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Abare, Philip, week ago last Sat., ran in front of train & run over, leaves wife & 5 kids  (item) VT    8/17/1874
Abbey, Daniel, age 84, Feb 4, of pneumonia, died Orange, NH, buried Derby Derby 2/17/1879
Abbott, George, age 26, last Sun., goofing off shot himself in stomach with pistol (item) Hatley, Can 10/7/1878
Abbott, George, age 41, last Wed., suicide by hanging, leaves wife & 7 children  (item) Bridgewater 8/11/1873
Abbott, T. J., Rev., age 46 y 8 m 2 d, March 7, of T. M. Abbott of Derby, died S. Lawrence, MA Derby 4/1/1878
Abel, John, last week, snow covered roof fell on him in Mansonville North Troy 3/10/1879
Adams, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Nathan Adams, suicide by drowning, hit her head last winter  (item) Stowe 8/19/1878
Adams, Carlton C., age 20 y 1 m 5 d, March 8, of Auretus F. & Jane F. Adams Derby 4/6/1874
Adams, Caroline, age 43, last Wed, wife of Lewis Adams  (item) North Troy 7/10/1876
Adams, J. S., young man, week ago last Sat., suicide by poison  (item) Chester 5/8/1876
Adams, J. Sullivan, recently, ill some time, moved to Florida for his health  (item) VT at Florida 5/8/1876
Adams, Nellie, Miss, week ago last Fri., dau of J. S. Adams, of typhoid fever  (item) Brattleboro 1/11/1875
Adams, Seth, age 71 y 4 m 26 d, Sept 14, of heart disease Sheffield at Lebanon, NH 9/27/1875
Adams, Widow, 5th, widow of J. Sullivan Adams, of typho malarial fever VT at FL 6/17/1878
Adams, young dau., recently, of Mr. S. Adams, from living near oleander tree  (item) Northfield 6/8/1874
Adgate, ___, Mrs.,  recently, wife of Dr. Adgate Irasburgh 2/16/1874
Adgate, ___, Mrs.,  Wed, wife of Dr. Adgate, of cerebro spinal meningitis  (item) East Hardwick 3/9/1874
Aiken, Hannah Beede, age 70 y 11 m 20 d, April 8, widow of Benj Aiken, of consumption Albany 4/16/1877
Aiken, Hannah, age 68, May 26, widow of Luke Aiken Troy 5/31/1875
Aiken, Hannah, last Wed., relict of late Luke Aiken, son Is G. W. Aiken  (item) Troy 5/31/1875
Aiken, Luke, age 73, July 13 Troy 7/20/1874
Aiken, Sarah, age 76, Dec 31, widow of Justin W. Aiken Glover 2/1/1875
Ainsworth, Alice, Mrs.,  age 94, funeral last Wed  (item) Craftsbury 3/9/1874
Ainsworth, Calvin, Esq., age 82, 26th, of pneumonia Williamstown 4/15/1872
Ainsworth, John (history), born Woodbury 1803, walked all over VT in his lifetime Woodbury 3/29/1875
Albee, C. B., Mrs.,  recently, of typhoid pneumonia South Troy 12/1/1879
Albee, Ida M., age 22, April 29, eldest dau of D. D. & M. A. Albee Derby 5/19/1879
Alcott, Jane Merrill, age 19 mos, June 18, youngest child of Rev. Wm. P. Alcott Barton Landing 6/19/1876
Alcott, Jane, age 36, Feb 4, wife of Rev. Wm P. Alcott, dau of Rev. David Merrill Barton Landing & Peacham 2/7/1876
Aldrich, __, Mrs., age 45, Dec 28, wife of William T. Aldrich Lyndon 1/6/1879
Aldrich, 3 children, recently, of John Aldrich, of diphtheria Newark 5/26/1879
Aldrich, all his 5 children, aged 6 months to 13, of John Aldrich, of diphtheria Newark 6/2/1879
Aldrich, Benjamin, Dea., age 94, week before last Springfield 3/2/1874
Aldrich, Ellen M., Mrs., age 30, Nov 14, of consumption Westmore 11/17/1873
Aldrich, Noble, age 56, March 28, late of Troy (item) Glover 4/1/1872
Aldrich, Orpha, age 71, March 15, wife of Whipple Aldrich Barton 3/16/1874
Alexander, __, Mrs., last Tues, born Feb 4, 1823 at Sutton, w/o Robert Alexander (item) Brownington  11/3/1879
Alexander, A. L., Mr., age 16, buried Sept 29, worked in CT, came home, got typhoid   (item) Brownington 10/4/1875
Alexander, A. P., Mrs., 7th inst, buried at Danville, PQ her native place  (item) Evansville 12/16/1878
Alexander, Henry, age 21 y 3 m, May 12, of John & Lucy Alexander, of consumption Newport 5/25/1874
Alexander, Jennie, age 30 y 5 d, Dec 7, wife of A. P. Alexander, of consumption Evansville 12/16/1878
Alexander, Mary Streeter, age 55 y 8 m 24 d, Oct 28, wife of Robert Alexander Brownington  11/3/1879
Alexander, Robert, age 91, last Thurs., born in NH, died of paralytic shock  (item) Brownington 12/29/1873
Alger, Garrison, age 67, Nov 22 Irasburg 12/17/1877
Alger, Maria, age 65, July 25, wife of G. Alger Irasburgh 7/27/1874
Allard, 2 children, recently, of A. H. Allard, of diphtheria Brownington 9/24/1877
Allard, child, recently, of A. H. Allard, of diphtheria Brownington 8/20/1877
Allard, Edward, recently, son of Albert Allard of St. Albans, run over by train (item) Ogden of St. Albans 6/2/1879
Allard, infant, about 3 mos, recently, of Joe Allard, probably abused by father West Derby 1/27/1879
Allard, Minnie M., age 3 y 5 m 4 d, Aug 13, of A. H. & Charity Allard, of diphtheria Brownington 8/20/1877
Allard, Sally, age 76 y 1 m 10 d, March 10, wife of David Allard Barton 3/18/1878
Allard, Welcomb, Monday, died suddenly after retiring for night    (item) Newark 11/26/1877
Allard, Welcome, age 37, Oct 16, of consumption Newark 10/21/1878
Allard, Welcome, age 71, Nov 19 Newark 11/26/1877
Allen, ___, Mrs.,  age 66, March 5, wife of Paschal P. Allen, of consumption Charleston 3/27/1876
Allen, Anna Knight, July 1, widow of Cassius Allen, of consumption Coventry 7/2/1877
Allen, Celia, age 75 y 11 m, Aug 2 Lowell 8/18/1879
Allen, Charles P., last Tuesday, son of late Ira Allen, of consumption   (item) Irasburgh at St. Albans 6/4/1877
Allen, J. T., Esq., age 46, April 13 Newport 4/17/1876
Allen, James E., age about 64, Jan 12 Newport of Medford, MA 2/1/1875
Allen, James R., age 23, only son of Leonard & Ruth (Brown) Allen, of typhoid fever Providence, RI 11/5/1877
Allen, James T., last Thurs., of erysipelas & inflammation of the bowels Newport 4/17/1876
Allen, Laura E., age 25 y 8 m, Nov 17, w/o Edward L. Allen, d/o Lewis Ford, of consumption Barton Landing 12/1/1873
Allen, Levi, age 69, May 7, of consumption Newport Center 5/22/1876
Allen, Lizzie Pulsifer, died in August, wife of late C. P. Allen, died in Peoria, IL, buried here Irasburgh 11/12/1877
Allen, Mary (Hamilton), age 70 y 10 m, Feb 13, w/o Dea. Harvey Allen Barton 2/14/1876
Allen, Sarah, age 23 y 1 m, April 1, wife of Hollis Allen Newport Center 4/17/1876
Allen, Widow, age 77, Aug 2 Lowell 8/11/1879
Allyn, Alpha (history) age 16, son of Abner & Anna Allyn, lost in woods in 1818 Charleston 8/19/1878
Allyn, Alpha, age 76 y 4 m, April 3 Charleston 4/14/1879
Allyn, Alpha, old resident, April 3, of pneumonia, born in Barton   (obit) East Charleston 4/14/1879
Allyn, Paschal P., age 73 y 6 m 5 d, Nov 30, of paralysis Charleston 1/13/1879
Ames, ____, Mrs.,  March 4th,  wife of Charles Ames  (item) Lunenburg 4/1/1872
Ames, James, recently, found dead in his chair Island Pond 2/25/1878
Amsden, A. M., Mr., age about 60, 19th inst, fell dead in dooryard  (item) South Hardwick 9/22/1879
Anderson, ___, Mrs.,  recently, wife of James Anderson, of paralysis South Albany 5/12/1879
Anderson, Mary, age 71 y 6 m 4 d, April 20, wife of James Anderson South Albany 5/12/1879
Anderson, William, last Monday, broke his neck on hay wagon going into barn  (item) Craftsbury 2/12/1877
Andrews, __, Mrs.,  age about 70, Feb 7, wife of Joshua Andrews East Burke 2/11/1878
Andrews, Joshua, age 68, Sept 3 East Burke 9/23/1878
Andross, Electa A., Mrs., age 43, March 22, of apoplexy, died Chicopee, MA Coventry at MA 4/13/1874
Andross, Melantha, Mrs.,  funeral Sun, dau of late Dea. Gilman Estey, she of White River Jct. Barton Landing 1/28/1878
Andrus, Sarah, last week, d/o late Linus Andrus, suicide by drowning  (item) Poultney 5/12/1873
Annis, A. W. MD, age 62, Jan 13 Westfield 1/24/1876
Annis, Salmon P., age 66, Sept 23, of paralysis Rockbridge, Wisc. 10/23/1876
Appleton, Mira N., April 8, w/o James A. Appleton, d/o late Judge Nye, died Brooklyn, NY Irasburgh 4/14/1879
Armington, Betsey, age 79, March 7, wife of William I. Armington, of consumption St. Johnsbury Center 3/17/1879
Armstrong, Sallie, May 28, wife of James B. Armstrong, dau of Elijah Allbee, heart disease Derby at Holland 7/1/1872
Aseltene, Albert, about 26, last Wed., crazed, had to be chained to bed, found dead (item) Alburgh 2/22/1875
Aseltine, Eva, age 19, recently, dau of Henry Aseltine, found dead in bed, subject to fits (item) Alburgh 8/14/1876
Aseltine, O., last Fri, fell from a horse and broke his neck Alburgh Springs 4/6/1874
Ash, __, Mrs.,  age about 75-80, March 20, wife of Benj Ash, of lung fever Irasburgh at Minnesota 4/20/1874
Ash, Augusta, Mrs., age 36 y 2 m 15 d, Feb 21, just 2 years from date of husband's death, of consumption Irasburgh 3/4/1872
Ash, Benjamin, age about 75-80, March 19, of erysipelas, in Minnesota Irasburgh 4/20/1874
Ash, Martha, age 17, July 24, died Morrisville Irasburgh 7/28/1873
Ashley, Z. D., Feb 8, killed by cars walking on RR track, f-in-law of Hon. Jed P. Clark (item) Milton 2/14/1876
Atherton, Arvilla M. (Williams), age 32, Dec 20, wife of A. C. Atherton Glover 12/29/1873
Atkins, ___, Mrs.,  age 54, Oct 10, wife of John Atkins Sheffield 10/14/1872
Atwater, W. W., Rev., age 64, last Sat, leaves widow, son & dau  (item) Burlington 8/12/1878
Atwell, Hollis, age 74, March 24, of pneumonia Westfield 4/5/1875
Atwell, Josie, Miss, Thurs week before last, 5th death from poisoned water Richford 3/11/1878
Austin, ___, Mrs.,  18th, wife of Chandler Austin, of heart disease Barton Landing 9/22/1873
Austin, Asa, age 84, Feb 9 Essex 3/11/1872
Austin, Freddie, age 10, Aug 13, of Capt. Orlo H. & Sophia M. Austin, drowned in Lake Memphremagog Barton Landing 8/18/1879
Austin, Freddie, last Wed., of Capt. Austin, fell off Mountain Maid & drowned (long item) Barton Landing 8/18/1879
Austin, Henry, recently, buried in brick receptacle as per earlier agreement (item) Winooski 4/22/1878
Austin, Oren, Dea., age 86 y 3 m 16 d, Aug 16 Brownington  9/8/1879
Austin, Susan E., age 44, Sept 18, w/o A. C. Austin, d/o Rev. S. R. Hall Barton Landing 9/22/1873
Avery, Albert, age 39, Feb 1, died Wakefield, Kansas, of pneumonia Lowell  3/1/1875
Ayer, James, age 18, Oct 15, son of Ezra N. Ayer Lyndon 10/29/1877
Ayer, Royal, age 74, Jan 3 St J at Lyndonville 1/8/1877
Ayer, Royal, Wed, from paralysis St Johnsbury at Lyndonville 1/8/1877
Ayer, Samuel, age 35, June 21 Sheffield 7/1/1878
Ayers, Lavisa, Miss, age 77, June 28 Troy 7/27/1874
Ayers, Oliver, Monday, of dropsy, weighed 360 pounds Burlington 3/5/1877
Babbitt, Walcott, Rev., age about 70, June 6 Wheelock    6/10/1878
Babcock, "Billy", died recently, of consumption, worked for RR St Johnsbury 6/25/1877
Babcock, Daniel, recently, fell into roadside pond and drowned W. Dummerston 12/4/1876
Babcock, Frank W., age 30 y 7 m 3 d, Nov 11, recently of Lowell, MA Albany at Craftsbury 11/22/1875
Babcock, Henry, age 73, Dec 21 Albany 1/14/1878
Babcock, Henry, Dec 21, first person born in Albany, after long illness  (item) Albany & Greensboro 1/14/1878
Babcock, Stephen, age 72, Jan 15 East Craftsbury 1/31/1876
Backus, Charles, last Wed., accidentally sat on item that went up his rectum  (item) Rutland 4/20/1874
Bacon, John, Hon., 2nd, last Sat, buried yesterday  (item) St Johnsbury Center 8/14/1876
Bacon, Vine N., 27th ult, of small pox Elmore 3/17/1873
Badge, __, Mrs.,  age 98, last week, wife of Samuel Badger Greensboro 8/20/1877
Badger, __, Mrs.,  funeral on 17th inst, w/o Samuel Badger, 7 kids alive of 12  (item) Greensboro & Danville 8/27/1877
Badger, 2 children, boys ages 4 and 18, recently, of Solomon Badger, of canker rash Danville 12/27/1875
Badger, Cynthia, Mrs., age 93, Aug 15, wife of Samuel Badger   (obit) Greensboro 8/27/1877
Badger, Flora A., buried last Thurs in Greensboro, dau of Philip Badger, died St. Johnsbury Greensboro 1/3/1876
Badger, Lucinda, age 51, April 1 Irasburgh 4/7/1879
Badger, Lucretia, age 69, March 2, wife of Ezra Badger, of heart disease Barton 3/13/1876
Badger, Roxana, Mrs., age 82, Jan 19 Derby 1/21/1878
Badger, Sophia, age about 68, Jan 27, relict of Nathan Badger, of paralysis Danville 2/10/1873
Bagley, John, age 89, Jan 19 Craftsbury 1/28/1878
Bailey, __, Mrs.,  Sept 25, wife of Ward S. Bailey, of gall stones  (item) East Hardwick 10/13/1879
Bailey, Albert, age 61, last Thurs., died suddenly of apoplexy, died at Boston  (item) Bradford at MA 11/17/1879
Bailey, Alice, Miss, maiden lady, 16th inst, died suddenly, great sufferer for many years (item) Newbury 11/23/1874
Bailey, Charles W., Saturday, son of Hon. George W. Bailey of Middlesex, killed by train   (item) Montpelier at Essex Jct. 10/2/1876
Bailey, Frank, young man, Sunday, drowned after rocking a boat at the mill dam (item) West Concord 5/27/1876
Bailey, Ira A., Capt., age 78, Sept 1 North Troy 9/3/1877
Bailey, Ira, Capt., age 78, week ago last Sat., of paralysis  (item) North Troy 9/3/1877
Bailey, Jonathan B., age 82, Oct 13, died Ransom, Mich, bro of Capt. Ira Bailey  (item) North Troy 10/25/1875
Bailey, Martin V., buried a few days ago, killed by falling tree, son in law of Royal Gale Barre 5/22/1876
Bailey, Phebe, Miss, age about 75, Tues, burned to death Newbury 2/12/1872
Bailey, Sally, over 80, recently Fletcher 3/23/1874
Bailey, Susanna, age 85 y 10 m, May 7, widow of Hosea Bailey Coventry 5/27/1878
Baker, Albert J., age 1 y 10 d, Aug 22, only child of Charles C. & Lizzie L. Baker, of dysentery Brownington 8/26/1872
Baker, child, several weeks ago, dau of Thomas Baker  (item) Barton 8/30/1875
Baker, Elizabeth L., age 35, Sept 2, w/o Charles C. Baker, d/o Robert Moore of Kingsey, PQ, of dysentery Brownington 9/9/1872
Baker, Hubbard, age 60 to 70, last week, suicide by cars  (item) Royalton 3/24/1879
Baker, Ira, Tues., killed while chopping trees North Granville 2/3/1873
Baker, Katie S., age 26 y 10 m, Oct 6, w/o Chas. C. Baker, d/o Newman & Mary Smith, consumption Barton Land. & Winslow, PQ 10/30/1876
Baker, Loraine G., age 3 y 2 m 23 d, Aug 28, dau of Thomas & Sarah Baker Barton 10/11/1875
Baker, Miranda, funeral last Friday, relict of Dea. Samuel Baker, buried Plainfield Greensboro 1/17/1876
Baker, Philo, last Tues., pauper, run over by cars Sheldon 10/27/1873
Baldwin, __, Mrs., age 25, Nov 30, wife of Albert Baldwin Derby 12/7/1874
Baldwin, Asa, age 71, Jan 27 Lowell 2/1/1875
Baldwin, Bradford, age 6[6], last Wed [June 23] Troy  6/28/1875
Baldwin, Bradford, age 68, last Wed  (item) North Troy 6/28/1875
Baldwin, David B., funeral last Thursday, of heart disease Barton Landing 9/8/1879
Baldwin, Frederick Harley, Sept 2d, graduate of UVM class of 1853 Hinesburg 9/11/1876
Baldwin, George P., age 79, week ago last Fri Bradford 3/26/1877
Baldwin, Richard, last Monday, run over by train at Sherbrooke    (item) Barton of Coaticooke 9/3/1877
Baldwin, Susan M. Grout, age 26, Sept 18, w/o F. W. Baldwin, of typhoid fever, buried St. J. (item) Barton 9/18/1876
Ball, __, Mrs.,  last Tues., wife of Joshua M. Ball, born in Sutton, gastric fever  (item) Sutton 4/28/1879
Ball, Ann, age 55, April 22, wife of Joshua M. Ball Sutton 4/28/1879
Ball, Eleazer, age 62, Aug 23 Sutton 8/26/1872
Ball, George B., died 1877 Sutton 2/11/1878
Ball, George W., age 54, Jan 19, died Oakland, CA VT at CA 2/7/1876
Ball, George, age 2 y 6 m, April 4, youngest son of A. H. & Malinda Ball Sutton Corner 4/9/1877
Ball, Herbert W., recently, young man (note/poem) Sutton 2/14/1876
Ball, Herbert, age 18, Sept 29, son of Joshua M. Ball Sutton 10/11/1875
Ball, Herbert, recently, buried last Sat., only son, of dysentery  (item) Sutton 10/4/1875
Ball, little son, funeral last Friday, son of A. H. Ball Sutton 4/9/1877
Ball, Marietta N., Miss, murdered Friday prob, while walking home from teaching school (item) St. Albans 8/3/1874
Ballou, Effie J., age 17 d, Aug 29, dau of Francis E. & Julia J. Ballou, of Swanzey, NH Irasburgh 9/8/1873
Ballou, George A., Jan 2, leaves wife & child, died Littleton, formerly of Waterford (item) Littleton, NH 1/17/1876
Ballou, P. D., recently, fell down a mining shaft in Black Hills Country, of Burlington Burlington 1/29/1877
Ballou, Phileas D., Hon., age 53, Jan 16, native of Hinesburgh, formerly of Burlington  (item) Deadwood, Neb 1/29/1877
Bancroft, __, Mrs., about 45, Tues week before last, w/o George W. Bancroft, fell down stairs (item) Woodstock 12/7/1874
Bancroft, Ambrose, age 19, Fri, of Charles Bancroft, suicide by gun after argument with dad (item) Plainfield 7/22/1878
Bancroft, Jackson, 27th, killed by a falling tree Barre 7/9/1877
Bandy, two children, week before last, of George Bandy, of malignant canker rash  (item) Danville 1/27/1873
Bangs, Mirnirva Smith, age 43, Dec 2, wife of Nathan A. Bangs Hardwick 12/9/1878
Barber, __, Mrs.,  age 34, June 3, wife of Joseph Barber Wheelock    6/10/1878
Barber, __, Mrs.,  funeral on the 8th inst., wife of John Barber Sutton or Sheffield 6/16/1879
Barber, ___, Mrs.,  21st inst, wife of Deacon Barber, her mother is alive age 96 Glover 9/28/1874
Barber, Azuba, age 95, Oct 13 Sutton 10/15/1877
Barber, Mr., young man, 3rd inst, drowned while driving logs on river, of Cherryfield, ME White River Jct 7/20/1874
Barber, Ruby, age 67, Sept 21, wife of Dea. Lewis Barber Glover 10/5/1874
Barker, Clara L., Nov 17, wife of Charles W. Barker Brownington  12/1/1879
Barker, Mrs., died 1877 Sutton 2/11/1878
Barker, Sarah A. Higgins, age 64 y 5 m, Oct 2, wife of Edwin W. Barker St Johnsbury 10/14/1878
Barker, Willie, July 31, son of Charles W. & Clara L. Barker Brownington  12/1/1879
Barlow, Oliver, about 20, last Fri, bone cancer, leg amputated 2 years ago, would bleed often  (item) N. Hyde Park 10/20/1873
Barnard, George, a few days ago, of Mrs. L. E. Barnard, fell down stairs, killed instantly Burlington 2/12/1877
Barnes, Henry E., old citizen, 16th inst, of apoplexy Stowe 1/29/1877
Barnes, Mary, age 91, May 26, widow of Richard Barnes, from England 40 yrs ago (item) Danville    6/9/1879
Barnes, Samantha, age 58, Oct 24, wife of Philander Barnes Westfield 11/4/1878
Barr, Patience Nelson, age 47, July 22, wife of John Barr Greensboro 8/27/1877
Barret, son, recently, son of P. Barrett, injured 9 months ago while wrestling Cambridge 6/17/1878
Barringer, E., about 22, Sat., bathing in Quechee river and drowned Woodstock 7/6/1874
Barron, Fannie M., age 26, March 8, wife of James B. Barron, dau of Stephen C. Cutting Peacham of Concord 3/17/1873
Barrows, Catharine, age 79, July 16, wid of Samuel Barrows, at dau's Mrs. Wightman  Irasburgh at Manston, Wis. 8/5/1872
Barry, ___, Mrs.,  over 60, prob died last Sat., found last Monday, wife of John Barry  (item) Newport 12/1/1873
Bartell, son, age 8, Tues., of George Bartell, older son found gun and thought it was empty (item) West Rutland 7/8/1878
Barter, Julia, age 56 y 8 m, July 31, wife of Charles Barter Newport Center 8/9/1875
Bartholomew, B. W., two weeks ago, sister is Mrs.  Walworth, her children inheriting his estate Chelsea per Coventry 2/17/1873
Bartlett, __, Mrs.,  funeral last Sunday, wife of John C. Bartlett Barton Landing 8/4/1879
Bartlett, Christopher (history) early settler of town lists 7 children & births & marriages Morgan 8/7/1876
Bartlett, Christopher, (history) born Jan 26, 1767 CT, died Dec 27, 1842, of erysipelas  Morgan 10/16/1876
Bartlett, Fanny (Watson), age 74, March 12 Jay 3/29/1875
Bartlett, Lucy Bliss, age 81, Feb 1, widow of Stephen Bartlett, Esq. Compton, PQ 2/15/1875
Bartlett, Orin T., age 20, June 22, of Zenas & Betsey Bartlett Morgan 9/23/1872
Bartlett, Thomas, Esq., Tuesday, had indigestion spasms  (item) Lyndon 9/18/1876
Barton, son, age 8, last Sat., of Mrs. Barton, crushed when pile of lumber fell Vergennes 1/19/1874
Bassett, Mr., young man, recently, killed when caught in belt at factory (item) Brandon 10/9/1876
Bassett, Seymour, Sunday, shot while officials trying to burn his gin mill  (item) Benson Landing 11/3/1873
Batchelder, 2 children, recently, of T. C. Batchelder, of diphtheria Greensboro     3/12/1877
Batchelder, 2 children, week before last, of Nathaniel Batchelder, of diphtheria Greensboro of Stannard 2/5/1877
Batchelder, Alice K., age 95, May 11, widow of John Batchelder of Danville Cabot 6/9/1879
Batchelder, Freddie, age 10 y, Jan 20, son of Nathaniel Batchelder, of diphtheria Stannard 1/29/1877
Batchelder, Gertrude, age 6, Feb 23, dau of T. C. Batchelder, of diphtheria Greensboro Bend 3/5/1877
Batchelder, Herbert, age 7 y, Jan 22, son of Nathaniel Batchelder Stannard 1/29/1877
Batchelder, Lizzie H., age 25 y 15 d, June 24 Idaho Springs, CO 7/23/1877
Batchelder, Lizzie H., June 24, dau of Charles Batchelder, died Idaho, Colorado (item) Barton & Compton 7/23/1877
Batchelder, Luther, age 57, Jan 26 Barton 1/26/1874
Bates, __, Mrs.,  age 74 y 10 m, Oct 2, wife of Jacob Bates Derby 10/5/1874
Bates, Dolly, age 84, April 14, wife of Joseph Bates Derby 4/27/1874
Bates, Joseph, Esq., Monday last  (item) Derby 10/16/1876
Bates, Mrs., age 63, week ago last Sun, run over by the cars  (item) Pownal 7/23/1877
Bates, Mrs., funeral 13th, of w/o late A. A. Bates, also buried 2 of her children (item) Woodbury 5/28/1877
Battles, Thomas, about 40, last week, fell dead at work in the marble yard Rutland 4/13/1874
Baxter, Carlos, Hon., age 65, Jan 28, from 4th stoke of apoplexy, son of Hon. Wm Baxter  (item) Burlington 2/9/1874
Baxter, George, Aug 3, lived in town 20 years  (item) Danville 8/12/1878
Baxter, Willie, drowned about a month ago, body just found Beebe Plain 1/17/1876
Bean, Amos P., age 59, Nov 15 Glover 11/22/1875
Bean, Amos P., last Monday, after short illness  (item) Glover 11/22/1875
Bean, Daniel, age 78, Jan 13 Coventry 1/17/1876
Bean, Deacon, Mrs., about 76, Sat before last, was first female born in Sheffield Sheffield at St. J. 7/28/1879
Bean, Ednah, Miss, July 12, sister of Horace Bean of Newport Glover at Syracuse, NY 7/17/1876
Bean, Frank, young man, buried Friday, son of Horace Bean, of consumption West Derby 10/28/1878
Bean, Harrison, age 52, at residence of S. G. Bean Newport of Coventry 11/18/1878
Bean, Harrison, funeral yesterday at Coventry Newport of Coventry 11/18/1878
Bean, Ida L., age 1 y 3 m, Aug 20, only child of Cromwell P. & Alpa M. Bean Glover 9/2/1872
Bean, John, age 78, Jan 22, died on his birthday Victory 2/7/1876
Bean, Samuel A., Dea., age 72, Sept 1 Sheffield 9/7/1874
Bean, Stephen F., Deacon, recently died in Illinois, original founder of Baptist Church in Sutton Sutton at IL 3/20/1876
Beard, David, age 21, Feb 25 Coventry 3/5/1877
Beattie, little son, age 2, 12 days ago, run over by cars, of Robert G. Beattie (long article) McIndoes Falls 9/2/1872
Beauclerek, May (Allen), age 19, 16th inst, wife of Sydney W. Beauclerek  (item) Irasburgh at Troy, NY 5/26/1873
Beckler, Louis, Tuesday, died in cave in of well, leaves wife & 5 kids (item) Newark 11/11/1878
Beckwith, John "Crop" (history), how he had his ear cut off around 1812 Sutton 2/2/1874
Bedell, DeEtta J., age 22 y 3 m, May 9, eldest dau of H. E. & Emeline Bedell Newport 5/19/1879
Bedell, DeEtta, Miss, funeral last Sun (item) (item 3-10 injured mos ago, of H. E. Bedell) Newport 5/12/1879
Bedell, James G., age 64, March 1 Westfield 3/9/1874
Beede, Lilla A., age 21 y 7 m 15 d, Oct 1, w/o Robert Beede, d/o J. C. & A. J. Dow Albany 10/11/1875
Beede, Rolla, age 2 y 16 d, Aug 29, son of Robert R. & Lilla A. Beede, of cholera infantum Albany 9/6/1875
Beede, Sally C., May 3, wife of John Beede Irasburg 5/8/1876
Belden, Freddie, age 7, 20th, drowned in Otter Creek Vergennes 7/29/1878
Belden, H. W., age 70 y 6 m 9 d, March 18 Newark 3/26/1877
Belknap, son, week ago Sat., son of Michael Belknap, accidentally shot in head by a gun Barnston, PQ 10/29/1877
Bell, C. A., while on honeymoon was stricken with paralysis of leg & arm, died soon (item) Fairfax 1/21/1878
Bell, Frank, age 10, Mon., of John Bell, drowned while bathing Bellows Falls 7/21/1879
Bell, Nathaniel, age 90, April 10, married in 1805, wife died about 12 yrs ago   (obit) Granby 4/30/1877
Bemis, Alonzo, age 19, Feb 17, son of S. Bemis Barton at Norwich, CT 3/17/1873
Bemis, B. Ayers, age 73, Nov 25, of paralysis Burke 12/9/1878
Bemis, Lilla E., age 18, Oct 4, dau of Adna D. & Ellen (Young) Bemis, of typhoid fever (item) Mechanic Falls, ME 11/23/1874
Bemis, Lilla F. Miss, recently, only dau of A. D. Bemis, died Mechanics Falls, Me  (item) Westmore 10/12/1874
Bemis, Windsor E., age 29, July 27, of diphtheria Burke 7/30/1877
Bemis, Windsor E., last Thurs., only son of Benjamin A. Bemis, of diphtheria Burke 7/30/1877
Bennett, Daniel K., age 51, Tues., suicide by shooting himself, business had burned recently (item) Montpelier 8/9/1875
Benney, __, Mrs.,  funeral last Tues., wife of James Benney Coventry 3/24/1873
Benoit, infant dau, age 2 m, Sept 15, of Alexander & Nancy Benoit Newport 9/20/1875
Benson, Porter, recently, thrown from wagon on 18th, leaves wife & 5 children (item) Clarendon 1/1/1877
Bergoine, Clara Emma, age 2 y 1 m 29 d, Jan 1, of Charles & A. M. Bergoine Coventry 1/17/1876
Berry, __, Mrs., recently, w/o J. W. Berry, after long illness St. Johnsbury 5/14/1877
Berry, Alfred, young man, last Thur., of William Berry, killed by trains, buried Sutton  (item) Sutton at Northfield 9/18/1876
Berry, Asa, July 4, killed instantly while firing a salute Chittenden 7/10/1876
Berry, Charles, age 52, Sun., suicide by cutting his throat, depressed over father's death last spring Bethel 10/27/1873
Berry, George W., age 41, Nov 13, died Manchester, NH, of typhoid pneumonia Barton at NH 12/15/1873
Berry, George, recently, body brought to town last Sat., died Manchester, NH, lung difficulty Barton 11/17/1873
Berry, Miss, 3 weeks ago, prob insane, drowned Johnson 8/12/1872
Berry, Sophia, recently, of multilocular cysts  (item)  (item 11/23/1874) Sutton 2/1/1875
Best, ___, Mr., age about 35, Sat week before last, drowned while trying to help boaters   (item) Montpelier 8/12/1872
Betters, Mitchell, age 85, June 11 Salem 6/23/1879
Bettis, Caroline, June, from an abortion Williston 7/15/1878
Bettis, Charlotte, age 23, recently, from an abortion  (item) Williston 6/17/1878
Bickford, 2 children, both Sunday, children of H. D. Bickford, of dysentery Barton    7/29/1872
Bickford, Freddie A. C., age 8 y 5 m 26 d, July 25, of H. D. & Mary A. Bickford  (item) Barton 9/23/1872
Bickford, George Adolphus, age 3, July 1, of George D. & A. C. Bickford Glover 7/15/1872
Bickford, John M., age 80, 28th ult, died at son-in-laws Herman Frost  (item) Sheffield 10/6/1879
Bickford, Johnnie M., age 6 y 5 m 16 d, July 25, of H. D. & Mary A. Bickford  (item) Barton 9/23/1872
Bickford, Stephen B., age 72, Dec 14 Glover 2/8/1875
Bickford, Stillman, Dea., Nov 8 Glover 11/20/1876
Bigelow, Andrew, recently, fell dead in field, of heart disease  (item) Brookfield 8/10/1874
Bigelow, Mary A., age 23 y 5 m, April 14, of consumption Barton Landing 4/16/1877
Bigelow, Mary A., funeral April 17, of consumption  (item) Barton Landing 4/30/1877
Bigelow, Mary, Mrs.,  died Sat. Barton Landing 4/16/1877
Bigelow, Sally A., Mrs., age 55, April 2 Irasburgh 4/15/1872
Bill, Bertie, age 5, recently, of Mr. Bill, fell off load of stone and run over by wagon (item) Perkinsville 5/6/1878
Bill, Dyer, Dr., age 84, 22d inst, resident since 1819, practiced medicine for 62 years Albany 2/28/1876
Bill, Dyer, MD., age 83 y 10 m, Feb 22, of paralysis  (item 3-6) Albany 2/28/1876
Bill, Julia Z. Colt, age 30, April 14, wife of James R. Bill Esq. Odgensburg, NY 4/24/1876
