Liberty Notices
Orleans and Caledonia Co., Vermont

Liberty notices are items published in the local papers
when a father has released his son, to conduct business
and to obtain credit in his own name.
Listed here are summaries of these notices. (1813-1898)

Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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Kingdom Genealogy

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Legends N Star = North Star,
Ind Std = Independent Standard,
Caledonian = Caledonian Record

Son Parent Town Issue Date Witness Paper
Abbot, George W. Abbot, D. S. Barton 1/29/1858   OIS
Abbot, Walter Abbot, John Barnet 1/20/1829   NS
Abbott, David Sheldon Abbott, David Barton 6/27/1817   NS
Adams, Amos Adams, Buckley Concord 11/24/1834   NS
Adams, Luther J. Adams, Seth Sheffield 10/31/1862 Scott, Wilbur & Chaplin, H. S. OIS
Adams, Lyman Adams, Buckly Concord 7/19/1842   Cal
Adams, Norman F. Adams, F. F. Barton 3/15/1861 Holman, C. & McKeever, A. OIS
Ainsworth, George P. Ainsworth, P. B. Salem 10/27/1855   NU
Ainsworth, Lewellen E. Ainsworth, P. B. Charleston 4/5/1861 Ainsworth, Betsey H. & Scribner, E. A. OIS
Aldrich, Harvey B. Aldrich, Roswell Concord 10/5/1860   Cal
Aldrich, Warner M. Aldrich, Azel Brookfield 9/12/1842   VTWSG
Alexander, Alfred P. Alexander, Harris Brownington 8/21/1863   OIS
Alexander, Alonzo Alexander, James Hardwick 8/22/1857   NS
Alexander, F. W. Alexander, Harris Brownington 9/16/1864 Evans, J. H. OIS
Alexander, M. T. C. Alexander, F. Danville 2/16/1850   NS
Allard, Alanson Farmer, Uriah Burke 11/4/1854 Warren, Charles Cal
Allard, Herbert R. Allard, William S. West Burke 11/12/1877 Green, John OCM
Allard, John B. Allard, Daniel Williamstown 9/29/1843   VTWSJ
Allard, Milo D. Allard, W. S. Barton 3/15/1886   OCM
Allen, Charles Allen, Phineas Charleston 5/22/1856   NU
Allen, Charles P. Allen, Viall Hardwick 10/24/1831   VTWSG
Allen, Chester Allen, Levi Coventry 5/8/1857   OIS
Allen, Ethan Allen, Ethan Hardwick 1/25/1831   NS
Allen, George F. Allen, John G. Danville 3/12/1859   NS
Allen, Sylvester Allen, Levi Coventry 7/30/1853   OCG
Amidon, Christopher Colt( ) Amidon, Elijah Marshfield 3/24/1845   NS
Amsden, Stephen Amsden, Adam Walden 10/4/1851   NS
Annear, Charles Annear, John Calais 9/22/1834   NS
Annear, William Annear, John Calais 9/22/1834   NS
Annis, Albert L. Annis, William Berlin 4/4/1842   VTWSG
Annis, Azra H. Annis, Moses Randolph 7/19/1841   VTWSG
Armington, Charles S. Armington, John St Johnsbury 5/1/1847   Cal
Armington, Ezra E. Armington, John St. Johnsbury 8/18/1845   Cal
Arven, Geo. W. Arven, Simeon Coventry 9/14/1850 Frost, Henry B. & Blanchard, D. W. OCG
Avery, John H. Avery, Moses Peacham 10/14/1860 Martin, Ashbel NS
Ayer, Ezra N. Ayer, James St. Johnsbury 9/17/1839   Cal
Ayer, Milo Ayer, Stephen St. Johnsbury 2/19/1839   Cal
Ayer, Orange S. Ayer, Walter H. St. Johnsbury 5/2/1843   Cal
Ayer, Reuben W. Ayer, Alvah Goshen Gore 10/4/1862 Brown, Charles H. NS
Ayer, Stephen Jr. Ayer, Stephen St. Johnsbury 2/19/1839   Cal
Babbitt, John P. Babbitt, John H. Coventry 3/17/1857 Frost, Henry OIS
Bachelder, Daniel W. Bachelder, D. B. Danville 2/21/1852   NS
Bachelder, James Wesley Bachelder, W. L. Hardwick 7/19/1867 Grout, Wm. W. OIS
Bachelder, Samuel B Bachelder, D. B. Danville 2/21/1852   NS
Badger, Asher B. Badger, Jonathan Danville 9/27/1851   NS
Badger, Daniel Badger, C. M. Irasburg 9/28/1885 Badger, C. M. & Chapman, J. C. OCM
Badger, Fred Badger, C. M. Irasburg 9/28/1885   OCM
Badger, Oliver Badger, Jonathan St. Johnsbury 1/11/1851   Cal
Badger, Willard F. Badger, Samuel Greensboro 8/9/1851   NS
Bagler, Nelson Bagler, John Brookfield 11/28/1831   VTWSG
Bagley, George W. Bagley, John Jr. Craftsbury 7/28/1865 Raymo, Lewis H. OIS
Bagley, Walter A. Bagley, Daniel Warren 8/4/1837   VTWSG
Bailey, Abijah O. Bailey, Abijah Greensboro 3/16/1851   OCG
Bailey, Austin Andrews, Benjamin Cabot 7/24/1848   NS
Bailey, Frank A. Bailey, Jerome Sutton 4/7/1884   OCM
Bailey, Hiram H. Bailey, Aaron M. Glover 9/18/1852   OCG
Baker, General Sullivan Baker, A. K. Glover 3/27/1827   NS
Balch, Charles N. Balch, Leonard Lyndon 7/12/1861 Pearl, W. L. Cal
Baldwin, Perkins E. Baldwin, Bradford Newport 11/2/1860   OIS
Baldwin, Samuel Jr. Baldwin, Samuel Orange 6/16/1843 Richardson, Carr VTWSJ
Baley, Charles Frederick Baley, Jerome Sutton 11/12/1877   OCM
Ball, Edmund K. Ball, Ebenezer Sutton 6/12/1848   NS
Ball, Paschal Ball, James Concord 4/21/1840   Cal
Bancroft, Alonzo Bancroft, Ezra Plainfield 4/12/1841 Boyden, Darius VTWSG
Bangs, Nathaniel A. Bangs, A. P. Jay 4/18/1852 Sanborn, Lanson & Crandall, Geo. W. OCG
Barber, John Barber, Charles B. Sheffield 12/19/1857   Cal
Barber, Joseph L. Barber, Charles B. Sheffield 7/24/1858   Cal
Barker, Horace F. Barker, John Passumpsic 1/20/1855   Cal
Barker, Newell J. Barker, John Passumpsic 1/12/1856   Cal
Barrey, Elias Willard Barrey, Morill Holland 2/21/1852   NS
Barron, Reubin D. Barron, Nathan Kirby 7/18/1843   Cal
Barron, William Lee Barron, Apollos Calais 3/10/1843   VTWSG
Barrows, John W. Barrows, Jacob Granby 10/31/1842 Barrows, Sarah Cal
Barrus, Erastus Barrus, Abel Marshfield 6/30/1829   VTWSG
Barry, George W. Barry, Morrill Holland 10/30/1848   NS
Bartlett, Joseph W. Bartlett, Aden Bloomfield 12/15/1854   NS
Bartlett, Thomas I. Bartlet, Daniel Sutton 8/31/1831   FH
Bartlett, William P. Bartlett, Byram Morgan 2/22/1851   OCG
Batchelder, Charles P. Batchelder, Ira Barre 10/18/1844   VTWSJ
Batchelder, Isaac W. Batchelder, J. W.   11/4/1864 Graham, L. Cal
Batchelder, Luke (19) Batchelder, Joseph Jr. Craftsbury 1/11/1825   NS
Batchelder, Martin A. Batchelder, Daniel Goshen Gore 10/18/1862 Weld, Andrew J. NS
Batchelder, Nathaniel J. Batchelder, Nathaniel Goshen Gore 9/15/1866 Robert L. French & Joseph Clark NS
Batchelder, Nathaniel Jr. Batchelder, Nathaniel West Barnet 4/4/1862   Cal
Batchelder, William Batchelder, Nathaniel Berlin 12/20/1836   VTWSG
Batchelder, William Batchelder, Eben E. Woodbury 8/6/1859   NS
Bathrow, Frank M. Bathrow, Joseph Charleston 8/15/1876 Bathrow, E. A. E&S
Baulch, John Baulch, Coben   3/19/1833   WM
Bawker, Levi B. Bawker, Levi Lunenburg 3/14/1836   NS
Bayley, James Henry Bayley, John Brookfield 3/29/1841   VTWSG
Bayley, John Marshall Bayley, John Brookfield 3/29/1841   VTWSG
Bayley, Wilber F. Bayley, Simeon Brownington 4/8/1854 Eaton, J. W. OCG
Beach, Lorenzo Beach, Solomon Barton 7/7/1830   FH
Bean, Asa Jr. Bean, Asa Wheelock 6/30/1845   NS
Bean, Frank L. Bean, Horace Newport 10/24/1876   E&S
Bean, George H. Bean, George D. Concord 5/14/1859   NS
Bean, Nathan A. Bean, George D. Concord 7/25/1863 Howard, W. S. & Henninan, J. NS
Beavineau, Willard Beavineau, Joseph Newport 12/28/1860   OIS
Bedel, Amasa Bedel, Jacob Monroe 11/10/1842   NS
Beede, Freedom D. Beede, William Lyndon 10/31/1846   Cal
Beede, Joshua Beede, John Danville 7/11/1846   Cal
Before, Cyril Before, Nelson Salem 12/31/1878   E&S
Belden, Henry C. Belden, H. W. Burke 3/4/1860   NS
Belden, J. Q. A. Belden, H. W. Burke 3/4/1860   NS
Bell, Alonzo H. Bell, Amos East Burke 11/27/1858 Harvey, A. Cal
Bemis, Leander Bemis, Oliver Guildhall 1/27/1838   NS
Bennet, Oliver Bennet, Danforth Victory 12/1/1849 Gaskill, Russell & Bennet, G. W. Cal
Bennett, Ira B. Bennett, George Waterford 11/22/1861 Green, George Cal
Bennett, James Harvey Bennett, J. H. Albany 7/25/1851   OCG
Berry, Solomon Berry, John Sheffield 6/30/1842   NS
Berry, Willis W. Berry, A. M. Sutton 8/28/1882 Ellis, R. OCM
Bickford, Francis Eugene Bickford, S. Sheffield 8/14/1858 Hood, C. H. & Hood, J. M. Cal
Bickford, George Bickford, Hiram Newport 9/14/1860   OIS
Bickford, Wilbur E. Bickford, Paul N Greensboro 9/8/1865 White, Orra A. & Dexter, Jonathan OIS
Bigelow, Chester M. Bigelow, B. G.   7/9/1841   NS
Bigelow, James Henry Bigelow, Benj G. Wells River 4/8/1844   NS
Bigelow, Samuel Bigelow, Ephraim Wheelock 2/18/1820   NS
Bingham, Homer Bingham, Ripley Sutton 2/6/1838   Cal
Bingham, Lucius Bingham, Elisha Jr. Charleston 3/10/1855   Cal
Bishop, Alanson J. Bishop, Jeremiah Brighton 9/2/1864 Hutchinson, William A. Cal
Bishop, Ashley Bishop, John Westmore 5/18/1850 Bishop, John J. OCG
Bishop, Hiram Bishop, Samuel Jr. Hardwick 3/28/1848   NS
Bishop, John H Bishop, Silas Westmore 9/18/1852 Gilfillan, Wm. OCG
Bishop, Millard E. (bound boy) Hollis, Nelson Wheelock 9/4/1868 Hollis, A. V. & Aliston, W. Cal
Black, Madison (adopted) Black, Almira Coventry 12/12/1856   OIS
Black, Paul B. Black, Daniel Wolcott 8/17/1830   VTWSG
Blair, George D. Blair, John Jay 12/2/1864 Hadlock, Hiram OIS
Blake, Burton Blake, Mary Jane Barton 10/1/1883   OCM
Blake, Edward Blake, ___ Mr. Derby 8/16/1881   E&S
Blake, George Blake, Enoch Sutton 8/17/1824   NS
Blake, George P. Blake, Amp( )ius Chelsea 10/21/1842   VTWSG
Blake, Henry A. Blake, Joseph T. Sutton 12/28/1860 Esterbrooks, H. W. Cal
Blake, Jefferson Blake, Enoch Sutton 8/17/1824   NS
Blake, Oliver P. Blake, Levi Cabot 4/22/1833   NS
Blake, William Blake, Enoch Sutton 10/25/1831   NS
Blanchard, Amos Sherman, Stephen Esq. Greensboro 3/31/1829   NS
Blanchard, John C Blanchard, William Victory 3/17/1840   Cal
Blanchard, Lafayette Blanchard, Jonathan St Johnsbury 3/24/1845   Cal
Blancher, George T. Blancher, William St. Johnsbury E. 11/6/1852   Cal
Bliss, Ira A. Bliss, Joshua 2d Montpelier 4/28/1843   VTWSG
Bliss, Ora A. Bliss, Joshua 2nd Montpelier 4/7/1843   VTWSG
Blodgett, Charles S. Blodgett, Novatus North Danville 8/31/1860   Cal
Blodgett, Ephraim A. Blodgett, Ephraim Waterford 5/2/1862   Cal
Blood, Edward W. Blood, William C. Derby 4/13/1835   NS
Boardman, Warren Boardman, Amos Hardwick 3/30/1839   NS
Boardman, William Boardman, Amos Hardwick 3/30/1839   NS
Boardway, Fred Boardway, Oliver Charleston 8/3/1880 Parlin, E. W. E&S
Bohanon, Shubael Bohanon, John Orange 10/23/1827   VTWSG
Bolton, George W. Bolton, Sylvenus Braintree 4/13/1830   VTWSG
Bonett, John M. Bonett, M. W. Waterford 3/30/1866 Cushman, O. Cal
Bonnett, David C. Bonnett, Luther C. Waterford 10/30/1852   Cal
Boody, Joseph Boody, John Manchester 7/27/1839   NS
Borland, George Borland, George Glover 7/17/1863   OIS
Bowman, Baxter Bowman, Royal Waterford 12/7/1860   Cal
Bowman, Halsey E. Bowman, Daniel Kirby 6/30/1845   Cal
Boynton, Benoni Boynton, Nathaniel Danville 10/9/1827   NS
Boynton, George Boynton, Richard W Derby 7/10/1852   OCG
Boynton, William Boynton, Richard Derby 5/14/1858   OIS
Brackett, William Brackett, Abraham Cabot 9/5/1840   NS
Bradbury, Winthrop Bradbury, Benjamin Strafford 8/22/1842   VTWSG
Bradley, Charles H. Bradley, Henry   11/8/1872   NS
Bradley, Henry Bradley, Levi Danville 4/3/1843   NS
Bradley, James Bradley, Levi Danville 7/15/1823   NS
Bradley, Luther Bradley, Levi Danville 1/5/1839   NS
Bradley, William H. Bradley, Hiram Warren 12/29/1835   VTWSG
Bradshaw, George Bradshaw, George Berlin 5/17/1831   VTWSG
Bradshaw, James Bradshaw, George Berlin 5/17/1831   VTWSG
Bray, James Bray, Michael Danville 6/16/1855   Cal
Bray, William Bray, Michael North Danville 4/7/1860   NS
Braynard, John P. Braynard, J. H. W. Charleston 10/6/1855 Braynerd, J. A. Jr. NU
Braynard, Joseph Alanson Jr. Braynard, J. A. Morgan 6/17/1854   NU
Briant, William W. Briant, Charles Kirby 3/25/1844   Cal
Brickett, George E. Brickett, Barnard Groton 9/21/1835   NS
Brickett, Thomas Brickett, Barnard Groton 4/20/1835   NS
Bridge, Gifford M. Bridge, J. W. Walden 12/1/1865 Rowe, S. E. Cal
Brigham, Charles W. Brigham, Thomas   7/15/1865 Sias Randall NS
Brigham, Levi W. Brigham, Ezra Barnet 3/6/1847   Cal
Brock, William Brock, Mary Newbury 7/29/1819   NS
Brockway, Charles Brockway, Harris ST Johnsbury 3/28/1846   Cal
Brockway, Horace E. Brockway, Harris St. Johnsbury 10/2/1852   Cal
Bronson, Nancy Ellen (dau) Bronson, David ? 5/7/1859 Mitchell, William Cal
Brooks, Alpheous Brooks, Josephus Sheffield 10/12/1860 French, Tinval Cal
Brooks, Nathan Brooks, Ira Newport 12/1/1838   NS
Brooks, William Brooks, Alice & Timothy Coventry 11/16/1875   E&S
Brown, Albro Brown, Calvin Morgan 4/12/1860 Webster, Daniel & Fuller, Daniel OIS
Brown, Archelaus Brown, Archelaus Wheelock 12/11/1852   Cal
Brown, Arthur Brown, Daniel B. Barton 2/23/1880   OCM
Brown, Calvin Brown, Ira Derby 3/8/1861 Carrey, Henry & Kelsey, Moses OIS
Brown, Edwin R. Brown, Isaac Lunenburg 9/4/1846   Cal
Brown, James Brown, John Westfield 11/2/1860 Hoyt, N. OIS
Brown, James Brown, Benjamin H. Newport 5/9/1826   VTWSG
Brown, James Brown, Joseph J. Kirby 11/27/1847 Damon, Nathaniel S. Cal
Brown, John A. Brown, John C. Troy 7/12/1851 Leland, J. P. OCG
Brown, John S. (son) Walter, Charlotte St. Johnsbury 1/29/1853 Brown, Louisa F. & Lyman Weeks Cal
Brown, John W. Brown, Nathaniel Wheelock 3/10/1820   NS
Brown, Levi Brown, William Derby 11/2/1840   Cal
Brown, Lyman J. Brown, John Jr. Waterford 9/29/1865 Orne, D. J. Cal
Brown, Orvis Brown, James Stanstead 5/4/1839   NS
Brown, Orvis Langdon Brown, Asa Waterford 9/25/1827   NS
Brown, Solon Brown, Daniel B. Barton 2/23/1880   OCM
Brown, Truman Brown, Benjamin Canaan 8/19/1837   NS
Bruce, Horace M. Bruce, Horace Montpelier 8/2/1841   VTWSG
Bruce, Jasper D. Bruce, Warren Roxbury 10/25/1841   VTWSG
Bruce, Roswell W. Bruce, John L. Woodbury 1/3/1852   NS
