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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Abbee, R. T. of Chalcothe, Ohio Woods, Miss Helen of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 11th 2/26/1858
Abbott, David of Barton Scott, Mrs Olive of Barton Glover Jan 15 1/18/1867
Abbott, George W. of Barton Stanford, Miss Alvira L. of Danville Barton Nov 22 12/8/1868
Abbott, Joseph of Danville McLellan, Mrs Prudence of Danville Glover Oct 12 10/27/1865
Abbott, Moses of Troy Kenaston, Araunah of Manchester, NH North Troy April 12 5/1/1863
Abbott, Timothy of North Troy Decker, Miss Mary E of Troy Troy Dec 12 12/23/1864
Abbott, Varnum of Glover Dwinell, Miss Ellen of Glover Barton 7th inst 10/19/1860
Adams, Charles of Stanstead, PQ Horne, Miss Elizabeth of Barnston, PQ Derby March 31 4/10/1868
Adams, John of Williamstown Webber, Miss Mary of Glover Glover June 17 6/22/1860
Adams, Lucius of Newport Clark, Miss Nancy of Potton N Troy Feb 23 4/6/1860
Adams, Oscar Lane, Miss Mayette S Troy 27th inst 6/1/1860
Adams, Roderick of Troy Powers, Miss Susan of Troy N Troy May 21 6/3/1859
Adgate, L. W. MD of Irasburg Griffith, Mary S. of Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY Feb 3 2/16/1869
Aiken, Adna A. of Eden Ladoo, Miss Dolly of Albany Albany Dec 5 12/15/1868
Aiken, Chester of Potten, CE Rulter, Miss Harriet of Potten, CE North Troy Sept 15 10/14/1859
Aiken, John B. of Troy Bowley, Miss Laura J. of Newport North Troy Sept 2 9/7/1869
Ainsworth, G. P. of Salem Burroughs, Miss E. of Coventry Coventry Dec 25 2/7/1866
Albee, Henry of Morgan (M)ansur, Miss Sarah of Morgan Derby Sept 4 11/1/1861
Aldrich, J. H. of Lisbon, NH Gowing, Miss Celia of Brownington Brownington Sept 20 9/29/1865
Aldrich, John C. of Lisbon, NH Nye, Miss Flora E. of Barton Barton June 9 6/15/1869
Aldrich, Josiah of Stanstead, CE Harris, Miss Lucinda of Barnston, CE Derby 4th 5/14/1858
Aliston, Garvin of Craftsbury Chaffee, Miss Susan E. of Albany E Albany Dec 1st 12/13/1870
Allard, Horatio of Sheffield Foster, Miss Harriet of Irasburg Sheffield 12/25/1857
Allard, Olin of Sutton Ranger, Miss Betsey of Irasburg West Concord June 10 6/29/1869
Allard, Welcome of Newark Cheney, Eliza of Newark West Charleston Oct 24 11/10/1865
Allbee, George K Mead, Miss Hannah Holland Feb 19 3/2/1866
Allen, Charles of Danville Folsom, Miss A D of Walden Greensboro 15th 11/28/1856
Allen, Col James T. of Newport Shattuck, Miss E. A. of Coventry W Randolph Dec 16 12/27/1867
Allen, E. P. of Boston, Mass Bean, Miss Eliza of Glover Glover Dec 5 12/22/1865
Allen, Edward L. of Barton Ford, Miss Laura E. of Barton Barton Jan 11 1/18/1870
Allen, J. Harvey of Barton Strickland, Miss Helen of Hardwick Greensboro? Feb 2 2/7/1867
Allen, Nathan of Derby Robinson, Miss Charlotte of Derby West Charleston Feb 27 3/15/1867
Anderson, Garvin of Glover Brooks, Miss Alice of Derby Derby 3d inst 3/13/1863
Anderson, William of Glover M(organ), Miss (Lodema) of Salem Salem May 2(8) 6/2/1865
Anderson, William of Glover Graves, Mary L of Barton Brownington Oct 16 11/10/1865
Annis, George of Albany Stiles, Miss Ellen of Albany Albany March 7 3/18/1864
Annis, Laurens of Potten, CE Hull, Miss Ella of Westfield North Troy 25th 5/21/1858
Annis, Nathaniel E. of St Johnsbury Angier, Orpha J. of Troy Coventry July 2 7/10/1868
Annis, W. F. of Stanstead, PQ Goodno, Mrs. Sarah E. of Potton, PQ Newport Center Sept 22 10/5/1869
Annis, William Jr of Albany Adams, Miss Hattie of Johnson Albany May 31 6/9/1865
Ansell, Henry of Sherbrooke, PQ Edwards, Miss Sarah J. of Sherbrooke, PQ Charleston Jan 1 1/12/1869
Arkley, John of Barton Bradley, Miss Celia of Brownington Barton Dec 31 1/8/1864
Ash, Thomas Jr of Providence RI Brown, Miss Violet of Irasburg Providence RI March 21 4/8/1864
Atherton, A. C. of Boston, Mass Williams, Miss Arvill of Glover Glover Nov 24 12/9/1864
Austin, O. H. of Barton Landing Joslyn, Miss Sophie M. of Brownington Brownington Oct 15 10/20/1868
Averill, Lorenzo of Springfield, Mass Adams, Miss Ella M. of North Troy Derby Oct 8 10/18/1867
Avery, H. of Gatesville, Kansas Farman, Miss Orpha of Lowell Lowell ?Feb 25 3/2/1866
Ayer, Don C. of Greensboro Williams, Miss L. Augusta of Greensboro Greensboro March 9 3/20/1868
Ayer, Samuel of Sheffield Eastman, Miss Hannah of Wheelock Wheelock Aug 8 8/23/1867
Ayres, H. W. of St Johnsbury Kendall, Miss E. S. of Sheffield Barton April 21 4/27/1866
Babcock, John of Craftsbury Simtson, Miss Margaret of Greensboro Greensboro 4th 2/20/1857
Babcock, Joseph Black, Miss Eliza of Coventry Lowell, Mass Sept 8 10/1/1858
Bacon, Jerome of St Johnsbury Ctr Huntley, Miss Jane of St Johnsbury Ctr Greensboro July 27 10/21/1859
Badger, Osmon of Irasburg Patten, Miss Mary E. of Barton Barton April 3 4/8/1864
Bagley, Moses O. of Craftsbury Coon, Miss May M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 25 2/12/1864
Bailey, Calvin of Lowell, Mass Day, Miss Ellen of Coventry Derby ? July 12 8/10/1860
Bailey, Charles of Greensboro Blake, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 26 11/4/1859
Bailey, Dan of Stockton, Calif Chamberlin, Miss Rachel Wells River 23d 1/8/1858
Bailey, H. of Newbury Jewett, Miss Sarah of Newbury Newbury Sept 23 10/14/1859
Bailey, Harry J., of North Troy Chamberlain, Miss Etta E. of North Troy Westfield Dec 15 12/29/1868
Bailey, Hollis of Irasburg Mason, Miss Julia of Irasburg Craftsbury Dec 20 12/27/1865
Bailey, Jerome of Putney Darling, Miss Cynthia of Coventry Coventry Aug 4 8/15/1856
Bailey, Jesse of Westfield Chamberlain, Miss Lucy of Troy Troy Oct 28 ?11-13-1857
Baker, George of Eden Wilkinson, Miss Ellen of Wolcott Albany Sept 29 10/5/1860
Baker, Henry Cutler, Miss Lucia West Glover 8th 12/16/1859
Baldwin, Charles of Newport Soper, Miss Carilla of Coventry Newport 1st inst 5/9/1862
Baldwin, Edwin R. of Barnston, PQ Slater, Miss Agnes of Barnston, PQ Island Pond June 5 7/6/1869
Baldwin, J. P. of Barton Foss, Miss Ann of Barton Glover 9th inst 1/11/1861
Bancroft, Arthur D. of Montpelier Camp, Miss Juliette E. of Chicago Chicago, Ill June 16 7/6/1869
Bard, George Rev., of Waterford Parker, Miss Jerusha of Littleton Littleton, NH Aug 1 8/16/1861
Barker, Andrew of Oshkosh, Wisc Thompson, Miss Susan of St J St J May 30 6/10/1859
Bartlett, Joseph W. of Bloomfield Sawyer, Miss Hattie A. of E. Charleston Charleston Feb 21 2/28/1868
Barnes, Asa of St J. Bickford, Miss Drusilla D. of Lyndon Barton Sept 22 9/27/1870
Barnes, Charles of Malone Mills, Miss Sarah of Malden, Mass Malone, NY Feb 12 4/8/1859
Barnes, Orlando C. of Albany Newcomb, Miss Hattie L. of Craftsbury South Albany Sept 21 10/5/1869
Barr, Andrew of Greensboro Thornton, Miss Lucinda of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 11 11/30/1869
Barr, John of Greensboro Nelson, Patience of Hardwick Greensboro 10th 11/19/1858
Barrows, William of Irasburg Gray, Miss Helen of Coventry Coventry March 12 3/22/1861
Barry, George of Irasburg Colburn, Miss Harriet of Barton Barton Oct 13 10/19/1860
Barstow, G. E. of Enfield, Mass Dow, Miss Emma L. of Albany Albany Oct 10 10/18/1870
Barthrew, Frederick of Glover Barthrew, Miss Delia of Glover Glover Nov 2 11/13/1863
Bartlett, Charles of Jay Sanborn, Miss Marianne of Jay Jay 6th 12/18/1857
Bartlett, George of Morgan Twombly, Miss Samantha of Morgan Derby March 25 4/6/1869
Bartlett, H. G. of Jay Williams, Miss Eliza Jane of Newport Newport July 7 7/15/1859
Bartlett, John H. of Newport Griffin, Miss Harriet of West Derby Derby Dec 27 2/7/1866
Bartlett, Joseph of Sutton Fletcher, Miss Rachel of Albany Albany March 12 3/15/1861
Batchelder, Nathaniel of Goshen Gore Sulham, Laura Ann of Greensboro Glover Aug 21 9/14/1866
Batchelder, Sias of E. Hatley, C. E. Shonyo, Miss Diana of Albany Barton 15th inst 3/2/1866
Bates, Alonzo of Newport Benham, Miss Kate of Derby Derby 20th inst 3/30/1860
Bates, George of Waterbury Strong, Miss Ellen of Glover Glover Aug 27 9/27/1861
Bathrew, Solomon of Glover Lord, Miss Clara of Barton Glover Jan 12 1/22/1864
Beadle, T. J. of Troy Hamilton, Miss Mary J. of Troy Glover Aug 20 8/25/1868
Bean, Charles L. of Enosburgh Gould, Miss Mary E. of Middlesex Enosburgh Dec 31 1/17/1868
Bean, Cromwell P. of Burke Emery, Miss Alpa of Burke E. Burke Dec 22 1/31/1868
Bean, Franklin of Westfield Ward, Miss Mary Ann of Westfield Westfield 24th inst 5/29/1863
Bean, Freeman of Glover Strong, Miss Cynthia of Glover Glover Dec 1 12/9/1864
Bean, George of Coventry Dailey, Miss Lodoiska of Coventry Coventry Dec 12 12/30/1864
Beck, Thomas Jr. of Charleston Jewell, Miss Lucy of Barnston, PQ Charleston Aug 16 8/31/1869
Bedee, Jesse of Albany Hovey, Miss Susan of Albany Albany 10th inst 8/15/1862
Beebee, Elisha of Henrietta, NY Daggett, Hattie of Irasburg St Johnsbury July 12 7/21/1865
Beecher, Harvey of Huntington Tucker, Miss Eliza of Irasburg Irasburg 23d inst 2/28/1862
Beedle, Charles C. of West Randolph Bailey, Miss Emma of Craftsbury S Wolfsboro, NH July 20 8/2/1867
Beedle, Moses of W. Randolph Bemis, Mrs. Ann A. of Barton Barton March 12 3/22/1870
Bell, George W. of Newport Miller, Miss Cynthia C. of Newport W Derby Dec 13 12/28/1869
Bemis, Cyrus of Barton Bemis, Mrs. Ann of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 21 4/27/1866
Bemis, George of Marshfield Sumner, Louisa of East Calais Wolcott 12th 10/28/1859
Benham, Nathan Bates, Miss Sophia Derby 2d inst 4/6/1860
Benjamin, Ira of Berlin Dodge, Miss Emily of Barton West Glover Sept 22 9/26/1867
Berry, Elisha of Wheelock Hardy, Miss Judith of Wheelock Glover 27th ult 10/19/1860
Bickford, H. S. of Glover Foss, Miss C. E. of Barton Glover 5th 11/18/1859
Bickford, Harvey of Auburn, RI Dexter, Miss Abba of Barton Barton Oct 6 10/21/1859
Bickford, William M of St J Center Turner, Amanda J. of St J Center St J Center Aug 19 8/23/1870
Bigelow, Oberin of Eden Newton, Miss Candace of Eden Eden May 5 5/17/1861
Bingham, Norman Esq. of Irasburg Martin, Miss Eunice of Peacham Peacham 21st inst 3/30/1860
Bisbee, Daniel Kimball, Miss Elizabeth of Irasburg Irasburg 14th inst 3/16/1860
Bisbee, John of West Derby Perkins, Miss Susan of Potten, CE North Troy 1st 1/8/1858
Black, Henry of Coventry Brooks, Malvina of Coventry Coventry Oct 19 10/27/1865
Black, M. J. of Coventry Bisbee, Miss Lucy of Derby Irasburg March 14 3/16/1860
Black, Thomas of Greensboro Garvin, Miss Jennett of Greensboro Greensboro 15th 7/24/1857
Blaisdell, William of Greensboro Hayden, Miss Julia of Albany Albany 5th 10/8/1858
Blake, Col George of Barton Burnham, Miss Frances of Woodbury Morrisville June 19 6/29/1866
Blake, Freeman of Salem Norris, Miss Mariette of Brownington Irasburg June 8 6/11/1858
Blake, George of Greensboro Babbitt, Jane of Greensboro Greensboro 30th 10/9/1857
Blake, Isaac A. of Derby McDuffee, Mary A. of Derby Derby Jan 26 2/8/1870
Blake, Joseph E. of Troy Coburn, Miss Frenia E. of Troy Glover Aug 31 9/6/1867
Blake, Samuel Wright, Miss Mary of Newport Newport 2d 12/10/1858
Blake, Zenas of Derby Kelley, Miss Elizabeth Derby Feb 7 2/14/1862
Blanchard, James of Newport Clark, Mrs. Maria of Newport Newport Nov 17 11/29/1867
Blanchard, Sidney of Potten, CE Abbott, Miss Lucy of North Troy North Troy 10th 7/25/1856
Blinn, Albert of St J Daggett, Mary of St J Derby Aug 9 8/23/1861
Blodgett, Ephraim of Goshen Gore Hodgden, Miss Calista of Walden Walden May 22 7/11/1856
Blodgett, Ethan of W. Royalton, Mass Titus, Mrs. Emily of Brownington Brownington Oct 9 10/25/1870
Boardman, Edward of Waterloo, PQ Doying, Miss Mary of Eden Barton Nov 20 12/8/1868
Boddett?, Charles of Bradford Da(n)a, Miss Susan of Danville Bradford 13th 1/8/1858
Bodwell, Rev Lewis Cooper, Miss Sarah formerly of Irasburg Wyandotte, Kansas June 8 7/8/1864
Booth, Erastus Cutting, Miss Mary Troy 1st 1/6/1860
Booth, William H. of Colerain, Mass Wolcott, Miss Melvina of Colerain, Mass Barton Feb 23 3/2/1869
Boutwell, James B. of Craftsbury Woodcock, Miss Ella L. of Troy S. Troy 2/28/1868
Boutwell, R Thurston of Craftsbury Farman, Miss Charlotte of Lowell Lowell May 6 5/10/1861
Bowley, Henry H. of Newport Deveraux, Miss Sarah Jane of Barton Barton March 27 4/6/1869
Bowley, Henry of Potton, C. E. Walker, Miss O. A. of Potton, C. E. Troy Jan 30 3/15/1867
Bowley, William of Newport Sherburne, Miss Annette of Lowell Irasburg 1/24/1862
Bowman, John of West Waterford Whitney, Mrs. Alma of Wheelock Sheffield 9th 3/23/1869
Bowman, Walter of Newport Adams, Miss Orphia of Newport Newport 8th inst 4/13/1860
Boynton, Clark of Morristown Slocum, Mrs. Adelia of Morristown Morristown 4th 3/20/1857
Boynton, Lyndall C. of Wolcott Marsh, Miss Clara M. of Craftsbury Hardwick Nov 23 11/29/1870
Brackett, F. A. of Allen's Gore Gardner, Miss Sarah Weyanwega, Wis Nov 10 12/11/1857
Bracy, Dennis of North Troy Walker, Miss Elizabeth of North Troy Newport Jan 3 2/22/1861
Brady, Homer of Brownington ** Bruce, Miss Chloe of Westmore Brownington Nov 9 11/28/1862
Brailley, George of Westfield Winslow, Miss Ann of Westfield Westfield 30th 6/27/1856
Braman, B. Frank of Jay Braman, Mrs. Adelaide of Berkshire Jay March 21 4/3/1868
Bridgeman, Rev Isaac of Elbridge, NY Gleason, Miss Mary of McIndoe McIndoe Falls Nov 10 11/25/1859
Bridgman, D., Jr of S Hardwick Whitcher, Miss Jennie of W Albany Albany 12/7/1860
Bridgman, Frederick of S Hardwick Glidden, Miss Sarah of Barton Derby Jan 14 1/18/1861
Briggs, Henry of Potton, C. E. Cammett, Miss P__(on) of Newport Newport April 3 4/19/1861
Britt, Hector of Cabot Cameron, Miss S. E. of Walden Glover Oct 31 11/9/1866
Brooks, John B of St Johnsbury Dana, Miss Martha of Danville Danville June 11 7/11/1856
Brooks, Reuben E. of Albany Annis, Miss Carrie of Albany Albany April 17 4/27/1869
Brown, Abram of Billerica Allen, Miss Organia formerly of Coventry Lowell, Mass Nov 15 12/2/1859
Brown, Byron D. of Chelsea, Iowa Webster, Miss Ada L. of Irasburg Irasburg Sept 23 9/28/1869
Brown, E. S. of Newport Cummings, Mrs. Jane of Derby West Charleston Nov 14 11/23/1860
Brown, George D of Irasburg Metcalf, Miss Tersey of Irasburg Irasburg June 19 7/1/1859
Brown, Henry of Berkshire Kenney, Miss Hattie A. of Irasburg Albany Sept 5 9/21/1869
Brown, J. Whipple of Manchester, NH Kimball, Miss Susan W. of Barton Barton Jan 22 2/14/1868
Brown, John C. of Providence, RI Clark, Miss Addie of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 12 1/15/1864
Brown, Miles of Troy Hitchcock, Miss Lucy J. of Westfield Westfield Oct 19 11/2/1869
Brown, Simon of Troy Powers, Miss Mary of Troy N Troy July 29 8/8/1862
Brown, William of Barton Stanton, Emeline of Danville Danville March 13 4/18/1862
Bruce, Wallace W. of Newark Hastings, Miss Mary A. of Newark Charleston July 1 7/13/1869
Bryant, Azro of Irasburg Locke, Miss Sarah of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 6 1/9/1863
Bryant, C. W. of Bolton, C E Farman, Orett of Westfield Troy 2nd 4/3/1857
Bryant, George of Holland Horn, Miss Elizabeth of Holland Brownington May 1 6/10/1864
Bryant, Jonathan of Holland Judd, Miss Malvina of Holland Derby June 18 8/10/1860
Buckland, Mason J. of Barnston, PQ Humphrey, Helen of Barnston, PQ Derby Nov 21 11/29/1867
Bugbee, Frank MD of Glover Town, Miss Maria of Lancaster, NH Lancaster, NH March 4 3/20/1863
Bullock, James of Charleston Brooks, Miss Clara of Charleston E Charleston Feb 26 3/9/1860
Burbank, James of Barton Coon, Miss Lucinda of Craftsbury Barton May 3 6/7/1867
Burbank, Stephen of Brattleboro Clark, Miss Marcia B. of Glover Glover Aug 14 8/23/1870
Burgoyne, Lewis of Georgia Libernon, Miss Martha of Newport Newport March 20 4/19/1861
Burington, Alvin of Lyndon Eggleston, Miss Olive of Burke East Burke 15th 1/1/1858
Burns, James of Stanstead, PQ Cohaskey, Miss Julia of Stanstead, PQ Derby Line 8/2/1870
Burroughs, Allen of St Johnsbury Crane, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro 16th 11/28/1856
Burroughs, Eugene C. of Island Pond Barnes, Elvira J. of Island Pond Brownington Sept 5 9/19/1867
Bush, John H of Westfield Clark, Annah of Westfield Westfield 22d 1/1/1858
Buswell, George of Littleton, NH Peevy, Miss Helen of Irasburg Newport 4th inst 10/17/1862
Buswell, James of Barton Wells, Miss Sophronia A. of Albany Barton Nov ____ 11/10/1868
Butler, Harmon of Newport Fordice, Julia of Shefford, C. E. Newport Sept 13 9/22/1865
Butler, J. J. of Irasburg Seaver, Eliza of Albany Albany 19th 4/10/1857
Butman, John of Irasburg Allen, Miss Laura of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 30 2/1/1856
