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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Please note; The years 1881 - 1883 are missing
Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Adams, Dr. George F. of Lunenburg Cheney, Miss Cora C. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  June 1 6/20/1884
Alcott, Judson Powers, Miss Julia E. Concord  last week 2/6/1880
Allen, Burt Perkins, Minola West Concord  Sept 22 10/7/1887
Allen, John A. of Lake Weedon, PQ Rice, Ellen M. of Melbourne Ridge, PQ Island Pond  Sept 30 10/3/1884
Allyn, Edwin D. of E. Charleston Stevens, Miss Abbie C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  May 13 5/28/1880
Amadon, Harley T. Rogers, Jennie L. West Concord  Sept 20 10/7/1887
Archer, David of Island Pond Hastings, Emma of Newark Island Pond  April 3 4/11/1884
Arthur, Rev. Louis A. of Island Pond Tripler, Eunice of Chas. S. Tripler Detroit  June 29 (item 7-15) 7/1/1887
Astle, Oscar Ford, Nellie Miles Pond  Dec 20 1/4/1889
Atkinson, Thomas C. of Island Pond Hartwell, Miss Betsey E. of Hillhurst Hillhurst, PQ  April 18 4/20/1888
Babcock, John C. of Greensboro Bailey, Miss Adelia M. of Greensboro Glover  March 5 3/18/1887
Baker, William D. of Island Pond Woodbury, Miss Winnifred A. of I. Pond Island Pond  July 5 7/10/1885
Balch, George S. of Lunenburgh Thomas, Mrs. Lizzie, dau/o Mrs. Turner Derby  15th inst 1/25/1889
Ball, W. H. H. of Newark Davis, Nana E. of Newark Brighton  Oct 13 10/15/1880
Ball, William E. of West Concord Douglas, Miss Mary L. of W. Concord Lancaster  March 5 3/14/1884
Ball, Willie Clark, Miss Emma Lunenburg  Jan 3 1/18/1884
Barnet, A. J. of Whitefield, NH Patterson, Mrs. Eliza A. of Clarksville, NH Lunenburgh  May 10 5/14/1880
Bartlett, Eugene L. of Bloomfield Stevens, Miss Eva M. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  Oct 10 10/19/1888
Beach, Frank of Richmond, Que. Davis, Miss Dora of Brighton Island Pond  Aug 17 8/19/1887
Beattie, Thomas C. of Wenlock French, Miss Sophia L. of Brunswick Bloomfield  Oct 22 10/30/1885
Bedell, A. Bagley, Annie Island Pond  Sept 9 9/13/1889
Beecher, Clarence R. of N. Stratford Traverse, Addie M. of Bloomfield Bloomfield?  Last Wed 1/15/1886
Beecher, Lyman Bigford, Miss Sabra Canaan  last Thurs 4/19/1889
Belden, John Q. of East Haven Gilmore, Lucy of East Haven St. Johnsbury Oct 17 10/28/1887
Bell, George of Lunenburg Stuart, Jessie of C. W. Stuart of L. Lunenburg  last Mon 5/28/1886
Bell, W. R. of Lunenburg Clark, Miss Emma J. of Lunenburg Lunenburg Jan 2 1/25/1884
Belleau, Joseph of ME & IL Bearce, Josephine of Lewiston, ME Island Pond  Sept 29 10/8/1886
Berry, Thomas C. of Sutton Blake, Mrs. Ella J. of Canada Island Pond  July 15 7/24/1885
Bigelow, Frank W. of St. Johnsbury Ladd, Miss Flora B. of Island Pond Island Pond  Aug 18 8/20/1880
Blake, Harry W. of Chicago Morse, Carrie E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 14 1/30/1885
Blodgett, Gaius of Lemington Watkins, Miss Emma of Canaan Colebrook, NH June 26 7/5/1889
Blodgett, William, age 76, M #4 Ford, Mrs. Caroline E., M #4 N. Stratford 5/25/1888
Bond, George W. Wright, Miss Jessie Stratford Hollow last Wed 11/7/1884
Bonett, Abner H. of Island Pond Heath, Miss Alice of Canaan Canaan  April 20 4/27/1888
Boulds, William R. of Island Pond Davis, Miss Lilla M. of Island Pond Island Pond  June 16 6/25/1886
Bowker, Frank S. of Lunenburgh Parker, Miss Nellie of Concord Concord  Jan 1 1/11/1884
Bowker, Harvey W. Kneeland, Miss Mary of Boston Bloomfield  March 31 4/9/1886
Bowker, John A. Schoff, Annie of Bloomfield Colebrook, NH Nov 1 11/7/1884
Bowles, Charles A. of late Samuel Bowles Harris, Nellie of J. B. Harris of Rutland Rutland  last Wed 10/16/1885
Boyce, Heman of Johnson Buckminster, Miss Susie of Victory St. Johnsbury last week 12/31/1886
Braynard, Fred of Morgan Ctr not named   5/7/1880
Braynard, Loren Streeter, Miss Emma J. E. Charleston Aug 30 9/10/1880
Bridge, F. W. of I Pond & Minn Allen, Miss Edith of Machias, ME St. Paul, Minn Feb 2 2/3/1888
Bridge, John D.  Watson, Miss Angie B.            18th inst 9/28/1888
