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Concord, Essex Co., Vermont

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All parties in business are designated by an asterisk (*). The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town. Where no Post Office address follows a name the Post Office is Concord.
Abbreviations - M. C. R. R. - Maine Central Railroad
Adair Ellery W. (Juanita), farmer, h
" William M. (Myra), gen store E Concord, h do
Adams J. H., farmer, h E Concord
Anderson Harmon (Isabel), lab, h E Concord
Ash Eli P. (Alma), lab, h
BAILEY CORA MRS., h Leola Forsaith
Baird Archie (Mrs.), lab, h N Concord
Baker Alban S. (Cleona T.), emp Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
" Arthur E., teamster, h
" Erne A. (Mrs. Orville W.), clk Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
" Henry A., lab, r
" Micah C. (Mary), farmer, h Concord Corner
" Orville W. (Effie A.), treas-mgr Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
" Orville W. Jr., bkpr Trout Brook Creamery, r Main
Ball D. Tracy (Katherine), lab, h E Concord
Barrett Harry E. (Edith), lab, h R D 1
Barrows Parkie (Dora), lab, h E Concord
Bazin Ellen A., wid E. H., h Pleasant
Bean Harriett, hskpr R. M. Parker, r do
Bedell Harry M., lab, r C. H. Lewis
" Ward M. (Jean), carp, h Main
Belden Jennie, h Main
Bellerose Arline, dom O. W. Baker, r do
Bennett George (Carrie E.), farmer, h Royalston Corner, R D
Blodgett Wesley D. (Emma A.), clk, h
Bombard Clyde C. (Helen F.), lab, h
" Leigh (Ruth), h
" Loren, r
" Nela (Lydia), farmer, h
Bona Vittavio (Mrs.), farmer, h N Concord
Bordeau Homer 0. (Maude A.), farmer, h Miles Pond
Bouchard J. R. (Dolores), groceries and dry goods Main, h Main
Boutwell George E. (Angie), farmer, h E Concord
Bradshaw Merlin W., farmer, h
Brewer Fred A. (Susie H.), surveyor, town clerk, town treas, town-agent and judge Probate Court, h Main
Briggs Allie (Bessie), lab, h E Concord
" Benjamin F. (Ann), farmer, h E Concord
" Horace C, farmer, h E Concord
" Ralph (Mrs.), h E Concord
Brooks Edith M., wid George W., h
Brown Irwin, farmer, h Miles Pond
" Ithamar H. (Carrie), farmer, h P O Miles Pond
" Roy H., r Miles Pond
" Willie M. (Mrs.), h Miles Pond
Buckminster Earl (Gertrude), painter, h
Burroughs Helen A., wid Daniel C, r W. L. Reed, Main
Burt Nelson A. (Gertrude), retired, h Main
Butler Myrtis, cook, r
" Wilbur (Olive), lab, h E Concord
CALACCI ANTONIO (Rose), (Keach & Calacci), h Main
" Carlo, student, r Main
" Leah, student, r Main
" Miro, student, r Main
" Olga, r Main
Caledonia Mills, flour, feed and grain nr Depot
Chaplin Clara A., wid Orrin S., r G. H. Hastings, Folsom av
Chapman Harold L., granite cutter, r High
" Louise M., mgr New England Tel & Tel Co, P O Box 93
" Mary, wid George, r
" William J. (Eunice C), granite quarryman, h High
Church Roy (Nellie), farmer, h
Cobleigh Ariel F., teacher Gilman, Vt, r High
" Carroll, lab, r High
" Frank M. (Bertha), sta agt M C R R & Ry Exp Agency, b High
Cole Grace Mrs., h
" Mary A. Mrs., h E Concord
Concord Garage, Patrick J. Martin prop, auto repairing Main
" town of, auditors, Mrs. Helen Folsom, Mrs. Bertha P. Cobleigh, Mrs. Lilla S. Streeter
