sons John T. & Ira W. of Lyndon (obit) Lyndonville 2/4/1889
Currier, Alfred, young son, Thurs, son of Eli Currier, of diphtheria, buried St. J Catholic E Burke 10/18/1886
Currier, Darwin A., age 52 y 4 m, Oct 4, formerly of VT Akron, Neb 11/14/1887
Currier, Darwin A., Oct 24, son is Elmer Currier, congestion of the stomach, here from Neb. (obit) Brownington 11/14/1887
Currier, James M., age 68, 18th East Hardwick 3/22/1886
Currier, William H., age 50, Dec 19, died Manchester, NH, born Irasburg, Mbr 1st VT Cavalry, Co I Irasburg 1/24/1887
Curtis, Emma A. Mrs., Wed., of Topsham, of pneumonia St Johnsbury 4/9/1888
Curtis, Perley L., age 10 m 20 d, March 24, of B N & Lizzie A Curtis Reno, Nevada 4/12/1886
Curtis, William, old resident, last week, of acute Bright's disease West Glover 12/2/1889
Cutler, Alberta Annette, age 33 y 3 m 14 d, Sept 16, of Orrin & late Mary Y. Cutler, of consumption "Nettie" Barton 9/21/1885
Cutler, Charles, funeral tomorrow Tues. , had been insane last few months, died at the asylum Glover at Brattleboro 7/18/1887
Cutler, Mary Cameron, age 27 y 6 m, Feb 3, wife of Charles F. Cutler West Glover 2/9/1885
Cutting, Susan, late of Craftsbury Greensboro 1/4/1886
D(eos), Mattie A. Lynch, age 2(9)y 2 m 9 d, March 1(9), wife of Charles H. D(eos) West Burke 3/23/1885
Daggett, Abbie Lord, age 36, Jan 26, wife of Arthur Daggett, congestion of the lungs (item 2-9) Morgan 2/2/1885
Dailey, Alex T., age 49, Dec 20 Derby 12/27/1886
Dailey, Alex T., Dec 20, was a steward in his church (item) Derby 12/27/1886
Dale, Frank, Wed, killed by bursting of balance wheel in lumber mill Marshfield 12/16/1889
Dame, L. Miss, buried Sun., sister of Mrs. Leonard Fields, buried Newport Newport at Irasburg 4/19/1886
Damon, Dr., recently, brother is Isaac Damon Glover at Canada 10/3/1887
Damon, Geo B., recently, son of late Dr. Geo Damon, of pneumonia (item) Glover at Des Moines 5/11/1885
Dana, George, Dec 31, suffered from dropsy many months (prob a child) Lowell 1/11/1886
Dane, Mamie Flint, age 31 y 4 m, Feb 18, wife of Herbert E. Dane, d/o Mrs. R. C. Smith (item) Barton Landing of Newport 2/25/1889
Daniels, Henry F., age 18 y 9 m, Jan 9, only son of W. H. Daniels, of diphtheria (1-25) Derby 1/11/1886
Daniels, Sally B. Mrs., age 80, Aug 6 Bristol, NH 8/15/1887
Daniels, Sally B., Sat., wid of James Daniels, buried Lake Village, NH, died at son's Haynes Daniels Barton at Bristol, NH 8/15/1887
Daniels, Welcome B., March 28, of cancer (item) Westmore 4/4/1887
D'Archambeau, ___ Mr., died recently from effects of an ardent while working as a brakeman (item) Newport 6/10/1889
Darling, Arthur J., age 25, May 18 Derby 5/24/1886
Darling, Ella (Hodgdon), Tues., wife of Elias Darling, after long & distressing illness North Troy at Wolcott 2/18/1889
Darling, Ethel, age 13, Sept 16, dau of Mrs. Mary M. "Lyman" Darling, of typhoid fever Glover 10/11/1886
Darling, Ethel, last week, youngest dau of Mrs. Lyman Darling (10-11) Glover 9/20/1886
Darling, Henry, funeral Wed., son of John Darling, buried S. Wheelock (3-28) Sutton 3/7/1887
Darling, John, last Sunday West Derby 4/20/1885
Darling, Lauria Miss, age 29 y 6 m, May 25 Derby 5/31/1886
Darling, N. M., age 71 y 10 m, Oct 13 Albany 10/22/1888
Darling, N. M., Mr., last Sat, former Justice of the Peace, had sun-stroke several years ago, never recovered Albany 10/15/1888
Dashney, ___ Mrs., buried Sunday East Burke 1/2/1888
Dashney, ___ Mrs., Thur., wife of John Dashney, had been ill all winter East Burke 4/16/1888
David, Napoleon B., Friday, held town offices & Supt. of schools, disease of the brain (obit) Glover 9/13/1886
Davis, Abigail Miss, age over 80, Sunday, of ulceration of the stomach Derby 4/2/1888
Davis, Bliss N., Hon., funeral Friday (item) W Burke of Danville 2/16/1885
Davis, Clarence E., age 4 y 11 m 3 d , Dec 17, only child of F P & L A Davis, of diphtheria Newport 12/28/1885
Davis, Clarence, last week Wed., only child of Fred Davis, of diphtheria Newport 12/21/1885
Davis, Cynthia Dwyer, age 67, Dec 19, wife of Lewis Davis Barton 12/20/1886
Davis, G. F. Mr., last Sunday East Charleston 6/10/1889
Davis, H. M., Mrs., age 48 y 1 m 18 d, Sept 25 Island Pond 10/7/1889
Davis, Harriet Mrs., age 70, Sept 1 Newport 9/6/1886
Davis, Jane (Martin), age 41, March 3 (item 3-12 of fibrous tumor size of a turkey's egg in brain) Lowell 3/5/1888
Davis, Jennie (Hoyt), age 27, April 17 Westfield 4/22/1889
Davis, Johnnie, age 3 y 8 m 14 d, May 6 Holland 5/13/1889
Davis, Jonnie, age 4, Mon, of Alfred Davis, came behind his father pitching manure - stabbed in head (item) Holland 5/13/1889
Davis, Mary Mrs., age 64, April 27, mother of Hiram Davis (4-23) Derby 4/30/1888
Davis, Mrs., Wed., mother of F. P. Davis Newport 9/6/1886
Davis, Napoleon B., age 46 y 3 m 11 d, Sept 10 Glover 9/13/1886
Davis, Sarah, last Tues, widow of Demerritt Davis, buried Sutton Lyndonville & Sutton 11/2/1885
Davis, William Capt., 12th inst, suicide by paris green, married Miss S. F. Foster at Walden (obit) East Hardwick 12/20/1886
Davison, ___ Mrs., age 84, Wed., wife of Ezra Davison, of paralysis, married over 62 years (obit) (11-19) Newport 11/5/1888
Davison, Alvira Clark, age 84, Oct 31, wife of Ezra Davison Newport 11/5/1888
Davison, J. C. Mrs., last Friday, after distressing illness of 5 months, leaves husband & 2 sons Newport 4/29/1889
Davison, John A. , age about 22, last Thur., at Gorham, NH, brakeman on RR, legs cut off by cars East Hardwick 11/21/1887
Davison, Lana O. Whipple, age 51 y 4 m 17 d, April 26, wife of J. C. Davison Newport 4/29/1889
Dawson, ___ Mrs., Feb 10, age 65, wife of Frederick Dawson Derby 2/21/1887
Dawson, ___ Mrs., Feb 10, w/o Fred Dawson, fell from chair dead at supper, leaves invalid dau Derby 2/14/1887
Day, Elmira A., age nearly 74, Feb 17, wife of Lucius Day Jay 2/25/1889
Day, Hollis, age 78, Sept 6 Coventry 9/16/1889
Day, Hollis, age nearly 80, Sept 6, leaves 2nd wife & 4 children, son Henry of Arizona (obit) Coventry 9/23/1889
De Chambeau, Robert, Monday, son in law of Dr. Kimball of N Troy, leg crushed by the train (item) Lyndonville 5/27/1889
Dean, ____ Mrs., last Mon., wife of Fred Dean, of consumption, leaves husband & 2 small children (item) Coventry 9/16/1889
Dean, Belle A. Pope, age 20 y 4 m, Sept 16, wife of Fred Dean Coventry 9/30/1889
Dean, Goldie May, age 1 y 7 m 26 d, Aug 26, of Mr. & Mrs. Geo F. Dean, inflammation of the brain Barton 8/31/1885
Dean, Nancy Mrs., July 12 Sutton 7/22/1889
Dearborn, Joshua, July 20, after a very painful illness, buried at Holland, his 2 sisters are from S. Royalton West Charleston 7/30/1888
Dearborn, William, March 1, buried at Holland, had been an invalid West Charleston 3/9/1885
Decker, Betsey, age 81, Feb 1 Troy 2/11/1889
Degoosh, little girl, buried 21st inst., only child of Mr. & Mrs. N. Degoosh West Derby 4/29/1889
Delano, J. R. Mr., age about 67, 27th East Hardwick 7/2/1888
Delond, ___ Mrs., aged lady, Sat., mother of Mrs. B. P. Collier, of dropsy East Hardwick 5/17/1886
Demerritt, Verona, age 17, dau of William Demerritt, of typhoid fever & pneumonia Craftsbury 12/28/1885
Densmore, ___ Mrs., age 72, Sept 8, w/o Wm Densmore, sis of Amos Lovejoy, fell downstairs and died soon Sutton 9/17/1888
Densmore, Ella V. Kenney, age 40 y 8 m 19 d, April 15, wife of D. R. Densmore, of cancer West Burke 4/20/1885
Desmore, infant, age 8 days, last Mon., son of Charles Desmore, of canker rash West Burke 6/21/1886
Devereaux, ___ Mrs., age 57, May 2, wife of Richard Devereaux Barton 5/6/1889
Devereaux, ____ Mrs., Thur., wife of Richard Devereaux, of pneumonia Barton 5/6/1889
Dewey, Byron, two weeks, son of late Chandler Dewey, leaves wife Miss Walker of Williamstown, VT (obit) Irasburg at Paskoag, RI 9/9/1889
Dewey, Julia E. Mrs., age 44 y 9 m, April 24 Berlin 6/8/1885
Dewey, Laura K., age 86, Nov 13, widow of Lyman F. Dewey, son is Hiram K. Dewey (item) Barton & Waterford 11/15/1886
Dewing, Charles, funeral Sun Nov (15), at Manchester, NH Barton 11/26/1888
Dickerman, Lulu, child, last Thur, died of quinsy Newport 7/11/1887
Dickinson, L. C. Rev., age 65, Dec 3, of pneumonia, born Wethersfield (full obit) St Johnsbury Ctr. 12/12/1887
Dilley, son, last week, of George Dilley, of diphtheria Barton 7/15/1889
Dimick, Emma E., age 47 y 9 m 20 d, April 27, dau of Joseph W. Dimick Hardwick 5/6/1889
Dimick, George B. Capt., age 57, Wed, long & painful illness, Mbr Co. B Woodstock Light Inf., 1st Reg (obit) Bennington 12/2/1889
Dingman, __ Mrs., age 55, March 30, wife of Charles Dingman, of pneumonia Albany 4/5/1886
Dion, son, little, last Friday, drowned in well, of Jerry Dion, second child lost in the last few months Irasburg 4/27/1885
Dizan, Dora, age about 3 weeks, murdered by father W. E. Dizan two or three years ago (item) Wheelock 1/10/1887
Doane, child, last week, of H. M. Doane, of whooping cough Newport Center 5/30/1887
Donaldson, Arthur, age 83, 2d inst, buried Derby Derby of Beebe Plain 12/10/1888
Dougherty, James, age 18, recently, bro of Mrs. John Maxwell, of diphtheria Brownington at Calif 4/15/1889
Douglass, Charles, Tues last, killed by boiler explosion (long item) Stowe at Wolcott 3/22/1886
Dow, ___ Mr., age about 26, worked on railroad since Monday, run over by cars, leaves wife (item) Newport of New Hampton, NH 8/5/1889
Dow, ___ Mrs., buried Mon., wife of Geo Dow, buried W. Charleston Morgan & W Charleston 2/15/1886
Dow, Arthur L. , age 21, Thur., son of J. E. Dow, at Minneapolis, of typhoid pneumonia (item) Barton 4/29/1889
Dow, infant dau., age about 6 mos, Aug 5, of A. P. & Mary E. Dow Albany 8/22/1887
Dow, Ira, age 77, Dec 6 Wheelock 12/14/1885
Dow, John C., age 70, Oct 28 (item) Albany 11/7/1887
Dow, Julia M., Miss, age 18 y 10 m 22 d, June 6, of consumption South Walden 6/10/1889
Dow, Lucy M. Pratt, age 39, Feb 6, wife of George Dow Morgan 3/15/1886
Downing, __ Mrs., last Friday, wife of Charles W. Downing, of heart disease Newark 2/16/1885
Downing, 3 children, last week, of diphtheria Newport 12/14/1885
Downing, Mamie A., age 1 y 2 m 10 d, April 18, only dau of C. M. Downing Sutton 5/10/1886
Downs, N. H. Mrs., at Bristol, Iowa Westfield ? 12/28/1885
Doyle, Clara Miss, age about 70, of cancer Burke 12/9/1889
Doyle, Eugene, age 15, Nov 18, of H. L. & Julia Doyle, buried at Burke (11-26) Newport of W. Burke 11/26/1888
Doyle, Josie, last Thurs., great sufferer West Burke 6/17/1889
Doyle, Lizzie, age 24, Nov 18, of Selim & Sarah Doyle, sis of Mr. H. L. Doyle, of consumption (11-26) Newport at Burke 11/26/1888
Drake, __ Mrs., age 81 y 2 m 2 d, April 28, wife of Spencer Drake Sheffield 5/4/1885
Drake, Spencer, age 93, Feb 2 Sheffield 2/4/1889
Drew, Emily C. Mrs., age 78, Jan 20, dau is Mrs. Norton McLellan, of consumption Glover at Reading, Mass 2/15/1886
Drew, Ira H., 15th ult, brother of John H. Drew & Mrs. Hathaway of Hardwick, buried Hardwick (obit) Hardwick at Dakota 11/5/1888
Drew, Ira H., age 43, Oct 15, of typhoid fever Perre, Dakota 11/5/1888
Drew, Isaac, age 81 y 6 m 25 d, March 18, buried Glover Lennoxville, PQ 4/23/1888
Drew, Isaac, buried last Tues., father of R. L. Drew, buried Glover Glover at Lennoxville, PQ 3/26/1888
Drew, Mark, age 85, Oct 25, born Wolfsboro, NH, his wife died 15 years ago (obit) Irasburg 11/5/1888
Drew, Samuel, age 86, Sept 2 Barton 9/9/1889
Driver, David, age about 64, 11th W Charleston/W Burke 5/17/1886
Drown, ___ Mr., recently, brother of Hiram Drown, died at Portland, ME Charleston 2/8/1886
Drown, ____ Mrs., age 71 y 6 m, May 8, wife of Chauncey Drown South Barton 5/20/1889
Drown, ____ Mrs., old resident, last week, wife of Chauncey Drown, of pneumonia Barton 5/13/1889
Drown, Charles, last week East Burke 6/4/1888
Drown, dau, of Mrs. Drown, of diphtheria East Burke 12/27/1886
Drown, Edith M., age 3 y, Aug 21, of Melvin & Emma J. Drown South Barton 8/22/1887
Drown, Edith, little dau., funeral Tues, dau of Melvin Drown, of dysentery (8-29) South Barton 8/22/1887
Drown, Goldie, age 2 m 17 d, June 7, of C. L. & Nellie A. Drown, of lung fever Newport Center 6/21/1886
Drown, Harold Estus, age 11 m 11 d, Aug 12, only child of Edgar G. & Aphia E. Drown S. Ryegate 8/26/1889
Drown, Job, age 84, Oct 17, came to town aged 25 (item) Evansville 10/25/1886
Drown, Noah, age 80, April 1 Wheelock 4/9/1888
Drown, Silas, Sat., found dead in his bed Wheelock 1/10/1887
Dudley, Carrie Crandall, age 23, March 1(5), wife of John Dudley, of consumption Charleston 3/23/1885
Dunnett, ___ Mrs., recently, wife of Alex. Dunnett St J. at Burlington 8/20/1888
Dunton, ___ Mrs., Jan 11, wife of Calvin Dunton East Charleston 1/23/1888
Durgin, Frank, July 13, of Woodville, NH, run over by cars N. Concord of NH 7/19/1886
Durkee, ___ Mrs., recently, wife of Deacon Durkee, buried Albany Albany at St. Johnsbury 4/22/1889
Durkee, Daniel, recently, pinched between the cars & died soon after St Johnsbury 8/20/1888
Durkee, Thomas, Friday, injured by falling limb Wednesday East Craftsbury 1/3/1887
Duron, Charles Rev., buried May 12th, died Granby, VT, buried W. Charleston next to his wife West Charleston 5/17/1886
Dustin, ___ Mr., recently, brother of Dr. C. W. Dustin Craftsbury out West 2/2/1885
Dutton, child, recently, of Jacob Dutton, of cholera infantum Hardwick 8/13/1888
Dutton, D. I. Mrs., 13th inst., suddenly of heart disease, member Cong church (item) Brownington 11/23/1885
Dutton, infant, of E. G. Dutton Brownington 2/25/1889
Dwinell, D. Lyman, age 50 y 2 m, Nov 2(8), buried Glover Barton Landing 12/5/1887
Dwyer, ____ Mrs., buried 27th inst., mother of Mrs. Levi Cota West Derby 3/4/1889
Earle, Harrison, June 15, bro of A. A. Earle, at Hartford, Mich (item) Barton 6/28/1886
Eastman, Elizabeth Jane, age 60 y 11 m 15 d, April 19, wife of Bradbury Eastman, ill about 1 year Sutton 4/30/1888
Eastman, Hiram, age 79, Dec 18, died at Vancouver, W. T. Craftsbury 2/1/1886
Eaton, ___ Mrs., funeral Sunday, wife of Samuel Eaton Derby 11/5/1888
Eaton, ___ Mrs., May 23, wife of Thomas Eaton Irasburg 5/25/1885
Eaton, Albert S., age about 63, 2nd child of late Col Cyrus Eaton of Barton (full obit) Brownington 5/30/1887
Eaton, Elizabeth Mrs., age 75, Nov 2, of pneumonia at A. J. Libbeth's house Sutton 11/5/1888
Eaton, George, auction of farm and stock Derby 11/9/1885
Eaton, Thomas J., age 79, Sept 3 Irasburg 9/7/1885
Eddy, James, last Monday, leaves wife & 1 daughter, died of disease contracted in late war Evansville 1/2/1888
Eddy, Tisdale, age 54 y 5 m 6 d, April 14, son is Milo Eddy (item) Evansville 4/23/1888
Edmunds, Arthur R., age 6 m 18 d, Dec 9, of Geo F. & M. O. Edmunds Irasburg 12/19/1887
Edmunds, infant, 4th, dau of Gary Edmunds, at Moodyville, of diphtheria Westfield 2/13/1888
Edmunds, Joseph, age 87, Feb 3, died at son's William Edmunds, came from England 47 years ago (item) Westfield 2/18/1889
Edmunds, Noah, Jan 16 Salem-Derby of Westfield 1/23/1888
Edmunds, William, Sat., of paralytic shock Irasburg 2/1/1886
Edson, Lucinda Mrs., recently, brother is Lewis Cross of Lowell, leaves husband & infant Lowell at Boston 2/23/1885
Edwards, Elmira S., age 77 y 7 m, Feb 9, mother of Ira Edwards, buried Morrisville Hardwick 2/13/1888
Edwards, James A., age 57, April 5 Lowell 4/8/1889
Edwards, Noah, recently, buried Westfield at East Hill, son is Lot Edwards Westfield at Salem-Derby 1/23/1888
Eggleston, ____ Mrs., funeral Thurs., wife of Ezra Eggleston East Burke 8/26/1889
Elder, Hugh, age 90, Sept 30, to Montreal from Scotland as a young man, then moved to Stanstead (item) Derby 10/8/1888
Elder, Hugh, age 90, Sept 30, born at Scotland (obit) Derby 10/8/1888
Elkins, Harrison, sister Mrs. Orlana Root of Boston, buried last week at Sheffield next to his parents (item) Sheffield at Nebraska 10/8/1888
Elkins, Jonathan Esq., age nearly 80, Tues, son of Josiah Elkins, of cholera morbus (obit) North Troy 7/23/1888
Elkins, O. N. Col., age 49, Feb 23, of Jonathan Elkins Esq., born N. Troy Feb 7, 1838 (obit) North Troy 3/7/1887
Elliott, ____ Mrs., 29th, wife of Chauncy Elliott, dau of Joel Williams, of consumption Morgan Center 12/2/1889
Elliott, baby, age 11 mos., 6th inst., of Darius Elliot Morgan Center 9/16/1889
Ellis, Charles, Nov 23, at Claremont, NH Barton 12/3/1888
Ellis, Mr., age 88, Jan 28, father of Rev George W. Ellis, buried Essex South Albany 2/6/1888
Ellis, Reuben G., age 7 months, Aug 30, son of G. B. Ellis Barton 8/31/1885
Ellis, Reuben, about 62, March 17, of pneumonia, was asthmatic , from Barton to Sutton 40 yrs ago (obit) Sutton 3/19/1888
Ellis, Reuben, funeral Tues. (obit) Sutton 3/26/1888
Ellsworth, ___ Mr., buried last Wed Newport Center 3/28/1887
Ely, George, age 19, Wed, son of Charles Ely of Champlain, NY, run over by train while boarding St Johnsbury 6/28/1886
Emerson, Minerva, age 47, June 18, wife of Solon Emerson, dau of Spencer Howard Coventry 6/29/1885
Emerson, Solon C., age 53, May 14, drawn into gearing at saw mill, leaves 2 sons, wife died recently Barton Landing & Irasburg 5/21/1888
Engel, Babbette, Mrs., age 72, Jan 29, mother of Mrs. Levi Jacobs N. Stratford, NH 2/4/1889
Esterbrooks ____ Mrs., died March 1888, wife of H. W. Esterbrooks Sutton 8/6/1888
Esterbrooks, H. W., Mr., age 84, July 30, was born in Lyndon, married Abigail Ruggles in 1830 (obit) Sutton 8/6/1888
Evans, ___ Mrs., age about 90, widow of John Evans (item) Barton & Evansville 4/13/1885
Evans, Alfred Q., age 61, April 1, of consumption at Alonzo Gray's Sutton 4/6/1885
Evans, Joseph H., age 65 y 9 d, Sept 12, died at dau's Mrs. E. M. Buchanan, of consumption (obit) Brownington 9/17/1888
Ewens, ___ Mrs., age 78, Sept 1, wife of John Ewens Holland 9/16/1889
Fairbanks, Lucy Peck Barker, died 1866, wife of Sir Thaddeus Fairbanks, had 5 children St Johnsbury 4/19/1886
Fairbanks, Thaddeus, Sir, age 90, Mon., born Dedham, MA, married 1820 to Lucy Barker (obit) St Johnsbury 4/19/1886
Fairbanks, Willis, funeral Wed East Burke at Newark 8/20/1888
Fairbrother, Lavina Mrs., age 71, Nov 21 Coventry 11/25/1889
Fairchild, Frank M., young man, 14th inst, after a long illness, leaves new wife, mother & two sisters (item) West Derby 6/17/1889
Fairman, Mary Ann Mrs., age 7(3), 4th inst, burned to death when clothes caught on fire Westfield 10/10/1887
