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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


Special thanks go to Jean Borland
who compiled this information and kindly donated it
to the Northeast Kingdom Genealogy web page.

Freeman's Oath
What is the
Freeman's Oath

Property Owners Feb 24, 1789 Glover, Vermont (numbers are lot numbers)
Glover, Gen. John 32 & 119 (M)ichenor, Isaac 118 - 41 Sloan, Steven 37 - 9 Mitchell, Mathew 105 - 103
Patterson, Gen. John 128 - 136 Camp, Stephen 140 - 144 Sloan, Sam 22 - 130 Harding, Amos 30 - 3
Fellows, Ezra 50 - 18 Sloan, William 126 - 109 Sloan, Alexander 4 - 95 Little, Nathaniel 7 - 127
Fellows, John, Jr. 122 - 47 Sanford, Aaron, Jr. 34 - 104 Low, John 16 - 52 Grace, John 31 - 29
Goodrich, Chas. 1 & 12 Sanford, Hezekiah, Jr. 112 - 93 Safford, Sam 82 - 76 Cushing, Thomas 114 - 24
Egleston, Azariah 120 - 60 Sanford, William 69 - 96 Safford, Sam, Jr. 59 - 132 Beman, Ebenezer 125 - 127
Dix, Nathan 123 - 107 Douglas, William 63 - 38 Safford, John 113 - 97 Foot, Alvin 33 - 27
Keyes, Benj. 138 - 142 Douglas, Benjamin 109 - 39 Fay, Nathan 6 - 74 Davis, Frances 100 - 51
English, Andrew 111 - 87 Douglas, William, Jr. 61 - 137 Hopkins, Frederick 25 - 17 Porter, Thomas 71 - 133
Groton, John 83 - 110 Sanford, Tolman 141 - 115 Safford, Mary 79-101or7 Porter, Zachariah 92 & 84
Voie or Vore, Joseph 124 - 86 Douglas, Amos 64 - 117 Fellows, John 75 - 100 Osborn, Benjamin 134 - 99
Jackson, Michael 139 - 19 Douglas, Eli 72 - 38 Fellows, William 131 - 60 Dean, Walter 143 - 90
Howard, Abner 66 - 53 Stevens, Joseph 11 - 36 Strong, John 26 - 5 Minister 73, 13, 81, 80
Lord, Simeon 45 - 106 Douglas, John 129 - 62 Stores, Seth 40 - 15 School 91, 21, 90, 67
Smith, Ebenezer 135 - 194 Sloan, Walter 42 - 65 Strong, Adonijah 29 - 10 College 23, 77
Smith, Ebenezer, Jr. 102 - 70 Parker, Enos 55 - 50 Strong, John B. 20 - 85  
Trotter, John 78 - 2 Foot, George 54 - 116 Strong, John B., Jr. 28 - 8  
Goodrich, Charles to Nathan Cutler, Jr. 160 a - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Trotter, John to Nathan Cutler, Jr. 160 a - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Harding, Amos to Sam Grant (E. half) 3/3/1809      
Harding, Amos to N. Cutler (W. half) 3/3/1809      
S(lvas), Alexander to N. Cutler, Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Strong, John to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Fay, Nathan to N. Cutler, Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Little, Nathaniel to N. Cutler, Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Strong, John, Jr. to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Sloan, Sturgon to N. Cutler, Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Strong, Adoniah to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Levens, Joseph to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/2/1808      
Goodrich, Charles to Nathan Cutler, Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/2/1808      
Levens, Joseph to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 -1808 paid by Alphra Warner    
(Snores), Seth to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Low, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Hopkins, Frederick to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Fellows, Ezra to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Jackson, Henry to Nathan Cutler Jr. 60 3/3/1809      
Strong, John to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Town School        
Sloan, Sam to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Cushing, Thomas to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Strong, John to Asa Billings 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Strong, John to Asa Billings 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Strong, John to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/2/1808      
Strong, John Jr. to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/2/1808      
Grace, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Harding, Amos to Nathan Cutler Jr. 80N 1/2 - 3 - 63 3/3/1809      
Grace, John to Nathan Norton 80N pt 3 - 67 3/3/1809      
Glover, Gen. John to Nathan Norton   Paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Foot, Alvin   Paid before sale    
Sanford, Aaron to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Pace, Elijah to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Levins, Joseph to Nathan Cutler 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Sloan, Sturgen to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Douglas, Eli   Tax paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Douglas, Benjamin   Tax paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
(Snores), Seth to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Tichenor, Isaac to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Sloan, Walter to Sam Grant So 1/2 - 3 - 63 3/3/1809      
Jackson, Michael to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Camp, Stephen to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Lord, Simeon to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Pace, Joseph to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Fellows, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Safford, Mary to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Pace, Joseph to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Parker, Enos to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Davis, Frances   paid Nov 25, 1809 by Silas Dickinson    
Low, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Howard, Abner to Nathan Cutler Jr.   Redeemed Mar 1, 1809 J. Whitelaw    
Foot, George to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Parker, Enos to Jonas Galusha        
Douglas, Amos   Tax paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Fellows, Ezra to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Fellows, Ezra to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Safford, Sam Jr. to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Egleston, Azariah to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Douglas, William Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Douglas, John Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Tax paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Douglas, Amos 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Tax paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Sloan, Walter to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Howard, Abner to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Redeemed Mar 1, 1809 J. Whitelaw    
Grammar School        
Fellows, William   tax paid to collector & redeemed before sale    
Sanford, Wm. to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Smith, Ebenezer Jr. to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Redeemed by Cyrus Partridge 3/2/1808    
Porter, Thomas to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Douglas, Eli   Tax paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Fay, Nathan        
Fellows, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 80 So 1/2 - 3 - 63 3/3/1809 N half paid before    
Safford, Sam to Archabel Dwinell E half 3 - 67 3/3/1809      
Trotter, John to Cutler, Nathan, Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 100A redeemed Mar 1, 1809 by S. Sargent 5-60 N deeded Mar 3, 1809    
Safford, Mary to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Safford, Sam to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Groton, John to David Bragg 60Wpt - 2 - 78 3/3/1809      
Porter, Zacheriah 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Strong, John to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Pace, Elijah to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
English, Andrew   Paid to A. Brown as Committee    
Douglas, William   Paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Strong, Adonijah to Jonas Galusha 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Grammar School        
Porter, Zachariah to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Sanford, Hezekiah Jr. to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Smith, Ebenezer to Ziba Bliss N half 6 - 87 W half redeemed by A. Brown 2/14/1809    
Slo(nan), Alex to Nathan Cutler Jr. 60S - 2 - 87 3/3/1809      
Sanford, William to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Safford, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Dean, Walter to Stephen Bliss 100N p 6 - 53 3/3/1809      
Asburn, Benjamin   deeded March 3, 1809    
Fellows, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 80So 1/2 3 - 63 3/3/1809 No. half paid before    
Sloan, William to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Smith, Ebenezer 2nd   100 A. paid to comm.    
Mitchell, Rotheus   Paid to Asa Brown by A. Atwood of comm.    
Safford, Aaron to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Mitchell, Rotheus to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Lord, Simeon to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Dix, Nathan to Amos Kimball No. 1/2 80 - 6 - 63 3/3/1809      
Davis, Francis to Nathan Cutler Jr. E 1/2 6 - 63 3/3/1809 redeemed Mar 1, 1809 C. Bragg    
Davis, Francis to Nathan Cutler Jr. W 1/2 3 - 63 3/3/1809 Benj. Ely    
Douglas, Benjamin   paid June 23, 1807    
Groton, John to Levi Partridge 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
English, Andrew   Paid to A. Brown as comm.    
Sanford, Hezekiah Jr.   paid by Brown as comm.    
Safford, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Cushing, Thomas   Pd by W. A. Gleason to Brown as comm    
Douglass, William Jr. to Nathan Cutler Jr. 80W 1/2 3 - 63 Redeemed by A. Crosman 2/15/1809    
Douglass, William Jr. to Nathan Cutler Jr. W 1/2 E half paid to comm.    
Foot, George to Nathan Cutler Jr. 74 N pt 3 - 40 deeded March 3, 1809    
Douglas, Amos   tax pd by Wm Douglas June 23, 1807    
Tichenor, Isaac to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Glover, Gen. John 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Egleston, Azariah to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Little, Nathaniel to Cutler, N., Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Fellows, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Dix, Nathan to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Redeemed Mar 1, 1809 by M. Fonda    
Pace, Elijah to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Beeman, Ebenezer   North 1/2 paid by comm before sale    
Sloan, William   paid to N. Cutler as comm.    
Beeman, Ebenezer to Jonas Phillips 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Patterson, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 deeded March 3, 1809    
Douglas, John Jr.   Tax paid June 23, 1807 by Wm. Douglas    
Sloan, Sam to Asa Brown 160 - 6 - 87 2/14/1809 45 A W. redeemed by J. G. Bond    
Fellows, William   pd to collector & redeemed before sale    
Safford, Sam Jr. to Silas Clark S half 3 - 63 3/3/1809 ( )pd to comm.    
Porter, Thomas to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 Redeemed Mar 1, 1809 Whitelaw    
Ashburn, Benjamin   deeded March 3, 1809    
Smith, Ebenezer   Paid by Brown as Committee    
Patterson, John to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Douglas, William Jr. to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Keyes, Benjamin to Sam Bean 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Jackson, Henry to Nathan Cutler Jr. 60 3/3/1809      
Camp, Stephen   Pd N. Cutler as Comm.    
Sanford, Tolman to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809      
Keyes, Benjamin to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 50A redeemed T. Lyman    
Dean, Walter to Timothy Lyman 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 off N. West side 12/19/1808    
Jackson, Michael to Nathan Cutler Jr. 160 - 6 - 87 3/3/1809 Redeemed Mar 1, 1809 by Whitelaw    
Pace, Joseph   (per Dean Bailey)    
Pace, Elijah   (per Dean Bailey)    
Douglas, Amos   (per Dean Bailey)    
Lewis, Joseph   (per Dean Bailey)    
College   (per Dean Bailey)    
County School   (per Dean Bailey)    
2 Ministers   (per Dean Bailey)    
1 English School   (per Dean Bailey)    
Abbott, James V. 77 A Conant, Ezra D. 1 Goodenough, Isaac Partridge, Eli 100
Abbott, Jonathan 70 A Cook, Amos 253 Goodwin, Daniel 110 Partridge, George 30
Abbott, P. F. Cook, Amos Jr. Goodwin, Moses Partridge, Levi
Alden, John 160 A Cook, Paul Goodwin, Richard Partridge, Noah L.
Allen, James W. 1 A Cook, Samuel F. 13 Gould, Nathaniel 180 Patterson, Gabe 43
Anderson, David 80 A Coomer, Benjamin 40 Graves, Charles L. Patterson, Gabe II 160
Anderson, John 100 A Coomer, John Jr. 28 Graves, John 160 Percival, O. V. 53
Anderson, William 160 A Crane, John Jr. 340 Graves, Lorenzo 80 Pierce, I. L. 20
Atherton, Sanford 1 A Crosby, Hezekiah 80 Gray, Dan Phillips, Hiram 260
Barber, Lewis Cutler, Charles Gray, Dan II Phillips, Jonas 30
Baker, Thomas 230 A Cutler / Coomer 53 Gray, Joseph 180 Phillips, Jonas Jr. 80
Barker, Joseph 300 A Cutler, Martha 20 Gray, Olin Phillips, Samuel
Bartlett, Seth 80 A Damon, [George prob] Haines, Mathias 50 Phillips, Zedekiah Jr. 120
Bartlett, Squire Damon, Joshua 160 Hall, Foster Powers, F. F. 5
Bartlett, Thomas 60 Daniels, Isaac 90 Hardy, C. 320 Powers, William M. 1
Bartlett, Welcome 51 Davis, Edmund 160 Hardy, Charles C. 79 1/4 Ramsey, Robert
Baxter, Hiram 65 Day, Samuel 160 Hardy, Charles 74 1/4 Robbins, Samuel
Baxter, Lewis 59 Douglas, [Amos prob] 160 Harrington, Benjamin 160 Robinson, Lyndon guardian
Beach, Solomon Drew, Alexander 10 Harvey, William 93 Sargent, John 228
Beach, Solomon Jr. 80 Drew / Boardman 160 Hazen, Charles 51 Sartwell, Warren 122
Bean, Amos P. 150 Drew, George 50 Hildreth, Nathaniel 180 Seaver, George 85
Bean, Benjamin 60 Drew, Isaac 90 Hildreth, Oliver Seaver, Henry 150
Bean, Benjamin Jr. Drew, John (buildings) Hill, John H. 20 Seaver, Samuel 123
Bean & Coomer Drew, Joseph 85 Hood, Josiah 86 Shaw, Seth 96
Bean, David 1 Drew, Luke 120 Hoyt, Sam 60 Sherburn, John
Bean, Evelin 1 Drew, Nathaniel 37 Hulburt, John 76 Sherburn, John Jr. 80
Bean, Freeman Drew, Rufus 40 Hulburt, Lawson Sherburn, Joseph
Bean, John A. Drew / Webb Hulburt, Ruel 80 Shields, Alexander 160
Bean & McLellan (mill) Dutton, Alonzo 85 Hunter, John 220 Shields, Alex Jr.
Bean, Nathan Dutton, Elias C. 15 Joy, Gridley 125 Shields, William 160
Bean, Samuel 116 Dwinell, Albert 110 Joy, Reuben Simonds / Conant & Co.
Bemis, Cyrus 1 Dwinell, Joseph 5 King, George Simonds, E. B. & J
Bennett, Ambrose 160 Dwinell, Solomon 160 King, George 157 Simonds, Guardian
Bennett, Quincy W. 1 Dwinell, Solomon guardian King, Joseph B. 80 Sisco, Charles
Bickford, Hezekiah 148 Elkins, David 70 King, Sias 101 Sisco, Hiram
Bickford, John M. Ellis, Gilbert King, Stephen 75 Skinner, Alvah 60
Bickford, Stephen 13 Farr, William H. Kinsley, Mary Smilie, John 160
Blake, George Fetch, Ira 70 Laird, William 45 Smith, Isaac
Blanchard, Nathan 115 Flemming, Robert J. 1 Lawrence, Joseph 200 Spaulding, Benjamin 80
Bliss, Stephen Flood, Francis Lawrence, W. C. Strobridge, [A.] L. 1
Bliss, Ziba 160 Flood, James 68 Leonard, George Strong / Delano 30
Blodgett, Sumner Flood, William 95 Leonard, Horace 240 Strong, Henry 12
Boardman / Cutler 50 A Fox, Winthrop Leonard, Willard 200 Strong, Ira 12
Boardman, John 314 French, Barzilla 97 Lord, Jonah 45 Stone, Augustus
Bodwell, Joab 160 French, Franklin Lyman, Mary Stone, Elijah
Brown, Aaron 137 French, George 100 Lyman, Sarah Sweeney, John 156
Burroughs, David 1 French, Jonah 150 Lyman, Timothy 240 Tate, John & James 160
Burroughs, William A. 1 French, Lyndol 105 Mathie, John 96 Ufford, Jefferson 190
Burton, Asa 38 French, Lyn(ville) [Lyndol prob] Marks, William Ufford, Samuel 30
Calderwood, John 1 French, Nathaniel 260 Mason, Moses 116 Vance, James 100
Cass, David 100 French, Orin Mason, Reuben 160 Vance, John & James Jr. 80
Cass, Joel French, Zenas 50 McCarthy, Timothy Vance, Samuel 150
Cass, John Jr. Frost, Daniel 180 McLellan, Andrew Walcott, Asahel 80
Cass, Joseph Frost, Eber 80 McLellan, Hannah 40 Waldo, O. L. 80
Chamberlain, Alonzo (mill) 80 A Frost, Franklin McLellan, Hiram 33 Webb, Q. M.
Chamberlain, Spencer Fuller, Daniel 130 McLellan, Norton Wheeler, Ira
Cheeney, Reuben 80 Fuller, H(yatio) [Horatio prob] Merriam, William Wheeler, Silas
Christy, Jesse Fuller, John 50 Metcalf, Jonathan Wheeler, Silas Jr. 18
Clark, Alvah W. 160 Fuller, Joseph Metcalf, Jonathan Jr. White, Charles 87
Clark, Amasa F. 127 Fuller, Luther 65 Miles, Eunice White, Elisha
Clark, Betsey Fuller, Samuel 2 Minott, Willard 80 White, John
Clark, Caleb A. 123 Fuller, William 80 Mitchell, John & James 40 Wiley, John
Clark, Cephas 80 Gallusha, Freeman 320 Moore, Peter 160 Wiley, Valentine
Clark, Cephas C. 80 Garfield, Aaron Nelson, Jonathan 130 Wiley, William 160
Clark, Charles A. Garfield, Daniel 160 Newcomb, Wid. 240 Wiley, William J.
Clark, F. P. A. Garfield, Ebenezer 3 Norton, Jeremiah 80 Williams, Asa A.
Clark, Hiram 80 Garfield, Frederick Norton, Nathan 135 Williams, Clifton 247
Clark, John 130 Garfield, Hosea 90 Nutter, Harry Williams, Royal King 30
Clark, Samuel 176 Garfield, Ira Nutter, John Wilson, Charles
Clark, Silas Garfield, Ralph 80 Nutter, Mark 140 Wilson, David
Clark, Warren S. 190 Garfield, Willard 91 1/2 Owen, Philander & Wm C. 162 Wilson, James
Clayton, Sampson 2 Garland, Charles A. 160 Page, Royal 120 Wood, Daniel E. 140
Cobb, Ellis Gleason, James Palmer, William B. Wright, Elihu & Lewis 80
Colburn, Ira 40 Gleason, Rueben J. Palmer, William B. & Co. Wright, Samuel 80
Colburn, Ira Jr 124 Gleason, Willard C. 81 1/2 Parker, Jacob Wyman, Isaac 156 & 160
Abbott, F. P. Coburn, Ira Jr. Goodwin, Moses Owen, Philander
Abbott, Jonas V. Conant, Ezra Goodwin, Richard Owen, William C.
Abbott, Jonathan Cook, Amos Gould, Nathaniel Page, Royal
Alden, John Cook, Amos Jr. Graves, Charles Palmer, William B.
Allen, James W. Cook, Samuel F. Graves, John D. Parker, Jacob
Anderson, David Coomer, Benjamin Graves, Lorenzo Partridge, Eli
Anderson, James Coomer, John Jr. Gray, Dan Partridge, George
Anderson, James Crane, John Gray, Dan Jr. Patterson, Gabe
Anderson, John Crosby, Hezekiah Gray, Joseph Patterson, Gabe Jr.
Anderson, William Cutler, Martha Gray, Olin L. Percival, O. V.
Baker, Thomas Damon, George Gray, William Phillips, Hiram
Barber, Lewis Damon, John Haines, John Phillips, Jonas
Barker, Joseph Damon, Joshua Haines, Matthias Phillips, Jonas Jr.
Bartlett, Frances Daniels, Isaac Hall, J. Phillips, Samuel
Bartlett, Seth Darling, Lyman Hardy, Charles Phillips, Zedekiah
Bartlett, Squire Davis, Edmond Hardy, Charles C. Pierce, John S.
Bartlett, Thomas Day, Samuel Harrington, B. S. Power, William M.
Bartlett, Welcome Douglas, Amos Harvey, William Ramsey, Robert
Baxter, Hiram Drew, Alexander Hazen, Charles F. Robinson, Sendon
Baxter, Levi Drew, George Hildreth, Nathaniel Rollins, Samuel
Beach, Solomon Drew, Isaac Hill, John H. Sargent, Silas
Beach, Solomon Jr. Drew, John Hood, Josiah M. Sargent, Silas A.
Bean, Amos P. Drew, Joseph Hoyt, Sam Sartwell, John
Bean, Benjamin Drew, Luke Hulbert, Benjamin Sartwell, Warren
Bean, Benjamin Jr. Drew, Nathaniel Hulbert, Ruel Seaver, George
Bean, Davis Drew, Rufus Hulbert, Ruel Jr. Seaver, George
Bean, Evelin Drown, Aaron Humphrey, Hiram Shaw, Seth
Bean, Freeman F. Dutton, Alonzo Hunter, John Sherburn, John
Bean, John Elkins, David Joy, Gridley Sherburn, John Jr.
Bean, Nathan Elkins, David L. Joy, Reuben J. Sherburn, Joseph
Bean, Samuel Ellis, Gilbert Kell, James Shields, William
Bemis, Cyrus Fleming, R. J. King, George Simonds, E. B.
Bennett, Ambrose Fletcher, Josiah A. King, George W. Sisco, Charles
Bennett, Qincy N. Flood, Frances R. King, Joseph Sisco, Hiram
B( ), ( ) L. Flood, James King, Sias Smile, John
Bickford, H. G. Flood, William King, Stephen Spaulding, B. M.
Bickford, John Ford, James W. Kingsley, Mary Stone, Augustus
Bickford, Paul Fox, Winthrop Kingston, Asa Stone, Calvin
Bickford, Stephen French, Barzilla Laird, William Stone, Elijah
Blake, George French, Erasmus Lawrence, Joseph Strobridge, A. L.
Blanchard, N. A. French, Franklin Lawrence, W. C. Strong, Henry
Bliss, Ziba French, George Leonard, George Strong, Ira
Blodgett, Sumner French, George C. Leonard, Horace Sweeney, John
Blodgett, Whiting French, Jonah Leonard, Willard Tate, James
Boardman / Cutler French, Lenval Lord, Josiah Tate, John
Boardman, John French, Lyndol Lyman, Timothy Ufford, Jefferson
Bodwell, Joab French, Nathaniel Martha, Jonas Ufford, Michael
Brown, Aaron French, Orin Martin, James Vance, James
Burroughs, David French, Zenas Mason, Lemuel Vance, James Jr.
