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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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Name of the Deceased Residence Issue date
____, Mrs. _____, age about 55, 15th inst, leaves husband & 5 children (obit) St Johnsbury 11/1/1821
_____, Melinda   5/22/1813
Abbott, Asa, age 27, Aug 27, died Union, Ohio, of typhus fever Worcester, Vt 10/8/1832
Abbott, Bancroft, age 72, 29th ult Newbury 11/10/1829
Abbott, George, age about 40 St Johnsbury 4/24/1813
Abbott, Peter Green, age 14, 7th inst, son of Benjamin Abbott Hartford 11/24/1829
Adams, Abijah, age 52, Sat last, editor of Boston Chronicle Boston 5/25/1816
Adams, Betsey, age 69, consort of James Adams Hardwick, VT 4/18/1826
Adams, Eliphalet Dea., age about 50, last Thurs, of bilious fever Cabot, VT 1/31/1826
Adams, Joel, age 79, 17th ult, Soldier in the Revolution Sharon, NH 2/19/1828
Adams, Jonathan Capt., age about 58 St J at Brutus, NY? 6/16/1829
Adams, Lucretia, age 22, Sept 27, wife of David Adams, drowned (item) Belvedere at Cambridge, VT 10/11/1811
Adams, Mary I., age 33, 4th ult, wife of Charles Adams Esq. Burlington 6/2/1832
Adams, Miriam, age 54, 2d inst, wife of Jesse Adams Esq. Cavendish 1/18/1831
Adams, Rachel, age 33, 17th inst, wife of Dr Frederick W Adams Barton 12/25/1818
Adams, Sarah, age 63, 12th inst, wife of John Adams Barton, VT 3/18/1828
Aiken, Israel, age 72, revolutionary pensioner Windsor 8/27/1832
Aiken, Mary T., age 29, 16th ult, wife of Capt. Hiram Aiken, dau of Zebulon Lee, Esq. Corinth 12/10/1832
Aiken, Mary, age 55, 30th ult, wife of Rev Solomon Aiken (item) Hardwick 11/23/1820
Albee, Judith D., age 12, March 5, dau of Ziba Albee Chesterfield, NH 3/28/1826
Albee, Louisa Maria, age 3, dau of Alexander Albee Littleton 7/16/1814
Alden, Daniel, Jr., Dr., age 23, Aug 10, formerly of Lebanon, NH Cabot 8/14/1813
Alden, Elijah Esq., age 82 Strafford 2/14/1832
Alden, Ezra Dea., age 85 Enfield, Mass 4/14/1820
Alden, John, age 105, had 19 children (obit) Middleboro, Mass 4/19/1821
Alden, Josiah Capt., age 80 Strafford 2/14/1832
Aldrich, __ Mrs., Oct 31, wife of Lieut. Asquire Aldrich St Johnsbury East 11/29/1831
Aldrich, Polly, age 26, 8th inst, consort of Hazen Aldrich Lyman, NH 2/24/1829
Aldrich, Samuel, funeral Sunday last St Johnsbury 1/7/1815
Aldrich, Sarah H. Miss, age 22 Windsor 8/11/1829
Aldrich, Willard, age 21, Aug 27, son of Lieut Asquire Aldrich, died Whitefield, ME St Johnsbury, VT 10/4/1831
Alexander, Elijah S. Dr., age 32, Oct 21, of VT (obit) New Orleans 12/9/1823
Alexander, Jerusha Widow, age 100 Walpole, NH 1/17/1832
Allen, Abel, age 74, early settler of town Surry 9/24/1808
Allen, Elijam, age 16, of Elijah Allen, of spotted fever Craftsbury 4/6/1811
Allen, Enoch, age 59, 15th ult Grand Isle 8/2/1831
Allen, Hamilton, age 22, of Elikah Allen, of spotted fever Craftsbury 4/6/1811
Allen, Joseph, age 71 Brookfield 4/19/1831
Allen, Joseph, age 74, very suddenly Charlotte 8/4/1810
Allen, Jude, age 93, 7th inst Norwich 6/21/1831
Allen, Ladoth, age 70, 14th inst, soldier in the revolution Pittsford 8/30/1831
Allen, Lovine, age 66, 25th ult, wife of Nathaniel Allen Williston 10/22/1832
Allen, Nancy Miss, age 30, 7th inst Burlington, VT 7/26/1831
Allen, Seth Elder, age (8)8 , Feb 28 Stowe 3/15/1831
Allyn, Betsey, age 21, 4th ult, dau of Lewis Allyn Dummerston 11/24/1829
Allyn, Harriet Barton 6/9/1832
Allyn, Naomy, age 30, dau of James Allyn late of Thompson, Ct Barton 7/13/1816
Almsted, Timothy, age 68, early settler of town Lyman, NH 12/25/1812
Amalla, Maria Josepha, age 23, May 24, Queen of Spain Spain 7/14/1829
Amelie, Louise Auguste Wilhelmine, Queen of Prussia, July 19 Germany 10/6/1810
Ames, Clark, age 23, 18th inst, drowned while skating Shoreham 12/29/1829
Ames, Fisher Hon., 4th inst Dedham, Mass 7/16/1808
Ames, J. W. Barton, age 9 mos, May 29, of Dr. W. Barton Ames Wheelock 6/21/1831
Amsden, Abraham, age 85, 28th ult Reading 2/15/1808
Amsden, Ephraim, infant, son of Mr. E. Amsden Hardwick 4/10/1827
Amsden, Grutee, age 20, March 24, wife of Ephraim Amsden Hardwick 4/10/1827
Amy, Abraham, age 77 Bath, NH 4/7/1810
Angel, Fanny Miss, age 16 Bennington, VT 4/19/1831
Angel, James C., age 38 Pownal 11/29/1831
Angell, Abiather Capt., age 83, 17th inst, Revolutionary Patriot Pownal 7/6/1830
Annis, ___ Mrs., age about 60, Aug 7, relict of the late Solomon Annis Chelsea 8/27/1832
Annis, Nancy, age 21, July 16th, wife of William Annis, dau of Amaziah Woodard Peacham 9/4/1818
Annis, Samuel, age 83, May 29, Revolutionary Soldier Goffstown, NH 7/3/1828
Appleton, William, age 70 Ipswich 8/29/1807
Arden, Daniel, age about 63 Lebanon, NH 2/14/1817
Armington, John, age 83, 9th inst, formerly of Rehoboth, Mass Waterford 6/19/1818
Armington, Joseph Esq., age 73, 16th inst Waterford 10/29/1832
Armistead, George Col., age 39, fought at Fort McHenry Baltimore 5/22/1818
Arms, Austin, age 28, Sunday last Montpelier 11/23/1820
Armstrong, Levi, age 37, 9th ult Poultney 2/21/1832
Arnold, John M. 2d., age 20 Brandon 6/2/1832
Arnold, William St. Johnsbury 3/13/1813
Ashby, Betsey, age 39, consort of Harvy Ashby New Haven 10/18/1831
Ashcroft, William, age 81, Oct 13, early settler of Washington County, Vt Northfield 11/1/1831
Ashley, Thomas, Esq., age 70 Poultney 8/4/1810
Atherton, Abiel P., age 21, May 17, of Montpelier Moretown 5/29/1832
Atherton, Ozias, age 42, 8th inst Moretown 4/19/1831
Atkins, Philander, age 28, 20th ult Waterbury, VT 6/16/1829
Atkinson, Elizabeth, age 72, Sept 19, widow of John Atkinson, Esq. Rockingham 11/3/1829
Atwater, David, age 67 Woodbridge, CT 7/14/1829
Atwood, Daniel, 10th inst, found dead in road, accidental death Wheelock 3/17/1810
Atwood, Levi Cambridge, VT 3/20/1813
Atwood, Stephen, age 77, of spotted fever, formerly of Charleston, NH Stanftead, PQ 4/10/1813
Aubery, William, age 24, 18th ult Burlington 10/1/1832
Austin, Mariah Miss, age 29, Oct 9, dau of David Austin Waterbury 12/10/1832
Averill, Maria, age 68, wife of Samuel Averill Brookfield 8/17/1830
Avery, David, 3d inst, recently from Cornish, NH Coventry 3/29/1831
Ayer, Calvin, age 19, 8th inst, son of Stephen Ayer St Johnsbury, VT 5/26/1829
Ayer, Samuel Dr., formerly of Concord, NH Eastport, ME 12/10/1832
Ayers, Alvira, age 16, 24th ult, drowned in cistern (item) Manchester, VT 7/13/1824
Ayers, Moses, age 35 Milton 6/30/1829
Babbit, Erasmus, age 19, 23rd inst., of Dr. Uri Babbit, drowned in Joe's Pond (item) Danville 7/28/1810
Babbitt, Sally, age about 26, wife of Jacob Babbitt Jun Hardwick 7/29/1819
Babcock, ___ Esq., age 51, Sept 6th Concord, VT 11/1/1831
Babcock, Betsy, May 30 Cabot, VT 6/29/1824
Babcock, Elisha Esq., age 68, editor of the American Mercury Hartford, Ct 4/19/1821
Bache, Sarah, 31st, wife of Richard Bache, dau of Doct. Benjamin Franklin Philadelphia 11/5/1808
Bachelder, Luther Clark, age 2, Sept 14, son of Josiah Bachelder Barnet at Danville 10/30/1813
Bachelder, Martha, age 70, wife of John Bachelder Epson, NH 6/16/1829
Bachelor, Amos, age 26, Dec 31, son of Josiah Bacheldor Jr. Barnet 1/18/1831
Bacon, Frederick, age 42, 6th inst, of typhus fever, leaves widow & 5 children Lyndon of Preston, NY 2/29/1808
Bacon, Phineas, age 41, formerly of Newton Portland? 1/27/1807
Baen, William C., Capt., age 33, wounded in recent attack on the Wabash (item)   12/27/1811
Bagley, Jonathan, age 70 Brandon 8/31/1830
Bailey, 5 deaths in house last week, home of Capt. Luther Bailey, of spotted fever Peacham 3/16/1811
Bailey, Abigail, age 29, Sept 9, dau of Isaac Bayley Esq. Newbury 9/21/1830
Bailey, Benjamin Esq., 22d inst, of consumption Burlington 5/29/1832
Bailey, Caroline Eliza, age 2y 9m, 27th ult, dau of Mrs. Bailey Barnet, VT 7/10/1827
Bailey, Celinda, age 37, Aug 27, wife of Col. Eliphalet Bailey, only d/o Jesse Clement Unity, NH 10/7/1828
Bailey, David, Esq., age 85 Fletcher 10/1/1832
Bailey, Eliza Gilbert, age 21, 30th, dau of Mrs. Bailey Barnet, VT 7/10/1827
Bailey, James Elder, age 77, formerly of Peacham, buried Peacham Sheffield, VT 3/18/1828
Bailey, James Esq., age 86, 24th inst Peacham 5/2/1808
Bailey, Widow, age 100 y 11 m Salem, NH 11/5/1832
Baker, Benjamin Esq., age 67 Sunderland 9/6/1831
Baker, Emeline Mrs., age 25 Brattleboro 10/12/1830
Balch, John, soldier of the Revolution Keene, NH 3/30/1824
Balch, Rosalinda Miss, age 23, Aug 22 Keene, NH 9/14/1824
Baldwin, Abraham, Hon., member of US Senate Washington 3/24/1807
Baldwin, Bradstreet, age 24, Aug 8 Jaffrey, NH 9/25/1827
Baldwin, Rev Dr., age 72, 29th ult Waterville, ME 9/20/1825
Baldwin, Sarah, 9th inst, relict of late Dr Baldwin of Great Barrington, MA Westminster 8/27/1832
Ball, Arnold, age 21, son of James Ball Esq. Newark 11/22/1821
Ball, Susannah, age 55, wife of Lt. Joseph Ball Concord, VT 5/2/1812
Ballard, William, Esq., age 54, died suddenly Durham, NH 11/1/1811
Bancroft, Rhoda Miss, age 20 Windsor 11/29/1831
Barber, Alice, age 7 mos, dau of Capt. A. D. Barber, of spotted fever St. Johnsbury 4/18/1812
Barber, Amiziah Dutton Capt., age 31, Oct 22d, son of Capt David Barber St J of Northfield, MA 11/5/1814
Barber, Catherine Mrs., age 28, 31st ult, of quick consumption Williston, VT 6/16/1829
Barber, George, age 3, son of Capt. A. D. Barber, of spotted fever St. Johnsbury 4/18/1812
Barber, Samuel, age 47 St Johnsbury 12/24/1808
Barbour, Ruth, age 84, 5th inst, widow of Dea William Barbour Burke 11/1/1831
Barker, John, age 84 St. Johnsbury 2/20/1813
Barker, Orange, age 4, son of Samuel Barker St Johnsbury 9/9/1815
Barker, Ruth Widow, age 78 St Johnsbury 4/22/1815
Barnard, Levi Esq., age 59, Oct 12 Lancaster, NH 11/19/1832
Barnes, __ Mrs., Oct 2, wife of Joseph Barnes Montpelier 10/18/1831
Barnes, Solon T., age 14, 17th ult Stowe 2/14/1832
Barnes, Wealthy, age 16, of spotted fever Lyman, NH 4/8/1809
Barney, Charles, age 26, April 24, of consumption Swanton 6/2/1832
Barrett, Nathaniel Esq., age 98 York, ME 6/7/1831
Barron, Elizabeth Miss, age 20, (Aug 20?) Kirby 10/9/1813
Barron, Joshua Dea., age 79, May 5 Bradford at Holland, NY 7/3/1828
Barron, Lepha Miss, age 20, 19th ult, of Waterbury Shelburn 7/3/1832
Barrows, Lucretia, age 42, 22d ult, wife of Josiah Barrows Bridport 8/25/1829
Barrows, Ruth, age 49, Feb 2, wife of Ebenezer Barrows Middlesex 2/14/1832
Barry, James, age 1y 14d, only son of Joseph Barry Esq. Guildhall 12/4/1818
Barry, Laura Miss, age 22, 4th inst Rockingham 1/17/1832
Bartlett, Jacob, age 81, Jan 31 Deering, NH 3/18/1828
Bartlett, Mary, age 21, 6th inst, dau of Hon Ezra Bartlett Haverhill, NH 8/24/1830
Bartlett, Sarah E. P. , age 30, Sept 1, wife of Ebenezer Bartlett Burlington, VT 9/13/1831
Barton, Henry, age 35, son of Gen William Barton who is currently in jail in this county Savannah, Georgia 1/7/1815
Barton, Robert Carver Esq., age 42, Sept, son of Gen William Barton (obit) RI near Marietta, Ohio 12/14/1824
Barton, William Gen., age 84, Oct 23, of Danville 1812 to 1825 Providence, RI 11/8/1831
Bassett, Erustus, age 32, Aug 19, late of Philadelphia West Fairlee 10/3/1807
Bassett, Lydia, age 84, widow of Seth Bassett Hinesburg 3/22/1831
Batchelder, Increase Dea., age 85, July 7 Northwood, NH 7/24/1827
Batchelder, Simon, age 24, 12th inst., caught between logs on cart & root Lyman, NH 11/29/1811
Batcheldor, Elizabeth, age 47, May 4 Bethel 6/14/1831
Batchelor, Lois, age 77, 5th inst, widow of Jacob Batchelor Arlington 1/18/1831
Bates, Joshua, age 91, 11 children still living Cohasset, ME 9/21/1816
Bates, Miriam Widow, age 62, 8th ult Brookfield 9/22/1829
Bates, Sally, age 26, 29th ult, wife of Rodolphus S. Bates Waitsfield, VT 6/16/1829
Baxter, Charles, age about 19, Dec 7, of Widow Baxter of Brownington Royalton 12/17/1832
Baxter, William Hon., age 50, 1st inst, of paralytic shock Brownington, VT 10/9/1827
Bayard, James A Hon. Wilminton, Delaware 8/19/1815
Bayley, Fry Col., age 78, Dec 11, 1826, early settler of Newbury Chelsea of Newbury 2/13/1827
Beafield, Mark, age 55 Topsham 9/20/1831
Beals, Enoch, age 70, 27th ult, Revolutionary Soldier St Albans, VT 9/15/1829
Beals, Lewis, age 50, 28th ult St Albans, VT 9/15/1829
Bean, Israel, July 2, formerly of Sutton, NH Hatley, LC 7/19/1831
Bean, John Capt., age 47, 6th ult Chelsea 2/14/1832
Bean, John, Col., age 63 Kingsey, Lower Canada 7/2/1814
Bean, Lydia Mrs., age 69, May 31 Berlin 6/29/1830
Beckwith, Amos Eld., age 67, 6th inst, fell from horse, leaves widow & 5 children (obit) Sutton, VT 12/19/1822
Beckwith, Henry J., age about 2 y, son of Mr. J. Beckwith Danville 5/20/1809
Bedee, Abigail Widow, age about 53, 2 weeks ago Thurs, of cancer (obit) Danville at Holderness, NH 8/19/1819
Bedee, Joseph, 24th ult., suicide by hanging Washington, VT 12/1/1810
Bedee, Patience Miss, age 19 Monkton 9/20/1831
Bedel, George W., age 18, May 14, son of Joshua Bedel, shot in the head Fayston 7/7/1829
Beede, Jofhua, age about 43, Sunday last Danville 1/27/1815
Beede, Sally Miss, age 44, March 22, dau of Eli Beede Gilmanton, NH 6/2/1829
Bell, Betsey, wife of Capt. Amos Bell Weybridge 3/3/1810
Bemas, Benjamin B., age 67, 18th ult Northfield 8/24/1830
Benham, I. D. Mr., age 23, 28th ult Castleton 10/18/1831
Benham, Sally, age 54, 1st inst, consort of Japheth Benham Derby, VT 11/22/1825
Bennet, Deborah Mrs., age 69 Woodstock 4/19/1831
Bennet, Dolly Mrs., age 80 Brattleboro 6/22/1830
Bennet, Esther, age 44, 3rd inst, wife of Quincy Bennet, of dropsy St Johnsbury, VT 1/27/1824
Bennett, Abel Esq., age 62, Dec 28 Canaan 1/17/1832
Bennett, Betsey, age 10, of spotted fever Montpelier 2/25/1814
Bennett, Caty, age 12, of spotted fever Montpelier 2/25/1814
Bennett, Harriet H., age 25, 29th ult, wife of Jacob Bennett, of consumption Stowe 10/15/1832
Bennett, Humphrey Esq., age 29, last Sun, leaves widow & 3 kids, of consumption Danville, VT 1/13/1824
Bennett, Nancy, age 20, wife of Moses B. Bennett Burlington 10/22/1832
Benson, Elisha, Jr., age 22, of spotted fever Woodstock 4/20/1811
Berkley, son, age 21 months, of William Berkley, drank boiling water out of coffee pot spout Lyman 1/23/1813
Berry, Peleg, age 60 West Fairlee 7/3/1832
Berry, Woodard Capt., age about 40 Lancaster, NH 9/21/1816
Bickford, Elizabeth, age 74, 5th inst, widow of Thomas Bickford Hopkinton, NH 6/30/1829
Bickford, Mary, age 22, wife of Joshua Bickford, of consumption Walden 9/9/1819
Bidwell, Mary, age 44, consort of Hon Barnabas Bidwell Stockbridge 2/15/1808
Bigelow, Angustus, 9th inst Proctorsville 4/26/1831
Bigelow, Elisha, Esq., of apoplexy Dummerston 6/23/1810
Bigelow, Henry Rev., age 55, June 26 Middletown, VT 8/6/1832
Bigelow, John, age 67, fell dead while driving his team Westminster 7/14/1829
Bigelow, Mary Miss, age 23, 21st ult, of consumption Fitzwilliam, NH 6/14/1831
Bigelow, Sally P., age 29, Oct 27, wife of Rufus Bigelow, of quick consumption Wheelock 11/12/1832
Bigelow, Sally, Miss Putney of Worcester, MA 1/8/1807
Billings, Ezekiel, 24th ult, patriot of the Revolution Castile, NY 5/27/1828
Bingham, Laura, age 29, 8th ult, dau of Dea. Calvin Bingham Bennington, VT 8/11/1829
Bingham, Lydia Miss, age 46 Bennington 8/6/1832
Bingham, Lydia Mrs., age 74 Bennington, VT 4/19/1831
Birdtry, Benjamin, age 76 East Hartford 5/5/1807
Birgin, Persis, age 16, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Bishop, Isaac, age 57, 20th ult Granville, NY 3/15/1831
Bishop, Lemuel, age 86, Oct 8, revolutionary patriot Sunderland 11/5/1832
Bishop, Maria Miss, age 19 East Randolph 8/23/1831
Bishop, Phineas, Hon., Revolutionary Patriot Rehoboth, MA 2/14/1812
Bixby, Maria, age 23, 8th inst Wallingford 3/1/1831
Bixby, Solomon, age about 40, 3d inst Chelsea 5/26/1829
Black, Lydia Mrs., age 70, May 13 Manchester 6/2/1832
Blackmer, Samuel Capt., age 62, 12th inst Bennington, VT 3/29/1831
Blair, Robert, age 66, 20th Barnet 7/5/1821
Blair, Sybil, age 45, 12th ult, wife of Francis Blair Shelburn 10/1/1832
Blake, ___, Mrs., May 29, wife of John Blake, killed by lightning Bloomfield 7/14/1810
Blake, Dow, son of Samuel D. Blake Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Blake, Enoch, age 63 Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Blake, Ephraim, age 60, July 26, innkeeper Salem, VT 8/9/1831
Blake, Francis, Esq. Worcefter, MA 4/4/1817
Blake, Hannah Miss, age 20, May 31 Sutton 6/9/1832
Blake, Jack, age about 65, 21st inst, a colored person Danville 11/29/1831
Blake, Jonathan Dr., age 68, 5th inst Kingley, L.C. 10/31/1826
Blake, Polly, age 25, wife of Stephen Blake, of spotted fever Sutton 4/22/1815
Blake, Polly, dau of Samuel D. Blake Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Blakeley, Sally, age 32, wife of John Blakeley Dalton, NH 7/24/1813
Blakely, Erastus, 5th ult Shaftsbury 2/1/1831
Blanchard, Abel Capt., age 67, 12th inst, early settler of town Peacham, VT 8/21/1827
Blanchard, Amos Esq., age 56, 10th inst Greensboro, VT 3/31/1829
Blanchard, Amos, age 25, died in Montreal Danville 10/2/1818
Blanchard, Betsey, age 63, 10th ult, wife of Amos Blanchard Esq. Greensboro, VT 2/10/1829
Blanchard, Elizabeth Widow, age 89, 15th ult Barre 6/16/1829
Blanchard, Enoch Dr. Peacham at Paoli, Indiana 9/5/1822
Blanchard, Harriet, age 20, wife of Nathaniel Blanchard Barnston, LC 3/29/1831
Blanchard, Joel, 4th ult, injured insides while wrestling with a neighbor Peacham 8/10/1816
Blanchard, Mary, age 73, 12th inst, widow of Capt Abial Blanchard, early settler of town Peacham 9/27/1831
Blanchard, Peter, Capt., age 54 Danville 6/2/1810
Blanchard, Rebecca Widow, age 67, Aug 20 Peacham 10/22/1832
Blanchard, Richard, 30th ult, drowned while bathing Haverhill, NH 7/14/1810
Blanchard, Sarah Ann, age 15, Oct 30, eldest dau of Widow Sally Blanchard Orange 11/29/1831
Blanden, John, age 27 Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Bliss, Ellis, age 70 Bradford 11/3/1829
Bliss, Israel, age about 68, 8th inst Chelsea 8/27/1832
Bliss, Joseph Capt Haverhill, NH 1/23/1819
Bliss, Luther, age 70, 2d inst Bridport 6/22/1830
Blodgett, Isaac, about 25, late of Warren, NH Walden at Danville 5/22/1813
Blood, Widow, age 78, 31st ult Norwich 8/16/1831
Bloss, Walter Esq., age 57, on the 8th inst Lunenburgh 8/15/1817
Blount, Hannah, age 47, last Wed, consort of Jere Blount, of consumption Danville, VT 4/1/1828
Blount, Harriet, age 3 y 5 m, dau of Mr. Ephraim Blount Jun, of dysentery Danville 8/27/1814
Blount, Je(re), age 57, Revolutionary Patriot & early settler of Danville Danville 10/23/1813
Blount, Lydia, age 27, wife of Mr. Ephraim Blount Jun, of dysentery Danville 8/27/1814
Blount, Madori Lucina, age 1 y 11 m, dau of William Blount Danville, VT 9/9/1823
Blount, Martha, age 57, Oct 22, wife of Ephraim Blount Danville 10/30/1813
Blount, Sally, age 23, Oct 28, dau of Mr. Ephraim Blount Danville 10/30/1813
Blount, Thomas Maj General, age 53, NC Representative Washington 3/14/1812
Blount, Zeruah Widow, age 90, had 5 children Danville 10/6/1810
Blount, Zeruah, Widow, age 90 Danville 10/6/1810
Blunt, Ephraim, age 75, last Sun, one of first settlers of Danville Danville, VT 2/24/1829
Bolen, Henry P., age 31 NY City 8/6/1832
Bolton, Cynthia, age 46, last Sun, consort of John Bolton Danville, VT ? 4/7/1829
Bolton, Cynthia, age 6, dau of John Bolton, of consumption Danville, VT 2/1/1825
Bolton, John, age 68 E Randolph 11/24/1829
Bowdish, Eunice Miss, age (3)4, Weybridge 10/6/1829
Bowdoin, James, Hon., age 59 Naushan Island 11/1/1811
Bowen, Ellen, age 19, dau of Gen Daniel Bowen Weathersfield 1/18/1831
Bowen, William G., age 22 Providence 1/27/1807
Bowers, Lydia, age 57, wife of Mr. Jacob Bowers ** Dalton, NH 4/24/1813
Bowker, ( )on Mr., age 55 Lunenburgh, Vt 1/21/1815
Bowman, Ebenezer Esq., age 65 Westford 10/8/1832
Boyce, ___ Mrs., Oct 24, widow of Samuel Boyce Castleton 11/8/1831
Boyce, John, age 25, son of Joseph Boyce of Hydepark Castleton 11/8/1831
Boyce, Samuel, age 23, son of Joseph Boyce of Hydepark Castleton 11/8/1831
Boyce, Samuel, age 25, 25th ult Castleton 10/4/1831
Boynton, ___ Mrs., 14th ult, wife of Levi Boynton Weathersfield 6/9/1832
Boynton, Guy, age 30 Hinesburg 11/19/1832
Brackett, Mary N., age 3, dau of Adino N. Brackett, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Brackit, Joseph, Dea., age 72, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Bradlee, Louisa, age 36, wife of Nehemiah Bradlee Peacham 5/11/1811
Bradley, Phebe, age 35, wife of Levi Bradley Danville 7/3/1818
Bradway, Daniel Lincoln 4/24/1813
Bradway, Polly, age 5 Franconia 9/1/1810
Brainard, Deborah, age 67, Oct 2d, consort of Dea Israel Brainard Danville 10/9/1813
Brainard, George W., age 7 mos, son of Afa Brainard Danville 3/27/1813
Brainard, Mr., on his return from Derby Greensborough 3/27/1813
Brainerd, Harriet, age 4, dau of Asa Brainerd Danville 10/11/1811
Brainerd, Israel Dea., age 71, Friday last, early settler of town (obit) Danville 7/22/1819
Brainerd, Rhoda Miss, age 41, last Tues Danville, VT 11/8/1825
Brainerd, Sally, age 46, last Sabbath, consort of Asa Brainerd Danville 10/3/1822
Branch, Asa Dr., 2d inst Middlebury 6/19/1832
Branden, Robert, age 76 ** Dalton, NH 4/24/1813
Brant, Joseph Col., Indian, chief of six nations Lake Ontario 1/11/1808
Brazer, Mary, age 21, 1st ult, dau of William F. Brazer Esq. Weatherfield of Groton, MA 11/3/1829
Brewster, Phineas, 5th ult, of St George, VT Troy, NY 2/8/1831
Bridgeman, Caroline S., age 31, 9th ult, wife of Dr Benjamin H. Bridgeman Grafton 10/13/1829
Bridgman, Timothy B., age 26, died Union District, S. C. Guilford 11/24/1829
Briggs, Naomi Mrs., age 84, Richmond 10/11/1831
Brigham, ___ Mrs., age 42, Sept 30, wife of Pierpoint Brigham St Albans 10/15/1832
Brigham, Elizur, age 29, 5th inst St Albans, VT 1/18/1831
Brigham, Paul, age 79, 15th ult (obit) Norwich 7/13/1824
Britt, Seth, age 79, 9th ult St Johnsbury, VT 3/7/1826
Brock, Judith Mrs., age 53 Newbury 1/15/1807
Brock, Walter Esq., age 81, 8th inst, early settler of Barnet, leaves widow & 13 kids Barnet, VT 11/18/1823
Brooks, Elizabeth, age 1(8), 20th ult, dau of Barzillai Brooks, of consumption Middlebury 5/10/1831
Brooks, Samuel, age 21 Worcester 3/24/1807
Brooks, Thomas, age 54, returning from visit to sons in Ohio Montpelier at Lockport, NY 11/17/1829
Broome, John, Hon., age 72, Lieut. Gov of NY State not listed 8/25/1810
Broughton, Esther Mrs., age 69 Brandon 8/31/1830
Brown, Ann Eliza, age 10m 2d, Nov 20, of Rufus & Polly Brown, fell onto needle went into brain Whitingham 12/17/1832
Brown, Anna Miss, age 38, Sunday last, in a cramp convulsion fit Peacham at Danville 1/23/1818
Brown, Carlton, about 4, 27th ult, son of Robert Brown, drowned in CT River Barnet 8/10/1811
Brown, Clarke Rev., Jan 12, formerly of Montpelier & Swasay, NH Maryland 4/11/1817
Brown, Elvina, age 15, dau of Capt Nathaniel Brown Wheelock 8/29/1822
Brown, Harvey Bliss, age 22 mos, March 24, of Elisha & Joanna Brown, last of 11 kids Derby (obit) 4/18/1822
Brown, Hopestill, age (3)7, July 1(8) Rutland, NY 9/20/1831
Brown, John W., editor, hit on head for refusing to give name of author of item in paper Cincinnati, Ohio 2/8/1808
Brown, Julia, wife of Peter Brown, also a son age 5 died Greensborough 5/20/1809
Brown, Mary Ann, age 5, Jan 26, of Elisha & Joanna Brown, now 1 of 11 children alive Derby 2/7/1822
Brown, Patience Mrs., age 83 Norwich 10/12/1830
Brown, Phebe, age 34, consort of Welcome Brown Barton 11/29/1811
Brown, Phoebe, age 16 months, Dec 25, dau of Col Andrew Brown Sutton 1/21/1815
Brown, Samuel Dea., age 94, 11th ult, one of first settlers of town, soldier in French war Andover 7/10/1832
Brown, Samuel, age 3, last Fri, son of Harry Brown Danville, VT 10/16/1827
Brown, Samuel, age 56, Thurs last Danville 2/28/1822
Brown, Sarah Mrs., age 57, April 3, by broken blood vessel in stomach Hookset, NH 5/3/1831
Browne, John C., Esq., President of Kensington Bank Philadelphia 8/27/1832
Browning, Joseph, age 71, 20th ult Barre 1/17/1832
Brownsen, Asa Esq., age 85, Jan 1 Richmond 3/1/1831
Bruce, Amanda Miss, age 22 Randolph, VT 7/28/1829
Bruce, Charles, Capt., about 40, suicide by hanging (item) Haverhill 2/27/1813
Bruce, Eli Doctor., 3d ult, of cholera Lockport, NY 10/15/1832
Bruce, John, Rev. Mount Vernon 3/18/1809
Bruce, Luther, age 17, 17th inst., fell through ice on mill pond Sharon 12/29/1810
Brush, Abner Esq., age about 60 Cambridge 11/8/1831
Brush, Anne, age 25, wife of Hiram C. Brush St Albans, VT 11/24/1829
Brush, Josiah, age 86, Aug 11 Swanton 8/27/1832
Buck, Amasa, age 14, April 5, youngest son of Silas Buck, of putrid fever Granby of Bath, NH 4/22/1828
Buckland, Timothy, age 70 Brandon 3/22/1831
Buckman, Edward, Gen., age 72, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Buckminster, Barnes Esq., age 27, yesterday (March 23) Peacham 3/24/1807
Buel, Abel, age 36 Danville 12/17/1832
Buel, Samuel Esq., age 66, 14th inst Burlington, VT 8/30/1831
Buell, Benjamin, Esq., age 89 Hebron, CT 6/23/1810
Bugbee, Daniel, age 8, 3d ult, son of Mr. Elijah Bugbee, a log rolled onto him Hydepark 11/11/1815
Bugbee, Fanny, age 35, consort of Capt Calvin Bugbee Hydepark 11/13/1818
Bugbee, Sidney, age 6, June 22, son of Calvin Bugbee, drowned Hydepark 7/31/1818
Bull, Hannah, Miss, age 32, Wed., dau of Jonathan Bull, Esq., of prevailing fever Hartford 3/25/1809
Bull, Nancy, Miss, age 28, dau of Jonathan Bull, Esq., of prevailing fever Hartford 3/25/1809
Bull, Rebecca, Miss, age 22, Wed., dau of Jonathan Bull, Esq, of prevailing fever Hartford 3/25/1809
Bullard, Keziah, age 56, wife of Nathan Bullard Lunenburgh 7/24/1813
Bullis, Sally, age 40, 22d ult, wife of German Bullis Panton 2/15/1831
Bunker, child, of Nathaniel Bunker New London, NH 7/3/1828
Burbank, Asa, age 50 Williamstown, MA 10/13/1829
Burbank, Mercy, age 75, widow of Wells Burbank Peacham, VT 4/1/1828
Burbank, Mr., age 84, Oct 31, revolutionary pensioner Walden 11/8/1831
Burch, Benjamin Capt., age 72, soldier of the revolution Washington City 6/2/1832
Burgess, Anthony, Esq., age 30, 31st ult, leaves widow & two small sons Westfield 6/30/1810
Burington, Ebenezer, age 72 Burke 5/29/1818
Burknapp, Capt., about 40, and 2 of his children, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Burnam, John Esq., age 86, 1st ult Middletown 9/15/1829
Burnap, Jacob Rev., age 74 Merrimack 1/17/1822
Burnham, Elizabeth, age 64, 31st ult, wife of Capt David Burnham Reading 6/23/1829
Burnham, Joshua P. Brig. Gen., age 45, Sept 23 Williamstown 10/4/1831
Burnham, Lucy, age 27, Oct 1st, wife of Samuel Burnham Stanstead, LC 10/21/1819
Burnham, Seymour, age 55, Sept 30 Windsor 10/15/1832