Farley, ____ Mrs., age 75, last Wed., wife of Frank Farley, of heart disease (item) Barton Landing 4/15/1889
Farman, Ozro, age 52, June 29 (item) Westfield 7/5/1886
Farmer, ___ Mrs., Sunday, wife of Jacob Farmer, his 3rd wife West Burke 2/22/1886
Farmer, Maria Miss, buried last Tues Coventry at Newport 5/4/1885
Farnsworth, Mrs., mother of Mrs. O. D. Clapp Coventry 12/31/1888
Farr, Dr., age 77, Tues, after a long illness Danville 5/30/1887
Farr, little son, buried last Monday, of Dana Farr Newport 9/12/1887
Farr, Mary Mrs., age 83, Wed Morgan 1/4/1886
Farrington, Jessie (Fuller), age 20 y 2 m 14 d, Dec 14, wife of W. A. Farrington Irasburg 12/23/1889
Farrington, Jessie (Fuller), Mrs., Sat, of typhoid fever, leaves husband and babe (item) Coventry 12/16/1889
Farrington, Joseph W., age 21, Jan 19, of consumption & 3 hemorrhages (item on 1-31) Irasburg 1/24/1887
Fassett, Martha Miss, Easter Sunday, out west, of consumption South Albany 4/25/1887
Fassett, Mr. John B. & Mrs., of Moretown, burned in their residence over their mills Lowell/Sutton 5/23/1887
Fassett, O. F. Dr., died 1887 St. Albans 1/16/1888
Faufaw, Monroe, taken sick in the fall, died at Richford Jay 1/9/1888
Fayer, ___ Mrs., Oct 11, wife of Harvey Fayer, of typhoid fever, leaving 4 small children (10-24) Glover at Greensboro 10/17/1887
Ferguson, ____ Mr., 20th inst, prosperous farmer & respected citizen Sheffield 3/25/1889
Ferguson, John, age 71, March 20 Sheffield 3/24/1889
Ferrin, son, age 6 mos, April 16, of Jared Ferrin Lowell 4/23/1888
Field, B. B. Mr., last Monday Newport at W. Derby 6/27/1887
Field, Horace, last Sat, after long & painful illness Newport 7/1/1889
Field, Nettie, age 24, Thur., oldest child of W. Field Troy 8/23/1886
Fields, Dennie, age 8 y 9 m, May 13 Irasburg 5/14/1888
Fields, James A., age 37 y 10 m, Dec 31, of consumption McIndoes 1/18/1886
Fields, Levi, Jan 15, of consumption Irasburg 1/24/1887
Fields, Sol., died Sat, of pneumonia Newport 2/16/1885
Finnegan, ___ Mrs., Aug 28, wife of John Finnegan Lowell 9/7/1885
Fisher, ___ Mrs., age 24 y 10 m, March 16, wife of Charles Fisher Irasburg 3/26/1888
Fisher, ___ Mrs., wife of L. Fisher, died at Dakota, buried Walcott Glover 3/30/1885
Fisher, Roy, age 10 m 15 d, son of Charles W. Fisher, of consumption, soon after death of his mother Irasburg 4/9/1888
Fisher, Thomas S., age 78, March 4, born Keene, NH, married Mary Ann Waitman in 1837, 6 kids (obit) Irasburg at Montgomery 3/14/1887
Fisk, Roswell F., age about 65, Feb 19 Barton 2/25/1889
Fisk, Susan, Mrs., age about 89, Jan 18 Barton 2/25/1889
Fiske, Orville Thomas, age 48, April ___, died Maine, Minn., born in Irasburg Irasburg 6/15/1885
Fitz, Walter, buried Thurs. Albany 8/12/1889
Fitzgerald, Patrick, age about 35, July 27 Lowell 8/3/1885
Flanders, ___ Mrs., age 98 y 4 m, Aug 13, wife of Reubin Flanders (item) Sheffield 8/22/1887
Flanders, Alice M., age 16, Dec 2 Greensboro Bend 12/10/1888
Flanders, Benjamin, age nearly 78, March 2 Morgan 3/5/1888
Flanders, Sibley, age 19 y 8 m, Nov 28, of diphtheria North Greensboro 12/2/1889
Fleming, Oscar S., age about 60, Feb 17 Lowell 2/25/1889
Flemming, Mr., Thur., crushed to death by falling boards, leaves wife & 4 children, buried Brownington North Troy of Brownington 12/23/1889
Fletcher, __ Mrs., 27th ult Coventry 5/4/1885
Fletcher, ____ Mrs., Thur., wife of Harvey Fletcher, lightning struck her in their bed (item) (8-8) Barton at Lowell 8/1/1887
Fletcher, Charles, Aug 3, of consumption Brownington 8/12/1889
Fletcher, Elmer, age about 27, March 20 Lowell 3/24/1889
Fletcher, Erastus, age 82, July 9 Lowell 7/16/1888
Fletcher, Fred, 12th inst, of consumption at Mr. Kidder's Coventry 3/29/1886
Fletcher, Fred, March 12, of Leonard & Julia Fletcher Coventry 3/22/1886
Fletcher, little dau, of Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher Barton Landing 8/9/1886
Fletcher, Welcome, age 91, Aug 17 Wheelock 8/27/1888
Flint, Fred, age 64, Jan 9, of heart disease Troy & Newport 1/17/1887
Flint, Loami B., Mr., age 78, Sept 28, was South Church sexton for 30 years (obit) St Johnsbury 10/8/1888
Flood, Hannah (Lougee), age 81 y 13 d, Nov 28, widow of William Flood Glover 12/20/1886
Flower, Bradford, Thur., father of Halsey Flower, buried Burke Newport 9/21/1885
Flower, Harvey, age about 59, Wed, suicide by hanging E. Burke 6/29/1885
Fogg, dau, recently, dau of Charles Fogg Westmore 6/22/1885
Fogg, Geo W., Capt., Thursday, buried Georgeville, PQ Newport & Derby 4/6/1885
Fogg, John, age 81, May 14 Westmore 5/18/1885
Fogg, Zimri H., age 39, June 23, drowned (item) Westmore 6/28/1886
Folsom, ___ Mrs., buried Sunday, wife of John Folsom, struck with paralysis Stannard 1/23/1888
Ford, child, Sat., youngest of George Ford Barton Landing 9/14/1885
Ford, Julia Mrs., age 24, last Sat, leaves husband & 1 child, of consumption Jay 4/11/1887
Forsaith, Mr., Sat., buried at Franklin County Newport Center 8/22/1887
Fort, Miss/Mrs..?, buried recently, sister of Will Fort, buried at Montpelier West Charleston 2/28/1887
Foster, ____ Mrs., age 73, buried at Bakersfield Jay 3/22/1886
Foster, Jennie I., age 2(6) y 2 m, Nov 17, dau of Elisha Foster Evansville 11/21/1887
Freeman, May, about 7, Dec 13, dau of Mrs. Charles Freeman Lowell 12/16/1889
Freeto, Ziba Mr., last week, buried Monday, of pneumonia East Burke 11/1/1886
French, ___ Mrs., age 58, March 25, wife of Lindol French Glover 3/29/1886
French, Asa L. Hon., age 82, Feb 13, born Craftsbury, married Laura Wright (full obit) St Johnsbury 2/22/1886
French, Cora E. Miss, age 24 y 5 m, April 18 Sutton 6/6/1887
French, F. J., Oct 30, of diabetes East Hardwick 11/8/1886
French, Frank F., age 37, Feb 6, of sugar diabetes Barton 2/8/1886
French, Joseph M., age 62, at San Francisco, went to Calif in 1850 Holland 5/6/1889
French, Laura (Wright), died 1879, wife of Hon. Asa L. French St Johnsbury 2/22/1886
French, Martha H., age 67, Aug 25, w/o Hon Fordyce French, mom of Mrs. O. D. Owen, abed for 12 years (obit) Barton 8/27/1888
French, Prudence Mrs., 21st inst, typhoid pneumonia Coventry 4/27/1885
French, S. F. , old citizen, Thur, after a long illness, lived with the Metcalf family Coventry 6/4/1888
Friend, little dau, of Mr. Friend, of diphtheria Lowell 4/25/1887
Frost, Charles H., age 69, June 30, died at Middleton, Mass, of cancer of the stomach (obit) Sutton 7/16/1888
Fuller, Hattie Miss, age 20, March 12 Derby 3/18/1889
Gage, Mary, age 27 y 4 m, Oct 27 Craftsbury 11/1/1886
Gage, Polly Mrs., age 92, last Tues, son is Isaac Gage East Burke 5/2/1887
Gale, Allie, son of John Gale, died in Mass, buried Newport on Sat., of heart disease Newport 12/28/1885
Gale, Anna, Jan 12, eldest dau of Thomas Gale, of pneumonia West Derby/Newport 1/17/1887
Gale, child, a day or two ago, of Thomas Gale West Derby & Newport 1/10/1887
Gale, little dau, Jan 5, of Thomas Gale, of membranous croup West Derby 1/17/1887
Gale, Mary W., age 76 y 4 m, April 14, widow of Benjamin Gale Bath 4/27/1885
Gallup, Harlie G., age 7 m 27 d, Aug 26, only child of Denison & Frances Gallup, sick only a few hours Evansville 9/3/1888
Gallup, Henderson, March 22, died at residence of Daniel Moore West Charleston 3/28/1887
Gangain, Lewis, 29th ult, laid in snow at -30, both hands & feet amputated (item) Barton 2/2/1885
Gardner, Emma Miss, age 18, Nov 3 Westfield 11/18/1889
Gardner, Emma, young lady, buried Lowell North Troy 11/11/1889
Garfield, Edwin, Monday, prob of heart disease, leaves wife (item) Sheffield 11/9/1885
Garfield, Hosea, age 74, Sept 4, had shock of paralysis on Aug 31, he never regained consciousness Sheffield 9/10/1888
Garfield, Ira, age 83/84, Feb 9, died at the house of Henry Dewing, born in Glover (item) Glover 2/21/1887
Garno, Fred G., age 29, May 14 Barton Landing 5/21/1888
Garvin, Thomas, age 78, June 19, sister is Mrs. G. W. Ellis, buried St Albans, of closing of bile duct (item) South Albany 6/24/1889
Gary, Joanna Mrs., widow of Thomas Gary, has been insane last 12 years (full obit) Barton 2/15/1886
Gaskill, Hubbard, last Sunday, brother F. Gaskill West Burke 4/13/1885
Gaskill, Mary (Pillsbury), age 60, Oct 4, wife of A. B. Gaskill, apoplectic shock (item) Burke & Barton 10/12/1885
Gates, Bertha, last Wed., "tragic death" (item) Barton Land ? at St J. 11/18/1889
Gaulong, 4 of family, recently, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Gay, Nelson Hon., age 55, 7th inst., thrown from carriage against a tree, of Gaysville at Bethel (obit) Sutton 5/23/1887
Geary, Joanna Mrs., age about 60, Feb 4 (obit 2-15) Barton 2/8/1886
Gebbie, ____ Mrs., age 65, 20th inst, wife of John Gebbie, came from Scotland 45 years ago (item) E Craftsbury 7/27/1885
George, Ernest, recently Albany 10/21/1889
George, Ernie, funeral last Tues. Barton Landing 7/29/1889
George, Gertie, age 8, June 21, dau of O. M. & A. J. George, inflammation of the bowels Albany 6/28/1886
George, Lemuel, age 85 y 7 m 7 d, Dec 1 Walden 2/7/1887
Gereau, Daniel, 8th inst, after a long illness Lowell 1/17/1887
Gerrish, Calvin, age 78 y 8 m, Jan 31, father of Mrs. H. K. Dewey & Maj. H. F. Gerrish, of heart disease Barton at Concord, NH 2/6/1888
Gibb, David, age 80, died in West Derby, buried at Salem-Derby Salem-Derby 9/20/1886
Gibbie, child, recently, of Thomas Gibbie Greensboro 1/17/1887
Gibbs, Mr., aged man, Friday, buried Salem-Derby W. Derby at Newport 9/6/1886
Gibbs, Mrs., age 101, died at Brandon, was a town charge Glover 2/27/1888
Gibson, ___ Mrs., last week, niece of Stephen Roberts, died at Barnet Coventry 6/10/1889
Gibson, J. A. Rev., died suddenly while drawing wood (item) (2-14) Brownington 2/7/1887
Gibson, Laura Miss, age 81, June 29, died at Calvin Gibson's Westmore 7/2/1888
Gilbert, 5 children died previous to Sat., of Octave Gilbert, of diphtheria, 2 children left Salem-Derby 12/28/1885
Gilbert, Jennie R., age 44, Nov 30, wife of Carlos D. Gilbert Newport 12/10/1888
Gilbert, Joseph P., age 75, July 16, died at Farlbault, Minn. St J & Lyndon 8/1/1887
Gilbert, Kate, Sat., buried today, died at her brother Cush. Newport 10/26/1885
Gilbert,___ Mrs., last Friday Newport 12/10/1888
Gilman, ___ Mrs., last July, wife of John Gilman, prob at Sparta, Wisc. Sutton (at Wisc ?) 10/1/1888
Gilman, ___ Mrs., Sept 3, wife of Dr. Gilman, had recently had a baby Brownington 9/10/1888
Gilman, Abbie, age 50, last Tues., wife of M. L. Gilman, leaves husband & adopted dau (obit) South Albany 7/22/1889
Gilman, Alma H., age 29 y 6 m 8 d, Sept 3, wife of Dr. Wilber F. Gilman Brownington 9/17/1888
Gilman, Ellen (May), age 42, Jan 4, wife of Carlos B. Gilman Minneapolis, Minn. 1/18/1886
Gilman, George C., last Friday, inflammation of the stomach Newport 10/4/1886
Gilman, John, 22d inst., brother of Rev H. L. Gilman, at Sparta, Wisc, John went from Greensboro 40 yrs ago Sutton 10/1/1888
Gilmore, Florence (Tenney) Mrs., age about 30, April 18 Albany 4/22/1889
Gilmore, John, age 52, April 16, buried Glover, had lost 2 fingers at mill, died of Bright's disease S. Albany at Craftsbury 4/25/1887
Gilmour, ___ Mrs., last week, wife of James Gilmour, sis Cora (Tenney) Brock of Minneapolis (item) Albany 4/22/1889
Gilmour, David, age 68 y 11 m, Dec 26, native of Scotland Glover 1/7/1889
Gilmour, David, last Wed., born Scotland, from the effects of a fall (item) West Glover 12/31/1888
Gilpin, Eliza Mrs., age 74, Jan 31, son is W. B. Gilpin Westfield 2/4/1889
Gingrass, boy, age 4, last Tues., of Lewis Gingrass, drowned in the river St Johnsbury 12/19/1887
Gleason, George R., age 38 y 8 m, Nov 12, of cancer Barton Landing 11/15/1886
Glee, Harry, age about 17 mos, April 15, only child of Sidney & Sarah Glee Newport 4/19/1886
Goddard, child, age 2, last week, of George Goddard, of the croup Westfield 12/2/1889
Goddard, Joseph, age 50, Feb 9, of dropsy Holland 2/14/1887
Goddard, Lizzie Miss, age 21, Feb 28, of consumption (item) Westfield 3/7/1887
Godding ___ Mrs., widow of Rev Rufus Godding, at Providence, RI East Burke 1/31/1887
Godding, __ Mrs., last Jan., wid of Rev Rufus Godding, at Providence, RI, relative is Alvah Godding East Burke 6/20/1887
Godding, child, "another child" buried last week, of Sumner Godding Newport 2/20/1888
Godding, son, age 19 mos, last Fri., of Sumner Godding, of lung fever Newport 2/13/1888
Goding, Lulu, age 1 y 9 m, Feb 10, of Sumner S. & Henrietta Goding Newport 9/17/1888
Goding, Myrton Stetson, age 3 m 17 d, Sept 2, of Sumner S. & Henrietta Goding Newport 9/17/1888
Going, Albert, age 15 y 5 m, Feb 1, of G. W. & Maria J. Going Brownington 2/23/1885
Going, Albert, Feb 1, son of George W. Going, of typhoid fever, buried center cemetery Brownington 2/9/1885
Going, baby, recently, only child of George Going, at NH Brownington 3/19/1888
Goldsmith, Middleton, died 1887 Rutland 1/16/1888
Goodell, ___ Mr., 12th inst., father of Mrs. S. S. Doud, buried Lyndon Sutton 9/16/1889
Goodnow, Lucy J., age 87 y 8 m, April 23, wid of Isaac Goodnow (item) South Barton 4/29/1889
Goodrich, ____, age 83, Dec 21 Craftsbury 12/31/1888
Goodrich, A. W. , recently Westfield 11/28/1887
Goodrich, Almira Miss, about 76, 18th inst, dau of Asahel Goodrich who died 45 years ago, end of family East Hardwick 3/25/1889
Goodrich, Almira Miss, age about 76, March 18 East Hardwick 3/24/1889
Goodrich, Ira, last Sunday, of apoplexy Hardwick 1/14/1889
Goodrich, Lucinda Miss, aged lady, Monday, leaves sister Almira Goodrich (item) East Hardwick 3/18/1889
Goodrich, Oscar W., Wed., buried at Lowell, Vt Nov 19 Craftsbury 11/21/1887
Goodridge, Theodore, age 84, Dec 22, died at Craftsbury Lowell 12/31/1888
Goodwin, Asa, age 15, Jan 5, son of Royal B & Almira Goodwin Craftsbury 1/25/1886
Goodwin, Daniel, last week Glover 9/27/1886
Goodwin, Judith Cook, age 86, June 26, prev w/o Moses Avery, born Grafton Co., NH (obit) Craftsbury 7/18/1887
Gordon, ____ Mr., recently, brother of D. P. Gordon of Barton Manchester, NH 1/14/1889
Goss, Myrtie Wheeler, age 8 m 14 d, Oct 15, of H. C. & L. E. Goss Jay 10/21/1889
Gough, John B., funeral Sunday East Burke 3/1/1886
Graham, A(nn) Mrs., 25th inst, of cancer South Albany 10/3/1887
Graham, John, age 76, June 28, visiting sons died at Wisconsin, inflammation of the bowels (item) E Craftsbury 7/6/1885
Graham, Maria Miss, of Richmond, PQ, went to FL with her two brothers, of pneumonia Greensboro at Florida 4/2/1888
Grandy, Lorenzo C., Monday, accident - hit in head by pile driver hammer (full obit) St Johnsbury 8/9/1886
Grant, ___ Mrs., last Thursday, wife of Joseph Grant, after long illness, leaves 5 children Coventry 11/11/1889
Grant, Elisha, age 38, June 21 Morgan 6/27/1887
Grant, Joseph P., age 63 y 7 m, Sept 11, of heart disease Coventry 9/26/1887
Grant, Joseph, Sunday, died of heart disease, leaves wife & 5 kids, buried Irasburg (obit) Coventry 9/19/1887
Gravelin, ____ Mrs., last Tues., wife of Albert Gravelin, of typhoid fever (10-26) Barton Landing 10/19/1885
Gravelin, Mary L. Mrs., age 39 y 9 m, Oct 16 Barton Landing 10/26/1885
Graves, __ Mrs., age 39, wife of Charles E. Graves Bennington 11/4/1889
Graves, ___ Mrs., age 72, Aug 20, wife of William Graves, leaves an only son Willie (item) Barton 8/24/1885
Graves, Harley H., age 40 y 11 m 21 d, March 31 Barton 4/6/1885
Graves, Laura E. Miss, age 16 y 11 m 5 d, March 7 Glover 3/15/1886
Graves, Nancy H. (Currier) Mrs., age 73 y 10 m 29 d, Aug 20 Barton 8/31/1885
Graves, Sylvester D. [Dana], age 62 y 8 m, April 25, buried W. Glover Barton 4/30/1888
Gray, Alexander B., age 78, Jan 21 Sheffield at Lyndonville 1/30/1888
Gray, Alice, age 19, Feb 15, inflammation of the bowels Holland 2/23/1885
Gray, Aurilla (Taft) Mrs., age 68, Aug 16 Newark 8/31/1885
Gray, dau, age 8 months, Aug 30, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gray Barton 8/31/1885
Gray, Emily H., age 51, Jan 4, wife of John Gray Derby 1/11/1886
Gray, George E., last Mon, brakeman on train, struck a bridge, killed instantly, uncle is Silas W. Gray (item) Sutton 6/17/1889
Gray, Hattie E., 28th ult (item) Sheffield 9/6/1886
Gray, Henry M., Oct 2, son of Elvira Gray Barton 10/21/1889
Gray, Henry, young man, last Tues., son of Jacob G. Gray, buried Sheffield, of consumption Barton 10/7/1889
Gray, Homer, last Tues, only son of Selden Gray, buried Center, sister is Mrs. Pelaw at Derby Brownington at Derby 3/9/1885
Gray, infant dau, Nov 14, of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gray, of whooping cough Holland 11/19/1888
Gray, Ira, this week, buried with military honors Glover 10/4/1886
Gray, Jacob, age 85, last Tues, had fallen & broken his hip, buried Sheffield Brownington 11/16/1885
Gray, Jane, age 52 y 5 m 27 d, Jan 23, wife of Luther Gray, only dau of Luther Rice, of cancer (item) Sutton 2/2/1885
Gray, William, last Tues., son of Hubbard Gray, at Colorado Springs (7-2) Coventry 6/25/1888
Greely, Sylvester, Friday, son of Mrs. L. W. Wetherbee, killed by the cars (item) Sutton at Conn. 5/17/1886
Green, ___ Mrs., last Tues., mother of Heza S. Green of Newport Newport 7/11/1887
Green, David, age about 60 Salem-Derby 6/17/1889
Green, H. B. Mr., last Tues., of consumption, leaves wife & 1 child (item) Newport 7/8/1889
Green, infant son, last Sat., of H. S. Green, of croup Newport 1/9/1888
Green, James Y., age 52, Aug 4, to Newport from ST. J 23 yrs ago, of typhoid fever (obit) Newport 8/9/1886
Greenwood, Lillie L., age 14, Feb 10 Lowell 2/18/1889
Greenwood, son, age about 8, Sat., of Jacob Greenwood, load of logs fell on him (3-29) Lowell 3/22/1886
Gregory, D., Mrs., recently, buried Brownington Brownington at Danville, PQ 12/16/1889
Gregory, Minerva (Tracy), funeral Dec 8, mother of Rev. Daniel Gregory, died at Danville, PQ Brownington 12/23/1889
Griswold, Hugh H., Tues., buried at Waterbury (item) Barton 1/31/1887
Grout, Loraine, some years ago, wife of Gen. Grout, only child of M/M Isaac B. Smith (item) Barton & Glover  
Grover, Elisha B., age 46 y 7 m, Jan 14, of quick consumption, at home of Geo. D. White Brownington 1/21/1889
Grow, ___ Mrs., May 31, wife of George W. Grow Brownington 6/10/1889
Grow, ___ Mrs., Nov 3, wife of William Grow Morgan Center 11/15/1886
Guild, ___ Mrs., last Friday, wife of Job Guild, of lung trouble Barton Landing 12/17/1888
Guild, Mary, age 58, Sept 1, wife of Ezra Guild Coventry 9/7/1885
