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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


Freeman's Oath
What is the
Freeman's Oath

These Records of Concord, Essex County, Vermont
... abstracted from microfilm # F 7956 of the original Town & Land Record Books
located at the Concord Town Office,  Concord, VT.
 Microfilms are located at Middlesex, VT Vital Records Divison.
Freeman's Oath Sept 2, 1794, pg 42  
Ball, Joseph Spafford, Elijah
Hudson, Sam[ue]l Gregory, Daniel
Woodbury, Jona[than] Eames, Thomas
Streeter, Benjamin Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse]
Lewis, Jona[than] Morfe [Morse], James
Hutchinson, Jona[than] Scott, Andrew
Badcock, Soloman Underwood, Amos
Freeman's Oath Dec 30, 1794, pg 42  
Caswell, Ezra Morfe [Morse], Amafa [Amasa]
Hoyt, Sam[ue]l  
Freeman's Oath March 2, 1795, pg 42  
Chase, Moses Caswell, Anthorp
Hutchinson, David Ball, Levi
Billings, Benjamin  
Freeman's Oath May 7, 1795, pg 42  
Wetherbe, Sam[ue]l Ames, Jona[than]
Fry, John  
Freeman's Oath March 7, 1796, pg 42  
Hardy, Benja[min] Cutting, Oliver
Hunter, Jonathan Wetherbe, Samuel Jr
Freeman's Oath Sept 5, 1796, pg 42  
Billing, John Holton, Joshua
Page, Peter Holton, Jona[than]
Hutchinson, Samuel Beal, Josiah
Holton, Bela Hudson, Amasa
Streeter, Joseph  
Freeman's Oath Sept 30, 1796, pg 42  
Williams, Azeriah May, James
Freeman's Oath March 6, 1797, pg 42  
Walker, John Bingham, Elifha [Elisha] Warner
Walker, Benja[min]  
Freeman's Oath May 1, 1797, pg 42  
May, Dexter Temple, Richard
Freeman's Oath Sept 5, 1797, pg 42  
Williams, William Williams, William Jr.
Freeman's Oath March 5, 1798, pg 42  
Perry, Oliver Wetherbe, James
Freeman's Oath June 22, 1798, pg 42  
Hill, Mofes [Moses] Fifher [Fisher], Nathan
Freeman's Oath Sept 4, 1798, pg 42  
May, Benjamin Fry, John Jr.
Vilas, Noah Cobb, Amafa [Amasa]
Freeman's Oath March 4, 1799, pg 42  
Olcott, Simeon Wilder, Nathan
Holton, Adolphus Graves, Richardson
Streeter, David May, Benjamin Jr.
Freeman's Oath Sept 3, 1799, pg 42  
Willi[am]s, A[zarias] May, Oliver
Freeman's Oath March 3, 1800  
Hill, Isaac Hopkins, John
(Mac)ty, Joseph Hutchings [prob Hutchinson], Amos
Freeman's Oath May 2, 1800  
Taggard, Robert  
Concord 1800 from Federal Census
Ames, Jonathan Lewis, Jonathan
Ames, Thomas May, Benjamin
Babcock, Solomon May, James
Ball, Joseph Morse, Amasa
Ball, Levi Morse, James
Billings, John Noiee, Lucy
Bingham, Elisha Olcott, Simeon
Booty, Joseph Page, Eunice
Chase, Francis Perry, Oliver
Chase, Moses Powers, Jonathan
Cutting, Oliver Scot, Andrew
Foster, William Streeter, Ben
Fry, John Streeter, Benjamin
Fry, John Jr. Streeter, David
Grigory, Daniel Streeter, Joseph
Hamlet, David Taggard, Robert
Hardy, Benjamin Temple, Richard
Hibbard, David Underwood, Amos
Hill, Isaac Vilas, Noah
Holton, Bela Walker, John
Holton, Buck Wetherbee, Samuel
Hopkins, John Wilder, Nathan
Hunter, Jonathan Wilkins, Archelus
Hutchinson, David Willard, James
Hutchinson, Jonathan Williams, Azarias
Hutchinson, Samuel Woodbury, Jesse
Freemans Oath March 2, 1801 pg 73  
Taggerd, Robert Billings, Charles
Freemans Oath Sept 1, 1801 pg 73  
May, Elifha [Elisha] Wetherbe, Azer
Woodbury, Benja[min]  
Freemans Oath March 1, 1802 pg 73  
Whipple, Edmond Hibbard, David Jr.
Freeman's Oath    April 1802 pg 73  
Badcock, Jason Hibbard, David
Freemans Oath Sept 7, 1802 pg 73  
Page, Enos Spencer, Tailor
Page, Eli Wyman, Elijah
Freemans Oath March 1803 pg 73  
Bailey, John Smith, Ezra
Hibbard, Dyer Holton, David
Freemans Oath April 1803 pg 73  
Hibbard, David      
Freemans Oath Sept 5, 1803 pg 73  
Baley, Abijah Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Jr.