Bruce, Seth Jr. Bruce, Seth Roxbury 6/23/1843   VTWSJ
Bruce, Siloam Bruce, Seth Roxbury 6/23/1843   VTWSJ
Bruce, William W. Bruce, Eli Brighton 8/19/1864 Cheney, William Cal
Buchanan, John Buchanan, Walter Ryegate 7/15/1844   NS
Buchanan, Walter Buchanan, Walter Ryegate 7/15/1844   NS
Buck, Erastus Buck, Myron Charleston 8/28/1882   OCM
Buck, Maurice C. Buck, Myron E. Charleston 3/12/1883 Carter, J. C. OCM
Buck, Wilson Buck, Myron East Charleston 4/21/1879   OCM
Buckminster, William Buckminster, Salmon West Concord 12/20/1861 Chase, Jefferson Cal
Buggy, John Buggy, Michael Troy 5/3/1851 Barker, Thomas Cal
Bunker, George F. Bunker, Adeline M. Sutton 4/6/1866 Hill, M. Cal
Burbank, Frederic F. Burbank, H. J. Charleston 4/14/1879 Taylor, Ira C. OCM
Burbank, Hazen Burbank, Hazen Ryegate 10/9/1843   NS
Burbank, John Burbank, Hazen Barnet 6/8/1824   NS
Burbank, Maurace G. Burbank, H. J. Charleston 5/16/1882   E&S
Burbank, Stephen Burbank, Moses Irasburgh 3/6/1857   OIS
Burbank, Willie H. Burbank, Horace J Morgan 5/2/1876 Taylor, Orrin E&S
Burdick, Noah W. Burdick, Jerome B. Danville 7/21/1866   NS
Burdick, Samuel N. Burdick, Jerome B. Danville 7/21/1866   NS
Burnside, Charles Burnside, Dudley Danville 7/3/1843   NS
Burr, Adonirara Burr, Daniel Derby 11/21/1856 Gould, N. W. NU
Burr, Hiram Burr, Daniel Derby 3/17/1845   Cal
Burroughs, Archie A. Burroughs, Irena P. Morgan 12/5/1876   E&S
Burroughs, Eugene C. Burroughs, (C. F.) ? 10/27/1865   OIS
Burroughs, Hiram Burroughs, Joseph Charleston 11/14/1843   Cal
Burroughs, Lorenzo D. Burroughs, Joseph Charleston 9/2/1841   NS
Burroughs, Olin Burroughs, R. B.   12/5/1862 Burroughs, Miss Lucretia OIS
Burroughs, Stephen Burroughs, Moody R.   9/1/1855 Harrington, F. C. NU
Burroughs, Wesley A. Burroughs, Albert W. Coventry 4/27/1880   E&S
Burt, John W. Burt, John B. Lyndon 6/10/1848 Carpenter, C. W. Cal
Burt, Lucius D. Burt, John B. Lyndon 10/18/1851 Harvey, Riley Cal
Burt, Uri Burt, E. W. Burke 10/21/1848 Allen, John A. Cal
Burt, William H. H. Burt, John B. ? 8/9/1856 Burt, John W. Cal
Bush, James L. Bush, James Holland 4/3/1857   OIS
Bussell, John B. Jr. Bussell, John Newport 12/27/1855 Hammond, S. B. NU
Bussell, William L. Bussell, John Newport 8/1/1856 Brooks, Alonzo OIS
Bussey, Henry E. (son) Jerald, Mary F. Lowell 11/19/1883 Burgess, D. E. OCM
Butterfield, Bailey M. Butterfield, B. W. East Burke 6/15/1866 Newell, C. C. Cal
Butterfield, Eaton Butterfield, S. Moretown 5/2/1842   VTWSG
Calderwood, Elmore R. Calderwood, Thomas Greensboro, VT 10/12/1891   OCM
Campbell, Hazen Campbell, Phinehas Chelsea 4/4/1842   VTWSG
Capron, James N. Capron, William Danville 5/2/1857   NS
Caraway, John Caraway, John Peacham 8/22/1857   NS
Carbee, John Carbee, William Lunenburg 9/27/1861 Carbee, Joseph Cal
Carby, James Carby, William Lunenburg 11/4/1854   Cal
Cardell, Elias Cardell, John Warren 12/8/1829   VTWSG
Cardwell, Loren Cardwell, William Warren 2/15/1841   VTWSG
Cargill, Calvin Cargill, William Charleston 8/15/1862   Cal
Carleton, Wales D. Carleton, John Montpelier 7/27/1840   VTWSG
Carnes, Robert William Carnes, Robert Newbury 8/16/1842 Bayley, Jacob Cal
Carpenter, A. Jackson Carpenter, Eliphalet Groton 4/5/1851   NS
Carpenter, Charles W Carpenter, Abel Sutton 3/11/1848   Cal
Carpenter, Guy Carpenter, Joseph Derby 6/7/1847   NS
Carpenter, James B. Carpenter, John Williamstown 2/8/1836   NS
Carpenter, John W. Carpenter, Jedidiah Concord 9/22/1849   Cal
Carpenter, Lafayette Carpenter, Eliphalet Groton 1/6/1855   NS
Carpenter, Sandford Carpenter, Joseph Derby 5/22/1852   OCG
Carr, David Carr, Robert Walden 10/26/1820   NS
Carr, Franklin Carr, John Danville 5/10/1847   NS
Carr, James Carr, Hugh Glover 1/30/1872   OCM
Carr, Thomas Carr, Lewis Barton 6/2/1879 Andrus, W. F. OCM
Carrick, Alonzo B. Carrick, John Groton 3/19/1869 Darling, J. R. & S. M. Darling Cal
Carrick, French F. Carrick, Andrew Danville 6/27/1857   NS
Carrick, Henry G. Carrick, Andrew Danville 5/12/1866   NS
Carter, Franklin Carter, William Peacham 10/6/1845   NS
Carter, Jeremiah Carter, Samuel Wheelock 11/7/1822   NS
Carter, Jesse Carter, William Peacham 9/19/1836   NS
Cash, William M. Cash, Daniel   11/13/1863 Gibson, W. J. Cal
Cass, Gilbert L Cass, Nathan Barton 8/21/1843   NS
Cass, James M. Cass, Nathan Barton 11/12/1858   OIS
Caswell, George B. Caswell, Dyer Barton 1/6/1873   OCM
Caswell, Jedediah Caswell, Daniel Newport 8/9/1842   Cal
Cate, Harry W. Cate, Nelson H. Cabot 9/26/1879 Haviland, W. C. NS
Chaffee, Jackson W. Chaffee, William Lowell 10/24/1856   OIS
Chamberlain, Samuel N. Chamberlain, Henry Berlin 4/11/1842   VTWSG
Chamberlin, A. D. B Chamberlin, Stephen Ryegate 8/19/1829   FH
Chamberlin, Aaron Chamberlin, Aaron Irasburg 6/5/1827   NS
Chamberlin, Amos Chamberlin, Erastus Irasburg 3/19/1839   Cal
Chamberlin, Eli Chamberlin, Reubin Barnet 7/22/1844   Cal
Chamberlin, Henry H. Chamberlin, Mary E Irasburg 10/24/1876   E&S
Chamberlin, James Chamberlin, Reuben   6/12/1852   Cal
Chamberlin, Milo Chamberlin, P. Orange 8/9/1844   VTWSJ
Chamberlin, Moses Jr. Chamberlin, Moses Lunenburg 10/11/1831   NS
Chamberlin, Samuel Chamberlin, Aaron Irasburg 6/5/1827   NS
Chamberlin, Stephen Jr. Chamberlin, Stephen Ryegate 12/27/1845   Cal
Chamberlin, Willard Chamberlin, Aaron Irasburg 6/5/1827   NS
Champanay, John Jr. Champanay, John   11/9/1860   Cal
Chandler, Robert B. Chandler, Daniel Derby 10/22/1858   OIS
Chandler, Rufus Chandler, Royal Warren 4/13/1840   VTWSG
Chaney, Ira Hill, Elijah (guardian) Concord 6/13/1817   NS
Chaney, Nelson Chaney, Henry Lunenburg 8/17/1850   Cal
Chaplin, David W. Chaplin, Richard Charleston 9/8/1855   NU
Chaplin, Orril R. Chaplin, Reuben Waterford 8/3/1850   Cal
Chapman, David Jr. Chapman, David Danville 5/13/1828   NS
Chappel, Charles Chappel, William Westmore 8/27/1853   Cal
Chappel, William Chappel, Daniel Sutton 12/4/1818   NS
Chappell, Walter 2nd Chappell, William   12/6/1845 Root, H. B. Cal
Chase, Amos J. Chase, William Hardwick 9/23/1844   NS
Chase, Aquila Chase, Mariah A. Jay 7/28/1865 Wetherell, T. J. & Ovitt, Lydia A. OIS
Chase, Lyman Chase, Silas Woodbury 2/24/1829   VTWSG
Chase, Lyman Chase, Silas Woodbury 2/17/1829   VTWSG
Chase, Thomas Chase, William Hardwick 10/27/1829   NS
Chatfield, Henry B. Chatfield, Uriah Johnson 5/2/1837   VTWSG
Cheney, Abiel, 2nd Cheney, Danforth Waterford 12/1/1840   Cal
Cheney, Austin H. Cheney, Eben'z Danville 5/5/1855   NS
Cheney, Elias E. Cheney, Ebenezer Jr. Danville 1/29/1844   NS
Cheney, James Cheney, Ira Westmore 3/25/1854   Cal
Cheney, Wm. Cheney, Moody Brownington 3/11/1854 Cheney, R. OCG
Chesley, Joel Chesley, James Sheffield 12/23/1819   NS
Chickering, Franklin W. Chickering, Edward N. Danville 3/22/1856   NS
Chickery, Lafayette Chickery, Edward Danville 4/5/1851   NS
Church, Charles Church, Calvin   2/7/1856   NU
Church, Sullivan (apprentice) Blandin, Hardin Salem 6/27/1862 Moody, W. B. OIS
Clark, Almond Clark, Orange S. Groton 8/10/1839   NS
Clark, Alonzo A. Clark, Horace Cabot 4/10/1847   Cal
Clark, Alonzo M. Clark, Horace Cabot 1/1/1858   Cal
Clark, Ambrose Wayland Clark, Ambrose Danville 3/9/1850   NS
Clark, B. Brooks Clark, Benjamin West Charleston 12/24/1858   OIS
Clark, Caleb A. Clark, Cephas Glover 4/17/1827   VTWSG
Clark, Charles K. (son) Ball, Ebenezer Newark 7/1/1848 Kinney, Charles Cal
Clark, Daniel P. Clark, Calvin Brookfield 4/8/1828   VTWSG
Clark, Edgar A. Clark, Milton Westmore 8/19/1872   OCM
Clark, George H. Clark, J. H. Barton Landing 12/25/1882   OCM
Clark, George O. Clark, N. W. St. Johnsbury 2/9/1850   Cal
Clark, Harry C.   Irasburg 11/29/1870   OIS
Clark, James Clark, N. W. St. Johnsbury 5/21/1839   Cal
Clark, Levi T. Clark, Horace Cabot 4/10/1847   Cal
Clark, Moody M. Clark, Wm Peacham 2/15/1840   NS
Clark, Simeon Clark, Cornelius L. Albany 5/31/1886   OCM
Clark, William H. H. Clark, Horace Cabot 1/1/1858   Cal
Clefford, Erastus G. Clefford, Joseph Danville 12/28/1824   NS
Clement, Peter Clement, Francis Lyndon 1/31/1848   NS
Clifford, William Clifford, Joseph Danville 5/8/1848   NS
Cloud, Gustavis Cloud, John M. Fayston 9/4/1837   VTWSG
Clough, Horace Emery Clough, Albert N Troy 12/26/1862 Wheeler, A. OIS
Clough, John G. Clough, Aaron Derby Line 4/10/1843   NS
Cob( ), Schuyler Cob( ), John Craftsbury 12/2/1844   NS
Cobb, Alfred Cobb, James P. Albany 8/10/1850   OCG
Cobb, Charles Cobb, James P.   11/20/1852   OCG
Cobb, Henry Cobb, James P. Albany 8/10/1850   OCG
Cobleigh, E. F. Cobleigh, R. B. South Kirby 8/1/1862   Cal
Cobleigh, Orville D. Cobleigh, R. B. Kirby 5/29/1863 Cheney, Mrs. John Cal
Cobleigh, Zimri H. Cobleigh, John Guildhall 4/10/1847 Watson, Henry L. Cal
Coburn, Daniel Coburn, Silas Newport 6/15/1875   E&S
Coburn, Ira Marcellas Coburn, Silas Newport 6/15/1875   E&S
Coburn, Nelson Coburn, L. D. Craftsbury 9/24/1888 Hathaway, M. V. B. OCM
Cochran, Eddie W. Cochran, Thomas Craftsbury 1/18/1892   OCM
Cody, Leonard Dana Cody, Calvin Roxbury 3/10/1843   VTWSG
Coe, Miles Coe, Edward J. Newark 7/31/1863 Newell, C. C. Cal
Coffrin, Enoch, Jr. Coffrin, Enoch Waterbury 8/16/1844   VTWSJ
Colburn, Albert J. Colburn, E. J. Brownington 11/7/1887 Buchanan, E. M. OCM
Colburn, Alfred Colburn, E. H. Brownington 11/2/1885 Robinson, E. A. OCM
Colburn, Samuel Colburn, Ira Glover 6/4/1839 Bliss, Ziba Cal
Colburn, Seth Enos Colburn, Enos Peacham 9/21/1850   NS
Colburn, Seth J. Colburn, Joel Berlin 10/27/1829   VTWSG
Colby, George S. Colby, Joseph Barton 7/19/1851 Smith, Harris OCG
Colby, John Colby, Jesse Sutton 4/12/1842   Cal
Colby, Josiah Colby, Daniel Burke 7/13/1824   NS
Cole, Charles Cole, Harvey Waterford 8/31/1839   NS
Cole, Charles F. (son) Hildreth, Oliver & Esther Cabot 2/21/1848   NS
Cole, Harvey G. Cole, Pricella Walden 7/17/1858   NS
Cole, John G. Cole, Joseph Newark 3/25/1864 Brown, Ira Cal
Cole, John T. Hildreth, Oliver Walden 3/17/1855   NS
Cole, Seth (son) Hildreth, Oliver Walden 4/19/1851   NS
Colley, (Daniel) L. Colley, William Brownington 11/6/1876 Colley, D. H. & Robinson, Carrie OCM
Colley, George Colley, Joseph Barton 6/28/1851 Smith, Harris OCG
Collins, Carlos C. Collins, Daniel Cabot 2/17/1845   NS
Collins, Lyman C. Collins, John Hydepark 11/24/1854   NS
Conant, Charles C. Conant, Ebenezer Plainfield 3/23/1840   VTWSG
Conant, George H. Conant, Ezra St. Johnsbury 3/18/1854   Cal
Connal, Willie R. Connal, Peter Newport 2/26/1878   E&S
Connolly, George Connolly, Michael Granby 2/14/1862   Cal
Cook, Amos (son) Cook, Paul Barton 5/30/1812   NS
Cook, Charles G. Cook, Willard Danville 4/7/1860 Russell, Lyman NS
Cook, Foster N. Cook, Willard Danville 1/21/1854   NS
Cook, Franklin W. Cook, Willard Danville 12/7/1850   NS
Cook, George Cook, Seth Danville 3/13/1837   NS
Cook, Henry S. Cook, Willard Danville 6/14/1851   NS
Cook, James M Cook, George Y Irasburg 5/3/1851   OCG
Cook, John W Cook, George Y Irasburg 5/3/1851   OCG
Cook, Joseph F Cook, Erastus Newport 2/6/1863 Earle, A. A. OIS
Cook, Mary L. Cook, Geo Y. Irasburg 10/6/1884 Cook, E. OCM
Cook, Paul, Jun. Cook, Paul Glover 5/2/1815   VTWSG
Cook, Stephen F Cook, George Y Irasburg 5/3/1851   OCG
Cooke, Milo B. Cooke, Denison Morristown 1/12/1844   VTWSJ
Copp, Ezra Jr. Copp, Ezra Waterford 4/1/1848   Cal
Corbett, Winthrop D. Corbett, Henry Lowell 2/17/1853   OCG
Corcorau, David T. Corcorau, Mary Derby 1/1/1858 True, P. (or Corcoran?) OIS
Corkron, John Corkron, Mary Salem 9/19/1862 Lynch, John OIS
Corrow, John Corrow, Joseph Coventry 4/26/1861 Clark, A. J. & True, G. W. OIS
Corson, George Corson, Elijah Walden 12/6/1856   Cal
Corson, Joshua Corson, Elijah Walden 5/27/1854   NS
Cotton, Dudley K. Cotton, John Waterbury 11/25/1828   VTWSG
Coucher, John Jr. Coucher, John P. East Burke 5/20/1864 Harvey, Napoleon Cal
Counter, William Counter, Charles East Burke 5/27/1864 Newell, Charles C. Cal
Courser, Levi M. Courser, Hiram Jay 7/2/1853 Whitcomb, Joel OCG
Courser, Peter Perkins Courser, Hiram Troy 1/25/1860 Ward, E. C. & Courser, T. OIS
Courser, William T. Courser, Hiram Jay 5/10/1851 Perkins, Peter OCG
Cowles, Harry Cowles, Charles M. Albany 9/1/1855   NU
Cowles, Jefferson Cowles, Charles M.   3/4/1854   OCG
Cowles, Madison Cowles, Charles M. Irasburg 7/6/1850 Bahns, L. H. OCG
Cozzens, John G. Cozzens, Thomas G. Randolph 4/28/1843   VTWSG
Crafts, Samuel Crafts, E. J. Lowell 2/21/1881 Dodge, W. B. OCM
Craig, Archibld Craig, Matthew Westmore 3/30/1861 Brown, O. NS
Craig, John N. Craig, John Danville 5/29/1858   NS
Craig, William Craig, John N. Danville 9/11/1852   NS
Crane, Arba N. Crane, Porter Wolcott 3/15/1851   NS
Crane, Azariah S. Crane, William B. West Concord 4/7/1865   Cal
Crawford, Amasa Crawford, John L Newport Center 3/4/1864 Crawford, E. O. & Crawford, (F.) A. OIS
Crosby, John A. Crosby, A. B. Holland 1/6/1880   E&S
Crosier, John A. of Glover Crosier, Mrs. Merva Wells River, VT 3/17/1890   OCM
Cross, Thomas Cross, Lisander Hardwick 1/2/1864   NS
Crossett, Garry Crossett, Jason Waterbury 12/4/1840   VTWSG
Crossett, Levi Crossett, Hosea Duxbury 2/21/1837   VTWSG
Crossett, Zera H. Crossett, Hosea Duxbury 9/29/1843   VTWSJ
Crow, William A. Crow, William Glover 12/13/1875   OCM
Cumings, Cyrenisus Cumings, Daniel Peacham 3/26/1836   NS
Cumings, Hiram R. Cumings, Arnold Newark 3/4/1854   Cal
