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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
MD of Cabot Heaton, Miss Rosamond of Dr. G. Heaton   2/13/1843
( )ton, Lafayette D. of Peacham Livingston, Miss Amanda of Peacham Peacham? April 17 4/20/1850
Abbey, Dr. C. C. of Warsaw, AL Gile, Miss N. J. of Littleton Littleton, NH March 7 3/14/1848
Abbott, Amos F. of Lancaster, NH Elliott, Miss Emily S. of Lancaster, NH Littleton, NH 16th 6/10/1844
Abbott, Jeremiah of Barnet Lee, Miss Jane of Danville Danville Feb 21 3/3/1849
Abbott, Moses of Bath, NH Wells, Mrs. Lucy of Wells River Wells River Aug 17 9/18/1843
Adams, James of Danville Parker, Miss Mary Ann of Danville Danville May 8 5/11/1850
Adams, John of Barnet Leitch, Miss Jennet of Danville Danville July 13 7/17/1843
Adams, Levi P. of Cabot Chandler, Miss Temperance of Berlin Montpelier 2/3/1849
Adams, Luther P. of Lunenburg Chandler, Miss Sarah W. of Lunenburg Lunenburg March 13 4/6/1850
Adams, Willard of Concord Hutchinson, Miss Richania of Waterford Waterford March 3 3/11/1844
Aiken, William of Barnet Alden, Miss Hannah of Barnet Peacham Nov 16 12/8/1845
Alden, Jesse of Irasburg Guild, Miss Sarah R. Coventry April 7 5/3/1847
Aldrich, Hiram of Lisbon Clough, Mrs. Dorcas C. of Lyman Littleton 9th ult 6/4/1841
Aldrich, William Stevens, Miss Clarinda St J May 19 6/10/1844
Aldrich, William Pierce, Miss Lucina St J June 8 6/30/1845
Alexander, J. M. of Royalton Carpenter, Miss Eliza M. of Montpelier Montpelier 6th inst 11/13/1843
Allard, Caleb of Sutton Berry, Miss Ruth of Cabot Cabot Jan 15 1/22/1844
Allard, Lucius of Newark Kimball, Miss Harriet N. of Newark Newark Nov 27 12/15/1845
Allen, Hon Ira H. of Irasburg Parsons, Miss Sarah C. T. of Highgate Highgate 13th inst 1/20/1842
Allen, Hon Ira of Irasburg Parsons, Miss Frances E. Highgate June 8 7/31/1848
Allen, Hon. Heman of VT Fay, Miss Eliza D. dau of Hon. Samuel P. Fay Cambridge, MA March 5 3/18/1844
Allen, Welcome Esq. of Plymouth Heald, Miss Maria of Ludlow, VT Ludlow, VT 6/18/1841
Ames, Amos of Greensboro Clark, Mrs. Martha of Hardwick Hardwick June 8 6/24/1849
Ames, Royal S. of Greensboro Harriman, Mrs. Lucinda of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 2 1/6/1845
Amesden, Jacob of Charlestown, NH Baldwin, Mrs. Jacintha of St J. St J Feb 15 3/4/1844
Andrus, Theodore of Orford, NH Page, Miss Jane T. of Newbury Newbury Oct 13 11/20/1843
Annis, Orange E. of Littleton, NH Clefford, Miss Sarah Ann Danville Nov 22 1/8/1841
Arms, Austin D. Dodge, Miss Fanny Montpelier 14th inst 1/29/1841
Armstrong, William of Holland Brown, Miss Sally of Holland Morgan Oct 28 1/15/1844
Atkin, William D. of Barnet Lee, Miss Sarah D. of Peacham Danville 6th inst 2/10/1842
Atwood, William D. of Newbury Buxton, Miss Louisa of Newbury Newbury Dec 8 1/16/1843
Au(st)in, Nathan H. of Orford, NH Willis, Miss Almira Albany Feb 22 3/10/1849
Austin, James of Bath Cutting, Miss Esther of Bath Bath, NH July 4 7/13/1846
Ayer, Hiram of St Johnsbury Drew, Miss Adah of Danville Danville 25th inst 9/29/1842
Ayer, John of St Johnsbury Deming, Mrs. Clarinda of Danville Danville 22d inst 3/27/1843
Ayer, Loren Roberts, Miss Candall **error St J March 31 4/7/1842
Ayer, Loron Roberts, Miss Candace St Johnsbury March 31 4/14/1842
Ayer, Lucius D. of St J. Lawrence, Miss Rebecca P. of Danville Danville Sept 29 10/6/1842
Ayer, Simeon of Sheffield Gray, Miss Joan of Wheelock Sheffield 19th inst 1/20/1842
B(ri)gham, Thomas Pierce, Miss Abigail S. St J ? March 10 4/1/1844
B(ru)ce, Mark R. of Ryegate Gregory, Miss Jane S. of Waterford Waterford March 30 4/17/1848
Babbitt, Franklin of Danville Paine, Miss Lucy of Hardwick S. Hardwick Jan 23 2/10/1845
Babbitt, Samuel Alden of Danville Hand, Miss Lucretia Sophia of Hancock Hancock, MA 4th inst 10/14/1841
Babcock, Jason S. of Worcester, MA Decker, Miss Caroline dau of Abram Decker Esq of NY Thompson, CT 6/16/1849
Bachop, Archibald of Bachopville Beattie, Margaret Ann dau of James Beattie Esq. Ryegate March 12 3/25/1844
Bacon, Davis C. of Danville Hunt, Miss Mary Ann of Danville Danville 5th inst 4/10/1843
Badger, Charles W. of Danville Lee, Miss Susan of Danville Danville March 18 3/22/1847
Badger, John C. of Danville Eastman, Miss Rhoda J. of Greensboro Hardwick Jan 24 3/9/1850
Badger, Levi of Danville Morse, Miss Betsey B. of Danville Danville Jan 1 1/9/1843
Badger, Orange S. of Derby Gibb, Miss Hannah E. of Salem Salem May 7 6/2/1849
Bagley, Ira A. Hill, Miss Cynthia H. St Johnsbury Feb 17 2/26/1841
Bailey, Dr. F. E. of Detroit, Mich Stuart, Miss Mary of Hardwick Hardwick Sept 7 9/14/1846
Bailey, Enoch A. of Wolcott Paige, Miss Maria of Hardwick Hardwick 29th ult 6/23/1842
Bailey, George W. of Charleston Lewis, Miss E. of Stanstead, C. E. Brownington March 17 5/4/1850
Bailey, Josiah J. of Troy Elkins, Miss Nancy J. of Potton, CE Brownington Sept 30 10/25/1847
Bailey, Luther M. of Craftsbury Annis, Miss Celia Albany May 27 6/30/1849
Bailey, Richard W. of Newbury Smith, Miss Ellen D. of Lunenburg Lunenburg Oct 8 11/6/1848
Baker, Luther of Newport Green, Miss Melinda of Waterford Waterford Feb 2 2/10/1842
Baker, Norman of Haverhill, NH Quimby, Miss Sally of Barnet Barnet 3/31/1842
Baker, William A. of Greensboro Webster, Miss Sarintha E. Cabot Sept 28 11/23/1846
Balch, Coburn of Charleston Swazey, Miss Nieene G. of Charleston Morgan Dec 2 1/15/1844
Balch, George of Concord Aldrich, Miss Elizabeth H. of Concord Concord May 27 6/10/1844
Balch, John W. of Littleton Stevens, Miss Louisa C. of Barnet Barnet 8/4/1849
Balch, William of Lunenburg Davison, Mrs. Clarinda of Waterford Barnet Jan 19 3/10/1845
Baldwin, George J. of Barnston, LC Huntoon, Miss Mary A. of St J. St J 5th inst 12/15/1842
Baldwin, Richard Jr., Esq. Wright, Miss Mary Ann of Barton Barnston, CE May 22 6/19/1848
Ball, Amos of Sutton Stetson, Miss Emily N. of Orford, NH Manchester, NH April 11 5/11/1850
Bancroft, Azro N. of Montpelier Wheeler, Miss Harriet B. of Montpelier Berlin May 15 5/27/1844
Bancroft, Charles E. of Montpelier Thomas, Miss Diann of Georgia Winooski Falls March 15 3/31/1849
Bancroft, Jesse P. of St J. Spear, Miss Elizabeth of Boston Boston Nov 1 11/17/1845
Bancroft, Jonathan of Barre Shepley, Miss Roxana of Calais Montpelier Oct 26 11/6/1848
Barber, Asa L. of Sheffield Jones, Miss Hannah A. of Victory Victory Dec 26 1/19/1850
Barber, Cyrus W. of Barre Willey, Miss Elvira of Barre Montpelier Feb 27 4/20/1846
Barker, George R. Mann, Miss Mary Jane St Johnsbury Dec 31 1/8/1841
Barker, John C. of St J Stacy, Miss Caroline E. of Concord Concord May 1 5/10/1847
Barron, Lorenzo D. of Lyndon Turner, Miss Sarah of Morgan Morgan Nov 10 12/28/1850
Barrows, Benjamin S. of Georgia, VT Whitmore, Miss Ursula Lebanon, NH 6/25/1841
Barrows, Daniel Luce, Miss Armenia Marshfield April 16 5/15/1843
Barter, Lewis Wolcott, Miss Jane E. Montpelier April 10 4/27/1846
Bartlett, Daniel B. of Concord Dearborn, Miss Mary T. of Pembroke Concord, NH 6th inst 6/18/1841
Bartlett, Henry S. of Macon, Georgia Cahoon, Sarah Ann of Geo Cahoon of Lyndon Lyndon 15th inst 3/21/1848
Bartlett, Samuel C. of Munson, MA Bradley, Miss Laura dau of N. Bradley Esq. Peacham Aug 15 8/28/1843
Bartlett, Thomas P. of Plainfield Page, Miss Martha A. of Plainfield Plainfield April 8 4/21/1849
Barton, David of Montpelier Cutler, Miss Fanny A. of Montpelier Montpelier 6th 7/23/1841
Bassett, D. E. of Albany, NY Buxton, Miss Harriet Newbury 10th inst 8/26/1841
Bassett, Jared MD of Northfield Sherman, Harriet dau of Col. Nathaniel Sherman Plainfield May 29 6/10/1844
Batchelder, Daniel B. of Danville Emerson, Miss Hannah of Danville Danville Jan 1(4) 1/27/1845
Batchelder, David T. Esq. of Danville Wells, Miss Mary of Danville Danville March 28 4/1/1844
Batchelder, Franklin C. of Danville Ingalls, Miss Harriet of Danville Danville March 6 3/9/1850
Batchelder, Isaac of E. Montpelier Patterson, Mrs. Polly of Plainfield Plainfield April 4 4/21/1849
Bates, Benj Blake, Miss Marietta of Stanstead Derby June 30 8/7/1848
Baxter, J. L. of Montpelier Keyes, Miss C. S. of Northfield Montpelier April 9 4/21/1849
Baxter, William H. of Coventry Beard, Miss Mary L. of Troy E. Berkshire Dec 16 1/5/1850
Bean, Nathaniel P. of St J Barker, Miss Hannah of Bradford Bradford Sept 11 9/22/1849
Bean, Reuben Jr. of Kirby Stephens, Miss Abigail S. of Kirby Kirby Dec 3 12/23/1848
Bean, Watson D. Gaskill, Miss Solomon A. Kirby Sept 21 10/25/1847
Beattie, David Carlise, Miss Harriet of Lancaster, NH Maidstone 4/6/1846
Beattie, David H. of Maidstone Carlisle, Miss Harriet of Lancaster, NH Maidstone 3/30/1846
Beckley, Horace of Barre White, Miss Abigail of Montpelier Montpelier 14th inst 4/28/1842
Bedel, Jacob Jr. of Bath, NH Joslin, Miss Mary Jane of Kirby St J July 7 7/13/1846
Beebe, John W. of Charleston Lang, Miss Caroline S. of Charleston Charleston ? Jan 23 2/26/1844
Beedle, Charles Webster, Miss Julia A. Cabot Jan 4th 2/26/1844
Belknap, Mitchell of Barnston, CE Walter, Miss Ariemesia of Burke Burke Feb 28 3/21/1848
Bell, Noah S. of Concord Spalding, Miss Mary H. dau of Dr. Andrew Spalding Concord Jan 7 1/26/1846
Bemas, J. B. of Gray, ME Watrous, Miss Sophia of Montpelier Montpelier July 17 8/7/1848
Bement, John of Phelps, NY Hand, Miss Frances B. of Montpelier Montpelier 9th inst 11/13/1843
Bemis, Eli Reed, Miss Ordana B. Plainfield Dec 1 12/23/1844
Bemis, Horace C. of Marshfield Capron, Miss Irena M. of Marshfield Marshfield Sept 8 9/28/1846
Bemis, Moses L. of Littleton, NH Nichols, Miss Rebecca H. of Waterford Waterford Nov 10 11/24/1849
Bemiss, George of Troy, NH Jackman, Miss Roena L. of Northfield Northfield June 1 6/9/1845
Benjamin, Abel D. of Guildhall Lamphier, Miss Sarah C. of Guildhall Guildhall Feb 28 3/27/1843
Bennett, George H. Young, Miss Emeline Montpelier Dec 3 12/18/1843
Bennett, Humphrey of Peacham Blanchard, Miss Laura M. of Peacham Peacham Dec 20 1/12/1850
Benton, J. H. of St J. Danforth, Miss Marthy of Putney Putney 2nd ult 9/2/1841
Benton, William C. of Castleton & St J. Hill, Miss Lucretia M. of Wallingford Wallingford July 15 8/10/1846
Berry, Jonathan of Sheffield Bickenseal, Miss Nancy of Sutton Sutton Oct 30 12/8/1842
Berry, Morrill of Holland Hill, Miss Abigail of Morgan Morgan Jan 5 1/19/1850
Berry, Solomon 2d of Sheffield Libby, Miss Sabra of Sheffield Sheffield April 30 6/19/1843
Bickford, Hezekiah D. of Glover Cook, Miss Mary A. of Glover Glover Sept 9 9/20/1847
Bigelow, J. H. of St J. Lowell, Miss H. N. of Waterford St J June 10 7/6/1850
Bigelow, James W. of Montpelier Markham, Miss Sophia B. of Burlington Burlington Dec 25? 1/8/1844
Billings, Col William of Troy & Montpelier Stoddard, Miss Ellen of Bradford Bradford 24th inst 4/1/1844
Bingham, John C. of St J. Jackson, Mrs. Lauraette of Acworth Acworth, NH Sept 24 10/6/1845
Bishop, John Whitcher, Miss Rosilla of Danville St J Nov 5 11/16/1850
Bishop, Truman G. of Burke Allard, Miss Harriet N. of Newark Newark Oct 7 1/24/1848
Bixby, Luther of Johnson Heon, Mrs. Cynthia dau of Moses Webster Danville March 15 4/3/1848
Blair, Enoch of Walden Farnsworth, Miss Elizabeth D. of Walden Walden Aug 25 9/2/1841
Blair, John of Hardwick Tasewell, Miss Emeline of Jay Jay March 20 3/31/1842
(Blair), Joseph White, Miss Susannah E. Goshen Gore March 27 4/15/1844
Blake, Abel B. of Sutton Aldrich, Miss Elvira M. of Sutton Sutton Dec 25 1/3/1846
Blake, Abel B. of Sutton Owen, Miss Laura C. of Barton Glover Dec 25 1/5/1850
Blake, Charles P. of Peacham (L)ee, Miss Eliza P. of Peacham Peacham Jan 20 1/25/1847
Blake, Ebenezer Jr. of Sutton Bean, Miss Emily A. of Sutton Sutton Nov 11 12/13/1847
Blake, Enoch of Cabot Rogers, Miss Sarah of Waterford St J 10/6/1845
Blake, Ephraim H. of Boston Kellam, Miss Sarah J. dau of Sabin Kellam Esq. Irasburg Oct 8 10/27/1849
Blake, Isaac B. of Peacham Pratt, Miss Mary Jane of Peacham Peacham July 1 7/5/1847
Blake, Josiah of Sutton Libby, Miss Mahala of Sheffield Sutton Sept 2(0) 10/28/1841
Blake, Samuel of Newark Farrington, Miss Julia A. of Newark Newark Oct 4 10/26/1846
Blanchard, Dr. Rial of Middlesex Judd, Miss Diantha of Middlesex Montpelier Jan 23 1/30/1843
Blanchard, Hinkley of Holden, MA Aiken, Miss Abigail of Barnet Peacham Oct 7 10/20/1845
Blanchard, Hon Jacob Cowles, Miss Myra Jerusha Peacham Jan (6) 1/17/1846
Blanchard, John B. of Peacham Laird, Miss Helen M. of Barnet Barnet May 18 5/24/1847
Blanchard, Mark of Peacham Pattridge, Miss Harriet G. of Peacham Peacham Nov (1) 11/18/1844
Blanchard, Theodore of Peacham Healy, Mrs. Jane of Topsham Topsham March 17 3/28/1848
Blinn, Charles of St J. Harrington, Lelee of Leonard Harrington of St J St J Nov 5 11/20/1843
Bliss, Alden E. of Concord Fry, Miss Lucy Ann of Concord Concord, VT Feb 13 2/27/1843
Bliss, Amos of Essex Douglass, Miss Martha of Danville Danville Jan 12 1/16/1843
Bliss, H. C. H. of Barnet Grennel, Sophia S. of Chester Grennel of ST J St J Feb 19 3/4/1844
Bliss, Norman W. of Calais Cole, Miss Eunice of Marshfield Calais Nov 1 11/17/1849
Bliss, Stephen G. of Glover Esterbrooks, Miss Martha M. of Lebanon Lebanon, NH Dec 31 3/5/1841
Blodgett, Milo B. of Danville Bailey, Miss Zilpha F. of Danville Danville April 6 4/12/1847
Blood, Jason G. Wetherbee, Miss Elizabeth A. Haverhill, NH Nov 27 1/3/1846
Blood, O. Taylor Esq. of Boston Ellis, Miss Susan dau of Timothy Ellis Esq. Walden Oct 24 11/9/1850
Blood, William G. of Boston Harvey, Miss Lucy of Danville Danville 16th inst 3/26/1841
Bly, John Cathon, Miss Ann Charleston Jan 19 1/20/1842
Bly, John of Lyndon Huse, Miss Emeline of Danville Danville Sept 21 9/25/1843
Bo(lt)on, Alvin of Danville Danforth, Miss Florinda F. of Danville Danville 14th inst 4/21/1842
Boardman, Elias P. of Hardwick Lawson, Miss Lavina Hardwick Sept 26 10/21/1841
Boardman, Norman Esq. of Troy George, Miss Lydia of Chelsea Troy 25th ult 2/13/1843
Boardman, Rev. E. J. of Randolph & Danville Adams, Miss Emily of Ogden, NY Sheldon May 5 5/27/1844
Boles, Joseph of Danville Parker, Miss Mary M. of Danville Danville 3d inst 7/8/1844
Bolton, Amos of Boston Chamberlin, Miss Emily W. of Westfield Westfield Dec 1 2/17/1845
Bolton, Charles S. of Danville Norris, Miss Lydia of Barnet Barnet June 11 6/22/1846
Boutwell, Col. Levi of Chelsea Burbank, Miss Eliza of Montpelier Montpelier Feb 5 2/10/1845
Bowker, Algernon S. of Lyndon Dwyre, Miss Marianna E. of Lyndon Lyndon July 27 8/11/1845
Bowker, Calvin J. of St J. Shorey, Miss Mary P. of St J. ST J June 26 7/6/1850
Bowker, Davis C. of ST J. Cushing, Miss Fanny A. of Burke Burke Dec 30 1/8/1841
Bowker, James G. of Lunenburg Smith, Miss Sophronia of Lunenburg Lunenburg May 20 6/9/1849
Boynton, Capt Henry S. of Perkinsville Atherton, Miss O. F. of Perkinsville Perkinsville 17th inst 1/30/1843
Boynton, David of Danville Chamberlin, Miss Harriet of Danville Danville Dec 18 12/21/1850
Boynton, Moody M. of Danville Weeks, Miss Harriet Amelia of Peacham Peacham April 27 5/8/1843
Boynton, Thomas N. of Holland Marston, Miss Lucy Shipton, LC March 16 5/22/1843
Boynton, William H. of Nashua, NH Sweetser, Miss Abby of Boston Indianapolis April 30 6/18/1841
Bradford, William Jr. of Barre Smith, Miss Rosaline D. of Cabot Cabot 6th inst 1/13/1842
Bradish, Chandler of Woodbury Dewey, Miss Mindwell B. of Irasburg Irasburg Nov 1 11/17/1849
Bradley, Josiah Colby, Mrs. Mary Danville 31st ult 2/12/1841
Bradley, Luther of Danville Melvin, Miss Thankful of Danville Danville 5th inst 9/9/1841
Bradley, Sewell Esq. of Wheelock Townsend, Miss Sally (H.) of Sheffield Sheffield Nov 14 11/25/1844
Bradley, Ward Esq. of Wheelock Hoyt, Mrs. Judith P. of Danville Danville March 12 3/17/1845
Brainard, Joseph A. of Morgan Calkins, Miss Sophronia L. of Derby Derby July 23 8/14/1843
Brainerd, Hiram of Danville Brown, Miss Mehitable of Danville Danville 19th inst 9/23/1841
Brainerd, Lorenzo F. of Danville Carter, Miss Louisa of Peacham Peacham Feb 25 3/9/1846
Brewer, David of Southbury, MA Unthank, Miss Susan of Lunenburg Lunenburg Sept 16 9/30/1844
Brewer, Dr Francis B. of Barnet Rood, Miss Susan H. of Haverhill Haverhill, NH 8/7/1848
Brickett, William of Cabot Northrop, Miss Emeline H. of Danville Danville 5th inst 1/9/1843
Brigham, Levi of St J. Sylvester, Miss Ann of Waterford Danville Dec 5 12/16/1844
Brock, Alexander F. of Barnet Gibson, Miss Jennet of Ryegate Ryegate 3/24/1842
Brock, Isaac of Barnet Norris, Miss Isabella of Peacham Peacham Sept 20 10/9/1848
Brock, Walter Esq. of Barnet Prior, Mrs. Mary of Boston, MA Peacham Feb 3 2/9/1846
Brock, William of Newbury Chamberlain, Miss Mary Jane of Newbury Newbury Aug 22 9/15/1849
Brockway, Josiah of Sutton Rider, Miss Phebe of Sutton Sutton April 6 4/21/1845
Brockway, Romeo E. of St J Woods, Miss Dianna S. of Barnet Danville Nov 10 11/17/1849
Brooks, James M. Richardson, Miss Jane Irasburg Oct 30 11/10/1849
Brown, Abram Esq. of Peacham Hill, Mrs. Abigail of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 1 10/27/1845
Brown, Alonzo Pierce, Miss Sally St J Oct 22 11/6/1848
Brown, Calvin C. of Topsham Morrison, Miss Betsey of Groton Groton Oct 6 10/19/1850
Brown, Chester G. of Peacham Calder, Miss Eliza A. of Barnet Barnet Feb 9 2/15/1847
Brown, David Chamberlain, Miss Sophia M. of Lancaster Whitefield, NH March 25 4/28/1849
Brown, George W. of Barnet Chick, Miss Malvina of Barnet Danville Sept 1 9/7/1850
Brown, George W. of St J Woodbury, Miss Irene of Piermont Piermont, NH May 6 5/19/1845
Brown, Harris R. of Topsham Gray, Miss Maria C. of Lunenburg Lunenburg Oct 8 11/6/1848
Brown, Ira MD of Northumberland Clark, Miss Emily dau of Rev. John Clark Burke June 6 6/19/1848
Brown, J. B. of Northumberland, NH Patterson, Miss Helen Lunenburg May 7 5/25/1850
Brown, J. B. of Northumberland, NH Patterson, Miss Helen of Lunenburg Lunenburg May 7 6/8/1850
