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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Ainger, Hartley of Laconia & Sutton, VT Chase, Miss Fannie of Lake Village & Sutton, VT Gilford Village, NH Aug 11 8/27/1880
Allyn, Edwin of Charleston Stevens, Miss Abbie C. St. Johnsbury May 13 6/4/1880
Angell, George F. of Woodbury Wheeler, Miss Evelyn L. of Woodbury Danville March 9 3/18/1881
Atwood, H. M. of Sheffield Eastman, Miss Emma A. of Lyndon Sheffield Jan 27 2/6/1880
Averill, Dr. J. H. of Danville Davis, Miss Orpha R. of Danville Danville April 22 4/30/1880
Babcock, Henry of Glover Stiles, Miss Adele C. of ST. J. Center St. J. Center Aug 4 8/13/1880
Badger, David Sparlin, Miss Mary St. Johnsbury Nov 1 12/9/1881
Ball, J. W. Richards, Miss Elizabeth Sutton July 13 7/30/1880
Ballou, William Penn of Rev. Eli Ballou Odiorne, Alvena of Benj & Louisa Odiorne of L. Lyndon June 15 6/18/1880
Barber, Lyman Cook, Katie F. of Glover Irasburgh Jan 13 1/23/1880
Bashaw, Ober A. of Albany Shepard, Emma M. of Albany Plainfield July 2 7/22/1881
Batchelder, Robert of Lyndon Wetherbee, Miss Sarah J. of Burke Burke Dec 25 1/9/1880
Beach, Asa M. of Glover Patterson, Miss Nancy E. of Glover West Glover Feb 12 2/20/1880
Bickford, Byron Peck, Miss Nellie Wolcott Dec 15 12/23/1881
Bigelow, Frank W. of St. Johnsbury Ladd, Miss Flora B. of Island Pond Island Pond Aug 18 10/1/1880
Billings, Orville (mulatto)   Glover July 17 7/29/1881
Black, Donald of St. Johnsbury McDonald, Miss Maggie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 15 9/24/1880
Blake, William A. of Derby Hinman, Miss Alma H. of Derby Derby Jan 27 2/20/1880
Blandin, John of Lunenburg Bell, Miss Lucy of Lunenburg Lunenburg May 5 5/20/1881
Bolton, Henry D. of Peacham Adams, Miss Jane L. of Barnet Danville Nov 3 11/12/1880
Bonnett, S. C. of Lyndon Gray, Miss Gertrude of Coventry Barton Dec 21 1/23/1880
Bowman, Loren E. of Littleton, NH Brock, Miss Melissa H. of Barnet Barnet Dec 8 12/16/1881
Brainerd, Lorenzo B. of Charleston Streeter, Miss Emma J. of Charleston E. Charleston Aug 30 9/17/1880
Brewer, Frank I. of St. Johnsbury Learned, Miss Ida L. H. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 25 11/5/1880
Brickett, John of Hardwick Freeman, Miss Florence of Walden S. Walden June 22 6/22/1881
Brown, Abner M. of Waterford Smith, Sarah J. of Waterford Waterford 1/30/1880
Brown, C. L. of Peacham Wright, Miss Hattie W. of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 5 10/14/1881
Brown, Elisha W. of Waterford Blodgett, Mrs. Ella of Glover Glover Nov 30 12/17/1880
Brown, Frank E. of Passumpsic Batchelder, Miss Emma J. of Warren Warren, NH 10/8/1880
Brown, Frank N. of St. Johnsbury Beck, Miss Mary E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 2 10/15/1880
Bruce, Lawson of Danville Huse, Mrs. Clarinda J. of Danville Danville April 10 4/16/1880
Buchanan, Robert of Albany Rowell, Miss El(sie) of Barton Barton Jan 26 2/11/1881
Buchanan, William H. of Danville Farrar, Miss Flora B. of Walden Danville Feb 21 3/5/1880
Bugbee, Harley of West Burke Walker, Miss Alice of Manchester, NH West Burke April 2 4/8/1881