Gunn, Joseph, Monday, brakeman on rail road, fell between cars Island Pond 1/19/1885
Gustin, Isaac, age 82, July 29 Burke 8/3/1885
Hadlock, Andrew, 27th ult Jay 3/11/1889
Hafford, child, recently, only child of John Hafford South Albany 11/18/1889
Haines, Samuel, 19th inst., at Hooksett, NH, of apoplexy, buried Greensboro Greensboro 11/29/1886
Hale, Fred, age 22, Sunday, son of Amos P. Hale, fell from the platform of the night express at Woodsville St. Johnsbury 6/25/1888
Hale, Herbert, age 9, son of Walter Hale, drowned in Paddock's village below the dam (item) St Johnsbury 5/13/1889
Hall, ___ Mrs., recently, wife of Albert Hall, died at Brattleboro asylum Greensboro 3/14/1887
Hall, ____ Mrs., Jan 28, wife of John Hall, disease of the pancreas & 10 gallstones Barton Landing 1/31/1887
Hall, ____ Mrs., Sat., Sat., wife of Marshall Hall, had been ill a long time Newport 10/12/1885
Hall, Dudley P., age 64, June 22, son of Elias Hall, of pneumonia (full obit) St Johnsbury 6/29/1885
Hall, Ella H., Sat., dau of late Dudley Hall, of gastric fever Lyndonville 11/28/1887
Hall, Frankie, 10th inst., oldest son of Mrs. George Hall, of diphtheria West Derby 3/18/1889
Hall, George, Sat, caught in belt at Clyde River Paper Mill, leaves wife & 3 children (item) West Derby 3/14/1887
Hall, H. M. Mr., wife Mrs. Bowman moved his remains from E Burke to St Johnsbury East Burke 10/17/1887
Hall, H., Mrs., buried last Sat. Irasburgh 1/31/1887
Hall, Joshua R., age 52 y 2 m 26 d, Oct 12 Holland 10/21/1889
Hallett, Russel, old citizen, July 30 St Johnsbury 8/9/1886
Ham, M. T., Mr., 2d inst., leaves a widow West Derby 10/7/1889
Hamblet, Infant child, Aug 11, of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hamblett Morgan 8/15/1887
Hamilton, ___ Mrs., 4th inst, wife of James Hamilton, buried Salmon Falls, NH, of paralysis Greensboro Bend 7/9/1888
Hamilton, Thomas W., June 23, killed while putting up machinery in iron works (item) St Johnsbury 7/6/1885
Hammond, boy, buried April 30, infant of David Hammond West Derby 5/6/1889
Hammond, Eli, age 84, Nov 7, father of Mrs. R. Colby Wheelock & W. Charleston 11/11/1889
Hammond, Lorenzo P., old citizen, 30th ult, wife is alive in a feeble condition after breaking bones Barton 4/4/1887
Hammond, Welby (Wilbur??) , age about 60, last Wed, of consumption Newport Center 10/25/1886
Hancock, Inez, age 18 y 6 m, Oct 22, dau of Asa B. Hancock, by a tumor Coventry & Irasburg 10/29/1888
Hanscomb, Aaron, age 70, Nov 17 Sheffield 11/25/1889
Hanson, Emma Blake, age 37 y 9 m 11 d, July 11, wife of Wallace Hanson Glover 8/6/1888
Hanson, Hosea B., age about 70, Dec 22, died at the poor farm from inebriation (item) Derby 12/24/1888
Harding, Hamlin R., age 66, last Tues., Ex-Mayor of Cambridge, MA, born Lunenburg (obit) Cambridge, MA 12/30/1889
Hardy, George P., June 16, died at Montreal, injured at his mill North Troy 6/24/1889
Hardy, Mary A. Mrs., age 73, Feb 24 Derby 3/7/1887
Harriman, Columbus, age 78, May 17, had been feeble for a long time (7-18) Craftsbury 5/23/1887
Harriman, Etta Miss, age 18, April 11, of consumption, buried at the Common Craftsbury 4/16/1888
Harrington, Henry, age 36, April 13 Eden 4/16/1888
Harris, (Gertie) Fitz ( ), age (5)0, Feb 2(6), wife of (James) Harris Lawrence, MA 3/23/1885
Harris, John D., recently Danville 12/31/1888
Harris, Lewis, Sat, fireman killed in accident at White River Junction (item) Newport Center 3/18/1889
Hartson, Angeline Mrs., age 53, July 3 Wheelock 7/12/1886
Hartwell, Hope Mrs., age 82, March 15 Lowell 3/18/1889
Hartwell, Sumner, age 55, Tues, leaves widow & 2 sons (obit) West Burke 11/4/1889
Harvey, Gracie, this week, funeral 10th, dau of A. C. Harvey St Johnsbury 5/17/1886
Harvey, O. D. Mr., Wed, of apoplexy, found dead in bed (item) West Derby 12/12/1887
Hascall, Herbert, age 22, last week, fell from train and was run over, married 4 weeks ago (item) Rutland at Danby 6/11/1888
Haskell, J. W. Mr., age 73, Mon., born Barre in 1813, married Harriet Baker who survives (full obit) Barton at St J 5/30/1887
Hastings, ___ Mrs., last week, widow of Lambert Hastings St Johnsbury 11/21/1887
Hastings, daughter, age 12, 9th inst., youngest dau of E. L. Hastings, of spinal meningitis Craftsbury 8/12/1889
Hastings, Hubbard, age 80, last Friday, son Charles, native of St. J. (full obit of his jobs) St Johnsbury 12/9/1889
Hastings, Lambert, age 80, July 7, at son in law's Dr. S. T. Brooks, leaves widow, & 5 kids & 3 bro's St Johnsbury 7/18/1887
Hatch, Edgar, age 53 y 4 m, Aug 31, of M/M Edwin Hatch, of typhoid malaria, born in Montpelier 1835 (obit) Craftsbury at Kansas City, MO 9/24/1888
Hathaway, Stella (Shedd), 4th, wife of Mahlon Hathaway , of cancer Hardwick of Calais 2/13/1888
Hauner, ___ Mrs., age 19, 5th inst, wife of Lucian Hauner Newport Center 12/17/1888
Hawkins, Hattie Miss, age 22, at Calais, niece of Mrs. John Sherburn Glover 10/11/1886
Hawkins, Ruth Miss, 10th inst., long sufferer of consumption West Derby 5/14/1888
Hawley, ___ Mrs., age 85, May 24, wife of Edward Hawley Derby 5/31/1886
Hayes, Mr., Monday, killed in a fight Lyndonville 1/4/1886
Hayes, Murie, age 2 y 7 m, July 18, dau of Fred & Ida Hayes of MA Coventry 7/22/1889
Haynes, ____ Mrs., 14th ult., at Medfield, Mass, of dysentery (10-26) Irasburg 10/5/1885
Haynes, Charles Elmer, age 28, Oct 9, only son of J J & E J Haynes, only remaining sister is Mrs. Julia Knight Irasburg at Medford, MA 10/26/1885
Haynes, Eliza Jane Sanborn, age 57, Sept 14, wife of J. J. Haynes, of typhoid pneumonia Irasburg at Medford, MA 10/26/1885
Haynes, J. J. Mr., 14th ult., at Medfield, Mass, of fever (10-26) Irasburg 10/5/1885
Haynes, John Jason, age 63, Sept 14, of typhoid dysentery (item) Irasburg at Medford, MA 10/26/1885
Hayward, Moses, age 76, at Penacook, NH Barton 11/2/1885
Haywood, Levi, age 72, Nov 1 West Burke 11/5/1888
Hazeltine, ___ Mrs., age 62, April 22 Sheffield 5/10/1886
Healy, son, age 2 y 3 m, Dec 11, of Charles Healy, of diphtheria Irasburg 12/16/1889
Heath, Alonzo, age 70, Dec 16 Albany 12/24/1888
Heath, Alonzo, old resident, last night, had been in feeble health for 3 years East Albany 12/17/1888
Heath, Amanda Miss, age 48 y 7 m 5 d, June 10, suddenly of apoplexy (6-10) Irasburg at Barton Land. 6/17/1889
Heath, Benjamin Dea., age about 80, Friday, member of Free Baptist Church, buried Barton East Albany 8/31/1885
Heath, Carrie, age 51, April 21, wife of S. J. Heath, of consumption Brownington 5/2/1887
Heath, Ella, recently, dau of Mrs. Cyrus Heath, of pneumonia Brownington at Orford, NH 3/30/1885
Heath, Ida, Wed East Burke 4/18/1887
Heath, Julia, age 8, Dec 13, dau of John Heath Derby 12/23/1889
Heath, L. C. Mr., age 62, Jan 28, died in bed Holland 2/2/1885
Heath, little girl, 13th, of John Heath, of membranous croup Salem-Derby 12/23/1889
Heath, Willie, 16th inst, came home from Providence, RI, of malarial fever Holland 1/23/1888
Heath, Willie, Jan 16 Holland 1/23/1888
Heerman, Clyde Rogers, infant, Aug 17, of Fred & Florence Heerman Coventry 8/19/1889
Heerman, infant, last Friday, of W. Heerman Coventry 9/6/1886
Heermon, Claude, age 6, Oct 26, of canker rash, ill 5 days Coventry 10/29/1888
Heminway, Samuel, recently St J. of Waterford 6/10/1889
Henderson, Hattie (Gage), 22d, wife of G. W. Henderson, of child birth (long obit) (item 11/1/86) Craftsbury at Newport 3/29/1886
Henderson, little child, Nov 29, of Mr. Henderson Craftsbury 12/6/1886
Herbert, ___ Mrs., age 42 y 4 m, Feb 8, wife of Lewis Hebert Hardwick 2/13/1888
Hicks, John, funeral Friday, brother of Mrs. A. C. Sleeper Newport at Berkshire 12/16/1889
Hidden, Simeon, age 85, Feb 24 Craftsbury 2/28/1888
Hildreth, D. J. Mrs., age 77 y 10 m 10 d, Jan 28, mother of Levi Hildreth Barton Landing 1/30/1888
Hildreth, Elmer, recently, son of Denison Hildreth, at Fair Haven, CT West Charleston 1/3/1887
Hildreth, Willis, little son, Jan 8, son of Leavitt Hildreth, of gastric fever W. Charleston 1/12/1885
Hill, Deborah Mrs., age 98, Feb 14 Holland 2/21/1887
Hill, Jerome J., recently, of pneumonia, station agent of Bennington & Rutland line Sunderland 4/16/1888
Hill, Melinda, age 22 y 1 m 5 d, Oct 23, wife of Andrew Hill Greensboro 10/31/1887
Hinckley, Lyman G., died 1887 Chelsea 1/16/1888
Hines, ____ Mrs., buried Sunday, wife of Warren Hines Newport 1/18/1886
Hines, Clara (Putnam), age 40, 16th inst, dau of Rev Geo Putnam of New Orleans (full obit) Albany at ST J. Center 2/22/1886
Hinman, ___ Mrs., age 19, Nov 29, wife of George Hinman, of consumption Derby 12/6/1886
Hinman, ___ Mrs., last Monday, wife of Aaron Hinman Derby 11/16/1885
Hinman, Agnes Bertha, age 11 y 2 m 20 d, Feb 2, adopted dau of Mr. & Mrs. Wm Hinman Derby 2/8/1886
Hinman, Gary, age 13, June 26, of Dr. C. S. Hinman West Charleston 7/8/1889
Hinman, Veda, age 5, Aug 11, dau of Dr. Hinman West Charleston 8/20/1888
Hinton, dau, age 1 year, last Mon., of Jesse Hinton, of membranous croup Westmore 1/3/1887
Hitchcock, ___ Mrs., funeral yesterday, wife of Charles Hitchcock Lowell 11/15/1886
Hitchcock, ___ Mrs., Tues., wife of Mark Hitchcock, of typhoid fever Westfield 8/24/1885
Hitchcock, Harvey, age 75, Nov 19, born at Westfield Feb 25, 1814, married twice, buried Peacham (obit) Westfield at Chicopee, MA 12/2/1889
Hodgden, Betsy, age 83, March 5 Craftsbury 3/16/1885
Hodge, Ellen Eunice, age 19 y 8 m 3 d, March 30 Albany at Smithville, MA 4/2/1888
Hodgman, Eva Miss, 24th inst., dau of Mrs. William Hodgman Lowell at Epping, NH 12/30/1889
Hogaboom, ___ Mrs., 18th inst, wife of James Hogaboom, buried Highgate Greensboro Bend of Walden 2/25/1889
Holman, Lovisa, age 77, Mar 10, relict of late Chauncey Holman, was visiting son Sylvester in Kansas Barton at Ellis, Kansas 3/23/1885
Holmes, ___ Mr., oldest citizen, Oct 19, dau is Mrs. R. Bates Waitsfield 11/4/1889
Holmes, ____ Mr., Thursday, after long & painful illness Morgan Center 5/21/1888
Holmes, infant son, age 11 m 18 d, Jan 31, of Isaac E. & Violet M. Holmes South Barton 2/11/1889
Holmes, Mr., recently, brother is Joseph Holmes of South Albany Waterville 1/14/1889
Holmes, son, age 3, Monday, of Peter Holmes, child fell backwards into tub of hot water St Johnsbury 3/21/1887
Holston, Winnie, age about 3, July 14, of Addie & Martin Holston West Derby 7/22/1889
Holt, ___ Mrs., age 66, April 8, wife of Horace Holt Derby 4/18/1887
Holtham, John, age 79, June 11 Sutton 6/20/1887
Holtham, John, age about 79, Sat, buried South Barton Sutton 6/13/1887
Hopkins, Enos D., April 29, widow survives him & sons Anson S. & George & 2 dau's (full obit) St Johnsbury at Conant, FL 5/14/1888
Hopkins, Gertie, dau of Rev Mr. Hopkins, buried West Derby East Charleston 3/26/1888
Hopkins, Kate Miss, age 32 y 9 m, May 27 Barton 5/30/1887
Hopkins, Katie, buried at Irasburg on Tues., of Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Hopkins Barton 6/6/1887
Horne, H. R. Mrs., Wednesday, of consumption Barton Landing 7/6/1885
Houghton, Abel, died 1842 St Johnsbury 4/13/1885
Houghton, Jennette, age 97, 7th, widow of Abel Houghton, lived with son Abel Houghton St Johnsbury 4/13/1885
Houghton, John, age 70, Aug 3, long & painful illness (obit) Waterford 8/12/1889
House, C. D. Mrs., May 19 Troy 6/1/1885
Houston, Georgiana W., Mrs., age 53, Aug 2 Hardwick 8/6/1888
Hovey, Judith, age about 75, between Sat & Wed - was found dead on the floor, prob of apoplexy Albany 8/6/1888
Hovey, Polly Mrs., age 88, Sept 20 Albany 9/21/1885
Howard, Ann Amanda, age 2 y 8 m, June 7, only dau of George & Etta Howard Craftsbury 6/10/1889
Howard, Charles, Sat., sister Mrs. Julia Nye Barton Landing 4/29/1889
Howard, Winthrop, age about 70, June 2 Albany 6/4/1888
Howe, Abel B., age 78, Sept 25 Springfield 10/8/1888
Howe, Leroy, age 21, of Henry Howe, suicide by shooting himself Springfield 2/21/1887
Howe, Lydia Mrs., age 85, 13th inst, had been resident of town 83 years Westfield 4/19/1886
Howe, Silas, buried last week, brought here from ? town not mentioned Coventry 11/7/1887
Howieson, son, age 2, Sunday, of A. J. Howieson, accident - took a dose of morphine Stowe 5/7/1888
Howland, Charles, age 71 y 7 m, June 3, born Brookfield, MA, of pneumonia, leaves widow & son Charles Jr. West Burke 6/11/1888
Howland, Norman, last Wed., only son of Widow Howland, of diphtheria East Burke 10/4/1886
Hoyt, Amanda, age 18, Sat, died of brain fever, buried Craftsbury Craftsbury at Barton 4/11/1887
Hoyt, Amos, age 73, Oct 12 Wheelock 10/22/1888
Hoyt, Betsey, age 68, May 23, wife of Russell Hoyt, paralysis of the heart (item) Craftsbury 5/31/1886
Hoyt, Charles C., age 46, May 6, prisoner in war of the rebellion (item) Craftsbury 5/14/1888
Hoyt, daughter, Friday, of Fred Hoyt Craftsbury 9/16/1889
Hubbard, Lucinda Gould., last Wed., w/o Moses Hubbard, leaves husband, son Lucretius, dau Mrs. C. Graves Barton 5/13/1889
Hubbard, Lucinda W. Gould, age 69 y 7 m, May 8, wife of Moses Hubbard Barton 5/13/1889
Hudson, Ella Maud, age 6 mos, Nov 20, of William & Katie Hudson of St. Louis, MO West Burke 11/26/1888
Humphrey, Erastus, Capt., (family history only), from Burlington in 1801, w/father Hosea Humphrey Burke 4/8/1889
Humphrey, Joseph, last Sat, brother Judge Humphrey, ill for 4 years, lately paralyzed, wife & 4 kids East Burke 3/2/1885
Hunt, __ Mrs., age about 55, May 22, wife of Willard Hunt, of cancer Albany 5/25/1885
Hunt, A. M. Mrs., Friday, widow of Nelson Hunt, afflicted with a mental ailment for some time Barton 2/28/1887
Hunt, J. Clark, age 63, Tues., died at Wm. C. Brown's, of heart disease, leaves wife & married dau (obit) Barton of Newport 9/30/1889
Hunt, Minnie, age 17 y 10 m, March 19 Barton 3/22/1886
Hunt, Minnie, young lady, last Fri., dau of Mrs. Nelson Hunt, of consumption (4-19) Barton 3/22/1886
Hunt, Rawson S., age 23 y 6 m 20 d, Jan 18 Westmore 2/2/1885
Hunt, Rawson, funeral Tues, relative Helen Hunt, inflammation of the bowels, peritonitis, like his father Westmore of Glover 1/26/1885
Hunt, Wallace, buried last Wed, of Minn. died Greensboro, of consumption Greensboro & Jay 1/10/1887
Hunt, Willard, age 56, Dec 31, of kidney & liver problems, Mbr Co I, 15th regt (item) Albany 1/4/1886
Hunter, ___ Mrs. (prob mother of Hiram & Rosaline Hunter and Hollis & Flora Coburn) Albany 9/12/1887
Hunter, Milo L., age 50, Feb 6 Sheffield 2/14/1887
Hunter, Selden Eugene, age 3, Dec 9 Albany 12/24/1888
Hunter, Seldon F., age 21 y 5 m 11 d, Sept 20, of consumption Albany 10/5/1885
Huntington, Lieutenant, died on the frontier, buried 8th Craftsbury 5/10/1886
Huntley, Stephen, 8th Jay 10/18/1886
Huntoon, ___ Mrs., buried last Sat., wife of Jerry Huntoon Brownington 1/7/1889
Hurd, Daniel, recently, buried Sutton Sutton at Danville 11/30/1885
Hurlbert, Harriet N. Mrs., age 70, Jan 19 West Glover 2/8/1886
Hutchins, Margaret, May 23 Greensboro Bend 7/23/1888
Hutchins, Ralph Lyman, age 5 w 3 d, May 12, of Charles & Emma Hutchins Lowell 5/20/1889
Hutchinson, Hiram, old citizen, 31st ult, early settler (item 11/1/1886 son is S. L. Hutchinson of NYC) West Charleston 4/4/1887
Hyde, A. J., Dr., recently E. Hardwick at S. Calif 11/25/1889
Hyde, Charles D., Aug 5, prob of cholera, he was a tinman by trade (item) Albany 8/9/1886
Hyde, Chester, age 76, Jan 11 Albany 1/18/1886
Hyde, child, buried April 28, youngest child of Horace Hyde Barton Landing 4/29/1889
Hyde, Katie M. Miss, age 28, June 19, of W. A. & A. Hyde, born in Hardwick (obit) Albany 7/2/1888
Hyde, Katie, 19th inst Barton Landing 6/25/1888
Hyde, Laura A. Miss, age 83, Nov 3 Barton 11/19/1888
Hyde, W. A. Mr., died Nov 1872 Albany 7/2/1888
Hyland, little son, last Tues., of Charles Hyland, drowned in Robbins & Dailey's mill pond Derby 8/24/1885
Ide, H. C. Dr., recently died in Calif E. Burke at Calif 5/21/1888
Ingalls, ____ Mrs., July 4, wife of John Ingalls, dau of Ward Bradley, dau is Mrs. Horace Drown (obit) Sheffield & Wheelock 7/15/1889
Ireland, ___ Mrs., May 7, wife of John Ireland Lowell 5/14/1888
Jackman, H. E., age 32 y 9 m, March 20 Irasburg 4/6/1885
Jackman, Henry, 20th inst, after a long illness Irasburg 3/30/1885
Jackson, Charles, recently, son of Josephus Jackson, suicide by hanging Sudbury 6/11/1888
Jacobs, __ Mrs., age 62, Dec 7, wife of Joseph Jacobs Holland 12/16/1889
Jacques, Almira Miss, 16th Westfield 7/23/1888
Jacques, Joseph, age 55, 20th, of heart disease Westfield 1/25/1886
Jameson, Zuar E. Mr., age 51, Jan 4, fell on ice & pulmonary problems (obit) Irasburg 1/11/1886
Jenkins, ___ Mrs., yesterday Brownington 1/18/1886
Jenkins, A. R. Mrs., 17th inst Brownington 1/25/1886
Jenkins, son, age 2 days, buried last Monday, of Eugene Jenkins East Burke 3/29/1886
Jenks, Ella Foster, age 34, Nov 4, wife of John Jenks, of pneumonia Albany 11/26/1888
Jenne, ____ Mrs., buried Derby on last Thurs. Derby at Morgan 3/4/1889
Jenne, Adocie Miss, age 67, Sept 25 Craftsbury 10/5/1885
Jenne, Elvira P., Mrs., age 54, Dec 2 Albany 12/16/1889
Jenne, Lizzie May, infant dau, Dec 26, of Elmer & Emma Jenne, of pneumonia Derby 12/28/1885
Jenne, Sylvia Larrabee, age 82 y 9 m 22 d, July 20, widow of Tolman Jenne Derby 8/10/1885
Jenne, Thomas, age 74, May 29, of paralysis Derby 6/6/1887
Jenne, Thomas, May 29, of paralysis Derby 6/6/1887
Jenness, Chastina E. Colburn, age 43 y 9 m, June 8, wife of Daniel L. Jenness, of consumption Holland 6/15/1885
Jenness, Jacob, age 77, July 1 Craftsbury 7/6/1885
Jenness, Lydia Draper, age 78, Feb 23, widow of Jesse Jenness, of apoplexy Albany 3/15/1886
Jenness, M. V., Mrs., age 57, April 27 Sheffield 4/29/1889
Jewell, Elam R., died 1887, formerly of VT Buffalo, NY 1/16/1888
Jewell, Sargent, age 79 y 9 m, May 19, buried Sutton (item) Barton & Westmore 5/24/1886
Jewett, A. B. Col., died 1887 Swanton 1/16/1888
Johnson, ___ Mrs., age 70 y 11 m 4 d, July 17, wife of Jasper K Johnson (7-26), buried Barton Barton at Salem, NH 7/19/1886
Johnson, _____ Mrs., age 87, wife of David Johnson, buried Jay North Troy 11/11/1889
Johnson, ___Mrs., 19th, mother of Mrs. J. M. Lindsay, buried at Barnet Greensboro 6/1/1885
Johnson, child, last Tues., of Charles C. Johnson, at Charleston, of "black" diphtheria I. Pond at W Charleston 3/18/1889
Johnson, Florence, July 4, buried Barre, had been sick several months Irasburg 7/12/1886
Johnson, Hiram A., age about 50, Wed, of a fever North Troy 4/25/1887