Burroughs, William A. Frost, Daniel Mason, Moses Vance, John
Burton, Asa Frost, Eber Mason, Reuben Vance, Samuel
Calderwood, John Fuller, Daniel McCarthy, Timothy Walcott, Aseal
Cass, David Fuller, Horatio McLellan, Hannah Waldo, O. S.
Cass, Joel Fuller, John McLellan, Hiram Wheeler, Ira
Chamberlain, Alonzo Fuller, Joseph McLellan, Norton Wheeler, Silas
Chamberlain, Spencer Fuller, Luther McNeal, William Wheeler, Silas Jr.
Cheney, Reuben P. Fuller, Samuel Merriam, William White, Charles
Christie, Jessie Fuller, William Metcalf, Aaron D. Wilt (Witt?), (Q) M.
Clark, Alvah W. Garfield, Aaron Jr. Metcalf, Jonathan Willey, John
Clark, Amasa Garfield, Ebenezer Mitchell, James Willey, Valentine
Clark, Betsey Garfield, Daniel Mitchell, John Willey, William
Clark, Caleb A. Garfield, F. A. Mitchell, William Willey, William Jr.
Clark, Cephas Garfield, Hosea Moore, Peter Williams, Asa A.
Clark, Cephas C. Garfield, Ira Nelson, Jonathan Williams, Clifton
Clark, F. P. A. Garfield, Ralph Newcomb, Widow Williams, Royal K.
Clark, Hiram H. Gallusha, Freeman Norton, Jeremiah Wilson, Davis
Clark, John Garland, Charles A. Norton, Miles Wilson, James
Clark, Samuel Gleason, James Norton, Nathan Woods, Stephen
Clark, Silas Gleason, Reuben J. Nutter, Harry Wright, Elihu
Clater, Sampson [prob Clayton] Gleason, Willard C. Nutter, John Wright, Samuel
Coburn, Ira Goodenough, Isaac Nutter, Mark Wyman, Isaac
  Goodwin, Daniel Ober, Hezekiah Wyman, Isaac F.
Abbott, F. P. Conant, E. D. Gray, William Patterson, Gabe 7
Abbott, Jonathan Cook, Amos Hardy, Charles Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7
Abbott, Margaret Cook, Amos Jr. Hardy, Charles Jr. Penny, Jabez 13
Alden, John Cook, Sam F. Harrington, B. S. Percival, Orson V.
Allen, James W. Cook, William Harvey, William Phillips, Hiram 11
Anderson, David 7 Coomer, Benjamin Ha(wment), Francis Phillips, Jonas 11
Anderson, James 6 Coomer, B. F. Haynes, John J. Phillips, Jonas Jr.
Anderson, John 7 Coomer, Chauncy Haynes, Matthias Phillips, Samuel
Anderson, William 7 Coomer, John Hazen, Charles F. Phillips, Zedekiah
Ayer, L. D. 13 Crane, John Heirs of Hubbard Bellows Powers, Franklin
Baker, Thomas 2 Crosby, Hezekiah Heirs of S. Woods Powers, J. M.
Ballou, Otis Cush(en), Joel Hill, Eber Prince, J. S.
Barber, Lewis 2 Cutler, Charles Hill, John Ramsey, Robert
Barker, Joseph Cutler / Coomer Hoffman, John Randall, E. O.
Bartlett, Seth 14 Damon, George Hood, Calvin Rollins, Lemuel
Bartlett, Squire 14 Damon, Joshua Hood, Josiah M. Rowe, William
Bartlett, Thomas Darling, Lyman Hoyt, John Salmon, John
Baxter, Hiram Davis / Boardman Hoyt, Sam Sargent, S. A.
Baxter, Lewis Day, Joseph Hulbert, John Sartwell, John
Beach, Solomon Jr. Day, Samuel Hulbert, Ruel Sartwell, Warren
Beach, William 11 Douglas, Amos Hulbert, Ruel Jr. Seaver, George
Bean, Amos P. 11 Drew, Alexander 13 Humphrey, Abel Seaver, Henry
Bean, Benjamin Jr. Drew, George Hunter, John Seaver, Sam Jr.
Bean, Chamberlain Drew, Isaac 5 Joy, Gridley Shaw, Joel T. & Bemis Co.
Bean, Daniel Drew, John 13 Joy, Reuben Sherburn, John
Bean, Freeman F. 5 Drew, Joseph 13 Kell, James Sherburn, John Jr.
Bean, John 5 Drew, Luke 14 Kimball, John H. Shields, Alexander
Bean, Laurice Drew, Nathaniel 4 King, Almera ex of G. W. King Shields, Alex Jr.
Bean, McLellan Drew, Rufus King, Joseph B. Shields, William
Bean, Nathan C. Drew, William King, Sias Simonds & Conant Co.
Bemis, Cyrus Drown, Aaron Kingsley, Mary Simonds, E. B. Adm Atherton Est
Bemis, Cyrus, Adm P. Cook Est Durkee, Pike Laird, William Simonds, E. B. & J.
Bennett, Ambrose Dutton, Alonzo Lawrence, Joseph Simonds, E. B., McLellan Est
Bennett, Q. N. Dwinell, Albert Lawrence, W. C. S__, H. Dance [ maybe Seaver, Dana]
Bickford, H. D. 12 Dwinell, J. H. Leonard, George Sisco, Charles
Bickford, H. S. 12 Dwinell, S & T. Leonard, Horace Smilee, John
Bickford, J. M. 12 Dwinell, S., of Mr. Lumpkins Leonard, Willard Smith, Isaac B.
Bickford, S. B. 12 Elkins, David S. Lord, Josiah Smith, W. S.
Bigelow, Durkee Ellis, John P. Lyman, Timothy Stephenson, Hiram
Blanchard, Erastus 13 Fisher, Abraham Maguire, Hugh Stone, Augustus
Blanchard, Hiram 13 Fletcher, J. A. Martin, James Stone, Calvin
Blanchard, N. H. 13 Flood, William Mason, Lemuel Stone, Elijah
Blanchard, S. S. 13 Ford, James Mason, Moses H. Storey, Luke
Bliss, Ziba 13 French, Barzilla Mason, Reuben Stratton, David
Blodgett, Sumner 13 French, Erasmus Mathie, John Strobridge, A. S.
Boardman / Cutler French, Fordice McCarty, Timothy Strong, Dermilea
Boardman, John French, Franklin McCollum, John Strong, Ira
Boardman, Jonas French, George McLellan, Franklin Tate, John
Bodwell, Hannah 5 French, Jonah McLellan, Hannah Tolman, Enoch
Brown, Aaron 10 French, Lindol McLellan, Hiram Ufford, Jefferson
Burroughs, W. (R.) 13 French, Nathaniel McLellan, Norton Vance, James
Burton, Asa French, Orin Merriam, William Vance, James Jr.
Calderwood, John French, Zenas Metcalf, Aaron Vance, John
Cameron, David 6 Frost, Daniel Metcalf, Jonathan Vance, Samuel
Cass, David Frost, Eber Metcalf, Polly Walcott, Asial
Cass, John Fuller, William Miller, Charles Walses, O. L.
Chamberlain, Alonzo Galusha, Truman Mitchell, James Wheeler, Ira
Chamberlain, Spencer Garfield, Aaron Mitchell, John Wheeler, Silas Jr.
Cheney, R. Garfield, Ed Mitchell, Solomon White, Charles
Clark, Alvah H. Garfield, F. A. Mitchell, William Wiggins, John
Clark, Amasa F. Garfield, Hosea Moore, Peter Wiley, William
Clark, Betsey Garfield, Ira Nelson, O. S., adm of J. Nelson Willey,( P. lentine?) [Valentine prob]
Clark, C. A. Garfield, Ralph Newcomb, William Williams, A. A.
Clark, C. A., Adm of W. S. Clark Garland, Charles A. Norton, Jeremiah Williams, Clifton
Clark, C. P. Gleason, James Norton, Miles Wilson, David
Clark, Cephas Gleason, Reuben Norton, Norton (?) Wilson, James
Clark, Cephas C. Goodnow, Isaac Nutter, Joseph Wright, Elisha
Clark, F. P. A. Goodwin, Daniel Nutter, Mark Wright, Lewis
Clark, Hiram Goodwin, Moses Nye, S. H. Wright, Sam
Clark, John Goodwin, Richard Orin, James Wyman, Isaac
Clark, Lunitha ?? Graves, Charles A. Owen, P. & W. C. Wyman, Isaac Agt
Clark, Sam Graves, John D. Page, Royal (on separate page)
Clark, Silas Graves, Lorenzo Palmer, William B. Crane, J.
Clayton, Sampson Graves, Washington Palmer, William B. & Co. Bickford, H.
Cobb, Ellis Gray, Dan Paquett, Peter Strong, Ira
Cobleigh, Almer [prob Abner] Gray, Joseph Parker, Jacob Bodwell, E.
Colburn, Ira Gray, Olin Partridge, Eli 11 Drown, Ide
Colburn, Ira Jr. Gray, William Partridge, George French, Lindol
Abbott, Jonathan Clark, Sam Hardy, Charles, Adm C. A. Garland Partridge, Levi
Allen, James W. Colburn, Ira Hardy, Charles C. Patterson, Gabe
Alston, Gavin Colburn, Ira Jr. Harrington, George Patterson, Gabe Jr.
Anderson, David Cook, Amos Hatch, Edwin, Guard of Asher Percival, Orson V.
Anderson, Gavin Cook, Amos Jr. Haynes, Matthias Pierce, John S.
Anderson, James Cook, Sam F. Hazen, Charles F. Pierce, Nicholas
Anderson, John Cook, William Hibbard, William Pinney, Jabez
Anderson, William Coomer, Benjamin Hill, John H. Phillips, Josiah B.
Ayers, Joseph D. Coomer, Chauncy Holloway, William Phillips, Sam
Ayers, Lucius D. Crane, John & Others Hood, Calvin Phillips, Zedekiah
Bailey, A. M. Critchet, Aaron Hood, Joshia [Josiah prob] Powers, Peter
Baker, Thomas Crosby, Hezekiah Hoyt, Samuel Randall, Wilbur F.
Baker, Thomas Jr. Cushman, Isaac N. Hulbert, Lawson Robins, Sally Est.
Ballow, Otis Cutler, Charles Hulbert, Nathaniel Rollins, Sam
Barber, Lewis Cutler & French Hulbert, Richard Rowell, L. & W. W.
Barker, Joseph Damon, George Hulbert, Ruel Salmon, John
Barker, J. O. Damon, Joshua Hulbert, Seth Sergent, Silas S.
Barker, William Damon, William Humphrey, Hiram Sartwell, Persis, Adm of John S.
Bartlett, Elmore Daniels, S. F. Hunter, John Jr. Scott, Charles
Bartlett, Squire Darling, Lyman Johnson, Oliver H. Seaver, Henry
Bates, Henry, Adm F. Garfield Day, Joseph Joy, Gridley Seaver, George
Bathrow, Joseph Day, Samuel Judkins, Jeremiah Seaver, Hyman D.
Baxter, Hiram Drew, Alexander Kimball, F. Seaver, Jessie
Baxter, Hiram Jr. Drew, Isaac Kimball, J. D. Seaver, Sam. S.
Baxter, Lewis Drew, John King, Benjamin Shaw, Seth T.
Beach, E. P. & Cyrus Drew, Joseph King, G. W. Shaisago, Ariqua
Bean, Amos P. Drew, Luke King, Joseph B. Shields, Alex
Bean, Curtis P. Drew, Nathaniel King, Sias Shields, Alex Jr.
Bean, Freeman F. Drew, William Laird, William Shields, William
Bean, Horace Dutton, Alonzo Lawrence, W. C. Sias, Brainard & Vail
Bean, Laura Dwinell, Albert Leonard, George Simonds, E. B., Adm. S. Atherton
Bean, Sam Dwinell, Joseph Leonard, Horace Simonds, E. B. & J.
Bemis, Cyrus Dwinell, Solomon Leonard, Willard Simonds, Katherine
Bennett, Quincey Ellis, Gilbert Lewis, Harvey Simons, Benjamin
Berry, Betsey Ellis, John P. Lewis, Hosea Smith, Ezra
Bickford, H. D. Fayer, Marshall M. Lord, Abner Smith, Isaac B.
Bickford, H. S. Fayer, Thomas Lyman, Timothy Smith, Jeremiah
Bickford, John Fayer, William Martin, James Smith, John
Bickford, Orin Fisher, Abraham Mason, Moses H. Spaulding, Benjamin M.
Blanchard, N. A. Flood, Francis R. Mason, Moses, Ex. of R. Mason Est. Stone, George W.
Blanchard, Sewell S. Flood, William Mathie, Claudius Stone, Levi H.
Bliss, Ziba French, Barzilla Mathie, John Strobridge, Robert L.
Blodgett, Sumner French, Fordyce McCollum, John Strong, Ira
Boardman, Chandler French, Franklin McLellan, Charles Strong, Militiah
Boardman, Jonas French, George McLellan, Franklin Tate, James
Brown, Aaron French, Isaac McLellan, Hannah Tate, John
Brown, Elisha French, Lindol & Erasmus McLellan, Hiram Tate, Joseph
Burroughs / Bath[row] French, Lindol Jr. McLellan, John Q. A. Telford, Thomas
Burroughs, William A. French, Nathaniel McLellan, Norton Thompson, Z. J.
Burton, Charles H. French, Orin McLaren, William Ufford, Jefferson
Calderwood, Hugh French, Sally Merriam, William Ufford, Michael
Calderwood, John Frost, Daniel Metcalf, Aaron D. University of Vt
Calderwood, Robert Frost, Eber Metcalf, Jonathan Vance, James
Cameron, David Frost, Hinman [Herman prob] Metcalf, Polly Est. Vance, James Jr.
Cardell, William Fuller, Welcome Miles, Archelons Vance, John
Carter, William J. Fuller, William Mitchell, James Vance, Sam
Cass, David Galusha, Lydia W. Mitchell, John Walbridge, Henry
Cass, John Galusha, Truman Mitchell, William Waterman, L. H.
Chamberlain, Alonzo Garfield, Aaron Jr. Moore, Peter Webber, Perley S.
Chandler, Oliver Garfield, Ira Norton, George S. Wheeler, Silas Jr.
Chandler, Sam A. Garfield, Ralph Norton, Jeremiah Whitney, Sam B.
Cheney, Reuben P. Garland, C. W. Norton, Miles Williams, A. A.
Claflen, Joseph S. Gerould, Warren Nutter, L. H. Williams, Clifton
Clark, Alvah W. Gilmour, Arthur O'Hara, Alex H. Williams, Thomas
Clark, Amasa F. Gilmour, David O'Hara, John Wilson, James
Clark, Betsey Goodwin, Moses O'Hara, Oliver Wilson, John
Clark, Caleb A. Gould, George Owens, P. Wright, Alonzo
Clark, Cephas Graves, George W. Owens, William C. Wright, Elihu & David
Clark, Cephas C. Graves, John D. Page, John Wright, Elihu Jr.
Clark, Charles A. Graves, Sylvester Page, Royal Wright, Lewis W.
Clark, Charles P. Gray, Dan Page, Thomas Wylie, John
Clark, F. P. A. Gray, Joseph Paquett, Joseph Wylie, William
Clark, Hiram Gray, O. L. Paquett, Peter Wylie, William Jr.
Clark, John Gray, William Parker, Jacob Wyman, Isaac
  Hardy, Charles Partridge, Eli Wyman, Isaac Agt.
    Partridge, George Wyman & Blodgett
Abbott, James Cook, Dennison Gray, John Patterson, Gabe Jr.
Abbott, Jonathan Cook, Sam F. Gray, Olin Patterson, Thomas
Aiken, Justus W. Cook, Silas Gray, Sam Penney, Jabez
Allen, James W. Cook, Truman Gray, F. Pennock, Sam D.
Alston, Robert Cook, William Hancock, Benjamin Percival, Orson
Anderson, David Coomer, Chauncy Hardy, Charles Phillips, Hiram
Anderson, Gavin Coomer, Elias Hardy, Charles C. Phillips, Josiah B.
Anderson, James Coomer, John Jr. Hazen, Charles F. Phillips, Oscar V.
Anderson, John Corlis, Francis L. Haynes, John J. Phillips, Sam
Anderson, William Crane, John Hibbard, William Phillips, Walter
Atherton, Abby Critchett, Aaron Hill, John H. Phillips, Zedekiah Jr.
Ayers, John S. Critchett, A. & S. Hoffman, John Powers, Franklin T.
Ayers, Joseph D. Critchett, Charles Holbrook, Lucy Randall, E. O.
Baker, David Critchett, Sylvester Holloway, William Richardson, James
Baker, Henry Cutler, Charles Hood, Calvin H. Richmond, Sam
Baker, Thomas Cutler, Henry Hulbert, L. V. Robinson, E. H.
Barber, Lewis Damon, George Hulbert, Nathaniel Rock, Joseph
Barker, Joseph Damon, William Hulbert, Ruel Rollins, Sam
Barker, Warren H. Darling, Lyman Humphrey, Hiram Ross, John
Barker, William B. Day, Joseph Humphrey, John Jr. Rowe, William
Bartlett, Elmore Day, Samuel Hunter, William Rowell, L. & W. W.
Bartlett, Seth Drew, Alexander Jenness, G. W. Salmon, John
Bathrow, Joseph Drew, Isaac Jenness, John Sargent, Silas S.
Baxter, Hiram Drew, John Johnson, O. H. Scott, Nathan W.
Baxter, Hiram Jr. Drew, Joseph Kendrick, John Seaver, Dana
Baxter, Lewis Drew, Luke King, Benjamin Seaver, George
Beach, Cyrus Drew, Nathaniel King, G. W. Seaver, Henry
Beach, Ellsworth Drew, Rufus King, Joseph Seaver, Jesse
Beach, William Drew, William King, Sias Seaver, Sam S.
Bean, Amos Dutton, Alonzo Laban, N(erves?) Shaw, E. D.
Bean, Benjamin Dwinell, Albert Lawrence, W. C. & Dwinell Shauning, John
Bean, F. F. Dwinell, J. C. & C. H. Leonard, Charles S. Sherburn, John W.
Bean, Freeman Dwinell, Joseph Leonard, George Shields, Alex
Bean, Sam Dwinell, Solomon Leonard, George F. Shields, Alex Jr.
Bemis, Cyrus Emerson, Moses Leonard, Horace Shields, William
Bickford, Hezekiah D. Fayer, Marshall M. Leonard, Willard Sias, J. S.
Bickford, H. S. Fayer, Thomas Lewis, Harvey Simonds, Clark C.
Bickford, John Fayer, William Lewis, Hosea Simonds, E. B. & J.
Bickford, Milton Fisk, Enoch Lyman, Timothy Simpson, John
Blanchard, N. A. Flood, Frances R. Mason, Moses H. Skinner, Alvah
Blanchard, Lyman Flood, John Mathie, C. P. Skinner, Harvey
Blanchard, Sam S. Flood, William McCollum, John Smith, Isaac
Bliss, Stephen G. Frasier, William McLellan, Charles Smith, John
Bliss, Ziba French, Barzilla McLellan, Franklin Smith, J. R. & Lucinda Dewing
Bodwell, Edwin French, Fordyce S. McLellan, Hannah Spalding, Benjamin
Blodgett, Sumner French, Fordyce, guard for J. B. French McLellan, Hiram Spring, John
Borland, John French, Fordyce, guard for M. A. French McLellan, J. Q. A. Stone, Calvin
Brown, Aaron French, Franklin McLellan, Martha Stone, G. W.
Brown, Elisha French, George McLellan, Norton Stone, Levi
Brown, Moses French, Isaac McLellan, Sarah Strong, Ira
Brunning, Benjamin French, James Metcalf, Jonathan Tate, James
Burroughs, William A. French, Lindol Jr. Metcalf, Martha Tate, John
Calderwood, Robert French, Lenval & Erasmus Merriam, William Tate, Joseph
Cameron, David French, Nathaniel Miles, Timothy C. Telford, Thomas
Cass, Chellis French, Nathaniel Jr. Mitchell, Hugh Tenny, Thomas J.
Cass, David French, Orren Mitchell, James Thompson, Zacheus J.
Chaplin, H. S. French, Sally Mitchell, John Ufford, Thomas J.
Chamberlain, Alonzo Frost, Daniel Mitchell, Jonathan Vance, James
Chase, Lewis A. Frost, Eber Mitchell, William Vance, James & Waterman, L, F.
Cheney, Nelson Frost, Herman Moore, Peter Webber, Perley S.
Cheney, Reuben Frost, L(ovin) Norton, Jeremiah Wheeler, Silas S.
LaClare, Charles Sr. Fuller, James Norton, Miles White, Seldon F.
Clark, Alvah W. Fuller, Welcome Norton, Nathan Williams, Arthur
Clark, Amasa F. Fuller, William Nye, L. H. Williams, Asa
Clark, Caleb A. Garfield, Aaron Jr. O'Hara, Alexander Williams, Clifton
Clark, Cephas A. Garfield, Hosea O'Hara, John Williams, Merrill
Clark, Charles P. Garfield, Ira O'Hara, Oliver Willson, John
Clark, F. P. A. Garfield, Ralph Owen, Philander Wilson, James
Clark, Hiram Gilmour, Arthur Paddleford, White Wing, John
Clark, John Gilmour, David Jr. Page, John Woodbury, J. L.
Clark, Nathaniel E. Gleason, W. C. Page, Royal Wright, Alonzo
Colburn, Asa Jr. Glover, Charles Page, Thomas Wright, David
Colby, John Goodwin, Dan Paquet, Joseph Wright, Elihu Jr.
Cook, Amos Goodwin, Moses Parker, Charles Wright, Lewis W.
Cook, Amos Jr. Graves, George Washington Parker, Isaac Wylie, John
Cook, Anna Graves, John D. Partridge, Eli Wylie, William J.
