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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
(L or D)ow, Martin of Glover Poor, Marilla R. of Berlin Montpelier March 9 4/23/1864
Aaron, Morris M. of Danville Morse, Miss Georgianne C. of Danville Danville April 29 5/4/1861
Abbott, Benjamin L. of Lunenburgh Cheney, Lorana of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Dec 4 12/13/1862
Abbott, Varnum of Glover Dwinnell, Miss Ellen C. of Glover Barton Oct 7 11/3/1860
Adams, Charles T. of Cabot Glidden, Miss Emeline of Cabot Northfield July 12 8/4/1860
Adams, John of Williamstown Webber, Miss Mary S. of Glover Glover June 17 6/30/1860
Adams, Lucius C. of Newport Clark, Miss Nancy M. of Potton North Troy Feb 23 4/21/1860
Adams, Newell H. of Newport Wheat, Miss Mary of Walden Walden Sept 16 9/23/1860
Adams, Oscar D. Lane, Miss Maryette South Troy May 27 6/9/1860
Albee, F. C. of Littleton, NH Buck, A. K. of Barnet Barnet May 24 6/25/1864
Alden, F. W. Campbell, Miss Mary E. of Kittery Point, ME Portsmouth, NH Aug 11 8/22/1863
Aldrich, Elias of Burke Harvey, Mrs. Sarah A. of Lyndon Lyndon May 2 5/25/1861
Aldrich, Levi T. of Sutton Bean, Miss Ellen M. of Sutton Sutton Oct 16 10/28/1860
Alexander, Joseph of Delhi, NY McPhee, Anna of Barnet Barnet Jan 5 2/28/1863
Alexander, M. T. C. of Danville Guild, Miss Julia Ann Dana of Danville Danville Aug 4 8/11/1860
Allen, Chancey of Ryegate Chamberlin, Maria of Barnet Barnet Feb 5 2/28/1863
Allen, David S. of Brookfield Alvord, Abby A. of Brookfield Sutton Oct 15 10/30/1863
Allen, John of St Johnsbury Perham, Lydia M. of Sutton Barton Oct 11 10/29/1864
Allen, Wyman H. of Hardwick Hazeltine, Miss Phoebe J. of Barnet Danville Feb 7 4/4/1863
Allison, Freeman of St Johnsbury Soper, Miss Sarah of Danville St Johnsbury Dec 2 12/15/1860
Alston, William of Greensboro Hollis, Miss Susannah of Wheelock E. Hardwick Dec 18 12/29/1860
Anderson, C. J. of St Johnsbury Morse, Ellen M. of Peacham Ryegate May 24 6/4/1864
Andrews, George W. of Calais Dingwall, Miss Mariah B. of Worcester E. Montpelier April 27 6/2/1860
Armstrong, William of Peacham Lane, Martha E. of Danville Barnet April 26 5/21/1864
Arthur, Robert A. of Ryegate Gibson, Miss Luthera Jane of Ryegate Ryegate March 15 3/26/1864
Ash, Thomas F. Jr. of Providence, RI Brown, Violet of late John Brown Esq. of Irasburg Providence, RI March 21 4/16/1864
Atherton, Andrew C. of Boston Williams, Arvill M. of Glover Glover Nov 24 12/17/1864
Atkins, George G. of Cabot Goodwin, Miss Ellen G. of Marshfield Marshfield Dec 15 1/4/1862
Augier, Masilon W. of W. Danville Strobridge, Miss Margiann S. of W. Danville Danville Dec 18 12/27/1862
Austin, Henry H. of Vassalboro, ME Jones, Miss Emeline R. of Wheelock Wheelock Sept 22 10/10/1863
Austin, John of Hookset, NH Perry, Miss Emma C. of Cabot Cabot Nov 1 11/15/1862
Ayer, Lambert (H.) of St Johnsbury Sanborn, Mariam G. of Concord St Johnsbury Feb 19 3/5/1864
Ayer, Rev. Franklin D. of Lowell, MA Kittredge, Miss Mary of Hon Moses Kittredge of ST J Concord, NH May 30 6/16/1860
B(onn), Albert A. of St Johnsbury Daggett, Miss Mary C. of St Johnsbury Derby Aug 9 8/24/1861
Babcock, Lyman H. of Concord Kenison, Ann M. of Burke East Burke Oct 4 10/15/1864
Babcock, Rev. D. C. of McIndoe's Falls Parkman, Miss Clara A. of Sutton, MA Whitinsville, MA April 25 5/12/1860
Bachelor, William of Wilton, IL Gilkerson, Eliza of Barnet Barnet Feb 29 3/12/1864
Bacon, Eliakim C. of Danville Chase, Miss Catharine of Barnet Danville June 7 6/11/1864
Bacon, Orin P. of Washington Gilman, Miss Oryntha of South Hardwick South Hardwick Aug 27 9/28/1861
Badger, Charles F. LeBarron, Miss Elvira E. Danville Dec 8 12/17/1864
Badger, O. M. of St Johnsbury Curtis, Miss Delliah A. of Sutton Lyndon March 20 4/14/1860
Bailey, Austin A. of Walden Woodward, Miss Sophia M. of Walden Danville May 4 5/11/1861
Bailey, Calvin A. of Lowell, MA Day, Miss Ellen E. of Coventry Derby July 12 8/25/1860
Bailey, Clark of Coventry Powers, Miss Adaline of Potton, C.E. Coventry Dec 26 1/7/1860
Bailey, George of Lyndon Carson, Mary Ann of St Johnsbury Littleton, NH 11/19/1864
Baker, Orna Jr. Green, Miss Rossie L. of Danville Desoto, Wisc March 2 3/26/1864
Baker, Rev. Smith Jr. of Oldtown, Maine Dittson, Miss Isabella A. of Guildhall Northumberland, NH Sept 13 10/7/1860
Balch, Charles W. of Lancaster, NH Gilfillan, Belle of Barnet Barnet April 20 4/30/1864
Balch, Isaac A. of Lunenburgh Wallace, Miss Abbie J. of Concord Lunenburgh June 3 6/23/1860
Balcomb, H. of Boston, MA Morse, Mary of Thomas Morse Esq. of Peacham Boston, MA Dec 12 12/22/1860
Baldwin, A. T. of St Johnsbury Butler, Miss Mary S. of Haverhill Haverhill, NH March 6 3/23/1861
Baldwin, Charles W. of Newport Soper, Miss Carilla L. of Coventry Newport May 1 5/17/1862
Baldwin, J. P. of Barton Foss, Miss Ann of Barton Glover Jan 9 1/26/1861
Baldwin, Norman C. of Coaticook Wright, Miss Ellen S. of Barton Stanstead, CE May 14 6/8/1861
Ball, Arnold of Newark Walter, Amelia L. of East Haven ST J Ctr? Aug 24 10/17/1863
Ball, Charles W. of E. Montpelier Dwinnell, Mrs. Sarah of Cabot Plainfield Dec 2 1/3/1863
Ball, John of Eaton, C. E. Coates, Miss Josephine of Eaton, C.E. Derby Line Sept 19 10/5/1861
Bard, Rev. G. I. of Waterford Parker, Miss J. G. of Littleton Littleton, NH Aug 1 8/24/1861
Barker, Newell J. of St Johnsbury Magoon, Jenette J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury June 17 8/23/1862
Barker, Rinaldo A. of Atchison, Kansas Pierce, Julia A. of Maj. H. Pierce of Barton Barton 1/3/1863
Barnard, Rufus H. of W. Charleston Ruggles, Eunice W. of W. Charleston Sutton Dec 10 12/26/1863
Barney, Austin of Kirby Bennett, Mrs. Lucia Ann of Kirby Lyndon March 24 4/11/1863
Barre, James of Lenoxville, C. E. Symmes, Miss Elizabeth of Cabot Cabot 7/28/1860
Barron, William H. of Lyndon & E. Hampton Cooley, Sarah M. of E. Granville E. Granville, MA Jan 15 1/25/1862
Barrows, W. L. of Coventry Gray, Miss Helen C. of Coventry Coventry March 12 4/6/1861
Barry, Elisha of Wheelock Hardy, Miss Judith of Wheelock Wheelock May 2 6/2/1860
Barry, George W. of Irasburgh Colburn, Miss Harriet of Barton Barton Oct 13 11/3/1860
Barthow, Frederick E. of Glover Barthow, Miss Delia C. of Glover Glover Nov 2 11/14/1863
Bartlett, John C. of Sutton Willey, Miss Ellen H. of Sutton Sutton July 1? 7/14/1860
Bartlett, Joseph of Sutton Fletcher, Miss Rachel of Albany Albany March 12 3/30/1861
Bartlett, Simon M. of Sutton Cobleigh, Mariam M. of Sutton Sutton Sept 16 10/3/1863
Batchelder, Timothy C. of Goshen Gore Sweet, Miss Alma S. of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick June 5 6/16/1860
Bates, Alonzo D. of Newport Benham, Miss Kate R. of Derby Derby March 20 4/14/1860
Bates, Josiah S. of Cabot Kittredge, Miss Mary of Walden Danville Oct 23 11/1/1862
Bean, Freeman of Glover Strong, Cynthia L. of Glover Glover Dec 1 12/24/1864
Bedee, Jesse of Albany Hovey, Miss Susan L. of Albany Albany Aug 10 8/30/1862
Belden, J. N. of East Haven Hartwell, Miss L. C. of East Haven East Haven July 4 7/20/1861
Belknap, John of St Johnsbury Wright, Mary Jane of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 15 1/25/1862
Bemis, Isaac D. of Willoughby Cushing, Kate D. of Burke Willoughby June 30 7/11/1863
Bemis, Joshua of Lyndon Bennett, Alma V. of Burke West Concord June 3 6/20/1863
Bemis, Phineas Houghton, Miss H. M. Cabot Jan 20 2/6/1864
Benham, Nathan S. Bates, Miss Sophia Derby April 2 4/21/1860
Bennett, Osman P. Stacy, Ellen E. St Johnsbury March 15 3/26/1864
Bennett, Paschal of Victory Ingraham, Miss Susan of Victory Victory March 22 4/28/1860
Berry, Almyr of Sheffield Berry, Mary J. of Sheffield Sutton May 30 6/13/1863
Berry, Elisha F. of Wheelock Hardy, Miss Judith M. of Wheelock Glover Sept 27 11/3/1860
Berry, John W. of St Johnsbury Whipple, Miss Editha H. of Sutton Sutton Jan 10 1/21/1860
Bickford, Albert G. of Peacham Merrill, Augusta F. of Peacham Peacham Feb 11 3/1/1862
Bickford, Harvey J. of Glover Hadlock, Miss Emma A. of Newbury Aug 16 8/27/1864
Bickford, I. D. of St Johnsbury Rhodes, Miss Frances of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Sept 12 9/23/1860
Bickford, Thomas of Littleton Elms, Miss Eliza A. of Lisbon Lisbon, NH July 4 8/11/1860
Bigelow, Louis F. of Stoneham, MA Kittridge, Miss Lizzie C. of Walden Brownington May 30 7/27/1861
Bill, Frank C. of E. St Johnsbury Harvey, Elizabeth S. of Alex Harvey Esq. of M Falls McIndoe's Falls April 18 4/28/1860
Bingham, Horatio B. of Barnet Mullen, Sophia P. of Barnet Barnet July 4 7/26/1862
Bingham, Norman W. of Irasburgh Martin, Miss Eunice H. of Peacham Peacham March 21 4/7/1860
Bisbee, Daniel F. of Irasburgh Kimball, Miss Elizabeth F. of Irasburgh Irasburgh March 14 3/30/1860
Black, M. I. of Coventry Bisbee, Miss Lucy H. of Derby Irasburgh March 14 3/30/1860
Blair, George P. of Peacham Sanborn, Miss Agnes of Peacham Peacham Nov 3 11/9/1861
Blair, James G. of Barnet Dickinson, Miss Amelia C. of Barnet Waterford Nov 8 11/23/1861
Blair, William Smith, Miss Emaline East Hardwick Oct 8 10/18/1862
Blake, A. J. of Lowell Culver, Miss Frances of Lowell North Troy May 14 6/8/1861
Blake, Albert B. of Barton Mason, Emily B. of Glover Barton Oct 10 10/22/1864
Blake, Joseph T. of Sutton Farrow, Rebecca C. of Peacham Peacham Jan 21 2/6/1864
Blake, Zenas C. of Derby Kelley, Elizabeth of Salem Derby Feb 7 3/1/1862
Blanchard, Enoch MD of Lyndon Bugbee, Susan of Waterford Waterford Feb 16 3/1/1862
Blanchard, Franklin F. of Peacham McLaren, Mrs. Adaline of Peacham Peacham June 19 7/7/1860
Blanchard, Martin V. of Barre Holmes, Miss Margaret E. of Ryegate South Barre March 15 4/7/1860
Blanchard, Phineas V. of Osceola, IL Sargeant, Miss Jennie M. of Peacham Peacham May 1 5/12/1860
Bliss, F. D. of Calais Hitchcock, Miss Frances of Cabot Cabot March 13 3/25/1860
Bliss, G. B. W. of Calais Hopkins, Miss Mary of Cabot Cabot March 13 3/25/1860
Bliss, George of E. Montpelier Bullock, Roxana of Marshfield Cabot April 6 4/25/1863
Bliss, George of E. Montpelier Bullock, Roxana of Marshfield Cabot April 6 5/9/1863
Blodgett, Charles O. of Goshen Gore Flanders, Hannah of Goshen Gore Walden Dec 17 1/3/1863
Blodgett, Darius W. of Stratford Ayer, Miss Jennie of St Johnsbury Groveton, NH Aug 29 9/7/1861
Boardman, E. P. of Hardwick Sprague, Mrs. Martha M. of Craftsbury Williamstown Aug 25 9/14/1861
Bodwell, Rev. Lewis Cooper, Sarah of Jesse Cooper Esq. of Irasburg Wyandotte, KA 7/10/1864
Boles, Lyman C. of Franconia, NH Sanborn, Miss Charlotte H. of N. Danville Danville 7/27/1861
Booth, Erastus Cutting, Miss Mary Troy Jan 1 1/21/1860
Boughton, Charles A. of NYC Field, Miss Sarah A. of Danville Hydepark, IL Nov 3 12/3/1864
Boutwell, R. Thurston of Craftsbury Farman, Miss Charlene of Lowell Lowell May 6 5/18/1861
Bovee, James of Peacham Morris, Eliza A. of Addison, OH Addison, OH Jan 20 2/20/1864
Bovee, Silas S. of Danville Oderkirk, Miss Mary A. of Danville Danville Jan 1 1/10/1863
Bowker, Calvin J. of St Johnsbury Shorey, Malvina E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury July 13 7/25/1863
Bowman, Albert H. Bean, Miss Mary A. Littleton, NH Aug 8 8/24/1861
Bowman, Edwin of Littleton, NH Richardson, Irena of Waterford West Concord Aug 20 9/13/1862
Bowman, Walter of Newport Adams, Miss Orpha N. of Newport Newport April 8 4/28/1860
Boyce, Allen R. of Granby House, Miss Sarah D. of Stanstead, C. E. St Johnsbury Ctr June 20 8/4/1860
Boyce, Mark of Barnet Varnum, Jane M. of Peacham Peacham Jan 23 2/8/1862
Brackett, Elmore F. of Grafton, MA & St J. Chamberlin, Hattie M. of Waterford Waterford April 7 4/25/1863
Bradbury, Frank B. of Danville Eames, Susan of David Eames Esq. of Framingham S. Framingham, MA Feb 14 2/28/1863
Bradley, George L. of Sheffield Morgan, Jennie M. of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 14 1/30/1864
Bradley, Leonard of Hardwick Blair, Lizzie of Goshen Gore East Hardwick Nov 4 11/21/1863
Brady, Dennis of North Troy Walker, Miss Elizabeth of North Troy Newport Jan 3 3/2/1861
Brady, Homer of Brownington Brewster, Miss Chloe L. of Westmore Brownington Nov 9 11/29/1862
Braley, George E. of Troy Hadlock, Miss Sophia G. of Jay Derby April 7 5/3/1862
Bridgeman, D. Jr. of S. Hardwick Whitcher, Miss Jennie R. of W. Albany Albany 12/22/1860
Bridgman, Frederick of S. Hardwick Glidden, Miss Sarah J. of Barton Derby Jan 14 1/26/1861
Brigham, Rufus S. of Concord Cheney, Miss Abby of Kirby West Concord Sept 26 10/14/1860
Bronsen, Horace H. of E. Hardwick Nutting, Miss Sarah H. of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick March 20 3/30/1860
Bronson, Byron S. of Landaff, NH Ball, Rachel of Sutton Sutton June 4 6/20/1863
Brooks, J. M. of Lunenburgh Blood, Miss A. E. of Stewartstown, NH Lunenburgh July 31 8/17/1861
Brown, Dan M. of Waterford Brock, Miss Lizzie W. of Waterford West Concord April 9 4/21/1860
Brown, E. S. of Newport Cummings, Mrs. Jane of Derby W. Charleston Nov 14 12/8/1860
Brown, Joel W. of St Johnsbury Wilmarth, Mary A. of St Johnsbury East St Johnsbury Aug 15 8/27/1864