Buzzell, J. T. of Troy Chamberlin, Miss Emmeroy M. of Jay South Troy Sept 1 9/13/1870
Cahoon, Dr Charles of Lyndon Chase, Miss Charlotte of Lyndon Lyndon 4th 12/18/1857
Calderwood, Alexander Macomber, Lucy Glover 25th 4/10/1857
Calderwood, Andrew of Albany Story, Miss Ruth of Albany Albany Nov 11 12/19/1862
Calderwood, David of Albany Barnes, Miss Susan A. of Compton, C. E. Albany Jan 14 2/7/1868
Calderwood, James of Craftsbury Barr, Miss Margaret of Greensboro Greensboro June 21 7/8/1859
Calderwood, James of Craftsbury Spring, Miss Caroline of Glover Glover June 25 7/3/1868
Calderwood, Thomas of Greensboro Davidson, Miss Jennie P. of Inverness, PQ Craftsbury Sept 28 10/5/1869
Calderwood, William of Craftsbury Glidden, Miss Hattie of Lawrence, Mass Barton March 15 3/23/1869
Caldwell, Fred C. of E. Greensboro Smith, Miss Minnie O. of E. Greensboro Wheelock June 20 6/26/1868
Caldwell, H. H. of Thetford Coburn, Miss Frances of Newbury Newbury Jan 6 1/29/1858
Cambridge, William of Newport Locke, Mrs. Louisa of Vergennes Vergennes Feb 1 2/17/1865
Camp, David 2d of Derby Dorman, Miss Julia of Troy Troy Nov 28 12/6/1861
Canfield, Horace of Stanstead, CE Robinson, Miss Ellen of Stanstead, CE Derby 4th 2/26/1858
Canney, J. C. of Newburyport Hatch, Miss M. L. of Coventry Newburyport May 15 5/24/1867
Canning, Charles Capt of Hardwick Lane, Miss Alice of Hardwick Hardwick Oct 15 10/30/1863
Carey, A. B., Col Colby, Miss Laura M. Washington, DC July 29 8/30/1867
Carey, Chester of Lyndon Prouty, Miss Emily of Newport St Johnsbury Jan 19 1/25/1867
Carlton, S D of Derby Bartlett, Miss Phoebe of Coventry Coventry 27th 5/30/1856
Carpenter Dr H H of Derby Carpenter, Miss Susan of Providence Providence, RI June 4 7/11/1856
Carpenter, Col Chester of Derby Hinman, Mrs. Betsey of Derby Charleston 4th inst 9/16/1859
Carpenter, Lewis R. of Derby Line Babbitt, Miss Marcia of Stanstead, C. E. Derby July 4 7/12/1867
Carr, Peter of Haverhill, NH Porter, Mrs. Anna of Manchester, NH Albany 18th ult 1/27/1865
Cartman, Henry of Walden Berry, Mrs. Jane of Barton Walden June 27 7/5/1867
Cass, Lewis of Craftsbury Stratton, Miss Susan of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 25 2/14/1866
Cass, Orlando of Albany Rowell, Miss Ophelia of Albany Albany Jan 15 2/17/1860
Celley, D. P. Woods, Miss Virginia St Johnsbury 9/25/1863
Chadwick, Charles H. of Lowell, Mass Snell, Miss Mary E. of Barton ?Manchester, NH ?Oct 3 10/25/1870
Chaffee, Lovell of Westfield Hitchcock, Miss Emma of Westfield Westfield April 22 5/4/1860
Chamberlain, Charles of Craftsbury Pearson, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 2 4/11/1862
Chamberlain, Charles of Irasburg Grout, Mrs. Mary E. of Newport Irasburg Sept 13 9/27/1870
Chamberlain, George M. of St J Barber, Miss M. H. of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 18 9/27/1870
Chamberlain, James of Ryegate Parker, Miss Emily of Lowell Lowell Sept 18 9/27/1861
Chamberlain, John E of Albany Fletcher, Miss Addie of Albany Albany June 26 6/28/1861
Chamberlin, Azro E. Rowell, Sarah E. North Troy June 11 6/19/1857
Chamberlin, Capt Henry of Jay Chase, Miss Emma of Jay Westfield Oct 1 10/13/1865
Chamberlin, William Hastings, Eliza C. Craftsbury Jan 1 1/11/1867
Chaney, D. W. of Lowell McGuire, Miss Mary of Albany Albany 11th 9/15/1868
Chapman, H. S. of Glover Dwinell, Miss Achsa of Glover Glover 30th 12/5/1856
Chapman, John of Barton Abbot, Miss Eliza of Barton Morgan Jan 19 3/21/1856
Chappell, Edson of Barton Sanderson, Miss Ellen of Brownington Westmore Sept 23 10/17/1862
Chase, Aquilla of Jay West, Miss Flora of Jay Westfield Oct 30 11/10/1868
Chase, David C. of Brownington Cheney, Miss Mary W. of Brownington Brownington Sept 22 10/4/1870
Chase, John of Danville Chapman, Miss Julia of Danville Danville 10th 11/27/1857
Chase, John of Danville Chapman, Miss Julia of Danville Danville 10th 12/4/1857
Chase, Lewis of Glover Partridge, Lydia of Glover Glover Oct 15 10/20/1865
Chase, T. Abel of Jay Stillings, Miss Patience of Jay Irasburg June 25 7/1/1859
Cheever, Francis of Walden Rollins, Miss Mary of Walden Walden Oct 16 11/25/1859
Cheever, Nathan of Hardwick Dewey, Miss Julia of Berlin Berlin Sept 20 10/14/1859
Cheney, Charles of Westmore Jewell, Vianna of Westmore W Charleston May 14 5/24/1870
Cheney, David of Lowell Putnam, Chloe of Albany Albany Oct 30 11/27/1863
Cheney, James of Westmore Cobleigh, Miss Abigail of Burke West Concord 2d 12/18/1857
Chesley, Joel of Sheffield Chappel, Miss Rachel of Barton Barton Feb 9 2/13/1863
Christie, Joel of Greensboro Ayers, Miss Olive of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 17 11/5/1858
Church, S. of Coventry Belville, Miss Mary of Coventry Barton Landing Feb 12 2/16/1869
Churchill, Charles of Stowe Wilkins, Miss Morosa Jane of Stowe Albany 2d inst 8/10/1860
Clark, Alonzo of Irasburg Hadlock, Miss Mahala of Barton Glover 1st 1/8/1858
Clark, Alson S. of West Glover Bean, Miss Cynthia A. of West Glover Greensboro Oct 23 10/27/1868
Clark, Damon of N Troy Keith, Miss Ann Maria of N Troy N Troy Jan 1 1/10/1862
Clark, Edwin of Auburn, NH Wright, Miss Emily of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 1 1/10/1862
Clark, Ezra of Glover Flood, Miss Melissa of Glover Glover 2nd 3/5/1858
Clark, Frederick H. of Glover Fox, Miss Lucy A. of Glover Wheelock Jan 8 1/24/1868
Clark, George W. of Barton Bickford, Miss Carrie E. of Barton Lyndon May 1 5/11/1869
Clark, John of Derby Park, Miss Mary of Derby Derby Dec 3 1/11/1867
Clark, Preston W. Esq. of Charleston Williams, Elthea C. of Barton Barton Landing Jan 9 1/18/1870
Clarke, Ephraim of Derby Thomas, Miss Mary of Derby Derby March 24 4/16/1858
Clement, George of South Troy Jackson, Miss Mary Anne of South Troy Irasburg Nov 16 11/23/1860
Clement, John B. of Irasburg Kent, Mrs. Olive of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 29 12/7/1866
Clement, Walter of Irasburg Mead, Eliza of Irasburg Irasburg Oct (10) 10/24/1862
Cleveland, Charles of Coventry Davis, Susan L. of Barnston, PQ Barnston, PQ Aug 5 8/25/1868
Cleveland, Enoch of Hydepark Streeter, Miss Esther of Brownington Brownington 18th ult 12/14/1860
Cleveland, Henry of Coventry Dailey, Miss Rosette of Coventry Coventry Sept 12 9/16/1864
Cleveland, Oscar B. of Kansas Drown, Miss Cordelia A. of Brownington Sutton Aug 25 10/4/1870
Cleveland, Reuben of Newport Crawford, Miss Clara of Newport N Troy 13th inst 4/6/1860
Clifford, Charles W. of Piermont, NH Cross, Miss Mary J. of Lowell, Vt Albany Jan 18 2/7/1868
Clifford, Henry of Albany LaClair, Miss Martha of Glover Irasburg 27th ult 11/2/1860
Clough, Albert of North Troy Bignall, Mrs. Melvina of North Troy North Troy June 30 7/4/1856
Clough, Jedediah of Newport Cutts, Miss Lucy of Newport Newport Ctr. Oct 4 10/20/1868
Cobb, Carlos of Albany Shores, Miss Emma of Albany Albany Nov 10 11/20/1863
Cobb, Charles of Moretown Farr, Miss Eliza of Coventry Albany March 13 3/22/1861
Cobb, Charles of Moretown Adams, Miss Fannie of St J St J July 31 8/8/1862
Cobb, D. W. of Bradford West, Miss Nellie M. of Barton Irasburg Dec 25 1/3/1868
Cobb, Ellis of Bennington Skinner, Miss Emily of Barton Barton Sept 9 9/16/1864
Cobb, William 2nd of Morgan Buchanan, Miss Emma of Morgan Coventry March 7 3/15/1867
Cobleigh, Freedom of Barton Landing Bemis, Miss Laura of Westmore East Burke Jan 1 2/1/1867
Coburn, Gustavus of Westfield Pratt, Miss Sophronia of Troy N Troy 31st ult 11/16/1860
Coburn, H. P. Stiles, Miss Flora Albany 25th inst 3/30/1860
Colburn, Henry of Albany Mason, Miss Addie of Westmore Glover Aug 29 9/8/1865
Colby, J. F. of Charleston Loveland, Miss Mary of Irasburg Barton 5th inst 6/15/1860
Colby, Nehemiah of Derby Bates, Miss Anna of Derby Charleston 6th inst 3/30/1860
Cole, A. F. of Charleston Keach, Miss Ellen of Derby Derby April 29 5/3/1861
Cole, Carlos of Newport Hancock, Saloma of Coventry Coventry Oct 22 11/15/1870
Cole, Chauncy of Newport Car__, Miss Lizzie of Troy Westfield Nov 7 11/10/1868
Cole, F. N. of Craftsbury McLellan, Miss Mary of Troy North Troy Feb 14 2/22/1861
Cole, George W. of Lowell, Mass Heath, Miss Mary of Troy Manchester, NH Oct 3 10/25/1870
Cole, Nathaniel of Salem Kendall, Miss Martha of Troy N Troy 16th inst 8/29/1862
Cole, Orrin C. of Stannard Utley, Miss Almira A. of Stannard Walden March 4 3/16/1869
Collier, Jacob E. of Calais Coomer, Miss Elsie A. of Glover W Glover July 4 7/12/1870
Collins, Alfred of Craftsbury Wickware, Miss Harriet of Colchester Burlington March 8 4/4/1862
Collins, B. H. of South Troy Griggs, Miss Betsey of Sutton, C. E. Richford March 5 3/22/1867
Collins, Richard of Hydepark Grant, Miss Ann of Eden Eden July 23 7/27/1860
Colliston, Erastus G. of Barton Smith, Miss Addie of Barton Glover Aug 5 8/11/1868
Colliston, John H. of Barton Colley, Miss Hattie L. of Barton Barton Landing Oct 26 11/8/1870
Colton, John D of Irasburg Hill, Miss Agnes of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 22 11/1/1861
Commings, J. of Charleston Buchannan, Miss Kate of Morgan Morgan Jan 25 2/7/1866
Connel, James of Newport Moulton, Miss Maryette E. of Newport Newport Ctr. Nov 8 11/17/1868
Conner, John of Hampton, NH Tute, Miss Sylvira of Newport Newport May 28 6/3/1859
Cook, Charles W. of Glover Barber, Miss H__en M. of Glover Barton Nov 26 12/1/1868
Cook, Horace P. of Barton Colby, Abby M. of Barton Barton Landing June 15 6/28/1870
Cook, Truman of Glover Smead, Miss Lucy of Albany Glover May 26 5/29/1868
Cooke, David of South Hardwick Taylor, Miss Mary E. of Barton Barton Nov 27 11/30/1866
Coolbeck, Erastus of Lowell Smith, Miss Eliza of Glover Glover Oct 17 10/20/1868
Coolberth, Dan of Irasburg Shatney, Miss Victoria of Irasburg Glover July 3 7/27/1869
Corey, Carlton of Pella, Iowa Moran, Aurora of Derby Derby 28th 10/2/1857
Corliss, Jewett L. of Sutton Wheeler, Miss Roena Amelia of Barton Barton March 3 3/6/1868
Correvo, Alfred of Irasburg Raymond, Miss Harriet of Irasburg Coventry March 4 3/13/1868
Cory, Ira of Derby Robins, Mrs. Adeline of Derby Derby July 16 7/26/1861
Courser, Jesse of Troy Titus, Mrs. Sarah of Nashua, NH North Troy March 16 3/31/1865
Cowen?, Ezra of St Johnsbury Turner, Miss Emily of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 27th 2/5/1858
Cowles, Albert E. of Craftsbury Whitney, Miss Mary E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 16 4/24/1868
Cowles, Elijah Esq. of Coventry Persons, Miss Sarah of Coventry Coventry Nov 30 12/3/1863
Cowles, George F. of New York Herbert, Miss Edna M. of Coventry Cambridgeport, MA Nov 11 11/29/1867
Cowles, Jefferson of Albany Johnson, Miss Oriel of Albany Barton April 4 4/20/1860
Cox, C. L. of Jay Hovey, Miss Emmeroy S. of Jay   9/13/1870
Crandall, Alonzo of Irasburg Bronson, Miss Mary of Hardwick Hardwick 2d 10/24/1856
Crandall, E. B. of Jay Chase, Miss Lovira of Jay Jay 2d 12/17/1858
Crane, A. M. of Winchester, VA Flint, Miss Lydia of Irasburg Irasburg 16th inst 1/18/1867
Crawford, Amasa of Newport Huntington, Miss Ella J. of Irasburg Newport Jan 1 1/10/1868
Crawford, James Wood, Miss Hannah Lancaster, NH 25th 1/29/1858
Cross, Henry J of Lowell Cross, Mrs. Lucy of Piermont, NH Albany 5th inst 10/20/1865
Cross, Israel of Rubicon, Wisc Dexter, Miss Nancy of Glover Glover 11th 4/23/1858
Cross, Philemon of Hardwick Porter, Miss Amanda of Danville Hardwick Jan 25 2/6/1857
Cullin, Luke of Irasburg Colburn, Miss Charlotte of Irasburg Glover May 24 5/27/1859
Cummings, Coroden of Newport ( ), Miss Josephine of Newport Newport Aug 2 8/7/1863
Cummings, Jasper of Brownington Crandall, Miss Ann of Brownington Brownington Jan 1 1/11/1861
Cummings, Royal of Newport Sanborn, Miss S. Augusta of Glover Newport 1st inst 5/9/1862
Currier, Leander F. of Brighton Smith, Miss Luella E. of Brighton Charleston Nov 23 11/29/1867
Currier, Solon C. of Barton Pierce, Miss Susan H. of Barton Barton Oct 22 10/25/1867
Curtis, Orin Olmstead, Miss Viletta Westmore Sept 18 9/30/1864
Cutler, William H. Ranger, Mrs. Cynthia E. Irasburg Oct 7 10/13/1868
Cutting, Amos of S Troy Ramsdell, Miss Emma of Westfield   6/24/1859
Dailey, Alexander of Derby Robbins, Miss Emma of Derby Derby 2d 5/14/1858
Dailey, C. R. of Coventry Gould, Miss Clara of Irasburg & Barnston, C. E. Barton June 14 6/22/1866
Dailey, Emore of Coventry Frost, Mrs. Martha of Coventry Coventry Sept 11 9/19/1862
Dakin, Isaac of Knights Ferry Calif Jameson, Miss Laura late of Irasburg Knights Ferry, Calif 2/3/1860
Dale, George Esq. of Island Pond Hinman, Miss Helen of W Charleston W Charleston Oct 7 10/16/1863
Dana, John of Danville Jay, Miss Isabella of St Johnsbury Danville June 11 7/11/1856
Daniels, Julius of Waterbury Norris, Miss Helen of Jay Jay 13th ult 4/6/1860
Daniels, Samuel of Woodbury Drew, Miss Ada of Barton Barton 29th ult 12/14/1860
Darling, Jeremiah of Morristown Cammett, Miss Alice of Newport Albany Oct 25 11/2/1866
Darling, Saban N. of Glover Stone, Miss Lucy C. of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/3/1868
Davenport, H. C. of Derby Nesbitt, Miss Jenne of Hardwick Hardwick June 7 6/17/1864
Davenport, H. C. of Irasburg Stiles, Miss Anna of Lowell Barton Nov 3 11/28/1862
Davis, John N of Barnet Worthington, Miss Clara of Irasburg Irasburg June 3 6/6/1862
Davis, John of Greensboro Emmons, Miss Mary of Stanstead, C. E. Derby July 12 10/17/1862
Davis, N. B. of Glover Philips, Miss Mary C. of Glover Glover Aug 30 9/9/1864
Davis, Vasco N. of Charleston Cole, Miss Eveline of Brighton Charleston March 20 4/6/1869
Day, P. A. of Morrisville Williams, Miss Amanda of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 12 6/22/1866
Dean, George of Jay Bangs, Miss Abigail of Jay Jay May 11 6/3/1859
Dean, Nathaniel Jr of St Johnsbury Perigo, Miss Adaline of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 3d 12/18/1857
Denny, Albert of N California Webber, Miss Eliza of Glover Glover April 17 4/22/1864
Denny, Thomas C. of Callahan, Calif Webber, Miss Emma late of Glover Fort Jones, CA Jan 15 2/21/1868
Dewey, Austin of (Irasburg) Leighton, Harriet of Boston, Mass Chicago, Ill 31st 4/24/1857
Dewey, Charles of Berlin Jameson, Miss Julia of Irasburg Irasburg 10th inst 4/13/1860
Dewey, Edwin of Greensboro Somers, Miss Clara of Greensboro Greensboro Aug 23 8/27/1858
Dexter, William of Barton Parker, Miss Jane of Barton Albany 29th ult 3/9/1860
Dexter, William of Barton Wright, Miss Mary of Pepperall Pepperall, Mass Feb 7 3/8/1867
Doane, Burton of Troy Percy, Miss Phebe of Newport Newport Nov 17 11/23/1869
Dodge, Charles C. Sargent, Miss Alvira A. Glover Dec 17 12/22/1868
Dodge, William of Irasburg Marstin, Miss Hannah of Charleston Irasburg 2nd inst 1/11/1856
Doe, George of Lynnfield, Mass Cowles, Miss May of Coventry S Reading MA 22d inst 1/27/1860
Donovan, William of Irasburg Scott, Miss Hattie of Irasburg Lowell Feb 20 3/11/1859
Dow, J. Albert of Albany Rowell, Miss Dora of Albany May 28 6/7/1867
Dow, James of Greensboro Randall, Miss Florilla of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 12 12/21/1860
Dow, Samuel of Greensboro Stevens, Lydia G. of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 28 2/9/1869
Downing, Jacob L. of Barton Dolloff, Mrs. Sarah S. of Barton Barton June 25 7/26/1870
Doying, Charles of Irasburg Haynes, Miss Martha of Albany Nov 23 12/8/1865
Drake, Charles B. of Haverhill, NH Whipple, Miss Marion A. of Newport Newport Sept 1 9/13/1870
Drew, Abel of (Irasburg) Bartlett, Miss Eliza of Fillmore, Minn Fillmore, Minn 1st 12/30/1859
Drew, Alfred E., Rev., of Littleton, NH Atwood, Miss Anna E. of Newbury Newbury, Vt July 17 7/26/1867
Drew, Francis of Barton Drew, Miss Eliza of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 7 1/11/1861
Drew, G. A. of Derby Camp, Miss Edna of Derby Derby Jan 1 1/16/1863
Drew, Ira of Irasburg Jerome, Miss Estella of Irasburg Sheffield May 20 5/25/1866
Drew, Joseph of Glover Christie, Miss Nancy of Glover Glover June 1 6/11/1858
Drew, Rufus of Glover Morse, Miss Laura of Hatley, C. E. Glover Jan 21 1/31/1866
Drew, Rufus of Sheffield Stone, Mrs. Persis M. of Glover Glover Nov 15 11/22/1870
Drown, George of Westmore Rider, Miss Ellen of Westmore Charleston Dec 7 12/21/1869
Drown, Grovner of Barton Winchester, Miss Julia of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/15/1864
Drown, Horace of Sheffield Ingalls, Miss Lucy of Sheffield Sheffield April 29 5/11/1869
Drown, John of Brownington Moore, Miss Adeline of Charleston Westmore 20th inst 5/30/1862?
