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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Please note; The years 1881 - 1883 are missing
Name  Town Issue Date
Abbott, Benjamin, last week, buried at Lancaster, formerly of Lunenburg & Lancaster Lewiston, ME 9/30/1887
Abbott, Laura, age 85, Oct 15, wife of Oliver Abbott East Concord 11/5/1880
Adams, Luther A., Monday, suicide by shooting himself, had been ill  (item) North Chester 5/22/1885
Adams, Mrs., last Sat., mother of Mrs. A. B. Colby of Victory St. Johnsbury 1/25/1889
Aldin, John, little boy, last Fri., of James Aldin, of peritonitis Canaan 9/13/1889
Aldrich, Ephraim, age 62, Feb 26, thrown from carriage last fall (obit) Pittsburg, NH 3/5/1880
Aldrich, infant, last Sat., of Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Aldrich  (item) Island Pond 8/19/1887
Aldrich, Percy Custer, infant son, Oct 4, of Mr. & Mrs. John Aldrich Island Pond 10/14/1887
Aldrich, Willie, age 9 mos, last Sun., of M/M Gad Aldrich, of lung fever Island Pond 2/20/1885
Allbee, Lorenzo, age 82 y 3 m, Feb 2, married twice (item 2-10) Island Pond 2/3/1888
Allen, Martha, Miss, last Wed., sick several years  (item) East Charleston 11/14/1884
Allyn, R. H., MD. (history),  parents Abner & Anna Allyn East Charleston 8/27/1880
Ames, Charles, age 79, Feb 4, of lung fever, formerly of Lunenburg Guildhall 2/13/1880
Ames, Charles, age 80, Feb 4, of Aaron Ames, bro Stephen Ames (obit) Guildhall of Lunenburg 2/13/1880
Amidon, son, age 10, recently, of John Q. Amidon, of diphtheria (item) East Haven 7/29/1887
Amy, Harriet, Jan 8, w/o J. Amy  (item) Bloomfield 1/18/1889
Andrew, __, Mrs., age 68, funeral Wed., w/o Charles Andrew, formerly of Holland (item) island Pond 1/25/1889
Andrew, Lucinda G., age 44, Jan 5, wife of Joseph Andrew Island Pond 1/9/1880
Andrews, Sarah, age 68, Jan 21, w/o Charles Andrews, of paralysis Island Pond 2/8/1889
Appleton, "Grandma", age 95 y 10 m 6 d, 10th inst, son is Dea. G. A. Appleton (item) Granby 2/15/1889
Appleton, Nancy, Mrs., age 95 y 10 m 8 d, Feb 10, wid/o Ashley Appleton (obit) Victory 2/22/1889
Arquette, Paul, age 19, Thurs., accidentally shot by pistol VT 9/24/1886
Arthur, E. J., Lieut., 26th ult, son of J. A. Arthur, Esq.  (item) Island Pond 2/5/1886
Arthur, Josephine, age 12, Oct 2, of John A. & Harriet F. Arthur Burlington 10/8/1880
Arthur, Miss, age 12, prob last Sat., sister of Rev. Louis A. Arthur of Island Pond Burlington 10/8/1880
Asethrop, __, Mrs., about 60, last Fri., w/o Barnard Asethrop East Haven 8/13/1886
Astel, Casste, age 2, July 19, dau of Joseph & Rebecca Astel Groveton 7/29/1887
Astel, child, recently, of Joseph Astel Groveton 7/29/1887
Atherton, Adolphus, 8th Northumberland 8/20/1880
Atkinson, Malissa Knapp, age 85 y 9 m, Dec 13, wid/o Thomas Atkinson (obit) E Brighton of Melbourne, PQ 12/23/1887
Austin, Blanche, Miss, age 23, funeral last Wed Bloomfield 9/24/1886
Averill, Mrs., last Sun., w/o Capt. Averill, ill several months Westmore 7/3/1885
Babcock, little son, last Fri., of M/M. J. H. Babcock, whooping cough, buried Whitefield, NH Victory 5/6/1887
Bailey, E. F., last Sat., ill a long time, proprietor of the Parsons House Colebrook, NH 5/23/1884
Bailey, J. Warren, last week  (item) Montpelier 4/30/1880
Baker, Arthur, 13th inst., of black diphtheria, leaves aged mother (item) East Concord 9/17/1886
Baker, B. P., Col., age 67, recently, worked in trade in Cincinnati (item) Rutland 11/14/1884
Baker, Reuben R., 25th ult, died suddenly while eating supper  (item) W. Stewartstown 11/6/1885
Baker, youngest child, 3d inst, of Arthur Baker West Concord 8/9/1889
Balch, Adin, Mrs., age 88, Jan 31 Lunenburg 2/6/1880
Balch, Mary Eliza, age 52, July 26, w/o George S. Balch  (item) Lunenburgh 8/12/1887
Balch, Newell, about 65, 15th inst, never married, leaves brother & sister  (item) Lunenburgh 6/21/1889
Balch, Newell, age 65, June 15 Lunenburgh 6/21/1889
Balch, Philander, May 30, of consumption  (item) Canaan 6/5/1885
Baldwin, child, age 3, April 1, eldest child of Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Baldwin N. Stratford, NH 4/10/1885
Baldwin, J. M., 2d inst, of consumption North Stratford, NH 2/11/1887
Ball, James B., Dec 6 East Haven 1/7/1887
Ball, Phineas, nearly 80, last Wed., of pneumonia, leaves widow  (item) Lunenburg 3/1/1889
Ball, son, about 2, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. William E. Ball, of spasmodic croup West Concord 12/30/1887
Banyer, son, age 8, last Mon., of John Banyer, log rolled on him Vergennes 3/20/1885
Baptist, John, 10th inst, long time resident of W. Stewartstown, ill the past year  (item) Canaan 12/23/1887
Barker, Lillie Francis, age 30 y 6 m 17 d, April 23, d/o Albert & Nancy A. Barker Colebrook, NH 5/2/1884
Barnard, Talbot, age 48, June 25, bro of Mrs. Henry Monk of Island Pond Bedford, Eng 8/9/1889
Barnes, __, Mrs., about 45, last Thurs., w/o George Barnes, ill about 5 years Island Pond 1/13/1888
Barney, __, Mrs., died 12 yrs ago, w/o A. Barney, to move body to new cemetery, body missing East Charleston 10/23/1885
Barney, George D., about 37, 3d inst, leaves wife & 3 children Island Pond 1/11/1889
Barney, George D., Wed., injured hand & got blood poisoning (item) Island Pond 1/4/1889
Barney, son, age 12, last Fri., son of Rev. Mr. Barney, drowned Swanton 6/17/1887
Barrett, James C., Feb 15, injured by wood splinter on toboggan slide (item) Rutland 2/18/1887
Barstow, Laura Maeck, funeral last Sat., w/o John L. Barstow  (item) Shelburne 3/27/1885
Bartlett, Horace, Dr. and wife, age 45, drowned in sinking of "City of Columbus" on Friday (item) Lyndon, VT 1/25/1884
Bartlett, I. Newton, about 65, recently, dropped dead in barn, buried Bloomfield  (item) VT & ME 8/14/1885
Bartlett, infant son, of M/M H. S. Bartlett Bloomfield 3/25/1887
Barton, __, Mrs., age 39, Dec 13, wife of Dr. J. Barton, of cancer Lennoxville, PQ 12/18/1885
Bates, child, age 20 mos, recently, grandchild of George Bates, scalded to death Essex    1/9/1885
Beach, Burgess, recently, leaves wife & 2 children, born & buried Canaan Guildhall 4/30/1880
Beals, Loren, last Tues., mail clerk between Portland & Island Pond many years Portland, ME 2/17/1888
Bean, Hannah, age 65, May 15, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Bean, Mrs., recently Lunenburgh 6/5/1885
Bean, Phebe, age 21, April 18, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Bean, Phebe, Miss, about 20, last Sun., died unexpectedly   (item) Lunenburgh 4/24/1885
Beattie, D. H., Hon., last Tues, died at Lancaster  (item) Island Pond 12/27/1889
Bebee, J. W., funeral last Sat East Charleston 7/23/1886
Bell, __, Mrs., recently, wid/o Alvah Bell who died recently, of quick consumption Granby 1/11/1889
Bell, Amos, age 80 y 9 m, 17th, leaves son Albert F. of Victory, former resident of Granby (item) Burke   11/22/1889
Bell, Mahala, age 83 y 8 m, June 3, wid/o Reuben Bell, leaves 6 children  (item) Lunenburg 6/17/1887
Bell, Samuel, over 80, last Sun, was surveyor many years  (item) Lunenburg 4/25/1884
Bemis, Alonzo, age 78, Feb 28 Brighton 3/5/1886
Bemis, Alonzo, born Feb 25, 1809 Lyndon of Capt. Elias Bemis, died Feb 28 (obit) Brighton 3/12/1886
Bemis, Alonzo, Feb 28, 1886 Island Pond 1/7/1887
Bemis, Alonzo, old citizen, last Sun Island Pond 3/5/1886
Bemis, Clarrie, age 14 y 2 m, last Sun., of George Bemis, of fever N. Stratford, NH 9/11/1885
Bemis, Mary Rebecca, age 4 y 3 m, June 30, of Elias A. & Diana C. Bemis Island Pond 7/9/1880
Bernau, Moses, Sunday, killed by cars, drunk on a hand car  (item) Newport   4/17/1885
Berry, child, age 3, last Sun, of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Berry, of capillary bronchitis Island Pond 3/25/1887
Bishop, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Sylvester Bishop, leaves 6 kids, one a few days old Island Pond 3/28/1884
Bishop, Jeremiah, age 71, last Sat., of Enos Bishop, died Bennington, buried Island Pond  (item) Bennington 11/8/1889
Bishop, little child, Friday, of Mr. & Mrs. Millard Bishop Island Pond 3/5/1886
Bisson, Willie, last night  (item 8/17 he was very sick with a fever) Victory 8/24/1888
Blackman, Cynthia, age 65, missing Jan 6, body found in swamp, maybe robbed Essex 4/17/1885
Blais, Fred, age 18, [Feb 5], of Warren, MA, also fathers [Peter Blais] body taken there Hartford, VT 2/18/1887
Blake, __, Mrs., age 57 y 9 m 21 d, April 21, w/o Clinton S. Blake Island Pond 5/1/1885
Blake, Byron, insane man, murdered his mother, sister & step-father, and suicide Sheffield 10/22/1880
Blake, James Vittica, age 88, Jan 3, 1886 Island Pond 1/7/1887
Blanchard, Dr., young man, Dec 8, of pneumonia  (item) N. Stratford, NH 12/9/1887
Blay, 4 children, in the last few days, of Mr. Blay, of diphtheria Norton 10/30/1885
Blay, dau, age 10, Tues., of Mr. F. Blay, of diphtheria Norton 10/16/1885
Blaylock, 2 children, recently, of Rev. Blaylock, of diphtheria, formerly of Island Pond Paspebiac, PQ 1/25/1884
Blodgett, Andrew, last Sat., leaves widow & 7 children, lived 50 years in Lemington (item) Canaan 9/3/1886
Blodgett, Charles R., age 1 y 7 m, Aug 6, son of Milo Blodgett Bloomfield 8/13/1880
Blodgett, George, 14th inst, of pneumonia  (Bloomfield item) Wheelock 1/20/1888
Blodgett, George, age 67, Oct 13  (item) Lemington 10/18/1889
Blodgett, Maud, infant, last Thurs., of Byron & Mary Blodgett Bloomfield 5/23/1884
Bly, John, about 70, Jan 1, wife Ann married 1841, early settler  (obit) East Charleston 1/15/1886
Body found, male, prob died 1884 (item 10-28) (item 11-11 Henry Bone) Island Pond 10/21/1887
Bone, Henry, about 60, missing Jan 1884, relatives in Toronto, Can  (item) Island Pond 11/11/1887
Bonett, A. H., Mrs., last Sun., ill many months  (item) Island Pond 12/10/1886
Bonett, A. H., Sheriff (history #5) born Caledonia County Island Pond 2/1/1884
Bonett, Abner H., age 48 y 11 m, Oct 14, of consumption, formerly of Island Pond (obit) Canaan 10/18/1889
Bonett, Gertie (Gray), age 33, June 2, w/Simon Bonett Island Pond 6/10/1887
Bonett, Julia A., 27th ult, widow of Harman Bonett, son-in-law is Thomas Taizy West Concord 3/9/1888
Bonett, Marcia M., age 29 y 7 m, Dec 5, w/o A. H. Bonett, of consumption Island Pond 12/10/1886
Bonett, Minnie L., age 34, July 27, w/o J. K. Bonett, leaves 5 children (item) Victory 8/15/1884
Bonett, Reuben D., age 38, Sept 3, of consumption Lyndon, VT 9/17/1880
Bonney, N. E., Mr., last Mon., RR clerk, fell off platform & run over  (item) Island Pond 9/27/1889
Bonney, N[ewton] E., age 48 y 1 m 18 d, Sept 23, result of an accident (item 10-4) Island Pond 9/27/1889
Bowker, Eleanor "Nellie" M., age 41 y 7 m, 13th, w/o David Bowker  (item) Bloomfield 8/31/1888
Bowker, James G., 6th inst   (obit) Lunenburg 2/13/1880
Bowker, James G., age 51 y 10 m 9 d, Feb 6, of chronic peritonitis Lunenburg 2/13/1880
Bowker, Jesse, age 18, Oct 7, of N. B. Bowker, ill 10 days  (item) Bloomfield 10/15/1886
Bowker, N. B., age 68, March 26 Bloomfield 4/5/1889
Bowker, N. B., born May 29, 1821 Dalton, NH, died March 26, wife Dolly Beamon (obit) Bloomfield 4/5/1889
Bowker, Solomon, nearly 75, May 20, of lung fever, wife survives & 7 children (item) Bloomfield 5/28/1886
Bowles, Mr., old citizen, last Sun Guildhall 10/5/1888
Bowman, J. L., Hon., Sat., dropped dead Royalton 10/30/1885
Bowman, N. P., Maj. (history) born 1822 Westford, VT, postmaster, sheriff etc Island Pond 4/1/1887
Boyd, Clarence, age 10, last week, window fell on his neck while he was climbing in West Windsor 10/23/1885
Brackett, Samuel W., age 70, April 12 Lemington 4/25/1884
Brackett, Samuel W., born Sept 29, 1813 Hillsboro, NH, died April 12 (full obit) Lemington 4/25/1884
Brand, Paul Henry, age 1 y, Aug 27, only son of Gustave Brand West Concord 8/31/1888
Breakwood, Willie, last Wed., after very brief illness, buried Concord (item) Lunenburg 3/29/1889
Brewer, Samuel S., age 65, last Sat., suicide by hanging Mendon 7/24/1885
Brigham, __, Mrs., age 83 y 6 m, 21st inst., w/o Ezra Brigham, early settler (item) East Charleston 3/30/1888
Brigham, Ezra, age 86 y 6 m, died March 20, 1883  (item) East Charleston 3/30/1888
Brigham, L. L., age 57 y 11 m, 8th inst, bro of Mrs. L. W. Stevens of E. Charleston Dudley, MA 12/14/1888
Brock, __, Mrs., last Wed., w/o Thomas Brock, after very painful illness  (item) Lunenburgh 10/26/1888
Brooks, child, age 3, last Tues., of Henry Brooks, ill only a few hours Island Pond 4/9/1886
Brooks, infant, few hours old, of Mr. & Mrs. W. Brooks, buried Sat Island Pond 3/12/1886
Brown, Arnold L., Capt., age 66 y 18 d, Nov 22 Providence, RI 12/5/1884