Bingham, ___, Mrs.,  age 87, Aug 17, wife of Jacob Bingham Derby 8/20/1877
Bingham, Jacob [Mrs.], one of the oldest persons in town, funeral yesterday Derby 8/20/1877
Birchard, Austin, Hon., age 86, last Sat.  (item) Fayetteville 9/29/1879
Bisbee, ___, Mrs.,  wife of Rev. Herman Bisbee, d/o Marshal Sias, died out west, buried here West Derby 3/25/1872
Bisbee, Herman, Rev., about 48, 6th, apoplectic fit, leaves wife & 5 kids -3 by a former wife (item) Derby at S. Boston 7/21/1879
Bishop, Jerusha, Mrs.,  last Monday, died in her sleep at Mr. Hubbard Fisher's  Danville 10/9/1876
Bishop, Jesse, Mr., June 22, of heart disease, left house and found dead under tree  (item) Passumpsic 7/2/1877
Bishop, Nathan, age 30, Wed week before last, got into argument, fell into pond while drunk (item) Readsboro 7/19/1875
Bishop, Nathaniel (history), alive James 84, Phanuel 82, Nathaniel 78, John 75, Jesse 72, Lydia 70 St, Johnsbury 4/9/1877
Bishop, son (history) of Jerry Bishop age 15, took off (6/5/1876) (6/12 at NH w/bro Anson Bishop) Newark 6/12/1876
Bissette, Louis, Tues week before last, suicide by cutting his throat (item) Weybridge 4/26/1875
Blackner, son, age 16, recently, of Joel Blackner, drowned while bathing in White River Gaysville 9/8/1879
Blair, dau, nearly 6, recently, of James Blair, fell off side of cellar stairs & hit head  East Warren 4/2/1877
Blaisdell, Jonathan P., age 79 y 11 m 27 d, Feb 15, of heart disease Albany 2/26/1877
Blaisdell, Richard, age 42, April 23, of Jonathan Blaisdell, of consumption at Smithville, Ont. Albany 6/2/1873
Blaisdell, son, age 4, last Tues., of Rodman L. Blaisdell, sat in pail of boiling water (item) Richford at Agawam, MA 6/5/1876
Blake family reunion (item) of Samuel Blake, many named Sutton 9/1/1879
Blake Reunion (history) descendents of Enoch Blake, Jacob Blake of Lynn, MA & others Sutton 9/24/1877
Blake, __, Mrs.,  died last week, wife of David L. Blake,  buried in Sutton Sutton at Lowell 7/9/1877
Blake, Abbie, age 5, Oct 6, youngest dau of Joseph Blake Lowell 10/12/1874
Blake, Abbie, age 6 mos, Feb 22, twin dau of John & Lydia Blake Sheffield 3/4/1878
Blake, Abram, Capt., age 90, March 22, at Magoon's Point Stanstead 4/9/1877
Blake, Alice, age 6 mos, Feb 24, twin dau of John & Lydia Blake Sheffield 3/4/1878
Blake, George H., age 29 y 5 m, Oct 22 Derby 11/2/1874
Blake, I. F., Mr., recently, long time resident of Sutton, died in Texas Sutton 6/14/1875
Blake, Isaac F., Dec 29, died in Texas, of consumption, leaves brother in Texas   (item) Sutton 1/25/1875
Blake, Jacob, age 92, Dec 2, early settler of Sutton, buried Sutton   (item) Sutton at Lynn, MA 12/10/1877
Blake, Minnie, age 16 mos, Sept 22, dau of Joseph Blake Lowell 9/28/1874
Blake, Nancy A., age 89 y 11 m 8 d, Feb 25, widow of Moses Blake Derby 3/4/1878
Blanchard, Fred, 6th inst, suicide by hanging Pownal 6/18/1877
Blasdell, Hiram, age 70 y 2 m 5 d, March 13, of paralysis Barton Landing 3/19/1877
Blasdell, Hiram, last Tues., born in Cabot Jan 8, 1807, lived in Hardwick for a time  (obit) Barton Landing 3/19/1877
Bleau, Thaline, age 8, last Thurs., fell under wheel of loaded wagon and crushed her head Bennington 7/6/1874
Bliss, Mariam (Cheney), age 21, Sept 8, of consumption Glover 9/18/1876
Blodgett, Ethan, age 76, April 9 Brownington 4/26/1875
Blodgett, Fletcher, Sun last, of Sumner Blodgett, of lockjaw, recently married Miss Ella Hardy  (item) Glover 6/3/1878
Blodgett, Julia S., age 24 y 6 m 19 d, Dec 24, dau of Sumner Blodgett, of consumption Glover 12/29/1873
Blodgett, Minnie Gertrude, age 10 m, Feb 17, of Wm & Martha E. Blodgett, of membranous croup East Charleston 4/1/1872
Blodgett, Mr., last Wed., "Baltimore wife murderer" suicide after sentenced to 30 yrs Laconia, NH 4/6/1874
Blodgett, Volney, Mrs., hung herself in kitchen, 1 & 3 year old children in same room for hours Caledonia County 8/7/1876
Blood, James, 26th, youngest son of Joel Blood, knocked off train in a bridge  (item) Montpelier 8/5/1872
Bloss, G. D. M., about 50, last Sun., killed by train in Cincinnati, OH, native of Derby (item) Derby at OH 6/5/1876
Blossom, Warren H., about 40, Sat., suicide with a gun, had financial problems  (item) Woodstock 7/15/1878
Boardman, son, age 5, funeral week ago last Sun., of Rev. Joseph Boardman, of typhoid fever  (item) Craftsbury 9/3/1877
Bogue, Lorentia Larkin, age 51, Nov 20, wife of Virgil Bogue Irasburg 11/22/1875
Bogue, Sarah Clark, age 70, Aug 31, wife of Alexander Bogue Glover 9/13/1875
Bogue, Virgil, (history) of his buildings, farm, crops, butter production, all farm info included Irasburgh 11/24/1873
Bonnett, Mary, age 8, Saturday, dau of J. C. Bonnett, clothes caught on fire   (item) Island Pond 10/14/1872
Bonney, Frank, Monday, run over by train while drunk, leaves wife & 4 or 5 children Danby at Rutland 5/26/1873
Booth, Erastus, age 70, Sat., died on his birthday, leaves wife & 3 kids  (item) Troy 11/1/1875
Booth, Gussie Belle, age 1 y 3 m 10 d, March 19, dau of G. S. & Nettie A. Booth Barton 3/29/1875
Bostwick, C. B., last Wed., dropped dead while removing harness from horse Monkton 12/23/1872
Bottsford, J. H., age 22, last Tues, fell off wagon and wheel passed over his head (item) Sandgate 4/13/1874
Bourgette, Telessore, recently, killed instantly by falling underneath sled loaded with wood Windsor, PQ 3/1/1875
Bourhouse, Mr., week before last, Frenchman hired out to help haying, died suddenly Ryegate of Sherbrooke, PQ 7/10/1876
Boutwell, Nettie, age 8 mos, Jan 23, dau of T. N. & Angie F. Boutwell North Craftsbury 2/3/1873
Bowdish, George W., June, from falling down stairs E. Fairfield 7/15/1878
Bowen, Joseph, recently, kicked by horse around the kidneys, died soon Bethel 7/28/1873
Bowen, Orison, last week Thurs., sliver thrown from circular saw, hit him in jugular vein S. Londonderry 5/19/1879
Bowen, Samuel (history) born Sept 1, 1781 Rehoboth, MA, wife Nancy Goff born Dec 13, 1782 Pomfret Bethel 5/12/1873
Bowie, Patrick, age 83 y 5 m 15 d, Sept 25 Troy 10/8/1877
Bowker, Jessie, age 17, Aug 3, dau of A. S. Bowker Lyndon 8/19/1878
Bowley, Oliver, age 84 y 5 m 10 d, April 18 Newport Center 4/26/1875
Bowley, Robert, age 16, Feb 16, only son of Alvin G. & Semantha Bowley (2-21) Newport Center 2/28/1876
Bowley, Robert, young man, funeral last Friday Newport Center 2/21/1876
Bowman, Harlan W., Aug 11, son of Hon. N. P. Bowman, died Calif, of consumption St Johnsbury 8/21/1876
Bowman, William, Dea., last Mon., father of Judge Bowman of St J., soldier in war of 1812 (item) St. Johnsbury 5/27/1876
Boyer, child, last Sunday, of Louis Boyer, fell into pail of boiling water Winooski 5/5/1873
Boynton, __, Mrs.,  age 62, Sept 29, wife of David Boynton Westfield 10/1/1877
Boynton, __, Mrs.,  last Friday, wife of Osias Boynton, very suddenly Coventry 5/25/1874
Boynton, Greenleaf, donated money to town churches and others Coventry 12/29/1873
Boynton, Greenleaf, old resident, died week ago today  (item) Coventry 12/15/1873
Boynton, S. M., 23d ult, crossing bridge and hit by train Burlington 2/19/1872
Boynton, Samuel, age 30, April 10, died S. Deerfield, NH Coventry 5/6/1878
Boynton, T. B., Mrs.,  last Tuesday, accidentally shot in head  (item) Hardwick 9/16/1878
Bradford, James, last Sat., accidentally shot himself while hunting Bennington 1/27/1873
Bradford, Moses B., Rev., age 79, Sept 23, native of Francistown, NH  (item) McIndoes Falls 10/14/1878
Bradley, __, Mrs.,  age 86, Nov 19, wife of Jonathan Bradley Stannard 11/23/1874
Bradley, __, Mrs.,  Sunday, wife of Homer Bradley, attack of paralysis Evansville 11/11/1878
Bradley, Chloe, age 43 y 10 d, Nov 10, wife of Homer Bradley Brownington 11/11/1878
Bradley, Grace, age 64, Dec 14 Sheffield 12/22/1879
Bradley, Grace, Mrs., 14th inst, very suddenly Sheffield 12/22/1879
Bradley, Jonathan, age 90, funeral March 24, early settler of town, prob died Stannard  (item) Sheffield 3/29/1875
Brainard, Mary, age 20, May 2, w/o Frank Brainard, d/o late Samuel Densmore of Sutton W. Burke of Manchester, NH 5/6/1872
Brainerd, Alma S. Parker, age 26, Aug 2, wife of L. F. Brainerd Morgan 8/18/1879
Braley, Carnot, Mrs.,  recently, buried on the 3d inst, died North Troy South Troy 1/13/1879
Brannon, Peter, age 84, last Sun., got lost after dark going to his son James' house (item) Fairfield 11/3/1873
Brennan, Patrick, last Thurs., killed working at a quarry when derrick fell  (item) Fairhaven 5/12/1873
Brewer, __, Mrs.,  Tuesday, wife of William P. Brewer, died suddenly  (item) St. Johnsbury 7/14/1879
Brewster, Lydia, age 81, July 30, widow of Phineas Brewster Irasburg 8/9/1875
Brickett, Leroy, last Tues., of Edmund Brickett of Danville, grandson of Asa Flint of W. Danville, typhoid fever Danville 6/23/1873
Bridges, Louisa M., age 35, April 8, w/o Asa A. Bridges, d/o Samuel Park Craftsbury 4/15/1872
Bridget Laffle (history) married Mr. Carbero in 1860 who disappeared, married Edward Warden Brandon 9/21/1874
Bridgman, G., Mr., 10th inst, died at Brattleboro asylum of brain disease Derby 12/22/1879
Bridgman, Hattie, recently Hardwick 3/25/1878
Briggs, Eli, week ago last Sat., suicide by hanging, leaves wife & 2 kids, died Conway, MA Jacksonville at MA 12/16/1872
Briggs, Francis, about 28, week before last, hit in head by falling timber in old barn (item) Bristol 10/12/1874
Briggs, Royal, recently, drank a pint & a half of proof spirits and died soon after Fairhaven 8/18/1879
Brigham, girl, age 8, recently, of Rev. S. S. Brigham, of typhoid fever Sheffield 8/13/1877
Brigham, John, age 60, Nov 6, died very suddenly of paralysis Derby Center 11/18/1872
Brigham, son, age 4, last Sat., only child of Charles Brigham, killed by ram (item) West Concord 5/31/1875
Britt, __, Mrs., age 32, 5th, wife of Hector F. Britt, of apoplexy, leaves baby age 12 days Cabot 4/14/1873
Britton, Dennis, age 76, Mon., suicide by hanging  (item) Barre 5/19/1879
Britton, Horace, age 50, week ago last Sat, suicide by hanging Springfield 3/18/1878
Brock, Cloud, age 90, Dec 12 Danville 12/20/1875
Brock, James, last Sat 10th inst., thrown from hay wagon, leaves wife & 4 children (item 8/5) Springfield 8/12/1872
Brock, Jennie, Miss, age 90 y 7 d, Oct 6 Barnet    10/14/1878
Brockway, Wolston, age 85, Oct 25 Sutton 11/9/1874
Bromley, Gracie, age 11, last Mon., of Daniel W. Bromley, kicked by horse she was trying to catch Rutland 10/15/1877
Bronson, Luman, 30th ult, member of Baptist Society since 1804  (item) Hardwick 4/17/1876
Bronson, Luman, age 72, March 30 East Hardwick 4/17/1876
Bronson, Lyman, age 72, March 30 East Hardwick 4/10/1876
Brooks, Charles, Co. F. 11th regt, son of Horace & Sarah Brooks, died SC In rebel hospital Morgan 8/28/1876
Brooks, child, last week, of Mr. Brooks, of diphtheria Barton 2/3/1879
Brooks, Daniel, Co F. 11th regt Morgan 8/28/1876
Brooks, Effie Alma, age 6 y 10 m 24 d, Jan 31, of L. P. & Phalla Brooks, of canker rash Morgan 2/8/1875
Brooks, Freddie A., age 2 y 4 m, April 28, of Jasper & Janett Brooks, of diphtheria Barton 5/19/1879
Brooks, Jannett, age 22 y 11 m, April 3, wife of Jasper Brooks, of consumption Barton 5/19/1879
Brooks, Lucina, age 18, Aug 21 Barton 8/24/1874
Brooks, Lunah, age 9 mos, Jan 16, of Jasper & Jannett Brooks Barton 5/19/1879
Brooks, Lyman P., Co F. 11th regt Morgan 8/28/1876
Brown, __, Mrs.,  age 72, Feb 14, wife of Samuel Brown Lyndon 2/25/1878
Brown, __, Mrs.,  funeral last Sat., wife of Chester Brown Craftsbury 10/9/1876
Brown, __, Mrs.,  last Thurs., mother of Wm C. & John H. Brown, of heart disease  (item) Barton at Craftsbury (of Wolcott?) 10/8/1877
Brown, A. P., Dr., recently, of dropsy South Barton 9/17/1877
Brown, A. P., MD., age 43, Sept 4, congestion of liver and lungs West Charleston 9/24/1877
Brown, adopted daughter, of Mr. J. Brown, of cerebro spinal meningitis Eden per Craftsbury 2/23/1874
Brown, Anson, age about 70, March 5 Troy 3/12/1877
Brown, Charles D., 28th, shot while trying to rob a store  (item) Bristol 9/3/1877
Brown, David, Esq., age 88, last Tuesday Danville prob 2/24/1879
Brown, David, recently, at age 44 married for 4-5 yrs, wife died, left with infant dau  (item) Newfane 1/6/1873
Brown, Edward, about 70, week ago last Sat., jumped off spilling cart and crushed skull (item) Plymouth 9/3/1877
Brown, Ella, age 15, May 25, dau of Hiram Brown Coventry 5/27/1872
Brown, Florence E., age 2 y 14 d, Aug 17, of James & Charlotte Brown Lowell 8/24/1874
Brown, Hellen Somers, age 30, Jan 5, wife of J. H. Brown, born Huntington, VT  (obit) Irasburg 1/15/1877
Brown, Hillard W., age 19 y 9 m 19 d, March 21, of Thomas P. Brown, died Derry, NH Albany 4/15/1878
Brown, Hiram W., Feb 13, injured in steam mill recently Barton Landing 2/24/1873
Brown, Hugh John, 22d, shed fell on him Bakersfield 1/6/1873
Brown, Isreal, age 99, recently, fought in war of 1812 Brattleboro 10/28/1878
Brown, J. H., Mrs.,  funeral last week Sunday, dau of Mr. Henry Somers Irasburgh 1/15/1877
Brown, John, June, suicide by drowning Danby 7/15/1878
Brown, Jonathan, 22d inst, suicide by morphine Craftsbury 8/30/1875
Brown, Josiah (history), he died 50 yrs ago, leaves 8 children all still alive, Abe & Ira etc Caledonia Cty 11/10/1879
Brown, Lindell M., age 2 y 19 d, Sept 26, only child of B. L. & Julia Brown Newport 10/8/1877
Brown, Marcia (Cobb), age about 30, Jan 8 Coventry 1/17/1876
Brown, Michael, about 25, Thurs., killed while shackling cars  (item) Bellows Falls 10/8/1877
Brown, Samuel, last Tues., killed by exploding boiler at Shaftsbury Station  (item) Chatham, NY 11/17/1873
Brown, son, age 4, Fri., of William Brown, clothes caught on fire Burlington 2/17/1879
Brown, Sophrona, age 71, Oct 4, relict of late J. Farnham Brown Barton at Craftsbury 10/8/1877
Brownel, Nora, age 8, Nov 18, dau of George Brownel Holland 11/24/1879
Brownell, Adeline M. Eastman, age 31 y 2 m, Sept 13, wife of Geo J. Brownell West Charleston 10/4/1875
Bruce, ___, Mrs.,  age 74, Dec 22, wife of Lawson Bruce Danville   12/31/1877
Bruce, Joanna, age 73, April 4, widow of John Bruce Newark 4/13/1874
Bruce, son (history) of Nathaniel Bruce, at age 5 kicked in head by horse, Dr's removed bone Newark 2/28/1876
Bruce, T. K., age 73 y 21 d, Oct 22, formerly of Westmore Brownington 11/11/1872
Bruce, William, last Wed, of palsy                Brownington 4/14/1879
Bryant, Alfred, young man, recently, of diphtheria, also other siblings (item) Bethel 6/30/1879
Bryant, Bartlett, age 54, April 29 Derby 5/1/1876
Bryant, Bartlett, April 29, respected businessman  (item) Derby Centre 5/1/1876
Bryant, Ezra J., age 19, Oct 11, of consumption Barton 10/22/1877
Bryant, Ezra, young man, last Thurs., of consumption   (item) Barton 10/15/1877
Bryant, Ira S., recently, leaves widow Barton at ST. Johnsbury 8/16/1875
Bryant, Ira, age about 41, Aug 8, after long & painful illness St Johnsbury 8/9/1875
Bryant, William C., young man, Monday, of typhoid fever, buried Coventry  (item) Coventry at Brattleboro 6/11/1877
Bryant, William Cullen, age 23 y 4 m 20 d, June 4, of typhoid fever Irasburg at Brattleboro 6/11/1877
Buchanan, __, Mrs., age 40, last Sun, w/o Andrew Buchanan, d/o Dan Roberts, accidental poisoning  (item) Ryegate 11/25/1878
Buchanan, Genevieve A., age 23 y 7 m, Feb 11, w/o H. W. Buchanan, d/o D. P. H. Rogers Barton Landing 2/21/1876
Buchanan, Genevieve A., age 24, Feb 11, w/o H. W. Buchanan Barton Landing 2/14/1876
Buck, Austin A., age 52, Feb 8, of apoplexy Newport 2/19/1872
Buck, Lafayette, last Tuesday, of typhoid pneumonia, ran the Memphremagog Hotel  (item) Newport 6/25/1877
Buck, Murry N., age 27, Sat., suicide by shooting himself, of Wm Buck, champion wrestler (item) Fairfax at Nashua, NH 9/29/1879
Buckman, T. E., Mrs.,  age 40, Nov 20 Sheffield 12/1/1879
Buddington, Ethel, age 6, Thurs week before last, of B. M. Buddington, fell down bank into river (item) Brattleboro 5/18/1874
Bugbee, __, Mrs. Ebenezer, 24th inst, widow of late Marcus Coe, willed church $6K Burke 12/2/1878
Bugbee, __, Mrs.,  age about 72, Nov 25, wife of Ebenezer Bugbee, of paralysis East Burke 12/9/1878
Bullard, __, Mrs.,  last week, w/o Dr. G. B. Bullard, died at Old Orchard Beach on visit St Johnsbury 7/14/1879
Bullis, Allen, last Wed., killed by tree, leaves wife & 11 children  (item) Newport Center 6/30/1873
Bullis, dau., May 10, dau of M/M Chester Bullis Newport Center 5/22/1876
Bullock, child, 20th inst, child of James Bullock, of canker rash Hardwick 1/25/1875
Bullock, Horatio, Jan 20, killed on PO RR, on way to Hardwick to visit sister St. Johnsbury of Canada 1/31/1876
Bullock, Knox, last March, hung himself, left insurance policy to wife for $2,179.73 Guilford 6/23/1873
Bullock, Knox, Thurs., suicide by hanging himself, his 5 kids sick with scarlet fever  (item) Guilford 3/17/1873
Burdick, Mr., age 85, died 1878 Lowell 1/13/1879
Burdict, Lydia (Elliot), age 58, Oct 19 Jay 11/1/1875
Burditt, Bradley, last Sun., went to bed feeling ill, went into convulsions & died  (item) Pittsford 8/10/1874
Burditt, Oscar, about 20, May 12, accidentally shot in stomach on a hunt  (item) Rochester 5/25/1874
Burke, Katharine, June, by drowning N. Bennington 7/15/1878
Burke, O. S., last Tues., great sufferer, formerly of Morrisville  (item) St. Johnsbury 10/4/1875
Burnham, __, Mrs.,  age 89, last week, mother of S. Curtis Burnham, lived in town 70 yrs (item) Hardwick 12/20/1875
Burnham, Alanson, age 87, April 20, father of M. Burnham of Barton Newport 5/24/1875
Burnham, Burton P., age 17 y 11 m 13 d, Jan 15, of diphtheria Barton 1/20/1879
Burnham, Burton, school aged, last Wed, of diphtheria, buried Groton  (item) Barton 1/20/1879
Burnham, Charles, 26th ult, wounded by an axe and mortification set in Perkinsville 2/9/1874
Burnham, Susannah, age 89, Dec 15, widow of Gideon Burnham  (obit) Hardwick 12/20/1875
Burr, Cynthia A., age 23 y 27 d, May 7, dau of Daniel & Melinda Burr Derby 5/27/1878
Burrington, Asahel, age 82 (history), town clerk 50 yrs, moved to St. Paul, Minn w/dau, Mrs.  H. A. Bingham West Burke 11/3/1873
Burroughs, Lutheria, age 74, last Thurs., widow of Zebulon Burroughs, of heart disease  (item) North Troy 5/14/1877
Burroughs, Zebulon, age 81, Nov 12 Coventry 11/30/1874
Burrows, Jarvis F., age 68, last Thurs  (item) Vernon 10/4/1875
Burt, Lucius, age 47, last Fri., killed by falling tree, leaves wife & 6 children  (item) Lyndon 3/4/1878
Burt, Susannah, Miss, age 79, July 13, formerly of Albany, NY West Burke 7/22/1872
Burt, William, age 79, two weeks ago Fri., died suddenly after eating meal Stowe 10/18/1875
Burton, John, age 77, April 9 Irasburg 4/24/1876
Bush, Freddie, Sept 23, child of S. G. & M. A. Bush, of canker rash Irasburgh of Coaticook, PQ 9/30/1872
Bush, S. B., Mrs., age 62, May 18 Brookline 5/26/1873
Bushway, Caroline L., Mrs., age 46, Dec 7 Craftsbury 12/22/1873
Bushway, Moses, age 62, May 13 Sheffield 5/19/1879
Bushway, Moses, Tuesday, of heart disease at John Knox's, buried at Craftsbury Sheffield 5/19/1879
Bustead, Emily, Thurs., of small pox Bellows Falls 9/29/1879
Buswell, Daniel, recently, suicide by hanging, domestic trouble Plymouth 11/11/1878
Butler, __, Mrs., about 20, Fri week before last, w/o Charles Butler, murdered by Tatro boy (item) Highgate 6/12/1876
Butler, __, Mrs., June 2nd last, murdered (item on court case) Highgate 5/7/1877
Butler, Alice, Mrs., June 2, 1876, murdered by Edward Tatro (confession info) Highgate 2/4/1878
Butler, Chester, age 74, Feb 14 Newport 2/28/1876
Butler, Fred, age 12, last week, of Samuel Butler, tried hanging himself then save himself (item) Pittsford 9/1/1879
Butler, Henry V., 6th, thrown from wagon, leaves wife & 2 dau and one son Stowe of NY 8/12/1872
Butler, James, last Wed., suicide by hanging, partial insane  (item) Monkton 3/10/1873
Butterfield, Addie Balch, age about 28, Nov 12, w/o late Bailey Butterfield, of consumption Lyndonville 11/18/1878
Butterfield, George, about 35, last Wed, fell under loaded oxen team and crushed  (item) Marlboro 2/24/1873
Butterfield, Hattie Lawrence, age 36, Jan 29, wife of Harley Butterfield Passumpsic 2/5/1877
Buxton, A. P. Mr., funeral last Wed. Brownington 10/1/1877
Buxton, A. P., Dea., age 73, Sept 24 Brownington 10/8/1877
Buxton, little boy, age 7, week ago last Sat., of Stephen Buxton, of cerebro spinal meningitis (item) Londonderry 8/24/1874
Buzwell, Samantha C., age 49, June 1, wife of J. C. Buzwell, of consumption Barton 6/12/1876
Cadman, John, last Tues., died suddenly, worked on VT Central RR Hillsboro, NH 12/23/1872
Cady, Henry C., week ago last Fri, just returned from trip out west Northfield  5/6/1878
Cady, Lafayette, some time ago, robbed and murdered in Grand Island, Nebraska  (item) Fairfax 8/5/1872
Cahoon, George C., age 81, Feb 1, born in Lyndon 1798, of Gen Wm. Cahoon  (obit) Lyndon 2/10/1879
Cahoon, George C., Hon., age 80, Feb 1 Lyndon 2/10/1879
Calderwood, Annette Hutchins, age 27, Dec 26, wife of Dr. H. S. Calderwood, of heart disease Greensboro 1/8/1877
Calderwood, David W., age 15, Sept 26, of David & Eliza Calderwood, kidney complaint Greensboro 10/22/1877
Calhoun, Joseph N., age 27, March 3 Newport 4/13/1874
Callevy, Patrick, Dec 11, killed while working at soap stone quarry Perkinsville 1/8/1872
Calligan, Patrick, age 24, May 1, fell from RR bridge where he was working  (item) Georgia Station 5/18/1874
Cameron, Catherine, Miss, age 20 y 10 m, April 30 Glover 5/12/1873
Cameron, Hugh, about 60, last Mon., fell from wagon and broke his neck, son is Charles Cameron (item) Wells River at Nashua 9/1/1873
Cameron, infant son, June 8, of James & Kate Cameron Barton Landing 6/12/1876
Cammet, Mercy May, age 3 y 10 m 24 d, Jan 24, of Robert S. & Hattie A. Cammet Newport Center 2/11/1878
Camp, David, age 72, last Mon., hit by runaway team  (item) Stowe 11/15/1875
Camp, Ira, age 83, Dec 7 Newport 12/15/1879
Camp, Ira, age 83, last Wed, died at son's David M. Camp, buried Friday at Derby  (item) Newport of Derby 12/8/1879
Camp, Lyman G., age 84, May 14, brother of Ira Camp of Newport Montpelier 5/26/1879
Campbell, 3 children, recently, of Michael Campbell, all of diphtheria St. Albans 3/24/1879
Campbell, Benjamin J., old citizen, Wed last Charleston 1/5/1874
Campbell, Zeno W., age 41, Nov 6 Sutton 12/10/1877
Campbell, Zeno W., recently, leaves widow Sutton 2/11/1878
Campbell, Zeno W., young man, last week, from painful illness  (item) Sutton 12/10/1877
Canfield, Harmon, Esq., died recently Arlington 1/13/1879
Cannon, Chandler, age 56, March 10, of consumption of the liver Brownington 3/26/1877
Caples, James, age 75 y 7 m 10 d, Jan 24 Irasburg 1/31/1876
Caples, James, Jan 24, early settler of Coventry, lived in Irasburgh 52 years Irasburgh 1/31/1876
Cardinal, Alfred, about Jan 6, went hunting and did not return, found frozen  (item) Ditton, Que 2/15/1875
Cargill, ___, Mrs.,  age 58, March 18, wife of William Cargill Charleston 4/8/1872
Carleton, Willard, age 72, Nov 23 E. St. Johnsbury 12/2/1878
Carlisle, John, last Tues., found dead on Park St. Brandon 3/9/1874
Carlton, __, Mrs., 15th, w/o George Carlton, walked on snow crust & cut badly & died, insane Vershire 2/3/1873
Carlton, J. L., Mr., last Tues., suicide by taking morphine Stanstead, PQ 2/8/1875
Carpenter, __, Mrs.,  11th inst, wife of Chester Carpenter, died in bed Derby 11/22/1875
Carpenter, Betsey W., age 80, Feb 1, wife of E. W. Carpenter, of consumption Newport 2/9/1874
Carpenter, Billings, age 86 y 10 m, Oct 16 Craftsbury 11/16/1874
Carpenter, Julia, Mrs.,  age 62, Sept 3 Barton Landing 9/13/1875
Carpenter, Luke, age 61, Nov 25 Barton Landing 11/30/1874
Carpenter, Osmond L., age 22 y 7 m, March 20 Brownington 4/27/1874
Carpenter, P., aged citizen, buried last week Craftsbury 8/14/1876
Carpenter, Rachel Barron, Mrs., age 74, recently, wife of Horace Carpenter St. Johnsbury 10/20/1879
Carr, M. W. (history), married 25 years, had 9 boys & 6 girls, father in law gave him a sheep for each child Lunenburg 6/17/1872
Carr, Mr., recently, of small pox Waterford 1/20/1873
Carr, William, age 89, Dec 30 North Danville 1/8/1877
Carroll, Jack, age 30, last Sat., run over by cars  (item) Enosburg Falls 1/21/1878
Carswell, James, last Fri, caused train accident, of Salem Fair Haven 10/11/1875
Carter, Ai, age 18 to 20, Tues, son of Jo Carter, drowned, fell out of boat   (item) Irasburgh 10/19/1874
Carter, Carroll H., age 11 mos, Aug 29, only child of Heman B. & Mary P. Carter Hardwick 9/16/1878
Carter, Heman, recently, buried last Friday at village cemetery, died Elmore Hardwick 5/24/1875
Carter, Peter, age 12, March 12, of dropsy East Charleston 4/1/1878
Carter, Rachel, Mrs., age 84 y 11 m 22 d, Feb 25, of paralysis Craftsbury 3/20/1876
Case (Cass?), Louis A., age 30, May 5, of consumption Barton 5/10/1875
Casey, Jerry, last Thurs., killed by the cars  Woodford 3/17/1873
Casey, Michael, age 32, recently, found dead in bed  (item 3/27) Richmond 3/20/1876
Caskley, Randella A., age 14 y 5 m 22 d, Oct 17, dau of William & Susan Caskley Brownington 11/11/1872
Cass, __, Mrs.,  age 64, Jan 15, wife of John Cass Albany 1/20/1873
Cass, Albert, Sept 12, buried Waterloo where his wife's family is from  (item) Barton at Iowa 9/28/1874
Cass, Emily C. Shaw, age 58, Jan 15, wife of John Cass Albany 1/27/1873
Cass, Frank C., age 49, June 2, suicide by poison   (long item) Barton 6/8/1874
Cass, Fred, age 23, Jan 9, of consumption Craftsbury 1/13/1879
Cass, son, age 6, recently, son of Lewis Cass, of diphtheria Craftsbury 9/11/1876
Cass, Willie, age 18, Dec 22, youngest son of Horace Cass Craftsbury 1/12/1874
Cassidy, Anna, Miss, age 36 y 5 m 4 d, April 9, congestion of lungs Barton 4/15/1872
Cassidy, Mary, Mrs., age 57, Sept 16 Barton 9/23/1872
Caswell, Charles, recently, of Harry Caswell, history of ill family members, one attempted suicide  Huntington 6/5/1876
Caswell, Dyer, age 48, May 11 Barton 5/12/1873
Caswell, Lois Chase, age 73, July 2, widow of Asaph Caswell Clifton, PQ 7/13/1874
Centibar, Charles, age 13, 22nd, long rolled on him and broke his neck  (item) Montgomery 12/4/1876
Chadwick, A. G., Mr., Aug 4, former editor of the Caledonian, died in Montreal of cholera morbus St. Johnsbury 8/11/1873
Chafey, Hiram, Dea., age 73, Sept 21 Albany 9/30/1872
Chafey, John, age 79, Oct 22   Albany 11/3/1873
Chaffee, Comfort, Mrs., Jan 5, stricken with apoplexy, leaves husband and large family (item) East Charleston 1/8/1877
Chaffee, son, age 13, 22d inst, of George Chaffee, fell from the beams onto the floor Montpelier 8/5/1872
Chamberlain, Alfred, age 72, last Wed, son in law is F. A. Way, buried Chesterfield, NH (item) West Burke 11/17/1879
Chamberlain, Elisha, age 74, Nov 16 Craftsbury 12/2/1878
Chamberlain, William, Esq., recently, found dead in small brook where he went to wash wool  (item) Marshfield 6/22/1874
Chamberlin, __, Mrs.,  funeral the 12th, wife of Charles Chamberlin Craftsbury 5/17/1875
Chamberlin, Dr. E., murdered 30th ult, bro in law is Adna C. Porter North Troy 1/8/1877
Chamberlin, Dr. E., recently, murdered in Lacrosse, Wisc., father in law is Eleazer Porter North Troy 1/1/1877
Chamberlin, Elisha, aged man, recently, died on poor farm Craftsbury 12/2/1878
Chamberlin, Jane M., age 21 y 3 m, Oct 12, dau of Martin & Abby Chamberlin, of consumption Albany 10/23/1876