Burnham, William, age 51, 5th ult Burlington, VT 8/30/1831
Burrington, Abel, age 75, Revolutionary Patriot Burke 5/8/1818
Burrington, Martha, age 42, Oct 29, consort of Asahel Burrington Esq. Burke 11/12/1832
Burroughs, Mary, age 40, 8th inst, consort of Elijah Burroughs Irasburg 1/17/1826
Burt, Arunah, age 26, Sept 24 Kirby 10/9/1813
Burt, Daniel Esq., age 55, killed by falling tree, Revolutionary soldier Franconia 10/16/1813
Burt, Eunice, age 2, dau of Riverius Burt Esq. Kirby 5/8/1813
Burt, Louisa, age 7, dau of Riverius Burt Esq. Kirby 5/8/1813
Burt, Mahitabel Mrs., age 74, 3d inst Windsor 7/28/1829
Burt, Riverius Esq., age 34, of typhus fever Kirby 1/1/1814
Burt, Robert D, age 6, Sept 25, son of Riverius Burt Esq. Kirby 10/9/1813
Burt, Ruth Miss, age 18, July 26 Kirby 10/9/1813
Burt, Ruth Widow, age 72, 2nd inst Kirby at Burke 9/19/1826
Burt, Ruth, Miss, age 18, dau of Asahel Burt Kirby 8/14/1813
Burt, Su(b)mit, age 62, Sept 12, wife of Moses Burt Walpole, NH 11/4/1828
Burt, Sylvanus, age 28, Aug 25 Kirby 10/9/1813
Buswell, David, age 67, April 24, of consumption Bradford 6/2/1832
Buswell, Elizabeth, age 66, 23d ult, w/o Nicholas Buswell Esq., sis of Hon. Wm. Chamberlin Peacham, VT 10/7/1828
Butler, Abel Maj., age 69, 21st inst St Johnsbury, VT 8/25/1829
Butler, Betsey, age 35, wife of Eldad S. Butler St Albans, VT 6/16/1829
Butler, Roswell M., age 26, 2d inst Colchester 5/22/1832
Butler, William A., age about 40 Burlington 11/19/1832
Butterfield, Prismus, age 22, Nov 15 St Johnsbury 11/26/1832
Button, Thomas, age 31, 4th inst Danby 11/24/1829
Buxton, Elijah, age 67, July 19 Milford, NH 8/7/1827
Buzzell, Ichabod, age 88, July 22, of consumption, fought in French war of 1757 Gilford, NH 8/12/1828
C(hoate), Catherine, age 2(0), last Wed., dau of Rosamond C(hoate) Danville, VT 2/8/1825
Cabot, Francis, Esq., age 79, formerly of Boston Natchez 9/4/1832
Cady, Joanna, age 55, wife of Cyril Cady Bradford 10/13/1829
Cady, Noah Capt., age 47, of Woodstock Windsor 6/9/1832
Cady, Stephen Dea., age 79, 3d inst Windsor 7/28/1829
Cahoon, Betsey Widow Sutton 4/22/1815
Cahoon, Daniel, Esq., age 74, 13th inst. (item) Lyndon 9/21/1811
Cahoon, Samuel Esq., 13th inst Billymead 9/19/1807
Caldwell, William Maj., age 64, Nov 1, first settler of Kelleyvale, from Barre, MA (obit) Kelleyvale 12/21/1824
Calkins, Asa, age 72, 29th ult, Revolutionary Soldier St Johnsbury, VT 2/6/1827
Calkins, Eliza, age 60, 17th ult, wife of Charles Calkins Hinesburg 7/5/1831
Calvin, John B. Esq., age 48, editor Washington City 4/25/1826
Cambridge, Edward, age 21 Amherst, NH 8/8/1807
Cameron, Elizabeth, age 42, 14th inst., w/o Hon. John Cameron, d/o Gen. John Stark (obit) Ryegate 5/29/1813
Campbel, William, age 46, 13th inst, killed by falling tree, leaves a wife & 8 children Cambridge 4/28/1807
Campbell, __ Mrs., 28th ult, wife of Samuel Campbell St Albans, VT 10/12/1830
Campbell, Anna Maria, age 42, 22d ult, wife of Edward Campbell Esq. Windsor 2/8/1831
Campbell, Catharine, age 23, 26th ult, wife of Dr John Campbell Putney 11/24/1829
Campbell, Daniel, age 56 Fairfield 11/8/1831
Campbell, David, age 18, 15th inst Montpelier 11/30/1830
Campbell, Henry, age 84, on the 11th inst Fletcher 4/24/1813
Campbell, James, age 33, 9th ult Fairfield 7/6/1830
Canfield, Betsey, age 70, 27th ult, relict of Nathan Canfield Esq. Arlington 10/25/1831
Canfield, John, age 34, 22d ult Arlington 10/8/1832
Canney, Rhoda Miss, age 27, dau of John Canney, thrown from a carriage Tuftonborough, NH 12/3/1832
Cannon, Charlotte, about 16, 15th ult, dau of Clark Cannon, drowned Southwick, MA 8/12/1809
Cannon, Orpha, about 11, 15th ult, dau of Clark Cannon, drowned Southwick, MA 8/12/1809
Capron, Alice Mrs., age 93, 20th ult Marshfield 9/6/1825
Capron, Archelaus A., age 19, 18th inst, son of Elder John Capron, of consumption Danville at Marshfield 4/24/1818
Carleton, Willard Col., age about 45 St Johnsbury 9/3/1814
Carlew, Miranda Miss, age 21, 21st inst, of consumption Wells River, VT 10/1/1832
Carlisle, Arminda, age 25, Oct 13, wife of Henry Carlisle Fairfield 11/19/1832
Carlisle, Mary Ann, age 13, 30th ult Hartford 9/15/1829
Carlton, George, Capt., about 26, 10th ult, dragged by horse team (obit) Johnson 3/1/1821
Carlton, Willard Col, age 38 ** St Johnsbury 11/5/1814
Carpenter, Benjamin Capt., age 72, 16th ult (item) Cambridge, MA 11/18/1823
Carpenter, David, of Randol(f), school teacher Cabot 1/23/1813
Carpenter, James, age 91 Brattleboro 11/24/1829
Carpenter, Jothan Elder, age 68, 2d ult Fayston 7/7/1829
Carr, George, age 65, 8th inst Bradford, NH 6/30/1829
Carr, Lavina, age 15 mos, dau of Samuel Carr Danville 11/7/1822
Carr, Mary, age 36, July 13, wife of William Carr Jr. Antrim, NH 8/11/1829
Carr, Prudence, age 38, Aug 1, wife of Samuel Carr, of consumption Walden 8/23/1831
Carr, Sally, age 30, wife of Timothy Carr Lyndon 7/29/1819
Carr, Timothy, age 74 Danville 8/22/1822
Carter, _____ Mrs., age 87, July 9, relict of Thomas Carter, leaves 6 children Lunenburg 9/12/1807
Carter, Amia, age 53, wife of John Carter, Esq. Providence, RI 1/15/1807
Carter, Caroline N. Mrs., age 31, 10th ult Middlebury 7/5/1831
Carter, Ellen Maria, age 4 y 11 m, May 8, dau of John Carter Barnet 5/22/1832
Carter, Ezra, Esq., about 34, late Preceptor of the Academy there Peacham 10/18/1811
Carter, Horace E., about 19, son of Widow Carter of Peacham, of typhus fever, buried P. Danville at Hanover, NH 10/17/1826
Carter, William C. Esq., age 25, 8th ult, son of widow Martha Carter Peacham at Marietta, PA 4/8/1828
Case, Abel, age 67, 6th inst Middlebury 9/27/1831
Cash, Sally, age 37, wife of Mr. Daniel Cash Danville 11/5/1814
Cass, Eben'r, on the 25th of July, soldier in US Army (item) Sutton/Billymead at Burlington 8/21/1813
Cass, Levi, age about 40, of typhus fever Stanstead, LC 12/15/1829
Caswell, Louis, age 1(0), dau of John Caswell, of a rose cancer Waterford 8/11/1810
Cee, Sabrina, age 32, Sept 12, wife of William Cee, dau of John Webber Danville at Cincinnati, OH 11/17/1829
Chace, Isaac Jr., age 15 New London, NH 4/7/1829
Chadwick, Dolly, age 61, April 28, wife of Isaac Chadwick Worcester, MA 6/3/1828
Chadwick, Joseph, age 70, Revolutionary pensioner Sutton, NH 4/7/1829
Chamberlain, Hannah, age 20, 12th ult, w/o Ebenezer Chamberlain, d/o David & Hannah Bean Sutton, VT 5/9/1826
Chamberlain, Mary, age 31, last Sat., consort of Wm Chamberlain, dropsy on the brain Danville, VT 5/10/1825
Chamberlain, Roswell, age 16, son of Mr. John Chamberlain Danville 1/28/1814
Chamberlain, Samuel, Esq., about 70 Danville 9/26/1812
Chamberlin, ( ), age (3), son of Eli Chamberlin, Esq.   5/22/1813
Chamberlin, Alpheus, age 18 y 6 m 3 d, son of John Chamberlin Danville 11/6/1813
Chamberlin, Benjamin, age 7, 23rd ult, son of Widow Chamberlin, shot by brother Thetford, VT (item) 1/25/1821
Chamberlin, Caleb Dea., age 46, Friday last Danville 6/4/1819
Chamberlin, Caleb Dea., May 28, 1819 Danville 12/29/1829
Chamberlin, Caleb, age 16, Nov 14, son of Dea Caleb Chamberlin Burke 12/29/1829
Chamberlin, David, 6th, revolutionary pensioner Ontario, NY 4/19/1821
Chamberlin, Dea. Caleb, May 28, 1819 Danville, VT 1/6/1829
Chamberlin, Deborah Miss, age 21, March last, dau of Jacob Chamberlin, of consumption Danville 8/6/1814
Chamberlin, Hannah F. Miss, age 26, last week, dau of Jacob Chamberlin, of consumption Danville 8/6/1814
Chamberlin, Hepsibeth Widow, age 79 Chesterfield, NH ? 12/11/1827
Chamberlin, Isaac, age about 35, of cholera Frelighsburgh, L. C. 10/8/1832
Chamberlin, John, age 66, 18th ult, formerly of Lyndeborough, NH Waterford, Vt 1/3/1826
Chamberlin, Joseph Cabot 12/24/1808
Chamberlin, Joseph, age 77, in a fit of apoplexy Newbury 9/16/1815
Chamberlin, Lois, wife of Dea. Abel Chamberlin Peacham 4/21/1807
Chamberlin, Lucretia, age 55, Sept 20, widow of Dea. Caleb Chamberlin Danville, VT 1/6/1829
Chamberlin, Mary Widow, age 76 Lunenburg 6/4/1814
Chamberlin, Mary, age 35, 15th inst, of consumption Danville 3/3/1820
Chamberlin, Mary, age 83, 14th ult, widow of James Chamberlin Kirby of Dublin, NH 8/4/1829
Chamberlin, Nathaniel, age about 30, leaves wife & 3 kids, killed in explosion (item) Derby 10/26/1830
Chamberlin, Silas Capt., Feb 20, formerly of Newbury, VT Compton, L C 3/31/1829
Chamberlin, Willard, age 25, Oct 28th Danville at NY 3/27/1827
Chamberlin, William Hon., age 73, 27th ult, early settler of town (obit) Peacham, VT 10/7/1828
Chandler, __ Mrs., age 55, wife of John Chandler Lunenburgh 5/2/1812
Chandler, David, age about 22, 7th inst, son of Barnabas Chandler, drowned in CT River St Johnsbury at Lyman 6/22/1816
Chandler, Margaret Mrs., age 58, 30th ult Burlington, VT 10/13/1829
Chandler, William, age 15, eldest son of John W. Chandler, Esq. Peacham 12/20/1811
Chapin, Giles, 31st ult, drowned in Lake Champlain Charlotte of Benson 1/13/1810
Chapin, Lucy C., age 34, June 30, wife of Rev. William A. Chapin Craftsbury 8/6/1832
Chapin, Walter Rev., age 48, 22d ult, Pastor of 1st Cong church North Parish Woodstock 8/7/1827
Chapman, David, age 68, 11th inst Danville, VT 4/14/1829
Chapman, Martha, age 53, 24th inst, consort of David Chapman Danville, VT 7/31/1827
Charmichael, Priscilla Mrs., age 113 Surry Co., Maryland 5/22/1818
Charter, Lovina, wife of Nathaniel Charter Walpole 1/27/1807
Chase, ____ lad, probably killed by severe punishment by school master (item) Athens, Vt 3/15/1821
Chase, Francis, age 59, April 3 Claremont, NH 6/24/1828
Chase, Mary, wife of Daniel Chase, formerly of Bradford, VT Cornish, NH 2/1/1831
Chase, Sarah Widow, age 83, Jan 20 Burlington, VT 2/1/1831
Chase, Wells, age 87, fought in Battle of Ticonderoga in 1758 Chester, NH 3/1/1825
Chatterton, Benning Rutland 11/8/1831
Cheeney, Elias, aged about 60 Concord, Vt 12/21/1816
Cheeseborough, Abraham C., age 45, 30th ult Tinmouth 6/29/1830
Cheetham, James, Editor of the American Citizen New York 10/6/1810
Cheney, Calvin, age 6, of Tristram Cheney, Esq. Dalton, NH 7/24/1813
Cheney, Clarissa, age 4, dau of Tristram Cheney, Esq. Dalton, NH 7/24/1813
Cheney, Elias, age 26, hurt 11th died 16th, killed by falling tree (item) Waterford 12/29/1810
Cheney, Hannah, about 30, last Thur., dau of Ebenezer Cheney Danville ? 1/24/1826
Chick, Nathaniel, age about 43 Barnet 5/13/1815
Chickering, Eliza Miss, age 30, died in a fit Danville 7/13/1820
Child, Abigail Widow, age 92, 8th inst, leaves 8 children Bath, NH 8/31/1830
Child, Elizabeth, age 89, 21st ult, widow of Rev Child of Woodstock, CT Hartland 6/22/1830
Childs, Abel, age 75, 14th ult Stockbridge 8/2/1831
Childs, Francis Esq., age 67, 12th inst Burlington, VT 10/26/1830
Chilson, Waters Esq., age 56 Weathersfield 5/5/1807
Chisemore, William, age about 50, 8th inst, killed by falling tree Troy, Vt 1/25/1821
Chisley, James, age 4(9) (or 43), 17th inst Sheffield, VT 11/30/1830
Chittenden, Bethuel, Rev., age 70, very suddenly Shelburne 11/25/1809
Choate, Jacob, Sunday, partially deranged for several days, given medicine, died in a fit Danville 6/12/1818
Choate, Mary T., age 32, April 1, dau of John Choate Hopkinton, NH 5/5/1829
Church, Azel, age 66 St Albans, VT 11/29/1831
Church, John Jr. Capt., age 37, Oct 16 Dunham, LC 11/29/1831
Church, Samuel, age 83, revolutionary soldier Fletcher 11/8/1831
Churchill, Dolly, age 43, Aug 29, wife of Joseph Churchill Stowe, VT 9/29/1829
Churchill, Palmer, age 27, 4th inst Williamstown 8/16/1831
Claiborne, John Dr., 9th inst, Congressman of Virginia Virginia 10/29/1808
Clapp, Ichabod, age 90, 8th ult Barnard 8/11/1829
Clapp, Jonathan, age 10, 8th ult, son of Reuben Clapp, stuck on head by falling tree Montgomery 1/3/1822
Clapp, Sally Mrs., age 42 Vernon 11/19/1832
Clark, Alexander, age 61, fell from window in his house Duxbury 9/1/1829
Clark, Betsey Mrs., age 65 Middletown 6/22/1830
Clark, Eliza, age 8, dau of James Clark, of dysentery Danville 9/28/1820
Clark, Elizabeth, age 61, wife of Edward Clark Peacham, VT 3/18/1828
Clark, Florella, age 34, Jan 23, wife of Russell Clark Peacham 2/14/1832
Clark, Guy, age 31, ill for 9 years Corinth, VT 9/25/1813
Clark, Hannah, age 26, 20th ult, wife of Ballard Clark, of consumption Stanstead, LC 12/15/1829
Clark, Janett, age 9 mos, dau of James Clark, of dysentery Danville 9/28/1820
Clark, Joseph, age 77 Strafford 5/19/1810
Clark, Lucinda, age 63, April 25, wife of Dea. Seth Clark, leaving 7 children of 13 born Burke 6/13/1822
Clark, Lydia, age 52, last Tues, consort of Moses P. Clark Danville, VT 4/25/1826
Clark, Nathaniel, age 63 Langdon 8/9/1825
Clark, Noah, age 35, Aug 6, fell from a building, leaves wife & 4 children Burke at Oxford, Upper Can. 2/28/1822
Clark, Rufus, age 26, 20th ult, buried in Cabot near father & sister's new graves (obit) Cabot at Barnet 10/10/1826
Clark, Thomas, age about 88, soldier of the Revolution, wounded in Battle of Bennington Peacham, VT 4/17/1827
Clarke, Abigail, age 67, Oct 4, wife of Capt Samuel Clarke, formerly of NH St Johnsbury, VT 10/27/1829
Clarke, Adam Dr., age 70, Aug 28, of cholera London 10/22/1832
Cleaves, Mittee, age 23, wife of Solomon Cleaves Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Clefford, Polly, age 44, wife of Joseph Clefford Danville, VT 4/1/1823
Clement, Jonathan Dea., age 81, 21st ult Sutton, VT 7/3/1827
Clement, Mahitable, age 53, 4th inst, consort of Amos Clement Esq. Danville at Wheelock 9/13/1831
Clements, Nathan, Dea., age 80 Hopkinton 2/24/1810
Clifford, John, of Wentworth, NH Boston, MA 4/7/1829
Clinton, George, about April 21, VP of the US not listed 5/2/1812
Clinton, George, Jr., representative in Congress from NY New York 10/7/1809
Clough, Betsey, age 36, 7th inst, wife of Samuel Clough, of consumption Burlington, VT 12/21/1830
Clough, Charlotte, 24th ult, consort of Asa Clough Ryegate, VT 5/2/1826
Clough, Moses Lieut., age 84, March 22 Andover, NH 6/2/1829
Clough, Samuel, age 40, 13th ult Ryegate, VT 5/23/1826
Co(ok), Robert, age about 70   5/22/1813
Coats, Mary Mrs., age 29, 30th ult Windsor 8/11/1829
Cobb, Elizabeth, age 34, Dec 1, wife of Elkanah Cobb, leaves 3 children St Johnsbury, VT 1/17/1826
Cobb, Olive, age 52, 16th inst, wife of Silas W. Cobb Montpelier 11/30/1830
Coburn, Joseph, age 39, 9th inst Cabot 10/16/1813
Cogswell, James, Rev., late pastor of Scotland, Windham County Hartford (CT) 2/10/1807
Colbroth, Joseph, age 42, Monday last, of consumption Danville 6/14/1821
Colby, Alden, age 3 m 18 d, Oct 7, son of Jesse Colby Sutton 10/25/1831
Colby, Benjamin, age 18, July 3 Lyndon 8/9/1831
Colby, John, Baptist Minister, Nov 28 Vt at Norfolk, VA 1/9/1818
Colby, Maria, age 14 mos, dau of Page Colby Danville, VT 4/1/1823
Colby, Mary, age 26, last Wed., dau of Thomas Colby Danville, VT 10/11/1825
Colby, Thomas Jr., age 24, Feb 5, of consumption Sutton, VT 4/3/1827
Cole, Catherine Mrs., wife of Phineas Cole Irasburg, VT 3/13/1823
Cole, Harvey, age 2, Dec 15, son of Hiram Cole Walden 12/31/1832
Cole, Laura Mrs., age 32 Cambridge 11/8/1831
Coleman, Betsey Mrs., age 50 Stockbridge 4/12/1831
Coleman, William Esq., age 63, Editor New York City 7/28/1829
Coles, Robert, age 78, Oct 23, fought in battle of Long Island & White Plains Long Island 11/26/1832
Collemy, Ebenezer, about 26, crushed by loaded wagon (item) Guildhall 7/24/1813
Collins, Abigail Miss, age 37 Craftsbury, VT 7/7/1829
Collins, Fanny M., age 5y 7m, last Wed, dau of Dr. Sam. Collins, dropsy on the brain Danville, VT 11/16/1824
Collins, Joseph P., infant, of Dr Samuel Collins Danville 9/24/1814
Collins, Nathaniel, age 69, revolutionary patriot Colchester 6/9/1832
Collins, Sally, age 22, Jan 1, dau of Col. Samuel Collins Deerfield, NH 2/5/1828
Collins, Salvin Hon., age about 62, 10th inst Montpelier 11/29/1831
Collins, Samuel Rev. Craftsbury 1/15/1807
Colman, James Rev., Baptist Missionary, of jungle fever Chittagong, India 12/12/1822
Colston, William age 72, 12th inst Windsor 6/22/1830
Conant, Edmund, age 72, 1st ult, formerly of Washington, VT Farham, LC 8/2/1831
Conant, Elizabeth, age 65, 14th inst, consort of Amos Conant Esq. Irasburg 6/29/1820
Conant, Guy, age 45, Aug 6, found dead in his bed Windsor 8/23/1831
Conant, Mary H., age 18m 4d, 25th ult, dau of Newell & Sally Conant Craftsbury, VT 10/10/1826
Cone, Enoch, age 65, 7th ult Poultney 10/4/1831
Conner, Jemima, age 28, 30th ult, consort of Benjamin Conner Esq. , of typhus (item) Sheffield 11/23/1820
Cook, Abigail, age 44, July 30, widow of Waitstill Cook Windsor 8/31/1830
Cook, Andrew, NY City 8/6/1832
Cook, Betsey Mrs., age 78, 3d inst Springfield 8/24/1830
Cook, Dorcas Mr., age about 30, 4th inst Bennington, VT 5/31/1831
Cook, John, Capt., age 75, last Thursday, suddenly Claremont, NH 2/17/1810
Cook, Seth, age 9, last Sat., son of Seth Cook Danville 12/19/1826
Cooke, Noah Esq., age 80 Keene, NH 11/10/1829
Cool, A. Mrs., age 27, 17th ult, wife of Hiram Cool Sudbury 7/5/1831
Coon, Justin W., age 10, 5th inst, son of Mr. V. R. Coon Burlington 10/22/1832
Cooper, W., Hon., age 53, of Cooperstown Albany (NY?) 1/13/1810
Cooper, William, Esq., age 89, clerk for town of Boston Boston 12/9/1809
Corbin, William C., age 25, Aug 1831, died Port Lawrence, Mich Territory St Albans, VT 10/11/1831
Cord, (Cobb?) Anna, age 17, Thursday, dau of Jacob Cord, burned to death Randolph 5/9/1808
Corlis, Sally, dau of John Corlis Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Corning, Gurdon, age 28, Nov 17 Bennington, VT 12/21/1830
Corser, Lucy Widow, age 82 Concord 9/21/1830
Cory, child, age about 5, child of Widow Anne Cory, killed during the move of a barn Derby 7/10/1818
Cory, Eber, age 39, 5th inst Woodstock 6/22/1830
Cory, Russell, age 51, 4th inst Stowe 2/21/1832
Couch, Anne, wife of Stephen Couch Bath, NH 5/1/1813
Covel, Samuel, Rev., died on Missionary Mission with Indians, of Cheshire, MA Clinton, Upper Canada 1/8/1807
Covell, Evelina, age 27, 22d ult, dau of Philip Covell Esq. Cabot 5/2/1822
Covil, Philip Esq., age about 70, last Thur, died after chopping wood Cabot, VT 6/17/1823
Cowens, Elizabeth Mrs., age 103 Schenectady, NY 11/7/1807
Crafts, Ebenezer, Col, about 70 (item 6/9/1810) Craftsbury 6/2/1810
Crafts, Eunice, age 57, 25th ult, wife of Gov S. C. Crafts Craftsbury, VT 9/1/1829
Crafts, Samuel P., age 24, Nov 17, son of Hon. Saml Crafts (obit) Craftsbury, VT 12/7/1824
Craig, Jean, age about 26, wife of John Craig Esq. Ryegate 2/11/1815
Cram, Abigail, age 3, dau of Humphrey Cram, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Cram, Humphrey, Lt., age 41, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Cram, Jonathan, age 29, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Crampton, ____ Mr., age 24, last month, bayoneted (item) Berkshire 1/25/1821
Cramton, Lyman, age 35, 14th inst Tinmouth 8/31/1830
Crane, Eunice, age 74, Oct 31, wife of William Crane Greensboro, VT 11/9/1824
Crane, Oliver, age 18, Nov 30, 3rd son of Benjamin Crane, killed by falling tree (item) Kirby 12/12/1826
Crawford, Sarah Mrs. Guildhall 10/26/1830
Cree, Eliza, age 26, dau of I. R. Cree and wife of G. L. Frizzle Esq. Canaan 1/17/1832
Cree, Martha, age 7, dau of I. R. Cree Canaan 1/17/1832
Cree, Mary Widow, age 93 Marshfield 7/3/1832
Cree, Mary, age 45, Dec last, wife of I. R. Cree Esq. Canaan 1/17/1832
Crethers, Henry, age 33 Castleton 1/18/1831
Crissy, Polly, age 45, wife of Mr. Sylvantis Crissy Fairfax 9/9/1815
Crocker, Abraham, age 71 Randolph, VT 7/28/1829
Crocker, E. Mr., of cholera Albany 10/8/1832
Crocker, Mrs. _______, wife of Mr. E. Crocker, of cholera Albany 10/8/1832
Crook, Anna, age 64, 5th ult, widow of Samuel Crook Piermont, NH 4/7/1829
Crook, Hannah, age 16, Nov 7, dau of Charles Crook Corinth 1/5/1811
Crosby, John Doc., age 54, 29th ult, of consumption Montpelier 11/8/1821
Crosby, Mary, age 87, relict of Rev Aaron Crosby Newfane 6/29/1830
Crosier, Alexander, July 24, kicked by horse, leaves wife & 8 children (item) Belvadier 8/10/1816
Crosman, Sally, age 32, 11th inst, consort of Jacob Crosman Montpelier 11/24/1829
Crosman, Stephen Esq., age 8(1), 28th ult Peacham, VT 10/3/1826
Cross, Leonard, age 23, Aug 5 Swanzey, NH 9/4/1832
Crossman, Abisha Rev., age 78 Unity, NH 8/17/1830
Crossman, Abner, age 33, son of Stephen Crossman, Esq. Peacham 6/26/1813
Crossman, Hannah, age 31, 5th ult, wife of Zenas Crossman Esq. Hardwick 8/3/1816
Crowell, John, age 93, soldier in French War Middletown, CT 5/22/1832
Crownenshield, George Capt., age 51 (item) Salem, Mass 12/19/1817
Crowningshield, Jacob Esq., Member of Congress Washington 5/2/1808
Cummings, Anna, age 85, 8th inst, widow of Capt Jotham Cummings Plymouth, NH 11/24/1829
Cummings, Chloe, age 24, Oct 23, wife of Cyrus Cummings Jr. Waterford 11/30/1830
Currier, Leonard N., age 3, son of David Currier Jr. Peacham, VT 3/13/1827
Currier, Lyman, age 2, son of David Currier Jr. Peacham, VT 3/13/1827
Curtis, __ Mrs., 24th ult, wife of Philo Curtis Jr. Rutland, VT 9/15/1829
Curtis, Charles, age 23, Aug 25 Randolph, VT 9/2/1823
Curtis, Charles, appx 21st ult, last Wed., thrown from cart Windsor, VT at Troy 12/12/1826
Curtis, Eliza G., age 30, wife of Rev Joseph W. Curtis Windsor 11/19/1832
Curtis, Susannah Mrs., age 79, 24th ult Burlington, VT 10/13/1829
Curtis, Timothy W., age 28, 22d inst Windsor 11/28/1826
Curtis, Zebina Gen., age 68, 17th inst Windsor 4/29/1828
Curtiss, Anna, age 37, wife of Col Caleb Curtiss Calais 6/4/1814
Cushing, Sally, age 30, 6th inst, wife of M. T. Cushing Stanstead, LC 7/21/1829
Cushing, William Hon., age 77, Assoc Justice of US Scituate, Mass 10/6/1810
Cushing, William, Hon., age 77, an Associate Justice of the United States Court Scituate, MA 10/6/1810
Cushman, Betsey, Miss, age 24 Guildhall 9/11/1813
Cushman, Joshua, age 81, April 22, soldier of the revolution Bolton, NY 7/3/1832
Cushman, Seth, Esq., Guildhall 7/28/1810
Cushman, Thankful Widow, age 50 Waterford 4/9/1814
Cushman, William P., age 65, 25th ult Orwell 2/21/1832
Cutler, Erastus Dea., age 48, April 16 Guildhall 5/22/1832
Cutler, Isaac Esq., age 79, 2d inst, revolutionary soldier Fairhaven 11/19/1832
Cutler, John, age 25, son of General Cutler of Brookfield, MA Brookfield, MA at Savannah 10/7/1809
Cutler, Obed Greensborough 3/27/1813
Cutler, William, Dea., age 42 Guildhall 1/24/1812
Cutting, Darius Capt., age 66, 18th ult Leicester 10/12/1830
Daggett, Hiram, age 33, 1st inst, son of Capt Phineas Daggett Westmoreland, NH 1/18/1831
Dailey, Hosea, age 18 mos, 29th ult, son of John Dailey Danville, VT 4/14/1829
Dallas, Alex James, late Sec of the Treasury US, 16th inst Philadelphia 1/31/1817
Dana, Elizabeth, age 50, 27th inst, consort of Elijah Dana Peacham, VT 5/6/1828
Dana, Hannah P., age 76, relict of John W Dana Esq., d/o late Gen. Putnam (obit) Pomfret, VT at Cornish, NH 4/21/1820
Dana, Hannah, Miss, age 39, 19th ult, dau of Dea. Jonathan Dana Pomfret 2/17/1810
Dana, James Freeman MD., age 34 New York City 5/1/1827
Dana, John W., Esq., age 73, 9th inst., early settler of Pomfret, leaves wife & 12 kids (obit) Pomfret, VT 2/20/1813
Dana, Lucy, age about 45, wife of Hon. Josiah Dana, in an apoplectic fit Chelsea 11/17/1829
Dana, Samuel W. Hon., former Senator Middletown, CT 8/31/1830
Dana, Sarah Sophia, age 18, Tues last, dau of Dea Israel P. Dana Danville 11/2/1820
Daney, Ifaac, Esq. Hardwick 3/27/1813
Danforth, ___ Mrs., consort of Deacon Jonathan Danforth Danville 9/30/1815
Danforth, David, age 53, 10th ult Fort Covington, NY 8/6/1832
Danforth, John, age 5(8), 15th ult Walden, VT 10/3/1826
Danforth, Ralph, age 16, son of Dea. Jonathan Danforth Danville prob 3/30/1811
Daniels, Abraham, age 34, very suddenly Danville 3/27/1813
Daniels, Betsey Widow, age 36, 18th ult Danville, VT 6/9/1829
Daniels, Nancy, age about 49, wife of John Daniels Danville at Brutus, NY 6/16/1829
Daniels, Polly, age 24 Danville 1/8/1814
Daniels, Samuel, age about 70 Danville 12/17/1832
Daniels, son, of John Daniels, drowned in a spring of water Danville, VT 6/16/1829
Daniels, Susan, age 21, 2d inst, dau of Abram Daniels Danville 11/5/1832
Daniels, Susan, age 21, 2d inst, dau of Abram Daniels Danville 11/12/1832
Darling, John, age 71, 25th ult Castleton 10/18/1831
Darling, William Jr. Capt., age 31 Montpelier 12/21/1807
Davenport, Nathan, age 34, 24th inst Danville, VT 6/29/1824
Davenport, Susanna, age 60, 1st inst, consort of Squire Davenport Danville at Junius, NY 10/19/1824
Davin, John, age about 30 Ryegate 2/11/1815
Davis, Anna, age 67, 9th inst, wife of Elijah Davis Esq. St Albans, VT 3/22/1831
Davis, Anna, age 77, widow of Mitchel Davis, Esq. Danville 12/17/1832
Davis, Isaac, age 49, Nov 10 Chesterfield, NH ? 12/11/1827
Davis, Isaac, age 50, 8th ult Essex 10/1/1832
Davis, Jacob Col., age 73, buried Montpelier Burlington 4/23/1814
Davis, John, age 60, 10th inst Walden, VT 2/17/1824
Davis, Laura, age 25, 15th inst, eldest dau of Osborne Davis Burke 8/24/1830
Davis, Mitchael Esq., age 64, Sat last, patriot of the Revolution, early settler of town Danville 5/9/1817
Davis, Moses, age 51, 24th inst, of consumption, editor of Dartmouth Gazette Dartmouth 7/30/1808
Davis, Nancy, age about 25, June 29, of Eaton, LC, overdosed on opium Hartford, VT 7/22/1823
Davison, Benjamin, age 5, 6th inst, of Elder Silas Davison, makes 4th son died in 1 year Waterford 2/21/1822
Davison, Claudius, about 20, Aug 1, son of Eld. Silas Davison, of consumption Waterford 8/9/1821
Davison, Daniel, age 91, June 6, born 3/11/1738 Charlestown, MA, orphaned early (obit) Craftsbury, VT 6/24/1828
Davison, Elizabeth, age 76, wife of Mr. ____ Davison Walden 4/24/1818
Davison, John Gen., age 58 Baltimore, MD 3/17/1807
Davison, Preserved, 13th inst, son of Elder Sias Davison Waterford, VT 3/24/1829
Davison, Silas Jun., age 22, 6th inst., son of Elder Silas Davison, of spotted fever Waterford at Thetford, Vt 5/17/1821
Day, Ebenezer, age 57 Royalton 2/14/1832
Day, Esther, age 55, Oct 25, consort of Joseph Day Peterboro, NH 11/24/1829
Day, Mary Miss, age 23, Aug 21, dau of Joseph Day Peterboro, NH 11/24/1829
Day, Mary Miss, age 24, Nov 3, dau of Robert Day of Otsego, NY Lyndeborough, NH 11/24/1829
Dayton, Elias Gen., age 70, of New Jersey Elizabeth Town 11/7/1807
Dearborn, Henry Gen., age 78, 6th inst, native of NH Roxbury, MA 6/23/1829
Dearborn, John Col., age 44, Sept 15, of Hampton, NH, fell off building Lynn, Mass 10/1/1832
Dearborn, Jonathan, age 31, March 3 Weare, NH 4/29/1828
Dearborn, Shearborn, age 86, July 11 Barnston, LC 8/23/1831
Delenay, James R., accidentally shot himself with a pistol Easton, MD 10/7/1809
Delong, Francis, age 53, 23d ult Shoreham 9/15/1829