Brown, James T. of Brimfield, MA Miller, Miss Kate W. of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 29 12/15/1849
Brown, John of Danville Sias, Miss Nancy of Danville Danville April 3 4/7/1845
Brown, John W. of Lyndon Nichols, Miss Orpha of St J St J March 14 3/28/1848
Brown, Josiah of Newbury Noyes, Mary M. dau of Hon David P. Noyes Morrisville Sept 4 10/21/1844
Brown, Leonard W. of Peacham Kittredge, Miss Maria D. of Danville Danville March 18 3/23/1846
Brown, Moses F. of Lowell Wheeler, Miss Sophila of Danville Lowell, MA Aug 3 8/11/1845
Brown, Oliver T. Esq. of Coventry Fairbanks, Miss Harriet N. of Littleton Littleton, NH 16th inst 1/29/1844
Brown, Samuel B. of Holland Aldrich, Miss Abby C. of Stanstead Holland July 20 8/18/1849
Brown, Samuel of Kirby Crane, Mrs. Abigail H. of Danville Danville Nov 1 11/3/1849
Brown, Willard T. of Peacham Ford, Miss Eliza of Peacham Peacham 8/25/1849
Brunning, Benjamin of S. Walden Norton, Miss Electa S. of Glover Glover May 20 6/10/1844
Bryant, George R. Kidder, Miss Elizabeth M. Irasburg Feb 17 3/7/1848
Bryant, Joseph of Morristown Penniman, Miss Sarah of Barre Morristown 2d inst 12/23/1841
Buchanan, Archibald of Elgin, Ill Chamberlin, Miss O. M. of Derby Derby Feb 27 3/16/1850
Buck, Silas of Concord Pike, Miss Relief C. of Concord Concord 3/17/1849
Buck, Willson of Charleston Hull, Mrs. Anna of Littleton Littleton, NH Oct 23 11/3/1849
Buckmaster, Salmon Hall, Miss Sarah Concord 3/26/1841
Buel, Abram of Danville Kelsey, Mrs. Judith of Danville Danville 30th ult 7/7/1842
Bugbee, Dr. Ralph Jr. of Waterford Tift, Miss Phoebe Jane of Littleton Littleton, NH Aug 18 10/26/1846
Bugbee, Lewis of Waterford Bixbee, Miss Sarah of Kirby Concord 2/9/1850
Bullen, Henry L. Farrington, Miss Mary of Walden Midway, GA Nov 28 12/30/1844
Bullock, A. A. of Wells River McMaster, Miss E. M. Strafford Nov 23 12/14/1850
Bullock, Wellman A. of Cabot Davenport, Miss Caroline of Danville Cabot 10th inst 10/21/1841
Bundy, Benjamin of Lyndon Shaw, Miss Sarah of Sutton Sutton Dec 30 1/13/1842
Bundy, Willard of Burke Fyler, Miss Octava D. of Burke St J Oct 16 10/28/1844
Burbank, Moses of Barnet Hyndman, Miss Margaret of Lyman Lyman, NH Sept 18 10/6/1845
Burdick, Jerome B. of Craftsbury Willey, Miss Mary Jane of Danville Danville 4th inst 4/9/1841
Burnham, Justus Church, Miss Betsey B. Waterford Feb 5 2/23/1850
Burnham, Maj William T. of Montpelier Kimball, Miss Jane of Montpelier Montpelier Dec 19 12/25/1843
Burrage, Joseph of Boston Perrin, Miss Francis S. of Montpelier Montpelier 20th inst 1/29/1841
Burt, George W. of Lyndon Howland, Miss Corrilla Ann of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 14 11/3/1849
Buswell, James of Barton Niles, Miss Clarissa of Barton Barton Sept 15 9/22/1845
Butler, Beauman of St J. Armington, Miss Elizabeth of St J. St J Jan 1 1/13/1849
Butler, D. B. C. of Derby Line Kenison, Miss Sylvia A. of Jefferson Jefferson, NH June 24 7/21/1849
Butler, George W. of St J. Martin, Miss Frances of St. J. St J. June 11 6/22/1850
Buxton, Henry M. Wiggins, Miss Sarah J. Newbury May 15 6/2/1849
Calder, William G. of Barnet Ward, Miss Ann C. of St J. St J Dec 12 12/30/1848
Calhoon, Edward A. Esq. of Lyndon Greenleaf, Miss Ann E. of Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY 2/13/1843
Camp, Rev. William L. of Landgrove Healy, Miss Jane D. of Peacham Peacham Dec 31 1/20/1849
Campbell, James of Boston Sylvester, Miss Harriet of Danville St J Jan 27 2/10/1849
Canada, Cyrus of Hereford, LC Sargeant, Miss Mary of Stewartstown Stewartstown, NH 14th 5/12/1842
Carleton, Michael Jr. of Haverhill, NH Cone, Miss Susan of Guildhall Guildhall 2/10/1845
Carpenter, James B. Chase, Miss Maria M. St J July 24 8/4/1849
Carpenter, Riley W. MD of West Fairlee Hutchinson, Jane M. dau of Wm Hutchinson Sutton Aug 6 8/21/1843
Carpenter, Simon of Granby Webb, Miss Rebecca of Granby Lunenburg March 13 3/30/1850
Carr, John S. of St J. Merrill, Miss Maria L. of Boston Rumney, NH Aug 25 9/13/1847
Carrick, Capt Andrew of Danville West, Miss Sarah J. of Danville Danville 14th inst 12/23/1841
Carrier, James M. of Enfield, NH Lyford, Miss Mary T. of Calais Cabot Jan 27 2/10/1845
Carroll, Henry H. Esq. of Concord, NH Blodgett, Miss Hannah C. of Brandon Brandon 12/29/1845
Carter, Amasa K. of Peacham Ross, Miss Eliza A. of Waterford Waterford Sept 5 9/28/1850
Carter, Philip Ward, Mrs. Rachel Hardwick Feb 22 3/31/1842
Carter, Stephen of Peacham Pike, Miss Susan of Concord St J Feb 29 3/11/1844
Carter, William Jr. Lord, Miss Nancy St J March 13 3/24/1845
Caswell, William B. Bailey, Miss C. A. of Berlin Montpelier 2/26/1841
Caswell, William of Montague, MA Owen, Miss Amelia G. of St J. St J Feb 8 2/24/1849
Center, Charles of Charleston Dearborn, Miss Sarah of Holland Holland Feb 9 3/1/1847
Chadwick, Albert G. of St J. Martin, Miss Helen dau of H. Martin of ST J. St J Sept 13 9/18/1843
Chadwick, James M. Esq. of Newbury Pearson, Miss Charlotte of Haverhill Haverhill, NH 2/2/1850
Chaffee, Lorin of Lyndon Richardson, Miss Lucy A. of Lyndon Lyndon 25th ult 3/5/1841
Chamberlain, Martin C. Rowell, Miss Philena Albany Feb 1 3/2/1846
Chamberlin, Alfred of Newbury Hayward, Miss Lucy A. of Ryegate Newbury March 17 3/23/1850
Chamberlin, Elijah W. of Danville Lynch, Miss Mary Jane of Danville Danville May 5 5/11/1850
Chamberlin, Eri of Barnet Butterfield, Miss Eliza J. of Topsham Topsham Nov 12 11/30/1850
Chamberlin, Lewis Esq. of Plainfield Nelson, Miss Polly dau of David Nelson Esq. Orange 2/3/1845
Chamberlin, William of Albany Collins, Miss Mary of Montpelier Montpelier Oct 19 10/30/1848
Chandler, Charles B. MD of Tunbridge Harvey, M(rs) F. A. C. of Cabot Cabot Jan 17 2/6/1843
Chandler, George B. Esq. of Danville Colby, Miss Helen M. of Auburn Auburn, NH May 27 6/15/1846
Chandler, George P. of Peacham Gilman, Miss Mary A. of Cabot Cabot Oct 30 11/17/1849
Chandler, Nathan of Nashua, NH Clefford, Miss Harriet V. of Danville Danville 12/8/1849
Chandler, Samuel A. Esq. of Peacham Wilkins, Miss Sophia of Pembroke Pembroke, NH June 23 7/5/1847
Chandler, William of Lunenburg Dewey, Miss Eunetia P. Berlin 10/30/1848
Chaplin, George W. of Waterford Ward, Miss Betsey of North Danville N. Danville 5th inst 10/16/1843
Chapman, Jacob of Sutton Skinner, Mrs. Olive of Berlin, CT Burke Jan 3 1/19/1850
Chapman, John Jr. of Danville Farrington, Miss Eliza of Danville Danville Aug 21 8/31/1850
Chapple, Walter of Barton Rowell, Miss Rachel of Albany Barton 3/10/1849
Chase, Amos B. of Bradford Corliss, Miss Almina E. of Bradford Bradford July 4 7/17/1848
Chase, George C. Field, Miss Maria dau of Dr. H. Field Lyndon Dec 4 12/15/1842
Chase, Loren Jr. of Danville Shepard, Miss Hannah L. of Peacham Danville Aug 22 8/24/1850
Chase, William Jr. of Hardwick Short, Miss Lucinda Danville Nov 30 1/8/1841
Cheever, Alonzo of Walden Scott, Miss Lucy of Walden Walden Oct 17 10/27/1849
Cheever, Samuel of Hardwick Dow, Miss Sophia of Hardwick Hardwick 8th inst 3/31/1842
Cheney, Abial of Waterford Stearns, Miss Susan M. of Manchester Manchester July 1 7/26/1847
Cheney, Elias E. of St J. Clark, Miss Abigail M. of St J. St J. Nov 26 12/7/1846
Cheney, George C. Gates, Miss Elizabeth C. Lunenburg Jan 5 1/23/1843
Cheney, James M. of Williamstown Townsend, Miss Fanny L. of Williamstown Williamstown June 23 7/5/1847
Cheney, James S. Esq. of Manchester, NH Osgood, Miss Augusta M. of Wells River Wells River Dec 19 1/6/1849
Cheney, Moses E. Chamberlin, Miss Mary H. dau of Lot Chamberlin Barnard May 24 6/8/1846
Chesley, Albert of Sheffield Smith, Miss Susan M. of Danville Danville March 5 3/9/1850
Choate, Joseph of Peacham Willey, Miss Caroline of Peacham Danville July 28 8/4/1842
Christy, John R. H. of Woodbury Page, Miss Mary M. of Plainfield Plainfield Sept 15 9/21/1850
Church, Daniel W. of Kirby Hill, Miss Milly of Concord Concord May 18 5/28/1841
Church, Elhanan W. Gregory, Miss Lydia L. of Concord Kirby Aug 31 9/9/1841
Churchill, Stillman Esq. of Montpelier Marsh, Miss R. Ann of Montpelier Montpelier 5/28/1841
Clapp, Nathaniel of Poultney, VT Deming, Miss Jane M. of Boston Boston 2d inst 6/18/1841
Clark, Amasa F. of Glover Ward, Miss Belinda of N. Danville N Danville Feb 29 4/8/1844
Clark, Ambrose of Danville Goodenough, Miss Almira of Danville Danville 23d inst 7/31/1843
Clark, Andrew J. of Bradford Kittredge, Miss Betsey S. of Walden Bradford Oct 31 11/18/1844
Clark, F. P. King, Miss Eliza J. C. Glover Dec 8 12/29/1845
Clark, Lathrop of Danville Badger, Miss Lucinda F. of Danville Danville Jan 8 1/10/1846
Clark, Moody M. of Peacham Sturtevant, Miss Mary A. of Peacham Peacham Nov 21 11/25/1844
Clark, Moses of Cabot Stevens, Mrs. Fanny S. of Danville Danville 4th inst 10/13/1842
Clark, Ora S. of Rochester, Wisc. Batchelder, Miss Sarah K. of Danville Danville Oct 2 10/7/1844
Clark, Stephen D. of Peacham Livingston, Mrs. Sally D. of Peacham Peacham Oct 1 10/20/1845
Clark, Timothy L. of NH Leighton, Miss Patience M. of Danville Strafford, NH June 27 8/12/1844
Clark, William A. B. of Barret, VT Farrington, Miss Elizabeth W. of Walden Walden 3d inst 8/11/1842
Clark, William W. of Danville Drew, Miss Harriet M. of Buffalo, NY Danville Sept 2(4) 10/11/1847
Clarke, George B. of Waterbury Dennis, Mrs. Mary of Danville Danville Nov 22 12/4/1848
Cleashy, Oscar of Littleton, NH Rowell, Miss Levina of Concord Waterford March 18 4/6/1850
Clement, Amos M. of Danville Harvey, Miss Isabel of Charleston Charleston June 26 7/3/1848
Clement, Edwin B. of Barnet Wallace, Miss Margaret C. of Barnet ST J Jan 30 2/16/1850
Clement, J. H. of Titusville, PA Stevens, Miss Jane D. of Barnet Barnet 8/4/1849
Cleveland, James R. of Northumberland, NH Taylor, Miss Elmina M. of Lyndon Lyndon July 14 8/24/1850
Clifford, Amos P. of Danville Harris, Miss Comfort S. of Danville Danville Oct 4 10/9/1848
Clough, John S. of Ryegate Nott, Miss Mary of Bradford Bradford 4th inst 4/17/1843
Cobb, Harrison S. of St J. Wheeler, Miss Ann M. of Littleton Littleton, NH 3/10/1842
Coe, Horace B. of Burke Humphrey, Miss Lucinda P. of Burke Sutton Feb 9 2/22/1847
Colby, James K. of St J Pierce, Miss Sarah Ann dau of Dr. Aaron Pierce Barton May 19 5/23/1846
Colby, Nehemiah Esq. of Derby Proctor, Mrs. Betsey Proctorsville June 27 7/29/1844
Cole, Alvin of Derby Small, Miss Polly of Derby Derby Dec 28 1/22/1841
Cole, Hardy of Walden Brown, Miss Caroline S. of Hardwick Hardwick 10/12/1846
Cole, Jason of Danville Webster, Miss Betsey of Danville Danville Jan 10 1/22/1844
Cole, William B. of Charleston Fuller, Miss Deborah of Charleston Charleston Feb 7 2/26/1844
Cole, William H. of Sterling & Oxford, NY Boynton, Miss Susan W. of Danville Albany, ILL Dec 27 3/23/1846
Cole, Zenas C. Albee, Miss Jane Holland 1/8/1844
Collen, Irenas of Cabot Farr, Mrs. C. of Cabot Cabot Oct 9 11/17/1849
Colley, Joel W. of Woodbury Ric(h), Miss Flora of Calais Plainfield June 17 7/7/1849
Collier, Isaac Esq. Averill, Mrs. Sabrina Derby Oct 20 11/27/1843
Collins, (H)enn(s) H. of Cabot Farr, Mrs. Calista A. J. of Cabot Cabot Oct 9 12/1/1849
Collins, John A. Scott, Miss Rachel A. of Greensboro Walden March 7 4/7/1849
Comins, James M. of Northfield & Cabot Mitchell, Miss Charlotte of Greenfield, MA Greenfield, MA Nov 29 12/22/1849
Comstock, Orvilla of Craftsbury Dow, Miss Samantha of Albany Irasburg June 5 6/28/1847
Conant, Samuel D. Pearson, Miss Louisa Ann Irasburg Oct 21 11/20/1848
Condre, Charles A. of St J. Smith, Miss Sarah of Danville Danville Oct 21 10/26/1850
Connary, John of St J McGeary, Miss Ann of St J. Danville Oct 12 10/30/1848
Convers, Capt Peter M. of Lyman Eastman, Miss Ruth K. of E. Lyman E. Lyman, NH June 10 6/22/1846
Cook, George H. of Cabot & Danville Wheeler, Miss Paulina P. of St J. ST J. Dec 14 4/6/1846
Cook, George W. of Danville Hale, Miss Mary P. of Danville Danville 22d inst 11/29/1847
Cook, John of Lyme, NH Burnside, Miss Sarah A. of Maidstone Guildhall March 1 3/27/1843
Cook, Phineas of Danville Mullikin, Miss Nancy Jane of Waterford St J Nov 14 11/27/1848
Coolidge, William S. Seaver, Miss Elizabeth L. Craftsbury March 1 3/24/1849
Corey, Milo of Hardwick Paine, Miss Sarah A. of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 2 1/10/1848
Corey, Roswell H. of Craftsbury Davis, Lucinda of late John Davis of Danville Craftsbury Dec 7 12/18/1843
Corliss, Samuel W. of Marshfield Sargeant, Miss Martha of Marshfield Marshfield April 11 4/22/1844
Cotrill, William H. of Montpelier Hall, Miss Frances E. of Burlington Burlington June 14 7/10/1848
Cowdery, Hervey of Coventry Carr, Miss Hannah M. of St. J. St J Oct 7 10/13/1845
Cowdry, H. C. W. of Sharon Lawrence, Miss Mary of Barre Williamstown Aug 22 9/6/1847
Cowles, C. W. MD of Stanstead Chase, Miss Hortense B. of Derby Derby Sept 24 10/12/1850
Cowles, Timothy Jr. of Peacham Shaw, Miss Cynthia of Barnet Barnet Aug 29 10/9/1848
Crane, Charles Fiske, Miss Mary Danville 10th inst 7/28/1842
Cree, George W. of Cabot Sumner, Miss Susan M. of Cabot Cabot Sept 18 9/22/1842
Crosby, Calvin Stevens of Hardwick Brock, Miss Lucy Jane of Newbury Newbury Sept 14 1/15/1844
Cross, A. A. of Montpelier Shipman, Miss Cynthia S. of Hardwick Hardwick 5th inst 12/15/1842
Cross, Timothy of Montpelier W(ater)man, Miss Harriet M. of Montpelier Montpelier 23d ult 7/2/1841
Crossman, Amos H. Wheat, Miss Polly B. Royalton 17th ult 2/12/1841
Cunningham, Josiah of Groton Merrill, Miss Lydia of Bradford Bradford Feb 20 3/7/1848
Currier, Henry of Walden Stevens, Miss Emily M. of Walden Northfield June 27 7/8/1844
Currier, John of Hardwick Lovee, Miss Mary Ann of Hardwick Hardwick 8/19/1841
Curtis, Benjamin W. of Montpelier Colburn, Miss Betsey of Cabot Cabot Feb 23 3/30/1846
Cushing, Haines P. of Burke Shaw, Miss Nancy M. of St J St J 30th ult 6/9/1842
Cushman, Earl P. Marston, Miss Sarah A. Montpelier 17th inst 3/26/1841
Cushman, Hibbard of Waterford Powers, Miss Laura of Waterford Waterford Feb 28 3/16/1850
Cushman, Orson of Waterford Morse, Miss Julia A. of Danville Danville March 18 3/24/1845
Cushman, Willard S. of Louisiana Bingham, Miss Eliza S. of St J. St J Oct 26 11/4/1841
Cutler, H. Dwight of Wells River Eggleston, Miss Laura A. of Littleton, NH Littleton, NH Oct 13 11/8/1847
Cutler, Harvey of Danville Brainerd, Mrs. Nancy of Wickham, Canada Danville 12th inst 3/18/1844
Cutting, C. S. of West Derby Newcomb, Miss Susan of West Derby West Derby Feb 22 3/15/1847
Cutting, Hiram of Waterford Carpenter, Miss Griuda of Concord Concord Dec 5 12/16/1841
Cutting, Nathaniel of Concord Woodward, Miss Lucy of Concord Concord Sept 13 1/4/1847
Cutting, Oliver of Concord Reed, Miss Lucina of Concord Concord Dec 5 2/17/1845
Daggett, Phylarman of Illinois Willey, Miss Mary of Derby Derby Sept 18 10/6/1845
Daggett, Royal M. of Derby Weeden, Miss Adaline L. of Derby Derby April 19 5/3/1847
Damon, John H. of Cabot Coffin, Miss Nancy K. of Cabot Cabot Sept 8 9/21/1846
Damon, John of Kirby Cole, Miss Eunice of Stephen Cole of Charleston Charleston 2/26/1841
Dana, Charles S. Esq. of Danville Mower, Miss Lucy Ann of Woodstock Woodstock 28th ult 10/6/1842
Dana, Charles S. Esq. of Danville Sinclair, Miss Arvilla H. of Hardwick Hardwick Feb 14 2/21/1848
Dana, David D. of Lowell, VT Curtis, Miss Lucretia of Lowell, VT Williamstown Jan 2 1/15/1844
Dana, George G. of Peacham Blanchard, Miss Mary E. of Peacham Peacham Dec 20 1/12/1850
Dana, Royal of Peacham Tuttle, Miss Betsey Jane of Peacham Peacham Jan 1 1/3/1846
Danforth, Albert G. of Danville Corser, Miss Emma K. of Fitchburg Fitchburg, MA Dec 31 2/23/1846
Danforth, Harvey B. of Danville Dearborn, Miss Martha of Limerick Limberick, ME June 28 7/27/1846
Danforth, Henry C. of Danville Dearbon, Miss Irena S. of Limerick, ME Cambridge, MA Sept 7 10/20/1845
Danforth, Lewis of Danville Judkins, Miss Mary of Danville Danville 17th inst 5/21/1841
Daniels, Hiram of N Danville Stevens, Miss Triphosa of Walden N Danville 7th inst 12/11/1843
Daniels, Moses of Rowley Ewell, Miss Julia of Walden Rowley, MA Dec 27 2/9/1850
Darling, Capt Hinds R. of Concord Buck, Miss Mary Ann of Littleton Littleton, NH March 10 3/26/1841
Darling, Col. H. R. of Milford, MA Morse, Miss Maroa D. dau of Rev. Josiah Morse Stewartstown, NH Sept 23 10/12/1850
Darling, Ezra F. of Wheelock Hill, Miss Lorinda S. of Danville Danville Jan 1 1/3/1846
Darling, Ferdinand of Lyndon Chandler, Miss Martha E. Wheelock June 22 7/12/1847
Darling, H. G. of Burke Whitcomb, Miss Mehitable of Lyndon Lyndon June 17 6/30/1845
Darling, I. of Albany McClara, Miss Mary of Peacham Peacham 18th 4/2/1841
Darling, J. Robert of Groton Taisey, Miss S. Maria of Groton Groton 7/28/1849
Davenport, Edwin R. of Boston Doe, Miss Jane S. of Newbury Newbury Nov 21 12/11/1848
Davenport, Nathan of Danville Gould, Miss Emily of Walden Hardwick Sept 8 9/21/1850
Davis, Abiel H. of Marshfield Pike, Miss Harriet D. of Marshfield Marshfield June 12 6/24/1844
Davis, Charles H. of Albany & Danville Coulter, Miss Julia A. of Cambridge, NY Cambridge, NY June 14 7/3/1843
Davis, Charles J. of Danville Sias, Miss Sally C. of N. Danville N Danville Dec 6 12/22/1849
Davis, George B. of Danville Thompson, Miss Flora S. of Danville Danville Dec 6 12/15/1849
Davis, Isaac F. of Danville & Brooklyn, NY Osborn, Mrs. Catharine of NYC NYC 3/30/1850
Davis, Jonathan of Newark Stoddard, Miss Almira of Sutton Sutton Feb 8 2/17/1842
Davis, Lewis of Barton Hall, Mrs. Cynthia of Stanstead Derby Line June 10 6/29/1850
Davis, Parley Dodge, Miss Cynthia K. Montpelier Oct 22 11/3/1845
Davis, Walter of Danville Gould, Miss Achsah M. of Walden Walden 13th inst 11/17/1845
Davison, Alpheus of Brookfield Adams, Miss Phoebe of Cabot Cabot 4/2/1841