Chamberlin, Nancy, Widow, age 72, April 8  Albany 4/12/1875
Chamberlin, Nancy, Widow, age about 70, April 7 Albany 4/12/1875
Chamberlin, Rush, age 27, Feb 9 Irasburgh 2/11/1878
Chamberlin, Samuel, age 17, Aug 24, of typhoid fever  (item 9-14) Albany 8/31/1874
Chamberlin, Samuel, age 87 y 3 m, June 27 Barton 7/1/1878
Chamberlin, Samuel, age 87, Friday, married Candace Butler & Mrs.  Annie Spalding, cancer  (obit) Barton 7/1/1878
Chamberlin, Susan (Clark), age 87 y 4 m, Feb 28 Irasburgh 3/3/1879
Chamberlin, Wallace, age 22, Aug 18, of typhoid fever Albany 8/24/1874
Chamberlin, Wallace, young man, Aug 18, of Martin Chamberlin, of typhoid fever Albany 8/24/1874
Chamberlin, Wright, Jr., age 55, Nov 20, of late Col. Wright Chamberlin Stanstead, PQ 12/2/1872
Champion, Thomas, soldier in the rebellion, buried but no headstone placed  (item) Westmore 4/14/1879
Champlin, __, Mrs., over 80, 16th, widow of Paul Champlin Middlebury 2/9/1874
Chandler, Daniel, age 78, Feb 6 Hardwick 2/18/1878
Chandler, George B., age 75, last Mon., died St. Josephs, Mich, buried at Blossom Hill  (obit) Westmore at Mich 11/25/1878
Chandler, Myron S., Hon., age 82, 3rd inst  (item) Lunenburg 2/18/1878
Chaplin, Richard, age 78, Aug 5 Charleston 8/26/1872
Chapman, Charles, about 25, last Monday, son of Wm. Chapman, fell off train and run over  (item) St Johnsbury East 11/25/1872
Chapman, George R., Esq., born Mar 3, 1849 Lincoln, Vt, died Fri., of typhoid fever  (item) Montpelier 1/14/1878
Chapman, Isabell P., age 56, Nov 8, widow of Amasa Chapman Coventry at Manchester, NH 12/23/1878
Chapman, Mary Hazeltine, age 73, March 26, wife of Amos Chapman Irasburgh 3/31/1879
Chapman, William, last Thurs., killed by train, employed 1 week, leaves wife & 4 kids  (item) Lyndon at Sherbrooke 7/22/1872
Chase, __, Mrs., Friday, w/o Lucian Chase, leaves 7 kids infant to 13 years, consumption Derby 2/3/1879
Chase, Albert G., age 34 y 4 m 20 d, Jan 5 Jay    1/21/1878
Chase, Daniel, age 85 y 10 m, April 3 Troy 4/14/1879
Chase, E. W., age 59, Sat, died suddenly of apoplexy Burlington 7/15/1878
Chase, Enoch J., age 79, Oct 17 St. Johnsbury 10/27/1879
Chase, Frederick Charles, age 1 y 8 m 4 d, April 30, of Charles M. & Mary Elizabeth Chase, of canker rash Lyndon 5/13/1872
Chase, Joseph, age 24, Oct 26 Sutton 10/29/1877
Chase, Mary Jane, age 34 y 7 m 23 d, Jan 31, wife of L. B. Chase, of consumption Derby 2/10/1879
Chase, Mary Louise, age 4 y 6 m 10 d, April 26, of Charles M. & Mary Elizabeth Chase, of malignant canker rash Lyndon   5/13/1872
Chase, Mary, age 70, Feb 20, wife of Francis Chase Charleston    4/1/1878
Chase, Mary, age 80, 29th, widow of John Chase Craftsbury 12/9/1872
Chase, Mrs., died 1878 Lowell 1/13/1878
Chase, son, (history) of George Chase, age 9, how he lost his foot by being run over by cars Essex Junction 9/24/1877
Chatfield, Lucinda F., age 24 y 4 m, Nov 28, w/o Frederick Chatfield, d/o N. W. & Olive Gould West Derby 12/22/1873
Chatman, Annie, age 18, Oct 7, of Tingwick, PQ Glover 10/28/1872
Chatterton, Jay, last Tues., ward of Henry Somers, injured while wrestling at School Irasburgh 2/2/1874
Cheever, William, age 78, Oct 11 East Hardwick 10/21/1878
Chellis, N. B., Mr., age 62, last Wed., dropped dead in mill of heart disease  (item) Glover 9/21/1874
Cheney, __, Mrs.,  age about 36, Jan 22, wife of William Cheney Charleston 1/27/1879
Cheney, __, Mrs.,  last Friday, wife of John Cheney, thrown from wagon   (item) Brownington 12/31/1877
Cheney, __, Mrs., 17th inst., wife of Harry Cheney, died Great Bend, Kansas, of consumption Westmore 1/27/1879
Cheney, __, Mrs., last Wed., wife of William Cheney, invalid for 8 months West Charleston 1/27/1879
Cheney, Carlton, age 56, Feb 9 Newark 2/21/1876
Cheney, Charles E., age 28, Sept 10, only son of Elias Cheney, Esq. Derby Line 9/27/1875
Cheney, David McArthur, July 18, only son of D. W. & Mary M. Cheney Troy 8/19/1872
Cheney, David, April 15, to Wisc. 3 years ago, leaves wife & one child, of lung disease (item 5-1) Albany 4/24/1876
Cheney, Elias, age 68, Jan 17 St. Johnsbury 1/27/1879
Cheney, Ira, old resident, funeral the 26th inst., father of Harry Cheney, buried Westmore Westmore at Newark 3/30/1874
Cheney, Jane, age 55, Jan 17, wife of Harry Cheney Great Bend, Kansas 1/27/1879
Cheney, Jennie M., age 13 w 4 d, Oct 12, of Alanson & Celia Cheney, of cholera infantum Westmore 10/27/1873
Cheney, Nelson, Dr., Oct 29, bro of E. P. Cheney of Glover, of pneumonia & typhoid fever  (item) Barton of Beebe Plain 11/9/1874
Chesley, __, Mrs.,  age 36, Jan 29, wife of Stephen C. Chesley, of consumption Sheffield 2/4/1878
Chesley, __, Mrs.,  age 60, Aug 21, wife of Joel Chesley Sheffield 8/27/1877
Chesley, Isabel Ann, Jan 29, w/o Stephen G. Chesley Sheffield 2/11/1878
Chessmore, Stephen, age 79 y 3 m 8 d, Sept 5, died Rockbridge, Wisc. N Troy  12/10/1877
Chester, Adah Victoria, age 3 y 9 m 4 d, May 28, dau of H. R. & A. A. Chester Barton 6/8/1874
Chester, Adah Victoria, age 9 mos 4 ds, May 28, of Mr. H. R. Chester  (item) Barton 6/1/1874
Chester, Etta Emma Jane, age 11 m 10 d, May 28, dau of H. R. & A. A. Chester Barton 6/8/1874
Chester, Etta Emma Jane, age 5 y 11 m 21 d, of H. R. & A. A. Chester, both violently ill  Barton 6/1/1874
Child, Gilbert, Tues., found dead in bed, prob of disease of the brain  (item) Wells River 8/4/1879
Christie, Jesse, age 84, Sept 2, soldier in war of 1812 Glover 9/7/1874
Chubb, John, buried week ago Friday, of small pox St. Johnsbury 12/4/1876
Church, Charles, age 80, last week, town pauper Craftsbury 2/25/1878
Church, Howard, recently, fell on top of a stump and lacerated internally  (item) Bennington 8/17/1874
Church, Minnie M., age 12 y 10 m 10 d, Nov 28, dau of Charles P. & Sarah A. Church Newport 12/15/1879
Churchill, Hugh Wallace, age 9 m 17 d, Oct 5, only child of Geo & Emeline Barton Landing 10/22/1877
Churchill, infant son, funeral yesterday, of George Churchill Barton Landing 10/8/1877
Cilley, Harvey, last Tues., suicide by hanging, leaves wife & 2 children, could not find work (item) Montpelier 6/25/1877
Clancey, Mary, Miss, about 30, Wed week before last, suicide by hanging (item) Moretown 4/26/1875
Clapp, Anna, age 5 m 13 d, Jan 23, dau of George & Arabel Clapp, of croup Sheffield 2/7/1876
Clark, __, Mrs.,  last week, wid/o Charles A. Clark, at dau Ida's in Danville, buried Glover Glover at Danville 11/3/1879
Clark, __, Mrs.,  recently, wife of Rev. J. S. Clark - who is moving to Elizabeth, NJ  (item) Morgan 4/13/1874
Clark, Amasa F., age 68, Sept 5, died at Wilmington, MA Glover 9/8/1879
Clark, Amasa F., funeral yesterday, buried Glover, resident 60 years, of dropsy  (item) Glover at Wilmington, MA 9/8/1879
Clark, Anice A., age 20 y 8 m, Nov 14, w/o Harry C. Clark, d/o Henry Edwards, typhoid pneumonia Albany 11/18/1878
Clark, Anna (Blake), age 21, Nov 14, wife of George F. Clark Irasburgh 11/23/1874
Clark, Aura S., Mr., age 58, Aug 9, of consumption Cabot    8/26/1872
Clark, Dana A., age 22 y 10 m, Dec 3 Irasburg 12/8/1879
Clark, Dana, last Wed, of liver disease, suffered 3 years  (item) Irasburg 12/8/1879
Clark, dau., age 4, recently, of Mrs. William Clark, fatally burned from exploding kerosene lamp Underhill 1/18/1875
Clark, Emily M., Miss, age 35, June 13 Glover 6/26/1876
Clark, Eve M., age 23 m 29 d, July 29, of George W. & Carrie B. Clark, of cholera infantum Barton    8/5/1872
Clark, Fayetta Rachel, age 3 m 18 d, Jan 10, of Geo M. & Ella B. Clark Irasburgh 1/14/1878
Clark, Fred, young man, Monday last, tree fell on him   (item) Hardwick ? 6/18/1877
Clark, infant son, age 3 w, Nov 29, of Mr. & Mrs. F. O. Clark, of diphtheria St Johnsbury 12/10/1877
Clark, Irma B., age 4 y 3 m, March 8, dau of Alfred & Edna C. Clark, malignant canker rash Glover 3/19/1877
Clark, Jacob S., Rev., (history) early history of family & church in Morgan Morgan 4/20/1874
Clark, Jacob S., Rev., age 87 y 11 m 17 d, Dec 27 St. Johnsbury 12/29/1879
Clark, John W., age 29 y 11 m 9 d, Jan 21, son of Milton Clark & Jennie Whipple Barton 2/2/1874
Clark, John W., age 30, Jan 21, member 15th Mass Ind't Battery    (full obit & history) Barton & Coventry 2/2/1874
Clark, John, age 70, Sept 17 West Glover 10/28/1878
Clark, Lewis J., age 77, Sept 17 Irasburg at Worcester, MA 11/6/1876
Clark, Mary (Colley), age 79, June 7 Barton 6/11/1877
Clark, Miss, recently, very suddenly of canker rash   (item) Albany 4/12/1875
Clark, Nellie, Aug 2, dau of William Clark, died Peabody, MA Sutton 9/2/1878
Clark, Oliver (history), of Berlin in 1820, drew loads of logs & granite to build state house Berlin 1/12/1874
Clark, Ransom C., age 85, Sept 18 Irasburg 10/2/1876
Clark, Sally (Merrill), age 78, March 29, wife of Rev. Jacob S. Clark  (obit) Morgan 4/20/1874
Clark, Salvin R., age 67, Sun., died suddenly, leaves wife & 2 children, of paralysis St. Albans 10/28/1878
Clark, Susan D., last Tues., suicide by poison Brattleboro 12/31/1877
Clark, Theophilus, Dr., age 97 y 3 m, week ago last Thurs. Tinmouth 11/12/1877
Clark, Thomas C., age 1 y 11 m, March 8, of Alfred & Edna C. Clark, malignant canker rash Glover 3/19/1877
Clark, Wealtha, age 74, Nov 2, widow of Leonard Clark Island Pond 12/10/1877
Clarke, dau, age 10, recently, eldest dau of Col. Albert Clarke St. Albans 11/17/1879
Clarke, Jedediah, Esq., age 72, 28th ult, father of Col. Albert Clarke St. Albans 4/10/1876
Clayton, son, age 13, Friday, of Ward Clayton, fell into brook and drowned Rutland 4/14/1873
Cleary, Bridget, Mrs., recently, poor, found to have money & land after she died (item) Burlington 12/9/1878
Clemens, ___, Mrs.,  16th inst, wife of Thomas Clemens, suicide by strangulation  (item) Wells 4/1/1872
Clement, Amos M., age 61 y 4 m, Jan 15 East Charleston 2/3/1873
Clement, Etta L., age 20 m, Aug 14, dau of J. B. & O. W. Clement Barton Landing 8/16/1875
Clement, Ida C., age 16 y 6 m, June 16 Barton Landing 6/23/1879
Cleveland, __, Mrs., last Sun., w/o Lester Cleveland, tooth ache complication, leaves 8 kids Newport Center 4/6/1874
Cleveland, Anna F., age 29 y 5 m, April 21, w/o Joseph P. Cleveland, d/o Francis & Mary Wells E Burke at Chippewa Falls, WI 5/5/1873
Cleveland, child, age 2 y 6 m, week ago last Wed., accidentally poisoned by mother, Mrs.  Frank Cleveland (item) Greensboro 6/15/1874
Cleveland, Cordelia A. Drown, age 28 y 5 m, May 12, wife of Oscar B. Cleveland Wolcott 5/20/1878
Cleveland, Emma A., Miss, last Sun., of measles & typhoid pneumonia  (item) Newport at Johnson 5/5/1873
Cleveland, Susie A., age 2 y 5 m 24 d, May 10, of F. B. & Mary Cleveland Greensboro Bend 7/6/1874
Clifford, __, Mrs.,  age 53, April 23, wife of Jefferson Clifford Danville 5/1/1876
Clifford, Charlie, age 10 mos, Oct 19, infant son of Henry Clifford, of canker rash Albany 10/26/1874
Clifford, Horace, elderly man, 19th inst, suicide by cutting his throat  (item) Randolph Ctr 6/28/1875
Clifford, Rufus, age 71, last Mon., went to bed not feeling well, died in his sleep North Danville 5/19/1873
Clough, David, age 71, April 21, of cancer Albany 4/28/1879
Clough, Emera, Mrs., funeral Jan 26, of consumption Derby 2/3/1879
Clough, John S., about 60, Thurs week before last, died suddenly  (item) Wells River   6/15/1874
Clough, Mary Ann (Clement), age 67, May 14, of paralysis Irasburg 5/22/1876
Clough, Trestum C., age 27, April 29 Albany 5/5/1873
Cobb, Chandler, young man, suicide by shooting himself in head, fit of insanity Wilmington at Detroit 10/9/1876
Cobb, Charles, age 40, Dec 12 Derby 12/14/1874
Cobb, Hanover, age 79, May 6, an early settler of town Coventry 5/13/1872
Cobb, Lucinda N., age 67 y 11 m 10 d, March 19, w/o James P. Cobb, of typhoid pneumonia Fitchburg, MA 4/8/1878
Cobb, Lucy, Miss, age 56 y 10 m 10 d, Aug 21 Morgan 9/2/1878
Cobb, Zenas, age 88, Jan 21 Derby 2/3/1873
Cobleigh, F. D., Sun., of consumption, editor of Record & Farmer Brattleboro 5/18/1874
Coburn, Avis, age 7 y 4 m, Feb 25, only dau of Mr. & Mrs.  H. P. Coburn Irasburgh 3/3/1879
Coburn, Chester, about 24, prob on the 6th, suicide by hanging, body found 17th  (item) Craftsbury 10/27/1873
Coburn, James, age 65, May 10 Craftsbury 5/15/1876
Cochran, Cora, age 2, April 14, dau of John & Lizzie (Rock) Cochran Salem 4/26/1875
Coe, Betsey, age 82 y 10 m, Feb 1, wife of Allen Coe Burke 2/4/1878
Coe, Harvey, age 72, June 9  (item 6/23 Dr. Coe June 8) Island Pond 6/16/1879
Coe, Orlo, age 21, May 25, of Harlow Coe Burke 6/3/1878
Colburn, G. H., Mr., age 79, Feb 20, died Orange Albany 3/3/1879
Colburn, G. H., Mr., recently, lived with son in law John Lord of Orange, heart disease (item) Albany 3/3/1879
Colburn, Justin E., recently, died in City of Mexico, there for his health VT at Mexico 12/23/1878
Colburn, Luther (history), age 63, raised 9 girls, never been more than 35 miles from home Barton 12/23/1878
Colburn, Lydia M. Conant, age 51, Dec 10, wife of N. H. Colburn, of consumption Hardwick 12/31/1877
Colburn, son, age 5, last Friday, of Alonzo Colburn, load of logs fell on him (item) East Charleston 3/20/1876
Colburn, W. H., Mrs.,  last Monday, very suddenly Hardwick 12/17/1877
Colby, Betsey, age 74, March 13, widow of Josiah Colby, inflammation of the lungs Sutton 3/17/1879
Colby, Fred G., age 26 , April 21, died Visalia, CA Barton 5/6/1878
Colby, Fred G., young man, April 21, of Geo W. Colby, died Visalia, CA , of rheumatic fever (item) Barton at CA 5/6/1878
Colby, Isaac N., age 67, Jan 14 Danville 1/25/1875
Colby, Josiah, age 74, May 25, of cancerous stomach Sutton 6/3/1878
Colby, Lucias, age 53, July 4, of cancer Derby 7/9/1877
Colby, Lucius, July 4, of cancer on the jugular veins  (item) Derby 7/9/1877
Colby, William, age 37, last Friday, accidentally shot while handling a gun  (item) Manchester, NH at Rochester 4/28/1873
Colby, Willie, age 9, died Sat., only son of Dr. George W. Colby, kicked by horse (item) Sutton 10/27/1879
Colby, Willie, age 9, Oct 25, son of Dr. George W. Colby Sutton 10/27/1879
Cole, Alva, age 5, May 21, son of John Cole Newark 6/2/1879
Cole, child, recently, of John Cole, of diphtheria Newark 5/26/1879
Cole, Cynthia, age 24, May 1, dau of Hiram & Lucy Cole, of consumption Newport 5/12/1873
Cole, Eva B., July 27, wife of Chauncey Cole, dau of Mrs. Ellen Dunn, of consumption Newport 8/12/1878
Cole, Lizzie Carey, age 26 y 5 m 8 d, July 16, wife of Chauncey Cole Troy 7/24/1876
Cole, Lyman O, age 30, Aug 2, of consumption Barton of Dracut, MA 8/13/1877
Cole, Polly, Mrs., elderly, 19th, suicide by arsenic, son is Simon Cole  (long item) South Wallingford 4/1/1872
Collier, Levi, last week Derby 8/6/1877
Collier, Samuel, old citizen, last week Hardwick 3/15/1875
Collier, son, last week, of S. F. Collier, from effects of too much bathing during hot weather Greensboro 7/22/1878
Collier, T. Faunce Hammond, age 18 y 8 m 22 d, July 16 Greensboro 8/5/1878
Collins, Amos, Sat week before last, killed when door of vault fell on him while installing (item) Brattleboro 12/7/1874
Collins, James, 20th, fell off construction train & killed, leaves wife & 3 children (item) Rutland 3/3/1879
Collins, Mary A Stewart, age 64 y 10 m, Aug 8, wife of James Collins, of consumption Troy 8/16/1875
Collins, Thomas, age 69, May 11 Troy 5/24/1875
Colliston, Mary, Mrs., age 71, June 9, of paralysis (correction) Barton 6/17/1872
Colton, John, age 77, 24th ult, of paralysis, leaves widow  (item) Irasburgh 12/8/1873
Colton, Phebe, age 80, March 7, widow of John Colton Irasburgh 3/11/1878
Colwell, William, young man, recently, had been bitten by a rabid dog months ago (item) S. Vernon 12/31/1877
Comings, Benjamin, Dea., died recently at St. Joseph, Mich. Greensboro 11/11/1872
Comings, Mary Huntingdon, Oct 10, widow of Dea. Benjamin Comings, died St. Josephs, Mich. Greensboro 11/9/1874
Conges, Amanda A., March 9, wife of Rev. E. L. Conges, died Concord, NH Glover at NH 3/17/1873
Connal, William L., age 2, Aug 26, of James & Manyette Connal, of dysentery Newport Center 9/23/1872
Conner, Moody, age 70, May 25 Irasburg 5/27/1876
Contant, August, Dr., Thurs., suicide by jumping from window, Mbr Co. F 2nd VT Regt (item) Montpelier at Fall River, MA 11/30/1874
Conway, Anne, age 10, 23rd, lamp burst catching her clothing on fire  (item) Cambridge 12/20/1875
Cook, ___, Mrs.,  recently, wife of A. B. Cook, he is now selling his hotel  (item) Greensboro 7/31/1876
Cook, ___, Mrs.,  age 65, Jan 20, wife of Willard Cook West Danville 1/28/1878
Cook, ___, Mrs.,  age 83, last Sat., wife of Paul Cook, fell down the stairs and hit her head (item) Glover 2/12/1872
Cook, Addie Parker, age about 22, Nov 4, wife of Justin Cook Glover 11/16/1874
Cook, Charles H., age 24, April 23, murdered by insane father Edson Cook  (item) Hyde Park 5/1/1876
Cook, George W., infant child, Nov 8, of Dana & Mary Cook Glover 11/15/1875
Cook, John, aged citizen, recently, of heart disease West Charleston 1/13/1879
Cook, Joseph F. (history) stole money from store, had been in jail in RI 8 mos, plus more West Newport 9/11/1876
Cook, Lizzie G., age 29, May 27, wife of Martin V. Cook, died Jersey City, NJ [of Glover] 6/3/1878
Cook, Mary E., age 39, March 27, w/o David Cook, dau of Ephraim Taylor, of dropsy Barton 3/31/1873
Cook, Mary E., age 39, March 27, w/o David S. Cook, dau of Ephraim & Emma Taylor Barton 4/14/1873
Cook, Mr., last Sunday, of heart disease Newport Center 6/18/1877
Cook, Samuel, (History) how he lost his arm at firing of artillery, wife & 3 kids (2 items) Newport of North Troy 9/2/1872
Cook, Samuel, Rev., age 81, 15th inst, born Eastham, MA, Calvinistic Baptist Clergyman (item) Concord, NH 2/26/1872
Cook, son, age 2, last Tuesday, son of Samuel Cook, of diphtheria Newport Center 12/16/1878
Cook, Willie Clarence, age 3 y 2 m 15 d, July 4, of Henry & Susan Cook, of canker rash Newport Center 7/17/1876
Cool, J. P., Mrs.,  age 55, Nov 23 West Wheelock 12/2/1878
Coolbeth, Harry, age 68, Aug 7, of cancer Lowell 9/29/1873
Cooledge, Clarence  [VTVR April 19, 1872] Lowell 5/13/1872
Coolidge, Clarence, age 19, April 19, of Edward B. Coolidge Lowell at Calais 4/29/1872
Coon, Thomas J., age 45, Sat., suicide by stabbing himself in heart with pocket knife Winooski 10/21/1878
Cooper, infant child, age 6 mos, Sept 9, of Mr. & Mrs. William Cooper Coventry 9/23/1878
Cooper, Jesse, Esq., age 70, last week, died Wyandotte, Kansas, his wife was sis of Ephraim Chamberlin Irasburgh   (obit) 8/5/1872
Copp, Rebecca Stiles, age 82, Dec 5, widow of Ezra Copp Irasburg at Albany 12/20/1875
Copt, John, body found week from last Friday, suicide by drowning due to ill health West Rutland 11/2/1874
Corey, son, age 7, last Friday, drowned while throwing cat with rock tied to it into river   (item) Derby 11/3/1873
Corlis, Pliny, early settler, last week, son of Royal Corlis  (item) Craftsbury at Troy, NY 12/7/1874
Corliss, __, Mrs.,  recently, wife of Geo. W. Corliss, sis of Mrs. P. S. Chamberlin  (item) Newbury & Bradford 8/6/1877
Corliss, John, Monday, injured by being thrown from wagon  (item 6-10) Sutton 6/17/1878
Cota, Alice Enos, age 21 y 3 m, Feb 20, wife of George Cota Salem 3/3/1879
Cotoa, Henry, age about 20, attacked & castrated by two men, Sunday or later  (item) Craftsbury? 8/14/1876
Cotta, Elvina, age 4 m 4 d, Jan 6, only dau of Geo & Elizabeth Cotta Westfield 1/17/1876
Couillard, child, age 2, last Fri, of Frank Couillard, fell into pail of boiling water Ludlow 6/7/1875
Counter, Willie, recently, of spinal meningitis after amputating a jammed finger Lyndonville 4/1/1872
Courier, Dana, young man, recently married, 22d ult, son of J. M. Courier Esq., killed by falling tree  (item) Hardwick at Burke 3/4/1872
Coveny, Agnes, age 7, Nov 5, of Brian Coveny, tipped leaning cart body onto herself (item)  Danville 11/16/1874
Covey, Miles, age 25, 8th, leaves wife & 4 kids in the west, burned to death in house fire  (item) Irasburg 11/10/1879
Cowen, Emma Jane, age 22 y 7 m, March 22, wife of Wilbur F. Cowen West Burke 3/30/1874
Cowles, Anna Metcalf, age 66, Feb 20, wife of Charles Cowles, of paralysis Albany 3/1/1875
Cowles, child, died recently, of Elijah Cowles, he buried wife & another child about 1 year ago Coventry at NY 6/24/1872
Cowles, child, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Lyman O. Cowles, died Lowell, MA  (item) Albany 7/30/1877
Cowles, James E., about 26, 13th, son of Dea. S. F. Cowles, died near Omaha, of consumption   (obit) Coventry 7/28/1873
Cowles, Matie Augusta, age 1 y 5 m, Jan 24, of Albert E. & Mary E. Cowles Craftsbury 2/19/1872
Cowles, Orson, age 28, Jan 23 South Barton 1/27/1879
Cowles, Orson, age 28, Thurs, of heart disease, dead in lumber road, buried Coventry   (obit) South Barton 1/27/1879
Cox, Nelson, found dead last Tues in Mr. H. C. Hill's sugar house, missing several weeks (item) Stanstead & Hatley 3/11/1878
Cox, Robert, age 63, May 9, strange illness over 2 weeks  (item) Monkton 5/19/1873
Craft, ___, Mrs.,  July 18, wife of John Craft, suddenly of heart failure   (item) West Charleston 7/22/1872
Craig, John, funeral last Friday, died from injuries from uncoupling cars (item) Greensboro 10/16/1876
Crandall, George, some time ago, leaves wife  [VTVR Aug 7 1877 age 45-9-16] Jay     9/3/1877
Crandall, Horace, 15th, lived on same farm since 1830, of heart disease  (item) Salem 8/26/1878
Crandall, Horace, age 72 y 6 m, Aug 15, of heart disease Salem 8/26/1878
Crandall, Mr., age 75, Sept 20, suicide by hanging North Troy of Jay 9/28/1874
Crane, John, last Wed, ill 5 days, died at Stillman Bickford's Glover 7/24/1876
Crane, Mary A., age 48, April 28, wife of W. D. Crane, Esq. Newport 5/6/1878
Crane, Norman, Capt., age 55, March 18, died Washington, DC  (item) Vergennes at DC 3/31/1879
Critchett, Mahala Noyes, age 73, March 9, wife of Aaron Critchett Newport Center 3/20/1876
Crocker, J. H., last Fri., had paralytic shock last year, lost use of left side of body  (item) N. Hyde Park 10/13/1873
Crocker, Mr., 2d inst., died in a fit of apoplexy, grocer from Hyde Park, buried N. Hyde Park   (item) Hyde Park at Lowell 10/13/1873
Croft, John T., age 82, Nov 16 Derby 11/26/1877
Crofton, Harriet F. Goodell, age 31 y 3 m 7 d, June 1, wife of James Crofton, of consumption Lyndon 6/10/1878
Cronk, Isaac, 23rd inst, great sufferer for a long time South Troy 12/1/1879
Crosier, Erwin, about 22, Dec 4, of Charles Crosier, log rolled onto his chest (item) Stamford 12/17/1877
Crouch, Clarissa, age over 70, about Jan 27, wife of David Crouch, burned to death, native of Middletown East Rupert 2/12/1872
Crowley, John, recently, died suddenly, leaves wife & several children Fairhaven 11/12/1877
Cummings, __, Mrs.,  about 70, 17th West Charleston 12/22/1873
Cummings, Charles, Dea., 12th inst, of paralysis, formerly of Morgan until 1860  (item) Charleston 12/15/1873
Cummings, Charles, Dea., age 72, Dec 12 West Charleston 12/15/1873
Cummings, Clinton, age 7, Thur week before last, drowned while fishing in river (item) Bolton 8/4/1879
Cummings, Henry, recently, accidentally shot by older brother while playing with a gun Manchester 9/29/1879
Cummings, Jerusha, age 75, Dec 17, wid/o Charles Cummings (item 12/15 her throat closed up) West Charleston 12/29/1873
Cummings, Jothan, (history) born Rumney, NH Nov 6, 1766, died Oct 16, 1833 Morgan 10/16/1876
Cummings, Mattie Ella, age 1-4-21, Sept 21, of Tarrent & Mary (Rogers) Cummings, cholera infantum Newport 10/4/1875
Cummins, William, June, suicide by hanging Berlin 7/15/1878
Cunningham, Eugene, age 17, April 25 Irasburgh of Lyndonville 5/5/1873
Cunningham, Thomas, about 22, Sat., run over by the train St. Albans 9/17/1877
Currier, Betsey, Mrs., age 65, July 18 Irasburgh 7/21/1879
Currier, Betsey, Mrs., funeral yesterday, formerly Mrs. W. W. Little, member of M. E. Church Irasburgh 7/21/1879
Currier, David, died recently from injuries from overturned wagon  (item) Peacham 11/11/1872
Currier, Eugene B., age 7 mos, March 11, only child of Moses & Rolina Currier East Charleston 3/24/1873
Currier, Eugene, age 8 mos, March 16, of William Currier Coventry 3/24/1879
Currier, Joseph, last Friday, killed in railroad accident when struck by safe  (long item) Walden of Wolcott 11/18/1878
Currier, T. W. Mr., age 59, Jan 15, bro of Mrs. William Graves of Barton Wollaston Heights, MA 1/21/1878
Curtis, Abel, age 94, July 2, born 1785 moved to town 1810, bro Capt Asahel Curtis (obit) Lowell 7/7/1879
Curtis, E. M., Dr., May 12, served in 6th Vt Regt as asst surgeon, died Sacramento, CA (item) VT at CA 6/1/1874
Curtis, Hannah, age 66, Aug 5, wife of William Curtis Greensboro 9/8/1873
Cushing, Nancy M., age 59, Dec 31, wife of Rev. H. P. Cushing, of gastric fever East Burke 1/7/1878
Cushman, Esther, Widow, age 79, Jan 18 St. Johnsbury 1/27/1879
Cushman, J. Halsey, Maj., week ago Sun, editor of the Bennington Banner  (item) Bennington 11/5/1877
Cushman, Z. G., age 59 y 3 m, Jan 16, of pneumonia Morgan 1/22/1877
Cutler, Mary Jane Leavenworth, age 61 y 5 m 17 d, Jan 3, wife of Orrin Cutler Barton 1/6/1879
Cutler, Sarah, age 15 y 11 m, June 21, dau of, Mrs.  Lydia Cutler, of consumption Craftsbury 6/23/1873
Cutting, Emma A., age 28, March 10, w/o A. D. Cutting, d/o G. M. Ramsdell, of gastric fever Westfield at Charlestown, MA 4/1/1872
Cutts, Mary, P., Mrs., dropped dead at Jersey City depot  (item) Brattleboro  4/28/1879
Dady, Mary, age 17, last week Sun., clothes caught on fire from cigar (item) Winooski 6/21/1875
Daggett, Phineas, age 75, Oct 30 Coventry 11/5/1877
Daggett, Phineas, last Tues, resident of town over 40 yrs   Coventry 11/5/1877
Dailey, Mr., last Sat., murdered by Mr. Bowen, both of Compton, PQ  (item) Compton, PQ 9/30/1878
Dame, Hannah, age 72, April 3 Newport, RI 4/9/1877
Dana, Joshua M., age 73, July 3, suicide by hanging, ill health  (item) Woodbury 7/15/1878
Dane, Eddie, age about 16, Nov 20 West Derby 12/4/1876
Dane, Edward, last Tues., died unexpectedly while doing chores  (item) Bakersfield 1/20/1873
Dane, I. Putnam, age 54, April 7, of diabetes Newport 4/14/1879
Danforth, __, Mrs., age 55, Thur., w/o Isaac Danforth, suicide by hanging, insane (item) St. Albans 11/18/1878
Daniels, Albert N., young man, murdered woman, then committed suicide  (item) Lyndonville at Montpelier 9/1/1873
Daniels, Archibald, this morning, of apoplexy St. Johnsbury 6/2/1879
Daniels, Elvira Ward, age 58, Jan 25, widow of S. P. Daniels Wheelock at St. J. 2/3/1879
Daniels, Henry Prescott, age 1 y 8 m 6 d, Aug 30, of Allen & Olive Daniels, of dropsy Greensboro 9/14/1874
Darby, John, age 23, last Sat., fell from train and run over, leaves widowed mother & 2 sisters (item) Rutland 3/2/1874
Darling, Lucy R., age 48, Jan 26, wife of Alden Darling, d/o late Marshall Bonney Albany of Portland, ME 1/31/1876
Darling, Lucy R., age 48, w/o Alden Darling, d/o Marshall Bonney of Portland, lung hemorrhage Barton   (full obit) 1/31/1876
Darling, Medad, Dea., age 83 y 7 m 3 d, March 8 Albany 3/11/1878
Darling, Myron, funeral July 18, son of Lyman Darling Glover 7/12/1875
Darling, son, about 9, son of J. Darling, load of logs fell on him Island Pond 2/2/1874
Darling, Steadman, nearly 75, March 27, suicide by hanging, insane Washington 4/14/1879
Dashney, Louis, 50 to 60 years old, 19th inst., died suddenly while working in field  (item) East Burke 11/1/1875