Brown, John C. of Providence, RI Clark, Addy E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 12 1/23/1864
Brown, Josiah of Kirby Brown, Miss Emeline M. of Lyndon Lyndon April 24 5/12/1860
Brown, Lewis P. of St Johnsbury Mattocks, Miss Ettie N. of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 6 9/23/1860
Brown, M. G. of West Concord Brown, Miss Mary A. of North Groton, NH Manchester, NH July 8 8/25/1860
Brown, Rev. Joseph H. of Strafford, NH Huse, Miss Hetty N. of Danville Danville May 1 6/7/1862
Brown, Simon E. of Troy Powers, Miss Mary E. of Troy North Troy July 29 8/23/1862
Brown, William C. of Barton Stanton, Miss Emeline L. of Danville Danville March 13 3/22/1862
Brown, Winslow W. of Sheffield Hill, Martha J. of Wheelock Wheelock Oct 25 11/19/1864
Bruce, Henry C. of Charleston Fuller, Josephine of Charleston Lyndon May 10 5/28/1864
Bryant, Ira S. of Sutton Badger, Diana O. of Irasburgh Lyndon Aug 22 9/20/1862
Bryant, Jonathan of Holland Judd, Miss Malvina M. of Holland Derby June 18 8/25/1860
Buchanan, Andrew of West Barnet Roberts, Miss Lydia Maria of Groton Peacham? Oct 25 11/3/1860
Buchanan, Peter Esq. Weed, Sarah A. Barnet June 2(2) 7/11/1863
Bugbee, Frank, M.D. of Glover Town, Miss Maria P. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH March 4 3/28/1863
Bugbee, Frederick of St Johnsbury Gibson, Eliza of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Aug 31 9/13/1862
Bullard, Dr. G. B. of St Johnsbury Wheeler, Miss Lettie P. of St Johnsbury E. St Johnsbury July 3 7/21/1860
Bullock, James of Charleston Brooks, Miss Clara E. of Charleston E. Charleston Feb 2(6) 3/25/1860
Bundy, Charles of Sutton Daniels, Miss Orintha E. of Peacham Danville Dec 3 12/22/1860
Burnham, B. D. Knapp, Mrs. Mary M. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Sept 19 10/1/1864
Burnham, Benjamin F. Esq. of Chicago Shute, Miss Celeste of Rev. Henry Shute Waukegan, IL Nov 4 12/7/1861
Burnham, H. C. of Troy Lovell, Miss A. M. of Troy North Troy May 1 6/8/1861
Burns, E. C. of Newark (P)acker, Miss Abbie B. of Newark Lyndon April 2 4/13/1861
Burpee, Charles of St Johnsbury Evans, Helen L. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 20 10/30/1863
Burpee, Horace of Burke Smith, Rheuba of Burke East Burke July 27 8/8/1863
Burroughs, Henry C. of Kirby Frye, Annette A. of Lyndon Lyndon March 2 3/19/1864
Burrows, Benjamin of Brownington Humphrey, Miss Laura Jane of Brownington Brownington April 30 7/27/1861
Burton, A. Hamilton White, Ella Wells River Oct 7 11/7/1863
Butler, James of West Fairlee McCarthy, Helen of West Fairlee St Johnsbury Nov 2 11/14/1863
Buzzell, Henry A. of Granby Harris, Marion of Granby Granby Aug 24 9/13/1862
Buzzell, J. M. of St Johnsbury Bangs, Emily E. of Bedford, C. E. St Albans Jan 1 1/25/1862
Buzzell, John P. Baker, Lydia Ann Newport Nov 19 12/17/1864
Cades, James W. of Island Pond Clark, Miss L. A. of Holland Charleston Sept 1 9/23/1860
Cahoon, Hon. George C. of Lyndon Young, Miss Cynthia M. of Lyndon Lyndon April 12 4/23/1864
Camp, David M. 2d of Derby Dorman, Miss Julia M. of Troy Troy Nov 28 12/21/1861
Campball, John of Charleston Moulton, Sarah M. of Stanstead, C. E. Derby Dec 16 1/2/1864
Campbell, Jed. P. of Hardwick Whitcher, Miss Cynthia of Hardwick Cabot March 15 4/3/1864
Canley, Henry of Newark Melchore, Miss Almira of Newark West Burke Sept 18 10/7/1860
Carbey, John of Dalton, NH Emery, Miss Elsey A. of Guildhall Northumberland, NH Aug 15 8/29/1863
Carby, Edward of Lunenburgh Hutchins, Sarah of Guildhall Concord Dec 11 12/27/1862
Carpenter, Abel of Lyndon Ward, Mary Jane of Danville St Johnsbury Feb 17 3/1/1862
Carpenter, Albert of Lyndon Chaplin, Miss Lydia of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury July 5 7/14/1860
Carpenter, Beniah S. Hovey, Martha A. of Lyndon Lyndon June 2(6) 7/11/1863
Carpenter, Capt J. W. D. of St Johnsbury French, Helen M. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury July 30 8/8/1863
Carpenter, Charles L. of St Johnsbury Haseltine, Ellen of St Johnsbury Brownington Aug 25 9/6/1862
Carpenter, Daniel of St Johnsbury Durkee, Mary L. of Albany Albany Jan 20 2/1/1862
Carpenter, Frederick E. of St Johnsbury Stoddard, Katie L. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury July 30 8/8/1863
Carpenter, H. S. Eaton, Miss I. Ann Lyndon March 1 3/18/1860
Carpenter, Henry D. Steele, Eliza Derby Dec 9 12/26/1863
Carr, George W. of Waterford Hale, Mary E. of Waterford Waterford Aug 26 9/6/1862
Carr, James of Walden Wheeler, Miss Olive of Stratford, NH North Danville Aug 24 9/8/1860
Carroll, Alvin of Newark West, Miss Matilda of Newark Newark May 16 5/30/1863
Carter, Daniel of Littleton, NH Parker, Miss Isadore D. of Littleton, NH St Johnsbury Feb 25 3/11/1860
Carter, Frank of Dalton, NH Millen, Miss Melissa of Waterford Waterford 3/2/1861
Carter, Thomas H. of Shefford Dubois, Amelia of Peacham Waterloo, C.E. June 21 8/27/1864
Cass, Orlando J. of Albany Rowell, Miss Ophelia C. of Albany Albany Jan 15 3/4/1860
Cass, William R. of Manchester, IL Lee, Phoebe of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr March 2 3/14/1863
Chamberlain, Charles of Craftsbury Pearson, Miss Mary A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 2 4/19/1862
Chamberlain, James of Ryegate Parker, Miss Emily B. of Lowell Lowell Sept 18 10/5/1861
Chamberlin, C. P. of Derby Line Hidden, Maggie of Danville Boston, MA 3/7/1863
Chamberlin, Capt. Harry of Danville Martin, Miss Mary of Danville Danville Aug 10 8/16/1862
Chandler, R. B. of North Troy Moore, Miss C. Emogene of North Troy North Troy May 17 6/8/1861
Chaplin, Orrick G. of St Johnsbury Jacobs, Miss Harriet C. of Sutton St Johnsbury July 16 7/27/1861
Chaplin, S. C. of Waterford Barney, Fanny C. of Charleston Charleston June 2(1) 7/11/1863
Chapman, Jacob Jr. of St Johnsbury Morse, Lucy A. of Nelson Nelson, NH June 14 6/28/1862
Chappell, Charles of Newark Hudson, Lucia A. of Westmore Newark Sept 28 10/30/1863
Charlton, William H. of Littleton, NH Whiting, Miss Mary F. of Lyman, NH Waterford 11/30/1861
Chase, Almond H. Smith, Miss Elizabeth East Hardwick Oct 6 10/18/1862
Chase, Ambrose of Craftsbury Bryden, Miss Mary of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 26 3/16/1861
Chase, Dexter of Concord Cross, Perces F. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH Jan 15 2/1/1862
Chase, George H. of Groton, NH Martin, Miss Ellen M. of Hardwick E. Hardwick March 20 3/30/1861
Chase, Oran of Lyndon Wheeler, Zilpah B. of Concord St Johnsbury Feb 14 2/27/1864
Chase, William A. of Lyndon Clement, Elizabeth J. of Lyndon East Burke Nov 30 12/20/1862
Chase, William A. of Lyndon Hoyt, Mrs. Louisa D. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 22 11/10/1860
Chesley, Joel of Sheffield Chappell, Miss Rachel of Barton Barton Feb (9) 2/28/1863
Chubb, John G. of St Johnsbury Bixby, Salina of E. Orange E. Orange Oct 17 11/7/1863
Church, Calvin P. of Sutton Hunt, Miss Mary M. of Manchester, NH St Johnsbury Jan 21 3/4/1860
Churchill, Charles R. of Stowe Wilkins, Miss Morosa Jane of Stowe Albany Aug 2 8/25/1860
Clark, Alonzo M. of Cabot Batchelder, Agnes V. of Marshfield South Hardwick Jan 29 2/15/1862
Clark, Cyrus C. of Derby Line Young, Miss Maria of Stanstead, C. E. Charleston March 20 4/6/1861
Clark, Damon Y. of North Troy Keith, Ann Maria J. of North Troy North Troy Jan 1 2/1/1862
Clark, Edwin E. of Auburn, NH Wright, Emily A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 4 1/25/1862
Clark, Edwin of St Johnsbury Rowe, Miss Ellen F. of St. Anthony, Minn St Anthony, Minn Jan 1 1/28/1860
Clark, Frank C. of Glover Smith, Miss Marsella D. of Hardwick S. Hardwick May 19 6/1/1861
Clark, George W. of Hartford Huse, Mrs. Mary A. of Walden E. Walden June 26 7/17/1864
Clark, Heze S. of Danville Morse, Charity of Cabot St Johnsbury Ctr June 30 10/1/1864
Clark, Nath'l M. of E. Montpelier Davis, Miss Catharine A. of Plainfield Plainfield Dec 25 2/4/1860
Clark, Reuben L. of Cabot Gates, Flora of Ryegate Peacham May 22 6/28/1862
Clarke, Joseph of Monroe, NH Mead, Mary Ellen of Monroe, NH Feb 5 5/14/1864
Clarke, Warren C. of Wheelock Mathewson, Miss Annette of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 1 1/19/1861
Clement, George of S. Troy Jackson, Miss Mary Ann of S. Troy Irasburgh Nov 16 12/8/1860
Cleveland, Enoch J. of Hydepark Streeter, Miss Esther of Brownington Brownington Nov 18 12/29/1860
Cleveland, Henry C. Dailey, Rosette E. Coventry Sept 12 10/1/1864
Cleveland, Reuben B. of Newport Crawford, Miss Clara of Newport North Troy April 13 4/21/1860
Clifford, Benjamin F. of Danville Lane, Miss Anna R. of Danville Danville Jun 14 6/20/1863
Clifford, Cornelius of Danville Chickering, Miss Sarah J. of St Johnsbury North Danville April 7 4/20/1861
Clifford, Edward of Barnet Strain, Miss Ellen M. of Littleton Littleton, NH Jan 1 1/17/1863
Clifford, Henry of Albany LaClair, Miss Martha of Glover Irasburgh Oct 27 11/10/1860
Clifford, John H. of Walden Carrick, Miss Mary E. of Danville Danville Dec 3 12/13/1862
Clogston, William H. of Thetford Dexter, Caroline E. of Lisbon, NH St Johnsbury Jan 3 1/17/1863
Clough, William H. of Sutton Stone, Mary A. of Meriden, NH Lebanon, NH May 21 6/6/1863
Cobb, Carlos M. of Albany Shores, Miss Emma J. of Albany Albany Nov 10 12/4/1863
Cobb, Charles D. of Moretown Adams, Frances B. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury July 31 8/9/1862
Cobb, Charles of Moretown Farr, Miss Eliza E. of Coventry Albany March 13 4/6/1861
Cobb, Daniel R. of Albany Watson, Miss Eliza A. of Albany Irasburgh June 4 6/23/1861
Cobb, Ellis A. of Brownington Skinner, Emily of Barton Barton Sept 9 9/24/1864
Cobb, John of East Hardwick Laird, Miss Dorcas of Cabot Cabot June 13 6/23/1861
Cobleigh, Erastus V. of Lyndon Stockwell, Juliett of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 9 11/1/1862
Cobleigh, Squire of Burke Evans, Mrs. Sally of Sutton West Concord Nov 23 12/12/1863
Coburn, Azro M. of Holland Foster, Betsey P. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Feb 28 3/15/1862
Coburn, Gustavus V. of Westfield Pratt, Miss Sophronia E. of Troy North Troy Oct 31 11/24/1860
Coburn, H. P. Stiles, Miss Flora A. Albany March 2(5) 4/14/1860
Cochran, John H. M. of Craftsbury Alexander, Miss Betsey A. of Albany Albany Feb 11 2/27/1864
Coe, Miles Fairbanks, Louisa J. Newark Aug 26 10/3/1863
Coffran, Hugh of St Johnsbury Tughman, Miss Margaret of St Johnsbury Lyndon Dec 28 1/21/1860
Colborn, John of Brighton Petrie, Miss Lucy of Brighton Brighton Aug 26 10/7/1860
Colburn, Seth E. of Portland, ME Woodward, Miss Almira of Peacham Danville Sept 30 10/3/1863
Colby, Erastus U. of Lyndon Stockwell, Julietta of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 9 10/25/1862
Colby, J. F. of Charleston Loveland, Miss Mary A. of Irasburgh Barton June 5 6/30/1860
Colby, John C. of Walden Dana, Miss Julia A. of Danville Danville May 14 5/23/1863
Colby, Lorenzo W. of St Johnsbury Beaman, Miss Esther M. of St Johnsbury West Concord Feb 10 2/23/1861
Colby, Nehemiah M. of Derby Bates, Miss Anna M. of Derby W. Charleston March 6 3/30/1860
Cole, A. F. of Charleston Keach, Miss Ellen E. of Derby Derby April 29 5/11/1861
Cole, Alvah A. of Cabot Young, Miss Melissa of Marshfield Montpelier May 29 6/9/1860
Cole, F. N. of Craftsbury McLellan, Miss Mary M. of Troy North Troy Feb 14 3/2/1861
Cole, Nehemiah of Stark, NH Boyce, Mary A. of Granby Granby Jan 2 1/23/1864
Collins, Alfred Esq. of Irasburgh Wickware, Miss Harriet of Colchester Burlington March 8 3/29/1862
Collins, Ira A. Spencer, Ellen A. St Johnsbury March 5 3/14/1863
Connant, Lucius M. A. of Peacham Smith, Mary Jane of Cabot Peacham Jan 1 1/18/1862
Cook, Henry N. of Marblehead, MA Morrill, Miss Nancie J. of Peacham Peacham May 8 5/19/1860
Cook, Henry S. of Danville Burnside, Miss Alvira E. of Danville Danville Nov 25 12/1/1860
Corey, Hiram K. Damon, Miss Mary E. St Johnsbury June 2 6/15/1861
Corey, Ira of Derby Robbins, Mrs. Adaline of Derby Derby July 16 8/3/1861
Corlis, A. G. S. of Marshfield Batchelder, Miss Agnes of Barnet Danville Nov 11 11/15/1862
Cowdry, Ira of Danville Fuller, Miss Amanda M. of Stanbridge, C. E. West Berkshire Jan 20 2/14/1863
Cowles, Elijah S. Esq. of Coventry Persons, Miss Sarah L. of Coventry Coventry Nov 30 12/12/1863
Cowles, Jefferson of Albany Johnson, Miss Orrel F. of Albany Barton April 4 5/5/1860
Cowling, George of California Horn, Miss Abby F. of S. Wheelock S. Wheelock March 26 4/13/1861
Craig, James M. of Westmore Allard, Miss Cordelia A. of Newark East Burke May 24 6/8/1861
Craigie, Peter of St Johnsbury Emory, Miss Emily J. of Waterford North Danville Aug 19 9/1/1860
Crandall, Joel of East Hardwick Ellis, Miss Martha J. of East Hardwick East Hardwick June 13 6/27/1863
Crane, George W. of Danville Batchelder, Miss Julia L. of Danville St Johnsbury Sept 17 9/28/1861
Crawford, John Bailey, Sophilia of Newbury McIndoe's Falls Jan 11 1/25/1862