Burnham, A. F. of St. Johnsbury Bundy, Miss Lilla J. of East Burke East Burke Oct 1 10/15/1880
Campbell, Wallace of St. Johnsbury Cook, Miss Annie of Morrisville St. Johnsbury Nov 19 11/25/1881
Carr, Curtis F. of St. Johnsbury King, Miss Ida M. of Danville Danville Jan 29 2/6/1880
Chandler, Milo O. of Walden Harrington, Florence E. of Walden Worcester Sept 17 10/7/1881
Chapman, Herman of Sutton Estabrooks, Lucy of Sutton Sutton June 4 6/8/1881
Chase, Charles F. of McIndoes Falls Turner, Nellie A. of Monroe, NH Newbury Jan 7 1/23/1880
Chickering, Orville S. of St. Johnsbury Finley, Miss Alice E. of North Danville St. Johnsbury Jan 1 1/16/1880
Clark, Caleb W. of Glover Wylie, Miss Maggie of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/9/1880
Clark, Charles M. of Danville Bushway, Miss Linda P. of Danville Danville April 9 4/16/1880
Clark, Ezra A. of Glover Skinner, Miss Addie A. of Glover Glover May 5 5/21/1880
Clark, James of Burke Reed, Miss Susan of Burke East Burke March 16 3/25/1881
Clough, Charles V. of Bloomfield Hawkins, Mrs. Jennie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury March 27 4/9/1880
Cobb, Carlos S. of Hardwick Morgan, Miss Carrie P. of Johnson Morristown May 9 5/20/1881
Colby, Frank P. of Danville Woodward, Miss Alice of Peacham Danville Dec 25 1/2/1880
Conly, John E. of St. Johnsbury Prescott, Miss Nancy J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 23 12/31/1880
Conner, David C. of Cabot Dresser, Mrs. Eunice W. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Feb 5 2/11/1881
Cook, Frank of Barnet Cobern, Miss Lizzie of Barnet Barnet Nov 29 12/9/1881
Cross, Daniel B. of St. Johnsbury Carr, Miss Belle M. of Waterford St. Johnsbury April 14 4/23/1880
Cummings, Hiram of West Burke Forrest, Mrs. Irene of West Burke West Burke Dec 2 12/17/1880
Daniels, Fred S. of St. Johnsbury Williams, Miss Nellie M. of St. Johnsbury E. St. Johnsbury July 4 7/16/1880
Daniels, Willard F. of Greensboro Morse, Miss Mae L. of Walden Walden Sept 15 10/8/1880
Darling, Leonard C. of Peacham Kimball, Miss Ella M. of Peacham Peacham Oct 24 11/5/1880
Dashney, John S. of Burke Eggleston, Miss Helen M. of Newark Sheffield June 8 6/15/1881
Davidson, James of Hardwick Smith, Miss Loie C. of Greensboro St. Johnsbury Sept 13 9/24/1880
Davis, Solomon N. of Danville Amsden, Mrs. Patience D. of Walden Greensboro Jan 1, 1881 12/31/1880
Demars, Lewis Trudell, Georgeanna St. Johnsbury June 21 7/2/1880
Dow, Darius S. of Greensboro Flanders, Miss Martha of Greensboro E. Hardwick March 17 4/2/1880
Dow, Fred of St. Johnsbury Munn, Miss Ullie L. of Waterbury Middlesex Sept 26 10/8/1880
Dow, Wason E. of Cabot Bandy, Miss Rosa of Danville Danville May 25 5/28/1880
Drew, George S. of St. Johnsbury Owens, Cora L. O. of Westmore West Concord Nov 13 11/26/1880
Drew, Ora N. of N. Danville Stanton, Miss Clara M. of N. Danville Portland, ME Dec 1 12/23/1881
Drown, G. H. Jackson, Miss Mary St. Johnsbury Nov 16 12/2/1881
Drown, Joseph C. of Sutton Aldrich, Miss Emma E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury July 3 7/23/1880