Johnson, Homer, age 12 y 8 m, 11th inst, of S. S. & C. L. Johnson, died suddenly Westfield 5/18/1885
Johnson, Mercy, Mrs., age 87 y 8 d, Nov 5 Westfield 11/18/1889
Johnson, Sabin, old citizen, 22nd, after short illness Hardwick 7/4/1887
Johnson, Speedy Miss, age about 86, May 17, longtime resident Albany 5/31/1886
Jones, A. S. Mrs., Sunday, dau of E. F. Root, her clothes caught on fire (item) Sheffield 1/26/1885
Jones, Cynthia Mrs., age 92, April 17, at E Washington, NH, mother of H. T. Jones Barton Landing 4/27/1885
Jones, David, age 62 y 12 d, April 19 Glover 4/23/1888
Jones, Ezra, Rev., age 84, May 4 Waitsfield at Phelps, NY 5/14/1888
Jones, Georgie (Root), age about 26, Jan 25, wife of Dr. A. S. Jones Sheffield 1/26/1885
Jones, Homer T. Rev., age 70, Feb 3, born Madison, ME (obit) Barton Landing 2/8/1886
Jones, infant, recently, of George Jones, buried Irasburg Coventry 6/3/1889
Jones, Joseph, buried April 18 Hardwick at Newport 4/30/1888
Jones, Viola M. (Wadleigh), age 49, June 1, widow of Bradley G. Jones Barton Landing at ST. J. 6/11/1888
Jordan, Laura Mrs., age 80, Jan 29 East Hardwick 2/9/1885
Joslyn, Eugene, age 28, Oct 18 Newport 10/21/1889
Joslyn, Peter, aged resident, buried last Sat. Newport 12/16/1889
Judevine, A. E., age about 70, Feb 10, of apoplexy Hardwick 2/13/1888
Judevine, Alden E. Mr., Friday, of apoplexy, leaves a wife, only son died some time ago (obit) Hardwick 2/13/1888
Kaiser, Mrs., Jan 27, mother of W. P. Kasier, at Stowe, of pneumonia Craftsbury 2/6/1888
Kathan, Isabell Mrs., last Tues, died at Benj. Burrows, buried Center Cemetery, was helpless & speechless Brownington 10/19/1885
Keith, ____ Mrs., age 16, 18th inst, wife of George Keith Greensboro Bend 2/25/1889
Keith, Eunie Ms., age 18, last Tues, of consumption Newport 2/21/1887
Keith, Nettie B. Edwards, age 15 y 2 m, Feb 18, wife of George G. Keith Greensboro 3/4/1889
Keith, son, age 13 mos., this morning, of S. W. Keith Newport 5/6/1889
Kelley, Charles, age 60, April 27, found dead in his bed Derby 4/30/1888
Kelley, Emma (Morey), buried Nov 15, wife of John Kelley, buried Lowell Lowell of Walcott 11/19/1888
Kelley, William, age 76 y 6 m, Oct 20, of Bright's disease Craftsbury & Newport Ctr 10/25/1886
Kempton, Ephraim, age 74, Friday, of heart disease (11-30) Westfield 11/23/1885
Kempton, Rowena Mrs., age 68 Westfield 10/17/1887
Kendall, Larned L., age 77, Oct 4, after a long sickness, native of Waterford (item) St Johnsbury & Waterford 10/15/1888
Kendall, Laurette, age 49, Sept 17, w/o H. D. Kendall, dau/o Dea Silas & Polly Hovey, of paralysis (obit) Albany at Ashtabula, OH 10/28/1889
Kenerson, Lillian May, age 4 y 7 m 3 d, May 3, dau of D. W. & Lydia Kenerson, of brain fever West Burke 5/11/1885
Keniston, Jessie G., age 78, June 23 Sheffield 6/28/1886
Kent, ___ Mrs., Nov (23?), mother of Mrs. Rev Knowlton, died at New Haven West Glover 12/2/1889
Kent, F. A. C. Mr., young man, recently, of consumption Hardwick 9/5/1887
Kent, Rev. M., funeral last week, dau is Mrs. Rev. S. Knowlton Greensboro at New Haven 2/9/1885
Keyes, John, age about 84, Oct 1, Mrs. Keyes goes to Montreal to live with a son Coventry 10/3/1887
Keyser, Hiram, husb. of Miss Barrett dau of F. P. Barrett, married 4 wks ago he as Mr. Underwood (item) Hardwick at Andover, NH 12/5/1887
Kibbee, John, July 8, of dropsy West Burke 7/11/1887
Kibbey, John W., July 8, sister is Mrs. Hiram Allard, of heart disease, came from Canada 2 yrs ago West Burke 7/18/1887
Kibbie, Philip W., age 92 y 7 m 3 d, Aug 29 Concord, NH 9/7/1885
Kibby, Phillips, son is Clark Kibby, died at Concord, NH, buried E. Burke East Burke 9/21/1885
Kidder, Amasa, Feb 7 Holland 2/13/1888
Kidder, Charles, age 76, May 28 Irasburg 5/31/1886
Kidder, Pearl, young man, Oct 14, 2nd son of Thomas Kidder, of cholera morbus (item) Albany 10/21/1889
Kidder, William, older resident of town, funeral Tues 24th, of a kidney complaint Irasburg 8/23/1886
Kilby, ___ Mrs., Tues., widow of Dea Kilby, died at son Henry Kilby's in Lyndon E. Burke at Lyndon 3/19/1888
Kimball, ___ Mrs., age 62, Jan 15, wife of Philemon Kimball, after a long illness Westmore 1/18/1886
Kimball, ____ Mrs., wife of Fred Kimball "and little Blanche is without a mother again" Charleston 4/15/1889
Kimball, Benj. S., Sat prob, at NY, of late John H. Kimball (4-18) (obit) Barton 4/11/1887
Kimball, Ellen, age 33 y 6 m, March 27, wife of Frank F. Kimball, effects of childbirth South Barton 3/29/1886
Kimball, Hannah (Vance), age 80 y 2 m 17 d, July 7 Glover 7/11/1887
Kimball, infant son, July 18, of S. C. & Selma Kimball Albany 7/25/1887
Kimball, little dau., Sat., of Dr Kimball, of diphtheria Newport 12/21/1885
Kimball, Moses, age 74, Feb 3 Sheffield 2/9/1885
Kimball, R. M., age about 63, Sunday, of apoplexy, was special agent of Treasury Dept (obit) Barton at Boston 8/8/1887
Kimball, son, age 2, of Austin Kimball, died at NY Barton 3/25/1889
Kimpton, Ephraim, age 73, buried Nov 22 at Lowell Westfield & Lowell 11/30/1885
Kincaid, Myrtie, child, 3d inst, of Arthur Kincaid, of diphtheria Sutton 4/12/1886
Kinerson, infant daughter, recently, of R. B. & Lucy Bailey Kinerson, at Peacham East Hardwick 3/26/1888
King, ____ Mrs., April 20, wife of James C. King, they went west 30 years ago (5-10) Glover at Chicago 5/3/1886
King, Julia (Wright), last Sat, wife of Charles King, leaves husband & 3 children & parents (see 7-13) Glover 7/6/1885
King, Lucy, age 5 y 3 m, Nov 25, of diphtheria Holland 11/30/1885
Kingsbury, child, of William Kingsbury, of croup Derby 12/30/1889
Kingsley, John (also known as John Miller), died at Jay, of typhoid fever Coventry 2/27/1888
Kinney, E. B. Mrs., last Sat. Coventry 5/16/1887
Kinney, son, age 5, Monday, son of H. W. Kinney, attack of hemorrhage of the lungs, died in 10 minutes St Johnsbury 8/17/1885
Kinnie, ___ Miss, Nov 26, of consumption South Troy 12/5/1887
Kittredge, Asa, age 52, Feb 16 Hardwick 2/25/1889
Kittridge, Bert, yesterday, of typhoid fever Newport 9/28/1885
Knapp, David, recently, long a town pauper, buried Barton Barton at Charleston 7/4/1887
Knapp, William H., age 28 y 11 m, Feb 22 Brownington at Crawford, NY 3/9/1885
Knapp, William, age 91, April 11 Lowell 4/16/1888
Knapp, William, Feb 23, died at father's in Brooklyn, NY, of pneumonia Brownington 3/2/1885
Labay, Peter, age 68, Aug 31, at Dakota where he went for his health 6 weeks ago (item) Lyndonville 9/17/1888
Labell, Lena, Dec 10, of James & Melvina Labell, thrust stick into her mouth when she fell on it Coventry 12/13/1886
Labounty, Mary, age 63, Sept 3, wife of Flava Labounty Lowell 10/22/1888
Labourin, Anna, Nov 2, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Labourin, Earnest, Nov 7, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Labourin, Joseph, Nov 10, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Labourin, Lea, Nov 14, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Lackey, ____ Mr., aged man, recently at Wesley Aldrich's Glover 10/12/1885
Ladd, Asa, age about 87, Aug 2, father of Mrs. David Wishart of Burke, buried Lyndon (8-13) Burke & Sutton 8/6/1888
Ladd, C., Mrs., 17th inst, dau of Mr. R. Thompson, killed by cars trying to protect her child (item) Sheffield ? Westfield ? 5/27/1889
Ladd, Fanny, 24th, wife of Gustin Ladd, dau of Rev. Deming Dexter, went west 30 yrs ago (item) West Burke at Pane, ILL 3/5/1888
Ladd, Virgil, age about 50, May 28, of dropsy Burke 6/3/1889
Lafrank, 2 children, recently, of J. Lafrank, of diphtheria Westfield 12/19/1887
Lahan, George, last week, of consumption Newport 2/20/1888
Landon, Jessie E. Dewey, age 32 y 1 m, April 28, wife of Thomas Landon Irasburg 5/21/1888
Lane, George D., age 69, Feb 26 Walden 3/11/1889
Lane, Henry Hon., age 63, Monday, at Cornwall (obit) Sutton 5/23/1887
Lang, ____, age 4, Jan 28, at residence of B. F. Gaskill Burke 1/30/1888
Lang, William, age 79, March 13 Barton 3/16/1885
Lantagne, George Albert, Oct 28, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Lanuen, Katie (Murphy), age 35, May 25 S. Groveland, MA 6/20/1887
LaPete, son, age about 15, Sat., of Peter LaPete, at Mr. Dilly's, of diphtheria Barton 9/23/1889
Lapiene, child, last week, of Mr. Lapiene Barton 1/11/1886
Laplant, Charles, recently West Derby 9/9/1889
Laraway, George, age 12, April 30, of diphtheria Greensboro Bend 5/6/1889
Largis, Frank, age 33, Oct 2, leaves wife & 2 children (obit) Barton 10/4/1886
Larrabee, Latany B., age 74, May 6, of cancer Craftsbury 5/14/1888
Lathe, ___ Mrs., last Mon., wife of William Lathe, inflammation of the bowels East Craftsbury 12/6/1886
Lathe, little son, Sat., of Silas Lathe Coventry 5/9/1887
Lavine, Edward E., May 18, insane pauper died at asylum of apoplexy Barton at Brattleboro 5/28/1888
Lawrence, Fred, Friday, train engineer was killed in train wreck (item) Danville 8/3/1885
Lawrence, Rensolere, age 78, Nov 29 or 26th? Craftsbury 12/5/1887
Lawrence, Willard, last Monday, died suddenly during the night Glover 5/9/1887
Lawson, Frederick, age 52, Wed, hit on head by limb, died soon after, leaves large family (item) Troy 1/10/1887
Leach, ___ Mrs., last Sat., wife of Silas Leach, of diphtheria, also her little dau died the Wed before Sutton 6/18/1888
Leach, dau, age 2 y 6 m, last Wed., of Silas Leach, of diphtheria Sutton 6/11/1888
Leach, Elizabeth Mrs., age 80, July 22 Newport Center 7/30/1888
Leach, James E., age 47, April 19, sister is Mrs. J. Wilcox Newport of Sheldon 4/29/1889
Leach, W. D. Mr., old citizen, Wed, dropped dead of heart disease Irasburg 7/22/1889
Leavett, ____ Mrs., recently, wife of Thomas Leavett, of heart disease South Barton 2/8/1886
Leavitt, Jefferson, Feb 15, of West Wheelock buried Walden Greensboro Bend 2/25/1889
Lee, Harvey, Thur., of Sidney Lee, invalid child died in his carriage (Slee? 4-26) Newport 4/19/1886
Leland, Daniel, recently, town pauper Westmore & Sheffield 8/15/1887
Leland, Frank A., last week, slid down hay mow onto a pitchfork that pierced his body (item) Johnson 11/19/1888
Leland, George W., age 59 y 1 m 25 d, Jan 23 Barton 2/1/1886
Leland, George W., Sat., suicide by hanging (item) Barton 1/25/1886
Leland, Jerusha Mrs., age 80, Nov 26, wife of George Leland Barton 11/30/1885
Lemay, George W., July 2, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Lemere, Solomon, Thursday, leaves wife & five kids, killed by falling earth at the "dump" St Johnsbury 8/13/1888
Lemiene, Onesime, July 14, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Leonard, Horace, aged citizen, last week, leaves companion & several children, was feeble for some time Glover 7/8/1889
Leonard, Jessie, 15th inst, dau of Dr Frank Leonard, at Groton, NH, of diphtheria W Charleston at Groton, NH 4/15/1889
Leonard, Nathan D., age 55 y 3 m 18 d, March 15, buried Brownington Center (item) Evansville 3/21/1887
Leslie, Mamie, buried last week, dau of Frank Leslie Greensboro 7/9/1888
Lewis, ___ Mrs., Wed., wife of Herbert Lewis, buried St. Johnsbury Hardwick 2/13/1888
Lewis, child, "has lost another child", of Mrs. Lewis Hardwick 4/29/1889
Lewis, child, buried yesterday, of Charles Lewis Hardwick 4/8/1889
Lewis, Laura (Martin), age 29 y 11 m 19 d, April 30, of Nelson Lewis Barton 5/9/1887
Lewis, Laura, Sat., w/o Nelson Lewis, dau of W. H. Martin, last of family of 5 kids, consumption (5-9) Barton Landing 5/2/1887
Lewis,_____ dau, buried last week West Glover, dau of R. Lewis Glover at Brattleboro 5/21/1888
Libbeth, ___ Mrs., about 1 year ago, wife of A. J. Libbeth Sutton 11/5/1888
Libby, ___ Mrs., mother of Mrs. S. Berry, buried Sheffield, became paralyzed a year ago Brownington 9/7/1885
Libby, John, last Tues, found dead in his bed, had been ill previously Barton 6/21/1886
Linch, Daniel, recently, died in New York, buried in Derby (item) Derby 3/2/1885
Lindsay, ___ Mrs., age about 54, 14th inst., wife of Elmore Lindsay, dropped dead at the Dr's office (item) West Derby 4/29/1889
Lindsay, ___ Mrs., March 2, mother of Mr. Clark, at Manchester, NH, buried W. Charleston West Charleston 3/12/1888
Lindsey, ____ Mrs., aged lady, last Sunday, lived with Dr. Gould, dropped dead (item) Newport 4/15/1889
Linsley, George L., age 55, last Wed, native of Middlebury (obit) Burlington at NY 12/2/1889
Litch, __ Mrs., age about 74, Oct 23, wife of Irvin Litch Craftsbury 10/28/1889
Litchfield, ____ Mrs., 22nd inst., widow of Josiah Litchfield, died at son-in-law's J. G. Stickney (item) Coventry & Newport Ctr 7/29/1889
Litchfield, Josiah, last Thurs.[13th], son is Charles Litchfield Newport Ctr at Coventry 6/17/1889
Little, Mary, Aug 30, wife of J. S. Little Bloomfield, ILL 9/9/1889
Livingston, dau, of George & Mina Livingston of West Derby, buried Coventry, of canker rash (12-24) W. Derby & Coventry 12/17/1888
Livingston, Emma V. Miss, age 25, March 27, of consumption (item) (4-4) Coventry 3/28/1887
Locke, Cordelia (Grandy), age 65y 11m, Jan 20, wid of Simon K. Locke, prev wid of Robert Campbell (obit) Barton & Fayston 1/30/1888
Locke, Simon K, age 82 y 4 m, March 18, came from Lyman, NH at age 20 (full obit, list of bro & sis) Irasburg 3/23/1885
Locke, Simon K., died in 1885, married Cordelia (Grandy) Campbell in 1876 Barton 1/30/1888
Locke, William L., age 80 y 1 m 8 d, Feb 26 Irasburg 3/19/1888
Lockwood, ___ Mrs., age 68, Sept 8, wife of George Lockwood Westfield 9/20/1886
Lockwood, adopted son of Freeman Lockwood, age about 3, last week Westfield 9/27/1886
Lockwood, adopted son of Truman Lockwood, about 4, funeral Sept 16 Lowell 9/20/1886
Logan, General, recently, prob died out of state St Johnsbury 1/3/1887
Longevine, Theresa, age 80, Dec 9 Westfield 12/12/1887
Lord, ___ Mrs., buried Sat. in Zebulon Niles lot, dau of late C. S. Cutting (item) Derby 6/24/1889
Lull, Horace C., 19th inst., buried Unity, NH West Burke 6/25/1888
Lull, Mr., wife is Nellie (Hoyt) Lull, Mr. died at Manchester, killed by the cars Craftsbury 9/26/1887
Lunt, Johnson, age 93, Nov 3, dau Mrs. Lewis Nye West Charleston 11/7/1887
Lyon, ___ Mrs., buried 29th ult., wife of James Lyon West Charleston 6/6/1887
Lyon, Ada E., age 21 y 9 m 19 d, Feb 24, of spinal meningitis since last Sept. Craftsbury 3/2/1885
Lyon, Elvira Mrs., Thur., widow of Porter Lyon, found dead in bed at A. W. Lyon's West Charleston 9/12/1887
Lyon, Katie Woodbury, March 1, wife of Sidney Lyon, of consumption Craftsbury 3/11/1889
Lyon, Nehemiah Dea., reference to earliest g/s death in town 1798 Craftsbury 7/25/1887
Lyon, Porter, aged man, 16th inst, found dead in an outbuilding Salem & W. Charleston 3/22/1886
Lyons, youngest son, 17th inst., of Royal Lyons, of inflammation of the brain Craftsbury 7/29/1889
Mack, Comfort Mrs., age 49, March 19 Sheffield 3/30/1885
Macomber, child, 17th inst., of William A. Macomber Craftsbury 7/29/1889
Magoon, ___ Mrs., buried Feb 12, wife of John Magoon, leaves 2 children Newport Center 2/16/1885
Magoon, ___ Mrs., funeral Tues., wife of Elijah Magoon Craftsbury 1/30/1888
Magoon, Collins, age 31, Aug 28, of consumption Craftsbury 9/10/1888
Magoon, Edgar Ross, age 8 y 8 m 2 d, Nov 22, of L. D. & Alice A. Magoon West Glover 12/12/1887
Magoon, Lilla B., age 8 y 10 m, Jan 16, dau of H. D. & M. C. Magoon, of diphtheria Westmore 1/19/1885
Magoon, Lora, age 13, Dec 9, of consumption (third daughter of family to die) Craftsbury 12/12/1887
Magoon, Luman, at Worcester, Mass, buried Charleston Charleston 4/15/1889
Majors, Isabel C. Miss, suicide by opium, recently, born in Hartford, engagement broken off (obit) St Johnsbury 4/15/1889
Marsh, Joseph, Nov 19 Holland 11/28/1887
Marsh, Nancy Ann (Abbott), age 68 y 2 m 21d, Feb 7, wife of Frederick D. Marsh, of heart disease Greensboro 4/8/1889
Marshall, D. Agatha, age 16 mos, Oct 15, dau of J. L. Marshall Evansville 10/25/1886
Martin, ___ Mrs., 10th inst., wife of John Martin West Glover 5/14/1888
Martin, ___ Mrs., Feb 19, relict of Eleazer Martin Lowell 2/25/1889
Martin, ____ Mr., last week, brother of Charles Martin of W. Burke W. Burke at Canada 2/4/1889
Martin, A. A. (Barber), age 65 y 7 m, May 10, wife of J. G. Martin Glover 5/14/1888
Martin, A. A. Mrs., recently West Glover 6/25/1888
Martin, Alonzo, died some two years ago Barton 3/8/1886
Martin, Arthur, recently, son of Mrs. Alonzo Martin, of pneumonia Barton at St J 3/8/1886
Martin, Eleazer, age about 70, Jan 12 Lowell 1/16/1888
Martin, John, age 7(0), 1st inst. Craftsbury 10/10/1887
Martin, Joseph, Thursday, killed by card while walking on the tracks Chester 9/10/1888
Martin, Lucius, age about 60, Feb 24, of dropsy Burke 2/27/1888
Mason, Almond, age 84, Sept 12, helpless for many years (9-23) Barton 9/16/1889
Mason, Candace, age 87, Jan 25 Craftsbury 2/2/1885
Mason, Dau, age 3, of Lewis Mason, of canker rash Albany 9/28/1885
Mason, Harry, March 24 East Hardwick 3/29/1886
Mason, Polly, age 72, died 1852, widow of Rev. Reubin Mason Glover 8/16/1886
Mason, Reubin Rev., age 70, died in 1849 Glover 8/16/1886
Massey, J. C., age 67, Jan 6 Danville 1/18/1886
Mathews, E. P. Mrs., buried last Tues Troy 10/12/1885
Mathewson, James E., age 52, Sept 2, of late Joseph Mathewson, of typhoid fever, buried Lyndon Lyndon at Springfield, MA 9/23/1889
Mathewson, Joseph, age about 80, 26th, son James of Springfield, MA Lyndonville 8/5/1889
Mattocks, Samuel B., died 1887 Lyndon 1/16/1888
Maxwell, Sarah Jane Miss, age 32, April 3, of consumption Brownington 4/13/1885
Maxwell, Thomas, age 70, June 12, born Scotland (item) Brownington 6/18/1888
May, Sanford, age 45 y 8 m, Feb 22 Barton 3/5/1888
May, Sanford, last Wed, funeral Friday, of pneumonia, leaves wife & 7 children Barton 2/27/1888
McAllister, Abbie A., age 31 y 9 m, June 26, w/o Geo O. McAllister, dau of Rev. J. S. Little, of heart disease Brundrup, Minn. 7/9/1888
McClary, Mr., father of H. A. McClary, at Peacham Greensboro 12/24/1888
McConnell, ___ Mrs., age 79, Nov 15 Craftsbury 11/25/1889
McCue, Alex, age about 28, Aug 11, thank you note from John & H. A. Crowley, of diabetes South Albany 8/20/1888
McDaniels, Samuel, age over 80, last Monday Brownington 12/27/1886
McDaniels, Samuel, some time ago, funeral Jan 2, buried Newport Center Brownington 1/10/1887
McDearmon, child, Tues., of Mr. McDearmon, of diphtheria Irasburg of Lowell 5/30/1887
