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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride   Issue
(Taylor), (Hugh) of Bolton, CE ( ), Miss Esther J. of Derby Line Derby Line Dec _____ 1/17/1852
Abell, Charles of Franklin Hubbard, Miss Catharine of Franklin Franklin March 4 3/13/1852
Abell, Dr. Ira H. of Berkshire Wiggins, Miss Caroline C. of Irasburg Irasburg 9th inst 1/11/1851
Adams, Ira of Newport Fish, Mary of Derby June 26 7/2/1853
Adams, John S Abbott, Miss Cordelia Troy Feb 15 2/26/1853
Adams, Warren W. of Newport Fish, Miss Laura of Derby West Derby 6th inst 1/11/1851
Adgate, L. W. MD Fisk, Miss Clarinda Irasburg 6th 10/9/1852
Allen, Sedgwick of Hinesburg Brewster, Miss Ellen of (Irasburg) Irasburg 4th 9/13/1851
Angier, Rawson of Troy Cole, Miss Harriet of Newport Newport Nov 20 11/22/1851
Ayer, Joseph of Glover Goss, Miss Helen of Hardwick May 7 5/17/1851
Bachelder, D. S. of Troy McFarland, Miss Myranda of Lunenburg Concord May 13 5/24/1851
Badger, Darius of Derby Jenne, Harriet of Derby Derby June 1 7/2/1853
Baggs, Frederick of Adams Cty, Ill Berry, Miss Nancy of McDonough Cty 26th ult 1/15/1853
Bailey, Carlo of Craftsbury Maxfield, Miss Helen of Craftsbury Albany 1st 12/11/1852
Bailey, George W. of Charleston Lewis, Miss E. of Stanstead, C.E. Brownington March 7 5/11/1850
Baker, William of Hydepark Hunt, Miss Elizabeth of Craftsbury Greensboro March 24 4/16/1853
Baldwin, Boardman Esq of Coventry Cannon, Caroline of NYC New York City Feb 15 2/21/1852
Ball, Friend of Concord Kellogg, Miss Amanda of Concord West Concord 1/10/1852
Bandy, William G. of Hydepark Baker, Miss Malvina R. of Albany Albany 8th inst 4/17/1852
Barrett, James Lowell, Miss Harriet Chester March 31 4/23/1853
Barron, Lorenzo of Lyndon Turner, Miss Sarah of Morgan Morgan Nov 10 12/7/1850
Bartlett, Squire Wiggins, Miss Emily Barton June 5 6/18/1853
Batchelder, Charles S. of Danville Moore, Miss Abigail S. of Newport Newport July 21 8/9/1851
Baxter, Hiram Hazen, Miss Ellen   12/4/1852
Baxter, John Esq of Stanstead, CE Gaylord, Miss Lucy of Derby Derby Line Jan 18 1/30/1852
Beardsley, Samuel Esq. of St. Albans Russell, Mrs. Laura E. of Middlebury Middlebury April 2 4/17/1852
Berry, Hon Joseph of Newbury, Vt Harrison, Miss Margaret of New York New York City April 28 5/31/1851
Bickford, Dana of Glover Leonard, Miss Lucy of Glover May 29 6/18/1853
Bigelow, Lester of Brownington Day, Miss Silence of Coventry Glover Jan 1 2/21/1854
Bisbee, Herman of Derby Sias, Miss Mary of Derby West Derby June 7 6/11/1853
Bishop, Charles of Charleston Grow, Miss Helen of Charleston Charleston April 3 5/7/1853
Blanchard, Harvey of Peacham Harvey, Miss Esther of Coventry Coventry March 3 3/20/1852
Boardman, Samuel W. of Hardwick Smith, Miss Jennett of Greensboro Greensboro 13th inst 4/17/1852
Boardman, Thomas of Hardwick Chopey, Miss Fanny of Albany   4/29/1854
Boutwell, H. S. of Montpelier Mead, Miss Lucy of Montpelier Montpelier June 4 6/28/1851
Bowker, Calvin J. Shorey, Miss Mary P. St Johnsbury 26th ult 7/27/1850