Dunn, James R. of St. Johnsbury Page, Miss Lizzie M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 15 6/25/1880
Dykeman, A. M. of Lynn Powers, Miss Julia A. of St. Johnsbury Center Boston, MA Sept 11 9/24/1880
Eastman, J. W. of Lyndon Center Gray, Miss Eva E. of Coventry Marshfield Dec 31 1/23/1880
Eastman, R. B. of Brooklyn, NY Parks, Miss Emily E. of Waterford Waterford March 10 3/19/1880
Emery, Winfield S. Wright, Miss Maggie F. Ryegate Aug 25 9/10/1880
Esden, Robert of Greensboro Bend Porter, Miss Lellice J. of Wheelock Portland, ME Dec 1 12/23/1881
Evans, A. T. of Lyndon Bowen, Miss Ida of East Burke St. Johnsbury Feb 8 2/18/1881
Fairbanks, William P. of Newark Godding, Miss Delia of East Burke East Burke April 14 4/23/1880
Farnham, L. U. of Waterford Eldredge, Miss Jennie of Waterford St. Johnsbury Sept 28 10/1/1880
Farnsworth, Willis S. of San Francisco Taylor, Miss Mary E. of St. Johnsbury San Francisco 4/30/1880
Farrow, Israel T. Jr. of Walden Bolton, Abbie W. of Cabot Walden Nov 23 12/3/1880
Farrow, William L. of Walden Buchanan, Miss Bettie E. of Danville Walden March 25 4/2/1880
Fife, Alonzo Nutter, Mrs. Cordelia West Barnet Dec 6 12/16/1881
Flint, Charles G. of St. Johnsbury Stanton, Miss Mabel E. of North Danville North Danville Oct 20 10/29/1880
Fort, William of Hardwick Harris, Mrs. Caroline S. of Montpelier & Danville Montpelier April 3 4/8/1881
Fox, William of De Kalb Tilton, Miss Hattie L. of McHenry, IL Chicago April 19 5/21/1880
French, William W. of Walden Paine, Miss Rebecca of Cabot E. Hardwick Oct 13 10/29/1880
Frye, Eben of Concord Bugbee, Mrs. Sophia of St. Johnsbury E. St. Johnsbury May 13 5/28/1880
Gage, Jesse B. F. of St. Johnsbury Hurlburt, Miss Rosa N. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 31 2/6/1880
Gates, Elisha B. of Peacham Gill, Ella G. of Peacham Peacham Nov 16 12/3/1880
Gibson, Ezra A. of Barnet Smiley, Miss Ella of Danville Danville Jan 27 1/30/1880
Giffin, J. Eugene of E. Hardwick Livingstone, Miss Alice Mabel of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick Aug 14 8/27/1880
Gilfillan, William Lucius of Barnet Bailey, Miss Ruth E. of Peacham S. Peacham April 27 5/14/1880
Goodell, Lee H. of Lyndon Night, Miss Hattie P. of Stanstead Stanstead Sept 9 10/1/1880
Goodell, Milo S. of Littleton, NH Styles, Eveline M. of Waterford St. Johnsbury June 24 7/16/1880
Gordon, Frank T. of Lyndonville Randall, Carrie E. of Lyndonville Lyndon Ctr April 18 4/30/1880
Granger, Frank B. of Peacham MacDonald, Miss Emma W. of Peacham Danville Dec 23 12/31/1880
Granger, Rev. P. N. of St. Albans Stevens, Miss Ellen E. of Derby Line Stanstead, PQ Sept 7 9/17/1880
Graves, B. K. of Concord Hudson, Abbie H. of Concord Lower Waterford Oct 12 10/22/1880
Graves, G. Harrison of Kirby Bly, Miss Sarah A. of Kirby St. Johnsbury Feb 21 3/5/1880
Gray, Albert M. of Sheffield Booth, Electa E. of Sheffield Glover Feb 25 3/12/1880
Grodavant, Herbert D. of Syracuse, NY West, Lettie, of A. M. West of Danville Ft Leavenworth, KS Dec 15 12/24/1880
Guthrie, Joseph C. of Peacham Patch, Sophia G. of Peacham Peacham Nov 25 12/10/1880