Deming, Charles Follet, Esq., age 24, 14th ult, of consumption Burlington 10/1/1832
Deming, Chloe, age 63, 8th ult, wife of Sylvester Deming Esq. Arlington 2/1/1831
Deming, Phebe Mrs., age 65, Nov 10 Burlington 12/3/1832
Denison, Laura Miss, age 18, 28th ult Castleton 9/8/1829
Dennison, Nathan, Sept 3, drowned from diving from a rock in Amonoosuc River not listed 9/11/1813
Dennison, Prudence, age 27, dau of David Dennison, Esq. Guildhall 8/8/1812
Denny, Isaac, age 26 Leicester 12/20/1831
Densmore, Abel, age 63, Aug 8 Chelsea 8/23/1831
Densmore, Samuel Greensboro 1/18/1808
Derby, Ezra Hon., age 40, Member of House of Reps. of New Jersey Washington 2/15/1808
Dev(in), Archibald, age 32 Cambridge 5/22/1813
Dewey, Betsey, age 32, 6th inst, wife of Osman Dewey Berlin 6/28/1831
Dewey, Loren, age 66 Bennington, VT 11/29/1831
Dewey, Lucy Miss, 25th ult Berlin 9/20/1831
Dewey, Phiana Ann Miss, age 23, 13th ult Bennington, VT 8/9/1831
Dewey, Sukey, Miss, age 19, Aug 16, dau of Loan Dewey, died suddenly while dancing Bennington 9/1/1810
Dewy, Sherman, Esq., about 42 Hartford, VT 2/20/1812
Dexter, John Hon., age 64 Claremont, NH 6/30/1829
Dexter, Samuel Hon., age 55, May 4 (item) Athens, NY 5/13/1816
Dickerman, Lemuel Dr., age 80 Brattleboro 11/19/1832
Dickey, Anna, age 54, 23d ult, wife of Joseph Dickey, Esq. Charleston 2/22/1831
Dickey, Emeline, about 3, dau of Joseph Dickey, scalded to death Lyman, NH 1/24/1812
Dickey, George Calvin, age 5, son of Nathaniel Dickey, of dropsy of the head Danville 6/27/1817
Dickey, Hannah, age 33, Sunday last, wife of Nathaniel Dickey Danville ? 9/7/1816
Dickey, Nathaniel, age about 40, Tues last, of consumption Danville 12/19/1817
Dickey, William Kimball, age 14 mos, 5th inst, killed by rolling log, of William Dickey Topsham 11/19/1808
Dickey, William Kimball, age 14 mos, 5th inst, of William Dickey, log rolled on him Topsham 11/19/1808
Dickison, Eunice, age 19 Lyman, NH 1/2/1813
Dickison, Henry, age 21 Lyman, NH 1/2/1813
Dickson, James, age 14, 19th inst., of Robert Dickson, of spotted fever Ryegate 3/30/1811
Dickson, John, age 72, 29th inst, of consumption, from Scotland in 1800 to Ryegate Danville 6/2/1832
Dickson, Mary, dau of Robert Dickson, of spotted fever Ryegate 5/11/1811
Dickson, Robert, fell from barn beams to the floor Ryegate, VT 1/30/1823
Dike, Tamison, 23d ult, wife of Jonathan Dike Rutland, VT 9/15/1829
Dillingham, Sarah, about 20, wife of Paul Dillingham, Esq., dau of Hon Dan Carpenter Waterbury 10/4/1831
Dix, Alexander, fatally shot in duel St. Albans of Boston 4/8/1809
Dixon, Gideon O., July 15, at Natches, Louisiana Jericho, VT 9/22/1829
Doakes, Jannat Widow, age 85 Newbury 11/24/1829
Dodd, John, age 66, Sunday, Post Master Hartford? 3/25/1809
Dodd, John, Jr., age 43, Monday Hartford? 3/25/1809
Dodd, Josiah, age 30, Monday, nephew of John Dodd Hartford? 3/25/1809
Dodd, Mary, age 56, Wed., wife of John Dodd, Post Master Hartford? 3/25/1809
Dodge, ( ), age 17, dau of Amos Dodge Joh(son?) 5/22/1813
Dodge, 2 children, of Parker Dodge, of spotted fever Bath 5/11/1811
Dodge, Abigail Miss, age 20 Montpelier 2/14/1832
Dodge, Amos Esq., age 58, 22d ult Johnson 6/7/1831
Dodge, Dorcas, Mrs., age 101 Winchendon 2/24/1810
Dodge, Joseph F., age 35, Oct 1, drowned in a lock at Albany, NY Chester 11/19/1832
Dodge, Lydia Mrs., age 23, 4th inst Johnson 8/31/1830
Dodge, Mary, age 14 months, only dau of John Dodge Esq. Guildhall 12/4/1818
Dolbear, Elias, age about 55, 27th ult, colored man, drowned while drunk Joe's Pond at Cabot 9/4/1832
Dolbear, Mrs. ____, age 58, April 21, wife of Samuel Dolbear, of stomach cancer Hancock 6/2/1832
Dole, Eleazer J., age 23, son of Dea Silas Dole Danville at Matanzas 10/21/1819
Dole, Silas Dea., age 75, 7th inst, previously Deacon in Bedford, NH Cong. Church Danville 8/17/1830
Dondaff, Elizabeth Ann, age 97, widow of Maj Christian Doudaff Maryland 12/15/1829
Donnell, Samuel, age 74 Saco 1/27/1807
Doolittle, Alvin B. Col., age 39, late of Winchester, NH Boston, MA 9/25/1827
Doolittle, Joel, age 76, 9th ult Shoreham 10/13/1829
Doolittle, Polly, age 48, 29th ult, wife of Col Joel Doolittle Shoreham 9/15/1829
Dorr, George, age 49, 16th ult, chain hook caught him in upper calf, died shortly (item) Coventry 7/3/1818
Doty, Catharine Widow, age 86, 1st inst Elmore 3/29/1831
Doty, Deborah, age 25, May 4, dau of Barnabas Doty Esq. Hardwick, VT 6/19/1827
Doty, Horatio Gates, age 22, July 20, only son of B. Doty Esq. Hardwick, VT 7/24/1827
Doty, Nathan, Capt., age 38 Montpelier 9/11/1813
Doud, David, age 23, 24th ult, of consumption New Haven 11/24/1829
Doud, Jesse, age 78, 25th ult, revolutionary soldier Poultney 9/20/1831
Douglass, George, age 39, 5th ult Shaftsbury 10/8/1832
Douglass, Grace Mrs., age 63, July 21 Chelsea 8/7/1827
Douglass, John, Gen., age 75 Plainfield, CT 11/4/1809
Dow, child, of Mr. Richard Dow Danville 2/11/1815
Dow, Elizabeth, age 46, wife of Job Dow, leaves 10 children Walden 4/14/1820
Dow, Elizabeth, age 50, last Wed, wife of Richard Dow Danville, VT 12/9/1823
Dow, Job Jr., age 23, of dropsy Walden at Hardwick 12/20/1821
Dow, Lorenzo, Dea. Mississippi Territory 12/24/1808
Dow, Mary, age about 76, Aug, widow of Dea Thomas Dow Danville at Concord, NY 1/6/1824
Dow, Nathan, age 57, July 24 Cabot 8/17/1830
Dow, Peasley, age 26, son of Nathaniel Dow of Walden Walden at Cambridge, NY 11/8/1825
Dow, Richard, age 53, last Wed Danville, VT 9/20/1825
Dow, Thomas, Dea., age about 80, 13th ult, early settler & resident of Danville Danville at Concord, NY 4/4/1822
Dow, William G., age 27, 8th inst, of consumption Walden, VT 6/24/1828
Downs, __Mrs., 9th inst, wife of Nathan Downs Groton, VT 4/25/1826
Downs, Joshua, age 22, 13th inst Groton, VT 1/16/1827
Downs, Nahum, age 32, Nov 14th Newbury 12/11/1827
Drake, Oliver, age 63 Bristol 11/10/1829
Dresser, John, age 23 Vernon 11/17/1829
Drew, Abba S. Miss, age 26, 20th ult, dau of Dr Stephen Drew Woodstock 4/12/1831
Drew, Adah, age 51, 25th ult, wife of George W. Drew Esq. Danville 3/1/1831
Drew, Charlotte S., age 12, 10th inst, dau of Andrew Drew Waterford 10/20/1829
Drew, Elizabeth, age 59, 24th ult, wife of Hon Thomas C. Drew Drewsville, NH 2/15/1831
Drew, George W., age 7, last Thur, son of Geo W. Drew Danville, VT 3/27/1827
Drew, Lorina, age 32, Aug 22, wife of Holman Drew, sister of Silas Smith Lyndon, VT 12/16/1828
Drew, Mary Ann Miss, age 23, Sept 18, dau of Dr Stephen Drew Woodstock 4/12/1831
Drown, Mary, age 41, 7th ult, consort of Wheaton Drown Hartland 11/5/1832
Drury, Dorcas, age 24, wife of Holleway Drury Eden 9/9/1815
Drury, John Capt., age (69), 30th ult Franconia 6/11/1808
Dudley, Levi, age 20, 10th inst, son of Stephen Dudley, of lung fever Barton, VT 2/24/1829
Dunbar, Robert, age 81, 2d ult, soldier of the revolution Hartland 8/2/1831
Duncan, Nahum Esq., age 50, July 28 Weathersfield 8/11/1829
Dunham, James Jun., age 35, fell from his barn Hebron, ME 9/5/1817
Dunham, Mr., about 25, 6th inst, killed when log on house crushed him during repairs Kelleysvale 11/15/1811
Dunning, Emily, age 13, January, dau of William Dunning, of typhus fever Canaan, VT 2/27/1827
Dunning, Maria, age 12, January, dau of William Dunning, of typhus fever Canaan, VT 2/27/1827
Dunning, Mary, age 20, January, dau of William Dunning, of typhus fever Canaan, VT 2/27/1827
Dunning, Sylvia, age 47, 14th inst, widow of Wm Dunning, leaves 5 children Canaan, VT 2/27/1827
Dunning, William, 9th inst, of consumption, leaves 5 children Canaan, VT 2/27/1827
Durfee, Alice, age 27, 29th ult, dau of Thomas Durfee Esq., boat sank Tiverton 11/4/1809
Durgin, Abraham, age 75, soldier of the revolution, early settler of town Cabot 12/3/1832
Durgin, Henry, age about 6, son of Silas Durgin, drowned Derby, VT 6/9/1829
Dustin, Moody, Maj., age 68, Revolutionary Patriot, killed by falling tree Plainfield, NH 8/18/1810
Dutcher, Daniel Esq., age 38 St Albans 4/30/1819
Dutton, Eliza Miss, age 22, 20th inst, of consumption Woodstock at Cabot 5/25/1820
Dwight, Timothy Rev., age 65, President of Yale College New Haven 1/31/1817
(D)yer, Anna S. Miss, age 20, 4th inst Middlebury of Rochester 1/18/1831
Dyer, Oliver, printer Windham, CT 4/22/1809
Eaftman, Cyrus, age 5, son of Jonathan Eaftman Danville 3/27/1813
Eames, Jeremiah Esq., age 65, Jan 5, in a fit of apoplexy Stewartstown, NH 2/12/1828
Eames, Moses, age 53, 27th ult Upton, MA 2/19/1828
Eastman, David, age 52, April 4 Hopkinton, NH 5/29/1827
Eastman, Samuel, age 55 Compton, L. C. 11/19/1832
Eaton, __ Mrs., age 24, wife of Milo Eaton Castleton 9/15/1829
Eaton, Calvin Esq., age (4)5, 15th inst (item) Kellyvale, Vt 10/23/1813
Eaton, Calvin, 5th, drowned while crossing river on horseback (item) Burlington 9/28/1820
Eaton, Dolly, age 50, last Wed, consort of Mr. Eaton Danville, VT 3/6/1827
Eaton, Elizabeth, widow of Gen William Eaton Auburn, NY 7/5/1831
Eaton, Gilbert, age 35, 26th ult, of cholera Castleton 10/8/1832
Eaton, James Litch, June 13, son of editor of North Star, ate a poisonous plant Montpelier 8/17/1830
Eaton, Mary, age about 20, dau of Widow Sarah Eaton, of consumption Burlington 1/30/1818
Eaton, Moses, formerly of VT Danville, PA 4/8/1828
Eaton, Sarah, age 52, widow of Calvin Eaton Esq. Kellyvale at Burlington 3/14/1822
Eaton, William, General Brimfield, MA 6/15/1811
Eddy, Safford, age 25, married 3 weeks prior to his death Chelsea 3/17/1810
Eddy, Seth Dea., age 67, Oct 21, formerly of Chatham, CT, patriot of the Revolution Greensboro, VT 11/18/1823
Edes, Benjamin Esq. Baltimore 10/15/1832
Edgerton, John, age 56 Cabot 3/20/1813
Edson, Hosea, age 40, 29th ult Bath, NH 6/9/1829
Edson, Jonah Dea., age 80 Westmoreland, NH 8/9/1831
Edson, Nathan, age 78, 19th ult, patriot of the Revolution Cabot, VT 12/25/1827
Edwards, Ebenezer, age 15, May 15th, son of Timothy Edwards Walden 7/10/1818
Edwards, Oliver, age 71, 4th inst, hit by stone that he was blasting Weare, NH 6/23/1829
Edwards, Pierport Hon., age 76, judge of US Court Bridgeport, CT 4/25/1826
Edwards, Ruth, age 20, May 29th, dau of Timothy Edwards Walden 7/10/1818
Ela, Anna, age 72, consort of Samuel Ela Craftsbury, VT 11/25/1823
Elkins, David, former Sheriff of Caledonia County Sacket's Harbor 5/1/1813
Elkins, Eliza, age 10, dau of Curtis Elkins, Esq., of the fever St. Johnsbury 3/3/1810
Elkins, Elizabeth, wife of Dea. Jonathan Elkins Peacham 4/21/1807
Elkins, Hannah, wife of Curtis Elkins Esq. Peacham 4/21/1807
Elkins, Jonathan Dea. Peacham 12/24/1808
Elkins, Judith, wife of Col Jonathan Elkins Jr. Peacham 4/21/1807
Elliot, Betsey, age 15, 9th ult, dau of Robert Elliot, of consumption Hardwick, VT 6/3/1828
Elliot, David, age about 35, June 2d, drowned in Memphremagog Lake Newport 6/22/1816
Ellis, Chloe Mrs., age 75 Dover 9/6/1831
Ellis, Clark, age 21, Sept 30, eldest son of Hon Warren Ellis Barre 10/9/1827
Ellis, Jacob, age 36, 4th inst Danville 7/12/1831
Ellis, Nathan, age 75, Oct 19 Montpelier 11/30/1830
Ellis, three children, of Nathaniel Ellis, of spotted fever Woodstock 4/20/1811
Ellit, Elizabeth Mrs., age 87, 12th inst Stanstead, LC 4/17/1818
Ellsworth, John Esq., age 53, Orleans County Clerk Greensboro at Hardwick 7/13/1816
Ellsworth, Oliver Hon., age 63 Windsor, CT 12/21/1807
Emerson, Charles, age 83, revolutionary soldier, at battle of Bunker Hill & Trenton Croydon, NH 7/12/1831
Emerson, George, age 20, 5th inst, son of Elihu Emerson, drowned in Ct. River (item) Norwich at Barnet 9/16/1828
Emerson, Hannah Mrs., age (8)0 Woodstock 9/20/1831
Emerson, Read, age 17, son of Amos Emerson Danville 7/3/1813
Emery, Mary, age 60, wife of William Emery Jaffrey, NH 7/10/1827
Emery, Susannah, age 58, 8th inst., wife of Capt John Emery Lyndon 9/24/1814
Emmett, Thomas A. Esq., in a fit of apoplexy NYC 11/27/1827
Emmons, Benjamin, age 72 Hartford, VT 4/20/1811
Enos, Abner Capt., age 69 Leicester 10/6/1829
Enos, Paschal P. Esq., April 28, late of VT Illinois 7/10/1832
Estabrook, Benjamin, age 86 Dummerston 6/22/1830
Estabrooks, John, age 64 Keene, NH 3/23/1816
Esterbrooks, Amanda, age 24 days, dau of Samuel Esterbrooks Esq. Danville 4/30/1819
Esterbrooks, Bethana, age 75, Jan last, wife of Benjamin Esterbrooks Lyndon at Waterford 4/25/1817
Evarts, Mrs. ______ Guilford 10/8/1832
Everett, Richard C Hon., age 51, March 22 Lancaster, NH 4/1/1815
F(u)ler, Roman Esq., age 58, 2d inst, he had fallen and broken his hip in March Burke, VT 5/27/1828
Fairbank, Ephraim, age 79, 17th ult, soldier of the revolution, was at Bunker Hill Newark 10/4/1831
Fairchild, Mr., 31st ult, son of ferry owner, drowned in Lake Champlain Charlotte 1/13/1810
Fane, Patrick, about 23, 13th inst., Irishman, killed trying to escape from Windsor Prison Windsor 7/25/1822
Fanning, Daniel, age 25, 18th inst, son of Thomas Fanning, formerly of Shaftsbury Sudbury, VT 10/6/1810
Fanning, Daniel, age 25, 18th, of Thomas Fanning, formerly of Shaftsbury Sudbury, Vt 10/6/1810
Farewell, Benjamin, age 22, Jan 1, of lung fever Waterford 1/17/1832
Farewell, William Lt., age 88, solder in the French & Revolutionary Wars Swanton, VT 11/3/1829
Farnam, Roger Dea., age 84, 1st inst Walpole, NH 10/26/1830
Farnsworth, Enos, age about 36, formerly of Windsor Windsor at Lincoln Cty, MO 10/19/1824
Farnum, Asher Mr., age 22, 3rd inst, recently married, of spotted fever Waterford 12/11/1813
Farrar, Alpheus, age 74, May 7 Sandown, NH 7/7/1829
Farrar, Anna F., age 13, 19th ult, only dau of Capt Isaac B. Farrar Fairfax 10/19/1816
Farrar, William, age 76, Feb 5 Sandown, NH 7/7/1829
Fassett, Amos, Hon., a judge of Franklin County Court Enosburgh 3/3/1810
Fay, David Hon., age 66, 5th inst Bennington, VT 6/26/1827
Fay, Luther, age 34, Dec 24, by suicide Walpole, NH 1/18/1831
Fay, Sarah, 8th inst, widow of Moses Fay, mother of Elutheria Green Rutland, VT 4/26/1831
Felch, Chever, editor New York City 5/1/1827
Felch, Sarah, age 23, April 11, wife of Samuel Felch, d/o John Scales of Concord, NH Sutton, NH 4/28/1829
Fellows, Almira P., dau of Capt P. Fellows Haverhill, NH 11/10/1829
Fellows, Mary, age 84, 7th ult, consort of Dea. Samuel Fellows Wheelock, VT 6/19/1827
Fellows, Samuel Dea., age 91, 15th inst Wheelock, VT 3/24/1829
Felton, Amos, age 64 Tunbridge 11/24/1829
Fenner, Mary, age 88, widow of John Fenner of Gloucester, RI (obit) Foster, RI 9/6/1825
Fenton, Mary, age about 17, of spotted fever Peacham 3/14/1812
Ferre, Hannah, age 60, Nov 24, wife of Luther Ferre, of apoplexy Bridport 12/17/1832
Ferrington, Henry Capt., age 78, Aug 4, formerly of Watertown, MA Craftsbury, VT 8/30/1825
Fessenden, William, age 36, on way home from visit to Hartford, CT Brattleboro at S Hampton 2/3/1815
Field, Eunice Mrs., age 66, wife of George Field Manchester 12/29/1829
Field, John, age 24, Nov 20 Jaffrey, NH 12/25/1827
Field, Nancy, age 45, 22d ult, dau of Jesse Field Bennington, VT 11/10/1829
Field, Rufus Jr., age 21, 22d ult Bakersfield 1/18/1831
Filley, Maria, 20th ult, wife of Charles Filley Rutland, VT 9/15/1829
Finney, Acsah, age 64 Brandon 10/12/1830
Fish, Elisha Rev., age 51 Gilson, NH 5/5/1807
Fish, Polly, age 59, 9th ult Pomfret 6/9/1832
Fisher, Asher, age 32 Dalton, NH 9/4/1813
Fisher, Ebenezer, age 89 Brattleboro 2/1/1831
Fisher, Jerusha Miss, age 1(3) Fairfield 10/22/1832
Fisher, Joseph A., age 22 y 10 m, son of Dea Abial Fisher Danville 4/12/1821
Fisher, Sibbel, age 12, of spotted fever Barnet 5/11/1811
Fisher, Timothy, age 78, March 17, Revolutionary patriot Burke, VT 6/9/1829
Fisk, Abigal, age 35, wife of Asa Fisk Fairfax 4/30/1819
Fisk, Harvey Rev., age 32, 5th inst, died New York City Waitsfield 3/29/1831
Fisk, Phebe, age 49, April 28, wife of Caleb Fisk Esq. (obit) Sutton 7/22/1819
Fiske, Eben Esq., Aug 17, of Bo(s)ton New York 10/6/1829
Fiske, Nathan, age 60, was lost in the woods, found dead after 10 days Landgrove 12/15/1829
Fitch, Jabez, Esq., age 75, Feb 25, revolutionary officer (item) Hydepark 5/30/1812
Fitch, John Rev., age 57, 18th inst, former Pastor of Cong. Church of Danville Guildhall, VT 12/25/1827
Fitch, Sally, 24th ult, consort of Rev. John Fitch, late pastor of Danville Cong Church Thetford, VT (item) 4/5/1821
Flagg, Catherine Miss, age 39, 4th inst, sister of Mrs. G. W. Brooks, formerly of Worcester, MA Stanstead, LC 4/14/1829
Flagg, Constantine H., member of Junior class, Middlebury College Castleton 12/10/1832
Flagg, Daniel, age 36, 6th ult Berlin 2/1/1831
Flagg, John, age 27, leaves aged mother & young widow Danville 10/16/1813
Flagg, Mary Widow, age 68, 3d inst Danville 6/9/1832
Flanders, Charlotte Miss, age 19, 21st inst, of consumption Haverhill, NH 6/30/1829
Flanders, Joseph S., age about 40, of typhus fever Stanstead, LC 12/15/1829
Fleming, Joseph, age 38 Burlington, VT 6/14/1831
Fletcher, Lucy Mrs., age 55, Sept 27, after a long illness Lyndon 10/12/1824
Fletcher, Samuel, age 76 Montpelier 8/16/1831
Flint, Lucinda, age 22, wife of William Flint Greensboro 7/13/1820
Floyd, General, age 90, 4th inst, Patriot of Revolution, signer of Declaration of Indp. Western, NY 8/30/1821
Follett, Charles Capt., of US Army from Bennington Cambridge 10/9/1813
Follett, Martin D. Hon., age about 65, 4th ult, recently of Enosburgh St Albans, VT 2/22/1831
Folsom, Elisha, age 22, 16th ult, native of Tunbridge, VT Montreal 7/5/1831
Folsom, Mary, age 42, Feb 27, wife of John Folsom Esq. Raymond, NH 4/8/1828
Folsom, Peter Lt., age 82, patriot of the Revolution Gilmanton, NH 5/29/1827
Foot, Justus Esq., age 48, 10th ult Middlebury 7/7/1829
Foote, Silence, age about 71, 22d ult, wife of Freeman Foote Middlebury 10/8/1832
Forbes, Abner Hon., 29th ult Windsor 1/20/1829
Forbes, Ruth, age 70, 21st ult, wife of John Forbes Williston, VT 6/29/1830
Ford, child, age 2, of Churchill C. Ford, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Ford, Daniel, age 60, 24th ult, a Senior Deacons of the Baptist church Rutland, VT 7/14/1829
Ford, Hannah, age 58, wife of Daniel Ford Middlebury 3/3/1810
Ford, Martha, Feb 15, wife of Robert Ford, dau of Eld Silas Davison Waterford 3/29/1831
Foss, John, age about 38, 30th ult Charleston, VT 4/14/1829
Foster, Hiram, age 32 Rochester 11/8/1831
Foster, Jerufha, age 41, wife of Ephraim Fofter Peacham 3/27/1813
Foster, Rosannah Miss, age 16, 4th inst Whiting 7/26/1831
Foster, Susannah, age 61, 15th inst, wife of Capt Enoch Foster Walden 12/24/1832
Fowler, Jonathan, age 79, Dec 22d last, of consumption Peacham at Shipton, LC 2/3/1815
Fox, Hannah, age 76, relict of Ebenezer Fox Brattleboro 7/6/1830
Frasier, Nathaniel, age 72, 5th inst Pomfret 11/19/1832
Frazier, Ira M., age 27, 14th ult Danby 10/11/1831
Freeman, Joanna, age 54, 6th inst, widow of Joshua Freeman Esq. Moretown 11/24/1829
Freeman, Temperance Mrs., age 27 Pomfret 4/26/1831
French, Amy Miss Barton 6/9/1832
French, Ann Adaline, age 24, 27th ult, dau of Col Sam French Craftsbury, VT 8/9/1825
French, Bartholomew Jr., age 46, 9th inst Barre 12/22/1829
French, Benjamin Lt., age 76, Revolutionary Patriot Deerfield, NH 2/6/1827
French, Isaac Capt., age 63 Castleton 12/17/1832
French, John Gen., age 67, 14th ult Randolph, VT 6/9/1829
French, Nabby, age 24, wife of Isaac French, dau of Dea Jason Winch Wallingford 7/16/1808
French, Phebe, wife of Orrin French Barton 6/9/1832
French, Spencer L., age 3, Oct 1, son of Capt Abijah French, choked on a bean Westmoreland, NH 10/23/1827
Frizzle, Elvira, age 22, Nov 25, dau of Elijah Frizzle Canaan 1/17/1832
Frizzle, Samuel Esq., age 57, Nov 22 Canaan 1/17/1832
Frost, Asa D., age 16, 28th ult, son of Capt Jonathan Frost Newport 9/20/1831
Frost, Joseph, Dec 23 Mount Holly 1/18/1831
Fry, Ezekiel, age 59, of consumption Danville at Brewer, ME 6/29/1824
Fry, John Esq., age 83 Concord, VT 1/17/1832
Fry, Mehitabal, age 5, dau of Dea John Fry Jun. Concord, VT 7/2/1814
Fry, Susanna, age 45, wife of Mr. Reuben Fry, of lung fever Danville 3/30/1816
Frye, Chloe, consort of Peter Frye, at Windsor, L C Danville at LC 2/28/1826
Frye, Mary, age 32, Sat last, wife of Samuel Frye Danville 4/12/1821
Frye, Nancy, age 23, March 10, dau of John Frye Esq. Concord 4/12/1831
Frye, Rachel, age 73, Aug 10, wife of Capt John Frye Concord 8/23/1831
Fulford, Isaac, age 60, April 6 Hatley, L C 5/26/1829
Fulham, Timothy, age 87, Soldier of the Revolution Reading 10/6/1829
Fuller, A., Mr., age 91 Hartford, VT 4/20/1811
Fuller, Almira, age 3, dau of Capt Nathan Fuller Danville 4/4/1817
Fuller, Eliza Broadbead, age 11, 4th inst., dau of Olney Fuller Esq., of hydrocephalus Danville 12/14/1816
Fuller, Frederick A., age 56, July 20, of apoplexy Rutland 8/6/1832
Fuller, Horace, age 3, son of Capt Nathan Fuller Danville, VT 2/7/1826
Fuller, Lydia Jane, age 7, Aug 26, dau of Thomas Fuller, cart body fell on her head (item) Littleton, NH 9/4/1827
Fuller, Lydia Shelden, age 1, dau of Dr Olney Fuller Danville 10/31/1817
Fuller, Lydia, July 8, wife of Dea. Thomas Fuller, prob of arsenic (item) Hardwick 7/14/1810
Fuller, Martin Capt., age 36, 18th ult Hardwick 11/30/1816
Fuller, Mary Ann, age 16, last Tues, dau of Capt Nathan Fuller, of hydrocephalus Danville, VT 8/23/1825
Fuller, Mary S., age 35, 6th inst, consort of Nathan Fuller Esq. Danville, VT 3/14/1826
Fuller, Rhoda Mrs., age 70, 23d ult Arlington 10/8/1832
Fuller, Susannah Olney, age 1 y 11 m, dau of Dr. Olney Fuller Danville, VT 9/23/1823
Fuller, Thomas Dea., age 69 y 7 m, 1st inst, patriot of the Revolution Hardwick, VT 12/16/1823
Fullonton, Lydia, age about 55, wife of Ebenezer Fullonton Raymond, NH 2/10/1829
Fulton, Robert Esq., inventor of steam boat New York 4/1/1815
Furber, Joshua Capt., age 83, April 27, hero of the Revolution, at Battle of Bunker Hill Northwood, NH 5/29/1827
Furber, Joshua, age 49, 20th ult Nottingham, NH 3/11/1828
Furbush, Benjamin, age 67, July 6 Peacham 9/27/1831
Furbush, Willard G., age 19, (8)th inst., son of Benj Furbush Danville, VT 6/14/1825
Fyler, Eleanor, age 25, April 29, w/o Barton N. Fyler, d/o Capt Zerah Evans of Lyndon Burke, VT 5/17/1825
Gage, Asa, age 86 St Johnsbury 1/28/1814
Gage, Charles C., age 17, July 12, hung himself in the barn Hartford, VT 8/11/1829
Gage, Clarisa, age 17, dau of Mr. Asa Gage St Johnsbury 1/28/1814
Gale, Abigail, Widow Franconia 5/22/1813
Gale, dau., age 2y 6m, dau of Henry Gale Lutterlough 8/20/1808
Gale, Lucy, age 56, wife of Henry Gale Franconia, NH 6/30/1807
Gale, Timothy, age 42, 26th ult Colchester 10/8/1832
Gallop, Samuel, age 100, officer in the army of the Revolution Granville, NY 4/12/1831
Galusha, Nabby, age 67, consort of Gov Galusha Shaftsbury 8/23/1831
Gapron, Amelia, age 3, 4th inst, dau of John P. Gapron Marshfield 11/10/1829
Gardner, Hugh Esq., age 74 Ryegate 2/11/1815
Gardner, Lucy, age 22, dau of Thomas Gardner, of consumption Danville 3/17/1820
Gardner, Rebecca Widow, age 67, last Wed Danville, VT 10/23/1827
Gardner, Simon Esq., age 34, of brain fever, publisher of the Commercial Gazette Boston, MA 4/27/1824
Gardner, Thomas, age 66, of cancer Danville 7/18/1822
Garland, George, age 75, 3d ult, of Scotland, landed NY June 1775 Barnet 7/5/1821
Garner, George Esq., Feb 15 (item) Newburgh 3/20/1823
Gaskill, Jonathan, Sept 30, son of Samuel Gaskill Esq., died Silver Creek, IL Waterford 11/1/1831
Gates, Abigail, age 65, 15th ult, wife of Capt John Gates St Albans 7/3/1832
Gates, Josiah, age 74, Sept 30, of dysentery Lyndon 11/15/1821
Gates, Martha M. Miss, age 17, 25th ult Morristown 1/17/1832
Gavlin, Samuel Greensboro 1/18/1808
Gay, Mary Mrs., age 55, wife of Seth Gay Springfield, NH 4/7/1829
Gee, Nathan Capt., age 68, 19th ult Marlow, NH 9/14/1830
Genet, Cornelia Tappen, age 35, w/o E. C. Genet, Esq., d/o George Clinton, Esq. Greenbush 4/21/1810
George, Enos, age 82, July 24, recently of Hopkinton Barnstead, NH 8/19/1828
George, Jerusha, age 64, 16th ult, consort of Moses George, of cancer, leaves 9 kids Walden, VT 11/11/1828
George, Sarah Mrs., age 97, 5th ult Walden, VT 3/7/1826
Getz, Peter, age 47 Lancaster 2/24/1810
Gibb, Jane, age 22, wife of John Gibb Danville 1/26/1811
Gibb, John T., age 72, Sunday last (item) Danville, VT 3/13/1823
Gibb, Lucretia, age 25, Nov 9, wife of Thomas W. Gibb, dau of Capt Doty Hardwick & Montpelier 11/22/1821
Gibb, Phebe, age 72, wife of John T. Gibb Danville 7/11/1822
Gibb, Phebe, age 77, wife of John T. Gibb (obit) Danville 7/18/1822
Gibson, Jonathan, age 77, 22d ult, soldier of the Revolution Grafton 4/19/1831
Gifford, Elvira, age 26, 19th inst, consort of Thomas Gifford New Haven 6/30/1829
Gilbert, ___Mrs., found in house of ill fame in NYC, stabbed by husband Nathaniel Gilbert Troy at NYC 5/9/1826
Gilbert, Israel Lt., age 91, 8th ult Hartford 8/4/1829
Gilchrist, Alexander Esq., age 62, March 3 Barnet, VT 3/30/1824
Gilchrist, Harriet Mrs., age 36, 31st ult Stanstead, LC 11/17/1829
Gilchrist, Lois Mrs., age 28 Barnet, VT 9/1/1829
Gilfillan, Jannet, age 48, wife of William Gilfillan Barnet 12/13/1811
Gilfillan, William, age 5, 23d, son of William Gilfillan, drank ardent spirits Barnet 7/5/1821
Gilfillen, Jannet, age 48, wife of Mr. William Gilfillen Barnet 12/13/1811
Gill, Betsey, age 10, dau of Joshua Gill Barnet 5/16/1812
Gill, Joshua, age 46 Barnet 3/26/1814
Gilman, Jacob, age 35 Lyman, NH 1/2/1813
Gilman, James Esq., age 72, 11th ult Cambridge at Galaway, NY 11/9/1816
Gilman, John Taylor Hon., age 75, Aug 31, former Governor of NH Exeter, NH 10/7/1828
Gilman, Nathaniel, age about 28, 5th inst Stanstead, LC 1/25/1831
Gleason, Abigail, age 4, April 24, dau of Wm Gleason Barnet, VT 5/20/1828
Gleason, Levi F., age 21, Oct 27, son of Stephen Gleason Esq. Shrewsbury 11/29/1831
Gleason, Nathaniel, age 32, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Gleason, Pinthe Mrs., age 48 Barnet, VT 11/8/1825
Gleason, Simeon, age 43, of spotted fever Dana, MA 2/24/1810
Glidden, Abigail, wife of Nathaniel Glidden Sutton 12/10/1832
Glidden, Sarah, age 47, Aug 5, wife of Moses Glidden, killed by lightning (item) Alton, NH 8/30/1825
Glines, Samuel, age about 33, 28th ult Danville 1/3/1812
Goch, F. Lewis Esq., age 76 Georgia 1/25/1831
Goldsbary, John, age 33, 11th inst, of Montpelier, of apoplexy Berlin 5/31/1831
Goldsbury, John, age 89, 5th ult Barre 9/8/1829
Goodall, Davis, Capt., age 50, May 15, of Littleton, NH (item) Barnet 5/30/1812
Goodell, Alvin, age 72, May 23, Revolutionary Pensioner Waterford 6/7/1831
Goodenough, (Nao)mi, age 23, of spotted fever C______ 5/22/1813
Goodenough, Levi, age 48, 12th ult, drank too much liquor, prob on purpose (item) Derby 12/19/1817
Goodenough, Wealthy, age 1y 11m, 8th inst, dau of Levi Goodenough Jr. Danville 2/15/1831
