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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Abbott, Martin of Glover Hill, Miss Caroline Frances of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 23 11/15/1872
Ackerson, George of St. Johnsbury Hutlow, Miss Lucia A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury May 18 6/7/1872
Adams, Frank of Danville McGaffey, Miss Jennie E. of Danville Wells River Jan 1 1/16/1874
Adams, Henry A. of Harrisville, NH Eastman, Miss Julia W. of St. Johnsbury Dublin, NH Oct 22 11/6/1874
Adams, John Fletcher, Miss Hattie M. of Berlin, MA Northboro, MA Sept 15 11/29/1872
Adams, Myron A. of Derby Carpenter, Miss Clara E. of Derby Derby Center Nov 21 12/12/1873
Adams, Orange S. of St. Johnsbury Morgan, Miss Fannie E. of Concord St. Johnsbury Sept 2 9/12/1873
Adams, Ranson W. of Newport Hammond, Miss Abby L. of Newport Newport Ctr Feb 19 3/3/1871
Aiken, Andrew of Newbury Arthur, Miss Agnes Jane of Newbury Newbury May 3 5/23/1873
Ainsworth, Frank B. of Peacham Clark, Cynthia C. of Peacham Danville May 11 5/20/1870
Albee, Alex C. Pierce, Miss Eva of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Center Sept 2 9/29/1871
Aldrich, Benson S. of Enfield Whitman, Miss Mary J. of St. Johnsbury Enfield, MA April 25 5/27/1870
Aldrich, C. T. of Westmore Calkins, Mrs. E. M. of Charleston Morgan Sept 3 9/30/1870
Aldrich, Elias of Burke Moulton, Mrs. Lucy E. of Burke East Burke Oct 3 11/8/1872
Aldrich, Wesley N. of Glover Lackey, Miss Edith A. of Wheelock Morrisville Oct 27 11/6/1874
Allard, Albert A. of Barton Stevens, Miss Olive A. L. of Melbourne, P. Q. Barton Jan 20 2/14/1874
Allen, Edward of Barton Ford, Miss Laura E. of Barton Barton Jan 11 1/21/1870
Allen, Ethan A. of Hydepark Minard, Miss Emma L. of Groton Peacham March 2 3/20/1874
Allen, Leander of Concord Ciscoe, Miss Ellen of Newport Center Concord, NH Jan 6 2/4/1870
Allen, Lemuel R. of NYC Bly, Miss Julia of Charleston Charleston March 4 3/20/1874
Allison, David R. of Wells River Carpenter, Miss Emma M. of Wells River Wells River Sept 18 9/29/1871
Allsaint, Charles Welds, Mrs. Sarah Lyndonville Nov 9 11/22/1872
Ames, William E. of Cabot Brickett, Miss Sarah Jane of Cabot Danville Aug 26 8/29/1873
Anderson, John W. of Washington, Iowa Gibson, Miss Adda M. of Ryegate Ryegate Dec 11 12/19/1873
Annis, Austin A. of Barnet Bailey, Miss Estella of Barnet St. Johnsbury May 27 6/9/1871
Armington, Henry L. of Piermont, NH Mullin, Miss Eva of Passumpsic East St. Johnsbury Feb 28 3/17/1871
Arthur, Robert of S. Ryegate Jewell, Miss Abbie J. of Newbury Newbury 8th inst 6/16/1871
Atkins, Varness of Corinth Gates, Miss Georgia L. of Topsham Groton June 4 6/16/1871
Atwood, S. T. of Carver, MA Garney, Miss Ida L. of Cabot Cabot Nov 28 12/13/1872
Aulis, William of Lyndon Welch, Lucy of Lyndon St. Johnsbury Sept 1 9/11/1874
Austin, David C. of Brunswick Burrington, Miss Sarah P. of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 22 2/7/1874
Ayer, Hial of Sheffield Greene, Miss Eva of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 27 12/12/1873
Babcock, Albert W. of Lyndonville Astle, Alvira M. of Waterford Lower Waterford Nov 27 12/13/1872
Babcock, Lucas A. of St. Johnsbury Johnson, Miss Ada E. of Littleton Littleton, NH Nov 7 11/21/1873
Bagley, Moses O. of Craftsbury Hoyt, Miss Eliza H. of Craftsbury Eden Sept 3 9/30/1870
Bailey, Alden of St. Johnsbury Lynn, Miss Lucy of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr July 20 8/5/1871
Bailey, George H. of Coventry Owen, Miss Ellen E. of Coventry Coventry Dec 31 1/13/1871
Bailey, John B. of Groton Whitehill, Josephine E. of Groton West Barnet June 10 6/16/1871
Bailey, John W. of Danville Gookin, Miss Louisa of Danville West Barnet Aug 30 9/15/1871
Bailey, William H. of Concord Hudson, Miss M. J. of Concord West Concord Nov 26 12/11/1874
Baker, Charles T. of Concord Bedell, Mary L. of Barnet Waterford Feb 18 3/6/1874
Baker, O. W. of Barton Landing Garland, Miss Mae of Barton Landing Barton Landing April 18 5/8/1874
Baldwin, Earle G. of Coventry White, Maggie E. of late Rev. Pliny White of Amherst Amherst July 16 8/5/1870
Barber, Charles E. of Enfield, CT Palmer, Miss Jenny L. of Danville Danville Nov 14 11/22/1872
Barker, Francis W. of Sutton Holmes, Miss Julia A. of Sutton Sutton Aug 8 8/21/1874
Barker, Henry F. of Sutton Hayward, Mrs. Laura M. of Burke Sutton March 9 3/29/1872
Barnard, William M. of Newport Allen, Miss Ida of Newport Newport May 16 5/29/1874
Barnes, Asa of St. Johnsbury Bickford, Miss Drusilla D. of Lyndon Barton Sept 22 10/7/1870
Barr, William H. of Cabot White, Miss Leantha of Walden Walden Oct 26 10/28/1870
Barr, William H. of Cabot White, Miss Leantha of Walden Walden Oct 26 11/25/1870
Barstow, Granville E. of Enfield, MA Dow, Miss Emma L. of E. Albany East Albany Oct 10 10/28/1870
Bartlett, Silas S. of Barton Little, Miss Maria N. of Salem Salem Nov 14 12/1/1871
Batchelder, Edwin E. of Danville Buckminster, Ella L. of Waterford Waterford Nov 13 11/29/1872
Batchelder, George B. of Barnet Tilden, Miss Sylvia D. of Barnet Barnet Jan 25 2/10/1871
Batchelder, Timothy C. of Stannard Smith, Miss Emma of Stannard Glover Jan 1 1/16/1874
Batchelder, Wheeler J. of Plainfield Martin, Miss Ellen A. of Marshfield Marshfield Feb 28 4/12/1872
Batchelder, William F. of Lyndon Hartwell, Miss Helen M. of East Haven West Burke March 4 3/13/1874
Batchelder, William F. of Lyndon Hartwell, Miss Helen M. of East Haven West Burke March 4 3/20/1874
Batchelder, William M. of Newport Kelsey, Miss Hattie E. of Danville Danville Oct 21 10/23/1874
Baxter, Major Henry C. Carter, Miss Emma of Stanstead Derby Line April 24 5/16/1873
Baxter, William M. of Topeka, Kansas Dixon, Miss Sophia of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 23 11/3/1871
Baxter, William W., of Hersman, IL & Wheelock Hersman, Ella of M. M. Hersman Esq. of Delavan, IL Delavan, IL Jan 11 2/2/1872
Bean, Alfred of Victory Quimby, Miss Esther M. of Lyndon Center Lyndon Center June 30 7/17/1874
Bean, Amos P. of Glover Day, Miss Ellen S. of Sheffield Sheffield March 13 4/3/1874
Beauclerck, Sydney W. of Lexington, KY Allen, Miss Mary F. of late Hon. Ira Allen of Irasburg St. Albans Jan 2 1/26/1872
Beckwith, Elbridge of West Burke Carpenter, Miss Sarah E. of West Burke West Burke Aug 27 9/8/1871
Bedee, Robert R. of Albany Dow, Miss Lilla A. of Albany Albany June 9 6/23/1871
Bedell, Fingal J. of Concord Baker, Miss Ellen M. of Concord St. Johnsbury Sept 24 10/3/1873
Bell, Charles J. of Walden Perry, Miss Louisa M. of Cabot Cabot Oct 4 10/14/1870
Bell, George W. of Newport Miller, Mrs. Cynthia C. of Newport West Derby Dec 13 1/7/1870
Bemis, Elias A. of Westmore Cobleigh, Miss Diana E. of Burke Westmore Jan 26 2/18/1870
Bennett, E. B. Lackey, Miss E. H. St. Johnsbury Nov 17 11/28/1873
Bennett, Ira B. of St. Johnsbury Wright, Miss Clara of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 20 1/30/1874
Berry, Marcus of Sutton Smith, Miss Abbie of Sutton Sheffield May 22 6/21/1872
Bickford, George of Irasburgh Kenneson, Miss Augusta of Irasburgh Newport Ctr July 6 8/5/1871
Bigelow, Elmore I. of Barton Landing Boothe, Miss Isabella of West Burke West Burke July 4 7/17/1874
Bigelow, J. S. Allard, Miss Josephine West Burke April 26 5/6/1870
Bishop, Anson J. J. of Island Pond Chesley, Miss Ellen M. A. of Lyndonville Bartlett, NH Jan 1 1/26/1872
Bishop, Cassius M. C. Parker, Anna L. Burke Hollow Oct 8 10/24/1873
Bishop, Franklin P. of Sutton Hartwell, Miss Lorinda H. of Sutton West Burke May 30 6/12/1874
Bishop, Ora Peck, Miss Ellen of Danville St. Johnsbury March 25 4/8/1870
Blaisdell, Samuel S. of Laconia Kidder, Mrs. Mary Jane of Peacham Lake Village, NH June 16 8/26/1870
Blake, Allison O. of Barton Brockway, Miss Ida A. of Sutton West Burke Sept 28 10/13/1871
Blake, Amos Knapp, Miss Sarah J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr Oct 11 10/24/1873
Blake, Charles M. of Melburne, MA Mitchell, Miss Jennie S. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 28 12/20/1872
Blake, Freeman of Salem Beede, Miss Mary E. of Albany Derby Jan 7 1/26/1872
Blake, Henry A. of Sutton Otis, Miss Kate J. of Sheffield Sutton May 12 5/27/1870
Blake, Isaac A. of Derby McDuffee, Mary A. of Derby Derby Ctr Jan 26 2/11/1870
Blake, Truman G. of Derby Ward, Ellen A. of Derby Newport March 15 3/27/1874
Blandin, Alvah of Victory Gammell, Miss Anna B. of Barnet St. Johnsbury Jan 1 1/14/1870
Bliss, A. E. of St. Johnsbury Trull, Mrs. Justus of Lyndon Lyndon Aug 15 8/25/1871
Blodgett, Austin E. of Waterford Thomas, Miss Clare E. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Oct 30 11/14/1873
Blodgett, Ephraim A. of Waterford Thomas, Miss Martha J. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Nov 28 12/20/1872
Blodgett, Frederick A. of Stratford, NH Blodgett, Alma S. of Waterford Waterford Feb 12 3/6/1874
Blodgett, Joseph of Stannard Sawyer, Mrs. Abigail of Topsham Stannard June 28 7/14/1871
Blodgett, Nathan of W. Royalton, MA Titus, Mrs. Emily of Brownington Brownington Oct 9 10/28/1870
Blodgett, Volney B. of Waterford Nutting, Miss Adell M. of Barnet St. Johnsbury Nov 14 11/29/1872
Boden, Benjamin C. of Coventry Norris, Mrs. Annette S. of Brownington Brownington Sept 23 10/3/1873
Boden, Edward H. of Newport Parker, Miss Eliza E. of Newport Newport Nov 6 11/27/1874
Bond, Dr. Thomas S. of St. Johnsbury Mills, Miss Lettie A. Chicago April 20 5/5/1871
Bone, David of Ryegate Smith, Miss Nancy A. of Ryegate S. Ryegate Jan 12 1/27/1871
Bonnette, Edwin J. of Barnet Gammell, Miss Ida E. of Barnet Montpelier Aug 8 8/25/1871
Booth, George H. of Springfield, MA Rand, Addie L. of Newport Hartford, CT Nov 5 11/21/1873
Borland, George Jr. of Danville Farrar, Miss Emeline of Walden Cabot Sept 19 10/6/1871
Borland, John of Glover Mason, Mrs. Harriet B. of Glover Glover April 29 5/16/1873
Borland, Robert of Glover Brunnell, Miss Abby of Newport St. Johnsbury Feb 5 2/16/1872
Bovee, O. M. of Passumpsic Robinson, Ella of Jamaica Jamaica May 29 6/17/1870
Bowker, William of Lyndon Carpenter, Miss Mary of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 13 9/23/1870
Bowman, Harlan W. of Marcus, Iowa Foster, Miss Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury March 14 3/29/1872
Boyles, James of Marshfield Corliss, Miss Mary J. of Marshfield Plainfield Feb 2 2/24/1871
Boynton, Lyndall C. of Wolcott Marsh, Miss Clara M. of Craftsbury Hardwick Nov 23 12/9/1870
Bradley, Charles H. of St. Johnsbury Butterfield, Kate C. adopt d/o George W. Cook Esq. St. Johnsbury Sept 9 9/19/1872
Brainerd, Ira of Danville Choate, Mrs. Harriet S. of Danville Danville Aug 17 8/25/1871
Brastow, Rev. L. O. of St. Johnsbury Ladd, Miss Mattie of Paynesville Paynesville, OH May 22 6/7/1872
Bridges, Asa of Craftsbury Osgood, Mrs. Laura of Hardwick Albany Jan 18 2/7/1874
Brigham, George M. of Derby Chandler, Miss Julia M. of Derby Derby June 5 6/21/1872
Brock, Albert of Barnet Harriman, Miss Mary E. of Peacham Peacham March 5 3/20/1874
Brock, David of Ryegate Rhodes, Miss Emily A. S. Ryegate May 2 5/12/1871
Brock, Howard E. of Glen Sutton, P. Q. White, Miss Katie C. of Walden Glover Dec 2 12/19/1873
Brock, Lucius S. of Barnet Smith, Miss Jennie of Barnet Passumpsic Dec 19 12/29/1871
Brockway, Adna F. of Barton Landing Garland, Miss Anna E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Jan 1 1/16/1874
Brockway, E. W. of Sutton Smith, Miss Sarah E. of Sutton Sutton Nov 24 12/9/1870
Brockway, R. E. of Passumpsic Bovee, Miss Dianna of Passumpsic Montpelier Sept 2(0) 11/4/1870
Brooks, A. C. Sessions, Miss Estella M. of Coventry Barton Landing Sept 26 10/11/1872
Brown, E. F. of St. Johnsbury Clark, Mrs. E. A. of St. Johnsbury West Newton, MA Nov 30 12/15/1871
Brown, Edward L. of Danville Shepherd, Miss Eliza of Danville St. Johnsbury Sept 11 10/3/1873
Brown, Frank E. of Hudson, MA Hardy, Miss Mary E. of North Troy North Troy Nov 24 12/16/1870
Brown, Gilbert G. of St. Johnsbury Mack, Miss Ednah of Plainfield Barre Dec 25 1/5/1872
Brown, H. R. of St. Johnsbury Goss, Mrs. Elmer of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 19 7/1/1870
Brown, H. R. of St. Johnsbury Goss, Mrs. Roancy H. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 19 8/12/1870
Brown, Joel W. of Boston, MA Morse, Mrs. Ellen O. of St. Johnsbury Sutton March 5 3/20/1874
Brown, John H. of Barton Somers, Miss Helen B. of Irasburg Newport Dec 5 12/22/1871
Brown, Lester A. of Sheffield Pearl, Miss Mary A. of Sheffield Sheffield May 11 5/26/1871
Brown, Marvin H. of Brownington Woodward, Miss Delia S. of Barton Barton Nov 18 12/4/1874
Brown, Moulton B. of Lower Waterford Albee, Miss Mary E. of Littleton, NH Lower Waterford Dec 6 12/23/1870
Brown, Zenas of Burke Porter, Mrs. Loved of Lyndon Lyndon March 9 3/18/1870
Brownie, Claud of Glover Kendrick, Miss Elizabeth of Greensboro Glover Dec 26 1/12/1872
Bruce, Henry of Danville Kendall, Miss Minerva E. of Passumpsic St. Johnsbury Jan 26 2/3/1871
Bryant, A. N. of St. Johnsbury Bingham, Miss Helen of St. Johnsbury Barton Nov 30 12/20/1872
Bryant, J. of Holland Hill, Miss Eliza of Holland Morgan Feb 21 3/13/1874
Buchanan, David of Boston, MA Nelson, Martha C. of Wm. J. Nelson Esq. of Ryegate Ryegate March 18 3/27/1874
Buchanan, Hugh W. of Barton Landing Rogers, Miss Genevieve A. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Nov 27 12/19/1873
