1888 Town Directory
Lemington, Vermont

Transcribed from the Hamilton Child "Gazetteer"
Published May 1887

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Bailey Christopher S., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 1, town representative, lumberman, farmer 380.
Baker Charles, (Colehrook, N. H.) r 1, farmer 170.
Bannister Truman, (Colebrook, N. H ) r 3 n 6; laborer.
Blodgett Gains, (Colebrook. N. H.) r 3, farmer, with George.
Blodgett George, (Colebrook, N. H.) r 3, selectman, 500 sugar trees, farmer 125.
Biodgett Mills D. F., (Columbia, N. H.) r 9 cor 6, farmer.
Buzzell Aaron A, (Canaan) off r 5 in Canaan, farmer 60.
Buzzell Wilmot, (Canaan) with A. A.
Chandler Frank, (Columbia, N. H.) r 6, farm laborer.
Chandler Sarah A., (Columbia, N. H.) r 6, widow of Luther.
Clark David, (Columbia, N. H.) r 7, farmer 65.
CLARK JAMES, (Columbia, N. H.) r 8, farmer 125.
Clark William H., (Columbia, N. H.) r 8. farmer, served in the civil war.
COOK CHARLES, r 9, postmaster, selectman, farmer 148.
Covell Otis, (Colebrook, N. H.) r 2, farmer on F. P. Covell's farm 306.
Daley Peter, (Columbia, N. H.) r 7, farmer 51.
Dunn Mary 0. N., (Columbia, N. H.) r 5, widow of Patrick.
Frizzell Albert M., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 1, blacksmith and farmer 185.
Fuller Ed, (Colebrook, N. H.) r 2, teamster.
FULLER FRANK, (Columbia, N. H.) r 8, farmer 150.
Fuller Luther M.. (Colebrook. N. H.) r 1, lumberman, farmer 160.
Goodwin James Henry. (Canaan) off r 5 in Canaan, farmer 60.
GRAY MICHAEL H., (Columbia, N. H.) r 5, farmer 150.
Holbrook Arthur T., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 3, selectman, justice, town clerk, prop. Monadnock mineral spring, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 520.
Holbrook Francis F., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 3, farmer.
Holbrook Olive I,, (Colebrook, N. H.) r 3, widow of Thomas, aged 82.
HOLBROOK ROLLIN W., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 3, 14 cows, farmer 360.
JORDAN JOHN H.. (Columbla, N. H.) r 8, 2,500 apple trees, farmer 185, served in the civil war.
Leveridge Richard. r 8, farmer 50.
Moulton Ahira, (Columbia, N. H.) r 7, farmer.
Neil Barnard O., (Columbia, N. H.) r 9, farmer 295.
Norton Edward, (Colebrook, N. H.) r 2, sportsman, guide, and taxidermist.
O'Neil Con, (Columbia, N. H.) r 5 1/2, farmer 130.
O'Neil Ellen, (Columbia. N. H.) r 9 n 6, farmer 400.
OSGOOD JESSE W., (Columbia, N. H.) r 6: prop. saw and feed mill, farmer 49.
Presby John, r 7, farmer 180.
Ramsay Eugene D., (Columbia N. H.) r 9, deputy sheriff, agent for agricultural implements, etc.
Ramsav George L., (Columbia, N. H.) r 9, overseer of the poor, 12 cows, 3,000 sugar trees, lumberman, and farmer 375.
Read George A., (Colebrook. N. H.) r 9, farmer 110.
Reed Suel K., (Columbia, N. H.) r 9, retired farmer.
Rowe Edward, (Colebrook, N. H.) r I, farmer, with William, 2d, 200.
Rowe Patrick E., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 1/2, farmer, with Thomas.
Rowe Thomas, (Colebrook, N. H.) r 1/2 with P. E., farmer 120.
Rowe William, (Colebrook, N. H.) r 1/2, farmer 60, served in the civil war.
Rowe Wllliam 24 (Colebrook, N. H.) r 1, farmer, with Edward 200.
ROYAL GUY O., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 23, farmer, leases of Thomas Holbrook estate 160.
Royal Otis, (Colebrook. N. H ) r 2, farmer, h and 5 1/4 acres.
Sims William H., (Columbia, N. H.) r 1, farmer 156.
STODDARD EDGAR, r 1, farmer 210.
Thompson James A., (Columbia, N. H.) r 5, farmer.
Titus William W., (Canaan) off r 5 in Canaan farmer 60.
VANCOURE JOSEPH, r 8, farmer 150.
WILLEY WILLIAM C., (Colebrook, N. H.) r 2, laborer, served in the civil war.

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