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Lyndon, Caledonia Co., Vermont

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Post Offices and Postmasters-Lydon, E. C. Morse,
Lyndon Center, George W. Rhines; Lyndonville, John P. Webster.
Churches-One Congregational, one Methodist at Lyndon; one Free Baptist at Lyndon Center; one Congregational, one Methodist, one Universalist, one Episcopal, one Catholic, one Christian 'Science at Lydonville.
Halls-Chase Hall, Lyndon; Music Hall and 0. M. Darling Hall, Lyndonville
Library-Cobleigh Free.
Town Clerk-Charles L. Stuart.
Selectmen-'George W. Pierce, Charles H. Hoyt, Chas. K. Hodge.
Listers-Hollis B. Welch, David M. Silsby, Harris 0. Allen.
Treasurer-Charles L. Stuart.
Auditors-Hadon W. Lyster, John E. Lincoln, Hale M. Atwood.
District Supervisor of Schools-Martin E. Daniels.
Overseer of t<he Poor-Charles H. Hall.
Constable and Collector-John M. Le Bourveau.
Health Officer-John W. Copeland, M. D.
Road Commissioner-Eugene L. Clement.
All parties in business are designated by an asterisk [*]. The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town. When no Post Office follows a name the Post Office is Lyndon.
ADDiSON DAVID, engineer, L.
Ahearn John A., train despatcher, h Main st, Lyndonville
Ahern W. A., farm hand, L
Aldrieh Alex, laborer, L
" Arnold laborer
" Ernest, lumberman, Lyndon Ctr
" E. Perkins, farm hand
" Henry G. farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
" John G., laborer
" Paul, laborer
" Rufus P., boilermaker, L
" William J., laborer
Allen Frank Q., farmer, Wheelock road, Lyndon Center
" Harris 0., foreman Lang & Co, L
" Ralph, laborer, Lyndon Center
ALLYN G. B. Co. (George B. and L. F. Allyn), undertakers, house furnishings, wall paper, etc., Depot st, Lyndonville (see page 232)
" Lillian F. (G. B. Allyn & Co), bds Union Hotel, Lyndonville
Ames Charles W., farm hand, E Burke rd, E Burke
" John W., farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
*Arkley W. H., builders' finish, rfd 3
Atwood Hale M., farmer, Mathewson Hill, po Lyndon Ctr
Aubin Alphonse, clerk-RR, L
" Bert, plumber, L
" Joseph, RR. carpenter, L
Austin James, freight conductor, Main
Avery Henry L., baggage master, bds Union House, L
Ayer Charles H., boiler maker B & M. RR, L
" D. J., engineer
" L. C, laborer
BADGER LEVI B., farmer
Baker Bert H., farmer, E Burke rd, po, E Burke
Bailey A. Miles, trader, po East Burke
" Edwin. E., mail clerk
" Fred, laborer, L
" Henry I., carpenter
" William M., carpenter, h Main st, L
Ball Charles W., farmer, po East Burke rfd
" E. W., carpenter
" Hosea, laborer, Lyndon 'Center
" Leonard, laborer, Lyndon Center
Barber Aldis, farm hand, L
" Thomas, trainman, Depot st, L
Barrett Albert L., emp creamery, h Lyndon Center
Barrow P. F., emp RR, Main, L
BatcheJder Albert L., RR carpenter, Lyndon Center
" Albert E., machinist RR shop, Lyndon Center
" Clarence, mail carrier, Elm st, L
" George H., laborer, po Lyndon Centre
" George W., painter, RR shop, L
" Gerald, machinist, Lyndon Center
" Harley, machinist. Lyndon Center
" Robert, laborer, h Main st L
*Bean Arthur L., carpenter, Lyndon Center
" Austin W., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Charles, farmer, L, rfd 1
* " John A., carpenter, L, rfd 1
" Ray S, machinist, School, L
" Thomas W., farmer
" William H,, farmer, L, rfd 2
Beard A. J., farm hand, Lyndon Center
" I. C, farm hand, Lyndon Center
Beattie Thomas C, fireman, Charles st, L
Beauregard Albert, trainman, Charles st, L
* " Benjamin, RR blacksmith, L
" Lewis, stenographer, Charles, L
Beauschesne Joseph, emp RR, Raymond st, L
Beck Thomas, laborer
Beckwith D. J., emp RR, Charles st
Bedard Fred L., blacksmith, East st, L
" Henry, shoemaker, Depot st, h East st, L
Beecher William, laborer, East, L
Bell Ronald, RR carpenter, L
" James, laborer
" Henry, laborer
Belser James W., trainman, Elm st, L
Bemis Joshua, farmer, East Burke road, L
" Welcome A., farmer, Bemis' Hill, L
" William A., stenographer, Main, L
Bennett Pashal B., carpenter, Chapel st
" Perley, farm hand, Chapel st
Berribee Napoleon E., laborer
" Frank W., clerk, L
* " Marcus N., butcher and truckman, L, rfd 2
" Melvin, butcher, L, rfd 2
" Richard, laborer, h East st, L
*Bigelow A. Lulu Mrs., milliner, Depot st, h Center st, L
" Elisha, conductor, h Center st, L
" F. Avery, tinsmith, h Main st, L
" George M., farmer, L, rfd 2
" Lorenzo A., emp RR, L, rfd 2
Bill Carl H., carpenter, L
Bilodeau Joseph W., emp RR shop, L
" Joseph Jr., brakeman, L
Bishop A. E., farmer, L
Blaisdell Fraver V., engineer B & M RR, bds Charles st, L
Blake Amos, farmer, Lyndon Center, L, rfd 2
" Carl L., farm hand, Lyndon Center, L, rfd 2
" Charles S., engineer B & M RR, L
" Wellman C, physician, Chapel st, L
Blodgett Edwin J., ins agt and (Campbell & Blodgett), h Broad and South sts, L
" Frank J., trainman, East, L
" Henry P., trainman, Hill. L
" Sylvester, laborer, East, L
Blood George M., laborer, L
" Hazen W., laborer, L
" Wona, laborer, L
Bonette Jonathan C, farmer, east part, L
Bonner Edward D., car repairer, h Park st, L
" Wlliam H., tel operator, Williams, L