Freemans Oath Sept 4, 1804 pg 73  
Parks, William Richardfon [Richardson], Lot
Woodbury, Jona[than] Jr. Williams, John
Nichols, John Ballou, Aaron 
Blanfhard [Blanchard], Peter Whipple, Joel
Freemans Oath March 1804 pg 73  
Morton, [A]le[x]eander Streeter, Daniel
Freemans Oath Dec 10, 1804 pg 73  
Hibbard, Simon Fry, Jona[than]
Freemans Oath March 25, 1805 pg 73  
Hudson, Brooks Williams, George
Graves, Ichabod P. Allard, Shadrack
Freemans Oath Sept 1805 pg 73  
Blanchard, David Craney, Zad
Craney, William [Judevine], Corneleas
Craney, William Jr.  
Freemans Oath March 1806 pg 73  
Thayer, Charles Wheeler, John
Little, Isaac Ellis, Archalus
Ames, Elijah Nichols, A[bner]
Hill, Elijah  
Freemans Oath Sept 2, 1806, pg 73  
Hutchinfon [Hutchinson], Daniel Bowin, Peleg
Jeudevine, Jofeph [Joseph] Willard, James
Freemans Oath Sept 1, 1807, pg 73  
Morse, Nathan Morse, Joseph
Darling, John M. Woodbury, Ruphus [Rufus]
Ellis, Archelus Morse, Jothum
[Willard prob], James Buckminster, Joseph
Woodbury, Benajah  
Voters Sept 2, 1806 page 81  
Williams, Azarias Wetherbe, Sam[ue]l Jr.
Taggard, Robert Hill, Elijah
Hutchinfon [Hutchinson], Jona[than] Hill, Ifaac [Isaac]
Badcock, Solomon Bowen, Peleg
Hutchinfon [Hutchinson], David Morfe [Morse], James
Streeter, Benja[min] Reed, Nath
Wetherbe, Sam[ue]l Ames, Thomas
Richardfon [Richardson], Lot Ames, Elijah
Hibbard, Lyman May, James
Nichols, Abner Morton, Alex[ande]r
Little, Ifaac [Isaac] Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse]
Woodbury, Jona[than] Jr. Wheeler, John
Grower, Richardfon [Richardson] Fry, John
Hibbard, David Willard, James
Holton, Adolphus Judevine, Jofeph [Joseph]
Hunter, Jona[than] Beal, Jofiah [Josiah]
Hibbard, Dyer Grout, Reuben
Holton, Bela Nichols, John
Ames, Jona[than] Whipple, Edmund
Hibbard, David Jr. Woodbury, Jona[than]
Badcock, Jafon [Jason] Page, Enos
Holten, Bulkley  
Voters March 25th, 1805 pg 91  
Ballou, Aaron Hopkins, John
Hutchinson, James Holten, Adolphus
Fry, John Hutchinson, David
Hibbard, David Graves, Richardson
Hardy, Benj[ami]n H[ibbard], Dyer
Whipple, Edmun R. Hutchinson, Samuel
Beal, Josiah Badcock, Jason
Hutchinson, Amos Hudson, Brooks
Olcott, Simeon Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse]
Wetherbe, Samuel May, James
Woodbury, Jonathan Fisher, Nathan
Wiman [Wyman], Elijah Graves, Ichabod P.
Streeter, Benja[min] May, Benja[min]
Ames, Thomas Ames, Jona[than]
Woodbury, Jona[than] Jr. H[ibbard], David
May, Dexter Perry, Oliver
Badcock, Solomon Williams, George
Fry, James [John prob] Allard, Shadrach
Wetherbee, Sam[ue]l Jr. Hunter, James
Lewis, Jonathan Hill, Isaac
Hudson, Amasa May, Elisha
Williams, Azarias Wild[er], Nathan
Holten, Bulkley Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Jr.
Cutting, Oliver  
Freemans Oath March 4, 1808 pg 105  
Cheany [Cheney], John Nichols, John Jr.
Freemans Oath April 18, 1808 pg 105  
Nichols, Solomon Wetherbe, John
Freeman Oath Sept 5, 1809 pg 105  
Morse, Samuel Cook, James S.
Cheney, Elias, Jr. Kindal, Nathan
Barker, Samuel Whipple, Jonathan
Freemans Oath Sept 6, 1808  
Smith, Daniel Carruth, Samuel
Cheney, Elias   Walker, Jabez
Putnam, Seth Adams, Samuel
Lewis, Jona[than] Jr. Wallis, John
Nichols, William May, Stephen
Reed, George Knight, Jacob
Walker, Robard [Robert prob] Spalding, Andrew
Garfield, Artemas Davis, Roswell
Freemans Oath Dec 12, 1808 pg 105  
Adams, Edmon Powers, Benjamin
Gragen, David M. Woodbury, Lot
Gliden, John Mathews, Jona[than]
Freemans Oath March 4, 1810 pg 105  
Howard, Claudius Thayer, Preston
Adams, Bulkley Ames, Thomas, Jr.
