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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Caledonia Co. Orleans Co. Essex Co.


Surname Forename Town Age Sex Color Mar
Place of Birth Month of Death Trade or
Cause of Death
Peck  Warren Barnet 22 M     VT  April Clerk  
Childs  Josephine Barnet 1 F     VT  May    
Rendale  Lucy T. Barnet 8 F     VT  April    
Remick  Olivia Barnet 61 F   W ME June    
Smith  Hugh W. Barnet 1 M     VT  August    
Mooney  Mary Barnet 2 F     VT  July    
Parks  Tirzah M. Barnet 22 F     VT  November    
Harvey  Lydia T. Barnet 7 F     VT  April    
White  Samuel Barnet 73 M   M NH March Farmer  
Moore  Ellen Barnet 11 F     VT  December    
Sullivan  Michael Barnet 30 M   M Ireland November Laborer  
Burbank  Moses Jr. Barnet 1mo M     VT  June    
Somers  Marion Barnet 70 F   W VT  March    
Carter  Orlando Barnet 88 M   W   December    
Harvey  Lucinda Barnet 53 F   M VT  December    
Heath  Sampson Barnet 16 M     Canada June Laborer  
Kunde  James L. Barnet 10 M     VT  January    
Clement  Sarah Bradley's Vale 71 F   W NH February    
Newell  Titus Burke 71 M   W CT April Blacksmith  
Blinn  Zadock Burke 71 M   M VT  October Farmer  
Codding  Martha Burke 69 F   M VT  May    
Egglestone  Ethan W. Burke 7mo M     VT  April    
Lund  Christy L. Burke 17 F     VT  September    
Bell  Austin P. Burke 1 M     VT  October    
Denison  Adaline Burke 30 F   M VT  May    
Harvey  Elvina Burke 16 F     VT  March    
Bugby  Susan Burke 45 F   M NH September    
Redding  Nancy A. Burke 35 F   M VT  December    
Giles  Susan M. Burke 4 F     NH September    
Scott  Abigail Burke 65 F   M VT  August    
Hoffman  Henry Burke 72 M   W RI August Farmer  
Doyle  John Burke 29 M     VT  October Farmer  
McLam  Emeline Cabot 1mo F     VT  December    
Hill  Esther Cabot 71 F   W CT April    
Bartlett  Richard Cabot 27 M     NH June Hackran  
Merritt  John Cabot 73 M   W VT  April Laborer  
Adams  George Cabot 1mo ? M     VT  October    
Scott  Pearly Cabot 84 M   M MA  December Physician  
Hoyt  Joseph Cabot 76 M   W MA  September Farmer  
Heath  John Cabot 74 M   M NH December Farmer  
Way  Betsey Cabot 62 F   M VT  August    
Washburn  Samuel Cabot 12 ? M     VT  May    
Way  Benjamin Cabot 21 M     VT  February Farmer  
Whittier  Sarah Cabot 43 F   M VT  May    
Smith  Mary L. Cabot 50 F   M NH November    
Heath  Mariah Cabot 32 F   M VT  March    
Morrill  Sarah Danville 25 F   M VT  February    
Stanton  Martha Danville 63 F   M NH January    
Stanton  Julia Danville 12 F     VT  February    
Drew  Francis A. Danville 9mo M     VT  May    
Babbitt  Sophia R. Danville 53 F     VT  April    
Sias  Betsey Danville 58 F   M NH October    
Green  Edmund Danville 79 M   M VT  December Farmer  
Stevens  Henrietta P. Danville 20 F     VT  February    
Varney  Martha W. Danville 9 F     VT  July    
Clifford  Joseph Danville 73 M   M NH February Farmer  
Clifford  Wm. Danville 22 M   M VT  July Farmer  
Stevens  James C. Danville 19 M     VT  May Farmer  
Fisher  Sarah Danville 71 F   M VT  August    
Stiles  Sam'l Danville 84 M   M VT  October Farmer  
Page  Edward Danville 86 M   W MA  February Farmer  
Emerson  Susannah Danville 89 F   M NH Jany.    