Boulrisse Amos, watchman. Depot st, L
Bouner Edward J., machinist, L
Borden Henry L., farmer, L, rfd 3
Bowker William H., painter
Bowman Harry, RR machinists, L
Bradley Albro M., emp B & M RR, Lyndon Center
" Chauncey S., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Ellon D., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Herman P., farmer, west part, L, rfd 3
" William C, retired, po Lyndon Center
Bradshaw Charles B., emp RR shop
" Charles H., laborer
" Ernest B., laborer
" John, painter, L
" Thomas, farmer, east, part, L, rfd 1
" Edward G., farmer
Briggs Leon, fireman, Depot st, L
Breason Joseph Jr., boiler maker, B & M RR L
Brown Benjamin F., road master, L
" David R-, physician, Church, L
" Edward D., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
" Edward W., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Henry F., L
" William H., farmer, po Lyndon Center
Brunelle Leon:, car inspector, h East st, L
Buckley Charles. J., engineer, L
Buell & Richardson (J. S. Buell and F. Richardson); plumbers, Ide's block, Depot st, L
" James 'S., (Buell & Richardson), Park st, L
Bugbee Fielding E., farmer, rfd 1
*Bundy Carlos j., real estate agt, Main, L
Burke R. Van Buren. commercial traveler, Lyndon Center
Burns Henry E., machinist RR, L
" Robert B., engineer, Broad st, L
Burpee Herman P., emp RR shop, L
Burrington Adna F., farmer, h East Burke rd, po E Burke
" George A., farmer, East Burke po
" George W., farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
" Willie F., farmer, h East Burke rd, po East Burke
" Winfred, farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
Buskett William E., machinist, RR, Bast Burke rd, L
Bussey Joseph, emp RR, L
Butler Jay S., tinsmith, h Williams st, L
Butterfield Bailey R., carpenter, East Burke rd, L
" Herley A., carpenter, h East road, L
" Herman H., carpenter, Main, L
*CABLE JOHN B., barber, Depot st, h Highland ave, L
Campbell Bert J., night sta agt, Park ave, L
* " Eugene M., coal dealer, also (Campbell & Blodgett), h Lyndon Center, po L
* " Gilbert M., cattle drover, h Main st, L
* " & Blodgett (Eugene M. Campbell and Edwin Blodgett), insurance agents, Depot st, L
Campion John L., farmer
Cannaway John, carpenter, h Main st, L
Carr Edmund, farmer, L, rfd 1
" Eugene, farmer
Carron Jeremiah, laborer, L
" Raymond, section man, Charles st, L
" Roseoe A., dentist, Depot st, L
Chalmers Robert B., farmer
Chamberlin B. R., farm hand, Lyndon Center
Chandler M. 0. farmer, Lyndon Center
Chaplin Barley A., rfd carrier, h Williams st, L
Chapman Charles P., emp round house, h Broad, L
Charland Arthur J., machinist, South st, L
" Alexander, machinist, Raymond st, L
" Cyrell, machinist, South st, L
" Henry, laborer, Raymond st, L
*Charron George, meat market
Chase Gillis C, fireman, bds Union House
" John B., prop Vermont Union Journal (weekly)
* " Oren G., prop Union House, Williams st, res do, L
Chayer Joseph, blacksmith, Lyndon Center
*Cheney Albertus A., physician, also (Cheney Bros), h Church st, L
* " Bros. (Albertus A. and Wilmot R.), druggists, Depot st
* " Wilmot R. (Cheney Bros), bds Mrs. A. A. Cheney
" Morton, emp Electric Light Co
Chesley Fred H,, farmer, L
" Oscar B., farmer, east part, L
" O. Warner, paper hanger, L
Chinnevert Charles, machinist, East, L
Christopher A. F., fruit dealer, Depot st, L
Clark Carl W., tinsmith, Park st, L
" Philip &., train despatcher, h Church st, L
" William C, Cong. clergyman
Cleary John, emp RR shop, h Bark st, L
" William K, machinist, Center, L
Clement Eugene L., farmer and road commissioner, Lyndon Center
" Frank, farm hand, L, rfd 1
Cole Clifton, laborer
*Clifford Everett L., milkman, Lyndon Center
" Luther, retired, Pudding Hill road, Lyndon Center
Cobleigh Eber W., farmer, East Burke rd, L
" Frank E., insurance agent, Main, L
" Merrill K, laborer, L
*Coffin Charles W., hay, grain and straw, Charles, L
Colby Clifford, laborer
" Harley R., emp RR shop, Lyndon Center
Cole Amos, laborer, L, rfd 1
" Clifton, laborer
" William, farm hand, po East Burke
Coleman Cornelius, farmer, L, rfd 1
" John, emp RR shop, L, rfd 1
Collins James F., laborer, Main st, L
" John, retired, L
" Peter, farmer, southwest part, L, rfd 3
Collison Silas G., retired, Lyndon Center
Conners "Willis C, emp Lyndonville Creamery
Cook Edwin A (Cook & Norton), res Newport
" & Norton (Edwin A. Cook and Nathan A. Norton), lawyers, Ide block, L
*Copeland John W., physician and president Savings Bank, h Main st, L
Corliss Fred P., mgr Darling's Farm, po East Burke
Cote C. W., fireman, L
Cowing Charles E., retired, Lyndon Center
Cowles Henry, tinsmith, L
*Couchier Mary A., wid John, grain and feed
Crafts Lewis P., baggage master on train, L
Craig Thomas, farm hand
Crawford Arthur E., photographer Highland ave, L
Coer George W., asst supt Pass Div B & M RR, and treas St J & L C RR, South st, L
Crofton James, section hand, East st, L
Cross John, laborer, L
Cunningham John T., farmer, north part, L, rfd 2
Currier Chester D., farm hand, Lyndon Center
* " Eli A., harness maker, Elm st, h Charles st, L
" Ernest G., RR supt, Lyndon Center