Brown, Frank Hood, Miss Jessie Lunenburg?  recently 6/17/1887
Buck, Erastus of E. Charleston Marvin, Louise of E. Charleston Barton Landing Nov 24 12/3/1886
Bunker, Nathaniel of Newark Bishop, Linda of Newark Island Pond  June 18 6/25/1886
Burbank, H. W. Matthews, Miss Kate of Colebrook, NH Bloomfield?   6/5/1885
Burbank, Henry W. of Bloomfield Mather, Miss Kate of Columbia, NH Columbia, NH 6/12/1885
Burbeck, Joseph of Holland Cowen, Mary of Brighton Island Pond  Sept 5 9/17/1880
Butters, George H. of Island Pond Dale, Miss Hattie J. of Moretown Moretown  July 11 7/15/1887
Buzzell, Henry age 45 Evans, Miss Lubella age 15 Victory 8/12/1887
Buzzell, Ola Kathon, Miss Sophronia S. Bloomfield April 19 5/2/1884
Cades, James H. of Island Pond Wilmot, Miss Lillian of Island Pond Island Pond  Sept 24 9/27/1889
Cameron, Hugh Murphy, Miss Kate Norton  last Tues 7/3/1885
Campbell, Cummings of Melbourne, PQ Ward, Eliza of Cleveland, PQ Island Pond  Sept 25 10/2/1885
Carbee, Fred Wilkins, Miss Etta Lunenburgh 12/7/1888
Carpenter, Ora M. Clarke, Jennie C. Island Pond  Jan 13, 1886 1/7/1887
Carpenter, Ora M.  Clarke, Miss Jennie C. W. Charleston  12th inst 1/22/1886
Carr, Daniel of Newark Spencer, Lella M. of Newark Island Pond  Dec 28 12/31/1886
Chandler, Edward of Rockford, IL Hoyt, Miss of St. Louis   6/26/1885
Chandler, Rolla M. of St. Johnsbury Roberts, Miss Sadie of Montpelier   9/4/1885
Chase, Charles D. of Guildhall Russell, Miss Issie S. of G.  (item) Guildhall     Oct 11 10/15/1880
Chase, Nathan, Esq.  Crandall, Mrs. of Canada         Nov 10 11/19/1880
Chesney, Adolphus J.  Farmer, Adella L. of Hiram B. Farmer Westmore  June 4 6/6/1884
Chesney, Charles A. of Norton King, Rose A. of Westmore Island Pond  Feb 28 3/5/1886
Claflin, Sumner F. Carr, Miss, of Marshall Carr of Manchester Manchester, NH  last Sat 4/4/1884
Clark, George of Canaan not listed recently 3/23/1888
Clark, Jack A. of Lunenburgh Pond, Miss Nellie M. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh  Feb 28 3/7/1884
Cloud, Herbert S. of Norwich Snelling, Miss Emma E. of Sheffield Union Village  Nov 29 12/7/1888
Cobb, Henry W. of Island Pond Manson, Miss Lizzie B. of Norway, ME Milan, NH  Sept 9 9/14/1888
Coe, Edward of Newark Cargill, Miss Elmina J. of Morgan Island Pond  March 26 3/28/1884
Coffay, Jeremiah of Island Pond Walsh, Miss Margaret of Milan Gorham   recently 1/9/1880
Colbath, Frank M. of Exeter, NH McClish, Isabella of St. Foies, PQ Island Pond  Sept 16 9/25/1885
Cole, Edwin P. of Lunenburgh Phelps, Miss Nellie L. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh  Nov 26 12/7/1888
Cole, Elden H. of East Haven Moultroup, Miss Celia A. of E. Haven East Haven  Sept 1 9/16/1887
Companion, Louis J. of Island Pond Lamere, Miss Heremen D. of Island Pond Island Pond  Dec 25 1/6/1888
Conn, James Paschal, Miss Lorena N. Stratford, NH 12/11/1885
Cook, Hon. Milton of Bloomfield Bulkley, Miss Mary A. of Glover          24th inst 12/31/1886
Cook, Milton of Bloomfield Bulkley, Miss Mary A. of Glover Bloomfield  Dec 23 12/31/1886
Corcoran, M. Johnson, Miss E. Island Pond  last Sat. 11/18/1887
Cowles, Pliny J. of St. Johnsbury Morse, Lilla I. of Rev. J. Morse Derby  Sept 9 9/18/1885
Crawford, Harry A. of Watertown, MA Rosebrook, Annie of Wm Rosebrook (item) Guildhall  22d inst 1/30/1885
Crowe, John of Brighton Williams, Miss Maggie of Morgan Holland  April 8 4/12/1889
Curran, Mike Chadwick, Miss Mary Island Pond  Nov 26 12/6/1889
Currier, Elsworth A. of Brighton Gilbert, Jennie of N. Stratford, NH Island Pond  July 8 7/11/1884
Currier, Merrie C. of Island Pond Bolton, Miss Addie C. of Canaan Bloomfield  Dec 29 1/2/1880
Currier, Moses E. of Island Pond Wolcott, Miss Flora of Charleston N. Stratford, NH Dec 25 1/2/1880
Cushman, Dr. J. H. Gallup, Miss Mabel E. Charleston  last Wed 12/18/1885
Cutting, Anson V. of Concord Hastings, Miss Hattie M. of Chelsea, MA N. Concord  Oct 2 10/12/1888
Damant, Joseph not listed England recently 10/5/1888
Damon, Eugene of Maidstone Rowell, Miss Susie of Jefferson, NH Guildhall  Oct 15 10/22/1880
