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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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The majority of these are only a partial list of students
Town - Students
& Teachers & School District
Issue Date & Students & Teachers
East Charleston - Dist #9 8/2/1878
Hall, Miss Arminda of Holland 13 students
Applebee, Cora Buck, Morris
Buck, May Buck, John
King, Rosa Canning, Hinman
King, Sarah Tyler, Edward
King, Louisa Buck, Genie
Stoddard, Eva Buck, Leon
Stoddard, Flora  
Island Pond 8/23/1878
Norcross, Mr. E. F  
Mansur, Miss Mary A. over the river
Bartlett, Miss Jennie intermediate on the hill
Foss, Miss Lela A.B.C. school
Island Pond 7/25/1879
School #3 Spring Term Graded School - Intermediate Dept
Mansur, Miss M. A. - Teacher Mansur, Miss E. A.
not absent no marks
Chesney, Blanche Foley, Eliza
Chesney, Grace Foley, Delia
Mole, Ella Mansur, Mabel
Percival, Ruby Ladd, Myrtie
Chesney, Walter Vallie, Andrew
Chesney, Spencer Vallie, Charlie
Farmer, Frank King, Chester
Kimball, Harry  
only absent because of illness  
Farmer, Nellie  
Houghton, Bella  
Dechene, Roy  
Island Pond 8/8/1879
School #4 Spring Term  
no marks only absent because of illness
Vallee, Johnnie Whitcomb, Elmer
Vallee, Emma Whitcomb, Bertie
Bachant, Nettie Carpenter, Johnnie
Maroney, Maggie Rinell, Martin
Haley, Eva  
Rinell, Joe  
Island Pond - Primary School 11/21/1879
no marks Dyer, A. L. - Teacher
Cole, Willie no marks
Carpenter, John Clarke, Edith
Haley, John Haley, Eva
Noyes, Eddie Aldrich, Blanche
Maloney, Jimmy Ames, Sadie
Cheney, Adrian Bartlett, Lizzie
Fowler, Frank only absent because of illness
Whitcomb, Bertie Whitcomb, Elmer
Bachant, George Aldrich, Bertie
Bachant, Netty Pillsbury, Kalie
Flynn, Lizzie Davis, Lottie
Kilpatrick, Sadie Sadlier, Ethel
Hill, Persis Skillings, Bernice
Maroney, Maggie  
Island Pond - #5 12/5/1879
Mansur, Miss Mary A. - Teacher total students - 59
no marks highest grades
Chesney, Blanche Davis, Willie
Chesney, Grace Ladd, Harry
Chesney, Walter Ducharme, Albert
Chesney, Spencer Chesney, Blanche
Davis, Willie Devoe, Ellen
Davis, Fred Willoughby, Jennie
Davis, Harry Willoughby, Anna
Kimball, Harry Willoughby, Maggie
Kimball, Bertie Woodbury, Walker
Woodbury, Hannah Cole, Delia
Woodbury, Allie Chesney, Grace
Cole, Delia  
Ladd, Nettie  
Hunter, Ruth  
Currier, Willie  
Island Pond 12/5/1879
Graded School - Intermediate Dept no tardy marks
Mansur, E. A. - Teacher Foley, Eliza
  Foley, Delia
no marks Valley, Charlie
Mansur, Mabel Blake, Elbridge
Sa__er, Freddie Steady, Georgie
King, Chester Flaherty, Martin
Cabana, Elmer Flaherty, Willie
Scott, Evalona White, Jimmie
absent 1/2 day Foley, Martin
Cabana, Karl Curran, Bartley
Island Pond 12/12/1879
High School no marks
Term - Sept 9 to Nov 5 Robinson, Alice G.
Brown, Fannie O. - Teacher Storrs, Carl R.
no marks Horr, Percy W.
Morse, Eolia A. Garland, Edmund T.
Tossier, Ardelle R. Hanson, Eugene A.
Adams, Mabel S. Sadlier, Malcolm
King, Maude I. N.  
Island Pond - #4 2/20/1880
not absent Dyer, A. L., - Teacher
Cole, Willie Whitcomb, Elmer
Cheney, Adrian Whitcomb, Bertie
Chevalier, Grosvenor Bachant, Nettie
Davis, Dana Flynn, Lizzie
Haley, John Haley, Eva
Jock, Fugena Hill, Persis
Maloney, James Kilpatrick, Sadie
Maloney, Steve Pillsbury, Katie
Noys, Eddie Sadler, Ethel
Street, Charles Vallee, Emma
Vallee, John Wilmot, Maud
Island Pond - High School 2/20/1880
no marks - higher dept Jenne, L. M. - Teacher
Brown, Jennie no marks - higher dept
Ladd, Nettie Connolly, Michael
Robinson, Alice Sadlier, Malcolm
Adams, Mabel Steady, Eddie
Gill, Bridget Chase, Guildford
Gray, Lillie  
Tracy, Margaret 10 highest scores
Connary, Nora Storrs, Carl
Fletcher, Elsie Bartlett, Elvin
Woodbury, Winnifred Cunningham, Joseph
Graves, Etta Horr, Percy
Horr, Percy Morse, Eola
Dale, Porter Currier, Alice
Tracy, Thomas Ladd, Abbie
Davis, Willie Tozier, Ardelle
Foss, Eugene Foss, Lela
Hanson, Eugene Woodbury, Winnifred
Cunningham, James Ladd, Hattie
Island Pond - #7 2/27/1880
no marks Hobson, N. M. - Teacher
Chesney, Blanche highest scores
Chesney, Grace Beaumier, Victor
Chesney, Walter Bixby, Gene
Chesney, Spencer Hull, Agnes
Moye, Etta Chesney, Blanche
Kimball, Harry McGuire, Bridget
Woodbury, Alfred  
Lemere, Joseph  
Dechene, Roy  
Island Pond  Dist #3 7/16/1880
no marks Cate, Miss Ina B. - Teacher
Streeter, Katie no marks
Cheney, Roy Chaffee, Willie
Stevens, Freddy Moulton, Alma
Wolcott, Nellie Stevens, Lena
Wolcott, Olive absent because ill
Stoddard, Claytie Davis, Lester
Goodwin, Harley Cheney, Anna
Brunswick 8/13/1880
Gardner, Miss Isabel - Teacher  
no marks  
Schoff, Lilla M. Johnson, Derward
Johnson, Jessie E. Johnson, Charles F.
Bickford, Katie Schoff, Guy H.
East Charleston #9 9/17/1880
Adams, Miss Sadie of Topsham - teacher  
no marks Stoddard, Eva A.
Applebee, Cora Buck, Leon G.
Cummings, Nellie E. Buck, Genie
West Concord - higher dept 11/19/1880
Kinney, Lavisa - Teacher no marks
not absent Cutting, Anson
Brooks, Ida Stevens, Freddie
Reed, Carrie Dow, Clara
Burroughs, Bertha Brooks, Ina
Smith, Lottie Stevens, Linnie
Stevens, Linnie Stockwell, Jennie
Reed, Willie Douse, Lenna
Bailey, Chester Ball, Florence
  Dudley, Lizzie
  Burroughs, Bertha
  Cutting, Ursula
North Stratford, NH  1/25/1884 
70 students by grades
no marks Parnell, John
Stevens, Perley Kugelman, Levi
Stevens, Mary Hapgood, Emma
Twohey, Willie Twohey, Willie
Danforth, Kittie Dowd, Lizzie
out one day Twohey, Minnie
Hinman, Harvey Nelson, Rosie
Hapgood, Ella Hapgood, Ella
Parnell, Mary Blodgett, Charlie
  Osborne, John
by grades Hinman, Harvey
Moses, Elmon Moses, Mertie
Stevens, Julia Tewksbury, Junie
Danforth, Kittie Christie, Willie
Island Pond - #4 Primary 3/7/1884
Murphy, Mary P. - Teacher absent 2 & 3 days
no marks Riley, Ida
Norton, Curtis Street, Fred
Riley, Jennie Finnegan, Agnes
Whitcomb, Harry Whitcomb, Eva
Jacque, Willie Haley, Willie
absent 1 day Sloan, John
Sadleir, Dora Foley, Andrew
White, Eddie Scholes, Joe
Tracey, Edward Scholes, Dannie
Tracey, Arthur Carroll, Sadie
Island Pond High School 6/20/1884
not absent Robertson, S. W. - Principal
King, Chester 49 students
Lyon, Edward other students
Mansur, Arthur Flaherty, Bridget
Hall, Agnes Gill, Katie
Hill, Alice Vallee, Charles
Mansur, Mabel Woodbury, Hannah
Richardson, Katie  
Island Pond #2 7/11/1884
Bartlett, L. Murphy, T.
Blake, A. Noyes, E.
Clarke, A. Precourt, A.
Craine, J. Richardson, H.
Craine, T. Sadleir, A.
Dunne, M. Sadleir, E.
Foley, K. Steady, F.
Flaherty, P. Storrs, G.
Gill, J. Street, L.
Haley, J. Vallee, J.
Hill, P. Whitcomb, E.
Hodsden, H. White, J.
Lyon, M. White, T.
Bartlett, Jennie E. - Teacher  
Island Pond #3 7/18/1884
42 students no absent marks
Murphy, May P. - Teacher Sadleir, Dora
not tardy Whitcomb, Harry
Aldrich, Bertie Whitcomb, Bertie
Aldrich, Blanche Davis, Lottie
Dunbar, Marion Finnigan, Willie
Norton, Grace Nicholson, Jimmie
Precourt, Katie Strathern, Alice
Warner, Georgie Tracy, Edward
Flaherty, Patsy Tracy, Julia
  Reeve, Willie
  Dunbar, Vida
  White, John
  Danforth, Ida
Bloomfield #2 7/25/1884
no marks  
Fuller, Earle Clough, Daisy
Bloomfield #1 2/20/1885
Cole, Maud M. of W. Charleston - Teacher  
French,, Sophia L. of Brunswick - Teacher  
students in Higher grade - 36  
no tardy marks one mark
Perkins, Viola S. Schoff, Cora E.
Schoff, Ina C. Welcome, Mattie
Perkins, Mabel H. Monahan, Annie
Perkins, Georgia Locke, Fanny
Tebbetts, Alice M. Locke, Myrtle
Tolland, May Welcome, Ida
Smith, Lizzie Schoff, Carrie
Perkins, Enoch Jollbert, Willie
high marks in spelling Osborne, James
Spencer, Lucinda Keach, Archie
Perkins, Mabel Smith, Charles
Osborne, John not absent
Schoff, Cora Spencer, Lucinda
Perkins, Viola Jollbert, Willie
Osborne, James  
Tolland, May  
Schoff, Ina C.  
students in Lower grades - 28  
no tardy marks not absent
Schoff, Floyd G. Hemore, Mary
Schoff, Leslie G. Johnson, Lula
Tolland,, Frank St. Peter, Annie
Johnson, Lula Schoff, Lulie
Smith, Annie M. Schoff, Floyd
Johnson, Leon  
Island Pond - Dist #3 7/10/1885
Whitcomb, Miss - Teacher no whispering marks
no marks Morse, Florence
Martin, Jennie E. Schoff, Arthur
Davis, Carrie A. Schoff, Orland
Matthews, Annie M. Matthews, Mary
Matthews, Mary A. Matthews, Nellie
Morse, Florence Morse, Alice
Nason, Delia Holbrook, Percy
Martin, Sumner T. Holbrook, Bessie
Martin, Mansel J. Morse, Burt S.