Goodenow, Relief Mrs., age 22 Brandon 10/22/1832
Goodrich, John, of cancer Norwich 5/22/1832
Goodrich, Sally, age 41, 26th ult, wife of John F. Goodrich Addison 11/17/1829
Goodridge, Abiah, age 66, 3d inst, wife of Dea Moses Goodridge Grafton 1/17/1832
Goodwillie, Joseph, age 56, 24th ult, bro. of Rev David Goodwillie Barnet 3/7/1808
Goodwin, Edward, age 29, son of Dea David Goodwin Charlestown, Mass 8/8/1807
Goodwin, Eliza S., age 19, wife of Mr. Eli Goodwin, dau of late Gen Eaton Brimfield, Mass 8/6/1814
Goodwin, Elizabeth, Mrs., age 38, wife of Capt. Comfort Goodwin Middletown, CT 2/24/1810
Goodwin, Samuel, age 54 Hartford 5/5/1807
Gookin, Charlotte, age 14 month, Sept 1(1), dau of Daniel & Mary Gookin Danville 10/8/1814
Gookin, Maria, age 6, March 5, dau of Daniel & Mary Gookin Danville 10/8/1814
Gookin, Marinda, age 8 y, Sept 24, dau of Daniel & Mary Gookin Danville 10/8/1814
Gookin, Mary, age 35, wife of Daniel Gookin Danville 7/15/1819
Gookins, Richard, age 57, 20th ult Haverhill, NH 6/6/1826
Gordon, Jonathan, age 35, 15th inst Bath 4/22/1809
Gordon, Joseph T., age 43, last Thur Danville, VT 8/7/1827
Gorham, Hiram, age 1, son of Silas Gorham Danville 4/14/1807
Gorham, Silas, age 64, 23d inst, Revolutionary Patriot Danville, VT 7/28/1829
Goss, Abel, age 62, 29th ult Waterford, VT 6/14/1825
Goss, Diantha, age 31, March 3, w/o Capt Philip Goss, d/o Lt. Thomas Pierce, of consumption Lyndon of ST Johnsbury 3/31/1829
Gould, Daniel, age 96, March 11 Montpelier 3/29/1831
Gould, Gideon, age 28, wounded at Fort Constitution Portsmouth, NH 10/7/1809
Govan, Jane, July 5, wife of Rev Andrew Govan Barnet 7/19/1831
Gove, Daniel Lt., age 49, July 11 Weare, NH 8/14/1827
Gove, Nathaniel Col., age 73, 9th ult Strafford 2/10/1829
Granger, Jeremiah, age 72, Sept 27 Bennington, VT 10/18/1831
Graves, Nancy, age 17, March 27, dau of J. Graves Barton 4/18/1812
Graves, Ruth, age about 19, wife of Mr. Jacob Graves Barton 4/3/1813
Gray, ___ Capt., age about 70, Wed last, died in bed Ryegate 11/23/1816
Gray, Aaron, age 19, 27th ult Sheffield, VT 4/12/1831
Gray, Chester, age 39, 27th ult Waltham 6/21/1831
Gray, Dominicus, age 71, Oct 20, revolutionary soldier, of consumption Groton 12/10/1832
Gray, Hannah, age 72, 9th inst, wife of James Gray Sheffield 5/14/1819
Gray, Horatio Rev., formerly of Arlington, VT & Georgetown, D. C. Tallahassee, FL 10/6/1829
Gray, Jesse, age 58 Townshend 7/10/1832
Gray, Prudence, age 31, consort of Truman Gray Arlington 10/6/1829
Gre(n)o, Hiram, age 20, Tues last, overdosed on opium (obit) Rutland 10/12/1820
Green, ___ Mr., age 27, son of Dea Ezekiel Green, funeral Sunday (obit) Danville 3/5/1814
Green, Elutheria, age 32, 5th inst, wife of Dr Joel Green Rutland, VT 4/26/1831
Green, Jonas, age 73, July 3, Revolutionary Pensioner Milford, NH 8/7/1827
Green, Nathaniel, Esq., age 92, bro living age 96, 2 sisters ages 94 & 90 Concord, NH 8/18/1810
Green, Rhoda, age 51, 10th inst, wife of George Green Danville 11/19/1832
Green, Sarah, age 66, 4th ult, wife of Dea. E. Green Rutland, VT 11/3/1829
Greene, Philip, age 76, 25th ult Clarendon 12/15/1829
Greene, Thomas, age 60 New Haven, CT 5/31/1825
Greene, William, Esq., age 62, brother of General Greene Warwick, RI 1/21/1809
Greenleaf, William R., age 22 Lancaster, NH 7/16/1814
Greenwood, Eli, age 76, Oct 8 Dublin, NH 11/13/1827
Griswold, Adaline, age 7, dau of Mr. Stephen Griswold Waterford 4/30/1814
Griswold, Albert A., age about 20, of Maj. William A. Griswold, of consumption Burlington 9/13/1821
Griswold, Davis, age 54, 1st inst Winhall, NY 1/18/1831
Griswold, Debby, age 30, consort of Ralph Griswold Simsbury, Ct 5/5/1807
Griswold, Roger, age 51, Governor of CT Norwich, CT 11/7/1812
Griuer, Andrew, age 84, May 18, revolutionary pensioner Newfane 7/26/1831
Guernsey, Esther, age 56, 8th inst, wife of Sylvanus Guernsey Castleton 5/24/1831
Guffin, Thomas, age 61 Lunenburgh 3/11/1815
Guild, Margaret, age 62, 8th inst, wife of John Guild Pawlet 8/31/1830
Hadley, Sarah, age 32, wife of Elias Hadley, dau of Hon Porson Duncan Dummerston at Sandy Creek, NY 11/17/1829
Hadlock, Benjamin Waterford 8/24/1830
Haight, Harrison, age 23, Aug 30, son of Hon. S. Haight, died Rock Island, Miss., of cholera Monkton 11/5/1832
Haines, Isaac, age 13, May 25th, son of Timothy Haines Walden 6/10/1819
Haines, Samuel, 12th inst, died while on a visit to New England, he of Blakely, Alab. Providence, RI 8/23/1825
Hale, Amos, age 75, Jan 30, soldier of the revolution Winchendon, MA 3/20/1827
Hale, Harriet, age 20, last Tues, wife of Justus Hale, dau of Widow Susannah Smith Danville, VT 3/30/1824
Hale, Joseph, age 49 Hardwick 3/17/1807
Hale, Joseph, age 49 Hardwick 3/17/1807
Hale, Justus, age about 30, Sept 7 Danville at Fitzwilliam, NH 10/7/1828
Hale, Melinda Miss., age 19 Hardwick 5/5/1807
Hale, Nabby, Widow, age 50 Hardwick 12/5/1812
Hale, Silas William, age 6, yesterday, of Nathan Hale Danville, VT 6/17/1823
Hall, Abram Esq., age 74, 22d ult, formerly of Walpole, NH, at Battle of Bennington Lyman, NH 2/15/1831
Hall, Amos, age 35, 19th ult, found dead in the woods Wenham at Elliot 12/10/1832
Hall, Caroline M., age 24, 22d ult, wife of Dr James Hall Windsor 10/27/1829
Hall, Ezekiel, age 61 Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Hall, Harriet Elizabeth, age 1y 9m, 6th inst, only child of Rev S R Hall Concord, VT 4/25/1826
Hall, Jonas, age 23, of spotted fever Dana, MA 2/24/1810
Hall, Lot, Esq., former Judge of Supreme Court Westminster, VT 6/10/1809
Hall, Lucia, 17th ult, oldest dau of late Hon William Hall of Bellows Falls Baltimore, MD 7/12/1831
Hall, Mary, age 60, wife of Ezekiel Hall Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Hall, Noah, age 14, son of Ephraim Hall, of spotted fever Waterford 5/29/1813
Hall, Olive, relict of Dr. David Hall, formerly of Windsor, VT Cornish 9/15/1829
Hall, Silas Dea., age 81, 28th ult Castleton 12/20/1831
Hall, Taphena, age 40, wife of Ephraim Hall, of spotted fever Waterford 5/29/1813
Hall, Timothy, age 75, July 11, formerly of Peacham Irasburg 10/1/1832
Hall, William Hon., age 57 Bellows Falls 2/22/1831
Hall, William, age about 29, Dec 23, killed by falling tree Newark 1/25/1831
Ham, Joshua, age 23, Aug 24, son of Capt Moses Ham Danville at Liverpool, England 1/16/1827
Hamblin, Oliver, age 78, 28th ult, early settler of town Brookfield 11/17/1829
Hamilton, Eliza Miss, age 28 Chelsea 4/19/1831
Hamilton, Theophilous, Dr., age about 30 Thetford 2/15/1808
Hammon, John, age 22, 22d ult, killed while raising a building Coventry at Brownington 11/1/1811
Hammond, Amos, age 5, son of Elisha Hammond Danville 5/20/1809
Hammond, Elizabeth, age 32, Aug 12, wife of Samuel Hammond Winchester, NH 9/11/1813
Hammond, Louisa, age 7, yesterday [April 28], dau of Elisha Hammond Danville 4/29/1809
Hancock, Lydia B., age 44, 26th ult, wife of Capt Joseph Hancock Orford, NH 2/14/1832
Hand, Elijah, age 22, Oct 31 Peacham 11/29/1831
Harden, Enos, age 80 Cammodwigna, NY 11/7/1807
Harden, Mary, age 79, wife of Enos Harden Cammodwigna, NY 11/7/1807
Hardy, __ Mrs., age 70, 28th ult Wallingford 6/29/1830
Hardy, Hannah, age 15, last Wed, dau of Theodore Hardy Danville, VT 2/6/1827
Hardy, Harriet Miss, age 15, 13th ult, accidentally took oil of tansy Amesbury, MA 10/15/1832
Harriman, Moses Maj., age 74, soldier of the revolution Washington, NH 8/27/1832
Harriman, Rosamond Widow, age 83, April 22 Craftsbury, VT 6/10/1828
Harrington, Clarendon, age 9, 18th ult, son of Isaac Harrington, drowned Grafton of Shrewsbury 9/20/1831
Harrington, Clarissa Mrs., age 55 Shoreham 8/4/1829
Harrington, Daniel, age 30, Aug 15 Kirby 10/9/1813
Harrington, Lawson, age 45, Oct 30, of consumption Barre 11/19/1832
Harrington, Lydia, age 47, 27th ult, wife of Leonard Harrington Esq. St Johnsbury, VT 6/9/1829
Harrington, Milo, age 1y 8m, 12th inst, son of Isaac Harrington, drowned in tanning vat St Johnsbury, VT 8/24/1830
Harrington, Theophilus Hon., late Judge of Supreme Court Clarenden 12/4/1813
Harrington, William C. Col. Burlington 8/6/1814
Harrington, William, age 16, son of Darius Harrington Middlesex 11/17/1829
Harris, Comfort Susan, age 11, last Wed, dau of Philip Harris Danville 2/21/1826
Harris, Miriam, age 88, 1st inst, wife of Timothy Harris, 7 children alive (obit) Danville, VT 8/2/1825
Harris, Rebecca, dau of Joshua Harris Franconia 5/22/1813
Harris, Timothy, age 91y 11m 3d, 27th ult, one of the first settlers of town, 7 kids living Danville, VT 2/5/1828
Harris, William Rev., age 65 New York City 11/10/1829
Hart, Henry, age 14, 8th inst Chelsea 6/22/1830
Hart, Lucy Mrs., age 75 Middletown 10/6/1829
Hartshorn, Alanson, Ens., age 30, Sept 23, leaves widow and 3 small children Lunenburg 10/10/1822
Hartshorn, Maria, about 4, dau of Aaron Hartshorn Danville 9/18/1813
Harvey, Alexander, Esq., age 67 Barnet 1/13/1810
Harvey, Betsey, age 34, wife of Simeon Harvey, of consumption Danville 1/23/1819
Harvey, Cynthia, age 3y 6m, 12th inst, dau of Wm Harvey Barnet, VT 4/25/1826
Harvey, Kimber Dea., age 73, 1st inst, Revolutionary Soldier Marlboro, NH 2/19/1828
Harvey, Lemuel, age 72, April 13 Hatley, L C 7/3/1827
Harvey, Levi, Esq., age 61, died from a fall, of Danville Danville at New London 4/14/1807
Harvy, Daniel, age 33, on the 6th inst Wheelock at Peacham 2/12/1814
Haseltine, Jane, Mrs., age 103 Townshend 4/14/1810
Haskell, Sarah, age 24, 14th ult, wife of William Haskell, dau of Aaron Hall Weathersfield 10/13/1829
Hastings, Joseph, age 48, 18th ult, died at Cambridge, MA Shaftsbury 12/15/1829
Haswell, Anthony Esq., age 60, editor of Green Mt Farmer Bennington 6/1/1816
Hatch, Dorcas, 26th ult, wife of Lewis Hatch, of consumption Middlesex 10/8/1832
Hatch, Ebenezer Esq., age about 65, of cancer Grand Isle 8/16/1831
Hatch, Justus, age 41, 8th ult Brookfield 11/1/1831
Hatch, Mary, age 70, 17th inst, wife of Micha Hatch Middlesex 12/31/1832
Hatch, Michael, age 82 Chelsea 8/31/1830
Hatch, Ruth, age 18, dau of Lewis Hatch formerly of Montpelier Duxbury 12/22/1829
Hatch, Seth W., leaves widow & 3 small children Lyman 5/8/1813
Hathaway, Benjamin, 24th ult, died Cleaveland, Ohio Hartland, VT 11/24/1829
Haven, J., Esq., age 78, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Haviland, Benjamin, age 79 Danville 6/27/1817
Haviland, William, age 6 mos, last Wed, son of Jesse G. Haviland Danville 3/15/1831
Hawkins, __ Mrs., Dec 16, wife of Moses Hawkins Castleton 12/31/1832
Hawkins, Benjamin Col, June 5th Creek Agency 8/10/1816
Hawkins, Lura Widow, age 42, 2d ult Fairhaven 8/4/1829
Hawkins, Lydia Mrs., age 84, Jan 26 Bradford 3/1/1831
Hawley, ___ Mrs., age 72, Nov 1, consort of late Maj Elisha Hawley Cambridge 11/13/1818
Hawley, Amos, age 63, Dec 17, 1827 Eaton, L C 2/12/1828
Hawley, Amy, age 79, 1st inst, widow of James Hawley Shelburne at Milton 9/20/1831
Hawley, Elisha Maj., age 74, April 4th, originated from Farmington, CT (obit) Cambridge & Windsor, Vt 4/24/1818
Hawley, Elisha, Maj.,   5/22/1813
Hawley, Joseph, age 25, Tuesday last, of spotted fever (item) Danville 6/13/1817
Hawley, Mary Miss, age 27, 25th ult, of consumption Danville 3/1/1831
Hawley, William A., age 23, 9th inst, of consumption Danville 1/17/1822
Hawley, William Abbot, age about 10 mos, son of widow Cynthia Hawley Danville 4/18/1822
Hayden, __ Mrs., 7th inst, wife of Joel Hayden Rutland, VT 5/24/1831
Hayden, Joanna, age 16, 26th ult, dau of Luke Hayden Rutland, VT 8/23/1831
Haynes, George, age 25, formerly of Barre, Mass Amherst 7/14/1807
Hayward, Erving, age 17, June 26, only son of Josiah Hayward (item) Nottingham West 7/30/1808
Hazeltine, Adaline, infant, dau of Mr. Enoch Hazeltine Danville 9/10/1814
Hazeltine, Caroline, age 30, Sun last, w/o Nathaniel Hazeltine, of consumption Danville (obit) 7/29/1819
Hazeltine, child, age 22 mos, of Nathaniel Hazeltine Barnet, VT 11/28/1822
Hazeltine, Eliza Miss, age 23, 12th inst Stanstead, LC 7/26/1831
Hazeltine, infant, of Nathaniel Hazeltine Danville 9/26/1822
Hazeltine, Timothy Capt., age 58 Barnet 8/23/1817
Hazeltine, William, age 5, son of Maxi Hazeltine, fell into burning coal pit Bath, NH 10/11/1811
Hazelton, Alpheus, age about 32, 22d ult, suicide, hung himself on a tree Burlington, VT 7/6/1830
Hazen, Frances, wife of Rev Austin Hazen, dau of Hon. I. P. Dana Danville at Hartford 6/21/1831
Heard, Oliver Esq., age 27, recently married rich widow age 88, she lied about her money (item) Starbrook, Tenn. 8/7/1808
Heath, Elijah, age 30, 17th inst, died Stoughton, MA Cabot 8/27/1832
Heath, Evans, age 65 Springfield, NH 7/3/1828
Heath, Luskir, Mr., about 39, of Johnson Burlington 8/14/1813
Heath, Seth, age 7 Lyman 5/8/1813
Heath, Susan, age 45, 14th ult, wife of Timothy Heath Newbury 4/12/1831
Heister, Joseph Gen., June 10, former Governor of PA Reading, PA 8/6/1832
Hemingway, Solomon, age 65, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Hempenstall, Isaac Capt., age 101 Louisburg, VA 8/6/1832
Henfield, Edmund, age 50, fell from hay mow South Reading, Mass 10/15/1832
Henry, Alvan, killed by falling tree Northfield 7/19/1831
Henry, John Esq., age 78, "father of the British Navy" London, Eng 11/3/1829
Henry, John V. Esq., from a stoke to apoplexy Albany 11/3/1829
Henry, Samuel, age 82, Friday last Danville 12/29/1829
Herrick, Henry, age 45 Reading 12/24/1832
Herrick, Malinda, age 38, wife of Seth Herrick Brattleboro 2/21/1832
Hibbard, Augustus Esq., age 83, Dec 4 Stanstead, LC 12/20/1831
Hibbard, Dyer F., age 23, Oct 6 Concord, VT 11/1/1831
Hibbard, John, age 3 mos, son of Dyer Hibbard not listed 9/15/1810
Hibbard, Osmond, age 14, 8th inst, son of Pliny Hibbard of Sherbrooke, drowned (item) Brownington, VT 6/21/1825
Higgins, Betsey Widow, age 36, of consumption Danville 8/8/1822
Hildreth, David, about 20, 25th ult., of Jonathan Hildreth, by falling tree Concord, NH 3/16/1811
Hildreth, Lucy, age 62, 2d ult, wife of Wilson Hildreth Acton 8/2/1831
Hildreth, Oliver, age 21, in a fit of apoplexy Concord, NH 1/31/1812
Hill, Aaron Hon., age 71, former postmaster of Boston Cambridge, MA 12/21/1830
Hill, Fanna, age 38, consort of Jonathan Hill, leaving 7 children Lyndon 6/29/1820
Hill, John, age 11, son of Mr. Isaac Hill, kicked by a horse Concord, Vt 4/22/1815
Hill, Lorenda Miss, age 19, Oct 7, of canker rash Northfield 10/22/1832
Hill, Lydia Emily, age 14 mos, dau of Ebenezer Hill Danville ? 6/14/1825
Hill, Martha, prior to the 12th inst, dau of Isaac Hill, suicide by drowning (item) Concord 6/21/1831
Hill, Nathan, age 51 Burlington, VT 8/16/1831
Hill, Nathaniel, age 73, Revolutionary Pensioner Pawlet 2/8/1831
Hill, Ralph, age 84, 8th inst Berlin 4/19/1831
Hill, Sally, age 30, wife of John Hill not listed 8/11/1810
Hill, Sarah M. Miss, age 33, 1st inst St Albans, VT 7/26/1831
Hill, Stephen, age 24 Peacham? 11/25/1809
Hilliard, John Elder, age 45, 5th inst West Topsham 12/22/1829
Hills, Philander, age 11, son of Gideon Hills, drowned in Onion River Middlesex 8/24/1830
Hinds, Abner, age 76, Jan 13 Dublin, NH 2/12/1828
Hinds, Charles, age 23, Sept 9, son of Justin Hinds Esq. Hanover, NH 9/27/1831
Hinman, Elisha Capt., age 74, of the Revolutionary Navy New London 10/3/1807
Hinman, Erasmus, age 11, son of Hon. Timothy Hinman Derby 1/26/1811
Hitchcock, Asa Esq., age 32, Monday last Hardwick 4/16/1814
Hitchcock, Eben Doc., age 67 Sunderland 10/8/1832
Hitchcock, Elizabeth Mrs., age 100 y 11 m, had 11 children Burlington, CT 1/18/1808
Hoadley, Thomas, age 91, 20th ult, Revolutionary patriot Hartland 7/21/1829
Hobbs, Samuel, 29th ult Rutland 6/9/1832
Hodgdon, Mary, age 27, Feb 15, wife of Capt Thomas B. Hodgdon Barnstead, NH 4/8/1828
Hodge, Nancy, age 23, 12th inst, dau of Alexander Hodge Landaff, NH 9/19/1807
Hoegg, Andrew, age 80, 9th inst, formerly of Tewksbury, MA, a revolutionary soldier Wheelock 10/29/1832
Hoffman, Eleanor, age 77, Aug 29, consort of Henry Hoffman Sr. Lyndon, VT 12/23/1828
Hoffman, Horace, Oct 26, of Hartford, drowned at Sugar River Claremont, NH 11/8/1831
Hoit, Hyram, age about 16 months, son of Mr. Jona Hoit, of dysentery Danville 8/27/1814
Hoit, Martha, age 21, March 11, dau of Thomas Hoit Lyndon 4/26/1831
Hoit, Susannah Mrs., age 104 last March, Dec 13 Williston, VT 1/25/1831
Holbrook, Ebenezer Capt., age 84 Waterford 10/8/1808
Holbrook, Franklin, age 18 Brattleboro 3/3/1810
Holbrook, John Maj., formerly of Hartland, VT Washington, Miss 10/22/1832
Holbrook, Mary, 24th inst, wife of Ebenezer Holbrook Waterford 5/28/1808
Holbrook, Nathaniel Dr., age 70, 2d inst Orange 3/22/1831
Holden, Josiah Esq., age 5(3) Middlesex 9/20/1831
Holden, Martha Miss, age 84 Lyndon 3/1/1831
Holden, Widow, age 86 Lunenburgh 5/2/1812
(Holden), William Rev., age 81, June 4 Mason, NH 7/6/1830
Holdridge, Asa Doctor., age 32, Oct 10, of consumption St Albans 10/22/1832
Holland, Samuel, age 38 Chesterfield 9/14/1824
Hollister, Jesse Capt., age 75, 26th ult, Ensign at Battle of Bunker Hill Burlington, VT 2/8/1831
Holloway, ___ Mrs., age 60, July 29 Middlebury 8/6/1832
Holmes, Asa Bicknell, age 5, Nov 24, son of Asa Holmes, Esq., of spotted fever Burke 12/12/1812
Holmes, Avis, age 18, Nov 14, dau of Asa Holmes, Esq., of spotted fever Burke 12/12/1812
Holmes, Harriet, age 10, Nov 28, dau of Asa Holmes, Esq., of spotted fever Burke 12/12/1812
Holmes, Ruth, age 12, 25th ult Swanton 10/11/1831
Holmes, Samuel Eld., age about 60 Cambridge, Vt 4/3/1813
Holton, Harry, son of Capt Jonathan Holton of Charleston, NH Concord 12/4/1813
Holton, Luther, Esq., age 33 Barre 2/25/1809
Homan, William, age 26, 7th, formerly of NH Hardwick, VT 5/31/1825
Hooker, Fitz Henry, age 4, of Thomas Hooker Danville, VT 9/23/1823
Hooker, John P., age 83, 6th inst Danville 11/10/1829
Hooker, Marquis D. F. Capt., age 89, Aug 18 Castleton 9/20/1831
Hooker, Polly, age about 43, last Wed, consort of Thomas Hooker Danville 2/21/1826
Hooper, child, of Mr. Cyrus Hooper, of spotted fever Woodstock 4/20/1811
Hopkins, Roswell Hon., age 72, former Secretary of State VT Chazy, NY 11/10/1829
Hopkins, Stephen, age 62, last Sat, buried Peacham Peacham at Danville 1/16/1827
Hopkins, Zaish, widow of Capt Benjamin Hopkins Fairfax 12/15/1829
Hopkinson, Francis Mr., age 23, 31st ult, of consumption Guildhall 8/15/1817
Hopkinson, Joshua Jun, age 12, son of Mr. Joshua Hopkinson Guildhall 9/21/1816
Hopkinson, Mary, age 2, dau of Mr. Joshua Hopkinson Guildhall 4/24/1813
Hopkinson, Sarah, age 66, wife of Hon Daniel Hopkinson Salem, Vt 8/10/1820
Horner, John, age 69, formerly of Cambridge, VT Granby, LC 5/17/1831
Hosford, Ralph, age 30, 11th inst Strafford at Thetford 8/31/1830
Hosley, Hannah Mrs., age 60, 8th inst Swanzey, NH 12/29/1829
Hosley, Samuel Dr., age 82 Townshend 7/10/1832
Hosmer, Infant, age 3 weeks, 17th inst, of Nathaniel Hosmer Danville 7/26/1831
Hosmer, James, age 45, Feb 2, died Covington, Louisiana Concord, NH 5/10/1831
Hotchkiss, Gideon Dea., age 91, father of 15 children Waterbury 11/30/1807
Houghton, Abner, age 48, of lung fever St Johnsbury, VT 3/9/1824
Houghton, Asa Esq., age 54 Putney 10/13/1829
Houghton, Elijah, age 83, March 7 Lyndon, VT 4/29/1828
Houghton, Lucius, age 16 months, son of Willard Houghton Barnet 4/25/1812
Houghton, Rebecca, age 84, 12th inst, widow of Elijah Houghton Lyndon 1/17/1832
Houghton, Timothy, age 48, 8th inst Shaftsbury 5/31/1831
Houghton, Wallis, age about 30, Dec 1831, son of Alpheus Houghton, drowned (item) Lyndon 6/19/1832
House, Israel, age 74 Berlin 2/8/1831
Hovey, Almira Miss, age 27, Nov 25 Hatley, LC 12/31/1832
How, Artemas, age about 22 Cambridge 10/9/1813
How, Lydia, Mrs., age 91, early settler of town, mother of first white child there Westmoreland, NH 1/8/1807
How, Polly, age 18, wife of David How Coventry 8/19/1809
Howard, Ann, age 110 Foster, MA 9/8/1829
Howard, Jonathan, Mon 28 or Tues 29 appx, froze to death (item) Westfield of Sturbridge, MA 3/14/1808
Howard, Sylvia Mrs., age 31, dau of Thomas Weston of Rutland Phelps, NY 7/3/1832
Howard, William age about 87 Barre, VT at Haverhill, NH 8/11/1829
Howe, Judge, age 55, 19th ult Derby, VT 12/16/1828
Howe, William, age 60 Brattleboro 4/19/1831
Hoyt, Abigail, age 17, Feb 26th, dau of Thomas Hoyt Danville 4/4/1817
Hoyt, Charles Edward, age 4 m 9 d, 14th inst, son of Sargeant Hoyt Danville, VT 12/23/1828
Hoyt, Comfort Miss, age 39 Wheelock 10/26/1830
Hoyt, Ezra Hon., age 61, Aug 5, of consumption New Haven, VT 8/30/1831
Hoyt, Hannah, age 68, 15th inst, consort of Thomas Hoyt Danville 2/22/1831
Hoyt, Hiram, age 4, son of Jonathan Hoyt, Jr. Danville 10/4/1811
Hoyt, Jonathan, age 88, 19th inst, soldier in French & revolutionary wars Danville 8/30/1831
Hoyt, Martha Widow, age 66, July 29 Wheelock, VT 8/28/1827
Hubbard, Betsey, age 61, Nov 21, widow of Ephraim Hubbard, of cancer Lyndon 12/20/1831
Hubbard, Caroline Miss, age 23, Feb 24, formerly of Montpelier Johnson 3/29/1831
Hubbard, Eunice, age 72, 22d inst, consort of Dea David Hubbard, mother of 13 children Concord 10/4/1831
Hubbard, Hezro, age 32, Aug 1 Gilsum, NH 8/23/1831
Hubbard, Maria, age 14, Sept 21, dau of Horace Hubbard Guildhall, VT 10/7/1828
Hubbard, Samuel, age 5(8) Worcester, VT 3/1/1831
Hubbard, Sybil Mrs., age 89, 29th ult Windsor 4/12/1831
Hubbard,__ Mrs., wife of Asahel Hubbard Whiting 8/11/1829
Hubert, Dea, age 82 Morristown 11/13/1818
Hudson, Hannah, age 58, wife of B. Hudson Hartford, CT 11/7/1807
Hulbert, Isaac, killed by accidental discharge of pistol Hinesburg, Vt 8/10/1816
Hull, Samuel, age 19, son of Jofeph Hull Danville 3/27/1813
Hull, Sarah, age 53, wife of Joseph Hull Danville 12/14/1820
Humphrey, Wells O., age 11 months, son of Thomas Humphrey, of spotted fever St Johnsbury 4/1/1815
Hunkins, James, age about 5, son of Robert H. Hunkins Danville 5/23/1812
Hunkins, Jane, age 45, 25th ult, consort of Ashur Hunkins Bradford 11/13/1827
Hunkins, Robert Capt., age 80, April 1st Bradford 4/10/1818
Hunnewell, Lodema, age 33, 17th inst, dau of Dea Israel Newton Norwich 8/23/1831
Hunt, Abner, age 74, last Fri Danville, VT 8/14/1827
Hunt, Erastus, age 24, 27th inst Danville, VT 6/2/1829
Hunt, Hannah, age 32, last Sat, consort of Capt. Henry Hunt Danville, VT 4/25/1826
Hunt, Hector, age about 9 months, son of Stephen Hunt Danville 2/11/1815
Hunt, Henry, age about 70 Bath, NH 4/30/1819
Hunt, Jonathan Hon., 15th inst Washington 5/29/1832
Hunt, Joseph, about 34, 3d inst, leaves wife & 2 small children, drowned in river (item) Norwich at Barnet 5/12/1829
Hunt, Moses, age about 21, drowned in Conn River (item) Bath 5/1/1827
Hunt, Nancy M., age 42, 7th inst, wife of Philip Hunt Montpelier 1/18/1831
Hunt, Samuel Hon. Esq., late of Charlestown, age 42, member of Congress from NH Scioto, Ohio 9/12/1807
Hunt, Stephen, age 43, last Sunday Danville, VT 1/16/1827
Hunting, Louisa Miss, age 20 New London, NH 6/28/1831
Huntington, Betsey, age 11, dau of Dr. Huntington Greensborough 5/20/1809
Huntington, Polly Mrs., age 62, 19th ult Hartford 9/8/1829
Huntington, Roxelana, age 20, dau of Dr. Samuel Huntington Greensborough 7/1/1809
Huntington, Samuel Doct., age about 60 Greensboro, VT 12/16/1823
Huntington, Stephen, age 19, July 4, of Christopher Huntington, accidentally shot himself Johnson 7/18/1812
Huntington, Thomas, age 44, of spotted fever Compton, LC 6/1/1811
Huntoon, Celena, age 47, wife of Mr. Reuben Huntoon Cabot 3/30/1816
Huntoon, Charles, age 73, 21st ult, fought at Bunker Hill, killed by falling tree (obit) Vershire, VT 12/22/1829
Huntoon, Freelove B., age 5, dau of Joseph Huntoon, of spotted fever St Johnsbury 4/1/1815
Huntoon, Joseph, Lieut., age 68, last Mon., officer in Revolutionary War (obit) Danville 3/13/1813
Huntoon, Sarah, age 35, Sept 24, consort of Jeremiah Huntoon Brownington, VT 10/26/1830
Huntoon, Sarah, age 70, widow of Lieut. Joseph Huntoon Cabot 11/13/1813
Hurd, Aaron, age 34, 26th ult, of consumption Windsor 11/29/1831
Hurd, John, age about 36, 5th inst Waterford 10/13/1829
Hurd, Moses, age 86, Aug 6 Bennington 8/27/1832
Hurd, Trustram, age 94, March Barnet, VT 6/9/1829
Hurlbutt, Betty Eilana, age 50, Nov 1, consort of Hezekiah Hurlbutt, of asthma & consumption Waterford, VT (obit) 12/23/1823
Huse, George L., age 1, son of Widow Betsey Huse Danville 4/11/1817
Huse, James Doc., age 24, Thur last, fell from load of hay onto pitchfork (item) Wheelock & Danville 8/10/1816
Huston, James L., age 74, 6th ult Middlebury 6/7/1831
Hutchins, Polly, age 31, April 1, wife of Jary Hutchins Washington 4/19/1831
Hutchins, Rhoda, age 39, wife of Pearley Hutchins Wolcott 1/30/1818
Hutchins, William, age 38 Montpelier 2/25/1809
Hutchinson, Benjamin, age 53, 18th inst Waterford, VT 1/30/1827
Hutchinson, Harvey Carter, age 4, 5th inst, of Capt Ebenezer Hutchinson, of inflammatory fever Barnard 8/27/1832
Hutchinson, Jonathan, age 60, 1st inst Concord 9/12/1807
Hutchinson, Pearly Mr., age about 26, of typhus fever, leaves widow & 2 kids Danville 9/28/1820
Hutchinson, Polly, Mrs., Sept 10, hung herself with a garter, married 4 days Cavendish 9/21/1811
Hutchinson, William, age 38 Montpelier 3/11/1809
Hutting, William Esq., age 51, 19th ult Lennoxville, L. C. 11/19/1832
Hyde, Elihu Esq., age 64 Chelsea 8/16/1831
Hyde, Jonathan, 7th inst, suicide by hanging in his barn Grand Isle, VT 6/30/1829
Hyndman, William D., age 9 mos, son of William Hyndman Lyman, NH 8/8/1812
Ide, Barton, age 13, son of John Ide, Esq. Coventry 8/14/1813
Ide, Clarisa, 14th inst, dau of John Ide, Jr., Esq. Coventry 5/25/1811
Ide, Enoch P., age 20, 1st inst, son of Jacob Ide of St J, suicide by drowning (item) Coventry, VT 4/29/1828
Ide, Ichabod, age 78, Feb 24, of consumption Lyndon 3/15/1831
Ide, John, age 72, leaves aged wife & 13 children, early settler of town St Johnsbury 3/11/1815
Ide, Truman, age 28, 11th inst Windsor 6/22/1830
Ingalls, Alvin, age 21, 21st ult, drowned while bathing in the Ct. River Hanover 7/3/1813
Ingalls, Clara, age 29, wife of Dr. Thomas Ingalls, dau of John Marvin Esq. Castleton at Jackson, Lou. 8/31/1830
Ingalls, Samuel, age about 55 Ryegate 2/11/1815
Ingalls, Susan Maria, age 11m, 3d inst, dau of Samuel Ingalls Esq. Danville, VT 3/6/1827
Ingals, Harvey, at Henryville, LC Swanton 12/17/1832
Ingersoll, Daniel Esq., age 78, fought at Battle of Bunker Hill Keene, NH 11/24/1829
Ingham, Alfred M. Esq., age 30, Jan 3 Canaan 1/17/1832
Ingham, Caleb E., age 1, July last, son of Benjamin Ingham Canaan 1/17/1832
Ingham, Catharine, age 57, 26th ult, consort of Oliver Ingham Canaan, VT 5/9/1826
Ingham, Nancy, age 5, Nov last, dau of Benjamin Ingham Canaan 1/17/1832