" L..H., farm hand, Lyndon Center
Cushman Gardner H., traveling man, h Pudding Hill road, Lyndon Center
" O. E., boiler maker, Hill st, L
" Oscar A., boiler maker, Hill st, L
Cusson Joseph B., brakeman, Raymond st, L
" Rosario Jr., freight conductor, h Williams st, L
" Eugene J., .brakeman, L
" George, carpenter, L
" John, section hand, L
" Louis, emp RR shop, L
" Peter, emp RR shop, East st, L
" Association, J. L. Noxris, Jr., pres, C. Gr. Norris, treas, Depot st, L
Dana Charles E., farmer, L, rfd 3
Daniels Edwin A., stenog RR, Broad st, L
" Martin E., dist supt schools, South st, L
Darling Charles M., capitalist, Main, L
" Fred, emp RR shops, Main, L
Davidson William A., freight conductor, L
Davis Allen, farmer, L
" Elbridge A., farmer, L, rfd 2
Frank, farmer, Lyndon Center, L, rfd 1
* " Fred H., physician, h South st, L
" Fred M., carp, E Burke rd, E Burke
* " George H., milkman, Main, L
* " H. 0. & Co, printers, Depot st, L
" Ira, farmer, L, rfd 2
" Melvin, farmer, L, rfd 1
Dean Noah, retired, Main, L
Delaney Frank E. emp J. E. Eaton & Co, L Ctr
Dennison Charles 0., h Main st, L
Deos Alonzo L., farmer, Brook rd, L, rfd 3
" Charles B., farm hand, L, rfd 3
" Charles, farm hand, L, rfd 3
" Elias B., farmer, Brook rd, rfd 3
" Fred E., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Harvey, farm hand, L, rfd 2
" Orlando M., farmer Brook rd, L, rfd 2
" V. Jr, farm hand, L, -rfd 2
*Dexter James D., watch repairer, South, L
Dickerman Edward C, emp RR shop, L
" Henry C. farmer, L
" William C, West Burke rd
Dodge Clarence B. (Dodge & Watson), h School st, L
" &. Watson (Clarence B. Dodge and Claude Watson), furniture dealers and undertakers, Main st, L
Dowlin William, farmer
*Downer William H., truckman, Lyndon Center
Downey Lorin, clerk, Depot, L.
Dresser Everett T., blacksmith, L
" Frank H., blacksmith, bds Leona Quimby, Lyndon Ctr-
Drown Alfred G., hack driver, L
" Archelaus, farmer, L.
" Elisha, lab, L
" F. E., electrician, L
" Gill P., truckman
" Herbert, laborer
" Herman Ȥ., laborer
* " James G., farmer and blacksmith, rfd 3
Dubois Arthur, trainman, East, L
" Joseph, painter, L
Dufond John B., laborer, L
Duke George L., foreman Novelty Wks, Main, L
Dunham F. F., emp RR shops, Church st, L
Dunton Arthur, farm hand, po Lyndon Center
" Silas E., farmer, Wheelock rd, po Lyndon Center
Duvail Fred J., section hand, West Burke rd, L
Duval Edward C, laborer, Lyndon Center
" Frank, lab, East Burke rd, L
Dwinell Fred E., physician, druggist, etc., Masonic bldg, h Maple st, L
Dyer William M., painter RR shops, Scohol st, L
EASTERBROOKS L. SHERIDAN, farmer, Pudding Hill rd. L, rfd 2
Eastman Eli, farmer, Lyndon Ctr
" George O., laborer, Main st, L
" Hugh, farm hand, Lyndon Ctr
" J. William, farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Ctr, rfd 2
* " Stephen, grocer and baker. Depot st,, h Main st, L
" Walter S., yard master RR, h Raymond st, L
*Eaton Julius.C. (J. C. Eaton & Co), L
* " J. C. & Co. (Julius C, Eaton and Hadon W. Lyster)
Edgerton Levi F., clerk, Webb's Hotel
Eggleston Ezra S., carpenter, E Burke rd, L
" Ora W., farmer, East Burke rd, L
Emery Arthur G., engineer. Main, L
Emerson Horace P., emp B & M RR, h Main st, L
* " Rufus W., truckman, po Lyndon Center
Esplin D. F., laborer
Esterbrook Don E,, farmer. Pudding Hill rd, rfd 2
Everett Martin P., farm hand, Speedwell Farm, L Ctr
FAETO ALEX, emp J. C. Eaton, East, L
Farmer A. C, farmer, po East Burke
Farrar C. 0., emp RR shop, Main, L
Farnum Scott M., farmer, rfd 1
Ferguson George F., train dispatcher, po Lyndon Center
Finney Alfred L., baggage master, h Broad st, L
" Alvah, laborer
" Austin G., farmer, po East Burke
" Charles D., farmer, east, part
" Charles E., freight conductor, L
" Charles H., emp RE shop
" George E., train dispatcher, h Charles st, L
" Lorenzo H., farmer, L
Fitzpatriek Thomas, lab, East Lyndon, L, rfd 1
Fletcher Alanson S., farmer, Wheelock rd, Lyndon Center
" Earl H., farm hand, L
" J. Alfred, farmer, L
" Henry, teamster, Lyndon Center
Flower John A,, farmer, East Burke rd, L
Folsom Charles, farmer, h Island Pond rd, L
Fred S., engineer RE, po L
" Harley E., supt C & P Div B & M RR, h Center st, L
Foster Charles, farmer, East Burke rd, po. East Burke
" Grover C, barber, Depot st, L
Forsythe Clyde N., clerk, Lyndon Center
" Cylon, laborer, Lyndon Center
Fowler Annie Miss, clerk, bds 0. E. Fowler, L
" Orange E., emp RE shop, L
Frappied J. B., trainman, Main st, L
Frasier Issac J., laborer, Depot st, L
French Edward G., Cong clergyman, Church st, L
Frost Alvin M,, farm hand, L, rfd 2
* " Edward C, boarding house, Main st, L
*Frye Henry H., butcher
GAGE ISAAC, retired farmer, Main st, L
" Roy, farmer, Wheelock rd, Lyndon Center
" William C, clerk RR, Main st, L
Gardner Stephen B., farmer. East Burke rd, L
Garrison Walter, emp RR shop, L
Gaskin Robert E., laborer, Lyndon Center
Gaudette Edward A., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
" Peter, farmer
" Peter Jr., RR machinist, L
Gero Charles H., teamster, L
Gerry Burns, trainman, L
" Lucia L., wid Eldbridge, bds E. J. Blodgett
Gilbert Charles M., laborer, L, rfd 3.