Bugbee, Ebenezer of Burke Coe, Miss Nancy of Burke Lyndon May 2 5/12/1871
Bugbee, Frederick May, Mrs. Sophia S. St. Johnsbury Nov 6 11/29/1872
Burbeck, Joseph of Holland Armstrong, Alma of Holland W. Charleston Jan 15 1/27/1871
Burke, Oliver Lonto, Sophronia St. Johnsbury Jan 29 2/14/1874
Burke, William A. of St. Johnsbury Blake, Miss Alice A. of St. Johnsbury Lyndon Dec 4 12/13/1872
Burnham, Alfred of Sutton Ball, Miss Addie H. of Sutton Lyndon March 8 3/22/1872
Burnham, Chandler of Cabot Davison, Miss Millie P. of Peacham Cabot Jan 30 3/3/1871
Burnham, Coolidge E. of Framingham, MA Fitzgerald, Jennie of West Barnet West Barnet Sept 28 10/13/1871
Burnham, Lorenzo G. of Hardwick Lowell, Miss Nettie E. of Walden Montpelier Dec 13 1/5/1872
Butler, Orlan W. of Stowe Wheeler, Mrs. Sarah S. of Greensboro Greensboro June 26 8/5/1871
Buzzell, George W. of Piermont, NH Babcock, Lucilla M. of Newport Newport March 18 4/5/1872
Buzzell, J. T. of Troy Chamberlin, Miss Emmeroy M. of Jay South Troy Sept 1 9/23/1870
Cadwell, Albert E. of St. Johnsbury Parker, Mrs. Cynthia of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 11 9/26/1873
Calderwood, Chris A. of Greensboro Pinney, Miss Ida M. of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 18 12/12/1873
Calderwood, John of Glover Barnes, Miss Lovia S. of Glover Glover Oct 5 10/27/1871
Calley, David Moore, Miss Ida of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 5 11/20/1874
Cameron, Bemis L. of Marshfield Osgood, Miss Ruth A. of Cabot Cabot 1/21/1870
Cameron, Sidney A. of Wells River Stanley, Miss Anna A. of Wells River Wells River Nov 24 12/16/1870
Cameron, Sidney S. of Wells River Welch, Miss Jane of Groton Newbury July 27 8/14/1874
Cameron, W. G. of Barnet Gripe, Miss Lizzie of Osceola, IL Barnet Aug 27 9/11/1874
Camp, David M. Oakes, Mrs. Alidiza H. of Coventry Coventry Feb 7 2/24/1871
Camp, Ira of Newport Adams, Mrs. Mary Ann of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ Jan 11 1/27/1871
Campbell, Eugene M. of Sutton Stoddard, Miss Emma A. of Lyndon Lyndon March 8 3/22/1872
Campbell, John of Ryegate Bone, Miss Mary of Ryegate Ryegate Jan 13 1/21/1870
Carbee, George E. of Maidstone Bayley, Miss Susie M. of Newbury Newbury June 7 7/22/1870
Carlton, Noah of Northfield Spaulding, Katie of Danville Danville Sept 24 9/30/1870
Carman, Cornelius of N. Brookfield, MA Prouty, Miss Emma of Waterford St. Johnsbury Jan 31 2/9/1872
Carpenter, Charles M. of St. Johnsbury Truax, Miss Hattie E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury April 2 4/12/1872
Carpenter, Daniel of St. Johnsbury Warden, Miss Joanna of Bradford Bradford Sept 28 10/11/1872
Carpenter, Edward P. of St. Johnsbury Fitch, Miss Sarah of Lebanon Lebanon, NH June 19 7/14/1871
Carpenter, George N. of Cabot Perry, Miss Delia S. of Cabot Cabot Dec 25 1/6/1871
Carpenter, Lafayette of Ryegate Dunnett, Miss Jennie of Ryegate Barnet Dec 15 12/25/1874
Carr, Albert B. of Walden Stone, Miss Mary L. of Walden Walden Jan 31 2/9/1872
Carr, Alonzo P. of St. Johnsbury Foster, Miss Emma B. of Landaff Landaff, NH March 4 3/15/1872
Carr, Capt. William F. of Concord, NH West, Mary A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 9 10/20/1871
Carr, Curtis of Danville Pierce, Mary J. adopt dau of Lyman Kittredge of Walden Danville Nov 26 12/5/1873
Carr, Hugh Jr. of Glover Cameron, Miss Fannie S. Barton March 14 4/5/1872
Carr, Warren H. of Lyndon Smith, Miss Isabella M. of Concord Lunenburgh July 4 7/22/1870
Carrick, French F. of West Danville Burbank, Miss Emma of West Danville Danville Feb 19 2/18/1870
Cass, George N. of Boston Bowker, Miss Rosa E. of East Burke Auburndale, MA July 1 7/21/1871
Cassidy, John of Lyndon Hagan, Miss Anna of Lyndon St. Johnsbury July 15 7/26/1872
Caswell, Warren of Barton Quinn, Miss Joanna of Barton Glover? Aug 22 9/8/1871
Caswell, William H. of Lyndon Houghton, Miss Clara A. of Lyndon Lyndon March 30 4/8/1870
Chadwick, Charles H. of Lowell, MA Snell, Miss Mary E. of Barton Manchester, NH ? Oct 3 ? 10/28/1870
Chadwick, James C. of Boston Safford, Miss Annie E. of Newport Boston, MA April 27 5/16/1873
Chamberlin, Bush T. Badger, Miss Sarah Lunenburgh Oct 25 11/13/1874
Chamberlin, Charles of Irasburgh Grout, Mrs. Mary E. of Newport Irasburgh Sept 13 9/23/1870
Chamberlin, Dea. J. of Troy Baker, Mrs. Hilenna C. of Nashua Nashua, NH Dec 22 1/6/1871
Chamberlin, George Barber, Miss Mary of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 18 9/23/1870
Chamberlin, James of Worcester, MA Thrasher, Miss Ella L. of Coventry Coventry Nov 24 12/16/1870
Chamberlin, Nathan B. of Montpelier Stowell, Miss Abbie J. of Concord West Concord May 3 5/16/1873
Chandler, John of St. Johnsbury Streeter, Miss Emma of Waterford Waterford Sept 20 10/11/1872
Chandler, Thomas of Wheelock Heath, Miss Laurestine of Wheelock South Wheelock Feb 28 3/20/1874
Chaplin, George W. of Waterford McAllister, Mrs. Ellen of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Feb 25 3/8/1872
Chappell, William of Westmore Smith, Miss Georgia H. of Lyndon Lyndonville April 13 4/26/1872
Chase, A. E. , B.S. of Concord Jones, Miss Emma of Oneida, IL Concord June 25 7/19/1872
Chase, Albert J. of Bradford Lowell, Miss Clara A. of Danville Danville 5/31/1872
Chase, Charles C. of Barton Newton, Miss Clara D. of Barton Barton March 15 3/29/1872
Chase, Daniel of Newport Dutton, Miss Achsah of Newport Newport Center Sept 14 9/30/1870
Chase, David C. of Brownington Cheney, Miss Mary W. of Brownington Brownington Sept 22 10/7/1870
Chase, Harrison H. Stevens, Miss Flora E. East Hardwick recently 3/31/1871
Cheney, Alison H. of Barton Stoddard, Miss Celia A. of Barton Barton March 18 4/5/1872
Cheney, Charles of Westmore Jewell, Miss Vianna of Westmore West Charleston May 14 6/3/1870
Cheney, Lewis M. of Brighton Currier, Alma A. of Brighton Charleston Aug 2 9/8/1871
Cheney, M. F. of Newark Chappell, Miss M. P. of Newark Newark May 3 5/20/1870
Cheney, Reuben G. of St. Johnsbury Harriman, Miss Mary L. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 19 12/29/1871
Chesley, Charles of Sheffield Barber, Miss Julia A. of Sheffield Sheffield June 2 6/17/1870
Churchill, George R. of Barton Landing Dodge, Miss Emma L. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Jan 30 2/16/1872
Clapp, George W. of Sheffield Garfield, Miss Arabell V. of Sheffield Glover Nov 27 12/12/1873
Clark, Charles of Sutton Chesley, Miss Judith E. of Sheffield Derby June 27 7/21/1871
Clark, Chauncey W. of Stanstead, P. Q. Foster, Miss Jerusha M. of Glover Glover July 7 7/31/1874
Clark, E. Warren, M.D. of Charleston Aldrich, Miss Isadore M. of Glover Glover April 30 5/19/1871
Clark, Elmore C. of Monroe, NH Turner, Annette E. of Barnet Waterford 9/12/1873
Clark, Frederick C. of Marshfield Dodge, Miss Flora P. of Marshfield Montpelier Oct 24 11/3/1871
Clark, G. P. of Worcester, MA Vance, Miss Ellen of Barnet Barnet Dec 18 12/26/1873
Clark, George B. of Danville Ward, Miss Mirriam C. of Danville Danville Nov 5 11/7/1873
Clark, George F. of Morgan Blake, Miss Anna M. of Derby Derby Dec 19 1/5/1872
Clark, John M. Sanborn, Miss Martha Barton Jan 10 2/14/1874
Clark, Preston W. Esq. of Charleston Williams, Elthea C. of Barton Barton Landing Jan 9 1/28/1870
Clarke, S. S. of Barnet Howard, Miss Phoebe A. of West Burke S. Acworth, NH April 30 5/23/1873
Clay, Charles L. of E. Andover & St. Johnsbury Redington, Miss Stella L. of Littleton Littleton, NH Nov 28 12/19/1873
Clefford, Jefferson of Danville Johnson, Mrs. Mary (Randall) of Topsham Danville April 7 4/17/1874
Cleveland, Elmore E. of Magog, P. Q. Dow, Delia M. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 27 11/6/1874
Cleveland, Oscar B. of Neosho, KA Drown, Miss Cordelia A. of Brownington Sutton Aug 25 10/7/1870
Clough, Eben of West Burke Lowe, Mrs. Sally C. of Enfield Enfield, NH April 20 5/5/1871
Clough, Robert A. of Littleton, NH Chaffee, Hattie W. of Littleton, NH Lower Waterford Nov 28 12/13/1872
Clough, Sullivan P. of Irasburgh Hinkley, Miss Charlotte E. of Glover Glover Oct 18 11/10/1871
Cobern, Herbert of Barnet Beard, Miss Sarah F. of Barnet Barnet Jan 1 1/14/1870
Cochran, George of Ryegate Nelson, Sarah Addie dau of Col Thomas Nelson of R. Ryegate Jan 12 2/4/1870
Cochrane, Robert of Ryegate Nelson, Miss Jennette W. of Ryegate South Ryegate Dec 8 12/15/1871
Coe, Mortimer D. of Burke Gilfillian, Miss Ellen J. of Burke Burke June 30 8/7/1874
Coffran, Horace E. of Groton Randall, Emma Jane of Groton Newbury Nov 6 11/21/1873
Colby, Fred H. of Danville Gilfillan, Miss Rosanna J. of Barnet Barnet April 4 4/19/1872
Colby, John S. of Chicago, IL Rutherford, Miss Helen Isabella of Newport Newport Sept 14 9/29/1871
Cole, Ellis D. of Burke Page, Miss Adellah O. of Burke West Burke Nov 26 12/12/1873
Cole, George W. of Lowell, MA Heath, Miss Mary of Troy Manchester, NH Oct 3 10/28/1870
Cole, J. G of Newark Fairbanks, Miss Florella of Newark East Burke March 12 3/25/1870
Cole, L. G. of California Smith, S. Elizabeth of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 22 12/1/1871
Collier, J. E. of Calais Coomer, Miss Elsie A. of Glover West Glover July 4 7/22/1870
Collier, James M. of Hardwick Knight, Miss Ezoa of Walden Montpelier Feb 3 2/21/1874
Collins, G. C. of Harmony, ME Chamberlin, Miss Fanny of McIndoe's McIndoe's Falls Jan 29 2/16/1872
Collins, John Sulham, Miss Sarah of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 22 11/6/1874
Collins, Orman R. of Cabot Brown, Miss Florence R. of Cabot Cabot Aug 5 8/7/1874
Colliston, John H. of Barton Colley, Miss Hattie L. of Barton Barton Landing Oct 23 11/18/1870
Congdon, Joseph W. of E. Greenwich, RI Bartlet, Miss Mary E. of Lyndon Lyndon July 10 7/19/1872
Connal, Michael of Newport Norway, Miss Mary J. of Newport Newport Aug 10 8/25/1871
Connell, William J. of Omaha, Nebraska Chadwick, Mattie of A. G. Chadwick, Esq. of St. J. St. Johnsbury Sept 24 10/4/1872
Cook, Charles P. of Barton Cobleigh, Miss Emma F. of Barton Lyndon Jan 12 1/21/1870
Cook, George W. of West Danville Goodenough, Miss Cynthia E. of Peacham Peacham June 29 7/26/1872
Cook, Horace P. of Barton Colby, Abby M. of Barton Barton Landing June 15 7/15/1870
Corey, Enos B. of Littleton, NH Glode, Miss Jenny of Littleton, NH St. Johnsbury April 1 4/15/1870
Corey, Harrison W. of Littleton Merrill, Miss Clarrie of Lancaster Lancaster May 13 6/3/1870
Corse, William A. of Boston Alexander, Miss Genevieve H. of Boston Montreal, PQ Nov 7 11/13/1874
Cowles, A. R. of Coventry Titus, Miss Hattie E. of Craftsbury Chelsea, MA Dec 30 2/9/1872
Cox, C. L. of Jay Hovey, Miss Emmeroy S. of Jay South Troy Sept 1 9/23/1870
Craig, Albert E. of Topsham Haslet, Miss Catherine of Ryegate Ryegate Corner Oct 18 11/4/1870
Craig, Matthew of Peacham Somers, Miss Clara J. of Danville Danville Dec 23 12/25/1874
Crane, Edwin E. of Danville Buchanan, Miss Debbie of Danville Danville Nov 26 12/4/1874
Crane, Joseph A. of Greensboro Wright, Miss Irene S. of Albany Albany Jan 25 2/10/1871
Cree, Luther Snow, Miss Avis F. Montpelier June 8 6/24/1870
Creighton, J. C. of Mason, NH Lee, Miss Clara M. of Mason, NH St. Albans Sept 15 9/23/1870
Crow, George of Ryegate Perry, Miss Helen L. of Ryegate Concord, NH 3/17/1871
(Cul)ver, Francis P. of Walden Beals, Lizzie J. of Walden Walden Sept 18 9/29/1871
Cummings, Charlie C. Stevens, Josie A. of L. O. Stevens of St. Johnsbury Winona, Minn June 6 6/21/1872
Cummings, Col. William G. of Danville Pinney, Miss Corrilla S. dau of Henry Pinney Holland Oct 3 10/14/1870
Cummings, F. J. of Waterford Carpenter, Miss Caroline B. of Waterford Waterford Feb 14 2/24/1871
Cunningham, Robert P. of South Danville Day, Miss Jessie F. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury July 2 7/17/1874
Currier, Dana S. of Hardwick Lane, Miss Mary of Walden Peacham Jan 1 1/19/1872
Currier, David O. Weeks, Mrs. Hannah of Sheffield Lyndon Sept 16 10/24/1873
Currier, John A. of St. Johnsbury Graves, Miss Abby J. of Cabot Cabot July 3 7/17/1874
Currier, Moses E. of Brighton Dolloff, Miss Rolina of Charleston East Charleston Jan 1 1/19/1872
Currier, Oliver of St. Johnsbury Arnold, Miss Sarah A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 3 10/13/1871
Currier, Robert Patterson, Miss Jane Waterford Jan 30 2/16/1872
Cushing, Seth K. of Boston Gilmore, Ellen S. dau of Lucius Gilmore of St. J. Boston, MA Oct 18 11/1/1872
Cutler, H. of Plainfield Gilman, Miss E. of Marshfield Marshfield Feb 25 4/3/1874
Cutting, J. Rood of Newport Scott, Miss Josephine of Newport Holland Feb 26 4/3/1874
Cutting, Oliver B. of West Concord Robinson, Miss Lois B. of West Concord West Concord Feb 1 2/16/1872
Cutting, Stillman F. of Waterford Carpenter, Miss Martha W. of Waterford Waterford Feb 14 2/24/1871
D(avis)on, William P. of Lyndon _____an__, Miss Melissa of Lyndon Lyndon Center Oct 17 11/4/1870
Damon, George F. of Bay City, Mich & St. J. Cutting, Miss Abbie J. of Montpelier Montpelier Jan 20 1/30/1874
Dana, Frank of Eberhardt City, Nevada Rowe, Miss Delia of Peacham Peacham Feb 8 2/23/1872
Daniels, Thomas of Danville Webb, Miss Phoebe of Danville Danville Feb 24 2/28/1874
Darling, Ferdinand of South Wheelock Mansfield, Miss Orilla J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 6 11/20/1874
Davenport, Henry D. Metcalf, Abby Craftsbury Jan 25 3/8/1872
Davidson, Alexander Esq. of Ryegate Nelson, Miss Isabel of Newbury Ryegate Nov 12 11/29/1872