Drown, Nelson of Sheffield Waugh, Miss Emily of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 28 3/4/1859
Drown, Orville of Washington, DC Otis, Miss Sarah of Sheffield Sheffield Sept 17 9/21/1866
Dudley, H. C. of Barton Ford, Miss Ellen of Barton Brownington Feb 21 2/26/1864
Dusey, H of Columbus, S. C. Cowdery, Miss Cordelia of Danville Danville June 20 7/8/1859
Dwinell, Capt C. W. Smith, Miss Amanda of Albany Glover 2/12/1864
Dwinell, Charles of Barton Grout, Miss Mary M. of Barton Barton 7/27/1869
Dwinell, D. L. of Glover Willey, Miss L. of Sutton Glover Aug 2 8/7/1863
Dwinell, Joseph of Glover Bean, Miss Eliza of Glover St Johnsbury 9th 10/24/1856
Dwinnel, Ira of Glover Farwell, Mrs. Martha of Boston, Mass Morristown Jan 30 2/22/1861
Dwinnell, C. H. of Glover Cutler, Miss Lois of Glover Glover 22nd 12/4/1857
Dwire, A. H. of Richford Percy, Miss Mary of Jay North Troy 4th inst 1/27/1860
Dwire, Francis of Salem Johnson, Miss Hester of Salem Brownington Sept 11 9/23/1864
Earle, A. A. of Irasburg Larrabee, Miss Anzaletta of Irasburg Coventry Jan 25 1/28/1859
Earle, Hiram of Morristown Hutchins, Miss Emma of Wolcott Wolcott April 22 4/27/1866
Eastman, Charles W. of Topsham Gray, Miss Emma of Lunenburg Sheffield Jan 1 1/11/1870
Eastman, Damon of Warren, NH Patch, Miss Sophie of Goshen Gore Greensboro 5th 9/24/1858
Eaton, Alfred of Stanstead Bagley, Miss Ada M. of Stanstead Derby Sept 7 9/19/1867
Eaton, C. W. of Columbus & Barton Taylor, Miss Lydia J. of Marysville Marysville, Ohio Jan 27 2/14/1868
Eaton, Charles F. of Barton Davis, Mrs. Clara of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 24 11/29/1870
Eaton, H. M. C. of Landaff Ellis, Miss Abbie J. of Barton Landaff, NH July 18 8/25/1868
Edmonds, Rufus of Irasburg Kimball, Miss Martha of Irasburg Irasburg March 21 3/27/1863
Edmonds, William of Westfield Miller, Miss Viola of Westfield N Troy 29th ult 12/14/1860
Elder, John G. of Stanstead PQ Bryant, Miss Sarah L. of Derby Derby June 16 6/26/1868
Eldridge, Augustine of Albany Pope, Miss Sybil of Irasburg Irasburg March 12 3/21/1862
Elkins, Curtis Jr Baldwin, Miss Ellen Troy Feb 28 3/15/1867
Elkins, G. S. of Craftsbury Stetson, Miss L. E. of Lincoln, ME Irasburg July 25 8/8/1862
Elkins, Harvey of N Troy Cutting, Miss Lucretia of Troy N Troy 6th inst 12/14/1860
Elkins, Horace of Potton, C. E. Upton, Miss Mary of North Troy North Troy 3d inst 11/15/1861
Elkins, Matthew of Potton CE Mason, Miss Ellen of N Troy Richford 5th 4/11/1856
Elkins, O. H. of N Troy Grimes, Miss Mary of Irasburg Barton April 25 5/9/1862
Elkins, William of N Troy Elkins, Miss Fannie of N Troy N Troy 29th ult 2/7/1862
Elkins, William R. of Troy Bailey, Miss Marietta L. of Troy Troy Sept 13 9/21/1869
Elliot, Rev Lester of Winooski Tolman, Miss Lois of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 2 10/12/1866
Ellis, J. P. Francis, Mrs. Clara F. Boston, MA 17th inst 2/21/1868
Ellsworth John of Greensboro Field, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro 17th 3/27/1857
Ellsworth, Amos C. of Jay Randall, Mrs. Rachel of Franklin Boston Nov 23 5/11/1869
Ellsworth, John of Elmwood, Ill Sabin, Miss Adelaid of Barton Baltimore, Md. Jan 1 2/19/1864
Emerson, F. W. of (Irasburg) Kellam, Miss Maria of (Irasburg) Irasburg 1st 1/9/1857
Emerson, Hiram of St J Young, Miss Mary of Stanstead Stanstead 23d ult 6/7/1861
Emerson, Solon of Irasburg Howard, Miss Minerva of Irasburg Coventry 8th 4/16/1858
Emery, Ezra of Bethel Davis, Miss Lucy of Wheelock Barton May 8 5/20/1859
Emory, George A. of Eden Doying, Miss Sallie L. of Eden Eden March 24 4/5/1870
Esdon, Robert of Greensboro Anderson, Miss Helen of Albany Albany Oct 24 11/1/1867
Ewens, F. E. of Holland Clark, Miss Betsey of Holland Morgan May 20 6/4/1863
Fadden, William H. of St Thomas, PQ Davis, Miss Jane M. of Wheelock Glover Jan 4 1/12/1869
Fairbank, Horace of Coventry True, Miss Jennette of Coventry Coventry Dec 25 12/30/1864
Fairbanks, Rev Alonzo of Brownington Taplin, Miss Annette of Irasburg Barton June 11 6/23/1865
Fairley, Alexander of Derby Line Young, Mary of Stanstead Stanstead 21st 5/1/1857
Farewell, James of Albany Jenkins, Miss Isabelle of Sorrelle, CE Albany Nov 24 12/3/1858
Farley, Carlos of Barton Parker, Miss Samantha of Barton Barton Landing Sept 4 9/21/1866
Farman, C. of Lowell Sprague, Miss E. A. of Lowell Lowell Feb 25 3/2/1866
Farman, David of Troy Ricker, Miss Fanny of Lowell Westfield Jan 9 2/1/1867
Farman, Freeman of Troy Trumpuss, Miss Mary E. of Westfield Lowell Nov 30 12/14/1869
Farman, Willard of Lowell Brown, Miss Isabella of Westfield Westfield April 25 5/10/1861
Farnham, Leandrew of St J Adams, Miss Lydia of Lunenburg Lunenburg 20th 1/1/1858
Farr, Erastus of Newark Drown, Miss Lydia of Brownington Brownington 12th 7/24/1857
Fellows, Portus of Concord, NH Henderson, Miss Sarah of Danville Danville Nov 20 12/23/1859
Fenno, Charles A. of Lowell Sinclair, Miss Edna of Lowell Lowell Aug 31 9/6/1867
Ferland, Andrew M. of St Johnsbury Willey, Miss M. M. of St Johnsbury Barton Jan 15 1/24/1868
Ferrin, Elvyn A. of Holland Kidder, Miss Antha E. of Holland Holland March 24 4/17/1868
Field, Frederick Little, Miss Arabella Barton 7th ult 3/8/1861
Field, Horace of Barton Durkee, Miss Lizzie of Barton Dec 31 2/21/1862
Field, Horace of W Derby Blake, Miss Hannah of N Troy Glover July 4 7/25/1862
Fisher, Edwin of Wells River Wells, Miss Helen of Wells River Wells River 21st 1/8/1858
Fisher, Gustavus P. of Glover McGuire, Mary A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury March 5 4/27/1869
Fisher, Horace of Albany Mason?, Miss (Abba) of Albany Albany 1st 1/9/1857
Fisher, Welcome T. of Lyndon Parker, Mrs. Mary E. of Brighton Brighton Oct 12 10/25/1870
Fisher, William of Lowell Stiles, Miss Mary of Lowell Barton Oct 7 10/31/1862
Fisk, George MD of Barton Updike, Miss Georgianna of E Brookfield E Brookfield 1st inst 1/10/1862
Fitch, Vernon of Hyde Park Sumner, Miss Lizzie of Troy South Troy 8th inst 1/18/1867
Fitchett, W. of Dunham, C. E. Scott, Miss Mary Jane of Brownington Brownington Feb 8 3/29/1867
Fitz, Heman of Albany Roberts, Miss Mary of Albany Albany Dec 11 12/19/1862
Fleming, David of Glover Gilmone, Miss Margaret of Glover Glover 1/9/1857
Fletcher, George C. of Haverhill Mason, Miss Thankie of Haverhill E. Haverhill, NH Feb 7 2/15/1870
Flint, A. B. of St Johnsbury Elkins, Miss Nancy of Potton, CE North Troy 12th 9/24/1858
Flint, John W. of Troy Clark, Miss Sophia of Westfield Westfield 12th inst 1/27/1860
Flint, Levi of Newport Hunt, Miss Zelinda of Troy Glover 13th 9/30/1859
Flint, Simeon of Irasburg West, Miss Libby of Irasburg Barton Nov 29 11/28/1862
Flood, Lorin Wilson, Miss Jennie of Lawrence, MA Glover Jan 30 2/19/1864
Floyde, Isaac G. of Troy Eaton, Lydia A. of Coventry Newport Aug 2 8/23/1870
Forrest, Loren of St Johnsbury Smith, Miss Lydia Ann of Greensboro Greensboro April 21 5/3/1870
Foss, Austin Miranville, Miss Mary J Derby 30th ult 4/6/1860
Foss, Charles of Barton Baldwin, Miss Emma of Barton Glover 25th inst 4/4/1862
Foster, Elisha of Brownington Foss, Miss Amanda of Barton Glover April 6 4/12/1867
Foster, Ethan of Barton Merriam, Josephine of Glover Glover Dec 31 1/13/1865
Foster, Harvey of Brownington Fuller, Miss Florence of Morgan Brownington Nov 13 12/7/1869
Foster, Harvey of Walden Montgomery, Mary of Walden Walden Oct 27 11/19/1858
Foster, Leonard of Barton Merriam, Miss Clara of Glover Glover April 29 5/3/1867
Foster, Stephen of Derby Line Brunswick, Caroline of Prov, RI New York 11th 1/11/1856
Fowler, Carter E. of Johnson Souther, Miss Ellen of Lowell Lowell Oct 6 11/9/1869
Fowler, George of Macon, Ill Fairbrother, Miss Luzette of Coventry Coventry 2/26/1864
Fraser, Rev John Child, Miss Ruth of Derby Derby 13th inst 9/16/1859
Frasier, Alex Jr of Albany Rowell, Miss Mercy of Albany Albany 3d 9/12/1856
Frasier, J. W. of Glover Taplin, Miss Mary J. of Brownington Glover March 18 3/23/1869
Freeman, Joseph of Albany Rowell, Miss Marie of Albany Albany 3d 9/12/1856
Freeman, Kelsey of Cabot Morse, Miss Luella of Cabot Walden ? Aug 1 8/10/1866
Freeto, Harry of East Burke Hatch, Miss Florence of Hardwick Barton July 27 8/10/1866
French, Edward of St Johnsbury Wait, Miss Lucia of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 5th 6/18/1858
French, F. J. of E. Hardwick Fuller, Mrs. Almira E. of E. Hardwick Claremont, NH Jan 20 2/1/1870
French, Frank F. of Barton Robinson, Miss Sarah J. of Barton Irasburg March 4 3/16/1869
French, Hon Alvah of Craftsbury Tolman, Sarah of Greensboro Greensboro 18th 4/3/1857
French, J. N. of Glover Strong, Miss Ann of Glover Glover 11th 6/12/1857
French, Olin L. of Keene, NH Freeman, Miss Emma H. of Keene, NH Keene, NH Nov 14 11/29/1867
Frost, Alden J. of Sutton Hubbard, Miss Ellen A. of E. Burke Barton Jan 30 2/7/1868
Frye, George C. of Concord Freeman, Miss Lucella S. of Waterford Waterford May 20 6/1/1869
Fuller, Elbridge of Troy Burnham, Emily of Troy Troy 26th 4/3/1857
Fuller, George L. of Potton, PQ Hartwell, Miss Eunice L. of Westfield Newport Ctr June 24 7/5/1870
Fuller, Luther of Charleston Bates, Miss Mary of Derby Derby 12th inst 10/18/1861
Fyler, John A. of Burke Lane, Miss Betsey of Coventry Coventry Oct 5 10/28/1864
Gardine, Andrew of Greensboro Young, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro 25th 4/2/1858
Garfield, Salmon of Glover Smith, Helen J of Newark Sheffield May 14 5/20/1864
Garland, Asa J. of Sutton Owen, Miss Lucy N. of Barton Barton Aug 26 9/1/1868
Garner, John of Bradford Thomas, Miss Mary of Barnston Derby Line 15th 12/25/1857
Gay, Charles of Charleston Severance, Miss Lydia of Charleston Barton April 4 4/12/1867
Geddes, John S of San Francisco Bigby, Miss Ann of Laporte Laporte, Calif April 25 6/17/1859
George, Leonard of Albany Burbank, Miss Abbie of Albany Albany April 17 4/27/1869
Gerry, Jasper of Marshfield Walton, Miss Abby of Hardwick Greensboro 11th 7/24/1857
Gibbs, Orlando M. of Glover Blanchard, Miss Elnora of Glover Glover June 7 6/19/1868
Gibson, George of Richford Shepard, Miss Jane of St Armand, CE 15th 5/21/1858
Gibson, William of Newbury Hidden, Miss Caroline of Craftsbury Craftsbury 17th 11/28/1856
Gibson, William of Ryegate Gill, Miss Elizabeth of Barnet Barnet March 27 4/11/1856
Giffin, Allen S. of Keene, NH Lovejoy, Miss Vira M. of Landaff, NH Barton ? Dec 24 12/29/1868
Giffin, Asahel C. of Hardwick Downer, Clara L. of Stannard Stannard March 10 3/22/1870
Giffin, C. M. Dr. of Hardwick Colburn, Miss Fannie J. of Barton Glover March 7 3/16/1869
Gilbert, Michael of Manchester, NH Moulton, Miss Elizabeth of Greensboro Greensboro 5th 9/24/1858
Gilbert, Samuel L. of Brookfield, Mass Hearman, Sylvia J. of Coventry Nashua, NH Oct 22 10/25/1867
Gile, Daniel of Enfield, NH Ward, Mrs. Abiah of Brownington Claremont, NH 8th 7/23/1858
Gilfillan, Joseph of Barnet Buchanan, Margaret of Barnet Barnet Nov 3 12/9/1859
Gillis, Francis of Mt Sterling, Ill Wilson, Miss Frances of Sutton Barton 18th 3/12/1858
Gilman, Carlos of Glover May, Miss Ellen of Barton Glover 7th inst 10/24/1862
Gilman, George C. of Newport Lane, Miss Elizabeth of Coventry Coventry June 1(1) 6/19/1868
Gilmore, Arthur of Glover Anderson, Miss Isabel of Albany Albany 5th 3/20/1857
Gilmore, Arthur of Glover Miller, Miss Lizzie D. of Glover Craftsbury Feb 2 2/9/1869
Gilmore, Chase of Potton, CE Case, Mrs. Susan of Potton, CE Albany 2d 3/5/1858
Gilmour, David of Glover Speirs, Miss Agnes of Greensboro Greensboro 17th inst 1/25/1861
Going, Daniel of Brownington Rice, Miss Amanda of Brownington Brownington 27th 12/5/1856
Goodall, Dr F. W. of Glover Skinner, Miss Finette of Barton Barton June 30 7/8/1864
Goodenough, Myron of Walden Houston, Miss Rachel of Walden Walden July 22 8/10/1866
Goodwin, George of Irasburg Ranger, Miss Lucy of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 1 1/10/1866
Goodwin, Selim of Hardwick Nichols, Miss (S.) E. of Wolcott Craftsbury Nov 9 11/22/1867
Gorham, James of Coventry Blake, (Hor)tensia of Greensboro Greensboro June 19 6/28/1867
Goss, Edward of St Johnsbury Mowry, Annis A. of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 15 12/14/1869
Goss, George of Albany Clough, Miss Letitia of Albany North Troy 16th 10/24/1856
Goss, John A of Hardwick Sinclair, Miss Martha of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 2 12/9/1859
Goss, John A. of Greensboro Cook, Miss Betsey P. of Greensboro Greensboro 1/5/1869
Goss, Richard of Barnet Harvey, Miss Lucretia of W Concord W Concord May 24 6/3/1859
Gould, Amos Hannett, Miss Elizabeth of Coventry Douglass, Mass Dec 21 1/6/1865
Gould, Erasmus of West Derby Wheeler, Miss Lorana of East Hatley, C. E. E Hatley, C. E. March 21 4/7/1865
Gould, Newell of Derby Gay, Miss Luclia of Stanstead, C. E. Newport 12th ult 3/8/1861
Gove, J. M. of Whitefield Robinson, Miss Ella I. of Littleton Littleton March 13 4/13/1869
Graham, Frank of Albany Anderson, Miss Katie of Albany Albany Dec 4 1/3/1868
Grant, Alpin of Albany Wells, Miss Sarah of Albany Albany 10th inst 11/13/1863
Grant, J. W. of South Troy Smalley, Miss D. N. of South Troy South Troy Oct 23 10/31/1862
Graves, George H. of Glover Telfer, Miss Isabel D. of Glover Glover Nov 26 12/1/1868
Graves, Sylvester D. of Glover ** Ayer, Miss Frances F. of Glover Glover Nov 18 12/7/1869
Graves, T. O. of Craftsbury Guyer, Miss Jennie of Wolcott Barton March 20 3/23/1866
Gray, A. M. of Charleston Carpenter, Miss Lucy J. of Brownington Barton Landing Jan 30 2/16/1869
Gray, Almon of Wheelock Way, Miss Mary of Wheelock Wheelock 3d 12/18/1857
Gray, Almon of Wheelock Garfield, Miss Carrie of Glover Sheffield Oct 18 10/30/1863
Gray, Charles B. of Sheffield Green, Miss Rosina of Sheffield Barton Oct 2 10/11/1870
Gray, Daniel of Coventry Morse, Miss Sarah of Coventry Coventry Sept 10 9/20/1861
Gray, Ira of Sheffield Drown, Miss Elmira E. of Sheffield Sheffield 18th 11/30/1869
Gray, Irving, of Nashua Keedney, Miss Sarah L. of Coventry Nashua, NH March 23 4/3/1868