" Frank E., farmer, west part, L, rfd 3
Gibson Archie (Gibson Bros), Main st, L
" Arthur (Gibson Bros), Main st, L
" Bros (Archie and Arthur Gibson), ice dealers, Main, L
Gilson Daniel B. farmer Old County rd, po East Burke
" Henry H., farm hand, Speedwell Farm, L
George, farmer Old County rd, po East Burke
" Myron H., farmer Old County rd, po East Burke
Gingrass Louis, brakeman RR, L
Gleason Albert, tinsmith, bds Webb's Hotel, L
* " Joseph T., lawyer, h South st, L
Gordon Frank L., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Iphus H., emp Novelty Works, Charles st, L
" Lewis W., retired, Hill st, L
" Lucius H., emp RR, Center st, L
Gorham Edward W., pass brakeman, h Broad st L.
Goss Adelbert, RR carpenter, L
Gour George, section foreman
Grant Ira, painter
" John W. Jr., painter
" Perley, painter
" William F., painter
* " Ulysses S., house and carriage painter, L
Graves Charles D, machinist, Lyndon Center
" Edward C, pool room and barber, L
" Henry E., electrician, Main st, L
* " Philo B., farmer and cattle dealer. Main, L
Gray Charles H., farmer, west part, L
" Charles H., lumber agent, Main st, L
" Ellery H, farmer, west part
" J. Gilbert, farmer, rfd 3
" Lorenzo W., deputy sheriff
Green Harley A., farmer, River rd, po Lyndon Center
Greenwood George, mason, east part, L, rfd 1
George A., laborer. East part, L, rfd 1
" John, stonemason, L, rfd 1
" Loff, farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
*Guild Arthur L., carriage mfr and grist mill. Brook rd, rfd 3
" Willis L., emp RR shop. Broad st, L
Gregory Albert Rev., retired Methodist clergyman
" Daniel, engineer, Church st, L
Garrison Charles, emp RR, L
Gronberg D. A., machinist, South st, L
Guyer Dennis A., stonemason, L
*HADLEY JETHRO G., carpenter, L
" Thomas, engineer, bds Webb's Hotel, L
Hall Charles H., supt Town Farm, rfd 1
" Edward C, barber, Charles st, L
" George, painter
" Iphus H., farmer, Chapel st
" Loren J., farmer
" Lorenzo D., farmer
" Treff, laborer
Hannett Dana, laborer
" David, farmer, Wheelock rd, L, rfd 3
" Elwin, farmer Wheelock rd, L, rfd 3
Harris Fred A. K., farmer, Vale's Hill, Lyndon Center
" Luther B., cashier Lyndonville National Bank, h Lyndon Center
" Theodore V., blacksmith, L
" William S., clerk, Lyndon Center
*Harvey Napoleon B., contractor, Charles, L
Hazel Edward J., machinist, L
" Thomas, car inspector, h Main st, L
Heath A. E., farmer, L, rfd 2
Herbert Aime, plumber, East st, L
" Alphonse, laborer, L
" Edmund, laborer. L
Hill Curtis R., retired, h Main st, L
" Henry, laborer
Hinds Bert, clerk, Ruggles Bros., Charles st, L
Hodgdon Calvin W., farmer, east part
" Ola W., farmer, east part
*Hodge Charles K, blaeksmith
Hoffman Charles W., farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Center, rfd 2
" Edwin H., farmer, east part, rfd 1
Holton Henry H., farmer
Hopkins Carl D.. laborer, east part, E. Burke rd, L
" Eugene B., farmer, west part
Horrigan A. P., trainman, bds Union House, L
Hosford H. W.. photographer, bds Webb's Hotel, L
Hough Edwin, emp B & M RR, h 14 Main, L
Houghton Annie B. Miss; milliner, bds Austin W. Houghton
" Austin W., laborer, h Main st, L
" Wallace, farmer
" William P., farmer southeast part, rfd 1
Hovey Edwin E., farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
" Fred M., farmer, east part, rfd 1
* " H. Eldin, truckman, Centre st, L
" Luther J., laborer, Chapel st
" Richard L., farmer, L, rfd 2
Howe Leroy S., engineer B & M RR, h Church, L
Howland Abner F., farmer, Bemis' Hill, East Burke, rfd 1
Hoyt Alanson T., farm hand
" Barnard, farmer, 2% miles out, rfd 2
" Charles H., farmer, Wheelock rd, po Lyndon Center
" Charles L., farmer, Brook rd, rfd 3
" Charles R., farmer, Wheelock rd, po Lyndon Centre
" Francis A., farmer, Brook rd, rfd 3
" George L., farm hand, Wheelock rd, Lyndon Center
Hubbard Charles D., farmer, h Park's Hill, Lyndon Ctr, rfd 2
" George C, carpenter. Lyndon Center
" Harry J., farm hand, Lyndon Center
" Herbert J., clerk RR offices, L
* " Lorenzo W., physician, Cbapel st, L
" Wallace N., foreman Speedwell Farms Co.