Trussel  Sally Danville 96 F   M ME  June    
Harris  Sarah Danville 39 F     VT  June    
Morse  Caroline Danville 3mo F     VT  December    
Davis  Ellen M. Danville 20 F     VT  December    
Burdick  Cornelius Danville 2 M     VT  January    
Perkins  Lydia Danville 65 F   M VT  June    
Stone  Mary A. Danville 34 F   M NH September    
Perigo  Elmira A. Danville 6mo F     VT  August    
Alexander  Frank Danville 8 M     VT  February    
Alexander  Eldad Danville 21 M     VT  March Clark  
Weeks  Adele Danville 1 F     VT  March    
Hazeltine  Marium Danville 55 F   M VT  March    
Burt  Edward Danville 75 M   M VT  December Clark  
Moore  James Danville 79 M   W NH October Farmer  
Tilton  Sam'l Danville 8? M   W MA  April Farmer  
Hutchinson  Ebenezer Danville 86 M   W MA  August    
Gookins  Infant child of D.O.   Danville 12 hours       VT May    
Smith  Enock F. Goshen Gore 14 M     VT  January    
Bar  Horace E. Goshen Gore 2 M     VT  October    
Cades  Levi Hardwick 8mo M     VT  January    
Cades  Florence Hardwick 4 F     VT  May    
Wells  Benja Hardwick 58 M   M VT  July    
Wells  Benja F. Hardwick 24 M     VT  November    
Cobb  Almira Hardwick 39 F   M   March    
Cobb  Frank K. Hardwick 2 M     VT  April    
Nelson  Elisabeth Hardwick 83 F   M Scotland November    
Chaplin  Sally Hardwick 77 F   W MA  April    
Aikin  Mary Hardwick 2mo F     VT  November    
Harrington  Cynthia Hardwick 19 F     VT  September    
Leavit  Albert Hardwick 1 M     VT  January    
Smith  Mary Hardwick 75 F   M NH March    
Dutton  Lois Hardwick 85 F   W NH April    
Belden  Geo. E. Hardwick 3 M     VT  January    
Holton  Cornelius H. Hardwick 5 M     VT  January    
Wakefield  Fanny F. Hardwick 9mo F     VT  February    
Fox  Sarah W. Hardwick 84 F   W NH September    
Holbrook  Walter Hardwick 20 M     NY July    
Philbrook  Cynthia Hardwick 57 F   M NY January    
Reed  William Hardwick 2mo M     VT  October    
Lock  Timothy Hardwick 72 M   W MA  April    
Folsom  Sarah Lyndon 88 F   W NH  August    
Mooney  Mary Lyndon 3 F     VT  July    
Hartwell  Tyler E. Lyndon 51 M   M VT  November Farmer  
Titus  Ramouso Lyndon 2mo M     VT  April    
Kimball  Jude Lyndon 78 M   M MA January Farmer  
Cahoon  Nancy Lyndon 35 F   W VT  October    
Fuller  Louisa Lyndon 50 F   M VT  May    
Blanchard  Jona Lyndon 64 M   W MA  December Joiner  
Hoffman  George W. Lyndon 34 M   M VT  May Stage Driver  
Hoffman  Delia W. Lyndon 1 F     VT  May    
Vansaw  Martha Lyndon 1 F     VT  July    
Willmaith  Asaph Lyndon 49 M   M VT  September Farmer  
Ladd  Florina W. Lyndon 21 F     VT  May    
Whitcomb  Rebecca Lyndon 82 F   W MA  February    
Howland  Eben D. Lyndon 29 M   M VT  June Farmer  
Fisher  Andrew Lyndon 10 days M     VT  May    
Worcester  Moses Newark 96 M   W ME August    
Farington  Asabel Newark 53 M   M MA  January Shoemaker  
Farington  Elmira H. Newark 17 F     NH January    
Smith  Celia A. Newark 11 F     VT  October    
Farrow  Lucy Peacham 88 F   W MA  March    
Ladd  Hollis S. Peacham 42 M   M VT  May Wheelwright  
Ladd  Jasper H. Peacham 15 M     VT  May Laborer  
Weeks  Abagail Peacham 56 F   M VT  March    
Martin  Lucia Peacham 35 F   M VT  October    
Wheeler  Avery Peacham 18 M     VT  September Laborer  
Kavanaugh  Elisabeth Peacham 43 F   M VT  July    
Kavanaugh  Edwin Peacham 10mo M     VT  July    
Farrar  Lucy Peacham 30 F     VT  July    
Wheeler  Sarah F. Peacham 8 F     VT  January    
Goodnough  Juliette W. Peacham 20 F     VT  June    
Chandler  Susana Peacham 79 F   M CT  March    
Marsh  Jonathan Peacham 50 M   M VT  June Farmer  
Clarence  Guy Peacham 10mo M     VT  April    
Whitaker  Emily I. Ryegate 3 F     VT  April    