Tagard, Archelus Ifham [Isham], Benjamin
Freemans Oath Sept 1810 pg 105  
Johnson, John S. Wright, William
Duhman, Thomas Meed, Theodor
Ball, John Heald, Joseph
Voters Sept 1808 pg 108  
Woodbury, Jona[than] Booty, Joseph
[Holten], Adolphus Ames, Elijah
Cheney, John Morse, James
(Wildwood), David Badcock, Jason
Holton, Bulkley Darling, John
Walker, Benj Hopkins, John
Hibbard, Dyer Morse, Nathan
Vilas, Noah Graves, Richardson
Nichols, John Ball, Levi
Ames, Jona[than] Hutchins [prob Hutchinson], Daniel
Richardson, Lot Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse]
Hibbard, David Jr. Page, Enos
Hudson, Amasa Davis, [Rosw]ell
Grout, Rubin Beel, Josiah
Read, Nath Ames, Thomas
Gaffield, Artemas Hill, Isaac
Wetherbe, James Hutching [prob Hutchinson], Samuel
Holton, Bela Streeter, Benjamin
May, Stephen Badcock, Solomon
May, Benjamin Wetherbe, Samuel
Morse, Jotham Williams, Az[arias]
May, Oliver Wetherbe, John
Gregory, Daniel Lewis, Jona{than] Jr.
May, John Jr. Hutchinson, Amos
Wheeler, John Hutchinson, David
Putnam, Seth Allard, Shadrak
Nichols, Abner Smith, Daniel
Willard, James Adams, Samuel
Fry, John Wallis, John
Fry, Jonathan Wallis, Robert
Cheney, Elias Woodbury, Jona[than] Jr.
Wetherbee, Samuel Jr. Hibbard, Lyman
Read, George Woodbury, Benja[min]
Nichols, John Jr. Wright, Jacob
Little, Isaac Spalding, Andrew
Page, Ely Ellis, Archalus
  May, James
Voters Aug 18, 1808  pg 109  
Williams, Azarias Streeter, Benjamin
Ames, Elijah Willard, James
Fry, Jona[than] Wright, Jacob
Hudson, Amasa May, Benjamin
Morse, Jotham Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Jr.
Allard, Shadrick Badcock, Jason
May, Oliver Hutchinson, Amos
Holten, Bela Hutchinson, Samuel
Grout, Rubin Walker, Benjamin
Hibbard, Lyman Read, Nath
Ames, Thomas Hunter, Jonathan
Putnam, Seth Walker, Jabez
Cheney, John Underwood, Amos
Badcock, Solomon Woodbury, Benjamin
Richardson, Lot Judevine, Cornelius
Nichols, John Woodbury, Jona[than] Jr.
Booty, Joseph Gregory, Daniel
Nichols, Abner Woodbury, Jona[than]   
Corrith, Samuel Darling, John
Nichols, William Page, Ely
Wetherbe, Samuel Spalding, Andrew
Morton, Ale[x]ander Read, George
Hutchinson, David Smith, Daniel
Fry, John Morse, James
May, Stephen Page, Enos
Lewis, Jona[than] Jr. Williams, John
Little, Isaac Ellis, Archelus
Hutchinson, Daniel Beel, Josiah
Hibbard, David Jr. Fry, John, Jr.
Cheney, Elias Hibbard, Dyer
Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Holten, Adelphus
Holten, Bulkley May, Elifha [Elisha]
Ames, Jona[than] May, James
Hopkins, John Davis, Rafsell [Roswell]
Walker, John Buckminster, Joseph
Nichols, John Wetherbe, James
  Wheeler, John
Voters Sept 5, 1809 pg 117-118  
Hibbard, David Jr. Woodbury, Lot
Holten, Adelphus Hutchinson, David
Grout, Reubin Willard, James
Putnam, Seth Chase, Moses
Richardson, Lot Williams, Azarias
Spalding, Andrew Kindal, Nathan
Matthews, Joel Fry, John Jr.
Holten, Bush Gliden, John Jr.
Hill, Isaac Thayer, Charles
Nichols, Solomon Badcock, Solomon
Hutchinson, Samuel Wetherbe, James
Morse, Nathan Vilas, Noah
Williams, William Woodbury, Jona[than], Jr.
Lewis, Jona[than], Jr. Badcock, Jason
Walker, Jabez Holten, Belea
Wallis, John Adams, Edward
Woodbury, Benj May, Elifha [Elisha]
Wright, Jacob Morton, Alex
Nichols, William Wilkins, Uriah
Ames, Thomas Hill, Elijah
Underwood, Amos Hibbard, Dyer
Wallis, Robert Fry, John
Cheney, Elias Hutchinson, Amos
May, James May, Benj
Graves, Ifsaten [Ichabod] Wetherbe, Samuel, Jr.