Davis, __, Mrs., 17th, wife of Demeritt Davis, also the next day infant son died, buried together Lyndon 5/26/1873
Davis, Allie A., age 1 y 3 m, Nov 19, of Salma Davis, of cerebro-spinal meningitis Sheffield 12/9/1872
Davis, Alonzo, shot by his uncle John Carleton during a quarrel Vershire 6/17/1872
Davis, Archy E., age 3 m 14 d, April 10, son of Horatio & Jennie E. Davis Greensboro 5/5/1873
Davis, Cynthy Hand, age 59, April 3, wife of Lorenzo Davis, of consumption Albany 4/7/1879
Davis, Elaville, age 64, March 14, widow of Lewis Davis of Newport Newport at Mansonville 4/13/1874
Davis, Elisha, Esq., old citizen, last Friday, suicide by hanging, had cancer  (item) Sheffield 8/24/1874
Davis, Jim, last Monday, killed by George Shorey who hit him in head with wood after he was attacked Lyndonville 1/19/1874
Davis, Lewis, age 74, Oct 15 Newport 10/27/1873
Davis, Moses, age 90, Oct 17 Sheffield 10/22/1877
Davis, Mr., about 19, brakeman on train was knocked off and crushed, leaves mother & sister  (item) Plainfield of Marshfield 9/7/1874
Davis, Nathaniel, Col., Sr., age 74, Tuesday, died suddenly Montpelier 1/13/1879
Davis, Philander, age 57, Aug 22 Westmore 8/28/1876
Davison, Nellie Winano, age 4 (y?) 6 d, March 12, of S. C. & Lena W. Davison, of erysipelas Newport Center 3/24/1873
Day, Mr., recently, died leaving a lot of cats and some property  (item) Bristol 5/19/1873
Day, Nettie A., age 2, Feb 28, adopted dau of Pliny C. & Amanda M. Day Glover 3/6/1876
Dean, 4 children, recently, within 9 days, of Austin Dean, of spotted fever Leicester 4/9/1877
Dean, Asa, Dea., age 91, last Sat., died suddenly Bakersfield 1/27/1879
Dean, N. P. Mr., age 76, week ago last Friday on his birthday St. Johnsbury 5/1/1876
Dean, Perry C., age 36, Dec 5 Sutton 12/7/1874
Dean, Perry C., young man, last Sat., of consumption, served in 3rd Vt Co.  (item) Sutton 12/7/1874
Dean, R. Madison, age 68, Sept 14 Sutton 9/23/1878
Dean, Walter, age 13, Nov 4, youngest son of Josiah Dean Sutton 11/11/1872
Decker, Jacob, body not found, slight mystery here Swanton Falls 3/30/1874
Decker, Jacob, last Monday, body found Friday in Mississquoi river, tried to cross on the ice Swanton Falls 3/16/1874
Delano, Maria Albee, age 63, Nov 28, wife of Luther Delano (item) Albany 11/25/1872
Dell, Mr., age 101, last week, soldier under Napoleon 1 Morrisville 3/22/1875
Demick, Benjamin, age 92 y 6 m 18 d, April 20 Morgan 5/5/1873
Deming, A. W., recently found dead on Bald Mountain, possibly murdered  (item) Jamaica 5/17/1875
Deming, Albert W., some time ago, murdered? or died from a fit?  (item) VT 5/7/1877
Denie, Dr., 29th inst, clairvoyant physician, died at W. W. Tiffany's Greensboro 10/6/1873
Denny, dau, age 3, last week, of George Denny, fell into tub of boiling water Williamstown 11/30/1874
Densmore, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Ebenezer Densmore, tried to poison family 3 mos ago  Felchville at ILL 11/22/1875
Densmore, Walter A., week ago last Fri, suicide by taking laudanum  (item) Williamstown 2/21/1876
Derby, Lorenzo, 12th ult, hung himself Andover 9/9/1872
Deveraux, __, Mrs., July 16, mother of Reuben Deveraux, funeral next Sun Barton at Iowa 8/24/1874
Deveraux, George E., age 2, June 28, son of Reuben & Polly M. Deveraux Barton 6/30/1873
Deveraux, Sarah A., age 1 y 3 m 5 d, Oct 26, of George & Lois Deveraux, of dysentery Tecumseh, Neb. 11/25/1872
Devereaux, Eddie G., age 5 y 8 m 11 d, Feb 3, youngest son of Richard & Lucy A. Devereaux Barton 3/3/1873
Devereux, Mary, age 66, July 16, wife of Eben Devereux, of heart disease Belmont, Iowa 8/3/1874
Dewey, __, Mr., very aged man, Sunday, father of Bradford Dewey, buried Waterford   (item) Barton Landing 9/9/1878
Dewey, Homer, age about 45, 28th, fell onto circular saw  (item) Pittsford 4/1/1872
Dewey, Lyman F., about 82, last Mon., native of Piermont, NH, Married Laura Kinne (full obit) Barton & Waterford 8/18/1879
Dewey, Lyman F., age 81 y 9 m 17 d, Aug 11 Barton 8/18/1879
Dewey, Lyman, today, father of H. K. Dewey Barton 8/11/1879
Dewey, Mary, Mrs., buried Sat here, dau of Mr. Goodenow, fell 4 stories in an elevator S. Barton at Mass. 10/20/1879
Dewey, Nathan, age 87 y 1 d, Sept 8 Irasburgh 9/9/1878
Dexter, James, age 94, March 18, married 3 times, lived in town 64 years  (item) Newark 3/25/1878
Dickey, Arch., last Wed., while repairing circular saw blade got his head cut (item) Orange 5/7/1877
Dickey, girl, last week, dau of Seneca Dickey, scalded in tub of hot water  (item) Bradford & Newbury 4/1/1872
Dickinson, Hattie A., Jan 14, wife of Rev. F. W. Dickinson Coventry 1/22/1872
Dillon, J. R., Mr., young man, last Thurs., overdosed on morphine  (item) St. Johnsbury 10/16/1876
Dillon, Mrs., last week, found dead, maybe of apoplexy  (item) St. Albans 1/22/1872
Dimick, George O., last Wed., killed by trains at Hooksett, NH, leaves wife & 2 children  (item) Barnet 11/22/1875
Dingman, Joel, 6th inst, kicked by a horse Montgomery 6/17/1878
Dinley, John, week ago yesterday, got drunk and fell out of boat, from out of town St Johnsbury 6/25/1877
Dix, Bathana M., Mrs.,  age 58, April 30 Montgomery Center 5/18/1874
Dix, Grace Widow, aged resident, last Thurs., suicide on railroad tracks, insane   (item) E. Montpelier   10/19/1874
Dixon, boy, last Thurs., playing in leaky boat that sunk McIndoes Falls 8/4/1873
Doane, E. P., Mrs.,  Dec 15 Newport Center 12/30/1878
Dodge, A. J., age 9 m 17 d, Dec 31, son of A. J. & L. C. Dodge Lowell 1/12/1874
Dodge, Elizabeth T., age 53 y 4 m, Sept 27 Glover 10/12/1874
Dodge, L., Mrs., recently, fell downstairs and received head injuries  (item) Cambridge   9/22/1873
Dole, son, age about 4, Nov 24, of Murry Dole, of diphtheria Danville 12/2/1878
Dollaff, Charlie S., age 12, Aug 27, of Thomas & Abigail Dollaff, of typhoid dysentery East Charleston 9/23/1872
Dolloff, Melissa, age about 50, July 20, widow of J. C. Dolloff Charleston 7/24/1876
Dolloff, Melissa, Thursday, widow of John C. Dolloff, had convulsions for 3 days (item) East Charleston 7/24/1876
Dolloff, Nelly May, age about 2, March 23, youngest dau of Mrs. Calista Dolloff West Burke 3/30/1874
Donoghue, William A., recently, killed by James Winn, leaves wife & 9 kids Windsor 2/9/1874
Donovan, John, week ago last Sat., fell off train and run over Danby 10/30/1876
Dougherty, James, Rev., age 82, 10th  (item) Johnson 6/17/1878
Dougherty, Pat, week ago yesterday, got drunk and fell out of boat, from out of town St Johnsbury 6/25/1877
Dow, Benjamin, age 88, Feb 14, at daughters' in Laporte, Ohio Berkshire 3/10/1873
Dow, Debie Buchanan, age 23, Dec 26, wife of George W. Dow West Danville 12/31/1877
Dow, Insley, Monday, from pain in stomach  (item) Corinth 7/20/1874
Dow, William, age 70, Aug 26, of Richard Dow, native of Danville, of cholera morbus  (item) Derby 9/13/1875
Dow, William, age 70, Aug 28, son of Richard Dow   (item) Derby & Danville 9/6/1875
Downing, A. F., Mrs., Feb 7, drowned herself & baby, domestic trouble Barre 3/6/1876
Downing, Julia Kiser, age 34, Jan 15, wife of C. M. Downing, of consumption Barton 1/20/1873
Downing, Wesley, age 16, Dec 27 Albany 1/7/1878
Doyle, __, Mrs.,  age about 70, May 6, wife of Martin Doyle Burke 5/13/1878
Doyle, __, Mrs., week ago last Thurs, w/o Joseph Doyle, fell down stairs with kerosene lamp (item) St. Albans 11/22/1875
Doyle, Martin, age about 79, Jan 17 West Burke 2/1/1875
Drake, Matilda, age 4 y 2 m, March 13, of David & Almira Drake, of canker rash Newport Center 4/21/1873
Drake, Rev. Dr., recently, left money to church & dau (item) Royalton 5/6/1878
Drake, Samuel, age 6 y 10 m, April 6, of David & Almira Drake, of canker rash Newport Center 4/21/1873
Drenan, Alice, age 8 mos, June 11, dau of Ryland Drenan Hardwick 6/16/1879
Drenan, little daughter, buried Saturday, dau of Ryland Drenan, of erysipelas South Hardwick 6/16/1879
Drew, A. E., Dr., last Friday, of brain disease  (item) North Troy 12/15/1879
Drew, Abigail, age 73 y 11 m, March 10, wife of Isaac Drew Glover 3/19/1877
Drew, Alonzo C., age 38, Oct 13 Glover 10/25/1875
Drew, Freddie S., age 5 y 2  m 8 d, April 21, only son of T. W. & Mary F. Drew, of canker rash Barton 4/26/1875
Drew, Hannah, age 67, July 6, wife of Mark Drew Irasburgh 7/7/1873
Drew, John T., Capt., funeral Sun., member of Co. G. 2nd Regt., parents live in Barton  (obit) Burlington 10/27/1879
Drew, John, age 80, Jan 3 South Danville 1/13/1879
Drew, John, age 81, last Friday, buried Hardwick near first wife  (item) South Danville 1/13/1879
Drew, Marinda, age 54, Jan 13, wife of Alexander Drew Glover 1/25/1875
Drew, Samuel P., age 47, March 31 Newark 4/15/1878
Drown, __, Mrs., 10th inst., w/o Job Drown Jr., died at West Burke, buried Brownington Brownington 7/21/1879
Drown, all his children, of Job Drown, died of diphtheria recently Brownington 9/24/1877
Drown, Carlos, Oct 21, deaf mute, died in state prison, buried Brownington Brownington at Windsor? 10/28/1878
Drown, Charles W., age 28, April 9, died Worcester, MA Brownington  5/1/1876
Drown, Cordelia B. Parker, age 45 y 4 m 19 d, July 10, wife of Job Drown Jr. West Burke 7/21/1879
Drown, Elizabeth, age 58, Jan 10 Sheffield 1/19/1874
Drown, Freddie J. age 4 y 6 m 17 d, Sept 1, of Job & Cordelia B. Drown, of diphtheria E Brownington 9/3/1877
Drown, Hattie D., age 6 y 1 m 15 d, Sept 2, of Job & Cordelia B. Drown, of diphtheria E Brownington 9/3/1877
Drown, Mr., last Friday, first trip as brakeman, killed by cars, leaves wife & one child  (item) Wheelock at Sherbrooke 1/8/1872
Drown, Nellie P., age 9 y 6 m 9 d, Aug 18, of Job & Cordelia B. Drown, of diphtheria E Brownington 8/27/1877
Drown, Perley H., age 1 y 2 m 3 d, Nov 14, of L. A. & Ida F. Drown, of diphtheria Brownington 12/10/1877
DuBois, __, Mrs., last Mon, wife of Julius DuBois South Troy 4/7/1879
DuBois, Isaie, Sept 18, overdose of morphine  (item) Coaticook, PQ 9/28/1874
Dudley, __, Mrs.,  in the last month, wife of Henry Dudley, dau of, Mrs. Charles Pierce Barton of St. Johnsbury 8/13/1877
Dudley, Alonzo, Jan 5, son of James Dudley, died in Calif, buried West Charleston (item) Charleston 2/23/1874
Dudley, Ellen F., age 37, July 18, wife of Henry Dudley, dau of Charles F. Pierce Barton & St Johnsbury 7/23/1877
Dudley, John, a few days ago, drowned, has sister living at Barton Landing Hatley, PQ 11/11/1872
Dudley, Lillian F., age 5 y 9 m, July 24, of Henry & Ellen F. Dudley, of diphtheria Barton 7/30/1877
Dudley, Patience, age 73, May 30, wife of T. Dudley Barton 6/2/1873
Dufer, Carlos, age 25, April 26, of consumption Newport Center 5/14/1877
Dufer, Emeline, age 4 y 1 m, Dec 6, youngest dau of Calvin & Matilda L. Dufer Barton 12/7/1874
Duke, Alice A., age 9 d, Oct 17, of Pharmley & Lizzie Duke South Barton 10/27/1873
Duloria, Julia, age 75, Oct 8 Irasburgh 10/21/1878
Dunbar, George A., age 25, recently, drowned while bathing in CT River near Claremont, NH Springfield 9/9/1878
Dunbar, Stephen, age 60, last Sun., suicide by hanging, marital problems  (item) Fairfax 8/25/1879
Dunham, son, age 16 mos, week ago Sun., of N. W. Dunham, fell into tub of hot water Newport Center 11/12/1877
Dunklee, Mrs., Wed., run over by 6 horse team  (item) Brattleboro  6/9/1879
Dunn, James, age 55, Nov 26 West Newport 12/22/1873
Dunsmore, child, Sat week before last, of Ebenezer Dunsmore, poisoned by Mrs. Dunsmore (item) Weathersfield 10/4/1875
Dunston, Thomas, age 101, recently, widow is 91 Weathersfield 3/23/1874
Durfee, Joel O., week ago last Fri., of Rev. Mr. Durfee, log rolled off wagon and crushed him Worcester 2/7/1876
Durham, Peter, Tues., found dying in his yard, prob of apoplexy  (item) Burlington 2/2/1874
Durkee, Mrs., aged woman, last Friday, found dead in field after returning from a visit  (item) West Randolph 5/5/1873
Dutcher, L. L., Dea., age 76, last Wed.  (item) St. Albans 9/30/1878
Dutton, Elizabeth W., age 61, June 1, wife of Joseph P. Dutton, of congestion of the liver Brownington 6/24/1878
Dutton, Harry J., age 18 y 8 m, March 22 Hardwick 4/6/1874
Dutton, Mary J., age 36 y 9 m, May 15, wife of Dr. T. T. Dutton, of consumption Barton Landing 5/20/1872
Dutton, Minnie Estelle, age 3 y 6 m, March 24, of Dr. T. T. & Mary J. Dutton, of croup Barton Landing 3/25/1872
Dutton, Oliver, age 84, recently, died suddenly in his chair after eating breakfast East Brookfield 11/18/1878
Duval, Joseph, age 40, Jan 18 Burke 1/27/1879
Dwinell, Danie L., age 1 y 3 m, Sept 23, son of J. E. & E. M. Dwinell Glover 10/25/1875
Dwinell, Solomon, age 86, Oct 17 Glover 10/21/1878
Dwinell, Solomon, Judge, aged citizen, last week, after painful illness of several months Glover 10/21/1878
Dwyer, Mrs., about 60, Wed., tried to shoo chickens of rr tracks, and got run over by train White River Jct 4/21/1873
Dyer, Alanson, died 2 years ago, body disinterred, and found to be petrified  (item) West Rutland 6/8/1874
Eager, Luther, age 87, Jan 21 Charleston 1/29/1877
Eager, Mary, age 79, Nov 15, relict of William D. Eager, of typhoid fever Derby 12/8/1879
Eastman, Charlotte A., age 47, Jan 30, wife of Gilbert Eastman Charleston 2/12/1877
Eastman, David (history), married Rhoda Brewer 67 yrs ago, had 16 children, 7 alive Lyndon 2/12/1877
Eastman, David, last Thurs., married for 67 years, had 16 kids, 7 still alive  (obit) Lyndon     8/6/1877
Eastman, Edward S., age 18, Oct 2, of late Charles G. Eastman  (item) Montpelier 10/11/1875
Eastman, George O., Mrs., died 1877 Sutton 2/11/1878
Eastman, George, recently, carried to Brattleboro asylum, committed suicide Chelsea at Brattleboro 5/20/1872
Eastman, Gilbert (history), he and three sons ran robbery ring in the area  (item 3-4) Charleston 2/18/1878
Eastman, Mrs., age 77, last Fri., thrown from carriage, son-in-law is D. W. Mower  (item) Barre 9/30/1878
Eastman, Philip, age 51, Sept 16, of consumption Greensboro 9/27/1875
Eaton, ___, Mrs.,  died about a year ago, wife of John Eaton Newport 11/4/1872
Eaton, Anna D., age 37 y 5 m, June 11, wife of Solomon W. Eaton Irasburg 6/25/1877
Eaton, Asahel, age about 27, Dec 27, of typhoid fever Derby 1/12/1874
Eaton, Cyrus, Col., age 84, Feb 18 Barton 2/24/1879
Eaton, Cyrus, Col., age 84, last Tues, born Sutton, NH  (long obit) (item 1-27) Barton 2/24/1879
Eaton, George W., age 56, Aug 9, son of C. Eaton of Barton Barton at Ottawa, Ont 8/13/1877
Eaton, George W., age 56, moved here about 12 yrs ago, ill several weeks  (item) Ottawa 8/20/1877
Eaton, John, aged, leaves 1 son, 1 dau died last month in MA, Mr. buried in Coventry on Sunday (item) Newport 11/4/1872
Eaton, Mary A., age 30, Sept 26, wife of George Eaton, of consumption Derby 10/4/1875
Eaton, Samuel, age 71, Nov 23 Derby 12/8/1879
Eaton, Sophronia, age 78, May 13, wife of late Cyrus Eaton Barton 5/19/1879
Eaton, Sophronia, Mrs., 13th, wife of late Col. Eaton  (item) Barton 5/19/1879
Eccles, Jane, about 45, last Fri., 3rd attempt at suicide, this time with corrosive sublimate Burlington 9/23/1878
Eddy, David, Wed., thrown from runaway team S. Londonderry 12/9/1878
Edson, George, body recently found in car of grain on way to VT, victim of small pox (item) Northfield at Mich 3/27/1876
Edson, Luna E., age 33, 25th, niece of Governor Converse  (item) Woodstock 1/6/1873
Edwards, Charles, age 20, March 10, of lung fever Derby 3/24/1873
Eggleston, John M., age 63 y 6 m 12 d, Jan 10, cancer of the bowels East Burke 1/27/1879
Eggleston, William, age 88 y 3 m, Sept 24 East Burke 10/4/1875
Eggleston, William, dug a grave to bury him, daughter's coffin moved from 33 yrs ago (item) East Burke 10/4/1875
Elder, John, age about 11 m, April 3, only son of John G. & Sarah Elder Derby 4/10/1876
Eldridge, __, Mrs., about 80, 16th, widow of Samuel Eldridge Middlebury 2/9/1874
Eldridge, Ada Frances, age 6 m 29 d, Nov 29, of Augustus W. & Sybil Eldridge East Albany 12/9/1872
Elkins, George, 14th inst, died from hard drinking  (item) North Troy 5/22/1876
Elkins, Harvey, age 54, Nov 12, of consumption Troy 11/23/1874
Elkins, Nettie, Miss, age 16, Sept 8, dau of Salmon & Julia Elkins, of typhoid fever North Troy 9/18/1876
Elkins, son, young, last week, son of William R. Elkins, of whooping cough North Troy 7/16/1877
Elkins, Stephen O., Capt., 23d inst, died Hersman, IL, of Co G 15th Regt Vt Vol   (obit) Wheelock  5/3/1875
Elkins, William, (item about his death in train accident and relationship to others) Lowell, MA & Troy 10/27/1879
Elkins, Willie, young man, killed in train accident in Mich, buried w/Moses Green in Troy North Troy 10/20/1879
Ellenwood, Ralph, age 85, recently Hydepark 9/2/1878
Elliot, Hiram A., age 11 mos, Sept 11, youngest son of John F. & Melissa A. Elliott, of dysentery Morgan 9/30/1872
Elliott, Alvah E., age 49, recently Jay 11/11/1872
Elliott, Herbert, age 11, recently, of Rev. Z. Elliott, caught in revolving mill shaft  Ripton 10/22/1877
Ellis,  Rebecca W. Pollard, age 71, July 30, wife of Gilbert Ellis, she was last of 9 children   (item) Barton    8/12/1872
Ellis, ___, Mrs.,  age 71, July 30, wife of Gilbert Ellis Barton    8/5/1872
Ellis, Benjamin, age 96 y 3 m, two weeks ago  (item) E. Montpelier   2/7/1876
Ellis, Gilbert, age 83 y 3 m, June 4 Barton 6/10/1878
Ellis, Gilbert, age 83, recently, born 1795 Claremont, NH, married Rebecca Pollard  (obit) Barton 6/10/1878
Ellis, Rebecca, died in 1872, wife of Gilbert Ellis Barton 6/10/1878
Ellsworth, Oliver, recently, died in Waterloo, Iowa, lived there 20 years Greensboro 5/11/1874
Ellsworth, William, age 83, recently, in war of 1812 Rochester 6/24/1878
Ely, Fred, Monday Aug 12, buried St Johnsbury, accidentally shot  (item) Northfield at St. Leon Springs, PQ  8/19/1878
Ely, George W., last Wed, died suddenly at Philadelphia St Johnsbury at PA 9/11/1876
Emerson, Agnes R., age 16 y 3 m 7 d, Oct 15, eldest dau of B. F. & M. C. Emerson Barton 10/27/1873
Emerson, Catherine, Miss, age 20 y 8 m, April 30 Glover 5/5/1873
Emerson, Jonathan, age about 73, March 23 St Johnsbury 3/29/1875
Emery, son of Timothy Emery (history) age 25, skin & bones, weighs 30 lbs, hereditary Groton 5/24/1875
Emory, Lyman, recently, killed by falling tree Orange 7/22/1878
Emory, Mary B. (history), related to late husbands pension, possibly a deserter, but paid pension anyway Johnson? 2/2/1874
English, Sarah C., age 58, Aug 5, widow of David G. English Newport 8/16/1875
Enos, Jennie, age 2 y 7 m, Feb 27, of Emily & John Enos Coventry 3/4/1878
Enos, John, age 7 mos, July 20, of Joseph & Sarah Enos, of dysentery Coventry 8/5/1872
Enright, Charles, about 20, recently, suicide by strychnine, was in poor health Berkshire 5/20/1872
Esden, 2 children, recently, of Robert Esden, of diphtheria Greensboro 9/10/1877
Esden, lost his third & last child, of Robert Esden, lost 4 some years ago all of diphtheria  (item) Greensboro 9/17/1877
Esdon, Clarence Urie, age 1 y 9 m, Sept 11, of Robert & Helen Esdon, of diphtheria E Greensboro 10/1/1877
Esdon, James Morton, age 5 y 5 m, Sept 1, of Robert & Helen Esdon, of diphtheria E Greensboro 10/1/1877
Esdon, Mary Helen, age 9, Aug 31, of Robert & Helen (Anderson) Esdon, of diphtheria E Greensboro 10/1/1877
Estes, George, age 28, April 15, of consumption Barton 4/16/1877
Estey, Gilman, age 78, Oct 14 Barton Landing 10/22/1877
Estey, Gilman, old citizen, yesterday Barton Landing 10/15/1877
Estus, Bertha, age 2 y 6 m, April 12, of diphtheria Barton 5/19/1879
Evans, Charles E., about 45, born Burke, Nov 29, of John Evans, moved west 17 yrs ago  (item) Barton at Forrestville, Minn 12/14/1874
Evans, Isaiah, age 81, Jan 12 Sutton 1/25/1875
Evans, Isaiah, oldest citizen, 12th inst, of North part of town Sutton 1/25/1875
Evans, John, Capt., age 86 y 5 m  Aug 13, son is J. H. Evans Evansville 8/20/1877
Ewens, William, week ago last Sunday, suddenly of heart disease North Troy 6/12/1876
Fairbanks, __, Mrs.,  age 42, June 8, wife of Ephraim Fairbanks, of diphtheria Newark 6/16/1879
Fairbanks, __, Mrs.,  last week Sun., wife of Ephraim Fairbanks, of diphtheria Newark 6/16/1879
Fairbanks, dau, about 2, last week, of Ephraim Fairbanks, of diphtheria Newark 6/16/1879
Fairbanks, Earnest, age 5 y 1 m 6 d, Sept 27, only son of Fred & Helen M. Fairbanks Troy 11/4/1878
Fairbanks, Moses, age 71, week before last, suicide after recent loss of his wife  (item) Woodstock & Fitchburg, MA 8/17/1874
Fairbrother, Abel, age 53, June 8, of pulmonary apoplexy (item) (item 7-5) Coventry 6/14/1875
Fairbrother, Abel, age 53, last Tues., died from heat exhaustion  (item) Coventry 6/14/1875
Fairbrother, Eugene, age 24, April 12, of Willard & Mary Fairbrother, of brain fever Coventry 4/26/1875
Fairbrother, Frank, recently, stepped on nail and got lockjaw  Bennington 7/5/1875
Fales, __, Mrs.,  last week, buried Fri., w/o Rev. Caleb Fales, of apoplectic stroke (item) Montpelier of S. Hardwick 3/31/1879
Farman, Herod, age 73, March 1, native of Bath, NH   (item 3/12) Troy & Lowell 3/5/1877
Farman, Herod, March 1, of typhoid pneumonia, leaves wife & 7 kids  (item) Troy & Lowell 3/5/1877
Farman, Maria Brown, age 25, June 14, wife of Hosmer Farman Lowell 6/23/1879
Farmer, Elihu, age 21, April 28 Coventry 5/1/1876
Farmer, Martha M., age 11, July 17 Irasburgh 7/28/1873
Farnham, Curtis C., Tuesday, of painter's colic prob  (item) St. Johnsbury 8/21/1876
Farnham, Eugene, last Thurs., suicide by jumping off Grove's Wharf in Boston  (item) Lunenburg prob 1/7/1878
Farnham, Frankie, little son, 2 weeks ago, of Oliver Farnham, kicked in stomach by horse (item) Shoreham 9/22/1873
Farnham, George A., week ago Wed., died in a fit while drunk  (item) St. Johnsbury 10/8/1877
Farnsworth, Simeon, age 84, March 22, soldier in war of 1812 Danville 4/15/1878
Farnsworth, Simeon, age 85, March 21 Danville 4/1/1878
Farnsworth, son, about 18, recently, son of Peter Farnsworth, went to bed well and died in night Addison 3/24/1873
Farr, Mary C., age 57, June 5, widow of Wm H. Farr Glover 6/26/1876
Farrar, Edward, about 21, Sat., of Hon. H. D. Farrar, thrown from wagon  (item) Richford 5/26/1873
Farrar, Edward, recently, was driving team very fast while drunk and thrown from wagon Richford 6/16/1873
Farrel, C. B. Mr., age 34, last Monday, sled tipped over, kicked in head by horse (item) St. Johnsbury at Danville 2/14/1876
Farrington, Mark, age 42, Oct 13 Holland 10/20/1879
Farrington, Mark, last Mon, fell from beam at barn raising, leaves wife & 5 kids  (item) Holland 10/20/1879
Farrington, Mary (Sylvester), age 82, June 13 Irasburg 6/19/1876
Farwell, Benjamin, age 53 y 7 m 1 d, Sept 25 Albany 9/29/1873
Farwell, Deborah, about 54, June 19, widow of Benjamin Farwell Littleton, NH of Albany 6/22/1874
Farwell, Deborah, last Fri., widow of Benjamin Farwell, died Littleton, NH  (item) Albany 6/22/1874
Fassett, Anson, age 81, last Mon., of pneumonia, of Amos Fassett one of first settlers of town Enosburgh 4/24/1876
Fay, infant son, age 34 d, recently, of George E. Fay, died from bleeding of the lungs (item) Sharon 9/14/1874
Fay, Nathan, Capt., age 82, last Sunday  (item) Richmond 4/14/1873
Fayer, Marshall M., age 73 y 7 m, Dec 16 Glover 1/10/1876
Felch, Ira, age 84, May 9 Brownington 5/19/1879
Felch, William, age 80, 9th inst, had built first hotel in Reading  (item) Reading 11/26/1877
Ferguson, James, age 100 y 5 m, Feb 4  (item) Barnet 2/26/1872
Ferrin, infant son, last Wed., of Dr. C. M. Ferrin, scalded to death (item) St. J at Essex Jct 8/20/1877
Ferris, Valentine, recently, froze to death on the plains, buried at Swanton Swanton 3/15/1875
Field, (history), son born the 14th of Feb, another son born 17 days later, of Mr. & Mrs. Field Johnson   3/22/1875
Field, James W., age 54, recently, was a dwarf, body deformed, talented carver (item) West Haven 2/25/1878
Field, Meroa C., age 63, Aug 26 Hardwick 9/6/1875
Fields, Fred, age 35, last Tues., son of late Alonzo Fields, died in a fit while drunk  (item) Barton at Littleton, NH 10/1/1877
Fields, Fred, found drowned Thurs in Lake Memphremagog, probably drunk, Mbr 11th Vt Regt Irasburgh 9/14/1874
Fields, Frederic A., age 35, Sept 25 Barton at Littleton, NH 10/1/1877
Fisher, Albert S., age 19, Wed., son of Spaulding Fisher, killed in saw mill accident (item) Lyndon 6/24/1878
Fisher, child, age 4, recently, of James L. Fisher, rope tied to wheels & broke his neck (item) St. Albans 10/4/1875
Fisher, Ephraim H., age 78, last Friday, born & died in Lyndon  (item) Lyndon 12/24/1877
Fisher, Maranda L., age 28, March 18, dau of Milton & Susan J. Fisher, of typhoid fever Cabot 4/2/1877
Fisher, Mary S., age 35, May 18, w/o Henry Fisher, d/o John D[avis] of Wolcott Albany 6/28/1875
Fisher, Sarah A., about 4[2], May 2[6], w/o C. C Fisher, d/o John D[omay] of Essex Wolcott 6/28/1875
Fisher, Sarah, age 85 y 9 d, April 2, widow of Seth A. Fisher Sutton of Lyndon 4/15/1878
Fisher, Sarah, Mrs.,  last week, buried Tues., at son in law D. D. Hayward Lyndon at Sutton 4/8/1878
Fisk, "Mother", in 82nd year, Jan 13, son-in-law is Rev. W. D. Malcolm Northfield of Newbury 2/22/1875
Fisk, James, Jr., recently, was in 9th Regiment Brattleboro 1/22/1872
Fisk, Mary, age 27, Feb 5 Holland 2/18/1878
Fisk, P. B., Rev. (history), had teeth removed, became very ill, found tooth in his lung (item) Springfield 7/24/1876
Fitzgerald, Michael, Feb 20, fell into vat of boiling steep at La Batt's Brewery  (item) Prescott, PQ 3/1/1875
Flagg, H[erbert], age 19, last Wed., fell under horses & wagon (item) [Richmond] 7/30/1877
Flanagan, William P., age 18 y 10 m, Oct 4 St. Johnsbury 10/14/1878
Flanders, Ida Belle, age 2 mos, May 22, dau of Eli & Marie Flanders Morgan 6/9/1873
Flanders, James, recently, liniment peddler, got lost on lumber roads and died of cold Hyde Park at Eden 2/24/1879
Flanders, Rebecca, Mrs., age 79, July 20 Coventry 7/22/1872
Flanhagan, Hugh, Thurs., fell off quarry wall, leaves wife & 9 children (item) West Rutland 6/18/1877
Flannigan, Patrick, Aug 25, suicide by hanging, leaves wife & 3 daughters    (item) East Albany 9/1/1873
Fletcher, baby, age 5 mos, Jan 1, of George Fletcher, smothered to death while on sled ride  (item) S. Woodstock 1/12/1874
Fletcher, J., Mrs., age almost 80, last Monday, mortification of leg  (item 9-15) Holland 9/22/1879
Fletcher, Joel, last Tues., of heart disease St Johnsbury 2/22/1875
Fletcher, Lucinda Robinson, age 79, Sept 15, wife of Joseph Fletcher Holland 9/29/1879
Fletcher, Mary B., Mrs.,  age 69 y 7 m, April 30 Lowell 5/11/1874
Fletcher, N. H., Mr., old citizen, May 24th, of heart disease, buried Lyndon Barton Landing 5/26/1879
Fletcher, N. Howard, age 78, May 24, of heart disease Barton Landing 5/26/1879
Fletcher, Stillman, age 65, 16th, of consumption Reading 11/30/1874
Flint, Asa, age 80, Jan 7 West Danville 1/13/1879
Flint, Russell, age 24, recently, from sores from dog bite 17 years ago & amputation  (item) Williamstown 11/18/1872
Flint, Sophia Vincent, age 76 y 6 m, April 12, wife of late William S. Flint Irasburgh 5/13/1878
Flint, William S., age 78, Jan 23, formerly of Hardwick, to Irasburgh in 1852   (obit) Irasburgh 2/3/1873
Fogg, Amanda M. Hovey, age 38 y 7 m, Aug 10, wife of Geo S. Fogg Albany 8/16/1875
Fogg, child, age 1, recently, of Harry Fogg, choked to death eating butternuts Williamstown 4/8/1878
Follen, Anna, recently, died after an abortion  (item) St. Albans 2/24/1873