Davis, Demeritt of Lyndon Ingalls, Miss Adaline of Sheffield Sheffield June 3 6/16/1871
Davison, Ethan A. of Peacham Collins, Miss Jennie M. of Cabot Peacham Jan 26 2/2/1872
Day, Ira L. of Barton Landing Austin, Miss Electa A. of Brownington Brownington Oct 22 11/8/1872
Dearth, Roderick of Danville Abbott, Mrs. Prudence of Danville Danville Oct 5 10/13/1871
Demarce, Julien of St. Johnsbury Trudell, Miss Cloris of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 2 1/13/1871
Deos, Alonzo of Lyndon Young, Miss Carrie E. of Peacham Peacham May 27 6/9/1871
Dewey, W. J. S. of Lancaster Oakes, Mrs. Sarah A. of Franconia Franconia, NH Jan 1 1/20/1871
Dewing, Nathaniel H. of Barton Cheney, Katie of Westmore Barton Nov 25 12/12/1873
Dickerman, William C. of Lyndon Morse, Miss Maggie of Derby Lyndon May 11 5/31/1872
Dickie, Joseph B. of Lowell, MA Henderson, Miss Isabel R. of Peacham Peacham Aug 2 8/19/1870
Dickson, Thomas of Waterford Dawson, Miss Marguriete of Waterford St. Johnsbury June 14 6/24/1870
Dodge, Alfred J. of Lunenburgh Leighton, Miss Julia of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Center Sept 8 9/23/1870
Dodge, Kimball of Lunenburgh Morgan, Miss Ella of Concord W. Concord Feb 8 2/24/1871
Dodge, Oramel B. of Glover Lyman, Miss Clara D. of Glover Glover Feb 21 3/8/1872
Dolloff, Charles W. of Island Pond Warner, Miss Mary L. of Island Pond Brownington Nov 6 11/25/1870
Donaldson, William A., M. D. of West Burke Hopkins, Miss Mary L. of Salem Salem May 20 5/29/1874
Dow, Wallace L. of Albany Fairman, Miss Lillian A. of Albany Groton Jan 1 1/16/1874
Dow, William W. of Coventry Hinkley, Miss Addie M. of Glover Newport Feb 26 3/18/1870
Downing, Jacob L. of Barton Dolloff, Mrs. Sarah S. of Barton Barton June 25 8/5/1870
Doyle, Herbert L. of West Burke Roundy, Juliette of Sutton Littleton, NH Nov 23 12/20/1872
Drake, Charles B. of Woodsville, NH Whipple, Miss Marion A. of Lyndon Newport Sept 1 9/16/1870
Draper, Wallace G. of Richford Green, Miss Ella J. of North Troy North Troy Feb 22 3/25/1870
Drennan, John S. of Hardwick Gaylord, Cornelia M. of late Asa Gaylord of Derby Stanstead, P. Q. Sept 3 9/19/1872
Drew, James S. of Sheffield Welch, Sarah A. of Sheffield Irasburgh Jan 24 2/24/1871
Drew, Rufus of Sheffield Stone, Miss Persis M. of Glover Glover Nov 13 12/2/1870
Drown, Franklin of Concord Sidney, Miss Katy of Lyndon Waterford March 3 3/27/1874
Drown, Hiram of Sheffield Chase, Mrs. Mary L. of Sheffield Sheffield Oct 22 11/6/1874
Drown, Lucius A. of Brownington Bickford, Miss Ida E. of Brownington Brownington Jan 1 1/23/1874
Drown, Silas of Sheffield Reed, Miss Polly of Sheffield Wheelock Oct 21 11/6/1874
Drown, Sylvester of Newport Harris, Mrs. Alice E. of Newport West Derby Jan 7 2/10/1871
Dudley, Rev. M. S. of Peacham Hale, Martha of J. M. Hale, Esq. of Peacham Peacham Aug 21 8/29/1873
Duke, Pharmley H. of South Barton Forrest, Miss Lizzie A. of South Barton Barton April 25 5/10/1872
Dunham, Norman B. of Barton Wilkie, Miss Elizabeth of Barton Brownington Dec 14 12/29/1871
Dunn, John Knox of Groton Whitehill, Miss Victoria A. of Groton Groton March 3 3/25/1870
Dunton, Silas E. of Lyndon Welch, Miss Ellen F. of Lyndon Lyndon Dec 15 12/23/1870
Durgin, Ai E. of Lowell, MA Harris, Miss Rachel L. of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 18 9/30/1870
Dwyer, David of Greensboro McLauren, Miss Margaret of West Barnet West Barnet Jan 11 1/26/1872
Dyer, Marshall L. of Island Pond Robinson, Miss Addie G. of Island Pond Island Pond Sept 1 9/22/1871
Eastman, A. G. of Lyndon Miller, Miss Susie A. of Lyndon Lyndonville Jan 31 2/10/1871
Eastman, Charles B. of Littleton, NH Rowell, Miss Clara L. of Littleton, NH Lower Waterford Aug 18 8/26/1870
Eastman, Charles W. of Topsham Gray, Miss Emma of Lunenburgh Sheffield Jan 1 1/21/1870
Eastman, Frank S. of Lyndon LaPoint, Miss Kate E. of West Randolph Lyndon Aug 13 8/29/1873
Eastman, Henry A. of Walden Patch, Miss Carrie of Walden Walden 2/14/1874
Eaton, Asahel D. of Derby Barber, Miss Ellen M. of Derby Derby Dec 23 1/5/1872
Eaton, Charles F. of Barton Davis, Mrs. Clara of Irasburgh Irasburgh Nov 24 12/9/1870
Eaton, Chester H. C. of Sutton Cate, Miss Arminda S. of Cabot Lyndon Dec 19 12/29/1871
Eaton, George E. of Danville Walker, Josie E. of T. P. Walker of Danville Danville Dec 4 12/6/1872
Edson, Ira H. of Marshfield Camp, Miss Eunice T. of Hanover Hanover, NH May 20 5/31/1872
Edwards, Eben of Laconia, NH Stone, Miss Laura E. of Derby Derby prob 5/19/1871
Eggleston, Artemas L. of Burke Pope, Miss Lucena C. of Chelsea, MA Lyndon Center? Oct 20 11/4/1870
Eggleston, Harley A. of Burke Shores, Miss Abby of Granby East Burke Nov 28 12/12/1873
Eldridge, Henry S. of Albany Dewey, Miss Addie M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh May 1 5/17/1872
Elliott, O M. of Littleton, MA Childs, Miss Sarah A. of McIndoes McIndoes Falls Sept 22 10/7/1870
Elliott, Thomas Jr. of Stuart, Iowa Bachelder, Sarah of late Josiah Bachelder of Danville Des Moines, Iowa Dec 31 1/14/1870
Ellis, Herbert Knapp, Miss Ella St. Johnsbury Sept 28 10/28/1870
Ellms, James of Boston, MA Miller, Miss Jane N. of Robert Miller Esq. Ryegate Jan 25 2/10/1871
Ellsworth, Alison of St. Johnsbury Lane, Miss Marcella of St. Johnsbury Lyndonville May 18 6/2/1871
Elmes, Charles E. of Lisbon, NH Stickney, Miss Miriam A. of Lyman, NH W. Barre Dec 26 2/3/1871
Emerson, Ed B. of Boston & St J. Powers, Miss Mary L. of Salisbury, NH Lebanon, NH July 6 7/14/1871
Emerson, Reuben of St. Johnsbury Graves, Mrs. Lucinda of Lyndon Center Lyndon Center Jan 22 2/7/1874
Emerson, Rufus Sanborn, Miss Ella Wheelock March 10 3/25/1870
English, George W. of Marshfield Severance, Miss Ella M. of Cabot Cabot Feb 19 3/6/1874
Ensminger, Jefferson C. of Independence, Iowa Brown, Amanda L. of Waterford Waterford Oct 9 11/1/1872
Estes, George R. of Greensboro Brooks, Delia of Barton Hardwick Oct 18 11/6/1874
Fairbanks, Ephraim of Newark Chase, Mrs. Diana of Newark East Haven Jan 26 2/10/1871
Fairbanks, Ira H. S. Wait, Miss Lucia L. Georgia, VT Oct 23 11/22/1872
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry Page, Miss Ruthy B. St. Johnsbury May 5 5/15/1874
Fairbrother, Horace W. of Coventry Kimball, Miss Marcia E. of Barton Barton Landing Jan 4 1/16/1874
Farnsworth, Lewis H. of Marshfield Bemis, Miss Ida V. of Marshfield Marshfield Jan 21 2/7/1874
Farr, C. W. of Newport Joy, Miss Mary E. of Brighton Newport Center Dec 17 12/29/1871
Farr, Edward A. of St. Johnsbury Whitney, Miss Sarah L. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Aug 3 8/18/1871
Farr, George R. of Sutton Bell, Miss Lauretta of Burke Burke Hollow Feb 25 3/27/1874
Farr, Wesley O. of Sutton West, Miss Phoebe F. of Newark East Burke Dec 13 1/13/1871
Farrow, Millen of Peacham Goodhue, Miss Emma Ann of Campton, NH Brattleboro Nov 13 12/2/1870
Felch, Joseph of St. Johnsbury Randall, Miss Naomi of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 13 11/28/1873
Finney, Alfred L. of East Burke Cushing, Ella B. of Rev. H. P. Cushing of E. Burke East Burke Dec 12 12/22/1871
Fisher, Adna A. of Danville Peck, Miss Sophia of Danville Danville Nov 28 12/6/1872
Fisher, C. V. of Fisherville, NH Jeffers, Miss Ella O. of Milford Milford, NH July 16 7/24/1874
Fisher, Caleb, Esq. of Cabot Bond, Mary of Cabot Cabot Jan 27 2/7/1874
Fisher, Edgar of West Derby Rice, Miss Lottie of Newport West Derby July 4 7/19/1872
Fisher, George M. of S. Danville Church, Miss Nellie of Greensboro Danville April 27 5/17/1872
Fisher, John M. of Cabot Heath, Miss Roxy A. of Cabot Danville July 8 7/14/1871
Fisher, Welcome T. of Lyndon Parker, Mrs. Mary E. of Brighton Brighton Oct 12 10/28/1870
Fiske, Dr. I. H. of Hardwick Averill, Miss Marion E. of Roxbury Roxbury April 9 5/10/1872
Fleming, Zobiskie Harlow, Miss Agnes E. of St. Johnsbury Somerville, MA Aug 31 9/18/1874
Fletcher, Isaac F. of Lyndon Merrill, Elizabeth of Hollis, NH Lyndon June 15 7/1/1870
Flint, J. T. of Derby Line Wooster, Rosa B. of Derby Line Hudson, MA 7/19/1872
Flint, John B. of Fitchburg, MA Farrow, Miss Lizzie of Peacham Peacham Sept 14 9/30/1870
Follensby, Lorenzo of Victory Dudley, Miss Mariam of Granby Granby Nov 24 12/11/1874
Folsom, William W. of South Walden Folsom, Mrs. Alice Taylor of South Walden Peacham Sept 10 9/25/1874
Ford, Charles F. of Barton Landing Ward, Miss Mary L. of Barnston, P. Q. Barton Landing July 4 7/17/1874
Ford, Dan Y. of Newbury Morgan, Miss Ava B. of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 2 9/30/1870
Ford, Fowler S., Esq. of Peacham Boynton, Mrs. Roxana M. of Marshfield Peacham Sept 26 10/14/1870
Forrest, James of Barton Willard, Miss Abigail of Sheffield Sheffield July 13 7/31/1874
Forrest, John of South Barton Brackett, Mrs. Clarissa of Lawrence, MA South Barton Dec 27 1/16/1874
Foss, Fayette I. of Boston, MA Gray, Miss Abbie J. of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 7 12/18/1874
Foster, Rufus C. of Newark Walter, Miss Delia B. of East Haven East Burke Nov 27 12/22/1871
Fowler, Aaron N. of Newark Gordon, Miss Cora E. of Newark Lyndonville 11/7/1873
Fowler, James W. of Boston, MA Bemis, Miss Kate D. of Lyndon W. Barre? Jan 4 2/3/1871
Foy, Ichabod of Danville Rogers, Miss Celinda of Cabot Cabot Jan 17 2/2/1872
Foy, Stephen H. of Hardwick Bailey, Miss Sarah S. of Hardwick Hardwick Oct 29 11/29/1872
Frasier, Albert of Potton, P. Q. Snelling, Miss Olive T. of Sheffield Sutton Sept 28 10/14/1870
Frazer, Luther T. Eggleston, Miss C(elia?) West Burke April 6 4/19/1872
Freeman, Otis W. Batchelder, Miss Eliza of Stannard Walden Aug 29 9/12/1873
French, C. D., M.D. of Glover Burleigh, Miss Nellie of Concord Concord, NH June 25 7/19/1872
French, Carlos C. of Hardwick Porter, Mrs. Judith B. of Hardwick Hardwick May 14 5/27/1870
French, Collins of Sutton Smith, Mrs. Mary J. of Sutton Sutton Aug 24 9/4/1874
French, E. J. of East Hardwick Fuller, Mrs. Almira E. of East Hardwick Claremont, NH Jan 20 2/11/1870
French, Frank D. of Danville Morrison, Miss Persis of Danville Danville March 25 3/31/1871
French, Nate B. of Lyndon Bowker, Miss Lilla of Lyndon Glover Feb 21 3/8/1872
French, Samuel B. of Glover Wheelock, Miss E. A. of Glover Barton May 8 5/24/1872
Frye, Ebenezer of Concord Church, Miss Fanny H. of Fairlee West Concord April 24 5/8/1874
Fulford, Frank of Littleton, NH Cushman, Miss Flora J. of Waterford West Concord 3/29/1872
Fuller, Daniel L. of Morgan Willard, Mary A. of Salem W. Charleston Nov 22 12/16/1870
Fuller, George L. of Potton, PQ Hartwell, Miss Eunice L. of Westfield Newport Ctr June 24 7/15/1870
Fuller, John of Charleston Hinton, Miss L. C. of Westmore Charleston Jan 1 1/21/1870
Fuller, Walter of Woodbury Madison, Mrs. Caroline of Danville Hardwick Oct 30 11/14/1873
Gage, Daniel C. of Danville McFarland, Miss Luella of Danville Danville May 2 5/26/1871
Gardner, Samuel G. of Derby Blake, Miss Martha L. of Coventry West Derby April 20 5/19/1871
Garfield, William of East Burke Flack, Mrs. Lucy of St. Johnsbury East Burke Feb 8 3/3/1871
Garland, Charles H. of Barton Ainger, Miss Helen A. of Sutton Sutton July 19 7/31/1874
Garland, Charles H. of St. Johnsbury Goodell, Miss Ursula A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury March 15 3/25/1870
Garney, Phineas K, of Cabot Utley, Miss Sarah E. of Walden Cabot March 26 4/12/1872
Gates, Elgin of Danville Harris, Miss R. M. of Danville North Danville July 2 7/15/1870
Gates, Robert H. of Ryegate McLane, Miss Sophronia M. of Ryegate Ryegate March 23 4/8/1870
Gates, S. L. of Ryegate McLeran, Miss Mary H. of Barnet Barnet Nov 11 11/22/1872
George, Hon. James F. of Topsham Morse, Mrs. Jane W. of Peacham S. Ryegate Dec 6 12/16/1870
Gibson, Azro J. of Ryegate Glover, Miss Eldora H. of Groton Groton Jan 30 2/16/1872
Gibson, John of Ryegate Abbott, Miss Bettie J. of Ryegate West Barnet July 2 7/19/1872
Gifford, William W. of Hardwick Gordon, Mrs. Elizabeth of Willsborough, NY Hardwick Oct 12 10/28/1870
Gilbert, Joseph P. of Lyndon Turner, Miss Mary A. of Lyndon Littleton, NH May 1 5/12/1871
Gilfillan, J. B. of St. Anthony, Minn & Peacham Oliphant, Miss Rebecca of Morgantown, W. V. Morgantown, WV Jan 20 2/18/1870
Gilkerson, Albert S. of Barnet Stevenson, Miss Elizabeth P. of Barnet Barnet Sept 5 9/18/1874
Gilman, Charles W. of Sheffield Hancock, Miss Mary of Brighton Charleston Nov 5 11/21/1873
Gilman, George D. of St. Johnsbury Jackson, Miss Jennette J. of Barnet St. Johnsbury Dec 23 1/5/1872
Gilman, John of Derby Line Norris, Miss Mary of Stanstead Derby March 4 3/24/1871
Gleason, A. H. of Barton Heustis, Miss Ida A. of Glover Barton Sept 12 10/4/1872
Gleason, Benjamin C. of Granby Emery, Miss Zuella C. of Guildhall Granby March 21 4/3/1874
Gleason, William C. of Barnet Warden, Miss Cynthia A. of Barnet Barnet Dec 29 1/13/1871
Glidden, Frank J. of Craftsbury Seaver, Miss Elma of Craftsbury Hyde Park Jan 14 1/27/1871
Glidden, William D. Moulton, Miss Laura of Cabot Marshfield Aug 13 8/21/1874
Glines, Albert N. of Newport Chamberlain, Mary of Newport Irasburgh July 31 8/22/1873
Glines, Alfred R. of Derby Paine, Miss Mary N. of Derby West Derby April 7 4/29/1870
Goodell, George of Lyndon Lamphere, Miss Emma of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 26 12/6/1872
Goodell, George W. Woods, Miss Alma Passumpsic Oct 5 10/25/1872
Goodhue, Horace, Jr. of Northfield, Minn. Bigelow, Miss S. Belle of John Bigelow Esq. of R. Ryegate Aug 11 8/26/1870