Fry, Jona[than] Judevine, Joseph
Cook, James Little, Isaac
Streeter, David Wetherbe, Azer
Cheney, John Read, Nath
Graves, Rich Hopkins, John
Walker, Benjamin Woodbury, Jona[than]
May, Oliver Morse, Samuel
Read, George Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Jr.
Darling, John M. Hunter, Jona[than]
Hutchinson, Daniel Williams, John
Nichols, John Morse, James
Hibbard, David Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse]
Adams, Samuel Greger[y], D[aniel]
Wheeler, John Collington, John
Page, Enos Hibbard, Lyman
Streeter, Benjamin  
Voters Aug/Sept 1810 pg 123  
Holten, Adolphus Spalding, Andrew
Little, Isaac Gregory, Daniel
Putnam, Thomas Morse, Nathan
Hibbard, David Jr. Putnam, Seth
Graves, Rich'n Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Jr.
Tagard, Robert Adams, Edward
Whipple, Jona[than] Kindall, Nathan
Booty, Joseph Wetherbe, James
Nichols, Abner Wallis, John
Meed, Theodor Howard, Claudeus
Chase, Moses Grout, Rubin
May, Benjamin Richardson, Lot
Williams, George Johnson, John S.
Nichols, John Wright, William
Woodbury, Jona[than], Jr. Cummings, Thomas
Woodbury, Lot Cheney, John
Read, Nath Mathews, Jona[than]
Hutchinson, Daniel Hutchinson, David
Ifham [Isham], Benjamin Underwood, Amos
Ball, John Allard, Shadrick
Nichols, Solomon Woodbury, Jona[than]
Hibbard, David Read, George
Heald, Joseph Nichols, William
Williams, Azarius Streeter, David
Hibbard, Lyman Badcock, Solomon
Fry, John Wright, Jacob
Voters Sept 1810 pg 124  
Woodbury, Jona[than] Nichols, William
Read, George Howard, C. D.
Streeter, David Hutchinson, Amos
Nichols, Sol Meed, Theodore
Gregory, Daniel Cummings, Thomas
Cutting, Oliver May, Benjamin
Putnam, Seth Nichols, Abner
Isham, Ben Ames, Thomas
Spalding, Andrew Holten, Adalphus
Wallis, Robert Wilkins, Uriah
Richardson, Lot Wheeler, John
Wallis, John Woodbury, Joseph
Grout, Rubin May, Oliver
Adams, Bulkley Holton, Bulkley
Wright, Jacob Chase, Moses
Taggard, Robert Perry, Oliver
Darling, John M. Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Jr.
Johnson, John Graves, Rich'n
Woodbury, Jona[than] Jr. Underwood, Amos
Booty, Joseph Wetherbe, Samuel
Hutchinson, Samuel Fry, John, Jr.
Hutchins [prob Hutchinson], Daniel Buckminster, Joseph
Ball, Levi Hunter, Jona[than]
May, James Hubbard, Dyer
Wright, William Read, Nath
Adams, Edward Little, Isaac
Hill, Isaac Hutchinson, David
Nichols, John Ellis, Archelus
Thayer, Preston Hibbard, Lyman
Thayer, Charles Morse, James
Williams, Azarias Beal, Josiah
Ball, John Willard, James
Whipple, Jona[than] Hibbard, David, Jr.
Judevine, Jos[eph] Heald, Joseph
Walker, Jabish Badcock, Jason
Mathews, Jona[than] Vilas, Noah
Wetherbe, James Woodbury, Lot
Tray, John Woodbury, Benjamin
Williams, John Hibbard, David
Badcock, Solomon Morse, Nathan
Adams, Sam[ue]l Cheney, John
Allard, Shadrick Judevine, Corneleus
Williams, George Holten, Belea
Kindal, Nathan Wetherbe, Samuel, Jr.
  Hill, [Elijah prob]
Freeman's Oath Sept 3, 1811 pg 129  
Hamilton, Robert Bingham, Warner
Kindall, Timothy Emerson, John S.
Fry, Joseph Parker, Amos
Voters Sept 4, 1812 pg 134 - 135  
Badcock, Solomon Woodbury, Jona[than] Jr.
Adams, Bulkley Underwood, David
Thayer, Charles Willis, Ezra
Meed, Theadore Whipple, Jonathon
Parry, Oliver Hunter, Jona[than]
Williams, George Graves, Rich[ardson]
Streeter, Benj[amin] Buckminster, Joseph
Holten, Bela Reed, Hinds
Wetherbe, Sam[ue]l Jr. Bingham, Taylor
Reed, George Page, (Sanewet)
Parker, Amos Judevine, Joseph
Vilas, Noah Morse, Samuel
Woodbury, Benj[amin] Darling, John M.