" town of, constable and tax collector, Fred E. Hastings
" town of, dist supt of schools, Sidney S. Harding
Concord town of, health officer, F. Russell Dickson, M D
" town of, justices of the peace and notaries public, Mrs. Helen
Folsom, Elmer Reed, W. M. Rich, W. H. Fuller
" town of listers, C. E. Joslyn, F. H. Keneson, W. P. Streeter
" town of, overseer of poor, Ellery W. Adair
" town of, school directors, Frances J. Lillicrap, Harry P. Streeter
" town of, selectmen, O. W. Baker, F. M. Hastings, C. K. Hodge
" town of, town agt, Fred A. Brewer
" town of, town clerk, Fred A. Brewer
" town of, town hall
" town of, town treasurer, Fred A. Brewer
Cooper Richard (Annie), emp Gilman, h E Concord
Corey - - - see Covey
Cote E. J. (Mrs.), farmer, h
Covey Earl, r E Concord
" Ralph, farmer, h R D 1
" Royal (Mrs.), lab, r 1 E Concord
Crawford Arline, r E Concord
" Norman (Mrs.), h E Concord
" Robert B. (Rita), mgr C. A. Smith, h Main
" Sherman, h E Concord
Crofton Grace E., r Main
" Kate E. Mrs., h Main
" Mildred S., r Main
Cross Daniel B., cabinet mkr, r
" Robert D., farmer, r
Crowell Clyde A. (Gertrude), road patrolman, h Main
Currier Harry E. (Irena), poultry fancier Main, h do
Cutting Clarence F. (Lola M.), prop Q. B. Cutting & Son, h Main
" Lois B., wid Oliver B., h Main
" O. B. & Son, Clarence F. Cutting prop, patent medicines and paints Main
DAVIS CLINTON C. (Rebecca), farmer, h N Concord
" George H. (Mary), farmer, h
" Herman I. (Sabra M.), truck driver, h Main
" Olive C, teacher, h N. A. Burt
Dickson Frederick R. (Hazel B.), physician Main, h do
Dodge John, farmer, P O Waterford
Donaghy Harvey, r
Douglas Harley (Mae E.), farmer, h
Drown Arthur, farmer, h
Duval William J. (Mrs.), miller, h
EMERY WILLIS V. (Kate), farmer, h E Concord
Episcopal Church, Main, pastor supplied from St Johnsbury
" Demie R., h E Concord
Fisher Harry, P O E Concord
" Hattie, h E Concord
" Lemuel H., lab, P O E Concord
" Lilla, r E Concord
" Roy (Mrs.), lab, h E Concord
Folsom John I. (Helen), general store and saw mill, POE Concord, h do
" Ross (Myra), h E Concord
Fontaine Louis (Josephine), h
Forbes Daniel (Mrs.), blacksmith, h
Ford Daniel, farmer, h R D 2
Forest Joseph, r
Forrest Victor F., farmer, h 3 miles south Concord P O
Forsaith Leola I., teacher Athol, Mass, h Main
Fortin George (Lona), farmer, h
French Alice E., wid George B., h
" H. F. (Lucy V.), field rep State Chamber of Commerce, h
Fuller Alex E. (Fuller Bros), and postmaster, h Miles Pond
" Bros (William H. and Alex E. Fuller), general store Miles Pond
" William H. (Fuller Bros), h Miles Pond
GLEASON ELLA, wid Benj C, h
" Walter H., farmer, r
Goodall Curtis (Ella), lab, h E Concord
Goodreault Alfred, farmer, h 1 mile east of Concord P O
" Alfred A. (Rose), farmer, h
Gordon Nellie Mrs., r E Concord
Grant Eldora, wid Ira, h E Concord
" Elmer E, r
" Ernest B., r
" M. B. (Lizzie), farmer, h
Grow Clara J., retired, h
HARTSHORN DAN (Mrs.), h E Concord
Harvey Walter C. (Rose), farmer, h
Hastings Evelyn, student, r Main
" Frank (Rachel), farmer, h Concord Corner
" Fred E. (Ada H.), Sheriff Essex County, h Main
" George H. (Lilla), farmer and coal dealer Gilman, h Folsom av
" Mildred, clk, r Folsom av