Crawford, Robert of Battle Creek Chandler, Miss Lucy J. of Charleston & Lunenburgh Augusta, Mich. July 31 8/24/1861
Crofton, James of St Johnsbury Goodell, Miss Harriet F. of Lyndon Barton June 5 6/15/1861
Crosby, Dr. Albert H. of Wells River Hutchins, Mrs. Rebecca M. of Wells River Wells River Nov 20 12/22/1860
Crosby, George R. of Brattleboro Brown, Miss Helen E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 16 2/4/1860
Cross, B. K. of St Johnsbury Hannett, Miss Mary Ann of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Aug 4 8/25/1860
Cross, Benjamin K. of Hardwick Webster, Miss Lucena A. of Greensboro E. Hardwick March 12 3/28/1863
Cross, L. Bartlett of Montpelier Chaplin, Lucia A. of Wells River Wells River Dec 25 1/10/1863
Cummings, Corbden of Newport Sias, Josephine of Newport Newport Aug 2 8/22/1863
Cummings, Royal of Newport Sanborn, Miss S. Augusta of Glover Newport May 1 5/17/1862
Cummins, A. O. of Millbury, MA Ellis, Miss Mary F. of Hardwick East Hardwick Dec 9 12/19/1863
Currier, John Esq. of Haverhill, NH Choate, Miss Mary A. of Danville Danville Jan 22 1/25/1862
Currier, John M., MD of Newport Powers, Miss Susan H. of Woodstock Woodstock Aug 8 9/1/1860
Currier, Rev. John of NH Wheeler, Mrs. Sarah M. of Buffalo, NY Buffalo, NY Oct 19 11/5/1864
Curtis, James W. of Waterford Bowman, Louisa C. of Waterford West Concord March 24 4/5/1862
Curtis, Orin Olmstead, Miss Viletta Westmore Sept 18 10/8/1864
Daggett, Oscar F. of St Johnsbury Felch, Miss Maudana M. of Waterford St Johnsbury Jan 11 1/21/1860
Dakin, Isaac of Knight's Ferry Jameson, Miss Laura M. of Irasburg Knight's Ferry, CA 2/18/1860
Dale, George N. Esq. of Island Pond Hinman, Miss Helen West Charleston Oct 7 11/7/1863
Dana, William of Peacham West, Miss Jennette S. of Manchester, NH Peacham July 7 7/18/1863
Danforth, James R. of Holland Burke, Miss Catharine of Holland Derby March 27 5/3/1862
Daniels, Abram of Danville Hoyt, Miss Loanda D. of Wheelock Lyndon Nov 24 12/17/1864
Daniels, Julius H. of Waterbury Norris, Miss Helen J. of Jay Jay April 13 4/21/1860
Daniels, Samuel of Woodbury Drew, Miss Ada A. of Barton Barton Nov 29 12/29/1860
Darling, Horace of Wheelock Bean, Miss Helen L. of Wheelock Wheelock Nov 13 11/30/1861
Darling, John of Wheelock Chandler, Miss Sarah A. of Wheelock Wheelock June 28 7/14/1860
Davis, Alanson W. of West Burke Trull, Aurora L. of West Burke West Burke Sept 29 10/17/1863
Davis, Charles A. of Marshfield Dwinell, Miss Francelia A. of Marshfield Plainfield 4/3/1864
Davis, Charles H. of Danville Cree, Miss Mary A. of Wheelock Wheelock Jan 1 1/18/1862
Davis, Dr. Charles B. of Sutton Harvey, Miss Urania of Barnet Peacham Feb 11 2/18/1860
Davis, Ebenezer of Newark Babcock, Mrs. Delia D. of Burke West Concord 1st inst 1/18/1862
Davis, Heman B. of Montpelier Woods, Miss Sally M. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury May 1 5/19/1860
Davis, John N., M.D. of Barnet Worthington, Miss Clara D. of Irasburgh Irasburgh June 3 6/21/1862
Davis, Joseph A. of Bethel Spaulding, Alice of Hardwick Pomfret Sept 28 10/14/1860
Davis, L. C. of Canaan, NH Merrill, Emma J. of St Johnsbury Canaan, NH June 3 8/8/1863
Davis, N. B. of Glover Phillips, Mary C. of Glover Glover Aug 30 9/24/1864
Davis, William W. of Cabot Heath, Miss Frances A. of Cabot Cabot June 1 6/13/1863
Day, Ira of Lyndon Hubbard, Miss Mary E. of Glover Lyndon Nov 29 1/5/1861
Dean, Asahel F. of St. Johnsbury Knapp, Mattie J. of St Johnsbury Littleton, NH ? Dec (10) 12/24/1864
Dean, Eben F. of St Johnsbury Roberts, Miss Arminda A. of St Johnsbury West Concord Feb 12 2/23/1861
Dean, Horace F. Colby, Miss Laurestine E. St Johnsbury May 1 5/11/1861
Dean, John of Walden Hill, Sabra A. of Hardwick Walden Sept 2 10/3/1863
Dean, P. C. of Sutton Richardson, Martha (H.) of Sutton Wheelock Dec 22 1/2/1864
Dean, Rev. James A. Gilson, Miss Sarah of Danville & McIndoe Falls McIndoe's Falls Nov 15 12/15/1860
Delcourt, Octavius of Barton Valley, Louise of Barton Barton June 5 7/3/1864
Denison, Avery E. of Burke Godding, Miss Diantha D. of Burke E. Burke May 6 5/23/1863
Denison, William B. of Irasburgh Kendall, Miss Elvira P. of Woodstock Woodstock Feb 23 3/15/1862
Denny, Albert H. of Northern Calif. Webber, Miss Eliza R. of Glover Glover April 17 4/30/1864
Densmore, Daniel R. of Sutton Kenney, Ella R. of Sutton Sheffield Jan 11 1/30/1864
Densmore, William A. of Sutton Morse, Laura A. of Charleston Sutton Jan 16 2/13/1864
Derby, Edward M. of Westmoreland, NH Blake, Miss Maium J. of Derby Salem Oct 28 11/17/1860
Dewey, Charles F. of Berlin Jameson, Miss Julia E. of Irasburgh Irasburgh April 10 4/28/1860
Dewey, Frederick C. of St Albans Darling, Angie of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 11 11/29/1862
Dewey, William J. S. of Maidstone, VT Peabody, Miss Ellen H. of Lewiston, ME Stark, NH Feb 4 2/18/1860
Dexter, William of Barton Parker, Miss Jane S. of Barton Albany Feb 29 3/25/1860
Dodge, Hosea of Concord Smith, Amanda of Lunenburgh Lancaster, NH Aug 25 9/10/1864
Dole, J. Murray of Danville Stevens, Miss Augusta F. of Stephen Stevens of D. Danville Jan 3 1/12/1861
Dolloff, Albert of Newark Bugby, Miss Calista E. of Newark Newark Nov 24 1/14/1860
Donahue, Michael Chamberlin, Sarah A. Peacham May 8 5/21/1864
Dorway, John of Danville Leighton, Miss Elsey W. of Danville Danville April 28 5/5/1860
Dow, James of Greensboro Randall, Miss Florilla E. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 12 12/22/1860
Dow, S. A. of Haverhill, MA Piper, Mary A. of Newbury Newbury March 26 4/18/1863
Downer, Chester of Sharon Shepard, Miss Frank E. of Sharon Sharon Jan 6 1/16/1864
Doyle, James C. Flanagan, Mary of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 15 1/30/1864
Drake, James M. of Lake Village, NH Aldrich, Miss Laura A. of Sutton Sutton June 25 7/13/1861
Drew, Edmund of Waterford Hill, Miss Josephine E. A. of Waterford Waterford July 4 7/21/1860
Drew, Francis G. of Buffalo, NY Clark, Miss Sophy L. of N. Danville Toulon, IL May 26 6/16/1860
Drew, Francis J. of Barton Drew, Miss Eliza M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 7 1/26/1861
Drew, G. A. of Derby Camp, Miss Edna E. of Derby Derby Jan 1 1/24/1863
Drew, Jerry of Barton Bean, Miss Ellen M. of Coventry St Johnsbury Feb 14 2/25/1860
Drew, John of Hardwick Merritt, Mrs. Sarah H. of Danville Danville Jan 4 1/9/1864
Drown, Job Jr. of Brownington Parker, Cordelia B. of Burke Newark April 9 4/26/1862
Dudley, Lt. Col. William W. of Danville Fiske, Miss Theresa of Richmond, Ind Richmond, Ind., Oct 18 10/29/1864
Duncan, John G. of Barnet Anderson, Ellen H. of Barnet Monroe, NH Nov 4 11/22/1862
Durant, J. S., M.D. of Danville Morrill, Miss H. Alice of Danville Danville May 19 5/23/1863
Durant, Union of Wells River Randall, Sophia T. of Wells River Windsor Feb 24 3/14/1863
Durgan, Hubbard F. of Cabot & Jamestown, CA McDonald, Miss Gennette of Danville S. Hardwick Jan 25 2/25/1860
Dwinell, D. L. of Glover Willey, L. O. of Sutton Glover Aug 2 8/22/1863
Dwinnel, Ira A. of Glover Farwell, Mrs. Martha E. of Boston, MA Morristown Jan 30 3/2/1861
Dyke, Lorenzo of Coventry Bussell, Miss Fanny of Newport Albany May 26 6/8/1861
Eastman, Edwin N. of Sutton Bemis, Ella F. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 10 11/21/1863
Eaton, Charles H. of Calais & Danville Nichols, Miss Addie L. of Roxbury Northfield Dec 22 1/19/1861
Eaton, George of Barnston, C. E. Mayhew, Miss Eliza of Barnston, C. E. Derby Line March 27 4/7/1860
Eaton, Solomon W. of Irasburgh Kinney, Anna D. of Danville Irasburgh Feb 13 3/5/1864
Edgerton, Alonzo of Hydepark Mason, Miss Amelia Ann of Craftsbury East Hardwick Nov 5 11/16/1861
Edmonds, Rufus B. Kimball, Martha A. Irasburgh March 14 4/11/1863
Edmonds, William of Westfield Miller, Miss Viola C. of Westfield North Troy Nov 29 12/29/1860
Eldridge, Augustine W. of Albany Pope, Miss Sybil S. of Irasburgh Irasburgh March 12 3/29/1862
Elkins, G. S. of Craftsbury Stetson, Miss L. E. of Lincoln, ME Irasburgh July 2(5) 8/23/1862
Elkins, Harvey of North Troy Cutting, Miss Lubretia A. of Troy North Troy Dec 6 12/29/1860
Elkins, Horace G. of Potton, CE Upton, Miss Mary Ann of North Troy North Troy Nov 3 11/23/1861
Elkins, O. H. of North Troy Grimes, Miss Mary A. of Irasburgh Barton April 25 5/17/1862
Elkins, William G. of North Troy Elkins, Fannie I. of North Troy North Troy Jan 29 2/15/1862
Elliott, Joseph Drew, Hannah S. of Barton Sutton March 23 4/12/1862
Ellis, Sylvanus A. of Lawrence, MA Worcester, Mrs. Julia S. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Feb 10 2/22/1862
Emerson, H. W. of St Johnsbury Young, Miss Mary M. of Stanstead Stanstead, CE May 23 6/8/1861
Emerson, N. B. of Lyndon Quimby, Laurestine H. of Lyndon Lyndon May 16 5/24/1862
Esden, Robert of Bath Wright, Miss Eliza B. of Ryegate Bath, NH Jan 24 2/18/1860
Euterson, F. J. Hawkins, Mary E. St Johnsbury May 22 6/14/1862
Ewens, F. E. of Holland Clark, Miss Betsey A. of Holland Morgan May 20 6/13/1863
Fairbanks, Demming D. of Newark Spencer, Miss Mary F. of Westmore Newark Oct 21 11/2/1861
Fairbanks, Edward T. Taplin, Emma C. Derry, NH July 9 7/26/1862
Fairbanks, William P. Pike, Miss Rebecca St Johnsbury April 18 5/4/1861
Fairchild, Truman Steele, Nancy Derby Dec 9 12/26/1863
Farm(an), W(id)ord of Lowell Brown, Miss Isabela of Westfield Westfield April 25 5/18/1861
Farmer, H. B. of Island Pond Hastings, D. A. of Island Pond Island Pond Sept 8 9/24/1864
Farnham, Lucius of Dunkirk, Wisc. Phelps, Miss Lucy W. of Lunenburgh Waterford April 5 5/2/1863
Farr, Jacob of Cabot Collins, Mary of Cabot Cabot Feb 9 2/27/1864
Farr, N. C. Esq. of Bethlehem Wallace, Mrs. Sophronia L. of Littleton Littleton, NH May 1 5/19/1860
Farrington, Francis of Walden Hill, Mary of Hardwick Walden May 8 6/18/1864
Fay, John C. of Danville Dow, Miss Mary C. of Nashua, NH Danville May 13 5/19/1860
Felch, Albert F. of St Johnsbury Lawrence, Miss Ellen M. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 29 12/15/1860
Felch, Capt. Joseph of Waterford Levoy, Chestina R. of St Johnsbury Waterford Oct 23 11/19/1864
Field, Frederick A. Little, Miss Arabelle C. Barton 3/9/1861
Field, Prof. Ira S. T. of Troy, NY Silver, Miss Mary D. of Isaiah Silver Esq. of Mtplr Montpelier May 19 5/30/1863
Finel, __ O. of ST J & Elizabethtown, NY Bruce, Miss Cora A. of McIndoe's Falls McIndoe's Falls 4/25/1863
Fisher, Edwin of Cabot Putnam, E. M. of Cabot Cabot May 4 5/21/1864
Fisher, Lewis W. of Danville Fisher, Miss Alvira J. of Danville Danville April 13 4/16/1864
Fisher, Lieut. Abial W. of Danville Morse, Violetta R. of Danville Danville Sept 11 9/21/1861
Fisher, William H. of Lowell Stiles, Mary P. of Lowell Barton Oct 7 11/15/1862
Fleetwood, H. W. of St Johnsbury Sweeney, Mrs. Laura J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury June 30 7/12/1862
Flood, John of Glover Gray, Miss Lydia of Wheelock Wheelock Sept (4) 10/7/1860
Flood, Loren J. Wilson, Jennie E. of Lawrence, MA Glover Jan 30 3/5/1864
Fogg, George S. of Chelsea Hovey, Amanda M. of Craftsbury Albany March 3 3/15/1862
Ford, Capt. George O. of Granby Grout, Saphrona E. of Kirby Lyndon Dec 3 12/17/1864
Forrest, Silas of Newark Smith, Miss Irene W. of Newark East Burke Aug 23 9/7/1861
Forsaith, David of Concord Weeks, Betsey of St Johnsbury West Concord June 2 6/20/1863
Foss, Austin Miranville, Miss Mary J. Derby March 30 4/21/1860
Foss, Harlow of Barton Libby, Martha A. of Barton Derby ? June 11 6/28/1862
Foss, James C. of Stark Co. Ward, Miss Clara of St Johnsbury Center Kewane, IL April 14 4/27/1861
Foster, Charles W. of St Johnsbury Hill, Miss Martha I. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury April 3 4/14/1860
Foster, Col. George P. Hubbell, Sarah S. of Wolcott Wolcott July 5 8/13/1864
Foster, Ephraim Esq. of Walden Lowell, Mrs. Maria of Danville Danville Sept 14 9/23/1860
Fowler, Charles W. of Troy, Wisc. Hastings, Miss Eleanor of St Johnsbury Dorchester, IL April 19 6/2/1860
Freeman, Lorenzo D. of Waterford Brown, Diantha S. of Waterford West Concord Jan 1 1/17/1863
Freeman, Otis W. Perkins, Laura A. Walden Nov 26 12/13/1862
French, Dean C. of Glover Dwinnell, Miss Adelaide H. of Glover Glover June 9 6/23/1861
French, Robert of Walden Swett, Miss Flora J. of Hardwick South Hardwick Sept 5 10/5/1861
French, Smith of Derby Line Mag( et), Miss Esther B. of Stanstead Stanstead Plain Sept 18 10/5/1861
Frost, Irvine H. Pierce, Candice C. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 22 11/3/1860
Frye, George C. Holbrook, Miss Amanda M. of West Concord West Concord March 19 3/30/1861
Frye, H. H. of Lyndon Taylor, L. A. of Lyndon Burke Jan 26 3/7/1863
Fuller, Luther C. of Charleston Bates, Miss Mary L. of Derby Derby Oct 12 11/2/1861
Fyler, George D. of Burke Moulton, Mrs. Emeretta A. of Burke Newark Dec 20 1/2/1864
Fyler, John A. of Burke Lane, Betsey V. Coventry Oct 5 11/5/1864
Gage, A. B. of East Burke Bartlett, Mary E. V. of Newbury Newbury Jan 1 1/25/1862
Gage, Richard of Burke Hunter, Roaney L of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 19 12/8/1860