Hubley Dan H., emp RR shop, L
Hudson Charles W., farmer, north port, L, rfd 2
" Clarence A., laborer, Elm, L
Hughes William D., farmer
Humphrey Albert E., pass brakeman, h Main st, L
" Wallace N., emp creamery, Main, L
Hunter Allen F., farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
" Asa W., farmer, po East Burke
" Charles M., laborer, L
" Frank H., baggage master, Main, L
" Ira, farmer, po East Burke
" Mark J., machinist, Lyndon Center
Huntley Daniel G., passenger conductor, L
" Lorin T., asst p m, bds Center st, L
Huntoon Sidney, laborer
*Hutchins Samuel B., grocer, L
Hutchinson Clark B., maister mechanic RR, Broad st, L
Hyatt William G., fireman,, h Charles st, L
Hyde L. W., carpenter, Elm, L
*IDE GEORGE P, farmer
Ingalls Alonzo L., farmer, County rd, rfd 3
" Charles H., farmer, County rd, rfd 3
" George B.. farmer, L Ctr
Ingerson Hezekiah, farmer, h Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Ctr
" Luther B., farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Center
Ingraham George W., farmer, Wheeloek rd, po Lyndon Ctr
JAMIESON G. A., prin Lyndonville school, Maple st, L
Jeffers William S., trav agt B & M RR, h Main st, L
Jenkins Albert H., farmer, County rd, po East Burke
" George W.. farmer, west part, L, rfd 3
Jock E. E., trainman, Elm st, L
" Jacob, farm hand, L
Johnson Harley. F., clerk RR, Charles st, L
" M. L., section foreman, L
" William, 2nd, laborer Speedwell Farm, L
" William J., fireman, L
John Harry, farmer, east part, L
Jolly August, laborer, Depot, L
Jones Carl H., laborer, L, rfd 1
" Horace H., farmer, L, rfd 1
Joyce William, fireman, L
KELLEY THOMAS A., emp Speedwell Farms, Lyndon Ctr
Kennedy Peter, farmer, L, rfd 3
Kenney James, engineer, Center, L
Kennerson Warren W., fireman, L
*Kimball Fred R., farmer and butcher, po Lyndon Center
" H. J., farmer, East Burke rd, L
Kittredge A. A., farmer, po East Burke
" George H., farmer, po East Burke
Knight George W., emp RR shop, Williams, L
Kerr William T., tinsmith, bds Webb's Hotel, L
LA BARD EDWARD, trainman, East st, L
Lachance Noel P., machinist, L
Ladd Charles D., emp RR shop, h South st, L
" Roger, clerk RR, South st, L
Laducer Bion H., farmer, rfd 1
Lafiamme Peter, emp RR, L
" E. J., emp.RR, L
LaFranee William A., brakeman, L
LaHue George, emp RR. East, L
Lambert Irving, emp RR shop, L
Lamere Daniel, laborer
" Joseph, mason
LaMond J. H.. farmer,, Bemis Hill
Lamontaigne Edward, painter
" Orlin K, laborer, East Burke rd, L
" Sherburne, lumber dealer, L
*Lapoint George, meat market, Depot st
" Joseph, farmer
Larry Victor, emp RR shop, L
Lavely Charles, laborer, L
" Joseph, laborer, East Burke rd, L
" William, laborer, L
Lau George R.; draughtsman, Main st, L
Lawson Luther, .farm hand, Lyndon Center
LeBourveau John M., constable and collector, Maple, L
LeClair Lewis, meat cutter, Depot st, L
" Urban, freight brakeman, h East st, L
Lavoie J. A., laborer, east part, L
" Lewis, laborer, east part, L
Lee Charles H., horse dealer, h Charles st, L
" Henry, millwright, rfd 1
Leith Pirteus, laborer
Lemire Daniel, painter, L
*Letourneau Louis, shoemaker, h East st, L
Lewsey Charles A., storekeeper RR shops, L
Libby Clayton H., fireman, L
* " Edward 0., job teamster, Lyndon Center
" Jacob, farmer, Mathewson Hill, L
" O. E.. teamster, Lyndon Center
Liberty Simeon, brakeman, L
Lincoln & Squires (John E. Lincoln and Herman A. Squires)
" John E. (Lincoln & Squires)
" John E. (Squires & Lincoln), South st, L
Little Richard H., emp RR shop, rfd 1
Livingston Wheaton, retired
Locke Charles H., farmer, east part, rfd 1
Locking Elias B., farmer, west part, rfd 3
" Elias B., farmer, west part, rfd 3
" Elmore J., farmer South Wheelock road, rfd 3
Loomis William A., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
Lord N. J., emp RR shops, Lyndon Center
Lowell W. A., teamster, L
Lynch Frank C, farmer, East Burke rd, L
Lyndon Club (social), Depot st, L
* " Library, Depot st, L
* " Literary Institute, po Lyndon Center
* " Savings Bank, John W. Copeland pres, Ida S. Pearl treas, L
" Water Works, Henry H. Frye, mgr
*Lyndonville and Sheffield Stage Line, daily 5 pm, 8 m, L
" Creamery Ass'n, W. Irving Powers, treas and mgr, Main st, L
* " Electric Light Co, 0. G. Chase, L
LYNDONVILLE ELECTEO-PLATING WORKS (H. F. Stahler prop), platers of gold, silver, bronze, etc, contract work for manufacturers a specialty, near RR shops, (see page 232)
* " Military Band and Orchestra, H. C. Wilson director
* " National Bank, Luther B. Haxris, cashier, Broad st, L
* " Stage to East Burke and East Haven, 9 am and 5 pm L
" Water Works, Austin D. Page, mgr, L
Lyner John, emp Speedwell Farm Co, rfd 2, L
Lynn John D., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
Lyon Charles, teamster, h East st, L
" Wilmer A., passenger brakeman. L
*Lyster Hadon W. (J. C. Eaton & Co.), L
" William H. Rev., Freewill Baptist minister, po Lyndon Center
MAILLOUX BARNEY, laborer, East st, L
" Baraey, Jr.., freight brakeman, h Williams st, L