Folsom, __, Mrs.,  age 39, Dec 6, wife of Freeman B. Folsom South Barton 12/7/1874
Folsom, Andrew, age 79, Oct 18, soldier in war of 1812, raised 16 children (item) South Barton 10/19/1874
Folsom, J. B., buried last Wed Greensboro 7/8/1878
Folsom, John, 23d, from injuries received several years ago while driving a stage Walden 7/14/1873
Folsom, Nancy, age 79 y 11 m, June 21, relict of late Andrew Folsom South Barton 8/5/1878
Forbes, Hannah, age 74, Nov 16, wife of Sherman H. Forbes Derby 11/25/1878
Ford, Otis, funeral 15th inst Hardwick 4/19/1875
Forest, Benjamin S., last week Tues., barber, fell from window, at Lynn, MA  (item) Bradford at MA 3/31/1879
Forrest, Lydia, Mrs., age 81, last Monday Danville prob 2/24/1879
Fosby, Robert, Sat., suicide by shooting himself, tried poison previous week (item) Brandon 6/9/1879
Foss, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Joseph Foss, eldest d/o Wm Bedell, of fever  (item) Hardwick 10/4/1875
Foss, Alonzo, recently, suicide due to rejection of affection (item) Northfield 12/23/1878
Foss, Austin S., age 65, July 28 Charleston 8/26/1878
Foss, Fred E., recently, lost all his children by diphtheria, he died also at Fairfield, ME (item) Vergennes at ME 5/6/1878
Foster, Alvin C., May 23, chloroformed and robbed, he died  (item) Keene, NH 5/27/1876
Foster, Asa B., Col, age 62, recently, of heart trouble, head of RR, at Montreal (item)(item 1-14 hoax?) Waterloo, Can 11/5/1877
Foster, Clara A. Merriam, age 28, Jan 28, wife of Leonard W. Foster, of cerebro spinal meningitis Glover 2/1/1875
Foster, Florence G. Fuller, age 26, June 5, wife of Harvey Foster Brownington 6/28/1875
Foster, Frank B., age 36 y 7 m 9 d, Jan 25 Coventry 2/8/1875
Foster, Freddie Adelbert, age 2 y 10 m 5 d, March 23, of Wesley & Ellen M. Foster, canker rash Morgan 4/7/1873
Foster, George R., week ago last Thurs., run over by cars  (item) St. Albans 11/26/1877
Foster, Hiram, age 71 y 10 m 22 d, Nov 1 Irasburg 11/12/1877
Foster, L. W., Mrs., Thursday, of cerebro spinal meningitis   (item) Glover 2/1/1875
Foster, Sarah B., July 20, relict of late David Foster Irasburg at Elizabeth, NJ 7/30/1877
Foster, Sarah B., July 20, wid/o David Foster, sis of Dea. Daniel Smith, died Elizabeth, NJ Barton & Irasburgh 7/30/1877
Foster, son, age 3, 27th ult, of L. R. Foster, fell into pail of boiling water  (item) Waterbury 3/12/1877
Fraiser, William, age 84 y 7 m, Aug 21 Sheffield 9/21/1874
Francisco, G. Elroy, age 34, Sun., burned badly in fire 2 weeks ago  (item) Rutland 5/19/1879
Francisco, John, age 86, recently, veteran of the war of 1812  (item) West Haven 1/21/1878
Frasier, William, age 89, Aug 21, soldier in war of 1812 Sheffield 10/5/1874
Freeland, Mrs., age over 100, died 1878 Lowell 1/13/1879
Freeman, C. H., (history), murdered his child, hoped for resurrection, at Mocasset, MA Highgate 5/12/1879
French, Barzilla, old citizen, died last week, at residence of Lysias Willey Glover 8/19/1878
French, Calvin, Judge, age 79, Wed  (item) Proctorsville 5/26/1879
French, daughter, age 10, Aug 11, dau of C. B. French Sutton 8/17/1874
French, daughter, age 3, this morning, dau of Dean C. French  (item) Barton Landing 7/1/1878
French, Henry O., Rev., young man, found dead on Sachem's Head beach, drowned? (item) Underhill 9/8/1879
French, J. Boardman, age 32, Nov 30, of the late Fordyce S. French   (item 12/16/1872) Barton at Brainard, Minn. 12/2/1872
French, James G., Thurs., of heart disease  (item) Montpelier 8/19/1878
French, James N., age 50, June 15, of consumption Wheelock    6/23/1879
French, Judge, aged citizen, buried last week Craftsbury 8/14/1876
French, Laura W. Wright, age 72 y 4 d, March 21, wife of Hon. Asa. L. French St. Johnsbury 3/24/1879
French, Orrin, last Tuesday, of pneumonia  (item) Glover 3/27/1876
French, Samuel, died recently in Boston, buried at East Hardwick last Monday East Hardwick 6/30/1879
French, William, recently, fell out of apple tree and died soon Bennington 10/18/1875
French, Zenas H., age 38, last Fri., died Boston, killed by trains, 2 sisters live in Sutton  (item) Glover & Everett, MA 1/25/1875
Frost, Charles, age 75, Sat., dropped dead at the breakfast table St Johnsbury 4/21/1879
Frost, Fred., about 17, recently, tried trick of putting gun in mouth and shoot it without it going off Northfield  12/31/1877
Frost, Sumner, age 40, Sept 18 Derby at NH 9/24/1877
Frost, Sumner, age 68 y 10 m, Nov 19, of paralysis Derby 11/27/1876
Frost, Sumner, Mr., week ago last Sunday  (item) Derby 11/27/1876
Frye, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Eben Frye, fell down stairs, injured badly  (item) West Concord 11/3/1873
Fuller, __, Mrs.,  Saturday, wife of Chauncey Fuller, of paralytic shock Sutton 4/2/1877
Fuller, Chauncy, age 79, Oct 30 Sutton 11/4/1878
Fuller, Daniel L., age 24, Feb 17, of typhoid pneumonia, died Madison, OH, buried Charleston Charleston 5/18/1874
Fuller, E. D., Mr., last Tuesday, suicide by shooting himself Cowansville, PQ 12/22/1879
Fuller, Edward, missing March 1, body found with bottle of liquor & horse dead in pasture (item) Putney & Westminster 5/8/1876
Fuller, Edwin P. (history) age 34, went visiting and disappeared, description of him (item) Putney 4/10/1876
Fuller, Frederick, age 58, Fri week before last, fit of apoplexy while harnessing horse (item) Huntington 5/31/1875
Fuller, Levi, age 85, 20th ult St. Johnsbury 12/8/1879
Fuller, Mahala, age about 70, March 31, wife of Chauncey Fuller Sutton    4/2/1877
Fuller, Samuel W., Esq., Oct 25, son of late Francis Fuller of Hardwick, died Chicago, IL Vt at Chicago 11/24/1873
Fuller, Willie C., funeral yesterday at North Church  (item) St. Johnsbury 3/8/1875
Fullerton, John, age 78, Feb 22 Barton 2/26/1872
Fullerton, Nathaniel, age 97, last Tues  (item) Chester 11/4/1872
Gaffield, __, Mrs.,  July 1, wife of Ira Gaffield, heart attack  (item) Glover 7/19/1875
Gage, F. B., Mr., recently, leaves wife & 4 children  (item) St. Johnsbury 9/14/1874
Gage, William, about 78, 16th inst., found dead in bed, prob heart disease West Charleston 11/27/1876
Gale, ___, Mrs.,  buried a few days ago, wife of Royal Gale Barre 5/22/1876
Gale, David, about 60, last Tues, tree fell on him  (item) Landgrove & Jamaica 6/22/1874
Gale, Royal C., buried a few days ago Barre 5/22/1876
Galligher, Willie, age 16, June 28, of Edward Galligher, accidentally shot himself  (item) Craftsbury 7/6/1874
Gallison, Allen, about 60, last Wed., died after working day before and not feeling well (item) Montpelier 5/27/1876
Gammell, child, about 8, Oct 16, of Emerson W. Gammell, set fire to clothes with matches (item) Barnet 11/1/1875
Garapee, dau, age 5, last week Mon., of Edward Garapee, of diphtheria (item) Ferrisburg 4/29/1878
Garapee, son, age 18 mos, last week Tues., of Edward Garapee, of diphtheria (item) Ferrisburg 4/29/1878
Garfield, __, Mrs.,  age about 65, Oct 19, wife of Hosea Garfield Sheffield 10/22/1877
Garfield, Bashaba, Mrs., age 75, July 22 Albany 8/18/1873
Garfield, Cornelia, age 42 y 9 m 8 d, of consumption Glover 7/7/1873
Garland, A. N., Mr., buried yesterday, former resident Barton Landing 10/2/1876
Garland, Alexander, Sat., killed by saw throwing board into his stomach  (item) Johnson 2/10/1873
Garland, Alfred D., age 20 y 8 m, Nov 5, of typhoid fever & pneumonia Derby 12/2/1872
Garvin, 2 children, recently, of Mr. Garvin, of putrid canker rash  Hardwick 6/21/1875
Gary, Benjamin, age 83, March 13 Barton 3/16/1874
Gaskill, Huldah, age 82, April 2, w/o Samuel Gaskill for 64 yrs, d/o late Moses Huntly Upper Waterford 5/5/1873
Gaskill, infant child, last Monday, of Herbert Gaskill, died while teething St. Johnsbury 10/28/1878
Gaspie, son, age 4, recently, son of H. Gaspie, scalded by hot water North Troy 4/15/1878
Gates, Caleb, age 68, March 16 Albany 3/22/1875
Gates, Ezra, recently, run over by horse, old miller in E. St. J., lived there 34 years (item) East St. Johnsbury 1/18/1875
Gates, Freedom, age 75, June [12] Westmore 6/28/1875
Gates, George W., Sat., suicide by shooting himself in head, 7th in family to commit suicide Morristown 4/8/1872
Gates, son, age 4, recently, of Albert Gates, his clothing caught on fire Ludlow 1/28/1878
Gautier, boy, age 8, last Fri., fell through hole in ice and drowned Rock Island, PQ 2/21/1876
Gee, Mr., young man, last week, working at saw mill, fell off back of mill onto rocks Ripton 4/28/1873
Gee, Wesley, age 18 mos, Jan 20, of Charles & Loraine Gee, of diphtheria West Concord 1/28/1878
Geer, Elijah, age 88 y 5 m, July 18 Stanstead, PQ 9/21/1874
Generous, E., Mrs.,  age 38, last Tues., severe pain in head, mother of 10  (item) Lowell 6/14/1875
George, __, Mrs.,  8 months ago, wife of Daniel B. George, of quick consumption  (item) Albany at Fall River, MA 1/29/1877
George, Daniel B., age 37 y 23 d, Jan 21, of consumption, leaves 2 orphans  (item) Albany 1/29/1877
George, Edwin, about 30, week ago last Sat., drowned trying to save someone  (item) Stowe 9/24/1877
George, Lucinda D., age 35, May 7, wife of Daniel B. George, of consumption Albany at Fall River, Mass 5/15/1876
Gerard, dau., age 3, Sun, of Peter Gerard, fell into pail of hot water Burlington 3/3/1879
German, Mr., died two weeks ago, body stolen from grave and sold to college students (item) Milton 4/21/1873
Gibb, Hugh, age 15 weeks, Feb 1, of C. S. & Alice E. Gibb Barton Landing 2/3/1879
Gibbs, Mabel, Miss, age 79, recently, visit from brother not seen for 20 years shocked her Hartford 4/15/1878
Gibbs, Thomas, age 83, March 4 Irasburgh 5/12/1873
Gibson, Isaac L., age 64, Jan 31 Holland 2/11/1878
Gibson, Jane, age 4, recently, of John Gibson, ate pills from medicine chest  (item) Ryegate 4/28/1879
Gibson, Mirzilla J. Miss., April 9, oldest dau of Hugh G. Gibson Ryegate at Iowa 4/24/1876
Gibson, Mirzilla J., Miss, April 9, dau of Hugh G. Gibson, died in Iowa of measles (item) Ryegate 4/24/1876
Gibson, Mr. & family, Feb 2, buried in house under avalanche of snow from Cape Diamond (item) Quebec 2/8/1875
Gibson, Susie R., Miss, Sunday, dau of late E. Ingraham Gibson, from over exertion  (item) Chester 4/22/1872
Giffin, Hermon, age 69, March 8, of pneumonia Greensboro 3/15/1875
Gilbert, Lucy, age 70, Sept 14, widow of Chester Gilbert, of heart disease Brownington 9/23/1872
Gilfillan, James, about 66, last Mon., died while cleaning sugar pans, heart disease (item) Barnet 5/11/1874
Gilfillan, William, age 72, May 1 Dixville, PQ 5/4/1874
Gill, Thomas, age 101, last week Underhill Center 5/5/1873
Gillett, Henry Oliver, Col., age 41, last Wed.  (item) Whitingham 1/7/1878
Gillingham, George, last Friday, lost arm & leg in train accident, died soon after (item) Barton of Warner, NH  (11/2) 11/9/1874
Gillis, James, about 50, 2d inst, stranger to town, died at poor house, maybe Scottish  (item) Danville 1/8/1877
Gilman, Ezekiel S., age 64, June 13, died Mecca, Ohio Westfield 7/29/1878
Gilman, Leda, age about 5 mos, Sept 14, dau of George & Lizzie Gilman Newport 9/23/1872
Gilman, Mary Ann, age 69, March 10, widow of William C. Gilman Newport 4/1/1878
Gilman, Peter, age 76, July 28 Sheffield 8/25/1873
Gilman, Solomon, age 80, April 20 Hardwick 5/6/1878
Gilmore, Alexander H., Hon., age 68, Thur  (item) Fairlee 5/12/1873
Gilmore, Edward, age 25, Sun., single, run over by cars near St. Albans? 7/30/1877
Gilmore, Lucius, age 61, Tuesday, heart disease, at Warren, NH    (obit) St. Johnsbury 11/4/1878
Girard, Mr., last Sun., drowned while trying to save his children who fell off raft  (item) Holland 9/28/1874
Gleason, Lilla, age 6 y 23 d, Dec 8, only child of George & Celia A. Gleason Evansville 12/21/1874
Glidden, George, Tues week before last, dropped dead of sunstroke in hay field Arlington 7/20/1874
Glidden, Levi, age about 60, Aug 11 Craftsbury 8/26/1878
Glines, infant son, Dec 15, of A. N. & Mary A. Glines Newport Center 12/29/1873
Glines, Mary A. Chamberlin, age 24 y 4 m, Dec 12, wife of A. N. Glines Newport Center 12/29/1873
Glines, Rebecca R., age 73, Dec 30, relict of Benjamin Glines Greensboro 1/15/1872
Glynn, Thomas E., young man, last Sat., died in his bed of natural causes  (item) Sherbrooke, PQ 11/9/1874
Goddard, ___, Mrs., 22d inst., wife of Perley Goddard, died at her father's house  (item) Morgan Center of Holland 12/29/1879
Goddard, Ruth, Mrs., age 106 y 6 m, Nov 21, born May 17, 1772 Brookfield, MA, of Nathaniel Hale (obit) Littleton, NH 12/16/1872
Goddard, Sarah, Mrs., last Wed., after falling on ice and hitting her head  (item) Proctorsville 3/2/1874
Going, 2 children, in the last few months, of George Going Brownington 1/22/1877
Going, boy, age 10, recently, of George Going, died while parents were out of town (item) Brownington 1/22/1877
Going, Valentine, age 70, Tues, resident over 20 years   (item) Brownington 2/3/1873
Going, Valentine, recently, sale of property Brownington 12/1/1873
Goodall, ___, Mrs.,  born May 11, 1836, dau of Dr. J. F. Skinner, died Bennington  (item) Barton 7/21/1879
Goodall, ___, Mrs.,  recently, dau of Dr. J. F. Skinner, died Bennington Barton 7/14/1879
Goodall, Finette, age 43 y 2 m, July 10, wife of Dr. F. W. Goodall Bennington 7/21/1879
Goodall, Leon, age 1 y 10 m, Sept 10, of Dr. F. W. & Finetta Goodall, died Bennington, VT Greensboro 9/30/1872
Goodell, Dexter, recently, veteran of the Mexican war, Member of 11th VT  (item) Calais 8/19/1878
Gooden, Henry & son, with 80 others perished in great storm on way to Green River settlement Bethel 2/22/1875
Goodenough, Sally, age 83 y 8 m, July 29, widow of Ithamar Goodenough Derby 8/26/1872
Goodrich, Daniel, age 57, funeral on Wednesday, killed riding on top of cars, hit head on low bridge (item) Hardwick 11/4/1872
Goodrich, Fred, about 60, 15th, accidentally shot himself in head while hunting  (item) Hardwick    9/24/1877
Goodwin, __, Mrs.,  aged resident, buried last Friday, had cancer  (item) Brownington 11/9/1874
Goodwin, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Stephen Goodwin, fell onto live coals, found to have hidden money Castleton 2/2/1874
Goodwin, Caroline A., age 65, Nov 4, wife of Ara A. Goodwin N Craftsbury 11/27/1876
Goodwin, E. D., age 66, May 21 East Charleston 6/16/1879
Goodwin, Frank M., age 3 y 6 m 13 d, March 27, of D. M. & Edna A. Goodwin, of canker rash Glover 4/9/1877
Goodwin, George H., age 1 y 5 m 17 d, April 5, of D. M. & Edna A. Goodwin, of canker rash Glover 4/9/1877
Goodwin, Sally, age 57, Jan 20, wife of Moses Goodwin Glover 1/25/1875
Goodyear, Daniel, Dr., age 88, 25th ult  (item) Hinesburgh 2/18/1878
Gorham, Michael, Sat week before last, descending mine shaft in bucket and chain broke (item) Richmond 2/1/1875
Gorman, Mary, age 14, Dec 30, dau of Leon Gorman Sheffield 1/8/1877
Gorman, Thomas, about 21, Tues., new brakeman, fell off cars and run over (item) Northfield at Swanton 9/11/1876
Goss, Nellie A., age 17, July 25, dau of Mrs. Almina Shepard, stomach inflammation Albany at Nashua, NH 8/6/1877
Goss, R. O., Mr., last Wed, fell from barn and broke his neck St Johnsbury at Waterford 7/6/1874
Gould, ___, Mrs.,  age 59, April 18, wife of Sawyer Gould, of consumption Coventry 4/24/1876
Gould, Bertha L., age about 19, April 22 Irasburgh 4/28/1879
Gould, Filmore, 10th inst, at Nevada, Calif, of heart disease Coventry 3/26/1877
Gould, Lelia J., age about 16, May 4, of consumption Greensboro 5/7/1877
Gould, Lydia, Miss, age 26, July 5, of consumption Irasburgh 7/6/1874
Gould, Millard Fillmore, age 26 y 2 m, March 10, of heart disease Nevada City, Cal 3/26/1877
Gould, Minnie A., age 20 y 7 m 11 d, Nov 1,  of consumption Irasburg 11/6/1876
Gould, Norman, last Wed., suicide by shooting, recently bought store  (item) Bartonsville 1/11/1875
Gould, Simeon (history) age 99, wife Annie age 96, married 73 yrs, still active  Montpelier 4/28/1879
Gould, William Clement, age 75, June 8 Newport Center 6/17/1872
Graham, Jennie Foster, age 24, March 29, wife of W. Graham Hardwick 4/9/1877
Graham, Minnie, student, 17th, of canker rash Greensboro 1/25/1875
Graham, William, age 78, Jan 18, disease of the brain Greensboro 1/29/1877
Grandey, ___, Mrs.,  March 31, suicide by cutting her throat, wife of Lyman Grandey New Haven 4/22/1872
Grandy, ____, Mrs.,  Sunday, suicide by cutting her throat, wife of Lyman Grandy  (item) Bristol 4/8/1872
Granger, Albert, age 13, 28th ult, drowned after falling through the ice while skating (item) Burlington 2/5/1872
Grant, Allen, age 11, 13th, of Daniel Grant, of diphtheria Washington 9/14/1874
Grant, Daniel, age 46, 16th of diphtheria  (item) Washington 9/14/1874
Grant, Duncan, age 74, June 25 Montreal 6/29/1874
Grant, Edwin, age 3, Aug 9, son of Daniel Grant, of diphtheria Washington 9/14/1874
Grant, Freddie, age 6, 21st, of Joseph Grant, of diphtheria Washington 9/14/1874
Grant, Laura, age 17, 7th, dau of Daniel Grant of diphtheria Washington 9/14/1874
Grant, Mehitable, age 36, 23d, dau of Paul Evans, w/o Joseph Grant, of diphtheria  (item) Washington 9/14/1874
Graves, __, Mrs.,  age 76, Sept 25, wife of Erastus Graves Lyndon 10/6/1879
Graves, Daniel, age 76, March 25 Barton at Northfield 3/31/1879
Gravlin, Jonnie, age 9 m 15 d, April 25, son of Albert & Mary Gravlin Barton Landing 5/1/1876
Gray, ___, Mrs.,  23d inst, wife of Olin Gray, had been feeble for several years  (item) Glover 1/27/1873
Gray, ___, Mrs.,  age 66, Jan 30, wife of Stephen Gray, of cancer Coventry 2/3/1879
Gray, ___, Mrs.,  age 35, Aug 5, wife of Wells Gray Sutton 8/19/1872
Gray, Dan, age 85 y 6 m, May 9, early settler of town Glover 5/17/1875
Gray, Eliza, Mrs., age 82, April 21 Westmore 5/1/1876
Gray, Henry, age 80, Nov 22 Sheffield at Bristol, NH 12/15/1879
Gray, Henry, young boy, of Otis Gray, playing in sand pile, bank broke off and buried him (item) Calais 8/11/1879
Gray, Jane, Mrs., (history), aged lady, have been very sick, much better and reads w/out glasses now Sutton 11/10/1873
Gray, Laban M. M., last week, of consumption Sheffield 8/23/1875
Gray, Lucy J., age 30, March 11, wife of A. Gray Evansville 3/19/1877
Gray, M. Eliza Andross, age 54, April 6, wife of Azro Gray Coventry 4/9/1877
Gray, Melissa M., Miss, age 41, Sept 21 Sheffield 9/23/1872
Gray, Oliver, age 25, Oct 21, son of Alonzo Gray South Barton 10/25/1875
Gray, Oliver, last week, son of Alonzo Gray South Barton 10/25/1875
Gray, Reuben, age 70, 19th ult, father of Jacob G. Gray, died in the field Barton 12/8/1879
Gray, Solomon, age about 94, Dec 23 Sheffield 1/15/1872
Gray, Stephen, age 53, Oct 3 Barton 10/9/1876
Gray, Warren, age 37, Feb 19 Sutton 3/10/1873
Gray, Warren, delay in burial due to high snow Sutton 3/3/1873
Gray, William Capt., age 78, April 2 Sheffield 4/21/1873
Gray, William, Capt., (history) born July 28, 1794 Sheffield, enlisted age 18, served 3 1/2 years Sheffield 1/6/1873
Gray, William, Capt., born July 28, 1794 Sheffield, died recently, has 25 grand children  (obit) Sheffield 4/21/1873
Green, Belle, age 6 y, Jan 15, dau of David & Mary Green Derby 1/24/1876
Green, Charles, Monday last, of erysipelas Sheffield 8/24/1874
Green, Diana, age 18 y 10 m, July 11, dau of William Green, of consumption Derby 7/22/1872
Green, Emeline H., Miss, age 40, this Tuesday, had fits - was found dead in bed  (item) Caledonia County 5/21/1877
Green, Gardner, age 76, Jan 25 Newport 2/3/1879
Green, Moses, (item about his death in train accident and relationship to others) Potton, PQ at Mich 10/27/1879
Green, Moses, young man, killed in train accident in Mich, buried w/Willie Elkins in Troy  (item) North Troy 10/20/1879
Green, Nathan, Thurs week before last, suicide by morphine  (item) Northfield 11/23/1874
Green, Roxanna T., age 72 y 4 m 3 d, Jan 25, wife of Ahira Green, of gastric fever Derby 2/7/1876
Green, Sally, Mrs.,  age 57, Jan 3 Barton Landing 1/15/1877
Green, son, little boy, recently, of C. K. Green, of a malignant disease St. Johnsbury 2/24/1879
Green, Sullivan, 9th, thrown from load of hay on the 5th Barnston, PQ 5/24/1875
Green, Sylvia, age 86, Dec 7, widow of Edmund Green North Danville 12/14/1874
Green, William, age 56, Sept 13 (card from Mrs. Sally Green & C. H. Green) Barton Landing 9/20/1875
Greenbanks, Benjamin & son (history) were in mill explosion, terribly injured Danville 10/7/1878
Greenough, Miss, young lady, 16th inst, run over by train at Palmer, MA Holyoke, MA 12/23/1872
Greenwood, William, (French name Wm Boivail), young man, hit in head by derrick, buried Stanstead Newport of Stanstead 10/14/1872
Gregory, Mr., last week Tues., drunk and ill, died of apoplexy at hotel in Proctorsville E. St. Johnsbury 2/14/1876
Grenier, Mr., week ago last Sun., deaf & dumb, run over by train St, Albans 4/3/1876
Grenier, son, age 13, last week, of Alexander Grenier, father felled apple tree on him West Charlotte 4/28/1873
Griffin, James, June 20, went over the rapids in Bellows Falls in a boat and drowned Bellows Falls 6/29/1874
Griffin, John, age 89, July 17 West Derby 7/29/1872
Griswold, Caroline E., age 68, Nov 11, widow of Dea. Franklin Griswold East St. Johnsbury 11/18/1878
Griswold, Martin, age about 70, last Sat., suicide by hanging  (item) Springfield 1/6/1873
Griswold, Mr., Monday, suicide by hanging, recently lost all property in law suit Reading & Cavendish  5/20/1872
Griswold, V. R., last week, suffered from boils in bowels & abscess in throat, choked to death Weathersfield 9/29/1879
Grizzel, little child, 8th, of cholera morbus was sick only one hour East Charleston 9/16/1878
Grover, Mr., last week Sun, suicide by taking laudanum Sudbury 2/28/1876
Grow, __, Mrs.,  1st inst., wife of Calvin Grow Salem 5/13/1878
Grow, Mr., 30th, was caught in pulley at Gallup's mill and killed instantly Brownington 6/2/1873
Grow, Susan M., age 67, May 1, wife of C. S. Grow Salem 5/20/1878
Guild, ___, Mrs.,  about a year ago, widow of Thomas Guild, died at Monroe, NH  (item) Coventry 4/29/1872
Guiltenan, Michael, week ago last Fri., killed by cars, been in accidents over 20 times (item) Bennington 2/18/1878
Gullen, ___, Mrs.,  funeral on 31st Greensboro 1/5/1874
Gunn, Rodney, (history) of attempt on his life by Charles Larrabee   Cabot 10/22/1877
Guyer, Frank, age 4, Monday, of Octave Guyer, drowned  (item) St Johnsbury 6/29/1874
Guyer, Oliver, age 6, Monday, of Octave Guyer, drowned St Johnsbury    6/29/1874
Hacket, Helen L. Demick, age 21 y 7 m, Jan 25, wife of O. T. Hacket, of consumption Morgan 2/10/1879
Haddock, ___, Mrs.,  age 93, buried on the 27th, wife of Oliver Haddock an early settler of town Jay 12/9/1872
Hadlock, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Lyman Hadlock, broken heart from son being in prison Jay 6/23/1879
Hadlock, Judy, age about 46, June 15, wife of Lyman Hadlock Jay 6/30/1879
Haines, Alice, Miss, age 18, Wed week before last, prob of blood poisoning  (item) Cabot 8/16/1875
Haines, Brilla M. Jenney, age 64, Sept 26, wife of R. M. Haines Albany 11/1/1875
Haines, Daniel, Aug 1, fell dead while talking to the Dr. about his health  (item) St. Johnsbury 8/16/1875
Haines, R. M., Mr., died from effects of black cherry pits in his stomach for many years (item) Barton 6/3/1878
Hale, Hattie G., age 15 y 1 m 5 d, Jan 25, of Amos P. & Laura S. Hale, of diphtheria West Concord 1/28/1878
Haley, John, last Wed., night watchman at RR, run over and killed  (item) N. Hartland 1/24/1876
Haley, Thomas, age 74, May 2 Salem 5/18/1874
Haley, two dau's, aged 1 and 3, recently, of Reuben Haley, clothes caught on fire (item) Pownal 11/27/1876
Haley, William, young man, last Thurs., fell from new Cong. Church tower  (item) Bennington of Whitehall 11/3/1873
Hall, ___, Mrs.,  funeral last Friday, wife of Lorenzo Hall, great sufferer several years Sutton 4/9/1877
Hall, ___, Mrs.,  recently, mother of R. V. Hall Newport 11/4/1872
Hall, Abigail, age 47, June 19 Sheffield 8/25/1873
Hall, Amelia, last Wed, dau of Samuel Hall, of diphtheria Barton Landing 8/26/1878
Hall, daughter, age 13, recently, dau of Samuel Hall, of diphtheria Barton Landing 8/12/1878
Hall, David, Jr., week ago last Sat., drowned while bathing in river Passumpsic 8/21/1876
Hall, Derwin, about 60, 7th, suicide by morphine  (item) Newark 3/16/1874
Hall, Elam, age 91, July 11 Newport 7/14/1873
Hall, Harley M., Hon., age 60, 6th inst, of strangulated hernia, son of Sylvester Hall  (obit) Burke 10/14/1878
Hall, Harley M., Hon., age 60, Oct 6 Burke 10/14/1878
Hall, Harmon, Wed week before last, of small pox Enosburgh 7/19/1875
Hall, Hattie B., age 13, Aug 11, of diphtheria Barton Landing 8/12/1878
Hall, John (history) has 7 children, some have 12 fingers & toes, several look like twins Barton 3/20/1876
Hall, John, about 30, 9th inst, killed while chopping down a tree  (item) S. Royalton 1/21/1878
Hall, L. D., Mrs.,  died 1877 Sutton 2/11/1878
Hall, Roxy Orcutt, age 76, Nov 2, wife of J. T. Hall Holland 11/19/1877
Hall, S. R., Rev., died yesterday June 24, funeral Tuesday Brownington 6/25/1877
Hall, S. R., Rev., June 24 Brownington 6/25/1877
Hall, Sally, age 69, April 4, wife of L[orenzo] D. Hall      Sutton Corner 4/9/1877
Hall, Samuel R., Rev., age 81 y 8 m, June 24 Brownington 7/2/1877
Hall, son, age 13, Dec 11, only son of Dana Hall, of diphtheria Danville 12/23/1878
Hallett, Edmund, Deacon, last Thursday, of apoplexy St. Johnsbury Center 5/27/1876
Halsey, T. H., Major, about 60, last Mon  (item) Brooklyn, NY 11/26/1877
Ham, Helen, age 17, Aug 12, dau of Silas Ham South Barton 8/19/1872
Ham, Jennie, Mrs., age 96, Jan 29 Sheffield 2/5/1872
Ham, Silas O., age 45, March 26, hemorrhage of the lungs South Barton 3/31/1873
Hamilton, Clara F. (Fuller), age 22 y 7 m, March 6, wife of Dr. M. T. Hamilton, of consumption Newport 3/20/1876
Hamilton, Cora (Plumbly), Mrs., age 32, Dec 28, wife of E. R. Hamilton, of consumption Albany 1/6/1873
Hamilton, James, Fri., of heart problems, native of England, gardener for Col Fairbanks  (item) St. Johnsbury 11/3/1879
Hammond, child, recently, of Orange Hammond North Troy 9/17/1877
Hammond, dau, last Monday, dau of John Hammond, died of fever Barton Landing at Stowe 9/9/1878
Hammond, Peter, age 102, 9tth inst, buried West Wardsboro  (item) Genesco, IL of VT 4/29/1878
Hancock, Annie Belle, age 2 m 5 d, Oct 7, only dau of Horace & Roxy A. Hancock Coventry 10/26/1874
Hancock, Benjamin, last Sat, after brief illness Glover 3/12/1877
Hancock, Benjamin, March 10 Glover 3/12/1877
Hancock, Charles, age 31 y 8 m, May 31, of dropsy Coventry 6/3/1878
Hancock, Charles, recently, killed in stone quarry when stone fell on him at Richardson's mills Island Pond 12/7/1874
Hancock, Isaac M., age 63, May 8 Coventry 5/12/1879
Hancock, Myra, April 23, wife of Asa B. Hancock Coventry 4/28/1873
Hancock, Rebecca (Miller), age 88 y 7 m, June 30 Coventry at Newport 7/5/1875
Haney, H. P., March 27, of typhoid pneumonia Derby 4/1/1878
Hanks, George, age 15, Dec 11 Jay 12/31/1877
Hanson, Elijah, age 73 y 3 m 1 d, Aug 11, of typhoid dysentery Barton at Derby Line 8/18/1873
Hanson, Susan, murdered in Nov 1874 by Charles W. Cook, hired by Joseph Buzzell (item) Brookfield, NH 5/14/1877
Harding, John, Hon., 18th inst, came here in 1807, 2nd settler in Lowell    (obit) Lowell 11/26/1877
Harding, Mrs., Sun., had surgery for removal of ovarian tumor several weeks ago Bradford 9/20/1875
Harding, Phila, age 78, Dec 20, wife of Hon. John Harding Lowell 1/8/1877