Morse, Lewis A.  
Island Pond - Dist #2 7/10/1885
not absent  
Chandler, Maude Fuller, W. Earle
Bloomfield - Dist #4 8/7/1885
Matthews, Miss Abbie - teacher 12 students
no marks high grades
Fuller, Lutie Fuller, Lutie
Rowell, Willard Wood, Katie
Rowell, Warren Bowker, Eben
Rowell, Archie Rowell, Percy
Rowell, Percy Rowell, Willard
not tardy Cole, Percy
Bowker, Eben Rowell, Warren
Spencer, Minnie Rowell, Archie
Spencer, Willie  
Island Pond 8/28/1885
Village Schools - 1,2,3,4,5,6,& 12  
Hobson Dist 8  
Smith Dist 9  
Davis Dist 10  
Butters Dist 11  
Storrs Dist 13  
Bloomfield - Dist #1 8/31/1885
Cole, Miss Maude M. of W. Charleston - teacher  
Rhynes, Miss Hannah of Columbia, NH - teacher  
higher grade - not absent  
Spencer, Lurinda higher grade - highest marks
Perkins, Viola Shoff, Carrie M.
Shoff, Carrie Day, Ira L.
Shoff, Leslie Trufant, Alice
Shoff, Floyd Spencer, Lurinda
higher grade - not tardy Locke, Fanny
Spencer, Lurinda Perkins, Viola S.
Trufant, Alice Shoff, Cora E.
Welcome, Mattie Welcome, Ida
Marotte, Julia Welcome, Alseed
Shoff, Cora Nugent, Fred
Shoff, Carrie Shoff, Leslie
Tibbetts, Alice  
Day, Ira  
Traverse, Archie  
Lower Grade - total students 43 lower grade - not tardy
lower grade - not absent  Brooks, Hannah
Johnson, Lulu Hicks, Mamie
O'Donnell, Lizzie Johnson, Lulu
St. Peter, Annie St. Peter, Annie
O'Donnell, May Brooks, Florence
Brooks, Florence Olarty, Rosa
Brooks, Fred Busha, Josie
Brooks, James Marotte, Adeline
lower grade - highest marks Gray, Nellie
Dolly, Mary Smith, Charlie
O'Donnell, Mary Berson, Joseph
Johnson, Lula St. Peter, Napoleon
O'Donnell, James Johnson, Leon
Brooks, Hannah Tolland, Frank
Berson, Amy Gray, Elmer
Tolland, Frank Berson, Albert
  Osborne, Eddie
  Berson, Peter
  Carlisle, Sammy
  Blodgett, Guy
  Brooks, James
Norton  9/11/1885
Chesney, Miss - Teacher    (38 students) not tardy
not absent Glenday, Minnie
Glenday, Minnie Nelson, Gertie
Conway, May Jones, Bertie
Conway, Nellie Donivan, Lizzie
Pierce, Herbert Pechet, Peter
Evers, Charley Pechet, Johnny
Jones, Bertie Potter, Ernest
High marks Potter, Louis
Nelson, Gertie Potter, Willie
Glenday, Minnie O'Donnell, Tommy
McClure, Bertha O'Donnell, Georgie
Conway, May Moran, Paul
Conway, Nellie Evers, Oney
Bishop, Jane Evers, Frank
Potter, Willie Evers, Michael
Carpenter, Johnny  
Jones, Bertie  
McClure, Mattie  
Nelson, Minnie  
Bishop, Willie  
Bloomfield Dist #1 12/11/1885
Cole, Maude M. of W. Charleston - Teacher Upper Dept - not tardy
Rhynes, H. of Columbia, NH - Teacher Spencer, Lou
Upper Dept - absent 1 day or less (total students 34) Trufant, Alice
Spencer, Lou Shoff, Cora
Shoff, Cora Shoff, Carrie
Shoff, Carrie Shoff, Leslie
Shoff, Ina Tebbetts, Alice
Shoff, Floyd Monahan, Emma
Welcome, Mattie Brooks, Hannah
Welcome, Ida Johnson, Lula
Welcome, Alseed Day, Ira
Trufant, Alice Cole, Percy
Perkins, Viola St. Peter, Fred
Monahan, Annie  
Monahan, Emma Upper Dept - High Marks
Locke, Myrtle Day, Ira
Brooks, Hannah Spencer, Lou
Day, Ira Trufant, Alice
Jollbert, Willie Perkins, Viola
Lower Dept - not tardy Monahan, Emma
Brooks, Fred Shoff, Carrie
Brooks, James  
Brooks, Florence Lower Dept - not absent
Brooks, Peter Tolland, Frank
Brooks, Johnny Nugent, Winnie
Tolland, Frank Brooks, Fred
Johnson, Leon Brooks, James
Carlyle, Sam Brooks, Florence
Blodgett, Guy O'Donnell, Lizzie
Lador, Willie Taylor, Edwin
Lador, Frank O'Donnell, May
Lador, Dennis  
Locke, John  
Riggy, Fred  
Fournier, Lura  
Trufant, Maude  
Bunnow, Celia  
Bloomfield - Dist #4 12/18/1885
Beattie, Sophia L. - Teacher not tardy
(17 scholars) Rowell, Percy
not absent Rowell, Willie
Spencer, Minnie Rowell, Archie
Fuller, Lutie Rowell, Warren
Rowell, Willie Bowker, Eben
Rowell, Archie Cole, Percy
Bowker, Eben Spencer, Willie
  Spencer, Minnie
  Bartlett, Frank
  Bartlett, Mary
  Rediker, Minnie
Bloomfield Dist #3 2/5/1886
Weeks, Miss B. M. - Teacher not tardy
not absent Davis, Carrie
Morse, Bert Davis, Maud
Morse, Florence Holbrook, Percy
Shoff, Orlando Holbrook, Harry
Shoff, Arthur Holbrook, Eva
Holbrook, Percy Holbrook, Bessie
Davis, Carrie Martin, Jennie
  Martin, Mansil
  Morse, Florence
  Morse, Lewis
  Shoff, Arthur
  Shoff, Orlando
  Scott, Clara
Island Pond - High School (by scores) 2/19/1886
Hall, Agnes Bachant, Nettie
McKelvey, Nellie Kilpatric, Sadie
Stevens, Mary Woodbury, Walker
Mansur, Mabel Brown, Susie
Maroney, Katie Noyes, Eddie
Flaherty, Delia Storrs, George
Whitehill, E. Crane, John
Thurston, Grace Whitcomb, Elmer
Clarke, Nellie Street, Lizzie
Bowen, Emma Blake, Alice
Woodbury, H. Lyon, Eddie
Hill, Alice Haynes, Rosa
Flaherty, Bridget Davis, Edward
Butters, George Vallee, John
Currier, Myrtie White, Thomas
Fairchild, Bernice Wiggett, Hattie
Gill, Katie Murphy, Thomas
Hall, Rena White, James
Davis, Oscar Precourt, Archie
Haley, Eva Joy, Olie
Bartlett, Lizzie Flaherty, Willie
Ladd, Harry Gill, John
Rollins, Mary Blake, Elbridge
Currier, Willie Mansur, Arthur
Sadleir, Alice Rollins, Fredia
Sadleir, Ethel Farmer, Frank
Strathern, Rebecca McKinley, Andrew
Bloomfield - Dist #2 2/26/1886
Parker, Miss M. A. - Teacher no whisper marks
  Clough, Myrtie
not absent Clough, Daisy
Matthews, Abbie Burbank, Dell
Clough, Daisy Chandler, Maude
  Matthews, Abbie
  Matthews, Howard
  Fuller, Earle
  Phillips, Arthur
Canaan - Village 2/26/1886
Miner, George E. - Teacher higher dept not absent
Jones, Mrs. C. E. - Teacher lower dept Heath, Ada
not absent Weeks, Jennie
Shurtleff, Walter Weeks, Gertrude
Flanders, Willie Weeks, Hattie
  Tuttle, Winnie
Island Pond -  High School 6/18/1886
Bachant, Nettie Haley, Eva
Bartlett, Lizzie Jones, Bert
Brown, Susie Joy, Olle
Carrier, Myrtie Kilpatric, Sadie
Clarke, Nellie King, Etta
Corliss, Frank Ladd, Harry
Crane, John Mansur, Mabel
Currier, Willie Mansur, Arthur
Dechene, Roy Maroney, Katie
Fairchild, Bernice Murphy, Thomas
Flaherty, Bridget Noyes, Eddie
Gill, John Precourt, Archie
Gill, Katie Percival, Rubie
Hall, Agnes Pinney, Claribel
Hall, Rena Rollins, May
Houghton, Belle Rollins, Fredia
Hill, Alice Randall, Cora
Haynes, Rosa Strathern, Rebecca
Harmon, Alice Sadleir, Ethel
Street, Lizzie Storrs, Georgie
Thurston, Grace Vallee, John
Wiggett, Hattie Wilmot, Maud
Webster, Roy Whitcomb, Bert
Woodbury, Allie Woodbury, Hannah
White, James White, Thomas
Lyon, Eddie Woodbury, Walker
Island Pond - Dist #4 7/16/1886
not absent absent 1 day
Carroll, Sadie Rollins, May
Carroll, Annie Morffat, Augusta
French, Ida Morffat, Lena
Davis, Dora Pinney, Raymond
Davis, Elwin  
Davis, Guy Joy, Ida I. - Teacher
Moore, Lizzie  
McKinney, Lou  
Bloomfield Dist #4 7/16/1886
not absent absent 1 day
Spencer, Minnie Rowell, Percy
Bowker, Eben W. Woods, Kate
Rowell, Archie E. not tardy
Rowell, Willard C. Spencer, Willie F.
high marks Rowell, Percy
Bowker, Eben W. Bowker, Eben W.