" William E. (Myrtie), farmer, h R D 1
Hatch Bert E. (Leona F.), barber, h
" Ralph W., r
Hayiland Stephen C, baggage master M C R R, h High
Heins John (Mrs.), h
Heywood Myrtis, wid Frank, h
Higgins George W., lab, h R D 1
Hill Nettie, wid Emmett, h Main
Hodge Charles K. (Mary), meats and groceries Main, h do
Holton Abby, wid Lyman F., retired, h Main
Howard Susann, wid George, h Main
Hull Grace M., clk P O Concord, r Mrs. M. Southgate
Hunt H. M., farmer, h R D 2
Hunter Annie M., wid Thomas J., h
ISHAM GUY, h E Concord
" Leonard H. (Bessie), farmer, h E Concord
JACQUES J. P. (Mrs.), h Miles Pond
Jock David (Julia), lab, h R D F 1
Jolain Joseph, section hand M C R R, h
Joslin Edward R., farmer Royalston Cor R D 1, h Main
" Edwin W., farmer, h
" Susan, r E. R. Joslin
Joslyn Clarence E. (Lou), farmer, hPO Waterford
" Earle, r
KEACH WILLARD (Helen) (Keach & Calacci), h Main
" & Calacci (Williard Keach and Antonio Calacci), granite mfrs near Depot
Kendall H. Gordon (Mildred), h
Keneson Carl H. (Lenna), r F. H. Keneson
" Frank H. (Mollie), farmer, h R D 1
King Frank, lab, r E Concord
" Fred, r E Concord
" George, farmer, h E Concord
LADD GEORGE (Martha B.), farmer, h N Concord
Lamere Clarence R. (Gladys M.), farmer and emp M C R R, b Main
Lamphier C. A. (Marjorie), farmer, h
Landry John (Myra), farmer, h
Lavature Arthur L. (Mrs.), h E Concord
" George (Eliza), millhand, h E Concord
" Lula, wid Alphonse, h E Concord
Lavoie Charles (Annie), farmer, h
LeBeau Regis (Mrs.), farmer, h
Lee Ernest D. (Edith), lumber dealer, h Main
" Henry (Iva), farmer, h
Levesque Charles, farmer, h N Concord
" Delina, r N Concord
" Thomas (Rosa), farmer, h N Concord
Lewis Cyrus H. (May), farmer stock buyer, h
" Fred A., lab, f Mrs. Mettie Hill, Main
Lillicrap Clarence W. (Mrs.), (E Lillicrap & Sons), h
" E. & Son, granite workers and dealers
" Francis (Lillian), h
" Fred (Pearl), granite cutter, h
" Harry (Ethel), granite cutter, h
Lillicrap Rose J., wid Emanual, h
Lincoln David (Mrs.), h E Concord
Lunnie Almira R., wid D. J., h
" Elsie C, teacher, r Main
" Harold W. (Ruth), rural mail carrier, h
" John (Katie), h Main
" Pearl, h
"Lynaugh Arthur, fanner, h N Concord
" Harlan (Mrs.), lab, h N Concord
" J. G. (Maggie), farmer, h N Concord
Lyon Milton, E Concord
MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD, Frank M. Cobteigh sta agt, stations Concord, E Concord and N Concord
Mann Robert (Emma), janitor, h Main
Martin M. Eugenia, student, r Main
" Mary (Mrs. Patrick), restaurant Main, h do
" Patrick J. (Mary), prop Concord Garage, h Main
" Paul E., auto mech Concord Garage, r Main
McDonald Harry (Mrs.), h E Concord
" John, farmer, h E Concord
McFarlin Walter T. (Laura), carp, h Main
McGinnis C. Henry, asst judge Essex County, r N. A. Burt
McLain A. A. (Jennie B.), h N Concord
McPherson Alfred C. (Hepsibeth A.), sta fireman Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
Merrill Hazel M., r J. Lunnie
Meserve Estella Mrs., E Concord.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Main, Rev. Cyrus D'Arcy pastor. Services 10:45 a m and 7:30 p m, Sunday School 12 m, prayer service Wed 7:30 p m
Miltimore Luther M. (Emma), grocer and filling sta, Main, h do