Harding, Willace C., age 38 y 5 m 4 d, Aug 10 Newport 8/16/1875
Hardy, C. C., Hon., age 55, June 20   (item 6-30) Glover 6/23/1873
Hardy, Charles C., 19th inst Glover 6/23/1873
Harlow, Alma A., Miss, age 26, March 18 Irasburgh at Lewiston, ME 3/30/1874
Harlow, George W., age 21, June 18, buried Irasburg Irasburg at Lewiston, ME 6/21/1875
Harman, William F., last Wed., son of Austin Harman, fell off seat into reaper & cut up (item) N. Bennington 8/18/1879
Harriman, __, Mrs.,  age 58, 23d inst., wife of Columbus Harriman  (item) Craftsbury 12/9/1872
Harriman, Jane Sanborn, age 54, Jan 28, wife of David F. Harriman St. Johnsbury 2/3/1879
Harrington, Eli, aged citizen, 24th inst, found dead in bed of apoplexy Quechee 7/15/1872
Harrington, son, age 5, 10th, of Jed Harrington, fell through snow into well & drowned (item0 North Hero 3/24/1879
Harrington, son, age 5, June 1, of Luther Harrington, drowned while fishing Salisbury 6/12/1876
Harris, Charles B., week ago last Fri., dropped dead, was opium eater (item) St. Albans 4/17/1876
Harris, Clark, week ago last Fri., visiting bro Chester, fell over embankment in a fit (item) Wardsboro at W. Dummerston 10/30/1876
Harris, Mrs., age 70, Nov 12 Coventry 11/18/1872
Harris, Newell B., about 23, 15th, brakeman on rr, fell off moving train  (item) Danville & Greensboro 10/21/1872
Harris, Orilla (Smith), age 54, Dec 26, also formerly of Vershire Albany at Marengo, Il 1/29/1877
Hartshorn, Widow, age 100 y 9 m, last Monday St Johnsbury Center 7/9/1877
Hartson, Ella, Miss, funeral last Tuesday, dau of Ephraim Hartson Greensboro 6/12/1876
Hartwell, Arthur, age 9, Nov 29, of Sumner Hartwell, of canker rash West Burke 12/16/1872
Harvey, __, Mrs., 4th, wife of Ezra Harvey, of cancer North Troy 1/13/1879
Harvey, __, Mrs., age 70, March 23, wife of Smith Harvey Sutton 4/1/1878
Haskell, Clara S., age 19 y 10 m, April 12, dau of J. W. & Harriet N. Haskell St. Johnsbury 4/14/1879
Haskill, Clara, last Sat, died where? Barton 4/14/1879
Haskin, Thomas, Tues., tree fell on him Highgate 6/29/1874
Haskins, Alma A., Mrs., age 43 y 6 m, Mar 18, former w/o John Guild, died Trinity, CA Irasburgh 4/21/1879
Haskins, Joseph, age 94, recently, celebrated at 100th Ann of settlement of Wallingford (item) Wallingford 10/27/1873
Haskins, W. H., about 60, Thurs., hit in head by wood from circular saw  (item) Lyndonville of Bradford 10/8/1877
Hastings, Ambrose, age 66, July 28 Lyndon 8/4/1879
Hastings, Ambrose, age 86, last Monday, stroke of paralysis, buried Sutton  (item 5/12) Lyndon 8/4/1879
Hastings, John, 10th inst, fell from scaffold to barn floor  (item) Stanstead 2/19/1877
Hastings, W. J., Mrs.,  age 70, Nov 21   (obit) Craftsbury 11/26/1877
Hatch, Asner, age 63, Aug 15 Craftsbury 9/16/1872
Hatch, John, age 63, July 17 Westmore    7/20/1874
Hathaway, F. C. Prof., 6th inst Hardwick 7/21/1873
Hathaway, F. C., Prof., 6th inst, died at his father's after long illness Hardwick 7/14/1873
Haven, __, Mrs., Sun., w/o Joel M. Haven, Pres of Women's Temperance Union (item) Rutland 9/23/1878
Haviland, Benjamin C., aged citizen, week ago last Fri., in town 84 yrs, oldest member of Methodist ch. Danville 5/27/1876
Haviland, Harvey K., age 37, Jan 1, of consumption Danville 1/8/1877
Hawkins, E. W. Mr., recently, derrick fell on him at the St. J. granite Co, in Ryegate (item) Ryegate    11/6/1876
Hawkins, little son, Saturday, of William G. Hawkins, of diphtheria Barton 10/27/1879
Hawkins, Lyman, recently, injured internally while loading a hog onto a wagon  (item) Sudbury 1/10/1876
Hawkins, Stephen, Gen., resident of town 83 years, Sept 9 St Johnsbury 10/1/1877
Hayden, Gertrude (Spalding), murdered Aug 31, 1876, by husband   (long court item) Derby 9/17/1877
Hayden, Mrs., died Wed last, wife of Edwin C. Hayden who murdered her  (see item 9/4) Derby 9/11/1876
Hayden, Mrs., last Thurs., dau of late Levi Spalding of Rock Island, shot by husband (item) Derby Line 9/4/1876
Hayes, Eddie, age 18, recently, bro/o John W. Hayes of Burlington, killed near Cheyene, Wyoming Wyoming of VT 4/13/1874
Hayner, Charles, last Tues., brakeman on RR, died from a broken connecting rod West Rutland 2/21/1876
Haynes, John R., gored to death by a bull  (item) Landgrove 10/13/1879
Haynes, Richard M., age 71, May 23 Albany 6/3/1878
Hays, young child, last Sun, of John Hays, water reservoir from hot stove spilled into baby's cradle West Pawlet 1/26/1874
Hazel, Mr., Monday, died Lyndonville, carried to St. Johnsbury, buried Catholic cemetery  (item) Lyndonville & S. Barton 3/8/1875
Hazeltine, Silas B., Gen., age 88, Mon, town clerk 56 years Bakersfield 2/17/1879
Hazelton, C. S., Mr., age 41, Nov 17, died Sunbury, PA, buried Littleton, NH  (item) Barton 12/7/1874
Hazelton, John, (history) age 97, blind, still works on farm, very strong Berkshire   10/21/1878
Hazen, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Dea. Julius Hazen, accidentally took poison instead of medicine (item) Hartford 8/4/1873
Hazen, Charles F., age 68 y 9 m, Aug 6 Glover at Norwich 8/28/1876
Hazen, William, Gen., old citizen,  buried on the 13th inst Craftsbury 10/21/1878
Hazzard, Phoebe, age 101 y 6 m, 14th inst, native of Mendon, MA, 2nd husband died 1856 (item) Montpelier 10/28/1878
Heald, Mahala Colburn, age 23 y 4 m 19 d, Jan 9, wife of George F. Heald, of consumption East Albany 1/12/1874
Healey, ___, Mrs.,  age 41 y 11 m 20 d, Dec 9, wife of John Healey Irasburg 1/31/1876
Healy, __, Mrs.,  Dec 9, wife of late John Healy, leaving 7 orphans Irasburgh 1/31/1876
Healy, Darius, age 72, July 15, died O'Brien, Iowa Derby 8/5/1872
Healy, John, age 38, June 27, of asthma Irasburgh 6/29/1874
Healy, John, age 38, last Sat., of Co. F, 11 th Regt., leaves wife & 7 small children, of asthma Irasburgh 6/29/1874
Healy, John, year ago last June, soldier of the late war, left wife & 7 kids under age of 12 (item) Irasburgh 11/1/1875
Heath, Daniel, age about 68, May 1 Derby 5/13/1872
Heath, Hannah S., age 60, Jan 15, wife of Benjamin Heath Albany 2/11/1878
Heath, Lovina E., age 31, Oct 5, w/o E. C. Heath, died Marblehead Neck, MA, of Lowell, MA  (obit) Barton & St Johnsbury 10/14/1872
Heath, Mehitable Paul, age 77 y 5 m 24 d, Feb 25, wife of Jesse Heath Barton 3/5/1877
Heath, Moses, age 84 y 7 m 4 d, June 3 Barton 6/17/1872
Heath, Mr., recently, suicide by hanging East Bethel 12/23/1872
Heath, Sarah, 2nd, adopted dau of Baxter Collins, thrown from wagon 24th  (item 6/1) Albany 6/8/1874
Heath, Sarah, age 17, June 2, adopted dau of Baxter & Ann Collins Albany 6/8/1874
Hebard, William, Hon, about 70, Oct 22 (long item) Chelsea 11/1/1875
Hedgecock, Emma L. Crane, age 22, Sept 22, wife of Harry W. Hedgecock Passumpsic 9/30/1878
Hemenway, [Sid]ney S.,  recently, had 2 wives, both dead, died at Hoboken, NJ  (item) Barton 4/9/1877
Heminway, Nelly, age 14 y 10 m, July 24 Derby 8/9/1875
Hendee, George W., Hon., age 40, Feb 20, 1870, born Nov 30, 1832, of Rev. J. P. Hendee  (full obit) Stowe   11/4/1872
Henderson, David, Dea., age 85, March 23 Walden 4/6/1874
Henderson, George W. (history) born a slave in 1862, learned to read & went to Barre Academy Craftsbury 8/13/1877
Henderson, James, about 25, Sept 7, killed by premature blast of rocks  (item) St. J. at Northfield, MA 10/8/1877
Hendrick, Jeannette, age 42, recently , insane, had not spoken in 12 years Montgomery 1/6/1879
Henry, Christopher, Wed week before last, drowned while bathing  (item) Port Henry, NY & Burlington 7/20/1874
Henry, Louis Victor Amedee, age 110 on March 9 last, died last week Burlington 8/28/1876
Herrick, Mary, last Mon, w/o M. D. Herrick, suicide by hanging Middlesex at Brattleboro 8/25/1873
Hetherington, child, Feb 2, buried in house under avalanche of snow from Cape Diamond (item) Quebec 2/8/1875
Hewes, C. M. A., Rev., age 37, July 24, of late Rev. F. A. Hewes of NH M. E. conference Peterson, NJ 7/29/1878
Hewes, Samuel, age 90, 8th inst, served in war of 1812  (item) Fairlee 2/25/1878
Hewitt, Israel, age 87 week ago last Sun, soldier under Gen's Dearborn & Wilkinson Pittsford 2/4/1878
Hewitt, Seth H., age 61, 21st, fell onto a circular saw  (item) Pittsford 4/1/1872
Heyward, Lydia, last Friday, wife of Charles Heyward, suicide by cutting her throat  (item) Lincoln 5/22/1876
Heywood, Charles, age 39, Feb 15 East Jaffrey, NH 2/26/1872
Hibbard, Anna M., Miss, age 27, April 6 Glover 4/22/1872
Hibbard, Benjamin H., age 50 y 6 m, Feb 20, of consumption, formerly of Newport & Sutton West Burke 2/24/1879
Hibbard, Charles M., age 35, last Sat., lung congestion, buried North Troy  (obit) Newport & North Troy 5/25/1874
Hibbard, Nettie E., age 4 y 4 m 16 d, March 16 Barton Landing 3/29/1875
Hidden, William, Gen., old citizen,  buried on the 13th inst  (10/21 Hazen by mistake) Craftsbury 11/4/1878
Hight, Dennis & wife, murdered recently at Port Townsend, Wash Terr.  (item) Albany at Wash 4/7/1879
Hight, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis, murdered at Port Townsend, Washington Territory (long item) Albany 5/19/1879
Hildreth, __, Mrs.,  age 66, May 11, w/o Nathaniel Hildreth, former w/o Luke Spofford West Charleston 5/15/1876
Hildreth, Loren, Rev., age 81, Friday, of consumption North Troy 3/11/1878
Hill, "Hi", Mr., Dec 31, 1873, or erysipelas, had also lived in Barton & St Johnsbury  (item) Waterford 1/12/1874
Hill, boy, July 29, son of a Dunham, PQ miller, drowned while bathing (item) Richford of PQ 8/5/1878
Hill, Chauncey, age 72, last week, bro Moses died from suicide (item) West Concord 4/22/1876
Hill, Dr., age 90, Wed, practiced in Orleans & Caledonian Counties Sutton 10/20/1879
Hill, Hiram, Dec 31, ill several weeks of erysipelas  (item) Waterford 1/5/1874
Hill, Laura, age 30 y 5 m 13 d, July 15, dau of William & Mary Hill, had consumption 14 yrs Westfield 7/29/1878
Hill, Lewis, Rev., about 63, June 20 Barton 6/23/1879
Hill, Lewis, Rev., age 63, last Friday, buried Danville  (item) Barton 6/23/1879
Hill, Meigs, age about 65, last week, out of health about a year, was a showman (item) Waterford 10/21/1878
Hill, Moses, age 75, week ago last Fri., suicide by hanging, in financial trouble  (item) West Concord 11/20/1876
Hill, Mr., young man, recently, died from Paris green (potato bug killer) Elmore 7/15/1878
Hill, Perley, age 71, Feb 23 Irasburg 2/28/1876
Hill, Perley, last Wed Irasburgh 2/28/1876
Hill, Rhoda, age 71 y 4 m 13 d, Aug 13, widow of Joshua Hill & Samuel A. Humphrey (item 8-26) Barton & Sheffield 8/19/1872
Hill, S., Dr., age 88, Oct 16 Sutton 10/27/1879
Hill, William, about 50, last Mon., died suddenly, of heart disease, leaves wife & 2 children (item) Burlington 9/8/1873
Hillard, Josie, May 30, wife of George L. Hibbard, died Portland, Oregon Troy 6/10/1878
Hills, Edward, struck by lightning Oct 2, died Oct 11, nephew of Dea. George Hills (item) S. Granville 10/19/1874
Hills, George, Dea., age 85, Sept 28, died suddenly East Poultney 10/19/1874
Hines, Chloe, age 4 y 5 m 24 d, Nov 26, dau of Horace & Catherine Hines Lowell 12/7/1874
Hinman, Mary P., age 57, Nov 6, wife of Dr. Geo A. Hinman W Charleston 11/26/1877
Hinman, Urania, age 60, July 18, wife of Harry Hinman, died Harvard, MA Derby 7/29/1878
Hitchcock, Medad, age 62 y 6 m, July 14 Westfield 8/10/1874
Hitchcock, Patty, age 62 y 8 m 25 d, Oct 23, wid of Medad Hitchcock, of apoplexy & paralysis Westfield 11/3/1879
Hitchcock, Patty, Mrs., died Thursday, widow of Medad Hitchcock, stroke of paralysis Westfield 10/27/1879
Hitchcock, twin sons, age 45 & 48 days, April 2d & 5th, of Elbridge Hitchcock Westfield 4/15/1878
Hixley, Victor, age 20, Sunday, drowned while bathing below Sucker City dam Hartford 9/17/1877
Hoadley, Emma, Miss, thrown from horse sleigh behind ox team that kicked her  (item) Felchville, VT 3/3/1873
Hodgdon, Rufus, age 43, March 30 Hardwick 4/9/1877
Hodges, son, age 4, Tues., of J. C. Hodges, kicked in head by horse  (item) Burlington 7/21/1873
Hogan, Mrs., Fri week before last, found hanged, suspect foul play, maybe husband killed her (item) Chelsea 2/8/1875
Holden, 3 children, over last 3 weeks, of Josiah Holden, of canker rash Waitsfield 3/31/1873
Holland, Clark., recently murdered by Texans releasing blacks from prison in Louisiana Newfane at LA 9/14/1874
Hollister, Mrs., age 73, last Sun., mother of Hon. J. B. Hollister, fell down cellar stairs (item) Manchester 10/19/1874
Holman, Chauncey, age 82, Aug 14 South Barton 8/27/1877
Holman, Chauncy F., age 53 y 10 m, March 23, of Chauncy Holman S Barton at Peabody, MA 4/5/1875
Holmes, Mrs., recently, d/o Ira Colburn of Albany, sis of Mrs. John Twombly, buried Barton Dubuque, Iowa 1/13/1879
Holmes, Reed, age 65, 3 weeks ago last Fri., run over by wagon of corn  (item) Jefferson 8/17/1874
Holmes, William, age 60, Oct 16 Stanstead 10/22/1877
Holmes, William, July 1 Stanstead 7/9/1877
Holt, Harlan, about 38, 19th inst, took poison  (item) West Hartford 11/2/1874
Holtham, Frank N., age 22, this Wed., killed by train, buried S. Barton?   (item) Barton at Newport 4/30/1877
Holtham, Jennie L., age 1 y 11 m 16 d, June 12, of Edward A. & Maria E. Holtham Evansville 6/18/1877
Holton, Mrs., age 66, Oct 7 Coventry 10/14/1872
Hoodley, infant, recently, of Mr. & Mrs.  Henry Hoodley, fell off lounge into pail of scalding water Berkshire at Franklin 1/13/1873
Hooker, son, recently, of, Mrs.  Hooker, of consumption Hardwick 10/28/1872
Hoose, Thomas, recently, dropped dead on street Burlington 1/18/1875
Hopkins, Alonzo, age 8, May 12, son of John Hopkins Barton 5/17/1875
Hopkins, Bishop, remains of first Episcopal bishop of VT moved from Burlington to new cemetery at Rock Point Burlington 6/16/1873
Hopkins, Edwin R., died 1862, body moved and found to be perfectly preserved (item) Windsor 10/19/1874
Hopkins, Etta, age 6 y 6 m, July 31, of Charles W. & Abbie Hopkins, of heart disease Lyndonville 8/4/1879
Hopkins, John B., age 75, Jan 10, of dropsy Irasburgh 1/14/1878
Hopkins, Lyman H., last Friday, suicide by cutting his throat, buried Cabot  (obit) Barton 3/26/1877
Hopkins, Olive Darling, age 53 y 10 m, April 30, wife of Seldi Hopkins East Charleston 5/25/1874
Hopkins, son, age 4, last Wed., of Lyman D. Hopkins, 4th lost out of 5 kids in a few years (item) South Barton 7/12/1875
Hopkinson, Charles K., age 16, Aug 1, eldest son of David Hopkinson Salem 8/11/1873
Horn, John Granville, age 17, last Sun, drowned, g-father is Israel Farrar, mother married Abial Patch  (item) Walden 6/12/1876
Horner, Herbert E., age 13 y 1 m, March 3 Glover 4/13/1874
Horton, Charles W., age 18, 4th inst, nephew of C. P. Stevens, drowned  (item) Troy of Bolton, Vt 10/12/1874
Horton, Charles W., age 18, Oct 4 Troy 10/12/1874
Horton, Sally, age 83, recently, old fisherwoman Newport 9/1/1879
Hosford, 4 children, in the last month, of H. T. Hosford, of diphtheria, of E. Haven? Barton 7/28/1879
Hosford, Louisa, recently, illness of 60 yrs, injured from a fall at age 9  (item) Clarendon 2/7/1876
Hoskins, Henry B., age 75, March 3, father of Dr. T. H. Hoskins of Newport Newport at Gardner, ME 3/13/1876
Houghton, __, Mrs.,  age about 50, last Monday, wife of Philander Houghton (item) Lyndon 4/26/1875
Houghton, __, Mrs., Tues week before last, w/o Charles Houghton, died suddenly (item) W. Enosburg 11/19/1877
Houghton, Levi P., old resident, last Tuesday Lyndon 10/27/1879
Houghton, Mabel E., age 6, Aug 30, of diphtheria Danville 9/16/1878
Houghton, son, last Sun, of Richard Houghton, accidentally shot by another little boy (item) Bennington   6/22/1874
House, George, age 64, March 14, of lung fever Derby at Stanstead, PQ 4/1/1872
Hovey, Charles, age about 41, July 28 Lowell 7/28/1879
Hovey, Charles, last week, son of Rev. H. N. Hovey, bro is Rev. Arthur Hovey  (item) Lowell 7/28/1879
Hovey, F. C., Mrs., age 59, 12th inst, wife of Rev. H. N. Hovey, of dropsy & hemorrhage  (item) Lowell 2/17/1873
Hovey, Lewis, April 5, wife is Marcia (Ufford) Hovey, died Cedar Falls, Iowa  (obit) Albany & Barton 4/23/1877
Howard, __, Mrs., last Sat., w/o Samuel Howard, burst a blood vessel  (item) Randolph Center 6/30/1873
Howard, baby (history) born Aug 20, of Dwight Howard, born with out a spine, lived some time East Haven 9/13/1875
Howard, Mary F., age 42, Oct 8 St. Johnsbury 10/14/1878
Howard, Theron, Hon., age 76, 7th inst St Johnsbury 5/17/1875
Howe, Arthur, age 7, 5th inst, adopted son of Charles Howe, drowned while bathing (item) Royalton 8/18/1879
Hoyt, Benjamin Jr., age 70, Nov 23 Newport 12/9/1878
Hoyt, J. M., age 66, Aug 21, born in Bradford in 1810  (full obit) Lyndon 8/28/1876
Hoyt, James, age 83, June 2, soldier in War of 1812 Glover at Sheffield 6/21/1875
Hoyt, John, age 54, prob Tuesday, suicide by hanging  (item) Craftsbury 9/22/1873
Hoyt, Julia M. Skeeles, about 63, Dec 30, wife of late William H. Hoyt  (item 12-31) Craftsbury 1/7/1878
Hoyt, O. N., age 23, May 8, son of Asa Hoyt, horse threw him over bridge into river, drowned (item) Magog 5/24/1875
Hoyt, Sophia, age 49, Jan 20, wife of William H. Hoyt Barton 1/27/1873
Hoyt, William H., age 57, May 19 Craftsbury of St J. 7/8/1872
Hubbard, Ashton E., Thurs., knocked off train by bridge  (item) Castleton/Fairhaven 10/8/1877
Hubbard, Elisha, age 65, Monday, killed at railroad crossing Waterbury 5/12/1879
Hubbard, George W., recently shot in Missouri, by officer who came to arrest his son (item) Cambridge at Missouri 5/14/1877
Hubbard, Louisa, age 63 y 7 m, Nov 3, dau of Moses & Sophia Hubbard, of pneumonia Barton of Brookfield 11/4/1878
Hubbard, Louisa, Miss, last night, sister of Moses Hubbard Barton 11/4/1878
Hubbard, Richard W., age 73, Feb 23 Glover 3/6/1876
Hubbard, son, age 6, Monday, only child of James M. Hubbard, run over by full wagon  (item) Lyndon ? 6/12/1876
Hull, Jane Simpson, March 30, wife of Sands Hull Westfield 4/13/1874
Hull, John, 9th, killed by falling tree S. Royalton 1/21/1878
Hull, Munson, about 45, last week Wed., drowned in Pearson's mill pond Bakersfield 5/12/1879
Humphrey, Thomas, age 66, Dec 14 St. Johnsbury 12/23/1878
Hunt, Alonzo, Thursday, found dead in bed, had not been well  Brownington & Westmore 11/18/1872
Hunt, Amos, age 57 y 5 m, Aug 24, born Kingston, NH, moved to Haverhill, MA, to Barton 16 years ago (item) Barton 9/16/1872
Hunt, Amos, age 57, Aug 24, of dysentery & typhoid fever Barton    8/26/1872
Hunt, Edward S., age 11 y 7 m 11 d, July 5, son of O. S. & Mary E. Hunt Barton 8/18/1879
Hunt, Ellen, age 24, March 1, wife of Jonas Hunt, dau of Samuel Drown Brownington 3/8/1875
Hunt, George Gore, age 52, week ago last Sat., paymaster for Vt Central RR for 31 yrs (item) St. Albans 2/7/1876
Hunt, Lyman R., age 56 y 11 m 7 d, Nov 4, of consumption Craftsbury 11/24/1873
Hunt, Nathan, last week, elected constable many yrs ago, had been a town charge many years Jay 10/21/1878
Hunt, Nelson, age 52, June 19 Barton 6/24/1878
Hunt, Nelson, last Wed, ruptured something while working in the woods, leaves wife & 4 kids  (item) Barton 6/24/1878
Hunt, Philip, age 90, May 10 Barton 5/11/1874
Hunt, Philip, oldest man in town, yesterday, fathered 23 children nearly all alive (item) Barton 5/11/1874
Hunt, Sarah Lovina, age 4 y 8 m, March 10, dau of Mrs. Cornelia Hunt, of canker rash Albany 3/20/1876
Hunt, William, recently, of a fever Sutton 12/10/1877
Hunter, Betsey W. Cheney, age 78, March 10, wife of John Hunter Albany 3/18/1878
Hunter, daughter, age 2 w 6 d, Jan 31, of Franklin & Ada Hunter East Albany 2/10/1873
Hunter, Ira, age 79, July 17 Albany 8/6/1877
Hunter, Mehitable, age about 70, Dec 20, relict of Royal Hunter, of paralysis Lyndon 12/30/1878
Huntington, Arunah, age 84, weeks ago, left estate to State of Vt for schools (item) Brantford, Can W. 2/5/1877
Huntington, Elijah, Dr., about 38, April 7, consumption, wife was Miss Nellie Black (item) Coventry 4/16/1877
Huntington, Maria Metcalf, age 46, April 22, wife of John Huntington, of consumption Irasburgh 4/29/1872
Huntington, Widow, age 95, Nov 6 Albany 11/11/1872
Huntley, Charles, age 8, March 18 Jay 3/29/1875
Huntley, Ed., age 27, July 1, of cerebro spinal meningitis Lowell 7/5/1875
Hurd, Jacob, age 87, Jan 4 Albany 1/15/1872
Hurlbert, Hannah S., age 77, June 26 Glover 7/6/1874
Hurlbert, L. V., age 61, July 26, hemorrhage of the lungs West Glover 8/6/1877
Hurlburt, James & infant son 14 mos., Wed week before last, of diphtheria   (item) Waterford 1/21/1878
Hurlburt, S. V., last Thursday, died suddenly  (corrected to L. V. Hurlburt on 8/6/1877) West Glover 7/30/1877
Hurlbut, Samuel, age 80, 2d inst., suicide by cutting his throat, his son died recently Waterford 5/13/1878
Hutchinson, Ellery S., Saturday, brakeman, killed by the cars  (item) Barton of Lyndonville 2/24/1879
Hutchinson, William, age 88, Oct 18, died Newfield, NJ Sutton 10/23/1876
Hyde, Abigail, age 61, Feb 10, wife of Chester Hyde Albany 2/16/1874
Hyde, Edwin, recently, dropped dead while haying Strafford 7/15/1878
Hyde, H. H. Mr., last Thurs., of typhoid pneumonia    (item) Albany 2/26/1877
Hyde, H. H., age 38 y 11 m 14 d, Feb 21, of typhoid pneumonia Albany 2/26/1877
Hyde, Hellen W., age 3 y 7 m 8 d, Feb 14, dau of Mrs. Arvilla Hyde, of diphtheria Lawrence, Mass 2/26/1877
Hyde, J. B., Wed., felt ill in the afternoon, went into convulsions Sudbury 1/28/1878
Hyde, Lewis (history), part of 1st VT cavalry, Battle of the Wilderness he was shot  (item) Sutton 3/2/1874
Hyde, Lewis, age 31, Oct 17 Sutton 10/27/1879
Hyde, Lewis, young man, Fri., invalid from army in Battle of the Wilderness  (item) Sutton 10/20/1879
Hyde, Loretta M., age 19 y 8 m 12 d, Nov 18, dau of Freeman & Adeline Hyde Sutton 12/9/1878
Hyde, Lucinda, Mrs.,  age 67 y 11 m, March 10, sis of Dea. Lewis Barber Glover 3/30/1874
Hyde, Mahala, age 78, Sept 5, widow of John Hyde Barton 9/23/1878
Hyde, Perley, Mr., age 70, July 8 Albany 7/14/1873
Hyde, Wells A., Nov 3, injured (see 11-4), then had typhoid fever Albany 11/11/1872
Hyland, George, age 85, Nov 5 Coventry 11/23/1874
Ingalls, C. L., Mr., about 50, Friday, shot himself , leaves wife and daughter age 17  (item) Sheffield & Lyndon 12/22/1873
Ingalls, C. Lang, suicide by shooting himself  (long item) Sheffield   1/12/1874
Ingalls, John P., Judge, old resident, last Sunday, of shock of paralysis Sheffield 6/22/1874
Ingalls, Munroe, age 40, 14th, drowned while crossing river  (item) East Richford 11/25/1878
Ingraham, C. D., Rev., age 58, Dec 22, of consumption Walden 1/8/1877
Ingraham, Philena Hayden, age 50, Nov 26, wife of Rev C. D. Ingraham, of heart disease Walden 12/13/1875
Irash, Rosa, age 18, Jan 6, of consumption Irasburg 1/15/1877
Irash, Rosa, Miss, funeral last Monday, buried Stanstead Irasburgh 1/15/1877
Jackman, C. A. Dr., age 29 y 10 m, April 16, of B. B. Jackman, Esq., died Staunton, VA Irasburgh 4/21/1879
Jackman, C. A., Dr., Wed., son of B. B. Jackman, died Staunton, VA, buried Morrisville  (item) Irasburgh 4/21/1879
Jackson, Arthur, age 14, last Wed., of Henry Jackson, thrown from horse he was taking to water (item) Orange 3/30/1874
Jacobs, Mr., 20th, killed in dirt cave-in while working on the tracks, Frenchman Hydepark 9/2/1872
Jacobs, T. Augustus, Rev., July 21, died Marion, NY, former pastor of the M. E. Church, of consumption Barton    7/29/1872
James, __, Mrs., Mon, w/o George Jones, suicide by drowning in cellar cistern, ill for month (item) Lunenburgh 5/25/1874
James, Jonathan, last Tues, of typhoid fever Westfield 10/22/1877
Jameson, infant dau, April 2, of Z. E. & E. M. Jameson Irasburgh 4/8/1878
Jameson, Isadore Darling, infant, March 28, dau of Z. E. & E. M. Jameson Irasburg 4/2/1877
Janes, Henry F., age 87, June 6, ex-member of Congress, leaves widow age 88 (item 6-30) Waterbury 6/16/1879
Jenckes, Thomas A., age 57, Thurs., born Providence, RI  (obit) Providence, RI 11/15/1875
Jenkins, child, age 2, Dec 17, of Albert Jenkins, fell into pail of hot water Lyndon 12/27/1875
Jenks, John, age 90, Jan 2 Burke 1/11/1875
Jenne, Bertie A., age 8 y 29 d, Feb 16, only child of Hollis A. & Annie E. Jenne Claremont, NH 3/8/1875
Jenne, Sarah, Mrs., age 87, Nov 4 Derby 11/23/1874
Jenness, Daniel L., age 82 y 10 m 4 d, July 4 Holland 7/22/1878
Jenness, Delana F. French, age 51, Nov 20, wife of George W. Jenness Barton 11/25/1872
Jenness, Jesse, age 78, July 2 Albany 7/9/1877
Jenness, John, July 3, wealthy & respected citizen Craftsbury 7/10/1876
Jenness, Phineas, old resident, funeral Feb 12 Sheffield 2/19/1877
Jenney, Betsey, Miss, Dec 20, of consumption   (item) Derby 1/7/1878
Jenney, Russell J., age 46, Jan 29 Albany 2/5/1872
Jennings, George E., Mon., went to bed and said he would not leave it again, and died (item) Quechee 6/29/1874
Jerome, Adeline S., Mrs., age 29, May 25 Glover 6/9/1873
Jerome, Elizabeth R., age 30 y 4 m 23 d, March 23, w/o Lyman H. Jerome, of consumption West Glover 4/2/1877
Jerome, Prudence A., Nov 28, wife of G. M. Jerome Irasburg at Wolcott 12/15/1879
Jerome, Willard, age 3 y 2 m, April 29, son of G. M. Jerome Albany 5/6/1878
Jessamen, Mrs., very aged lady, last Wed, son is Ira Jessamen Sutton 11/3/1873
Jette, Etienne, recently, went through the ice  St. Athauase, PQ 3/16/1874
Jewett, ___, Widow, age 90, Wed, widow of Dr. Calvin Jewett St. Johnsbury 4/6/1874
Jewett, ___, Mrs.,  and child, recently murdered by Indians in Calif., wife of Solomon Jewett Weybridge 2/12/1872
Jewett, Samuel, age 60, Aug 9 St. Johnsbury 8/18/1879
Johnson, __, Mrs., Sat., w/o Smith Johnson, thrown from wagon & broke her neck (item) Ira near Rutland 8/19/1878
Johnson, Amos, recently, suicide, in woods near Lansingburgh, NY Peru, Vt at NY 6/7/1875
Johnson, Arvilla, about 34, 3rd inst, dau/o Hiram Johnson, insane, set herself on fire  (item) Vernon 1/19/1874
Johnson, Dexter, about 40, last Sat, leaves wife & 6 kids, caught in mill saw  (item) Newark at W. Burke 4/29/1878
Johnson, Hannah, Mrs., last Mon., killed by train, somewhat deaf (item) Shaftsbury/Arlington 6/5/1876
Johnson, Nettie, age 17, March 4 South Albany 3/15/1875
Johnson, Olivia, Mrs., age 32, March 20, dau of late Joseph Bates Derby 3/24/1879
Johnson, Olivia, Mrs., funeral last Friday, her mother Mrs. Bates is still alive  (item) Derby 3/24/1879
Johnson, son, age 3, recently, of David Johnson, fell into well and drowned (item) Tunbridge 4/26/1875
Johnson, Susie F., age 24, June 4, d/o Jasper R. Johnson, sis of, Mrs.  Rev. H. F. Austin  (item) Barton 6/16/1873
Jones, Daniel, age 90, Oct 12 North Troy 10/26/1874
Jones, J. Q. O., age 38, Sept 25 St Johnsbury at Westfield, MA 12/7/1874
Jones, John, age 53, June 22 Barton 6/24/1878
Jones, John, last week, feeble for several years, leaves wife  (item) Barton 6/24/1878
Jones, Mrs., Mon., w/o Amasa Jones, suicide by drowning while temporarily insane Strafford 9/15/1879
Jones, S. S., recently, shot in Chicago, married Lucinia M. Camp in 1837, formerly of Hyde Park Vt at Chicago 4/23/1877
Jordan, Ammon H., age 78, March 7, of pneumonia East Hardwick 3/15/1875
Jordan, Mr., old citizen, last week East Hardwick 3/15/1875
Jordan, R. C., missing 3 mos, body found, sister lives here, of Roxbury, MA  (item) Bellows Falls of MA 4/15/1878
Joslin, Willie, age 2 y 6 m, 26th, only child of Edwin & Alice Joslin, clothes caught on fire (item) Waterford 2/3/1879
Joslyn, A. C., Hon., funeral yesterday Barton Landing 10/15/1877