Cummings, George P. Cummings, Jasper East Charleston 6/16/1879 Applebee, J. T. OCM
Cummings, Oscar H. Cummings, Arnold   12/25/1863 Bemis, Alonzo & Cummings, Hiram R. Cal
Currier, Benjamin F. Currier, Cyrus Concord 6/25/1853   Cal
Cushing, Alanson S. Cushing, Levi Lyndon 4/11/1846   Cal
Cushman, Charles O. Cushman, Zebulon G. Morgan 6/12/1876   OCM
Cutler, George H. Cutler, Henry Danville 11/22/1856   NS
Daggett, Lorenzo V. Daggett, Nathaniel Wells River 4/28/1838   NS
Dailey, Walter Dailey, David Newbury 12/10/1839   Cal
Dan(iels), Abram Dan(iels), Hiram N. Danville 4/7/1845   NS
Dana, Edward Dana, John N. Danville 1/12/1856   NS
Dane, John Dane, Joseph Danville 7/14/1838   NS
Daniels, Albert N. Daniels, Luther North Danville 2/24/1865   Cal
Daniels, Allison N. Daniels, Hiram Danville 9/14/1866   Cal
Daniels, Hiram A. Daniels, Luther N. Danville 3/4/1854   Cal
Daniels, Luther A. Daniels, Luther Danville 10/18/1856   Cal
Daniels, Richard H. Daniels, James Sheffield 7/1/1848 Ingalls, C. L. Cal
Daniels, Thomas H. Daniels, James Sheffield 11/9/1850 Bradley, Alva OCG
Darling, Frederick L. Darling, Edward N. Lyndon 5/19/1849   NS
Darling, George Darling, Benjamin Peacham 3/22/1831   NS
Davenport, George Davenport, Amos Williamstown 11/22/1841   VTWSG
Davenport, Marcus M. Davenport, R. C. Walden 5/22/1858   NS
Davidson, Ethan A. Davidson, Leonard Peacham 10/12/1866 Walker, Henry & Walker, Frank J. Cal
Davis, Amos Davis, John Lowell, MA 6/30/1842   NS
Davis, Azro H. Davis, John B. Duxbury 3/21/1837   VTWSG
Davis, Charles M. Davis, Jonathan Westmore 4/18/1862   Cal
Davis, Franklin P. Davis, Amos Danville 6/27/1868 Page, N. H. NS
Davis, John Jr. Davis, John Lowell, MA 10/14/1841   NS
Davis, Julius E. Davis, E. L. Westfield 2/14/1882   E&S
Davis, Leonard W. Davis, N. W. Elmore 9/11/1857   OIS
Davis, Lysander A. Davis, Alonzo Charleston 8/11/1874   E&S
Davis, Pike Davis, Demerit Sheffield 7/21/1855   Cal
Davis, Russell Davis, Andrew ? 6/3/1843   VTWSJ
Davis, Vanrenselear Davis, Roswell Bath, NH 8/19/1848 Leslie, C. B. Cal
Davis, Willie J. Davis, Alonzo Charleston 4/11/1876   E&S
Davison, Charles Davison, Jacob Goshen Gore 11/27/1858   NS
Dawson, Luther F. Dawson, Fred Derby 3/20/1877   E&S
Dean, Arthur F. Dean, John Lunenburg 7/17/1843   NS
Dean, Noah Dean, Josiah Sutton 7/6/1839   NS
Dearborn, William Dearborn, Hazen Holland 3/23/1831   FH
Decamp, Leander Decamp, John Burke 1/23/1858   Cal
Deos, Charles Deos, Euster Lyndon 11/14/1862 Cahoon, George W. Cal
Deos, Henry Deos, Distat Lyndon 1/8/1859 Hoyt, Joseph & Clement, Peter Cal
Devereaux, George Devereaux, Ebenezer Barton 7/30/1858   OIS
Devereaux, John Devereaux, Ebenezer Barton 7/30/1858   OIS
Dewey, George A. Dewey, Joseph S Granby 12/13/1842   Cal
Dewey, Joseph S. Jr Dewey, Joseph S Granby 12/13/1842   Cal
Dickerman, Henry C. Dickerman, William G. Lyndon 5/8/1863 Dickerman, R. L. Cal
Dickerman, John W. Dickerman, William G. Lyman 4/22/1854   Cal
Dickson, Thomas Dickson, John Newbury 3/31/1845   NS
Disthromp, J. Alfred Disthromp, John B. Barton 8/18/1879   OCM
Dix, Samuel N. Dix, Samuel West Albany 4/22/1859   OIS
Dodge, Albert D. Dodge, John 2nd Lunenburg 4/6/1866 Cutting, H. A. Cal
Dodge, Alfred J. Dodge, John 2nd Lunenburg 4/6/1866 Cutting, H. A. Cal
Dodge, Eb(eneze)r R. Dodge, Parker Troy 2/23/1835   NS
Dodge, Everett H. Dodge, Parker Groton 9/21/1830   NS
Doe, James Doe, Noah Ryegate 2/2/1856   Cal
Douglas, Samuel Douglas, Caleb Chelsea 11/8/1844 Boutwell, Levi VTWSJ
Dow, Avery A. Dow, Nathan B. P. Cabot 6/19/1843   NS
Dow, Benjamin Greenleaf Dow, Benjamin Walden 6/15/1820   NS
Dow, George H. Dow, William Groton 12/6/1856 Burnham, T. J. Cal
Dow, George W. Dow, Winslow Cabot 9/6/1857   NS
Dow, Phinehas K. Dow, Juliette A. Barnet 3/12/1853   Cal
Downer, James Downer, Thomas Lunenburg 2/28/1857   Cal
Downing, Charles Downing, Loammi B. Sheffield 9/13/1856 Frost, D. S. & Dolloff, Thomas Cal
Downing, John Franklin Downing, Lyman Barton 3/26/1877 Downing, Henry W. OCM
Doyle, Selim N. Doyle, Martin R. Burke 7/27/1846   NS
Doyle, Zenas T. Doyle, Martin R. Burke 5/5/1855   NU
Dresser, Charles G. Dresser, John Westmore 7/10/1843   NS
Drew, Aaron W. Drew, G. L. Barton 6/15/1850   OCG
Drew, Gardner A. Drew, Abba S. West Derby 5/16/1856 Fields, B. B. & Magoon, Orin OIS
Drew, George W. Drew, Samuel Newark 3/8/1842 Corlis, Simon B. Cal
Drew, Gilman Drew, Gilman Barton 4/15/1844 Weeks, Nathan Cal
Drew, John Jr. Drew, John Hardwick 4/10/1848   NS
Drew, John T. Drew, G. L. Barton 6/15/1850   OCG
Drew, Laroy S. Drew, Samuel Newark 6/21/1861 Drew, S. P. Cal
Drew, Samuel P. Drew, Samuel Newark 12/4/1847   Cal
Drew, Thaddeus Drew, Gilman Barton 4/15/1844 Weeks, Nathan Cal
Drew, Thomas J. Drew, Samuel Newark 10/4/1856 Drew, Laroy S. Cal
Drew, William K. Drew, Samuel Greensboro 5/18/1850   NS
Drown, Austin W. Drown, Ward B. Sheffield 10/14/1860 Davis, Moses NS
Drown, Benjamin Drown, Nathaniel Sutton 3/9/1850 Shaw, N. & Jacob B. Gordon Cal
Drown, Edwin Drown, Enoch W. Danville 7/30/1875   NS
Drown, Erastus Drown, Josiah Sutton 10/26/1850 Roberts, Geo W. & Nathaniel Glidden Cal
Drown, John G. Drown, Stephen Brownington 5/29/1856 Drown, G. J. NU
Drown, Norwood Drown, Nelson Greensboro 4/19/1886   OCM
Drown, Reuben Drown, Nathaniel Sheffield 7/26/1851 Roberts, James Cal
Drown, Suel Drown, James Sheffield 6/23/1845   NS
Dudley, Oscar L. Dudley, John G. Troy 7/7/1860 Wakr, Lurd & Collins, J. S. NS
Dudley, Stephen (alias Henry May) May, William P. Barton 6/25/1853   Cal
Dunar, Clement B. Dunbar, David Greensboro 7/13/1824   NS
Dunklee, George Dunklee, Moses Victory 8/1/1843 Matthews, Jonathan Cal
Dunklee, John Dunklee, Moses Victory 8/1/1843 Matthews, Jonathan Cal
Dunsyre, James Jr. Dunsyre, James Danville 1/18/1840   NS
Dunsyre, John Q. A. Dunsyre, James Danville 2/15/1851   NS
Dunsyre, Jonathan Gray Dunsyre, James Danville 7/10/1843   NS
Durlam, C. F. Durlam, Frederic Concord 11/9/1860 Howard, William S. Cal
Dutton, Enoch H. Dutton, Josiah Walden 5/15/1843   NS
Dutton, Marquis D. L. Dutton, Joseph P. Westmore 5/16/1857 Gilman, Peter Cal
Dwyer, John Jr. Dwyer, John Salem 9/29/1830   FH
Eaton, John S Eaton, Jabish W. Brownington 4/8/1854 Bayley, Geo. W. OCG
Edmonds, William Edmonds, Benjamin Irasburgh 7/24/1837   VTWSG
Edmunds, John D. Edmunds, Benjamin Irasburg 3/20/1852   OCG
Edson, George S. Edson, Simeon Jr. Cabot 8/21/1843   NS
Edwards, Augustus Edwards, Kimall S. Barnet 4/3/1843   NS
Edwards, James Edwards, David West Barnet 9/28/1839   NS
Edwards, James H. Edwards, Jonathan Montpelier 9/19/1831   VTWSG
Edwards, William Edwards, Ambrose Coventry 2/25/1840   Cal
Edy, Fisdil Edy, James Marshfield 10/26/1850   NS
Eggleston, William A. Eggleston, William ? 4/7/1855   Cal
Eldridge, Gustavous Eldridge, Abner Lyndon 9/16/1823   NS
Eldridge, John Eldridge, Abner Burke 5/2/1832   FH
Eldridge, Mulford (sold his time) Eldridge, Abner Lyndon 2/20/1827   NS
Elkins, James C. Elkins, Joshua Wheelock 8/17/1854   NS
Elkins, John G. Elkins, Moses Vershire 7/21/1829   VTWSG
Ellicott, Daniel Ellicott, Daniel Lunenburg 4/22/1828   NS
Elliot, David Elliot, Samuel Morgan 8/13/1857   OIS
Ellis, William D. Ellis, Willard Woodbury 7/21/1860 Meader, H. H. & Meader, Mandania NS
Elmer, William C. Elmer, William Orange 5/4/1824   VTWSG
Emery, Andrew Emery, Isaiah Groton 3/9/1856 Plumer, Ebenezer Cal
Emery, George C. Emery, Joshua Guildhall 9/1/1849 Hartshorn, William H. Cal
Emery, Jeremiah Emery, Simon Groton 6/12/1852   NS
Emery, John P. Emery, Caleb Groton 5/4/1835   NS
Emery, Joshua Emery, John Groton 6/28/1831   NS
Emery, Noah Jr. Emery, Noah Brighton 12/16/1854   NU
Emery, Timothy Jr. Emery, Timothy Groton 7/14/1865   Cal
Esden, James Esden, James   3/1/1861   Cal
Estes, George R. Estes, Richard O. Albany 9/19/1867 Robinson, J. B. & Waterman, Freeman OIS
Everts, Homer Everts, Albert Jay 10/16/1877   E&S
Fadden, William Alonzo Fadden, I. J. Barton 2/14/1881   OCM
Fair, Thomas J. Fair, Marshall M. Craftsbury 10/28/1844   NS
Fair, William M. Fair, Marshall M. Craftsbury 10/28/1844   NS
Fairbanks, William Fairbanks, Ephraim Newark 12/15/1865 Hoyt, F. H. Cal
Fairbrother, William Jr. Fairbrother, William Lyndon 10/24/1826   NS
Farewell, Joshua B. Farewell, Asa Newport 5/14/1858   OIS
Farewell, Monroe Farewell, Asa Newport 9/18/1857 Farewell, Stillman OIS
Farley, Martin B. Farley, John Lyndon 8/21/1858   Cal
Farmer, Charles C. Farmer, Bradley Burke 10/15/1853 Cushman, John Cal
Farmer, Hiram B. Farmer, Bradley East Burke 6/19/1858 Farmer, A. C. Cal
Farnam, Lucius C. (son) Fuller, Mary E. St. Johnsbury 10/3/1847   Cal
Farnsworth, Cyrus Farnsworth, Manasseh Walden 1/11/1825   NS
Farnsworth, Harvey H. Farnsworth, John Danville 10/24/1836   NS
Farnsworth, Russell U. Farnsworth, Calvin Lyndon 3/27/1858   Cal
Farr, Asahel Farr, Alpheus Danville 1/11/1836   NS
Farr, John Riley Farr, Alpheus Waterford 11/2/1835   NS
Farr, Justin P. Farr, Alpheus   3/13/1847 Farr, Loren P. Cal
Farr, Zelotas Farr, Alpheus Danville 11/6/1843   NS
Farrar, Osmore R. Farrar, Israel Walden 4/10/1848   NS
Farrar, Purley Farrar, Israel Walden 3/27/1858   NS
Farrar, William Farrar, Joseph Walden 3/11/1876 Clifford, William NS
Farrington, Lewis Farrington, Joseph Peacham 11/3/1834   NS
Farwell, Jason Farwell, Asa Newport 12/28/1860   OIS
Farwell, Silas Farwell, Henry Waterford 5/22/1838   Cal
Felch, George W. Jr. Felch, George W. Waterford 10/28/1864   Cal
Ferry/Ferrey, Joel Ferry/Ferrey, Daniel Johnson 9/14/1830   VTWSG
Field, Alonzo Field, Frances Lyndon 5/13/1828   NS
Field, Dale J. Field James Peacham 1/2/1818   NS
Field, Francis D. Field James Peacham 1/2/1818   NS
Fisher, Carlos Fisher, John Sutton 1/26/1835   NS
Fisher, Francis W. Fisher, John W.   7/21/1865 Cutting, Hiram A. Cal
Fisher, Halsey R. Fisher, William Jr. Kirby 10/30/1847   Cal
Fisher, Ira D. Fisher, Seth Coventry 8/27/1858   OIS
Fisher, James H. Fisher, Carlos Concord 9/6/1861 Frye, George C. Cal
Fisk, William Fisk, Eben[eze]r Groton 10/12/1830   NS
Fitzgerald, William Fitzgerald, Michael   6/9/1860 Buchanan, Peter & Blanchard, Esther NS
Flanders, Charles W. Flanders, John B. Sheffield 6/20/1862 Bradley, G. L. Cal
Flanders, Daniel Jackson Flanders, Reuben Wheelock 5/24/1851   NS
Flanders, Phineas Jr. Flanders, Phineas Hydepark 3/22/1836   VTWSG
Fleming, Edwin L. Fleming, O. S. Lowell 5/7/1878   E&S
Fletcher, Samuel Fletcher, John C. Concord 5/4/1850   Cal
Fogg, Oliver M. Fogg, John Sutton 7/28/1849   NS
Folsom, Abel B. Folsom, Andrew Barton 12/6/1851 Folsom, Freeman OCG
Folsom, Augustus P. Folsom, Philena Greensboro 12/26/1863 Pinney, Jabez NS
Folsom, Charles H. Folsom, Andrew Sutton 4/12/1856 Willard, Samuel & Folsom, Dana Cal
Folsom, Joseph B. Folsom, Philena Greensboro 5/26/1869   OIS
Folsom, Stephen G. Folsom, Andrew Barton 1/23/1843   Cal
Folsom, William H. Folsom, Jonathan Brownington 4/25/1856 Robinson, Benjamin Jr. OIS
Ford, Ira Ford, Robert Kirby 12/13/1847   NS
Ford, Samuel W. Ford, Robert Kirby 10/20/1840   Cal
Forest, John Jr. Forest, John   7/7/1849   Cal
Foss, Henry M. Foss, Ira M. Derby 5/14/1858   OIS
Foster, Charles Foster, Philemon Brownington 8/8/1862 Baker, Elias C. & Grey, Geo. OIS
Foster, Charles W. Foster, Zadock Lunenburg 3/3/1845   Cal
Foster, Edwin Foster, Pliny P. Salem 5/1/1857   OIS
Foster, Elisha Foster, Philemon Brownington 3/27/1852 Foster, Dorothy & Stockwell, Emmons OCG
Foster, Erwin Foster, Pliny P. Salem 5/1/1857   OIS
Foster, Flora Foster, J. P. Passumpsic 11/3/1855   Cal
Foster, John H. Foster, Zadock Lunenburg 4/16/1853 Silsby, Lewis Cal
Foy, William Foy, Ichabod Danville 4/7/1845   NS
Frasier, James H. Frasier, Albert L. Victory 10/4/1851 Smith, Cyrus Cal
French, James French, Asa Sutton 3/15/1856 Richardson, J. H. I. Cal
Frost, Charles Hiram Frost, Jonathan Sutton 5/22/1837   NS
Frost, John Frost, Moses Groton 12/29/1838   NS
Frost, L. W. Frost, Sumner Derby 7/23/1858   OIS
Frost, Orange Frost, Hinman Sheffield 5/12/1879 McDowell, R. J. OCM
Fry, Ira Fry, Reuben Danville 7/15/1819   NS
Fullam, William Fullam, Elisha Granby 3/21/1843   Cal
Fuller, Rufus Fuller, Larned   7/18/1842   VTWSG
Fullerton, George W. Fullerton, John Newark 4/13/1860 Beckwith, C. & Fuller, William Cal
Furbush, Willard G. Furbush, Benjamin Danville 8/1/1822   NS
Gage, Horace E. Gage, Harmon Guildhall 3/31/1855 Hartshorn, William H. Cal
Gale, Josiah Harvey Gale, Amos Sutton 3/14/1836   NS
Gallup, Lovel C. Gallup, L. P. Troy 8/21/1863 Bickford, Ellen OIS
Gammell, James M. Gammell, Samuel Jr. Barnet 9/30/1865 Harvey French NS
Garfield, Azanah E. Garfield, Isaac D. Walden 9/14/1867 Scott, J. W. NS
Garfield, Caleb G. Barfield, Artemas Lyndon 4/7/1845   NS
Garfield, Isaac D. Garfield, John Goshen Gore 9/9/1844   NS
Garfield, Ralph (sold his time) Garfield, Aaron   11/7/1826   NS
Garvin, Henry Garvin, Thomas W. Hardwick 6/12/1827   NS
Garvin, William A. Garvin, Allen Wolcott 12/15/1855   NS
Gaskill, Tyler B. Gaskill, Samuel Jr Waterford 4/14/1845   Cal
Gates, Algernon S. Gates, John Victory 10/18/1856   NS
Gates, Fred E. Gates, F. A. Barton 4/10/1882 Hill, J. J. OCM
Gates, George W. Gates, John Lyndon 3/8/1851   Cal
Gates, James C. Gates, John Lyndon 11/4/1848   Cal
Geary, Michael Geary, Joanna Barton 7/22/1872   OCM
Gee, Alanson Gee, Freeman & Lucinda Lunenburg 10/4/1856   Cal