" Napoleon, laborer, East st, L
Marsh E. A., fireman, L
Martin Charles E., carpenter RR, L
" Ernest E., plumber, L
" Henry E., fireman, Charles st, L
* " Norris D., livery stable, bds Union House, L
" William E,, drug clerk, Main, L
Masten Winfield S., emp B & M RR, h Park st, L
Matthewson Charles H., farmer, L, rfd 3
" Edwin H., farmer, Matbewson Hill
Mattocks Henry, news agent
" Samuel S.., Chapel st
Mayette Edward, laborer, Lyndon Center
Mayhew William J., brakeman, L
McGann John C, RR engineer, h Main st, L
McCarthy Joseph, upholsterer, bds Union House, L
MeClure Charles, moulder, Lyndon Center
McDonald George W., printer, Maple st, L
*McDowell Arthur C, physician, Park st, L
" James A., livery stable, Lyndon Center
" O. R., blacksmith, Lyndon Center
" Robert J., carpenter, Lyndon Center
MoGuinness Arthur E.,, emp creamery, Main st, L
MeGinnis Edward, farmer, L
MciGovern William T., salesman
McLane James C, conductor, Main st, L
McLaughlin Ira W., Universalist clergyman, Main st, L
McLellan Frank, farmer, Wheelock road
McPhee George E., emp RR shop, Lyndon Center
MeVicar William H., retired, Main st, L
Masserve Warren C, farmer
Miles Ansel J., mason, East Burke road, L
" A. A., painter, Lyndon Center
" George A., porter, Union House, L
Miller Horace H., farmer, L, rfd 1
" Myron C, carpenter, L
" Rufus C, traiaman, Highland ave, L
Mills Frank A,, clerk RR, Main, L
" Gerald W., carpenter, Main, L
*Mitcihell Kingsley G., painter, Main st, L
Monroe Robert A., car repairer, h Center st, L
Morancey Albro, RR painter, L
Morrison Amanda M., wid lyf-irge G., bds Union House, L
* " Bryan G., grocer, Depot, 'xds Union House, L
" Stella Mrs., stenographer, bds Union House, L
Morse Amos E., emp RR shop
* " Edmund C, general store
" Frank A., clerk
" George W., clerk E. C. Morse
Mortienson Morton, farm hand, po Lyndon Center
Mosher Howard, emp RR, L
Murch George D., brakeman, Broad s\ L
" John M., watchmaker, Broad.st, L
Murphy Charles E., laborer
Music Hall, Broad st, L
Myott Peter, h East st, L
NADEAU ORVID, emp RR, Depot, L
Nash John F., paymaster RR, Charles, L
*Neagle Joseph J., milkman,, h Main st, L
" Thomas E., clerk, Main st, L
Newell George B., carpenter
" Hiram, farmer
" Willie, station agent
N. E. TEL. & TEL. CO., see Passumpsic Tel. Co. (see p 329)
" Frank M., farm hand, Lyndon Center
* " John D., truckman, Lyndon Center
" Stephen D., farmer, Lyndon Center, rfd 2
Niekerson Charles, farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
*Norris Charles G., Dairy Asso, h Park ave, L
" John L., pres Dairy Asso, Depot, L
Norton Alfred F., RR machinist, Raymond st, L
* " Nathan A. (Cook & Norton), Ide block, Depot st, h Park st, L
" William A., machinist, L
Novelty Works, L. B. Harris prop, East st
Nye E: W., farmer
OUR HUSBAND MFG. CO., Dairy Medicines, A. B. Pratt, mgr
PAGE FRANK C, boiler maker, L
" George T., laborer
" Henry, teamster, L
" John R.,. emp Fairbanks, St. Johnsbury road
" Oscar, retired farmer, Lyndon Center
Paige Austin D., train dispatcher, h Parke ave, L
Paquette Octave, blacksmith, L
*Paris Daniel, saw mill and lumber manufacturer, Chapel st, L
" Louis E., emp RR shop
" Murray K., laborer
Park George M,, farmer, east part, rfd 1
" Hiram. A., farmer, north part, po Lyndon Center, rfd 2
" Lewis N., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Lucius, mail carrier, Main st, L
" William L., farmer, Lyndon Center, rfd 2
Parker Edwin G., farmer, Pudding Hill road, rfd 2
* " Harland L., jewelry, shoes and crockery dealer, Depot st, h East st, L
* " E. W., barber and pool room
" William H., machinist, Main st, L
" Theodore W., carpenter, Park ave, L
Pas Arie. farm hand, Lyndon Center
Patty William, emp St. Jock, bds J. St. Jock, L
Pearl Ida S., treas Lyndon Savings Bank, Park ave, L
Pelky L. A., trainman, L
Perrier George L., laborer
" Leon, laborer
" Bert, laborer
" L. W., farmer, L, rfd 1
" Phelps F. R., trainman, L
Philbrick Charles S., bridge builder, Main st, L
Phillips Charles A., farmer, rfd 1
" Carl E., blacksmith, Lyndon Center
* " Charles W., truckman, h East st, L
" Gifford, fireman, L
" Gordon, fireman, L
" Henry, farmer, East st, L
Pickle John T., laborer, po Lyndon Center
Pierce George W., clerk depot and selectman, h Main st, L
Piper Myron E., farmer, Lyndon Center
Ploude Michael, emp creamery, East Burke rd, L
Plummer Winfield S.. emp RR shop, Lyndon Center
Pontbriand Charles L. Rev., East st, L
" Leo N., sexton Catholic cemetery, L
Porter W. M., trainman, L
Poulin Louis F., agent Singer Sewing Machine
Powers Eugene W.. engineer B & M RR, h Highland ave, L
" Frank O., painter, L
" Frank R., farmer, East Burke road, L
* " W. Irving, treas and mgr Lyndonville Creamery, h Park ave, L
Pratt A. B., Our Husband Mfg Co
Pownd Fred. RR machinist, Depot st, L
Prescott Loring J.., farmer, h Lyndon Center, po do
" Sumner G., farmer, Pudding Hill road, L, rfd 2
Pride Helen Miss stenog Speedwell Farm Co
Priest L. S., farm hand, L, rfd 3