Danforth, Bruce Adam of Brighton Norton, Mary of Brighton Brighton  March 6 3/12/1880
Delworth, Thomas W. of Victory Shores, Miss L. May of Victory East Burke  Aug 5 8/17/1888
Derby, Nelson Hartshorn, Miss Josie of Lunenburgh Lancaster  Sept 17 10/2/1885
Dolloff, T. L. Piper, Miss Rachel Island Pond  Aug 29 9/11/1885
Douglas, Willie Buchanan, Bessie W. Concord  Dec 17 12/25/1885
Dow, Walter A. of Mansfield Remington, Miss Nellie J. of Groton Plainfield  April 24 5/3/1889
Downer, Mr. of Groveton, NH Lewis, Mrs. Lillie Lunenburg    recently? 10/11/1889
Downer, Thomas Vance, Miss Etta Lunenburgh 11/2/1888
Dunn, Frank MaGinnis, Miss Ida of Granby            last week 1/2/1880
Dyer, Charles M. of Island Pond McGivern, Miss Ellen L. of Island Pond Island Pond  May 29 6/4/1880
Eaton, Fred J. of Concord Woodham, Mary A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  7/19/1889
Edmands, Rev. T. Merrill of Wadena, Minn Bartlett, Jennie E. of Alvin Bartlett  Island Pond  Aug 27 8/30/1889
Egan, David of Norton Mills Stevenson, Lillian of Stratford, NH Island Pond  March 1 3/8/1889
Elie, Dr. A. of Island Pond Conway, Kate of John Conway of Norton Norton  4th inst 9/7/1888
Elkins, Floyd Tracy, Miss Annie Island Pond   March 1, 1886 1/7/1887
Elkins, Floyd A. of Island Pond Tracy, Miss Annie of Island Pond Island Pond  March 1  3/5/1886
Emerson, Samuel of Danville, PQ Richardson, Miss Lucinda of Danville, PQ Island Pond  Feb 12 2/20/1880
Emery, Frank J. of Island Pond Davis, Miss Cora L. of Island Pond Island Pond  Dec 21 12/23/1887
Estes, Noah of Island Pond Buzzell, Miss Hattie of Island Pond Island Pond?   Aug 31 9/5/1884
Evans, Alfred R. of Gorham, NH Briggs, Dora J. of Gorham, NH Boston  June 1 6/18/1880
Ewens, George W. of Island Pond Jacques, Mary of Island Pond Island Pond  Dec 4 12/10/1886
Fairbanks, William E. of Burke Flanders, Emma of Northumberland, NH Guildhall  Aug 17 8/26/1887
Farr, Herman E. of Brighton Archer, Miss Emma of Brighton Island Pond  Jan 26 1/30/1885
Farrell, Jas. W. of Island Pond Tracy, Miss Margaret L. of Island Pond Island Pond  Oct 11 10/14/1887
Fellows, Burt Stevens, Luna E Charleston  Dec 7 12/23/1887
Fessenden, C. Frank Mackenzie, Minnie H. Chelsea, MA  18th inst 1/27/1888
Finley, James R. of W. Charleston Moore, Miss Abigail Isabella of Derby Derby Line  Jan 31 2/4/1887
Fisher, Leon not named East Concord prob 12/19/1884
Fitzgerald, Henry E. of Island Pond Grant, Miss Ethel J. of Island Pond Island Pond  30th ult 9/7/1888
Fletcher, Kimball B. of Lancaster Hobson, Miss Helen M. of E. Brighton E. Brighton  Nov 24 12/3/1880
Ford, George A. of Guildhall Emery, Mrs. Elisabeth of Northumberland Guildhall  Aug 21 8/27/1880
Foss, C. E. of Island Pond Stevens, Miss Mary E. of Island Pond Island Pond  Nov 28 12/7/1888
Fox, Albert E. of Coaticook, PQ Trembly, Miss Eulalie of Coaticook, PQ Island Pond  March 5 3/15/1889
Frost, Fred S. of Cheboygan, Mich Henderson, Mrs. Jennie Hall of Stewartstown Stewartstown  15th inst 11/23/1888
Fuller, Ira S. of Stratford Smith, Miss Isabelle B. of Maidstone Groveton, NH  Aug 28 9/2/1887
Fuller, Melvin Lurvey, Miss Lulu Bloomfield?   5/29/1885
Gaudette, Joseph of Island Pond Scott, Ellen of Derby Island Pond  Aug 20 8/28/1885
Gay, William F. of PA Turner, Miss Maud of Canaan Canaan  17th inst 12/2/1887
Gereau, S. not listed Bloomfield 6/7/1889
Gerrish, John H. of Island Pond Fitzgerald, Miss Emma of Island Pond Island Pond  Oct 17 10/19/1888
Gerrish, John of Island Pond Mackey, Miss Clara of Montreal Island Pond  Nov 24 12/3/1880
Gilman, James M. of Brighton Dion, Miss Ella of Westmore Island Pond  April 15 4/25/1884
Gilmore, Joseph H. of Morgan Gray, Minnie B. of Morgan Island Pond  March 24 3/27/1885
Glynn, Isaac Snow, Miss Lizzie of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh 4/30/1880
Godso, George A. of Berlin Potter, Rebecca of Norton Mills Berlin, NH  April 22 5/10/1889
Gonya, Edward E. of Island Pond Cate, Miss Ina B. of Island Pond Island Pond  Jan 11 1/14/1887
Goodale, W. H., MD of Cabot Parks, Miss Bertha M. of Plainfield Plainfield  March 2 3/8/1889