Brown, Charles, age 21, last Thur., of Henry Brown, logging accident  (item) Brandon 3/20/1885
Brown, Edwin R., funeral last week, bro is Albert L. Brown of Lunenburg Lunenburg at Boston 12/3/1886
Brown, John, 13th inst, hit by cars, from Ireland, buried Stratford, probably deaf  (item) Stratford 12/27/1889
Brown, John, old resident of Pittsburg, last Fri Canaan 11/8/1889
Brownlow, Carrie J., age 17 y 8 m 14 d, Feb 15, dau of John Brownlow Richmond 2/26/1886
Bruce, Minnie, Miss, young lady, Oct 10  (item) East Charleston 10/15/1886
Bruneau, child, recently, of Mr. Bruneau, of scarlet fever  (item) Norton 2/24/1888
Bryant, __, Mrs., last Fri, w/o David Bryant, of typhoid fever  (item) Canaan 12/17/1886
Bryant, Ada, Mrs., age 72, May 29 Northumberland 6/6/1884
Bryant, Ada, old resident, May 29, w/o Lyman Bryant  (item) Guildhall 6/6/1884
Bryant, Ottawa, age 20, Sept 17, gymnast in circus, injured weeks ago, buried Ottawa, PQ Island Pond of PQ 9/24/1880
Buchanan, Emily Holt, age 69, Jan 31, wid/o Malcolm Buchanan, consumption (obit) Island Pond 2/6/1880
Buchanan, Malcolm, age 67 y 4 m, Jan 25 Island Pond 1/30/1880
Buchanan, Malcolm, Dea., 24th inst., born Paisley, Scotland (obit) Holland & Derby 1/30/1880
Buck, Frank, last Tues., brakeman crushed by freight cars at N. Concord (item) Walden 11/7/1884
Buck, Lillian M., little child, died Feb 4, 1886 Island Pond 1/7/1887
Buck, Lillian Marian, age 4 y 7 m, Feb 4, only child of Mr. & Mrs. William M. Buck (item) Island Pond 2/12/1886
Buckman, Mrs., over 80, last week, dead in bed, former town pauper of Lemington  (item) Bloomfield 10/5/1888
Bundy, Matilda, Miss, nearly 100, last Wed, buried Stratford, NH  (item) Bloomfield 4/10/1885
Bundy, Nathan, about 76, Thurs., of heart disease Lyndonville 8/15/1884
Burbank, Ellen, age 36 y 8 m, last Sat., w/o H. W. Burbank, leaves 4 children  (item) Bloomfield 2/22/1884
Burbank, H. W., age 45, Feb 8, of typhoid pneumonia, married twice (obit) Bloomfield 2/15/1889
Burns, John, Fri, suicide by shooting himself  (item) Fletcher 4/4/1884
Burroughs, Horace, age 89 y 3 m, 9th inst, buried East St. Johnsbury  (item) East Charleston 11/15/1889
Burroughs, Maria Kathan, age 76 y 10 m, Dec 20, w/o Horace Burroughs (obit) E. Charleston & W. Concord 12/30/1887
Burt, Helen A., about 30, last week, murdered, body found in Ct. River  (item) Brattleboro 6/24/1887
Busha, Mrs., past middle age, recently, buried R. C. cemetery at S. Bloomfield Bloomfield 6/4/1886
Bussell, Aaron, 11th inst., great sufferer for years Canaan 6/24/1887
Butler, Franklin, Rev., age 65, last Sunday Windsor 5/28/1880
Cabana, Alex, killed May 31, 1883, train accident at Stratford  (item) Island Pond? 3/7/1884
Calkins, Charles, last Mon., probably murdered while drunk with another man  (item) Derby Line 11/22/1889
Callaghan, Stephen, recently, drowned while bathing in Otter Creek Rutland 8/13/1880
Campbell, Albert L., recently, thrown from wagon and killed Weston 8/6/1880
Cannon, 2 little sons, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. F. Cannon  (item) East Charleston 9/10/1880
Carbee, __, Mrs., age 76, March 11, w/o Wm. Carbee, son is John Carbee (item) Canaan & Lunenburg 3/19/1886
Carbee, William, age 86, March 31 Canaan 4/15/1887
Cargill, John, (history) born Pomfret, CT Nov 11, 1798, married Orpha Schoff in 1820 Island Pond 8/9/1889
Cargill, John, old citizen, July 26, came to reside here April 1823  (item) Island Pond 8/2/1889
Carleton, D. C., Mrs., 20th inst., invalid for many years  (item) West Concord 7/1/1887
Carleton, Frank W., age 33, Sun., of perforation or congestion of the bowels (obit) Island Pond 10/9/1885
Carleton, S. D., Mrs., recently Lunenburg 1/4/1884
Carlisle, Charles, age 75, last Sun, suicide by hanging  (item) Woodstock 10/30/1885
Carnes, William, recently, died from poison, inquest decided it was suicide (item) Sutton 12/3/1880
Carney, dau, funeral last Sun., youngest dau of Thomas Carney West Concord 4/5/1889
Carney, Edith, age 6, March 29, d/o Thomas Carney Kirby 4/5/1889
Carpenter, Mr., last week Tues., father of W. T. Carpenter of Granby Waterford 3/8/1889
Carpenter, Rebecca, Mrs., monument set up in cemetery [VTVR died July 7, 1887] Granby 8/24/1888
Carpenter, W. W., Dr., age 73, 25th ult Burke 11/6/1885
Carroll, __, Mrs., last week, w/o George Carroll, leaves baby, buried Lancaster  (item) Lunenburgh 2/8/1889
Carruth, James, old citizen, great sufferer many years East Concord 11/18/1887
Cassino, J. T., Mrs., 15th inst, sister of Samuel Phelps, died Peabody, MA Lunenburg 2/25/1887
Castonguay, 2 sons, ages 16 and 8, drowned while fishing from old boat (item) Island Pond 4/26/1889
Caswell, Abba S., last week, after long & severe illness Upper Waterford 5/31/1889
Cate, Earl, age 84, Oct 2, of cancer on his face  (item) East Charleston 10/8/1880
Catlin, Albert L., age 75, last Sun  (item) Burlington 8/15/1884
Chaffee, Melvin, 16th inst, bro of Mrs. G. B. Stoddard, buried E. Charleston Lowell, MA 3/27/1885
Chamberlain, child, Jan 18, of George Chamberlain, of a fever Canaan 1/27/1888
Chancey, Emily, Miss, old citizen, last week, died suddenly at home of Samuel Phelps Lunenburg 3/29/1889
Chandler, Harvey, age 18, Thurs., fell from team & broke neck at Bradford Haverhill, NH 10/10/1884
Chandler, Joseph, last Tues, inflammation of bladder, buried Portland, ME (obit) Gorham, NH 1/30/1880
Chase, John, age 42, Aug 5  (item) Lunenburgh 8/12/1887
Chase, Newton, aged man, last week, burned to death in house fire  (item) Jay 3/23/1888
Cheney, Daniel, "Squire", age 83, last week, buried Lunenburg, son Leonard (item) Lunenburg at Barnet 3/2/1888
Chesney, __, Mrs., 10th inst, w/o W. J. Chesney,  buried Island Pond, died Sherbrooke (item) Norton at Que. 1/13/1888
Chesney, Annie Maud, age 1 y 8 m, July 5, of Walter & Annie Chesney Island Pond 7/9/1880
Clapper, __, Mrs. about 36, 8th inst, w/o Harrison Clapper, of consumption (item) Holland at I. Pond 11/16/1888
Clark, George M., age 52, 6th inst, member of Whitmore & Clark minstrels (item) Felchville 6/12/1885
Clark, Jacob S., Rev., age 87, 27th ult, settled in Morgan Cong Church in 1827 (item) St. Johnsbury 1/9/1880
Clark, Orion, last Fri, suicide by hanging Brattleboro 8/15/1884
Clarke, G. W., Mrs., age 58, Jan 14 Charleston 1/18/1889
Clarke, G. W., Mrs., Mon., suddenly of hemorrhage of the stomach Charleston 1/18/1889
Clarke, George, age 43, prior July 8, of Judge Clarke of W. Charleston (obit) Oregon prob of VT 8/6/1880
Clarke, Z. W., Esq., (history #4) grocery & mercantile store, native of W. Charleston Island Pond 1/25/1884
Clarke, Z. W., recently, thanks from (wife) Lizzie A. & (brother) Gibbs E. Clarke Island Pond 8/1/1884
Clarke, Zenas W., age 35 y 5 m, July 26    (obit) Island Pond 8/1/1884
Clifford, son, last Thurs., young son of Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Clifford Island Pond 3/22/1889
Clough, Belle, 21st inst, w/o James Clough, died Colebrook, NH  (item) Bloomfield 3/27/1885
Clough, Hiram, age 82, 7th inst, at dau's Mrs. Cyrus Hartshorn, at Stratford, NH (item) Bloomfield at NH 7/12/1889
Cobb, B. P., about 70, Jan (3) Guildhall 1/9/1880
Cobleigh, Reuben B., April 9, of inflammation of the bladder, of Laramie, WY at Farnham, PQ St. J. at PQ 4/30/1886
Cochran, Isaac, age 85, recently, going over rail fence, top rail moved & he fell Newport Center 12/26/1884
Coffey, John, age 39, Feb 8, of consumption, ill 5 years Island Pond 2/12/1886
Coffey, John, Feb 8, 1886, of consumption Island Pond 1/7/1887
Coffey, John, letter of thanks from parents Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Coffay Island Pond 2/19/1886
Colby, William B., 24th ult, of cerebral congestion, of Stanstead Plain  (item) Richmond, PQ 3/7/1884
Cole, C. C., Mrs., age 39, Nov 6, dau of D. Morse of Island Pond Westboro, MA 11/14/1884
Cole, G., age 44, April 29, of pneumonia, leaves wife & 2 children  (item) Granby at Stark, NH 5/18/1888
Cole, Mrs., 6th inst., w/o C. C. Cole, dau/o D. Morse of Island Pond  (item) Westboro, MA 11/14/1884
Collins, Ansel, recently Dover 10/17/1884
Comegys, Harry P., recently, of overdose of chloroform, at Topeka, Kan. St. Albans 8/6/1880
Connary, Anna, Miss, 4th inst, of diphtheria Stratford Hollow 11/12/1880
Connary, Georgie A., Mrs., 22d ult, sis of Mrs. E. M. Dunbar, leaves 4 kids & baby Stratford Hollow 12/3/1886
Cook, Charles, 5th inst, sister is Mrs. C. R. Blodgett, while on a visit  (item 4-5) Littleton, NH of Bloomfield 4/12/1889
Cook, Charles, age 69, April 5, of pneumonia, died Littleton, NH Bloomfield at NH 4/19/1889
Cook, Charles, born Campton, NH, moved here in 1841, buried Campton family plot (item) Bloomfield 4/19/1889
Cook, Martha E., grange memo Bloomfield 8/22/1884
Cook, Martha Shoff, born March 4, 1814, died June 27, w/o Milton Cook (full obit) Bloomfield 7/11/1884
Cook, Martha Shoff, last Friday, w/o Milton Cook Bloomfield 7/4/1884
Cooper, Fred R., Nov 10, suicide by shooting himself  (item) Colebrook 11/19/1880
Cooper, Thomas H., about 50, last Sun, died at Montreal, buried Toronto (item) I Pond & PQ 4/9/1886
Copps, F. R., recently, drowned in quarry West Rutland 2/26/1886
Corliss, Ida M., age 32 y 8 m, July 24, w/o Stillman Corliss Island Pond 7/29/1887
Corliss, Ida M., last Sun., w/o Stillman Corliss, of consumption, buried S. Paris, ME Island Pond 7/29/1887
Cornwall, Edwin S., Col, recently Cornwall 10/1/1880
Corriere, Oliver, Tues., drowned while fishing Winooski 9/4/1885
Coward, Elizabeth, (history) dau of Henry Coward, Somerset, Eng, to PQ, VT etc Bloomfield & I. Pond 9/17/1886
Cowen, Emerson, age 62, Jan 27 Morgan 2/4/1887
Crandon, Nathaniel, young man, Sun., suicide by morphine  (item) Rutland 4/24/1885
Crane, William B., age 75, April 25  (item) West Concord 4/30/1886
Crawford, Annie M., age 24, April 15, w/o Harry Crawford, d/o Wm & Ruth Rosebrook Guildhall at Watertown, MA 4/19/1889
Cummings, Isaac, Col, born Oct 18, 1799 Wenham, MA, married twice (obit) Guildhall 10/22/1880
Cummings, Isaac, Col., age 81, Oct 11  (item) Guildhall 10/15/1880
Cummings, Mr., Mon., only sick 30 minutes, publisher of Colebrook News & Sentinel Island Pond 11/18/1887
Currier, __, Mrs., 5th inst, w/o Ellsworth Currier, of consumption  (item) Island Pond 9/14/1888
Currier, __, Mrs., about 50, May 14, w/o George Currier, buried Bloomfield (item) Lancaster, NH & Bloomfield 5/21/1886
Currier, __, Mrs., last Sat., w/o Jason Currier  (item) Island Pond 5/8/1885
Currier, Carrie Belle, age 15 y 4 m 11 d, May 15 Dalton, NH 6/11/1880
Currier, Carrie, Miss, last Fri, bro is Capt. Wm Currier, died Boston, buried Island Pond Island Pond at Boston 6/4/1886
Currier, Susan, age 71, May 2, w/o Jason Currier Brighton 5/8/1885
Curtis, Charles, young man, last Wed., killed in quarry blast of falling rock (item) Brunswick at Quincy, MA 8/7/1885
Cutting, Maranda E. Haskell, March 3  (obit) Lunenburgh 3/12/1886
Cutting, Maranda E., age 51, March 3, w/o Dr. Hiram A. Cutting Lunenburgh 3/12/1886
Cutting, Maranda E., age 54, March 3, w/o Dr. Hiram A. Cutting  (obit) Lunenburgh 3/19/1886
Cutting, Mason E., age 5, Nov 29, of Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Cutting Concord 12/7/1888
Cutting, Susie Lavina, age 10 m 20 d, Aug 28, of M/M O. B. Cutting West Concord 9/5/1884
Cutting, True, age 10 m 14 d, 20th inst, of Mr. O. B. Cutting (correction A. B. Cutting) West Concord 9/28/1888
Dale, Willie, age 28 y 10 m 12 d, Sept 13 Island Pond 9/16/1887
Dale, Willie, age 29, last Tues., of liver & kidney problems  (item) Island Pond 9/16/1887
Daley, John, born Aug 15,1 784 Cty Mayo, Ire., last week, to Rutland 38 yrs ago Rutland 3/20/1885
Danford, James, recently, prob of heart disease Hereford, PQ 7/22/1887
Danforth, "two darlings", thank you from Mr. & Mrs. S. W. Danforth Island Pond 10/12/1888
Danforth, __, Mrs., last Tues., w/o Christopher Danforth, buried Stanstead (item) Island Pond 10/12/1888
Danforth, child, last Fri., of Mr. & Mrs. Scott Danforth Island Pond 8/10/1888
Danforth, Dennison, age 74,  last Sat., fell off ladder, buried Holland  (item) Island Pond 12/17/1886
Danforth, Kittie, about 12, Aug 30, only dau of Joseph Danforth  (item) N. Stratford, NH 9/5/1884
Danforth, Martha, age 44, Oct 9, w/o Christopher Danforth Island Pond 10/12/1888
Darby, "Silent", Mr., about 75 or 80, last Tues., found dead in barn, crazy (item) Bennington 9/4/1885
Darling, John Gilman, Col., nearly 81, 16th inst, born Concord, VT, died Boston  (obit) Concord at MA 12/27/1889
Dashney, Orilla, Mrs., April 12, leaves husband & infant dau, of consumption Granby at E. Burke 4/20/1888