Gee, Henry Gee, Solomon West Concord 3/28/1862 Chase, Jefferson Cal
Gee, Solomon Jr. Gee, Solomon Lunenburg 8/15/1836   NS
George, Orlenzo George, Stephen Lowell 10/16/1863   OIS
Gerry, Eli P. Gerry, Salmon Cabot 1/13/1849   NS
Gifford, Charles Green Gifford, Charles Peacham 11/4/1841   NS
Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Thomas L. Westfield 3/7/1876   E&S
Gilman, Nathan Gilman, Winslow Lyndon 2/27/1858   Cal
Glidden, Henry G. Glidden, John St. Johnsbury 4/26/1856   Cal
Goddard, Charles O. Goddard, Joseph Holland 3/15/1881 Caswell, Fred T. E&S
Goin, James F. Goin, Eri Irasburgh 6/19/1857   OIS
Goodell, Charles Goodell, Daniel Lyndon 9/18/1827   NS
Goodell, Eben Goodell, Clark Barnet 11/28/1857 Abbott, J. D. Cal
Goodenough, Asa Goodenough, Stephen Sutton 9/9/1819   NS
Goodenough, Peter Goodenough, Stephen Danville 12/15/1829   NS
Goodenough, William Goodenough, Stephen Sutton 9/9/1819   NS
Goodwin, Albert A. Goodwin, Furber A. N. Danville 5/3/1847   NS
Goodwin, Alfred R. Goodwin, George D. Sutton 5/18/1860 Cahoon, George W. Cal
Goodwin, Darius Goodwin, Benjamin Charleston 4/17/1827   NS
Goodwin, George W. Goodwin, C. Irasburgh 5/13/1859   OIS
Goodwin, Ivora S. Goodwin, George D. Sutton 5/18/1860 Cahoon, George W. Cal
Goodwin, James Monroe Goodwin, C. Coventry 9/16/1864 Goodwin, Geo. W. OIS
Goodwin, John W. Goodwin, Thomas Groton 5/16/1857   NS
Goodwin, Magor Goodwin, Richard Glover 1/13/1830   FH
Goodwin, Nathaniel K. Goodwin, James Tunbridge 11/22/1844   VTWSJ
Goodwin, Reuben Goodwin, Thomas ? 2/12/1859 Hall, Isaac N. Cal
Goodwin, Samuel Goodwin, Rufus Groton 2/28/1857   NS
Goodwin, Warren H. Goodwin, Furber A. N. Danville 5/3/1847   NS
Gordon, John G. Gordon, James Newark 5/8/1858 Bunker, William B. Cal
Goss, Albert R. Goss, Harvey Albany 11/14/1856   OIS
Goss, Cyrus Goss, John Cabot 6/21/1831   NS
Goss, John Jr. Goss, John Cabot 8/25/1842   NS
Gould, Charles Gould, N. C. Lowell 6/22/1860   OIS
Gould, George W. Gould, George Sheffield 11/9/1850   OCG
Gould, Ralph T. Gould, George Sheffield 11/29/1851   OCG
Gracey, John C. Gracey, John Peacham 6/15/1861 Cook. F. W. NS
Grant, David K. Grant, William Berlin 6/2/1829   VTWSG
Grant, John W. Grant, Ira Concord 4/20/1850   Cal
Grant, William N. Grant, Ira Concord 11/11/1848   Cal
Graves, George Graves, Loren Lyndon 5/12/1855   Cal
Graves, George Henry Graves, _____ ? 9/30/1864   OIS
Graves, Gilman Graves, Chase S. E. Glover 10/14/1829   FH
Graves, Thaddeus O. Graves, Thaddeus Wolcott 12/29/1855   NS
Gray, Aaron Gray, Alexander Sutton 7/23/1853 Gordon, Betsey & Susan Chesley Cal
Gray, Alvah Gray, Ruben Sheffield 6/8/1850   NS
Gray, Charles Gray, Ira Glover 8/24/1885 Fayer, T. J. & Fayer, Isadore OCM
Gray, Charles S. Gray, Joseph ? 11/23/1860 Gray, Alonzo OIS
Gray, Gilbert Gray, Eliphalet Wheelock 6/19/1852 Pierce, John N. Cal
Gray, Harry E. Gray, Almon Barton 10/27/1890   OCM
Gray, James Gray, William Sheffield 3/28/1840   NS
Gray, Jeremiah Gray, Joshua Wheelock 8/21/1827   NS
Gray, Joseph Gray, William Sheffield 4/11/1832   FH
Gray, Joshua Gray, William Sheffield 11/2/1835   NS
Gray, Shelden Gray, Moses West Charleston 4/10/1856 Burrows, Stephen NU
Gray, William Gray, Jonathan Sheffield 4/30/1853 King, B. P. Cal
Green, Frank J. Green. E. G. Maidstone 7/16/1869 Hartshorn, William H. Cal
Green, George Green, Sewall Danville 2/1/1847   NS
Green, George Green, Luther Waterford 9/3/1853 Green, Martin L. Cal
Green, George A. Green, William W. St. Johnsbury 10/10/1862   Cal
Green, Lorenzo Green, Sewall Danville 2/1/1847   NS
Green, Robert Green, Mark Sheffield 4/17/1858 Green, Samuel D. Cal
Green, Walter Green, Samuel Danville 6/10/1854   Cal
Greene, Austin M. Greene, John Sheffield 5/23/1846 Davis, Moses Cal
Greene, William H. Greene, John Blackstone, MA 2/4/1854 Bennett, D. Cal
Greenwood, George Greenwood, Lewis Holland 11/14/1856 Webster, D. NU
Greenwood, Joseph Greenwood, Lewis Derby Line 11/4/1844   NS
Grey, Joseph Jr. Grey, Joseph Brownington 12/3/1853 Drown, L. G. & Alden, P. OCG
Griffin, John D. Griffin, Augustus Salem 4/20/1860   OIS
Griffin, William Griffin, Augustus Salem 3/11/1859   OIS
Griswold, Edward Griswold, Ganeth Barton 6/17/1829   FH
Griswold, F. W. Griswold, George S. St. Johnsbury 10/5/1866 McAlister, Mary A. & Lucretia C. Griswold Cal
Grove, Wallace T. (adopted) English, Samuel Brownington 9/18/1857 Jones, H. J. OIS
Grovenor, Henry Grovenor, Mr J. Albany 1/5/1875 Tenney, L. P. E&S
Grow, Timothy Drow, Dustin Hardwick 9/25/1843   NS
Guile, James Jr. Guile, James Danville 2/24/1829   NS
Guile, Richard Guild, R. N. Charleston 2/21/1856   NU
Gustin, Isaac Gustin, Elisha Victory 5/30/1843   Cal
Guy, Edwin K. Guy, Chester Peacham 10/30/1858   Cal
Guy, Francis A. Guy, Chester Peacham 10/2/1863   Cal
Hadley, Frank L. Hadley, John C. Waterford 1/8/1853 Buck, Walter & Obediah Parker Cal
Hadley, Joseph A. Hadley, Stephen Waterford 3/17/1840   Cal
Hadlock, George Hadlock, Joseph Jay 12/25/1857 Hadlock, Harrison & Hadlock, Webster OIS
Hadlock, Lyman H. Hadlock, Jonathan Jay 12/13/1851 Hadlock, Royal W. & Hadlock, A. G. OCG
Hadlock, Royal V. Hadlock, Jonathan Jay 6/28/1851 Hadlock, A. G. & Huntley, S. S. OCG
Hale, Lorin Hale, Thomas Waterford 5/4/1841   Cal
Hall, Carlton F. Hall, Asahel Hardwick 1/25/1840   NS
Hall, Daniel R. Hall, Charles   5/20/1864 Pettigrew, Robert & Beaumiere, Joseph Cal
Hall, Edward A. C. Hall, Winslow Barton 6/6/1892   OCM
Hall, Elihu Hall, Enoch Kirby 2/19/1844   Cal
Hall, James B. Hall, Hiram Danville 8/11/1876   NS
Hall, Johnie C. W. Hall, Winslow Barton 6/6/1892   OCM
Hall, Orin B. Hall, Asahel Hardwick 10/18/1845   Cal
Hall, Plummer B. Hall, Sylvester Sheffield 3/28/1862   Cal
Hall, William A. Davis, Lewis & Cynthia Brownington 7/2/1853   OCG
Ham, Andrew J. Ham, Otis Sheffield 11/10/1849 Eastman, Bradbury Cal
Hamilton, Daniel P. Hamilton, Hannible   4/3/1856 Cutting, C. B. & Sawtell, Jabez NU
Hamilton, Jamin H. Hamilton, Hannible   4/3/1856 Cutting, C. B. & Sawtell, Jabez NU
Hammond, John M. Hammond, Faunce Greensboro 7/8/1854   NS
Handy, Albert Handy, Rufus Charleston 7/2/1841   NS
Handy, George Handy, Rufus Charleston 7/2/1841   NS
Hannett, Fred F. Hannett, Daniel Irasburgh 3/12/1883 Doty, J. L. OCM
Harding, Daniel Harding, Richard Barton 2/11/1840   Cal
Hardy, Salma Hardy, Theodore Peacham 3/28/1840   NS
Harriman, Archibald Harriman, Isaac Barnet 1/22/1853   NS
Harriman, Josiah James Harriman, N. P. Danville 8/21/1843   NS
Harriman, William W. Harriman, Luther Lyndon 3/26/1853   Cal
Harris, Alvin Harris, William Lunenburg 4/23/1838   Cal
Harris, Barnard Harris, Daniel Worcester 6/7/1844   VTWSJ
Harris, Newell B. Harris, John D. Danville 10/31/1868   NS
Hart, John Hart, Nathaniel Wheelock 6/3/1828   NS
Hart, Oliver Hart, Robert Danville 4/28/1834   NS
Hartshorn, Ephraim Jr. Hartshorn, Ephraim Danville 4/18/1836   NS
Hartson, Chancey F. Hartson, Henry Greensboro 3/1/1861 Whitelaw, G. S. OIS
Hartwell, Clarance H. Hartwell, Philomel Lyndon 9/10/1853   NS
Hartwell, James A. Hartwell, Ira Craftsbury 1/10/1862   OIS
Hartwell, William H. Herbert Hartwell, W. H. H. Newark 7/4/1862 Bishop, Truman G. Cal
Harvey, Ferdinand Harvey, Joel Lyndon 3/27/1838   Cal
Harvey, James (son) Mason, Joseph Derby 4/24/1847   Cal
Harvey, Oel D. Harvey, Ezra Danville 3/12/1859   NS
Harvey, Velorous E. Harvey, Ezra Danville 3/12/1859   NS
Haselton, Henry W. Haselton, William Charleston 5/11/1860 Knights, Z. OIS
Hastings, Lafayette Hastings, Moses Waterford 4/8/1864 Hastings, Moses Jr. Cal
Hatch, Daniel S. Hatch, Lewis Middlesex 8/16/1831   VTWSG
Hatch, George Hatch, Jacob Groton 3/30/1839   NS
Haviland, Alpheus C. Haviland, Benjamin C. Danville 6/20/1836   NS
Hawkins, Lewis K. Hawkins, Olney St. Johnsbury 11/25/1829   FH
Hawkins, Payson T. Hawkins, Peter Danville 4/23/1859   NS
Hawkins, Willard Hawkins, Olney Charleston 3/12/1829   FH
Hayden, John Hayden, William Albany 3/23/1824   NS
Hayden, Sylvanus B. Hayden, John Berlin 2/17/1829   VTWSG
Haynes, Samuel Haynes, Dudley Walden 11/22/1831   NS
Hayward, Frank Hayward, Wesley F. W Charleston 5/24/1886 Hayward, Harry & Applebee, Jeremiah OCM
Hazelton, Truman W. Hazelton, Joseph Waterford 7/7/1849   Cal
Heath, Carlos Heath, Cyrus Barton 1/4/1851 Heath, Thomas OCG
Heath, Daniel (son) Heath, William Johnson 7/11/1812   NS
Heath, George Heath, Cyrus Brownington 10/3/1862   OIS
Heath, George Heath, John Cabot 8/31/1839   NS
Heath, Henry J. Heath, Jeremiah Cabot 7/19/1847   NS
Heath, James Heath, John Cabot 10/5/1824   NS
Heath, Nathaniel Heath, John Cabot 12/23/1833   NS
Heath, Robert T. Heath, James Groton 11/11/1842   VTWSG
Henderson, Estus A. Henderson, James H. Ryegate 12/18/1863   Cal
Hendrick, Orren C. Hendrick, Henry West Concord 10/4/1861 Frye, George C. Cal
Hendrickson, Henry S. Hendrickson, Samuel Kirby 11/4/1828   FH
Herrick, George A. Herrick, Seth F. Salem 4/16/1878   E&S
Hewens, Jacob W. Hewens, Jacob Walden 4/8/1828   NS
Hicks, Josiah Hicks, Ja's Lyndon 11/20/1858 Cahoon, George W. Cal
Hicks, Stephen L. Hicks, James Lyndon 4/16/1859 Hosmer, Henry Cal
Hicks, William W. Hicks, Ja's Lyndon 11/20/1858 Cahoon, George W. Cal
Higgins, Archibald Jr. Higgins, Archibald W. Troy 9/7/1839   NS
Higgins, Frank J. Higgins, Jane Danville 8/18/1871 Webster, Mary C. NS
Higgins, John D. Higgins, Archibald W. Troy 9/7/1839   NS
Hildreth, Charles Hildreth, Nathaniel Charleston 4/6/1860   OIS
Hildreth, William B. Hildreth, Nath'l Potton, CE 1/2/1857   OIS
Hill, Cyrus Hill, Samuel Kirby 4/22/1828   NS
Hill, James Albert Hill, Henry St. Johnsbury 3/29/1867   Cal
Hill, Samuel Hill, Aaron Greensboro 11/3/1838   NS
Hill, William Lewis Hill, William Montpelier 8/2/1841   VTWSG
Hines, Joseph D. Hines, David Wheelock 8/13/1869 Davis, Franklin Cal
Hinman, Isaac Jr. Hinman, Isaac Derby 6/27/1876   E&S
Hodgdon, Amasa T. Hodgdon, Samuel Cabot 4/18/1840   NS
Hodgdon, Bertie Hodgdon, Porter N Craftsbury 10/31/1876 Hodgdon, Daniel E&S
Hodgdon, Charles Hodgdon, Jonathan Sutton 6/25/1853 Berry, J. W. & Hannah C. Berry Cal
Hodgdon, George R. Hodgdon, Jonathan   3/5/1869 Parker, Lewis Cal
Hodgdon, Moses Hodgdon, Porter N Craftsbury 10/31/1876 Hodgdon, Daniel E&S
Hodgdon, Samuel B. Hodgdon, Jonathan Sutton 5/23/1862 Densmore, William A. Cal
Hodge, Felton P. Hodge, Stephen Canaan 12/20/1867   OIS
Hodgkin, Gerald A. Hodgkin, Jere F. Westfield 9/23/1879   E&S
Holbrook, John Holbrooke, Alfred Irasburg 10/26/1850   OCG
Holbrook, Jonathan Holbrooke, Alfred Irasburg 10/26/1850   OCG
Holloway, William Holloway, Edward Sheffield 9/8/1842   NS
Holt, Daniel Jun Holt, Daniel Ryegate 12/7/1820   NS
Holt, David C. Holt, Amos Moretown 3/10/1843   VTWSG
Holt, William S. Holt, Daniel Ryegate 3/28/1826   NS
Homan, Charles R. Homan, Duston Newbury/Wells River 7/28/1830   FH
Hood, Albert O. Hood, Amos Chelsea 4/11/1842   VTWSG
Hopkins, Charles W. Hopkins, Joseph 2d Woodbury 8/22/1857   NS
Hopkins, Selden Hopkins, Daniel Monroe 5/2/1840   NS
Hopkins, Zenas Hopkins, Orange Tunbridge 8/22/1842   VTWSG
Hosmer, Bailey Hosmer, Stephen Lyndon 2/7/1857 Hosmer, Henry & Hosmer, Caroline Cal
Hosmer, Riley Hosmer, Stephen Lyndon 3/7/1857   Cal
Hosmore, Rufus Hosmore, Josiah Groton 9/27/1847   NS
House, Benjamin Davies House, A. H. ? 8/29/1857 Higgins, G. I. & Peck, W. E. Cal
House, Harry House, Charles D. Newport 10/31/1882   E&S
Hovey, Henry O. Hovey, Chester Jay 5/19/1868   E&S
Howe, Charles M. Howe, Benjamin Cabot 3/17/1845   NS
Howe, Isaac Howe, Benjamin Cabot 3/17/1845   NS
Howe, William Howe, Widow Annis S. Derby 3/31/1829   NS
Howe, William Norton Howe, John Danville 12/29/1829   NS
Hoyt, Fred Hoyt, Edgar G. Craftsbury 9/5/1876   E&S
Hoyt, Sherman T. Hoyt, Joseph Waterford 3/30/1850   NS
Hubbard, Asa B. Hubbard, Moses Wheelock 5/29/1827   NS
Hubbard, Benjamin F. Hubbard, R. W. Glover 10/20/1865 (Vibbee), Martin & Drew, Luke OIS
Hubbard, George Hubbard, Mr. East Burke 3/28/1887   OCM
Hubbard, James Rolston Hubbard, Orrin Burke 4/1/1844   NS
Hubbard, Nathan R. Hubbard, Richard Lyndon 1/22/1864 Walker, George B. Cal
Hubbard, Ora Hubbard, B. F. Barton 3/12/1883 Lee, F. A. OCM
Huckins, Abram H. Huckins, Jacob Peacham 12/19/1857   Cal
Hudson, Alonzo F. Hudson, Simeon S. Concord 12/25/1868 Woodbury, I, P. & Linda Ann Woodbury Cal
Hudson, George A. Hudson, Simeon S. Concord 12/25/1868 Woodbury, I, P. & Linda Ann Woodbury Cal
Hudson, Harley J. Hudson, D. C. East Haven 2/21/1868 Smith, N. A. Cal
Hudson, William C. Hudson, Henry   7/12/1861 Hudson, D. C. Cal
Hull, John Hull, William Washington 12/2/1842 Eastman, Rawson VTWSG
Hull, John (age 20) Hull, William Washington 12/9/1842 Eastman, Rawson & Newton, Ursula VTWSG
Humphrey, Charles T. Humphrey, Timothy St. Johnsbury 3/31/1840   Cal
Humphrey, Ira Humphrey, Bela Sutton 5/5/1849   Cal
Humphrey, Joseph Benjamin Franklin Humphrey, Timothy St. Johnsbury 5/3/1851   Cal
Humphrey, Wesley J. C. Humphrey, Timothy St. Johnsbury Ctr. 4/30/1859   Cal
Humphry, Abial F. Humphry, Hiram Glover 6/22/1869   OIS
Hunt, A. N. Hunt, Nelson Barton 4/29/1878   OCM
Hunt, Charles P. Hunt, D. R. Coventry 10/31/1856   OIS
Hunt, Daniel Jr. ** Hunt, Daniel R. Barton 3/23/1866 (took off) OIS
Hunt, Frank P. Hunt, Daniel R. Barton 7/19/1870   OIS