Goodell, Mr. of Morgan Center Lurvey, Miss Nettie of Bloomfield Bloomfield  June 14 6/21/1889
Gould, P. of Colebrook Shoff, Miss Flora of Bloomfield Bloomfield?   Dec 19 1/1/1886
Graham, John of Island Pond Lyon, Alvira N. of Island Pond Island Pond  March 23 3/28/1884
Gray, Alson D. of Newark Farmer, Miss Carrie L. of Westmore Island Pond  June 1 6/4/1886
Gray, Charles H of Laconia, NH Morrison, Miss Ella of Lunenburg Lunenburg  March 22 3/28/1884
Gray, Laban T. of Newark Blake, Miss Isabelle H. of Burke Brighton  July 21 7/30/1880
Greer, Thomas Corkey, Miss Mattie of Fairhaven           last Tues 2/15/1884
Grey, Alston A. of Guildhall Strickland, Mary of Claremont, NH Guildhall  Dec 1 12/7/1888
Grey, Bert Story, Miss Ida Victory 12/16/1887
Gurnsey, Asa of Victory Wheaton, Clara L. of Victory N. Concord  Sept 18 10/1/1880
Hadley, E. E., Esq. of Brighton Rosebrook, Miss Mary A. of Brighton Brighton  July 2 7/5/1889
Haliburton, Jas. A. Linehan, Miss Maggie of John Linehan Cambridge, MA 1st inst 2/10/1888
Hamilton, Mr. Leslie H.  (item) Montgomery, Miss Lizzie of Newport Utica, Mont  Aug 10 8/26/1887
Harmon, Elmer R. of Island Pond Stevens, Miss Addie J. of Island Pond Island Pond  July 21 7/30/1886
Harriman, Frank of Stratford, NH Noyes, Mary of Portland, ME Bloomfield  Oct 2 10/11/1889
Hartshorn, James W. of Guildhall Tyler, Miss Edna V. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  May 17 5/23/1884
Hayden, Frank R. of Boston, MA Woodbury, Miss Hannah M. of Island Pond Island Pond  May 15 5/18/1888
Hayes, John A. of Groveton Meacham, Miss Cora P. of Northumberland Guildhall  Oct 24 11/1/1889
Hazen, Arthur F. of Lancaster, NH Fowler, Miss Cora A. of Brighton Island Pond  May 12 5/21/1886
Henshaw, Charles G. of Joshia Henshaw Henderson, Julia W. of Wm Henderson, Esq. Montreal  June 15 7/1/1887
Herriman, Cyrus of Canaan Cross, Myra of Canaan Canaan, VT 5/21/1880
Higgins, William R. of E. Concord Gray, Miss Helena A. of Lunenburgh East Concord July 25 8/13/1880
Hill, George B. of Coaticook, PQ Orr, Miss Josephine V. of Coaticook, PQ Island Pond  Dec 8 1/11/1889
Hinton, James Jr. of Westmore Hill, Miss Mary of Charleston Island Pond  April 30 5/8/1885
Hobson, Howard H. of E. Brighton Mansur, Miss Emma A. of E. Charleston E. Charleston  Dec 21 12/24/1880
Hodgdon, John Bell, Miss Eva Granby   2 weeks ago 1/4/1889
Hogan, William of Island Pond Grady, Miss Maggie of Island Pond Island Pond  Feb 21 2/25/1887
Holbrook, Arthur T. of Lemington Lyman, Miss Marian C. of Lemington Colebrook, NH Jan 17 1/23/1880
Hopkins, James of Brighton Finley, Agnes of Canada Island Pond  April 22 5/2/1884
Howard, Rev. H. E. of Derby Day, Miss Carrie E. of Wheelock Wheelock  Oct 14 10/22/1886
Howe, Chester H. of Colebrook, NH Annis, Miss Dolly F. of Millfield, NH Island Pond  Jan 1 1/11/1889
Howe, Hon. Levi Lee, Mrs. Phebe, widow of Asa Lee W. Concord  Dec 27 1/11/1889
Hudson, Edward J. of Brighton Holmes, Margaret of Brighton Brighton  May 24 5/29/1885
Hudson, Newton E. of East Haven Moultrop, Miss Cora J. of East Haven Lyndon Ctr  June 23 7/10/1885
Hudson, William of Richmond, PQ Waterhouse, Miss Emma J. of Lisgar, PQ Island Pond  March 13 3/22/1889
Hunt, Edson A. Field, Miss Ida of Lunenburg Fairfax, VT  Feb 10 2/12/1886
Hutchins, J. C. of Coos Mayo, Miss Sadie of W. Stewartstown Canaan?     11/1/1889
Hutchinson, Freeman A.  Wallace, Laura J. of Judge James Wallace Concord  Jan 1 1/11/1889
James, W. C. Hosford, Mrs. Victory 6/11/1886
James, William C. of Victory Hosford, Mrs. Esther of East Haven Granby  Aug 12 8/20/1886
Jenne, Loren M. of Island Pond Marsh, Lizzie H. of Enosburgh Falls Enosburgh Falls Aug 16 9/3/1886
Jenne, Luman E. of Derby Adams, Miss Nellie C. of Derby Derby  April 29 5/8/1885
Judd, Walter of Colorado Springs Jacobs, Miss Mida of Holland Island Pond  Nov 17 12/2/1887
Judd, William of Holland Nichols, Ruth E. of Morgan Island Pond  June 9 6/12/1885
Judge, James E. of Portland, ME Smith, Miss Annie M. of Gorham Gorham  last Thurs 9/28/1888
Keeler, Henry Wheeler, Miss Mary of Holland               June 24 6/24/1887