Cook, Charles Graves, Lorenzo Partridge, George Wyman, Isaac
  Gray, Dan Patterson, Gabe  
1855 to 1859
Abbott, James N. Cook, Amos Jr. Holloway, William Phillips, Oscar
Aiken, Justus W. Cook, Anna Hood, Calvin H. Phillips, Samuel
Anderson, David Cook, Samuel Hood, Josiah M. Phillips, Walter
Anderson, Gavin Coomer, Elias Humphrey, Hiram Phillips, Hezekiah
Anderson, James Coomer, John Jr. & H. Lewis Hunter, John Pinney, Jabez
Anderson, John Crane, John Hurlbert, Lawson Powers, Franklin T.
Anderson, William Critchet, Aaron Hurlbert, Nathan A. Randall, E. O.
Arthur, Matthew Cutler, Charles Jenness, George W. Rollins, Samuel
Atherton, Abby Cutler, Henry Johnson, Oliver H. Rowell, L. & W. W.
Ayers, John S. Darling, Lyman Johnson, O. H. & L. D. Ide Rowe, William
Barber, Lewis Day, Joseph Johnson, William Smith Salmon, John
Baker, Henry Drew, Alexander Joy, Gridley Scott, N. W.
Baker, Thomas Drew, Isaac Kendrick, John Seaver, George
Barker, Joseph Drew, John King, Benjamin P. Seaver, Henry
Barker, Warren H. Drew, Joseph King, George W. Seaver, H. D.
Bartlett, Elmore Drew, Luke King, Joseh D. [maybe Joseph] Seaver, Jessie
Baxter, Hiram Drew, Luke & Others King, Sias Seaver, Samuel
Baxter, Hiram Jr. Dutton, Alonzo Lawrence, W. C. & J. Dwinell Shatney, John
Baxter, Lewis Dwinell, Albert Leonard, George Shaw, Seth T.
Beach, Ellsworth P. Dwinell, Joseph Leonard, George F. Shields, Alexander
Beach, Solomon & John Clark Dwinell, Joseph H. Leonard, Horace Shields, Alexander Jr.
Bean, Amos P. Dwinell, Solomon Leonard, Willard Shields, William
Bean, Freeman Fayer, Marshall London, William J. Shurburn, John
Bean, Laura Fayer, William M. Lyman, Timothy Sias, Jeremiah S.
Bean, Samuel Flood, Frances Mason, Moses H. Simonds, Clark C.
Bemis, Cyrus Frasier, William Mathie, Claudus P. Simonds, E. B. & J.
Bickford, H. S. French, Franklin McFarland, Andrew Simonds, James & D. Gray
Blanchard, Lyman French, F. S. McLellan, Charles Skinner, Harvey
Blanchard, Nathan French, George McLellan, Hannah Smith, Isaac
Blanchard, Sewall S. French, Lindol McLellan, Hiram Smith, John
Bliss, Stephen French, Lindol Jr. McLellan, Hiram & S. Wheeler Smith, Warren
Bliss, Ziba French, Nathaniel McLellan, John Q. A. Spalding, Benjamin M.
Blodgett, Sumner French, Nathaniel & Levi Partridge McLellan, Norton Spring, John Jr.
Blodgett, Sumner, Adm. French, Orin Merriam, William Stone, George W.
Borland, John Frost, Daniel Metcalf, Jonathan Stone, Levi H.
Brown, Elisha Frost, Eber Metcalf, Martha / Kimball Strong, Ira
Brown, Waldron Fuller, Welcome Miles, Timothy Tate, James
Brunning, Benjamin Fuller, William Mitchell, Hugh Tate, John
Burroughs, William A. Garfield, Aaron Mitchell, James Tate, Joseph
Buswell, James Garfield, Hosea Mitchell, William Telford, Thomas
Cameron, David Garfield, Ira Moore, Peter Thomas, Jesse
Cass, Chilles Gilmore, Arthur Morse, John A. Thompson, Zacheus J.
Cass, David Gilmore, David Norton, Miles Ufford, Michael
Chaplin, H. S. Gleason, Willard C. Norton, Nathan Ufford, Thomas
Chase, Lewis A. Goodwin, David Nye, L. H. Urie, John Jr.
Cheney, Reuben Goodwin, Moses O'Hara, Alexander W. Vance, Franklyn
LaClair, Charles Goodwin, Richard O'Hara, John Vance, Henry P.
Clark, Alvah W. Graves, George W. Owen, Philander Vance, James & M. Arthur
Clark, Amasa F. Graves, John Paddleford, B. B. & R. Drew Vance, Samuel
Clark, Caleb A. Graves, Lorenzo Page, Royal Waterman, L. F.
Clark, Cephas C. Gray, Daniel Page, Thomas Webber, Perley S.
Clark, Charles A. Gray, John Paquette, Joseph Whitney, Joseph
Clark, Charles P. Gray, Joseph Partridge, Eli Williams, Asa A.
Clark, F. P. A. Hancock, Benjamin Patterson, Gabe Williams, Clifton
Clark, Hiram Hancock, Levi Patterson, Gabe II Williams, Merrill & Arthur
Clark, John Hardy, Charles Patterson, Gabe Jr. Wilson, James
Clark, Nathaniel Hardy, Charles C. Patterson, Isaac Wilson, John
Clark, Silas Haynes, John J. Percival, Orson V. Wright, Elihu
Colburn, Ira J. Hazen, Charles F. Phillips, Hiram Wright, Lewis
Cook, Amos Hibbard, William Phillips, Hiram, Guard. Wylie, John
    Phillips, Josiah B. Wylie, William Jr.
Abbott, James 6 Cook, Dana 9 Hardy, Charles C. 11 Phillips, Hiram 13
Abbott, Varnum 14 Cook, Denison 12 Haynes, John 12 Phillips, Josiah 1
Aiken, James Jr. 7 Cook, Emery 2 Hazen, Charles T. 1 Phillips, Samuel 11
Aiken, Justus 13 Cook, Sam F. 12 Hazen, George B. 1 Phillips, Walter 13
Ainger, Isaac 9 Cook, Truman 12 Hibbard, W. A. 13 Randall, E. D. 2
Alston, Wm 7 Cook, Wm. 12 Hibbard, William 13 Randall, Fernando & Horace 13
Ames, Michael 13 Coomer, Elisha S. 14 Holloway, William 5 Rollins, Elephalet 5
Anderson, David 7 Cooper, Jesse 13 Hood, Calvin H. 12 Rollins, Sam 5
Anderson, Gaven 6 Crane, A. M. 10 Hood, Joshia M. 10 Rowe, William 13
Anderson, Gaven, "Adm" 6 Crane, John Hoyt & Woodbury 9 Rowell, Lerr (Levi?) 7
Anderson, John 7 Cullen, Luke 11 Hubbard, Asa F. 14 Salmon, George 5
Anderson, John Jr. 7 Cutler, Chas 2 Hubbard, J. M. 14 Salmon, John 5
Anderson, Thomas 7 Cutler, Henry 2 Hubbard, Richard 14 Sanborn, Augustus 10
Anderson, Wm 7 Darling, Lyman 12 Hulbert, Henry 2 Sartwell, Persis 12
Arthur, Matthew 5 Davis, Henry 4 Hulbert, Lawson 2 Sawyer, John 14
Arthur, Wm. 5 Day, Joseph 10 Humphrey, Hiram 13 Scott, Charles N. 14
Atherton, Andrew 13 Day, Lucus 13 Hunter, John 9 Scott, Nathan 2
Ayers, John 13 Dean, Noah 14 Hunter, Milo 13 Scott, N. M. 13
Ayers, Joseph 13 Dexter, Ephraim 10 Hunter, William 9 Scott, Wilbur 5
Ayers, Thomas 13 Drew, Alexander 13 Ingalls, Sam 10 Seaver, H. D. 6
Baker, Henry 1 Drew, Alonzo 4 Jenness, George 12 Seaver, H. D. 12
Baker, Thomas 2 Drew, Isaac 5 Jenness, George (guard) 13 Seaver, Samuel S. 7
Barker, Lewis 2 Drew, Isaac Jr. 5 Johnson, O. H. & L. D. Ide 14 Severance, George 13
Bartlett, Elmore 14 Drew, Joseph 13 Joy, Gridley 12 Shatney, John 6
Bartlett, Squire T. 14 Drew, Luke 14 Kendrick, John 9 Shatney, Lewis 5
Bathrow, Joseph 6 Drew, Luke & H. O. Johnson 14 Kendrick, William 9 Shaw, Erasmus 7
Baxter, Hiram 6 Drew, Nathaniel 4 Kimball, Augustus 13 Shaw, Seth T. & E. D. 7
Baxter, Hiram Jr. 6 Drew, Olin 10 Kimball, F. M. 13 Shaw, Stephen 12
Baxter, Lewis 6 Drew, Wm. 13 Kimball, F. W. 13 Shields, Alex 9
Baxter, Stephen 6 Drown, Archelaus 13 Kimball, G. W. & J. 13 Shields, Alex Jr. 9
Beach, Ellsworth P. 6 Dutton, Alonzo 13 Kimball, Jefferson 13 Sherburn, Charles 11
Beach, Wm. 11 Dwinell, Albert 10 King, Benjamin P. 13 Sherburn, Chester 11
Bean, Amos P. 11 Dwinell, Carlos W. 13 King, Hiram P. 11 Sherburn, John 12
Bean, Andrew 8 Dwinell, Chas. H. 13 King, Joseph B. 14 Sherburn, John & Chester 11
Bean, Freeman 2 Dwinell, Ira King, Samuel 12 Sherburn, John M. 12
Bean, F. F. 5 Dwinell, Ira A. King, Sias 14 Sias, Jeremiah 13
Bean, John 5 Dwinell, J. E. & Chas. 13 LaClare, Charles 5 Simonds, James & Dan Gray 13
Bean, Laura 13 Dwinell, J. E. 13 LaClare, Charles Jr. 5 Simonds, Clark C. 13
Bean, Samuel 2 Dwinell, Joseph 13 Lawrence, Willard 14 Simons, E. B. 13
Berry, Stephen 14 Dwinell, Joseph 12 Leonard, Chapen 13 Skinner, Dyar 5
Bickford, Chas 12 Dwinell, Lyman 12 Leonard, Charles S. 13 Skinner, Harvey 5
Bickford, H. D. 12 Dwinell, Solomon 12 Leonard, George 13 Smith, Isaac B. 13
Bickford, H. S. 12 Eastman, Orel 7 Leonard, George F. 13 Spaulding, A. J. 2
Bickford, John 12 Fayer, Marshall M. 4 Leonard, Horace 12 Spaulding, B. M. 7
Blanchard, Lyman 13 Fisher, Elisha A. 5 Leonard, Prentis C. 13 Spaulding, Noah 2
Blanchard, Nathan 13 Fleming, David 7 Leonard, Sanford 12 Spring, John Jr. 6
Blanchard, Sam S. 13 Flood, Frances 9 Leonard, H. E. 12 Stone, Calvin & Mary 6
Bliss, Stephen 2 Flood, John 4 Mason, Moses H. 13 Stone, Wyman S. 11
Bliss, Ziba 13 Flood, Wm. 4 Matherson, Donald 13 Tate, James 5
Blodgett, Sumner 13 Flood, Wm. P. 14 Mathie, Claudius (Est) 9 Tate, John 5
Bodwell, E. B. 5 Frasier, Wm. 1 Maynard, Charles B. 12 Telfer, George 6
Bogue, Oscar 12 French, Barzilla 12 McFarland, Andrew Telfer, Thomas 6
Borland, John 1 French, Franklin 12 McLellan, Charles 13 Thompson, Charles F. 5
Borland, Robert 12 French, F. S. 2 McLellan, Franklin 13 Thompson, John D. 5
Bradley, Homer 12 French, Lindol 13 McLellan, Hannah 13 Thompson, John S. 1
Brown, Asa 10 French, Lindol Jr. 13 McLellan, Hiram 13 Todd, G. W. Jr. 13
Brown, Elisha 7 French, Nathaniel D. 13 McLellan, J. Q. A. 13 Union Store Co. 13
Brunning, Wm. 12 French, N. B. 13 McLellan, Norton 12 Ufford, Charles 13
Burroughs, Wm. A. 13 French, N. Irene 13 Merriam, William 11 Ufford, Edward 2
Calderwood, Robert 14 French, Oren 13 Metcalf, Jonathan 13 Ufford, Michael 13
Cameron, Daniel T. 6 French, Oscar 13 Miles, John B. 1 Ufford, Nathan 2
Cameron, David 6 French, Philander 13 Miles, Page 1 Ufford, Thomas J. 13
Carr, Hugh 10 French, Polly 13 Mitchell, G. 14 Urie, John Jr. 1
Cass, Chelles 10 Frost, Daniel 13 Mitchell, Hugh 1 Vance, Franklin 1
Cass, David 7 Frost, Eber 1 Mitchell, James 9 Vance, Henry 1
Cauley, Michael 1 Frost, George T. 11 Mitchell, John 5 Vance, Samuel 2
Challis, Nathaniel B. 13 Frost, Herman 12 Mitchell, Robert 1 Wait, Charles S. 13
Chapin, H. G. 13 Fuller, William 11 Mitchell, William 1 Walker, James 13
Chase, Lewis A. 6 Garfield, Aaron 9 Moore, Peter 7 Waugh, Jaduah 10
Cheney, Fred 1 Garfield, Hosea 4 Morse, John A. 7 Webber, Perley S. 10
Cheney, Nelson 13 Garfield, Ira 9 Nesbit, Matthew 1 Weeks, Peaslee 13
Cheney & Chas McLellen Garfield, Ralph 9 Norris, James B. H. 12 Weeks, Sam 13
Cheney, Reuben 1 Gilman, Carlos B. 13 Norton, Nathan 4 Wheeler, Sias Jr. 13
Christie, Wm. A. 11 Gilman, H. L. 13 Nye, Lemuel H. 13 White, Elisha 12
Clark, Amasa F. 4 Gilmour, Arthur 7 O'Hara, Alex 14 White, Freeman 10
Clark, Alvah W. 4 Gilmour, David 7 O'Hara, John 14 White, Lewis 9
Clark, Caleb A. 4 Glover Flouring Co. 13 Owen, Philander 13 Whitney, Joseph 14
Clark, Cephas C. 4 Goodwin, Dan 10 Page, George 6 Whittlesey, Duron 13
Clark, Chas. P. 6 Goodwin, Moses 13 Page, Royal 6 Williams, A. & A. W. 5
Clark, Fanny 10 Goodwin, Richard 14 Page, Thomas 11 Williams, Clifton 13
Clark, A. A. Williams Graves, G. W. 7 Paquett, Joseph 1 Wilson, John 5
Clark, F. P. A. 4 Graves, John D. 7 Partridge, Amy L. 11 Wood, Barizilla 9
Clark, Hiram 10 Graves, Lorenzo 10 Partridge, Eli 11 Wood, John M. 10
Clark, John 6 Gray, Dan 13 Partridge, Eli B. 11 Wright, Alonzo 1
Clark, John Adm. 12 Gray, Edwin 12 Partridge, George 4 Wright, David 13
Clark, Nathaniel 4 Gray, Joseph 12 Partridge, Wyman 11 Wright, Elihu Jr. 5
Clark, Silas 6 Gray, Olin 12 Patterson, A. D. 7 Wylie, John 7
Clark, Thaddeus Jr. 4 Gray, Sam 12 Patterson, Gabe 7 Wylie, William Jr. 1
Cobb, Daniel 7 Gray, Sias 14 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Wyman, Dolby 13
Colburn, Ira Jr 5 Hadley, William H. 14 Patterson, Simeon   Wyman, Isaac Heirs 13
Cook, Amos 12 Hancock, Benjamin 13 Percival, O. V. 2 Wyman, John 9
Cook, Amos Jr. Hannet, Daniel 4 Phelps, C. C. 9 Wyman, William Jr. 9
Cook, Anna 13 Hardy, Charles 11 Phillips, Hiram 11  
Abbott, James N.   Cook, Emery 2 Haynes, J. J. 12 Perkins, S. K. B.  
Abbott, Varnum 8 Cook, Martin V. 12 Hazen, Chas. F. 1 Phillips, Henry F. 3
Aiken, Justin W. 3 Cook, Sam F. 3 Hibbard, Geo. B. 1 Phillips, H. W. 3
Ames, Luman 8 Cook, Truman 8 Hibbard, Wm. 11 Phillips, Hiram 11
Ames, Michael 3 Cook, William 12 Hodgdon, Calvin 5 Phillips, Hiram, Guard. 3
Anderson, Garvin 6 Coomer, Naomie 8 Holloway, Wm. 5 Phillips, Josiah B. 3
Anderson, James 7 Crane, John 10 Hood, Calvin H. 12 Phillips, Oscar H. 1
Anderson, John 7 Cutler, Chas. 2 Hood, Josiah M. 12 Phillips, Sam 11
Anderson, Mary 1 Cutler, Henry 2 Hubbard, Maria 8 Phillips, Walter & Heirs 3
Anderson, Thomas 6 Cutler, Henry --Trustee 2 Hubbard, R. W. 8 Randall, Alonzo 3
Anderson, Wm. 7 Damon, Moses 1 Hulbert, Lawson 2 Randall, Dan B. 11
Anderson, Wm & Hugh Carr 6 Darling, Lyman 12 Hunter, John 9 Randall, E. O. 2
Anderson, W. J. 7 Davis, Napoleon B. 3 Hunter, Wm. 9 Randall, Horace 3
Arthur, John 5 Day, Joseph 10 Ide, Hiram R. 8 Robinson, Thom 10
Arthur, Matthew 5 Day, Sam 12 Ide, Hiram & Ezra 8 Rollins, Sam 5
Arthur, Wm. 5 Dean, Noah 8 Ingalls, Sam Salmon, Geo. 5
Ayers, John S. 3 Dewing, Joseph 9 Ingalls, Sam & T. Robinson Salmon, John 5
Baker, Dean 1 Drew, Alex 3 Jamison, Wm. S. 2 Salmon, John Jr. 5
Baker, Henry 1 Drew, Alonzo 4 Jenness, G. W. 12 Sanborn, Augustus 3
Baker, Thomas 2 Drew, Isaac 5 Jenness, John 3 Sargent, Silas 3
Barber, Lewis 2 Drew, Joseph 10 Jerome, John 3 Sawyer, J. & S. Wheeler 8
Bartlett, Squire T. 8 Drew, Luke 8 Johnson, Moses & W. Drew 5 Scott, Alanson 3
Bathrow, Frederick 3 Drew, Nathaniel 4 Johnson, O. H. & L. D. Ide Est 8 Scott, N. M. 3
Bathrow, Joseph 3 Drew, Olin 4 Jones, Reuben & H. Lewis 6 Scott, N. W. 3
Bathrow, Solomon 12 Drew, Wm. 3 Joy, Gridley 7 Scott, Wilbur F. 2
Baxter, Hosea Jr. 6 Drew, W. W. 5 Kendrick, Wm. 9 Seaver, H. D. 12
Baxter, Lewis 6 Dutton, Alonzo 3 Kenniston, Sam 1 Seaver, Samuel 7
Baxter, Lewis & Stephen 6 Dwinell, Albert 10 Kill, John P. 1 Severance, Geo 3
Beach, E. P. 6 Dwinell, Amanda 3 Kimball, F. M. 3 Shaw, Seth
Bean, Amos P. 3 Dwinell, D. Lyman 3 Kimball, F. W. 3 Sherburn, Chas. T. 11
Bean, Andrew J. 6 Dwinell, Dorcas 3 Kimball, G. W. S. J. 3 Sherburn, Chester F. 5
Bean, Freeman 2 Dwinell, J. E. & A. Sanborn 3 Kimball, Hannah V. 3 Sherburn, John 12
Bean, F. F. 7 Dwinell, Joseph 1 King, Benj. P. 3 Sherburn, John M. 12
Bean, Laura 3 Dwinell, Joseph E. 3 King, Hiram P. 11 Shields, Alex Jr. 9
Bean, Sam 2 Dwinell, Martha 3 King, Sias 8 Sias, J. S. 3
Bennett, Q. N. 3 Dwinell, Solomon 12 King, Sias Adm 8 Simonds, Clark C.