Gray, Lorenzo J. of Sutton Newell, Miss Ettie W. of Sutton Sutton Oct 19 11/2/1869
Gray, Milo C. of Brighton Moulton, Miss Hannah J. of Charleston Charleston Oct 17 11/2/1869
Gray, Olin of Glover Partridge, Miss Amy of Glover Glover June 8 6/13/1862
Gray, W. W. of Sheffield Simpson, Miss Mary of Sheffield Sheffield Nov 10 11/25/1859
Green, Charles of Irasburg Cowles, Miss Chastina of Albany Barton March 15 3/23/1866
Greene, James of St Johnsbury Severens, Miss Roxanna of Derby Derby April 4 4/16/1858
Greene, Luther of Woodstock Bailey, Miss Helen of Woodstock Woodstock Sept 13 9/30/1859
Gregoire, Francis of Potton, C. E. Ploof, Miss Nancy of Potton, C. E. North Troy Jan 14 2/22/1861
Gregory, Albert D. of Barton Colburn, Miss Marian M. of Barton Glover Dec 14 12/21/1869
Gregory, Edwin of Troy Luxford, Miss Jane of Troy Troy Oct 2 11/29/1861
Gregory, Henry Abbott, Sarah North Troy Nov 29 12/21/1866
Griffin, James O. of Greensboro Macomber, Mrs. Celinda of Greensboro Glover March 17 3/27/1868
Griffin, William of Charleston Spencer, Miss Hannah of Salem Derby 27th ult 10/10/1862
Griffin, William of Newport Beaumon, Miss Cordelia of Newport Newport March 13 3/21/1856
Grogan, James M. of Lowell, Mass Griffin, Miss Elvira M. of Lowell, Mass Newport Aug 20 9/4/1870
Grout, Major Josiah Jr. of Island Pond Hinman, Miss Harriet of Derby Derby Oct 27 11/3/1868
Grover, William A. of Manchester, NH Barrows, Emeline L. of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 28 7/10/1868
Grow, Oscar of Danville Russell, Miss Ann of Danville Danville 14th 7/25/1856
Grow, T. R. of Barton Graves, Miss Elvira of Glover Glover Feb 26 3/1/1861
Guild, E. J. of Irasburg Frost, Miss Laura of Joliet, Ill Joliet, Ill Sept 19 12/7/1866
Guild, Ezra Hancock, Mrs. Mary P Coventry April 26 5/6/1864
Guild, John of Irasburg Webber, Miss Alma of Glover Glover 10th 12/19/1856
Guild, Winslow B. of Coventry Wells, Miss Flora A. of East Burke Barton March 26 4/5/1870
Hadlock, Everett of Jay Kelley, Miss Nancy of Westfield North Troy Jan 27 2/12/1864
Hadlock, George of Troy Jersey, Miss Lavina of Potton, C.E. North Troy March 25 3/31/1865
Hadlock, Orison of Jay Manuel, Miss Aurilla of Troy Oct 10 11/25/1859
Hadlock, Sylvester of Jay Miller, Miss Chastine of Jay North Troy Sept 20 9/28/1866
Hadlock, W. H. of Jay Howe, Miss Sarah of Westfield Newport Aug 11 8/16/1861
Hadlock, Webster of Jay Walker, Mary of Potten, C. E. Westfield March 11 7.67E-05
Hager, W. D. of Greenfield, Mass Fleming, Miss Eliza S. of Barnston, PQ Glover Aug 20 8/25/1868
Haines, George M. MD of Craftsbury Goodrich, Miss Octavia L. of Greensboro Greensboro ? Sept 28 10/4/1870
Hall, A. H. Adjc. of Island Pond Stevens, Miss Mattie of Island Pond Island Pond June 22 7/6/1869
Hall, Andrew of Holland Wiggin, Mrs. M. A. of Tuttonborough, NH Holland Jan 14 1/24/1866
Hall, Francis of Holland Dearborn, Miss Marion of Holland Holland Jan 1(0/9) 1/27/1865
Hall, Horace of Potten, CE Blanchard, Miss Sarah of Potten, CE North Troy 24th 9/ /1856
Hall, James R. of Newport Green, Annie F. of Lyndon Lyndon June 1 6/8/1869
Hall, James W. of Barton Cutler, Miss Eliza A. of Glover Glover Mary 6 5/11/1869
Hall, Loren J. of Lyndon Mooney, Miss Rosa L. of Lyndon Wheelock Oct 16 11/2/1869
Hall, Riley C. of Sheffield Barton, Flora L. of Burke Glover Nov 25 11/30/1869
Hall, William of Barton Bartlett, Miss Lestina of Barton Barton Dec 28 2/4/1859
Hall, William of Stanstead, C. E. Spalding, Miss S. J. of Derby Line Derby Line 15th inst 6/23/1865
Hamilton, B. W. Prof of Lowell Leet, Miss Caroline of Newbury Newbury 4/1/1859
Hamilton, Daniel of Newport Adams, Miss Mercy of Newport North Troy 17th 11/26/1858
Hamilton, John of Troy Bixby, Aurilla of Troy South Troy Dec 8 12/16/1864
Hammond, Harvey of Coventry Austin, Mss Sophronia of Bolton, CE Newport 4th 12/10/1858
Hammond, John of Greensboro Fairbrother, Miss Helen of Coventry Greensboro 15th 8/20/1858
Hancock, A. H. of Coventry Hackett, Mrs. Emeline of Newport Irasburg Nov 4 11/13/1863
Hand, Ashbel of Charleston Moulton, Mrs. Caroline of Charleston Charleston Nov 11 11/29/1867
Hannett, Daniel of Coventry Keneston, Miss Mary A of Irasburg Irasburg May 8 5/27/1864
Hanscom, John E. of Lowell, Mass Durivage, Miss Mattie of Lowell, Vt Lowell, Mass Sept 25 10/4/1870
Hanson, Wallace of Barton Blake, Miss Emma of Barton Coventry 10/25/1870
Hardy, C. C. Esq. of Glover Bickford, Miss Sarah of Glover Glover 18th inst 6/1/1860
Hardy, Charles Esq. of Glover Bickford, Miss Sarah of Glover Glover 18th inst 5/25/1860
Hardy, David of Fairfax Dunham, Miss Cynthia of Fairfield North Troy 9th 10/24/1856
Harlow, Edward of Irasburg Clement, Miss Lettitia of Irasburg Irasburg 6th 5/9/1856
Harper, Thomas of Brandon Brown, Miss Olive of Troy Troy Oct 27 ?11-13-1857
Harriman, Albert of Craftsbury Shepard, Miss Sarah A. of Greensboro Barton Oct 28 11/10/1868
Harriman, L. Howse, Miss H. Holland Feb 12 3/2/1866
Harris, Isaac of Piermont, NH Sanborn, Miss Almira of Troy North Troy 9th inst 2/24/1865
Harris, Samuel M. of Otter Creek, Iowa Smith, Miss Orilla of Albany Albany Oct 7 10/11/1867
Hartwell, James A. Laraway, Mrs. Mary Lowell March 19 4/5/1870
Harvey, Col Henry of Barnet Rider, Miss Laura of Orford Orford, NH May 15 6/10/1859
Hastings, Edward Morse, Miss Nancy Craftsbury Nov 10 11/25/1864
Hawley, Abel of Irasburg Bryant, Anne, relict of Geo Bryant of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 12 1/16/1863
Hawse, William of Hatley, C. E. Coburn, Betsey of Irasburg Glover Oct 2 10/12/1866
Haynes, David A. of Charleston Hopkins, Miss Maria of Charleston Island Pond May 30 7/6/1869
Haynes, George of Hardwick Joslyn, Miss Augusta of Hardwick E Hardwick Jan 18 2/11/1859
Hayward, W. F. of Westmore Hinton, Miss Jane of Westmore Westmore Aug 25 9/1/1868
Hazen, C. F. of Glover Bliss, Mrs. Mira of Glover Glover June 8 6/16/1865
Hazen, Henry Rev., of Plymouth, NH Green, Miss Charlotte of Windsor Windsor 7/17/1863
Healey, George of Irasburg Caples, Miss Ann of Irasburg Irasburg 29th ult 10/18/1861
Healy, John of Irasburg Caples, Matilda of Irasburg Irasburg 23d ult 7/19/1861
Healy, Stephen of Irasburg Smalley, Mrs. Persis of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 4 4/19/1867
Heath, Andrew of Wheelock Clark, Miss Alsina H. of Glover Glover July 1 7/12/1867
Heath, Cyrus of Barton Frost, Miss Maria of Brownington Barton 27th 12/24/1858
Heath, David of Stanstead, C. E. Rankin, Miss Sarah of Derby Derby Jan 26 2/7/1862
Heath, James of Barnston, C. E. Rhem, Sarah of Barnston, C. E. Derby Line Aug 15 9/4/1863
Heath, John of Lyndon S(tiles), Miss Julia of Albany Albany Oct 31 11/18/1864
Heath, Milton of Barton Willson, Miss Stella Y. of Barton Barton Oct 27 11/1/1870
Heath, Wilder of Derby Wells, Miss Ann of Derby Derby Sept 3 9/12/1862
Heith, R. T. of Troy Hamilton, Miss L. of Troy Troy 28th ult 3/9/1860
Hibbard, C. N. of Glover Dewing, Miss Jennie H. of Glover Glover 3/23/1869
Hibbard, Charles M. of Troy Spaulding, Mary Jane of Troy Newport Dec 29 1/11/1870
Hickey, P. J. of Westmore McCaffery, Miss Sarah of ST Johnsbury St Johnsbury July 27 8/10/1869
Hicks, George of Lancaster, NH Baker, Miss Lucretia of Lancaster, NH Lancaster, NH 12/18/1857
Hidden, Lowell M. of Vancouver, Wash Eastman, Miss Mary S. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 22 12/28/1869
Higgins, John of Coventry Chamberlin, Miss Lucy of Irasburg Irasburg 19th 9/24/1858
Hildreth, D. L. Young, Miss Lydia Newport Sept 3 9/14/1866
Hildreth, D. L. of Newport Williams, Miss M. A. of Newport North Troy March 28 4/16/1858
Hildreth, F N of Charleston Fuller, Miss Eliza of Charleston Brownington June 12 6/27/1856
Hill, Curtis of Waterford Dean, Miss Ann of Glover Glover 23d ult 3/16/1860
Hill, Edward of Irasburg Augar, Miss Helen of Shelburne Shelburne 15th 9/24/1858
Hill, Ira M. of Stanstead Daggett, Miss Ella J. of Coventry Coventry Oct 1 10/4/1867
Hill, Oliver of Concord, NH Lawrence, Miss Betsey of Albany Albany Jan 8 1/23/1863
Himes, W. A. of Troy Hammond, Miss Prudentia of Franklin Franklin 29th 1/14/1859
Hines, Nathan of Wolcott Holloway, Mrs. Julia of Irasburg Irasburg Dec 29 1/3/1862
Hinman, Charles T. of Holland Taylor, Miss Viola of Holland Coventry March 10 3/16/1869
Hinman, W. H. of Derby Holt, Miss Diana L. of Derby Derby Sept 29 10/4/1867
Hitchcock, P. S. of Westfield Green, Miss Mary of Irasburg Irasburg April 26 ** 5/13/1864
Hitchcock, Russel of Westfield George, Miss Sarah Jane of Westfield Westfield Dec 14 12/23/1864
Hitchcock, Simon of Westfield Brown, Alice of Westfield Coventry 11th 5/15/1857
Hodge, Joseph of Stowe Smalley, Miss Phebe of Albany Albany Sept 25 10/10/1862
Hodgeman, William of Troy Doolin, Miss Margaret of Troy North Troy 2nd inst 7/17/1863
Hodges, C. A. of Lynn, Mass Hutchins, Mrs. S. A. P. of Glover Glover 13th 4/17/1857
Hodges, John R. of Richmond Shepard, Miss Nancy of Albany Albany Feb 8 2/14/1866
Holden, Simon Esq. of Craftsbury Locke, Mrs. K. C. of Albany Albany 9th 2/26/1858
Holdredge, Frederic H. of Irasburg Worthington, Miss Sophia W. of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 24 11/1/1867
Holdridge, Fred of Irasburg Worthington, Miss Fidie of Irasburg Irasburg Sept 3 9/6/1867
Holloway, William of Glover Simonds, Abby of Glover Glover Oct 26 1/13/1865
Holmes, Frank of Charleston Barrett, Miss Lizzie of Morgan Holland Jan 14 1/24/1866
Holmes, Robert Dea. of Johnson Morse, Miss Almira of Hardwick Hardwick 29th ult 1/27/1860
Holtham, Edward of Barton Morehouse, Miss Emily of Barton Barton March 21 3/23/1866
Holton, Adolphus Esq. of Hardwick Bridgman, Miss Augusta of Hardwick Nov 8 12/9/1859
Hopkins, Augustine of Derby Boynton, Mary of Derby Derby 5th 10/16/1857
Hopkins, Henry of Waterbury Davenport, Miss Lydia of Waterbury North Troy Oct 19 10/27/1865
Hosmer, Charles of Feltonville, Mass Avery, Miss Lizzy of Craftsbury West Albany 1/27/1865
House, Ezra of Brattleboro Wheeler, Miss Elizabeth of Glover E Hardwick May 1 5/10/1861
Houston, William of Barton Wilson, Mrs. Ann J. of Barton Newport Dec 28 1/12/1869
Hovey, Elijah of Albany Lyman, Miss Rhoda of Glover Albany 4th 7/10/1857
Hovey, Silas of Albany Rowell, Miss Judith of Albany Albany 7th inst 11/15/1861
Hovey, T. K. formerly of Albany Little, Miss E of Littleton, Iowa Littleton, Iowa Dec 15 1/4/1861
Howard, Henry of Irasburg Nye, Miss Lucy Annette of Irasburg Irasburg 27th inst 9/28/1860
Howard, J. T. Rev., of W Charleston Page, Miss Marthaett of W Albany Barton May 4 5/11/1860
Howard, J. W. of Irasburg Cowles, Miss Louisa of Albany Albany 23d inst 11/2/1860
Howard, Ralph of Irasburg Scott, Miss Harriet of Morrisville Morrisville Jan 22 1/30/1857
Howard, S. of Hydepark Parker, Mary of Henryville Henryville, C. E. Oct 12 10/30/1863
Howe, George W. of Stevenston, ALA Billings, Miss Medora E. of Barton Barton March 23 3/27/1868
Howe, William of West Concord, Vt Howland, Miss Eliza of Lyndon Glover Aug 22 9/1/1865
Hoyt, A. H. of Newport Atwell, Miss Mary of Westfield Westfield Aug 28 9/2/1859
Hoyt, Charles of Craftsbury Carpenter, Carrie of Craftsbury 1/11/1867
Hoyt, John H. of Newport Phillips, Miss Flora E. of Glover Glover June 11 6/14/1870
Hoyt, Rufus Morse, Miss Caroline Craftsbury 1st 9/25/1857
Hoyt, Samuel of Northfield Ford, Miss Mary Jane of Northfield Craftsbury June 11 6/28/1861
Hubbard, Daniel W. of Wheelock Emerson, Miss Emma of Wheelock Lyndon Nov 9 11/22/1867
Hubbard, Hiram of Rochester, Vt McCollum, Miss Adelaide of Montpelier Montpelier 15th 2/26/1858
Hull, James of Irasburg Hanson, Mrs. Martha of Lowell, Mass Barton Aug 29 8/31/1866
Humphrey, C. G. of Norton Scott, Miss Sarah of Barnston, PQ Newport Oct 11 10/25/1870
Humphrey, G. P. of Glover Waite, Miss Ellen of So. Colton, NY Greensboro Aug 26 9/14/1866
Humphrey, Samuel of Barnston, C. E. Hill, Mrs. Rhoda of Barton Barton Aug 13 8/17/1866
Hunt, Edgar of Fairfax Babbitt, Miss Julia E. of Greensboro Greensboro May 4 5/8/1868
Hunt, Edward of Hartford, CT Ovitt, Miss Nancy of Jay Jay April 11 4/19/1867
Hunt, Eli of Troy Davison, Mrs. Betsy of Troy North Troy May 18 5/26/1865
Hunt, James Porter, Miss Emiline North Troy 1st 1/6/1860
Hunt, John C of Troy Hines, Miss Sarah of Troy North Troy 21st 1/6/1860
Hunt, John Jr of Aurora, Ill Pearsons, Miss Clara of Irasburg Janesville, Wisc April 17 5/9/1856
Hunt, Mitchell of Troy Porter, Miss Henrietta of Troy   1/6/1860
Hunt, Orrin of Barton Kiser, Miss Julia of Albany Albany Dec 18 12/21/1860
Hunter, Hiram of Albany Coburn, Miss Lucy of Albany Albany Dec 22 12/25/1863
Hunter, Johnson of Lancaster, NH Drew, Miss Linna of Barton Glover Dec 12 1/3/1866
Hunter, Moses Whitehill, Isabel Ryegate Sept 21 10/14/1859
Huntington, E. T. of Johnson Tracy, Miss Carrie R. of Johnson Johnson Jan 1 1/10/1868
Hunton, J. W. DR Hubbard, Ellen Derby Line Aug 18 9/4/1863
Hutchins, Amasa of Barton Willard, Miss Margaret of Barton Glover March 18 4/4/1862
Hutchins, Melvin of Littleton, NH Keys, Miss Mary of Whitefield, NH Waterford 5th 6/18/1858
Hutchinson, E Alonzo of Charleston Smith, Miss Clarinda of Salem Derby March 4 4/16/1858
Hyatt, H. C. of Stanstead, PQ Verbeck, Miss Julia of Stanstead, PQ Stanstead, PQ June 24 7/6/1869
Ide, Charles of Coventry Wright, Miss Ellen of Coventry Coventry Feb 18 3/22/1861
Ingerson, John H of Newport Bowley, Miss Laura of Newport Newport 13th inst 4/20/1860
Ingraham, Chester of Holdeness, NH Gray, Miss Pamelia of Glover Glover Nov 6 11/16/1866
Jackson, Edmond of Troy Hitchcock, Miss Elizabeth of Troy Troy Oct 29 11/25/1859
Jackson, Joseph Jr. of Derby & RI Colwell, Miss Mary of Providence Providence, RI July 21 9/4/1870
Jackson, Lewis A. of Greensboro Simpson, Miss Mary C. of Greensboro Greensboro ?May 20 5/26/1869
Jackson, Walter A. of Greensboro Pinney, Miss Helen of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 1 11/8/1870
James, George of Stanstead, C. E. Daggett, Miss Emma of Coventry Derby Line Feb 24 3/6/1863