Meader  Julius Ryegate 2 M     VT  February    
Fisher  Leonard St. Johnsbury 5 M     VT  April    
Stowell  David St. Johnsbury 70 M   M MA  October Farmer  
Pierce  Mary E. St. Johnsbury 67 F   M RI January    
West  Albert D. St. Johnsbury 2mo M     VT  December    
Ayer  Hezekiah St. Johnsbury 80 M   M NH October Farmer  
Swasey  Dearbon St. Johnsbury 16 M     VT  August Laborer  
Jenkins  Mariette St. Johnsbury 3mo F     VT  March    
Bonett  Juliett St. Johnsbury 1mo F     VT  June    
Goss  Truman St. Johnsbury 23 M     VT  November Laborer  
Goss  Elmira B. St. Johnsbury 18 F     VT  January    
Roberts  Sarah St. Johnsbury 89 F   W NH May    
Flint  Jonas St. Johnsbury 57 M   W NH July Merchant  
Turner  Hannah St. Johnsbury 21 F   M England June    
Morse  Elizabeth St. Johnsbury 40 F   M VT  October    
Grinnel  Chester St. Johnsbury 59 M   M MA  July Farmer  
Baldwin  Susan St. Johnsbury 66 F     MA  October    
Howard  Edmund St. Johnsbury 2 M     VT  September    
Jones  Sally P. St. Johnsbury 67 F   W MA  September    
Bishop  Silvia St. Johnsbury 40 F   M VT  January    
Arnold  Lucy St. Johnsbury 74 F   W CT January    
Harris  Abi St. Johnsbury 86 F   W NH November    
Snow  Sally St. Johnsbury 45 F     NH April    
Rowland  Hannah St. Johnsbury 56 F     VT  February    
Ramsey  Hepzebeth C. St. Johnsbury 68 F   M VT  May    
Berry  Solomon Sheffield 69 M   M NH August Farmer  
Ingalls  Comfort Sheffield 69 F   W NH November    
Smelling  Abigail Sheffield 1 F     VT  April    
Hill  Sally Sheffield 13 F     VT  September    
Ide  Mary Sheffield 53 F   M   March    
Putnam  Jenks M. Sutton 39 M   M RI July Farmer  
Putnam  Emily Sutton 40 F   W VT  August    
McNeal  Lucina Sutton 3 F     VT  June    
Beede  Susannah Sutton 57 F   M NH April    
Densmore  Abigail Sutton 40 F   M VT  October    
Winslow  Samuel Sutton 95 M   M NH March Farmer  
Willey  Temperance Sutton 81 F   W NH January    
Moore  Hannah Sutton 22 F   M NY January    
Cobleeigh  Abigail Sutton 68 F   M NH March    
French  Amy Walden 70 F     NH October    
Montgomery  Wm. Walden 75 M   M NH April Farmer  
Whitehill  William Walden 3mo M     VT  March    
Perkins  Abner F. Walden 17 M     VT  February Farmer  
Farrington  Chas. W. Walden 28 M     VT  May Bookeeper  
Bullen  Chas. H. Walden 1 M     MA  August    
Knight  Sally Walden 42 F   M VT  May    
Edwards  Timothy Walden 75 M   M MA  December Farmer  
Hodgedon  Martha F. Walden 20 F     VT  November    
Patch  Sally Walden 51 F   M VT  August    
Brown  Laura Walden 1mo F     VT  October    
Cutler  Chloe Waterford 91 F   W MA  February    
Plumley  Susan M. Waterford 24 F   M VT  July    
Plumley  Susan A. Waterford 1 F     VT  August    
Kinne  Amos Waterford 74 M     CT June Farmer  
Hill  Alfred Waterford 10 M     VT  November    
Stevens  Thomas J. Waterford 46 M   M VT  August Merchant  
Beach  Harriet E. Waterford 2 F     Michigan September    
Cheney  John H. Waterford 11mo M     NH January    
Gilman  Sally Waterford 10 F     VT  June    
Hadley  Emily M. Waterford 25 F   M VT  February    
Hastings  Josiah Waterford 65 M   M NH January Farmer  
Badger  James Waterford 77 M   M NH ? April Farmer  
Smith  Lucius Waterford 8mo M     VT  May    
Randall  Miles Wheelock 72 M   M VT  March Farmer  
Hoyt  Barnard Wheelock 81 M   W MA  May Farmer  
Eastman  Eli Wheelock 66 M   M MA  June Farmer  
Mathewson  Charles Wheelock 31 M   M VT  June Farmer  
Chase  John Wheelock 67 M   M NH March Farmer  
Morgan  Anna Wheelock 73 F   M NH April    
Davis  Caroline M. Wheelock 3 F     VT  May    
Horn  Nancy E. Wheelock 18 F     VT  May    
Clement  Page Wheelock 1mo M     VT  April    
Follet  Samuel Wheelock 82 M   M NH January Farmer  