Bickford, Chas. 12 Emerson, James 5 LaClare, Chas. 5 Simonds, E. B. 3
Bickford, Harvey P. 12 Fayer, M. M. 4 Lawrence, W. C. 8 Simonds, James & D. Gray 3
Bickford, H. D. 12 Fayer, Thomas J. 4 Leonard, Chapin 3 Skinner, Dyer B. 6
Bickford, H. S. 12 Flood, Wm. 4 Leonard, Chas. S. 3 Smith, Isaac 3
Blanchard, Asa & H. McLellan 3 Flood, Wm. P. 8 Leonard, Geo. 3 Smith, John 5
Blanchard, N. A. 3 Frasier, John W. 2 Leonard, Prentis C. 3 Smith, Joseph 3
Blanchard, Sam 3 Frasier, Wm. 1 Leonard, Willard 3 Spalding, Alonzo J. 2
Blanchard, Sam S. 3 French, Barzilla 12 Lewis, Harvey 6 Spalding, Benj. M. 7
Blodget, Sumner 3 French, Dean C. Lewis, Hosea 6 Spalding, Noah 2
Bodwell, E. B. 9 French, F. S., Guardian 2 Lyman, Elijah B. 1 Spring, John Jr. 6
Bogue, Alex 12 French, Lyndol 3 Lyman, Timothy 1 Spring, Mitchell
Borland, George 1 French, Lyndol Jr. 3 Marsh, Lucretia 2 Stone, Calvin & Mary 6
Borland, Geo Jr. 1 French, N. B. 3 Marston, James Stone, Persis 12
Borland, James 5 French, N. D. 3 Mason, Moses 3 Stanhope, Dorman 9
Borland, John 1 French, Oren 3 Maynard, C. B. 12 Strong, Ira 3
Borland, Robert 6 French, Philander 3 McClure, Hiram 3 Tate, James 5
Brooks, Alpheus 10 French, Polly 3 McConnell, H. 7 Tate, John 6
Brown, Elisha 7 French, Sam & Willey 3 McFarland, Andrew 9 Tate, Joseph 8
Buchanan, Geo. 8 Frost, Daniel 12 McLaren, James 8 Telfer, John P. 6
Burroughs, Wm A. 3 Frost, Eber 3 McLellan, Chas. 12 Telfer, Thomas 6
Calderwood, Robert 9 Frost, Herman 8 McLellan, Franklin 3 Thompson, Z. J. & C. F. 5
Cameron, Daniel T. 11 Fuller, Daniel 6 McLellan, Hiram 3 Todd, G. A. Jr. 3
Cameron, David 6 Fuller, Wm. 11 McLellan, John Q. A. 3 Ufford, Ed. 2
Campbell, Alonzo 3 Garfield, Aaron 9 McLellan, Norton 12 Ufford, Louisa 3
Carr, Hugh 6 Garfield, Hosea 4 McLoud, Mary Jane 3 Union Store (Div.??) 3
Cass, Chelles 10 Garfield, Ira 9 Merriam, Wm. 11 Urie, John Jr. 1
Cass, David 7 Garfield, Ralph 9 Miles, Hiram 1 Vance, Franklin 1
Challis, N. B. 2 Garfield, Solomon H. 5 Mitchell, Hugh 5 Vance, Henry F. 1
Chaplin, H. S. 10 Gatian, Louis & F. Shatney 6 Mitchell, James 9 Vance, Sam 2
Chase, Lewis 6 Gilles, Robert 8 Mitchell, John 5 Wait, Chas S. 3
Cheney, R. P. 1 Gilman, H. L. 3 Mitchell, Robert 1 Walker, Robert M. 3
Christie, Joel 3 Gilman, H. L. & Carlos 3 Mitchell, Wm. 1 Webber, Edmond 9
Christie, Wm. A. 8 Gilmour, Arthur 7 Montgomery, James 12 Webber, Perley S. 10
Clark, Alvah W. 4 Gilmour, Arthur, Adm 9 Moore, Peter 7 Weeks, Peaslee 3
Clark, Amasa F. 4 Gilmour, David 9 Morse, John A. 5 Wheeler, Silas 8
Clark, Caleb A. 4 Gilmour, David Jr. 7 Nelson, Wm. J. 10 White, Freeman 10
Clark, Cephas C. 4 Goodall, F. W. 3 Norton, Elijah 4 White, Lewis 9
Clark, Chas. P. 6 Goodwin, Daniel 12 Norton, Nathan 4 Whitney, Joseph B. 8
Clark, Ezra L. 4 Goodwin, Moses 3 Nutting, Asa 3 Williams, Arthur 8
Clark, Fanny M. 10 Goodwin, Richard 8 Nye, L. H. 4 Williams, Asa A. 3
Clark, F. P. A. 4 Graves, Geo. W. 7 O'Hara, Alex H. 8 Williams, Chesley
Clark, John 6 Graves, J. D. 7 Owen, Philander 3 Williams, Clifton 3
Clark, John Adm. 6 Graves, Quartus 4 Page, Geo 6 Willey, Lysias B. 3
Clark, Sarah L. Guard 3 Gray, Daniel 3 Page, Thomas 11 Wilson, John 5
Clark, Simeon N. 4 Gray, Ira 8 Paquett, Joseph 1 Woods, Barizilla 9
Clark, Warren E. 4 Gray, Olin L., Guard 12 Partridge, Eli 11 Woods, John M. 10
Clifford, Henry Gray, Sam D. 3 Partridge, Eli B. 11 Wright, Alonzo 1
Colby, Eben C. 2 Gray, Sherlock V. 8 Partridge, Geo. 4 Wright, David S. 3
Colby, Michael 1 Gray, Wm. 3 Patterson, Adams D. 7 Wright, Elihu 5
Cook, Amos 12 Hancock, Benj. 3 Patterson, Gabe 7 Wright, Theodore F. 1
Cook, Amos Jr. 4 Hardy, Chas. 11 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Wylie, John 9
Cook, Chas. C. 12 Hardy, Chas C. 11 Patterson, Gabe II 7 Wylie, Wm. 9
Cook, C. C. & Wm. Merriam 12 Hatch, Elias W. 2 Patterson, Luther 7 Wyman, Isaac & Heirs 3
Abbott, Joseph & Prudence 1 Cook, Truman 11 Hardy, C. C. (guard) T. Baker 9 Phillips, Henry F. 3
Abbott, Martin 3 Cook, Wm. 8 Hazen, C. F. 2 Phillips, Hiram 2
Aiken, Sarah 3 Cook, Wm. & Whitney 2 Hazen, Geo. B. 2 Phillips, Hiram (guard) 2
Aldrich, Noble 3 Coomer, Naomie 4 Hibbard, Chas N. 3 Phillips, H. W. 12
Anderson, Gaven 6 Corley, Michael 1 Hibbard, Wm. 3 Phillips, Oscar H. 7
Anderson, James 7 Crawford, John 9 Hinkley, Edw. F. 4 Phillips, Sam 5
Anderson, James Jr. 9 Crosby, Chas. C. 9 Holloway, Wm. 8 Phillips, Sam Sewall 3
Anderson, John 7 Cutler, Henry 2 Hood, Calvin H. 12 Pierce, Nicholas 1
Anderson, John Jr. of Crafts. 9 Darling, Laban 12 Howe, Ezra R. 8 Power, Mark R. 3
Anderson, Thomas 7 Darling, Lyman 12 Hubbard, Benj. 8 Pratt, Thomas B. 12
Anderson, Wm. & Hugh Carr 6 Davis, Hiram & wife 3 Humphrey, Gordon 3 Preston, Henry 3
Arthur, John 5 Davis, N. B. 2 Humphrey, Hiram 3 Preston, John 7
Arthur, Matthew 5 Day, Amanda 12 Hunter, John 9 Randall, Dan B. 3
Arthur, William 5 Day, Joseph Hunter, T. M. 3 Randall, E. O. 2
Ayer, Jonathan 3 Dewing, Joseph H. 9 Ingalls, Sam & T. Robinson Randall, Horace 3
Ayer, J. P. 10 Dewing, Samuel 4 Jameson, Wm. S. Robinson, Thomas
Ayer, Wright W. 3 Dexter, Jonathan 12 Jenness, Azro 3 Rollins, Eliphalet 5
Badger, Joseph 12 Dodge, N. B. 11 Jenness, Frances 3 Rollins, Sam 5
Baker, C. J. & Angeline 6 Dow, James 2 Jerome, John 6 Rothschild, Abraham 3
Baker, David Drew, Alex 3 Johnson, O. H. & Geo. Ide 8 Rothschild, David 3
Baker, Dean 1 Drew, Asa P. 5 Jones, Dan S. & M. Ayers Salmon, John 5
Baker, Thomas 2 Drew, G. W. 12 Jones, David 3 Salmon, John Jr. 3
Baker, Thomas & J. Jerome 6 Drew, Isaac 8 Kendrick, Wm. 9 Sanborn, Augustus 3
Barber, Lewis 2 Drew, Joseph 3 Kimball, F. M. 3 Sargent, Silas 9
Baxter, Hiram Jr. 6 Drew, Levi P. 12 Kimball, F. W. 3 Sargent, Stephen 5
Beach, E. P. 6 Drew, Luke 8 King, Anna 8 Scott, Chas. D. 8
Bean, Amos P. 3 Drew, Nathaniel 4 King, Chas. C. 7 Scott, N. M. 3
Bean, Freeman 2 Drew, Olin 4 King, Hannah 3 Scott, N. W. 2
Bean, Freeman F. 5 Drew, Rufus 5 King, Sias 8 Scott, Wilbur 5
Bennett, Quincy 3 Drew, Wm. 3 King, S. & W. Christie 8 Seaver, H. D. 1
Bickford, Chas. 8 Drew, W. W. 8 King, Thomas B. 8 Seaver, Henry 3
Bickford, Geo. D. 3 Dwinell, Albert LaClare, Chas. 3 Severance, G. 3
Bickford, H. S. 3 Dwinell, Amanda 9 Leonard, Chapin 3 Shappee, Oliver 12
Bickford, Stephen B. 12 Dwinell, D. Lyman 3 Leonard, Chas. S. 3 Sheldon, Thomas 5
Blake, Benj. M. 3 Dwinell, J. E. 3 Leonard, Geo. 3 Sherburn, J. M. 12
Blake, Sam C. 12 Dwinell, Joseph 12 Leonard, Geo. F. 3 Sherburn, John 3
Blanchard, Asa 3 Dwinell, Martha H. 3 Leonard, Horace 12 Shields, Alex Jr. 7
Blanchard, N. A. 3 Dwinell, Solomon 12 Leonard, Prentis C. 3 Simonds, E. B. 1
Blanchard, Sam S. 3 Farr, Flora 2 Leonard, Willard 3 Simonds, James 1
Blodgett, Sumner 3 Farr, Mary C. & Alma 9 Lewis, Harvey 6 Skinner, Aaron Jr. 1
Bodwell, Edwin B. 9 Fayer, M. M. 4 Lewis, Hosea 5 Skinner, Harvey 7
Bogue, Alex 12 Fayer, Thomas 8 Lewis, Rutty 6 Smith, Isaac 12
Borland, John 11 Fisher, Lewis 3 Lyman, Nelson H. 1 Smith, John 3
Borland, Robert 6 Flood, Wm. 4 Lyman, Sarah Mrs. 1 Spalding, Benj. 6
Bradley, Wm. 3 Flood, Wm. P. 4 Lyman, Timothy 1 Spalding, Noah 3
Brockway, Caroline 8 Foster, Ethan E. 3 Martson, Chas. & Jerrie 4 Spring, John Jr. 6
Brown, Elisha 7 Foster, Leonard W. 12 Mason, Harriet B. 2 Spring, Mitchell 6
Brunning, Wm. 4 Frasier, J. W. 5 Mason, Moses H. 3 Squires, George A. 9
Buckanan, Geo 3 Frasier, Wm. 5 Mason, Tyler 2 Standish, Edw. 2
Buchanan, Peter & S. S. 3 French, Augustus 1 Maynard, Chas B. (Est) 12 Stevens, Jonathan 6
Bulkley, J. S. 6 French, Barzilla 3 McClure, Herman 3 Stone, Elijah 3
Calderwood, Robert 9 French, Chas. L. 3 McConnell, Almira (Adm) 7 Stone, Persis M. 2
Calderwood, Thomas 5 French, Dean C. McGaffey, G. W. 8 Strong, Ira 9
Cameron, D. T. 11 French, F. S. 6 McGaffey, Wm. H. 8 Taft, Asa P. 3
Cameron, David 6 French, Lindol 3 McLellan, Chas. 3 Tate, James 5
Cameron, James 6 French, Lindol Jr. 3 McLellan, Franklin 3 Tate, John Jr. 1
Carr, Hugh 6 French, Nathaniel B. 3 McLellan, Hiram 3 Tate, Joseph 8
Carr, Hugh Jr. 2 French, N. D. 3 McLellan, Hiram (Adm) Dwinell 3 Tate, Wm. 5
Carr, Wm. 5 French, Orin 3 McLellan, Hiram (Adm) J. Jenness 3 Telfer, John P. 1
Cass, Chilles 4 French, Philander 3 McLellan, John Q. A. 3 Telfer, Thomas 6
Cass, David 7 French, Polly 3 McLellan, Norton 12 Templeton, W. F. 3
Chaffe, Susan A. 4 French, Sam P. 3 Merriam, Wm. 11 Thompson, J. D. 5
Challes, Nath'l B. 3 French, Sam & Willey Miles, Frank G. 5 Thompson, Julia
Chaplin, H. S. 3 Frost, Dan 12 Miles, John B. 5 Ufford, Edward 2
Chase, Lewis A. 6 Frost, Eber 3 Mills, Edson S. 1 Urie, James 6
Cheney, F. P. 3 Fuller, Wm. 7 Mitchell, James 9 Urie, John Jr. 1
Cheney, Reuben P. 1 Garfield, Ira 9 Mitchell, John 5 Valley, Oliver 1
Christie, Joel 8 Garfield, Ralph 9 Mitchell, Robert 5 Vance, Franklin 1
Christie, Wm. 8 Gibb, Orlando M. 3 Mitchell, Wm. 1 Vance, Sam 2
Clark, Alfred C. 6 Gilman, M. L. 7 Moore, Peter 7 Wait, Chas S. 3
Clark, Alson 2 Gilmour, Arthur 7 Nesbit, Matthew 11 Walker, James W. 3
Clark, Alvah W. 4 Gilmour, Arthur (Adm) 9 Norton, Elijah A. 4 Walker, Robert M. 3
Clark, Amasa F. 3 Gilmour, David Jr. 7 Nye, L. H. 3 Walker, R. & H. M. McLellan 3
Clark, Caleb A. 4 Gleason, Geo. R. 11 Nye, L. H. & E. H. 3 Webber, Perley S. 13
Clark, Cephas C. 4 Goodwin, Dan 3 O'Hara, Betsey (Ex) 3 Wheeler, Silas 8
Clark, Charles P. 6 Goodwin, Geo 3 Owen, C. P. 3 Wheeler, Sam 8
Clark, E. Warren 4 Goodwin, Moses 3 Owen, Philander 3 Wheeler, Warren 8
Clark, Fanny M. 8 Gorham, Loring F. 3 Page, Thomas 7 White, Lewis 9
Clark, F. P. A. 4 Grammo, Sylvester 3 Paquett, Joseph 1 Whitney, Geo. S. 2
Clark, Frederick 3 Graves, Geo. H. 7 Partridge, Eli 11 Whitney, Joseph B. 8
Clark, Hiram 8 Graves, Geo W. 7 Partridge, Eli B. 11 Whittlesey, Duron 3
Clark, John 2 Graves, John D. 7 Partridge, Geo. 3 Willey, Lysias B. 3
Clark, Portus B. 8 Graves, Lorenzo 3 Partridge, Wyman 5 Williams, Asa A. 3
Clark, Simeon 4 Graves, Quart P. 4 Patterson, Gabe 7 Williams, Clifton 3
Clifford, Henry 8 Gray, Dan 3 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Wilson, John 5
Cook, Amos 12 Gray, Ira 8 Patterson, Gabe II 7 Wood, Barzilla 9
Cook, Amos, Ex. 12 Gray, O. L. 12 Patterson, John 4 Woodman, John 3
Cook, Chas. C. 12 Gray, Sam D. 3 Patterson, Luther W. 3 Wright, David 3
Cook, Chas C. & Wm Merriam 12 Gray, Sherlock 8 Perkins, S. K. B. 3 Wright, E. Jr. & Chas. King 1
Cook, C. W. 2 Hancock, Benj. 5 Phillips, Alonzo C. 11 Wright, Henry D. 3
Cook, Emery 2 Hardy, C. C. 12 Phillips, Emily 3 Wylie, John 9
Cook, Martin V. 4 Hardy, C. C. (guard) M. Mason 12 Phillips, Ephraim 3 Wylie, Wm. 9
  Phillips, Hannah 3 Young, Robert 7
Abbott, James N. Cook, Amos Jr. Hibbard, Wm. Phillips, Hiram (Guard)
Abbott, Varnum Cook, Anna Holloway, Wm. Phillips, Josiah B.
Aiken, Justus W. Cook, Emery Hood, Calvin H. Phillips, Samuel
Ainger, Isaac G. Cook, Sam F. Hood, Jonah M. Phillips, Walter
Alston, Wm. Cooper, Jesse Hoyt & Woodbury Randall, E. O.
Ames, Michael Crane, John Hubbard, J. M. Randall, Ferdnand
Anderson, David Cutler, Chas. Hubbard, Richard W. Randall, Horace
Anderson, Gavin Cutler, Henry Hulbert, L. V. Rowe, Wm.
Anderson, Gavin (Adm) Darling, Lyman Humphrey, Hiram Rowell, Levi
Anderson, John Day, Joseph Hunter, John Salmon, John
Anderson, William Dean, Noah Ingalls, Sam Sanborn, Augustus
Arthur, Matthew Drew, Alex Jenness, G. W. Sawyer, John
Baker, Henry Drew, Chas. H. Jenness, G. W. (Guard) Scott, N. M.
Baker, Thomas Drew, J. E. Johnson, O. H. & L. D. Ide Scott, Nathan W.
Barber, Lewis Drew, J. E. & C. H. Joy, Gridley Scott, Wilbur F.
Bartlett, Elmore Drew, Joseph H. Kendrick, John Seaver, H. D.
Bartlett, Squire T. Drew, Luke Kimball, Augustus Seaver, Samuel S.
Bathrow, Joseph Drew, Luke & O. H. Johnson Kimball, F. M. Severance, Geo.
Baxter, Hiram Drew, Nathaniel King, Benj. Shatney, John
Baxter, Hiram Jr. Dutton, Alonzo King, Hiram P. Shaw, Seth & Ed
Baxter, Lewis Dwinell, Albert King, Joseph B. Shaw, Stephen
Beach, Ellsworth P. Dwinell, Ira King, Sias Sherburn, John
Beach, Wm. N. Dwinell, Joseph LaClare, Chas. Sherburn, John & Chester
Bean, Amos P. Dwinell, Solomon LaClare, Chas. Jr. Shields, Alex Jr.
Bean, Freeman Fayer, Marshall M. Lawrence, W. C. Simonds, Clark C.
Bean, John Fisher, Elisha A. Leonard, Chas. Simonds, James & D. Gray
Bean, Laura Fleming, David Leonard, Horace Skinner, Harvey
Bean, Samuel Flood, Wm. Leonard, W. B. Smith, Isaac B.
Bickford, H. S. Flood, Wm. P. Lewis, Hosea Spalding, Benj. M.
Bickford, John Frasier, Wm. Lyman, Timothy Spalding, Noah
Bickford, Lyman French, Franklin Mason, Moses H. Spring, John Jr.
Blanchard, Nathaniel French, F. S. (Guard) Mathie, Claudius (Est) Stone, Calvin & Mary
Bliss, Ziba French, Lindol Maynard, Chas. B. Strong, Ira
Blodgett, Sumner French, Lindol Jr. McFarland, Andrew Tate, James
Bodwell, E. B. French, Nathaniel McLellan, Chas. Tate, John
Borland, John French, Philander McLellan, Franklin Telfer, Thomas
Bradley, Homer French, Polly McLellan, Hannah Thompson, Chas. F.
Brown, Elias French, Orin McLellan, Hiram Thompson, John D.
Brown, Elisha Frost, Daniel McLellan, J. Q. A. Ufford, Michael
Burroughs, Wm A. Frost, Eber McLellan, Norton Ufford, N. C. & Ed.
Calderwood, Robert Fuller, Wm. Merriam, Wm. Union Store Co.
Cameron, Daniel T. Garfield, Aaron Jr. Metcalf, Jonathan Urie, John Jr.
Cameron, David Garfield, Hosea Miles, Page Vance, Franklin
Carr, Hugh Garfield, Ira Mitchell, James Vance, Henry P.
Cass, Chilles Gilman, H. S. Mitchell, Wm. Vance, Sam
Cass, David Gilmour, Arthur Moore, Peter Wait, Chas. S.
Chaplin, H. S. Gilmour, David Morse, John A. Webber, P. S.
Chase, Lewis A. Glover, Flouring Mill Norris, James Weeks, Peaslee
Cheney, Reuben P. Goodwin, Dan Norton, Nathan White, Lewis
Christie, Wm. A. Goodwin, Moses Nye, Lemuel H. Whitney, Joseph
Clark, Alvah W. Goodwin, Richard O'Hara, Alex Whittlesey, Duron
Clark, Amasa F. Graves, G. W. Owen, Philander Williams, A. A.
Clark, Caleb A. Graves, J. D. Page, Royal Williams, A. W. (Adm)
Clark, Cephas C. Graves, Lorenzo Page, Thomas Williams, Clifton
Clark, Fanny M. & A. William Gray, Dan Paquett, Joseph Wilson, John
Clark, F. P. A. Gray, Olin L. Partridge, Eli Wood, Barzilla
Clark, Hiram Gray, Wm. Patterson, Adams D. Wood, John M.
Clark, John Hancock, Benj. Patterson, Gabe Wright, Elihu Jr.
Clark, John (Adm) Hardy, Chas. Patterson, Gabe Jr. Wylie, John
Clark, N. E. Hardy, Chas. C. Patterson, Gabe II Wylie, Wm. Jr.
Clark, Silas Haynes, John J. Percival, O. V. Wyman, Dolly
Colburn, Ira Jr. Hazen, Chas. F. Phillips, Hiram Wyman, Isaac - Heirs
Cook, Amos Hazen, Geo. B.    