Bowley, Alvin of Newport Greene, Miss Samantha of Newport Newport 21st 3/5/1853
Bowley, Samuel J. Carpenter, Miss Cynthia Coventry April 9 5/3/1851
Brown, J. B. of Northumberland, NH Patterson, Miss Helen Lunenburgh 7th inst 5/25/1850
Bryan, David of Stanstead Wheeler, Proxama of Stanstead Derby Line 23rd ult 5/16/1853
Burnett, J. C. Fisk, Miss Anna dau of Hon Moses Fisk Morrisville 1/8/1853
Burr, Daniel of Derby Goodnough, Miss Milinda of Derby Derby Jan 28 5/3/1851
Buswell, Asahel of Glover Lyman, Miss Mary of Glover Glover March 27 4/5/1851
Butler, Charles of Boston Colton, Miss Sybel of Franklin Franklin, Vt 16th 4/2/1853
Camp, Hon David of Derby Howes, Miss Almira Montpelier 2nd 11/13/1852
Campbell, Edward of Salem Nye, Martha of Salem June 14 7/2/1853
Campbell, Rev. H. I. of Albany Clough, Miss Ellen F. of Albany Albany April 7 4/17/1852
Carr, John Stevenson , Miss Agnes of Craftsbury Greensboro Feb 3 2/21/1854
Case, S. M. of Irasburg Babcock, Miss Ann of Swanton Swanton March 1 3/12/1853
Chamberlin, Elijah W. of Danville Lynch, Miss Mary Jane of Danville Danville 5th inst 5/25/1850
Chase, Elmore of Concord Kenyon, Mrs. Jane D. of Concord Concord 3/20/1852
Chase, Eugene of Derby Rogers, Miss Rosenah of Stanstead Stanstead, CE June 2 6/23/1853
Chase, George of Craftsbury Hoyt, Miss Catherine of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 11 3/12/1853
Chase, Lewis of Barton Buswell, Miss Fidelia of Barton Barton March 2 3/16/1851
Chase, Russell W. of Burlington Enos, Ellen M. of late Roger Enos Esq. Burlington Oct 7 10/18/1851
Cheney, M. T. P. of Glover Hill, Miss Louisa of Glover Glover Oct 5 10/25/1851
Cheney, M. T. P. of Glover Hill, Miss Louisa of Glover Glover Oct 5 11/8/1851
Clark, Carlos of Irasburg Way, Miss Eliza of Barton Irasburg 15th 1/17/1852
Clark, Cephas of Glover Paine, Miss Harriet of Derby March 6 3/29/1851
Clark, Charles of Glover Beach, Miss Sophia of Glover Glover May 9 5/27/1854
Clark, Jonathan Shipe??, Miss Jane North Troy 23d? 7/24/1852
Cobb, Daniel B. B. Esq. of Derby West, Miss Diantha T. of Derby Derby Line July 28 8/9/1851
Cochran, Charles of Albany Metcalf, Miss Mary of Albany Albany Dec 28 1/8/1853
Coltier, Stephen of Greensboro Hammond, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 19 2/21/1854
Conant, William Warren, Marion dau of Col David Warren Brandon 2/15/1851
Conn, Levi F. of Salem Wilson, Miss Almira of Salem Brownington 11/15/1851
Cook, George Y of Irasburg Clement, Miss Laura of Irasburg Irasburg Aug 31 9/13/1851
Cowles, C. W. MD of Stanstead, CE Chase, Hortense of Derby Derby 10/12/1850
Currier?, Valentine of Greensboro Weed, Miss Augusta of Goshen Gore Greensboro Nov 25 12/25/1852
Curtis, Nelson Snow, Miss Caroline Montpelier Jan 6 1/23/1853
Cushing, C. W. of Newbury, Vt Dyer, Miss T. J. of Plainfield Plainfield, NH Aug 14 8/24/1850
Dana, James of Montpelier Warren, Miss Ruth of Morristown Elmore 1st 12/21/1850
Danforth, J. B. Jr. of Montpelier Doty, Miss Martha of Montpelier Johnson May 13 5/24/1851