Galbraith, Dr. Thomas of Barnet Gilleford, Miss Martha J. of Tarentum, PA Tarentum, PA Dec 20 1/19/1861
Gannett, James M. of Haverhill, NH Blodgett, Miss Louisa M. of Waterford Waterford Sept 30 10/14/1860
Garfield, Salmon H. of Glover Smith, Helen J. of Newark Sheffield May 14 5/28/1864
Garland, Edwin G. of Topsham Armington, Ruth P. of Waterford Charleston, MA Feb 23 3/22/1862
Gaskill, Abram B. of Burke Childs, Mrs. Mary L. of Burke E. St Johnsbury March 24 4/11/1863
Gates, Curtis of West Concord Morton, Miss Julia W. of West Concord West Concord Dec 3 12/14/1861
Gay, Gideon of Charleston Severance, Miss Rebecca W. of Derby Derby March 14 4/6/1861
Gee, Alanson of Lunenburgh Pasker, Lydia B. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Aug 10 9/6/1862
George, Lewis H. of Walden Winslow, Miss Jane M. of Walden Hardwick ? Sept 21 12/13/1862
George, Thomas H. of Bradford Ladd, Miss Dorothy A. of Cabot Bradford March 20 4/13/1861
Gibbs, Charles D. of St Johnsbury Gorham, Mrs. Maria of Lyndon St Johnsbury Dec 31 2/6/1864
Gilbert, Oscar F. of Enosburgh Gilbert, Miss Sarah E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Sept 12 10/14/1860
Gilchrist, James 2d of McIndoe's Titus, Ellen C. of Columbia, NH McIndoe's Oct 7 10/25/1862
Gilfillan, Moses, 3d Moore, Adaline Barnet Feb 18 3/12/1864
Gilmour, David of Glover Speirs, Miss Agnes of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 17 2/2/1861
Glass, James A. of New Rochelle, NY Brown, Betsey L. of Lyndon Lyndon Feb 3 3/26/1864
Glidden, Warner C. of Sutton Williams, Rosette of Glover Sutton Feb 12 2/27/1864
Gochey, Horace L. of Walden Preston, Miss Carrie H. of Marshfield Hardwick Aug 19 12/13/1862
Goodall, George E. of E. St Johnsbury Carlton, Henrietta P. of E. St Johnsbury E. St Johnsbury Aug 25 9/10/1864
Goodall, John L. of Danville Barrett, Miss Luella J. of Danville Danville Oct 3 12/13/1862
Goodenough, John C. of Peacham Carter, Miss Eliza C. of Waterford Waterford Jan 26 2/4/1860
Goodwin, King H. of Danville Drew, Miss Augusta A. of Danville North Danville Nov 6 11/23/1861
Goodwin, Rev. Edward P. of Columbus, Ohio Chamberlin, Miss Ellen M. of East Burke East Burke Sept 27 10/14/1860
Gordon, Lewis W. Harris, Josie M. of Rev. L. T. Harris Sutton Sept 20 10/17/1863
Goss, David of St Johnsbury Lawrence, Huldah M. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 17 11/28/1863
Goss, Hiram of St Johnsbury Belden, Clara E. of Burke St Johnsbury May 26 6/7/1862
Goss, N. D. of St Johnsbury Miller, Miss Rubie A. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Sept 24 10/7/1860
Gould, Newell of Derby Gay, Miss Lucetia M. of Stanstead, C. E. Newport Feb 12 3/23/1861
Gould, Solon S. of W. Concord Fry, Miss Ellen L. of W. Concord West Concord Feb 19 3/2/1861
Graham, Andrew J. of West Concord Reed, Adaline J. of West Concord West Concord April 9 4/26/1862
Graham, Rev. Wm. of Boston, MA Dickson, Mary A. of Ryegate Ryegate Dec 3 12/27/1862
Granger, Rev. Nelson M. Brown, Elizabeth P. Kirby Jan 3 2/14/1863
Grant, Frank C. of Concord Barker, Miss Lydia C. of Concord West Concord March 20 3/30/1861
Grant, G. A. of St Johnsbury Wallis, Miss Harriet E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr Dec 29 1/14/1860
Grant, J. W . of South Troy Smalley, D. N. of South Troy South Troy Oct 23 11/15/1862
Graves, Preston H. of Kirby Jenkins, Almira S. of Burke East Burke May 17 6/4/1864
Gray, Anson W. of Barton Drown, Miss Mary F. of Barton Sutton Oct 31 11/16/1861
Gray, Charles H. of Lunenburgh Nichols, Harriet of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Dec 8 12/13/1862
Gray, Charles T. of Newark Orcutt, Mary L. of Newark Newark Feb 1(4) 3/5/1864
Gray, Edwin S. of Glover Sanborn, Miss Elvira G. of Glover S. Hardwick May 14 6/1/1861
Gray, Nathaniel W. of Lunenburgh Perkins, Almedia of Barnston, C. E. Dalton, NH Aug 17 8/29/1863
Gray, Olin S. of Glover Partridge, Amy S. of Glover Glover June 8 6/28/1862
Gray, Samuel of Sheffield Reed, Polly D. of Greensboro West Wheelock Sept 21 11/1/1862
Gray, Sandford of Sheffield Gray, Patty C. of Sheffield Lyndon ? Aug 23 9/20/1862
Gray, Sergeant S. G. Porter, Esther M. Wheelock July 27 8/13/1864
Gray, William of Burke Clogsdon, Miss Lucinda of Burke Sutton Sept 2 9/15/1860
Green, Chauncey H. of Littleton Lovejoy, Hattie M. of Littleton Lancaster Sept 3 9/24/1864
Greenlief, William G. of W. Concord Gee, Miss Eliza of W. Concord West Concord March 4 3/16/1861
Gregory, George of Lyndon Belden, Sarah of Burke Lyndon Sept 30 10/30/1863
Greig, Andrew R. of Windsor Powers, Miss Clarinda of Lunenburgh St Johnsbury Nov 23 1/4/1862
Griffin, Thomas W. of Greensboro Montgomery, Miss Sarah D. of E. Hardwick Greensboro Sept 9 9/14/1861
Grout, George W. of Kirby Ford, Miss L. B. of Granby St Johnsbury April 1 4/13/1861
Grout, Selim E. of Concord Hutchinson, Annette R. of Waterford West Concord Sept 18 10/4/1862
Grout, William W. Esq. Of Barton Smith, Loraine M. of Glover E. Montpelier Nov 15 12/1/1860
H(eyer), J. H. of St Johnsbury Page, (Abie) J. of St Johnsbury Littleton, NH Dec 7 12/24/1864
Hadlock, W. H. of Jay Howe, Miss Sarah A. of Westfield Newport Aug 11 8/24/1861
Hadlock, W. H. of Jay Howe, Miss Sarah A. of Westfield Newport Aug 11 9/7/1861
Hadlock, Webster B. of Jay Walker, Mary A. of Potton, C. E. Westfield March 1(3) 3/29/1862
Haines, Leander H. of Greensboro Stimson, Miss Mary S. of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 15 11/2/1861
Haines, Leander H. of Greensboro Stimson, Miss Mary S. of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 15 11/23/1861
Hale, Milo W. of Waterford Holbrook, Deborah of Compton Compton, CE Jan 2 1/18/1862
Hall, Charles B. Strobridge, Miss Lodema M. West Danville April 28 5/7/1864
Hall, Dana D. of Danville Stevens, Miss Lorinda D. of Stephen Stevens of D. Danville Jan 3 1/12/1861
Hall, Ephraim of Waterford Hurlbert, Miss Ellen of Waterford Waterford Nov 4 11/24/1860
Hall, George L. of S. Ryegate Land(er), Isabelle M. of S. Ryegate S. Ryegate Dec 4 12/27/1862
Hall, Harry H. of Burke Burrington, Miss Annette D. of Burke Sutton March 15 3/30/1860
Hall, I. H. of Sutton Harris, Miss Sarah L. of Rev. L. T. Harris of Sutton Sutton Oct 12 10/26/1861
Hall, Lucius M. of Bartlett, NH Hall, Melissa H. of Burke Burke July 7 8/9/1862
Hall, Samuel W. of St Johnsbury Bunday, Sarah A. of Burke Burke June 16 7/3/1864
Hallett, George W. Harvey, Mary F. St Johnsbury Oct 6 11/1/1862
Hallett, Reuben G. of St Johnsbury Rogers, Miss Diantha T. of Derby Derby Oct (9) 10/25/1862
Hammond, David E. of Wheelock Ferguson, Betsey Maria of Wheelock Sutton Sept 9 10/4/1862
Hand, Amos L. of Sutton Spencer, Miss Mary A. of Peacham Danville Feb 2(4) 4/4/1863
Hannett, Daniel of Coventry Keneston, Mary A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh May 8 6/4/1864
Hardy, Charles C. Esq. of Glover Bickford, Miss Sarah C. of Glover Glover May 18 6/2/1860
Harlow, Rev. R. W. of Groton Darling, Miss Lizzie A. of Groton Groton March 27 4/7/1860
Harriman, William of Littleton Thayer, Miss Lucy H. of Littleton Littleton, NH Jan 1 1/14/1860
Harrington, Samuel of Walden Cobb, Miss Sarah L. of Walden Peacham Feb 29 3/11/1860
Harrington, Samuel of Walden Kimball, Miss Rossie S. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 26 11/14/1863
Harrington, Samuel of Walden Kimball, Rossie S. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 26 11/28/1863
Harris, David of Danville McCasko, Miss Luthera J. of Danville Spring Valley, Wisc Dec 16 12/29/1860
Harris, Edwin Emerson, Fannie A. St Johnsbury March 10 3/19/1864
Harris, Henry of Lunenburgh Lavoy, Mrs. Chestina R. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury March 27 4/12/1862
Harris, Willard of Newport Perkins, Miss Mary D. of Plainfield Marshfield March 14 3/30/1861
Hartshorn, Benjamin D. of Danville Smith, Marietta of Wheelock Wheelock July 4 7/18/1863
Hartshorn, Guy C. of Lunenburgh Allen, Miss Maria S. of N. Wardsboro Manchester March 2 4/25/1863
Hartshorn, L. B. of Lunenburgh Balch, Sylvia of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Jan 1 1/17/1863
Hartwell, George A. of St Johnsbury Chesley, Miss Betsey of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury April 2 4/14/1860
Harvey, Joel C. of Northfield Jackson, Miss Eveline L. of Cabot Montpelier April 30 5/11/1861
Harvey, Olin H. of Barnet Felch, Miss Lydia H. of Waterford St Johnsbury Feb 19 3/2/1861
Haseltine, Charles P. of St Johnsbury Leach, Melissa A. of Burke Barton June 21 7/11/1863
Hastings, Edward L. Morse, Nancy B. Craftsbury Nov 10 12/10/1864
Hastings, Hubbard of Concord Morgan, Caroline of Concord Concord April 26 5/9/1863
Hatch, Charles P., 2d of Hardwick Harris, Miss Ella D. of Danville Danville July 15 7/21/1860
Haven, James M. of Downiesville, CA Eastman, Martha of Peacham Marysville, CA June 14 7/30/1864
Haviland, Harvey K. of Danville Porter, Miss Flora E. of Danville Danville April 19 4/25/1863
Hawley, Abel M. of Irasburgh Bryant, Anne M. Widow of Geo Bryant of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 12 1/24/1863
Hazen, George T. of Hartford Walbridge, Miss Mary V. of Cabot Cabot March 1 3/25/1860
Healey, George of Irasburgh Caples, Miss Ann of Irasburgh Irasburgh Sept 29 11/2/1861
Healy, Horace Glines, Emily M. Derby Dec 3 12/26/1863
Healy, John of Irasburgh Caples, Miss Matilda of Irasburgh Irasburgh June 22 8/3/1861
Heath, David of Stanstead, CE Rankin, Sarah M. of Derby Derby Jan 26 2/15/1862
Heath, Edwin C. of Barton Goodnow, Lovina E. of Barton St Johnsbury Nov 15 12/6/1862
Heath, John G. of Lyndon Stiles, Julia A. of Albany Albany Oct 31 11/19/1864
Heath, Moody of Groton Melville, Miss Cynthia of Groton Monroe, NH March 16 5/18/1861
Heath, Stephen R. of Groton Bailey, Margaret J. of Peacham Middlesex May 29 6/28/1862
Heath, William of Scott, Wisc. Parker, Mrs. Harriet of Stanstead, C. E. Marcellen, Wisc. June 2 7/13/1861
Heaton, Charles C. of Thetford Harvey, Miss Margaret W. of Peacham Peacham July 19 8/4/1860
Heith, R. T. of Troy Hamilton, Miss L. F. of Troy Troy Feb 28 3/25/1860
Hemingway, Samuel of Waterford Rowland, Emily L. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 26 2/27/1864
Hendrick, Albert R. of Concord Smith, Luvia E. of Burke East Burke March 9 4/3/1864
Hendry, George W. of Peacham Hight, Jane W. of Peacham Peacham March 27 4/12/1862
Henney, John of Ryegate Edwards, Miss Mary J. of Wells River Wells River Feb 2 2/18/1860
Hibbard, David of Bath, NH Whitcher, Miss Mary E. of Bath, NH Wells River April 14 5/5/1860
Higgins, Samuel of St Johnsbury White, Josephine of Middlesex Middlesex Sept 5 10/1/1864
Higgins, William Blinn, Julia C. St Johnsbury Nov 18 11/29/1862
Hill, Albert F. Daniels, Miss Ellen M. of N. Danville Marshall, Iowa April 30 5/30/1863
Hill, Albert G. of Green Mt., Iowa McDaniels, Miss Ellen of N. Danville Marshall, Iowa April 30 5/23/1863
Hill, Charles Y. of Waterford Hagan, Katie of St Sylvester, C.E. Waterford Nov 12 11/24/1860
Hill, Curtis of Waterford Dean, Miss Ann of Glover Glover Feb 23 3/25/1860
Hill, William S. of St Johnsbury Houghton, Calista M. of St Johnsbury Barton June 9 6/20/1863
Hines, Nathan of Wolcott Holloway, Mrs. Julia Ann of Irasburgh Irasburgh Dec 29 1/18/1862
Hinman, Otis of Boston, MA Richmond, Miss Mary of Derby Derby Oct 23 11/17/1860
Hoadley, Herman W. of St Johnsbury Howe, Minnie B. of Cabot St Johnsbury April 15 4/26/1862
Hockenbury, William H. H. of Chambersburg, PA Griswold, Georgiana A. of Charleston St Johnsbury Dec 11 12/27/1862
Hodgdon, Charles of St Johnsbury Wilson, Maria S. of Sutton Sutton Nov 29 12/12/1863
Holbrook, Joshua M. Chismore, Sarah of Danville Danville Jan 24 1/30/1864
Hollis, N. P. of Wheelock Gaskell, Fanny C. of Concord West Concord Nov 22 12/12/1863
Holmes, Robert of Johnson Morse, Miss Almira of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 29 1/7/1860
Hopkins, Lyman H. of Cabot Dow, Miss Mary G. of Cabot Marshfield Dec 2 12/21/1861
Houghton, Abel of Danville Colby, Mrs. Mary of Danville Danville Feb 20 3/8/1862
Houston, Horace B. of Victory Hartwell, Lorinda J. of East Haven Victory Aug 2 8/22/1863
Hovey, Abiel R. of St Johnsbury Risley, Emma of Kirby East St Johnsbury Oct 16 10/29/1864
Hovey, Edwin L. of Waterford Carr, Ella F. of Waterford Waterford March 2 3/19/1864
Hovey, Emery E. of Waterford Cushman, Emily C. H. of Waterford West Concord June 1 6/18/1864
Hovey, Jacob G. of Waterford Graves, Sarah J. of Lyndon Lyndon June 3 6/20/1863
Hovey, Miles S. of Waterford Lewis, Miss Emily of Waterford Waterford Dec 21 1/7/1860
Hovey, Silas of Albany Rowell, Miss Judith of Albany Albany Nov 7 11/23/1861
Howard, Edwin of St Johnsbury Chesley, Miss Watie of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 17 1/28/1860
Howard, J. W. of Irasburgh Cowles, Miss Louisa M. of Albany Albany Oct 23 11/10/1860
Howard, Rev. J. T. of West Charleston Page, Miss Marthaett of West Albany Barton May 4 5/26/1860