Montgomery Drury L. (Mrs.), h
" Morrill Addie Mrs., h
" Hollis W. (Mrs.), farmer, h E Concord
" Mary, wid George M., h E Concord
Morrison Florence, wid John, dom, r Mrs. May West
Morse Lucretia I., wid Ellen, h E Concord
Morton David H. (Carrie E.), farmer, h 1 1/2 miles out
" Harry H. (Iva), farmer, h
Moyse Alice L., r
" John, granite wkr, h
" Nellie, r
NADEAU F. K. (Mrs,), h N Concord
"Nelson George W. (Nora), lab, h
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co, Louise M. Chapman mgr, Main, Concord
Newick Thomas W., farmer, h
Nichols Harry (Marcie), h E Concord
Nichols Lemuel A., farmer, h E Concord
" Lewis (Clytie V.), lab, h E Concord
" Maurice (Helen), lab, h E Concord
" Walter A., farmer, h R D 1
Noble John (Erma), farmer, h N Concord
" Leon, h N Concord
Nolan Dennis, farmer, h N Concord
O'BRIEN CHARLES (Rosalie), h
O'Keefe James, h
Osgood Robert H., student Lyndon Institute, r Folsom av
" Sidney M., student Northfield, Mass, r Folsom av
" Thomas H. (Gertrude), emp Trout Brook Creamery, h Folsom av
Owens Albert E. (Josie R.), market gardener and ins agt, h Main
PARADIS MORRIS, student, r Folsom av
" Wilfred (Dora), sec foreman M C R R, h Folsom av
Parker Ada Mrs., hskpr F. A. Brewer, r do
" John S., lab, r C. A. Crowell
" Roscoe M., farmer, h R D 1
Parks Myron F. (Mrs.), lab, h E Concord
Partridge Solon (Helen F.), lab, h N Concord
Perkins Fannie M. Mrs., h E Concord
" F. H. (Stacia), emp Gilman, h
" Howard, lab, h E Concord
" Milo H. (Mrs.), carpenter and farmer, h E Concord
" Perley C. (Luva), h E Concord
Petrie Mattie, wid Don, h Main
" Robert, student, r Main
" Zylpha, r Main
Phillips Alden, farmhand, R D 1
" Lewis L., lab, h
Pierce Frank (Marion), h
Pooler B. W., farmer, h
" Harry, farmer, h
Post Offices: Concord, postmaster, Mrs. Margaret Southgate; E Concord, postmaster, Mrs. Mary E. Morrill, N Concord, postmaster, William M. Rich; Miles Pond, postmaster, Alexander E. Fuller
Powell Clarence (Grace), emp M C R R, h
Powers E. C. (Carrie), farmer, h White's Corner
" Frank G., painter, h E Concord
Prew Louis, lab, h Miles Pond
Proctor George M., r Miles Pond
QUIMBY HERBERT A. (Flora I.), farmer, h
RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, Frank M. Cobleigh agt Depot
Rainey L. W. (Mrs.), farmer, h N Concord
Ralston John R. (Mary), emp Creamery, h
Rancour Felins (Matilda), blacksmith, h
Ranney Harry A. (Ina), farmer, h N Concord
" Jennie P., farmer, h R D 2
" Nellie M., h R D 2
Raymond Samuel M. (Almira), farmer, h E Concord
" William F. (Delia F.), farmer, h
Reed Ellen, h Folsom av
" Elmer (Ella R.), farmer, h
" Mary E., asst librarian St Johnsbury, r Elmer Reed
" Reginald R. (Aris B.), farmer, h
" William L. (Gertrude), farmer, h Main
Remick G. S., lab, h
" William (Mabel), truckdriver, h
Rich William M., postmaster, general store and station agent N Concord, h do
Richards Alice L., wid Oliver, h
" Carl F. (Lena), rural mail carrier R D 2, h Folsom av
" Dorothy, student, r 2 Pleasant
Rivers Dana (Lizzie), farmer, h P O Concord, R D 1
" David (Emma), farmer, h
Robillard Henry J. (Mrs.), farmer, h
" Omer, farmer, R D 2
Rogers Mame L., wid Fred, E Concord
Rollins May, wid Alfred, h