Goodnoe, George of Salem Blake, Miss Mary E. of Salem West Derby March 27 4/12/1872
Goodnough, E. P. Merriam, Miss Emily M. of Malone, NY Malone, NY Oct 12 10/20/1871
Gordon, Oscar W. of St. Johnsbury Millan, Miss Rosa S. of Waterford St. Johnsbury July 22 8/2/1872
Gorham, George H. of Coventry Morrill, Sarah L. of Irasburgh Coventry March 8 3/25/1870
Goss, Willard of St. Johnsbury Bradley, Miss Lucy of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr 10/6/1871
Gothercale, Robert of Colebrook Schoff, Mary J. of Bloomfield, VT Coos, NH Jan 1 1/20/1871
Gould, Solon S. of West Concord Boyd, Miss Lucy M. of Londonderry, NH Boston Feb 5 2/28/1874
Gourley, George W. of St. Johnsbury McDonald, Miss Sarah E. of Montpelier Montpelier Nov 28 12/13/1872
Graham, C. W. of Newport, NH & St. J. Bates, Lucy R. of Springfield Springfield, MA Jan 9 3/15/1872
Graham, James C. of Peacham Ray, Miss Kitty M. of Peacham Peacham April 12 5/3/1872
Granger, John L. of Lyndon Nasmith, Miss Rose L. Walden Aug 23 9/5/1873
Graves, Emerson of Lyndon Hall, Miss Lucy E. of Burke Lyndon Jan 22 prob 2/4/1870
Graves, H. A. of Barton Anderson, Miss Julia of Glover Barton March 6 3/22/1872
Gray, Azro of Sheffield Bradley, Miss Josie of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 26 9/4/1874
Gray, E. H. of Sheffield Gray, Miss Emma of Glover Brownington July 27 8/23/1872
Gray, James of Barnet Hadley, Mrs. Melinda of Monroe, NH Barnet Dec 25 1/7/1870
Gray, James of Monroe, NH Judkins, Mrs. Betsey B. of Barnet Barnet? Jan 26 2/9/1872
Gray, Joshua C. of Cabot Rollins, Mrs. Huldah M. of Greensboro Cabot May 16 5/31/1872
Gray, O. M. of Sheffield Silsby, Miss Mary E. of Peacham South Barton Jan 27 2/21/1874
Gray, Reuben of Wheelock Judkins, Mrs. Arvilla of Danville S. Wheelock March 6 4/12/1872
Gray, Sherlock V. of Sheffield Sherburn, Miss Julia Ann of Glover E. Hardwick July 4 7/14/1871
Green, Charles K. of St. Johnsbury Cushman, Miss Susan R. of West Newton W. Newton, MA Jan 3 2/3/1871
Green, Edwin P., Esq. of Akron, OH Moore, Miss Elizabeth A. of Littleton, NH Newbury April 25 5/6/1870
Green, Forrest L. of Woodbury Wood, Miss Nellie C. of Marshfield Marshfield Nov 28 12/13/1872
Green, George E. of Lyndon Sanger, Miss Emma C. of Lyndon Lyndon Aug 27 9/23/1870
Green, Heza S. of Newport Wells, Miss Ellen J. of Coventry Coventry May 1 5/13/1870
Green, Napoleon of St. Johnsbury Oby, Miss Aurelia of Groton St. Johnsbury Dec 26 1/5/1872
Green, Rufus of Barton Hayward, Mrs. Sophia of Westmore Derby May 9 5/23/1873
Grimes, William of Newport Magoon, Miss Lizzie of Stanstead Derby Jan 14 1/27/1871
Grout, Theophilus of Newport Black, Miss Ellen of Galveston, TX Newport Nov 25 12/12/1873
Guild, Jasper J. of Corinth Brown, Miss Ada J. of Westmore Lyndon Nov 24 12/9/1870
Guild, Willie L. of Lyndon Chase, Miss Martha A. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 24 12/9/1870
Guild, Winslow B. of Coventry Wells, Miss Flora A. of East Burke Barton March 26 4/15/1870
Gunston, Robert Hadley, Miss Etta St. Johnsbury April 18 5/3/1872
Gustin, Alonzo of Stanstead, P. Q. House, Miss Victoria of Troy Newport March 21 4/3/1874
Hadley, William of Newbury Arthur, Miss Agnes of Ryegate Ryegate March 24 4/8/1870
Hadlock, Sylvester P. of Troy Day, Miss Luella A. of Jay Newport Center March 20 4/8/1870
Hale, Cicero H. of Barton Downing, Miss Mary E. of Barton South Barton Feb 18 3/8/1872
Hall, Aaron of Coaticook, P. Q. Smith, Miss Annie H. of Holland Holland May 24 6/9/1871
Hall, Amasa of Marshfield Colby, Mrs. Julia A. (Dana) of Danville Marshfield Jan 1 1/5/1872
Hall, Edward K. of Cincinnati, OH Fenton, Miss Ellen L. of St. Johnsbury Loveland, OH July 20 8/22/1873
Hall, Henry C. of Wakefield, MA Whiting, Julia Louisa of West Barnet West Barnet May 10 5/19/1871
Hall, Hiram of Danville Brown, Mrs. Laura (Eastman) of Landaff, NH Bath, NH Dec 13 1/30/1874
Hall, William R. of Barton Kimball, Miss Mandana C. of Barton Irasburgh May 1 5/17/1872
Hallett, Eugene of St. Johnsbury Rogers, Phoebe A. of Derby Derby Center Feb 27 3/15/1872
Hamilton, Erskine H. of Kewanee, IL Gould, Miss Amelia A. of Charleston W. Charleston Aug 10 8/22/1873
Hamilton, William Jr. of Providence, RI Johnson, Miss Maggie C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury May 17 5/26/1871
Hancock, Darwin of Brighton Gilman, Miss Alice M. of Westmore Charleston Aug 13 8/28/1874
Hansom, Elijah of Barton McClaren, Miss Addie of Greensboro Craftsbury Dec 12 1/30/1874
Hanson, Wallace of Barton Blake, Miss Emma of Barton Coventry 10/28/1870
Harding, Wallace C. of Troy Burbank, Miss Carrie A. of Troy Newport Feb 15 3/1/1872
Hardy, D. A. of Potton, P. Q. Manuel, Miss Lucy A. of Newport Newport Ctr March 19 4/3/1874
Hardy, Edward C. of Framingham, MA Parker, Miss Jennie M. of Peacham Peacham June 23 7/3/1874
Harlow, E. D. of St. Johnsbury Carpenter, Miss Julia A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury April 2 4/12/1872
Harmon, Charles L. of Manchester Kittredge, Miss Eleanor D. of Danville Manchester, NH Sept 11 10/3/1873
Harriman, David G. of Craftsbury Allen, Mrs. Lucie of Craftsbury Worcester Dec 21 1/7/1870
Harriman, Harvey S. of St. Johnsbury Welch, Miss Mattie E. of Barnet McIndoe's Falls Jan 6 1/19/1872
Harriman, Victor W. of St. Johnsbury Eastman, Mary R. of S. R. Eastman Esq. of NYC Greenfield, MA 3/17/1871
Hartshorn, Capt. E. J. of Emmetsburg, Iowa Eastman, Mary A. of late Charles Eastman of Mtplr Montpelier Jan 24 2/16/1872
Hartshorn, Eugene S. Smith, Miss Mary L. St. Johnsbury 9/16/1870
Hartshorn, Henry Jr. of Lunenburgh Briggs, Miss Jennie A. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh April 17 5/5/1871
Hartwell, P. G. of Lyndon Bartlett, Miss Lucy A. of Jonas N. Bartlett of L. Lyndon Sept 27 10/7/1870
Hartwell, P. G., Esq. of Lyndon Bartlett, Miss Lucy A. of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 27 10/14/1870
Harvey, Charles A. of Waterford Johnson, Miss Mary A. of Waterford West Burke Feb 7 2/21/1874
Harvey, Daniel of Barnet Bartlett, Miss Emily Peacham Dec 24 1/20/1871
Harvey, Eugene N. of Waterford Crouch, Miss Ella L. of Waterford St. Johnsbury Ctr Jan 1 1/21/1870
Harvey, Henry Flanigan, Mariah J. Newport July 30 8/22/1873
Harvey, John Esq. of Barnet Ayre, Miss Lucy M. of Barnet Barnet Oct 31 11/8/1872
Harvey, William of Barnet Bruce, Miss Abbie of Barnet Barnet April 11 4/26/1872
Harvey, William of St. Johnsbury Knapp, Miss Elsie of St. Johnsbury Danville July 5 7/15/1870
Haskins, Seth F. of Lisbon, NH Stevens, Miss Martha E. of Peacham Peacham May 23 6/9/1871
Hastings, Albert W. of St. Johnsbury Kittredge, Carrie L. of Hon. Moses Kittredge of St. J. St. Johnsbury May 12 5/20/1870
Hastings, Benjamin L. of St. Johnsbury Bolton, Miss Lucy L. of Newbury Wells River Aug 27 9/12/1873
Hastings, Charles S. of Lyndon & Manchester, NH Stevens, Miss Mary M. of Manchester, NH Concord, NH April 7 4/22/1870
Hastings, L. T. of St. Johnsbury Daily, Miss Florence of St. Johnsbury Lyndonville Aug 14 8/29/1873
Hastings, Lafayette Ball, Miss Morina of Concord West Concord Oct 22 11/7/1873
Hatch, C. A. of Hardwick Davison, Miss Anna of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 5 12/22/1871
Hatch, George L. of Bradford Scott, Miss Myra M. of St. Johnsbury Bradford April 22 5/16/1873
Haviland, William C. of Danville Batchelder, Miss Hattie L. of Danville Danville ? 4th inst 7/17/1874
Hawes, Walter of St. Johnsbury Ross, Miss Marian A. of Chicago Chicago, IL Oct 5 10/23/1874
Hawkins, Charles H. of Lyndon Center Clifford, Miss Minnie B. of Lyndon Center Lyndon Center July 8 7/17/1874
Hawkins, Ellsworth W. of St. J & W. Danville Wilkinson, Miss Martha of Stanstead St. Johnsbury Dec 31 1/13/1871
Hawkins, George A. of Danville Weeks, Miss Abby A. of Danville Danville Oct 21 10/25/1872
Hay, Rev. James of Derby Edwards, Elizabeth G. at J. L. Edwards, Esq of Derby Derby June 15 6/26/1874
Hayes, Francis W. of Lowell, MA Burdick, Miss Lizzie of Danville Danville Feb 23 4/14/1871
Haynes, George M., M.D. Goodrich, Miss Octavia L. Greensboro Sept 28 10/14/1870
Hayward, Henry A. of St. Johnsbury Chapman, Miss Viola B. St. Johnsbury Feb 7 2/16/1872
Hazeltine, George E. of Newbury, VT Millet, Miss Jennie L. of South Ryegate Chicago, IL Dec 18 1/2/1874
Hazelton, Lorenzo D. of Barnet Brown, Miss Martha A. of Barnet St. Johnsbury May 11 5/24/1872
Heath, Samuel P. Worth, Miss Lucina A of Stanstead, P. Q. Derby Feb 5 2/16/1872
Hemingway, Sylvanus of Waterford Farrow, Miss Ellen of Peacham Peacham Nov 26 12/11/1874
Henderson, George M. of Lyndon Forbes, Miss Sarah J. of Lyndon Lyndon Center Dec 30 1/16/1874
Hersman, Jacob, Esq. of Hersman Elkins, Mrs. Nancy of Wheelock Hersman, IL Feb 14 3/6/1874
Hibbard, C. M. of Troy Spaulding, Mary J. of Troy Newport Dec 29 1/21/1870
Hickok, Dr. H. D. of Wells River Dean, Mrs. Ellen dau of Hon. Abel Underwood of W.R. Wells River April 10 4/26/1872
Hicks, William of St. Johnsbury Farnham, Miss Ella J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 6 1/16/1874
Hidden, Lowell M. of Vancouver, Wash. Ter. Eastman, Miss Mary S. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 22 1/7/1870
Hidden, Martin S. of Peacham Sargeant, Miss Arabella B. of Peacham Peacham Aug 18 8/21/1874
Hill, Charles T. of St. Johnsbury Young, Miss Julia C. of Waterford West Concord Nov 15 12/4/1874
Hill, Rev. Lewis of VT Jenkins, Mrs. Mary of South Albany Barton Sept 19 10/20/1871
Hill, Willard of Waterford Weeks, Miss Hannah W. of Danville Littleton, NH Oct 14 10/30/1874
Hills, Calvin of Marshfield Daily, Mrs. Melvina M. of Hanover, NH Montpelier March 24 4/8/1870
Hills, Isaac A. of Cabot Marsh, Miss Nellie P. of Cabot Cabot Nov 25 12/12/1873
Hines, Amasa M. Putnam, Miss Clara A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Center Aug 31 9/16/1870
Hinman, Timothy of Derby Robinson, Miss Ella H. Stanstead, P. Q. April 25 5/16/1873
Hitchock, Charles of Plainfield White, Miss Sarah of Walden Danville 7/1/1870
Hoagg, George M. of Waterford Alesworth, Miss Lizzie of Boston St. Johnsbury Ctr April 30 5/19/1871
Hodgdon, George R. of Danville Willey, Miss Luvia A. of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 20 1/30/1874
Hodsden, Carl B. of Brighton Gane, Miss Mary E. of Brighton Island Pond Jan 8 1/27/1871
Hoffman, Henry F. of Burke Amidon, Miss Ida M. of Burke Burke Jan 20 2/9/1872
Holton, Buckley of Thetford Chickering, Miss Calista A. of Danville St. Johnsbury Ctr July 2 7/19/1872
Holton, Harry H. of Lyndon Hall, Miss Josie E. of Lyndon Lyndon Dec 15 12/23/1870
Holton, J. B of Morgan Clark, Miss Alice C. of Charleston W. Charleston Oct 1 10/20/1871
Hopkins, E. W. of Groton Wade, Miss Lenora E. of Montgomery Montgomery Sept 19 10/20/1871
Hopkins, Selden of Charleston Hancock, Miss Elizabeth of Brighton Charleston Aug 30 9/18/1874
Hopley, Rev. Samuel of St. J & Norwich Prentice, Mary B. of Norwich, CT Norwich, CT April 19 5/12/1871
Hoskins, Henry C. of NYC & Bradford, VT Stanley, Miss Ellen F. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 4 1/14/1870
Houghton, Silas E. of Cabot Buchanan, Miss Mary L. of Cabot Cabot Feb 4 2/21/1874
Hovey, E. L. of St. Johnsbury Hutchins, Miss Sarah F. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 4 9/12/1873
Hovey, Mark L. of St. Johnsbury Carpenter, Miss Hattie O. of Lyndon Lyndon Feb 28 3/10/1871
Hovey, Marston W. of Waterford Green, Miss Sarah of Waterford Lower Waterford Feb 15 3/4/1870
Howard, Alfred of St. Johnsbury Dutton, Miss Hattie J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Feb 3 2/14/1874
Howard, Charles of Danville Washburn, Miss Estella of Danville Danville Nov 14 11/15/1872
Howland, Alonzo S. of Lyndon Cole, Miss Abbie R. of Newark Danville Feb 14 2/17/1871
Hoyt, Charles C. of Craftsbury Rawson, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 6 3/8/1872
Hoyt, Charles of Lyndonville Ayers, Miss Jennie L. of Barton Barton Oct 21 10/30/1874
Hoyt, Edgar of Craftsbury Stewart, Mrs. Marcella of Morrisville Morrisville Nov 20 12/13/1872
Hoyt, Francis G. of Cabot Yaw, Miss Isabel A. of Cabot Cabot Nov 25 12/13/1872
Hoyt, John H. of Newport Phillips, Miss Flora E. of Glover Glover June 11 6/24/1870
Hoyt, Jonathan P. of Cabot Lamberton, Mrs. Philura M. of Marshfield Marshfield Jan 3 1/27/1871
Hubbard, Thomas J. of Concord Waters, Miss Ellen of Dalton, NH Waterford Aug 27 9/11/1874
Hudson, Frank A. of Concord Elliot, Miss Annette of North Littleton, NH West Concord Nov 26 12/11/1874
Hudson, Roswell C. of Marshfield Woodcock, Miss Eliza Jane of Marshfield Plainfield Jan 15 2/11/1870
Hughes, Jesse of Bethlehem, NH Crane, Miss Melvina of Bethlehem, NH St. Johnsbury Aug 9 8/18/1871
Humphreys, Hubert A. of Elmwood, IL Wells, Miss Ellen B. of Granby Granby Nov 17 12/9/1870
Hunt, Frank of Ryegate Arthur, Miss Jessie of Ryegate Ryegate May 6 5/22/1874
Hunt, Frank P. of Barton Wiley, Emma of Greensboro Newport Sept 18 10/3/1873
Huntley, Daniel G. of Newark Gaskill, Miss Alice of Burke West Burke March 26 4/12/1872
Hutchins, George E. of Concord, NH Chamberlin, Miss Helen M. of Newbury Woodsville, NH Dec 26 1/6/1871
Hutchinson, Alden P. of Danville Dearth, Miss Hattie P. of Danville Danville May 1 5/9/1873
Hutchinson, Elison S. of St. Johnsbury Colburn, Miss Genevieve of Glover St. Johnsbury March 17 3/29/1872
Hutchinson, Gilbert of St. Johnsbury Currier, Miss Ella V. of Barre Barre July 22 8/12/1870