Abbott, Martin 3 Cook, Truman 4 Gray, Dan 3 Perkins, S. K. B. 3
Aiken, Sarah 3 Cook, Wm. 12 Gray, Ira S. 8 Phillips, Alonzo C. 3
Aldrich, Emily (Exc) 3 Crosby, Chas. & Wife 3 Gray, O. L. 12 Phillips, A. C. & F. S. 3
Anderson, Gavin 6 Cutler, Chas. 2 Grout, Wm. W. 3 Phillips, Emily 3
Anderson, James Jr. 7 Cutler, Henry 2 Grow, Hubbard 3 Phillips, Franklin 3
Anderson, John 7 Darling, Laban M. 12 Hall, John (Guard) 1 Phillips, Hannah M. 3
Anderson, John Jr. 9 Darling, Lyman 12 Hancock, Benj. 3 Phillips, Henry 3
Anderson, Robert 7 Darling, Willey 12 Hardy, Sarah C. 3 Phillips, Hiram 3
Anderson, Thomas 7 Davis, Alex W. 8 Hastings, Thom. J. 1 Phillips, Hiram (Guard) 3
Arthur, John 5 Davis, Henry 3 Hawkins, Darius 12 Phillips, Hiram (Heirs) 3
Arthur, Wm. 5 Davis & Phillips 3 Hinkley, Edw. F. 4 Phillips, Oscar 2
Atherton, Andrew C. 3 Day, Edward B. 8 Holloway, John 8 Phillips, Samuel 3
Ayers & Woosters 3 Day, Joseph 8 Holloway, Wm. 8 Porter, Chas. 2
Ayers, W. W. 3 Day, Pliney C. & Amanda 12 Holloway, Wm. Ed. 5 Pratt, Thomas B. 5
Bailey, Henry 5 Delany, Lawrence 3 Holtham, John 3 Randall, D. B. 3
Baker, David 2 Denio, Austin 1 Hood, Calvin H. 12 Randall, E. O. 2
Baker, Geo & Wife 2 Dewing & Hibbard 2 & 6 Howe, Ezra R. 8 Randall, Horace 3
Baker, Thomas 2 Dewing, Joseph 9 Hubbard, Benj. F. 8 Rich, Austin B. 4
Barber, Lewis 2 Dewing & McGaffey 8 Hulbert, Lawson V. 2 Salmon, Geo. F. 5
Barber, Lyman 2 Dewing, Samuel 2 Jenness, Lucy A. 3 Salmon, Henry M. 5
Barker, Jed C. 6 Dexter, Jonathan 12 Jerome, John 6 Salmon, John 5
Batchelder, W. C. 5 Dodge, Nathaniel B. 2 Jones, David 3 Salmon, John & John Jr. 5
Beach, E. P. 6 Dodge, Ormail B. 2 Jordan & McGaffey 5 Salmon, John Jr. 5
Bean, Amos P. 3 Dolloff, John 9 Kendrick, Wm. 9 Sanborn, Augustus 3
Bean, A. P. Jr. 3 Dow, James 2 Kelligan, Patrick 3 Sargent, Aaron 3
Bean and Willey 1 Dow & Randall 2 Kimball, F. M. 3 Sargent, Silas 5
Bean, Freeman 1 Drew, Alex 3 King, Anna 3 Sargent, Stephen A. 3
Bean, Freeman F. 3 Drew, Alonzo 3 King, Joseph 3 Scott, Henry A. 2
Bennett, Q. N. 2 Drew, Isaac 8 King, Sias 8 Scott, J. W. 5
Bickford, H. S. 3 Drew, Joseph 3 King, Stephen 8 Scott, Nathan 3
Bickford, Lucy 3 Drew, Levi P. 12 King, Thomas B. 8 Scott, N. W. 3
Bickford, Stephen 12 Drew, Luke 8 Knapp, James E. 2 Scott, Wilbur F. 2
Bill, Joel 6 Drew, Nathaniel 4 Lawrence, Chas. H. 3 Seaver, H. D. 3
Billings, Orville 3 Drew, Olin 4 Lawrence, W. C. 8 Shedd, Zelah H.
Blanchard, N. A. 3 Drew, Rufus L. 5 Leonard, Chapin 3 Sheldon, Mary B. 12
Blanchard, Sam S. 3 Drew, T. 8 Leonard, Chas. S. 3 Sherburn, John 12
Bliss, Willis H. 3 Drew, Wm. 3 Leonard, Horace 12 Sherburn, John W. 12
Blodgett, Sumner 3 Drew, W. W. 8 Leonard, Lois D. 3 Shields, Alex 3rd 9
Bodwell, E. B. 5 Dwinell, Albert 8 Leonard, Prentis C. 8 Simonds, E. B. 3
Bogue, Alexander 12 Dwinell, Dwight Jr. 12 Leonard, Willard 3 Simonds, James 3
Bogue, Wm. 12 Dwinell, Joseph 12 Lewis, Harvey & Nelson 2 Skinner, Aaron Jr. 1
Borland, Harriet B. 2 Dwinell, Joseph E. 3 Lewis, Harvey & S. Sargent 12 Skinner, Harvey 1
Borland, John 3 Dwinell, Martha H. 3 Lewis, Rutty Smith, Isaac 3
Brockway, Caroline 8 Dwinell, Solomon 12 Locke, J. 12 Spalding, Alonzo J. 3
Brown, Elisha 7 Dwinell, W. L. 3 Lyman, Nelson & Newell 6 Spalding, Noah 2
Buchannan & Blanchard 3 Dwire, Wm. 12 Lyman, Sarah 3 Squire, Geo A. 5
Bulkley, J. S. 6 Farr, Mary C. & Alma 2 Lyman, Timothy 3 Standish, Edw. 2
Burroughs, Wm. 3 Farr, Rufus H. 8 Lynde, Chas. J. & Hellen 5 Stanton, E. L. 3
Calderwood, Asa S. 9 Fayer, Marshall M. 4 Markers, Alvah W. 9 Stevens, Briggs 2
Calderwood, David 1 Fayer, Thomas J. 8 Marnock, Thom. 1 Stone, Elijah 7
Calderwood, James 7 Fayer, Wm. M. 12 Marston, Chas. 12 Strong, Ira 3
Calderwood, John 1 Fisher, Gustavus 3 Marston, Jesse 4 Tate, James
Calderwood, Robert 9 Fisher, Lewis 3 Martin, John G. 2 Tate, Joseph
Calderwood, Thomas 9 Fleming, Margaret 9 Mason, Moses H. 3 Tate, Wm. A.
Cameron, David 6 Flood, Wm. 4 McClure, Heman 3 (No District shown on these)
Cameron, James 6 Foster, Ethan E. 3 McClure, John 3 Telfer, John P.
Carr, Hugh 6 Foster, Leonard W. 12 McClure, John W. 3 Telfer, Thomas
Carr, Hugh Jr. & James 6 Frasier, John W. 1 McGaffey, Geo. W. 8 Telfer, Thomas Jr.
Cass, Chilles 8 French, Barzilla 3 McGaffey, Wm. H. 8 Templeton, Wilbur F.
Cass, David 8 French, Chas. L. 3 McLellan, F. P. 3 Thompson, John D.
Cass, Jacob 8 French, Lindol 3 McLellan, Hiram 3 Thorp, John K.
Challes, N. B. 3 French, Lindol 3 McLellan, John H. 8 Tolman, Henry S. (trustee)
Chamberlain, Betsey A. 3 French, Nathaniel D. 3 McLellan, John Q. A. 3 Urie, James
Chamberlain, John C. 3 French, Orin & Sam 3 McLellan, Norton 12 Urie, John
Chaplin, H. S. 3 French, Philander 3 Merriam, Albert 3 Vance, Samuel
Chase, A. C. 6 French, Polly 3 Merriam, Wm. 3 Walker, James
Chase, Lewis A. 6 French & Willey 3 Merriam, Wm. A. 3 Walker, Robert & H. McLellan
Cheney, F. P. 3 Frost, Amanda 3 Merriam, Wm. & Pliney Day 2 Walker, Robert M.
Christie, Joel P. 8 Fuller, Franklin 8 Mitchell, James 9 Wheeler, Sam H.
Christie, Reuben C. 8 Fuller, Geo. J. 3 Mitchell, Wm. 3 Wheeler, Silas
Clark, Alfred C. 12 Fuller, Wm. 5 Moore, Peter 7 White, Lewis
Clark, Alson S. 2 Garfield, Ira 9 Morse, Aurelius 5 White, Robert T.
Clark, Alvah W. 4 Gilman, M. L. 7 Morse, Royal 5 Whittlesey, Duron
Clark, Ezra & A. Rich 4 Gilmour, Arthur 7 Norton, Elijah H. 4 Whitney, Geo. S.
Clark, Fanny M. 8 Gilmour, David Jr. 7 Nye, Lemuel H. 3 Whitney, Henry
Clark, F. P. A. & Wm. 4 Gleason, Almon J. 1 Owens, P. & Chas. P. 3 Willey, Lysias B.
Clark, Hiram 8 Glover Town of 8 Paquett, Joseph 1 Williams, Asa & Louise
Clark, John 2 Goodwin, Daniel 7 Paquett, Joseph Jr. 1 Williams, Clifton
Clark, Portus B. 8 Goodwin, D. Martin 8 Parker, Alexander & Freeman Parker 2 Wilson, John
Clark, Simeon N. 4 Goodwin, Geo. C. 8 Parker, Thomas 3 Wood, Barzilla
Clark, ________ 4 Goodwin, Moses 3 Partridge, Eli B. 3 Woodman, John P.
Clough, Sullivan E. 1 Gorham, Loring F. 3 Partridge, Ernest G. 4 Wooster, Geo. & Frank
Comstock & Hastings 1 Graves, Geo. H. 7 Partridge, Geo. 4 Wright, D. S. & Chas.
Comstock, Orville 1 Graves, Geo. W. 7 Partridge, Wyman 12 Wright & King
Cook, Amos (Guard) 12 Graves, Henry A. 3 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Wylie, John
Cook, Dana 12 Graves, John D. 7 Patterson, John M. 7 Wylie, Wm.
Cook, Emery 2 Graves, Quart P. 6 Patterson, Lucy W. 7 Young, Daniel S.
Cook, Emery (Adm) 2 Graves, Sidney 6 Patterson, Luther 7 Young, Robert
Abbott, Martin 3 Cutler, Chas. 2 Hancock, Elijah 3 Perkins, S. K. B. 3
Aiken, Sarah (Est) 3 Cutler, Chas. F. 2 Hardy, Sarah 3 Phillips, A. C. & F. S. 3
Aldrich, Emily S. 3 Cutler, Henry 2 Hastings, T. J. 1 Phillips, Chester 3
Aldrich, Wesley N. 3 Darling, Laban 12 Hawkins, Charles 3 Phillips, Hannah 3
Anderson, Gaven 6 Darling, Lyman 12 Hawkins, D. E. 12 Phillips, Henry F. 3
Anderson, James 7 Darling, Willie L. 12 Hicks, Serena & Sam 9 Phillips, H. W. 3
Anderson, John 7 Davis, Alexander 13 Hill, Arthur C. 3 Phillips, H. W. (Heirs) 3
Anderson, John 7 Davis, Henry 3 Hill, Sumner 3 Phillips, Oscar 2
Anderson, Robert 6 Davis & Phillips 3 Hinkley, Edward F. 4 Phillips, Sam 3
Anderson, Thomas 7 Day, Amanda 12 Hinkley, George R. 4 Pierce, E. W. 3
Arthur, John 5 Day, Edwin B. 12 Holloway, Edward 5 Prindle, John 3
Arthur, Wm. 5 Day, Joseph B. 13 Holloway, William 13 Randall, Dan B. 3
Atherton, A. C. 3 Day, Pliney 12 Hood, Calvin H. 12 Randall, E. O. 2
Ayers, Wright W. 3 Denio, Austin 1 Howe, Ezra R. 13 Randall, Lyman 3
Bailey, George 12 Dewing, Henry A. 9 Hulbert, Mrs. L. V. 2 Randall, Ruth 3
Bailey, Henry 5 Dewing & Hubbard 2 Husband, Thomas 3 Rich, Austin B. 4
Baker, David 2 Dewing, Joseph H. 9 Jenness, Azro A. 3 Salmon, Henry L. 5
Baker, Geo. W. 6 Dewing & McGaffey 13 Jenness, Lucy A. 3 Salmon, John 5
Baker, Thomas 2 Dewing, Samuel 2 Jerome, John 6 Salmon, John Jr. 5
Barber, David 2 Dexter, Chas. W. 12 Jerome, Lyman H. 2 Salmon, Peter 5
Barber, Lewis 2 Dexter, Jonathan 12 Johnson, John T. (gone) Sargent, Aaron 3
Barker, Jed C. 6 Dickinson, L. C. 3 Jones, David 3 Scott, J. Hamden 4
Batchelder, W. E. 7 Dodge, O. B. 2 Jones, Samuel 3 Scott, J. W. 3
Beach, Asa 6 Dow, James 3 Joslyn, O. V. 12 Scott, Nathan 3
Beach, E. P. 6 Drew, Alex 3 Kendrick, John 9 Scott, N. W. 3
Bean, C. P. & A. P. 3 Drew, Isaac T. 13 Kendrick, William 9 Scott, W. F. 3
Bean, Freeman 2 Drew, Joseph 3 Killgalon, Patrick 13 Seaver, H. D. 3
Bean, Freeman F. 1 Drew, Levi P. 12 King, Joseph G. 13 Sewell, James A. 3
Bean, Sanford A. 1 Drew, Nathaniel 4 King, Orange R. 13 Shedd, Zeliah 12
Bean & Willey 1 Drew, Olin J.   King, S. E. 13 Sherburn, John 3
Bedard, Joseph 3 Drew, Rufus 5 King, Sias 3 Sherburn, John M. 12
Beedle, Chas. 3 Drew, Wm. 3 King, Sias & J. Christie 13 Sherburn, Wesley 13
Bennett, Caroline 3 Drew, Wm. W. 13 King, Thomas B. 13 Shields, Alex 9
Bickford, H. S. (Est) 3 Dufour, Sam 3 Lawrence, C. H. 13 Shurtleff, Abiel 12
Bickford, Lucy L. 3 Dwinell, Albert 13 Lawrence, W. C. 13 Simonds, E. B. & wife 3
Billings, Orville 12 Dwinell, D. L. 3 Lee, George F. 2 Simonds, James & wife 3
Blanchard, Nathan 3 Dwinell, Ira S. (Ex) 13 Leonard, Chapin 3 Sisco, Fred E. 2
Blanchard, Sam S. 3 Dwinell, Joseph & Dwight 12 Leonard, Charles S. 3 Skinner, Aaron Jr. 2
Bliss, Willis H. 1 Dwinell, J. E. 3 Leonard, Horace 12 Skinner, Harvey 1
Blodgett, Sumner 3 Dwinell, Martha 3 Leonard, Lois D. 3 Skinner, Sidney 2
Blodgett, Thomas 3 Dwinell, Solomon 12 Leonard, Ora 12 Smith, Isaac & wife 3
Bodwell, E. B. 5 Farr, Elma A. 12 Leonard, Preston C. 3 Spalding, A. J. 2
Bogue, Alex 13 Fayer, Edna E. 12 Leonard, Willard 3 Spalding, Noah (Est) 2
Bogue, Willard 12 Fayer, Thomas 13 Lewis, Harvey 6 Spalding, Squire Geo. & wife 7
Borland, Harriet B. 2 Fayer, Wm. M. 9 Lewis, Nelson 6 Stanton, E. Loomis 3
Borland, John 2 Fisher, G. P. 3 Lewis, Newton 2 Stevens, B. T. 2
Brown, Elisha 7 Fisher, Lewis 3 Lewis, Rutty 5 Stone, C. B. 3
Buchanan & Blanchard 2 Findlay, J. D. 9 Libby, Elijah 3 Stone, Elijah 7
Buchanan, R. W. 2 Findlay, Wm. 9 Lyman, Nelson 2 Strong, Mary M. 3
Bulkley, J. S. 6 Fleming, Margaret 13 Lyman, Newell T. 2 Tate, James 5
Bumps, Dana 2 Foster, Ethan E. 3 Lyman, Sarah M. 3 Tate, John 5
Burroughs, Wm. A. 3 Foster, Leonard W. 3 Lyman, Timothy 3 Tate, Joseph 5
Calderwood, Daniel 7 Frasier, John W. 2 Lynds, C. J. & Hellen 12 Tate, William A. 9
Calderwood, James 7 French, Barzilla 3 Martin, John G. 2 Telfer, James 6
Calderwood, John 1 French, Chas. L. 3 Marston, Charles 4 Telfer, John 5
Calderwood, Robert 9 French, Lindol 2 Marston, Chas & Jerri 4 Telfer, Thomas 6
Calderwood, Thomas 9 French, Lindol 3 Marston, Jerri 4 Telfer, Thomas Jr. 5
Cameron, Daniel 6 French, Martin M. 3 Mason, Amory 1 Thayer, Lewis 2
Cameron, Wm. 6 French, Nathaniel D. 3 Mason, Moses H. 3 Thayer, William 2
Carr, Hugh 6 French, Polly 3 Mason, Roswell 1 Templeton, W. F. 3
Carr, Hugh Jr. 6 French, Sam B. 3 Massey, A. O. 3 Thomas, C. B. 12
Carr, John L. 6 French & Willey 3 McClure, Herman & Ruth 3 Thompson, Allen 1
Cass, David 7 Frost, Amanda 3 McClure, John W. 3 Thompson, C. F. & Emaline 12
Cass, Jacob 13 Fuller, Frank 12 McGaffey, E. & H. Scott 13 Thompson, J. D. & Lydia 5
Chamberlain, Asa 12 Fuller, Geo. 7 McGaffey, G. W. 13 Thorp, John K. 5
Chamberlain, Benj. 3 Fuller, Wm. 7 McGaffey, William H. 13 Ticehurst, Edw. 1
Chamberlain, Betsey A. 3 Gallagher, Thom. 3 McGuin, Havil 6 Tyler, Azro 3
Chamberlain, John E. 3 Gardner, Homer 12 McKendy, George 3 Urie, James 6
Chaplin, H. S. 3 Garfield, Ira 9 McLellan, Frank 3 Urie, John 1
Chase, Asa C. 6 Gates, George A. 12 McLellan, F. & E. R. Howe 13 Vance, Sam 2
Chase, Emery 3 Gates, F. A. 12 McLellan, Hiram Vance, Sam T. 1
Chase, Lewis A. 6 Gilman, M. L. 7 McLellan, John Q. A. 3 Walcott, George 2
Chase, L. A. & A. C. 6 Gilmour, Arthur 7 McLellan, Norton 12 Walker, James 9
Cheney, Fred P. 3 Gilmour, David Jr. 7 Merriam, Albert 3 Walker, Robert 3
Christie, Joel 13 Gleason, Almon 1 Merriam, William 3 Wheeler, Silas 13
Christie, Reuben C. 13 Glines, A. B. 3 Merriam, William A. 3 Wheeler, Warren 5
Clark, Alfred C. & A. Dwinell 13 Goodhard, Israel 6 Merriam, Wm. & Chamberlain 12 White, Lewes 9
Clark, Alson S. 2 Goodwin, Dan 13 Miles, Elias S. 1 White, Robert T. 6
Clark, Alvah W. 4 Goodwin, D. Martin 13 Mills, Edson 2 Whitney, Henry 13
Clark, Caleb 4 Goodwin, Moses 3 Mitchell, James 9 Whitney, Horace 3
Clark, Ezra L. 4 Gorham, Loring 7 Mitchell, William 1 Whiting, George S. 3
Clark, F. P. A. & Wm. F. 4 Graham, William 5 Morse, Aurelius 5 Willey, L. B. 3
Clark, G. W. 12 Graves, G. H. 7 Morse, Royal & Frank 12 Wilson, John 13
Clark, Hiram 13 Graves, George W. 7 Morse, Richard H. 5 Williams, Azro 3
Clark, John 2 Graves, John D. 7 Norton, Elijah 4 Williams, Clifton 3
Clark, Simeon N. (4) Graves, Nathan 7 Nutt, John 5 Wood, Barzilla 7
Comstock / Hastings 1 Graves, Quartus 6 Nye, L. H. 3 Woodman, John P. 3
Cook, Amos 12 Graves, Sylvester Owens, P. & C. P. Wright, D. S. & Chas. 3
Cook, Amos (guard) 12 Gray, Ira 13 Paquett, Joseph 1 Wright & King 1
Cook, Dana 4 Gray, Olin L. 12 Parker, Thom 3 Wright, Sam H. 4
Cook, Edwin 12 Gregory, Albert 3 Partridge, Eli B. 3 Wylie, Martha 9
Cook, Emery 2 Grout, W. W. & A. Sargent 3 Partridge, Wyman 3 Wylie, William A. 9
Cook, Justin E. 2 Grout, W. W. & Wm. Crowe 5 Patterson, Adams D. 1 Wylie, William M. 9
Cook, Truman 4 Grow, Charles 3 Patterson, David G. 7 Young, Daniel 3
Corlis, F. L. & F. J. 13 Grow, Hubbard 5 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Young, Robert 7
Crosby, Chas. & wife 3 Hall, A. H. 3 Patterson, John M. 7 Young, William 7