Hunt, Frank P. Hunt, D. R. Barton 4/15/1872   OCM
Hunt, Lucy J. ** Hunt, Philip Barton 10/27/1865   OIS
Hunt, Lyman R. Hunt, Willard Albany 8/1/1836   NS
Hunt, Marcellus Hunt, Nathan Troy 7/18/1856   OIS
Hunt, Marshal Hunt, Nathan ? 8/10/1860   OIS
Hunt, Nathan K. Hunt, Samuel Royalton 4/4/1842   VTWSG
Hunt, Solomon S. Hunt, Worcester Barnet 6/12/1843   NS
Hunter, Erwin F. Hunter, Fry Albany 6/24/1878   OCM
Hunter, Henry M. Hunter, Fry Albany 11/9/1874   OCM
Hunter, Johnson C. Hunter, Royal Lyndon 12/11/1858 Hunter, Welcome H. Cal
Hunter, Seldin Eugene Hunter, Fry Albany 10/24/1881   OCM
Hunter, Wesley W. Hunter, Ira Albany 12/14/1850 Bumps, Seth OCG
Huntley, Moses Huntley, Dennis Morgan 4/22/1844   Cal
Huntoon, J(er.) W. Huntoon, Philip Charleston 8/26/1859   OIS
Huse, Joseph Huse, James Danville 6/17/1819   NS
Hutchinson, Edgar A. Hutchinson, Hiram W. Charleston 3/10/1855   NU
Hyde, Lewis (son) Blake, Betsey Sutton 4/6/1866 Richardson, Ira Cal
Ide, Loren Ide, Jacob St Johnsbury 3/15/1831   NS
Ingerson, Charles A. Ingerson, William M. Newport 7/7/1868   E&S
Ingerson, George W. Ingerson, William M. Newport 7/7/1868   E&S
Ingerson, John Wesley Ingerson, William   3/27/1857 Adams, Wm. P. OIS
Ingerson, Lewis H. Ingerson, William ? 12/21/1860 Hammond, Wesley OIS
Isham, Benjamin Jr. Isham, Benjamin Concord 4/21/1834   NS
Jackman, Daniel P. Jackman, W. T. Barre 1/3/1837   VTWSG
Jackson, Arad Jackson, Nathan Woodbury 12/16/1833   NS
Jackson, David Jackson, Thomas Glover 4/17/1827   NS
Jackson, Lewis Jackson, Nehemiah Woodbury 10/28/1828   NS
Jacobs, Jerry Jacobs, Joseph Holland 4/27/1891   OCM
Jaquea, Joseph Jr. Jaquea, Joseph N.   8/24/1875   E&S
Jay, Nathan P. Jay, Dean St. Johnsbury 3/19/1853   Cal
Jenkins, Albert R. Jenkins, Alanson St. Johnsbury 12/18/1863 Hawkins, Truman C. & Rice, Henry L. Cal
Jenkins, Horace H. Jenkins, Lemuel St. Johnsbury 2/20/1847   Cal
Jerome, Benjamin F. Jerome, Benjamin H. Newport 2/6/1863   OIS
Jerome, George Jerome, John Barton 10/29/1883 Blake, George H. OCM
Jerome, Ira H. Jerome, Giles M. South Albany 8/15/1887 Rowell, E. E. OCM
Jerome, John Jr Jerome, John Barton 9/11/1876 Baldwin, F. W. OCM
Jerome, Truman P. Jerome, G. M. Barton 3/9/1885 Martin, W. H. OCM
Jewell, Alvin C. Jewell, Sarjent Sutton 11/15/1861 Densmore, William A. Cal
John, Nathaniel B. Johnson, Daniel Walden 4/12/1831   NS
Johnson, Albert Johnson, Arasmus A. Lunenburg 6/5/1863 Hastings, Moses Jr. Cal
Johnson, Alvah Johnson, Daniel Danville 11/16/1820   NS
Johnson, Francis G. Johnson, Calvin Wolcott 1/3/1866 Johnson, George C. OIS
Johnson, Freeman Johnson, Daniel Danville 9/26/1826   NS
Johnson, Lockhart Johnson, Arasmus A. Lunenburg 3/26/1859 Johnson, Almira Cal
Johnson, Nathan M. Jr. Johnson, Nathan M.   8/1/1862 Stevens, William Cal
Johnson, Norman W. Johnson, Nathan Lunenburg 3/26/1833 George W. Gates WM
Johnson, Pearly Johnson, Daniel Walden 5/11/1824   NS
Johnson, Samuel Smith, Ziba (ward of) Waterbury 2/9/1844   VTWSJ
Jondrou, Alex Jondrou, Alex Holland 3/22/1861   OIS
Jones, Nathaniel Jr. Jones, Nathaniel Northfield 9/29/1843   VTWSJ
Jones, Orrin Jones, Ebenezer Newport 10/14/1854   Cal
Jordin, Luther Jordin, James Derby 4/11/1822   NS
Judkins, James L. Judkins, James Danville 7/13/1850   Cal
Keach, William H. Keach, Willard H. Lyndon 4/15/1855   Cal
Keeler, George R. Denna Keeler, A. H. Barton 12/13/1880   OCM
Keith, Geo. L. Keith, Betsey Troy 11/29/1851   OCG
Kelley, Emery Kelley, William L. St. Johnsbury 8/17/1850   Cal
Kelley, James F (son) Kelley, Addi Danville 12/7/1820   NS
Kellogg, Truman P. Kellogg, E. B. Worcester 12/16/1842   VTWSG
Kenaston, Albert S. Kenaston, John T. Woodbury 6/13/1863 Kenaston, Ezra A. NS
Kenaston, Ezra F. Kenaston, John T. Woodbury 6/13/1863 Kenaston, Ezra A. NS
Kendall, Levi N. Kendall, David P. Sheffield 8/25/1865 Kendall, Emma S. Cal
Kenney, Luke S. Kenney, Chandler C.   10/26/1860   Cal
Ketchum, Augustus Ketchum, R. W. Plainfield 2/7/1837   VTWSG
Keyes, Arthur Keyes, Nathan T. Cabot 8/25/1842   NS
Keyes, Sylvester W. Keyes, B. H.   8/17/1850   OCG
Kidder, Lorenzo D. Kidder, Jeremiah Concord 5/21/1853 Russell, J. M. Cal
Kilby, George S. Kilby, Thomas P. Burke 11/9/1850   Cal
Kimball, Daniel Kimball, Jesse Newark 9/8/1849   Cal
Kimball, Moses Kimball, George Lyndon 4/6/1831   FH
King, Frank King, Mitchell Danville 5/6/1870 Weeks, Charles F. NS
Kinison, Daniel W. Kinison, Lyman Westmore 12/1/1865 Bishop, T. G. Cal
Kinney, Charles Kinney, Rufus Newark 4/3/1813   NS
Kinney, Curtis E. Kinney, (H.) Albany 8/10/1860   OIS
Kinney, Noble Kinney, Hammond Potton, CE 7/18/1856   OIS
Kittredge, Andrew J. Kittredge, Benjamin Walden 2/23/1867   NS
Kittredge, Charles Herbert Kittredge, S. M. West Derby 9/26/1882   E&S
Kittredge, Edwin Kittredge, Calvin Walden 9/19/1868 Kittredge, J. W. NS
Kittredge, George S. Kittredge, Benjamin F. Walden 12/17/1853   NS
Kittredge, Roderick D. Kittredge, James Danville 9/25/1852   NS
Knapp, Chester Knapp, Nathan Northfield 9/29/1829   VTWSG
Knapp, Francis L. (son) Goodwin, Jotham Peacham 6/20/1857   NS
Knight, Josiah Knight, Abijah Newport 12/13/1842   Cal
Knight, Josiah Knight, Abijah Newport 2/6/1843   Cal
Laclair, Edgar Laclair, Lewis Lowell 5/24/1875 Hagar, A. OCM
Ladd, Edward Ladd, Edward Concord 8/31/1830   NS
Ladd, Silas H. Ladd, Jonathan Lyndon 10/4/1845   Cal
Lagacy, Anthony Lagacy, Joseph Danville 7/21/1849   NS
Lagacy, Joseph Jr. Lagacy, Joseph Danville 7/21/1849   NS
Lake, Edward Lake, James M. North Troy 7/8/1873   E&S
Lamberton, Almona Lamberton, John Cabot 4/18/1840   NS
Lamson, Enos G. Lamson, Reuben Lunenburg 8/26/1854   Cal
Langavan, Isaac Langavan, Isaac St. Johnsbury 8/25/1865   Cal
Langevine, Eddie Langevine, Adolphus Barton 6/10/1889   OCM
Larkam, Charles W. Larkam, William E. Craftsbury 2/21/1852   NS
Larkin, Herbert C. Larkin, Hiram A. Barton 8/31/1860   OIS
Latham, George Latham, Luther E. Burke 5/23/1857 Newell, C. C. & Sanderson, Reuben Cal
Lathe, Freeman L. Lathe, Aaron Charleston 12/2/1854 Holtham, J. A. NU
Lathe, George Lathe, David Irasburgh 4/18/1856 Thrasher, Holland OIS
Lathe, James W. Lathe, Aaron   3/20/1856 Bayley, W. F. NU
Lathe, Milo S. Lathe, Aaron Charleston 11/21/1856 Morton, S. & Allen, Geo. NU
Lathe, Moses Lathe, David Coventry Falls 6/18/1853   OCG
Lathe, Samuel Lathe, David Orleans 3/17/1843   VTWSG
Lawrence, Orville A. Lawrence, Asa Waterford 3/4/1844   Cal
Lawrence, Silas T. Lawrence, Orville Waterford 4/12/1867   Cal
Leach, Whipple A. Leach, Jacob L. Derby 6/17/1854   Cal
Leavitt, Jefferson Leavitt, Dudley Wheelock 4/17/1827   NS
Leavitt, John T. O. Leavitt, Andrew B. Washington 12/2/1842   VTWSG
Leavitt, Thomas Leavitt, Stephen Sheffield 4/25/1826   NS
Lebarron, Lorenzo Lebarron, Francis Calais 6/15/1830   VTWSG
Lebarron, Rufus O. Lebarron, Apollos Calais 8/16/1844   VTWSJ
Lee, Ira Lee, Asa C. Victory 12/9/1864 Houston, Isaac R. Cal
Lee, William S. Lee, Seth Peacham 12/8/1842   NS
Leighton, Frederick C. Leighton, H. W. Danville 10/28/1881 Hoyt, A. B. NS
Leighton, Jeremiah Leighton, William H. Danville 9/29/1834   NS
Leighton, Samuel W. Leighton, Wm. H. Danville 12/31/1832   NS
Leonard, George E. Leonard, John Barton 4/21/1830   FH
Leonard, John Leonard, Ed Derby 9/21/1874   OCM
Leonard, Nathan D. Leonard, John Barton 7/13/1850   OCG
Lervey, Orren B. Lervey, Loran Maidstone 10/18/1851 Stanley, Joel & Joseph Hinman Cal
Lew(is), Homer (adopted) Lew(is), Isaac Holland 9/29/1855 Jenness, D. & Washburn, D. L. NU
Lewis, Fred Lewis, Rutty Glover 5/6/1889 McLoud, Kenneth K., & A. D. Smith OCM
Libbey, John D. Libbey, Benjamin Danville 10/24/1822   NS
Libby, Elijah Jr. Libby, Elijah Sheffield 2/2/1850   NS
Lilley, William Orvis Lilley, Joshua Calais 1/19/1830   VTWSG
Lillie, David Lillie, William Troy 6/14/1831   NS
Litchfield, Franklin Litchfield, George Newport 5/18/1880   E&S
Livingston, Asa S. Livingston, James Peacham 3/1/1847   NS
Lockwood, Lyman W. Lockwood, Sextus Lowell 2/24/1880   E&S
Loomis, Andrew Loomis, A. J. Craftsbury 10/17/1898 Cowles, R. M. OCM
Loomis, Eleazer Loomis, Eleazer Northfield 3/24/1829   VTWSG
Loomis, Norman E. Loomis, Austin J. Albany 10/13/1879 Whittemore, W. D. OCM
Loomis, Stephen Loomis, A. J. Craftsbury 10/17/1898 Cowles, R. M. OCM
Lord, John S. Lord, William Bolton 6/29/1840   VTWSG
Lord, Nathaniel Lord, Abner Barton 10/13/1855 Folsum, N. NU
Lowell, James Lowell, James Walden 8/17/1830   NS
Lund, Adanay D. Lund, Abial East Haven 7/30/1869 Hudson, D. C. Cal
Lund, Byron B. Lund, Abel East Haven 7/27/1866 Bunker, Daniel Cal
Lund, Norman F. Lund, Ephraim Brownington 8/26/1854   NU
Lund, Oliver L. Lund, Stephen East Haven 6/28/1867   Cal
Lyford, Charles A. Lyford, Harvey Peacham 5/31/1861 Hand, B. J. Cal
Lyford, E. W. Lyford, Harvey Peacham 11/2/1866 Martin, E. W. & Sylvia Inman Cal
Lyman, George Lyman, Harvey Vershire 12/2/1842   VTWSG
Lynds, William H. Lynds, Harris Peacham 1/18/1867   Cal
Lyon, Henry T. Lyon, Edson Charleston 3/2/1866 Brown, Calvin & Brown, Albro R. OIS
Lyon, Orra Lyon, John Lunenburg 9/15/1838   NS
Mack, Albert Mack, Solomon Holland 9/15/1884   OCM
Magoon, Collins M. Magoon, Elijah   8/16/1875   OCM
Magoon, Ira A. Magoon, Elijah Craftsbury 8/20/1888   OCM
Magoon, Luman E. Magoon, Elijah Craftsbury 7/4/1881   OCM
Mahurin, Henry C. Mahurin, Ephraim Jr. Sutton 11/11/1854   Cal
Manchester, Joseph Jr. Manchester, Joseph Barnet 9/29/1854   NS
Manchester, Thomas W. Manchester, Thomas Barnet 9/18/1843   NS
Marckres, Harvey A. Marckres, D. P. West Albany 7/15/1859   OIS
Marcy, Edward H. Marcy, Marvin Hydepark 7/1/1859   OIS
Marcy, Ephraim B. Marcy, Marvin Hydepark 7/1/1859   OIS
Marsh, Olin W. Marsh, William S. Craftsbury 12/22/1873   OCM
Marshall, Charles Marshall, John Brownington 7/27/1869   OIS
Marshall, Clarence E. Marshall, Ann Westmore 10/27/1890   OCM
Marshall, George A. Marshall, Caleb Waterford 11/4/1854   Cal
Marshall, John L. Marshall John Brownington 8/31/1866   OIS
Marshall, Newton H. Marshall, McLane   5/17/1861   Cal
Marshall, William Marshall, John Brownington 8/20/1877 Stimpson, N. L. OCM
Marshall, William J. Marshall, Ann Westmore 10/27/1890   OCM
Marshall, Worster Jr. Marshall, Margaret G. Brunswick 3/16/1839   NS
Marston, Charles L. Marston, Joseph T. W. Fairlee 7/19/1841 Swift, Peter M. VTWSG
Marston, Geroge W. Marston, Dearborn Newport 7/15/1859   OIS
Martin, Allen Martin, James H. Westville 5/24/1844   VTWSJ
Martin, Alonzo P. Martin, Philip Hydepark 7/17/1837   VTWSG
Martin, George B. Martin, Horace Troy 8/1/1882 Willey, Wm. & J. D. Fiefield E&S
Martin, George H. Martin, George Waterford 3/17/1855   Cal
Martin, John Jr. Martin, John Westfield 12/3/1858   OIS
Martin, Leonard Martin, John Peacham 9/25/1848   NS
Martin, Nathan H. Martin, Eliphalet Peacham 12/16/1828   NS
Martin, Nelson Martin, John Westfield 11/6/1863 Hoyt, N. OIS
Martin, Peter Martin, John Westfield 4/24/1863 Hoyt, N. OIS
Martin, William N. Martin, Vine Brookfield 12/13/1836   VTWSG
Mason, Emery N. ** Mason, Stephen N. Westmore 5/25/1866 (took off) OIS
Mason, Harrison Mason, Waram Craftsbury 1/13/1834   NS
Mason, John Mason, Thomas Barnet 3/12/1841   NS
Mathews, Horace R. Mathews, George P. Concord 3/10/1855   Cal
Mathews, Nahum O. Mathews, Bela ST Johnsbury 5/1/1847   Cal
Matthews, Heman Matthews, George P. W. Concord 3/20/1858   Cal
Maxwell, Samuel Maxwell, Thomas Morgan 10/1/1878   E&S
May, Horace May, Thomas O. Barton 1/11/1851   OCG
May, William H. May, Thomas O. Barton 1/11/1851   OCG
Maynard, Fred A. Maynard, Darius Lowell 8/9/1886   OCM
Maynard, Hiram Maynard, Darius Lowell 8/24/1885   OCM
M'Callister, George W. McAllister, David Washington 8/11/1829   VTWSG
McCloud, Jonas G. McCloud, John Fayston 11/6/1837   VTWSG
McCosco, Charles J. McCosco, John Danville 4/26/1847   NS
McCrillis, Evans McCrillis, Jacob Marshfield 2/2/1846   NS
McCrillis, Frederick McCrillis, Robert Marshfield 3/31/1849   NS
McDonald, William Alexander McDonald, Donald Ryegate 6/19/1843   NS
McGaffey, George W. McGaffey, Philip Sutton 10/6/1852   NS
McGowan, George McGowan, Charles B. Richford 6/4/1878 Reed, C. L. E&S
McKinstry, Byron A. McKinstry, George Hydepark 12/13/1836   VTWSG
McKinstry, James McKinstry, George Hydepark 12/13/1836   VTWSG
McLam, Robert McLam, John Ryegate 3/31/1838   NS
McLeran, Benj. McLeran, John Barnet 8/30/1825   NS
McNab, Carlos McNab, John McIndoe Falls 4/25/1836   NS
McQuean, John M. McQuean, James Ryegate 12/14/1846   NS
McQueen, Alexander McQueen, James Ryegate 4/26/1847   NS
McQueen, James McQueen, James Ryegate 2/20/1843   NS
Meader, Charles Meader, Daniel Ryegate 6/18/1853 Blackwell, Seth F. & Mary J. Blackwell Cal
Meader, George Meader, Daniel 2d Ryegate 1/1/1844   NS
Meader, Horace P. Meader, Daniel Ryegate 2/7/1857   Cal
Meader, Rufus (apprentice?) Corey/Corry, Stephen Craftsbury 4/16/1819   NS
Meader, Stephen H. Meader, Stephen Wells River 7/28/1829   NS
Meder, Andrew Meder, Samuel Ryegate 8/5/1841   NS
Meder, Granville Carlton Meder, Daniel 2d Ryegate 1/11/1840   NS
Meder, Jacob Meder, Daniel 2d Ryegate 7/2/1841   NS
Meder, John A. Meder, Daniel Newbury 5/12/1830   FH
Meder, Samuel Meder, Samuel Ryegate 8/26/1823   NS
Merchant, Joseph Merchant, Lewis   4/19/1861 Chapman, David Cal
Merchant, William Merchant, Lewis   7/26/1861 Bailey, W. W. & Sturges, E. B. Cal