Kellogg, Walter Quimby, Nellie E. W. Concord  Dec 17 12/25/1885
Kennedy, William of Bloomfield Conn, Miss Annie of Stratford, NH Bloomfield  Jul 7 7/16/1886
Kimball, David Townsend, Miss Lunenburgh  last Thurs 11/16/1888
Ladd, Charles D. of Island Pond McKelvey, Miss Maggie of E. Brighton E. Brighton  last Wed 10/31/1884
Ladd, Charles I. of Summit Thompson, Jennie S. of Island Pond Island Pond  April 1(4) 4/22/1887
Ladd, John F. of Island Pond McKinley, Miss Mary A. of Island Pond Berlin, NH  July 1 7/11/1884
Ladd, Wallace W. of St. Johnsbury Blakeslee, Nellie M. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  March 10 4/2/1880
Lamb, A. E. of Island Pond not listed   10/12/1888
Lang, Frank B. of Charleston White, Miss Lillie C. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury  Nov 23 12/2/1887
Langmaid, Charles E. of Newark Covey, Miss Ida M. of Brighton Island Pond  Sept 24 10/8/1886
Langmaid, George A. of Newark Hastings, Cora A. of Newark Island Pond  Jan 3 1/9/1880
Langmaid, Riley E. of Island Pond Ward, Mary A. of Island Pond Island Pond  June 22 7/2/1886
Laroche, Albert of Richmond, PQ Barton, Miss Florence of I. Pond & Lennoxville Island Pond  Oct 29 11/1/1889
Lawrence, Albert age 82 Gray, Mrs. Hannah age 72 E. Charleston  last Sun 11/6/1885
LeClair, John (3rd marriage) not listed - factory girl from Lowell, MA Victory 1/18/1889
Leclare, John of Victory Routhier, Delia of Wolftown, PQ Island Pond  June 27 7/4/1884
Lee, Rev. Edward P. McVickar, Sarah of late John McVickar of NYC W. Rutland  Oct 4 10/22/1880
Lewis, Frank B. of Whitefield, NH Dudley, Lizzie E. of Clarence Dudley of WC West Concord  Sept 27 10/5/1888
Libby, W. G. of Barnston Ladd, Miss Myrtie of Island Pond Way's Mills, PQ Nov 28 12/7/1888
Linden, John F. of Island Pond Connoly, Miss Edith L. of Island Pond Island Pond  May 30 6/8/1888
Lombard, W. W. Hobson, Miss Anna M. Island Pond? last week 9/17/1880
Lombard, William W. of Island Pond Hobson, Anna M. of Island Pond Gorham, NH  Sept 9 9/17/1880
Lord, James of Granby Gilbert, Rhoda A. of West Concord North Concord Sept 1 9/10/1880
Lougee, James H. of Gorham, NH Harding, Miss Edith of Compton, PQ Island Pond  March 5 3/8/1889
Lowell, Edward of Lewiston, ME Hartshorn, Cora of Hon. J. W. Hartshorn of Lun. Lunenburgh  June 3 6/18/1880
Luce, Fred I. Ramsdell, Katie L. Lunenburg   18th 12/4/1885
Lurvey, Ambrose of Bloomfield Hibbard, Mrs. J. of Bloomfield S. Bloomfield  March 29 4/4/1884
Lurvey, George E. of Guildhall Moore, Lulu S. of Northumberland Guildhall  Nov 26 12/7/1888
Lurvey, Orrin L. of Bloomfield Scott, Clara B. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  Sept 29 10/7/1887
Lynough, James Bonett, Gertie Victory   last Sat 6/11/1886
Magoon, G. R. of Derby Line Mayo, Miss Ella A. of W. Stewartstown Canaan 6/15/1888
Mansur, Orange L. of Island Pond Kimpton, Mrs. Mehitable of Island Pond Island Pond  Aug 29 9/3/1880
Marsh, Henry W. of Barford, PQ Carpenter, Ida of Wm Carpenter Esq. of Norton Norton Mills  Aug 31 9/4/1885
Martin, Rev. H. Allen Percival, Miss Luthera E. N. Ferrisburgh  6th inst 8/15/1884
Matthews, Isaiah of Granby McGill, Miss Rachel of Granby St. Johnsbury  Sept 18 10/12/1888
McCarthy, Charles of Lancaster, NH Hartshorn, Dora of Lunenburgh Lancaster  Feb 4 2/11/1887
McCauley, William J. of Dixville, PQ Neil, Della of Dixville, PQ Island Pond  Oct 24 11/1/1889
McCullough, David of Durham, PQ Placy, Laura of Durham, PQ Island Pond  April 2 4/11/1884
McDowell, Leonard of Troy Davis, Mrs. Algie of Island Pond St. Johnsbury  Dec 27 1/11/1884
McGinnis, Henry of Granby Kerr, Katie of Gorham, NH            last week 1/2/1880
McGovern, William  Osgood, Miss Gertrude M. of Hatley Richmond  15th inst 9/24/1886
McGregor, George W., MD of Lunenburg Eaton, Miss E. Augusta of Franconia Franconia, NH 24th ult 3/5/1880
McLean, Albert of Norton Libby, Miss Ella B. of Machias, ME Island Pond  Sept 8 9/11/1885
McMillen, Henry of E. Charleston Dexter, Mary Ann of Whitefield, NH Littleton, NH  March 12 3/28/1884
