1884 Town Directory
Barton Landing, Orleans Co., Vermont

Transcribed from the Hamilton Child "Gazetteer"
Published May 1887

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Trustees—C. Leonard, E. C. Chandler, and D. Buchanan, Jr.
Clerk—C. E. Gay.
Treasurer—D. C. French.
Collector—G. W. Parker,
Auditors—C. S. Skinner, O. F. Rice, and Wm. H. Blasdell.
ALDEN JESSE, retired farmer 8, and in Irasburgh 55, Main.
Alexander Hugh, invalid, Cemetery st.
Allen Charles K., (Johnson & Allen,) bds Main.
AUSTIN ORLO H., judge of probate court, master in chancery, attorney, owner of Austin block, Main, h Prospect ave.
Ball Hosea F., laborer, h Church.
BARTLETT JOSEPH, (Bartlett, Joslyn & Co.,) farmer 115, and timber land 300.
Bartlett, Joslyn & Co., (Joseph Bartlett, Ahira O. Joslyn, and Oren Austin, of Brownington,) manufs. of lumber, chair stock, shingles, and packing boxes, own timber land 70, Cemetery st
Bedell Charles, laborer, h Church.
Bell Mary, widow of Irwin, keeps boarding-house, h Prospect
Bigelow Amasa D., blacksmith, owns house and lot, h Maple.
Blasdell William H., real estate and general broker, farmer 88 acres, in Greensboro 300, and in Lowell 200, Church ave.
Brenan Bros., (Wm. W. and Richard R.,) blacksmiths, Main.
Brenan Richard R., (Brenan Bros.,) h Maple.
Brenan William W., (Brenan Bros.,) h Maple.
Brockway Adna F., watchmaker and repairer, and dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, toys, and fancy goods, Main, h do.
Brown Fred C, (Skinner & Brown,) bds with C. S. Skinner.
Brown John H., prop, of Valley House, livery connected with the house, Church.
Buchanan Daniel, Jr., farmer, leases of Daniel Buchanan, Sen., 75 acres, Church ave., cor Church.
Buchanan Daniel, Sen., farmer 75, Church ave., cor Church.
BUCHANAN EDGAR M., dealer in dry goods, notions, and general merchandise, Main, h do.
Burbank Stephen, carpenter and joiner, Prospect
Bush George, contractor and builder, Willoughby ave.
Cameron Perry, laborer.
CARPENTER BENJAMIN F. D., attorney at law, Main, h School st.
Carr Ezekiel, cooper, School.
Chandler Edwin L., (Chandler, French & Co.,) h Prospect.
Chandler, French & Co., (L. N. Chandler, D. C. French, and E. L. Chandler,) manufs. and wholesale dealers in dressed lumber, spruce and hard wood flooring, and sheathing, also packing boxes, farmers 800.
Chandler Lovinas N., (Chandler, French & Co.,) manuf. of lumber, h Prospect
CHURCHILL GEORGE E., prop, meat market, dealer in cattle, hogs, sheep, and hides, Main, h Prospect ave. cor Main.
Clark Ira, with Joseph H., aged 76.
Clark Joseph H., section foreman Passumpsic R. R., h Church ave.
Clement James, retired farmer, School.
Clement John B., teamster, h off Church.
Clement Sylvia A. Miss, millinery and fancy goods, Main, bds School.
Colby Clarence H., carriage trimmer, Maple.
Colby Joseph, shoemaker, farmer 50, Church cor Willoughby ave.
Collins Ira D. R., (Joslyn & Collins) h Church st.
COWLES ASAHEL R., music teacher, dealer in pianos and organs of the best make, music books, etc., Austin's Block, Main, h Maple.
Culver David, laborer, h School.
Danforth Charles, laborer, h School.
DODGE CHARLES A., marble polisher, bds Prospect.
Dodge Hannah M., widow of William P., h and 11 acres, Cemetery st.