Davison, Claudius L. of Waterford Wright, Miss Rebecca of St J. St J April 3 4/14/1845
Day, Cl(ark) of Barre Carter, Miss Emily of Barre Barre June 2 7/23/1841
Dean, Noah of Sheffield Chisley, Miss Mary Ann of Sheffield Sutton 2(4)th ult 6/2/1842
Dean, Willard Kittredge, Miss Mary C. Walden 1/27/1842
Dearborn, Charles G. Downing, Miss Mary A. Exeter 7/16/1841
Dearborn, John of Rumney, NH George, Mrs. Ruth of Haverhill, NH Wells River Dec 19 1/8/1844
Decker, William of Coventry Gilman, Miss Julia Ann Stanstead Jan 22 2/10/1849
Delano, Joseph R. of Hardwick Vincent, Miss H. Jane dau of T. W. Vincent Esq. Walden Aug 11 8/16/1847
Delano, Lewis Howe Warner, Miss Eliza dau of Col. A. Warner Hardwick Aug 31 9/6/1847
Deming, Henry H. of Danville Vail, Laura D. of J. Y. Vail Esq of Montpelier Montpelier Dec 27 1/1/1844
Denison, Charles C., MD of Lyndon McGaffee, Miss Martha of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 10 11/3/1849
Denison, Charles E. of Woodstock Stevens, Miss Harriet N. of Newbury Newbury Nov 2(0) 12/22/1849
Denison, Col. John P. of Guildhall Cooper, Miss Mary S. of Jesse Cooper Canaan May 9 6/4/1841
Denison, Daniel B. Kibbey, Miss Lucy C. Burke April 12 4/28/1849
Denison, Isaac A. of Burke Bemiss, Miss Laurestine L. of Lyndon Ctr Lyndon April 23 5/6/1844
Dewey, Alfred Stiles, Miss Almira Janesville, Wisc March 17 5/3/1847
Dewey, Bela S. of Littleton, NH Carter, Miss Lovisa of Peacham Danville 7th inst 3/11/1844
Dewey, Bradley of Waterford Underwood, Miss Almira of Waterford Waterford Jan 6 2/1/1847
Dewey, Dr. J. Y. of Montpelier Tarbox, Mrs. Susan of Randolph Randolph Aug 3 8/11/1845
Dewey, John N. of Lebanon, NH Johnson, Miss Mehetable H. of Newbury Newbury Dec 25 1/10/1846
Dexter, Andrew of Springfield, MA Keach, Miss Amanda of Waterford Waterford March 7 3/23/1850
Dexter, Silas of Burke Howland, Mrs. Fanny D. of Burke Burke Dec 1 12/28/1850
Dickinson, George of Hadley, MA Dickinson, Miss Maria of ST J St J Aug 19 9/2/1844
Dickinson, William L. of Jersey City, NJ Goss, Miss Celia A. of Lyndon Lyndon Aug 28 9/4/1843
Dilver, Daniel of St J. (Silver?) Garland, Miss Lucretia K. Irasburg Jan 1 1/26/1850
Dodge, David MD of Topsham Burnham, Miss Helen M. of Barre Barre 1st inst 3/24/1842
Dodge, George of Bath Stevens, Miss Eliza B. of Haverhill Bath, NH Dec 25 1/15/1844
Doe, Dr John of Cabot Damon, Miss Lemira of Cabot Cabot March 8 3/14/1848
Dole, Eleazer J. of Danville Morse, Miss Maria H. of Danville Danville Nov 17 11/24/1842
Dole, Eleazer J. of Danville Farnsworth, Miss Mary Ann of Walden Walden 17th inst 10/21/1844
Dole, Joel R. of Danville Rollins, Miss Mahitable S. of Danville Danville 6th inst 11/10/1845
Dole, William M. of Danville Weeks, Miss Julia A. of Danville Danville March 22 3/29/1847
Doloff, Thomas C. of Sutton Blake, Miss Harriet of Sutton Sutton 10/28/1841
Donnegan, Owen of Troy Parker, Miss Margaret R. of St J. St J 15th inst 6/25/1841
Dooling, James Morrow, Mrs. Jane St J. April 25 5/12/1849
Dorn, Peter Fisher, Miss Nancy Lamoilleville Dec 1 12/16/1841
Doty, Charles of Craftsbury Phelps, Miss Abigail of Woodbury Woodbury, MA May 2 5/22/1848
Douglass, Charles of Danville Church, Miss Juliett of Underhill Underhill May 12 5/23/1846
Douglass, Guy Bickford, Miss Abigail Danville 23d inst 3/27/1843
Dow, Abial B. of Walden Durant, Miss Sally R. of Walden Walden April 8 6/1/1850
Dow, Albert M. of Irasburg Cates, Miss Fanny M. Stanstead Sept 5 10/12/1846
Dow, Calusha of Lyndon Darling, Miss Drusilla of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 26 2/26/1844
Dow, Gilbert of Burlington Dow, Miss Mary of Derby Derby Ctr. May 7 5/18/1850
Dow, Hazen of Walden Johnson, Miss Mary Ann of Walden Walden 27th ult 1/27/1842
Dow, Joseph of Irasburg Keach, Miss Lydia of Waterford Waterford Dec 23 1/15/1844
Dow, Luther C. of Craftsbury Dewey, Miss Lavina Irasburg April 5 5/3/1847
Dow, Samuel of Greensboro age 62 Stevens, Miss Lovina of Goshen Gore age 19 Greensboro Feb 7 2/15/1847
Drew, Elisha of Richford Woodward, Miss Arteutia of Westfield North Troy July 10 8/4/1845
Drew, George Jr. of St J. Ide, Miss Minerva C. of Coventry Coventry May 27 6/17/1844
Drew, Isaac K. of N. Danville Stanton, Miss Caroline B. of N. Danville Danville May 29 6/3/1844
Drew, Jedediah of Concord Higgins, Miss Lovina W. of Danville Danville Dec 2(5) 12/30/1848
Drown, David of Sheffield Dean, Miss Rebecca of Sutton Sutton 5th inst 11/20/1843
Drown, Samuel of Brownington Clark, Miss Louisa Westmore Dec 11 1/5/1850
Drown, Welcome of St Johnsbury Gates, Miss Sarah of N. Danville N. Danville Sept 22 10/14/1844
Dudley, Capt John G. Townsend, Miss Mary C. Troy Oct 28 12/16/1841
Dudley, James H. of Newport, NH Wilson, Miss Sarah J. of Barnet Danville Feb 24 3/3/1842
Dudley, William H. H. of Webster, MA Sherman, Miss Thankful of Plainfield Plainfield June 21 7/12/1847
Dunsyre, James Jr. of Danville Huntress, Miss Almira of Danville Newport Feb 12 2/23/1846
Dunsyre, Jonathan G. of Danville Meader, Miss Mary J. of Danville Danville Feb 16 2/21/1848
Dutton, Azro of Barnet Gibson, Mary Jane dau of Dea. John Gibson Ryegate Dec 5 12/25/1843
Dutton, David C. of Walden Eaton, Miss Elizabeth S. of Cabot Cabot Sept 3 9/29/1845
Dwight, Henry C. of Franklin, LA Arms, Miss Sarah E. of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 14 9/22/1845
Dyer, Isaac Esq. of Baldwin, ME Mattocks, Mrs. Martha P. of Danville Danville Aug 7 8/10/1850
Eager, Luther of Derby Hodgden, Miss Mary of Newport Derby Nov 3 2/13/1843
Earle, Asahel of Barre Morse, Miss Mary of Barre Barre 2d inst 1/13/1842
Eastman, Addison W. of Warren, NH Buxton, Miss Mary F. of Newbury Newbury Sept 18 9/29/1849
Eastman, Beeri of Wheelock Pearl, Miss Rachel of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 1 12/16/1844
Eastman, Jonathan of Sutton Dow, Miss Mary Ann of Barnet Danville 4th inst 1/9/1843
Eastman, Maj. Charles G. Havens, Miss Susan S. of Palmyra Palmyra, NY June 10 6/22/1846
Eastman, Philip J. of Greensboro Badger, Miss Laura of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 1 11/20/1848
Eaton, Charles L. of Sutton French, Miss Eunice H. of Glover Glover July 28 8/9/1847
Eaton, Nathaniel H. of Danville Trussell, Miss Pamelia L. of Danville Danville July 1 7/7/1849
Eaton, Nathaniel Harvey of Danville Trussell, Miss Lucy Ann of Danville Danville May 21 5/26/1845
Eddy, John E. of Charlestown, MA Eddy, Miss Sally M. of Walden Walden Sept 14 9/20/1847
Edson, Samuel A. of Wells River Varney, Miss Hannah M. of N. Danville Danville Nov 3 11/18/1844
Elkins, Curtis Jr. of Troy Buswell, Miss ( )u()ay of Potton Potton, CE Jan 3 1/26/1850
Elkins, Harvey Rowell, Miss Harriet North Troy Aug 16 9/4/1848
Elliot, Albert A. of Morgan Houghton, Miss Mary L. of Barnet Barnet March 4 3/24/1849
Elliot, John of Morgan Bartlett, Miss Mary of Morgan Morgan Dec 28 1/15/1844
Elliot, Joseph of Danville Sanborn, Miss Chastina of Hardwick Danville Sept 2 9/8/1849
Elliott, Benjamin F. of Bath, NH Bacon, Miss Betsey C. of Danville Danville 15th inst 1/22/1844
Elliott, Jonathan of Morgan Houghton, Miss Hannah of Barnet Barnet Sept 10 9/25/1848
Ellis, J. W. Burton, Miss Rosette Montpelier Dec 25 1/6/1845
Ellis, Joel of Hardwick Powers, Miss Sally of Walden Walden 8th inst 10/16/1843
Ely, Guy Esq. of St J. Hassam, Miss Miranda of Charlestown Charlestown, NH March 25 4/10/1848
Emerson, Hon Thomas of Buffalo, NY & Windsor Gilbert, Mrs. Eliza dau of Rev D W Eastman of Grimsby May 16 6/19/1843
Emerson, John F. of Bucksport, ME Goodell, Miss Florella of Waterford Waterford 1/13/1845
Emerson, John F. of Waterford Young, Miss Mary of St J. St J March 5 3/21/1848
Emerson, John of Wheelock Niles, Miss Arabella R. of Wheelock Wheelock 12th inst 2/26/1844
Emerson, Jonathan Jr. of Danville Thayer, Miss Betsey of ST J. St J July 15 7/28/1845
Ervin, Benjamin S. of St J. Turner, Miss Fanny of Newbury Wells River March 7 3/22/1847
Erwin, John of Holden, MA Vance, Miss Elizabeth of Montpelier Montpelier 8/4/1845
Estabrooks, John of Danville Colby, Miss Mary Susan of Danville Danville Nov 25 11/30/1846
Estabrooks, Warren of Danville Copp, Miss Elizabeth of Moultonboro Moultonboro, NH March 3 3/16/1850
Evans, Alfred Q. of Sutton Russell, Miss Sarah S. of Sutton St J Ctr July 4 8/3/1850
Evans, Ferdinand of Danville West, Miss Martha T. of Danville Danville May 13 5/19/1849
Ewell, Isaac L. of Peacham Kelly, Miss Louisa E. of Springfield Springfield, Ill Sept 3 10/5/1846
Fa(i)r, Corydon Bean, Miss Eleanor A. of Kirby Kirby May 23? 6/7/1847
Fairbanks, Charles of St J Woodworth, Laura R. dau of Geo Woodworth Saratoga Jan 2(1) 1/19/1850
Fairbanks, Horace of St J Taylor, Miss Mary E. of Derry Derry, NH Aug 9 8/25/1849
Fairbrother, Charles L. of Coventry Beede, Miss Abbe of Danville Lyndon 3/16/1850
Farnam, Leandrew B. of St J. Smith, Miss Chestina R. of Sutton Sutton 2d inst 4/17/1843
Farnsworth, Alden Whedon, Miss Ann E. of Whitefield Whitefield, NH April 27 5/23/1846
Farnsworth, Harvey of Danville Colby, Miss Sarah Maria of Danville Danville May 21 5/23/1846
Farnsworth, Stephen of Haverhill Sylvester, Miss Ann of Barnet Barnet July 26 9/1/1849
Farr, Dr. Asahel of Peacham Wheeler, Miss Martha J. of Peacham Peacham June 1 6/19/1848
Farr, Loren B. of St J. Jackson, Miss Calista A. of Cabot St J Dec 30 1/10/1848
Farr, Pardon D. of Danville Gilson, Miss Lucy L of St J St J Dec 30 1/3/1848
Farrington, Charles W. of Walden Edwards, Miss Caroline G. of Walden Walden Dec 15 4/22/1844
Farrow, Independence Kellogg, Miss Martha Peacham March 12 4/2/1841
Farrow, Theodore G. Esq. of Peacham Stewart, Miss Phoebe F. of Barnet Barnet Jan 13 2/1/1847
Farwell, Freedom J. Fuller, Miss Perris Charleston 1/8/1844
Fassett, Cephas of Hydepark Davis, Mrs. Cyrena of North Troy North Troy Oct 19 11/2/1846
Felker, Joseph of Barton Mizer, Miss Julia Derby June 19 7/19/1847
Felt, David A. of Sullivan, NH Howes, Miss Harriet S. of St J. St J Dec 18 12/30/1848
Ferrin, Rev. Clark E. of Holland Boynton, Sophronia B. dau of Capt John Boynton Holland Nov 6 11/23/1850
Field, Levi T. of Derby Atkinson, Miss Emily M. of Stanstead West Derby Jan 15 2/9/1850
Fields, Bennett B. of Derby Lindsay, Miss Clarissa O. of Stanstead Newport Dec 22 1/4/1847
Fisher, Edward Jr. of Lyman Smith, Miss Mary of Littleton Lyman, NH Jan 10 2/3/1849
Fisher, Edwin P. of Cabot Collins, Miss Mary L. of Danville Danville May 17 5/22/1848
Fisher, Ephraim H. of Lyndon Richards, Miss Laura L. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 4, 1843 2/26/1844
Fisher, Hiram M. of Danville Higgins, Miss Mary B. of Danville Danville Jan 18 1/27/1849
Fisher, Joel Hubbard of Danville Holden, Miss Betsey M. of Burke Danville Sept 25 9/30/1844
Fisher, Ziba Duncan, Miss Emily Bath, NH May 18 5/29/1843
Fisk, Rev Stephen Lowe, Miss Sophronia of Lodowick Lowe Esq Townshend 15th inst 8/26/1841
Flanders, John B. of Wheelock Switzer, Miss Lorania of Wheelock Wheelock 17th inst 1/20/1842
Fletcher, Charles B. Esq. of Lyndon Farley, Miss Lucy E. dau of B. M. Farley Esq. Hollis, NH 31st ult 2/27/1843
Fletcher, Josisiah A. Esq. of Glover Kellum, Miss Al(min)a of Irasburg Irasburg Dec 11 12/22/1842
Flint, Alvin Jr. of St J Hoyt, Miss Lucinda of Craftsbury Craftsbury 10/13/1845
Flint, Jonas Jr. of St Johnsbury Messenger, Miss Mary of Dalton Dalton, MA May 2 6/23/1842
Flint, Jonas of Sutton Metcalf, Miss Mary Glover Nov 15 12/15/1849
Flint, Lyman T. of Johnson Willard, Miss Hannah W. of Lyndon Lyndon March 3 4/1/1844
Flint, Napoleon B. of St J. Ayer, Miss Achsah M. of St J. St J Dec 5 12/13/1847
Flint, Samuel W. of Peacham Walker, Miss Caroline of Cabot Peacham Jan 25 2/17/1849
Flower, John C. of Burke Greenleaf, Miss Mercy N. of Lancaster, NH Lancaster, NH Oct 21 11/4/1844
Fogg, Ralph of Holland Stearns, Miss Mary of Stanstead Stanstead Jan 21 2/9/1846
Folsom, Charles of Lyndon McGaffey, Flavia E. dau of Stephen McGaffey Esq. Lyndon Nov 8? 11/22/1847
(Foot), Hon Solomon M.C. of Rutland Dana, Mrs. Mary Ann of Clarendon NYC April 2 4/15/1844
Ford, John R. of Barton Pierce, Miss Mary Ann of Derby Derby Line 9/6/1847
Ford, William of Boston Vance, Miss Catherine M. of Danville Danville May 16 5/22/1843
Foss, William of Campton, NH Hutchinson, Miss Eliza Jane of St J. E. St J. Feb 10 2/22/1847
Foster, Daniel of Peacham Carpenter, Miss Mary of Marshfield Marshfield March 14 3/23/1850
Foster, E. G. of Walden Vance, Miss J. W. of Cabot Cabot Sept 18 10/27/1849
Foster, Ephraim of Cabot Moore, Miss Sarah B. of Piermont, NH Piermont, NH Nov 14 12/2/1844
Foster, Franklin of Peacham Walker, Miss Jane of Peacham Peacham Dec 4 1/12/1850
Foster, Horace of Landaff, NH Bacon, Miss Helen M. of Danville Danville Feb 20 2/24/1845
Foster, Jacob P. of Waterford Leitch, Miss Jane of Danville Danville Feb 8 2/16/1846
Foster, S. A. of St J Dickerman, Miss Julia M. P. of St J. St J May 2 5/26/1849
Fox, Miller Esq. of Newbury, VT Evans, Miss Margaret G. Cooper's Plain, NY 2/8/1847
Freeman, Nathan of Tyngsboro, MA Corey, Miss Jane A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 13 4/27/1846
French, Capt J. R. Goodall, Miss Ellen B. dau of Ira Goodall Esq. Bath, NH 1/10/1846
French, David French, Mrs. Dorothy Hardwick 11/25/1844
French, Flavione of Hardwick Crosby, Miss Ruah of Hardwick Hardwick Feb 25 3/22/1847
French, Fordyce F. of Glover Hazen, Miss Martha of W. Hartford W Hartford Feb 22 3/10/1849
French, Hon. Alvah R. of Craftsbury Swett, Mrs. Sarah ST J Nov 25 12/16/1844
French, Norman of Montpelier White, Miss Emily L. of Walden Walden Dec 8 1/13/1845
French, Selo Q. C. of Montpelier Rand, Miss Amelia E. of Strafford Montpelier Jan 1 1/13/1845
Frost, Joseph of ST J. Felch, Miss Martha of Barnet St J 17th inst 10/2/1843
Frost, Selim of St J. Ellis, Miss Emily S. of Shefford Shefford, CE June 10 6/29/1850
Frost, Sumner Esq. Gould, Mrs. Lydia Derby Jan 28 2/9/1850
Fry, John Esq. of Waterford Chamberlin, Miss Lavinia M. of St J St J Aug 15 8/25/1849
Fuller, Clark of Barre Siloway, Miss Mary E. of Barre Barre 1st ult 1/13/1842
Fuller, G. W. of NYC Ainsworth, Miss Deborah of Woodbury Hardwick Sept 22 10/7/1844
Fuller, James T. Goodwin, Miss Comfort Ann Glover 12/29/1845
Fuller, William O. Houghton, Miss Louisa of Silas Houghton Lyndon Jan 12 1/22/1841
Fuller, William of Burke Hyder, Miss Mary M of Barnston, CE Burke Dec 26 1/6/1849
Fuller, William of Glover Miles, Miss Tryphena of Sheffield Glover Jan 30 2/24/1845
Fuller, William of St J. Grennel, Miss Jane M. of St J. St J Jan 1 1/13/1849
Furness, Ezra of Jamaica Bailey, Miss Martha of Groton Groton Oct 17 11/4/1841
Gafney, Lewis of Cabot Dow, Miss Alvira M. of Cabot Cabot April 29 5/4/1846
Gage, John H. of Nashua Fisher, Miss Catharine A. of Nashua Nashua, NH 10th ult 7/9/1841
Galbraith, Walter of Passumpsic Stuart, Miss Sarah H. of Hardwick Hardwick Jan 1 1/4/1847
Garfield, F. A. MD of Glover Warren, Miss Harriet W. of Woodstock Woodstock Oct 28 11/9/1846
Garland, Alonzo of Irasburg Buzwell, Miss Emily of Glover Glover Sept 1 9/21/1846
Garland, James H. of Lyman Stickney, Miss Mercy of Lyman Lyman, NH April 29 5/19/1849
Gates, Charles of Lebanon, NH Brown, Miss Elizabeth of Waterford Waterford Feb 14 2/26/1844
Gates, Harvey S. of Concord Reed, Miss Adaline B. of Concord Concord July 27 8/3/1850
Gay, Simeon of St Johnsbury Barker, Miss Eliza Ann of Barnet Barnet Jan 23 2/19/1844
Gear, Charles W. Farrington, Miss Eliza Ann Irasburg Aug 8 8/16/1847
Gee, Allen Bean, Miss Lucy Julia Ann Danville Oct 29 11/18/1844
Gerald, Solomon W. of Wheelock Foss, Miss Martha W. of Sutton Sheffield 9th inst 11/17/1842
Gereld, Sela W. of Wheelock Foss, Miss Martha W. of Sutton Sheffield Nov 9 11/24/1842
Gerry, Eli P. of Cabot Bartlett, Miss Sarah A. of Cabot Cabot May 18 5/25/1850
Gerry, Lucius S. of Cabot Pope, Miss Elvira S. of St J St J Ctr. June 24 8/4/1849
Giffin, George Jr. of Hardwick Stevens, Miss Ursula of Hardwick Hardwick July 3 8/4/1845
Giffin, James of Hardwick Slapp, Miss Sally of Greensboro Hardwick March 4 3/15/1847
Gilbert, Chester of Brownington Douglass, Miss Lucy of Danville Danville July 18 7/23/1841
Gilbert, Reuben of Lyndon Morse, Miss Sarah of Newbury Newbury Nov 1 11/10/1842
Gilbert, Samuel J. of Brownington English, Miss Juliet C. of Brownington Irasburg Feb 10 2/23/1846
Gilchrist, Walter of McIndoe Falls Ricker, Miss Betsey D. of Bath, NH Lyman Plain, NH April 8 4/26/1847
Gile, Abel Jr. of Walden White, Miss Mary Ann of Walden Walden Dec 21 12/23/1848
Gilfillan, D. W. of Wilmington, OH Partridge, Miss Helen of Peacham Peacham Aug 1 8/10/1850
Gilfillan, Joshua of Stark Cty., Ill Way, Miss Ann Eliza of Peacham Peacham April 29 5/4/1846
Gillingham, Joel of Newbury, NH Lane, Miss Nancy W. of Barre Barre 3d inst 3/24/1842
Gillis, John of Danville & Man., NH Mills, Martha Ann dau of Jacob Mills of Topsham Manchester, NH Aug 29 9/1/1849
Gilman, Marcus D. Baldwin, Miss Maria M. dau of Daniel Baldwin Esq. Montpelier May 10 5/15/1843
Gilman, Solomon L. of Marshfield Powers, Miss Diantha E. Montpelier Sept 6 9/28/1846
Gilsen, John of St J. Underhill, Miss Abigail of Piermont, NH Piermont, NH Sept 30 12/2/1844
Gilson, David of Lyndon Phippen, Miss Fanny M. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 23 11/9/1850
Gilson, Luaian Jones, Miss Lucy St Johnsbury 2/6/1843
Gitchell, J. S. of St Johnsbury Nye, Marietta of Barre Barre June 1 6/11/1841
Gleason, Dr. C. W. of Barnet Baldwin, Margaretta of late Dr. Wm Baldwin Philadelphia April 18 5/20/1844
Gleason, John Moore, Miss Kezia P. Barnet April 5 4/24/1848
Glysson, Thomas MD of N. Danville Langmaid, Miss Emily of N. Danville N. Danville Jan 15 1/22/1844
Godding, Alvah W. of Providence, RI Parks, Miss Jane L. of Providence, RI Burke Nov 28 12/28/1850