McDonald, Jennie, Mrs., Wed ?., wife of Eugene McDonald, dau of S. F. French, of meningitis Coventry at Lowell, MA 3/26/1888
McFarland, Ida Mrs., last Sat., of consumption, leaves husband & 2 small children West Charleston 4/23/1888
McFarlane, child, age 19 mos, only child of Mr. McFarlane, buried Barton Landing next to it's mother Barton Landing at Derby 4/29/1889
McFarlin, Edward, age 51, April 4, of pneumonia Westmore 4/9/1888
McGaffey, E. L. Mrs., age 22, Dec 12 (12-19) Barton Landing 12/12/1887
McGaffey, Lell, age 32 y 19 d, Dec 12, w/o E. L. McGaffey, d/o Dean Rogers, sis Mrs. Henry Rogers Barton Landing 12/19/1887
McGinnis, Harry, age 9, of diphtheria East Burke 11/21/1887
McGinnis, Harry, Sunday, son of E. McGinnis, at East Burke, of diphtheria West Burke 11/14/1887
McIntyre, Mr., recently, died on the poor farm, leaves a dau Craftsbury 7/18/1887
McKeen, John, last Tues, dropped dead at post office, of Essex Junction, leaves wife (item) Newport & Essex Jct. 3/25/1889
McLachlin, William, Monday, died suddenly Peacham 2/7/1887
McLaughlin, William, last Thur, suicide by paris green poison, because his wife took a job Albany 10/4/1886
McLeod, Mr., age about 40, from Scotland, buried Quebec, killed when boiler blew up (item) Newport ? 4/6/1885
McMannis, ___ Miss, Wed., buried North Troy where her parents live, of epileptic fit Newport 11/2/1885
McNatty, Grandma, age 87 y 3 d, Friday last, at son-in-law's Richard McDowell Stannard 2/25/1889
McNeal, Willard C., 20th inst Sheffield 12/24/1888
McSherry, Arthur W., age 25, Jan 20, of consumption West Burke 2/1/1886
Meacham, Daniel, age 80, 21st inst, early settler of town Newport Center 12/26/1887
Mead, John B., died 1887 Randolph 1/16/1888
Melon, Mertie, recently, dau of George Melon, of consumption Coventry 1/17/1887
Melvin, Lucinda (Spencer), age 64, 13th, w/o M. M. Melvin, pulmonary consumption, born Burke (obit) Charleston 2/23/1885
Merriam, Homer, age 3, buried yesterday, of William A. Merriam, of diphtheria Glover 9/10/1888
Merrill, ____ Mrs., age 86 y 8 m, Feb 27, wife of Sias Merrill Albany 3/7/1887
Merrill, George A., age 68, recently, at St Paul Lyndonville of Rutland 12/3/1888
Merrill, Hattie Mrs., May 20, leaves husband & 2 daughters, of consumption (item) Craftsbury 5/24/1886
Merrill, Leon, died last March, body found May 11 on the dam at Ferrisburgh (item) New Haven 5/27/1889
Merrill, Willie A., age 29, Feb 17, thanks from Jennie Merrill & Charles Merrill & wife, of consumption (item) Craftsbury 2/25/1889
Metcalf, Harriet Mrs., age 83 y 11 m, Jan 3 Lowell 1/14/1889
Miles, __ Mrs., age 52, April 20, wife of Moses Miles Lyndon 5/2/1887
Miles, Ada, age 14, 28th inst, died at Mr. Hunter's, of diphtheria Albany 12/31/1888
Miles, Archelus, age 69, July 29 Sheffield 8/3/1885
Miles, child, Sat., oldest child of A. J. Miles Greensboro Bend 12/31/1888
Miles, Elmer, age 2, Dec 29, eldest child of Andrew & Bertha Miles Greensboro Bend 1/7/1889
Miles, John, age 74, Jan 11 Wheelock 1/14/1889
Miles, Orin L., age 9 y 6 m, Oct 3, only son of Willard W. & Ellen Miles, of malignant cankerrash (obit) Barton 10/8/1888
Miller, ____ Mrs., 18th, wife of Emory S. Miller Troy ? 5/25/1885
Miller, ____ Mrs., 19th, wife of Lester Miller, buried Waterville Lowell 10/28/1889
Miller, A. S. Mr., funeral Wed. Westfield 12/6/1886
Miller, Bertie Miss, young lady, buried Tues. Westfield 7/15/1889
Miller, child, recently, of Oscar Miller Newport 1/19/1885
Miller, Ellery Eugene, age 1 y 7 m 17 d, Oct 1, only son of Eugene L. & Alice A. Miller Westfield 10/8/1888
Mills, Lilla, recently, of diseased brain found from post mortem exam Albany 10/18/1886
Minard, Fremont, Nov 8, by bursting of old mill crank bored out and used as a cannon (item) Groton 11/19/1888
Mitchell, ___ Miss?, died recently out west, dau of Mr. Mitchell Glover 12/20/1886
Mitchell, Abner, a tree he was chopping fell on him Albany 3/18/1889
Mitchell, Bennie, age 18, May 16, youngest son of John Mitchell Salem-Derby 5/24/1886
Mitchell, infant, buried March 22, of Otis Mitchell of ST J. Glover 3/28/1887
Mitchell, James Dea., age 79, Feb 28, born Scotland 1808, to USA age 22, married Susan White (obit) Glover & E. Craftsbury 3/14/1887
Mitchell, John, age 76 y 5 m, July 14 Glover 7/22/1889
Mitchell, son, age 3, last week, of Charles Mitchell's folks, of diphtheria Westfield 5/16/1887
Moffit, Ella (Elliott), age about 35, Feb 6, dau of Joe Elliott (2-18) Barton at Pilatka, FL 2/11/1889
Montgomery, Walter, age about 21, Feb 9 East Hardwick 2/16/1885
Moody, Elizabeth Mrs., age 66 y 2 m 27 d, Aug 20 (9/13) Albany 9/6/1886
Moody, infant child, of Rev. C. B. Moody, at Osage, Iowa Barton 10/21/1889
Moody, Sarah J. Mrs., age 61, Dec 23 Craftsbury 12/28/1885
Mooney, Edward, Dec 5 West Derby 12/16/1889
Moore, George, age 24 y 3 m, Dec 16th, mother also died recently of consumption East Albany 12/20/1886
Moore, John C., age 77 y 3 m, Jan 2, son is James Moore Morgan 1/10/1887
Moore, Mortimer, age 21, Sept 2(6), of B. N. Moore, wife is Delia Vance Albany 10/3/1887
Moranville, Marcia Costilo, age 36 y 2 m, Aug 9, wife of Simon Moranville Derby 8/17/1885
Morehouse, N. J. Mr., age 82 y 10 m 28 d, Feb 6, from injuries in falling downstairs & hitting his head (2-4) Brownington 2/18/1889
Morey, ___ Mrs., April 24, wife of Benjamin Morey, buried Irasburg Irasburg at ST J 5/4/1885
Morey, Emeline Collins, age 72, April 23, wife of Benjamin Morey, of pneumonia Irasburg at ST J 5/11/1885
Morey, Fred H., about 25, Wed., son of Wait Morey, train brakeman, was run over by cars (item) Irasburg at Concord 7/25/1887
Morey, Walter, age 9, last Thur., buried at Gray, Maine beside his father & sister (item) West Derby 12/3/1888
Morgan, ___ Mrs., age 77, Feb 23, wife of Benjamin Morgan Wheelock 2/27/1888
Morrill, ____ Mrs., Wed., wife of Luther Morrill East Burke 1/7/1889
Morrill, child, buried last Monday, of Frank Morrill, of diphtheria West Derby 1/7/1889
Morrill, John, age 53 y 1 m, July 18, of heart & kidney problems, leaves wife, son & dau Barton Landing 7/30/1888
Morse, __ Mrs., age 27, April 18, wife of Nixon Morse, buried Morgan, of consumption Derby 4/25/1887
Morse, ___ Mrs., age 29, funeral last Tues., w/o Rev C. W. Morse, d/o Levi Goodrich, buried Hardwick (obit) W. Fairlee & St J. 10/22/1888
Morse, Alma Goodrich, age 29, Oct 13, wife of Rev. Charles W. Morse West Fairlee 10/22/1888
Morse, C. W., Mrs., Sat, died suddenly Glover at Fairlee 10/15/1888
Morse, Clark, age 40, Nov 10, of heart failure, leaves a wife & one sister (item) Coventry 11/12/1888
Morse, Horace, last week, was in ice cutting business Island Pond prob 3/11/1889
Morton, __ Mrs., age 45, recently, suicide by bed bug poison, widow of Lee Morton who died 2 yrs ago Rutland 6/11/1888
Morton, infant twin son, Jan 17, of Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Morton Lowell 1/26/1885
Mosher, __ Mrs., age 33, wife of Levi Mosher Holland 7/25/1887
Mosher, __ Mrs., age 74, Jan 24, wife of Timothy Mosher, of paralysis Holland 1/28/1889
Mosure, ___ Mrs., Friday, wife of Harrison Mosure Sutton 1/14/1889
Moulton, ___ Mrs., Friday, wife of Caleb Moulton Sutton 7/27/1885
Moulton, Clark, last Friday, froze to death while drunk, bought liquor in Canada, tried to walk home (item) Holland 1/28/1889
Moulton, infant, of William Moulton West Charleston 12/23/1889
Moulton, Jonathan, age 93, Dec 9 Newark 12/16/1889
Moulton, Martha, age 25, March 25, of consumption Holland 4/2/1888
Moulton, Ora H., age 5 m 6 d, Sept 11, only child of Frank & Jennie Moulton West Charleston 9/20/1886
Moulton, Phebe Miss, age 19, Jan 6, of diphtheria (2-15) Derby 1/11/1886
Moxley, A. R., of North Wolcott East Albany 12/16/1889
Munsey, ___ Mr., age about 46, Thursday, leaves wife & 3 small children Lyndon maybe 2/13/1888
Munson, W. R. Mr., 11th, was raising a barn and loose timber fell on him, leaves wife & 2 kids Hardwick 6/20/1887
Murkland, Minnie, June 2, dau of J. W. Murkland, at Boston, buried Forest Hill, of nervous prostration Barton at Boston 6/11/1888
Murphy, Henry, age 29, May 24 New York City 6/20/1887
Murphy, son, age 3, Monday, of Francis Murphy, of brain fever Lowell 3/29/1886
Murray, Eliza, age 10, Nov 6 Lowell 11/16/1885
Murray, William, age about 55, April 6 (10/21 rescinded by William Murray of Newport??) Lowell 4/15/1889
Murry, William, young man, Friday, of fever, Newport 10/7/1889
Nelson, ___ Mrs., buried Thurs., wife of Orrin Nelson Wheelock 10/1/1888
Nelson, ___ Mrs., recently, wife of Gilman Nelson, dau of John Pearl of Sheffield Sheffield at Gilmanton, CA 1/23/1888
Nelson, dau., age 2 y 6 m 10 d, Jan 9, of Mr. & Mrs. B. M. R. Nelson Barton 1/12/1885
Nelson, Eddie D., age 28, Wed, suicide by shooting himself in the head Craftsbury 8/2/1886
Nelson, Edwin, age 71, buried on the 2d inst Craftsbury 2/9/1885
Nelson, Eliza Mrs., funeral Sunday, buried Hardwick next to husband, of cancer Hardwick at St. J. 8/8/1887
Nelson, Myron, wife is Estella Beckwith, bro John Nelson of Wheelock, of a ruptured blood vessel (item) West Burke in Dakota 11/12/1888
Nelson, Thomas Maj., age 72, Monday (obit) Ryegate 1/16/1888
Newcomb, ___ Mrs., memorial service Jan 31, wife of Orem Newcomb Derby 2/8/1886
Newcomb, Luther Field, age 1 y 7 m, Jan 21, of Orem & Luna Newcomb, of the croup Derby 2/1/1886
Newcomb, Maria A. Mrs., age 77, Jan 4, died in CT, buried Derby (2-8 Mrs. Orem prob) Derby 1/11/1886
Newcomb, Orpha S. Percival, age 70, wife of A. B. Newcomb, of paralysis Barton at Sandy Creek, NY 1/21/1889
Newell, Charles C., age 84, Aug 26 East Burke 8/29/1887
Newell, Mary Porter, age 57-7-11, April 9, wid of Nathan T. Newell, twin sis Mrs. A. Bundy, of paralysis (obit) West Burke 4/15/1889
Newhall, Artemus, recently, dropped dead while haying Stowe 2/9/1885
Newton, ____, thank you note from S. A. & J. L. & S. E. Newton & Geo Vance Irasburg 3/28/1887
Newton, Frank, last week East Burke 6/4/1888
Newton, infant son, age 2 mos, Oct 1, of George Newton 2d Newport 10/3/1887
Nichols, ___ Mrs., Nov 6, wife of Aaron Nichols, dau is Mrs. Daniel Hopkins Morgan at E. Charleston 11/14/1887
Nichols, J. V. Prof., age 71, June 24th, died at George Ware's, of paralysis, born Stoddard, NH (obit) Irasburg per Coventry 6/27/1887
Niles, __ Mrs., last Wed., wife of Eddie Niles, of consumption, married about 1 year ago (item) Coventry 11/19/1888
Niles, Jebulon, age 86, Feb 9 Derby 2/18/1889
Niles, Mary Jane Mrs., last week, of dropsy (item) Barton 4/1/1889
Norris, ___ Mrs., last Mon., wife of Nathaniel Norris, had a difficult surgery some months ago Newport 2/21/1887
Northrop, Caroline Mrs., age 76, Nov 30 Craftsbury 12/6/1886
Norton, Ida, age 4 y 9 m 12 d, May 1, youngest child of E. A. & D. M. Norton Glover 5/2/1887
Noyes, child, 22d, of Charles Noyes Wheelock 1/30/1888
Nutt(in), Sarah Miss, age 56, Feb 8 Iowa Falls, Iowa 2/28/1887
Nutter, Mark, died at Canon City, Colorado, moved away 20 years ago, of consumption (item) Barton 10/7/1889
Nutter, Milan, about 37, Sept 4, son of Mark Nutter, at Canon City, Col, of Bright's disease (obit) Barton 10/1/1888
Nutting, Edwin, age 33, July 18, of pneumonia Cambridge, MA 7/27/1885
Nye, ___ Mrs., buried last Sat., widow of L. H. Nye Glover 11/12/1888
Nye, ___ Mrs., 16th inst., dau of late Dorman Bridgman, was an invalid a long time Hardwick 3/19/1888
Nye, Arthur Rollin, May 14, son of F. S. & G. M. Nye Barton Landing 5/20/1889
Nye, Esther, age 86 y 8 m 16 d, Sept 16, widow of George Nye Irasburg at Barton Land. 9/23/1889
Nye, L. A. , 29th, after a long illness Glover 7/30/1888
Nye, Lewis, age 87, Dec 20 Barton Landing 12/30/1889
Oakes, ___ Mrs., funeral Sat., mother of Mrs. D. L. Hildreth, died at Washington, DC Newport Center 3/25/1889
Oliver, child, last Friday, only child of Mr. & Mrs. Oliver South Troy 8/16/1886
Olmstead, ___ Mrs., Wed., mother of Alphonso M. Olmstead, after long & painful illness, buried N. Ridge Sutton of Barton 6/11/1888
Orcutt, Jennie, age 30 y 8 m, June 23, w/o Arthur Orcutt, after a surgical operation for an abscess Greensboro Bend 7/11/1887
Orcutt, Maggie Sivright Mrs., funeral Wed, buried Derby Line Derby at Barre 2/23/1885
Ordway, Anna F. Mrs., age 75, Dec 10, mother of Arthur Ordway Barton Landing 12/17/1888
Ordway, Bertie, buried last Thur., son of Alonzo & Diana Ordway, inflammation of the brain Coventry at Lowell 7/19/1886
Ordway, Horace M., age 36 y 9 m, March 26 Irasburg 4/15/1889
Ordway, Horace M., last week, had been ill a long time (item) Irasburg 4/1/1889
Orne, Solomon, old citizen, 23rd inst, fractured hip, almost helpless & reason had left him Craftsbury 5/31/1886
Otis, Thomas, age 85, Sept 14 Sheffield 9/23/1889
Owen, ___ Mrs., last Wed., wife of Philander Owen Glover 1/4/1886
Owen, ___ Mrs., last week, mother of Charles Owen Coventry 10/17/1887
Owen, William B., age 44, April 25, son of Daniel Owen, leaves wife & 2 sons, of pneumonia (item) Irasburg of Barton 4/29/1889
Packer, Albina, age about 50, April 16, wife of Henry Packer Newark 4/23/1888
Packer, Carrie Cahill, age 34 y 9 m 16 d, Jan 2, wife of Halsey H. Packer, of consumption West Burke 1/4/1886
Page, ___ Mrs., former wife of late Joseph Farr, buried next to him Coventry 8/5/1889
Page, ___ Mrs., age 88, last Tues., mom of Cynthia Hitchcock, buried Coventry Albany 8/5/1889
Page, Jonathan, old citizen, Sunday 6th, almost helpless for years from paralytic stroke West Charleston 3/14/1887
Page, Sarah, age 20, 8th inst, had suffered for years West Charleston 6/13/1887
Page, T. S. Mr., age 66, died Springfield, VT at son-in-law's, buried Cavendish, other son-in-law John Young Lowell 7/20/1885
Paige, Florence, last Thur East Hardwick 9/24/1888
Paige, Henry M. Maj., age 48, died some time ago (prob Patterson, NJ) heart disease (obit) Derby 1/11/1886
Paine, ___ Mrs., Oct 7, wife of John Paine, dau is Mrs. Abby of Westfield, MA Albany 10/11/1886
Palmer, Ezra B., age 89 y 5 m, 13th inst, lived here for 37 years, came from Fairfield, VT (obit) Newport Center 3/25/1889
Papineau, Ellen, age about 7, Jan 12, dau of John & Ellen Papineau Lowell 1/16/1888
Papineau, Ernest, age 6, April 13, of John & Ellen Papineau Coventry 4/23/1888
Papineau, John, age 37, 5th, died at home of Henry Roberts Westfield 9/10/1888
Park, __ Mrs., age 85, Nov 26, wife of Edmund Park Derby 12/3/1888
Park, ___ Mrs., old citizen, 26th inst., wife of Edmund Park Derby 12/3/1888
Parker, ____ Mrs., 28th ult., wife of Wilder Parker Barton Landing 12/7/1885
Parker, Bert, last Tues., leaves wife & 2 children, buried Brownington Coventry 11/18/1889
Parker, D. M. Dr., while going home to Montana from Calif Albany 5/13/1889
Parker, Sarah A., June 16, w/o Prof Isaac Parker, married in 1856 at Glover, leaves husband, son & dau (obit) Glover at Galesburgh, ILL 8/5/1889
Parker, William, 3d inst, veteran solider, hard sick for months West Charleston 7/8/1889
Parlin, Rinda "Aunt", age 97, 10th inst West Charleston 6/17/1889
Partridge, Jennie E., age 6 y 9 m 16 d, March 19, dau of Eli B. & Fannie Partridge Glover 3/26/1888
Partridge, Jennie, child, 19th inst., dau of Eli Partridge, after long & painful illness Glover 3/26/1888
Patterson, child, age 2y 6m, buried March 8, youngest child of James Patterson, of gastric fever Craftsbury 3/12/1888
Patterson, Edna E., Miss, age 19 y 10 m 18 d, of Gabriel & Lucy Patterson, of typhoid fever Glover 9/24/1888
Patterson, Fern, son of John Patterson, out west, buried here on the 6th, killed on the cars Craftsbury ? 7/12/1886
Patterson, Fred W., age 28 y 5 m 19 d, (16th?), son of A. D. Patterson, of typhoid fever (11-26) South Albany 11/19/1888
Patty, ___ Mrs., age 92, died week before last & buried the 23d Craftsbury 8/1/1887
Pearl, ___ Mrs., April 28, wife of Isaac Pearl Sheffield 5/10/1886
Pearl, Mary Miss, age 49, Jan 17 Barnet 1/28/1889
Pearson, Tappan, age 84, Jan 23, buried with Masonic honors Irasburg 1/28/1889
Peavey, ___ Mrs., old resident, Aug 14, wife of Leonard Peavey, of lingering consumption West Derby 9/10/1888
Peck, Joel, age 74 y 10 m 18 d, Dec 21, dau is Mrs. W. C. Whitney Newport of Barton Landing 12/31/1888
Peck, Minnie (Chapman), funeral last Wed., wife of Charles Peck (item) Sutton at Sheldonville, MA 7/26/1886
Peckham, E. B. Mr., 8th inst, from a stroke of paralysis West Charleston 6/13/1887
Peeters, Hannah Bickford, age 98, Nov 21, widow of William Peeters Lowell 12/10/1888
Peeters, Hannah Mrs., age 98, Nov 21 Albany 12/3/1888
Pelaw, Martha, age 24, May 4, wife of Israel Pelaw Derby 5/17/1886
Percival, Milo, Thur., suicide by hanging, at Island Pond East Charleston 12/24/1888
Percival, Nellie, age 11 y 1 m 5 d, Nov 27, only dau of Charles F. & Nancy Percival, of diphtheria (obit) Barton 12/2/1889
Perkins, ___ Mrs., 11th inst., widow of Parley Perkins, of consumption Newport Center 10/15/1888
Perkins, ___ Mrs., July 29, wife of Noah Perkins, after a long & painful illness Morgan Center 8/6/1888
Perkins, William, age 59, 18th, fell off roof he was shingling, broke bones & internal injuries (item) Danville of Walden 5/30/1887
Perrigo, ___ Mrs., recently, buried Wheelock Wheelock at St J. 12/23/1889
Perry, Jesse, age 17, Jan 10, son of late William Perry & Mrs. Hopkins, of diphtheria Irasburg at Newport 1/11/1886
Persons, Levi, age 78, 18th inst, after long & painful illness Morgan Center 11/22/1886
Pettigrew, Robert, funeral Tues Lyndonville 11/14/1887
Pettit, Rev. Mr., formerly of North Troy, died in Florida North Troy at Florida 7/25/1887
Pewers, Francis, age about 70, Nov 6 Powers?? Derby 11/16/1885
Philbric, Martin, age about 75, March 27 Brownington 4/5/1886
Phillips, ____ Mrs., last Thur., wife of Henry Phillips, of consumption Glover 2/4/1889
Phillips, Emeline S. Drew, age 48 y 9 m 27 d, Feb 1, wife of H. F. Phillips Glover 2/25/1889
Phillips, J. W., Mrs., 11th inst. Westfield 4/15/1889
Phillips, Mae (Randall), Sept 15, , leaves husband, Sunday School teacher (obit) Glover 9/21/1885
Phillips, N. Mae Randall, age 22 y 1 m 15 d, Sept 15, wife of C S Phillips Glover 9/28/1885
Phillips, Olive Brown, age 39, March 5, wife of Alonzo C. Phillips Glover 3/12/1888
Phillips, Wendell, last Sat., youngest child of Alonzo C. & Olive Phillips (9-21) Glover 9/7/1885
Pierce, ___ Mrs., 29th ult, wife of Andrew Pierce Brownington 10/4/1886