Ingraham, Huldah M., age 23, 1st inst, wife of Stillman Ingraham Chester 11/17/1829
Ingram, Marcia, age 5y 10m, 19th inst, dau of Roswell Ingram Fairfax 10/3/1807
Ingram, Matilda, age 1y 8m, 12th ult, dau of Roswell Ingram Fairfax 10/3/1807
(Ire)lay, William Esq., age 64 Hartford, CT 8/29/1807
Irwin, Jared General, age 68 Washington Cty, Georgia 5/29/1818
Isham, Daniel, age 52, 29th ult Williston, VT 4/12/1831
Isham, Lovel B. Mr., age 20 Wethersfield 11/8/1831
Isham, William, age 30 St Albans, VT 11/29/1831
Jackson, ___ Mrs., Agu 18, plus dau & nephew, of Rev William Jackson Fayette Cty., Penn 10/17/1817
Jackson, Betsey, age 40, wife of Elijah Jackson Kirby, VT 4/12/1825
Jackson, Samuel, age 17 St. Johnsbury 10/11/1811
Jackson, Thomas M. Eld., age 28, Sept 27 Sheffield, VT 10/28/1828
Jackson, William Rev., Aug 18 Fayette Cty., Penn 10/17/1817
Jacob, Stephen Hon., age 61 Windsor, Vt 2/21/1817
James, __ Mrs., age 78, widow of Benjamin James Deerfield, NH 2/6/1827
Jameson, Thomas, 16th inst, a Scotchman Royalton 9/21/1824
Jarvis, Charles Doc., age 59 Boston 11/30/1807
Jeffeman, Jemima, wife of Mr. George Jeffeman Franconia 4/24/1813
Jefferds, Moses, age 70, 13th ult Williamstown 5/26/1829
Jennings, Sarah, age 73, Aug 19, wife of Jonathan Jennings Shoreham 1/18/1831
Jennis, Sally Widow, age 82 Topsham 11/8/1831
Jeudevine, Lucy, age 42, April 29, consort of Cornelius Jeudevine Esq. Concord, VT 5/23/1826
Jewell, Benjamin Whitingham 8/6/1832
Jewell, Dana, age 24, son of W. Jewell Esq. St Albans, VT 11/29/1831
Jewell, Thomas, age about 21, 3d inst, drowned while bathing Whitefield, NH 8/21/1827
Jewett, Amelia Rockwood, age 2 months, dau of Dr Calvin Jewett St Johnsbury 5/8/1813
Jewett, David, age 45, 6th inst., drowned in CT River while crossing the ice Wells River & Newbury 4/17/1813
Jewett, James, age 86, April 4 Holles 6/4/1808
Jewett, Margaret, age 82, Feb 13, consort of James Jewett Holles 6/4/1808
Jewett, Mary, age 44, consort of Hon. Luther Jewett St Johnsbury 4/27/1816
Jewett, Nathaniel Capt., age 68 Temple, NH 7/3/1828
Jewett, Sally, age 42, 13th inst, w/o Benj Jewett Esq., d/o Stephen Bean of Gilmanton Clifford, NH 5/29/1827
Johnson, Amorett, age 21, 16th ult, w/o Alexander Johnson, d/o Capt. Moses Ham Danville & Barnet at Queenston, UC 5/14/1819
Johnson, Betsey E., age 53, Feb 16, wife of Moses Johnson 2d Enfield, NH 4/7/1829
Johnson, Ebenezer, age 52, 3d inst, helping raising a bridge, part fell on him Wallingford 7/14/1829
Johnson, Elizabeth D. Mrs., age 30, wife of John Johnson Mobile, Alabama 11/19/1819
Johnson, George H., son of John Johnson Mobile, Alabama 11/19/1819
Johnson, Hannah Mrs., age 89 Georgia 7/6/1830
Johnson, John, of spotted fever Dana, MA 2/24/1810
Johnson, Mary, age 41, Jan 30, wife of Obed Johnson Newark, VT 2/19/1828
Johnson, Phebe Mrs., age 58 Newbury 8/31/1830
Johnson, Rhoda Mrs., age 52, 18th ult St Albans Bay 11/3/1829
Johnson, Robert Col., age 86, Feb 29, officer of the Revolution, early settler of Newbury Newbury, VT 3/30/1824
Johnson, Thomas Col Newbury 1/23/1819
Johnson, wife & 2 children, Sept 16, of William Johnson, killed in steam boat boiler explosion Dover, Vt on Lake Erie 10/12/1830
Johnson, William, age 7(6), Aug 20 Norwich 9/20/1831
Johnston, Charles C., Hon. Alexandria, D.C. 7/10/1832
Jones, Betsey Mrs., age 29 Bennington, VT 4/19/1831
Jones, Col, fell into a tub at the distillery and was scalded St Albans 3/24/1807
Jones, Ebenezer, age 65 Barnet 6/1/1816
Jones, Edward Esq., age 74 Washington, DC 11/3/1829
Jones, Jeremiah, age 85, 28th ult Lyndon, VT 3/6/1827
Jones, Mary, age 28, 25th ult, wife of Stilman Jones, leaves husband & 4 children (item) Irasburgh 2/16/1811
Jones, Nathan, age 77, April 8 Ashburnham, MA 6/12/1827
Jones, Rice, Esq., murdered in the street by Dr. J. Dunlap Kaskaskias, Indian Terr. 3/11/1809
Jones, Stilman, age 33 Plattsburgh 4/20/1811
Jones, Tirza Miss, age 19, Oct 19, dau of Godfrey Jones Burke 11/1/1831
K(eel)er, Aaron, age about 55 Hydepark 11/9/1816
Kattle, Ira, age 26, 10th inst St Albans, VT 6/28/1831
Keeler, Amos, age 38 Charlotte 9/20/1831
Kelcey, Mary, age 38, wife of John Kelcey Croydon, NH 5/31/1831
Kellogg, Electa, age 17, 4th inst, son of Dea Erastus Kellogg Peacham, VT 5/26/1829
Kellogg, Eliza Ann, age 22, wife of R. B. Kellogg Burlington, VT 6/14/1831
Kellogg, Margaret V. D. S., age 25, 18th ult, consort of Henry Kellogg Esq. Bennington, VT 11/17/1829
Kelly, Truman, age 25, 31st ult Danby 6/29/1830
Kelsey, Betsey, age 19, 29th ult, dau of widow Judith Kelsey, of consumption Danville 11/8/1831
Kelsey, Moses, age 26, Monday last, intentionally took does of opium, wife & 4 kids Wheelock 5/13/1815
Kendal, Nathaniel Dea., age 56, 1st inst Derby 11/8/1821
Kendall, Ephraim Lincoln 5/22/1813
Kendell, Mary, age 57, 27th ult, wife of Jonathan Kendell Sullivan, NH 7/10/1827
Kendrick, __ Mrs., 29th ult, wife of Dr Adin Kendrick, by suicide hung herself Poultney 4/19/1831
Kenney, Jane, age 22 Bethlehem 5/11/1811
Kenney, Nancy W., age 37, wife of Sewall Kenney Weathersfield 8/9/1831
Kent, Jacob, age 78, Feb 21 Ascot, LC 4/19/1831
Keyes, David, age 76, 23d ult Middletown 9/15/1829
Kezar, Samuel, age 50, 26th ult Sutton, NH 5/19/1829
Kibbey, Sophronia, age 28, 29th ult, wife of Martin Kibbey Hardwick 6/2/1832
Kidder, Benjamin, age 21, son of Jonas Kidder Lyndeborough 2/1/1808
Kilborn, John Esq., age 43, last Feb., formerly of Tunbridge Columbus, OH 4/19/1831
Kilburn, Almira Miss, age 42 Castleton 10/22/1832
Kimball, Anna, age 26, 8th inst., w/o Amos Kimball Jr., brother is John Willey (item) Bath 10/17/1817
Kimball, Daughter, age 15 months, dau of Amos Kimball Jr. Bath 10/17/1817
Kimball, Hannah Widow, age 90, July 20 Brownington 8/6/1832
Kimball, Huldah, age 25, May 8, wife of Myron Kimball, dau of J. Norris Craftsbury 5/23/1822
Kimball, Jane, age 44, March 8, wife of George Kimball Lyndon 3/22/1831
Kimball, Jethro, age 86, March 11 Swanzey, NH 4/22/1828
Kimball, Mary R. Miss, age 22, 4th inst, eldest dau of Jude Kimball, of consumption Lyndon, VT 3/14/1826
Kimball, Naomi, age 41, on the 19th inst, wife of Asa Kimball Barton 12/31/1808
Kimball, Sally, age 16, dau of Isaac Kimball Danville 7/3/1818
Kimpton, Jeremiah, age 64 Croyden, NH 9/6/1831
Kimpton, Moody, age 26, 8th ult Croydon, NH 4/12/1831
Kindall, Mary, age 69, wife of William Kindall Barnet 6/30/1807
King, Elijah, age 77, April 17th, of consumption Barnet 5/7/1814
King, Mary A., Mrs., age 31, consort of Rev. Salmon King East Hartford 2/10/1807
King, Polly, age 35, wife of Mr. Asa King Lunenburgh 9/21/1816
King, Rufus Hon., age 73, 28th ult New York City 5/15/1827
King, Ruth Mrs., age 74, 3d inst, widow of Oliver King of Chelsea Worcester 5/17/1831
King, William Col., 28th ult, in a fit Lewiston, NY 6/9/1829
Kinsley, E. S. Mr., age 22 Hardwick 11/30/1816
Kinsman, Aaron Dr., age 41, 11th inst Portland 5/28/1808
Kinyan, Sylvester A., age 44, 15th ult Hinesburg 10/1/1832
Kirkland, Samuel Rev., age 67 Paris, NY 4/11/1808
Kittredge, __ Mrs., wife of William Kittredge Fairhaven 1/25/1831
Kittredge, James, age 81, last Wed, leaves wife & 10 children, early settler Danville 6/10/1809
Kittredge, Mary, age 85, 29th ultimo, widow of James Kittredge, leaves 10 kids Danville 2/3/1815
Kittridge, Francis Dr., age 80, 17th ult Walpole 5/21/1808
Knapp, Jonathan, age 100, Soldier in French & Revolutionary Wars Lyman, NH 2/22/1831
Knapp, Mason, age 15, son of James Knapp Danville 5/27/1809
Knapp, Sally, age 19, 28th ult, wife of John Knapp, d/o Benj Cushing, of consumption Lyndon, VT 1/6/1824
Knapp, William, Col., 28th ult Lewiston, NY 6/9/1829
Knight, Eunice, age 6 mos, dau of Levi Knight Walden 6/30/1810
Knight, Lucy, age 18, wife of Jonathan Knight Franconia, NH 6/30/1807
Knowlton, Joseph, age 99 Ward, MA 9/21/1816
Knox, David, age 83, May 9, early settler of town Tunbridge 7/6/1830
Lackie, Andrew, age 39, March 29, found frozen & speechless, died shortly (item) Barnet of Ryegate 4/27/1816
Lackie, Andrew, age 80, 3d ult, of Scotland, landed NY June 1775 Barnet 7/5/1821
Ladd, Abigail W., age 8 mos, dau of John Ladd Danville 9/26/1822
Ladd, Abigail, age 25, 7th inst, consort of John Ladd Peacham 2/14/1822
Ladd, John, age 9 months, son of Dudley Ladd, of spotted fever St Johnsbury 4/1/1815
Ladd, Lorenzo G., age about 3 years, son of Dudley Ladd, of spotted fever St Johnsbury 4/1/1815
Ladd, Mary Widow, age 82, July 12, of paralytic shock Epping, NH 8/11/1829
Ladd, Mehitable, age 23, last Wed, consort of Seneca Ladd, of hydrocephalus Danville, VT 3/28/1826
Ladd, Timothy, age 53, April 18, killed by falling tree Lunenburg, VT 5/17/1825
Lake, Annis, age 32, 7th inst, wife of Rev. Wesley Lake Bridport 6/30/1829
Lamphear, Jesse, age 58, 21st ult, formerly of Plainfield, NH Middlesex 10/6/1829
Lamson, John, age 43 Keene, NH 3/24/1807
Lang, Hannah, age 13, dau of Samuel Lang, of spotted fever Bath 5/11/1811
Langdon, Anna, 21st ult, widow of Gad Langdon Castleton 10/12/1830
Langdon, James H. Col., age 47, 7th inst Berlin 1/18/1831
Langdon, Mary, about 16, 15th ult, dau of Lt. Roswell Langdon, drowned Southwick, MA 8/12/1809
Langmaid, Lucina, age 26, 8th inst, dau of John Langmaid Hatley, LC 5/31/1831
Larkin, John S. Boston 11/26/1832
Larned, Benjamin, age 40, 29th ult Oxford, MA 6/24/1828
Latham, Margaret, age 71, 17th inst., wife of Arthur Latham Lyndon 7/20/1811
Lathe, Benjamin Curtis, age 10, 6th ult, of Benjamin Lathe Jr., drowned (item) Grafton, MA 5/2/1822
Lathe, Zephaniah Rev., age 74, April 29 Hanover, NH 5/20/1828
Lathrop, Joseph DD, age 90, Dec 31 W Springfield, Mass 1/18/1821
Laughin, Eliza Miss, 8th inst, dau of Hugh Laughlin Esq. Ryegate 4/25/1826
Lawrence, Hubbard Dea., age 43 St Johnsbury 9/28/1816
Lawrence, John, fought at battles of Monmouth, Red Bank & at surrender of Lord Cornwallis Killingly, Ct 11/12/1832
Lawton, James, age 31 Burke in Ohio 12/4/1818
Lawton, Livy, age 38, of Saratoga Springs, NY Keene, NH 6/22/1824
Leach, Asa Dea., 3d inst Fairfield 9/15/1829
Leach, Chloe, age 39, 20th ult, w/o Jonathan Leach, leaves husband & 8 small children Kirby 4/13/1811
Leach, John, age 54, 13th ult, of Rockingham, VT Hollis, NH 11/3/1829
Learnard, Hannah, age (54), May 28, wife of Samuel Learnard Jr Littleton, NH 7/16/1808
Learned, Mary, age 34, 28th ult, wife of Samuel Learned Littleton 6/18/1808
Learned, Samuel, Capt., age 76, 18th inst. Littleton, NH 7/25/1812
Leavenworth, Jesse Esq., age 86, 21st ult, father of Col. Henry Leavenworth Danville at Sackett's Harbor 12/5/1826
Leavenworth, Nancy, age 22, 10th, dau of Jesse Leavenworth Jr, of consumption Wheelock (obit) 2/18/1820
Leavenworth, Nancy, age about 40, wife of Mr. Jesse Leavenworth Jr Danville 9/10/1814
Ledget, James, age 88, June 19, revolutionary pensioner Rutland 7/3/1832
Lekin, Ebenezer Capt., age about 43, of apoplectic fit Plymouth, Vt 9/24/1808
Leland, Joshua Esq., age 64, 24th ult Chester 9/8/1829
Lenrock, William M., age 24, drowned in Lamoille River Elmore, VT 6/30/1829
Leonard, Deborah, age 40, 10th inst, wife of John Leonard Barton, VT 7/21/1829
Leonard, James Capt., age 59, 9th inst Woodstock 4/26/1831
Leonard, Julian Miss, age 19, 11th inst Danby 5/31/1831
Leonard, Paul, age 75, 12th ult, an early settler of town Sharon 8/4/1829
Leonard, Thankful Widow, age 100 y 11 d, 2d inst Sharon 10/23/1827
Leverett, John Esq., age 70, April 18 Windsor 5/26/1829
Lincoln, Benjamin, Maj. Gen., collector of the port of Boston & Charlestown Hingham 5/19/1810
Lincoln, child, March 23, child of Elhanan Lincoln 3d, scalded by kettle of water Putney, Vt 4/25/1808
Lingham, Robert, by suicide Middlebury 6/19/1832
Litchfield, Sally, age 48, June 1, wife of Cummings Litchfield Charlton, MA 7/3/1828
Little, Ebenezer, age 24, July 29th, died at Boston, MA (obit) Danville & Peacham 9/4/1818
Little, Hepzibath, age 51, wife of Benjamin Little Esq. Bradford 7/14/1807
Livingston, Benjamin Capt., age 52, 20th inst Peacham 12/31/1832
Livingston, Brockholst, Attorney at Law, of cholera Albany, NY 8/6/1832
Livingston, Lucy Ann, age 17, 15th ult, dau of Benj Livingston Peacham, VT 8/4/1829
Livingston, Samantha, age 22, 17th ult Peacham, VT 5/5/1829
Livingston, Sarah, age 73, Dec 19, wife of David Livingston MA at Fingwick, LC 1/22/1828
Locke, Hannah Widow, age 103, Feb 13 Barrington, NH 4/26/1831
Locke, Jane Frances, age 15, dau of Asa Locke Bellows Falls 4/19/1831
Lockwood, Olive, about 15, 2d inst, dau of Timothy Lockwood, drowned Cockburn 6/29/1811
Logan, John, age 34, 4th inst, fell 27 feet off a scaffold fracturing his skull Woodstock 12/29/1829
Logan, William, age 30, born England, from Quebec Danville 4/19/1821
Long, Abigail, age 69, 30th ult, wife of Levi Long Rutland, VT 5/31/1831
Loomis, Harvey Rev., Jan 2 (item) Bangor, ME 2/1/1825
Loomis, Walter, age 38, Nov 23 Middlebury 12/10/1832
Lord, Joseph Dr., age 76, Nov 6 St J at Shipton, LC 12/29/1829
Lord, Widow, age about 70 Norwich 6/21/1831
Lotrace, Hannah, age 85, 28th ult, consort of James Lotrace Castleton 12/17/1832
Lovejoy, Hannah, age 13, April 16, dau of Henry Lovejoy Esq. Weston 6/2/1832
Lovejoy, Henry, age 24, April 26, son of Henry Lovejoy Esq. Weston 6/2/1832
Lovejoy, Sally D., age 11, April 3, dau of Henry Lovejoy Esq. Weston 6/2/1832
Lovejoy, William Hon., age 59 Lancaster, NH 8/24/1830
Lovejoy, William, age 96, formerly of Sharon, early settler of that town Royalton 9/20/1831
Lovel, Harriet, age about 26, 4th inst., consort of Ovid Lovel Rockingham, Vt 10/19/1820
Loverin, Lucy, age 39, Dec 13, wife of Theodore Loverin Esq. Kensington, NH 3/4/1828
Low, Jacob, age 86, formerly of Hamilton, MA Danville 9/1/1810
Lowell, Betsey, age 42, Sat last, wife of Daniel Lowell Danville 7/10/1818
Lowell, Ebenezer, age 55, 18th inst, of consumption Danville 4/26/1831
Lowell, Harriot, age 16, dau of Mr. Daniel Lowell Danville 7/16/1814
Lowell, Sarah Widow, age 82, 16th inst Danville 12/22/1829
Lowndes, Wm Hon., ship to London 1/30/1823
Lowry, Phoebe Mrs., age 90, 21st ult Jerico 2/14/1832
Luce, Joel, 14th inst., murdered by smugglers going through his turnpike toll gate Hubbardton 10/10/1812
Lull, Huse, age 67, Sept 24 Barnet 10/18/1831
Lull, Titus, age about 30, 18th ult, drowned going over Mill Pond dam Cavendish 5/24/1831
Lyford, David, age 43 Cabot 3/20/1813
Lyman, Amila, relict of late Gad Lyman, of consumption Weybridge 8/18/1829
(Lyma)n, Chester Rev., age 33, Dec 30, formerly of Orwell, VT Johnstown, NY 1/25/1831
Lyman, Edward H., age about 21, son of Dr. E. Lyman Lancaster in Ct River 6/9/1832
Lyman, Elihu Hon., Senator of MA, of Enfield, Boston, MA 2/28/1826
Lyman, Lucy, age 78, relict of Rev Gershom Lyman of Marlboro Whitingham 4/26/1831
Lyndes, Johnson, age 89 Brattleboro 4/19/1831
Lyon, Lucy, age 18 mos, dau of John Lyon Lunenburgh 9/5/1812
M(arcy), Lucia Mrs., age 35, 8th inst Woodstock 1/25/1831
Mack, Benjamin, age 74, 18th ult, Revolutionary Soldier Woodstock 3/29/1831
Maeck, Reuben Y. Dr., Sept 27, died St. Clair County, IL Sherburn 12/17/1832
Magoon, Jeheshabel, age 64, 30th ult, consort of Edward Magoon Wheelock, VT 4/18/1826
Maigs, Maria Miss, age 30, 15th ult Charlotte 10/1/1832
Maine, Hampden A., age 23, 27th ult, son of Stephen Maine Esq. Hartland 12/15/1829
Maine, Isaac, age 86, 23d ult, early settler of town Hartland 4/26/1831
Mallary, Martha, 7th inst, mother of Hon. R. C. Mallary Poultney 3/29/1831
Mallary, Mary Mrs., age 93, 2d inst Poultney 6/23/1829
Mallary, Rollin C. Hon., age 47, 16th ult, formerly of VT Baltimore 5/3/1831
Mallit, Ann, dau of Rev. John N. Mallit formerly of Portsmouth, NH NY City 8/6/1832
Mallory, Betsey, age 40, 7th inst, wife of Dr S. Mallory Lenoxville, LC 10/30/1827
Manley, Albert, age 23, 27th ult Brandon 12/15/1829
Mann, Soloman Capt., age 57, 11th inst, of cholera morbus Montpelier, VT 8/23/1825
Marble, Alpheus Major., age 54 Sutton 8/8/1807
Marble, Elijah, age 40, suicide by shooting himself Fayston at Bristol 3/1/1831
Marden, John Jr., age 19, 24th ult, son of John Marden Chichester, NH 7/7/1829
Marsh, Charles H., age 21, May 31, son of James Marsh of Windsor Lowell, Mass 7/3/1832
Marsh, Julian Miss, age 29, 29th ult Montpelier 7/26/1831
Marsh, Sally, 30th ult, wife of Mr. Samuel W. Marsh, deranged and poisoned herself Danville 8/6/1814
Marsh, Sarah, age 44, 20th ult, widow of Gurley Marsh Clarendon 4/12/1831
Marsh, Zilpha M., age 19, 26th, dau of Gurley & Sarah Marsh Clarendon 4/12/1831
Marshall, T. Widow, age 63 Waterbury 12/29/1829
Marston, Asa, age 75, soldier of the revolution Deerfield, NH 11/19/1832
Martin, ____ Mrs., wife of Eliph Martin Peacham 4/11/1808
Martin, Abigail, wife of Lt. Elisha Martin Peacham 10/11/1811
Martin, Anna Miss, age 21, 4th inst, second dau of Marsh Martin Shipton 5/24/1831
Martin, Anne Robinson, age 24, wife of Daniel Martin Hatley, LC 11/29/1831
Martin, Cyrus W., age 21, 10th ult Jerico, VT 5/19/1829
Martin, Elisha, Lt., about 31 Peacham 10/11/1811
Martin, Harry, age 30 Peacham, VT 3/18/1828
Martin, Joseph, age 18, son of Capt. Ashbel Martin Peacham 10/11/1811
Martin, Lucy Miss, age 23, of consumption Wheelock 7/25/1817
Martin, Mehetabel Widow, age 84, 24th ult Stanstead, LC 5/5/1829
Martin, Noah, Capt., age 37 Peacham 11/25/1809
Martin, Olive, age 18, dau of David Martin Peacham 10/11/1811
Mason, Abel Capt., age 85, 9th ult Southbridge, MA 12/10/1832
Mason, Cynthia, age 17, March 25, dau of Elder Daniel Mason, tumor in windpipe Craftsbury, VT 4/4/1826
Mason, Jonathan, age 65, end of March, drowned, Revolutionary Soldier (item) Danville at Plainfield, NH 5/30/1822
Matebienberg, Porter, Collector of the Port of Philadelphia Philadelphia, Penn 11/7/1807
Mather, Cotton, Rev., age 76 Sharon, CT 1/8/1807
Mathers, A. P. Capt., age 51 Castleton 10/18/1831
Mathews, Joel, age 20, 10th ult Hartland 9/12/1807
Matrous, William, age 88, Revolutionary Patriot Pomfret 7/12/1831
Matterson, Annis Mrs., age 39 Shaftsbury 8/9/1831
Matteson, Enos, age 39, 6th inst Shaftsbury 6/22/1830
Matthews, John, age 90 Norwich 3/1/1831
Mattocks, William D., age 5, son of William Mattocks, Esq., of spotted fever Peacham 12/27/1811
Maxfield, David, age 76, 4th inst, Revolutionary Patriot, drowned Fairfax 4/24/1818
Maxfield, Gilbert R. Dr., Oct 5, died Mount Vernon, Ohio, of cholera Fairfax 12/17/1832
Maynard, Maria, age 35, wife of Samuel Maynard Esq., of consumption St Albans 11/19/1832
McClure, Joseph, age 70 Woodstock 11/17/1829
McComb, Alexander, age 83, father of Maj. Gen. McComb Georgetown, LC 2/15/1831
McCredie, John, shot by centinel while running with water buckets to put out fire Richmond, VA 3/17/1807
McCuller, Rev Mr., age 71 Ira 3/1/1831
McCurdy, James, age 8(2), Feb 25 Northfield 3/15/1831
McDanold, William, age 27, a foreigner Danville 2/25/1814
McDonald, Michael, age about 35, 15th inst, recently from PQ Danville of PQ 7/17/1827
McDonald, S., Lieut., age 106, leaves 3 children under age 10 Isle of Tike, NY 3/1/1831
McDuffie, Franklin Lieut., age 23, of Rochester, NH, of cholera Chicago 8/27/1832
McKean, Cyrus, age 9 mos, Nov 5, son of John McKean Corinth 1/5/1811
McKean, Lydia, age 4, Nov 5, dau of John McKean   1/5/1810
McKean, Lydia, age 43, Nov 5, w/o David McKean, d/o James Ingalls, Esq. of Methuen, MA Corinth 1/5/1811
McKean, Robert, age 60, Oct 27, of Dea. John McKean of Londonderry, of small pox Corinth 1/5/1811
McKeen, Joseph Rev., president of Bowdoin College Brunswick, Maine 8/8/1807
McKinster, Nathan Dr., age 36 Newbury 2/11/1815
McLaren, John, 2nd, age 60 Barnet 4/18/1812
McLaren, William, age 27, son of Mr. James McLaren Barnet 5/13/1816
McLaren, William, age 84, 30th ult Barnet 1/11/1808
McLellan, Sarah, age 74, 1st inst, wife of Hugh McLellan Glover 12/29/1829
McLoran, Ralph, age (2), 24th ult, son of Wm & Eliza McLoran Barnet, VT 11/4/1828
McMenus, Patrick, buried Sat last St Johnsbury 2/8/1808
M'Connel, Mary, Mrs., age 76 Rutland 8/4/1810
McPhee, John, age 22, Jan 5 Barnet 1/18/1831
M'Crary, John, 31st ult, drowned in Lake Champlain Charlotte of Willsboro 1/13/1810
Mead, Mr., age 35, last Tues, of Middlesex, crushed by falling dirt in ditch (item) Montpelier, VT 9/4/1827
Mead, Phebe, 22d ult, wife of Albert W. Mead Ferrisburg 11/19/1832
Mears, Oliver, age 19, son of Widow Mears, of spotted fever Danville 3/30/1811
Mears, Sally, age 11, dau of Widow Mears Danville 3/14/1812
Meder, Mary, Feb 16, wife of Samuel Meder Ryegate, VT 4/15/1823
Meeder, Ruth, age 74, leaves 7 children Ryegate 2/25/1815
Meeres, Oliver, age 46, 29th ult Danville? 10/7/1809
Meigs, Eliza E. Miss, age 25, formerly of Charlotte, VT Charlotte, VT at Adams, NY 11/3/1829
Meigs, John Dr., age 49, 21st ult, of abscess in the hip Lyndon, VT 11/28/1822
Mellen, Mary, age XCIV 3m 10d, Oct 18, widow of Charles Mellen, of Londonderry, NH Montpelier, VT (full obit) 11/18/1823
Mellendy, Sally, age 39, Dec 25, wife of John Mellendy Croyden, NH 2/14/1832
Melvin, Benjamin, age 84 St Johnsbury, VT 9/6/1825
Melvin, Mehetable, age 77, 13th ult, wife of Benjamin Melvin (item) St Johnsbury 2/8/1821
Mendrahall, Thomas Sr. Esq., Savannah, Georgia 10/29/1808
Merrill, Jacob, age 21, April 26th, killed by rolling logs into river Bath, NH 5/17/1821
Merrill, James, age 35 Fairfax 3/6/1818
Merrill, Jedediah, age 91, Sept 18 Fairfax 11/29/1831
Merrill, Mary R., age 49, wife of Hon Orsamus C. Merrill Esq. Bennington, VT 2/22/1831
Messenger, Sarah, age 82, 27th ult, wife of Roderick Messenger Williston 11/19/1832
Messer, child, of Samuel Messer New London, NH 4/7/1829
Messer, Eliza Mrs., age 26, wife of Frederic Messer New London, NH 4/7/1829
Miles, Abner, age 68 Bath, NH 9/9/1819
Miles, Jane, age 2, 20th inst, of Peter E. & Rebecca Miles, of hydrocephalus Danville, VT 8/26/1823
Miles, Josiah, age 78 Wheelock, VT 9/23/1823
Miles, Laura, age 28, April 27, wife of Patrick Miles Cambridge 6/2/1832
Miles, Lydia Widow, age 58, 26th ult Middlesex 4/12/1831
Miles, Martha, infant daughter of John D. & Martha Miles Bath, NH 9/9/1819
Miles, Sally, age 19, dau of Abner Miles Bath, NH 10/30/1813
Miles, Susanna Widow, age 67, of lung fever Bath, NH 11/16/1820
Miles, William, 9th ult, revolutionary patriot Lyndon 8/9/1831
Miller, Eleanor, age 56, wife of Epaphras Miller Middlebury 5/22/1832
Miller, Lavina Miss, age 25, 6th inst Middlebury 11/24/1829
Miller, Matthew Capt., age 58, Dec 6 Saxtons River 12/20/1831
Mills, Charles S., age 12, son of James Mills Lunenburg 11/1/1811
Mills, Daniel, age about 70, Oct 30 Johnson 11/13/1818
Miner, __ Mrs., age 36, Sept 24, wife of Lewis Miner Castleton 10/11/1831
Miner, Roxcy, age 28, wife of Walker Miner Peacham 10/17/1812
Minor, James, age 4, son of James Minor Danville 10/4/1811
Minor, Reuben Dea., age 93, 7th inst, soldier in the French War Peacham, VT 1/13/1829
Minor, Thomas, age 75 Lyman, NH 5/19/1810
Miser, Dennis Mrs., age 26, 23d ult, wife of Lewis Miner, of consumption Castleton 10/18/1831
Mitchel, Newton, age 20, died from a pimple on his lip Franconia 6/23/1810
Mitchell, child, of William Mitchell, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Mitchell, George S., Hon., 23rd ult Maryland 7/10/1832
Mitchell, Timothy Capt., age 74, July 20, revolutionary pensioner Sheldon 9/4/1832
M'lLvaine, Joseph Hon., age 58, 18th ult, Senator of NJ Burlington of NJ 9/12/1826
M'Nabb, Janet, about 27, wife of John M'Nabb, Jr. Barnet 6/1/1811
Mofit, Robert, senior editor of the Northern Badger Troy, NY 5/19/1807
Monroe, John Dr., age about 65 Wheelock, VT 1/13/1824
Monroe, Lucy Ann, age 7, Thurs last, dau of Mrs. Monroe, burned to death (item) Portland 1/27/1820
Montague, Junia, age 26, 29th ult, wife of Rufus Montague Jr., of canker rash Fletcher 10/15/1832
Moor, John., Colonel, age 77, 16th ult, revolutionary officer at Bunker Hill Norridgewock 2/25/1809
Moor, Mark Capt., age (5)3, July 20 New Haven 10/29/1832
Moore, Abel, Jr., age 21, son of Abel Moore Dalton, NH 9/5/1812
Moore, Harriet Miss, age 36 Dover 10/22/1832
Moore, Martha, age 60, Sunday, consort of Col. William Moore, after long illness Danville 3/20/1827
Moore, Polly, age 40, 24th ult, wife of Robert Moore Lunenburg, VT 8/11/1829
Moore, Tirzah, age 23, May 17, w/o Lovell Moore, d/o Pres West, Esq., consumption St. Johnsbury 5/25/1824
Moore, Willard, age 3y 6m, June 13, of Lovell & Tersa Moore St Johnsbury, VT 7/8/1823
Moose, John, age 62, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Morey, Benjamin P., age 28, 15th ult Fairlee 8/6/1832
Morey, Ephraim, age 39, 5th ult Vershire, VT 4/15/1828
Morey, Experience, age 49, wife of Ira Morey Orford 3/29/1831
Morgan, Gad, Dr., 9th inst., formerly of Belchertown, MA Duncansboro 7/18/1812
Morgan, Molly, wife of Mr. Ira Morgan Cambridge 10/9/1813
Morgan, Samuel, age 37, 18th ult, formerly of Concord, NH Stanstead, LC 4/8/1828
Morril, Lydia, age 36, dau of Joseph Morril 1st Danville 5/10/1831
Morrill, Abel Esq., age 88, last Thur, early settler of town, Revolutionary Patriot, Baptist Deacon Danville, VT 10/27/1829
Morrill, Abigail P., age 2y 8m, Oct 2, dau of Widow Martha Morrill Danville 11/1/1831
Morrill, Abner, age 87, last Tues, in French war & the Revolution, formerly of Danville Peacham, VT 6/19/1827
Morrill, Alden, age 2, son of Col James M. Morrill Danville, VT 4/1/1823
Morrill, Anna, age 74, 11th inst, wife of Joseph Morrill Danville 3/22/1831
Morrill, Caroline Minerva, age 2, dau of Abel Morrill, Jr., of spotted fever Danville 4/10/1813
Morrill, Damaras, age (6)4, 23d inst, consort of Dea Abel Morrill Danville, VT 9/25/1827
Morrill, Daniel S., age 1 y 22 d, Sept 24, son of Varnum Morrill Danville, VT 11/18/1828
Morrill, David, age 52, 31st ult Danville 4/8/1815
Morrill, Dorathy, age 68, wife of Paul Morrill Stanstead, LC 8/19/1819
Morrill, Eliza, age 4, dau of Mr. Abel Morrill Danville 4/3/1813
Morrill, Elizabeth, age 62, wife of Abel Morrill Esq. Danville 10/29/1808
Morrill, Emily, age 15, dau of Col. J. M. Morrill Danville, VT 4/8/1823
Morrill, Ephraim, Esq., about 45 Danville 9/4/1813
Morrill, Harriet, age 5, dau of Col James M. Morrill Danville, VT 4/1/1823
Morrill, infant child, age 9 mos, 20th inst, of True Morrill Danville 9/27/1831
Morrill, infant child, last week, of Cyrus Morrill Danville 10/4/1831
Morrill, infant dau., of John Morrill Danville ? 6/14/1825
Morrill, Isaac, age 46, 18th ult Danville 3/1/1831
Morrill, Isaac, age 85, last Thur Danville, VT 4/22/1828
Morrill, Jewett, age 11 m, 11th inst, son of Varnum Morrill Danville 9/20/1831
Morrill, Jofhua, age about 21, son of Ifaac Morrill Danville 5/1/1813