Goodale, J. C. of Cabot Colby, Miss E. R. of Phillipsburgh, Canada Phillipsburgh Oct 28 11/25/1844
Goodale, Julius of Cabot Bartlett, Miss Elsie of Cabot Northfield Feb 17 2/26/1841
Goodall, Samuel H. of Bath Nelson, Miss Sarah of Haverhill Haverhill, NH May 22 6/8/1850
Goodell, Clark of Irasburg Burr, Mary dau of Hon Lyman & Hannah Burr Barnet March 25 4/8/1844
Goodenough, Levi of Cabot Berry, Miss Rachel of Cabot Sutton June 25 7/3/1848
Goodsell, Albert of Stanstead Williams, Miss Celinda of Derby Derby 11/27/1848
Goodwin, Elisha W. of Charleston Tyler, Miss Lavina S. of Charleston Derby Jan 1 4/20/1846
Goodwin, Hon Israel of Montpelier Putnam, Miss Harriet of Montpelier E. Montpelier June 18 7/3/1843
Goodwin, John M. Clark, Miss Betsey Newbury March 28 4/14/1849
Gookin, Daniel O. of Danville Brock, Miss Catherine of Danville Peacham July 15 7/21/1849
Gorham, Densmore W. of Kirby Gleason, Miss Abigail M. of Kirby Kirby Jan 8 1/17/1846
Gorham, Irvia of St J. Hoit, Miss Rebecca A. of St J. St J Nov 12 12/16/1844
Goss, Hibbard A. of St J West, Miss Elvira B. of St J. St J Aug 27 9/8/1849
Goss, John of Cabot Colburn, Miss Elmina M. of Cabot Danville Oct 17 10/19/1850
Goss, Leonard of St J. Glidden, Miss Caroline M. of Sutton Sutton Sept 24 10/16/1843
Goss, Levi of Concord Chase, Miss Martha of Concord W. Concord Dec 4 12/15/1845
Goss, William H. of Waterford Cobb, Miss Laura of Derby Derby March 17 3/29/1847
Goss, William Jr. of Worcester, MA Hallett, Miss Mary of St J. ST J Sept 30 10/13/1845
Gould, Allen of Guildhall Keyes, Miss Harriet of Vershire, VT Guildhall 10th inst 1/23/1843
Gould, Ashley of Derby Brown, Miss Mariette of Derby Derby April 4 5/3/1847
Gould, Joseph of Montpelier Gray, Miss Roxana of Montpelier Montpelier April 16 4/27/1846
Gould, Marcus of Montpelier Ripley, Miss Sarah C. of Montpelier Montpelier Jan 17 2/2/1846
Gould, Mr. of Bath, NH Smith, Miss Martha of Andrew Smith of Guildhall Guildhall Dec 19 1/29/1844
Gracier, Elijah H. W. of Boston Willey, Miss Irena G. of Danville Boston Nov 19 12/4/1848
Graham, Henry B. of Barnet Harriman, Miss Almira E. of Peacham Peacham Feb 28 4/13/1850
Granger, Rev. Pliny N. of St J. Calder, Miss Jane of Peacham Peacham June 10 6/16/1845
Granniss, W. C. D. of Montpelier Baldwin, Miss Lucia L. of Montpelier Montpelier June 3 6/15/1850
Graves, John of Lyndon Gilson, Miss Lucinda of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 27 12/15/1845
Graves, Major Sereno W. of Wethersfield Dennison, Miss Malvina C. of Shipton, LC Burke March 20 4/3/1843
Graves, Orrison Spaulding, Miss Roxillana Lyndon Nov 10 11/25/1844
Graves, Sylvanus of Strafford, VT Ide, Mrs. Frinda C. of St J St J 6th inst 12/15/1842
Gray, Azro of Coventry Andrews, Miss Mary Eliza of Wolcott Wolcott March 25 5/5/1845
Gray, Clark S. of Montpelier Wheelock, Miss Luthera C. of Montpelier Montpelier 7th inst 1/15/1841
Gray, George 2d of Sheffield Potter, Miss Sophronia of Sheffield Sheffield Sept 28 10/6/1842
Gray, Joshua of Sheffield Dean, Miss Lucy of Sutton Sutton Nov 22 12/8/1842
Gray, Reuben M. of Sheffield Cobb, Miss Elizabeth of Morgan Morgan Sept 2 9/21/1846
Gray, Rev A. R. of Coventry Pierce, Miss Emeline dau of Dr. A. Pierce Barton Jan 1 1/26/1850
Gray, Rev. A. R. of Coventry Kellum, Miss Eunice C. of Compton Compton, CE Jan 15 2/2/1846
Gray, Samuel D. 2d of Sheffield Daniels, Miss Betsey P. dau of James Daniels Sheffield Sept 8 9/30/1844
Gray, Solomon of Sheffield Johnson, Mrs. Jane L. of Sutton Sheffield April 28 5/11/1846
Gray, William of Glover Ide, Miss Martha of Glover Glover 5/20/1844
Green, Benjamin W. Kimball, Miss Eliza A. Montpelier April 7 4/27/1850
Green, William W. of St J. Hill, Miss Emily G. of St J. Haverhill, NH Dec 23 1/3/1846
Greenleaf, L. L. of Derby Kellam, Miss Elizabeth of Irasburg Colchester Nov 17 12/11/1848
Gregg, Joseph H. of Plainfield Hunt, Miss Laura of Danville Danville Jan 31 2/14/1848
Gross, Avery H. of Brownington Pierce, Miss Harriet A. of St J. St J June 26 7/10/1843
Gross, Edward of Wells River Clough, Miss Amelia of Ryegate Wells River Dec 31 1/17/1846
Grosvenor, Thomas J. of Montpelier Vose, Miss Nancy Ann of Montpelier Montpelier Nov 20 11/30/1850
Guild, Ebenezer Esq. of Walpole Brown, Miss Sarah Maria of Walpole Walpole, NH Sept 27 10/6/1842
Guile, Thomas Esq. of Orleans Hinman, Miss Jane of Lyman Lyman, NH 2d inst 8/21/1843
H(a)ll, Carlton F. of Hardwick Chase, Miss Judith P. of Hardwick Hardwick May 24 6/3/1844
H(ill), Capt Stephen S. of Concord Bingham, Miss Lucy Ann of Concord St J Ctr Oct 2 10/27/1842
Ha(y)den, Julius A. of St Louis, MO Leslie, Miss Elizabeth B. of Wells River Wells River Aug 31 9/18/1843
Hadley, Paschal P. Wheaton, Miss Harriet St J June 23 7/7/1845
Hale, Amos P. of Lyndon Sturtevant, Miss Laura of Craftsbury Danville April 12 4/19/1847
Hale, Capt Joshua of Newburyport, MA Tenney, Sophia C. dau of Hon. A. B. W. Tenney Newbury Jan 4 1/15/1844
Hale, John of Waterford Mead, Miss Mary Ellen of Piermont Piermont, NH Aug 15 9/18/1843
Hale, Lorin of Waterford Brown, Miss Roxana of Concord Waterford Jan 4 1/17/1848
Hale, Oscar C. of Wells River R(ea), Miss Susan D. dau of Elisha R(ea) Esq. Royalton June 26 7/8/1844
Hale, Sprague T. of Waterford Moulton, Miss Nancy M. of Concord Waterford April 4 4/24/1843
Hale, Stephen D. of Littleton, NH Douglas, Mary B. of Capt John Douglas Littleton, NH 1/22/1841
Hall, Dudley P. of St J. Gregory, Miss Amelia H. of Concord Concord Nov 26 12/11/1843
Hall, Emerson of St J. Stanton, Miss Mary M. S. of Danville Danville 19th inst 6/22/1850
Hall, Harley M. of Burke Denison, Rosalie S. dau of Isaac Denison Esq. Burke Feb 26 3/9/1846
Hall, Jonas of Hardwick Morse, Miss Hannah of Wheelock Hardwick Feb 2 4/2/1841
Hall, Joseph S. of Jefferson, NH Crawford, Miss Sarah of Guildhall NH March 19 4/7/1845
Hall, Lovell of Barnet Dickinson, Miss Mary of Lyman Lyman, NH March 15 4/28/1842
Hall, Salma of Danville Wood, Miss Helen M. of Henniker Henniker, NH Nov 10 2/15/1847
Hall, Samuel G. of Barton Allen, Miss Zilpha A. of Danville Danville Feb 26 2/28/1845
Hall, Walter of Greensboro McDaniel, Miss Mary Ann of Danville Greensboro Nov 2 11/13/1848
Hall, William R. of Lisbon, NH Burrington, Miss Rosalie M. of Burke Lyndon 5/5/1849
Hallett, ( )rsena of St J. ( )gley, Miss Mary P. of Lowell, MA Newbury Feb 21 3/10/1849
Hallett, Atherton Smith, Miss Adaline St Johnsbury June 5 6/16/1849
Hallett, Ezra Ide of St J. Hall, Miss Statira of Danville Danville April 20 4/28/1845
Ham, William H. of McHenry, Ill & Danville Lowell, Miss Clarissa D. of Danville Danville 16th inst 6/24/1844
Hand, Aaron Howard, Miss Emily Walden 16th ult 8/4/1842
Harding, Gardner J. of Lowell McGaffey, Miss Maria E. of Barnston Stanstead Feb 14 3/3/1849
Harding, Hon. John of Lowell French, Mrs. Phila Irasburg May 16 6/9/1849
Hardy, C. C. of Glover Baker, Miss Sarah of Glover Glover 10/14/1844
Hardy, Mitchell D. of Framingham, MA Evans, Miss Hannah C. of Danville Danville Sept 28 10/6/1842
Harlow, Ebenezer D. of St J. Trefferin, Miss Sarah K. of ST J. St Johnsbury 5/25/1850
Harlow, Orra H. of Irasburg Hardy, Miss Sarah M. of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 26 11/10/1842
Harran, John S. of Danville Smith, Miss Sarah A. Irasburg March 7 3/28/1848
Harriman, Henry Samson, Miss Malvina Peacham March 4 3/15/1847
Harriman, William McLeran, Miss Jennett Barnet 26th inst 1/29/1841
Harrington, Joel of Walden Jenkins, Miss Mary L. of Kirby Kirby Dec 7 12/23/1848
Harrington, Vernon Harmon, Miss Sophia Follett Burlington Dec 25 1/8/1844
Harris, David of Boston Estabrooks, Miss Lucena of Danville Danville Sept 29 9/30/1844
Harris, David of Boston & Danville Estabrooks, Miss Tryphena of Danville Danville 30th ult 1/27/1842
Harris, Erasmus of Danville Cole, Mrs. Caroline of Moriah, NY Danville June 17 6/30/1849
Harris, Levi H. of Danville Dyer, Miss Eliza of Royalton Bethel May 17 5/24/1847
Harris, Stephen of Lisbon, NH Weed, Mrs. Delia of Danville Bethlehem, NH Mar 19 3/31/1845
Harris, Timothy Jr. of Danville Brown, Miss Maria P. of Danville Danville March 11 3/23/1850
Harris, Timothy V. of Danville Higgins, Miss Paulina W. of Danville Danville Feb 14 2/22/1847
Hartshorn, George W. Esq. of Canaan Bean, Miss Alice M. dau of Josiah Bean of Kirby Manchester, NH May 21 6/15/1850
Hartshorn, Horace F. of N. Danville Knapp, Miss Annette Z. of St J. St J Jan 13 2/9/1850
Hartshorn, William H. of Guildhall Cutler, Miss Delia L. of Guildhall Guildhall 22d inst? 6/30/1842
Harvey, Caleb of Danville Pratt, Miss Mary F. of Waterville Waterville Dec 15 1/5/1850
Harvey, Elijah D. of Danville Johnston, Miss Mary P. of Barnet Barnet March 9 3/21/1848
Harvey, Ezra of St J. Bailey, Miss Lucy of Troy North Troy Jan 1 1/26/1846
Harvey, Freeman of Barnet Stocker, Miss Abigail W. of Danville McHenry, Il May 13 6/18/1841
Harvey, William of Barnet Johnson, Miss Caroline of Bath Bath, NH Sept 18 10/5/1850
Harwood, William L. of Boston Rosbrook, Miss Emily C. of Guildhall Guildhall June 2 6/30/1849
Hastey, Archibald of Barnet Gilfillan, Miss Elizabeth of Peacham Peacham 25th ult 4/2/1841
Hasting, Clark of Littleton Reed, Miss Susannah of Littleton Littleton, NH Dec 3 1/3/1846
Hastings, Curtiss of Waterford Powers, Miss Adaline of Waterford Waterford March 25 5/11/1846
Hastings, Lambert Esq. of St J. Mills, Mrs. Myra C. dau of Hon Spencer Clark Lunenburg Jan 1 1/15/1844
Hatch, Charles H. of Dixon, Ill Harvey, Miss Catharine of Barnet Barnet Aug 2 8/26/1841
Hatch, George of Newbury Vance, Miss Hannah of Groton Groton Dec 9 11/13/1847
Haviland, Alpheus C. of Danville Gates, Miss Orilla of Morristown Morristown 19th ult 8/5/1841
Haviland, Danford C. of Danville Collins, Miss Fanny M. of Danville Danville Dec 8 12/14/1846
Hawkins, Almon W. of Calais Flint, Miss Elsina of Calais Craftsbury 12/15/1842
Hawkins, William G. of Charleston Allen, Miss Clarissa B. Barton Nov 23 12/22/1845
Hawley, Abel M. of St Cesaire, Canada Cleaveland, Mrs. Eliza B. of Irasburg Irasburg April 5 4/14/1842
Hayes, Henry M. of Derby Taylor, Miss Mahalah M. Stanstead Oct 12 10/25/1847
Haynes, Rev Zadoc S. of NH Bailey, Miss Marion W. of Newbury Newbury 9th inst 1/16/1843
Haynes, Stephen of Sheffield Haynes, Miss Maria of Walden Walden 3d inst 11/18/1844
Heath, Daniel of Groton Humphrey, Mrs. Caroline of Groton Groton Sept 29 10/19/1850
Heath, Hial of Danville Clefford, Miss Esther of Barnet Danville March 26 4/13/1850
Heath, John E. Hoyt, Miss Ann Wheelock Sept 2 9/15/1845
Heath, Moses of Derby Abby, Miss Sarah J. of Derby Derby Dec 27 1/4/1847
Heath, Nathaniel S. of Cabot Sanborn, Miss Elizabeth M. of Hardwick Hardwick 22d inst 1/20/1842
Heath, Orrin of Cabot Adams, Miss Laura W. of Cabot Danville Feb 28 3/17/1849
Heath, W. H. of Stanstead, CE Miller, Miss Eliza L. of Groton Groton Oct 18 11/2/1846
Heaton, H. W. Esq. of Montpelier Stearns, Miss Harriet of Boston Boston 7/9/1841
Hemenway, Joel of Lancaster, NH Clark, Miss Judith A. of Hatfield, MA Northampton, MA Mar 16 3/30/1846
Hemmenway, Luther of Waterford Lewis, Mrs. Sally of Waterford Waterford June 19 7/6/1850
Henderson, Joseph of Hardwick Currier, Miss Dorothy of Walden Walden 15th ult 1/13/1842
Heon, George L. of Danville Webster, Miss Cynthia of Danville Danville Sept 24 10/2/1843
Hersey, Rev. P. of W. Concord Healey, Miss Lorane of Lowell, MA St J Sept 24 10/16/1848
Hibbard, Hon Harry of Bath Bellows, Mrs. Sarah K. dau of Hon. Salma Hale Keene, NH May 13 6/5/1848
Hibbard, Nathaniel M. of Bath, NH Baldwin, Miss Ruth F. of New Haven, CT Tallahassee, FL April 21 6/18/1841
Hibbard, Nathaniel M. of Concord & NH Baldwin, Miss Ruth F. of New Haven, CT Tallahassee, FL April 21 7/9/1841
Hibbard, William B. of NYC Chamberlin, Elizabeth dau of Col. Moody Chamberlin S. Newbury July 11 8/3/1850
Hicks, George W. of Lyndon Farr, Miss Harriet C. of Waterford Kirby May 23 6/7/1847
Hicks, John of Manchester Jenkins, Miss Emily of Lyndon Manchester, NH Jan 3 1/24/1848
Higgins, Daniel B. Livingston, Miss Jane M. Albany 3/24/1842
Higgins, John Jr. of Danville Underwood, Miss Jane of Danville Danville July 2(0) 7/28/1842
Hildreth, Azro B. of Bradford Knight, Miss Liveria Aurett of Josiah Knight Esq Fryeburg, ME Oct 21 11/4/1844
Hill, Dr. Samuel of Danville Phillips, Widow Lois of Danville N Danville 14th inst 6/25/1841
Hill, Henry H. of St J White, Miss Martha K. of St J. St J Nov 26 12/7/1846
Hill, Ithamar P. of Danville Stevens, Miss Mary Ann of Danville Danville March23 4/3/1848
Hill, James B. of Victory Smith, Miss Rosannah of Waterford Kirby Dec 4 1/17/1846
Hill, John of West Concord Powers, Miss Altheda of Waterford Waterford Nov 29 12/22/1849
Hill, Lowry D. Esq. of Waterford Lowell, Miss Emily of Waterford Waterford March 8 3/22/1847
Hill, Mex Vermouth, Miss Christiana Waterford 4/14/1842
Hill, Moses Esq. of St. J Ide, Mrs. Armannellah H. of St J. St J 4th inst 10/7/1841
Hill, Philemon of Waterford Hemingway, Miss Martha of Waterford St J Jan 21 2/2/1850
Hill, Samuel of N. Danville Page, Miss Cynthia L. of St J. St J March 19 4/8/1844
Hinman, Professor Morse, Miss Martha of T. Morse Esq. Newbury 8th inst 8/26/1841
Hinman, Robert S. of Bradleyvale Gregory, Miss Elizabeth H. of Concord Concord June 10 6/28/1847
Hodge, Freeman O. of Hardwick Dow, Miss Amy of Cabot Hardwick 27th inst 4/29/1844
Hodge, Rev. M. G. of Colchester Kellam, Miss Harriet L. Irasburg Oct 14 11/2/1846
Hodsden, Cyrus E. Skinner, Miss( )da W. of Charleston P( )mont, NH 6/3/1844
Hoit, Ephraim A. of St J. Hubbard, Miss Emily of St J. St J April 20 5/4/1850
Holcomb, Myron of Starksboro Walbridge, Miss Susan of Montpelier Montpelier Oct 23 11/3/1845
Holloway, William of Glover Coomer, Miss Rhoda of Glover Glover July 21 7/29/1844
Holmes, George R. Wilson, Miss Harriet N. Derby Sept 17 10/6/1845
Holmes, John R. of Northfield Lease, Miss Alma R. of Plainfield Marshfield Jan 15 2/10/1849
Holmes, Lewis of Peacham Pope, Miss Lucinda C. of Peacham Peacham Jan 1 1/15/1841
Holmes, O. S. of Derby McCaffey, Miss Laura of Stanstead Stanstead July 13 8/2/1847
Holton, Adolphus of S. Hardwick Jeudevine, Miss Luthera of Cornelius Jeudevine Esq Concord July 17 7/31/1843
Holton, Horace F. of Lancaster, NH Barney, Miss Maria W. dau of Capt John Barney St J Oct 11 10/25/1847
Holton, Talcot of Concord Cutting, Miss Lois Y. of Concord St J Nov 15 12/4/1843
Hooker, (L)evings H. of Plainfield Blanchard, Miss Sarah of Peacham Peacham April 6 4/12/1847
Hooker, David of Peacham Blair, Miss Margaret Barnet April 4 4/22/1844
Hooker, Lathrop H. of Sturbridge Sholes, Miss Rachel L. of Sturbridge Sturbridge, MA Feb 21 3/15/1847
Hooker, Levins of Danville Bailey, Miss Mary of Danville Danville 13th inst 6/17/1844
Hooker, Loren H. of Plainfield Bancroft, Miss Abigail M. of Plainfield Plainfield 5/19/1849
Hooker, Orman Blanchard, Miss Mercy Peacham 18th inst 11/25/1841
Hopkins, Cassius H. of Cabot Heath, Miss Harriet A. of Nashua Nashville, NH March 12 4/6/1846
Hopkinson, John H. of Guildhall Wetherbee, Miss Susan J. of Concord Concord Nov 2 11/10/1849
Hosmer, Edwin M. of Lyndon Marsh, Miss Leanda A. of Lyndon Lyndon Dec 5 12/13/1847
Houghton, John Ballou, Miss Elizabeth Waterford March 10 3/29/1847
Houston, Joshua B. Howe, Miss Susan N. Wells River June 5 6/15/1850
Hovey, Abial R. of Kirby Harvey, Miss Susan M. of Kirby St J March 16 3/22/1847
Howard, Charles of Irasburg Bill, Miss Lucinda of Albany Albany 13th ult 11/4/1841
Howard, Eleazer Esq. of Irasburg Metcalf, Mrs. Phebe of Irasburg Irasburg May 8 5/25/1850
Howard, Leonard McGaffey, Miss Maria St Johnsbury July 4 7/17/1843
Howard, Samuel H. of Irasburg Kidder, Miss Mary A. of Irasburg Irasburg June 3 7/9/1841
Howard, Sargeant R. of Barre Carleton, Miss Emily R. of Woodstock Woodstock Feb 17 3/8/1847
Howe, James W. of Cabot Goss, Miss Nancy of Cabot Danville 30th ult 4/9/1841
Howe, Levi of Concord Spaulding, Miss Julia Ann of Concord Concord 4th ult 5/21/1841
Howe, Nathaniel Edson of Danville Moors, Miss Mary of Nashua Nashua, NH 10/30/1843
Howe, Warren D. of Danville Estabrooks, Miss Amanda of Danville Danville March 19 3/28/1848
Howland, Charles of Lyndon Burt, Miss Lucia Ann of Lyndon Burke Feb 22 3/9/1846
Howland, James M. of Montpelier Templeton, Miss Mary of E. Montpelier E. Montpelier June 6 6/22/1850
Hoyt, Asa 2d of Craftsbury Dutton, Miss Elvira M. of Cabot Cabot March 24 3/30/1846
Hoyt, Dr. Hiram P. of Wheelock Chesley, Miss Jemima M. of Sheffield Sutton Oct 4 10/19/1846
Hoyt, J. M. Esq of Lyndon Parker, Miss Matilda of Lyndon Lyndon July 31 9/4/1848
Hoyt, Joseph of Lyndon Sargeant, Miss Sarah Jane of Danville Danville ? May 28 6/1/1846
Hoyt, Stephen M. of Wheelock Estabrooks, Miss Susan of Danville Danville Dec 4 12/14/1850
Hoyt, William A. of Danville Fisk, Miss Marrilla of Danville Danville 1st inst 1/9/1843
Hoyt, William H. Smith, Miss Sophia dau of Lyman Smith Lyndon Nov 8 11/22/1847
Hoyt, William H. of Craftsbury Skeele, Miss Julia M. of Danville N. Danville Oct 9 10/13/1845
Hubbard, George Hall, Miss Lois L. dau of Rev. Thomas Hall Guildhall Aug 24 9/6/1847
Humphrey, Solomon of St J. Goss, Miss Electa M. of ST J. St J 6th inst 11/10/1845
Hunt, Dan W. of Danville Way, Miss Sylvia of Peacham Peacham Dec 4 12/8/1845
Hunt, George W. of Bath, NH Vance, Miss Jane S. of Danville Danville Feb 5 2/10/1849
Hunter, Fry of Albany Vance, Miss Laura Glover Oct 4 12/29/1845
Huntington, Dr. Henry of Champlain, NY Dustin, Miss Martha M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Oct 5 10/25/1847
Huntington, John Metcalf, Miss Maria Irasburg Jan 1 1/17/1846
Huntress, John C. of Danville Taylor, Miss Maria of Danville Danville Nov 5 11/13/1843
Hurd, David Jr. of Peacham Balch, Miss Clarinda A. of N. Danville N. Danville March 13 3/17/1845