Pierce, ___ Mrs., buried this week, wife of Arthur Pierce, son died recently Hardwick 2/21/1887
Pierce, ___ Mrs., recently, wife of Daniel Pierce, had been an invalid a long time Evansville 8/16/1886
Pierce, ___ Mrs., yesterday, widow of Maj Horace Pierce, suffered severely for several years Barton 11/21/1887
Pierce, Herod, age 83, May 23, of heart disease Albany 5/30/1887
Pierce, John M., age 52, May 13, buried Barton, of ulcer in the stomach Lowell & Albany 5/17/1886
Pierce, Milo, age 79, Nov 2, at home of Franklin Hunter Albany 12/24/1888
Pierce, Mrs., mother of Rev. Mr. Pierce, at Mass Glover 3/26/1888
Pierce, son, last week, of Arthur Pierce, died at Worcester, Mass, vein in leg severed in accident Hardwick 1/17/1887
Pike, Hiram, Wed last, killed by boiler explosion (long item) Wolcott 3/22/1886
Pillsbury, Cynthia Mrs., age 76, Feb 4, wife of Merrill Pillsbury (item) Barton 2/9/1885
Pillsbury, Merrill, died some years ago, fought in war of 1812 Johnson per Barton 2/9/1885
Pinard, Helen E., age 4, Tues., of Leon Pinard, poisoned by eating canned fish left in open can 3 days (item) Wheelock 10/22/1888
Pinney, Philena Boynton, age 72, Sept 3, wife of Henry Pinney Holland 9/16/1889
Place, Benjamin, age 78, an old soldier Jay 7/16/1888
Plastridge, Phoebe, Mrs., age 94 y 3 m, Nov 10 Coventry 11/18/1889
Plastridge, Phoebe, Mrs., age 94, 10th inst., widow of Capt Plastridge Coventry 11/18/1889
Plumley, Samuel, age 87, Sept 5 Albany 9/10/1888
Poland, Adelia H. Page, age 57, Mon., widow of Hon Luke Poland, sister of Mrs. Robinson (obit) St Johnsbury 3/19/1888
Poland, Luke P. Hon., died 1887, formerly of VT (July 2nd) Waterville 1/16/1888
Pond, Electa, age 13, Monday, dau of George Pond, Mr. at Calif? Newport 11/14/1887
Pope, ___ Mrs., oldest person in town, recently, wife of Simeon Pope Craftsbury 1/16/1888
Pope, Simeon, age 76, Sept 14, member of Cong. Church Craftsbury 9/21/1885
Porter, Infant son, Feb 20, of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Porter Troy 3/7/1887
Porter, John, age 30, Friday, killed by falling tree, leaves wife & infant child (item) Hardwick 1/9/1888
Post, Truman M., Rev., died 1887, formerly of VT St. Louis, Missouri 1/16/1888
Potter, John T., age 48, died Wed 26th, killed when train hit their sleigh and team (item) South Barton 2/2/1885
Powell, E. W. Mr., Thur, of heart & liver trouble (item) Irasburg 12/10/1888
Powell, Elijah W., age 51, Dec 6, born Ascott, Canada 7-27-1837, served Co. E 2nd Regt Vt (obit) Irasburg 12/17/1888
Powers, ___ Mrs., last week, wife of Abner Powers, of typhoid fever Craftsbury 9/5/1887
Powers, Calvin, age about 80, Feb 13 Lowell 2/18/1889
Powers, Frank, buried Dec 9, son of Charles Powers Sutton 12/20/1886
Powers, Freddie, age 14, Dec 6, son of Charles Powers of Brooklyn Sutton 12/13/1886
Powers, Freddie, son of Abner Powers Craftsbury 3/18/1889
Powers, Noah, age about 65, Feb 13 Burke 2/18/1889
Powers, Noah, Wed., had been hopelessly insane for some time East Burke 2/18/1889
Powers, T. Mrs., April 10, after a long and painful illness Newport 4/19/1886
Pratt, ___ Mrs., Wed. buried last Thur., wife of Baxter Pratt Glover & Sheffield 8/29/1887
Pratt, Asaph, age 84, April 16, died at River Falls, Wisc. Brookfield, VT 4/29/1889
Pratt, child, last week, of Lester Pratt, of diphtheria Newport 12/21/1885
Pratt, child, last week, of diphtheria Newport 12/14/1885
Prescott, Hiram H. Dea., age 76, Feb 12 Albany 2/23/1885
Preston, J. A. Mrs., April 18, died at New Haven, CT after falling from a carriage Greensboro 5/9/1887
Preston, Julius A. Capt, a summer visitor, at New York of heart disease (obit) Greensboro 10/31/1887
Prouty, __ Mr., Thursday, a stranger, died of apoplexy at the Memphremagog House Newport 12/24/1888
Purtell, Henry, Nov 3, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Purtell, Mary Ann, Oct 26, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Putnam, Sumner, Dr., died 1887 Montpelier 1/16/1888
Putney, little child, buried Friday, of Mr. Putney, of diphtheria Newport 1/14/1889
Putney, O. Mr., recently, buried Brownington Center prob Barton Landing 4/2/1888
Putney, Ozias Mr., last Friday, suffered many weeks Brownington 4/2/1888
Putney, Ozias, age 50, March 30 Brownington 4/23/1888
Putney, Sophia Mrs., age 80 y 5 d, April 5, of pneumonia (obit) Coventry 4/9/1888
Quimby, George W. Capt., died Dec 1862, buried Lyndon (story) Barton 12/6/1886
Quimby, Johnson, age 75, April 6, born Sandwich, NH, leaves widow & one son (obit) Lyndon Center 4/16/1888
Quintine, child, recently of diphtheria North Troy 7/18/1887
Ramsdel, Frankie, age 2, last Tues, of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Ramsdell, fell into pail of hot water North Troy 3/2/1885
Rand, infant son, March 1, of Mr. & Mrs. Foster Rand Craftsbury 3/4/1889
Randall, Alice J. Smith, age 23 y 4 m 16 d, Jan 20, wife of Willie E. Randall, buried Glover Barton 1/24/1887
Randall, Daniel B., age 53, July 22 Glover 7/25/1887
Randall, Daniel B., July 22, hemorrhage of the lungs, born in Lyndon, went West to teach (obit) Glover 8/1/1887
Randall, infant, recently, of Willie E. Randall, buried Glover Barton 1/24/1887
Rankin, A. E. Mr., recently (Jan 14th) St Johnsbury 1/23/1888
Ranney, ___ Mrs., Wed., wife of Dr Ranney Barton Landing 8/27/1888
Ranney, dau, Sat., remaining dau of Charles F. Ranney, of diphtheria & paralysis of the heart Newport 7/12/1886
Ranney, dau, Friday, youngest daughter of Charles F. Ranney, of diphtheria Newport 6/28/1886
Ransom, ___ Mr., age nearly 80, buried 20th inst West Derby 9/24/1888
Ransom, Hale, died at Barre, funeral Monday, was drunk and died of exposure (item) East Hardwick 2/13/1888
Rash, Addie, age 20 y 9 m, May 20, wife of George Rash Irasburg 5/21/1888
Rash, Addie, age 24 y 9 m, May 20, wife of Geo Rash, dau of Elijah F. & Mary Willey Irasburg 5/28/1888
Rattery, David, died June 1871 age 75 West Burke 1/14/1889
Rattery, Janet (Barties), age 100 y 7 m 5 d, Jan 9 Sutton 1/14/1889
Rattery, Janet Bartie, age 100, recently, wid of David Rattery, born Scotland 6-4-1788, marr. Nov 1821 (obit) West Burke 1/14/1889
Rawson, Lucy Palmer, age 33, Aug 10, wife of Frank Rawson, dau of Mrs. Nat'l Hildreth Charleston at Kalamazoo, MI 8/19/1889
Redding, Thomas possibly, man found dead near RR bridge with a paper with this name on it Swanton of Chicago?? 8/15/1887
Redington, ___ Mrs., recently, wife of late E. C. Redington St Johnsbury 10/10/1887
Reed, ___ Mrs., Sun., wife of Edward Reed, of malignant typhoid from aiding her sister Mrs. Dr. French (obit) Hardwick 6/24/1889
Reed, Joseph, died at Acton, Mass Craftsbury 11/4/1889
Reed, William N., 6 m 16 d, Jan 25, of Geo F & Sarah J Reed, heart disease (2-1) Barton 1/25/1886
Remington, Ed., age 30, Sunday, engineer on train that fell through open drawbridge near Lachine North Troy 11/28/1887
Renfrew, Stephen, of Craftsbury, held several town offices (7-18) Albany 6/6/1887
Reynolds, Hannah Mrs., Sat., widow of John Reynolds Coventry 10/17/1887
Reynolds, John, age 87, Feb 5, hemorrhage of the kidneys, lived on same farm 42 years (item) Coventry 2/9/1885
Rice, ___ Mrs., age 89, 23d inst., wife of S. W. Rice, dau of Benj Cate, of apoplexy (obit) Greensboro & Craftsbury 1/30/1888
Rice, ___ Mrs., age 73 y 5 m 23 d, Sept 24, wife of John M. Rice, of cancer Sutton 9/6/1886
Rice, Alfred, 27th, his wife going to Albany to live, Alfred's mother Mrs. Olmstead going to Barton Westfield ? 12/6/1886
Rice, George, last Friday Brownington 7/26/1886
Rice, Hattie Alvira, age 2 y 8 m 20 d, July 12, only dau of C. E. & Ella M. Rice Irasburg 7/20/1885
Rice, John M., age 74, July 17, of cancer Sutton 7/18/1887
Rice, Preston Holbrook, age 18 m 22 d, Oct 29, youngest child of C. E. & Ella M. Rice Irasburg 11/5/1888
Rice, Rodney, aged man, May 8, suicide by hanging Newport Center 5/17/1886
Rice, Willard Dr., age 71, 16th ult, went west about 50 yrs ago, at Whitewater, Wisc (item) Greensboro 5/2/1887
Richard, ___ Mrs., old citizen, buried last Tues, son is Jules Richard, her husband is still alive Newport 2/6/1888
Richards, I. K. Mrs., Thursday, was run over by the cars & both legs cut off (item) St J. of Kirby 9/10/1888
Richards, Richard, age 113, June 19 Brownington 6/24/1889
Richardson, Abial, age 86, Sunday, born Waterford, found dead in bed (item) St Johnsbury 12/31/1888
Richardson, Ebenezer, buried last Wed., of Troy died at asylum Brattleboro & Jay 1/10/1887
Richardson, John, 30th ult, suicide by poison Braintree 2/9/1885
Richardson, Mr., last Tues, had a shock recently Derby 10/25/1886
Richardson, Nettie Taylor, age 28 y 10 m, May 12, wife of Edwin Richardson Barnet 6/1/1885
Richardson, Otis, age 61 y 10 m, May 31, buried Albany beside his daughter, thanks by Betsy Richardson Barton Landing 6/4/1888
Richardson, Stephen M., age 72, Aug 3, had been haying & was taken ill (item) Hardwick 8/6/1888
Rivard, Lizzie, Oct 12, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Robbins, __ Mrs., age 49, July 5, wife of Adam Robbins Derby 7/15/1889
Robbins, Guy, age 72, Nov 11 Derby 11/12/1888
Robbins, Guy, age 83, July 21 Derby 7/30/1888
Robbins, J. M. Mrs., age 71, June 14 Craftsbury 6/14/1886
Robbins, Job, age 75, May 4 Craftsbury 5/14/1888
Roberts, James Capt., age 88, Feb 24 Derby 3/8/1886
Robinson, ___ Mrs., about 75, last Tues., wid of Orville Robinson, early settler of town (item) Newport 2/21/1887
Robinson, ___ Mrs., age 65, Mon., sister of Adelia Poland, of pneumonia (obit) St J. of Boston 3/19/1888
Robinson, Addie, age 15 mos, Nov 1, of W. I. & Lucy R. Robinson Barton 11/5/1888
Robinson, Carrie (Heath), age 51, April 21, wife of S. J. Robinson, of consumption Brownington 5/9/1887
Robinson, daughter, infant, Thur., of Mr. & Mrs. W. I. Robinson, had been ill since birth Barton 11/5/1888
Robinson, George M., Friday, of pneumonia, leaves wife & several children Barton 10/28/1889
Robinson, Helen R., age 57, March 13, wid of J. Barney Robinson, d/o late Gilbert Ellis, of pneumonia (obit) Barton at Littleton, NH 3/18/1889
Robinson, S. J. Mrs., April 21 Brownington 4/25/1887
Robinson, W. D., Dea., last week, long time resident St Johnsbury 4/16/1888
Rogers, ___ Mrs., age 55, June 15, wife of Wooster Rogers Derby 6/24/1889
Rogers, ____ Mrs., age 74, July 4, wife of Harvey Rogers Derby 7/12/1886
Rogers, Hattie Miss, age about 19, buried Sat. , of consumption, buried Greensboro Greensboro at Danville 9/17/1888
Rogers, Lovina, age 49 y 8 m, June 15, wife of D. W. Rogers Derby 7/22/1889
Rogers, Olive, age 3, last Tues., of Rev E. E. Rogers, fell from 4th story window, buried Wallingford, VT (item) East Hardwick at NYC 9/16/1889
Rollins, Joseph S., age 82, June 4, born in NH E. Greensboro 6/14/1886
Root, Dwight, 13th inst, died at Moses Root's, had been feeble all winter Craftsbury 5/17/1886
Ross, Ellen, age 43, Sept 26, wife of William Ross Barton 10/21/1889
Ross, Harry, recently, note by Mary Ross & Mr. & Mrs. M. Ross Jay 11/9/1885
Ross, William, age 53, Oct 17, of heart trouble Barton 10/21/1889
Rouillard, Anna, Oct 7, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Rouillard, Emma, Oct 28, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Rounds, Stephen P., died 1887, formerly of VT Omaha, Neb 1/16/1888
Roundy, infant, Sat., of Fred Roundy, of cholera infantum Sutton 9/16/1889
Rowe, Billy, age 94, Nov 23 Barton 11/30/1885
Rowell, Enoch Capt., age 64 y 10 m 23 d, June 7, of Bright's Disease & paralytic shock Albany 6/21/1886
Rowell, Levi Rev., age about 68, Oct 31 (item) Albany 11/8/1886
Rowell, Moses, age about 65, Wed, suicide by hanging in the woods Tunbridge 10/8/1888
Royce, Herman, funeral Thursday, of apoplexy St Albans 2/2/1885
Ruggles, William, age 83, Oct 27 Sutton 10/29/1888
Ruiter, son, Jan 18, son of Harry Ruiter Holland at NYC 1/26/1885
Rumwell, Ellen Miss, age about 45, April 27, of pneumonia Craftsbury 4/30/1888
Russell, Sarah A. Mrs., age 62, Jan 12, of heart disease Irasburg 1/23/1888
Russell, W. L. Mrs., Thur, after a long & distressing illness Irasburg 1/16/1888
Rutler, F. F. Mr., recently, father of Mrs. Henry Allbee, of heart disease Holland at St J. 7/16/1888
Ryan, John, age 70, recently, suicide by jumping off a bridge into CT River (item) Bellows Falls 5/27/1889
Ryan, Lizzie, age 15, May 6, of consumption Craftsbury 5/14/1888
Salisbury, Mindwell, age 74 y 5 m 9 d, May 15 Barton 6/8/1885
Salisbury,___ Mrs., died Friday, wife of Willis Salisbury, died at son-in-law's Wm Telfer Barton 5/18/1885
Sanborn, ___ Mrs., 13th inst, wife of Dr J. M. Sanborn, buried Morrisville, of cancer East Hardwick 12/21/1885
Sanborn, Alberta Mrs., age 40, Aug 30 , of consumption Albany / Barton Landing 9/5/1887
Sanborn, Ira C., age 42 y 1(0) m 4 d, June 2, consumption (thank you note from Alberta & Everett Sanborn) Albany 6/8/1885
Sanborn, Owen, age 45, Feb 3, sister is Mrs. J. A. Rowe, at Franconia, NH Irasburg 2/13/1888
Sandford, Saada M. (Spear), age 46, Friday, wife of Rev E. T. Sandford, had been an invalid for years (obit) St Johnsbury 6/25/1888
Sargent, ___ Mrs., age 52, April 9, wife of N. W. Sargent Barton 4/22/1889
Sargent, child, Jan 9, of William Sargent, of diphtheria Jay 1/18/1886
Sargent, Dennis B., age 2 y 6 m, March 13 Glover 3/16/1885
Sargent, Dennis B., age 7, March 1, adopted son of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Sargent Glover 3/23/1885
Sartle, Harry, of late J. P. Sartle, accident - shot & killed doing a trick, at Worcester, MA (12-23) (obit) Barton Landing 12/2/1889
Sartwell, Dan, some years ago, moved remains to NY by bro Frank Sartwell, buried with mother Glover 11/22/1886
Sawyer, Henry, young man, 7th inst, loaded wagon overturned and he was crushed to death (item) Morgan Center 8/26/1889
Sawyer, Philander Mrs., age 83, Nov 30 Albany 12/12/1887
Sawyer, Roy Eldon, age 3 m 5 d, Dec 28, of Henry & Maria Sawyer Lowell 1/2/1888
Sawyer, son, of Alonzo Sawyer - thank you note Morgan Center 10/28/1889
Sawyer, Triphosa, Mrs., age 99, Aug 1, died at son's Calvin Sawyer West Charleston 8/5/1889
Saxe, John Godfrey, died 1887, formerly of VT Brooklyn, NY 1/16/1888
Schoolcraft, Alfred N., age 62, April 30 Derby 5/10/1886
Scott, child, age 22 mos, last Mon., only child of Edward E. Scott, of pneumonia Newport 2/27/1888
Scott, Elihu Rev., age 82, born Greensboro Dec 11, 1805 (item) Greensboro at Hampton, NH 10/8/1888
Scott, infant, buried last week, of Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Scott Newport 3/18/1889
Scott, infant, of Rev. & J. W. Scott, at Concord, buried Glover Glover 10/18/1886
Scott, Levi, age 80, May 27 Craftsbury 5/31/1886
Scott, N. W. Rev., recently Derby 1/12/1885
Scott, Orlando, funeral today Newport 9/14/1885
Scribner, Samuel, old resident, of consumption after a long illness Hardwick 10/18/1886
Searles, C. W. (Pratt) Mrs., sister of Gilman & Lorenzo Pratt Newport at Berkshire 3/12/1888
Searles, child, Tues., of Mr. Searles, of cholera morbus Newport 10/7/1889
Searles, J. H., Mrs., last Friday, buried at NY, leaves husband, son and daughter (item) Newport 3/4/1889
Seaver, child, Monday, of A. O. Seaver, scalded last week by boiling water (item) Greensboro 3/18/1889
Seavey, J. Alden, last Tues, dropped dead on the street (item) Barton Landing 1/25/1886
Seavey, Sarah Miss, 24th ult (obit) Brownington 9/5/1887
Seeger, Mary L. Mrs., Oct 6, of organic disease of the heart Craftsbury at Burlington 10/12/1885
Sessions, ___ Mrs., Sat., wife of Amasa P. Sessions, dau of Charles Owen, injured in a fall last summer Coventry 3/19/1888
Sessions, Rosena (Owen), age 30 y 5 m 18 d, Mar 17, wife of Amasa P. Sessions Coventry 4/2/1888
Severance, Huldah J. Stone, age 73, Feb 24, wife of Rev. Geo Severance, of pneumonia, married 1850 (obit) S. Royalton & Sharon 3/11/1889
Severance, Huldah J., Feb 26, wife of Rev. George Severance, of typhoid pneumonia Royalton & Glover 3/4/1889
Severance, infant, recently, of George Severance, the second one he has lost in a short time Derby 9/3/1888
Severens, Olin, age 6, July 28, son of George Severens Derby 7/30/1888
Seymour, Henry E., died 1887 St Albans 1/16/1888
Sharby, dau, age 5, recently, of Alexander Sharby, of diphtheria North Troy 7/18/1887
Shaw, George S., 2d, very ill with consumption, committed suicide by shooting himself St Johnsbury 10/10/1887
Shaw, Mary Sleeper, May 24, wife of Fred Shaw, she was an invalid for 13 years, had apoplectic fit Newport Center 6/8/1885
Shaw, Nehemiah, age 89, Oct 25 Sutton at Newfield, NJ 11/5/1888
Shaw, Nehemiah, recently, at New Jersey Sutton 11/5/1888
Shawpan, Francis, age 77, Tues, Member Co E., 7th Vt Regt, was blind Essex Jct. 12/16/1889
Shedd, ___ Mrs., buried last Tues., wife of Lewis Shedd Evansville 7/16/1888
Shedd, John, 2nd, old resident, committed suicide by hanging, son in law Mahlon Hathaway West Burke at Calais 6/13/1887
Sheldon, Mamie, Oct 11, of diphtheria Westfield 10/25/1886
Sheltra, Lilla, age 1 y 6 m, Sept 19, dau of Frank & Celestia Sheltra Westfield 9/30/1889
Sheltra, Nora A., age 2 m 17 d, Aug 22, of Frank & Celestia Sheltra Westfield 9/9/1889
Shepard, George, age 62, Feb 24/21st?, after long & painful illness from cancer in the stomach Albany 2/27/1888
Shepard, Sarah Jordan, recently, wife of Nelson Shepard, at Manchester Coventry 9/17/1888
Shepard, Theresa Mrs., age about 73, Jan 7, buried Lowell Lowell at Hyde Park 1/9/1888
Shepardson, dau, age 2 mos, buried April 15, of Mr. Shepardson Irasburgh 4/20/1885
Sherburne, George, buried last Tues Wheelock 1/30/1888
Sherburne, John, age 84 y 3 m 15 d, Feb 1, moved here in 1812 from Brookfield, NH, wife & 6 kids (obit) Glover 2/6/1888
Shippee, Bennie, Friday, had been in St. Johnsbury learning dentistry when he became ill & died (item) Coventry 5/28/1888
Short, Mr., last week, father of Mrs. P. S. Robinson, buried Hartland, VT West Derby 3/29/1886
Shortsleeves, Dennis, age 94, May 2 Lowell 5/21/1888
Shufelt, child, Sept 5, youngest child of Lemuel Shufelt Lowell 9/12/1887
Sias, A. Mr., aged man, last Tues, buried Newport East Albany 2/15/1886
Silsby, Joseph W., age 40 y 5 m 26 d, July 26, of Levi & Susan Silsby, of Boston at Crescent Beach Lunenburg at Willoughby 8/2/1886
Silver, Annie Adeline, age 18 y 2 m 23 d, Dec 19, of Albert A & Sarah W Silver Derby 12/28/1885