Woodbury, Jesse Walker, Benj[amin]
Gregory, Daniel Putman, Seth
Wyman, Elij Colburn, Benj[amin]
Woodbury, Jonathan Hutchinson, Amos
Johnson, John S. Walker, Jabish
Cheny, Elias Hill, Elij
Wallis, John Morse, David
Wetherbe, Samuel Nichols, W[illia]m Jr.
Wheeler, John Hudson, Amasa
Holten, Bulkley Wetherbe, James
Wilkins, Uriah Wright, Jacob
Nichols, Solomon Cumings, Thomas
Woodbury, Lot Garfield, Artimus
Mathews, Jonathan Morse, Nathan
Ball, John Ames, Elij
Hibbard, David Graves, I. P.
Adams, Edward Fry, Joseph
Woodbury, Rufus Little, Isaac
Nichols, W[illia]m Wallis, Robert
Page, Enos Hall, Ziba
Underwood, Amos May, Elisha
Barker, Samuel Gregory, Josiah
Bingham, Warner Williams, Azarias
Spalding, Andrew May, James
Beel, Josiah Cutting, Oliver
Ellis, Ar[c]h Judevine, Cornelius
Badcock, Jason Williams, John
Richardson, Lot Hibbard, David, Jr.
May, Benj Morton, Alexander
Chase, Arch Taggard, Archi[bal]d
Emerson, John S. Holten, Adolphus
Slyfield, Andrew May, Oliver
Hamilton, Robert Turner, Henry
Williams, W[illia]m Collington, John
Isham, Benj[amin] Woodbury, Jesse, Jr.
Hutchinson, Sam[ue]l Willard, James
Streeter, David Hibbard, Dyer
Ames, Thomas Maitciff [Metcalf prob], Jason
Booty, Joseph Thayer, Preston
Nichols, John Fry, John, Jr.
  Blake, George
Freeman's Oath - Sept 4, 1812  pg 135  
Chase, Arch Bingham, Tylor
Nichols, W[illia]m Godard, Rev. Samuel
Underwood, David Maitciff [Metcalf prob], Jason
Willis, Ezra Colburn, Benj[amin]
Hall, Zibe Reed, Hinds
Freeman's Oath Dec 7, 1812  pg 135  
Slyfield, William May, Silas
Balch, Sylvinas Pike, Nathan
Danforth, Calvin  
Voted Dec 7, 1812 pg 135  
Hibbard, Dyer May, James
Reed, George Holton, Bela
Wetherbe, Sam[ue]ll Jr. Wyman, Elij
Williams, Azarias Holton, Bulkley
Streeter, Benj[amin] Turner, Sam[ue]l
Gregory, Daniel Underwood, Amos
Morton, [A]lex'r Danforth, Calvin
Willard, James May, Silas
Ball, Joseph Mead, Nath[a]n
Graves, I. P. Nichols, W[illia]m
Williams, George Woodbury, Jesse
Allard, Shedreck Gregory, Josiah
Bingham, Warner Woodbury, Rufus
Bingham, Tylor Williams, W[illia]m
Woodbury, Jona[than] Whipple, Jona[than]
Ames, Elij Page, Enos
Putnam, Seth Balch, Sylvanas
Graves, Rich[ar]d Wheeler, John
Hamilton, Rob[er]t Emerson, John S.
Darling, John M. Nichols, John
Ames, Thomas Hibbard, David
Wetherbe, James Nichols, Sal[mo]n
Wetherbe, Sam[ue]ll    Putnam, Thom[a]s
Taggard, Rob[er]t Adams, Bulkley
Hibbard, David, Jr. Hutchinson, Sam[ue]l
Blake, George Judevine, Joseph
Ellis, Arch Godard, Sam[ue]l
Badcock, Solomon Adams, Edward
Spalding, Andrew Hutchinson, Amos
Turner, Henry Meed, Theadore
May, Elisha Woodbury, Jesse Jr.
Coruth, Samuel Isham, Benj[amin]
Cutting, Oliver Fry, Joseph
Reed, Hinds Fry, Jonathan
Trescott, W[illia]m May, Oliver
Morse, Nathan Buckminster, Joseph
Holten, Adolph Wetherbe, James
Parry, Oliver Badcock, Jason
Fry, John Lewis, Jona[than], Jr.
Slyfield, W[illia]m Fry, John, Jr.