Merritt, Hiram Merritt, John Danville 5/10/1821   NS
Metcalf, Newton Metcalf, David C. Lowell 7/19/1861   OIS
Metcalf, Solomon Metcalf, David Lowell 10/5/1850 Walker, N. OCG
Miles, Charles H. Miles, Abner R. Albany 5/1/1857   OIS
Miles, James Miles, Abner Albany 10/2/1852   OCG
Miles, James Miles, William Wheelock 2/17/1849   NS
Miles, Woodbury Miles, William Wheelock 2/17/1849   NS
Miller, Anderson Miller, David Ryegate 7/1/1844   NS
Miller, Sidney W. Miller, John D. St. Johnsbury 1/6/1865   Cal
Miner, Alanson Miner, Israel Duxbury 5/10/1831   VTWSG
Miner, George A. Miner, Timothy Victory 8/25/1840   Cal
Minor, Josiah Minor, Shelden Peacham 2/8/1846   NS
Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell, John Glover 2/28/1854   OCG
Mitchell, Nathan Mitchell, Caleb B. ? 2/10/1829   VTWSG
Moltroup, Stephen W. Moltroup, Merrick East Haven 3/28/1857   Cal
Montgomery, Harvey Montgomery, William Walden 3/29/1825   NS
Moody, Richard Moody, Clement Stafford 4/11/1837   VTWSG
Moon, Daniel F. Moon, Darius Thetford 1/24/1842   VTWSG
Moor, Josiah Moor, Jehbida Sutton 7/13/1824   NS
Moorcroft, William Moorcroft, William Peacham 3/10/1842   NS
Moore, Carlos Moore, Spencer Chelsea 8/18/1829   VTWSG
Moore, John N. Moore, Samuel Barnet 11/28/1837 Gleason, Samuel Cal
Moore, Robert Moore, Moses Ryegate 9/23/1848   Cal
Morey, Edward W. Morey, Benjamin Irasburg 6/23/1853   OCG
Morey, Elias N. Morey, Wm. I. Westfield 5/13/1854 Morey, Andrew J. OCG
Morgan, Roswell H. Morgan, William S. Barton 5/28/1859   Cal
Morgan, William Morgan, Cornelius Lyndon 8/26/1828   FH
Morrill, Aaron H. (son) Martin, David Peacham 3/12/1853 Varnum, John Jr. Cal
Morrill, Erastus F. Morrill, Luther E. Charleston 9/15/1865 McDaniel, Samuel Cal
Morrill, Frederick Morrill, Millen Danville 5/5/1876   NS
Morrill, George Villars Morrill, George W. Danville 12/29/1838   NS
Morrill, Harvey Morrill, Samuel Eden 7/26/1831   VTWSG
Morrill, Henry Morrill, Samuel Eden 9/6/1831   VTWSG
Morrill, Orren L. Morrill, E. D. North Danville 8/19/1865   NS
Morrison, Abial Morrison, Charles Groton 12/12/1840   NS
Morrison, G. R. Morrison, G. G. Lyndonville 5/7/1869 Robie, A. M. Cal
Morrison, Hazen (sold his time) Morrison, Samuel Albany 5/23/1826   NS
Morrison, John Morrison, Samuel Albany 5/23/1826   NS
Morrison, John Morrison, Daniel Barnston, LC 1/27/1820   NS
Morse, Austin Morse, Elihu Williamstown 2/24/1840   VTWSG
Morse, Buel W. Morse, Alice R. Lowell 4/13/1875   E&S
Morse, Charles J. Morse, J. M. Morgan 12/2/1854   NU
Morse, Chauncy F. Morse, John M. Morgan 5/1/1856 Morse, W. G. NU
Morse, Daniel S. Morse, Devine T. Hardwick 1/7/1854   NS
Morse, Henry E. Morse, Ephraim Peacham 2/22/1847   NS
Morse, Milo B. Morse, John M. Morgan 9/10/1853 Smith, T. Cal
Morse, Otis H. Morse, John M. Charleston 8/9/1851 Dudley, James & Fuller, Jacob OCG
Mowe, Daniel Mowe, Samuel Danville 4/21/1834   NS
Mowe, James Mowe, Samuel Danville 2/24/1834   NS
Mowe, Samuel Jr. Mowe, Samuel Danville 2/24/1834   NS
Mudgett, Jerre S. Mudgett, E. S. Walden 12/23/1864 Mudgett, Laura A. & Mudgett, Harrie S. Cal
Mudgett, Joseph Mudgett, E. S. Walden 7/28/1860   NS
Murphy, Francis Murphy, Francis Lowell 9/26/1882 Curtis, D. E. E&S
Nalan, Michael Nalan, Luke Derby 6/8/1880   E&S
Nason, Roswell L. Nason, William Stowe 2/14/1837   VTWSG
Nelson, Isaac D. Nelson, Mark W. Montpelier 1/6/1840   VTWSG
Nelson, Luther L. Nelson, Aaron Fayston 1/18/1841   VTWSG
Nesmith, William H. Nesmith, William G. Lunenburg 8/28/1863 Cutting, Hiram A. & Willson, Horace Cal
Nevins, John Morse Nevins, Alfred Richland 8/18/1843   VTWSJ
Newell, George Newell, Daniel Sheffield 10/16/1858   NS
Newton, Alonzo Newton, Elnathan Jr Waterford 4/16/1839   Cal
Newton, Samuel Newton, Elnathan Waterford 12/8/1840   Cal
Nichols, George Nichols, James Northfield 11/8/1844 Buck, J. L. VTWSJ
Nichols, John Nichols, Asa Concord 3/29/1842 Chase, George Cal
Nichols, Luther Nichols, Robert Lunenburg 1/12/1835   NS
Niles, Asa Niles, Peter Albany 11/2/1860 Niles, G. G. OIS
Niles, Jason Jr. Niles, Jason Danville 7/26/1825   NS
Norris, Alexander T. Norris, Chase Brownington 3/2/1850   NS
Norris, David Norris, Taylor Sutton 3/2/1824   NS
Norris, George W. (son) Watson, Mrs. Richard Derby 2/10/1880   E&S
Norris, Rufus S. Norris, Nathaniel Salem 4/10/1843   Cal
Northey, Robert H. Northly, Robert   6/22/1866   Cal
Northly, Abram Northly, Robert Lunenburg 3/23/1866 Carr, M. W. Cal
Northrop, Frank D. Northrop, James Danville 8/7/1874   NS
Noyes, Henry S.     9/20/1881   E&S
Nye, Lewis Nye, Norman Salem 1/30/1863 Nye, Charles & Waterman, John C. OIS
Oakes, Frederick Leon (bound by Coventry) Averill, Rufus Brownington 8/15/1876   E&S
Olmsted, James Madison Olmsted, Stephen Calais 2/16/1830   VTWSG
Orcutt, Samuel Orcutt, Ephraim Burke 6/18/1833   WM
Orcutt, Samuel H. Orcutt, Samuel Newark 7/17/1858 Hartwell, William H. H. & Hackett, A. W. & Silsby, J. H. & Gordon, James Cal
Orn, Robert S. Orn, Joseph Jr. Chelsea 4/14/1829   VTWSG
Orne, David J. Orne, James Westmore 11/3/1855 Howard, Lorenzo NU
Orne, Freeman Orne, Samuel Newport 8/10/1850   OCG
Orne, Joseph Orne, James Westmore 6/18/1853 Hayward, Lyman OCG
Orr, Jesse H. Orr, William Groton 1/23/1858   NS
Osgood, Edwin Osgood, H. L. Holland 2/5/1894   OCM
O'Sullivan, Francis O'Sullivan, John Lowell 3/17/1855   NS
Otis, Daniel Otis, Joshua Danville 8/26/1815   NS
Otis, Jacob Otis, Joshua Danville 12/4/1818   NS
Otis, John Otis, Joshua Danville 12/4/1818   NS
Otis, Washington Otis, Joshua   8/15/1819   NS
Packard, Alonzo Packard, J. Waterford 7/17/1863   Cal
Packard, Loren (or Leon?) Packard, J. Waterford 7/18/1862   Cal
Paddock, John Paddock, John Jr. Greensboro 3/25/1828   NS
Page, Albert Page, Kimball Barnet 11/5/1839 Wason, Thomas & Salham, L. W. Cal
Page, Alexander H. Page, John Ryegate 6/12/1843   NS
Page, Alve G. Page, James Groton 10/4/1861 Coffran, Daniel Cal
Page, Charles Page, Thomas Glover 11/30/1860 Page, John D. Cal
Page, Charles E. Page, Joseph St. Johnsbury 1/4/1856 Page, Hiram T. Cal
Page, Henry Page, Kimball Barnet 11/5/1839 Wason, Thomas & Salham, L. W. Cal
Page, Henry K. Page, Kimball North Troy 4/25/1856 Elkins, O. N. OIS
Page, Herbert W. Page, Clark B. Craftsbury 3/17/1879   OCM
Page, John C. Page, John Ryegate 6/12/1843   NS
Page, John F. Page, George F. H. St. Johnsbury 1/30/1874 Day, S. NS
Page, Jonathan F. Page, John Ryegate 4/30/1853   Cal
Page, Joseph Page, Asa St Johnsbury 9/27/1831   NS
Page, Judson M. Page, Luther Morgan 12/21/1875 McClintock, L. B. E&S
Page, Moses Jr. Page, Moses Groton 7/16/1828   NS
Page, Samuel S. Page, Samuel Warren 3/22/1844   VTWSJ
Page, William Penn Page, John Ryegate 1/10/1826   NS
Paige, John D. C. Page, Thomas Glover 4/10/1848   NS
Palmer, Talmon Curtis Palmer, Ezra Newport 9/21/1880   E&S
Paquette, Prudhone [Prudie] Paquette, Peter Glover 7/13/1850 Crandall, Ezra OCG
Paquin, Francois Paquin, Augustin Danville 9/6/1847   NS
Paquin, Joseph T. Paquin, Augustin Danville 9/6/1847   NS
Parker, Abner R. Parker, Amos Newark 12/8/1855   Cal
Parker, George Parker, Robert Danville 6/7/1847   NS
Parker, Horace F. Parker, Amos Newark 10/13/1849   Cal
Parker, Lucius A. Parker, A. R. Brownington 9/25/1877   E&S
Parker, Merritt S. Parker, Samuel Kirby 3/7/1862   Cal
Parker, Oramel H. Parker, Jonathan W. Burke 8/18/1855   Cal
Parks, Homer Parks, Andrew Mo……. 1/20/1843   VTWSG
Parks, James Parkes, Andrew Woodbury 4/20/1830   VTWSG
Parlin, Kurt A. Parlin, D. O. Charleston 7/13/1880   E&S
Patch, Franklin W.     3/21/1863   NS
Patten, William W. Patten, Asa   7/17/1863 Patten, Russell Cal
Paul, Peter Paul, Josiah Groton 9/21/1830   NS
Pearl, William K. Pearl, John Wheelock 4/6/1846   NS
Pearsons, Solon D. Pearsons, Tappan Irasburgh 2/28/1856   OIS
Pebbles, Hascul Pebbles, Seth H.   6/17/1864 Hartshorn, J. W. & Goodall, Theodore Cal
Peck, J. Q. A. Peck, Ichabod Montpelier 11/25/1828   VTWSG
Peck, William E. Peck, Samuel Passumpsic 8/27/1853   Cal
Perkins, Nathaniel Perkins, John Walden 12/19/1822   NS
Perkins, O. A. Perkins, Alonzo Newport 9/11/1877   E&S
Perrin, Ephraim W. Perrin, Ephraim Goshen Gore 8/25/1849   NS
Perry, Alpheus C. Perry J. M. Concord 12/2/1854   Cal
Perry, Ezra W. Perry, Elizah Lyndon 9/4/1827   NS
Peterson, Ernest E. Peterson, B. F.   12/22/1879   OCM
Pettes, Moses M. Pettes, Charles W. W. Concord 3/25/1854 Hibbard, Asa Cal
Phifield, Jonathan P. [Fiefield] Phifield, Prentice [Fiefield] Newport 12/17/1858   OIS
Philbrick, George W. Philbrick, David B. St J Center 12/24/1877   OCM
Philbrick, Jonathan Philbrick, Thomas Maidstone 9/1/1855 Hartshorn, William H. Cal
Philbrick, Royal L. Philbrick, Thomas Guildhall 7/17/1858 Hartshorn, William H. Cal
Philbrick, Thomas, Jr. Philbrick, Thomas ? 9/13/1856 Follansby, P. R. & Beattie, D. H. Cal
Philbrook, Charles C. W. Philbrook, Joseph C. Hardwick 8/11/1845   NS
Philbrook, Daniel Philbrook, Benj. Hardwick 11/18/1823   NS
Phillips, E. Bertran N. Phillips, Daniel Duxbury 10/18/1844   VTWSJ
Phillips, Hiram I. Phillips, Oscar H. Glover 2/23/1880 Anderson, Garvin OCM
Phillips, Zedekiah Jr. Phillips, Zedekiah Greensboro 1/27/1829   VTWSG
Phippen, Amasa R. Pihippen, Samuel Lyndon 11/5/1859 Harvey, Alvah Cal
Phippen, Myron A. Phippen, Samuel East Burke 1/15/1864 Newell, C. C. & Andrew, John Cal
Pierce, Charles Pierce, William P. St. Johnsbury 8/26/1854   Cal
Pierce, Elmore A. Pierce, Hubbard L. St. Johnsbury Center 7/27/1860   Cal
Pierce, Franklin O. Pierce, Hubbard L. St. Johnsbury 9/4/1847   Cal
Pierce, Horace H. (son) Jones, Sarah Danville 4/3/1864   NS
Pierce, Hubbard Pierce, William W. Warren 2/10/1843 Pierce, James VTWSG
Pierce, John M. Pierce, Franklin Albany 12/11/1852   NS
Pierce, Leonard S. Pierce, Artemas Lunenburg 2/7/1846   Cal
Pierce, Reuben S. Pierce, John J. East Burke 3/20/1860 Harvey, A. Cal
Pierce, Reubin Pierce, Warren Derby 6/30/1845 Pierce, William A. Cal
Pierce, Solon W. Pierce, John S. St. Johnsbury 11/5/1859   Cal
Pierce, Warren, Jr. Pierce, Warren Derby 12/22/1840   Cal
Pike, D. Alphonse Pike, John S. West Concord 4/18/1862   Cal
Piper, Bertie D. Piper, Isaiah Wheelock 6/1/1891   OCM
Piper, Nathaniel Piper, Elenor E. Morgan 12/15/1865 Huntley, M. Cal
Plastridge, Asa Plastridge, John Northfield 4/26/1844   VTWSJ
Plastridge, Charles Plastridge Northfield 12/25/1837   VTWSG
Poland, Orin J. Poland, Jonathan Kirby 11/27/1847 Damon, Nathaniel S. Cal
Pond, Charles N Pond, Galen Barton 6/10/1819   NS
Pond, Ebenezer Pond, Ebenezer E. Lunenburg 9/15/1849   Cal
Pond, Edmund G. Pond, Martin J.   5/26/1865 Cutting, Hiram A. & Wm Thompson Cal
Poor, Wilson E. Poor, Thomas L. Waterford 7/21/1855   Cal
Pope, Elias (sold his time) Pope, Perley P. Danville 4/19/1821   NS
Pope, John Jr. Pope, John Irasburgh 11/22/1855 Bartlett, D. A. NU
Pope, John P. Pope, Israel P. N. Danville 3/22/1847   NS
Pope, William Fowler Pope, Joseph Danville 6/29/1846   NS
Porter, Calvin E. Porter, Calvin Cabot 3/22/1847   NS
Porter, Elijah Porter, Nathan Danville 10/7/1844   NS
Porter, George Porter, Calvin Peacham 9/29/1838   NS
Porter, Henry Porter, John Barton 5/25/1866   OIS
Porter, Robert P. Porter, Samuel Waterford 4/17/1827   NS
Porter, Smith Porter, Nathan Danville 11/11/1828   NS
Porter, Zina (son) Porter, James Walcott 5/3/1831   VTWSG
Potter, Calvin Potter, Barnabas Barnet 6/20/1846   Cal
Potter, Orrin Potter, Aaron Danville 11/13/1843   NS
Powers, Carlile Powers, Charles Potton, CE 8/27/1858   OIS
Powers, John Powers, Asa St Johnsbury 11/23/1835   NS
Pratt, Herbert H. Pratt, G. W. Newport 9/30/1879 Keith, S. W. E&S
Pratt, Isaac Pratt, John Waterbury 3/9/1830   VTWSG
Pratt, Lourin Pratt, David Concord 1/28/1833   NS
Presby, Albert C. Presby, Hollis Bloomfield 1/21/1870 Fuller, Henry, Jr. NS
Presby, Charles Francis Presby, Hiram Lunenburg 1/13/1860 French, George F. Cal
Prescott, Freedom D. Prescott, Jonas Wheelock 10/12/1850   NS
Prescott, Hiram Prescott, John Sutton 11/25/1823   NS
Prescott, John H. Prescott, Samuel Lyndon 11/17/1855 Prescott, Freedom D. Cal
Preston, Nelson Preston, Nelson Middlesex 10/10/1831   VTWSG
Preston, Nelson Preston, Anson Middlesex 10/24/1831   VTWSG
Prevoncha, Joseph Prevoncha, John Brownington 6/9/1879 Rowell, C. J. OCM
Priest, George Priest, Alvin A. St Johnsbury, VT 11/9/1850   Cal
Priest, Jason (son) Priest, Mary Coventry 4/26/1861   OIS
Priest, Munson Priest, Alva ? 10/22/1859 Goss, Horace S. & Matthews, Edgar O. Cal
Prue, David Prue, Charles Newport 10/24/1876   E&S
Putney, John Putney, George Brownington 10/26/1850 McCurdy, Jos. & Richardson, Truman OCG
Quimby, Curtis Quimby, S. D. McIndoes 9/12/1846 Johnson, Anson Cal
Quimby, Elias M. Quimby, Eliphalet Newport 5/4/1860 Quimby, Sally & Mecham, C. C. OIS
Quimby, Ichabod L. Quimby, Samuel B. Newark 4/9/1841   NS
Quimby, Thomas Jefferson Quimby, Thomas Lyndon 11/7/1857 Prescott, G. W. Cal
Randall, Amasa A. Randall, William Greensboro 8/1/1836   NS
Randall, Eben A. Randall, William Greensboro 8/1/1836   NS
Randall, Elias Randall, Erastus Greensboro 5/22/1852   OCG
Randall, Milton Randall, Miles Danville 8/9/1831   NS
Randall, Orange, Jr. Randall, Orange Victory 2/2/1850   Cal
Randall, Thomas Randall, Orange Wheelock 2/8/1851   Cal
Randall, Timothy Randall, Orange Wheelock 2/8/1851   Cal