Morrill, Joseph K., age 46, 9th inst, son of Maj. Jeremiah Morrill Danville at Newton, MA 11/22/1825
Morrill, Luther, age 1y 10m, 22d ult, son of Trew Morrill Danville, VT 3/13/1827
Morrill, Martha, age 10 wks, 13th inst, dau of Widow Martha Morrill Danville 9/20/1831
Morrill, Mary, age 18, 19th inst, dau of Joseph Morrill 2d Esq. Danville 10/25/1831
Morrill, Mary, age 6, last Wed, of Capt Hezekiah S. Morrill Danville, VT 4/13/1824
Morrill, Nathaniel, age 18, 12th inst, of Isaac Morrill (item) Danville 12/21/1807
Morrill, Samuel, age 58, 2d inst, of cholera morbus Danville 10/11/1831
Morrill, Samuel, age 84, last Sat Danville, VT 4/5/1825
Morris, Governeur Hon., age 65 Morris(sa)nia, NY 11/30/1816
Morris, Mr., 14th ult Windsor 6/2/1832
Morrison, Alexander, Jr., 23d ult, long illness with the stone (gallstones?) Canaan 8/8/1812
Morrison, David, son of Samuel Morrison Danville 1/31/1812
Morrison, Eunice, wife of Samuel Morrison Derby 3/16/1811
Morritt, Clara, age 33, 24th ult, wife of Lewis Morritt Hartland at Charlton, MA 8/18/1829
Morse, Hannah Widow, age 75, 14th inst Cabot, VT 2/27/1827
Morse, Jedidiah Rev., age 65, 9th inst New Haven 6/20/1826
Morse, Jonas Franconia 4/24/1813
Morse, Jonathan, age 67, formerly of Woodstock, VT Whitehall, NY 2/15/1831
Morse, Joseph, age 87 Concord, VT 5/8/1813
Morse, Levina, age 25, wife of Jonas Morse Franconia 12/5/1812
Morse, Nathaniel, early settler of town, house was destroyed by Indians in 1780 Royalton 11/3/1829
Morse, Obadiah, age 94, Dec 16, revolutionary pensioner Marshfield 2/21/1832
Morse, Sally, about 27, last Sunday, wife of Oliver Morse Danville 6/8/1811
Morse, Samuel, age 38, a fit of the apoplexy Danville at Rochester 9/9/1823
Moulton, Huldah, age 10, dau of David Moulton Lyman, NH 4/8/1809
Moulton, John, 28th, was married on the 26th Hartford County, MD 2/1/1821
Moulton, Polly, age 27, 17th ult, wife of Reuben Moulton 2d Castleton 7/5/1831
Moulton, Reuben, age 48, 26th ult Castleton 9/20/1831
Moulton, Stephen Col., age 84, Revolutionary Patriot Oneida Co., NY 5/29/1818
Mower, Marshall Capt., age about 60, 19th ult, of cancer Calais 2/1/1831
Moxley, Joseph, former midshipman of the US Navy Richmond, VA 11/30/1807
Mudget, Hannah, age 62, wife of William Mudget Cambridge 11/8/1831
Munger, Mercy Widow, age 77, 9th inst Middlebury 3/29/1831
Murdock, Luther, age 48, 2d ult Townshend 8/2/1831
Myrick, Samuel Dorset 7/28/1829
Nason, Widow, age 78 St Albans, VT 12/29/1829
Neal, dau., age 2y 1m, 25th ult, dau of Benjamin Neal Esq., first death in town Lutterlough 8/20/1808
Needham, Jasper, age 35, of lockjaw Danvers, Mass 7/14/1807
Needham, Lydia, age 55, 4th ult, wife of John Needham Whiting 7/5/1831
Negus, John, age 61, Oct 18, formerly of Greenwich, MA Lyman, NH 11/13/1827
Neilson, __ Mrs., about 30, wife of James Neilson, of apoplectic fit (item) Barnet 8/14/1813
Neilson, Jane, age 28y 5m, April 23, w/o John Neilson Esq., d/o Col John Duncan (obit) Ryegate & Acworth, NH 5/7/1814
Nelson, Jean, age about 90, 19th ult, wife of Lt Nelson, early settler of town Ryegate, VT 10/10/1826
Newcomb, Daniel, Dr., age 24 Boston at Keene 6/10/1809
Newcomb, Levi, age 20, son of Hon. Daniel Newcomb, student at Dartmouth Hanover 5/5/1810
Newell, Daniel Esq., age 67, Dec 22 Burke, VT 1/18/1825
Newell, Elisha, age 73, Oct 16, soldier of the revolution Bradford 11/5/1832
Newell, George Esq., age 38, 31st ult Charlotte 2/14/1832
Newell, Orrin, 5th inst Charlotte 3/22/1831
Newell, Philena, age 26, July 25, w/o Peter C. Newell, d/o Eleazer Parker Esq. (obit) Burke of Newark 9/7/1824
Newell, Zenas, Mr. Peacham 3/13/1813
Newhall, Daniel, age 59, 15th inst Kirby, VT 12/29/1829
Newhall, David, age 23, 12th ult, of W. Springfield, Mass Walpole, NH 11/7/1807
Newry, Ann Mrs., age 112 Laurens Dist., SC 3/17/1807
Newton, Daniel, age 40, 11th inst Norwich 4/26/1831
Newton, Gideon, age 69, March 1 Rosbury, NH 4/4/1822
Newton, Margaret, age 35, 28th ult, consort of Silas Newton Bennington, VT 7/26/1831
Newton, Sally, age 68, consort of Luke Newton Marlborough, NH 12/12/1826
Newton, Samuel, age 38 Cambridge, VT 3/20/1813
Newton, Samuel, age 86, 21st ult Brattleboro 6/14/1831
Nichols, A. Williams, age 2, 23d ult, son of Ethan H. Nichols Esq. Hardwick, VT 12/23/1828
Nichols, Abigail, age 14, 7th inst, dau of Horace Nichols Middlebury 10/22/1832
Nichols, Eleazor, age 69, 26th ult, Revolutionary Pensioner Northfield 6/28/1831
Nichols, John, age 48, July 16, killed blasting rock (item) Concord, VT 7/28/1810
Nichols, John, age 72, April 2 Chesterfield, NH 4/29/1828
Nichols, Mary Ann, age 45, July 10, w/o Dr Perkins Nichols, d/o Capt. Benj. Whitney of Simpson Varenne, LC 8/16/1831
Nichols, Silas H., age 21 Middlesex 10/6/1829
Niles, Dan, age 77, Oct 5, early settler of town Woodstock 10/22/1832
Niles, Peter, Aug 2, by suicide Bath, NH 8/12/1809
Nixon, John Gen., age 90, Revolutionary war, wounded at Battle of Bunker Hill Middlebury, Vt 4/29/1815
Norris, Benjamin Esq., age 63, 1st inst Peacham 12/15/1829
Norris, Lucy Miss, age 19, Jan 11, dau of widow Lucy Norris, died Ypsilanti, Mich Peacham 2/21/1832
Norris, Lucy, age 2(5), 11th inst, dau of David Norris Danville, VT 6/22/1824
Norris, Mark Elder, age 64, May 12, early settler of town Hardwick 6/9/1832
Northrop, Nathaniel, age 78, 6th inst Castleton 8/24/1830
Northrup, Francis, age 24, 10th inst Bennington, VT 10/25/1831
Northway, Francis, age 72 Westford 7/14/1829
Norton, Elisha, age 46, 29th ult, boat sank near Portsmouth Tiverton 11/4/1809
Norton, Issachar Capt., age 72, April 24 Barnston, LC 6/29/1830
Norton, Joseph, age 19, 29th ult, nephew of Elisha Norton, boat sank Tiverton 11/4/1809
Norton, Oliver B. MD, age 31, 25th ult Middlebury 5/10/1831
Norton, Sarah, Mrs., age 43, 29th ult, w/o Elisha Norton, boat sank near Portsmouth Tiverton 11/4/1809
Norton, Seth, age 52, July 8, formerly of Barnston Rimouski, LC 8/16/1831
Noyes, Calvin, age 79 E. Poultney 3/22/1831
Noyes, Daniel, age 60 Landiff, NH 12/20/1811
Noyes, Joseph C., age about 38, 18th inst Morristown 8/31/1830
Noyes, Priscilla, about 26, wife of Henry Noyes, d/o Hon. Peter Carter Landaff 5/21/1808
Noys, Calvin, age 79, 22d ult East Poultney 2/15/1831
Nurse, Joseph, age 50 Littleton 2/11/1809
Nutter, Obadiah, age 50, 23d, of consumption Barnet 7/5/1821
Nutting, Hugh Somers, age 18 mos, Sept 3, son of Jonathan Nutting, drowned in tub of water Danville 9/13/1831
Nutting, Laura Marie, age 16 mos, dau of John (or Jona.) Nutting Danville, VT 2/8/1825
Nutting, Laura, age 22, consort of Jonathan Nutting Danville, VT 11/2/1824
Nutting, Mary, age 36, consort of Abel Nutting Jr. Windsor 7/10/1827
Nutting, Sally, age 60, Aug 26, consort of Eleazer Nutting of Francistown, NH Danville? of NH 11/9/1824
Nye, David, age about 48, Nov 10 Berlin 11/19/1832
Oaks, Edward, Maj., age 37 Bethlehem 5/11/1811
Oaks, Melinda, age 15, Sept 21, dau of Thomas Oaks Kirby 10/9/1813
Oaks, Thomas, age 46, Aug 20 Kirby 10/9/1813
Olcott, Peter Esq. Hon., age 75, 12th inst, of Norwich, Vt Hanover, NH 9/24/1808
Olcott, Sarah, Mrs., age 72, relict of late Gov. Olcott Hanover 3/3/1810
Olds, Eliza, age 53, 14th inst, wife of Oliver H. Olds Sandgate 6/29/1830
Olney, Christopher, Col. Providence 4/22/1809
Olney, Job Capt., age (3)0 yrs Lyndon 5/28/1819
Olney, William, age 24, editor of Providence Phoenix Providence 1/27/1807
Orvis, Abigail, age 38, 22d ult, wife of Frederick Orvis Burlington, VT 9/15/1829
Orvis, David, age 81 Windsor 4/19/1831
Orvis, Lydia Widow, age 70 Windsor 11/8/1831
Osgood, Adeline Miss, of consumption Rutland, VT 7/5/1831
Osgood, John, age 80, 5th ult Stanstead, LC 11/1/1831
Osgood, Lucy, age 21, dau of late John Osgood Peacham 9/6/1831
Otis, Sally, age about 4, 24th inst, dau of Joseph Otis, fell into a kettle of hot milk Sheffield, VT 9/29/1829
Otis, Samuel, age 32, of consumption Compton, LC 1/30/1823
Owens, Caroline, age 12, Dec 14, dau of Col. James Owens Derby 12/17/1814
Paddock, Adaline E. Miss, age 18 Woodstock 10/22/1832
Paddock, Augusta M., age 2m 1d, 18th ult, of William E. & Mary Paddock Craftsbury, VT 5/6/1823
Paddock, James, Dr., last Wed. Craftsbury 4/22/1809
Page, Abigail, age 58, 11th inst, wife of Nathan Barker Page, of consumption (12/30) Ryegate, VT 12/23/1823
Page, Charlotte, Miss, age 16, 9th inst, of Job Page, suicide by cutting throat Concord, NH 3/28/1808
Page, child, age 6 mos, of Amasa Page, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Page, Ebenezer, age 78 Danville, VT 12/7/1824
Page, Enoch Maj., age 88, 23d ult, early settler of that town and soldier in the Revolution Wentworth, NH 11/24/1829
Page, John Esq., former Governor of Virginia Virginia 10/29/1808
Page, Jonathan, age 62, June 24, was run over by wagon load of brick Ryegate 7/26/1831
Page, Lucy, age 30, Oct 29, wife of Jabez Page, leaves 3 small children Albany, VT 11/7/1826
Page, Mary Weeser, age 52, 2d inst, consort of Dea Paul Page Hardwick, VT 11/13/1827
Page, Molly, age 69, last Fri., widow of Ebenezer Page Danville, VT 4/3/1827
Page, Nancy Mrs., age 57, Oct 5 Chelsea 10/22/1832
Page, Phineas Esq., age 66 Fairfax 4/4/1817
Page, Rebecca, age 63, Sun last, wife of Edward Page Danville, VT 9/14/1824
Page, Rhoda, age 23, dau of Paul Page, of quick consumption Hardwick, VT 2/13/1823
Page, Sally, age 17, 2d inst., dau of Capt. John Page, drowned in log canoe Cambridge, VT 5/29/1813
Page, William, Col., age 61, 14th ult, formerly of Charlestown, NH Rutland 3/3/1810
Paine, Candace Miss, age 24, Jan 31 Barre 2/14/1832
Paine, Lucinda, age 26, Sept 16, wife of Edward Paine Orange 10/8/1832
Paine, Robert Treat, Jr., Esq. Boston 11/29/1811
Paine, Thomas, age about 70, author of "Common Sense" New York City 4/8/1809
Painter, Gamaliel Hon., age 76, 11st ult (?) Middlebury 6/4/1819
Palmer, Aaron, age 64 Littleton, NH 7/24/1813
Palmer, Gershom, Hon., Esq., Judge of probate for district of Caledonia Calais 9/28/1811
Palmer, Louisa, age 45, consort of Joshua Palmer Thetford 6/23/1810
Palmer, Mindwell, age 84, 4th inst, widow of Nathaniel Palmer Orford, NH 7/28/1829
Palmer, Nathaniel, age 26, May 29 Orford, NH 6/9/1832
Palmer, Phebe, 22d ult, wife of Thomas Palmer Richmond 10/8/1832
Palmer, Sarah Jane, age 5 mos, 16th inst, dau of Hon Wm Parker, of croup Danville, VT 5/27/1828
Paoli, Pascal Gen., Feb 5, Godfather of Bonaparte England 4/14/1807
Parker, 3 children, Sept 16, of Isaac Parker, killed in steam boat boiler explosion Dover, Vt on Lake Erie 10/12/1830
Parker, Ebenezer, he was hit on head by Joseph Drew, of Cape Elizabeth (item) Saccarappa/Falmouth, ME 2/8/1808
Parker, Eunice, age 36, 1st inst, wife of Warren Parker Putney, VT 5/27/1828
Parker, Hannah, age 34, wife of Ralph Parker Glover 9/14/1811
Parker, Hannah, age 38, wife of Amos Parker, leaves 11 children under age 18 Concord, VT 9/15/1810
Parker, Joseph, age 82, 13th inst, a revolutionary soldier Amherst, NH 10/31/1826
Parker, Robert, age 42, 7th inst, formerly of Lyndeboro, NH Wolcott 4/26/1831
Parker, Samuel, age 47, last Fri Danville, VT 3/29/1825
Parker, son, age about 9, son of Jeremiah Parker, bridge fell on him while fishing under it Sutton 6/9/1832
Parker, Thomas Capt., age 75, Revolutionary pensioner Cambridge 7/28/1829
Parkhurst, Phineas, age 56 Hartford 8/31/1830
Parks, Isaac, age 83, 25th ult, soldier of the Revolution Peacham at Saratoga Springs 5/31/1821
Parks, Jonathan, age 58, 17th inst, killed while framing house when a side fell Lyndon, VT 6/30/1829
Parmelee, Jesse S, age 23, 22d ult Shoreham 2/21/1832
Parsons, George Frederick A., age 1y 9m, 28th ult, of Lucas & Ann M. Parsons Canaan, VT 9/20/1825
Parsons, Giles J., age 28 NY City 8/6/1832
Parsons, Jonathan Dea., age 50, 21st inst, of heart disease Shipton, LC at Wheelock 9/30/1819
Parsons, Medad Dr., age 62 Fairfax 5/8/1818
Partridge, Louisa M. , age 26, 4th inst, dau of Capt Isaac Partridge Norwich at Cincinnati, OH 4/26/1831
Partridge, Lucy Miss, age 16 Norwich 10/12/1830
Patch, Benjamin, Sept 27, Revolutionary soldier, early settler of town Ludlow 1/29/1828
Patterson, John Capt., age 75 Londonderry 5/10/1831
Patterson, Julia J., age 6, 27th ult, dau of Ebenezer Patterson Peacham 11/10/1829
Paul, Amelia E., age 8, last Fri, dau of Amos Paul Danville, VT 10/27/1829
Paul, Benjamin, age 20, son of James Paul Esq., of consumption Danville at Northfield 12/20/1821
Paul, Huldah, age 57, 15th ult, wife of Josiah Paul Groton 9/6/1825
Pawlet, Rufus, age 47, 2d inst Colchester 8/30/1831
Payson, Moses P. Hon., age 58, 30th ult Bath, NH 11/11/1828
Peabody, Richard, age 76 Lyman, NH 3/16/1811
Pearl, Mr., died about 1810 from accidental wound of a bayonet at regimental review Lyndon 12/11/1813
Pearl, William, Jr., Sept 10, accidentally bayoneted at regimental muster, buried Wheelock Lyndon 9/16/1809
Pearsons, Noah, 8th inst, Revolutionary soldier Shaftsbury 5/31/1831
Pease, Lydia L., age 20, dau of Benjamin Pease Orange 2/22/1831
Pease, Watrous, age 24, 7th inst Orange 2/22/1831
Peasley, Silas, age 85, 24th ult Stanstead, LC 4/7/1829
Peasly, Sylvanus, age 22, Tues, of spotted fever (item) Danville 8/3/1811
Peck, Amaziah, age 80, last Tues, also a lad, 14 who lived with him, fumes in well (item) Barre, VT 9/16/1823
Peck, Amy, age 52, 1st inst, relict of Gen John Peck Waterbury at Morristown 6/16/1829
Peck, John Gen., age 53, 22d ult Waterbury at Burlington, MA 1/9/1827
Peck, Nathaniel Esq., age 55 Montpelier, VT 4/24/1827
Peckham, Joshua Esq., age about 45, 20th ult Franklin 7/7/1829
Percival, Hariot Newel, age 3 y 9 m, 20th ult, of Dyer & Ledoma Percival, of Typhus fever Greensborough 6/13/1822
Percival, Jeremiah, age 77, 6th inst Thetford 8/16/1831
Perkins, Barnabas Rev., age 74, 10th inst, of paralytic shock, 6 children (obit) Danville, VT 4/18/1826
Perkins, Barnabas, infant son of Mr. Asa Perkins Danville 1/6/1816
Perkins, Cynthia Miss, poked ear with knitting needle, was bumped, penetrated her head Springfield, NH 6/30/1829
Perkins, David, age 21, 21st ult, only son of Jonathan Perkins, killed by blasting rock Harris Gore 10/22/1832
Perkins, George, age 28, 13th inst, a fit of apoplexy Hardwick 12/24/1832
Perkins, infant son, March 5, of Ezra Perkins Albany 3/29/1831
Perkins, Mallisent, age 43, 11th ult, wife of Ansel Perkins Charleston 11/3/1829
Perkins, Robert Capt., age 65, June 20, leaving wife & 11 children Wheelock, VT 7/17/1827
(Pe)rkins, Seth, age 65 Tunbridge, VT 10/16/1827
Perkins, Thompson, age 75, 19th ult New Boston, NH 7/21/1829
Perley, Phineas, age 68, of Boxford, by bursting of blood vessel Ipswich, Mass 10/15/1832
Perry, Ferdinand, age about 30, fell off house (4-15-1815 wife Lois) St Johnsbury 12/4/1813
Perry, Polly, wife of Jofiah Perry Cambridge, Vt 4/3/1813
Peters, _____ Mr., age 107 Adams, Mass 11/7/1807
Peters, John, age 100, 23d ult Philadelphia 5/29/1832
Pettes, Joseph, Capt., age 54 Windsor, VT 12/20/1811
Phelps, Elisha Dr., age 55, Sunday last Windsor 4/16/1819
Phelps, Frederick, formerly merchant of St J. St Johnsbury at Peru, NY 4/27/1824
Phelps, John Crossman, age 5 y, 2d inst, son of Frederick Phelps, of spotted fever St Johnsbury 3/11/1815
Phelps, John, age 27, 15th ult, of consumption Berlin 11/1/1831
Phelps, Julia Maria, age 19 months, 1st inst, dau of Frederick Phelps, of spotted fever St Johnsbury 3/11/1815
Phelps, Laura, age 11, 19th inst, dau of Elkana Phelps of Stanbridge. LC Peacham, VT 8/23/1825
Phelps, Lucy, age 52, 9th inst, wife of John Phelps Esq. Guilford 3/29/1831
Phelps, Ruth Mrs., age 76 Orford 3/29/1831
Philbrook, David, age 40 New London, NH 4/7/1829
Phillips, Abigail M., age 45, 27th ult, wife of Reuben Phillips Cambridge 9/27/1831
Phillips, Dodge, age 21, drowned in the Passumpsic river while bathing Lyndon 8/16/1821
Phillips, John, age 66, Aug 19 West Haven 2/14/1826
Phinney, Laura, age 25, 28th ult, dau of Jonathan Phinney of New Haven Monkton 1/18/1831
Pierce, __ Mrs., wife of Byfield Pierce, of spotted fever Craftsbury 4/6/1811
Pierce, Abigail Miss, age 43, Sept 6, dau of Lt Thomas Pierce St Johnsbury, VT 10/25/1831
Pierce, Abigail, age 76, Dec 14, wife of Lieut Thomas Pierce St Johnsbury 12/31/1832
Pierce, Asahel, age 19, July 18, son of Samuel Pierce Esq. Brompton, LC 8/23/1831
Pierce, Benjamin, Gen., Sheriff of Hillsborough County (retracted on 5/19/1810) Hillsborough at Amherst 5/5/1810
Pierce, Catharine, age 15 mos, dau of Capt Ephm. Pierce Barnet 11/7/1822
Pierce, Daniel Capt., age 79, 16th ult, leaves 9 kids (obit) St Johnsbury 8/2/1821
Pierce, Edward R., age 3 y 5 m, Aug 1, of Capt Augustine C. Pierce of Danville & Lowell, MA Concord, NH 8/6/1832
Pierce, Elvira, age 2 y 3 m, dau of Ephraim Pierce, of a fever Barnet 11/29/1811
Pierce, Franklin, age 12, of spotted fever Danville 4/6/1811
Pierce, Israel Maj., age 58, 12th inst St Johnsbury, VT 12/22/1829
Pierce, Joseph, age 68 St. Johnsbury 9/21/1811
Pierce, Nabby Miss, age 4(3), Sept 6, dau of Lt Thomas Pierce St Johnsbury, VT 9/20/1831
Pierce, Sarah, age 28, 23d inst, wife of Augustine C. Pierce Danville, VT 7/28/1829
Pierce, Susannah, age 24, of spotted fever Barnet 5/11/1811
Pike, Abraham, age 98 Framingham 2/17/1810
Pike, Ebenezer, age 55, 12th inst Northumberland, NH 8/26/1819
Pike, Lucina, age 57, wife of Joshua Pike Waitsfield 5/31/1831
Pike, Nathan, age 51, 22d ult Middlebury 11/17/1829
Pike, Rebecca Mrs., age 83, 4th ult Sterling 6/16/1829
Pike, Zulina, age 57, 3d ult, wife of Joshua Pike Waitsfield 6/7/1831
Pillsbury, Benj Sargeant, age 34, Dec 15, of Capt Caleb Pillsbury, of consumption Danville at PQ 1/27/1824
Pillsbury, Betsey, age 24, wife of Merrill Pillsbury Danville ? 9/23/1823
Pillsbury, Joseph, age 44 Springfield, NH 7/3/1828
Pilsbury, Caleb, age 2 y 6 m, son of John Morrill, of dysentery Danville 9/28/1820
Pinckney, William C. Hon., of Maryland Washington City 3/14/1822
Pitkin, Anson, age 43, July, died at Perry, OH, leaves wife & 7 kids (item) Danville 10/31/1826
Pitkin, Caleb, age about 40 Peacham 4/24/1813
Plumley, Patty, age 40, May 31, wife of Oliver Plumley Hubbardton 7/5/1831
Plummer, Sally, age 20, sister of Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Mobile, Alabama 11/19/1819
Pollard, Briant Brown, age 13, of spotted fever Woodstock 4/20/1811
Pollard, Sophia, Miss, age 20, of spotted fever Woodstock 4/20/1811
Pond, __ Mrs., age 63, wife of Deacon Pond Shoreham 5/24/1831
Pond, Enoch, Rev., age 51, 6th inst Ashford, Ct 9/12/1807
Pond, Willard Capt., age 48, 15th ult, died at Potsdam, NY Castleton, VT 12/15/1829
Pool, Sophia Mrs., age 27 North Haverhill 2/14/1832
Poor, _____ Mrs., age 32, Jan 13, wife of Col. John Poor Williamstown 2/21/1832
Poor, Hannah Widow, age 77 Cambridge, Vt 11/9/1816
Pope, Anne Widow, age 70 Danville 5/20/1809
Pope, Catharine, age 25, Sept 8, widow of Jesse Pope Kirby 10/9/1813
Pope, infant child, May 4, of Jesse Pope Kirby 10/9/1813
Pope, Jesse, age 26, April 27 Kirby 10/9/1813
Pope, Joseph W., age 6, only child of Mr. James Pope Danville 9/24/1814
Pope, Mary, age 73, March 18, wife of Eleazer Pope Danville 4/12/1831
Pope, Nathaniel, Esq., killed in a duel Virginia 4/22/1809
Pope, Rebecca, age 1 y 9 m, dau of Pearley P. Pope Danville 6/17/1809
Pope, Wm W., age 16, last Mon, son of Joseph Pope Danville, VT 10/25/1825
Porter, Amos, age about 45 Greensboro 5/13/1815
Porter, Asa Col Haverhill, NH 1/23/1819
Porter, Benjamin, age 85, first death of family of 7, youngest being 70 Danvers 3/3/1810
Porter, Evelina, age 4, July 4, dau of Amos Porter, of the croup Danville 7/7/1810
Porter, John W., age 23, 29th ult Starksboro 8/30/1831
Porter, John, Esq., fell into boiling water (item) Rutland, VT 11/16/1824
Porter, Joseph Esq., fell from his horse Jericho, VT 8/11/1829
Porter, Mary Ann, age about 30, consort of Capt Isaac A Porter Danville 11/7/1817
Porter, Mary, age 70, consort of Mr. William Porter Danville 4/13/1816
Porter, Micah Rev., age 82 Plainfield, NH 10/13/1829
Porter, Moses Haverhill, NH 1/23/1819
Porter, Rath, age 19, 26th ult, wife of John Porter Hinesburgh 6/9/1832
Porter, Rebecca, age 16, 16th inst, dau of Mr. Abijah Porter Danville 1/21/1815
Porter, William, age 78 Danville at St Johnsbury 8/1/1822
Posey, Gen., late Govenor of Indiana Shartoetown, IL 5/22/1818
Post, John Jackson, age 29, 18th ult, son of Maj Elias Post of Tinmouth Rochester, NY 10/4/1831
Potter, Amy, age 63, 28th ult, consort of Thaddeus Potter Waterford, VT 2/10/1829
Potter, Barnabas, age 75, 26th ult, inflammation of the bowels Waterford, VT 4/4/1826
Potter, James A., Esq., judge of County Court of Chittenden County Jericho, VT 2/4/1809
Potter, Samuel, age 79 Pittsfield, NH 6/16/1829
Powell, Ellick, age 57, 30th ult Burlington, VT 10/12/1830
Powers, Abraham, age 46 Hardwick 2/10/1816
Powers, Levona, age 2, dau of Aaron Powers Bath 3/10/1810
Powers, Sarah, age 57, wife of Nicholas Powers Landiff, NH 1/24/1812
Pratt, Betsey Widow, age 76, 25th ult Swanton 6/9/1832
Pratt, Charles, age 23 Peacham at PA 10/6/1829
Pratt, Dolphus, age 37, 28th ult, formerly of Marlboro, VT Richmond, NH 10/15/1832
Pratt, Hannah Mrs., age 67, 6th inst Leicester 6/22/1830
Pratt, James, age 62 Woodstock 11/19/1832
Pratt, Nathaniel Dea., age 81, 4th inst, early settler of town Reading 4/26/1831
Pratt, Phineas, age 91 Dummerston 7/19/1831
Pratt, Samuel Braintree 11/10/1829
Prentiss, Abigail, age 41, wife of Dr Nathaniel S. Prentiss Roxbury 3/24/1807
Prentiss, Anna, wife of Capt. John Prentiss Rutland 4/7/1810
Prentiss, Geo. W. Esq., age 37, 1st inst Keene, NH 3/24/1829
Prentiss, John Hon., age 61, past member of House of Representatives Londonderry 6/18/1808
Prescott, Mark, fell from his horse Kingston, NH 2/21/1817
Pride, Martha, age 56, wife of Amasa Pride Esq., of consumption Waterbury 10/4/1831
Prince, Timothy, age 80 Benson 8/31/1830
Prior, Cynthia, 1st inst, wife of W. Prior Esq. Vershire 11/29/1831
Prior, Ruth, age 45, 6th inst, wife of William Prior Esq. of Woodstock Vershire 12/31/1832
Prouty, Mary, age 25, 18th ult, wife of Ira O. Prouty Middlebury 2/8/1831
Prouty, Samuel, 31st ult., drunk and drowned in Joe's Brook, possibly was fighting Barnet 6/6/1812
Purdy, Thomas, age 7(8), Jan 5 Burlington, VT 2/1/1831
Putman, Malinda, age 10, dau of Stephen Putman, log rolled over her St Johnsbury 4/25/1812
Putnam, Daniel, Capt., age 70, Revolutionary Patriot Cornish 5/20/1809
Putnam, Thomas, age 66, 28th ult Windsor 8/9/1831
Putney, Hannah Mrs., age 70, Nov 23 Hatley, LC 12/31/1832
Putney, Sarah Wing, age 29,13th inst, w/o Ira Putney, d/o Barnabas Doty Esq., of consumption Hardwick, VT 10/28/1828
Quimbey, Joseph, age 4, son of Joseph Quimbey Concord, NH 12/27/1811
Quimby, Catherine, dau of Mr. Samuel Quimby Franconia 4/24/1813
Rabun, William, 23d ult, Gov of Georgia Hancock Cty., Georgia 11/26/1819
Radcliffe, Charles, age 34, son of Mrs. Ann Radcliffe, native of England Salem 5/5/1807
Ramzey, Hugh, age 87, Feb 17, formerly of Rumney, NH Durham, LC 6/21/1831
Rand, Nancy, age 6, 17th ult, youngest child of George Rand Cabot, VT 4/3/1827
Randal, Hannah, age 53y 11m, 7th inst, consort of Robert Randall, of consumption Danville, VT 1/10/1826
Randal, Israel Esq., age 85, 19th ult Danville, VT 4/7/1829
Randall, Abigail, age 20, dau of Mr. Israel Randall Danville 1/8/1814
Randall, Don Carlos, age 18 m, 24th inst, son of Benjamin O. Randall, of measles Danville 5/29/1832
Randall, Hannah Maria, age 4 y 5 m, 22d inst, dau of Benjamin O. Randall, of measles Danville 5/29/1832
Randall, Martin, age 18, son of Mr. Israel Randall Danville 1/8/1814
Randall, Sally, age 67, consort of Mr. Israel Randall, has 9 children Danville 1/28/1814
Rankin, Abigail, age (3)3, last Sat., dau of Col John Rankin Danville, VT 9/8/1829
Rankin, Azubah, age 36, w/o Samuel Rankin, d/o Maj. Benjamin Whitcomb Littleton, NH 3/12/1814
Ransom, Daniel, Esq., age 50, 27th ult Hartford, VT 2/24/1810
Ransom, Richard, age 73, early settler of town Woodstock 9/14/1811
Ransom, Royal M., Hon., age 35, 17th ult, of consumption Woodstock 7/3/1832
Rathbone, Eunice, age 52, w/o John Rathbone, died at daughter's wedding New York 2/24/1810
Rayment, William, age 57, died in a fit Franconia 1/11/1808
Raymond, George, Col., age 40 Woodstock 9/28/1811
Raymond, Lydia, Widow Lincoln 4/24/1813
Raymond, Mary, age 48, April 4th, wife of Mr. Jesse Raymond Winchendon, Mass 4/29/1815
Rea, John, age 35, 28th ult, suicide by jumping into a well with a rock tied to his neck Topsfield, Mass 2/14/1832
Rea, John, age 79, May 27, former member of Congress Tenn. 7/3/1832
Read, George, age 25 NY City 8/6/1832
Read, Judith Maria Mrs., age 29 St Albans, VT 6/28/1831
Reed, Fanny, age 20 Concord, Vt 7/2/1814
Reed, James, age 87, fought at Battle of Bunker Hill Burlington, Mass 2/21/1832
Reed, Sarah Ann Miss, age 14, 13th inst Lowell, VT 11/29/1831
Remich, Daniel, age 42, last Fri Danville, VT 6/17/1828
Remington, Zadock, age 44, 31st ult Castleton 8/17/1830
Rice, Amos Jr., age 28 Worcester, VT 2/1/1831
Rice, Anna Widow, age 67, Oct 12 Reading 12/3/1832
Rice, Caroline, age 17, 7th, dau of Joel Rice Bennington, VT 11/24/1829
Rice, Edmund Esq. Waitsfield, VT 6/23/1829
Rice, Edmund Esq., age 45, 26th ult Waitsfield, VT 6/9/1829
Rice, Josiah, age 72, Revolutionary soldier Rutland, VT 12/21/1830
Rich, Elijah, age 75, 31st ult Benson 11/24/1829
Richardfort, Bradley, Col, age 77 Moultenborough, NH 11/5/1814
Richards, George, age 30, of consumption St Albans 11/19/1832
Richardson, ___ Mrs., age 72, May 16, widow of Asa Richardson Montpelier 6/2/1832
Richardson, Bradbury Col., Oct 5 Moultonborough, NH 12/10/1814
Richardson, Daniel, age 78, 6th inst, Revolutionary Patriot Westford 6/28/1831
Richardson, James, Capt., age 50, died Burlington Irasburgh 7/10/1813
Richardson, Richard, age 93, revolutionary soldier & pensioner Stoddard, NH 8/9/1831
Richardson, William, age 75, 8th inst, Revolutionary Pensioner Derby 3/29/1831
Richmond, John, age 52, 5th inst Bennington, VT 11/24/1829
Richmond, Simeon W., age 23, son of Gilbert Richmond Barnard 11/3/1829
Rider, Clarissa Miss, age 42, 4th ult Waitsfield 6/7/1831
Rider, Hannah, age, 63, 17th inst, wife of Capt Stevens Rider, of pleurisy Barnet 4/27/1816
Riley, Mercy, age 29, 8th inst, consort of H. Riley, d/o Peirce Burton Esq. Lyndon, VT 7/17/1827
Ring, Jonathan Capt., age 82, Sept 30, of dysentery Greensboro, VT 10/11/1825
Ring, Orel Miss, age 40 Chelsea 10/12/1830
Rix, Abigail, age 18, dau of Maj. Nathaniel Rix Landaff 8/5/1809
Robbins, Jonas, age about 63 Peacham 4/24/1813
Robbins, Judith, age 19, Oct 11, dau of Isaac Robbins Derby 1/25/1831