Hall, George H. of Danville Willey, Cora J. of Danville Danville Dec 25 1/2/1880
Hall, Martin J. of Ryegate Aitken, Miss Margaret of Newbury Peacham Jan 29 2/6/1880
Ham, Myron Eugene of Newark Smith, Miss Mary Lizzie of Newark Newark Oct 31 11/4/1881
Harriman, David E. of St. Johnsbury Knapp, Miss Huldah of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 17 1/23/1880
Harriman, Fred S. of Peacham Emerson, Miss Mary H. of Peacham Peacham June 8 6/18/1880
Haskill, Bliss S. of St. Johnsbury Connell, Miss Mary Elliott of Wallingford Wallingford, CT June 1 6/11/1880
Hatch, Silas of McIndoe's Falls Kendall, Miss Jennie of Littleton Littleton, NH 12/24/1880
Haviland, Nathaniel C. B., MD of Danville Johnson, Miss Sarah of Hon. James Johnson Bath, NH Oct 9 10/15/1880
Hawkins, Willard Jr. of St. Johnsbury Hammond, Miss Myra A. of Newport Coventry Oct 19 11/12/1880
Hedgecock, Harry W. of Passumpsic Morse, Miss Mary H. of Concord Concord Feb 28 3/12/1880
Higgins, Fred R. of E. Concord Crawford, Miss Lavinia M. of E. Concord Lunenburg April 15 4/30/1880
Higgins, William R. of E. Concord Gray, Miss Helena A. of Lunenburg East Concord July 25 8/27/1880
Hill, William W. of St. Johnsbury Mulrooney, Miss Mary J. of St. Johnsbury Waterford Sept 9 9/24/1880
Hilton, Frank H. of Boston Smith, Miss Annette of Barnet Barnet Nov 9 11/26/1880
Hines, C. L. of Hardwick Bennet, Miss Idella L. of Chelsea Lowell, MA Dec 31 1/16/1880
Hodgdon, James G. of Danville Walbridge, Miss Berthia E. of Danville Danville July 1 7/15/1881
Hodge, Charles of St. Johnsbury King, Miss Maggie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 14 9/24/1880
Hoffman, George W. of White River Jct. Harris, Carrie B. of Lyndon Lyndon Center Nov 19 12/3/1880
Hooker, Frank B. Bagley, Miss Mary B. St. Johnsbury Nov 6 11/19/1880
Hubbard, Frank J. of E. Hardwick Paine, Miss Helene A. of E. Hardwick West Derby Oct 19 11/12/1880
Hubbard, G. Frank of Norwich Kent, Miss Emma E. of Lyndon Lyndon July 3 7/16/1880
Humphrey, Alvah J. of East Burke Smith, Miss Viola A. of East Burke East Burke May 4 5/14/1880
Humphrey, Hon. C. T. A. of East Burke Prouty, Miss Mary L. of East Burke East Burke Sept 14 9/24/1880
Hunt, Charles W. of Lyndon Odiorne, Lillian Julia of Benj & Louisa Odiorne of L. Lyndon June 15 6/18/1880
Husband, Thomas H. of Glover Sargent, Sadie A. of Glover Barton May 5 5/21/1880
Hutchinson, John F. of Orange Grimshaw, Mrs. Arrabel of Groton Groton June 14 6/25/1880
Jack, Alexander of Barnet Corbet, Mrs. Cathrine H. of Glasgow, Scotland Barnet July 1 7/15/1881
Jenkins, Joel of East Burke Quint, Mrs. Rhoda of Bristol, NH E. Burke March 25 4/9/1880
Jenkins, W. H. of St. Johnsbury Hutchinson, Mrs. Jennie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 7 1/16/1880
Johnson, George of St. Johnsbury Eaton, Miss Mary Ann of Danville Danville Dec 29 12/31/1880
Jones, Frank W. of Lowell Patterson, Miss Mattie G. of Glover Glover Feb 10 2/20/1880
Keeler, William S. Miles, Miss Clara Montpelier Nov 29 12/2/1881
Kenaston, George W. of Cabot Lampher, Emma A. of Montgomery S. Walden July 3 7/23/1880