Nelson  Betsey Wheelock 66 F   W MA  February    
Surname Forename Town Age Sex Color Mar
Place of Birth Month of Death Trade or
Cause of Death
Smally  Permelia Albany 50 F   M NH October    
Cheney  Joel Albany 58 M   M NH July Farmer  
Miles  Sophrona Albany 26 F   M VT May    
Miles  Loisa Albany 1 F     VT September    
Miles  Mary Albany 55 F   M VT January    
Miles  Hannah Albany 40 F   M VT September    
Waterman  Clarisa Albany 35 F   M VT September    
Coolidge  Josiah Albany 74 M   M NH September    
Bennett  Harriett Albany 1 F     VT January    
Locke  John Albany 4 M     VT August    
Stanford  John Albany 73 M   M NH October Farmer  
Pope  Isaac Albany 16 M     VT July Farmer  
Chafey  Orlena Albany 24 F     VT August    
Chafey  Ruth Albany 11 F     VT November    
Chafey  Margaret Albany 15 F     VT February    
Hemingway  Mary Albany 4 F     VT October    
Cap  Martha Barton 8 F     VT December    
Brown  William Barton 70 M     RI March    
Dexter  Nancy Barton 50 F   W RI June    
Newton  Lydia Barton 38 F   M VT January    
Cap  July Ann Barton 12 F     VT April    
Wiggins  Benja Barton 40 M   M NH January Farmer  
Wiggins  Ann Barton 71 F   W NH June    
Abbott  William Barton 17 M     VT January Farmer  
Bernas  Betsey Barton 53 F   M MA March    
Spaulding  Moses Barton 56 M   M VT September Cabinet maker  
Drew  Gilman Jr. Barton 23 M     VT April Farmer  
Fletcher  John M. Barton 6 M     VT January    
Smith  Daniel B. Barton 23 M     VT November Farmer  
Seavoy  Jermiah Brownington 63 M   M NH February Farmer  
Grace  Amherst S. Brownington 28 M   M VT March Druggist  
Joslin  Frederick Brownington 4 M     VT August    
Seavoy  Homer Brownington 6 M     VT August    
Seavoy  Ann Brownington 3 F     VT August    
?  Marrilla Brownington ? F     VT August    
Dunton  Mahitable Charleston 80 F     NH December    
Chase  Riley Charleston 1 M     VT  February    
Davis  William Charleston 10 M     VT September    
McKeach  Eunice Charleston 29 F     VT March    
Gibson  A.G. Charleston 41 M   M NH February M.D.  
Philbrick  Hollis Charleston 1mo M     VT May    
Lathe  Thankful Charleston 21 F     C E September    
Brooks  Margret Coventry 78 F   W England October    
Fairbrother  Charles Coventry 7mo M     VT September    
Conway  Mary Coventry 15 F     Ireland March    
Gray  Edward K. Coventry 10mo M     VT September    
Blanchard  Erastus Craftsbury 38 M   M VT February Farmer  
Stimpson  Allen E. Craftsbury 23 M     VT September Carpenter  
Cowler  Joseph C. Craftsbury 22 M     VT October Merchant  
Hoit  Mary Craftsbury 24 M     VT March    
Mason  Alfred Craftsbury 34 M   M VT June Farmer  
Stevens  Emily Craftsbury 3 F     VT June    
Burnham  Elisha Craftsbury 82 M   W NH July Farmer  
Stone  Jonas Craftsbury 57 M   M NH July Farmer  
Swift  Solon Craftsbury 9 M     VT August    
Root  Eliza Craftsbury 63 F   M NH September    
Cowl  Charles Craftsbury 22 M     VT October Farmer  
Guilford  Daniel Craftsbury 4 M     VT November    
Allen  Elisabeth Craftsbury 55 F     NH November    
Hoit  Elisabeth Craftsbury 23 F     VT March    
Hoit  Hannah Craftsbury 80 F   W NH April    
Brown  Nancy Craftsbury 50 F   M VT April    
Obor  Mary Craftsbury 30 F   M VT August    
Varney  Mahitable Derby 68 F   M NH May    
Dans  Albert Derby 14 M     VT August    
Fields  Charles Derby 2 M     VT August    
Moore  Olive Derby 5 F     VT December    
Davis  Samson Derby 84 M   M NH March    
Fairchild  Truman Derby 56 M   M VT December Mill Right  
Frost  Lucinda Derby 29 F   M VT August    
Norerop  Joseph Derby 7mo M     VT March    
Chase  Harriet Derby 5 F     VT November    
Collins  Thomas Derby 81 M     MA July    
McCloflin  L. Derby 2 F     C E September    