Rowell, Willard C. Spencer, Minnie
Fuller, Lutie Rowell, Archie
Woods, Kate Fuller, Lutie
Bloomfield Dist #1 7/16/1886
Johnson, Miss - Teacher not absent
Shoff, Carrie Locke, Myrtle
Perkins, Ola Perkins, Ola
Shoff, Cora Shoff, Cora
Locke, Fanny Brooks, Fred
Johnson, Lula Carlisle, Frank
Tebbets, Alice Shoff, Leslie
  Tolland, Frankie
Bloomfield Dist #1 7/16/1886
Rhyne, Miss - Teacher not tardy
not absent Nugent, Winnie
O'Donnell, May Ladoo, Willie
O'Dowd, Lizzie Ladoo, Frank
Brooks, Florence Ladoo, Dennis
Ladoo, Willie Blodgett, Guy
Ladoo, Frank Merrotte, Fred
Ladoo, Dennis Osborne, Eddie
Blodgett, Guy Johnson, Leon
Merrotte, Fred Carlisle, Sammy
Osborne, Eddie Wines, Johnny
Locke, Johnny Henore, Johnny
Dolley, Bertie Smith, Ephraim
Dolley, Ray Brooks, James
high marks O'Donnell, Lizzie
Dolley, Ray O'Donnell, May
Ladoo, Willie Tebbets, Gracie
Taylor, Edwin Henore, Celia
O'Donnell, Lizzie Wines, Joe
  Tebodo, Louise
  Carter, Mary
  Bruno, Celia
  Dolley, Georgie
Bloomfield Dist #3 7/23/1886
not absent not tardy
Morse, Florence Morse, Florence
Gardner, Katie Morse, Lewis
Holbrook, Bessie Martin, Jennie
Martin, Mansel Martin, Mansel
Martin, Jennie Davis, Carrie
Gardner, Guy Davis, Maude
Davis, Carrie Holbrook, Percy
Holbrook, Percy Holbrook, Harry
Davis, Maude no whispering
Schoff, Orland Morse, Florence
Gardner, Shirley Holbrook, Percy
Schoff, Arthur Schoff, Arthur
Morse, Florence  
Bloomfield Dist #4 11/5/1886
Gardner, Miss Ida - Teacher not tardy
not absent Cole, Eben
Rowell, Willard Percy, Willard
Cole, Eben Rowell, Archie
Wood, Kate Fuller, Lutie
  Spencer, Minnie
Bloomfield Dist #1 - primary Dept 12/10/1886
not absent not tardy
Dolley, Georgie Ladoo, Frank
Ladoo, Willie Ladoo, Dennis
Brooks, James Brooks, James
Taylor, Edwin Carlisle, Sammie
Taylor, Watson Riggy, Fred
Smith, Ephraim Carter, Fred
absent 1 day Carter, Tuffield
Carter, Mary Besear, Asyear
Dolley, Ray Burson, Joseph
Dolley, Bert Burson, Albert
Ladoo, Dennis Brooks, Florence
  Trufant, Maud
  Tebbets, Gracie
  Carter, Mary
Bloomfield Dist #2 12/17/1886
Fuller, Mrs. Henry - Teacher not absent
Chandler, Grace - age 6 Chandler, Maude
Fuller, Maude - age 5 Fuller, Earle
Chandler, Maude Fuller, Maude
Clough, Daisy Holden, Archie
Fuller, Earle Holden, Gracie
Hawkins, Ellie Matthews, Sarah
Burbank, Carl Morse, Florence
Chandler, Gracie Williams, Percy
  Burbank, Carl
Bloomfield Dist #3  (19 students) 12/31/1886
Silver, Mrs. C. A. - Teacher not tardy
no marks Davis, Carrie
Davis, Carrie Davis, Maud
Martin, Jennie Morse, Alice
Morse, Bert Morse, Bert
Morse, Lewis Morse, Lewis
Morse, Alice Morse, Laura
Shoff, Arthur  Mansil, Jennie
Shoff, Orland Mansil, Sumner
Martin, Alvin Martin, Alvin
  Lurvey, Celia
Lunenburgh - West 1/7/1887
not absent  
Lyon, Elmer Lyon, Virgia
Lunenburg - Dist #2 2/4/1887
not absent absent 1 day
Smith, Nellie Smith, Stephen
Pierce, Walter Dow, Irving
Beard, Melzar Turner, Charlie
Colby, Luke Cole, Daniel
Burt, Miss Isa E. - Teacher  
Island Pond - School #3  (25 students) 2/11/1887
Butters, Miss Lillian - Teacher not tardy
not absent or tardy Bishop, Alfred
Aldrich, Blanche Companion, Emma
Carlton, Maud Davis, Martha
Harmon, Willie Dyer, George
Warner, George Felstead, Maud
Whitcomb, Eva Harmon, Arthur
Moulton, Charlie Lebourveau, Maud
  Lebourveau, Mabel
  Norton, Annie
  Thompson, Leslie
  Thompson, Cora
Island Pond - School #2  (all students) 2/11/1887
McKelvey, Miss Nellie A. - Teacher  
Davis, Lottie Walker, Florence
Strathern, Olive Foster, Claude
Dunbar, Vida Norton, Alice
Street, Charlie McKenney, Lucius
Barney, Katie Kane, Edward
Dunbar, Marion Cheney, Adrian
Clarke, Harry Kimball, Bert
Whitcomb, Harry Aldrich, Bert
Whitcomb, Bert Pinney, Raymond
Martin, Minnie Follett, May
McKinley, Alice Eaton, Leta
Lyon, Miles Hill, Persis
Sadleir, Dora Strathern, Alice
Finnegan, David Haynes, George
Fowler, Frank Lanore, Cerile
Morse, Lillian Webster, Stella
Island Pond - High School (highest marks) 2/11/1887
Bachant, Nettie King, Etta
Blake, Elbridge Mansur, Arthur
Bowen, Emma Mansur, Mabel
Cabana, Ada Moye, Ella
Clarke, Nellie Pinney, Claribel
Currier, Myrtie Storrs, George
Hall, Agnes Wilmot, Maude
Hill, Alice Woodbury, Hannah
Haley, Eva Webster, Roy
Huntington, Grace Whitehill, Ellsworth
Kilpatrick, Sadie  
Bloomfield - Dist #4 2/18/1887
Craggy, Miss Rida - Teacher not absent
absent 1 day Cole, Eben
Fuller, Adna Bartlett, Frank
Spencer, Willie Rowell, Willie
  Rowell, Archie
  Rowell, Percy
East Charleston - Village  (30 students) 2/18/1887
no marks Allard, Flora
Allard, Flora Cushman, Lottie
Sweeney, Ira Stoddard, Flora
Cloud, Eva Stoddard, Eva
Goodwin, Mary Hopkins, Gertie
Bruce, Guy Stevens, Ernest
Cobleigh, Adna Bruce, Van
Stevens, Orra Cheney, Roy
Cheney, Roy Royce, Bernie
Piper, Roy Wolcott, Olive
Stevens, Fred Wolcott, Charlie
  Stevens, Fred
White, Lillia A. - Teacher Brigham, Ezra
  Cathern, Horace
  Stevens, Albert
  Stoddard, Colaty
  Stoddard, Addie
  Goodwin, Hattie
  Gordan, Lilla
Guildhall - Village summer school 8/26/1887
not tardy Allin, Miss Della L. - Teacher
Boyce, Mary not tardy
Clement, Bertie Leonard, Lilla
Dunham, Percy McGuiggan, Johnnie
Dunham, Irene Willey, Fred
Gregory, Charlie Willey, Webb
Gregory, Dannie  
Hall, Fred perfect spelling
Hall, Harley Dunham, Percy
Hall, Leslie Dunham, Irene
Hall, Alice Hall, Harley
Hartshorn, Marion Hartshorn, Marion
Hartshorn, Minnie Hartshorn, Minnie
Harwood, Clara Harwood, Clara
Harwood, Bertie Willey, Nellie
Kent, Eva Willey, Lizzie
Bloomfield 11/4/1887
good grades good grades
Moses, Mertie Norcutt, Louis
Stevens, Mary Bishop, Alphonso
Amy, Bertha Donnelly, Agnes
McConnel, Willie  
Jacobs, Alfred perfect attendance
Hinman, Harvey Moses, Mertie
Mills, Lottie Mills, Lottie
Dowd, Katie Dowd, Katie
Jacobs, Bennie McGrath, Nellie
McConnel, Maud McConnell, Willie
Hinman, Hattie Ogle, Eddie
N. Stratford, NH 11/4/1887
not absent - primary dept highest grades
Norcott, Katie Norcott, Katie
Nelson, Mary McGrath, John
Finnegan, Maggie Finnegan, Maggie
Beecher, Olive Beecher, Olive
Goodwin, Eddie Jacobs, Flora
Lowe, Mamie Finnegan, Emma
McGrath, Gertie Nelson, Mamie
McGrath, Hattie Rowell, Hattie
McGrath, John Goodwin, Eddie
Carson, Frank  
Finnegan, Emma  
Hapgood, Fred  
Island Pond - School #3 High School 12/9/1887
not absent Harmon, Arthur
Aldrich, Herbert Ladd, Vinnie
Aldrich, Ellen Lebourveau, Maud
Bowen, George Lebourveau, Mabel
Bishop, Alfred McKenzie, Ella
Carleton, Maud Moulton, Charlie
Carleton, Willard Patterson, Sarah
Emery, Jennie Reilly, Ida
Enright, Maud Strathern, Florence
Felsted, Maud Strathern, Harry
Kimball, Sela Warner, George
North Stratford Village 2/10/1888
primary - not absent Berry, Miss Alecia - Teacher
Norcott, Katie Fuller, Mrs. H. - Teacher
Finnegan, Maggie highest in deportment & lessons
Finnegan, Emma Norcott, Katie
Beecher, Olive Beecher, Olive
McGrath, Gertie Finnegan, Maggie
McGrath, Hattie Jacobs, Flora
O'Dowd, James most headmarks
O'Dowd, Terry Parlin, Harry
Carson, F. O'Dowd, Jimmie
Parlin, Willie Nelson, Mamie
Rowell, Harold Rowell, Harold
Parlin, Harry  
Jacobs, Flora  
North Stratford High School 2/17/1888
First Class - high marks Second Class - high marks
Moses, Mertie Mills, Lottie
Stevens, Mary Hinman, Hattie
Stevens, Perley Dowd, Katie
McConnell, Willie Ogle, Lizzie
Hinman, Harvey Pattee, Neal D.
Ogle, Eddie McConnell, Maud
Both Classes - high marks Finegan, Theresa
Donnelly, Agnes McGrath, Cinda
Norcott, Louis McConnell, Mary
Oliver, John Mills, L.
perfect attendance Bishop, Alphonse
Hinman, Harvey Jacobs, Bennie
Norcott, L.  
Pattee, Neal D.  
Stevens, M.  
Dowd, Katie  
Hinman, Hattie  
Island Pond High School 3/16/1888
Hall, Agnes Clarke, Nellie
Woodbury, A. Wiggett, Hattie
Wilmot, Maud Bowen, Emma
Currier, Myrtie Davis, Lottie
Whitehill, E. Bachant, Nettie
Randall, Cora Hall, Rena
Dunbar, Vila Haley, Eva
Eaton, Leta Colburn, Frank
Mansur, Arthur Noyes, Eddie
Whitcomb, E. Joy, Olie
Currier, May Currier, Willie
Storrs, George Bartlett, Lizzie
Jones, Burton Flaherty, Willie
Blake, Jennie Cheney, Lester
Harmon, Mabel Harmon, Alice
Sadleir, Alice Smith, Edna
Moye, Ella Stott, Annie
Precourt, A. Cummings, A.
Haynes, Rosa Davis, Eugene
Flaherty, P. Decheue, Roy
Enright, Carrie Rollins, May
Cabana, Ada Gill, John
Chaffee, Arthur Martin, Minnie
Joy, Alva Lyon, Calvin
Bemis, Alonzo Foss, Carl
Corliss, Frank Skillins, Bernice
Jenne, L. M. - Principal Bartlett, Jennie - Assistant
Island Pond High School 6/1/1888
Hall, Agnes Smith, Edna
Whitehill, E. Sadleir, Ethel
Clark, Nellie Noyes, Eddie
Dunbar, Veda Wiggett, Hattie
Davis, Lottie Cabana, Ada
Bachant, Nettie Whitcomb, E.
Haley, Eva King, Etta
Currier, May Harmon, Mab.
Kilpatrick, Sadie Bartlett, Liz
Thurston, Grace Dechene, Roy
Randall, Cora Rollins, May
Sadleir, Alice Patterson, May
Hall, Rena Skillins, Bernice
Precourt, Archie Storrs, George
Jones, Bertrand Cheney, L.
Wilmot, Maud Lyon, C.