Meehan, James W. of Brighton Davis, Miss Addie M. of Brighton Lyndonville  Aug 24 9/2/1887
Melcher, Oscar J. of Newark Maroney, Miss Lizzie of Island Pond East Burke  Oct 17 11/13/1885
Melcher, Russell A. of Newark Morse, Miss Emma J. of Brighton Island Pond  March 9 3/18/1887
Middleton, Henry of St. Leonore, PQ Gonya, Miss Delia of St. Leonore, PQ Island Pond  May 5 5/14/1880
Miller, Leo A.  Streeter, Kate of S. C. Streeter of E. Charleston Lowell, MA  Dec 24 1/4/1889
Monaghan, David H. of N. Stratford, NH Gilfoil, Miss Nellie of Colebrook, NH Island Pond  Feb 21 2/25/1887
Monk, Henry of Island Pond Barnard, Gertrude B. of Preston, Eng. Island Pond  Jan 16 1/20/1888
Moore, Daniel E. of Charleston Thayer, Miss Mattie S. of Albany E. Charleston  July 9 7/22/1887
Moore, Thomas Streeter, Anna of Charles Streeter W. Concord  Thanksgiving 12/7/1888
Morisette, Antoine Boutin, Lestar Island Pond  Sept 9 9/13/1889
Morrill, Dana P. of Berlin Ladd, Miss Abbie of Berlin Berlin, NH  1st inst 1/11/1889
Morrill, Hollis W. of Concord Keneson, May of Concord St. Johnsbury  July 4 7/19/1889
Morris, Joseph of Bloomfield Bacon, Berthana of Barnston, PQ Lemington  Oct 11 10/17/1884
Morse, E. Allen of Concord Temple, Miss Lucretia I. of Concord Concord  July 31 8/13/1880
Morse, James of Concord Grannis, Margaret A. of Guildhall Lancaster, NH  Feb 16 2/25/1887
Morse, Leon A. of Island Pond Meehen, Miss Bridget of Island Pond East Burke  Aug 10 8/30/1889
Morse, Rev. C. W. Sleeper, Miss Nettie G. of Newport Ctr. Newport Ctr  Aug 28 9/6/1889
Mosher, Frank of Brighton Morrill, Miss Jesse Fremont of W. Charleston W. Charleston  Oct 28 11/5/1880
Moulton, Mark A. of Island Pond Forbes, M. A. of Morgan St. Johnsbury Aug 19 8/24/1888
Moye, Fred W. Stevens, Miss Emily Island Pond  last Sat. 3/18/1887
Moye, Fred W. of Island Pond Stevens, Emily of Island Pond Island Pond  March 12 3/18/1887
Murdock, William of Norton Gunn, Miss Maggie of Norton & I Pond Island Pond  Aug 28 8/31/1888
Murkland, Rev. C. S. of Chicopee, MA Tupper, Miss H. M. of Middlebury               July 30 8/8/1884
Murphy, John F. of Island Pond Smith, Miss Mary Ann of Island Pond Island Pond  June 20 6/25/1880
Neff, Manford E. of Nashua, NH Ladd, Miss Eleanor E. of Coaticook, Que. Island Pond  June 9 6/17/1887
Niles, Fred H. of Island Pond Peasley, Miss Ella of Newport Derby  May 1 5/10/1889
Niles, Salmon age 73 of Morrisville Jones, Miss Paulina of Chelsea Chelsea  Dec 14 1/9/1885
Niles, Wright of Norton Joyce, Mary of Norton Island Pond  March 28 4/4/1884
Norman, A. J. of Montreal, PQ Boseley, Miss Jane of Sherbrooke, PQ Island Pond  March 5 3/13/1885
not named Gravell, Miss Annie Island Pond  last Tues 2/27/1885
O'Keeffe, James of Island Pond Bowen, Miss Ellen of Coaticook, PQ Island Pond  Aug 20 8/24/1888
Olcott, A. Judson of Lunenburg Powers, Miss Julia A. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Jan 27 2/6/1880
Ordway, Joel E. of Newark Kimble, Emma J. of Newark Island Pond  March 17 3/28/1884
Osgood, Jesse W. of Lemington Dawse, Una D. of Lemington Lemington  Oct 18 10/28/1887
Page, Andrew J. of Brighton Piper, Annie M. of Brighton Island Pond  Nov 17 11/22/1889
Page, Frank W. of Sherbrooke, PQ Joyce, Melvina of Brookbury, PQ Island Pond  Sept 29 10/2/1885
Patterson, Frank S. of Pitston, ME Spencer, Miss Ella L. of Minneapolis, MN Island Pond  March 7 3/12/1880
Pearce, Hiram Dean, Miss Anna of Lyndonville   3/13/1885
Pendleton, Rev. J. Philip B.  Hower, Edith of late C. Hower of Scranton Scranton, PA  Thurs 7/2/1880
Penfold, W. H. Briggs, Miss Agnes S. Paris, ME  last Tues 7/3/1885
Percival, M. E. of Island Pond Nason, Mrs. N. B. of Island Pond West Burke  Sept 29 10/8/1886
Peters, J. of Island Pond King, Miss Carrie I. of Morrisville Island Pond  March 8 3/13/1885
Phelps, James, Esq. not listed Lunenburgh 11/2/1888
Philips, Charles Townsend, Miss Lunenburg  last week 9/21/1888
Pollard, Charles of N. Andover Dyer, Miss Anna L. of Island Pond N. Andover, MA July 7 7/16/1886
Pond, M. J. of Lunenburgh Pierce, Mrs. Laura of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh  June 15 6/21/1889