Rinnis  Sarah Derby 1 F     VT August    
Newcomb  Isarial Derby 83 M     VT July    
Newcomb  Adeline Derby 21 F     VT April    
Hinman  Timo Derby 88 M   M MA-CT April    
Chamberlain  Julia Glover 63 F   M NH September    
Garland  Charles Glover 47 M   M VT December Farmer  
Cook  Henry L. Glover 2 M     VT September    
Clark  Amos Glover 8 M     VT October    
Fuller  Lucinda Glover 19 F     VT February    
Phillips  Jonas Glover 44 M   M VT March    
Woodman  Enos Greensboro 34 M     VT May Farmer  
Raner  Ezekiel Greensboro 68 M     NH August Farmer  
Lincoln  Charles Greensboro 30 M     VT February Farmer  
Blanchard  Erastus Greensboro 35 or 38 M     VT February Farmer  
Richie  Eliza Greensboro 21 F     VT March    
Haskett  M. Greensboro 72 F   M NH April    
Woodmaney  Enos Greensboro 37 M     VT May Farmer  
Collins  Mary Greensboro 48 F   M VT May    
Gray  Amy Greensboro 13 F     VT September    
Bayley  Sarah Greensboro 20 F     VT July    
Rollins  James Greensboro 72 M     MA July Farmer  
Walker  Prudence Greensboro 37 F   M VT August    
Scott  Mrs. Greensboro 84 F   W NH November    
Sawyer  John C. Greensboro 20 M     VT December Farmer  
Lineon  Georgianor Holland 1 F     MA August    
Grow  Samuel Holland 79 M   W MA-CT March Farmer  
Hacket  Charles Holland 96 M   W NH December    
McDonal  Elisabeth Holland 7 F     VT November    
Hall  Betsey Holland 85 F   W NH July    
Hackett  Elisa Holland 18 F     C E May    
Conant  Fanny Irasburg 56 F   M NH July    
Kimball  Doreep Irasburg 79 F   W NH September    
Brown  John Irasburg 55 M   M RI September Farmer  
Brown  Sarah Jane Irasburg 18 F     VT July    
Farrington  Sarah Irasburg 1 F     VT June    
Cap  Mary A. Irasburg 1 F     VT September    
Johnson  Mark Jay 13 M     VT May    
Hallock  Joseph Jay 72 M   M NH June Farmer  
Rush  Thomas Jay 1 M     VT April    
Peck  Pirline Jay 43 F     NH February    
Aldrich  Wheelock G. Lowell 66 M   M MA April Blacksmith  
Hill  Lydia Lowell 53 F   M VT May    
Hemingway  Seretta Morgan 53 F   W VT February    
Elliot  Hannah Morgan 10mo F     VT March    
Lind  Asmnett Morgan 49 F   M NH August    
Whithill  John Morgan 64 M   M Scotland November Farmer  
Nichols  John Morgan 1mo M     VT October    
Ryder  Judson Newport 1mo M     VT August    
Huse  July Ann Newport 28 F   M NH March    
Hoyt  Manerva Newport 3 F     VT September    
Fields  Triphona Newport 15 F     VT August    
Fields  Louisa Newport 8 F     VT August    
Smith  Sally Newport 4 F     VT August    
Wheelock  Dorothy Newport 60 F   M NH August    
Gould  Esra Newport 15 M     VT August    
Brown  Ellen Newport 3 F     VT August    
Brown  Arron Newport 7mo M     VT September    
Cook  Charlotte Newport 3 F     VT September    
Cook  Lucy Newport 2 F     VT September    
Cook  Lydia Newport 7mo F     VT September    
Ritton  Silina Newport 25 F   M VT August    
Sias  Charles Newport 1 M     VT August    
Haley  Elisabeth Salem 15 F     Ireland January    
Hamond  Oscar Troy 1 M     VT October    
Wright  George Troy 1 M     VT March    
Crop  Albert Troy 2 M     VT September    
Elkins  Harvey Troy 52 M     VT   Farmer  
Lawton  William Troy 6 M     MA September    
Bard  Mary L. Troy 20 F     VT December    
Farman  Harvey Troy 1 M     VT July    
Brown  Charles Westfield 4 M     VT September    
Hitchcock  Azuba Westfield 32 F     VT June    
Stebbins  Ire H. Westfield 36 F   M VT August Farmer  
Lane  Laura Westfield 48 F   M VT July    
Ward  Ruth Westfield 72 F   W NH August    
Gibson  Jona F. Westmore 68 M   M MA May Farmer  
Surname Forename Town Age Sex Color Mar
Place of Birth Month of Death Trade or
Cause of Death
Baker  Henry Averill (unincorporated) 2 M     VT Nov.    