Woodbury, Alfred Gill, John
Joy, Olie Moy, Ella
Mansur, Arthur Foss, Carl
Eaton, Leta Corliss, Frank
Wheeler, Min. Bishop, Albert
Webster, Roy Bishop, Eben
Colburn, Frank Jenne, L. M., Principal
  Bartlett, J. L., Assistant
Island Pond #3  (41 students) 6/15/1888
not absent Companion, Emma
Cushman, George Patterson, Sarah
Thompson, Leslie Strathern, Florence
Norton, Annie Lebourveau, Mabel
Felstead, Maude Companion, Albert
Carleton, Maude Kimball, Ernest
Moulton, Charles Aldrich, Herbert
Stern, Bennie Warner, George
Strathern, Harry Emery, Jennie
French, Ida Campbell, Alberta - Teacher
Island Pond #4 Lower Primary 6/15/1888
not absent     (53 students) Kimball, Frank
Aldrich, Ina Nolas, Lizzie
Bowen, Ransom Patterson, Emma
Companion, Arthur Rundlett, Hattie
Davis, Blanche McKenzie, Bernie
Davis, Earle McKenzie, Glen
Daniels, Lizzie absent 1 day
Emery, Ernest Danforth, Maude
Felstead, John Daniels, Willie
Felstead, Grace Robinson, Belle
Hall, Nellie Jones, Libbie
Hodsden, Robbie Kimball, Stella
Hodsden, Gertrude King, Maude - Teacher
N. Stratford, NH 7/6/1888
not absent or tardy Fuller, Mrs. H. - Teacher
Norcott, Katie not absent or tardy
Finnigan, Maggie Drapeau, Annie
Finnigan, Emma Brooks, Liz
Stevens, Alice Shoff, Marce
Stevens, Mabel Goodwin, Eddie
Nelson, Mae  
Nelson, Willie high marks
McGrath, John Finnigan, Maggie
McGrath, Gertie Brooks, Lizzie
McGrath, Hattie Norcott, Katie
Bloomfield High School 7/27/1888
High marks Brooks, Fred
Shoff, Ina Shoff, Leslie
Locke, Myrtle Chandler, Maud
Jolbert, Willie Perkins, Ola
Taylor, Edwin Locke, Fanny
Shoff, Carrie Prince, Jessie
Tebbetts, Alice Berry, A. A. - Teacher
Bloomfield No 3 8/3/1888
Gilbert, Miss A. - Teacher not tardy
High Marks Martin, Jennie
Davis, Carrie Martin, Julia
Martin, Jennie Martin, Minnie
Davis, Maud Maud, Carrie
Morse, Bert Davis, Dick
Lurvey, Celia Lewis, Bert
Lurvey, Dell Morse, Laura
Smith, Bertha Lurvey, Celia
Shoff, Orland Lurvey, Dell
not absent Smith, Bertha
Davis, Carrie Smith, Pearl
Martin, Jennie Shoff, Orland
Martin, Julia  
Scott, Florence  
Scott, May  
Davis, Maud  
Island Pond 8/31/1888
Jenne, Mr. L. M. - High School Cummings, Miss - Lower Grade teacher
Berry, Miss A. - Asst at High School King, Miss Maud - Primary Teacher
Carbee, Miss - Lower Grade teacher Mansur, Miss - Teacher at Pleasant St.
Bloomfield (re N. Stratford school) 11/16/1888
Gilman, Miss Fannie - Teacher Fuller, Mrs. H. - teacher
not absent or tardy Stevens, Marshall
Brackett, Minnie Oliver, G.
Nelson, Mamie Hapgood, Fred
McGarth, Hattie Cluette, Georgie
McGarth, Gertie good marks
Brooks, Lizzie Jacobs, Flora
Finnigan, Emma Beecher, Olive
Hinman, Burritt Brackett, Mamie
Stevens, Clark Norcott, Harry
Gallup's Mills 11/16/1888
Rice, Miss Lucy E. - Teacher  
no marks James, Carrie
James, Eddie James, Elbridge
James, Rinaldo Fisher, Leon
Island Pond - High School 11/23/1888
Bachant, Nettie Eaton, Leta
Clarke, Nellie Harmon, Mabel
Haley, Eva Barney, Elmer
Hall, Rena Lamore, Cyrile
Noyes, Eddie Storrs, George
Fairchild, Bernice Rollins, May
Wilmot, Maud Dechene, Roy
Whitcomb, Elmer Percival, Ruby
Thurston, Grace Smith, Edna
Randall, Cora Pinny, Claribel
Sadleir, Ethel Dunbar, Vida
Currier, Willie Dunbar, Marian
Joy, Olie Moye, Ella
Jones, Bert Buck, John
Whitcomb, Bert Strathern, Alice
Sadleir, Alice Cabana, Ada
Woodbury, Allie Foss, Carl
Wigget, Hattie Skillins, Bernice
Bartlett, Lizzie Reeve, Willie
King, Etta Tracy, Edward
Davis, Lottie Bishop, Alfred
Follett, May Bishop, Eben
Jenne, L. M., - Principal Berry, A. C. - Assistant
Island Pond - Primary School (45 scholars) 12/7/1888
no marks no marks
Companion, Arthur McKensie, Glen
Clarke, Robbie Rundlett, Hattie
Andrew, Ray Sadlier, Isabella
Emery, Ernest absent 1 day
Follett, Helen Danforth, Fredia
Kimball, Stella Pequin, Fred
Lyon, Albert Rundlett, Roy
Lyon, E. Lebourveau, C.
Lyon, Bertie King, Maude - teacher
Bloomfield 12/14/1888
deportment 1st class - spelling
Bartlett, Mary Bartlett, Mary
Fuller, Lutie Cole, Eben
Spencer, Minnie Rowell, Willard
Rowell, Willard Rowell, Warren
Cole, Eben  
Rowell, Warren 2nd class- spelling
Rowell, Archie Fuller, Lutie
Rowell, Percy Rowell, Archie
Fuller, Cluster Rowell, Percy
Uran, Frank  
Cooper, Leslie Russ, Miss C. of Columbia
Spencer, Willie  
Granby - School #1 2/22/1889
not absent or tardy perfect spelling
Shores, Ellsworth A. Austin, Bessie C.
Gleason, Walter W. Austin, Mary M.
Emerson, Wesley J. Austin, Inez A.
not tardy Shores, Herbert W.
Austin, Bessie C. Wilkey, Clarence N.
Austin, Mary M. Plummer, George E.
Austin, Inez A. Emerson, Wesley J.
McGinniss, Bertha Gleason, Walter W.
Shores, Herbert W. Shores, Ellsworth A.
Smith, Orlo McGinnis, Bertha
Wilkey, Clarence N.  
Wilkey, Herbert W. Allin, Della L. - Teacher
Wilkey, Mabel E.  
Gleason, Hattie  
Shores, Lulu  
Island Pond - High School (58 students) 3/1/1889
not absent for a year not absent for a year
Bachant, Nettie Noyes, Eddie
Bartlett, Lizzie Sadleir, Alice
Clarke, Nellie Storrs, George
Davis, Lottie Wilmot, Maud
Eaton, Leta Woodbury, Alfred
Hall, Rena Haley, Eva
Jones, Bert Sadleir, Ethel
Moye, Ella  
good grades good grades
Bachant, Nettie Currier, Willie
Clarke, Nellie Sadleir, Alice
Davis, Lottie Woodbury, Alfred
Haley, Eva Whitcomb, Elmer
Hall, Rena Cabana, Ada
Dunbar, Marion Stott, Annie
Dunbar, Vida Jones, Bert
Eaton, Leta Currier, May
Wilmot, Maud King, Etta
Sadleir, Ethel Haynes, Rosy
Fairchild, Bernice Tebbetts, Alice
Smith, Edna Rollins, May
Whitcomb, Bert Herrin, Perly
Follett, May Strathern, Olive
Storrs, George Dunn, Charles
Bartlett, Lizzie Gill, John
Moye, Ella Webster, Roy
Randall, Cora Skillins, Bernice
Joy, Olie Tracy, Edward
Noyes, Eddie Reeve, Willie
Strathern, Alice Lyon, Calvin
Wiggett, Hattie Corliss, Frank
Pinney, Claribel Foss, Carl
Harmon, Mabel Davis, Robert
Jenne, L. M., - Principal Berry, A. L. - Assistant
Bloomfield - Dist #1  (39 scholars) 3/1/1889
not absent good grades - students over 12 yrs
Perkins, Viola Clough, Daisy
Clough, Daisy Perkins, Viola
Shoff, Ina Chandler, Maud
Trufant, M. Shoff, Carrie
Brooks, Florence Locke, Myrtle
Tebbetts, Grace Locke, Fanny
Locke, Myrtle Cole, Percy
Cole, Percy Shoff, Floyd
Gilbert, Henry Gilbert, Henry
Shoff, Floyd Shoff, Leslie
Ungent, F. Welcome, Alfred
absent 1 day O'Donnell, James
Chandler, Maud O'Donnell, P.
Locke, Fanny Williams, Percy
Shoff, Leslie Jolbert, Will
Brooks, F. Brooks, Fred
Ungent, Vinnie Ungent, Fred
  Tolland, Frank
Primary Dept - no marks  
Ash, Eli good grades  
Ash, Robert Benson, Albert
Brooks, James Benson, Peter
  Benson, Alfred
Bloomfield - Village - Primary 3/15/1889
not absent head marks
Finnegan, Emma Beecher, Olive
McGarth, Gertie Jacobs, Flora
Nelson, Mamie Brackett, Mamie
Finnegan, Fred Nelson, Mamie
Finnegan, Willie Hinman, Burritt
Hinman, Burritt Norcott, H.
Fuller, Mrs. H. - Teacher  
East Brighton 6/14/1889
Dolloff, Miss Ella - teacher Riggie, George
not absent or tardy Ruell, Josephine
Hobson, Harry Ruell, Ardell
Laundry, Arthur Leveque, Teodeo
Laundry, Napoleon Leveque, Ardell
Johnson, Clara Leveque, George
Rolfe, Ida Payor, Ogiana
Bloomfield - Dist #2 7/5/1889
Fuller, Mrs. H. - Teacher Holden, Archie
Shoff, Ina Holden, Gracie
Johnson, Lulu Gregory, Daniel
Cole, Eben Johnson, Leon
Fuller, Earle Fuller, Edith
Fuller, Carrie Lurvey, Celia
Gardner, Katie Scott, Jennie
Moulton, Edgar Scott, Celia
Shoff, Floyd Scott, Delia
Gardner, Guy Lurvey, Freeman
Gregory, Charlie Moulton, Leslie
Tolland, Mary Gregory, Harry
Fuller, Maude Johnson, Frankie
Burbank, Mamie Fuller, Roy
Fuller, Alva Burbank, Isa
Gardner, Shirley  
Canaan - Village 7/5/1889
McKelvey, Miss Nellie - teacher Hartshorn, Frank
head marks Andrews, Sarah
Weeks, Gertrude Flanders, Julia
Weeks, Jennie Weeks, Lizzie
Heath, Daniel Weeks, Carrie
East Charleston 9/6/1889
Piper, Mrs. - Blake Dist Allard, Flora - Village
Stoddard, Eva - Center Hutchinson, Miss - Allyn Dist
Granby - Dist #1   (19 scholars) 10/18/1889
not absent or tardy James, Vina
Gleason, Hattie McGinnis, Bertha
James, Carrie Shores, Lulu
James, Elbridge Smith, Orlo
James, Rosa Wilkie, Herbert
Island Pond - Dist #5 11/15/1889
not absent Wilmot, Willie
Cabana, Maud Corliss, Leon 
Skillins, Maud Corliss, Chester
Clifford, Greta Corliss, Bert
Chase, Blanche Muzzy, Julia - Teacher
Bloomfield - Dist #3 11/22/1889
highest grades not absent
Martin, Jennie Scott, Florney
Morse, Florence Scott, May
Davis, Curtie Martin, Mansil
Lurvey, Celia Noyes, Curtie
Smith, Bertha not tardy
Morse, Lewis Martin, Jennie
Lurvey, Dell Martin, Julius
Martin, Mansil Martin, Minnie
Davis, Maud Martin, Mansil
not absent Morse, Florence
Martin, Jennie Morse, Lewis
Martin, Julius Noyes, Georgie
Martin, Minnie Noyes, Curtie
  Hurrell, James
Island Pond - High School  2/28/1890
graduating class of 6  
Haley, Miss Eva L. Clarke, Miss Nellie
Wilmot, Miss Maude Storrs, George E.