Davis, Lewis of Barton Hall, Mrs. Cynthia of Stanstead Derby Line June 10 6/29/1850
Dewey, Chandler of Irasburg Wood, Mrs Lucinda of Glover Glover June 18 6/21/1851
Douglass, William of Hartland Douglass, Miss Amanda of Tabor, NY Hartland Feb 22 2/28/1852
Dow, Gilbert of Burlington Dow, Miss Mary of Derby Derby 7th inst 5/25/1850
Downing, H. A. of Sutton, Vt Bean, Miss Mary Jane of Barnston, CE Derby Line 3d 12/3/1853
Drew, John of St Johnsbury White, Miss Susan of Coventry Coventry May 18 5/22/1852
Drew, William of Glover Wilson, Mrs E. S. of Glover Barton Dec 1 12/18/1852
Durdy, William of Hillsboro Hurd, Miss Myra formerly of Coventry Carondelet, MO 16th 5/7/1853
Eagleton, George of Salem Bennett, Miss Jane of Albany Albany March 15 3/20/1852
Eaton, S. S. formerly of Barton of Buffalo Lull, Miss Mary Jordan, NY 10/8/1853
Emery, Edward of Lyman, NH Pierce, Miss Julia of Derby Line Derby Ctr June 20 7/5/1851
Fairman, Erastus of Albany Rowell, Miss Lucinda of Albany Albany Jan 21 2/15/1851
Fairwell, Stillman Hyde, Miss Rebecca Albany 13th inst 1/18/1851
Ferrin, Rev. Clark E. of Holland Boynton, Sophronia B. of Capt. John Boynton Holland Nov 6 11/16/1850
Fish, Elisha of Brookfield Hidden, Miss Josephine of Craftsbury Craftsbury March 11 3/26/1853
Fisk, Havey of New York City Green, Miss Louisa dau of A. B. Green Trenton, NJ Dec 13 12/31/1853
Fisk, Pliny of Philadelphia Imlay, Miss Helen of Allentown Allentown, NJ 12th 5/22/1852
Fitch, Luther of Pepperell, Mass French, Miss Mary Ann of Glover Glover April 27 5/17/1851
Flint, Charles of Troy Mason, Miss Nancy of Troy 18th 8/27/1853
French, Herman of Glover West, Miss Sophia of Danville Barton 10th 9/18/1852
French, Justus of Brookfield Wheatly, Miss Miranda of Greensboro Greensboro June 24 7/5/1851
Frost, Henry Esq of Coventry Harvey, Miss Martha of Coventry Coventry March 2 4/8/1854
Frost, Henry H. Esq. of Coventry Harvey, Miss Laura of Coventry Coventry March 3 3/20/1852
Frost, Herman Drew, Miss Irene Glover March 1(9) or 10? 3/27/1852
Frost, Loring of Glover Stevenson, Miss Mahala of Glover Glover? Nov 4 11/15/1851
Gage, F. B. of (Irasburg) Huntly, Miss Laurietta of (Irasburg) St Johnsbury June 6 6/18/1853
Gale, Rev Eldridge of Johnson Carpenter, Miss Elizabeth of Johnson Johnson March 15 4/2/1853
Gates, Freedom of Westmore Luce, Miss Lovina M. of Braintree Glover Oct 20 11/15/1851
Gates, Henry of Derby Line Phelps, Miss Ann of Troy South Troy 13th 3/29/1851
George, Sias of Craftsbury Dow, Miss Nancy of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 23 4/29/1854
Gibson, Samuel of Denmark, Me Pattee, Miss Abb of Bethel, Me Glover June 1 6/14/1851
Gilbert, O. N. of Danville Spencer, Miss Serepta of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury May 20 5/31/1851
Gilman, Joseph Ranger, Miss Marion of Irasburg Westmore April 20 5/21/1853
Gladden, C. D. Dawson, Miss Maria Enosburg Dec 27 1/23/1853
Goodridge, Ira of Albany Thompson, Miss Mary of Irasburg Irasburg 5th 5/6/1854