Crowe, Wm. 5 Hall, John G. (guard) 1 Patterson, Luther W. 7 Young, William 5
Glover, Vermont Grand List 1880
Abbott, Martin 3 Corlis, F. L. & F. J. 13 Hastings, T. J. 1 Phillips, Sam 3
Aiken, Sarah (Est) 3 Crosby, Chas. F. 2 Hill, Arthur 3 Pierce, E. W. 3
Aldrich, Wesley N. 3 Crow, James 5 Hill, Sumner 3 Porter, Charles H. 2
Anderson, Armour 7 Crow, William 5 Hinkley, E. F. 4 Randall, Daniel 3
Anderson, Garvin 6 Cutler, Charles F. 2 Holloway, E. D. 5 Randall, E. D. 2
Anderson, James Jr. 7 Cutler, N. 2 Holloway, John E. 5 Randall, Eleanor R. 2
Anderson, John 7 Darling, Laban M. 13 Holloway, William E. 13 Randall, Lyman T. 3
Anderson, John Jr. 9 Darling, Lyman 12 Hood, Calvin H. 12 Randall, Ruth 3
Anderson, John 13 Darling, Willie L. 13 Howe, Ezra R. 13 Rich, Austin B. 4
Anderson, Robert 7 Davenport, Charles 2 Hubbard, Benjamin F. 7 Salmon, Henry M. 5
Anderson, Thomas 7 Davis, Henry 3 Hulbert, Mrs. L. V. 2 Salmon, John 5
Anderson, Tom & T & L Urie 6 Davis & Phillips 3 Jenness, Azro A. 3 Salmon, John & John Jr. 5
Arthur, John 5 Day, Amanda 12 Jenness, Lucy A. 3 Salmon, John Jr. 5
Arthur, William 5 Day, Edw. B. 13 Jerome, E. B. 13 Salmon, Peter G. 5
Atherton, A. C. 3 Day, Joseph 13 Jerome, John 6 Sargent, Aaron 3
Atherton, A. C. & C. S. Phillips 5 Day, Pliney C. 12 Johnson, Martin 2 Scott, J. Hamden 3
Ayers, W. W. 3 Delano, Austin 1 Jones, David 3 Scott, John W. 3
Bailey, Henry 3 Delano, F. W. 2 Jones, Reuben 13 Scott, N. M. 3
Baker, George W. 2 Dewing, C. W. 1 Jones, Sam 3 Scott, N. W. 3
Baker, Lewis 2 Dewing, Henry 7 Joslyn, O. V. 12 Scott, Wilbur 3
Barber, David 2 Dewing & Hubbard 2 Kendrick, John F. 9 Seaver, H. P. 3
Barber, Lyman 2 Dewing, Rhoda 9 Kendrick, William 9 Shield, Alex 9
Barker, Jed C. 6 Dewing, Samuel 2 King, Joseph G. 13 Sherburn, Bertie 12
Basten, William 5 Dexter, Charles 12 King, Orange R. 13 Sherburn, John 12
Batchelder, William C. 7 Dexter, Jonathan 12 King, Sias 3 Sherburn, John M. 12
Beach, Asa M. 6 Dodge, O. B. 2 King, Sias & J. Christie 13 Sherburn, Wesley 13
Beach, E. P. 6 Dow, James 2 King, Stephen E. 13 Shurtleff, Abial 12
Bean, A. P. & C. P. 3 Drew, Alex 3 King, Thomas B. 13 Simonds, E. B. & Nancy 3
Bean, Freeman 2 Drew, Ira S. (Ex) 13 Lawrence, Charles C. 12 Simonds, James & Mary 3
Bean, Freeman F. 1 Drew, Isaac 13 Lawrence, Willard C. 12 Simpson, Charles 3
Bean & Willey (Est) 1 Drew, Joseph 3 Leonard, Chapin 3 Skinner, Aaron 2
Bennett, Caroline 3 Drew, Nathaniel 4 Leonard, Charles S. 3 Skinner, Dyer 2
Berry, George 3 Drew, Olin 4 Leonard, Horace 3 Skinner, Harvey 1
Bickford, H. S. (Est) 3 Drew, Rufus L. 5 Leonard, Lois D. 3 Skinner, Sidney 2
Bickford, Lucy L. 3 Drew, William 3 Leonard, Ora J. 3 & 12 Smith, Isaac & Almira 3
Billings, O. K. 3 Drew, William N. 5 Leonard, Prentis 3 Smith, Morris 12
Blanchard, N. A. 3 Dunn, Lott 6 Leonard, Willard 3 Spaulding, Alonzo J. 2
Blanchard, S. S. 3 Dwinell, Albert 13 Lewis, Harvey 13 Spalding, B. P. 2
Blaisdell, Henry 3 Dwinell, D. L. 3 Lewis, Nelson M. 6 Spring, John Jr. 7
Blodgett, F. F. (Est) 3 Dwinell, Fred 3 Lewis, R. T. 6 Squires, Geo. W. & wife 7
Blodgett, Sumner 3 Dwinell, Joseph 3 Lyman, Nelson H. 2 Stanton, E. L. 3
Bodwell, E. D. 5 Dwinell, J. E. 3 Lyman, Newell T. 2 Stevens, Briggs T. 3
Bogue, Willard 12 Dwinell, Joseph A. & D. J. 12 Lyman, Timothy 2 Stone, Charles B. 3
Borland, Harriet 2 Dwinell, Martha H. 3 Marston, Charles & Jerre 4 Stone, Elijah 7
Borland, John 2 Farr, Elma A. 2 Martin, John G. 9 Strong, Mary M. 3
Bridgeman, O. D. 3 Fayer, Edna E. 12 Mason, Amory N. 1 Tate, James 5
Brown, Elisha 7 Fayer, Thomas J. 13 Mason, Moses H. 3 Tate, William A. 5
Brownlee, Elizabeth 9 Fayer, William M. A. Mason, Roswell S. 1 Tate, Wm. & E. A. Bodwell 9
Bulkley, J. S. 6 Findley, W. 9 McClure, Herman 3 Telfer, James 6
Burroughs, W. A. 3 Fisher, G. P. 3 McClure, John W. 3 Telfer, John P. 1
Calderwood, David 1 Fisher, Lewis 3 McClure, Ruth Telfer, Thomas 6
Calderwood, James 7 Fleming, Margaret 9 McGaffy, G. W. 3 Telfer, Thomas Jr. 5
Calderwood, John 1 Foster, L. W. 12 McGaffy, L. H. 13 Templeton, W. F. 3
Calderwood, Robert 9 Frasier, John H. 2 McGinnes, James 6 Thayer, Lewis 2
Calderwood, Thomas 9 French, Lindol 2 McLellan, Hiram 3 Thomas, C. B. 2
Cameron, David 6 French, Lindol (est) & D. C. French 3 McLellan, Franklin 3 Thompson, Charles F. 12
Cameron, William 6 French, Nathaniel D. 3 McLellan, F. & E. R. Howe 13 Thompson, Emaline 12
Carr, Hugh 6 French, Sam B. 3 McLellan, J. Q. A. 3 Thorp, John K. 5
Carr, Hugh Jr. 2 Frost, Amanda 3 McLellan, Norton 12 Ticehurst, Edw. 1
Cass, David 7 Fuller, Frank E. 13 Merriam, Albert 3 Ticehurst, Henry 1
Cass, Jacob M. 13 Fuller, Geo. T. 7 Merriam, William 1 Urie, John 1
Chamberlain, Asa A. 12 Fuller, William 7 Merriam, William A. 3 Vance, Sam 2
Chamberlain, Betsey A. 3 Gallagher, Thomas A. 3 Merriam, Wm. & E. L. Stanton 2 Vance, Sam T. 1
Chamberlain, John E. 3 Gardner, Homer G. 12 Mills, Edw. S. 2 Walker, James 3
Chamberlain, W. 12 Gebie, George 9 Mitchell, James 9 Walker, Robert M. 3
Chaplin, H. S. 3 Gilman, Marshall L. 7 Mitchell, Leonard 2 Wheeler, Sam H. 4
Chase, A. C. 6 Gilmour, Arthur 7 Mitchell, William 1 Wheeler, Silas 13
Chase, A. C. & L. A. 6 Gilmour, David A. 7 Moore, William 3 Wheeler, Warren S. 13
Chase, Lewis A. 6 Gilmour, David Sr. 7 Morse, Aurelias 5 White, Charles H. 4
Cheney, F. P. 3 Gleason, Almon H. 1 Morse, Royal & Frank 12 White, Lewis (Est) 9
Christie, J. P. 13 Glover, Town of 13 Norton, Elijah 4 White, Robert T. 6
Christie, Reuben C. 13 Goodell, George D. 3 Nye, L. H. 3 Whitney, George S. 3
Clark, A. C. 13 Goodwin, Dan 13 Owens, P. & C. P. 3 Whitney, Henry 3
Clark, A. C. & A. Dwinell 13 Goodwin, George C. 13 Paquett, Joseph 1 Whitney, Hiram 2
Clark, Alson S. 6 Goodwin, Martin 13 Partridge, Eli B. 3 Wilkinson, Jennie 2
Clark, A. W. 13 Graham, William 5 Partridge, Wyman S. 3 Willey, L. B. 3
Clark, A. W. & C. W. 4 Graves, George H. 7 Patterson, Adam D. 1 Williams, Azro 3
Clark, Eliza L. 2 Graves, George W. 7 Patterson, David G. 7 Williams, Clifton 3
Clark, Ezra Graves, J. B. 7 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Wilson, John 13
Clark, E. L. & S. N. 3 Graves, Nathan E. 7 Patterson, John M. 7 Wilson, M. H. 12
Clark, F. P. A. & W. F. 4 Graves, Quartin P. 6 Patterson, Luther W. 7 Wood, Barzilla 9
Clark, Hiram 13 Gray, Olin L. 12 Percival, O. V. 3 Wright, D. S. & Chas. 3
Clark, Simeon N. 4 Gray, Walter 12 Perkins, S. B. K. 3 Wright & King 1
Cole, Levi P. 3 Gregory, Albert 3 Phillips, Alonzo C. 3 Wylie, John E. 9
Comstock & Hastings 1 Grout, W. W. & A. Sargent 3 Phillips, Chester S. 3 Wylie, Martha 9
Cook, Amos 12 Grout, W. W. & Wm. Crow 5 Phillips, Elberta 3 Wylie, William 9
Cook, Amos (guard) 7 Grow, Charles 3 Phillips, Frank S. 3 Wylie, William A. 9
Cook, Dana 13 Grow, H. S. 3 Phillips, Hannah 3 Young, D. S. 3
Cook, E. A. 12 Hall, A. H. 3 Phillips, Henry F. 3 Young, George H. 3
Cook, Emery 2 Hall, John G. (guard) 1 Phillips, Hiram 3 Young, Robert 7
Cook, Justin E. 2 Hancock, Eliza 3 Phillips, H. W. 3 Young, William D. 6
Cook, Truman 4 Hanson, Wallace 12 Phillips, H. W. Heirs 3 Young, William Jr. 2
Coomer, C. C. 3 Hardy, Sarah C. 3 Phillips, O. H. 2  
Glover, Vermont Grand List 1884
Abbott, Albert D. 13 Cutler, Henry R. 2 Hunt, R. S. 3 Phillips, Hiram 3
Abbott, James N. 3 Darling, C. J. 12 Ingalls, Sam (Est) 4 Phillips, H. W. 3
Abbott, Martin 3 Darling, Laban M. 12 Jennes, Azro 3 Phillips, Sam 3
Aldrich, Wesley N. 3 Darling, Lyman (Est) 12 Jenness, G. W. (Adm) 3 Porter, Charles H. 1
Alger, George A. 13 Darling, Mary E. 12 Jerome, John 6 Preston, Solon H. 2
Anderson, Armour J. 7 Davis, Henry 3 Jerome, John Jr. 1 Prindle, J. B. & wife 3
Anderson, Gaven 6 Davis, N. B. 3 Jones, David 3 Randall, D. B. & Wife 3
Anderson, James Jr. 7 Day, Amanda 12 Joslyn, O. V. 12 Randall, Eleanor 2
Anderson, John (Est) 7 Day, E. B. 13 Kendrick, John 9 Randall, E. O. 2
Anderson, John Jr. 9 Day, Joseph 13 Kendrick, William 9 Randall, E. O. (Adm) 3
Anderson, Thomas (Est) 7 Denio, Austin 1 Kendrick, William K. 9 Randall, L. A. 3
Arthur, John 5 Dewing, C. W. 2 Killgallen, P. 3 Randall, W. E. 3
Arthur, William 5 Dewing, E. W. 9 King, C. C. 1 Rich, Austin B. 4
Ayer, Wright W. 3 Dewing, Henry A. 7 King, J. E. 13 Ryan, Michael 2
Bailey, Betsy 1 Dewing & Hibbard 2 King, Sias 3 Salmon, Arthur 5
Baker, David 2 Dewing, Sam (Est) King, Stephen 13 Salmon, Henry M. 5
Baker, Geo W. 2 Dexter, Jona 12 King, Thomas B. 13 Salmon, John 3
Bandy, George 1 Dexter, Ray 12 Lawrence, Charles & W. C. 13 Sargent, Aaron 3
Barber, David 2 Dodge, O. B. 2 Lawrence, Mary Ann 3 Sargent, Aaron G. 3
Barber, Lewis 2 Dow, James 2 Lee, George F. 2 Sargent, Almon F. 3
Barber, Lyman 2 Drew, Charlotte 13 Leonard, Chapin 3 Scott, Ann L. 3
Barker, C. J. 6 Drew, Isaac L. 3 Leonard, C. & Wife 3 Scott, J. H. 3
Batchelder, R. W. 7 Drew, J. Olin 4 Leonard, H. & O. J. 12 Scott, J. W. 3
Batchelder, W. C. 7 Drew, Joseph 3 Leonard, Lois 3 Scott, N. W. 3
Beach, E. P. & A. M. 6 Drew, Levi P. 2 Leonard, Mitchell 6 Scott, Sumner 3
Bean, C. P. & A. P. 3 Drew, Nathaniel & Hardy 4 Leonard, Preston C. Scott, W. F. 3
Bean, Freeman 2 Drew, Rufus L. 5 Lewis, Harvey 6 Seaver, H. D. 3
Bean, Freeman F. 2 Drew, William 3 Lewis, N. M. 5 Shatney, J. J. 7
Bean, Gratia A. 2 Drew, William W. 13 Lewis, Rutty 12 Sherburn, B. M. 12
Bean, Phila 3 Drown, Andrew J. 13 Libby, Jacob 12 Sherburn, John 3
Bell, Jay P. 3 Dwinell, Albert 13 Lyman, Newell T. 2 Sherburn, J. Martin 12
Berry, E. Willard 12 Dwinell, D. B. 3 Lyman, Sarah M. (Est) Sherburn, Westley E. 13
Bickford, Lucy L. 5 Dwinell, J. E. 3 Lyman, Timothy (Est) Shields, Alex 9
Billings, O. K. 9 Dwinell, J. E. (adm) 3 Magoon, Ira 2 Simons, E. B. & Wife 3
Blanchard, Esther 3 Dwinell, Joseph & D. G. 12 Marnock, Thomas 7 Simons, I. B. & wife 3
Blanchard, N. A. (Est) 3 Dwinell, Martha H. 3 Marston, Charles & Jerre 4 Simons, James & wife 3
Blanchard, S. S. 3 Ellis, J. P. 3 Martin, John G. 2 Simpson, Hial 3
Blodgett, Sumner 3 Fayer, Edna E. 12 Mason, Moses H. 3 Simpson, L. F. & S. B. 3
Blodgett & Templeton 3 Fayer, Sarah A. 12 Mason, Roswell S. 1 Sisco, Fred E. 2
Bogue, Willard 12 Fayer, Thomas J. 13 Mason, W. S. 3 Skinner, Aaron 2
Borland, Harriet B. 2 Fayer, William H. 12 Mathie, John W. 5 Skinner, A. & Preston H. 1
Borland, John 2 Findley, William 9 McClure, Ruth 3 Skinner, Harvey & Preston 1
Brown, Elisha 7 Fisher, G. P. 3 McDoud, Donald Skinner, S. M. 2
Brownlee, Elizabeth 3 Fisher, Lewis 3 McGaffey, J. W. 3 Smith, John 5
Bulkley, J. S. 6 Fleming, Margaret 9 McGaffey, L. H. 3 Smith, John A. 5
Bundy, Maxham 3 Frasier, F. H. 2 McGinnis, James 9 Smith, N. A. 3
Burrows, W. A. 3 Frasier, John W. 2 McLellan, Chas. & E. Howe 13 Soule, G. D. 3
Calderwood, David W. 1 Foster, L. W. 12 McLellan, Hiram 3 Spier, Wm. & Gray 5
Calderwood, James 7 Foster, L. W. (Keeper) 12 McLellan, H. & T. Hastings 1 Squire, Almira 7
Calderwood, John & wife 1 French, Lindol 3 McLellan (& Howe) Stanton, E. L. 3
Calderwood, Robert 9 French, Nathaniel D. 3 McLellan, John 3 Stevens, B. 2
Calderwood, Thomas 9 French, Sam B. 3 McLellan, J. Q. A. & Sarah Stone, Elijah 7
Cameron, David 3 Frost, Amanda 3 McLellan, Norton 12 Telfer, James 6
Cameron, William 6 Fuller, George T. 7 Merriam, Albert 3 Telfer, J. B. 1
Carr, Hugh 13 Fuller, Frank E. 13 Merriam, William 3 Telfer, Thomas Jr. 5
Carr, Garvin A. 6 Fuller, William 7 Merriam, William A. 3 Templeton, W. F. 2
Cass, David 7 Gelo, Rozilla J. 3 Merriam, Wm & Dwinell 12 Thompson, Allen 5
Cass, Jacob M. 13 Gilman, M. L. 7 Merriam, Wm. & Stanton 3 Thompson, C. F. & wife 12
Chaflin, H. S. 3 Gilmour, Arthur 7 Mills, Edson S. 2 Thorp, John K. 2
Chamberlain, Asa A. 12 Gilmour, Arthur Jr. 7 Mitchell, James 9 Thurston, John 3
Chamberlain, Betsey A. 3 Gilmour, David 7 Mitchell, Robert 1 Ticehurst, H. G. 9
Chase, A. C. 6 Gilmour, David A. 7 Mitchell, Wm. & E. Ticehurst 1 Tolman, H. S. 13
Chase, L. A. (Est) 6 Gilmour, John 7 Morse, Aurelius 5 Tomlison, H. S. 5
Chase, L. A. (Est) & A. C. 6 Glover, Town of 3 Morse, Royal & wife 3 Urie, John 1
Cheney, F. P. 3 Goodwin, Daniel 13 Newell, Hiram 3 Urie, J. P. 6
Christie, Joel P. 13 Goodwin, D. M. 13 Norton, E. A. 12 Vance, Sam 2
Clampit, Sam 3 Goodwin, George C. 13 Nye, E. H. 3 Walker, James 3
Clark, A. C. 13 Graves, Charles 7 Nye, Louise B. 3 Walker, Robert M. 3
Clark, A. C. & A. Dwinell 13 Graves, G. W. 7 Nye, S. H. 3 Waterman, D. 5
Clark, Alson S. 6 Graves, Nathan E. 7 Owens, C. P. 3 Wheeler, Silas 13
Clark, A. W. & C. W. 4 Graves, Q. P. 6 Owens, Joseph 3 Wheeler, S. H. 4
Clark, E. L. 3 Gray, Isaac 12 Paquett, Joseph 1 White, Robert T. 6
Clark, Eliza L. 2 Gray, Olin 12 Parker, C. S. 3 Whitney, G. S. 3
Clark, Henry E. 13 Gray, Walter 13 Partridge, Eli B. 3 Whitney, Henry 3
Clark, F. P. A. & W. F. 4 Gregory, Albert 3 Partridge, Ernest G. 4 Whitney, Horace A. 2
Clark, L. N. 4 Grout, W. W. & A. Sargent 3 Partridge, Wyman S. 3 Wilkinson, Jennie 2
Colburn & Prescott 2 Grout, Miles & C. Bodwell 5 Patterson, Adam D. 7 Willey, David H. 1
Cook, Amos 12 Grow, H. S. 3 Patterson, David G. 7 Willey, L. B. 1
Cook, Amos (guard) 12 Hall, A. H. & Wife 3 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Williams, Azro A. 3
Cook, Amos & Henry 12 Hamblet, George A. 3 Patterson, John M. 7 Williams, Clifton 3
Cook, Charles C. 13 Hancock, Eliza 3 Patterson, Luther 7 Wilson, John (Est) 13
Cook, Dana & wife 12 Hastings, T. J. 1 Patterson, L. W. & J. M. 7 Wilson, N. H. 12
Cook, Henry 12 Hill, Henry H. 3 Percival, F. H. 3 Wood, Barzilla 5
Cook, Justin E. 2 Hinkley, A. F. 4 Percival, O. V. 3 Woodard, C. W.