David, Jennie, age 1 y 11 m, July 30, of Herbert Davis, of cholera infantum Island Pond 8/7/1885
Davis, B. F., age 68, 15th inst, of typhoid pneumonia  (item) Bloomfield 3/23/1888
Davis, Blanche, age 4, Tues., of diphtheria, lived with S. C. Streeter family (item) E. Charleston 2/20/1885
Davis, Cora B., age 8 y 10 m, June 13, of Mr. & Mrs. John Davis West Concord 6/22/1888
Davis, Cora, child, 13th inst, of M/M John Davis, ill 3 weeks West Concord 6/22/1888
Davis, Curtis, Mon., suicide by hanging, leaves widow & 7 children  (item) Athens 8/14/1885
Davis, Dan, age 26 y 4 m, April 28, of consumption Island Pond 5/2/1884
Davis, Dan, last Mon., bro is Elikah Davis, of consumption  (item) Island Pond 5/2/1884
Davis, dau, last Thurs., youngest dau of M/M Herbert Davis Island Pond 8/7/1885
Davis, Fred, age 16 y 9 m, June 21, of M. H. & Lucy Davis, drowned while bathing  (item) I Pond at Stratford 6/27/1884
Davis, G. F., 2nd inst East Charleston 6/14/1889
Davis, James W., last Sat., died in New York, of Boston, malignant sore throat Boston at NY 2/20/1885
Davis, Lena, age 4, Nov 12, of Mortimer & Eva Davis, of membranous croup (item) E. Charleston 11/19/1880
Davis, M. H., Mrs., 25th inst., of consumption, leaves husband & 5 children (item) Island Pond 9/27/1889
Davis, M. H., Mrs., age 39 y 10 m 11 d, Sept 25   (item 10-4) Island Pond 9/27/1889
Davis, Rachel, age 2 y 8 m 11 d, June 11, of M. H. & Lucy Davis Island Pond 6/18/1880
Davis, W. L., Mr., age 39 y 5 m, Dec 6 Brighton 12/10/1886
Davis, W. L., Mr., last Mon., suicide by shooting, leaves widow & 7 children (item) Island Pond 12/10/1886
Day, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Moses Day Lunenburg 1/4/1884
Day, G. B., 18th inst Victory 4/23/1886
Day, O, P., age 73, April 18, suddenly Concord 4/25/1884
Day, O. P., old resident, last Fri., suddenly fell dead while feeding livestock (item) West Concord 4/25/1884
Dean, baby, buried last week, of Mr. F. A. Dean, died Woodsville, NH, buried Lunenburgh Lunenburgh 10/25/1889
Dean, M. S., Mr., about 48, last Thur., caught in machinery at mill, leaves wife (item) Canaan 7/20/1888
Dearborn, Cornelius V., born 1832 Corinth, VT, died April 13, congested lungs Nashua, NH 5/7/1886
Dearth, Sarah, last Sat., d/o Ed. Dearth, of typhoid fever  (item) Canaan 3/27/1885
Debaund, Ed., age 23, last Fri., German, suicide by jumping off RR bridge (item) Windsor 2/4/1887
Dechene, A. O., Mrs., last Fri, only dau of Luther Ladd  (item) Island Pond 1/21/1887
Dechene, Hattie May (Ladd), age 24 y 2 m, Jan 14, w/o A. O. Dechene Island Pond 1/21/1887
Dee, Jane J., age 53, June 30, w/o Andrew Dee, born in Victory (obit) Granby 7/9/1880
Delong, Ralph, age 16, Fri., of Wm H. Delong, shot himself while hunting, bled to death W. Cornwall 10/31/1884
Denins, __, Mrs., [Feb 5], w/o William Denins, Jr., on train that went off bridge Winooski at Hartford, VT 2/18/1887
Derrian, James, Sun., injured by falling branch years ago, partially paralyzed Island Pond 10/24/1884
Dewey, I., Mr., killed last fall by the trains, widow settled with RR for $1000 Norton 5/1/1885
Dewey, Mary E., age 63, Aug 1, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Dodge, Hazen, long time resident, March 4, ill a long time East Concord 3/14/1884
Dodge, John, age 84, last Sat Lunenburgh 10/9/1885
Dodge, John, age 84, Oct 3, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Dodge, Kimball, age 36, Sept 24, of gangrene of the lungs Lunenburg 10/1/1880
Dodge, Lucy, Dec 5, w/o J. Marshall Dodge, dau of Hon. Jonah Brooks Lunenburg 12/10/1880
Dodge, Mary A. Blanchard, age 40, Nov 23, w/o Albert D. Dodge Concord 12/6/1889
Dodge, Myrtie, 7th inst, youngest d/o George N. Dodge, of consumption (item) Lunenburgh 3/15/1889
Dolan, Bridget, young lady, recently, dau of Michael Dolan, of diphtheria (item) Dalton at Whitefield, NH 4/2/1880
Dolloff, Charley W., age 40, born Parishville, NY of John Dolloff, construction accident (obit) Cameron, Wisc 8/22/1884
Dolloff, John W., July 12, murdered in Elk Park, CO, bro of Mrs. R. P. Stevens (item) E. Charleston at CO 8/19/1887
Dolloff, Lillian, Miss, recently, funeral next Sun, sister of Mrs. R. P. Stevens East Charleston 1/29/1886
Don, F. S., Dr., Oct 31, leaves 3 little children, his wife died a year ago (item) West Concord 11/5/1880
Downer, __, Mrs., 17th inst, w/o Thomas B. Downer, leaves husband & little baby Lunenburg 9/27/1889
Downer, __, Mrs., oldest citizen, last Fri., w/o Thomas Downer, leaves 4 children (item) Lunenburgh 11/18/1887
Downer, baby, buried last Sun, of Thomas B. Downer, wife died a while ago (item) Lunenburgh 10/11/1889
Doyle, Josie A., Miss, age 16 y 9 m, June 13, of consumption West Burke   6/21/1889
Drew, Ada, Miss, about 19, last Thurs., suicide by shooting herself, partially deranged (item) East Haven at Berlin 1/7/1887
Dubois, Marguerite, age 17, last Tues., dau/o Pierre Dubois, of consumption (item) Island Pond 11/9/1888
Ducharme, Muriel, age 7 mos, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. Homer Ducharme  (item) Norton 8/17/1888
Dumaw, Ira Moses, age 14, last Fri, of Ira L. Dumaw, drowned while bathing (item) Island Pond ? 8/9/1889
Dunlap, Nahum, Captain, age 72, Dec 28, buried here, died MA  (item) Westboro, MA 1/4/1889
Dunn, John, Nov 20, died suddenly at Hartford, CT Island Pond 1/7/1887
Dunn, Phil, Jan 7, killed by cars near Worcester, MA Island Pond 1/7/1887
Dunn, Phil, last week, fell from train near Worcester, MA, previously lived Island Pond VT at MA 1/15/1886
Dunne, John, Nov 29, of paralysis of the heart, leaves widow & 5 children (item) Island Pond at Hartford, CT 12/3/1886
Dunton, __, Mrs., age 84, 11th inst, w/o Calvin Dunton, ill 6 weeks  (item) East Charleston 1/27/1888
Duren, Charles, Rev., last Sunday Victory 5/14/1886
Dutton, Howard, age 3, last Mon, of Fred W. Dutton, found drowned in water barrel Northfield 5/14/1886
Dwight, Adelia Griswold, last week, w/o H. O. Dwight, at Constantinople Morrisville   1/16/1885
Dyer, Addie G. Robinson, age 36 y 7 m, Feb 16, w/o Marshall L. Dyer (item) Island Pond 2/20/1885
Dyer, Alford, about 78, last Tues., father of Charles M. Dyer  (item) Island Pond at Boston 12/30/1887
Dyer, Almond, recently, bro of M. L. Dyer, of consumption, at N. Andover, MA Island Pond at MA 5/18/1888
Dyer, James H., young man, recently, accidentally shot while hunting (item) Rutland 8/20/1880
Emerson, Sally J., Miss, age 27, June 28 Granby 7/9/1880
Emery, John P., age nearly 57, April 22 Granby 5/2/1884
Emery, John P., nearly 57, April 22, very suddenly (item) Granby 5/9/1884
Estes, Hattie, age 25, March 25, w/o Noah Estes   Bloomfield 4/5/1889
Estes, Hattie, age 25, March 25, w/o Noah Estes, d/o A. & O. Buzzell (obit) Bloomfield 4/5/1889
Estes, infant son, last Sat., of M/M Allie Estes Bloomfield 5/7/1886
Evans, Elmira J., age 1 y 2 m 19 d, July 20, of Moody Evans North Concord 7/30/1880
Fairbanks, Thaddeus, age 91, Monday, broke his leg & gangrene set in  (item) St. Johnsbury 4/16/1886
Fairchild, Mrs., old citizen, funeral Nov 26, dau lives Berlin Falls, NH  (item) Guildhall 12/5/1884
Farmer, __, Mrs., last Sunday, w/o Jacob Farmer Burke Hollow 2/26/1886
Farmer, __, Mrs., last Tues., w/o Charles Farmer, of hemiplegia Island Pond 6/18/1886
Farmer, Bradley, age 83 y 5 m 7 d, May 15, at son's H. Farmer Westmore 5/24/1889
Farmer, C. C., Mrs., June 15 Island Pond 1/7/1887
Farmer, Lydia, Mrs., age 78, last Sun, mother of C. C. Farmer Island Pond 3/9/1888
Farnham, George, Sat., of consumption Canaan 4/22/1887
Farr, Alma, Miss, last Thurs., of consumption, ill over a year Island Pond 6/22/1888
Farrish, Harry, recently, actor with H. Price Webber Winthrop, ME 7/6/1888
Fennessey, Edward, recently, last week, charter mbr of Island Pond Lodge (item) Boston, MA 6/1/1888
Finegan, Albert, age 18, last Sun., of Edward Finegan, playing on logs & drowned (item 6-6) N. Stratford, NH 4/25/1884
Fisher, Mr., young man, last Tues., of dropsy of the heart, buried Victory (item) Island Pond 1/25/1889
Fisher, Widow, age 91, Oct 18, wid/o John Fisher, son is Harry Fisher, invalid many years (item) Concord 10/25/1889
Fitts, O. C., age 54, 22d Wardsboro 11/7/1884
Fitzgerald, George H. (history #1) owned lumber mill, born Fairfield, ME (long item) Island Pond 1/18/1884
Flaherty, Mary, age 7 y 10 m, Sept 4, of M/M Patrick Flaherty, of diphtheria Island Pond 9/11/1885
Flanders, __, Mrs., old resident, last Sun., w/o Silas Flanders Canaan 10/30/1885
Flanders, Henry, age 71, recently, died at Scottstown, PQ, buried Canaan (item) Canaan at PQ 1/30/1885
Flanders, Nellie A., age 24, Nov 11, w/o Frank Flanders, d/o late J. P. Emery (obit) Canaan 12/4/1885
Foley, Patrick, March 1, killed by cars, conductor Island Pond 3/13/1885
Foley, Patsey, recently, killed by the cars Island Pond 3/6/1885
Follett, Marcia Bailey, age 63, Dec 19, w/o Louis Follett, mom of Louis Follett Jr. Burlington 12/31/1886
Follett, Marcia, Mrs., recently, dau/o Benjamin F. Bailey, w/o Louis Follett (item) Burlington 12/31/1886
Folsom, Charles B., age 68, Oct 12, leaves widow & 1 dau, died suddenly (obit) West Concord 10/18/1889
Folsom, Elisha, Rev., 11th, of blood poisoning, leaves widow & 3 kids (item) Burlington 5/25/1888
Ford, George A., age 73, last Fri, fell off RR track bridge in the dark (item)(item 1-9) Maidstone at Guildhall 12/12/1884
Foreman, Archie, killed several years ago by falling off train (item) Island Pond 1/11/1889
Foster, A. J., correction on death from falling through the ice Island Pond 1/16/1880
Foster, Clara S., Miss, last Tues, sick about a year Lunenburg 2/17/1888
Foster, George W, about 59, Mon, of pneumonia  (item) St. Albans 11/6/1885
Foster, J., drowned in Island Pond about 27 or 28 years ago, one legged man Island Pond 4/26/1889
Foster, William, last Sun., died suddenly, prob heart disease  (item) Derby Line 2/12/1886
Fowler, John M., killed May 31, 1883, train accident at Stratford  (item) Island Pond? 3/7/1884
Fowler, Joshua, age 81, recently, suicide by cutting throat, cancer on face Colchester 10/15/1880
Fowler, Julia A., last Fri, wid/o John Fowler, of consumption  (item) Island Pond 7/3/1885
French, __, Mrs., about 35, March 30, w/o Asa French East Haven 4/24/1885
French, Asa L., Judge, age 81, Sun  (item) St. Johnsbury 2/19/1886
French, Mehitable B. (Cole), age 71 y 8 m, April 23, w/o Joseph French Island Pond 5/2/1884
French, Ovid, age 88, Sept 18, son in law is E. A. Ward, Esq. (obit) Maidstone at PQ 12/12/1884
Freshett, Mrs., aged citizen, last Thurs Norton 8/26/1887
Frizell, Ira, old resident, last Sat., very suddenly, was an invalid  (item) Canaan 6/19/1885
Frizzell, E. C., Dr., age 32, last Fri., of consumption, died at Aiken, SC, buried here (item) Canaan 6/5/1885
Fulford, Life, 21st inst., thrown from wagon and neck broken  (item) West Concord 4/29/1887
Fuller, __, Mrs., Dec 10, w/o Ira Fuller, leaves 5 week old dau  (item) Bloomfield 12/14/1888
Fuller, Henry, age 81 y 10 m 27 d, Sept 1, of Raymond & Mary Fuller (obit) Bloomfield 9/10/1886
Fuller, infant dau, age 4 weeks, of M/M Fred Fuller Island Pond 7/20/1888
Fuller, Raymond, March 26, born Feb 18, 1812, married Betsey Stevens (item) Island Pond 4/2/1886
Gale, J. N., Mrs., sister of Mrs. H. Fuller of Bloomfield, funeral last week St. Johnsbury 9/14/1888
Garland, David, Rev., last Sun, bro of Asa Garland, died in the pulpit at ME Island Pond of Bethel, ME 10/21/1887
Gartin, Sabin, recently, bled to death from axe wound, leaves widow & 9 kids  (item) Windsor 6/26/1885
Gates, George W. (history), age 80, moved to Independence, MO 37 years ago Lunenburg 10/14/1887
Gee, George W., age about 36, Jan 21 East Concord 1/30/1880
Gilbridge, Dan, young man, last Tues., in horse wagon accident at Danville, PQ (item) Island Pond/Richmond 7/6/1888
Gilky, William, age 83 y 3 m, Aug 8, of cancer  (item) Brunswick, VT 8/30/1889
Gilky, William, born Plainfield, NH, married Julia Mather, children listed (obit) Brunswick, VT 8/30/1889
Glynn, child, buried last Sat., only child of M/M Isaac Glynn of Fabyan, NH Lunenburgh 11/14/1884
Gonya, Harriette, born 1812, recently, w/o Jean Baptiste Gonya, married 1832 (obit) Island Pond 9/11/1885
Goodall, H. L., (history) born Lunenburgh, went to MA then to PA & IL Lunenburgh 9/19/1884
Goodell, Rev. Dr., recently, died St. Louis, buried at St. Johnsbury St. J. at St. Louis 5/7/1886
Goodrich, Charles, age 16, recently, probably from handling paris green poison Vergennes 9/3/1880
Goodwin, __, Mrs., May 5, w/o George Goodwin, husband invalid for years East Charleston 5/14/1880