Gould, Benjamin of Derby Percival, Miss Harriet of Coventry Coventry April 11 4/22/1854
Granniss, W. C. D. of Montpelier Baldwin, Lucia L. of Hon. Daniel Baldwin Montpelier 3d inst 6/8/1850
Graves, Sylvester of Barton Rice, Miss Laura of Brownington Brownington Feb 10 4/2/1853
Gray, Dea. Ebenezer M. Frost, Mrs. Sophia Coventry 15th inst 1/17/1852
Green, Austin of Sheffield Hill, Miss Mary Jane of Sheffield Glover Feb 18 3/1/1851
Guilford, William of Craftsbury Sharp, Miss Margaret of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 10 11/20/1852
Hall, Dr Albert of Hanover, NH Remick, Miss Laura of Brownington Brownington June 20 7/3/1852
Hayward, Moses of Barton Badger, Miss Louisa of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 17 11/26/1853
Hazen, Charles of Glover Phillips, Mrs Hannah of Glover Glover Nov 17 12/4/1852
Hefflon, Franklin Stimets, Miss Mary Highgate Dec 30 1/23/1853
Hendrick, William Fotheringhame, Miss Jeanett Greensboro Dec 20 12/31/1853
Herrick, Luther Albee, Miss Jane Jan 4 1/23/1853
Hibbard, Wilber of Hardwick Bailey, Miss Jennett of Greensboro Barton April 2 4/8/1854
Hickok, James W. Esq. Francis, Miss Julia Burlington 6/22/1850
Hill, John of Morgan Clough, Betsy of Charleston Holland Jan 17 2/1/1851
Hills, Amos of Runmey, NH Wilcox, Miss Elizabeth of Morgan Morgan March 29 4/9/1853
Hinman, Joseph of Maidstone Booth, Miss Sally of Maidstone   1/23/1853
Hitchcock, Rev Alonzo Burgess, Miss Luvia of Chelsea Chelsea Jan 9 2/28/1852
Holbrook, Joseph Donning, Miss Luthera Albany Sept 12 9/18/1852
Horner, Jasper of Troy Paige, Miss Sarah of Troy North Troy 15th 5/21/1853
Howard, Charles of (Irasburg) Blake, Miss Maria of Salem Salem 27th 11/30/1850
Howard, Dwight of Manchester, NH Thomas, Miss Mary of Guilford Guilford, NH Nov 27 1/10/1852
Howard, Eleazer Esq. of Irasburg Metcalf, Mrs. Phebe of Irasburg Irasburg May 8 5/11/1850
Howes, Henry of Sheldon Loomis, Miss Julia of Montpelier Montpelier 17th 6/28/1851
Hunt, Amasa of Albany Lyman, Miss Mary of Glover Glover March 27 3/23/1851
Hunt, Amasa T. of Albany Annis, Miss Martha B. of Lowell & Randolph Albany April 1 4/5/1851
Hunting, Seth of Ascott, CE Whitcomb, Miss Lucy of Holland Holland 2/21/1852
Jameson, William of Irasburg Crandall, Miss Aurilla of Irasburg Derby Nov 11 11/20/1852
Jenne, Russell of Albany Allen, Miss Elvira of Albany Albany Nov 13 11/22/1851
Jennes, Henry S. of Newport Matten, Mis Ann E. of Newport Newport Dec 4 12/27/1851
Jewett, Fayette MD Clarke, Miss Susan of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 25 12/7/1850
Jones, B. F. of Manchester, NH Frost, Miss Mary of Glover Glover? Nov 4 11/15/1851
Jones, John W of Barton Gary, Miss Maria of Barton Plainfield Feb 25 3/8/1851
Jorden, Alfred of Barnston White, Elizabeth of Barnston Derby Line 20th ult 5/16/1853
Kent, C. B. of (Irasburg) Pearsons, Miss Olive of (Irasburg) Irasburg 2d 10/8/1853
Kimball, Moody of Irasburg Nye, Mrs Lucy of Irasburg Irasburg 19th 10/23/1852
King, John of Troy Story, Widow of Jay Jay May 25 6/14/1851