Kendall, Nathan Mathews, Jona[than]
Wilkins, Uriah Parker, Amos
Ball, John Walker, Jabish
Woodbury, Jona[than], Jr. Richardson, Lot
Underwood, David Judevine, Cornelius
Waller [or Walter?], John Morse, Sam[ue]ll
Woodbury, Lot Grout, Reubin
Slyfield, Andrew  
Voted Sept 7, 1813 pg 181  
Fry, Jonathan Ellis, Archelus
Ames, Thomas Hutchinson, Samuel
Willard, James Wallis, Robert
Taggard, Archibald Nichols, William
Williams, Azarias Woodbury, Rufus
Cummings, Thomas Collington, John
Gregory, Daniel Willis, Ezra
Nichols, Solomon Chase, Archebald
Fry, Joseph Holton, Jonathan
Garfield, Artemas Judevine, Joseph
Cutting, Oliver Darling, John
Wallis, John Page, Enos
Judevine, Cornelius Vilas, Noah
Taggard, Robert Hunter, Jonathan
Wetherbe, Samuel Jr. Badcock, Jason
Underwood, Amos Richardson, Timothy
Nichols, John Graves, Richardson
Morse, David Mathews, Jonathan
Spalding, Andrew Parker, Amos
Streeter, Benjamin Cheeney, Elias
Fry, John, Jr. Meed, Theodore
Barker, Samuel Bingham, Warner
Caruth, Samuel Bingham, Tyler
Holton, Bulkley Woodbury, Lot
Hall, Zibe Wetherbee, James
Ball, Joseph Adams, Bulkley
Badcock, Soloman Woodbury, Jonathan
Hamilton, Robert May, Benjamin
Booty, Joseph Hibbard, David
Buckminster, Joseph May, James
Turner, Henry Reed, George
Turner, Samuel Richardson, Lot
Hutchinson, Amos May, Oliver
Ball, Levi Colburn, Benjamin
Hibbard, Dyer Reed, Nathaniel
Holton, Bela Morse, Nathan
Fry, John, Jr. Hows, Nathan
Beal, Josiah Reed, Hinds
Perry, Oliver Balch, Sylvanas
Holton, Adolphus Wheeler, John
Johnson, John S. Morse, James
Putnam, Seth  Woodbury, Jesse
Isham, Benjamin May, Elisha
Ames, Elijah Streeter, David
Whipple, Jonathan Slyfield, Andrew
Wetherbe, Samuel Jr. Wetherbe, John
Cheney, Ro[sw]ell May, Silas
Graves, Ichabod Hill, Isaac
Wilkins, Uriah Morton, Alexander
Underwood, David Thayer, Preston
Williams, John Thayer, Gardner
Little, Isaac Morse, Samuel
Freeman's Oath Sept 7, 1813 pg 181  
Hardey, Manning Thayer, Gardner
Hows, Nathan  
Freeman's Oath May 31, 1814 pg 190  
Bennet, Benjamin Woodbury, Isaac
Voted May  1814 pg 190  
Hibbard, Dyer Johnson, John S.
Meed, Theodore Darling, John M.
Page, Enos Spalding, Andrew
Colburn, Benja Hibbard, David
Chase, Archibald Isham, Benja[min]
Fry, Jona[than] Williams, John
Morton, Alex Perry, Oliver
Wetherbe, Samuel Morse, James
Fry, John Badcock, Jason
Williams, Azarias Reed, Nath[anie]l
Badcock, Solomon Streeter, Benja[min]
Garfield, Artemas Nichols, W[illia]m
May, Benja[min] Hamilton, Robert
Fry, Joseph Holton, Adolphus
Cumings, Thomas Nichols, John
Wheeler, John Woodbury, Rufus
Hatton, Jonathan Hill, Isaac
Gregory, Daniel Turner, Henry
Graves, Rich[ardson] Carruth, Samuel
Bingham, Warner Underwood, David
Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Woodbury, Jonathan
Bingham, Tyler Taggard, Archibald
Nichols, Robert Putnam, Seth
Woodbury, Isaac Thayer, Charles
Holton, Bela Woodbury, Jesse, Jr.
Adams, Sam[ue]l Morse, Sam[ue]l
Bennet, Benja[min] Woodbury, Benja[min]
Ball, Levi Willard, James
Reed, Hinds Morse, Nathan
Woodbury, Lot Richardson, Lot
Wilkins, Uriah Underwood, Amos
Thayer, Gardner Richardson, Timothy
May, Silas Hunter, Timothy P.
Hibbard, David Jr. Streeter, David
Nichols, W[illia]m Wetherbe, James
Hall, Zeba Vilas, Noah
Wallis, John May, Oliver
Whipple, Jona[than] Hunter, Jona[than]
  May, James
Voted Sept 1815 pg 255-6  
Fry, John Whipple, Jonathan
Garfield, Artemas Nichols, John
Cheney, Thomas Hall, Ziba
Gregory, Daniel Streeter, David
Woodbury, Jonathan Nichols, Robert
Williams, W[illia]m Lewis, Jonathan
Johnson, John S. Morton, Alexander
Bingham, Warner Mathews, Jonathan
Wetherbe, Samuel Adams, Samuel
Haywood, W[illia]m Hill, Isaac
Parker, Amos Meed, Theodore
Reed, Hinds Wheeler, John
Chase, Moses Thayer, Preston
Booty, Joseph Wetherbe, James
Holton, Adolphus Ball, Levi
Jeudevine, Joseph Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse]
Slyfield, W[illia]m Slyfield, Andrew
Williams, Azarias Hunter, Jonathan
Ames, Elijah Woodbury, Benja[min]
Hibbard, David Morse, James
Woodbury, Isaac Adams, Edward
Turner, Samuel Wetherby, Samuel, Jr.