Hyde, Don A. of West Derby Lyford, Miss Josephine of Troy West Derby Feb 24 4/3/1874
Hyland, Charles of Troy Palmer, Miss Emily of Potton, PQ Newport Center Dec 8 1/7/1870
Ide, Henry C. of St. Johnsbury McIcher, Miss Mary M. of Stoughton Stoughton, MA Oct 26 11/17/1871
Ingerson, Hezekiah of Lyndon Gilman, Miss Lydia of Lyndon Lyndonville Sept 25 10/11/1872
Ingerson, Luther of Lyndon Hodgdon, Miss Eliza A. of Sutton Sutton June 22 7/17/1874
Jackson, Walter A. of Greensboro Pinney, Miss Helen A. of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 1 11/18/1870
Jacobs, Don L. of New Haven, CT Allen, Miss Eliza C. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 9 9/1/1871
Jacobs, John H. of West Burke Carpenter, Miss Mary M. of West Burke West Burke Nov 5 11/14/1873
Jenkins, David R. of Kirby Gray, Miss Eliza Jane of Wheelock Sheffield Aug 28 9/15/1871
Jenkins, Edson of St. Johnsbury Gaskill, Miss Helen of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 5 6/17/1870
Jenkins, Eugene A. Walter, Miss Philena Persis C. West Burke April 6 4/19/1872
Jenkins, Stephen W. of Newport Sias, Miss Francelia of Newport Newport Nov 24 12/9/1870
Jenness, Francis of Lyndon Barker, Mrs. Angeline of Barton Barton May 6 5/24/1872
Jennison, Ira J. of Peacham Pattridge, Miss Clara M. of Peacham Barnet Dec 4 12/12/1873
Jerome, Lyman H. of Irasburgh Martin, Miss Elizabeth R. of Irasburgh Irasburgh? Sept 20 10/7/1870
Jerome, Varnum V. of Brownington Hall, Miss Mary K. of Coventry Coventry Aug 22 9/8/1871
Johnson, Abner T. of St. Johnsbury Woods, Miss Helen J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 15 11/28/1873
Johnson, George E. of Newark Fletcher, Miss Lurena of Burke Lyndon Jan 2 1/13/1871
Johnson, J. of Lyndonville Wilson, Miss B. of Clifton, P. Q. Compton, P. Q. Nov 12 11/29/1872
Johnson, Rev. Mr. of Lunenburgh Bates, Miss Olivia of Derby Derby Aug 16 9/9/1870
Johnson, Thomas B. of Albany Robbins, Miss Arthusa of Craftsbury Irasburgh March 18 4/5/1872
Johnson, Warren E. of Bath Applebee, Miss Mary F. of Littleton Bath, NH Jan 2 1/20/1871
Johnson, William Henry of Salem Kingsley, Nancy of Salem Derby Nov 19 12/1/1871
Johnson, William of Lancaster Wheeler, Mary Louise of Waterford Lancaster, NH Oct 19 11/17/1871
Jones, Charles F. of Groton Plummer, Miss Martha of Groton Groton Jan 7 1/21/1870
Jones, Charles of Wheelock Chamberlain, Mrs. Laura A. of Bath, NH & Lyndon Barnet Aug 6 8/16/1872
Jones, David D. of St. Johnsbury Morrison, Miss Ida E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 26 1/12/1872
Jordan, Alfred of Barnston, P. Q. Jones, Miss Abbie F. of Glover Glover Aug 30 9/16/1870
Joslin, Edwin of Concord Bedell, Miss Alice E. of Concord St. Johnsbury Dec 23 1/2/1874
Joy, Charles of Woodsville, NH Moore, Miss Jennie D. of Wells River Wells River July 3 7/19/1872
Judd, Loren of Coventry Tute, Miss Ellen of Newport Coventry Dec 10 12/22/1871
Judkins, Loren of St. Johnsbury Lindsey, Miss Mary C. of Barnet St. Johnsbury Sept 21 10/14/1870
Keith, Benjamin F. of N. Haverhill, NH Gammell, Miss Jennie M. of Barnet West Barnet Dec 1 12/18/1874
Keith, T. M. of Barnet Harvey, Miss Helen M. of Barnet Barnet June 15 6/30/1871
Kelley, A. B. of Lyndon Blake, Mrs. Ella J. of Sheffield Lyndonville 12/12/1873
Kelley, A. S. of Wheelock Orcutt, Miss Maggie of Wheelock Sheffield March 8? 4/7/1871
Kelly, Henry J. Miles, Miss Itadore of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Center Dec 8 12/23/1870
Kelsey, George A. P. of Maj John Kelsey of Dan. Ellis, Emma M. of St. Louis St. Louis, MO Dec 31 1/30/1874
Kenaston, Jesse G. of Sheffield Bickford, Miss Mary A. of Danville Danville Oct 7 10/9/1874
Kendall, Elam F. of Barton Shelters, Miss Vermela of Barton Newport Aug 1 8/18/1871
Kenfield, Capt. W. H. H. Brown, Miss Kate of Woodbury Woodbury Oct 14 10/24/1873
Kent, I. R. of Calais Aiken, Miss Inez R. of Hon. D. W. Aiken of Hardwick Hardwick Feb 7 2/17/1871
Kent, Jacob of Newbury Mattocks, Mrs. Nancy J. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 25 12/9/1870
Kidder, Faxon of Irasburgh Graves, Miss Maria of Lyndon Irasburgh Sept 17 10/7/1870
Kilbourne, Dr. Edwin A. of Elgin, Il & St. J. Kilbourne, Miss Lou of Keokuk Keokuk, Iowa Jan 17 3/8/1872
Kilby, Henry Gilson, Mrs. Helen Lyndonville Nov 21 12/6/1872
Kilgore, Benjamin of Waterford, ME Rice, Mrs. Betsey of Cabot Cabot May 11 5/27/1870
Kimball, Frank F. Bloss, Miss Ella Burke Feb 13 3/15/1872
Kimball, Frederick of St. Johnsbury & Lyndon Pearl, Miss Emma of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 24 9/5/1873
King, David W. of Burke Dunsyre, Lucy E. of Jonathan Dunsyre Esq. of Danville Island Pond 7/26/1872
King, Ira Esq., of Colchester Grant, Sarah of Cabot Cabot July 24 8/5/1871
King, Mark S. of Island Pond Andrews, Miss E. of Holland Holland Jan 3 1/19/1872
King, William A. of Lyndon Ranger, Miss Marcie E. of Lyndon Lyndon March 26 4/12/1872
King, William of St. Johnsbury Finley, Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 27 12/11/1874
Kinne, Carlton of West Concord Moulton, Miss Mianda of West Concord West Concord Dec 14 12/29/1871
Kinne, Henry C. of Passumpsic Kendall, Miss Luella J. of Passumpsic St. Johnsbury Nov 6 11/15/1872
Kinney, Charles N., Esq. of Norwich, VT Snow, Miss Mary S. of Norwich, VT Danville Nov 23 11/29/1872
Kinney, Hammond C. of St. Johnsbury Williams, Miss Clara A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury 6/26/1874
Kinney, William C. of Barnet Gibson, Miss Kattie M. of Barnet Barnet Nov 17 11/27/1874
Kinsman, David O. of St. Johnsbury Cheever, Miss Sarah E. of Walden St. Johnsbury June 4 6/14/1872
Kittredge, Charles F. of Danville Butler, Miss Fannie J. of Chesterfield, NH Royalston, MA Oct 25 11/18/1870
Kittredge, Edwin Rollins, Miss Elvira A. of Walden Walden Nov 19 12/11/1874
Kittredge, George H. of Lyndon Newcomb, Miss Julia A. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 16 10/30/1874
Knapp, Orlando of Plainfield Glidden, Miss Clara A. of Cabot Cabot Oct 15 10/31/1873
Knox, Rev. M. V. B. Hill, Miss Nettie of Rev. L. Hill Craftsbury Jan 9 1/27/1871
Lackie, Mile, of Barnet Stevens, Miss Sarah A. of Walden Walden, June 20 7/14/1871
Ladd, Henry B. of Greensboro Graham, Miss Elizabeth T. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 28 1/19/1872
Ladd, John of Newport Williams, Miss Nancy of Troy Newport Oct 2 10/13/1871
Ladd, Stephen of Burke Smith, Mrs. Harriet A. of Victory West Concord April 23 5/8/1874
Laird, Andrew of Barnet Way, Miss Sarah J. of Danville Danville 9/29/1871
Lamson, Hon. Joseph P. of Cabot Knights, Abbie A. of Cabot Cabot Feb 9 2/18/1870
Lane, Burrill of Burlington Brown, Miss Nora L. of Newport Coventry Aug 11 9/9/1870
Lane, George W. Hanno, Miss Nellie M. Lunenburgh May 15 6/21/1872
Lane, Hollis V. of Pittsfield, NH Colburn, Miss Laura E. of Barton St. Johnsbury Oct 16 10/27/1871
Lane, John of Newport Williams, Mrs. Nancy of Troy Newport Oct 2 10/13/1871
Lane, N. H. of Barnet Danforth, Miss Josa of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury March 28 4/7/1871
Lang, David of Topsham Lang, Miss Christianna of Ryegate Ryegate Dec 6 12/23/1870
Lang, James S. of Barnet Noyes, Miss Violetta J. of Barnet Barnet Center Oct 12 11/4/1870
Lathe, Silas L. of Coventry Woodbury, Miss Jane of Craftsbury Coventry May 18 6/2/1871
Latternan, John of St. Johnsbury Center Luzelle, Martha of St. Johnsbury Center St. Johnsbury Center Aug 22 9/9/1870
Lawson, Phineas B. of Cabot Lawson, Miss Henrietta G. of Cabot Cabot Jan 30 2/17/1871
Learmouth, James of St. Johnsbury Baird, Miss Elizabeth of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury May 15 5/24/1872
Learned, James G. of Newbury Paige, Miss Mary A. of Ryegate Wells River March 19 3/29/1872
Leavitt, Lafayette of Wheelock Alston, Miss Mary of Stannard S. Wheelock Dec 4 12/15/1871
Lee, Daniel of Sutton Davis, Mrs. Mary of West Burke West Burke Aug 15 9/1/1871
Lee, Daniel of Sutton Hayward, Mrs. E. B. of Sutton Sutton Sept 9 9/25/1874
Lee, R. Henry of St. Johnsbury Carpenter, Miss Martha E. of Middlesex Middlesex Dec 22 1/7/1870
Leggett, John of Waterbury, CT Teller, Miss Margaret A. Glover 11/7/1873
Leland, Leander J. of Barton Mason, Miss Lucy A. of Barton Craftsbury Jan 9 1/27/1871
Leslie, Harry A. of Wells River Perry, Miss Clara of Gardiner Gardiner, ME Feb 8 3/8/1872
Lesperance, Aimable of Barton Bell, Sarah of Barton Barton Aug 11 8/21/1874
Lewis, Sumner W. of West Concord Russell, Mrs. Sabrina C. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Aug 8 8/23/1872
Libby, Meshack of Sheffield Drown, Miss Mary E. of Sutton Sutton Dec 11 12/29/1871
Little, Thomas of Bremen, ME Morse, Miss Sarah E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 28 1/21/1870
Livingston, Benjamin F. of Cabot Adams, Miss Drusilla G. of Cabot Marshfield July 3 7/21/1871
Livingston, Ernest C. of St. Johnsbury Cortes, Miss Elizabeth M. of P. Q. Lyndonville Oct 14 10/24/1873
Locke, Edwin S. of Barton Bartlett, Miss Emma D. of Sutton Sutton July 12 7/21/1871
Lockwood, William H. of Fairfield, CT Page, Miss Addie F. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 21 10/3/1873
Lord, Newell S. of NYC Redfield, Helen F. of S. P. Redfield Esq. of Montpelier Montpelier June 16 7/15/1870
Lorimer, Benjamin of Beebe Plain, P. Q. Cummings, Miss Ella of Newport Newport July 1 7/24/1874
Luce, Jean E. of Montpelier Huntley, Miss Addie J. of Newport Irasburgh Nov 23 12/20/1872
Lumsden, G. W. of Greensboro Gabbie, Miss Jenette B. of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 28 2/21/1874
Lund, Jonathan of Groton Height, Miss Louis R. of Barnet Peacham Sept 24 10/4/1872
Lurvey, George V. of Maidstone Bedee, Miss Mary S. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Nov 24 12/16/1870
Lyford, Martin of Woodbury Glidden, Mrs. Mary A. of Woodbury Cabot April 20 5/6/1870
Lyford, Norman D. of Cabot & Java Fox, Miss Sallie of Java Java, NY June 22 7/15/1870
Lyman, A. W. of Barton Landing Williams, Mrs. S. D. of Barton Landing Barton Landing April 13 5/6/1870
Lyman, Nelson H. of Glover Cameron, Miss Isabel of Glover Glover June 27 7/19/1872
Lynde, Charles Esq. of St. Johnsbury Norton, Miss Nellie L. of St. Johnsbury Lyndonville March 14 3/29/1872
Lyon, Charles of Brighton Scott, Miss Laura of Brighton Island Pond June 3 6/23/1871
Macomber, David of Derby Collins, Mrs. Agnes H. of Derby Derby Line 4/12/1872
Macomber, Isaiah of Greensboro Robinson, Miss Margaret of Sheffield Glover Sept 2 9/18/1874
Madden, Daniel Barry, Miss Margaret St. Johnsbury Nov 26 12/19/1873
Magoon, Daniel M. Smith, Miss Jennie of Bolton, P. Q. Barton Oct 24 11/7/1873
Magoon, Gilman S. of Hardwick Lamorie, Miss Hattie of Hardwick Glover March 2 5/19/1871
Manchester, Charles H. of McIndoe's Sullivan, Miss Helen J. of McIndoe's McIndoe's Falls May 16 6/7/1872
Manning, John of Cabot Dickinson, Miss Georgiana E. of Cabot Danville Jan 11 1/21/1870
Manning, Robert W. Blair, Miss Emeline A. of Barnet Barnet Oct 21 10/30/1874
Marr, Marquois of Lowell Field, Miss Loraine V. of Lunenburgh St. Johnsbury Aug 13 8/22/1873
Marston, Charles H. of Derby Fairbrother, Miss Blanche of Newport West Derby May 20 6/9/1871
Martin, Frederick of Northfield Bliss, Mrs. Anna D. of Marshfield Cabot June 6 6/21/1872
Martin, George of Burke Smith, Miss Re(__d) of Newark East Burke Jan 4 2/2/1872
Mason, George A. of Concord, NH Paddleford, Miss Mary E. N. Monroe, NH Nov 2 11/18/1870
Mason, Harry H. of East Hardwick Cheever, Miss Mary B. of East Hardwick East Hardwick Nov 8 12/2/1870
Mason, Nathaniel of Cabot Scott, Miss Sarah E. of Cabot Cabot Dec 29 1/13/1871
Matthews, Henry Clay, MD of Hudson City, NJ Herbert, Miss Finette M. of Coventry Coventry Feb 24 3/11/1870
Maxwell, Capt. Joe D. of Louisville, KY Taisey, Miss Ella M. of Groton Spruce Mont., Nevada Aug 26 10/11/1872
Maxwell, Hugh of St. Johnsbury Cummings, Miss Jane M. of East Hardwick East Hardwick July 4 7/22/1870
McAlister, Thomas of Oswegatchie, NY Boyd, Miss Racheal of Lisbon, NY Lisbon, NY? Dec 15 1/6/1871
McCortchin, John of Brighton Cummings, Miss Mary E. A. of Hardwick Hardwick July 17 7/29/1870
McCrillis, Jacob P. of Marshfield Goodale, Miss Cordelia A. of Calais Cabot Nov 8 11/25/1870
McEwan, Thomas of Newark Hudson, Miss Celia G. of Newark East Burke April 1 6/9/1871
McGaffey, Henry H. of Lyndon West, Emma J. of Pittsburg Pittsburg, PA Oct 15 11/1/1872
McKenzie, John F. of St. Johnsbury Huntress, Miss Augusta J. of Danville Montpelier Jan 1 1/12/1872
McLam, Walter T. of Concord, NH Park, Miss Arabella M. of Concord, NH Ryegate Nov 21 12/6/1872
McLaren, James of Barnet McMillen, Miss Margaret C. of Barnet Barnet Dec 2 12/12/1873
McLaughlin, George J., Esq. of Peacham Dewey, Miss Jennie L. of Peacham Barnet March 7 3/24/1871
McLean, William of Springfield, MA Stowell, Miss Arminda of Lyndon Lyndon Ctr Feb 15 2/18/1870
McLellan, John H. of Glover Clark, Miss Ada E. of Glover Glover Sept 3 9/18/1874
McLeod, Malcolm of Barton Goodall, Miss Carrie of Derby Barton Aug 27 9/16/1870
McLeod, Norman of St. Johnsbury Nicholson, Miss Maggie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 14 10/27/1871
McLeod, Roderick of Bethlehem, NH Stewart, Isabelle of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 16 11/27/1874
McMillan, Putnam D. of Danville & St. J. Kittredge, Kate of Hon. Moses Kittredge of St. J. St. Johnsbury Nov 29 12/9/1870