King, Rev Joseph Bayley, Miss Melissa Newbury July 23 8/3/1850
Kingsley, Portus of Stanstead Worth, Miss Lydia of Stanstead Derby Line 23d 11/8/1851
Kinne, Amos of Coventry Priest, Miss Mary of Irasburg Irasburg 17th 11/19/1853
Kisley, Alvan Sanford Clark, Miss Emiline Waterbury 11th 3/6/1852
Knappenberger, John Ross, Miss Mary Jane Blandensville, Ill 11th 1/29/1853
Knowles, Elisha of Craftsbury Smith, Miss Betsey J. of Craftsbury Albany 2d inst 1/11/1851
Landon, Daniel of Irasburg Owen, Miss Laura of Hinesburg Hinesburg May 12 5/17/1851
Lane, Daniel of Ashburton, Mass Bemis, Miss Jerusha of Barton Barton Feb 9 2/21/1852
Lanphear, Clark of Morristown Chopey, Miss Phylena of Albany Albany April 4 4/29/1854
Lawrence, Amos of Westford Hicks, Miss Mary Jan 5 1/23/1853
LeBarron, William Linsley, Miss Rebecca Barre Jan 5 1/23/1853
Lee, Ralph of St Johnsbury White, Mrs Adaliza of Coventry Coventry Aug 29 9/18/1852
Leonard, George of Glover Dwinnell, Miss Mary of Glover Willoughby Feb 28 3/26/1853
Lincoln, Samuel of Albany Vance, Miss Mary of Glover Glover July 3 7/5/1851
Lord, Rev Nathan of Hudson, Ohio Delano, Miss Laura of Stow Stowe 11th 8/24/1850
Magoon, Orin of Stanstead, CE Field, Tryphena of Newport Newport Nov 25 12/25/1852
Mann, John P. of Montpelier Cross, Miss Judith of Albany Albany 30th ult 6/8/1850
Mansfield, Timo. C. of Barton Morse, Miss Eveline M. of Barton Barton Nov 19 11/29/1851
Marshall, Matthew of Greensboro Graham, Miss Marion of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 18 11/22/1851
Martin, William of Stanstead Carpenter, Matilda of Stanstead Derby Line 27th 5/16/1853
McDougal, Duncan of Brownington Place, Miss Catharine of Salem Salem Jan 1 1/10/1852
McLean, Alexander Hicks, Miss Martha Jan 5 1/23/1853
Mecham, Chauncy of Newport Mecham, Miss Sophia of Newport Newport 24th 7/30/1853
Melville, Rev Henry late of Scotland Chapin, Miss Sarah of Greensboro Greensboro 5th 12/21/1850
Merrill, J. Calvin of Derby Paine, Miss Harriet of Derby March 6 5/3/1851
Miller, Oscar of Coventry Clark, Miss Mary of Morgan Morgan March 13 4/2/1853
Morey, Solomon of West Fairlee Guild, Miss Minerva of West Fairlee Irasburg July 1 7/9/1853
Morrill, Charles of Stanstead, CE Wiggins, Miss R. E. of Barton Barton May 27 6/7/1851
Morrill, Eli of Stanstead Kennison, Miss Rhoda of Stanstead Glover Aug 23 8/30/1851
Morrill, John of Derby Goss, Mrs Laura of Derby Derby Oct 16 11/1/1851
Morse, B. F. of Montpelier Goodwin, Miss Mary L. of Montpelier Montpelier Dec 14 12/27/1851
Nichols, H. Merle of Brownington Conn, Miss Almira a. of Salem Newport Nov 2 11/29/1851
Niles, Samuel of Newport Williams, Miss Ellen B. of Derby Derby 11/29/1851
Norton, George S. Miles, Miss Sarah of Clinton, Mass Glover July 20 8/30/1851
Nye, Alpheus of Charleston Carpenter, Miss Martha of Charleston Charleston 28th 9/3/1853
Nye, E. W. of Irasburg Kellam, Miss Emily of Irasburg Irasburg 15th 12/25/1852
Nye, George of Concord, NH Mosher, Miss Ruth of Concord, NH Hooksett, NH March 7 4/3/1852