Randell, Osmore Randell, Miles Danville 6/14/1825   NS
Reed, Berzillas H. Reed, Berzillas H. Albany 9/28/1831   FH
Reed, G. W. D. Reed, Olivia C. Charleston 1/25/1876 Carpenter, B. F. D. E&S
Reed, Martin Luther Reed, Alered Berlin 10/7/1842   VTWSG
Rice, William H. Rice, E. D. Holland 11/21/1876   E&S
Richard, Oliver M. Richard, Joseph Northfield 10/5/1846   NS
Richards, Lester S. Richards, Joseph Concord 2/24/1845   Cal
Richards, Silas G. Richards, Jacob Charleston 2/6/1843   NS
Richardson, Abial Richardson, Francis Waterford 12/27/1842   Cal
Richardson, Columbus Richardson, Francis Lower Waterford 4/10/1847 Silsby, David Cal
Richardson, Franklin Richardson, Wyman Waterford 9/10/1839   Cal
Richardson, George Richardson, Elias Craftsbury 5/31/1880   OCM
Richardson, Ira M. Richardson, Ira Waterford 4/6/1866 Bishop, John Cal
Richardson, John L. Richardson, John Jay 12/14/1850   OCG
Ritchie, John B. Ritchie, William Derby 3/8/1881   E&S
Ritchie, William Ritchie, Archibald Ryegate 12/21/1846   NS
Ritterbush, Christopher Ritterbush, William Eden 9/27/1844   VTWSJ
Rivers, Fred Rivers, John Newport 2/10/1880   E&S
Rivers, Henry Rivers, Paschal Lowell 12/9/1879 Hovey, H. N. E&S
Robbins, Augustus D. Robbins, Waterman A. Craftsbury 10/12/1869   OIS
Robbins, Don A. Robbins, Job M. Craftsbury 6/16/1873   OCM
Robbins, Eli M. Robbins, Ichabod Brownington 4/25/1856 Stewart, Thomas C. OIS
Robbins, Jonas W. Robbins, Jonas Peacham 10/7/1844   NS
Roberts, Abel W. Roberts, Hiram St. Johnsbury 9/4/1858   Cal
Roberts, Isaac L., Jr. Roberts, Isaac L. Thetford 12/4/1852 Abbott, Oscar B. Cal
Roberts, Joel Roberts, Galen St Johnsbury 3/2/1839   NS
Roberts, Warren Roberts, Galen St Johnsbury 10/12/1835   NS
Robie, Hylas Robie, Ebenezer Washington 4/18/1837   VTWSG
Robinson, Irvin O. Robinson, J. Owen Barton 1/12/1885   OCM
Robinson, John J. Robinson, John Newbury 4/22/1829   FH
Robinson, Willie E. Robinson, E. H. Charleston 8/26/1878 Carpenter, B. F. D. OCM
Rogers, Lucius Rogers, David Norwich 4/7/1829   VTWSG
Rogers, Orrin P. Rogers, George Cabot 10/1/1864 Trussell, Wm. L. NS
Rolfe, James G. Rolfe, David F. Chelsea 12/2/1842   VTWSG
Rollings, Samuel W. Rollings, Benjamin Danville 11/27/1852   Cal
Rollins, Benjamin Frank Rollins, Benjamin Danville 8/12/1844   NS
Rollins, Major Rollins, David Newport 2/28/1854 Rollins, Moses (sold his time) OCG
Rollins, Orin T. Rollins, Moses Bristol, NH 10/28/1833   NS
Rollins, Trustram Rollins, Ichabod Walden 10/26/1846   NS
Rollins, William H. H. Rollins, Benjamin Danville 6/14/1862   NS
Root, Amos Root, Justis Danville 9/7/1830   NS
Root, Charles D. Root, Horace East Haven 5/3/1861   Cal
Root, Daniel R. Root, Calvin Lyndon 3/13/1852   Cal
Row, Jesse Row, Ephraim Concord 5/16/1843 Lyford, David & E. Row Jr. Cal
Royce, Hilton Royce, David Charleston 11/14/1856   NU
Rush, George Rush, James Holland 8/26/1859   OIS
Rush, Jas. L.     4/8/1859   OIS
Rush, John Rush, Patrick Jay 12/4/1857 Rush, Edward OIS
Russell, Alden Russell, John Kirby 8/28/1832   WM
Russell, Edwin C. Russell, Luther Lyndon 9/5/1862 Quimby, Johnson D. Cal
Russell, Franklin Russell, Oliver Concord 4/7/1855   Cal
Russell, George K. Russell, Oliver Concord 5/15/1858   Cal
Russell, Horace F. Russell, Fletcher Canaan 8/7/1848   NS
Russell, William Russell, David Peacham 3/15/1831   NS
Russell, William H. Russell, Fletcher Canaan 5/8/1848   NS
Rust, Jacob Rust, John Kellyvale 7/8/1819   NS
Ryder, Frederick (adopted son) Holbrook, W. B. Newport 10/10/1882   E&S
Ryder, Rasmus C. Ryder, S. B. Newport 12/3/1853   OCG
Sabins, Francis H. Sabins, Jeremiah Coventry 6/29/1841   Cal
Safford, David B. Safford, Joseph W. Hydepark 12/13/1836   VTWSG
Salmon, James Salmon, John Glover 9/8/1865   OIS
Salter, Arthur W. Salter, Nathaniel H. Barnet 6/27/1843 Wright, Benjamin Cal
Sanborn, James S. Sanborn, Jonathan H. North Danville 8/21/1863 Ward, Alfred & Varney, Charles J. Cal
Sanborn, John B. Sanborn, Joseph Washington 11/3/1843   VTWSJ
Sanborn, John W. Sanborn, Isaac M. Victory 2/22/1842   Cal
Sargent, Almon F. Sargent, Aaron Glover 10/7/1878 Husband, F. H. OCM
Sargent, Charles Sargent, Dominicus Wheelock 9/19/1826   NS
Sawyer, Abel J. Sawyer, Frank N. Lowell 8/14/1877 Hovey, H. N. E&S
Sawyer, Adna D Sawyer, William Charleston 5/20/1879   E&S
Sawyer, Arthur A Sawyer, William Charleston 5/20/1879   E&S
Sawyer, Edward Sawyer, Benjamin Danville 10/10/1840   NS
Sawyer, George R. Sawyer, Nathaniel Craftsbury 5/18/1869   OIS
Sawyer, Warner Sawyer, Benjamin   5/3/1870   OIS
Scales, John R Scales, John H Lunenburg 10/25/1842 Scales, Mary Jane & Jacob Williams Cal
Schoff, Charles G. Schoff, Henry D.   10/16/1838   Cal
Scott, George Scott, Thomas Sr. Barnet 2/22/1836   NS
Scott, George 2d Scott, Thomas Groton 8/25/1860   NS
Scott, Thomas Scott, Thomas Sr. Barnet 2/22/1836   NS
Scott, William Scott, Thomas Sr. Barnet 2/22/1836   NS
Scott, William Scott, Thomas Groton 3/27/1858   NS
Scribner, Charles F. Scribner, William Westmore 12/21/1860   OIS
Scribner, Harvey Scribner, Ebenezer Jr. Salem 7/17/1857   OIS
Scribner, Pearl M. Scribner, Ebenezer Jr. Salem 7/17/1857   OIS
Scruton, Michael Scruton, Joseph Sheffield 9/21/1830   NS
Senter, Franklin A. Senter, D. B.   7/31/1843   NS
Shatney, John L. Peavey, Joseph & Frances Peavey & Emory Kelley Sheffield 2/7/1868 Park, Samuel Cal
Shatney, Peter (adopted) LaClair, Dana F. Albany 3/31/1879 Chafey, H. W. OCM
Shattuck, Albert W. Shattuck, Fabius Danville 4/5/1851   NS
Shattuck, Oliver P. Jr. Shattuck, O. P. Lyndon 7/28/1845   NS
Shattuck, Silas G. Shattuck, Anson Derby 11/11/1859   OIS
Sheldon, John Warner Seldon, Moses Lyndon 11/9/1831   FH
Shepard, Alvah M. Shepard, Samuel Peacham 4/27/1861 Brown, L. W. NS
Shepard, Charles E. Shepard, Samuel S. Peacham 8/23/1856   NS
Shepard, George H. Shepard, Benjamin F. N. Monroe, NH 1/22/1864 Mason, A. D. Cal
Shepard, Levi (sold his time) Shepard, Elisha Goshen Gore 9/19/1826   NS
Shepard, Olin Shepard, W. R. Danville 6/8/1877 Morse, C. E. NS
Shepard, William S. Shepard, William Danville 4/4/1863   NS
Shepard, Willie Shepard, Frank Barton 9/11/1893   OCM
Shepherd, Israel D. Shepherd, Samuel Ryegate 6/26/1837   NS
Sherburn, David W. Sherburn, James Wheelock 4/21/1830   FH
Sherman, Henry H. Sherman, George St. Johnsbury 5/26/1865   Cal
Sherman, William H. Sherman, George St. Johnsbury 4/16/1859   Cal
Shippee, Benjamin Shippee, Nathan Coventry 11/1/1851 Frost, Henry H. & Moulton, Austin B. OCG
Shute, Osman Shute, John   2/27/1877   E&S
Sias, Norman Sias, Charles Newport 4/28/1840   Cal
Silsby, Wendell Silsby, Harvey   11/27/1863 Silsby, J. H. Cal
Silver, Charles Silver, Riley N Craftsbury 10/24/1876   E&S
Silver, George D. Silver, George R. Craftsbury 9/26/1881   OCM
Silver, George R. Silver, Timothy Craftsbury 6/30/1845   NS
Simmons, Stephen Simmons, Bussel Westfield 10/24/1862 Hoyt, N. OIS
Simons, John N. Simmons, John Walden 8/5/1844   Cal
Simpson, Aaron W. Simpson, Archelaus Sheffield 7/12/1856 Hill, J. J. & Hawkins, W. G. Cal
Simpson, Edwin Simpson, John Sheffield 7/17/1863 Davis, Moses & Allen, Albertus Cal
Simpson, Frederick Simpson, John Sheffield 8/6/1864 Ingalls, John P. NS
Simpson, Hezekiah Simpson, Archelaus M. Sheffield 7/29/1844   NS
Simpson, Jesse G. Simpson, John Sheffield 6/14/1851   NS
Simpson, Jonathan G. Simpson, John Sheffield 11/16/1850   NS
Skinner, Austin Skinner, Smith Wells River 2/27/1843   NS
Skinner, Ephraim C. Marsh, John Craftsbury 5/30/1840   NS
Skinner, Guston H. Skinner, Harvey West Glover 6/30/1879 Dewey, Samuel OCM
Skinner, Smith Austin Skinner, Smith Wells River 2/20/1843   NS
Skinner, William Skinner, Smith Wells River 2/20/1843   NS
Skinner, William H. Skinner, Jedediah Sutton 9/28/1831   FH
Slater, Arthur Slater, Nathaniel Barnet 7/4/1843   Cal
Sleeper, J. Milton Sleeper, Lauren Newark 1/29/1864 Lawrence, N. P. Cal
Sly, John, Jr. Sly, John Ryegate 4/7/1845   Cal
Sly, Nathan Jabez Sly, John Ryegate 7/7/1849   NS
Smalley, Simeon H. Smalley, Henry S. Albany 7/3/1852 Howard, S. Jr. OCG
Smith, Albert R. Smith, Rufus W. Goshen Gore 6/18/1853   Cal
Smith, Andrew B. Smith, John Barnet 12/28/1866 Smith, George & James Smith Cal
Smith, Arthur E. Smith, Fred J. Barton 3/16/1896 Mongeon, A. B. & Rash, Charles OCM
Smith, Asa Jr. Smith, Asa Sr. Lunenburg 11/4/1828   FH
Smith, Charles Smith, James Moretown 7/11/1844   VTWSJ
Smith, Curtis A. Smith, F. C. Lyndon 2/19/1869 Nichols, H. M. Cal
Smith, Edwin B. Smith, George W. Newport 4/14/1855   NU
Smith, Eleazer Smith, John Sutton 5/25/1850   Cal
Smith, George R. Smith, George R. Barton 5/3/1867   OIS
Smith, Giles H. Smith, E. M. Woodbury 9/27/1857   NS
Smith, Henry W. Smith, William Ira/Walcott 9/6/1841 Farewell, Jacob & Farewell, Sally VTWSG
Smith, Homer F. Smith, Edward Morgan 12/5/1837 Cargill, George M. Cal
Smith, Horace Smith, Leonard Salem 9/10/1853 Spencer, Charles OCG
Smith, James Smith, Jonathan Newark 11/4/1828   FH
Smith, James W. Smith, Johnston   10/17/1856   NU
Smith, John Smith, Samuel Newark 4/3/1858   Cal
Smith, Kendall B. Smith, John T. Sheffield 4/24/1843   NS
Smith, Lewis M. Smith, Benjamin Lunenburg 10/4/1861 French, George F. Cal
Smith, Lowell M. Smith, Charles W. East Burke 11/1/1856   Cal
Smith, Moses Smith, Aaron   3/29/1851 Bishop, Truman G. Cal
Smith, Myron L. Smith, Oglander Newark 1/12/1866 Hudson, D. C. Cal
Smith, Norman Smith, Leonard Salem 4/22/1859   OIS
Smith, Ora Smith, Samuel Sutton 8/5/1864   Cal
Smith, Richard Smith, James S. Moretown 6/6/1842   VTWSG
Smith, Richard M. Smith, Lucinda Goshen Gore 1/15/1859   NS
Smith, Rufus D. Smith, Johnston Newark 2/16/1866 Smith, J. W. Cal
Smith, Solomon Smith, John Concord 6/10/1848 Morse, Arthur Cal
Smith, William Smith, Asa H. Wheelock 7/8/1864 Blackstone, R. B. Cal
Smith, William R. Smith, John Concord 10/16/1858   Cal
Snell, Lewis A. Snell, Quartus Irasburgh 4/3/1857   OIS
Snellen, George W. Snellen, C. G. Sheffield 6/11/1853 Snellen, Charles & Asa E. Snellen Cal
Snow, Alonzo J. Snow, James J. Walden 3/31/1866 Walter D. Gould NS
Snow, Amos W. Snow, James J. Walden 3/31/1866 Walter D. Gould NS
Somers, Cloud Somers, Widow Jean Barnet 3/17/1829   NS
Somers, Ephraim Somers, William 2d Barnet 11/10/1829   NS
Souther, Darwin W. Souther, Nathan Lowell 2/27/1877   E&S
Spalding, Adelbert Eugene Spalding, Charles Craftsbury 3/9/1874   OCM
Spencer, Curtis Spencer, Cha[rle]s Salem 11/12/1853 Blake, James OCG
Spencer, John B. Spencer, Ebenezer Peacham 5/22/1843   NS
Spencer, Rollin H. Spencer, Greatis Bloomfield 10/16/1848   NS
Spencer, Willard Spencer, Ranney Lyndon 5/14/1819   NS
Spencer, William Spencer, Greatis Bloomfield 9/6/1847   NS
Spencer, William V. Spencer, Joseph Peacham 5/8/1858   NS
Spring, John Jr. Spring, John Glover 9/4/1852 French, Fordyce S. & Cutler, Emily H. OCG
Springer, Charles Springer, Jacob S. Lunenburg 6/16/1845 Morse, Wm. & Silvanus Lane Cal
Squires, James Squires, C. A. Salem 6/26/1877   E&S
Stacy, Curtis Stacy, Abel West Concord 9/28/1860 Chase, Jefferson Cal
Staples, George W. Staples, Isaac Williamstown 3/22/1836   VTWSG
Staples, John B. Staples, Isaac Williamstown 3/22/1836   VTWSG
Stark, John Stark, Robert St. Johnsbury 9/22/1834   NS
Stebbins, Benjamin Stebbins, Jacob Westfield 4/26/1831   VTWSG
Stebbins, Cyrus Stebbins, Samuel St. Johnsbury 4/5/1851   Cal
Stebbins, Lewis Stebbins, Jacob Westfield 4/26/1831   VTWSG
Steele, James Steele, Phinehas Brookfield 1/6/1843 Wardner, J. F. VTWSG
Steele, James Steele, Matthew Peacham 9/9/1864 Thompson, C. O. Cal
Stevens, Frank H. Stevens, William Coventry 4/17/1876 Stevens, M. M. OCM
Stevens, Hiram Stevens, William Ryegate 12/21/1841   Cal
Stevens, Lorenzo O. Stevens, Samuel St. Johnsbury 11/24/1840   Cal
Stevens, Samuel C. Stevens, Wm. B. Barnet 7/10/1852   NS
Stewart, Allan Stewart, Allen Jr. Ryegate 5/15/1843   NS
Stewart, Alvin N. Stewart, John C. Barton 10/9/1857   OIS
Stewart, Duncan Stewart, Allen Jr. Ryegate 5/15/1843   NS
Stewart, Hiram Stewart, Wm. Lowell 11/4/1859   OIS
Stiles, Azro D. Stiles, Levi Moretown 3/8/1831   VTWSG
Stiles, Frederick W. Stiles, Danforth W. Middlesex 1/6/1843   VTWSG
Stiles, Horace Stiles, Samuel Jr. Wolcott 6/24/1844   NS
Stiles, Wallace C. Stiles, Horace Albany 11/1/1880 Blake, George H. OCM
Stimpson, Lorenzo L. Stimpson, L. W. Barton Landing 5/8/1868 Merrill, C. B. OIS
Stockwell, Sumner Stockwell, Samuel Concord 8/21/1847   Cal
Stoddard, George A. Stoddard, Willard Waterford 5/8/1863 Parker, Alden & Goss, Curtis C. Cal
Stoddard, Samuel S. Stoddard, Willard Barnet 4/4/1857   Cal
Storey, William Storey, John Kirby 3/14/1832 Gardner Gibson FH
Storky, Joseph S. Storky, Benj Glover 3/30/1831 John Kelly FH
Storky, William Storky, Benj Glover 3/30/1831 E. B. Simonds FH
Stratton, Edwin Stratton, Horace Craftsbury 10/12/1850   OCG
Stratton, James Stratton, John F. Craftsbury 7/26/1875 Collins, L. D. R. OCM
Straw, Asahel S. Straw, Valentine Duxbury 8/11/1829   VTWSG
Streeter, S. C. Streeter, Daniel Charleston 9/16/1854   NU
Sturtevant, Ira A. Sturtevant, Cyril Barton 4/10/1847   Cal
Sturtevant, Paschal Sturtevant, Cyril Barton 12/27/1842   Cal
Suddard, David H. (apprentice) Foster, Roswell Warren 4/26/1844   VTWSJ
Sulham, Edward W. Sulham, William Walden 3/22/1847   NS