Drew Carlos B., plumbing and steam fitting, h Maple.
Drew John E., farmer 50, h Maple.
DUDLEY TIMOTHY, retired farmer 110, aged 82, h Church.
Dunham Oliver, employee Chandler, French & Co., h Church.
Fairchild Henry W., carpenter and joiner, h School.
Flanders Sarah, widow of William B., h School.
FLANDERS WILLARD S., general blacksmith, manufacturer of carriages and wagons, Willoughby ave., h do.
Fletcher Josiah W., manuf. and dealer in harnesses, whips, &c, Church, h do.
Ford George, oyster saloon, dealer in groceries, tobacco, cigars, and confectionery, hair dresser, Main, h do.
Ford Lewis, farmer 17, Maple.
French Dean C, (Chandler, French & Co.,) h Prospect.
Gay Carlos E., carpenter and joiner, millwright, Willoughby ave.
Gibb Charles S., custom shoemaker, Prospect, h Maple.
Gibb David N., with Charles S., gardener, aged 77 years.
Gillis Robert, manuf. and dealer in harnesses, whips, robes, etc., Maple.
Gleason George, laborer, Cemetery st,
Goodnough George, laborer, Church.
Goodwin Vianna, widow of Moses, Willoughby ave.
Gravlin Albert, laborer, Church.
GREEN CHARLES H., undertaker, and dealer in furniture, and wall paper, Main, h Prospect ave.
Guild Job, justice of the peace, with Philander, owns farm in Coventry 287.
Guild Philander, dealer in hardware, phosphates groceries, grass seeds, and blacksmith coal, and agent for Champion mower, Main h Church.
Guyette Alexander, laborer, Maple.
Hall Julius, laborer, Willoughby ave.
Hall Samuel, employee of Chandler, French & Co., h Church.
Harvey Oel D., barber in Barton Landing, Saturdays, and in West Derby five days, home West Derby, Main.
HASELTON HENRY W., miller for C. S. Skinner, h Willoughby ave. cor Church.
HILDRETH DAVID W., dealer in drugs, patent medicines, books and stationery, fancy goods, etc., Main, h do.
Hildreth Levi W., station agent, and agent U. S. & C. Express, h at depot.
HORNE HERBERT M., sawyer and millwright, Coventry st.
Howard Betsey, widow of S. D., farmer 15, Willoughby st.
HUNT DANIEL R., Jr., shoemaker and bark loader, h Church.
Johnson Curtis, retired marble manufacturer, h Main.
Johnson Horace A., blacksmith, h Willoughby.
Johnson Mary M., dressmaker, h Main.
Johnson William C., (Johnson & Allen,) music teacher, h Main.
Johnson & Allen, (William C. Johnson and Charles K. Allen,) manufs. of marble and granite monuments and headstones, from American and Italian marble, and Derby granite, Main.
Jones Charles H., register of probate, Main, h Prospect ave.
Jones Homer T. Rev., superannuated M. E. clergyman, h Maple.
Jones Horace S., retired farmer, owns in Coventry farm 175, h Prospect ave.
Joslyn Charles E., (Joslyn & Collins,) h Prospect ave.
Joslyn William, employee of Chandler, French & Co., bds Willoughby ave. cor. Church.
Joslyn & Collins, (Charles E. Joslyn and Ira D. R. Collins,) dealers in general merchandise, Main.
Leonard Caleb N., farmer 20, h Maple.
Leonard Waitie, widow of John, h Maple.
Locke E. Beede, carpenter and joiner, h Maple.
Locke O. Willey, clerk for E. E. Stafford, bds Maple.
Morrill John L., laborer, h Main.
NYE FRED S., painter of furniture, employee of Charles H. Green, h Church.
Nye George, manuf. of carriages, wagons, and sleighs, Main, h Prospect ave.
Olmstead Alphonso M., wheelwright, manuf. of carriages, lumber wagons, and sleighs, Maple, h Church.