Hurlburt, Nathan of Glover Gibson, Miss Rosanna of Glover Glover July 9 8/24/1850
Hurlburt, Orzo Esq. of Plainfield Wheeler, Miss Sara M. of Littleton Littleton, NH Jan 8 1/22/1844
Hurlburt, Ruel of Glover Shurtleff, Miss Hannah of Walden Goshen Gore ? 12/30/1844
Hurlbut, Lanson W. of Glover Ela, Miss Harriet N. of Lebanon Lebanon, NH Feb 24 3/5/1841
Huse, Simeon of Kirby Hovey, Miss Mary A. of Waterford Waterford Jan 1 1/13/1849
Hutchins, Russell N. of Bath, NH Sly, Miss Ann A. of Ryegate Ryegate Dec 7 1/8/1844
Hutchinson, George R. of Waterford Farr, Miss Hannah of Waterford St J Oct 4 12/7/1846
Hutchinson, Jeremy of Danville Huse, Miss Eunice K. of Danville Danville Sept 5 9/8/1849
Hutchinson, William A. of Barnard Hallet, Miss Mary M. of St J. St J 22d ult 2/6/1843
Hutchinson, William of Sutton Hill, Miss Susan A. of N. Danville N. Danville 10th inst 10/16/1843
Hyde, Asahel Esq. of Derby Morrill, Mrs. Hannah E. of Derby Derby Nov 2 11/27/1843
Hyde, T. H. of Fairlee Bullard, Miss Rachael L. of Montpelier E. Montpelier Oct 24 11/2/1850
Ide, Dr. W. E. of Lyndon, VT Sullivan, Miss Angeline of Zanesville Zanesville, OH June 24 7/9/1841
Ide, Ezra Esq. of St J. Wallace, Mrs. Susan of St J. St Johnsbury Sept 8 9/15/1842
Ide, George Goss, Miss Mary Ann dau of Philip Goss Esq. Lyndon July 18 7/31/1843
Ide, William E. MD of Cincinnati Jewett, Miss Harriet E. of Columbus, OH Columbus Oct 12 11/8/1847
Ide, William of Lyndon Carpenter, Mrs. Emily of Kirby Lyndon March 28 4/20/1850
Ingalls, Edward of Danville Batchelder, Miss Harriet H. of Danville N. Danville Jan 22 1/26/1850
Ingalls, Perly W. of Walden Gaffield, Lavina dau of Rev. John Gaffield Goshen Gore Aug 13 8/25/1845
Ingalls, Stephen R. of Stanstead Carter, Miss Huldah of Hardwick Derby Line Sept (8) 9/29/1849
Ingalls, William of Danville Fink, Miss Julia A. of Adam Fink of Dunkirk Dunkirk, NY 5th inst 8/26/1841
Ingersoll, Rufus of Holland (B)oves, Miss Jane of Danville Danville March 13 3/17/1849
Ives, John MD of Hardwick Appleton, Miss Elizabeth of Buxton, ME Passumpsic March 10 3/20/1843
Jackman, Benjamin B. of Irasburg Bush, Miss Lucina of Glover Glover Sept 9 9/20/1847
Jackson, Andrew Wallace, Miss Maryett of Walden Goshen Gore Dec 6 12/30/1844
Jenkins, Loren of Burke Ray, Miss Sarah Ann of Burke Sutton Nov 20 12/4/1843
Jenness, Benjamin of Danville Batchelder, Miss Elsie of Danville Danville Feb 4 2/14/1848
Jenness, George of Natick, MA Kineston, Miss Mary D. dau of Jesse Kineston Sheffield Aug 27 9/4/1848
Jenness, John of Sheffield Cook, Miss Lucy A. of Glover Glover 10/30/1848
Jennie, Alpheus D. of Lowell, MA Amsden, Miss Pamelia M. of Walden Walden Dec 17 1/8/1844
Jewett, D. B. of Boston Delano, Miss Lydia M. dau of L. H. Delano Esq. N. Hardwick Sept 7 9/25/1848
Jewett, Dr. Adams of ST J. Smith, Miss Mary P. P. of Lancaster, MA Mobile, Ala 3d inst 7/30/1841
Jewett, Dr. Luther Jr. of Indiana Cobb, Miss Mary of Barton Barton 6th inst 7/16/1841
Jewett, Fayette MD of St J. Clark, Miss Susan Ann of St J. St J Nov 25 12/7/1850
Jewett, Samuel Cobb, Miss Sophia C. dau of late Col. E. Cobb Barton Oct 8 10/13/1845
Johnson, Charles (W.) of Montpelier True, Miss Casandra Ann of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 17 9/23/1844
Johnson, Chester of Salem Philbrook, Miss Sarah of Salem Salem 7th inst 9/22/1842
Johnson, E. G. Esq. of Derby West, Aurilla E. dau of Nathaniel West Esq of Derby Derby Nov 27 12/16/1844
Johnson, George S. Freeman, Miss Fidelia Barre 7th inst 4/21/1842
Johnson, Henry E. of Newbury Bailey, Miss Ruth J. of Newbury Newbury June 27 8/5/1844
Johnson, Jerome B. of Plainfield Town, Miss Amanda E. Montpelier May 22 6/2/1849
Johnson, Perly S. of Walden Smith, Miss Caroline M. of Cabot Cabot 17th inst 7/22/1844
Johnson, Stephen G. of Yates, NY Blanchard, Harriet dau of Harvey Blanchard Esq. Peacham Oct 8 11/2/1846
Johnson, Thomas of Danville Foy, Miss Mary E. of Danville Danville Sept 8 9/9/1844
Johnston, F. A. Whipple, Miss Harriet E. Irasburg Oct 27 11/20/1848
Johnston, William H. of Wheelock Hight, Miss Emily A. of Albany Albany Oct 26 11/6/1843
Jones, Daniel A. of Concord Nichols, Miss Lucy M. of Concord St Johnsbury Feb 10 2/20/1843
Jones, Ebenezer of Newport Adams, Miss Ruth S. of Waterford St J Jan 2 1/13/1849
Jones, Hiram Jr. of St J. Woodbury, Miss Malvina A. of Concord St J May 23 6/5/1848
Jones, Horace S. of Coventry Joslyn, Miss Harriet of Brownington Brownington Sept 3 9/29/1845
Jones, John M. of Stanstead, CE Rhodes, Miss Caroline M. of Danville Ripton Jan 11 1/25/1847
Jones, Lewis of St J. Young, Miss Rosina M. of St J. St J Feb 10 2/23/1850
Joy, Charles W. of Sutton Bryant, Miss Calista of Kirby Kirby Jan 3 2/10/1849
Judkins, Jesse of Danville Harris, Miss Arvilla M. of Danville Danville March 9 3/17/1845
Keach, William of Westminster Green, Miss Roancy of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 30 11/9/1850
Keeler, Cornelius P. of Hydepark Nye, Miss Lucy Jane Irasburg June 11 7/31/1848
Keith, Alonzo T. Flint, Miss Laura dau of Gen. S. B. Flint Montpelier June 27 7/21/1849
Kellam, John H. of Irasburg Jameson, Miss Martha Ann of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 30 11/24/1842
Kelley, George L. of St J. Moore, Miss Mary of Danville Danville Feb 27 2/28/1845
Kelley, Jedediah C. of Lyndon Green, Miss Louisa of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 1 2/26/1844
Kelley, Jedediah C. of St J. Stowell, Miss Paulina of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 1(7) 10/30/1848
Kelley, John of Derby Roberts, Miss Melina of Sheffield Sheffield June 25 7/6/1846
Kellogg, Hon Daniel of Rockingham Aldis, Miss Miranda M. of St Albans St Albans June 30 8/2/1847
Kellogg, Martin M. of Boston Hubbard, Miss Fanny M. of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 17 9/29/1849
Kelly, Cyrus K. MD of St J. Wight, Miss Mary McClara of Bethel Bethel, ME May 25 6/2/1845
Kelsey, J. W. Child, Miss Susan P. dau of Col Levi Child West Derby Sept 3 9/13/1847
Kelsey, Moses M. Brooks, Miss Caroline Derby May 20 5/26/1845
Kelsey, Moses M. of Derby Carbee, Lois of John Carbee Esq. of Bath, NH Bath, NH March 15 3/21/1848
Kelsey, Robert Esq. of Danville Frost, Mrs. Ann of Derby Derby June 23 6/28/1847
Kelsey, Robert of N. Danville Morrill, Cynthia of John Morrill of N Danville N. Danville 13th inst 11/20/1843
Kelso, James of Plainfield Bancroft, Miss Patience of Plainfield Plainfield Nov 22 12/18/1843
Kemp, Lysander of Cambridgeport, MA Green, Miss Dama of Waterford St J Aug 13 8/31/1846
Kendall, George W. of Newport Langmaid, Miss Betsey M. of Danville Danville Oct 24 10/28/1844
Kendall, Metaphor of Leominster, MA Chase, Miss Mary of Derby Vernon Jan 30 4/1/1844
Kendall, Zelotes of Stanstead Stone, Miss Sarah of Stanstead Derby Line 1/27/1849
Kenniston, Thomas A. of Roxbury, MA Tilton, Miss Joanna of Concord Concord March 11 3/31/1845
Kimball, E. A., Maj. McLean, Miss Lucretia H. of Cabot Cabot Nov 1 11/10/1849
Kimball, I. B. of Boston Flint, Miss Kate M. of St J. Derby Feb 11 2/23/1850
Kimball, Ira of Peacham Carter, Miss Betsey C. of Danville Danville Jan 8 1/10/1846
Kimball, Isaac of Brownington Percival, Miss Finette of Glover Irasburg Oct 8 10/27/1849
Kimball, Isaiah P. of Peacham Page, Miss Lydia B. of Landaff, NH Lisbon, NH March 26 4/8/1844
Kimball, Moses of Peacham Smith, Miss Susan Jane of Danville Danville 7th inst 1/15/1841
Kimmi(s), Jared Barton, Miss Fanny B. Montpelier March 2(4) 4/1/1844
King, Benjamin F. of Montpelier Gilbert, Miss Delia A. of Montpelier Groton June 3 6/8/1846
King, George W. of Glover Lawrence, Miss Elmira of Danville Danville Feb 13 2/26/1844
King, Rev. Joseph E. Bayley, Miss Melissa of Newbury Newbury July 23 8/3/1850
Kingsbury, Levi F. of Milford, MA Brown, Miss Judith A. of Peacham Peacham Oct 6 10/26/1850
Kinney, Alonzo of Ascott, CE Chismore, Miss Maria of Mo(tis), NY Danville July 2 7/6/1850
Kinniston, James R. Bickford, Miss Emily Jane Peacham March 4 3/15/1847
Kinsman, David O. of St J. Gilbert, Miss Ruth Ann of St J. Hardwick 20th ult 1/2/1843
Kittredge, Benjamin Jerome of Walden Tuttle, Miss Mary Elizabeth of Walden Walden 19th inst 7/23/1841
Kittredge, Calvin of Walden Lee, Miss Nancy of Waterbury Danville July 10 7/14/1845
Kittredge, Jeremiah R. of Danville Vance, Miss Lydia A. of Danville Danville March 18 3/23/1846
Kittredge, Lyman O. of Walden Macomber, Miss Mary H. of Greensboro Walden ? March 13 4/7/1849
Kittredge, Lyndal M. of Derby Cheney, Mrs. Mary S. of Derby Derby Feb 25 3/15/1847
Kittredge, Uri B. of Danville Gifford, Miss Caroline R. of Peacham Danville Dec 6 12/15/1845
Knapp, Alden N. of St J Palmer, Miss Orpha W. of Concord St J April 13 4/17/1848
Knight, John D. of Stoddard, NH Newton, Miss Emily A. of Lyndon St J March 18 3/31/1845
Knight, Prentiss of Bradford Crandall, Miss Julia B. of Barnet Barnet Oct 16 11/4/1844
Knight, Roswell of Irasburg Orcutt, Miss Sarah Ann of Cabot Cabot 1/27/1842
Knights, Jonathan of Ryegate Taylor, Miss Jane of Newbury Newbury Aug 1(4) 8/25/1845
Knights, Oliver of Irasburg Gaskill, Miss Theodotia C. of Irasburg Irasburg June 11 7/9/1841
Knowles, Luke of Thornton, NH Kidder, Miss Louisa of Barnet Barnet Nov 1 12/21/1846
Knowles, William of Walden Scott, Miss Clarissa V. of Greensboro Greensboro March 21 4/13/1850
Knox, Alonzo of St J. Armington, Miss Mary Ann dau of T. J. Armington St J March 4 3/17/1845
Ladd, Almon A. White, Miss Emeline Middlesex March 4 4/16/1841
Ladd, Clark of Montpelier Mason, Miss Susan C. of Danville Danville Jan 20 1/26/1846
Ladd, John of Waterford Powers, Miss Rebecca of Lyndon Lyndon March 2 3/28/1848
Laird, Roswell of Cabot Cunningham, Miss Jane of Cabot Cabot Nov 29 12/8/1849
Lamberton, Alfred of Marshfield Taylor, Miss Maria of Marshfield Marshfield Feb 19 4/1/1844
Landen, Franklin of Hinesburg Yaw, Miss Polly Irasburg March 20 4/10/1848
Lane, George D. of Danville Gile, Miss Sarah of Danville Danville 8th inst 1/9/1843
Lane, Josiah of Northfield Thompson, Mrs. Sarah Montpelier 3d inst 3/11/1844
Lang, William Bryant, Miss Mary Irasburg Jan 13 1/31/1848
Langley, Rufus W. of Cabot Hunt, Miss Mary L. of Leicester, VT Cabot (Oct) 10 12/20/1847
Langmaid, Samuel C. Colby, Miss Abby Jane Danville March 17 3/31/1845
Langmaid, Solomon 2d of Danville Stiles, Mrs. Rachel of Danville Danville May 2(3) 6/5/1843
Langmaid, Willard of Danville Batchelder, Miss Emily of Danville Montpelier July 16 7/26/1847
Lawrence, Benjamin of Montpelier Foster, Miss Jerusha Orange April 22 5/14/1841
Lawrence, Curtis of St J. Judkins, Miss Cynthia of Danville St J Ctr Dec 15 12/18/1848
Lawrence, Ira C. of Danville Sylvester, Miss Mary M. of Waterford Danville Feb 23 3/3/1842
Lawrence, John of Albany Skinner, Miss Lydia A. of Albany Troy, NH Sept 14 10/13/1849
Lawrence, Jonathan G. of Danville Vermuth, Miss Ledora Ann of Waterford Danville Sept 29 10/6/1842
Lawrence, Orville of Waterford Bingham, Miss Olive of Waterford Concord Oct 25 11/15/1847
Lawrence, Spencer of Barre Wheeler, Miss Sophronia B. of St J. St J 17th inst 10/28/1841
Lawrence, Willard C. Dwinnell, Miss Cornelia Glover Dec 16 12/29/1845
Lawrence, William of Pepperill, MA French, Miss Sylvia G. Glover April 24 5/5/1849
Leach, Dr. Elbridge G. of Boston Freeman, Miss Clementina D. of Derby Derby July 12 7/20/1846
Leadbetter, Increase Jr. of Weston, MA White, Miss Clarissa M. of Plainfield Plainfield May 11 5/23/1846
Lee, Harvey of Peacham Smith, Miss Laura of Cabot Cabot Oct 18 11/3/1842
Lee, Isaac of Danvers, MA Clark, Miss Angelina P. of Sutton Sutton Nov 30 12/11/1848
Leighton, Daniel L. of Danville Po( r)py, Miss Theresa S. of Sutton Danville Jan 11 1/17/1846
Leighton, Jeremiah W. Tice, Miss Julia Danville 6th inst 2/10/1842
Leighton, John L. of Newbury Lindsy, Miss Mary Jane of Derby Newbury Aug 8 9/1/1849
(Leitch), Archibald of Danville Buchanan, Miss Ann of Ryegate Ryegate 17th inst 3/24/1842
Leland, Albert of Barton Merriam, Miss Nancy of Barton Barton 7th inst 3/12/1841
Leland, Charles Esq. of Claremont, NH Mills, Miss Ellen M. of St J. St J Dec 11 12/22/1849
Leslie, Charles B. Esq. of Wells River Skinner, Miss Harriet H. of Wells River Wells River Jan 16 2/3/1845
Lewis, John W. of Kirby Richardson, Miss Diantha of Waterford Kirby April 13 5/8/1848
Lewis, Warren C. Fry, Miss Mehetable B. dau of H. G. Fry Concord Aug 18 9/1/1849
Lewis, William of Burke Bickford, Miss Maria of Westmore Cabot July 30 8/5/1841
Lewis, William of Cabot Weston, Miss Jane of Peacham Cabot May 4 5/22/1848
Lindsay, James of Barnet Johnston, Miss Amoret Barnet 5/14/1841
Lindsey, William of Concord Underwood, Miss Mary of Concord Concord Dec 4 12/16/1844
Linton, George of Potton, LC Strong, Miss Martha of Newport Troy Dec 12 12/30/1841
Locke, Albion of Irasburg Locke, Miss Mary Ann of Irasburg Epsom, NH June 15 7/17/1848
Locke, Elbridge G. of Lyman, NH Dickson, Jane dau of Robert Dickson Esq. Ryegate March 21 4/8/1844
Logan, Samuel of Troy, NH Guild, Miss Mary A. Coventry May 14 6/9/1849
Lord, Joseph Evans, Miss Electa Barton Nov 19 12/15/1849
Lord, Rev William H. of Montpelier Aiken, Miss Harriet Adams of Lowell Lowell, MA June 1 6/19/1848
Lovejoy, Albert of Andover, MA Hidden, Miss Sarah A. of Peacham Peacham Sept 4 9/8/1845
Lovejoy, Albert of Compton, NH Dunbar, Miss Lucretia M. of Newbury Brookfield 9/15/1845
Lovejoy, Henry Warner, Nancy M. dau of Dea. S. Warner St J March 13 3/25/1844
Lovell, Oliver M. of Putney Patten, Miss Syrene of David Patten Esq. Hancock, NH May 31 6/18/1841
Lowell, Henry H. of Danville ? , Miss Danville 4/10/1843
Luce, Hubbard W. of Montpelier Ray, Miss Harriet C. of Cabot Cabot April 12 5/4/1846
Lumbard, Charles O. Hitchcock, Miss Patty Westfield Feb 17 3/24/1849
Lyford, Harvey of Peacham Martin, Miss Sarah L. of Peacham Peacham 15th inst 8/26/1844
Lyon, Edson of Charleston Fuller, Miss Lovina G. of Salem Salem Feb 7 2/26/1844
Macosco, Charles P. of Danville Kent, Miss Martha Jane of Danville Walden May 25 6/14/1847
Magoon, Isreal P. Batchelder, Miss Harriet W. of A S Batchelder St J Aug 31 9/9/1841
Magoon, Randal of Danville Hall, Miss Lydia of Danville North Danville June 26 7/5/1847
Mallory, William of Charleston Dolby, Miss Mary A. of Montpelier Montpelier Dec 17 12/30/1848
Mann, Daniel D. of Randolph, NH Gray, Miss Hannah B. of Sheffield Sheffield Feb 27 3/12/1841
Mann, John P. of Montpelier Cross, Miss Judith of Albany Albany May 30 6/15/1850
Mann, Rev. John of Hardwick Warner, Miss Mary Jane of Hardwick Cabot Aug 13 8/31/1850
Marsh, B. W. of Cabot Kennan, Miss Lomira of Cabot Milton, MA May 24 6/5/1843
Marsh, George W. of Stoneham, MA Underwood, Miss Elizabeth M. of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 18 12/23/1848
Marsh, James Jr. of Cabot Merrill, Miss Lydia of Cabot Cabot 2/26/1844
Marsh, Perry of Stowe Burt, Miss Laura A. dau of Capt Edward Burt Danville Oct 12 10/19/1846
Marsh, W. S. of Hardwick Strong, Miss Thirzah E. of Montpelier Montpelier Oct 21 11/2/1846
Marshall, James F. of Kingston, NH George, Miss Mary M. of Burke Burke April 8 4/27/1850
Marston, Arthur of Orford, NH Stimson, Miss Philabe A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury 9th inst 11/20/1843
Martin, Charles S. of Danville Cade, Miss Emma of Barnet Lyman Sept 6 9/14/1846
Martin, Darius Tophem, Miss Sarah Ann Wheelock Oct 19 11/4/1841
Martin, George W. of Peacham Cameron, Miss Philura M. of Marshfield Marshfield March 20 3/24/1845
Martin, Harmon M. of Danville Laird, Miss Margaret of Barnet Barnet 8th inst 2/17/1842
Martin, John A. of Washington Beard, Miss Samantha R. of Washington Washington 17th inst 4/28/1842
Martin, John of Danville Gilfillan, Miss Jane B. of Peacham Peacham Jan 4 1/20/1849
Martin, Lewis of Marshfield Warren, Miss Mary of Moretown Montpelier Dec 14 12/30/1848
Martin, Samuel C. of Hardwick Moody, Miss Redixa L. of Hardwick Hardwick 7/17/1848
Mason, Edward of Barnet Ide, Miss Betsey of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury June 30 7/21/1842
Mason, Oliver of Craftsbury Stevens, Miss Maria of Calais Hardwick 20th ult 1/20/1842
Massey, John C. Besette, Miss Rossia M. Irasburg Dec 29 1/20/1845
Mathews, Luther C. of St J Locke, Miss Elizabeth B. of St J St J Dec 28 1/17/1848
Matthews, Elbridge Parker, Miss Martha St J 9th inst 11/18/1841
Matthewson, Charles Jr. of Wheelock Dow, Miss Diantha of Barnet Sheffield 9th inst 11/17/1842
Mattocks, Dr. Edward S. Smith, Miss Nancy T. Boston 3/14/1848
May, Orange W. Harvey, Miss Ann Maria of Kirby Concord Feb 25 3/20/1843
McCallock, James W. of Albany Burt, Miss Ruth B. of Waterford Albany, NY May 22 6/15/1850
McConnell, Moses of Newbury Jeffers, Miss Lydia of Benton, NH Benton, NH Nov 14 12/2/1844
McCoy, Robert Esq. of Lunenburg Wilson, Miss Mary of Concord Concord 12/8/1842
McFarland, Andrew of Cabot Hall, Miss Caroline Shipton, LC March 27 5/22/1843
McGaffee, John of Lyndon Cook, Miss Martha Ann of Lyndon Lyndon Nov 19 12/11/1843
McGaffey, Amos Copp, Miss Sarah of St J Lyndon 7/28/1842
McGaffey, Daniel of St J. Strong, Miss Susan of Kirby St J Dec 22 1/13/1845
McIndoe, L. J. of Newbury Porter, Miss Lucia K. of Lyman Lyman, NH Feb 24 3/9/1846
McLaughlin, John of Peacham Mills, Miss Betsey H. of Berlin Berlin Sept 21 10/12/1846
McLearan, William of Wheelock Chase, Miss Emeline of Wheelock Wheelock Jan 14 2/12/1844
McLeran, Edward of Barnet Eddy, Miss Adaline of Barnet Lyman, NH March 29 4/12/1847
McMillan, Hon. Andrew of Danville Griggs, Miss Susan of Littleton Littleton, NH Oct 8 10/13/1845
McNab, John Esq. of Barnet Cushman, Sarah of Gen Seth Cushman Guildhall March 21 4/1/1844
McPhee, Alexander of Barnet Gilfillan, Miss Jennett of Peacham Peacham July 8 7/19/1847