Cook, Truman 4 Hinkley, O. F. 4 Perkins, S. K. B. 3 Wright, C. D. & D. S. 3
Corliss, F. S., F. J., & A. L. B.   Holloway, Edw. 5 Phillips, A. C. 2 [Wylies seem to be missing]
Crow, James & John 5 Holloway, John E. 13 Phillips, A. C. & F. S. 3 Young, Daniel 3
Crow, William 5 Holloway, William 13 Phillips, Chester S. 3 Young, George L. 5
Cutler, Charles F. 2 Hood, Calvin H. 12 Phillips, Emily 3 Young, Robert 7
Cutler, Henry 2 Howe, Ezra R. 13 Phillips, Hannah 3 Young, William 9
Glover, Vermont Grand List 1890
Abbott, A. D. 13 Darling, Mary E. 12 King, S. E. 13 Salmon, John 5
Abbott, James N. 2 Davis, Candace A. 13 King, S. E. (Est) 3&13 Salmon, John (Mrs.) 5
Abbott, Martin 3 Davis, Hiram N. 3 King, Sias 3 Sargent, Aaron 3
Aldrich, W. N. 3 Davis, Ira W. 13 King, T. B. 13 Sargent, A. F. 3
Anderson, Armour Jr. 7 Davis, N. B. (Est) 3 Kerby, H. E. 5 Sargent, A. G. 3
Anderson, Charles 5 Davis, Zaphira 3 LaClare, Lewis J. 6 Sargent, William H. 3
Anderson, Frank 1 & 7 Day, Amanda 12&13 Lawrence, C. H. 13 Scott, Ann L. 3
Anderson, Gavin 6 Day, Frank P. 13 Lawrence, Mary A. 3 Scott, N. M. (Guard) 3
Anderson, James Jr. 7 Day, Joseph 13 Leonard, Chapin 3 Scott, Sumner 3
Anderson, John 9 Denio, Arthur 1 Leonard, C. S. & wife 3 Scott, W. I. 3
Anderson, Thomas (Est) 9 Denio, Austin 1 Leonard, H. & O. J. 12 Seaver, H. D. 3
Anderson, W. E. 7 Dewing, E. W. 5 Leonard, Harriet 3 Shatney, J. J. 3
Arthur, John 5 Dewing, H. A. 9 Leonard, Lewis D. 3 Sheldon, Mary B. 3
Ayers, W. W. 6 Dewing, Sam (Est) 2 Leonard, P. C. 3 Sherburn, B. M. 12
Bailey, Betsy 5 Dexter, C. W. & Wife 3 Lewis, Harvey 2 & 6 Sherburn, B. M. (Ex) 12
Baker, David 2 Dexter, Jonathan 12 Lewis, N. M. & A. Smith 5 & 13 Sherburn, Frank C. 4
Baker, E. C. 2 Dodge, O. B. 2 Lewis, N. M. & J. J. Below 5 Sherburn, J. M. 13
Baker, G. W. 2 Dow, C. E. 2 Lewis, N. M. & K. K. McLoud 5 & 13 Sherburn, J. W. 12
Barber, David & A. M. 2 Dow, James 2 Lewis, Rutty 2 Sherburn, W. E. 7
Barber, Lyman 2 Drew, Harley A. 4 Lyman, N. T. 2 Sherburn, W. L. 13
Barker, J. C. 6 Drew, Isaac T. 13 Magoon, Alex 2 Shields, Alex 5
Barker, Mrs. J. C. 6 Drew, J. Olin 4 Marnock, Thomas 7 Simonds, E. B. & wife 3
Barrows, C. A. 3 Drew, Joseph 3 Marsten, C. & Jerrie 4 Simonds, J. & M. 3
Batchelder, W. C. 13 Drew, N. H. 5 Martin, Alma A. 3 Simpson, H. D. 7
Beach, E. P. & A. M. 6 Drew, Rufus L. 5 Martin, J. B. 2 Skinner, Aaron 1 & 2
Bean, C. P. & A. P. 2 Drew, William 3 Mason, Moses H. 3 Skinner, D. B. 2
Bean, F. F. 2 Drew, William W. 13 Mason, Roswell 1 Skinner, Harvey 1
Bean, F. H. 2 Dwinell, Albert 12 & 13 Mason, W. S. 3 Skinner, P. H. & wife 1
Bean, Freeman 6 & 2 Dwinell, D. J. (Adm) 13 McClure, H. & wife 9 Skinner, S. M. 2
Bean, Gratia 2 Dwinell, J. E. 3 McGaffey, G. W. 3 Smith, A. D. 12
Bean, Phila 2 Dwinell, Joseph & D. J. 12 McGaffey, L. H. 3 Smith, C. H. 3
Billings, O. K. 12 Dwinell, Leonard 3 McGinness, James 5 Smith, D. D. 5
Blanchard, Esther 3 Dwinell, Martha H. 3 McLellan, Charles 3 Smith, I. B. 3
Blodgett, Sumner & Wife 3 Ellis, George 11 McLellan, Hiram 3 & 5 Smith, John A. 5
Bogue, Alex 13 Ellis, J. B. 3 McLellan, Hiram (Ex) 3 Smith, John S. 5
Bogue, Willard 12 Ellis & Whitney 3 McLellan & Howe 3 Smith, N. A. 3
Borland, Harriet 2 Fayer, Edna E. 12 McLellan, John 3 Smith, Thomas 5
Borland, John 2 Fayer, Sarah M. 12 McLellan, John Q. A. & wife 3 Spalding, A. J. 3
Brown, Elisha 7 Fayer, Thomas J. 13 McLellan, Norton 12 Spalding, George O. 3
Buchanan, Duncan 2 Fayer, William M. 12 McLellan, Percival 3 Spier, A. B. 3
Buchanan, R. W. 1 Fisher, G. P. 3 McLoud, K. K. 2 Squires, Almira 5 & 9
Burroughs, W. 3 Foster, L. W. 3 Mc[Lellan], Sarah C. 13 Stanton, E. L. 3
Bushey, Charles 3 French, Heman 3 Merriam & Hovey 12 Stebbins, Sarah 3
Calderwood, David 1 French, Lindol 3 Merriam, William 3 Stevens, B. T. 2
Calderwood, James 7 French, Robert E. 3 Merriam, William A. 3 Stone, Elijah 7
Calderwood, James Jr. 1 French, S. B. 3 Miles, E. C. 1 Taylor, Clara W. 3
Calderwood, John & wife 1 & 2 Frost, Amanda 3 Mitchell, Eliza G. 9 Taylor, J. F. 3 & 13
Calderwood, Orie N. 1 Fuller, Frank E. 13 Mitchell, John & wife 3 Telfer, James 6
Calderwood, Robert 9 Fuller, Lavonia 12&13 Mitchell & Ticehurst 1 Telfer, J. P. 6
Calderwood, Thomas 9 Gilmour, Agnes 7 Morse, John A. 5 Telfer, Thomas 5
Cameron, David 6 Gilmour, Allen S. 7 Morse, Orlantha 3 Templeton, P. L. 3
Cameron, William 2 Gilmour, Arthur 7 Niles, Asa 2 Thompson, C. F. & wife 12
Campbell, John 7 Gilmour, David A. 7 Niles, William F. 3 Thorp, John K. 2
Carr, G. A. 1 Gilmour, David D. 7 Norton, E. A. 12 Ticehurst, H. G. 9
Carr, Hugh 6 Glover, Town of 3 Norton, N. A. 12 Tolman, H. S. 13
Carr, Hugh Jr. 13 Goodwin, G. C. 13 Nye, E. H. 3 Tolman, H. S. (Adm) 5
Cass, J. M. 13 Graves, G. H. 9 Owens, C. P. 3 Turnbull, James 3
Chamberlain, A. A. 12 Graves, G. W. 2 Owens, Joseph 4 Urie, David L. 5 & 9
Chandler, Minnie 3 Graves, N. E. 2 Paddleford, E. C. 5 Urie, G. H. 2
Chaplin, H. S. 3 Graves, Quartus 1 Paquett, Henry 1 Urie, John 1
Chase, A. C. 6 Gray, Arvilla 12 Paquett, Joseph 1 Urie, John A. 6
Chase, A. C. & L. E. 6 Gray, O. Dan 12 Parker, C. S. 3 Urie, John P. 7
Chase, Lydia A. 6 Gray, Olin L. 12 Partridge, E. B. 3 Vance, M. T. 12
Chase, Lydia (guard) 6 Gray, Sylvester 13 Partridge, E. G. 13 Walcott, Andrew 3
Cheney, F. P. 3 Gray, W. O. 13 Partridge, E. & Dwinell 3 Walcott, Frank 5
Christie, J. P. 13 Grow, H. S. 3 Partridge, W. S. Walcott, George 13
Clark, A. C. 4 Hagar, C. M. 2 Patterson, A. D. 1 Walker, Irving 3
Clark, Alson S. 6 Hall, A. H. & Wife 3 Patterson, D. G. 7 Walker, James 3
Clark, Ezra L. 3 Hastings, T. J. 1 Patterson, Gabe Jr. 7 Walker, Robert M. 3
Clark, F. C. 3 Hibbard, C. N. 2 & 6 Patterson, John A. 7 White, C. W. 9
Clark, Henry E. 13 Hinkley, A. F. 3 Patterson, Lucy 7 White, Grant 6
Clark, Mrs. M. B. 3 Hinkley, E. F. 4 Patterson, Luther 7 White, Robert T. 6
Clark, S. N. 4 Holloway, J. E. & wife 13 Percival, F. H. 3 & 12 Whitney, S. S. 3
Clark, W. F. & E. J. 4 Holloway, William C. 5 Percival, O. V. 3 Wilkinson, R. F. 2
Cook, Amos 3 Holmes, Joseph 3 Perkins, S. K. B. 3 Willey, L. B. 3
Cook, Amos (guard) 12 Hood, Calvin H. 12 & 13 Persons, H. B. 5 Williams, A. A. & C. 3 & 13
Cook, Amos & H. H. 4 & 12 Hopkins, F. H. 13 Phillips, A. C. 2 Williams, M. E. 9
Cook, Charles C. 13 Hovey, J. E. 12 Phillips, A. C. & F. S. 3 Wilson, B. H. 3
Cook, Dana & wife 12 Howe, E. R. 13 Phillips, Emily 3 Wilson, N. H. & wife 12
Cook, E. A. 3 Ingalls, Sam (Est) 4 Phillips, Hiram 3 Woodard, C. H. & C. W. 1
Cook, Justin E. 2 Jenness, A. A. 3 Phillips, H. F. 3 Woodard, H. P. 3
Cook, Truman 4 Jennie, W. S. 3 Phillips, H. J. 2 Wood, Barzilla 9
Corlis, F. J. & A. L. 13 Jerome, George 3 Phillips, H. W. 3 Woodbury, James 12
Critchett, S. K. 3 Jerome, John 6 Phillips, Isora 3 Wright, Frank E. 6
Croford, John 9 Jerome, John Jr. 7 Phillips, Sam 3 Wylie, Arthur 9
Crosby, Charles 3 Johnson, O. L. 5 Pratt, L. A. 3 Wylie, John E. 9
Crow, James 5 Jones, Rueben 13 Prescott, H. 2 Wylie, John E. (Ex) 9
Crow, William 5 Jones, Roxana S. 3 Prindle, John & wife 3 Wylie, Martha 9
Cutler, Charles (Est) 2 Joslyn, O. V. 12 Randall, Annette & L. A. Pratt 3 Wylie, William 9
Cutler, C. R. 2 Kelton, W. H. 4 Randall, Eleanor R. 2 Young, D. S. 3
Cutler, Henry 2 Kendrick, J. F. 9 Randall, E. O. 2 Young, George L. 5
Cutler, H. R. 2 Kendrick, William 9 Randall, F. A. 12 Young, James 7
Cutler & Lyman 6 Kendrick, William K. 9 Rich, A. B. & wife 4 Young, John F. 7
Darling, Ethel (Est) 12 Killgalan, James 3 Rogers, D. S. 5 Young, Robert 7
Darling, L. M. 12 King, C. C. 1 Salmon, Henry 5 Young, Robert G. 7
Darling, Martha H. 13 King, J. G. 13 Salmon, Jennie 5 Young, William D. 7 & 9
Glover, Vermont Grand List 1894
Abbott, A. D. Darling, Ethel (Est) Kelton, C. A. Randall, E. O.
Abbott, A. D. & G. Walcott Darling, L. M. Kelton, W. H. Rich, A. B. & wife
Abbott, James Darling, Martha Kendrick, John F. Richardson, Ed.
Abbott, Martin Darling, Mary C. Kendrick, William Roberts, Andrew J.
Aldrich, Edith A. Davis, H. N. & M. C. Kimball, C. H. Salmon, Arthur
Aldrich, W. N. Davis, Zaphira King, C. C. Salmon, Henry & Wife
Aldrich, W. N. & (Co.?) Day, Frank P. King, C. J. Salmon, John
Allard, E. J. Day, Joseph King, J. A. Salmon, John S.
Allen, Hollis Day, P. & Amanda King, Mary J. Sargent, Aaron
Anderson, A. J. Denio, Arthur King, S. C. & wife Sargent, A. F.
Anderson, E. T. Denio, Austin King, Thomas Sargent, A. G.
Anderson, Guy & wife Denis, William Kirby, H. E. Sargent, D. J.
Anderson, James Deudevoir, Fred E. Lawrence, C. H. Scott, Henry A.
Anderson, J. C. Dewing, H. A. Lawrence, Mary Scott, S. W.
Anderson, John Dexter, C. W. & Wife Leonard, Chapin Scott, W. E.
Anderson, (Mrs.?) Mary Dexter, H. L. Leonard, E. B. Shields, Alex.
Anderson, W. E. Dexter, John Leonard, Harriet Simonds, N. R.
Arthur, John Dopp, David Leonard, O. J. Skinner, Aaron
Ayer, W. W. Dow, G. H. Leonard, P. C. Skinner, D. B.
Babcock, A. S. Dow, James Leonard, S. F. Skinner, Emily
Baker, David Dow, N. L. Lewis, B. H. Skinner, P. H. & wife
Baker, E. C. Drew, Harley A. Lewis, Fred Smith, Alex D.
Baker, F. Drew, Isaac Lewis, Harvey Smith, Ch. H.
Baker, G. W. Drew, J. O. Lewis, M. H. Smith, John A.
Barber, D. H. & Ann Drew, Joseph Lewis, N. M. & Pearson Smith, John Jr.
Barber, Lyman Drew, L. L. Lewis, N. M. & Smith Smith, N. H.
Barker, C. J. Drew, N. H. Lewis, N. M. & Pelow Smith, Thomas
Barker, Mrs. C. J. Drew, R. L. Lewis, Rutty Squires, Almira (Est)
Barrows, C. H. Drew, William Lyman, N. T. Stanton, E. L.
Bartlett, W. S. (Est) Drew, William M. Magoon, Alex Stebbins, Sarah H.
Beach, E. P. & A. M. Dwinell, Albert (Est) Magoon, E. & Ira Stevens, B. T.
Bean, A. P. Dwinell, J. E. Marnock, Thomas Stevens, N. C.
Bean, C. P. Dwinell, Joseph Martin, Elma H. Stiles, W. B.
Bean, Freeman Dwinell, Mrs. L. O. Martin, J. W. Studley, J. W.
Bean, F. F. Dwinell, Martha A. (Ex) Mason, W. S. & R. F. Tallman, R. S.
Bean, F. H. Elles, G. W. McClure, Heman Taylor, Clara W.
Bean, Gratia Elles, J. P. McClure, Ruth Taylor, F. J.
Bean, Sam Fayer, Edna E. McFarland, James Telfer, James
Berwick, John Fayer, Sarah M. McGaffey, E. H. Telfer, John P.
Bell, Ernest Fayer, T. J. McGaffey, G. W. Telfer, Thomas
Billings, O. K. (Est) Fayer, William M. McGinnis, James Thorp, J. K.
Blodgett, Sumner & Wife Fisher, G. P. McLellan, Charles Ticehurst, Henry
Boden, Benjamin Fisher, W. H. McLellan, E. T. Tisdel, E. E.
Bogue, Alex Foster, L. W. McLellan, Hiram Tolman, H. S.
Bogue, Willard French, Lindol McLellan & Howe Tolman, H. S. (Adm)
Borland, Harriet B. French, R. E. McLellan, John Tripp, W. O.
Borland, John French, S. B. McLellan, J. Q. A. & wife Trustee of Perkins House
Borland, John Jr. Frost, Amanda McLellan, Sarah Turnbull, J. G.
Brooks, Israel Fuller, Frank E. McLoud, R. R. Urie, George H.
Buchanan, Duncan Fuller, George T. Merriam, Ann E. Urie, John A.
Calderwood, D. W. Fuller, Lovena Merriam, W. H. Urie, John (Est)
Calderwood, James Garnett, Josiah Merriam, William Urie, John P.
Calderwood, James J. Gilbert, Henry S. Miles, W. J. Vance, M. T.
Calderwood, John & wife Gilman, M. H. & wife Mitchell, Ann Vance, Sam T.
Calderwood, Ora Gilmour, Agnes Mitchell, Eliza Valley Bros
Calderwood, Robert Gilmour, Allen E. Mitchell & Ticehurst Valley, Lewis
Cameron, David Gilmour, Arthur Morse, John A. Walcott, Andrew
Cameron, William Gilmour, David A. Morse, Orlantha Walcott, E. A.
Cargill, W. O. Gilmour, David D. Newell, H. H. Walcott, Frank
Carr, Hugh Gleason, Almon Niles, W. F. Walcott, George
Chamberlain, A. A. Glover, Town of Norcross, Kate & Bertha Walker, Ed. D.
Chandler, Minnie Goodwin, E. S. Owen, C. P. Walker, I. J. & Augusta
Chaplin, H. S. Goodwin, George C. Owen, Joseph Walker, J. W.
Chase, Lydia E. Graves, G. H. Paddleford, E. C. Walker, Robert M.
Chase, Lydia (guard) Graves, N. E. & G. W. Paquett, Henry White, C. W.
Chesley, Orin R. Graves, Quart P. Paquett, Joseph White, Grant
Christie, Fred J. Graves, W. H. Parker, C. S. White, Rob T.
Christie, J. P. Gray, Arvilla H. Partridge & Dwinell Whitney, George S.
Clark, A. C. Gray, Charles L. Partridge, E. G. Wilkinson, R. F.
Clark, E. L. Gray, D. C. Partridge, Levi A. Willey, Holmes
Clark, F. C. Gray, W. O. Patterson, D. G. Willey, L. B.
Clark, H. E. Grow, H. S. Patterson, Gabe Willey, Martha
Clark, Henry S. Hall, A. H. & Wife Patterson, Gabe & Mrs. Willey, Sumner
Clark & Humphrey Hancock, Eliza Patterson, J. M. Williams, A. A.
Clark, S. N. & wife Harper, Robert Patterson, L. W. Williams, Clifton
Clark, W. F. Hastings, T. J. Percival, F. H. Willis, Margaret
Clark, W. F. & Eliza J. Heath, G. F. Percival, Helen M. Wilson, B. H. & wife
Cook, Amos Hibbard, C. N. Phillips, A. O. Wilson, George S.
Cook, Amos & Henry Hibbard, W. S. Phillips, C. S. Wilson, N. H. & wife
Cook, C. C. Hinkley, A. F. Phillips, Emily Woodard & Bates
Cook, Dana & wife Hinkley, Clark F. S. Phillips, H. C. & F. S. Wright, E. F.
Cook, J. E. Halloway, Ed Phillips, H. F. Wright, F. W. & wife
Cook, Truman Halloway, J. E. & wife Phillips, H. J. Wylie, Arthur
Copeland, H. E. Holmes, Joseph Phillips, Isora Wylie, John E.
Crosby, Charles Howe, Ezra R. Phillips, W. H. Wylie, Mrs. Martha
Crosier, J. A. Jenness, A. A. Pratt, L. A. Wylie, William & wife
Crow, James Jerome, David Prescott, H. & Wife Young, D. S.
Cutler, C. F. Jerome, John Prindle, C. E. Young, George C.
Cutler, H. R. Jerome, John Jr. Randall, A. M. & L. A. Pratt Young, George L.
Cutler, Jennie C. Jones, H. C. Randall, Annette M. Young, J. W.
Cutler & Lyman Joslyn, O. V. Randall, Eleanor Young, Robert G.
Glover, Vermont Grand List 1898
Aldrich, W. N. Darling, L. M. King, T. B. Salmon, Henry M.
Alexander, E. L. Davis, C. A. Kirby, H. E. Sanville, Alex
Allen, Chester Davis, C. A. & R. E. LaClare, Lewis Sargent, Aaron
Allen, Hollis Davis, H. N. Lawrence, C. H. Sargent, A. F.
Allen, Nettie Davis, Zaphira Leonard, Chapin Sargent, A. G.
Anderson, A. E. Day, Frank P. Leonard, David Sargent, D. J.
Anderson, A. J. Day, Joseph Leonard, E. B. Schoolcraft, R. M.
Anderson, Charles Day, P. & Amanda Leonard, Harriet Scott, George
Anderson, David Degreenia, D. H. Leonard, O. J. Scott, S. W.
Anderson, E. T. Derusha, Charles Leonard, P. C. Scott, W. F.
Anderson, G. H. Dewing, H. A. Leonard, S. F. Scott, W. F. Mrs.
Anderson, Guy Dexter, C. W. Lewis, Harvey (Est) Scott, Walter A.
Anderson, I. W. Dexter (Est) Lewis, N. M. Seaver, H. D.
Anderson, James Dexter, H. L. Lewis, Rutty Shatney, J. J.
Anderson, John Dopp, David Lewis & Twombly Shedd, F. J.
Anderson, William L. Dow, G. A. Lyman, N. T. Sherburn, B. M.
Arthur, A. D. Dow, N. L. Lyon, L. A. Sherburn, Ida
Arthur, James M. Drew, G. K. Magoon, Alex Sherburn, J. M.
Arthur, John Drew, Harley Magoon, C. N. Sherburn, J. W.
Arthur, Martin Drew, Isaac T. Mailloux, Peter Sherburn, W. W.
Baker, David Drew, J. O. Marnock, Thomas Shields, Alex
Baker, E. C. Drew, Nancy Marsh, H. N. Shields, A. M.
Baker, G. W. Drew, N. H. Marsh, Zelora Skinner, Emily
Baker, Myra (Est) Drew, R. L. Martin, Mrs. E. A. Skinner, P. H.
Bane, G. H. Drew, W. W. Martin, W. H. Smith, John A.
Barber, D. M. & A. M. Dwinell, C. M. Mason Bros. Smith, J. S.
Barber, Henry Dwinell Heirs Mathie, J. W. Smith, N. A.
Barber, Lyman Dwinell, Joseph McGaffey, G. W. Smith, S. A.
Barker, C. J. Dwinell, Lydia McGaffey, L. H. Smith, W. H.
Barker, C. J. Mrs. Dwinell, Martha (Est) McGinnis, James Spaulding, Fannie
Batchelder, C. H. Mrs. Dwinell, R. D. McGinnis, Matilda Spier, A. B.
Bates, H. S. Ellis, G. W. McGuire, J. W. Squire, Almira (Est.)
Beach, A. M. Fayer, Edna McLellan, Charles Stanton, Harry B.
Bean, A. P. Fayer, Sarah McLellan, Dorcas Stanton, E. L. (guard)
Bean, C. P. Fayer, T. J. McLellan, Hiram Stebbins, S. H.
Bean, C. W. Fayer, William McLellan, John Stevens, B. T.
Bean, F. H. Ferry, Harvey O. McLellan, J. Q. A. & Wife Stevens, J. T.
Bean, F. G. Fisher, G. P. McLellan, L. J. Stevens, N. C.
Bean, Freeman Fletcher, William E. McLellan, Sarah Stevens, R. C.
Bean, Gratia Foster, L. W. (Est) McLure, H. E. Stimpson, W. H.
Bean, Sam French, D. C. McLure, Ruth Taylor, Clara W.
Bishop, Mrs. Bell French, Lindol Merriam, W. A. Taylor, Frank
Bickford, C. A. French, R. E. Merriam, William (Est) Telfer, Ada A.
Blodgett (Est) French, S. B. Miles, E. O. Telfer, James
Blodgett, Freelove O. Frost, Amanda Miles, O. G. Telfer, J. P.