Woodbury, Jona[than] 2nd Reed, Nathaniel
Nichols, Solomon Nichols, W[illia]m 2nd
Poor, Benja[min] Willard, James
Underwood, Amos Holton, Bela
Cheney, Joel Perry, Oliver
Fry, Joseph May, Elisha
Streeter, Benja[min] Isham, Benja[min]
Reed, George May, Oliver
Woodbury, Rufus Ballou, Otis
Nichols, W[illia]m Bennet, Benja[min]
Chase, Archibald May, James
Richardson, Timothy Cumings, Jonathan
Taggard, Archebald Richardson, Lot
Wallis, Robert Hardey, Andrew
Darling, John M. Morse, Samuel C.
May, Benja[min] Nichols, Isaac
Streeter, Joseph Williams, John
Williams, George Taggard, W[illia]m
Turner, Henry Rawson, Josiah
Hibbard, Dyer Underwood, David
Cheeney, Elias Hunter, Jonathan, Jr.
Badcock, Jason Holton, John
Hamilton, Robert Ball, Joseph
Cutting, Oliver Nichols, Alpheus
Badcock, Solomon Balch, Sylvenus
Page, Enos May, Stephen
Vilas, Noah Hibbard, David, Jr.
Wilkins, Uriah Lilley, Joshua
Darling, David Brown, W[illia]m, Jr.
Graves, Reuben Whipple, Simeon
Barker, Samuel Fry, John, Jr.
Holton, Bulkley Willis, Ezra
Bingham, Tyler Graves, Ichabod P.
Ball, John Spalding, Andrew
Woodbury, Lot Whipple, Edward
Gregory, Daniel, Jr. Graves, Richardson
Wallis, John Hutchinson, Amos
Beal, Josiah Woodbury, Jefse [Jesse] Jr.
Colburn, Benja[min] Thayer, Gardner
Little, Isaac Morse, Nathan
Morse, Samuel Hill, Elijah
  Ladd, Edward
Freeman's Oath Sept 1815 pg 256  
Ballou, Otis Taggard, W[illia]m
Cumings, Jonathan Hunter, Jonathan, Jr.
Hardey, Andrew Holton, John
Nichols, Isaac Cheney, Joel
Freeman's Oath Sept 3, 1816 pg 262  
Sergeant, Amos Lilley, Aaron
Stacey, Abner May, John
Ball, Levi, Jr.  
Freeman's Oath Sept 1817 pg 267  
Durlam, Frederick Jewett, Charles
Wheeler, John, Jr. Hill, Daniel
Ball, Nathan  
Freeman's Oath 1818 pg 271  
Balch, Nathaniel Brown, Solan
Gregory, Ephraim Stacey, Abel
Nichols, Solomon, Jr. Hill, Samuel
Freemans Oath Sept 7, 1819 pg 275  
Woodbury, Jona, Esq. Chase, Joseph
Bingham, Erastus Morse, John Melton
Woodbury, Rufus H.  
Freeman's Oath Sept 1820 pg 281  
Hawes, David Melendy, William
Barker, Daniel Nichols, Ethan
Hardy, Nathan Parker, Amos
Nichols, Asa Richardson, Timothy, Jr.
Melendy, John Clay, Roby
Freeman's Oath Sept 2, 1823 pg 311  
Woodbury, Lot, Jr. Page, John
Bingham, Willard McCurdy, John, Jr.
Crofs [Cross], George W. Farrington, Thomas
Soper, Leonard Fry, Harvy
Woodbury, George Cutting, George
Davis, John Lewis, Trueman
Stanford, Timothy A. Hunter, James
Freeman's Oath March 15, 1824, pg 317  
Graves, Nathan J. Greenfield, Moses
Fry, David Wilkins, Willis
Freeman's Oath 1824 pg 327  
Wheaton, Joshua  
Freeman's Oath Sept 6, 1825 pg 330  
Hunter, Royal Richardson, Luther
Spencer, Phinehas Balch, Abner
Stacy, Alvah  
Freeman's Oath March 1827, pg 340  
Hibbard, Asa Richardson, Luther, 2nd
Hill, Chauncey Williams, James
Vilas, Curtis Morse, John
Freeman's Oath Sept 1827, pg 341  
Willey, Joseph Richardson, Isaac
Fry, Hiram  
Freeman's Oath, Aug 18, 1828, pg 348  
Hutchinson, Jonathan A.  
Freeman's Oath, March 15, 1830, pg 359  
Cobleigh, R. B. Ball, J. B.
Dowcomb, James Hutchinson, Titus
McCurdy, Lines  
Freeman's Oath, March 1832, pg 368  
Turner, Oliver W. Morse, Hiram
Hill, Charles R. Sargeant, Doct. Seneca
Freeman's Oath, Jan 1, 1833, pg 374  
Woodbury, Isaac P.  