Sadlier, Miss Alice M. Noyes, Eddie
Bloomfield 3/14/1890
N. Stratford - Primary Dept [misc student names]
Burbank, Miss Dell - Teacher McConnell, Maud
McConnell, Willie Finnegan, Maggie
Ogle, Eddie Norcott, Katie
Moses, Mertie Pattee, Neal
Norcott, Louis Norcott, Louis
Mills, Lottie Mills, Lottie
O'Dowd, Katie Beecher, Olive
East Charleston 5/9/1890
Allard, Flora - Village  
Wolcott, Nellie - Dunton  
Granby 5/9/1890
O'Donnel, Miss - Stevens Mill Truman, Miss - Dist #2
Carpenter, Miss Lillia - Dist #1  
S. Lunenburg 5/9/1890
Rice, Miss L. E.   
Bloomfield 5/16/1890
Fuller, Miss Katie - Dist #3 - 31 scholars McFarland, Miss Stella - Dist #2
Bloomfield 6/27/1890
Rhynes, Misses - Dist #1  
Bloomfield 7/4/1890
Fuller, Mrs. H. - N. Stratford village Fuller, Asa - Stratford Hollow
Burbank, Miss Dell - N. Stratford village  
Bloomfield 7/4/1890
Fuller, Mrs. H. - Teacher good head marks
not absent Ogle, Eddie
Moses, Mertie Moses, Mertie
McConnell, Maud Mills, Lottie
Mills, Lottie Jacobs, Flora
Pattee, Neal McConnell, Maud
Jacobs, Bennie Finnegan, Emma
Beecher, Olive O'Dowd, Katie
Jacobs, Flora other names
O'Dowd, Katie Twohey, Willie
Finnegan, Emma Oliver, Johnny
Norcott, Louis Kugelman, Abe
  Jacobs, Bennie
Lunenburg - South 7/4/1890
not absent or tardy Nichols, Clarence A.
Bell, John W. Nichols, Darwin M.
Hubbard, Claude H. Hubbard, Barnest E.
West Concord 8/29/1890
Bean, Miss of Lyndon Higher
Lewis, Miss of W. Concord Lower
Granby 8/29/1890
Rice, Miss L. E. - Dist #1  
Bloomfield 9/12/1890
Bailey, Miss Emma of Columbia, NH Dist #4
Fassett, Miss of Guildhall higher dept
Johnson, Miss Gertrude of N. Stratford Dist #1 lower dept
Fuller, Mrs. Henry Dist #2
Perkins, Miss Ola Dist #3
Bloomfield 10/3/1890
Burbank, Miss Dell N. Stratford - primary
Merriam, Miss Jennie N. Stratford - upper
Granby - Dist #1 10/24/1890
Rice, Miss L. E. - Teacher not tardy - absent only 1 day
no marks Dunn, Ellery F.
Gleason, Hattie D. Emerson, Wesley J.
James, Carrie E. Shores, Lula H.
James, Elbridge J. absent 2 days
James, Jesse E. Dunn, Eleanor M.
James, Rosa E. McGinnis, Bertha G.
James, Leovina S. McGinnis, Willie H.
James, Louisa C.  
Bloomfield - Dist #2 11/7/1890
Fuller, Mrs. H. - Teacher good marks
no marks Walling, Leon
Johnson, Lula Walling, Willie
Johnson, Leon Holden, Archie
Fuller, Earle Holden, Gracie
Fuller, Maude Burbank, Mamie
Holden, Archie Burbank, Ira
Holden, Gracie Matthews, George
Matthews, Howard Scott, Delia
Burbank, Mary Scott?, Jennie
Gregory, Charlie Scott?, Celia
Walling, Willie Blodgett, Mertie
good marks Johnson, Leon
Johnson, Lula Burbank, Carl
Fuller, Maude Blodgett, Perley
Fuller, Earle Johnson, Frank
Gregory, Charlie Gregory, Dannie
Matthews, Howard Gregory, Harry
Walling, Nelson Walker, Johnny
Hawkins, Ellie Scott, Harry
  Johnson, Lula
Lunenburgh 12/19/1890
Geiger, Mr. of Hanover #1
Dodge, Miss Hannah #1
Burt, Miss Isa #2
Emerson, John #3
Davison, Miss Nina #5
Amey, Mr. of Lancaster #6
Lunsberry, Miss #7
Warren, Miss Mattie #8
Stuart, Miss Bertha #9
Bloomfield - Dist #3 2/6/1891
not absent or tardy good head marks
Holden, Gracie Holden, Gracie
Fuller, Maude Johnson, Leon
Johnson, Lula Fuller, Maude - age 9
Johnson, Leon Burbank, Mary
Johnson, Francis Gregory, Bert
Gregory, Bert Gregory, Warren
Traverse, Archie Johnson, Lula
Burbank, Mary Fuller, Earle
  Johnson, Francis
Bloomfield 5/1/1891
Perkins, Miss Olla Dist #2
Jordan, Miss Edna Dist #4
Fuller, Miss Maud of Colebrook higher dept
Curtis, Miss Olivia Dist #1 primary
Lemington 5/1/1891
Pratt, Alice M. Dist #2
Royal, Pearl Dist #3
Watkins, Winnie Dist #4
Lunenburg 5/8/1891
Babcock, Misses of Lancaster Village
Davison, Miss Village
Dodge, Miss Hanna Dist #4
Brown, Mr. Burt Dist #6
Granby 5/15/1891
Bailey, Miss of N. Stratford Dist #1
Carpenter, Miss Kate Dist #4 Victory
Carpenter, Miss Lola Victory Hill
Carpenter, Miss Lilla East Concord
Island Pond - graduates 6/5/1891
Randall, Miss Cora B.  
Wiggett, Miss Hattie just 3 from the look of things
Jones, L. Burton  
Victory - Dist #2 7/10/1891
Carpenter, Miss Lola - Teacher not absent or tardy
  Presby, Lucy
  Presby, Robert
Bloomfield 7/17/1891
not absent   (41 students) good grades
Davis, Maud Fuller, Maude
Davis, Dick Moulton, Myra
Davis, Perley Martin, Julius
Fuller, Alma Davis, Dick
Fuller, Roy Davis, Maude
Noyes, Georgie Fuller, Alma
Noyes, Curtis Gardner, Shirley
Gardner, Shirley Shoff, Arthur
Martin, Minnie Moulton, Edgar
deportment Davis, Carrie
Davis, Carrie Davis, Maude
Davis, Maud Fuller, Earle
Fuller, Earle Fuller, Maude
Fuller, Maude Gardner, Kate
Fuller, Carrie Fuller, Carrie
Fuller, Alma Morse, Lewis
Gardner, Kate Shoff, Orland
Gardner, Shirley  
Shoff, Arthur Fuller, Mrs. Henry - Teacher
Shoff, Orland  
Smith, Bertha  
Lurvey, Dell  
Island Pond 9/4/1891
Parsons, Mr. W. D. Village
Bartlett, Mrs. S. E. Village
Clarke, Miss Mabelle Village - #1
Dolloff, Miss D. M. Village - #2
Baker, Miss Jennie Village - #3
Cheney, Miss Alice Derby St.
Silloway, Miss Bessie E. Brighton
Island Pond - Primary  (54 scholars) 11/13/1891
not absent or tardy absent 1 day
Aldrich, Henry Aldrich, Alice
Andrew, Roger Davis, Pearle
Blake, Harry Dyer, Ann
Danforth, Vinnie Dunbar, Jessie
Danforth, Bertha Dowsell, Willie
Harmon, Zella Harmon, Willie
Hodsden, Carrie Harmon, Percy
Guilmette, Clomie Lindsey, Harry
Knapp, Mabel Ladd, Bertie
Lindsey, Grovenor Lyon, Laura
Paquin, Ethel McKenny, Georgie
Smith, Herbert Roberts, Eluvia
Stokes, Blanche Worth, Dannie
Stokes, Ethel Wild, Mamie
Guilmette, Winnie Wild, Edmund
Bloomfield - Dist #3  (43 scholars) 11/13/1891
Fuller, Mrs. H. - Teacher good marks
not absent or tardy Gardner, Kate
Gardner, Guy Shoff, Orland
Gardner, Kate Davis, Maud
Fuller, Edith Fuller, Edith
Fuller, Leslie Moulton, Edgar
Martin, Julius Shoff, Arthur
Martin, Minnie Davis, Carrie
Davis, Carrie Martin, Jennie
Davis, Maud Fuller, Carrie
Noyes, Georgie  
Noyes, Curtis  
Norton - Lake School 1/1/1892
Lemrise, Miss E. - Teacher Bernard, Nellie
good marks Bernard, Henry
Galvin, Nellie Bernard, Peter
Galvin, Maud Galvin, Dennie
East Brighton 1/29/1892
not absent or tardy not tardy
Johnson, Clara Hobson, Beatrice
Landry, Napoleon Kennedy, Maggie
Farr, Ethel Wing, Alice
Kennedy, Lizzie Landry, Arthur
Kennedy, Johnnie Willey, Peter
absent 1 day Willey, Jos.
Thibodeau, Eugene  
Riggie, Frank  
Island Pond 6/3/1892
Graduates Follett, May P.
Dunbar, Marion E. Dunbar, Vida A.
Eaton, Leta J. Davis, Lottie C.
Norton - Intermediate Dept 7/8/1892
Molony, Miss Georgie - Teacher Landers, E.
good grades Conway, L.
Osgood, P. Cameron, H.
Bishop, Emily Boivin, D.
Landers, G. Osgood, L.
Chesney, Jeane Swanson, F.