Howard, Theron Esq. of St Johnsbury Farman, Miss A. of Hartland Hartland Dec 7 12/17/1864
Howe, Ezra of Brattleboro Wheeler, Miss Elizabeth C. of Glover East Hardwick May 1 5/18/1861
Hoyt, Barnard of Wheelock Darling, Susan A. of Lyndon Lyndon Aug 11 8/29/1863
Hoyt, Charles L. of Wheelock Houghton, Marilla of Lyndon Lyndon July 6 7/17/1864
Hoyt, Freeman H. of Wheelock Folsom, Miss Rhoda M. of Wheelock E. Hardwick Feb 27 3/8/1862
Hubbard, C. P. of Hardwick Smith, Betsey of Foxboro, MA Barre June 9 6/28/1862
Hubbard, Ezekiel of Barnston, C.E. Jewell, Adaline of Lunenburgh Dalton, NH Aug 17? 8/29/1863
Hubbard, Ezra M. of Wheelock Brooks, Sarah A. of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 29 1/23/1864
Huggins, Enoch of Orange Prairie, IL Kidder, Miss Mary of Holland Holland Sept 24 11/23/1861
Hunt, James R. B. of Troy Porter, Miss Emeline L. of Troy North Troy Jan 1 1/21/1860
Hunt, John C. of Troy Hines, Miss Sarah D. of Troy North Troy Dec 21 1/21/1860
Hunt, John of Westmore Davis, Miss E. C. of Bolton E. Bolton, C.E. March 24 4/7/1860
Hunt, Mitchell of Troy Porter, Miss Henrietta of Troy North Troy Jan 1 1/21/1860
Hunter, Dr. Horatio M. of Concord Chase, Miss Susan M. of Concord West Concord Aug 26 9/8/1860
Hunter, Samuel of Kirby Knox, Celia H. of Kirby East Burke Dec 31 1/23/1864
Hunter, Stephen W. of Lyndon Pierce, Emeline L. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr Dec 15 12/26/1863
Hunton, Dr. J. W. Hubbard, Ellen W. Derby Line Aug 18 9/12/1863
Huse, John of Danville Labore, Mrs. Mary A. of Walden Walden March 7 3/18/1860
Hutchins, William B. Esq. of Whitefield Smith, Miss Helen of Bath Whitefield, NH July 10 7/28/1860
Hutchinson, Joseph W. of Waterford Stacy, Miss Sarah M. of Concord W. Concord April 7 4/21/1860
Hutchinson, Lieut. John H. of St Johnsbury Graham, Miss Mary E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury July 17 7/27/1861
Hyatt, A. C. of Ascott, C.E. Hyatt, Mrs. Catharine of Ascott, C.E. Island Pond March 3 4/6/1861
Hyde, W. D. of Hardwick Ladd, Miss M. Isabella of Hardwick Hardwick March 11 3/22/1862
Ide, Charles of Coventry Wright, Miss Ellen of Coventry Coventry Feb 18 4/6/1861
Ide, E. T. of Passumpsic Adams, Cynthia L. of Passumpsic Littleton, NH July 16 8/16/1862
Ide, Edward A. Armington, Eunice J. St Johnsbury Aug 23 9/3/1864
Ingalls, Charles of Danville Nichols, Miss Melonie N. of Danville N. Danville Dec 9 12/12/1863
Ingalls, Edward of Northfield, VT & Danville Thorndike, Miss Jane A. of Claremont Claremont, NH 10/14/1860
Ingalls, J. O. of Sheffield Masten, Miss Mary E. of Sutton Wheelock June 19 6/30/1861
Ingalls, Joseph H. of Sheffield Dow, Martha of Lyndon Lyndon Dec 3 12/24/1864
Ingalls, L. Olin of Sheffield Drown, Laura A. of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 5 1/23/1864
Ingerson, Hezekiah of Lyndon Hoffman, Miss Addie of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 2(6) 12/14/1861
Ingerson, John H. of Newport Bowley, Miss Laura P. of Newport Newport April 13 5/5/1860
Ingraham, George W. of Lyndon Fisher, Mary J. of Lyndon Concord July 5 7/25/1863
Isham, Benjamin W. of Lunenburgh Parker, Mary B. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Aug 29 9/6/1862
Jackson, Charles S. of Boston, MA Prouty, Miss Chloe E. of Newbury, VT Newbury Dec 18 1/5/1861
James, George of Stanstead, C. E. Daggett, Emma A. of Coventry Derby Line Feb 24 3/21/1863
Jameson, Alexander Esq. of Irasburgh Clark, Mrs. Martha Geraldine of Barton Barton Dec 27 1/9/1864
Jameson, Horace D. of Irasburg McGlauflin, Miss Annie B. of Knight's Ferry Knight's Ferry, CA 2/18/1860
Jameson, Thomas Esq. Shelden, Anna M. Irasburgh Sept 28 10/22/1864
Jamieson, William S. McDowell, Isabella A. of Sheffield Glover Feb 7 3/5/1864
Jeffers, William of Haverhill, MA Marsh, Jane of Haverhill, MA Peacham 12/12/1863
Jenkins, David of Kirby Stearns, Rocksa of Victory Feb 10 4/3/1864
Jerome, John of Irasburgh Spring, Miss Adaline of Glover Glover Aug 22 9/15/1860
Jewell, Albin of Lunenburgh Bennett, Miss Martha of Victory Northumberland, NH Nov 16 12/8/1860
Johnson, Henry E. of Amherst, MA Bugbee, Miss Jane E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 20 11/30/1861
Johnston, Rev. N. R. of Topsham Rogers, Miss Rosamond of Albany New York City March 1 3/18/1860
Jones, Bradley E. of Victory Wadleigh, Viola of Hatley, C. E. Lyndon Nov 24 12/8/1860
Jones, Charles of Boston Finney, Miss Marilla of Burke Burke Sept 15 10/10/1863
Jones, John S. of Danville Pierce, Mrs. Sarah of Danville Peacham Dec 3(1) 2/6/1864
Jones, W. F. of Peacham Caldwell, Miss Margaret of Topsham Danville July 4 7/27/1861
Joslyn, Lieut. E. G. Fisher, Susan J. of Cabot Cabot Jan 25 2/27/1864
Joslyn, Myron W. of Barton Little, Miss Ellen E. of Barton Barton Feb 27 3/25/1860
Judevine, Harvey Esq., of Concord Holbrook, Miss Angie S. of Concord Lyndon Feb 27 3/9/1861
Judkins, James L. of Danville Magoon, Miss Melvina P. of Girard, IL S. Strafford, VT Oct 22 11/2/1861
Keeler, George P. Mead, Sarah A. of Irasburgh Washington, DC July 24 8/22/1863
Keith, Henry of North Troy Richardson, Mrs. Ann of Potton, CE North Troy Oct 20 11/23/1861
Kellam, Hiram of Irasburgh Brigham, Mary of Brownington Brownington Oct 24 11/15/1862
Kellam, Joseph S. of Irasburgh Ordway, Kittie of Irasburgh Irasburgh April 1 4/12/1862
Kelley, George W. of Newport Herrick, Miss Salome of Troy North Troy Jan 1 1/21/1860
Kelley, Reuben E. of Wheelock Perrigo, Miss Jane of St Johnsbury Wheelock 11/1/1862
Kelly, Henry of Lyndon McSherry, Bridget of Lyndon St Johnsbury Ctr Sept 13 11/3/1860
Kelpinger, Edward R. of Guilford Ellis, Annie E. of Montpelier Barnet Sept 6 10/8/1864
Kelsey, Martin L. of Brunswick, OH Daggett, Miss Mary M. of Coventry Coventry 10/5/1861
Kendall, J. M. of Hardwick Hill, Miss Louisa A. of Hardwick E. Hardwick Jan 23 2/2/1861
Kendall, William of Gorham, Maine Spalding, Miss Betsey of Island Pond Brighton Feb 10 4/6/1861
Keniston, Roberson of Cabot Ayers, Miss Lucy Jane of Greensboro Greensboro Aug 29 9/21/1861
Kennedy, Capt. R. A. Rowell, Addie E. of Dr. R. F. Rowell of Waterford Waterford March 3 3/19/1864
Kenney, Lyman W. of Danville Eaton, Philura of Irasburgh Irasburgh Dec 24 1/25/1862
Kent, Edward R. of Lancaster Burton, Miss Addie D. of Guildhall Guildhall Jan 16 2/1/1862
Kent, J. of Lancaster Day, Miss Angie of Littleton Littleton, NH 12/28/1861
Kent, Preston W. of Pawtucket, RI Fletcher, Katherine of Lyndon Lyndon Feb 19 3/22/1862
Keyser, Scott of Haverhill, NH Stocker, Miss Mary E. of Danville Danville Dec 3(1) 1/9/1864
Kidder, Joseph Swett, Electa L. Peacham Aug 17 9/3/1864
Kilbourne, Dr. Edwin A. of Montpelier Hardy, Miss Sarah Jane of Bradford Bradford Jan 3 1/21/1860
Kilby, William T. of Newport Brooks, Miss Persis of Newport Barton May 24 6/2/1860
Kimball, Isaac of Cabot Wells, Miss Jannette L. of Cabot Cabot Jan 7 3/4/1860
Kimball, Lieut, F. M. Hoyt, Miss Sue S. of Cabot Cabot Sept 27 10/10/1863
Kimball, Richard G. of Barton Brown, Miss Harriet K. of Barton Montpelier Oct 17 10/29/1864
King, Charles B. of St Johnsbury Woods, Miss Jane of St Johnsbury Passumpsic Village Nov 29 12/22/1860
King, Charles C. of Albany Wright, Miss Julia A. of Albany Albany Sept 29 11/7/1863
King, Charles W. of Lunenburgh Chandler, Miss Jennie E. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Dec 26 1/5/1861
Kingman, William W. of S. Reading Whitney, Marietta of West Barnet So. Reading, MA Aug 29 9/20/1862
Kittredge, C. A. of Walden Capron, Miss Clarissa L. of Walden Walden Jan 1 1/21/1860
Kittredge, Ira of Kirby Evans, Mrs. Olive of Lyndon Lyndon March 17 4/3/1864
Knapp, Francis L. of Cabot Eddy, Miss Elvira of Peacham Peacham June 19 7/7/1860
Knapp, William C. of Peru, IL Bronson, Miss Ellen A. of Lyndon East Burke 9/1/1860
Knight, George W. of Concord Palmer, Miss Ellen M. of Concord E. ST Johnsbury Feb 28 3/25/1860
Knight, Reuben C. of Walden Mudget, Miss Mary R. of Walden E. Hardwick Dec 18 12/29/1860
Ladd, Asa of Burke Whitten, Miss Hannah of Sutton Sutton 2/15/1862
Ladd, Silas H. of Lyndon Branch, Mrs. Adaline K. of Lyndon Lyndon Dec 31 1/18/1862
Ladd, William Wallace of Waterford Gilbert, Miss Almeda Viola of Concord Concord Jan 1 1/19/1861
LaForse, William of Danville Reney, Olivevine of Sherbrooke, C.E. Danville April 25 5/7/1864
Lagrasse, Anthony of Morgan Davis, Miss Rosetta M. of Sutton Lyndon Sept 2(5) 10/21/1860
Lake, Joseph B. of Quincy, MA Wason, Miss Sarah of S. Ryegate S. Ryegate Jan 21 2/4/1860
Lance, Byron J. of Cabot Paige, Mary E. of Cabot Cabot Jan 20 2/14/1863
Lane, Augustus C. of Newport Bodwell, Esther of Stanstead Newport Oct 16 11/5/1864
Larned, Daniel of Lyndon Severance, Mrs. Rebecca of St Johnsbury Lyndon Sept 27 10/21/1860
Lawrence, Lyman of Danville Harris, Miss Sarah Jane of Danville Danville March 4 3/14/1863
Lawrence, William H. of St Johnsbury Holt, Lucy of Danville St Johnsbury May 1 5/17/1862
Lawson, Chester of Walden Miles, Mary J. of Walden Walden Aug 17 8/30/1862
Lawton, James D. of Burke Woodruff, Juliet of Newark Newark May 27 6/13/1863
Leach, A. J. of North Troy Aldrich, Miss Phoebe A. of North Troy North Troy May 1 6/8/1861
Leavins, Moses C. of Morgan Marsh, Miss Flora Ann of Holland W. Charleston Oct 23 11/17/1860
Lee, R. H. of St. Johnsbury Richardson, Lavinia P. of Middlesex Middlesex Feb 19 3/15/1862
Leighton, Samuel W. of Danville Way, Mrs. Sybil of Danville Danville Dec 25 12/28/1861
Leonard, Charles H. Wheeler, Miss Jenny of New Castle, NH Portsmouth, NH Aug 11? 8/22/1863
Leonard, Sanford A. of Glover Brown, Miss Hannah P. of Sheffield E. Hardwick May 2 5/19/1860
Lewis, Charles F. of Littleton Cobleigh, Miss Charlotte of Littleton Bethlehem, NH July 4 7/21/1860
Lewis, Jonathan Moses, Miss Lucinda Coventry March 6 3/30/1861
Lilley, Luther of Danville & Concord, VT Bailey, Mrs. Anna P. of Hydepark Eden Dec 25 1/19/1861
Lincoln, Samuel of Albany Jones, Miss Violetta R. of Newport Newport July 10 8/3/1861
Lindsey, Phineas K. of Calais Stephens, Miss Elmina M. of Cabot Woodbury July 19 9/19/1863
Littlemore, Philip of St Arbor, C. E. Stebbins, Martha H. of Lowell Lowell April 26 6/4/1864
Livingston, Smith B. of Peacham Adams, Miss Ann L. of Danville Danville April 26 5/5/1860
Lockling, Elias B. of Lyndon Deos, Miss Mary Ann of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 1 1/14/1860
Lord, Nathaniel of Charleston Welch, Levina of Lowell, MA Derby Line Jan 10 1/31/1863
Lougee, Joseph of Derby Dodge, Miss Lucy A. of Derby Derby Nov 28 12/14/1861
Lunt, A. R. Hicks, Susan M. Derby Feb 7 2/27/1864
Lyford, Peter of Cabot Barney, Mary of Berlin Berlin Jan 4 1/23/1864
Madison, Donald of Danville Woodward, Miss Caroline of Danville Danville Jan 4 1/10/1863
Magoon, E. B. of St Johnsbury Clement, Miss Mattie J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Sept 20 9/30/1860
Manning, John of Danville Tilton, Miss Ellen S. of Danville Danville March 18 4/4/1863
Manuel, C. C. of Troy Wheeler, Miss Martha of Troy North Troy Jan 10 3/2/1861
Manuel, Ira F. of North Troy Porter, Miss Abby J. of North Troy North Troy April 6 4/19/1862
Marckres, A. D. Hunter, Sarah S. Glover June 11 6/27/1863
Marshall, Charles G. of St Johnsbury Humphrey, Martha J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr March 22 4/5/1862
Marshall, Jesse Jr. of Burke Thomas, Isabelle M. of Burke Sutton July 30 8/16/1862
Martin, Aaron H. of Peacham Herring, Miss Mary Jane of Moretown Barre July 7 7/27/1861
Martin, B. B. of North Danville Silsby, Louisa of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Oct 9 10/25/1862
Martin, Truman, Jr. of Peacham Miner, Miss Frances A. of Peacham Peacham Sept 26 10/14/1860
Martin, Willard S. of Marshfield Lewis, Miss Fanny of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier Feb 21 3/30/1860
Masinon, Charles of Barton Norris, Miss Salome of Albany Derby Feb 6 3/8/1862
Mason, A. Darwin of Monroe, NH Hunt, Miss Mary Jane of Lyman, NH St Johnsbury Jan 22 2/2/1861
Mason, Hale of Boston, MA Frye, Dulcinea E. of Waterford Newport July 4 7/10/1864
Mason, Henry L. of Cabot Gile, Miss Nellie of Wolcott Wolcott July 1 7/12/1862
Mathews, Heman of West Concord Kenney, Lucy of Danville West Concord Oct 6 10/17/1863
Mathewson, James E. Quimby, Mary E. of Lyndon Lyndon July 11 7/30/1864
Matthewson, Epaphras C. of Wheelock Marsh, Miss Nancy E. of Lyndon Lyndon July 10 7/27/1861
Mattocks, James B. of Danville Weeks, Miss Augusta M. of Danville Danville Nov 19 11/28/1863
May, Dan G. Tabor, Ellen M. of Rev. L. H. Tabor West Concord Dec 31 1/11/1862
McCasco, John of Danville Russell, Cynthia of Danville Walden Dec 14 12/27/1862
McClellan, Thomas of Albany Dow, Alvina H. of Albany Albany 5th inst 1/18/1862
McColl, John of Ryegate Gibson, Miss Jane of Ryegate Ryegate Jan 19 2/18/1860
McConnell, Horace W. of Albany Moores, Miss Almira of Glover Albany April 3 4/28/1860
McDonald, Harvey B. of Danville Martin, Miss Martha Jane of Danville St Johnsbury Nov 7 11/16/1861
McDonald, William of Kirby A(lb)e, Miss of Kirby Lyndon Dec 29 1/21/1860