Poole, Rufus K. of Guildhall Adams, Miss Carrie M. of Northumberland Lancaster, NH Feb 10 2/13/1880
Potter, Arthur E. of Norton Wilson, Miss Christine E. of Norton Island Pond  March 19 3/25/1887
Powers, Frank W. of East Burke Waid, Myrtie E. of Barnston, PQ E. Charleston  Aug 29 9/9/1887
Powers, George R. Bowker, Miss Alice             last Wed 5/1/1885
Powers, Stephen J. Miller, Miss Jennie Lunenburg  last Wed 6/20/1884
Powers, Thomas J. of Lancaster Round, Miss Persis L. of Lancaster Guildhall  Feb 26 3/7/1884
Powers, Timothy Hulburt, Mrs. Lizzie Lunenburg 5/31/1889
Pratt, L. of Waterloo, PQ Lathe, Belle M. of H. S. Lathe, Esq. of Maidstone Island Pond  Jan 8 1/18/1884
Presby, John E. of Granby McLeman, Miss Maggie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury  Jan 8 1/18/1889
Prince, J. L. not listed Bloomfield  last week 9/23/1887
Prouty, J. P. of E. Concord Dodge, Miss Nellie of Lunenburgh                   4th inst 7/17/1885
Rainer, Francis X. of Dover, NH Ball, Miss Delia A. of Abbotsford, PQ Island Pond  May 19 5/21/1880
Renell, Martin of Island Pond Clarke, Miss Eleanor Jane of Rugby, Eng Island Pond  Feb 16 2/22/1889
Renfrew, John of Littleton, NH Barnard, Miss Lilla E. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh  July 13 7/17/1885
Rice, Charles M. of Guildhall Allin, E. Gertrude of Maidstone Lancaster, NH  Sept 3 9/20/1889
Riddley, N. W. of Lowell Phillips, Miss Carrie D. of Lunenburgh Lowell, MA  April 19 5/7/1880
Robertson, Donald of Bloomfield Dale, Bella of Bloomfield Island Pond  Dec 24 12/27/1889
Robinson, George S. of Island Pond Clarke, Flora I. of W. Charleston W. Charleston  April 8 4/10/1885
Robinson, John A. of Lancaster, NH Taylor, Harriet of Lancaster, NH Guildhall  April 28 5/4/1888
Rosebrook, Edward P. Covell, Mrs. Sarah Brighton  Dec 22 12/30/1887
Rosebrook, John P. of Brighton Bowman, Emma Etta of Burke Island Pond  July 29 8/7/1885
Royston, Richard of Groveton, NH Kilpatrick, Miss Tillie of Island Pond Lancaster, NH  Sept 10 9/20/1889
Sanderson, Burton of Granby Sanderson, Mrs. Lucretia M. of St. J. Granby  Sept 29 10/4/1889
Saucier, Leon Burbank, Miss Flora of E. Charleston E. Charleston?  24th ult 11/5/1880
Scott, Edward A. of Bloomfield Morse, Miss Alice E. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  April 8 4/13/1888
Silsby, Bert Hill, Miss Caddie of George W. Hill Lunenburg   last Sat 10/25/1889
Sisco, Fred E. of Barton Bean, Miss Hatie I. of Victory Glover   June 17 6/27/1884
Smith, Albert W. of Brunswick Garrison, Samantha A. of Brunswick Bloomfield  Nov 29 12/14/1888
Smith, Alexander of Victory Breakwood, Lizzie of Victory Granby  7th/8th? 8/17/1888
Smith, Calvin of Lunenburg Long, Mrs. of Guildhall Lunenburg 10/5/1888
Smith, Charles H. of Rochester, NH Paris, Jennie of Sherbrooke, PQ Island Pond  July 31 7/16/1886
Smith, James Tolland, Mrs. N. Stratford 12/10/1886
Smith, William of Norton Pries, Mary J. of Norton Island Pond  June 18 7/4/1884
Spencer, Horace A. of Bloomfield Goodale, Miss Martha of Lancaster Bloomfield  July 12 7/20/1888
Spiller, George of Stratford, NH Worth, Hanna E. of Holland Pierce's Mills, VT Feb 14 2/27/1880
Stanley, Frank D. of Frankport, Mich Carlton, Miss Mary F. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Oct 2 10/8/1880
Stevens, Albert E. of Island Pond Ladd, Miss Nettie G. of Island Pond Island Pond  July 24 7/26/1889
Stevens, Burton Spencer, Miss Lou Bloomfield   9th inst 4/12/1889
Stevens, Delmer C. of Derby Spear, Miss Rose E. of Derby Derby  June 21 7/1/1887
Stevens, Freddie of Bloomfield Fuller, Effie of Bloomfield Bloomfield  16th inst 12/27/1889
Stevens, Orrin L. of Brighton Cargill, Hattie L. of Morgan Holland Sept 4 9/13/1889
Stevens, Theodore A. of Franconia, NH Young, Miss Nettie V. of Glover Glover  March 13 3/18/1887
Stevens, Wendell P. of Island Pond Foss, Miss Lela E. of Island Pond Island Pond  Oct 18 10/21/1887
Stiles, M. O. of W. Concord not listed W. Concord 1/20/1888
Stiles, William Miller of Montreal Ranney, May Inez of Pittsfield Pittsfield, VT June 30 7/16/1886