Roberts, Christopher, age 79, 20th inst, patriot of the revolution Manchester 6/2/1832
Roberts, Sally, 17th ult, consort of Galen Roberts St Johnsbury, VT 11/4/1828
Robertson, Rev., age 34, 22d ult, lately of Haddington, Scotland, of cholera Montreal 10/15/1832
Robinson, Caroline Miss, age 21, 17th ult, of consumption Hubbardton 11/12/1832
Robinson, Comfort Mrs., age 66, Feb 24 Exeter, NY 3/29/1831
Robinson, Cynthia, age 20, Mar 13, dau of Sam'l Robinson Esq., of Mass, had twin sister Calais 3/26/1814
Robinson, Elijah, Hon., Esq., old citizen Wethersfield 2/4/1809
Robinson, George, age 55, 4th inst Bennington, VT 8/23/1831
Robinson, James, age 24 Calais 4/23/1814
Robinson, Jonathan E. Hon., age 53 Bennington, VT 5/17/1831
Robinson, Jonathan Hon., age 64, 3d inst Bennington, Vt 11/26/1819
Robinson, Josiah, age 68, 6th inst Gilmanton, NH 5/26/1829
Robinson, Polly, age 71, Sept 30, wife of Noah Robinson Stowe 10/29/1832
Robinson, Reuben, age 21, 24th ult, son of Aaron Robinson Esq. Bennington, VT 9/22/1829
Robinson, Smith, age 15, 15th ult, killed while blasting stones Conway, NH 10/15/1832
Robinson, Susan Miss, age 15, dau of __ Robinson Esq. of Chester, VT, of scarlet fever Keene, NH 12/20/1831
Robinson, Susan, age about 35, 22d ult, came on stage, left 2 yr old child (item) Barton of Piermont, NH 5/6/1823
Rockwell, Lois, age 64, 13th ult, consort of James Rockwell Cornwall 8/6/1832
Rockwood, Laura Miss, age 20 Newfane 8/6/1832
Rodgers, Thomas, 9th ult, killed while blowing rocks Westford 10/12/1830
Rofs, Levi, age 19, son of Mr. Elijah Rofs [Ross], inflammation of the brain Lyndon 4/3/1813
Rogers, Gulia, age 20, wife of Henry Rogers of Ferrisburg Peru, NY 1/18/1831
Rogers, Hezekiah Major, age 57, of the War Dept. Washington 10/6/1810
Rollins, James, age about 34 Danville 8/22/1822
Rollins, John, age 77, 14th inst, soldier in the Revolution Danville, VT 4/24/1827
Romaine, Joseph Clark W., age about 40, 26th ult, prob of Petersburgh, NY New Haven 9/20/1831
Ronnels, ___ Mr., age 50, 19th appx, kicked by his horse Wilmington 2/21/1817
Rood, Lucy, age 48, July 23, wife of Samuel E. Rood Morristown, VT 9/6/1825
Root, Cyrus Doct., age 47, Feb 23, of consumption, leaves wife & 9 children Wheelock, VT 3/13/1827
Root, Francis, age 27, 2d inst. Lyndon 6/15/1811
Roscoe, Mary Miss, age 15, 6th inst Monkton 1/25/1831
Rose, 5 of 7 children of Lieut. Rose, of spotted fever Stanstead 1/14/1815
Rose, Jerusha Widow, age 83, 25th Chelsea 9/14/1830
Rosebrook, Peggy, age 48, wife of Charles Rosebrook Lancaster, NH 10/31/1812
Ross, Eleazer, age 44, 26th ult Huntington 6/9/1832
Ross, James, age 18 mos, 17th ult, son of Will Ross Barnet 2/14/1826
Ross, John, age 33, July 11th Walden 7/31/1818
Rossell, Benjamin, age 13, 15th inst, son of Jethro Rossell [Russell] Danville 9/26/1817
Rowe, __ Mrs., age 104, wife of Lazarus Rose also age 104 Limington, ME 7/28/1829
Rowe, Alzina Miss, age 16, Sept 3 Castleton 9/20/1831
Rowland, Violetee Widow, age 38, 25th ult St Johnsbury, VT 12/6/1825
Royce, Mary Ann, 2d inst., dau of Capt. Ven Royce, drowned Cockburn 6/29/1811
Ruggles, child, age 8, 1st inst, child of Henry Ruggles, accidentally shot by pistol E. Poultney 3/1/1831
Ruggles, Mary Ann Miss, age 17 Waterford 11/29/1831
Ruggles, Nancy Mrs., age 27, Oct 7, of consumption Rutland 10/22/1832
Rundlet, Lydia, age 71, Sept 23, wife of Theophilus Rundlet Walden 10/1/1832
Runnels, Moses T. Esq., age about 38 Cambridge 11/8/1831
Rush, Benjamin Doctor, age 70, signer of Declaration of Independence Philadelphia 5/8/1813
Russel, John Esq., age 76 Bath, ME 10/18/1831
Russell, Asahel, age 59, drowned in Ct River in a fit on insanity, formerly of Northampton, MA Norwich, VT 9/15/1829
Russell, Betsey Miss, age 22 Danville 9/9/1815
Russell, Jerusha, age 51, wife of Ebenezer Russell Danville, VT 1/30/1823
Russell, John, age 50, end of Dec 1830 Stanstead, LC 2/22/1831
Russell, Martha, age 60, wife of Dea N. Russell Charlotte 10/1/1832
Russell, Polly, age 33, April 30, wife of Elias Russell Cavendish 6/2/1832
Russell, William Allen, age 2, youngest child of David Russell Amherst, NH 10/31/1826
Rust, Daniel, age 52, May 3 Alstead, NH 6/12/1827
Rust, Mary, age 59, 7th inst, wife of John Rust, of quick consumption Kelleyvale 6/17/1828
Rustin, ___ Mrs., age 40, 28th ult, wife of James Rustin Wallingford 11/24/1829
Ryan, Daniel, Esq., age 54 St. Albans 3/3/1810
Sabin, Elisha, 1st inst, drowned in Lamoille River Fairfax 9/12/1807
Sabin, Gideon, age 83, soldier in the French War & the Revolution, leaves 15 children Goshen Gore, VT 6/15/1824
Safford, David Capt., age 88, 10th inst, revolutionary patriot Cambridge 8/23/1831
Safford, Polly Miss, age 35, 25th ult Norwich 7/6/1830
Safford, Silas Esq., age 74, May 13, early settler of town Fairhaven 6/19/1832
Salisbury, Smith H., Feb 7 Rochester, NY 2/21/1832
Sampson, Jacob, age 33, of Stamford Shaftsbury 11/24/1829
Sampson, Sophia, wife of Thomas M. Sampson Cornwall 10/22/1832
Sanborn, Agnes, 1st inst., wife of Elisha Sanborn, leaves 11 children Wheelock 3/10/1820
Sanborn, James, age 49, 17th ult Guilford 8/18/1829
Sanborn, James, age 49, July 17, of consumption Gilford, NH 8/11/1829
Sanborn, John, age 45, native of Sanborntown, NH Danville 6/29/1811
Sanborn, Sally, age 40, wife of Elisha Sanborn Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Sanborn, Tristram, age 44, July 10 Sandbornton, NH 7/24/1827
Sanders, Abigail, age 62, April 17, widow of Ebenezer Sanders St Johnsbury 5/9/1817
Sanders, Ebenezer, age 68, Jan 18 St Johnsbury 5/9/1817
Sanders, Eri, age 3(0) Middlesex 10/6/1829
Sanger, Frances Maria, age 34, Nov 24, w/o James Sanger, d/o Capt Gardner Wheeler St J at W Mendon, NY 1/13/1829
Sargeant, Jacob, age 36, 6th ult Fayston 6/9/1832
Sargeant, Moses, age 25, 24th ult Barre 8/11/1829
Sargent, Jacob, age 38 New London, NH 7/3/1828
Sargent, Mary, age 29, wife of Stephen Sargent Jr. New London, NH 7/3/1828
Sartwell, Obediah, age 64 Bethlehem 3/16/1811
Sattonstal, Nathaniel Capt., age 79, late of New London Marietta 10/3/1807
Saunders, William, age 92, 9th ult Fairfield 9/15/1829
Sawyer, Ezra Capt., age 64 Sterling, MA 2/19/1828
Sawyer, Francis, age 100, last Dec Canterbury, NH 4/29/1828
Sawyer, Frederick A. Lieut., age 37 Burlington, VT 5/17/1831
Sawyer, Mehitabel, age 34, wife of Joshua Sawyer Bethlehem, NH 7/6/1811
Sawyer, Oliver, age 73 Bethlehem, NH 5/25/1811
Sawyer, Sophia, age 3, last Fri, dau of Charles Sawyer Danville 4/24/1827
Sawyer, Stephen, age 69, 11th inst Leicester 11/24/1829
Saxton, Frederick, age 23, Sept 14, of Monkton, drowned in Otter Creek (item) Ferrisburgh 11/5/1808
Scarrett, Jeremiah, age 18, son of Nathan Scarrott, Esq. Lyman, NH 11/1/1811
Scott, Alphonso C. D. A., died Kingbury, NY Woodstock 7/10/1832
Scott, Dolly, Miss, of typhus fever Lyndon 1/26/1811
Scott, Ira, age 50, 21st ult, of Fletcher, VT, of cholera St Johns 8/6/1832
Scott, Jane, age 5, dau of Andrew Scott Waterford 12/9/1809
Scott, Laura, age 30, 12th ult, dau of Paul Scott Poultney 8/16/1831
Scott, Lewis A., age 25 (correction 2/2/1811 age 35) Billymead 1/26/1811
Scott, Luther Sr., age 58, Feb 11 Greensboro, VT 3/23/1824
Scott, Sally, Miss, of typhus fever Lyndon 1/26/1811
Scott, Samuel, age 54, 25th ult, of consumption Middlebury 5/29/1832
Seaver, Daniel, age 79, July 21, formerly of Petersham, MA, revolutionary soldier Craftsbury 8/2/1831
Seaver, Selinda, age 42, wife of Calvin Seaver Esq. Norwich 5/22/1832
Seavey, James, age 45, 13th ult, tree limb fell on him Brownington, VT 5/26/1829
Selfridge, Thomas O Esq. Boston 7/13/1816
Senter, Charles Edward, age 5 m, 5th inst, son of Dearborn B. Senter Danville, VT 5/19/1829
Sergents, dau, about 5, dau of Elihu Sergents, from a fall Littleton, NH 8/12/1809
Sessions, Joseph, age 25, son of Col. Alexander Sessions, student at UVM Munson, MA 4/7/1810
Severence, __ Mrs., age 54, wife of Isaac Severence Esq. Derby, VT 9/1/1829
Seyer, dau, age 8, 1st inst., dau of John Seyer, killed by falling tree in tornado Lyman, NH 7/9/1808
Seymour, Lydia Mrs., age 91, 21st ult Vergennes, VT 7/7/1829
Shafford, Broadstreet, age 78, ill 5 days Fairfax 3/18/1809
Shattuck, Candace, age 2, 6th ult, dau of Capt. Obil Shattuck Wheelock, VT 2/5/1828
Shattuck, Charles J., age 32, 4th inst Stockbridge 6/22/1830
Shattuck, Moses, age 54, 15th ult, of Highgate, of consumption St Albans 7/3/1832
Shattuck, Obil, age 1, 6th ult, son of Samuel Shattuck Wheelock, VT 2/5/1828
Shaw, Azro, age 2, 5th inst, son of Perez & Sally Shaw Craftsbury, VT 9/15/1829
Shaw, Bela Capt., age 61, May 19, native of Dayton, MA Lyndon at Springfield, IL 6/28/1825
Shaw, Daniel, age about 35, Sat last Barnet 10/29/1819
Shaw, Lureane, age 57, April 2d, wife of Bela Shaw Esq. Lyndon 4/26/1821
Shaw, Mary Maria, age 5 mos, last Fri, only dau of Geo B. Shaw Esq. Danville, VT 3/1/1825
Shaw, Susan M., age 25, last Sun., w/o Geo Shaw Esq., d/o Hon. Wm. Griswold (obit) Danville, VT 3/1/1825
Shaw, William, son of Daniel Shaw Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Sheiden, Hezekiah F., (letter to the editor regarding death) Danville 5/24/1821
Shelden, Hannah Miss, age 60, of dysentery Danville 8/27/1814
Shelden, Pardon, age 36, 7th inst Lyndon, VT 7/12/1825
Sheldon, Hannah Miss, age 18, 2nd inst Danville 6/23/1807
Sheldon, Hezekiah, age 34, Sunday Danville 4/12/1821
Sheldon, Pardon, age 55, 10th inst Lyndon 8/19/1809
Sheldon, Samuel B. Esq., age 47, 26th ult Shelden 10/10/1807
Shepard, Aaron, about 50 Greensborough 5/25/1811
Shepard, Benoni Dea., Jan 15th Tolland, Ct ? 2/15/1808
Shepard, Charles, age 8, 27th ult, son of Thomas Shepard St Johnsbury, VT 11/11/1828
Shepard, John, age 83, in a fit of insanity jumped from his chamber window at night New London, CT 11/24/1829
Shepard, Miss Caroline Matilda, age 24, Sept 13 Montgomery 11/5/1832
Shepardson, Lettice, age 68, 11th inst, wife of Zephadiah Shepardson Guilford 6/14/1831
Shephard, infant, of Thomas Shephard Danville 9/26/1822
Sherburne, James, run over by cart Portsmouth, NH 10/22/1832
Sherburne, John Hon., age 73, lost his leg by cannon in Battle of Butls' Hill, RI Portsmouth, NH 8/31/1830
Sherman, Jerusha, age 57, wife of Jonathan Sherman Barre 12/15/1829
Shirtliff, Joel, age 62, 16th ult, of consumption Compton, LC 5/20/1828
Short, Eleanor, age 49, 5th inst, wife of John Short Danville, VT 7/13/1824
Short, John, age 82, last Friday, early settler of town Danville, VT 9/2/1823
Short, Mary, age 68, Sunday last, wife of Dea John Short (obit) Danville 8/24/1820
Short, William, age 7, son of John & Elenore Short Danville 11/13/1813
Shurbern, Roxana, age 7, 28th ult, dau of Asa Shurbern Lyndon, VT 11/18/1828
Shute, John R., age 23, 21st ult Belchertown, MA 4/22/1828
Sias, Abigail, age 42, wife of Jeremiah Sias Esq. Danville 7/13/1820
Sias, Abigail, age 68, 16th inst, widow of Hon Benjamin Sias Danville 2/21/1822
Sias, Benjamin, age 25, 17th inst, son of Hon Samuel Sias, of consumption Danville 1/25/1831
Sias, Hannah, Miss, age 23 Danville 2/2/1811
Sias, Jane, age 73, wife of Capt Charles Sias, formerly of Danville Derby 8/3/1816
Sias, Sally, age 42, last Wed., consort of Hon. Samuel Sias Danville 12/12/1826
Sias, Solomon, age 16, 23d ult, son of Jeremiah Sias Esq. Danville 11/1/1831
Sibley, Abby, Nov last, consort of Derick Sibley Rochester, NY 12/18/1827
Silvester, Peter, age 63 Waterford 8/12/1809
Simmons, John Esq., age 53, 10th ult Middlebury 7/7/1829
Simonds, Hannah Widow, age 52, 12th inst Burlington 10/29/1832
Simons, Charles P., age 18, 7th inst, son of Alfred Simons Woodstock 8/30/1831
Simpson, Mary Miss, age 18, 14th ult Newbury 4/12/1831
Simpson, Robert, age 101, native of Scotland Montreal 5/22/1832
Sinclair, Joseph, age 85, a Revolutionary Patriot Bethlehem 8/24/1811
Sinclair, Richard, Col., age 94, Capt in the Revolutionary War Danville 7/3/1813
Skeele, Sally, age 29, last Wed, dau of John Skeele Peacham, VT 8/22/1826
Skinner, Infant son, age 6 weeks, son of Nathan & Sally Skinner Albany 6/2/1832
Skinner, Sally, age 33, April 30, wife of Nathan Skinner Albany 6/2/1832
Skinner, Thompson J., Esq., Treasurer of Commonwealth of MA Boston 2/4/1809
Slack, Betsey Mrs., age 75, formerly of New London, NH Lunenburg 6/28/1831
Slayton, Samuel, age 79 Woodstock 8/31/1830
Sleeper, Joshua, age 50, 4th inst Corinth 4/19/1831
Sly, John, age 84, 19th inst Ryegate 3/29/1831
Smead, ______ Mrs., wife of Solomon Smead Esq., Greenfield, Mass 2/29/1808
Smead, 10 children of Solomon Smead, Esq., between Dec 23 & Jan 12 Greenfield, Mass 2/29/1808
Smead, David Esq., age 75 Greenfield, Mass 1/15/1807
Smith, ___ Mrs., age 93 New London, NH 4/7/1829
Smith, Abial, age 51 Leicester 12/20/1831
Smith, Alpheus, age 26, 22d ult Shipton 4/19/1831
Smith, Amos Jr., age 22, Aug 26 Chesterfield, NH 10/25/1831
Smith, Benjamin Dea., age 79 Westminster 6/2/1832
Smith, Benjamin, 20th inst, fell from his horse Rumney, NH 6/30/1829
Smith, Benjamin, age 28, 17th ult, fell off his horse Rumney, NH 7/21/1829
Smith, Benjamin, age 79, 10th inst Danville, VT 9/18/1827
Smith, Caroline, age 22, Sept 4, wife of Ed. W. Smith Hanover, NH 9/27/1831
Smith, Catharine, age 58, 19th inst, wife of Abijah Smith Lunenburg 8/27/1832
Smith, Chauncey Capt., age 61, of West Haven, of cholera (long item) Dedham, Ct 10/8/1832
Smith, Chestine B., age 7, of James Smith, of spotted fever Bath 5/11/1811
Smith, child, age 3, of William Smith Danville 9/6/1831
Smith, Clarissa M., age 15, 31st ult, dau of Rev Reuben Smith Burlington at Hadley, MA 9/20/1831
Smith, Cyrus, age 32 Waterford 1/18/1808
Smith, Daniel, age 53, last Sat, of consumption Danville, VT 7/8/1823
Smith, Daniel, age 79, 12th ult, soldier of the revolution Clarendon 6/2/1832
Smith, David Capt., age 80, fought at Battle of Bennington Waterford 4/25/1812
Smith, Dexter Esq. Weathersfield 6/9/1832
Smith, Dorrick, age 38, 5th inst Waitsfield 11/19/1832
Smith, Elisha Franconia 4/24/1813
Smith, Eliza Atlanta, of James Smith, of spotted fever Bath 5/11/1811
Smith, Eliza, age 32, 6th inst, wife of Moses Smith, of consumption Alexandria, NH 6/2/1829
Smith, Eliza, age 32, wife of Moses Smith Alexandria, NH 6/16/1829
Smith, Elizabeth, age 77, relict of Maj. Ezra Smith Burlington 12/24/1832
Smith, Ezoa S., age 18, July 28, dau of Reubin Smith, of fever & rash Goshen Gore 9/4/1832
Smith, Frederick Lieut., age 89, 11th ult Strafford 10/15/1832
Smith, George E. Esq., Alderman NY City 8/6/1832
Smith, Hiram, age 4, son of Mr. Daniel Smith Danville 4/3/1813
Smith, Isaac, age 10, 6th inst, son of Mr. Abraham Smith Lyndon 5/13/1816
Smith, Isaac, age about 47, 25th ult Brownington, VT 4/12/1831
Smith, Israel, age 52, last Sunday, late Gov. of VT Danville 12/15/1810
Smith, James, age 9, of James Smith, of spotted fever Bath 5/11/1811
Smith, Jedediah, age 80, Sept 28, of cancer Langdon, NH 11/5/1832
Smith, Jeremiah B., age 3, son of Mr. Daniel Smith Danville 6/29/1816
Smith, Jerusha, Mrs., age 53, 15th inst, w/o Capt Justus Smith, d/o Dea. Moses Fields Brownington (item) 5/30/1812
Smith, John Esq., age 74, Monday Philadelphia 8/19/1815
Smith, John, age 12, last Fri., son of Wid Susannah Smith, of consumption Danville, VT 2/1/1825
Smith, John, age 53, 12th ult Huntington 8/2/1831
Smith, John, Rev., Professor at Dartmouth College Hanover 5/20/1809
Smith, Josias, of lingering consumption, attorney at Law & Mayor Vergennes 1/19/1811
Smith, Justin Dr. Reading 4/19/1831
Smith, Mary, age 70, 22d ult, wife of Enoch Smith Newark, VT 8/6/1832
Smith, Michael, 1st inst, froze to death on walk home Wheelock 1/11/1808
Smith, Nathan MD., formerly of Hanover, NH New Haven, CT 2/10/1829
Smith, Nathan, age 55, July 21 Kirby 10/9/1813
Smith, Olive F., age 24, dau of Giles Smith Benson 9/15/1829
Smith, Oliver, age 43 Randolph 11/24/1810
Smith, Reuben, age 10, 28th ult, son of William Smith, he drank cedar oil Danville, VT 7/7/1829
Smith, Samuel Dea., age 80 Bakersfield 12/29/1829
Smith, Samuel, Elder, committed suicide, formerly of Windsor Derby 9/15/1810
Smith, Silas, Sept 18 Sutton of Marlo, NH 12/16/1828
Smith, Solomon, age 70 Rutland, VT 10/12/1830
Smith, Stephen Esq., age 46 Leicester 2/21/1832
Smith, William D. Esq., age 35, 24th ult (obit) Rutland at Burlington 3/14/1822
Smith, Zadock, age 73, 24th ult, early settler of town Shelburn 10/12/1830
Snell, Solomon, age 44, 6th ult Crown Point, NY 10/13/1829
Snow, Elijah, aged about 33, 17th inst, formerly of Danville, run over by ox cart St Johnsbury 10/1/1832
Snow, Mary, wife of Ono Snow Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Snow, Olive Widow, age 61 Dolton, NH 7/16/1814
Snow, Sally, age 27, 16th ult, wife of Norman Snow Pomfret 11/24/1829
Snyder, Simon, age 60, 10th inst, late Gov of Penn Penn 11/26/1819
Sommers, Bartholomew 1st, age 68 Barre 2/12/1814
Sommers, Cloud, age 78 Barnet 6/12/1818
Sommers, Margaret, age 17 mos, dau of James Sommers Barnet, VT 11/2/1824
Sommers, Margaret, age 29, wife of James Sommers Barnet, VT 8/9/1825
Soule, Rhoda Miss, age 17, 17th ult, dau of I. N. Soule, Esq. Fairfax 7/3/1832
Southway, Ebenezer, age 25 Castleton 10/18/1831
Southworth, Isaac, age 23, 11th ult Starksboro 11/19/1832
Southworth, Mary Miss, Sept 27, died at Mobile, Ala. Pittsford, VT 11/17/1829
Spalding, Erastis Col., shot trying to run potash into Kingston, of Scipto, NY Kingston, U. C. 8/7/1808
Spalding, Lydia, age 84, Nov 1, widow of Zebulon Spalding Chelmsford, MA 11/24/1829
Sparhawk, Nathaniel, age 65 Weathersfield 3/1/1831
Spaulding, Hannah, age 63, March 13, consort of Abel Spaulding of Waitsfield Norton, Ohio 6/2/1832
Spear, Charles, age 45, formerly of Hanover, NH New York 4/26/1831
Spear, Polly, age 39, wife of Elijah Spear, leaves 8 children Cabot 10/3/1807
Spencer, George, age 32, 6th inst, leaving wife & 4 children, blind for over 1 yr Cabot 1/25/1831
Spencer, Jane Mrs., age 38, 12th ult Middlebury 6/7/1831
Spencer, John, age 8, son of Ebenezer Spencer Peacham 12/13/1811
Spencer, John, age 8, son of Mr. Ebenezer Spencer Peacham 12/13/1811
Spencer, Lydia Widow, age 61, 5th ult Cornwall 9/6/1831
Spencer, Nabby, age 18, Jan 28, dau of Simon Spencer Bolton, Ct 2/29/1808
Spencer, Robert, age 50, Sept 1 Marshfield, VT 9/27/1825
Spencer, Simon, age 38, 1st inst Bolton, Ct 2/29/1808
Spink, Whitman, age 48, 17th ult Shaftsbury 1/18/1831
Spooner, Alden Esq., age 70, last Tues, in a fit of apoplexy Windsor 5/8/1827
Spooner, Bathsheba W., age 85, 2(9)th ult, widow of Eliakim Spooner Esq. Woodstock 2/15/1831
Spooner, Louisa, age 45, May 7, wife of Daniel Spooner Esq. Chelsea 5/17/1831
Spooner, Thomas Franconia 4/24/1813
Spooner, William, age 78, 3d ult, Revolutionary Soldier at Battle of White Plains Monkton 2/22/1831
Spotten, Mrs., age 98, Nov 4 Middlebury 11/19/1832
Sprague, Anthony, age 90, fought at Battle of Bunker Hill Waltham, VT 12/20/1831
Sprague, Charlotte, age 23, w/o Rev William B. Sprague, d/o late Gen. Eaton West Springfield, Mass 7/26/1821
Sprague, Clarissa, age 29, last Thurs., wife of Isaac Sprague, of Claremont, NH Danville 5/19/1810
Sprague, David, age 90, Dec 22, of Rhode Island, father of 21 kids (obit) Greenwich, NY 2/7/1822
Sprague, James, age 74, June 13, one of first settlers of Stanstead Barnston, L. C. 7/10/1832
Sprague, Rachel Widow, age 77, April 29, former widow of Capt Levi Locklin Lyndon 5/29/1832
Sprigg, Thomas, Gen., age 67, Patriot of the Revolution Baltimore 1/13/1810
Squire, Nathan H., age 21, 10th inst Rutland 10/18/1831
Stafford, Nathaniel, age 59 Irasburgh 5/22/1813
Stanford, Alonie, age 13, Feb 6 Burke, VT 4/14/1829
Stanford, Timothy A. Esq., age 29, 23d ult Burke, VT 4/14/1829
Stanley, __ Mrs., age 51, wife of Mark Stanley, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Stanley, Curtis Esq., age 25, Friday last, of consumption (obit) Danville 6/24/1819
Stanley, Dennis, Lt., age 65, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Stanley, Dennis, Lt., Jr., age 26, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Stanley, Mark, age 56, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Stanton, Erastus, age about 40, Sunday last, fell under loaded wagon & run over Danville at Boston 10/17/1817
Stanton, Hannah, age 6 months, dau of Lt John A Stanton Danville 1/28/1814
Stanton, Isaac W. Capt., age 87, 12th inst, officer in Revolutionary War Danville 12/22/1829
Stanton, Isaac W., age 87, 11th inst Danville 12/15/1829
Stanton, Ruth, age 27, dau of Capt Isaac W. Stanton Danville 4/18/1822
Staples, Lois Widow, age 81, 24th ult Westmoreland, NH 8/14/1827
Staples, Susannah, age 46, wife of William Staples, of consumption Newfane 6/14/1831
Starr, __ Mrs., age 38, wife of J. J. Starr, of consumption Burlington, VT 12/29/1829
Starr, Catharine, 26th ult, wife of J. J. Starr Burlington, VT 8/16/1831
Starr, Elizabeth, age 12, dau of Peter Starr Esq. Middlebury 10/6/1829
Starr, James, age 90, part of Boston Tea Party Jay, NY 2/15/1831
Starrett, William Dea., age 82, gored in the bowels while feeding his ox Francestown, NH 9/15/1829
Stearns, __ Mrs., innkeeper Milton Falls 11/24/1829
Stearns, Daniel Capt., age 59, 22d ult Reading 4/12/1831
Stebbins, James Jr., age 28, 23d ult Suffield, CT at Montpelier 11/5/1819
Steel, Julia A., age 27, June 17, wife of Rev. Joseph Steel, of consumption Castleton 7/3/1832
Stephenson, Reuben, Jr., age 2, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Stevens, Apphia, age 30, 10th inst, wife of Tobias Stevens Danville 4/19/1831
Stevens, Benjamin, age 24, last Fri Danville, VT 3/17/1829
Stevens, Electa, age 35, 3d inst, wife of Capt Benjamin Stevens Pownal 8/24/1830
Stevens, Enos, Esq., age 58, 7th inst Barnet 6/18/1808
Stevens, Jane, age 58, 3d ult, consort of Lt Henry Stevens Stoddard, NH 5/1/1827
Stevens, Nicholas, age 67, 29th ult Bradford, VT 6/29/1824
Stevens, Sally M. Mrs., age 29, 31st ult, dau of Lemuel Stevens Castleton 1/18/1831
Stevens, Samuel, age 4, May 27, son of Henry Stevens Esq. Barnet, VT 7/3/1827
Stevens, Sophia Widow, age 51 Barnet 9/30/1815
Steward, John, age 84, July 31 (obit) Middlebury 9/1/1829
Stewart, John, age 70, March 18 Warner, NH 4/15/1828
Stewart, Jonas, age 85 Cabot, VT 11/8/1825
Stewart, S( e art) Mrs., age 62, relict of Col Stewart Barnet at Lyman, NH 8/11/1829
Stiles, Caleb, age 90, Oct 17, soldier of the Revolution Danville, VT 11/9/1824
Still, John Dea., age 55, Aug 30, formerly of Hatley, L. C., of cholera Whitby, U. C. 10/8/1832
Stillman, Samuel, Pastor First Baptist Church of Boston Boston, Mass 3/24/1807
Stinson, Andrew, age 40 Hopkinton, NH 4/7/1829
Stinson, child, of James Stinson New London, NH 7/3/1828
Stinson, Jeremiah, Esq., age 36, last Sunday, slide off hay onto pitchfork Dunbarton 9/30/1809
Stocker, __ Mrs., age about 40, wife of John Stocker Danville 4/20/1811
Stocker, Marshall, age 79 Danville 2/14/1822
Stocker, Nancy, age 74, 31st ult, wife of Marshal Stocker Danville 6/7/1821
Stocker, Sarah H., age 2, dau of Ephraim Stocker Bethlehem, NH 4/21/1810
Stockwell, Emmons Capt., age 78, 8th inst, leaving a widow & 12 kids, 34 gkids Lancaster, NH 11/26/1819
Stoddard, Eleazer, age 33, Oct 16 Chesterfield, NH 12/11/1827
Stoddard, Ezra, Lt., about 30, killed by falling tree Lyndon 6/29/1811
Stoddard, Luther Maj., age 60 Geneva, NY 3/17/1807
Stoddard, Luther, Maj., age 60 Geneva, NY 3/17/1807
Stone, Freelon, age 19, 11th ult Danby 7/5/1831
Stone, Gregory, Esq., 22d ult, standing on bridge & flood waters took it (item 9/8) Weathersfield 9/1/1810
Stone, Hepsibah Mrs., age 89, 2d ult East Berkshire 6/2/1832
Stone, John, age 72, July 14, revolutionary soldier, died of heat stroke Litchfield, Ct 8/6/1832
Stone, Joseph, Sat last, only son of Ephraim Stone of Windsor, drowned in CT River Windsor 9/24/1808
Stone, Matthias, Dea., age 91 Cabot 12/17/1814
Stone, Moses, age 18, son of Dea. Moses Stone Cabot 11/13/1813
Stone, Walter, about 7 months, son of Walter Stone Danville 6/29/1811
Storer, Ebenezer, Esq., age 67 Boston 2/10/1807
Storer, Ebenezer, Esq., Treasurer of Harvard College Boston 1/27/1807
Storey, Sally, age 5, Jan 16, dau of Charles Storey Esq. McIndoe Falls, VT 2/6/1827
Storrs, John Esq., 10th ult, died at Augusta, GA. Burlington, VT 12/22/1829
Stowell, Orrin, age 48, 29th ult Middlebury 5/24/1831
Stratton, Julia, about 16, 15th ult, dau of John Stratton, Jr., drowned Southwick, MA 8/12/1809
Stratton, Lydia, wife of Jabez Stratton Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Streeter, Alton, age 43, Oct 9, by accidental falling of a sand bank Whitingham 11/19/1832
Streeter, Daniel, age 48 Dolton, NH 1/2/1813
Streeter, Derias, age 16, son of Dr. Joseph Streeter, of bilious colic Dalton, NH 5/23/1812
Streeter, Dolly, age 2, dau of Benjamin Streeter, drowned in tub of water Billymead 10/27/1810
Streeter, Elijah, age 61, Dec 11, son of Rev. Zebulon Streeter Surry, NH 1/8/1807
Streeter, Hannah, age 17, dau of Mr. Benjamin Streeter Concord, Vt 3/19/1814
Streeter, Hannah, Mrs., age 70, consort of Joseph Streeter Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Strickland, Caroline Miss, age 26, 16th ult Woodstock 7/19/1831
Strobridge, Turner, age 32 Peacham, VT 8/7/1827
Strong, Caleb Hon., late Gov of Mass, last week Northampton 11/19/1819
Strong, Henry, age 85, 8th inst Rutland, VT 5/24/1831
Strong, Samuel Gen., 5th inst Vergennes 12/24/1832
Sturtevant, Polly Mrs., age 20 Vershire 11/29/1831
Styles, Sarah Mrs., age 94, Dec 15, mother of Thomas Stains Huntingdon, Penn 2/1/1821
Sullivan, William B., Esq., age 25, 3d son of Hon. J. Sullivan Boston 1/8/1807
Summerfield, John Rev., age 27, 13th inst New York 6/21/1825
Summers, Susanna, age 60, wife of Bartholomew Summers Barnet 10/11/1811
Sumpter, Thomas Gen. South Mount, SC 7/3/1832
Swain, Joseph, age 76 Halifax 4/19/1831
Swallow, Mrs. Fanny, age 29 Poultney 6/2/1832
Sweat, Enoch Hardwick 3/27/1813
Sweat, Luke Lt., age 75, Revolutionary Patriot Danville 4/4/1817
Sweat, Sophia, age 27 Danville 4/9/1814
Sweetser, Mary, age 27, Aug 11, w/o Phillips Sweetser Jr., only d/o Galen Pond Barton at Pawtucket, RI 9/14/1824
Swett, Hepsebah, age 38, wife of Trustum Swett Hardwick, VT 6/7/1825
Swift, Charles Dea., age 57, 30th ult Fairfax 12/20/1831
Swift, Hannah, 26th ult, widow of Jireh Swift of Ohio Starksboro 9/15/1829
Symes, William, Esq., age 41 Portland 1/27/1807
Symmes, __ Mrs., age 36, wife of Ebenezer Symmes Hanover, NH 8/23/1831
Symmes, John Cleves Capt., author of the theory of Open Poles & Concentric Spheres Hamilton, OH 6/23/1829