McEwan, James of Passumpsic Fenley, Miss Lizzie of Passumpsic St Johnsbury Jan 12 1/28/1860
McFarlin, William of Newark Cheney, Sophia E. of Newark Newark Oct 3 10/17/1863
McGaffee, James of Wheelock Meserve, Sarah J. of Wheelock March 16 5/14/1864
McGaffey, Capt. S. R. of Lyndon Bemis, Katie of Lyndon West Concord Jan 6 1/23/1864
McGaffey, S. I. of Lyndon Fletcher, Miss L. H. of Lyndon St Johnsbury Ctr June 3 6/23/1861
McLaren, Carlos S. of N. Hydepark (E)astion, Miss Augusta of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 7 7/11/1863
McLellan, Franklin of Glover French, N. Irene of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/25/1862
McMillan, William J. of Barnet Stuart, Sarah J. of Barnet Barnet March 16 4/3/1864
McMurry, R. of Cherokee Johnson, Miss Ellen M. of Barnet Marysville, CA March 13 5/18/1861
McNeal, C. R. of Barton Wiggins, Miss Eliza E. of Barton Lyndon March 28 4/13/1861
McNiel, Alonzo Hill, Mary of Rev. Lewis Hill Barton Jan 1 1/17/1863
Megennis, William of Concord Pattis, Mrs. B. F. of Concord Lancaster Sept 1 9/24/1864
Merchant, Joseph L. of St Johnsbury Knox, Helen L. of Kirby Kirby June 22 7/10/1864
Merit, Dea. Bronson of Georgia Gregg, Miss Achsah of Albany West Albany Oct 15 11/9/1861
Merrill, Orrin of Barton Hanson, Miss Nancy L. of Brownington Barton? Oct 8 11/3/1860
Merrill, William of Boston Symes, Emeline of Ryegate Ryegate Nov 15 12/3/1864
Merritt, James W. of Barre Gilbert, Miss Louise A. of Danville Danville Jan 2(4) 1/30/1864
Meserve, Charles G. Hill, Sarah A. Sheffield May 10 6/11/1864
Meutchan, C. Downer of Craftsbury Mason, Miss Susan A. of Craftsbury South Hardwick Sept 4 10/5/1861
Miles, Alonzo A. of St Johnsbury Bennett, Miss Emily E. of Waterford St Johnsbury Ctr Jan 1 1/12/1861
Miles, Charles H. of Albany Fairbrother, Miss Adella of Albany Albany Aug 13 8/31/1861
Miles, Dr. George W. of Baraboo, Wisc. Ide, Miss Mary E. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Feb 21 3/4/1860
Miles, Dr. George W. of Lyndon Chamberlin, Sarah A. of Constable, NY Constable, NY Sept 28 10/23/1863
Miles, Thomas of St Johnsbury Thomas, Mrs. Amy A. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr 10/1/1864
Miller, William of Fairhaven Foster, Miss Mary of Chelsea & Walden Chelsea Feb 1 2/18/1860
Mills, John S. of Craftsbury Webster, Miss Hannah E. of Wolcott Craftsbury Nov 29 3/2/1861
Montgomery, C. G. of Hardwick Cheever, Miss Lydia A. of Hardwick Hardwick Aug 1 8/18/1860
Mooney, C. G. of Newport Coffran, Rebecca A. of Wheelock Wheelock 11/26/1864
Moor, George P. Gilkerson, Miss Hattie of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury March 19 4/30/1864
Moore, Allen M. of Plattsburg, NY Hazeltine, Louisa W. of Waterford Waterford Oct 19 11/5/1864
Moore, William H. of Danville Davis, Lucy of Bliss N. Davis Esq. of Danville Danville May 20 5/23/1863
Morey, Norman E. of Westfield Taylor, Miss Mary D. of Newport Coventry March 12 4/7/1860
Morgan, John H. of Stanton, Wisc. Coburn, Miss Mary E. of Cabot Cabot Sept 23 11/10/1860
Morrill, Abel Jr. of Cabot Morse, Miss Nancy M. of Danville Danville March 12 3/19/1864
Morrill, James F. of Derby Sawyer, Miss Agusta E. of Derby Derby Oct 24 11/9/1861
Morrill, Oscar F. of Cabot Kimball, Miss Clara B. of Cabot Cabot Dec 20 1/14/1860
Morrison, Bradley W. of Groton Whitehill, Marion A. of Barnet Barnet Nov 3 11/21/1863
Morse, Alexander of Barnet Woods, Alice of Barnet Passumpsic July 17 8/2/1862
Morse, Dearborn of Island Pond Leach, Sarah L. of Island Pond Island Pond June 20 1/18/1862
Morse, Denison of Concord Woodbury, Miss Angeline of Concord Lunenburgh Aug 28 9/21/1861
Morse, Henry of Cabot Weeks, Miss Ruth P. of Danville North Danville Nov 28 12/7/1861
Morse, John F. Gracey, Mary Nell Jan 19 2/15/1862
Morse, John F. of Peacham Gracy, Miss Mary E. of Peacham Peacham Jan 19 2/8/1862
Morse, Joshua O. of Peacham Waldo, Miss Emily of Peacham Peacham Feb 21 3/7/1863
Morse, Wallace L. of Danville Felch, Miss Abbie C. of Danville Danville Sept 7 9/17/1864
Moulton, Daniel Q. of Holland Morrill, Miss Lydia of Derby Derby Dec 30 1/19/1861
Moulton, Dr. A. J. of Francestown, NH Scott, A. D. of Glover Glover Nov 29 12/22/1860
Moulton, Edwin of Wells River Hibbard, Miss Serephina A. of Bath Bath, NH May 28 6/8/1861
Moulton, Reuben C. of Sutton Willey, Lewellah of Sutton Lyndon June 15 6/28/1862
Moulton, Van Ness D. of Concord Cutting, Adaline E. of Concord Lunenburgh Oct 19 10/30/1863
Moulton, William F. of Lowell Morse, Julia Ellen of Underhill Underhill Aug 28 9/14/1861
Musk, Isaac of Derby Morse, Miss Martha Jane of Newport Newport Oct 17 12/8/1860
Nay, Alvin of Danville Harris, Miss Louisa of Danville Danville Jan 1 1/4/1862
Nelson, Ethan S. of Wheelock Taft, Miss Emily A. of Sutton Sutton Feb 6 3/2/1861
Nelson, Stephen R. of Hardwick Cool, Miss Percis L. of Wheelock E. Hardwick? May 4 5/18/1861
Nelson, William J. of Sheffield Wood, Fanny D. of Glover Glover Feb 7? 3/5/1864
Newcomb, Isaac of Stanstead, C.E. Macomber, Miss Elizabeth of Derby Center Island Pond June 20 6/30/1861
Newell, Alonzo of Newark Hardy, Lucy A. of Wheelock East Charleston Sept 14 10/3/1863
Newell, Marshall W. of East Burke Godding, Lavina R. of East Burke East Burke Oct 14 11/1/1862
Newland, Augustus P. of Morristown Tice, Miss Jane M. of Danville Danville Aug 25 9/1/1860
Nichols, John of Wolcott Fisher, Miss Susan of Craftsbury North Wolcott Nov 17 1/19/1861
Niles, Hiram O. of Newport Smith, Miss Louisa R. of Wheelock North Danville Jan 1 1/12/1861
Noble, David of Kingsey, CE Cross, Miss Mary D. of Hardwick ST Johnsbury Oct 8 10/21/1860
Northrop, Joseph of Peacham Farrington, Miss Catharine of Peacham Danville Sept 3 9/15/1860
Noyes, Moses M. of Sutton Richardson, Miss Aurilla of Sutton Sutton May 15 5/31/1862
Nye, George H. of Irasburgh Howard, Miss Julia L. of Albany Albany Oct 1 10/19/1861
Nye, Salmon of Irasburgh Wheelock, Martha E. of Coventry Coventry Nov 3 11/22/1862
Oderkird, William H. of Danville Bovee, Miss Mary A. of Danville St Johnsbury July 26 8/2/1862
Olcutt, Nathaniel of Lunenburgh Spaulding, Sophronia of Lowell, MA East St Johnsbury Jan 1 3/5/1864
O'Neil, James of St Johnsbury Bray, Mary A. of Danville St Johnsbury Nov 10 11/21/1863
Ordway, Alonzo B. of Troy Brown, Miss Nancy D. of Coventry Coventry Oct 6 11/12/1864
Ordway, Cyron P. of Brownington Joslyn, Miss Ferona C. of Brownington Brownington July 5 7/17/1864
Orton, Lyman S. of Fairfax Stevens, Miss Ellen M. of Walden Walden Jan 17 1/26/1861
Otis, Chauncey D. of Sheffield Townsend, Miss Lydia A. of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 4 1/14/1860
Owen, Marcus of St Johnsbury Thompson, J(ane) M. of Lisbon Lisbon, NH 6/21/1862
Paddleford, Comer B. of N. Monroe Porter, Sarah M. of Lyman Lyman, NH Feb 11 7/10/1864
Page, Austin N. of Irasburg Peavey, Lodema of Irasburg Irasburg Sept 14 10/3/1863
Page, George L. of Cabot Maxfield, Miss Kate L. of Craftsbury E. Hardwick Dec 14 12/21/1861
Page, George of Glover Paine, Miss Marian W. of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/19/1861
Page, Henry C. of Barton Landing Woods, Debby of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 4 11/26/1864
Page, Jabez of Albany Ferr, Mrs. Anna B. of Coventry Coventry Dec 4 12/21/1861
Page, Jonathan of Groton Ford, Olive G. of Topsham Washington Dec 4 12/27/1862
Paige, Austin B. Stone, Mary B. St Johnsbury Jan 29 2/14/1863
Paige, Hon. George H. of Cabot Colburn, Miss Florinda R. of Cabot Cabot Aug 13 9/6/1862
Paine, Henry H. of Albany Baxter, Josie S. of Glover Glover Aug 29 9/24/1864
Palmer, Edward C. of Danville Shepard, Miss Mary M. of Peacham Peacham Oct 28 11/3/1860
Palmer, Frank Rolfe of late Gov. Palmer of D. Chamberlin, Emily Sarah of Capt Harry Chamberlin of D. Danville May 28 5/31/1862
Park, Silas of Lyndon Stamford, Mrs. Judith M. of Lyndon Lyndon Dec 15 1/14/1860
Parker, Abel of Danville Carr, Miss Elizabeth Ann of Danville Danville Oct 15 10/18/1862
Parker, Alonzo D. of Concord Silsby, Persus of Lunenburgh Lancaster, NH Oct 18 10/30/1863
Parker, Amos of Newark Stanford, Abigail M. of Burke Burke Oct 9 10/25/1862
Parker, Andrew of E. Montpelier Spencer, Miss Rhoda A. of Cabot Cabot Jan 1 1/28/1860
Parker, Corydon of Sutton Hodgdon, Miss Mary A. of Sutton Lyndon Nov 14 11/30/1861
Parker, Henry D. of Barton Davis, Miss Ataresia A. of Newark Newark April 24 5/11/1861
Parker, James of Barnet Stephenson, Isabelle O. of Barnet Littleton, NH Sept 6 10/15/1864
Parker, Nathan L. of Lyndon Porter, Sophia H. of Wheelock Wheelock Sept 14 9/26/1863
Parker, Samuel B. of Lowell French, Miss Sarah J. of Lowell Newport July 17 8/10/1861
Parklow, George E. of Stanstead, C. E. Felch, Miss Celinda E. of Holland Brownington July 22 8/10/1861
Parks, Levi P. of Passumpsic Miller, Hattie M. of Passumpsic Littleton, NH July 16? 8/16/1862
Parks, William of Springfield, MA & St Johnsbury Aldrich, Miss Myra A. of Springfield Worcester, MA Sept 20 10/7/1860
Pates, George A. of Waterbury Strong, Miss Ellen J. of Glover Glover 9/7/1861
Patrol, John of Warren Perkins, Miss Catharine of Glover Glover Nov 19 12/22/1860
Peabody, William E. of Orange Guild, Miss Lutheria of Coventry Coventry Feb 13 2/25/1860
Pearl, Silas H. of Albany White, Miss Lydia E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 12 2/25/1860
Pearlman, E. P. of Hardwick Sprague, Mrs. Martha M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 25 9/7/1861
Pearson, Edward P. Abbott, Julia A. of Ryegate Peacham Oct 2(1) 11/1/1862
Pearsons, Daniel of Wolcott Peck, Miss Amelia R. of Wolcott S. Hardwick May 26 6/1/1861
Pearsons, Solon D. of Irasburgh Allen, Miss Christina of Barton Irasburgh July 6 7/27/1861
Penniman, Leonard of St Johnsbury Moxley, Mary Jane of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 6 1/17/1863
Perkins, Charles of Walden Jackson, Miss Ruth A. of Goshen Gore E. Hardwick May 30 6/16/1860
Perry, Anthony A. Gunn, Miss Julia A. of Cabot Cabot ? Nov 1 11/15/1862
Perry, W. H. of Irasburgh Hill, Abbie E. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 23 3/1/1862
Peterson, William Fern, Miss Bridgett St Johnsbury Jan 10 1/28/1860
Phelps, Samuel Blakesly, Miss Anna Lunenburgh Sept 26 10/28/1860
Philbrook, Adams of S. Hardwick Wakefield, Miss Eliza M. of S. Hardwick S. Hardwick Nov 28 12/21/1861
Phillips, Henry F. of Glover Baxter, Miss Lora P. of Albany Albany Jan 15 2/2/1861
Phippen, Amasa R. of Lyndon Wells, Harriet L. of Burke Burke Aug 10 9/13/1862
Pica(tt)i, Lawrence of West Fairlee Fiunegan, Julia of West Fairlee St Johnsbury Nov 2 11/14/1863
Pierce, George of Lunenburgh Barnard, Martha of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Feb 3 2/22/1862
Pierce, John M. of Barton Smith, Mary E. of Barton Glover Dec 19 1/18/1862
Pierce, Tillotson J. of Stanstead, C. E. Daggett, Miss Harriet B. of Coventry Coventry Sept 25 10/5/1861
Pierce, William C. of Danville Keach, Miss Julia S. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 21 1/19/1861
Pinney, Sherman S. of Wolcott Guyer, Miss Elvira W. of Wolcott Wolcott March 5 3/14/1863
Plummer, David of Boston, MA Hathaway, Miss Julia of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier June 13 7/14/1860
Poland, Ezra E. Silsby, Sally G. St Johnsbury March 4 3/21/1863
Pope, Charles B. of Chicago, IL Burnham, Sarah of Hon. D. R. Burnham of Plymouth Plymouth, NH Jan 1 1/17/1863
Pope, Daniel W. P. Perry, Harriet M. Irasburgh Feb 24 3/21/1863
Pope, George P. of Calif. Varney, Helen J. of N. Danville Chelsea, MA Feb 1(1) 3/5/1864
Porter, Adoniram Judson of Hardwick Smith, Miss Lizze E. of Passumpsic East Hardwick July 29 8/10/1861
Porter, Alonzo of S. Hardwick Perrin, Miss Lucetta of S. Hardwick S. Hardwick Nov (5) 12/21/1861
Porter, Eleazer Elkins, Carrie M. North Troy 3/21/1863
Porter, Peter of Newport Norris, Miss Jerusha of Newport Newport Nov 25 12/29/1860
Powell, Col. Edward Henry Rowell, Ellen Grace of A. Judson Rowell of N. Troy North Troy Nov 30 12/24/1864
Powers, A. B. Marcy, C. R. Craftsbury Jan 25 3/5/1864
Powers, Charles of Sutton Switson, Lydia of Sutton Lyndon July 6 7/26/1862
Powers, F. V. of Waterford French, Miss Phebe B. of Glover Glover May 14 5/26/1860
Powers, Ira A. of Newport Wilson, Miss Orril C. of Troy North Troy July 28 8/18/1860
Powers, Ira of Woodstock Eldridge, Harriet of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Dec 26 1/18/1862
Powers, Isaac L. of Waterford Houghton, Emma J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Sept 4 9/13/1862
Powers, Lovell A. of Newark Paquin, Miss Harriet of Sutton Sutton April 15 4/28/1860
Powers, Lyman of Lyndon Howe, Frances A. of Northfield Manchester, NH June 8 8/6/1864
Powers, Samuel of St Johnsbury Snell, Sarah of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr April 5 4/23/1864
Powers, Stephen of Lunenburgh Kilby, Mrs. Martha of Burke East Burke March 21 4/3/1864
Powers, Thaddeus of Lunenburgh Grant, Miss Dorcas A. of Concord E. ST Johnsbury March 8 3/25/1860