Meader, Avery B. of Barton Folsom, Mrs. Lizzie of Barton Glover? Aug 20 9/8/1871
Meagher, James A. of St. Johnsbury Danforth, Miss Clara of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 29 7/17/1874
Meserve, Robert of Newbury Dunnett, Miss Margaret of Ryegate Ryegate March 19 4/5/1872
Metcalf, Cyrus D. of Irasburgh Wells, Miss Angelia of Irasburgh Irasburgh Nov 22 12/9/1870
Miles, Elias C. of Albany Ames, Miss Eliza J. of Albany East Albany Oct 31 11/13/1874
Miles, George H. of Boston, MA Hill, Miss Louise J. of late Hiram Hill of Waterford Waterford Dec 8 12/18/1874
Miles, Marshall W. of St. Johnsbury Batchelder, Miss Alice M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 5 9/16/1870
Miles, Wesley T. of Cabot Miles, Mrs. Anna of Haverhill, NH Cabot June 26 7/21/1871
Miller, Archibald A. of Boston Nelson, Miss Abbie Jean of Ryegate Ryegate Sept 29 10/9/1874
Miller, George W. of Gilford, NH Houston, Miss Julia of Lancaster, NH Wells River Dec 24 1/6/1871
Miller, James of Ryegate Tuxbury, Elizabeth E. of Newbury Newbury March 20 4/5/1872
Minor, Loren Forrest of St. Johnsbury Smith, Miss Lydia Ann of Greensboro Greensboro April 21 5/13/1870
Mitchell, Hugh of Sheffield Thornton, Mrs. Eliza Ann of Sheffield Sheffield Sept 5 10/2/1874
Mitchell, John Esq. of Littleton, NH Lonergan, Miss Julia C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 19 11/27/1874
Montgomery, Marshall Esq. of Walden Sibley, Miss Flora of Laconia Laconia, NH Aug 25 9/5/1873
Moore, Henry A. of Barnet Somers, Miss Mary A. of Barnet Barnet March 23 4/8/1870
Moore, John A. of St. Johnsbury Hill, Kate dau of Hiram Hill Esq., of St. Johnsbury Lancaster, NH Aug 10 8/19/1870
Moore, Mahlon E. of Calais Withington, Miss Lucy of Cabot Marshfield May 19 5/31/1872
Morancy, Benjamin of Lyndonville Daley, Miss Alma of Lyndonville Lyndonville July 4 8/5/1871
Morgan, Edwin of Sutton Palmer, Miss Mary E. of Sutton Sutton Aug 28 9/8/1871
Morits, Peter of Newport Bullis, Miss Harriet of Newport Newport Center April 4 4/21/1871
Morrill, Calvin C. of Danville Colby, Miss Sophia C. of Danville McIndoe's Falls June 4 6/16/1871
Morris, Wo'stein L. of St. Johnsbury Bonett, Miss Jane L. of Waterford St. Johnsbury Ctr May 1 5/13/1870
Morrison, Samuel of Lower Waterford Thurber, Miss Elvira F. of Lower Waterford St. Johnsbury E. May 5 5/22/1874
Morse, Harvey K. of Danville Hartshorn, Miss Hattie S. of Danville Peacham April 28 5/13/1870
Morse, Herbert L. of Newport Ridgway, Miss Alice of Newport Derby Oct 11 10/23/1874
Morse, Ira of Underhill Williams, Miss Sophia of North Troy North Troy Nov 1 11/25/1870
Morse, Nathan of Hardwick Brown, Miss Mary of Hardwick Hardwick Oct 30 11/21/1873
Morse, Philander O. of Cabot Perkins, Miss Flora J. of Walden Walden Oct 29 11/14/1873
Morse, Samuel of St. Johnsbury Paige, Miss Sarah of Lennoxville, P. Q. Derby May 16 5/31/1872
Morse, Stephen D. of Danville Emerson, Miss Mary T. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 19 1/27/1871
Mossman, Orange H. of Barton Baxter, Miss Lois M. of Barton Watsonville, CA July 31 8/21/1874
Moulton, E. H. of Meredith, NH Clifford, Miss Addie B. of Newark West Burke Oct 14 10/24/1873
Moulton, Gilman E. of Newport Moulton, Miss Mianda of Newport Newport Ctr Jan 29 2/16/1872
Moulton, John R. of Newark Brewer, Miss Mariette of Newark Lyndon Nov 8 11/18/1870
Nelson, Azro W. of Hardwick Darling, Nettie N. of Wolcott Hardwick June 4 6/26/1874
Nelson, E. L. of Derby Cheney, Miss Clara C. of Derby Derby Sept 7 10/13/1871
Nelson, J. B., Esq. of Ryegate Arthur, Miss Mary of Ryegate Ryegate Dec 4 12/20/1872
Nelson, James R., M. D. of Wells River Moore, Miss Lillias A. of Wells River Wells River April 22 5/1/1874
Newell, Henry of Sheffield Dwyer, Miss Nettie of Sheffield Craftsbury Aug 20 9/5/1873
Newman, Albert P. of Barnet Underwood, Miss Delia of Barnet St. Johnsbury Sept 1 10/3/1873
Newton, Alonzo of Barton Estes, Flora J. of Greensboro Hardwick Oct 18 11/6/1874
Nichols, C. Byron M.D. of Cleveland, OH Mattocks, Lizzie B. of late Wm. Mattocks of Chicago Hanover, NH Jan 24 2/9/1872
Nichols, Erastus of Wolcott Kittredge, Miss Louisa of Walden Danville April 2 4/8/1870
Niles, Smith of Newport Hill, Miss Effie A. of Newport Newport March 7 3/20/1874
Nourse, Charles of Derby Roberts, Mrs. Ellen of Derby New York May 1872 6/21/1872
Noyes, Amos H. of Groton Morrison, Miss Winona B. of Ryegate Groton May 14 6/12/1874
Noyes, Ira of Kirby Hall, Miss Julia F. of Monroe Monroe, NH Sept 26 10/13/1871
Noyes, Ira of Kirby Olcutt, Miss Ann of Lunenburg Lunenburg Nov 30 12/15/1871
Nute, John L. of Conway, NH Chesley, Miss Lillian I. of Lyndonville Bartlett, NH Jan 1 1/26/1872
Nutt, John of Ryegate Alston, Miss Esther Jane E. Craftsbury Oct 22 11/20/1874
Nutting, John C. Morse, Miss Calista J. Danville Sept 26 9/30/1870
Nye, Frederick S. of Brooklyn, NY Willis, Miss Clara J. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Dec 10 12/19/1873
Nye, Lewis of Salem Lunt, Sarah Emma of Charleston West Charleston Dec 21 1/7/1870
Nye, Van Amburgh of Burlington Ripley, Miss Emma J. of Brownington Brownington Dec 7 12/22/1871
O'Clare, Joseph of Barnet Valley, Miss Sarah Jane of Barnet Barnet Jan 14 1/28/1870
Oderkirk, Charles of Cabot Barr, Miss Mattie J. of Cabot Danville Feb 7 2/14/1874
Olcott, George B. of St. Johnsbury Lane, Miss Ella E. of Lunenburg Lunenburg June 20 7/12/1872
Olin, Stephen A. of Newport Crawford, Miss Matilda J. of Newport Newport Center Jan 15 1/27/1871
Olmstead, Alphonso M. of Barton Wells, Emma of Irasburgh Barton Feb 10 3/8/1872
Orcutt, John C. of Wheelock Fenton, Miss Anna B. of Sheffield Sheffield 10/2/1874
Orcutt, John D. of Lancaster, NH Robinson, Miss Edna S. of Barton Irasburgh May 20 6/7/1872
Ord, John of Barton White, Miss Mary A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh? Sept 20 10/7/1870
Orne, David J. of Brownington Jones, Mary A. of Potton, P. Q. W. Charleston April 6 4/21/1871
Osgood, C. of Hardwick Simpson, Miss Laura of Greensboro Hardwick June 1 6/23/1871
Osgood, E. F. of Walden Sherrar, Miss Lucy M. of Barnston Barnston, PQ March 26 4/12/1872
Osgood, Herman of Cabot Brown, Miss Nellie M. of Peacham Barnet Nov 14 11/25/1870
Otis, Joseph P. of Hanover, NH Campbell, Miss Alice of Sutton Sutton Aug 11 8/23/1872
Owen, O. D. of Barton French, Miss Mary A. of Barton Somerville, MA Nov 5 12/4/1874
Owens, Luman Jr. of St. Johnsbury Mason, Miss Jennett of Barnet Danville Jan 27 2/4/1870
Packard, Alonzo of St. Johnsbury Goodell, Miss Clara J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 11 9/29/1871
Packer, H. H. of Burke Cahill, Miss Carrie of Burke West Burke 11/13/1874
Page, Carlos Plummer, Miss Mary Ann Groton 3/18/1870
Paine, Edwin D. of Hardwick Chase, Miss Julia A. of Berlin West Berlin March 4 3/20/1874
Paine, G. M. of Lasen Co., CA Gould, Miss Lovina of Cabot Cabot Jan 31 2/18/1870
Palmer, Charles P. of Concord Hill, Miss Mary E. of Concord St. Johnsbury Oct 6 10/16/1874
Palmer, F. S. of St. Johnsbury Brown, Miss Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr Dec 17 12/23/1870
Palmer, Frank E. of Danville Sargent, Miss Laura E. of Peacham Barnet Nov 14 11/25/1870
Paquin, George of St. Johnsbury Chickering, Miss Augusta of Danville St. Johnsbury Ctr Sept 27 10/14/1870
Paradice, Peter Busha, Miss J. East Craftsbury April 28 5/13/1870
Park, Archibald of Boston, MA McClure, Miss Maria J. of Ryegate Ryegate Nov 27 12/5/1873
Parker, Daniel W. of Concord Nichols, Miss Abbie M. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh April 3 4/22/1870
Parker, Edwin of Vershire Rice, Miss Mary W. of Granby Granby Sept 19 9/29/1871
Parker, George W. of Lowell Paul, Miss Philura of Derby Derby Jan 27 2/17/1871
Parker, Leroy H. Stevens, Miss Ella of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr Sept 11 9/26/1873
Parker, Theodore W. of Lyndon McVicar, Miss Kate of Lyndon West Concord June 1 7/1/1870
Parker, Trueworthy L. of Monroe, NH Turner, Mrs. Mary of Barnet Barnet Ctr Sept 22 10/9/1874
Parks, Charles E. of Waterford Adams, Miss Stella of Lancaster Lancaster, NH May 18 6/14/1872
Parlin, Charles O. of Salem Powers, Hattie M. of Swanton Newport Dec 30 1/13/1871
Parsons, Josiah J. of Concord Parker, Miss Effie M. of Concord West Concord June 24 7/17/1874
Patten, John R. Osgood, Miss Flora W. of Hardwick Greensboro Dec 25 1/12/1872
Peabody, James G. of Barnet McLaren, Mrs. Jannet W. of Barnet Ryegate Corner Jan 1 1/16/1874
Pearson, Dea. Moses C. of Coventry Gray, Mrs. P. of Coventry Coventry Dec 26 1/12/1872
Pearson, Samuel H. of Coventry Gray, Miss Sarah C. of Coventry Coventry Jan 23 2/11/1870
Peebles, Hascal of Lunenburg Harris, Miss Ella L. of Lunenburg Lunenburg Dec 20 1/5/1872
Penant, Francis of Burke Martin, Miss Abbie of Burke Lyndon Dec 23 1/7/1870
Peniston, Samuel of St. Johnsbury Wilkinson, Miss Lottie O. of Stanstead, P. Q. Newport Sept 16 10/2/1874
Percy, John S. of Newport Pettee, Miss Prudence J. of Newport Newport Center March 26 4/8/1870
Perigo, Charles G. of St. Johnsbury Brigham, Miss Ella A. of St. Johnsbury Passumpsic March 10 3/25/1870
Perkins, Charles of Walden Gerry, Miss Ashbeline of Cabot Cabot May 15 5/26/1871
Perkins, Dr. Nathaniel R. of Haverhill, NH Livingston, Miss Clara A. of Newport Newport May 23 6/7/1872
Perry, Appleton of Ryegate Laughlin, Mrs. Jane A. of Ryegate Ryegate Feb 22 3/11/1870
Perry, Dr. Thomas H. Stevens, Frances of Noah Stevens, Esq. of Danville Grand Rapids, Mich Nov 15 12/2/1870
Perry, J. F. of Cabot Swett, Miss L. P. of Limerick, ME Cornish, ME Dec 21 1/21/1870
Persons, Henry C. of Morgan Hackett, Miss Lestina of Morgan Derby Dec 22 1/6/1871
Peterson, Charles G. of St. Johnsbury Morrison, Miss Anna of Waterford St. Johnsbury Jan 1 1/16/1874
Pettingill, Byron T. of Albany Freeman, Miss Martha L. of Albany Newport Center Aug 31 9/22/1871
Phillips, Aaron R. of St. Johnsbury Powers, Miss Jane L. of St. Johnsbury Lower Waterford Jan 14 1/30/1874
Phillips, Charles A. of Lyndonville Pierce, Miss Elmina E. of Lyndonville Lyndonville Jan 1 1/19/1872
Phillips, Edwin Phillips, Miss Etta East Burke Sept 22 10/20/1871
Pierce, Freeman A. of St. Johnsbury Ranney, Miss Olive E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 21 10/30/1874
Pierce, Harvey E. of Danville Ward, Miss Ella C. of Danville Lowell, MA March 27 4/7/1871
Pierce, Horace L. of Barton Dutton, Miss Allie L. of Barton Barton Sept 9 9/25/1874
Pike, Charles B. of St. Johnsbury Browne, Miss M. Elvira of Salem Salem March 19 4/7/1871
Pike, William M. Flint, Mary C. Derby Line Oct 7 10/24/1873
Pocock, Stephen M. of St. Johnsbury Beaumier, Miss Sarah of St. Johnsbury Lyndonville Sept 20 10/6/1871
Pope, W. S. of St. Johnsbury Cushman, Miss Mary H. of Wheelock Lyndon March 28 4/7/1871
Porsier, D. M. of St. Johnsbury Douville, Miss Elizabeth of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 2 1/13/1871
Porter, Edward A. of Hardwick Miles, Miss Lizzie M. of Hardwick Hardwick April 24 5/16/1873
Porter, Sereno M. of Danville Woodward, Miss Laura of Danville Danville Jan 20 2/2/1872
Potts, M. Alonzo of St. Johnsbury Richardson, Miss Mary S. of Barnet Barnet Dec 20 12/23/1870
Powell, Frank E. of Craftsbury Martin, Miss Ellen M. of Barton Glover May 25 6/16/1871
Powers, Bernard of Wolcott Pierce, Mrs. Ann B. of Wolcott Hardwick June 3 6/16/1871
Powers, Ezra of Burke Etheridge, Miss Sarah L. of Burke East Burke Feb 3 2/18/1870
Powers, Harvey S. of Barnet Hinch, Miss Sarah A. of Barnet McIndoe's Falls May 16 6/7/1872
Powers, Henry G. of Lyndon Hutchinson, Mary C. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 24 12/4/1874
Powers, John of Salem Willey, Miss Mary A. of Derby Derby May 1 5/16/1873
Powers, Wilbur A. of Derby Fisher, Leaphy B. of Derby Derby Sept 18 9/29/1871
Pratt, Riley D. of Concord Chase, Miss Sally of Concord St. Johnsbury May 8 5/24/1872
Prince, Louis of St. Johnsbury Mooney, Miss Mary of St. Johnsbury Burlington Sept 29 10/9/1874
Proper, Abram R. of Boston Blood, Mrs. Sarah A. of Lowell, MA Lynn, MA April 11 5/15/1874
Pushee, Charles of Barnet Eastman, Miss Ellen F. of Barnet Barnet Jan 1 1/14/1870
Putnam, Joseph W. of New Orleans, LA Peabody, Miss Helen of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 29 12/9/1870
Putnam, Oramel H. of New Orleans, LA Gibson, Miss Mary M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 28 12/9/1870
Quimby, Orville J. of Lyndon Pettigrew, Miss Josie of Lyndon Lyndon Center Sept 5 9/26/1872
Rand, V. W. of Morristown Amsden, Miss Susie P. of Hardwick Hardwick Oct 1 10/16/1874
Randall, Silas of St. Johnsbury Babcock, Mrs. Anna of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 2 9/12/1873
Ranney, C. F. of Lynn, MA Pratt, Miss Carrie D. of Newport Newport March 18 4/3/1874
Ranney, Crawford of St. Johnsbury Nichols, Miss Clara E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr March 13 3/24/1871
Ranney, Joseph E. of St. Johnsbury Jones, Dorna J. of Victory Victory Jan 2 1/19/1872
Ranney, Robert H. of Wheelock Marsh, Miss J. B. of Exeter, ME Exeter, ME Jan 30 2/17/1871
Raymond, Seth M. of Rumford, ME Harvey, Mrs. Hattie L. of Waterford Errol, NH Dec 8 12/25/1874
Reed, Harry of St. Johnsbury McLellan, Miss Catherine of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 16 10/25/1872
Reed, Willis N. of Craftsbury DeMerritt, Miss Fanny of Eden Morrisville Aug 2 8/23/1872