Freeman's Oath, March 1833, pg 385  
Cutting, Hiram Morse, William
Freeman's Oath Sept 3, 1833, pg 378  
Darling, James P. Johnson, Benja[min] R.
Fry, Ebenezer Metcalf, John
Stevens, Oel B.  
Freeman's Oath Sept 2, 1834, pg 383  
Holton, Lyman H. Buckminster, Prescott
Kinnerson, Joseph Hill, Stephen
Sargent, John  
Freeman's Oath Oct 27, 1835, pg 387  
Mathews, Jona, Jr. Rajs, Abraham R.
Gates, Samuel B.  
Freeman's Oath Sept 1835, pg 390  
Harris, Henry  
Freeman's Oath March 7, 1836, pg 392  
Heywood, Orange May, Stephen A.
Freeman's Oath Sept 5, 1836, pg 393  
Isham, Benjamin, Jr. Holton, Joseph L.
Morse, Lyman  
Freeman's Oath Sept 5, 1837, pg 398  
Kinerson, Thomas, Jr. Cutting, Nathaniel
May, Wm B. Holtson, Samuel
Howard, Henry H. Moulton, Eliphalet P.
Adams, Amos Thayer, Daniel E.
Freeman's Oath Sept 1838, pg 403  
Carruth, James Buckminster, Salmon
Wetherbee, Andrew J. Howe, Levi
Winslow, Josiah G. Woodard, Lewis C.
Drew, John Woodard, Wm. H.
Adams, Willard P. Tilton, Aaron
Freeman's Oath March 4, 1839, pg 406  
Hibbard, David 3rd Gregory, George
Rowell, Samuel Jr.  
Freeman's Oath Sept 3, 1839, pg 406  
Molton, Amos G. May, Orange
Underwood, Brigham Mathews, Caleb W.
Woodbury, Daniel Lynn, Micah
Freeman's Oath Sept 1, 1840, pg 412  
Darling, Hinds R. Darling, Daniel, Jr.
Beal, Chauncey Gee, Solomon, Jr.
Morse, Arthur May, Ethan
Wall(ou), Horace L. Hudson, Joseph
Drew, George Jr. Howard, James N.
Carruth, James Lyford, David 2nd
Woodbury, Edmund J. Russell, Horace
Freeman's Oath March 1, 1841, pg 414  
Ritchie, William, Jr. Parker, George A.
Freeman's Oath Sept 7, 1841, pg 418  
Rowe, Ephraim, Jr. Plumley, John H.
Perry, Jackson M. Nichols, Ira B.
Joslin, Winchester Dean, Edward R.
Jeudevine, Harvey Pike, Oscar
Freeman's Oath Sept 6, 1842, pg 421  
Hall, Curtis Smith, Harvey
Danforth, Henry Darling, Geo B.
Hill, John Balch, George
Blifs [Bliss], A. E. Ball, Paschal
Newall, Wm May, Warner
Wheeler, Wm Ramsay, Harvey
Streeter, Ethan Ball, Joseph
Freeman's Oath Sept 5, 1842, pg 428  
Buckminster, Allen Ayers, Ezra
Leonard, Dexter Bingham, Henry
Richardson, Francis  
Freeman's Oath Sept 3, 1844, pg 431  
Richardson, Stephen Streeter, William
Russell, James Bixby, Russel
Carpenter, Jedediah  
Freeman's Oath Nov 12, 1844, pg 432  
Dodge, Moses Barett, Ezra S.
Barker, Jerome Whiting, Solomon
Ball, Friend  
Freeman's Oath Jan 7, 1845, pg 432  
Wright, Holland Hibbard, Silas
Durlam, Jona S.  
Freeman's Oath March 3, 1845, pg 435  
Stockwell, Bernie Temple, John S.
Freeman's Oath Sept 2, 1845, pg 436  
Streeter, John H. Barrows, John
Soper, Lyman Owen, Sylvanus
Kiniston, Isiah Rowe, Jefse [Jesse], Jr.
Freeman's Oath March 2, 1846, pg 438  
Fisher, Goodall  
Freeman's Oath Sept 1, 1846, pg 440  
Isham, Aaron Darling, William
Kinison, David Carpenter, Lyman
Kinnison, Nathaniel Hill, Loring
Hunter, Dennis Richards, L(oister)
Temple, George F.  
Freeman's Oath Jan 5, 1847, pg 441  
Stockwell, Emmons Hill, Amasa
Adams, Lyman Williams, Moses
Freeman's Oath Sept 7, 1847, pg 446  
Underwood, Horace Turner, Edwin
Isham, Robert N. Rowell, Jonathan B.
Richardson, Freeman Carpenter, Aaron 2d
Nichols, John  
Freeman's Oath March 29, 1848, pg 451  
Stacy, Charles  

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