James, Jona. Jr of Troy Hildreth, Miss Eliza of Potten, CE North Troy 10th 9/ /1856
Jameson, Alexander Esq. of Irasburg Clark, Mrs. Martha of Barton Barton Dec 27 1/1/1864
Jameson, Horace late of Irasburg McGlautin, Miss Annie of Knights Ferry Knights Ferry, Calif 2/3/1860
Jameson, L B of Chicago Allen, Miss Sarah of Chicago Chicago 8th 9/18/1857
Jameson, Zuar of Irasburg Wilcox, Miss Mary Ellen of Bristol Bristol, RI June 25 7/6/1860
Jamieson, William S. McDowell, Miss Isabella of Sheffield Glover ? Feb 7 2/19/1864
Jenkins, Stephen W. of Newport Sias, Miss Francelia of Newport Newport Nov 24 11/29/1870
Jenne, Elisha of Orleans Merry, Miss Matilda of Magog, CE Magon, CE 28th 3/13/1856
Jenne, Horace of Albany Fairman, Miss Lucinda of Albany Albany Oct 20 11/5/1858
J(enness), John of Irasburg Spring, Miss Adaline of Glover Glover 22d inst 8/31/1860
Jennison, P. J. Ham, Miss A(lice) Walden May 24 6/1/1866
Jerome, Benjamin of Brownington Leach, Mrs. Serepta S. of Waterville Sutton Oct 2 10/12/1869
Jerome, Giles of Irasburg Larrabee, Miss Prudentia of Irasburg Warren, NH Aug 27 9/9/1864
Jerome, H. B. of Irasburg Clark, Miss Frances of Westminster Westminster Dec 28 1/6/1865
Jerome, Lyman H. of Irasburg Martin, Miss Elizabeth R. of Irasburg Irasburg Sept 20 9/27/1870
Jocelyn, Dwight C. of Greensboro Davis, Miss Helen A. of Wheelock Greensboro Dec 31 1/5/1869
Johnson, Charles Esq. of Stratford Day, Emma of Stratford Stratford, NH May 15 6/10/1859
Johnson, Chester of Barnet Jones, Mrs. Harriet of Newport Newport 7th 4/17/1857
Johnson, Hiram of Troy Hamilton, Miss Josephine of Troy Glover 19th 5/21/1858
Johnson, Isaac D. of Jay Sias, Miss Hannah of Newport Troy Nov 24 11/29/1867
Johnson, N. R. of Topsham, Vt Rogers, Miss Rosamond of Albany New York 1st inst 3/16/1860
Johnson, Rev R. J. N. of Lunenburg Bates, Miss Olivia of Derby Derby Aug 16 9/4/1870
Jones, J. O. O. of St J Eldridge, Miss Eliza of Albany Albany 7th inst 10/10/1862
Jordan, Alfred of Barnston, PQ Jones, Miss Abbie F. of Glover Glover Aug 30 9/4/1870
Jordan, Hiram M. of Wolcott Chaffee, Miss Lucy of Albany Albany March 19 3/23/1869
Joslyn, C. H. Fisher, Miss Susan J. of Cabot Cabot Jan 25 2/12/1864
Joslyn, G. L. of Barton Currier, Miss Susan of Barton Barton July 9 7/19/1867
Joslyn, Jerrod A. of Brownington Crandall, Miss Hannah of Brownington Brownington March 10 3/23/1869
Joslyn, Joseph of Hardwick Blair, Miss Agnes of Goshen Gore Greensboro June 8 6/16/1865
Joslyn, Myron of Barton Little, Miss Ellen of Barton Barton 27th ult 3/9/1860
Joslyn, Orlando of Craftsbury Hartson, Miss Emma of Greensboro Craftsbury April 20 4/26/1867
Judd, Francis of Jay Baran, Miss Margaret of Jay Westfield Jan 24 2/9/1869
Keeler, George M(ead), Miss Sarah of Irasburg Washington, DC July 8/7/1863
Keith, Adoniram of Troy Shattuck, Miss Elizabeth of Troy North Troy 3d 3/12/1858
Keith, Henry of North Troy Richardson, Mrs. Ann of Potton, C. E. N Troy 20th ult 11/15/1861
Keith, Warren of Enosburg Butler, Miss Emma of Albany Albany Feb 28 3/4/1864
Kelham, Joseph of Irasburg Ordway, Miss Kittie of Irasburg Irasburg April 1 7.67E-05
Kellam, Charles of Topeka, Kansas Damon, Martha formerly of Woodstock Milwaukee 9/25/1857
Kellam, George of Irasburg Emerson, Miss Julia of Irasburg Irasburg 14th 1/23/1857
Kellam, H. S. of Charlestown, MA Webster, Miss Eliza of Haverhill, NH Haverhill, NH 18th inst 12/28/1860
Kellam, Hiram Esq. of Irasburg Brown, Mrs. Nancy of Coventry Coventry 19th 1/28/1859
Kellam, Hiram Esq. of Irasburg Brigham, Mary of Brownington Brownington 23d inst 10/31/1862
Kelley, George of Newport Herrick, Miss Salome of Troy North Troy 1st 1/6/1860
Kelly, John of Jay Miller, Miss Lucinda of Westfield Westfield Dec 7 12/15/1865
Kelsey, Martin of Brunswick, Ohio Daggett, Miss Mary of Coventry Coventry 9/27/1861
Kendall, George of Newport Sias, Miss Martha of West Derby West Derby Jan 13 2/19/1858
Kendrick, John Jr., of Greensboro Smith, Miss Janette A. of Glover Glover Sept 24 9/29/1868
Kenison, Henry M. of Irasburg Algier, Mrs. Amy J. of Irasburg Barton Landing 20th inst 8/25/1868
Kenney, George of Troy Kelsey, Miss Lydia of Troy South Troy Oct 23 1/4/1867
Kenney, Lyman of Danville Eaton, Miss Philura of Irasburg Irasburg Dec 2(4) 1/10/1862
Kenyon, O. A. of McGregor, Iowa Ayer, Miss Ann of St Johnsbury Janesville, Wis Nov 23 12/11/1857
Kidder, Faxon of Irasburg Graves, Miss Maria of Lyndon Irasburg Sept 17 9/27/1870
Kidder, Fletcher of Irasburg Slack, Miss Lena of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 18 11/9/1869
Kidder, Joseph of Irasburg Dorset, Miss Huldah of Irasburg Irasburg 18th inst 9/23/1859
Kidder, Josiah C. of Irasburg Mitchell, Eliza of Irasburg Lowell May 23 6/1/1869
Kidder, T. C. of Morristown Bennett, Miss L. A. of Albany Glover Sept 15 9/29/1865
Kilborn, Col Alexander of Stanstead Clark, Miss Catherine of Stanstead Stanstead, CE 22d 12/3/1858
Kilby, William of Newport Brooks, Miss Persis of Newport Barton May 24 6/8/1860
Kimball, Daniel of Barton Martin, Miss Emily of Canada East Sutton Nov 25 12/9/1859
Kimball, Daniel of Cabot Thompson, Miss Nancy of Glover Glover June 2 6/17/1859
Kimball, Dustin of Newark Jilson, Miss Huldah of Barton Glover Jan 13 1/29/1858
Kimball, F. M., Lieut. Hoyt, Miss Sue of Cabot Cabot Sept 27 10/2/1863
Kimball, Hazen of Barton Nye, Eliza of Irasburg Irasburg 1st 6/5/1857
Kimball, Moses of Johnson Cty, Wisc Mastin, Miss Melvina of West Charleston W. Charleston Feb 3 2/19/1858
Kimball, Samuel of Barton Paine, Miss Sarah of Albany Albany Feb 10 2/27/1857
King, Charles of Albany Wright, Miss Julia of Albany Albany Sept 29 10/16/1863
King, Thomas B. Clark, Miss Sarah M. Glover June 9 6/19/1868
Kinney, Noble of Albany Roberts, Miss Sarah of Albany Albany May 24 5/27/1859
Kinnie, Willard N. of Waterford Gillett, Katherine E. of Hatley, C. E. Newport 27th inst 7/12/1867
Kirk, Henry of Troy Stebbins, Miss Helen of Troy North Troy 18th 2/26/1858
K(ir)k, Thomas of Lowell Brown, Miss Ellen of Westfield Westfield Dec 16 1/9/1863
Kirk, W. F. of Lowell Carrall, Miss Hattie of Lowell Westfield Sept 13 9/28/1866
Kiser, Francis of Irasburg Smith, Miss Ellen J. of Irasburg Irasburg Aug 15 9/28/1869
Kizer, John of Troy Parks, Mrs. Mary of Coventry Coventry June 11 6/17/1859
Knight, Paul of Walden French, Miss Elmira of Walden Walden 1/29/1858
L( ), S. A. of Brownington Carpenter, Miss M. M. of Brownington Brownington Feb 10 2/21/1866
LaBountye, Antoine of Salem Blay, Miss Delia of Derby Salem April 7 4/16/1858
Ladd, Gustine of Pana, Ill Dexter, Miss Frances of Barton Barton Oct 6 10/21/1859
Ladue, Milo of Stanstead Burbank, Miss Caroline of Stanstead Stanstead 29th 6/13/1856
Lampher, Alvis Hoyt, Cynthia Newport Sept 3 9/22/1865
Lane, Augustus of Newport Bodwell, Miss Esther of Stanstead, C. E. Newport Oct 16 10/28/1864
Lane, Burril of Burlington Brown, Miss Nora L. of Newport Coventry Aug 11 8/23/1870
Lane, H. B. of Troy Hitchcock, Miss Maria of Westfield Westfield Oct 30 11/7/1862
Laplant, John of Salem Brooks, Miss Harriet of Derby Salem April 9 4/29/1859
Larrabee, Artemas B. of Albany Hunter, Miss Jennette of Albany Albany April 18 4/27/1869
Larrabee, Vivalda of Irasburg Clark, Miss Nettie of Westminster, Vt Westminster Jan 27 2/6/1863
Lavely, John of Westmore Counter, Miss Eliza of Burke East Burke 10th 1/1/1858
Lawrence, Ashael of Lowell Avery, Miss Ettie of Lowell Albany 20th inst 10/26/1866
Lawrence, Charles of Montpelier Auley?, Mary Jane of Craftsbury Craftsbury 1st 1/9/1857
Learnard, A. P. of Brattleboro Spencer, Maria A. of Derby Line Newport June 25 7/12/1867
Leary, Gilbert of Derby Cheney, Miss Sarah of Derby Derby Dec 31 2/21/1862
Leavens, Moses of Morgan Marsh, Miss Flora Ann of Holland W Charleston 23d inst 11/9/1860
Leavitt, D of Walden Rodwell, Miss Lizzie of Greensboro   1/29/1858
LeClaire, Joseph of Barton Belleville, Miss Mary of Barton Barton 11/3/1868
Lee, Asa of Victory Carpenter, Miss Cynthia of Granby Granby 15th 12/4/1857
Lee, Asa of Victory Carpenter, Miss Cynthia of Granby Granby Nov 15 12/11/1857
Leonard, Joseph of Potton, C. E. Barnet, Miss Lucetta of Potton, C. E. N Troy Nov 12 11/29/1861
Lewis, George C. of North Troy Adams, Miss Evangeline F. of North Troy Irasburg Oct 21 11/1/1867
Lewis, Jonathan Moses, Miss Lucinda Coventry 6th inst 3/15/1861
Lewis, Rutty of Glover Telfer, Miss Jenette of Glover Glover Sept 29 10/13/1865
Lincoln, Samuel of Albany Jones, Miss Violetta of Newport Newport 10th inst 7/19/1861
Litchfield, Charles of Potton, C. E. Orcutt, Miss Mary of Manchester, NH Barton Jan 13 2/4/1859
Litchfield, John L. of Westmore Holden, Miss Rosanna L. of Westmore Charleston Nov 28 12/6/1867
Little, George of Munroe, NH Hunt, Miss Eliza of Shipton, C E Troy 24th 1/8/1858
Little, Thomas of ( )remen, Maine Morse, Miss Sarah E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 28 1/4/1870
(Lit)temore, Philip of St Arbor, C. E. Stebbins, Miss Martha of Lowell Lowell April 26 5/27/1864
Livingston, John B of Lyndon Montgomery, Martha of Walden Walden 16th 1/1/1858
Locke, Dana of Irasburg Snell, Miss Sarah of Derby Coventry? Jan 12 1/28/1859
Locke, Sherburn of Barnston CE Sanborn, Mrs. Emeline of Lowell Troy 20th 8/28/1857
Locke, William Jr Hill, Miss Amelia of Irasburg Irasburg June 1 6/6/1862
Longee, David of Boston Marsh, Miss Eliza of Greensboro Greensboro 1st 1/9/1857
Longee, George of Sheffield Bickford, Sophia of Greensboro Glover June 28 7/14/1865
Lord, Josiah of Charleston Bryant, Miss Susan F. of Charleston Charleston Nov 28 12/6/1867
Lord, Raymond of Orange Guild, Kestah of Coventry Coventry Feb 24 3/15/1867
Lund, Norman of Brownington Rawlins, Louisa M. of Brownington Irasburg Aug 30 9/9/1859
Lurvey, George V. of Maidstone Beede, Miss Mary S. of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 24 11/29/1870
Lyman, A. W. of Barton Landing Williams, Mrs. S. D. of Barton Landing Barton Landing April 13 4/26/1870
Lyman, James H. of DeWitt, Iowa McEwen, Miss Agnes of Craftsbury Glover Oct 27 11/3/1868
Lynch, John of Danville Freeman, Miss Elizabeth of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 3d 12/18/1857
Lyon, Edson of Charleston Warren, Miss Betsey of Charleston Charleston June 12 6/27/1856
Magee, William B. of Stanstead, PQ Blake, Marion of Burlington Burlington May 31 7/6/1869
Magoon, Charles S. of Coventry Boynton, Miss Naomi of Derby Derby July 10 8/10/1869
Magoon, Daniel of Barton Oakes, Miss Sarah of Barton Barton Oct 31 11/11/1864
Magoon, John of Coventry Langmaid, Miss Julia of Coventry Barton March 16 4/19/1867
Mansfield, Merrick Esq. of Boston Ammidown, Miss Helen of Southbridge, Mass Southbridge, Mass 7/27/1866
Mansur, David A. of Stanstead, PQ Clark, Maria A. of Stanstead, PQ Montreal, PQ June 22 7/6/1869
Manuel, C. C. of Troy Wheeler, Miss Martha of Troy North Troy Jan 10 2/22/1861
Manuel, Ira of N Troy Porter, Miss Abby of N Troy N Troy April 6 4/11/1862
Manuel, John S of North Troy Flint, Miss Cynthia of Irasburg Irasburg 17th inst 9/23/1859
Marnock, Thomas of Albany Mason, Miss Lizzie of Albany S. Albany Feb 4 2/28/1868
Marsh, Harry of Holland Allbee, Miss Arvilla of Derby Holland July 4 7/15/1864
Marshall, Jesse Jr of Burke Thomas, Miss Isabelle of Burke Sutton July 30 8/15/1862
Martin, Alvin of Barton Stevens, Mrs. Mary of Barton Brownington Dec 5 1/3/1866
Martin, Ashbel of Peacham Wesson, Miss Hannah of Danville Danville 5th 11/27/1857
Masmon, Charles of Barton Norris, Miss Salome of Albany Derby Feb 6 2/21/1862
Mason, A. A. of Troy Sargent, Miss Martha of Sutton, CE North Troy 1st 7/30/1858
Mason, Marvin of Newport Colby, Miss Carrie of Barton Landing Barton Landing ? Jan 22 2/7/1867
Massey, Adolphus of Irasburg Ware, Miss Jennie F. of Irasburg Irasburg April 28 5/11/1869
Mathews, John L. of South Hadley, Mass Douglass, Miss Henrietta of Craftsbury Craftsbury Oct 24 11/1/1867
Maxfield, James of Potten, CE Daggett?, Miss Challant of Newport Newport 5th 1/9/1857
May, Elisha Esq. of St Johnsbury Bennett, Miss Emma J. of Glover Glover Nov 28 12/13/1867
Maynard, George S. late of Minnesota Hamilton, Rose A. of Troy Bakersfield Feb 26 3/6/1868
McClary, H. A. of Albany Shedd, Miss Ellen A. of Lowell Lowell Oct 3 10/18/1870
McClary, Michael of St J Hogan, Miss Ann of St J St J May 22 6/3/1859
McClellan, Thomas of Albany Dow, Miss Alvina of Albany Albany 1st inst 1/3/1862
McConnell, Horace of Albany Mooers, Miss Almira of Glover Albany 3d inst 4/13/1860
McCrils?, Fred of Marshfield Laird, Miss Sophia of Marshfield Montpelier 4th 2/26/1858
McDaniel, Willard of Barton Magoon, Miss Lovina of Barton Coventry March 8 3/11/1859
McFarland, Walter W. of Greensboro Gillis, Miss Jane of Coventry Coventry Nov 27 12/6/1867
McGaffey, William of Lyndon Young, Miss Euseba of Kirby Kirby Jan 6 1/29/1858
McGoff, Charles of Irasburg Ordway, Miss Martha L. of Irasburg E. Charleston May 17 6/19/1868
McGuire, Andrew of Lowell Coburn, Miss Carrie of Albany Albany 1st 2/11/1859
McGuire, H. H. of Albany Wilson, Miss Jenny of Joliet, Ill Joliet, Ill Nov 6 12/7/1866
McGuire, Hugh of Lowell Sorrill, Miss Orrilla of Westfield North Troy 1st 4/11/1856
McKinney, Solomon Biddeford, Me Lake, Miss Asenath of North Troy North Troy 27th 1/8/1858
McLellan, Franklin of Glover French, Miss N Irene of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/10/1862
McLellan, Hiram of Glover Dwinell, Miss Emily of Glover St Johnsbury 15th 10/24/1856
McLellan, Norton Drew, Miss Elvira of Glover Glover 14th 12/23/1859
McLeod, Malcolm of Barton Goodall, Miss Carrie of Derby Barton Aug 27 9/4/1870
McSherry, John of Sutton Henisson, Miss Matilda of Newark W Charleston 12/2/1859
Mead, Egbert H. of Irasburg Bean, Miss Louisa B. of Irasburg Jan 23 2/2/1869
Meader, A. B. of Lyndon Center Scott, Miss Chastina M. of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 1 10/4/1867
Meader, Horace of Danville Ellis, Miss Mandana of Woodbury Woodbury 1st 1/1/1858