Remick, J. W. of Littleton Goss, Miss Ellen M. of Waterford Littleton, NH March 3 3/18/1870
Rhodes, Charles B. of West Burke Colby, Miss ____ of West Burke West Burke June 15 6/24/1870
Rice, Oliver S. of Granby Metcalf, Miss Mary L. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH Sept 9 9/25/1874
Rice, Oscar F. of Barton Custis, Miss Susan Q. of Sutton Barton March 2 3/18/1870
Richards, Lester S. of Concord Reed, Miss Cynthia of Concord Concord Nov 15 11/29/1872
Richards, William B. of Greensboro Kittredge, Miss Clara of Danville Hardwick Oct 10 10/23/1874
Richardson, A. J., M.D. of NYC & Sutton Hays, Miss Effie Brooklyn, NY Sept 10 9/26/1873
Richardson, Stephen of Waterford Carpenter, Miss Althea C. of Waterford Waterford Feb 14 2/24/1871
Rick, Andrew of Lowell Sanders, Miss Caroline L. of Lowell Lowell June(1 ) 6/30/1871
Ricker, Harvey of Barton Bruce, Miss Katie A. of McIndoe's Falls McIndoe's Falls Oct 18 10/31/1873
Ricker, Levi F. of Waterbury McAllister, Miss Addie of Craftsbury Wolcott May 16 7/1/1870
Ring, Alden W. of Nashua, NH Cate, Miss Adelia J. of Cabot Cabot Oct 25 11/4/1870
Ritchie, Andrew C. of Barnet Warden, Miss Sarah J. of Barnet West Barnet March 19 3/27/1874
Ritchie, John T., Esq. of West Barnet McPhee, Miss Julia of West Barnet West Barnet Oct 24 11/15/1872
Rivers, Rhoderick Lynch, Miss Mary St. Johnsbury Sept 24 10/9/1874
Robbins, Dwight C. of Boston, MA Stewart, Martha of late Thomas Stewart, Esq. of Brown. Derby July 11 7/29/1870
Robbins, James M. Jr. of Craftsbury Conant, Miss Sarah F. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 3 3/4/1870
Robbins, Willie S. of Derby True, Miss Clara E. of Derby Derby Center March 26 4/7/1871
Robie, John F. Stone, Mrs. Jane D. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr July 23 8/11/1871
Robinson, Nathaniel of Northfield Bolton, Miss Belle F. of Newbury Ryegate April 26 5/20/1870
Robinson, Solomon J. of Brownington Flanders, Mrs. Carrie of Brownington Brownington Jan 11 1/26/1872
Rogers, Albert of Topsham McKinley, Miss Mary of Ryegate Ryegate June 21 7/15/1870
Rogers, George W. of Newport Wilcox, Miss Ella R. of Newport Newport Center May 16 5/31/1872
Rogers, R. Harvey of Cabot Webster, Lucia A. of Cabot Marshfield Feb 22 3/10/1871
Rollins, Andrew C. of St. Johnsbury Balch, Miss Ellen J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 29 12/15/1871
Rollins, Laurentine W. of Walden Aldrich, Miss Melissa H. of Barnston, P. Q. Walden May 30 6/9/1871
Rossiter, H. D. of Summit City Hall, Miss Nettie of St. Johnsbury Summit City, Mont. March 2 4/26/1872
Roundy, Elmer S. of Sutton Dean, Miss Jennie V. of Sutton W. Derby Feb 2 2/24/1871
Rowe, Horace Esq. of Peacham West, Miss Lizzie A. of Danville Danville Oct 1 10/4/1872
Rowell, O. F. Esq. of Peacham Hooker, Miss Ada of Peacham St. Johnsbury Sept 20 10/14/1870
Ruggles, Charles E. of Lyndon Dean, Miss Clara E. of Lyndon Lyndon Center July 3 7/19/1872
Russell, Charles W. of Concord Scribner, Miss Ella M. of Montpelier Montpelier Nov 28 12/20/1872
Russell, Francis E. of E. St. Johnsbury Parks, Miss Maggie of E. St. Johnsbury E. St. Johnsbury 1/23/1874
Russell, Oliver F. of Concord Newman, Miss Susie A. of Lunenburgh Lancaster May 10 6/3/1870
Russell, Willie of Concord Follensby, Miss Lavinia of Victory Victory Sept 23 10/23/1874
Sabin, William Dudley of Craftsbury Garvin, Miss Emily of Craftsbury South Hardwick June 27 7/21/1871
Safford, Henry of Quechee Gates, Miss Hattie M. of Peacham Peacham April 28 5/8/1874
Salomon, Joseph of St. Johnsbury Woodward, Miss Jennie of Danville St. Johnsbury Oct 21 10/27/1871
Sanborn, Charles H. of Danville Hopkins, Miss Luella C. of Danville St. Johnsbury Ctr Jan 28 2/7/1874
Sanborn, Lovell of Barnston, PQ Clark, Miss Laura of Wheelock St. Johnsbury Jan 26 2/11/1870
Sanders, George W. Dow, Miss Clara J. Albany March 24 4/15/1870
Sanderson, Richard of Lyndon Mooney, Miss Angelina of Lyndon Danville Nov 8 11/15/1872
Sargent, Charles of Peacham Moody, Miss Huldah of Peacham Peacham Dec 20 1/20/1871
Sargent, Willard T. of Newbury Darling, Miss Maria P. of Ryegate West Barnet Jan 1 1/19/1872
Sartwell, William W. of Albany Sweetland, Mrs. Emerancy of Albany Newport Sept 28 10/27/1871
Saunders, David J. of Danville Gould, Miss Julia A. of Danville St. Johnsbury Dec 18 12/29/1871
Savage, Albert B. of Northwood, NH Hale, Miss Nellie of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Aug 17 9/1/1871
Sawyer, Nathan D. of Walden Rollins, Miss Louisa L. of Woodbury S. Woodbury Nov 5 11/25/1870
Schoff, Gardner of Bloomfield, VT Stevens, Emma D. of Bloomfield, VT Coos, NH Jan 1 1/20/1871
Scott, C. W., M. D. of Lyndon Gilfillan, Lizzie of McIndoe's Falls McIndoe's Falls Aug 17 8/26/1870
Seavey, Peter C. of Hardwick Kent, Miss Maria of Compton, P. Q. Cabot June 21 7/21/1871
Shattuck, Leonard of Danville Dow, Miss Lydia E. of Cabot St. Johnsbury Oct 21 12/4/1874
Shattuck, Orlow B. of Derby Tinsdale, Miss Mary E. of Lyndon Lyndon May 9 5/26/1871
Shaw, Lowell of Albany Irish, Miss Armena of Stanstead, PQ Irasburgh Nov 24 12/16/1870
Shaw, W. A. of St. Johnsbury Sadler, Miss Minnie E. of Rutland Rutland Sept 14 10/7/1870
Shaw, W. H. of St. Johnsbury Blanchard, Mrs. Sarah T. of Providence, RI St. Johnsbury Oct 15 10/24/1873
Shedd, Charles H. of St. Johnsbury Buzzell, Lizzie A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Aug 8 9/5/1873
Shepard, Alvah M. of Marshfield Davis, Mrs. Lucetta of Marshfield Peacham Nov 4 11/10/1871
Shepard, Calvin J. of Greensboro Magoon, Miss Mattie M. of Manchester, NH St. Johnsbury 12/19/1873
Shepard, George H. of Monroe Judevine, Miss Clara W. of Monroe Monroe, NH Jan 19 2/18/1870
Shorey, Henry of St. Johnsbury White, Miss Gertrude E. of Irasburgh Manchester, NH Jan 20 2/2/1872
Sias, B. F. of St. Johnsbury Wadsworth, Miss Grace of Lewiston, MA Wellesby June 15 6/26/1874
Sias, George M. of Newport Edmunds, Miss Sarah E. A. of Illinois Westfield Feb 18 3/8/1872
Simons, Alfred G. of Manchester, NH Doe, Mrs. Eliza A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury April 7 4/29/1870
Simpson, Archibald of Stanstead McMullen, Miss Sarah Jane of Derby Line Stanstead, PQ Feb 12 3/1/1872
Skinner, John E. of Barton Robinson, Mary A. of Amos Robinson Esq. of B. Barton 7/21/1871
Sloper, Frank A. Rand, Carrie F. of Mr. P. Rand of St. Johnsbury & CT. W. Cheshire, CT Jan 1 2/9/1872
Sly, Nathan J. of Ryegate Jones, Miss Phoebe A. of Topsham Groton 12/13/1872
Smalley Rev. E. C. of Brownington Stiles, Miss Mary A. of East Albany Albany Nov 2(d) 12/1/1871
Smalley, E. L. of Barton Landing Johnson, Miss Mary M. of Barton Landing Barton Aug 8 8/23/1872
Smith, A. J. of S. Ryegate Boudett, Miss J. E. of Lyndon St. Johnsbury Sept 5 9/26/1872
Smith, Calvin M. of Marshfield Eastman, Miss Lettie O. of Walden Cabot Feb 20 3/11/1870
Smith, Charles H. of St. Johnsbury Stevens, Miss Mary J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 24 10/2/1874
Smith, Cyrus of Victory Swain, Miss Mary E. of Meredith, NH Holderness, NH Aug 2 8/28/1874
Smith, David of Victory Appleton, Miss Flora A. of Victory Victory Jan 22 2/21/1874
Smith, George H. of Wheelock Raney, Miss Lettie of Wheelock Sheffield Jan 1 1/13/1871
Smith, Hibbard Melvin, Mrs. Aaron Wheelock March 10 3/25/1870
Smith, Ira G. of St. Johnsbury Frye, Jane L. of Waterford Waterford Aug 31 9/12/1873
Smith, Jerome T. of St. Johnsbury Heath, Miss Esther M. of Barnet St. Johnsbury June 23 7/1/1870
Smith, John A. of Boston Miller, Miss Belle M. of Robert Miller Esq. Ryegate Jan 25 2/10/1871
Smith, John of St. Johnsbury Rickaby, Miss Leah Jemima of St. Johnsbury Barnet Ctr Sept 13 9/26/1873
Smith, M. J. of Barton Hill, Miss Ann Eliza of Barton Glover Sept 10 9/25/1874
Smith, Quincy W. of Sutton Parker, Miss Mary of Sutton Glover July 4 8/16/1872
Smith, Rev. Charles A. Baldwin, Miss Abigail Jane of Wolcott St. Johnsbury April 26 5/29/1874
Smith, Samuel E. of East Boston, MA Guild, Miss Clara J. of Coventry Newport Sept 24 10/7/1870
Smith, Sheridan I. of Lyndonville Mason, Miss Carrie M. of Fairlee Fairlee June 9 6/21/1872
Smith, Theodore J. Esden, Miss Maggie M. West Barnet Jan 25 2/10/1871
Snow, Alonzo J. of St. Johnsbury Amsden, Miss Addie L. of Walden St. Johnsbury Sept 22 10/3/1873
Snow, Amos of Walden Beals, Miss Ellis of Walden Walden March 2 3/18/1870
Somers, Amos R. of Barnet Warden, Miss Lizzie J. of Barnet Barnet March 20 4/5/1872
Somers, Cummings of Barnet Samuels, Miss Jane M. of Barnet Barnet Feb 28 3/17/1871
Somers, Lee of Barnet Hunter, Miss Mary of Ryegate Barnet Feb 28 3/15/1872
Sommerfield, M. of St. Johnsbury Horwitz, Miss Rebecca of New York New York City May 17 5/29/1874
Sp( )cer, Alexander of Marshfield Bancroft, Miss Rhoda of Marshfield Marshfield March 7 3/29/1872
Spaulding, Alonzo P. of California Caswell, Miss Hattie of St. Johnsbury Lyndon Jan 22 2/4/1870
Spaulding, Benjamin M. of Albany Davis, Mrs. Mary C. of Wheelock South Albany Jan 28 2/17/1871
Spencer, E. L. of Concord, VT Woodbury, Miss Adelia E. of Concord, VT Franconia, NH Oct 16 12/2/1870
Spencer, George C. of Westmore Silsby, Miss Mary Ellen of West Burke East Burke Jan 1 1/13/1871
Spencer, Thaddeus of St. Johnsbury Wheeler, Miss Alma J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr March 8 3/24/1871
Sprague, George W. of Danville Ward, Miss Ellen E. of Danville St. Johnsbury Center Sept 6 9/16/1870
Sprague, George W. of North Danville Ward, Miss Nellie E. of North Danville North Danville June 25 7/29/1870
Sprout, Frank L. of Norwich Lindsay, Miss Maggie J. of Barnet Lowell, MA June 1 6/30/1871
Stanford, Dana C. of St. Johnsbury Collins, Miss Edna C. of Coventry Barton Landing 10/23/1874
Stanton, William J., Esq. of Danville Thompson, Mrs. Sally M. of Danville North Danville May 9 5/15/1874
Stark, Archibald of St. Johnsbury Aldrich, Mrs. Lucina of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr Nov 9 12/12/1873
Starks, Charles Grout, Mrs. Rosetta of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury E. Oct 20 10/30/1874
Steele, James L. of Peacham Stevens, Mrs. Susan S. of Walden Marshfield Jan 11 2/11/1870
Sterling, Charles A. of Portland, ME Ladd, Miss Ella E. of Brighton Island Pond Jan 14 2/3/1871
Stevens, Angelo M. of Peacham James, Miss Elmira J. of Newbury Groton Sept 28 10/6/1871
Stevens, Carlos of Woodsville, NH Moore, Miss Delia of Woodsville, NH Woodsville, NH March 4 3/22/1872
Stevens, Charles H. of St. Johnsbury Ranney, Miss Belle C. of St. Johnsbury W. Westminster May 12 5/29/1874
Stevens, Charlie E. of Peacham McLaughlin, Mrs. Lucy A. of Peacham Barnet Sept 5 9/18/1874
Stevens, Enos of Barnet Whitehill, Mrs. Lizzie of Peacham Peacham Oct 1 10/16/1874
Stevens, Foster G. Mitchell, Miss Julia V. St. Johnsbury Dec 18 12/26/1873
Stevens, George D. of St. Johnsbury Chapman, Miss Julia of St. Johnsbury East St. J. Feb 25 3/13/1874
Stevens, Isaac L. Hicks, Miss Roanna A. of Lyndonville St. Johnsbury Center 4/5/1872
Stevens, Lafayette W. of Charleston Brigham, Miss Lucia A. of Charleston Glover Aug 14 9/8/1871
Stevens, P. S. of St. Johnsbury Flint, Miss R. M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Dec 29 1/13/1871
Stevens, William of St. Johnsbury Jackson, Mrs. Rebecca G. of Franklin, NH Manchester, NH June 20 7/15/1870
Stewart, Dugald of Newbury Orr, Miss Jane H. of Groton Ryegate Corner Jan 3 1/19/1872
Stewart, Leslie A. of Springfield, MA Robinson, Miss Calista D. of Concord Concord Jan 1 1/16/1874
Stickney, Leon A. of St. Johnsbury Moore, Olive A. of East Orange East Orange May 26 6/12/1874
Stiles, James L. of St. Johnsbury Burbank, Miss Mariam of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Aug 12 8/22/1873
Stiles, T. R., M.D. Jenness, Miss Abbie A. of Sheffield Sheffield Nov 29 12/9/1870
Stocker, John A. of Danville Wilmarth, Miss Charlotte of St. Johnsbury Wells River June 24 6/30/1871
Stone, George W. of Lunenburgh Dodge, Miss Mary Jane of Lunenburgh West Concord Dec 15 1/21/1870
Stone, John of Cabot Hoyt, Miss Rosina L. of Cabot Montpelier Jan 20 2/11/1870
Stone, Samuel H. of Newton, MA Sanborn, Emma L. of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 17 9/5/1873
Stuart, Charles C. McLean, Miss Lizzie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Aug 20 9/4/1874
Stuart, George of Barnet Rickey, Miss Sarah of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 12 2/17/1871
Styles, Waldo L. of Barnet Clowes, Miss Jane of Canada East St. Johnsbury March 5 3/20/1874
Sulloway, Lorenzo of Wheelock Ranney, Miss Lizzie of Wheelock Wheelock Nov 2 11/18/1870
Sweat, Otis C. of Bolton, PQ Davis, Miss Julia M. of Westmore Brownington Aug 26 9/16/1870
Sweet, Orlando P., M. D. of Lowell Paine, Lucy A. of Lowell Newport Aug 3 8/19/1870
Swett, Ephraim M. Kinne, Miss Lucia Lower Waterford Nov 8 11/24/1871
Swett, Warren L. of Danville Church, Miss Louisa of Danville St. Johnsbury Aug 13 8/22/1873
Swift, William H. of Boston Gray, Mrs. Elvira G. of Newport St. Johnsbury April 14 4/26/1872
Switzer, Isaac of St. Johnsbury Howard, Miss Ella of St. Johnsbury North Danville Nov 25 2/2/1872
Taft, Andrew of Newark Parker, Mrs. Mianda A. of Newark West Burke? Jan 26 2/10/1871
Taisey, George W. of Groton Whitehill, Miss Phoebe A. of Groton Groton May 20 6/14/1872
Tallant, George W. of Conway, NH Fisher, Mrs. Helen A. of Wells River Wells River Oct 14 11/1/1872
Taplin, Horace E. of Corinth Langdon, Miss Mary S. of Albany Albany Nov 23 12/16/1870