Powers, Walter of Bath, NH Cheever, Miss Ellen E. of Hardwick East Hardwick Jan 16 1/28/1860
Prentiss, Benjamin B. of Hardwick Porter, Miss Loisa M. of Hardwick East Hardwick Nov 24 12/7/1861
Proper, A. R. of Franklin, Vt Cheney, Miss Mary S. of Danville Washington, DC Feb 15 6/11/1864
Purmit, C. D. of Georgia Porter, Emma of North Troy North Troy Jan 3 2/15/1862
Putnam, J. C. of Newbury Bowley, Mrs. Lucinda B. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr July 16 8/13/1864
Quimby, Francis E. of Lyndon Drew, Cynthia J. of Barton Barton May 28 6/14/1862
Quimby, Joseph H. of Washington, VT Nute, Miss Mary Addie of Peacham Haverhill, NH Feb 4 2/25/1860
Randall, Elias O. of Glover Clark, Miss Eleanor R. of Glover Glover Sept 13 10/7/1860
Randall, Thomas R. of St Johnsbury Sargent, Miss Sarah P. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Feb 29 4/7/1860
Randall, Willard of Lyndon Smith, Rowancy of Lyndon Lyndon Feb 8 6/6/1863
Ranney, Scotto C. of Kirby True, Philena E. of Kirby Lyndon Oct 10 12/8/1860
Ray, William Aug of Delavan, Wisc. Chandler, Miss Susie dau of Maj. John Kelsey of IL Bloomington, IL Oct 29 12/6/1862
Raymond, George of Derby Bennett, Mary of Stanstead, C. E. Derby Line Jan 14 1/31/1863
Redington, Major E. D. Chamberlin, Mary A. of Hon. Ephraim Chamberlin ST Johnsbury Nov 15 11/26/1864
Reed, James G. of Burlington Fay, Miss Martha R. of Barnet Barnet Oct 3 10/21/1860
Reed, N. D. of West Concord Drew, Maria of West Concord West Concord Dec 1 12/12/1863
Renfrew, Alexander of Ryegate Shaw, Elizabeth J. of Barnet Barnet March 17 4/9/1864
Reynolds, W. W. of St Johnsbury K(eh)ling, Miss Lucy C. of Strafford Strafford Jan 24 3/4/1860
Rhodes, Charles A. of West Burke Carlton, Miss Ann of West Burke East Burke June 8 6/23/1861
Rhodes, Charles H. of Chesterfield Drewry, Miss M. E. P. of H. F. Drewry of Chesterfield Chesterfield, VA Dec 5 1/5/1861
Rice, Hugh of Newark McFarlin, Elizabeth of Canada St Johnsbury Oct 8 10/22/1864
Rice, James of Montpelier Stevens, Miss Carrie E. of Greensboro Greensboro July 9 7/20/1861
Rich, Melvin of Guildhall Jenkins, Lovina E. of East Burke Littleton, NH? Sept 28 10/15/1864
Richardson, Elias Jr of Albany Watson, Miss Maria of Irasburgh Craftsbury Oct 15 11/3/1860
Richardson, Jacob Jr. of Concord Kellogg, Lovina A. of Concord St Johnsbury Dec 2 12/20/1862
Richardson, Nathaniel H. of Gardner, MA Whitcher, Miss Julia A. of Newbury Newbury Nov 7 12/22/1860
Richmond, Kendrick of Newport Pratt, Mary E. of Newport Newport June 10 6/28/1862
Ricker, Benjamin M. of Groton Plummer, Miss Helen M. of S. Ryegate S. Ryegate Sept 24 10/8/1864
Ricker, Isaac M. of Groton Taisey, Miss Mary J. of Groton Groton Dec 3 1/16/1864
Ro(ot), H. B. of Milton, MA Elkins, Orlena of Sheffield Sheffield June 7 6/25/1864
Robbins, Simon B. of Craftsbury Works, Miss Harriet of Craftsbury Craftsbury 1/12/1861
Roben, Douglass G. of Ryegate Montgomery, Miss Margaret of Glasgow, Scotland Patterson, NJ Dec 28 1/71860
Roberts, Marvin of Marshfield Brown, Miss Sarah A. of Calais Marshfield Aug 13 8/31/1861
Robinson, Amos H. of St Johnsbury Hurlbutt, Miss Elvira of St Johnsbury Littleton, NH March 5 4/23/1864
Robinson, J. Owen of Barnston, CE Drew, Miss Lucy A. of Sheffield Glover Jan 1 1/26/1861
Robinson, John W. of Walden Pillsbury, Miss Roxana of Walden Danville Sept 7 9/13/1862
Robinson, L. R. Harvey, Emily I. Burke Oct 20 11/7/1863
Roble, Lewis B. of St Johnsbury Howard, Milly B. of Thetford St Johnsbury Dec 27 2/27/1864
Rogers, Dr. G. O. Fiske, Miss Addie S. of Guildhall Lowell, MA May 31 6/23/1860
Rollins, George C. of Stanstead, C. E. Putney, Miss Lucy M. of Coventry Walden Feb 6 2/27/1864
Root, C. A. of South Hardwick Bailey, Miss B. E. of Woodbury Cabot Aug 28 9/14/1861
Root, Charles S. of Coventry Gould, Miss Mattie P. of Newport Newport Aug 27 9/14/1861
Root, George of Benson Swett, Miss Lucy Jane of Danville Benson Oct 18 10/28/1860
Rose, James B. Fl(o)ck, Elizabeth A. of Melbourne, C. E. St J Ctr Oct 4 10/17/1863
Roundy, Justin O. of Newport Sprague, Julia E. of Derby Irasburgh March 19 4/12/1862
Roundy, William R. of Sutton Ladd, Miss Caroline D. of Lyndon Sutton July 1 7/14/1860
Rowell, Charles S. of Albany Lord, Miss Jennett A. of Albany West Albany March 14 4/14/1860
Ruggles, Anson N., MD of Cabot Morrill, Miss Margaret I. of Abel Morrill of Cabot Cabot Nov 11 11/29/1862
Ruggles, John F. of Sutton Flint, Laurietta B. of Sutton Barton ? Oct 11 ? 10/29/1864
Russell, Henry P. of Danville Fry, Miss Mary A. of Windsor, C. E. Danville March 24 4/4/1863
Russell, Luther W. of West Concord Spaulding, Flavilla A. of West Concord West Concord Nov 24 12/10/1864
Ruter, Nelson F. of Cabot Adams, Miss Susan D. of Cabot Danville May 20 6/7/1862
Ryder, Elisha of Coventry Wood, Miss Lucy J. of Coventry Derby Nov 5 11/23/1861
Sabin, Oliver L. of Craftsbury Smith, Mary F. of Goshen Gore East Hardwick June 17 7/11/1863
Safford, W. Augustus of Boston Darling, Susie Meriam of Col. J. G. Darling of Concord Chelsea, MA 12/17/1864
Sanborn, Lucius L. Chamberlin, Mary A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 19 2/13/1864
Sanborn, O. E. Currier, Jennie S. North Troy Feb 17 3/21/1863
Sanborn, Warren W. of Danville Clifford, Miss Charlotte N. of Danville Danville June 3 6/7/1862
Sanborn, William W. of Concord Tirrell, Orma C. of Concord Concord April 12 4/25/1863
Sargeant, A. J. of New London, NH Dewey, Miss Juliette of New London, NH McIndoe's Falls 5/11/1861
Sargent, Albert D. of Danville Batchelder, Miss Mattie A. of Danville Lyndon Jan 14 2/1/1862
Sargent, Charles of St Johnsbury Mudgett, Sarah J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury May 12 6/11/1864
Sargent, Wesley of St Johnsbury Hall, Orlana A. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr Jan 1 1/17/1863
Savage, Horace B. Esq. of Lisbon, NH Dailey, Miss Helen M. of Coventry Coventry May 28 6/23/1860
Savage, John W. of Ryegate Towne, Miss Mary E. of Littleton, NH Newbury Sept 27 10/21/1860
Sawyer, Ira M. of Newport Sanborn, Miss Elizabeth of Orange Plainfield Jan 19 1/17/1863
Sawyer, Nathaniel P. of Albany Sylvester, Miss Ann of Irasburgh Irasburgh 1st inst 1/18/1862
Sawyer, Peter of Wolcott Bingham, Miss Lucinda H. of Hydepark North Wolcott Jan 1 1/19/1861
Sawyer, W. F. of Marshfield Edson, Miss H. A. of Marshfield Marshfield April 17 4/30/1864
Scott, C. W., M. D. of Lyndon Chamberlin, Violet E. of Albany Albany Aug 24 9/13/1862
Seaver, Clarendon S. of Barton Sessions, Miss Stella M. of Coventry Coventry Oct 1 11/2/1861
Severance, Osman of St Johnsbury Banfill, Sarah J. of St Johnsbury E. St Johnsbury July 17 7/30/1864
Sewell, Levi S. of St Johnsbury Foster, Miss Martha S. of Peacham Peacham Dec 4 12/15/1860
Shaw, Benoni E. of Newport Cutting, Maria of Derby Derby Feb 12 3/7/1863
Shaw, James Bailey, Agnes M. Barnet Feb 4 2/27/1864
Shaw, William H. of Peacham Foster, Sarah B. of Peacham Peacham 5/30/1863
Shedd, John H. of Hardwick Schoff, Miss Annette of Stratford Stratford, NH Sept 13 10/7/1860
Shephard, Samuel of Peacham McLean, Mrs. Wealthy of Canada East Danville Dec 3 12/20/1862
Shores, John of Victory Austin, Mary H. of Brunswick East Burke ? Sept 20 10/11/1862
Shorey, Harlan P. of St Johnsbury Bartlett, Ellen F. of West Hartford West Hartford June 5 6/21/1862
Shorey, Moses B. of St Johnsbury Frost, Charlotte of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr Jan 1 1/18/1862
Shute, Sewale of Waterford Stoddard, Miss Mary E. of Waterford Lancaster, NH Dec 29 1/14/1860
Silsby, Mitchell of Lunenburgh Wright, Anna of St Johnsbury Waterford July 15 8/1/1863
Simonds, Benjamin S. of Dalton, NH Kelly, Mary J. of Barnet McIndoe's Falls Nov 2(5) 12/12/1863
Simpson, David of Greensboro Rowell, Miss Jane S. of Albany Albany Jan 12 3/4/1860
Simpson, Hiram of Sheffield Blake, Miss Sarah Ann of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 12 1/28/1860
Simpson, Jeremiah of Sheffield Gray, Mary A. of Sheffield Sheffield Oct 11 11/19/1864
Simpson, John E. Gilbert, Susan E. Lyndon March 9 3/22/1862
Skinner, Daniel Walker, Miss N. Louisa of Brownington Brownington May 4 6/8/1861
Skinner, Daniel of Brownington Walker, Miss Louisa of Brownington Brownington May 4 7/27/1861
Skinner, Nelson F. of Craftsbury Randal, Miss Mirrium G. of Craftsbury Brownington May 2 7/27/1861
Slack, James of Melbourne, C.E. Bowker, Miss Lucy C. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr Nov 12 11/24/1860
Sleeper, Azro A. of Newark Goodell, Ellen A. of Burke Sutton May 27 6/6/1863
Sleeper, Russell T. of Newark Bruce, Miss Sebrintha of Newark Newark July 13 8/17/1861
Smalley, Bradley B. of Burlington Baxter, Miss Caroline of Carlos Baxter Esq., of B. Burlington June 4 6/23/1860
Smith, Abijah Gile, Lizzie M. of Burke Lancaster, NH Aug 26 9/12/1863
Smith, Asa K. of Brownington Grow, Fanny M. of Brownington Brownington Jan 22 2/1/1862
Smith, B. F. of Kirby Dodge, Miss Emeline of Kirby Kirby Jan 13 2/9/1861
Smith, Chas. W. of Burke Cobleigh, Elsie of Sutton Burke Oct 12 10/25/1862
Smith, Cyrus of Victory Kenifield, Mary S. of Holyoke, MA Waterford July 19 9/6/1862
Smith, Dr. J. R. of Wolfborough, NH Worthington, Miss Lucy A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Nov 27 12/13/1862
Smith, Francis A. of Newport Hackett, Miss Lucy J. of Newport Irasburgh Dec 1(1) 12/29/1860
Smith, George P. of Burke Bunday, Annette L. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 2(8) 12/12/1863
Smith, Henry A. of Hardwick Johnson, Ellen G. of Barnet Barnet June 14 6/25/1864
Smith, Henry L. of Newport Phillips, Miss Amanda F. of Troy North Troy April 7 4/28/1860
Smith, Joseph B. of Marshfield St Clair, Miss Orilla of Cabot Cabot April 18 6/16/1860
Smith, Lewis N. of Lunenburgh Aldrich, Miss Delia of Holland Waterford July 2(0) 8/8/1863
Smith, Lowell M. Kilbbee, Miss Esther Ann Burke Oct 22 11/9/1861
Smith, M. Willard of Newark Bemis, Mary P. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 10 11/21/1863
Smith, Marshall G. of Marshfield Underhill, Miss Emily D. of Marshfield Marshfield Nov 17 11/30/1861
Smith, Nathan of Sutton Davis, Miss Adelaide of Sutton Newark March 20 4/7/1860
Smith, Olin H. of East Burke Humphrey, Violetta M. of East Burke East Burke Sept 16 10/11/1862
Smith, W. B. of East Burke Finney, E. W of East Burke Lancaster, NH 11/21/1863
Smith, William of Holland Brown, Miss Alm(eta) C. of Stanstead, C.E. Holland 9/7/1861
Snow, Chauncey M. of Lunenburgh Presby, Miss Eliza of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh May 7 5/25/1861
Somers, James S. of Barnet Gi(bson), Agnes of McIndoe's Falls Barnet Nov 2 11/12/1864
Somers, Sergeant M. J. of Barnet Kenyon, Eliza M. of Wheaton, IL Wheaton, IL Jan 6 2/1/1862
Somers, William F. of Brazil, Indiana & Hardwick Chamberlin, Miss Melissa of Glover Glover Aug 7 8/18/1860
Southworth, G. S. of Vermont Miller, Miss Sarah Algonquin, IL Oct 31 12/1/1860
Spalding, John W. of St Johnsbury Kellogg, Miss Elizabeth C. of Concord West Concord Feb 19 3/2/1861
Spaulding, A. J. of Glover Gleason, Helen of Paper Mill Village, NH Albany Sept 18 10/22/1864
Spaulding, A. J. of Glover Gleason, Helen of Paper Mill Village, NH Albany Sept 18 10/29/1864
Spaulding, E. W. of Lyndon Cook, Adda W. of Concord Concord Corner Feb 2 2/20/1864
Spaulding, Reuben of St Johnsbury Brigham, Miss Susan L. of W. Concord Waterford May 1 5/12/1860
Spears, Allen of Greensboro Barr, Miss Martha of Greensboro Greensboro June 20 7/7/1860
Spencer, Austin of Marshfield S(ims), Miss Sophronia of Cabot Montpelier July 4 7/20/1861
Spencer, Stephen of Marshfield Gale, Miss Uthesia of Plainfield Plainfield March 28 4/14/1860
Spicer, George W. of Enosburgh Sweetser, Miss Julia D. of Danville Enosburgh Dec 27 3/19/1864
Stacy, Curtis L. of Concord Cutting, Miss Viola L. G. of Concord Concord Sept 25 10/14/1860
Stacy, Francis F. of Concord Martin, Annette E. of Waterford St Johnsbury March 20 4/5/1862
Stafford, J. Curtis of E. Hardwick Montgomery, Mary D. of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick March 5 3/15/1862
Stanton, William J., Esq. of N. Danville Ward, Mrs. Laura K. of N. Danville N. Danville Jan 20 2/4/1860
Stearns, Leonard A. of Camp Griffin, VA Lyford, Sarah A. of Stanstead, C.E. Barton Feb 11 2/22/1862
Stebbins, Edwin of Westfield Glidden, Mrs. Aurel C. of Westfield Westfield Dec 9 12/20/1862
Steel, Henry of St Johnsbury Parks, Helen M. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Aug 27 9/6/1862
Steele, Benjamin H. of Derby Line Sumner, Miss Mattie of Hartland Hartland Feb 6 3/2/1861
Stevens, Albert J. of Hardwick Johnson, Miss Julia M. of Hardwick E. Hardwick Jan 15 1/24/1863
Stevens, Charles L. of N. Danville Wakefield, M. C. of Lyndon St Johnsbury Feb 21 3/8/1862
Stevens, H. B. of Brighton Leach, Miss Roxana A. of Burke Burke Dec 7 1/14/1860
Stevens, Henry W. Jordan, Mary P. C. E. Hardwick Dec 4 12/27/1862
Stevens, Otis E. of St Johnsbury Brown, Calista M. of St Johnsbury Lyndon July 8 7/25/1863