Mellen, Charles Cross, Miss Lucy A. of Lancaster, NH Hopkinton, MA Dec 2 1/3/1848
Melvin, Moses of Charleston Spencer, Miss Lucinda of Burke Burke 2/17/1842
Merrill, A. K. of Haverhill, NH Leverett, Abby dau of late John Leverett of Windsor Newburyport 8/12/1844
Merrill, Edwin S. of Montpelier Handy, Miss Harriet H. of Peacham Peacham Aug 8 8/14/1843
Merrill, F. D. of Brownington Huntoon, Miss Sarah W. of Brownington Brownington 1/15/1844
Merrill, Ferrand F. Esq. Wright, Eliza Maria dau of late Rev. Chester Wright Montpelier Sept 24 10/7/1844
Merrill, Jesse E. of Craftsbury Maston, Miss Sabria M. of Montpelier Montpelier 20th inst 4/28/1842
Messerve, Benjamin E. of Wheelock Stockwell, Miss Mary of Wheelock Wheelock Nov 5 11/13/1843
Messerve, Paul C. of Wheelock Pearl, Miss Almira of Wheelock Wheelock Aug 9 8/28/1843
Miles, Ansel Hovey, Mrs. Jane Craftsbury March 11 3/24/1849
Miles, Emery W. Stiles, Miss Auba Jane Albany July 13 8/7/1848
Miles, Ira Bush, Miss Nancy Irasburg Feb 24 3/16/1850
Miles, Samuel of Wheelock Patterson, Miss Jane of Wheelock Wheelock Sept 26 10/11/1847
Miller, David of Ryegate Pierce, Miss Susan E. of Barnet Barnet June 27 7/20/1850
Miller, Henry Kennedy, Miss B. M. of Troy Westfield Sept 1 9/20/1847
Miner, Alvin of Sheffield Gray, Miss Mary Ann C. of Sheffield Sheffield 13th inst 4/24/1843
Mitchel, James of Irasburg Sargent, Miss Elizabeth A. of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 1 1/20/1845
Mitchell, Warren Esq. of Coventry Daggett, Mrs. Clarissa dau of Eli Green Waterford Aug 19 8/30/1847
Monteith, William R. Gilchrist, Miss Isabel Barnet May 23 6/10/1844
Moo ( r)e, Samuel of Haverhill, NH Howard, Miss Susan of Haverhill, NH Barnet June 20 7/8/1844
Moore, Asa B. Esq. of Derby Cummings, Miss Lovica of Newport Newport Oct 4 11/27/1843
Moore, Ashbel Hastings, Miss Martha St J May 21 6/3/1844
Moore, Daniel A. of Danville Barlow, Miss Almedia E. of Stratford Stratford, NH Feb 10 2/21/1848
Moore, George W. Daniels, Mrs. Roxanna H. Lancaster, NH June 24 7/9/1841
Moore, H. K. of Barnet Whitehill, Miss Sarah of Ryegate Barnet Feb 18 3/1/1847
Moore, Isaac Snow, Miss Pamelia Lunenburg March 13 4/14/1842
Moore, James C. of Danville Strobridge, Miss Jane L. of Albany Albany July 10 7/14/1845
Moore, John 2d of Barnet Paddleford, Miss Joan of Lyman Lyman, NH Nov 2 12/2/1844
Moore, Levi A. Perry, Miss Emily Lunenburg March 20 4/14/1842
Moore, Moses Jr. of Ryegate Burbank, Miss Margaret Ann of Ryegate St J July 17 7/29/1844
Moore, Pliny N. of Champlain, NY Kelsey, Miss Sarah P. of Danville Danville Aug 19 8/25/1849
Moore, William H. of Danville Moore, Miss Susan S. of Ryegate Ryegate 30th ult 4/2/1841
Moore, William of Dalton, NH Gilfillan, Miss Mary of Barnet Barnet Jan 1 1/13/1845
Moron, Narson of Waterford Weymouth, Miss Mary of Waterford Waterford May 28 6/8/1846
Morrill, Abner of Danville Merrill, Miss Betsey of Danville Danville Jan 25 2/3/1849
Morrill, Andrew Jackson of Ryegate Dole, Miss Amida Minerva of Danville Danville Dec 15 12/30/1841
Morrill, Asa Esq. of Danville Johnson, Miss Mary H. of Ryegate Waterford May 29 6/2/1845
Morrill, Capt Benjamin of St J E & Danville Smith, Mrs. Harriet N. of Landaff Landaff, NH May 4 5/18/1850
Morrill, John F. of Danville Martin, Miss Sarah A. of Derby Derby May 14 5/20/1844
Morrill, William H. of Ryegate Clark, Miss Nancy of Newbury Newbury Feb 7 2/16/1850
Morrill, William of Derby Carbee, Miss Catharine L. of Compton, CE Derby April 24 5/5/1849
Morris, Leonard C. of St J. Snow, Miss Lucy H. of St J. St J. May 21 6/1/1850
Morris, Rev. Ozias S. of VT French, Miss Rebecca C. of Hardwick S. Hardwick Dec 10 12/20/1847
Morse, Amos C. of Danville Ide, Miss Susan C. of St J. St J June 30 7/12/1847
Morse, Charles K. of Newbury Slack, Miss Rebecca of Newbury Haverhill, NH Nov 5 11/17/1845
Morse, Dr. James E. of Craftsbury Smith, Miss Celestia A. of Hanover Hanover, NH Dec 2 12/28/1850
Morse, Jewett of Danviille Skinner, Miss Susan W. of Burke Burke Jan 13 1/22/1841
Morse, John M. Hoit, Miss Mary of Ryegate Haverhill, NH Dec 22 1/16/1843
Morse, Joseph of Danville Merrill, Miss Priscilla of Thornton, NH Danville May 29 6/5/1843
Morse, Lyman of Concord Howe, Miss Lucy M. of Concord Concord Dec 31 1/20/1845
Morse, William of Lunenburg Sargent, Miss Susan W. of Charlestown, MA Thornton, NH Dec 7 12/22/1845
Moulton, Samuel R. of Cabot Judkins, Miss Celinda B. of Danville E. Montpelier July 8/18/1849
Moulton, Valora V. of W. Boxford, MA Parker, Miss Meranda of Waterford Barnet June 20 8/3/1850
Mowitt, Thomas of Danville Conroy, Charlotte of Danville NY Tues 4/9/1841
Mullikin, Sylvanus P. of Littleton, NH Emerson, Miss Luthera of Waterford Waterford 1/13/1845
Munroe, Alexander of Stanstead Adams, Miss Sarah A. of Derby Stanstead Oct 24 11/10/1849
Munsill, Levi T. of Torrington, CT Fyler, Miss Adaline R. of Burke Burke June 18 7/3/1843
Nadeau, John B. of Burke Bennett, Mrs. Martha M. of Burke E Burke Dec 1 12/16/1844
Nash, Horace C. of Jericho Dutton, Miss Flavia Craftsbury Oct 14 11/10/1849
Nelson, Asa H. of Derby Line Goodwin, Miss Miriam A. Rumney, NH July 2 7/26/1847
Nelson, David of Ryegate Dole, Miss Martha C. of Danville Danville Feb 13 2/17/1845
Nelson, Joses of Hardwick Cushman, Miss Louisa of Barnet Barnet Oct 7 10/19/1850
Nelson, Nathan Paddleford, Mary Ann of Philip Paddleford Lyman, NH Nov 30 12/25/1843
Nichols, John of Guildhall Cushman, Betsey of Gen Seth Cushman Guildhall March 21 4/1/1844
Nichols, Joseph H. of Lyndon Pope, Miss Louisa of St J St J May 8 5/29/1848
Nichols, Luther A. of Concord Hall, Miss Caroline of Concord Concord 15th ult 5/21/1841
Niles, John Stockwell, Mrs. Mary Wheelock July 30 8/7/1843
Niles, Zebulon W. Esq. of Derby Morrill, Miss Sarah C. of Derby Derby March (3) 6/3/1844
Nobles, Quarters of Hydepark Kennan, Miss Cornelia of Cabot Cabot Nov 27 1/18/1847
Norcross, Austin of Derby Nichols, Miss Ann of Springfield Springfield, NH Aug 27 9/15/1845
Norris, Myron K. of Albany George, Miss Augusta S. of Walden Walden Dec 5 12/15/1849
Northrop, Jonathan of Danville Chamberlin, Mrs. Lydia of Danville Cabot Oct 30 11/3/1849
Norton, J. H. of St J. Batchelder, Miss M. J. of St J. St J Feb 25 3/16/1850
Noyes, Amos Strobridge, Miss Betsey of Barnet Ryegate 25th ult 8/18/1842
Noyes, Henry S. of Springfield Verback, Miss Harriet N. of Derby Derby Feb 1(6) 3/17/1849
Noyes, Joseph H. of Warren, NH Blake, Miss Elizabeth C. of Sutton Sutton March 17 3/24/1845
Noyes, William S. of Barre Parker, Miss Rebecca C. of Barre Barre 15th inst 3/24/1842
Nutting, William H. of Danville Morse, Miss Caroline dau of Dea Amos Morse Danville May 15 5/19/1845
Nye, Bartlett Esq. of Champlain, NY Moore, Miss Laura M. of Champlain, NY Penn Yan, NY Nov last 2/13/1843
Ohara, Alexander H. Clark, Miss Betsey A. Glover Nov 26 12/29/1845
Orcutt, Franklin W. of Georgia Davis, Miss Abigail of Georgia Georgia 27th ult 6/11/1841
Ormsbee, Edgar L. of Rutland Hopkins, Miss Maria of Rutland Rutland June 3 6/18/1841
Ormsbee, Smith of Marshfield Joy, Miss Mary Ann of Marshfield Marshfield March 19 3/31/1849
Osbon, Hiram of Northfield Hall, Mrs. Hannah N. of Woodstock N. Danville 27th ult 3/3/1842
Osborn, Minot R. Basset, Mrs. Catharine dau of Ezekiel Gilbert New Haven, CT 31st ult 7/16/1841
Osgood, Enoch F. of Walden Sherrar, Miss Sarah W. of Walden Walden Oct 26 10/30/1843
Osgood, John F. of Amherst, ME Hanks, Miss Angeline of Barnet Barnet Jan 1 1/26/1850
Osgood, John S. of Walden Perkins, Miss Mary S. of Walden Walden March 14 4/7/1849
Osgood, John S. of Walden Perkins, Miss Mary S. of Walden Walden March 14 6/16/1849
Osgood, Phineas K. of Rutland Lee, Miss Ellen of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 3 7/20/1850
Owen, Philander of Barton Knapp, Miss Irene of Berlin Berlin 17th ult 9/9/1841
Owen, Sylvanus of Barre Stow, Miss Laura J. of Concord Concord April 23 5/26/1845
Paddleford, Benjamin B. of Lyman, NH Field, Mrs. Roxana of Barton Barton Dec 3 12/15/1849
Paddock, William G. Davison, Miss Abba L. Craftsbury June 27 8/11/1849
Page, Asa of Danville Barnes, Miss Julia Ann of St Albans St Albans, OH March 10/27/1842
Page, Enoch S. of Burke Clarke, Miss Mahala F. of Burke Burke Oct 2(4) 11/23/1850
Page, George F. H. of Danville McDaniels, Miss Almira H. of Danville Danville Dec 5 12/9/1841
Page, Henry of St J. Farnam, Miss Lucretia O. of St J. St J May 10 5/24/1847
Page, J. D. of Ryegate Locke, Miss Elizabeth P. of Epsom Epsom, NH 5/4/1846
Page, Nathan B. of Danville Farrar, Miss Geraldine P. of Peacham Peacham Jan 12 1/17/1848
Page, Seth F. of Plainfield Ayres, Miss Alma T. of Plainfield Plainfield Aug 11 8/31/1850
Paige, George H. of Greensboro Bliss, Mrs. Laura of Cabot Cabot March 28 4/13/1850
Paine, George of Hardwick Holton, Miss Sophronia of Concord W. Concord 6/19/1848
Paine, George W. of Cabot Willey, Miss Rebecca C. of Walden Cabot 8/19/1844
Palmer, Abial C. of Danville Pope, Miss Sophia J. of Danville Danville Oct 1 10/5/1846
Palmer, Alexander of Barnet Little, Miss Hannah D. of Lyman, NH ST J March 19 3/31/1845
Palmer, James T. Willey, Miss Martha St J Jan 17 2/9/1850
Palmer, Jared Brown, Hannah dau of Daniel Brown of Waterford La Grange, Mich Feb 8 4/12/1847
Palmer, John L. of Peacham Page, Miss Hannah L. D. of Danville Danville May 25 6/2/1842
Palmer, William B. of Glover Baxter, Miss Harriet A. of Stanstead Stanstead, LC July 25 7/31/1843
Paquin, Francis of Danville Brooks, Miss Sophia of Danville Danville Oct 13 10/19/1850
Park, Archibald Jr. of NY Robin, Miss Margaret of Ryegate Ryegate Aug 26 9/9/1841
Parke, Hiram M. of Waterford Moulton, Miss Alice H. of Lyman, NH Waterford May 7 5/25/1850
Parker, Amariah C. of Charleston Waterman, Miss Ruby of Salem Derby Nov 21? 12/14/1850
Parker, Caleb Jr. of Lyndon Folsom, Miss Mary Jane of Lyndon St J Feb 24 2/28/1845
Parker, David of Littleton, NH Hill, Miss Amy Ann D. of Waterford Waterford May 18 6/2/1842
Parker, Erastus of Morgan Crosby, Miss Susan C. of Derby Derby Nov 21 12/14/1850
Parker, George of Danville Barnes, Miss Harriet of Danville Walden May 23 6/1/1850
Parker, Henry P. of Wolcott Davenport, Miss Martha C. of Wolcott Wolcott Oct 15 11/13/1848
Parker, Hiram of Brownington Blount, Miss Laura Ann of Stanstead Stanstead March 20 4/10/1848
Parker, John French, Miss Aurilla C. St J Feb 19 3/4/1844
Parker, Quincy B. Ca(rr), Miss Sarah A. of Waterford St Johnsbury Nov 22 12/22/1842
Parker, Samuel B. of Danville Bolton, Miss Eleanor of Danville Danville Dec 21 12/28/1846
Parker, Wilder C. Esq. of Barton Walker, Miss Mary J. of Stanstead, CE Brownington July 7 7/14/1845
Parks, C. E. of Waterford Thayer, Miss J. B. of Passumpsic Lyndon Ctr July 10 7/28/1849
Parks, Ezra A. of Barnet Thayer, Miss Louisa M. of Barnet Barnet 9/2/1841
Parks, M. K. of Waterford Hosmer, Miss A. M. of Waterford Waterford Nov 1 11/17/1849
Parlin, John G. of Salem Bixby, Miss Malinda C. of Warren Warren, NH June 16 6/29/1850
Partlow, William Armstrong, Miss Mary J. of Holland Stanstead Jan 15 2/16/1850
Paskel, James W. of Greensboro Baker, Miss Harriet N. of Greensboro Greensboro 12/23/1841
Patch, Benjamin B. of Goshen Gore Sabin, Miss Susan of Walden Walden 17th inst 10/27/1842
Patch, Joseph of Goshen Gore Blair, Miss Jane of Hardwick Hardwick June 7 6/24/1849
Patridge, Augustus L. of Peacham Miner, Miss Ellen C. of Peacham Peacham Dec 11 12/22/1845
Patten, Asa of Coventry Clark, Miss Orilla C. of Burke Burke Nov 2(4) 12/15/1845
Patterson, Calvin of St J. Pike, Miss Jane of Waterford Waterford Jan 20 2/7/1848
Patterson, Isaac Esq. of Walden Lucke, Miss Laura A. of Cabot Walden March 20 4/1/1844
Pattridge, Albert G. of Peacham Brown, Miss Alma C. of Peacham Peacham Nov 30 12/4/1843
Paul, Edward A. of Danville Smith, Miss Indiana Adelia of Norfolk Norfolk, VA Aug 5 9/1/1845
Paul, George Howard of Danville Strong, Miss Caroline dau of Timothy Strong Esq. Burlington May 1 5/12/1849
Peak, Joseph of Peacham Fyfield, Miss Clarissa of Peacham Peacham Jan 20 2/9/1846
Pearce, Alfred W. Esq. Williams, Miss Marietta D. NYC 1st inst 7/16/1841
Pease, Prof Calvin Howes, Miss Martha of Montpelier Montpelier May 17 5/29/1843
Peaslee, Daniel of Chelsea Stevens, Miss Lucia M. of Newbury Newbury July 25 8/18/1849
Peck, Capt John of Irasburg Gray, Miss Mary T. of Sheffield Sheffield June 10 7/12/1847
Peck, Elisha of Danville Warden, Miss Elizabeth of Barnet Barnet March 17 3/24/1842
Peck, H. N. Blake, Miss Lydia Montpelier March 14 3/30/1846
Peck, Orwell H. of Lyndon Potter, Miss Charlotte of St J. St J April 1(4) 4/28/1845
Perkins, Hiram Esq. of Walden Smith, Miss Sally H. of Walden Walden Aug 28 11/3/1842
Perkins, Hiram Esq. of Walden Marsh, Miss Laura Cabot Jan 1(1)th 2/26/1844
Perkins, Martin of Concord Grout, Miss Helen of Concord Concord 2/23/1850
Perkins, Nathaniel 2d Esq. of Walden White, Miss Elizabeth D. of Walden Walden Oct 30 11/3/1842
Perrin, Samuel T. of Berlin Pettengill, Miss Harriet M. of Barre Barre 23d ult 4/28/1842
Perry, Allen of Cabot Philpot, Miss Al(let)ra O. of Limerick Limerick, ME Nov 19 12/21/1846
Perry, Elijah Esq. of Cabot Coburn, Miss Martha B. of Cabot Cabot June 2 6/28/1847
Perry, George V. of Concord Moody, Miss Sarah of Bingham, ME Concord 2/23/1850
Pettigrew, William of Greensboro McIndoe, Miss Lovina S. of Newbury Newbury 7th inst 6/18/1841
Phelps, Merrick of Lunenburg Richardson, Miss Julia Ann of Lunenburg Concord, VT Feb 13? 2/27/1843
Philbrick, David of Barton Stearns, Miss Martha F. of Newport Brownington July 4 7/20/1846
Philbrick, John of Nashua Parker, Miss Martha Jane of Danville Nashua, NH Feb 27 3/11/1844
Phillips, Josiah B. Blanchard, Miss Emily Greensboro March 11 3/26/1841
Pierce, Abel A. of St J. Ayer, Miss Rosetta of St J. St J March 9 3/28/1848
Pierce, Ashbel F. Bucknam, Miss Lucinda Lancaster, NH June 22 7/9/1841
Pierce, Dr. Daniel of Barton Billings, Miss Polly of Lebanon, NH White River July 9 7/29/1844
Pierce, Franklin of Albany Newmen, Miss Lydia P. of Morristown Morristown Feb 27 4/8/1844
Pierce, George of Waterloo, Wisc Severance, Miss Harriet of Derby W Derby Sept 23 10/12/1846
Pierce, Horace A. of Derby Line Woods, Miss Aurilla A. of Passumpsic Newport Sept 5 9/22/1849
Pierce, Willard A. of St J. Northrop, Miss Mary Jane of Danville Danville 4th inst 10/9/1843
Pierpoint, Evelyn of Lansingburg, NY Barrett, Miss Sarah Jane of Rutland Rutland 2d inst 6/18/1841
Pike, James A. of Concord Buck, Miss Mary C. of Concord Concord 2/23/1850
Pike, James of Columbus Pike, Miss Julia of Pickaway Co., OH Pickaway Co., OH 4th 6/25/1841
Pike, Silas S. of Concord Green, Miss Olive R. of Waterford Waterford 15th inst 6/30/1842
Plumley, John H. of Concord Hill, Miss Susan of Waterford Waterford May 6 5/20/1844
Plumley, John H. of Waterford Parks, Miss Caroline F. of Waterford Waterford Dec 11 12/21/1850
Plummer, Bradley M. of Groton Brown, Miss Nancy H. of Ryegate Ryegate June 21 8/4/1849
Plummer, Walter of Haverhill, MA Wiggin, Miss Judith Exeter 7/16/1841
Pollard, David S. Mason, Miss Margaret Littleton, NH March 2(6) 4/13/1846
Pond, Lewis S. of Stanstead, LC Lee, Miss Arvilla of Stanstead Derby Jan 7 2/13/1843
Porter, Elijah of Danville Bullock, Miss Mary F. of Cabot Cabot March 16 3/28/1848
Porter, George W. of Cabot Heath, Miss Martha E. of Cabot Danville Oct 22 10/28/1844
Porter, J. L. of Greensboro Richardson, Miss M. J. of Marshfield Plainfield May 7 6/8/1846
Porter, James M. Bartlett, Miss Judith Hardwick May 22 6/1/1846
Porter, Nathan Jr. of Danville Hutchinson, Miss Ann Eliza of Danville Danville Aug 21 9/29/1845
Potter, John C. of St. J Stoddard, Miss Mary O. Waterford Jan 20 2/7/1848
Powers, Austin of Waterford Brown, Miss Mary R. of Waterford Waterford Aug 27 9/14/1846
Powers, Dana of Lunenburg Brown, Miss Jane D. of Dalton Dalton, NH March 6 3/30/1846
Powers, Daniel W. of Thetford Morrill, Mrs. Martha of Danville Danville 30th ult 1/27/1842
Powers, Ezra Sleeper, Miss Melissa of Newark Burke Dec 20 1/6/1849
Powers, George E. of Newark Johnson, Miss Lovisa J. of Newark Newark March 30 4/19/1847
Powers, Henry of Dunham, LC Cummings, Miss Sarah Jane of Burke Burke March 3 3/17/1845
Prentiss, Charles B. of Cambridge Bickford, Mrs. Minerva of Danville Cambridge, MA Nov 27 12/22/1845
Prentiss, Henry F. Esq. of Irasburg Colby, Miss Ruth F. Derby Sept 16 9/29/1845
Prescott, Israel of Boston Prescott, Mrs. Sally S. of Newbury Newbury Sept 15 9/28/1850
Prescott, J. W. of St J. Pierce, Miss E. B. of St J. St J. Sept 1(4) 9/27/1847
Preston, Alonzo of Cabot Houghton, Miss Sarah O. of Waitsfield Northfield April 21 5/6/1844
Preston, Joseph F. of Barton Wright, Miss Mariah of Berlin Berlin 4th inst 7/16/1841
Preston, Samuel D. of Columbus, OH Clark, Miss Catharine P. of Montpelier Montpelier 13th inst 7/23/1841
Priest, Almon V. Currier, Miss Sarah J. Irasburg May 19 6/1/1850
Priest, Larkin B. of Coventry Locking, Miss Elira F. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 27 11/9/1850
Putnam, Enoch D. of Marshfield Stone, Miss Mary Ann of Cabot Cabot March 26 3/31/1845
Putnam, John F. of Lunenburg Horn, Miss Ellen D. of Dover Dover, NH Aug 5 8/18/1845
Putnam, Sumner Dr. of Greensboro King, Miss Diana F. Montpelier 1/17/1848
Quimby, Daniel of Waterford Green, Miss Martha of Waterford Waterford 4/24/1843
Quimby, James M. of Littleton, NH Eggleston, Miss Mary E. of Danville Danville March 20 3/24/1849
Rand, Frederick Esq. of Kentucky Harvey, Miss Emily of Hon. Robt Harvey of Barnet Barnet June 20 7/10/1848
Rand, Nelson of S. Craftsbury Williams, Miss Julia A. dau of Merrill Williams Esq. Greensboro June 4 6/9/1849
Randall, Ebenezer A. of Greensboro Webster, Miss Nancy of Danville Danville July 9 7/14/1845
Rankin, Col. John of Danville Whittier, Miss Betsey of Methuen Methuen, MA 10th inst 5/21/1841