Nye, George S. of Concord Grover, Miss Ruth of Concord Concord, NH 14th inst 3/27/1852
Owen?, William Garfield, Miss Ellenor Glover May 27 6/18/1853
Paddleford, John Clayton of Brownington Clark, Miss Caroline of Greensboro Greensboro March 3 3/6/1852
Page, Warren of Stanstead Bartlett, Miss Sarah of Compton Stanstead Feb 20 3/8/1851
Paige, George L. of Greensboro Rice, Miss Mary S. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 4 12/27/1851
Park, Eli of Grafton Drown, Miss Sylvia of Barton Barton 4th 12/21/1850
Parker, Amariah of Charleston Waterman, Miss Ruby of Salem   12/7/1850
Parker, Erastus of Morgan Crosby, Miss Susan of Derby Nov 21 12/7/1850
Parker, Horace of Newark Cole, Miss Mary of Charleston Charleston May 30 6/11/1853
Parker, Isaac Jr of Coventry Jones, Miss Mary Jane of Lowell Lowell, Mass Jan 15 2/1/1851
Parker, Thomas Leet, Miss Emily of Irasburg Roxbury, Mass June 19 7/2/1853
Parlin, John G. of Salem, Vt Bixby, Miss Malinda C. of Warren Warren, NH June 16 6/29/1850
Pearce, Sullivan of Cambridge Fuller, Miss Eliza of Stowe Stowe 21st 10/5/1850
Pettengill, Holis of Troy Porter, Miss Augusta of Troy Troy 3d 7/9/1853
Phelps, Morris of Irasburg Brooks, Miss Susan of Coventry Coventry April 27 5/3/1851
Philbrick, Samuel of Salem Kingsley, Miss Augusta of Salem Salem Jan 22 2/21/1854
Phillips, John E. Page, Miss Sarah W. Glover March 3 3/27/1852
Pierce, Andrew M. of Brownington Paddleford, Miss Lodoski A. of Brown. Brownington March 3 4/17/1852
Poland, Hon. Luke of St Johnsbury Page, Miss Adelia of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 11th 4/22/1854
Priest, Almon V. Currier, Miss Sarah J. Irasburg 19th inst 5/25/1850
Priest, Henry of Irasburg Sunbury, Miss Sophrona of Irasburg Irasburg April 27 5/3/1851
Priest, Larkin B. of Coventry Locklin, Miss Elira F. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 27 11/16/1850
Prouty, John of Newport Lamb, Miss Hannah of Newport Newport Jan 5 1/23/1853
Ramsay, Charles of St Johnsbury Benton, Miss A. P. of Barton Barton Oct 19 11/8/1851
Ranger, Henry Conway, Miss Margaret Coventry April 20 5/3/1851
Ranney, Charles of St. Johnsbury Stearns, Miss Maria M. of Danville Glover? Dec 4 12/13/1851
Rawson, Augustus Y. of St. Albans Root, Miss Eliza of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 4 6/15/1850
Rich, Moody Smith, Miss Martha Guildhall Jan 1 1/23/1853
Richmond, Lemuel of Barnard Richmond, Miss Jane of Derby Derby Line 15th 10/26/1850
Ripley, Allen Parker, Miss Alma Coventry March 28 5/11/1850
Ripley, Ambrose Alton, Miss Mary Coventry March 28 5/11/1850
Roberts, James of Williamstown Holbrook, Miss Lydia of (Irasburg) Irasburg 7th 9/13/1851
Roberts, Smith of Barton Walker, Miss Emily of Barton Barton Nov 29 1/1/1853
Rolfe, Charles of Montpelier Strong, Miss Ellen of Beloit, Wisc Beloit, Wisc Dec 3 1/3/1852
Root, Moses of Craftsbury Blanchard, Miss Mary Ann Glover Oct 27 11/6/1852
Royce, Herman Esq. Parsons, Miss Mary Highgate Sept 22 10/4/1851
Royce, Hon Homer of Berkshire Edmunds, Miss Mary of East Boston East Boston 23d ? 2/1/1851