Goodwin, Harley, age 6, 24th, only son of Lewis & Rose Goodwin, of diphtheria East Charleston 12/31/1880
Goodwin, John R., age 66, 28th, wife Hannah Colby, lived Charleston, VT (obit) Wilmington, MA 12/5/1884
Gordon, William, Dr., funeral May 2, died in Maine  (item) Dalton, NH 5/14/1880
Gould, Lucy J., age 46, March 22, w/o Hollis Gould, d/o late Dr. Amorie Benson of Landgrove Springfield, MA 3/28/1884
Grady, child, about 2, last Fri., youngest child of William Grady, of membranous croup Island Pond 3/8/1889
Grant, Ira, age 80 y 9 m 10 d, last Wed., of Bright's disease East Concord 5/29/1885
Grant, J. B., Mrs., last Wed., leaves husband & 3 daughters, of pneumonia (item) Island Pond 4/27/1888
Gray, David, aged citizen, last Sat., son is Albert Gray, ill for some time  (item0 Lunenburg 11/15/1889
Grenier, Felix, June 10, killed in mill, leaves wife & 5 children  (item) Norton 6/19/1885
Grey, child, recently, of Harrison Grey, of canker rash East Concord 12/24/1880
Grey, Joseph, age 75, 10th inst, of paralysis East Charleston 12/17/1880
Griswold, Frank, died recently, several years had slept in hay in barn instead of house West Rutland 2/20/1885
Grow, Elroy W., age 36, Sept 8, of typhoid fever Guildhall 9/20/1889
Guirard, Armine, Miss, [Feb 5], of Upton, PQ, on train that went off bridge Hartford, VT 2/18/1887
Gunn, Ed, funeral services last Sat., son of Bernard Gunn  Island Pond 3/21/1884
Gunn, Ed., last Wed., fell from train and run over, unmarried  (item) Gorham, NH 3/14/1884
Gunn, Joseph, Dec 29, killed on RR  (item) Island Pond 1/23/1885
Gunn, Joseph, last Mon, killed by cars, bro Edward killed by cars 1 yr ago (item) Island Pond 1/2/1885
Gusha, David, age about 65, recently, suicide by hanging  (item) Stafford 9/10/1880
Hale**, Fred., last Sat., fell from cars while intoxicated, near Woodsville & ST. J.  (item) Granby & Victory 6/22/1888
Hale, Charles, age about 55, Tues., fell from barn beams Marlboro 9/17/1880
Hale, Fred., last Sat., fell from cars while intoxicated, near Woodsville & ST. J.  (item) Granby & Victory 6/29/1888
Hall, Dudley P., age 65, Mon, of pneumonia, leaves widow & 4 children  (item) Lyndon 6/26/1885
Hall, George, last Sat., caught in paper mill belt, leaves widow & 3 children (item) West Derby 3/18/1887
Hall, infant child, last Sun., of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hall Island Pond 9/2/1887
Hamilton, child, age 5, this week, of Luther Hamilton, of diphtheria Norton 11/6/1885
Hancock, J. A., nearly 23, 13th inst., member of high school, of typhoid  (2 items) Island Pond 2/17/1888
Hapgood, Cynthia, young lady, Sat., probably suicide by poison  (item) Essex Jct 4/17/1885
Hard, Helen, recently, w/o Col. H. S. Hard, inmate of insane asylum 25 years Arlington at Bennington 2/25/1887
Hardy, Nathan, age 90 y 3 m, April 11 West Concord 4/19/1889
Hardy, Nathan, age 90, April 11 Concord 4/19/1889
Harriman, Lydia, age 90, Sept 8, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Harriman, Lydia, Mrs., age 90, Sept 13, oldest person in town Lunenburgh 9/18/1885
Harris, William, Sunday, dau is Mrs. Corey of Lunenburgh, buried Lyman, NH Lyman at Lunenburgh 9/18/1885
Hartshorn, __, Mrs., 13th inst, w/o George W. Hartshorn, ill all winter  (item) Canaan 4/25/1884
Hartshorn, Charles E., age 13, Aug 18, of Hon. E. J. Hartshorn, died Emmetsburg, Iowa (obit) Lunenburg at Iowa 9/9/1887
Hartshorn, George W., age 65 y 5 m 11 d, Feb 16, at Sharon, MA  (obit) Canaan at MA 3/1/1889
Hartshorn, Mary A., born Feb 18,1849, died Dec 26, w/o Elden Hartshorn, d/o Charles Eastman (obit) Lunenburgh at Iowa 1/15/1886
Hartshorn, Mrs., last Sunday, widow of Eber Hartshorn, buried Lunenburgh Lunenburgh at Boston 6/25/1886
Hartshorn, son, age 9, last Mon., of Henry Hartshorn Lunenburgh 7/2/1886
Hartshorn, William H., Hon., last Tues., of pneumonia   (item 12-13) Guildhall 12/6/1889
Hartwell, Nelson, about 70, last Sun., thrown from wagon & struck head  (item) East Haven 7/2/1886
Harwood, Norman B., age 56, recently, born Bennington, died Florida (item) Bennington 6/12/1885
Hastings, Caroline M., Mrs., age 66, Aug 10, of cancer St J. of Island Pond 8/15/1884
Hastings, George L., about 40, last Sat., dead in road, fell from wagon (item) N. Hinsdale, NH 8/31/1885
Hastings, Jefferson, age 76 y 3 m, May 11, former resident of Brighton Newark 5/24/1889
Hastings, Lydia (Lord), about 70, July 2, w/o Jefferson Hastings Newark 7/6/1888
Hastings, Lydia Ford, last Mon., leaves feeble husband, former resident of Island Pond Newark 7/6/1888
Hatch, Frank S., age 8, Feb 13, of John F. Hatch West Concord 2/17/1888
Hatch, little boy, recently, only child of Mr. & Mrs. John Hatch West Concord 2/17/1888
Hay, Robert, little son, last Fri., of Mr. Hay, drowned in cistern at Brantford, Ont Island Pond at Ont. 6/24/1887
Hayes, Edgar, last Mon., shot by Walter Hadley, previous trouble with them (item) Lyndonville 1/1/1886
Hayes, Mrs., buried last Thurs., mother of Mrs. Samuel Heywood  (item) West Concord 11/18/1887
Haynes, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Timothy Haynes, very suddenly  (item) Hereford 10/31/1884
Haynes, Sarah L., age 39 y 10 m, Aug 30, w/o S. A. Haynes, d/o N. F. & late N. Dunlap Westboro, MA 9/6/1889
Haywood, Lewis, Jan 17, very suddenly of heart disease  (item) Kirby & W. Concord 1/23/1885
Hemingway, Samuel, age 53, May 30 Waterford 6/7/1889
Hemingway, Samuel, May 30, of heart disease, buried W. Concord  (item) W. Waterford 6/7/1889
Hendley, Charles J., Rev., last Sun., of apoplexy, buried Waukesha, Wisc (item) Lancaster, NH 11/23/1888
Hendrick, __, Mrs., 13th inst, wid/o Harry Hendrick, died Portland, ME at dau's, buried W. Concord (item) Concord at ME 12/20/1889
Hendricks, Henry, age 18, Aug 28, of fever  (item) West Concord 9/2/1887
Hendricks, Ida, age 15 mos, July 21, of Horace & Sarah Hendricks Groveton 7/29/1887
Henshaw, Mrs., last week Wed., w/o J. Henshaw, died Montreal  (item) Island Pond  11/11/1887
Hibbard, Asa, Hon., 2nd inst., ill only 3 days West Concord 8/6/1880
Hibbard, David, Hon., age 79, 3rd inst  (item) West Concord 5/10/1889
Hibbard, J., age about 50, last Mon Bloomfield 2/15/1884
Hicks, infant, about 6 mos, last Sat., of M/M S. B. Hicks West Concord 4/30/1886
Higgins, infant dau., May 21, of M/M Fred R. Higgins East Concord 5/29/1885
Hill, __, Mrs., about 68, 17th inst, w/o Cephas Hill, dau is Mrs. C. P. Palmer West Concord 12/2/1887
Hill, __, Mrs., last Sat., w/o John Hill, very suddenly, husband deserted family (item) Island Pond 1/6/1888
Hilliard, infant son, last Wed., of M/M George Hilliard, buried Canaan N. Stratford, NH 12/4/1885
Hillman, George H., last Sat., suicide by hanging, was an actor Lynn, MA 3/19/1880
Hinman, Harriet, age 74, Dec 29, w/o Harvey Hinman, of typhoid fever N. Stratford, NH 1/2/1885
Hinman, Porter, age 68 y 2 m 19 d, April 14 Island Pond 4/16/1880
Hinman, Porter, Wed., leaves wife and dau Mrs. George N. Dale (item) Island Pond 4/16/1880
Hobbs, Lucy Jane, age 53, June 1, w/o C. W. Hobbs  (item) Island Pond 6/4/1880
Hobson, Albion Lang, age 3 y 3 m 25 d, July 4, only son of Mr. & Mrs. E. F. Hobson E. Brighton 7/12/1889
Hobson, Mary E. Sawyer, Dec 8, w/o Hon. S. D. Hobson  (item) E. Brighton 12/17/1886
Hobson, Nathan, Esq., (history #6) born in Maine, owner Nathan Hobson & Co. Island Pond 2/1/1884
Hobson, son, 4th inst, little son of Mr. & Mrs. E. F. Hobson Island Pond 7/12/1889
Hodges, __, Mrs., old resident, 10th inst, sick several years with dropsy Guildhall 2/22/1889
Hodges, George Leslie, age 21 y 2 m 14 d, Sept 21, of E. S. Hodges East Hatley 11/12/1880
Hoffman, __, Mrs., age 71, 6th inst, w/o Ezra Hoffman, paralysis of the heart I. Pond at White River Jct 2/18/1887
Holbrook, A. M., age 63, March 19, wife of Thomas Holbrook Lemington 3/28/1884
Holbrook, George, age 15, Aug 25 Stark, NH 9/2/1887
Holbrook, J. J., last Fri., had been thrown from wagon, son is Elvin Holbrook (item) Bloomfield 7/23/1880
Holbrook, Julius J., age 64, July 16 Bloomfield 7/23/1880
Holbrook, Melinda, about 82, 7th inst., wid/o J. J. Holbrook, dau is Mrs. A. Martin Bloomfield 3/15/1889
Holbrook, S. A., Miss, funeral last Sun., 1/2 sister of Mrs. O. H. Shoff of I. Pond Colebrook 6/22/1888
Holbrook, Thomas, age about 72, May 28, formerly of Lemington Colebrook 6/11/1886
Holden, S., Mrs., funeral last Sun, mother of Mr. E. Holden of Bloomfield, caused by a fall (item) Stewartstown 10/25/1889
Hollenbeck, John B., Judge (history), born Feb 11, 1792, at Battle of Plattsburg Charlotte 6/12/1885
Holmes, Charles R., last week, ill several months, of Belleville, NY  (item) Morgan 5/25/1888
Holton, J. T., born Aug 2, 1815 Concord, died July 26   (item) West Concord 8/8/1884
Hopkins, dau, last week, of Rev. Mr. Hopkins, had been ill some time East Charleston 3/16/1888
Horr, Amelia, age 76 y 9 m, May 4, relict of late Nathan Horr  (item 5-23) Island Pond 5/9/1884
Horr, Percy W., age 23 y 2 m 10 d, Oct 6, only son of M/M George E. Horr Island Pond 10/11/1889
Horr, Percy W., Oct 6, only son of M/M George E. Horr, of brain problem (item) Island Pond & ME 10/11/1889
Horton, __, Mrs., last Mon., w/o Milo Horton, thrown from carriage  (item) Woodstock 6/19/1885
Hosford, Dora F., age 15, Sept 1, of J. L. & N. J. Hosford East Haven 9/11/1885
Hosford, Russell, age 78, Sept 24 East Haven 10/2/1885
Houghton, child, last Wed., youngest child of M/M C. L. Houghton, black measles Island Pond 7/10/1885
House, J., Rev., age 80, recently Berlin 8/19/1887
Houston, Isaac R., age about 80, Feb 11, born NH, leaves 4 children (obit) Victory 2/29/1884
Hovey, infant, about 16 mos, 21st, left on doorstep of Miles Hovey last year West Concord 10/28/1887
Howard, __, Mrs., age 58, Sept 29, w/o L. G. Howard, drowned in canal, insane Bellows Falls 10/10/1884
Howard, John P., Sat., died in London, donated lots of money over his lifetime Burlington at London 10/16/1885
Howe, __ Mrs., April 30, wife of Hon. Levi Howe, long & painful illness West Concord 5/4/1888
Howe, __, Mrs., last Sat., w/o Charles Howe, had fits, leaves husband & 2 children (item) Columbia, NH & I. Pond 6/25/1886
Howe, Grace, age 11 mos, Jan 23, of Henry & Ellen Howe Lunenburg 2/6/1880
Howell, John, age 34, last week, killed by cars, formerly of Bloomfield, buried N. Stratford  (item) Boston, MA 10/14/1887
Hudson, __, Mrs., nearly 85, 5th inst, w/o Samuel Hudson, died at poor house West Concord 10/11/1889
Hudson, Gracie, died last winter, of diphtheria, funeral Sunday East Haven 7/5/1889
Hudson, infant dau, about 4 mos, Nov 20, of Isaac C. & Flora Hudson East Newark 12/5/1884
Hudson, Kitridge, age 80, 17th inst East Haven 11/4/1887
Hudson, Lyman, recently, died Washington Territory, shot himself while hunting (item) E. Haven & I. Pond 7/27/1888
Hudson, Orpha Farnham, age 85, Oct 5, w/o Samuel Hudson Concord 10/11/1889
Hudson, Walter, age 4 mos, Jan 6, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Hulet, Charles D., recently, found dead under his overturned meat cart Pawlet 7/23/1880
Hulet, Rufus, recently, accidentally shot himself Fair Haven 8/6/1880
Hunking, B. F., Wed., fell from hay loft to barn floor, fractured spine (item) Island Pond 1/2/1885
Hunt, Peter, about 20, last Fri., foreigner, of fever  (item) Bloomfield 5/20/1887
Huntington, Hattie Maude, age 10 y 3 m, June 26, of M/M O. C. Huntington East Brighton 7/2/1886
Hurly, Miss, Nov __, buried Frampton, PQ  (item) Canaan 12/23/1887
Hutchinson, Rufus, Col., born May 9, 1793 Sutton, MA, died 16th inst (obit) Braintree 1/23/1885
Ingham, Alfred, age 34, funeral last Sun at W. Stewartstown  (item) Canaan at Brattleboro 10/19/1888
Ingraham, Bessie, age 27, June 10 Victory 6/25/1880
Irving, James, age 70, Wed., log rolled over him while sawing them (item) Shaftsbury 4/23/1880
Jackson, John, about 40, last Sat., overdose of medicine w/arsenic, buried Canada Bloomfield 3/5/1886
Jalibut, Victor, age 74, May 19, buried Lemington  (item) Bloomfield 6/4/1886
James, F. J., Mrs., last Tues, ill several months Canaan 3/27/1885
Jewell, child, this week, of John Hewell, from measles Norton 5/7/1886
Johnson, __, Mrs., buried last Sun., w/o J. H. Johnson, buried Northumberland Guildhall 8/13/1886
Johnson, Caleb, old citizen, last week, after long & painful illness   (item) Lunenburg 8/2/1889
Johnson, Hopee, Mrs., Jan 11, mother of Jason Johnson, of pneumonia Lunenburg 1/18/1884
Johnson, J. M., Mr., (history) lost wife, moved to Calif, children moved later Guildhall 5/17/1889
Johnson, John, age 40, last week, injured & died after let got crushed by flat car (item) Sutherland Falls 8/6/1886