Merril, Geo Columbus City, Iowa Joslyn, Miss Sarah of South Hardwick South Hardwick 4th 1/1/1858
Merrill, Orrin of Barton Hanson, Miss Nancy of Brownington Barton Oct 8 10/19/1860
Merrill, William of Craftsbury Cass, Miss Julia of Albany Irasburg Oct 6 10/9/1863
Merritt, M. of Danville & Grinnell, Iowa Morrill, Miss Emily of Danville & Derby Derby Jan 31 2/7/1866
Metcalf, Amos of Irasburg Griswold, Melissa of Irasburg Nov 16 12/8/1865
Metcalf, Cyrus of Irasburg Wells, Miss Angelia of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 22 11/29/1870
Metcalf, Eli G. of Wolcott Maynes, Mrs. Melissa of West Derby Derby July 10 7/19/1867
Metcalf, Freeman of (Irasburg) Parker, Miss Clarissa of (Irasburg) Irasburg 11th 6/13/1856
Metcalf, Wallace of Johnson Clough, Miss Mary of Potton, C. E. South Troy Sept 9 9/15/1865
Miles, Charles of Albany Fairbrother, Miss Adella of Albany Albany Aug 12 8/23/1861
Miles, Charles of Craftsbury Miles, Miss Ellen of Eden Albany Aug 17 8/29/1862
Miles, Ephraim Durkee, Miss Fanny Albany 1st 11/11/1859
Miles, Hiram of Albany Hunter, Miss Francilia of Albany Albany June 6 6/16/1865
Miles, John of Brownington Knights, Sarah of Pittsfield, NH Wheelock June 22 7/5/1867
Miles, Royal of Albany Badger, Miss Eliza of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 6 10/13/1865
Miles, Thomas Smith, Miss Mary A Albany Feb 5 2/14/1862
Mill(er), T. E. MD of Sheffield Jenness, Alida A. of Sheffield Sheffield Nov 22 12/13/1870
Miller, Albert of Westfield House, Miss Ellen of Derby Derby Oct 31 11/8/1861
Miller, Emory of Westfield Farman, Miss Lois of Westfield Westfield Oct 10 10/14/1859
Miller, George of Greensboro Thornton, Miss Malinda of Wheelock Jay 16th 3/26/1858
Miller, John of Newbury Aiken, Miss Margaret of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 31 2/7/1867
Miner, George of Littleton, NH Gleason, Mrs. Sohpronia of Waterford West Concord 3d 12/18/1857
Minot, Willard of Lowell, Mass Heath, Abby of Glover Glover May 29 7/7/1865
Mitchell, Robert of Glover Wilkins, Mrs. Julia A. of Glover Glover Dec 31 1/3/1868
Montgomery, Giles Rev. Redington, Miss Emily Morrisville Aug 19 8/28/1863
Montgomery, Sereno Hon., of Walden Harrington, Mrs. Angelina S. of Walden St Johnsbury Sept 14 9/21/1869
Moodie, John R. of Wolcott Nichols, Frances N. of Wolcott Glover April 27 5/1/1868
Moody, David of Charleston Ward, Mrs. Mary J. of Charleston Charleston Aug 15 8/25/1868
Moore, B. N. Of Albany Hyde, Miss Julia of Albany Albany 22d 9/30/1859
Morey, Norman of Westfield Taylor, Miss Mary of Newport Coventry March 12 3/23/1860
Morey, Sylvester of Westfield Bean, Miss Emma of Westfield Westfield 24th inst 1/30/1863
Morrel, J. F. of Randolph Davis, Miss Mary of Wolcott Wolcott 20th 10/28/1859
Morrill, Charles W. of Derby Brown, Miss Mary Jane of Derby Derby Aug 21 9/19/1867
Morse, Albert of Potton, C. E. Barnet, Miss Lydia of Potton, C. E. N Troy 8th inst 11/16/1860
Morse, C. W. of North Troy Tibbets, Louisa of Newport Newport 31st 1/8/1858
Morse, Ira of Underhill, Vt Williams, Miss Sophia of North Troy North Troy Nov 1 11/15/1870
Morse, Samuel E. of Craftsbury Simpson, Miss Eliza C. of Greensboro Greensboro May 20 5/26/1869
Mory, Willard Sunbury, Miss Maria Irasburg 7th 11/12/1858
Mossman, Austin of Barton Oaks, Miss Clara of Barton Barton Sept 29 10/5/1869
Moulton, A. J. DR., of NH Scott, Miss A. D of Glover Glover Nov 29 12/7/1860
Moulton, Daniel of Holland Morrill, Miss Lydia of Derby Derby Dec 30 1/4/1861
Moulton, Mark of Newark Bugbee, Miss Emeretta of Burke Sutton June 17 6/27/1856
Moulton, William of Charleston Chase, Miss Mary of Charleston Charleston Feb 27 3/8/1867
Musk, Isaac of Derby Morse, Miss Martha of Newport Newport Oct 17 11/23/1860
Nelson, William of Sheffield Wood, Miss Fanny of Glover Glover ? Feb 7 2/19/1864
Nesbitt, James S. of Castroville, Cal Corey, Miss Jane E. of Greensboro Craftsbury Sept 7 9/13/1870
Newcomb, Albert of Derby True, Miss Alice of Derby Derby June 5 6/14/1867
Newton, Henry of Lowell Cammett, Miss Marion of Newport Albany Nov 23 12/8/1865
Nicholas, Alphonso of Detroit, Michigan Simonds, Miss Martha of Stanstead, C. E. Glover Feb 6 2/15/1867
Nichols, Stephen of Morgan Bachelder, Miss (Fairela) of Morgan Albany May 1 6/2/1865
Niles, Hiram of Newport Smith, Miss Laura of Wheelock Wheelock Jan 1 1/11/1861
Norcross, A. W. of Albany Jenne, Miss Addie R. of Albany Albany Feb 16 2/23/1869
Norcross, Duron J. of East Montpelier Scott, Miss Harriet J. of Albany Albany Nov 2(1) 12/1/1868
Norris, John of Derby Place, Sarah of Derby Newport June 19 6/19/1868
Norris, Mark of Brownington Smith, Miss Nettie H. of Barton Barton April 4 4/13/1869
Norris, Nathaniel of Newport Smith, Miss Roxana of Newport Newport 28th 11/6/1856
Norris, Samuel of St J Wheeler, Miss Lucy of St J St Johnsbury June 6 6/17/1859
Northrop, James of Danville Gove, Miss Eliza of Walden Coventry March 9 3/16/1869
Norton, George L. Burbank, Margaret A. Manchester, NH 7th 3/27/1857
Nutter, Benjamin of Barton Willis, Mrs. Eleanor of St Johnsbury E St Johnsbury Jan 23 1/31/1866
Nutting, Jonathan of East Hardwick Bradley, Miss Emily of East Hardwick East Hardwick 1/29/1858
Nye, Elbert of Glover Heath, Helen of Glover Glover Dec 27 1/6/1865
Nye, George of Irasburg Howard, Miss Julia of Albany Albany Oct 1 10/4/1861
Nye, Horatio of Coventry McCurdy, Miss Elizabeth of Brownington Barton 22d 6/25/1858
Nye, Lorenzo of Coventry Bussell, Miss Fanny of Newport Albany May 26 6/7/1861
Nye, Salmon of Irasburg Wheelock, Miss Martha of Coventry Coventry Nov 3 11/7/1862
Olcott, Henry of Lunenburg Woodbury, Jane of St Johnsbury E. St Johnsbury Oct 24 11/19/1858
Olmstead, John D. S. of Greensboro Haines, Miss Abbie D. of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 25 2/28/1868
Orcutt, Rollin of Danville Reynolds, Miss Martha of Cambridge St Albans May 1 5/17/1867
Ord, John of Barton White, Miss Mary A. of Irasburg Irasburg Sept 20 9/27/1870
Ordway, Alonzo of Troy Brown, Miss Nancy of Coventry Coventry Oct 6 10/14/1864
Ordway, Cyren of Brownington Joslyn, Miss Ferona of Brownington Brownington July 5 9/23/1864
Ordway, Edward of Troy Collins, Miss Lucy of Troy N Troy 23d ult 9/12/1862
Ormsy, R. McK. Of Bradford Murphy, Miss Lucy of Bradford Bradford 14th 9/25/1857
Orne, David Daniels, Miss Cynthia of Westmore Westmore Feb 4 2/14/1866
Owen, Clarence of Glover Chase, Miss Annie J. of Wheelock Wheelock Feb 4 2/16/1869
Owen, William of Barton Martin, Miss Charlotte of Troy Troy 11/30/1869
Paddock, Augustus of Craftsbury Dustin, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury March 13 3/23/1866
Paddock, James Jr of Craftsbury Cowles, Sarah of Coventry Coventry Feb 18 2/27/1857
Page, Austin of Irasburg Peavey, Lodema of Irasburg Irasburg 14th inst 9/25/1863
Page, George of Glover Barker, Miss Jane of Albany Albany 12th 2/18/1859
Page, George of Glover Paine, Miss Marian of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/4/1861
Page, James of Burke Burpee, Miss Mary of Burke East Burke Nov 24 1/1/1858
Page, Orlando of Irasburg Willey, Miss Esther of Irasburg Coventry Dec 7 12/15/1865
Paine, B. F. of Lowell Blaisdell, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro 10th inst 7/3/1863
Paine, Henry of Albany Baxter, Josie of Glover Glover Aug 29 9/9/1864
Paradice, Peter Busha, Miss J. E Craftsbury April 28 5/3/1870
Park, Samuel of Craftsbury LaClair, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 26 12/30/1864
Parker, Guy of Irasburg Metcalf, Miss Georgeanna of Irasburg Glover 3d 7/9/1858
Parker, Samuel of Lowell French, Miss Sarah of Lowell Newport July 17 7/26/1861
Parker, William of Irasburg Metcalf, Miss Hannah of Irasburg Glover 10th 12/19/1856
Parkhurst, Henry of Troy Norris, Miss Mary of Troy Westfield 14th inst 3/22/1867
Parklow, George of Stanstead, C. E. Felch, Miss Celinda of Holland Brownington July 22 8/2/1861
Parks, George of Craftsbury Hodgden, Miss Francenah of Craftsbury East Hardwick Aug 1 8/12/1859
Parmenter, Joseph of Lowell Fletcher, Mrs. Harriet of Lowell Barton Sept 12 9/23/1864
Partridge, Eli B. of Glover Sargent, Miss Fannie M. of Glover Barton July 4 7/10/1868
Partridge, Wyman of Glover Smith, Miss Jennie N. of Glover Barton Sept 4 9/7/1869
Patch, Stevens of Walden Ready, Miss Margaret of East Burke East Burke Oct 1 10/14/1859
Patrick, Benjamin of Charleston Chamberlin, Cynthia of Irasburg Derby Sept 3 9/22/1865
Patrol, John of Warren Perkins, Mrs. Catherine of Glover Glover Nov 19 12/7/1860
Peabody, Samuel of Potton, C. E. Stone, Miss Laura of Troy North Troy March 26 3/29/1861
Peabody, William of Orange, Vt Guild, Miss Luthera of Coventry Coventry Feb 13 2/17/1860
Pearson, Samuel H. of Coventry Gray, Miss Sarah C. of Coventry Coventry Jan 26 2/8/1870
Pearsons, Solon of Irasburg Allen, Miss Christina of Barton Irasburg July 6 7/12/1861
Peck, Francis of Wolcott Paine, Miss Mahala of Wolcott South Hardwick 3d 1/1/1858
Peck, James Jr of Troy Davis, Miss Harriet of Troy Troy Oct 31 11/5/1858
Peck, William of Passumpsic Hazeltine, Miss Josephine of Passumpsic Passumpsic 6th 1/29/1858
Percy, Alphonzo R. of Jay Sargeant, Miss E. of Jay Newport Sept 26 10/27/1868
Perkins, Davison J. of Newport Whipple, Miss Nettie J. H. of Newport Newport May 2 5/8/1868
Perkins, Ezra of Albany Frost, Miss E. of Sutton Lyndon Dec 4 12/21/1866
Perkins, J. L. of Potton, C. E. Swasey, Diana of Bolton, C. E. North Troy April 4 5/1/1863
Perry, Charles of Coventry Clough, Miss Emily of Irasburg Irasburg April 2 4/19/1867
Perry, George A. of Charleston Knight, Miss Rebecca M. of Charleston Charleston July 27 8/10/1869
Perry, W. H. of Irasburg Hill, Miss Abbie of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 23 2/14/1862
Persons, Luther of New York Morrill, Miss Emily of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 17 1/25/1867
Pettengill, Harry Porter, Miss Ida North Troy Nov 5 11/16/1866
Pettengill, Lucius H of Newport Lampher, Miss Abby E. of Newport Troy Aug 31 9/6/1867
Phelps, Simonds of W Albany Crichett, Miss Susan of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr Dec 15 12/21/1860
Phillips, Henry of Glover Baxter, Miss Lora of Albany Albany 15th inst 1/25/1861
Phillips, Valentine of Troy Lampher, Miss Rachel of Newport N Troy June 9 7/6/1860
Pierce, Tilleson of Stanstead, C. E. Daggett, Miss Harriet of Coventry Coventry 25th inst 9/27/1861
Pierce, Ira of Albany Kelley, Miss Mary of Lowell Albany Oct 25 11/2/1866
Pierce, John M. of Barton Smith, Miss Mary E of Barton Glover Dec 19 1/3/1862
Pingree, Samuel M. Col. of Hartland Steele, Miss Lydia M. of Newport Newport Sept 15 9/21/1869
Piper, Isaiah of Stannard Bean, Susannah of Stannard Greensboro Sept 15 10/4/1870
Piper, N. H. of West Charleston Bartlett, Miss Ann M. of Morgan Derby Sept 28 10/4/1867
Pitcher, William of Albany Chamberlain, Miss Ruth of Albany Albany Nov 28 11/20/1861
Platt, William of Indian Orchard, Mass Estell, Miss Agnes of South Troy Springfield June 24 8/24/1866
Pope, Capt Israel of Danville Babbitt, Mrs. Maria of Danville Danville 22nd 12/4/1857
Pope, Capt Israel of Danville Babbitt, Mrs. Maria of Danville Danville Nov 22 12/11/1857
Pope, Daniel of Irasburg Perry, Miss Harriet of Irasburg Irasburg 24th ult 3/6/1863
Pope, Elbridge G. of Hardwick Day, Miss Sabina A. of Wheelock Wheelock July 5 7/13/1869
Porter, (Peter) of Newport Norris, Miss Jerusha of Newport Newport 2(5th) ult 12/14/1860
Porter, Eleazer of North Troy Elkins, Miss Carrie of North Troy North Troy Dec 2 3/6/1863
Porter, Irving F. of Troy Page, Miss Abby M. of Troy Newport Ctr Oct 10 10/19/1869
Powers, A. B. of Craftsbury Marcy, Miss C. R. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 25 2/19/1864
Powers, F. V of Waterford French, Miss P. B. of Glover Glover May 14 6/1/1860
Powers, Francis of Waterford French, Miss Phebe of Glover Glover 14th inst 5/18/1860
Powers, Ira of Newport Wilson, Miss ( ) C. of Troy N Troy (28th ) 8/3/1860
Powers, Ira of Troy Courser, Miss Mary of Troy North Troy March 16 3/31/1865
Powers, Jehiel B. of Troy Magoon, Miss Emma H. of Newport S. Troy Feb 19 2/28/1868
Pratt, T. J. of Charleston Applebee, Miss Sade S. of Charleston Charleston March 14 4/3/1868
Prescott, Daniel P. of Fairlee Kemp, Miss Arabell J. of Fairlee Newport July 27 9/4/1870
Preston, J. F. of Newport Allard, Mrs. Hattie of Irasburg Albany 1st inst 5/11/1866
Priest, Samuel Jr. of Irasburg Buswell, Miss Helen G. of Irasburg Coventry Aug 1 8/4/1868
Prouty, Alfred of Newport Metcalf, Miss Augusta of Irasburg Albany 20th 10/30/1857
Pulsifer, Sidney of Peoria, Ill West, Mrs. Diantha of Coventry Coventry 8/27/1858
Purmit, C. D. of Georgia Porter, Miss Emma of N Troy N Troy Jan 3 2/7/1862
Putnam, C. C. Jr. of Middlesex Whitney, Miss Mary E. of Middlesex Irasburg 10/18/1867
Quimby, F. E. Duhigg, Mrs. Mary Lyndon March 2 3/23/1869
Quimby, Francis of Lyndon Drew, Miss Cynthia of Barton Barton May 28 6/6/1862
Quimby, Martin J. of Lyndon Wright, Miss Alice G. of St Johnsbury Barton 8/18/1868
Ramsdell, Alanson K. of Lunenburg Gould, Miss Calista of Irasburg Irasburg May 12 5/31/1870
Rand, Alfred E. of Waterbury Whipple, Miss Emma C. of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 22 11/3/1868
Rand, George Crosman, Miss Martha St Johnsbury 14th 10/24/1856
Randall, Alonzo of Dudswell, C. E. Metcalf, Miss Orpha of Glover Glover Jan 17 1/22/1864
Randall, Elias of Glover Clark, Miss Eleanor of Glover Glover Sept 13 9/21/1860
Randall, Fernando of Glover Colby, Miss Elizabeth of Burke W Charleston Jan 1 1/11/1856
Randall, George of Albany Abbott, Miss Emma of Albany Glover March 15 4/8/1859
Randall, J. H. of Jay Clapper, Miss Clara of Jay Richford Oct 8 10/27/1868
Randall, John L. of Craftsbury Skinner, Miss Annie of Craftsbury Irasburg Nov 21 11/24/1865
Randall, Parley of Greensboro Stevenson, Miss Jennett of Greensboro Greensboro 11th 7/25/1856
Rawson, A. Y. of Des Moines, Iowa Scott, Miss Mary L. of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 17 4/27/1866