Norton - Primary Dept 7/8/1892
Drew, Jenny - Teacher Osborne, Irvin
good grades Donaldson, May
Saucier, Albert Kehoe, May
Landers, Tom Swanson, Charlie
Nelson, Eddie Leavitte, Gertie
Contin, Ovid Landers, Rolie
Hughes, Harry Donaldson, Johnnie
Osborne, Willie Saucier, Alfred
Island Pond 9/2/1892
Parsons, Mr. High School
Goodwin, Miss No. 1
Percival, Miss No. 2
Lorimer, Miss No. 3
King, Miss Primary
Haley, Miss Eva Webster Dist
Shirley, Miss Pleasant Dist
Eaton, Miss Bemis Dist
Bloomfield - Dist #2 11/18/1892
Bennett, Miss Lena - Teacher not absent
  Walker, Johnny
  Fuller, Maude
  Scott, Walter - age 7
Lunenburgh 12/9/1892
Whicher, Misses of Landaff, NH Village
Warren, Miss Mattie Dist #5
Cox, Isaac Dist #2
Smith, Miss Carrie Powers Dist
Hodgdon, Miss Lucy Dist #9
Bloomfield - Dist #2 12/30/1892
Bennett, Miss Lena not absent
absent 1/2 day Fuller, Maud
Blodgett, Myrtle Walker, Johnny
Lake 1/6/1893
McFarland, Miss - Teacher Grade 3 - good grades
Grade 1 - good grades Bonner, Willie
Galvin, Nellie Galvin, Ethel
Berneau, Annie Galvin, Stella
Galvin, Maud Berneau, Ellen
Berneau, Henry Grade 4 - good grades
Grade 2 - good grades Berneau, Henry
Galvin, Dennie Berneau, Emma
Berneau, Peter  
Berneau, Nellie  
Island Pond 5/5/1893
Curtis, Miss of Damriscotta, ME Village - Higher Dept
Rhynes, Miss Village - Lower Dept
Mathews, Abbie Hegan Dist
Berry, Miss Alecia Dist #2
Granby 5/5/1893
Willson, Miss Addie L. Dist #1
Hodgdon, Miss Corrie white school house
McDonald, Frank J. Stevens Mills
Lunenburgh 5/5/1893
Dodge, Miss Manna Dist #1
Hulburt, Miss Inez Dist #1
Davison, Miss Nina Dist #2
Phelps, Miss Mabel Dist #7
Clements, Miss Lottie Dist #8
Lunenburgh 5/12/1893
Lunt, Miss Dist #4
Lucas, Miss Edna Dist #6
Hagan, Miss Mary Dist #9
Norton 7/28/1893
Ewins, Miss - Teacher Bishop, John
diplomas of honor Donaldson, Jennie
  Hughes, Harry
Island Pond 8/11/1893
Berry, Miss High School
Perkins, Miss High School
Lorimer, Miss High School
Hall, Miss Rena Primary
Hawes, Miss Pleasant St.
Smith, Miss Emily Iron Bridge
Herrin, Miss May Bemis Dist
Davis, Miss Lottie East Brighton
Cole, Mr. Eben Smith Dist
Stott, Miss Annie Storrs Dist
Bloomfield 9/8/1893
Mathews, Miss Abbie Hegan Dist
Christie, Miss Village - Upper
Stevens, Mrs. Lon Village - Lower
Currier, Miss Mae of Island Pond North School
Rosebrook, Miss of Twin Mtn. Dist #2
West Concord 9/8/1893
Harris, Miss Lizzie M. West #1
Walbridge, Mrs. Cynthia H. West #2
Sunbury, Miss Alice North
Kellogg, Miss Mamie East
Parker, Miss Edith South
Kellogg, Miss Luna P. South East
Douglass, Miss Blanche Corner
O'Donnell, Miss Anna Miles Pond
Johnson, Miss Ida Texas
Pike, Miss Julia Brook
Joslin, Miss Susan E. Hill
Lunenburgh 9/15/1893
Lunt, Miss Dist #4
Clements, Miss Dist #8
Rines, Miss Dist #1 
Davison, Miss Nina Primary
Silsby, Miss Lottie Dist #6
Hillier, Rose Dist #7
Island Pond   (21 students) 11/10/1893
Berry, Miss Alecia A. - Teacher not absent
not absent or tardy Cabana, May
Currier, Georgie Davis, Ray
Forbes, Annie Goodwin, Mary
Hogan, Willie LeBourveau, Mabel
Johnson, Charlie Smith, Alice
Granby 12/9/1893
Hodgdon, Miss - teacher  
not absent Gleason, Hattie
Shores, Georgie Emerson, Julia
Wells, Dwight Dunn, Eleanor
Matthews, Lella Tyler, Luna
Wells, Edna Shores, Winnie
Shores, Mabel Shores, Maud
Lunenburg 12/15/1893
Hibbard, Miss #1
Davison, Miss Nina #1
Boutwell, Miss Addie #2
Hillier, Miss Rose #4
Silsby, Miss Lottie #6
Gray, Miss #7
Clements, Miss Lottie #8
Bloomfield - Degan Dist 12/29/1893
Mathews, Abbie - Teacher  
not absent or tardy  
Cooper, Leslie G. House, Blanche
Fuller, Chester Wood, Louis
House, Lester Stevens, Maynard
Lunenburg 4/27/1894
Hibbard, Miss Marion #1
Russ, Miss primary
Crandell, Miss #2
Lunt, Miss Wyoma #4
Hodgdon, Miss Lucy #6
Hillier, Miss Rose #7
Silsby, Miss Lottie #8
Guildhall 5/4/1894
Forbes, Miss Dist #1
Moulton, Miss Gertrude Dist #2
Timberlake, Miss Alice Dist #3
McHarg, Miss Jennie Dist #4
Sanborn, Miss Dist #5
Lemington 5/11/1894
Fuller, Mrs. Mary Sims Hill
Royal, Miss Pearl Toad Hill
Davis, Miss Gertrude River Dist
Island Pond 5/18/1894
Berry, Miss Dist #2
Perkins, Miss Hegan Dist
Colebrook, NH graduates 6/22/1894
Drew, Josie Corbett, Burton
Leavitt, Eda Frizzell, Alpheus
Island Pond 8/10/1894
Parsons, W. D. Principal of High School
Perkins, Miss V. S. High School
Percival, C. E. High School
Mason, H. M. High School
Hall, Miss Rena Primary
Stott, Miss Anna Pleasant St.
Currier, Miss Mae Iron Bridge
Smith, Miss Edna Bemis Dist
King, Miss Sadie East Brighton
Smith, Miss Emily Storrs Dist
Bloomfield 8/10/1894
Peck, Miss Almeda of Hyde Park #1 upper room
Patrick, Miss of Colebrook #2
Sadleir, Miss Alice of Island Pond #3
Mathews, Miss Abbie #4
Russ, Miss Clara #5
Norton 8/17/1894
Ewens, Miss Blanche Village
Melvers, Mrs. Lake Dist
Drew, Miss Jennie Robey Dist
Capen, Miss Jennie Averill Dist
Dubois, Miss A. parochial school
Lunenburg 9/7/1894
Hibbard, Miss Marion #1
Davison, Miss Nina #1
Howe, Miss Eva D. #2
Lyon, Miss Gertrude #4
Hodgdon, Miss Lucy #6
Hillier, Miss Rose #7
Gray, Miss Mary #8
Norton 9/7/1894
Ewins, Miss Blanche Village
McIvers, Mrs. Lake Dist
Drew, Miss Jennie Roby Dist
Capen, Miss Jennie Averill Dist
Bloomfield 9/7/1894
Sadlier, Miss Alice North Dist
Welsh, Miss of Hyde Park Village - Upper
Stevens, Mrs. Lon Village - Lower
Granby 9/7/1894
Shores, Miss Etta Dist #1
Dodge, Miss of Lunenburg Dist #2
Whitcher, Miss Stevens Mills
Island Pond 9/21/1894
Parsons, W. D. HS Principal
Perkins, Miss #1
Mason, Miss #2
Booth, Mrs. #3
Granby - District #2  (28 pupils) 10/19/1894
Dodge, Miss Hannah - Teacher not absent or tardy
absent 1 day Hodgdon, Albert
McGinnis, Willie Hodgdon, Iola
Lund, Nellie Tylor, Luna
not absent or tardy Emerson, Carrie
Wells, Dwight Emerson, Julia
Wells, Edna  
Bloomfield 11/16/1894
Bishop, Miss of Norton Dist #5
Matthews, Miss Abbie Dist #4
West Concord 12/7/1894
Sunsbury, Miss Alice North Concord
O'Donnell, Miss Anna Miles Pond
Lyons, Miss Jennie Royalton Corner
Bickford, Miss Mamie Four Corners
Ranney, Miss Jennie Castle
Morse, Edmund C. East Concord
Crawford, Miss G. P. Texas
Thayer, Miss Blanche Brook
Quimby, Miss Lola M. Corner
Harris, Miss Lizzie M. West Concord
Blake, Miss Lizzie H. West Concord Primary
Lunenburg 12/7/1894
Hibbard, Miss Marion #1
Davison, Miss Nina #1
Gray, Miss Mary #2
Dodge, Miss Ida #8
Hillier, Miss Rose #7
Lunenburg 12/14/1894
Hodgdon, Miss Lucy Dist #6
Dresser, Miss Maud Dist #4
Thomas, Miss Lettie primary school
Davison, Miss Nina primary school
Island Pond 3/15/1895
Perkins, Miss Viola No 1
Andrew, Mrs. Mabelle No 2
Haley, Miss Eva No 3
Hall, Miss Rena No 4
Norton 4/5/1895
Drew, Miss J. No 1
Bishop, Miss J. No 2
Capen, Miss J. No 3
McIver, Mrs. P. No 4
Bloomfield 4/19/1895
Peck, Miss Mildred of Hyde Park higher dept
Stevens, Mrs. Lou primary dept
Kimball, Mrs. Ellen of Bethel, ME No 2
Williams, Miss Mary No 4
Mathews, Miss Abbie No 5
Lunenburg 4/26/1895
Lunt, Miss No 1
Davison, Miss No 1
Hodgdon, Miss No 2
Sanborn, Miss No 4
Lyons, Miss No 6
Dodge, Miss Ida No 7
Blake, Miss No 8
Island Pond 8/8/1895
Davis, E. R., Principal High School
Perkins, Miss Viola S. No 1 High School
Andrew, Mrs. Mabelle No 2 High School
Haley, Miss Eva No 3 High School
Buck, Miss G. No 4 Primary
Stott, Miss Annie Derby St.