Putton Tiffs, farm hand, Lyndon Center
QUIMBY BAINBRIDGE F., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Gilmore.H., farmer, Pudding Hill road, L, rfd 2
" Leona Miss, h Lyndon Center
" Lorenzo K. retired merchant
" Wells, emp RR shop
RAMSDELL James A., mgr creamery, Main, L
Randall Edward D., farmer, west part, rfd 2
" Francis O., farmer, L
" George W., RR engineer, h Depot st, L
" Joseph W., farmer, south part
Ranney Scott C., farmer, southeast part, rfd 1
" George W., general store and postmaster, Lyndon Center
Rice A. M., supt creamery, Main st, L
" Ruez H., farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Center
Richards Charles, mason, Charles, L
Richardson Fayette M. (Buell & Richardson), Lyndon Ctr
Riley John, RR carpenter, L
" William B., teller. Lyndonville National Bank, L
RIPLEY JOHN B., U. S. Pension Agent, asst town clerk, L
Roberge Alino. trainman, East st, L
Robie Alfred M., emp RR. L
" Harry A., clerk po. Main, L
Robinson Arthur, emp RR shop. Williams st. L
* " James W., barber, Main st, L
" Mathew J., emp B & M RR, h Centre st, L
" Mathew, brass moulder, Main st, L
Rogers Charles, retired, Main st, L
" Henry S., trainman. Elm st, L
" W. B., laborer, Williams st, L
Ross Henry E., carpenter, L
Roundy Olin E., boiler maker, Main st, L
Roy August, brass moulder, Hadleyville, L
Rudd George, farmer
Ruggles. Albert E. (Ruggles Bros.)
" Bros. (Everett E. and Albert K), meat market, Depot st
" Charles E., farmer, h Main st, L
" Ephrim W., engineer, L
" Everett E. (Ruggles Bros), h Main, st, L
" George H., farmer, East Burke road, L
" George T., farmer, L
" Halsey R., farmer, Pudding Hill road, L, rfd 2
" Samuel .A., farmer, L, rfd 2
Running Uilzar trainman, L
Russell Wallace H., farmer
Ryan James W., laborer, Main st
*ST. JOCK IRA, restaurant, Depot .st, L
* " Joseph, Automobile dealer, Depot st, L
Sawyer Edward C, laborer, Williams .st, L
" Fred W., laborer, Williams st, L
SANDERS DAVID B., ladies' .and gent's tailor, cleansing, pressing, etc., Ide's block, Depot st, Lyndonville (see at beginning Lyndon)
" Richard H., farmer, west part
Sanger Ezra S., farmer, west part
Schofield Joseph S., RR engineer, h Main st, L
Shattuck M. A., engineer, Main st, L '
Sherburn John W., farmer, L
Sherburne Wilbur H., carpenter, Park ave, L
Sherrer George, trainman, Charles, L
" Harry J., trainman, Charley (L
Shonyo Fred C, farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
" Louis F., farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
*Shores James, carpenter, po Lyndon Center
Shorey Erton A., clerk
* " George, flour and grain dealer, South st, L
Short George C, RR clerk, L
Shurtleff Lysander G., mill hand, L
Sidney Benjamin D., laborer
" Joel F., emp RR shop
" William, laborer
*Silsby David M., stable keeper, Elm st, h Main st, L
* " Frank W., clothing, dry goods, Depot st, h Church st, L
" Harry P., clerk, bds F. W. iSilsby
Simpson Archelaus, emp RR shop, Park ave, L
" Edwin A., farmer. L, rfd 1
" Fred E., farmer, L, rfd 1
" James E., farmer, L, rfd 1
" John E., farmer, east part
Smith Arthur R. L., emp RR shop, Main st, L
" Charles E., lab, East, L
" Dana E., farmer, east part, rfd 1
" Enoch F., RR. engineer, h Hill st, L
" Fred D., farmer, east part, rfd 1
" Garfield J., brakeman, L
* " George P., ins agt, h Charles st, L
* " Harry M., dentist, Depot st, L
" H. M., trainman, L
" James T., mechanic, Depot st, L
" Richard, farmer, So Wheelock rd, L, rfd 3
Spaulding Albert E., emp B & M RR, h 42 Main, L
*Speedwell Farm Co., Theodore N. Vail pres, W. Irving Powell treas, W. N. Hubbard mgr, Lyndon Ctr
Spencer Clyde, laborer
" E. T., pipe organ and piano tuner
* " Frank C., depot carriages
" Fred, granite and marble worker
" George P., printer
" Joseph W., emp RR shop, h Charles st, L
" Jesse C, bookkeeper Dairy Asso, h Charles st, L
Squires Curtis A., clerk, Squires & Lincoln, Main , L
" Herman A. (Lincoln & Squires), Main st, L
STAHLER HARRY, prop Lyndonville Electro Plating Works, Charles st (see page 232)
*Starkey Edward F., carpenter, h Charles st, L
Stearns Byron, trainman, Bemis Hill, L
Stern Albert (S. Stern), Park, L
" Daniel (S. Stern), Park, L
" S. (Albert and Daniel Stern), dry goods1, etc., Depot, L
Stevens Charles D., emp RR, h Center st, L
" Frank A., retired
*STEVENS JOHN C, tailor, Darling's block, h St. Johnsbury (see top and foot lines), tel Citz. 4A
Stienehour Fred, trainman, Depot, L
STUART CHARLES L., town clerk, coal dealer, real estate and ins, Park and Center sts, L
Stockwell Fred A., pass conductor, h Highland ave, L
" Robert P., pass brakeman, Hill, L
Stoddard "William F., carpenter, L
Stone Eugene, laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" George E., painter, East st,
* " Henry R., carpenter, h east part, L, rfd 1
" Mark W.., painter, Main st, L
Swail Henry, ft conductor B & M RR, h Main st, L
*Swett E. M. & Co. (Murray E. and Lucia K. Swett), general store and millinery
* " Lucia K, wid Ephraim M. (E. M. Swett & Co.)