Silver, C. B. Mr., Feb 16, brother of Mr. A. A. Silver of Derby, soldier in late war 4th VT & 7th NH regiments Bloomfield 3/2/1885
Simonds, Angie Mrs., Sept 25, had been ill for years, died of consumption (obit) Craftsbury 9/27/1886
Simonds, child, age 9 mos, buried March 25, of George & Mary Simonds Westfield 4/1/1889
Simonds, Hannah Mrs., age 86, June 10, mother of Mike & Levi Smith Greensboro at Enosburg 7/5/1886
Simpson, ___ Mr., recently, bro Alex Simpson from ILL at funeral Greensboro 11/22/1886
Simpson, James S., age 82, last week, from Scotland, died at H. W. Gillis' (see also Greensboro) East Craftsbury 2/4/1889
Simpson, James, last Wed., little son of George W. Simpson, prob disease of the brain Craftsbury 8/26/1889
Simpson, John, 17th inst, from catarrah of the stomach (obit) Greensboro 11/25/1889
Sinclair, ___ Mrs., buried Tues?, widow of Henry Jackman, at Derry, NH, of blood poisoning Irasburg 2/13/1888
Sinclair, Maria (Martin), age 23, April 3, wife of Leander Sinclear Lowell 4/11/1887
Sinclair, Mary A. (Fisher), age 99, May 10 Lowell 5/14/1888
Sinon, Maggie, age 23 y 10 m, April 2, dau of William & Mary Sinon East Albany 4/11/1887
Sisco, ____ Mrs., recently, wife of Alfred Sisco, buried Holland Holland at Coaticook 3/5/1888
Sisco, Almira, age 64, Dec 27, wife of Charles Sisco Barton 1/14/1889
Sisco, Almira, last Thur., wife of Charles Sisco, of cancer Barton 12/31/1888
Sisco, Flora W., age 37, Oct 6, wife of C. E. Sisco Sheffield 11/2/1885
Sisco, Hattie Bean, age 24, Sept 21, wife of Fred Sisco, of consumption South Barton 11/1/1886
Skinner, ___ Mrs., wife of John Skinner, remains brought here for burial (from ?) Derby 5/17/1886
Smalley, A. Mrs., long time sufferer Glover 3/11/1889
Smalley, Hiram, last Tues. buried Jan 20, son is Alfred Smalley Greensboro 1/24/1887
Smead, ____ Mrs., age 89, Feb 26, mother of Lewis Smead, had been feeble a long time South Albany 3/4/1889
Smead, Betsey Mrs., age 88 y 9 m, Feb 26, mother of Lewis Smead, had been feeble for a long time South Albany 3/4/1889
Smead, Lewis, age 59, last Friday, born Salisbury, of pneumonia, leaves wife & 2 daus (obit) (11-25) South Albany 11/18/1889
Smith, __ Mrs., age 79, Jan 10, wife of Daniel Smith Barton at Mansonville, PQ 2/7/1887
Smith, __ Mrs., age 93, Nov 23, mother of J. T. Smith Irasburg 12/26/1887
Smith, ___ Mrs., Sat., wife of John S. Smith Hardwick 10/17/1887
Smith, ___ Mrs., Sunday 24th, wife of Alvin Smith, after long & painful illness West Charleston 11/1/1886
Smith, ___ Mrs., wife of Charles O. Smith, at Penn Barton 1/17/1887
Smith, __Mrs., 5th, w/o Isaac B. Smith, m-in-law of Gen. Grout, sis of Mrs. J. B. Simonds, of paralysis (item) Barton & Glover 3/11/1889
Smith, Ada F. Colby, age 31 y 1 m 14 d, Nov 9, wife of E. L. Smith Lennoxville, PQ 11/21/1887
Smith, Anna, age 77, April 27, of pneumonia Holland 5/6/1889
Smith, boy, of Charles Smith, of diphtheria Westmore 12/23/1889
Smith, child, age 3, buried Friday, only son of John S. Smith, of rheumatic fever Newport 2/20/1888
Smith, child, buried recently, only child of Lewis Smith of St Johnsbury Brownington 7/5/1886
Smith, child, last week, another child of George Smith, of diphtheria Newport ? 2/11/1889
Smith, child, of Fred Smith, of diphtheria Westmore 11/18/1889
Smith, David, age about 50, Friday, of lung fever & typhoid dysentery Stannard 2/25/1889
Smith, Emily, age 17, Feb 5, of consumption East Hardwick 2/11/1889
Smith, Frank, last Thur., from falling on ice and breaking his hip Craftsbury 12/31/1888
Smith, Frank, recently Craftsbury 1/14/1889
Smith, Frank, recently, of Brunswick, Vt., died at Duluth, Minn. while attending college Derby 1/30/1888
Smith, Hannah, age 62, Feb 6, sister of Mrs. George W. Purrington, gangrene limb amputation Troy 2/7/1887
Smith, Jabez Esq., age 73, May 1, of pneumonia Newark 5/4/1885
Smith, Jabez Judge, funeral last week Sat, prob son is M. W. Smith of Worcester (item) West Burke 5/11/1885
Smith, James, age 76, Jan 17, of dropsy Holland 2/1/1886
Smith, James, age 90 y 6 m, Sept 12, member of M. E. Church Craftsbury 9/21/1885
Smith, James, recently, insane, committed suicide, buried Barre East Burke 5/20/1889
Smith, Jane Miss, age 75, Dec 14, bro Chas Smith of PA & sis Mrs. J. H. Evans, born Danville 2-27-1812 Evansville (obit) 1/3/1887
Smith, Jane Mrs., age 74, Tues, sister of Mrs. J. H. Evans (12-13) Evansville & Burke 12/20/1886
Smith, Jennie Miss, age 23, Aug 7, of H. A. Smith, of consumption, sister Emily died 6 months ago also East Hardwick 8/12/1889
Smith, Jessie A., age 20 y 5 m, March 16 Craftsbury 4/2/1888
Smith, Jessie Miss, funeral 18th inst. Craftsbury 3/26/1888
Smith, John, died Monday, of kidney problems East Burke 1/30/1888
Smith, Kenneth, last Tues, of consumption Barton 10/17/1887
Smith, Leonard, age about 80, Sept 16 Barton 9/21/1885
Smith, little son, last Friday, of George Smith, died at Batesville, of diphtheria Newport 1/28/1889
Smith, Lucinda Mrs., age 80, Oct 19th Craftsbury 10/25/1886
Smith, Mellen, Mr., age 81, 12th inst, buried Hardwick East Hardwick 9/17/1888
Smith, Moses, "Shaky Mose", age about 50, 12th inst, afflicted several years with shaking palsy (item) Westmore 12/17/1888
Smith, Phillip, age 83, April 9 Burke 4/15/1889
Smith, Proctor B., age 68, May 30 Lowell 6/4/1888
Smith, Ray, age 2 y 5 m, Nov 12, of F. J. & Delia Smith Westmore 11/18/1889
Smith, Roy E., age about 8 mos, June 27, of Edgar & Carrie Smith West Derby 7/1/1889
Smith, son, buried 21st, son of Joseph Smith East Hardwick 3/22/1886
Smith, Sophronia, age about 70, Oct 21, widow of Jabez Smith Newark 10/28/1889
Smith, William, age 47 y 7 m, Feb 1, typhoid fever (item) Morgan 2/9/1885
Snelling, Charles, age 97, Dec 22 Sheffield 1/2/1888
Snelling, Leander, age 48, Aug 19 Sutton 8/27/1888
Somers, ___ Mrs., Sat., wife of Henry Somers Irasburg 7/12/1886
Souther, __ Mrs., buried last Tues., wid of George Souther, buried Lowell, leaves dau age 6 Lowell at Morristown 2/21/1887
Souther, Nellie, May 4, wife of Wilbur Souther, dau of Lewis Cox, leaves an infant son Lowell 5/11/1885
Southworth, ___ Mr., age about 42, killed by cars, buried Lyndonville (item) Barton at White River Jct 2/28/1887
Spafford, Nathan L., age 66, March 20 Greensboro 3/29/1886
Spaulding, Chester, recently Newport Center 10/21/1889
Spaulding, Chester, 12th Newport Center 5/20/1889
Spaulding, Clarence E., 3rd inst., died at Bradford Newport 9/16/1889
Spaulding, Lewis, age 19, March 29 Wheelock 4/5/1886
Spaulding, Lewis, March 30, only son of Harvey Spaulding Brownington at Wheelock 4/5/1886
Spencer, J. B. , age 60 y 4 m, April 15 Brownington 4/20/1885
Spencer, J. W. Rev., father of Mrs. John Marshall, buried Derby Brownington at Concord, VT 4/1/1889
Spencer, Lucius, age 71 y 10 m 27 d, Oct 11 Brownington 10/11/1886
Spiller, boy, 7th inst, on loaded wagon that overturned and he was crushed to death Morgan Center 8/26/1889
Sprague, George F., age 82, Feb 28 (item) Craftsbury 3/7/1887
Squires, child, last week, of James Squires Newport Center 5/30/1887
Stafford, Murray, 2nd, youngest son of J. F. Stafford, of diphtheria (11-15) St Johnsbury ? 11/8/1886
Stanley, Lucy, age 90, 15th, dau of Joseph Stanley, died at Myron Dunn's (12-7 Barton) Greensboro 11/23/1885
Stanley, Lucy, recently, Barton teacher over 70 years ago, John Woodman Esq. was student Barton of Greensboro 12/7/1885
Stannard, Labba P., age 68, Dec 14, lived in town about 30 yrs, bro of late Gen Stannard [Laban Stannard] Lowell 12/20/1886
Stanton, Isaac, Wed, buried N. Danville, died while watering horses East Hardwick 3/29/1886
Staples, M. S., age 60, July 8 Wheelock 7/16/1888
Stearns, Anne E., age 1 y 11 m, Feb 11, of dysentery Holland 2/21/1887
Stebbins, Betsey Brown, age about 28, Sept 1(9), wife of Albert Stebbins Lowell 10/3/1887
Stebbins, Morton, he went west about 17 years ago, at Wisconsin Westfield 6/21/1886
Steele, Charlotte E. Miss., of Attleboro, Mass, of diphtheria, scarlet fever & congestion South Albany 12/21/1885
Steinhour, Ed., Sept 10, fell from loaded wagon & run over (9-16) Lowell 9/23/1889
Stephens, Emma (Allard), age 22 y 4 m 4 d, Nov 15, of consumption West Burke 11/18/1889
Stephenson, Marshall, age 5 y 6 m, Nov 28 Lowell 12/2/1889
Stevens, ___ Mrs., age 79, Jan 26, wife of Thomas Stevens Troy 2/4/1889
Stevens, ___ Mrs., w/o Joshua Stevens, at dau's Mrs. Jennie Gates at Queeche East Hardwick 1/18/1886
Stevens, ____ Mrs., March 30, widow of Dea Stevens, dau Hattie goes to MA to live with an aunt (item) East Hardwick 4/8/1889
Stevens, Albert, Wed, of pneumonia (item) East Hardwick 6/7/1886
Stevens, C. G., Mr., buried Thurs., of blood poisoning East Charleston 8/5/1889
Stevens, Charles H., age 4 m 6 d, Aug 23, of Frank & Ida Stevens Coventry 8/26/1889
Stevens, Dea., died August 1887 East Hardwick 4/8/1889
Stevens, Etta, Feb 25, dau of late Dea J. M. Stevens, died at uncle L. O. Stevens, buried E. Hardwick (3-11) East Hardwick at Iowa 3/4/1889
Stevens, Halsey L., age 8 mos, March 29, of Geo Stevens, of consumption Coventry 4/6/1885
Stevens, I. D. Mr., aged citizen, funeral 5th inst., son is C. G. Stevens East Charleston 7/26/1886
Stevens, infant son, March 19, of D. C. Stevens Derby 3/24/1889
Stevens, Mabel, little dau of Dr Stevens Barton Landing 9/13/1886
Stevens, Mable B., age 14 y 7 m, Sept 9, dau of Dr. E. G. Stevens (obit) Barton Landing 9/20/1886
Stevens, Nathaniel, age 79, Aug 2 Derby 8/9/1886
Stevens, Sullivan, age 89, last week East Charleston 11/4/1889
Stewart, Catherine, age 82, Jan 13, widow of Horace Stewart Derby at Beebe Plain 1/21/1889
Stewart, Emera, age 76, May 22 Derby 5/31/1886
Stickney, ___ Mrs., last Wed., widow of Edson Stickney, leaves little son & dau., buried Craftsbury Hardwick 10/28/1889
Stickney, Edith S., age 20, April 13, of typhoid fever New York City 4/15/1889
Stickney, Edson, recently, buried Craftsbury Craftsbury at E. Hardwick 4/23/1888
Still, Pember, age 75, Feb 17 Hardwick 2/25/1889
Stoddard, Clifton, age about 75, Sept 2nd , at Spring Valley, Minn., bro of M. W. Stoddard West Burke at Minn. 9/13/1886
Stokes, ___ Mrs., buried last Friday, funeral Sunday, died at Mass East Charleston 12/12/1887
Stokes, Warren S. Dr., recently, died at Boston, resulted from a vaccination Charleston & St J. 7/2/1888
Stone, Bethuel, recently, died at Eden, Vt Westfield 4/15/1889
Stone, Fannie Mrs., age 90, Aug 27 Holland 8/30/1886
Stone, Harrie, age 12 days, June 15, infant son of Elijah & Mary Stone Glover 6/24/1889
Stone, Mary, widow of Calvin Stone, at the insane asylum, not buried in Glover (item) Glover 11/19/1888
Story, ___ Mrs., age about 70, Sat, of spinal meningitis Derby 4/2/1888
Stratton, Ellen, recently, wife of Horace D. Stratton, her sister is Charlotte A. Denham of New Britain, CT Craftsbury 5/14/1888
Sturtevant, Saluah Mrs., age 68, Nov 4, her son is A. J. Rennie, of heart disease Sutton 11/11/1889
Sulloway, Lorenzo, age 80, April 6 (9th??), father of Sheriff Sulloway of St. J. (obit) Wheelock 4/15/1889
Sumner, Henry, some time ago Troy 10/15/1888
Sutton, J. P. Dr., recently, at Coaticook North Troy 6/3/1889
Sutton, Lonie Ethel, age 4 y 7 m, Sept 23, youngest dau of Willie W. & Alice R. Sutton Hardwick 9/30/1889
Swartz, Sadie, age 6 y 5 d, June 23, of L. J. & Fanny Swartz, of lung fever New York 7/2/1888
Swazey, Mr., Sat (note from Laura, Minnie, Nellie, Charles) (10-11) Glover 9/27/1886
Sweet, Ernest "Joe", March 26, freight conductor, fell from train and run over (item) Sutton at North Troy 4/5/1886
Sylvester, Clarence J., about 18 mos, Nov 27, only child of Charles & Alice Sylvester Irasburg 12/3/1888
Taft, __ Mrs., 7th inst, wife of Henry Taft, suicide by rat poison Woodstock 3/16/1885
Taft, ____ Mrs., age 76, Nov 18, wife of Charles Taft Sutton 11/26/1888
Taft, Arnold P., aged person, Tues, had held many town offices (item) Sutton 12/26/1887
Tatro, Jack, Friday, of Swanton, killed when train fell into a washout on tracks (item) Hardwick 5/30/1887
Taylor, Emma L., recently ST Johnsbury 6/6/1887
Taylor, Joseph K., aged citizen, last Sat., dropped dead at work at marble works, buried West Derby Newport 3/25/1889
Taylor, Lyman, over 82, Thur., son in law is Charles Tillotson (12-27) Westfield 1/3/1887
Taylor, Sally, age 80 y 10 m, Feb 8, wife of Lyman Taylor Westfield 2/22/1886
Telfer, ___ Mrs., 8th inst, wife of John P. Telfer, of consumption West Glover 4/13/1885
Telfer, Eliza M. Skinner, age 45 y 6 d, April 8, wife of John P. Telfer, of consumption West Glover 4/20/1885
Telfer, Thomas, age 70 y 1 m 11 d, Feb 20 West Glover 3/2/1885
Thayer, Susan, age 74, July 9, wife of Austin Thayer, of a paralytic stroke (item) Burke 7/16/1888
Thomas, ____ Mrs., buried last Mon., wife of George Thomas East Charleston 3/25/1889
Thomas, Amos, age 65 y 6 m, Dec 5 Morgan 12/21/1885
Thomas, Mr., recently (since last Monday prob) Hardwick 8/2/1886
Thompson, A. B. Dr., age 56, 4th inst, kidney complaint (item) Barnet 10/12/1885
Thompson, Augusta M(iss), last Wed, died at Carlos Moxley's E Albany 8/3/1885
Thompson, Gratia (Stoddard), age 92 y 1 m 21 d, July 27, died at g-son's Charles Thompson (obit) West Burke 7/30/1888
Thompson, Mary Miss, last week, dau of Judge L. H. Thompson, from a lingering illness (item) Irasburg 3/11/1889
Thompson, Mary, age 15 y 5 m, March 5, of Hon L. H. Thompson Irasburg 3/18/1889
Thompson, William, Feb 28, of West Burke, killed by being hit by train snow plow (3-14) Barton 2/28/1887
Thrasher, Eliza, age 76 y 6 m, April 3, wife of Holland Thrasher Coventry 4/6/1885
Thrasher, Holland, age 83, Sept 30, dau is Mrs. Dr. Blanchard of Newport Coventry at Newport 10/3/1887
Thrasher, J. R., Mrs., last Friday, buried Coventry, had been sick for 19 years Newport 11/19/1888
Thrasher, Katie, age 16 y 7 m, Sept 17, dau of late Holland & Nettie Thrasher, of consumption Coventry 9/20/1886
Thurber, Grace, little girl, Sat, buried East Burke, of diphtheria Newport 5/17/1886
Thurber, Gracie W., age 7 y 11 m, May 15, only dau of S L & L M Thurber Newport 5/17/1886
Thurston, John, age about 37, recently, died at Sandwich, MA, found dead in bed Montpelier at Mass 11/29/1886
Thyne, Abigail Mrs., recently, sister of Milo Farrington, died in Arizona of cancer, blind for thirty years (item) Irasburg 8/24/1885
Tibbetts, La(ura) Mrs., age (80), Oct 4, wife of Hon. J. C. Tibbetts, married almost 59 years Sutton 10/10/1887
Tice, James, age 85, Sept 11 Coventry at Newport 9/17/1888
Tice, Oliver, Thursday Holland 3/30/1885
Tillotson, __ Mrs., age 82, Jan 5, widow of Nathaniel Tillotson Lowell 1/12/1885
Tillotson, Lester, age 89, June 4 Craftsbury 6/10/1889
Tinker, Ellen (Baily) Mrs., age 43, Nov 26, leaves husband, 2 sons & 2 sisters (item) East Albany 12/6/1886
Tinker, Frank, Tues last, killed by boiler explosion (long item) Wolcott 3/22/1886
Titus, __ Mrs., Thurs., funeral March 22, wife of Charles Titus, of consumption Troy ? 3/30/1885
Todd, A. W. Mr., died last Tues, shock of paralysis, leaves wife & 4 children Derby 2/16/1885
Tolman, Lucius C., last Tues, bro of H. S. Tolman of Greensboro, worked on RR, run over by train Greensboro 2/23/1885
Topham, John, last week, funeral last Monday Wheelock 5/10/1886
Tower, ___ Mr., last week, brother of B. F. Tower of Coventry S. Royalton 9/24/1888
Tower, Charlotte, July 4, wife of B. F. Tower, leaves husband & 3 children (item) Coventry 7/6/1885
Towle, Joshua, age 73, Feb 3 Newark 2/7/1887
Town, Cabot, age 7 y 3 m 2 d, June 18, son of E. H. & Clara Town Albany 6/22/1885
Townsend, Betsey, aged lady, 29th ult West Charleston 2/7/1887
Trudeau, ___ Mrs., 31st ult, wife of Israel Trudeau, leaves husband & 8 children Coventry 6/8/1885
Trudell, son, age 3 weeks, buried Sun Feb 1, of P Trudell South Troy 2/9/1885
True, ___ Mrs., age 60 y 3 m 10 d, Sept 28, widow of George W. True Newport 10/7/1889
True, Silas, last Tues Coventry 2/6/1888
Tucker, Harvey D., age 72 y 9 m, March 22, of apoplexy Craftsbury at Morrisville 4/9/1888
Tunney, ___ Mrs., age about 90, 1st inst Albany 2/9/1885
Turcotte, Edward B., Oct 21, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Turcotte, Hubert L., Oct 15, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Turcotte, Mary Ann., Oct 20, of diphtheria Newport 11/23/1885
Turner, Daniel, recently, buried Holland Holland at Groton 8/8/1887
Turner, Frederick, age 62, Oct 16 Derby 10/29/1888
Tute, ___ Mrs., May 2, wife of Leroy Tute, had been great sufferer for 2 years Newport Center 5/7/1888
Tute, ___ Mrs., Sunday, wife of John Tute, of spinal cerebro meningitis Coventry 10/3/1887
Twombly, child, age 20 mos, buried Thur., of Edgar Twombly, of membranous croup Barton Landing/Brownington 1/3/1887
Twombly, Cyron, age about 26, March 30, of consumption Brownington 4/1/1889
Twombly, Daniel, age 88 y 5 m 16 d, July 16, born NH, to Sheffield, VT in 1810 (obit) Barton Landing 7/19/1886
Twombly, Harry L., age 1y 9m 24d, Dec 28, of Edgar & Eliza M. Twombly, of membranous croup Barton Landing 1/10/1887
Twombly, little child, Tues., of Wilder Twombly who is in Calif, of the croup West Derby 12/12/1887
Twombly, Mabel S., age 15, May 6, dau of W. B. & E. M. Twombly Barton Landing 5/16/1887
Twombly, Mabel, last Friday Barton Landing 5/9/1887
Twombly, son, about 4 mos, buried April 27, of Mr. & Mrs. Wilder Twombly, of lung fever West Derby 5/6/1889
Tye, John, Friday, fell about a week ago and died of internal injuries Albany 10/22/1888
Ufford, Nathan C., yesterday, prob of stomach cancer (3-29) Barton 3/22/1886
Underwood, C. H., Nov 20, fell off bridge & drowned, actually Hiram Keyser who served 2 prison terms Hardwick at Andover, NH 12/5/1887
Underwood, Frank, age about 26, Friday, hit by falling tree East Hardwick 2/4/1889
Urie, ___ Mrs., age 75, May 6, wife of James Urie, died at Newell Lyman's, ulcerated stomach West Glover 5/11/1885
Urie, Thomas, age 53, Oct 14, blood poisoning, kids Mrs. Guy Anderson, John & Minnie & Lillian Urie Greensboro 10/17/1887
Van Dyke, George, Wed., at Mansonville, was walking on tracks and run over by train, cut in two North Troy 3/19/1888
Vance, Calista, funeral today April 20, invalid many months Glover 4/20/1885
Vance, Cora, age 17, Aug 29/30, of consumption of the bowels Albany 9/5/1887