Davis, Miss Lottie Iron Bridge
Eaton, Miss Leta East Brighton
Needham, Miss I. B. Bemis Dist
Wilmot, Miss M. W. Height of Land
King, Miss Sadie Head of Pond
Norton 9/13/1895
Bishop, Miss Jennie No 2
Capen, Miss Jennie No 3
McIver, Mrs. P. No 4
Bloomfield 9/20/1895
Peck, Miss Mildred of Hyde Park No 1 High Dept
Stevens, Mrs. Lou No 1 Primary
Penfold, Miss Eva A. of Gorham No 2
Fuller, Mrs. Mary No 3
Williams, Miss Mary No 4
Mathews, Miss Abbie No 5
Canaan 9/20/1895
Clough, Mr. Upper Village
Weeks, Miss J. lower Village
Weeks, Miss Gertrude Beecher Falls
Granby 11/15/1895
Blake, Miss Lizzie - Teacher Towne, Clarence
not absent or tardy Wells, Dwight
Lund, Clara Shores, Elwin
Wells, Edna Hodgdon, Iola
Shores, Minnie  
Lunenburg 12/6/1895
McGill, Miss No 2
Parker, Miss No 6
Powers, Miss Clara No 4
Davis, Miss No 7
Island Pond - 3rd Grade 2/21/1896
not absent not tardy
Lindsey, Harry Aldrich, Henry
Harmon, Zella Hodsden, Carrie
Kenney, George Hopkins, Grace
Roberts, Eluvia Blake, Harry
Harmon, Percy Bishop, Archie
Hodsden, Carrie Haley, Eva - Teacher
Andrew, Roger  
Lunenburg 5/1/1896
Witcher, Miss No 1
Sanborn, Miss No 1
Phelps, Miss No 2
Crawford, Miss No 4
Dodge, Miss Ida No 7
Bishop, Miss No 8
Canaan 5/8/1896
Weeks, Gertrude South Canaan
Capen, Jennie Pittsburg
Weeks, Carrie Canaan Hill
Green, Edith Beecher Falls
West Concord 5/8/1896
Ranney, Miss Jennie P. West Concord
Adams, May West Concord
Quimby, Miss Lola M. North Concord
O'Donnell, Miss Annie Miles Pond
Strathern, Miss Alice M. East Concord
Parker, Miss Four Corners
Wright, Miss Mary Brook
Crowell, Mrs. Gertie L. Texas
Hilter, Mr. Sidney L. Corner
Island Pond - Bemis Dist (16 pupils) 7/10/1896 
not absent or tardy Mosher, Howard
Colburn, Mabel McKenney, George
Colburn, Sadie McKenney, Grace
Colburn, Orrin Rexford, Maria
Farmer, Laura Rexford, Blanche
Farmer, Albion Rexford, Vena
Hadley, Edna Thomas, Lena
Granby 7/10/1896
Parker, Miss Hattie - Teacher absent 1 day
not absent Shores, Annie
Hodgdon, Iola Tyler, Luna
Shores, Winnie Shores, Maud
Wells, Edna Wells, Dwight
Shores, Harry Towne, Clarence
Bloomfield 8/28/1896
Chapman, Mr. Village - Upper dept
Stevens, Mrs. B. E. Village - Lower dept
Booth, Miss No 2
Russ, Miss No 3
Williams, Miss No 4
Bishop, Miss No 5
Island Pond 9/4/1896
Davis, E. R., Principal High School
Perkins, Miss Viola S. Grammar School
Buck, Miss Georgia Grade #2
Haley, Miss Eva Grade #3
Wilmot, Miss Maybelle Primary School
Strathern, Miss Olive Iron Bridge
King, Miss Sadie Bemis Dist
Canning, Miss Effie . Height of Land
Reeve, Miss Marie S. Pleasant St.
LeBourveau, Miss Maude Head of Pond
Eaton, Miss Leta J. East Brighton
Skillens, Miss Maude Hunter Dist
East Charleston 9/4/1896
Campbell, Miss Lizzie Village
Norton, Curtis Echoville
Morse, Alice No 10
West Concord 9/4/1896
Ranney, Miss Jannie P. Village - Higher dept
Adams, Miss M. Village - primary
Lemington & S. Canaan 9/11/1896
Legro, Mrs. Drew Sims Hill
Baker, Miss Cora S. Lemington
Royal, Miss Pearl Toad Hill
Weeks, Miss Gertrude South Canaan
Island Pond 10/9/1896
Class of 1897   partial? Davis, R. R.
Webster, Effie Wilmot, W. E.
LeBourveau, Mabel  Smith, Alice
Hogan, W. J. Aldrich, Gertrude
Island Pond 12/11/1896
Davis, E. R. High School
Perkins, Miss V. S. Grade 1
Buck, Miss G. No 2
Haley, Miss Eva L. No 3
Dykeman, Miss Grace E. of Stoughton, MA Primary
Needham, Miss Inez B. Pleasant St.
Strathern, Miss Olive M. Iron Bridge
King, Miss Sadie M. Bemis Dist
Chase, Miss Helena E. Height of Land
Skillens, Miss Maude E. L.  Hunter Dist
LeBourveau, Miss Maude M. Head of Pond
Patterson, Miss Sarah East Brighton
Norton 4/2/1897
Parsons, Mr. No 1
Molony, Miss G. No 1
McIver, Mrs. P. No 2
Galvin, Miss N. No 3
Grant, Miss E. No 4
Bloomfield 5/7/1897
Taylor, Miss No 1 Grammar
Stevens, Mrs. L. Primary
Matthews, Miss Abbie No 2
William, Miss Mary No 3
Watkins, Miss Winnie No 5
Lemington & S. Canaan 5/7/1897
Legro, Mrs. Laura S. Lemington
Jordan, Miss Bertha Sims Hill
Davis, Miss Gertrude N. Lemington
Royal, Miss Pearl S. Canaan
Colebrook, NH 6/18/1897
Holden, Edith Patrick, Irwin
Davis, Maud Leavitt, Claude
Gleason, Joseph Gould, Fred
Lunenburg 7/9/1897
Higher dept  (24 students) - not absent Lower dept (35 students) not absent
Coburn, Gertrude Silsby, Irving
Day, Lizzie Frizzell, Frankie
Stafford, Laura Silsby, Bertie
Wright, Elinor Stafford, Lena
Whitehill, F. Wright, Wentworth
Woods, Willie Frizzell, Ernest
Blackmer, Edmund Day, Lucia
Bowker, Edward Stafford, Hazel
Bowker, Harry Hale, Susie Ball, Irvy
Dodge, Hannah - Teacher Hartshorn, Irving
  Hartwell, Mahalia
  Lewis, Frankie
  Phelps, Mabel - Teacher
Island Pond 7/16/1897
Davis, E. R. High School
Perkins, Miss V. S. No 1
Fletcher, Miss Edna - Ludlow No 2
Carpenter, Mrs. O. M. No 3
Wilmot, Miss Mabelle Primary
Strathern, Miss Olive M. Pleasant St.
King, Miss Sadie M. Iron Bridge
Patterson, Miss Sarah East Brighton
LeBourveau, Miss Maude M. Bemis Dist
Chase, Miss Helena E. Height of Land
Webster, Miss Effie Head of Pond
LeBourveau, Miss Mabel M. Hunter Dist
Bloomfield 9/3/1897
Chapman, Chester No 1 Grammar
Stevens, Mrs. Lou No 1 primary
Fuller, Mrs. H. No 2
Williams, Miss Mary No 3
Taylor, Miss Jennie  No 4
Booth, Miss Madge No 5
Norton 9/17/1897
Parsons, Mr. No 1
Cassidy, Miss No 1
French, Miss Ida M. No 2
Galvin, Miss N. No 3
Miers, Miss No 4
McIver, Mrs. Stanhope
West Concord 10/1/1897
Kellogg, Miss Mamie W. Concord Grammar
Walbridge, Miss Blanche W. Concord Primary
Whitehill, Miss Margaret E. Concord Grammar
Kellogg, Miss Luna E. Concord Primary
Thayer, Miss Blanche Miles Pond
Gilfillan, Miss May North Concord
Currier, Miss Blanche Concord Corner
Chaplain, Miss Lilla The Brook
Stacy, Miss Bessie Four Corners
Strathern, Miss Alice Texas
Walbridge, Miss Winnifred Royalton Corner
Island Pond 12/3/1897
LeBourveau, Miss Maude M. Iron Bridge
Needham, Miss Inez Bemis Dist
Smith, Miss Alice Height of Land
Emery, Miss Jennie Hunter Dist
Webster, Miss Effie Head of Pond
Patterson, Miss Sarah East Brighton
Davis, E. R. High School
Perkins, Miss V. S. No 1
Fletcher, Miss Edna - Ludlow No 2
Carpenter, Mrs. O. M. No 3
Wilmot, Miss Mabelle Primary
Island Pond - Bemis Dist 1/28/1893
no absent marks Needham, Inez B. - Teacher
Farmer, Laura Colburn, Sadie
Thomas, Lena Lewey, Harry
Ewins, Ethel Farmer, Albion
Morse, Thurza Rosebrook, Ray
Hadley, Edna Colburn, Orrin
Island Pond 3/11/1898
Davis, Prof. E. R. High School
Perkins, Miss Viola S. No 1
Hall, Miss Rena No 2
Carpenter, Mrs. O. M. No 3
Wilmot, Miss Mabel No 4
Strathern, Miss Olive Pleasant St.
Patterson, Miss Sarah East Brighton
Webster, Miss Effie Head of Pond
LeBourveau, Miss Mabel M. Hunter Dist
Smith, Miss Alice Height of Land
Needham, Miss Inez Bemis Dist
LeBourveau, Miss Maude M. Iron Bridge
Norton 4/8/1898
Smith, H. C.  No 1
French, Miss No 2
Galvin, Miss N. No 3
Myers, Miss A. No 4
Island Pond   - 5 graduates this year 6/10/1898
Culhane, Mary Moore, James
Bailey, Annie Paquette, Alfred
Cabana, Mae  
Lunenburg - upper room of Village school 7/8/1898
not absent Day, Lucia
Dodge, Susie Wood, Willie
Hale, Susie Blackmer, Victor
Wright, Eleanor Silsby, Irving
Garland, Clara  
Garland, Perley Hildreth, Gertrude E. - Teacher
Island Pond 8/26/1898
Davis, Prof. E. R. High School
Foster, Mrs. Viola S. Grammar School
Stott, Miss Annie Grade No 2
Carpenter, Mrs. Jennie M. Grade No 3
Wilmot, Miss Mabel Primary School
Strathern, Miss Olive Pleasant St.
LeBourveau, Miss Maude Iron Bridge
Pinney, Miss Claribel Bemis Dist
Smith, Miss Alice Height of Land
Patterson, Miss Sarah East Brighton
Webster, Miss Effie Head of Pond
LeBourveau, Miss Mabelle Hunter Dist
East Charleston 9/9/1898
Thayer, May Blake Dist
Hudson, Edith Village
Hastings, Miss Fanny Buck Dist
Rood, Ina Echo Pond
Lemington 9/16/1898
Annis, Miss Angie Sims Hill
Davis, Miss Carrie Toad Hill
Frizzell, Miss Evie S. Lemington
Royal, Miss Pearl S. Canaan
Island Pond - Convent School graduates 1/27/1899
Smith, Miss S. Lee, Miss M. A.