Rawson, E. E. of Barton Skinner, Miss Mira L. of Barton Irasburg Jan 6 1/12/1869
Reed, Harry D. of Westfield Barnes, Miss Rhoda A. of Westfield Lowell March 23 4/5/1870
Revell, Joseph of Toronto Gilbert, Miss Alma of Mitchell, Iowa & Brownington 12th ult 3/8/1867
Rice, George Addison, Miss Lizzie Brownington Nov 21 11/30/1869
Rice, H. A. of Greensboro Bailey, Mrs. Mary A. of Glover Brownington 9/14/1869
Rice, James of Montpelier Stevens, Miss Carrie of Greensboro Greensboro July 9 7/26/1861
Rice, Oscar F. of Barton Curtis, Miss Susan Q. of Sutton Barton March 2 3/8/1870
Richardson, Charles of Waterford Moore, Miss Kate of Northumberland NH Waterford 12th 1/1/1858
Richardson, Elias Jr of Albany Watson, Miss Maria of Irasburg Craftsbury 15th inst 10/19/1860
Richardson, William of Derby Ainsworth, Miss Emma of Derby Derby Dec 29 1/3/1868
Richmond, Kendric of Newport Brigham, Miss Lizzie M. of Boston Boston, Mass April 20 5/11/1869
Richmond, Kendrick of Newport Pratt, Miss Mary of Newport Newport June 10 6/13/1862
Ring, William of Pittsfield, NH Miller, Ellen of Stanstead, C. E. Newport Oct 30 11/10/1865
Rivers, Rhoderick of Newport Norris, Miss Salana of Newport Newport 7th 11/12/1858
Robb, James of Racine, NY Whipple, Miss Mercy of Sutton Waterford 30th 2/26/1858
Robbins, Simon of Craftsbury W(orits) , Miss Harriet of Craftsbury Craftsbury 12/28/1860
Robbins, C. C. of Craftsbury Crocket, Miss A. F. of Barre Craftsbury Sept 20 9/28/1869
Robbins, James M. Jr. of Craftsbury Conant, Miss Sarah F. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 3 2/15/1870
Roberts, Almon of Derby Chase, Miss Ellen of Derby Derby 1st inst 9/14/1860
Roberts, T. J. of Craftsbury Billings, Miss Sarah of Windham, CT Windham, CT June 21 6/29/1869
Robinson, Charles A. of Barton Haskell, Miss Emma J. of Barton Barton Dec 31 1/10/1868
Robinson, J. Owen of Barton Drew, Miss Lucy of Sheffield Glover Jan 1 1/11/1861
Robinson, John of Craftsbury LaClair, Miss Zoya of Glover Glover? Oct 4 10/12/1866
Robinson, Silas of Boston Dakin, Miss Annie of Boston Boston, Mass July 22 8/2/1861
Robinson, W. F. of Barton Rennie, Miss Lizzie V. of Sheffield Barton March 22 3/27/1868
Robinson, William Swift, Miss Lucy of Morrisville Morrisville Sept 1 9/5/1862
Rogers, Alvin Bean, Miss Catharine of Westfield Stowe Oct 8 10/14/1859
Rogers, Jesse of Albany Goodwin, Miss Lottie of Montpelier Montpelier Jan 1 1/17/1866
Rogers, John B. of Walden Hill, Miss Julia of Hardwick Walden June 12 6/15/1866
Roleau, A. E. Alain, Miss Julia of Montpelier Barre 8th 3/20/1857
Rollins, Eliphalet of Glover Mitchell, Miss Hulda of Glover Sheffield Nov 28 12/7/1866
Root, H. S. of Newport Carpenter, Miss Abbie of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 17 1/25/1867
Rosebrook, G. T. of Brighton Conneli, Miss Ann of Stanstead Derby Oct 1 10/4/1867
Ross, Charles of Waterford Cutler, Miss Arabel of Glover Glover March 21 3/30/1866
Ross, Horace of Bakersfield Hamilton, Miss Lucy A. of Troy Troy Dec 20 12/29/1868
Roundy, Justin of Newport Sprague, Miss Julia of Derby Irasburg March 19 4/4/1862
Rowell, Charles of Albany Lord, Miss Jennett of Albany W Albany 14th inst 3/30/1860
Rowell, Enoch Rowell, Miss Viola Albany Jan 24 1/27/1865
Rowell, Enoch of Albany Norcross, Miss Roxanna F. of Bradford Bradford 10/26/1869
Rowell, Levi Esq. of Albany Spalding, Miss Mary E. of Albany S Albany Feb 17 2/28/1868
Rurwin, John of Barton Beattie, Miss Elizabeth of Barton Barton Jan 9 2/4/1859
Russell, D. B. Porter, Miss Nancy Barton Oct 16 10/26/1869
Ryder, Elisha of Coventry Wood, Miss Lucy of Coventry Derby Nov 5 11/15/1861
Ryder, Orsamus of Newport Field, Miss Helen of Derby Newport March 2 3/13/1856
Sanborn, A. J. of Barton Knapp, Miss M. J. St Johnsbury Nov 26 12/2/1859
Sanborn, Augustus Esq. of Glover Barnes, Mrs. Clara of Barton East Hardwick Aug 28 8/31/1866
Sanborn, C. H. Walker, Miss P. V. of Potton, C. E. North Troy May 14 5/26/1865
Sanborn, Charles B. of Lowell Shannon, Miss Anna of Suncook, NH Lowell May 1 6/26/1868
Sanborn, Frank of Lowell Riker, Ellen of Lowell Lowell May 10 5/25/1866
Sanborn, George N of Albany Dewey, Miss Emily of Irasburg Albany May 25 6/3/1864
Sanborn, J. M. MD of Derby Line Guyer, Miss Maria L of Morristown Newport Aug 6 8/16/1867
Sanborn, Lucius Chamberlin, Mary A of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 19 1/29/1864
Sanborn, O. E. of North Troy Currier, Miss Jennie of North Troy North Troy 17th ult 3/6/1863
Sanders, Daniel of Charleston Everett, Miss Julia of Charleston Glover 24th 3/27/1857
Sanders, George W. of Albany Dow, Miss Clara J. of Albany Albany March 24 4/5/1870
Santy, Edward of Irasburg Priest, Miss Prudence of Irasburg Glover 14th 8/20/1858
Santy, Edward W. of Irasburg Field, Miss Emma of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 30 12/6/1867
Sargent, Aaron of Barton Gould, Mrs. Hannah of Sheffield Glover 25th 5/14/1858
Sargent, C. Columbus of Potten, PQ Knights, Mrs. Nancy of Coventry North Troy March 19 3/30/1869
Sargent, J. F. of Barton Watson, Miss Maria J. of St Albans St Albans Feb 23 3/6/1868
Sargent, Jacob of Potten, CE Norris, Miss Matilda of Newport Newport 23d 6/27/1856
Sargent, Samuel of Eden Hadley, Miss Lucila of Eden South Troy 24th inst 8/31/1866
Sargent, Stephen A. of Glover Lewis, Miss Julia A. of Glover Glover July 18 7/23/1868
Sartle, William J. Fletcher, Miss Fida C. of Peoria, Ill Peoria, Ill Oct 21 11/1/1867
Savage, Horace Esq. of Lisbon, NH Dailey, Miss Helen of Coventry Coventry May 25 6/1/1860
Sawin, George of Boston Parker, Miss Anna of Coventry Coventry May 4 5/19/1865
Sawyer, Ezra of Westfield Ramsdell, Mrs. Almira of Westfield North Troy April 4 4/16/1858
Sawyer, Nathaniel of Albany Sylvester, Miss Ann of Irasburg Irasburg 1st inst 1/3/1862
Scott, Chester MD of Lyndon Chamberlain, Miss Violet of Albany Albany Aug 24 9/5/1862
Scott, Daniel C. of Lebanon, NH Moulton, Mrs. Dorothy Ann of Glover Glover July 12 7/27/1869
Scott, Daniel of Brownington Moses, Miss Louisa of Coventry Coventry April 15 4/20/1866
Scott, Daniel of Brownington Moses, Mrs. Louisa of Coventry Coventry April 15 4/27/1866
Scott, Lucius of Winchester, NH Scott, Miss Sylvania of Winchester, NH Barton Nov 1 12/3/1858
Scott, M. L. MD of Glover Worthington, Sarah of Irasburg Irasburg 2nd 6/5/1857
Scott, O. W., Rev., of York, Maine Jameson, Miss Lucy A. of Irasburg Irasburg July 18 7/26/1867
Seaver, Clarendon of Barton Sessions, Miss Stella of Coventry Coventry Oct 1 10/11/1861
Seaver, Joseph H. of St Johns, Mich Steele, Miss Augusta of St Johns, Mich Craftsbury Oct 2 11/9/1869
Seaver, Luther of Boston, Mass Clark, Sarah of Glover Glover June 26 7/7/1865
Seavey, Stephen of Brownington Richmond, Miss Abbie of Brownington Barton 17th 10/29/1858
Sewall, Lyman of Westfield & Lowell, Mass Harris, Miss Josephine of Townshend Westfield Aug 16 8/24/1866
Shanyo, Lewis of Newport Greenleaf, Miss Susan of Stanstead, C. E. Barton Landing? Sept 10 9/21/1866
Sharp, William of Greensboro Cuthbertson, Miss Elizabeth of Greensboro Glover Dec 4 12/13/1867
Shaw, Asa A. of Newport S____, Miss Emma of Newport Newport Ctr Nov 14 11/24/1868
Shaw, Benoni of Newport Cutting, Miss Maria of Derby Derby 12th inst 2/20/1863
Shaw, Lowell of Albany Irish, Miss Armena of Stanstead, PQ Irasburg Nov 24 11/29/1870
Shedd, Josiah of Derby Durgin, Miss Ann of Derby Derby April 9 4/27/1866
Shelden, Stephen of Potten, CE Dennis, Miss Harriet of Potten, CE North Troy 12th 7/25/1856
Shenett, Alfred of Stanstead, PQ Auringer, Miss Betsey of Stanstead, PQ Derby Oct 26 11/3/1868
Sheppard, Charles, Springfield, MI Dow, Miss Lucy of Walden Walden 5th 11/14/1856
Sherburn, John of Glover Dorian, Miss Mary of Barton Barton Dec 1 12/6/1867
Sherman, F. M. of Newport Beckwith, Miss Mary of Burke Lyndon Jan 17 1/25/1867
Sherry, J. W. of Lowell Warner, Miss Mariah of Lowell Lowell 11th 7/23/1858
Shirlon, Peter of Troy Bagley, Mrs. Hannah of Craftsbury July 5 7/12/1867
Shufelt, Leonard of Lowell Daly, Miss Ella of Lowell Barton Landing March 18 4/13/1869
Shurburne, Martin Leonard, Miss S. Almedia Glover June 1 6/11/1858
Sias, E. E. of Derby Burt, Miss E. C. of Salem Salem Feb 17 3/2/1866
Silver, Albert of Bloomfield Jenne, Sarah of Derby   10/2/1857
Simonds, Hon Enoch of Glover Hyde, Mrs. Nancy of Glover Glover Dec 19 12/28/1869
Simpson, David of Greensboro Rowell, Miss Jane of Albany Albany Jan 12 2/17/1860
Simpson, J. of Sheffield Gray, Miss Sarah of Sheffield Sutton 26th 1/8/1858
Sisco, C. E. of Barton Farr, Miss Flora W. of Glover Barton Oct 29 11/3/1868
Sisco, Calvin Jr of Troy Johnson, Miss Eliza of Jay Jay 2d 12/17/1858
Sisco, David W. of Jay Crandall, Miss Henriettia A. of Jay Westfield Feb 23 3/9/1869
Skinner, C. C. of Glover Lyman, Miss Julia T. of Glover E. Berkshire 6/12/1868
Skinner, Carlos of Waterloo, C. E. Elliott, Miss Emily of Hatley, C. E. Hatley, C. E. May 29 6/8/1860
Skinner, Daniel of Brownington Walker, Miss N. Louisa of Brownington Brownington 4th inst 5/24/1861
Skinner, Dr Richard of Barton Robinson, Miss Marcia of Barton Barton Feb 24 3/4/1864
Skinner, J. F. MD May, Mrs. Alice Irasburg March 14 3/16/1866
Skinner, John of Brownington Gray, Miss Anna M. of Barton Brownington Jan 8 2/8/1870
Skinner, N. E. of Oil City, Penn Randall, Miss Flora of Craftsbury Craftsbury Oct 29 11/2/1869
Skinner, Sidney M. of Barton Sisco, Miss Emily A. of Barton Irasburg Dec 21 12/28/1869
Skinner, Theodore P. of Albany Metcalf, Miss Harriet A. of Irasburg Barton Dec 23 12/29/1868
Small, Hiram of Morristown Edson, Miss Laura of W Randolph Johnson Feb 27 3/20/1857
Smalley, Simeon H. of Albany Hodge, Miss Anna T. of Albany Albany May 1 5/15/1868
Smith F. J. of Lowell Hines, Miss Jane of Lowell Lowell March 18 3/23/1866
Smith, Albert J. of Craftsbury Doty, Miss Charlotte P. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 6 1/19/1869
Smith, Daniel of St Johnsbury Graves, Miss Caroline of Lyndon St Johnsbury 12th 12/4/1857
Smith, Edgar W. of Hackensack, NY Gates, Miss Emma M. of Morrisville Morrisville Aug 17 9/7/1869
Smith, Francis of Newport Hackett, Miss Lucy of Newport Irasburg 11th inst 12/14/1860
Smith, Henry of Newport Phillips, Miss Amanda of Troy N Troy 7th inst 4/13/1860
Smith, Hiram of Hydepark Edwards, Miss Wealthy of Troy Troy Dec 31 1/24/1862
Smith, Ira of Irasburg Gibbs, Miss Delia of Irasburg Irasburg 13th 9/17/1858
Smith, Isaac T. of Craftsbury Adams, Miss Harriet of Eden Craftsbury Oct 3 10/11/1870
Smith, J. R. DR of Wolfborough, NH Worthington, Miss Lucy of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 27 12/5/1862
Smith, John of Glover Badger, Cynthia of Glover Glover Oct 9 10/20/1865
Smith, John S of Irasburg Kenneson, Miss Sarah of Irasburg Irasburg 8th 12/16/1859
Smith, Robert B. of Greensboro Wilson, Miss Margaret of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 23 1/31/1868
Smith, Rufus of Barton Landing Lebonveau, Miss Lucy of Barton Landing Barton Landing Jan 9 2/7/1867
Smith, Samuel E. of E. Boston, Mass Guild, Miss Clara J. of Coventry Newport Sept 24 10/4/1870
Smith, William of Greensboro Smith, Miss Jennie of Barnet Greensboro Sept 17 10/4/1867
Somers, D. C. formerly of Danville Redman, Miss Belle of San Francisco San Francisco April 21 6/17/1859
Somers, W. F. of Brazil, Ind. Chamberlin, Miss Methsa of Glover Glover Aug 6 8/24/1860
Soper, Layfaette of St Johnsbury Winn, Miss Phebe of Danville Morristown 11th 2/26/1858
Spafford, Nathan of Greensboro Randall, Miss Angeline of Greensboro Greensboro ? Sept 5 9/14/1866
Spalding, Wesley of Fletcher Taylor, Abby of Fletcher Westfield Jan 30 7.67E-05
Spaulding, Oliver of Waterford Hazeltine, Miss Mary of Barnet Passumpsic 7th 1/29/1858
Speakman, Edward of Chicago Mussey, Miss Jennie A. of Coventry Coventry Aug 13 8/18/1868
Spofford, Judson of Brownington Goodall, Miss Nellie T. of Brownington Brownington Sept 13 9/29/1868
Stannard, Henry C. of Lowell Dana, Miss Alice M. of Lowell Lowell March 28 4/3/1868
Stanton, E. L. of Glover Merriam, Miss Hortense of Glover Glover May 5 5/11/1869
Starkweather, C. C. of Greenup, Ill Wyman, Miss Frances Cornish, NH Aug 17 8/26/1859
Startwell, Charles Knapp, Miss Sarah Sheffield Nov 16 12/11/1857
Stearnes, Leanzo, Montpelier Marble, Miss Elizabeth of Montpelier Aug 19 10/21/1859
Stebbins, Brainard of Barton Pillsbury, Miss Helen of Barton Wheelock Sept 2 9/6/1867
Stebbins, Edwin of Westfield Glidden, Mrs. Aurel of Westfield Westfield Dec 9 12/12/1862
Stebbins, Ephraim of Eden Dwinell, Miss Sarah of Glover Glover Jan 23 1/25/1867
Stebbins, Jesse H. of Westfield Henry, Miss Frances Bell of Oil Diggings Oil Diggins Oct 14 10/26/1869
Steele, Benjamin of Derby Line Sumner, Miss Mattie of Hartland Hartland 6th inst 2/22/1861
Steinhour, H. M. of Jay Alexander, Mrs. Mary of Berkshire Jay April 29 5/11/1869
Stevens, Ebenezer of Tingwick, C. E. Shippee, Eveline of Coventry Coventry May 31 6/10/1864
Stevens, Moses of Danville Daniels, Miss Delia of Danville St Johnsbury 2d 12/18/1857
Stevens, Walter of Wentworth, NH Kimball, Miss Addie M. of Glover Glover Nov 29 12/7/1866
Stewart, Edward Esq. of Derby Kelley, Miss Jane of Salem Salem 1st inst 8/10/1860
Stewart, John of Boston Parker, Nancy A. of Coventry Coventry April 12 4/29/1864
Stiles, Milo of Albany Smalley, Miss Emeline of Albany Albany 27th 12/9/1859
Stiles, Nathaniel of Irasburg Paine, Miss Calista of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 6 10/13/1865
Stillings, Samuel of Chickopee, MA Hadlock, Miss Patience of Jay North Troy 18th 6/27/1856
Stimpson, Nathan of Barton Hill, Miss Julia of Laconia, NH Laconia, NH June 4 6/16/1865
Stimson, Ashbel Morse, Miss Emeline Craftsbury March 18 4/25/1856
Stimson, James Jr of Barton Hull, Miss Aurilla of Westfield Westfield June 29 7/4/1856
Stimson, Lewis W. of Barton ** Allen, Mrs. Amy S. of Barton Barton March 8 3/29/1870
Stockwell, Alden of Barton Burnham, Mrs. Maria of Barton Barton Nov 29 12/7/1866
