1888 Town Directory
Brunswick, Essex Co., Vermont

Transcribed from the Hamilton Child "Gazetteer"
Published May 1887

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Austin Arnon B., (Coos, (N. H.) r 2, farmer, with D. S. 201.
Austin David S., (Coos, N. H.) r 2, justice, farmer 374.
Bailey George D., (Coos, N. H.) r 1, quarryman.
Bemis George M , (Coos, N. H.) r 4, farmer, for J. Willard 250.
Boneau Celestine, (Coos: N. H.), r 2, laborer.
Bowker Harvey W., (Coos, N. H,) r 2, farmer 265.
BRUNSWICK SPRINGS HOTEL, (Coos, N. H.) r 3, Henry Smith, prop., summer resort, livery connected.
Conn James, (Coos, N. H.) r 2, farmer 72.
Fitch William W., (Coos, N. H.) r 7, 1st selectman, farmer 287.
French Jeremiah, (Coos, N. H.) off r 2 n 4, farmer 39.
FRENCH JOHN D., (Coos, N. H.) r 1, justice of the peace, farmer 430.
French William B., (Coos, N. H.) h with Jeremiah, owns 12 acres.
Gardner Charles M., (Stratford, N. H.)r 7, farmer.
Gardner Ezekiel, (Stratford, N. H.) r 7, farmer 20.
Gilbert Henry B., (Coos, N. H.) r 1, selectman, justice of the peace, farmer 300.
Gilkey Guy W., (Coos, N, H.) r 4, town representative, school supt.! carpenter and farmer.
Gilkey James M., (Coos, N. H.) r 4, lister, farmer with William, owns timberland 100.
Gilkey William, (Coos, N. H.) r 4, 12 cows, farmer 300.
McLane William, (Stratford, N. H.) r 7, farmer.
O'Dowd James, (Coos. N. H.) r 1, farmer 95.
O'Dowd James, Jr., (Coos, N. H.) r 2, farmer 135.
O'Mara Patrick, (coos, N. H.) r 2, farmer 6.
Paschal Clarence E., (Coos, N. 11.) r 2, farmer, with Ralph.
Paschal Ralph, (Coos, N. H.) r 2. justice of the peace, farmer 145.
Schoff Carlos, (Goos N. H.) r 2, laborer.
Shoff Elmore, (Stratford, N. H.) r 7, laborer.
Smith Albert W., r 6, mechanic.
SMITH CHARLES. (Coos. N. H.) r 2. resident with Henry.
SMITH DANIEL M., r 6, town clerk and treasurer, postmaster, justiceof the peace, 10 cows, 60 sheep, 700 sugar trees, farmer 210.
Smith Frank M., r 6, farmer with D. M.
SMITH HENRY, (Coos, N. H.) r 3, prop. of Brunswick Springs Hotel, commercial traveler, owns 60 acres.
TAYLOR ALVIN. (Coos, N. H.) prop. of aqueduct and two tenement houses, carpenter and builder, 800 sugar trees, farmer 112, h off r 2 n Bridge.
Taylor Nelson N., (Stratford, N. H.) r 7, selectman, farmer 260.
Taylor Willie A, (Stratford, N. H.) r 7, farmer with Nelson N.
Waite William E., (Stratford, N. H.) r 7, farmer 100.
Waite Wiiliam H., (Stratford, N. H.) r 7, justice of the peace, basket maker.
Willard Alonzo Freeman, (Coos, N. H.) r 4 cor 5, farmer 100.

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