Joslyn, Amariah C., age 61 y 8 m, Oct 12 Brownington 10/22/1877
Joslyn, child, last week, child of  O.V. Joslyn, of dysentery Barton    7/22/1872
Joslyn, child, recently, child of D. C. Joslyn, of diphtheria Greensboro 7/23/1877
Joslyn, child, recently, of H. O. Joslyn, of diphtheria Barton Landing 10/15/1877
Joslyn, Dana D., age 5 y 14 d, July 13, only child of D. C. & Helen A. Joslyn Greensboro 7/30/1877
Joslyn, Homer A., age 1 y 4 m, Oct 18, youngest son of A. O. & M. S. Joslyn Brownington 10/22/1877
Joslyn, Mellona W., age 74 y 10 m, Sept 12, wid/o Timothy Joslyn, stomach hemorrhage Barton Landing 9/23/1878
Joslyn, Perley, age 14 mos, July 18, of O. V. & J. E. Joslyn, of dysentery Barton    7/29/1872
Joslyn, William, age 69, May 25 Barton 5/31/1875
Joslyn, William, last Tues, medicine dealer  (item) Barton 5/31/1875
Judevine, Cornelius Alden, age 16, March 29, only child of Hon. Alden E. Judevine, of erysipelas Hardwick 4/8/1878
Judkins, Jeremiah, age 62, Oct 28 Brownington  11/10/1879
Junkins, William T., age 60, Jan 20, of heart disease Newport Center 2/3/1873
Kane, John, age 10, last Tues., of Patrick Kane, drowned  while swimming in North Branch (item) Montpelier 6/30/1873
Kathan, Hiram W., age 66 y 8 m, Jan 13 East Charleston 1/31/1876
Keach, Persis, Mrs., old lady, died Sunday, ill several months Derby 9/8/1879
Kearney, John, about 25, Wed., got drunk and froze to death  (item) Fairfield 3/18/1872
Kearney, Lizzie, Mrs., Monday, insane, drowned herself & 5 day old baby West Rutland 5/11/1874
Keating, daughter, recently, daughter of John Keating, of canker rash Barton 2/8/1875
Keating, Henry, June, by drowning Windsor 7/15/1878
Keating, Nellie, about 15, last Fri., of Pat Keating, clothes caught on fire, buried Albany  (item) Barton 8/27/1877
Keating, Nellie, age 15, Aug 24 Barton 8/27/1877
Keeler, Aaon, age 78, recently Hydepark 9/2/1878
Keeler, Albert, age 21, fell off back of train while trying to escape after murdering Ida Spencer (item) Syracuse, NY of Troy, Vt & others 3/31/1873
Keeler, Frederick, age 92 y 10 m 13 d, Jan 4 Hyde Park 1/13/1879
Keith, George L., June 1, consumption North Troy 6/8/1874
Kellam, John H., (history), disappeared a month in Chicago, lost his memory Irasburg at Chicago 5/26/1879
Kellam, Sabin, March 26, died at Topeka, Kansas Irasburgh 4/5/1875
Kelley, Carrie M., age 19 y 6 m, March 16, only dau of John & Melina Kelley Derby 3/24/1873
Kelley, Patrick, age 49 y 5 m, Aug 31 Lowell 9/7/1874
Kelley, W. C., week ago last Sat., hit in head by board and fell into marble quarry (item) S. Wallingford 7/5/1875
Kellogg, Daniel, Hon., age 84, last Mon  (item) Brattleboro 5/17/1875
Kelsea, __, Mrs., recently, w/o John Kelsea, suddenly could not see & dropped dead Lisbon, NH 1/13/1873
Kelsea, James, age 85, Aug 10 Derby 8/13/1877
Kelsea, James, aged citizen, funeral yesterday held at Moses Kelsea's Derby 8/13/1877
Kelsey, __, Mrs.,  several weeks ago, wife of James M. Kelsey Newport 1/12/1874
Kelsey, Daniel, age 78, May 22 Troy 5/24/1875
Kelsey, James M., Dec 15, son of Hiram Kelsey, committed suicide, at Castana, Iowa  (item) Newport 1/12/1874
Kenaston, Ernest L., age 6, Nov 9, youngest son of late Rev. Thomas Kenaston, of meningitis  (item) Lyndonville 11/25/1872
Kenaton, Rachel, age 62, July 11 Sheffield 8/25/1873
Kendall, Amelia, age 22, April 24, wife of Elum F. Kendall Newport 5/5/1873
Kendall, G. W., Capt., recently   (item 3-15) Newport 3/22/1875
Kendall, George W., Capt., age 67, March 6 Newport 3/15/1875
Kendall, Harris, about 40, Jan 3, suicide by shooting himself, lost his wife months ago  (item) Felchville, VT 1/13/1873
Kenison, John, age 25, May 28 Irasburg 6/19/1876
Keniston, Thomas H., Rev., Aug 10, son of Jesse G. Keniston (item) Sheffield 8/19/1872
Kent, Newell, about 38, week ago last Sat., suicide by hanging  (item) Worcester 10/30/1876
Kenyon, Erastus, about 70, Nov 1, suicide by hanging, somewhat deranged Westford 11/12/1877
Kenyon, Giles, age 96, Tues., wife died Thurs., age 93, married over 70 yrs Hinesburgh 10/6/1879
Ketchum, Herbert, recently, run over by the cars Fairhaven 1/6/1879
Keyes, Merritt, young man, Sat., fell off load of oats onto his head and broke his neck (item) West Rutland 8/24/1874
Kezar, Joseph, March 18, his Mother died March 30, sister w/o C. L. Percival died March 31st Massawippi, Canada 4/5/1875
Kidder, __, Mrs.,  funeral last Tues., wife of Jonas Kidder Irasburgh of Coventry 1/15/1877
Kidder, Elvira, age 57, Oct 16, wife of Benjamin A. Kidder Irasburg 10/23/1876
Kidder, Sally Fuller, age 73, Jan 7, widow of Jonas Kidder Irasburg at Coventry 1/8/1877
Kidney, Edward, a week ago Thurs., injured 1 year ago by trains  (item) Coventry 12/15/1873
Kilbourne, Isaac, age 66, June 11, of heart disease Greensboro 6/16/1879
Kilburn, Diantha, age 22, Dec 1, dau of Isaac L. & Abigail Kilburn Greensboro 12/14/1874
Kilby, Betsey W., age 68 y 9 m 23 d, Oct 27, relict of Rev. E. R. Kilby, of consumption Newport Center 11/11/1872
Kimball, ___, Mrs., this morning, wife of Moody Kimball, of consumption  (item) Irasburg 9/1/1879
Kimball, Abigail Barnard, age 64, May 26, widow of S. Dana Kimball Barton 5/26/1877
Kimball, Abigail Barnard, Sat, widow of S. Dana Kimball, after long & distressing illness  (item) Barton 5/21/1877
Kimball, Augusta M. Gould, age 34 yrs 8 mos, Sept 1, w/o Moody B. Kimball, of lung disease Irasburg 9/29/1879
Kimball, Charlie W., age 2 y 8 m, Dec 1, of Richard L. & Hattie B. Kimball, canker rash W. Randolph 12/14/1874
Kimball, child, recent burial, child of Mr. & Mrs.  R. G. Kimball Barton 5/24/1875
Kimball, dau, age 20, recently, dau of Philemon Kimball, of canker rash  (item) Barton 10/25/1875
Kimball, Emma, age 9, July 25 Coventry 7/31/1876
Kimball, F. W., Mr., 2d inst, of apoplexy, son Fred M. here from Missouri for funeral Glover 12/9/1872
Kimball, Frank B., about 45, Sat., suicide by morphine, ran off with other woman who left him (item) Manchester, NH of Alexandria 12/9/1872
Kimball, infant, recently, of Frank Kimball & wife, murdered by wife   (long item) South Barton 10/6/1873
Kimball, Johnson G. (history), 30 years in prison for murdering his wife Dalton, NH 5/7/1877
Kimball, Lucy Nye, age 63, May 15, wife of Moody B. Kimball Irasburgh 5/19/1873
Kimball, Mrs., March 26, beaten to death by husband J. G. Kimball   (item) S. Lunenburgh 4/2/1877
Kimpton, Lucy M., age 28 y 11 m, April 2, w/o Emory Kimpton, d/o Sylvester Howard, of consumption Irasburg at Cedar Creek, NJ 4/19/1875
Kimpton, Sophrona Austin, age 49 y 2 m, Nov 12, w/o Alpheus Kimpton, of cancer Stanstead, PQ 12/2/1872
King, George (history), accidentally shot himself in neck Holland 8/16/1875
Kingsbury, Eusepa, Mrs., recently, from broken hip  (item) Grafton 1/13/1879
Kinne, Grant, age 12, May 6, of Asa K. Kinne, tied to colt who dragged him to death (item) Pawlet 5/14/1877
Kinney, Curtis E., last week, of consumption, died St Johnsbury Albany at St Johnsbury 3/4/1878
Kinney, infant dau, July 15th, dau of Edson & Lucinda  M. Kinney Lowell 7/24/1876
Kinney, Kena A., age 2 y 8 m 7 d, July 12, dau of Edson & Lucinda M. Kinney Lowell 7/24/1876
Kinsley, infant son, age 9 mos, March 20, of W. L. & Ellen Kinsley Lowell 3/26/1877
Kinsley, Mary, age 88, Aug 7 Greensboro 8/27/1877
Kinsley, Mary, age 88, died last week Greensboro 8/13/1877
Kinsloe, Michael, age 20, last Tues., killed by cars when they jerked suddenly (item) Bethel 1/29/1877
Kirkland, son, age 9, week ago last Sat, of William Kirkland, drowned while bathing (item) Waterbury 9/3/1877
Kiser, Lydia, age 76, March 3, wife of Calvin Kiser, of consumption Newport    4/7/1873
Kittel, Hannibal, young man, recently, suicide by shooting, he succeeded this time. N. Troy at Cambridge 12/1/1879
Knapp, Asa, last Tues., suicide by opium Wallingford 2/19/1877
Knapp, S., age 75, died 1878 Lowell 1/13/1879
Knapp, Sylvanus B., age 75, Feb 3 Lowell 2/25/1878
Knapp, Ward, about 70, last Mon, had apoplectic fit and died soon after  (item) East Lyndon 9/22/1873
Knapp, William (history) early settler of Lowell in 1829, cut and built his own house Lowell 4/27/1874
Knight, Miner, 2d inst, Saturday, probably fell from scaffold in his barn Dummerston 6/17/1872
Knights, Abigail, age 84, April 27 Brownington 5/6/1878
Knowlton, Daniel, Squire, buried recently  (item) Taftsville 7/6/1874
Knox, ___ Widow, age 90, yesterday, widow of James Knox, died instantly Barton at Sheffield 11/3/1879
Knox, James M., Dr., about 54, Fri week before last, suicide by stabbing himself with knife (item) Essex Junction 1/25/1875
Knox, Mrs., age 85 (history), sister Mrs. Brock age 90, bro Mr. Hawes of ME & bro from Boston Barton 2/11/1878
La Point, infant dau., age 2 mos, March 18, of Joel & Matilda La Point Irasburgh 3/24/1873
Labay, Josephine, age 18 y 3 m 10 d, Jan 4, of consumption Irasburg 1/15/1877
Labay, Will, age about 22, Thursday, killed by cars, his first trip as a fireman (item) Lyndonville at S. Barton 3/24/1879
Labelle, boys, aged 11 and 19, Mon., went swimming and both drowned Stanstead 6/26/1876
LaBounty, Mr., last Thurs?, in a fit, fell upon a lantern in his wagon and burned badly  (item) Middlebury 9/29/1873
Laclair, Rosella, age 38, March 26, wife of Charles Laclair, of lung fever Albany 4/9/1877
LaCross, Harley, boy, last Wed., run over by gravel train Enosburg 8/25/1879
Lacross, Lewis, young man, recently, from overdose of opium Enosburg Falls 6/10/1878
Ladd, George, week ago last Thurs., was mathematical prodigy, died at poor farm Brattleboro 3/4/1878
Ladd, Hannah, age 66, March 24, wife of Asa Ladd, of typhoid pneumonia Sutton 4/3/1876
Ladd, Mary, Miss, age 21, Jan 4 Lyndonville 1/22/1872
Ladd, Sally, Mrs., age 80, Jan 6 Burke 1/13/1879
Ladoo, Ethel Ermine, infant, Dec 29, of John B & Polly Ladoo Westfield 1/17/1876
Lafont, E. J., Mrs., age 53, March 29 Derby 4/1/1878
Laha, Mary Josephine, age 3 w 4 d, March 29 Salem 4/10/1876
Lahee, little son, week ago last Fri., of Luke Lahee, run over by boy on horseback (item) Pittsford 9/21/1874
Laird, Robert, age 87, last Monday, early settler of town, of Robert  Laird of Scotland  (item) Barnet 11/11/1878
Lamberton, Elijah, about 60, 19th inst., suicide by hanging, in poor health (item) Marshfield 1/8/1872
Lamere, triplet infants, recently, of Miss Lamere Newport 4/21/1873
Lampher, C. O., Deacon., age 54, Jan 15, of diabetes Albany 1/20/1879
Lampher, Rufus Loomis, age 74, Nov 20, of asthma Albany 11/24/1873
Lamphere, Thompson, body found Sat week before last, subject to fits, drowned  (item) Quechee 10/19/1874
Lamson, Hattie D., Mrs., 2d inst., maybe from previous carriage accident  (item) Brattleboro 9/27/1875
Lamson, Truman, Col., age 80, recently  (item) Bennington 8/9/1875
Landon, Daniel, Capt., age 45, 24th ult, prob drunk & fell from wagon, dragged to death (item) Irasburgh at Waterbury 6/10/1872
Landon, Mary E., Mrs., age 62, Mon., suicide by drowning in cistern South Burlington 5/26/1879
Lane, Jerusha E., Mrs., age 50 y 6 m, d/o late Cyrus Bemis, died Ashburnham, MA, of heart disease & dropsy Barton    9/9/1872
Lang, ___, Mrs.,  age 42, Sept 30, wife of William Lang Barton 10/2/1876
Langmaid, Josie, Miss, murdered prior Oct 11  (item 11/1/1875) Pembroke & St. A. 11/1/1875
Langmaid, Josie, Miss, murdered prior Oct 11 (3/13/1876) murdered in hay field, beaten to death with a club Suncook, NH 10/11/1875
Langmaid, Samuel, age 84, Dec 1, of cancer Danville 12/9/1878
Langway, child, recently, of D. Langway, of whooping cough Westfield 9/15/1879
Lanoe, Archie A., age 10, Oct 2, youngest son of Moses & Sabra Lanoe, of typhoid pneumonia Irasburg 10/8/1877
Lanville, infant child, Jan 2, of Frank & Mary Lanville Irasburgh 1/14/1878
Lapan, son, age 5, week ago last Sat., of Joseph Lapan, playing with string & got strangled W. Enosburg 4/2/1877
Laplant, Peter, age 60, found dead last Monday, had been drinking to excess previously Bolton 9/8/1873
Laravey, child, age 2 y 6 m, Monday, of Mr. Laravey, burned to death St. Albans 4/7/1873
Lareaux, child, about 3, last Thur., of Nicholas Lareaux, set clothes on fire playing with matches Burlington 8/28/1876
Larrabee, Lattany D., age 5 y 9 m 18 d, Nov 29, of Artemas & Jeanette Larrabee, of canker rash Albany 1/10/1876
Larrabee, Mary A., age 4 y 5 m 17 d, Dec 19, of Artemas & Jeanette Larrabee, of canker rash Albany 1/10/1876
Lathe, ___, Mrs.,  age about 76, April 16, wife of David Lathe Coventry 4/24/1876
Lathe, C. S., age 36 y 6 m, Sept 26, of consumption Coventry 9/29/1879
Lathe, David, age about 83, June 5, soldier in war of 1812, wounded at Chateaugay Coventry 6/12/1876
Lathe, Jane Woodbury, buried on the 6th inst. at Craftsbury, wife of Silas Lathe Craftsbury of Coventry 4/10/1876
Lathrop, little dau, recently, of Warren Lathrop, fell into pail of boiling suds Vershire 4/27/1874
Lavigne, Mr., about 75, 13th, wandering around town, no friends, jumped into dam & drowned Swanton 6/25/1877
Lawrence, 3 children, ages 3, 2 and infant, Oct 14, of Charles Lawrence, died in house fire (item) Fairfield 10/26/1874
Lawrence, Anthony, age 104, Nov 5, fought at Battle of Plattsburg in 1812 (item) Burlington & Richmond 11/30/1874
Leach, Ervin, age 71, March 11 Wolcott 3/17/1879
Leach, Ervin, age 71, March 11, died shortly after eating  (item) Craftsbury of Walcott 3/17/1879
Leach, Flora Bell, age 19 y 3 m 19 d, June 2, of consumption Brownington 6/11/1877
Leach, Mariam, age 84, June 10, wife of Jarvis Leach Lyndon 6/16/1873
Leach, W. J., age 49, last Wed, of Bright's disease South Troy 11/4/1878
Leachfield, James, age 80 y 2 m, Sept 18, of internal inflammation Newport Center 9/27/1875
Learned, Willard A., 1st inst, of lockjaw from a sliver Fairfax 4/8/1878
Leavens, Charles, age 30, March 12 Morgan 3/23/1874
Leavens, Ira, (history) born Hartland, VT 1783, age 63, Jan 18, 1843, of erysipelas Morgan 10/16/1876
Leavens, Moses C., age about 40, Jan 23 Morgan 1/31/1876
Leavens, Pheella, (history) age 84, July 17, 1866, widow of Ira Leavens Morgan 10/16/1876
Leavenworth, Frank, Oct 15, of Prof. A. E. Leavenworth of Randolph  (item) Randolph 10/23/1876
Leavitt, Asa, age 85, Jan 19 Wheelock 1/29/1877
Leavitt, Julia (Delano), age 48, Feb 5, wife of Stephen Leavitt Craftsbury 2/10/1879
Lee, __, Mrs.,  age about 42, March 25, wife of Daniel Lee West Burke 4/6/1874
Lee, Charles, age 77, recently, fell downstairs and died soon Stamford 7/14/1879
Lee, Ella, about 17, recently, found dead near home where she went for wood (item) East Fairfield 5/18/1874
Lee, Mary Davis, age 47, March 24, wife of Daniel Lee Sutton 3/30/1874
Lee, William, about 23, recently, stabbed in stomach in NY gang war  (long item) Newport at NYC 12/2/1872
Leeland, Malona, age 3 y 10 m, Sept 27, of Willard & Margaret Leeland, of canker rash Westmore 10/13/1873
Leeland, Mary, age 8 y 10 m, Oct 5, of Willard & Margaret Leeland, of canker rash Westmore 10/13/1873
Legendre, Henry, about 13, last Sat., injured while sledding, died shortly  (item) Barton 1/21/1878
Legendre, Henry, age 13, Jan 19 Barton 1/21/1878
Leland, little girl, age 5, Sat., of Warren Leland, clothes caught on fire  (item) Barton 11/6/1876
Leland, son, age 18 mos, Aug 20, of Warren Leland, of dysentery Barton    8/26/1872
Leonard, Edward, college student, of Howard Leonard, died from studying too hard (item) Fair Haven 7/22/1878
Leonard, John, Major, age 90, Feb 24, early settler of town Barton 3/2/1874
Leonard, John, Major, over 90, last week, legs paralyzed 16 years ago  (item) Barton 3/2/1874
Leonard, Joseph, 5th inst, killed by falling tree, leaves wife & 7 children  (item) N Troy of W. Potton, PQ 11/15/1875
Lewis, Hosea, age 70, July 8 Glover 7/10/1876
Lewis, Jesse H., recently, died in jail, of consumption  (item) Jamaica 5/27/1878
Lewis, John W., Sunday, broken leg injury St. Johnsbury 5/19/1879
Libby, Elijah, age 47, July 8 Sheffield 7/15/1872
Liberty, Louis, last Sat., drowned after row boat capsized near Thompson's Point (item) Vergennes 10/8/1877
Lillie, George, age 10, July 17, of Lewis C. Lillie, struck by train walking home from school Woodstock at Elizabeth, NJ 8/10/1874
Lilly, John, last Tuesday, of consumption North Troy 11/13/1876
Lincoln, Matilda A., Mrs.,  age 67, April 1 St Johnsbury 4/12/1875
Lincoln, Mrs., old citizen, funeral last Fri., dau is Mrs. Wm. Chapin of MA, buried Greensboro  (item) Greensboro at Natick, MA 7/19/1875
Lindsay, Mrs., recently, mother of, Mrs.  B. B. Field, of paralysis West Derby 4/1/1878
Lindsay, Nancy, Mrs., age 43, March 28, of paralysis West Derby 4/8/1878
Litchfield, Mattie E., age 9 y 6 m, June 4, dau of A. M. & Mary Litchfield Westmore 6/30/1873
Litchfield, W. J., Mr., young man, week ago last Sunday, sick 4 days Newport Center 5/19/1879
Litchfield, Wesley J., age 22, May 4, of typhoid pneumonia Newport 5/19/1879
Little, __, Mrs.,  last Wed., wife of Capt. R. H. Little Barton 10/6/1873
Little, Edward, age 76, July 6 Glover 7/10/1876
Little, Henry Capt., several weeks ago, died near Chicago, bro of Capt. R. H. Little  (obit) Barton    3/30/1874
Little, R. W., last Mon., of congestion of the lungs Lennoxville, PQ 3/1/1875
Little, Richard H., Capt., age 70 y 8 m, March 7, leaves 3 children  (obit) Barton 3/8/1875
Little, Richard H., Capt., yesterday, of pneumonia & heart disease  (item) Barton 3/8/1875
Livingston, Luna Boynton, age 16 y 8 m, April 23, wife of Luke Livingston Coventry 4/29/1878
Livingstone, Lucy, about 2, Sept 25, of Geo & Mina (Boynton) Livingstone, of dysentery Coventry 10/1/1877
Livingstone, Melinda, age 73, Jan 19, wife of Wheaton Livingstone Albany 1/27/1873
Locke, Alice, age 11 m 16 d, Dec 11, only dau of J. T. & E. R. Locke, of membranous croup Barton Landing 12/13/1875
Locke, Edwin Maurice, age 5 m 14 d, Aug 22, of Edwin S. & Emma D. Locke Barton 9/8/1873
Locke, Esther K., Mrs.,  age 92 y 1 m 5 d, Jan 3 Irasburgh 1/19/1874
Locke, Esther K., Mrs., age 93, Jan 3, wife of Wm Locke, born Epson, NH  (obit) Irasburgh 1/19/1874
Locke, Phebe A., age 69 y 6 m, Sept 20, wife of Simon K. Locke Barton 10/4/1875
Lockwood, Reuben, age 75, May 7 Irasburgh 5/19/1873
Lontine, Mary, age 37, June 18, wife of Frank Lontine Newport 7/2/1877
Lord, W. H., Rev. Dr., age 54, March 18, of blood poisoning, leaves widow & 5 children  (obit) Montpelier 3/26/1877
Loveland, Asa, age 74, April 25 Irasburgh 5/6/1878
Loveland, Asa, recently, lived on same farm for nearly 50 years Irasburgh 5/6/1878
Low, Asa, age 80, 9th, paper manufacturer & business man, resident 50 years  (item) Bradford 1/18/1875
Lowe, Mary L., age 71, Aug 19, wife of D. P. Lowe East Hardwick 9/16/1878
Lowell, daughter, age 10, last Thurs., of Frank Lowell, burned in fire  (item) Norwich 3/17/1873
Lucia, Charles, last Wed., poisoned with blue vitriol, thought it was cider  (item) Bridgeport 3/17/1873
Lufkin, David, Friday week before last, died suddenly of intense pain in stomach Lincoln 12/23/1872
Lund, __, Mrs.,  funeral last Wed., wife of Rufus Lund, died in Groton    (item) Evansville & Brownington 5/7/1877
Lund, Mialma, age 37, April 22, wife of Rufus Lund Brownington at Groton 5/7/1877
Lunt, ___, Mrs.,  age 46, Oct 14, wife of Charles Lunt Derby Line 10/22/1877
Lyman, Mary Wilson, May 14, wife of Timothy Lyman Glover 5/20/1878
Lyman, Ruby, Mrs.,  age 95 y 7 m, Sept 28 Glover 10/4/1875
Lyon, ___, Mrs.,  buried the 16th, wife of Mr. J. Lyon, has also buried 3 kids in the last 2 years Westmore 7/24/1876
Lyon, 1 child, last week, makes 3 children in 1 week, of J. P. Lyon, of canker rash Brownington 3/29/1875
Lyon, 2 children, last week, of J. P. Lyon, of canker rash Brownington 3/15/1875
Lyon, Persis, Mrs., age about 39, July 14 Westmore 7/24/1876
Lyon, William, age 53, suicide by hanging, leaves wife & 5 children  (item) Craftsbury 7/27/1874
Lyon, William, July 18, suicide by hanging  (item) Craftsbury 7/20/1874
Macia, two brothers, ages 17 & 11, last Wed., went over a dam in a boat (item) East Highgate 5/12/1873
Mack, Milo, week ago last Sun., thrown from wagon & broke his back (item) Thetford 11/13/1876
MacKenzie, Lucy, age 13, Sept 16 Derby 9/23/1878
Macomber, Bertie, last Friday, suicide  East Montpelier 12/30/1878
Macomber, Gertie, age 1 y 4 m 17 d, March 7, of Amos & Susie Macomber, of diphtheria East Craftsbury 3/22/1875
Magoon, ___, Mrs.,  age 37, Aug 2, wife of Daniel Magoon Barton    8/5/1872
Magoon, Sarah I. Oaks, age 83, Aug 2, w/o Daniel M. Magoon, congestion of the lungs (item) (age 38 correction) Barton 9/30/1872
Mainwaring, W. C., Feb 23, killed by cars at Fredricksburgh, VA, formerly of St. Albans St Albans at VA 3/4/1878
Maloney, William, age 23, week ago last Fri., fell off sloop "Essex" in Lake Champlain, drowned Burlington 10/30/1876
Manley, Miss, age 23, several weeks ago, suicide by arsenic Milton Falls 8/12/1872
Mann, John, June 15, shot dead in a drunken row, soldier in the 17th US Inf.  (item) Roxbury at Concord, NH 6/24/1872
Mann, Sarah S., age 28 y 3 m 14 d, of late Isaac & Martha Mann, killed in rr disaster Ashtabula, OH Plainfield at OH 2/5/1877
Manning, John, week ago last Sat., suicide by cutting his throat & hanging, wounded in war (item) N. Hyde Park 10/1/1877
Mansfield, Lucretia, Mrs., age 81, June 13 Barton 6/16/1873
Manson, Robert, Maj., Sat., died in South Eastern Rail Road disaster, buried Masonville VT? 8/31/1874
Mansur, William, age 76 y 4 m, Sept 20 Morgan 9/30/1878
Manuel, Gardner, age 80, Aug 31 North Troy 9/3/1877
Manuel, Gardner, age 80, last Friday North Troy 9/3/1877
Marcia, child, of Mr. Marcia, fell into pail of hot water, died soon after Fairfax 3/24/1879
Marsh, __, Mrs.,  recently, wife of Charles A. J. Marsh, died at Minneapolis, Minn Craftsbury 6/1/1874
Marsh, Ella L., age 26, Oct 5, wife of Harry Marsh South Troy 10/13/1873
Marsh, Lyndon A., over 70, Tues., of late Charles Marsh, bro is George P. Marsh  (item) Woodstock 11/11/1872
Marshall, Almon J., age 5 y 9 m, Oct 17, of John L & Tirzah J. Marshall, of diphtheria Brownington 10/22/1877
Marshall, Charles, age 18, Dec 15, of Woodbury Marshall West Burke 12/17/1877
Marshall, Idella L. Bennett, age about 19, Nov 26, wife of Edwin P. Marshall St. Johnsbury 12/2/1878
Marshton, Orrie, age 4 y 3 m, Dec 22, of James & Stella Marshton West Derby 1/8/1877
Marston, George, young man, of consumption, died in Minnesota, buried Derby West Derby 10/28/1878
Marston, Mary Blanche, age 1 y 4 m 14 d, March 14, only child of Charles & Blanche L. Marston Derby 4/6/1874
Martelle, Moses, Tues., went through the ice with horse & sleigh near Cumberland Head (item) Plattsburgh, NH & Grand Isle 1/13/1873
Martin, __, Mrs., Thursday, wife of William H. Martin, after brief but severe illness Barton 2/5/1877
Martin, ___, Mrs.,  age 71, Dec 31, wife of Job Martin Barton 1/3/1876
Martin, Abbie C., age 17 y 9 m, Aug 10, dau of W. H. H. Martin Barton 8/11/1879
Martin, Abbie, age 17, yesterday, dau of W. H. Martin, sister is Mrs. F. E. Powell  (item) Barton 8/11/1879
Martin, Frederick, age about 23, Jan 17, of Horace Martin Lyndon at Hoosac Tunnel 1/25/1875
Martin, Harmon M., age 63, March 23, died Minneapolis, Minn., of pneumonia Danville at Minn. 4/9/1877
Martin, John, age 104, recently, born Nicolet, Can., son is Joseph Martin  (item) Westfield 5/7/1877
Martin, Mattie, age 22, last week, ate arsenic to look more beautiful  (item) Colchester 3/18/1872
Martin, Melvin, young man, 3rd inst, drowned while driving logs on river Canaan at White River Jct 7/20/1874
Martin, Prudence, age 97, May 17, widow of Kendrick Martin Barton 5/18/1874
Martin, Solon, Rev., Sat, of inflammation of the stomach West Fairlee 11/25/1878
Marvin, Daniel B., recently, run over by train at Fitchburg, MA  (item) Sheldon at MA 2/12/1877
Mason, ___, Widow, last Sun., w/o George F. Mason, committed suicide by hanging at Brattleboro Marlboro, NH at Brattleboro 6/22/1874
Mason, Abel, age 65, Sept 20 Craftsbury 9/30/1878
Mason, Candace, (history), age 80, on poor farm, spins and knits for families, early settler Craftsbury 3/26/1877
Mason, Emeline, age 69, Feb 26, wife of Dr. Tyler Mason, of lung congestion W Glover & Newport Ctr. 3/11/1878
Mason, Frank, 27th ult, of Sanford Mason, died in Saginaw, Mich in severe snow storm (item) Chester at Mich 3/27/1876
Mason, Moses, 28th, from injuries in the winter from falling on ice Morrisville 8/13/1877
Mason, Tyler, Dr. (history) father Daniel Mason early settler of Johnathan Mason Craftsbury 11/4/1878
Matten, Chloe, age 75, wife of John Matten, of consumption Newport Center 7/27/1874
Matten, James, old resident, last Wed, dropped dead Newport Center at Bolton 4/9/1877
Matthews, ___, Mrs.,  yesterday, wife of A. D. Matthews Barton Landing 5/21/1877
Mattison, William B., age 80, April 24, dropped dead S. Shaftsbury 5/17/1875
Maxfield, George, age 70, last week Tues., injured by falling tree, died soon after  (item) N. Hyde Park 6/11/1877
Maxfield, James, a few days ago, drowned Hatley, PQ 11/11/1872
Maxfield, John B., age 78, Jan 17, of mouth cancer Craftsbury 2/15/1875
Maxwell, ___, Mrs., last Sat., w/o Thomas Maxwell, suicide by hanging, not well mentally (item) Putnam 1/8/1872
May, Daniel, age 64, Sept 19 Barton 9/21/1874
May, Thomas O., age 79 y 9 m, July 28 Barton 8/5/1878
May, Thomas O., old citizen, Monday, 2nd male child born in Barton   (obit) Barton 8/5/1878
Mayfield, Miss, young woman, last Monday, suicide by taking arsenic Milton at W. Randolph 12/2/1872
Maylon, John, recently, of O'Brien's circus, drunk & run over by wagon (item) Vergennes of Geneva, NY 7/16/1877
Maynard, Bertie, age 2, Oct 17, son of Darius & Diantha Maynard Lowell 10/27/1879
Maynard, Edith B., age 17, Mon., dau of S. B. Maynard, suicide by hanging W Enosburgh 10/13/1879
McAllister, Fred, age 7, Wed week before last, of Robert McAllister, drowned at Waits River West Newbury 7/19/1875
McAuliff, Patrick, age 45, 31st, head crushed while unloading logs, leaves large family (item) Bellows Falls 8/6/1877
McBride, Neill, last Mon., working at marble quarry where stone block fell & crushed him (item) Rutland 11/13/1876
McCauley, Terrence, week ago last Fri, frozen to death taking a short cut  (item 2-8) Rutland 1/25/1875
McClenathan, Lillian May, age 1 y 7 m 20 d, Aug 25, of H. A. & H. N. McClenathan, of whooping cough Barton    9/2/1872
McClenathan, William, 11th inst, had a fit and fell into well and drowned, buried Johnson Salem 7/15/1878
McClenathan, William, age 75, July 11 Salem 7/15/1878
McCoy, Daniel, last Thurs., suicide by hanging  (item) Cambridge 7/19/1875
McCroy, (Mr. Prob), murdered last March, possibly done by (Mr.?) Turner, trial pending verdict Craftsbury 9/23/1872
McCroy, Charles, 6th inst., was drunk and trying to break down door of Mr. Turner's house (item) Craftsbury 3/18/1872
McCroy, Mr., shot in leg by Mr. Turner, died next day, charged with murder (item) Craftsbury 3/11/1872
McDaniels, David, age 84, Jan 22 Barton 1/22/1872
McDaniels, Emily Cheaver, age 65, Sept 17, wife of David McDaniels, of cancer East Hardwick 9/23/1878
McDowell, __, Mrs.,  age 57, Dec 15, wife of Thomas McDowell Sheffield 12/22/1879
McDowell, Frederic, age 20 y 9 m, Jan 1 Sheffield 1/28/1878
McDuffee, James, age 73, Jan 14, of late John McDuffee, of Bradford at Indiana Eel River, Indiana 2/24/1879