Vance, son, buried 24th inst. next to father, son of Mrs. Cordelia Vance Glover 4/30/1888
Varney, Emily (Jillson), age 48, Aug 27, wife of M. F. Varney, died Ortonville, Minn. Irasburg at Minn. 9/21/1885
Vinton, Henry, age 52, Nov 22, of lock jaw (also listed as 20th) Holland 11/30/1885
Wadsworth, Milla Miss, age 84, last week, sister of late Col. Horace Wadsworth Keeler's Bay 4/16/1888
Wakefield, ___ Mrs., age 77, 20th, wife of Orra Wakefield, prob of heart disease (item) Hardwick 11/26/1888
Wakeman, Percival, March 3d, died at Boston Jay at Boston, MA 3/14/1887
Walcott, H. Mr., buried 22nd, of liver cancer East Charleston 8/27/1888
Walden, William, young man, Sat, of typhoid fever Newport 10/26/1885
Wallace, Clara (Hustins), died at Littleton, sister of Mrs. Steven Townsend Brownington 6/21/1886
Wallace, James, last Monday, of consumption Lyndonville 3/28/1887
Walter, Lemuel, old citizen, buried 26th inst East Burke 12/31/1888
Walter, Merritt, age 84, Thur, funeral at M. E. church at E. Haven East Burke 4/4/1887
Walworth, D. P. Mr., last Sat, of apoplectic attack Coventry 6/6/1887
Walworth, Jennie Miss, age 48, March 12, funeral at Coventry Boston, Mass 3/22/1886
Walworth, Jennie, recently, only child of D. P. Walworth, buried Coventry, spinal meningitis Coventry at Boston 3/15/1886
Ward, __ Mrs., Tues, wife of Charles Ward, leaves 3 children - one is a week old Hardwick 3/23/1885
Ward, ____ Mrs., last week, wife of Joseph Ward, died in Fairfax Westfield 11/2/1885
Ward, Eliza Mrs., age 49, Tues, buried Wolcott, sister is Mrs. Taylor of W. Concord East Hardwick 4/26/1886
Ward, Osborne, Wed, after a long & painful illness St Johnsbury 10/17/1887
Ward, Samuel, April 18, got sick working in the woods, died the next day (5-13 says 1 week later) Hardwick ? 4/29/1889
Warden, Gilbert, Feb 2, suicide by hanging, leaves widow & 7 children Halifax 2/9/1885
Ware, Alanson C., age 69, 20th inst, leaves wife & 4 children, and twin brother Alonzo (item) (8-3) Irasburg 7/27/1885
Ware, Alanson, age 69, July 20 (8-3) Irasburg 7/27/1885
Ware, Alonzo, age about 72, April 13, of pneumonia, leaves wife & 3 children (item) Coventry 4/16/1888
Warner, William A., Rev., age 24, last Sunday, son of W. Warner of Lowell, congestion of brain Lowell at Hubbardton 1/23/1888
Warren, Burge, age 60, invalid son of late Joel Warren, died at Jos. Cook's Irasburg 1/9/1888
Warren, George, age about 6, Jan 3, of Chauncey Warren West Burke 1/11/1886
Warren, Lucius, son of Mrs. Hiram Gray of Brownington, at Lake Megantic, Que, shot dead Brownington & Evansville 7/2/1888
Warren, Phebe G., age 67 Hardwick 4/8/1889
Watson, Albert, age 53, Dec 2 South Albany 12/6/1886
Watson, Asa F., age 79 y 11 m, April 30 Irasburg 5/28/1888
Watson, Charles, 14th, had been sick a long time West Burke 6/20/1887
Watson, William, age 82, at Titusville, Penn Barton 4/22/1889
Watts, Mary Mrs., age 44 y 6 m, Nov 21, died Buda, Illinois Irasburg at Illinois 11/30/1885
Watts, Sarah Mrs., 10th inst., formerly Sarah McClellan of Troy, suicide by hanging Jay 10/18/1886
Waugh, Calvin, Jan 27 Greensboro 2/6/1888
Waugh, Ida E., age 23 y 10 m 23 d, June 16, of pneumonia Greensboro 8/2/1886
Waugh, Robert, age 86, 5th inst Craftsbury 9/12/1887
Way, Henry F., young man, recently, student at Northfield Academy Hardwick 9/5/1887
Webb, Ida Hildreth, last week, leaves husband, of gastric trouble Barton Landing 3/2/1885
Webber, Mary Bliss Mrs., April 4, wife of Scott Webber Glover at Calif 5/30/1887
Webster, Charles N., young man, Oct 5, of D. D. Webster, died suddenly, owned printer's business (item) ST J at Malden, MA 10/15/1888
Webster, Darius D., Sat., fell from roof while shingling St Johnsbury 9/30/1889
Webster, Edith Miss, age about 14, Friday, of diphtheria Newport 5/10/1886
Webster, Emma A. Miss, age 47 y 1 m 9 d, June 29, buried at Irasburg Lowell, Mass 7/4/1887
Webster, Genevieve, age 25 y 7 m 8 d, June 21, only dau of Lorenzo & Cynthia Webster Barton Landing 6/27/1887
Webster, Harry, age 25 y 7 m 25 d, Oct 27, son of David. H. & E. D. Webster, of consumption (obit) Irasburg 11/1/1886
Webster, little dau, buried last week, of Henry Webster Barton Landing 8/29/1887
Weed, Betsey Rans(el), age 80 y 6 m, March 15, wife of Daniel Weed Stannard 3/22/1886
Weed, Daniel J., age 77, March 22 Stannard 4/2/1888
Weed, Daniel J., March 23 Greensboro Bend 5/28/1888
Weed, son, age 6 mos., March 24, of Edson Weed Stannard 4/2/1888
Weeks, __ Mrs., funeral Sun., wife of Geo Weeks, dau is Ida Weeks, buried beside her only son Brownington at Buffalo, NY 11/7/1887
Weeks, Helen M. Mrs., age 55 y 3 m 11 d, Dec 24, of consumption Derby at E. Bethel 1/16/1888
Weeks, Irene Miss, age 29, Aug 6, of consumption Derby 8/12/1889
Weeks, Rozella Mrs., last week, sis of Jasper Smith, at Buffalo, NY (11-7) Brownington 10/31/1887
Weeks, Samuel, age 52 y 5 m 25 d, Oct 12, of apoplexy Greensboro of Lowell, MA 10/19/1885
Welcome, Hattie, age about 19, Thur., at Batesville, only sick a few days Newport 8/20/1888
Wellman, Theda Miss, died last winter, buried Lowell Lowell at Burlington 5/21/1888
Wells, ___ Mrs., Sat., wife of Hollis Wells, of consumption Irasburg 12/9/1889
Wells, ____ Mrs., last Tues., wife of William Wells, had been ill a long time West Derby 7/2/1888
Wells, ____ Mrs., on Thursday, wife of William Wells, died at J. Carter's, sick a long time Brownington 5/25/1885
Wells, Edith, of Joseph & Eva (Parker) Wells, at Granby, grand dau of Mrs. A. P. Taft of W. Burke West Burke at Granby 3/5/1888
Wells, Henry, recently, suicide by poison, father of John Wells Coventry 1/17/1887
Wells, J. S. Mr., recently, died at Omaha, Neb St Albans 7/9/1888
West, ___ Mrs., Dec 24, wife of Charles B. West Salem-Derby 12/31/1888
West, Charles B. Jr., Sunday, of erysipelas, leaves widow & dau about 3 years old W. Derby 5/25/1885
West, George E., age about 45, last Tues, oldest son of Dea. Dudley West of Troy (obit) Newport 12/19/1887
West, Hannah Stevens, age 62 y 10 m, Dec 24, wife of C. B. West Derby 1/7/1889
Wheeler, Anson T., age 31, April 13, of Walpole, NH, suicide by throwing himself under a train (item) Barton Landing 4/18/1887
Wheeler, H. H., Oct 8, of apoplexy St Johnsbury 10/17/1887
Wheeler, Hattie, dau of Simeon Wheeler, sis of Mrs. Edson Barnes (died somewhere else) Coventry 12/14/1885
Wheeler, Leander, age 80, recently, lived here 60 yrs, leaves son & dau (obit) Craftsbury 7/18/1887
Wheeler, Melissa (Bailey), age 33, July 29, wife of Ward Wheeler, of spinal disease Burke 8/1/1887
Wheeler, S., last week, old resident Glover 8/31/1885
Wheeler, Simon, age 63, June 26 Coventry at Plainfield 9/14/1885
Wheeler, Simon, age 63, June 26, died at Plainfield Coventry 7/6/1885
Wheeler, Simon, recently, dau is Mrs. Barnes of W. Charleston, died in Plainfield on way to Charleston Charleston of NY 6/29/1885
Wheelock, Amasa S., age 28, March 31, of consumption (4-13) Coventry 4/6/1885
Wheelock, Lucretia, age 64, July 2, wife of Levi Wheelock Lowell 7/9/1888
Wheelock, Sarah, recently, dau of late Amasa Wheelock Coventry at Boston 7/25/1887
Whipple, Ellen, funeral Sat., dau of late L. W. Clarke, wife of A. F. Whipple who is injured & helpless (item) W. Charleston at Brownington 8/6/1888
Whipple, Rufus, oldest citizen, Nov 30, of cancer Newport Center 12/9/1889
Whitcher, George H., age 26, Sept 9, of consumption & hemorrhage last winter (item) (9-10) Barton 9/17/1888
White, ___ Mrs., 11th inst., widow of David White, buried Derby Line, of paralysis Derby at Hartford, CT 11/19/1888
White, ___ Mrs., age 83, Nov 11, wife of David White, of paralysis Hartford, CT 11/19/1888
White, Azra, age 79, funeral on the 5th inst, born Craftsbury (2-23) Craftsbury 2/9/1885
White, Elisha, age 80, June 16, per Brownington (item) Derby at Northfield 6/21/1886
White, Flora I, funeral sermon Nov 20 at George D. White Brownington 11/14/1887
White, Flora, Tues., dau of George White, of diphtheria, buried Brownington Center (item) Brownington 12/27/1886
Whitehouse, ___ Mrs., 26th inst, wife of Enos Whitehouse South Troy 10/29/1888
Whitman, ____ Mrs., aged lady, buried last Tues Jay 6/1/1885
Whitney, Bessie E., age 13 m 21 d, Dec 16, only child of Horace & May E. Whitney Barton 12/27/1886
Whitney, Chestina, buried at the Common cemetery, sons Leland & Willie Whitney Craftsbury 12/21/1885
Whitney, Cora B., age 9, Aug 28, only dau of George S. & Emily G. Whitney, of diphtheria Glover 9/10/1888
Whitney, Cora, child, died Wed., of diphtheria Glover 9/3/1888
Whitney, Fred Dr., 11th inst, graduated Craftsbury Academy & medical school in Chicago (item) Craftsbury 9/19/1887
Whitney, Frederick J. Dr., funeral Tues, son of Prof James Whitney Derby 12/19/1887
Whitney, Henry, age 86, May 22 Craftsbury 5/27/1889
Whitney, M. T. Mr., last Thur., at West Derby Newport 5/2/1887
Whitney, Mary Mrs., Wed., widow of Dr. Whitney, of typhoid fever, leaves a child (item) Craftsbury 10/3/1887
Whittlesay, Dr., recently, brother is Dr. O. A. Bemis of Craftsbury West Randolph 12/24/1888
Wiggins, Jesse, age 70 y 9 m 21 d, Oct 23 Barton 11/1/1886
Wiggins, Mary A. N. Leonard, age 64 y 10 m 6 d, Jan 27, wife of Jesse Wiggins, of paralysis Barton 2/8/1886
Wiggins, Silas Rev., age 8[5], Dec 17 , suicide by hanging, born in Fairlee 1801 (obit) Sutton 12/20/1886
Wiggins, William Parker, age 65, Sept 18 Barton 9/21/1885
Wilbur, J. M. Dr., Friday, wife is Lizzie Denio W. Glover at NY 1/24/1887
Wilbur, son, funeral last Sunday at NY, son of Rev. Mr. Wilbur Newport 1/31/1887
Wilcox, __ Mrs., about 74, 3d inst., w/o Giles Wilcox, long illness with cancer, leaves husband & 4 kids (item) (obit) Newport Center 5/13/1889
Wilcox, child, last week, of A. Wilcox, of whooping cough Newport Center 5/30/1887
Wilcox, Philena Senter, age 90, Jan 15, relict of John Morgan Wilcox Morgan 1/21/1889
Wilder, Charles, 23rd inst., died at Butter's Mills at son's Frank Wilder Morgan 9/28/1885
Wilder, Ezra, Oct 4, 1884, died in Minnesota (court hearing re: Mrs. W. adultery with Wm. Dizan) St J at Minn. 2/7/1887
Wilder, Rufus G., age 11 d, Jan 17, of Gustus & Lona Wilder West Derby 2/1/1886
Wilder, William, age 68, 22nd inst., born Sandy Creek, NY, hardening of the liver (3-9 obit) St Johnsbury 3/2/1885
Wilders, child, buried Wed., of Frank Wilders, buried Morgan Morgan at Granby 2/21/1887
Wilkie, child, last week, of Mrs. Wilkie, residing at Ed Day's, buried Brownington Glover 10/17/1887
Wilkie, infant dau., age 3 months, Sept 3, of J H & Alice A Wilkie Barton 9/7/1885
Wilkie, William Carl, age 6 m 13 d, Oct 13, of Wm J. & Ellen Wilkie Glover 10/17/1887
Wilkie, William, age about 25, last Thur Barton Landing 7/4/1887
Wilkins, Vernon Mrs., Jan 28, sister of W. P. Kaiser, at Stowe, of pneumonia Craftsbury 2/6/1888
Willard, Betsey, age 71, April 28, wife of Elijah Willard, born in Wheelock in 1814, married 1837 (obit) Wheelock 5/11/1885
Willard, Richard, age 74, Dec 2(6)th (item) Sutton 1/3/1887
Willey, ___ Mrs., age 77, Jan 25, wife of Perkins Willey Derby 1/28/1889
Willey, George, age 17 y 10 m, July 21, of Elijah & Mary Willey Irasburg 7/23/1888
Willey, Ichabod, age about 82, March 22 Sheffield 3/30/1885
Willey, Lorenzo, April 15, leaves wife & 2 children, of consumption (item) Newport Center 4/22/1889
Willey, Micajah, age 89, died at Coventry, buried Sutton Sutton at Coventry 5/13/1889
Williams, __ Mrs., (prob) buried at Newport Center, body brought here by son E. H. Williams of Providence, RI Newport Ctr at RI 5/13/1889
Williams, ___ Mrs., age 73, Dec 16, wife of Lorenzo Williams Morgan 12/02/1886
Williams, ___Mrs., age 40, Sept 14, wife of J. H. Williams, dau of Lemuel Mason of Craftsbury (item) Craftsbury at Humpback, Neb 9/24/1888
Williams, Addie Miss, Dec 14, of consumption Morgan 12/16/1889
Williams, Caroline Mrs., age 74, 21st inst., mother of Mrs. H. R. Mack, of pneumonia Hardwick 4/29/1889
Williams, Cyril, age 85, Dec 21 Sheffield 12/27/1886
Williams, dau, last week, youngest dau of Mr. Williams Newport 12/14/1885
Williams, Harold, age 7 mos, Aug 7, of F. C. & Nellie Williams, of cholera infantum Coventry 8/12/1889
Williams, Warren, old citizen, April 12 Hardwick 4/20/1885
Williamson, _____, recently of diphtheria East Burke 1/31/1887
Willis, Sarah M., age 43 y 10 m 2 d, June 8, dau of late Joseph & Laurilla Willis Derby 6/21/1886
Wilsey, Willey, Feb 14, of consumption Brownington 2/23/1885
Wilson, ___ Mrs., age 40, Aug 31, wife of Frank Wilson, from paralysis Derby 9/10/1888
Wilson, ___ Mrs., age 60 y 9 m 27 d, May 15, wife of William D. Wilson, of typhoid pneumonia Charleston 6/4/1888
Wilson, Charles, age 67, 10th inst, born & died in town, nearly blind & had rheumatism, funeral on 67th b/d South Albany 11/18/1889
Wilson, child, last week, of Mrs. Charles Wilson, of scarlet fever West Derby 12/2/1889
Wilson, Homer E., age 3 y 4 m 21 d, Feb 1, of late Jonathan E. & Bessie Wilson West Charleston 3/2/1885
Wilson, infant, Nov 3, of Marshall Wilson West Charleston 11/11/1889
Wilson, Lewis, age 84, Feb 25 Derby 3/4/1889
Wilson, Robert, age 19, Aug 13 Westmore 8/24/1885
Wilson, Royal, age 58, May 15, card of thanks from Mrs. Royal Wilson, W. D. Wilson & Isabell S. Wilson Craftsbury 5/28/1888
Wilson, Royal, age about 60, May 15 Craftsbury 5/21/1888
Wilson, son, Feb 1, of Mrs. Jonathan Wilson , of typhoid fever W. Charleston 2/9/1885
Winchester, __ Mrs., about 19, Sat., wife of Charles Winchester, married a few weeks ago (item) Greensboro 11/5/1888
Winchester, Minnie A., age 18 y 6 m 16 d, Oct 28, of typhoid fever Greensboro 11/5/1888
Wing, infant, last week, of John Wing, of cholera infantum Newport 8/15/1887
Winslow, Matie C., age 5 y 10 m 20 d, July 23, only son of Rev J. H. & Olie M. Winslow Lunenburg 8/6/1888
Winthrop, Amanda (Chamberlin), last week, sis of Mrs. Samuel Phillips, after long illness Glover at Wiscoy, NY 4/23/1888
Wire, James, age about 80, April 24 Newark 4/30/1888
Wood, ___ Mrs., Wed., buried Sat., wife of John Wood, of a tumor, buried Greensboro in Dist #8 Greensboro at Stannard 3/19/1888
Wood, Abigail Widow, age 77, May 24, congestion of the lungs, Mr. died about 2 years ago Barton 5/25/1885
Wood, Eliza Gibson, age 42 y 10 m 12 d, Dec 4 / 5?, wife of George Wood, of apoplexy Greensboro 12/12/1887
Woodard, Bell, age 19, May 3, helpless with rheumatism for 12 years Holland 5/18/1885
Woodbury, baby, Thur, of Mrs. Fred Woodbury of Manchester, NH Wheelock 7/13/1885
Woodbury, F. Mr., funeral last Monday, ill for many years, leaves wife & kids Lowell 9/20/1886
Woodbury, Fordyce, Sept 11 Lowell 9/20/1886
Woodbury, L. D. Mrs., age 63 y 7 m 29 d, March 31 Sheffield 4/9/1888
Woodman, John L., age 80 y 5 m 25 d, Sept 10 Barton 9/13/1886
Woodman, John L., age 80, in town since a lad, leaves 2 sons & a dau (obit) Barton 9/13/1886
Woodman, Jonathan Rev., age 90, Jan 18, at Tewksbury, MA at his son-in-law's W. H. Hilton (obit) Sutton 1/30/1888
Woodman, Jonathan Rev., funeral Sunday Sutton 1/23/1888
Woodruff, ??, May 17, nephew of Mrs. George Woodruff, died at their house, had been ill a long time West Burke 5/20/1889
Woodruff, Ella, age 3, Aug 12, dau of O. C. & Emma Woodruff, of blood poison Newark 8/17/1885
Woods, O. F. Dr., age 69, last Tues, of paralysis, born Dana, MA Bellows Falls 8/12/1889
Woodward, Calvin Dr., recently , after a protracted illness Danville 7/25/1887
Woodward, child, 30th ult., child of John Woodward, of diphtheria Holland 1/4/1886
Wooley, ___ Mrs., age about 90, buried Oct 4, died somewhere else Lowell 10/12/1885
Wooster, Fanny R., age 83, Feb 26, relict of Rev. John Wooster, of pneumonia, dau is Mrs. Ellen Thompson West Burke of Granby 3/5/1888
Works, James, age 100 on Dec 30, 1887, Tues., born Westmoreland, NH, married 1822 Almira Aldrich (11-26) St Johnsbury at Waterford 11/19/1888
Works, Rosalinda, Mrs., age 90, Nov 4 Lowell 11/18/1889
Worth, girl, age 11 mos, Friday, youngest dau of William Worth, of cholera infantum West Derby 8/6/1888
Worth, Joseph, Jan 18, congestion of the bowels Holland 1/26/1885
Wright, ___ Mr., funeral last week, father of R. H. & D. E. Wright of Westfield Swanton per Westfield 6/11/1888
Wright, Arthur, age 2 y 4 m, Feb 18, only son of Sidney & Carrie Wright Holyoke, MA 2/22/1886
Wright, dau, last week, of Fred Wright, at Manchester, NH, of St. Vitus dance West Glover 2/20/1888
Wright, David, last week Glover 6/22/1885
Wright, Frances Mrs., age 73, Feb 16 Derby 4/4/1887
Wright, infant son, Jan 28, of Joseph & Delia Wright Derby 2/21/1887
Wright, Joseph Henry, age 8 m, Nov 21, only child of Joseph & Delia Wright Salem-Derby 12/10/1888
Wright, Nelson, age 79 y 1 m, Aug 15 Barton 8/15/1887
Wright, Nelson, died today Barton 8/15/1887
Wright, Winnie May, age 14 y 9 m, March 6, of Edgar P. & Lucy E. Wright Newport 3/11/1889
Wrightman, Robbie, Dec 25, son of Mr. Wrightman, fell through the ice while skating Newport Ctr at Burlington 1/18/1886
Wyman, ___ Mrs., Nov 21, w/o Isaiah Wyman, broken shoulder, dau Mrs. Sabra Barber of Ithica, Mich Brownington 11/28/1887
Wyman, Cynthia Tracy, age 60 y 6 m 7 d, Nov 21, wife of Isaiah A. Wyman Brownington 12/19/1887
Wyman, Mr., Thurs., of Stanstead, died at Newport, had been an invalid for many years Newport 8/2/1886
Young, ___ Mr., brother of Charley Young, at Kansas, froze to death Salem-Derby at Kansas 1/9/1888
Young, ___ Mrs., age 65, Sept 21, wife of John Young, of dysentery, buried Jay (obit) Newport Center 9/26/1887
Young, Alexander, age about 65, Oct 29, at home of John D. Findlay, effects of sun stroke 20 yrs ago (item) Greensboro 11/5/1888
Young, baby, recently, of Will Young West Derby 6/11/1888
Young, Charles, Nov 25 Holland 11/28/1887
Young, Frank, Friday, had been ill several months, leaves wife & 9 children Newport 10/7/1889
Young, Fred, age about 17, last Tues, injured in box factory a week ago Newport 11/14/1887
Young, George, Sunday, had rheumatism for some time (item) Greensboro 4/13/1885
Young, M. A., age 53 y 7 m 15 d, Feb 27 Ocean Grove, NJ 3/8/1886
Young, Naomi Mrs., sister of P. M. Seavey, at Pittsburg West Charleston 11/19/1888
Young??, Mr., recently, bro of Mrs. Cyrus Clarke, buried Derby Line , froze to death W Charleston at Kansas 1/9/1888

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