Stevens, Pembroke S. of St Johnsbury Flint, Mary S. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 12 11/22/1862
Stevens, Thomas B. of E. Montpelier Bliss, Miss Jane F. of Calais Cabot Dec 3 12/20/1862
Stewart, E. A. of Derby Kelley, Miss Jane of Salem Salem Aug 1 8/25/1860
Stone, Azariah of Cabot Waterman, Mrs. Mary of Cabot Cabot March 1 3/21/1863
Stone, Nathan of Lyndon Miner, Miss Martha S. of Peacham Peacham Jan 3 1/14/1860
Stone, Silas H. of Danville Stocker, Miss Sarah P. of Danville Danville March 25 3/30/1860
Stuart, Charles W. of Lunenburgh Hartshorn, Miss Mariette of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh Jan 18 1/24/1863
Sulham, Albert F. of Danville Hadlock, Miss Isabella F. of Danville Danville Aug 23 9/6/1862
Sumner, Alonzo L. of Calais Carver, Miss Keziah J. of Calais Marshfield March 7 3/30/1861
Swasey, Horace P. of Kirby Bean, Miss Ellen M. of Kirby Lyndon June 12 7/13/1861
Sweatland, Edwin Quimby, Laura of Lyndon Springfield, MA Nov 2(4) 12/12/1863
Swett, Arthur S. of East Hardwick French, Miss Abbe L. of Walden East Hardwick Aug 26 9/6/1862
Swett, Hiram K. of St Johnsbury & Waverly Skillen, Miss Nennie E. of Sidney, OH & Waverly Waverly, Iowa Oct 13 11/16/1861
Tabor, George H. of West Concord Babcock, Lydia C. of West Concord West Concord June 13 7/12/1862
Tabor, Henry C. of Lyndon Rich, Hattie A. of Maidstone East Burke May 15 6/4/1864
Taylor, Alfred Wells, Sarah Newport Oct 10 11/5/1864
Taylor, B. F. of Wheelock Stetson, Miss Amanda M. of Wheelock Wheelock Dec 12 12/29/1860
Taylor, C. R., M.D. of Irasburgh Jameson, Miss Emily E. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Dec 27 1/19/1861
Taylor, Thomas W. of Franklin, NH Bovee, Miss Hattie B. of Danville Danville Jan 1 1/3/1863
Templeton, Charles of E. Montpelier Copeland, Mary Jane of Rev. E. Copeland Plainfield Jan 19 2/8/1862
Tenny, Frederick T. of W. Boylston, MA Houghton, Miss Louisa A. of Danville Holden, MA July 3 7/28/1860
Thomas, Charles W. Bell, Susan P. Lunenburgh March 16 4/30/1864
Thomas, Lewis of Lunenburgh Williams, Clara of Lyman, NH Lisbon, NH Jan 15 1/31/1863
Thompson, Alexander Esq. of St Johnsbury Armington, S. E. of Waterford St Johnsbury Nov 24 12/17/1864
Thompson, William of Lunenburgh Hardy, Sarah L. of Concord Concord Oct 2 10/18/1862
Thornton, Dudley of Greensboro Hastings, Miss Hannah M. of Greensboro Derby Line Nov 18 11/29/1862
Thornton, John C. of Wheelock Thomas, Miss Eliza A. of Wheelock Glover Jan 7 1/26/1861
Thurber, J. P. of Cabot Wilson, Martha W. of T. E. Wilson of Cabot Cabot July 3 8/17/1861
Tice, Charles S. of Danville Clifford, Miss Marian R. of Danville Peacham July (9) 7/21/1860
Tillotson, Charles C. of Westfield Taylor, Eliza Ann S. of Westfield Westfield Dec 18 2/15/1862
Tinker, Henry E. of Brattleboro Skinner, Lizzie of John H. Skinner Esq. of Derby Derby Sept 13 9/26/1863
Tobin, George W., M.D. of Thetford Carr, Mary E. of West Concord St Johnsbury Dec 17 12/26/1863
Torrey, Rev. Joseph Jr. of Hardwick Noble, Marie T. of Burlington Burlington Aug 29 9/14/1861
Towle, William Henry of Victory Emerson, Emily B. of Wheelock Lyndon Sept 8 10/25/1862
Town, Samuel C. of Morristown Terril, Miss Emily M. of Morristown Montpelier Nov 6 11/24/1860
Town, True A. of Woodbury Gibbs, Miss Mary S. of Cabot Montpelier Nov 9 11/24/1860
Trull, Dr. D. N. of Lyndon Mattocks, Miss Nellie C. of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 16 9/30/1860
Turner, Harrison of Newport Cole, Lucy A. of Newport Irasburgh March 25 4/12/1862
Turner, Robert A. of Charlestown, MA Ide, Miss Sarah J. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Sept 12 9/23/1860
Twombly, George W. of Morgan Allbee, Miss Sarah C. of Derby Derby April 10 4/28/1860
Tyler, Milton R. of Irasburgh Wilson, Lizzie J. of Bakersfield Bakersfield March 18 4/12/1862
Underwood, Cyrus of Hardwick Perrin, Miss Caroline of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 29 12/8/1860
Underwood, T. C. of Lancaster, NH Alexander, Miss Mary E. of Lancaster, NH Danville March 8 3/11/1860
Upton, John T. of North Troy Elkins, Harriet N. of North Troy Barton June 28 7/11/1863
Urie, Robert of Craftsbury Cunningham, Miss Elizabeth of Cabot Greensboro May 3 6/23/1860
Uttin, Samuel of Derby Cobb, Emily K. of Derby Derby Line Dec 30 1/31/1863
Valey, Joseph of Barnet Beard, Miss Lucy of Barnet Barnet April 9 5/2/1863
Varney, Harrison of St Johnsbury Hannet, Miss Kate of St Johnsbury Barton March 14 4/14/1860
Varney, James K. of Sheffield Sulloway, Mary Anne of Sheffield Sheffield Oct 2 10/15/1864
Varney, Lewis D. of Sheffield Otis, Miss Malina M. of Sheffield Sheffield Sept 27 10/10/1863
Varnum, B. F. of Peacham Gilfillan, Mariett B of Barnet Barnet Jan 15 2/28/1863
Varnum, John Jr. Hand, Frances M. Peacham Oct 16 11/1/1862
Varnum, Phineas (from his obit) Blanchard, Miss Locada Peacham ? April 7, 1811 3/21/1863
Vermilye, Thomas B. of Brooklyn Mattocks, Jane R. of late Wm Mattocks, Esq. of Danville Brooklyn, NY Sept 18 9/30/1860
Voodry, Henry C. Howard, A. L. of Potton, C. E. Cabot April 24 6/11/1864
Wakefield, Charles C. of Chelsea, MA Varney, Carlie S. of Danville West Concord Oct 29 11/21/1863
Wakefield, Willard P. of Boston, MA Huse, Miss Abby of Danville Danville Aug 20 8/25/1860
Walbridge, Dustin F. of Peacham Hardy, Miss Abbie F. of Peacham Peacham Oct 8 10/21/1860
Walbridge, Edwin L. of Cabot Brown, Mrs. Eliza A. of Cabot Danville March 6 3/9/1861
Walker, Edward A. of St Johnsbury Spooner, Miss Ellen M. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury March 12 3/23/1861
Walker, James W. of Barton Sargent, Miss Augusta E. of Barton Glover Aug 13 9/3/1864
Walker, William F. of Barton Braley, Miss Agusta of Barton Derby Sept 19 11/9/1861
Walkins, Charles C. of Danville Adams, Miss Esther L. of Danville Danville Dec 5 12/13/1862
Wallace, James B. of Concord Kenyon, Mary E. of Concord E. St Johnsbury Jan 13 2/14/1863
Wallace, John S. T. of Barnet Hazelton, Harriet M. of Strafford Strafford Oct 26 11/26/1864
Wallace, Rev. C. C. of Perth Amboy, NJ Bailey, Miss Mary of Newbury Newbury Nov 15 12/22/1860
Walter, Agustus P. of Burke Brockway, Miss Betsie A. of Sutton Derby May 14 5/24/1862
Walter, Augustus P. of Burke Brockway, Betsie A. of Sutton Derby May 14 6/28/1862
Walter, Hibbard A. of East Haven Noyes, Mrs. Lucia L. of Maidstone Maidstone Dec 8 12/29/1860
Walter, K. of Newport Bickford, Miss Julia of Newport Newport Oct 11 11/7/1863
Ward, Daniel J. of Hardwick Belding, Miss Almira A. of Hardwick E. Hardwick March 27 4/9/1864
Ward, Thaddeus of Buffalo, Minn Chickering, Miss Emeline of Danville Danville Oct 14 12/6/1862
Warden, Harvey A. of West Barnet White, N. E. of Montpelier Peacham May 8 6/14/1862
Ware, Curtis J. of Coventry Cleveland, Amanda C. of Coventry Coventry Sept 21 10/3/1863
Watson, Edward Dunham, Olive Irasburgh July 4 8/27/1864
Watson, John of Peacham Silsby, Deborah A. of Sheffield Sutton July 3 9/17/1864
Watson, Leonard W. of Westmore Hunt, Miss Sophia A. of Westmore Westmore April 2 5/3/1862
Way, John of Peacham Judkins, Miss Hannah B. of Danville Peacham July 17 7/26/1862
Weaver, Moses H. of Osceoia, IL Stuart, Miss Sophia of Seth Stuart Esq. of Peacham Neponset, IL Jan 1 1/11/1862
Webster, George of Cabot Norcross, Ellen of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier March 10 3/28/1863
Weed, Andrew J. of Goshen Gore Ramson, Miss Mary Ann of Goshen Gore Goshen Gore Dec 25 2/2/1861
Weeks, Edwin G. of Peacham Hadlock, Miss Elizabeth J. of Danville Lyman, NH March 24 3/30/1861
Weeks, Leonard J. of Peacham Porter, Miss Emma J. of Danville Danville June 12 6/23/1861
Welch, Charles D. of Groton York, Arvilla W. of Groton Topsham Dec 6 12/20/1862
Welch, Jacob C. of Lyndon Ide, Lizzie E. of St. Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr Sept 6 9/17/1864
Welch, Joel F. of Groton Esden, Miss M. J. of Ryegate Ryegate March 4 3/23/1861
Welch, John of Groton Heath, Miss Jane of South Ryegate S. Ryegate Jan 12 1/30/1864
Wentworth, Charles E. of St Johnsbury Perley, Miss Jenny of St Johnsbury Barton April 8 4/27/1861
Wesson, Aaron of Danville Sargeant, Miss Elvira C. of Peacham Peacham Jan 31 2/9/1861
Wesson, Peter of Danville Sargent, Sylvia J. of Peacham Peacham May 3 5/14/1864
West, Capt. A. G. Nudd, Miss Jennie S. of Lowell, MA Newport Nov 14 12/4/1863
West, Charles H. of St Johnsbury Pierce, Adelia M. of St Johnsbury Lyme, NH April 16 6/4/1864
Wheaton, Charles E. of Concord Stone, Mrs. Nellie M. of Kirby Littleton, NH Dec 8 12/26/1863
Wheaton, Levi G. of St Johnsbury Winn, Abby S. of Danville Danville Sept 13 10/8/1864
Wheeler, Charles of Albany Brown, Miss Marriette of Irasburgh Irasburgh April 8 4/19/1862
Wheeler, Jerome B. of Col. Wm Wheeler of Peacham, VT Deming, Miss Kate E. of Reuben Deming Esq. of K Kenosha, Wisc Dec 21 1/7/1860
Wheeler, Marcus of Peacham Clarke, Miss Elizabeth of Peacham Peacham Nov 8 11/23/1861
Wheelock, Joseph of Coventry Guild, Miss Sophronia of Coventry Coventry April 5 4/18/1863
Whitcomb, D. P. of Island Pond Stone, Miss Cynthia P. of Lyndon Lyndon May 16 5/25/1861
Whitcomb, George of Potton, C. E. Stebbins, Miss Lucene A. of Westfield Coventry March 27 4/5/1862
White, Charles H. of Lyndon Thayer, Miss Annis M. of Burke Sutton Oct 30 11/16/1861
White, Sidney of Coventry Head, Mrs. Mary L. of Brownington Brownington Nov 2 11/29/1862
White, William 2d of Ryegate Abbott, Jane L. of Peacham Peacham Feb 23 3/12/1864
White, William T. of Quebec Colby, Miss Emily S. of Dr. M. F. Colby of Stanstead Stanstead, CE May 2(8) 6/8/1861
Whitehill, A. P. of Ryegate White, Lydia M. of Groton Ryegate Jan 12 1/30/1864
Whitehill, Peter, 2d of Groton Shaw, Miss Maria A. of Peacham Peacham Sept 11 9/30/1860
Wilcox, Henry R. of St Johnsbury Burdick, Miss Martha L. of Danville Danville Jan 1 1/4/1862
Wild, Azel W. of Pittsfield Douglass, Miss Ellen M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 13 8/30/1862
Willard, Joseph L. of St Johnsbury Jenkins, Annette of St Johnsbury East St Johnsbury Nov 4 11/15/1862
Willey, Aaron W. of Sutton Oharry, Miss Nancy of Sheffield Sutton Oct 9 10/22/1864
Willey, Tracy B. of St Johnsbury Hartshorn, Meroa C. of Danville St Johnsbury Ctr April 15 4/30/1864
Williams, J. H. of Walden Mason, Miss Ruth L. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Oct 2 10/21/1860
Williams, Marshall of North Monroe, NH Batchelder, Miss Mina of North Monroe, NH West Concord Dec 6 12/22/1860
Williams, Merrill son of late Merrill Williams Esq. Hyndman, Ann Maria of C. M. Hyndman Esq. of Sherbrooke Danville May 15 6/8/1861
Willmarth, Marshall of Lyndon Duhigg, Miss Hohora of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 19 1/19/1861
Wilson, Charles of Marlboro, NH Gray, Miss Abba of Glover Glover Aug 15 9/8/1860
Wilson, John of Peacham Wheeler, Miss Betsey of Peacham Peacham March 21 4/6/1861
Wilson, Joseph W. of Stoneham, MA Gracey, Adaline Otis dau of John Gracey Esq. Peacham April 29 5/3/1862
Wilson, William P. of Cabot Batchelder, Miss Elsie M. of Barre Barre Nov 12 12/28/1861
Winslow, Jesse C. of Lyme, NH Palmer, Miss Sylvia of Newark East Burke March 10 3/25/1860
Winslow, John H. of Brownington Dutton, Abigail of Charleston Newark Jan 18 2/1/1862
Winslow, Josiah G. of Concord Dickinson, Rosina of Concord Concord June 4 7/3/1864
Winslow, Josiah H. Jr. of Walden Houston, Miss Mary V. of Walden Hardwick ? Oct 6 12/13/1862
Wire, James of Newark Burns, Mrs. Abba B. of Newark Newark Feb 1(4) 3/5/1864
Wood, Harvey C. of Kirby Conley, Kate of Kirby Lyndon May 10 6/6/1863
Wood, Henry S. of Boylston, MA Bemis, Sarah C. of Burke East Burke Jan 26 2/6/1864
Woodbury, Benjamin of Concord Wilder, Miss Flora M. of Lyndon E. St Johnsbury March 8 3/30/1861
Woods, Daniel L. of St Johnsbury Soper, Miss Annette of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Dec 20 1/5/1861
Woods, Oliver H. of Barnet Crane, Miss Hariet A. of Barnet Waterford May 16 6/8/1861
Woodward, Abel B. of Peacham Dell, Miss Olive J. of Hardwick Hydepark July 4 7/27/1861
Woodward, Isaac P. of Danville Wallace, Miss Jennette of Danville Danville March 28 4/20/1861
Woodward, John S. of Newport Kilborn, Miss Clarissa of Coventry Coventry Jan 1 3/2/1861
Worcester, John O. of St Johnsbury Snow, Miss Julia of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Oct 15 10/28/1860
Worthen, Arthur E. Hancock, Letitia St Johnsbury Nov 8 11/17/1860
Wright, Byron of St Johnsbury Pierce, Miss Mary C. of ST Johnsbury St Johnsbury Ctr April 9 4/21/1860
Wright, Horace C. of St Johnsbury Hurlburt, Addie of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 5/24/1862
Wright, W. W. of Boston, MA Whitelaw, Miss Britaner of Ryegate Ryegate Aug 7 8/18/1860
Young, David S. of Kirby Stanford, Miss Sarah P. of N. Danville Danville Oct 18 10/22/1864
Young, George W. of Waterford Newton, Lucy A. of Waterford St Johnsbury April 25 5/14/1864
Young, Ithiel C. of Lisbon, NH Hill, Mrs. Mary B. of Sutton Sutton Dec 28 1/12/1861

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