Stone, C. M. Fairbanks, Miss Sarah dau of Erastus F. St Johnsbury 4th 5/21/1858
Stone, Elijah of Glover Salmon, Miss Mary of Glover Glover Aug 27 8/30/1867
Stone, L. L. of Waterbury Mathews, Miss Margaret of McIndoe Falls McIndoe Falls 27th 2/5/1858
Stone, L. S. Rev. of Powlet French, Miss Adaline of Franklin Franklin June 30 7/6/1869
Story, Warren of Albany Moore, Miss Sarah of Albany East Albany 13th inst 11/23/1866
Streeter, William R. of East Burke Hoffman, Miss Amelia A. of Lyndon Holliston, Mass May 20 6/1/1869
Strong, R W of Berlin Jameson, Miss Caroline of Irasburg Irasburg March 18 3/21/1856
Strong, William of Beloit, Wisc Moore, Miss Abbie of Beloit, Wisc Beloit, Wisc Oct 2 10/14/1859
Sumner, Adams of Troy Richardson, Miss Helen of NYC NYC 15th inst 8/30/1861
Sweat, L L of Newport Kirby, Miss Ann of Sutton CE North Troy 14th 7/11/1856
Sweat, Otis C. of Bolton, PQ Davis, Miss Julia M. of Westmore Brownington Aug 26 9/4/1870
Sweney, Amos of Walden Kenney, Miss J of Walden Walden June 15 7/11/1856
Taplin, Horace E. of Corinth Langdon, Mrs. Mary S. of Albany Albany Nov 23 11/29/1870
Taplin, M B of Moretown Cobb, Miss Frances of Albany Irasburg 18th 3/21/1856
Tate, William A. of Glover Smith, Miss Jane of Glover Glover Sept 2 9/15/1868
Taylor, Alfred of Newport Wells, Miss Sarah of Newport Newport Oct 10 10/28/1864
Taylor, C. R. MD of Irasburg Jameson, Miss Emily of Irasburg Irasburg Dec 27 1/4/1861
Taylor, Charles D. of Bolton, C. E. Magoon, Miss Sarah J. of Coventry Coventry July 13 7/26/1867
Taylor, Edward Stewart, Miss Ann Lowell Sept 14 10/10/1862
Taylor, John, of Greensboro Garven, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro 3d 3/12/1858
Taylor, Matthew H. of Ryegate Emory, Miss Jennie L. of Ryegate Barnet May 25 6/1/1869
Temple, H. H. of Charleston Davis, Miss F. M. of Troy Troy Oct 17 1/4/1867
Te(sler), J. P. of Glover Vance, Mrs. A. N. of Glover Glover Dec 7 12/22/1865
Thayer, Asa Donahue, Miss Margaret Victory May 19 6/3/1859
Thayer, Charles of St J Randall, Miss Aletha of St J Barton April 28 6/17/1859
Thomas M. J. of St Johnsbury Barker, Miss Amy Ann of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 8th 11/27/1857
Thompson, George D. of Burlington Wheeler, Miss Harriet of North Troy North Troy Dec 30 1/6/1865
Thompson, L. H. of Craftsbury Dutton, Miss M. E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 24 9/14/1869
Thompson, Robert of Stratford Baldwin, Miss Annie of Stratford Stratford, NH 28th 4/16/1858
Thompson, William of Burke Wooster, Miss Ellen Granby 19th 12/4/1857
Thompson, William of Burke Wooster, Miss Ellen Granby Nov 19 12/11/1857
Thomson, M. D. of Barnet Clarke, Miss Julia Glover June 9 6/24/1859
Thornton, Dudley of Greensboro Hastings, Miss Hannah of Greensboro Derby Line 18th inst 11/21/1862
Thornton, John of Wheelock Thomas, Miss Eliza of Wheelock Glover 7th inst 1/11/1861
Thrasher, George W. of Burke Kilbey, Mrs. Sophia E. of Burke Irasburg Feb 25 3/16/1869
Thrasher, Henry of Fitchburgh, Mass Bryant, Miss Lucy of Irasburg Irasburg May 4 5/6/1864
Thrasher, Holland 2d of Coventry Bowles, Miss Nettie of Coventry Coventry Aug 27 9/1/1868
Tibbetts, M. R. of Newport Leonard, Miss Hannah of Malone, NY Newport Oct 6 10/14/1859
Tice, Robert Hammond, Miss Elenora of Coventry Glover Feb 26 3/1/1867
Tillotson, Charles of Westfield Taylor, Miss Eliza Ann of Westfield Westfield Dec 18 2/7/1862
Tinker, Henry of Brattleboro Skinner, Miss Lizzie of Derby Derby Sept 13 9/18/1863
Tittemore, Noah MD of North Troy Harding, Miss Florence of Lowell Lowell Jan 5 1/10/1866
Titus, Henry of Jay Percy, Miss Martha of Jay May 29 6/3/1859
Tolman Riley of Craftsbury Thompson, Miss Mary of Glover Greensboro 8th 11/14/1856
Tolman, Henry Esq. of Greensboro Jackson, Miss Martha of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 10 11/26/1858
Town, John of St Johnsbury Ide, Miss Martha of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 8th 6/18/1858
Trask, H. F. of Charleston Bishop, Esipe of Newvill, PQ E. Charleston June 30 7/5/1870
Turner, Harrison of Newport Cole, Miss Lucy of Newport Irasburg March 26 4/4/1862
Tute, Orrin H. of West Newport Judd, Miss Diadama C. of Fairfield Derby July 4 7/12/1867
Tuttle, George M. Rev. of Glover Cutler, Miss Abbie J. of Glover Glover Oct 3 10/18/1870
Twombly, William of Brownington Currier, Miss Emeline of Brownington Barton May 21 6/4/1858
Tyler, Milton of Irasburg Wilson, Miss Lizzie of Bakersfield Bakersfield March 18 7.67E-05
Ufford, C. J. of Barton Wiggins, Miss Mary of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/4/1867
Ufford, Edward A. of Glover Hardy, Miss M. Alice of Glover Glover Jan 8 1/17/1868
Ufford, Nathan of Glover Wells, Miss Susan of Albany Glover Oct 23 11/1/1861
Urie, Robert of Craftsbury Cunningham, Miss Elizabeth of Cabot Greensboro May 3 6/1/1860
Utley, Mervill of Walden Hall, Miss Ella of Walden Walden May 25 6/14/1870
Vail, Charles of Newport Barnes, Miss Abbie of Stowe Stowe Dec 9 11/20/1861
Van Buren Reveil, Martin Maxwell, Mary Ann of Canada West Charleston Nov 18 11/30/1869
Vance, John A. of Albany Meacham, Mrs. Sophia of Newport Albany 16th inst 10/26/1866
Varney, E. B. of Barton Church, Miss Juliette of Coventry Barton Oct 13 10/20/1868
Varney, Harrison of St J Hannet, Miss Kate of St J Barton 14th inst 3/30/1860
Viault, C. b. of Arlington Hunt, Miss Roxana of Westmore Brownington Sept 21 9/29/1865
Vickery, John H. of Nashua Kedney, Miss Alice M. of Coventry Nashua, NH Oct 28 11/8/1867
Vincent, James of Walden Farrington, Miss Julia of Walden Walden June 13 6/15/1866
Wakefield, Wallace of Lowell Newton, Miss Ruth of Lowell Lowell Feb 1(4) 2/21/1866
Walcott, G. of Glover Fuller, Miss Cordelia of Glover Glover Dec 3 12/22/1865
Walker, A. T. of Worcester, Mass Buchannan, Miss Ann of Morgan Morgan Jan 25 2/7/1866
Walker, J. W. Traver, Miss Olive L. N Troy Jan 14 2/14/1868
Walker, James of Barton Sargent, Miss Augusta of Barton Glover 13th 8/26/1864
Walker, K. of Newport Bickford, Julia of Newport Newport Oct 11 10/16/1863
Walker, Solon of Potton, PQ Loungway, Miss Mayga of Potton, PQ Newport Ctr. ? Oct 7 10/20/1868
Walker, William of Barton Braley, Miss Augusta of Barton Derby Sept 19 11/1/1861
Ware, Damon J. of Irasburg Stevens, Miss Mary E. of Coventry Irasburg May 27 5/31/1870
Ware, Dustin S. of Irasburg Hancock, Miss Ellen M. of Coventry Coventry Dec 19 1/10/1868
Wark, Andrew of St Johnsbury Jackson, Miss Fanny of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 8 11/25/1859
Warner, George of Sutton Colby, Miss Mary of Sutton Barton June 15 6/22/1869
Warner, William of Lowell Wakefield, Miss M. Sophia of Lowell Lowell April 23 5/5/1865
Warren, J. Stillman of Craftsbury Stratton, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 19 1/27/1865
Warren, William W. of Newport Ketchum, Miss J. Caroline of Craftsbury Coventry July 6 7/26/1867
Washburn, John P. Armstrong, Miss Laura Holland Dec 29 1/10/1866
Waterman, John C. of Salem Williams, Elizabeth of Boston, Mass Brownington Oct 26 11/10/1865
Watson, Edward Dunham, Miss Olive Irasburg July 4 8/12/1864
Watson, Richard of Salem Norris, Mrs. Lucy of Derby West Derby March 18 3/30/1869
Watts, William of Macon, Ill Burbank, Miss Mary of Irasburg   12/16/1859
Waugh, Wilber of Greensboro Wetherbee, Mrs. Martha of N Haverhill N. Haverhill, NH March 7 4/30/1858
Webber, Alpha A. of Glover Swain, Miss Aurelia G. San Francisco Nov 26 12/22/1868
Webster, Albert of Irasburg Bryant, Miss Emily P. of Irasburg Barton Feb 16 2/23/1869
Webster, Ellery of Nashua, NH Wright, Miss Emeline of Irasburg Coventry June 9 6/14/1867
Webster, Frank of Boston, Mass Burley, Miss Mattie of Lowell, Mass Lowell, Mass 5/6/1864
Webster, Joseph N. of Barton Skinner, Miss Mary E. of Barton Barton Oct 25 10/26/1869
Webster, Malcolm of Hatley Buckland, Miss Clarinda of Barnston Barton Jan 1 1/11/1861
Weed, Edson of Goshen Gore Montgomery, Miss Verona of Hardwick Greensboro Sept 18 10/12/1866
Wellman, L. R. of Lowell Cheney, Miss Alberta L. of Lowell Lowell Dec 20 1/3/1868
Wells, Amasa Bell, Miss Mary E. N Troy Sept 24, 1867 2/14/1868
Wells, Hollis of Irasburg Little, Ellen of Irasburg Irasburg April 17 4/27/1869
Wentworth, Charles of St J Perley, Miss Jennie of St J Barton 8th inst 4/12/1861
West, A. C. Capt Nudd, Miss Jennie of Lowell, Mass Newport Nov 14 11/20/1863
Weyer, Samuel of Barnston, CE Shields, Miss Mary of Barnston, CE Barton Aug 15 10/21/1859
Wheeler, Charles of Albany Brown, Miss Mariette of Irasburg Irasburg 8th inst 4/11/1862
Wheeler, Charles of Brownington Dutton, Miss Annie of Brownington Brownington Aug 21 9/23/1864
Wheeler, Ira of Stanstead Parsons, Miss Lydia of Stanstead Newport Aug 6 8/16/1867
Wheeler, Rewel of West Derby Hammond, Miss Julia of West Derby West Derby 26th 9/30/1859
Wheeler, Samuel H. of Glover Flood, Miss Lois of Glover Glover June 12 6/22/1869
Wheelock, Joseph of Coventry Guild, Miss Sophronia of Coventry Coventry April 5 4/10/1863
Wheelock, Joseph of Coventry Houston, Mrs. Emiline B. of E. Hardwick E Hardwick Jan 25 2/1/1870
Wheelock, Levi of Lowell Dana, Miss Lucretia of Lowell Lowell March 28 4/3/1868
Whitcher, Orange of Albany Patterson, Miss Ann E. of Glover Greensboro Nov 16 11/24/1865
Whitcomb, George of Potton, C. E. Stebbins, Miss Lucene of Westfield Coventry March 27 4/4/1862
White, Melvin of Burke Phippin, Miss Mellisa of Lyndon Lyndon May 15 6/3/1859
White, Sidney of Coventry Head, Mrs. Mary L of Brownington Brownington Nov 2 11/21/1862
White, William Esq. of Quebec Colby, Miss Emily of Stanstead Stanstead 28th ult 6/7/1861
Whitehill, Matthew of Morgan Marsh, Miss Ellen of Holland Holland June 8 7/15/1864
Whitney, Bart Bliss of Sheffield Berry, Miss Rosie M. of Sheffield Irasburg Sept 20 9/27/1870
Whitney, Dr H. T. of Irasburg Whipple, Miss Margaret of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 23 12/7/1866
Whitney, George S. of Glover Bean, Miss Emily G. of Glover Glover April 17 4/26/1870
Whitney, Isaac P. of Craftsbury Ellis, Mrs. Sarah A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 4 9/13/1867
Whitney, Martin of Wolcott Church, Miss Lucy of Coventry Craftsbury Jan 1 1/10/1866
Whitney, Paul of Bolton, C. E. Stone, Miss E. P. of Dunham, C. E. N Troy 12th inst 3/16/1860
Whitney, William, of Troy Smith, Ada of Sutton Glover June 26 7/5/1867
Whittier, Mitchel of Potton, C. E. Elkins, Miss Sarah of Troy North Troy May 9 5/26/1865
Whittle, A. O. of Boston Wright, Miss Ellen of Boston Boston April 9 5/8/1863
Wiggins, W. T. of Barton Tite, Miss Amanda of Coventry Barton Jan 1 1/4/1867
Willard, Peter E. of Littleton, NH Sanborn, Melissa J. of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 18 1/25/1870
Willey, Lyrias of Sutton French, Miss Sophia of Glover Barton Nov 24 12/3/1858
Williams, Chester of Troy Wiggins, Martha A. of Barton Glover Aug 17 8/23/1870
Williams, Franklin D. of Walden Wakefield, Miss Ann E. of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 23 11/29/1870
Williams, Harvey of Providence, RI Gilpin, Miss Abbie J. of Westfield Westfield 10/12/1869
Williams, J. D. of Providence, RI Davis, Miss Alma of Providence, RI Marengo, Iowa June 14 7/6/1866
Williams, Joel Jr of Derby Perkins, Miss Adaline of Derby Derby 29th 5/14/1858
Williams, John of Potton, C. E. Bailey, Emily of Potton, C. E. North Troy March 21 5/1/1863
Williams, Joseph of Troy Rose, Miss Mary of Westfield Troy April 3 5/29/1863
Willis, Edward of Albany Hunter, Miss Eliza of Albany Albany 24th ult 1/27/1865
Wilmot R R of Wheelock Shattuck, Mrs. Jennette of Derby Barton April 2 5/2/1856
Wilson, Charles of Marlboro, NH Gray, Miss Abba of Glover Glover 15th inst 8/24/1860
Wilson, John of Greensboro Hoyt, Mrs. Emeline of Haverhill, NH Greensboro Dec 18 12/27/1867
Wilson, John of Peacham Wheeler, Betsey of Peacham Peacham March 21 4/5/1861
Wilson, L. D. of Barton Stearns, Mrs. Ella O. of Barton Barton Oct 4 10/13/1868
Wilson, Robert of Craftsbury Clark, Mary E. of Stannard Hardwick June 23 7/10/1868
Wilson, Royal of Craftsbury Clark, Miss Catherine of Greensboro Greensboro June 9 6/19/1857
Winslow, Loren of Waterford Lawrence, Miss Hattie of Waterford St Johnsbury 3d 12/18/1857
Wood, Mathewson of Greensboro Montgomery, Nancy of Greensboro Glover Jan 21 2/10/1865
Wood, Sidney of Jay Sanborn, Miss Josephine of Jay Jay 16th 3/26/1858
Woodbury, Samuel J. of Boston, Mass Felch, Miss Abby of Morgan Newport Aug 31 9/6/1867
Woodruff, L. N. Rev., late of Glover May, Miss Eva of Pittsfield Pittsfield, Mass March 24 4/8/1859
Woods, F. L. of Boston, Mass Safford, Miss Letitia of Newport Newport 6th inst 6/23/1865
Woodward, George W. of Dover, Kansas Ward, Miss Emma D. of Danville Danville Jan 1 1/10/1868
Woodward, John S of Newport Kilborn, Miss Clarisa of Coventry Coventry Jan 1 2/22/1861
Worthington, John D of Irasburg Cawley, Miss Barbara of East Haverhill, NH E Haverhill, NH June 1 6/16/1865
Wright, Henry of Barton Lapoint, Miss Rosina of Barton Glover Oct 24 11/16/1866
Wright, R. E. Esq. of Baltimore, MD Collier, Miss Mary E. of Newport Newport Sept 11 9/14/1866
Wright, Theodore of Albany Orne, Miss Harriet of Craftsbury Glover Dec 18 12/21/1860
Wright, Theodore of Albany Miles, Miss Malvina of Albany Albany Jan 24 1/27/1865
Wylie, William of Glover Gilmore, Catharine of Glover Glover 27th 4/3/1857
Yaw, Emerald of Lowell Goodwin, Miss Abbie of Lowell Lowell July 2 7/14/1865
Young, George of Coventry Lacombe, Miss Margaret of Newport Newport Aug 11 8/23/1867
Young, J. N. of Newport Kidder, Miss H. A. Albany Feb 20 3/29/1867
Young, James of Woodbury Dexter, Miss Alvira of Barnet Lisbon (NH?) 28th 2/26/1858
Young, John of Troy Young, Miss Augusta of Troy Troy June 3 6/8/1866
Young, William of Barton McCollum, Miss Margaret of Sheffield Barton Oct 3 10/18/1867
Young, William W. of Greensboro White, Miss Josephine S. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 16 12/28/1869

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