Rublee, Dr. C. M. of Montpelier Clark, Sarah E. of Dr. Charles Clark Montpelier June 5 6/15/1850
Russell, Charles of Cabot Newcomb, Miss Caroline of Derby Derby 11/12/1853
Sanborn, James of Lowell Smith, Miss Melissa of Lowell Irasburg Oct 31 11/2/1850
Sanderson, Reuben of Burke Hastings, Miss Harriet of Claremont, NH Irasburg 1st 11/2/1850
Sargent, M. G. of Irasburg Knight, Miss Lucy of Coventry Coventry 15th 3/19/1853
Sarles, Harry of Barnston Blake, Miss Susan of Stanstead Stanstead 24th 2/5/1853
Sartle, John Esq of Barton Gates, Miss Susan of Swanton Swanton 11th 8/27/1853
Scott, Charles Wesley Fayer, Miss Elisabeth of Glover Glover Oct 21 11/8/1851
Scott, Dr C. W. of Irasburg Colton, Miss Martha of Lyndon Lyndon May 29 6/3/1854
Scott, William of Newport Green, Miss Elizabeth of Newport Newport 14th 5/20/1854
Simpson, Alexander of Greensboro Paterson, Miss Margaret of E. Craftsbury E. Craftsbury Dec 17 12/27/1851
Skinner, Dr S. A. of Charleston Blake, Miss Catharine of Salem Salem Nov 19 11/30/1850
Slater, Rev. Franklin A. of Portersville, CT Hovey, Miss Sophrona E. of Coventry Coventry Dec 5 12/14/1850
Smith, Francis of Stanstead, CE Park, Miss Sarah of Derby Derby Oct 17 12/7/1850
Smith, John S. of Newport Stone, Miss Mary of Johnson Johnson Feb 11 2/21/1852
Smith, Jonathan of St Johnsbury Brown, Miss Abigail of Coventry Coventry March 24 5/11/1850
Soper, Loren of Coventry Bean, Miss Estine of Coventry Coventry March 9 3/26/1853
Spaulding, B. W. of Morristown Keach, Miss Jane of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury April 25 5/15/1852
Spears, William of Greensboro Barr, Jane of Greensboro Greensboro 26th 7/30/1853
Spencer, Lucius of Brownington Randall, Miss Susan of Lyndon St Johnsbury May 31 6/18/1853
Squires, Prof Lewis of Richmond, VA Parsons, Miss Louisa of (Irasburg) Irasburg 7th 9/11/1852
Stevens, Solomon Jr. of Barnet Evans, Miss Ann E. of Danville Danville May 25 6/22/1850
Stone, Nathan of St Johnsbury Persons, Miss Lucretia of Coventry Coventry Sept 27 10/4/1851
Stoughton, G. M. of Westfield Hitchcock, Miss Cordelia of Westfield Westfield Jan 23 2/21/1854
Sulham, Horace D. of Greensboro Woodmansee, Mrs. Orpha E. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 2 12/20/1851
Tanner, Lewis Whitney, Miss Abbey Montpelier 24th ult 1/23/1853
Taplin, William of (Irasburg) Rowell, Miss L. H. of Albany Albany Oct 31 11/9/1850
Taylor, Mark of Bolton, CE Blake, Miss Esther of Derby Line Derby Line Dec 30 1/17/1852
Tenny, John of Barton Washburn, Miss Emeline of Lowell, MA Lowell, MA April 27 5/16/1853
Terrill, T. Lee Esq of Stanstead Chamberlin, Harriet dau of Col W. Chamberlin Stanstead 17th 10/5/1850
Thompson, James of Barton Smith, Miss Helen of Barton Barton May 20 5/29/1852
Tolman, Thomas of Portland, Me Paddock, Miss Augusta of Craftsbury Craftsbury July 31 8/10/1850
Tolman, William of Irasburg Dorsett, Miss Mary of Irasburg Irasburg March 14 4/8/1854
Tower, B. Franklin Metcalf, Miss Charlotte M. Irasburg 3d inst 6/8/1850