Stinson, Willard D. of Stratford Fuller, Ella C. of Bloomfield Stratford, NH  Jan 30 2/25/1887
Stock, J. R. of Springfield, MA (item) Webster, Lora A. of J. C. Webster           Nov 26 12/12/1884
Stockwell, J. R. of Concord & Boston Webster, Miss Lora of J. C. Webster (announcement)  Nov 26 11/21/1884
Stokes, Fred R. Allbee, Miss M. R. of E. Charleston   9/24/1880
Stone, James M. of Stratford, NH Hapgood, Ella M. of Stratford, NH Bloomfield  Sept 24 10/4/1889
Stone, Peter of Sherbrooke, PQ Marco, Melvina of Somerset, PQ Island Pond  Aug 22 9/4/1885
Stone, Samuel H. of Stratford Hollow, NH Hall, Maggie of Stratford Hollow, NH Bloomfield  Oct 16 10/25/1889
Stowell, J. S. Bartlett, Anna P. of Persons Bartlett Amherst, NH?   last Sat 12/24/1886
Strew, William M. of Melbourne, PQ Placy, Leah A of Coaticook, PQ Island Pond  April 24 5/2/1884
Stumpf, N. J. Buck, Mae of Myron Buck of E. Charleston E. Charleston  July 12 7/19/1889
Taylor, Alonzo of Huntingville, PQ Lyon, Minnie of Lancaster, NH Island Pond  Dec 28 1/4/1884
Thatcher, Rev. David C. of Bethel, ME Cummings, Anna of Mrs. H. T. Cummings Guildhall  last Wed 7/24/1885
Thomas, David of E. Concord Leonard, Miss of Dexter Leonard Barnet  last week 3/19/1880
Thomas, George of Brighton Hamblett, Miss Diana D. of Brighton St. Johnsbury   1/30/1880
Thomas, Mr. of Lunenburgh Dutton, Mrs. A. S. of Warren, VT Lyndon  June 14 6/25/1886
Thompson, William of Lancaster Powers, Mrs. Alice of Mrs. S. Bowker of L. Lunenburg  June 18 6/22/1888
Thurston, Frank M.  Morse, Miss Eolia A.  Island Pond  June 3, 1886 1/7/1887
Thurston, Frank M. of Island Pond Morse, Miss Eolia A. of S. D. Morse Island Pond  June 2 6/4/1886
Tracey, Dr. E. S. of St. Johnsbury Locke, Mrs. wid/o Rev. E. S. Locke W. Derby  Jan 1 1/16/1885
Tripp, Benjamin of Island Pond Melvin, Mrs. Julia A. of Island Pond Charleston  Dec 25 1/11/1884
Tyler, Willie E. of Norton Harriman, Miss Celia E. of Stratford Groveton, NH  Aug 13 9/2/1887
Tyre, Mr. Filion, Miss of Norton Norton?  Last Mon 5/7/1886
Vachon, Alexander L. of Victory Towle, Miss Gertrude E. of Victory West Concord  Dec 24 1/11/1884
Vallee, George H. of Island Pond not listed Gorham  last Wed 11/23/1888
Vance, Fred Wentworth, Mabel Lunenburg  last Sat 5/4/1888
Ward, Dr. A. of Canaan Harvey, Miss Alice               24th ult 11/6/1885
Warren, Ed Taylor, Miss of Concord   12/12/1884
Waterhouse, Elmer H. of Auburn, ME Kimball, Josie of J. M. Kimball, Esq. of Portland, ME Portland, ME 2/13/1880
Webb, Charles L. of Guildhall McCartney, Jennie of Lunenburgh Guildhall  March 31 4/6/1888
Webb, Edson I. of Guildhall Morin, Miss Ellen C. of Guildhall Guildhall  Jan 14 1/20/1888
Wells, Augustus of Island Pond Smith, Kate of George Smith of I Pond Island Pond  Sept 3 9/6/1889
Wells, Charlie of Victory Kerr, Mary of Gorham, NH            last week 1/2/1880
Wheeler, Clarence A. of Lyndonville Colby, Miss Etta A. of Charleston Lyndonville  July 2 7/9/1880
White, J. D. formerly of VT Kingsbury, Mrs. J. E. Santa Cruz, CA    Tues 2/25/1887
White, Napoleon Camera, Jesse Island Pond  last Tues 5/27/1887
Wiggett, Edwin of Norton Hutson, Nellie of Norton Island Pond  March 17 3/30/1888
Wilkie, Edwin J. of Victory Houston, Cora of Victory Victory  Sept 17 9/27/1889
Willey, Eugene F. of White River Jct Jones, Miss Josie of Dixville, Que. Island Pond  Feb 10 2/18/1887
Williams, Charles of Bloomfield Coward, Lizzie of Bloomfield Bloomfield  July 4 7/15/1887
Williams, Willie E. of East Haven Cook, Lelia B. of East Haven East Haven  April 21 4/30/1880
Williamson, Clark of Norton Mills McCauley, Miss Hattie of Dixville, PQ Island Pond  May 24 6/4/1886
Willoughby, John of Island Pond Currier, Alice of Capt. Wm Currier of I Pond Island Pond  Sept 24 9/26/1884
Wilson, John Fickett, Miss Sarah of Portland, ME   10/10/1884
Wilson, William of Bloomfield Foss, Miss F. of Wiscassett, ME   2/12/1886
Woodbury, Lyman Root, Miss Mary E. Concord  last week 1/2/1880
Wright, Freemont of Stratford Waters, Miss Jennie of Stratford Groveton, NH 11/11/1887

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