Ordway Arthur, employee of Chandler French & Co., Maple.
ORLEANS FLOURING AND GRIST-MILLS, Chauncy S. Skinner, prop., Maple.
PARKER AMAZIAH C, postmaster, deputy sheriff, and fire, life, and accident insurance agent, Main, h do.
PARKER GEORGE W., dealer in ready-made clothing, gents' furnishing goods, robes, blankets, horse furnishing goods, etc., Main, bds Valley House.
Parker Heber, carpenter and joiner, h High.
Peck Almon & Son., (Sidney A.,) manufs. of tin, sheet iron and copper ware, and dealers in stoves, ranges, and kitchen furniture, Main.
Peck Sidney A., (Almon Peck & Son,) h Prospect ave.
RANNEY EUGENE O., allo physician, Willoughby ave., h do.
Rice Oscar F., carriage maker and repairer, undertaker, and dealer in coffins caskets, etc., Maple, h do.
Richardson Otis, laborer, h Church.
Sargent Silas, employee of Chandler, French & Co., h High.
Seavey J. Alden, carpenter and joiner, and dealer in potatoes, cor School and Church.
Shurtliff Lovina D., widow of Abial, h Maple.
Simpson Loring C, invalid, Maple.
Simpson Sarah, (Mrs. L. C.,) millinery and fancy goods, Maple, h do.
SKINNER CHAUNCEY S., (Skinner & Brown,) with W. C. Twombly, owns hay press, Maple.
Skinner & Brown, (C. S. Skinner and F. C. Brown,) props, of Orleans flouring and grist-mill, dealers in flour, feed and grain, and clover and grass seed.
Smith Reuben, retired farmer, h Prospect.
Spencer James B., retired farmer, h School.
Stafford Denison S., stone cutter, and farmer 20, h Prospect ave.
STAFFORD EDWIN D., house, sign, and carriage painter, tinting and paper hanging, over Rice's carriage shop, h r 6.
STAFFORD E. E., dealer in dry goods, groceries, hats and caps, clothing, boots and shoes, flour and provisions, hardware, etc., Main, h do.
Stafford Frank A., carpenter and joiner, h Willoughby ave.
Stevens Edward G.. dentist, Post office block, h Church.
STIMPSON LEWIS W., manuf. of brick, and farmer on r 6 300, h Willoughby ave.
Stimpson Nathan L., foreman in L. C. Grundy's portable mill at Newport, h Church.
Sweat Charles H. Rev., pastor of M. E. church, Willoughby ave.
Tracy Eugene S., surgeon dentist, Austin block, Main, bds do.
Tripp Millard H., wheelwright, Maple.
Twombly Brothers, (William C., and Frank S., dealers in potatoes and hay, Main.
Twombly Frank S., (Twombly Bros.,) speculator, Maple.
Twombly Hendrick H., employee of Chandler, French & Co., h Prospect.
Twombly Wallace D., carpenter and joiner, and potato dealer, School cor Church.
Twombly William B., carpenter and joiner, h Maple.
Twombly William C, (Twombly Bros.,) speculator, and farmer 22, Maple.
Turner Henry W., laborer, Cemetery.
Underwood William C., section hand, h Prospect.
UNDERWOOD WILLIAM H., section hand on Passumpsic R. R., h Maple.
Valley House, J. H. Brown, prop., Church.
Webster Lorenzo D., dealer in ready-made clothing, hats and caps, boots and shoes, Maple, h Willoughby ave.
Wells William, carpenter and joiner, h Church.
Wheeler Clarence A., employee of Chandler, French & Co., h Maple.
Willis Norman W., farmer 100, h Church.
WILLSON LUCIUS D., druggist, manuf. of picture frames, and dealer in school books, boots and shoes, and fancy goods, Main, h do.
Wright Andrew, laborer, Maple.
Wright Joel F., allo. physician and surgeon, Cemetery, h do.

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