Johnson, Mabel, last Mon., dau of C. C. Johnson, of malignant diphtheria (item) E. Charleston 3/15/1889
Johnson, Martha, Mrs., about 75, recently, from a fright the previous day (item) Pownal 2/26/1886
Jones, child, buried last week, only child of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. C. Jones Island Pond 9/23/1887
Jones, Newton Clarke, infant son, Sept 16, of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. C. Jones Island Pond 9/23/1887
Jordan, Hugo, age 2, May 2, of M/M Chester B. Jordan, typhoid fever  (item) Lancaster, NH at Washington, DC 5/14/1886
Joslin, Joel W., age 49, Dec 2, bro of Hiram Joslin, gastric fever, buried W. Concord (item) Percy, NH 12/14/1888
Joslyn, Hiram, funeral Sat., native of Kirby, leaves widow & children  (item) Concord & St. J 10/11/1889
Judd, __, Mrs., Sept 20, w/o Charles Judd, of apoplexy died in 5 hours (item) Holland 10/3/1884
Judevine, A. E., Hon., 9th inst, bro of Harvey Judevine of W. Concord Hardwick 2/17/1888
Keene, Leslie F., Mrs., age 33, Nov 21, sis of Mr. J. C. Rawson of Island Pond S. Paris, ME   12/5/1884
Keith, Jane, Miss, Sun., ill a long time Guildhall 8/19/1887
Keith, Mehitable, Miss, last Sunday Guildhall 4/17/1885
Kelley, Charlotte, Mrs., age 64, July 10 Granby 7/19/1889
Kelley, children, died last winter, of Mr. & Mrs. George Kelley, gravestones placed Granby 9/7/1888
Kelley, children, recently, of diphtheria Granby 2/3/1888
Kemp, Eben, Jan 3, killed by falling tree Royalton 1/9/1885
Kenison, Abbie, Mrs., last Thurs., leaves husband & 2 small children East Concord 4/2/1880
Kimball, Clara, age 18, recently, of C. C. Kimball, of diphtheria Newark 1/23/1880
King, Mark S., May 10, 1886, at Brattleboro Island Pond 1/7/1887
King, Mark S., Wed., at Brattleboro asylum, of paralysis  (item 5-21) Island Pond 5/14/1886
King, Mark Snow, age 62 y 9 m, May 10 Brattleboro 5/21/1886
Knapp, infant son, Aug 16, of Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Knapp East Concord 8/20/1880
Knapp, Perley, Aug 9, died suddenly while haying, leaves 2 daughters  (item) Stewartstown, NH 8/20/1880
Knowlton, Fred H., last Fri., from abscess in the ear Island Pond 3/6/1885
Knuckey, son, age 3, recently, of James Knuckey, fell into boiling water St. Albans 4/23/1880
Krause, Herman, murdered in Jan 1884, by Oscar Meyer, trial info (item) St. Albans 4/24/1885
Ladd, Bertie, infant son , Nov 25, of Martin & Lillian Ladd Lawrence, MA 12/3/1880
Ladd, C. I., Mrs., age 21, May 17 Summit 5/24/1889
Lampman, Myron (history), tried to kill wife, d/o Nial Towseley Pownal 11/13/1885
Landers, Thomas, about 55, last Sun., burned in house fire at Lake Edward, Que. Norton 10/21/1887
Landry, child, age 2, recently, of William Landry, of diphtheria, at Berlin Falls Island Pond at Berlin 11/18/1887
Lane, Eli, (history) age 67, 4 kids, talked of suicide - long item Lunenburg 7/23/1880
Lang, G. W., Mrs., last Fri., leaves husband, 2 dau 1 son, buried E. Charleston (item) E. Brighton 2/22/1884
Lang, Oscar, last Tues., of heart disease, died W. Stewartstown  (item) Canaan 2/20/1885
Lapeer, Ellen, Mrs., recently, died suspiciously  (item) St. Albans 8/13/1886
Larrabee, James, age 82, June 18, married 1842, born Baldwin, ME  (obit) NH of N. Berwick, ME 7/8/1887
Lawrence, John, last Thurs., Frenchman, sick some time  (item) Island Pond 5/14/1880
Lawrence, L. L., last Thurs, lawyer since 1867  (item) Burlington at Westford 1/16/1885
Lawrence, Susan, Mrs., Sept 15, invalid, former husband C. Cole (obit) East Charleston 9/24/1880
Leavitt, H. C., Rev., Fri, died suddenly, leaves widow and dau  (item) W. Rutland 1/9/1885
Leavitt, Hannah Wilson, age 68 y 1 m 20 d, June 4, w/o Mansor Leavitt Eaton, PQ 7/4/1884
Lee, __, Mrs., age 57, Oct 16, wid/o Ralph Lee Victory 10/22/1886
Lee, __, Mrs., old citizen, 16th inst, wid/o Ralph Lee  (item) Victory 10/22/1886
Lee, Albert E., age 22, Sept 30  (item) Victory 10/12/1888
Lee, Charles M., age 20 y 3 m, Sept 14 Victory 10/12/1888
Lee, Charles M., young man, Sept 14, of typhoid fever, buried E. St. J. (item) Granby 9/21/1888
Lee, Ralph, age 68, Oct 5 Victory 10/22/1886
Lee, Ralph, old citizen, 6th inst, leave 5 sons & one daughter (item) Victory 10/22/1886
Lee, Rosa, Miss, recently, aunt is Mrs. Willard Chase of West Concord. W. Concord at MA 6/20/1884
Lefebvre, Charles, last Tues, died suddenly, leaves widow, 5 sons & 6 daus  (item) Island Pond 1/21/1887
Leland, George W., last Sat., suicide, was stock buyer and lost much money Barton 1/29/1886
Leland, Mary Esther Benton, age 47, Oct 8, w/o A. A. Leland, of typhoid fever Johnson 10/23/1885
Leonard, Arthur, age 18, Mon., drowned while bathing in Whetstone Brook Brattleboro 7/24/1885
Letarte, Elizabeth, Mrs., age about 57, Nov 5, of consumption Island Pond 11/14/1884
Letarto, Mrs., age 57, last Wed., sick a long time  (item) Island Pond 11/14/1884
Lewis, Sabrina, age 36 y 11 m 14 d, April 18, w/o Sumner W. Lewis West Concord 4/24/1885
Lincoln, Abe, April 27, 1886 Island Pond 1/7/1887
Lincoln, Abe, last Tues., very suddenly, prob of rupture of blood vessel in brain  (item) Island Pond 4/30/1886
Linden, child, last Fri., only child of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Linden Island Pond 4/5/1889
Linden, Roy Alton, March 29, only child of Mr. & Mrs. John F. Linden Brighton 4/5/1889
Lindsay, __, Mrs., 4th inst, w/o William Lindsay, suffered years with pain West Concord 4/13/1888
Lindsay, Cora, infant, July 14, of Sylvester & Ella Cora Lindsay Island Pond 7/16/1880
Linehan, __, Mrs., last Sat., w/o John Linehan, of consumption  (item) Island Pond 6/21/1889
Linehan, Mary, age 57, June 15, w/o John Linehan, of consumption Island Pond 6/21/1889
Lock, Katie, Miss, last Sun., dau of Enoch Perkins, of consumption, at Berlin, NH N. Stratford, NH 1/14/1887
Locke, A., June 28, killed by bull  (item) Canaan of Stewartstown 7/8/1887
Locke, Frank, age 72, 3d inst., very suddenly while eating breakfast Columbia, NH  2/10/1888
Long, William, last Tues Guildhall 10/23/1885
Lucas, Adeline H., age 65, Oct 19, w/o John M. Lucas, died Berryessa, CA Lunenburgh at CA 11/13/1885
Lund, Abel, about 55, April 13 East Haven 4/24/1885
Lyman, Elias, age about 75 Lemington 1/2/1880
Lyon, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Porter Lyon, found dead in bed Charleston 9/16/1887
Lyon, __, Mrs., March 4,1886,  w/o Charles Lyon Island Pond 1/7/1887
Lyon, Betsy, Mrs., about 67, Nov 23, died at dau's in NH, buried W. Concord (item) Wentworth, NH 12/3/1886
Lyon, J. B., age 81, July 28, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Lyon, Laura, age 32, March 4, w/o Charles Lyon  (item 3/12) Island Pond 3/5/1886
MacLeay, Janet MacNaughton, age 60 y 2 m 23 d, April 10, wid/o Roderick MacLeay (item) Brompton, PQ 4/23/1880
Manley, Otis, old citizen, Fri, from blood poisoning from cut on barbed wire Pittsford 10/30/1885
Mann, Earnest Haskell, age 13 mos, Aug 25, only child of Mr. & Mrs. John Mann West Concord 8/31/1888
Mansur, ___, Mrs., Dec 24, w/o J. C. Mansur, died Calif., buried Hinesburgh (item) Hinesburgh 1/9/1885
Mansur, Warren, age 84 y 7 m, Jan 26, of dropsy Island Pond 1/30/1885
Mansur, Warren, leaves widow & 4 sons & 5 daughters  (item) Island Pond 2/6/1885
Mansur, Z. M., (history #3) postmaster of Island Pond Island Pond 1/25/1884
Maplesden, __, Mrs., 15th inst, wife of Rev. Maplesden, ill a long time Morgan Center 2/20/1880
Maranville, Galusha, recently, killed by fly-wheel in engine room (item) Rutland 12/3/1880
Marcott, child, age 3, recently, of Levi Marcott, fell into pail of hot water Montpelier 8/20/1886
Martin, Ezra A., age 72, 29th ult, from effects of a fall  (item) Bloomfield 2/4/1887
Martin, son, age 14 mos, 12th inst, of M/M A. Martin, of spinal meningitis (item) Bloomfield 5/18/1888
Mason, Emeline, Miss, age 64 y 10 m 9 d, April 17 Island Pond 4/22/1887
Mason, Emeline, Miss, last Sun., of consumption Island Pond 4/22/1887
Mason, William, Tues., ill some time  (item) Island Pond 3/19/1880
Masters, William (history), born Andover, MA 1782, fought in Battle of Oswego Stratford Hollow 12/10/1880
Mathews, Jerry, recently, buried W. Concord, dau is Mrs. Milo Eastman, invalid (item) Concord at Rutland 5/18/1888
Mathews,__, Mrs., age 73, 20th inst, w/o Jonathan Mathews, of consumption (obit) Granby 3/29/1889
Matthews, Jennie, about 2, recently, of M/M. S. M. Matthews, of whooping cough (item) West Concord 8/19/1887
Matthews, Nancy (Bell), age 73 y 9 m 23 d, March 20, w/o Jonathan Matthews Granby 3/29/1889
Mattson, Niles, young man, last Sat., jumped from moving train, broke neck (item) Arlington 2/20/1885
Mayo, Davis, about 85, 14th inst, at son's T. H. Mayo of W. Stewartstown, NH, cancer Canaan of Boston, MA 10/22/1880
McCabe, boy, age 12, last week, of malignant diphtheria Island Pond 5/24/1889
McClure, child, this week, of John McClure, from measles Norton 5/7/1886
McClure, Thomas H., age 3, 2d inst, of J. S. McClure Norton 5/21/1886
McDonough, Mary, age 70, last Sat., fell down stairs and fractured skull Rutland 7/24/1885
McFarland, Mr., recently, had been logging and caught pneumonia Granby 4/13/1888
McFarlane, Mr., 28th ult, suicide by drowning, inmate of County House Canaan at W. Stewartstown 6/10/1887
McGee, Louis, Mrs., age 71, last Mon  (9/7 poem) Island Pond 8/10/1888
McGinnis, Willie, died several years ago from sledding accident, tombstone set up on grave Granby 12/14/1888
McGovern, Thomas, recently, killed by breaking of a fly-wheel Barre 11/19/1880
McGrath, Katie, Miss, about 25, last Sun, buried Lancaster, NH Island Pond 3/13/1885
McHargh, Emma J., age 34 y 4 m 20 d, March 9, w/o James McHargh Groveton 4/19/1889
McHargh, Emma, Mrs., March 9, leaves husband and 10 day old infant (item) Granby of Groveton 3/22/1889
McKelvey, James, about 16, last Sat., caught in mill gears, buried Island Pond  (item) East Concord 10/1/1880
McKinley, __, Mrs., age 51 y 3 m 21 d, July 11, w/o Moses McKinley Brighton 7/16/1886
McKinnon, Henry, about 24, Sept 19, fell between cars while working (item) St. Albans 9/23/1887
McLean, infant dau, age 5 mos, last Fri, of M/M Allen McLean East Haven 11/20/1885
McNall, Amy, Miss, age 23, 14th, of consumption, died at father's   (item) Morrisville & Lunenburg 1/30/1885
Melcher, Harold, age 5 mos, Nov 20, only child of Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Melcher Brighton 12/2/1887
Melcher, John B., last Mon., recently moved to NYC to sell real estate Groveton 2/17/1888
Melvin, Fred, about 30, Jan 3, adopted son of L. N. & Julia A. Melvin Charleston 1/11/1884
Melvin, Lucinda Spencer, age 64, last Fri., w/o M. M. Melvin, of pulmonary consumption (obit) Burke & E. Charleston 2/20/1885
Merchant, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Edgar Merchant, of diphtheria Pownal 9/25/1885
Merrill, Gardiner, age 78, Dec 18, dau is Mrs. Wm. Perkins, born Campton, NH  (obit) Bloomfield 12/26/1884
Metcalf, __, Mrs., age 87, funeral Wed., wid/o Thaddeus Metcalf  (item) Granby at Scotts, NH 9/14/1888
Miles, Martha, age 42, July 22, w/o Benjamin Miles Groveton 7/29/1887
Miller, Alexander, age 85, Feb 20 Lunenburg 2/25/1887
Miller, Alexander, age 85, last Sun, buried at Passumpsic Lunenburg 2/25/1887
Miner, Fanny, Mrs., aged lady, last Fri., one of first settlers in town Victory 2/17/1888
Miner, Stephen, age 80, recently, suicide by hanging Milton 8/27/1880
Moltroup, Merritt, about 85, Aug 2 East Haven 8/8/1884
Money, Patrick, age 70, last Fri., fell downstairs and hit his head  (item) Waterbury 3/18/1887
Moody, John, about 70, April 2 East Charleston 4/11/1884
Moore, Infant child, last Sun., of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Moore Island Pond 1/20/1888
Morancy, Charles, last Mon., run over and killed by cars  (item) Guildhall at Groveton 6/27/1884
Morey, Fred P., last July, thrown from top of freight car  (item) Victory 9/23/1887
Morgan, Josephine, Miss, 12th inst., sister Rose Morgan (family history) West Concord 10/21/1887
Morocco, Aunt, age 102, last Friday, colored woman Bristol 11/7/1884
Morrill, __, Mrs., old resident, Feb 29, w/o Judge Morrill, sick a few days (item) Canaan 3/9/1888
Morris, Joel, born July 4, 1800 Norwich, died last Sun  (item) Fairlee 9/26/1884
Morris, Nelson, about 70, 4th inst, former resident of Kirby  (item) West Concord 8/12/1887
Morrison, Abigail, Mrs., age 90, last Tues., son is David Morrison, early settler (item) South Canaan 8/8/1884
Morrison, Anna, Mrs., age 81 y 6 m, 28th ult Lunenburg 5/6/1887