Kennedy, Charles of Troy Sherman, Miss Sarah of Newport South Troy Feb 17 2/27/1880
Kenney, James of Littleton, NH Lonergan, Miss Mary A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 15 1/23/1880
Kirk, Charles E. Johnson, Lillian dau of N. M. Johnson, Esq. St. Johnsbury May 27 6/11/1880
Ladd, W. W. of St. Johnsbury Blakeslee, Miss M. Ellen of Lunenburg Lunenburg March 10 4/2/1880
Lamb, Frank of Ryegate Coffrin, Miss Lizzie A. of Groton McIndoes Falls Jan 25 2/4/1881
Lang, John of Barnet Judkins, Miss Minnie of Barnet Barnet Oct 11 10/21/1881
Langmaid, Dixon of N. Danville Sivright, Miss Nellie C. of Derby West Derby Oct 12 10/29/1880
Lawrence, Charles H. of Glover Kelsey, Mary A. of Derby Derby Ctr Sept 20 10/15/1880
Lively, James of St. Johnsbury Dalton, Miss Hattie E. of Waterbury, CT St. Johnsbury March (20) 4/2/1880
Locke, Albert S. of Lyndon Matthews, Luvia C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Feb 18 2/27/1880
Lowell, Edward of Lewiston, ME Hartshorn, Miss Cora of Lunenburg Lunenburg June 3 6/18/1880
Lyford, Elijah W. of Peacham Rowell, Hattie E. of Peacham St. Johnsbury Oct 9 10/22/1880
Mackey, David of St. Johnsbury Tilden, Miss Gertie May of Barnet McIndoe's Falls Jan 24 2/13/1880
Manchester, Luther S. of Ryegate Lackie, Miss Laura of Barnet Passumpsic Oct 14 11/5/1880
Marden, Albion S. of Barnet Buchanan, Anna E. of Hon. Peter Buchanan of B. Barnet April 26 5/6/1881
Marsh, Julian H. of Lyndonville Norris, Miss Effie M. of Cabot Cabot Nov 24 12/10/1880
Matava, Isaac of Danville Woodhouse, Ellen of Danville Peacham Feb 22 3/5/1880
Matthews, John C. of St. Johnsbury Pike, Elvia, widow of Charles B. Pike of Stanstead South Troy Sept 22 10/1/1880
McGill, N. J. of Boston Gammell, Miss M. dau of A. H. Gammell May 12 5/21/1880
McIntire, H. H. of Littleton, NH Cahoon, Carrie E. of Dr. C. S. Cahoon of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 30 12/10/1880
McKindley, John of Ryegate Whitehill, Miss Lydia J. of Groton Barnet Oct 12 10/22/1880
McNeal, William of St. Johnsbury Webber, Miss Kittie A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury March 31 4/16/1880
McQueen, Henry B. of Newark Abbott, Miss Lillian R. of Sheffield West Burke Dec 24 1/2/1880
Miles, Frank of St. Johnsbury Center Thompson, Miss Florence of St. Johnsbury Ctr St. Johnsbury Ctr Dec 9 12/17/1880
Miles, James Gray, Miss Tina Sheffield Jan 1 1/16/1880
Moody, Sylvester of Charleston Chase, Miss Lizzie of Sheffield Sheffield Nov 25 12/10/1880
Moore, William of St. Johnsbury Lindsley, Miss Mary J. of Danville St. Johnsbury Sept 25 10/8/1880
Morey, Rev. Lewis W. of Lyndon Benner, Miss Fannie S. of Lowell Lowell, MA Sept 1 9/10/1880
Morrill, George H. Ranney, Miss Sarah St. Johnsbury Aug 31 9/10/1880
Morse, E. Allen of Concord Temple, Miss Lucretia G. of Concord E. Concord July 31 8/13/1880
Morse, George Haviland, Miss Josie M. Danville Dec 13 12/16/1881
Morse, Stephen O. of Danville Cowling, Belle of Danville Danville Dec 25 12/31/1880
Morton, Charles E. of Morah, NY Knapp, Miss Hattie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 15 10/28/1881