Rook Charles (Louise), stone cutter, h Main
" Winifred C, phone oprNET&T Co, r Main
Russell Philip (Linda), h E Concord
Rutlege Hazen, farmhand, r
" Henry (Dorothy), farmer, h
" J. Abner (Florence), farmer, h R D 1
" Willard, farmhand, h
SAMPSON ADELAIDE, wid David B., h Miles Pond
" Gara, teacher, r
Sargent Frank, lab, h
" Genevieve, teacher, r
" H.H. (Mrs.), farmer, h
" Homer (Hazel), farmer, h R D 2
Sayers Fred, farmhand, h E Concord
Scales John E. (Bertha), farmer, h E Concord
Schmidt Leroy (Lena), lab, h E Concord
Shaw Eugene (Natalie), farmer, h
Silsby Harley (Mrs.), h E Concord
Simonds B. Frank, h
Smith Allen (Minnie A.), retired, h Main
" C. A., grocers and grain dealers, Robert B. Crawford mgr, Main
" G. A. (Mrs.), h E Concord
Smith Grover J. (Adelaide), farmer, h E Concord
" Irvin W. (Etta), h E Concord
" John B., retired, r Dr. F. R. Dickson
" Loren E. (Minnie E.), granite cutter, h
" Ralph W., h
Southgate Margaret Mrs., postmaster Concord, h do
Spaulding Fred J. (Gladys), lab, h Folsom av
" Mark J. (Frances E.), lab, h Folsom av
Stacy Viola Mrs.,h
Steere Henrietta, wid Clark, h E. C. Concord
Stockwell Louis D. (May), farmer, h E Concord rd
Streeter Adelbert (Mary), gen store Main, h do
" David Mrs., farmer, h
" Doris, teacher, r
" Harry P. (Lilla A.), lab, h E Concord
" Stephen (Margaret), emp E & T F & Co, St J, h Main
" William P. (Cora), farmer, h R D 1
Strout Linus (Jennie), lab, h N Concord
Stuart Henry (Arline), lab, h
" Luther (Mrs.), farmer, h Folsom av
" Nora R., wid John R., r
" Robert (Pansy), farmer, h
Sweet Luella Mrs., h E Concord
Tatro Marshall M. (Hazel), retired, h R D 2
Thompson Leon H., lab, r E Concord
Tilton Frank, r
" Nellie W., wid Hascall, h
Towle Mark M. (Mabel), foreman Trout Brook Creamery, h High
" Sybil Mrs., hskpr S. C. Haviland, r do
Town Hall, Main
Trout Brook Creamery (Inc 1896), Main n M E Church, pres, H. E. Currier; treas-mgr, Orville W. Baker; clk, Mrs. Eme A. Baker
True William H., farmer, h
Turner Frank H., retired, h
UNIVERSALIST CHURCH Concord, pastor supplied from St Johnsbury
Virtue George, r
" James A. (Etta I.), h
" James A., farmer, h
WALKER JOHN (Amelia), E Concord
Warren Arthur (June), farmer, h
" Carl R. (Lottie), farmer, h
Warren Dewey C. (Lou), farmer, h
Webb Addie, wid William, h E Concord
" Edson I., farmer, h R D 1
Welcome Frank (Carrie), farmer, h
Wells Charles A., h Main
" Myrtie C. (Mrs. Neil P.), sten Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
" Neil (Myrtie), draftsman E & T P & Co, h Main
West May Emma, wid Frank G., h Main
Wheaton Thadeus E. (Bessie), com trav, h Main
Whipple Fred A. (Rose), lab, h E Concord
" George E. (Mary A.), retired, h Main
Williams Clarence, lab, r
" Flora M., dom, r G. E. Whipple
" Mabel, r
" Minnie Mrs., h Concord Corner
" William Jr., farmer, R D 2
Wilson H. T., farmer, h
" J. C. (Clara), emp Creamery, h
Woodbury Charles E. (Nellie), farmer, h
" H. O. (Mabel), truck driver, h
" Harvey (Esther), h
" Lester (Ruby K.), truck driver, h Folsom av
" Vianna, wid Philip S., r
" Willard, r
Wyatt Benjamin F. (Mrs.), h E Concord
YOUNG RAY (Myrtle), farmer, h

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