Bogue, Corintha Fuller, Frank E. Mitchell, Ann Telfer, T. J.
Bogue, Willard Fuller, Gertrude E. Mitchell, E. G. Ticehurst, E. L.
Borland, C. M. Gilbert, H. S. Morse, John N. Ticehurst, Henry G.
Borland, Harriet Gilman, D. D. Morse, Orlantha Thorp, J. K.
Borland, John Gilman, M. L. & wife Nelson, Mrs. Ella Tolman, H. S.
Bowen, Erastus Gilmour, Allen S. Newell, H. M. Tripp, W. C.
Bowen, Eugene Gilmour, Arthur Niles, W. F. Twombly, C. M. & Latio Lewis
Brooks, Israel Gilmour, David A. Norton, E. A. Urie, G. H.
Brumy, A. E. Glover, Town of Norton, Mary Urie, John A.
Buchanan, R. W. Goodwin, G. C. Norton, N. A. Urie, John P.
Calderwood, D. D. Graves, G. H. Osgood, Forrest Vance, S. T.
Calderwood, Etta V. Graves, Jane D. Owen, C. P. Vincent, S. L.
Calderwood, F. G. Graves, Quart Owen, Joseph Walcott, Andrew
Calderwood, J. A. Graves, W. H. Paddleford, E. C. Walcott, E. A.
Calderwood, James Gray, Arvilla Paquett, H. N. Walcott, F. A.
Cameron, David Gray, C. L. Partridge, Eli Walcott, George
Cameron, William Gray, Dan O. Partridge, Levi Walker, E. D.
Campbell, John Gray, Flora Patterson, D. G. (Est) Walker, I. W. & Augustus
Carpenter, M. J. Gray, W. O. Patterson, Gabe Walker, J. W.
Carr, Hugh Grow, H. S. (Est) Patterson, J. M. White, C. W.
Carter, E. H. Hall, A. H. & Wife Patterson, Lucy White, Grant
Chamberlain, A. A. Hanson, Harley Patterson, Luther W. White, Robert T.
Chandler, Minnie Harper, Robert Percival, F. H. Wilkinson, R. F.
Chase, E. L. & F. G. Hastings, T. J. (Est) Percival, Helen M. Willey, L. B.
Cheney, F. P. (Est) Haynes, Hanchett & Co. Phillips, A. C. Williams, A. A.
Clark, Alson & wife Hazen, J. M. Phillips, A. C. Mrs. Wing, Joseph
Clark, C. F. Hennesey, J. A. Phillips Bros. Wilson, B. H.
Clark, Edna C. Hibbard, C. N. Phillips, C. S. Wilson, David
Clark, F. L. Hibbard, W. S. Phillips, Emily Wilson, G. S.
Clark, H. E. Hinkley, A. F. Phillips, H. F. & Wife Wilson, N. H. & wife
Clark, H. S. Holloway, W. E. (Est) Phillips, H. J. Wilson, Stella M.
Clark, S. N. & wife Hood, Calvin H. Phillips, M. Woodward, Charles
Clark, W. F. Howe, E. R. Phillips, W. H. Woodward, Eliza E.
Clark, W. F. & C. J. Hoyt, Flora E. Phillips, Zora Woodward, J. S.
Clark, W. F. (guard) Hoyt, J. H. Porter, C. S. Wright, Eliza Ann
Cole, E. G. Humphrey, G. A. Porter, Miles Wright, Frances
Collins, L. E. Jenness, A. A. Pratt, L. A. Wright, Frances & John
Cook, Agnes J. Jerome, David Prescott, W. S. & wife Wylie, Alex
Cook, H. H. Jerome, John Preston, C. W. Wylie, Arthur
Cook, H. H. trustee Jerome, John Jr. Prindle, C. E. Wylie, David
Cook, Truman Joslyn, O. V. Randall, A. M. Wylie, John E.
Corliss, F. J. Kelton, C. A. Randall, E. O. & Wife Wylie, Martha
Critchett, S. K. Kelton, W. H. Randall, Pratt Wylie, W. A.
Crosier, John A. Kendrick, Janet Reynolds, M. J. Wylie, William
Crow, James Kendrick, J. F. Rich, A. B. & wife Young, D. S.
Cutler, C. F. Kimball, C. H. Richardson, E. D. Young, F. F.
Cutler, Jennie C. King, C. C. Rickard, F. S. Young, George L.
Cutler, (not shown) King, C. J. Robert, A. J. Young, J. W.
Darling, Ethel (Est) King, Joseph G. Royston, W. A. Young, Robert
Darling, Frank S. King, S. E. & Wife Salmon, Arthur Young, Robert G.
Darling, Fred B.      
Glover, Vermont Grand List 1900
Abbott, A. D. Crosier, John A. Jones, R. J. Pratt, E. A.
Abbott, James Crow, James (Est) Jones, William J. Prescott, H. S. & wife
Abbott, Martin Cutler, C. F. Joslyn, O. V. Prindle, C. C.
Aldrich, W. N. Cutler, Jennie C. Kelton, C. A. & wife Randall, A. M.
Alexander, E. L. Cutler & Lyman Kelton, W. H. Randall, E. O. & Wife
Alexander, G. W. Darling, Ethel (Est) Kendrick, J. F. Randall & Pratt
Allen, Andrew Darling, F. P. Kendrick, Jenette Rash, G. A.
Allen, Chester & wife Darling, L. M. Kendrick, William Rich, A. B. & wife
Allen, Hollis Davis, C. A. Kimball, C. H. Roberts, A. J.
Anderson, A. E. Davis, C. A. & R. E. King, C. C. Salmon, Arthur
Anderson, A. J. Davis, H. N. King, S. E. & Wife Salmon, Henry
Anderson, C. Davis, Roy E. King, T. B. Salmon, John
Anderson, David Davis, & wife / Norton & wife King, W. O. & wife Sargent, Aaron (Est)
Anderson, E. T. Davis, Zaphiria Kirby, H. C. Sargent, A. F.
Anderson, George & Wife Day, Frank P. Knight, F. P. Sargent, A. G.
Anderson, I. W. Day, Joseph Labrae, Joe Sargent, D. J.
Anderson, John Day, P. & Amanda Lawrence, C. H. Scott, S. W.
Arthur, John Degreenia, D. H. Lawrence, W. Scott, Walter A.
Baker, David Denio, Austin Leonard, Chapin Scott, W. F.
Baker, E. C. Derusha, Charles Leonard, Chapin (Trustee) Scott, W. F. Mrs.
Baker, G. W. & wife Dewing, E. W. Leonard, E. B. Shatney, J. J.
Barber, D. M. & Ann Dewing, N. A. Leonard, Harriet Sherburn, B. M.
Barber, Lyman Dexter, C. W. Leonard, O. J. Sherburn, Ida H.
Barker, C. J. Dexter, Etta A. Leonard, P. C. Sherburn, J. M.
Barrows, C. A. Dexter, H. L. Leonard, S. F. & C. McLellan (Est) Sherburn, W. E.
Barry, E. W. Dopp, David Lewis, B. H. Shields, Alex
Basford, W. G. Dow, G. A. Lewis, Harvey (Est) Skinner, Emily
Bates, H. S. Dow, N. L. Lewis, M. H. Skinner, H. H.
Beach, A. M. Drew, Betsy Lewis, N. M. Skinner, P. H.
Bean, A. P. Drew, Harley Lewis, Rutty Smith, John A.
Bean, A. P. & E. A. Cook Drew, Isaac T. Lyman, N. T. Smith, J. S.
Bean, C. P. Drew, J. O. Mailloux, Peter Smith, N. A.
Bean, C. W. Drew, L. P. Magoon, Alex Smith, Thomas
Bean, F. H. Drew, Nancy Magoon, C. W. Smith, Tom
Bean, Freeman Drew, N. H. Magoon, W. A. Smith, W. A.
Bean, Sam Drew, R. R. Marnock, Thomas Spalding, A. J.
Beement, B. R. Drew, Sarah Marsh, C. S. Spier, A. B.
Bickford, George D. Drew, W. W. Marsh, H. W. Squire, Almira (Est)
Bickford, George D. Jr. Dwinell, Ann Marsh, Zelora Stanton, E. L.
Bishop, Mrs. Bell Dwinell, C. A. Martin, E. A. Mrs. Stebbin, S. H.
Blodgett, F. O. B. & A. Dwinell Heirs Mason, R. F. Stevens, J. T.
Bogue, Corentha Dwinell, J. E. & F. T. Mason, W. S. Stevens, N. C.
Bogue, Willard Dwinell, J. E. & Wife Mathie, John W. Stevens, R. C.
Borland, C. M. Dwinell, Lydia Mayo, J. A. Stiles, W. B.
Borland, Harriet Dwinell, Roland D. McDonald, John Stimpson, W. H.
Borland, John Drown, John McDowell, E. E. Taplin, Susie & Etta Rowell
Borland, John C. Eldridge, T. P. McDowell, W. S. Taylor, Frank
Brooks, Israel Fayer, Edna McGaffey, G. W. Telfer, Ada A.
Brunning, A. E. Fayer, Sarah H. McGaffey, L. H. Telfer, James
Buchanan, R. M. Fayer, T. J. McGinnis, James Telfer, T. J.
Buel, W. G. Fayer, William McGinnis, Matilda Templeton, S.
Calderwood, D. W. Fisher, G. P. McLellan, Dorcas C. Templeton, W. F.
Calderwood, Etta B. French, D. G. McLellan, E. T. Thorp, Frank
Calderwood, F. G. French, Lindol McLellan, Hiram Thorp, John K.
Calderwood, James French, R. E. McLellan, John Ticehurst, H. G.
Calderwood, James A. French, S. B. McLellan, John Q. A. (Est) Tolman, H. S.
Calderwood, Mrs. L. Frost, Amanda McLellan, Sarah C. Turcott, L. G.
Calderwood, O. N. Fuller, Frank E. McLure, H. E. & Wife Ufford, C. J.
Calderwood, Robert Fuller, Gertie C. McNeal, Martha Urie, G. H.
Cameron, David Gilman, M. L. & wife Merriam, L. W. Urie, John A.
Cameron, William Gilmour, Allen S. Merriam, W. A. Urie, John P.
Campbell, A. M. Gilmour, Arthur Merriam, W. A. (Guard) Vance, S. T.
Campbell, J. A. Gilmour, David A. Miles, E. C. Vincent, S. T.
Carpenter, J. M. Gilmour, David D. Miles, John & wife Walcott, Andrew
Carr, Hugh Gilmour, R. M. Mitchell, Ann Walcott, E. A.
Carter, E. H. Glover Creamery Co. Mitchell, E. A. Walcott, F. A.
Chamberlain, A. A. Glover Town of Mitchell, E. G. Walcott, George
Chandler, Minie Goodwin, Mrs. Brunette Morse, J. O. Walker, E. D.
Chase, L. E. & F. G. Graves, E. L. Morse, Orlantha Walker, I. J. & Augusta
Cheney, F. P. (Est) Graves, G. H. Nelson, Ella Walker, J. W.
Cheney, William & wife Graves, Jane D. Newell, H. M. White, C. W.
Christie, J. P. Graves, Quart P. Norton, E. A. White, Grant
Christie, Leo Graves, W. H. Norton, E. A. (Adm) White, Robert T.
Christie, Reuben Gray, C. L. Norton, N. A. Wilkinson, Jennie C.
Clark, Alson S. Gray, Dan O. Osgood, Forrest Wilkinson, R. F.
Clark, Anson C. Gray, Flora Owen, Anne Willey, L. B.
Clark, Caleb A. Gray, W. O. Owen, Joseph Williams, A. A.
Clark, C. F. Hall, A. H. & Wife Paddleford & King Wilson, B. H.
Clark, Cynthia Hancock, Eliza S. Paquett, N. H. Wilson, David
Clark, Edna Harper, Robert Parker, C. S. Wilson, G. S.
Clark, E. L. Healey, E. A. Parker, Mittie Wilson, Lea
Clark, F. C. Henderson, G. E. Parker & Young Wilson, N. H. & wife
Clark, Henry E. Hibbard, C. N. Partlow, M. C. Wilson, Stella
Clark, H. S. Hibbard, W. F. Partridge, Eli B. Woodard, B. L.
Clark, H. W. Hinkley, A. F. Partridge, Levi A. Woodard, Charles
Clark, John Holly, George Patterson, Gabe Woodard, Eliza
Clark, S. N. & Anderson Holmes, W. R. & Mrs. Hastings Patterson, J. M. Woodard, J. S.
Clark, S. N. & wife Hood, C. H. Patterson, Luther W. Wright, Eliza
Clark, W. F. Howe, E. R. Patterson, Nettie Wright, Francis
Clark, W. F. & E. J. Hoyt, F. C. Percival, F. H. Wright, Francis & John
Clark, W. F. & Stimpson Hoyt, J. H. Percival, Helen W. Wright, John
Clark, W. V. Hudson, G. R. Phillips, A. C. Mrs. Wylie, Alex
Clifford, John Hudson, Naomie Phillips, A. O. Wylie, Arthur
Collins, E. E. Humphrey, George A. Phillips Bros. Wylie, John E.
Collins, L. E. Jenness, A. A. Phillips, C. S. Wylie, Martha
Cook, Agnes Jr. Jerome, David Phillips, H. F. Wylie, William
Cook, H. H. Jerome, George Phillips, H. J. Young, D. S.
Cook, H. H. (trustee) Jerome, John Phillips, Isora Young, George L.
Cook, Truman Jerome, John Jr. Phillips, Lydia J. Young, James W.
Corlis, F. J. Johnson, R. A. Phillips, M. & Wife Young, Robert G.
Glover, Vermont Grand List 1904
Abbott, A. D. Cook, H. H. (Guard) Kimball, C. A. Sargent, A. F.
Abbott, Ella & McQueen Corlis, F. J. King, C. C. Sargent, A. G.
Abbott, Martin Crosier, J. A. & wife King, J. A. & son Sargent, R. J.
Aldrich, W. N. Crowley, G. A. King, O. R. Scott, H. A.
Allen, Chester & wife Cutler, C. F. King, Sarah Scott, S. W.
Anderson, A. E. Cutler, Jennie C. King, S. E. & Wife Scott, W. F.
Anderson, A. J. Darling, F. S. King, W. O. Shatney, Frank
Anderson, C. Darling, L. M. Kirby, C. H. Shatney, W. F.
Anderson, C. E. Davis, C. A. & R. E. Knight, F. P. & wife Sherburn, B. M.
Anderson, David Davis, H. N. Lawrence, C. H. Sherburn, B. R.
Anderson, E. T. Davis, H. & wife/ Norton & wife Lawrence, Willard Sherburn, C. F.
Anderson, George W. Davis, Zaphire (Est) Leonard, Chapin (Adm) Sherburn, J. M.
Anderson, George & Wife Day, Amanda (Est) Leonard, Chapin Sherburn, W. E.
Anderson, Irvin W. Day, F. P. Leonard, E. B. Shields, Alex
Anderson, Ora H. Degreenia, Freeman (Est) Leonard, Harriet Shields, A. M.
Anderson, Sarah H. Derusha, Charles Leonard, John & Clark Silver, C. A. & Martha
Arthur, John Dewing, A. M. Lewis, Harvey (Est) Skinner, Emily
Badger, W. Dewing, E. W. Lewis, N. M. Skinner, P. H.
Baker, David Dewing, H. A. Lewis, M. H. Smith, H. A.
Baker, E. C. Dexter, C. W. Lockling, F. I. Smith, J. A.
Baker, G. W. Dexter, Etta & A. P. Longey, Levi Smith, J. H.
Baker, G. W. Mrs. Dexter, H. L. Lyman, N. T. Smith, John A.
Barber, D. H. & Ann Dopp, David Magoon, Alex Smith, Thomas
Barber, Joseph Dopp, James Magoon, C. N. Smith, W. C.
Barber, Lyman Dow, G. A. Magoon, W. A. Spier, A. B.
Barrows, C. A. Dow, N. L. Marnock, Thomas Stanton, E. L.
Barry, Marie Drew, George K. Marrin, George Stanton, H. B.
Bates, H. S. Drew, H. A. Marsh, Arthur Stebbins, S. H.
Beach, A. M. & F. E. Drew, I. T. Marsh, H. W. Stevens, Jud
Bean, A. P. Drew, J. O. Marsh, Zelora Stevens, N. C.
Bean, A. P. & E. A. Cook Drew, L. P. Mason, B. H. Stevens, R. C.
Bean, C. P. Drew, Nancy Mason, Roswell Stiles, Roy G.
Bean, Carl W. Drew, N. H. Martin, Mrs. Alma Stiles, W. B.
Bean, F. H. & wife Drew, Perley J. McDonald, John Stimpson, W. H.
Bean, Freeman Drew, Sarah McDowell, W. S. Taplin & Rowell
Bean, Martin Drew, W. C. McFarlane, J. Taplin, Susie & Rowell (Est)
Bean, Sam Dunn, E. F. McGaffey, L. H. Taylor, Frank
Bickford, E. D. Dunn, F. A. McGinnis, Matilda Telfer, Ada A.
Bickford, G. H. Dwinell, C. M. McLellan, Hiram (Est) Telfer, James
Bishop, Bell M. Dwinell, J. E. & F. F. McLellan, John Telfer, Thomas J.
Bliss, C. F. Dwinell, J. E. & wife McLellan, Sarah B. Templeton, W. F.
Blodgett, A. J. & B. A. Dwinell, R. D. McLure, H. Ticehurst, A. W. & Wife
Borland, C. M. Eldridge, F. P. Merriam, A. D. Ticehurst, E. L. & Wife
Borland, Harriet & J. Clark Fayer, Edna E. Merriam, Geo. Ticehurst, H. G.
Borland, John C. Fayer, T. J. Merriam, L. W. Thorp, F. P.
Borland, John (Est) Felix, Frances Merriam, W. A. Thorp, J. K.
Brunning, A. B. Fisher, G. P. Miles, E. C. & F. Turcott, L. G.
Buchanan, R. W. French, Jennie E. Miles, F. T. Underwood, Martha
Buell, G. W. French, Sally Miles, O. G. Urie, George H.
Calderwood, D. W. French, S. B. Mitchell, Ann Urie, James N.
Calderwood, James Gilman, M. L. (Ex) Mitchell, Eliza G. Urie, John A.
Calderwood, James A. Gilmour, A. S. Morley, John Urie, John P.
Calderwood, F. G. Gilmour, D. A. Norton, E. A. Vance, Sam T.
Calderwood, O. N. Gilmour, D. D. Norton, Geo. R. Walcott, Frank
Calderwood, Robert Gilmour, Elizabeth D. Norton, N. A. Walcott, George
Cameron, Catherine Gilmour, R. M. Owen, Annie Walker, Ead.
Cameron, L. W. & wife Glover Creamery Co. Paddleford, E. C. Walker, I. J.
Cameron, William Glover Town of Paquett, H. N. Walker, I. J. & Augusta
Carpenter, W. J. Graham, A. R. Parker, C. S. Watson, B. E.
Carr, Hugh Graham, Kate A. Parker, Mollie Watson, W. W.
Carter, E. H. Graham, William Partridge, E. B. Wells & Willard
Chamberlain, A. A. Graves, E. L. Partridge, Levi A. White, Chas W.
Chandler, Winnie Graves, G. H. Patterson, Gabe (Est) White, E. J.
Chapman, Tom (Est) Graves, Jane D. Patterson, Luther W. White, Grant
Chase, F. G. Graves, Quart P. Patterson, Nettie White, Robert T.
Chase, F. L. Graves, W. H. Percival, C. E. Wilkinson, Jennie C.
Cheney, F. P. (Est) Graves, W. H. & P. P. Philbrook, Carl Wilkinson, R. F.
Christie, J. P. Hall, A. H. & Wife Philbrook, F. W. Willey, L. B.
Christie, Leo Hancock, Eliza S. Phillips, A. O. Williams, A. A.
Christie, Reuben Hasseltine, C. E. & Wife Phillips Bros. Williams, J. C.
Christie, Roy S. Hastings, L. L. Phillips, C. S. Wilson, B. H.
Clark, A. S. Henderson, G. E. Phillips, Endora M. Wilson, Carl H.
Clark, C. F. Hibbard, Jennie Phillips, H. F. & wife Wilson, David
Clark, Cynthia A. Hinkley, A. F. Phillips, H. J. Wilson, Ernest A.
Clark, Edna A. & Charles Hood, Calvin H. (Est) Phillips, Isora Wilson, G. L.
Clark, Ezra L. Howe, E. R. Phillips, Lydia J. Wilson, N. H. & wife
Clark, Fannie Hoyt, Flora (Est) Prescott, H. & Wife Wilson, Stella M.
Clark, F. G. Hoyt, J. H. Preston, C. W. Woodard, J. S. & F. F. Miles
Clark, F. G. Hudson, H. A. Prindle, C. E. Wright, Eliza
Clark, H. S. Hudson, Herbert A. Quimby, H. S. Wright, Frank
Clark, H. W. Hudson, Naomi Randall, A. M. Wright, John
Clark, John Husband, M. N. Randall, E. O. & Wife Wylie, Alex
Clark, S. N. Jackman, B. F. Rich, A. B. & Wife Wylie, Arthur
Clark, S. N. & Anderson Jenness, A. A. Richardson, E. D. Wylie, David
Clark, S. N. & wife Jerome, David Ritchie & Ufford Wylie, John E.
Clark, W. F. Jerome, G. M. Rowell, O. M. Wylie, W. A.
Clark, W. F. & E. J. Jerome, John Royston, W. A. Wylie, Wm.
Clark, W. F. & John Wright Johnson, R. H. Salmon, Arthur Young, D. S.
Colby, George R. Kelton, C. A. & wife Salmon, Henry Young, Geo. L.
Cook, Agnes J. Kendrick, Janet Salmon, John Young, James W.
Cook, H. H. Kendrick, J. F. Sargent, Aaron (Ex)  

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