1888 Town Directory
Ferdinand, Vermont

Transcribed from the Hamilton Child "Gazetteer"
Published May 1887

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ab, above;    agt, agent;     ave or av, avenue;    b or bds, boards;    bel, below;
bet, between;    bldg, building;    com, commission;     do, ditto;    E, east;    ex, express;
F V, Fairbanks Village;    h, house;    ins, insurance;    n, near; N, north;     opp, opposite;
prop, proprietor;    P V, Paddock's Village;     r, rear;     RR, railroad;    S, south;
sq, square;    st, street;    S, Sommerville;    W, west.
Post office address is Ferdinand unless shown in parenthesis.

Atkinson Christopher, (Wenlock) r 1, farmer 158.
Atkinson Thomas C., (Wenlock) r 1, filer in saw-mill.
BEATTIE DAVID H., (Wenlock) r 1, judge of probate, manuf. of coarse lumber, shingles and lath, prop. of steam saw-mill, owns 5,000 acres wild land, and with T. G. Beattie, farms in Maidstone 600 and in Brunswick 380, and over 10,000 acres wild land.
Beattie Gillespie, (Wenlock) r 1, millwright and mill foreman for David H.
BEATTIE JAMES H., (Wenlock) r 1, postmaster, lumberman with D. H., and farmer.
Beattie Stella, (Wenlock) r 1, manager of boarding-house for D. H.
Beattie Thomas C., (Wenlock) r 1, book-keeper and accountant for David H.
Devlin John J., (Wenlock) r 1, section man G. T. Ry.
Devlin Thomas, (Wenlock) r 1. laborer, h and 25 acres.
Drapeau Joseph, (Wenlock) r 1, filer for D. H. Beattie.
Graham John, (Wenlock) r 1, teamster for D. H. Beattie.
Huntington Oscar C., (Wenlock) r 1, 12 cows, farmer 316.
Lavique George, (Wenlock) r 1, laborer for D. H. Beattie.
Letter Flavien, (Wenlock) r 1, farmer 300.
Letter Peter E., (Wenlock) r 1, section hand G. T. Ry.
Mottett John U., (Wenlock) r 1, section foreman G. T. Ry.
Morencey Kate, (Wenlock) r 1, (Mrs. Louis) cook at boarding-house.
Parent Alfred, (Wenlock) r 1, carpenter, farm 25.
Parent Philodore, (Wenlock) r 1, carpenter.
Pyer Celestin, (E. Brighton) r 1, blacksmith and farmer 158.
Pyer Joseph, (E. Brighton) r 1, lumberman, farmer 158.
Willard George, (Wenlock) r 1, engineer for D. H. Beattie.

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