Leavitt  George C. Bloomfield 2 M     VT March    
Leray  Ebenezer Bloomfield 72 M   M NH April Farmer  
Martin  Emma L. Bloomfield 7mo F     VT Jan.    
Martin  Mary Jane Bloomfield 5 F     VT April    
Silom  Arad Bloomfield 56 M   M NH April Farmer  
Smith  Dolly Bloomfield 74 F   W VT June    
Snow  Thersa Bloomfield 7 F     VT April    
Spencer  Adna A. Bloomfield 2mo M     VT      
Walling  Charles G. Bloomfield 3mo M     VT Oct.    
Walling  James C. Bloomfield 3 M     VT May    
Wright  George Bloomfield 1mo M     VT Apr.    
Shoff  Jacob W. Brunswick 23 M     VT Dec. Farmer  
Beach  Mary B. Canaan 33 F   M Canada March    
Brooks  Rebeca Canaan 71 F   W NH Sept.    
Flanders  Zebulon Canaan 67 M   M NH Aug. Farmer  
Ladd  Ellen Canaan 1 F     VT April    
McFae (McFee ?)  George Canaan 11 M     VT April    
Graves  Loona Concord 76 F   M NH Jan.    
Hill  Henry Concord 22 M     NH March Clerk in store  
Hill  Jane Concord 5 F     VT June    
Hotton  Asa Concord 41 M     VT Sept.  Laborer  
McCurdy  Sally Concord 59 F     VT Sept.    
Stacy  Abner Concord 77 M   W MA-CT Aug. Farmer  
Talbot  James Concord 1mo M     VT Feb.    
Williams  Rachel Concord 73 F     MA May    
Woodbury  Amanda Concord 41 F   M NH Jan.    
Woodbury  Elizabeth Concord 1mo F     VT Dec.    
Lund  Christianna L. Eastham 17 F     VT Nov.    
Appleton  Francis Granby 23 M     VT April Farmer  
Webb  Hannah Maria Granby 2 F     VT Dec.    
Cheney  Frederick Guildhall 11mo M     VT Oct.    
Dennison  Anna Guildhall 85 F   W MA-CT Sept.    
Ronbrooks  Almira Guildhall 10 F     VT July    
Wasburn  George E. Guildhall 8 M     VT Aug.    
Watson  Mary A. Guildhall 2 F     VT April    
Allen  William H. Lemington 1 M     VT April    
Holbrook  Fry Lemington 1 M     VT April    
Smenage  Lewis D. Lemington 3 M     VT July    
Adams  George A. Lunenburg 3 M     VT Sept.    
Bell  Reuben Lunenburg 55 M   M NH Nov. Farmer  
Blood  Watson Lunenburg 2 M     VT March    
Chancy  Warren Lunenburg 45 M   M NY April Laborer  
Day  Alexander Lunenburg 7 M     VT Feb.    
Johnson  Peter Lunenburg 74 M   M MA Sept. Farmer  
Lane  Lester Lunenburg 4 M     VT Sept.    
Sanders  Anna Lunenburg 69 F   W NH Jan.    
Smith  Lydia Lunenburg 47 F   M VT Feb.    
Webb  Daniel Lunenburg 1 M     VT May    
Booth  Daniel Maidstone 56 F     VT Oct.    
Day  Tersah Maidstone 84 F   W NH April    
Rowell  Polly Maidstone 76 F   W NH Nov.    
Rowell  Sabina Maidstone 41 F     NH July    
Bennett  Joseph Victory 8 M     VT March    
Hannum  Ansil Victory 43 M     VT March Physician  
Towle  John Victory 75 M   W MA Jan. Farmer  
Towle  John 3rd Victory 20 M     VT March Laborer  

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