Taft, Clarissa, age 33, 7th, wife of Varnum Taft Bennington, VT 11/24/1829
Taggart, Ashbel, age 28, Dec 8, killed by falling tree Ferrisburg 1/25/1831
Taggart, John Lieut., age 82, 15th ult, officer of the revolution Dublin, NH 12/24/1832
Taylor, Abigail, age 68, 29th ult, wife of Col E. Taylor Waitsfield, VT 6/9/1829
Taylor, Archibald, April 23 Newbury 5/2/1826
Taylor, Daniel Capt., age about 60, of cancer Berlin 3/1/1831
Taylor, Edward, age 75, May 1, of Danville Salem, VT 6/14/1831
Taylor, Edward, Jr., age 18, son of Edward Taylor, of spotted fever Danville 8/3/1811
Taylor, Elias Col., age 73, Revolutionary pensioner Waitsfield, VT 6/9/1829
Taylor, Foster, age 43 Woodstock 9/15/1829
Taylor, Gamaliel, age 23, son of Thomas Taylor Esq., cut his throat with a razor Wolcott 5/20/1815
Taylor, John Lt Gov., age 86 Albany, NY 4/7/1829
Taylor, John, age 31, last Sunday, of bilious colic, leaves wife & 5 children Hardwick at Danville 10/3/1812
Taylor, Sarah, age 62, 10th inst, wife of Edward Taylor Danville, VT 6/24/1828
Taylor, Simeon, age 78 Windsor 2/21/1832
Temple, Thomas, age 37, Feb 22, of spotted fever Dana, MA 2/24/1810
Tenney, Asa Esq. Newbury 6/7/1831
Tenney, Francis, May 13, son of Rev S. G. Tenney, late of Lyndon, of scarlet fever Bakersfield 6/9/1832
Tenney, James, May 18, son of Rev S. G. Tenney, late of Lyndon, of scarlet fever Bakersfield 6/9/1832
Tenney, Mary, May 16, dau of Rev S. G. Tenney, late of Lyndon, of scarlet fever Bakersfield 6/9/1832
Tewksbury, Charles S., age 24, 25th ult, son of Moses Tewksbury Esq. Hartland at Troy, NY 11/17/1829
Thatcher, Benjamin, about 40, 17th ult, of Montreal, of cholera St Johns 7/3/1832
Thatcher, Sybil, age 66, 12th ult, wife of Benjamin Thatcher Cavendish 10/1/1832
Thaxter, Joseph Rev., age 83, Aug 1 Edgarton, MA 8/7/1827
Thayer, Aaron Capt., age 72, 9th ult, of B(ein)gham Milford, MA 11/3/1829
Thayer, Caleb, age 75, 5th inst, of cancer Burlington, VT 9/20/1831
Thayer, Clarissa Miss, age 30, 15th ult Shellburne, VT 8/18/1829
Thayer, John, age 37 Peacham 3/24/1820
Thomas, Alexander, Esq., 2nd inst., died at Saratoga Springs, NY Walpole, NH 7/22/1809
Thomas, Ebenezer Bridgewater 10/22/1832
Thomas, Isaiah Jun., former editor of the Worcester Gazette Boston 7/15/1819
Thomas, Isaiah L.L.D., age 82 Worcester, MA 4/26/1831
Thomas, Joseph Capt., age 66, 15th ult, entered Revolutionary service at age 14 Orwell 8/11/1829
Thomas, Mary, age 65, Sept 11th, consort of Joseph Thomas Hardwick 10/21/1819
Thomas, Norman, age 8, 24th ult, son of Ariel Thomas, kicked by a horse Waterbury 11/19/1832
Thomas, William, age about 50, on the 8th inst Fletcher 4/24/1813
Thompson, Aaron, age 57, 18th ult Peacham 5/3/1831
Thompson, Abijah C., age 36 Georgia 6/9/1829
Thompson, Horatio Dr., age about 38, formerly of Mansfield, CT Hardwick 1/1/1814
Thompson, J. C. Capt., age 33, accidentally drank salt peter, thought it was glauber salt Corinth 9/5/1817
Thompson, John C. Hon., 27th ult, of the Vt Supreme Court Burlington, VT 7/12/1831
Thompson, Matilda Mrs., age 30, 23d ult Topsham 12/11/1827
Thompson, Polly Miss Bennington, VT 6/28/1831
Thompson, Polly, age 20, 22d ult, wife of Lewis Thompson Chelsea 9/14/1830
Thompson, Rhoda Miss, age 18 Wilmot, NH 4/7/1829
Thompson, Thomas, Col. Portsmouth 3/18/1809
Thorndike, Israel Hon., age 76 Boston 5/29/1832
Thrasher, Sophia Mrs., age 28 Westminster 10/25/1831
Thurston, Nathaniel, Hon., age 58, buried Bradford beside his six deceased wives Lansingburg, NY 11/29/1811
Tichener, Elizabeth, age 5(3), wife of Hon Isaac Tichenor Bennington 9/16/1815
Tilden, Joanna Miss, age 58, 10th inst, of palsy Woodstock 8/27/1832
Tileston, Rebecca, age 31, 27th ult, consort of Rev Wales Tileston, d/o late Richard Gookin Haverhill, NH of Charlemont, MA 5/1/1827
Tilton, David Esq., 13th ult, formerly of Shipton, LC & Gilmonton, NH Bangor, NY 10/12/1830
Tilton, Joseph Col, age 78, last Tues Danville, VT 3/1/1825
Tilton, Keziah Widow, age 68, last Tues Danville, VT 1/24/1826
Tissot, Leopole, Sat., drowned trying to ford a river Bath, NH 9/15/1810
Todd, Jerusha, age 52, 13th inst, relict of late Major Samuel Todd Orford 8/29/1807
Tolles, Clark, age 74 Weathersfield 8/6/1832
Tolman, Dorothy Widow, age 84, 15th ult Vershire, VT 6/9/1829
Tolman, Sally, Miss, age 17, of spotted fever Dana, MA 2/24/1810
Tolman, Thomas, age 98, Patriot of the Revolution Greensboro 7/26/1821
Tompkins, Daniel D. Esq., age 51, 11th inst, US Vice President Staten Island 6/21/1825
Tooker, Lucy Mrs., died from drinking poisoned winter green tea Lynn, MA 8/31/1830
Torrey, William, age 32, died Henryville, Canada Georgia, VT 11/24/1829
Tower, Betsey, age 39, Oct 24, wife of Ephraim D. Tower Northfield 11/19/1832
Towle, Edward, age 47, 31st ult Haverhill, NH 6/9/1829
Towle, Emily, age 19, dau of Edward Towle Haverhill, NH 6/16/1829
Towle, Jacob, age 70 Peacham 7/16/1814
Town, Josiah, age 31, 20th inst Montpelier 10/1/1832
Towne, Rebecca, age 39, wife of Amos Towne Bath 5/19/1810
Tracy, Daniel, Esq., 18th ult Montreal 8/6/1832
Tracy, son, age 3, son of Mr. Samuel Tracy Fairfax 9/9/1815
Tracy, Sophia, age 4, dau of Mr. Samuel Tracy Fairfax 9/9/1815
Tracy, Thomas, Maj., age 38, very suddenly Norwich, CT 2/10/1807
Tracy, Uriah Hon., age 54, Senator from CT Washington 8/8/1807
Travers, Daniel, son of Oliver Travers Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Treadwell, Bradley, age 31, 19th inst (item) Weston, Ct 8/10/1820
Trescott, Calender, age 7, Sept 7, son of William Trescott Danville 9/11/1813
Trescott, Susanna, age 45, wife of Jonathan Trescott St. Johnsbury 12/25/1812
Trevilla, John, age about 50, 21st ult, died from bee sting (item) Sudbury, Penn 8/24/1820
True, Abigail, age 62, Feb 25, consort of Dea. Enoch True (obit) Sutton 3/13/1813
True, Emeline, age 56, wife of Joseph True Berlin 12/10/1832
True, Pearfon, son of Thomas True Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Trumball, Mr., last Wed., killed while felling trees Goshen Gore 3/3/1810
Trumbull, Jonathan, Esq., age 69, governor of CT Lebanon (CT) 8/19/1809
Trussell, Hannah, age 33, last Thurs., consort of John Trussell Danville 4/10/1827
Tucker, Mrs., age about 70, 1st inst, wife of Thomas Tucker Chelsea 10/22/1832
Tuller, Martin B., age 20, Dec 29, got glass in his foot, died of lockjaw Montpelier, VT 1/22/1828
Turner, Bela, Esq. Lincoln 4/24/1813
Turner, Bethewel, age 50 Lyman, NH 4/18/1812
Turner, Samuel, age 78, 4th inst, revolutionary soldier Craftsbury 10/1/1832
Tute, Sarah, age 65, wife of Moses Tute St Johnsbury 6/9/1807
Tute, Sarah, age 65, wife of Moses Tute ST. Johnsbury 6/9/1807
Tuttle, Anna Mrs., age 73 Dummerston 11/8/1831
Tuttle, Asahel, age about 24 Franconia 5/23/1812
Tuttle, Ebenezer P. Capt., age 46 Clarendon 11/17/1829
Tuttle, Harden, son of Jonathan Tuttle Esq. Lincoln 4/24/1813
Tuttle, John Capt., age 31 Newark, NJ 5/6/1823
Tuttle, Jonathan Esq. Lincoln 4/24/1813
Tuxbury, Hannah Mrs., age 82, 20th ult South Woodstock 10/12/1830
Twaddel, Robert Dea., age about 90, 18th inst, native of Scotland, to Ryegate in 1774 Barnet, VT 5/31/1825
Tyler, Alvira L., age 10, Sept 24, dau of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/24/1829
Tyler, Flavel B., age 19, Sept 21, son of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/24/1829
Tyler, James P., age 17, Sept 10, son of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/24/1829
Tyler, Jesse, age 43, Oct 10, of typhus fever Waterford 11/24/1829
Tyler, Lyman S., age 20, Aug 31, son of Jesse Tyler, of typhus fever Waterford 11/24/1829
Tyler, Royal Hon., age 66, last Wed, native of Boston (obit) Danville, VT 8/29/1826
Tyler, Samuel, age 54 Milton 10/6/1829
Tyron, __ Mrs., age 24, 10th ult, wife of Maria Tyron Montpelier 9/6/1831
Underhill, James, last Thurs., died at Concord, NH, thrown from wagon Greensborough 9/16/1809
Underwood, Jeremy, age 77, Oct 27, Revolutionary soldier Jaffrey, NH 1/29/1828
Upham, Edward Esq. Northampton 5/5/1807
Upham, Nathaniel Hon., age 65, 10th inst Rochester, NH 7/28/1829
Utley, Levi, age about 45 St Johnsbury 4/22/1815
Utley, Melinda, age 24, Aug 22, wife of Levi Utley, of scarlet fever Goshen Gore 9/4/1832
Vadakin, Philena, age 36, 8th ult, wife of Philip Vadakin Esq. Bristol 6/21/1831
Van Buren, William Dr., age 61 Albany, NY 8/6/1832
Van Ness, Marcia, Sept 16, wife of Gen Van Ness Washington City 10/1/1832
Van Rensselaer, Jeremiah, Esq., age 79 Albany 3/24/1810
Varney, Mary, age 10, last Thur, dau of Widow Varney, of dropsy on the brain Danville, VT 11/21/1826
Varney, Thomas Esq., age 46, last Wed Danville, VT 6/28/1825
Varnum, Pascal, age 25, 21st ult, in a fit Peacham at Thornton, NH 3/17/1829
Vincent, Anna, age 80, 20th ult, widow of Joseph Vincent, formerly of Groton, CT St Johnsbury, VT 11/13/1827
Vincent, John, Capt., age 95, an Indian Parkerstown 8/4/1810
Vincent, Joseph, age 87 St Johnsbury, VT 3/13/1823
Wait, __Mrs., died at Hartford, VT Wheelock at Hartford, VT 4/10/1827
Wait, Benjamin Gen., age 90, officer of the Revolution Waitsfield 7/18/1822
Wait, Charles, age 5, Sat last, son of Capt M. Wait Danville 9/2/1819
Wait, Jeduthun Mr., a pensioner Waitsfield, VT 6/9/1829
Wait, John, age 70, 28th ult, a Revolutionary patriot Weston 6/22/1830
Wait, Lorena, age 44, Nov 23, wife of Stephen Wait Kingston 12/21/1830
Wait, Thomas, age 37, 31st ult Bennington, VT 1/18/1831
Walbridge, Henry, age 61, 11th inst Cabot at Lowell, MA 12/24/1832
Walbridge, Pamelia Miss, age about 19 East Randolph 8/23/1831
Wales, Aaron Esq., age 67 Springfield 6/9/1832
Walker, Jemima Widow, age 78 Rockingham 5/5/1807
Walker, Rebecca Miss, age about 30, 26th ult Brownington, VT 12/29/1829
Walker, William Cambridge, Vt 4/3/1813
Wallace, William Col. Newbury 8/20/1808
Walter, Arthur Maynard, Esq., age 26, youngest son of late Rev. Dr. Walter Boston 2/10/1807
Walton, Joseph, age 95, soldier in French war & wounded at Battle of Bunker Hill Temple, NH 8/2/1831
Walton, Nathan, age 77 Middletown 10/6/1829
Ward, Chauncy Esq., age about 30 Derby 4/2/1814
Ward, Mary Mrs., age 83, 10th inst Arlington 6/29/1830
Ward, Nancy Miss, age 16, 10th ult Windsor 7/10/1832
Ward, Samuel Gurwen, died same evening as his friend Capt Geo Crownenshield Salem, Mass 12/19/1817
Wardner, Rebecca, age 41, July 7, wife of Calvin Wardner Reading 8/31/1830
Ware, Eleanor, age 20d, dau of Jon. Ware Esq. Danville 12/7/1807
Ware, Jonathan, Jr., age 17, son of Jonathan Ware, Esq. Pomfret 3/20/1813
Ware, Laura Miss, age 13 Kirby, VT 11/24/1829
Ware, Nicholas Hon., Senator from Georgia New York 9/28/1824
Warner, Betsey, age 48, 10th inst, wife of Dr. Levi Warner New Haven 8/31/1830
Warner, Hiram, Gen., age 34, Oct 27 Hardwick 11/12/1832
Warner, Jared, age 47, 17th ult Shoreham 9/15/1829
Warner, John, 1st ult, accidentally shot with gun rod during sham engagement Hardwick, MA 11/1/1811
Warner, Polly, age 16, 12th inst, dau of William Warner, drowned on way to church Concord at Franconia 6/18/1808
Warren, Amos, age 83, fought at Lexington Medford, MA 12/20/1831
Warren, Betsey, consort of Jonas Warren Esq. Navy 11/2/1816
Warren, Helena, age 14, 6th inst, dau of John Warren, throat distemper Marshfield 7/21/1829
Warren, John F., age 9, Oct 9th, son of Theophilus Warren Esq., typhus fever Fletcher, Vt 3/3/1820
Warren, Polly, age 18, Sept 13th, dau of Theophilus Warren Esq., typhus fever Fletcher, Vt 3/3/1820
Warren, Russel, age 11, Oct 8th, son of Theophilus Warren Esq., typhus fever Fletcher, Vt 3/3/1820
Warren, Sally, age 36, Nov 29th, widow of Theophilus Warren Esq., typhus fever Fletcher, Vt 3/3/1820
Warren, Theophilus Esq., age 41, Oct 11th, typhus fever Fletcher, Vt 3/3/1820
Washburn, Daniel, age 22, last Thur, of consumption Peacham of Kennebunkport 2/7/1826
Washburn, Hiram, age 20, 20th inst Hancock 8/31/1830
Washburn, Mary Mrs., age 35, 8th inst, dau of Joshua Upham, Esq., died NYC of cholera Weathersfield 8/27/1832
Washburn, Susanna, age 45, 26th inst, w/o Willard Washburn, killed by lightning Hartland 5/5/1810
Washington, Bushrod Esq., age 47, April 16 Mount Eagle, VA 5/24/1831
Washington, John A., nephew of late Bushrod Washington Mount Vernon 7/10/1832
Washington, Thomas Col. Washington 3/17/1807
Wassriss, Sylvanus, age 70 Windsor 2/21/1832
Waterman, Lucy Widow, age 56, 23d ult St Albans, VT 9/15/1829
Waterman, Rebekah, age 28, 1st inst, wife of Araunah Waterman Jr Johnson 3/28/1812
Waterman, Rebekah, Mrs., age 28, 1st inst, wife of Araunah Waterman, Jr. Johnson 3/28/1812
Watrous, John Esq., age 91 Colchester, CT 1/31/1817
Watson, Eber H., age 17, 3d inst, accidentally shot by a gun Williamstown 11/24/1829
Watson, Parmenas, age 86, Aug 23, of apoplexy Warner, NH 9/12/1826
Watson, Sherman, died at Liberty, Indiana Barre 12/20/1831
Watt, William, age about 22, 23d ult, maybe of Fairhaven, Vt Clarendon, NY 2/8/1831
Watts, Moses, age 73, 22d ult Peacham, VT 8/4/1829
Way, Daniel, age 17, son of Benjamin Way Sutton/Billymead 3/20/1813
Way, Stephen, age 37 Peacham 1/8/1814
Weatherbee, Harriet Mrs., age 39 Reading 10/25/1831
Webb, Samuel B. Gen., age 52 (obit) Claverack, NY 2/1/1808
Webber, John, age about 55 Danville at Cincinnati, OH 3/21/1826
Webber, Samuel, Rev., President of Harvard University Cambridge 8/4/1810
Webster, Joseph, age 68 Danville 9/4/1813
Webster, Stephen, age 50, last Friday Danville, VT 9/13/1825
Weeks, Abigail, age 28, Tues last, consort of John Weeks Danville 2/22/1821
Weeks, Ezra, age 29 Danville, VT 4/22/1823
Weeks, John C., age 19, 26th inst, son of John Weeks of Dracut, Mass & Danville, of a fit Danville at Lyndon 10/1/1832
Weeks, John, age 33, 19th ult (obit) Wheelock, VT 1/30/1823
Welch, Aaron Dea., age about 53 Danville 10/25/1816
Welch, Jacob, age 57, 28th ult Lyndon 4/12/1831
Wells, Ana, age 23, 5th inst, wife of Benjamin Wells Barnet 9/10/1814
Wells, Daniel W., age about 35, 19th inst, killed by falling tree Walden 1/25/1831
Wells, Emeline Miss, age 28, 11th inst Chelsea 6/22/1830
Wells, Isaac, age 6, 19th ult., son of Joseph Wells Danville 5/2/1812
Wells, John, age 65, Dec 1 Chelsea 12/20/1831
Wells, Lydia, age 26, last Fri., dau of Paul Wells Danville, VT 5/31/1825
Wells, Paul, age 76, last Thur, Revolutionary patriot Danville, VT 6/12/1827
Wells, Sarah Mrs., age 76, formerly of North Canaan, CT St Albans, VT 12/29/1829
Wench, Abigail, Widow, age 69 Bethlehem 5/22/1813
Wesson, James, Col., age 72 Marlborough 11/4/1809
Wesson, Judith, age 76, wife of Ephraim Wesson Groton, VT 10/9/1827
Wesson, Keziah, age 73, 4th inst, wife of James Wesson Stanstead, LC 11/29/1831
West, Benjamin, age 41, leaves widow & 1 child, killed in explosion Danville 10/26/1830
West, Calista, age 4, dau of Nathaniel West Danville 9/6/1831
West, Charles, age 7, Monday last, son of Xenocrates West Bath 7/8/1819
West, Maria Miss, age 23, Dec 25 St Johnsbury, VT 1/9/1823
West, Mary, age 37, May 21, consort of Nathan West Jr., of consumption Braintree 6/22/1830
West, Sally, age 2 y 6 m, last Tues, dau of Benjamin West Danville 8/9/1821
West, Tirzah, age 56, 2d inst, consort of Pres West Esq. St Johnsbury, VT 11/11/1828
Western, Thomas, Jr., age 9, 28th ult, son of Thomas Western, killed by lightning Mount Vernon 6/9/1810
Weston, Eleanor Miss, age 21 Rutland, VT 10/12/1830
Weston, Lydia, age 50, 24th ult, wife of Stephen Weston Plymouth 6/14/1831
Wetherbe, Samuel Hon, age 75, 30th ult Concord, Vt 11/12/1819
Wheaton, Caleb, age 68, Sept 18, of cholera morbus St Johnsbury, VT 10/4/1831
Wheaton, James, age 62, Feb 1 St Johnsbury, VT 3/11/1828
Wheaton, John, age 81 Manchester 6/2/1832
Wheeler, Benjamin, age 22, Friday last Danville 11/30/1807
Wheeler, Daniel, Lt., age 59, early settler of Danville & Patriot of the Revolution Danville 7/20/1811
Wheeler, Lucy, age 26, June 8, dau of Gardner Wheeler Esq. St Johnsbury 8/8/1822
Wheeler, Mehitabel, age 74, 4th inst, wife of Nathaniel Wheeler Croyden, NH 3/22/1831
Wheeler, Son, age 2 yr, 15th inst, son of Artemas Wheeler Danville 8/23/1831
Wheelock, John L.L.D., age 63, 11th inst, President of Dartmouth (obit see 5/2) Hanover, NH 4/18/1817
Wheelock, Joshua, age 66 Shrewsbury 12/20/1831
Wheelock, Phinehas, age 76 Alstead 9/12/1807
Whicher, Abner, age 72, Dec 24 New London, NH 1/6/1829
Whicher, Dorcas, age 53, Oct 28, widow of Simeon Whicher, leaves 13 children Danville at Sweden, NY 12/2/1828
Whicher, Elizabeth, Widow, age 77 Danville 3/27/1813
Whipple, Clarissa L., age 18, 21st ult, dau of Hon Jonathan Whipple Springfield 11/17/1829
Whipple, Edward R., age 28, few days ago, fell and broke his back several weeks ago Concord 1/18/1808
Whipple, Nehemiah, Esq., age 59 Rutland 2/25/1809
Whipple, Rebecca, age 72, wife of Jeremiah Whipple St Johnsbury 11/19/1832
Whipple, Sarah, age 27, wife of Squire Whipple Concord, NH 6/9/1810
Whitcher, Simeon, age 52, 16th ult Danville at Sweden, NY 2/14/1817
Whitcomb, Benjamin Lincoln 4/24/1813
Whitcomb, John Lincoln 4/24/1813
Whitcomb, Oliver, age 82 Keene, NH 8/16/1831
White, Abigail, age 72 Eden 11/8/1831
White, Alphia Widow, age 89 St Johnsbury 2/13/1818
White, Anner, age 80, 26th ultimo, widow of Jacob White, died from clothes on fire Conn at Burke 11/7/1822
White, Calvin, age 23 Waterford 3/10/1810
White, Dan Esq., age 62, last Sun, soldier of the Revolution (obit) Danville, VT 2/6/1823
White, Hiram, age 16, Oct 27 Middlesex 11/29/1831
White, Leonard, age 21, accidentally shot by own pistol while riding a horse Coventry at Willington, Ct 10/1/1808
White, Mary, age 56, 29th ult, wife of William White Walden, VT 12/12/1822
White, Nicholas, age 54, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
White, Rebecca, age 43, 3d inst, wife of Daniel White, of dropsy Brownington, VT 11/28/1826
White, Roena, age 55, Thus last, consort of Dan White Esq. (item) Danville 8/30/1821
White, Samuel, Esq., Senator in US Senate from Delaware Wilmington, Del 11/25/1809
Whitebread, Samuel Esq., July 6th, member of the House of Commons England 9/9/1815
Whitehill, Abraham, about 25, killed by falling tree Ryegate 7/24/1813
Whitehill, Anna, 13th inst, wife of John Whitehill Ryegate 4/25/1825
Whitelaw, Estes La Roy, age 8 m, 16th, son of John Whitelaw Esq. Ryegate 4/25/1825
Whitelaw, James Gen., age 81, 29th ult Ryegate 5/5/1829
Whitelaw, Susanna, age 69, consort of Gen James Whitelaw Ryegate 4/29/1815
Whitford, Peleg, age 88, Oct 31 Addison 11/29/1831
Whiting, John, age 94, born Chester, NH on Feb 22, 1728 (obit) Haverhill 2/28/1822
Whitman, John, age 93, July 30, native of Germany & soldier in the old French War Jaffrey, NH 8/14/1827
Whitmore, Jonathan, age 27, of spotted fever Dana, MA 2/24/1810
Whitney, Amos, age 69, died in burning building on Clapp's wharf Bath, Maine 11/5/1832
Whitney, Dolly, age 18, dau of William Whitney Norwich 5/22/1832
Whitney, John Duncan, age 4, of Lt Soloman Whitney Danville, VT 1/27/1824
Whitney, Theophilus, age 41, 3d inst Bennington, VT 12/21/1830
Whittemore, Mary Mrs., age 55 Leicester 12/20/1831
Whittle, Samuel, age 21, printer Cabot 3/11/1809
Whittle, Thirza Maria, age 5 mos, dau of Thomas Whittle Danville 6/17/1809
Wiggin, Benjamin, age 49, 2d inst, formerly of Wolfsboro, NH Barton, VT 2/24/1829
Wiggins, Mr. ______ Albany 10/8/1832
Wiggins, Mrs.______ Albany 10/8/1832
Wilcox, Francis, age 83, July 7 Ascott, LC 9/8/1829
Wilcox, Jacob, age 73, 26th ult Mount Holly 8/6/1832
Wilder, Abel Capt., age 78, 11th ult Norwich 10/4/1831
Wilder, child, of Mr. J. Wilder, of spotted fever Woodstock 4/20/1811
Wilder, Daniel, age 85, Nov 27 Waitsfield 12/24/1832
Wilds, Ivory H., age 21, son of Nathan Wilds Marlborough, NH 10/9/1827
Wiley, Debra, wife of John Willey Jerico 11/9/1816
Wilfon, Elizabeth, Widow, age 51 Barnet 5/29/1813
Wilkins, Betsey, age about 27, wife of Mr. Jafoo Wilkins Danville 6/29/1816
Wilkins, Norman, age 26, Oct 1 Bristol 10/29/1832
Wilkinson, Anne Mrs., consort of Gen. Wilkinson New Orleans 5/5/1807
Willard, George, age 34, June 13 Stanstead 7/10/1832
Willard, Levi, Dr., age 60 Mendon 2/17/1810
Willard, Permella P. Miss, age 23 Hartland 11/19/1832
Willes, Solom Col, age 77, of Revolutionary Army Tolland, Ct 2/15/1808
Willey, Catharine Widow, age 94 Craftsbury 8/16/1821
Willey, Ivory H., age 22, killed by falling drum wheel in factory Dover, NH 10/22/1832
Willey, Jeremiah T., age 28, 22d inst Danville 3/29/1831
Willey, Jerusha Miss, age 27 Middlesex 5/29/1832
Williams, __ Mrs., age 54, wife of Daniel Williams Randolph, VT 7/28/1829
Williams, Charles Esq., 6th ult, post master Woodstock 11/3/1829
Williams, Chloe, age 54, March 23, wife of Moses Williams St Albans 6/1/1816
Williams, David, age 69, Aug 2 Rensselearville, NY 9/6/1831
Williams, infant, 7th ult, of Nehemiah & Nabby Williams Danville at Monson, MA 4/5/1825
Williams, James, Col, age 74, formerly of Rhode Island Lyndon 4/24/1813
Williams, Job, age 65, Aug 28, of Plainfield, NH Brutus, NY 10/23/1827
Williams, John, age 52 Arlington 10/6/1829
Williams, Mary Miss, age 28, 22d inst Danville 10/29/1832
Williams, Moses, age 58, May 17 St Albans 6/1/1816
Williams, Nabby, age 39, 7th ult., w/o Nehemiah Williams, d/o Silas Gorham Danville at Monson, MA 4/5/1825
Williams, Roger Maj., age 61, 4th inst, by suicide Royalton 7/21/1829
Williams, Sally, wife of Elisha Williams Esq. Chelsea 9/27/1831
Williams, Samuel Rev. Rutland, Vt 1/31/1817
Willoby, John, died at Augusta, PQ Shrewsbury, VT 1/13/1810
Wills, Leo, of consumption Castleton 7/3/1832
Wilson, Abel K., age 23 Hanover, NH 8/9/1831
Wilson, Betsey, age 20, Aug 11, wife of Ammi Wilson Fairfax 10/6/1829
Wilson, Clarissa Mrs., age 36 Montpelier 11/8/1831
Wilson, David, age 81, 28th ult Danville, VT 5/9/1826
Wilson, Henry Hon., age (48), 15th ult Allentown, PA 9/12/1826
Wilson, Jacob, age 25, 1st inst Highgate 11/19/1832
Wilson, Jane, age 2, Aug 22, dau of David Wilson Danville 10/18/1831
Wilson, Jesse, age 47, 8th inst Danville, VT 3/27/1827
Wilson, John Esq., age 51, 6th inst Cambridge 8/31/1830
Wilson, Michael Esq., age (9)7, 23d ult, soldier in the French War Middlebury, NY 6/23/1829
Wilson, Molly Mrs., age 61, 2d inst Shoreham 5/24/1831
Wilson, Polly, age 45, wife of Stephen Wilson, since Feb 1 Lancaster, NH 5/29/1813
Wilson, Samuel, age 34, 10th ult, shot accidentally by cannon at a military review Windham 11/10/1829
Wilson, Sarah Widow, age 74, 13th inst Montpelier 8/24/1830
Wilson, son, age 2, Aug 17, son of John Wilson, fell into a well and drowned Montpelier 8/27/1832
Winchester, Esther, age 25, March 22, consort of Rev Moses Winchester Westmoreland, NH 4/22/1828
Winchester, James Maj Gen., age 72 Tennessee 9/12/1826
Winslow, Eunice, age 48, wife of Dr Thomas Winslow Chelsea 8/16/1831
Winslow, James, age 56, of apoplexy Concord, VT 8/11/1810
Wires, Affia, age 54, June 9, consort of Chester Wires Kirby, VT 8/7/1827
Withey, Abigail, age 74, wife of Silas Withey St Albans, VT 11/29/1831
Wittier, child, age 1 yr, of William Wittier New London, NH 6/28/1831
Wolcott, Emerson, Capt., age 73, of spotted fever Barnet 5/11/1811
Wolcott, Phebe, age 36, 16th ult, wife of Ariel Wolcott, suicide by drowning Shoreham 10/8/1832
Wood, Barzilla, age 78, 15th ult, revolutionary pensioner Northfield 2/14/1832
Wood, Charles, age about 38, 4th inst, formerly of Lunenburg Derby, VT 1/20/1829
Wood, Ichabod, age 19, 12th ult, son of Mr. A. Wood Windsor 10/22/1832
Wood, Lydia Miss, age 23, 19th ult, dau of Capt David Wood Montpelier, VT 4/13/1824
Wood, Mary Widow, age 77, May 17 Middlebury 6/2/1832
Wood, Mary, age 67, 20th ult, wife of Jonathan Wood Chittenden 10/12/1830
Wood, Nancy Miss, age 24, Oct 25 Burlington 11/8/1831
Wood, Polly, wife of Dexter Wood Fairfax 10/11/1831
Wood, Susan Miss, age 21 Hartland 6/9/1832
Wood, William Albert, age 3, 9th inst, eldest son of Charles Wood Stanstead, LC 4/22/1828
Woodard, William H. Hon. Esq., age 44 Hanover, NH 9/4/1818
Woodbridge, William Stonington, CT 9/6/1825
Woodbury, Delight, age 74, 20th ult, wife of Jesse Woodbury Concord 7/21/1829
Woodbury, Hannah, age 85, widow of Dea. Benjamin Woodbury Concord 9/11/1813
Woodbury, John, age 76, 25th ult, formerly of Brentwood Salisbury, NH 3/24/1829
Woodbury, Jonathan Esq., age 65, 4th inst, Revolutionary patriot & early settler of Concord Concord 12/25/1827
Woodcock, Eliza Jane, age 2, 15th inst, dau of Peter Woodcock Danville 2/21/1832
Woodman, Charles Hon., age 31, of fever Dover, NH 11/14/1822
Woodman, Charlotte, age 32, wife of Rev Jonathan Woodman Sutton 2/14/1832
Woodman, Reuben, age 14, 1st inst., son of Benjamin Woodman, from a fit while outside Irasburgh 1/10/1812
Woodruff, Alvan, age 35, 20th ult, keeper of the Vt State Prison Windsor 7/7/1829
Woodruff, Henry, age 33, 24th ult, caught in mill wheel gears W. Stockbridge 4/25/1826
Woodruff, Lot P., age 51, July 21, early settler of town Burke 8/16/1831
Woods, Abigail Miss, age 26, 24th inst Windsor 7/2/1808
Woods, Benjamin, age 81, 8th ult D(ana), MA 4/15/1828
Woods, Daniel Capt., 12th ult, revolutionary soldier Corinth 11/5/1832
Woods, Eunice, age 22, 31st ult, dau of Capt Joseph Woods Waterford 2/21/1817
Woods, Isaac, age 17, son of Dea Ebenezer Woods, of Merrimac, NH Kellyvale, Vt 1/8/1814
Woods, John, Capt., age 49, of bilious colic Barnet at Windsor 11/3/1810
Woods, Mary, age 85, July 27, formerly of Ireland Bath 8/20/1808
Worcester, Hepsibah, July 2, widow of Noah Worcester Esq. of Hollis Bedford, MA 8/9/1831
Worcester, Jerusha, age 25, 3d inst, dau of Rev Leonard Worcester Peacham 11/24/1829
Worth, Henry T., age 28 Starksboro 11/8/1831
Worth, Martha, age 83, April 15, relict of Lionel Worth Starksboro 6/2/1832
Worthly, Thomas, age 94, April 4 Weare, NH 4/22/1828
Wright, Abel, age 42, 12th ult Randolph 2/1/1831
Wright, Josiah Hon., 11th, Chief Justice of Bennington County Court, fell from his chaise Pownall 1/31/1817
Wright, Mary Widow, age 86, (----)ult Westminster 11/3/1829
Wright, Reuben, age 16, 23rd inst., injured and had leg amputated, died soon Ryegate 9/29/1810
Wrigley, Francis, age 96 Philadelphia, PA 11/3/1829
Wylie, James, age 99, born Ireland Craftsbury 3/24/1820
Wyman, Grace, age 51, 1st inst., wife of Capt Nathan Wyman Westminster 8/27/1832
Wyman, Hannah, age about 56, wife of Jesse Wyman Irasburgh 5/22/1813
Yetton, Nancy, age 33, 16th inst, consort of John W. Yetton Irasburg 2/7/1826
Young, John Esq., age 38, Oct 28th Cambridge, Vt at Loudon, Ohio 12/30/1819
Young, Olive, Miss, age 23, 9th inst, of consumption Cambridge, VT 1/23/1813
Youngman, Sarah, age 24, wife of John Youngman Barnet 4/25/1812

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