Morrison, John, age 74, April 29, of consumption, leaves 3 children (item) Canaan   5/7/1880
Morrison, John, old citizen, last Friday, in poor health several years Lunenburg 3/2/1888
Morrison, Ruth, last week, w/o Michael Morrison West Concord 8/8/1884
Morse, __, Mrs., 15th inst, w/o James Morse, prev widow of Alexander Morton (item) W. Concord at Lunenburgh 1/21/1887
Morse, __, Mrs., age 82, 5th inst, w/o Deacon Morse East Charleston 4/10/1885
Morse, __, Mrs., recently, w/o William Morse, buried Guildhall  (item) Guildhall at Lancaster, NH 8/13/1886
Morse, C. W., Mrs., funeral Tues at Hardwick, w/o Rev. C. W. Morse  (item) Bloomfield 10/19/1888
Morse, Clark, age 85 y 10 m Jan 10 Island Pond 1/16/1880
Morse, Clark, recently, leaves wife, thank you card, funeral last Sun (item) Island Pond 1/16/1880
Morse, Delia, age 7, last May, of E. D. Morse, of diphtheria Newark 1/23/1880
Morse, Ervin, age 5, last May, of E. D. Morse, of diphtheria Newark 1/23/1880
Morse, Horace, age 59 y 11 m, last Sun Island Pond 3/8/1889
Morse, Horace, age 59 y 11 m, March 3 Island Pond 3/8/1889
Morse, James, age 78, July 28 Lunenburgh 8/12/1887
Morse, Lillie, age 3 y 6 m, last Sun., of E. D. Morse, of diphtheria Newark 1/23/1880
Morse, Seth, age 84, 4th inst, son is Freeman Morse, born in Concord (item) Concord 12/12/1884
Mosher, child, funeral last Sat., of M/M F. C. Mosher Island Pond 10/3/1884
Moulton, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Henry Moulton, suicide because of ill health Sharon 7/16/1880
Moulton, Abner, 14th inst, father of William Moulton  (item) East Charleston 2/1/1884
Moulton, Abner, Deacon, age 76, Jan 14 Charleston 1/18/1884
Moulton, Amos, age 74, Oct 31, born Corinth, VT, age 28 moved to Stanstead Stanstead 11/19/1880
Moulton, child, recently, of M/M William Moulton, lost 2 children a year ago East Charleston 1/30/1885
Moulton, Effie, about 3, 3d inst., of Wm & Mary Moulton, 4th death in family  (item) East Charleston 4/10/1885
Moulton, Harley F., age 9 y 2 m 11 d, Jan 23, of Wm & Mary Moulton, of diphtheria  (item) East Charleston 2/1/1884
Moulton, Ida May, age 5 y 6 m, Jan 12, of William & Mary Moulton Charleston 1/18/1884
Moulton, little dau, Jan 12, of William Moulton, of diphtheria  (item) East Charleston 2/1/1884
Moulton, Mrs. M., age 38, June 3 Island Pond 6/10/1887
Moye, Mary Elizabeth, age 2 1/2 mos, Aug 17, of George & Ellen Moye Island Pond 8/20/1880
Munn, James, age 59, 14th inst, unwell for several years, dropped dead in road (item) Newport, Can at Bloomfield 7/23/1886
Murphy, Eliza T., Mrs., age 31 y 17 d, Feb 26 East Concord 3/5/1880
Murphy, Patrick, about 35, recently, poisoned from cider in tin pail for lunch every day Putney 2/13/1885
Nedo, son, age 10, last Fri, of Mr. Nedo, drowned at Miles Pond North Concord 7/15/1887
Newcomb, Leonard C., Dea., age 83 y 2 m 1 d, March 13, formerly of Derby Minneapolis, Minn 3/25/1887
Newhall, Artemas, recently, died while pitching hay  (item) Stowe 2/13/1885
Newton, Henry, July 27, drowned in Ct Lake, subject to fits  (item) Pittsburg, NH 8/6/1880
Nichols, __, Mrs., last Mon., wid/o Heman Nichols Bloomfield 10/30/1885
Nichols, Mrs., Nov 6, dau is Mrs. Daniel Hopkins, of consumption  (item) East Charleston 11/18/1887
Nichols, Prof., age 71, June 24, of paralysis Irasburgh 7/1/1887
Niles, Salmon, age 73, Jan 1, remarried on Dec 14, died suddenly  (item) Morrisville at Elmore 1/9/1885
Norcott, child, age 8 mos, recently, of Mr. & Mrs. D. Norcott Bloomfield 10/5/1888
Normandeau, Peter, last Thurs., died suddenly, of stoppage, Frenchman East Brighton 5/14/1886
Norris, Mr. (or Noss?), funeral last Wed, of Nova Scotia, worked at S. Bloomfield mill Bloomfield 9/24/1886
Norris, W. B., Mrs., age 47, Dec 26, d/o Mr. Witherspoon, died San Diego, CA (item) Guildhall at CA 1/22/1886
Norton, Edward, age 70, Mon., of rheumatism of the heart  (item) Bennington 8/7/1885
Noyes, Henry, about 55, Feb 25, died Greenwood, ME, former resident  Island Pond at ME 3/6/1885
Noyes, infant dau, age 11 w, last Tues., of Robert & Mary Noyes, buried in their yard Bloomfield 9/17/1886
Noyes, Mary P., age 55 y 10 m 10 d, Aug 17, wid/o Henry F. Noyes, formerly of I. Pond Greenwood, ME 9/20/1889
O'Keeffe, __, Mrs., 25th inst, wid/o James O'Keeffe, inflammation of the bowels (item) Island Pond 8/28/1885
O'Keeffe, James, Sr., age 68, last Mon, born Mitchellstown, Cork Cty, Ire  (item) Island Pond 8/21/1885
Olcott, George, recently, of Erastus Olcutt, died in Colorado, buried here (item) Lunenburg 4/25/1884
Olcott, Randall, past 80, recently  (item) Lunenburg 4/17/1885
Olcutt, Arandall, age 78, April 2, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Oliver, Elizabeth DeMars, age 29, April 23, w/o Frank R. Oliver, buried Canada (item) West Concord 4/27/1888
Ouellette, son, age 3, last Wed., of Mr. & Mrs. Ouellette, drowned in Clyde River Island Pond 10/11/1889
Packer, __, Mrs., buried East Haven last Thurs., w/o Henry Packer Newark 4/27/1888
Page, Ex-Gov., last Sat., of bronchial pneumonia  (item) Rutland 10/30/1885
Palmer, child, recently, of Mr. Palmer, of diphtheria Dalton, NH 3/12/1880
Palmer, Henry, about 80, 22d inst, of heart disease East Concord 10/30/1885
Parant, Joseph, age 50, June 9 S. Bloomfield 6/21/1889
Parant, Joseph, recently (card of thanks from Mrs. Joseph & Miss Victoria Parant) Bloomfield 6/21/1889
Paree, __, Mrs., age 24, Nov 29, w/o Marcel Paree, also child 3 weeks ago  (item) Island Pond 12/2/1887
Paree, __, Mrs., last Tues., w/o Marcel Paree, consumption, also child died 3 weeks ago  (item)   12/2/1887
Parker, D. C., Feb 19, poisoned by mother in law Mrs. Horace Nason formerly of I. Pond Rutland 4/30/1886
Parker, George A., age 73, 30th ult, suicide by drowning  (item) West Concord 9/6/1889
Patrick, Thomas, about 94, Dec 9, at dau's Mrs. John Holmes Brighton 12/16/1887
Patrie, Cynthia, Mrs., recently, leaves husband & 4 small children E. Concord at Charleston 5/21/1880
Patterson, __, Mrs., age 48, April 11, w/o Thomas Patterson, of consumption (item) Island Pond 4/19/1889
Patterson, child, last Fri., youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Patterson Island Pond 9/3/1886
Patterson, Eliza, Miss, age 83, Aug 16 Lunenburgh 8/20/1886
Patterson, Eveline, age 13 m 17 d, Aug 27, of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Patterson Island Pond 9/3/1886
Pearson, Tappin, old resident, funeral last Fri., mason for 63 years  (item) Irasburgh 2/1/1889
Peebles, S. H., Mrs., April 15 Lunenburgh 4/23/1886
Peibles, Haskill, recently, past minister, of Burlington, died Battle Creek, Mich Lunenburg at Mich 10/14/1887
Pelham, Mary A., age 59, Feb 17, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Percival, E. C., Mrs., age 30 y 10 m, July 30, wife of Milo E. Percival Island Pond 8/1/1884
Percival, E. C., Mrs., last Wed., w/o M. E. Percival, of typhoid fever  (item) Island Pond 8/1/1884
Percival, Milo E., age 45 y 10 m, Dec 20, suicide by hanging, leaves wife & 4 children (item) Island Pond 12/28/1888
Percival, Willie, age 5 y 11 m, Feb 25, of M/M M. E. Percival, of typhoid fever Island Pond 3/7/1884
Percival, Willie, little son, last Mon., of M/M M. E. Percival, of typhoid fever (item) Island Pond 2/29/1884
Perkins, Eveline E., Mrs., 22d inst, bro in law is David Cleasby of Littleton, NH East Concord 10/30/1885
Petrie, child, about 1 y, 13th inst, only child of Mr. & Mrs. Petrie East Charleston 4/29/1887
Phelps, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o Lester D. Phelps, after long & painful sickness  (item) Lunenburgh 10/25/1889
Pheney, Charles P., age 39, last night, of dropsy, died Milwaukee, Wisc (item) VT at Wisc. 7/10/1885
Philbrick, Thomas, age 82, 22d ult, carried mail for 12 years by horseback Guildhall 4/2/1886
Phillips, child, last Fri., young child of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Phillips Lunenburg 9/27/1889
Pierce, Artemas, last Fri, member 8th Regt Vt Vol  (item) Lunenburg 4/25/1884
Pike, Bertie, age 12, Feb 15, son of A. B. Pike, hit head on tree while sliding (item) Brattleboro 2/15/1884
Pike, Charlotte, some time ago, clothing caught on fire while house on fire (item) Groveton 5/24/1889
Pike, Nathan, funeral last Fri, former resident of W. Concord  (item) Upper Waterford 1/21/1887
Pillsbury, Caleb, about 60, last Sat., of heart disease  (item) Holland   8/27/1880
Pillsbury, Pamelia S., Mrs., age 33, May 18 Morgan 5/30/1884
Pillsbury, William, last Sat., killed by cars, bro-in-law of A. J. Calkins of Island Pond Johnsville, PQ 3/5/1886
Pinney, Amanda M. Hatch, age 72 y 3 m 6 d, Dec 18, wid/o Levi Pinney (item) Island Pond 12/23/1887
Pinney, Ellen Lena, age 3 y 10 m, Aug 27, only child of Eugene E. & Nellie F. Pinney Holland at Cedar Rapids, Iowa 9/19/1884
Pinney, Jabez, age 86, Oct 21  (item) Greensboro 11/7/1884
Pinney, Levi, age 68 y 10 m, Feb 23 Island Pond 2/25/1887
Pinney, Levi, nearly 69, last Wed., leaves widow, son, 2 bros & 3 sisters (item) Island Pond 2/25/1887
Pinney, Philena Boynton, Sept 3, wife of Henry Pinney Holland    9/13/1889
Piper, John, aged citizen, Nov 30 East Charleston 12/10/1880
Poland, L. P., Mrs., last Mon, wid/o Judge Poland, of pneumonia, sister Mrs. Robinson St. Johnsbury 3/16/1888
Pond, Ellen, Mrs.,  Lunenburgh 12/30/1887
Pool, Harry, young man, died Boston of pneumonia, buried Fri in VT, invalid Mother (item) Guildhall at MA  2/22/1889
Pool, Rufus, age 75 y 9 m 26 d, Nov 4 Barnston, PQ 11/12/1880
Poole, Willie, age 46, Oct 7, of late Jonathan & Abbie Poole Guildhall 10/18/1889
Pope, Mrs., and two children, of diphtheria East Concord 9/17/1886
Porrell, child, buried last Mon., eldest child of Fred Porrell, from being scalded Granby & Groton 11/1/1889
Porter, John F., last week, son of Hon. Charles Porter of Quebec PQ of Troy, NY 9/25/1885
Porter, Julia, Mrs., age 81, last Sun., found in wet in roadway in dying condition Hinesburgh 3/20/1885
Potter, Abraham, age 82, last week Pittsford 2/5/1886
Potter, Lyman, age 72, Aug 23 Stark, NH 9/2/1887
Pottle, A.. Q., Dr, (history #2) of Rawson & Pottle store Island Pond 1/25/1884
Powell, Mr., aged man, Monday, father of State Auditor Powell of Richford Richford? 9/25/1885
Powers, George R., age 21, Aug 26, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Powers, George R., age 21, Aug 26, recently married  (item) Lunenburgh 9/4/1885
Powers, Harriet, Miss, age (44), Feb 4, of gastric fever Lunenburg 2/13/1880
Powers, James, age 38, 15th inst, single, buried Portland, of consumption  (item) Norton 2/22/1889
Powers, Joseph, about 50, last Wed., born Lunenburg  (obit) Lunenburg 4/4/1884
Powers, Mr., last March, jumped from 3rd story of building while drunk, wife Mary J. Powers Rutland 1/30/1885
Powers, Mrs., recently Lunenburg? 3/23/1888
Powers, Noah S., about 57, 14th inst Burke per E. Haven 3/1/1889
Powers, Ray T., age 1 y 6 m, June 5, only child of Frank R. & Ella G. Powers San Diego, CA 6/22/1888
Powers, Russell, age 77, Feb 8, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Powers, Russell, nearly 80, recently, lived & born on his farm  (item) Lunenburg 3/13/1885
Powers, son, recently, of M/M Frank R. Powers, died CA buried W. Concord (item) W. Concord at CA 6/22/1888
Powers, Stephen J., age 25 y 11 m 4 d, Nov 22, died Boulder, CO Lunenburg at CO 12/2/1887
Powers, Stephen J., Nov 20, wife Jennie L. Powers, died Boulder, CO Lunenburg 12/9/1887
Pratt, __, Mrs., last week, had lived with son William in E. Charleston, buried Barton E. Charleston 8/30/1889
Pratt, Loren W., age 70 y 4 m, May 13 East Concord 5/23/1884
Presby, __, Mrs., Jan 23, w/o John E. Presby, of diphtheria Granby 2/3/1888
Presby, little dau, about 1 yr, recently, of John E. Presby, mother ill  (item) Granby 1/27/1888
Presby, Minnie, age 24, Jan 23, w/o John E. Presby, of diphtheria Granby 2/3/1888
Presby, Minnie, Mrs., 23rd inst, d/o Benjamin Sanborn, of diphtheria  W. Concord at Granby 1/27/1888
Presby, Seth, young man, last Mon, limb fell from tree and crushed his skull Lemington 12/4/1885
Pulsifer, C. T., murdered recently in Crowell, Neb, lived in Island Pond 25 yrs ago, of J. Pulsifer Island Pond at Neb 12/20/1889
Quimby, Roswell, age 81 y 9 m 28 d, Aug 14 West Concord 9/3/1886
Quincy, Horatio N., age 77 y 9 m, Dec 3, died Portland, ME  (item) Island Pond at ME 12/12/1884
Rainey, little dau, Sun., of Mr. & Mrs. Rainey, found dead in bed Victory 2/22/1889
Rawson, J. C., Esq., (history #2) of Rawson & Pottle store Island Pond 1/25/1884
Ready, Mrs., old lady, Tues, dau is Mrs. Canning East Charleston 6/11/1886