* " Murray E. (E. M. Swett & Co.)
Tarbell George W., clerk po, L
Taylor Alfred F., farmer, Burke rd, rfd 2
" Charles M., farmer, L
" John H., farmer, Sutton rd, rfd 2
" Ray W., carpenter, po Lyndon Center
Therault George, laborer
" Joseph, laborer
Thomas H. A., clerk Watchie Co, Lyndon Ctr
Thompson Fred B., emp RR shop, Charles st, L
Tisdale E. E., laborer
Todd Louis C charge of motive power B & M RR, Park ave, L
" Cephus J., retired, Center st, L
" H. C, farmer
" Frank J., farmer, west part
* " Samuel C., carpenter
Trull Cornelia C., wid Daniel N.
Tute David S., truckman, L
" George D., farmer, L
UNION HOUSE, O. G. Chase, prop
VAIL ISAAC Q., retired, L
* " Theodore N., pres Speedwell Farm Co, and Lyndonville Creamery Association, Lyndon Center, po L
Varney Fred H., clerk, bds S. Eastman
Vermont Union Journal (weekly), J. B. Chase, prop
WADE ORSON L., laborer east part, rfd 1
" R. V., laborer east part, L, rfd 1
Wakefield Harry V., bookkeeper, h Main st, L
* Walsh Thomas J., dentist
Walter Albert H., emp RR shop, Main, L, rfd 1
" Charles T., mgr St. Johnsbury Republican, L, rfd 1
" Herman L., farmer Bemis Hill rd, po Newark
Walters Hosea, emp RR shop, Hadleyville, L
" Solon M., farmer, Old County rd, po East Burke
Wark Thomas, emp RR shop, L
*Watchie Joseph L. (J. L. Watchie Co.), Main st, L
Waters Frank E., laborer
Watson Claude (Dodge & Watson), Park ave, L
" Henry E., retired, h Church st, L>
" Robert, emp St. Jock, Church st, L
Way Frank A., farmer
" William C, farmer, rfd 1
*Webb William N., prop Webb's Hotel, also livery stable, L
Webber Clarence, farmer
" James F., com trav, Main st, L
" Wilbur F., farmer, L, rfd 1
*Webb's Hotel, William N. Webb, prop L
Webster Albert A., farmer, West Burke rd, L, rfd 2
" Clarence A., laborer, Charles st, L
" Jason B., retired, Main st, L
* " John P., postmaster, h Main st, L
" Joseph B., emp RR shop, h Elm st, L
Welch Chauncey L., farmer, Charles st, L
* " Hollis B., stencil cutter and Sexton Cemetery, Lyndon Ctr
Wells Charles M., laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" Edwin L., RR clerk, h Center st, po L
" Frank, brakeman, Church st, L
" Frank M., emp Speedwell Farm Co, Lyndon Center
Wesson N. B., carpenter RR, Lyndon Ctr
Wetherbee Henry L., farmer, Lyndon Ctr
Wheeler George G., emp RE. shop, h Church st, L
" Willis, emp RR shop, Hadleyville, L
Whipple George A., farmer, po Lyndon Ctr
Whitney Bartholomew, laborer, Main st, L
White Fred L., clerk, Broad st, L
" F. E. Rev., pastor M. B. Church
Wilcox Fred, fireman, L
Wilder Elias F., h southeast part, L, rfd 1
Wilkey Henry E., barber, Elm st
Willett Alfred T., emp B & M RR, Broad, L
" J. H., laborer
*Willey Frank J., fancy goods, h Depot st, L
* " George E., retired, Lyndon Center
* " Margaret A. Mrs., millinery Depot st, L
Williams Ashky, farmer, west part
Williamson William, farmer, Hadleyville, L, rfd 1
Willmarth Henry, farmer west part, L, rfd 3
" Honora, wid Marshall K.
" William H., hostler, h Williams st, L
Wilson David H., retired
" Homer C., American Express agt, h Main st, L
Squires J., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
*Wood. Edwin T., brass founder Grove st ,h Park ave, L
" Fred L., engr RR, L
" Joseph, emp RR shop, h south part, L
" O. E., emp Electric Light Co, L
Woodward Dexter, laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" F. S., laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" H. C., laborer, Lyndon Ctr
Wright H. Augustus, carpenter, Center st, L
" Richard, farm hand, L
" Robert, farm hand, Lyndon Center
YOUNG DAVID, farmer, L , rfd 1

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