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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


This cemetery was transcribed by James Cutler in Fall of 1977.
He has generously donated this listing to the
Northeast Kingdom Genealogy web page.

The cemetery is located on Vermont Route 15, South side,
between St Michael's College and Fanny Allen Campus of
Fletcher Allen Health Center.
It is a Town Cemetery in good condition. Plot numbers were
assigned as recorded and are for reference purposes. They do not
correspond to any plot plan or map. My comments are in

1A HAYDEN SARAH P.   Aug 12, 1867 Æ 55 yrs. Wife of Henry F. Hayden. We love her still.
2A JOY SHUAH (?)   Sep 11, 1836 Æ 56 yrs. Wife of Thomas Joy
3A MERRILL CORNELIUS A   Aug 18, 1830 Æ 3 yrs. In memory of
4A MERRILL HANNAH   Aug 21, 1870 Æ 86 yrs
5A MERRILL ARA D (?)   Jan 22, 1849 Æ 66 yrs
6A MERRILL A J   May 19, 1891 Æ 76 yrs
6B PIKE FANNY M.   Oct 8, 1878 Æ 58 yrs Wife of A J Merrill
6C MERRILL W. H. 1858 1897 (On back of stone)
6D MOSS EMMA 1862 1934 His Wife
8A   Infant     (footstone)
9A   S. J.     (footstone)
10A FADDEN ALBERT   Jun 29, 1862 Æ 14yr 9mos Son of C & A FADDEN
10B FADDEN SARAH A.   Dec 10, 1860 Æ 14 mo. Dau of Comfort & Amanda Fadden
10C FADDEN COMFORT   Apr 2, 1851 Æ 19 da. Son of Comfort & Amanda Fadden
11A WILLIAMS Wm   Jun 19, 1842 Æ 45 yrs
12A CARTER CHARLES W.   May 10, 1869 Æ 2 mo. Son of C. H. & C. F. Carter
12B CARTER Infant     Son of C. H. & C. F. Carter
12C CARTER Infant     Dau of C. H. & C. F. Carter
13A BROWN MARY E.   Aug 29, 1867 Æ 11 mo 11 dy. Dau of John & Matha (?) Brown. Our little lamb has gone to rest.
14A WILLIAMS CHARLES N.   Sep 29, 1900 Æ 44 yrs. At Rest (Masonic emblem in stone.)
14B WILLIAMS EMORGENE L.   Jun 11, 1879 Æ 23 yrs 4 mo Wife of C N Williams
15A SMITH ULYSSES F Feb 28, 1854 Dec 13, 1903  
15B SMITH JENNIE E Jan 15, 1859 Dec 28, 1905 His Wife
15C SMITH ELBERT Aug 29, 1879 Oct 17, 1879 Son of U. F. & J. E. Smith (footstone) Elbert
16A WELLS CAROLINE C   Dec 5, 1890 Æ 59 yrs Wife of HIRAM LEAVITT
16B LEAVITT HIRAM Mar 22, 1835 Nov 13, 1910  
17B BRIGHAM PHINEAS P   Jun 11, 1843 Æ 24 yrs
18A WOODARD ALMOND F   Oct 29, 1840 Æ 1 yr 3 mo 5 dy. Son of D. W. & CATHERINE WOODARD
19A BALCH LEMUEL I   Mar 23, 1866 d. in the 29 yr of his age
20A FENWICK WILLIAM   Feb 23, 1869 Æ 7 yrs 8 mo. Son of G. & C. FENWICK
20B FENWICK CHARLES   Oct 31, 1871 Æ 8 yr 4 mo. Son of G. & C. FENWICK
21A FAIRBANKS HENRY 1946   Grateful for life Expectant of more together
22A HATCHER Infant Aug 23, 1915 Feb 1815 (? ?) of Mr & Mrs HATCHER
23A PERRY ELIZA B     Æ 24 yrs 9 mo. (Stone broken in date area) Dau of J. A. & L. D. PERRY
23B PERRY JOSEPH A   Mar 22, 1865 Æ 56 yrs Asleep in Jesus
23C MERRIAM LYDIA D   Apr 18, 1867 Æ 57 yr. His wife
24A PENNIMAN HARRIETT L   Jul 5, 1858 Æ 22 yr 11 mo. Dau of UDNEY H. & ADELINE PENNIMAN
25A PERRY ELLEN   Jan 12, 1846 Æ 4 yr 11 mo. Dau of JOSEPH A & LYDIA PERRY "So fades the lovely blooming flower. Sweet smiling solace of an hour. So soon our transient comforts fly, and pleasures only bloom to die."
26A GRANNIS CHARLES W   Nov 9, 1843 Æ 59 yrs. Esquire
27B HURLBERT GEORGE H 1870 1922  
27C HURLBERT PHILA M 1871 1874  
28A TAYLOR HARVEY F   Dec 30, 1902 Æ 81 yr
28B CLARK BARBARA   Jun 24, 1896 Æ 77 yr. His wife.
    FRANCES     Æ 2 yr. Their dau
28D TAYLOR JAMES H     Æ 11 yr. Their son
28E TAYLOR ELLAIDA     Æ 7 yr. Their dau
29A AUSTIN EDMUND E   Jul 18, 1858 Æ 39 yr
29B SIBLEY MARY ANN   Jul 26, 1859 Æ 37 yr 8 mo. Wife of EDMOND AUSTIN d. at Winooski "She died in faith believing she should meet her God in peace."
30A SHERMAN Infant   Mar 11, 1872 Æ 15 da. Son of GEO D & MARY A SHERMAN. Our baby boy.
31A CHASE ELIZA H   Sep 16, 1864 Æ 36 yr. Dau of D. & H. Warren
32A DOMINY HATTIE M   Mar 20, 1872 Dau of C. H. & E. A. DOMINY
33A O'BIERNE JAMES P 1913 1974  
33B MCCARTHY LORETTA 1910   His wife.
34A GORDON ROBERT W   Feb 28, 1920 Æ 5 mo. Son of J. R. & M. GORDON
35A RITCHIE JOHN J 1868 1929  
36A STOEHR RICHARD 1874 1967 Dr Stoehr. (Music staff on stone.)
37A GIANELLI ARNOLD 1908 1973 Credo ut intelligam (Bookshelf with 12 volumes engraved in grave stone)
37B GIANELLI MARY 1918   His wife.
38A PERRY AMELIA   Aug 2, 1853 Æ 56 yrs "Blessed are the dead That die in the Lord."
39A PENNIMAN UDNEY H   Sep 17, 1862 Æ 66 yrs

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