Sulham, Ellie J. Sulham, Fayette Walden 6/1/1881 Taylor, B. F. NS
Sulham, Jacob W. Sulham, William Danville 8/23/1825   NS
Swazey, Oscar Swazey, Parker Cabot 10/6/1845   NS
Sweet, Sylvester Sweet, Alfred Irasburg 4/13/1860   OIS
Sweeter, Henry B. Sweeter, Joseph Concord 4/1/1854 Woodbury, J. E. & J. G. Darling Cal
Sweetser, Charles Sweetser, Stephen Sutton 4/9/1853   Cal
Swett, Alpheus Smith Swett, John Derby 3/10/1849   Cal
Swett, John Augustin Swett, John Derby 3/10/1849   Cal
Switser, Ueo Isaac Switser, Stephen JR Sutton 8/16/1886 Cambell, L. J. & Harriman, G. N. OCM
Sylvester, Alonzo S. Sylvester, Peter P. Waterford 12/21/1841   Cal
Tabor, Henry C. Tabor, P. T. West Concord 1/8/1864 Chase, Jefferson Cal
Tabor, Oscar P. Tabor, P. T.   5/5/1865 Remick, S. K. & J. H. Jacobs Cal
Taggard, Archibold Jr Taggard, Archibold Concord 3/21/1843   Cal
Taisey, Matthew Taisey, Robert Groton 5/5/1829   NS
Taylor, Almerin Taylor, Joseph Danville 4/5/1825   NS
Taylor, Herman S. Taylor, C. R. Irasburg 10/13/1865 Pa(rmenter), C. B. & Vail, C. I. OIS
Taylor, Philemon Taylor, Jeremiah Peacham 1/2/1823   NS
Taylor, Wibur M. Taylor, Ira C. Morgan 2/4/1878 Taylor, R. W. OCM
Taylor, William A. Taylor, Daniel Albany 6/30/1845 Hyde, Perley Cal
Templeton, John, Jr. Templeton, John Montpelier 3/15/1831   VTWSG
Thayer, Daniel M. Thayer, Austin Victory 10/23/1852   NS
Thayer, Preston E. Thayer, Preston Passumpsic 5/11/1850   Cal
Thomas, Abram Thomas, John Wheelock 12/4/1852 Ingalls, C. L. Cal
Thomas, George H. Thomas, Philip Lunenburg 5/24/1851   Cal
Thomas, Hiram Thomas, John Wheelock 3/30/1850   NS
Thomas, Hiram Thomas, Dennis Lunenburg 12/21/1860 Hartshorn, J. W. Cal
Thomas, William Thomas, John Wheelock 6/14/1847   NS
Thompson, Henry H. Thompson, Thomas J. St. Johnsbury 10/3/1857   Cal
Thrasher, George Thrasher, Holland   4/11/1856   OIS
Thurber, John Jr. Thurbur, John Montpelier 10/27/1843   VTWSJ
Tice, Oliver Tice, John Danville 7/3/1832   NS
Tilden, A. N. Tilden, D. R. Northfield 9/29/1843   VTWSJ
Tisdale, Charles H. Tisdale, Joel Barton 4/21/1879 Stratton, C. H. OCM
Town, Ira, Jr. Town, Ira Bolton 4/27/1840   VTWSG
Tracy, William W. Tracy, Hervey Tunbridge 3/14/1837   VTWSG
Trask, Lyman K. Trask, Elias Brunswick 10/3/1843 Webster, Elisha Cal
Tripp, Rufus D. Tripp, Alexander Barton 4/15/1872   OCM
Trow, Loren Dudley Trow, Kindrick Cabot 8/22/1857   NS
Trudeau, Charles H. Trudeau, Israel Coventry 7/21/1884   OCM
Trudeau, Israel A. Trudeau, Israel Coventry 7/21/1884   OCM
Tute, J. Eugene Tute, L. T. Newport 3/27/1877   E&S
Tute, Ranslaer Tute, Ziba Burke 7/10/1838   Cal
Ufford, Edward Ufford, T. J. Glover 5/13/1859   OIS
Upton, James Upton, John Barre 3/28/1837   VTWSG
Utley, Charles George Utley, Levi Goshen Gore 4/19/1856   NS
Vance, Andrew J. Vance, William Groton 7/27/1846   NS
Vance, Franklin Vance, John Glover 6/28/1851 Vance, James OCG
Vance, Franklin Vance, John M. G. Glover 7/19/1851 Vance, James 2d OCG
Vance, John Vance, William Groton 7/27/1846   NS
Vance, Marshall T. Vance, Reuben A. Burke 10/17/1862 Way, Erastus & Cynthis C. Cal
Varney, Moses F. Varney, Moses C. Barton ? 11/10/1849   NS
Vermuth, Aaron C. Vermuth, John P. Passumpsic 8/12/1848   Cal
Vermuth, John N. Vermuth, John P. Passumpsic 9/9/1848   Cal
Vincent, Sherlock Vincent, Thomas W. Walden 12/1/1838   NS
Vinton, Harry Vinton, Henry Holland 6/23/1884   OCM
Wakefield, Samuel S. Wakefield, Nathan Walden 7/16/1841   NS
Wakefield, William P. Wakefield, Nathan Walden 5/23/1836   NS
Walcott, Carlos Walcott, George Glover 5/27/1889 King, J. C. OCM
Walker, Irvin J. Walker, James W. Glover 7/2/1883 Nye, E. H. & Thurston, J. OCM
Wallace, Benjamin F. Wallace, Levi Wheelock 8/21/1848   NS
Wallace, Ezra H. Wallace, Levi Wheelock 8/21/1848   NS
Walling, James H. Walling, Heber Bloomfield 12/4/1838   Cal
Walton, Joseph S. Walton, Joshua Hardwick 9/13/1857   NS
Walton, Joshua Walton, Joseph S. Hardwick 12/18/1827   NS
Warner, Sumner Warner, Samuel Lowell 2/4/1854 Warner, Sibbel OCG
Warner, Willard H. Warner, William Potton, PQ 12/31/1878   E&S
Warren, Otis W. Warren, Jonas Charleston 1/9/1847   Cal
Washburn, David I. Washburn, Mary   2/21/1856 Woodward, Wm & Judd, Chas A. NU
Washburn, George Washburn, L. T. Craftsbury 6/27/1856 Dubra, David & Bushway, Benj. OIS
Washburn, George Washburn, Andrew   12/18/1837   VTWSG
Washington, George Washington, Andrew Berlin 12/18/1837   VTWSG
Waterman, Frederick Waterman, David Barton 10/5/1866 Merchant, Sarah & Louis Merchant Cal
Waterman, John C. Waterman, Warren Salem 5/11/1860 Waterman, E. H. & Palker, A. C. OIS
Waterman, Joseph Waterman, Cushman Brownington 7/27/1869   OIS
Waterman, Joshua Waterman, Thomas St. Johnsbury 10/6/1855   Cal
Waterman, Levi M. Waterman, Henry Goshen Gore 10/12/1830   VTWSG
Waterman, Robert Waterman, Cushman N. Greensboro 5/18/1874   OCM
Watson, Edwin C. Watson, Oliver Worcester 4/4/1837   VTWSG
Way, Charles H. Way, John Peacham 1/15/1869   NS
Way, Harrison S. Way, Lyman Wheelock 11/25/1854 Felker, I. B. & Archelaus Drown Cal
Way, Lyman Way, John Barnet 4/17/1827   NS
Way, Marcellus Way, Lyman Wheelock 11/16/1860   Cal
Way, Marshall Way, Lyman Wheelock 11/16/1860   Cal
Way, Nathan Way, Nathan   4/20/1846   NS
Wead, Daniel I. Wead, Isaac Topsham 11/30/1830   NS
Webb, Charles Webb, Joshua R. Lunenburg 10/23/1845 Thomas, James Cal
Webb, Webster B. Webb, Theron Granby 6/5/1852   Cal
Weeks, Nathan Weeks, Peaslee Danville 11/22/1847   NS
Weeks, Samuel D. Weeks, John Danville 9/22/1829   NS
Welch, Daniel Jr. Welch, Daniel Groton 12/22/1845   NS
Welch, Ira S. Welch, Hosea Groton 4/12/1851   Cal
Welch, Lebeus Welch, Stephen Jr. Groton 9/4/1852 Wilson, William Jr. Cal
Welch, Moses Welch, Daniel Groton 3/26/1841   NS
Welch, Peter Welch, Stephen Jr. Groton 8/13/1853 Clark, N. H. Cal
Welch, Selim N. Welch, Moses Burke 6/10/1854   Cal
Wells, Arad Wells, Paul Danville 4/24/1827   NS
Wells, Arnold B. (adopted) Wells, Paul Jun Danville 10/5/1820   NS
Wells, George Leander Wells, Benjamin Hardwick 6/8/1846   NS
Wells, Mervin Henry Wells, Ebenezer Peacham 3/10/1834   NS
Wesson, Ephraim Walker, Joel Groton 11/23/1835   NS
West, John West, Noah Jr. Peacham 2/15/1847   NS
West, Luther J. West, Benjamin St. Johnsbury 9/9/1844   Cal
Wheeler, Alden Wheeler, Randal Danville 3/6/1837   NS
Wheeler, Allen M. Wheeler, George ? 9/8/1865 Sheafe, N. T. OIS
Wheeler, Andrew Wheeler, Charles Newbury 4/8/1828   NS
Wheeler, Anson Wheeler, Randal Danville 5/4/1839   NS
Wheeler, Henry C. Wheeler, James Peacham 10/3/1863   NS
Wheeler, James Wheeler, Charles Newbury 12/21/1830   NS
Wheeler, Samuel H Wheeler, Silas Glover 3/11/1864 Wheeler, Warren & Abbott, Varnum OIS
Wheeler, Willie H. Wheeler, John A. Albany 5/25/1896   OCM
Whipple, George B. Whipple, Daniel Lyndon 4/21/1865 Stone, C. M. Cal
Whipple, George F. Whipple, Edwards Concord 10/7/1848   Cal
Whipple, Samuel W. Whipple, Edwards Concord 10/7/1848   Cal
Whitcher, Henry J. Whitcher, Henry Danville 7/18/1836   NS
Whitcher, Lorenzo D. Whitcher, Joseph Newbury 10/11/1845 Lewis, Charles B. & Hale, Charles A. Cal
Whitcher, William Whitcher, Joseph Wells River 10/2/1838   Cal
Whitcomb, William F. Whitcomb, Eleazer Guildhall 5/6/1848 Hartshorn, William H. Cal
White, Daniel Webster White, Enoch D. Walden 4/5/1856   NS
White, Edward M. White, Jason Greensboro 3/8/1851   OCG
White, Erastus White, Noah Walden 5/22/1848   NS
White, George D. White, Jason Greensboro 3/8/1851   OCG
White, Guy White, Enoch D. Walden 12/7/1850   NS
White, Hanson R. White, Enoch D. Walden 10/8/1853   NS
White, Henry Kirk White, Ira Wells River 3/6/1843   NS
White, Horace N. White, Enoch D. Walden 9/10/1853   NS
White, James White, David Newbury 10/6/1838   NS
White, John White, David Newbury 10/6/1838   NS
White, Orre A. White, Jason Greensboro 1/28/1859   OIS
White, Seth Jr. White, Seth Waterbury 10/13/1829   VTWSG
White, William White, David Newbury 10/6/1838   NS
Whitehill, James Jr. Whitehill, James Walden 11/22/1856   NS
Whitehill, John D. Whitehill, John Ryegate 2/1/1836   NS
Whitehill, Moses H. Whitehill, James Walden 11/25/1865   NS
Whitney, James Whitney, Charles Brookfield 11/13/1837   VTWSG
Wiggin, Frederick C. Wiggin, Reuben Barton 2/1/1856 Wiggin, Wm. P. OIS
Wiggin, James A. Wiggin, Reuben Barton 2/1/1856 Wiggin, Wm. P. OIS
Wiggins, Carlos W. Wiggins, Andrew J. Westmore 9/9/1878 Spencer, Charles A. OCM
Wiggins, Franklin Wiggins, Reuben Barton 8/23/1851 Sisco, Charles & Wiggins, Jesse OCG
Wiggins, Reuben Jr. Wiggins, Reuben Irasburgh & Bristol, Iowa 11/11/1859   OIS
Wilcomb, Charles W. Wilcomb, D. P. St. Johnsbury 8/5/1865 Sias Randall NS
Willard, Hyel D. Willard, Moses Sutton 10/27/1865 Grout, William W. Cal
Willard, Joseph Willard, Leonard St. Johnsbury 12/22/1855   Cal
Willard, Leander Willard, Harden Maidstone 5/21/1833   WM
Willey, Albert U. Willey, Noah Danville 10/26/1839   NS
Willey, Alpheus A. Willey, Allen Irasburgh 9/14/1830   VTWSG
Willey, Charles E. Willey, Paul C. Walden 4/3/1843   NS
Willey, Danforth Willey, Israel Albany 11/17/1838   NS
Willey, Harvey S. Willey, Allen Irasburgh 9/14/1830   VTWSG
Willey, Henry S. Willey, Jeremiah E. Walden 8/8/1857   NS
Willey, Lysias B. Willey, Micajah Sutton 3/26/1853 Harriman, Luther Cal
Willey, Orin N. Willey, Noah Danville 7/18/1840   NS
Willey, Otis Freeman Willey, Noah Danville 6/14/1847   NS
Willey, Paul Jr. Willey, Paul Greensboro 8/11/1849   NS
Willey, Samuel Willey, Paul Danville 3/13/1823   NS
Willey, Silas Willey, Seth Peacham 8/3/1846   NS
Willey, Timothy R. Willey, Seth Peacham 12/20/1856 Willey, John Cal
William, Henry Williams, Frank Irasburg 5/17/1870   OIS
Williams, Edwin A. Williams, Stephen Wheelock 10/12/1860 Sanborn, Charles Cal
Williams, George Williams, Henry L. St. Johnsbury 1/15/1848 Willey, Joseph Cal
Williams, Henry W. Williams, Levi Charleston 1/16/1838 Tyler, James P. Cal
Williams, Lucien Williams, Henry L. St. Johnsbury 11/6/1852   Cal
Williams, Moses Williams, Lee   3/25/1844   Cal
Williams, Orin Williams, Frank Irasburg 5/17/1870   OIS
Willy, Alphius A. Willy, Allen Irasburgh 9/14/1830   VTWSG
Willy, Harvey S. Willy, Allen Irasburgh 9/14/1830   VTWSG
Wilson, Amos M. Wilson, William Charleston 7/17/1856 Harrington, F. C. NU
Wilson, Elijah Wilson, Asa Jay 10/31/1831   VTWSG
Winchester, Daniel (son) Pierce, Warren Coventry 3/2/1831   FH
Winn, George W. Winn, John Danville 7/12/1825   NS
Winn, Moses Winn, John Danville 4/13/1824   NS
Winn, William Winn, John Danville 3/30/1824   NS
Winslow, Hiram P. Winslow, Elisha Sutton 6/4/1841   NS
Winslow, John H. Winslow, Elisha Brownington 7/24/1857   OIS
Winslow, Pineas S. Winslow, Elisha Westmore 4/19/1851 Bishop, Truman G. Cal
Winslow, Samuel A. Winslow, Elisha Westmore 12/24/1853   Cal
Witham, David Witham, John Derby 12/4/1840 Chedwick, David & Carpenter, Warren VTWSG
Wood, James G. Wood, George W. Greensboro 12/2/1895 Calderwood, Jas B. OCM
Wood, James H. Wood, Lyman Newport 6/28/1861   OIS
Wood, Joseph Wood, Luther Kirby 12/12/1836   NS
Wood, Willard Wood, Roger Kirby 5/23/1857 Wood, Benjamin Cal
Woodard, Nathaniel Jr Woodard, Nathanile Danville 4/1/1815   NS
Woodard, Nathaniel Jr. Woodard, Nath Sr Danville 2/14/1815   NS
Woodard, Parker Woodard, Darius Danville 2/10/1824   NS
Woodbury, Henry Woodbury, Ebenezer Middlesex 1/25/1831   VTWSG
Woodbury, Lorenzo P. Woodbury, John Greensborough 10/9/1837   VTWSG
Woodman, John L. Woodman, Benjamin Irasburg 12/27/1825   NS
Woods, Hosea N. Woods, Benjamin T. Lowell 6/1/1880   E&S
Woods, Oliver H. Woods, Timothy Monroe, NH 11/27/1858 Abrams, M. & Blodgett, Major A. Cal
Woodward, Edward Woodward, Royal Walden 3/1/1856   NS
Woodward, Isaac Woodward, Samuel Waterbury 4/20/1840   VTWSG
Woodward, Isaac P. Woodward, Eben Danville 4/2/1859   NS
Woodward, John Woodward, Royal Walden 11/10/1855   NS
Woodward, John Woodward, Derius Danville 5/9/1822   NS
Woodward, John T. Woodward, Amaziah Peacham 10/12/1830   NS
Woolley, Benjamin H. Woolley, Jos[eph] Derby Line 4/10/1857   OIS
Wooster, John Q. A. Wooster, Jno. Granby 4/26/1856   Cal
Worboys, Charles N. Worboys, Thomas Charleston 6/9/1855 Harrington, F. C. NU
Worboys, Henry Worboys, Thomas Charleston 8/21/1856   NU
Worthen, Charles F. Worthen, Sam'l Charleston 2/4/1854 Marstin, Wm. D. (sold his time) OCG
Wright, Alson S. Wright, Walter St. Johnsbury 11/21/1862   Cal
Wright, Ashley Wright, Emerson St. Johnsbury 6/22/1841 Harrington, Isaac Cal
Wright, Charles D. Wright, Walter S. Newbury 9/22/1845   NS
Wright, Elw(in) Wright, Charles Irasburgh 1/5/1880   OCM
Wright, Ira W. Wright, John F. Newport 1/31/1876 Wiggins, B. F. OCM
Wright, Lyman Wright, Lyman Tunbridge 4/7/1843   VTWSG
Wright, Nathaniel Wright, Emerson St. Johnsbury 3/21/1843 Rankin, Albert & Gates, H. Cal
Wright, Walter Jr. Wright, Walter S. Newbury 7/16/1841   NS
Wright, Waterman Wells Wright, William Ryegate 2/18/1854   Cal
Wright, Willard Wright, Josiah Newport 4/10/1843   Cal
Wyman, William Hazen Wyman, I. A. Brownington 1/2/1888 Barber, Sarah A. OCM
Young, Charles A. Young, David Newark 7/3/1868 Bishop, T. G. & James Wire Cal
Young, Horace Young, Agib St. Johnsbury 1/26/1831   FH
Young, John C. Jr. Young, John C. Bradleyvale 4/8/1854 Moore, John N. Cal

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