Newell, Frank of Danville Holmes, Miss Lydia of Peacham Peacham April 15 4/23/1880
Newton, Henry R. of Waterford Richardson, Miss H. Addie of Waterford St. Johnsbury Feb 26 3/12/1880
Nims, Reuben of Montague Farrington, C. Belle of G. W. Farrington of Danville Greenfield, MA June 4 6/25/1880
Nolan, Frank of St. Johnsbury Hall, Miss Mary of Passumpsic St. Johnsbury Oct 26 11/5/1880
Norton, Edgar Raymo, Miss Ella S. Ryegate Feb 21 3/5/1880
Noyes, Glyson of Danville Powers, Miss Emma L. of Hardwick Danville Oct 23 10/29/1880
Noyes, Murry D. of W. Concord Cowell, Ida L. of N. Y City NYC Feb 18 3/12/1880
Nute, William Badger, Miss Etta St. Johnsbury Nov 24 12/9/1881
Nute, William of St. Johnsbury Badger, Miss Etta of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr Nov 26 12/2/1881
Nutting, George E. of Westmore Kimball, Mary L. of Westmore Irasburgh March 10 3/26/1880
Olmstead, Alphonso M. of Barton Cowles, Amelia of Barton Irasburgh Sept 30 10/15/1880
Osgood, Alonzo of St. Johnsbury Hall, Miss Eva Bell of Danville Danville Dec 26 12/30/1881
Osgood, Rev. George W. of Littleton, NH Peck, Clara Inez of Barre Barre Oct 6 10/14/1881
Page, Cyrus B. of Groton Crown, Miss Jennie of Barnet Barnet April 23 5/7/1880
Page, Harley of Sheffield King, Miss Martha A. of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 4 1/9/1880
Page, William H. of Groton Tillotson, Miss Adaline of Washington Groton Jan 28 2/13/1880
Paige, Austin D. of Lyndonville Bemis, Miss Ella L. of Lyndonville Lyndonville July 22 8/6/1880
Parker, Fred T. of St. Johnsbury Eastman, Miss Orra of Chicago, IL St. Johnsbury July 15 7/30/1880
Parker, Harley Ingalls, Miss Lilla J. Lyndon 8/12/1881
Parks, Charles E. of Topeka, KA of E. A. Parks of Passumpsic Clarke, Miss Nellie C. of Plymouth Plymouth, NH 1/23/1880
Parsons, James of Concord Smith, Miss Azuba of Lunenburg West Concord July 4 7/16/1880
Paul, J. E. of Lyndon Hall, Jennie C. of Barnet Barnet Oct 12 10/28/1881
Peck, Charles A. of Danville Prescott, Miss Martha M. of Danville Danville April 6 4/8/1881
Pettengill, James M. of Danville Martin, Miss Celia A. of Danville Danville March 16 3/18/1881
Pierce, William of Brownington Miles, Miss Betsey A. of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 26 9/10/1880
Place, Charles of Newport Kelsey, Mary of Derby Newport Center Nov 15 12/2/1881
Plummer, Charles W. of Lyndon Johnson, Miss Priscilla E. of Nashua, NH East Burke Sept 11 9/24/1880
Plummer, George W., Esq. of Iowa City, Iowa Powers, Miss Addie S. of Ryegate Ryegate Nov 5 11/11/1881
Potter, Ellery of St. Johnsbury Flower, Miss Luella F. of Burke West Burke June 16 7/2/1880
Pratt, Henry of St. Johnsbury Merchant, Miss Lizzie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 25 12/24/1880
Preston, Charles W. of Barton Hooker, Miss Cora B. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 26 12/30/1881
Puffer, Frank of Lowell, MA Curtis, Miss Emma of Sutton Sutton Aug 18 9/3/1880
Quimby, Gilman of Lyndon McNiel, Miss Ella J. of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 24 1/2/1880