Ratham, Horace of Charleston Hamilton, Miss Mary of Derby Derby March 7 3/22/1847
Rawson, Augustus Y. of St. Albans Root, Miss Eliza of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 4 7/20/1850
Raymond, George D. of Pomfret Harran, Miss Solome E. of Montpelier Montpelier Jan 13 1/27/1845
Raymond, John A. of Lunenburg Shaw, Miss Susan Sophia of St J. St J E June 8 6/30/1845
Redfield, Hon Isaac F. of Montpelier Clark, Miss Catharine B. of Dea Luther Clark St Johnsbury May 4 5/12/1842
Reding, Hon John R. of Haverhill, NH Martin, Miss Jane dau of Hezekiah Martin of ST J St J Jan 14 1/17/1846
Reding, Walter MD of Burke Fyler, Miss Maria L. of Burke Glover July 8 8/24/1850
Redington, H. C. of Littleton Richardson, Miss Mary B. of Littleton Littleton, NH May 30 6/15/1846
Reed, Mark of Lancaster, NH Thomas, Miss Hannah of Lunenburg Lunenburg May 7 6/9/1849
Rhodes, Charles A. Banster, Miss Louisa Montpelier July 17 8/4/1845
Rice, Dea. Abijah of Enosburg Robinson, Miss Julia of Newport Enosburg Sept 27 10/23/1848
Rice, Thomas G. Esq. of Boston Collamer, Miss Ellen dau of Hon. Jacob Collamer Washington, DC July 31 8/24/1850
Richards, Joel M. of Lyndon Russell, Miss Lorena of Kirby Kirby Nov 29 12/8/1842
Richardson, Francis of W. Concord Ladd, Miss Jane B. of Waterford Concord May 13 6/28/1847
Richardson, James M. of Waitsfield Redfield, Miss Salome F. Montpelier 19th inst 3/25/1844
Richardson, Matthew Sanborn, Miss Nancy Kirby Oct 3 10/25/1847
Richardson, R. M. of Wells River Hapgood, Miss Ann H. of Boston Boston March 9 3/28/1848
Richardson, Rockwell D of NH Richardson, Miss Comfort C. of Sutton Sutton June 5 6/19/1848
Riche, Michael of St J. Brooks, Miss Louisa of St J. St J Jan 21 2/2/1850
Richmond, Lemuel C. of Barnard Richmond, Miss Jane A. dau of Dr. L. Richmond Derby Line Oct 15 10/26/1850
Ripley, Allen Parker, Miss Alma Coventry March 28 5/4/1850
Ripley, Ambrose Alton, Miss Mary Coventry March 28 5/4/1850
Rix, Alfred of Peacham Walbridge, Miss Chastina Peacham July 29 8/11/1849
Robbins, Alonzo of Peacham Hurd, Mrs. Clarinda A. of St J. St J July 26 9/8/1849
Roberts, Warren of St J. Spaulding, Miss Sarah A. of St J. Waterford April 12 5/11/1846
Robinson, Lucius S. of W Derby Kendall, Miss Lucy C. of Barnet Barnet Nov 22 12/11/1848
Robinson, Orville of Newport Miner, Miss Olive of Peacham Peacham 13th inst 7/23/1841
Robinson, Richard of Plainfield Reynolds, Miss Sarah of Melbourne, C.E. Newbury Dec 2 12/14/1850
Rogers, Levi of Bartlett, NH Freeman, Miss Ann Eliza of Guildhall Guildhall Feb 28 3/10/1845
Rolfe, Abial of Concord Call, Miss Sarah E. of Boscawen Fisherville, NH 5/24/1847
Rose, Jesse of Concord Porter, Miss Mary O. of Peacham Danville Jan 18 1/25/1847
Rosebrook, George T. of Brighton Hinman, Miss Sarah P. of Holland Holland April 6 4/24/1848
Roundy, Silas of Barton Darling, Margaret of Glover Glover May 18 6/12/1848
Rowe, Daniel of Madison, ME Clifford, Miss Sally of Barnet Barnet 1/24/1848
Rowe, Rev. Elihu T. of Hillsboro Stephenson, Miss Mary B. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH Aug 7 8/18/1845
Rowell, Guy E. Paige, Miss Betsey Albany Jan 28 3/2/1846
Rowell, Levi T. Powers, Miss Hannah Albany Jan 21 3/2/1846
Rubles, DR Chancey M. of Montpelier Clark, Miss Sarah E. of Montpelier Montpelier June 5 6/22/1850
Ruggles, E. D. of Boston Beaton, Miss Hannah H. of Guildhall NYC 11/6/1848
Russell, Jeremiah of Stanbridge, CE Ellis, Miss Harriet of Danville Danville Oct 17 10/26/1850
Russell, Oramel F. of Kirby Parker, Miss Henrietta E. of St J. St J Nov 20 12/8/1849
Russell, Wyram of Albany Dewey, Miss Sarah A. Irasburg July ( ) 7/31/1848
S(illi)man, David S. of Derby Linsey, Miss Harriet L. of Derby Derby May 7 6/3/1844
Sabin, Jesse of Craftsbury Shephard, Miss Martha of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 5 11/17/1849
Sanborn, Charles A. of Kirby Cady, Miss Adaline of Kirby Kirby Dec 10 1/17/1846
Sanborn, Currier of Warren, NH Ha( ), Miss Lydia of Wentworth, NH Peacham Nov 3 11/18/1844
Sanborn, George of Barnston, LC McKeach, Miss Euphrata of Derby Derby Nov 9 11/27/1843
Sanborn, Harvey Willey, Miss Abigail Peacham 18th 4/2/1841
Sanborn, James of Lowell Smith, Miss Melissa of Lowell Irasburg Oct 31 11/16/1850
Sanderson, Reuben of Burke Hastings, Miss Harriet M. of Claremont, NH Irasburg Nov 1 11/16/1850
Sanger, Francis B. Ayer, Miss ( ) S. St J April ( ) 4/20/1850
Sargeant, Christopher Treffran, Miss Amy St J June 30 7/15/1844
Sargent, Croyde of Rome, Wisc Hutchinson, Lucy W. dau of Wm Hutchinson Esq. Sutton Sept 22 10/12/1846
Sawyer, John T. of Danville Willey, Miss Hannah J. of Walden Walden 9/16/1844
Sawyer, Otis Esq. of Newport Roe, Mrs. Caroline of Derby Derby Oct 16 11/27/1843
Scales, Rev. William of Lyndon Chamberlin, Miss Caroline C. of Lyndon Lyndon 20th inst 1/29/1841
Scott, Wilbur F. of Greensboro Moulton, Miss Lettuce Ann of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 20 4/13/1850
Scruton, Benjamin Snelier, Miss Sally Sutton Dec 7 1/27/1849
Seaver, Ezra F. Rowell, Miss Mary M. Albany Dec 25 1/12/1850
Seaver, Gilman W. Rowell, Miss Eliza Albany Nov 27 3/2/1846
Seavy, Oram of Granby & W. Derby Horner, Miss Melissa of Granby, CE Stanstead March 11 3/23/1846
Sessions, Ira of Coventry Plastrage, Miss Lucy Ann of Coventry Coventry Oct 31 11/24/1849
Severance, Charles H. of Windsor White, Miss Abiah of Newbury Newbury Feb 1(9) 3/2/1846
Shatter, J. M. M. Esq. of Burlington Hubbard, Miss Julia of Montpelier Montpelier Oct 27 11/3/1845
Shattuck, Anson of Wheelock Pierce, Miss Lucy of Albany Albany 12/11/1843
Shattuck, Bowman B. of N. Danville Batchelder, Miss Clarissa L. of N. Danville N. Danville Feb 8 3/3/1849
Shaw, Asa T. of Bradford Putnam, Miss Mariah L. of Bradford Bradford Nov 9 12/4/1843
Shaw, George S. Gage, Miss Mianda E. dau of Josiah Gage Esq. St J April 30 5/15/1843
Shaw, Nehemiah of Sutton, VT Lund, Miss Nancy of Dalton, NH Dalton, NH March 13 4/14/1842
Shedd, Charles N. of Hardwick Nelson, Miss Elisa M. of Hardwick Hardwick June 1 6/12/1843
Shepard, Benjamin F. of Peacham Weeks, Miss Martha of Peacham Danville 11th inst 11/18/1841
Shepard, George L. of Peacham Amidon, Miss C. E. of Marshfield Marshfield Sept 7 10/9/1848
Sherman, Levi of Montpelier Loomis, Miss Caroline of Montpelier Montpelier Sept 14 9/21/1850
Sherman, Royal of Waterbury Brown, Mrs. Mary of Waterbury Middlesex 8/5/1841
Sherwin, Lyman B. of Stowe Baker, Miss Hannah K. of St J. Springfield, MA June 19 7/12/1847
Shipman, Butler of Hardwick Belding, Miss D. Olivia of Hardwick Hardwick Dec 23 1/12/1850
Shipman, Charles Swett, Miss S. Jane S. Hardwick 11/23/1846
Shirtliff, Otis of Berlin Goodell, Miss Marinda of Cabot Cabot March 12 3/30/1846
Sias, Col. Franklin of Dover, NH Tilton, Miss Lucinda B. of Timothy Tilton St Albans 16th ult 7/9/1841
Sias, Dr. Jeremiah S. Ayer, Miss Cynthia G. St J Dec 10 12/25/1843
Sias, George E. of Danville Batchelder, Miss Alma M. of Danville Danville Dec 12 12/21/1850
Sias, John 2d of Danville Harris, Miss Martha A. of Danville Danville May 22 5/23/1846
Sias, Lewis of Newport Nichols, Miss Betsey of Concord Concord Jan 20 1/20/1842
Simonds, Rev. Clark 2d of Hartford Drew, Miss A. M. of Glover Glover Feb 26 3/24/1849
Simons, George L. of Williamstown Goldsbary, Maria of Joel Goldsbary of Barre Barre 7th inst 11/13/1843
Simpson, Charles H. of Haverhill, NH Baxter, Miss Harriet N. of Maine Lowell, MA 12/23/1848
Simpson, Orin of Haverhill Caswell, Miss Martha Ann of Haverhill Haverhill, NH June 18 6/29/1846
Sinclair, Asa C. Eggleston, Miss Zeruah M. of Montpelier Barnet May 24 6/2/1849
Sinclair, John G. of Danville Goodwin, Miss Melissa H. of Danville Danville March 9 3/15/1847
Sinclair, Joseph of Danville Niles, Mrs. Sarah of Lyndon Danville Sept 23 10/19/1850
Sivright, William of Derby Line Thornton, Miss Sarah of Derby Line Derby Line 24th ult 6/2/1842
Skinner, S. A. , MD of Charleston Blake, Miss Catharine dau of Samuel Blake Esq Salem Nov 19 12/7/1850
Skinner, Simeon Chapman, Miss Mary Elizabeth Irasburg 1/3/1846
Slack, Ransom of Albany Bean, Miss Sophronia Glover Nov 27 12/22/1845
Slack, S. F. of Wells River Goodenough, Miss Angelina of Montpelier Montpelier Nov 3 11/23/1846
Slapp, Orville of Hardwick Dorance, Miss Abby of Milton Milton March 15 3/31/1849
Slayton, Josephus of Montpelier Andrus, Miss Fanny of Montpelier Montpelier 15th inst 1/22/1841
Sly, Amos H. of Amesbury, MA Stocker, Miss Fanny of Ryegate Wells River ? Dec 31 1/17/1846
Sly, Stephen of Ryegate Moore, Miss Jane of Danville Danville Feb 22 3/3/1842
Smart, Darius K. of Walden Willey, Miss Lydia of Walden Walden 24th inst 3/31/1842
Smith, Aaron H. Burnside, Miss Jane Danville 17th inst 11/25/1841
Smith, Aaron H. of Danville Clefford, Miss Mary H. of Danville Danville 3d inst 3/4/1844
Smith, Benaiah of Cabot Hooker, Miss Elmira E. of Peacham Peacham 1st inst 9/9/1844
Smith, Benjamin F. of Sheffield Hastings, Miss Susan W. of Waterford Waterford 10/25/1847
Smith, Cyrus F. Esq. of Peacham Harris, Miss Abigail of Mattapessett Thompson, CT Oct 6 10/19/1846
Smith, Cyrus of Walden Warner, Miss Martha L. of Walden Walden Sept 25 11/3/1842
Smith, Daniel W. of Belvidere, Ill Owen, Miss Delia A. of St J. St J April 22 5/4/1846
Smith, Francis of Stanstead Park, Miss Sarah of Derby Derby Oct 17 12/14/1850
Smith, Ichabod of Brownington Howe, Miss Adeliza T. of Lebanon Lebanon, NH 2/24/1842
Smith, Ira G. of St J. Stevens, Miss Sarah J. of St J. St J. Dec 5 12/28/1850
Smith, James M. of St J Lowell, Miss Martha of Moretown Moretown 19th inst 6/30/1842
Smith, Joel Jr. of Stanstead Skinner, Miss Abigail of Brownington Brownington July 14 8/9/1847
Smith, John A. of Burke Way, Miss Mehitable M. of Sutton Burke Feb 29 3/21/1848
Smith, John of Eden Manchester, Miss Priscilla of Barnet Barnet April 21 5/11/1846
Smith, Jonathan of St J. Brown, Miss Abigail of Coventry Coventry March 24 5/4/1850
Smith, Joseph of St J. Perkins, Mrs. Mary of Burke St J. Aug 19 9/1/1849
Smith, Joseph Parsons Beach, Miss Eliza Charlotte of Canaan Stewartstown, NH 5/4/1842
Smith, Josiah W. Esq. Damon, Miss Jane S. Northampton, MA 6/18/1841
Smith, Julius of Lyman Parker, Miss Percies of Lyman Littleton, NH 2/24/1845
Smith, Justin A. of Whitehall, NY Wainright, Miss Eliza Ann of Montpelier Montpelier 6th inst 10/14/1841
Smith, Marquis de Lafayette of Danville Balch, Miss Lucy of Lunenburg Lunenburg Jan 1 2/10/1849
Smith, Nathan of Lyman, NH Whipple, Miss Eliza Ann of Concord Franconia, NH Dec 21 3/9/1846
Smith, O. P. of Manchester, NH Morrill, Miss Judith of Wheelock Lyndon Nov 19 11/27/1848
Smith, Rev Levi of Passumpsic, VT Morse, Miss Amelia B. of Jonathan Morse of Hebron Concord, NH 9/16/1841
Smith, Richard H. Hall, Miss Frances J. Cabot Sept 6 9/18/1843
Snow, Horace P. of Woodstock Barton, Miss Anna of Montpelier Montpelier 10th 7/23/1841
Snow, Kimball Bagley, Miss Mary St Johnsbury July 21 7/28/1842
Solomon, Oscar L. of Irasburg Edmonds, Miss Sarah of Irasburg Irasburg March 19 4/15/1844
Somerby, J. A. Bennet, Miss Emeline E. Montpelier Jan 1 1/24/1848
Somers, James of Danville Ide, Mrs. Sarah of Waterford Littleton, NH May 9 5/25/1850
Somers, Moses of Peacham Woodward, Miss Sarah of Danville Danville Feb 7 2/10/1845
Somers, William of Hardwick Webster, Miss Louisa of Danville Danville May 17 5/22/1848
Somes, Claudius B. Wallace, Miss Abigail Barnet June 19 7/7/1845
Spaulding, Sewall S. of Fairfax Walker, Miss Sophronia of Jay Jay Oct 14 11/20/1843
Spear, William R. of Grafton, MA Weedon, Miss Eveline N. of Derby Derby April 30 5/22/1848
Spencer, John of St J. Hill, Caroline dau of Elijah Hill Esq of Concord Concord Oct 8 11/6/1843
Spencer, Lucius of Brownington Miles, Miss Mary of St J. St J March 3 3/18/1844
Spencer, Milo of St J. Hill, Miss Rosaline E. of W. Concord E. ST J. Feb 27 3/23/1850
Spencer, William of Brownington Gilbert, Miss Eunice H. of Brownington Brownington March 21 3/31/1842
Sprague, Carlos A. of Montpelier Wainwright, Emily dau of Alfred Wainwright Esq. Montpelier April 10 4/21/1845
Sprague, Silas W. of Danville Stevens, Miss Betsey R. of Danville Danville June 19 6/23/1845
Springer, J. of Lunenburg Haskell, Miss Lucy of Lunenburg Lunenburg Jan 13 2/10/1849
Stanford, Sylvender of Albany Taylor, Miss Abigail Irasburg March 23 4/13/1846
Stanley, Henry of Lyman, NH Bartlett, Miss Chloe of Waterford Waterford Feb 5 3/2/1846
Stanton, Harrison of Barton Loomis, Miss Maryette of Northfield Northfield Dec 12 1/22/1844
Stanton, Isaac W. Jr. of Danville Willard, Miss Abby W. of Lyndon Providence, RI July 18 7/31/1848
Stanton, William B. of Danville Sheldon, Miss Betsey G. of Danville N. Danville March 21 3/24/1849
Stevens, Asaph of Waterford Persons, Miss Hannah of Morristown Morristown 22d ult 4/16/1841
Stevens, Capt Ira A. of Danville Hall, Miss Mary G. of Cabot Cabot Aug 18 9/13/1847
Stevens, Col. Levi Johnston, Miss Sally Greensboro Dec 20 1/26/1846
Stevens, Cornel D. of St J Briggs, Miss Sarah L. of Charleston Charleston Sept 10 10/13/1849
Stevens, D. W. of Walden Bayley, Miss Sarah S. of Newbury Newbury Dec 13 12/30/1848
Stevens, Henry A. of E. Lyman Norris, Miss Arvilla of E. Lyman E. Lyman, NH March (3) 3/30/1846
Stevens, John Downing, Mary Jane dau of Dyer Downing St J June 16 6/24/1844
Stevens, Joseph C. of Danville Keniston, Miss Emily C. of Cabot Cabot 4th inst 1/6/1842
Stevens, Joseph Mellen Jordan, Miss Cynthia Louisa Hardwick Sept 21 10/4/1847
Stevens, Lorenzo O. of Newton & ST J. Welch, Miss Abiah L. of Burke Newton, MA May 28 8/10/1846
Stevens, Lyman of Danville Clement, Miss Abby Jane of Danville Danville March 9 3/28/1848
Stevens, Phineas Brock, Miss Caroline of Capt Alexander Brock Barnet June 20 7/8/1844
Stevens, Robert R. of Danville Sweany, Miss Rachael H. of Hardwick Hardwick March 11 4/24/1848
Stevens, Simeon of ST J. Briggs, Miss Lodema of E. Charleston Burke Oct 11 11/9/1850
Stevens, Solomon Jr. of Barnet Evans, Miss Ann Eliza of Danville Danville May 26 6/1/1850
Stevens, Theodore of Warner, NH Ewell, Miss Sally of Peacham Peacham Dec 12 12/23/1844
Stickney, Dan Z. of Lunenburg Wesson, Miss Susan E. of Guildhall Guildhall Feb 18 3/5/1841
Stickney, Dr. Jacob E. Bolton, Miss Mary Lancaster, NH June 24 7/9/1841
Stiles, Capt Mark of Waterford Sias, Mrs. Betsey of Waterford Waterford Feb 4 2/24/1845
Stiles, Horace Smalley, Miss Betsey C. Albany Nov 29 1/5/1850
Stiles, Jonas of Kirby Brown, Miss Loraine dau of Elisha Brown Waterford Oct 24 11/4/1844
Stimson, Samuel N. of Barnet Hazeltine, Miss Emely F. of Waterford Barnet Jan 21 2/19/1844
Stimson, Capt Seba of Craftsbury Holbrook, Mrs. Mary Hardwick 21st ult 10/27/1842
Stimson, Joel G. of Waterbury Stone, Miss Cynthia R. of Cabot St J Ctr Aug 8 8/14/1848
Stocker, Newell of Danville Dole, Miss Cynthia M. of Northfield Northfield May 24 5/29/1848
Stockwell, Bernice Barker, Miss Abigail Concord Jan 2 1/27/1849
Stoddard, Alfred of Waterford Smith, Miss Emily of Waterford Waterford Dec 21 1/3/1848
Stoddard, J ( )ther Esq. of Sutton, VT Farr, Mrs. Hannah of Chesterfield Chesterfield May 31 7/23/1841
Stoddard, Marshall W. of Newark Davis, Miss Ann of Auburn Auburn, MA Feb 14 3/7/1848
Stone, Calvin Bugbee, Miss Clarissa St J Sept 16 9/30/1844
Stone, Dea Charles of Lyndon Miner, Miss Hannah of St J St J March 2 3/14/1848
Stone, George M. of Glover Abbott, Miss Persis M. of Glover Glover March 2 4/10/1848
Stone, Harvey M. of Cabot Parsons, Miss Elizabeth S. of Orono Orono, ME Oct 4 10/25/1847
Stone, Henry M. of Windsor Blake, Miss Catharine L. of Montpelier Montpelier Jan 18 1/26/1846
Stone, Lorin M. Pierce, Miss Lydia St J Dec 7 1/13/1842
Stone, Matthias J. of Cabot Kannon, Miss Adaline of Cabot Cabot April 11 4/24/1843
Stone, Nathan of St J Sherman, Mrs. Mary H. of Rochester Rochester Aug 28 9/18/1843
Stone, Nathan of St J Gilchrist, Miss Betsey of Barnet Barnet Oct 31 11/24/1849
Stone, Oscar P. of Stanstead Blake, Miss Susan Ann of Derby Derby Feb 20 3/3/1849
Stone, Rev James P. of St J Tobin, Mrs. Nancy K. of Belfast Belfast, ME Oct 16 10/27/1849
Stone, Rev. Levi H. of Cabot Fuller, Miss Lydia J. of Cabot Cabot Feb 29 3/11/1844
Stowell, Rev. David of Fitzwilliam, NH Wing, Miss Caroline Augusta of Lyndon Lyndon Feb 23 3/2/1846
Strafford, S. Bailey, Miss Achsah M. Barton Oct 26 12/29/1845
Streeter, William R. of Burke Hall, Miss Corrilla O. of Burke Lyndon Oct 10 11/3/1849
Strobridge, Ebenezer H. Somers, Miss Margaret Barnet Oct 3 10/19/1850
Strobridge, T. W. of Gainesville, AL & Lyndon Edson, Miss Mary Ann of Randolph, VT ST Louis May 18 6/7/1847
Strobridge, Tully of Albany Presby, Miss Sarah of Lunenburg Lunenburg March 27 4/7/1845
Strong, William C. Esq. of Newton Breck, Miss Margarette dau of Joseph Breck Esq. Brighton June 11 6/29/1850
Sulham, Edward W. of Danville Way, Miss Betsey of Peacham Walden Aug 25 8/31/1850
Sulham, William of Danville Hunt, Miss Esther of Danville Danville Oct 4 11/24/1845
Sullivan, Timothy of Montpelier Crosby, Miss Mary Ann of Montpelier Montpelier March 7 3/30/1846
Sutherland, John Manchester, Miss Jane Barnet Sept 20 9/29/1842
Swasey, George of Newbury Lang, Miss Louisa R. of Bath Bath, NH Dec 25 2/3/1845
Sweetser, Joseph Jr. of Danville Tice, Miss Mary Jane of Danville Danville Aug 18 8/19/1844
Swett, Benjamin H. of Danville Langmaid, Miss Mary G. of Danville Danville Dec 11 12/15/1845
Swett, Luke of Danville Moore, Miss Hannah of Danville Danville Jan 9 1/20/1849
Tabor, Cornelius D. Esq. of Holland Welch, Mrs. Betsey of Stanstead Derby July 1 7/13/1846
Taft, Laban M. of Sutton Willey, Miss Susan S. of Sheffield Sutton Oct 15 11/9/1846
Taisey, Thomas H. of Groton Blair, Miss Helen of Hardwick Hardwick March 4? 3/15/1847