East Charleston - Village 2/10/1899
no marks highest marks
Lang, Mildred Chaffee, Olive
Lang, Glen  
Island Pond 3/24/1899
Davis, Prof. E. R. High School
Foster, Mrs. Claude No 1
Stott, Miss Annie No 2
Carpenter, Mrs. O. M. No 3
Wilmot, Miss Mabel No 4
Sweeney, Miss Iva No 5
Webster, Miss Effie No 6
LeBourveau, Miss Mabelle No 7
French, Miss Ida No 8
Pinney, Miss Claribel No 9
Bigelow, Miss Bertha No 10
Chase, Miss Helena No 11
East Haven 5/5/1899
Patterson, Miss Sarah of I. Pond River
Moye, Miss Ida of I. Pond Mountain
Jenkins, Miss Alice Lost Nation
Bloomfield 5/12/1899
Fuller, Miss Edith Lemington or Toad Hill
Gardner, Miss Kate Lemington  
Bartlett, Miss Mattie of Stewartstown Dist #5
Currier, Miss May of Island Pond No 4
Fuller, Miss Carrie No 3
Weeks, Miss Gertrude of Canaan No 1
Stevens, Mrs. Lon No 1
Island Pond - graduates (5) 5/19/1899
Coulombe, Joseph Patterson, Lizzie
MacKenzie, Bernice Danforth, Maude
Hall, Nellie  
Island Pond - promotions 6/2/1899
Grade No. 1 to High School  
Aldrich, George Roberts, Eluvia
Ames, Myrtie Smith, Herbert
Chesney, Ray Stern, Isabelle
Danforth, Vinnie Spiller, Josiah
Dyer, Ann Scholes, John
Hobson, Dorothy  
Grade No. 2 to No. 1  
Bishop, Archie Hodsden, Carrie
French, Iva McKay, Alberta
Goodhue, Clifford Skinner, Leslie
Harmon, Zella Smith, Ethel
Grade No. 3 to No. 2  
Ames, Howard Kane, Flossie
Danforth, Frank Freilly, Willie
Davis, Della Roberts, Dennie
Deslandes, Camille Wilkie, Henry
Harmon, Sadie Worth, Nettie
Harmon, Verne Worth, Dannie
Grade No. 4 to No. 3  
Ames, Hallie Howes, Whitney
Curtis, George Knapp, Lucy
Davis, Jennie Lindsay, Ray
Farr, Geraldine Melcher, Isabel
Graham, Ella Parsons, Lona
Harmon, Gladys Worth, George
Island Pond - former students at graduation 6/23/1899
Clarke, Harry Moye, Miss Ida
Clarke, Robert Patterson, Miss Sarah
Robinson, Miss Belle Culhane, Miss Mary
Bartlett, Miss Edith Hackett, Mrs. F. H. [Ethel Sadlier]
Hobson, Miss Beatrice  
Island Pond 9/8/1899
Burns, Mr. High School
Foster, Mrs. Claude No 1
Stott, Miss Annie No 2
MacKenzie, Miss No 3
Wilmot, Miss Mabel No 4
Sweeney, Miss Iva No 5
Bigelow, Miss   No 6  Iron Bridge
French, Miss    No 7  E. Brighton
Webster, Miss No 8  Bemis Dist
Moye, Miss Ida No 9  Smith Dist
LeBourveau, Miss Mabel No 10  Head of Pond
Chase, Miss No 11  Hunter Dist
Lunenburg 9/15/1899
Kelley, Mrs. J. R. No 1
Weeks, Miss Gertrude E. primary - upper room
Johnson, Miss Clara No 2
Johnson, Miss Sadie No 3
Weeks, Miss Hattie No 4
Chickering, Miss Mabel No 5
Potter, Miss Alice No 7
Marsten, Mr. No 8
Norton 9/15/1899
Pike, Miss of Auburn, ME No 1
Conway, Miss M. No 2
Haley, Miss M. No 3
Galvin, Miss N. No 4
Lunenburg 10/27/1899
Weeks, Miss - Teacher Folsom, Henry
Silsby, Bertie Blackmer, Victor
Wright, Wentworth Bowker, Ned
Ball, Ivie Bowker, Harry
Lunenburg - Primary 11/17/1899
Kelley, Mrs. Nellie J. Houston, Flora
no marks Houston, George
Beanell, Cora Houston, Maud
Day, Fernie Hovey, Angie
Day, Florence Lewis, Frank
Frizzell, Ernest Silsby, Ernest
Frizzell, Frank Silsby, Harland
Frizzell, Leslie Tolman, Ray
Hale, Charles Blackmer, Stanley
Lunenburg - Higher Dept 11/17/1899
Weeks, Miss not absent
absent 1 day Day, Lizzie
Bowker, Harry Day, Lucia
Frizzell, Willie Blackmer, Victor
Ball, Ivie Silsby, Bertie
  Wright, Wentworth
  Silsby, Irving
  Woods, Curella
South Lunenburg 11/17/1899
not absent Bishop, Harold
Sunsbury, Mary Hartshorn, Cora
Bishop, Jennie Weeks, Miss - Teacher
Lemington 12/8/1899
Booth, Miss Helen of Maidstone River Dist
Brackett, Miss Lizzie of Canaan N. Lemington
Rich, Miss of Maidstone Sims Hill
Bishop, Miss of Norton S. Canaan
Island Pond 12/15/1899
MacKenzie, Miss Ella No 2
Wilmot, Miss No 3
Sweeney, Miss primary
East Charleston - Dist 12 1/19/1900
(13 students) Moore, Melissa
Brackett, Miss Mame  Moore, Julius
no marks Gardner, Willie
Moore, Effie Cole, Henry
Colebrook, NH - graduates (4) 6/15/1900
Lomas, Mildred McNeeley, Jennie
Ponpart, Leon Tewksbury, Lena
Guildhall, VT 7/13/1900
Boyce, Miss Helen M.  Stark, NH
Weeks, Miss Bertrude Maidstone #2
Booth, Miss Helen Maidstone #4
Coyne, Miss Mamie Dist #1
Island Pond 8/31/1900
Sadleir, Miss Isabella Newark
Needham, Miss Inez Percy, NH
Danforth, Miss Maude Stark, NH
Strathern, Miss Olive East Burke
Strathern, Miss Alice Brownington
Cabana, Miss Mae Carroll, NH
Stokes, Miss Grace Blake Dist, E. Charleston
Lunenburg 11/16/1900
primary - no marks Frizzell, Leslie
Bennett, Ray Houston, Flora
Day, Fernie Lewis, Frank
Day, Florence Silsby, Ernest
Cole, Anna Woods, Bertha
Cole, Effie Woods, Peter
Frizzell, Frank  
Lunenburg - Dist 1 upper grade 11/23/1900
highest scores Moses, Lester
Taylor, Richard Zimmerman, Nina
East Charleston 2/15/1901
Village School - no absent marks no tardy marks
Davis, Floyd Davis, Floyd
Piper, Ora Piper, Ora
Lang, Mildred Hand, Eddie
Lang, Glendoline Tripp, Ralph
Hand, Eddie  
Chaffee, Olive  
Lunenburg - partial list 3/1/1901
Day, Lucia Blood, Rose
Woods, Aurilla Jewell, Clyde
Day, Florence Colby, Don
Day, Fernie Boutin, Camil
Day, Lizzie Bell, Hubert
Bell, Pearl Bell, Franklin
Goodale, Charlie Smith, Christie
Remick, Lena  
Westmore - children's day at church 6/20/1902
Hinton, Grace Hunt, Eunice
LaRoque, Eva Hunt, Franze
Orne, Gladys Drown, Ivis
Gage, Ray King, Genieve
Daniels, Greta Tatro, Charlie
Calkins, Ruth Tatro, Fred
Smith, Julia Averill, Marie
Busky, Denny Ross, Laura
Fox, Dennis  
Essex County Summer School for Teachers 8/8/1902
Allbee, Alice A. West Charleston
Wheeler, Bernice M. West Charleston
Judd, Percy Canaan
Judd, Louise Canaan
Hovey, Ruth Canaan
Hickey, Gertrude Groveton
Hickey, Florence A. Groveton
Lackey, Jennie Holland
Hudson, Edith East Charleston
Ames, Lillian Derby
Davis, Martha Island Pond
Moye, Ida M. Island Pond
Lee, Mary A. Island Pond
Jones, Elizabeth Island Pond
Ames, Myrtie G. Island Pond
Moore, Ella Island Pond
MacKenzie, Ella E. Island Pond
MacKenzie, Glynn Island Pond
Needham, Inez B. Island Pond
Strathern, Olivia Island Pond
Wilmot, Winifred M. Island Pond
Danforth, Maud B. Island Pond
Webster, S. Effie Island Pond
Croft, Grace E. Island Pond
Strathern, Alice M. Island Pond
Eaton, Leta J. Island Pond
Hall, Lyla B. Island Pond
Patterson, Sara E. Island Pond
Island Pond 9/12/1902
Marks, S. Everett High School
MacKenzie, Miss Grade #1
Webster, Miss Grade #2
Patterson, Miss Sarah Grade #3
Davis, Miss Martha Grade #4
Moye, Miss Ida Pleasant St.
Jones, Miss Iron Bridge
Parsloe, Miss East Brighton
MacKenzie, Miss Glen Hunter Dist
Moore, Miss Bemis Dist
Moore, Ed. Nicholson Dist
Lemington 5/1/1903
Capen, Miss Susie Sims Hill
Holbrook, Miss Maude River Dist
Brackett, Miss Lizzie Toad Hill
Island Pond 9/4/1903
Marks, S. E. Principal
Bullard, Miss Asst Principal
Wilmot, Miss Grades 7 & 8
Webster, Miss Grades 5 & 6
Patterson, Miss Grades 3 & 4
LeBourveau, Miss Grades 1 & 2
Moore, Miss Iron Bridge Dist
Moore, Edward Height of Land Dist
Lee, Miss Head of Pond Dist
Wing, Miss East Brighton Dist
Hamm, Miss Bemis Dist
Island Pond 9/11/1903
Moore, Miss Bessie Village Dist
Cushman, Miss Elma Buck Dist
Hudson, Miss Tina Center Dist
Willard, Miss Grace Echo Pond Dist
Salls, Miss Anna Dolloff Dist
Chaplin, Mr. Ernest Cold Hill Dist
Island Pond 11/13/1903
graduating class of this year French, Iva
Bishop, Archie Nicholson, Mary
Guest, Eustace Marsh, Inez
Moore, Melissa Ladd, Burt
Smith, Ethel Spitler, Josiah
Lunenburg 2/5/1904
not absent Silsby, Ernest
Balch, Erwin Valley, Lottie
Day, Fernie Woods, Aurilla
Day, Lucia Day, Florence
Hale, Charles upper room - 20 students
Houston, Maud Burnham, Herbert A. - Teacher
Kelley, Stephen best spelling
Lewis, Glenn Silsby, Hubert
Silsby, Harley Zimmerman, Nina
East Charleston 4/29/1904
Moore, Ella Village
Gray, Will R. Center
LaRoche, Mabel Buck
Whitehill, Laura Dolloff
Bruce, Flossie Echo Pond
Island Pond - Graduates 1904 5/13/1904
Bishop, Archie Spiller, Josiah
Ladd, Bert Guest, Eustace
Nicholson, Mary Marsh, Inez
Smith, Ethel French, Iva
Moore, Melissa  
Lunenburg 7/8/1904
Grammar School - not absent  
Cole, Anna Day, Fernie
Day, Lucia Hale, Charles
Houston, Maud Kelly, Stephen
Silsby, Ernest Valley, Lottie
East Charleston 7/8/1904
Village School - no marks  
Davis, Floyd Gellows, Percy
Wolcott, Charles Royce, Cecil
Gellows, Grace Tripp, Ralph
Moulton, Ida  
East Charleston 7/8/1904
Buck School - no marks  
Provoncha, May Armstrong, Myrtle
Buck, Beatrice Provoncha, Carrie
Provoncha, Joseph Allyn, Bernice
Island Pond 9/2/1904
Marks, Prof S. E. Principal High School
Coates, Miss Elvia G. Asst., High School
Thurston, Miss Charlotte 7 & 8 grades
Webster, Miss Effie 5 & 6 grades
Patterson, Miss Sarah 3 & 4 grades
LeBourveau, Miss Maude 1 & 2 grades
Moore, Miss Ella Pleasant Street annex
Morgan Center 11/11/1904
Center School - no marks Gibson, Miss Alice - Teacher
Elliott, Mildred Gilmore, Ollie
Crowe, Mabel Williams, Derroll
Tabor, Everett Gilman, Etta
Truax, Hayes  

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