Tarlton, Charles A. of Lyndonville Barker, Miss Mary E. of Waterford Waterford Oct 29 11/13/1874
Taylor, Frederick W. of St. Johnsbury Palmer, Miss Phoebe of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 16 12/8/1871
Taylor, James E. of St. Johnsbury Paddock, Miss Emma J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 11 11/21/1873
Tenney, C. W. of Andover Hassum, H. M. adopted dau of Daniel Smith Esq. of M Marshfield Nov 11 12/13/1872
Thomas, Amos of Brighton Wheeler, Miss Lucretia of Stanstead, PQ Brighton April 9 4/29/1870
Thomas, Carlyle W. of St. Johnsbury Willard, Miss Florence E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 15 10/28/1870
Thomas, Isaac N. of St. Johnsbury Gibbs, Mrs. Sarah of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury E. March 4 3/20/1874
Thomas, Martin W. of Derby Turner, Lizzie B. of Derby Derby March 28 4/15/1870
Thompson, Gilbert S. of New York Perry, Laura A. of Ezra Perry of Danville New York City May 7 6/3/1870
Thompson, James H. of St. Johnsbury Parks, Miss Maria of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Oct 16 10/25/1872
Thurston, Rev. A. G. of Greenwood, MA Moore, Miss Anna J. of Barnet Barnet Dec 5 12/20/1872
Tilton, John S. of Danville Hoyt, Miss Lizzie F. of Danville Danville Feb 23 2/18/1870
Tisdale, Elvin C. of St. Johnsbury Remick, Miss Ida of Waterford St. Johnsbury May 2 5/15/1874
Tisdale, George H. of St. Johnsbury Miller, Miss Carrie of St. Johnsbury Lyndon Dec 24 1/6/1871
Titus, I. P. of Hardwick Holton, Miss Ella F. of Wells River Wells River March 17 3/27/1874
Towle, James Jr. of Victory Town, Miss Hattie L. of Lyndon West Concord June 2 6/17/1870
Towne, S. of Littleton, NH Mosier, Miss E. of Holland Holland Oct 31 11/17/1871
Townsend, Emery A. of Troy Hoyt, Miss Clara L. of Newport Westfield 3/18/1870
Townsend, Stephen of Brownington Houston, Mary E. of Brownington Coventry June 2 7/1/1870
Trask, H. F. of Charleston Bishop, Esipe of Newville, Stanstead, P. Q. E. Charleston June 30 7/29/1870
Trow, G. W. of Newport Bundy, Miss H. F. of Toledo Toledo, OH June 19 7/12/1872
Trussell, Arthur B. of Hamilton, MA Brock, Miss Sarah W. of Barnet Barnet Dec 31 1/13/1871
Trussell, Jacob Esq. of Peacham Blanchard, Flora of late Col. Jacob Blanchard of P. Peacham Oct 4 10/13/1871
Tucker, Amasa C. of Cabot Willey, Mrs. Eliza A. of Cabot Cabot Sept 18 10/3/1873
Tucker, Silas H. of Morristown Brown, Miss Sarah C. of Stannard Hardwick Dec 20 1/13/1871
Turner, Henry W. of Albany Bumps, Miss Rosina C. of Craftsbury West Glover June 10 6/30/1871
Twombly, John L. of Barton Emerson, Mrs. E. A. of Barton Barton Jan 22 2/10/1871
Utley, Merritt of Walden Hall, Miss Ella of Walden Walden May 25 6/17/1870
Vining, H. L. of Meredith, NH Taylor, Miss Mary A. of Peacham Peacham June 1 6/9/1871
Walbridge, John H. of Concord Chase, Miss Cynthia H. of Concord West Concord April 19 5/3/1872
Waldo, Horace S. of Boston, MA Allen, Miss Sarah M. of late Hon. Ira Allen of Irasburg St. Albans Jan 2 1/26/1872
Walker, Frank of Marshfield Dwinell, Miss Sarah of Marshfield Marshfield Dec 11 12/26/1873
Wallace, James of Lyndonville Randall, Miss Georgiana of Lyndonville Lyndonville Nov 14 11/24/1871
Wallace, Oscar R. of Concord Butterfield, Miss Carrie of Lyndonville East Concord 9/25/1874
Walworth, D. P. of Coventry Gross, Mrs. Harriet A. of Brownington West Burke June 3 6/26/1874
Ward, Samuel of North Danville Holton, Miss Rosaline A. of Lyme, NH North Danville Jan 17 2/2/1872
Warden, Erskine of Waltham & St. J. Webb, Miss Lizzie C. of New Bedford New Bedford, MA Oct 16 10/31/1873
Warner, Clark P. of Barton Woodman, Miss Mary P. of Barton Barton June 7 6/23/1871
Warner, Dr. R. W. of St. Johnsbury Smith, Miss E. M. of Wheelock Sheffield Jan 1 1/13/1871
Warner, John of Walden Rollins, Miss Emily J. of Walden Derby Line June 23 7/15/1870
Warner, Sumner of Barton Miles, Miss Armanda S. of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 2 12/19/1873
Warner, Whipple Giffin, Mrs. Julia E. Hardwick April 26 5/16/1873
Warren, Frank M. of St. Johnsbury Wood, Miss Emma J. of Kirby St. Johnsbury Oct 15 10/31/1873
Warren, Oliver G. of Elmore Moore, Maggie of Ryegate Ryegate Nov 24 1/20/1871
Washburn, N. J. Moreau, Miss Addie M. of Lyndon Lyndonville Oct 29 11/7/1873
Waterhouse, William of Danville Watson, Miss Rebecca of Danville Barnet Dec 1 12/6/1872
Watts, Isaac N. of Peacham Way, Miss Lizzie S. of Peacham Peacham Jan 20 1/28/1870
Way, Charles H. of Peacham Daniels, Miss Isabella of Peacham Peacham Dec 3 12/26/1873
Way, Marshall of Wheelock Sheldon, Miss Ellen of Wheelock Sheffield March 8 4/7/1871
Webster, B. J. of Haverhill, MA Cameron, Miss Elvira S. of Walden Barre Aug 5 8/29/1873
Webster, Charles N. of Newport Sanborn, Miss Luva A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 24 7/12/1872
Weed, Henry O. of Topsham Carrouth, Miss Belle of Groton Groton May 12 6/12/1874
Weeks, Charles S. of Hardwick Porter, Miss Mary of Hardwick Hardwick July 6 8/5/1871
Weeks, George Jones, Miss Hannah South Wheelock March 10 3/25/1870
Weeks, Henry C. of Danville Weed, Miss Phoebe of Stoneham Stoneham, MA July 20 7/28/1871
Weeks, Perley S. of St. Johnsbury Eastabrooks, Miss Freedom of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury May 20 6/2/1871
Weeks, Samuel Jr. Darling, Miss Samantha South Wheelock March 10 3/25/1870
Welch, Elbridge M. of Groton Glover, Miss Julia E. of Groton Dedham, MA Nov 9 11/22/1872
Welch, John I. of Lyndon Center Estabrooks, Miss Luella of Lyndon Center Lyndon Center Nov 12 11/22/1872
Welch, Joseph S. of Lyndon Robie, Miss Alta E. of Springfield, NH Lyndon April 1 4/17/1874
Welch, Merrill of Groton Adams, Miss Jane E. of Groton Groton Jan 3 1/28/1870
Welch, Samuel P. Paul, Miss Abbie A. Groton Jan 13 1/30/1874
Welch, Samuel P. of Groton & Montana James, Miss Elcina E. of Groton Groton?? Nov 2 11/17/1871
Welch, Warren M. of Groton Miller, Miss Maggie B. of Groton Groton Sept 21 10/2/1874
Wells, Arad of North Danville Jackson, Mrs. Nancy of North Danville North Danville May 18 6/17/1870
Wells, William B. of Irasburgh Hill, Miss Ellen A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 1 1/13/1871
West, George E. of Derby Line Wright, Miss Elvira E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr Jan 12 1/27/1871
West, Hon. Gelon W. of Rockville, CT Atkins, Mrs. Ellen G. of Marshfield Marshfield March 22 4/8/1870
Wetherbee, Alden of Burke Newland, Mrs. Lydia of Barton West Burke Jan 22 2/10/1871
Wheaton, Charles E. of W. Concord Glines, Miss Irene of Carrol, NH West Concord Jan 1 1/16/1874
Wheeler, [William] of [Brown]ington (pg folded) Ball, Mary A. of Rev. Aaron Ball of Bradford Boston, MA April 23 5/9/1873
Wheeler, George F. of Barton Forrest, Miss Mary of Barton South Barton Jan 1 2/2/1872
Wheeler, Ira of Walden Walton, Miss Tamar W. of Hardwick East Walden 3/22/1872
Wheeler, William A. of Fitchburg, MA Powell, Fannie E. of Rev. George Powell of Barnet Lynn, MA Nov 26 12/6/1872
Wheelock, Joseph of Coventry Houston, Miss Emeline B. of East Hardwick East Hardwick Jan 25 2/11/1870
Whitcomb, Asa O. of Marshfield Storrs, Miss Emily F. of Marshfield Cabot Feb 22 3/10/1871
Whitcomb, David P. of Brighton Bonney, Miss Sarah J. of Brighton Island Pond Aug 15 9/9/1870
Whitcomb, Frank P. of Dalton Fisk, Miss Jennie E. of Littleton, NH Lunenburgh Jan 11 1/30/1874
White, Robert T. of Glover Anderson, Miss Isabel of Glover Glover Dec 21 1/12/1872
Whitehill, Albert P. Esq. of Groton Whitcher, Miss Emma A. of Groton Groton Feb 15 2/18/1870
Whitehill, Andrew Martin, Miss Carrie of Peacham Peacham Oct 1 10/16/1874
Whitehill, John S. of Groton Taisey, Miss Mary B. of Groton Groton Nov 30 12/15/1871
Whitehill, Moses H. of Groton Ricker, Miss Ella F. of Groton Groton July 20 8/9/1872
Whitelaw, Oscar L. of St. Johnsbury Lathrop, Lillie D. of St. Louis St. Louis, MO May 8 5/23/1873
Whitney, Arthur E. Harvey, Miss Martha J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr Nov 17 12/2/1870
Whitney, Bart Bliss of Sheffield Berry, Miss Rosie M. of Sheffield Irasburgh? Sept 20 10/7/1870
Whitney, George S of Glover Bean, Miss Emily G. of Glover Glover April 17 5/6/1870
Whitney, James H. of Cabot Perkins, Miss Martha M. of Cabot Cabot Nov 22 12/9/1870
Whitney, Moses M. of Cabot Damon, Miss Lizzie J. of Cabot Hardwick Nov 2 11/25/1870
Wilcox, Mark L. of Holland Todd, Miss Lillia A. of Derby Derby June 26 7/17/1874
Wilder, Silas H. of Lyndon Laducer, Miss Fanny M. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 11 10/23/1874
Wilds, Arthur S. of W. Northfield McCurdy, Lizzie F. St. Johnsbury Oct 30 11/22/1872
Wiley, Edwin E. of Wakefield, MA Whiting, Emma of West Barnet Walden, MA Nov 3 11/20/1874
Wilkey, J. H. of Brownington Wilson, Miss Alice A. of Barton Brownington May 4 5/24/1872
Wilkie, Thomas of Barton Heath, Miss Ida of Barton Barton Feb 24 3/15/1872
Willard, Charles W. of Sutton Eastman, Mrs. Ella F. of Sutton West Burke Nov 13 12/13/1872
Willard, George R. of Sutton Fisher, Miss Adalaide of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 21 1/30/1874
Willard, Peter E. of Littleton, NH Sanborn, Melissa J. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 18 2/4/1870
Willey, Byron S. of Cabot Davis, Miss Rosie J. of Peacham Peacham March 14 4/5/1872
Willey, David S. of Derby Beaton, Miss Ann of Handen, P. Q. Derby Dec 21 1/5/1872
Willey, Tracy B. of St. Johnsbury Cook, Miss Demis A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury May 19 5/31/1872
Willey, William H. of Newport Glines, Miss Louise M. of Lowell, MA Newport Ctr Aug 9 8/25/1871
Williams, Asa A. of Glover Batchelder, Mrs. Louisa of Barton Glover July 30 8/18/1871
Williams, F. D. of Walden Wakefield, Miss Ann E. of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 23 12/2/1870
Williams, George M. of Danville Jenness, Miss Allie A. of Sheffield Sheffield Oct 15 11/10/1871
Williams, George of Sheffield Bickford, Miss Sarah Jane of Orford Orford, NH April 3 4/14/1871
Williams, Warner of Lyman, NH Williams, Miss Jane of St. Johnsbury Lyndonville Jan 3 1/16/1874
Willis, Lafayette of Lowell Applebee, Miss Adaline of Lowell Lowell Nov 26 12/16/1870
Wilmarth, Harrison of Lyndon Spaulding, Mrs. Lucinda of Lyndon Lyndon Ctr April 17 5/3/1872
Wilson, A. D. R. of Lyndon Dow, Miss Hattie F. of Lyndon Lyndonville July 11 7/26/1872
Wilson, Carr of Guildhall Lyford, Mrs. Mersylva M. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH May 10 6/3/1870
Wilson, J. E. of Charleston Albee, Miss Mary Jane of Derby Charleston Dec 27 1/13/1871
Wilson, Joseph B. of Lyndonville Elliott, Miss Lou of Manchester, NH Lyndonville Feb 10 2/23/1872
Wing, Russell W. of Lyndon & Caldera, Chili Green, Miss Hattie L. of Providence, RI Stuttgart, Germany June 20 8/5/1871
Wiswell, Frederick of Derby Heath, Miss Abbie L. of Derby Derby Jan 26 2/17/1871
Wood, John of Greensboro Robbins, Miss Betsey K. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 28 12/13/1872
Wood, Lewis R. Jr. of Barton Mason, Miss Elsie of Barton Barton Sept 25 10/9/1874
Woodman, Dea. Peter of Paw Paw, Mich. Harris, Mrs. Anna of Lyndon Lyndon May 17 5/26/1871
Woodruff, Daniel Q. of St. Johnsbury Newell, Miss Ella M. of Burke West Burke April 8 4/26/1872
Woods, John S. of Passumpsic Goodell, Isadore H. of Passumpsic Montreal Nov 16 12/2/1870
Woodward, Arthur of Danville Harrington, Miss Florence of Walden Walden July 1 7/26/1872
Woodward, Charles A. of Danville Clark, Miss Ida M. of Glover Hardwick Nov 25 12/4/1874
Woodward, William H. of Barre Jones, Miss Harriet I. of Wolcott Wolcott Oct 1 10/25/1872
Wooster, Francis of Marshfield Pratt, Miss Ella M. of Plainfield Plainfield March 9 4/19/1872
Wormwood, Thomas of Groton Sanborn, Mrs. Elizabeth of Groton Groton Sept 11 9/23/1870
Worth, Timothy Esq. of Barnet Dewey, Mrs. Clara S. of Barnet Barnet Dec 9 12/15/1871
Worthly, S. M. of Derby Gilbert, Mrs. Diana of Derby Derby Sept 20 10/9/1874
Wright, George A. of Springfield, MA Emerson, Miss Flora M. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 30 2/9/1872
Wright, Theron A. of Newport Lane, Miss Jerusha of Newport Newport Oct 22 11/6/1874
Wright, Warren of St. Johnsbury Livingston, Miss Mary of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Sept 24 10/3/1873
Wright, William Henry of St. Johnsbury Pope, Miss Caroline S. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury April 7 4/17/1874
Wyman, James W. of Brownington Day, Miss Ella E. of Coventry Barton Landing Oct 21 11/8/1872
Yates, William E. of Holland Stevens, Mary A. of Holland West Charleston April 27 5/27/1870
Young, Dr. David S. of Kirby Church, Miss Lois A. of Kirby Lyndon Jan 21 2/3/1871
Young, George of Greensboro Wright, Mary A. of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 1 10/16/1874
Young, John A. of Peacham Plummer, Miss Phebe J. of Groton Groton March 1 3/10/1871
Young, John A. of St. Johnsbury Ctr Thompson, Miss Ida E. of St. Johnsbury Ctr St. Johnsbury Ctr Dec 24 1/16/1874
Young, Rufus of Lyndon Grant, Miss Mary of Northfield Northfield Jan 26 2/9/1872
Young, Rufus of Northfield Colton, Mrs. Josephine L. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 24 12/9/1870
Zeigler, I. G., M. D. of Bradwood, IL Merrill, Miss Anna L. of Barton Landing Barton Landing May 21 6/12/1874

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