Randall, Asa Ward, Miss Carrie North Danville Jan 29 2/6/1880
Randall, C. H. of Lyndonville Twombly, Miss Ida F. of Lyndonville Lyndonville Nov 11 11/19/1880
Randall, Eden N. of St. Johnsbury Thompson, Miss Olive A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury May 23 5/28/1880
Reed, Joseph W. of St. Johnsbury Knight, Miss Martha L. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 22 12/30/1881
Richardson, O. H. T. of Concord, NH Kinne, Mary P. of Waterford Waterford Nov 29 12/10/1880
Ridley, N. W. of Lowell Phillips, Carrie D. of Lunenburg Lowell, MA April 19 5/21/1880
Rollins, Warren of Walden White, Clara of Walden South Walden Aug 31 9/10/1880
Rowe, J. Martin of Danville Goodenough, Miss Clara E. of Peacham Danville April 28 5/7/1880
Ruggles, Fred L., M.D. of Lyndon Knapp, Miss Della E. of Salem, Mich Salem, Mich June 29 7/15/1881
Russell, Carlos L. of Chelsea Bruce, Eva L. of Enfield, NH & Danville Tunbridge March 25 5/14/1880
Salmon, John Jr. of Glover Drew, Mrs. Betsey of Glover E. Craftsbury 1/9/1880
Seavy, Frank M. of Boston Ward, Miss Dora A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 19 1/30/1880
Shaw, Morris H. of Roxbury Maxwell, Miss Josie R. of Fayston Walden July 2 7/15/1881
Shephard, Charles C. of Albany Whitcomb, Eldora D. Cabot Dec 7 12/16/1881
Simpson, Zebina of Sheffield Stimpson, Mrs. Sarah of Sheffield Sheffield Sept 15 10/8/1880
Smith, Dana O. of East Haven Howland, Miss Lettie J. of East Burke Island Pond March 18 4/9/1880
Smith, Ellas G. of Barnet Gilman, Miss Martha of Westmore Barnet March 10 3/26/1880
Smith, George R. of Barton Hubbard, Mrs. Maria of Glover Glover May 2 5/21/1880
Smith, Henry of Boston Kent, Miss Emma J. of Barnet Boston July 4 7/16/1880
Somers, Robert D. of Barnet Strobridge, Miss Ida M. of Barnet Barnet Dec 8 12/17/1880
Soule, Carl L. of Fairfield Ingalls, Florence M. of Samuel Ingalls Esq. Greensboro Sept 27 10/7/1881
Stanley, Charles of St. Johnsbury Johnson, Miss Lizzie Ryegate Dec 25 1/2/1880
Stanley, Frank D. of Frankfort, Mich Carlton, Miss Mary F. of Lunenburg Lunenburg Oct 2 10/22/1880
Stearns, W. C. of Plymouth (item) Eastman, Mrs. Lois of Plymouth widow of Geo. Plymouth, NH Oct 8 10/14/1881
Stevens, Charles H. of Walden Rogers, Miss Ella M. of H. Rogers of Walden Walden March 8 3/12/1880
Stevens, Frank H. of Coventry Wooley, Miss Ida M. of Derby Derby April 5 4/30/1880
Stevens, Oram of Danville Anderson, Miss Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Aug 24 9/2/1881
Stevenson, Frederick of Barnet Jenne, Cora of McIndoe's Falls Newbury March 10 3/26/1880
Stickney, Seth P. of Lyman, NH Goss, Miss Minnie A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr 11/26/1880
Stone, A. M. of Lyndon Folsom, Miss Lucy A. of Charles Folsom of L. Lyndonville May 11 5/20/1881
Stone, Abel B. of St. Johnsbury Steele, Miss Annie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 1 6/8/1881
Stone, Edward J. Brooks, Miss Mary M. St. Johnsbury Ctr June 15 6/25/1880
Sulham, Walter of Cabot Smith, Helen of Barnet Cabot Feb 20 3/5/1880