Reed, Hazel Ethel, age 4 mos, Dec 2, of Willie & Gertie E. Reed West Concord 12/6/1889
Reed, John, buried last Fri., fell from barn raising, died several days later Montgomery 11/13/1885
Regan, Thirsie, age 6, July 22, dau of James & Nellie Regan Groveton 7/29/1887
Revoir, young dau., last Tues, of Mr. Revoir Lunenburgh 3/5/1886
Reynolds, Peter, age 25, Sat., suicide by shooting himself, bro is Louis Reynolds (item) Barre at White River Jct 10/16/1885
Rhynes, James, age 17, last Mon., drowned in Ct River while bathing  (item) Bloomfield at Lemington 7/23/1886
Rich, __, Mrs., about 49, last Sat., w/o H. H. Rich, leaves husband & 4 kids (item) East Charleston 1/13/1888
Richards, Cynthia Reed, age 43, April 18, w/o L. S. Richards, of gastric fever Kirby 4/25/1884
Richardson, Etta, 7th inst, dau of George Richardson, of paralysis of the heart West Concord 6/14/1889
Richardson, George, age 17, Aug 29, of fever  (item) Concord Corners 9/2/1887
Roberts, Hiram, age 41, Thurs, born Vergennes  (item) Brandon 8/7/1885
Robinson, Mrs., about 80, last Sun., a town charge  (item) Island Pond 2/24/1888
Robinson, Mrs., Monday, of pneumonia, sister of Mrs. L. P. Poland  (item) Somerville, MA 3/16/1888
Roby, __, Mrs., recently, w/o F. A. Roby Bloomfield 6/3/1887
Rocheleau, Oliver, recently, only child W. O. Rocheleau of W. Concord (item) W. Concord at Canada 12/9/1887
Rock, little dau, recently, of James Rock, drowned in cask of rain water Hyde Park 7/30/1880
Rogers, Agnes, [Feb 5], on train that went off bridge Hartford, VT 2/18/1887
Rossier, Rev. Mr., recently, father of Dr. Rossier, died Boston, buried Montgomery Ctr Boston, MA 1/20/1888
Routier, Elsie, Miss, age 18 y 9 m, July 18, great sufferer several months  (item) Granby 7/27/1888
Rowe, William, age 66, Nov 28, served 15th NH Regt, was eccentric (item) Lemington 12/9/1887
Royce, H. S., Hon., age 66, Fri, of apoplexy, leaves widow & 3 children  (item) St. Albans 1/30/1885
Royce, Mercy, Mrs., June 10 East Charleston 6/18/1880
Russ, Arthur, about 28, 20th inst, struck by board thrown by saw Hartford 1/30/1885
Salter, A. W., last Fri., born Bath, NH, lived Barnet, VT & Dayton, OH  (item) Lunenburgh 8/20/1886
Sanborn, Sarah, Mrs., age 96 y 10 m, Oct 5, wid/o John Sanborn, died Southampton, MA, buried Kirby (item) West Concord 10/12/1888
Saucier, Alfred, young son, recently, of J. A. Saucier, fell into mill pond & under wheel Coventry 8/29/1884
Sawyer, __, Mrs., about 70, 24th inst, dau is Mrs. S. H. Bartlett, from a fall  (item) Bloomfield 3/1/1889
Sawyer, __, Mrs., last Sun., mother of L. H. Sawyer of Island Pond, buried here Bloomfield 3/1/1889
Sawyer, child, buried last Tues., of Luther Sawyer Island Pond 9/24/1886
Sawyer, Elijah, age 79, Feb 7  (item) Canaan of Pittsburg, NH 2/13/1880
Sawyer, Henry, age 19, Fri, load of logs rolled over and crushed him (item) Morgan Center 8/23/1889
Schoff, Orlando, age 75, Oct 2 Bloomfield 10/8/1880
Schoff, Orlando, old resident, buried last Sun., leaves widow  (item) Bloomfield 10/8/1880
Scott, Curtis, age 29, Aug 17, of consumption  (item) (item 7-30) Bloomfield 8/27/1886
Scott, Elsie, last Thurs., youngest child of Mark Scott, of canker rash  (item) Bloomfield 11/1/1889
Scott, Esmond, 26th ult, youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Scott, of lung fever Bloomfield 12/6/1889
Scott, infant son, Oct 15, of Rev. & Mrs. J. W. Scott West Concord 10/22/1886
Scott, James, 23d ult, walking on tracks and struck by train, buried Richmond, PQ (item) Richmond at I. Pond 10/2/1885
Scott, Mr., recently, father of Rev. Mr. Scott of Island Pond Glover 11/14/1884
Sheehan, Patrick, old citizen, last Tues., ill awhile,  "blind Pat"  (item) Island Pond 8/22/1884
Shoff, Daniel H., age 77, of dropsy, formerly of Brunswick, at Warren, Wisc Warren, Wisc 4/12/1889
Shoff, Daniel H., born Brunswick Jan 7, 1812, to Wisc in 1868, wife Fannie Stevens (obit) Warren, Wisc 4/12/1889
Shoff, George, died Feb 11, 1870, of Daniel & Fannie Shoff, prob died Wisc. Brunswick, VT 4/12/1889
Shores, __, Mrs., Feb 20, w/o John Shores, of paralysis  (item) Granby 3/1/1889
Shores, Lucinda E. (Austin), age 57 y 9 m 2 d, April 19, w/o C. A. J. Shores (item) Granby & Victory 4/26/1889
Shores, Mary, age 47, Feb 20, wife of John Shores Victory 3/8/1889
Shorky, Joseph, last seen May 30, body found in swamp, murdered? (item) Swanton 6/24/1887
Short, Edward, about 24, recently, of John M. Short, suicide at Niagara Falls Hartland 7/30/1880
Shurtleff, Nelson, age 24, Sept 18, of inflammation of the bowels Canaan 9/24/1880
Shute, Mrs., maybe March 9, dau/o Mrs. A. Bennett, was invalid, had baby (item) E. Charleston at NH 3/19/1880
Silsby, __, Mrs., funeral Sunday, w/o Joshua Silsby Lunenburgh 1/15/1886
Silsby, __, Mrs., recently, w/o Milo M. Silsby, died in Boston  (item) Lunenburg at Boston 6/29/1888
Silsby, Benjamin, age 71, July 16, very suddenly, leaves ill wife  (item) Lunenburgh 7/22/1887
Silsby, Ella F., age 30, Nov 28, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Silsby, Ella F., Miss, age 30, last Sat  (item) Lunenburg 12/4/1885
Silsby, George H., age 38, May 6, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Silsby, Harvey, last week, uncle of Mr. & Mrs. Gleason of Granby West Burke 11/15/1889
Silsby, J. W., about Thurs., of Mr. Levi Silsby, ill 3 months, died Boston  (item) Lunenburg at MA 7/30/1886
Silsby, Joseph W., age 40 y 5 m 26 d, July 26, of Levi & Susan Silsby of Lunenburg Crescent Beach of Boston 7/30/1886
Silsby, Joseph W., born 1846 Lunenburgh, 29th ult, of Hon. Levi Silsby  (obit) Lunenburgh at MA 8/6/1886
Silsby, Josephine, about 53, Jan 8, w/o Joshua Silsby, sis of Gottleib Breitling  (obit) Lunenburgh 1/29/1886
Silsby, Mary, age 32, Dec 20, leaves widowed mother, of typhoid fever (2 items) West Concord 12/25/1885
Silver, C. B., age 62 y 9 m, Feb 16, leaves widow & 1 son  (obit) Bloomfield 2/20/1885
Silver, Hattie A., born July 14, 1847 Bloomfield (buried here), died May 16 China, ME (item 6-10) Bloomfield at ME 5/27/1887
Silver, Jennie Laura, age 21, March 23, eldest dau of Albert A. Sliver (item 4/4) Derby 3/28/1884
Silver, S. N., Mrs., age 67, dau/o Gratio & Susanna Spencer, Mr. Silver died 1872 (obit) Lewiston, ME per Bloomfield 3/15/1889
Silver, S. N., Mrs., age 67, March 5, formerly of Bloomfield Lewiston, ME 3/15/1889
Sims, William H., age 66, Oct 22, leaves widow & 8 children, of heart disease  (item) Lemington 11/1/1889
Sivright, Willie, young man, March 5  (item) Derby 3/26/1880
Skinner, Mrs., Tues., mother of Mrs. L. H. Sawyer Island Pond 3/16/1888
Slyfield, __, Mrs., over 90, 18th ult, w/o John Slyfield, of heart disease (item) E. Charleston 12/3/1880
Small, J. S., Rev., recently, died suddenly while preaching at Londonderry Felchville 10/8/1880
Smith, __, Mrs., about 28, Aug 6, w/o David Smith Burke 8/15/1884
Smith, __, Mrs., about 50, last Tues., w/o James Smith  (item) Bloomfield 12/19/1884
Smith, __, Mrs., age 82, Nov 25, w/o Calvin Smith Lunenburgh 12/2/1887
Smith, __, Mrs., last Thurs., w/o David Smith  (item) Granby 8/13/1880
Smith, Edward, age 3, March 15, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Smith, Elijah, age 70, Fri., descendant of early pioneers of Smithstown (item) West Rutland 4/4/1884
Smith, Flora L., Mrs., age 27, Aug 5, dau of Deacon George Appleton Victory 8/13/1880
Smith, Harriet A., age 47 y 2 m 22 d, Nov 19, w/o Daniel M. Smith Brunswick, VT 12/3/1880
Smith, Jabez, Esq., age 73, May 1 Newark 5/8/1885
Smith, Joel, recently, formerly of Groveton, NH Lunenburgh 11/22/1889
Smith, Jonas N., Hon., age 79, 6th inst  (item) Addison 3/14/1884
Smith, Joseph, Rev., age 79, Jan 3 Bangor, ME 1/18/1889
Smith, Joseph, Rev., recently, married Mrs. Elizabeth Morse in 1882 (item) Island Pond 1/18/1889
Smith, Julia, age 53, May 26, wife of George Smith Island Pond 5/30/1884
Smith, Laura J. Lane, age 43, July 21, w/o Ransom O. Smith Lunenburgh 7/30/1886
Smith, Lyman, age 95, Aug 9, born Lyndon, wife died 30 yrs ago  (obit) Island Pond at Lyndon 8/19/1887
Smith, Melissa, age 49 y 11 m, Jan 11, wid/o Samuel Smith Brighton 1/16/1885
Smith, Nellie A., age 3 y 3 m, May 23, of Byron & Flora A. Smith Maidstone 6/6/1884
Smith, R. O., Mrs., age 43, July 22, after long & painful illness Lunenburg 7/30/1886
Smith, son, age 3, last week, of M/M Cornelius Smith, of pneumonia Lunenburg 3/27/1885
Snow, Angelo, about 30, buried Friday  (item) Lunenburg 1/16/1885
Snow, Angelo, age 30, Jan 18, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Snow, D. F., Mon., died from cancer, leaves wife  (item) Lunenburgh 6/25/1886
Snow, Daniel F., age 79, June 21, born Keene, NH Sept 26, 1807 (obit) Lunenburg 7/16/1886
Snow, Harriet, born April 17, 1812, died 14th inst, w/o Dr. Lewis Snow (item) N. Stratford, NH 4/27/1888
Snow, Phebe, Mrs., last Sat., died suddenly, widow of Zenas Snow (item) Lunenburgh 11/22/1889
Snow, Zenas, age 85, Sept 27 Lunenburgh 10/1/1886
Spaulding, Charles C., last Fri., prob fell from staging and broke his neck (item) Cavendish 6/12/1885
Spencer, Caroline, Mrs., age 74, 20th, only child was J. C. Spencer  (item) West Concord 8/30/1889
Spencer, Gratis, Mrs., age 87, 21st inst, son is William Spencer  (item) Bloomfield 7/29/1887
Spencer, Ira L., age 34 y 6 m, Aug 2, funeral last Sun  (item) West Concord 8/10/1888
Spencer, J. W., Rev., age 77, 28th ult  (item) North Concord 4/5/1889
Spiller, son, age 9, Fri, of George Spiller, load of logs rolled over and crushed him (item) Island Pond ? 8/23/1889
Sprague, Charles, last Thurs., killed by falling tree  (item) Canaan 4/2/1886
Springer, Lucy A., Mrs., Wed., stricken with paralysis on her way home from church Lunenburgh 4/23/1886
St. John, John P. (history) born Guildhall, moved west 40 years ago Guildhall 1/30/1885
Stanley, __, Mrs., funeral July 10, w/o John Stanley Maidstone 7/15/1887
Staples, John, about 77, last Fri, dau Mrs. Russell Fuller  (obit) Bloomfield 10/26/1888
Starbuck, Gilbert, recently, of diphtheria Pownal 9/25/1885
Starr, Edwin C., Fri., brother is Parley Starr of Brattleboro Jacksonville 10/17/1884
Steady, infant child, last Sun, of Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Steady Island Pond 2/1/1889
Stevens, __, Mrs., about 80, last week, w/o Otis Stevens, mom/o Mrs. George Horr (item) I Pond at Norway, ME 6/28/1889
Stevens, __, Mrs., last Mon, w/o C. G. Stevens, of convulsions, buried E. Charleston Island Pond 5/24/1889
Stevens, Alice, age 6 m, Sept 30, of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Stevens Bloomfield 10/8/1886
Stevens, C. D., Mrs., age 56, Dec 30, of asthma & heart problems  (item) East Charleston 1/4/1889
Stevens, C. G., Mr., about 55, last Wed  (item) E. Charleston 8/2/1889
Stevens, Caroline, age 77 y 7 m, Dec 12, wid/o William Stevens  (item) Bloomfield 12/17/1886
Stevens, Charley, age 8, last week, drowned while bathing North Hero 8/20/1886
Stevens, E. B., Mrs., last Sat., liver problems, Mr. died 6 years ago at mill  (item) Island Pond 6/8/1888
Stevens, I. D., aged citizen, funeral on the 5th inst, son is C. G. Stevens East Charleston 7/23/1886
Stevens, Ichabod, age 80 y 11 m, 22d ult  (item) Bloomfield 5/2/1884
Stevens, J. D., Mrs., June 15, of typhoid pneumonia East Charleston 6/19/1885
Stevens, Mary E. (Marston), age 45 y 6 m, May 20, w/o C. G. Stevens Island Pond 5/24/1889
Stevens, Nellie May, age 8 y 10 m, Dec 20, of R. P. & Melissa S. Stevens East Charleston 1/4/1884
Stevens, Sarah A. (Caswell), Mrs., age 62 y lacking 16 days, June 2 Island Pond 6/8/1888
Stevens, Sullivan, age 88, Oct 27, early settler East Charleston 11/1/1889
Stevens, W. W., age 55, 8th inst, married Mary Thrasher & widow Bartlett (obit) Bloomfield at Mich 4/16/1886
Stewart, Catharine, age 82, Jan 13, wid/o Horace Stewart Beebe Plain 1/18/1889
Stewart, Emera, age 76, May 21, feeble for 6 years  (item) Derby 5/28/1886
Stoddard, A. B., 14th inst., in poor health several years  (item) East Charleston 9/26/1884
Stokes, Rachel, 7th inst., w/o F. M. Stokes, died in Boston in care of Dr. (item) E. Charleston at MA 12/23/1887
Stokes, Warren, recently, bro of Dr. Stokes (item) I. Pond at Boston 6/22/1888
Stone, Horace, 25th ult, ill a long time Lunenburgh 6/4/1886
Storey, Edna L. Sartwell, age 23, Jan 25, w/o Charles D. Storey, born Swanton (item) Lunenburg 2/8/1884
Story, Hattie, Miss, last Tues.  (item) Victory 12/3/1886
Story, Mrs., (thanks) Charles D. Story, Mrs. J. R. Story & T. B. Sartwell Canaan 2/8/1884
Story, Mrs., Sat., after brief illness, leaves husband & kids, buried Colebrook, NH Lunenburg of NH 2/1/1884