Townson, Joseph of Derby Carter, Elizabeth of Derby West Derby Nov 17 11/22/1851
Tupper, Jackson of Bakersfield Parkhurst, Miss Caroline of North Troy North Troy 22d 3/5/1853
Tuttle, Samuel Paine, Miss Susan Hardwick Jan 2 1/23/1853
Urie, John Jr of Albany Baker, Miss Mary of Albany Albany March 1(2) 3/23/1851
Urie, John Jr. of Albany Baker, Miss Mary C. of Albany Albany March 19 4/5/1851
Vance, Abram of Blandensville, Ill Marlow, Miss Louisa of Blandensville, Ill Blandensville, Ill 12th 1/29/1853
Vance, Henry Thompson, Miss Abbe of Barton Barton March 3 4/2/1853
Walbridge, Leander of Cabot Wood, Miss Nancy J. of Greensboro Greensboro March 19 4/5/1851
Wales, Phineas of Rouse’s Point Nye, Miss Helen of (Irasburg) Irasburg 30th 7/3/1852
Ward, James of Brownington Paine, Miss Louisa of Brownington Brownington April 24 5/24/1851
Warner, Alpha of Hardwick Rhodes, Miss Martha of Danville Danville Feb 28 3/16/1851
Watterman, Charles of Albany Herriman, Miss Hannah of Craftsbury Jan 27 3/12/1853
Way, Wells of Barnston Libbee, Miss Mary of Barnston 25th 2/5/1853
Webster, David of Irasburg Massey, Miss Eliza of Manchester, NH Elmore Dec 5 12/11/1852
Webster, Samuel of (Irasburg) Kidder, Miss Eliza of (Irasburg) Irasburg 28th 11/30/1850
West, George Esq of (Irasburg) Hamilton, Miss Christiana of Hartland Hartland 11th 10/26/1850
Wetherbee, Leonard of Burke Farr, Miss Emily of Coventry Coventry Jan 1 1/10/1852
Wheeler, Jonathan of Nashua, NH Hovey, Miss Ann of Albany Albany 12th 2/22/1851
Wheelock, Addison of Boston Pierce, Miss Jane of Roxbury, Mass Albany March 24 4/9/1853
Wilder, Charles of Derby Calkins, Miss Almira of Morgan Holland Jan 14 2/21/1852
Willard, J. G. of Charlestown, NH Saunders, Miss Lemyra E. of Charleston, VT Brownington Jan 5 1/25/1851
Willey, D. P. Esq. of Derby Leland, Miss Lydia of Derby Derby Dec 11 12/27/1851
Williams, Clifton of Glover Stanton, Mrs. Mariette of Barton Glover? Nov 6 11/15/1851
Willis, Edward of Albany Skinner, Miss Sophronia of Barton Sutton Jan 1 1/10/1852
Wilson, Henderson of Troy Porter, Miss Mary of Troy Troy Oct 22 10/26/1850
Wilson, Sabin Williams, Miss Harriet Greensboro Jan 4 1/23/1853
Wood, Judson of Salem Lathe, Miss Betsey of Salem Derby April 4 4/17/1852
Woodward, William of Waterbury, Vt Sumner?, Miss Mary of Lebanon, NH Lebanon, NH Dec 25 1/4/1851
Woolley, John D. of Lowell Dix, Miss Augusta of Lowell Glover? Nov 2 11/15/1851
Worcester, Rev J. H. of Burlington Fleming, Miss Catharine of Burlington Burlington Oct 21 11/1/1851
Wright, Lewis W. of Glover Hidden, Mary P. of Gen. Wm. Hidden Craftsbury July 2 7/27/1850
Wylie, John of Craftsbury Underwood, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 17 6/26/1852
Wylie, John of Glover McNeilige, Miss Martha of Craftsbury Greensboro 25th 4/2/1853
Wyman, John Esq of Chelsea, Vt Patton, Miss Susan of Stanstead Stanstead, CE 23rd 8/3/1850
Young, Alexander of Greensboro White, Miss Mary of Glover Greensboro 7th ult 1/15/1853

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