1888 Town Directory
Granby, Vermont

Transcribed from the Hamilton Child "Gazetteer"
Published May 1887

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ALBEE JOHN M., (Damon's Crossing) r 1, supt. for C. H. Stevens & Co.
AIdrIch Mason A., r 2, retired farmer.
Astle A. Oscar, (Damon's Crossing) r 1, emp. at Stephens's mill.
Austin Stephen F., r 7, 700 sugar trees, farmer 150.
Beals Nathan, (Damon's Crossing) r 1, boarding-house at Stevens's mill.
Bell Moses, r 2, resident with M. A. Aldrich.
Boyce Herman, (Damon's Crossirg) r 1, emp. at Stevens's mill.
Burns Charles C., (Damon's Crossing) r 1, sawyer at Stevens's mill.
Buzzell George N., r 3 1/2, farmer 70.
BUZZELL SAMUEL N., r 3 1/2, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 75.
Carpenter Allen M., r 6, invalid.
Carpenter Burns S., off r 6, prop. of saw-mill and manuf. of lumber.
CARPENTER CHAUNCEY, r 6, 600 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, farmer 100.
Carpenter Simon, r 6, farmer 150.
Carpenter Willie L , r 6, farmer with Simon.
CURRIER BENJAMIN F., (Damon's Crossing) r 1, carpeter and sawyer for C. H. Stevens & Co.
Davis Fred M., off r 6, emp. Burns S. Carpenter.
DUDLEY SAMUEL T., r 4, selectman, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100, and in Concord 48.
Dunn Albion J., r 6, 600 sugar trees, farmer 75.
Dunn Frank A, r 4, farmer.
Dunn Warren W., res. with Albion J.
Emerson J. Wesley, off r 6, laborer.
Emery George P., r 6, laborer.
Ford James, r 4, farmer 50.
Gleason Benjamin C., r 6, farmer 85.
Hodgdon Osmon M., r 6, carpenter and farmer.
James Rinaldo C., r 6, farmer 20.
Jones Ira B., r 2, farmer with L. W.
JONES LEWIS W., r 2, selectman, hunter and trapper, guide for hunting parties, 3,000 sugar trees, farmer 223.
Kelly George A., r 2, farmer 60.
Lake Elmer O., (Damon's Crossing) r 1, (C. H. Stevens & Co.)
LUND HOSEA S., r 9, h and lot, and owns farm in Victory 100.
Matthews Charles W., r 4, farmer with Jonathan 117.
Matthews Charles W. Mrs., postmistress.
Matthews Jonathan, r 4, farmer with Charles W. 117.
MCGINNIS HENRY, r 6, farmer 83.
McGinnis John, r 6, 500 sugar trees, farmer 52.
Porrell Adolphus, off r 3, 400 sugar trees, farmer 200.
Porrell Fred, off r 3, farmer 50.
Porrell Peter F., off r 3, farmer 50.
Porrell Philander F., off r 3: farmer with Adolphus.
Presby Arthur W., r 2, 8 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 275,
Presby John E., r 2, farmer with A. W.
Rice Francis A., r 3, 700 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 145.
Rivers Paul, r 3, mail carrier, Granby to N. Concord, farmer 75.
Ruchee Mitchell, r 3, farmer.
Sherman A. J., (Damon's Crossing) r 1, emp. Stevens's mill.
SHORES ETHAN P., r 9 1/2, farmer 100, soldier in Co. K, 8th Vt. Regt.
SHORES GEORGE W., r 9, 350 sugar trees, farmer 32, soldier in 8th Vt. Regt.
Shores Levi P., r 9, 700 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, farmer 125.
Shores Loren A., r 6, brick mason and plasterer, farmer 100.
Shores Orange D., r 9, farmer with L. P.
SHORES WILBUR M., r 9, farmer 25.
Smith Charles, off r 8, farmer.
Webb John S., r 6, laborer.
WELLS JOSEPH L., r 4, 9 cows, 15 head cattle, 600 sugar trees, farrner 30.
Wells Loomis, r 5 cor 6, 1st selectman, prop. saw-mill, manuf. of coarse lumber, farmer 685.
Wells Orange B., r 3, farmer 32.
Wilcox Henry C., (Damon's Crossing) r 1, town representative, book-keeper and lumber scaler at Stevens's mill.
WILKEY JAMES H., r 6 1/2, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 200.
Willson Melvin A., r 9, 100 apple trees, farmer 197.
WILLSON OSCAR F., r 9, farmer 10.

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