Stowell, Hattie S., age 12, last Mon?, leaves father & 2 sister & 1 brother (item) S. Paris, ME of I Pond 11/14/1884
Stowell, Hattie, Miss, age 21 y 7 m, Nov 3 S. Paris, ME of I Pond 11/14/1884
Strathern, __, Mrs., last Mon, w/o James Strathern, of rheumatism & consumption (item) Island Pond 1/9/1885
Strathern, Elizabeth, age 43, Jan 5, w/o James Strathern, d/o late Thomas Brownley (item) Island Pond 1/9/1885
Strickland, Horace, almost 84, Sat, ran iron foundry  (item) Bradford 8/15/1884
Strong, Solome, last Tues., w/o L. S. Strong, of quinsy  (item) Island Pond 10/24/1884
Stuart, Maggie, Miss, prob last week, worked at Stewart House Broughton, PQ 8/13/1886
Sutton, D. W., last Tues., accidentally shot himself while getting out of boat (item) Norton 10/16/1885
Swayne, Mrs., recently, of consumption, boarded at Essex House 2 yrs ago Western Virginia 3/18/1887
Sweat, __, Mrs., age 79, last Sat., w/o Daniel Sweat, in poor health, drowned herself (item) S. Columbia 5/18/1888
Sweatman, William, age 60, last Fri, suicide by laudanum, body donated for science Montpelier  1/23/1885
Swetland, Roxy, Miss, age 78 y 8 m, Jan 23, at bro-in-law's Levi Pinney Island Pond 1/29/1886
Swetland, Roxy, Miss, recently, sister of Mrs. Levi Pinney Island Pond 1/29/1886
Symes, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Wm Symes, dau Jeanette, son Wm, buried Lunenburg Boston   4/24/1885
Symes, Agnes, Miss, recently, d/o late Wm Symes, bro's Wm & Robert of Boston (item) Lunenburg at Mich 4/25/1884
Taft, __, Mrs., Sat., w/o Henry Taft, took rat poison Woodstock 3/27/1885
Taggard, Abigail, Mrs., age 88 y 8 m, Jan 29 Island Pond 2/4/1887
Taggard, Abigail, Mrs., nearly 89, last Sat, granddau is Mrs. B. M. Dale (item) Island Pond 2/4/1887
Tassil, Robert, last Thurs., frozen to death on Lake Champlain, drunk (item)(1/30 error) N. Hero & Swanton 1/23/1885
Taupier, Michel, 14th inst, killed by board thrown from saw, leaves wife & 2 kids (item) Norton Mills 4/25/1884
Taylor, Charity, Mrs., age 85, recently, colored lady, son is a Prof. at Liberia College Rutland 2/27/1885
Taylor, Charles, age 22, last Thurs., crushed between slabs of marble (item) West Rutland 10/23/1885
Taylor, Ezra, age 21, Aug 7, of consumption Lunenburgh 8/12/1887
Taylor, Reuben, age 86, Wed., died in Chicago, native of Alburgh, VT  (item) Alburgh at Chicago 5/16/1884
Taylor, Truman, age 52, Jan 2 Thetford 1/9/1885
Tenney, Edna Steele, age 81 y 11 m, Sept 15, wid/o Rev Samuel Tenney Coaticook, PQ 9/24/1880
Thayer, W., Mr., last Fri., buried at Lisbon, NH Victory 2/3/1888
Therrian, Pierre, age 63, Jan 18, of pleurisy Island Pond 1/27/1888
Thomas, __, Mrs., Sept 21, w/o Dexter Thomas, of consumption Lunenburgh 10/2/1885
Thomas, Diana Hamblet, Fri, w/o George C. Thomas, after brief illness (item) Island Pond 3/22/1889
Thomas, Esther W. Ames, age 52, Dec 2, w/o Chester Thomas Lunenburg 12/10/1880
Thomas, Lena M., age 15, Aug 8, of consumption Lunenburgh 8/13/1886
Thomas, Mary, age 49, Dec 21, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Thomas, Phillip, age 82, Sept 27, died suddenly Lunenburgh 10/1/1886
Thomas, Susie, age 11 y 8 m, Feb 24, dau of Orson M. & Amelia Thomas Brighton 3/1/1889
Thomas, Susie, Sun., eldest dau/o Orson Thomas, suddenly took ill and died soon (item) Island Pond 3/1/1889
Thompson, David William, age 2(6) y 11 m, April 18 North Concord 4/29/1887
Thompson, youngest child, last Wed., of Robert Thompson, of croup Island Pond 10/11/1889
Tibbetts, George, last Tues., suicide by shooting himself  (item) Island Pond 6/5/1885
Tincare, Miss, died last week   West Concord 9/9/1887
Titus, infant son, last Thurs., of Mr. & Mrs. L. M. Titus Bloomfield 6/18/1886
Titus, infant, buried today at Stratford, of Mr. & Mrs. L. M. Titus Bloomfield 8/19/1887
Titus, little son's body moved from Bloomfield cem to Stratford, of L. M. Titus Bloomfield 8/19/1887
Tobin, William, about 22, Aug 2, possibly murdered, run over by train (long item) Norton Mills 8/8/1884
Towns, Charles, age 69, Fri, invalid past year, had run Island House hotel (item) Bellows Falls 2/20/1885
Towns, Laura, Mrs., age about 21, Feb 23 North Concord 3/5/1880
Tracy, Edwin, body found Wed., eccentric man  (item) Essex Jct 11/7/1884
Trask, Sarah M., age 79 y 1 m 22 d, May 7, leaves 4 sons (full obit) Canaan 5/23/1884
Troujeon, Edward, last Sat., died at father's, of typhoid fever  (item) Brighton 9/30/1887
Turner, Mr., last week, father of F. A. Turner of Lunenburg Derby 10/26/1888
Tute, Amelia, age 22, Oct 16, wife of John Tute Concord 10/25/1889
Tuttle, Charles M., Dr., last Fri., ill only a week  (item) Littleton, NH 5/20/1887
Tuttle, George A., age 69, Sat Rutland 1/9/1885
Tyler, J. Porter, born May 15, 1825 Waterford of James & Philura Tyler (obit) VT at Deering, ME 8/20/1880
Valley, Adeline, Miss, age 21, May 11, dau of Leon Valley, of consumption Lunenburg 5/21/1880
Valley, dau, recently, little dau of Mr. & Mrs. Ammi Valley Lunenburgh 11/1/1889
Valley, F. N., Mrs., last Tues., leaves husband & six children Lunenburgh 9/20/1889
Vilas, Curtis, age 82, March 23  (item) West Concord 4/1/1887
Waite, Franklin, Hon., age 71, 4th, native of Windsor Cty, VT, died Mankato, Minn. (item) VT at Minn 3/14/1884
Walker, Woodbury J., Sun., hit over head with a club by William Lovell  (item) Cavendish 2/20/1885
Walter, dau, about 14 mos, Sept 17, of Mr. & Mrs. S. H. Walter East Haven 9/23/1887
Walter, H. B., about 71, Sept 2 Newark 9/11/1885
Walter, Sheldon C., age 38, Feb 2 Newark 2/13/1880
Walters, Shelden C., funeral recently East Haven 2/13/1880
Warden, James, age 71, May 18, buried Barnet his former home, ill over a year  (item) West Concord 5/25/1888
Ware, Loammi, 19th inst, fell down stairs and fractured skull  (item) Brattleboro 9/23/1887
Warren, Charles, age 73 y 6 m 24 d, March 24, of lung fever & pneumonia Island Pond 4/9/1880
Warren, Charles, age about 72, March 25 Island Pond 4/2/1880
Washburn, Zephaniah, age 85, buried last Sun  (item) Guildhall 6/18/1886
Washburne, Zephie, Oct 13, thrown off load of lumber, run over and killed (item) Maidstone 10/23/1885
Waters, Jeremiah, 10th inst, leaves widow & 3 children, died Northampton, MA  (item) Island Pond at MA 8/19/1887
Watkins, Ernest, age 22 y 4 m 14 d, Aug 28, of George & Sarah Watkins (item) Bloomfield at Canaan 9/3/1886
Watts, Sarah, Mrs., 10th inst, formerly Sarah McClellan, suicide by hanging (item) Troy & Jay 10/22/1886
Webb, Susan E., 2d inst, wid/o Greenlief Webb, son is Frank Hall, buried Northumberland Guildhall at Maine 7/16/1886
Webster, J. C., taken violently insane 2 weeks ago, died last Sat. Lunenburg at Bakersfield 9/9/1887
Weeks, Gennett, Mrs., age 79, July 17, w/o Samuel Weeks (obit) Canaan 8/2/1889
Weeks, Wm D., Hon., age 67, Feb 27, after protracted illness Coos Cty, NH 3/6/1885
Wells, __, Mrs., recently, funeral last Sun., wife of Charles Wells Granby 8/3/1888
Wells, __, Mrs., recently, w/o C. Wells, died in Maine, buried E. St. Johnsbury (items) W. Concord at ME 7/27/1888
Wells, Edith L., age 5, Feb 24, dau of Joseph Wells, congestion of the lungs (item) Granby 3/2/1888
Wells, Mary Ann (Metcalf), age 82 y 4 m, May 15, born Keene, w/o O. B. Wells (obit) Granby 5/31/1889
Wescott, S. S., and little son [Feb 5], killed when train went off bridge Hartford, VT 2/11/1887
Westover, Daniel, Col., age 77, Jan 13, son is Rev. Wm. Westover of I. Pond  (item) Frelighsburg, PQ 1/22/1886
Westover, Hyde, age 91, recently, fought at Battle of Plattsburgh Castleton 9/3/1886
Wheaton, 2 children, recently, of Charles Wheaton, of diphtheria  (item) West Concord 6/15/1888
Wheaton, Charlie, age 4 y, June 4, of M/M Charles Wheaton West Concord 6/15/1888
Wheaton, Willie, age 1 y 6 m, June 1, of M/M Charles Wheaton West Concord 6/15/1888
Wheeler, Clara Augusta, age 6, 25th inst, of Alger & Hannah Wheeler, of diphtheria Stratford Hollow 12/31/1880
Wheeler, S. S., funeral last Sat East Charleston 7/23/1886
Whipple, Allen, age 20, Oct 29, 1885 Lunenburgh 2/19/1886
Whipple, Joel, age 80, Sun East Concord 12/4/1885
White, Bridget, about 19, 1st inst., dau of Ed. White, of consumption Island Pond 5/10/1889
White, James D., last Mon., crossed in front of train, fell and run over  (item) Island Pond 11/19/1880
White, Mabelle, Sept 10, of Wm. A. & Ellen C. White, of consumption (item) Lunenburgh 9/17/1886
White, Mary Ellen, age 10 y 9 m 15 d, Dec 15, of M/M Thomas White, typhoid fever Island Pond 12/18/1885
White, Patrick, age 74, Jan 14, father of Thomas White of Island Pond Nicolet, PQ 1/29/1886
White, Thomas, Oct 27 Island Pond 1/7/1887
White, William A., Hon., Tues, leaves widow, dau & 2 sons  (item) Lunenburg 7/8/1887
Wiggin, Eliza J., age 51, March 9, w/o Frank Wiggin, d/o late Warren Mansur Sleepy Eye, Minn 3/20/1885
Wilcox, Philena (Senter), age 90, Jan 15, wid/o John M. Wilcox Morgan 1/18/1889
Wilde, Harry, age 6, last Sat., grandson of Peter Guimlett, took poison (item) Island Pond 4/1/1887
Willard, Julius Alphonso, Sept 9, of Rev. John Willard, wife Almyra Cady (obit) Lunenburgh at Chicago 11/14/1884
Willard, Mrs., last Sat., mother of H. H. Willard & Mrs. Charles Rich Guildhall 9/11/1885
Willard, Mrs., would have been 90 on next birthday, two weeks ago Guildhall 9/18/1885
Willey, infant child, last Wed., of Henry Willey Island Pond 8/13/1886
Willey, Perkins, old citizen, Jan 10 Derby 1/23/1880
Willey, William C., age 43, May 29 Canaan 6/7/1889
Willey, William C., May 29, leaves widowed mother  (item) Lemington & S. Canaan 6/7/1889
Williams, Azarias (history), born Sheffield Eng., June 5, 1765, to USA 1786 (item) Concord 1/11/1884
Williams, Azarias (more history) Concord 1/18/1884
Williams, Frank, age 34, May 12, buried Gorham, leaves widow & 2 sons, of meningitis (item) Island Pond 5/18/1888
Williams, Freddie, age 5 y 6 m, Dec 9, of L. T. & Martha Williams, of croup (item) Bloomfield 12/19/1884
Williams, Leonard, last Mon., very suddenly of heart disease  (item) Portland, ME 6/19/1885
Williams, W. S., last Sun., collector of Customs at Coaticook Island Pond 5/29/1885
Williamson, Leslie G., Oct 28, of hemorrhage, invalid many years  (item) Concord 11/1/1889
Willis, John E., killed about 4 years ago on rail road - law suit  (item) Island Pond 12/10/1880
Wills, William, last Sat., dropped dead of heart disease S. Tunbridge 9/16/1887
Wilmarth, Lucia, Mrs., last Tues., from over exertion in shoveling snow Clarendon 2/8/1889
Wilson, __, Mrs., age 93, 24th ult, wid/o Alexander Wilson  (item) West Concord 1/11/1889
Wilson, __, Mrs., last week, w/o Oscar Wilson, of consumption (item) Granby 5/14/1880
Wilson, Robert, age 19 y 1 m, Aug 14, son of William & Elizabeth Wilson Westmore 8/21/1885
Wing, [Catherine], age 61, 1st inst, w/o Calvin Wing, (item)  [buried Essex] Island Pond 12/7/1888
Winslow, John, about 18, 24th ult, inflammation of the bowels E. Charleston 12/3/1880
Winslow, Maynard C., age 5 y 10 m 20 d, July 23, of Rev. J. H. & Olie M. Winslow (item) Lunenburgh 8/3/1888
Witherspoon, Andrew, Rev. Dr., 9th inst, past pastor of M.E. Church, St. Albans Williamsburg, KA 2/27/1885
Wolcott, Hiram, 20th inst., leaves widow & 3 children  (item) East Charleston 8/24/1888
Wolcott, Marsha, age 15, Aug 26, of J. H. & C. Wolcott, of general debility (item) East Charleston 9/3/1880
Woodbury, L. A., last Fri., stomach tumor, leaves widow & 7 children (obit) Island Pond 8/5/1887
Woodbury, Louis A., age 61 y 27 d, July 29 Island Pond 8/5/1887
Woodman, Lucenia, age 57 y 5 m, Oct 8, w/o Abiel F. Woodman, at Portland, ME  (item) Island Pond 10/12/1888
Woodward, Elmer, age 17, Jan 6, adopted son of M/M Curtis Woodward (item) West Concord 1/11/1889
Woodward, J., Mr., (history) vice Consel at Coaticook for 10 years Coaticook 12/24/1886
Wooster, Fanny, Mrs., age 84, Feb 26, of pneumonia, leaves 4 children (item) West Burke & Granby 3/16/1888
Wright, Flora A., Miss, age 19, Jan 29 Lunenburg 1/25/1884
Wright, Frank, age 24, Nov 6, son of late Beriah Wright Concord 11/16/1888
Wright, Mamie, age 8, March 20, dau of late Beriah & Mrs. Mary Wright Concord 3/29/1889
Wright, Mamie, age 8, recently, dau/o Mrs. Beriah Wright West Concord 3/29/1889
Young, __, Mrs., 15th inst, wid/o Allen Young, from illness & surgery (item) Pittsburg at Portland 11/23/1888
Young, Hannah, Mrs., age 52, July 18 South Victory 7/30/1880
Young, Sarah, age 101, recently, widow of Ira Young, born Athol, MA  (item) Orwell 10/17/1884
Young, son, age 12, last Fri., of Austin Young, tried to jump onto moving train  (item) Norton  3/27/1885

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