Summerville, Samuel J. of St. Johnsbury Sturgeon, Miss Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury May 19 5/28/1880
Thompson, Mayo H. of Lisbon, NH Bell, Clara M. of Lunenburg Dalton, NH April 19 5/7/1880
Thurber, True H. of East Burke Chelsey, Miss Mary E. of Sheffield Albany Jan 29 2/13/1880
Tisdale, Elwin C. of Waterford Bugbee, Ina F. of Waterford Waterford May 1 5/14/1880
Turner, G. B. of Lyman, NH Moore, Miss Lucy of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 23 11/25/1881
Underwood, Willie H. of Barton Landing Ward, Miss Jennie of Walden Barton Landing April 27 5/20/1881
Valo, A. T. of West Concord Juke, Miss Orilla of Miles Pond West Concord Jan 23 2/4/1881
Walbridge, D. A. of Peacham Hurd, Mrs. Marretta of Peacham St. Johnsbury Sept 10 9/23/1881
Walbridge, John W. of Cabot Hubbell, Mrs. Mary M. of Cabot Danville Aug 30 9/2/1881
Waldo, W. W. of Marshalltown, Iowa Clement, E. Belle of E. B. Clement of Barnet Barnet 6th 9/16/1881
Ward, Denison C. of Barton Wilson, Lillia L. of Barton Barton Sept 29 10/15/1880
Ward, Nathaniel M. of St. Johnsbury Weeks, Miss Clara of Danville St. Johnsbury July 28 8/13/1880
Watson, Frank B. of New York Sanborn, Miss Myra of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 14 9/24/1880
Webber, James F. of Kirby Wells, Miss Mary E. of Lyndon Lyndon March 2 3/12/1880
Wells, J. Henry of Lisbon, NH Evans, Miss Mary E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 10 11/19/1880
Wells, Loomis of Granby Wilson, Miss Lucy Ide of Barton Landing Barton Landing Oct 7 10/22/1880
Wesson, Moses of Danville Nutting, Miss Adeline of Danville Danville June 30 7/1/1881
Wheeler, Frederick of Vineland, NJ Amsden, Miss Alice of Walden Walden Dec 24 1/9/1880
Wheeler, George B. of Hardwick Olmstead, Miss Carrie L. of Vineland, NJ Hardwick May 20 6/4/1880
Wheeler, Osgood P. of Newbury Bailey, Miss Eliza L. of Newbury Newbury June 18 6/25/1880
Wheeler, Rev. Z(huri) B. of Woodbury Howard, Mrs. Stella M. of Danville Danville Jan 27 2/4/1881
White, H. K. of Newbury Brown, Miss Abbie A. Wells River Jan 22 2/6/1880
Whittier, Fred of St. Johnsbury Parker, Mrs. Ellen A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr March 17 4/2/1880
Wilder, Maynard of Lowell, MA Curtis, Miss Emma Sutton Aug 18 9/10/1880
Wilkie, Charles of Barton Buswell, Clara of Irasburgh Irasburgh April 5 4/23/1880
Willey, Charles W. of Craftsbury Fisher, Miss Nellie E. of Wolcott E. Craftsbury Oct 4 10/14/1881
Williams, Newell of Danville Stevens, Mrs. Nancy (Moore) of Danville Danville Dec 15 12/24/1880
Wilmot, H. G. of Thetford McCole, Miss Florence C. of Ryegate Ryegate July 6 7/15/1881
Wilson, Alvin W. of Lyndon Brown, Miss Ella L. of Lyndon Lyndon Aug 14 8/27/1880
Winchester, B. F. of Barton Streeter, Miss Lilla of Lyndon Lyndon April 7 4/16/1880
Woodbury, Herbert A. of Concord Fisher, Dora J. of Concord West Concord Sept 4 9/17/1880
Woods, E. H. of Danville Stevens, Miss Lizzie M. of Walden Danville Oct 29 11/4/1881
Wright, Byron of St. Johnsbury Ctr. Froude, Miss Mary J. of St. Johnsbury Ctr. West Burke Feb 24 3/5/1880

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