McElroy, Widow, age 82, Sept 12 Lowell 9/18/1876
McEwin, Augustus, age 84, recently, had his grave dug 20 years ago and funeral planned (item) Hinesburg 1/20/1873
McFarland, Charles W. (history) of Andrew McFarland, now a town charge, towns he lived in Coventry & Craftsbury 9/15/1879
McGinnon, Barney, Wednesday, run over by train while drunk Wolcott 11/3/1873
McGrath, Mr., last week, found dead under saw mill where he worked, prob fell on the rocks McIndoes Falls 8/4/1879
McGrath, Richard, age 14, week ago Fri., smashed empty nitro-glycerin can with rock (item) Hydeville 10/18/1875
McGreen, Retta Bunker, age 19, Nov 18, wife of Octave McGreen Sutton 11/25/1878
McGregor, Duncan, age 97, Jan 25, in Battle of Plattsburgh  (item) Alburgh 2/12/1877
McGuire, Brien, last Friday, fell dead, of heart disease Bennington 11/24/1879
McIndoe, Lyman J., age 54, Wed, of James & Abigail McIndoe, born Barnet  (obit) Windsor prob 1/5/1874
McInlear, Mr., recently, killed by cars, had been beaten by tramps recently  (item) Wallingford 8/9/1875
McIntyre, Archibald, 3d inst, found hanging from a tree Cuttingsville 9/17/1877
McIver, Daniel, recently, drowned while driving logs over falls, Scotchman Waterford 7/17/1876
McKay, Mr., killed at Lennoxville by trains, worked for Passumpsic road Lennoxville 8/5/1872
McKeen, Silas, Rev. Dr., age 87, 10th inst  (item) Bradford 12/17/1877
McKenty, Nancy, Mrs., age 51, Jan 30 Barton    2/8/1875
McKenzie, Ella E., age 21, Oct 2, dau of S. D. & E. A. McKenzie, of consumption Derby 11/26/1877
McKenzie, Ella, Miss, age 21, Oct 2 Derby 10/8/1877
McLane, Smith, age 37, June 30 Craftsbury 7/29/1872
McLellan, Clarissa, Mrs.,  age 75 y 7 m 14 d, Oct 4 Danville 10/14/1878
McLellan, John, last Thursday, leaves wife & children North Troy 5/1/1876
McLeod, Murdoch, age 20, 17th inst, mine car of stone fell on him   (item) Capleton Copper Mines 8/23/1875
McLure, James, last Sat, hit in abdomen by cross buck, acute inflammation of the bowels (item) Ryegate 2/23/1874
McMahon, John, recently, born Fairfield, VT, shot in head by jealous woman De Soto, MO 2/4/1878
McMahon, Mr., 4th inst., tried to get on moving train & was killed  (item) Roxbury at Montpelier 3/23/1874
McMahon, Patrick, June, suicide by cutting his throat Stowe 7/15/1878
McMasters, son, age 9, Fri., of Charles McMasters, sons were playing in rr yard and killed (item) Bennington 6/4/1877
McMichael, William, lad, 28th ult, drowned while bathing Windsor Mills, Canada 8/11/1873
McNab, Dr., age 94, week ago Sat., died Woodsville, NH Barnet & McIndoes 7/29/1878
McNab, Sarah, Mrs.,  age 71, March 31 Derby 4/8/1878
McNab, Sarah, Mrs., week ago Sunday, post mortem showed stomach passage closed  (item 3-18) Derby 4/8/1878
McNamara, Michael, recently  (item) St Johnsbury 10/23/1876
McNeal, Isaac, age 75, Jan 5 Barton 1/6/1879
McNeal, Isaac, aged citizen, Sun., injured when he fell backwards trying to put out fire (item) Barton 1/6/1879
McNeal, Isaac, funeral last Wed., friend of over 50 years Mr. Scott was there Barton 1/13/1879
McNeil, L. H., Mr., 21st inst., leaves wife, died at his father's  (item) Burke & Westmore 4/29/1878
McNeil, Paul, age 79, March 23 Barton Landing 4/8/1872
McNeilage, Archibald, age 81, Dec 12 Glover 12/22/1879
McRoy, Charles, murdered March 3, 1872, killed by Henry Turner  (see item) Craftsbury 2/17/1873
McVee, John, recently, killed by being knocked onto a circular saw by a piece of wood (item) Sharon 12/31/1877
McWhirter, Samuel, Nov 19, at Fitchburgh, MA Holland 11/23/1874
McWhirter, Samuel, recently, died in Mass, buried in Derby Line beside his wife (item) Holland & Derby 11/23/1874
Mead, George, age 10, April 10, of Frank Mead, accidentally hanged himself  (item) Elmore 4/21/1873
Mead, William, week before last, froze to death, served in army 9 years (item) Alburgh of Plattsburg, NY 2/4/1878
Meade, C. B., Mr., last Monday, painful illness of two years  (item) Brownington 2/3/1879
Meade, Eli, age 64, last Thurs., suicide by shooting himself in heart Shoreham 3/23/1874
Meade, Orpha, May 6, w/o Col. John B. Meade, d/o late Elias Carpenter, of pneumonia Randolph 5/14/1877
Meader, Alwyn, age 19, last Friday, broke through ice while skating  (item) Ferrisburgh 1/12/1874
Mellen, Warren, Mon week before last, suicide by shooting himself, going blind  (item) Wilmington 9/13/1875
Merchant, Frank, last Thurs., drank colchicum thinking it was whiskey Bradford    11/24/1873
Mero, Horace, age 73, Jan 2(3), formerly of Concord, NH West Derby 2/3/1873
Merrian, Oreana Flint, age 24 y 11 m, Nov 27, wife of William A. Merriam Glover 12/31/1877
Merrill, Carlos B., 8th inst, moved to Iowa about 4 years ago, died there  (item) Barton Landing 3/15/1875
Merrill, Carlos B., age 56, March 8, died Eldora, Iowa Barton Landing 3/15/1875
Merrill, Charles K., age 71, March 31 Barton Landing 4/21/1873
Merrill, E. C., last Wed., died suddenly, had recent financial failure   (item) Charleston 2/9/1874
Merrill, Fred G., missing last fall, body found in river recently, murdered  (item) Goffstown 4/14/1873
Merrill, John, age 63 y 11 m, July 12 Iberia, Minn 8/3/1874
Merrill, Paschal, recently, crushed by a log that he was rolling Reading 10/1/1877
Merrill, Paschal, recently, killed by tree he cut down  (item) Reading 10/22/1877
Merrill, Samuel, age 79, May 16 Albany 6/11/1877
Merrill, William P., May 13, died at Insane Asylum of disease contracted in the service, Co G 4th VT Vol Cabot at Brattleboro 6/24/1872
Meserve, Nathaniel (history), age 94, has 11 children now living, lives with son George Meserve Wheelock 6/9/1873
Metcalf, David C., age 72, March 10 Lowell 3/18/1872
Metcalf, Solon T., age 7 m 23 d, of Amos & L. A. Metcalf, of cholera infantum Irasburgh 10/21/1872
Metcalf, Theresa H., age 33 y 7 m, July 30, wife of Rev. R. D. Metcalf Troy at Woodbury 8/12/1878
Miles, Abner, age 77, Jan 9 Greensboro 1/27/1873
Miles, Amasa W., age 10 y 3 m 8 d, Feb 8, of O. P. & A. J. Miles, of diphtheria Eden 2/24/1879
Miles, Ezekiel, age about 45, last Sat., hurt in saw mill accident  (item) Sheffield 9/30/1878
Miles, James, recently, of small pox Danville 1/15/1877
Miles, John, age 45, recently Craftsbury 10/14/1878
Miles, Joseph, age 22, today, killed by cars  (item) Lyndon Center at Barton 4/23/1877
Miles, Nathan, one of oldest citizens of town, last week Craftsbury 3/26/1877
Miles, Orrin, age 64 y 6 m 12 d, May 20 Albany 5/26/1877
Miles, Phebe A., age 15 y 3 m, Nov 11, of O. P. & A. J. Miles, of diphtheria Barton of Eden 2/24/1879
Miles, Phebe, young lady, last week, helping with Helon Newton family, of diphtheria Barton of Jay 11/18/1878
Miles, Robert, age 73, Sept 4 Albany 9/15/1873
Millard, Ellis, recently, horse got scared and tipped load over on top of him (item) Danby 9/15/1879
Miller, ___, Mrs.,  20th inst., wife of Albert Miller, died at Derby at her father's  (item) Westfield 4/28/1879
Miller, Charles, about 18, recently, of Rev. R. D. Miller, prob broke blood vessel while bathing (item) W. Newbury at Gill, MA 8/10/1874
Miller, Freeman, Sunday, resident of town about 50 years, died suddenly while sitting Newport 7/21/1879
Miller, George, last Sunday, of erysipelas & sores all over   (item) Lyndon Center 4/5/1875
Miller, Jasper, 22d inst., visiting from the west, died at Mr. W. W. Wood's Westfield 4/28/1879
Miller, Jesse, age 83, Oct 8 Coventry 10/18/1875
Miller, John C., Thurs., brakeman, fell from train and killed Bethel, ME of ? 4/29/1872
Miller, Lizzie, age 40, Feb 19, widow of Marshall J. Miller, of heart disease Brownington of Coventry 3/3/1879
Miller, Nancy T., age 47 y 10 m, Jan 17, wife of Orson Miller Troy 1/25/1875
Miller, son, age 10, week ago last Sat., of George Miller, killed by the cars Proctorsville 11/8/1875
Miller, Thaddeus, (history) age 78, 3 wives, 18 children, 61 grandchildren, 41 ggrandchildren Glen Sutton, PQ 4/2/1877
Miller, Warren, week before last, while drawing logs at Wells River Ryegate 1/6/1879
Mills, __, Mrs.,  Aug 9, wife of Nathaniel Mills, at son-in-law's X. Udall, of heart disease Craftsbury at Wolcott 8/17/1874
Miner, Mr., old citizen, died Wed., staging of new church fell on him  (item) Granby 12/15/1879
Miner, Nathan L., missing last Aug, son of Ethan Miner, probably murdered (item) Newbury & Peacham 2/7/1876
Minor, Joe, age 52, last Friday died Tues., fell into vat of boiling sap, buried St. Albans (item) Fairfield 4/29/1872
Minor, Joseph, about 32, last Tues., stabbed Mon. by two men, Mother from St. Czair (item) St. Albans 8/3/1874
Minot, Willard (Heath), Mrs., age 52, Nov 14, died Rockford, IL Glover 1/6/1873
Mitchell, ___, Mrs.,  age 30, May 17, wife of Thomas Mitchell, of apoplexy Sutton 5/26/1879
Mitchell, ___, Mrs.,  age 30, May 17, wife of Thomas Mitchell, of apoplexy  (item) Sutton 6/2/1879
Mitchell, Samuel, last Thurs., kicked in head while trying to catch horse, son is John Mitchell (item) Bridgewater 7/17/1876
Molchet, Betsey, Miss, age 50, recently, drowned herself Manchester 11/3/1873
Montague, Solomon, age 94, 20th Cambridge 6/2/1879
Montgomery, Alexander, age 74 y 5 m, Aug 9 Newport 8/18/1873
Montgomery, Rebecca, age 81 y 10 m, Jan 13, widow of Alexander Montgomery Newport    1/20/1879
Montgomery, William K., murdered recently at Lansingburg, NY Sheffield 7/24/1876
Moodie, Daniel, age 30, Nov 12 Craftsbury 12/2/1878
Moodie, John R., age 40, March 3, Lieut in the 6th Vt regiment, of consumption  (item) Craftsbury at Lowell, MA 3/8/1875
Moodie, Robert, age 91, July 22 Craftsbury 7/29/1878
Moody, Robert, age 90, recently, came from Scotland 40 years ago Craftsbury 8/5/1878
Moore, 2 sons, age 9 & 17, of Hosea Moore, of diphtheria, buried in same grave Bridgewater 12/30/1878
Moore, John, about 80, last Thurs., suicide by hanging (item) Highgate 4/16/1877
Moores, Peter, age 79 y 7 m 7 d, Oct 14 Glover 10/26/1874
Moran, Michael, age 19, Wed week before last, killed in quarry when stone fell on him (item) West Rutland 12/7/1874
Morey, Clarence F., age 14 m 26 d, Dec 16, son of F. A. & Emma J. Morey Derby 12/29/1879
Morey, David, last Thurs., dropped dead of neuralgia of the heart Stamford 1/3/1876
Morey, Martha Frizzel, Mrs., age 101 y 10 m, March 18 Strafford 4/22/1878
Morey, Martha Frizzell (history) born 1776, wid/o Reuben Morey, 5 kids living Strafford 3/6/1876
Morey, Myra Huntington, age 29 y 5 m 3 d, June 15, wife of Charles Morey Irasburgh 7/7/1879
Morgan, Ben, Mon., tipped wagon over and killed, leaves wife & children (item0 S. Woodstock 6/18/1877
Morrill, (history) entire family of Edwin R. Morrill died, father, mother, wife & 3 kids in last 10 yrs S. Danville 1/18/1875
Morrill, David, age 91, last Wed Norwich 5/13/1878
Morrill, James, age 4, recently, son of Mr. Carson, fell through floor at mill into waterway (item) Shipton, PQ 3/1/1875
Morrill, James, age 63 y 10 m, Feb 11 Derby 3/1/1875
Morrill, Nellie, age 5, Dec 23, of William & Adalina Morrill, of diphtheria West Danville 12/31/1877
Morrin, Joseph, recently, slipped into the CT River while fishing and drowned (item) Guildhall 6/25/1877
Morrison, Carrie B., age 21 y 2 m, Oct 24, of quick consumption Lyndonville 10/29/1877
Morrison, David, recently, stole a ride on top of RR car, got knocked off by a bridge Rutland 3/20/1876
Morro, Charles, last Sat., found dead in the road, probably of a fit Bradford    12/16/1872
Morse, ___, Mrs., Thursday (last?), w/o William Morse, died on visit to bro in Wisc (item) East Charleston 5/12/1879
Morse, ___, Mrs., age 61, April 4 Derby 4/10/1876
Morse, 2 children, recently, of Everett Morse, of diphtheria Newark 5/26/1879
Morse, 7 children, recently, of Charles Morse, all of diphtheria  (item) Plainfield 1/13/1879
Morse, Abigail, age 83 y 5 m, Oct 8, w/o Col. Joseph Morse, dau is Mrs.  John Holton, of consumption Morgan of Salem 11/4/1872
Morse, C., Miss, age 33, last Sat., drowned herself in fit of insanity Fairlee 6/8/1874
Morse, Delia, age 7, May 21, of Everett Morse Newark 6/2/1879
Morse, Freddie, age 13, May 28, of John & Loella Morse Newark 6/2/1879
Morse, George Johnston, age 9 y, April 2, of S. E. & E. C. Morse, of canker rash Craftsbury 5/5/1879
Morse, George, age 16, recently, killed by falling tree  (item) Jay of North Troy 12/17/1877
Morse, George, last Tues., found dead after excessive drinking & eating, apoplexy  (item) Rock Island, PQ 3/1/1875
Morse, infant dau., Feb 12, of Fred H. & Mary E. Morse Colchester 2/24/1879
Morse, Irving, age 5, May 23, of Everett Morse Newark 6/2/1879
Morse, James, age 10, May 21, of John & Loella Morse Newark 6/2/1879
Morse, Jennie, age 5 y 9 m, May 21, of John & Loella Morse Newark 6/2/1879
Morse, John Edward, age 6 y 8 m, April 11, of S. E. & E. C. Morse, of canker rash Craftsbury 5/5/1879
Morse, Lewis, age 85, Jan 18, buried Franklin County (2/24) Newport Center 2/3/1879
Morse, Maria H., Mrs.,  age 63 y 11 m, April 17, dau of Moses Hubbard Colchester & Brookfield 5/3/1875
Morse, Mary Elzina Mansur, age 30, Oct 8, wife of Nixon Morse Holland 10/26/1874
Morse, Mary Emma, age 6 mos, May 29, of John & Loella Morse Newark 6/2/1879
Morse, Miss, recently, dau of Major Morse, of canker rash  (item) North Troy at Chicago 2/21/1876
Morse, Mr., young man, accidentally shot by brother while hunting on Tues  (item) East Concord 12/9/1878
Morse, Oliver, age 69, Jan 16, killed by falling tree  (item) Danville 1/25/1875
Morse, son, recently, oldest son of Samuel Morse, of canker rash Craftsbury 4/14/1879
Morse, Whipple, June 18 Coventry 6/25/1877
Morse, Whipple, last Monday, of apoplexy Coventry 6/25/1877
Morse, Willie, age 3, May 23, of John & Loella Morse Newark 6/2/1879
Morway, John, age 8, March 21, son of M/M Nelson Morway Albany 4/3/1876
Morway, Joseph, age 76, Feb 26 Albany 3/3/1879
Moulton, Arthur, about 20, last Monday, of Lewis Moulton, drowned while swimming Newport Center of Troy 6/10/1878
Moulton, I. A., age 31, Nov 24, of typhoid fever, died Eldorado, Kansas Newport 12/15/1873
Moulton, little daughter, last week, only child of Charles Moulton, died on visit to Franklin  Newport Center 11/8/1875
Moxley, Hattie, age 16, March 9 Albany 3/18/1878
Moxley, Jennie L., age 15 y 6 m, April 5, of consumption Albany 4/28/1879
Munday, James, Monday last, killed by falling off a train  (item) Montpelier 9/7/1874
Mundee, Mr., age 65, employee tried to hop onto moving train, fell off and run over  (item) Marshfield 9/7/1874
Murcommock, William Wallace, murdered by Royal Carr, last Wed., (long item) Calais 12/23/1878
Murphy, __, Mrs., Wed., w/o Owen Murphy, kicked to death by a drunk, buried N. Adams  (item) Pownal 2/10/1879
Murphy, James, age 12, Thurs week before last, clothes caught on fire  (item) VT 3/29/1875
Murphy, Patrick, 12th ult, drowned by missing the bridge in the dark Hastings, Canada 6/10/1872
Murray, girl, age about 3, April 2, dau of Widow Murray, fell in pail of hot water Coventry 4/6/1847
Mussey, John B., Dea., March 6 Coventry 3/8/1875
Muzzey, Joseph, Thurs., killed trying to drive team across tracks  (item) Winooski 7/21/1873
Muzzy, John, age 42, May 9 Coventry 5/13/1872
Napoleon, child, Friday week before last, of Mr. Napoleon, of small pox Barnet 3/17/1873
Nash, Robert, recently, lying on tracks drunk, run over by train  (item) Burlington & Brandon 11/2/1874
Nason, Charles Wm Ermitinger, age 15 mos, Sept 15, of Clark & Olive Nason Irasburgh 9/30/1872
Nason, Olive Barrey, March 5, wife of Clark Nason, very suddenly Holland 3/30/1874
Neagle, William, age 50, Feb 25 Westmore 3/6/1876
Nelson, Christopher, age 25, last Friday, brakeman killed by train cars  (item) S Barton of Deerfield, MA 3/4/1872
Nelson, Eva Lillian, age 1 y 8 m, Dec 30?, of John D. & Lizzie M. Nelson, of consumption Albany 3/4/1872
Nelson, Freddie J., Dec 30, of John D. & Lizzie M. Nelson, of consumption Albany 3/4/1872
Nelson, George E., age 25, last Wed., of A. B. Nelson, overdose of chloral  (item) Derby Line 10/22/1877
Nelson, George E., age 25, Oct 17 Derby Line 10/22/1877
Nelson, Walter I., age 10 m 7 d, March 14, of John D. & Lizzie M. Nelson, of consumption East Albany 4/6/1874
Nesbit, Catherine Donald, age 78, Jan 29, son is John Borland, native of Scotland  (item) Glover 2/5/1872
Newcomb, __, Mrs.,  age 60, Sept 18, wife of Martin Newcomb Derby 9/24/1877
Newcomb, Albert D., age 28 y 9 m, Oct 22, of typhoid fever & hemorrhage of the bowels Derby 11/4/1872
Newcomb, Edith R., age 13 y 11 m 6 d, Jan 12, of scrofula & consumption Albany 1/20/1879
Newell, Elizabeth Stark, Mrs., age 85, Sun before last, g-dau of Maj. Gen. John Stark (item) New York 9/25/1876
Newell, Julia, Mrs., recently, fell downstairs and dislocated her neck, died soon (item) Charlotte at Lynn, MA 4/6/1874
Newell, Traman, Mr., age 85, Jan 19 West Burke 1/22/1872
Newton, A., Mrs.,  age 91, July 31, widow of Isaac Newton Barton 8/9/1875
Newton, Allena Malvina Chesney, age 35 y 4 m, Oct 29, w/o George Newton, of consumption Coventry 11/3/1879
Newton, Cornelia Works, age 24, March 19, wife of Clinton Newton Lowell 3/24/1879
Newton, Mrs., recently, married exactly 4 months ago Lowell 3/24/1879
Newton, Susannah, April 12, wife of Samuel Newton Coventry 4/14/1873
Nice, Mrs., Tuesday, stuck by lightning St Albans 8/19/1872
Nichols, Aaron A., age 83 y 8 m, April 2 Morgan 4/15/1878
Nichols, dau, age 3, last Thurs., of Harmon Nichols, fell into pail of hot water Williston 11/18/1872
Nichols, Martha, age 59, May 23, wife of Prof J. V. Nichols Morgan 5/27/1876
Nichols, Martha, last week, w/o Prof. J. V. Nichols, buried in flower garden near her home (item) Morgan 5/27/1876
Nichols, Truman, young man, was passing counterfeit money prior to death  (item) Morgan 9/18/1876
Nichols, William, age 87, 3d inst, killed by bull Richmond 8/16/1875
Nickerson, __, Mrs.,  last Thurs., wife of Rev. S. S. Nickerson, buried NH West Derby 3/30/1874
Niles, __, Mrs., last Thurs., suicide by hanging, w/o Jay Niles, d/o Erastus Jewett   Pownal 5/28/1877
Niles, David, (history) age 55, raped step daughter, wife was widow Gray  West Burke 5/4/1874
Niles, J. W., Mrs., 9th inst, died suddenly Derby 12/22/1879
Niles, Susan Kinney, age 20 y 8 m, July 21, wife of William Niles Irasburgh 7/22/1878
Niles, William, age 85, May 29 Coventry 6/5/1876
Norris, __, Mrs.,  recently, wid/o Hardwick Norris, buried here with her husband (item) Hardwick at Worcester 6/7/1875
Norris, Elmer Ward, age 2 y 2 m 15 d, March 9, of Almon E. & Clara Norris, of canker rash Albany 3/13/1876
Norris, Jonathan, age 79, Nov 28 Albany 12/8/1873
Norris, Samuel R., age 64, Aug 12 Hardwick 8/26/1878
Northrop, Jonathan, old man, Tues., crushed by train backing up at Sherbrooke (item) West Danville 4/6/1874
Northrop, Mr., age 84, 18th inst, paralytic shock Craftsbury 6/28/1875
Norton, ___, Mrs.,  aged lady, last Fri., w/o Nathan Norton, injured from falling out of bed Glover 2/10/1879
Noyes, __ Miss, funeral yesterday, died at Seymour Fisk's in Barton Barton of Berlin 11/12/1877
Noyes, David P., Hon., age 86, recently, died in Burlington, formerly of Morrisville  (item) Burlington 11/1/1875
Noyes, Elvira C., Miss, age 35, Nov 7 Barton 11/26/1877
Noyes, Lucius H., Hon., age 66, 4th inst, born Hyde Park, severe attack of paralysis   (obit) Hyde Park 2/12/1877
Nugent, William, June 21, gathering ties on rr, hit in chest by revolving hand crank & fell on tracks (item) Middlebury 6/30/1873
Nutter, Benjamin, Oct 29, lived in NH, Barton, CA & Minn, died Iowa Falls, Iowa, of consumption  (item) Barton & St Johnsbury 11/17/1873
Nutter, Emma C., age 23 y 11 m, only dau of Mark & Lucy O. Nutter, of consumption of the bowels Iowa Falls, Iowa 10/13/1873
Nutting, Arthur Warren, age 9 y 7 m 6 d, Sept 12, of Luther E. & Martha Nutting, of diphtheria Westmore 9/22/1873
Nutting, Delia, age 7, Dec 7, dau of William & Caroline Nutting St Johnsbury 12/21/1874
Nye, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Zenas Nye, left 14 children, 50 grandchildren & 36 ggrand children Westford 2/22/1875
Nye, Abbie M., age 27, June 7, wife of Lucius S. Nye, brother is Judge Ross Coventry 6/9/1873
Nye, Ashbel, about 70, 18th Charleston 12/22/1873
Nye, Ashbel, about 74, Dec 18 West Charleston 12/29/1873
Nye, George, age 52, Dec 8, paralytic shock Lowell 12/16/1878
Nye, George, age 52, died 1878 Lowell 1/13/1879
Nye, Katie W., age 12 y 7 m, Aug 7, only child of Salmon & Mattie Nye, inflammation of the bowels Coventry 8/19/1878
Nye, Mary L., age 69, Feb 9, wife of Lewis Nye, died suddenly  (item) Coventry 3/1/1875
Nye, Norman Phineas, age 8 m, Aug 31, of Frederick S. & Clara J. Nye Barton Landing 9/4/1876
Oaks, Sarah A., Mrs.,  age 59, Nov 11 Barton 11/15/1875
Obi, Mr., age 45, last Fri, run over by cars, leaves wife & 4 children  (item) Groton 1/5/1874
O'Brien, dau, age 10, recently, of Patrick O'Brien, caught clothes on fire  (item) West Rutland 4/29/1878
O'Brien, son, age 12, last Fri., of Dennis O'Brien, thrown from horse onto frozen ground  (item) Benson 12/16/1872
O'Hara, infant son, June 20, of Michael O'Hara Derby 6/25/1877
O'Hara, Mary, Mrs., age 85, Oct 9 Sheffield 10/25/1875
O'Hara, Olive, age 88, 11th, buried at Glover Sheffield 9/22/1879
Olin, Vina, age 5 y 11 m 17 d, April 22, eldest dau of George & Laura Olin, brain congestion Newport 5/11/1874
Olmstead, Emery, age 80, Feb 12 Greensboro 2/25/1878
Olmstead, little girl, age 2, 5th, of Samuel Olmstead, drowned in watering trough Elmore 8/17/1874
Orcutt, Bela, age 73, April 4 West Burke 4/13/1874
Orcutt, Bella, age 86, March 4 South Barton 3/24/1873
Orcutt, Diantha, age 22 y 3 m, Feb 10, dau of F. W. & A. D. Orcutt, of consumption Concord, MA of Glover 2/17/1873
Orcutt, George, July 2, killed while driving logs on the river, drowned  (item) McIndoes of Franklin, ME 7/7/1879
Orcutt, Luella Goodwin, age 32 y 7 m 15 d, July 2, wife of Orrin W. Orcutt St. Johnsbury 7/7/1879
Orcutt, O. W., Mrs., died St. Johnsbury, buried South Barton  (item) South Barton 7/7/1879
Ordway, Ferona C. Joslyn, Nov 7, w/o Cyren B. Ordway, died Pleasant Mount, Missouri, leaves 3 kids Brownington 11/18/1872
Ordway, Sarah Jane, age 25, Oct 25, dau of Charles & Sarah M. Ordway, of consumption Newport 10/30/1876
Ordway, Shadrack, age 69 y 10 m, Feb 2, of consumption Coventry 2/3/1873
O'Rouke, John, age 23, 12th, drowned in CT river while bathing, prob of cramps  (item) White River Jct 7/24/1876
Orr, John, last Tuesday, got drunk and was on RR track, got run over by train  (item) Barton 8/10/1874
Osgood, O. C., Mr., age 67 y 5 m 27 d, April 13, of lung disease East Hardwick 4/29/1872
Osier, Arthur, age 20, last Thursday, drowned while bathing  (item) Barton at St. J. 6/30/1879
Otis, Phebe Ann, Mrs., Jan 9, dau/o James S. Furniss, suicide by shooting herself  (item) Colchester Ctr 1/21/1878
Ovitt, Bertie, age 3 y 9 m, Aug 10, only child of H. S. & Nancy A. Ovitt Jay 8/19/1872
Ovitt, Carrie May, age 10 mos, Jan 21, of H. S. & Nancy Ovitt Jay 2/3/1879
Ovitt, child, of cholera infantum, a few days since, of Horace Ovitt Jay 8/26/1872
Ovitt, young son, last week, of H. S. Ovitt, of diphtheria Jay 1/27/1879
Owen, John, Sun., while blasting rock at quarry was hit in head by rock, died soon (item) W. Pawlet 8/5/1878
Packard, G. M., about 25, Sept 4, suicide by shooting himself, at Montreal, Can Milton Falls 9/15/1879
Packer, H. H., (history) has needlework with 'Sarah Buckler dated April 4, 1753' & other info West Burke 11/30/1874
Paddock, child, last Wed., youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. A. Paddock, heart paralysis Craftsbury 1/1/1877
Paddock, Harry, age 5 m, Dec 27, son of Augustus & Mary H. Paddock Craftsbury 1/8/1877
Paddock, James, 26th inst, at father in law's Dea. Cowles, buried Craftsbury Coventry 3/30/1874
Paddock, James, buried 24th ult, of Jersey City, buried Craftsbury Craftsbury 4/6/1874
Paddock, William G., age 44, Sept 4, resident of Rockford, IL, native of Craftsbury, visiting sister  (item) Craftsbury at Eden 9/16/1872
Paddock, William G., visiting sister in Eden, remains to Craftsbury, buried in old burying ground Barton 9/16/1872
Page, Chester, age 29, Feb 22, of quick consumption Albany 3/3/1873
Page, family, lost dau last fall, mother died recently and another child  (item 4-1) Sutton 3/18/1878
Page, George F., age 25 y 7 m 10 d, Oct 18 Westfield 10/29/1877
Page, George, last Wed., of heart disease Westfield 10/22/1877
Page, Jabez, Dea., age 83, Nov 25 Albany 12/4/1876
Page, R. W., Sunday, dropped dead, connected with Northfield quarry Northfield  4/22/1878
Page, Sally, Mrs., age 92 y 8 m, last Fri., mother of Henry Page, Esq., born Exeter, NH  (item) St Johnsbury ? 9/18/1876
Paige, Sylvester F., Sat., son of late Mrs. Lucy Robinson who also died Sat, of apoplexy (item) Rutland 10/29/1877
Paine, George, 23d, after long & severe illness Hardwick 11/30/1874
Paine, John, age 67, May 28 Albany 6/2/1873
Paine, Sewall, Rev., Sunday week before last, run over by his team  (item) Montgomery 3/12/1877
Palmer, George & wife, both drowned recently from boat on Lake Ontario Charlotte 12/1/1879
Palmer, Harry Chamberlin, age 6 y 6 m, April 22, of Frank B. & Emily Palmer, of canker rash Danville 5/1/1876
Palmer, Walter, age 2, last Tues., of Henry Palmer, walked backwards into tub of hot water Addison 9/15/1873
Paquin, Francis, recently, died from bad rum most likely, formerly of Barton  (item) Cabot 2/15/1875
Paradee, Willie, two weeks ago last Sat., died suddenly, of heart disease Jericho 1/18/1875
Parady, child, one year old, recently, of Mr. Parady, swallowed a screw & suffocated Burlington 4/19/1875
Parch, __, Mrs., age 26, April 22, wid of Colby C. Parch who died Jan 30, leaves infant child (item) Monkton 5/12/1873
Parham, William, last week, very suddenly, leaves wife over 80 & blind   Craftsbury 10/4/1875
Park, Etta, age 7 y 10 m, May 28 Newark 6/2/1879
Parker, __, Mrs.,  age 77, Nov 14, wife of Judge Parker Coventry 11/18/1872
Parker, __, Mrs., abut 30, 6th inst, w/o Taylor Parker, suicide by hanging (item) Marshfield 6/18/1877
Parker, Charles, a few weeks ago, moved to and died in Shirley, MA, of heart disease  (item) Barton 3/22/1875
Parker, Eliza, Mrs., last Wed., wid/o Joshua Parker, suicide by hanging  (item) St. Albans 7/21/1879
Parker, J. C., Mrs.,  buried on the 9th inst, died Coaticooke, PQ, buried Barton Landing Barton Landing 11/18/1878
Parker, Jane, age 68, Dec 5, wife of Robert Parker Danville 12/21/1874
Parker, Jeremiah, age 78, Feb 2, soldier of 1812 Sutton 2/10/1873
Parker, John Wesley, recently, ill 2 years, died Franconia, NH, buried Sutton  (item) Sutton 10/6/1873
Parker, Joseph C., age 22, April 12, of Thomas & L. F. Parker Glover 4/21/1879
Parker, Joseph, last Tuesday, died suddenly West Burke 9/22/1879
Parker, Joseph, young man, Sat, skull fractured at work 3 weeks ago  (item 3/31 & 4.21) Barton & Glover 4/14/1879
Parker, Julia L. Griggs, age 25, w/o Pliny Parker, sis of Mrs. L. C. Grandey of Barton Land. Warren 1/6/1879
Parker, Leander, about 40, Tuesday 2 weeks ago, rolled by train against platform (item) St Johnsbury of W. Concord 6/15/1874
Parker, Lewis (history), married 2nd wife, with boys 9 & 10 moved to Neb., boys tried to walk to VT Sutton 5/11/1874
Parker, Minerva Fyler, Oct 25, wife of Tyler E. Parker Lyndonville