Taplin, William C. of Irasburg Rowell, Miss L. H. of Albany Albany Oct 31 11/23/1850
Tasker, Adolphus D. of Cabot Porter, Miss Maria E. of Cabot Danville Oct 16 10/21/1844
Taylor, Daniel Esq. of Albany Winslow, Miss Betsey of Burke Lyndon Aug 17 9/21/1846
Tenney, Daniel W. of Craftsbury Powers, Miss Henrietta of Morristown Morrisville Sept 2 10/21/1844
Tenney, John E. of Worcester, MA Story, Miss Sarah J. of Newbury Newbury Sept 10 9/28/1850
Tenny, Lyman P. of Albany Page, Miss Louisa of Albany Albany 6/24/1844
Terrill, T. Lee Esq. of Stanstead Chamberlin, Harriet dau of W. Chamberlin of Stanstead Derby Sept 17 10/12/1850
Thayer, Daniel E. of Danville West, Miss Lucetta of Danville Danville 2d inst 11/4/1841
Thayer, Rev. Loren of Windham, NH Beattie, Miss Hannah G. of Ryegate Ryegate Oct 29 11/23/1850
Thayer, Rev. William W. of Lyndon Paddock, Charlotte dau of Hon Ephraim Paddock St J March 4 3/15/1847
Thayer, Thaddeus of Dickinson, NY Eastman, Miss Susan H. of Danville Danville 6th inst 6/9/1842
Thomas, A. F. of Montpelier Danforth, Miss Lucinda L. of Lyman Lyman, NH 1/26/1846
Thomas, Jesse P. of Westfield Orn, Miss Morilla E. of Westfield Westfield Feb 4 3/2/1850
Thomas, W. C. E. Eames, Miss J. H. of Wells River, VT Galena, Ill 5/11/1846
Thompson, George of Craftsbury Sawyer, Miss Harriet of Craftsbury Craftsbury May 23 7/20/1850
Thompson, J. E. Abbott, Miss Laura Montpelier 5th inst 11/13/1843
Thompson, Nathan of Danville Pope, Mrs. Cynthia of Danville Danville Dec 8 12/13/1847
Thompson, Otis of Derby Mason, Miss Jane of Lyman, NH Lyman, NH March 7 3/31/1842
Thompson, Samuel of Danville Preston, Miss Mary Ann of Danville Danville Jan 13 1/17/1848
Thompson, William of New Boston, NH Spencer, Miss Elvira of Rochester, NY Marshfield March 1 3/16/1846
Thornton, Samuel Jr. of Wheelock Blanchard, Miss Chloe of Wheelock Hardwick 21st ult 4/2/1841
Thurston, James T. Witherell, Miss Fanny Montpelier 14th inst 2/20/1843
Tice, Oliver B. Green, Miss Rhoda W. Danville Nov 15 1/8/1841
Tillotson, Rev. B. M. Butler, Miss Corilla St J Aug 26 9/2/1844
Tilton, Benjamin F. of Danville Wells, Miss (__cia) of Peacham Danville 15th inst 3/17/1842
Tilton, Franklin of Danville Balch, Miss Laura O. Littleton, NH June 17 6/28/1847
Tinkum, William of Northfield Goodale, Miss Vienna of Cabot Cabot Jan 31 2/6/1843
Titus, Lyman of Boston Harvey, Miss Ann dau of Silas Harvey of Barnet Boston Jan 1 2/17/1849
Tolman, Thomas F. of Portland, ME Paddock, Miss Augusta M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury July 31 8/10/1850
Town, Q. M. of Barre Cook, Miss Diana B. of Barre Montpelier 5/27/1844
Town, Silas Esq. of Barre Warden, Miss Lucy H. of Ryegate Ryegate Feb 2(3) 3/23/1850
Towne, Joseph Cutler, Mrs. Mary of E. Montpelier Montpelier April 24 5/12/1849
Townsend, Daniel S. of Burke Hastings, Miss Mary Jane of Sutton Burke April 25 5/10/1847
Tripp, Joshua of Kirby Watkins, Clarissa of Stephen Watkins of Kirby Kirby Nov 15 11/27/1843
Trow, Dexter of Barre Chandler, Miss Mary D. of Barre Barre 8th inst 4/28/1842
True, Person of Derby Kelsey, Miss Roansa of Danville Danville Aug 14 8/26/1844
Trumpass, Thomas Miller, Miss Bathsheba Westfield ?Feb 17 3/24/1849
Trussell, Salma of Cabot Cutler, Miss Adaline C. of Danville Danville June 5 6/9/1845
Tucker, Amasa 2d of Calais Jacobs, Miss Nancy of Montpelier Montpelier 3/4/1844
Tucker, Amasa 2d of Calais Jacobs, Diancy of Montpelier Montpelier ? 3/11/1844
Tucker, David of Maidstone Perkins, Mrs. Eunice of Northumberland, NH Guildhall 22d inst 6/30/1842
Turner, Bethuel of Lyman, NH Leach, Miss Zilpha A. of Kirby Kirby March 27 4/24/1848
Twiss, John W. Esq Kinney, Miss Adaline of Plainfield Cabot 4/2/1841
Tyler, P. P. Sampson, Mrs. Rosilla Bath, NH June 25 7/13/1846
Underwood, Brigham Wilson, Miss Nancy Concord Nov 19 12/11/1843
Underwood, Edward of Lyndon Clefford, Miss Caroline of Danville Danville Aug 3 8/14/1848
Underwood, John Jr. of Bradford, VT Brickett, Miss Sarah A. of Littleton Littleton, NH Sept 18 9/30/1844
Underwood, John of Pittsfield, NH Livingston, Miss Susannah L. of Albany Albany 2/26/1841
Underwood, Silas of Danville ( )ouid, Miss Sally of Walden Danville Jan 1 2/3/1849
Upham, Luther of Amherst, NH Farnsworth, Miss Calista Almira of Danville Lowell, MA 24th ult 7/16/1841
Upham, William K. Esq. of Montpelier Weeks, Miss Maria E. of Walden Walden May 27 6/12/1843
Vail, Jackson A. Esq. of Montpelier Angler, Miss Sarah of Haverhill N. Haverhill, NH Dec 12 12/23/1848
Vail, John A. of Middletown, VT Mountrop, Miss Jane of Rutland Rutland 3d inst 6/18/1841
Vance, Charles Chapel, Miss Samantha Glover March 9 4/10/1848
Vance, James of Glover Colt, Miss Athlinda Albany May 19 6/22/1846
Vance, Stephen of Groton Hall, Miss Susan M. of Groton Groton May 23 6/1/1850
Vance, William 2d of Groton Ricker, Miss Mary E. of Groton Groton June 9 6/15/1850
Varney, Moses of North Danville Moore, Miss Julia A. of Barnet Barnet Feb 5 2/23/1846
Varney, Robert of Danville Bennett, Miss Elizabeth H. of Danville Danville April 29 5/5/1849
Varney, Samuel Esq. of N. Danville Wells, Miss Sarah of Aurora & Danville Aurora, NY Oct 8 3/23/1846
Varnum, Jacob G. of Peacham ( ), Miss Jemima of Barnet Peacham March 28 4/20/1850
Varnum, William of Peacham Kimball, Miss Elizabeth of Peacham Peacham Dec 2 12/8/1845
Vincent, Dr. George of Lunenburg Gates, Miss Eliza G. of Lunenburg Lunenburg Oct 8 11/2/1850
W( )n, John of Danville Russell, Mrs. Matilda of Danville Danville Dec 18 12/22/1842
Waite, John W. of Wheelock Hill, Miss Harriet G. of Sheffield Wheelock Dec 8 12/14/1846
Wakefield, Orenso P. of Lyndon Huse, Miss Abigail of Danville Danville May 8 5/15/1843
Wales, George C. of Roxbury Lampson, Miss Julia A. of Plainfield Plainfield Jan 7 1/15/1844
Walker, Alfred Esq of Milton, Wisc Bell, Miss Jane J. dau of Hon James Bell Walden July 8 7/15/1844
Walker, L. B. Harrington, Miss Celia St Johnsbury 2d inst 1/20/1842
Wallace, William H. of Picton, Canada West West, Miss Mariette dau of Geo. C. West Esq. Irasburg Nov 16 11/30/1846
Walter, Lemuel Kibbey, Miss Perris Philena Burke Aug 2 8/10/1846
Walton, John Long, Miss Jane Elizabeth Montpelier Sept 27 10/9/1843
Walton, N. P. of Montpelier Farmer, Miss Amanda of Ellington, CT Ellington, CT 26th ult 10/14/1841
Ward, ___ Dr. of Newport Lamb, Miss Delucia of Newport Newport Jan 27 2/2/1846
Ward, Amasa M. MD of Hardwick Stevens, Miss Phebe P. of Franconia Waterford July 30 8/11/1849
Ward, Barnard B. of Guildhall Bryant, Miss Sarah M. of Kirby Kirby June 20 7/12/1847
Ward, Chase of Hardwick Slapp, Miss Lucretia of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 28 3/25/1844
Ward, Jeremiah P. of Hardwick Grow, Miss Sarah J. of Hardwick Hardwick Sept 22 10/21/1844
Ward, Josiah Jr. of St J. Ayer, Miss Mianda M. of St J. St J. Jan 6 1/19/1850
Ward, Samuel H. of Danville Carr, Miss Miriam of Danville Danville 9th inst 2/10/1842
Ward, Samuel H. of Danville White, Miss Ruth of Danville Sheffield Oct 14 10/20/1845
Ward, Thomas J. of N. Danville Bishop, Miss Olive of Littleton, NH Danville Dec 17 12/22/1849
Warden, James 2d of Barnet Jones, Miss Candace of Peacham Peacham 23d inst 3/27/1843
Ware, Elijah of Northumberland, NH Newton, Mrs. Lucinda of Northumberland, NH Guildhall Jan 17 2/1/1847
Warner, James P. of St J. Flint, Miss Nancy P. of Walden Walden Sept 18 9/30/1844
Warner, John W. of Lyme, NH Marston, Miss Mary Jane of Hardwick Hardwick 21st inst 9/23/1841
Warren, Daniel H. of St J. Clefford, Miss Mary of Danville Danville March 5 3/9/1846
Warren, Joseph of St J Harlow, Miss Mary M. of Irasburg Irasburg June 15 6/22/1846
Warren, William of St J. Newton, Miss Ruth A. of St J. St J. Feb 19 3/2/1850
Warwith, William of Danville Merrill, Miss Mary J. of Danville Danville 17th inst 10/21/1841
Washburn, Gustavus of Montpelier Corey, Miss Sarah A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 23 7/12/1847
Washburn, Lorenzo M. of Montpelier West, Miss Margaret Ruth of Danville Danville 17th inst 7/21/1842
Waterman, Amos P. of E. Fairlee Freeman, Miss Olive H. of Waterford Waterford July 4 7/26/1847
Waterman, Maj L. F. of Greensboro Somers, Miss Flora of Barnet Barnet 15th inst 3/24/1842
Waters, Jacob of Lyman, NH Welch, Mrs. Sally of Peacham Peacham Aug 14 8/31/1850
Way, Erasmus of Sutton Newhall, Miss Cynthia C. of Manchester Manchester, NH March 6 4/6/1850
Way, John Jr. of Peacham Porter, Miss Louisa of Danville Danville July 18 8/12/1844
Webb, John W. Esq. of Maidstone Webb, Miss Lucretia G. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH Jan 17 1/26/1850
Weber, John Bingham, Miss Sophia G. St J June 13 6/23/1842
Webster, Amos of Rumney Bagley, Mrs. Dolly of Newbury, VT Rumney, NH Oct 29 11/23/1846
Webster, Cyrus P. of Hardwick Philbrook, Miss Abigail of Hydepark Hydepark 5/31/1847
Webster, Darius D. of Hardwick Pike, Miss Prudence H. Waterford Dec 24 12/28/1846
Webster, David Jameson, Miss Sarah A. Irasburg Oct 21 11/3/1849
Webster, Francis B. of Boston Harvey, Miss Martha dau of Hon. Robert Harvey Barnet April 2 4/13/1850
Webster, John Bingham, Miss Sophia G. of Francis Bingham St J June 13 6/16/1842
Webster, John A. of Danville Morrill, Miss Mary dau of Asa Morrill Esq of Danville Danville March 26 3/30/1850
Webster, Samuel Morgan, Miss Lucy Exeter 7/16/1841
Weeks, B. F. of Peacham Goodenough, Miss Mary C. of Peacham Peacham Jan 3 1/12/1850
Weeks, Charles F. of Danville Somers, Miss Ann C. of Danville Danville Aug 4 8/10/1850
Weeks, David of Peacham Buckminster, Mrs. Abigail of Danville Danville Sept 17 9/22/1845
Weeks, Elias S. of Cabot Somers, Miss Margaret G. of Barnet Barnet Oct 22 11/11/1844
Weeks, Elias S. of Peacham Fuller, Miss Almira M. of Danville Danville 8th inst 5/12/1842
Weeks, Ezra B. of Danville Monroe, Miss Mary W. of Orange, NH Jericho June 13 9/1/1849
Weeks, George H. of Lyndon Mattocks, Martha A. dau of Hon Sam'l Mattocks Danville Feb 21 2/24/1849
Weeks, Harrison of Danville Ward, Miss Susannah of St J. St J 4th inst 1/6/1842
Weeks, Hiram of St J. Butler, Miss Sarah R. of St J. St J June 6 6/12/1848
Weeks, James W. Hemenway, Miss Martha W. Lancaster, NH 30th ult 6/9/1842
Weeks, Joseph S. H. of Danville Kelsey, Miss Jane B. of Danville Peacham 17th inst 2/21/1848
Weeks, Lewis of Danville Harris, Miss Miriam of Danville Danville Aug 12 8/25/1849
Weeks, Samuel C. of Irasburg Stone, Miss Salome of St J Barnet May 1 5/4/1842
Weeks, William W. of Danville Lawrence, Miss Caroline of Montpelier Montpelier June 8 6/16/1845
Welch, Enoch of Groton Abbott, Miss Lydia S. of Concord Concord, NH July 29 8/23/1847
Wells, Elder Eleazer Elkins, Miss Betsey Craftsbury July 22 8/4/1845
Wells, Mervin H. of Newbury Philbrook, Mrs. Phebe of Groton Newbury March 29 4/20/1850
Wells, O. M. Vance, Miss Harriet Glover March 9 4/10/1848
Wesson, Mr. Fenton, Sophronia of Gen. Fenton of St J Grafton, MA 1/1/1844
West, Andrew M. of Danville Potter, Miss Julia Ann W. of Danville Danville Sept 13 9/21/1846
West, George C. Esq. of Irasburg Hamilton, Miss Christiana of Hartland Hartland Oct 11 11/9/1850
Wetherspoon, Robert of Cabot Hall, Miss Charlotte of Wentworth, NH Wentworth, NH 21st 3/27/1843
Wheeler, Alden H. of Danville Heath, Miss Susan of St J. Lyndon Ctr Dec 7 12/11/1848
Wheeler, Alexander A. of Peacham Blanchard, Miss Catherine of Peacham Peacham Oct 14 11/25/1841
Wheeler, Benjamin of Stanstead, LC Burroughs, Miss Amy of Brownington Brownington 15th inst 9/22/1842
Wheeler, Dana of Littleton, NH Stiles, Miss Phebe of St J. St J Sept 15 9/27/1847
Wheeler, Denison S. Pierce, Miss Martha St J March 3 4/1/1844
Wheeler, Ebenezer S. of St J. Welch, Miss Abigail M. of St J. St J March 15 4/6/1846
Wheeler, George of Littleton Cooke, Miss Clara of Whitefield, NH Littleton, NH May 3 6/8/1846
Wheeler, Ira P. of Buffalo, NY Flint, Miss Electa of Middlebury Middlebury 14th inst 6/25/1841
Wheeler, Simeon of Woburn, MA Spencer, Miss Mary M. of Marshfield Marshfield Feb 26 3/17/1845
Wheeler, William of Concord Cobb, Miss Lettice M. of St J St Johnsbury 3/31/1842
Wheelock, Judah Dana of Peacham Knapp, Miss Dorcas F. of Paris, ME Rumford, ME 31st ult 1/22/1841
Whipple, Willard of St J. Bradley, Miss Almira of Danville St J Aug 15 9/8/1849
Whitcher, Frederick of Cabot Porter, Miss Betsey J. of Cabot Danville Jan 17 1/19/1850
Whitcher, Joseph C. of Danville Farrington, Miss Lucretia W. of Walden Walden Oct 23 10/27/1849
Whitcher, Marvin of Groton Vance, Miss Elizabeth of Groton Groton 20th inst 1/20/1842
Whitcher, Nelson of Groton Eastman, Miss Harriet of Groton Groton April 2 4/13/1846
Whitcher, William H. of Danville Fish, Miss Mary Ann of Hartford, Wisc Hartford, Wisc Sept 23 3/14/1848
White, Ebenezer G. of Barnet Kimball, Miss Cynthia E. of Newbury Newbury Dec 16 1/13/1842
White, Thaddeus G. of Washington Calef, Miss Esther of Washington Washington 23d ult 1/13/1842
Whitelaw, A. H. of Ryegate Sumner, Miss Mary of Deering Deering, NH Sept 10 10/13/1845
Whitlock, Dean of Danville Newell, Miss Abigail P. of Sutton Sutton March 8 3/10/1845
Whittemore, James of Leicester, MA Bolton, Miss Lucy of Danville Danville Dec 21? 12/28/1846
Whittlesy, Arpha(n)ed N. Skinner, Miss Nancy Plainfield Jan 12 1/27/1845
Wilder, A. W. Cleaves, Miss Eliza Montpelier Aug 5 8/11/1845
Wilder, Charles C. of St J. Green, Miss Elizabeth of Bethlehem Bethlehem, NH Mar 26 3/30/1846
Willcomb, Daniel P. of Bethleham, NH Weed, Miss Frances M. of Littleton Littleton, NH Dec 19 3/31/1845
Willey, Charles E. of Walden Sulham, Miss Harriet Q. of Danville Danville Dec 25 2/14/1848
Willey, David P. of Derby Corey, Mrs. Elizabeth of Exeter, NH Morgan 6/12/1848
Willey, Orin N. of Danville Burdick, Miss Cornelia H. of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 19 5/1/1843
Willey, Rev. Charles of Derby Claggett, Miss Harriet of Newport, NH Derby Sept 24 10/9/1843
Willey, Silas of Barnet Spencer, Miss Sarah S. of Peacham Danville Nov 3 11/9/1850
Williams, A. W. of Greensboro Clark, Miss Eliza Ann of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 31 1/11/1847
Williams, Alamanson L. of St J Whipple, Miss Almira F. of St J. St J Oct 25 11/20/1848
Williams, Rev. S. P. Gale, Mrs. Mary E. of Londonderry Londonderry Sept 3 10/9/1848
Willis, Joel F. of Kirby Hadlock, Miss Eleanor of Kirby Kirby May 18 5/28/1841
Wills, W. R. B. Esq. B(on)ney, Miss E. M. of Waterford New Orleans 13th ult 12/22/1842
Wilmerson, William of Walden Weeks, Miss Clarristina of Cabot Cabot Dec 30 1/17/1848
Wilson, Capt Henry of Barnet Judkins, Miss Hannah B. of Danville Danville 15th inst 2/27/1843
Wilson, Chaney of Derby Ballou, Miss Emily of Derby W Derby Jan 5 1/13/1842
Wilson, David F. of Barton Leonard, Miss Ellen S. of Glover Glover June 22 7/5/1847
Wilson, Henderson C. of Troy Porter, Miss Mary A. of Troy Troy Oct 22 11/9/1850
Wilson, Oliver M. of Barnet Goodenough, Miss Mary J. of Danville Danville Feb 24 3/3/1842
Wing, Apollos of Rochester Wing, Mrs. Sabrina of St J. ST J Jan 26 2/2/1846
Wing, Willard C. of Lyndon Knapp, Miss Maria of Lyman Lyman, NH Jan 1 1/12/1850
Winslow, Hiram P. of Newark Bishop, Miss Buronsa C. of Westmore Westmore 7th inst 12/25/1843
Wood, Benjamin O. of Barre Parker, Miss Nancy H. of Barre Barre 16th ult 1/13/1842
Wood, J. M. of Kirby Coff, Miss Mary Jane of St J St Johnsbury 2/27/1843
Woodbury, Asa H. of Greensboro Clark, Miss Mary of Morgan Morgan Feb 26 3/16/1846
Woodbury, George of Concord Hastings, Miss Azuba of Waterford Concord March 13 3/24/1842
Woodbury, John of Greensboro Goss, Miss Harriet E. of Hardwick Craftsbury March 18 3/30/1846
Woodcock, Salem D. of Marshfield Wright, Miss Fanny W. of St J. St J 8th inst 3/20/1843
Woodman, Abial F. of Lyndon Hubbard, Miss Lucenia of Lyndon Lyndon Jan 3 2/22/1847
Woodruff, John M. of Springfield Rose, Miss Margaret of Springfield Springfield, MA 12/14/1850
Woods, Elias of Waterford Petrie, Miss Demoline of Waterford St J Sept 1 9/15/1845
Woods, Horace I. of St J. Starks, Miss Eleanor of St J. St J March 12 3/23/1850
Woods, Morris of Guildhall Beard, Miss Rachel of Newbury Orange Oct 25 11/2/1846
Woods, Solomon H. of St J. Stevens, Miss Sarah of Waterford Waterford Dec 5 12/21/1850
Woods, Willard G. Buck, Miss Laura Ann Waterford Feb 2 2/10/1842
Woodward, Darwin of Hanover, NH Bryant, Miss Rhoda M. Irasburg Sept 14 9/20/1847
Woodward, Josiah S. of Peacham Cummings, Miss Alma M. of Peacham Danville 21st inst 4/28/1842
Woodward, Parker Robertson, Miss Sophronia Danville April 12 4/20/1846
Woolson, Clark of Littleton, NH Burnside, Miss Lydia of Danville Danville Sept 18 10/2/1848
Worcester, Ezra C. MD of Chelsea Conant, Miss Ellen H. of Littleton Littleton, NH Aug 23 9/4/1843
Worcester, John H. Clark, Miss Martha P. dau of Dea Luther Clark St J Aug 23 9/4/1843
Worcester, Noah MD of Ohio Shedd, Miss Jane E. of Dr. Josiah Shedd Peacham 2d inst 11/11/1841
Wright, Capt Walter of St J. Trussell, Miss Betsey of Danville Danville 13th inst 9/16/1841
Wright, George W. of Newport Kittredge, Miss Harriet of Danville Danville 22d inst 9/29/1842
Wright, Lewis W. of Glover Kidder, Miss Mary P. of Craftsbury Craftsbury July 2 7/20/1850
Wright, Lewis W. of Glover Hidden, Miss Mary P. of Craftsbury Craftsbury July 2 7/27/1850
Wright, Solon B. Trefren, Miss Abby B. St Johnsbury June 17 7/28/1849
Wright, Walter Jr. Ripley, Miss Sarah P. St J May 12 5/27/1844
Wright, Walter S. Tabor, Miss Betsey of Newbury Ryegate Feb 19 3/2/1850
York, Judson of Derby Miller, Miss Cynthia C. of Stanstead, CE Derby Line April 24 5/5/1849
Young, Andrew Jr. of Stanstead Smith, Miss Abba S. of Derby Stanstead Oct 2 10/13/1849
Youngman, Robert of Barnet Crawford, Miss Huldah of Barnet Barnet Feb 8 2/17/1849

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